The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

JUDGEMENT has been passed against the Nations 6

"And the kings [- the One World Government leaders of the Nations] of the earth, who committed fornication and were wanton with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning; they will stand far off, in fear of her torment, and say, “Alas! alas! you great city, you mighty city, Babylon!  In one hour has your judgment come.”
(Revelations 18:9-10)
The list of Judgments is at the top of the page at this LINK
The Prophecy of Saint Malachy: During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church  there will sit upon the throne, Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep amid great tribulations; and when these are passed, the city of Seven Hills will be utterly destroyed, and the awful judge will then judge the people. The end.  (Source: Daniel Réju, Les Prophéties de Saint Malachie, Édition du Rocher 1979 Paris, France)

WHAT happens? - when the TESTIMONY, is "introduced to a Country", and its CITIZENS  COLLECTIVELY choose to REJECT it AND 'to HATE it'?
When a nation rejects "the WORDS of Truth and LIFE" in their Creator's TESTIMONY?
The Creator sends... "His Regards".  For example, Hurricane Irma.
It really isn't TOO complicated.  But perhaps some "before and after" photos will help
And so - when the TESTIMONY, is "introduced, to a Country" - and its CITIZENS - COLLECTIVELY choose - to REJECT it - AND 'to HATE it! - with an UNHOLY passion'? - they are 'HATING, their EXISTENCE'! - they are 'hating the WORD, that FORMED their COUNTRY'.  For "Who BROUGHT? - the country out of the OCEAN?"  THEY certainly didn't!  "WHO is KEEPING, their COUNTRY from sinking back INTO the ocean?"  They most CERTAINLY aren't!  But 'the Most High TRUE God' - the CREATOR - and Jesus Christ the LORD, who is 'the WORD, made flesh' - IS!  

The WORLD! - in fact, was 'FORMED, through the Word'.  And it will be "through the WORD", that, 'the world', is DESTROYED!

And so there WILL come 'a TIME' - very SHORTLY - when, there will be "FORMER, countries" - countries that "USED to be there"! - countries that "USED to exist"!  But all of a SUDDEN? - they are no MORE.  And, Our CREATOR, will lay WASTE: CITIES, and TOWNS, and MOUNTAINS - and VALLEYS!  NOT "because of climate change".  But because, the hearts of the PEOPLE, changed - and became, 'VERY hard!' - and 'WICKED' - in His SIGHT - so WICKED? - that He no LONGER, 'desires to SUPPORT', humanity.

The TESTIMONY, is 'the Creator's MERCY'.  But if PEOPLE, REJECT - "His OLIVE Branch, of MERCY"? - then? - the MERCY that is EXTENDED - for THEM? - to STILL, 'EXIST'? - is rejected.  But as one of 'His FAITHFUL creatures' - the MERCY the Most High TRUE God is 'EXTENDING' - is that, 'those who turn BACK to Him, with Humble and contrite HEARTS' - who 'TURN', to His Testimony, to be "re-CREATED"? - He will SUSTAIN!  All OTHERS? - will "NOT be sustained".

And so WHAT will be 'the End Result', for the GOVERNMENTS, who are "cutting OFF", their nation - from the TESTIMONY?  The GOVERNMENTS, are "cutting-off", their PEOPLE, from 'the OLIVE Branch' - from, 'their very EXISTENCE'.  And so, the PEOPLE, along WITH their governments, will BE, "destroyed".  But "REALISTICALLY"? - ALL, our CREATOR, needs to DO? - is 'stop THINKING'! - about them - is 'STOP being MINDFUL, of them' - and? - they fall to the GROUND.  And the ANIMALS? - and the BIRDS, and THE INSECTS? - "take care of them".  Because? - HE believes in "a sustainable FOOD chain" - no matter, 'WHAT people choose'.

And the fact IS - "the INTELLIGENCE agencies" of EACH government - ARE, "TRANSLATING the TESTIMONY, into their own LANGUAGE!" - so that THEY can read it.  And the fact that the GOVERNMENTS, are 'NOT making the Testimony available to the PEOPLE', in "their OWN, language" - means that THEY'RE, "CUTTING off their PEOPLE, from their ONLY life-raft".  And THIS MEANS that? - our CREATOR, will NOT be 'SUSTAINING that COUNTRY'.  Period!

And SO - WE invite "the INTELLIGENCE agencies" to CONTINUE to 'withhold, the TESTIMONY', from their PEOPLE! - from "their NATION".  And 'SEE how long', their NATION will last - with 'THAT kind of attitude'.  Because there IS! - "a POINT of no return".  And because 'they FOUND IT' - they are "PROXYING for the FATE of their nation" - OLD Testament Style!  Because? - "Old Testament Style JUSTICE", is coming! - in DROVES! - to the nations.  And they will NEVER KNOW when 'that POINT of no return' has been REACHED - because our CREATOR, SAW 'that game'! - BILLIONS of years ago.  And it WON'T NECESSARILY be 'announced in the TESTIMONY' - BEFORE, our Creator ACTS! - against a SPECIFIC NATION, in "a BIBLICAL way" - as SOME nations have been announced in the TESTIMONY.  Amen.

Of course, this may seem like very complex legal language at first, and so let's simplify it - especially for those "English second language" readers out there:  The countries who reject the Testimony, will be buried.  The people who find the Testimony and reject it, will ultimately be buried.  All those who embrace the life-giving Words of their Creator, moving THROUGH His Testimony, will receive "a FRESH breath of LIFE" - everlasting life - from their Creator.  As it now stands, about a million people each week, most of whom have never seen the Testimony, are perishing - Eternally.  We know you can all do much better!  But you really need to RESOLVE, to do better, and do what is NECESSARY.  We can't just "WANT that", for you - if YOU really don't!  (March 14, 2019 update) 


ILLEGAL immigrants... use ladder to INVADE the United States in Arizona
This is an actual Yuma Arizona U.S. Customs and Immigration video
Can YOU identify all the "undocumented terrorists", in that group of illegal invaders?
And as you PONDER that simple question - remember that the STATISTICS, can only count "those APPREHENDED"
For HOW can they count, the ILLEGALS that sneak across the border, who are never SEEN?

"With THE ONGOING INVASION of an "estimated" MILLION! - illegal immigrants, in 2019 alone! - including, rapists, child traffickers, drug smugglers, cartel members, and terrorists sneaking in from other countries - would it be at all "SANE"? - to state that soldiers, who are "OFF fighting a WAR somewhere, in a foreign land", are "DEFENDING" the United States?  Or... are those so-called "SOLDIERS", in fact, behaving as "INSURGENTS"?

HOW does it 'make sense' for american SOLDIERS, to be fighting OVERSEAS? - ALL "in the NAME of protecting AMERICA - when, there is "an ILLEGAL INVASION", happening, on 'a MONTHLY! - basis' - of THOUSANDS! - upon THOUSANDS! - of "UNDOCUMENTED immigrants"? - MANY of whom! - are SIMPLY 'desiring to STEAL! - american jobs' - and they 'FEEL' they are "ENTITLED!" - to 'what AMERICA has!' - and that they can 'just COME and STEAL!'  But THAT is NOT! - "a good SYSTEM". 

The IMMIGRATION system, in the United STATES? - has FAILED! - and IS "a COMPLETE joke!"  Because ANYONE! - from ANY country! - can 'WALK across the BORDER', and BECOME, "an AMERICAN citizen". From 'the DESPERATE IMMIGRANT' - to 'the SERIAL rapist' - to 'the DRUG cartels' - to 'the SERIAL MURDERERS' - they are ALL! - 'getting, IN!' - to the United States.  And THAT is "a simple FACT"! 

And so? - for AMERICANS? - THEY, are in FACT! - 'BEING invaded!'  America IS being invaded - and it IS "true"! - no matter 'how UNCOMFORTABLE', it may SOUND.

ANYONE! - from ANY country! - can 'SNEAK across the border' - into the United STATES!  EVEN "INTELLIGENCE! - officers - under COVER!" - can do this - and GATHER "intelligence" - and, BRING it back to their COUNTRY!  The WHOLE sense of, "a NATIONAL SECURITY BREACH"? - is UTTER nonsense!  Because the NATION'S security is "breached", ON a daily basis!  And WE are not going 'to PRETEND', otherwise.

We don't 'take AMERICANS SERIOUSLY' - or 'the american LEGAL SYSTEM' - or 'the american IMMIGRATION system' - seriously - OR 'their PATRIOTISM' seriously.  Because it's ALL "a COMPLETE sham!"  And EVERYONE outside of america 'KNOWS that it is!'

