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The state of men
Jeep Mud Race
And, just a friendly VIDEO reminder for the men, to keep it clean!
This is the Environmentally Friendly, energy saving way, to address some of the questions, the men are asking,
after they see, WHAT HAS TRULY BECOME, of their "HOPE", of ever having a TRUE, helpmate...
The Only Safe Ship in the End Times
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)

"No one could learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand [- for 'the SINGLE men' whom Christ CHOOSES to Redeem, from the earth] who had been redeemed from the earth. It is these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are chaste; it is these who follow the Lamb wherever he goes; these have been redeemed from mankind as first fruits for God and the Lamb, and in their mouth no lie was found, for they are spotless."
(Revelations 14:3b-5)
"But those who are accounted worthy to attain to that age [- referring to "the CLOSE of the Age"] and to the resurrection from the dead [- obtained through the use of the Blessed Holy Water] neither marry nor are given in marriage, for they cannot die [- referring to "the promise of Eternal Life"] any more, because they are equal to angels [- or "Messengers" - referring to "the Two Witnesses"] and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection."
(Luke 20:35-36)   
"Not man and man – did I create them; nor woman and woman, did I form them; but turning inwards they seek after each other’s sex, so that, no amount of love can flow; but sensuality and perversity remain.  But man, and woman, were created equal, in the sense that they are each equally deserving of My Love for them.  But man was created first, and woman under man’s headship."  (-Jesus, Saturday, June 18, 2011) 

"I have ordered nature; and man has disordered himself." (-Jesus, Saturday, October 30, 2010) 


A Warning for the MEN in the Faithful Remnant
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Jesus said (to the single men, in the Faithful Remnant): Refer back, to the FIRST Counsel, you were GIVEN.  And KNOW, that you are NOT alone.  You have 'FRIENDS', and family, in the Faithful Remnant Church.  I have FORGIVEN you, OF your past, SINS.  I do not even LOOK upon them, any more.  So do not DWELL, on them yourself!  Women, right now, are in 'the WORST, SPIRITUAL, STATE, EVER'!  It is best, to look, at, 'the state of women', page - on My Website.  And UNDERSTAND, that your 'yearning', to BE, with 'another' - your 'yearning', to have 'a SOULmate', is 'HEALTHY' - it is GOOD! - that you desire, to SHARE, your LIFE, with 'another'.  BUT!  YOU, do not NEED, to 'CAST', your PEARLS, before 'SWINE'; nor, before those, who like to wear, "SNAKESKIN".  RIGHT now, ALL women, outside the Faithful Remnant Church, are 'SPIRITUALLY toxic'.  Best, to desire, 'closeness', with your True, MOTHER - in Heaven; your True SPIRITUAL Mother - the Blessed Virgin MARY.  Because SHE is 'the only WOMAN' in your life NOW - that is 'worth her WEIGHT in GOLD'.  And SHE will HELP you, to overcome, 'sexual impurity', and 'the lusts of the flesh'.  CONSECRATE, YOUR purity, to 'the IMMACULATE Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary'.  YOU need 'Graces - FLOWING from Heaven', to get, through these Times.  And you are 'encouraged', to make MORE videos, about how, your life CONTINUES, to Change, and become BETTER - the MORE, you LISTEN, and FOLLOW, 'TRUE Guidance and Instruction, from Heaven'.

PPTL: And use the deliverance prayer whenever you realize that you have sinned, and reject your desire to _________ (name of sin), and ask for the corresponding Grace (Holy Purity in your interior life, and Holy Custody of the Eyes).  The answer was already there, in front of you; you just needed to use it.  Also reject 'the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah' and 'the spirit of sensuality', as these are the spirits that EVERYONE on the planet are being afflicted with - as the whole world, has now become, 1000 times worse than the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were, at the time of their destruction.  The fact is, that the women of today (who are outside the Faithful Remnant), love the mud, and they love their snakeskin.  DO NOT desire them, unless you want "a flood of spiritual gangrene", flowing, into your Soul.  And know that your Creator, can "work with that" - if you decide you want to be like them; if you desire you want to "be one", with them.  Because there is NO room, in the Faithful Remnant, for those who would desire, such wickedness.  it is TRULY better to pray!

And now, for one of THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE Truths on this page (- uncomfortable for the women, that is).  Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed to His Two Witnesses, that the Members of the Faithful Remnant - the MEN (- who are single, because the "helpmate" God MADE for them, chose instead to be a hard hearted Jezebellian - the men they abandoned), WILL INDEED FIND, "a helpmate", in the Era of Peace, if they desire one.  The Most High True God will 'raise up a helpmate from the DUST!' - if necessary, to walk with each single man of the Faithful Remnant, if he so DESIRES one - A GOD FEARING MALE HEADSHIP RESPECTING WOMAN!  (You should read those last words in uppercase a bit louder than the rest of the sentence, just to get a really cool effect).  We have discussed this topic with Jesus many times.  Because it is written in the Scriptures...
"... the Lord God said, 'It is NOT good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him."
(Genesis 2:18)
And so, if it is NOT good that the man should be alone, and the Roman Catholic Church, up to the time of the Ordination of Pope Peter the Last, was "the True Church", then WHY, would God NOT allow the priests to be married?  Jesus explained to us, that it was because there came a time in human history, when the women were SO wicked, that they would simply demand ALL the man's time - and that is EXACTLY what they were doing with the priests who were married.  In their WICKEDNESS, the priests' wives were demanding ALL of their time, so that the priests would have NO TIME left, for ministering to their flocks.  And so there came a time in human history, when The Most High True God instructed the Church [in the year 325 AD, the Council of Nicea decreed...] that a priest could NOT marry after he was ordained.  And later in human history, as the state of women grew even worse, ALL priests were required to make the sacrifice of celibacy for the sake of GUARDING THEIR FLOCKS FROM THE WICKEDNESS OF WOMEN, MOVING THROUGH THEIR WIVES!!!  But wait, it gets even better - for BOTH the God-fearing MEN and WOMEN that is.  Do you remember what Saint Paul wrote...
"To the unmarried... I say that it is well for them to remain single as I do."
(1 Corinthians 7:8)
And so, the obvious question that the single Members of the Faithful Remnant should be asking, is, "Would it be better for me, if I were to remain single, in the Era of Peace?"  Now before anyone writes me and asks me that question, I will answer it FOR you.  The women in the Era of Peace, will ALL fear God, and they will ALL respect The Most High TRUE God's Headship over man, and man's headship over women.  They simply will not be able to exist there for very long, if they don't - and ALL OF HEAVEN is well aware of this ETERNAL TRUTH.  And because the women WILL respect man's headship OVER them, the Scripture passage above from Saint Paul (Corinthians), will no longer apply; the one from the Book of Genesis, WILL.  In other words, men and women in the Era of Peace, will all want to be married, in order to be "Perfectly Fulfilled".  They will ALSO want to listen to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in each and every moment, and be exceedingly DOCILE to those inspirations, in order to be "Perfectly Fulfilled".  There are MANY things, the Members of the Faithful Remnant will want, and do, in the ERA of PEACE, as they always strive to be "Perfectly Fulfilled" - but being around WICKED women! - is NOT on that list - for the men, OR the women, of the True Faithful Remnant of the Most High True God.  And just for the Record - the WICKED women - the "Jezzies" of these End Times, are the ones who no longer, have Souls.

 “… Oh how terrible is the feminist agenda of the collective consciousness of women, how indeed horrifying it is to see so many women united: in their desire to crush Me; to crush the Lord’s anointed; to commit murder.  Why can they not be united in charity and love, in dignity and respect, in humility and patience, in kindness and cheerfulness, in hope and forthcomingness?  Because, in short, they desire allegiance with devil, and his kingdom, more than what I have to offer their souls.” (Jesus, Tuesday, May 18, 2010)

Are YOU FOCUSING on desiring "a helpmate" NOW?

The Best Time in History to Be Single
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Resolve, NOT to associate, with “Jezebel”
Jesus said - to BOTH the men AND the women of the Faithful Remnant:  Be FIRM in your resolve, NOT to associate, with “Jezebel”.  FOR indeed, she ONLY wants! – to CRUSH you.  Because you are ANOINTED, with My SPIRIT; Understand?  NO Love, can FLOW, through a WOMAN, IN, 'the beast STATE'; ONLY deception.  They can ONLY, seek their ‘best INTERESTS’. They are ONLY, taking ORDERS, from their FATHER – down, below.  So do NOT ‘feel GUILTY’, for ending ‘EVERY, friendship’! – WITH them.  Because “THAT ship”, will MAKE you SINK! – FAST and HARD. 
(August 23, 2015)
Mary Romanus: ...We then discussed the topic with Jesus, and we learned even more, about how Women have created a sub-culture where they can traffic "false affirmation".  They do it when they are alone, in front of a mirror.  They do it immediately, upon meeting others.  They do it in restrooms, behind closed doors.  They even enable others with the drug, only to get 'a hit' of that drug in return.  Truly, the addiction has now spread across the entire planet.  Women will even paint masks on their faces, so that they will find it easier for others to falsely affirm, 'what they DON'T look like'.  It is truly sick!  It is a global pandemic of addiction.  It has gone on long enough.  And so then, after reflecting on the seriousness of that mental illness called “affirmation”, I began to ponder where it all began - back in the Garden of Eden.  What happened?  Eve was first affirmed by the serpent, and was told that she would become like God, if she would only bow to ‘the will of the serpent’ and eat the apple.  And after that plague started, then Adam turned to Eve, and away from God; he turned away from God in that moment, and sought to falsely affirm his wife instead.  And so I realized that ‘the high’ a woman gets from being falsely affirmed, is actually ‘a hit’ of satanic power – a reward that is immediately sent from Hell, when she steals the PRAISES and ATTENTION away from her Creator - and applies those praises to herself instead. (September 12, 2015 update) 
Special tip for both the men and women:  If you WANT to overcome 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - then OFFER up a DECADE of the ROSARY to the Blessed Virgin MARY - under the title, "CONQUEROR of the JEZEBEL spirit".  You can DO this!   The Blessed Virgin Mary is simply "waiting, to help heel you".
A Special note:  LIFE, on the Ark, is SO MUCH better! - than what, WOMEN, OUTSIDE the Ark - have to offer.  You NEED to UNDERSTAND, that 'the MAJORITY, of women' - are "opportunists" - DESIRING, to crush! - men!  Am I AGAINST, "WOMEN"?  No.  BUT! - I DO know, "HOW they operate" - and I DO know - through "infused KNOWLEDGE", that THEY, are most CERTAINLY! - "INTERESTED, in... the MATERIAL FRUITS - that you were pursuing".  Women, HAVE, 'ways' - it is EVEN called, "the WILES of women" - IN the Breastplate, of Saint Patrick - even HE! - needed, to pray - for PROTECTION! - from, "the WICKED women".  CLING, to your CREATOR! - at THIS time - and for ETERNITY! - and, He WILL! - 'FULFILL YOU'! - in the End.  You can ONLY be fulfilled, IN Him.  No "WOMAN - APART, from the Most High TRUE God" - CAN, "fulfill you"; they are ALL! - "apart - LIVING, DEVOID of the True Holy SPIRIT", and ONLY, can DESIRE, to DESTROY! (November 12, 2016 update)
Have you been thinking about your future spouse?

