The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

“"God is a righteous judge, and a God who has indignation every day. If a man does not repent, God will whet his sword; he has bent and strung his bow; he has prepared his deadly weapons, making his arrows fiery shafts. Behold, the wicked man conceives evil, and is pregnant with mischief, and brings forth lies.  He makes a pit, digging it out, and falls into the hole which he has made.  His mischief returns upon his own head, and on his own pate [- referring to 'the TOP of CROWN of the head'…] his violence descends."
(Psalm 7:11-16) 
In THESE Times? - almost NO one! - DESIRES to REPENT – wholeheartedly, and TURN to His Mercy
Jesus Christ the Lord said:  When someone has FALLEN off the Ark because they have CHOSEN that path, it is MORE than likely that they will NEVER choose to return. PEOPLE, need, 'PERSUASION’, in order to DO what is NECESSARY, for them, to SURVIVE!  I SAID in My TESTIMONY, I was GOING, to use, ‘GENTLE persuasion’, to BRING, people, ‘OUT of the BEAST state’. I ALREADY said it; and NOW I have DONE it!  I am TEACHING you, ‘something about My MERCY’ – it is END-less – for THOSE, who DESIRE, to REPENT – wholeheartedly, and TURN to My Mercy.  But PEOPLE, with the mark of the BEAST, can NOT experience ‘SORROW for their SINS, and sinful LIFESTYLES’, UNLESS I give them the DESIRE.  THAT’S where I show My MERCY!  But not, ‘EVERYONE’, is going to RECEIVE, ‘the DESIRE’, to repent.  MOST, will NEVER desire to repent AGAIN – and THEY WILL die, in their UNREPENTANT sins.  AND that is “My Justice”!  And My JUSTICE, is BASED, on a LOT of things! – in a PERSON’S life: how they LIVED; how much they turned away FROM ME – during their life; whether or not they even ‘had a chance to KNOW Me’; whether or not they had ‘ACCESS, to TRUTH, and LIFE’; whether or not, their CULTURAL, LIVING conditions, changed their ‘DISPOSITION, towards Me’ – because they grew up ‘POOR’.  I take EVERYTHING into consideration – EVEN their ‘socio-economic status’; their POSITION within their family; their RESPONSIBILITIES that they were given; their TEMPERAMENT – that I gave TO them; their ‘MOULD’; their PHYSICAL conditions; their ‘SPIRITUAL affiliations’; their ATTITUDES!; their LIKES and their DISLIKES; EVEN “the CLIMATE” they are living in; EVEN the COLOR, of their SKIN; even the TRIBES, that they BELONG to; and ‘the specific DIALECT or TONGUE’ that they SPEAK in.  EVERYTHING is ‘WEIGHED’!  Their ‘ACTS of MERCY’ versus their ‘MERCILESSNESS’.  BECAUSE, I, can see, ‘the BROAD spectrum’ – of EACH individual’s LIFE – at the SAME time, I can SEE, ‘MANKIND, as a WHOLE’.  I take into consideration ‘EVERY facet’, and ‘EVERY measure of EXPERIENCE’ a person has EVER had – AND – I JUDGE upon THAT!  So WHO is “the Righteous Judge”!  WHO can do ‘all of that’!  I am!  I CAN!  AND I did! (-see the notes attached to this Message that was taken from the September 23, 2015 Archives)  

The Judgement against "the Great Harlot" has PASSED

"After this I heard what seemed to be the mighty voice of a great multitude in heaven, crying, “Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God, for his judgments are true and just; he has judged the great harlot who corrupted the earth with her fornication, and he has avenged on her the blood of his servants.” Once more they cried, “Hallelujah! The smoke from her goes up for ever and ever.”  (Revelation 19:1-3)

At this time in HISTORY, Jesus Christ the Lord is "REIGNING, on HIS Throne in HEAVEN, with a rod of IRON!" - AFFLICTING the nations! - for their WICKED CHOICES, and for the WICKEDNESS, of their LEADERS.  It is a TIME, when the Most High TRUE God, is 'REMEMBERING, the sins of the PEOPLE' - and calling them to MIND! - often.  As the PEOPLE? - refuse to REPENT - or be SINCERELY, 'SORRY, for having, OFFENDED Him'.  And HE? - is going to crucify THEM! - to their SINS!  And they are going to 'REAP, Just PUNISHMENT, for THEIR offenses!'  THAT'S! - the True Spiritual REALITY.

But YOU [- referring to "the INSTITUTIONAL christians" who are reading this…] want to ESCAPE - to the INSTITUTIONAL reality - that, "the catholics, who are embracing the spirit of the ANTICHRIST", are turning to for COMFORT - as they claim 'SALVATION', as Jesus DIED, for THEM!  GOD!!! - came down from HEAVEN! - to the EARTH! - and 'BOWED! - and worshipped MAN!' - as far as THEY are concerned. 

Because they DON'T have 'the spiritual MATURITY', to RECOGNIZE, what "self-SACRIFICE" is - what "SELFLESSNESS" is - and what 'TRUE LOVE' is. The TRUTH IS: the CATHOLICS TODAY? - are EMPOWERED, by their DEMONS! - as their DEMONS seek to HAVE, 'power OVER, the Most High True GOD, and His WORD'.  And they see themselves as "ENTITLED" to Heaven. And so they WON'T 'WORK' for it!  Because they're "ALREADY saved!" - in their OWN eyes.

But YOU! [- who are READING this…] - have been given 'the Gift of the TESTIMONY' - that teaches you 'you MUST LIVE! - according to the WAY, your Creator has COMMANDED you' - in order to OBTAIN, 'REPARATION for your sins', and SALVATION, for your SOUL!  It's THAT SIMPLE! 

Are you "a DOER"? - or "a hearer"? The "catholics"? - they HEAR! - but they WILL not do.  And they have SNUFFED-out their CONSCIENCE, in the PEWS.  And right now you're following them.  Because the DEMONS have you distracted with "the SENTIMENTALITY of Jesus' SUFFERING".  But what are YOU doing! - to make AMENDS with Him?  The DEMONS want you 'distracted with how God FEELS' - and with how, YOU feel!  But that's "the church of the antichrist". TURN to your Creator for 'HOW to work out your salvation'.  Or 'do your own THING' - and be "saved FROM Him". The whole WORLD is in 'the POWER of the dragon' - INCLUDING! - the ONE world, roman CATHOLIC, hierarchical, INSTITUTIONAL religion.  And if you want 'to BELONG to it'? - then you will be CONSUMED!  Because Saint Michael the ARCHANGEL? - is "the DRAGON slayer" - and HE is going to 'slay EVERYONE'! - who is ATTACHED, TO the dragon(August 29, 2019 update) 

For all those who are CHOOSING to IDENTIFY as
"a BROKEN, STUBBORN! - and REBELLIOUS! - individual"? - in their interior lives. 
HOW, do you want to IDENTIFY, in these End TIMES?  For TRULY? - it is COMPLETELY up to YOU.  Because YOU decide, if you 'want to IDENTIFY, as a BROKEN, STUBBORN! - and REBELLIOUS! - individual'? - OR - as someone, who is CHOOSING, 'to be DOCILE, and OBEDIENT, to the True Holy Spirit'.  You are "not a VICTIM", of ANY circumstance.  And NO, YOU decide - 'what YOU, want to embrace in your interior life'.  The TESTIMONY, simply 'INFORMS you', "what the CONSEQUENCES are" - for CHOOSING, 'sin' - and 'demons', and 'wickedness' - INSTEAD of the PATH, of TRUE HUMILITY, following one's CREATOR.  YOU decide! - if YOU, 'WANT', the DEMONS! - and, 'the alien TECH' - to PREVAIL OVER you - by 'what YOU choose to do', when you're FACED, with 'temptations'.  YOU decide! - by your CHOICES! - NOT by your words! - if YOU, are "an AUTHENTIC MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT".   Because your CREATOR, will JUDGE you on 'BOTH'.  But 'ACTIONS'? - weigh MUCH more heavily! - than WORDS.  And you CREATOR ALSO takes in to ACCOUNT - what you have FAILED, to do - that you are CALLED to do, BY Him.  There's TWO CHOICES!  There are no "GREY areas".  There is LIFE, or death!  There is 'GRACES', or 'SIN'!  There is 'True HOPE' - or 'DESPAIR'.  There is, 'RIGHTEOUSNESS', or 'WICKEDNESS'.  But RIGHTEOUSNESS? - by your CREATOR'S standards - NOT 'by your own SELF'S standards'.  To be "PERFECTLY BLUNT"? - you have been CHOOSING to be "a VERY, SPIRITUALLY lethargic and LAZY individual" - even THOUGH, you may show 'SIGNS, of industry', and being PRODUCTIVE - everywhere ELSE in your life.  HOWEVER, it is 'your SPIRITUAL life', that is in fact "the FOUNDATION", for your RELATIONSHIP, with your CREATOR - which is BUILT, on "shaky GROUND" - by 'YOUR! - decision', to REFUSE, to be "all IN! - all the TIME".  What is going to HAPPEN? - when the ground SHAKES? - and you have 'NOTHING to hold ON to', in THAT moment?  The fact IS? - that 'you lack MOTIVATION'! - to CHOOSE your Creator.  And so BECAUSE, we DO 'love', EACH, one, of the Faithful REMNANT? - we ask the Most High TRUE God to give them ALL, 'the necessary MOTIVATION', that they NEED - in order 'to CHOOSE… HIM!' - AND to, 'NOT withhold, DISCIPLINE, FROM them'.  Because in these TIMES? - it is 'through DISCIPLINE', that the Most High TRUE God, will draw, 'all PEOPLE, who survive the APOCALYPSE' - to HIMSELF.  The OTHER ONES? - will NOT be so BLESSED - as THEY will 'perish'! - in their "UNREPENTANT, sins - and STUBBORN ways!"
The Two Just Judges
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

We have 'a big Task' in front of us, and that is to help the Most High True God, UNDO - 2000 years of  systematic illuminati brainwashing, and programming - and to Give people 'the hard REALITY checks', that they NEED, in order to snap OUT of the false realities, and delusions, that they have become so COMFORTABLE embracing, in the Land of Sodom and Egypt, and that is 'the WHOLE WORLD'.

