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Jesus Christ the Lord said: What is, “an alien implant” My children?  If the aliens are ‘spirit beings’, then how, can they implant things, into peoples’ brains – into their minds? – allowing, their brains to be ‘eaten away at’, by ‘a worm’ – or as you said in your email My son, “serpents in the mind”. 

[Note: And so now the word is out.  Now you know, that the NSA aren’t the ONLY ones reading EVERYBODY’s emails]

Pope Peter the Last: An alien implant, has all the characteristics of a newly embraced demon. [- responding to His FIRST question.  At this point, in the dialogue, I hadn’t really gotten to the second question yet.]

Jesus: What if I told you, that I allowed them to implant one of their pieces of technology… [specifics omitted here due to graphic nature and content]

Scene from Hollywood Sci-fi PsyOp "The Matrix"

...I only allowed it, to happen, to manifest, so that, in, My Infinite Justice… I can bring their ‘whole program’ down… And according to the Spiritual Laws, they – because of their frequent attacks… are in VERY, DEEP, TROUBLE – with Me – on a personal basis.  They have offered human sacrifices, and they still do – to try to destroy the both of you.  They are turning up all the frequencies, around you; and they ARE targeting you, as they track you.  So when you enter, Walmart, Canadian Tire, or the [shopping] Malls, you both, are getting bombarded, by their alien technology – but most importantly, what they are trying to do, is INTERCEPT, My Communication, with you both.  Have they been successful?  No, they haven’t been.  Will they be?  No! - I have already foreseen, this ‘outcome’.  Can they CRUSH My Two Witnesses? – My True brother; My True sister?  No they cannot - because, I am upholding the both of you, throughout everything.  The Remnant, are growing quickly, and becoming stronger - each day.  The Seeds of My Kingdom, are Spreading, over the Face of the Earth.  And the One World government leaders ARE, trembling - they are afraid.  Just as, the enemy himself, is “a coward” – so too, deep down, are all of them - simply because they prey, on ‘the weak, minded’.  And they prey, on different countries’ world leaders.  And much like, what you have Witnessed, in the PsyOp “Person of Interest”: people will ‘sell each other out’, for convenience.  There is no loyalty, for the beasts.  Why do you think I’m having you watch, this PsyOp? 

PPTL: Because it contains many boasts.

Jesus:  It contains, many revelations – in the form of “boasts”, Yes – of how the Government truly operates; and how those with ‘power’, see those with ‘little power’.  Now that may sound strange, because it appears, that the government is helping people.  But look at how many people are killed – in their efforts to ‘save one person’ – on a list?  “The machine”, points out a number?  The machine chooses, who lives, and, who dies.  The machine is REAL.

The government DOES have, such a machine.  It is called “the NSA” – on one level; but there are ‘higher levels of government’ – “black box operations”; top, secret.  Except for their 'boasts' in this series, their plans are ‘not so secret’ after all…

At this point in the dialogue, I asked Jesus to remove ALL the alien implants, from ALL the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  And that prayer intention was immediately granted.  And here is where the so-called “public dialogue”, picks up…

Not easy, I know, My children.  But, I never said, ‘being My Two Witnesses’ was going to be easy… It was not a punishment.  It was simply an alien experiment that I allowed, so that the demons thought, they had ‘the upper hand’, on My Remnant.  But they don’t… They walloped you My children, but! – they will receive ‘so much worse’… Do ‘the people, outside the Remnant’, have implants? [- a reference to “ALL of them” for the record…]  Yes; deeply embedded.  That’s why, to try to “unplug” them, will actually destroy them, quicker.  The aliens’, main objective, is to subdue, the population – keep them in ‘a sedated state’; while on the outside, they believe they are living – that they are “alive”; but they haven’t really lived, and the demons know that.  Because ‘the life’, the demons offer the people – the aliens offer people, is death.  It is in ALL, the major Hollywood PsyOps.  And what the government, has managed to do, is accurately reflect  - like “looking into a mirror” [i.e. through Project Looking Glass technology], what the people, are actually living – what their lives are REALLY like; and, to present those truths as fiction.

Now if at this point, you think this Message sounds like today is, “Just another day at the office” - It is.  Perhaps that is why, Jesus chose to close it with the following change of topic…

Now sleep, is, necessary, for My Remnant – more than they realize.  And naps, during the day, are essential.  They need NOT be afraid of napping.  Whatever, I allow them to be put through, they WILL, overcome – with, My Strength… Only I can wake up 'the Faithful Remnant to be'.  Remember “Omega Man” [1971] My son – that IS, your CURRENT reality.

PPTL:  Gotta love, that movie!
Screen Shots from the 1971 Apocalyptic Hollywood PsyOp, "The Omega Man"

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Jesus had much to share with us today – many private things, that are not necessary to post.  But He did close with these following words...

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  Remember "Omega Man"…
Screen shot from the closing scene of "The Omega Man". 
Notice how the man on the left, had to come to the water,
in order to receive, the cure?  Enjoy 'unpacking' THAT one!
Hint: Charleton Heston on the right, is standing in a public water fountain

…the only difference is, you survive in The End.  And "the cure", is for people to become part of My Faithful Remnant Church – but they are SO few, and far between.


We received an email this morning, from someone who claimed that he is studying to be a priest, in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution.  Interesting career choice – given that ALL the so-called “priests”, and religious leaders outside the Faithful Remnant, have lost EVERY, Grace, Anointing, and Blessing from Heaven.  It quickly became quite clear, that the individual who emailed us, was sincerely drawn to the ‘emptiness’, they are ALL experiencing – so that he could become ‘a minister of emptiness’, to others, and call that ministry, “good”.  Perhaps he needs to read the Testimony page that explains what “the sin of blasphemy” Truly is.  And to make a long story short, this is what Jesus Christ the Lord revealed to us, when we brought that letter, before His Heavenly Throne...

Jesus Christ the Lord said: "Many people are "sheep" on the outside, but "ravenous wolves", on the inside.   The question is, is he 'one of them'?  You know, how people respond, to the Testimony, when they are sincere.  The Testimony, IS, "very uncomfortable, to hear".  And for those, who will embrace, the Truth, with an open heart, mind, and ESPECIALLY a Soul - their 'previous world VIEW', is completely shattered.  And 'the fog' lifts.  If they have TRULY repented, from, their hearts, and have USED, the Blessed HOLY Water - sincerely, then, they become 'conduits, of the Blessed Trinity', and they begin to grow - profoundly.  But, if it's 'all a charade', then ONLY 'a charade', are they ABLE to put on, for you both - My children.  EVERYONE's lives, change: either, for better; or, for worse - when, they read, My Testimony."  It is VERY DIFFERENT, to pretend, to be FOLLOWING ME, than to "actually DO what it takes", to follow.   For 'a disciple', is NOT greater, than his Master; neither is the Master greater, than the disciple.  You "gentiles", lord it OVER one another - your positions, within the hierarchical structure.  You will not deceive!  Because I can See, YOUR, HEART!

