The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

False Prophets Exposed
“Now therefore behold, the Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these your prophets; the Lord has spoken evil concerning you.”
(Kings 22:23(- this answers the question, "Can God remove the True Holy Spirit from His True Prophets?")
“And the word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, the house of Israel has become dross to me; all of them, silver and bronze and tin and iron and lead in the furnace, have become dross.  And her prophets have daubed for them with whitewash, seeing false visions and making up lies for them, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord God,’ when the Lord has not spoken.”
(Ezekiel 22: 17-18, 28) (- this answers the question, "Has this every happened before in history and is it recorded in Sacred Scripture?")
“Therefore thus says the Lord of hosts concerning the prophets: “Behold, I will feed them with wormwood, and give them poisoned water to drink; for from the prophets of Jerusalem ungodliness has gone forth to all the land.”  Thus says the Lord of hosts: “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you, filling you with vain hopes; they speak visions of their own minds, not from the mouth of the Lord.  They say continually to those who despise the word of the Lord, ‘It shall be well with you’; and to every one who stubbornly follows his own heart, they say, ‘No evil shall come upon you.’”
(Jeremiah 23:15) (- this answers the question, "Has God ever admonished His People, to stop listening to the Prophets who speak words of Hope, and receive visions?")
The following lists of False Prophets is explained in detail, at the bottom of this page.  Remember as you read the lists, that the True Holy Spirit has now been removed from all prophecies, outside of the Testimony of the Two Witnesses - this website.  And without the True Holy Spirit, the spirit of the antichrist, fills the void, in people, as they read the messages from the false prophets.  And that fact alone, makes ALL their messages, false.  This is simply stating a Universal spiritual reality of these current times.  Any active links you may find in the lists, are links to locations on this website alone.
WHO are the GREATEST False Prophets at this Time in Human History?
"Your prophets have seen for you false and deceptive visions; they have not exposed your iniquity to restore your fortunes, but have seen for you oracles false and misleading." 
(Lamentations 2:14) 
And so, WHO are the false prophets?...

"..the people, are all, false prophets’ except: My Remnant – My True Followers."

In other words, it really doesn't matter what claims the people outside the Faithful Remnant make; because in the Eyes of their Creator, they are ALL FALSE PROPHETS - even when they are silent!  EVERYONE is a false prophet - who is OUTSIDE, the Faithful Remnant Church.  For ONLY the LORD Jesus Christ, MOVING through His TESTIMONY - and through 'the GIFT of the Blessed HOLY Water' - can 'ANOINT people IN the Truth'.  Everyone ELSE, is LIVING in "a false REALITY".  The only, "TRUE, Reality" - the only "TRUTH", YOU will find IN these Times - is IN, "THE TESTIMONY, of Jesus Christ the Lord".  
"Your prophets have seen for you false and deceptive visions; they have not exposed your iniquity to restore your fortunes, but have seen for you oracles false and misleading."  (Lamentations 2:14) 
Antipope Benedict XVI - whose True anointing from Heaven was removed on Easter Sunday, 2007, and given to Pope Peter the Last - who was in Rome, Italy, on that day.  As a direct result of a mass intention by Pope Peter the Last, Benedict XVI was told to step down, by his illuminati handlers.  Benedict did step down, as a demonically disfigured and possessed pope - as a disgraced pope, who became the first pope to resign in 600 years.  It is so simple, even a child, can understand.  How are YOU doing?
Antipope Francis - the successor of the Pope with no anointing, Benedict XVI.  Antipope Francis - an antipope, with no anointing from Heaven whatsoever, is "The Destroyer" - who Saint Francis of Assisi prophesied about - ironically, to say the very least.  And he will single handedly destroy, the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, from the Chair, of the ANTI-Peter - upon which he sits.  For he is the full manifestation of the Antichrist, in the religious arena, and he works closely with Obama, who is the full manifestation of the antichrist in the political arena.  (Antipope, Antipeter, Antichrist... quite the resume, don't you think?) 
The Two Witnesses EXPOSE the Religious Leaders as the ANTICHRISTS of these End Times

The Two witnesses Expose the Religious leaders...
Watch this video with the transcript on THIS page, at THIS LINK
False Prophets, Visionaries and Seers
Question: But how can they be false, if people experience REAL PHYSICAL healings, during their ministry?
Answer: Jesus explained to us, that the fire of the spirit of the antichrist is coming down on their celebrations, because the True Holy Spirit, will no longer come to them.  They are still being healed in response to their prayers, because the devil will heal them physically, as long as he can have their souls – to keep them from waking up; to keep them from finding out they have no souls.  In other words, the devil, will gladly heal someone, physically - in order to keep them dead, spiritually.  The people outside the Faithful Remnant, ALL, have the mark of the beast.  The enemy of souls, simply needs to keep them distracted, until the clock stops ticking.  Remember Pharaoh's magicians? They too received money, for their little show of satanic powers, that manifested in the physical realities - now didn't they? 

Question: Why are the other current prophets not calling out the false prophets?
Answer: Good question!

Paola Albertini (
Angela (
Alix Fils-Aime (of the Arise Jerusalem Ministry) 'Our Lady of All Graces' 
Michael Altschuler (
Carol Ameche (deceased) (
Carver Alan Ames (
Carol Ameche of Scottsdale Arizona (
Prophet Uebert Angel
Anne, a lay apostle AKA Kathryn Ann Clarke (
Julia Arancino of Thurio, Italy (
Madeleine Aumont (


Batavia Visionary (
Antipope Benedict XIV - taken down from his satanic throne by The Most High True God's answer to a mass intention of Pope Peter the Last
AntiPope Boniface X  (
Giorgio Bongiovanni (
Michael H. Brown  (
Father Bianco (
Mother Debramarie Burslem - Magnificat Meal Movement (
Lorna Byrne
Mary McGovern-Carberry - Maria Divine Mercy - ( - interesting that the website was taken down and that false prophet was exposed as a con artist, only days after that website was commended to the Divine Justice of the Most High True God by P.P.T.L. 
Teresita Castillo (
Katka Ceselkova & I. Korcakova
Darly Chagas (
Father Cipriano - exorcist (
Jakov Colo - Medjugorje
Timothy J. Comeau and Joseph B. Reyes (
Ronald L. Conte Jr. ( Roman Catholic theologian and Bible translator.  Conte's litany of false prophets on his website, has most definitely helped to expose and silence many of the false ones - especially Maria Divine Mercy.  But the fact that he could not recognize the Two Witnesses, when they finally appeared on the scene - puts him in the same category as the Jewish Leaders, at the time of Jesus.  What good was all of their works, when in their intellectual pride, they ultimately Crucified the One who was sent to Save them?  His works - ALL of them, are like straw, and like chaff - unless he repents.
Chris Courtis (
Brother Cosimo (
Luz Amparo Cuevas (
Mirjana Dragicevic and Ivan Dragicevic - Medjugorje
Joseph DellaPuca and Denise Curtin -The Two Hearts As One (
Michael DiBitetto and the Trust Prayer Group (
Mario D'Ignazio (
Peter Dimond and brother Michael Dimond  (
Ray Doiron of Belleville, IL (!topic/bit.listserv.apar-l/9B8vZgQS3Pg)
Fr. Melvin Doucette - Our Lady of Prince Edward Island (
Ned Dougherty (
Colin Dye (

Brother Elie (
Epistle of Love to the Scientific World (
Mother Eugenia - the Message of God the Father of all mankind (
Mother Eugenia of Italy - (
Maria Esperanza (
Mother Eugeni (
Dr. Mary Jane Even (
Natuzza Evolo (

Dominic Sanchez Falar (
Sharon Fitzpatrick of Pana, Illinois (
Nancy Fowler (Died with the Mark of the Beast)  (
Antipope Francis I
Diane Lyons-Frasco - (


Christina Gallagher (
Janie Garza (
Debra Geilesky aka Debra Marie Burslem (
Eileen George of Millbury, Massachusetts - Meet-the-Father Ministries (
Thomas S. Gibson (
Edson Glauber (
Conchita Gonzalez  (
Emma de Guzman - La Pieta Prayer Group, Kingston Ontario, Philippines, New Jersey.

Kenneth Hagin (
Dr. Scott Hahn (
Gladys Herminia (   
Benny Hinn (
Wim Holtschlag (
Holy Love  (
Mary Ann Van Hoof (deceased)  (
Carmen Humphrey (

Alois Irlmaier (


Jabez In Action (   
Sadie Jaramillo (
Jennifer - (
Charlie Johnston  (
Mary Kathryn Johnson (Fr. Stephen Valenta is her spiritual director)
Scott Johnson (
Prophet T.B. Joshua (


Julia Kim (
Annie Kirkwood - Mary's Message to the World (
Frances Marie Klug ( 
Katka Ceselkova & I. Korcakova
Maureen Sweeney Kyle and the missionary servants of holy love (  "Holy Love Ministries"
Carolyn Kwiecinski (


John Leary ( - lost his prophetic gift from Heaven, some time around July 21, 2011.
Rosa Lopez of Hollywood, FL (
Carlos Lopez (
Theresa Lopez (
Veronica Lueken, Bayside New York ( - Her Messages have been taken over by "secular people", and MISREPRESENTED, to the nations.
Maria De Luz (
Brother David Lopez, O.S.F. (

Mother Debramarie Burslem - Magnificat Meal Movement (
Maria Divine Mercy - MDM Messages (
Anna Marie (
Mark Mallett (
Marco (
Bernardo Martinez (
James McNichol - 'A Privileged Soul' (
Michigan seer (
Gusa Mifsud (
Miguel de Portugal - The M+G+R Foundation, (
Kevin Mirasi (
Patricia Mundorf (


Myrna Nazzour (
Judiel Nieva of Agoo, Philippines (
Barnabas Nwoye - Precious Blood Devotion (

Maria Livia Galliano Obeid (
Denis O'Leary - Irish 'mystic' (
Protestant Pastor Joel Olsteen (
Dr. David Owuor - (

The Two Patricks (
Marija Pavlović - Medjugorje.
Little Pebble aka William Kamm (
Bishop Carlton Pearson (
Ida Peerdeman - the lady of all nations (
Patty Powell and Eileen Giles (twin sisters) of Perth, Australia (


Steve Quayle - owned and operated by the CIA


Joseph Reinholtz, Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Hillside, Illinois (
Mary S. Reilly (deceased)  (
Eileen Renders (
Samarah Joy Riely (
Rita Ring - the Shepherds of Christ Ministries - (
Catalina Rivas  (
Richard Roberts
Pat Robertson (deceased)
Adelaide Roncalli  (
Claire Rose from the Brides of the Most Blessed Trinity
Marisa Rossi (
Allan Rudio  (
Estela Ruiz (
Ernest Rutaganda (
Vassula Ryden -- true life in God (


Agnes Sawarno (
Pastor Bobby Schuller  (
Allan Arthur Schulte, an Episcopal lay minister - (
Vincent Selvakumar (
Shanti Christo Foundation (
Lena Shipley - (
The Silent Voice ( of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Chuck Smith (deceased)
Dr. Thomas Mac Smith - (
Jack Marie Smith (
Joseph Smith ( - started the church of latter day self-righteous in their own eyes apart from their Creator.
Timothy Snodgrass (
Father Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine (
Father France Spelic (
Sally Steadman Our Lady of Toledo, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Shrine (
Apostle Johnson Suleman and Rev wife Lizzy (
Gianna Sullivan (
Jimmy Swaggart ministries (


Patricia Talbot
Dory Tan of Greensides Farm in Marmora Canada (
Josyp Terelya of the Ukraine
Louise Starr Tomkiel (
Conchiglia Della Santissima Trinita (


Valentina of Sydney, Australia (
Maria Valtorta (Poem of the Man-God) -
Vassula (

Joyce Ann Wagner  (
Rick Warren (
Anne Marie White (
Paula White-Cain  (
Fr. Andrew Wingate a.k.a. The Trumpeter (
Laura Zink (

False Prophecy Websites with no names affiliated with them

Jesus King of All Nations  (
Jesus Mary Joseph (
La fille a Jesus (
All associate visionaries of  (  
Appearances Of Cavarzere (