EVERYONE in the Faithful REMNANT, needs to FOCUS, on their RELATIONSHIP with the Most High True GOD - FIRST and foremost. BECAUSE, "He is a JEALOUS GOD" - and TRULY, is 'DESERVING, of ALL Love, and attention' - ESPECIALLY, in these Times.  HE is 'the ONLY one' - who will be ABLE to HELP you to ENDURE, these Times; NOT "another CREATURE".  So TRADE your desire, for 'a COMPANION', in THIS life - for, "COMPASSIONATING your CREATOR" - by CHOOSING to live for HIM INSTEAD of 'for yourself'.  Understand? ( - from the December 15, 2016 update)


Women cannot contain the devil within THEM
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Even after reading this page, do you still desire a HELPMATE?

No WOMEN, outside the Faithful REMNANT, are "prospective HELPMATES". And EVEN the ones INSIDE the Faithful Remnant, are called to work on their PURIFICATION; NOT on, 'a RELATIONSHIP'.  THEREFORE, it is IMPORTANT, that YOU, give Jesus your DESIRE, for a HELPMATE, and ASK for the Grace, INSTEAD, to 'HELP, JESUS Christ the LORD, build UP, the Faithful REMNANT' - with His TESTIMONY, by making Testimony VIDEOS!  (March 30, 2017 update)

Should the single men and women in the Faithful Remnant be looking to "the other singles" in the Faithful Remnant for their future helpmate?  No you are not called to marry, ANYONE, in the Faithful Remnant.  And, EVERYONE in the Faithful Remnant, is called to work on 'their PURIFICATION' - a RELATIONSHIP with the Most High TRUE God. Because "a COUPLE relationship", will ONLY distract, during these times. The reason I am married is BECAUSE of 'the tremendous task in FRONT of me' [- PPTL] - to LEAD, the Most High TRUE God's REMNANT, to the FULLNESS of the Era of Peace.  (April 3, 2017 update)
A Modest Fashion Choice
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been thinking about "your future HELPMATE"?
YOU are called to be "SINGLE" at this time - in your spiritual JOURNEY.  You NEED to decide, "WHAT is important to you?" - LIVING for the Most High True God? - or, "FAILING the tests He sends - CONSISTENTLY - and SABOTAGING, every GIFT He has GIVEN to you?"  Understand? (May 16, 2017 update)
The MORE you THINK, about "a FUTURE HELPMATE" - when you have, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, to HELP you, every day - the HARDER, and HEAVIER, your CROSS, will become.  And there is NOTHING we can do, to lighten it! - because of your STUBBORNNESS. (May 19, 2017 update)

When "SURROUNDED! - by SERPENTS in SPANDEX" - what do you DO?

The BEST thing you can do, when you are SURROUNDED by "jezzies" - in your 'VISUALS' - is to avert your EYES; do NOT even LOOK at them! - because THAT'S "what they want", as they 'FEED!' - off, of MEN'S, "passions".  And SO, the MORE you RESIST, 'LOOKING at them' - and simply COMMENDING them, to, 'the HEEL of the Blessed Virgin MARY' - the LESS you will be DRAWN, to "the SERPENTS! - in spandex".  Stay close to, the BLESSED Virgin Mary.  AND, do NOT, give IN, to 'the LUSTS of the flesh'.  (May 19, 2017 update)
What do the women of these End Times REALLY think about "male headship"? 
It's just a question.  But you may wish to ponder the SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL realities, as you reflect on this video about the mating habits of the European Mantis:

Above video:  Mantis Mating - Wildlife On One
Best to skip ahead to 1:07 in the video, to find the answer
Hint: if you think, "women can't stomach male headship in these End Times" - you're wrong!

The men of THESE Times REALLY need to be detached...

Are you SURE!!! - that you STILL, "desire", to have "a FEMALE companion"? It would be MUCH better - to DESIRE, to 'SERVE the Most High True God' - with "an UPRIGHT heart"! - with 'NO concerns!' - about, the "ISSUES", that the WOMEN of today, HAVE! - that ONLY serve 'as a DISTRACTION', from SERVING! - the WILL, of the Most High TRUE God.  REMEMBER in these END Times - it is ALL about, BRINGING peoples' CHOICES, to the LIGHT.  And then they can CHOOSE, if they want "to grow STRONGER, in the SPIRITUAL LIFE?"  OR! - get WEAKER! - and SLIDE back down.  Once AGAIN "it is a LESSON in Holy DETACHMENT".  And, the REASON we are SHARING this, is so that YOU know! - to be, "COMPLETELY detached", from OTHERS; and FOCUSED! - on the TRUTH. (August 02, 2017 update)
Women of the Apocalypse...
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Here is the antidote, for the men who are "attracted to jezzies".

When JESUS Christ the Lord, sent OUT His Disciples - He made it "VERY CLEAR to them" - that He SENT them OUT - as "SHEEP! - in the MIDST of, WOLVES!"  And SO, it is VERY important, that YOU recognize, that 'the PEOPLE, AROUND you, in the BEAST state' - ONLY! - want to DEVOUR, "your SOUL"!  And AS for 'being ATTRACTED, to "the JEZZIES"? - SIMPLY RECOGNIZE, that, they ARE, "the DEVIL! - inside".  "The WILES, of WOMEN", is MEANT to be, "DISTRACTING" - BECAUSE! - they have given 'so MUCH! - of themselves', OVER, to 'the ENEMY'.  He 'USES them!' - EVEN UNBEKNOWNST to them - to DISTRACT, the Faithful REMNANT, from, 'the CALL of the MOMENT'; and ALSO from 'their DESIRE, to be pure of HEART'. Do NOT! - "DEFILE", your FLESH, with 'a WOMAN, in the BEAST state'.  Do not 'DESIRE' her! - for THAT is like, "DESIRING, UNITY, with the SERPENT!"  And SO, WHEN you experience, "SEXUALLY impure thoughts" - SIMPLY, lift them UP, to the LORD Jesus Christ, and TRADE them, for "PURITY of heart".  For "BLESSED!" - are "the Pure of heart" - for THEY shall 'SEE!' - the Most High True God.  If you WANT, to STAY OUTSIDE 'the FOG' - then SEEK "Purity of HEART"; For ALL around you, 'YOUNG people', are "CLOTHED, in the HELMET of corruption".  And so 'their DEMONS!' - RECOGNIZE, 'something DIFFERENT about you' - and that's why they GIVE "a cold STARE" - because 'you're not LIKE them!' 

Here, PERHAPS this will help - THIS, is what "the WOLVES", think, of 'the TRUE Sheep':

“Let us lie in wait for the righteous man, because he is inconvenient to us and opposes our actions; he reproaches us for sins against the law, and accuses us of sins against our training. [- "education"] He professes to have knowledge of God, and calls himself a child of the Lord. He became to us a reproof of our thoughts; the very sight of him is a burden to us, because his manner of life is unlike that of others, and his ways are strange. We are considered by him as something base, and he avoids our ways as unclean; he calls the last end of the righteous happy, and boasts that God is his father. Let us see if his words are true, and let us test what will happen at the end of his life; for if the righteous man is God’s son, he will help him, and will deliver him from the hand of his adversaries. Let us test him with insult and torture, that we may find out how gentle he is, and make trial of his forbearance. Let us condemn him to a shameful death, for, according to what he says, he will be protected.” 
(Wisdom 2:12-20)  (September 13, 2017 update)
"jezebel" is an Ugly Spirit!
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Are YOU a Jezebellian?... for the WOMEN who are reading the MEN'S section...

A "JEZEBELLIAN", is "a WOMAN, who CHOOSES to REBEL - against, the Most High True GOD"!  And, she is ALSO, "a man-HATER!"  And so, YOU need to decide, 'WHO you're going to SERVE':  Queen JEZEBEL?  OR, the Most High TRUE God.  Are you GOING to resolve to HAVE, 'the BLESSED ATTITUDE', of the Blessed Virgin MARY? - "Be it DONE unto ME, according to YOUR WORD..."? - and THAT is "...the Word of the MESSENGER".  OR, are YOU going to have 'the ATTITUDE of a COLD-hearted JEZEBELLIAN', who says... "HELL no!"  YOU need to RECOGNIZE, that 'FOLLOWING your CREATOR' - simply "because you want to avoid HELL"? - ISN'T enough!  It's "a START"? - but, it's NOT enough, to MAKE it to 'the FULLNESS of the Era of PEACE'.  YOU need, to be FILLED, with the Most High TRUE God's Divine LOVE - and SHARE 'that Love' with OTHERS!  As you, TRULY can ONLY be fulfilled, AS, "a HUMBLE, docile, and OBEDIENT, woman".  Though, 'the spirit of jezebel', WILL, protest, THIS Truth - because - she LOVES to be miserable! - so that she can, 'SPREAD her misery' to others!  WHY not, choose, to be FILLED, with, 'the VIRTUES of FAITH, Hope, and LOVE'?  And, be filled with 'TRUE Joy'.  If you STRIVE, after, THESE - your SICKNESS, WILL leave!  But it DOES require, 'YOUR heart' to change. (September 14, 2017 update)

It would be best to work on PERMANENTLY being DELIVERED from, and rooting out EVERY manifestation that can be found on "the JEZZIE list".

