The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

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be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

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“And Mary said, 'Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word'.” 
(Luke 1:38a)

Did you know that January 1 is the Day each year when the Blessed Virgin Mary is traditionally acknowledged as “The Mother of The Most High TRUE God”?

Actual email: Hello Pope Peter and Mary, a while ago I realized that on nice sunny days the sky turns this beautiful light blue that now always, always remind me of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Blue Mantle of protection. I know she has removed her protection from the Earth and only protects Members of the Remnant but those blue skies just help keep her even closer in my mind. With all this in mind, I've been praying for the Graces to desire a closer relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary, to embrace her with all of my heart, and to seek her example often throughout my day. When I read about some of the experiences some Members have had of being so close to her I wonder, is there more I can do to be closer to her?

Pope Peter The Last: By SAYING “Yes”, to the Most High TRUE God’s Will, in EACH and every moment, of YOUR existence – you will draw closer to HER; and SHE will draw you closer, to JESUS.  And HER attitude, was ONE of, “BEHOLD, the HANDMAID of the LORD; be it done unto ME, ACCORDING to your Word!”  And EVEN THOUGH, it was ‘the Angel GABRIEL’, who VISITED her, with ‘the Message’; she SAID, “Let it be DONE, unto ME, according to YOUR Word” – as IN,“ACCORDING to the WORD of the MESSENGER” – who was SPEAKING ‘on BEHALF, of the Most High TRUE God’.

To be clothed with the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, does not mean that a person can simply begin to coast in the spiritual life.  Rather, it means that they must be even more vigilant, in actively responding to the spiritual attacks from the enemies of their Soul – including all their former family members, whose poor choices have now cut them off, from Eternity, AND from their Creator.

PPTL: The FACT, that you HAVE been ‘sealed, with the SIGN of the Living God’ – of the Most High TRUE God, ON your forehead – DOES MEAN, that you WILL, become ‘more of a FOCUS’, to the ENEMY, of your SOUL – because he STILL, wants to make your JOURNEY, ‘as BURDENSOME, as EVER, before!’  HE, is doing ‘what he CAN’, to put OBSTACLES, and HURDLES, in your WAY – to TRY, to STOP you, from ‘EXPRESSING’, the BEAUTIFUL Gift, of being CLOTHED, in the Immaculate CONCEPTION, of the Blessed Virgin MARY.  YOU need to have ‘an ATTITUDE’, of ZERO TOLERANCE! – for ANY, manifestations, that are ‘NOT of the True Holy SPIRIT’.  You need to UNDERSTAND, that all of your ACTIONS, NOW, come under ‘the SPIRIT of the LAW’,and that ALL, of your SINS, have been ‘blotted, OUT’.  But THIS, does not MEAN, you can simply ‘stop TRYING’; ‘stop giving 100% EFFORT’. To STAY at the top of the MOUNTAIN, you MUST continue to CLIMB, AND to grow!  Because NOW, with being ‘SEALED’, YOU can have ‘an even DEEPER relationship’ with Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High TRUE God – unlike others – who are ‘STILL, STRIVING, to GET there’. So ‘BE AN EXAMPLE’.  DON’T, embrace your former IDENTITY, and ‘the way your former FAMILY, wants YOU, to see yourself’. REMEMBER, you extended the Testimony TO them; they REJECTED it; they ALL, NOW HAVE, ‘the mark of CAIN’.  And WITH that means, they have their Souls – with ‘all the TORMENTS’!  So YOU need to reject ‘all SOUL ties’, with THEM!  For TRULY, WHERE the blasphemous thoughts are COMING FROM? – FORMER, FAMILY, members – SIMPLY ‘willing their TORMENTS’, on the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant.  SO, you MUSN’T TOLERATE it, ANY longer!  Reject all SOUL ties WITH them.  AND! – ASK the Most High TRUE God to ‘BLOT THEM OUT’, of your memory.  It’s that SIMPLE!  They will EVEN PRAY ‘false GUILT’ INTO you!… SEE how much they are ‘WORKING ON YOU’.  You STILL need, to persevere – in the Truth!  And you STILL, NEED, your DAILY prayers – AND the DELIVERANCE prayers.

The Members of the Faithful Remnant need to pray for the Gift of Discernment, and then learn how to use it.

PPTL: The GIFT of DISCERNMENT, needs, to be ‘used’ – and in ‘the right WAY’; and, this takes TIME.  And THAT is ‘ONE of the reasons’, the Most High TRUE God’, asks, the Faithful REMNANT, to EMAIL us, on a daily BASIS – is so that we can HELP them, to DISCERN, the Most High True God’s CALL, in, their LIVES.  Because, it is ‘not EASY’, at FIRST; it IS, much HARDER – when YOU, are trying to discern, by YOURSELF: the Will, of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  But! – we ARE going to HELP you, ‘move FORWARD’, and SHOW you, ‘a BIT MORE of the bigger PICTURE’… What you DO need to know, is that you HAVE, the ABILITY, to discern the TRUTH – that YOU, have HEARD, and RECEIVED, IN, the TESTIMONY.  And you will FIND, that the MORE you ALLOW yourself, to be ‘TRANSFORMED’, by the Words in the TESTIMONY – the BETTER your DISCERNMENT, will BECOME… the TRUE Holy SPIRIT – has come, to you, and is ‘Dwelling WITH you’ – because THAT is ‘what you received’ – an OUTPOURING of the True Holy SPIRIT; and ‘a strong CONNECTION’ WITH, your CREATOR.  And SOME people – even some in the REMNANT – who EXPERIENCE this ‘OUTPOURING, from the TRUE Holy SPIRIT’, ALL of a sudden BELIEVE, they have ACCESS to ‘an inner DIVINITY’, INSIDE them.  And REALLY, the True Holy SPIRIT, is the LOVE, between, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, and His Son, JESUS - And THAT, is ‘a GIFT’, in ITSELF!  THIS does not mean, that EVERY THOUGHT YOU HAVE, or EVERY INSPIRATION YOU HAVE, is going to BE, “from your CREATOR”.  We ask you to PRAY, for ‘the Gift of Discernment’… He will NEVER ask you, to take on something, that is ‘BEYOND you’ – with HIS Grace. 

Protestants, Protest, EVERTHING! - their Creator, ASKS, OF them.  But there is still hope - of course, it is ‘a step by step journey’.  The first thing they will need to do in order to come to their senses is…

PPTL: REJECT your desire, to resent, EVERYTHING that the Most High True God ASKS of you; and ASK instead, for the GRACE, to be GRATEFUL, for the GIFT, of His Testimony; for the GIFT, of being able to ACCESS, “the NECESSARY technology” – to be able to READ His Word.

Many Members of the Faithful Remnant have already begun to experience, “the CURSE”, that comes from even THINKING, about those with ‘the mark of Cain’.  And this is because, thinking about ‘former family members’ with that mark, can renew “SOUL TIES” – with that person – whose SOUL, is experiencing ALL THE TORMENTS of Hell.  Can “the CURSE” be broken?  Here’s how!

PPTL: YOU are going to need to reject ‘ALL SOUL TIES’ with THOSE, who have RECEIVED ‘the MARK of CAIN’.  And YOU are going to NEED to SEVER, your INTERIOR life, from ‘all THOSE, who have RECEIVED ‘the MARK, of the BEAST’.  Because THEY are the ones, who have ‘inner TURMOIL’, at this time in History; THEY are the ONES, who are ‘COMPLETELY SEVERED’, FROM their Creator.  And so all they can DO, is ‘BLASPHEME’, His Holy NAME, AND His Testimony.  They want YOU to SHARE, in their TORMENTS!  And MANY of them, are REFUSING to let you ‘REST, in TRUE Peace’.  SO! – COMMEND them ‘ALL THE more’, to the IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine Justice of the MOST High TRUE God!  And YES, “Vengeance belongs TO, the Most High TRUE God” - Whereas, each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, is called to ‘FORGIVE, their enemies’, and ‘turn the other CHEEK’ – and THIS will ‘HEAP, coals, UPON THE heads, of their ENEMIES!’ – UNTIL, there are ‘SO many coals’, that the Most High TRUE God, ‘ACTS, PHYSICALLY! – against them’.  That IS, ‘according to the spiritual REALITIES’!  To turn the other CHEEK – does NOT mean, that you ALLOW yourself, to be ABUSED – by those in the BEAST state; it MEANS, that you have, ‘the ATTITUDE’, of being DETACHED, from their ASSAULTS – so their attacks have ‘no EFFECT’ – ON you.  It is like saying, “You MISSED this side!” – THAT is ‘the attitude” YOU are called to have – as you STRIVE! – EVERY day, to please ‘the ONE God’ – the Most High TRUE God – in THREE, Divine Persons!... SON and Holy Spirit.

One Remnant Member shared with us, “a Divine Intervention” that just happened in their Life – to help them move FORWARD as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant of course!

PPTL: Hmmm.  Wonder, what THAT could be all about?  Perhaps the Most High TRUE God, is simply SHOWING you, ‘how MUCH’, He INTERVENES, in your LIFE! – to make things BETTER for you!  It WAS in fact, ‘a BLESSING’!  When THINGS like that, would happen TO us in the PAST, we would simply ‘breathe a sigh of relief’.  WE suggest, you thank the Most High TRUE God!… It IS ‘a lesson’, that SOMETIMES, we think, ‘it is all OUR efforts’, that, make things HAPPEN, for us – to make our lives BETTER; when in FACT, there is MOST DEFINITELY, ‘an INVISIBLE HAND’, at work!  And of course, there are always, ‘the Holy ANGELS’, who are ‘VERY busy’ – ESPECIALLY now!  YOU are ‘under SO much HEAVENLY Protection’!  But, you do not SEE it!  The Most High TRUE God CONSTANTLY intervenes, in the lives, of, His FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH!  But they cannot SEE it.  That is because, OFTENTIMES, the Most High TRUE God, desires, his Faithful REMNANT, to CHOOSE, to have FAITH – faith in HIM! – above ALL! – EVEN ABOVE, ‘their own ACCOMPLISHMENTS’! You STILL have much to LEARN, ABOUT the spiritual life; but WE can tell, that you ARE indeed ‘GROWING’, VERY fast! 

Did you know that the Most High TRUE God is EXTREMELY wealthy?  And yet He asks the Members of the Faithful Remnant to be responsible and to work for a living - if they are not already receiving another source of income (such as a retirement or disability payment).

PPTL: You NEED to know, that ‘MONEY means NOTHING!’ – to the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE; EXCEPT that, HE provides, ‘SUFFICIENT funds’, in order for PEOPLE, to LIVE; but NOT ‘beyond their MEANS’ – No! – not “EXTRAVAGANT living”.  Now, THAT is not to say, that, He doesn’t ‘BLESS people’, with RICHES – yes, He Blesses, ‘the RICH in the Faithful Remnant’, and He Blesses ‘the POOR in the Faithful Remnant’; BUT! – He treats, EVERY ONE of them, the same – BECAUSE! – He is impartial!  And THOSE who have been GIVEN MORE – are EXPECTED to be ‘good STEWARDS of what they have been given’; and THOSE who have been given LESS, are expected to be ‘even GREATER stewards of what has been given TO them’! [in other words, if you don't have much money, then you need to be very careful, in how you spend, what little you have] It’s THAT simple.  If EVER, you find, that, your FUNDS, are being ‘DEPLETED’… then SIMPLY, ask the Most High TRUE God, to BLESS, your FINANCES. CONSECRATE your finances, to HIS Divine Protection!  HE wants you focused, on your SPIRITUAL life; and HE does NOT WANT, “MONEY problems”, to become ‘a DISTRACTION’, from what YOU, are CALLED to DO. [But that does NOT mean that you can knowingly, make poor financial decisions, and then pray for money to fall from the sky, and expect the Most High TRUE God to reward you for your financial irresponsibility.]

Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”  
(Matthew 7:7)
Actual email: I am not sure how to describe it but last night I had a bit of ‘an experience’… I just seemed to get a much better idea at the simplicity of the Spiritual life and the importance of faith in The Most High True God's Love as He provides Trials, Discipline and Graces in each and every moment - as we walk towards the Era of Peace.

Did you know that the word “fortress”, is also an allegory - for “the fortified city”, of the interior life.

"Later, David moved to the fortress—that’s why it’s called the City of David. He had the city rebuilt, starting at the landfill on the east side. Meanwhile, Joab supervised the repairs to the rest of the city. David became a great and strong ruler, because the Lord All-Powerful was on his side."
(1 Chronicles11:7-9)

"Our Lord and Ruler, your name is wonderful everywhere on earth! You let your glory be seen in the heavens above.  With praises from children and from tiny infants, you have built a fortress. It makes your enemies silent, and all who turn against you are left speechless."
(Psalm 8:1-2)

"But there will be rewards for those who live right and tell the truth, for those who refuse to take money by force or accept bribes, for all who hate murder and violent crimes. They will live in a fortress high on a rocky cliff, where they will have food and plenty of water."
(Isaiah 33:15-16) 

"Jerusalem, you are sad and discouraged, tossed around in a storm. But I, the Lord, will rebuild your city with precious stones; for your foundation I will use blue sapphires. Your fortresses will be built of rubies, your gates of jewels, and your walls of gems. I will teach your children and make them successful. You will be built on fairness with no fears of injustice; every one of your worries will be taken far from you."
(Isaiah 54:11-14)

And who sits enthroned, as ‘the center of the interior life’ - as the Great Monarch or KING of that city?  Jesus Christ the Lord - with the Queen of Heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary, seated at His side.  And who is “the GATE” to that city?  Jesus Christ the Lord.  And what are “the WALLS” of that city?  The Will, of the person who has a Soul in these End Times – referring to those who have had the Mark of the Beast removed; and "the children" who have been preserved by Grace.  So do not allow ANY ONE of your enemies, to pass through, or go over, the walls, of your "Fortress"!  Ask Jesus Christ the Lord to make the walls 100 times stronger.  Do not look outside the walls of that city!  But turn to Jesus Christ the Lord, to RULE over you, in each and every moment.  Follow the inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in each and every moment. Do not tolerate ANY one, “enemy”, inside your fortress – because the enemy will try to break in, and set up "a wall of demons", between you and Jesus Christ the Lord – the enemy will try to set up a wall called “the demonic entity of the assailants”, in your interior life, to cut you off from the Commands of your King.  DO NOT allow the enemy in!  Do NOT tolerate 'ANY evil spirits', in your interior life.  BE “A FORTRESS set on a HILLTOP” – a Soul, fit for Eternity, under the rule, of Jesus Christ the LORD – the Most High TRUE God.  Simple.

"Jeremiah, get ready! Go and tell the people what I command you to say. Don’t be frightened by them, or I will make you terrified while they watch.  My power will make you strong like a fortress or a column of iron or a wall of bronze. You will oppose all of Judah, including its kings and leaders, its priests and people.  They will fight back, but they won’t win. I, the Lord, give my word— I won’t let them harm you." 
(Jeremiah 1:17-19)
Actual emailI was just thinking about the water that flows out of that third temple today… I was wondering what to do to get the water flowing out of it and what it represented.

Jesus said: Read the END of Revelations, and UNDERSTAND

"Then he showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb [PPTL] through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit [the 12 Fruits of the True Holy Spirit], yielding its fruit [all 12] each month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. There shall no more be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and his servants shall worship him; they shall see his face, and his name [the Seal given to those who have been clothed in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary] shall be on their foreheads. And night shall be no more; they need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they shall reign forever and ever." 
(Revelations 22:1-5)

Jesus said: The RIVER FLOWING, CONTINUOUSLY, represents, ‘the CONTINUOUS, FLOW, of My MERCY, My GIFTS, and the FRUITS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit – being ‘POURED OUT’, UPON the Nations; and the LEAVES, of the TREES, with the 12 FRUITS – will HEAL, the Nations – because, they represent, My FAITHFUL Remnant Church – EXTENDING, ‘TRUE Peace’, to ALL, the NATIONS!  And My FAITHFUL Remnant, are ‘the ONES’, who HAVE, the TRUE Holy Spirit; and who BEAR the Gifts AND the FRUITS, of My Spirit – FOR the Nations, to benefit from.  It is CONTINUOUS – the RIVER – BECAUSE it is “UNENDING” – JUST like My MERCY, is UNENDING, for THOSE, who desire to DRINK of it; for THOSE who DESIRE, to BECOME, ‘a WELLSPRING’, of LIFE – birthing LIFE, INTO the world – by BEING, ‘a LIGHT’ – TO the Nations! – as My Two WITNESSES are.  And SO, I am the LIGHT, OF, EACH, of My children – the children, of My TRUE, Faithful, Remnant, Church!