False prophets on YouTube

The Vigilant Christian
Evangelist Anita Fuentes
Aleph & Tav Almightywind Ruach Ha Kodesh
God's healer 7
Hagmann and Hagmann - Doug and Joe Hagmann - owned and operated by the CIA
Monica Dennington
Paul Begley Pastor and theologian
Fisher ofMen
Puritan Pictures
Brother Steve @ Bluemarin Music -
White Rabbit -
Round SaturnsEye -
Puritan Pictures -
Conspiracy2Christ -
Open Doors USA
Sister Nicole Long -
Claimants to the Papacy (Mysticalists)
(People who have made claims to the papacy through private revelation)
The leaders of the Palmarian Catholic Church: Clemente Domínguez y Gómez (Pope Gregory XVII, 1978-2005), Manuel Alonso Corral (Pope Peter II, 2005-2011), and Sergio Maria (Pope Gregory XVIII, since 2011). Their group presented the first post-Vatican II antipope.
Pope Emmanuel, the Italian Gino Frediani (1913–1984), a priest of Gavinana, who asserted his claim in 1973.
Pope Peter II, Chester Olszewski of Pennsylvania, a former Episcopalian priest, who asserted his claim in 1977 or 1980 (This is not a reference to Pope Peter the Last, who is one of the Two Witnesses)
Pope Gregory XIX, the American Reinaldus Michael Benjamins, who asserted his claim in 1983.
Pope Adrian VII, better known to American Catholics as Francis Schuckardt of the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen, who asserted his claim in 1984.
Pope Peter II, born Maurice Archieri, living in Paris or Le Perreux, France, who asserted his claim in 1995. (This is not a reference to Pope Peter the Last, who is one of the Two Witnesses)
Pope Peter Romanus II, born William Kamm of Cologne, Germany, a convicted sex offender, who was released from prison in 2014. Kamm, who is known as the "Little Pebble", apparently does not currently pretend to be pope, but has claimed to be the next pope in waiting. (This is not a reference to Pope Peter the Last, who is one of the Two Witnesses)
Pope Peter II, born Aime Baudet, of Brussels, Belgium. (This is not a reference to Pope Peter the Last, who is one of the Two Witnesses)
Pope Peter II, born Julius Tischler, a German, about whom little is apparently known. (This is not a reference to Pope Peter the Last, who is one of the Two Witnesses)
Pope Peter-Athanasius II, who lives, according to different sources, in Brussels or in Canada. (This is not a reference to Pope Peter the Last, who lives in Canada, and who is one of the Two Witnesses)
Pope Leo XIV, of Angoulême, France.
Pope Joseph I, of Lucerne, Switzerland.
Pope Gregory XVII, the Québécois successor to "Clement XV" (Michel Collin).
Special Note: While some people may think that "Pope Peter the Last" belongs on this list of "mysticalists", it is important to note that Jesus Christ the Lord - the Just Judge, does not agree with that conclusion.  And why is this? - you might be asking.  Because, in Heaven's eyes, I simply AM the Pope.  No contest.  Period.  The College of Cardinals is now fully infiltrated by the illuminati - and they have ALL lost their anointings, and are by that very fact, null, and void - as "a College".  "School's out..." - so to speak.  I am not writing this so that people agree with me.  I am writing this, so that people who are seeking the TRUTH, can find it.  Could the Jewish leaders find the Truth 2000 years ago, as they crucified the Truth?  No. But for the sane ones out there, the nourishment from Heaven - the TRUTH, continues to be shared.  And the Truth is, that everyone on the face of the earth can call themselves, "Pope Peter" - And that would be fine with me.  Because only one, in Heaven's eyes, is FIRST among the apostles; only One, has been given the Anointing, for that position - referring to an Anointing from Heaven; not, the anointing from the illuminati, that Francis the First was given.  How many people could see that Jesus Christ the Lord, was the Anointed One, as He walked the Face of the earth?  How many, preferred Barabbas?  And, where are YOU standing, in the crowd?

Conclavist Claimants to the Papacy
(People who claim to have been elected as Pope by a group other than the illuminati-run College of Cardinals)

Pope Krav I. (Mirko Fabris), papal claim from 1978  to 2012.
Pope Michael (David Bawden)  papal claim from 1990, to present.
Pope Linus II (1994).  (Victor von Pentz), papal claim from 1994.  Byzantine Catholic Rite of St. John Chrysostome.
Pope Pius XIII (Fr. Lucian Pulvermacher) papal claim from 1998-2009.
Pope Leo XIV  (Oscar Michaelli) papal claim from  2006-2007.
Pope Innocent XIV (Juan Bautista Bonetti) papal claim in 2007.  He resigned after 4 months.
Pope Alexander IX  (Alejandro Tomás Greico)  2008-present.
If you are not too busy this weekend, why not just gather a group of friends, and have them elect you as Pope?  This list is a bit short, and we would be more than happy to include your name.  Just start a website, to let everybody know - and we will quickly find you, and add you to the list.  May we suggest going with a name that isn't already on the list, just to avoid confusion.  And if you haven't noticed, the name "Peter" has been used excessively, lately.  Why not try Paul?... I believe Paul the Seventh hasn't been taken yet.  "Mary" - that's my wife's name, PLEASE don't use it!
People who have claimed to be
The Two Witnesses
Ronald Weinland (
Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet (both deceased) (
Herbert W. Armstrong - (deceased)
William Branham (
Buffalo Bill Hawkins & deceased  brother J.G. Hawkins (
King Stephon Hayden (
Bernie Lazar Hoffman & deceased wife Susan Lipowitz  Aka Tony and Susan alamo - (
Paul Cain and Bob Jones (
Bishop Bernard Jordan  (
Scott Hoffstee, (Warning: he possibly has a form of Tourett Syndrome)  (
Joshua Noel De Leon (Of Judah) Michael Joseph De Leon (Of Judah) from YouTube
John Alexander Dowie (deceased) - "Elijah the Restorer" or Elijah III (
LieKillers and Christian Authority - (
Two Witness - (
Witness And Testimony (

What would the world be like, if EVERYONE, claimed to be the Two Witnesses?  Did you ever ask yourself that question?  Perhaps YOU would like to claim that you are one of the Two Witnesses?  You can be, today!  Simply start a website, with this claim, and we will add you to the list.  You may however, want to consider, how you are going to explain to people, that you are somehow the fulfillment of Revelations 11, and Zecharaiah 4-5.  We did.  Perhaps you might want to click on those links, FIRST, to see what the requirements are, and to see how you will measure up, against THE REAL THING.  Good luck with that!
Special Mentions
All the religious leaders outside the Faithful Remnant, including all christians, protestants, jews, hindus and muslims. 
Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) - Bishop Marcel LeFefebvre (a.k.a. LeFibber.  Their current "Superior", is presently filleting his catch)
Elijah The Tishbite, real name was Ernest Frank Mauck (deceased)

William Tapley: believes that he is the 3rd Eagle of Revelations, or angel!about-me/cjg9
David C. Pack - Restored Church of God - claims that he will train the two witnesses, when they appear on the scene.  Apparently he hasn't found our website.
Note: The Lists of False Profits, or rather, False PROPHETS, ends here. 
The rest of this page is devoted to exposing them in detail.

"And preach as you go, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons.  You received without pay, give without pay. Take no gold, nor silver, nor copper in your belts, no bag for your journey, nor two tunics, nor sandals, nor a staff; for the  laborer deserves his food. And whatever town or village you enter, find out who is worthy in it, and stay with him until you depart. As you enter the  house, salute it. And if the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you. And if any one will not  receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it shall be more tolerable on the  day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah than for that town."
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
My Spirit, has been withdrawn, from the words, that I had spoken, through, the True Visionaries, and True Prophets, of the past.  But what most of the people, do not realize, is that all of the prophets, of these times – apart from My Testimony; apart from the Two Olive Branches; apart from the Two Lampstands – they are all eating wormwood.  God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, has done it before! – in the time of Jeremiah.  And He is doing it again – out of His Justice.  For out of the mouth, of the false prophets, comes words, of: deceit, false peace, false zeal, false enthusiasm, and ultimately the false holy spirit – and that, is the spirit that tells, the people, that, they are “good, holy and saved” – as long as they stick with their traditions; as long as they read, the Holy Scriptures – especially the King James Version; as long as they do, everything – except what I ask from them – then they’ll be saved! That is a lie, from the enemy of souls – who keeps all the Protestants, and Catholics, and so-called christians, paralyzed, with false signs, and wonders – false miracles, that only puff-up, the visionary, and the prophet.... The people, who come, and read, My Testimony, all, are, having, their Great Warning Experience.  Not what people, were expecting, in these End Times.  And the false prophets, continue to puff themselves, and the people up – with spiritual pride.  The antidote is, the Blessed Holy Water and Deliverance.  Because I am telling the whole world, that all of the prophets, and visionaries, have been scourged with, false visions, false dreams, false prophecies; and they are almost certainly possessed! (Thursday, March 26, 2015 update)

"You [Pope Peter the Last] will break, into pieces: the shepherds, and false prophets of these times; and you will denounce them through My words. You do not need to perform ‘large scale miracles’ – as Moses did; but My words will be enough, to start a fire in the hearts, of everyone, on the face of the Earth – through you My son, and through The Great Warning experience... The Sacrifice of the Mass will be abolished, except, under you My son, for you are about to become the visible head, of My Church; and you will feed My flock, amidst Great Tribulations.  One of the Tribulations will be: when they find out about the removal of My Presence, and ‘The Great Schism’ finally beginning.  Never did they think that I would bring it about.  Never did they think, that I would be the first to act, against those, who refuse to show mercy.  Never, did they think, that I would be so bold as to appear again ‘on the scene’, in a Great way – just like in the time when I was walking on the face of the Earth."
(-Jesus, Tuesday, February 7, 2012)

"My Ways, who can know them?  Who, can understand My Mind and Heart?  He who has been given ‘the Keys’ is able to do this.  For who, shall dwell, in the temple of the Lord Almighty, and who shall come to My Holy Mountain? Only those ‘with clean hands and pure hearts’ are welcome.  No sin can come near My Holy Mountain.  To be holy, one must strive to be humble in all things.  But most of all, to acknowledge themselves as ‘creature’, and Me as Creator.  That, is the beginning, of our relationship.  Because of the evil times that you live in My children, I do require this of you.  With so much hubris and pride in the World, it is necessary that you all understand, that you are simply, all My Creatures, unless, you choose to be ‘gods in your own image’ – then, there is no relationship; then I do not know you; for there are no other ‘gods’, above or below Me.  I am the only One True God.  All of the rest, are mere imposters - claiming to give life, they can only bring death."

