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Messages from the SAINTS IN HEAVEN
“But Abraham said, 'They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.'  And he said, 'No, father Abraham; but if some one goes to them from the dead, they will repent.'  He said to him,  'If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be convinced if some one should rise from the dead.'”
(Luke 16:29-31) [-in other words, if you read this page and still do not believe, then even if Jesus stood before you, as the Risen Lord, you still would not believe]
“Let me hear what God the Lord will speak, for he will speak peace to his people, to his saints, to those who turn to him in their hearts.  Surely his salvation is at hand for those who fear him, that glory may dwell in our land.”
“All your works shall give thanks to you, O Lord, and all your saints shall bless you!  They shall speak of the glory of your kingdom, and tell of your power, to make known to the sons of men your mighty deeds, and the glorious splendor of your kingdom.” 
Jesus said: “I said to you both: soon, you will be able ‘to perceive’what I am doing, much more clearly, than ever before.  And you will see when ‘the numbers are added’to My website, that My words are fulfilled.”  (-Wednesday, November 21, 2012)
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Jesus said: Here, is Noah.

The Lord… told me, ‘He plans, to destroy the Face of the Earth’!

 Noah and the Ark
Narrated by Pope Peter the Last

Noah said: For behold! – the Lord, looked, across, the Face of the Earth; and only ‘wickedness’, could be found – and, ‘depravity’.  But He ‘looked with favor’ – upon me, and my family, as we did not ‘walk, in the ways, of Cain’! – in ‘the ways, of wickedness’. I was ‘visited’, by the Lord. And He told me, ‘He plans, to destroy the Face of the Earth!’ Because, it had become: ‘so wicked to Him’.  And so, He gave me, a plan, in order, that my family, and I, would be ‘safe’.  He asked me to build, ‘an Ark’.  This, took many, many, months, to build.  He gave me ‘the exact, dimensions’: how high; how wide; how long.  For as, he knew, I worked – with wood, He put, ‘this expertise’, to the test.  Therefore, I went about ‘doing’, what ‘He asked’ from me.  And hired people – to help me.  For the Lord told me, He would ‘send down rain’ – for forty days, and forty nights; and that ‘all would perish’! – except those, who were ‘in the Ark’ with me; except what I decided to take with me’. 

They did not believe, the Lord, would destroy the Face of the Earth

So ‘in the midst of a great city’, I spent many ‘long hours’, working, on ‘the foundation’, and ‘the architecture’, of this ‘Ark’ – the Lord wanted me to build.  I was ‘laughed at’, mocked and ridiculed! – by the people, of the town, I was in.  They hated, ‘what I was doing’, because they were only governed, by ‘their animal instincts and wickedness’.  But I continued to build and did not let ‘their hatred, and wickedness’stop me! – from ‘following the Lord’s instructions’.  And so he instructed me – after the Ark was finishedafter ‘the completion of my work’, to ‘invite souls inside’! – telling them, that: the Lord is about to destroy the Face of the EarthEven after I completed the task; and they saw ‘the Giant Ark – that I had made (- with some of their help), they ‘called me’ “crazy”.  And they did not believe, the Lord, would destroy the Face of the Earth – with a Flood!  For they were ‘a godless people’, and had ‘no respect for the Lord of Heaven’

Even, after, ‘all of that’: the people, still would not believe!

So as it was time, to be entering in – to the Ark, I was ‘instructed’, to take two: of ‘every animal’, male, and female; of every, ‘living creature’ – and to take them into the Ark, with me.  But I thought, it was strange that the people! – did not want to comeinside the ArkEven, after they saw, the animals going in – two by two – miraculously, ‘in line’, without any ‘herding’; without any ‘promptings’ from anyoneIt was as though, there was ‘an invisible force, behind them: pushing them – into the Ark!  I later, found out, it was actuallyAngels’!    Even, after, ‘all of that’: the people, still would not believe!  They, would rather ‘stay outside’ – the Lord’s Ark!  Well, after all the animals were ‘gathered’ inside, it was time for my family and I – to go in

We, could hear: ‘people screaming’ at this point; and cryingbegging to be ‘let in’

After we entered inside, a few days passed, and nothing happened.  ‘An Angel’ had ‘closed us in’; and we were waiting patiently – for the Lord’s Justice!  - even though we did not have ‘a name’ for it then. [Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed from His Throne in Heaven, that it was at this point in the story, that... "the Townspeople went mad with rage and set the Ark on fire, because the demons instigated them, to sacrifice them."] Then we heard loud noises – coming from the top of the Ark.  It sounded like ‘buckets of rain falling’PoundPoundWe were frightened inside; but I remembered, the Lord’s promise: that He would protect my family and I; and I realized, that we were ‘all, safe’.  We could hear peopleoutside, ‘mocking the rain as it fell’ – as it seemed like ‘nothing too serious’ to them.  We could hear them talking, and mocking us as we sat, inside the Lord’s ‘refuge’, or ‘Ark.  But the rain, did not stop! – and continued for many days.  It didn’t take long before ‘the Ark was lifted off the ground’We, could hear: ‘people screaming’ at this point; and cryingbegging to be ‘let in’.  But we did not ‘seal ourselves in’!  And we could not ‘open’ the door to the Ark.  The waters, rose; and we were ‘tossed, and turned’ – but ‘completely safe’. It rained down upon the whole Earthjust like the Lord said.  For forty days, and forty nights – we were inside.

The Lord is coming Back!! – to destroy, ‘parts of the Earth – ‘by a Comet’!

At the end of the forty days, I ‘opened’, the small windowinside the Ark, and ‘let out’, a dove.  She came back, as there was no place for her to land!  I did this again! – a few days later, and she returned.  A few days later, I sent her out, but this time she came back, with an olive leaf.  But we did not try to open the Ark! – as we had not ‘closed it’. Then a few days later, the Ark, ‘opened’! – and we came out – into ‘a new World’, new land, ‘completely renewed’ and re-createdThis was to be ‘an allegory, for the coming ‘Era – of Peace’ – where the Saints will come and dwell – upon the Earth – once again!  And the Lord put ‘His bow in the sky – for us to see’!  As His promise to me and my family – that He would never destroy – the whole World, by a flood ever, again!  But, in Heaven it has been revealed, that the Lord is coming Back!! – to destroy, ‘parts of the Earth – ‘by a Comet’!  This is ‘very different’ from flood waters.  And so He still keeps His promise to this day!
Interesting trivia note: Did you know, that it took Noah and his family, 100 YEARS! - to build the Ark.  Now that's a lot of SCOFFING, he had to endure! - 100 years of SCOFFING, from EVERYONE! - outside his True family.  And what was "the END", of those who scoffed at Noah?  I will tell you THIS: it would have been BETTER for them, if they had simply HELPED him, build the Ark.  And in these End Times, this means becoming a Official Member of the Faithful Remnant, and testifying to the Nations, through video testimonies.  Are YOU "IN", or "OUT"?   The choice is yours!
Jesus said: Here, is Daniel.
I was given, visions – of four ‘beasts’now, it is to be revealed, to the World

Daniel said:I was given, visions – of four ‘beasts’.  The first, like that of ‘a lion’ – with wings; with “eagles’ wings”.  But the wings, were plucked-off!  And, it was made, ‘to stand’ – like a man; and ‘a mind’, of a man, was given to it!  What ‘a strange thing to see’.  I did not know, nor understand, what, it meant.  The second beast I saw - was like ‘a bear’, and in its mouth, were three ribs!  And it was made to stand ‘on one side’Again, I was greatly disturbed – by ‘the visions, of my mind’.  The third beast, was like ‘a leopard’.  It had ‘something like’ bird’s wings attached to it!  What ‘a strange thing to see’!  And I asked myself, “What does it all mean?”  For I had not ‘received the understanding, for the visions’  Then a fourth beast, came out – of nowhere! – with iron teeth, and bronze claws. It was great!  And terrifying!!  It stamped ‘the residue’, with its feet!  But what does it all mean?  It was ‘later revealed’, in this time, to the both of you – the Lord’s Two Witnesses.  And now, it is to be revealed, to the World

The first beast… represents ‘all pastors, ministers, rabbis, and all shepherds’…

The first beast, that was ‘like a lion’ with eagles’ wings, represents: ‘the antipope’,of this time: Benedict, the sixteenth.  For he had ‘the Lord’s anointing’; but, it was removed from him.  The wings, were ‘plucked’that is, ‘the Counsel of the True Holy Spirit’, was removed from him.  So now, he only has, ‘the mind of a man’Jesus, is like ‘the Lion, of Judah’.  But ’the lion’,I saw, represents ‘all pastors, ministers, rabbis, and all shepherds’ – who have lost ‘the Counsel, of the True Holy Spirit.

The second beast, the bear, represents ‘the freemasonic agenda’

The second beast, the bear, represents ‘the freemasonic agenda’, working, within ‘all the major religions, of the World’ – to form ‘a One World Religion’!  The ribs, in his mouth, represent, ‘the female race’ – for, “the woman was taken from Adam’s rib”.  The freemasons, seek ‘to use’ women, to bring all religions, under One ‘World Religion’; and to use, ‘their Jezebellian tendencies’, against God.  For the freemasons know: it was Eve, who listened to ‘the serpent’directly!  And so therefore, they would move women into ‘the Lord’s Sanctuary’ – where they could be counseled, by ‘the enemy’; as the Lord will not ‘come to them’, there. 

The freemasons want to foster, ‘anti-male headship’ in the women

It was ‘made to stand on one side’ – means, that the freemasons want to foster, anti-male headship’ in the women – they ‘use’; so they go against ‘the Command of the Lord’ – that is: to keep silent, as they are not to have ‘any authority’, or ‘to teach’ other men.  Because, ‘the woman, was ‘deceived’, and became ‘a transgressor’ – even though Adam was formed first

The third beast!...  ‘how fast, the One World Religion, is ‘moving’, in these ‘times’

The leopard, the third beast! – is simply an allegory for ‘how fast, the One World Religion, is ‘moving’, in these ‘times’; and how fast, it is growing.  The ‘bird wings’, attached to the leopard, represents ‘the false holy spirit’guiding these people: away from their Creator! – towards themselves.

The fourth beast…  the One World Religion

And the fourth beast – with ‘iron teeth’, and ‘bronze claws’ – that stamps ‘the residue’ with its feet.  This, is referring to ‘the climax, of the One World Religion’. ‘The iron teeth’ means: it is merciless! – and will make war on the saints (-those called to be Saints), and will have them ‘kill, their faith!’ – so ‘no longer, do they believe, in the True God’; but ‘the saints’, will only believe, in themselves – that ‘god’, “has saved them”!! – but apart, from repentance. 

This One World Religion, seeks…  to send them down! – to Hades!

‘The bronze claws’, refer to ‘the greediness’, of this One World Religion – as their main focus, is on ‘taking from the people’ – their money!  It stamps ‘the residue’ with its feet – so this One World Religion, seeks ‘to crush peoples’ souls, to send them down! – to Hades

Now ‘the visions’ have been ‘unsealed’

And these, are the interpretations, of ‘the visions’ that I had, many, many thousands, of years, ago.  For indeed this is the time, of the End.  As Gabriel, spoke to me, and said, “Seal up the visions; for they are for many days, hence – for ‘the time, of the End.”  And now ‘the visions’ have been ‘unsealed’.  But the One World Religion is well – underway!
[Note: A detailed analysis of this above message from Daniel is available at THIS LINK]

Jesus said: Here, is Saint John, the Baptist.

“I am the voice of one, crying out in the wilderness

Saint John the Baptist said:  When the Pharisees, approached me, and asked: “Who are you?” - I could discern, and ‘read their hearts’, very clearly.  And I knew, that they were not ‘interested’, in ‘what, I had, to say’So my response, was this, “I am the voice of one, crying out in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way, for the Lord to travel’!”  They, were ‘quite upset’ and ‘unsatisfied’ with ‘that response’.  So they asked, and persisted in asking.  But these ‘questions’, were not recorded – in scripture’.  They thought, that I was ‘the Christ’.  And if, I claimed this, then why, was I ‘out, in the desert’.  For ‘the god’, that they were ‘looking for’, would come with power, dominion, and might’ – and ‘put to flight’ the Romans.  But my answer was ‘humble’, and ‘to the point: I attempted to point them, in the direction of ‘the coming Messiah’ – who at the time, was walking the Face of the Earth; but I did not know that.  The ‘message’, I was giving – to the Pharisees, and to the people – who ‘started to gather around me’, was that ‘the Messiah, was coming’, and that they had ‘better repent – quickly!’ – to ‘make room for Him – in their hearts’!  As Jesus, ‘in the flesh’, would appear very different, from ‘the god’, that the people were accustomed to worshiping.