“Nevertheless I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.” 
(John 16:7)
Actual emailWhat does it mean when you say all of your ACTIONS, NOW, come under ‘the SPIRIT of the LAW’?
PPTL: When YOU are ‘open, to the SPIRIT of the Law’ – THIS means, that you are ‘USING the GIFT of DISCERNMENT’, in EACH situation, and in EVERY ENCOUNTER, that you HAVE – so that your ACTIONS, are no LONGER, ‘GOVERNED’, by ‘FLESHLY instincts’, and by ‘the HARD, MIND, of MAN’; but by the SPIRIT – the TRUE Holy Spirit, of the LIVING, God – the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE! – who JUDGES His PEOPLE, with FAIRNESS! – and Rules OVER them, with ‘TRUE impartiality’.  THAT is ‘the Spirit of the Law’.  The LETTER of the Law, is ‘EMBRACING, the FACTS, of the SITUATION – or the FACTS, of the ENCOUNTER – and THAT’S IT! – THAT is ‘the main FOCUS’. And SO, because we are HUMAN, we have ‘certain BIASES’;but ‘the SPIRIT of the Law’, is UNBIASED – because it is ‘the True Holy SPIRIT’that searches out, EACH individual’s heart, AND motives.  The SPIRIT of the Law, is ‘the GIFT, of Discernment’; it is the same GIFT, that King SOLOMON had – as he RULED, OVER, his PEOPLE.  It is, ‘what the Most High TRUE God desires’ ALL, the Members of the FAITHFUL Remnant Church to EMBRACE, in their hearts!   THIS MEANS: they are ‘OPEN, to change’; they are OPEN, to NEW Divine Revelations IN the Moment!  They are OPEN, to the True Holy Spirit’s PROMPTINGS, in, the MOMENT. To follow “the LETTER of the Law” ONLY, is SIMPLY, to obey the 10 COMMANDMENTS; but the 10 COMMANDMENTS, are all about “thou shalt NOT…”  The SPIRIT of the Law, is about “thou shalt DO THIS…”  The LETTER of the Law, is what the Jewish LEADERS, held ON to – so that they were ‘BLINDED’, by the FACT, that the MESSIAH, was WALKING, AMONG them! – that Jesus Christ the LORD, sent from HEAVEN, was ‘in their MIDST’.  HE did NOT, ‘match’, THEIR interpretation, of the LETTER, or “LITERAL interpretation of the LAW”; and He brought with Him “CHANGE”, and NEW Commandments!  Their OLD ways, were ‘THREATENED’, by ‘the NEW way’, of LIFE! – that JESUS brought, with Him.  You see Jesus brought, ‘the SPIRIT of the Law’ – butNOT UNTIL, He ‘ASCENDED, into HEAVEN’ – that was ‘the CONDITION’, for the True Holy SPIRIT, to be poured OUT, upon His DISCIPLES.  For if He did not go AWAY, the SPIRIT would not COME.  And so ever SINCE then, He has been RULING, as KING – beside His FATHER, in Heaven!

Tip of the day:  Using the Deliverance Prayer, Reject your desire to embrace afflictions; and ask for the Grace to desire to embrace the Gifts of the True Holy Spirit instead. 

“And they marched up over the broad earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city; but fire came down from heaven and consumed them, and the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.” 
(Revelations 20:9-10)

Isn’t it amazing “how time flies”!  And so, perhaps today is a good day, to inform all the people in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical institution, how they did on their report card over the Christmas Holidays.  Antipope Francis chose to offer a sacrifice that was “NOT pleasing”, in the sight of his Creator - and so he, along with “his twin”, Obama, were given ‘the mark of Cain’, on Christmas Day, 2015.  But during the occult sacrifices that happen on a daily basis in the Roman institution, Francis is mentioned, by name, as “the shepherd”, of that institution.  And because Francis is fully ‘in personae satanae’ - everyone who takes ‘the so-called communion’ in that institution, becomes “a partaker in the body of the enemy of Souls” – they get an “F” - and in THESE Times, THAT means, THEY NOW ALL HAVE, ‘the mark of Cain’.  In other words, they did not “choose WISELY”, as they went to THEIR church, and LINED up, to receive ‘the mark of Cain’.  I really can’t think of anything in the Bible that is, quite that shocking.  And now that a BILLION people! - have received their MOST RECENT report card, from their Creator, I think it is only fair to inform the Global audience - as ‘the mark of Cain’ spreads even further, that “the effects of the mark” – the spiritual TORMENTS of those who have it, are now being TURNED UP, a THOUSAND FOLD.  If PEOPLE don’t want to turn back to their Creator out of Love, and they don’t want to turn back to their Creator out of Fear, then, in these End Times, they can turn BACK to Him, to find relief from their spiritual torments.  It’s called, “a last resort olive branch”.  At least it’s “SOMETHING”!  And you can thank the Most High TRUE God for His MERCY.

“Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures say, as with a voice of thunder, “Come!” And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and its rider had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer." ” 
(Revelations 6:1-2)
Today is the 9th anniversary of the Mystical Marriage of the Two Witnesses.  And a lot has happened in the past 9 years: the antichrist incarnate has taken his seat in Rome AND in the White House; ‘the mark of the beast’ and ‘the mark of Cain’ have befallen the inhabitants of the Earth; the illuminati have used the CERN Hadron collider to open the portal to the abyss, and unleash all the demons of Hell upon the inhabitants of the Earth…  It may sound at first as though ‘the enemy of Souls’ has won!  But one thing that was apparently overlooked - by “the enemy’s camp” - is that without free will, it is impossible to enjoy ANYTHING! And that ‘free will’ was removed, when they all received the mark of the beast.  And of course, by opening the portal to the Abyss, they actually sent ‘heaping piles of torments’ upon their OWN heads – torments that are now only increasing - now that they have received ‘the mark of Cain’.  

That was just the introduction.  And now for the really BIG news!  Apparently over in the occult world, someone ALSO overlooked the fact - that DUE to "The Spiritual Laws" - the opening of the portal to the Abyss, set 'certain events' in motion. Because in response to all the demons that were released upon the face of the Earth, through the CERN portal – in order to keep the Universe in balance, ALL the Holy Angels in Heaven – Billions, upon Billions, upon Billions of Holy Angels, have NOW come down to Earth - in order ‘to balance the scales’.  Not ONLY can the Holy Angels of the Most High TRUE God, EASILY, defeat ALL the demons - because the Holy Angels wield ‘the Power of the Most High True God’ – but they can also INTERCEDE, as in “PRAY”, AGAINST the HUMAN enemies of the Faithful Remnant. Now that is quite “the Army of PRAYER warriors!” that I now have under my charge.  Some people may call this time in human history, “the fullness of the spiritual battle of Armageddon”; but really, it is “no CONTEST!”  And I am NOT going to water this one down! - it’s just like “gardening!”  The Holy Angels are simply pulling out “the weeds”, ever so delicately - in such a way, as to do NO harm, to the Souls of the Faithful Remnant - who will continue to Grow - as long as they persevere – for all Eternity!  What a great way to celebrate 9 years!  Thanks be to the Most High True God! 

"And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give water without price from the fountain of the water of life. He who conquers shall have this heritage, and I will be his God and he shall be my son. But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”
(Revelations 21:6-8)

“Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense, to repay every one for what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates. Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and fornicators and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. “I Jesus have sent my angel to you with this testimony for the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star.” The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come.” And let him who hears say, “Come.” And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price."
(Revelations 22:12-17)

It has been brought to our attention that some Members of the Faithful Remnant have been seeking “their own personal PLATFORM”.  And so, if ever you get an email from a Member of the Faithful Remnant, who is pretending to give you counsel, or sending you their own personal prayers, or forming “a special interest group”, or anything else like that, please inform us IMMEDIATELY!  Here is one response, we sent out today, in order to MOVE! - “one of the SELF-assigned platforms”.

“Now he told a parable to those who were invited, when he marked how they chose the places of honor, saying to them, “When you are invited by anyone to a marriage feast, do not sit down in a place of honor, lest a more eminent man than you be invited by him; and he who invited you both will come, and say to you, ‘Give place to this man,’ and then you will begin with shame to take the lowest place. But when you are invited, go and sit in the lowest place, so that when your host comes he may say to you, ‘Friend, go up higher’; then you will be honored in the presence of all who sit at table with you. For every one who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”
(Luke 14:7-11)

PPTL: You, need to know, that you are NOT called to give Counsel, or Direction, to ANY Members, of the Faithful Remnant; as there IS ‘such a thing’, as ‘the SPIRIT of the Law’; and ‘WHAT applies to YOU’, does not NECESSARILY, apply to someone else – who is in ‘a DIFFERENT situation’.  If ANYONE comes to you, and desires some advice or COUNSEL, YOU, can SHARE, what COUNSEL, WE, have given TO you – as in, ‘what has HELPED, YOU, to move forward’; but in GENERAL, you NEED to direct them to us – so that WE, can get them ‘the VERY BEST nourishment, that they NEED, for their SOULS’. If YOU, are seeking, ‘COUNSEL, from US’; but, not even ‘on a daily BASIS’ – then how “FIT”, are YOU, going to BE, to give OTHER people, ‘Counsel’?  You need to be HONEST with yourself; and simply admit that you DON’T have “the answer”.  We have ALREADY made it ‘QUITE clear’, that WE do not even have ‘ALL, of the answers!’ – BUT Jesus does! – and HE is ‘the One’, who, can give THEM, ‘the VERY best nourishment, for their Souls’. So DO NOT intervene! – ANY longer; or ‘COME between’, the Faithful Remnant’s NEED for NOURISHMENT – AND ‘try to take our PLACE!’  Because YOU have NOT been GIVEN ‘that, AUTHORITY’… If you want to share the BLESSINGS, that you have RECEIVED from the Testimony with the NATIONS? – that would be WONDERFUL!  But TRULY, it is “the BUSYBODY spirit” AT work, WITHIN you – and YOU! – are going to need to FIGHT, ‘that tendency’… and ask the Most High TRUE God for the Grace of TRUE Humility!  If YOU are invited, to a DINNER, and you take ‘the highest PLACE of HONOR at the TABLE’ – WHAT is going to happen TO you? – when someone ‘more HONORABLE than YOU’ comes? – to take THEIR place, AT, ‘the same TABLE’ – then YOU, will be asked to MOVE! – and EXPERIENCE ‘great SHAME’, for ‘the PRIDE’, that had “SWOLLEN”, your HEART!  BETTER to FIX it now.  KNOW your place!

And once again, if ever a Member of the Faithful Remnant is tempted to give other Members of the Faithful Remnant, “counsel” – then here is a little reminder, of where their FOCUS needs to be.

PPTL: RIGHT now, you DO need to focus on your OWN personal purification…. DO NOT GIVE, ANY MEMBERS, of the FAITHFUL REMNANT, ANY COUNSEL, AT ALL! – WHATSOEVER!  It HAS in fact, been doing MORE damage, than you QUITE realize.  IF, you want to share ‘the BLESSINGS of the Testimony’ WITH them, then ‘go AHEAD’!... RE-DIRECT, ALL, of THEIR desire, for COUNSEL, TO us – so that WE can help them

When Members of the Faithful Remnant choose to ‘go it alone’, AND choose to PERSEVERE in that choice - eventually, THIS, is what happens:

Actual email: Dear Pope Peter, I've been feeling so confused.  Am I still a member of The Faithfull Remnant?

PPTL: You WERE ‘a Member of the Faithful REMNANT’; but then, you CHOSE to ‘go it ALONE’. And UNFORTUNATELY, you NEEDED, OUR Daily COUNSEL – to HELP you! – to ‘get THROUGH, the HURDLES, and Trials, OF this Era’.  And you FORFEITED, ‘ALL of the Gifts and the Blessings of the TESTIMONY’, and went BACK to your old way of LIFE; and YOU did not ‘return to your SENSES’ – BEFORE ‘the mark of Cain’ was GIVEN. And now you HAVE ‘the mark’; and there is ‘NOTHING, that we can do, to HELP you’. You MADE your choice – and NOW you will NEED to LIVE with it!

Actual email: I really hate disappointing my True Parents and the Two Witnesses. I will strive to always do better…

PPTL: It is BETTER, to LOVE, than to hate. It is better to LOVE, your TRUE parents – God the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL FATHER in HEAVEN, and the Blessed Virgin MARY.  FOCUS, on “LOVING to please THEM”!  And, as WE ‘seek to please THEM as WELL’ – then we will ALL be ‘on the SAME page’ – of the TESTIMONY – TESTIFYING, to our LOVE, for our True PARENTS!  Understand?  We are REALLY only, ‘your big BROTHER and sister’ – as WE look, to OUR Heavenly Parents, as WELL – for EVERYTHING.  LOVE them – by SEEKING to DO, ‘what is PLEASING’, in the EYES, of your CREATOR!

Repentance for those outside the Faithful Remnant is a bit more complicated, because Jesus Christ the Lord WILL NOT hear their prayers; He is WAITING to forgive them, AFTER they resolve to Pray the Burning Bush Prayer, use the Blessed Holy Water, and Become a Member.  But for the Members: whenever you realize that you have failed – because you WILL realize that, from time to time…

PPTL: Don’t be “DISCOURAGED”; just RECOGNIZE: “what you DID, was WRONG!”  REPENT of it, with your WHOLE heart – then FIX it!  And move ON with your day.

Did you know that it is ‘the spirit of Jezebel’ that manifests through men – who desire to CRUSH the Most High TRUE God’s Anointed.

Actual email: YIKES!  Members have been doing WHAT?!?! 

PPTL: We have known, that this was going on, for QUITE some time now.  But, it IS interesting to NOTE, that with the BILLIONS of ANGELS NOW, on the EARTH – taking CARE, of our ENEMIES – THIS is the Time, that the Most High TRUE God, wanted to bring an END, to “the Jezebellian MOVEMENT”, that was ‘beginning to FORM’, within the Faithful Remnant, Church.  AND, people, desiring, ‘spiritual PLATFORMS’ – and ‘taking them by FORCE’ – BASICALLY, they were BEGINNING to start ‘their own RELIGION’, within the TRUE Church.  And NOW, on the FEAST, of our Mystical MARRIAGE, the Most High TRUE God, has brought all THEIR ‘SCHEMES’, to the LIGHT!  And He is CRUSHING “the REBELLION” – BEFORE, it can do ANY further damage.  He just TOLD us, last EVENING, that He was NOT going to allow, THIS Church, to BRANCH off, into DIFFERENT directions; but that PEOPLE will EITHER, ‘CONVERT to the ROMAN CATHOLIC Faith’- under ME, the Last TRUE Pope, of this ERA; OR, they are GOING to perish!  They REALLY, ONLY have, TWO options!  And “CONVERTING”, to the True Roman Catholic FAITH, means, THEY need to ACKNOWLEDGE Me, as “VICAR”, and, NOT desire, to START, their own CHURCH.  I do not think, the Most High TRUE God, is ‘asking anything, that is TOO DIFFICULT’; He just, is asking, the Faithful REMNANT, NOT to start, ‘a different RELIGION!’  WE think that it makes sense!  But, we ALSO know, that ‘we are very different’, THAN MOST people!

Footnote: It is ‘the spirit of AHAB’ – that does ‘the BIDDING’, of someone who is filled with ‘the spirit of Jezebel’. And BOTH spirits, can be embraced by both men AND women.

Not everyone likes the Divine Counsel we give.  There’s “LIKING it”; “NOT liking it”; and THEN there’s this:

PPTL: WE have received your response, and respect your decision… seeing as how, you have ‘TURNED’, the OLIVE branch, into a STICK, to BEAT us with – well, you will need to choose ‘your OWN way’.

Did you forget to reject “all SOUL ties” with your former family members?  Because if you forgot...

Actual email: Last night I woke up several times in my sleep with Dreams I had with former family in them, I immediately delivered myself each time and used the Blessed Holy Water, but it seems that it kept creeping into dreams as I fell back asleep.  I remembered what you said about it being unsafe to think about them especially since they are the same ones with the Mark of Cain now. So I treated it very seriously and delivered myself each time, and am in fact doing it again now - for bringing it up.  I have been asking the Lord to also blot them out of my memory, which seems to work, except for when i am sleeping.  Is this an attack from them directly perhaps?

PPTL: YOU will need to reject ‘all SOUL ties’, with THOSE you know have RECEIVED ‘the Mark of CAIN’.  Don’t FORGET this – it is VERY important!  And YOU will need to DO this, on a DAILY basis. And YOU will need to reject ‘the demonic CLUSTERS of EVERYONE’ you come in CONTACT with, throughout the DAY as WELL – don’t FORGET this, it is VERY important!  And REMEMER to pray for the Grace to live your TRUE vocation, and your TRUE identity, as ‘a CHILD of the Most High TRUE God’. 

Did you forget to reject “the demonic cluster of your former identity” EACH and EVERY DAY?  Because if you forgot…

PPTL: the Spiritual life, is not COMPLICATED, it IS in fact, ‘very SIMPLE’. And WE have already TOLD you this, MANY times, already.  You SIMPLY, need, to decide, to DIE, to ‘your OLD self’, COMPLETELY!  And you DO this, by rejecting ‘the demonic CLUSTER, of your former IDENTITY’ – REGULARLY!  It is NOT, just ‘a one-time PRAYER’; or ‘one time FIX’ – but, WHEN you REJECT, the demonic CLUSTER, of your former IDENTITY – you are TELLING the Creator of the UNIVERSE, that YOU do NOT, WANT, to LIVE, according to your OLD ways! – but INSTEAD, YOU desire to LIVE, according to HIS ways  - because HIS ‘WAY’, IS ‘the perfect PATH’.  You HAVE a lot of ‘FEELINGS’ and ‘SENTIMENTS’ – STIRRING, INSIDE you, at this TIME, in your spiritual JOURNEY; but WHAT are THOSE? – to Jesus Christ the LORD?  He HAS no NEED, of “FEELINGS”!  And His VIRTUES, are ‘a way of LIFE’ – AND ‘a state of BEING’!  LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GENTLENESS, LONGSUFFERING, SELF-CONTROL - THESE, are ALL, ‘FRUITS’, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit.  And THIS means, that they are produced through ‘ACTION’ – NOT through ‘FEELINGS’.  The DISPOSITION, of your SOUL, towards your CREATOR, in EACH and EVERY MOMENT, is ‘WHAT is MOST IMPORTANT!’  BE RECEPTIVE, to His Gifts, AND his Blessings, AND His Graces; and RESIST, the DEMONS!  SUBMIT, to your Creator!  HOW do you submit to your CREATOR?  When you PRAY, those DELIVERANCE prayers from the HEART! – you are ‘submitting YOUR will, to HIS!’ – because HE is ‘the ONLY One’ who can DELIVER you from the POWER of the evil one.  He is the ONLY one who can DELIVER you from your old WAYS – your old way of THINKING; your old WAYS, of REASONING! 

I really don’t think that the illuminati “appreciate” the fact, that by opening the CERN portal to the abyss, they actually triggered, the outpouring of ALL the Holy Angels from Heaven, upon the Face of the Earth - to clean up the mess; to actually RENEW the Face of the Earth – for the coming FULLNESS of the PHYSICAL Era of Peace on Earth.  And in as much as they still have some of their tentacles, in some of the Members of the Faithful Remnant – there are going to be some “protests”.