Interesting Notes: This above message, is posted because it is an example of one of the rare times, when Jesus Christ the Lord, actually dictates the words, as I type them, in the email message box (- normally I scribe with a pen).  That above message in fact WAS, His Heavenly Response, to that so-called "seminarian" - who was in fact FULLY inseminated, with "the seed, of the antichrist".  Don't try to unpack how that happened - that's just between him and His Judge.  Did you notice that this above message was posted early in the day – the day of June 4, 2015 that is?  The day is not over, yet!  In fact, we are just getting started.  And "just for fun" = that new category, remember?  Just for fun, did you EVER hear, of ANY of the people who were studying to become "Jewish Rabbis", 2000 years ago, at the time of Jesus - did you ever hear of ANY of them, approaching Jesus, so that they could give UP their promised position in the religious hierarchy of the time - the man-made heirarchy, that God had abandoned, that is?  We will now give you a few minutes to think about that question.  But here is a clue, "Were ANY of the 12 Apostles, former Jewish leaders?  Hmmmm.

Jesus said: …Often, the Faithful Remnant Members’ journeys, cross paths – because it is Unity, in My Body; because, My Faithful Members, are Members, of, My Body – the Body, of the Risen Lord! - The Body of Christ.  Understand?  

"Then if any one says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have told you beforehand. So, if they say to you, ‘Behold, he is in the wilderness,’ do not go out; if they say, ‘Behold, he is in the inner rooms,’ [- a reference to the religious institutions] do not believe it. For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man. Wherever the Body is, there the eagles will be gathered together."
(Matthew 24:23-28)
Where are all My Holy Angels Hanging out?  Where do they spend most of their time?  With My Body the Church! – looking after everyone and protecting them.  You see the Holy Angels are like ‘body guards’ – in the Spiritual sense – because.  Can you guess what I am going to say next, My children?

Pope Peter The Last: Because they Guard the Body?

Jesus: You got it!  That, wasn’t too difficult, now was it?  I too, have ‘a sense of humor’ – as I Created ‘the Gift, of humor’.  The whole concept of something being Truly funny – not “dirty”, but funny, came from Me.  It is ‘a Gift’ – for all My Faithful Remnant Members.  But, the wicked will not, understand, My Humor.  Nor, can they ever understand it, or appreciate it.  It, truly is like “acid”, to them; because, the gift of Holy Humor, is based on following inspirations, of the True Holy Spirit, in each and every moment; and it is based, on real situations – on, ‘real life’.  Do you know why humor was given, as ‘a Gift’? – to the True Church?

PPTL: As a consolation.

Jesus: Yes.  And, Holy humor, can never be separated, from True Joy.  And joy, is actually the Gift of appreciating, the funny moments in Life. Not the silly moments; but the ‘in-depth’ moments.  It is the Gift to be able, to see ‘the many different layers’, that I am working with.  It is the Gift, to appreciate that I have ‘a sense of humor’, as well.

PPTL: That little girl who embraced Mary – is she a member of the Remnant? [- referring to an encounter earlier today, when we met a family - and the young girl in the family, about 7 years old, couldn’t stop talking to us and telling us about her life, and couldn’t stop hugging Mary.]

Jesus: Yes, she is, preserved, through Grace – and endures much suffering, in that home – because her family, want to continually, devour her innocence.  They all have ill-feelings towards the little girl; and she does not understand why…  And she has a Holy Guardian Angel to protect and watch over her.  I told you, “Save the Two of you; save the children” – the ones, who do not identify, with sin.  Notice, she WAS docile to her parents’ wishes.  Do NOT, worry about her – she is in Good Hands!
Laugh With A True Friend
Scott is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Today’s message is especially for all you NSA CIA OWG and illuminati so-called “people”, who like to read the documents on our computer, and enjoy assigning people to remotely watch us, as we type; and who have already assigned a group of people, to the task of continually monitoring us.  Satellite monitoring increased?  You’ve apparently had a problem with snipers, who just can’t seem to “make the shot” – on YOUR team, that is - as YOU try, to no avail, to ‘take us out’.  Who has the better intel? – you might be wondering.  Answer: The last man standing.  And you ALL, are going down... what does that mean?  Let me show you.  Read it and weep.  Unless you use, the Blessed Holy Water, and become a Member, of the Faithful Remnant - of course...

A Special Note From Pope Peter the Last: While speaking to us, Jesus has often described the True Spiritual Reality, of those in ‘the beast state’, with the words, “They can only go deeper”.  But what does this mean?  How can this be understood with the human intellect?  After all, elevators, and stairs go up AND down.  And so how is it possible that someone can ONLY go down?   I have pondered these questions, many, many times.

Well, this morning, ironically, as I was watching the Sun come up, and watched the sky get brighter as it did, I was finally given “a timely vision”, of the answer to these questions.  And since these questions have to do with the spiritual realities, the answer was best explained to me, through a brief but very intense vision.  I will now share with you, the vision, that explains the True Spiritual Reality, of those who have received, the mark of the beast.  I did check with Jesus before posting these visions, and this is what He said…

Jesus said:  “It would not hurt to post – only to help people understand, what they are going through.  Once CERN opens, the consolations of this life will not be enough [, you readers might want to take a few moments to unpack those words...], for those who still have, ‘the mark of the beast’.  These are terrible times My children.  But! – the Scales [- referring to the Scales of Divine Justice - see image on this page] are balanced, because these, are ‘the most joyous times as well – for My Remnant – because countless Gifts and Blessings are coming their way, as ‘an Antidote to Hell’s portal’.