Hoping, that they would ‘take this, as a sign’ – for the need, of repentance

When Jesus appeared, He had no herald to His Coming, except myself – ‘the lone voice’. No one else knewHe was about to enter the scene’So, I began to baptize the people with water.  Truly dunking them! – under the water!  Hoping, that they would ‘take this, as a sign’ – for the need, of repentance – in their souls.  But as Jesus has said before, it became more of ‘a club, mentality’.  So people wanted to ‘feel included’ in what was going on.  At that point, I said to them, “You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee, from the wrath of God to come!  Bear fruit! – that befits repentance.”  Because I knew the peoples’ hearts, were very far from their Creator

I was ‘there’, for those who wanted to prepare their hearts

I started, to take many of them away – from the Pharisees and, the Sadducees’ traditions.  This made them very angry and jealousSo even more Pharisees, were sent to me.  But I paid ‘no attention’ to them, because I was not ‘there’, for them.  I was ‘there’, for those who wanted to prepare their hearts, for the Lord’s coming!  Nothing else mattered.

What, ‘a surprise’, and ‘a joy’… that my Lord, would come to Me!

Then, I saw Him!  I saw the Lord walking.  And I exclaimed! (- loud enough for the people to hear), “This is He of whom I, am not even worthy, to untie his sandals!”  Then He started to approach ‘the water where I was’!  What, ‘a surprise’, and ‘a joy’, and ‘fulfillment’, this was! – that my Lord, would come to Me!  I saw that he desired ‘baptism’.  And I was quite’ shocked’ at this.  For how is it, that He should be baptized – by me?  Because it is He, who gives ‘the baptism’ – in the end!  As I pour water, over His head, then ‘a voice thunders – from above’: “This is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”. It was ‘the voice’, of God the Eternal Father in Heaven, telling ‘everyone there’:who was ‘right in front of me’; but all people heard, was thunder!?  They really could not ‘make out the voice at all’.  For truly, it was ‘for me’ – in that moment. 

This Christmas, He is ‘clearing His threshing floor’

I baptize you with water, but there is one who is coming, who will baptize you with the Fire and the Holy Spirit.  His ‘winnowing fork’ in His Hand; to clear ‘the threshing floor’.”  I had said this, to the people before ‘the Lord came’Because, it was ‘to tell them’, that ‘baptism, of repentance’ is one thing; but ‘baptism of Fire, is another!!!  For once a soul, has ‘truly repented’ – then they can be ‘set on fire’ with the Lord’s words; and receive the True Holy Spirit.  But ‘this’ takes ‘an act of the will’, as well – because they must ‘seek-out’, the True Holy Spirit; and ‘desire Him, to be with them’; and, strive never, to offend, the True Holy Spirit.  For with the Lord’s, ‘winnowing fork’, He will separatethe chaff from the wheat!  And ‘the chaff’ He will burn with ‘unquenchable fire’!  But ‘the wheat’ He will ‘gather into His barns’.  For ‘that’ is ‘the way of the Lord’.  And this Christmas, He is ‘clearing His threshing floor’.
Jesus said: Here, is Lot

I knew in my heart, that it was not the place to raise… a ‘God, fearing family’

Lot said: During my time, in Sodom,and Gomorrah, I witnessed ‘many evils’ – going on, all around me!  The people were ‘as wicked as could be’!  But I did not ‘remove myself from them’ – from their midst!  I would not ‘take, my family, from that place’ – when prompted, many times to do so’.  I knew in my heart, that it was not the place to raise a family’ – a ‘God, fearing family’, that is.  But Sodom was filled with much wealth, and they had ‘the greenest pastures’ – with which ‘to graze my sheep’. But, ‘immoral acts’, were committed openlyall around the city.  These people did not ‘try to hide’, their ‘sinful, intentions’. Men, were with men; and women were with women.  There were no ‘heterosexuals’ – except, for my wife – and myself

Such a sinful place! – where every Commandment was broken

For, ‘such, evil’! and ‘pervasiveness – of sin’! - was ‘all around me’ I became ‘desensitized’ – to wickedness; and my interior life’, started to change.  I knew, at that time, that I was in ‘a bad state’.  And I feared, for my family – for my wife and daughters.  For my daughters, grew up, in ‘a most sinful environment’; and they were even ‘engaged, - to be married’!   But I knew ‘the secrets’, of those mens hearts – how they really ‘had passion, for one another’. And I ‘cried out to the Lord’, to help me ‘break free’ – from ‘the chains, of sin’! – of living in such a sinful place! – where every Commandment was broken; where every Law, of the Lord, that was in my heart, was ‘spat upon’ – by others

I chose, to move to Sodom… I was ‘drawn-in’, by ‘the enemy’

For I had heard, of, ‘the God, that Abraham worshiped’; and he taught me – of His Ways, when I was very young.  He would teach me ‘the fear, of the Lord; and tell me, ‘the stories, of his journeyto him’.  I ‘soaked it all up’.  But as I grew older, I began to become ‘independent’, of my uncle; and, I began to work – for myself, and ‘became very wealthy’ – with ‘much sheep’ – so much, did I have, apart from my uncle, that I was given a choice of lands to take – for my own. And I chose, to move to SodomEven, after hearing ‘how wicked, the city was’ – from outside the walls, I was ‘drawn-in’, by ‘the enemy’.  But I did not have ‘the foresight’, nor ‘the vision’ that I have now – of what, that choice, would cost me in the end

My heart, was ‘kindled – with ‘the Fire of Truth’!

So I cry out – to the Lord, calling Him ‘the God of Abraham’, my uncle, asking for ‘deliverance’.  And that, is when I met, the two ‘travelers’ – the two ‘messengers, from the Lord’.   They had disguised themselves as ‘poor sojourners’.  I offered them my place to stayBut they wanted to sleep on the streets. How my heart, was ‘kindled – with ‘the Fire of Truth’! – knowing that they would ‘surely die’, and that they would not ‘last the night’; because of ‘the wickedness of the people’in that city

They only ‘sought evil in their hearts’ – and this is ‘what blinded them’

So I persisted, and urged them to come home with me, and to see my family.  But I did not know they were ‘Angels of the Lord’ at the time. The men of the city, knew that I had brought them – to my home; and pursued us with hate.  They wanted to do ‘wicked things’, to ‘the poor travelers’.  But then, it was revealed – to me, and my family, that they were ‘Angels, of the Lord’ – sent to destroy! – the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  They ‘blinded’, the men outside the door – so ‘they could not find the entrance’!  For they only ‘sought evil in their hearts’ – and this is ‘what blinded them’. 

I was still torn, between ‘the comforts’… I did not show… I was eager to cooperate

So I was told: to take my family and leave; and to ‘not look back’ – at ‘the Justice’, of the LordDeep in my heart, I knew my prayers, were being answered!  But I was still torn, between ‘the comforts of my home – and present life’, that I did not show ‘the Lord’s messengers’ I was eager to cooperate.  Then they picked me up and carried me away quite quickly – with my family.  

My wife, in her weakness, looked back…  How horrifying this experience was!

As we were leaving to go out of the city, my wife, in her weakness, looked back, and immediately turned into ‘a pillar of salt’.  How horrifying this experience was!  For it wasn’t until I was far out of the city, that I knew she was ‘gone’.  For I did not look back and neither did my daughters.  Then I argued with ‘the messengers of the Lord’ afterwards, because of the bitterness and anguish in my soul!  And, I asked, if I could go, to another city nearby instead of ‘fleeing for the hills’.  This ‘city’, the Lord spared; but it was ‘just as wicked’ as where I had come from! 

If only I had listened… My two daughters… would be here with me in Heaven

If only I had listened to ‘the Angels of the Lord’, then My two daughters, would not have been ‘exposed’, to ‘such wickedness’; and they would be here with me in Heaven. So indeed, I am in ‘a very low place in Heaven’.  Yet, I am ‘content to be with the Lord – to hear his voice and be in His Presence.  But this is as much as I could be filled.  Because even in ‘my dying years’, there was still ‘part of me’ that belonged to ‘that wicked city’.  But in my dying breath, again I cried out, to the Lord, for mercy – for help, as I did not know, what was ‘prepared for me’, after death.  The Lord heard my prayer – because I cried out in sincerity and desired ‘true repentance’Thanks be to the Most High True God – for ever and ever Amen!

Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Special note:  After we ‘unpacked’ the above message from Lot, a question was ‘weighing on our hearts’, and we would like to share "the Fruits of it" with you.  The Most High True God later revealed privately, that Lot’s wife went to Purgatory, because: She did not make ‘being an enemy of the Most High True God’ her way of LIFE; but called down His JUSTICE upon herself in "a moment of weakness".  We understand that they are now reunited in Heaven.  And while we are on the topic of "couples who made it to Heaven"... 

Well, even though Adam and Eve, DID! - eventually 'MAKE it, to Heaven' - they, spent "a SIGNIFICANT amount of TIME" - in "LIMBO".  And THAT is where, 'the SOULS of the JUST', were HELD - until, Jesus Christ the LORD, Died on the Cross, to OPEN 'the Gates of HEAVEN'.  But THEY are most DEFINITELY in, "a LOWER LEVEL, of Heaven". 

Did you know that EVEN though, almost ALL couples are "CHOOSING to self-destruct", in these End Times - that both Lot and his wife, AND Adam and Eve, are in HEAVEN!  ...AND yes, that WOULD make them, Saint Adam and Saint Eve - because even though they had "a bad day", with some really EPIC consequences... in the END, they chose to "work things out with their Creator".  But unlike THEM - almost ALL of their descendents, in THESE Times, are "CHOOSING to stay down".  And that's what Hell is for! - it's a place for people who are so PROUD! - that they believe their sins can't be forgiven, by humbly turning to their Creator, and humbly BEGGING Him, to help them "FIX it".  In fact, they actually BURN with pride.  How are YOU doing? (September 22, 2017 update)

Jesus said: Here, is Saint Padre Pio.

Your missionhere on Earth… all began’ – back, in 2007

Saint Padre Pio said:  Hello, Peter, and Mary – my friendsI have been praying, for the both of you – for your missionhere on Earth, since ‘it all began’ – back, in 2007.  I have been with you, in ‘a special way’ – throughout, your whole journey, in this life; and you have felt, my presence close to you; and you have known, of my ‘intercession’, on your behalf

You both, have been ‘chosen’, as Our Lord’s ‘Two Witnesses’

I was with you – back thenback at ‘the house’ – where ‘this all began’; where shortly thereafter, it would be revealed, that you both, have been ‘chosen’, as Our Lord’s ‘Two Witnesses’ – his ‘two olive trees’, his ‘two lampstands’.

“The Hour, of Justice”, came…

Remember, when “the Hour, of Justice”, came [July 5, 2007, 3:00 p.m.].  No longer, was the three o’clock hour, the hour of His Mercy, but it became: ‘the hour, of His severe Justice’.  Though his ‘presence’, was removed, from the Archdiocese, of Kingston, it would later be revealed: the the abomination of desolation’, spread throughout the whole World[Important Note: Here is the Declaration from Heaven, about WHEN the Abomination began (July 5, 2007) and about WHERE it began (in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario, Canada).  The abomination of desolation simply spread from the Archdiocese, that forsook the True Pope, Peter the Last, and spread until every religious institution was completely devoid of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ the Lord and the True Holy Spirit - that manifested in October of 2009]

Never did I change, the ways, or the words, of the Mass

When I was ‘on the earth’, I held ‘the Mass’ very ‘sacred’ – even feeling and experiencing ‘the wounds – of Christ’, as I offered His Sacrificethrough Him, with Him, and in Him.  And it was ‘very painful’But it was ‘necessary, for me to suffer’, in order, for some souls to be helped, as they saw, what I endured - through faith; but also, it was ‘an opportunity’, and ‘a gift’, to be purged of my own sins.  So I suffered with Christ, in Christ and through Christ.  Never did I change, the ways, or the words, of the Mass.  For just like yourself, we shared ‘the same attitude’ – towards ‘the sacred celebration’; it was not ‘ours to change’

Praise be to the Most High True God’s Justice!