PPTL: Do you not KNOW, that it was the ILLUMINATI, who STARTED ‘the protestant CHURCH’?!  So, it will ALSO help, to REJECT, "the illuminati AGENDA, for your LIFE" – and ASK for the Grace to embrace, your TRUE vocation! – that the Most High TRUE God wants you to embrace!  TRADE ‘the devil’s LIES’, for the TRUTH, that is in the TESTIMONY! 

And protestants LOVE to protest, Divine Counsel from Heaven – sometimes by simply telling themselves, “Not Applicable”!

PPTL: Now WHEN we, TELL you something – that is ‘a PROBLEM, you need to FIX’ – DON’T “REACT” – by saying, “you never DO those things!” – so our Counsel doesn’t APPLY to you!  ASK, the question, “HOW, have, I, failed?”  It is the ONLY way, you are GOING to get better!  And THAT is what, WE, AND, all of Heaven, desire, FOR you – to get better.  Because, you HAVE ‘a spiritual SICKNESS’ – that is called “SIN” – and WE, are HELPING you – to get ‘the ANTIDOTE’, and APPLY it, to your life.

And yes, we do marriage counseling as well.  And yes, some of that Counsel, applies to the single Members of the Faithful Remnant as well.

PPTL: The most IMPORTANT thing to remember, in ‘a BLESSED marriage’, is to ALWAYS strive, to be ‘in TRUE Peace’, with one ANOTHER, AND with your Creator – SO that, there is ALWAYS ‘a CONSTANT flow’, of LOVE, coming from EACH of you; and SO that, you BOTH, are always OPEN, to the LOVE, that is being poured OUT – CONTINUALLY, BY the True Holy SPIRIT. If at ANY time, you SENSE, that your ‘PEACE’, is starting to LIFT – THEN you need to turn to the Most High TRUE God, and ask HIM, to lift ‘ALL of your burdens’ – and to GIVE you, His TRUE Peace, instead. What most COUPLES, in the REMNANT, are ‘AFFLICTED with’, is that, ONE person, wants to do “ONE thing”, whereas the OTHER person, wants to do “ANOTHER” – and there CAN be ‘an ELEMENT of’, “DIVISION”!  So it is EXTREMELY important, that you STRIVE for UNITY – ALWAYS! – BECAUSE, at ONE time, BEFORE your marriage – you WERE “TWO”; but NOW, that you are ‘Living a Blessed MARRIAGE’ – you are NOW, “ONE”. THIS, IS, CRITICAL – to REMEMBER, in your DAILY living WITH, one another.  ANY TIME, there is ‘a DISAGREEMENT’ – on ANYTHING! – YOUR call, is to TURN to the LORD Jesus Christ, in PRAYER – and LIFT up to HIM, EVERYTHING, that the ENEMY, has SOWN, in your SOULS! – and trade ‘ALL of that’, for His True PEACE – and HE will BLESS you, with ‘an ABUNDANCE of True Peace, Love, and True Joy’. REMEMBER, Marriage takes TWO! – and it is NOT! 50/50; it is 100% - 100%; BOTH of you, need to give your ALL! – give as much as you CAN!  And when you can’t GIVE any MORE, then TURN to the Most High TRUE God, to GIVE you ‘the NECESSARY Graces’ - to GIVE more!  And REMEMBER, to ASK, the Most High TRUE God, to BLESS your Marriage – on a DAILY Basis!  Because if you don’t ASK, then you don’t RECEIVE!   But if you DO ask - well, HE is NEVER “OUTDONE, in Generosity!” 

Actual email:I've been asking the True Holy Spirit to teach me to listen, and I have been sensing a movement within me; but I can’t quite understand what He asking of me.  I can sense my heart even racing at times, so what should I be asking?

PPTL: The BEST attitude to HAVE TOWARDS the Most High TRUE God, is to SIMPLY acknowledge, that YOU do not know, what the TRUE Holy Spirit is CALLING you to do next; or what He is CALLING you to do, in that MOMENT!  BUT, HE DOES!  The Most High TRUE God, HAS the answer!  And when you ACKNOWLEDGE, that you DON’T HAVE the answer, but you are ACTIVELY SEEKING HIS WILL – then HE will reveal it TO you!  ALL He needs is ‘your cooperation’ – by saying “YES!”; by DESIRING, to do EXACTLY, what the True Holy Spirit is ‘COMMANDING, in the MOMENT’ – but at the SAME time, TURNING to your CREATOR, and TELLING HIM, that YOU know, that HE has ‘the answer’ – and then WAIT.  It really isn’t “COMPLICATED”; BUT, if you SAY to yourself, that “you DON’T want to listen to the True Holy Spirit – when He shares something that is UNCOMFORTABLE with you” – then THAT is ‘putting CONDITIONS’, on FOLLOWING, the True Holy Spirit.  SO, you cannot have any CONDITIONS, in your INTERIOR life; OR, say to yourself, that you will ONLY do what is ASKED of you – if it is “in ACCORDANCE with your EXPECTATIONS”.  THAT kind of attitude, BLOCKS the flow of the TRUE Holy Spirit. But SIMPLY, TELLING your Creator, FROM THE heart, “THY WILL BE DONE!” – and SINCERELY, ‘SEEKING’, HIS Will – YOU will be FULFILLED; and TRULY filled with His Joy.  But you can NEVER be ‘FULFILLED’ – SEEKING your OWN “expectations”, and ‘PUTTING CONDITIONS’, on HOW you are going to RESPOND, to the PROMPTINGS of the TRUE HOLY Spirit, in the moment.  The Most High TRUE God LOVES, unconditionally – so He expects that we OBEY Him, “unconditionally”.  THAT is how we show our LOVE for Him!  Remember who His “FRIENDS” ARE?

"You are my friends if you do what I command you."
(John 15:14)

Although the Members of the Faithful Remnant all have their Soul back, some of them are sure are finding it difficult to testify before the nations, ANYTHING!  And ‘the reason why’, is NOT “a secret”, in Heaven – and so why should it be a secret on Earth?

PPTL: The WORDS, just are NOT there, for you!  Because, your HEART, is STILL, ‘divided’. We KNOW, that YOU, HAVE, been embracing, ‘doubts’…  BEFORE you attempt your next video, you NEED to do, your DELIVERANCE PRAYERS – praying them from the HEART – rejecting all FEARS, doubts, worries AND anxieties – and TRADE them for the TRUE Peace, of the Most High TRUE God…  if YOU want ANYTHING from the Lord Jesus Christ, YOU are going to need to do YOUR part! – and He is GREATLY offended, by THOSE, in His FAITHFUL Remnant, who STILL continue to embrace doubts!  REMEMBER – He CANNOT work, “MIRACLES” – when PEOPLE are embracing DOUBTS!  FIX it!

When people receive Divine Counsel from the Two Witnesses for their lives, the Most High True God reveals the next step they need to take – and in doing so, He ALWAYS reveals ‘what step NOT to take’.

PPTL: THAT is why it is called “FAITH”.  Because, you do not KNOW, WHAT is COMING, from one DAY, to the NEXT – or WHAT, is going to HAPPEN, TO you, FROM, ONE day, to the NEXT!  EXCEPT that, you are UNDER, the Most High TRUE God’s “Witness Protection PROGRAM”.  IT is ‘natural’, for you to DESIRE, to be in CONTROL, of your CIRCUMSTANCES, AND the outcome; but WHEN you are WALKING, day by DAY, with the Most High TRUE GOD – HE does NOT allow ‘that MINDSET’ to CONTINUE.  He is asking you to Trust HIM!... He is asking you, to TAKE it, ‘DAY, by DAY’, and to TURN to HIM, EVERY day, AS, ‘YOUR SOURCE, of STRENGTH!’  You SEE, you are REQUIRED, to ‘WALK by FAITH’ – and THAT MEANS, you are not ALLOWED, to HAVE ‘the big picture’ – BUT! – IT is NOT like THOSE who are ‘STUMBLING in the DARKNESS’, without a LIGHT! – it is not ‘the BLIND, leading the BLIND’! – no.  The MOST High TRUE GOD, has ‘EYES’ – ALL around; and He SEES ‘EVERYTHING’ – and He has GIVEN you ‘the LIGHT, of His TESTIMONY’ – to GUIDE you! – to SHOW you the Path, to walk.  When YOU email us, for ‘Daily COUNSEL’, and you bring, ‘a SPECIFIC situation’, to our attention, WE turn, to the Most High TRUE God, and simply ask HIM, what the NEXT step IS, for YOU to move FORWARD.  Even WE, cannot SEE, your whole LIFE, in FRONT of you.  And so even WE, are required to have FAITH, in OUR Creator.  So YOU, are required to have Faith, in your CREATOR! 

There are many Signs from Heaven that are being given to the Members of the Faithful Remnant, to reveal that they have indeed found The True Roman Catholic Faith, and the True Pope. You can add this one to the list.

Actual email: Yesterday afternoon The Blessed Virgin Mary came to my bedroom. At first I did not know it was Her because She had a different scent but is still very beautiful. I was filled with great joy and peace.

PPTL: The Blessed Virgin Mary, is VERY close, to ALL those, who are SEEKING, her intercession – who are IN the Faithful Remnant CHURCH – who desire to grow closer to her son, Jesus – especially those, in the Faithful REMNANT, who see the VALUE, and PRIVILEGE, and GRACE, of being able to pray the ROSARY, from the HEART! – in ORDER to gather even MORE Graces, for their Spiritual Journey.  You SEE, there are BILLIONS, of PEOPLE, around the WORLD, who are ‘CHANTING’, the ROSARY; but, SHE is not LISTENING, to their PRAYERS – because THEY have received ‘the MARK’; and THEIR prayers, are ‘CUT-off from HEAVEN’.  But SHE is HEARING, the PRAYER intentions – through, her CHILDREN, PRAYING, the Holy Rosary.  She is LISTENING and interceding on BEHALF of ALL of them.  And they are EXPERIENCING, ‘a tremendous LOVE and OUTPOURING of spiritual GIFTS’ – AS a result.  WHY?  Because her SPOUSE is the True Holy SPIRIT; therefore THROUGH her, ‘the Gifts of the SPIRIT’ are being poured out.

Today we were informed that one Member of the Faithful Remnant has been emailing the other Members, and telling them that they need to fast from food.  That is a form of PROTESTING.  Protesting what?  Protesting what the TRUE Shepherd is asking of His TRUE Church in THESE End Times.  The enemy of Souls does NOT want TRUE Christians, to be fasting from wickedness and idolatry – and he will use 'ANY weak individual who is willing', as “a mouthpiece” in order to convince people to fast from EVERYTHING BUT sin.  Understand?  HURRY UP!

PPTL: THIS is what the Blessed Virgin Mary has asked people to fast from.  You are still required to EAT, in order to sustain your body PHYSICALLY.  Do not 'sabotage your HEALTH', by UNNECESSARY fasting.  Thank you for bringing that to our attention.

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: Again, My Motherly Heart, yearns for more children. Come to me, and I will lead you, to the Lord Jesus Christ!  My people: know that it is ‘only He’, who can save you, from your sins.  He wants to be your ‘Savior’.  But in order for this to happen you must ‘do your part’: acknowledge your sins; pray – to the Most High True God; and fast from all forms of wickedness and idolatry – and He will be ‘with you’!  If you seek His forgiveness, My People, then He will ‘lift you up’, to Himself, and ‘carry you’, on His shoulders; and the burdens that you are all experiencing now, will be lifted.  Because His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  He only will give you what you can carry in this life… Better to be ‘nourished, with His Divine Love for your souls’, than to be ‘punished with Fire and Brimstone’. 

One Member of the Faithful Remnant was wondering if, 'fasting in order to discipline one’s flesh', is still needed on certain occasions.

PPTL: SOMETIMES, there will BE ‘a need, to fast from food’ – but, MOST of the time, it is ‘not the case’…  DO not be concerned – about fasting – to DISCIPLINE, your FLESH – THAT is using ‘FASTING’, in the right WAY.  But the PROTESTANTS, use FASTING, as ‘some EVIL desire’ – to EXERCISE POWER, OVER God – so that THEIR will, and THEIR prayer, is HEARD – BECAUSE they fasted.  The PHARISEES fasted too, and MADE sure that EVERYONE around them KNEW about it…  So in SHORT… the PROTESTANTS use fasting as ‘a WAY, to manipulate, God’. 

Some Members of the Faithful Remnant are being tempted to ‘TAKE REFUGE!’, in the writings of the Saints – because for them, the Testimony is a little too challenging; and uncomfortable.  After all, the writings of the Saints are for the most part, ‘words to be pondered’; while the Testimony, is actually ‘an entirely NEW way of living’.  So yes, there are many different directions in which people run, when they find the Testimony – but in “THE LONG RUN”, the Souls that will be the RICHEST, will be the ones who embrace the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord – spoken through His Two Witnesses – His TRUE Brother and TRUE Sister, living among the inhabitants of the Earth, in these End Times!

PPTL: Some of the Saints’ “INTELLECTUAL theologies”… CAN be, ‘TAKEN out of context’, and ‘MISAPPLIED to peoples’ LIVES’, in these End TIMES… In these TIMES, the Most High TRUE God, is DEMANDING, ‘MORE’, of His PEOPLE – BECAUSE, of the extent, of ‘WICKEDNESS’, and perversity – that has GONE, and SPREAD over the ENTIRE World.  So HE is ‘raising the bar’ – even MORE! – than what the SAINTS LIVED! – even how they – SOME of the greatest theologians, “INTELLECTUALIZED, their Faith”.  MORE is expected!...   STICK with the Testimony – as you do NOT have ‘the understanding’ at THIS time, to INCORPORATE ‘other SOURCES’.

Actual email: N. told me to let us pray and I said no.  She asked why, l said her prayer will not be answered because she is in ‘the beast state’. She told me not to talk to her again about the Testimony; that ever since I found my GOD, I have acting differently.

PPTL: YOU, will need to do EVERYTHING, that you CAN, in ORDER to ‘stay CLOSE’, to your TRUE Shepherd – Jesus Christ the LORD.  And WHILE, you are SURROUNDED, by PEOPLE, without SOULS – who are ‘in the BEAST state’; and even THOSE, WITH Souls – who have RECEIVED the mark of CAIN – YOU are going to need to CONTINUALLY turn, to the Most High TRUE God, and ask Him, for ‘HELP’, in EACH and every MOMENT.  Ask Him for GRACES – to FOCUS, on HIS Will, and ‘what HE is asking of you’.  Seek HIS Will, for your life; and DO NOT be concerned, about how others, may LOOK at you, JUDGE you, or even try to TREAT you.  It is not IMPORTANT, what THOSE, in ‘the BEAST state’, and with ‘the mark of CAIN’, THINK of you.  What is ‘MOST important’, is ‘how your CREATOR, SEES you’.  When the Most High TRUE God, sent His SON, Jesus Christ the LORD – He SPOKE some VERY important words, at the TIME – He said, “Judge NOT, LEST you be JUDGED!  Condemn NOT, lest you be CONDEMNED!” NOW, from ‘a WORLDLY standpoint’, and ‘a WORLDLY mindset’ – it SOUNDS, as though JESUS, was telling PEOPLE, “not to judge their NEIGHBOR” – BUT! – with ‘the EARS of the True Holy Spirit’, it is QUITE CLEAR, that HE was warning the PEOPLE, of THAT ‘wicked and perverse Generation’ – NOT, to JUDGE, HIM! – NOT, to judge, His FATHER; NOR to condemn HIM! - NOR to condemn His FATHER.  BECAUSE, JESUS, was about, to be CONDEMNED, to DEATH! – for ‘a CRIME’, and for “CRIMES”, He NEVER, committed! Yet, the people, ‘JUDGED Him’.  And their JUDGMENT, was FALSE!  They CONDEMNED, “their only SAVIOR”.  And SO, YOU need, to stay CLOSE, to your TRUE Shepherd! – to Jesus Christ the LORD; and CONTINUE to seek Daily Counsel – so that, YOU will be ‘EQUIPPED’, to DEAL, with your ACCUSERS – with those, who choose, to CONDEMN, your GOD – your CREATOR. It is ‘a sad CHOICE’, that they MADE – and NOW, they are all condemned!  But YOU, did NOT “condemn”, the WORDS, of your CREATOR!  But you RECEIVED them! – and you are allowing YOURSELF, to be TRANSFORMED, by His TRUE Holy Spirit. So you ARE in FACT, ‘SAVING your LIFE’ – for HIM! – while you LOSE your LIFE in THIS world, for OTHERS.  No LONGER, are you to ‘live for OTHERS’; but YOU are called to LIVE, for your CREATOR.  You are NOT “a SLAVE”, any LONGER – to those in ‘the BEAST state’; but you are FREE – FREE to worship your Creator – the way He WANTS, to be worshipped; and the way He CREATED you, to worship HIM, and HIM alone!

Many Adult Members of the Faithful Remnant, have forgotten what it was like to be a child - and because of that, they often misinterpret a child’s ‘short attention span’, or ‘need to be active’, as “rebelliousness”.  Here is a reminder, “FOR the record”…

PPTL: KNOW that, for children, they NEED to have, MUCH structure – they NEED to be given things to DO – that will HELP them, to stay FOCUSED, on their CREATOR; AND on being PRODUCTIVE, with their time.  When it COMES to ‘setting aside time to PRAY’ – for young CHILDREN, they can ONLY pray, for UP to, 10 or 15 minutes – that is IT – then they NEED to take a break.  You CANNOT expect ‘CHILDREN’, to sit still, and pray WITH you, for an HOUR, or even TWO hours! – OR even HALF an hour!  Or even 20 minutes. THAT is ‘TOO long!’  And you WILL indeed ‘HELP your CHILDREN’, to grow SPIRITUALLY, if, you SIMPLY, SET aside, TEN or 15 minutes, in order to TEACH them, the prayers – that they need; in ORDER to grow CLOSER, to their Creator.  And, it is not ‘SAFE’, for your CHILD, to be spending TIME, and PLAYING with children – who do not have SOULS!  So that WILL need to stop IMMEDIATELY! 