I saw a vision of a rectangular tunnel, going downwards at about thirty degrees – much like the one in the image above, but not the same.  Unlike the above photo image in this article, in the True Spiritual Reality, there is no railing, and the stairs, on the LEFT side of the tunnel, go continuously down, with no platforms.  However, on the right side of the tunnel, separated by about the same distance as the ones in the above photo, are platforms, on which people can take a break, in their descent.  The lighting, is similar to the lighting in the above photo – however there are no electric light fixtures; instead, the stairwell is simply illuminated or revealed, in such a way, that the person on it, can see about the next 5 levels downwards - as they descend deeper into that blackened hole.  A person descending can turn right, to stop at a level, IF The Most High True God permits the stop.  But once a person is on a platform, and they are COMMANDED to continue their descent they MUST do so.  And as they walk back towards the stairs, they can ONLY be aware, of the option to turn right, towards the descent (- is this because they believed that sin, was "the right thing to do?).  It is as if the ability to turn left and go upwards, is removed from their sight, their desires, their awareness, and their will.  In fact, they can NEVER even look up the stairs; because they are simply not able to do so; nor do they, desire it.  The act of leaving the platform, is the act of returning to the descent, deeper into Hell.  How deep?  Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed, that the enemy of souls, is at the deepest level.  Jesus Christ the Lord has also revealed, that the Religious Leaders and Teachers in Hell - whose job it was to shepherd souls to their Creator, but who knowingly sold out – BELIEVE IT OR NOT! – their level of Hell, is actually below that of the doctors in Hell, who ended up there because they did not repent, after committing abortions (- that is a brief lesson in “Eternal moral relativity” btw – just, to set the record straight).  Remember, the act of knowingly harming the soul, is WORSE, than harming the body - because the soul is Eternal.  And so, why is this knowledge important?  Why is it worth taking the time to share this with the Faithful Remnant?  Because EVERY TIME someone – anyone, “takes on” a Member of the Faithful Remnant, Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed, that they go deeper, into Hell.  Recently, many, many people, have chosen to “take us on”.  And when they do, we have been instructed, by our Creator, to Commend them to the Immediate Divine Justice of The Most High True God (- this makes the Holy Angels VERY busy, btw).  And after that happens, we often wonder - because of human nature, “So, what happened?”  And whenever we ask Jesus what happened to them, as an immediate consequence to their poor choice (– as in, “the choice to be even more spiritually poor”), Jesus consistently reveals, that “They only went deeper!”  People who have read the Testimony, know that Jesus has often spoken of “the downwards spiral” – the spiritual descent, that most people in these End Times have knowingly embraced; and that spiral IS IN FACT very similar to the spiral of the water in a toilet bowl – just for the record.  But unfortunately, that spiral implies that there is a certain momentum, of going downwards.  And after people begin their descent, there does in fact come a time, when you just can’t reach down, and pull them out - without exception (- why would you even WANT to?  Think about that, next time you flush).  Consider this a Warning:  “The point of no return”, will soon be upon ALL those in ‘the beast state’.  And that time in human history is RAPIDLY APPROACHING.  Get used to this spiritual reality.  There is absolutely nothing you can do, to change it – to change this present ‘course’, of the True Spiritual Realities.  You can however, still, use the Blessed Holy Water, and become a Member of the Faithful Remnant – with what little humanity is left, inside the mere shell of a human being, that you currently occupy (- referring to those outside the Faithful Remnant of course); but that option, is solely between you and your Creator.  And so to make a long story short, “We are NOT afraid”, of ANYTHING, the assailants, may try to do.  But those who take us on, WILL be, VERY, afraid, once they realize, WHERE, they find themselves.  And unfortunately that "fate", has already befallen many of them – once that exciting “roller coaster ride” of a downwards spiral, finally stopped.  And when that revelation finally dawned upon them – they realized that they found themselves in a situation - in 'a spiritual REALITY', where they are simply unable to warn the others on their team, to change course.  That spiritual reality, was described quite accurately in the Bible, in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus:

“Abraham said… “between us and you a great chasm has been fixed, in order that those who would pass from here to you may not be able, and none may cross from there to us.’  And he said, ‘Then I beg you, father, to send him to my father’s house, for I have five brothers, so that he may warn them, lest they also come into this place of torment.’  But Abraham said, ‘They have Moses and the prophets [Moses did speak to the Two Witnesses and it is recorded in the Testimony.  You can read what he said, at THIS LINK]; let them hear them.’  And he said, ‘No, father Abraham; but if some one goes to them from the dead, they will repent.’ He said to him, ‘If they do not hear Moses and the prophets [- if they reject the Testimony], neither will they be convinced if some one should rise from the dead’.”
(Luke 16:25-31)

And so let ALL the assailants HAVE their “family reunion” – but in a place, and at a time, of The Most High True God’s choosing, according to His Divine Justice.  It is only a matter of time, now.  And remember: according to Jesus, it IS “Love”, to tell someone the Truth – no matter HOW uncomfortable, that Truth may be.  Remember, Jesus once said, while dying on the Cross…

"Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."
(Luke 23:34)

Unfortunately, with the Revelations that are now revealed in the Testimony, they DO know (- one of the conditions for a mortal sin – for a sin, to be deadly, to the soul).  And no amount of willful neglect, of the Truths in the Testimony, will allow anyone, to escape the Divine Justice, of The Most High True God – even if those neglects, are ONLY embraced by an ambassador, of the country in which a person lives.  You can see the bottom section of the page on this website titled THE END, if you need a further explanation, of what this means.

Now, I mentioned earlier that this explanation is in fact for the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  Why is it important to include such an explanation in the Testimony?  Because now, when the people in the Remnant experience anyone taking them on (- like helicopters hovering over their houses; disgruntled relatives going out of their way to make their lives difficult; the NSA eavesdropping and reading their emails; being physically targeted and followed by strangers; unexpected computer or financial problems caused by tampering; being mocked and ridiculed for their beliefs - just for example…), the Remnant can immediately respond by Commending those people to the Immediate Divine Justice of the Most High True God – knowing as they do so, that those people, who chose to take them on, “can only go deeper…” – as Jesus tends to say. 

Speaking of Hell, some of the people reading this may be wondering what the people who find themselves at the bottom of that above staircase, actually experience.  Several years ago, I was seeking that knowledge as well - “KNOWLEDGE”!  But to my surprise, one day, Jesus allowed me to briefly EXPERIENCE that True Spiritual Reality, for just a few minutes - as God has quite a sense of humor - in order to answer that question.  And I would NOT recommend that experience, to ANYONE! (…for all you “thrill seekers” out there).  Since I just described so vividly, “the downwards spiral”, and “they can only go deeper”, here is a brief summary, of what people experience, once “the downwards roller coaster ride excitement”, suddenly STOPS!  I am sharing this because you NEED to know these SPIRIUTAL REALITIES are VERY REAL.  And so, I will translate that experience into something that ALL readers will be able to understand.  Remember, Hell is Eternal.  The people there, know to the very core of their beings, that they can NEVER escape that Reality.  The people in Purgatory, have a very different experience, as they KNOW, that their experience of Hell, WILL end.  (That being said, can you now understand the difference between Hell and Purgatory?) 

