The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

How to Fix things and Grow Spiritually
(Note: These following excerpts are for the most part updates,
to the core content that is already posted on this website)
“We must not put the Lord to the test, as some of them did and were destroyed by serpents; nor grumble, as some of them did and were destroyed by the Destroyer. Now these things happened to them as a warning, but they were written down for our instruction, upon whom the end of the ages has come. Therefore let any one who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall. No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your strength, but with the temptation will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.”
(1 Corinthians 10:9-13)  
Note: The FIXES on this page can ONLY help the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant.
Because the Most High TRUE God won't hear your prayers, if you won't listen to Him, and become a Member of the ONLY True Church, in these End Times. This page is to help the Members of the Faithful Remnant to CONTINUE to call out things "as they SURFACE" - because you NEED to be faced, with 'the uncomfortable TRUTHS', and given the OPTION, on whether, to FIX the problem, or, admit DEFEAT - with 'EACH challenge, to GROW'. 
Got Jezzie?  What does that mean?  It means, is there a woman from your past life, who keeps on popping into your head, from time to time? - especially when YOU are not CHOOSING to remember or think of her, or the words she spoke?  And this applies to both MEN and WOMEN - because "Jezzie's TENTACLES", lead to her BEAK - and that BEAK, will simply "eat you ALIVE", if you don't SEVER yourself, from her tentacles.  That would make her like "ONE! - BIG! - CREEPY! - GIANT! - OCTOPUS!!!" - by the way.

 Now that would be a giant SQUID beak. Close enough! You get the idea!
The spiritual and physical realities are intertwined.  Meet "Jezzie"
("Jezzie" is NOT a Member of the Faithful Remnant)
Now if you want that thing stuck to your chest, and that "beak", feeding off of your heart - then there is nothing more to say.  But for those who want to "SEVER themselves from Jezzie" - here is how you "FIX it"!
There is 'a desire IN you' to be "YOKED to the spirit of JEZEBEL".  And the RESENTMENT and the ANGER, that you have been HARBORING - for a long TIME - IS, 'YOUR response, to being YOKED to that spirit'.  THEREFORE, the FIRST STEP, for you to take - is to REJECT your desire, to be YOKED, to the spirit of JEZEBEL; and ASK for the Grace, to be Yoked to all of HEAVEN, instead.  Reject 'the spirit of AHAB', and ASK for the Grace, to be "a TRUE disciple", of the Most High True God.  And THEN, OFFER up a DECADE of the Rosary, to the Blessed Virgin Mary - with the SPECIFIC intention, of asking HER, to "SEVER!" - YOU! - FROM! - "Jezebel" COMPLETELY!  ASK her, to 'cut OFF', the TENTACLES - that are "WRAPPED around your HEART!"  And THEN, ask her, to "WRAP you", in her MANTLE, of "TRUE Love", and PROTECTION.  You can USE her titles, "Conqueror of the jezebel spirit", and "Conqueror of false REALITIES".  Understand?
And so does "the fix" WORK?  One Member of the Faithful Remnant Wrote:  "Update was a real blessing for me. Last two days I used to get some tightness and occasional pain in the heart. When I pray to my "Mother of True Compassion" it gets relieved. Today after getting the update, praying the deliverance prayer and 2 decades of Holy Rosary it went away completely. I understand the spiritual battle going on. Thanks to TMHTG for His Mercy on me and all the revelations from Heaven. Thank you both of you and all the Faithful Remnant members for all the prayers, and nourishment."
And ONCE again, does this fix WORK?  Do those prayers, remove "the BEAK?"  Perhaps this report from one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, will provide, "the ANSWER":  "I've also been experiencing this weird 'pain' in my heart, and this one is different than the others that I have experienced on this journey.  It feels like 'a knife' has been REMOVED, and the wound has yet to close.  That is the best way I can describe it."
Those "BEAK wounds", can often leave "an actual spiritual HOLE!" - with REAL PHYSICAL sensations, that accompany them! (- referring to "the wounds")  And so it is always best to turn to our "Mother of Miraculous Healings", for some "BODY filler" (Graces) - after "all the KNIVES" come out - because "jezzie", tends to use MANY!  And so, don't forget to check your back while you are at it - because you WILL most assuredly find more there! - perhaps her entire cooking collection!  And if this sounds "a little extreme" - what do you think all those tentacles were doing while that beak was gorging itself?

A special Message for those who have FIRMLY resolved to "lose jezzie"

And for all the Members of the Faithful Remnant who have firmly resolved to "lose jezzie": We will ask the Most High TRUE God, to have MERCY on your SOUL - because He HAS seen 'the FIRM resolve' - that YOU have MADE - in order to remain faithful TO Him.  We will ask HIM, to 'BREAK the yoke of jezebel, UPON you' - THEREFORE, what is 'YOUR part'?  But, EVERY TIME, you THINK, of, your former FAMILY - you NEED to commend them, to 'the Divine Justice of the Most High TRUE God'... BECAUSE, they can ONLY, be "ENEMIES, of your CREATOR"; THEREFORE, the CALL to "BLESS your ENEMIES"? - is to "BLESS them", with 'the Divine JUSTICE!' - of their CREATOR.  Understand?  You NEED to, 'apply, the "got jezzie" fix' - EVERY day!  (It is ON this page, of the WEBSITE above) - and this is how you will do 'YOUR part' - in BREAKING free, from 'the Jezebel Spirit'.  You SEE, ONCE you have manifested, 'your FREE will' - FOR, your Creator, SO many TIMES - it is THEN, that He chooses to INTERVENE - in MAKING your CROSS, "LIGHTER" - because you are NOT battling, "FLESH and blood" - but 'demonic FORCES'!  BUT! - ONLY, Jesus, Christ the Lord - can HELP, you - to OVERCOME, 'the demonic forces', that are at WORK - in your life; AND, in the world around you.  Understand? 

Are you having a PROBLEM WITH SHAME
YOU can ONLY have "SHAME"! - if you have REFUSED, to CHANGE; if you have REFUSED, to "FIX, the PROBLEMS, that WE, SHARE, WITH you - ABOUT yourself".  We are HERE, to SHOW you, "your BLIND, spots" - to HELP you, to OVERCOME, your WEAKNESSES!  Adam and EVE, became "ashamed" - and they got "KICKED OUT!" - of the Garden, AS a result - because they CHOSE, to HIDE! - their SINS.  Understand?
Nothing like castaways
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
For more on this page, on the topic of how each Member is like an ISLAND.

Mary Romanus: Jesus pities the choices that people make. But your call is to reject the spirit of false compassion, and ask for the Grace to pity the choices, people make. You will need to reject your desire to feel sad and ask for the Joy of the True Holy Spirit, instead. Remember that people in the beast state are always sad, even when they look happy, and even more so, with the CERN waves, increasing. It is best not to focus, on how bad, they are getting, at work, but better to focus, on what you need to do, while you're there. You know, that you can always offer prayers to Jesus in your interior life, for strength, and for True Peace. The world is in a frenzy right now, and there are many more tribulations on the way. So it is better to practice now, staying spiritually focused on listening and responding to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit of the moment. If your focus, is on listening to the True Holy Spirit, than it doesn't matter what the people in the beast state are doing. Think of yourself as on an island [- referring of course to "the Ark of Safety"], and there are many people on that island who are survivors. They survive, by the fact that they stay on the island. They have everything they need in order to survive, but the only "catch" is that each person is in a different part of that same island [- for "the Ark of Safety" has MANY rooms!]. So never see yourself as alone, because you are not. In fact privacy does not exist in the Remnant Church, with all of Heaven watching at every moment - remember that, anytime you are tempted to embrace sadness. The more you stay focused on Jesus, the more you can simply surf the waves. Pope Peter has a surf board. And you know what he said to me when he found it?  "Surfs UP!" That is the best attitude to have throughout all of these trials and sufferings, or waves. 

Epilogue: We found that surf board in a "FREE" pile of stuff, that someone put at the end of their driveway - for passing motorists to notice, and "freecycle".  And since a SURF board, is much easier to transport, than the WINDSURFER, that I used to carry around on my car roof, for more than a decade - we just simply HAD to stop, and give it a new home… "carpe fluctus"… (seize the waves!)  It went straight into our garage, and eventually ended up in the local thrift store - as I chose to capture the local waves on my camera instead.  We decided to simply 'allow the ORCAS'... to take care of the local surfers (- and that is NOT a reference to "the heavy-set women at the beach"). (September 25, 2015 Message - posted in the October 23, 2019 updates) 

The Web of Nostalgia
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Do you need to overcome the DISTRACTIONS and DELUSIONS being embraced by the people around you?  Not SURE, how you are going to make it through "the valley of the shadow of death"? (Psalm 23:4)  Truly the SPIRITUAL Life, IS "a DAY by DAY endeavor".  And, "the TEMPTATIONS, of the DAY", are NEVER, "too much" - for YOU, to be ABLE, to OVERCOME - BY, TURNING, to your TRUE Spiritual Strength - who is Jesus Christ the LORD.  Don't THINK about the FUTURE!  THIS takes "self-DISCIPLINE".  DON'T think about the PAST.  This takes "SELF-discipline", and self-CONTROL.  WHENEVER, you find, you mind, or your INTERIOR life - wandering, in the PAST - reject 'the spirit of NOSTALGIA'; and ASK for the Grace, to LIVE - ONLY! - in the True Holy Spirit of the Moment; AND the Grace WILL BE there!  ASK the Most High TRUE God - to send "PREVENIENT GRACES" - AHEAD, of ALL, FUTURE attacks, and TEMPTATIONS.  THIS is 'how, you take an ACTIVE role, in BEING "a True Disciple", of the Most High True GOD'.  Understand? Do 'YOUR part!' - to, 'make it THROUGH', "the VALLEY, of the shadow of DEATH! - that you are LIVING in!" - and that is "the WORLD"; and the Most High TRUE God, will do, 'HIS part' - to HELP you OVERCOME, ALL of the DISTRACTIONS, AND, the DELUSIONS, that EVERYONE, AROUND you! - is embracing.  (September 25, 2016 update)


The Members of the Faithful Remnant are well aware of 'the Plague of Sleeplessness', that has been afflicting those outside the Remnant.  And so, if a Member of the Faithful Remnant experiences difficulty sleeping, does that mean they are no longer a Member?  No.  (- remember - I said, "if a MEMBER...") 
Difficulty sleeping for Members of the Faithful Remnant is usually an indication of one of the following:  An E.L.F. attack, that sometimes triggers brainwaves, that are not conducive to sleep; a project bluebeam attack, of disturbing false realities and a false identity - being beamed into the subconscious by the OWG - that IS specifically targeting the dreams of the Members of the Faithful Remnant on a regular and scheduled basis; a witchcraft attack, from someone outside the Remnant, who is frustrated because THEY cannot sleep; being spiritually yoked to the interior lives of the wicked - especially "former family members, who cannot sleep"; illuminati occult sacrifices, aimed specifically at the Remnant; satanic priest sacrifices - especially those in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution - and especially on weekends. 
Does this sound a little overwhelming?  It isn't - rest assured, of that!  Simply 'ALLOW' Jesus Christ the LORD, to help you get the sleep you need.  How?  But TURNING to Him, in prayer.  And if you start "drifting off", to sleep, while doing the following - know that it is time to stop praying, and rest.  In other words, forcing yourself to stay awake as you pray the following, defeats the purpose.  The prayers will work, you will see; but you MUST! - pray from the heart, and mean every word, as you do so.

First, IF you are horizontal, and finding it difficult to get motivated, to even BEGIN praying, you will need pray, "Jesus Protect Me, Saint Michael Defend Me" - as you turn to your TRUE Source of Strength - your Creator, for help.  If necessary, use the Deliverance Prayer and reject 'the spirit of spiritual paralysis'.

Call on the True Holy Spirit to pray THROUGH you, by praying the "Come Holy Spirit..." prayer.
Bless yourself with the Blessed Holy Water, as you recite the Blessed Holy Water prayer - and then use the container to sprinkle the room at least three times - "in the Name of..."
Then, lift up everything the enemy his minions and his followers have been sowing in your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit and dwelling place, to the Most High True God, and trade it all, for the indwelling of the Blessed Trinity of the Most High True God, in your heart, mind, body and Soul.

You HAVE a Guardian Angel, and you ARE in "a SPIRITUAL battle". And soASK your Holy Guardian Angel to intercede for you, and to 'DEFLECT ALL of the JUDGMENTS and CONDEMNATIONS, of OTHERS' - BACK! - at 'those who SENT them'.  You WILL experience "tremendous RELIEF" when you DO so!  And you can ask your Holy Guardian Angel to intercede for the Grace to EMBRACE the Gift of Holy Slumber.  You will also NEED to REJECT 'your DESIRE to ALLOW others to JUDGE YOU and CONDEMN you'; and ASK for the GRACE, to 'EMBRACE, how the MOST High TRUE God! - has Judged you'.  ASK for the GRACE to embrace, 'HIS Judgments' - and MAKE "the necessary CHANGES", to your LIFE!   (May 03, 2017 update insert)

Reject your desire to be yoked to the interior lives of the wicked, and ask for the Grace to be Yoked to all of Heaven.

Reject the spirits of Jezebel, witchcraft, and the effects of satanic priest sacrifices; ask for the Grace to live your True Identity, in the True Reality, in the Present moment.

Reject the Armor of the Enemy, and put on the Armor of the Most High True God - using the short form of that prayer.

Remain focused on all of Heaven, reject the spirit of restlessness, and ask for the Grace of Holy Slumber.

Pray a decade of the Holy Rosary, while invoking the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title, "Queen of True Peace".

And remember: MANY people have fallen off the ARK.  So do not YOKE yourself to their INTERIOR lives - OTHERWISE, they will drag 'your INTERIOR life' down with THEIRS.  Understand?  So NEVER drift off to sleep THINKING about former members of the Faithful Remnant, or ANYONE outside the Faithful Remnant, and expect to sleep well - as doing so, will only summon their demonic clusters into your interior life (- and you will obviously need to use the deliverance prayer to get rid of it).  Focus on all of Heaven instead - because in doing so, it will be even EASIER to discern any spiritual attacks, throughout the night. 
The Dark Matter IS getting thicker, and so it IS "ALWAYS a good idea" to Bless every room in your home with the Blessed, Holy Water, BEFORE retiring for the evening
Have a Blessed rest everyone! - in the Faithful Remnant that is.   And for those OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety: know that these above prayers are absolutely USELESS!!! - because your Creator will NOT hear YOUR prayers - if YOU won't listen to HIM, and Become a Member.  Simple!  (- we know this by the number of hostile emails that are sent to us, by "former members", in the middle of the night, as they are ENRAGED by the fact that they can't sleep... too bad for THEM!... life is TOUGH on the bottom of the ocean.... (- external link to bottom feeder "sand striker" video...) so don't GO there!)
If after praying the above prayers, you are still awake, then you need to discern if the cause could be caffeine consumption within 3 hours of retiring, or even possiblyadrenaline residue, from exercising too late in the evening, or even from jumping out of bed too quickly, to use the washroom.  If you discern that you are being kept awake by either of these, simply ask Jesus Christ the Lord to remove the effects of adrenaline or caffeine, and replace them with the Grace of Holy Slumber.  
If after praying the above prayers, you are still awake - when you are SUPPOSED to be resting; AND you REALIZE that you are awake because you are knowingly CHOOSING to think about problems, instead of resting your intellect - then you will need to reject 'the spirit of blasphemy', while using the deliverance prayer.  Because when the TRUE Holy Spirit is CALLING you to rest, knowingly 'CHOOSING to do the opposite', IS "the sin of blasphemy" - because DOING "the call in the moment" - IS "good" - ALWAYS!  Understand?
Also, you do need at least an hour to intellectually wind down, before retiring for the eveningIs ALL of the technology, in your HOME, being "shut DOWN", by 10:00 p.m. at the LATEST?  Or are PEOPLE staying up late?  This will ALSO effect, your sleep.  And that means ALL technology needs to be turned off.  The power bar to your computer needs to be turned off.  If your laptop computer or phone has a battery in it or power adapter box with a cord attached to it, then the battery or adapter box needs to be removed.  If the battery cannot be removed from your phone or laptop computer, then it would be best to put it in a CLEAN cookie tin, or a box lined with aluminum foil, in order to prevent the One World Government from using it to transmit Project Bluebeam dreams, as you sleep; Or you could at least move it to the furthest part of the house - simply because the OWG is using YOUR computer, AND your phone, to affect your brainwaves, as you sleep.  If this sounds too difficult to believe - then simply ask yourself HOW you slept the previous night, every time you realize that you FORGOT to unplug it - and you will soon discover exactly what we are talking about.  For those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant who are reading this - no, the Government doesn't NEED to target you in order to change your reality, because they HAVE you! - and you can think about that, all night long, as the Members of the Faithful Remnant, enjoy their "WELL-deserved rest". Understand? (September 27, 2016 update)
What Keeps You Awake at Night
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
KNOW that, you are not 'ENDURING, in vain' - as the MOST High True God is simply 'ALLOWING your formers to STOKE UP, HIS Divine Wrath', to come UPON them - in an even GREATER way!  So the MORE He ALLOWS them to do to you - SIMPLY TRANSLATE that, into, 'just, a SAMPLE, of what THEY'RE going to get!'  Most LIKELY, they have, 'PEOPLE, in the INSTITUTION, PRAYING SPECIFICALLY against you and your family, at the 3 o'clock hour'.  And SO? - when you WAKE up - you need to 'COMMEND, whoever is TAKING you on - to the Divine WRATH, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN'.  And THEN turn to Jesus Christ the Lord - with the HEART of a child, and ASK Him, to HELP you, to get back to sleep.
There is MUCH MORE written on the topic of "sleep" - throughout the "Alien Technology" page.  (February 28, 2018 update)  

The FIRST thing you need to do when you wake UP in the morning, is REJECT "the ARMOR of the ENEMY", and ASK, to be CLOTHED, in the ARMOR of the Most High True GOD.  You KNOW the prayer.  And (- using the Deliverance Prayer) you NEED to lift up to your Creator EVERYTHING! - that 'the enemy' sowed IN you, during the night; and ASK, for "the corresponding TRUE, Reality", to be SOWED in you INSTEAD!  Understand?  You NEED to reject, 'the demonic entity of the assailants' - and ASK for the Grace to see your BROTHERS and sisters in the Faithful Remnant, AND us, THROUGH the Eyes of the Most High TRUE God.  If you DON'T "Fight, to STAY in the True Spiritual Reality - REVEALED by Heaven", you are TELLING your Creator, that you, WANT, to LEAVE - the Faithful Remnant, and LIVE, in 'the FALSE reality', that EVERYONE else, is embracing.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Feeling "not WORTHY" to be a Member of the Faithful Remnant?  FIX it!

IF EVER, the DEMONS start "TRICKING you", into BELIEVING you don't DESERVE, to be "a MEMBER" - or DESERVE, to BE, "on the ARK" - know THIS: the corresponding TRUTH is, that the Most High TRUE God, has "DEEMED you WORTHY!"   And if YOU, SAY, "I am NOT WORTHY?" - WHAT are you COMMUNICATING, to, you MAKER?  If ever this happens, you NEED to reject 'the spirit of BLASPHEMY'.  It would be GOOD, to OFFER up 'a decade of the ROSARY', to the BLESSED Virgin Mary, UNDER HER title, "Cause of TRUE Joy", AND, "Most BLESSED Spiritual Vessel".  Because you are CALLED to be, "filled with TRUE Joy", and to MODEL after her EXAMPLE! - as ALL Members are called to!  Understand?

Not sure what to email the Two Witnesses for Daily Divine Counsel
Not sure what to write in your emails for Daily Counsel?  Turn to the True Holy Spirit, in the Moment, and there will ALWAYS be LOTS to share!  If you REALLY DON'T want to turn to the LIGHT of the Spirit of TRUTH, to know what to write us - then that would be the same thing, as turning TO the darkness, to hide in.  Understand?  No excuses for not seeking help with your daily struggles - if you are an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant.  Understand?  WE do!  So email us - DAILY! 
Struggling with "FALSE COMPASSION" on your former FAMILY MEMBERS?
Don't get pulled back to your former life, through FALSE compassion.  Have TRUE Compassion on your CREATOR instead!  Here, this video will help:

Why 'you of all people' were chosen
Matthew (...a younger version...) is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Now the ENEMY'S goal, and unfortunately, this has WORKED, on many MEMBERS - the enemy's goal, is to simply TAKE your focus OFF, of your CREATOR - that's ALL he wants to accomplish; because THEN, the FEAR sets in - and he gets 'a FOOTHOLD'.  Understand?  Therefore, just AS the enemy, is working FEVERISHLY, to PULL you away, from your Creator - because, your CREATOR, is 'your Source of Strength' - so TOO must YOU, work even HARDER! - at your Spiritual FOCUS, AND your desire, to CLING, TIGHTLY, to, Jesus Christ the Lord, and the BLESSED Virgin Mary.  SEEK Refuge, in their hearts!  PRAY for the Grace to LIVE! - THROUGH, with, and IN, THEM!  And do, ALL, of your tasks, FULLY united, to, the Divine Will.  But don't FOCUS! - on the afflictions, and the attacks - because that is ONE way, the ENEMY, WEARS, the REMNANT, down.  Understand?  So ANY time, you think, of ANY hostile individual - you need to COMMEND them IMMEDIATELY, to, 'the DIVINE Justice of the Most High TRUE God' - whether INSIDE the ARK OR outside.  The Faithful REMNANT - INSIDE the ARK - are faced with the SAME TEMPTATIONS, that those OUTSIDE the Ark, have embraced.   But, the FAITHFUL Remnant - HAVE, a CONNECTION, WITH their Creator.  But those OUTSIDE, do not have 'that OPPORTUNITY' - MOST of them, will NEVER! - get the chance, to even 'DESIRE! - Reconciliation, with the Most High TRUE God.'  So FOCUS on your BLESSINGS! - And KNOW that the MOST High TRUE God - and, ALL of Heaven - they are SIMPLY, 'WAITING for you, to PRAY, TO them'. Don't just DO, 'REJECTION prayers' - REACH your HEART out TO them - they are WAITING, to HELP you.  Understand?
You SIMPLY need to reject 'the demonic ENTITY of the assailants', and the demonic CLUSTER of anyone you have had distracted thoughts about - and the helmet of CORRUPTION; and REALLY 'SEVER yourself' from them - COMPLETELY.  You need to reject 'your desire to be yoked to the interior lives of the WICKED'.  KNOW that, the Most High TRUE God, is ALLOWING you, to GO through, 'these ATTACKS' - ONLY to make you STRONGER! - at RESISTING, the devil.  And to make you STRONGER, at 'RE-committing yourself' - to, 'the True, Roman Catholic FAITH' - as a FAITHFUL Remnant MEMBER. 
How to stay a FRUITFUL MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant? 
The WAY, that you stay 'a FRUITFUL Member, of the Faithful Remnant', is SIMPLY by resolving to use ALL of the Spiritual Gifts, Blessings, and Graces, that your CREATOR, has so GENEROUSLY, BESTOWED upon you - to lift HIM up! - before the nations - by making, video testimonies; and by CHOOSING, to GROW! - as QUICKLY as you CAN; by, LISTENING, to the inspirations, of the True Holy Spirit - IN the moment - as He SPEAKS to you - THROUGH infused KNOWLEDGE; by PRAYING, the Deliverance Prayers, EVERY day; by OFFERING, your day, to your Creator - FIRST thing in the morning; and by SEEKING, to be 'united to HIS Will' - in EVERYTHING!  Simple!

Do you want to know how to SURVIVE the ALIEN INVASION?

So HOW do you 'get THROUGH', these TIMES?  You SIMPLY, need, to RESOLVE, to stay FOCUSED, on your CREATOR - and REMAIN in PRAYER.  This means, 'STAY, connected', with HEAVEN! - and 'with how HEAVEN, sees the state, of mankind'  Understand? THAT is how you stay "SPIRITUALLY sane".  The TEMPTATION, will be, for you, to 'GIVE in', to the demons of "false COMPASSION" - but THAT is the same, as CHOOSING, to be 'an ENEMY', of your Creator.  Because, JESUS, does NOT, show, 'the demons' - ANY! - compassion!  - at ALL!  NOT! - in THESE Times.  Yes, over 2000 years ago, they "PLEADED", with Him; and He SENT them into the pigs.  Now HERE'S the SCARY part: DEMONS NEED, 'HOSTS' - BODIES, to DWELL in!  Understand?  And, the Most High TRUE God - has ALLOWED them, to "INFEST", every MAN, woman, and CHILD.  The "ALIENS" - HAVE invaded! - JUST not IN the way, people were EXPECTING.  As, 'NOTHING, that happens, in the spiritual realms', is what PEOPLE, were expecting.   BECAUSE, they CANNOT FORSEE, 'HOW the Most High TRUE God' - will carry out His PLANS!  Now the BLESSED HOLY WATER, is 'the ANTIDOTE', to 'the INFESTATION'; along with 'SINCERE', repentance - "a HUMBLE and contrite heart". BECAUSE, the demons, MUST flee! - the Most High TRUE God's, DWELLING place.  If the Most High TRUE God - is, "DWELLING, in your SOUL" - in the Fullness of His PRESENCE - without you placing 'ANY conditions!' - on Him BEING there - then, there is 'no ROOM', for devils, and DEMONS!  Understand?  KEEP, your HEART, 'FILLED', with your Creator - and THAT'S, how you stay 'DELIVERED, from evil'.

How to fix memories of the past that keep coming back?