Back then, through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, people could be drawn ‘closer to Christ’.  They had ‘the Gift of His presence’ – at every Eucharistic Celebration.  But they ‘betrayed Him’ over and over again – by ‘going up to receive Him’ in ‘the state of mortal sin’. And so, as He has said, ‘no longer is He stifled within blackened souls’Praise be to the Most High True God’s Justice!  For His Ways are Trueand Just’. I unite this with ‘all, the unborn souls’ – who are ‘outside of Heaven’

Confession… souls failed to ‘use this sacrament worthily’

Confession, was very important, as it was ‘a sacrament’, within the Church.  But souls failed to ‘use this sacrament worthily’; and just as their sins were forgiven, they would go, and commit them – again, with ‘full knowledge’, never striving, to stop!  I know this, as ‘a gift was given to me’ in the confessional, ‘to read hearts’.   I could read ‘souls at a distance’ and their motives – when the Lord would show them to me. 

I even bi-located… ‘all for the Glory of God’!

A few times I even bi-located.  But this was ‘all for the Glory of God’! – so people, could glorify Him! – for what He had ‘chosen, to do through me’.  I also was very close to my Guardian Angel, as you both are – ‘close to yours’

I had many enemies, in ‘the occult world’ – especially within ‘the Vatican

You see, the Lord gave me ‘heightened spiritual senses’, so that I could serve Him better – in getting right, to ‘the heart of the topic’.  I was never ‘good, at small talk’.  But I was given ‘a sense of humor’. And throughout all of this, I had to endure, many attacks, from ‘the enemy’ himself – as you both have, and still do.  I had many enemies, in ‘the occult world’ – especially within ‘the Vatican.  For what the devil, ‘tries to do’, and is successful unfortunately (- a lot of the time): he tries to stop people, from ‘desiring to become Saints’ - from desiring ‘holiness’; and he seeks to scare them, in their interior lives’, that they will be ‘attacked by him’ – if they persevere ‘in closeness to their Creator.  But this is not so! - for the Lord will protect those – who abide in Him; and ‘the attacks’ will feel like ‘fleas’, if their focus, is on Him

For Three and a half years, there has been ‘a most desperate spiritual famine’

But as Elijah said, when he came to the both of you, “there are so many distractions”! – so that people, do not embrace, ‘reality’.  Elijah looks down from Heaven, and ‘smiles on the both of you’, as you ‘seek to persevere’, in ‘spreading the word, of the Most High True God’.  For my brother, and my sister, what you are doing, is not easy.  But you have ‘the gifts of the True Holy Spirit, to help you’.  It is ‘not easy to spread His word’, when you know ‘no one is listening’!  But that is ‘how it is’, since ‘the skies have been shut up’, all the while you have been prophesying, and ‘using the internet as a teaching tool’ (I am quoting the Lord on that one!).  If people would only realize that ‘the Gifts of Heaven’ are of far more value, than ‘any comfort’ or ‘conveniences on Earth’.  For the Lord’s Wrath has been ‘kindled against this generation’.  And for Three and a half years, there has been ‘a most desperate spiritual famine’

The Lordtold me, of the coming “three days of darkness”

The Lord, revealed ‘prophesies’ to myself as well.  For He told me, of the coming “three days of darkness”; and there were many warnings – of how people, were ‘to prepare’ – for those times.  But unfortunately ‘the whole World’, would ‘be asleep’, as I found out, later on.  And the only souls, who would have ‘their lamps lit’ – on the Face of the Earth, would be the Lord’s own ‘Two Witnesses’.  For you lock your doors, and your windows, and have even covered them.  Because, of ‘the poisonous gases’outside.  You know ‘what has happened’, with Fukushima; and how serious the radiation levels are here – where you live!  And I did not know - at the time, that ‘to lock your doors and windows’, and cover them, was ‘spiritual allegory’: for the eyes, to be ‘kept back’ from watching evil; for ‘the heart’, to be ‘closed to all wickedness’! and for the soul, to reject ‘all, spiritual, toxins! – in the air.  For isn’t ‘the enemy’ ‘the prince of the air!  And now the whole Face of the Earth is poisoned

‘Life as you know it’, is about, to ‘change’… this Christmas

The prophecies were ‘referring to the both of you’ as well.  There is ‘no pride gained’, in telling you both ‘the simple truth’.  For ‘life as you know it’, is about, to ‘change, as the Lord in His Great Justice, marks everyone this Christmasbecause of their refusal, ‘to get their houses in order’, and ‘to repent and turn back to Him’.
Have you been looking for the antidote to "SEVERE spiritual attacks
ALL the Remnant, are being 'SEVERELY, attacked', by 'THOSE in the OCCULT world' - who, WANT to 'SILENCE them!'  SAINT Padre PIO, WOULD be "GOOD", to GO to - for INTERCESSION - as HE ALSO, endured, EVEN being, "PHYSICALLY beat UP!" - by the devil. HE had, "MANY enemies" within the Vatican - because of 'the EFFECTIVENESS, of his MASSES' - and, the SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE, that, he had, over others, to bring them 'CLOSER, to Christ'.  Saint PADRE Pio, endured, "a LOT!"  And in THESE Times, you NEED to be "STORMING Heaven!" - for THEIR intercession - for YOU, to RECEIVE, 'the necessary, DISCIPLINE, and GRACES' - and ENDURANCE - so that you can PERSEVERE! - to the FULLNESS, of the ERA, of Peace on Earth. (May 30, 2017 update)

What is REALLY going to HELP you is if you ask PADRE Pio, to INTERCEDE for you - to HAVE 'the necessary, GRACES, to go AHEAD, of the enemy's TRAPS and SNARES'.  You can ALSO - ask, Saint JOB, to HELP you - to PASS, THROUGH the TESTS, that the Most High TRUE God is going to PUT you through.  DON'T forget "WHO your FRIENDS are!" - the SAINTS! - AND, the UNBORN.  If you can pray a DECADE of the ROSARY during the DAY - under ONE of her titles - it WILL, 'HELP'.  Though it is QUITE fine to WAIT until the END of the day to pray the ENTIRE Rosary.  Know that we ARE praying, that the PEOPLE in the INSTITUTIONS - RECOGNIZE, thattheir PRAYERS, are NOT being heard [- not even by "the barney jesus" anymore] - and that there, are "ABOMINATIONS, in their MIDST". THIS prayer, we OFFERED, was GIVEN BY, Jesus Christ the Lord.  And so what YOU, have seen - is "just the BEGINNING"!  But, you are NOT called, to, attend - ANY religious meetings.  ONLY the Most High TRUE God - and the CONVICTION of the True Holy Spirit, can CHANGE people!  But, YOU - by YOURSELF, cannot.  THEREFORE - COMMEND them all - to the BLESSED Virgin Mary - under her title, "MOTHER of Divine DISCIPLINE" - and, move ON with your day. (June 03, 2017 update)

Jesus said: Here is Saint Karol Wojtyla, formerly known, as Pope John Paul II (– “the Second”)

‘A True Pope’, will prepare, his flock: to receive: ‘what is necessary, for salvation

Saint Karol Wojtyla said:  The Church, is ‘in a most troubling time’.  For where, are her children?  They have all, ‘gone astray’.  “Humanae Vitae” – Human life is sacred, and is to be protected! – above all else!  The church, has neglected, to teach the people, ‘the sacredness of life’Instead, they have allowed families, to embrace: all forms of contraceptions and evils – so that ‘life’, is ‘no longer permitted’.  When I wrote my encyclical, I was ‘inspired by the True Holy Spirit’ – at the time: to give the people – “the sheep”, exactly ‘what they needed’, the antidote, to the horrors, of ‘the coming culture of death’!   For ‘a True Pope’, will prepare, his flock: to receive: ‘what is necessary, for salvation’.  The True Pope of this time, is Pope Peter the Last! 

Benedict… As “Cardinal Ratzinger”… ‘the freemason agenda’… starting to ‘rub off’ on him

Benedict, and I, were very close, and he was like ‘a personal confident’ – we spoke about many things; but we also had ‘some differences’, on ‘the approach, to guiding the Church’.  I saw, there was ‘a darkness’, in his soul.   As “Cardinal Ratzinger”, he was given, ‘much authority’; and many ‘gifts’ of the True Holy Spirit were bestowed upon him.  But I also saw, that ‘the freemason agenda’ workingwithin the Vatican, was starting to ‘rub off’ on him. 

‘The freemasonic agenda’… I allowed many ‘evils’ to go ‘unaddressed’

For truly ‘the pressures’ of being ‘within the Vatican and ‘maintaining one’s faith’ - is very hard.  I knew of the evils ‘going on around me’ – particularly pertaining to ‘the freemasonic agenda’ within the church.  But I did not confront ‘the agenda’ head-on.  And I allowed many ‘evils’ to go ‘unaddressed’.  And so I had to spend some time in Purgatory, for ‘this neglect’.  And I can tell you: I had lots of time, to think about ‘the choices I had made’ – to ‘end-up there’!  

Kissing the Koran…  ‘embracing false-ecumenism’ … I affirmed people

Kissing the Koran, was ‘another one of my flaws’.  Also ‘embracing false-ecumenism’ – for Jesus, was not saying that ‘all religions are equal’; but that all, should be brought under the One, True, Catholic, faith!  But I affirmed people in their ‘religious choices’, and I was ‘greatly beloved’ by many souls.  I received ‘commendations’, from so many people.  This too, is ‘another pressure’ from living ‘inside the Vatican – as “pope”.  Because so many people, will ‘treat you, like a king’But I did not always have “King Jesus” in my heart, as I shepherded His people.   And it is ‘a very serious role, to be ‘True Vicar’ of ‘the Christ’.

Benedict… “the glory of the olive” has fallen!!

Benedict, is ‘falling short’ in so many different ways.  He has ‘sold out’ – he has ‘sold’, the Roman Catholic Church – ‘the institution’, that Christ founded: for money.  He ‘appears’, as ‘conservative’ – on the outside.  But is also, ‘ultra-liberal’ on the inside’!  He has become: ‘a deceiver’, and is ‘opposed – to the Christ’. Therefore, he does not have: the anointing, of ‘True Vicar’. You, Pope Peter, have been given his ‘anointing’.  I tell you “the glory of the olive” has fallen!!  And ‘the two olive trees’, are ‘the lampstands’, of the Most High, True God.; for this is ‘a title’, I never used, on Earth! – when praying, my prayers.  But I have learned, that this is what He wants to be called. 

There is ‘no room’ for lukewarmness’ in being ‘pope’

I am so glad that He took me when He did! - because of ‘the coming turmoil’, that was to befall, His Faithful Remnant’, and ‘the whole church structure’.  He is abolishing: the hierarchy, of ‘the institution’ – so that all can benefit – if they want to!  There is ‘no room’ for lukewarmness’ in being ‘pope’!   But you, Pope Peter, have ‘the fortitude’, and the zeal, to ‘carry on’, in Christ’s mission: here, on Earth – in directing His ‘Faithful Remnant Church’ to Him; even, if it is for, His Justice and Discipline

My years: in Purgatory

I never, consecrated Russia, the way, our Blessed Mother, has asked.  I failed, ‘in this respect’, as well.  This also added to my years: in Purgatory.  For she has spread her errors – throughout the whole World!!  If only, I had gotten, the Vatican, and my own house, ‘in order’. If only I had done ‘the housecleaning’, of ‘our Lord’s Church’Perhaps these ‘disasters’, would not have ‘come upon it’, so swiftly. 

My refusal, to… consecrate Russia

The abomination, of desolation, is ‘a result’ also, of my refusal, to gather ‘all the bishops, of the World – under my care, and ‘in unity’, consecrate Russia – to Her Immaculate HeartWhy did I not do this!  Because satan, was in the Vatican, and is still there!  And he rules over most of the people.  For his ‘satanic agenda’, has taken the place, of the True Gospel - of True Worship. 

I would come back – from the grave! – and testify…!

Never!  - did Benedict, believe, I would come back – from the grave! – and testify, against: the evils, he is embracing through neglect!  He is not the Pope!  And the whole World, is deceived! – by him!  And he knows this! – in ‘the deepest, darkest recesses’, of his soul!