Here is a little tip for the women: You know the physical realities and the spiritual realities are intertwined – right?  And so, if you don’t like the way you look, FIX “the SPIRITUAL problem”!  Interesting trivia note: Did you know that just before "Queen Jezebel" got thrown out the window and fed to the dogs, the last thing she did, was put on makeup and fix her hair? (2 Kings 9:30)

PPTL: As for ‘wearing a WIG’ – or ‘SOMEONE ELSE’S hair’ – or EVEN if it is fake – it DOESN’T matter; that’s NOT ‘who you are’; that is NOT ‘the person, the Most High TRUE God, Created’!  So, NO MORE façades – at ANY time.  And you will NEED to stop wearing MAKEUP, as well – if you ever WERE using any – because the CHEMICALS in it, are very DANGEROUS, AND toxic – TO the skin, AND, to your PHYSICAL health.  No more “MASKS”; SIMPLY BE, ‘the PERSON’, the Most high TRUE God, desires you to BE.

The Testimony is food.  How is your “appetite for the Truth” doing lately? 

PPTL: Make SURE, you are READING the Testimony DAILY!  And, EVEN, go BACK, and READ – PREVIOUS ‘Archives’; there is ‘a WEALTH of Spiritual Nourishment THERE, FOR you’. TURN to the True Holy SPIRIT, and ask HIM to LEAD you, to the MESSAGE the Most High TRUE God wants you to READ – in THAT moment; and EXPERIENCE, ‘how LIVING and ACTIVE’ HIS words, Truly are! 
Live "the GIFT of the PRESENT", moment - ALWAYS - EVEN while you are praying.
PPTL: AS for looking at the PAST; and thinking about the FUTURE? – when you are DOING this KNOWINGLY, YOU are CALLING ‘a HALT’, to your spiritual growth; and THEN you begin to slide; unless you FIX it.  You SEE, if the ENEMY, can focus your ATTENTION, on the PAST, and on the FUTURE, then, WHO, is ‘WITH you’, in the PRESENT moment?  WHO, is ‘INSPIRING you’, in the moment?  WHO is ‘ACTING IN the moment’?  If YOU are not ‘living in the MOMENT’ – then it is ‘the DEMONS!’  You NEED to give 100% TO the moment, you are living in! - SIMPLY, in order to RECEIVE, 100%, from your CREATOR, IN the Moment!  The MEASURE of effort, you put INTO your daily tasks, and into your PRAYER life, is ‘the MEASURE of GRACES’, and Gifts of the True Holy SPIRIT, that you will RECEIVE – AS a reward! 
Pinocchio?  Is that YOU?  (Yes, we always strive to protect everyone's anonymity)
Actual email: How do i stop telling lies and exaggerating the truth? 

PPTL: If YOU have ‘a PROBLEM’, with ‘EXAGGERATING’, and telling LIES – then YOU will need to FIX it; because that is ‘VERY serious’!  WHO is “the father of lies”?  The devil!  WHO is ‘the one, that feeds, the Faithful Remnant “doubts”, on a daily basis – as to ‘the authenticity and genuineness’ of the Testimony?  The devil!  When, you CHOOSE, to listen to HIM, and ‘make a HABIT, of entertaining his LIES, to your SOUL’ – WHOSE “child” are you DESIRING to become?  The devil!  SO FIX it! REJECT your DESIRE to LIE; and ASK for the GRACE, to always LIVE, EMBRACE, and SPEAK the Truth, with your WHOLE heart.  Because the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, is ‘the Spirit of Truth’; but the DEVIL, is ‘the Father of LIES’.

Did you know that The Most High True God is “a conversationalist”?  NOW you do!

Actual email: I fell short today by not saying my prayers... I hope tomorrow I will be more vigilant.

PPTL: It IS ‘the spirit of the ANTICHRIST’, that is DESPERATELY trying to get Members of the REMNANT, to PUT their prayers on HOLD, or EVEN neglect to DO them, altogether.  REMEMBER, that prayers ARE, “the LIFELINE”, OF the Faithful REMNANT.  Because, it is THROUGH, the Daily Prayers – that you are in FACT, staying CLOSE, to your CREATOR –and DEVELOPING an even STRONGER, ‘friendship’, with Jesus Christ the LORD.  Remember, who His FRIENDS are – THOSE are the ones who obey His COMMANDS. And ONE of His Commands, is to WATCH, and PRAY – “keep WATCH” – means, ‘DO not fall asleep SPIRITUALLY’.  And “PRAY”, means, ‘to ALWAYS desire to KEEP, the conversation GOING – between YOU, and your CREATOR’!

Actual email: Do you have any Counsel for how I may avoid blocking the flow of the True Holy Spirit? What am I doing that blocks that flow?... my heart keeps desiring for this to be fulfilled. That for "All" this can become a reality.  What should I be thinking about this?   

PPTL: You NEED to know, that embracing ‘self deception’, in ANY form, is NOT ‘a virtue’.  The FACT is, that, the ENTIRE face of the PLANET, HAS BEEN IMPACTED, BY the Testimony – and that means, EVERY man, woman, AND child – has been EFFECTED, by the TESTIMONY, of Jesus Christ the LORD! So WHETHER they want to ACKNOWLEDGE it, or NOT, IS ‘of NO real RELEVANCE’ – because it is ‘THEE reality’ – for ALL, whether they CHOOSE, to EMBRACE it, or NOT.  You have many DOUBTS, stirring in your MIND – so how CAN you be ‘transformed’, by the True WORDS, of Jesus Christ the LORD; and HOW can you proclaim, the TRUTH, from the ROOFTOPS, with CONFIDENCE – if you yourself, are CONTINUALLY allowing the ENEMY, to FEED you, ‘doubts’.  THAT is what is BLOCKING, the flow of the TRUE Holy Spirit.  You will need to FIX this – if you are wanting to move FORWARD.  JUST because you do not understand EVERYTHING, that is in the TESTIMONY; or EVERYTHING that is in the BIBLE – does NOT! – “INVALIDATE”, those SOURCES, of Pure TRUTH and WISDOM, from your CREATOR! It is YOU who needs to change!  YOU need to practice Faith: “Lord, I BELIEVE, heal My UNBELIEF”. What MIRACLE can Jesus DO, in your LIFE? – if you hold ON, SO tightly, to the doubts?  And what FRUITS, of the SPIRIT, can you PRODUCE? - if you are FIRMLY, holding on to ‘reservations’, in your heart.  NOW you know the PROBLEM; and NOW you know what YOU need to change.  Hope that HELPS! 

NOTE: Additional NEW content was added to the January 4, and 5 postings today... more content for today WILL be posted.
"I will surely gather all of you, O Jacob, I will gather the remnant of Israel; I will set them together like sheep in a fold, like a flock in its pasture, a noisy multitude of men.  He who opens the breach will go up before them; they will break through and pass the gate, going out by it. Their king will pass on before them, the Lord at their head."
(Micah 2:12-13)
"'Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; that he may teach us his ways and we may walk in his paths.' For out of Zion shall go forth the law,
 and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."
(Micah 4:2)
“But when the king came in to see the guests, he noticed a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes. He asked, ‘How did you get in here without wedding clothes, friend?’ The man was speechless."
(Matthew 22:11-12)

By order of the King, this following message was sent out today, to one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant who IS NOW clothed in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

PPTL: We have a special message to share WITH you, as the Blessed Virgin Mary, spoke to one of her sons in the REMNANT today.  WE believe, this will HELP you, as well.  You have received ‘a tremendous HEALING’ – as a GIFT, from your CREATOR – because, of your sincere, desire, to bring more of HIS people, to HIS Testimony – so that THEY can BECOME, ‘PART, of the FAMILY, of the Most High TRUE God’.  HERE is the message:

“Before she was in labor she gave birth; before her pain came upon her she was delivered of a son. Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things?  Shall a land be born in one day? Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment? For as soon as Zion was in labor she brought forth her sons."
(Isaiah 66:7-8)

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: THANK you for TESTIFYING before ALL the NATIONS – of, my GREAT love, FOR, your SOULS!  For INDEED, I AM, your TRUE Spiritual MOTHER.  And, ONLY desire, ‘what is BEST’, FOR, My True CHILDREN.  And My True CHILDREN, DESIRE, the WILL, of the ONE, who CREATED them!   My True CHILDREN, DESIRE, to PLEASE, my SON, in EVERYTHING that they DO, THINK, or SAY.  The SPIRITUAL, ‘Riches’, in HEAVEN, NEVER run out! – NOR does my LOVE – FOR MANKIND!  I LOVE them all!  Each ONE of them!  But, it is ONLY, My TRUE FAITHFUL REMNANT CHURCH, who DESIRE, to ‘SHARE’, THEIR love, for ME – and for my SON, with the whole WORLD.  There are SO many PEOPLE, who, can NEVER experience, My LOVE, for their SOULS – BECAUSE, they have RECEIVED, ‘the MARK’ – and they WILL, NEVER get it removed.  But there are still SOME, whom JESUS, IS EXTENDING, His ‘OLIVE Branch of MERCY TO’ – in ORDER, for THEM, to DESIRE! – to COME, and PARTAKE, in His WEDDING FEAST – in “the MARRIAGE SUPPER, of the LAMB”. THANK you, for RESPONDING, to my call. And MAY, the Most High TRUE God, BLESS YOU, with ‘an even PURER Love’ – for Him, for me, and for ALL of Heaven.  And MAY, you be FILLED, to the BRIM, with ‘TRUE Joy’.  And MAY your HEARTS, ALWAYS, be PURE, BEFORE Him!  CONSECRATE, yourselves – my SONS! – TO the Divine Will of your CREATOR; and to HIS, ‘DIVINE Priesthood’ – as He CONTINUES, to MOULD you, in HIS Image, and LIKENESS – and STRENGTHEN you – as His FIRST DISCIPLES – who later became “APOSTLES”, were Strengthened.  Amen.

The TRUE Members of the Faithful Remnant have left their former families behind.  And now, they can TRULY be FILLED, with EVERYTHING they need!

PPTL: REMEMBER that, ‘HUMAN love’, IS conditional; but that the Most High TRUE God – Loves HIS children, UNCONDITIONALLY.  And what you NEED, NOW, more than anything ELSE – is to EXPERIENCE His UNCONDITIONAL Love, for your SOUL…  REMEMBER, the Most High TRUE God, does not need ANYONE – to come to HEAVEN… ALL you need to DO, right NOW, is turn to your CREATOR – and ask HIM to FILL you, with His TRUE Love, TRUE Peace, and TRUE Joy.  Because THAT’S all you NEED!  You HAVE a Family, who TRULY Loves you.

According to the spiritual laws, what happens when a Member of the Faithful Remnant, Testifies to what their Creator is doing in their life, by posting a public video?


After the Members of the Faithful Remnant use The Most High True God’s Mercy, as a means to get their Soul back, does their Creator, expect to use “the humble, docile and grateful Souls”, in return?

PPTL: He is, in FACT, USING you for HIS PURPOSE! – as “HIS LOWLY INSTRUMENT” – so that HIS Word, can reach even MORE people; and so that HE, can be GLORIFIED, before ALL of the Nations

Actual email: I prayed earlier today for a closer relationship to Mother Mary and prayed if she could touch my heart or mind in any way so I could feel her love.  And as I was praying the Rosary just now… my heart started racing and I felt very happy. Can you ask Mother Mother if that was her with me?

PPTL: YES it WAS, your TRUE Blessed MOTHER – who touched your HEART! – because she DOES want you to KNOW, that she IS indeed LISTENING, to your PRAYERS.  In OTHER words, she HEARD you!  And SHE desires ‘closeness’ WITH you, as well.  And so may the Most High TRUE God, BLESS you, with an even DEEPER LOVE, and DESIRE, to be CLOSE, to your TRUE Mother – your SPIRITUAL Mother – BOTH Now, AND Forever! Amen.

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant to remember, while they are at work:

PPTL: You NEED to desire to STAY in the TRUE Peace, of your Creator – WHILE you are at WORK! REMEMBER in the TESTIMONY – where, it is WRITTEN, about the FORTIFIED city.  You are CALLED to BE, the Fortified CITY.  So DO NOT let, ‘the EVIL ones’, INSIDE your CITY!  But keep Jesus Christ the LORD, the Most High TRUE God, ENTHRONED there – ALWAYS!  THIS WILL make, your ENEMIES, even more ANGRY, WITH you! – when, they SEE, that their TACTICS, are ‘NOT WORKING’ – to GET you, to FORFEIT, your Peace – and EVENTUALLY, they will ‘SIMPLY back down’.  THINK of your TIME at WORK, as ‘a TIME when you are being CONTINUALLY, tested’ – by your CREATOR! – who has ‘EVERY right’, to TEST, His Remnant CHURCH – so that THEY can see, ‘what they are Truly made of’.  HE already KNOWS!  So, you need to be “vigilant”, in STAYING in PRAYER.  And SIMPLY in PRAISING! – Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High TRUE God - the DEMONS, will be forced to FLEE from you!  Because the WORKS, of “the GODLESS”, come to NOTHING! – but the WORKS, of the SAINTS, ENDURE, for EVER!  And the Most High TRUE God, desires YOU, to BECOME, ‘one of His SAINTS’!  THEREFORE, He will ‘TRY you’, and ‘PURIFY you’ – to make you HOLY, and PLEASING, TO Him – WITH your cooperation.

Actual email: I am REALLY sorry that we have taken up so much of your time today, as I'm sure that there are PLENTY of others in NEED of Counsel

PPTL: We are here to HELP those, who WANT help.  And, YOUR “issues”, were ‘the BIGGEST crisis’, in our INBOX today.  We are ‘so VERY glad’, to be ABLE to HELP you, when we can.  And KNOW, that when you are ‘REALLY in need’, of our COUNSEL – the Most High TRUE God, will SIMPLY set up our INBOX, in such a WAY, that He ALLOTS, more ATTENTION, to your NEEDS.  THAT is ‘how He works’. 
"When morning dawned, the angels urged Lot, saying... 'Flee for your life; do not look back or stop anywhere in the valley; flee to the hills, lest you be consumed'."
(Genesis 19:15a, 17b)
Remember, when Lot’s wife "looked back", THAT decision affected the entire family.  It is called “the Spiritual Laws” – and those Laws ALSO apply, to the ACTION people take in their interior lives.
PPTL: Your SITUATION, CAN get better – the MORE you choose to cooperate with the GRACES, that are being ‘SHOWERED, down from HEAVEN’, at this time.  But if EITHER of you, is still CLINGING, to your PAST, and your former WAYS – this does GIVE, the DEVIL, the RIGHT, to torment.  Yes, according to the spiritual laws, he is ALLOWED to torment the BOTH of you… if EITHER of you, is looking BACK, at your former LIFE. Because, the Most High TRUE God, does NOT, look ‘lightly’, on those, who CHOOSE, to RETURN, to their former WAYS – in their INTERIOR lives
“'Therefore wait for me,' says the Lord, 'for the day when I arise as a witness. For my decision is to gather nations, to assemble kingdoms, to pour out upon them my indignation, all the heat of my anger; for in the fire of my jealous wrath all the earth shall be consumed. “Yea, at that time I will change the speech of the peoples to a pure speech, [the English language] that all of them may call on the name of the Lord and serve him with one accord... for then I will remove from your midst your proudly exultant ones, ...and you shall no longer be haughty in my holy mountain.”
(Zephaniah 3:8-9,11b)
“If a man returns evil for good, evil will not depart from his house.”
(Proverbs 17:13)

Just because someone gets their Soul back, and becomes a Member of the Faithful Remnant - does not mean, they are 'exalted on a high personal podium' and they can simply "COAST, into Heaven".  No, it is quite the opposite, actually.  And with Free Will, comes the responsibility - to CLIMB, the Holy Mountain.  And as the Members of the Remnant FACE that task, they are responsible for their good choices, AND for their 'spiritually poor choices' - as one Member discovered today:

PPTL: YOU are only wanting to play GAMES, in your emails. THAT is NOT, what “COUNSEL”, is FOR…  YOU, are choosing, to do “BAD THINGS”, and have “BAD THOUGHTS” – APART, from the Counsel, that we have GIVEN you.  YOU, are choosing to self-destruct.  UNTIL you FIX, YOUR interior life, and make BETTER CHOICES, we are NO longer responding to your emails.

The children in the Faithful Remnant who have reached the age of reason, are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for their choices, before their Creator.  And they too, must choose to persevere; and they must choose the Path, they want to persevere ON – in each and every moment.

PPTL: Remember – the DEMONS do not want YOU, to cooperate with ‘the GRACES’, that are being poured out from HEAVEN!  In FACT, they want to ‘STEAL, those Graces’, from REACHING your Soul!  Are YOU, going to CONTINUE, to allow THEM, to “push your BUTTONS”, and “STEAL, your HEAVENLY consolations”?  SURELY, you are ‘much SMARTER than that’!  You KNOW, ‘how they work’ – they push YOUR buttons, and then YOU want to push, your FAMILY’S buttons.  DON’T be “a PUPPET”, for ‘BAD INSPIRATIONS’!  ASK the Most High TRUE God to FILL you, with ‘GOOD inspirations’!  But if you’re NOT ‘seeking, to please the Most High TRUE God’ – then you WON’T.  It’s THAT simple.

De NILE, isn’t just a river in Egypt you know.  And it really IS amazing how many MOTHERS! - of Remnant children, have CHOSEN to forget, what has become of ‘the children OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant’.