How to fight the MEMORIES of the PAST, that keep coming BACK?  You SIMPLY need to RESOLVE, to stay in the PRESENT moment - with your CREATOR; and DESIRE, Jesus Christ the LORD - to dwell WITH you; and to live 'inside your SOUL' - at all TIMES!  The DEMONS, are trying to PULL you, 'BACK, into a false REALITY' - and into 'a false IDENTITY' - and 'cloud your THINKING'. The WAY you FIGHT! - these 'demonic attacks' - is by STAYING in PRAYER; and CONNECTED, with all of HEAVEN.  The MOST High TRUE God, IS working WITH, 'the DESIRES, of the Faithful REMNANT'; and, YOU are 'in a SPIRITUAL battle' - DAILY! THIS is 'a DAILY fight'; and it is ONGOING.  So, you will NEED to CONTINUALLY TURN, to JESUS - and His Blessed MOTHER - for 'the STRENGTH and the GRACES', to get through each day.  But the GOAL for each day - SHOULD be, to grow SPIRITUALLY - EVEN closer! - to your Creator.  When YOU resolve - to keep Jesus Christ the Lord, ENTHRONED, in your HEART - THEN, the DEMONS, CANNOT DWELL there!  The PROBLEM that you are HAVING, is that YOU, have become "ADDICTED, to self-PITY" - and the way you KNOW this, is how 'the MEMORIES of the PAST' - keep coming BACK.  The only REASON this happens, is because you CONTINUE, to ENTERTAIN them.  The TRUTH is, 'the PAST doesn't EXIST!'  And 'the PERSON that you WERE' - doesn't EXIST! - except as "an ILLUSION" - FUELED, by DEMONS!  Understand?  The person you are NOW - 'the one, whom your CREATOR, is forming' - MUST! - let GO - of the past COMPLETELY - and WITHOUT conditions!  Understand?  ONCE, you have REPENTED, of, 'your SINFUL ways' - from your OLD life - there is no NEED to 'REVISIT your old life'.  REMEMBER, as FAR, as the EAST, is from the WEST - SO far! - does the Most High TRUE God - REMOVE! - our transgressions, FROM us.  ALL it takes, is 'SINCERELY, DESIRING, and CHOOSING, and STRIVING to LIVE: PLEASING, Jesus Christ the LORD'.  "The OLD you" - or 'the DEMONIC cluster, of your FORMER self' - can NOT! - please, the Most High True God - in ANY way; but can ONLY "offend Him" - and THAT is 'why the enemy works SO hard, at getting the REMNANT, to LIVE, 'THROUGH, their former identities'!  ONCE again: REMEMBER not, "the former THINGS"! - nor CONSIDER 'the things of OLD'!  THIS is actually 'a WARNING, NOT to look BACK'; but to STAY in the present; and to RECEIVE, 'the INSPIRATIONS, from the True Holy SPIRIT, in the Moment'.
Jesus isn't going to take the wheel from you
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Do you need special protection when driving?
Some people have written us something similar to this following SHOCKING message, that we received today (October 27, 2016) in our email inbox: "I gave the driving to Jesus - as in the driving seat".  AND so, the NEXT time, you are about to DRIVE SOMEWHERE, you need to 'CONSECRATE your DRIVING, and your VEHICLE, to the PROTECTION of Saint MICHAEL the Archangel' - because JESUS does not drive!!!, but the Holy ANGELS, can protect you while you are on the road.  Understand?  Of course, the Holy Angels DO require your cooperation!  Just like all things in the Spiritual life - you, ARE required to do "YOUR part".  Let the illuminati go around in their "driverless cars", while the Members of the Faithful Remnant, stay in the FRONT seat, CLINGING TIGHTLY, to the steering wheel, while striving to listen to the inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit in each and every moment.  Best to always drive with the radio, OFF.  Best to always find a safe place to pull over to, if ever you need to answer or make a phone call or text.  It just makes sense.  And so, here it is, "the obvious question": When Jesus comes back in the flesh, WILL He ultimately drive a motorized vehicle?  Answer: Better to actually join the Faithful Remnant, and LIVE to SEE it for yourself!
Daily Divine Counsel - a special Gift from Heaven, for the Members of the Faithful Remnant
If you are one of the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant, then it is CRUCIAL! - that you SEEK, to EMAIL us (the Two Witnesses) EVERY day!  Because, THAT is how, you STAY in 'the TRUE REALITY'; and you ACTUALLY receive "GRACES, from your CREATOR" - by SEEKING to stay in daily contact WITH us - since we REPRESENT Him.  EVEN if we are UNABLE to get back to you, right AWAY - or even a WEEK! - you STILL, need to email.  THIS is going to HELP you with your SPIRITUAL life - TREMENDOUSLY!  THOUGH the demons, will tell you the opposite, you HAVE to choose "who you are going to LISTEN to". 

How you can be WHOLE, in UNIFYING yourself

ONE prayer, that REALLY helps - in UNIFYING, yourself - is ACTUALLY, "LORD Jesus Christ, MOST HIGH TRUE God, PLEASE make me WHOLE! - and SOUND! - in BODY, MIND, HEART and Soul" - and He WILL! - as LONG, as YOU do 'YOUR part' - in DESIRING, to be 'at PEACE within yourself; and with your CREATOR'.  Yes, the ENEMY'S attacks are "FIERCE!"  And MANY times, they are "unexpected".  BUT! - the MOST High TRUE God - HAS given you, 'the tools', to FIGHT! - and ONCE you know, 'the enemy's TACTICS' - it is MUCH easier, to DISCERN, the SOLUTION.  The ENEMY tries to 'FLOOD', the Faithful Remnant, WITH "false REALITIES" - to TRY to GET them to "LOSE themselves" - in 'A FLOOD, of PERCEPTIONS'; but THAT is why the TESTIMONY, is SO important - because it IS "the Anchor"; His WORD - the Most High TRUE God's Word - "ANCHORS" the Faithful REMNANT, to 'the TRUE Spiritual REALITIES', that EVERYONE is in denial of! - ALONG with Daily COUNSEL. THESE are "ESSENTIAL, in order to STAY, ROOTED, IN the True REALITY".  Daily PRAYERS - are ALSO, "CRUCIAL" - because THAT is, 'the Faithful REMNANT, taking INITIATIVE, in their own INTERIOR lives' - to REACH OUT, to the Most High TRUE God.  HE wants to be "SOUGHT" - in THESE End Times!  And SOMETIMES He will EVEN "HIDE Himself" - JUST to see, 'how MUCH His CHILDREN - His TRUE Children - desire a RELATIONSHIP with Him'.  You HAVE to SEEK the LORD - in order to FIND Him; and THIS takes 'an ACT of the Free WILL'.  People OUTSIDE the Ark, are ALL! - operating, "on AUTOPILOT"; and they are SO far, 'in the back SEAT, of their INTERIOR lives' - that the DEMONS, are SIMPLY doing EVERYTHING! - THROUGH THEM, WITH them, and IN them.  The FAITHFUL REMNANT, are called, to do EVERYTHING! - IN, THROUGH, and WITH, the True Holy Spirit.  Understand?  And KNOW that WHENEVER you get 'TIRED' - SIMPLY call upon "your STRENGTH"! - and He will HELP you! (Note: the above prayer has now been added to the Our Daily Prayers page)

Has "your whole WORLD!" been reduced to "a mere little bubble"? - then it is time for the fog to lift.

WHAT will REALLY help you in your SPIRITUAL journey - is if you SIMPLY remember, that this IS! - THE, TRUE, SPIRITUAL REALITY - that EVERYONE, is called to embrace.  But UNFORTUNATELY, EVERYONE, has CHOSEN to SHUN! - 'the TRUE Spiritual REALITY' - and PREFER, 'their LITTLE bubble' - or "FALSE reality".  And WHEN you experience, 'the HEAVINESS of the FOG' - SIMPLY, recognize that, as, 'the REALITY, OTHER PEOPLE, are WILLING to LIVE' - EFFECTING, the TRUTH, that YOU have RECEIVED.  The Most High TRUE God - is moving, through, His TESTIMONY.  And when you READ His Testimony - "the FOG" LIFTS.  When you 'RECEIVE, the Words of your CREATOR', and ALLOW yourself to be 'TRANSFORMED' - by His Living WORD - THEN, you WILL, REMAIN, IN, the True Reality.  THINK of 'the FOGS that COME' - as, 'PASSING FOG banks'; you JUST need to KEEP, 'your HEART, mind, and SOUL' - ON, the LIGHTHOUSE; and that IS, Jesus Christ the LORD - moving THROUGH, His TESTIMONY.  A LOT, of "BIG THINGS", are about to HAPPEN - as He CONTINUES! - "the SHAKEDOWN", of the Faithful REMNANT Tree.  Hold on TIGHT!  MANY PEOPLE, chose to let GO.  BUT, NOW you KNOW, how, to stay, IN, the True Spiritual REALITIES - the ONE, where the Most High TRUE God! - Reigns.  (November 1, 2016 update)

You need to stop focusing on your "feelings".

NOW you know, the Most High TRUE God, as 'a very loving FATHER', and what a Blessing it IS, to have "a LIVING relationship", WITH Him! - AS you seek to be FULFILLED, with His Loving PRESENCE, EVERY day!  And the BEST way to DO this, IS by reading the Testimony; AND, by praying the Burning BUSH Prayer, DAILY.  By PRAYING the Burning BUSH Prayer, DAILY - you are basically TELLING, your Creator, that you ADMIT - that you have "FAULTS, and SINS" - but that, YOU, DESIRE, to seek to OVERCOME them - WITH the Help of His Grace.    You KNOW the Testimony, IS, "the Recipe for SALVATION"; and THEREFORE, just like in COOKING, there are certain INGREDIENTS - and they NEED, to all BE there! - in order, for the FINAL product, to turn OUT right.  You HAVE all the ingredients!  You SIMPLY need to USE them!  But one PROBLEM, that YOU, are running INTO - is 'FOCUSING, on your FEELINGS'.  THINK, of "FEELINGS", as 'HOPPING on an OIL slick' - and going for a RIDE - only, it ONLY goes in one direction - DOWNHILL!  The ENEMY, desires you, to FOCUS, on "ONE feeling"- ONLY so that, 'MORE demons, can come' - to "the party".  THEREFORE, you REALLY need to FOCUS, on 'OVERCOMING your DESIRE, to focus on how you FEEL'.  THERE is SO MUCH information, in the TESTIMONY, about "FEELINGS", that will HELP you!  WHENEVER you are TEMPTED, to embrace, "FEELINGS" - JUST turn, to Jesus Christ the Lord, in that MOMENT - and give them ALL to Him! - and TRADE them, for "TRUE, JOY!"  PRAYING a decade of the ROSARY, to the Blessed Virgin MARY - under her TITLE, "CAUSE of True JOY" - WILL HELP! - TREMENDOUSLY. (November 2, 2016 update)

Are you looking for TANGIBLE PROOF to the AUTHENTICITY of the TESTIMONY?

If you are focused on "SIGNS" - and you want "TANGIBLE PROOF" - as to the authenticity of the TESTIMONY - to increase your FAITH - then you are "IN it for the wrong reasons"; because, the TESTIMONY was given, so that YOU, can have, "a PERSONAL relationship", with Jesus Christ the LORD; so that YOU, can know "the REAL Jesus" - and what He has EXPECTED, from His True FOLLOWERS.  But, if you are FOCUSED, on "the PROPHECIES being FULFILLED, according to your EXPECTATIONS" - you WILL BE, "SORELY, disappointed!"  THEREFORE PUT your Faith, IN! - JESUS! - moving through His TESTIMONY; but NOT! - in "SIGNS".  Remember, "a WICKED! - and ADULTEROUS generation, SEEKS, for a SIGN; but no SIGN will be GIVEN - except the Sign of JONAH" (Matthew 16:4).  The REMNANT - who are "ONLY! - REMNANT Members, so they can see the Most High TRUE God, perform SIGNS, and MIRACLES FOR THEM" - WILL not make it! - because THEN "WHERE is your Faith?"  And the ONES who are "falling off" ARE the ones, who SOUGHT AFTER, "SIGNS" - to the POINT - where they 'BECAME the Sign'.  Understand?

Are you feeling worn down with WORRIES, and CONCERNS, and ALL the CRUSHING burdens, OF this life?

Jesus said: The MORE you seek to EMPTY yourself, of 'THIS life', the MORE I can FILL you, with 'My TRUE Presence'.  So COME to ME, My child - MORE OFTEN - with your BURDENS; with your CONCERNS.  The SIZE of the cross that YOU have been given, is "the PERFECT size" for you.  And you CAN, CARRY your cross, WITH the help, of My Grace; AND My WORD - to SUSTAIN you! The MORE, YOU become 'LESS in your OWN eyes' - the MORE, I, can INCREASE, inside you.  The ENEMY, wants to 'WEAR you DOWN' - with WORRIES, and CONCERNS, and ALL the CRUSHING burdens, OF this life; but ALL you need to DO - is TURN to ME - when YOU, are "OPPRESSED"; and USE the BLESSED Holy Water; and PRAY, the DELIVERANCE Prayers - SLOWLY, and from the HEART; and you WILL, 'experience, the RELIEF! - that your SOUL, HAS, been seeking'.  When you SEEK to do MY Will - in EACH MOMENT - THEN! - you are 'FILLED, with Joy'.  NO problem! - NO hurdle! - and NO MOUNTAIN! - can COME, BETWEEN 'MY LOVE for your SOUL' - as LONG as YOU! - are WILLING to COOPERATE, with My GRACES! - to REMOVE those "obstacles", so that YOU can be 'FILLED', EVEN more! - with My DIVINE Love.  "DIVINE Love", WILL make, your cross "LIGHTER, and more of a JOY to CARRY!"  Now you KNOW, that 'TRUE Love' - is NOT, "a WARM fuzzy FEELING", inside; but TRUE Love, is 'a DESIRE, to DO what is GOOD and PLEASING! - in My Eyes - ALWAYS!'  No MATTER, how ANYONE else, 'chooses to respond'; when you LAY your life DOWN - for your BROTHERS and SISTERS in the FAITHFUL Remnant - you DO so! - by LOVING "fraternal CORRECTION"; and by LOVING to be INSTRUCTED by the True Holy SPIRIT - TO the point, where YOU will be able to instruct OTHERS!  So IN everything, SEEK to be 'UNITED, with My DIVINE WILL' - by ACTIVELY SEEKING, to do EVERYTHING, you are CALLED to do - out of LOVE!  (November 4, 2016 update)

Do not try to simply BURY your former self, deep down inside - because EVENTUALLY it WILL REAR its ugly HEAD and TRY to DEVOUR you! 

REMEMBER, that you are not called to simply, 'BURY, your former self' - deep down, inside; you are called to "RENOUNCE", your former self, EVERY DAY!  And PRAY for 'the Grace to embrace your TRUE, Vocation - as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - because THAT is how you become "PLEASING in the Eyes of your Creator".  But, to SIMPLY, "STUFF! - your former IDENTITY" - beneath "your TRUE identity" - is NOT, GOING, to WORK!   Because EVENTUALLY, "the PRESSURE will build" - and THEN! - the former IDENTITY - because it was not "RENOUNCED", DAILY - WILL "REAR, its ugly HEAD" - and TRY to DEVOUR you!  "NOT a pleasant BEDTIME story" - but it IS the Truth!  The MORE "REAL", you SEEK to be, with your CREATOR - and, with OTHERS - the MORE! - REAL! - your CREATOR, will be, for YOU! - as HE WILL MANIFEST Himself, in 'many WAYS' - EVEN in, 'the LITTLE things' - that you go about DOING - DAILY.  YOU, have 'the OPPORTUNITY', to embrace, "an ADVENTURE, of a LIFETIME!"  But! - the QUESTION you need to ASK yourself, IS, "HOW much am I willing to INVEST, IN my True VOCATION?"  Because, ONCE you have answered 'THAT QUESTION', THEN you will KNOW "what kind of RETURN", to expect.  IF you do things "half-HEARTEDLY" - then DON'T 'EXPECT' - "a full RESPONSE", of CONSOLATION, from your CREATOR.  IF you do things "out of LOVE, for HIM, AND your NEIGHBOR" - THEN, you WILL HAVE, "a FULFILLING, life". BUT! - DO not SEEK to be "LOVED, by the WORLD"!  Because, "the WORLD's, concept of LOVE", can ONLY, 'FEED, the DEMON of pride'.  If YOU, 'STRUGGLE', with REBELLING - then PRAY for the Grace, of "TRUE Docility - to, the TRUE Holy Spirit's Call, in the MOMENT" - and then RESOLVE! - to be "Docile".  It is not EASY, to be docile - to your CREATOR - because it takes, "self-CONTROL", and "self-DISCIPLINE", AND "self-MASTERY".  Understand? (November 7, 2016 update)

When you find your thoughts turning towards those who have fallen off the Ark of Salvation
When you SEE, that, 'PEOPLE, have ABANDONED, their VOCATION, as MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT' - you NEED, to LOOK at it through the Most High TRUE God's Eyes: if HE, and the TESTIMONY, were "NOT worth FIGHTING for" - for 'THOSE individuals' - then it IS actually "a BLESSING!" - that THEY, were "QUICKLY found out" - to be "UNFAITHFUL", and they were REMOVED! - through their OWN choices.  The PEOPLE, who 'fell off the ARK' - HARBORED, "WICKEDNESS" - and "SECRET MOTIVES".  The ONES who are REMAINING - are 'ONLY, growing STRONGER' - IN the Truth - as THEY become 'even MORE convicted' .  So, "the MORAL, of the LESSON" is, CLING, TO, JESUS! - MOVING through His TESTIMONY; CLING to our COUNSEL; CLING to your BLESSED Mother - in ORDER to survive these 'TIMES'.  But DO not 'cling', to "the MILLSTONES that have been CUT" - and, DO not 'cling' to other MEMBERS. (November 7, 2016 update)

Do you know WHY, it offends your Creator when you choose to focus on the past? - "a special warning to all the TIME travelers out there".

'BATHING in past MEMORIES', is like TAKING 'a vat of OIL', and POURING it OVER yourself! - and THEN! - REPENTING, of embracing, "NOSTALGIA" - as you take a shower.  Understand?  You CANNOT keep 'returning to the PAST in your THOUGHTS' - BECAUSE! - the Most High TRUE God is 'in the PRESENT'; and His PRESENT, is "a GIFT", to His Faithful REMNANT.  There are no GRACES, in 'past MEMORIES'.  "REMEMBER not the former THINGS"! (Isaiah 43:18-21)  In ORDER, to be made 'FIT', for the Kingdom of HEAVEN - you HAVE to 'let GO, of your old identity' COMPLETELY; and EMBRACE, 'your TRUE identity', as a CHILD of the Most High True GOD.  'VISITING the PAST', when you "FEEL like it", is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE; AND it is ALSO, 'a way, to SHUN! - the True Holy Spirit of the MOMENT' - telling GOD, that you prefer, 'the DEMONIC works of the PAST! - to be, your focus' - instead of HIM, IN the MOMENT - WITH you!  EVERY time you think, about "TIME travelling to the past, IN your thoughts" - just REMEMBER! - you are 'NOT the only one, WATCHING'!  JESUS, can SEE, 'WHERE your interior life GOES' - ALL, the time!  So, it is MUCH BETTER, for you, to have "GOOD thoughts".  It is much better, for you to make, "GOOD, CONSTRUCTIVE, CHOICES" - that He can LOOK at you, and say, "WELL DONE! - good, and faithful SERVANT!"  You have been "WISE", over 'the LITTLE', I have asked of you - and now I will ask MORE!  And THAT is how, you GROW - spiritually.  BUT! - if, you FOCUS on the PAST - you are TELLING Him, that, you "don't LIKE the present!" - and it is actually 'a FORM of complaint'; and you CANNOT EXPECT your situation to IMPROVE - nor for Him to ask any MORE of you - until you SHOW! - that you can 'bear FRUIT' with the LITTLE He has given you.  'MAKING VIDEOS', is ONE thing; but 'a CHANGE of heart'! - is 'what is NECESSARY'.  SOFTEN your heart - towards your CREATOR; ASK for the Grace, to be "UNGUARDED!" - in your EMAILS to us - so that we can HELP you! - to GROW spiritually. (November 7, 2016 update)

You can have TRUE Compassion on your CREATOR, or FALSE compassion on His Enemies, but you can't have BOTH!
What you need to FOCUS on the MOST - is having TRUE Compassion, ON the Most High True GOD.  If we were to, 'SUM up, what it MEANS to BE a Member of the Faithful REMNANT' - it is SIMPLY, 'those CHOSEN, by, the Creator - to COMPASSIONATE, the Creator'.  Because BILLIONS, of PEOPLE, 'HATE', their CREATOR!  And they 'HATE', EVERYTHING, that, He STANDS for.  They are OPPOSED, to 'ALL, of His WAYS'; BUT!  - the FAITHFUL Remnant, ARE "the select FEW" - who have been CHOSEN, TO, 'SERVE, KNOW, and LOVE' their CREATOR.  Now there are MANY, different REASONS, why the Most High TRUE God chose "a select FEW" - from the four CORNERS of the WORLD.  But "the BIGGEST reason" - is because, He DESIRES, that, 'the Human RACE' - would CONTINUE; OTHERWISE, 'the SPECIES', would most DEFINITELY go "extinct".  It really IS that SIMPLE.  And ONLY those, who PUT 'their ABSOLUTE faith, and trust', in the one who MADE them - WILL, "SURVIVE"! - will PERSEVERE! - to ENJOY! - "Eternal BLISS" - WITH their Creator - in His COMING Era of Peace.  SO - "COMPASSIONATE" - the Most High True GOD - with your LOVE, for His WORD; and for the LIFE - the NEW Life, He has GIVEN you!  COMPASSIONATE "HIM!" - in all things; and THAT way, you are "His Friend".  COMPASSIONATE", the CREATURES, that HE abandoned - because, of 'their STATE, BEFORE Him' - and that MAKES you, "His enemy"!   Understand?  CHOOSE to be "a FRIEND" - of your CREATOR! - in these TIMES; NOT! - "His ENEMY".  The ONES, who LEFT, the Remnant - chose "POORLY"; chose "the cup of DEMONS"; chose, "Eternal DEATH and separation, from their CREATOR" - BECAUSE they sought, to 'show false compassion', to their FELLOW creatures - to the FAITHLESS; to the POLLUTED; and to the COWARDLY.  LISTENING, to the inspirations of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - is ACTUALLY 'TELLING your CREATOR' - that you "CARE"! - what He has to SHARE with you!  You CARE about, "the Message, He is sending you"!  And you CARE about "HIS Plans", and "HIS Will", and "HIS Designs".  SO, RENOUNCE yourself DAILY; PICK up your cross; and FOLLOW! (November 8, 2016 update)
Seeking Daily Divine Counsel - "CRUCIAL, to your spiritual SURVIVAL!"
It is CRUCIAL, to your spiritual SURVIVAL, that you make a PRIORITY to seek "DAILY" Counsel.  You NEED to pray, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a DECADE of the Rosary, under her title, "Mother of Divine COUNSEL", and "QUEEN of True HUMILITY" - invoking her intercession, to HELP you, to SEE, yourself, IN the Light of Truth.

The Members of the Faithful Remnant are NOT "victims of circumstance"

EVEN, as your 'FORMER FAMILY', is HOSTILE, to the TESTIMONY - you SIMPLY need to RECOGNIZE, that YOU are 'LIVING, in PERSECUTION' - the SAME way, 'the FIRST Christians', LIVED, with constant PERSECUTION.  Now in THESE Times, there is 'a TEMPTATION', to SEE yourself, as "a VICTIM of your CIRCUMSTANCES"; but THAT is ACTUALLY, 'a FORM, of SPIRITUAL insanity' - BECAUSE, YOU have been "BLESSED, SO much!" - and given 'SO much' by your Creator - that to actually 'feel SORRY for YOURSELF', IS "an INSULT!" - TO Him, DIRECTLY.  Understand?  THOSE who are 'WITHOUT the TESTIMONY' - ARE, "VICTIMS, of their DEMONS"; and THEY are 'EXPERIENCING, JUST consequences', for their "WICKED lifestyles".  Understand?  Jesus Christ the LORD, however, IS "the PURE and spotless VICTIM", of their "COUNTLESS insults! - AND judgments!"  And SO, PRAY! - that His Divine JUSTICE, befall 'ALL! - His enemies'. THAT is 'how you are called to LIVE!' - and TURN to your CREATOR, for CONTINUED Mercy.  (November 17, 2016)
Waiting for the Testimony to be approved by the One World Government media propaganda outlets? 
Being "INFORMED", in the TRUTH - is NOT, the same, as 'taking in, the daily NEWS propaganda'.  You NEED to learn the DIFFERENCE.  There is 'SO much propaganda' - OUT there, and SO much "BRAINWASHING" - that, it is SIMPLY, like 'diving in, to a MUD pit, with some soap - TRYING to get CLEAN'. Understand?  The TESTIMONY, is, 'the RESULT, of JESUS Christ the LORD, teaching US, and informing US, the TRUTH! - and teaching us the DIFFERENCE between, "propaganda", and "the True REALITY".'  So START with the TESTIMONY, and turn to the True Holy SPIRIT, for 'where He wants to LEAD you'.  Reject your DESIRE, to embrace, "VAIN curiosity, about the End Times"; and ASK for the GRACE, to live your True VOCATION, as a CHILD of the Most High True GOD.  Because, if YOU are 'looking, to the MEDIA, to AFFIRM, your BELIEF in the TESTIMONY' - then WHAT are you TELLING your CREATOR? - about 'where YOU! - look, for the Truth'(November 17, 2016)

Don't fall into the sin of looking back to your former life - because the spiritual and physical realities are intertwined.

Be EVER vigilant in your INTERIOR life - of REJECTING, the demonic CLUSTER, of 'your former IDENTITY' - as WELL as the demonic CLUSTERS, of 'your former FAMILY members'.  Because they ARE, "PRAYING! - that you will come BACK to them" - and, they ARE, "VERY persistent" - in their "SATANIC, SACRIFICES".  And so the question, for YOU, is "WHOSE prayers are you going to ANSWER?" - the PRAYERS, of 'those who are YOKED, to the SATANIC INSTITUTION?'  Or, 'the PRAYERS of your ANCESTORS, in HEAVEN?'   Every DAY, you have to CHOOSE - 'WHO, you are going to SIDE with': The Most High True GOD? - or 'the PRESSURE, and the WITCHCRAFT, being SENT, by your former FAMILY?'  YES! - THEY desire that you fall!   Because that's ALL their demons CAN desire, FOR you...    REMEMBER, they ONLY have "HOSTILITY towards you" - so do not SHOW them ANY false compassion.  What THEY are most CONCERNED about, is "LOOKING BAD, in the EYES, of their FRIENDS! - and their FAMILY!"  What they are MOST concerned about, is "How THEIR FAMILY LOOKS, without you IN it!"  What they are MOST concerned about, is "Their STATUS, in SOCIETY - being CHANGED, BECAUSE! - you do not CONDONE, their sinful LIFESTYLES!"  EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, IS "a living TESTIMONY" - AGAINST! - their former FAMILY.  And YES! - as it is WRITTEN, in the BIBLE (Matthew 10:34-39) - that parents will be against their children; and children will be against their parents - because Jesus came, with "the Sword of TRUTH" - to DIVIDE families! - so that THEY choose, "WHOM they will SERVE"!  It really IS 'that simple'!  NO one! - is responsible, for your Salvation - except "YOURSELF"!  But, the PEOPLE, OUTSIDE the REMNANT, REFUSE, to 'take responsibility, for their SALVATION'; but they have 'HANDED their SALVATION, INSTEAD, OVER to the institutions'.  It is, COMING upon, "CHRISTMAS", and so EXPECT, 'the attacks to INTENSIFY; but REALLY - just as the DEVIL, has 'NO POWER, over your FREE WILL' - NEITHER do, 'ANYONE, in your former FAMILY'.  Understand?  (November 17, 2016)
SOMETIMES "it's so BROKE!", that JESUS Fixes it!