Woman is "God's Gift to MAN".  'Jezzie' is "the DEVIL'S gift to man".  And when a WOMAN EMBRACES 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - THAT'S 'HER demonic little gift', to: the devil; to GOD; and to man.  So LADIES [- yes, we know you are reading this section for intel...], it would be best to LOSE 'the spirit of jezebel' - BEFORE you hear from your Creator, at an hour you DO not expect, "Message RECEIVED and UNDERSTOOD! - RECEIVE your reward!"  AND yes, of COURSE! - there will be MANY women who read "the Jezzie list" - who say to themselves, "But there will be nothing LEFT of me! - if I reject ALL those things!" - and that would be "a LIE" - as the Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary, PROVE that there WOULD be something left!  And so "ladies" - before your CREATOR - you HAVE no excuse for embracing "one IOTA" of the spirit of jezebel.  Best to turn your heart to your TRUE Spiritual Mother - and learn from HER - and FAST!  The clock is ticking. (October 13, 2017 update) 

Remember to SEEK to be "Consoled" by the TRUE Holy Spirit - NOT by "the flesh".

You ALSO need to CONSECRATE 'your sexual DESIRES', to the Divine Will of the Most High TRUE GOD - and RECOGNIZE, that even though, you ARE "a sexual creature" - you are NOT called to ACT, on, those IMPULSES at any TIME.  But you need to 'TRADE, those urges', for "Purity of HEART".  And SEEK to be "Consoled", by 'the TRUE Holy Spirit' - NOT by "the flesh".  You NEED to 'resolve, in your heart, to remain SINGLE'.  And DO not "FLIRT" - with WOMEN; BECAUSE, they are 'FILLED, with gangrene' IN these Times.  And 'ANY desire to UNITE, WITH them'? - IS 'a desire, to be spiritually CASTRATED', and to lose ALL, "testicular fortitude".  (October 13, 2017 update) 

For the MEN: To simply help you with "MOTIVATION, in remaining SINGLE"

The DESIRE for a HELPMATE - can ONLY hurt you - SPIRITUALLY AND physically.  And SO, you NEED to UNDERSTAND, that, SAINT Paul, had "a THORN in his flesh", that he carried WITH him.  And what do YOU think that was?  And so YOU are called, to DENY yourself, 'the fleshly DESIRE, for a COMPANION in this LIFE' - for TRULY, they are ALL, "SPIRITUALLY toxic!"  WHAT you need, is to ASK the Most High TRUE God, to SHOW you, 'the VILE state, of WOMEN' - in these TIMES - NOT "because you're TESTING Him"; but to simply 'help you with MOTIVATION, in remaining SINGLE', and, "undefiled", by WOMEN.

The ONLY woman, that YOU need to CLING TO, in THESE Times - is the BLESSED Virgin Mary.  And ASK her! - to GUARD your PURITY, FROM, 'the WORLD'.  ASK her, to WRAP you in her MANTLE, of Purity - and ASK the Most High TRUE God, for 'the Grace of CUSTODY of the eyes'; for the WAY, "the female" WORKS, is 'to ALLURE men' - through their FORM.  BUT! - if you, aren't LOOKING - and if you avert your EYES, to "the SERPENTS, moving THROUGH them"? - then, you will have SAVED your life. This ONLY, sounds like "extreme THINKING", because of how SOCIETY, 'PRAISES women' - and lifts them UP.  But these same WOMEN! - MURDER! - their children - without a passing THOUGHT, of a CONSCIENCE! - without ANY, 'CAUSE, for CONCERN', or MORALITY.  And so if YOU desire to be YOKED, to 'THAT'! - then you have 'some SERIOUS! - SPIRITUAL baggage' - that you need to DUMP! - and REPLACE, with your TRUE Vocation, in the Faithful REMNANT.  For ALL women, are 'LOCKED, OUTSIDE the Kingdom of Heaven' - UNLESS they become 'Members of the Faithful REMNANT'.  And THOSE women - NEED to focus, on 'ROOTING OUT jezebel', from their INTERIOR lives; they DO not have TIME, for "a RELATIONSHIP". (November 06, 2017 update) 
Best to Peel off those False Masks
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

"Stack of masks", or CHANGE? - YOU choose!

You have FOUND! - "the PEARL of great price" - IN, the Testimony; and ALSO, with 'RECEIVING your SOUL back'.  But, YOU ultimately CHOOSE, 'what you're going to DO - now that you're FACED, with "the stack of MASKS", that you carried WITH you, from your former life' [- referring to 'the masks' the JEZZIES stared INTO you...].  What is most IMPORTANT to you? - MOVING from mask to MASK? - or SEEKING to CHANGE? (November 12, 2017 update) 

Keep your heart PURE and SPOTLESS always!

Whenever you see 'a WOMAN who is SCANTILY clad', or who is MANIFESTING "the WILES of women? - you NEED to turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary - and ASK her to "wrap them, in the MANTLE, of her Divine JUSTICE!" - because she TOO, 'Partakes in the Divine NATURE, of the Most High True God'. ALSO - it is IMPORTANT, that you TAKE the time to pray, at least a DECADE of the Rosary, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title, "Mother of PURITY" - asking her to INTERCEDE! - for you, to keep your heart, "PURE", and "SPOTLESS", before her Son Jesus Christ the LORD.  And you will FIND that when you 'DESIRE, a PURE heart' - that you become more CHILD-like, in your DISPOSITION, and RELATIONSHIP, with the Most High True GOD.  And if you are "VIGILANT"? - in RESOLVING, to be "pure of HEART" - then the Most High TRUE God, WILL, in fact MANIFEST Himself to you, in BIGGER Ways!  And you will SEE, 'HIM!' - throughout your day; and NOT, 'the works of the DEMONS' - as the Most High TRUE God, will become 'the CENTER, and the FOCAL point' - as you TUNE in, to 'what HE is doing around you'; rather than focusing on, 'the DISTRACTING jezzies'. (December 24, 2017 update) 

You CANNOT be "a True PROPHET" AND an Ahab

If you START 'longing in your HEART, to RECEIVE affection and LOVE, from a JEZEBELLIAN, WOMAN' - your CREATOR takes that "VERY personally" - as He is "a JEALOUS God" - and, He SEES 'what women have become' - and 'HOW, POISONOUS they are' - to THOSE, in the Faithful REMNANT who are SEEKING to have 'a clear CONSCIENCE, and a deep RELATIONSHIP, with the Most High True GOD.  And so, DON'T go EXCHANGING, the GIFTS, of LIFE, TRUTH, HOPE, JOY, and Fear of the LORD - for 'the spirit of JEZEBEL'!  Because your CREATOR won't like that choice at ALL! - and WILL be "QUICK to discipline you".  Because, you CANNOT be 'a PROPHET, of the Most High TRUE God', AND "an Ahab", who 'BOWS to jezzie'. (March 06, 2018 update) 

Remember to REJECT the spirit of AhabThe reason you KEEP having a problem, with 'the spirit of JEZEBEL'?... is because, you NEED, to 'reject the spirit of AHAB' - whom she is DRAWN to! - because "ahab SERVES! - queen jezebel".  But, NOW - YOU are called, to 'serve your CREATOR'.  And jezzie CANNOT! - and WILL not! - serve, her CREATOR.  And "ahab"? - SEES! - the Creator, as "the ENEMY". ASK for 'the Grace to DESIRE to be a man of the LORD' - Clothed in HIS HOLY Armor, and in VIRTUE.  Amen. (April 16, 2020 update) 


There's Plenty of Food in the Sea
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And he simply chooses NOT to "be the main course" - for the giant squids out there!

WHAT do you do when you finally find "an attractive WOMAN"?

You SIMPLY need to RECOGNIZE that you're "not ENTITLED to ANYTHING! - from your Creator" - but EVERYTHING that He GIVES you - is "a BLESSING!"  And so you NEED, to have 'a GRATEFUL heart'.  And the WAY you show your Gratitude, is BY 'keeping your INTERIOR life CLEAN!' - and "UNDEFILED", by WOMEN.  And it is ONLY possible, with the Strength of the Most High TRUE God.  YOU need to see, 'WOMEN', the way your CREATOR sees them.  Because with TRUE Spiritual VISION - YOU would NOT! - be 'drawn to them' in the STATE, that they are IN.  And SO? - YOU need to 'reject your desire to be DECEIVED!' - because that is 'the ONLY way' YOU, would be able to find ANY of them "attractive", in THESE times. (May 03, 2018 update) 
This above posting IS meant to offend, 'the DEMONS' that are possessing all the jezebellian women who read it.  And so, before you read any more, can you be honest with yourself, and simply admit, whether or not that above paragraph "OFFENDED" you?  If the answer is yes, then you are demonically possessed, and you really need to use the Blessed Holy Water and get delivered, before you can't... EVER!  And THEN return to finish reading THIS paragraph...  In these END Times, the women OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, prefer to listen to the counsel of their personal demons.  And the DEMONS tell the women in these End Times, that "ATTRACTIVENESS", means that they should DECEIVE people, through striving to alter their TRUE state, with false externals - so that the smell of the perfume all around them, ISN'T what they smell like; so that their HAIR color, ISN'T their real hair color; so that their FACE, is really a mask of cosmetics; so that their WALK, is something they saw in a movie; so that their PERSONALITY, is something they saw somewhere in a movie; so that their VOCAL inflection, is something they heard in a movie; so that their alluring EXTERNALS, is something they saw in a movie, or in a magazine, or on a billboard somewhere.  The reason why so many wealthy men in these End Times, are DEMANDING that their "future wife" sign a prenuptial agreement - is simply because it will most ASSUREDLY take days... weeks... months... even years sometimes, to find out exactly 'WHAT'! - is under all those layers, of deception. But the men in the Faithful Remnant - if they DO persevere, and if they DO choose one day, to journey with their "helpmate" - will simply, one day, RECOGNIZE her - as their "TRUE sister, IN Jesus Christ the Lord" - and when they SEE her, they will simply have the infused KNOWLEDGE, in that MOMENT, that there is NO other woman, on the face of the earth, whom they would RATHER be with.  Can you call that "being ATTRACTED TO HER"?  Sure you can!  But Truly, the only thing that will matter, in that moment, will be 'where her HEART is'.  And that is "speaking from experience".  Because the BEST helpmate, is the one your Creator MADE for you - and your Holy Guardian Angels, will make SURE you don't miss the obvious! - P.P.T.L.

"jezebel" ONLY seeks destruction
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
He shares... "the jezzie colliding with the man on a motorcycle story"

For the MEN - Have you EVER experienced 'STRONG FEELINGS'... when you want to control EVERYONE around you?