It is 'the LORD' who has GIVEN us, 'AUTHORITY' - AS! - His TWO JUST JUDGES - to JUDGE, the PEOPLE, 'FAIRLY' - to 'JUDGE them', as HE HIMSELF would Judge them.  HE Appointed US! - we did NOT 'appoint OURSELVES'.

And so 'when PEOPLE decide to judge US - UNJUSTLY, and UNFAIRLY'? - He takes that "PERSONALLY" - as "OUR, Big Brother"! - and He 'RISES up!' - and DEFENDS us 'by ANY means', NECESSARY - EVEN, 'to the POINT, of DISPATCHING, our enemies'.

But HOW! - does "the CREATOR", the Righteous JUDGE - PROVE! - that WE, were "appointed by HIM"?  THIS is 'what the entire WORLD, is about to find OUT' - QUITE soon!  (November 01, 2019 update) 

The Scales of Justice
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Can the Most High TRUE God send "PREVENIENT Divine Just CONSEQUENCES"
ahead of a person's 'FUTURE choice' - to CHOOSE, to do WICKEDLY?

Hint: "Prevenient" - means "going before"… as in - in THIS context - going BEFORE a person 'even THINKS about' doing something.

The answer is "YES!" Does the Most High TRUE God have a "PRE-CRIME MILITARY FORCE" that is sent OUT - BEFORE a person commits 'a CRIME' - and executes 'PUNISHMENT for the crime', that they have not yet even THOUGHT of committing?  "Yes He DOES! - and Saint Michael, the HOLY Archangel from HEAVEN 'takes CARE of it'!"

And NO, the global military industrial complex have absolutely 'NOTHING!' - even close to this kind of 'GLOBAL CONTROL', over the entire human population - as THEY! - CAN'T! - see the future - so how could they POSSIBLY, know what people WILL ultimately choose? - they can't!  They can ONLY use their psychotronics, to MANIPULATE peoples' choices - and that's about it! - on the "PRE-CRIME topic" - for them.   "TOO… bad!... for them!"  (- because what's coming NEXT… is really going to hurt!)

Wait a second! - are the Two Witnesses about to unveil their "PRE-CRIME secret weapon" that is ENFORCED by INVISIBLE Holy Angels - UNLEASHED against the global military industrial complex 'mere mortals'?... who are 'STUCK in the space-time CONTINUUM'?...

Jesus said: I have already seen "the OUTCOME" of this War!  And INDEED, I have ALREADY Won!  I will 'BEAT them SENSELESS'!  And I WILL! - 'DESTROY them'! - as THEY have sought, 'to DESTROY, My LITTLE ones'. The "one world government", OCCULT luciferians - will be 'ANNIHILATED! - from the FACE of the earth'.  And, THEY will 'no LONGER be REMEMBERED' - because "I will BLOT them out!"  And I will make, 'the CONSEQUENCES', SO Severe! - for 'THOSE people still LIVING' - who ENGAGE in 'such ABOMINABLE acts', of MERCILESS torture! - of the UNBORN, and of My FAITHFUL Remnant - that 'NEVER AGAIN! - will MANKIND - ENTERTAIN 'the THOUGHT' - of KILLING their own CHILDREN - and 'HANDING them OVER' - to "OCCULT luciferians" - to be 'SACRIFICED, on THEIR altars'.  But "the WICKED"? - will be 'NO more'! And, ALL the people, will 'REMEMBER!' - what happened to THEM! - how 'HORRIBLE!' - their 'END' was.  And they WILL 'LEARN', to REVERENCE - AND 'Fear', My HOLY Name - ONCE again.  They will "REVERENCE" - and 'REVERE!' - the KINGDOM of the Saints. And I will CLAIM for Myself - "a HOLY People" - who 'LOOK at the abominations', IN their midst - AT this time - and are 'BEREAVED! - in spirit'.  And THESE people - I will DRAW, to "My FAITHFUL Remnant" - amidst 'the CARNAGE! - I am about to UNLEASH, upon the FACE of the Earth'.

And just in case you MISSED it? - the King of CREATION, the King of the UNIVERSE, JUST "Declared the END! - of the illuminati, and their deep state, and their global governance, and their luciferian kingdom… ALL of it! - FINISHED!" - To BE replaced - by 'a NEW Kingdom' - by "the Kingdom of HEAVEN" - by 'a KINGDOM of HEARTS' who are "FOR!" - Jesus Christ the Lord.

Unfortunately? - for the ILLUMINATI? - all THEIR work was COMPLETELY and ABSOLUTELY and RIDICULOUSLY!... "in vain".  Because they're ALL "a bunch of idiots".  The Time for their complete removal is FAST approaching.  (November 06, 2019 update)
He doesn't 'WAIT!'… to judge you… based on 'what FALSE EXTERNALS'? - you can conjure up.  He READS your HEART!... even NOW!... as you READ this… and RESPOND, in your INTERIOR life… And yes HE is Judging you, even in this moment. But YOU? - 'Judge YOURSELF'.  There is no need to 'fake it'.  Why?  Because He IS Judging you, right now… After praying the Burning Bush Prayer - multiple TIMES! - and your HEART is not… "IGNITED, for your CREATOR"?... then He's "not LIGHTING it!"  BECAUSE of your ulterior motives.  So then you NEED to 'face the REAL REASONS' - WHY you want to become "a Member of the Faithful REMNANT" - and be 'completely HONEST!'  As UGLY as the motives ARE? - you HAVE to CONFRONT them.  Because? - THEY! - are 'what's BLOCKING you' - from AUTHENTICALLY desiring, to be "His child".  PEOPLE in these Times? - SIMPLY 'expect!' - that the Most High TRUE God, is "going to SAVE them!" - REGARDLESS of 'the effort they put in', to their SPIRITUAL life - or even 'THINKING! - about their own salvation'.  They see JESUS? - as "a MEAL ticket! - to Heaven".  Which is WHY 'the PROTESTANT ministers' - CONVINCE! - their CONGREGATION, that they JUST need "to BELIEVE in Jesus! - and ACCEPT Him as SAVIOR, and they're SAVED!"  That's "a LIE!"   The PEOPLE are 'DECEIVED!' - and they're going to HELL!  Because they ATE! - "the BREAD of deception"The TESTIMONY offers "the CORRESPONDING TRUTH" to the LIES - that the PASTORS, MINISTERS, PRIESTS, RABBIS and even IMAMS - are 'feeding their PEOPLE'.  If YOU want "the EASY way"? - then you should 'go with THEM!'  But to actually 'FOLLOW'? - FROM the heart - "the BLESSED Savior, Jesus Christ the LORD" - and to 'ADHERE!' - TO His Commands? - takes 'SELF-DENIAL', self-SACRIFICE, and a DESIRE to be 'poor' in the WORLD - and 'RICH', SPIRITUALLY.  And 'the PATH'? - is IMPOSSIBLE! - to follow - being GUIDED, by 'the BLIND'! - by 'the BLIND leaders, of this AGE'! - who are, THEMSELVES? - "going to Hell!" - ALL of them!  We are in FACT! - "the only TWO, AUTHENTIC! - Religious Leaders, on the PLANET!" - SENT at a TIME - when the WORLD is 'SPIRALING downwards - QUICKLY!' - as "the WICKED", CONTINUE to embrace, 'their SINS and OFFENSES' - and we are 'simply looking FOR? - THOSE, who are DISGUSTED! - with what the WORLD has become, and who SINCERELY are 'HUNGRY' - as they are MISSING! - 'something VERY Big!' - that they simply CANNOT 'live without' - and that is the TESTIMONY.  And that is the fact, that "we are HERE!" - that "we are on the SCENE!" - in a very big WAY!  And the PEOPLE who 'desire to be PART, of our FLOCK'? - FIND a HOME! - WITH us.  But "the WOLVES" who want to break-IN to the flock? - EVEN if 'they don't CONSIDER themselves WOLVES'? - are QUICKLY 'exposed'.