The Watchman SEES it all
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Jesus said: Here is, Ezekiel.
Give the people warning’out of Love, for their own souls

Ezekiel said: So - you son of man, I have made, ‘a watchman, over the house, of Israel.  When ever you hear: a word, from my mouth, you shall give them warning - from me.  These, are the words, that I heard, The Most High True God, speak - to my soul.  And what, He was ‘asking of Me’, was very similar, to what He is asking, from his True Prophets: that they ‘give the people warning’out of Love, for their own souls

He showed me… ‘the vile abominations’, that were being ‘committed’

So he made me ‘a watchman’ for the house – of Israel; and he showed me, ‘the abominations’, going on – inside, their walls; every man, in his ‘room of pictures’.  He showed me: what the priests, and the elders, and the Levites, were doing - behind closed doors!  He took me away ‘in Spirit’, and showed me, ‘the vile abominations’, that were being ‘committed’, in ‘His house’!  And I saw it all!  For He showed me through ‘visions’

They thought The Most High True God could notsee them’

‘In the spirit’, I dug a hole, through a wall – and on the other side, He showed me: all the creeping things, and man-made beasts, and images! - and idols! – the priests, the Levites, the elders, were worshiping.  They thought The Most High True God could notsee them’; but He allowed Me – His Prophet, to see - as well

You, Pope Peter… you, have been sent, to ‘the lost sheep’

And so you, Pope Peter, have been made ‘a watchman’, for the house of Israel!  Only ‘the house of Israel – in this time, is made up of all different: religions, and sects.  And you, have been sent, to ‘the lost sheep’ of the house, of Israel - to feed, your flock - amidst ‘great tribulation’.

Justice!!!... is coming -‘in droves’! - to all of the Nations!

Now what did the Lord say He would ‘feed his flock with’? – Justice!!!  And that is what has come; and is coming -‘in droves’! - to all of the Nations!  Because they do not worship – the way God, the Eternal Father in Heaven, wants to be worshipedFirst of all, they are worshiping the wrong ‘gods’ in their institutions.  ‘The fat sheep’, and ‘the thin sheep’, ‘the strong sheep’, and ‘the weak sheep’ are worshiping false ‘gods’!  They do not know ‘the True God’! 

You give them the necessary warnings ‘they need’!

And through Our Lord’s Testimony, they are ‘face to face’ with the Omnipotent, God! – whether ‘they like it or not’.   For the Lord’s Justice is His Mercy.  If, He were not to show Justice, then who, could be savedTherefore, you give them the necessary warnings ‘they need’! – in order to be ‘saved’ from His Divine Wrath

People, are not ‘putting their Creator – first’!

I tell you, not many souls ‘make it, to Heaven’- not in these ‘times’.  We know – Heaven, because as soon, as someone, is ‘admitted’, there is a great celebration, followed by feasting, and rejoicing - in the Most High True God’s Presence.  People, are not ‘putting their Creator – first’!  So when they die, he puts them ‘last’

‘The perils, of sin… ‘flee far from it’!... their ‘wills’, will be ‘fixed’

So continue to warn, about ‘the dangers’, and ‘the perils, of sin’ - so that people, can choose to ‘flee far from it’!  But oncethe mark of the beast comes – upon the Face of the Earth: then, they will have lost their chance, ‘to choose’; and their ‘wills’, will be ‘fixed’, until ‘the appointed time’.

Jesus said: Here, is Elijah.

There was ‘famine’ – upon the land.  And no rain, fellin that time

Elijah said: For three years, there was ‘famine’ – upon the land.  And no rain, fellin that time.  And the people were starving, and ‘dying of hunger’; for their cattle, and all of their animals, had to be used, for foodor they died, ‘naturally’.  According, to the will, of the Lord, I prayed that ‘no rain would fall’ –until the three years had endedThen, I went to see Ahab - and this, is where he called me, his enemy!  And I slew, ‘the prophets of Baal’.  Then the Lord, sent the rain, down, upon the Earth – once again. 

‘A three and a half year spiritual famine’ – allover the World

Why am I telling you this?  But to compare, ‘the three year drought, to ‘a three and a half year spiritual famine’ – all over the World.  Which one is worse?  For the people do not even know that they are famished! – that there is ‘a hunger inside them’ – for the Truth! – for the Word of the Lord. Because they have chosen to be deadspirituallyWhat life is there in souls, who choose, to be ‘spiritually – famished’!

They see themselves as ‘filled’; when they are ‘truly empty’.

In my time, there were not ‘things’, to distract people, from the reality, of ‘a famine’ - from the reality of ‘no rain’!  - from the reality of ‘dying crops’! – and dying children.  But now in your time, there, is ‘a spiritual famine’ – of larger ‘Biblical proportions’!  And the people, are ‘in ignorance’, of this fact.  They see themselves as ‘filled’; when they are ‘truly empty’.  They see their churches, as ‘holy places’; when they are ‘surely desolate’! – and, ‘an abomination unto the Lord’.  For He says, “What man exalts, is ‘an abomination unto God”.  These words are true! 

They would find the truth – through ‘silent  reflection’

If only people, would ‘look around, themselves’, and see, what ‘their World’ has become.  And look inside, and see ‘what has become: their World’!  They would find the truth – through ‘silent  reflection’.  But the people do notdesire this’. For as I said before, their minds, are ‘far away’ – from the Lord’s Ways.  So ‘out of their minds! – are they. 

The Lord’s TestimonyHere is ‘where they will find Life’!

If they would look: inside their home, through ‘the Eyes, of the Living God’, they would see, abominations and sins ‘in their midst’!   If they had ‘any fear of the Lord at all’! – they would remove, their televisions, from their homes.  And they would instead read: the Lord’s Testimony.  For truly Here is ‘where they will find Life’

‘The mark of the beast’ is coming upon them – this Christmas

But if they do not know that they are ‘dead’ – to the Lord, How can they find ‘life’ in Him, and through His words?  So ‘the mark of the beast’ is coming upon them – this Christmas – to ‘reveal to their hearts’, where they have sinned; and ‘with the Flames’, they will experience ‘eternal consequences’, of ‘their chosen lifestyle’.  But it doesn’t ‘have to be’ for Eternity – if only they would choose to repent! – and ‘turn back to the Lord with all their hearts’.  For they are so ‘far, far away from Him’. 

He is coming back ‘this Christmas’ with ‘a Vengeance’!

What ‘the people of this generation’ are rejoicing in, is ‘an abomination unto the Lord’.  Drinking, carousing, reveling, watching television, or movies – these ‘things’, are ‘all abominations’, unto the Lord!  The reason I say, “unto the Lord”, is because: these, are ‘their offerings’ to Him.  But He desires: ‘their hearts’not ‘things’; not ‘position’; not ‘status’!  For as, the Blessed Virgin Mary said: What the Lord requires you will give!  Because He is coming back ‘this Christmas’ with ‘a Vengeance’!  Either give Him your heartsall you people, and ‘acknowledge your sinfulness’; or ‘be swallowed-up by the Whale’, and enter into ‘the beast state’.
Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jesus said: Here is Saint Gabriel, the Archangel

I am ‘Chief Messenger’, of the Lord, God of Hosts… ‘take courage’

Saint Gabriel the Archangel said:  I am ‘Chief Messenger’, of the Lord, God of Hosts.  And I come,to you both, with ‘this peaceful message’: to ‘take courage’, and ‘be strong’in the Lord.  For He will ‘protect you’! – throughout, ‘all the coming turmoil’, upon the Face of the Earth. 

The Lord God of Hosts, sends ‘Messengers’… You both, have been sent

We Angels, are ‘very busy’ – ‘carrying out’ the Commands, and Orders, of the Lord God of Hosts!  People, do not understand (- in the futility of their minds, and darkened intellects), that the Lord God of Hosts, sends ‘Messengers’for ‘a reason’.  Usually, it is ‘to warn’; or, it is ‘a peaceful message’ – of encouragement; or, it is simply, ‘a Declaration’ for ‘what is to Come’You both, have been sent, by the Lord God of Hosts, on behalf of Humanity – for their good and not for their evil.  Just as I was sent - from Heaven, with ‘various tasks and missions’, to carry out - upon the Face of the Earth.

I was sent, to the Blessed Virgin Mary

I was sent, to the Blessed Virgin Mary – to give here ‘the good news’ – that she, should bear a Son, and call His Name, Jesus!  That ‘the power, of the Holy Spirit’, would ‘come over her’, and she would conceivethrough Him.  What a miracle it was!! – for her to ‘conceive’ withoutknowing man’.  How, could this have happened? – withoutDivine intervention’, in Mary and Joseph’s life?  But at the same time, ‘great news’ was revealed – to the both of them, also, ‘a great scourge’ came. 

I told Joseph, in a dream, to “take Mary, and flee to Egypt!”

For Herod, became ‘jealous’; and he thought his ‘empire and kingdom’, would be ‘threatened’ – by the birth, of the Coming Messiah.  So evenbefore, she was able to give birth (through ‘Divine intervention’), the child’s life was in danger.  And Herod, ‘sent out’ his soldiers, and had them kill: all the males, under two years of age!  But I told Joseph, in a dream, to “take Mary, and flee to Egypt!”; for it was not ‘safe’, any longer – in Bethlehem.

Herod, represents all those, who want to kill life

Oh what ‘a joyous time’ it was!  But there were many ‘sufferings’ – that the both of them, had to endure!  For indeed, Herod, represents all those, who want to kill lifebefore it is conceived; who desire “death!” – before life can ‘enter in’; before life, can be born.  This was not: “just life coming into the World”!  But He – the Lord God of Hosts, is: ‘the Light, of the World’.  But peoplejust like ‘in that time’, ‘hated, the Light’, and want ‘to snuff it out’ as quickly as possible

The Lord God of Hosts, is ‘striking’ all the people… ‘This Christmas

So in their response, to ‘the gift of life’ – within their wombs, and within their souls: the Lord God of Hosts, is ‘striking’ all the people – ‘a Heavy Blow’! – striking their foreheads, with ‘the mark of the beastI, and ‘the Holy Angels’ under Me, as well as Saint Michael, and ‘the Heavenly Armies’, have been ‘sent-out’, with the Vengeance of the Most High True God - For ‘this Christmas’, will be ‘very different’, than ‘all of the other ones’, that mankind has experienced.  For never have they all experiencedthe flames

I have ‘sorrow’ in my heart…  because they want ‘other things’ instead.

I have ‘sorrow’ in my heart (– as I do ‘have a heart’ – as all Angelsbeat’, ‘with one pulse’), as I ‘carry out’ His Plans against this Era; but Joy also at serving, the Living God!: the God, above all other ‘gods’ – the One who Made me; the One who Created my friends (- the other Angels); the One, who fills me with His Love, each day – as it is ‘Eternal Day’ – in HeavenAs I do His Will He fills me, with the Love, that He desires ‘all mankind’ to embrace.  But they won’t, because they want ‘other things’ instead. 
Jesus said: Here is, Elijah.

For their ‘god’, was dead! – lifeless!... he did not answer!

Elijah said: When I slew, ‘the prophets of Baal’, it was because, of their ‘arrogance’! – before the Lord God of Heaven – before ‘the Most High True God of the Living’.  For their ‘god’, was dead! – lifeless!  And he, was not able, ‘to set the wood on fire’!  Though, the prophets: screamed, and yelled, and ‘called out’to ‘their god’ – to light the fire, on the wood, of the altar; it never happened.  They spent hours, upon hours, pleading, with their ‘Baal’; but he did not answer!  And before, the wood, was ‘set, on fire’ – by My God – of the Living! – I asked, that the wood, be ‘drenched’, soaked through, and through.  And I prayed; and I called out – to the Lord Most High True God – to light, the wood, on fire.  To show ‘all those around’, that the God I worship,truly answers, prayers.  And, He was able to do, ‘what I asked’Because ‘it was His Will’; and, so that His Name, would be glorified! – among the people there

Fire came down – from the Heavens… For truly ‘their god was desolate’!