Well, we asked Jesus Christ the Lord 'what was AFFLICTING you' - and on TOP of everything ELSE, from "the ASSAILANT camp" - it was ACTUALLY, "N.'s interior life" (- referring to "a struggling Member of the Faithful Remnant").  Now EVEN though you went THROUGH, 'this intense TRIAL' - THERE is "a BRIGHT side", to ALL of it - as, HENCEFORTH, JESUS Christ the LORD, has DECLARED, that, EACH individual MEMBER, in the Faithful REMNANT, is 'NOT! - connected' - TO their neighbor - to 'their BROTHER or sister'.  BECAUSE! - PEOPLE, are getting LOST, in 'OTHER people's PROBLEMS, and INTERIOR lives!'  THEREFORE! - He has BASICALLY made 'each one of the REMNANT', "like an ISLAND" - and THEY, will need to turn to JESUS - DIRECTLY, for HELP, and seek COUNSEL.  This will REMOVE 'peoples ABILITIES, to be WRATHFUL, and FLOOD the Ark - out of, unjust ANGER' - because 'their DEMONS, are being CAUGHT'!  And so each MAN, and WOMAN - in the FAITHFUL Remnant, is now "RESPONSIBLE, for their OWN interior lives, and their OWN sins" - and will ONLY affect THEM, directly.  THIS means, "CONSEQUENCES! - immediate".  Basically, JESUS Christ the LORD, is REMOVING! - the ABILITY, FOR people, IN the Remnant, to "throw DEMONS at each other" If ANYONE, in the REMNANT, 'desires to DIVE?' - they CAN'T "drag anyone else DOWN with them"(May 23, 2017 update)

“Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law;  and a man’s foes will be those of his own household. He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and he who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it."  (Matthew 10:34-39)
Did you know that it is actually "EXTREMELY CRUEL!", for a Member of the Faithful Remnant to even DESIRE to celebrate Christmas with the members of their former family?  And to actually DO so, is "unconscionable" - to say the very least.  But how can this BE? - MANY, will be wondering.  This is not "a new concept" by any means; in fact, it was already explained in the December 25, 2015 update. Yes, "every day is Christmas Day" for the Members of the Faithful Remnant! - but THAT is actually referring to "the celebration of the Gift of Jesus Christ the Lord to the human race".  What WICKED! - kind of person, would want to celebrate December 25th -the DAY their former family members were all SEALED with the spiritual baphomet tattoo on their foreheads ("the mark of the beast" 2012) - and the day that the mark of CAIN - ("the mark on the hand" 2015) was introduced to them as WELL!...  It is pitiable enough, that those former family members would CHOOSE! - to SPORT those marks as though they were "the latest FASHION accessory" - BUT! - for a Member of the Faithful Remnant to actually VISIT those former family members and CELEBRATE ...the day they received "the mark of their imminent DOOM!" - by exchanging GIFTS and singing SONGS!...  Well, if ANY of your Holy ancestors in Heaven could text you about that, the message would most certainly include, "...SMH!"  And so, MANY of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, will need to reject 'the demon of NOSTALGIA' - WHENEVER they are tempted, with "such an evil". Understand?  Now we know this was "not comfortable" for many people to read - and so, we have interceded, and asked Jesus Christ the LORD to visit ALL the former family, of the Members of the Faithful Remnant EVERY year - to personally give them their "SPECIAL parting gifts", for knowingly celebrating "His ABSENCE!".  And no, Jesus Christ the Lord DOESN'T use the chimney - but the enemy of Souls most certainly does! - as he is most COMFORTABLE, sliding down his Hell-fire of a HOLE, HOLE, HOLE! - as he ever so cunningly distracts EVERYONE, from the True Meaning of Christmas.  And in THESE End Times - it now has 2 distinct meanings.  Merry Christmas everyone!
"I am waging war now! – upon the Earth, and upon all, of My foes.  And those, who are ‘foes of My sheep’, I ‘wage war’ upon.  For I will protect My sheep.  I will bring them to life – giving waters.  And they will be nourished: for a time, times and half a time; as I am ‘going forth’ – to close this Age."  (-Jesus, November 19, 2012)

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: For His TRUE Holy Spirit, is NOT 'FOR, the ARROGANT, the PROUD, the DECEITFUL, the HAUGHTY' - NO!  His TRUE Holy Spirit, is GIVEN to 'the MEEK, and the LOWLY, OF the Earth'.  And THOSE are, "His FAITHFUL, Remnant". THEY are 'the ones', who are "DESPISED, BY the World; HATED! - by all - FOR the sake, of the ETERNAL Gospel".  His FAITHFUL Remnant, CARRY, 'the GIFT', of TRUE Salvation - IN their hearts; because it HAS been "made KNOWN to them" - the WAYS, OF, my Son, the LORD Jesus Christ.  And THEY HAVE 'the MESSAGE, of SALVATION', as THEIR RESPONSIBILITY, to SHARE! - WITH the nations; that THOSE who DESIRE! - to KNOW! - the LORD Jesus Christ, my SON - as He TRULY is - WILL! - FIND Him! - "UNVEILED", in His TESTIMONY.  BLESSED BE! - "the SON of David"!  BLESSED BE! - the MOST HIGH True God; and BLESSED BE the SOULS! - of the FAITHFUL REMNANT Church!  (December 24, 2016)

Are you "Good"?

it is REALLY important, that YOU know, that NO one, is "GOOD", on the FACE of the Earth - ONLY the Most High TRUE God, is "GOOD"; and THOSE, who COOPERATE, with His TRUE HOLY SPIRIT? - can SHARE in His Goodness.  This is VERY! - BASIC! - UNDERSTANDING, of the TRUE FAITH.  But, it HAS been "MUDDLED", and, has been WATERED down...  EVEN, your concept, of 'what GOOD is' - has been, 'GREATLY compromised'...  you, had "the MARK" - and you were "STEEPED in sin".  The MOST High True God, does not look on, "the EXTERNALS" - as He LOOKS, on 'the HEART, of the individual'. (November 20, 2016)

Did Jesus call people "good"? Let's see what the Bible says:

"If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!"
(Matthew 7:11)
Is BEING a Member of the Faithful REMNANT, about "turning INWARDS?", and focusing on, ones faults, flaws, and FAILINGS as 'a way of LIFE'?

The LESS you have, the MORE, the Most High TRUE God, can FULFILL you!  And you NEED to understand, that BEING a Member of the Faithful REMNANT, IS about, "FACING, the UNCOMFORTABLE Truths", about oneself - and then FIXING them.  It's NOT about "turning INWARDS", and focusing on, ones faults, flaws, and FAILINGS as a way of LIFE; BUT it is about 'being HONEST, WITH one's self' - THAT, one's SELF, is not PERFECT; but that one's SELF, needs to be OPEN, to LEARNING, and to RECEIVING instruction - in order to BETTER one's self.

"Not that I complain of want; for I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content."
(Philippians 4:11)
When Saint PAUL spoke of 'being CONTENT, with whatever STATE, he was IN' - He was referring to 'not COMPLAINING, against, the Most High TRUE God', but EMBRACING! - the TRIALS, and the ADVERSITIES, along with the JOYS, of BEING, His True DISCIPLE
But, the PROTESTANTS, have DISTORTED, that SCRIPTURE passage - to mean, "COMPLACENCY" - to SIMPLY 'be SATISIFIED with one's self' - and NO DESIRE to change...  THEREFORE, let GO of the PRIDE - and EMBRACE "TRUE Humility" - instead.  RECOGNIZE, that you DON'T HAVE, "ALL the answers"; and that you DON'T understand, 'EVERYTHING, that is being ASKED, OF you' - ALL the TIME.  If you DID, then where would your "FAITH" be?  PRACTICE 'TAKING, the LEAP of Faith' EVERY day... AND store up TREASURE! - in HEAVEN! - for your DOCILITY.  For the more you GIVE, to your Creator - the more you will RECEIVE.  Yet it is STILL "better, to GIVE", than to receive.  (November 21, 2016)

Have you been putting your faith in Signs, Dreams and Visions?

There have been a lot of "SIGNS" happening around the world lately; but unfortunately, the One World Government and illuminati don't know how to interpret them.  Perhaps this current predicament they find themselves in was mentioned somewhere in the Bible...

"You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky; but why do you not know how to interpret the present time?"
(Luke 12:56)

We would LOVE to help them with the interpretation.  IF, they would ALL, simply USE the Blessed Holy Water and REPENT! - the infused knowledge would BE there, almost instantly.  But they won't - because they have chosen to worship their father down below instead, and their wills are now "fixed" [referring to "free will".  How?].

"He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority. But you [- referring to the Faithful Remnant, "the Elect", "the CHOSEN ones"...] shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you...”
(Acts 1:7-8)

And speaking of Signs, It is BEST not to put any CONFIDENCE in "dreams and VISIONS" - UNLESS it is "a VISITATION from the Most High True GOD" - or He wants to reveal something to you SPECIFICALLY.  And it will NEVER! - be followed by "ANXIETY, or WORRY" - if it is "a True VISION" - because there is 'no POINT', to BECOMING "anxious", over SIGNS.  BECAUSE, that does not accomplish ANYTHING BUT, 'remove your Peace'.  THROUGH Project BLUEBEAM - the One World GOVERNMENT, can 'SEND' people "FLASHES", or "IMAGES", in their MINDS - because they TRY to COUNTERFEIT, the OUTPOURING of the True Holy SPIRIT, in THESE Times.  KNOW that, "an AUTHENTIC Vision OR Dream" - will BE something unexpected; and you will simply HAVE, "the Blessed ASSURANCE", that it is FROM your CREATOR.  You won't, have 'ANY, doubts'. If you HAVE "a doubt", about a VISION, then it is most LIKELY "a FALSE one".   But YOU are called to simply "LIVE, in the Moment".  You KNOW that you are "living in the End TIMES"; and there are "SIGNS", all AROUND you; and EVEN, in the SKIES! - and on the EARTH!  And the Most High TRUE GOD, is going to CONTINUE, to SHOW "Signs"; but THAT is not to BE, "where your FOCUS is"; your FOCUS needs to BE on, "LIVING".  (November 22, 2016)

(For Faithful Remnant Members only...)  Have you been feeling a little "ANXIOUS"?

So, you SAW, "some things", that actually, caused, a bit, of "stress", in your LIFE - because you DID not 'EXPECT, the Most High TRUE God! - to SHOW you, THOSE kinds of Signs!'  But NOW! - "the FEAR of the LORD", has turned into "ANXIETY"; but THAT is "NOT the VOCATION", the Most High TRUE God is ASKING you to EMBRACE; but you are CALLED, to be 'a TRUE Peace'; and to let NOTHING! - remove your Peace...  So, EVERY day, you have TWO CHOICES! - TRUE Peace; or ANXIETY.  And there IS 'NO REASON', to be "ANXIOUS", or "WORRIED" - as LONG as you RESOLVE, to LIVE, for your CREATOR!  

WHY did 'the OTHER PEOPLE', LOSE their FACULTIES?  Well, it HAPPENED over TIME - THROUGH their, "CONSENTS", in their INTERIOR life, to CHALLENGE us; and to CHALLENGE the Most High TRUE God.  They were NOT "Members", ONE day - and then 'FELL off' the next; it TOOK "TIME"! - it TOOK "an ACTIVE CHOICE" - for THEM, to simply 'STOP CARING! - about their SOULS'!  WE know, that YOU care about "your SOUL"... And SO, WHEN you embrace ANXIETY - THAT is your way of TELLING the Most High True God - that "you DON'T TRUST Him!" - but YOU are called, to "TRUST, your LOVING FATHER, in HEAVEN".  YES, He DISCIPLINES! - but ONLY to bring people BACK, to their senses!  But He has 'MUCH LOVE', to share! - WITH, His Faithful REMNANT - if they would ONLY -"SEEK to TRUST Him", and OBEY and DO as He ASKS, in the MOMENT

DO! - your BEST! - and the Most High TRUE God will "do the REST". He is NOT "a harsh, FATHER - waiting to PUNISH, His CHILDREN! - if they screw UP!" - He is SIMPLY WAITING, for them to TURN to Him - for GRACES! - and for HELP! - in their daily walk.  HE knows "the Path is not easy" - but HE can ALSO see the REWARD, at the END of it.  And SO, as "a LOVING Father, WOULD" - He ENCOURAGES! - His Remnant, to PERSEVERE! - and to "FINISH the RACE!"  But WITHOUT competition.

There is NO VIRTUE, in EMBRACING "ANXIETY"; THEREFORE, REJECT your DESIRE, to embrace "ANXIETY", as 'a way of LIFE' - and ASK for the Grace, to embrace 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', INSTEAD.  ASK for the Grace, to REMAIN in the True Peace OF the Most High True God.  PEOPLE in the world, are "ANXIOUS" over MANY things!  But the FAITHFUL Remnant are called, to SIMPLY 'lift UP their need', to the Most High True God - and WAIT! - for His ANSWER - knowing that ALL of their needs - both spiritual AND physical - WILL, be, PROVIDED for!  It IS that simple!  This is 'the WAY', the Most High TRUE God, CREATED, mankind - to BE: COMPLETELY, DEPENDENT, on HIM! - while at the same TIME, doing 'THEIR part'. (November 23, 2016)
When you find that, you are being attacked, by "anxiety" - SIMPLY give it to Jesus, and trade it for 'His TRUE Peace'. (December 20, 2016)

Is the True Spiritual Reality so uncomfortable, that you now find yourself turning to VAIN thoughts, dreams, and VISIONS, for "a FALSE REALITY", to LIVE in?

And so NOW, you need to REJECT your desire, to turn, to "VAIN thoughts, dreams, and VISIONS", for "a FALSE REALITY, to LIVE in" - INSTEAD! - ASK for the Grace, to LIVE in 'the TRUE Reality!' - ALWAYS; and in the TRUE REALITY, you will ALWAYS be "uncomfortable" - because THAT'S what it means to be "CLOTHED! - in SACKCLOTH, and in ASHES" - in HUMILITY! - and in TRUTH.  Because, of, "mankind's EGO" - the 'REACTION', is to HATE humility! - AND Truth; and prefer, "DECEPTION, lies, COMFORT, and false REALITIES" - BROUGHT about, BY the intellect - APART! - from, the Creator.  And so YOU need to fight AGAINST, 'those DESIRES' - to EMBRACE those wicked THINGS!  You NEED "all of Heaven's HELP!"  You NEED to be 'CONSTANTLY in prayer' - and 'CONSTANTLY discerning' - and THAT is how you stay "SPIRITUALLY awake".   Sometimes, "random thoughts", will go through your MIND! - without you DESIRING, to think about those things!  When that HAPPENS, you have TWO CHOICES! - to ENTERTAIN the thoughts, and SEE 'where the demons lead your MIND'?  Or, SHUN them! - and RESOLVE, to stay ROOTED, IN! - the Truth; and IN the Testimony; and IN! - Jesus Christ the Lord, and the Blessed Virgin MARY.  Because, if your THOUGHTS, are NOT 'drawing you CLOSER, to your CREATOR'? - they can ONLY draw you 'FURTHER away'!  Understand?
Interesting observation:  IF, this website was the product of vain thoughts, dreams and visions - then why would we be instructing Members of the Faithful Remnant, to turn to their Creator for a Divine Intervention to snuff those things out?  Just another uncomfortable question, for those who hate the Testimony - have fun with that one!  We will be sure to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, who has revealed to us her NEW titles, as "Conqueror of false realities" and "Mother of the True Spiritual Realities", to make sure you FULLY WAKE UP! - once your days of rejecting the Testimony of her Son, are over.  Better sooner, than later - if you know what we mean - referring to my wife and I.

Have you been feeling OVERWHELMED, as you strive to OVERCOME, "nostalgia", and "living in the past"?

Yes, the BIGGEST obstacle, to receiving fraternal correction, IS in fact "pride".  And when the PRIDE manifests - it can OFTEN, be followed WITH, by anxiety.  ONE thing that is important, to REMEMBER - is that when you are "AFFLICTED, by ONE demon", you can GUARANTEE, that it brought 'OTHERS' with it!  THEREFORE it is important to do even MORE discerning - OF 'the exact NAME'; OR, you can ALWAYS, simply 'pray a short prayer', to the Most High True God - giving Him ALL! - of the EVIL spirits, IN and around, your Soul - and TRADING them, for 'His TRUE Peace'.  THIS is simply, a QUICK prayer - when you are EXPERIENCING, 'an OVERWHELMING feeling', IN the moment.  To BE "overwhelmed", means THAT, the DEMONS are coming AT you from 'ALL different directions'; and the ONLY way to 'OVERCOME', the EVIL, is by TURNING to Jesus Christ the LORD - and keeping your eyes 'FIXED on HIM' - while you REJECT the evils, and TRADE them, for His TRUE Peace.  ONE thing that will HELP you, is if you ASK the Most High TRUE God, FOR the Grace, to DISCERN, 'the DIFFERENCE between good and evil' - in EVERY MOMENT, in every DAY! - and, to SEND "prevenient GRACES", to HELP you make 'the RIGHT decision', at the MOMENT of temptation.  People, OUTSIDE the Ark, 'THINK', they have 'a RELATIONSHIP', with JESUS - when it is ACTUALLY, 'a FRIENDSHIP with the DEVIL' that they have - because CHRISTIANS, have been "taught" - FALSELY - that GOD is going to 'bow DOWN to THEM', and SAVE them! - without THEM, having to do 'THEIR part'.  But in the FAITHFUL Remnant Church, the Most High TRUE God expects EACH INDIVIDUAL - to ASK, seek and KNOCK - ALL the time! - AND to have "an ACTIVE interior life" - that is "PLEASING to Him", AT all TIMES!  "False christians", OVEREMPHASIZE, "false EXTERNALS"!  But TRUE Christianity, and 'BEING a FOLLOWER, of Jesus Christ the LORD', is about 'where a person's HEART, is'.  Understand?...  STAY FOCUSED, on your CREATOR.  And KEEP BUILDING, on THAT RELATIONSHIP, every DAY! - until it is STRONGER! - than 'the satanic TIES', to your former FAMILY.  And THAT is how you OVERCOME, "nostalgia", and "living in the past".

Be anxious and worried... about nothing!
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
What should you do when you experience "perception shifts and reality changes accompanied by waves of doubt and fears"?
Well the best thing you can DO, for yourself, is EXPECT "perception shifts" - and "reality changes" - to COME! - out of NOWHERE it seems; ACCOMPANIED by "WAVES, of doubt"; and FEARS!  WHY?  BECAUSE, you are living, in 'the End TIMES'; this IS 'the time of, the APOCALYPSE!' - and the CERN waves, ARE increasing!  Not only THAT, but the OCCULT world - is taking ON, the Faithful Remnant Church - TRYING! - to get them, to embrace "FALSEHOOD" - to make their PRAYERS, "ineffective".  Understand?  THEREFORE! - what can you DO? - when these things HAPPEN?  KNOW that, 'the TRIALS', WILL pass. The WAVES, will pass OVER you.  You SIMPLY need to stay "ANCHORED, to your True SHEPHERD - Jesus Christ the LORD"! - AND to His Blessed MOTHER - in your INTERIOR life.  The MORE you resolve to FOCUS, on your CREATOR - and on HEAVEN! - the LESS, you will 'NOTICE', the waves, when they DO increase; and the LESS, you will be AWARE, of the ATTACKS.  When attacks COME, do not FOCUS on THEM; FOCUS on the SOLUTION.  EXPECT! - "discomfort".  EXPECT "EXTREME challenges"!  BEING a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, is NOT for "the faint of heart".  The faint of HEART? - are 'the ones, who desire, "COMFORT" - ALWAYS!' - EVEN to the point, of SACRIFICING themselves, to the DEVIL.  Understand?  Your STRENGTH, comes FROM, Jesus Christ the LORD.  HE alone, 'SUSTAINS you'!  If EVER, you think, this journey, is "too DIFFICULT" - REMEMBER what He endured - for you ALREADY!  REMEMBER, that you are not called, to LIVE a life, of "LUXURY"; but you are CALLED to embrace, 'the DAILY adversities', that COME; and OVERCOME them! - by TURNING, to JESUS Christ the LORD - as He IS "ABOVE you".

Have you been thinking about your future spouse?

EVERYONE in the Faithful REMNANT, needs to FOCUS, on their RELATIONSHIP with the Most High True GOD - FIRST and foremost. BECAUSE, "He is a JEALOUS GOD" - and TRULY, is 'DESERVING, of ALL Love, and attention' - ESPECIALLY, in these Times.  HE is 'the ONLY one' - who will be ABLE to HELP you to ENDURE, these Times; NOT "another CREATURE".  So TRADE your desire, for 'a COMPANION', in THIS life - for, "COMPASSIONATING your CREATOR" - by CHOOSING to live for HIM INSTEAD of 'for yourself'.  Understand?

What to do when you are "under ATTACK"?

The ONE thing you need to WORK on, in your INTERIOR life - is 'responding QUICKER, TO the attacks, when they COME' - by TURNING to Jesus , MUCH faster! - PRAY for the GRACE, to turn to Jesus IMMEDIATELY - when YOU get the sense, that 'you are under ATTACK'.  TURN to Him, in FAITH! - and ask Him to REMOVE, 'the demons'; and COMMEND the individual, or "INDIVIDUALS" - to the IMMEDIATE and ongoing Divine Justice of the Most High True God.  If you 'ENTERTAIN', the attacks of the ENEMY, in your INTERIOR life - LONGER than it takes, to "IDENTIFY", that you are "under attack" - THEN, it can build 'SO quickly' - and SWEEP you off your FEET!  THAT is why it is IMPERATIVE, to your SPIRITUAL wellbeing, to CALL on Saint Michael, AND Jesus - EVERY time, the enemy attacks your perceptions.  He IS! - at this time, "ALLOWED, to tempt, EACH Member of the REMNANT - to turn BACK, to their old WAYS" - and in THIS way, the Most High TRUE God - is "WEEDING out, 'the WEAK ones' - as in, the ones who CHOOSE to be weak" - from His REMNANT.  YOU, are choosing to be STRONG - when you RECOGNIZE, that you CANNOT, 'overcome the daily BATTLES, without turning to Jesus Christ the LORD' - because it is ONLY His Strength that SUSTAINS you!   ALSO, PRAY for the GRACE, to be 'a GOOD steward of EVERYTHING that you have been given'; and the Grace to do EVERYTHING "well, and with LOVE" - and you will FIND, that 'the works of your HANDS', will be "BLESSED", even MORE so! 

Choosing to feel OVERWHELMED?

ONE thing that you are STRUGGLING with, IS 'a DESIRE to be OVERWHELMED' - with ALL of your CIRCUMSTANCES, and 'the troubles of the DAY'.  But CHOOSING to be 'overwhelmed' is NOT going to SOLVE, 'the daily TROUBLES'.  You NEED to TURN to Jesus Christ the LORD IN the MOMENT, and ASK Him 'humbly', to SHOW you 'the Path'. YOU need to seek COUNSEL from your CREATOR! - throughout the DAY - seeking 'the infused KNOWLEDGE', in ORDER, to PLEASE Him!  There are practical things, that you can do - like going to bed EARLY; and waking UP early.  THIS takes 'self-DISCIPLINE' - ESPECIALLY when you are 'FILLED, with so much EXCITEMENT' - over the Revelations in the TESTIMONY; BUT it is ESSENTIAL - in taking CARE, of your SPIRITUAL wellbeing, and PHYSICAL wellbeing. 
Embracing 'feelings of SADNESS'?
AS for embracing 'FEELINGS of SADNESS' - that does not accomplish ANYTHING "good" - but is VERY "self-DESTRUCTIVE" - because you are called to be 'a JOYFUL CHILD, of the Most High True GOD'.  Is the MOST High True God "SAD, about the CHOICES, that the Souls in Hell, MADE?" - No! - He ISN'T!  While they were LIVING, and there was 'a CHANCE for them to change COURSE' - He was 'CONCERNED' - BUT! - NEVER "sad".  SADNESS comes, from DEMONS!  When JESUS, 'WEPT in the GARDEN' - THAT was "the Big EXCEPTION" - because He was "WEEPING, over ALL of mankind's SINS" - HE, had 'REASON, to weep' - because, SO MANY 'SOULS', would REJECT, His SACRIFICE; and would CONDEMN themselves, to HELL!  But it DIDN'T LAST long!  Perhaps 'just the NIGHT'.  And WHEN He was, 'CARRYING His CROSS' - He COMMANDED, the women, NOT to weep - for HIM! - but to weep, for THEMSELVES, and their CHILDREN (Luke 23-28-31); BECAUSE, He FORESAW, "abortion, becoming LEGAL"; He was TALKING to the WOMEN, of TODAY.  NOT that they should 'STAY in that weeping STATE' - when they SEE, 'PEOPLE, abort the TRUTH'; but they are CALLED, to 'simply move ON' - and COMMEND that individual, or "individuals" - to the Divine Justice of the Most High True God.  That is 'the ONLY hope that they have'!  But WHAT you need to DO, is FORGIVE yourself - for your FAILINGS, and SHORTCOMINGS - with 'FORGIVENESS that comes from HEAVEN.  It would 'do you GOOD', to read the "FORGIVENESS" page on the website; and READ the words, as though they were 'directed at YOU' - because they are! (December 20, 2016 update)  

Have you CONVINCED yourself, that the NARROW Path, in FRONT of you, is TOO HARD! - for you to WALK'? 

The PROBLEM you are HAVING - is that you have 'CONVINCED yourself, that the NARROW Path, in FRONT of you, is TOO HARD! - for you to WALK'.  And THAT kind of thinking - is "self-DESTRUCTIVE"! - and IT is NONSENSE! - and LEADS! - to "spiritual insanity".  The NARROW Path, IS "hard" - BUT! - with your CREATOR, you can WALK it!  But you CAN'T, 'go it ALONE' - and you CAN'T do it "on your OWN terms" - and THAT'S 'what you're STRUGGLING with'!  YOU need to learn to be DEPENDENT, on the Most High True GOD for EVERYTHING - while you seek to do 'YOUR part' - in, being PURIFIED.  It's that SIMPLE!  He WOULDN'T ASK you, to WALK this PATH, if it was "BEYOND you"

HOW can I have a closer walk with the Most High True God? 

Here are some basics:  Emailing daily.  Seeking to be "HONEST" - with YOURSELF, of your SPIRITUAL state, before Him ALWAYS.  TRULY desiring, to be HUMBLE - before the Most High TRUE God, at all TIMES.  And, STAYING in PRAYER - WITH Him.  ACTIVELY seeking, KNOCKING, and ASKING, for the True Holy SPIRIT- EVERY DAY! - to HELP you; EVEN with "the most MENIAL, of tasks".   By DESIRING, to have "a closer walk" - by ASKING Him, to walk WITH you, in each and every MOMENT, and to SHOW you "the Path", that YOU are called to walk, each DAY.  By PUTTING, "yourself", LAST; and Him, FIRST.  By trading 'YOUR plans' - FIRST thing in the morning - for HIS Plans, for YOUR day!  And by CONSECRATING, 'the START of your day', to the DIVINE Will and Plan, of the Most High True God'.

Going through a trial? - Then Humble yourself, and ask for the Help of your Creator, and it will pass.