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  You DO not 'VALUE', the GIFT, of 'a RELATIONSHIP, with your CREATOR'! - but simply BELIEVE, that you are ALL, GOING, to HEAVEN - BECAUSE, the Most High True God is "MERCIFUL"!  YES!  HE IS, "MERCIFUL"!  AND He shows "MERCY", by 'not PERMITTING "the WICKED", to enter HEAVEN'!   Even my SON has 'Mercy' on HIMSELF!  YOU, ALL, would see 'the WORLD', as "more PRECIOUS, than the GIFT of SALVATION"; and you DESIRE, your OWN 'source' - of 'bread'. And WHAT is THAT?  But 'the BREAD of self-DECEPTION and self-AFFIRMATION'.  You FEED your DEMONS! - my PEOPLE; but you DO not 'miss your SOULS'!  You have ALL, gone ASTRAY! - in your HEARTS, and in your MINDS!  And you WORSHIP 'the ABOMINATION of DESOLATION'! - WHETHER you want to BELIEVE it, OR not! - because you DEPRIVE yourselves, of 'the GIFT, of Salvation'!  ONLY my TRUE Faithful Remnant Church - ONLY they! - are 'ON the PATH' - that LEADS, to Eternal SALVATION, for their SOULS!  But YOU, my people - YOU go AFTER, 'your OWN thoughts and desires' - APART! - from my Son's TESTIMONY.  And you ALL believe, that you are "saved" - that you are "SAVED" - SIMPLY, by BELIEVING, in my Son's NAME!  You FOOLISH people!  Do YOU not KNOW, that 'the DEMONS'! - BELIEVE! - that JESUS, is "LORD"?!  YOU, FOOLISH PEOPLE!!  You 'PROUD and ARROGANT scoffers'!  Do YOU not KNOW, that 'the DEMONS', BELIEVE, in JESUS?!  Are ANY OF THEM 'going to be SAVED'?  THAT is why 'ALL of you' are 'WITHOUT excuse' - because you KNOW, that this IS, 'my Son's TESTIMONY'  - that this IS, "OUR, Testimony"!  But BECAUSE, you desire 'WICKEDNESS', over 'the TRUTH'! - you are CONDEMNED! - and WILL, REMAIN, under CONDEMNATION - UNLESS! -you REPENT!" (from the March 03, 2016 Archives)   
(November 12, 2019 update) 

WHAT on EARTH will the PEOPLE receive for "laughing the Two of us to scorn"?

Did you KNOW? - that the earth is covered in tectonic plates floating on molten magma - making it "one of the most EARTHQUAKE-prone planets in the entire universe"! 

WE are 'hearing in the MEDIA', that certain places on the PLANET, are "prone to EARTHQUAKES".  And THEN they list, 'the HISTORY, of MAGNITUDES, of quakes' - FOR that area.

But WHY do they DO this?  Because, they WANT to keep the PEOPLE, 'ASLEEP!' - so that they don't wake UP! - to the REALITY, that the CREATOR, is in fact, 'HITTING! - the tectonic PLATES' - that HE! - is "causing an INCREASE, in EARTHQUAKE activity" - that has not been SEEN - since 'the dawn of TIME'. 

And NOW? - it IS 'Time', for a new ERA, "the ERA of MASSIVE Earthquakes!" - EARTHQUAKES, "off, EVERY scale! - that the SCIENTISTS, currently have - to MEASURE, MAGNITUDE, DEPTH and INTENSITY".  As our CREATOR? - TAKES it upon HIMSELF - to "shake-UP the world" - to 'shake the PLANET' - to 'CAUSE the people to FALL… to their knees'.

And WE are ASKING! - our CREATOR - to strike 'PLACES on the planet' - with EARTHQUAKES, that are NOT "earthquake-prone areas" - that have never SEEN! - 'earthquakes', STRIKE! - their CITY - or? - their COUNTRY - OR their nation! - with 'such VERACITY,  AND fierceness.  For? - UP until this TIME? - the Most High TRUE God - the Eternal Father in HEAVEN? - has been "VERY! - Merciful" - and He has 'TEMPERED, the MAGNITUDE, of DISASTERS' - with PHYSICAL laws, of nature - with "PHYSICAL, barriers" - to PROTECT! - the majority of the inhabitants of the earth - from, 'SUDDEN DEATH', or from 'EXCRUCIATING pain, and suffering'.  He 'set BARRIERS', FOR nature - that NATURE would not 'cross'.  But He is 'LIFTING those barriers'. 

WHY? - because the PEOPLE have 'no barriers!' - for 'the kind of WICKEDNESS', that THEY! - are 'willing to act-OUT, and DO!'

The people 'TAUGHT Him' that "He should find, 'their death', and 'SUFFERING'? - entertaining!"  As the PEOPLE are 'ENTERTAINED! - by the UNBORN SOULS! - suffering, EVERY day - being "RIPPED-APART! - LIMB by LIMB" - or simply 'having their LIVES, snuffed-out'. 

And the PEOPLE? - have made THEMSELVES, "quite COMFORTABLE! - at HOME" - SITTING back, and WATCHING, 'PEOPLE, SUFFER', and 'go through EXCRUCIATING torture!' - and 'things getting blown-UP!' - and 'such, HORRIFIC violence!' - and CALL that "QUALITY entertainment!"

And so GUESS what's coming! - to "YOUR city!"  "QUALITY entertainment" - as "OUR Creator! - afflicts YOUR city" - with 'SO much, PAIN, and SUFFERING, VIOLENCE, and things getting blown-UP!' - that He SIMPLY, 'watches, from a distance' - and He WON'T intervene - or hear the prayers of ANYONE 'outside the Faithful Remnant Church'.  And He WON'T be 'CONSOLING people' - as they DIE! - EITHER. 

PEOPLE have actually come 'to ENJOY watching, people SCREAM in terror - as they DIE, on the big SCREEN'.  And so? - OUR Creator! - who is "a Fierce WARRIOR" - and NOT! - "a god to be trifled WITH" - WILL watch the people 'scream in terror, as they DIE!'

PEOPLE have NEVER 'witnessed', or SEEN, 'this SIDE', of - the Creator - and 'LIVED! - to TELL about it'.  But WE will! - as His Two WITNESSES.  As HE makes! - "a MOCKERY" - and "a FOOL!" - out of EVERYONE! - who chose to LAUGH, and MOCK! - the Two of US - AND, the COMMANDMENTS of the Most High True GOD.  As He 'LAUGHS! - the WICKED, to scorn!' 

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said:  According to ALL that I have SAID? - I will DO to them! - as their WORKS deserve.

"The Lord will laugh them to scorn. After this they will become dishonored corpses, and an  outrage among the dead for ever; because he will dash them speechless to the ground, and shake them from the foundations; they will be left utterly dry and barren, and they will suffer anguish, and the memory of them will perish. They will come with dread when their sins are reckoned up, and their lawless deeds will convict them to their face."(Wisdom 4:18b-20) 

(November 15, 2019 update) 
To Claim Your Reward
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

WHAT to do with that "blowback"?...

After posting today's update, the deep state were "SO upset!" - about 'their secret wicked plans', being BROUGHT… "out of DARKNESS, and into the LIGHT"… that they decided to HIT us with another big "psychotronic ATTACK" - as they did everything THEY could, to inflict 'LASTING cellular damage', on the Two of us.  And there's "only one PROBLEM with that" - and THAT is: Psychotronic attacks - always make us ask THIS question:  WHAT is it? - that the deep state… DON'T want us to reveal…?   Hmmmm.  And as we PONDERED "the NEXT Bombshell Revelation from Heaven"…

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  ANY FURTHER "attacks", AGAINST, 'the MEMBERS, of My FAITHFUL Remnant Church'? - or against "My TWO Witnesses"? - WILL! - result - in "IMMEDIATE! - DIVINE! - JUST!!! - Consequences".  "The CASUALTIES"? - will be 'FAR GREATER!' - than 'what the DEEP STATE, were able to ACHIEVE' - OVER, 'My Remnant Church'.  THIS IS… "a Warning"! 