Immediately fire came down – from the Heavens, in the form of ‘a lightning bolt’; and the wood, was kindled.  And the prophets of Baal, knew that their lies, and trickeries – by getting the people to believe, ‘in their god’ – were ‘brought to the light’.  For truly ‘their god was desolate’! – and could not answer, any of their prayers.  And so, ‘as was agreed’, I slew ‘the prophets, of the false god’

Now ‘literal fire’, does not come down… As ‘the wicked are slain’! – by ‘the Word

And I am doing so, again – through the both of you.  For truly my spirit, is with you – as you listen, to the ‘true inspirations’, from ‘the Holy Spirit of the Living God’.  Now ‘literal fire’, does not come down, ‘from the Heavens’ – in this time.  But ‘what happened back then’, - in ‘my time’ – during, that ‘incident’, was simply an allegory, for ‘the Fire of Truth’ – pouring forth from your mouths, ‘to consume your foes’.  As ‘the wicked are slain’! – by ‘the Word’, of the Most High True God’s: Testimony. 

Jezebelcursed me!...  But the curse ‘only fell back upon her’

For it is evident to those, who visit His website, that you worship, ‘a different God’.  And they believe, that theirs is the one, who will protect them, from the Most High True God’s wordsThey believe, ‘the way, that they have come to know ‘the bible’, that this, will protect them – from your God.  They see, your God, as mean; angry! – and ‘filled with wrath’For I tell you my brother and my sister: that this is exactly, how Ahab, saw me.   He evencalled me’: his enemy!  But it was he, who was ‘the enemy of the Most High True God.  And it was Jezebel, who ‘vowed before her Baal’, to ‘take me out’!  And she cursed me! – by the name of: the Most High True God.  But the curse ‘only fell back upon her’ – as she was ‘devoured by the dogs.’ 

All the people… are going to be treated like the woodkindled! – with ‘fire

It is ‘imprudent’ to be ‘an enemy, of the Most High True God’.  But people are ‘choosing this’ – on ‘a daily basis’!  For we in Heaven, watch souls, here on Earth.  They think! – we are ‘all wrapped up’ – in praising God; and so that we, will not know, what they choose to do with their time.  As I am ‘one of The Living Creatures’! – it is ‘one of my Duties’, to see, the World; to watch them and their choices.  For I have ‘eyes in front and behind.  For I have ‘a portion of the True Holy Spirit’particular, to my vocation, upon the Earth. I have not changed much – I am still ‘a Prophet of the Most High True God’.  And I Prophesy, to ‘all the people, on the Face of the Earth: that they are going to be treated like the wood, that the Most High True God kindled! – with ‘fire, from Heaven’ - by the Two, Witnesses, asking the Most High True God, for His Justice! – to rain down, upon, the Earth. 

‘The minds, of beasts’! – will, be placed inside you

There are Two Witnesses – in Heaven: Moses, and myself.  And we, are in ‘the Courts, of the Most High True God’ – awaiting, the revelation, of His Judgmentsupon the Earth.  And there are Two Witnesses, on the Earth, who have seen ‘what the World, has become’; and, who know, the Most High True God, as I did – when I was Prophesying, ‘walking the Earth’.  They know, His Ways, my people; but you, do not!!  For the Ways, of the Most High True God, are, far! – from your minds.  So out, of your minds, are they, that, ‘Nature, hates a void’So, ‘the minds, of beasts’! – will, be placed inside you, instead.  And you will ‘come to know’, that the Most High True God, is ‘a God of Power and Might’!  And that His Strength is ‘Righteousness’ – and so are His servants strengthened.  But you, are ‘abased and far, from His Mind’!  As you all have: exalted yourselves, falsely!  Because He is Coming, and you cannot escape: His ‘Royal Decrees’.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Jesus said: Here, is Nebuchadnezzar, formerly known as ‘King Nebuchadnezzar’. 
I, was humbled- before the Lord God – of Heaven and Earth!

Nebuchadnezzar said:  And I, was humbled- before the Lord God – of Heaven and Earth!  And my majesty, kingdom, and glory, were taken from me – as Iexalted myself’, above ‘all other kings, I had heard of’.  I listened to the counsel of “fools”.  And I was praised, day in, day out.  And their ‘flatteries’, continued without ceasing!  Because of all that I had been given

In my own mind… I began to see myself as, ‘a demigod’!

But in my own mind I said to myself, “this kingdom is my kingdom.  And these people are ‘mine to do with’, as, I please!  There is no other kingout there, who could match my kingship.”  For I looked out, on the balcony, one day, and I saw ‘how vast my kingship went’ – how far it spread!  And I thought about ‘how people feared me’!  And I began to see myself as, ‘a demigod’And, I acknowledged, that I was like, ‘the son of the gods’! – because of all that I had.  And I said to myself, “I have gotten these things!  No one gave them to me!  These are my riches and this is my palaceWho shall take these things from me? – there is no one!!” 

An Angel from the Lord… decreed... that ‘a mind of a beast’, be put inside – my head!

And immediately an Angel from the Lord, appeared.  He was like ‘a Messenger, from the Heavens’. And he decreed to me! – that because I had exalted myself, in my own heart, and that because I was proud – of all, my,wealth.  That all of it, shall be taken from me.  And that ‘a mind of a beast’, be put inside – my head!  And that I should be made to dwell with the beasts of the field – and eat grass! – like an ox.  And be wet with the dew – from Heaven! – until seven times should pass over me. 

What a terrifying message – from the Heavens!

What, a horrible, thought!  What a terrifying message – from the Heavens!  But immediately, they were fulfilled.  As I was to learn: that the Most High True God owns the Heavens, and the Earth.   Owns, the kingdoms, and palaces, and kings!  And that ‘all royal authority, and dominion, and power, belongs to Him!  And He gives it to ‘whomever he chooses!’ 

I was sentenced there, because: of Pride

So as I am ‘wet with the dew from Heaven’, and my nails begin to grow like ‘bird’s claws’, I do realize, that even in that ‘state’, that I was sentenced there, because: of Pride – because I thought I was better, than the God of Heaven.  I saw myself as ‘a demigod’ – who deserved ‘to be worshiped by others’.  But how flawed that thinking was – as I was ‘quickly to learn’ – that all Glory, Honor, Praise!!, Power and Dominion, belongs, to the Holy of Holies!

But never again, did I exalt myself… above… “The God of the Holy Gods”

And I had to spend seven years, ‘in this state’Repenting of my sinfulness,every day!!  Feeling remorse in ‘that state’ is ‘not easy’.  Because ‘beasts’, do not have remorse! – for killing ‘other beasts’.  I had to choose: the Lord God of Heaven and Earth; and repent.  But until my sentence was over, I remained ‘in that state’Even with all the tears ‘I mustered up’seven years later! – my kingdom; my throne; my authority; and my scepter; and my glory – were all returned to me. But never again, did I exalt myself – in my own heart – above, the Holy of Holies.  I called Him, “The God of the Holy Gods”.  But truly ‘there are no other ‘gods’ – before Him’And peace, returned to my kingdom – for ‘a time’.

Do not believe, that He will not ‘carry out’ – His plans, to ‘mark everyone’, this Christmas!

So I suggest that all those, who choose ‘not to believe’, the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, is serious! – when he says “the mark of the beast is coming” – I urge ‘all those souls’, to ‘read my message once again’ – to realize that I was ‘the precedent’ for what is to befall the Face of the Earth, this Christmas!!  Do not ‘mess’, with the Holy of Holies!  Do not believe, that He will not ‘carry out’ – His plans, to ‘mark everyone’, this Christmas!  For all those, who exalt themselves, will be humbled, before Him.
Jesus said: Here is, Saint Peter.
Now is the time, for His Justice

Saint Peter said: The Lord is not ‘slow about His Coming’! – as some, would count as ‘slowness’.  But, He is ‘forbearing’, with us – desiring that ‘none of us’, would ‘perish’!  I wrote this many thousands of years ago.  And now the Lord has come!  And His Justice, has begun, to ‘rain upon the Earth’!  For the Earth is the Lord’s, and all that is in it!  The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars! – are all his ‘decorations’!  Heaven, is His! – it is where, He is ‘Seated, on the Throne’!  And the Earth, is ‘His footstool’! And He shall crush, ‘the wicked’, with ‘a heavy vengeance’!  Because now is the time, for His Justice.

That is why, it was ‘necessary’, that this Gospel, be made ‘available’

At the time I was writing, much of ‘what I was saying’, I was speaking, to the people, who still had ‘some mercy left inside themselves’!  I was speaking to people who were ‘filled with’ the True Holy Spirit.  But if people read my letters today, they can read them - in ‘complete ignorance’, of the Truth: that the Lord Jesus Christ, has Removed! – His Presence, from this EarthNow He is Seated, at the Right Hand, of God the Eternal Father in HeavenRuling, with ‘a Rod of IronThat is why, it was ‘necessary’, that this Gospel, be made ‘available’, to the people, of this time and Age. For the Lord Jesus Christ’s Testimony, is ‘the same Spirit’, as ‘the Spirit’I was inspired to write with.  I was inspired, by ‘the living Word of God’, to preach to, and ‘teach the people’, of my Age and generation

They receive, ‘the inspired Word of the True Holy Spirit’ – as I did!

Now, the Lord Jesus Christ’s, Two Witnesses! – have received, ‘this same Gospel’ – the ‘Eternal Gospel’! – written, in a language, of the True Holy Spirit, for ‘the people of this time and Age’.  For the Lord’s Second Coming is not so much, about ‘two individuals’; but is about: what they represent!  And they represent the Lord Jesus Christ!  And they receive, ‘the inspired Word of the True Holy Spirit’ – as I did!  For you do not put: old wine into new wine skins; or new wine into old wine skins – because ‘the skins’, they will burst!  And ‘the wine’, will be lost.  In this ‘day and Age’, it was ‘imperative’ that the Lord Jesus Christ, ‘inspire souls’, to write down, His, ‘Holy Word’, in a way that people of this ‘generation’, have ‘no excuse’, for rejecting. 

The word of the Lord Jesus Christ, is ‘a two-edged sword’!

The word of the Lord Jesus Christ, is ‘a two-edged sword’!  Now that can be read two different ways: Perhaps, that there would be ‘a blade’ at either end! – that ‘the sword’ would be ‘sharp’ from both sides! - And as He has said before, ‘it pierces the heart of the listener’ and the one proclaiming the words; another meaning – ‘a deeper layer’, is ‘uncovered’.  It also means that ‘once the sword’, ‘pierces the soul’ - as it has ‘two sharp edges’, ‘the wound’, ‘never heals’ – ‘the cartilage’ is severed! - ‘the flesh’, is cut!

Those, who ‘desire to benefit’… must not, be afraid… to be ‘cut by the words’!

This allegory, is, to represent, what the Lord Jesus Christ expects, from those, who ‘desire to benefit’, from, His wordFirst of all, they must not, be afraid, to be ‘wounded by it’! – to be ‘cut by the words’!  And then they must ‘desire’: to live, ‘the word of God’ – fully! – relying, on His Strength! – as the word, ‘continues to pierce’ through ‘the flesh’ – to ‘the heart’.  Why else would we need the Lord Jesus Christ’s Strength? – unless, we were all ‘wounded soldiers in the battlefield’Those who say, they do not need, the Lord Jesus Christ’s Testimony! – are ‘the ones, who are dead!’

The Unborn: The messages from "the suffering souls, the unborn", can be found here at THIS LINK.
Jesus said: Here, is Jonah.
After spending three days, in an ‘actual whale’

Jonah said: When I arrived, in Nineveh, after spending three days, in an ‘actual whale’ – within his mouth! – I was pondering, in my own heart, ‘what, I had just undergone’ – to get there – in this place, called Nineveh!  I was ‘greatly troubled’ – in my own spirit, because I was given ‘a severe, wake-up call’ – from the Lord, as I protested ‘His Will’, and ‘His Commands.  I turned away from Him, when He asked me, to prophesy, against the city.  I knew ‘what had happened to prophets before’; and I was ‘afraid for my life’.  Bad Idea! – as I was quickly, to learn: that it is better, ‘to Fear the Lord’, than to try to ‘save my own life’.  Because I ended up ‘losing it’, for three days – inside a wildbeast of the Ocean’. 

I didn’t know when, it was going to end!