You need to recognize when those strong FEELINGS come to the SURFACE - when you SHARE, 'the way you want others to DO something' - and they DON'T agree with you? - that THAT, is ACTUALLY 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - that YOU have been CONSENTING to - by 'BROODING'.  And it is 'BECAUSE, they didn't BOW to you'.  IF what you shared, was 'from the True Holy SPIRIT'? - then - you would simply SHARE the inspiration, and move ON with your day.  But if you JUST want to control - EVERYONE AROUND you - then? - you'll have STRONG FEELINGS about it.  YOU need to be 'DETACHED, from the INSPIRATIONS that you SHARE'.  Because you've done 'YOUR part' - if it was the True Holy SPIRIT.  And what this TELLS you - is that, you have given 'a portion of your INTERIOR life' - to the spirit of JEZEBEL.  And that 'STIFLES!' - the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit.  Now you KNOW 'what the PROBLEM is' - now you NEED to 'decide what you want to DO'.  Do you want to be "an AHAB, TO your DEMONS?"  Or, be DELIVERED - and, be filled with the True Holy Spirit INSTEAD? - and be 'a MAN, of GOD' - and 'FOR, the Most High True God'.  (June 26, 2018 update) 

And here are some EXTREMELY important guidelines, for the MEN in the Faithful Remnant

KNOW, that, it is "NEVER safe!" - to PUT yourself in "a POSITION where you are ALONE, with, another WOMAN" - and that you NEED! - to PROTECT yourself! - in these TIMES.  As "WOMEN", are "UNLEASHING, their WRATH!" - on the MEN in society.  And so - no MATTER "how CONVENIENT at the TIME" - you may 'THINK' it is? - even 'just for a MOMENT'? - it's NOT WORTH, "the risk" - of "a FALSE accusation", 36 years down the road.  And "the LESSON that OMAROSA taught the world" - which is ALSO "historical", is that: you NEVER KNOW! - when a WOMAN, has "a RECORDING device" - READY, to USE 'your OWN WORDS!' - out of CONTEXT - AGAINST you - in the FUTURE! - "WHENEVER, she FEELS like it!" (Excerpt from the FULL September 30, 2018 update)
Judge Kavanaugh prophetically spoke of "Reaping the Whirlwind for decades to come" - and so NOW? - "The final REBELLION", has come!
This following news story, reveals how a man found NOT guilty of rape by a JURY, in a CRIMINAL court - was then found GUILTY, in a CIVIL court - because the WOMAN REFUSED to stop her UNJUST pursuit, to the TOTAL destruction of the man:  Woman wins £80,000 in damages from man cleared of raping her in St Andrews (October 05, 2018 story)
And so this will be "the BEGINNING, of the FINAL REBELLION, and REVOLUTION, of WOMEN - against MAN, and against man's HEADSHIP".  Because, the Most High TRUE God, will need to 'INTERVENE' - to in fact 'END! - the judicial system' - as it has BECOME 'SO corrupt!' - that, there IS no "DEFENSE", LEFT, for 'a man in these TIMES'.  As soon as "an ALLEGATION", is brought FORWARD - by ANY female! - the COURTS, ARE 'proving' - TIME and TIME again! - that THEY are, "in FAVOR, of the ACCUSER".  EVEN! - IF! - the "alleged INCIDENT" - is 'TOSSED out of a CRIMINAL court' - and 'the MAN'S name' is CLEARED - some WOMEN have chosen, to be "DETERMINED! - in destroying, a man's CAREER, and REPUTATION" - BASED on, 'a LOT of the time' - "a RE-WRITTEN, false NARRATIVE".  And SO? - in these TIMES - 'MEN' - will, be FORCED, into 'a SITUATION' - in order 'to PROTECT their CAREERS' - THEY, will be forced! - ONCE "an ALLEGATION" is brought FORWARD, AGAINST them - to take 'SOME quiet time', and "RE-write!" - the EVENTS - based, on 'how THEY, are "a VICTIM of the situation".  THEY! - will in fact, be 'FORCED, to lie under OATH'! - to tell "THEIR, narrative" - "their TRUTH" - to their own BENEFIT; just like 'the WOMEN!' - are doing, in THESE Times.  'The MAN'! - will actually, need 'to PROVE, that he was "COERCED" - into having, a SEXUAL encounter, with a WOMAN' - BASED on, 'a NARRATIVE' that she "THREATENED to destroy his LIFE! - if he DIDN'T!"  But UNFORTUNATELY, the MEN - will be forced - to TESTIFY, to their "INNOCENCE", by 'TURNING, to LIES' - in ORDER to protect themselves.  And THIS will be both "for the GUILTY", AND "for the innocent".  Because, 'the JUDICIAL SYSTEM', is so CORRUPT! - the Most High TRUE God, 'MUST END it!'  Because NOW! - both MEN AND WOMEN - have been given 'the green LIGHT', and are "EQUIPPED to destroy each others' lives".  And they can do this ALL! - "MALICIOUSLY".  Because under 'the CURRENT system' - 'to be ACCUSED'! - is "the SAME! - as being guilty" - EVEN if 'a JURY, rules them innocent'. These are "VERY dark Times"!
"Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our assembling to meet him, we beg you, brethren, not to be quickly shaken in mind or excited, either by spirit or by word, or by letter purporting to be from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness [- also referring to the lawlessness, within MAN - as in "MAN and woman"...] is revealed, the son of perdition [- "children of UNRIGHTEOUSNESS" - those PEOPLE who 'take PLEASURE in SIN'...], who opposes and exalts himself [- seeing THEMSELVES as 'god'...] against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God [- "the BODY", the temple of the True Holy Spirit...], proclaiming himself to be God... And then the lawless one [- those who REFUSE to be GOVERNED by the True Holy Spirit...] will be revealed, and the Lord Jesus will slay him [- "the children of SIN"...] with the breath of his mouth [- "the Fire of TRUTH"...] and destroy him [- THOSE who are "doomed, to PERISH"...] by his appearing [- through the Two Witnesses] and his coming [- through Jesus' Second Coming]. The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan [- through 'the AGENTS of DECEPTION', and the fallen ANGELS - spreading 'LIES'...] will be with all power [- the whole WORLD is "in the power of the EVIL one"...] and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth [- that was made 'PLAIN' to them...] and so be saved [- through the TESTIMONY]. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion [- that they are "JUSTIFIED" in their wickedness...], to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness [- "lawlessness"] (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4, 8-12) 

News story: Swedish girl discovers ancient sword in lake (October 05, 2018 story)

And so, WHY does the mainstream MEDIA, want to bring 'THIS story'? - to the international audience.  But as "an illuminati BOAST" - that, "JEZEBEL, is RISING! - and she HAS 'her ancient SWORD'! - to SLAY! - and BEHEAD! - ALL, 'the men', in her path".  It's "the PHYSICAL manifestation", of the WOMEN! - becoming "weaponized", in THESE Times.  It was 'the MEN'! - who 'EMPOWERED', the women, to have 'a RIGHT', OVER their bodies - which ALSO includes, "the CHILD, within their womb" - to DO with, "as she, sees FIT".  But NOW - "JEZEBEL", is rising UP, in WOMEN - to 'TAKE down the MEN' - because, 'ABORTING, the CHILDREN' - ISN'T "enough, to SATISFY 'her thirst', FOR blood".

DON'T 'allow THEM, to have POWER over you'

The deep STATE, are "furious"!  And THEY, are 'bumping up THEIR, bloody SACRIFICES' - to TRY to get PEOPLE, to 'TURN', on the Faithful REMNANT.  Because PEOPLE aren't "in CONTROL" - as they're FILLED with DEMONS.  And so, 'the deep state' are "conjuring UP those demons in people", to act OUT - AGAINST the Truth! - AGAINST Life - and AGAINST the Most High True God.  And SO? - you need to 'be on guard' - and RECOGNIZE that PEOPLE will be 'LOOKING, for OPPORTUNITIES, to POUNCE!' - EVEN with 'bad INSPIRATIONS' - or SIMPLY 'trying to TELL you, what to DO'.  So SIMPLY, resolve to remain SPIRITUALLY focused, on 'what your CREATOR is asking of you'.  And RECOGNIZE that you're HERE, to serve 'HIM' - NOT 'the PEOPLE'. (-from the October 19, 2018 update)

Do you want to know "the REAL reason" WHY there will be no TRADITIONAL Weddings in the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth?

Unfortunately, for 'the WOMEN of these TIMES' - they - "BELIEVE", that ONCE they 'PUT on the WEDDING dress' - and they become, "the PRINCESS, for the DAY", and EVERYTHING! - is done, 'according to what THEY want' - that 'THAT', is "a rite of PASSAGE" for them, to CONTINUE on 'embracing, for LIFE'!  But the CORRESPONDING, 'TRUTH', to the DECEPTION, that 'the WOMEN' - "the female BRIDES" - are EMBRACING: is that, GOD! - was to be FIRST - EVEN at their MARRIAGE ceremony; and to CONTINUE to be "First", in their HOME.  And the WOMEN, were called to be 'subject, to their HUSBANDS', out of LOVE, FOR the Most High True God.  But 'the PROBLEM' is, that the marriage CEREMONY - actually, became, and IS, "an ABOMINATION, unto the Most High True God" - because the CREATOR is not 'PRESENT', and He is NOT 'BLESSING', the couples of these Times.  From the MOMENT they get MARRIED - WOMEN have 'this DISTORTED VIEW', of the world - and, of marriage - and, of what their ROLE is, as "a wife" - OR "the mother"OFTENTIMES, a MAN, does not KNOW, 'WHAT'! - he has married, until AFTERWARDS.  And THEN, 'the Truth' is revealed - and then 'her TRUE SELF'! - comes out - and it is "VERY ugly!" - MOST of the time.  Because, from the TIME, that the WOMEN dawned ON, the wedding dress - she SAW herself as "ENTITLED", to the best of EVERYTHING - and ESPECIALLY "entitled to be SERVED" by her HUSBAND - as HE works, to 'PROVIDE' a HOME and financial STABILITY - FOR, the BOTH of them.  But the WOMEN, actually see THEMSELVES as "the LORDS! - of the home" - while, the HUSBANDS are "off going to WORK" - in order to 'FEED', the lavish LIFESTYLE, of their WIVES.  And THIS is "just a FACT".  It has BEEN ingrained in WOMEN from a VERY young age - through ALL the different "rites of PASSAGE", that THEY! - are to be 'the focus of attention' - that they are 'to be SERVED', and LISTENED toBUT! - that is NOT! - 'the CREATOR'S Way'The CREATOR actually MADE 'women', to be 'DEPENDENT on man' - out of LOVE, FOR! - the Most High True God.  And women are called "to LOVE their husbands", AND their CHILDREN.  But they DON'T! - in these Times.  They love THEMSELVES! - instead.  They BELIEVE that once they, 'give birth to CHILDREN'? - that they have "a RIGHT!" - to let themselves GO - and to become "UGLY".  But, the MOST High TRUE God gave 'WOMEN', to MEN - as 'a GIFT' - as 'a Gift of HIS Love'.  And so the WOMEN who REFUSE! - to SHARE in 'the Divine Love and Divine GRACE of their CREATOR'? - will SIMPLY, become, "extinct".  They will CEASE to exist.  They will be "phased-OUT".  Because He will NOT sustain them.  ONLY those who choose, to 'be FILLED, with the DIVINE Love and DIVINE Grace, from HEAVEN' in these Times, will be sustained.  UNFORTUNATELY, WOMEN have CHOSEN, to TRADE, 'what they COULD be', for 'something, else'.  And so in these TIMES, the only way to have "a Blessed MARRIAGE", is for BOTH the man AND the woman, to become 'Members of the Faithful REMNANT', and to use 'the Gift of the Blessed HOLY Water' - and to make their vows TOGETHER, to their CREATOR - THEN to each other.
And so, "the AGE-old question": WHY is it, that 'the THINNEST and MOST ATTRACTIVE moment' - for a woman, tends to be... "on her wedding day"? - will finally be put to rest.  And you can thank your CREATOR for that!  (November 05, 2018 update)
Many are CULLED, few are chosen
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Just a reminder for the men to value their God-given ontology.