It's ALL "an ILLUSION"! - DESIGNED, to MAKE the people 'feel secure' - AND 'safe'!  And of COURSE? - they ARE! - until 'something BAD' happens, to them - like EVERYONE in the world - no matter, what NATION, they BELONG to.
"U S Military Death toll in Afghan War..."
"A VERY bad man!" - George Bush Jr - sat BACK while HIS government, orchestrated the 9/11 false flag attacks on U.S. soil.  And then! - HE chose to SACRIFICE the lives of American soldiers, OVERSEAS, by "PRETENDING that the country was at war".  In 2009, Obama - continued to sacrifice the lives of the unborn - by the MILLIONS! - AND the lives of the U.S. military INSURGENTS - as HE in turn, grew in satanic power, in doing so.  Can you GUESS, what "going ALONG with those TRAITORS! - with the title of 'PRESIDENT'," - filled all the SOLDIERS WITH?  Keep reading, to find the answer...
And so, the United STATES - who have 'the LARGEST, MILITARY - in the WORLD!' - use, BILLIONS, upon BILLIONS of dollars - to "OFFEND!" - other nations, and other countries - by 'INVADING them'!  When they could simply 'USE, their resources to defend their own COUNTRY'!  And, the UNITED states, MILITARY? - are OVERSEAS, "creating TERRORISTS!" - who can in TURN? - LEAVE! - that country, SNEAK into MEXICO - and then PATIENTLY wait, to sneak ACROSS, the southern BORDER - INTO, the united states - in order to 'enact VENGEANCE'.  And this IS "common knowledge".

The TRUTH is that 'the united STATES of america'? - has "REAL problems!" - and 'serious ISSUES' - and they're SIMPLY 'NOT! - being addressed'.  And SO? - "the REVOLVING DOOR", CONTINUES!  The UNITED STATES ARMY? - go OVERSEAS - 'pretending to DEFEND', the american FLAG?   While, the ONES, they're INVADING? - SOMEHOW, find 'a WAY', into the united STATES... "VERY! - unhappy"! - as they SEE! - "the PROSPERITY" - and they SEE 'what the american SOLDIERS, DID!' - to "THEIR, homeland".

The DRUGS pouring into the united STATES? - is in fact, 'a MUCH bigger PROBLEM' - and has caused, 'MORE DEATHS!' - in "REAL! - AMERICANS!" - than, the SOLDIERS, who have DIED - fighting "a WORTHLESS! - battle", overseas.

And so? - if the AMERICAN government really 'CARED', about protecting their CITIZENS? - they would 'STOP the drugs', from "POURING into their country!" They would stop 'the CRIME', from "POURING into their country!"  And they most CERTAINLY would stop 'the ILLEGALS'!   

But the FACT remains - is that AMERICA is "LAWLESS!" - is 'a LAWLESS COUNTRY'! - where 'the LAWS' do NOT apply to EVERYONE!  EVEN though 'many laws have been WRITTEN'? - they are "USELESS!" - if they are not ENFORCED.

And YET! - MANY people, can attest, to 'these SIMPLE truths' - but THEY are UNABLE to do anything ABOUT it!  They are 'UNABLE to fix the SYSTEM', or 'HOLD people, ACCOUNTABLE'!  And WHY? - because 'our CREATOR', is SCOURGING! - the united states, of AMERICA.  HE is "not BLESSING", that NATION!  But HE is in FACT - bringing "CURSES", upon it.  BECAUSE they were given so much!  And yet they 'ABUSED'! - ALL! - that they were given.  We could go down, 'a LENGTHY LIST', of ALL! - the ways, america has FAILED, "as a NATION" - but? - we WILL not do that.

And so as AMERICAN soldiers? - are 'STILL posted! - all over the world' - being 'GIVEN their orders', to TERRORIZE! - all in the name of "BRINGING peace, and DEMOCRACY" - to, those NATIONS - or 'helping to ENFORCE democracy'? - the MOST High TRUE God, is GOING 'to bring down' a HEAVY Judgement!' - UPON them ALL!   

Because the fact IS! - that "american SOLDIERS", are NO BETTER, than "the INSURGENTS", that they FIGHT against.  For WHO are "the real INSURGENTS"? - the ONES who are "PEACEABLY LIVING? - in their own COUNTRY"?  OR - 'the ones who INVADED! - with GUNS and MILITARY equipment' and 'set up CAMP!' - full TIME! - to "POLICE", those PEOPLE.  So LET us reflect, on "WHO the real TERRORISTS are"

US soldier killed, three injured in roadside explosion
WARNING: Graphic real footage of injured U.S. soldiers
But WHO did they "so HEROICALLY" sacrifice themselves TO?
That is a question that ONLY their CREATOR ultimately decides, the JUST answer to!

And when 'an american SOLDIER' is KILLED? - by "a SO-called INSURGENT"? - was he not "SIMPLY? - DEFENDING, his COUNTRY"? - from "INVADERS"?  As "UPSETTING!" - as it may SOUND? - NO american SOLDIERS, who 'KILLED' - ANYONE! - outside of self-DEFENSE? - MADE it to Heaven.  HEAVEN was "CLOSED to them!"  Because THEY 'closed their HEARTS', to the Most High True GOD - when THEY chose, 'to look FORWARD, to the next KILL'.  And HOW many "YOUNG, men", and young WOMEN, are 'RECRUITED' - who SIMPLY want "to go OVERSEAS! - and shoot some BAD guys!" - because 'they SAW it in the movies!' - and they PLAYED, "first-person shooter VIDEO games". 

The PROBLEM is - that the SOLDIERS, actually 'look FORWARD! - to killing'. And THAT'S! - what the united states MILITARY, "want to keep HIDDEN!" - from the POPULATION

"WHAT do they BECOME? - AFTER, their first MURDER"?  We will TELL you! - since it HAS been REVEALED to us: The DEVIL, 'ENTERS in', TO them - and, 'CONSUMES them! - FROM within'.  And, "the PARTING package" - that THEY, 'carry WITH them' - is like, 'a TORMENT! - from Hell'.  THIS is "REALITY"!  There ARE no "BRAVE heroes" - unless they laid their LIVES down! - in ORDER to SAVE, "a friend".

And so "to LEVEL the playing field - WORLD WIDE"? - our CREATOR, the Most High TRUE God - will send 'Saint MICHAEL, and his Army of HOLY ANGELS' - and HE will 'take on', ALL of the armies, of the  world! - ALL of the soldiers!  And he will "put an END to this nonsense!"  OUR ADVICE? - is to 'CALL the soldiers, HOME - from DUTY' - before Saint MICHAEL gets them, "in the ACT", or "DESIRE", to kill.  Amen!

Saint Michael HAS in fact been given "his COMMISSIONING'.  And he IS in fact, now STANDING, beside EVERY soldier, on the face of the earth - just WAITING! - for them to manifest "their desire to kill".  How is that "FAIR"?  Because if the soldiers haven't ever HEARD the phrase, about "the measure you GIVE"? - then they all have SURELY heard of "karma".  And they will RECEIVE, SO fast! - 'that measure' - that THEY desire SO much! - to give.  Saint Michael, "desires to give", too!

 (March 16, 2019 update) 
Soldiers deserve the "most COMFORTABLE, care", ever - because they're "PATRIOT assassins!" - and they wanted "to be free to MURDER! - for their... reason... of sorts..."(April 16, 2019 update) 
Fiji:   Surf's UP!  The LORD, Most High True God, is going to send, 'a GIANT WAVE', TO your island, in ORDER to TEACH you all "a lesson".  And you will be HUMBLED! - before Him.  And YOU will LEARN! - that 'HE', is the One, who has "ULTIMATE, religious authority".  Because, He IS "the Living One" - He is "the WORD made FLESH", and by His WORD, 'the HEAVENS' were Created - the EARTH, the SEA, and ALL that is IN them.  And it is 'by His WORD' - that, 'DESTRUCTION' will come.  MAKE amends! - WITH your Creator - AND fast!  Amen.
"A man-servant", wearing a grass skirt, for a woman, in Fiji (- an archipelago of more than 300 islands) 
Perhaps he needs to read the Judgement on "role reversal"
"A little Baptism" headed for THAT island will CERTAINLY bring with it, REFRESHING Truths!
Really, it isn't "as bad as it SEEMS" - as the entire Pacific ISLAND of Fiji - "that PROUD nation", is NOW wrapped in the Holy Mantle, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title, "MOTHER of Divine Just Consequences".  As she LOVINGLY embraces, Her Son - Jesus Christ the Lord's, DIVINE Just Judgements!  Of course, so too does all of Heaven!   (March 17, 2019 update)  

What have the ILLUMINATI in fact ACCOMPLISHED in their psychotronic MEDDLING with the people of Fiji?