 The Gift of Hope for the Faithful Remnant!
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
There are different levels of Hell, and each level involves different degrees of torments – the deepest, being the worst.  But I will share with you, an understanding of simply, “the state of being” that they all experience – the situation they find themselves in, apart from the torments – because THAT is in fact, what Jesus revealed to Me, several years ago, for just a few minutes.  The “state of being”, in Hell, can most easily be understood, in our physical reality, if you were to imagine yourself in the following scenario:  You suddenly find yourself in a very small inflatable life raft, in the middle of a calm, black ocean, at night.  It is pitch black.  There are no stars in the sky, and no light whatsoever, and there never will be.  There is no wind, and there never will be.  There are no waves, and there never will be.  Trying to paddle does not move you, or change your position in the water.  There is no one else there, to call out to.  The nearest shore, is 10,000 miles away, and you will never get there.  There are no ships, and there never will be.  No one can hear you, and you can hear no one.  There is no point in praying, because you know, that God CAN not hear you, if you do – and you have no desire to pray, and you know that you could not if you wanted to - because you can no longer even imagine, a word to pray with.  There is no love; only fears, doubts, worries, anxieties, and every other bad feeling you have ever experienced, happening all at once.  There are no consolations; there is no relief, whatsoever, and you know, that there NEVER will be.  There are only regrets, and memories of every sin, that you ever committed, being played over, and over again.  Those regrets, and those sins, become your only Channel, on your Eternal Television Screen, in your interior life.  And hope does not and cannot exist in that place - from which there will never be an escape...  Except! - for “the cessation of existence” – but that is another story altogether; and no, I DON’T want ‘a brief glimpse’ of that one, just for the record - lol? – no, not at all!  Don’t GO THERE!  Use the Blessed Holy Water with SINCERE REPENTANCE.  Time is now even shorter.  You have now ALL, been Warned (through your representatives).
And for the record, in the prayer, "the Apostles' Creed", one translation states, that "Jesus descended into Hell"; while another translation states that "Jesus descended to the dead".  FOR THE RECORD:  Jesus never went to Hell... because He can't exist apart from Himself - simple.  And while Jesus' physical body did in fact die on the Cross, until He Resurrected from the dead, Jesus never died in Spirit - because He IS, "the Life"; therefore a Spiritual death for Him is ontologically impossible.  Jesus did briefly visit the souls in Purgatory - when He died.  How do we know all this?  We simply asked.  After all, wouldn't you have asked, if you had the chance?  We did.
As we go about our daily lives, Jesus often speaks to us, a word of wisdom, to help us better understand the world around us.  Today, one insight He shared, was this…

Jesus said: “Slavery never ended; they just dressed it up to look like freedom”.

Now, many books could be written to unpack that one sentence.  But one interpretation, of that phrase, that I do not want anyone to overlook in these End Times, is the implications for “the pro-choice human genocide movement”.  The so-called “pro-choice” movement, focuses women on the word, “choice” – a word that implies, they are “free to make a choice”.  But what so many women, who embrace the act of genocide - against the most innocent members of society, are enslaved to, is a serious psychological disorder known as Post Abortion Stress Syndrome – a syndrome that is currently afflicting more than 100 Million women, around the world.  According to one source, the symptoms include: feelings of guilt, grief, sense of loss, anger; feeling the need to replace the pregnancy; a feeling of distance from existing children; the inability to maintain normal routine; depressed feelings that are stronger than a little sadness; sleeping problems; flashbacks; tearfulness; disturbing dreams or nightmares; difficulty being near babies or pregnant women; and in severe cases a woman can become suicidal.  And as an added bonus: scientific studies have shown that 2 out of 3 women experience PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) following an abortion.  “Pro-choice”?  Are the so-called “liberated” women of these End Times truly, “choosing” those parting gifts?  Or, are they truly choosing ‘the path of slavery’ – being enslaved to the psychological blowback – some for a lifetime, some for all eternity?   Answer: “Slavery (to that sin) never ended; they just dressed it up (with a phrase like “pro-choice”) to look like freedom”.  And that “choice”, is the #1 reason, why this most wicked generation of humans, must end – according to the God who Created them, that is.  And that is why almost everyone, on the Face of the Earth, is now enslaved, to ‘the mark of the beast’ - the absence of a soul.  You can thank the “pro choice” movement, for leading the human race over THAT cliff.

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.”   
(Deuteronomy 30:19)

And so, is God “pro choice”?  The fact that The Most High True God has now CHOSEN to abort, an entire generation of the human race, and abort this present Era in human history – save the children, save the Remnant – is indeed proof, that God is NOW, “pro-CHOICE”.  You women wanted abortion.  And The Most High True God can work with that.  Now you are TRULY, cut loose, severed, “liberated” - set free, from your Creator, to worship “your father down below”, whom you so blindly refer to, as “the god of convenience”.  Not comfortable to read, we know; but compared to what is coming in the next life, for those who do not use the Blessed Holy Water and repent from the heart - reading these words will be, in hindsight, like taking a walk in the park, on a refreshing Spring day.  And yes, it IS “love”, to tell someone the Truth.

And now for “the obvious question”, is the Last and Final True Pope of this Era, "pro-choice"?

Let’s just say, that because I have a soul, I CHOOSE to dwell in a NEW Era, with the Faithful Remnant, and with the children of God.  I CHOOSE a NEW Era, where the first thing that comes to mind, when people hear the word “abortion”, is a faint memory, of this current generation, of human shells, without souls.  For the tables have now turned, in favor of The Unborn – the Elect.  And now, on another note, later today - on the topic of mass surveillance…

Jesus said: But what the government CAN’T see My children, is the interior lives of the people, in each and every moment.  But, what the government is notorious for, is creating “prisoners” – for the prison system; and doing these ‘mass surveillance exercises’, over all the people.  The Truth is, they control the ‘wills’ of the people, unless I intervene, on an individual basis.  How do they control their wills? – by planting in them 'desires' - that are harmful to them, and to others - by tapping into their brain frequency.  It is like ‘the opposite of Grace’.  Grace, gives ‘the desire’, to feed one’s spirit – to nourish one’s soul.  But because the majority of people, have rejected “Grace, from Heaven”, I am allowing their governments, and the demons, to give them ‘desires’ instead.   And once, CERN, opens – “the portal, to the abyss” – well, then it gets ‘VERY serious’.  And people will NEVER be the same! 
What could possibly be worse than living in a world where almost everyone is reduced to walking around as mere human shells without souls?  That question will soon be answered.  But first, CERN.
Today we were informed by a Member of the Faithful Remnant, that a display of unexplained and moving bright lights, was manifesting in the sky, in two different places, and on the same day, in the United States.