Well you ARE being targeted, by your former FAMILY, and by the occult WORLD, AND Alien Tech.  And EVEN with all of THAT! - ALL of EVERYTHING that you are going through - the Most High TRUE God DEFINITELY, would NOT 'ALLOW you to be tested, BEYOND your strength' - because He KNOWS, that all YOU need to do, is 'turn to HIM', in COMPLETE confidence, and ask for His HELP - and HUMBLE yourself; and He WILL deliver you. SOMETIMES, you may need to PERSEVERE, in ASKING to be delivered - to TRULY SHOW Him, that you DESIRE to be 'set FREE, from the FALSEHOODS' - that OTHERS are 'praying INTO you'.  But, ONE thing, that really helps, to FOCUS on, when you are going through ANY kind of trial - is that it will PASS!  Because ALL trials come to an end; and then there are "refreshing CONSOLATIONS".  So you SIMPLY need to resolve, to focus on 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', OF the moment - and FIRMLY resolve NOT to ENTERTAIN, 'the Temptations'; and to SIMPLY 'send them packing' IMMEDIATELY! - and ASK for 'the corresponding TRUTH' to be INFUSED in you, instead. 


NEVER have the Saints, been TESTED, in all of human HISTORY - as they are NOW!  What the FAITHFUL REMNANT are going through - is SO far BEYOND! - what PREVIOUS "followers of Jesus", went through; THEY would not have been able, to endure 'the TECHNOLOGY', of these Times - and that is WHY, the Most High TRUE God, SIMPLY, "HARVESTED", the Souls, over MANY Generations!  And that is why 'there are so FEW! - FAITHFUL, Remnant Members' - because it takes "COURAGE!" - to BE 'a Member of the Faithful Remnant'.  EVERYONE OUTSIDE the Ark - they are "FIGHTING AGAINST God"; they are "COWARDS!" - FAITHLESS, and POLLUTED!  But for the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT - they are called to be "FAITHFUL" - FILLED with Truth! - AND! - "COURAGEOUS!" - in STANDING BEFORE! - their King.  It is "NOT easy"; BUT! - it IS possible - as long as they CHOOSE! - to turn, to Jesus, Christ the Lord, for Strength.  It is ONLY 'His Divine STRENGTH', that sustains US! - and so, it is ONLY His Divine STRENGTH, that will SUSTAIN, 'His Faithful REMNANT'.  You are CALLED! - to PARTAKE, IN, the DIVINITY, of Jesus Christ the LORD - as ALL! - MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant, are CALLED to!  It is 'WHEN you start to think, with a WORLDLY mindset' - that your HEART begins to sink, and get "weighed DOWN", with DISSIPATION.  BUT! - when you FOCUS, on being UNITED WITH , Jesus, Christ, the LORD - and His WILL - in each and every MOMENT - THEN, the BURDEN, becomes, 'MUCH lighter'.  EVEN Jesus - could not CARRY out, 'His Father's Will' - WITHOUT, His FATHER, intervening, to SUSTAIN Him!  Understand?

Have you been focusing on the people who fell OFF the Ark?

Do NOT focus on the PEOPLE, who are "REFUSING to ENDURE", and who CHOSE, to leave the ARK!!!  Focus INSTEAD, on 'what your CREATOR is ASKING of you'.  Because you are not "ON, the ARK", for the SAKE, of THOSE, "OTHERS", in the Remnant.  You are on the ARK - because you were CALLED; and you RESPONDED, with "a YES!"  And you are HERE to serve your CREATOR.  It is that SIMPLE.  HERE is what you need to DO:  REJECT your DESIRE to IDENTIFY with the DEMONS; and ASK for the GRACE to live your TRUE identity, in the TRUE Reality, in the PRESENT moment, ALWAYS! REJECT 'the demonic cluster of the OLD N.' - and then ASK for the SAME Grace, as above.  Reject 'your DESIRE to procrastinate'; and ask for the GRACE, to DO! - what your Creator is asking of you. Reject 'your desire to FOLD'; and ask for the GRACE, to PERSEVERE!  If you DON'T 'seek', then you WON'T find.    If you DON'T 'ask', then your CREATOR, will not RESPOND!  If you DON'T 'knock on the door to Heaven for help', then you won't RECEIVE any!  Understand?  On ANOTHER note, DID you reject 'your desire to have a divided HEART'? - and ask for the corresponding GRACE?

What does it mean to be "OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant CHURCH"? - for those who are "OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety"

Being "outside the Faithful Remnant CHURCH" - SIMPLY means that 'the WRATH of the Most High True God rests UPON you' - UNTIL you REPENT, "WHOLEHEARTEDLY", for MISUSING and ABUSING, ALL of the Gifts, AND the Graces, AND Blessings, that He GAVE to you!  This ISN'T going to STOP.  'THINGS like this' are going to CONTINUE to HAPPEN in your LIFE - BECAUSE, you are "His ENEMY!" - until you CHOOSE to be His friend.  HE is not so much "DISCIPLINING you"; as He IS! - 'AFFLICTING you with PUNISHMENT, after PUNISHMENT'!  WHEN are YOU going to wake UP! - and get your PRIORITIES straight?  'The WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY' is "VERY, short!"  And just BECAUSE, He is 'ALLOWING, certain things, to fall into PLACE' - so that, you have "a ROOF over your HEAD", a JOB, CLOTHING, and "your basic NEEDS" met - does NOT MEAN He's BLESSING you!  THAT is "the hard TRUTH" you need to HEAR.  For so TOO, DOES, the Most High True GOD provide, for "the ANIMALS".  And UNTIL, you REPENT - WHOLEHEARTEDLY; STOP the NONSENSE! - and DO! - what you KNOW you are called to do - He will CONTINUE to SEE you, as 'among the BEASTS'; because He is NOT 'SEEING, a REFLECTION, of HIMSELF, or the True Holy SPIRIT' in you.  THAT is for sure!
Do you now have "a serious affliction" - one so serious that you believe you are in need of a prescription?
Our prescription for what you HAVE, is to, do "a THOROUGH examination of your CONSCIENCE" - and ASK the True Holy SPIRIT to REVEAL to you: WHAT rebellious thoughts, you have been HAVING?  ASK the True Holy Spirit, to REVEAL your sins, to you.  ASK the True Holy SPIRIT, to give you, 'the necessary GRACES', to REPENT, and to OVERCOME them.  Because THESE kinds of AFFLICTIONS, ONLY happen, as a RESULT, of "serious sin".  The Most High TRUE God, is TELLING you something - about 'where you STAND BEFORE Him'...  For EVERY sin, there IS 'a punishment attached to it'.  Look BACK, at when, you got the affliction - THIS time round.  WHAT was your SPIRITUAL life like? WHAT were you choosing to EMBRACE? - that "OFFENDED, your Creator"?  HE WILL 'lift the affliction' FROM you, once you have 'repented WHOLEHEARTEDLY'.
Safety onboard the Ark
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Are you afraid of what's coming next?

DO not embrace 'the spirit of FEAR' - even in a PLAYFUL way; BECAUSE, it's an evil SPIRIT.  The desire to SCARE, someone - is NOT coming from 'the True Holy SPIRIT'.  This you need to know.  Though it is ACCEPTED WIDELY - by pretty much the whole world.  Understand?... It is ALSO going to help to REJECT 'the spirit of irrational fears'. Of COURSE, there will BE "noises", and you WON'T know the SOURCE, always - BUT, to IMMEDIATELY turn, to "FEARS" - is JUST a way for the ENEMY, to get inside.  Because, he CONTROLS people through "fear" - through "IRRATIONAL fear".  The whole WORLD, has been 'traumatized'; and PEOPLE, are "AFRAID"! - EVEN of their NEIGHBORS; EVEN if you look at the NEWS - you can SEE that they are FOCUSING people, on 'the most GORIFYING, stories' - and "worst-case scenarios, and possibilities" - with CONTINUAL False Flag Attacks, murder, mayhem, chaos - TO create, "a CLIMATE of fear" - so that, the PEOPLE, will CONTINUE to look, to their GOVERNMENTS - for 'the ONGOING solutions' - to, "the world crises". 
Do you want more VITALITY and even DEEPER Spiritual Healings?
YOU will find, that 'the more GRATEFUL you are' - for what you have been GIVEN, from the Most High True GOD - the more VITALITY, you will RECEIVE; and even DEEPER Spiritual Healings, will come. GIVE thanks to the Most High TRUE God, with 'a JOYFUL and GRATEFUL heart' - and He will HEAL you!  Because, it is "SORROW", that brings, "afflictions", as WELL.  It is, "MOODINESS", that brings, "afflictions", to the body.  It is "SELFISHNESS", that brings "afflictions", to the Soul.  THEREFORE, STRIVE to always, LISTEN to the True Holy Spirit in the MOMENT - REGARDLESS of 'how you FEEL'!  Because you are CALLED, to be "GOVERNED, by, HIGHER Principles" - NOT "bestial instincts, AND feelings"...  Stop, 'giving IN, to immediate ANGER' - when you are "inconvenienced".  You are CALLED to be GENTLE, Loving, KIND, and DOCILE - TO the Most High True God.  Understand?  (January 4, 2017 update)  

Need motivation to take out the Garbage?
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Did you forget to take out "the GARBAGE"?

You are finally beginning to realize, that "the SPIRITUAL life" - that is, 'being a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - is NOT about "REPAIRING, your OLD self" - No.  It's about "TOSSING it out COMPLETELY"! - like a dirty rag; and EMBRACING, 'your NEW! - identity'  - as 'ONE who has been BORN, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, and of the WORD, of the Most High True GOD'. And now that you are 'learning to ACCEPT', that 'the old YOU', or 'the old PATCH', is NOT COMPATIBLE, with "the new CLOTH" - it is going to be much EASIER, for YOU - to be "CLOTHED in the True Holy Spirit".  For His COMMAND, to the Faithful REMNANT, is VERY specific:  Remember NOT! - 'the former things', nor CONSIDER 'the things of old'.  This ALSO means, "don't THINK about HOW, you USED to be" - because THAT in ITSELF, is a snare; but simply FOCUS, on PARTAKING, in the DIVINE NATURE, of the Most High TRUE God - through the Use of the Blessed HOLY Water, and through 'SEEKING His Divine WILL' - desire to be clothed in 'HIS Mind', at all TIMES!  Desire "the Higher GIFTS, OF the True Holy SPIRIT" - ad SHUN! - the WORLD, and all its OFFERINGS.  Simple.

Have you been successful at finding fault with the Testimony?

This following Counsel, is specifically for all the people who have resolved to find fault with the Testimony of the Two Witnesses:   Only the DEVIL! - can find fault, with the Saints in HEAVEN, with the BLESSED Virgin Mary, and with the TESTIMONY.  And so when YOU 'sought', to EXALT yourself in your HEART - by 'entertaining', the INSANITY, of, the DEMONS, in your INTERIOR life - and by CHOOSING to see YOURSELF, as 'a GOD!' - YOU, in FACT, went 'BEYOND! - the practice of BLASPHEMY'.  YOU! - UNITED yourself, COMPLETELY! - TO - satan - the FATHER of lies!  And it HAS BEEN! - "HIS, joy" - that YOU have been experiencing...  HE! - is 'DELIGHTED!' - at the fact that YOU! - ARE! - giving in to "SPIRITUAL insanity"!  And it is 'a SCOURGE that you have RECEIVED', from the Creator of the UNIVERSE - BECAUSE! - the DEVIL, tempted you with pride; and you EMBRACED, 'those PRIDEFUL thoughts'.  PRIDE COMES "BEFORE the fall"!  And THEREFORE, you FELL!  And you fell HARD!  And you FELL! - like LIGHTENING!  BECAUSE, YOU are in the HABIT of LISTENING, to 'the COUNTERFIET holy spirit' - the EVIL spirit, that TELLS you, that you are "a GOOD man"! [...or "woman"! - for all "the jezzies" out there].  TURN to the TRUE Holy Spirit BEFORE it is TOO Late!  BEFORE, ALL! - of your SPIRITUAL senses, are COMPLETELY "distorted BEYOND repair".  Shall YOU "PRESUME to be a GOD"! - IN - the midst of the WORLD?  THEN, you are "a FALSE god"! - and you will share "the FATE of all, FALSE gods"!   For the LORD Jesus Christ, can SIMPLY "SWEEP you away!" - with ONE breath, of his NOSTRIL!  Do not TEMPT him!  DO not put the Most High TRUE God "to the TEST" - by SEEING how much EVIL you can embrace and get AWAY with!  For it may SEEM, that 'He is ALLOWING you, to get away with WICKEDNESS' - but "ALL of a SUDDEN"! - the TRUTH - PIERCES through "the CLOUDS of self-DECEPTION", and you are laid NAKED and BARE, BEFORE Him! - WITHOUT a wedding garment - and He casts you OUT! - of the Wedding Feast.  For the DEVIL has "NOTHING in common" with Jesus Christ the LORD.  And, if YOU seek to be "united with the devil" - in TRYING to find FAULT, WITH GOD! - then YOU will be "FOREVER, outside His KINGDOM" - where there is "WEEPING, and GNASHING of teeth".  MAKE better choices! - BEFORE it's too late.

Have you been ALLOWING your mind to "DRIFT"? - to THINKING about the past, and "former FAMILY" and "former FRIENDS"?

When you ALLOW your mind to "DRIFT" - to THINKING about the past, and "former FAMILY", and "former FRIENDS" - if you don't CATCH yourself right AWAY - then, it turns into "a SNOWBALL effect" - and those DEMONS, that you allowed IN - bring "their FRIENDS".  But USUALLY it begins with YOU, feeling "FALSE COMPASSION", on the Most High TRUE God's ENEMIES; and when you do THAT - THAT'S when, the DEMONS enter.  Because, your FORMER FAMILY and former FRIENDS, WANT you to show 'THEIR DEMONS', "false COMPASSION" - as they try to pray that YOU! - "FEEL", false GUILT! - for 'the LIFESTYLE that you are choosing'.  You ARE a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH - and AS such, you have "RESPONSIBILITIES"- to KEEP, your HOUSE in order - that means, "your INTERIOR life".  As SOON as you allow, yourself, to take "the back seat" - THEN, you GIVE "permission", to the DEMONS, to give you "feelings of ANXIETY" - and "OVERWHELMINGNESS".  You NEED to know, that a few Members of the Faithful Remnant - are CHOOSING, to be "weak" - and they are entertaining 'the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS' - and it is HURTING them.  DON'T! - choose the SAME!  HOLD ON, or HOLD FAST! - to 'WHAT you know to be TRUE' - to "WHAT has been REVEALED to you, from HEAVEN"!  Do YOU know WHY, 'the admonition', was GIVEN, in, the Book of REVELATIONS? - to "HOLD FAST, lest someone steal your CROWN"? (Revelations 3:11)  Because you have to FIGHT, to be a Saint - in THESE Times.  You HAVE to fight, 'the ENEMY' - by CONTINUALLY turning to Jesus.  If you WANT to be "one of His SAINTS" - then it will be EASY for you, to turn to Jesus, in time of TROUBLE; and EVEN - simply out of LOVE for Him - because He MADE you! - and HE alone can fulfill you.

Have you been seeing "your FORMER family members" - as "family"? Because they are NOT part of the Most High TRUE God's Family.

You SIMPLY need to RECOGNIZE, that your "FORMER family members", want to do 'what THEY can', to PREVENT you, from staying "on the narrow PATH".  Their DEMONS are ENRAGED! - that YOU! - are choosing, to be "spiritually SANE", and "FILLED, with GRACES". But THEY, want YOU, to be filled, with 'THEIR DEMONS'!  They are not INTERESTED in becoming HEALED; and so they WILL, "REAP, the REWARDS, for their EFFORTS!" - and, in these TIMES, you SIMPLY CANNOT 'see them', as "family" - because, they are NOT 'PART' of the family of the Most High TRUE God; but they are "WALKING, opposed to His WAYS". The Holy ANGELS, are going to CONTINUE to afflict them - with "HARSH PUNISHMENTS" - all the days of their LIVES.  And YOU simply need to 'ACCEPT that'.  YOU have chosen, that "Goodness and MERCY", be with you! - and that is "a SANE choice"!  But REALLY, you SIMPLY need to MANIFEST your FREE will - to CHOOSE your Creator's Will; no matter how much 'PRESSURE', your former family PUTS on you; because HE will UPHOLD you - as LONG as you uphold HIM, and His TESTIMONY.  Do not DENY, the Most High True GOD, and He will not deny YOU!

Do you desire to be 'the person you once were' BEFORE you found the Testimony?

Many of the people who found the life-changing Truths in the Testimony, at some point, wish that they could go back to being the person they were, BEFORE they found those Truths.  But there is one BIG problem with that: the PERSON that they WERE, doesn't EXIST anymore!  And so, WHAT are they telling their CREATOR, if their secret prayer, in their interior life, is "I want to be a person who does not exist!"  IS that "a prayer He CAN'T answer?"  With the Most High TRUE God, ALL things are possible!  And so, if THAT is your prayer - if you are choosing NOT to exist - then He CAN simply put you on the path to the Eternal Lake of Fire - a place where you will be slowly insinerated, until you are fully "recycled" - or something like that.  We are not sure of all the details, but we can only imagine, that it's going to REALLY HURT!  Better to TRY! - to love the Life-Saving TRUTHS found in the Testimony, than it is to TRY, to love the Eternal Lake of Fire - but everyone has different preferences, we know. And so, for all those people out there who want to "go GREEN" and RECYCLE - sure, that is always an option.  Know that your Creator respects your decision.  And if people from your past, desire you to be "the person you once were" - now you all know "where they can go" - the place where they will SURELY find that person!
Do you want to speed up your purification
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Lord Jesus Christ Most High True God, Please show me how to serve Your Will in each and every moment and please give me the Grace to desire to actively seek Your will in each and every moment for all eternity, from this moment forward. Amen.  Please fill me with a Holy Zeal to proclaim your Truth to the Nations. Amen.  Please give me the Grace to desire to share all the gifts, talents and Blessings that you have so graciously given to me, with others, for your Greater Glory. Amen.  Please renew my mind in each and every moment, and enlighten My intellect with Knowledge of your Divine Will for My life. Amen.  I ask all of this through the intercession of the Blessed virgin Mary under her title, "Queen of True Divine Inspiration". "Hail Mary..."  Amen.  (January 14, 2017 update) 

Have you been struggling whenever you receive fraternal correction?

You REALLY need to reject your DESIRE to suppress 'the True Holy Spirit' - moving through OTHERS (- referring to the Members of the Faithful Remnant) - ESPECIALLY when they fraternally correct you; and ASK for the GRACE, to RECEIVE, the Knowledge, and APPLY it! - EVEN if you don't "FULLY understand" in the moment.  Because, YOU are in "a SPIRITUAL battle"; you are NOT "CONTENDING with flesh and blood"; but the DEMONS, want you to focus, on 'DESIRING, to be RIGHT!' - and THAT is how they are "PLAYING you AGAINST, fraternal correction".  THEY, are, "planting DESIRES, in YOUR heart" - to DOUBT! - the Counsel... and they will give you "ANY excuse!"... to, "call to QUESTION", ANY fraternal correction you receive.  They are ACTUALLY, 'DECEIVING you, into REJECTING the Graces'.  WHEN you receive fraternal CORRECTION, it is "an OPPORTUNITY", to KNOW! - 'WHAT, the problem is' - and HOW you need to FIX it.  It is 'a CHANCE, for INCOMING Graces' - to, HELP you, grow CLOSER to your Creator. And EVERY time, that you 'RESIST', the Counsel of the True Holy Spirit in the MOMENT, and turn to DEMONS INSTEAD, you actually say "NO", to the Graces OFFERED; and the DEMONS, SIMPLY, begin to "laugh!" - as they gained "a VICTORY, in THAT moment".  UNDERSTAND?...  The PROBLEM that you HAVE, is that, you are "LOOKING, for an excuse NOT to listen, to the True Holy Spirit" - but RATHER, to get OUT! - of actually 'applying the FIX'.  And in DOING so, you are only harming YOURSELF - which in TURN will harm OTHERS.  BETTER to resolve, to listen to the True Holy Spirit - no matter, 'WHO, He speaks through' - and RESOLVE, to LISTEN, to your CONSCIENCE, in EACH and every moment - RATHER, than, waiting for OTHER people, to speak on behalf of your Conscience.  You will need to reject 'the spirit of BLASPHEMY' - because, when you DON'T, listen to fraternal correction, and you call that "GOOD!" - THAT is, 'a form of blasphemy'.  Using fraternal correction, as "an EXCUSE, to NOT listen to your Conscience, in the moment" - is ALSO a manifestation of blasphemy.  You will NEED to reject 'the spirit of pride', as well - because when you're fraternally CORRECTED, you want to find "the FLAW, in the correction" - so you DON'T have to change!  THIS is "UNCOMFORTABLE", to HEAR; BUT! - it is ABSOLUTELY necessary - to catapult you FORWARD, on this JOURNEY.

Can the women in the Faithful Remnant be DE-PROGRAMMED to serve "a MALE GOD"?
In today's CULTURE,WOMEN have become 'PROGRAMMED', from a VERY early age - TO, SHOW, their "AFFECTION", to LIFELESS dolls - and THEREFORE, they LEARN, that, "that is ACCEPTABLE, and NORMAL".  They have ALSO been INCULTURATED, to, INCULTURATE, THEMSELVES, into BEING, 'AGAINST, man's headship' - as they SEE that, as 'a rite of PASSAGE' - that they are called, to GO through.  So, YOU need, to turn to the True Holy SPIRIT - who IS "MALE", by the way - to HELP you, IN your Spiritual Journey.  HE will help you to IDENTIFY, 'your WEAKNESSES' - and help you to, 'DISCERN' - as you are CALLED to discern, in the MOMENT - WHAT, you are being AFFLICTED by; and how to be delivered FROM it.  You SEE, "DAILY Counsel", is to HELP you, to "get OVER, the OBSTACLES" - by SHOWING you, what YOU! - need to do, in order to help YOURSELF.  For "FALSE CHRISTIANS", have learned, that ALL they need to DO, is PRAY, and, "that fixes EVERYTHING!" - as they can CONTINUE, embracing, "SECRET hidden rooms" - believing that "GOD, can't SEE! - what's IN there!"  What is going to HELP you the MOST - is RESOLVING, FROM this day FORWARD, to put 'YOUR INTERIOR life' BEFORE the Throne of your CREATOR - ALWAYS!  ALLOW Him, to see 'EVERYTHING'; DESIRE, to be 'COMPLETELY, BRUTALLY honest with yourself'.  AND! - on TOP of that, REJECT 'the spirit of LUKEWARMNESS', and ASK! - for the GRACE, of HOLY ENTHUSIASM - to SHARE, 'the GIFTS and the BLESSINGS', you have RECEIVED - with your True FAMILY, AND with the NATIONS.  Because the Truth IS, EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, is CALLED to embrace, 'the Prophetic ROLE'; and as long as YOU, hold on to "PRIDE", in your INTERIOR life - WHY would your Creator GIVE you 'the INSIGHTS', and the KNOWLEDGE, that you NEED, in ORDER, to share, with OTHERS? So 'the PRIDE that you are EMBRACING', to BE, "the source of KNOWLEDGE", in your OWN mind - BLOCKS! - the True Holy Spirit.  Take it DOWN!  Go to the Most High TRUE God in PRAYER - and ASK Him, to HELP you, renounce PRIDE; and PRAY - for the Grace, of True Humility.  RECOGNIZE, that YOU, are MERELY, "a CREATURE", and HE, IS 'the CREATOR'.  You are called to serve "HIM"!

Are you CONCERNED about people falling off the Ark?

Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High True God, HAS revealed, from HIS Throne in Heaven - that the REASON, PEOPLE, are "falling OFF the Ark", or "being REMOVED, from the Ark, of Safety" - is SIMPLY, 'a REFLECTION, of what they had ALREADY chosen'.  THEY actually 'CHOSE', to separate THEMSELVES, FROM "the Vine" - who IS, Jesus Christ the LORD - by CHOOSING, "WICKEDNESS", in their INTERIOR lives - "SECRET alternative MOTIVES" - for being MEMBERS.  The MOST High TRUE God, IS! - "intelligent"; and He CREATED, 'the Gift of an intellect'. AND, those 'MEMBERS', who CHOSE to go AGAINST, 'what He was ASKING of them' - SIMPLY, REVEALED, by their OWN CHOICES - that they WERE, "His ENEMIES!"  And there is "NO ROOM", for 'ENEMIES, OF, the Creator of the UNIVERSE' - IN, His KINGDOM!  As there is no ROOM, for the DEVIL, in HEAVEN!  For the DEVIL, chose 'a KINGDOM, APART from the Divine WILL, of the Most High True GOD' - EVEN to the point, of SEEING himself, as "ABOVE, God".  He EVEN, attempted - at DRAWING, the ANGELS, AWAY! - FROM, 'TRUE Worship, of the Most High True GOD'.  And HE was "successful"; and those ANGELS are now "fallen" - and they spend the REST, of their EXISTENCE, 'LEADING people away from the TRUTH' - TEMPTING them with "PRIDE, and EGO" - PUFFING them UP, to go AGAINST, the Faithful Remnant CHURCH - EVEN from WITHIN! - the REMNANT.  And the MOST High TRUE God's 'ATTITUDE', is simply THIS: "Let them GO where they WILL!"  EVERY, 'MAN', has to CHOOSE: WHERE, his ALLEGIANCE, is going to BE - JUST AS, the ANGELS, were 'TESTED'.  Did the MOST High TRUE GOD, STOP the DEVIL, and 'the fallen ANGELS', from being "THRUST out of HEAVEN" - by their "WICKED! - choices"?  NO!  He did not.  But, HE ALLOWED THOSE, who were "SMART" - the GOOD Angels, to remain WITH Him - with their 'wills' FIXED on Him - on 'the Most High TRUE God', for ALL Eternity.  And SO, with, the Faithful REMNANT, on the ARK - AGAIN, it is 'a TEST'; and EVEN THEY must choose - TEAMS!  The ONES who have "fallen OFF" - are the ONES, who 'THOUGHT they knew better, than their CREATOR!' - and they still DO!  And THEY, are going to SHARE, in 'their FATHER'S fate' - IN the Eternal Lake of Fire, AND the Sea of Forgetfulness; and THEY will "cease to exist" - because they PROVED themselves to BE "unfaithful".  It is THAT SIMPLE!  This is NOT "COMPLICATED" people!  This has ALL been done before - by YOUR! - "Creator"; and YOU, HAVE, ABSOLUTELY, "NO control", over 'WHAT He does next!'

Are you struggling because of your desire to turn inwards?