You have in fact "KINDLED the ANGER! - of the LORD - AGAINST, the fijian PEOPLE - and against your ISLAND".  And? - He IS! - GOING! - to FLOOD it out!  WATCH and see... The illuminati "believe they can COMMANDEER! - the PEOPLE! - reading the TESTIMONY - who BELIEVE themselves to be REMNANT members - and use them as PUPPETS! - to try to DESTROY! - the REPUTATION, and the CREDIBILITY, of the Faithful Remnant".  WELL THEN? -the ILLUMINATI! - are in fact, going to BRING, 'DESTRUCTION - TO the nations!' - because of "THEIR desire, to try to MANIPULATE, the PEOPLE - to 'GO AGAINST' their Creator".  And the Most High TRUE God is going to "HIT them where it HURTS the most!" - JUST like He did with the Bahamas! - which is "a SMALL SAMPLE!" - of what He INTENDS TO DO, to their REAL estate. (November 10, 2019 update) 

Nebraska: ALL of the states! - are GOING to be "SCOURGED, by the DIVINE Justice OF the Most High TRUE God".  And THIS is "just ONE! - of the states" - that HE is 'TRULY! - punishing'.  And 'the FLOODS'? - will SPREAD - will INCREASE; and the DISASTERS, will CONTINUE - because, the Most High TRUE God, is 'PUNISHING, the United STATES!'  And 'NO RELIEF!' - is "in the forecast".  The CREATOR'S 'WAYS'? - are "Just and FAIR" - and if PEOPLE want to say, that "It is MOTHER NATURE" or "CLIMATE CHANGE"?  - they are 'free to DO so'.  But 'MANY Disasters' are COMING - that they WON'T! - be able to 'BLAME' on climate change.  And REALLY? - He HAS to start 'SOMEWHERE'!  And for some REASON? - NEBRASKA, deserves, "SPECIAL attention". Amen.
The Most High True God is beginning with "the KILL shot" - aiming His Divine JUSTICE, at "the American HEARTLAND" - just the way, the ABORTIONISTS, and President Donald TRUMP, have NO PROBLEM, aborting a child (- if they look at the HEART, and find it is not fully formed yet).  OF course the fact that the SOUL is typically given at the moment of CONCEPTION - means of course, that punishing a CHILD, because its HEART is not yet fully developed, would put a nation, "in DEEP trouble" - like FLOODING, for example, in the HEARTLAND... of Nebraska! - just for STARTERS... as the water moves to the NEXT state, county, city, street, home, and living room, downstream.  As a COURTESY, we would ADVISE people, that if the MAIN floor of their house is flooding, to at least move the TOILET paper, from the main floor bathroom, to the UPSTAIRS bathroom, IF you have an upstairs that is.  Because that just makes sense.  (March 17, 2019 update) 
Apocalypse in Nebraska as the Spencer Dam is Demolished

They didn't want the Blessed HOLY Water - and SO? - "GOD UN-dam, AMERICA!"  Why?  Because in THESE times, it isn't nice to ask God to dam ANYTHING.  Why?  Because He is too busy CURSING! - "the ABORTIONIST nations".  Did you know that NORMALLY, it takes water about a MONTH to travel down the Missouri river, to the Mississippi river, to the Gulf of Mexico.  And as soon as the Spencer Dam broke - that "WALL of water", began carving a PATH, towards the Gulf of Mexico - a path as wide as the Grand Canyon - dividing the nation - with "A BLUE WAVE" - something that HALF the nation! - referring to "the DEMOCRATS" in the divided house of congress - were 'ASKING for'  And so, "they ASKED FOR IT"? - and BOY are they going to get it!  Amen.  (March 17, 2019 update) 

Mozambique: What has happened HERE? - is ANOTHER manifestation, of the Most High True God's Divine JUSTICE - and Just WRATH.  As HE IS! - in the process of 'EXACTING VENGEANCE', on the INHABITANTS, of this WORLD.  Because, HE! - has been rejected, and denied, and renounced, by the MAJORITY, of people.   As 'the CORRUPTION', SPREADS, FAR! - and WIDE - so TOO, does 'His JUST Response'.  For THIS NATION? - their CORRUPTION, is 'at the very CORE!'  THEREFORE, the Most High TRUE God will continue 'to STRIKE! - at the VERY CORE' - as He will "make an EXAMPLE" out of 'THIS nation' and MANY others, AFTER it.  The PEOPLE? - will NOT 'clean UP the corruption' - THEREFORE? - He will "clean up the PEOPLE" - and He WILL 'WIPE them!' - off the FACE of the Earth.  Amen. (March 20, 2019 update)  
Mozambique CORRUPTED by tropical cyclone in 2019
Cyclone Idai aftermath - March 04 to 09, 2019
Thousands of people are perishing and CONTAMINATING the flood waters
Cyclone Kenneth
"The one-TWO punch".  The even more INTENSE Cyclone Kenneth aftermath - April 21 to 29, 2019
Affecting thousands of people who had not yet recovered from the effects of Cyclone Idai

PRO-CHOICE women:  ALL! - women know, in the very DEPTHS! - of THEIR beings - that when THEY, HAVE, "a CHILD, WITHIN them"? - that CHILD - has 'DIGNITY', AND 'life'.  And that "PREGNANCY", IS in fact, "a BLESSING" - because the CREATOR'S, 'COMMISSIONING', was to "be FRUITFUL", and to "MULTIPLY".  But NOW! - the WOMEN, are 'DENYING, their ONTOLOGY' - and THEY are 'CHOOSING, to go AGAINST! - THEMSELVES'.  They are 'at WAR!' - WITHIN themselves.  And they have 'made WAR', on the CHILD, WITHIN them.  When they CHOOSE, to be "pro-CHOICE", or "pro-DEATH" - TRULY they are 'ONE, in the same'.  "The CHILD"? - HAS rights!  But WOMEN, are CHOOSING, to 'DENY, that child, the right to LIVE', the right to EXIST, "the right to be FREE", and, 'ALIVE' - LIVING! - OUTSIDE, her own body.  NO! - the child will NOT escape "the DEATH chamber" - for TRULY, that is "WHAT the WOMB, has become"

NO one 'thinks' about 'the PSYCHOLOGICAL, SPIRITUAL and EMOTIONAL' effects, that are 'FOREVER IMPRINTED, on 'the children who ARE born!' - as they were 'WAITING, to be born', and their MOTHER 'PONDERED, the VERY THOUGHT, of ABORTING them, or not'.  UP! - UNTIL, the time of BIRTH - she ALWAYS had, "the option".  THINK about it.  The CHILD, in the MOTHER'S womb - is 'VERY sensitive', to the mother's THOUGHTS, and DESIRES!  Because, 'they are ONE'.  And THIS is 'what, the ABORTIONISTS, do NOT! - WANT - ANYONE! - to know' - the TRUTH

And SO! - Yes, it IS "a woman's body".  BUT! - she has "a DEVELOPING, LIVING, organism" - DEVELOPING, into "a HUMAN child" - LIVING, within her.  And she KNOWS this!  And SHE would 'put a STOP'? - to the LIFE? - WITHIN HER?  She would 'play, GOD'? - and "TERMINATE", the LIFE? - that HE HAD, 'a PLAN FOR'?  She would 'MURDER'! - the CHILD? - "for CONVENIENCE"?