As the NUMBERS of 'My Faithful Remnant FOLLOWERS', INCREASE! - the NUMBERS, of the WICKED - 'decrease'.  For GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, is ABOUT to unleash, "the Divine REAPING", on the inhabitants of the Earth.  And the NUMBER, of the DEAD? - will be 'so HIGH!' - THAT all of Heaven WILL!... 'Look away', at the DESTRUCTION, HE! - is about to cause.  For the NATIONS, must LEARN, that 'I', am "UPHOLDING! - My FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH"; but EVERYONE else? - WILL become, "COLLATERAL damage".  (November 21, 2019 update)

For all those who believe that they SIMPLY need to
LEAVE the roman catholic hierarchical institution, in these TIMES - in ORDER to be Saved? 
It is NOT ENOUGH, for someone to LEAVE, the roman catholic hierarchical institution, in these TIMES - in ORDER to be Saved.  No!   They must 'DO, what the CREATOR is asking' - in His TESTIMONY…  THOSE, who are MEMBERS, of the FAITHFUL REMNANT - will NOT die!  But they will LIVE!  And they will LIVE - for ETERNITY! - as "CHILDREN" - and 'their YOUTHFULNESS' will CONTINUE, to be restored.  WE! - represent, 'the JUST Judge'.  ALL those - OUTSIDE - the FAITHFUL Remnant Church? - ARE "goats!"  It is NOT 'through RIGHTEOUS deeds', that ONE finds "Salvation".  It is ONLY through HEARTFELT 'OBEDIENCE, to the TRUE Holy Spirit - as a WAY of LIFE!' - that ONE, can FIND, "Salvation" - IN the Most High True God - in the TESTIMONY, that HE! - has brought - TO the earth. (November 28, 2019 update) 

The Two Witnesses bring their Case against Women before The Just JUDGE

This is what we brought BEFORE Jesus Christ the Just JUDGE:

What we noticed with the women of these End Times? - is that, they have ALL 'quite COMFORTABLY', made "a PACT with the devil": That IF the DEVIL is not "empowered" or "raised UP" in them? - then they will 'unleash HELL! - on EVERYONE around them'… Until "their DEMANDS" are met? - like 'a TERRORIST organization'; there will be 'Hell to PAY', and "PEOPLE will get HURT!"  Within that organization (- referring to "the collective consciousness of women"), women have taken the role as "SLEEPER agents", READY to be 'ACTIVATED' - against ANYONE who doesn't "pay HOMAGE to their collective demands".  And AS 'a terrorist organization'? - they DO approve of habitually terrorizing, torturing, dismembering, and even MURDERING 'the most INNOCENT of civilians' - the Unborn.  And they DO so, 'to FLAUNT their might', AS… "a terrorist organization" - in order "to STAY in POWER!"  And THEREFORE? - the ONLY way 'to BRING that terrorist organization to an END'? - is to REMOVE their ability to SYSTEMATICALLY destroy their OWN offspring - BEFORE, during, and AFTER, "birth".  And THAT is why "the WOMBS" MUST be shut, and the children MUST be taken from them - BY "the Hands of their Creator"!

And THEN, after HEARING the Case:

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  Abortion WILL END!  And THIS is how 'My HEAVENLY Father', will DO it!:  The CASE against 'women', has been 'MADE'.  And JUST as THEY, became, "the UNJUST hand", of: PAIN, and TORTURE, and DEATH!... IN the lives, of their CHILDREN?  So TOO! - will 'My Heavenly FATHER', BE! - 'the JUST Hands!'  - of 'the JUST Judgement', that has been PRONOUNCED, from 'the Highest HEAVENS' - against, 'the FEMALE race'.  (Amen!)  (December 01, 2019 update) 
And SO: the LIGHT came INTO the world - so that 'the WICKED deeds', of MANKIND - would be 'EXPOSED'.  And RATHER than 'TURN, TO the Light, OF, the TESTIMONY - and of the TRUE Holy Spirit' - and, to "the Two LAMPSTANDS"? - the WORLD preferred, to 'cling to the DARKNESS!' - to be 'ENVELOPED, in darkness'.  The TESTIMONY is "the LIGHT", TO the nations; but, the NATIONS, preferred - to be "in the DARK", insteadThe TESTIMONY, CAME, to SHOW, 'mankind', the Way BACK, to the Most High True GOD; but INSTEAD? - the PEOPLE, 'CONTINUED to turn their BACKS!' - TO the Most High True God.  And now 'HE' will 'Rise UP!' - as "the Just JUDGE" - and, He WILL, 'DEMAND! - Payment' - for the SINS of the nations.  And so, 'EXTREME suffering!' - is going to be 'Poured OUT, in DROVES!' - from "the Highest HEAVENS" - until the NATIONS, have 'paid UP! - to the VERY last penny'.  Because we really ARE "The Two Witnesses" - and the WORLD? - chose to 'REJECT us!' - and 'reject our MESSAGE' - and 'laugh us to SCORN!'  Those who have FOUND our Testimony, have CHOSEN, SIMPLY? - to be "SIDELINERS".  And NOW, 'the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT'? - will 'RISE-up, and LAUGH! - at the WICKED' - and LAUGH them, 'ALL the way, to the HOT Fires of Hell' - where "their FATHER!" - WAITS for them.  It WOULD, have been "better" - if PEOPLE had 'TREATED us', better - and IF they had TAKEN, our MESSAGE, with the UTMOST! - SERIOUSNESS - with which WE! - have PAINSTAKINGLY, shared!  As IN: we have ENDURED, 'MUCH pain, and SUFFERING' - in order 'to DELIVER, the Testimony' - TO the world.  Why else would we 'DO, what we DO'?  We were 'SENT, as an EXTENSION', of CHRIST'S! - FAMILY; of "the HOLY Family"! - but there was "no ROOM, in the inn"; there was "no room for US! - in the hearts, of the MAJORITY of the people".  But EVERYWHERE we have been 'SENT to! - BY the Creator'? - we have RECEIVED, 'extreme HOSTILITY'; "the DEVIL'S ambassadors", are MANY!  But, 'HEAVEN'? - only has TWO!  And GUESS what! - in EVERY "BIBLICAL story" - where it is 'the Most High TRUE God's People' - versus 'everyone ELSE'? - "EVERYONE else!" - LOSES; and the Most High TRUE God's "chosen PEOPLE" - prevail.  And so we WILL! - 'prevail', over ALL of you!  And YOU will be "DUST! - UNDER the soles of our FEET".  Because you have ALL! - 'crucified', OUR Lord, SAVIOR, and TRUE Brother! - "Jesus Christ" - and? - you have ALL 'pierced Him THROUGH!' - with 'your SINS', and 'your STUBBORNNESS!'  And NOW? - HE will 'Rise up', with His FATHER! - in Heaven; and HE will 'crucify YOU!' - and HE will 'PIERCE you through'.  And you WILL know! - that "He IS the Lord! - the GOD of the Two WITNESSES". (December 25, 2019 update) 

The Feast of the Holy Innocents, 2019.

And so WHAT would help "the Holy INNOCENTS" - the UNBORN - to 'celebrate even MORE!' - as they PATIENTLY wait in the spiritual realm of "LIMBO" - for the Most High TRUE God, to unleash the FULLEST Measure of HIS Divine Justice, EVER! - in the course of human history…

Our PRAYER intentions of COURSE! - as we INTERCEDE, BEFORE, 'ALL of Heaven' - to "the KING of the UNIVERSE!" - on BEHALF of, 'the UNBORN Souls', in LIMBO.  The PEOPLE? - of THIS world, have 'TAKEN it upon THEMSELVES' - to make 'the LIVES of the Unborn', "a living HELL!" - or "a living NIGHTMARE!" - UP until 'the TIME, when they are DISPATCHED'.  And SO? - THIS! - is "OBVIOUSLY, HOW", the PEOPLE, of 'THIS generation', want to be 'TREATED' - by "the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE!"  And SO? - WE ask, the KING of HEAVEN: to MAKE, the lives, of the people, "a LIVING HELL!" - to UNLEASH, 'ALL of the TORMENTS', of HADES! - upon, the PEOPLE; and to MAKE, 'the EARTH', a REFLECTION, of 'where THEIR father dwells!'  We are 'ASKING Him to bring FORTH', "the LAVA!" - from the DOMES, of the Earth.  We are ASKING for "RIVERS! - of LAVA!" - to pour OUT!  We are asking HIM - 'to OPEN up the EARTH' - and BRING forth! - "the LAKE, of FIRE!"  BECAUSE? - THAT'S 'the ATMOSPHERE', that the PEOPLE - have 'brought, to the UNBORN'. We are asking the Most High TRUE God to "BURN the people - ALIVE!" - to 'SUFFOCATE them!' - to 'POISON them!' - with POISONOUS gases.  We are ASKING for 'a PLAGUE of SULPHURIC acid' - to SPRING upon the people "SUDDENLY and without WARNING"The global GOVERNMENTS have ALREADY seen 'the EFFECTS' of our prayer intentions - being ANSWERED! - while they 'TRY to hide it'; and so our CREATOR? - is going to… "make it more OBVIOUS! - than EVERY before - that 'HE is WITH us!', and the Faithful REMNANT - and AGAINST them! - the INHABITANTS of the Earth - EVERYONE, OUTSIDE of His GRACE and Favor"!  We are ASKING HIM "to POP! - EVERY Volcano", on the PLANET - that HE deems "NECESSARY" (-that's "a LOT of them!" by the way…)(December 28, 2019 update) 

Will the Apocalyptic JUDGEMENTS Fully Manifest at a time when your CREATOR finds "FAITH" on Earth?