"The ‘abomination of desolation’, now stands, in all of the places, that once, were “Holy Ground”.  Get ready!  Prepare your hearts.  Make amends with Me and your neighbor, for I am coming soon, to call ‘My Bride’, to safety.  Now, is the time, to turn away, from all iniquity and sin, and embrace the True Church – the One True Holy and Catholic Faith – the One, True Holy and Catholic, God.  Yes, I did say “Catholic”, for it means: “Universal”, and I want ‘all people’ to be part, of this ‘Universal Church’, My True Church under My Representative, and My True Pope – the one I have chosen.  Not the one who is elected, by the cardinals.  Not the one that they want nor the one, that they were expecting.  No.  This is: My beloved son in whom I am well pleased."
(-Jesus, Tuesday, March 27, 2012)
"For I am the Judge of this World, and I have sent out My Two Witnesses, to prophesy against the wicked, of this evil generation of souls; to prophesy against: the churches, for all of their evils, and abominations, in their midst.  For the churches have forsaken Me, and they all preach ‘a different gospel’ than the one, that I proclaimed, with boldness and Truth – receiving all of My words, from God the Eternal Father, in Heaven."  
"The churches have failed as a whole – to nourish My people.  And now, on this night, the ‘spirit of the antichrist’, has descended, upon all of the churches, in a very profound way.  It is as though ‘black sludge’ is covering, all of the institutions.  So I am asking My People: if they care about ‘life’, if they care about ‘love’, if they care, for their own souls, then they should flee – flee at once, the abomination of desolation!  For I am not present in any of your ceremonies.  I have withdrawn Myself.  Those who want to find Me must seek Me.  Those who want help in this life must ask – for the gifts of the True Holy Spirit, the Eternal Father in Heaven’s Spirit.  And those, who want an answer, who want to know Me, must knock; for I am hidden."
(-Jesus, Tuesday, April 3, 2012)
"You people, of this Earth, have become your own shepherds.  But the Day is coming, when quite soon you will realize, that I am the True Shepherd of My Faithful Remnant Flock.  And I will gather the ‘righteous’ to Me on that Day.  But the wicked will be ‘cast-off’.  They will say to Me, “Lord, Lord, open to us!  For we preached in your churches; and, we did, so many ‘religious things’ with our time; and we ‘gave alms’ – continually”.  But I shall say to them, on that Day, “Depart, from Me, you wicked of this Earth!  For all the while you did these things, you kept for yourselves, ‘secret sins’ – never seeking forgiveness, from your hearts.  Therefore, I do not know you.  Nor can I open to you, the Door, to the caves or refuges."  
(-Jesus, Thursday, April 5, 2012)

"Woe, to ‘the scholars of this age’, for they have been ‘duped’; they have been deceived, by the opinion of others, for ‘not listening to the True Holy Spirit’.  Discernment, was removed from them, so that they should be blind – not being able to understand the words in front of them.  Woe, to those, who teach ‘Bible’, as ‘the only source of salvation’.  How they would turn such goodness into an evil, is beyond words."  
(-Jesus, Monday, April 23, 2012)
Antipope Francis, is loved and revered by many.  And though people, see him as “a good and holy man”; before all of Heaven, he is a Scourge! – upon the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution.  He is a Punishment.  Because people, within that institution, did not stop the secular changes!  So they have a very secular-minded Pope – who is filled with modernist thinking; and who wants that institution, to tolerate and embrace, everyone’s religion.  And that, is ‘an abomination before ME’.  Because the One True Religion – as I have said before - is I GOVERN, OVER ALL THINGS.
(Jesus, Saturday, March 28, 2015)

"So-called Christians, have become complacent, in their faith – and that’s why all of them have, the mark of the beast; because they’re not doing what I ask them to do; but they are following their own human inspirations.  And this is the church, that Antipope Francis, is currently building; for truly he is The Destroyer.  He is the one, who destroys and defiles the temple."
(Jesus, Sunday, March 29, 2015)  
"You protestants are on the wrong team. In these End Times, the only True Church, on the Face of the Earth, that I am calling you, to belong to, is the Remnant – the True Remnant, under Pope Peter, the Last.  For did I not say, the first shall be last, and the last shall be first?  I laid it out for you – plain to see.  But, you protestants, are blind guides, leading, the blind.  And you’ve all fallen into a pit.  I am offering you Life. Will, you, accept it?"
(Jesus, Sunday, March 29, 2015) 
“Many people, take My voice, for granted, My children, they are selfish, and they do not realize, that just because they can hear My Voice, that does not make them Saints.  A Saint is someone who is self-sacrificing, who seeks self-mortification – of earthly desires, so that My Will, can be accomplished, in them.  Right now, there are hundreds of false ‘visionaries’, around the World, and they did not start out that way, but money, greed, power and fame, took the place of the messages, they could have been receiving.  Instead now, the enemy comes to them, disguising himself as Me, and these people listen, with itching ears.” 

Why has Saint Luisa Piccarreta been listed among the false prophets?

In the case of Luisa Piccarreta - of COURSE! - she was "a TRUE, Visionary" - because she is INTERCEDING, for, the Members of the Faithful REMNANT - and her FOCUS, was ON, being a CHILD, or "DAUGHTER, of the DIVINE Will" - and this is, what the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, are called to FOCUS on - as "a way of LIFE": CHOOSING to be DOCILE, to the DIVINE WILL, of the MOST High True GOD.  However - the REASON, she is LISTED, on the "false prophets EXPOSED" page - is BECAUSE, her WRITINGS, cannot help ANYONE! - outside, the Faithful REMNANT.  JUST like, the True Holy SPIRIT, has been REMOVED, from 'the BIBLES' - the True Holy SPIRIT has ALSO been 'REMOVED, from ALL! - of the TRUE! - Prophetic Writings' - OUT there.  WHY?  Because, the PEOPLE of THESE Times, CANNOT! - POSSIBLY! - RECEIVE them, in TRUTH; but they, will MISINTERPRET.  Right NOW, the Creator of the UNIVERSE, wants His PEOPLE, FOCUSED, on the TESTIMONY - because ALL the other WRITINGS, are "a DISTRACTION".  MANY! - OF, the Prophetic Truths that were given to HER, at the time, no LONGER apply - for, MUCH of Revelations, is UNFOLDING! - in THESE Times.  When she was GIVEN, 'those VISIONS', and "INTERIOR LOCUTIONS" - that, was 'a DIFFERENT time and age'. Simple!

Added note:  In these End Times, more than 100,000 people each day, pass from this life, and go directly to the Eternal Lake of Fire - and ALL of them had ONE thing in common: they preferred reading everything BUT, the Testimony of their Creator - a.k.a. "the recipe for Salvation".  And those among them who at one time stumbled upon the Testimony, had ANOTHER thing in common: They preferred to seek out any and all imaginable contradictions and excuses to reject it, INSTEAD of applying the recipe for Salvation, to their spiritual lives.  What are YOU choosing to do with the Testimony? - and which group do YOU expect to be joining, at the next stop on YOUR spiritual journey? (May 9, 2017 update)


John Leary (Rochester New York)
Book: "Prepare for the Great Tribulation and the Coming Era of Peace"

I was sent to give you this message to be at peace in your hearts, and do not fret over J.L.’s choice, because he is well taken care of – overly so.  His Justice will be a bit more severe, for not only was he an apostle of Our Lord, but he was a friend, and extremely favored, as you both are now.  For his gifts of prophesy, premonitions, and conversing with the Saints, have now been passed down to you both, for you have been given a greater portion of the True Holy Spirit.  So do not let any worldly concerns remove your peace.  I have just received a message myself from the Lord, and He says: “My children do not fret, for you will have your safety soon.  Trust, that the Holy Spirit goes ahead of all of your needs, and you are well taken care of, in this life.  Have a good night, My children”.  Have a good night, as well, my brother, and my son, Pope Peter.”
“Those who seek Me, will find Me.  But those who seek self-affirmation and self-adoration, and glory, for themselves – these things are all that they will find – to their own desolate end.  Why am I permitting J.L.’s website to continue – even though the messages are no longer coming from the King of Kings, – but an impostor has taken over themMy messages bring truth, life and peace.  But the antichrist wants none of those for My Faithful Remnant followers.  And so, I am permitting him, a short time, to deceive even My Elect – even My Chosen ones – for is it not written, that the stars lost their shining and fell to the Earth – these stars, that John was referring to, were not ‘movie stars’, they were not celebrities, no, – but for the simple-minded, they were.  But for those seeking Truth, and not ignorance, nor self-holiness, for those it would be revealed to them, that I was referring to My Elect.  Now I say “My Elect”, because ultimately, in the End they will choose Me.  But unfortunately it will be a harder road, for they will be called to martyrdom.”  
"In J.L.’s messages, you will hear no more, of the true battle between good, and evil; but all of the words, will be watered down.  Notice the tone – which is used, has no authority, and you both, are no longer transformed, by words of truth, and life; but remember, I told you to discern: the fleeces wearing thin in others; and internal voices.  Well J.L.’s voice, is no longer My voice; but demons, are giving him the words.  This must all happen, for the appointed time to come, for you are in the time of the End – when even the greatest of saints, can lose his crown, through deceit – through all manners of evils; for no one is good on the face of the Earth apart from Me; but only with Me can they work out their salvation.  And so therefore, no longer are you to read J.L.’s poison.  But read the Holy Scriptures instead; for this is only for your edification.  He has made his choice.”
“It will be through this Testimony, that I draw My Faithful Remnant Church, out of the synagogues and churches, into True Worship; and finally to caves or refuges. Through this Testimony I will begin to prepare peoples’ hearts for what is coming – and especially My Great Warning.  These are My words My children – you merely heard, and wrote them down; just like with the Bible – for I too am the author of thatI alone give life to My words, and I can take it back, as with J.L.’s messages:  He did not reserve judgment, for My anointed ones – he himself being anointed;  So even in this the punishment fits the crime.”
“As I came to J.L. for many years, so do I come, to the both of you, with My messages for the World: for the truth to be spread; for life to be given where there is death; for prophesies to be proclaimed; for revelation upon revelations to be explained.  My dear children: know that you are in the time of the End, when ‘all of Hell’ has broken loose upon the world, and the enemy’s kingdom has reached its peak of evil.  Know, that the enemy’s kingdom is coming to an end, just as I build up My Kingdom in souls, throughout the entire World… You know who is speaking to your hearts, and you must make a decision on how to respond to this message.”
Pope Peter the Last: John Leary is referred to many times, by Jesus Christ the Lord, because Jesus was preparing the World, for the arrival of the Two Witnesses, through John Leary - just as John the Baptist, (who visited us by the way - you might want to read the words he shared at that link,) prepared the World, for the arrival of Jesus on the scene.  Unfortunately, the modern parallel to John the Baptist's beheading, is John Leary, losing his True Prophetic Anointing from Heaven, around July 21, 2011.  It is then, that a lying spirit, began speaking to him, instead.  Now it is NOT SAFE to read John Leary's messages - even the ones before July 21, 2011.
Mirjana Dragicevic, Ivan Dragicevic, Ivanka Ivanković, Vicka Ivanković, Marija Pavlović, Jakov Colo

I am here, to tell you all: that there are manymany ‘false visionaries’ in the World – ‘pretending’, to receive ‘authentic messages’ – from My Son, or from Myself.  But I tell you: I am not at Medugorje; but ‘an imposter’, has taken my place.  You did not see the ‘subtle changes’ – because you were looking for ‘signs and miracles’. You were not looking for me, your True Mother.  But your focus, if you are all ‘honest with yourselves’, was “what sign can Heaven perform for Me today?”  Many of you sought ‘healing without repentance’. Therefore worse ‘infirmities’ were ‘added to you’.  Yes you got ‘the healing that you wanted’ – but was it worth ‘the evils that were added’?  It is better to have ‘a clear conscience’ before your Maker, than to seek: for ‘physical healings’, or ‘spiritual highs’.  I am here to tell you, My People, that there are no ‘plateaus, in the spiritual life’; but what God requires, you will giveOr, you will, ‘receive His Discipline’.   You all have been ‘very naughty children’.  And I have seen how you ‘swoon’ – over ‘the false visionaries’, of Medugorje. But I tell you I am notwith them’.  Because power, prestige and position are ‘more important to those souls’.  There is always a temptation to become: ‘a Judas’, when following after the True Messiah: the Lord, Jesus Christ. And they have all ‘sold themselves’ for ‘false visions.  Because I tell you: the stars of Heaven have ‘withdrawn their shining’  – and this is ‘an allegory: for the Elect, losing their ‘Crowns’.”
Pope Peter the Last:  I was in Medjugorje in 2006, on the 25th Anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady of Medjugorje - June 24, 1981.  I even spent one entire night awake on the top of Cross Mountain, contemplating my pilgrimage through life, and my personal journey as an Ordained Catholic Priest. I am not writing this to boast, but rather to let the millions of people who made that same pilgrimage to Medjugorje, as an act of faith - as a manifestation of their desire to somehow obtain an even deeper faith - to let them know, that The Most High True God has not abandoned them.  It is rather they, who now have the mark of the beast - because it is they, who have abandoned their Creator.  The Blessed Holy Water is still available at this website for free.  Use it!  Have the mark of the beast removed, and humbly, continue your journey.  If you prefer the words of the false prophets, over the words of the Queen of Heaven, that are posted above, then know that God respects your choice, and He will allow you to embrace the false prophets, as part of your Eternal Reward.  
Accumulated more than 425,000 Facebook followers!
(Could she be the modern historical echo of Barabbas - who won "the people's choice award" 2000 years ago?)

Pope Peter The Last:  How did she do that? - many readers have been asking.  And unlike the readers of HER website, and her book, "The Book of Truth"; OUR readers, expect the TRUTH!  And they are about to get ANSWERS!!!  Jesus Christ the Lord, from His Throne in Heaven, is now exposing some of the most NOTORIOUS false prophets on the planet, on this page on our website.  Check back often, as we expect to be updating it quite often, with the latest profit falls news... or rather, false prophet news.