PPTL: WHY, would it EVER be ‘a good idea’; and WHY, would N., HAVE, ‘the DESIRE’, to play… with OTHERS, who have RECEIVED, the mark of the BEAST?  There are ‘OTHER WAYS’, to get PHYSICALLY active.  But it is NOT, ‘spiritually SAFE’, to be PLAYING, with the CHILDREN, who have received the MARK.

If you were to make a list of your basic needs, what would be at the top of that list - first and foremost?

PPTL: Remember, what you are called to DO, with your TIME… it is IMPORTANT, and IMPERATIVE, that you CONTINUE to seek DAILY Counsel, for the good of your SOUL!   Because it is WHEN you put the Most High True God FIRST, in your LIFE, that He HELPS you, with your VERY basic NEEDS; and, He ALSO makes the Path, very CLEAR, when YOU are FOCUSED, on doing HIS Will.  SIMPLY remember to consecrate your FINANCES, to the Divine Will of the Most High TRUE God – and ASK for the Grace to be ‘a good STEWARD of them’.  He is SUPPLYING what you NEED – in ORDER for you to ‘move FORWARD’.

Signs are sometimes given in the EXTERIOR life, in order reflect a very important Truth, or spiritual reality.  But don’t look for them; and whatever you do, do NOT seek them!  If you are meant to see a Sign, it will be “an unavoidable encounter”.

PPTL: REMEMBER, a WICKED and PERVERSE generation, SEEKS, for a Sign.  You need to FOCUS, on seeking your CREATOR, in your INTERIOR life – ALWAYS.  The SIGNS of His INTERVENTIONS, in your LIFE – in order to HELP you, to GROW closer TO Him, will BE there!  But REMEMBER, “Signs” – they are NOT ‘an END, in THEMSELVES!’  So, STAY focused, on Jesus Christ the Lord; and DON’T get DISTRACTED, by the Signs.  OTHERWISE, you WILL in fact ‘SACRIFICE, a personal RELATIONSHIP, with Jesus Christ the LORD’ – BECAUSE, when all of a SUDDEN the SIGNS, are ‘no longer THERE’ – WHAT is your ‘INCENTIVE’, to stay CLOSE to your SHEPHERD?

"An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign shall be given to it except the sign of Jonah.” So he left them and departed."
(Matthew 16:4)

In other words, it would be BEST to seek the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in your interior life ALWAYS; instead. Let THOSE, be “the Sign you are CONTINUALLY seeking” – the Sign that continually changes the course of your life.

Mary and I have already helped many people, on a very personal level, to overcome many spiritual hurdles in their lives, as we simply REVEAL to them, the spiritual choices they have been making – “what they have been CHOOSING”; and how they could do “BETTER”.  But some people, have been choosing to respond with “protestant propaganda”, every time we extend to them, Divine Counsel; and those Members of the Remnant, are about to be cut loose.  Here is a short sample of just one self-righteous response we have received.

Actual email: I pray out of Love to God and there is no other God, just the Lord Jesus Christ.

PPTL: You NEED, to understand, the there are MANY, MANY, MANY ‘false gods’, OUT there – that are SEEKING, to DECEIVE, ALL, of the INHABITANTS, of the EARTH – AND! – they are EVEN, SEEKING, to DECEIVE, the Faithful REMNANT, of the Most High TRUE God – His “CHOSEN ones”, AND “His Elect”.  So NO! – there IS not “just one God” – the Lord Jesus Christ.  There are MANY “false gods”. YOU need, to turn, to ‘the TRUE Jesus’ – the ONE who CREATED you; NOT “the COUNTERFEIT jesus” – the one that is REALLY, ‘the enemy’ – or even ‘one of his MINIONS’, in disguise.  YOU need to make ‘CHOICES’ – in your INTERIOR LIFE; and SHOW the Most High TRUE God through ACTION! – WHOSE team you CHOOSE.  The evil SPIRITS, have been ABLE, to DECEIVE you, THUS far – WITH your consent.  EVERY time, that we give you COUNSEL, you CLAIM, in your INTERIOR life, that “you had good INTENTIONS”; or that “you did NOT do, what we SAID, you have DONE”. You are CONTINUALLY! – making EXCUSES, for your ‘bad CHOICES’! – and the DEMONS, are actually ‘COMING to your DEFENSE’, and GIVING you “PROTESTANT PROPAGANDA”, to use AGAINST us!  You are “BLINDED” – because you SEE yourself as ‘a righteous MAN’; WHO is righteous? – but the LORD Jesus Christ.  If YOU, were “TRULY righteous” – YOU, would RECEIVE our COUNSEL, and APPLY it! – and STOP, TELLING yourself, that we are WRONG! 

Actual email reply, to the above email and Divine Counsel:  There is only One True God Jesus Christ the Lord.  I am not righteous. Protestant I am NOT. I have receive your counsel and I have been applying it… 

PPTL: We DO love you.  WE LOVE YOU enough to TELL YOU the Truth – that you are STILL! – resisting – IN your INTERIOR life!  BECAUSE, you are TELLING us, that you ARE applying our Counsel – when WE are telling YOU, that you are NOT.  Have WE, been able, to post, ONE, MORE, VIDEO – FROM YOU?  How LONG has it BEEN? – since you were “SPIRITUALLY sane enough”, to TESTIFY to the NATIONS?  YOU will KNOW that you, are WELL; and that YOU are SEEKING, to be HEALED, when, you submit a video TO us, and it gets APPROVED, by YOUR Creator.

Many people have probably asked themselves, why Daily Divine Counsel is so important – after all, people can simply pray for whatever they need… right?   But if people don’t turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit, FIRST, and DISCERN the Spirit CORRECTLY - how will they POSSIBLY know, what to pray for?

Actual email: I ask you both to please pray for me… I really need your prayers for my divided heart.

PPTL: IF you want to be healed, WHAT are you SEEKING, to be healed FROM?

Many Remnant Members have been holding on TIGHTLY, to “the millstone that IS their former life”.  Are they telling all of Heaven, that they want to be “cut LOOSE”, from “the God of the Present”? - It’s JUST “a question”.

PPTL: If you turn back to your old life – EVEN in your thoughts, and in your INTERIOR desires – WHAT IS THAT communicating with, Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High TRUE God?

Actual email: I have to not go back, it's just the hardest thing I have ever done.

PPTL: Remember, if you CHOOSE to LIVE in the PAST, then YOU are not EXPERIENCING, the Heavenly CONSOLATIONS, and GRACES, being POURED, on the FAITHFUL Remnant, in the Present moment.  YOU need to desire to GIVE up your OLD life COMPLETELY – and LIVE for your CREATOR.  How many PEOPLE, in your PAST life, have CHOSEN to REJECT the TESTIMONY?  And SO now, they are enjoying ‘the bitter fruits’, of that choice – GROWING in BITTERNESS and HATRED for the Most High TRUE God, EVERY day!  So the QUESTION you need to ASK yourself, IS, “Do YOU want to be part, of THEIR team?”  “Do YOU want to knowingly CHOOSE to be ‘an ENEMY of the Most High True GOD’?”  WE suggest that you RE-THINK your options; and come to REALIZE, that YOU are not going to be ‘any HAPPIER’, in your old life.  The ONLY chance you HAVE, for, TRUE Happiness, IS, if you CHOOSE, to persevere, in FOLLOWING, ‘where the Most High TRUE God is leading you in each and every MOMENT’.  The DEMONS, they want to steal, ‘ALL of the Blessings’, that YOU have received – and they WILL! – with your CONSENT!  SO, consent to your CREATOR, instead; and LEARN to say “NO”, to those AWFUL inspirations and THOUGHTS – YOU have been getting.  Understand?  DON’T be AFRAID, of ‘the ENEMY of your SOUL’!  RESIST him. SUBMIT to the Most High TRUE God.  And EVIL – will FLEE!   But you MUST be ‘CONSISTENT’ in your response.

 “We walk by faith, not by sight.” 
(2 Corinthians 5:7)

The protestant distortion of the above scripture passage: “We walk by FEELINGS; that just FEELS right”.  And what is the “feeling”, of the protestant faith – but “a counterfeit peace”.

PPTL: KNOW, that ‘being GUIDED, by FAITH’ – in your CREATOR, in the MOMENT – is NOT about “a FEELING” – No! – it is ‘BEING in a STATE’, where you SIMPLY have, ‘a BLESSED assurance’, that you are DOING, what is best… and that you are DOING the WILL, of your Creator.  Having FAITH, in your CREATOR, in THESE Times, is ‘the MOST important’.  IF you have “DOUBTS” – then you SIMPLY need to TRADE them, for ‘an INCREASE, in Faith’; SIMPLY, TELL Jesus, “LORD Jesus Christ Most High TRUE God, I BELIEVE, Heal my UNBELIEF”.  And SIMPLY recognize, that YOU cannot accomplish ANYTHING, WITHOUT His Grace, SUSTAINING you.  You NEED, to remember, to ALWAYS have, ‘a HUMBLE attitude’, towards your MAKER – and exalt HIM, in your heart.  Simply desire to seek HIS Will, in EACH and EVERY moment – and DESIRE to remain in His TRUE Peace.  BECAUSE, there IS “a COUNTERFEIT peace” – and THAT, is ‘the spirit of the ANTICHRIST’; and, it is ‘the spirit’ that PUTS people to sleep, in self-deception.   But REMEMBER, the Most High TRUE God, is COMMANDING His TRUE children, to stay AWAKE, SPIRITUALLY – to ACTIVELY CHOOSE, HIS Will, in EACH and EVERY moment; to turn to HIM, for ‘GOOD inspirations’, and GUIDANCE, in EACH and EVERY moment; to STAY “spiritually AWAKE”, means ‘to STAY in PRAYER – with your CREATOR!’ – ACTIVELY discerning, ‘what is coming to the SURFACE’; and GIVING to JESUS, ‘ALL of the bad things’, for HIM to dispose of – and TRADING, THEM, for ‘the GIFTS and FRUITS of His TRUE Holy Spirit’.

Special note: If you want to make sure, that you are NOT embracing ‘FALSE peace’, it WOULD be wise to reject ‘the SPIRIT of the antichrist’; reject YOUR demonic cluster, AND the demonic cluster of each person you live with; reject ‘the demonic ENTITY of the assailants’.  DO these prayers while using the Blessed Holy Water.  Ask for the Grace of the Indwelling of the Blessed Trinity of the Most High TRUE God in your Soul, and for the Grace to live your TRUE Identity as a child of the Most High TRUE God.

PPTL: Do you STILL have a dog, in, your home?  Because it IS “a PORTAL to the ABYSS”. 

Actual email: I'm very attached to that dog. It's strange, whenever I try to talk to Jesus Christ the Lord or bless it, she runs in the opposite direction and gets scared every time I pray.

“You shall see greater things than these.”
(John 1:50b)

After all, the Holy Angels, are just BEGINNING to make themselves at home!

"Like a dog that returns to his vomit, is a fool that repeats his folly."
(Proverbs 26:11) 

And so, a Member of the Remnant, who returns to his dog, is like a nostalgic, taking his demonic cluster for a walk.

Actual email: Yes, we do still have the really old dog which we haven't found a home for. 

PPTL: We CAN’T help ANY of you! – if you don’t ‘SEEK to be HONEST with YOURSELVES’ – before your Creator.  “The portal, to the Abyss” – the Most High TRUE God, can most CERTAINLY find a HOME for, if you are SEEKING His WILL – if you are ‘making THAT, a PRIORITY’.  You see, ‘the demonic clusters’, are COLLECTING, IN that pet.  You NEED to get it out of the HOUSE!  KNOW that the Most High TRUE God, would NEVER, CALL you, to kill your pet; or to have you ‘put it DOWN’.  He is SO much more Merciful, than THAT!  But there are ‘SO many mind games’ – that you ALL, are CHOOSING to ‘play’, against the TWO of us!  And we SIT her “BAFFLED” – by your continued response.  Nothing is CHANGING over there!  Is THAT what you all WANT? – to remain the SAME?  You can ONLY get worse, if you’re NOT ‘striving to get better’.

Actual email: It seems like right when I start to fall asleep, people from my former life start surfacing, so then I start praying and eventually it goes away and I can sleep in peace... is there anything else I can do to help my mind from wandering as I fall asleep?

PPTL: You can CONSECRATE your SUBCONSCIOUS desires, to the Divine Will and Protection of the Most High TRUE God, as you start to drift off to sleep.

Did you know that Jesus can EASILY get over “the Great Wall of China”, but “the PROUD wall of VICTIMHOOD”, is something SO great! - that it keeps even the Most High TRUE God, OUTSIDE!

PPTL: Yes, what you are finding out PERSONALLY, for YOURSELF, is that, Jesus, can ONLY work, with “docile Souls”.  And it is PRIDE, that is, ‘the MAIN block’ – to RECEIVING, the GRACES – in ORDER to FOLLOW, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High TRUE God’s COMMANDS. EVEN people who are “WEAK”, and who have come to IDENTIFY, as “VICTIMS” – can be filled with ‘EXTREME hubris’! – as they believe that ‘THEIR pain’, and ‘THEIR hurt’ – is “TOO big!” – to heal from.  WHAT, “a MONSTROUS ego” – THOSE PEOPLE have! – to BELIEVE, that THEIR sins, are TOO big, for the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, to WASH away, with His Love.  YES, we PRAY for EVERYONE, in the FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH! We PRAY that THEY, will be ADMINISTERED to, by Saint RAPHAEL – so that they can be HEALED, from their BURDENS, and their SINS – but, it takes ‘their COOPERATION’; it takes ‘their DESIRE, to BE, “a docile LAMB”’ - for the LORD Jesus CHRIST, the Most High TRUE God.

There are many different types of addictions – addictions to living in the past, living in false realities presented by Hollywood and video games and the protestant churches, social behavior addictions, false external addictions, satanic power addictions, sexual addictions, “Doctor approved” Big PHARMA addictions, recreational drug, tobacco, alcohol – the list goes on.  And every now and then, we get an email from someone who has convinced themselves, as they CONTINUE to embrace their addiction - that they are winning, ‘the battle against addiction in their lives’. But that can NEVER happen, as they continue to embrace it – now CAN it!

PPTL: And you never WILL be ‘able to conquer’, that addiction.  BECAUSE, you are not fighting against “FLESH and BLOOD”, but against “the powers of HELL” – that you are STILL chained to.  ONLY the Most High TRUE God, the Eternal Father in HEAVEN, in His Great Love and MERCY, can ‘break the chains, of addiction’ – over your Soul.  Only HE CAN DO, what YOU, believe, YOU can do! – by yourself.  HOW IS IT “BY YOURSELF?” -  Because TRULY, YOU are “claiming the victory!”  KNOW that the Most High TRUE God, HAS Victory OVER the demons; and ALL, that is REQUIRED, from YOU! – is to STOP! – going BACK, to ‘THAT, which is TOXIC, for your BODY!’  Ask HIM, for the Grace, to QUIT!  Then QUIT! And every TIME, you HAVE, the DESIRE, or URGE, to ACT, on that ADDICTION – IMMEDIATELY, give that DESIRE, to JESUS – and TRADE it, for ‘a DESIRE to be FILLED with His TRUE Holy SPIRIT, INSTEAD!  YOU are ‘at WAR with yourself’ – so NO, you WILL NOT overcome, the addiction.  ONLY the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High TRUE God, can “SET YOU free”.  And SO, YOU need to HUMBLE yourself, before your CREATOR! – and ASK Him for His MERCY. 

Some Members of the Remnant believe, that because they have the Blessed Holy Water, their Guardian Angel, and a Soul, that they have been empowered to go off and do their own thing, as “an apostle, of self” – ministering to random soulless people - who are ‘IN that state’, because they hate the Truth.  Good, luck, with, that!  (- a Chinese blessing)

PPTL: Do NOT embrace “self-DECEPTION”, to BELIEVE, that YOU, are “OVERFLOWING with GRACES” – that they simply ‘POUR, into PEOPLE AROUND you’ – that is what YOU have CLAIMED, before all of HEAVEN!  You are NOT “a WELLSPRING, of Eternal LIFE!” – because YOU have a LOT, of SPIRITUALLY TOXIC VENOM, IN, your SOUL – that NEEDS, to be ‘ROOTED OUT’.  PEOPLE, AROUND you, cannot receive GRACES! – if THEY do not have a SOUL!  And even THOSE, with ‘the mark of CAIN’ – most of THEM, are not ‘OPEN, to the Graces’.  You HOLD yourself ‘HIGH, on a PEDASTEL’ – where the Most High TRUE God - SHOULD be.  FIX it!

Actual email: Last night I had this dream that I had gotten… to a place which was similar to a quarry (daytime and warm with blue skies), is the best way I can think of, and I and a few other people were standing on a rock, and there was rock above us, and we were looking out into the place where we were and there were waterfalls coming from the rocks, and it kind of seemed like some of the water that was coming out was jumping or dancing, like a water show, but others were regular. I think some of the people couldn't see the 'show' because I heard them asking, "Where is it?" - even though it was right in front of our eyes.

PPTL: It is CLEAR, that when YOU were standing on the ROCK, in your DREAM, and the WATERFALLS were very visible TO you – but OTHERS could not SEE it – they could not SEE, the water FLOWING – that THIS represents, ‘YOUR Spiritual VISION’ – that you ARE ‘spiritually awake’; and that you CAN SEE, ‘the miracles, and the Blessings’, AND, the BENEFITS, of the Most High TRUE God’s TESTIMONY, in these Times.  But that there are still OTHERS, who CANNOT see, what is right in FRONT of them – because, they REFUSE to!  And so the BLESSINGS, and the GIFTS, and the BENEFITS of the TESTIMONY, are simply being HIDDEN, from them. 

Do you have “a NEED”?

PPTL: REMEMBER, ANY time, that you have a need – to LIFT it up, to the Lord Jesus Christ; and ask HIM to take care of it; and then He will SHOW you, ‘the PATH’ – the BEST Path – in ORDER, to get that ‘NEED’, MET.  It is, really, quite simple. 