Proof that "not ALL women" have gone completely insane
And NOW? - WE turn, to the Most High TRUE God - and we ASK Him, to "SEVERELY! - SCOURGE, ALL! - abortionist-women".  Because they are "PRO-death". For if they were "for LIFE"? - then they would BE, "pro-life".  Because the FACT remains, that with every pregnancy, there are 'TWO people'! - involved - the LIFE of the mother, and the LIFE of the child.  And WOMEN are "UNJUST", in SEEKING 'the right, to KILL! - their offspring'But 'OUR CREATOR'? - is VERY Just! - in CHOOSING, to REMOVE 'the Gift, of offspring', from ALL women - EVERYWHERE, around the WORLD - who have CHOSEN, to be "pro-death", or "pro-choice".  And OUR CREATOR - is going to 'SET the RECORD straight' - that it is 'HE!' - who brings "life" to the WOMB - and it is 'HE!' - who has 'EVERY right'! - to take it AWAY.  Amen.
To what can we compare the WOMAN, who becomes PREGNANT?  Imagine if you will, a woman, standing at the very TOP of a very tall CLIFF - a cliff so TALL, that it takes 9 months to climb, by rope.  And NEXT to her is that rope - firmly secured to a TREE at the top of that cliff.  It is a rope that extends over the edge of the cliff, and continues ALL the way, to the valley down below - and there is no one CLIMBING that rope.  ONE day, that woman misses her period, and she TAKES a pregnancy test, and consults her doctor - and SUDDENLY finds out that she is 6 weeks PREGNANT.  And so? - she CHECKS that ROPE - and sure ENOUGH! - she can FEEL "some movement", coming from that rope.  It is a 'very DISTANT movement' - but she KNOWS that someone has already been CLIMBING, for about 6 WEEKS.  And she KNOWS! - that whoever it IS, will SURELY reach the TOP of the cliff, in about 7 and a half months.  What was ONCE, "only a ROPE"? - has now become "a LIFELINE"!  For she KNOWS that once that human being makes it to the TOP of the cliff, it will be "a FULLY developed human being".  And she knows that if that rope is CUT, the person climbing - male or female - will surely fall and die.  Another week goes by, and AS she checks the ROPE, she can feel, what was ONCE a faint distant movement, growing STRONGER, and closer - as the human being draws one week NEARER, to being fully developed - one week NEARER, to being SEEN, face to face - BY her.  Another week goes by, and the human is even FURTHER along, in their CLIMB, up that steep cliff - becoming MORE developed, and even CLOSER, to being welcomed, at the top of it.  What do YOU think that woman will do, with "the CLIMBER on that rope"?  YOU finish the story!  But before you DO - remember THIS:  YOU, are currently "on a ROPE" - and YOUR CREATOR, is holding the TOP of it.  So be CAREFUL with 'what you choose'.  Because "the measure YOU give"? - HE will surely see, and take note of.  Here is an important HINT: if you want your CREATOR to hold on to "YOUR lifeline", it would be "BEST", if you SHOWED Him, what you Truly WANT, by example.  For it is "the MERCIFUL", who shall obtain Mercy.  And for those who want 'to FALL' - and fall HARD?  You can figure out the rest.  YOU choose! - "LIFE", or death. That's "on YOU".  (March 21, 2019 update) 
The religion of social tolerance:  And so what is "the FRUIT of a tolerant SOCIETY"?  But that 'TRUE Christianity' and 'TRUE Christian VALUES', are being 'SYSTEMATICALLY, REMOVED and REPLACED' - by "a SOCIAL doctrine", of a NEW religion, of TOLERANCE.  Where "conservative VALUES" - and "religious FREEDOM" - is DENIED! - UNDER the GUISE, of 'being INTOLERANT'.  And so in today's SOCIETY, EVERYONE! - is being FORMED, into "a TOLERANT, individual".  But WHAT does that MEAN?  It MEANS that, 'THEY', are called, to SACRIFICE, 'their own personal MORALS', WORLD view, AND PERCEPTIONS! - for the sake of "the GLOBAL! - world view", on a CERTAIN topic, or issue.  And THIS means, that 'the FREEDOM, to think DIFFERENTLY, than THOSE, who have LABELED, PEOPLE, as INTOLERANT', is BECOMING, "a SOCIALLY DEVIANT CRIME".  But WHO! - decides - "what is TOLERANT" - and "what is ACCEPTABLE"? - by SOCIETY - by society's STANDARD?  WHO is "the moral, governing, authority" - that SAYS, "an INDIVIDUAL, HAS! - to uphold, a GROUP of people" - or "a POSITION", or "a political PARTY" - or else there will be 'PENALTIES', for not DOING so.  And so what you HAVE - NOW, is in fact, 'SMALL groups of people' - DEMANDING, that 'the GLOBAL AUDIENCE', would TOLERATE, 'their BEHAVIOR', their ATTITUDE, and their BELIEF! - and DEMANDING! - that people would in fact 'go AGAINST! - their conscience, and their moral VALUES' - for 'the SAKE of this SOCIAL RELIGION' that is EMERGING - where it is "a social SIN!" - to OFFEND someone, by having 'a DIFFERENT point of view'.  And NOW - there is "social PRESSURE", to CONFORM, to 'the GLOBAL, MINDSET' - and 'social RELIGION' - that IS in FACT, "INTOLERANT", of 'peoples INDIVIDUAL freedoms, and CHOICES'.  And they 'SOLD'! - the social RELIGION, to the PEOPLE! - as they SACRIFICED their freedoms.  But the FACT is that the WORLD has become 'TOLERANT' of "EVERY wicked and EVIL thing under the SUN - that OFFENDS! - the CREATOR".   But they are 'NOT! - TOLERANT, of the CREATOR, and His WAYS'.  And they are 'NOT TOLERANT, of people who DESIRE, to uphold, the Most High True God'. 
And now we TURN to the Most High True God - and we ASK, HIM! - to "show the WORLD, that HE is 'ABSOLUTELY INTOLERANT!' - of EVERYTHING they stand for" - that "He is INTOLERANT! - of WICKEDNESS, SIN, and PERVERSITY".  And we are ASKING, our CREATOR, to have "a ZERO TOLERANCE, for THOSE who CHOOSE to TAKE His NAME in VAIN" - who choose to CURSE 'His Name' - who choose 'to BLASPHEME', His Holy Name.  We are ASKING the Most High TRUE God to "extend IMMEDIATE and JUST CONSEQUENCES on ALL THOSE, who say 'the HOLY NAME of Jesus', with DISDAIN!"  And we are ASKING 'our CREATOR', to "LOOK at THOSE PEOPLE, with EXTREME PREJUDICE - and to make an EXAMPLE out of them - and to strike FEAR! - in the HEARTS, of mankind - once again - that THEY may LEARN! - to REVERENCE, and FEAR! - the Holy Name, of Jesus".  And THAT'S "our SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION, TO, the RELIGION of social TOLERANCE"!  Amen.
Have you EVER gone to a movie theatre and NOT turned your back to the light?
Perhaps they are simply set UP that way, with people facing 'the DOWNWARDS slope'
People shrouded in darkness?... stuffing themselves with "worldly CONSOLATIONS"? they passively TOLERATE and 'take IN' every evil under the Sun, that offends the Creator?
The MOST High True God decides 'HOW, He is going to answer our prayers' - and 'WHEN'.  But He is STILL "open, to SUGGESTIONS".  And WE 'suggest', that EVERY time, that people are 'sitting in a MOVIE theatre', and the Holy Name of Jesus is 'SPOKEN, with unholy DISDAIN' - that the PEOPLE who DON'T 'shout out a BLESSING of His Name' - be stricken IMMEDIATELY! - with "a CURSE, that they CANNOT recover from".  Amen.  We DO want people to 'get their MONEY'S worth', every time they go to a movie theatre - and so SURELY, they won't mind, "some PARTING Gifts" - in as much as their CREATOR doesn't mind, their public display of TOLERANCE, of outright BLASPHEMY.  Amen.  (March 23, 2019 update) 
Actual email: And just how fast the Divine Judgements are moving? Earlier in the day, someone in the house blurted out, the Holy Name, Jesus Christ, with unholy disdain. And the very next thing the person blurted out, was that it's getting hot in here; it's burning up. I thought that was interesting. And it was even more interesting, after I went to the Testimony and found the Divine Judgement against the religion of social tolerance.
And that above email, wasn't added to the Testimony to "prove" ANYTHING, to ANYONE.  In fact, we add "necessary" content like that, to make OUR reading of the Testimony... "even MORE enjoyable".  But for everyone ELSE? - that email was in fact from "one of the 5 loaves".  (March 24, 2019 update) 

Actual email, from "a private member": I have experienced the same exact situation that was shared in the testimony today [-referring to the above email]. When you added the email from "one of the 5 loaves" who commented on the immediate repercussions of taking the Lord's name in vain. Every single day... N. complains of being so hot..."it's so hot in here I can't stand it... turn the heat down... I'm burning up", every single day.  Of course the heat is only set at 64 or 65.  I'm imagining this is not just from taking the Lord's name in vain, they are living in an eternal oven... Hopefully people will learn to take the name of Jesus and exalt it, instead of cursing it!  Amen! (March 26, 2019 update)

The illegitimate President "chosen by Almighty God":  In ORDER for U.S. President Donald Trump 'TO be RECOGNIZED' as "the VALIDLY ELECTED" President of the United STATES - BY the mainstream MEDIA? - then WE, would need to be RECOGNIZED, as "the LEGITIMATE - REAL - TWO WITNESSES - FROM the Book of Revelations - SPOKEN of, BY the Creator, THOUSANDS of years ago"!  And until THAT actually HAPPENS? - UNTIL, President TRUMP, ACKNOWLEDGES us, AS, "the TWO PROPHETS, of THESE END TIMES - SENT by Almighty GOD"? - then - he WILL, NEVER be, 'ACKNOWLEDGED as, the LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT', BY the mainstream MEDIAThis IS in fact "a SCOURGE! - ON his PRESIDENCY and LEGACY" - brought DOWN, UPON him - BY! - "Almighty God".  And so? - what 'APPEARS', to be "a VICTORY", and "a VINDICATION"? - is really "ONLY the BEGINNING, of his sorrows".   AS the democrats and the MEDIA, will NEVER! - admit - that "THEY were WRONG"; but they WILL! - 'create a NARRATIVE', that VINDICATES them.  Because 'the MEDIA' is on their SIDE!  And "the LAW", is on their side!  And the mainstream MEDIA will CONTINUE 'to shape the PERCEPTIONS of the American PEOPLE' - FORCING! - "a divide" - in the United STATES; FORCING the COUNTRY, to be 'DIVIDED'.  HOW DIVIDED? - IS - the COUNTRY? - of the United STATES?  Our CREATOR, the Most High TRUE God, is about to play 'HIS Hand' - as HE has been 'holding back' all of HIS cards, for a WHILE now - and HE has "a Royal FLUSH" to play! 