Jesus saidMaria Divine Mercy – as she so boldly, calls herself, from the MDM Messages, will not be coming back.  Because, I, brought her down, with ‘a Breath of My Mouth’ – with words of Truth, proclaimed from the highest Heavens.  Her charade, has now, ended.  She deceived MILLIONS of her followers – for several years! – bringing in LOTS of revenue, from her, deceptions.  Oh the catholics were SO deceived! - because they have no way, of discerning; because the True Holy Spirit, has been withdrawn – from them.  They were not able to discern, that there was ‘no real heart’, in those messages - but that, they were filled with flowery words.  And you know what My children? – the people heard, what they wanted to hear.  And that’s, the saddest, Truth, about the whole charade.  She didn’t tell them ‘things, of the Spirit’ – for their spiritual edification. There were no deep profound mysteries revealed.  But, they ate up, all, of her words – because goats will eat anything!  And that, is what the catholics have become.  All she needed to do, to pull it off – to pull off one of the biggest deceptions, in history: was study Catholicism; study, what catholics expected to hear; and study, what the other false visionaries, were proclaiming; bounce her ideas, off, a few of them; gather intel, on that institution - and especially, the Vatican; and present a psychological operation, of Biblical proportions!  Unfortunately My children, what the people don’t realize, is that they have been Plagued, with false prophets; and the people of this WICKED generation, are being Scourged by their deceptions; by their evil intentions; and by their desire to EXTORT money.  Do the false prophets know they’re false prophets?  Yes, they do - that’s why they got ‘into the business’.  And yes, it is “a business”, for them.  It is their yearly revenue.  It is their lifestyle.  It’s their bread and butter! 

Actual email:  I have been following... messages since 2012... from [the spiritually toxic website from "the imposter visionary" known as...] Maria Divine Mercy, and i´m also a seminarian from the N. Seminary... I need a Word from Jesus Christ if this is possible. May He looked upon my situation with Mercy.

Jesus said: Become "ONE of My SHEEP", and LEAVE 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST' BEHIND you.  LEAVE it 'in the DUST of your FEET'.  REPENT! - FROM the heart. USE the Blessed HOLY Water, and PRAY the Burning BUSH Prayer.  "SALVATION" is NOT guaranteed!  And what YOU have been listening to - with 'those MESSAGES', is 'the SPIRIT of the ANTICHRIST' - TRYING to CONVINCE you, that YOU have been SAVED! - that 'ALL you need to DO', is follow certain STEPS, in ORDER to receive "the seal of SALVATION". It is 'the ENEMY', working through, 'that WEBSITE'; it is not, 'MY Voice'; NOR, 'My BLESSED Mother' - we are here ONLY, IN OUR Testimony.  We do NOT 'speak', TO "the false PROPHETS", of this most WICKED age!  EVEN the ENEMY, can produce "MIRACLES" - IF HE, can get, 'PEOPLE', to BELIEVE, that they are "SAVED".  YOU MUST 'work out', YOUR Salvation, WITH Fear and TREMBLING; and LEAVE! - "the institution" - that you BELONG to.  Because I am not there!  But the SPIRIT of the ANTICHRIST IS!  The spirit of the ANTICHRIST, is 'strong' IN the WORLD; and IN the CHURCHES; and IN the GOVERNMENTS - but I HAVE, "overcome the world"!  So seek to be 'with ME' - your TRUE Shepherd.  Become 'ONE of, My DISCIPLES'.  YOU can do 'NO good', IN, ANY institution!  I am ASKING you to 'take a LEAP of faith' - and RESPOND, to, My Mother's CALL(July 22, 2016 update) 

Jesus said:  The Pius X Society has now been infiltrated by the CIA – and they are now running it. They only pretend, to resist Antipope Francis. They call themselves “The Resistance”, because that’s what the traditional catholics want to hear.  They want to believe, that their ‘tradition’, is defended somehow.  But it is ALL a charade.  They are just “puppets on a stage”.  What the catholics need to know, is that there is no sacrifice, in any of the rites.  But sacrifice, and offerings, have ceased - they are no more.  All they have left, is externals, and empty smiles, and statues – that do not have a glow to them, because they are no longer a window to Heaven, but have become a reflection of the people.  Sin offerings are no more. I told them this time was coming. 
Pope Peter the Last: One of 'the illuminati stamps', the CIA inserts into almost all of their operations, is something that Jesus refers to as "an illuminati boast".  In the case of this group, that boast, can be found, in the actual name, of their so-called "Superior General".  His name, is Fellay.  Fellay of what?  Jesus called his Disciples to be fishers of men.  And so, by running that organization, on behalf of his CIA handlers, just who do you think Fellay, is filleting?  If you don't "get it", just move on to the next topic.

Pope Peter The Last:  I asked Jesus Christ the Lord, to clarify the Truth, about Emma de Guzman and her gold sparkles, and all the other so-called miracles, signs and wonders, that some people report to have been manifesting around her.

Jesus saidNot from Heaven I assure you My children.  What is more important: a sparkling pure white soul; or a gangrenous-filled individual without a soul, covered in ‘demonic prints’?  She doesn’t have a soul.  She has received ‘the mark of the beast’.  I am offering people ‘the real Gold’ – through My Testimony My children.  All that she can offer, is superficial.  But, people of these Times, will run, to the prophets, who speak smooth things in their ears.  They will run, to ‘the messengers, of peace’; and the people, will flee, from, the Truth.  And instead, they will want affirmation – group affirmation. And that about sums up ‘the group’.
Note: The group Jesus is referring to, from His Throne in Heaven, is called the La Pieta Prayer Group.  Unfortunately for them, they were so dazzled by Emma de Guzman's false externals, that they forgot to look at her pitch black eyes - that are in fact the window, to the ABSENCE of a soul.  Not a good report card; but if they don’t leave that group and soon, the next report card they will each receive from their Creator, will make this one look like an A+.  Remember, at the time of Moses, Pharaoh’s magicians could perform all the miracles, signs, and wonders Moses did – but the magicians did so through demonic means, through witchcraft.  And that is a hint, at the true source, of the physical manifestations, that surround Emma de Guzman, when she goes into her trance.  Like all the other False Prophets out there, her little show has been to her financial advantage - and yet, ironically (gold sparkles) according to her Creator, has made her quite spiritually poor, indeed.
Book: "Our Blessed Mother Speaks to Dory Tan in Marmora", Published by Dory Tan and John McLarney
Pope Peter the Last:  My wife and I spoke with Jesus Christ the Lord about Dory Tan, after watching her antics first hand, when we visited the Greensides Farm on September 8, a few years ago.   We watched Dory explain to her followers, that the Mary she speaks to - the Mary who would NOT speak to her at that time, in front of all those people, wants her followers to take the flame from Dory's candle, with them.  So they all lit their candles from hers.  Immediately, a severe thunder storm arose over the farm with a massive downpour, that extinguished everyone's candles, faster than they could run to their cars.  This was as a very big sign to everyone there, that her messages and visions are in fact, not authentic.  To make matters worse, it was in fact the light of the antichrist, that she was spreading, to her very gullible following.  During our visit, we did everything we could to expose Dory Tan, as what she Truly is before ALL of Heaven, a false visionary.  We also exposed many other false prophets who visited the farm, before we were personally banned from the farm, by the owner herself.  When we left that farm, Jesus Christ the Lord revealed, that our departure was the cue to the Holy Angels, to remove every Anointing and Blessing from Heaven, from that place - and the Holy Angels did so immediately.  That was the introduction.  Here is the really interesting part of the story.  Jesus explained to us, that the Blessed Virgin Mary actually DID visit Dory Tan... wait for it... ONCE!  Dory Tan was indeed visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary, as a sign of faith to her - so that she would live a life of repentance, and believe.  But instead, Dory immediately decided to cash out on the experience.  Dory acted as though she had won the lottery, and did everything she could do, to create a very lucrative cult following.  Dory Tan could not wait for the Blessed Virgin Mary to return to her, and so, one way or another, Dory summoned the devil, to appear to her, in a dress, so that she would have something to report, to her followers.  Dory gets an A for acting, and an F for authenticity.
Concerning the CREATOR'S Response to what Trump's "spiritual advisor"...
Paula White-Cain said:  “We command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now…”

The ONLY thing, we could THINK of - at FIRST - when we WITNESSED, "false PROPHETESS, Paula WHITE - SCREAMING! - and YELLING! - at her congregation? - is:  WHY WOULD, "a PASTOR", with the name, "white" - wear… "BLACK!"…  Be, COMPLETELY "SHROUDED! - in darkness"? - As she… 'CONJURES! - up! - CHRISTIAN words' - like, "jesus" - and "arresting".

INTERESTING!  WHAT is she 'REALLY saying'?  She IS in fact, 'CLOTHED! - in demons' - and 'DEMONIC, incantations'.  It IS in fact, 'the DEVIL!' - who has 'raised her UP!' - and, who 'KEEPS her, in POWER' - as "Trump's, SPIRITUAL advisor".  But HOW shall… "our CREATOR"… SHOW? - Trump! - that "paula WHITE" - is in FACT, "a FRAUD! - a DECEIVER! - AND an antichrist!"?  HOW? - will the Most High TRUE God - 'DEVOUR! - paula white' - with 'the FIERCENESS, OF His Divine WRATH'?  She does not wish, that "EVIL", would come, against AMERICA.  But IT is not, "HER choice".  The Most High TRUE God - the God who CREATED, 'life' - SEES - that "AMERICA!" - has CHOSEN death! - for  THEMSELVES, AND their future'OUR God!' - the Most High TRUE God - is "the ONLY One!" - who will STOP, the births - and 'CLOSE the wombs'.  And it will be "ALL wombs!" 

SHE should NOT 'take on, the TWO of us' - or the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant, OR the Testimony.  For MANY have tried! - and have FAILED.  The MOST High TRUE God, WILL! - "SMITE!" - paula white, with 'a Breath of HIS Nostrils!' - and He will DEVOUR her! - AND her demons! - that ALL may know, that WE! - ARE! - 'the TRUE Prophets, of the Most High True God' - and all "FALSE prophets" will become 'like STUBBLE! - and ASHES! - UNDER the soles of our FEET'.

And AS! - 'Paula White's DEMONS'KNOW! - "America's END"!... is INEVITABLE! - and WILL come!... her DEMONS? - spoke THROUGH her - THREE times! - actually 'CURSING! - America': as she said, "let pride FALL".

America IS "proud".

And America WILL fall!

And it will be 'by the Hand of the Most High TRUE God'.

The WRITING is on the WALL.

The Writing IS 'the Testimony'.

(January 30, 2020 update)   


"I alone give life to My words, and I can take it back"

We - the Two Witnesses of the Most High True God - know this may be difficult for some to hear, and to understand, but it is really quite simple:  Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High True God, has removed His True Holy Spirit, from the messages of all the other modern prophets - including messages that were authentically from Him at the time they were given.  The messages from visionaries, that were True, and authentic, before the True Counsel of the True Holy Spirit was removed from the visionaries - those messages, are now 'spiritually toxic to the soul of the reader'.  Because as Jesus Christ the Lord explained to us, "nature hates a void".  And when the True Holy Spirit was removed from the authentic messages from Heaven, 'the spirit of the antichrist' took its place.  And now that spirit - the spirit of the antichrist, now plagues all the people who read those messages.  The spirit of the antichrist now plagues all the people, who read the messages from all other prophets, other than the Two Witnesses.  WHY, do you think, the Book of Revelations emphasizes TWO witnesses?  What about all the OTHER witnesses?  What about them?  
"For where are the True prophets?  Is there anyone else speaking the Truth out there?  Where is the voice of the “Holy Seer?”  And where is True Wisdom?"
"There are only Two ‘Lampstands’ on the Face of the Earth – where My word is being spoken; where the brilliance of the True Holy Spirit, is ‘blazing like a Fire’; where ‘My Anointed Ones’ are – My Two Witnesses are , these ‘Lampstands’.  They are also, My Olive Trees; and they stand before Me: burning, with the Fire, of True Love, in the True Holy Spirit.  And My word is being exalted through them – through: My Testimony – to be, ‘a Light, to all, of the Nations – round about.”