Actual email: I just read the new update about the Blessed Virgin Mary coming to the person's room and I was thinking, am I doing something wrong that I haven't experienced or sensed her presence with me before?

PPTL: YOU do not need to be VISITED, in PERSON, by your Blessed Mother – because, she is WITH you! – she is present WITH you! – as LONG as you seek, to be close, to her Son, JESUS – and you ARE! – every day.  And she is CLOSER, TO you – NOW, than IF you were, to actually SEE her, IN person!  It is ‘a MYSTERY’ – but, it is the SAME, for Jesus Christ the LORD – and HIS relationship, with His Faithful Remnant Church.  MANY of them, do not REALIZE, how CLOSE, He IS; and how much, He is part, of EVERYTHING, that they DO, think, or say. But YOU realize, that He IS Enthroned, IN your heart!  So we ask that the Most High TRUE God, would FORTIFY, your city, and MAKE it even STRONGER!  Amen.

Footnote: This above reply was given to someone who was recently ‘clothed in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary’; and the red bold, applies specifically, to those who now have “their wedding garments”.

Actual email: I just watched N.’s video about a divided heart again.  I am going to watch it again. I have to watch some of these videos a few times, in order to really get it.  I am finding that there is just so much to try to remember.

PPTL: The REASON, you are finding it ‘SO DIFFICULT’, to RETAIN, the LESSONS, that you are HEARING, when you VIEW, the Faithful Remnant VIDEOS; or EVEN, when you are watching OUR videos – is BECAUSE, YOU are NOT, ‘LIVING’, the Testimony, in your heart – 100%.  You are not GIVING, the Most High TRUE God, ‘your whole HEART’.  You are not “a VICTIM, of your CREATOR’s expectations”. But UNLESS you CHANGE! – you can ONLY get WORSE, spiritually.

 “Good intentions”, and “the Divine Will of your Creator”, are almost NEVER, the same.

PPTL: You are SIMPLY, going to GO, where you DESIRE, to go.  So, WE suggest, that you trade, YOUR desires, for your CREATOR’S desires – that YOU, may desire, what HE wants – FOR your SOUL!  He ONLY DESIRES, ‘what is GOOD for you’. And SO, if your DESIRES, are ‘CONTRARY, to HIS’ – THEN, you are DESIRING, ‘what is BAD for you’.

What percentage of the people OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, are “demoniacs” – in the Biblical sense of the word?  All of them.  And so, when people get their Soul back, and become a member, some of them take a bit longer, to make “the social transition”.  And some of them, sincerely want to reach out to the other Members of the Remnant, only to afflict them.

PPTL: Right NOW, YOU are not ‘spiritually STRONG enough’, and you STILL HAVE, many DEMONS, that YOU have been USING, to AFFLICT the both of US with. So, HOW, are the OTHER Members, in the REMNANT – especially the WEAKER ones, going to be AFFECTED, by your EMAILS?  FIRST, you must learn to filter, your THOUGHTS; and share WITH us, ‘what is NECESSARY’; and SHARE WITH us, “good inspirations” – EVEN, when you SHARE, your STRUGGLES! – it NEEDS to be YOU, sharing your STRUGGLES.  Do NOT, let the DEMONS, speak, on your BEHALF!  Because then, they are simply, ‘MOCKING you’.  You CANNOT take the back SEAT, IN your INTERIOR life, and let THEM, ‘STEER you’. You MUST, take RESPONSIBILITY, for EVERY WORD, that you UTTER, in your INTERIOR LIFE; and every WORD, that you SEND us – through EMAIL. You MUST reject your desire to afflict, others; and ASK for the GRACE, to DESIRE, to be healed.  WE are going to help you, to move FORWARD; but YOU need to do, ‘your PART’!  You ARE, ‘an afflicted SOUL’ – and so the DEMONS, want to use YOU, to afflict, OTHERS.  DON’T, COOPERATE! REJECT your desire to EMBRACE, afflictions!  And ASK, for the GRACE, to embrace ‘the HEALING remedy’, INSTEAD.  ASK, for the GRACE to apply the TRUTH, that is in the TESTIMONY – TO, your, LIFE! 

And still, some will boldly pretend, that they DO not know what to write in their emails.

PPTL: You NEED to share with us your STRUGGLES – so that we can HELP you; for WE have already ‘OVERCOME, MANY of them!’ – MANY, of the same ONES, that you are GOING through - by TURNING, to Jesus Christ the LORD, for HIS Counsel.  And NOW, YOU need to make it ‘a way of LIFE’, to turn to US – for HIS Counsel – so that, you can be PURIFIED, and GROW, and CLIMB, His Holy Mountain.

Actual email: I do WANT to turn back to our creator out of love. lol whoops.

PPTL: You NEED, to reject your DESIRE, to have ‘a hardened HEART’.  REMEMBER, it was Pharaoh’s heart, that was ‘HARDENED’, against MOSES, and against the Most High TRUE God.  EVEN with ‘all the SIGNS, and WONDERS’ that were being DONE.  And WHY?  Because Pharaoh’s magicians, could perform, ‘the same miracles’.  EVEN Though, Pharaoh knew, that the Most high TRUE God, was working THROUGH Moses, he TURNED, to his ‘FALSE gods’, to be CONSOLED, and AFFIRMED.  What was DIFFERENT, about MOSES – one MIRACLE, that they could NOT, ‘replicate’ – was, ‘turning, the WATERS, of EGYPT – of the Nile RIVER, to blood, red’.  They COULD not, do that.  Pharaoh’s MAGICIANS, were NOT RESPONSIBLE, for ‘the PLAGUE of DEATH’, that went out, over ALL of EGYPT – on the FIRST born, of the Egyptians.  And, they could NOT, BRING, those PEOPLE, back to life.  And SO, it is better, to always, have, ‘a softened heart’, towards your CREATOR! – so that, you can SHARE, in the BLESSINGS; INSTEAD of, in the TORMENTS, and the PUNISHMENT, and the PLAGUES, that have ALREADY befallen, the Face of the Earth.

Moses and Aaron did as the Lord commanded; in the sight of Pharaoh and in the sight of his servants, he lifted up the rod and struck the water that was in the Nile, and all the water that was in the Nile turned to blood.  And the fish in the Nile died; and the Nile became foul, so that the Egyptians could not drink water from the Nile; and there was blood throughout all the land of Egypt.  But the magicians of Egypt did the same by their secret arts; so Pharaoh’s heart remained hardened, and he would not listen to them; as the Lord had said.  Pharaoh turned and went into his house, and he did not lay even this to heart.”
(Exodus 7:20-23)

Some readers will wonder: Why does there appear to be a contradiction between the Testimony and the Bible?  We asked Jesus Christ the Lord to explain this.

Jesus said: YES, Pharaoh’s magicians, COULD TURN, ‘WATER’, to blood RED – through their ‘magic ARTS’ – but they could not, MAKE, the RIVERS, TURN, to BLOOD; they COULD not REPLICATE, THAT – for THAT, was DONE, by My FATHER, who LIVES, and REIGNS, in the HEAVENS. And this WAS, to be a FORESHADOWING, to the TIME in History, when ‘the WATERS’ – that is, ‘the WATERS, in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical INSTITUTION’, would be TURNED, to BLOOD – as IN, they WOULD, ‘no LONGER bring LIFE, to My PEOPLE’, but ONLY DEATH! – because My TRUE Holy Spirit would be removed; and ‘a FOUL spirit’, of the ANTICHRIST, would be PLACED upon THEIR waters, instead.

And speaking of “the waters turning”, it is interesting to note, that ALL the Members of the Remnant, who are presently embracing “Pharaoh syndrome”, now find themselves, “below the water line” – as did Pharaoh’s army.  And if THAT is WHERE, they want to “FIX themselves”, then that is where they will remain, as did Pharaoh’s army.  And how is that “JUST”? – you may be wondering.  Because…

“If a man returns evil for good, evil will not depart from his house.”
(Proverbs 17:13) 

“The house”, being the Soul.  “Returning evil for good”, is the definition of “a WRATHFUL heart” – another way, to describe, “Pharaoh syndrome”.  You see, the reason Moses LED the Israelites out of Egypt, is because he had to BE somewhere! - he had to lead them to the Promised Land; and he simply had NO MORE TIME FOR GAMES!... with “Pharaoh”.

The Most High TRUE God, has “the END Game”, under control, thank you.  And so, if YOUR role, in “the END Game”, is to purify your Soul, in order to get your proper “wedding garment” - then it would be BEST, to remain ‘SPIRITUALLY focused’, on that task.  Simple; but not for everyone!

Actual email: After reading today's message, I think I'll go up to… and speak with Bishop N.  I really do think he will repent…

PPTL: It is ONLY going to cause PROBLEMS – if you go OUT, and do ‘your OWN thing’ – APART from our Counsel.  If you go to take ‘your OWN initiative’ – to TRY, to SHEPHERD people, back to the TRUTH – in the INSTITUTIONS.  YOU are ‘NOT a SHEPHERD’! – you are “a WOMAN”, and you NEED to know “your PLACE”.  If the Most High TRUE God, WANTS to draw, ‘the SHEPHERDS of that INSTITUTION’, into His TRUE Flock, then DO NOT intervene!

Footnote: If the Most High TRUE God, wanted “Bishop N.” to RUN to the many Spiritual Consolations and Blessings of the Testimony, all HE would need to do, is to simply Command ALL of Bishop N.’s ‘dormant demons’, to become FULLY active.  But the religious leaders, who have now switched teams, HAVE NO RIGHT, to the Testimony - except “on a case by case basis”, as Decreed from Heaven.  NOW, do you understand?  And for the record, as of now, NONE of them, are emailing us – because they ALL sold the Truth, for 30 pieces of “prestige, position, and power” – their TARNISHED, reward.

PPTL: The Most High TRUE God, can CHANGE His PLAN, from day to DAY.  And we are NOT, permitted, to have, “our OWN expectations”; but WE, must follow HIS, “Expectations”, of us.

Today a Remnant Member sent us a link to a video, about a woman who accepted “the Barney jesus” into her heart.

Actual email: Check this… this girl blessed me a lot... I have anxiety in my chest as someone is sitting on it… I know why… I am failing because of lack of FAITH!

PPTL: WHY are you sending us “PROPAGANDA videos” and LINKS?  - when you KNOW the Truth, that has been WRITTEN on your HEART?  There is still SO much, ‘spiritual residue’, from your former life, that you ARE in fact, ‘CLINGING to’.  And THAT is why, you are EXPERIENCING, 'the HEAVINESS in your chest' – as though SOMEONE was SITTING on it.  Because, as UNCOMFORTABLE, as it IS, to HEAR - it IS, your HEART – getting Hardened, by the DEMONS – that YOU are STILL choosing, to hold ON to.  You CANNOT have ‘both LIVES’.  You EITHER, live, FULLY, unto the LORD Jesus Christ – by submitting to HIS Will – by EMBRACING His TESTIMONY – OR – you submit to the will, of man, and embrace THEIR testimonies – the ones who have RECEIVED, the mark of the BEAST – their ‘FALSE testimonies’, of FALSE healing.  You ALREADY know, where ‘the TRUE Faith’ is, and you have FOUND ‘the True CHURCH’, but you STILL, want to hold ON, to “PROTESTANT filth!”  You NEED to be CLEANSED, of ‘that SICKNESS’.

Pop Quiz: What is the difference between a protestant and a heroin addict?

PPTL: There is not much DIFFERENCE, between ‘a HEROIN addict’, and ‘a protestant’ – both SEEK ‘false affirmation’ – both SEEK ‘a feeling’ – both SEEK ‘a warm sensation’ – but NEITHER the PROTESTANT nor the HEROIN addict, is seeking a CURE!  They just want ‘a HIT’.  That is, “COUNTERFEIT spirituality”.  TRUE SPIRITUALITY in the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, is DESIRING to please one’s CREATOR, with one’s entire BEING.  And if He GIVES, ‘CONSOLATIONS’ – THAT’S great!  And if He GIVES “SUFFERINGS” – that works TOO!  But you CANNOT, follow, ‘the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE’ – by RELYING, on, your FEELINGS!  YOU need to follow HIM – because of who He IS; NOT because of what He can DO for you!

People who hate the Flow of the True Holy Spirit, will have a tendency to simply say and do, everything they possibly can, to try to stop it.

PPTL: There ARE those AROUND you, who ARE IN FACT – MAKING, DELIBERATE noises, and IRRITATING sounds – out of ‘their ANGER, and JEALOUSY’ – in ORDER to cause YOU, to become ‘DISTRACTED’, from ‘the FLOW of the True Holy SPIRIT’.  YOU are ‘much more OPEN’, to the GIFTS, and the BLESSINGS – of the TESTIMONY, than those AROUND you, ARE.  That is ‘something THEY are going to need to work on’. And so, SIMPLY, COMMEND them, to the DISCIPLINE and CARE of the Most High TRUE God – WHENEVER you sense ‘the ENEMY, working THROUGH them’.  YOU will find, that the CLOSER, you GROW, TOWARDS, your CREATOR – the MORE sensitive, you BECOME – to peoples’ ‘DISPOSITIONS, towards you’, AND, towards HIM!  And SO, SIMPLY, RESPECT that they are on ‘a DIFFERENT spiritual journey, and that it may take them ‘LONGER’ – to get to where YOU are, spiritually.  Because each SOUL, is Created, ‘DIFFERENTLY’ – for, the Most High TRUE God is the POTTER, and YOU are ‘the CLAY’ – and so are THEY.  YOU are being MOULDED, ‘much more EASILY’, because YOU are choosing to be DOCILE, to the movements of the True Holy SPIRIT.  THEY are STILL ‘RESISTING’, in their INTERIOR lives; and THEY will NEED, to look to YOU, as ‘an example’; and you MAY suffer SOME, “persecution”, FOR that. BUT remember, it DOES not matter, ‘what people THINK of you’ – EVEN people in the Remnant!  ALL that matters, is that YOU are seeking to please your CREATOR.  Let them LEARN, from ‘that Pure and Holy desire’.  YOU are ‘repaying the KINDNESS, that was shown to YOU’ – with ‘GOODNESS’; and you are SHARING your Gifts!  KEEP on DOING so!  And MAY you be filled with ‘an even GREATER Love, for your Creator – in all that you DO, THINK and say. 

Actual email: I sang the Song of The Lamb… In my sleep I had a dream… I saw three ladies… After that I saw three ladies seating outside my flat at the stairway… All of a sudden I saw these three ladies coming into my flat with a group of other people. They started singing some joyful song, which I can't recall now; but in the dream it was a song that I know cause I was singing along. They were singing happily, but I was not really happy… I would like to understand the meaning of the dream.

PPTL: FIRST of all, the SONG of the Lamb, IS, supposed, to be PRAYED, and NOT sung.  It is ‘MUSIC, to the Most High TRUE God – the Eternal Father in HEAVEN’S Ears’ – when His CHILDREN, choose to PRAISE Him, for His Mighty WORKS, and His DEEDS, and His GRACES, and His GIFTS, and His BLESSINGS!  And so, you are CALLED, to ‘PRAY’, the Song of the Lamb – from your HEART! – in ORDER, to CHANGE the DISPOSITION, of your HEART – to THAT of ‘being in UNITY’, with the Blessed Virgin MARY – who PRAISES, the Most High TRUE God, with ALL, her HEART.  And so the DREAM, reveals, that there is still PART of you, that is choosing to sing, with ‘the spirit of the world’, and with ‘the spirit of Jezebel’.  You SEE, it is NOT ENOUGH, to pray the PRAYERS, and use the Blessed HOLY Water, and even PRAY, the Song of the LAMB.  What are YOU, giving BACK to your CREATOR, for EVERYTHING, He has given TO you?  Are you CHOOSING to be PURIFIED?  Or are YOU singing the SONG, that the WORLD, wants you to sing?  Are you CHOOSING to love your CREATOR?  Or are you SECRETLY desiring your CREATOR to bow to YOUR will?  WHAT are you choosing to DO with ‘the TALENTS’, He has GIVEN you?  Are you making MORE WITH THEM?  OR, are you HIDING them – FROM, the Lord Jesus Christ?

“And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.”
(Daniel 12:3)
“Do all things without grumbling or questioning, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world.”
(Philippians 2:14-15)

Did you know, that the stars in the Heavens, are in fact “lights that are VISIBLE to ALL the Nations, roundabout”.  And on that topic, many Remnant Members have submitted videos, that were not approved.

PPTL: Your VIDEOS, that you have presented, have NOT been APPROVED.  Is this “a PROBLEM that needs to be FIXED”?  OR, is this something that you can CONTINUE to ignore?  You HAVE, ‘the LIGHT of Jesus Christ the LORD WITHIN you’ – BUT you are not SHARING it WITH the Nations.  And SO, we URGE you, to SHARE, your GIFTS!  OR, He MAY, ‘snuff them OUT, completely’.  And He MAY in FACT, ‘put out the LIGHT in you’ – if you keep ‘burying it’ – beneath, ‘the false, externals’.  Just ‘a WARNING’!


PPTL: WHAT the Faithful Remnant NEED to HEAR – in ORDER, to REALIZE, ‘where they STAND’, before their CREATOR!...  they MUST ask the QUESTION, to THEMSELVES, If they are SIMPLY following the TESTIMONY, in order to have their bellies FILLED, and out of CURIOSITY; OR, If they are FOLLOWING the TESTIMONY, out of TRUE, LOVE, and SINCERE, HEARTFELT, GRATEFULNESS – TOWARDS their CREATOR...  May the Most High TRUE God, the Eternal Father in HEAVEN, FILL you! – with His ABUNDANT Gifts, Blessings, Graces, AND Healings!  Amen.