"When the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (Luke 18:8b) 

Obviously… "the FUN question" HERE? - is… "comes with WHAT?"… and "comes to DO what?"  To tell everyone that their sins are all… "SAVED"?... WITH THEM?  OR?... try THIS one:… To come with buckets of molten hot LAVA, with which to shower PRESENTS on every ONE - who STUBBORNLY prefers the Hot Fires of 'HELL on Earth', instead.  (Hint:  Mary and I are definitely going with answer #2!... FINAL answer!)

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  I "UPBRAIDED" the cities! - who REFUSED, to 'REPENT', and 'show MERCY!' - to, My Heavenly FATHER.  For I did "great WORKS" in THOSE 'CITIES'!  And yet? - they WOULD! - not - 'REPENT', and TURN back! - TO, God the Almighty, and Eternal Father in HEAVEN.  THEY would not 'listen TO Me'; they would not, 'HEAR!' - what I had to say TO them! - they would not 'APPLY, the TRUTH! - TO their LIVES' - so that THEY, could 'LIVE!' 

And so? - what did I DO? I 'SHOOK the dust, OFF, of My FEET!' - as "a TESTIMONY AGAINST them".  And I 'INSTRUCTED', My Disciples to 'do the SAME' - when their MESSAGE, was 'NOT! - received'.  And SO? - I have SENT, "My Two WITNESSES" - My "TRUE BROTHER", and "TRUE SISTER" - from TOWN to TOWN - from place to PLACE - ALL throughout, 'their COUNTRY'.  And 'NO one!' - is able, to RECEIVE, 'the Truth'.  And 'through My TESTIMONY', I HAVE, 'SENT, My WORD' - to the Four CORNERS, of the EARTH; and IT has been "COLLECTIVELY! - rejected", by ALL! - of mankind - whose 'HEARTS'? - are 'for this WORLD!'  EVEN those, who 'CLAIM' to be… "CHRISTIAN!" - or "CATHOLIC" - have 'REJECTED, My WORDS' - have rejected 'EVERY! - "olive branch".'   And 'THEY!' - are the ONES! - who are 'RESPONSIBLE! - for TURNING, My OLIVE Branch, INTO a Whip!' - with which "to SCOURGE! - the NATIONS with"

I WILL! - 'SEVERELY!' - Chastise - SCOURGE! - and 'WHIP!' - the nations… to "CONVERSION!" - OR "to DEATH!"  BECAUSE? - it IS! - "MY Time NOW" - as, My FATHER, in HEAVEN, has GRANTED Me, 'this TIME', of "PAYBACK!" 

'LIFE!' - is going to get, "VERY! - uncomfortable!" - for the MAJORITY, of people.  And 'HELL'? - HAS come! - to GREET them.  And THEY? - WILL! - 'SUFFER'! - intensely - for HAVING "pierced, Me THROUGH!" - with their SINS, and their SELFISHNESS.  For TRULY? - My Two WITNESSES, have 'SPENT', themselves - For YEARS! - TESTIFYING, and SHARING, 'MY MESSAGE', of REPENTANCE. But? - the PEOPLE, 'REFUSE! - to repent, and change their WAYS'; but INSTEAD? - they PREFER, to be 'MARKED! - for DEATH!'  It has 'come TO this' - BECAUSE? - of "MANKIND'S, ICY-cold, HEARTS".  And TRULY? - I have 'come BACK!' - TO "JUDGE", both the LIVING, and the DEAD.  I have not COME, 'back', to SAVE; I have ALREADY! - "SAVED", the MAJORITY, OF, "My PEOPLE!" - "MY Holy PEOPLE!" - IN the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  It is 'CLEAR'! - to, My FATHER, and I - and TO, 'Our Two WITNESSES' - that 'the WORLD', prefers "HELLFIRE, AND Brimstone" - and that 'the PEOPLE'? - PREFER! - to be "a REFLECTION, of 'their father', the DEVIL!"  "CHAOS!" - "WARS!" - "CONFUSION!" - "NATURAL DISASTERS!" - "VOLCANOES ERUPTING!" - "EARTHQUAKES in VARIOUS PLACES!" - "FLOODS!" - "TYPHOONS!" - "HURRICANES!" - "TSUNAMIS!" - "FIRES!" - "TORNADOES" - AND "Hailstones, a HUNDRED weight!" - ARE, SIMPLY! - "JUST the BEGINNING!" - of "the SORROWS", that are 'about to MANIFEST'.  These WILL 'CONTINUE, to KEEP COMING!' - and 'get BIGGER, and BIGGER!' - each TIME - happening "more FREQUENTLY".  And there WILL BE! - "MANY! - MANY… deaths!" - as My FATHER, in Heaven - does 'NOT DESIRE', that mankind should PERISH! - but 'THEY do!'… "MANKIND! - desires to perish", FROM the face of the earth - with only "a SMALL, REMNANT", remaining.

For TRULY! - 'MANKIND', has been 'storing-UP', WRATH! - for "THESE, last days". INSTEAD of 'storing up, GOOD! - TREASURE, in HEAVEN'! - they have been 'storing UP'? - the DIVINE CONSEQUENCES, for "their SICK! - chosen LIFESTYLES".  For WHY? - HAS "My Heavenly FATHER", been 'holding-BACK'? - the "Divine JUDGEMENTS"?  So that 'MANKIND' - can "store-up" MORE! - as they HAVE been! - since they were 'Marked with the SPIRITUAL mark of the beast'.  And so "for seven YEARS"! - My HEAVENLY FATHER, has been 'PREPARING', "HIS Feast!" - His HEAVENLY Banquet - for 'THOSE, who desire to ATTEND' - who desire to be 'PURIFIED, of this world' - and 'join His True FAMILY'.  But He has 'ALSO!' - Prepared "a GREAT SUPPER!" - for 'the birds of the AIR' - that THEY should 'feast', and 'GORGE themselves', on "the CORPSES"! - that He WILL 'DELIVER to them'…

And Yes, Saint Michael really IS like "a worker BEE" - or "a HEAVENLY Drone", so to speak - who has been STUDYING the global military industrial complex drones - learning absolutely EVERYTHING! - HE needs to know, about How 'HEAVEN is now permitted to intervene', in the lives of "unsuspecting civilians"…

But instead of 'LIFE, being birthed' - to the NATIONS?... My Heavenly FATHER, is going to 'BRING forth, "DEATH!" - in DROVES!' - to the NATIONS!  As HE is "the HEAVENLY Physician".  And INSTEAD of being "a GOOD doctor!" - who seeks to 'PRESERVE life!' - and who 'VALUES the Gift, of Life'? - He WILL be 'SEEN! - by MANY! - as "an EVIL doctor" - who ABORTS life! - and no LONGER 'SEES', the value, of human life.  Because 'THIS' is "what MANKIND, has 'taught', HIM!" - and 'THIS' is "the way" that THEY! - want! - to be TREATED

'SIN!' - is, "a disease".  And, it IS 'deadly'! - if it is not 'TREATED'.  But 'the PEOPLE' REFUSE! - to 'be SEPARATED, FROM, their SINS'!  THEREFORE? - "the ONLY Antidote", to RESTORE! - 'mankind'? - is to 'ERATICATE', the ONES, who IDENTIFY with their SINS!  And 'THAT' is "the MAJORITY of them".

My "Heavenly FATHER" is going to… 'EUTHANIZE the people'

I am Jesus and THIS is My Testimony.
In closing:  Mankind wanted to FEAST on the Holy Innocents; and so the Creator WILL now 'ALLOW nature to simply feast on mankind'.  (December 30, 2019 update)  

New Year's Eve Prayer Intentions for the Close of the Age

Oh LORD! - Most High TRUE GOD:  GIVE the one world GOVERNMENT, "their DAILY! - AIRBUS, crash!"  RAISE! - "the death tolls", and BRING 'TORMENTS!' - TO the nations!  AMEN.

Oh LORD Most High TRUE God:  SCOURGE the NATIONS! - in 'Your FIERY Wrath'.  And 'POUR OUT' your INDIGNATION - that 'the NATIONS' may BE 'CONSUMED!'  CLOSE the WOMBS! - that "LIFE"? - would 'NOT be brought forth'!  And PUT "an END" to child birth.  We ASK this, on BEHALF of 'the Unborn, children'.  Amen.

OH Lord! - Most High TRUE God:  Send 'PESTILENCES'! - and 'PLAGUES'! - into "the major CITIES" - ALL over the world!  And 'TERRORIZE' the inhabitants! - as THEY chose, 'to TERRORIZE', the UNBORN children.  Amen.

Oh LORD, Most High TRUE God:  DESTROY "HOLLYWOOD"! - from the FACE of the Earth - and 'BLOT-OUT' ALL remembrance, OF her.  DESTROY! - "SODOM and Gomorrah" - and LET 'the FIRE' FALL! - from "the HEAVENS"; and Burn-UP! - the PEOPLE! - AS "chaff".  Amen. 