As, I was there, the Lord ‘protected me’ from any ‘physical deformities’ – protected me from the stomach ‘acids’ – inside ‘the creature’What ‘a horrible smell’ it wasAnd the worst thing about it: was that I didn’t know when, it was going to end!  I prayed, and prayed, and prayedwithin, ‘this beast state – I was ‘undergoing’.  But the Lord did not answer, my prayer. 

Had I not done those things, I wouldn’t be, ‘within the beast’!

The second day – I did ‘a thorough examination’ of my own conscience – before the Lord; and I recognized ‘my own sinfulness’,and wretchedness.  And, ‘it occurred to me’, that I was there – because of Him! – because, he chose to punish me, for ‘running away from the Truth’, and for ‘turning inwards’.  And had I not done those things, I wouldn’t be, ‘within the beast’! 

All I could think of, was “Get me Out of this Place”!!!

Now the Lord showed Mercy to me – even, in ‘that state’. As He had, the whale, close, his mouth and not eat – for three daysWhatever, was ‘left behind’ – inside him – was so ‘foul’! – I could not think of eating.  All I could think of, was “Get me Out of this Place”!!!

The whale… ‘spit me out’… because, I, spit out: the words of the Most High True God

The third day: I was inside the whale, weeping, ‘bitter tears of agony and distress’, and I asked the Lord, that I should die!  But he ‘kept me alive’ those days.  And thenall of a sudden’ – at the end, of the third day, the whale, was ‘beached on a shore, and opened his mouth, and ‘spit me out’!  Why - that is like adding insult, to injury!  And I was angry with the Lord afterwards – Bad Idea!  My heart, was immediately ‘convicted’, that the reason I was ‘spit out’ of the whale’s mouth, was because, I, spit out: the words of the Most High True God.  I became ‘lukewarm’ to Him.  And that is how he treats the lukewarm

I proclaimed these words… of the Lord.  If I hadn’t done that…‘the blood of those people, would be upon me’.

Now as I arrived in Nineveh, I almost had ‘no strength left’.  And I had to travel a couple of days on top of ‘everything else I endured’.  I thought in my heart, “I am still being punished”! -  and rightly so!  For I had ‘scorned the Lord’ - I ‘pretended, that he never gave me, His words of Truth, and life’.  And so I proclaimed these words, in the city, “Yet forty days, and Nineveh will be overthrown!”  And I saw ‘how the people responded’ – putting on sackcloth, and ashes – from the King, of the City, to the poorest of the poor.  Because they ‘began to acknowledge, that a prophet was among them; as I had declared the words, of the Lord.  If I hadn’t done that, surely Nineveh,would have been overthrown!  And ‘the blood of those people, would be upon me’. 

When He commands something, it will be done; or there will be Hell – to pay

Sometimes, we cannot see the whole picture; and we do not know the reason why the Lord asks us ‘certain things’.  But I will guarantee you, when He commands something, it will be done; or there will be Hell – to pay.  He is not ‘a pushover’.  And I will admit that I was “upset” – afterwardsBecause the people repented, and the Lord did not ‘overthrow the city’Because of ‘everything I had to endure’, I thought “surely this wicked city would be punished as I was”!  But I learned ‘a hard lesson’.  And I thank the Lord for His Discipline.  And now I am with Him for All Eternity.  Because He Disciplines, every son, that He receives.  What father, would not ‘discipline his child’ – if they were misbehaving.  If a father ‘loved his child’, surely, he would discipline him – to ‘help correct him’ – so that he, can become, ‘a better child’ making ‘better choices’.

Jesus said: Here, is David – formerly known as “King David”

The Mercy of the Lord, endures for ever!...  But to the wicked, He is afar off!

David said: The Mercy of the Lord, endures for ever!  And his faithfulness - to all generations.  But to the wicked, He is afar off!  He hides, his Face, from them.  They seek Him not.  He pulls back ‘His Arrow – of Judgment – to pierce, through their hearts.  They ‘Feel it’ not.  It is as though, ‘a feather’, were ‘tickling’ them.  They err, in all, their ways.  And they do not seek – the Counsel of the Lord, God of Hosts

Souls, will ‘find their purpose’in life… through suffering… but not ‘apart from it’

When I was in the desert (– for many years), I was ‘anointed’ as King (- before I fled into the wilderness); for Saul pursued my life!  And I have ‘come to know’, that ‘under adversity, and trials, and sufferings’, that that is where souls, will ‘find their purpose’in life.  They will ‘come to know the Lord’ – through suffering; and through ‘patient endurance’ – but not ‘apart from it’. 

I composed many of the Psalms, while I was ‘out in the desert’

I composed many of the Psalms, while I was ‘out in the desert’ - Psalms, that were given to Me from ‘the Heavens’, so that I should declare ‘the Mighty and Awesome works’ – of the Lord!  But I did not ‘know at the time, that my Psalms would be so ‘beneficial to people’ – in the future.  But I ‘tell you all’, I ‘drew strength’ – from praising the Lord, every day, and every evening.  And I sought His Counsel, often.  And it was He who ‘led me through’ the ‘trials’ and ‘sufferings’.  And it was His Strength, that helped me, to get through ‘the wilderness’ – to become the King, of Israel

The Lord taught me Justice… He taught me Discipline – as I was ‘afflicted’ many times

And it is ‘in the wilderness’, that I learned my ‘purpose’.  It is there, that I was given Hope.  If I had not gone through, ‘the wilderness of Ziph’, and ‘other such places’, then surely I would not have been the King – that I was.  For the Lord taught me Justice, Peace, and Equity!  He taught me how to be, ‘impartial’, in dealing with others.  And surely He taught me Discipline – as I was ‘afflicted’ many times.  And when I slew, ‘the giant – “Goliath” – when he fell down, because of the stones, in my ‘sling bag’; the Lord gave me strength even then, so that the Philistines, would be forced to flee - so no longer, would they curse – the Name of My God, in ‘the Holy Land’.

Because I cooperated; and I sought Him… I learned ‘true righteousness’ … ‘steadfastness, in the Truth’

The Lord gave me Strength, to become a Saint, in Heaven.  But only because I cooperated; and I sought Him, in ‘times of trouble and distress’.  And I learned, to rely on Him, for my ‘victories’.  And I learned, ‘righteousness.  Not that I was always ‘in the right’; but I learned ‘true righteousness’ – and that is ‘steadfastness, in the Truth’.  I was scourged, for my iniquities; and my wicked sins; and the Lord ‘chastened me’ many times.  But I learned, ‘to fear His Holy Name’, and to grow, in my love and devotion to Him, and His Ways.  The Lord, chastens, the wicked, in the hopes that they will repent, and ‘turn back to Him’.  But, do not think, that the Mercy, of the Lord, will protect you, if you ‘stubbornly embrace’ – those things that offend Him.  For He is ‘Holiness’.  And He asks all, of his Disciples to become ‘Holy’ – that is ‘sinners, striving – for holiness’!  As He came to call the one, that is, ‘lost’; not ‘the ninety-nine self-righteous’.
Greener Pastures
James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Friday, November 30, 2012

Jesus said: Here, is Saint John the Apostle.

Saint John the Apostle… exiled, to the Isle of Patmos

Saint John the Apostle said: When I was exiled, to the Isle of Patmos (- on account of bearing testimony, to Jesus Christ the Lord), I was ‘greatly alarmed in my spirit’, because there was ‘no other life’ – out there on the Island.  And what I mean is: there were no ‘souls’, that could receive, the Gospel – that had been ‘passed down’ to me.  And in my loneliness, I cried out the Lord, for strength – to endure whatever may happen to me, while I was there.  And then, I began to see visions

An Angel appeared to me!..  Saint MichaelAnd then he began to show me, signs

An Angel appeared to me!  And this was Saint Michael.  And I was ‘greatly alarmed’ once again.  Because I was ‘not used to’ casual encounters, with ‘the Holy Angels’.  I felt fear, and trembling from the top of my head to my toes!  And thought “surely I would faint – at this awesome sight!”  And this was ‘only an Angel of the Lord’. But I did not know what I was to do.  So I bowed down to him.  But he told me not to do that, as he was ‘a fellow Servant’ – of the Lord Jesus Christ.  And then he began to show me, signs. And I heard ‘a voice’ say, “Write down - all that you see, in the scroll, that you have with you.”  So I wrote it all down – everything I was commanded to.  I even wrote down, all of ‘the Letters, to the churches’. 

Behold, the Majesty of God’!...  I saw ‘the visions’ – for these End Times

Now as I am writing, I am ‘wondering to myself what it all means’.  But I was ‘behind the veil’ at the time, and had ‘limited vision’.  For who can know the Mind of Our Lord Jesus Christ?  And who, could discern, His Ways?  All the while, I am ‘being shown, the visions’ – by Saint Michael His Archangel, I am still ‘greatly alarmed’, as I ‘begin to behold, the Majesty of God’!  Then my ‘alarmment’, turned to excitement - as I realized, I was beholding the Kingdom of Heaven.  And as I wrote down the visions of the End Times (– which are ‘these times now’), all I could truly focus on, was the Majesty, of the Creator of the Universe!  I saw, other Saints in Heaven as well as Angels.  But nothing could compare, to the Glory, of ‘the Immortal Godhead’.  And in My heart, I had ‘a foretaste’ – of this ‘Heavenly Abode’.  And all I could think of, was how I wanted everyone! – to come here.  And even though, I saw ‘the visions’ – for these End Times, it is still nothing compared to the Glory, of the Lamb of God, whom I am with now! 

Listen when Heaven speaks!

And I encourage all souls, to listen when Heaven speaks! – so that they too can experience, ‘the fruits of it’.  For isn’t, the Most High True God bringing Heaven, down to Earth?!   For He wishes to dwell with His Peopleafter this Age is over, once again. 

The Door, to ‘the Wedding Feast’, is only ‘Open’ for a time…

You people on Earth think that ‘television  brings you happiness; but you are so far from the Truth!  If you believe this World is anything like the nextYou need ‘a yearning in your souls – for this ‘Heavenly Abode’.  For God the Eternal Father in Heaven’ has ‘many mansions’, and many rooms.  He desires, to fill them all, with souls – who are ‘yearning for Him’.  But as Our Blessed Mother said, “You need to repent of ‘all forms of wickedness’, and all ‘idolatry’, and pray!” – Pray like you’ve never prayed before!  Seek like you’ve never sought before!  Knock on the Door to Heaven like you’ve never ‘knocked’ before.  Because the Door, to ‘the Wedding Feast’, is only ‘Open’ for a time, times, and half a time.
Jesus said: Here, is Lazarus.

In the time, that I spent, in the tomb… I was being ‘continually purified in my interior life’

Lazarus said: In the time, that I spent, in the tomb – in the cave, covered by a rock, My soul, was in ‘a certain place’, where ‘all of the souls of the Just’, would bebefore the Lord was Resurrected.  And in this place, it was though, I was being ‘continually purified in my interior life’ – so that when Our Lord resurrected me; so that, when he ‘raised me up’, I would be better, than I was before I died.  This is an allegory.  For souls that choose ‘to die to themselves’ – Our Lord has promised Eternal Life.  To souls, that would choose ‘to lose their lives in this World’ – for His sake, He has promised Eternal Life. 

My relationship, with my two sisters, became “blessedas well

Never was I ‘the same man’; and my faith, in the Lord Jesus Christ, only increased!   And my relationship, with my two sisters, became “blessedas well.  You know it was because of Martha’s sins that I was ‘taken’because of the ‘wickedness’ in her own ‘interior life’ at the time.  And it was for Martha’s sake that I was ‘risen’.  For she did not believe, as strongly, as Mary did.  And she had many ‘demons’ she was battling, in her ‘interior life’; and Martha was ‘sore’, at the Lord Jesus Christ – for my death!  But when I was resurrected, she, and those who saw me became ‘different people’

Our Lord Jesus Christ… had been given Power, over death

The peoplesaw the signs’, that Our Lord Jesus Christ did; but they ‘missed altogether’, that He was to ‘rise from the dead’ as well.  He said ‘I was but sleeping’!   Because he wanted to show the people, that He had been given Power, over death – so that they ‘may come to believe’ and ‘change their ways’!  Our Lord taught many lessons and they are hidden throughout ‘all of Scripture’; and only those who seek them will find them.He, is unveiling the secrets of His Heart through, His, Testimony. 

The only Testimony that truly matters, is the one, given – from Above!