Hint:  Think of "ontology", as "WHO you were made to BE".

Don't desire 'JEZZIE'. Because, THAT is 'the same as DESIRING, death!' - and to be "YOKED to death".  Because 'the women of these TIMES'? - are "SPIRITUALLY dead!" - TO their Creator.  He DOES not recognize them.  They have, 'CHOSEN, to become abominations', in their INTERIOR lives.  Because WOMEN of TODAY, are 'actively LIVING, AGAINST! - the ONTOLOGY that they were GIVEN, BY their Creator' - it is "more PLEASANT", to look at a SUNSET, or a SUNRISE - or at 'the ANIMALS' - that scurry about - than it IS to look, at "the abomination, of DESOLATION", that women have BECOME.  HOW ARE THEY "DESOLATE"?   Because, they are ALL "desolate, of the LIFE, of their CREATOR".  They have "a JEZZIE!" - inside them instead.  They CAN'T have 'both' - and they don't WANT 'both'.  They are ALL guilty, of "murder", AS 'a collective'.  And they will ALL be punished, by their Creator - AS "a collective". Instead? - it's BETTER to DESIRE, to be "a TRUE Son, of the BLESSED Virgin Mary" - and to DESIRE to be filled, with 'her HOLY Love, for your Soul' - and for you to CONSECRATE, 'the Gift of Purity of HEART' - to, her IMMACULATE, Protection.  And, REMEMBER! - that SAINT Michael, "GUARDS", the Ark of Safety - and so you can ALWAYS call on him - to DISCIPLINE! - "the JEZZIES" - as they are 'DESERVING of it' - when the NEED arises.
Remember, that it was said, that there would be FEWER women "who MADE it", from this Era, to the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth - than MEN.  Now the FIRST reaction to that news, would be to assume that there would be "greater COMPETITION", to find a helpmate.  When the corresponding TRUTH, is:  If ADAM - back in "the Garden of Eden" - when HE first desired a helpmate - was given "the state of women" page to read - and he SAW for HIMSELF! - what LIFESTYLE the MAJORITY of women would GRAVITATE towards - would HE, have desired one?  And the more 'FUN' question is: IS it fair, to WITHHOLD those most basic Truths from ANY man - BEFORE he goes looking for "a helpmate"?  In other words - for those who are still recovering from 'the SHOCK' of it all - SOME men, will simply DESIRE to be single, and to focus on being Truly FULFILLED, in their walk with their Creator instead.  And all humor aside - EVERYONE will be free to choose.  And every WOMAN WILL be Created AS "a helpmate", for a man - because they were NEVER MADE to be "single", OR "their own god". (December 29, 2018 update)   
What do women want
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
We've got NEWS for the men

The TRUTH! - is - that WOMEN HAVE become, "the greatest DECEIVERS", in these End TIMES - which is WHY they are "propped UP", in society - in POLITICS - in GOVERNMENT - and in FAMILY!  THEY, are 'held in HIGH esteem', and on, "a PEDESTAL!" - that does NOT! - belong to them.  THEY have been 'honored'.  BUT! - the fact IS, that 'THEY have become a disgrace!' - BEFORE their Creator - AND "a walking abomination" - in HIS Eyes.  And so THEY are going to 'be brought down', from their PEDESTALS - "SWIFTLY!"  As the Most High TRUE God - the CREATOR - RESTORES! - 'the GOD-given ONTOLOGY', that HE bestowed, UPON man - that 'the WOMAN stole!' - FROM him.  HOW? - did she do this.  By 'ELICITING false compassion' - FROM, 'her HUSBAND' - for HAVING given birth - to, "their children".  This is "a SECRET!" - that women have KEPT.  And they BELIEVE? - that "they can CONTINUE to get away with".  The FACT remains: that a WOMAN, going THROUGH, 'CONTRACTIONS, and LABOR pains', that ACCOMPANY, "child birth"? - is "a Just PUNISHMENT!"  And SHE was 'CALLED, to give birth, to a CHILD' - in ORDER to be "SANCTIFIED, THROUGH the Gift of Bearing Children".  The WOMEN have 'turned THAT'! - into, "SOMETHING, to FLOG! - their husbands with!" - as SOON as the woman, has given birth - then SHE believes, that, 'SHE is entitled, to being SERVED! - BY the man - for 'the REST of her life' - because of 'WHAT she endured!'  But WE have news for the MEN: that THEY have been deceived! - BY their wives.  And that they are NOT! - "OBLIGATED, in ANY way", to SERVE 'queen jezebel' - moving THROUGH her!  But they were ACTUALLY, 'Created', to serve their CREATOR!  And that 'the WOMAN', was MADE! - to 'turn to THEM' - in ORDER to find, "Christ's HEADSHIP".  Unfortunately, the men, have sacrificed 'their headship', in the FAMILY, and in SOCIETY, to "queen jezebel".  And, the MEN no longer DESIRE, 'to LOVE their Creator'; but they EXCHANGED 'love for their CREATOR', for SATANIC affirmation, of "queen jezebel" MOVING, through their wives.  But there IS 'hope'.  For the MOST High TRUE God, 'DESIRES, that the MEN - would turn BACK to Him' - TO RECEIVE, "their GOD-GIVEN identity" BACK - and 'to SILENCE queen JEZEBEL', in their homes - so that THEY! - can experience 'the LOVE, of their Creator'.  For 'the LOVE, of the Most High TRUE GOD', is being OFFERED - through His TESTIMONY - TO 'the hearts, of, His TRUE Followers'.  And He KNOWS! - why so MANY of you! - are 'SO unfulfilled and unhappy'.  And He DESIRES, to set 'a FIRE', inside you - for HIM!  BUT, you CAN'T respond - TO His Call - UNTIL you 'stand up, to queen JEZEBEL', in your HOME.

And for THOSE, 'men' - who are reading the Testimony - and who have 'a desire, to turn BACK to their Creator - but are 'being KEPT from DOING so' - by 'the WOMEN', in their lives? - the Most High TRUE God, gives YOU, "a special GIFT" - THIS New Year - that YOU can 'CALL, on Saint Michael, the HOLY Archangel - to SILENCE, queen JEZEBEL - and TO dethrone her, FROM your home'.  And he WILL!  And this WILL be 'a Sign to you' - to HELP DEEPEN your Faith, in 'the LORD'S Testimony', and in His WORD - being INFUSED, in your HEART! (December 30, 2018 update)   

The Glory of the Son is the Father's also
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
This video goes with the ABOVE Message
Why 'a woman with TRUE Remorse' for her FAILings, is simply "a thing of the past"?

The "CONSENSUS", among ALL WOMEN, in these TIMES - the ONES who are 'CONNECTED to the collective CONSCIOUSNESS' - is that they are "ENTITLED, to be BITTER!"- at, 'the MEN in their lives'.  And that they have "a RIGHT!" - to JUSTIFY, 'that BITTERNESS' - with all the jezzie, manifestations - or "masks".  And so in as much as, a woman is CONNECTED, to "the collective CONSCIOUSNESS of WOMEN" - she DESIRES! - 'that BITTERNESS' - that "false EMPOWERMENT, of being BITTER"; to "True REMORSE" - to being, "TRULY, remorseful", for what she DID.  BECAUSE, STILL in her own MIND? - she is "JUSTIFIED!" - even THOUGH, she KNOWS it was wrong.  And so, the WOMEN of these TIMES, have ultimately TRADED, "TRUE LOVE", for 'having satanic POWER, over others - through BITTERNESS' - ESPECIALLY the MEN.  That is a VERY, "POOR report card", indeed!  THAT is why, there are SO many, "ANGRY jezzies!" - ANGRY women out there, with 'an AXE, to GRIND' - against the MEN.  The "deep state", or 'the one world GOVERNMENT", seek to EXPLOIT, 'this weakness', in women - to turn them AGAINST, the men in their LIVES - OR? - men in GENERAL - in ORDER 'to divide the GENDERS'. To divide the GENDERS IS 'to divide the family'.  For a man to 'TOLERATE ROLE reversal', in his HOME? - IS to divide the family!  And THAT is 'the GOAL' - OF the "luciferian LEADERS", of these TIMES.  EVERYTHING that, the CREATOR established - from since the BEGINNING, THEY seek 'to UNDERMINE, DISTORT, REARRANGE, and DISORDER'.  That is WHY, MOST of this generation, will NOT survive - 'the WRATH! - of the Most High True GOD' - as He WILL 'wipe-OUT', ALL those! - who REFUSE to order their LIVES, according to 'HIS Ways'.  And the FACT remains, is that, MAN was Created first! - and woman came "FROM man".  And they were BOTH! - called to WORSHIP, 'GOD'.  But the WOMAN, listened to 'the serpent', and desired to be, "her OWN god!" - instead.  And the DEVIL - knowing 'the WEAKNESS of women' - KNEW, that 'THAT would be their end' - that THEY would desire, 'to KILL their FUTURE' - to 'KILL their offspring' - and 'to MURDER, their LINEAGE'.  And in THAT way! - HE! - DECEIVED 'the woman' - into SACRIFICING, 'the FUTURE, of mankind' - to DEATH!  AND to this DAY - WOMEN have not LEARNED - 'the CONSEQUENCES', of KILLING, the BABIES - "God's LITTLE ones".  But they are "SOON to find OUT"! - in 'THIS life' - 'what those CONSEQUENCES are'.