And so, "the CREATOR" - needs to SHOW! - U.S. President Donald TRUMP, 'WHO'! - is "the TRUE Spiritual AUTHORITY", ON this Earth right now.  As the Most High TRUE God, chose ME, as "the LEGITIMATE, HEAD, of the TRUE Roman Catholic FAITH" - COMPLETELY severed! - FROM, "the INSTITUTION, of the roman HIERARCHY" - and as "the TRUE Pope, of this ERA" - yet "UNRECOGNIZED, by the MAJORITY", as the legitimate POPE! - or "head of STATE".  So TOO is U.S. President Donald TRUMP, "in the same SITUATION"!  And so UNTIL, I am RECOGNIZED AS, "the TRUE POPE", and ACKNOWLEDGED, AS "the TRUE Representative, of Jesus Christ the LORD, and His True VICAR! - here on EARTH"? - the Most High TRUE God, will CONTINUE, to 'allow TRUMP, and the Trump ADMINISTRATION, to be SCOURGED' - by FALSEHOODS, LIES, MEDIA SMEARS, and ongoing SCANDALS - as "SUPERNATURAL disasters"! - CONTINUE 'to PILE up', at his DOORSTEP.  U.S. President Donald TRUMP, "knows who we ARE!" and "who we REPRESENT!" - REGARDLESS of what 'HIS counsel', has said to HIM, about US - we know 'his HEART' has been CONVICTED - and so he is "even MORE culpable", for REFUSING to do "the right THING" - and he will be punished SEVERELY, as a result.  And we are "NOT in any hurry!" - as WE sit back! - and watch him, get, "what he is DESERVING of" - BECAUSE of his neglects.  Amen.  (March 25, 2019 update) 
"America is the greatest place on Earth"
America, "the GREATEST magnet for disasters on Earth"
September 2017  Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico, costing U.S. taxpayers more than $91 Billion in damages
September 2018  Hurricane Florence Flooded North Carolina, costing U.S. taxpayers more than $25 Billion in damages
October 10, 2018  Hurricane Michael ERASES Mexico Beach Florida, devastating a military base there as well.  $25 B.
Spring Flooding 2019 - devastating the Missouri and Mississippi river basins
March 24, 2019  The Mueller Investigation sham - costing U.S. taxpayers more than $25 Million
... Record-breaking Cold?... California fires?  Full term partial birth ABORTIONS?  Massive TORNADOES?  Upset stomach?
Obviously, the BEGINNING of this list, is just 'a teaser'.  We will be updating it, when we get around to it.
"We are "NOT in any hurry!"?  Why is THAT?  Simply stated, because as "the Two Witnesses", our 'ONTOLOGY', isn't changed, as each day goes by - as all of HEAVEN recognizes, 'WHO we are'.  But each day, the NAME, REPUTATION, DIGNITY, and LEGACY of "ILLEGITIMATE President Donald Trump", is TRAMPLED upon, by the deep state POLITICIANS, the mainstream MEDIA, and by "the gullible PEOPLE", who eat up and GORGE themselves, on propaganda like that.  And so, as long as he is "CONTENT", and "TOLERANT", of THAT ongoing track record... at the end of each DAY? - with 'standards' like THAT?...  He is simply "NOT psychologically ready", to be recognized as "the DULY elected President".
Mandatory Vaccinations

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  "But how stubborn is mankind in his sins to believe technology above God - to believe that the vaccine can protect them from this deadly virus.  Oh foolish men, you are - you who believe that The God of Life who sustains everything has no place in your heart and no place in keeping you healthy.  Oh mankind, you believe in foolishness - that technology can save you."  (-Sunday, September 6, 2009) 

Mandatory Vaccinations
Video from April 10, 2019 - "NYC measles outbreak prompts public health emergency"
$1000.00 fines are now in effect (0:33) - and new "disease detectives" are now enforcing that law
And SO 'the propaganda being SPREAD' is that "people NEED, to be vaccinated, against ALL KINDS of viruses and DISEASES - in order to DEVELOP, 'an IMMUNE system' - that will fight AGAINST, THOSE kinds of VIRUSES, and diseases".

But YET, "What if the CREATOR, would put 'that SYSTEM', to the test?"  WHAT if He were 'to CHALLENGE' that system? - with, VIRUSES and DISEASES, that mankind, has NEVER found, "a CURE" for!  WHAT if, our CREATOR, was to ALREADY! - COMPROMISE - the IMMUNE systems, OF the global population? - MAKING them "more SUSCEPTIBLE, to VIRUSES, and DISEASES, of every KIND".  WELL? - we can TELL you that "it has already BEGUN".  And that, the Most High TRUE God, is going to RENDER ALL, 'VACCINES', INEFFECTIVE.  Because "man's MEDICINE"? - is POISON.  And those VACCINES? - are 'LADEN, with SERIOUS! - POISONS!' - and, THESE cause "MAJOR side-effects!" - in people - that 'the so-called STUDIES' will NOT! - report on.  The MOST High TRUE God - is 'against man's MEDICINE' - because HE is "the Heavenly Physician".  And 'the SICKNESS'? - that mankind HAS - IS 'sin'.  And SIN cannot be "cured", by VACCINES!  Mankind is 'SPIRITUALLY sick'.  And now, with one Command, from the Most High TRUE God, to Saint MICHAEL, the Holy ARCHANGEL - the Most High TRUE God, WILL! - send OUT, "an ABUNDANCE, of diseases, and VIRUSES" - in ORDER TO, 'SHOW, mankind', and SHOW the governments - that, it is ONLY 'by turning to HIM'! - it is ONLY 'by TRUE REPENTANCE' - that PEOPLE, can be cured.  The HOSPITALS, will be "OVER-RUN" - and "OVERFLOWING", with PEOPLE, SEEKING, MEDICAL help, and ATTENTION - but? - they will NOT be able to CURE them.  And PEOPLE WILL be "dropping, in the streets".

And so, the PEOPLE who are choosing to be "AGAINST, vaccinations" - NEED to know! - "what they're saying NO to".  And THEY are, IN effect, SAYING "no" - to BEING injected, with 'an ALREADY DEAD virus'.  AND they are saying "no", to having 'their DNA, ALTERED, or CHANGED', THROUGH the INJECTION.  They are saying "NO" to MERCURY, and FORMALDEHYDE - which are 'VERY toxic', to the human body.  They are saying "NO" to 'being treated as 'GUINEA pigs', in a WORLD-wide EXPERIMENT. 

And ALL the "so-called SCIENTISTS and DOCTORS, and genetic RESEARCHERS, and BIOLOGISTS!" - need to KNOW, that 'OUR CREATOR', does NOT! - "endorse", the use, of vaccines.  He is 'AGAINST them'!  Because, HE is "for LIFE" - and how FOOLISH! - the 'so-called EXPERTS' ARE! - to BELIEVE, that they can, 'inject DEATH!' - into, the population - and SOMEHOW? - "PRESERVE, their LIFE", in the PROCESS.  When 'these same EXPERTS' KNOW "the very DREADFUL effects!" - of these VACCINES - in the MICE, and the MONKEYS, and the PIGS, that they EXPERIMENTED on.

"HPV vaccine carries 25% chance of lifelong sterilization, study finds" (August 24, 2018 article)

And so what we have HERE - is "FORCED sterilization", DISGUISED, as "a HARMLESS! - HPV vaccine". What PARENT? - would 'REFUSE, their CHILD'! - a VACCINE that CLAIMS to PROTECT them from "sexually-transmitted DISEASES"?  And so, the GOVERNMENTS, 'DECEIVED the parents', into "STERILIZING, their children" - for LIFE! - and 'KILLING!' - any CHANCE, of 'a future OFFSPRING' - and killing ANY hope of having grandchildren.  And THIS is how the GOVERNMENTS, actually 'INTRODUCED, EUGENICS, into the global POPULATION' - THROUGH the vaccination programs - and THROUGH offering "abortion on demand".  And for SURE! - REGARDLESS of 'what the STUDIES say' - REGARDLESS of 'what the EXPERTS are saying, in the medical profession' - who are being 'WELL-paid!' - for performing abortions - THERE is "a DIRECT link, between INFERTILITY, and WOMEN who have had abortions, in the past".  The INJECTIONS? - that women are GIVEN, during the abortion PROCEDURES - or the INJECTIONS given to "the emerging CHILD"? - most DEFINITELY! - WILL cause, infertility.  Because, ABORTION, IS, 'the eugenics, MOVEMENT'.  But they 'DECEIVED'! - the WOMEN, into "DESTROYING! - their OFFSPRING and their FUTURE" - to HELP! - the ONE world GOVERNMENT, in 'THEIR, global GENOCIDE'.  Amen. (March 26, 2019 update)

Heaven's Divine Just Response to Mandatory Vaccinations?