Oh LORD, Most High TRUE God, DESTROY "the VATICAN!" - "the MOTHER of harlots!" - form the FACE of the Earth.  And 'BLOT-out', the roman CATHOLIC hierarchical institution - and 'ALL who cling TO her'.  Send 'PLAGUES!' - and 'PESTILENCE' - AND "interior TORMENTS".  BRING them, 'OPEN sores!' - and 'DISEASES of EVERY kind!' - that they may NOT be cured; but made 'an EXAMPLE' of.  Amen.

Oh LORD, Most High TRUE God, send "major EARTHQUAKES", to STRIKE! - the Earth - that the PEOPLE, may 'TREMBLE with FEAR' - and FALL! - BEFORE you.  Let 'PANIC', and TERROR, OVERTAKE them!  Amen.

And LORD, Most High TRUE God, the CREATOR of the Universe - of ALL, that is 'SEEN', and 'UNSEEN':  we ASK that YOU! - would GRANT, 'these PRAYER INTENTIONS', for the CLOSE of the Age - that ALL may KNOW! - that you 'HEAR', our PRAYER - and that you 'LISTEN', and that you are 'WITH us'; and that YOU are 'AGAINST them'.  That 'MANKIND', would LEARN, "to FEAR you" - ONCE again!  That THEY would 'learn to REVERENCE, your Holy NAME, AND your Word' - that 'ALL the nations', would come to know you 'as WE do!'  Amen.  (December 31, 2019 update) 
Just 2 days later, this news story was published...
And so don't expect the governments or the mainstream media
to share the ACTUAL number of people who are infected carriers of this disease

THIS DIVINE, JUST and "SUPERNATURAL VIRUS" - has absolutely NO limits set on its spread

"There is no specific cure or vaccine" Coronavirus: Whole world 'must take action', warns WHO (January 29, 2020 story)    

The above story asserts:  "More than 130 people have died in China" - when in fact, the Chinese medical officials have been FALSIFYING death certificates by inserting the word "PNEUMONIA", in place of "CORONAVIRUS" - in order to cover up the THOUSANDS of fatalities, that have in fact been the result of the CORONAVIRUS.   It is the "CROWN", virus - as it is a Gift from the King of HEAVEN, to the illuminati luciferian crown structure (-indicated by the laurel wreath around the globe, on the U.N. symbol…), that was set up on this planet, in the PLACE of the TRUE King, who is Jesus Christ the Lord.  Bye illuminati!

Interesting note:  If "a terrorist organization", were to spread a virus that had the potential to set off "a global pandemic", the Creator WOULD in fact 'step-IN', to LIMIT the spread of the virus.  But since, THIS virus has the APPROVAL of all of Heaven, and was NOT set in motion by terrorists - THIS DIVINE, JUST and "SUPERNATURAL VIRUS" - has absolutely NO limits set on its spread - and IS expected to visit absolutely EVERYONE on the planet.  EVEN those who hide in underground bunkers and CITIES - that are closed off by 10 foot thick lead doors, and have MICROWAVE or even NUCLEAR treatment of their air intake, along with the very best air filtration systems ever imagined or designed - WILL be infected - as WE in fact have made "a SPECIAL request", that Saint Michael would seek and find EVERYONE on the planet - in order to present them with "their parting gifts".   In other words, "NO one can escape, this SUPERNATURAL virus" - that is just the FIRST, of MANY plagues to comeIt IS in fact, "a hunter-KILLER virus", specifically designed, to begin "the global CULL of humanity".  But what PERCENTAGE?   The Chinese officials, in fact ALREADY have THAT answer.   Why not "just ASK them… as they SEEM like really nice and forthcoming people! - who are 'GENUINELY concerned' about the welfare of humanity!"  And the Chinese WERE in fact 'CHOSEN', to be the first HOSTS of this virus - BECAUSE of 'their LOVE of the dragon', and ALL the things of Hell - that they have METICULOUSLY interwoven, into their enduring culture'.

Fortunately? - death by coronavirus is "PERFECTLY legal", and "ABSOLUTELY safe!" - according to current laws about "partial birth abortion" - As LIKEWISE,  the virus (- like a SCREWDRIVER in the hand of the attending physician), is "inserted INTO the head", with BLUNT force -  where it causes EXTREME pain, and imminent death. (January 29, 2020 update)

The "absolute HORRORS!" - that are coming? - you simply need to "see for YOURSELF"

And so when we ASKED, "How much LONGER will the Most High TRUE God 'ALLOW' Trump 'to SLIGHT us'… without CONSEQUENCES?"…  The OFFICIAL RESPONSE from HEAVEN?... "It Ends Today!"  (- Interesting to note that today, Trump shared with the WORLD, that his COVID-19 test came back, "NEGATIVE").

"The CALM before the STORM" period, is just about over… historically speaking… as in?... THAT is how FUTURE historians, will refer to the time period we are CURRENTLY in.

But WHY?  Because, "the STAGE that was SET"? - for the UNBORN? (- who were scheduled to be aborted) - was?... they FOUND themselves in 'a WOMB', in which they would SURELY die!  And it was 'on that STAGE' - on which the most HORRIFIC ACTS EVER IMAGINED, to be committed by ONE "human" being, against another - were… and CONTINUE to be COMMITTED… on a DAILY basis - even NOW! - throughout the entire world.  And NOW? - now that the "human" race, has taught its CREATOR, "how IT wanted to be TREATED"?... the "human" RACE - now finds ITSELF, "scheduled for an abortion".  The "absolute HORRORS!" - that are coming?... you simply need to… "see for YOURSELF".  (Hint:  The PREDICTABILITY of what is coming, is always tempered, with… "not what they were expecting".)  

And to answer the OBVIOUS question: "NOT ONE NATION WILL EVER! - have "the option of CANCELLING their appointment", UNTIL, at the VERY LEAST - "the SAME number" - of innocent children, that THEY aborted, over the years, will be REMOVED from their "POPULATION at large"."  (- from the top paragraph on the Abortion of the Nations page)

Over in Italy today:  "EVERYTHING WILL BE alright" - ITALIANS SING, FROM LOCKDOWN.  And THAT is because, they are ALL now comfortable, with "Hell on earth". Coronavirus: Italians sing from their windows to boost morale (March 14, 2020 story)

And JUST so that 'the GOVERNMENTS' learn to TAKE this "Divine SCOURGE, from HEAVEN" - this Global "PANDEMIC" more SERIOUSLY (- while the ITALIANS, are 'SO ENTHUSIASTIC', about being "LOCKED-DOWN, IN their homes!") - WE are asking GOD the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - to 'SHAKE! - ITALY - PHYSICALLY!' - that, the HOUSES, would CRUMBLE! - and that the PEOPLE, would be "BURIED… ALIVE!" - in "HIS Time", and in "His WAY" - that PEOPLE! - RECOGNIZE! - that the CORONAVIRUS, "IS death!" - and WILL result - IN death - one way or ANOTHER.  Amen!

Also in Europe:  SWEDEN - is NOW formally designated, "a complete write-off" - with absolutely no survivors.   Why?... because, "Two nurses denied jobs as midwives in Sweden because of their refusal to perform abortions have lost their legal action against Sweden at the European Court of Human Rights." Sweden abortion: Nurses fail in European court case (March 13th story)  

In other words, according to "the STANDARDS OF MODERN SOCIETY" - it is now completely UNACCEPTABLE for a child, in SWEDEN, to be born, OUTSIDE of a hospital - UNLESS!... it is born into "the hands of a MURDERER".  "…the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights)… declined to take up their case".  And therefore, EUROPE, has ruled against ALL human rights, including the most BASIC ones.

But HOW does Sweden's law requiring midwives, to FIRST have 'the BLOOD of the Unborn' on their hands - make SENSE?  The illuminati OCCULT practitioners - know FULL WELL that, the FIRST HANDS that touch a child - AS it is being born - leave "an IMPRINT" on that child.  And if parents don't want the 'abortion-stained hands' of the HOSPITAL doctors and nurses, to imprint on their CHILD? - then the deep state law REQUIRES! - that the 'abortion-stained MIDWIFE hands', imprint on their child… so THAT?... (- in other words, the occult SYMBOLISM behind that new 'rite of RECEPTION' - being IMPRINTED, on the CHILD - is that?…) - if the OCCULT practitioners didn't manage to sacrifice that child to the DEVIL through abortion, BEFORE it was born - then the PARENTS are LEGALLY required to 'SYMBOLICALLY', do 'the HAND off' - TO the occult practitioners - by having THEM (- the people who participate in human sacrifice) FIRST receive the child.  As the 'human sacrificial blood-stained hands of the MIDWIFE', reach out to the child as it is BORN - that "imprinted ACT", carries the implication that, the "human blood sacrificial CULT", has "OTHER plans", for THAT particular child - plans that will be REVEALED LATER on in life: through the EDUCATION system (- perhaps instructing the child to sacrifice their god-given GENDER, to the devil); through the MEDIA; through the OTHER occult SOCIETY RITES, that are 'ALL lined up' - ONE after another - AS that child grows up.  One thing is for SURE! - the children being born TODAY - will have absolutely 'NO connection', with the Creator of the Universe; but they will in fact have COUNTLESS 'connections', with the illuminati human sacrificial CULT.  And the LEGAL system, and the EDUCATIONAL system, and the MEDIA, will make SURE of that! - one MOVIE, one LAW, one LESSON, after another!  And THAT is why the Creator is going to REMOVE "the offspring", from this current generation, of luciferians - now inhabiting, the entire planet.