Women ALSO thought "it was a good IDEA", to teach their CREATOR, to value "selective abortion".  And so, YES! - He DID listen, to them!   And He LEARNED!  And now He has 'HIS list'.  And He has CHECKED it twice!  And He WILL remove, ALL those who prefer to be "NAUGHTY, and NOT nice" - as in, ALL those who follow the EXAMPLE of the collective consciousness of women.  Understand?  You will - AS the global human population is systematically culled(January 17, 2019 update)    

Breaking free from what pulls you back
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

A man ruled by "jezzie", is a MAN with no hope - WHATSOEVER! - spiritually speaking of course... to say the very least
You NEED to, YOKE your HEART - to 'your KING!' - to Jesus Christ the LORD - and UNYOKE your HEART - to 'the spirit of JEZEBEL'.  To stay, as "the HEAD of your HOUSEHOLD"? - YOU need to 'take command!' - of "the ship", in your HOME.  And, if "JEZZIE", gets you 'to turn to your FEELINGS'? - then "that's IT!" - for your entire FAMILY.  There WILL be 'no hope'.  You need to 'DESIRE to be a man of VIRTUE' - and - to FOCUS, on 'LEADING! - your family, to the FULLNESS of the Era of True PEACE'.  And it STARTS with 'the HEART'.  BE, "BUILT, and FIRMLY established, on the TRUTH!" - NOT, on 'FEELINGS' - that will make you 'a REED, shaken in the wind'.  ASK for, the Faith of ABRAHAM! - and it WILL be 'granted' TO you. (January 21, 2019 update)  
For the SPIRITUALLY mature, and sane, young MEN
The ONLY reason! - that 'women in these TIMES', would be 'DRAWN to you'? - is because they PERCEIVE, "satanic POWER, and the DEVIL! - reigning IN you".  And so? - if you want to be "FLATTERED" by that? - then THAT is 'choosing HELL!' - as the kingdom YOU want to be in. You should be "DISGUSTED", with their GAZES, with their STARES.  You should 'turn AWAY!' - if you were a SPIRITUALLY mature, and SPIRITUALLY sane, young MAN. (February 10, 2019 update)

What do I believe in
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'Jezzie gone WILD' in the WORKPLACE?

GIVEN that you ARE "living in the TIME of the Apocalypse" - and that 'this WOMAN' is "simply an INCONVENIENCE, from time to time" - and you DO HAVE "a GOOD, paying JOB" - you would be 'giving JEZEBEL the VICTORY!' - by running away.  And? - the WORKPLACE, would in fact, become 'MUCH worse'! - as you would 'give her MORE power', over others - by 'REMOVING', YOURSELF - BECAUSE? - YOU, can 'keep COMMENDING her', to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD - and HE? - will keep 'ADMINISTERING His JUSTICE' - and EVENTUALLY? - she's going 'to BREAK!' - OR? - leave.  And so YOU need to 'reject your desire to be DEFEATED by the spirit of JEZEBEL'.  And ASK for the GRACE, of "testicular FORTITUDE" - in order to be, "a MAN of the Most High True GOD" - and "FOR! - the Most High True God"Are you going to 'let JEZEBEL, EXORCISE the True Holy Spirit OUT OF YOU'? - and - 'out of the WORKPLACE'?  Because, it's REALLY, 'the spirit of JEZEBEL', who cannot STAND, 'God's PRESENCE'.  ASK the Most High True God to "turn UP! - the SPOTLIGHT" - ON her! - EVERY time you think of her.  And WATCH 'how her behavior changes' - when SHE RECOGNIZES that, "she's being WATCHED".  YOU are 'called to rise ABOVE, "the ANTICS", of others' - and 'the TEMPTATION to embrace your OWN antics'.  You are CALLED to turn to your CREATOR, for 'HOW to live the right way' - as "an EXAMPLE", of what, 'a Faithful REMNANT' IS!  

Spoiler alert: When "jezzie gone wild" gets hit with 'the SPOTLIGHT from her CREATOR'? - she loses ALL desire, to HIDE her interior wickedness, and her wicked inspirations.  And the WOMEN reading this now know, 'how to deal with OTHER women, who prefer to dress up as the DEVIL, at work'. (March 22, 2019 update) 

There is SOMETHING that ALL men REALLY need to know about women - no matter how 'PRETTY' or how 'UGLY' they may LOOK!

The Creator in fact GAVE all creatures - including "HUMAN creatures", their NATURAL tendencies.  And the natural tendency HE gave to all WOMEN, was "to draw NEAR to men", in order, to HELP them, as "their GOD-given HELPMATE".  And of course, the devil SAW this - the devil SAW "this natural inclination", that was given to all women - and he HATED it! - and he became VERY JEALOUS of that Gift, and desired to COVET and STEAL it... WITH the help of women...

And so 'WOMEN', following Eve's example, turned AWAY from their Creator, and they turned AWAY from the Most High TRUE God's HEADSHIP, moving through men, and turned INSTEAD to 'the DEVIL' - to embrace 'his OFFERINGS of satanic power', for their lives.  And in doing so, in EMBRACING those satanic gifts, women in fact 'HARDENED their HEARTS', against men.  But they were STILL 'drawn to men' - due to their "natural TENDENCIES".  So how could they SOLVE "this paradox" - of having both the desire for satanic power APART from men, AND the desire to draw NEAR to men?

And so, the DEVIL, taught all WOMEN, 'to draw NEAR to men', NOT in order 'to HELP them' - but in order to HURT them - in order to have satanic power OVER men - in order to DESTROY their CREATOR'S plan for their lives, and for the human race.  It wasn't long before WOMEN, would prefer to DESTROY "the baby man", in her womb.  And the right to do so, BLINDED her to the fact, that she would also DESTROY, "the baby WOMAN", in her womb TOO! - by embracing the horrific act of abortion.  She was 'BLINDED to the fact' that the act of abortion, was turning ALL wombs, into "a human sacrificial chamber" - filled with the worst horrors ever imagined, or experienced, by any human being.  But the Creator was there! - the Creator was "WITH the children, in the womb", as they were being aborted - to CONSOLE them - and to HEAR their cries, for Justice.  And so Divine Justice from the Creator of the Universe, is "en route", and coming, to a location near you.  And it may be "a very PERSONAL location".  So get ready!   Because it's TRULY! - going to hurt.

And until the Creator, FIXES this mess! - it WILL continue to be, "an EXTREMELY bad time", to look for 'a helpmate' - who is TRULY, "willing to help".  Of course, there are "lots of HELLmates", still out there! - ready and WAITING, 'to draw NEAR'... according to "their natural INCLINATIONS" of course.  And until a woman DECIDES, "to be RID! - of the jezebel spirit" - and DESIRES, to become "a TRUE reflection, of her Heavenly MOTHER" - in VIRTUE, modesty and DRESS; until 'her countenance' CHANGES! - and her 'BEAUTY' is restored? - know THIS! - they are "ALL a MESS!" - UNDERNEATH 'the mask' - no matter how 'PRETTY', or how 'UGLY' - it may LOOK! (April 04, 2019 update)

STILL learning - to be around women in these Times

Actual emailThe more I'm around women, coupled with what's written in the Testimony, the more I see the truth manifest -- that is, the revealing truths on the state of women being exposed before me. I don't know how understanding them or more so helping them, could be possible without it; without TMHTG... The recent updates about the state of women, and the sane responses for the men have helped me tremendously when going out and about. First, I strive to just commend them all to the Heel of the Blessed Virgin Mary when I come across them, and to take an overall healthy approach. Women of course love to deceive, and so it's natural for us men in the Faithful Remnant to be disgusted. Sometimes when passing by them, I get this image of just a gangrene, mouth-full of muck, black-eyed monster creature -- or just a swirling black vortex. It makes sense, because that's the only thing I can think of that would be so merciless and harrowing to the unborn. But anyway, those updates on women will help me discern all the more when having to deal with any of the other half of the population. So thanks.

And the PROBLEM this "actual email" poses, for "the one world government PSYCHOLOGISTS" - who are continually assessing the Remnant? - is the simple FACT - that, WERE they, to "psychologically assess" - the person who WROTE that, with the understanding that "there is something WRONG with him"? - the ONLY way they could POSSIBLY change, "his world VIEW" - would be for them to CONVINCE him, that the average woman he sees, does NOT secretly desire, to abort her child, or to support her NEIGHBOR aborting their child - through the most MERCILESS and INHUMANE way - that even stray DOGS and CATS would never be subjected to.  But, in fact they DO! - the women DO want "access to MERCILESSNESS", towards the innocent - towards the unborn. And his attitude towards the average woman's embrace of the very EXISTENCE of "planned parenthood" - their "body-parts harvesting campaign" - their "late term abortion infanticide wherever possible standard" - his awareness of the average woman's TOLERANCE of these very real and PROLIFERATED HORRORS, actually testify to his "perfect mental sanity". (April 05, 2019 update) 

On the topic of seeking a helpmate?