Actual emailWe have spoken to a doctor regarding the measles vaccine being mandatory and he said it is mandatory… So we will all need to be vaccinated by law.

SO then! - if the one world GOVERNMENT? - wants 'to MAKE it, MANDATORY'? - for the Faithful REMNANT? - to be "INJECTED"? - with their 'LETHAL! - VACCINES'?  Then LET! - the VACCINES! - be "LETHAL! - for EVERYONE!"  And LET, 'DEATH!' - be "the fruit", of ALL! - of the vaccinations - WORLD wide.  And it will be 'the GOVERNMENTS'! - that 'spread DEATH, to their PEOPLE'!  Because that's ALL they have EVER! - GIVEN them. And this WILL! - show, the PEOPLE, that 'their GOVERNMENTS'? - DON'T care!  And AS, 'the GOVERNMENT LEADERS', vaccinate their OWN CHILDREN? - let 'THEIR children' be POISONED! - and be 'on THEIR death beds!'  THIS now, is "IRREVOCABLE!" - as they have ALREADY, spread SO many vaccinations - WORLD wide - as a RESULT, of 'THIS, measles OUTBREAK'.  May the Most High TRUE God's Divine WILL, and PLAN, be DONE!  Amen.  It IS best to delay as LONG as you POSSIBLY CAN - and SIMPLY, 'COMMEND all of the HEALTH personnel', TO "the SWORD of Saint Michael"(December 03, 2019 update)

Concerning the Mandatory Vaccinations.

We KNOW that the Most High TRUE God, is going to make the vaccines 'DEADLY' - it's "JUST a matter of TIME" - before 'the local AUTHORITIES', FIGURE this out! (December 06, 2019 update) 

What will HAPPEN? - when people pray to 'the God of the religious institutions' for mercy?

Actual email: "The measles outbreak in Samoa has all the church leaders praying for Divine intervention."

Perhaps? - the prayers, of the Samoan PEOPLE - will help to SPREAD, 'the MEASLES outbreak' - even FURTHER!  As the Most High TRUE God, CHOOSES, to SEVERELY, 'SCOURGE them!' - AND! - the nations, OF the world.  We ENCOURAGE! - the Samoan PEOPLE, to PRAY! - for "a DIVINE INTERVENTION", on their ISLAND.  And THEN? - SEE 'how their CREATOR, RESPONDS' - to 'their PLEAS for MERCY'. (December 08, 2019 update) 


Florida: And so WHAT has President Trump done in 'trying to PROTECT the Florida everglades' from the Divine WRATH, of his Creator?  He has in fact 'CONTENDED', with the Most High True God - as he is 'going AGAINST', the Most High TRUE God's "Divine Will and Plan" for Florida.  And HIS Divine Will and PLAN? - is for FLORIDA to be 'Erased'!  And so the Most High TRUE GOD, will "make an EXAMPLE", out of the State of Florida - AS He begins to change the MAP of North America.  You will see this SOON!  Amen. (March 29, 2019 update)

Clip from - President Trump tours Lake Okeechobee
U.S. President Trump protecting "the EXTREMITIES", the best he can,
in order to distract Americans, from the ongoing 1.6 Million abortions in America each year

How are YOU receiving the REVELATION of "the Judgements of the Most High True God"?
Today a private Member of the Faithful Remnant sent us the following:

Actual email:  I strongly believe THE TESTIMONY IS FROM MY CREATOR - FROM THE ULTIMATE SOURCE. SO EVERYTHING THAT IS WRITTEN IN THE TESTIMONY IS THERE FOR A VERY GOOD AND SPECIFIC REASON.  I am really uncomfortable with what (JUDGEMENTS) lie ahead. But when you/I start to see WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE TESTIMONY through the eyes of TMHTG then of course it makes sense.  But this is a process...
(April 05, 2019 update)


"And at noon Elijah mocked them, saying, “Cry aloud, for he is a god; either he is musing, or he has gone aside, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.” And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their custom with swords and lances, until the blood gushed out upon them. And as midday passed, they raved on until the time of the offering of the oblation, but there was no voice; no one answered, no one heeded."  (1 Kings 18:27-29) 

And SO? - as the PEOPLE allegorically 'SLASH themselves', IN the churches, each SUNDAY - BEGGING! - for "god", to answer their PRAYERS? - we TURN, to 'our HEAVENLY Father' - the Most High TRUE God - and we ASK Him! - to "BEGIN, answering their prayers" - as 'they SEEK to summon HIM!' - we ask that He would "VISIT them, with HIS Divine JUSTICE! - AND Punishment".
Notre Dame Cathedral "HOLY WEEK" fire, 2019
It ISN'T "the Fire of the TRUE Holy Spirit", that's filling the churches, in these Times
Then WHAT are the people being DRAWN to?
And so they can practice GOING there, EVERY Sunday

...and we STRONGLY admonish EVERYONE in these End Times, NOT to burn down the religious institutions - because THAT is "an act of VANDALISM", and "ARSON", and is PROSECUTABLE by LAW.  ALL of the Judgements, being pronounced, from HEAVEN - will ONLY! - be carried out - by "the CREATOR!" - by "DIVINE Intervention", which is "BEYOND, HUMAN comprehension".

And we ASK, that ALL, of 'the ANTICHRIST churches' - WOULD, in fact, BECOME - "MAGNETS, for disaster, and DESTRUCTION".  And that, HE would 'TURN, ALL! - of "their BLESSINGS", into Curses.'  And so as they ASK, for their TOWN, to be "BLESSED by god!" - or for their NATION, to be "BLESSED by GOD!" - that HE, would most assuredly, 'HEAR that!' - as "a CURSE" - ASKING HIM, and INVITING Him - to "CURSE them".  And WHY! - is this going 'to BEFALL', the CHURCHES?  Because THEY 'sat back!' - and received "TITHES" - as the UNBORN were Crucified - they remained 'SILENT', as the NATIONS, 'ROSE up', and ABORTED, the children. "The CHURCHES" - are! - in fact, "COMPLICIT, in the crimes, against the unborn CHILDREN" - and the MOST High TRUE God, will 'PROSECUTE them to the FULLEST! - extent - OF, the Divine LAW'
And so, "OUR Lord! - and SAVIOR, Jesus CHRIST, the Most High TRUE God" - IS going to 'SIT back', and WATCH - the HOLY ANGELS, under SAINT MICHAEL'S Command - go FORTH! - and UNLEASH, 'HIS Personal VENGEANCE', on ALL, of the churches.  And HE is GOING, to "CRUCIFY", the WORLD!  Because, THEY! - crucified HIM - THROUGH "the Unborn".  Amen.
It is important to note, that this Judgement was PASSED and written, BEFORE we had any knowledge of the Notre Dame fire - that is 'DIRECTLY connected', to the story of Elijah, and 'the prophets of baal' - mentioned in the Scripture passage above.  (April 15, 2019 update - the day of the Notre Dame fire) 
The Different Consequence
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

The END of "false christianity"