We can inform you with great confidence, that after seeking clarification through personal Counsel from Jesus Christ the Lord, of the following: it is not safe for anyone - not even for us, to read the messages from other visionaries (including the messages from John Leary, the "prophet" of Rochester N.Y.) about these End Times, with the exception of those specific individual messages that are mentioned in the Testimony of the Two Witnesses (at the request of Jesus Christ the Lord).  When we quote messages from other prophets in the Testimony (and this is extremely rare), we do it only after consulting Jesus Christ the Lord, and with His Blessing (we also do it 'only when absolutely necessary' - for the reader's benefit).
It is important to note, that for those who do not read the Testimony, it is not safe for them to read the Bible, because if they do, it will not be the True Holy Spirit guiding them, but another 'spirit' - 'the spirit of the antichrist'.

"My True Holy Spirit, is moving, through, My Testimony.  And if souls, as in ‘individuals’, can not receive My Testimony, then they can NOT receive the True Holy Spirit, and therefore they can not benefit, from reading the Bible."

This Truly is 'a Scourge', that has come upon the people of these End Times.  The True messages from the other visionaries, were given as 'a gift from Heaven', to prepare 'the reader at the time', for the coming Testimony of the Two Witnesses.  Those messages from other visionaries are no longer necessary, but at this point in time, they serve only as a distraction from what the Most High True God, wants His True Flock, to focus on.  By removing His True Holy Spirit from the messages from other prophets, the Most High True God is in His Mercy, removing distractions, from what He calls "The Recipe for Salvation" - the Testimony of the Two Witnesses (which is for the most part, simply the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord, from His Throne in Heaven, the Testimony of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven [who Jesus often speaks on behalf of - because He is a separate Person of the Blessed Trinity; and who Jesus always speaks in Unity with], and in Unity with The True Holy Spirit of the Most High True God - who is in fact a separate Person, while being fully united with God the Father and the Son, as One God, in Three Divine Persons).
Special Note: We, the Two Witnesses, took a great deal of time editing this page, in order to assist all those who were reading the messages given to John Leary by Jesus Christ the Lord.  Until July 21, 2011, we were among those people, who were nourished by the words from Heaven, that John Leary shared with everyone else, and we in fact benefitted, immensely from the gift of these messages from Heaven.  In the days leading up to that date (July 21, 2011), Jesus Christ the Lord revealed to us that He was 'putting John Leary to the test' - so to speak.  To make a long story short, following that test, Saint John the Apostle was sent to us, to help us to cope with the final test results, with the following words (you can read the entire following message by clicking on the link at the end of it)...
I was sent to give you this message to be at peace in your hearts, and do not fret over J.L.’s choice, because he is well taken care of – overly so.  His Justice will be a bit more severe, for not only was he an apostle of Our Lord, but he was a friend, and extremely favored, as you both are now.  For his gifts of prophesy, premonitions, and conversing with the Saints, have now been passed down to you both, for you have been given a greater portion of the True Holy Spirit.  So do not let any worldly concerns remove your peace.  I have just received a message myself from the Lord, and He says: “My children do not fret, for you will have your safety [- this is a reference to our automobile, and a reference to going to the refuges] soon.  Trust, that the Holy Spirit goes ahead of all of your needs, and you are well taken care of, in this life.  Have a good night, My children”.  Have a good night, as well, my brother, and my son, Pope Peter.”

No doubt, many people who were following the John Leary messages, will be wondering about various topics that were covered in those messages.  Here are some links to some of those topics.

This Website is the Official Website of Pope Peter the Last - also known as "Petrus Romanus".  We now have some great visual evidence on The Last Pope page to assure people that the Last Pope is indeed 'a validly ordained Roman Catholic Priest'.  It is important that you, the reader, are informed, that Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed, that "the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution" will soon respond to this Testimony, by publically presenting "a false claim", that the Ordination of Pope Peter the Last, is "invalid" - by claiming he is "defrocked"!  But know this - this is the part the Institution really does not want you to know: "a defrocking", is simply a declaration from the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution that "the Sacrament of Holy Orders was never received" - a hindsight statement, that in effect, claims: that the candidate, while going through the process of being ordained, never received the Gift of the True Holy Spirit - of Holy Orders, during the Ordination ceremony itself.  It is a well-established and immutable fact, that "the institution" does not, and never did have, the ability to remove "the priestly anointing", once it was bestowed upon the candidate during the Ordination ceremony.  And this is because the gift of "binding and loosing" applies only to sin - not to Baptism, or to Holy Orders - as these are "permanent seals" on the soul.  'The declaration of defrocking', has been used - falsely! - and habitually, by "the Institution" in recent history - whenever a priest, becomes "an embarrassment".  Remember: Just because a priest becomes "an embarrassment" to the Institution, does not automatically mean, that in hindsight, during the Ordination ceremony, the Sacrament of Holy Orders was not received.  The institution will expect people to bow to their judgment, against the True Representative, of the King of Heaven - who from His Throne in Heaven, has passed Judgment, on "the institution".  But without the True Holy Spirit, "the institution" does not, and can not, understand: that by defrocking and excommunicating Pope Peter the Last, they are merely proving, the validity of the Testimony.
Jesus said: “I want you to make copies, of all of these letters [- referring to 'the individual messages' that are now found in the Testimony], and present them to the diocese, so they can have a ‘first read’ of what you are going to release [- as this message was received before, the website was created - before "the embarrassing Truths" - from Jesus Christ the Lord, the King of Heaven, were made public - at a time when the diocese, and the Institution, still had 'the opportunity', to fix the problem].  This, will cause the defrocking papers, and excommunication papers, to come out.  They have been holding on to these for quite some time, waiting for the right time, to give them to you.” 
Jesus said: “I needed to remove Myself from the Institution in order to 'take it down', as I am not 'divided against myself'. Therefore Judgment has been passed.”  
(-Jesus, Thursday, October 24, 2013) [- these are the words Jesus spoke to us as we were composing the explanation - the part in blue - of the coming defrocking papers in the above paragraph]

“But I am calling all, people to repent - to embrace, the Cross of ‘purification’; to embrace, ‘the Luminous Cross: byforgiving’, and by seeking forgiveness; by ‘desiring unity’ in the True Holy Spirit; and by forgetting ‘all selfish intentions’. The only way that you will find ‘True Peace’ – as ‘children of the Most High True God’ (– for I am ‘the Queen of Peace’, the only way), is by ‘getting your hearts aright’ – with the Creator of the Universe; because True Peace comes from Him; and He gives it to whomever He Wills; and He Wills to give it to those who desire: True repentance.”
“...What I ask, from souls – that if they want to be healed from any physical ailments, they must first turn to Me to be healed – of their sins, and then their physical wellbeing will follow. ... There are spiritual afflictions that come, through the soul’s choice to embrace sinTherefore, the soul must choose to reject, and repent of all of the sins, it has committed – in order for Me to heal them, from all of their physical afflictions, and spiritual oppressions.  When My Faithful Remnant Church flee to go to the refuges and caves, there will also be a ‘luminous cross’ waiting for them – to heal them, of ‘all of their physical and spiritual afflictions’.  But what is required in order for this to happen?  First they must come to My Luminous Cross, bow down, before Me – as their Lord, repent in their hearts, of all wrongdoing.  And then, I can begin to heal them, from their ‘physical afflictions’.”
People will need to turn to the True Holy Spirit in your interior life, whenever they think about one of their physical afflictions, and seek the knowledge of the corresponding sin, that is connected with that affliction.  Then, repent of it, and make a firm resolve to never commit that sin again, and ask for the grace to do so.  That, is the mystery, of "the Luminous Cross"


People who were preparing physically, to enter "the caves and refuges" ( - that were mentioned in the John Leary messages before July 21, 2011), have not 'labored in vain'.  There is a coming Economic Collapse, and a Coming Famine, and your supplies will be needed.  The caves and refuges, can best be compared, to the protection The Most High True God gave to King David, as he fled from Saul, and to the protection He gave the Israelites as they fled Pharaoh's army.  God does give physical protection to His Faithful Remnant, but the "caves" and "refuges" of these End Times, are the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ the Lord.  The Saints in Heaven can also help you better understand the unfolding of these End Times events.  They were sent to us for YOUR benefit, so at least take the time to read their consoling and reassuring words!
These above links are here to help people get re-oriented, in the Truth.  Exploring the rest of the website is essential.  This is a non-profit, non-monetized website, and so we do not make one cent of profit, when you visit (and we do not accept donations). Just as Jesus Christ the Lord at one time instructed John Leary to make videos, so too has he done with us.  Our YouTube channel is non-monetized and ALL the videos on it were made with the Counsel of the True Holy Spirit. The link is at the bottom of each page on this website.
Know that the sudden end of John Leary's ( - "of Rochester N.Y.", as there are many people with that name) authentic messages, came as an utter shock to the both of us, and we struggled for quite a while to come to terms with that unchangeable historical event.  We do not expect anyone, to believe or accept anything that is found on this website, because that - that "expectation", is simply between you, and your Creator.  But know this, you will be held fully accountable for every truth that you have received, before Him (- meaning "in His Sight").  And finally, as "a bonus", also know this: John Leary would have passed his "test", had he read and understood this page on our website (- this link is only here, so that he, knows that we, know exactly what happened - and so that 'in knowing', perhaps he can take 'the necessary steps', to one day get to Heaven).
“You see My children, when people look at My website, and they see the Truth – that is in front of them, they are being blinded by what they will have to give up, in order, to follow their Shepherd.  They want the prestige, and the positions of power.  And they want all of the comforts of this life, and Me.  Because it is consoling to ‘have Me there’ – in the background.  But that is not, what I want from My followers.  For I AM, Jesus Christ the Lord, God of Hosts.  And I am the same – as before, as I am today.  I did not change with time. But people changed their expectations of Me, and My expectations of them, so that they could receive much more, from Me, bowing to their wills, than for them, to give to their CreatorWith My website My children, with My words on line, I am asking something from people: I am asking them to sacrifice ‘who they thought I was’, ‘who they think I am’, and ‘what they have been told – by others about Me’.  And I am asking them to ‘step outside their comfort zone’, ’to come out of themselves’, ‘to know the true Me’ – the one True God, in Three Divine Persons.  That is what I am asking – from all, of My followers.”
“My dear children: know that you are in the time of the End, when ‘all of Hell’ has broken loose upon the world, and the enemy’s kingdom has reached its peak of evil.  Know, that the enemy’s kingdom is coming to an end, just as I build up My Kingdom in souls, throughout the entire World… You know who is speaking to your hearts, and you must make a decision on how to respond to this message.


(This is the Environmentally Friendly, energy saving way, to address some of the questions, people are asking)
Here is a response to an actual letter we received in our mailbox: The excerpts from the original letter, are in black.

Dear Sir & Madam:

I came upon your two witnesses website regarding your denouncing the prophecies of John Leary, and that God has supposedly now appointed both of you in his place and stead… For some reason, you claim that he is now spewing words of demons.  Please state exactly, to the letter, what John Leary has done point by point to fall out of grace with God's prophetic gift to him. 

FACT: What J.L. did, is between him and his Creator.  It is something that he needs ‘to repent of’, not ‘to be publicly accused of’.  But in order for us to better understand the effects of J.L.’s decision, Jesus Christ the Lord has fully revealed to us, exactly what he did. Curiosity is not a virtue, and so you are not entitled to that knowledge (- as it is not ‘a virtuous desire’ that you have).  One effect of J.L.’s decision is that his “prophecies” no longer come from Heaven.  You are correct, in saying that J.L. is “spewing words of demons” (you will find that phrase nowhere else in the Testimony), and that he has indeed been denounced, from the Highest Heavens.