And SO the MOST High TRUE God, 'CREATED', a HELPMATE that was 'FIT' for each man, on the Planet.  And He DID so! - because He SAW, that 'MAN' was "incomplete", WITHOUT 'his female COMPANION'.  YET! - does THIS MEAN, that 'a man should go and look for "ANY COMPANION"? - or ANY WIFE?' - in THESE TIMES? - to have a FAMILY WITH?  No!  But, the Most High TRUE God, 'DESIRED', that man would 'DISCERN', WHO his actual "helpmate", was.  And that they would 'MEET'! - IF, he was in fact 'PRAYING', for such a meeting.  But yet, SO many MEN, are actually "UNFULFILLED", with 'the WOMEN', that they HAVE 'joined themselves to'.  BECAUSE? - they are not 'WITH the one', that their CREATOR made for them.  AND the same goes, for 'the WOMEN' - they are not 'WITH, the MAN, that they were MADE for'.  And THEN? - the END result, is "TWO! - unmatched, individuals - who were NEVER meant, to be JOINED together".  And THAT! - is 'what marriage has BECOME', in THESE End TIMES.  And that is ONE REASON, why there are SO many divorces. BECAUSE? - both the MAN, AND the WOMAN - who got "married", actually left 'the CREATOR', OUT, of 'the DECISION', for "WHO, they will marry".  And THIS is what happens, when GOD - the Most High TRUE God - is REMOVED! - from, the WHOLE, ENTIRE CONCEPT, of marriage.  For ONLY the Most High True God KNOWS! - "what is best".  And because PEOPLE are not 'seeking His WILL'! - they are "unfulfilled" - and "unhappy".  And ESPECIALLY in these TIMES - with 'the STATE of WOMEN' - in the ABSOLUTE "HORRIFIC STATE", that they are IN? - it is "not SAFE", for a MAN, to be 'JOINED', TO one!  And for 'the MEN in the Faithful REMNANT'? - it is BETTER for them to remain "SINGLE", and "FOCUSED", on relying on their CREATOR, for help - UNTIL! - SUCH a time, is APPOINTED, for THEM - to 'BE with the one, that the Most High True God Created for them'.   Which means that 'this INDIVIDUAL' would become "a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant" - AND, "a child of the Most High True God".  But FIRST, the WOMAN! - must become "a Member of the Faithful Remnant", out of love for her CREATOR - and her Creator must come FIRST!  We have already SEEN, women, LIE! - to the male members of the Faithful Remnant - saying that, "they would become MEMBERS, if the man, would simply marry them - FIRST!"  And shortly AFTER? - the MAN finds out, that she was "PLAYING him" - that she LIED! - that she DECEIVED him!  And THEN he made the DECISION, to part ways with the REMNANT, "in pursuit of HER instead".  It is NOT for the man, to pursue, "a woman", and try to CONVERT her - to BECOME, "a Member of the Faithful Remnant" - that can ONLY end in disaster.  For it is ONLY the Most High TRUE God, who can Convert, a SOUL, to the True Faith.  The WOMEN of these Times have ALREADY 'defiled their flesh', with other MEN - and have ALREADY proven themselves to be "MOST unfaithful".  And so for a MAN to desire 'to YOKE himself', to a woman IN these End Times - OUTSIDE! - the Ark of SAFETY? - IS to become "defiled, in the flesh".  And during the PROCESS, of 'the CLOSING of the age', at this time in HISTORY? - the Most High TRUE God, is ASKING, 'the SINGLE MEMBERS' - both MALE and FEMALE - of the FAITHFUL REMNANT - to REMAIN single! -and to work ON, 'their SPIRITUAL life', and 'their RELATIONSHIP, with the Most High TRUE God' - that THEY are called to GROW(April 07, 2019 update) 

Do the WOMEN of these End Times "need to be LOVED"?

Hint:  NO box of chocolates will be SWEET enough.

The NEED to be LOVED? - that "women" EXPERIENCE? - has BECOME, 'distorted' - to MEAN? - that THEY, 'DESIRE, to be WORSHIPPED as a god'.  And if they are NOT? - then they become, "VERY, angry!" - and 'WRATHFUL!'  "Hell hath no FURY, like a WOMAN, who is SCORNED!"... But WOMEN, are SO! - 'SELF-obsessed', in these TIMES - and 'turned INWARDS', and 'focused on what THEY want' - that they COMPLETELY miss! - and have DISDAIN for! - 'what JESUS, desires'.  The same GOES for, 'their ATTITUDE, towards the CHILD, in their WOMB'. (- excerpt from the May 17, 2019 update)

We are now offering 'MEN', the CHANCE to break FREE from 'the yoke of JEZEBEL' - in order to 'LEARN how to BE fulfilled!'

MILLIONS of men, worldwide - are 'YOKED! - to that DIABOLICAL entity', called "the SPIRIT of jezebel" - THROUGH their 'wives', their GIRLFRIENDS, and through their other RELATIVES.  And the WOMEN, HAVE in fact, become, 'DEMON-worshippers' - and they have TAUGHT, the men, to "BOW down and WORSHIP, their FEELINGS!"  And SO? - these "MEN", have chosen to be "ETERNALLY YOKED", to 'the DEMON of jezebel' - in the WOMEN, that they are with.  And AS such? - the Kingdom of HEAVEN, is 'completely CLOSED to them'.  The TESTIMONY of the Most High True God - IS offering, 'MEN', the CHANCE, to break FREE, from 'the yoke of JEZEBEL' - in order to 'LEARN, how to BE fulfilled!' - in being "Yoked ETERNALLY! - to Jesus Christ the LORD" - WHO is 'a TRUE Man!'  And HE IS! - 'CALLING, the MEN, to come OUT! - of their WICKED women - and their WICKED, institutions' - and, COME to Him - and LEARN, what it means to be "a TRUE Disciple".  Because right NOW? - ALL of the men, 'outside of the Faithful REMNANT'? - are "cut-OFF, ETERNALLY, from Jesus Christ the LORD" - because they FORFEITED! - what they COULD have had, in their CREATOR - and SETTLED! - for "the GANGRENOUS offerings", of 'JEZZIE!' - who BEGUILED! - their Souls - to SACRIFICE, to IDOLS.  But ONCE again, the Most High TRUE God, is 'SENDING the Call out' - for ALL! - "men" - as in, 'the GENDER', "MAN" - to turn BACK to his Creator - and LEARN, to LISTEN! - to the Inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit - moving in 'his INTERIOR life' once again; and to learn 'how to be BLESSED'.

"And to the angel of the church in Thyatira [- historically, the center of the purple cloth trade, at the time this was first written] write: ‘The words of the Son of God, who has eyes like a flame of fire [- who SEES ALL things 'in the Truth'], and whose feet are like burnished bronze [- like those of an experienced and active warrior, for the TRUTH...]. “‘I know your works, your love and faith and service and patient endurance [- for the Most High True God knows all things, and He KNOWS all the things, the people HAD, before they received 'the MARK', in 2012], and that your latter works exceed the first [- as ALL your works, AFTER you received 'the mark', undid the merit from all PREVIOUS good works]. But I have this [- "charge", among other CHARGES...] against you, that you [- referring to the people, in the religious institutions] tolerate the woman Jezebel [- referring to 'the SPIRIT of jezebel'], who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching [-wisdom apart from the Creator] and beguiling my servants [- the pastors, who LOST their anointings, as they SACRIFICED it, to 'the spirit of jezebel', in the CHURCHES...] to practice immorality and to eat food [- the food of desolate sermons and desolate hosts] sacrificed to idols [- to demons]. I gave her [- the religious institutions] time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her immorality [- of "FORNICATING with the nations"]. Behold, I will throw her on a sickbed [- with all kinds of AILMENTS], and those who commit adultery with her [- who continue to attend the religious institutions]  I will throw into great tribulation [- great distress and turmoil in their lives], unless they repent of her doings [- unless they LEAVE! - the ABOMINATION, that makes DESOLATE - and become Members of the REMNANT]; and I will strike her children dead[- just like "the FIRST born in the land of EGYPT" - as in THESE Times, ONLY the children in the Faithful Remnant will have 'a CHANCE' at survival]. And all the churches [- as WORD will SPREAD to them ALL...] shall know that I am he who searches mind and heart [- that the God of the Two Witnesses, IS the Most High TRUE God - the God above all OTHER gods], and I will give to each of you as your works deserve [- as you will ALL be Judged, by the God who CREATED you]. But to the rest of you in Thyatira, who do not hold [- as in, who REJECT...] this teaching [- referring to the IMMORAL teachings of jezebel, and...], who have not learned [- as in 'ADHERED to' or 'PRACTICED'] what some call the deep [- as in, "deep state" and deceptive...] things of Satan [- but INSTEAD, as the Members of the Faithful REMNANT have chosen to learn the TRUTH from their Creator...], to you [- to the Members of the Faithful Remnant] I say, I do not lay upon you any other burden [- except 'the Divine WILL]; only hold fast what you have [- as you have your Soul, and the True Holy Spirit, and the Testimony...], until I come. He who conquers [- the spirit of JEZEBEL] and who keeps [- in their HEARTS] my works [- the WORKS of the True Holy Spirit, that are revealed in the Testimony] until the end [- by LIVING by the Testimony], I will give him power over the nations [- I will help him OVERCOME the TRIBULATION, that is COMING upon 'the world', that is to Strike the NATIONS...], and he [- Jesus] shall rule them [- the nations] with a rod of iron [- with Divine Just Consequences, on every man, woman and child], as when earthen pots [- the "WICKED!" - people...] are broken in pieces [- and destroyed], even as I myself [- Jesus] have received power from my Father; and I will give him [- who CONQUERS 'the spirit of JEZEBEL'...] the morning star [- the Blessed Virgin MARY as his 'TRUE Spiritual Mother'...]. He [- Pope Peter the Last,] who has an ear [- for the TRUTH...], let him [- let Pope Peter the Last, and the Members of the Faithful Remnant...] hear what the [- True Holy] Spirit says to the churches." (Revelations 2: 18-29)

All the men need to DO is pray a DECADE of the Holy Rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title, "Conqueror of the jezebel spirit", and WATCH what HAPPENS! - WATCH 'what BECOMES' of the women in their lives!  (June 15, 2019 update) 
Fill your vessel!
James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

What is it about "a woman's DESIRE to be ENLIGHTENED APART from her Creator", that is ADDICTIVELY, "MORE appealing", than life itself?

Honestly? - I hope I NEVER find the answer!  (- addictions aren't something that people should go EXPLORING… EVER!)  But 'for the sake of the sane MEN' in the Faithful Remnant? - it would be good to share some OBVIOUS observations, on this topic - to line them UP - in order to break through the "TOTAL and ALL-CONSUMING INSANITY", that is COMPLETELY DEVOURING the Souls of almost every woman on the planet - at this point in human history. 