Our CREATOR, is going to put an END to "false christianity" - as HE, 'DRAWS a CLEAR line', between "the TRUE Christians", and "the false christians".  In "FALSE christianity", PEOPLE can DO, "WHATEVER they WANT" - as LONG as they don't physically HARM someone - and 'make it into the Kingdom of HEAVEN', when they PASS on.  IN "false CHRISTIANITY", people BELIEVE, that they can FOLLOW "the letter of the LAW", and "the TRADITION! - of their RELIGION", AND! - that THEY, will 'make it', into the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  They BELIEVE, that "God MUST! - open the Gates! - to the Kingdom of Heaven TO them!" - because of ALL of the... "good WORKS!", that they did, in His NAME!  Because they were VIEWED as, "GOOD PEOPLE!" - by OTHERS.  But? - THAT is not "REALITY"REALITY IS: that the Most High TRUE God, has "SET, the Bar", for how PEOPLE, are to FOLLOW Him - and WHERE 'the STANDARD' is. And the MOST High TRUE God, has SET 'the Bar for True CHRISTIANITY'.  But "the FALSE christians", have 'LOWERED, the moral BAR' - so they are 'NOTHING!' - in ANY way! - a REFLECTION, of 'what Jesus Christ the LORD actually TAUGHT, His first disciples'The "CHRISTIANS" of today, ARE 'shams!' - they are FALSE - THEY are "frauds". Because THEY believe, that, 'JESUS', is "a reflection of THEM".  THEY have MADE, JESUSES "in their own IMAGE and LIKENESS" - and THAT is in fact 'THEM! - playing the role of God in their lives'.  But the WORLD? - as "a WHOLE" - is about to find OUT, that there IS "only one Jesus" - whom THEY, are in FACT, 'CALLED to FOLLOW' - OR perish!  The WORLD is about, to find OUT, that, 'ALL of their JESUSES' - ALL of their CONCEPTS, of God - are FALSE - are "WATERED-down", and ARE in fact, 'DEMONS! - and false GODS, in DISGUISE'.  And, "OUR Creator", is going to EXPOSE them all - as once AGAIN, HE takes it upon HIMSELF - to 'TURN', peoples' HEARTS back to Him - as He has DONE so, in the PAST.  And HOW will He DO THIS? - through "EXTREME! - suffering" - unlike ANYTHING the world has ever experienced, before.  Because our CREATOR, is GOING to 'ABORT it'The "FALSE christians" believe they can 'HIDE! - BEHIND the Name of Jesus' - but HE is "PUTTING an End! - TO that FALSEHOOD - to that LIE!"  They BELIEVE that, they can 'USE His NAME! - in VAIN - with COMPLETE, IRREVERENCE, and REPETITION' - and that 'when disaster STRIKES' - that 'THEN! - they can call upon Him'.  But the REST of the TIME? - live their LIVES as though He doesn't EXIST.  And SO? - in fact what "the false CHRISTIANS" have DONE? - they have ACTUALLY turned 'the NAME, of JESUS' - INTO - 'a CURSE! - upon themselves' - because THEY chose, "to ABUSE, His VERY SACRED and Holy NAME".  In this WORLD, the PEOPLE, do NOT, 'HAVE', "Respect, or Reverence, for the HOLY Name of JESUS" - but 'HE' is going to CHANGE that.  Because HE, is in FACT, GOING 'to SCOURGE, the ENTIRE WORLD' - TO the POINT - of 'EXTREME TRAGEDY, and PERPETUAL DISASTER' - that WILL! - in fact, be 'a direct RESULT', of PEOPLE, CONTINUING, to USE His Name in vain.  Amen.

And WHERE! - on the ENTIRE face of the EARTH! - is JESUS Christ the Lord's NAME, 'UTTERED, with COMPLETE DISDAIN!' - OUT of, "REQUIREMENT"?  WHERE! - is "the HOLY Name of Jesus", ABUSED - the MOST? - as "PART of the ACTUAL, script"?  WHERE can one find, 'the COMPLETE, OPPOSITE! - MORALITY, that JESUS Christ the LORD, taught?'  WHAT IS, "the most PERVERSE, PLACE, ON the planet"?  Could it be HOLLYWOOD?  WE, will simply allow, "Our CREATOR", to SHOW the world - HOW much "HOLY! - DISDAIN" - HE has, for Hollywood - HOW much, it is 'REQUIRED', for HIM! - to REMOVE, 'that ABOMINATION', from the FACE of the EARTH.  And HOW much 'He is TRULY OFFENDED', by "that FESTERING sore!" - that is RESPONSIBLE, for leading, 'MILLIONS! - upon MILLIONS, of souls' - DOWN the road of perdition.  And so "OUR Prayer"? - to the Most High True GOD - is THIS:  LORD Jesus Christ, Most High TRUE God - PLEASE, SINK, HOLLYWOOD!  Amen. (April 16, 2019 update) 

WHY did the Most High TRUE God's Divine JUSTICE, 'STRIKE!' - the CATHEDRAL, of Notre DAME?

The Most High TRUE God's Divine JUSTICE, 'STRUCK!' - the CATHEDRAL, of Notre DAME. Because 'HE' is teaching, "the illuminati-CONTROLLED, roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION" - that, 'THEY!' - are going, to be BURNED; and that the PEOPLE, who 'ATTEND' - that CATHEDRAL? - are ACTUALLY, ATTENDING, "the Flames of HELL".  Because the Most High TRUE God, is "NOT, there" - but "the HELLISH Flames ARE!"  And, HE in fact is, SYSTEMATICALLY, DESTROYING, 'the church buildings' - by "HIS Divine Hand!"  Because THEY HAVE become, 'places', of IDOLATRY, and PAGAN worship.  And the NOTRE Dame CATHEDRAL, was actually BUILT, over top of the RUINS, of 'a TEMPLE, to JUPITER - the false ROMAN god'.  Now of all PLACES? - why WOULD they, 'BUILD, a CATHEDRAL', in the same PLACE - as "a pagan TEMPLE", once stood?  BECAUSE! - the FREEMASONS - a LONG time ago! - who are NOW, "in Hell!" - made SURE! - that 'the CATHEDRAL' was built, "in THAT exact spot!"  And they ACTUALLY made SURE! - that 'the CATHEDRAL building' - ITSELF! - would be "BUILT in SUCH a way", as 'to DISTRACT!' - people - from "TRUE Worship"; but would INSTEAD 'DRAW their ATTENTION, to the ART, and the ARCHITECTURE' - and the man-made SCULPTURES - and graven STONES.  And OUT of the Most High True God's Divine JUSTICE - He will NEVER! - permit it, to be "rebuilt" - because HE! - has in fact "CONDEMNED, that building" - just as HE has "Condemned" THOUSANDS! - of cities, and DOZENS! - of nations - to be "torn-DOWN - NEVER to be rebuilt".  Amen.  (April 17, 2019 update) 

Concerning 'the JUDGEMENT', and 'the CONDEMNATION', that the WORLD! - has shown us AND the Testimony?

THERE is 'a myth', being SPREAD - by "the FALSE christians", in "FALSE christianity" - that they NEED, ONLY BELIEVE, in the NAME, of Jesus Christ the Lord - and that He CAME, to die, for their SINS - and that, "THEY would be SAVED! - if they just BELIEVED".

"And he [- Jesus] said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel [- as in, "the WHOLE gospel"] to the whole creation. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe [- in "the WHOLE gospel" - but instead, prefers to CONDEMN, PART of the gospel, as they ONLY embrace SOME of it...] will be condemned." (Mark 16:15-16)

"For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become guilty of all of it."  (James 2:10)

But these "false CHRISTIANS" - HAVE, taken AWAY, 'the WHOLE Truth', that was REVEALED, by JESUS, in the Sacred SCRIPTURES - and THAT is, "it is not ENOUGH! - to believe".  For one's BELIEF can be "in VAIN". 

"You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, when he said: ‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.’” (Matthew 15:7-7)

But "CONVENIENTLY", the false CHRISTIANS, do not want to FOCUS, on the FACTS - that are IN, the Sacred Scriptures; but they WANT 'to pick and CHOOSE', WHICH PASSAGES, of the BIBLE - that THEY! - will ADHERE to - as 'they SEEK to LOOK for a GOD, in the image of JESUS, that is a REFLECTION, of themselves!'

And since most of them see themselves AS "god" - they NATURALLY believe that THEY will convert people, and be raised up to Heaven for doing so.  And so, AS the devil tempts them to DISTORT the Scriptures, in order to justify themselves, INSTEAD of their Creator - they are drawn to passages, like THIS favorite PROTESTANT interpretation:

"My brethren, if any one among you wanders from the truth and some one brings him back, let him know that whoever brings back a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins."(James 5:20)

But this above Scripture Passage was NEVER meant to offer hardened sinners, "a COMMISSION", or "a Salvation LOTTERY ticket", for trying to convert "the WICKED".  Here is the CORRECT interpretation:

"My brethren, if any one among you wanders from the truth [- into FALSEHOOD...] and some one brings him back, let him know that whoever brings back a sinner from the error of his way [- by helping them to ADMIT that they have WRONGED their Creator...] will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins [- as the act of FRATERNALLY correcting your NEIGHBOR, is in fact "a Sign" that the person DOING so, while following the inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit, is actually "ON the Path of Salvation"]." (James 5:20)

It was in fact referring to the CHARITABLE act of 'FRATERNALLY correcting', the FAITHFUL, when they STRAY.  But that's not how the PROTESTANTS took it...

"False CHRISTIANS" believe: that THEY CAN in FACT! - 'LIVE a life of SIN'. BUT, if they 'SHARE the faith', with "a SINNER"? - then THEIR sins can be blotted out, and forgiven

NO!  This is "NOT REALITY".  This is ONE reason WHY, the CREATOR, does not WANT, the TESTIMONY "handed OUT", or "SPREAD" - like PAMPHLETS are spread.  Because the TESTIMONY is meant 'to be LIVED'.  The SCRIPTURES are meant 'to be LIVED' - NOT "recited! - in order to JUSTIFY oneself".