Please state exactly, to the letter, what you both have done to come into God's grace to replace him.
FACT:  We are not “replacing” J.L. - J.L's anointings from above have all been removed – every single one of them, and the mission entrusted to him from Heaven, he has traded for one from below.  As a result, the Most High True God in His infinite mercy, has chosen to transfer some of the gifts He gave to J.L., to us.  But our vocation is quite different, and is specifically defined on our website. Jesus Christ the Lord has simply explained to us, that we were made for this vocation, and that God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven chose us. That is all that you need to know - although there are many important details concerning this topic, that can be found on “The Last Pope” and “The Two Witnesses” page on our website, and also throughout the website.
I would like you first to identify yourselves…
FACT:  We did a little “background check” on you.  Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed to us, that He has seen ALL of your works, and has Judged them all, and has given you ‘the Mark of the Beast’.  You are presently in ‘the beast state’
[Note: EVERY SINGLE ONE of John Leary's (Rochester N.Y.) followers, above the age of reason, most certainly, have received 'the mark of the beast', on Christmas Day, 2012.  The demons would have you scoff at these words and do nothing to help yourself.  And yet, all you need to do is to humbly accept these words (- that you already know to be True, and will most certainly be held accountable for), and go to the Holy Water page on this website, and follow the instructions of Jesus Christ the Lord.  ALL those who humbly do so, will discover that "the mark" WILL most certainly be removed - possibly, even within the hour!  And THIS, is how God rewards, those who for a time, followed John Leary's TRUE messages, before he lost the anointing ( - referring to the ones who care about their souls).  It may interest some of you to know, that the Biblical parallel to 'this modern mystery', is when The Most High True God sent John (not "Leary", but) the Baptist, to prepare people for the Coming Messiah - as Jesus Christ the Lord has Truly come a Second Time through the two of us.  Just as John the Baptist was "physically beheaded" - in the modern parallel, so too, was John Leary, "spiritually beheaded" - in that he lost 'the anointing from above', and was unable to continue on in his "anointed mission", as the Two of us appeared on the public scene.]

I would like to know exactly who you are…

FACT: “Curiosity is not a virtue”.  And you are not entitled to having any more personal details about us, than anyone else who reads our website.

I am a lifelong Catholic… [Note: here, as in other places in the letter, the writer lists some of his great “works”.  What the writer forgot, is that yes, we are saved in part through good works and faith (James 2:17) - but no, neither can help with your salvation, if you refuse to do, what your Creator is asking of you – even if you believe "you have the right" - to refuse, what your Creator is asking of you, as you "wait" (- on your terms), for “the understanding”] ... I am "testing the spirits" as God instructs us to do.

FACT:  If you were truly “testing the spirits”, you would have discerned long ago, that the True Holy Spirit left J.L.’s messages (- at the time that has already been revealed by Jesus Christ the Lord), you would have also discerned the mountain of lies in J.L’s ongoing messages.  But, “the skies have been shut up”, and the graces are no longer flowing to anyone, who is in “the beast state”, as you presently are.  People in your “state” (- of “spiritual leprosy”), need to use the Holy Water, in order to be able to receive ANY graces – especially graces, that will allow them to receive the saving truths that are revealed through reading the Testimony (- but those graces will no longer help you to discern John Leary’s messages, now that you have been admonished not to read them).  People need to seek in order to find.  You will have a very different opinion about us if you use the Holy Water by following the instructions on our website. All “the holy water” in the religious institutions is unclean, and is filled with ‘the spirit of the antichrist’. If you want to be made clean, follow the example of Naaman (2 Kings 5), who was made clean by washing himself, according to the instructions of the prophet - instructions, he did not like; and a prophet, he did not want to obey.  Or, you can continue to wait.  God has set aside ‘a waiting room’ for stubborn souls, and it is being warmed up as we speak.  But know this: Naaman was not given any “understanding” of the cure, the prophet revealed – but only, the knowledge, of what he had to do, in order to be healed.  So too is it for people with “spiritual leprosy” in these End Times.  They can scoff at the proposed cure and walk away, or, they can humble themselves, and be healed.

As you ponder this message, you would do well to consider the following:  When Jesus Christ the Lord arrived on the scene 2000 years ago, He arrived as “the King of the Jews”.  He did so, in order to save the Jewish people, from the religious institution that THEY created; He did so in order to tear it down, and start over again (- you won’t hear of this preached in any church today).  Most Jews clung to their sinking institution (- a reference of course to the spiritual stench that shouts to high Heaven), and they do so to this present day.  They invent all sorts of elaborate excuses for rejecting their Messiah – especially excuses about how Jesus did not meet their personal expectations or requirements for the Coming Messiah.  At His Second Coming, through the two of us, He is doing so once again - tearing down the current religious institution that was once founded on His teachings.  He is once again calling people to leave EVERYTHING (- especially their spiritual routines and rituals) behind, and to follow Him (not their own pride and vain expectations).  He is asking people to walk by faith (blind obedience to His Words in the Testimony), and not by sight (seeing physical fire coming out of someone’s mouth). 

But you, in your state, do not even have ‘a conscience’, nor, are you able to recognize ‘the voice of your Shepherd’.  Your situation will change rapidly for the better, if you use the Holy Water, according to the instructions on the website, and step outside of the institution.  Your spiritual state ‘can and will not’ change for the better, if you do not follow the instructions of the King of Heaven, for these End Times, flowing through His, Two Witnesses.  And that, is His Justice, on the World – not ours.  Continuing to follow J.L.’s messages now that the True Holy Spirit has been removed from them, and continuing to attend “the institution”, now that Jesus has removed His Presence, will only keep you in your present, poor, spiritual state.  If you are “comfortable” in your current state, then there is absolutely nothing more that we, nor God, can do for you - other than send more physical chastisements to the World, ending with The Comet of Chastisement - that is currently, and rapidly, approaching.  Remember, J.L.’s books were titled, “Prepare for the Great Tribulation…”.  You now find yourself “unprepared”, ‘in the midst of it’, and ‘rapidly nearing the end of it’!
Of course we get lots of mail.  But there is really no need to publish any more correspondence on this page on our website.  We are sure, that most readers get the picture:  False affirmation, is not one of our gifts. 

The Two Witnesses Expose the religious leaders as the antichrists...
Produced by the Two Witnesses

TRANSCRIPT:  Pope Peter the Last: My wife recently brought to my attention, a YouTube video.  Someone uploaded a talk by a person named Scott Johnson.  Apparently Scott had some very interesting things to say, about our website, Testimony of the Two Witnesses dot com.  This came as no surprise to me – since I find our website quite interesting as well. And I really thought nothing more of it.  That is until, Jesus Christ the Lord, spoke from His throne in Heaven, to My wife and I - since we are in fact, the Two Witnesses spoken of in the Bible, in the Book of Revelations. Jesus reminded my wife and I, of that video, and asked me, to do a video response to it.  And so, this is my public, video response, to Scott.  And just to make it a little more interesting, I recorded this introduction, before listening to what he had to say.  After all, I always strive to make videos, that I would want to watch, again, and again.  And now I am going to listen to his comments, and play some choice samples, for you, the viewer to listen to.  And then, I am going to respond to them, so that Scott, can get that little refresher course in theology, he is desperately in need of – according to His Creator, that is.  And to make it even more interesting, I am going to respond, while keeping in mind, the following question:  What are the immutable and Eternal Truths, that Scott, is so desperately hiding from his listeners?  Are you ready?  Let’s begin.

Scott Johnson: “So, this – what we’re talking about here today, just with this one, website, um. When I started seeing, these reports, that were very thought provoking; yet when I looked at the source it always talked about the Two Witnesses. So I, I, I find the site.  I click on it.  And when I click into the home page, it says, “The True Roman Catholic Faith”… It looks like they’ve – you know, spent a good amount of money, putting this website up here.  And now they’re releasing a lot of different reports on line, that – they’re claiming all of this cutting-edge knowledge about certain things; and they make some compelling cases about different subjects.

Pope Peter: That was just a sample – a little introduction. I have now listened to his hour and a half long video – that had no visuals, just sound.  Now let’s listen to an audio clip, where he gives a little summary, of the website.

Scott Johnson: So here is, Pope Peter the Last – they have a picture of this guy; And he’s a uh… This is a photo of him, doing his first mass, following an ordination.  Uh, it says that Pope Petrus Romanus he is My Prince of the Apostles, My Representative.  All those seeking to know his true identity I tell you he is Pope Peter My Final Pope.  All those seeking to know where is Petrus Romans you needn’t look any further you’ve found him, he is one of My Two Witnesses.  Wow! So he’s not only going to be, the Last Pope, but he’s going to be one of the Two Witnesses as well!  I mean this guy knows how to multitask!  He’s an animal – I mean He does it all! – this guy.  So anyway, umm, umm.

PPTL: Actually, he was right about the multitasking.   Now let’s see if he can actually sum up the website, with fewer words

Scott Johnson: This is the official website of the True Representative on Earth of the Lord Jesus Christ – one of the Two Witnesses, the last and final True Pope of this Era, Petrus, Romanus.

PPTL: That was an accurate summary of my website.  For indeed, my wife and I are the Two witnesses.  And I am, Petrus Romanus.  But did he like our website, or not?  Let’s find out, with as few words, as is humanly possible.  Listen carefully, to the Judgment, he passed - on the Words spoken from His Creator.  Listen to his Judgment – that he passed against the Words of Jesus Christ the Lord - the words, that form most of the content on our website.

Pharisee: “All of this is total rank Blasphemy – what is spewing forth from this wicked, devil, website”

PPTL: Interesting Judgment.  Now, when My wife and I spoke with Jesus Christ the Lord about Scott Johnson, Jesus revealed that He hears even worse things - and even worse thoughts, when people visit HIS online Testimony.  I will let Jesus explain, as My wife reads, the words Jesus spoke to us:

Jesus said: “Scott Johnson is angry at himself – the only way he can get it out, is by hating.  It is the enemy’s anger, that he is channeling.  The enemy loves to call the truth, blasphemy.  What did they call Me  - when I arrived on the scene?  They accused Me, of blaspheming – the words that I had received, from, their, Creator!  God the Eternal Father in Heaven, caught everyone off guard then, and so He’s doing it again, now.  They saw Me as the devil, My children – so don’t expect to be called anything less, then.”  [March 30, 2015] 

PPTL: After Jesus spoke to my wife and I at length, perhaps the most important thing, that Jesus revealed to us, is that Scott Johnson, was actually PROXYING, or ‘SPEAKING ON BEHALF’, of ALL the religious leaders out there - as he made that recording.  And so, from this moment forward - as I respond to HIS words, I will now be responding to, ALL the religious leaders out there.  [Scott Johnson, because he chose to act on behalf of the religious leaders, will be referred to as "Pharisee"]

[TEXT BOX ON SCREEN: “You received without pay, give without pay.” (Matthew 10:8)]

PPTL: Let’s begin, by looking at WHY the religious leaders, continue to do, what they do.  Everyone in ministry, and every public speaker knows, that the FIRST thing a speaker says, and the LAST thing that is said, has a great impact on the listener.  Let’s listen, to the last words, that were carefully placed, at the end of that hour and a half long recording; let’s listen, to the words that ALL the religious leaders, want their followers to remember:

Pharisee's Plea for Money through a spokesperson: “Please prayerfully help us to continue this work.  For mail correspondence or to support this ministry… on the internet a Paypal donation link can be found; a Paypal donation link can be found (etc.) ” 

PPTL: Ok, you get the idea.  NOW you know, what the religious leaders, want you to remember.  They want you to remember, to give them your MONEY!  And of course the religious leaders, have all sorts of elaborate excuses - excuses they use, to take, your money.  They, are all, WELL AWARE of what the Bible teaches, about preaching, and money.  But the religious leaders all lie to themselves, and make excuses.  Here is just a sample, of some of the excuses they make – excuses, that were so conveniently recorded, on that video, about my website.

Pharisee: “It is the norm, it is what the Bible says, we are to expect, hirelings – that have NO true love for the sheep, The True Shepherd on the other hand will lay down His Life for the sheep.  But the hirelings, have no true love for the sheep.  Well, what do you mean “hirelings?”  Well, they’re doing it for “the hire”.  The love of money is the root of all evil. They’re doing it for, as the Bible – the King James Bible says, “filthy lucre”, or mammon.  Ok.  It’s what they’re all about. “Whose God is their belly” – the Bible, refers to them, in, um, Romans.” 

PPTL: Did the preacher, mention anywhere, in his hour and a half long recording - the fact, that my website, does not provide ANY means, for people to send money?  Did the preacher mention, anywhere in his talk, that my website doesn’t even provide a phone number or an address, through which, you can send money?  No he didn’t.  The religious leaders don’t want you to know that.  The religious leaders of today, do NOT want you to know, that the Two Witnesses are NOT interested in your money.  But he is - as they ALL, are.