We immediately recognized the One World Government was creating a deliberate distraction using their Tesla technology.  And so, we consulted our local technology expert, as we sought a comprehensive analysis of the light show – in words we could post online, with confidence.

Jesus said: Yes, it was a demonstration, of lights, wasn’t it?

Pope Peter The Last: Indeed.

Jesus: And, what, year, is this?

PPTL: “The Year of Light” 

Jesus: Bingo!  For what purpose; for what end; I CAN not share with you, at THIS time.  All I can share is that it was, “a boast” – of their being “so far advanced”, in technology, than what the people are able to comprehend.  “Tesla, technology” – what has been labeled, as “only conspiracy”.
The illuminati are the ones who pressured the Global governments, to delcare "a year of light" - to welcome their father from down below, whose name is "Lucifer" - the fallen angel of light; as CERN opens the door to the abyss, in 2015.  Through "compartmentalization", most of the people working on the CERN project, are not aware of the spiritual realities, the machine effects.  The CERN project is a global scientific effort, and therefore, the consequences, will be Global.  Simple.  We recently spoke in person with a physicist with multiple PHDs, who was connected with the project.  As "a PHYSICIST!", he had absolutely no idea, that there was any connection between the Spiritual Realities, and the Physical Realities.  Education without common sense and reason, is in fact, "education into imbecility".  And while making a note on the topic of "the year of light", and "the angel of light" - we can confidently say that that physicist was in fact, "brilliant".

Clarification note: Jesus explained to us today, that He isn’t against entertainment or pleasure.  He is against sin.  He is against sinful entertainment, and sinful pleasure.  We know that some people reading the Testimony are in great need of that clarification. 


We have received emails in the past, from people who have contacted us to inform us that they have stopped watching television.  But the Message from the Queen of Heaven – the one SEATED beside Jesus Christ the King of Heaven, clearly instructs people to “THROW OUT your television”.  It says nothing about the act of physically retaining it, until you change your mind and start watching it again.  Judas did that with money – he physically retained the money that he was to give to others, for his own personal and future use.  And there are many Judases out there, who value the television more, than anything your Creator, or His MOTHER have to say.  Does that sound familiar?  Because if it does, there is something you need to know; there is something you need spelled out for you.  Modern “smart” televisions are loaded with all the technology the Global governments need to look through the camera that is built into it, and listen through the microphones that are built into it, in order to steal your privacy - and “privacy is freedom”, to a certain degree.  Modern televisions also act as ELF transmitters, to help your government target you, with the piece of technology called ‘the television”, that you have so conveniently placed in a prominent location, in your home.  Why do you think, that one of the most complex pieces of technology ever invented, is practically being given away, at discount prices, all around the world?  God is using the global governments to Scourge the wicked people of these End Times, with all sorts of alien and demonic technology; and the ELF waves that come out of televisions are at the forefront of that Scourge.  And so if people want to facilitate “the Scourge”, by embracing the technology through which that Scourge manifests, then they will do so – plain and simple.  Even a child, could understand such a simple concept.  And that brings us to another moral question: how to dispose of a television.  Don’t break the glass, because it contains toxic gases.  Make sure you own it, before you dispose of it.  Unplug it.  After it is unplugged, then cut the power cord right next to the plastic frame, and pry some buttons off of it so that no one will be able to use it ever again. And then make some phone calls, and find out where the nearest recycling facility is.  But DO NOT profit, from someone else buying the technology, that is designed to destroy them, by selling your television - for doing so, would make you no better, than the corporations, who work for the One World Government, and sell that same wicked technology, for profit.  And on a similar topic, it is interesting to note, that fluorescent light bulbs, contain extremely toxic gases.  And LED light bulbs - the ones they sell in stores, not the individual diodes, also emit ELF waves.  Do you see a theme here?  The Global governments want everyone to “go green” - and this is indeed a reference to the reptilian plague.  But that is another topic.

Jesus said: The point of the PsyOp [- referring to “Person of Interest”] My children, is for people, to turn, subconsciously, to technology – to be their savior.  Because people have chosen, to reject Me, as their “True Savior”; then all that is left – their “next best thing”, is ‘a false jesus’ [- and this is also, ironically, a reference to Jim Caviezel - who played the role of Jesus, in the Hollywood motion picture, "The Passion of the Christ"]; and technology.  It is “an intense, PsyOp” My children – one of the most intense ones, of this time period, you are living in.  Because, it is, ‘subconscious programming’; it is, “monarch programming” – designed, to traumatize, the viewer; and ultimately, “incapacitate their critical thinking abilities” – as they are deluged, with ‘one stressful situation’, after another. 
The human intellect is designed, to prioritize the lessons that are associated with the experience of a traumatic event.  When people watch realistic traumatic events being acted out on the screen in front of them, the mechanism of the human intellect instantly engages on a subconscious level, and automatically prioritizes the lesson – the lesson that reveals how that traumatic event could have been avoided in the first place.  The CIA have done their very best to hide this social psychological reality - one they are using in a most calculating way, by flooding online descriptions of "monarch programming" with references to multiple personality disorder.  Yet in the CIA scripted series "Person of Interest", the CIA is carefully programming people, on a subconscious level - NOT with multiple personalities, but with "the lesson", that they can avoid a traumatic event, if they hold on tightly, and never let go of the BIGGEST NSA EAVESDROPPING DEVICE ever invented: the iPhone, and the Android phone, as Jesus explains...
But the hidden message – and it is ‘quite deliberate’ - remember, it is when people start smashing their iPhones – or someone else’s iPhone, that they end up, getting into trouble – that they are in harm’s way, with no way, to overcome the situation, without technology.  The “Root” character, symbolizes peoples’ subconscious desires to stay connected with one another, through technology.  And, the illuminati are boasting, that people worship it, as ‘a god’; when truly, the government knows, that one Solar Flare, one Plasma Burst strong enough, is capable of ‘taking out’ their satellites; and taking out power, grids.
And to illustrate that He was not "joking around", Jesus "burped the Sun" - as He likes to call it.
God released a "directly earth-facing solar eruption" on the afternoon, of June 22, 2015
Even though people surround themselves with ‘artificial light’, they have never, been ‘more in the dark’, than now.  The government knows that their technology is very vulnerable – to hackers; but they are just beginning to realize, that their programs, are ‘vulnerable’ – to My Holy Angels.  It is ‘a card’, that I had not played…

…because I was waiting for them to show all theirs.  That is why My Faithful Remnant are protected – because the One World Government knows, that if they try to harm, any of My Remnant physically, that they will lose, so, much more. 