 “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.”
(Mark 3:24-25)
Shocking as it may sound, one Member of the Remnant – notice, I left out the word “faithful” -  described ‘his personal response to the Testimony’, in a recent video, with the words, “Put up or Shut up”.  His video was NOT approved.  This is our response to his video.

PPTL: YOU are going to need to do BETTER than that!  YOU have been DECEIVED!  YOU are not called, to “PUT UP”, with the TESTIMONY, of the Most High TRUE God! – and “PUT UP”, with, what the Most High TRUE God, is asking OF you.  HE is REQUIRING you to CHANGE.  So, when YOU say you are going to “PUT UP”, with that – what you are, in FACT! – TELLING the Lord Jesus Christ, is that YOU, are going to build a WALL! – to keep HIS Testimony OUT of your heart.  Is THAT what you want to DO?  The VIDEO, that you MADE, CLEARLY shows, your HEART, is divided.  Remember, if YOU are divided against YOURSELF, you CANNOT stand – NOT for long. The Truth IS, that YOU are coming to LEARN, who the REAL JESUS is.  And YOU are REALIZING, that HE, is NOT, “a PUSHOVER God”; and that He DOES make ‘JUST, DEMANDS’, of His PEOPLE; AND! – HE is NOTHING, like “the protestant jesus” – that you ASKED PEOPLE TO ACCEPT, into their LIVES, at the END, of your VIDEO, TESTIMONY!  HOW can they accept the Lord, if they have ‘the MARK of the Beast’? – or ‘the MARK of Cain’?... if they HATE, His Testimony?  YOU want “a PROTESTANT platform” – but YOU are not going to have that… you are TORN, between TWO DIFFERENT gods.  There is “the REAL JESUS” – who is in the TESTIMONY – the SAME one, who is in the Bible; and then there is “the FALSE jesus” – you SPOKE of.  WHY did you not, DIRECT people, to the TESTIMONY? – even at the END, of the video?  NO!  YOU have ‘devised your OWN plan’.  You KNOW that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High TRUE God, doesn’t “PUT up”, with “games”.  YOU proclaimed ‘THAT truth’, QUITE boldly, before all the NATIONS.  And yet you STILL ‘devised your own SCHEME and PLAN’ – for “a PROTESTANT, PODIUM”!  YOU need, to embrace ‘the TESTIMONY’; the TRUE Jesus - and be TRANSFORMED by His Word.  OR, have your HEART, HARDENED, against ‘the TRUE Jesus’.  There are ONLY 2 paths.  PLEASE re-read our COUNSEL, SEVERAL times! – while USING the Blessed HOLY Water.  And THEN, respond.

Actual email: Why is my heart so hardened?  Is it because I still am so afraid of having to leave my former [family]?

PPTL: What did Pharaoh CHOOSE to embrace, INSTEAD of the Mercy, of his Creator? – but “his LIFELESS son”.  And he was ‘TURNED’, with WRATH! – towards Moses.  Because he CHOSE, “the AFFLICTIONS”; and he did NOT care, for the Most High TRUE God.  He CHOSE, to be PLAGUED – because he did not FEAR, the God of MOSES...  If you “love the TRUE Jesus”, then you will STOP, embracing ‘a false REALITY’, in your INTERIOR life – and false HOPE; and you will START, to EMBRACE, and DO, what He is ASKING of you.  And ONE thing He is ASKING of you – at THIS TIME in your spiritual JOURNEY – is to REJECT your desire to have “a hardened heart” TOWARDS Him.  USE the Blessed Holy Water, and EXPERIENCE “the change”.

Instead of being docile to Divine Counsel, some Members of the Remnant, have chosen to be docile, to ‘the inspirations of demons’, coming out of their former family members.  And the choice to turn to the counsel of those former family members - who are now living in “the worst spiritual state in recorded human history”, has only left them waiting, for their former family members to NEVER, “come around”.

PPTL: What YOU are in fact TELLING us, is that ‘the DEMONS have been TAKING you, for a RIDE’ – on THEIR roller coaster.  And YOU have been going UP and Down, UP and down – as “their PUPPET” – YES! – the demons are “CRUEL taskmasters”!  And YOU, do not have ANY control, OVER them!  THAT is WHAT you have been trying to DO – CONTROL, your demons! – INSTEAD of being DELIVERED, FROM them.  And so YES – you are “worn-OUT” – because you are ALLOWING them to ‘WEAR you, LIKE a glove’!  The TESTIMONY is NOT! – “a conspiracy”; and, it IS in fact ‘a GREAT insult’, to the Most High TRUE God, to KEEP comparing it, to ‘that GENRE’, of SPIRITUAL filth!  HERE, watch THIS video!
Are you embracing that purple dinosaur, named “Barney”, in your heart?  Because if you are, perhaps you have forgotten all the movie scenes, where people are eaten by dinosaurs.
PPTL: REMEMBER, being ‘a TRUE Christian’, is NOT about having “a WARM fuzzy FEELING’, in your INTERIOR life; and you should NEVER, be seeking THAT!  If YOU are RECEIVING, ‘the TRUTHS that are being PROCLAIMED’, in the OTHER Faithful Remnant VIDEOS, then your HEART will be ‘convicted’; and YOU will have ‘an even GREATER desire to change’, and become more PLEASING, to the Most High True God.  But EVEN the demons, can GIVE, and become more PLEASING, to the Most High True God.  But EVEN the demons, can GIVE, and OFFER, “a COUNTERFEIT love”.  You SEE, what they DO, is they “SWOON, the Soul”, with COUNTERFEIT love - that the Soul THEN decides, ‘to BATHE in’.  REMEMBER, the evil spirits, are “SMART” – they are ‘ANGELS’ – BAD angels, with BAD inspirations; but NEVERTHELESS, they are ANGELS; AND, they will EVEN, give you ‘FEELINGS’, in ORDER to PARALYZE you, from DOING what is necessary, in order to PLEASE your Creator.  It IS what all the FALSE christians are embracing – “the FUZZY-warm sensation”, and that IS in fact ‘the spirit of the antichrist’.  Only NOW, those ‘warm SENSATIONS’, are quickly turning INTO, “TORMENTS” – when ‘the real AGENDA of the evil SPIRITS’, is shown!  YOU see, ‘THAT’S how the demons WORK!’  If THEY cannot get you to EMBRACE them – by giving you “GOOD feelings” – THEN, they will SIMPLY ‘unleash, their TORMENTS’, on your SOUL!  Because the evil SPIRITS, are “wrathful”. SO it is BETTER, to SEEK to be ‘BLESSED, by your CREATOR’, and to PLEASE HIM, in ALL that you DO, THINK, and SAY.  It is BETTER to share in the LOVE, of the Holy SERAPHIM – to SHARE in the Love of the HOLY Angels; RATHER than, to share in the TORMENTS, of the evil spirits.  WHENEVER, you have “a WARM, FUZZY, feeling” – TURN to Jesus Christ the Most High TRUE God, and ASK, HIM, to LIFT it!  And ASK Him, to give you ‘the NAME, of the demon’ that is AFFLICTING you – and then TRADE it, for the INDWELLING, of the Blessed Trinity.  MANY Members, of the REMNANT, are ‘FALLING, PREY’, INTO, the enemy’s “TENTACLES of false LOVE”.  And WHILE, they have these “warm SENSTATIONS”, and “fuzzy FEELINGS”, their HEARTS, are ACTUALLY, becoming ‘HARDENED, towards the Truth’.  It is NOT comfortable to HEAR; but, THANK your CREATOR, that WE are not HERE, to TELL you, “SOOTHING LIES”, and “COMFORTABLE truths”; THANK your Creator, that we are not HERE, to “TICKLE your EARS”.  And WHY?  Because HE cares, for, your SOUL – and SO do we!

Did you know, that if you want “a response”, from the beast-people with ‘the mark of Cain’, that, according to the spiritual laws, they are then permitted to GIVE you “a response”?

Actual email: These people were very upset especially my mother who decided to even slap me.  I simply told her not to try slapping me.

PPTL: YOU were not CALLED, to ENGAGE in conversation WITH them... because, they HAVE ‘the mark of Cain’ – they are “ASHAMED, of their Creator” – and they HATE, the SAVIOR, Jesus Christ the LORD!  And the TRUTH IS, YOUR Faith, in the TRUE God, makes THEM, look like “VERY poor, christians”.  You SEE, your life IS, ‘a living Testimony’; but THEIR lives, are “SHAMS”!  THEY, embrace FOLLY; but YOU, are choosing to embrace WISDOM!  DO not, be afraid, of them.  You NEED, to GO, TO them, with CONFIDENCE in your CREATOR – and TELL them, that you are FIRM on your DECISION; and you WILL not change your mind!  THEY are trying to MANIPULATE you!  DO not let them!  YOU bow to the Will of your CREATOR!  YOU do not bow to ‘the will of BEASTS’!

Actual email: I want to be docile to The Most High True God to overcome the feminist mind and all my sinful ways.

PPTL: HOW do you overcome the feminist MIND?  But by CONTINUALLY humbling yourself, before your CREATOR – in your INTERIOR life – RECOGNIZING, that YOU do not HAVE ‘all the ANSWERS’; but that HE does!  RECOGNIZING, that YOU, are SIMPLY ‘a LOWLY instrument’; and that HE, is the One, who has AUTHORITY, OVER you – so that HIS Will, CAN be accomplished, IN you.  By CONTINUALLY ‘dying to YOURSELF’, and DESIRING instead, to LIVE the Testimony, in your heart – THESE, are ways, to HELP you, ‘OVERCOME’, the feminist mind.  The FEMINIST mind, is ALL about “satanic POWER”. SO, you NEED to reject your DESIRE, to have “satanic power, and ASK for ‘the GRACE’, to be LOVED, by your CREATOR; and to SHARE that love, with OTHERS in the Faithful Remnant.

“Wail, you shepherds, and cry, and roll in ashes, you lords of the flock, for the days of your slaughter and dispersion have come, and you shall fall like choice rams. No refuge will remain for the shepherds, nor escape for the lords of the flock.  Hark, the cry of the shepherds, and the wail of the lords of the flock!  For the Lord is despoiling their pasture, and the peaceful folds are devastated, because of the fierce anger of the Lord.  Like a lion he has left his covert, for their land has become a waste because of the sword of the oppressor, and because of his fierce anger.” 
(Jeremiah 25:34-38)

Jesus Christ the Lord said: Roll in ashes you lords of the flock, your days are numbered and coming to an end!  For the people shall no longer be comforted or consoled, nor enjoy ‘the food from the false shepherds’; but their stomachs will writhe in pain and they shall experience anguish of spirit and be driven to despair; and only some will be Blessed to find relief

PPTL: And so we pray that the God of the Old Testament manifest in the lives, of every member, of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, and that the shepherds, be brought, to their knees!  Amen.

Jesus said:  It has come to this, My children; I needed to intervene.

Did you know that the biggest scandal in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, is the fact that it has now become the most extensive mafia organization on the planet, with “a weekly take” - in excess of $1B.  The local so-called “priest”, has now become nothing less than 'the local mafia boss' – who continually collects money, from people who want to pay, to feel good, about themselves.  (And this does NOT mean that “the protestant crime families”, are ANY less guilty!)

But is it REALLY “all about the MONEY?”  When the abomination of desolation was set up in all the stone cold churches in October of 2009, ALL the priestly anointings, were removed, from the clergy.  And now that the clergy have all received the spiritual ‘mark of the beast’, that was given to them as “a parting gift” from their Holy Guardian Angels on Christmas Day in 2012, you can be absolutely certain, that NOT a ONE of them, has “the Grace of priestly celibacy”, any longer.  Many of the more than 400,000 so-called priests in that institution, are turning to pornography, as an outlet for their now “unbridled desires”; while at the same time, many others are actually turning to their parishioners, as "an outlet".  For decades, the chancery office in every diocese of that Institution would pay out hush money, and use intimidation tactics to keep the victims of “priestly indiscretions” silent.  But with today’s Decree from Heaven, NO AMOUNT OF MONEY will be able to silence the victims of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution.  In fact, THAT Decree, HAS NOW set ‘a spiritual fire’ ablaze, in each and EVERY, ONE of them.

But what about the illuminati?  The illuminati know that Antipope Francis is guilty of enabling pedophiles – because Francis personally, and knowingly enabled many members of the clergy to continue on in their vile abominations, without being brought to Justice – without being charged in a public court of law.  Remember, Francis was “a religious superior” for the Jesuits, before becoming a Cardinal in Argentina; and so all scandals involving the priests under him, would have been brought to his attention.  And if Francis allowed those priests to simply move, to a different parish to continue their crimes against innocent children, that would make Francis “a defacto accessory to the crime”.  That part of Francis’ past, is about to hit the media.  But the illuminati control the Global media – or do they?  Let’s find out.  Because the next wave of abuse allegations against the clergy in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, is going to be so big…  You will have to see it for yourselves.  
It begins:
Once again, Jesus Christ the Lord, speaking from His Throne in Heaven, said that it is now SO bad, that He needed “to intervene”.  Remember, Antipope Benedict was ORDERED to step down, because when people looked at his outward demonic countenance, they would always associate him with his role in the sex abuse scandal.   Attendance dropped, and the church started to lose money – through payouts and settlements.  And so AFTER the mark of the beast had been given, they propped up “the man with the mask”, Francis – whose job it was to increase the revenue, while liquidating every imaginable doctrine.  It’s now time to remove the mask.  In OTHER words, it’s now TIME for “those skeletons in the closet”, to get some fresh air!
“Then from his presence the hand was sent, and this writing was inscribed. And this is the writing that was inscribed... This is the interpretation of the matter… God has numbered the days of your kingdom… you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting… your kingdom is divided...” 
(Daniel 5:24-28)
“The land trembles and writhes in pain, for the Lord’s purposes against Babylon stand, to make the land of Babylon a desolation, without inhabitant.”
(Jeremiah 51:29)
Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues;  for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. Render to her as she herself has rendered, and repay her double for her deeds; mix a double draught for her in the cup she mixed.  As she glorified herself and played the wanton, so give her a like measure of torment and mourning. Since in her heart she says, ‘A queen I sit, I am no widow, mourning I shall never see,’ so shall her plagues come in a single day, pestilence and mourning and famine, and she shall be burned with fire; for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.”
(Revelations 18:4-8)
If ever one of the videos does not properly load, simply refresh the page

January 11, 2016 be posted

Recently, Mary and I got to the point where we could no longer tolerate “smokescreen emails” from Remnant Members – because there was nothing we could do to help those people.  And so, we lifted up a very special prayer intention to the Most High True God.  We prayed that 'the filtering mechanism' they use in their interior lives - the way they filter their words, so that only 'the SMOKESCREEN personae' speaks - is REMOVED - effective immediately.   And so the Most High True God DID, in fact, remove that ability.  Now here, is just ONE example, of how the emails changed.

Actual email: After a day of reflection on what you said, you are right. No matter how I look at it, forwards or backwards, up or down. The points that you bring out are right.  I was wrong.  I have a lot to learn.  Your counseling is good, thank you.  I will email you.

Pope Peter The Last: Yes, "the DARK HIDDEN room", in your INTERIOR life, HAS BEEN exposed!  And, through the Most High True God's MERCY, you no longer HAVE 'the ability', to set-up SMOKE screens; and you NO longer, have 'the ABILITY', to play games.  YOU can thank the Most High TRUE God, for 'THAT intervention', in your life.

Important footnote: Many people have been preparing themselves for “the impact of the Comet”.  And yet it has already been explained, that “the Comet” is an allegory for Pope Peter The Last – among other allegories.  Jesus explained to Mary and I, that both the Testimony, and our prayers, are “IMPACTING” everyone on the Planet – to the very core of their being.  And yet, some are still choosing to simply float down "the river of denial", in the land of Egypt – the land of Pharaoh.
 “Then the Lord said to Moses… But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart… But when Pharaoh saw that there was relief, he hardened his heart and would not listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the Lord had said… But this time also Pharaoh hardened his heart and would not let the people go.”
(Exodus 7:1a, 3a; 8:15; 8:32)

And so, what is the difference, between a hardened heart, and a softened heart?  One Member of the Remnant found the answer, quite quickly. 

PPTL: Praise the Most High TRUE God for His Mercy on your Soul!  For INDEED, He HAS had Mercy on you – BECAUSE you went TO Him, in all SINCERITY – ASKING, to be DELIVERED, from ‘a hardened HEART’.  And SO He wanted to SHOW you the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN, a HARDENED heart, and a SOFT heart.  You SEE, YOU are called to have a soft heart towards your CREATOR, in EVERYTHING, that you DO, THINK, OR say.  It is ‘the ENEMY’, that ‘HARDENS’, peoples’ hearts – AGAINST the Most High True God.  And EVEN, in the Old TESTAMENT, where it is WRITTEN, that GOD hardened Pharaoh’s HEART – WHAT that actually MEANS, is He ALLOWED, Pharaoh’s heart, to be hardened – by the DEMONS, he was CHOOSING to embrace.  You SEE, when YOU choose, to show ‘false compassion’, towards YOURSELF, and towards OTHERS; when you CHOOSE to throw “a PITY party”, for YOURSELF, and for OTHERS – THAT is how, your HEART, becomes, ‘SOFTENED’ towards the ENEMY.  WHY, wouldn’t PHARAOH, let MOSES’ people GO?  BECAUSE, THEY, were ‘the SLAVES’, that were HELPING, HIM, BUILD, his EMPIRE! – HIS kingdom, of EARTHLY riches.  And SO, HE chose to see HIMSELF, as ‘a VICTIM’; he saw, that if he let the Hebrews GO, he would LOSE, his SLAVES – if he ALLOWED them, to WORSHIP, THEIR God – he would LOSE, his POWER, over, the SLAVES!   As True CHRISTIANS, we are called to do ‘BETTER’, than what PHARAOH chose.  WE are called, to ALLOW, the PEOPLE, in the BEAST state, to WORSHIP, their ‘BAALS’, and their false GODS; and WE are called, to worship the Most High TRUE God – with ALL of our heart.  We are NOT called, to have ‘false COMPASSION’, on “the PHARAOHS”, of these times – and that IS, ‘all of the PEOPLE, who have RECEIVED, the spiritual mark of the BEAST, and who have RECEIVED, the mark of CAIN’ – NO! – WE must NOT SHOW ‘false COMPASSION’, to the PHARAOHS of these TIMES; but we must CHOOSE to WORSHIP the Most High TRUE God, with ALL our Hearts, Souls, minds and BEINGS.  Because if WE show false COMPASSION to the PHARAOHS, then our HEARTS, become HARDENED, against the Most High TRUE God.  MANY, of the HEBREWS, STAYED with Pharaoh; THEY did NOT leave, when they were TOLD to – BECAUSE, they REFUSED; they CLUNG, to, ‘the riches, of EGYPT’, and the KINGDOM, of PHARAOH; and they WOULD NOT follow, after MOSES – because THEY saw ‘following MOSES’, as ‘a DEATH sentence’.  DO better!