And speaking of "POINTS"? - let's get right TO it!  The core problem with 'the feminist MIND' (- and this is NOT referring to the women whose Souls are presently in the Kingdom of Heaven - after reconsidering the errors of their ways, while slowly bathing in the Flames of Hell no less… for almost ALL of the ones who finally MADE it...) - the core problem with the feminist MIND? - is in her desire to be… "ENLIGHTENED APART from her Creator".  When a woman finds the TESTIMONY of her CREATOR? - and when she REALIZES 'what is in FRONT of her', and desires the 'LIFE' that it offers? - and even desires 'the ENLIGHTENING TRUTHS' revealed THEREIN? - something very disturbing then goes on in her mind.  All those… "GOOD desires", QUICKLY get 'pushed ASIDE', and 'SHUNNED', and 'SNUBBED'! - as she then RETURNS to 'her VOMIT' - that being?... her desire to be… "ENLIGHTENED APART from her Creator".  She RETURNS to "her familiar world".  Having 'TAKEN!' - the GOODNESS, that she can TAKE! - she then turns, in her INTERIOR life - to… 'the infinite world of DEMONIC inspirations' - for… wait for it… "her FEMININE WISDOM"... whispered in her ear, by the forked tongues, of as many demons, as she can possibly summon TO her… SIMPLY by desire.  "By DESIRE" you say?  Yes - the same 'desire', that Eve embraced, in the Garden of Eden, that quickly drew HER, to 'the forked tongue of HER new-found demonic friend'.  Until that 'desire' is formally RENOUNCED, CONSISTENTLY!... AND!...  through turning BACK to her Creator with TRUE HUMILITY and HEARTFELT Repentance? - that 'desire' - the SAME desire that the FIRST woman embraced - is… "FULLY ACTIVATED" (- The Blessed Virgin Mary was of course, the ONLY exception). 

And so while we SEE 'women' - functioning in SOCIETY? - we can also SEE, what is going on in their INTERIOR lives, "BEHIND the scenes".  Collectively, the global consensus among women at this time in human history, is that 'WEAPONIZED externals', and 'the RIGHT TO KILL their kin', and 'waiting for an OPPORTUNITY to gain attention as a VICTIM' - are at the FOREFRONT of MOST of their interior lives, each and every day… as they go ABOUT, their 'EXTERNAL duties' - and as they continually fight to conjure up their 'EXTERNAL appearances'. 

And if that is "difficult to receive"? - perhaps spending 15 minutes browsing around the make-up section at the local department store, as you observe the 'EXTERNALS' all around you - and compare them to the 'externals' of the average WOMAN entering the store - will help you with that.  Obviously, not every woman just finished a $5000 photo shoot; but after taking time 'to STUDY the masks' - it DOES become MUCH more easy - to quickly assess 'just how much time and money ARE being CONTINUALLY invested into their physical false externals' - all manipulative gestures and antics aside.  And 'that weaponized WALL', that they are all meticulously ENTOMBING themselves in - is SOLELY for the purpose of DISTRACTING people, as they secretly RETREAT into 'that DARK room in their INTERIOR lives' - where they CONTINUALLY seek the counsel of demons.  And so WHAT will it take, for 'the woman who DESIRES to break out of that pattern', to actually DO so?  Well, for 'the VERY BEST of them'? - the ones who are PERSONALLY chosen by their CREATOR?... we know that HELL works.  Let's just leave it at that!

Follow-up notes:  At any time while reading the above posting, did YOU in ANY way! - get a strong sense in your interior life, that this is "forbidden knowledge, that shouldn't be SHARED"?  If you DID? - that was 'the demons', that YOU are STILL "dialed-in to" - COUNSELING you, as you read it.  You need to reject "your desire to be assimilated into the collective consciousness of women", and ask for the corresponding Grace, while you still have time. 

It is important to note: that the desire to be "enlightened APART from the Creator" - is more SIMPLY stated, as "the desire to be FILLED with the shining darkness".  Obviously, if we had stated it THAT way? - then 'the demonic wall' that is FIRMLY built up in MOST people would have PREVENTED them from actually reading and taking in the article, to this point.

The women who stumbled across this article: …need to know that it is being posted on 'the state of MEN' page? - BECAUSE?... the state of WOMEN page, didn't HELP the women - at least not at THIS point in human history.  WHY?  Because as they READ it with their EYES - they LISTENED with their HEARTS, to 'their demonic ENTOURAGE'.  WHY? - because they ALL prefer to be 'enlightened by their personal DEMONS (… with "the shining DARKNESS"…), APART from their Creator' - MORE! - than they desire to be actually 'TRANSFORMED, by the Truth, and GROW CLOSER towards their Creator - towards being "a PLEASING child!" - in the Eyes of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven'.  In THEIR EYES? - and that is, in the eyes of their personal DEMONS? - they ARE… "pleasing AS is!"… NO need to change!... DO… NOT… CHANGE…!!!... their demons drill INTO them - LITERALLY! - with 'spiritual DRILLS', hammering into their SKULLS, every time they read the Words of their Creator.  Your dirty little secret is OUT ladies! - for ALL the men to see.  WHY? - so that THEY don't DESIRE you!... one IOTA!   So that they don't desire to LOOK AT YOU.  So that they don't desire to SPEAK TO YOU.  So that they don't desire to HIRE YOU… UNTIL!... you choose to COMPLETELY and FOREVER 'DITCH! - your desire to be ENLIGHTENED by your personal demons, AND apart from your Creator'.  (- AND so… "the ladies CHOICE award for FAVORITE POPE throughout the ENTIRE HISTORY of the papacy goes TO…"  Pope Peter the Last!   Official reply: "…really… shucks!... you didn't need to tell ME that… my WIFE already DID!")

And of course, finally: … the whole point of admitting that 'the state of WOMEN page' DIDN'T help the women? - is because "HELL is now INBOUND"… and they WILL all… "get the help they NEED".  Don't think for a MOMENT, that the historical DOCUMENT - "the CASE against WOMEN" ( - the "state of women" page…), that was written to PROVE, that they are 'literally deserving of HELL, in the Eyes of their CREATOR' - was written in vain… because it was merely… "the INTRODUCTION!"… to Hell… COMING to the earth… to a COUNTRY… to a CITY… to a STREET… to a HOME… and to all the women reading this… who are STILL stubbornly holding-ON to… "their PRECIOUS!... demonic package… from Hell".  Know that we DO "respect your decision", to hold on to your personal demons… ALL the way… TO… (- YOU know the rest).

WHAT is the definition of "the shining darkness"?  It is a woman's NATURAL inclination, to LOOK for 'the so-called BENEFITS', of EVIL.  And THIS is something that can ONLY be overcome? - by CONTINUALLY! - TURNING, to Jesus Christ the LORD - for 'AID' - and for 'HELP', in the MOMENT - for what, 'SHE needs to DO!'  The shining DARKNESS, has 'enticed WOMEN, to kill their BABIES'.  And to kill 'the CONSCIENCE', of their CHILDREN… to kill 'their OWN conscience!'… to 'drive the CREATOR, far FROM them!' - as the DEVIL! - draws near… to EMPOWER them 'to commit WICKED acts! - that are DESERVING! - of the Eternal Lake of Fire'.  Only by turning to 'the TRUE Light, of Jesus Christ the LORD' - as He has REVEALED, Himself, IN His Testimony - can 'the shining DARKNESS', be DESTROYED! - can it be 'cast-OUT' - OF her.

What's COOKING?   When a WOMAN has resolved, that "the ONLY good choice - that the ONLY good decision, FOR her? - IS, to turn her HEART, UPWARDS and OUTWARDS - TOWARDS, the TRUE JESUS"? - THEN she can 'BEGIN, to overcome, the WICKED desires, that are INSIDE her!'  But until THEN? - make no MISTAKE!... LADIES... you ARE! - TURNING! - to the SHINING darkness! - and to 'the DEMONS' - for 'HOW to DEFEND it'.  And THAT is "the recipe for Eternal Destruction". 

What are YOU fighting for?  And so the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant, at THIS point in human history - who are all… 'MEN' - need to KNOW, that the REASON there are no FEMALE "Official Members" - is SIMPLY because - ALL good intentions aside -the WOMEN, in the Remnant - are ALL secretly FIGHTING for ways to DEFEND 'the shining darkness' INSIDE them - FROM the Testimony… and so how can they POSSIBLY focus on "sharing anything NOURISHING to say, to help OTHERS - FLEE from the shining darkness", as they EMBRACE it so tightly?  They CAN'T!  And so they are "MUZZLED"! - BY their personal demons - who simply "have OTHER PLANS", FOR them… to be REVEALED… SOON!  Do you want to go WITH THEM? - to find out what that IS?  You are EACH invited to put your PERSONAL response to that question… HERE:___________.   (November 24, 2019 update)

What happens? - when a WOMAN refuses to allow her CREATOR, to govern OVER her?

And of COURSE, she will ALSO have 'nothing to DO' with a MAN governing over her… with inspirations that flow from the True Holy Spirit.  Here is a "REPORT card", that we sent to ONE of them - so that the MEN, can clearly SEE where the HARD-CORE FEMINISTS are AT:

You SEEK to have CONTROL 'over EVERYONE! - AROUND you'!  And 'THAT'? - is "a TOXIC relationship"! - with EVERYONE!   Because YOU! - are 'surrendering, to the power of your DEMONS'.  Then 'YOU desire', to EXERCISE satanic POWER - over OTHERS - through, your DEMONS!  You're being TOSSED about - TO and fro - by 'DEMONIC inspirations'.  And you don't KNOW 'the Truth' - because you don't WANT to.  Your FOUNDATION? - is in JEZEBEL!  And SHE'S "DESTROYING you!" - from the INSIDE.  You 'IDENTIFY' - so CLOSELY, with 'that DEMON'? - that? - you're seeking to PROTECT it - at all COSTS!  That DEMON'S going to the ETERNAL Lake of FIRE.  And YOU along WITH it! - if you DON'T "ditch it", AND fast!  If you 'WANT to follow your Creator…' - YOU will!  If you WANT to "see yourself as a VICTIM"? - which is "what JEZZIE does!" - you WILL!   YOU, are trying to be... "GOD! - in your own LIFE".  But you're NOT allowing your CREATOR, to govern OVER you - so ALL you have...? - are the DEMONS! - to be TORMENTED by!  And THAT'S "on YOU". (November 26, 2019 update) 


If EVER the "MEN", in the Faithful Remnant - get tempted, to 'play the role of the PRINCE'? - and go 'LOOKING for CINDERELLA'? - in THESE TIMES? - in the TIME OF the APOCALYPSE? - WARNING!!! - THIS, is what you are going to find… EVERY time! (- link to the REAL Cinderella story in the Testimony Archives) (December 16, 2019 update) 


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“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
TestimonyOfThe2 is the Primary YouTube Video Channel for "TestimonyOf".
Any attempts made, to take either of our video Channels down, IS, "an act, of RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION and
DISCRIMINATION" - because WHAT we BELIEVE, is very DIFFERENT, and UNIQUE- from what OTHERS believe.
This IS! - "a new branch, of Christianity", and we have EVERY right! - to practice our Faith. As EACH! - individual on
the PLANET - HAS, been GIVEN, "FREEDOM of religion"and "FREEDOM to practice, WHATEVER faith they choose".
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