Everyone has “testimonies”; but the only Testimony that truly matters, is the one, given – from Above!  Truly I cannot see, His “Grand Design”. But even now in Heaven, I still learn.  I am learning of His merciful Love, for His children, for the Elect; but also His severe Justice upon ‘wickedness’.  For Martha, it was ‘a very hard lesson’; for Mary, she ‘only increased in faith’; for me, I would not ‘be here today’, if it wasn’t for His merciful Love. 
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jesus said: Here is, Saint Michael, My Archangel.

Here is, Saint Michael, My Archangel
Saint Michael the Archangel said: I stand before, the Lord of Hosts, and I am His Angel, and Commander, of His, Armies.  So great, is the Host, of Heaven!  And I, am ‘the Angel with the Sword’: with ‘the Flaming Sword’, I stood, at the entrance, to the Garden, of EdenAnd, I, guarded souls, from partaking, of ‘the Tree of Life’.  As they were cut-off from it. 

I, was ‘the Angel, who ministered to the Lord, in the Garden’

But in His Mercy, the Lord sent His Son, Jesus Christ: to die, on the Cross, for mankind’s sins; so ‘the Gates of Heaven’, could be opento them, once again.  I, was ‘the Angel, who ministered to the Lord, in the Garden’, of ‘the Mount of Olives’.  I fed him food from Heaven, and consoled Him, in His AgonyI, was His ‘Guardian Angel’.  Even though He ‘really didn’t need me’ (- because He was perfect, and never did He sin), in His Humility, He had Me, minister to Him – while He was on the Earth

He has ‘sent Me out’… to take Armies, of ‘the Host of Heaven’… and administer: His, Divine, Wrath!

Now, He has ‘sent Me out’, once again, with ‘a flaming Sword’ – to bury deep, into the hearts of sinners – everywhere!  And He has ‘commissioned Me’, to take Armies, of ‘the Host of Heaven’, and go out to ‘all the churches’ – round about, and administer: His, Divine, Wrath!    Now this is going to happen – within ‘the next little while’, because: you both are in ‘the Time of the End; and ‘things, are different now’; and just as I protected, Elijah, with ‘the Heavenly Host’ – at his side, so too do I protect the both of you!  As I have been ‘commissioned’ to do so.  And I have been assigned, as ‘your Guardian Angel’.  And I have been assigned, to protect ‘the Testimony going out to All the Nations’.  And I have been assigned to protect Our Lord’s website, from being shut down. 

‘The priests, of Jezebel’… are all ‘going to be taken down’

‘The priests, of Jezebel’, are many, in this World; and they are all ‘going to be taken down’.  Because the Most High True God has ‘this purpose’ in Mind.  And I will carry out His Will against all, of the Nations. 

‘All of Heaven’… are against those, who are against: Our Two Witnesses

Jesus said:  That was Saint Michael My children.  And I am going to be keeping him ‘very busy’ – over the next year, for he has ‘much work to do’.  As for ‘the countdown’, you are in it.  As for the Saints and the Angels coming to minister – to your souls, and to the Peoples’, who will respond: it is ‘simply to show others’, that ‘All of Heaven’ is ‘on your side’.  And that We are against those, who are against: Our Two Witnesses.  It is to show you that ‘you are not alone’; and that you have many, many souls, who ‘desire the End to come!’ They do share, in your sentiments! Life, as you know it, is about to change.  But you will be able to adapt ‘quite quickly’ with My Graces.  I am showing the people that I am ‘not messing around’; and that when they ‘take-on My Testimony’, they are taking on: ‘the Whole Host of Heaven’.  But have courage My children, because I have sent Saint Michael to ‘take down’ the Priests of Jezebel. 

Jesus said: Here is Moses.

And hail was sent … ‘the heavy weight’, that is now coming upon ‘peoples’ conscience’
Moses said: The Commandments of the Lord, are pure and simple – rejoicing the upright, of heart.  But they are ‘a burden and  a weight’ – upon those who ‘stubbornly walk opposed – to them’!  And hail was sent down – from Heaven, weighing ‘a hundred weight’.  And the hail, fell – upon the men of the Earth.  “So great was the hail” - this is ‘allegory’: for ‘the heavy weight’, that is now coming upon ‘peoples’ conscience

Repent... ‘revere the Lord God of Hosts’… ask Him to remove the next plague

But will they repent? – my brother and my sister, will they ‘revere the Lord God of Hosts’? – and ask Him to remove the next plague?  Or will they stubbornly walk in their own ways/ - lapping-up, the evils, of this life.  You know the answer to this!  For is it not written – in the Book of Revelations: how the people responded, to the Ten Plagues; and to ‘the Bowls of the Most High True God’s, Wrath’

There is so much suffering, and pain coming to this World

Remember what our Blessed Mother said: the Wrath of the Lord, is upon all those, who stubbornly refuse to repent - their kingdom is ‘in darkness’, and their light is ‘the abomination that makes desolate’; how will they fare?  Oh there is so much suffering, and pain coming to this World – and it will be far worse than the Ten Plagues of Egypt.  Yes, “Pharaoh’s heart was ‘hardened’, until he himself was hurt the most”, - I quote, God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  The people have refused to walk in His ways.  And ‘the Hammer has come down! 

Rely solely on the Lord God of Hosts

I know what that is like, as I have ‘experienced it’ for myself.  In leading ‘the whole Nation of Israel, I was ‘put to the test’ – ‘many a time’.  And ‘many a time’ I had the desire ‘to give up’ on the people!  But with the Lord’s strength, I kept ‘pushing forward’, even though I had to endure: many, many years in the wilderness – with ‘a stiff-necked people’!  In order to ‘continue on’ in my Mission, I needed to rely solely on the Lord God of Hosts.  For one day, the people would be for me; and the next day they wanted to kill me.  I had to endure many physical hardships as well.  It was not easy for the people of Israel to ‘get through’ the wilderness.  And many, many of them died there – never getting to see ‘the promised Land’.  I myself was left outside ‘the promised Land’; but I am happy, to be here in Heaven with the Lord!  Because it is much better – to be ‘with Him’, than having to ‘traverse this Earth’. 

All those who ‘desire the promised Land’… start by repenting

I encourage all those who ‘desire the promised Land’ (- that is, the spiritual allegory, for Heaven), to start by repenting in their hearts of ‘all wickedness’; and to turn wholeheartedly to the Lord, Jesus Christ – that He may forgive all of your iniquities, and that you may be saved, from His Divine Wrath. 

The Lord Jesus Christ, will do ‘wonders’

My brother and my sister: you, are safe in this place – in this ‘tiny abode’.  The Lord Jesus Christ, will do ‘wonders’Just be patient.  I had to be patient for many, many, many years!  And I can tell you it was worth ‘all, of the endurance’!  Your ‘brother in faith’, Moses. 
Each of you has 'a Cross'
Saint Peter said: In everything give thanks and praise, to the Lord Jesus Christ, as befits true disciples of Him.  Exalt Him, in your hearts – forever; and He will sustain you through what is comingHe will sustain you to the End.  Have no cares and no fears; but cast them all, upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will carry them for you.  Each of you has ‘a Cross’ – which is particular, and personable, to your own soul.  You need not carry anything, heavier than what He has given to you. 

Be docile to Him in everything

I am Peter, your father in faith, and your brother in Christ Jesus the Lord.  And He has sent me to you; to speak on behalf of Him - as you both, are sent, to speak, on behalf of Him.  I am here to give you all – words of encouragement – to tell you not to ‘give in’ to despair, when the pressures of this world increase upon you. Hope in the Lord Jesus Christ for He is your strength – throughout all of the coming trials.  Be docile to Him in everything; and He will renew your hearts, minds, and souls – with His Spirit and in His Love. 

Turn to Me, often, as ‘intercessor’

I am ‘The Rock of Faith’, so turn to Me, often, as ‘intercessor’, for the Faithful Remnant Church.  You can turn to Me for advice, on how to deal with other people – especially those who will be ‘interested’ in this New Church.  Some of them will want to be ‘nosy’ and ‘busybodies’; but others will be sincere and thirsting for much more.  I will be coming to you both, more frequently – as I have been assigned to do so. 

The beauty of the faith, has been ‘marred’ by the institution

And really even though this is called a New Church, it truly is the same as of old.  But so much of the beauty of the faith, has been ‘marred’ by the institution; the beauty and ‘reverence for the Gospels’ –  have been ‘diluted’, over time. The Gospels to most people are simply ‘stories’ – that have no relevance to their lives.  There is a ‘serious disconnect’ – between the ‘faith of old’, and the people of today.  They are being nourished – with poison; but not – to grow closer, to Christ; but farther away.  They, have many ‘stumbling blocks’ in front of them, within that institution; but most of them are blind, and they cannot see – where they are going, and where that institutional church is headed. 

You were chosen outside the institution

Peter, [Pope Peter the First speaking directly to Pope Peter the Last] Jesus says that you are ‘the rock’ during this ‘time of trouble’ – in the world.  He also says that ‘you shall feed His sheep’, and that you shall watch over them – the fat and the strong – as well as the thin and the weak.  And why were you chosen as the rock?  Because this is the same reason I was chosen: I could hear the words from Our Father who is in Heaven, and even though I did not have the Holy Spirit yet, I was still ‘in tune’ with God’s will.  The Popes have been chosen down through the ages, according to ‘the successors of the institution’; however that has stopped – with you, because you were chosen outside the institution.  And why? – Because you are docile to ‘the True Holy Spirit in the Moment’. 

Benedict… has made himself into an ‘antichrist’

Jesus ‘can not get through’ to Benedict – he has ‘closed’ his heart, to the Truth, and has become influenced by ‘the freemason agenda’.  However he is responsible for his choices.  And therefore he has made himself into an ‘antichrist’, and ‘an enemy of the True Cross’. 

Redemption can be found through no other than Jesus Christ the Lord.  No institutional hierarchy can save you.  In the beginning the Church was not a ‘hierarchy’: there was one leader; and the others were disciples; and the leader himself was a disciple – of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  But what the institution has become today, is unlike anything I have ever seen in the past –  truly, it is ‘a house of horrors’. But the True Faithful Remnant Church, will be sustained until the End: because they sought after, Jesus Christ the Lord; and they sought for Him to come to them; and they sought to be pleasing in His eyes only. 

The world today, is like: three thousand Sodom and Gomorrahs.  Sodom and Gomorrah were very large cities – filled with much wealth, and influential people.  But they did horrendous evils and abominations in the sight – of God; and so: they were punished severely, so as to be destroyed from the face of the earth.  And so too will it be, with this generation.  Until we speak again.  Your brother, Pope Peter the First. 
Saint John the Apostle said: I John, saw as it were, in a vision, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon, under her feet, and upon her head – a crown of twelve stars, each, representing the tribes of Israel.  At the time of the vision, I did not know, what the message was the Lord, God of hosts, was sending me. To elaborate further: until, I died, and went to Heaven, I could not understand, the fullness, of all of the mysteries, revealed to me; but even now, seeing things unfold, as they are, brings me back to the times of the visions, and I can see, how Scripture truly, is being fulfilled, and how the words are living, and active, for all those who seek them.  But the time is soon arriving, when all of Heaven and the Earth will weep, for what is to befall, this World.  Mankind, in my day and age, was not as terrible, selfish and greedy as a whole; but I have heard your word, “globalization”, and it is terrible sounding; for truly, no one will be happy in that state, for almost everyone is divided in the heart.  What can there be to say anymore! 

But I prophesy to you both, that during your last few days here, on this Earth, you will witness much suffering (– a few days, is a few months, for Heaven), and then, you will have The Great Warning experience, as everyone else does, and truly you need not be afraid of it, for your past lives are forgotten, for indeed are you not dead to hundreds of people?  So therefore it will not be a great loss to them, when you enter your cave; but they will rejoice and make merry, as they have been for some time – over your “dead bodies”.  I can see the Book of Revelations unfolding as a Script before Me, just as I had written many thousands of years ago, and I can tell you, the things I saw – in the visions, I thought were bad enough – but what is about to actually happen, I have been informed by the True Holy Spirit, will be far worse than anyone on the face of the Earth, could imagine

I was sent to give you this message to be at peace in your hearts, and do not fret over J.L.’s choice, because he is well taken care of – overly so.  His Justice will be a bit more severe, for not only was he an apostle of Our Lord, but he was a friend, and extremely favored, as you both are now.  For his gifts of prophesy, premonitions, and conversing with the Saints, have now been passed down to you both, for you have been given a greater portion of the True Holy Spirit.  So do not let any worldly concerns remove your peace.  I have just received a message myself from the Lord, and He says: “My children do not fret, for you will have your safety soon.  Trust, that the Holy Spirit goes ahead of all of your needs, and you are well taken care of, in this life.  Have a good night, My children”.  Have a good night, as well, my brother, and my son, Pope Peter.