It is REALLY important, that you are FOCUSED, on 'what your CREATOR is asking OF you, in the MOMENT'.  But YOU need to desire that as WELL!  KNOW that 'the DEMONS', WILL, give you ALL sorts, of "AFFLICTIONS", to DISTRACT you! - from FOCUSING, on 'WORSHIPPING the Most High True God'.  YOU are not 'the entire SUM of the AFFLICTIONS, that you HAD, for that DAY'.  You NEED to KNOW this!  Because YOU are 'IDENTIFYING, as a REMNANT Member, who is CONTINUALLY afflicted'.  When a PROBLEM is brought to your ATTENTION - whether through "infused Knowledge in the True Holy SPIRIT", or by "fraternal CORRECTION" - YOU are simply called to, 'ACKNOWLEDGE, the problem'; 'OWN it'; REPENT; ASK for the Graces, to FILL the void; and MOVE on with your DAY!  The PROBLEM you are HAVING, is that you are "FOCUSED, INWARDS, ON the demons" - and the MORE you 'focus inwards' - the MORE, you will DRAW them, TO yourself.  You NEED to focus, on 'CALLING on Jesus Christ the Lord's NAME' - WHENEVER you experience 'an AFFLICTION' - and FOCUS! - on your CREATOR, and 'serving HIM'; ASK for the Grace, to KNOW, Love and Serve HIM - with 'your entire BEING' - so THAT, you can be "FULFILLED".  It really IS quite simple!   (January 20, 2017 update)

Are you being pulled in two different directions in your interior life?

You are NOT called to "STEW", in your INTERIOR life, and 'BATHE', in all of your THOUGHTS; YOU must choose! - what YOU are going to think about; and where YOU want your focus to be.  OR, you can allow 'your former FAMILY', to steer your thoughts, where THEY want your focus to be.  One prayer that will HELP, if you PRAY from the heart - is "Lord Jesus Christ, I REJECT my desire to allow OTHERS, to impose THEIR will, on my life".  And then ASK for the Grace, to ONLY desire, to DO! - the Will, of your Creator, in EACH and every moment.  THIS will, HELP you, 'OVERCOME, a divided heart'. 

Interesting side note:  It is BECAUSE the Two Witnesses ARE connecting the Members of the Faithful Remnant with the God who MADE them, that this above prayer is absolutely necessary. It is necessary so that their will can ONLY be united to the Divine Will of the Creator of the Universe.  Simple! - for the Members of the Faithful Remnant that is.  And so, if people want to claim that the Testimony is "from the devil", then by that very fact, THEY are claiming that THEY believe the devil created the Universe... OOPS!  Just another UNCOMFORTABLE Truth, revealed in the Testimony.  Isn't it interesting to note that "BATS", enjoy living in an upside down world too!  Better for those outside the Ark, to snack on raisins!

For Remnant Members who are struggling to make a video

KNOW that there are only TWO paths to CHOOSE from: EVERY DAY, and EVERY MOMENT of every day - you have CHOICES in FRONT of you - you have "LIFE", and "DEATH".  The path of LIFE, IS RESPONDING, to your Creator's Call, in the Moment; the path of spiritual DEATH, is PREFERRING your own way - INSTEAD of His - by saying that "YOU know! - what is 'BETTER', for yourself".   SO, you DON'T! - want to nourish OTHERS.  You HAVE to make "a choice": ARE you going to LIVE, as 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'? - OR, are you going to PRESENT yourself, as "a Member" - while SECRETLY! - or so you THINK! - talk to your DEMONS, and embrace THEM! - all day?  The DEMONS are not "allowing you", to make, a video.  But, YOU are responsible, for "going, with THEIR flow" - INSTEAD of "fighting the CURRENT", and CHOOSING, to cooperate with the GRACES.  BEING a REMNANT Member is "a way of life".  And when YOU receive NOURISHMENT, from the TESTIMONY - your CREATOR EXPECTS you, to 'SHARE! - the nourishment you receive'.  There are a FEW "strongholds" at work - if you CHOOSE to, you can REJECT your desire, to be SELFISH; reject your desire to WITHHOLD your GIFTS - FROM, your brothers and SISTERS - and ask for the Grace to be SELFLESS, and to SHARE your Gifts - SELFLESSLY!  Reject your desire to BE "a DEMONIAC"; and ASK for the GRACE, to be FILLED WITH, and GOVERNED by 'the TRUE Holy Spirit'.  And YES, the True Holy Spirit casts OUT all fear!  You can either CHOOSE, to be "INTIMIDATED", by, your DEMONS! - or SEND them to 'the Lake of Fire', and choose to serve the Most High TRUE God, out of LOVE for your Soul.  THANK your Creator that you HAVE 'a Soul' - SHOW Him how grateful you are! - by giving BACK; make a video TESTIMONY; share the TRUTH - no MATTER, how OTHER people VIEW you!  There will ALWAYS be 'those OPPOSED to the Truth' - UNTIL, the FULLNESS of the Era of Peace.

Special follow-up note from PPTL: There are hundreds of people who read the Testimony each and every day.  And THEY, can now see, WHO, in the Remnant, are CHOOSING to be demoniacs - simply by looking at the last time they made a video testimony.  Even those with 'the MARK', can quickly see 'WHO, is choosing to be weak' - like THEM!  It is far better to ask your Creator for HIS Strength, and stop HOARDING the nourishment you have received; than it is to be pulled OFF the Ark, WITH the demoniacs!  But the EXIT door, is ALWAYS open, for those who
prefer self.  Let all those who prefer "SELF", REMAIN outside the Gates.  Understand?  (January 25, 2017 update)
GOOD NEWS! - if you are a Member of the Faithful Remnant who is looking for your future helpmate: the TRUTH! the MEANTIME, REJECT your DESIRE, to 'THINK about, a HELPMATE'; and ASK for the Grace, to turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit, FOR help, instead - to TURN to 'the infused KNOWLEDGE', of 'what you are CALLED to do', in the MOMENT, instead; to TURN, to your CREATOR, and ASK Him for 'the NECESSARY Strength, TO, FULFILL, your VOCATION, as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT...  For TRULY, "a HELPMATE", would ONLY, BE, "a DISTRACTION" - FROM, 'what will TRULY FULFILL you', and that IS, 'responding to your Creator's CALL', every day!  INSTEAD, DESIRE, that your SOUL! - be FILLED, with 'HIS TRUE Holy Spirit', and FILLED with "abundant GRACES" - to HELP you get through each day.  "The STATE, of WOMEN", is SO, "HORRENDOUS!" - that NO WOMEN, are ACTUALLY "FIT" - they are NOT "HELPERS", and they CANNOT "HELP", the MEN, of the Faithful REMNANT, with 'what they are CALLED to FOCUS on'.  WOMEN in these End TIMES, can ONLY BE, "a DISTRACTION". THEY are "WALKING distractions"; and they HAVE BECOME, "WALKING EYE-sores", to the Most High True GOD.  ASK for the Grace, to SEE them through HIS Eyes!  THEY have CHOSEN, to 'DEFORM their INTERIOR lives' - BEYOND repair!  And EVEN the women, in the REMNANT - are "struggling" - with 'those same, DEFORMITIES'.  The WOMEN - need to focus, on SUBMITTING, to CHRIST'S Headship - OVER them.  And the MEN, need to focus, on SUBMITTING, to Christ's Headship, over THEM.  It really IS that simple!  As for, "the CRUSHING BURDENS", that you have been EXPERIENCING - Lift them ALL up to the Most High True GOD - and TRADE them, for 'HIS Burden'; and His BURDEN, is very LIGHT; and He GIVES you, 'the necessary Strength', to CARRY it - and that is, 'doing, HIS Will, in each and every MOMENT', of your LIFE! - for NOW, and to ETERNITY!

Important fact:  If you were expecting "12 virgins" waiting for you to be their personal helpmate, you are actually looking at the wrong religion.  Here, perhaps THIS will help.
Turn to the Most High True God for Strength, or CHOOSE to be "Eternally weak, apart from Him" 
You SIMPLY need to choose, WHERE you want your allegiance to BE, EVERY day, of your life. Are YOU 'RESOLVED', to SEE yourself as "WEAK", and "UNWORTHY", of the Kingdom of HEAVEN?  Or, are YOU resolved, to SEE, that you HAVE "weaknesses", that you can CHOOSE to overcome, by turning to the Most High TRUE God, for Strength?  In the INSTITUTION, they teach people, "FALSE humility" - and THAT is, to actually BOAST, of how bad, the individual is; and THIS, ONLY makes the demons STRONGER!  There is a difference between "SINCERE repentance", and 'ASKING for FORGIVENESS', from the Most High TRUE God, for OFFENDING Him - and asking for 'the necessary STRENGTH, to do BETTER, and to OVERCOME the weakness'.  And then there is simply "BOASTING", of one's WEAKNESS.  What have YOU been choosing to do?

Did you get injured? - are the Members of the Faithful Remnant "INVINCIBLE"?

YES! - REMNANT Members, are NOT "invincible".  The PHYSICAL Laws, STILL apply - because, they are "TEMPORAL, BEINGS".  It is that SIMPLE!  But, the Most High TRUE God, WILL, 'PROTECT them', from PHYSICAL HARM - that WILL result IN, "death" - as LONG, as they, are 'Members of the Faithful Remnant'.  BUT yes, SOMETIMES, "injury" happens - and, it is 'for the PURPOSE, of DISCIPLINE'.  So the NEXT time, you get INJURED - TURN to the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, for 'the REASON WHY' - and THEN, ASK, 'HOW you can FIX it'.   May the Most High True God, CONTINUE to provide for ALL of your needs! (- WITH, your cooperation of course!)  Now THAT being said, it IS interesting to note, that there IS actually a Grace of "Holy Invincibility" - and THAT is 'a REAL SPIRITUAL Gift' that CAN be asked for; but it is NOT something that should EVER be used to put The Most High True God "to the test".  Understand?  ONLY the Members of the Faithful Remnant WILL be Given that Gift - and so THE OFFICIAL Members ONLY, are invited to ask for it.

Are you choosing to focus on the Most High True God? (- so that you can be HEALED from the torments)

WHAT you need to do, is CHANGE your FOCUS.  FOCUS on the Most High True God. FOCUS on ‘the Blessed TRINITY’, DWELLING within your Soul. FOCUS on PRAISING! – your Creator, for EVERYTHING, that HE, has BLESSED you with!  FOCUS on, being GRATEFUL, for ALL! – of the WONDERFUL Gifts, that He has GIVEN to you, and has ‘GRACIOUSLY, bestowed upon you!’  FOCUS on Jesus Christ the Lord – NOT on ‘the demons, that are THERE, to be a DISTRACTION from Him’!  YOU cannot ‘overcome, the DEVIL, and HIS minions’, on your OWN!   BUT, by CONTINUALLY, turning, to JESUS, Christ the Lord – and ASKING Him, for STRENGTH, to HELP you, in this Journey – you WILL “overcome, the enemy”, and ‘the TEMPTATIONS that he OFFERS your Soul’.  But you NEED to switch ‘your FOCUS’, from “looking INWARDS”! – at the AFFLICTIONS, and the DEMONS; and turn “OUTWARDS and UPWARDS!” – to your CREATOR – turning to Him for “MERCY” – to DELIVER you! – FROM, ‘the power of the EVIL one’.  It REALLY is “that SIMPLE”!  But YOU need to CHOOSE: do you WANT, to focus on “TORMENTS”? - OR! – on being HEALED from them?

Have you been curious about the latest news stories? 

Yes, VAIN curiosity, LEADS, to, “the propaganda TAR pit!” – that is VERY difficult, to come OUT of, without being COVERED, in “TAR”!  THAT is why, it is MUCH better, to REJECT ‘the spirit of VAIN curiosity’ – and ASK for the Grace, to KNOW, what it is your CREATOR, wants you to know, in the MOMENT.  Because EACH MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, IS ON, ‘a NEED to know BASIS’ – and they SIMPLY do not “need to KNOW”, nor DISCERN, ALL, of "the B.S.” - OUT there – to KNOW, that it’s “B.S.”  It is that SIMPLE.  The TESTIMONY, is ALL, that the FAITHFUL Remnant needs to KNOW – and from THERE, they have, ‘the FOUNDATION’, of TRUTH, to ANCHOR them – when they are “in, the WORLD”.  Remember, you are not CALLED, to be “OF the world” – which means, THOSE THINGS, that WORLDLY MINDED PEOPLE, go AFTER? – you are called to AVOID.  It is that SIMPLE!  So PUT on the Mind of Jesus Christ the LORD, and the HELMET of SALVATION – and HE will lead you! – to ‘what is EDIFYING, for your SOUL’!  HE is not going to LEAD you, to “PROPAGANDA”, for ‘the sake of VAIN KNOWLEDGE’; He will lead you to ‘the TRUTH’ – because He IS ‘the Truth’.  CONSECRATE, your IMAGINATION, to the Protection, of Saint Michael the Archangel – AND consecrate, your INTERIOR life, to the Protection of Saint Michael the Archangel – AND Consecrate your MIND, to the Protection of Saint Michael the Archangel – because THAT’S where he ATTACKS you the most – the ENEMY, ALWAYS ‘TARGETS’, the mind.
When the snake bites
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been holding on to "DOUBTS and HIDDEN RESERVATIONS", in the TESTIMONY? - because that's what 'the FORMER Remnant Members' DID!

HOW do you think the Most High True God, is going to REWARD  you, if you continue to hold on, to "DOUBTS", in His TESTIMONY? - and have "HIDDEN, RESERVATIONS".  It is IMPORTANT, that you FACE, those HIDDEN reservations - and BRING them to the LIGHT - so that, you can receive 'the corresponding TRUTH'.  ALL the enemy can do, is FEED people "LIES, in their INTERIOR lives".  But, ONE tactic he USES, is to 'SLOWLY poison them' - against the Most High TRUE God - by TEMPTING them, to CONSENT, to, "LITTLE concessions, in their INTERIOR lives" - that THEY believe, the Most High TRUE God, does not CARE about! - because He has "BIGGER things, to be concerned with".  But the TRUTH IS, that the Most High TRUE God, is VERY much a part of, EVERYONE'S interior life - and He sees ALL! - and He KNOWS all! - and, HE, is the ONE, who is in CONTROL, of EVERYTHING!  BUT, PEOPLE have learned, that 'THEY, are in control, OF their lives' - because they were FED 'that lie', by the ENEMY, of their SOULS - who ONLY presents to them, the ILLUSION, that they AREN'T, enslaved, to ANYTHING! - because, he tells them, "he DOESN'T exist!" - and "GOD doesn't care!"  But, in the TRUE Spiritual REALITIES, there are ONLY two teams: the Most High TRUE God's Team; and the ENEMY'S team.  The Most High TRUE GOD - the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE - ALWAYS! - Wins.  But the ENEMY, wants to take, 'as MANY people, WITH him, as POSSIBLE'; and all he NEEDS, is "a back DOOR" - into their INTERIOR lives - that they CHOOSE to keep open, FOR him, to COME! - and 'FEED them!' - "LITTLE, hellish treats", now and then.  BUT, what HAPPENED, to the PEOPLE - "the FORMER REMNANT Members" - is that they CHOSE! - to KEEP "a door, OPEN", FOR, the ENEMY, and 'HIS DEMONS'. And THEY were SLOWLY! - "devoured" - by his lies.  You NEED to understand, that, 'the FORMER, REMNANT Members', DIDN'T just "wake UP one day", and decide to jump SHIP!  NO! - they CHOSE! - to be "SLOWLY, EATEN, by DEMONS" - while at the same TIME, 'feeding themselves, GOOD food, in the TESTIMONY'.  And EVENTUALLY - they FED, 'the GOOD FOOD in the TESTIMONY', TO their demons!  And THAT! - was "the END of them"!  Know THIS, the Most High True God, does NOT allow ANYONE, to be "TEMPTED, beyond, their ABILITY, to ENDURE, the Temptation" - AS, He, provides, 'the WAY to escape'.  YOU know, 'the SPIRITUAL Realities'; you KNOW the Testimony to be True - and 'FROM, the Most High True God'.  But SO! - do the DEMONS!  You NEED to 'shut the DOOR in your INTERIOR life' - and 'CUT, the enemy OFF' - BEFORE he DRAINS, your SPIRITUAL life... Because the ENEMY - whether, it be through NOSTALGIA, or through "DOUBTS" - can ONLY, SPIRITUALLY drain, 'the CUP, of the LORD', that YOU have been given.  The Most High TRUE God wants to FILL you, with 'His Divine LOVE'; but He DOES not 'FORCE', people, to RECIPROCATE.  He DOES not 'FORCE people', to CLOSE the door! - to the devil, in their Soul.  He ALLOWS them, 'TIME', AND their Free WILL - to CHOOSE! - 'HOW they're going to respond', to HIS invitation.  It isn't "COMPLICATED" - and, HIS burden is "VERY, light".  Your 'former FAMILY', wants to 'EAT you, SPIRITUALLY' - and only YOU! - can choose, to shut the door!  (February 7, 2017 update) 
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been 'bowing to the temptation' to dive off the Ark after "former Remnant Members"
When a Member of the Faithful Remnant chooses to dive off the Ark of Safety, it would be "BEST" - for your Salvation, if you did not CHOOSE to be like them, by bowing to the same demons THEY bowed to.  And if you ARE being tempted to follow them? - then the BEST thing you can do for yourself RIGHT now, is REJECT, your DESIRE, to BOW, to the WILL, of the DEMONS!   Because THEY can do NOTHING, without YOUR "CONSENT", to their DEMANDS! - ON you (- INSTEAD of what your CREATOR is asking of you).  'Allowing, the DOOR, to remain OPEN' - to your former LIFE - by even THINKING of it as "an option" - that's all they NEED! - in order "to BACK DOOR, your INTERIOR life".  This is 'HOW, they PLAYED, N. [- a former Member of the Faithful Remnant], into FORFEITING, Eternal LIFE'.  BUT! - N. CONSENTED!  THEREFORE, if you WANT to stop, your SPIRITUAL life, from 'getting worse' - and you want to be HEALED - then you will LISTEN to our Counsel.  N. did not "listen to our Counsel" - but they FOUGHT with us EVERY day!  We would TELL them the Truth - about, 'an EVIL spirit', that needed to be rejected - BUT! - they would ONLY reject it with 'lip service' - while choosing to EMBRACE it in their heart; OR, they would PRAY, "half-HEARTEDLY", and DOUBT! - that their prayer was heard!  OR, they would pray to the DEVIL!  Now you NEED to understand, that YOU, are, 'NOT! - N.'; YOU are not THEM!  And THEY are not YOU!...  YOU! [- referring to a current Member of the Faithful Remnant...] - ARE! - a UNIQUE individual, with 'GIFTS', that the Most High TRUE God, has GENEROUSLY bestowed upon you; and YOU, are called to USE those Gifts, for HIM!  The MOST High TRUE God is STILL 'hearing your PRAYERS' - as you TESTIFY, to being 'DELIVERED', when you ASK!   N., was not getting DELIVERED - because they DIDN'T WANT to!  When the MOST High TRUE God 'peeled back the LAYERS' - IT was revealed, that they were SIMPLY, 'a VERY! - WICKED individual!' - in their INTERIOR life - and had made "SECRET RESOLUTIONS", to 'SIT back!' - and watch, EVERYTHING! - ALL the Most High True God's Plans, 'fall APART!'  YOU are not doing 'that'; YOU are actually 'WORKING!' - and HELPING! - and GROWING! - and HEALING!   N. would not DO those things; they REFUSED to help...  The MOST High True God LOVES you! - and He is UPHOLDING you! - and He is SUSTAINING you! - SIMPLY, with your 'DESIRE, to COOPERATE', with the GRACES!  KNOW this: the DEMONS are not STRONGER, than 'YOUR, free will!'  The PRAYER intentions of your "FORMER family", are NOT 'stronger', than your FREE will!  So WHY not, ASK the Most High True God, to STRENGTHEN, your free will - for HIS Kingdom! - and for HIS Plans! We are  here to watch ALL of your backs! - and help you over "the HURDLES".  BUT, it is IMPORTANT, that YOU resolve - to make "YOUR burden" lighter - by SIMPLY, 'DESIRING', the Will of your Creator - over 'your OWN plans, and thoughts'.  Trade YOUR burdens, for 'the BURDEN, of the LORD'; and the BURDEN of the Lord, is VERY "light".  YOKE yourself to the TRUE Holy Spirit - by DESIRE!  And, "AHAB!" [- or, "bowing to Jezebel"...] - WON'T be a PROBLEM. (February 9, 2017 update) 

Have you been putting yourself FIRST?

 Well you NEED to know that, you NEED to take care of YOURSELF, and 'your own BASIC, needs' - BEFORE, you can help others!  Take CARE of YOURSELF out of LOVE for your Creator - so that you can nourish OTHERS.  It is THAT SIMPLE!  In a SENSE, you DO need to put yourself first - but at the same TIME, keeping the Most High TRUE God, at the CENTER of your THOUGHTS - trading 'YOUR plans', and desires, for HIS - because, HIS Will, and HIS Plans, are INFINITELY better! - than, what PEOPLE can come UP with, on their OWN.  The Most High TRUE God desires to FULFILL you; but He needs your COOPERATION - in ORDER to do so.   It is MUCH better, if YOU, would SIMPLY put "the old N." to DEATH - every DAY - by STRIVING, to live 'your NEW vocation', as 'a child of the Most High TRUE God' - with absolutely NO control, over the day's events.  It is BETTER! - to be "STEERED", by the TRUE Holy Spirit in the MOMENT; than "to ATTEMPT, to STEER", your day - according, to 'YOUR desires'.  You DO need, "self-control", AND "self-DISCIPLINE".  ASK the Most High TRUE God, FOR 'those Graces' - OFTEN!  PRAY for 'humility', throughout the DAY - and your DAY, will go 'MUCH better'!  It would ALSO be good for you, to reject your desire to be confused about everything, until you understand it; and ASK for the Grace, to RECEIVE the knowledge - and WAIT! - for the Understanding.  ASK, for the Grace, to focus on 'what you DO know', and 'DO understand' - and the Grace to BUILD on that, instead.  REMEMBER "why Jesus SPOKE to them in parables" (Matthew 13:11-17).  Even His DISCIPLES did not understand, at FIRST - until He EXPLAINED it to them. (February 10, 2017 update) 

Have you been struggling with 'the demonic entity of the assailants'?

IF you, desire, to SPIRITUALLY Fix, the problem - you can reject, the FOLLOWING "satanic strongholds":

Reject the spirit of SELF-vindication.  And ask for corresponding Grace,  to GLORIFY your CREATOR, in EVERYTHING, you do, think and say.

Reject the complaining spirit.  And ask for corresponding Grace,  to be 'THANKFUL', and GRATEFUL, for ALL the good things you have received, from the HAND, OF the Most High True God.

Reject the victim spirit.  And ask for corresponding Grace, to take RESPONSIBILITY, for your OWN, interior CHOICES.

Reject the spirit of wrath.  And ask for corresponding Grace, to love, SELFLESSLY - FOR the sake of OTHERS.

Reject the spirit of false ENTITLEMENT.  And ask for corresponding Grace, to be CONTENT, with WHEREVER, your Creator PUTS you - AND with 'whatever He ASKS you to do'.

Reject the spirit of pride.  And ask for corresponding Grace, to be HUMBLE, in your HEART - before the Most High TRUE God - to RECOGNIZE, that YOU! - are called to be "SUBJECT, to HIM" - in EVERY way.  HE! - is NOT, 'called', to be "subject to YOU!"

Reject the spirit of rebellion.  And ask for corresponding Grace,  to be TRULY docile, to the TRUE Holy Spirit, in each and every MOMENT.

Reject the spirit of nostalgia.  And ask for corresponding Grace,  to LIVE in the present MOMENT, and not WORRY about 'the future', OR the mistakes of the PAST.

Reject the demonic cluster of your former identity.  And ask for corresponding Grace, to live your TRUE identity, as 'a child of the Most High TRUE God.

Reject the demonic entity of the assailants.  And ask for corresponding Grace,  to SEE, EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE - THROUGH the Eyes, of their CREATOR.  The Grace to see yourself ESPECIALLY - through HIS Eyes.  AND the Grace to be "BRUTALLY HONEST with YOURSELF", about 'where you STAND', before the Most High TRUE God; the Grace to see 'your SPIRITUAL journey', as a Member of the Faithful REMNANT, in the light of TRUTH, always; the Grace to see, EVERY moment, and EVERY day, as 'a GIFT', FROM your Creator; and the Grace, to make the BEST, out of EVERY moment - no MATTER, how "CHALLENGING", that MOMENT may be; and the Grace, to RISE, to the Challenge.  (February 11, 2017 update) 
Are YOU "BURDENED, by PROBLEMS" - that you have NO idea 'how to solve', on your OWN?
TAKING it, EVERY day - MOMENT to MOMENT - is 'the best way to GO' - STRIVING to do your best, to LISTEN, to what, 'the TRUE Holy Spirit' is CALLING you to DO, with your TIME.  It ISN'T "easy" at FIRST, because, of the desire, to GRATIFY, "the desires of the FLESH" - that are AGAINST, the True Holy Spirit.  But THIS is where, "self-DISCIPLINE", and "self-MASTERY" come in - both, are GRACES, that need to, be EXERCISED.  For THIS will HELP you - to CARRY 'the Cross that YOU have been given'.  The DEMONS, their ONLY objective - is to DISTRACT people - from FINDING the PATH of Salvation, or from WALKING the Path of Salvation; THEY! - are 'the ones', that CONTINUALLY! - give people problems - so as to "BURDEN them".  Whereas the True Holy SPIRIT, ONLY, gives 'the SOLUTION'.  THIS is why SO many PEOPLE are "BURDENED, by PROBLEMS" - they have NO idea 'how to solve', on their OWN.  But YOU! - have found, "the ULTIMATE Source of TRUTH and Life" - IN the Testimony - so that YOU! - can LEARN, 'HOW to rely more HEAVILY, on your CREATOR' - from MOMENT to MOMENT - as TRULY it is HE! - who GIVES you EVERY breath - it is ONLY, 'HIM SUSTAINING you'!  People FORGET, how "TRULY FRAGILE" they ARE! - and how 'DEATH can COME', so SUDDENLY, and QUICKLY! - and they are "NOT in CONTROL"!  (February 13, 2017 update) 

Does it often seem like there is no end to the problems you are having?

The BIGGEST struggle, that you are having, is "the desire to CREATE problems, for yourself".  A LOT of what you are experiencing, is actually "how you SEE yourself" - but THAT, is just "a DISTRACTION, from FIXING! - the problem".  STOP focusing on your 'FEELINGS', and start focusing on 'the SOLUTIONS'.  Because you CAN! - excel, as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - SIMPLY by CHOOSING to! Pretend "your LIFE DEPENDED on it!"  Oh wait! - it DOES!!!  Your physical AND spiritual life - are "DEPENDENT, on how YOU choose, to COOPERATE, with the GRACES - or NOT"!   In each MOMENT you have a CHOICE - to be "overwhelmed", and to desire to VINDICATE yourself - when you KNOW 'you've messed up'; OR, you can SIMPLY 'RECEIVE', FRATERNAL correction - ACKNOWLEDGE it, and resolve to do BETTER! - by APPLYING, 'the necessary FIXES'.  Don't forget to LIVE!  It is NOT all about, 'rejecting DEMONS and asking for GRACES ALL day'.  YOU are CALLED, to LIVE! - for your Creator - and that means 'doing EVERYTHING out of Love for HIM' - even if that means RECEIVING fraternal CORRECTION - so that you can GROW! - in your LOVE for him.  (February 14, 2017 update)

Do you struggle with "nostalgic thoughts" popping into your head?