Now, let’s take a quick break.  As a refreshing contrast, let’s listen to what Jesus Christ the Lord is saying, to His Two Witnesses - to my wife and I, from His Throne in Heaven.  Let’s hear what He has to say - on the topic of “ministry, and money”.  Once again, I will let my wife, read it to you.

[TEXT BOX: “No one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name” (Rev 13:17)]

Jesus said: A false prophet, is one, who sells, My Word – who sells, their teachings, in order to profit, from, the destruction, of peoples’ souls.  They speak, of false hope, and of ‘peace’ – and that is, ‘false peace’.  They do not “water the lilies”; but fill their audience, with vain thoughts, and dreams.  The false prophets, do not live, in the True Holy Spirit, of the moment – because how can they, when the True Holy Spirit, has been withdrawn, from all of them except, My Two Witnesses.  And a lying spirit, has come upon, all of the others – because their “father”, is, the devil.  People, know messages, by their fruits.  All, the false prophets sell – what they have learned; and, the people buy. So, during this time, the people, received the mark, of the beast.  Because the people, are all, false prophets’; except: My Remnant – My True Followers.  How, can all the people be false prophets?  Because, they lie; and they tolerate, lies.  They tolerate, deceptions; and they tolerate evil, in their world.  So they cannot be ‘of the Truth’.  The Truth, is not in the people; because, the spirit of Truth, has been withdrawn from the world.  I alone, give Life to My Words.  I alone, speak, the words, from God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.  I am Jesus – the King.  I am, the Great Monarch.  [March 24, 2015]

PPTL: You might want to replay that message, from your Creator - that message, from your Just Judge, at some point. Because, did you notice, how Jesus revealed that the preachers – those FALSE prophets, have been selling, KNOWLEDGE, of salvation.  And the people - the people in the pews, have been BUYING, that same KNOWLEDGE.  In the churches – in the religious institutions, the people have ALL, been buying, and selling, “SELLVATION”, and as a result, they have ALL, received, the mark, of the beast.  And through the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, they have ALL, been FULLY informed, of this fact.  And they can mock, and ridicule, what their CREATOR has done, all they like:

Pharisee: “So I guess we’ve all taken the mark of the beast too, evidently, and not even known it – even though the Bible says no man will be able to buy, sell or trade without it. And it will be DURING the Tribulation.” 

PPTL: Welcome to the Tribulation, everyone!  Buying, selling, trading, MONEY! – is what the religious leaders, have been focusing on; NOT, your Salvation.  And so, when they all got caught - selling Sellvation – they all received, the mark of the beast.  It is so simple, a child could understand.  How are YOU doing?   Once again, the Jesus - who is speaking from Heaven to my wife and I, is telling us - to tell everyone on the planet - that all the people, outside the Faithful Remnant, have now received, the mark of the Beast.  Are the religious leaders telling people, that uncomfortable Truth?  No, they aren’t.  In order to keep the money coming in, the religious leaders, are ALL rejecting the Two Witnesses.

[TEXT BOX: “He has a demon, and he is mad; why listen to him?” (John 10:20)]

They are ALL using the same excuses, the Jewish leaders used, 2000 years ago, as they rejected the words of Jesus.  Here is a sample, of how they protest, when they learn the Truth that is now being Proclaimed from the Highest Heavens - as they read, the Testimony of the Two Witnesses.

Pharisee: “Now, to me, to think of the audacity, of the arrogance, of the pride, which has blinded these people obviously – to let them become so full of themselves, possessed with demons, possessed… uh… self-aggrandizement, uh, just… all I could think of - these people have to be just about half way demon-possessed – in order to come to that conclusion.  Knowing, if you look… study the word of god.  Ok.  Looking into Revelations, the Two Witnesses aren’t even HERE until, the last half of the three and a half year tribulation.  We’re not even in the 7 year tribulation yet!  We haven’t even had world war 3 come about!” 

PPTL: The religious leaders, are ALL, now living, in the time of the Great Tribulation; and they are ALL, living, in denial.  They are all holding on to their own, personal, self-serving, interpretation of the Scriptures - just as their fathers – the Jewish leaders, did in the Synagogues, 2000 years ago.  The religious leaders could not recognize “the uncomfortable Truth” back then – because they were so focused, on how Jesus was such a threat, to their income.  And now, when they see the Testimony - they learn that history is repeating itself, all over again.  When they see the Testimony, they learn that God is once again, speaking through His One True Representative on earth.  When the religious leaders realize this - it immediately clicks, that their career, is now over.  They immediately realize that their money, will stop coming in.  They realize that the one who was feeding them ‘the lies, to tell their congregation’ – the father of lies himself, is to blame.  Listen, as one of them shares out loud, a typical reaction, when they read the Testimony.

Pharisee: “Now, you know, “Thanks satan?”, I can end my ministry, as of tonight; shut it all down; delete all my PDFs and all my audios out there – just shut her all down.  Because we’ve finally, everyone, we’ve finally got the truth here.  And you can just, rest assured that you are going to get the truth here. You don’t need me anymore; you don’t need other watchmen.  Because hey, this website, this um, testimony of the two witnesses dot com – it’s got you covered!  You know, so um… I’m going to probably become a used car salesman, or, um, I don’t know; I don’t know.  I’ll do something, with my life. I mean it’s kind of - it’s all going to go downhill from here, because I really don’t have a purpose in life anymore… umm… but hey!  What are you going to do?  What are you going to do?  At least we have the Truth, finally.”

PPTL: Even though it was said mockingly, those thoughts he shared, were all a reflection, of what he realized, when he read the Testimony.  He realized, that his career, as a preacher, is now over - and he had better start thinking about finding another job.  But stubbornly, the religious leaders – KNOWING they have ALL received the mark of the beast – KNOWING that God has abandoned them – the religious leaders stubbornly continue to preach lies, to their congregations – they preach lies, they sell lies, from the pulpit, for money.  And the people in the pews, are buying it!  They are paying, to be told they are good, holy, and saved – when THEY know! - that something is terribly, wrong.  They ALL, feel, empty inside – every, single last one of them - even as they leave church; even as they leave their Bible study.  The government leaders, also know, what is really going on.  And that is because the Church, and the State, are now working together, as one - to deceive, the people in the pews.   This is no secret.  Just listen, to what slips out, of that pastor’s mouth.

Pharisee: “Deception in the church – in general, is just the norm now.  It’s absolutely 100%, the norm!  You have, the church, 99% of the so-called Christian churches in America, are 501c3 corporate institutions totally yoked up with the Government and the Internal Revenue Service – to do their essential bidding, and to also adhere to their guidelines - because they were given their right to exist FROM the Government – through this corporation and the IRS.”

PPTL: What he just revealed, is that, the church and state are now one.  They are financially chained together.  The religious leaders, are all, now, working WITH the government.  Is that what they are telling their congregations, or have they been deceiving the people?  Do you remember what their spokesman said?

Pharisee: “Deception in the church – in general, is just the norm now.” 

PPTL: The religious leaders have ALL, been lying to their congregations.  But how could this be? – you might be wondering.  One thing you may not know - is that, there are “spiritual realities” at work – dark spiritual realities, that are presently working through ALL the religious leaders.  Perhaps I will let one of THEM, explain, the magnitude, of the problem:

Pharisee: “The demons and devils that are - are equipped to do this, probably number into the millions or billions.  And they’re out there in this day and age we’re living, working through people – working through - ways in which they influence people spiritually, to try to deceive everybody so that they can get them to Hell to usher in the New World Order - to usher in the Antichrist and the False Prophet – that’s what it’s all about.”

PPTL: And so, if ‘what it’s all about”, is for the religious leaders to usher in the New World Order – to usher in the Antichrist and the False Prophet – then just how are they doing that?  For starters, do you think they are just going to tell everybody, who the Antichrist and False Prophet are?  Remember, what he said…

Pharisee: “Deception in the church – in general, is just the norm now.” 

PPTL: So how are the religious leaders, going to deceive the people - as they usher in the Antichrist?  In other words: what are the religious leaders, currently saying, about the Antichrist and the false Prophet?  Listen for yourself:

Pharisee: “The antichrist and the False Prophet have not arisen yet. None of that has happened yet.  So how can the Two Witnesses, right now, be here on Earth, walking around, doing their thing – and in this case it’s through a website?” 

PPTL: The religious leaders, are deceiving the people - telling them, that the Antichrist and the False Prophet, are not here yet.  But that’s not what is being proclaimed from the Highest Heavens.  And my wife and I, are in fact, Witnessing, and Testifying, to what Jesus is revealing from Heaven.  NOW listen, to what that same religious leader says, when God puts His Heavy Hand on that “pastor”, to FORCE him to proclaim the TRUTH, that is being revealed in the Testimony:

Pharisee: “…and, they’re saying, evidently, that right off the bat, in this Testimony of the Two Witnesses, that Francis, is this: the Great Judas of the end… ok.  Ok now I’m not doubting, Francis might be, the False Prophet – I’m not doubting that.  And then it says “for indeed Francis and Obama – pope Francis and Obama are united as one in the spirit of Antichrist, well I’m not denying that – huh, sure they are!

PPTL: And so, Before, reading the Testimony, he was proclaiming…

Pharisee: “The antichrist and the False Prophet have not arisen yet.

PPTL: And then AFTER - while reading the Testimony, he began to proclaim…

Pharisee: “for indeed Francis and Obama – pope Francis and Obama are united as one in the spirit of Antichrist, well I’m not denying that – huh, sure they are!

PPTL: Can you see the problem, with what the religious leaders - who are united with the Governments, are proclaiming?  Can you see, the contradictions? They see it.  We see it.  And when we expose it, they get VERY, upset.  How upset?  Just listen, to a typical response, from a religious leader, when the fire of Truth from the Testimony, starts turning up the heat, inside him:

Pharisee: “You’re right, Mr. Last devil pope!  I would never turn to your words or your blasphemous Testimony or any of these other FALSE things presented on this website, in order to get saved – because all it would get ME, personally, is damnation.  And you KNOW THAT you DEVIL!! – you KNOW that!  NOW, if this is really true – if all of this is really true, why – why hasn’t God struck me dead right now? – as I’m SPEAKING these words? Because I’m SPEAKING them BOLDLY and PROCLAIMING them LOUDLY!  I’m not being struck dead! – Why?  Because THEY are the LIARS! – THEY are!”   

PPTL: Interesting. [TEXT BOX: “You SHALL NOT put the Lord your GOD, to the Test.” (Deuteronomy 6:16)]  One question the Religious leaders ask, when they find the Testimony, is why would God not strike them dead?  You just heard one of them ask that question, didn’t you?  And so, my wife and I, actually asked Jesus Christ the Lord, this same question.  And Jesus replied, from His Throne in Heaven.  Jesus said, that the religious leaders, had ALREADY, been struck dead; they are ALL, dead – to Him.  The religious leaders, have ALL received the mark of the beast.  They are all empty, angry, and bitter - just like the man, who was speaking on their behalf.  But the religious leaders, aren’t the only ones who are angry – because they have many people “following” in their footsteps – their “followers”, to be exact.  The people sitting in the pews, are very angry as well.  I will let Jesus explain these things to you.  Once again, my wife, will read - the words Jesus spoke to us.