The enemy of your Soul, WILL tempt you, to live in your past, so that you can be afflicted - cut OFF, from the Graces flowing in the present moment.  DO NOT cooperate.  But for those who are struggling with that tendency, here is some important Counsel for your Soul.

PPTL: You KNOW that you need to CONTINUALLY focus, on the TRUE Holy Spirit of the Moment; and that LOOKING at the PAST, is ONLY going to bring afflictions, TO you.  Desiring to LOOK BACK, at your former way of LIFE, is ONLY going to bring afflictions TO you.  When the Most High TRUE God, is ASKING you to LIVE, in the PRESENT moment, and you CHOOSE to FOCUS on ‘former family’, former friends, and former LIFE – when that REALITY, ‘NO LONGER exists’ – FOR you! – then that will ONLY bring, ‘AFFLICTIONS, to you’.  Now HOW do you live without afflictions?  The LORD Jesus Christ, the Most High TRUE God, AFFLICTS, in order to HEAL; but even TEMPTATIONS, can be “AFFLICTIONS”, if they are not ‘DEALT with’, right away.  And IF the person REFUSES to be healed, then ALL they will HAVE, is their AFFLICTION, and it will never LEAVE them.  And so you NEED to reject your desire, to ENTERTAIN the temptations of the enemy; and ASK for the GRACE, to reject ALL temptation – IMMEDIATELY!  And ASK for the Grace to turn to the Most High TRUE God, for His Strength!  And TURN your ATTENTION to ‘something ELSE’, that is ‘EDIFYING, to your Soul’.  The MORE you RENOUNCE, the TEMPTATIONS, that come your WAY, the STRONGER your will BECOMES, in RESISTING the enemy.  The MORE you submit to what your CREATOR is asking of you; the LESS, the attacks, will happen; and you WILL NOT EXPERIENCE them, as SEVERE, as they once were – because you are then CHOOSING, to turn to the Most High TRUE God, AS your Strength.  AND, IF a temptation, LINGERS in your mind, and you REJECT it – BUT, the TEMPTATION is still there, and doesn’t SEEM to go AWAY – THEN, the BEST RESPONSE, for YOU, would be to simply PRAISE the Most High TRUE God with ALL your heart, mind, Soul, and being; and SING PRAISES to Him, in your heart!  You can even grab the HOLY BIBLE, and read some of David’s PSALMS!  OR, you could read the TESTIMONY.  But you JUST need to take your MIND, off, of the TEMPTATION! – and focus on what your CREATOR is calling you to do.
Actual email: Is it best to examine my conscience as soon as I notice a loss of peace in the moment? 

PPTL: When you ALREADY know, what you are CALLED to do, with regards to spiritual attacks, and afflictions from the enemy – it is NOT a virtue, to EMAIL us, and ASK us, “questions you ALREADY have the answer TO”…  Now if YOU discern, that you are called, to do ‘something in the MOMENT’ – and you have ‘ALL confidence’, that THAT is what YOU are called to DO – but then ‘something comes UP’, and the plan CHANGES – you have TWO options:  You can SUBMIT your will, to your CREATOR in the MOMENT; OR, you can FIGHT IT, and hold ON to your pride, and forfeit your PEACE, in the moment.  BETTER to keep ‘the TRUE Peace’ of the Most High TRUE God; and simply SAY to yourself, “His PLAN is better!”  ALWAYS have the attitude that “HIS Plan is better!”  Because the PLANS, of the Lord Jesus Christ the Most High TRUE God ENDURE, FOREVER!  In OTHER words, He HAS the best PLAN, and the best PATH, for you to walk!

Some Members of the Remnant have chosen to take “a back seat in their interior lives”, and to allow their demons to correspond with us instead.  In that spiritual state, they are simply unable to compose a sincere email, or to produce a sincere video.  And yet, it is still “Love”, to tell someone the Truth – even when they email us in ‘that state’ – and as they prepare themselves, to receive ‘the mark of Cain’ – referring to “the INDELIBLE version”.

PPTL: …For those are all words, until you put them into action.  In other words, your words, are like dross, and mean nothing.

Important footnote: The Members of the Faithful Remnant who are choosing to be purified like Gold being tested in the fire, will not throw lead at us, in their emails. Another name for that "LEAD", is "dross".
 “Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s foes will be those of his own household."
(Matthew 10:34-36)

The Members of the Faithful Remnant who are living with former family members, will most likely NEVER, desire to watch another scary movie, EVER, again – because there are “SOME SHOWS”, that you simply cannot turn off.

PPTL: And so now you KNOW, the MORE, that you SUBMIT to the Most High TRUE God, and ‘WHAT He is asking OF you’, the MORE He simply ‘fights your BATTLES, FOR you’; because it ISN’T a battle against ‘flesh and BLOOD’, but it IS, ‘a battle against the powers of DARKNESS’, and “the EVIL ones” – MINIONS, of this Era.  Because N., is absolutely INFESTED, with DEMONS – and THEY are ‘seeking to CONTROL’, his every MOVE, and every THOUGHT.  He THINKS he is ‘in CONTROL’; but TRULY, he is ‘under the FULLEST DEMONIC POSESSION, possible’. AND so, DO not be afraid – BECAUSE, the Most High TRUE God, will ALWAYS come to your aid; as LONG as you are CHOOSING, to do HIS Will. He IS, in fact, ANSWERING, your prayers; and HE Governs! – over the EVIL spirits, as WELL! – in this Time; and HE WILL, continue, to DELIVER you, from ‘the HAND, of the enemy’; and ALL of his false, accusations. The ENEMY, desires, to ACCUSE, the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT – through their FORMER family members, at THIS time; but THOSE accusers WILL BE silenced; as the Most High TRUE God, CONTINUALLY Hands Victory OVER to, His FAITHFUL REMNANT Followers.

Which of the following sounds like the beginning of an informative conversation: “Hi, have you heard about the Testimony of the Two Witnesses”?  Or, “Hi, you have the mark of Cain!”

PPTL: Remember, the PEOPLE, who have RECEIVED the mark of CAIN, do NOT need to be TOLD, that they have received ‘the mark of CAIN’.  If they WANT to find out about it – the ones that the Most High TRUE God CHOOSES, WILL read His TESTIMONY, and find out more THERE. But AGAIN, DO not reach out, to those, with the mark of the BEAST, and those with the mark of CAIN – and share the TESTIMONY with them.  If you want to make a VIDEO – testifying before the NATIONS, of ALL of the wonderful BLESSINGS, the Most High TRUE God has BESTOWED upon you – then THAT is ONE thing; but DO not, go out of your WAY, to seek ‘ANY confrontation’, with people, who have received ‘the SPIRITUAL mark of the beast’, and rejected the TESTIMONY; OR, with those who have received, the mark of CAIN, and rejected the Testimony.  It WOULD be BEST, if YOU did not answer their EMAILS, texts, OR phone calls.  THAT will send ‘a VERY strong message’ – that you are NO LONGER INTERESTED, in ASSOCIATING with those people.  And THEN, you will be more FREE, to focus, on your SPIRITUAL purification. 

Need some one-LINERS?  The bottom-feeders, have THEIRS!

Actual email: I know some former friends and family are not happy with me as I am not socializing with them, when they ask why I tell them…I am busy. I haven't told them about the Testimony as I don't think they will understand or accept it.  By me not telling them the whole truth, is it lying?

PPTL: KNOW: it is NOT “lying” – if you DO NOT tell the PEOPLE, in the BEAST state, the REASON WHY, you have CHOSEN, not to SOCIALIZE with them, any LONGER.  YOU have ‘your OWN personal REASONS’.  It really IS, “NONE of their business”!  If they CONTINUE to PRESS you on the matter, you can SIMPLY INFORM them, that YOU have decided, to make ‘a CHANGE in your life’, and to GO in a different DIRECTION – and CHOOSE a different PATH, than what THEY are choosing.  THAT’S all.  There is NO need to go into details – as this WILL ONLY, UPSET their DEMONS; and YOU are NOT CALLED, to CAST your PEARLS, before SWINE.  And YOU are not CALLED, to SHARE the WORD, of the Most High TRUE God, with ‘THOSE, who have CHOSEN, to be DOGS!’  It is ‘THAT simple’!  KNOW, that the Most High TRUE God, is ‘WATCHING your back’; and HE upholds THOSE, who CHOOSE to uphold His WORD, before the Nations.

Whenever a Soul resolves to tear down the enemy’s kingdom - that the enemy built up for so many years in their life, the enemy will respond by throwing “fears, doubts, worries and anxieties” at them.  And so, whenever those demons become active, always remember that anxiety, is just “part of the parcel”.  And so, mark the whole PARCEL, “return to Lake of Fire”.

PPTL: Embracing anxiety, in ANY form, OR way, is ‘NOT a virtue’; because THAT is ‘choosing to LIVE’, outside the TRUE Peace of the Most High True God.  Let THOSE in the BEAST state, be ‘anxious and wanton’, over MANY things; but THOSE, of the Faithful REMNANT, are called to LIVE, in the TRUE Peace, of their CREATOR.  You KNOW, NOW, that this IS ‘a struggle’ for you; so YOU will need to be ‘extra VIGILANT’, in REJECTING your DESIRE, to EMBRACE anxiety as a way of LIFE; AND, to reject your desire to embrace STRESS; and ask INSTEAD, for the GRACE, to EMBRACE the True Peace, of the Most High TRUE God, in your HEART, Soul, MIND, AND being. 

If you had to choose between the opinions of others, and the opinion of The Most High TRUE God, whose opinion would you value the more?

PPTL: KNOW that at WORK – YOU are not called to IMPRESS anyone!  You are SIMPLY called to do your job; and do it WELL, out of the LOVE, of your Creator.  But YOU are not CALLED, to live in FEAR, of THOSE, in the BEAST state.  Do not FEAR ‘the judgments, of men’; but RATHER, FEAR instead, the JUST CONSEQUENCES, for OFFENDING, your Creator.  THAT is called “SPIRITUAL sanity”

We DO encourage people to turn to the True Holy Spirit BEFORE they email us, for the inspirations they need, to share with us.  And sometimes, when we read our emails, we are simply at a loss for words, because WE, in turn, are being nourished - by someone who has chosen, in the moment, to be “a docile instrument” in the Hands of their Creator.  And so, what more is there to say?  Other than…

PPTL: Please turn that email you sent into a script, and record as soon as possible – as what you have SHARED, is most DEFINITELY inspired by the TRUE Holy Spirit

Yes, it IS SAFE, to make another video testimony, before all the nations.

PPTL: You NOW know, it is NOT safe, to GO off and do your OWN thing; it is NOT SAFE, to go SPREAD the TESTIMONY – to “priests and bishops, and even LAYPEOPLE” – who have ALL received the mark of the beast.  ONLY the Most High True God, will BRING the ones HE chooses, BACK to His Fold.  The Most High TRUE GOD DOES extend, HIS Mercy TO you!  Because you have REALIZED, WHERE you went wrong; and you are now CHOOSING to take ‘the NECESSARY steps’, to FIX it. 

When someone with “the failing mark”, decides to unleash their demons on you, simply Commend them…

PPTL: Simply know, that the Most High TRUE God, is FIGHTING your battles, FOR you!  And that when you DO, Commend someone, to His Divine JUSTICE, they EXPERIENCE it – RIGHT away; but, you MUST have Faith, in His Word.  The more FAITH, you have, that He is going to RESPOND – the QUICKER, and more EFFECTIVE, the Most High TRUE God’s RESPONSE, will BE – because He REWARDS those who have FAITH in His Word; and in what the TESTIMONY teaches.

Both the Men and the Women in the Remnant, have already discovered, that “the women with the mark”, are SO MUCH worse, than the men.

PPTL: For your WORKING ENVIRONMENT – it would be BEST, to REMEMBER, “BEWARE the WILES, of WOMEN”.  You would be MUCH better off, having a MALE co-worker, if YOU were given the chance, to choose - SIMPLY, because YOU, will be ‘less harassed’, that way!

Many Members of the Faithful Remnant have noticed, that they are experiencing a need to rest - that they haven’t experienced since they were in their early teens.

PPTL: There are major PHYSICAL growth spurts; but then there are ALSO ‘SPIRITUAL Growth Spurts’ – and THAT is what you are EXPERIENCING, right NOW. And SO, it DOES make sense, that YOU would be resting, a lot MORE – ESPECIALLY if your MIND, is more ACTIVE, all DAY!  KEEP making VIDEOS – because this WILL HELP you, to STAY, out of TROUBLE, in your INTERIOR life; and will ALSO help nourish, OTHER Souls, in the Faithful Remnant.

Did you know, that each and every Soul, stands before its Creator, in a very unique relationship?  (Interesting trivia note: this is what the psychology textbooks would look like - in the chapter on “individuation”, if those illuminati puppets, hadn’t edited out, every single reference to the Creator of the Universe.)

PPTL: Remember that you ARE, in fact “a SEPARATE individual” – even though you LIVE, in a Remnant FAMILY, you are STILL, “RESPONSIBLE, for your own CHOICES”; and you are STILL EXPECTED, to follow the PROMPTINGS, of the True Holy SPIRIT. YOU are not expected, to “JOIN yourself”, with those in the FAMILY, and to take on their, ‘PERSONALITY’, or even ‘CHARACTER’; YOU need to desire, to be ‘the PERSON, that the Most High TRUE God, DESIRES you, to BE’!  Do NOT ‘IDENTIFY yourself’, with ALL of THOSE you are LIVING with.  That DOESN’T make sense.  You are not CALLED, to ‘BLEND IN’; you are CALLED to ‘stand OUT’ – AS the person, the Most High TRUE God, Created for HIS purpose!  Though you are all ‘doing your BEST’, to STAY on ‘the same PATH’ – in your INTERIOR lives, you are ALL, on ‘very DIFFERENT spiritual JOURNEYS’.  And so you need to RECOGNIZE this – that YOU are NOT at the SAME “spiritual LEVEL” – as EVERYONE else AROUND you!  And you are CALLED, to GROW – in as MUCH as you are able.  DO not be COMPETITIVE, with those in your household; but DESIRE to do your very BEST – and to EXCEL, in EVERYTHING; and do EVERYTHING, with Excellence!  Because you CAN!  And you are DOING it, for your Creator! – NOT “to please those around you”

Remember, you are ONLY covered under the Heavenly Witness Protection Program, IF, you are being docile to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in the Moment - like the inspiration to make another video testimony for example.

Actual email: Recently I have realized I keep losing some money.

PPTL: You CANNOT accomplish ANYTHING, apart from the LORD Jesus Christ. And WHAT have you given back to your CREATOR?  You will LOSE much more than THAT! - BECAUSE of your stubbornness; unless you change.

And yes, everyone is entitled to the Discipline of the Most High True God.

PPTL: If you “FEEL” entitled, to ANYTHING, that the Most High True God has BLESSED you with, then you NEED to reject your DESIRE, to be PROUD, and ask for the Grace of TRUE Humility.  If you WANT to excel, in the SPIRITUAL life, read the TESTIMONY – because there is ‘an ABUNDANCE of nourishment’ – THERE!

The list of Members IS constantly changing - as more people join, and as some fall off the Ark.  It is NOT SAFE to correspond with those who have fallen off the Ark, and have received 'the mark of Cain'.  THE REAL TIME LIST of Faithful Remnant Members, can be found on our YouTube Channel at THIS LINK.  It would be wise to check that list from time to time, to make sure that the YouTube Channels you have subscribed to, and the videos you have "liked", and the comments you have left, and the comments you have "approved", are not steering others, to someone who has received 'the mark of Cain'.  When someone falls OFF the Ark, they have "FALLEN OUT OF FAVOR, with the MOST HIGH TRUE GOD".  So then you are likewise called, to stop "FAVORING" them.  Simple! 
And on another note, we have put a lot of effort, into gathering and presenting the very best video recording basics we can find - to help Faithful Remnant Members make SUPERB videos! - MUCH more easily.  You can find those tips at THIS LINK.  Remember, the best way to ask your Creator to Fill you with even MORE spiritual Gifts from Heaven, is to pour out the ones you have already been given, through a NEW video testimony to the nations.  Got nothing to share? - then THAT becomes your prayer!  Understand?  For those who don't: The measure you give, will be, the measure you receive.  And there are no excuses.  Do you know why?  Because the Members of the Faithful Remnant have their SOUL! - and THAT, is "SOMETHING!" - WORTH talking about, in these End Times.
  Word Count: 24000+

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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DISCRIMINATION" - because WHAT we BELIEVE, is very DIFFERENT, and UNIQUE- from what OTHERS believe.
This IS! - "a new branch, of Christianity", and we have EVERY right! - to practice our Faith. As EACH! - individual on
the PLANET - HAS, been GIVEN, "FREEDOM of religion"and "FREEDOM to practice, WHATEVER faith they choose".
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