And so? - what about 'All of EUROPE'?  WHAT is "the CREATOR'S" Divine Just Response? - to "such a WICKED nation" - that would REQUIRE! - that "a MIDWIFE" - have her hands STAINED with 'the BLOOD of the unborn children' that she first MURDERED!!! - as "a PREREQUISITE, for being able to deliver LIVE… children!"  (- Awesome article! - to help us CLOSE this ERA!...) - And now we turn to God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - for HIS Divine Judgement, against all of Europe.

OUR recommendation? - as "the Two WITNESSES", and as "the CREATOR'S, CHOSEN INTERCESSORS, for the WORLD"?:   NO!... MERCY

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said:  Let ALL! - the NATIONS! - who have 'SPILLED the blood of the INNOCENT' - have THEIR blood spilt!  Let ALL! - the nations - who PARTICIPATED, in "human SACRIFICE" - BE 'sacrificed', THEMSELVES!  Let ALL the nations who 'JUDGED, the INNOCENT' - and 'CONDEMNED THEM! - UNJUSTLY, TO DEATH!' - BE Condemned! - and "KILLED", themselves!  For with 'One COMMAND!' - the POWERS of the HEAVENS, will be 'SHAKEN!' - and? - 'the EARTH'? - will GIVE up, 'their DEAD'. 

Let's pause here for a moment:  "Their dead"? - refers to "all those who are DEAD in the Eyes of the God who CREATED them".

"Then I saw a great white throne [- referring to 'the MAJESTY!' - of, the Most High TRUE GOD - in the PERSON of Jesus Christ the LORD: PURE, and SPOTLESS, and HOLY!] and him who sat upon it [- referring to Pope Peter the Last, as His REPRESENTATIVE, on Earth]; from his presence earth and sky fled away [- out of FEAR!], and no place [- in HEAVEN!...] was found for them [- for 'the KINGDOM of men']. And I saw the dead [- who are currently still BREATHING], great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened [- referring to the Books of Revelations]. Also another book was opened [- referring to the Testimony], which is the book of life. And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, by what they had done [- to the most INNOCENT members of society - to "the UNBORN" - AND! - to their Creator…]." (Revelations 20:11-12) 

FOR? - I AM "the Heavenly PHYSICIAN"!  But I am 'not HERE, to HELP the NATIONS - to SURVIVE, "their own ABORTION"; I am HERE, 'to LOOK away!' - and 'ALLOW them, to DROWN!' - in their 'OWN! -UNDOING!'  I am HERE! - to 'turn My FACE, like FLINT! - AGAINST, ALL! - the nations'.  For I am "IMPARTIAL".  And I am "MOST Just!"  And I WILL, 'Correct', the INSANITY! - of "my CREATURES".  And "My FAITHFUL", will 'PRAISE Me!' - for ALL Eternity" - for 'having ACTED! - in "such a JUST and FAIR! - and RECIPROCAL, way".'   And, the NATIONS? - with 'the VERY, "FEW!" - survivors'… will FEAR Me! - once AGAIN! - with 'a HOLY Reverence'; and, they will NOT! - 'blaspheme, My NAME', My WAYS, or 'the HOLY Name, of My Son, JESUS'.  "SEVERE! - Consequences! - WILL CONTINUE, to be poured OUT" - on ALL! - the nations… until?... ALL that is left? - are "My FAITHFUL".  For 'My Holy ANGELS'? - will REAP "the Harvest, OF the Earth" - as I send them OUT - to… "CULL! - the nations".

Our Response?... "Amen!... bye wicked people!"  In RETROSPECT? - NO one! - will 'look BACK' - at "THIS generation" - with ANY!!! - amount of "false compassion" - for 'WHAT the Most High TRUE God, IS! - doing, TO it'… in CONTEXT of, 'OUR WITNESSING', of the ABSOLUTE DEPRAVITY! - that has 'CONSUMED the MINDS', of the people, in these Times.  And NO one! - who is "left ALIVE"? - will SAY: that "the Creator OVERREACTED".

In FACT!... SUCH "a TIDAL wave! - of DESTRUCTION" - is GOING to 'CONSUME! - humanity'.  SUCH, "ABSOLUTE Tragedy! - and DEVASTATION!" - is COMING.  Such 'PAIN!' - and 'SORROW' - and 'LACK of SECURITY' - and 'HOPELESSNESS' - is going to 'break-OUT! - upon the PEOPLE'… UNTIL it is 'clear' - TO! - the WORLD leaders! - that:"Our CREATOR", was 'the ONE!' - HOLDING 'the EARTH' TOGETHER! - with 'SUCH a small THREAD!'… UNTIL they?... 'WITNESS!'- what HAPPENS! - when He… 'BREAKS that thread!' - and they SEE! - "how FRAGILE!" - they truly ARE; and they COME to their KNEES… 'BEGGING! - for TERMS of PEACE'… HE will 'NOT! - relent'; but? - HE will CONTINUE 'to PUMMEL their NATIONS into the ground!' - for He has 'NO use! - for WICKED! - PEOPLE!' - and "WICKED, world LEADERS"!

"All those who come to Me [- referring SPECIFICALLY to "the God of the Two WITNESSES" - and through His TESTIMONY…], seeking forgiveness for their sins, in the solemness of their own souls, will be forgiven. All icy-cold hearts can become warm – if they would only allow Me to be ‘King’ over them.  The governments will be ‘king’ over their physical bodies, but I still want to be ‘King’ over their spiritual livesI desire that all would come to Me and that no one should perish.  But many will because of their own choices."   (-Jesus, Sunday, May 27, 2012)   

(March 14, 2020 update)   

And those "PROPHETS", were 'a GREAT TORMENT', to those, "DWELLERS, of the Earth"!

 “But after the three and a half days a breath of life from God entered them, and they stood up on their feet, and great fear fell on those who saw them.” (Revelations 11:11) 

Everyone is called to CONFORM to the Divine Will of their CREATOR, in each and every moment.  And so 'the call for DIVERSITY'? - actually sends people off in EVERY other direction - thus ESTABLISHING a precedent, for 'people coming TOGETHER', in order to SHARE, 'how they are SO far apart!' - how 'they are all, VERY different!'  "MANKIND" - celebrates 'DIVERSITY' - by FOCUSING, on 'how they are NOT! - at all, a REFLECTION of what their Creator made them, to BE'; but INSTEAD - a reflection, of 'everything ELSE'!   It is 'the OPPOSITE, of TRUE UNITY, in the True Holy SPIRIT'.  It is "a socially ACCEPTABLE word" - like 'TOLERANCE', and 'SOLIDARITY'.  But what IS "solidarity"?  It is "MANKIND, UNITING together, as ONE - overcoming ADVERSITY, by turning to each OTHER - and REFUSING! - to OVERCOME adversity by turning to their CREATOR - for 'HOW, they are called to LIVE'!" 

And so 'throughout this PANDEMIC' - the PEOPLE? - are 'FOCUSED, on SOLIDARITY' - on 'KEEPING their hearts STONE-COLD! - TOWARDS their Creator' - as, they CELEBRATE and EMBRACE, and "honor", their NEIGHBOR!

"MANKIND"? - just, "ISN'T GETTING it!"  Their CREATOR? - is calling them to 'a change of LIFESTYLE, and, a change of PACE, and a change of HEART, and a CHANGE of loyalties and PRIORITIES'.  But they are 'NOT RECEIVING, the MESSAGE!'  INSTEAD? - throughout this 'GLOBAL pandemic' - the PEOPLE? - are choosing 'to UNITE and CLING to one ANOTHER' - even MORE so! - than ever BEFORE! - as they PROVE to their nation, that "they WILL overcome! - ANY adversity".  And THROUGH this? - mankind is 'telling their CREATOR' - that "they DON'T NEED Him!" - and that "they are MOST comfortable! - living apart FROM Him, DOING as they please!"  But WE have 'News for EVERYONE'!  It IS "Judgement Day!" - and "TIME is up!"  EVERYONE'S "life" is being CUT-short.  And 'our CREATOR' is FORCING people "into RETIREMENT, EARLY!"
For 'the LORD Jesus CHRIST', is "The Just JUDGE" - and He has come BACK! - THROUGH us both, His TRUE Brother and TRUE Sister - and THROUGH 'His WRITTEN Word', in His TESTIMONY.  You see? - we ARE "the Living TESTIMONY of our Creator"; and we are "the Living EXAMPLE, of the TESTIMONY being 'WRITTEN, on the HUMAN heart'!"  And THIS is 'what our Creator Desires': that either, PEOPLE, HAVE 'His HOLY Word, WRITTEN on their hearts - through RECEIVING, the SECOND Pentecost - through the USE of the Blessed HOLY Water - and Heartfelt REPENTANCE.  OR? - they will 'most SURELY' die! - in their SINS - being 'FOREVER! - ETERNALLY cut-off, from 'the ONLY One! - who can SAVE them'.