Regardless of WHERE the nostalgia is COMING from - you are CALLED to REJECT it! - because, NO one, who 'sets their HAND to the PLOW', and looks BACK, is "FIT for the Kingdom of HEAVEN" (Luke 9:62).  YOU need to decide - for yourself - what is "more IMPORTANT" to you? - "APPEASING, your former FAMILY, through THEIR desire, to have you back - so that they can EAT you, ALIVE - and STEAL, 'the narrow Path' FROM you" - OR, "your desire, to please the Most High TRUE God - above EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE else!"  EVERYTHING else, is 'a DISTRACTION', from "what YOU are called to FOCUS on": and THAT is 'your RELATIONSHIP, with the Most High TRUE GOD' - so that, YOU! - will be 'better ABLE', and more EQUIPPED, to help OTHERS - and CONTRIBUTE, 'YOUR spiritual Gifts', to the REMNANT. (February 15, 2017 update) 

Did you know that to choose to stop thinking, is just as spiritually toxic to the Soul, as "satanic meditations" and "NEW AGE thinking"?

"BLANKING out your MIND!" - is NOT the solution; because "SOMETHING", is going to fill the void!  "BLANKING out your MIND", is TELLING the Most High True God - that you DON'T, want to think about ANYTHING! - that you don't "CARE!" - WHAT thoughts, come; you'd RATHER not have ANY!   And, HOW do you think HE will respond, to 'that desire'? - by Blessing you with MORE FACULTIES? - or, by TAKING some AWAY?  DON'T let the ENEMY 'TRICK you', into, 'satanic MEDITATIONS', and NEW AGE thinking.  It REALLY is "a SIMPLE Path", as a MEMBER of the Remnant; and the Most High TRUE God, GIVES you, 'EVERY, Grace! - and GIFT, to OVERCOME'.  BUT! - it takes HUMILITY.  (February 15, 2017 update)

The race is on!
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been feeling "a little overwhelmed" by the EPIC SPIRITUAL CLIMB! - up the Most High True God's Holy Mountain? - because... DUDE! - the VIEW up here is AWESOME!!! - and you REALLY need to "face THAT!"

ASK for the Grace, to live your TRUE identity, as "the NEW N."; ASK for 'the Grace to CARE, about your SPIRITUAL life' (- and by the WAY - being "ANXIOUS", about your SPIRITUAL state - is "not CARING", about it; it is only COMPOUNDING problems).  And ASK for the Grace to be "spiritually AWAKE";  ASK for the Grace to do EVERYTHING, out of LOVE, for the Most High True God - INSTEAD of 'out of FEAR', or "obligation".  It is 'MUCH better', to SERVE Him - out of LOVE - because He MADE you - and He KNOWS you 'through and through' - and only HE can FULFILL you.  Your "FORMERS" - don't BELIEVE that you can change.  BUT! - the Most High TRUE God KNOWS, and the DEVIL knows, that you CAN! - if you would ONLY, 'COOPERATE, with the GRACES GIVEN, IN the moment'.  If YOU are STANDING, at the BOTTOM, of Mount EVEREST - and you LOOK UP, at the VAST! - MOUNTAIN, in FRONT of you - and you SAY to yourself, "you can't POSSIBLY, make the climb" - is that going to make the journey "EASIER", or "harder"?  BUT, if you SAY to yourself, "I, better get STARTED - because I have a long way to GO; good thing I brought the right EQUIPMENT; I'm SIMPLY going to take it 'ONE step at a time" - then for SURE! - you are 'MOST likely, going to survive the CLIMB' - because the Most High TRUE God, is "WITH you".  (February 15, 2017 update)

Have you been showing those around you "false COMPASSION" - to the point of TEARS?"

You NEED to reject your DESIRE, to be YOKED, to the INTERIOR lives of the WICKED - as 'their SCOURGES', as in, 'the ONES they are RECEIVING, from the Most High TRUE GOD', are ONLY "increasing"!  ONLY THEY, have 'MUCH to CRY about'.  And it is 'THEY', who are "unfulfilled".  And as LONG as you are "YOKED, TO them" - YOU will be "unfulfilled" as WELL.  We can ONLY show people "the PATH" - but then THEY must choose to WALK it - or turn INWARDS. The CHOICE is 'theirs'.  You have ALL of the TOOLS.  You JUST need to USE them. YOU, are called to LIVE! - for your CREATOR; and LOVE Him! - with ALL your HEART, body, mind and SOUL, and STRENGTH.  But if YOU, 'YOKE yourself', to THOSE AROUND you - they WILL! - "SUCK the LIFE! - AND light! - and LOVE! - OUT of you".  Understand?  Stop SHOWING those AROUND you "false COMPASSION" - because, then there will be 'NOTHING left, for your CREATOR'.  Show your CREATOR "TRUE Compassion" - by SERVING Him; and you WILL be FULFILLED! (February 16, 2017 update) 

Have you been getting the sense that your Creator is "pulling BACK" and you're all alone?

What you NEED to know, is that 'YOU are NOT alone!' - but all of HEAVEN, IS 'by your SIDE'.  As LONG as you RESOLVE, to PERSEVERE - and to 'reach OUT', and ASK them, for help.  As LONG as you resolve, to 'live EVERY day, as though, Jesus was PHYSICALLY, present WITH you, at ALL times' - and that you did 'EVERYTHING', with Him in MIND - KNOWING that "He SEES all!" - THEN, you WILL persevere!  Yes, "Salvation" is NOT guaranteed.  BUT! - if the MOST High TRUE God SEES, that YOU, are MAKING "a SINCERE effort", to do 'what YOU can' - in order to be PURIFIED; and in order to "be PLEASING in His Eyes" - THEN, HE, will continue to UPHOLD you!  SOMETIMES, He PULLS BACK - JUST, enough - for 'the INDIVIDUAL', to RECOGNIZE, that, 'the RELATIONSHIP, between THEM, and their CREATOR - isn't as STRONG, as it COULD be.  And SO, in THIS way! - He 'FORCES', the Remnant, to come OUT of themselves - even MORE so! - to REACH out, FOR, 'their SAVIOR' - the Most High True GOD!... to SAVE them! - from PERISHING!  Because 'the STORMS, of THIS life' - BECOME, "rather INTENSE, at TIMES"; BUT, He will NEVER ALLOW you, to go THROUGH, 'the TRIBULATION', on your OWN! The ENEMY, will try to CONVINCE you, that "you're ALL BY yourself, in this battle"; and he will SEND you 'thoughts', to DISTRACT you - from, 'your TRUE VOCATION'.  BUT! - he CANNOT, 'OVERCOME', your LOVE, FOR, 'the Most High True God' - as LONG as YOU, CONTINUALLY turn to HIM - the Most High True GOD, to keep 'your LAMP, lit'. (February 17, 2017 update) 
Did you remember to Bless you home?
We are living in a time when 'all of HELL', has been unleashed on the face of the earth - and that "unleashing of demons", has been compared to 'a plague of locusts', in the Bible (Revelations 9:1-11).  And so, what is the best way to deal with a demonic infestation in your home?  Note - that this "FIX" can only work for those who are choosing to EXIST as "FRIENDS" with their Creator, and "ENEMIES" of the demons - and therefore it can only work for the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  WHAT it has to do with, is, the fact, that MANY of the people who have 'LIVED' IN that house, have 'ALLOWED the demons to SPEAK TO their interior lives'.  AND, THEY in fact developed 'a RELATIONSHIP with the DEMONS!' - and LISTENED! - to, the ACCUSATIONS of the ENEMY; and ESPECIALLY 'SEEING themselves as VICTIMS'.  And so NOW, there is 'a STRONGHOLD', in your HOME, of 'satanic VOICES' - and so, you need to stop LISTENING to the demons, COMPLETELY.  You can ONLY "root out the STRONGHOLD in the HOME", by turning to the TRUE Holy Spirit - and REPENTING, FROM the heart, of ENTERTAINING, "demonic inspirations", and LISTENING to evil spirits.  And THEN! - TURN to the Most High True God, and ASK for 'a Divine INTERVENTION': for HIM! - to REMOVE, ALL! - of the demons, that have 'set up CAMP in your HOME'.  Invite the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, and ALL! - of the HOLY Angels, to DWELL, in your PLACE, INSTEAD.  Because right NOW, YOU have "a lot of COMPANY!" - and it is "UNWANTED".  And with 'THOSE DEMONS' in your HOME, THAT'S what blocks the TRUE Holy Spirit, from 'SETTING up, HIS Place of Residence there'. THIS is quite serious.  Because you HAVE "an INFESTATION" - IN your house; AND, you NEED, Saint MICHAEL - to COME, and EXTERMINATE, the demons from your DWELLING place.  You NEED to RE-consecrate, your HOME - to the PROTECTION, of Saint MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL; AND to the Sacred HEART of Jesus Christ the LORD, and to the IMMACULATE HEART OF the Blessed Virgin MARY - under her TITLE, "House of the TESTIMONY".  Because your HOME! - is called to be "a REFUGE", from the EVILS outside; but, YOU! - and the ones BEFORE you, invited, 'the DEMONS', to DWELL there, instead.  If you LISTEN to our Counsel - you will experience "TREMENDOUS relief".  (February 20, 2017 update) 
Special note:  And IF! - AS you were reading this above paragraph, you were asking yourself the question, "HOW can I use this information AGAINST the Faithful Remnant" - THAT! - "thought", was in fact, an audible inspiration from a demon, in your interior life - an inspiration that you IDENTIFIED with as "your OWN" - because you have become "one, with the demons".  You DO, "think", for your SELF - don't you?  Then lose the demons!  You can start by using the Blessed Holy Water, and then rejecting your desire to see the Faithful Remnant through the eyes of the enemy; and ask for the corresponding Grace, to ONLY see the Faithful Remnant through the Eyes of the Most High TRUE God.
Have you been consenting to the lies of "your FORMERS"?  (for the Members of the Faithful Remnant only)
What is GOING to HELP you, the MOST - is by FOCUSING, on your CREATOR - and NOT on 'what the BEAST-people are TELLING you' .  Because, the ENEMY'S words, can ALSO, 'TRANSFORM', a "WILLING", person.  And THAT is 'what you are experiencing' - when your FORMERS come and SPEAK to you; AND you 'consent to their LIES'.  BUT! - IF at the TIME, that they are SPEAKING TO YOU - or ACCUSING you - you remain SILENT - and simply 'stay FOCUSED, on the True Holy Spirit in the MOMENT' - then they can do NOTHING! - TO you.  We KNOW that you have, "some PRACTICAL situations to solve"... and we will take it to prayer, and ask your CREATOR for 'a solution'.  Because, of COURSE! - you must 'take RESPONSIBILITY'...  WE suggest, that you RESOLVE, to "ONLY, be nourished and TRANSFORMED, by the WORDS of your CREATOR'!" - MOVING through the TESTIMONY, and through our COUNSEL.  For TRULY! - it is 'HIS Words', AGAINST, the words of the enemy.  Because you are LIVING IN the Apocalypse; and these are "EXTREME Times" - where a man's "FOES", are 'THOSE of his own HOUSEHOLD'.  Jesus FORETOLD, of this time - in history; so UNITE your SUFFERINGS to HIS - AND to 'the TRUE Christians', BEFORE you - who are now 'REJOICING with HIM' - and ALL the Saints, in Heaven.  Understand?  May the Most High TRUE God CONTINUE to uphold you! - EVEN though, you have denied HIM - MULTIPLE times.  (February 22, 2017 update)
Does it seem like the Two Witnesses only want the Remnant to focus on "faults and FAILINGS"?
You ARE "growing spiritually" - but AS you DO - MORE "lead" comes to the SURFACE.  Because, JESUS does not "FOCUS", on 'what is FIXED, in you'!  No.  He FOCUSES, on 'what NEEDS to be fixed'.  It may SEEM like, He only FOCUSES, people on "faults and FAILINGS" - and it may 'SEEM', like WE, only want to bring OUT, "the NEGATIVE in people!"  But that's not TRUE.  That's "what the DEMONS, are telling them".  The TRUTH is! - that, it is THOSE, who are "WELL", who are "in NO NEED! - OF! - a physician".  But those who are "SICK" - are 'in NEED', of, a PHYSICIAN! (Matthew 9:12)  When you embrace "PRIDE", you are telling  your CREATOR, that you are "WELL"!  And so, He can't HELP you!  He will not "FORCE His Help", on ANYONE! - even if He can SEE, "the open WOUND".  When you embrace "True HUMILITY" - THEN you are ADMITTING, that you DO! - have "an open wound", that YOU need, "your PHYSICIAN", to HEAL!  And ONCE it heals - He moves ON, to 'the NEXT one' - but ONLY with your CONSENT!  Understand?  (February 25, 2017 update)
Are you still living with a worldly MINDSET?
The PROBLEM that you are HAVING, is that, you are NOT "COMMENDING!" - your co-workers, OR, 'your former FAMILY' - to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD; but you are STILL "LIVING, with a worldly MINDSET" - TRYING to balance BOTH, the SPIRITUAL, AND 'the world'.  But, you CANNOT "compromise".  EITHER you are, using your SPIRITUAL vision - for EVERY situation that you are in - to SEE it through the Most High TRUE God's Eyes; OR, you are seeing the people AROUND you, and YOURSELF! - through 'the eyes of the WORLD'. You NEED to put on, 'the ARMOR of the Most High TRUE God' - EVERY day!  And you must RECOGNIZE, that "SOCIAL interaction", with 'those in the BEAST state' - that "isn't NECESSARY" - will NOT "edify your Soul"; it is MUCH better, to "LIMIT, the conversations".  And if someone DOES start talking to you - TURN to the True Holy SPIRIT - to HELP you 'remain in the TRUTH' - AND, if they TRY to, 'TAKE the conversation', AWAY from the True Holy Spirit - then, call on Saint MICHAEL, to "MUZZLE them", and 'CARRY them AWAY from you'.  You NEED to recognize that 'you are in a SPIRITUAL, War', and that you can't SEE, the enemy at work PHYSICALLY!  PRAY for the Grace, to use 'your SPIRITUAL senses' because they, are of MUCH more value, than your PHYSICAL ones!  And they ARE, MUCH more accurate.  (February 26, 2017 update)
Are you afraid of falling off "the Ark of Safety"?
ALL you need to do, is FIRMLY resolve, to COOPERATE with the GRACES - in GROWING SPIRITUALLY, and not "FIGHT us" - OR the True Holy Spirit - and you will 'REMAIN a Member'.  SIMPLY listen to our Counsel - SHARE! - your struggles; and we will HELP you, IDENTIFY, "the ROOT, PROBLEM" - AND, give you the SOLUTION.  But REALLY - it is UP TO YOU! - to decide, 'HOW much EFFORT, you WANT to put, INTO your spiritual life'.  This is NOT! - "a PROTESTANT CHURCH" - or "the FALSE, ROMAN Catholic Church".  You CANNOT simply SIT back, and do NOTHING! - and expect JESUS, to SAVE you!  You NEED to WORK out your SALVATION, 'WITH your Creator!' - by SEEKING 'HIS Will', in all THINGS.   And, it is 'HIS WILL', that, YOU, along with the REST of His Faithful REMNANT, be PURIFIED! - of EVERYTHING, "UNHOLY", and "DISPLEASING", in His Eyes.  It is HIS Will, that YOU, DESIRE, to BE! - "the PERSON", that He MADE you to be! - and 'a REFLECTION, of your TRUE Spiritual Mother' - the BLESSED Virgin MARY.  HOLD FAST! - to HER - and she will HELP you, 'OVERCOME, the OLD you'; and SHE will lead you 'CLOSER, to her Son Jesus'.  (February 27, 2017 update)
Have you been fixing the PRACTICAL problems and needs that surface, in your day to day living?
EVEN though, you are 'a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant', there are "PRACTICAL PROBLEMS", that you NEED to address, when they are brought to your ATTENTION - for 'the PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL realities, are INTERTWINED'.  JUST like when a SPIRITUAL problem, is BROUGHT to your ATTENTION, and it NEEDS to be fixed - SO too, are you responsible, for 'fixing the PHYSICAL, issues', that come UP - in as MUCH as you are able.  [For example: Paying your bills and taxes, accommodation needs, good nutrition, regular cleaning, keeping order in your life, following the laws when driving, etc.]  You NEED to think, "PRACTICALLY".  You STILL, ARE, GOVERNED, BY, "PHYSICAL Laws".   YOU are NOT "a PURE spiritual BEING"!  Understand? You are 'OPERATING in the PHYSICAL, world'.   (March 01, 2017 update)
What is the secret to surviving these End Times? 
The official Members of the Faithful Remnant need to keep Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High True God at the center of their interior lives; and as they put their hand to the PLOW, "they must NOT look back, at their former lives", as they do so (- and I am not talking about "the occasional slip and fall"; but the call, 'not to look back as a way of life').  Understand? (March 03, 2017 update)

Have you been focusing on your Creator with True Humility in order to survive?

YOU [- referring to the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant who are wholeheartedly embracing the Vocation that was given to them by their Creator], HAVE been given, "a GOOD PORTION", of OUR journey - early on...  The ONLY way that you WILL "survive" - is by CONTINUALLY "HUMBLING yourself, in your INTERIOR life" - and RESOLVING, to follow 'the TRUE Holy Spirit in the MOMENT' - and "BEGGING!" the Creator to have MERCY, on your circumstances!  BEGGING! - your Creator, to "SHOW you the Path", in the MOMENT! - to MAKE! - the PATH, "SMOOTH".  You NEED to 'beg your CREATOR' - to REMOVE "the OBSTACLES in your WAY"; and to REMOVE, 'the HURDLES' - and to GIVE you, 'the NECESSARY STRENGTH', to GET THROUGH each DAY.  You CAN! - "overcome" - but ONLY! - with HUMILITY!  FOCUS, on Jesus Christ the LORD - and He will HELP you! Do NOT put your faith in ANYONE! - and do not 'get into ANYONE'S, head'; they are ALL! - OPERATING, on BESTIAL inspirations, and DEMONIC inspirations. The ONLY WAY, that you can 'get THROUGH this' - is by TURNING to the True Holy SPIRIT - for "GOOD inspirations!" - to share.  You are IN "a SPIRITUAL BATTLE" - a BATTLE for your SOUL!  (March 07, 2017 update)

Do you desire WORLDLY success, money, power, prestige, position?

You NEED to reject 'your DESIRE to identify with the DEMONS' - and STOP 'IDENTIFYING, with the DEMONS! - that your "former FAMILY", is EMBRACING".  Because THEY are 'projecting THEIR desires, onto YOU!' - because THEY want YOU, to desire "the SAME things, that THEY desire".  For EXAMPLE: WORLDLY success, money, power, prestige, position, and "every OTHER, wicked thing, UNDER the sun".  They want YOU! - to 'be CRUSHED!' - by 'THEIR, power, OVER you!'  The QUESTION you need to ask YOURSELF - N. - "is that what I want?"  Do YOU? - DESIRE? - STILL? - 'the same THINGS, that your ENEMIES desire, FOR you'?  Know THAT! - you CANNOT be "FRIENDS"! - with the WORLD, and "FRIENDS", with the MOST High TRUE God - the LORD Jesus Christ - the KING of the UNIVERSE.  You CANNOT CONTINUE to serve Two MASTERS!  You MUST CHOOSE! - to SEVER yourself, from ONE!  BETTER to SEVER yourself, from, 'the LAWLESS, master - the DEVIL' - working through your FORMERS - than, ALLOW them, to 'STEAL, your HEAVENLY INHERITANCE' from you.  YOU are being "PUT to the test" - just as ALL of the ANGELS, were put to the test; and at TIMES, you DO very WELL! - and at OTHER TIMES, you allow, "PEER PRESSURE", to GET you, to 'IDENTIFY', with the DEMONS of OTHERS.  BUT! - your FOCUS needs to BE, on "LOVING! - your Creator" - NOT 'doing things out of ANXIETY'.  Does your FORMER family, WANT you, to be "FULFILLED, in SERVING the MOST High TRUE God"? - or do THEY WANT you, to be "EMPTY, and DEVOID of His TRUE HOLY SPIRIT" - like THEM!  THIS is "a SPIRITUAL battle" - and, you have, 'a GUARDIAN ANGEL', to HELP you, and DEFEND you - against, "the EVIL angels" - who are INFLUENCING, 'your former FAMILY', to be 'AGAINST you' - BUT with their consent.  You are NOT "FIGHTING flesh and blood"!  YOU need, to 'COMMEND your former FAMILY - to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High TRUE God' - EVERY time you THINK of them!  Because this IS "a WAR!"  ALL, of the DEVIL'S army, is AGAINST, the FAITHFUL Remnant - and their ONLY defense, IS, 'their DOCILITY, to the TRUE Holy Spirit in the Moment'.   Just as the ISRAELITES, fled PHARAOH'S ARMY - they could ONLY do so! - through DIVINE intervention.  So ALLOW the Most High TRUE God to be 'in CONTROL of  your LIFE' - and be DOCILE, to the TRUE Holy Spirit; and DO, 'what it IS, He is ASKING of you' - and you will MAKE it to "the PROMISED Land".  BUT! - if WHILE you are CROSSING the Red SEA - you are 'LONGING', to BE, "with the EGYPTIANS" - do you THINK you will "MAKE it"?  You NEED to 'SEVER yourself from Pharaoh's ARMY' - COMPLETELY!  And in DOING so - you WILL! - have SAVED, both your PHYSICAL body AND your Soul. (March 08, 2017 update)

Have you been choosing to focus on the people who are outside the Remnant?

There IS 'a TEMPTATION', in the Faithful REMNANT, for them to 'look DOWN upon EVERYONE around them' - as they lift themselves UP in their INTERIOR lives.  THAT is 'NOT, the CALL, from the Most High TRUE God'.  The CALL, from HEAVEN - is to "PITY those, who have CHOSEN to LIVE, WITHOUT the Light of the Testimony in their lives", and to "STRIVE, to LIVE! - by the Light of the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the LORD", and to "Walk according to HIS Ways".  The TEMPTATION for the Faithful REMNANT, is to FOCUS, on THOSE, who have 'the mark of the BEAST' - and 'the mark of CAIN'.  But the TRUTH is, THAT will eat up ALL of their time! - and become a MAJOR distraction - IF! - they let it. Because those PEOPLE - the MAJORITY of them are "LOST" - and they "DON'T want to be found!"  Understand?  Your call as a Member of the Faithful Remnant, is to FOCUS, ON, YOUR, CREATOR! (March 14, 2017 update)

Have you resolved to see your former life as "Plan B"?
If you keep seeing, 'your FORMER life', as "an option TO you" - then The Most High TRUE God, will surely 'ALLOW that', to become "a REALITY" for you - if that's "what you WANT"; therein, lies, your problem.  Because you are CONTINUALLY thinking, about 'the OPTION', to go back, to "your formers".  And in DOING so - as "a way of LIFE" - you are CHOOSING to "put the Most High TRUE God to the TEST". When we TOLD you, that you had TWO OPTIONS, in FRONT of you - to either HUMBLE yourself, and beg the Most High TRUE God for MERCY - or RETURN to "your FORMERS",  If you were choosing "SPIRITUAL SANITY" - then your RESPONSE, WOULD have been, that "your FORMER life is no LONGER an OPTION", and that going BACK, to be "pumped FULL of MEDICATION!" - is "not an OPTION for you".  BUT! - you did NOT respond with "spiritual SANITY" - instead, YOU have been KEEPING, "Plan B, as an OPTION".  And so WHY should the Most High TRUE God HELP you?  THEREFORE, RENOUNCE your desire, to even "THINK about", returning, to your formers.  REPENT! - of LISTENING to the DEMONS, 'FEED you!' - evil thoughts in your INTERIOR life.  And ASK the Most High True God, to GIVE you 'the necessary GRACES', to DO 'what He is asking of you' - to live for HIM!  WHEN you switch your FOCUS, and you are 'focused on SERVING Him!' - He MAKES your cross "LIGHTER". The REMNANT Members, who have "Plan B's" - are not WORTHY, to be REMNANT Members.  They have "a BACKUP PLAN" - that they want to  'ALWAYS have a SAFETY net to RETURN TO' - they will END up RETURNING to 'that SAFETY net'.  That's ALL there is TO it.  Your "TRUE Family", is HERE [- in the Faithful Remnant]  But if you PREFER, to go BACK, to 'your former LIFE' - to 'your OLD ways' - then you are FREE to do so.  "The yoke of jezzie" is STRONG.  And what YOU are learning, is that you CANNOT, submit yourself, to 'the yoke of jezzie', AND, the yoke of the Lord Jesus Christ(March 18, 2017 update)
Have you been ACTIVELY discerning EVERYTHING people tell you?

THIS calls for WISDOM. You need to DISCERN, IN the moment, when SOMEONE is asking something of you - IF! - they, are following the True Holy Spirit, and 'what is the MOTIVE, BEHIND the words?'  We are NOT the ONLY ones, who are called, to discern the HEART.  EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, is ALSO called, to LISTEN to their CONSCIENCE, and 'discern the MOTIVES, behind, what they are TOLD'.  They are not REQUIRED, to listen, to 'the people in the beast state' - unless they have DISCERNED, that it IS the Most High True God's Heavy HAND on them - because, the Most High TRUE God, can speak, through, a donkey! - IF He so chooses!  WHOEVER is giving you INSTRUCTION - you must DISCERN: if it is GOOD INSTRUCTION, or BAD instruction.  The FAITHFUL Remnant, are NOT called, to SIMPLY, 'do WHATEVER they're told, by WHOEVER, TELLS them, to DO something'; the FAITHFUL Remnant, are CALLED to be "Faithful to the Most High TRUE God" - and LISTEN, and WAIT for HIS instruction, that COULD move through ANYONE! BUT each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT is 'REQUIRED to THINK FOR themselves! - and make DECISIONS, based ON, the DICTATES, of their CONSCIENCE in the MOMENT'.  Your CONSCIENCE, is SUPPOSED to be "WELL-INFORMED", and you DO this, by READING the Testimony, and RECEIVING, the Presence of JESUS, INTO your Soul - DAILY!  BUT! - DON'T, LET, PEOPLE, "BOSS you!"  Again, YOU must discern - WHETHER you are CALLED to do 'what they are ASKING of you' or NOT. Jesus, DID not, LET people, TELL Him "what to DO"; but He CHOSE, 'HOW to respond, to EACH individual who APPROACHED Him, in the Bible' - and OFTEN, the response, was, "NOT what they were expecting".  (March 20, 2017 update)

Have you been choosing to LOOK at yourself through "the eyes of the world"?
The problem, that you are struggling with, is, 'there is a PULL INSIDE you', to LOOK at yourself, through 'the EYES of the world', and to put "VALUE", on 'how other people SEE you', and 'what they THINK, of your new-found RELIGION'.  But, the Truth IS, it doesn't MATTER what they think.  THEY! - are "SEPARATED, from the Most High TRUE God" - because THEY have chosen to be 'His ENEMY'; and THEREFORE, you CANNOT be 'their FRIENDS' - because, to be "FRIENDS, with the WORLD" - IS to be, 'at ENMITY, with the Most High True GOD'.  Now BEING "friends with the WORLD" - is very DIFFERENT! - than being "FRIENDLY"; because you're NOT 'called, to go around HATING people' - because, they do not share, 'the same beliefs'; but you are CALLED, to be FILLED, with the Most High TRUE God's Divine LOVE for your SOUL; and to SHARE that love, with 'True DOCILITY', to the TRUE Holy Spirit.  You are not CALLED, to be "ISOLATED", from OTHERS; but YOU are simply called to LIVE - FOCUSED, on your CREATOR; and when you are 'AROUND other PEOPLE' - you NEED to turn to HIM, for 'the inspirations to SHARE, with THEM.  But DON'T let the ENEMY, feed you 'sad THOUGHTS' - and, "a PITY party" - ESPECIALLY, because you HAVE "the Wedding BANQUET" in FRONT of you, and TRULY, this is 'a time of REJOICING' - amidst ALL of your trials.  And if you FIND, that you are 'losing PATIENCE, with YOURSELF, and with OTHERS' - then, ASK the Most High TRUE God to GIVE you 'the Grace of Patience'; and to GIVE you, 'the necessary DESIRE, to grow SPIRITUALLY - as FAST! - as He is ASKING you to.  (March 24, 2017 update)

Have you been choosing to focus on the small things?