The SECOND the One World Government tries to physically harm ANY member of the Faithful Remnant – they will IMMEDIATELY notice one of the following: A massive Solar Flare being launched directly towards the Earth – a flare big enough to destroy TRILLIONS of dollars worth of satellites; a massive crash of their NSA database – including all data backup storage facilities; the inability of the vehicles being used in their assault, to run or function; the inability of the people being used in their assault, to function – and these are just “some basic concepts”; not a comprehensive list whatsoever.  And so, is the Faithful Remnant “a terrorist organization”?  The illuminati-run CIA is the biggest terrorist organization in all of human history.  The very existence of their “above the law”, “black ops”, is ample proof of that immutable fact.  And GOD – the Creator of the Universe, WILL PROTECT His Remnant Flock, from the Terrorist Organization that is, the CIA, the NSA, the global governments, the global one world mafia – that was built, and is being run from the top down, by the illuminati.  So the Remnant, have absolutely nothing to fear, except, the consequences for their own sins – consequences, that will come from their Creator, directly, if they do not repent.  The illuminati, are extremely afraid.  Because the illuminati know, that they WILL lose their satellites, their global government, their spy agencies, their underground cities, and their alien technology; they will lose all these things, systematically.  They have already lost their most valuable and most personal possession – the one that was hidden at the very innermost core of their beings - their souls; and they are well aware of the removal of that ontological reality.  And as a result of joining the ranks of the beasts without a future, they are now rapidly growing more and more physically deformed, as each and every day passes. It is an interesting End Times Show indeed.  Popcorn, anyone?

Not what they were expecting – not, how they thought I would be, in these Times; even the illuminati thought I was confined, to, the bible, and, the way that I have operated in the past; even they thought I was “locked up in the tabernacles”, around the World. And truly, they saw Me as “a non-interventionist”.  They saw Me, as “a higher being” – who, would not ‘meddle, in their affairs’.  But as I, said in the past, “the God of the Old Testament, has arisen” [130302].  And, My Father and I, We Confronted those governments of the past.  And how? - Through the ones who we would speak to.  The rulers of this Age are no different than the rulers of the past; and they will be treated the same.  I will allow them, time, to Scourge, the people – because of their sins.  But then, their time is over. 

One question that I hear quite often My children, is “why, do I permit evil?” - Because there is ‘a balance, of scales’, that must, be kept.

Good in the end, always triumphs over evil.  But evil in the end, takes what is already theirs, and receives, the fruits of their labors.  And those who are with Me, receive the fruits of their labors.
“For you [- referring solely to the Faithful Remnant] are a people holy to the Lord your God, and the Lord has chosen you to be a people for his own possession, out of all the peoples that are on the face of the earth.”
(Deuteronomy 14:2)
"Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues."
(Revelation 18:4)

It is very simple. The world chose teams – a long time ago. That is why I call My Disciples to be ‘in the world’, but not ‘of the world’ – because the world is apart from Me, and it was the world that Crucified Me.  And it is the world again, that crucifies, My True, Flesh and Blood, every day.  Understand?

[Special End Note: The Series “Person of Interest”, is in fact scripted by the CIA.  It is all an illuminati boast, of the current surveillance technology that is presently being used on a global scale.  It is an illuminati boast, of how through neglect, they order police forces around the world, to “stand down”, as they allow all sorts of evils to manifest in society, as they simply sit back and watch the show.  But one thing they deliberately leave out of that series, is how the surveillance technology, is perfectly integrated to ELF mind control technology.  They are literally, pushing everyone’s buttons, as they sit back, and watch the show - but only until the scales of Justice, are balanced once again.  Did you forget the hundreds of millions of aborted babies in Limbo, praying daily, for Divine Justice, to befall this most wicked generation, of soul-less human shells? We didn’t.]
An Urgent Message From The Unborn


Jesus said:  I tell you My children, what has been revealed in that PsyOp [“Person of Interest”], as true information, is the new currency [- referring to oil].  So how can money be so important, to people who have so much of it?  It isn’t!  The ones, with the money have ‘the means’, to gain power and control, over people who have less.  But, ‘the snare of the internet’, has worked for the most part – where billions of people, are leaving their “digital footprints” – making it, so much easier, for the governments, to track and label.  And they may be tracking My Remnant, and messing with their electronics, and communications from time to time, but I have ‘the ultimate, solution’, to that problem.  I have the solution to the One World government, and the illuminati, and the rich.  I have “the antidote”, to, the world’s problems.  The character, “Harold” - he did not create “the machine”, in the story – that, was ‘a god’.  But, I am better, and I can see, so much further, than technology, will EVER, be able to.  The government, cannot ‘see things’, before they happen; and they cannot predict, natural disasters, that are unpredictable; and they have no way, of protecting themselves, from My Holy Angels.  The “machine” – like the one in the PsyOp you were just watching, cannot, anticipate, or prepare, for what is coming.  The machine, can only follow orders, that are programmed, into it.  The machine, cannot love, or feel; but, only makes decisions – according to, “preset, program, guidelines” – just like all the people, outside, My Faithful Remnant: they are ‘all connected’, to technology – more so, now, than ever.  Because they are without souls – just, like, the illuminati – who were “enlightened”, by, the devil – an “angel of light”.  But My Faithful Remnant are enlightened, by the True Holy Spirit – working, within their interior lives.  And the governments, cannot track ‘the movements’, of the True Holy Spirit; and they know that.  So, their goal, was to cut-off mankind, from hearing, My Voice – to get, mankind, to turn inwards; to get mankind, to shut off, their conscience; to get mankind, to terminate any relationship, with Me, or My Father.  And in doing so, to get mankind, to cut themselves off, from My True Holy Spirit.  Because, once they’re “cut off”, from Divine Inspiration, then, the government owns them; technology, owns them – and that’s, how, the One World government, has managed, to gain control, over, the population, of the World.
Jesus said:  I have been with you, and leading you, in every moment – up, until this point – “the here and now”.  And I will continue – to give you Daily Counsel.  And, you will receive ‘interior confirmation’, of things, you have already discerned, to be True.  Basically: “not much has changed”.  But I am just making you both ‘more aware’, of what I am doing – on a daily basis with you – what I want to do with all, My Faithful Remnant. 