"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are of God."  
(1 John 4:1a)
"Love righteousness, you rulers of the earth, think of the Lord with uprightness, and seek him with sincerity of heart; because he is found by those who do not put him to the test, and manifests himself to those who do not distrust him."
(Wisdom 1:1-2)
"Judge not [the Words of your Creator], that you be not judged.  For with the judgment you pronounce [against the Words of your Creator] you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get." 
(Matthew 7:1-2)
Saint Gabriel the Holy Archangel said: EVEN I was "put to the test" - BEFORE "the Fall", of the Holy Angels - when they CHOSE, "a kingdom APART, FROM, the Creator, of the UNIVERSE".  I chose! - "wisely".  But MANY! - many - MANY of us! - "FELL", THAT day!  I AM, so glad! - that I, chose, "the Lord" - as there IS, "NO other!"; and ALL, His PROPHECIES, are BEING fulfilled!  Hosanna! - to the SON, of David.  HOSANNA! - IN, the HIGHEST! (from the December 12, 2016 update)
Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pope Peter the First said:  To test the SPIRITS - it is NOT the same, as 'putting the Most High TRUE God to the test'.  Yet for GENERATIONS, the PROTESTANTS, would USE 'this method' - and CALL it "DISCERNMENT" - as THEY chose, to 'SHUN, the FULLNESS, OF, the CATHOLIC Faith' - in the "institution" THAT! - the Most High TRUE God, FOUNDED! 

And NOW! - 'THAT TREE' - of the ROMAN CATHOLIC HIERARCHICAL institution, IS, "the BARREN, fig tree".  And, the MOST High TRUE God, has 'SEEN', the BRANCHES, "WITHER away, to NOTHING"!   And, AS a result, HE is 'about to ACT'!  He is ABOUT, to DO! - "a MAGNIFICENT thing" - that will cause "WONDER" - AND "awe" - in front of, 'the Nations'.

He IS against, 'ALL! - religious institutions' - as they SEEK, to justify THEMSELVES! - and "HUMAN tradition" - RATHER, THAN seek to 'see the LORD'S Ways, AS Just'.  BOTH man, AND "beast" - are 'FAR! - FAR away FROM, the Most High TRUE God'.  And WHO, will DWELL, on 'HIS Holy Mountain'? - but THOSE, HE has CHOSEN - for HIMSELF, and His OWN, "Divine, Purpose". 

The PEOPLE, will FALL! - BECAUSE, they were 'FILLED! - with PRIDE'.  BUT! - the LOWLY - the Most High TRUE God, WILL 'look with FAVOR upon'.  For HE, IS, 'WITH' - His FAITHFUL Remnant - no matter what ANYONE, "BELIEVES". Because, "BELIEFS" do NOT 'CHANGE, the ABSOLUTE Truth'.  He IS, "the GREAT, I AM".  He IS! - the MOST, WONDERFUL Counselor! - and 'the PRINCE OF, TRUE Peace'.  HE is 'a BLESSING'! - upon "the WEAK", and "the LOWLY"; but HE is 'a CURSE!' - upon 'the ARROGANT', AND 'haughty'.  HE knows! - "mankind" - THROUGH and through; and KNOWS! - that THEY, 'as a WHOLE' - have chosen, "MERCILESSNESS"! - as they SHUN, 'His WAYS', 'His LAWS', AND 'His Commands'. 

Those READING His TESTIMONY - are not 'LISTENING'! - nor 'RESPONDING, to the CALL' - OF, the Most High TRUE GOD.  They are NOT "leaving their lives, behind, to follow AFTER Him" - as I did.  And SO they will perish! - because they did not 'SEEK, to FOLLOW! - the Lord Jesus Christ'; they ONLY sought, to "READ", His Word - thus "TESTIFYING against themselves!" - as "MERELY hearers", instead of "DOERS".

WHAT "a SORE!" - on HUMANITY, IS 'the ROMAN Catholic Hierarchical Institution'; SUCH "DECEPTION", is within its walls.  DEPRAVITY, LICENTIOUSNESS, and LEWDNESS! - of ALL kinds - DWELL, WITHIN, 'the STONE-COLD buildings'.  But the LORD! - WILL dwell, within, His FAITHFUL Remnant - ON earth!  And THEY! - shall BE "His PEOPLE"; and HE, SHALL be, 'THEIR God!' 

PRAISE BE, TO! - the DIVINITY! - of JESUS Christ, the Lord.  And ALL the Angels, and the SAINTS, in HEAVEN - shall SING! - of HIS "WONDEROUS, deeds", AMONG the nations!

Mary Romanus:  Amen.  Is there time for any DIALOGUE after?

Pope Peter the FIRST: Only THIS: THOSE who sin against the True Holy Spirit are GUILTY of "an ETERNAL sin" - of which there IS no forgiveness.  And the WHOLE world! - has PUT the Most High TRUE God, and His TESTIMONY, "in the WRONG"!  Therefore, their "SIN", will NOT be forgiven; and the WAGES OF sin, is DEATH!

Pope Peter the Last:  It DOESN'T sound like it's going to be "a VERY merry CHRISTMAS".

PPTF:  For the Members of the Faithful REMNANT - it will be "a most JOYOUS, Christmas!"  For the REST of the World, "a TIME of Great Mourning".

PPTL: Praise BE to the Most High TRUE God!  Amen.
Mary Romanus: Amen!

PPTF:  Until we speak again! 

Interesting trivia note:  This above dialogue took place on Antipope Francis' 80th birthday.  Did you know that, 'that ANTIPOPE' - was educated at the MILLSTONE, or "Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy"?   And it is no coincidence that this above message was sent from the FIRST Pope, on the day that the most notorious ANTIPOPE in human history, Antipope Francis, arrived at that date in his life, that membership in vatican congregations and pontifical councils automatically ends - when a person turns 80.
And so, WHY is there a warning to test the spirits, on this page?  Actually, the warning is to make sure, that you are not putting your CREATOR to the test - by sitting back and pretending to judge His Word, when you know full well that the Words of the Testimony are piercing the very depths of your heart.  In other words, there are many, MANY! - people "on the sidelines", who sit back and JUDGE the Words of their Creator in the Testimony - all the while PRETENDING to be "testing the spirits".  And the SAME words, from the BIBLE! - above - that they are USING against their Creator, as an EXCUSE to reject His call to become a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant - are in fact the words, by which they ARE being judged, as "UNWORTHY, to board the Ark of Safety", in these End Times.  So yes, we KNOW that many are "on the sidelines" waiting for the "BIG Signs".  And now THEY know, that when the Big Signs come, they will be REMAINING on the sidelines.  It really IS quite simple.  Hope this helps! 
This really IS, nothing different, than what has HAPPENED, BEFORE - in Bible HISTORY - for when NOAH, was BUILDING the ARK - there were MANY "scoffers" - at the time - ALL the way UP, until, HE, and his FAMILY, were "SAFE, inside, the Ark".  THEN, the ANGEL of the Lord, "CLOSED the door".  And the RAINS came.   And THEN, they BEGGED to be let in!  But by THEN, it was too late; and they ALL perished.  And so TOO will it be, with THIS, "WICKED!" - generation - AS Jesus Christ the LORD HIMSELF, prophesied, that 'THIS time', was fast APPROACHING.  HERE, perhaps THIS will help:
"As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of man. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they did not know [- referring to 'their DESIRE, to remain IGNORANT'] until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of man."
(Matthew 24:37-39)
"The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord."
(Job 1:21)

Saint Gabriel the Archangel said: The Lord builds UP; and the Lord tears DOWN.  Blessed be the LORD!  The Lord PLANTS, and the Lord UPROOTS.  Blessed BE the Lord!  The Lord CHASTISES and the Lord HEALS.  Blessed be the Lord!  The Lord GIVES, AND, the Lord TAKES away.  BLESSED be the Lord.  For ALL of HEAVEN, BLESSES, the Lord! - for ALL, of His GRACIOUS, and WONDERFUL deeds, AMONG the nations.  The LORD, builds UP kingdoms; and He tears them DOWN.  He REMOVES, 'the STRONG', from their HIGH places; AND, He LIFTS up, 'the LOWLY, and AFFLICTED, in SPIRIT'.  HE, REGARDS, 'the SOULS, of the RIGHTEOUS' - HOW 'the MIGHTY', have FALLEN!   And HOW the PROUD, have BEEN removed! - for the SAKE, of "the LITTLE children" - that HE, has BROUGHT, INTO His abode.  He performs MIRACLES; "A sure ROCK", IS, 'the God, OF, Jacob' - OF, Abraham; OF, Isaac.  GENERATION, after GENERATION - DECLARES His Praises!  For HE! - has MERCY, on 'His CHOSEN ones'; but, His ENEMIES, He will 'DRIVE away' - and THEY shall be no more.   OUR God, is "a SURE Refuge", in TIME of trouble - withholding NO good thing; withholding NO Blessings, FROM His children.  BLESSED, be, THE Lord, the God, of Hosts! - FOREVER and ever Amen.

Interesting note: Saint Gabriel IS, "the Angel of the Lord, who closed the doors to the Ark, in the time of Noah".  And you may need to re-read the previous note, above.  Because just as in the time of Noah, the people in these End Times have been "quite amused", at the building up of the Ark of Salvation - that IS the Testimony, of the Two Witnesses, and the Faithful Remnant of the Most High True God - in these End Times.  But then again, people mocked Jesus Christ the Lord in the flesh as well; but only for a time.  Truly, it would have been better for them, if they took a stand against the devil, working through the religious authorities.  And so as history repeats itself, once again, things have to move forward...

... and so WHAT has changed, since Saint Gabriel spoke to us and gave us this above Message?

We are now MUCH more cautious, about "NEW Members, of the Faithful Remnant" - because WE need to know, that this is "NOT a passing FAD, or TREND" for them - something, that they 'just picked UP' - but, intend on dropping altogether, when it gets "uncomfortable".   WE do not know, if they are sincere; and WE do not know, 'how LONG, their SINCERITY, will LAST'.  THEREFORE, WE INVITE them, to first make more UNLISTED videos - and SHOW us, "what they are CAPABLE of". They will need to USE the Blessed Holy Water, and pray the Burning Bush Prayer from the heart - repent - and FULLY renounce their desire, to be a REMNANT Member, "for their OWN purposes".  And they will need to ASK for the Grace, to be a REMNANT Member, ONLY "out of Love for the Most High True God". WHY the drastic changes?  To quote Saint Gabriel above, "...for the SAKE, of 'the LITTLE children' - that HE (- the Most High TRUE God), has BROUGHT, INTO His abode."   (March 22, 2017 update)

Interesting consideration:  In the paragraph above, the Two Witnesses admit, to one of their shocking limitations! - with the words, "WE do not know, if they are sincere".  And so how can this BE, if they are supposed to be able to read hearts at a DISTANCE?  Well, the simple and uncomfortable answer is this: THEY - the people trying to get aboard the Ark of Safety -  know, if they are sincere, or not - and the Most High TRUE God knows, if they are sincere or not - and WE - the Two Witnesses, are NOT called, to live in the future.  Simple.  People grow, and people change, with each encounter they have with their Creator - the God of the OLD Testament, in these End Times.

Saint Gabriel the Holy Archangel said: EVEN I was "put to the test" - BEFORE "the Fall", of the Holy Angels - when they CHOSE, "a kingdom APART, FROM, the Creator, of the UNIVERSE".  I chose! - "wisely".  But MANY! - many - MANY of us! - "FELL", THAT day!  I AM, so glad! - that I, chose, "the Lord" - as there IS, "NO other!"; and ALL, His PROPHECIES, are BEING fulfilled!  Hosanna! - to the SON, of David.  HOSANNA! - IN, the HIGHEST!  (December 12, 2016 update)
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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