THIS Easter? - our CREATOR, is 'Returning with a VENGEANCE!' - that has NOT been seen, since 'the Dawn of TIME! - began.  Which means: no HUMAN being, has 'WITNESSED', the KIND of DEVASTATION, that "the GOD of the OLD Testament", is about to UNLEASH, upon the NATIONS.  This TIME? - is 'NOW'.  And HE is 'Rising UP!'  And He will 'Crush His ENEMIES'!  And? - "like a MIGHTY WARRIOR…" - He will 'SLAY them!' - and WILL not Repent!  For 'OUR God'? - does NOT, 'Repent'; He does not 'MAKE, mistakes'; and? - HE does not 'ANSWER, to mankind'; but 'THEY', answer to HIM!  He is NOT "a god to be TRIFLED with" - or "a PUSHOVER god" - BECAUSE! - HE! - will 'push YOU over first!' - and He will 'make you FALL to the ground'.  And, He WILL be 'TERRIFYING!'  NOT, "the BARNEY jesus", that, the world has grown ACCUSTOMED to! - but - Jesus Christ, "KING of kings", "LORD of lords", and "RULER! - over the ENTIRE, Universe!"

The "GLOBAL, RELIGIOUS leaders" HAVE suppressed 'this TRUTH' - FROM the people, for long ENOUGH!  And? - OUR Creator, is going 'to PUT that to an End!'  ONE jesus, is NOT! - as good, as "ANOTHER jesus".  One RELIGION is NOT "as GOOD, as ANOTHER religion".  One GOD, is NOT as good, as 'ANOTHER god'.  There IS "only ONE, TRUE! - God!"  And EVERY other "RELIGION"? - is "CUT-off!" - FROM Him - and He WILL! - 'SHOW this!' - by ACTION!  "CELEBRATING His DEATH! - BURIAL, and RESURRECTION" - does NOT! - EQUAL! - "Salvation".

The WORLD? - is about to 'be INTRODUCED - GLOBALLY - to "OUR! - God - the GOD of the Two Witnesses - the EVERLASTING, FATHER - the TRUE Prince of Peace - the HOLY of HOLIES! - the ONE GOD! - in THREE Divine PERSONS!: God the FATHER, GOD the Son, and GOD the True Holy SPIRIT".

And 'GREAT FEAR' - is ABOUT to fall, upon the NATIONS. And the EARTH? - is about to TREMBLE! - as it has NEVER Trembled before.  For 'the POWERS, of the HEAVENS!' - have been 'SHAKEN! - AGAINST it'. 

"Terror, and the pit, and the snare are upon you, O inhabitant of the earth! He who flees at the sound of the terror shall fall into the pit [- "there is NO escape!"…]; and he who climbs out of the pit shall be caught in the snare. For the windows of heaven are opened [- so that the JUDGEMENTS Decreed in the TESTIMONY shall BEFALL, the inhabitants of the Earth…], and the foundations of the earth [- the TECTONIC plates shift VIOLENTLY… and] tremble. [- So GREAT will be the EARTHQUAKES!... that…] The earth is utterly broken, the earth is rent asunder, the earth is violently shaken. The earth staggers like a drunken man, it sways like a hut; its transgression [- the sins of the human race…] lies heavy upon it, and it [- the human race…] falls, and will not rise again. On that day [- "Judgement Day"…] the Lord will punish the host of heaven [- those who were 'CALLED to represent HEAVEN to the PEOPLE' - the ROMAN catholic priests and false christians… by Pronouncing His JUDGEMENT against them…], in heaven, and the kings of the earth [- the world leaders shall see their Judgement, that was Pronounced AGAINST them from Heaven, made manifest…], on the earth. They will be gathered together as prisoners in a pit; they will be shut up in [- their HOMES like in…] a prison, and after many days [- of "shelter in place"…] they will be punished [- even MORE severely, with unimaginable disasters]. Then the moon [- the brightest minds with darkened intellects…] will be confounded, and the sun ashamed [- hiding its light…]; for the Lord of hosts will reign [- over His Remnant - or allegorically…] on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem and before his elders [- His CHOSEN ones…] he will manifest his glory." 
(Isaiah 24:17-23)
(April 11, 2020 update - on the Eve of Easter Sunday)

What HAPPENS when they use the Most High TRUE God's WORDS to command a BLESSING?

Today at the white house, Trump called on the representatives of many different faiths and religions, to step up to the PLATFORM, and to voice their prayers for the nation.

And so, WHOSE god! - is "more POWERFUL"?  THIS is, the QUESTION - that 'TRUMP!' - is secretly asking, in his HEART.  As he put "his CREATOR", TO the TEST! - by CALLING ON, the REPRESENTATIVES, of MANY different faiths, and RELIGIONS - to SPEAK on BEHALF, of the United States - to 'bear TESTIMONY', if you will.  As the "religious LEADERS" shared 'THEIR insights' - as to 'HOW, the AMERICAN people, AND, the GOVERNMENTS - are in fact DESERVING! - of the Most High True God's MERCY'!  They took out 'SCRIPTURE passage', after SCRIPTURE passage, after SCRIPTURE passage - and 'COMMANDED! - that the Lord DO! - ACCORDING, to what HE has SPOKEN in the PAST… but "ACCORDING, to THEIR TERMS!"  The LORD? - the Most High TRUE God - 'TOOK Great Offense!' - AT this; yet, at the same TIME - He found "Holy HUMOR", in what those pastors SHARED.  For TRULY! - they 'DEMANDED! - that He Bless, their Nation'.  They 'DEMANDED!' - that He 'RECOVER, prosperity', and 'LONGEVITY of life'.  And that He 'STOP! - the CORONAVIRUS, from SPREADING'.   And SO? - in RESPONSE… He is going 'to MULTIPLY their sufferings, and their sorrows… SHORTEN! - their lifespan… and ENSURE! - the spread, of 'THIS disease', as WELL as many others! - that HE, has been 'WAITING, to Unleash'.  For, HE MUST 'show the NATIONS' - who look TO! - "the United States of America" - 'what HAPPENS?' - when they USE, "His WORDS", to command 'a BLESSING' - while REFUSING to 'come TO Him', through His TESTIMONY.  And so our CREATOR is going 'to CRUSH the American PEOPLE' - even FURTHER! - and 'make an EXAMPLE, OUT of THEIR nation' - before all the OTHER nations - who have 'the FRUIT', of INTERFAITH prayers.  Because, 'OUR God', is "the One TRUE God" - and He is NOT 'divided, by different FAITHS and RELIGIONS'; but ALL of the religious LEADERS, have 'PARSED Him OUT' - JUST like, the roman SOLDIERS, who CRUCIFIED Jesus - STOLE His Garment! - and 'GAMBLED' for a PIECE of it.  And guess 'what HE'S going to do, to the United States of AMERICA!'… He is going 'to DIVIDE their land', and 'PARSE it out' - with "DIVINE lavaflows" - AND! - "LIQUEFACTION, of the coastland"!  And so, as "The TWO Witnesses of the Most High True God", we 'THANK' Trump's pastors! - for 'coming OUT!' - and feeding the PEOPLE, "WORMWOOD! - and false HOPE!"  Because? - we COULDN'T have 'HELPED, the One TRUE God' CLOSE this Era, FASTER! - if they hadn't "stepped-UP, to the PLATFORM"!   (- signed at 3:33 pm, May 7, 2020, during the 3 o'clock hour of JUSTICE) 

The REASON, that Jesus shared, the "Our FATHER" prayer, as 'the EXAMPLE', of how TRUE Christians are to PRAY, to 'their TRUE Father in HEAVEN'? - is BECAUSE! - in that PRAYER, it is CLEARLY! - stated: "THY! [- HIS! -] - Will, be done… THY  [- HIS! -] Kingdom come".  Which MEANS? - that 'EVERYTHING! - that one ASKS for' - FROM, the CREATOR? - must ALWAYS! - BE with 'the ATTITUDE', that HIS  [- NOT yours! -] Will be done! NOT that 'he NEEDS to be told what to do!'  HE 'tells US!' - WHAT He's going to do - and we? - RELAY that.  But 'HE Decides!' [- HIS Will! -] - WHEN and How.  Simple.

Jesus Christ the Lord said: "I have caused them [the Americans] to stumble and to fall, from great heights."

(May 07, 2020 update)

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