The WAY that the demons are 'WORKING on you' - is to GET you to focus on "the MINUTIAE", and to OBSESS, OVER, "the SMALL things" - TO the point, where you neglect, 'the WEIGHTIER parts, OF the Law' - and that is 'the SPIRIT of the Law'.  DON'T, "STRAIN a GNAT, and SWALLOW a CAMEL". Understand?  (March 26, 2017 update)

Following the LAW
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Are you struggling to be "a PRODUCTIVE Member of the Faithful Remnant"?

Because you are 'SO detached'... 'SOMEONE', is CLEARLY, SENDING you, "prevenient DEMONS" - every TIME you go, to DO something PRODUCTIVE, FOR the Remnant, or for the Most High True GOD.  THEREFORE - what YOU need to do - is ASK the Most High TRUE God, to send "prevenient GRACES", AHEAD - of EVERY! - thing - that you, are CALLED, to do, by your Creator - so that, your time SPENT, can BE, "most FRUITFUL, for HIS Kingdom".  It is ALSO going to HELP you - to reject 'the demonic entity of the assailants'; and ASK for the Grace, to SEE YOURSELF, us, the REMNANT, and the TESTIMONY, and EVERYONE on the FACE of the Earth - THROUGH, 'the EYES of the Most High True God'.  Amen.  (March 27, 2017 update)

One thing you need to UNDERSTAND, is that the MOST High TRUE God, is DEFINITELY "LISTENING", to the INNERMOST DEPTHS of your BEING; and HE IS, "ATTENTIVE", to your DESIRES.  And the TRUTH IS: if you WANT, to find "something to COMPLAIN about, that makes you very UNCOMFORTABLE" - then there will ALWAYS be "opportunity to DO so".  Because 'LIFE in the Faithful REMNANT', is NOT about "COMFORT", or CONVENIENCE.  And SO, you were "INCONVENIENCED"... that GIVES you 'the OPPORTUNITY, to point the FINGER... at... 'the source, OF your DISCOMFORT'.  But, you NEED to keep PERSPECTIVE: EVERYTHING you do, think and SAY, IS "before the Throne of the Most High TRUE God".   And SO, when HE SEES you 'COMPLAIN' - about, "the INCONVENIENCES you are PUT through DAILY" - why SHOULD He "BLESS", you...?  Why SHOULD He provide, YOU, with "a STEADY income"?  In FACT, He ALREADY HELPED you...  The Most High TRUE God's GENEROSITY, HAS flowed...  And yet you STILL! - FIND! - ANYTHING! - to COMPLAIN about.  YOU are in, "the BATTLE, of ARMAGEDDON".  EVERYONE outside the Ark, IS, 'OUTSIDE, of the Most High TRUE God's LOVE and PROTECTION' - they are "LIVING HELL".  But YOU! - have been BLESSED, in SO many WAYS!  But the DEMONS, "BLIND you" - so you CAN'T see 'your Blessings, for LONG' - before you TURN to COMPLAINING again.  Yes it IS "a vicious cycle"! - that the Most High TRUE God, IS 'ALLOWING you to go through' - where He HELPS you, to see 'the TRUE Spiritual REALITY'; and then you are "CONTENT", and FILLED with Joy; but then "INCONVENIENCE" happens - and you LET it ruin your whole day!  THAT, is "the vicious cycle" that NEEDS to stop.  And, WITH 'YOUR COOPERATION', the Most High TRUE God can HELP you. PRACTICE "GRATITUDE"...  Remember 'the Source of EVERY Gift' - OF the True Holy Spirit - is FROM the Most High True GOD. Do NOT lose SIGHT of "the GIVER of the Gift". Because as EASILY as He BESTOWS, "Gifts", He can TAKE them back.  (March 28, 2017 update)

Have you been successful in setting your OWN standards for the Faith?

What you NEED to do, is ACTUALLY reject your desire, to 'create your OWN religion, APART from the TESTIMONY, and what has been REVEALED from HEAVEN'.  Because, the trouble you are running INTO, is 'setting your OWN standards, for the Faith'.  The TRUTH, is, there is "RIGHT", and there is "WRONG"; there is "TRUTH", and there is "FALSEHOOD". WHAT is MOST important, is 'your SPIRITUAL life'; EVERYTHING ELSE is "SECONDARY".  When YOUR 'SPIRITUAL life' is in ORDER - then, your PRACTICAL life will be "in order" as WELL.  But, you NEED to reject 'your desire, to CONTROL your environment'; and ASK for the Grace INSTEAD, to 'BOW, to the DIVINE WILL, of your CREATOR, in the moment - and follow HIS inspirations'; NOT 'your own human INTELLECT'.  When you CHOOSE to follow 'your own HUMAN intellect', THAT is when you start to STUMBLE.  Now USING your INTELLECT - to put THOUGHT, and care, into your VIDEOS - is "ONE thing"; but, being 'SOLELY DRIVEN, by intellectual PRIDE' - can ONLY hurt you, in the end.  Your HEART, needs, to be SOFTENED - towards your Creator; and KEPT that way.  When "THINGS don't GO the way you WANT them to" - that is a chance for self-DENIAL, PICK up your cross, and FOLLOW! - Jesus.  DON'T expect JESUS, to "BOW", and give 'HIS intellectual assent', to your WILL!  FOR is that not, what the PHARISEES, and SADDUCEES wanted him to DO? - EXPLAIN HIMSELF, to THEM?  YOU seek "understanding"; YOU seek "wisdom"; YOU seek Counsel; and YOU seek 'the Love of your Creator'.  And STOP saying that "you DON'T understand!"  (March 31, 2017 update)

Do you feel like you have been LOSING your mental faculties?

Reject your desire to be yoked to the interior lives of the Members of the Faithful Remnant who have fallen off 'the Ark of Safety'.  And reject your desire to be 'yoked to the Abyss'. (March 31, 2017 update)

Have you been neglecting work, and neglecting to take care of yourself?

The main struggle that you are having, is "APATHY" - or "INDIFFERENCE" - to your SPIRITUAL, and PHYSICAL needs.  And in THIS way, you are 'only HURTING yourself' - because, of your INDIFFERENCE, to "WORK", and to 'taking CARE of yourself' - ESPECIALLY, your HEALTH.  The WAY the demons, are WORKING - is to GET you to FOCUS, on "the MINUTIAE", or 'the SMALLEST of DETAILS' - to DISTRACT you! - from "the BIGGER picture, of your LIFE".  If you WANT to get "BETTER"; if you WANT to INCREASE your "QUALITY of LIFE" - so AS to, GLORIFY your CREATOR, in DOING so - THEN, you NEED to prioritize, 'HIS Will', and 'HIS Desires, for your life'.  It is GREAT that you are USING 'the TOOLS' in the TESTIMONY, to find "RELIEF", from, 'the everyday BURDENS, of this WORLD'; BUT! - THEN, SOMETHING is required of YOU - as YOU are called, to "give BACK to your Creator" - to LOVE Him with your WHOLE heart, body, MIND, and Soul - to LOVE Him with your ENTIRE being - by FACING! - your problems; not "PRETENDING, that they aren't there". (April 1, 2017 update)

Have you been remembering "snippets of your CHILDHOOD" lately?
"Love never ends... as for knowledge, it will pass away. For our knowledge is imperfect and our prophecy is imperfect; but when the perfect comes, the imperfect will pass away. When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I gave up childish ways." 
(1 Corinthians 13:8-11)

You can either 'BATHE', in the MEMORIES, of the past, and ALLOW 'the spirit of nostalgia', to gain a STRONGHOLD, in your Soul - for the PUPPOSE, of 'pulling you into the PAST', so that you CANNOT receive 'the Graces in the PRESENT'; OR, you can lift up, to Jesus Christ the LORD, ALL the MEMORIES of your former life - and TRADE them, for your 'TRUE, identity, as a CHILD of the Most High TRUE God'. (April 4, 2017 update)

Learning From the Past mistakes
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been living, "consistently mindful of your past mistakes"?
The problem, that you are having, CONSISTENTLY, is 'LIVING, CONSTANTLY, MINDFUL of your PAST mistakes' - so that, you are looking at 'your PRESENT MOMENT', THROUGH 'the eyes of the PAST'.  THIS is "a RUT!" - that the DEMONS HAVE you in - that you NEED to break OUT of - by TURNING to the Most High TRUE God - for Strength, to LIVE!| - in the Present Moment - in EACH moment! - and RECEIVING, EACH Moment, as "a GIFT".  STOP 'living in the PAST'; and DON'T 'beat yourself UP', for your past MISTAKES.  RECEIVE the fraternal correction; APPLY it to your life - and, move ON with your DAY!  (April 09, 2017 update)

Is "AUTOPILOT" a REAL problem, for you?

But, HOW to, 'ESCAPE', being on AUTOPILOT? - is by ACTIVELY, CHOOSING, to DO things, out of LOVE, for the Most High TRUE God - INSTEAD of 'out of routine'; keeping Jesus Christ the LORD, "the CENTER", of your FOCUS - WHILE! - accomplishing the task!  DON'T be AFRAID, of "messing UP", when you go to DO something - BECAUSE! - THEN! - that is 'giving the task OVER, to, the DEMON of fear'.  And most LIKELY, you WILL make 'a mistake' - IN, that, 'situation'.  So it is MUCH better, to focus on doing, 'EVERYTHING', from the TIME you wake UP in the morning - to the time that you, lay down at NIGHT - out of LOVE: for your Creator - for your NEIGHBOR - and for your own SOUL!  Simple.  (April 09, 2017 update)  [In other words, DON'T do things out of indifference, or out of apathy - because if you do things INSTEAD, "out of LOVE..." - then you simply WON'T have a problem with "autopilot".]

Have you ever experienced intense loneliness? - while stubbornly refusing to DO what the Most High True God is ASKING of you? - because HE is TOTALLY free, to use HIS Free Will, to abandon EVERYTHING YOU are asking of HIM, as well... just saying.

The REASON that you EXPERIENCED that "intense LONELINESS", was so the Most High TRUE God, could draw you CLOSER, to HIM - so that YOU would know, IN the deepest, parts of your BEING - that HE is the ONLY one, who can FULFILL you, IN this life.  He is WAITING, for His Faithful REMNANT, to SEEK, to ASK, and to KNOCK - FOR, the TRUE Holy Spirit; but, so MANY of them! - are NOT, 'DOING', what He asks.  You can ONLY, "be fulfilled", by 'FULFILLING', your Creator's PLAN, for your LIFE! (April 11, 2017 update)

Have you been remembering to renounce "your old self" DAILY?
You NEED to CHOOSE to renounce 'your old self' DAILY'... as a way of LIFE.  And RESOLVE, to embrace, 'your TRUE Vocation'! - as, "the NEW! - N.".  REMEMBER, NOT, "the FORMER THINGS"! - NOR, CONSIDER, the THINGS, of OLD!  YOU decide, HOW much, YOU want, to BENEFIT - from being a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT.  YOU decide, every DAY! - by your CHOICES! - NOT "by what you SAY, or PRAY".  You HAVE been "STUBBORNLY CHOOSING, TO, HOLD ON, to your FORMER WAYS" - and THAT! - is ONLY hurting YOU!   YOUR choice! (April 12, 2017 update)

Have you been trying to apply "Roman Catholic Hierarchical INSTITUTIONAL ideas" to the Testimony?

The TROUBLE that you are HAVING, is that you are CHOOSING to apply, "INSTITUTIONAL ideas" - to the Testimony...  The DEMONS, have MANY "SNARES", that they are placing in FRONT of you - and you have NOT been, "very WISE", at OVERCOMING the SNARES, and DISCERNING them for 'what they ARE'.  You are FALLING into the trap in your INTERIOR life, of THINKING about 'the INSTITUTIONAL jesus' - when you read the Testimony.  You NEED to lift up, TO the Most High True God, ALL! - of "the false jesuses", that YOU, have EMBRACED - and trade THEM, for "the TRUE Jesus", who is REVEALED, in His TESTIMONY.  If you WANT to experience, 'HIS LOVE' - then you will CHOOSE, to LOVE Him! - SELFLESSLY - USING your Free Will; NOT your feelings.  And, DO not, "look FORWARD", to what YOU need to repent of, NEXT - because THAT is "institutional THINKING", that comes, from, 'the satanic, catholic institution, that YOU are familiar with'.  DON'T "look FORWARD, to SIN - and to your MISTAKES"; RESOLVE! - to AVOID sin, and to DO the best you CAN - to OVERCOME your weaknesses, by turning to Jesus Christ the Lord for STRENGTH.  He will HELP you - but ONLY if you TURN to Him.  In this JOURNEY, in the SPIRITUAL life - it is "between YOU, and your Creator". THEREFORE, RESOLVE! - to KNOW, love and SERVE, the Most High TRUE God - and RENOUNCE! - before ALL of HEAVEN, ANY! - 'affiliation' - with 'that SATANIC body in Rome'.  Your "FORMER FAMILY", want YOU! - to go SPIRITUALLY insane like THEM, and to embrace, 'THEIR jesus'; but you have "FREE will", and YOU choose! - 'what master', you are GOING to obey.  You CAN'T have two masters! - it's THAT simple.  You 'LET' your former family, GET to you - to DAMAGE you... and they SIMPLY, want your SOUL; they are SACRIFICING you! - to THEIR god; but YOU need, to FIGHT! - to STAY, SPIRITUALLY awake - SEVERED from THEM - and FOCUSED, on your Creator - in ORDER to survive.  ASK for Graces! - because you can ONLY live, BY 'the Grace of the Most High True God'.  ASK for the Grace, to GLORIFY, your CREATOR - with EVERY HEARTBEAT of your EXISTENCE - and He will HELP you!  Shut OUT! - the world - from your INTERIOR life.  EVEN though, you are required to live, "IN the world" - YOU are not 'BORN, of the world'; so DO not 'GRATIFY, the selfish desires, of a sinful HEART'!  INSTEAD, PURIFY! (April 13, 2017 update)

Have you been choosing to YOKE yourself to the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution? - because... "THAT ain't no YOKE! - it's a MILLSTONE!... a sinking OIL tanker, in fact"... "the great HARLOT", "the WHORE of Rome"

What you need to REALIZE, is how SERIOUS, your SPIRITUAL state is - before the Most High True GOD.  BECAUSE you are CHOOSING, to be YOKED, to the INSITUTION... YOU need, to do "MUCH better!"  If your HEART, is with 'the INSITUTION', and "all of the RITUAL", and "the habits of self-HOLINESS" - THEN! - you WON'T! - survive, as 'a Member of the Remnant' for much longer.  WE suggest, that YOU! - turn to the Most High TRUE God, and ask Him to 'RE-create your HEART' - to be "a PROPER DWELLING place, for His TRUE Holy Spirit"; because WITHOUT 'the SPIRIT of the LIVING God' - you can ONLY 'DIE, spiritually' - and EVENTUALLY, from old AGE - PHYSICALLY!  You NEED to FEAR - 'the Most High TRUE God' with "a HOLY REVERENCE" - because HE is IMPARTIAL!  FIX, your INTERIOR DEVOTIONS FAST!!!  Now is 'the WORST time', to be 'OUTSIDE, His Favor'.  Reject your DESIRE, to show 'FALSE COMPASSION', to your "former FAMILY"; and ASK for the Grace, to show your CREATOR, 'TRUE Compassion', by EMBRACING your VOCATION as a REMNANT Member!  CONSOLE! - the Most High TRUE God; NOT yourself! - and "your WICKED! - desires". FAST! - from WICKEDNESS!  LISTEN, to your TRUE Spiritual Mother.  WE suggest, you read, some of her MESSAGES - and REFLECT, on 'the MEANING in them'.  (April 15, 2017 update)

Have you been focusing on feelings and failings?

You SIMPLY need to reject your desire, to FOCUS on your FEELINGS! - AND, REJECT your desire, to be "GOVERNED by your feelings".  AND, REJECT your desire, to FOCUS on your FAILINGS!  Isn't it INTERESTING, how the WORD, "FEELINGS", and "FAILINGS" - sound so SIMILAR!  Because "FEELINGS" come from DEMONS - and they are ONLY sent! - by 'the ENEMY', to DISTRACT the MEMBERS of the FAITHFUL Remnant, from 'the CALL of the moment'.  The WHOLE, WORLD! - is 'FOCUSED on FEELINGS', and "PRESERVING! - the VERY, SACRED, FEELINGS of OTHERS".  BUT! - you CANNOT! - 'PRESERVE', your FEELINGS! - SIMPLY, because, you EXPERIENCE "Discomfort", in THIS life.  You would be 'MUCH! - BETTER off' - FOCUSING, on 'the CALL of the MOMENT' - and CONTINUALLY! - giving ALL! - your FEELINGS, to Jesus Christ the LORD; than CONSENT, to 'BATHING'! - in ANY of them! - at ANY time!  Understand?  And 'FOR the record'! - the DEVIL! - is "OBSESSED", with FEELINGS!  WHY do you think, he TEMPTED Eve, in the GARDEN, to FALL! - BECAUSE, he was "WRATHFUL", towards the Most High True GOD!  WHY do you think he took, 'a NUMBER, of HOLY Angels, WITH him' - who became "FALLEN angels"?  BECAUSE! - he was "WRATHFUL"! - towards the MOST High True God's PLAN! - AND wanted 'his own KINGDOM' - WHERE, HE could focus, on, 'SELF-PITY', and 'the desire for more POWER'!  Understand? (April 19, 2017 update)

Have YOU been desiring, to LOOK at yourself, your SITUATION, and EVERYTHING around you, through OTHER peoples' viewpoints?

ONE stronghold, that we have discerned, is afflicting MANY Members of the Faithful Remnant - is 'their DESIRE, to LOOK at THEMSELVES, their SITUATION, and EVERYTHING around them, through OTHER peoples' viewpoints' - and THIS causes 'MANY problems!' - for their INTERIOR lives.  Because ISN'T that 'what they PUSH, in the NEWS!' - and in PROPAGANDA - to look at "ALL the different VIEWPOINTS out there".  And THIS reason, is so PEOPLE can NOT! - 'SEE', through, the EYES, of TRUTH! - through, 'the Most High TRUE God's Eyes'.  THIS is so, EVERYTHING, AROUND them, INCLUDING, 'the MORALITY, of those AROUND them' - becomes "BLURRED".  It is "VERY effective!" - and that is 'WHY, the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, AGENDA - PUSHES, PEOPLE to EXPRESS their OPINIONS! - about EVERYTHING!'  AND so, it WOULD be good for you, to 'REJECT your desire, to allow, OTHER people, to SEE through your EYES' - and ASK for the Grace, to DESIRE to see, EVERYONE, and EVERYTHING, through the EYES of the Most High TRUE God.  ASK for the Grace, of 'TRUE! - Spiritual Vision' - and CONSECRATE 'that GIFT', to the PROTECTION of Saint MICHAEL the Archangel.  Because, WHEN  you look, through, 'the Eyes, of the Most High TRUE God - at EVERYTHING, AROUND YOU' - there is "ONLY black and white"; there is ONLY "evil", or "GOOD!" - there is NO "grey zone"(April 23, 2017 update)

Don't let 'the false REALITIES' snuff out, the TRUE Holy Spirit within you. 

Don't LET, 'the false REALITIES', that people are CHOOSING TO LIVE, AROUND you, "SNUFF OUT, the True Holy SPIRIT", WITHIN you...  You need to SHOW! - your Creator, that you can be "a GOOD STEWARD", of EVERYTHING, that you HAVE! - before He asks 'ANY MORE of you'.  BE, "THANKFUL!" - for EVERYTHING, that you have been 'BLESSED with'.  MAKE, Jesus Christ the LORD, the Center and FOCUS, of your LIFE! - as you 'LIVE'!  YES! - there are going to be "HARD DAYS", and "EASIER days".  But WHAT is most important - is WHEN, 'the TSUNAMI wave of FEELINGS' comes - it IS going to pass!  STAY "ANCHORED, to the TESTIMONY" - to Jesus Christ the LORD; and to His BLESSED Mother.  And READ! - the MESSAGES, from the Blessed Virgin MARY.  Pick one a DAY.  And KNOW, that SHE! - WILL BE "your spiritual STRENGTH" - because 'HER Strength' comes from her SON.  The REASON we emphasize, "a STRONG RELATIONSHIP, with your TRUE spiritual Mother" - is so 'that VOID' in your life is FILLED. (April 25, 2017 update)

Do YOU see 'the Counsel we give', as "POISON"?

You NEED to reject 'your DESIRE, to see, the COUNSEL we GIVE you, as... "POISON!"  It TRULY is, "ACID! - to the demons"!...  THERE are 'a LOT of people', taking on the Members of the Faithful Remnant in their INTERIOR lives!  WHEN is the last time you rejected 'the demonic clusters of CARLOS, and Elizabeth Marie HOLDEN'?  Because RIGHT now, those 'people', are "FULL of Flames, and ABSOLUTELY enraged! - at the Faithful Remnant" - and, "CARLOS" has made it "his PERSONAL vendetta", to do 'all that HE can', to get the TESTIMONY, "OFFLINE"; get the YouTube Channel, "SHUT down"; and to VINDICATE HIMSELF, in front of, 'the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution'.  THIS is so, you are 'AWARE', of the BIGGER picture, of what is going on 'behind the SCENES'.  At THIS time, now, would be 'the best' to, FOCUS, on the Testimony - ESPECIALLY the Messages from 'your TRUE Spiritual Mother'.  CLING to HER! - for Strength.  Because 'the ARK, is about, to get "ROCKED! - RATHER hard".  Making VIDEOS, at THIS time, WILL, really help you - to remain "SPIRITUALLY FOCUSED".  (April 25, 2017 update)

Are you struggling with "irrational FEARS"? 

WHAT you need to DO, is, CONSECRATE your imagination, to the PROTECTION of Saint Michael the Archangel - REGULARLY!  Don't let 'the DEMONS', STEER your INTERIOR life - to embrace, "IRRATIONAL fears", of 'what MAY or may NOT HAPPEN'.  KNOW that, 'the Most High TRUE God, IS 'putting His Faithful Remnant, to the TEST'.  And, JUST as WE were "tested" - on a much, 'BIGGER Level' - He is going to be putting 'EACH one of them', through 'their OWN, personal, TESTING phase'.  The biggest TEMPTATION, with EVERYTHING HAPPENING, is for them, to TURN inwards, and ADMIT defeat - AND, allow, their IMAGINATION, to take OVER!  BUT, in the words, of, the MAGNIFICAT, "He SCATTERS the PROUD, in the IMAGINATION of their own THOUGHTS!" (Luke 1:51). THEREFORE, it is MUCH better to embrace 'HUMILITY', and WORK with 'what you KNOW to be True'; RATHER than, "VAINLY speculate, on WHAT'S coming next". NOW, would be, "a good time", to REJECT your desire, TO BE "steered by DEMONS"!  And then ASK for 'the Grace, to DESIRE, to be STEERED, by, the TRUE Holy Spirit, in EACH and every moment'.  THIS does not mean, that the True Holy Spirit 'takes OVER' - and you take "the back SEAT!"  The TRUE Holy Spirit 'REQUIRES, YOU! - to LISTEN! - to the PROMPTINGS, AS you STEER!" (April 25, 2017 update)

Have you been struggling to face your faults and failings?

You CAN! - "OVERCOME,  your faults and failings" - as LONG as you 'FACE them'!  But if you 'PRETEND, that they aren't THERE' - then, HOW, can you be HEALED?  AND so, what you TRULY need, is 'the Grace of True Spiritual VISION' - so that YOU can see yourself, 'CLEARLY', in TRUTH! - through the Eyes of the Most High True GOD.  The DEMONS, actually, 'DISTORT',  a PERSON'S 'perceptions, of THEMSELF, AND others'. And so the ONLY way, to see 'CLEARLY', IS, by HAVING, 'ZERO tolerance, for ANY demonic manifestations'.  AND yes that includes, 'BEHAVIOR' as WELL!    When you PRAY the DELIVERANCE prayers - make SURE that you 'FILL the VOID', with GRACES! (May 02, 2017 update)

Have you been so cruel as to embrace "false hope" for your formers?

Actual email: "Is my sin that I am harboring hope for formers?"

Actual reply: When they have been 'GIVEN the Testimony' - and they CHOSE! - to REJECT "the life-saving TRUTHS", in it - then, you are ACTUALLY, embracing, "FALSE hope".  Because, THEY have made 'THEIR stand!' - VERY clear - THEY are 'against, the Most High True GOD!'   SO, to MAKE videos, with 'the INTENT, of CONVERTING them' - is actually "CRUEL". Because, they CAN'T convert!  IT would be BETTER, to focus on making TESTIMONY videos, to NOURISH! - your brothers and sisters, in the Faithful REMNANT; RATHER than FOCUS, 'ALL of your ENERGY', on "an EMOTION" - on TRYING "to draw BLOOD, from a stone"!  (- referring to their STONE! - COLD! - hearts) (May 05, 2017 update)

Have you been focused on the religious institution you previously attended?