Lots of boasts in that series, My Children [“Person of Interest”] - one demon fighting with another demon; or so it appears.   One ‘fallen god’ fighting another ‘fallen god’ – both machines ‘at war’ against one another.  And ‘the humans’, are mere collateral.  That’s, what you are about to find out, in Season 4.  Because artificial intelligence, is the same as artificial light – it’s “artificial”.  What does that mean?

Pope Peter the Last: It’s not real.

Jesus: So why would the government in the Series, be concerned with "intelligence that is not real"? 

PPTL: Because they’re stupid!

Jesus: Yes, they are - and, filled, with illusions.  The technology, was given, at ‘a price’.  The aliens – the "demons, in the flesh", would be allowed to enslave the people, as long as the government was ‘fed’, their technological, and advanced, cravings – for power.  The demons never give anything, for free; there’s always ‘a price’.  And mankind, paid ‘the price’ – with their souls.  And the aliens, or “demons”, now infest, mankind’s ‘human shells’.  Not pleasant to hear; but it is True.  It will only get worse – after the True purpose of CERN, is fulfilled.

"And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key of the shaft of the bottomless pit; he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit, and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft."
(Revelations 9:1-2)
“New assignment”:  We don’t usually reveal our assignments before the video comes out, but just for fun, why not?  After all, many people could use this intel - that will help them understand why the Two Witnesses make videos on so many specific topics.  God can see the LONG TERM EFFECTS, of our videos; and so will you, before you finish looking at today’s message.

After beginning the long process of discerning all the illuminati symbolism in the illuminati PsyOp “I, Pet Goat II”, we quickly found an early interview (only 3 weeks after the release of the film) between Death Faker Bill Hicks, posing as Alex Jones, and the director of the PsyOp, who worked for the illuminati film production company “Heliofant” (Montreal based).  Hicks, who simply works for the CIA as an alternative news front man, starts the Infowars disinfo session, by immediately congratulating the illuminati director, who in turn quickly ‘lets the cat out of the bag’ with the following statement about symbolism:

“All symbolism can be invested with whatever meaning you want, to project on them.  Symbolism is a language, so, the elite, obviously use it in a kind of degrading way, to degrade the human spirit, and they kind of co-opted all symbolism – it’s like, you know regular humans don’t have much knowledge of symbolism, and they, so they just don’t understand it, they can’t really decipher it.  And we have been led to believe that all symbolism is thus “negative”, and “evil”, but it’s not; you know, it’s just whatever we want to put into it; whatever meaning we want to put into it.”
"Just for fun"... a skill testing question:  "According to the director of the film, what 2 classes of people are there?
Bonus question: What does "co-opted" mean? (Hint: "to adopt for one's own use")
Advanced question: Why would the director say: "WE"... have been led to believe that all symbolism is ... "evil"? 
Who is the "WE" he is talking about?  Hmmm... lots of stuff revealed in this short statement.

Well if we “regular humans” can’t really decipher symbolism, according to the director of the film, then he will most certainly, appreciate what The King of Heaven has to say on the topic of his film, and the interview, that we could only stand to watch a few minutes of.

Jesus said: Of course, the disinfo agents [- thus revealing that the so-called “director”, was merely an illuminati agent…], will give, false information and a false interpretation, of the illuminati PsyOp, “I, Pet Goat II” – so that the viewer believes, that it is “good” – that, all of the symbols, and the hidden message, are about “spiritual enlightenment”, or “spiritual awakening”.  I tell you My children, nothing could be further, from the Truth – about the True meaning, of that sick, AND depraved, illuminati boast, of their accomplishments.  That is what the PsyOp is about – from “the inside job”, of the twin towers falling – symbolizing the Fall, of man and woman; from what they accomplished, with Sandy Hook – even before it happened – because, it was all planned – the staged event; and other false flag attacks on mosques, and different religious institutions.  It is actually about ‘the rise, of the antichrist’, in these Times; the rise of islam; and the end, of Christianity.  Their “jesus”, is, actually the devil, in disguise; and that is why, he is pictured, with flaming feet.  Their “jesus”, is illuminated by ‘a false, light’ – as he passes through, the caved archway – through the darkness, into the light – with the launch, of the global warming propaganda, campaign.

Image note: Here you can see 'the green reptilian jesus' from “I, Pet Goat II”, in his psychedelic trance, with his eyes reflecting the flames of the Hell in which he lives, while he is surrounded with ice [at 6:02 in the animated film].   Notice the crumbling catholic institution behind him?  Notice the black lamp stand just behind him; a stand with no flame - symbolizing the illuminati know that the abomination of desolation was set up in all the churches in October of 2009.  Remember, the film was released in 2012.  Next to the screen shot of the illuminati jesus on the left, is for contrast, “the illuminati holy card jesus” – the sexually charged jesus, on the right; not a reflection of the one who died and Ascended into Heaven, but ‘the false jesus’ the illuminati have so successfully sold, to the people of these End Times, who so desperately want "a jesus who is a reflection of sin" - a reflection of themselves.  And that is just what the illuminati sold to the viewers in this film - an even worse so-called "jesus", for even worse times.  

It is not “True Spiritual enlightenment from Heaven”; but what the antichrist, is giving people, is ‘false enlightenment; is, one being ‘self-enlightened’, without Grace, without Me.  And of course, there is so much more going on; but, you can fill in the blanks, My children.  Understand, that it is ‘simply a boast’, of their ‘satanic control’ over humanity – and that their antichrist, is here.  Focus, on when CERN was launched, My children. It coincides, with Obama running for president.

Who do you think has ‘the key to the bottomless pit?...  Just as you hold, the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven; he and Francis united as one, hold ‘the keys, to the Abyss’.  The environment, is, ‘the least of anyone’s concerns’.  If they were Truly “spiritually awake”, they would see, through Obama and Francis; they would see through ‘the horned beasts’; they would see the antichrist, when they looked, at “president Obama” – who is SO much worse, than the people, have yet to realize.
The White Gay pride House, as FLAUNTED, on June 26, 2015
Jesus has said many times in the Testimony, that the people are about to see the antichrist's true colors manifest.  Hmmm.  Now what could Jesus possibly, be referring to?  What is this "strange language" He speaks?  Who, can understand it?  Who, has eyes to see, and ears to hear?  The illuminati know, that people are blind, so perhaps this above lighting will help.  And we know, that expensive dresses and a lot of makeup are used by many people, to hide a lot of ugliness, so perhaps THIS VIDEO, ("Irrefutable Proof that Michelle Obama is a man 24/7") will help.
Note: This morning, while going out for a coffee, we met one of “the people, in the neighborhood” - a psychiatric nurse, who professed to enjoy taking LSD (a pharmaceutically controlled substance in Canada), and pursuing her own personal “path to self-enlightenment”.  Sometimes, when we meet people, we simply let them share their world view – especially after we discern that they really aren’t able to receive anything we have to share.  We don’t watch television, because the real people in our lives, are far more interesting than anything the CIA could possibly script - only to interrupt with brainwashing commercials (among other reasons).  We couldn’t wait to hear what Jesus thought of our little social encounter, and so as soon as we got home, we quickly sought the Counsel, of someone who is “a little more sane”, to put it mildly.