Jesus said: “The people with the mark of the beast, will cling to their false prophets, My children.  They will cling to their false prophets, until they die, or the prophet dies. But they are clinging to the wrong master.  My Spirit, has been withdrawn, from the words, that I had spoken, through, the True Visionaries, and True Prophets, of the past.  But what most of the people, do not realize, is that all of the prophets, of these times – apart from My Testimony; apart from the Two Olive Branches; apart from the Two Lampstands – they are all eating wormwood.  God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, has done it before! – in the time of Jeremiah.  And He is doing it again – out of His Justice.  For out of the mouth, of the false prophets, comes words, of: deceit, false peace, false zeal, false enthusiasm, and ultimately the false holy spirit – and that, is the spirit that tells, the people, that, they are “good, holy and saved” – as long as they stick with their traditions; as long as they read, the Holy Scriptures – especially the King James Version; as long as they do, everything – except what I ask from them – then they’ll be saved! That is a lie, from the enemy of souls – who keeps all the Protestants, and Catholics, and so-called christians, paralyzed, with false signs, and wonders – false miracles, that only puff-up, the visionary, and the prophet.  And these, visionaries, and prophets, certainly profit, from, the peoples’ willingness, to “buy their salvation”.  Only, what people will realize, when they are before My Throne – is that most uncomfortable Truth – that they are apart from Me; and that I do not know them.  Yes they did, all sorts of miracles, and performances, for the people, in My Name; and the people, listened, and were entertained. But! - they did not do, what I was asking of them – when I led them, to the Testimony, or when I spoke to them directly, in their interior lives, and they rejected, the Divine knowledge, in the moment.  The people, who come, and read, My Testimony, all, are, having, their Great Warning Experience.  Not what people, were expecting, in these End Times.  And the false prophets, continue to puff themselves, and the people up – with spiritual pride.  The antidote is, the Blessed Holy Water and Deliverance.  Because I am telling the whole world, that all of the prophets, and visionaries, have been scourged with, false visions, false dreams, false prophecies; and they are almost certainly possessed!  Not what the people want to hear; but, it is the Truth – as uncomfortable as it is, to hear… Of course, priests, ministers and rabbis are included in “the package” – it is a package deal.  The message is really to all religious leaders, prophets, visionaries, and lay people.  That should pretty much cover them all – with My Justice that is.  Understand?... Let those who would slam the door, slam the door, shut!  They will find out when they are dead, that they did not do very well: because they embraced the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah.  How? Because they tolerated it.  How else? Because they wanted, to kill Lot, and his family.  And they want to kill the both of you – even if they hate you, and are angry at you – that’s the same as murder.  You can take that! – Protestants.  And know this – all of you, you cannot hide behind, the Sacred Scriptures, nor your own interpretation, of the Bible.  You can’t hide – in your churches, in your synagogues, and in your mosques.  Because, I see you!  I see you all! - before My Throne – at, your Judgment!  And where you are going, none of those things, will exist.  There will be none! – to comfort you, or to console you. Because you all, need to be thrown, into the Sea! – unless you repent; unless you start clothing yourselves in sackcloth and in ashes, and in the Truth – then that is what you will all experience.  I said it two thousand years ago, “Repent, or Perish!”  – and I say it again, now.” [March 26, 2015]

[TEXT BOX: “Unless you REPENT, you will all… PERISH” (Luke 13:3,5)] 

PPTL: “Repent or Perish!”  Now those are words to live by!  Speaking of words to live by, here is one of my favorite Bible quotes.  [TEXT BOX “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned… For the measure you give will be the measure you get back”. (Luke 6:37-38)]  Now with those words still ringing in the air, perhaps, we could listen, to “the measure”, that ALL the religious leaders out there, are just begging God, to give them.  I know just the person, to pray, for ‘that measure of Justice!’ – I know a person who has no excuse, to claim ignorance of the scriptures, as he stands before all of Heaven, and intercedes on behalf of all the religious leaders out there.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Scott Johnson.  Go ahead, tell Jesus, what you want Him to do with people like you, Scott… we are all listening.

Pharisee: “These sites – like this Testimony of the Witnesses – of the Two Witnesses dot com, I pray God that you Reign down your Fury on these types of websites - on these types of cults.  I pray, that these ministries, themselves, would be destroyed! -  that they could not deceive other people Lord and take them to Hell – with their heretical doctrine.  I pray that they be exposed, and that, I just, I just pray God that you would dispatch Angels regarding this Lord.  And we ask all of these things in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ - we pray.  Amen.”

PPTL: Thanks Scott, [TEXT BOX: “For the measure you give will be the measure you get back”. (Luke 6:37-38)]  ...for lifting up that prayer, for indeed, that is ‘the measure’, that ALL the religious leaders, and ALL the people who agree with the curse you have spoken, shall receive - if they do not repent.  The people thought that their religious institution… - and they thought that “the Bible”, would save them.  They were all, wrong, and here’s why.

Jesus said: The Bible, is written, in spiritual language.  Everyone, takes the verses out of context – to mean, what THEY want it to mean, apart from the Truth.  I want to show people, the True meaning of the Scriptures – and the Real Meaning, of True Prophecy.  But they flock – to hear the false ones fill them, with flattery. [TEXT BOX: The 3 Foul spirits like frogs: Being Flattered, Being Affirmed, Being Tolerant.]  Being flattered, being affirmed, and being tolerant – has never gotten ANYONE into the Kingdom of Heaven.  And those are the three things – they are the three foul spirits, like frogs. Why like frogs?  Because they are a Plague – and pour forth, from the mouths, of the false prophets.  And people still refuse to learn.  That’s in Revelations – in “the Book of Revelations”  [Rev 16:13]  – because there are MANY Revelations revealed!  You protestants! – will strain a gnat, in order to swallow a camel!  You are just like your brothers – the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Jewish elders – you are all alike!  When I see you, I am, disgusted, with ‘what you have become’: filthy rich, in your homes, and palaces – while the people, are ‘filled to the brim’! – with iniquity.  And you do not offer them, a solution.  But you protestants! – only seek to compound, their problems.  You false teachers, and false guides! – are “a brood of vipers” – seeking, to dig your fangs, into, your listeners – in order to paralyze them.  Oh the day is coming, when you will wish you had never been born!  You all need to be thrown into the sea. Only, if you repent, and turn back to Me, will I forgive you.  Only if you listen to My Words – you blind guides; because, I curse your ministries – all of them!   Your foul and festering, sermons.  And your blasphemous, talks – and that is calling good “evil”, and evil “good” [March 24, 2015]

PPTL: Oh and one last thing.  Moses and Elijah DID come down from Heaven - to speak to My Wife and I.  And I wrote down EVERY SINGLE WORD they said.  After all – isn’t that what YOU would have done, if they had made that historic to visit YOU, instead? [Text: See the description box for links to the Messages from Moses and Elijah] Perhaps, you might want to take a look, at exactly, what they said.  A transcript of their visit, IS posted on my website.

Pharisee: [laughing] “It says, My Two Witnesses are Here, and they are My Beacons of Light, during this coming Carnage.  They will help you endure through THEIR prayers.  You see, we’ve got to look to these Two Witnesses, because we’re really – you know, we’re just inadequate for anything as “christians”.  So we’ve got to endure through THEIR prayers and through MY Website! – for a time. They’re going to help; we’re going to endure through their prayers and, and, MY Website! – Jesus’ Website [laughing]… that’s what it says [laughing so hard he can’t speak]… oh man this is unbelievable… umm…”

Jesus said: How can you be right, and the majority of everyone else, be wrong?  That’s one of the biggest excuses, that people give Me – that I hear continually, for rejecting the Testimony.  But if they really knew Me, then they would know, that that is how I operate, with ‘the minority’.  That is how one Era closes, and another begins.  Those so-called “theologians”, who study eschatology, My children, don’t know very much about the End Times – if they cannot even recognize when My Two Witnesses have arrived!  That’s very sad.  But they are blind.  And you know what, they are blinded by the knowledge, they already have.  The theologians, are blinded by their own intellect.  Because they cannot see what is in front of them. Knowing Me, is what will help people, get through these difficult times.  Knowing the exact timeline for everything, will not.  And the Truth is My children, they have no right to know.  They are called, to be as little children.  The theologians – the greatest so-called minds out there, have forgotten what it means, to be a little child. They’ve forgotten My Beatitudes – My Sermon, on the Mount. And because they cling, to their very own private interpretation, of the Scriptures; because they refuse, to be ‘as little children’, they cannot, and they will not, accept My Testimony.  Understand?” [April 5, 2015]


“Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, wrapped in a cloud, with a rainbow over his head, and his face was like the sun, and his legs like pillars of fire.  He had a little scroll open in his hand. And he set his right foot on the sea, and his left foot on the land, and called out with a loud voice, like a lion roaring; when he called out, the seven thunders sounded. And when the seven thunders had sounded, I was about to write, but I heard a voice from heaven saying...” 

On November 14, 2012, Jesus Christ the Lord spoke to His Two Witnesses, and this is what He said.  

“The Seven Thunders”, represent My Justice going forth… to seven Continents

Jesus said: “Seal up, what the Seven Thunders, have to say.”  This, was My commissioning – to Saint John, that, what he had heard, should not be spoken, until the Time of the End.  We are in that time now.  “The Seven Thunders”, represent My Justice going forth – to the Whole World – to seven Continents.  And what is revealed - about My Justice, is made known: through My Testimony

‘Seven Torches’… are the Gifts, of the True Holy Spirit

Also, there are ‘Seven Torches’, that burn, before My Throne - and those, are the Gifts, of the True Holy Spirit.  They are also called My Seven ‘Spirits’.

‘Seven Angels’… represent My word, going out to ‘all the churches’

Now in the beginning of Revelations, it is revealed, that there are ‘Seven Angels’ – with ‘Seven Messages’ – for the churches; and also there are ‘Seven Trumpets’.  These ‘Angels’, represent My word, going out to ‘all the churches’, and all religions, and all of the peoples’ hearts on the Face of the Earth – whether it be through My Testimony, or through their hearts convicted – in their own conscience; for My word is ‘very near’
The Warning: …if churches, refused to repent… I would come, and remove ‘the lampstand’
“But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first. Remember then from what you have fallen, repent and do the works you did at first.  If not, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent.”
Also I gave a Warning – it is hidden!  And you must have ‘the gift of Wisdom’, to understandthe secret message; and I counsel you both, with ‘wisdom from on High’.  The Warning: was that if churches, refused to repent, and ‘turn back’, to ‘the first love’, in the beginning (-when I founded My Institution) - that I would come, and remove ‘the lampstand’. 
Special Note: To findthe complete secret message, read the words in BOLD font above the video on this page on our website

‘The lampstand’, is symbolic, for ‘My Anointed One’

Now ‘the lampstand’, is symbolic, for ‘My Anointed One’, and ‘My Counsel moving through My Anointed One’.  ‘The Light’ given off by ‘the Lampstand’ – the Flame: is the True Holy Spirit moving through My Word being spoken. 

Now… there are only Two ‘Lampstands’ on the Face of the Earth

Now I have removed ‘My Lampstand’ from all the churches; and there are only Two ‘Lampstands’ on the Face of the Earth – where My word is being spoken; where the brilliance of the True Holy Spirit, is ‘blazing like a Fire’; where ‘My Anointed Ones’ are – My Two Witnesses are , these ‘Lampstands’.  They are also, My Olive Trees; and they stand before Me: burning, with the Fire, of True Love, in the True Holy Spirit.  And My word is being exalted through them – through: My Testimony – to be, ‘a Light, to all, of the Nations – round about.  

You are ‘desolate’ nowuntil you receive: The New Pentecost

I am going to ‘include’, in this message, a list, of the Countries, that have seen My Testimony.  For truly it is going forth.  For it is My word. I desire, that people, from All the Nations round about, would partake, of ‘the Olive Branches’ extendedthrough My Two Witnesses; through My online Testimony.  For it is ‘a very bad idea’, to hate them; and in doing so hate MeBetter, to repent, and be filled with the True Holy Spirit; than reject these words, and be ‘desolate’!  Because, you are ‘desolate’ nowuntil you receive: The New Pentecost in your hearts. 
The most current and updated List of Countries that have seen The Testimony, can be found at the bottom of the page entitled, The End 

I promised… My True Disciples… I would not leave them ‘desolate’

Ask me for the grace, to receive the True Holy Spirit; but first repent of your sinful ways; and then: He, and I, and My Father in Heaven will come to you – as I promised to come, to My True Disciples; and I promised them I would not leave them ‘desolate’. 


And so, once AGAIN - WHO are the false prophets?...

"..the people, are all, false prophets’; except: My Remnant – My True Followers."

In other words, it really doesn't matter what claims the people outside the Faithful Remnant make; because in the Eyes of their Creator, they are ALL FALSE PROPHETS - even when they are silent!  EVERYONE is a false prophet - who is OUTSIDE, the Faithful Remnant Church.  For ONLY the LORD Jesus Christ, MOVING through His TESTIMONY - and through 'the GIFT of the Blessed HOLY Water' - can 'ANOINT people IN the Truth'.  Everyone ELSE, is LIVING in "a false REALITY".  The only, "TRUE, Reality" - the only "TRUTH", YOU will find IN these Times - is IN, "THE TESTIMONY, of Jesus Christ the Lord".  
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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