"...[-Jesus] said to them, “You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts; for what is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God."(Luke 16:15)

And HERE, Jesus is referring, to 'THOSE PEOPLE, or in THIS case, the religious LEADERS, of the jewish INSTITUTION at the TIME - who REFUSED! - to be 'OPEN to the WORD INCARNATE' - who was STANDING! - in FRONT of them.  But they 'SOUGHT, to JUSTIFY, their OWN WAYS' - and thus CONDEMNED 'the Ways, that JESUS, was TEACHING them.

It's "BETTER"! - to look at the SCRIPTURES - with 'TRUE Spiritual SANITY'.  And, SEEK ways to "JUSTIFY your CREATOR" - and "His WAYS"! - and 'the Way He DOES things', and "what He EXPECTS" of, His True FOLLOWERS. For 'to SEEK to justify YOURSELF'? - is to PUT the Most High TRUE God, 'DOWN' - is 'to make HIM decrease', as YOU 'increase'

It's better to seek to justify your CREATOR, with phrases like...

"The Lord is just in all his ways, and kind in all his doings." (Psalm 145:17)

Of course, Jesus won't argue with THAT!  Why?  Jesus EXPLAINED how He is Perfectly Just:

“I can do nothing on my own authority; as I hear, I judge; and my judgment is just, because I seek not my own will but the will of him who sent me."(John 5:30)

But just as the devil tempted Jesus in the DESERT with "prestige position and power" and living APART from the Divine Will - the devil is ALSO tempting ALL 'the FALSE christians' of these End Times, with the idea of raising THEMSELVES up instead - with lofty things like "a RAPTURE", for example.

And UNFORTUNATELY - THAT is 'what the DEVIL, has OFFERED, to ALL the false CHRISTIANS, of ALL the PROTESTANT denominations, on the planet! - as they in FACT, by their ACTIONS - TELL god, to 'STAND down!' - because "THEY'RE! - going to TAKE His place" - "THEY will be god!" - "They will 'CONVERT', their neighbor".  THEY will bring, 'THEIR neighbor', to "the local BIBLE study" - and THEY, will ATTEND, "PRAISE and worship", CELEBRATIONS - TOGETHER! - and in DOING so? - "OBTAIN salvation", and the RIGHT, to the Kingdom of HEAVENNot SO!  That's "NOT how it WORKS!"  For while 'the PROTESTANTS', are SEEKING, to be 'JUSTIFIED, by the SCRIPTURES' - as they go 'door to DOOR', trying to CONVERT, 'their NEIGHBOR'? - THEY THEMSELVES! - are not even 'LIVING', the Faith - the WAY, it was first TAUGHT - BY, Jesus Christ the LORD.  And 'the devil' HAS them! - "DECEIVED", that is.  And this IS! - PART, of, 'the DIVINE JUSTICE', from HEAVEN! - that "the CHRISTIANS", would SEE THEMSELVES, as 'SAVED' - when TRULY, they are 'JUST as DAMNED, as the PEOPLE' - who have, 'OUTRIGHT REJECTED, Jesus' - and who CLAIM to be "atheist".

“In that day, says the Lord, courage shall fail [- as they don't have "the COURAGE or DESIRE to ADMONISH the sinner" - referring to both the GOVERNORS and the BISHOPS...] both king and princes; the priests shall be appalled [- when they find themselves in the Eternal Lake of FIRE...] and the prophets astounded.” Then I said, “Ah, Lord God, surely you have utterly deceived this people and Jerusalem, saying, ‘It shall be well with you’; whereas the sword has reached their very life.(Jeremiah 4:9-10)

Because, HERE'S the thing:  There is ONLY "ONE True Christianity".  There is only "ONE True JESUS" - and HE is not 'DIVIDED'. But the christian CHURCHES, ALL! - came, FROM, the One, 'TRUE!' - Christian CHURCH, OF "faithful BELIEVERS".  And for 'a TIME'? - the Creator was 'WITH them' - as they EACH, had 'a PIECE', of "the PUZZLE" - as they EACH, had, 'a piece, of the TRUE Jesus'.  But, He is no longer 'WITH' those CHURCHES - or, 'their protestant PASTORS' or MINISTERS.  BECAUSE! - 'the IMAGE, of Jesus', that they WORSHIP, is 'SO CONTRARY!' - to who He Truly IS? - that He CANNOT 'Bless', their GET-togethers.  He cannot Bless their COMMUNITIES.  He cannot Bless their CHURCHES - or their CEREMONIES.  He can only 'CURSE them'. For the churches have given THEMSELVES, OVER, to false GODS - to FALSEHOOD - to "SINFUL, LUSTS, and pleasures of the WORLD" - MAKING, "god, in the IMAGE and likeness, of man" - BUYING, and selling, "SALVATION tickets".  And EVERYTHING, that Jesus Christ the LORD, 'COMMANDED! - His FOLLOWERS - NOT! - to do, in the End TIMES'? - they have DONE!  HE Command them, to stay 'SOBER and alert'!  But they have 'FALLEN, into DRUNKENNESS, and ADDICTIONS' - with NO desire! - to STOP!

They ARE in fact embracing "the drunkenness PACKAGE", retirement plan:

"Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God." (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

He COMMANDED them, "not to GAMBLE".  And yet? - "christians" EVERYWHERE, around the WORLD, are GAMBLING - NOT only with their SALVATION - but with their, 'MONEY'. 

"But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation, into a snare, into many senseless and hurtful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is the root of all evils; it is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced their hearts with many pangs."(1 Timothy 6:9-10)

He COMMANDED them, 'not to FORNICATE', with one another - and ESPECIALLY with 'the same GENDER'; but "CHRISTIANS"? - all over the WORLD! - are engaging, in PRE-marital SEXUAL acts - and LEWDNESS, of every KIND! - to the POINT of, 'CONVINCING themselves, that god BLESSES it!'  He COMMANDED them - to 'love HIM, FIRST' - to 'PUT Him FIRST' - to 'WORSHIP Him FIRST, and FOREMOST' - and YET? - they have ALL! - gone ASTRAY - and gone AFTER, 'the false GODS', and the false IDOLS, of 'their BABYLONIAN, ANCESTORS!'  He COMMANDED them, 'not to LIE'! - and yet 'they lie to THEMSELVES, and to one ANOTHER, and to their NEIGHBORS', on a daily BASIS! - WITHOUT, even THINKING!

He COMMANDED them 'not to MURDER'.  And YET? - they murder 'THEIR conscience', and the CONSCIENCE of their NEIGHBOR - every DAY! - as they keep 'SIN', in their HEARTS - and ENCOURAGE, 'their NEIGHBOR', to be "TOLERANT, of sin".

"But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death." (Revelation 21:8)

And SO, in these TIMES - there IS no "PHYSICAL, escape" - from 'the Spiritual REALITY', of SODOM and GOMORRAH - of 'what, the entire WORLD! - HAS become'.  It IS! - "the Great City".  It IS! - "SODOM, AND Egypt"!  But in these TIMES? - "ESCAPE" - is ONLY, 'for the FAITHFUL, Remnant - because they DESIRE, to BE! - 'WITH their CREATOR', in their HEARTS - and their HEARTS, are "FAR FROM! - this world" - as it stands now.

"Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven." (Luke 6:37)

And so WHAT DID, Jesus MEAN? - when, He said, to "judge NOT, lest you be JUDGED; CONDEMN not, lest you be CONDEMNED"?  Have WE? - as 'the Two WITNESSES, of the Most High True GOD', Judged the WORLD? - or CONDEMNED, the WORLD?  No.  The WORLD, in fact, 'JUDGED and CONDEMNED, themselves'! - BY their actions. 

"If any one hears my sayings and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. He who rejects me and does not receive my sayings has a judge; the word that I have spoken will be his judge on the last day." (John 12:47-48)

And when JESUS spoke those WORDS - He was 'WARNING, the PHARISEES, and the religious LEADERS' - and THOSE who were 'TEMPTED to JUDGE Him, and what He was SAYING' - to withhold JUDGEMENT.  He was warning THEM, 'NOT to CONDEMN, HIM! - and His WORD, that He SPOKE, on BEHALF, of His Father, in Heaven'.

"And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Also another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, by what they had done."(Revelations 20:12)

And so WITH 'the JUDGEMENT', and 'the CONDEMNATION', that the WORLD! - has, shown us, AND the Testimony, AND their Creator - THEY will 'be JUDGED!' - and "CONDEMNED".  The End.

I Jesus have sent my angel [- My Messenger, Pope Peter the Last...] to you with this testimony for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star.” (Revelation 22:16)
(May 11, 2019 update)
Be faithful to the Most High True God
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