Jesus Christ the Lord said: The problem with self-enlightenment My children, is the answer to the question, “Where does the light come from?”  For those who have received ‘the mark of the beast’, their “light”, is only darkness; unless they SEEK Me.  And how CAN they – when they’re seeking “self”?  That’s “the problem”, My children.  Was she “enlightened”? - the registered nurse/psychiatrist you spoke with?  Not by Me.  Her “light” comes to her, when she sleeps; and her “truth”, is, illusion.  And she professed, to the both of you, that she knows certain things, to be true; but, that she has chosen, to be like everyone else.  She wants, “connection, with the creator, with the universe” – but NOT with Me.  So what, is she filled with?

Mount Saint Helens

Self-deception; an ego, the size of Mount Saint Helens; false prophecies.  And what you encountered My children, was, “an antichrist”.  LSDs, and certain drugs from the past, she has become addicted to – not the drugs themselves, but re-creating side-effects in her mind.  She is experimenting, in ‘very dangerous waters’; and is oozing with ‘the shining darkness’.  Not a good report card; but nevertheless it is True.  Her thoughts are ‘not her own’; and she has been ‘taken over’, by aliens; and infested with demons, and demonic thoughts. 

All the demons want you to do, My children (and this message they have sent you on multiple occasions, through their agents), is “Be, like everyone else”; and “Stop seeking, Truth”; “Turn your back, on the Truth, and your desire to spread it”; “Connect with others”; “Enjoy your day”.  Know that, when you hear, these messages, from ‘the demonic agents of Hell’, it’s because, ‘you’re ON to something BIG!’  And as sad as it may seem, the One World government, the NSA, the CIA, are able, in THESE times, to remotely access peoples’ brainwaves, and make them say, what they want them to say; make them spout off whatever agenda, they want.  

This above illustration, is actually, "the ILLUMINATI version" of Heaven - being before the THRONE of your Creator
It is the PROTESTANT version - where God is FAR AWAY, and the SCRIPTURES are shown as being MORE prominent, than HE is.
Your Creator is actually listening to your every thought, and every desire of your heart, always!  And so He is very NEAR.

The excuse the nurse gave you, is that “Everyone perceives things differently” – so how can she know, 'what is true', and 'what is not true'.  People who have stood before My Throne, have tried "that excuse" – but they always end up in the same place – apart from Me.  It doesn’t work – THEN!  It won’t work NOW.  Because Truth is immutable, and absolute - and that’s what TERRIFIED her the most.  “Absolute Truth” – terrifies people.  Because then they KNOW – what it is they will have to change.  They KNOW, “there’s only one path, and one option”.  Just like before ‘the Fall in the Garden’ - only 'after the Fall', was there ‘another path’, that was revealed – that Adam and Eve did NOT know about.  Now those with ‘the mark of the beast, are ALL, on that path.  And that is why you both - My New Adam and Eve, are continuing, to reveal, “Where that path will ultimately lead them” – in The End...

Her inspirations were coming from ‘the programming, in the moment’. 

Pope Peter the Last: So how does that work?  Is there someone, at a computer monitor, hooked up to a GWEN tower, broadcasting brainwaves, with encoded messages, that triangulate on her location?

Jesus: It’s much simpler than that, My children.  What is revealed, in the “Person of Interest” series, about Global surveillance?

PPTL: That the [NSA] computer itself [acting out a CIA program of course], is controlling multiple agents, around the Globe, to do its bidding.

Jesus: Yes, this is true, to some degree.  But about the Global surveillance – they can see you from satellite [- as there were no clouds this morning]; and THEN triangulate your location, with the nearest GWEN tower; relay the signal to the person’s mind.  Now they only DO this, for “targeted individuals”; and not everyone is targeted.  But My Remnant ARE!  And “high profile worldly-minded people” are as well.  And billions of people, are under surveillance – continually.  And as long as technology exists, they WILL be.  Because that’s the price that they paid, by accepting the government’s ‘treats’, and ‘little technological teasers’ - by doing that, the people forfeited their freedom.  And so the government needed to create ‘an illusion of freedom’; while at the same time, stealing EVERY bit of information they can, from every individual on the planet – who has a social security number, or who has had one; even a birth certificate works.  So that one day, if they NEED, anything, from anyone, they can FIND information, on that individual, in order to force them to comply to their wishes. 

And that’s why Ron Paul never ‘made it’, to be president – because he allowed fear, to control him, and his family. I put ‘the Path’, in front of humanity.  They have to choose to walk it.  But I already KNOW what his decision would be – billions of years ago; and how it would effect, the outcome, of these End Times.  He did it in order to survive.  He did not trust, in being protected.  And that’s what, most Americans, have been waiting, to hear: the Truth, behind his resignation… [specific details are being withheld]… Yes, all politicians eventually, have a CIA handler, or MI6 handler – depending on the country; or even a Mossad, handler.  Yes, there is even Muslim CIA as well.  If they do not DO, what they are told to DO, while, they are in power - they will simply, be removed; and someone else will take their place.  It is how the illuminati got their ‘tentacles’, into the World governments, over the centuries – by, presenting ‘the façade, of an electoral vote’ - of an actual, “election”; but always having the person, they, intended to win, run, and win!  What you saw in last night’s episode [S4E5], was so accurate, as to what’s really going on, and what really goes on.  [- referring to election tampering; not referring to Jim Caviezel’s character ending up in therapy - because he can’t seem to stop shooting people in the kneecap.]

Screenshot from "Person of Interest" - Season 4 Episode 5 - notice the bloody knee caps.
The illuminati took GREAT satisfaction, in turning actor Jim Caviezel - who played the role of Jesus,
into "a king of MERCILESSNESS" - who took great care and pleasure, in shooting out the knee caps of his enemies
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
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as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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