WHAT you need to focus on, is 'YOUR relationship, with the Most High True God, the Creator of the UNIVERSE' - and "MENDING, that relationship", by CHOOSING, to change; by GIVING up, 'your OLD way of doing things', and 'your OLD way of THINKING' - and 'DYING to self' COMPLETELY - so as to live for HIM.  It WOULD be best, if you, 'TURNED', to your Creator - every DAY! - and ASKED Him to HEAL you, from, 'the SPIRITUALLY toxic SLUDGE' - that YOU have allowed, into your INTERIOR life - THROUGH being 'PART, of, the Roman Catholic Hierarchical INSTITUTION' (- or through being part of any OTHER religious institution); and ASK the Most High TRUE God, to 'RENEW', your ZEAL, for HIM - AND the Eternal GOSPEL of His TESTIMONY.  But the more 'you hold ON, to, the ROMAN Catholic Hierarchical INSTITUTION' in your INTERIOR life (- or whatever religious institution you belonged to...) - the more, you are CHOOSING! - to be "cursed".  It's that simple.  SO! - WE, advise you, to choose, to be "BLESSED, BEYOND belief, and human understanding". (May 9, 2017 update)

Have you been struggling with spiritual apathy?

Spiritual apathy, is one of the weapons, that the enemy uses, to 'STOP', Members of the Faithful REMNANT, from 'finding MOTIVATION', to LIVE for their Creator. THEREFORE, it is IMPERATIVE - that, you reject 'that demon' EVERY time, it manifests; or you are AWARE of it - trying to 'take you OUT'.  ASK for 'the Grace of Holy Zeal, in the TRUE Holy Spirit', and ASK your Creator, to GIVE you 'the necessary motivation', to please HIM! - and to be SPIRITUALLY minded ALWAYS, instead.  Because, if the ENEMY can get you to embrace, "SPIRITUAL apathy" - then, he has STOPPED you, from DISCERNING.  THEREFORE, ASK the Most High TRUE God, for 'the GRACE, to ALWAYS! - discern - EVERYTHING!' - and 'the Grace to remain Spiritually AWAKE' - as, everyone ELSE, is "quite COMFORTABLE, asleep".  You are LIVING in, "BIBLICAL Times" - and so the ENEMY, is doing 'ALL that he can', to PUT you, to sleep -EVEN with 'ridiculous temptations' - that, "you won't be able to MAKE it".  (May 9, 2017 update)

Have you been struggling with discouragement?
The TRUTH is, 'the DEVIL! - and his MINIONS' - are going DOWN! - and their KINGDOM, is coming to an END.  And so, KNOWING 'his time is short' - the ENEMY, is CONSTANTLY! - feeding MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT, "discouragement!" - when what they REALLY need to focus on, is, 'their CREATOR' - and 'being PLEASING, in their INTERIOR lives', BEFORE Him - ALWAYS! - CHOOSING to LIVE, IN 'the Light, of HIS! - Divine Countenance' - as 'a WAY of life'.  On your OWN? - this JOURNEY, is "impossible!"  But WITH the Most High TRUE God - it IS! - 'the ONLY Path'. (May 9, 2017 update)

Have you been experiencing TORMENTS as you try to REST?

Now ONE REASON, that you are being 'TORMENTED, as you REST' - is BECAUSE, you ARE EMBRACING, "false GUILT" - that 'your FORMERS' are praying into you!  But if your CONSCIENCE is 'CLEAR, BEFORE your CREATOR' - then, you WILL, HAVE, "a Blessed REST".  If you have CONFIDENCE, in 'HIS Divine PROTECTION', DURING your SLEEP - then He will PROTECT you!  If YOU are 'RESOLVED, to LIVE the Era of PEACE, in your HEART' - then, you will have 'TRUE PEACE' - ALWAYS!  DON'T allow, 'the PRAYER intentions of OTHERS', to STEAL! - 'YOUR relationship with your CREATOR' - EVEN for a MOMENT!   RESOLVE to live 'the ERA of Peace' - because THAT is 'what you are CALLED to do - starting NOW!' - to have 'PEACE', EVEN! - amidst ALL of your suffering.  You need to FOCUS, on 'the BLESSED ASSURANCE', that your CREATOR, is "looking AFTER you!" - and that HE! - is "your TRUE Father" - and that the Blessed Virgin MARY, is "your TRUE Mother".  And what is MOST IMPORTANT, is that you seek, to please THEM! - NOT, "the assailants", or "the DEMONS".  DON'T! - be "AFRAID, of your FORMERS"!  BUT, HAVE "a healthy FEAR, of the LORD".  (May 15, 2017 update)

Have you been experiencing some ups and downs lately?

KNOW that your CIRCUMSTANCES, have changed, FOR a reason - and, the Most High TRUE God, is CONTINUING, to pour out 'HIS Divine Justice' - ON those, who would 'TAKE on, the Members, of His FAITHFUL Remnant, AND! - His Testimony'.  There WILL be "UPS", and there WILL be "DOWNS" - but it is, the Lord Jesus CHRIST, who remains 'STEADFAST'.  Therefore, HOLD fast! - to HIM! - and to your TRUE Spiritual MOTHER - AND! - to, Saint JOSEPH! - your "FOSTER father".  HOLD on! - TO the HOLY Family, in your heart.  Persevere!  SHUN, the TEMPTATIONS, to DESPAIR - sent by the ENEMY.  And EMBRACE, the Gift of FAITH - from your CREATOR. (May 17, 2017 update)

Have you been finding "only TEMPORARY relief"? - when doing the deliverance prayers.

It REALLY is quite SIMPLE: either SERVE 'the One who MADE you' - or, serve the DEMONS!   But you can't HAVE, "TWO allegiances in your SOUL" - and EXPECT, to THRIVE. If the ONLY reason, you are doing 'the DELIVERANCE prayers', is for "TEMPORARY relief" - then, HOW are you going to "PERSEVERE"? - and, what is MOTIVATING you, to continue on this JOURNEY?  BUT! - if you RESOLVE in your HEART, to 'be DELIVERED' - of the DEMONS, for GOOD! - with the FULL intent of 'NEVER allowing them back' - and 'choosing to fill your Soul with GRACES, so there is no ROOM! - for evil - THEN, you will be able to CHANGE.  It's "UNCOMFORTABLE", but ABSOLUTELY necessary! - and POSSIBLE! - with your CREATOR'S help.  But, YOU, must do 'YOUR part'. (June 11, 2017 update)

Have you been hiding from your Creator behind flowery thoughts and ideals?

You NEED to ASK for the Grace, to APPLY the Testimony to your life.  It is NOT about, 'having FLOWERY thoughts, and IDEALS'; but you need to LIVE it - DAILY.  IF, you desire, an AUTHENTIC relationship, with your CREATOR? - then YOU will be 'REAL, with yourself'!  You need to STOP 'HIDING', BEHIND, "ideals" - and START, 'RESOLVING, to LIVE, the FULLNESS, of the Era of True Peace, in your LIFE'.  And YES! - you need to be 'COMMENDING, EVERYONE, you come in CONTACT with' - OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT - to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True God - ESPECIALLY "your formers".  Because, if YOU don't WORK, with Jesus Christ the LORD? - in tearing DOWN 'the satanic STRONGHOLDS in your SOUL'? - THEN, the STRONGHOLDS REMAIN; and you CAN'T "GROW SPIRITUALLY"You  are IN, "a BATTLE, for your SURVIVAL".  But, in your EMAILS to us - they are ALWAYS 'filled, with FLUFF! - and FLOWERY thoughts'.  THEREFORE, YOU need, to TURN, to the BLESSED Virgin Mary - who is "a SERVANT!" - as in, she SERVES, the Most High True God - and, ASK for her INTERCESSION, UNDER her title, "CONQUEROR of false realities".  You NEED! - to get 'in the TRUE! - reality' - in your interior life. (June 19, 2017 update)

Have you been trying to "see how much you can get AWAY with"?

If you WANT to "see how much you can get AWAY with" - without experiencing AFFLICTIONS and DISCIPLINE in your INTERIOR life? - then that is 'a VERY, POOR! - response, to the GIFT, of, a SPIRITUAL life' - and, 'the GIFT, of HAVING a SOUL!'  What you REALLY need to FOCUS on - is 'DESIRING to be FILLED! - with GRACES - from HEAVEN' - so that there is no ROOM! - for "WICKED intentions", and "wicked THOUGHTS".  See the DIFFERENCE?  ALSO, you need to reject 'the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS' - and ASK for the Grace to see EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, through the Eyes of the Most High True God.  (June 21, 2017 update) 

Have you been allowing others to "push your BUTTONS"

It is REALLY going to HELP if you REJECT your DESIRE, to allow OTHERS to "push your buttons" - and ASK for the Grace, to be, "a ROCK! - BUILT on, Jesus Christ the Lord".  For "the ENEMY", wants you to be "a REED! - shaken in the WIND".  But, that is NOT how you learned, to be, "a CHILD, of the Most High True God".  Make SURE that you ARE turning to all of HEAVEN, FREQUENTLY! - THROUGHOUT the day - BEGGING for their INTERCESSION! - ASKING the Most High TRUE God to 'go ahead of ALL! - of the ENEMY'S snares - that HE has 'LAID, for you'.   And ASK the Most High TRUE God, to bring ALL of the ENEMY'S "PLANS, in your LIFE"? - to NOTHING!  And PRAY, that 'your CREATOR'S Plans, prevail!' - and that 'HIS Will be done, in your life!'   BECAUSE of the recent TESTIFYING that you have been doing [- through your own videos for the Faithful Remnant] - you are "only growing STRONGER"; but you STILL need, 'the STRENGTH, of Jesus Christ the LORD'. THEREFORE, TURN to Him OFTEN, for it.  And, ASK Him, to HELP you! - to focus, on 'what you are CALLED to focus on, in the moment'CONSECRATE, 'your GIFT, of SPIRITUAL focus', to the Protection of Saint MICHAEL, the Archangel- and WATCH! - how LONG! - you can 'FOCUS, on ONE task - in FRONT of you!' (June 21, 2017 update) 

Do you want to be freed from nostalgic thoughts for good?

The ONLY way to shut the door to your FORMER life, and to stop looking BACK - like Lot's WIFE did! - is by RESOLVING, to DO! - what your Creator is ASKING OF YOU, in EACH and every MOMENT - REGARDLESS of 'how you feel'; AND - by RESOLVING to live 'your, TRUE Vocation!' - as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant; and RESOLVING, to embrace your TRUE identity, in the TRUE Reality, in the PRESENT Moment, for ALL ETERNITY! - as "a way of LIFE".  BUT! - you're called to "follow THROUGH", with those Resolutions.  And you can ONLY do so, by TURNING, TO your CREATOR - to RE-CREATE you!  And THIS, IS going, to HURT!  Because "GROWTH, and CHANGE, hurts!" - but only for a little WHILE.  And LATER! - you will experience, 'EXTREME Consolation' in your INTERIOR life.  And THEN, He will ASK YOU, to grow MORE.  And THAT, will HURT!  But THEN, the GROWTH spurt, is over - and, you can experience, 'CONSOLATIONS'.  The REASON you're being put through "ADVERSITY", and TRIALS, in your INTERIOR life! - as WELL, as in your PHYSICAL life - is to give you 'the OPPORTUNITY, to be Purified'.  BUT, "PURIFICATION", takes COOPERATION - WITH the Graces, IN the moment. (June 24, 2017 update)

Are you in the habit of WAITING until it becomes "UNCOMFORTABLE" before you do your DELIVERANCE PRAYERS and ASK for the corresponding GRACES?

We can TELL, that you are ACTUALLY, 'TRYING! - to MANAGE, your demons'; INSTEAD of! - "CONSISTENTLY, CHOOSING, to be FILLED, with the TRUE Holy Spirit, and with Graces from HEAVEN".  AND, by being "a demon MANAGER" - WHAT is that telling your CREATOR? -that, you will SIMPLY, 'embrace wicked DESIRES' - until it becomes "UNCOMFORTABLE" - and 'THEN you'll reject them!' - and 'the demons attached'? But SOMEHOW, 'your FORMERS', have 'broken in to your INTERIOR life' - with your consent - and THEY, are "PORTALLING, THEIR desires, INTO you!"  And so THEN 'your perceptions of SELF, the REMNANT, AND, the TESTIMONY!' - will SLOWLY, begin, to REFLECT, 'what your FORMERS, see'.  This is "a SERIOUS problem", that you need to FIX, IMMEDIATELY!  [- and that FIX can be found in the following posting]  (July 02, 2017 update)

Have your "FORMERS" been breaking IN to your INTERIOR life?

You NEED to ask 'the Most High TRUE GOD', to "Cut your FORMERS off, from your INTERIOR life".  ASK Him, "in His MERCY" - to 'SEND Prevenient JUSTICE! - to your FORMERS' - ANY time! - they even THINK of you!  RE-direct all of THEIR, "plans for your life" - to your CREATOR - JUST 'by DESIRE' - and ask HIM! - to "GIVE them, EXACTLY! - what they need!" - to GET them to STOP, "SPIRITUALLY molesting" you, and HARASSING you!  THIS is 'the attitude you are CALLED to HAVE': COMMENDING THEM, is "VERY healthy, SPIRITUALLY" - because 'the DEMONS inside them', want to KILL! - your FAITH - by 'their pure HATRED! - of everything you stand for'.  And so YOU need "ZERO TOLERANCE - for DEMONS!"  REJECT, your DESIRE, to be "a demon MANAGER", and ASK for the Grace, to be "a GOOD STEWARD, of your SOUL", instead.  REJECT your DESIRE, to MAKE 'a HOME!' - for 'the DEMONS in your INTERIOR life' - and ASK for the Grace, to DESIRE, to make 'a HOME, for the INDWELLING of the TRUE Holy Spirit', instead.  You are CALLED to be 'a TEMPLE of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT'; BUT, the WICKED INTENTIONS, and EVIL DESIRES of your FORMERS, are 'FUELLING THEM'! - to DO 'what they CAN', to DEFILE "the Temple".  Understand?  THEY are 'filled with blasphemous thoughts! - and IMPURITY' - and THEY desire that YOU! - would embrace 'THOSE things' as well.  So STOP!  USE "your free WILL".  CONSECRATE 'your free will', to the DIVINE Will, of the Most High TRUE God.  When YOU seek to be 'PERFECTLY united with HIS Will', there isn't 'ANY room', for what your FORMERS, 'WANT for you'. (July 02, 2017 update)

The Molten Gold in our Soul
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


Have you been BEATING yourself with your sins? - faults? - and failings?
It has come to our attention, BY Jesus Christ the Lord - as He HAS "informed us", that the FAITHFUL Remnant, are in fact TURNING 'the Gift of PURIFICATION', into, 'an OPPORTUNITY, to SCRUTINIZE themselves' - to the POINT, of, being "USELESS! - instruments".  Yes, it REALLY IS! - 'that bad'.  The DEVIL, is working HARD, to GET the Faithful Remnant, to turn INWARDS - and REFLECT, and OBSESS! - in EACH MOMENT: EVERY thought, EVERY word, and EVERY desire! - and in DOING so, they are becoming "PARALYZED! - SPIRITUALLY" - by "fear".  But the CREATOR, OF the Universe - is ASKING, His Faithful REMNANT, to USE! - their Gifts - to "the BEST of their ABILITY" - for HIM! - ALL of the Gifts that they have been given.  And this even means 'all of the EXPERIENCES, of their LIVES!' - that are "GOOD" - that they are able to DRAW from.  The TRUE Holy Spirit - does NOT, 'BEAT, people, WITH their sins, and their FAILINGS, and their FAULTS'; but 'the DEVIL' does!  ALL, the CREATOR of the Universe is ASKING, is that the Faithful REMNANT, do "their BEST, to be FAITHFUL to Him" - as they LIVE! - by, the True Holy SPIRIT; and as they CHOOSE, to "walk by FAITH" - FILLED with Heavenly GRACES.  And so what IS "Purification"?  It is the PROCESS, of being PUT THROUGH, "the WINE Press" - referring to, 'being TESTED, by the Most High True God'.  And these "TESTS", force, "LEAD", or "DEMONS", to the SURFACE!  And the Faithful REMNANT, are called, to give Jesus Christ the LORD - ALL of 'the lead'; and let, 'HIM'! - LEAD them, instead.  But LEAVE, the lead BEHIND!  And BECOME like GOLD! - REFINED, IN, 'the Fires of Purification'.  The Faithful REMNANT, need to LEARN, to be LED in each MOMENT - by 'the True Holy SPIRIT'.  And SIMPLY 'by DESIRING, to FOLLOW the True Holy Spirit' - they WILL be given, 'the necessary INSPIRATIONS, and infused KNOWLEDGE', to LIVE by. (July 11, 2017 update)
Have you been BROODING over your past MISTAKES?

It's ALL about 'where your HEART is'.  And that CAN change! - from day to DAY - based on 'the STRUGGLES of that DAY'.  And SOMETIMES, you will HAVE, "REALLY rough DAYS!" - that you are CALLED to 'PERSEVERE through'; and, OTHER days, will be 'FILLED with CONSOLATIONS'.  And those CONSOLATIONS, are to HELP PREPARE you, for "the COMING ADVERSITY".  But if YOU are reading "propaganda" - AND! - even GLANCING, at "comments", made by your FORMERS, under your VIDEOS - THEN, YOU are "opening, a DOOR! - in your Soul - to 'a flood of DEMONS'!"  And THEN, you have "the BILL" to pay! - so to speak.  Because, "ENTERTAINING the ASSAILANTS in your INTERIOR life", comes with "a PRICE".  And as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - you are CALLED to make "BETTER, choices".  At TIMES, you MAY experience, "INTENSE temptation" - and WEAKNESS; but THEN, you are CALLED, to turn to JESUS - your TRUE Shepherd, and ask for 'His STRENGTH'!  But you are NOT 'called, to live, a life, of self-INDULGENCE'. But on the CONTRARY - "a LIFE, of SELF-denial"...  ANYTHING, "in EXCESS", is too MUCH!  Even spending too much time at the COMPUTER - reading the TESTIMONY - "isn't GOOD for you" - as you're CALLED: to get LOTS of exercise; EAT well; BE healthy; and CONTINUE, to CLEAN up, your INTERIOR life!  But "BROODING", OVER your mistakes - is "an ACT of pride!"  And, it ACCOMPLISHES... NOTHING!!! - and WASTES time.  And so you NEED 'the GRACE, to FORGIVE yourself; LEARN from your mistake; and resolve to do better NEXT time". Is it so DIFFICULT?  HERE is a Message you need to read, FROM your Creator - to REMIND you, of 'where your FOCUS needs to BE'.  Cue into the "life can be good" - part of the Message.  (July 14, 2017 update)

If YOU 'desire' - for the TRUE Jesus, to hear your PRAYERS - then YOU need to 'DO', what He is ASKING of you!  You need to EMAIL daily.  You need to MAKE an EFFORT - at making nourishing VIDEOS.  YOU need to be nourished, by the Testimony.  And you NEED to keep on top of the UPDATES - by staying "ROOTED in the True REALITY".  IF YOU! - want to be "under the Most High TRUE God's HEAVENLY Witness PROTECTION Program" - then YOU will 'cling to HIM' - with your ENTIRE being!  And you will STOP turning inwards!  And you will STOP focusing on the demons!  And START, focusing, on being filled with GRACESASK the Most High True God, to 'CHANGE the desires of your HEART' - to, BLESS you with 'the DESIRE to SERVE Him'; to BLESS you, with 'HEAVENLY inspirations'.  Ask Him to BLESS you, with 'the desire to do GOOD'.  Because RIGHT NOW, HE is ALLOWING people, to 'be DEVOURED, by their DEMONS' - in as MUCH as they are being "REBELLIOUS" towards Him.  And that's 'EXACTLY what you're experiencing right now'.  You CAN'T! - control! - your demons!  You NEED to "LOSE them!" - COMPLETELY!  And "FILL the VOID" - with the True Holy SPIRIT. DO YOU want to be "a temple of demons" or "a Temple filled with the True Holy SPIRIT"?  Because you CAN'T be BOTH!  And JESUS, and your GUARDIAN ANGEL, are 'FORCING you to choose' - by "TURNING up the Heat", in your INTERIOR life.  KNOW that, with the Most High TRUE GOD - ALL things are possible.  And you 'CAN, THRIVE! - as a Member of the Faithful Remnant' if you CHOOSE to.  You need to lose your IDENTITY as "a VICTIM", of the DEVIL, and the demons, and the DEMONIC CLUSTERS out there Because, the MOST High TRUE God is "your Strength". And HE! - is 'the One', who will OVERCOME, the enemy!  But you CAN'T do it by yourself.  He is ONLY asking you, to "take it, MOMENT, by MOMENT", and "ONE day at a TIME".  If YOU, FOCUS on all your problems at ONCE - THEN! - THAT is 'the choice to become overwhelmed', and to DROWN, in your problems.  REMEMBER, the TRUE Holy Spirit offers 'the SOLUTION, to EVERY hurdle'. (July 17, 2017 update)

Have you been making your RELATIONSHIP with the Most High TRUE God "COMPLICATED"?

Of COURSE Jesus Christ the Lord "LOVES you" - because He IS, "all LOVE".  And He only HAS "LOVE", to GIVE.  But 'DISCIPLINE', IS, 'how He SHOWS, His Love', for, His CREATURES.  Only 'SOME', respond by loving Him BACK; but OTHERS, CONTINUE to receive, "chastisements, and PHYSICAL SUFFERING" - because, they REFUSE, to love 'the ONE, who CREATED them!'   Personally - it JUST makes sense, to US! - to LOVE, 'the ONE, who MADE us'.  Did we make OURSELVES?  Did YOU, make yourself?  Did you 'FASHION and form YOURSELF'? - IN the womb?  NO.  But your CREATOR did.  And He KNOWS you, 'BETTER', than YOU know yourself.  Now the PROBLEM, people are HAVING - is because, they REFUSED, 'to KNOW, their Creator' - in order, to BECOME 'the FULLEST, POTENTIAL, that He MADE them, to be' - the DEMONS, have, 'TAKEN the place', of the CREATOR - in the MAJORITY, of people's LIVES - by 'FORMING them', in the image and LIKENESS, of the DEVIL! - of "the father of LIES".  Now YOU! - are called, to 'LIVE', as "a child of the Most High TRUE God" - but, He WON'T FORCE you to!  "FALSE christians", are UNDER, 'the IMPRESSION', that they are ENTITLED, to Salvation - just BECAUSE they have the name "CHRISTIAN" attached, to their ORGANIZATION - or to their NAME even.  BUT, INSIDE, they are FILLED, to the BRIM, with 'EVIL', and WICKEDNESS - and ALL those things, that 'OFFEND', the Most High TRUE God.  MOST, "christians", SIMPLY focus on 'cleaning the OUTSIDE, of their cups' - and they NEGLECT, 'their INTERIOR lives'.  Now YOU! - as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - are CALLED to PURIFY - FROM, the inside - OUT!  And let your 'EXTERIOR', be 'a REFLECTION', of your INTERIOR.  DON'T, make, 'your RELATIONSHIP', with, the Most High TRUE God, "COMPLICATED". It is GOING to be "UNIQUE" - and you are NOT going to have 'the SAME, relationship, that OTHER Members of the Faithful Remnant have' - NOR are you CALLED to!  But the BAR that is SET - is to BE, "SELFLESS", LIKE, Jesus Christ the LORD, IS! - as He was, and IS, 'OBEDIENT, to His FATHER in HEAVEN'.  So TOO, must YOU! - 'seek, to be OBEDIENT, to Jesus Christ the LORD'.   MAKE your focus, "SERVING the Divine Will" - NOT "YOUR divine will"; NOT "what you THINK, IS, god's will"; not "what you WANT to be, god's will".  BUT! - SERVE, 'HIS Will' - as He REVEALS it.  And we can GUARANTEE, that 'what He ASKS' - 99% of the time, will BE, AGAINST, 'the desires, of the FLESH' - and you WILL experience "resistance", as 'a SIGN to you'! - that 'that is His WILL'. (July 24, 2017 update)  

Do YOU want your Creator to remove "SIN" as an option?

At EVERY moment, of EVERY day, there is "a list of options", that the MOST High True God, puts in FRONT of people - as to 'the CHOICES that they have in FRONT of them'.  And ALL, they can do, is 'CHOOSE from that LIST'.  So in FACT, the CREATOR of the Universe, DOES 'Govern over the PEOPLE' - WHETHER they want to be 'part of His KINGDOM', or not.  And HE is "in charge", of that "LIST, of OPTIONS"; and He can CHANGE it at ANY time!  And SO, if YOU desire to overcome SIN - with your ENTIRE being - and you desire to LIVE, a LIFE, FILLED with "GRACES from HEAVEN" - then you can SIMPLY 'turn, to your CREATOR' - and, ASK Him, to REMOVE, "sin", as "an option".  YES He CAN do that! - if that is what you Truly DESIRE!  ASK Him to "ORDER the Desires of your Heart".  Ask Him to REMOVE, "ALL of the WICKED DESIRES" - from "your FILE".  And Ask Him to REPLACE, 'THOSE options', with "the NARROW Path" - and ALL, of the CHOICES, that you need to MAKE, along "the NARROW Path".  ASK Him, to "BLOCK out EVIL, from your THOUGHTS" - and to "FILL, your MIND, with, 'GOOD thoughts' - that are PLEASING to Him".  LIVE in 'THAT way'; LIVE "always striving to PLEASE Him" - and you WILL be 'FULFILLED'!  And WHEN your "formers" want to QUESTION you and PUT you 'on the spot' - YOU are not "OBLIGATED", to ANSWER their QUESTIONS!  You can ALWAYS "ask THEM a question, instead".  You can ALWAYS "re-direct the FOCUS to the choices THEY are making!" (July 24, 2017 update)  

Are you getting tired of having all "your OWN personal truths" TRUMPED by the Testimony?

What is going to HELP you, is if, you REJECT your desire, to filter, EVERYTHING, through "your HUMAN intellect" - and ASK for the Grace, instead, to desire, to 'RECEIVE, the TRUTH, into your HEART', in order to be TRANSFORMED!  REJECT your desire, to embrace "PROPAGANDA" - and ASK for the Grace, to desire to EMBRACE, 'ALL of the Divine Revelations, that you RECEIVE, from your CREATOR, in the MOMENT through infused knowledge, and through our COUNSEL, and through the Testimony'.  Reject your DESIRE, to 'REACT without THINKING' - EVERY time, someone, SPEAKS to you! And ask for the GRACE, to DISCERN - the TRUTH; and the Grace to SHARE it, in the moment.  Being in the REMNANT, is about 'LIVING IN the Truth'; but there is a TEMPTATION - embraced by MANY - to 'embrace their OWN, personal truth' - that really IS, "self-deception", in disguise. Reject your desire, to 'CLING to your old ways', and 'your old ways of DOING things', and SEEING things; and ASK for the Grace, to desire, to live IN, "the UNIVERSAL, Truth!"  ONLY your CREATOR, can REVEAL to you 'in the MOMENT' - "Universal TRUTH".  Reject your desire, to 'BATHE in feelings', and to LIVE, in 'your OWN little world' - "the WORLD according to N.".  And ASK for the Grace, to DESIRE, to 'LIVE, by the TRUE Holy Spirit' - and that is "LIVING by Faith" - and the Grace to INCLUDE, 'those AROUND you' - in everything you DO.  What THIS means - is 'DON'T do things, "in the DARK" - where your NEIGHBOR can't SEE you'.  DON'T embrace, "WICKEDNESS", and PRETEND, that your CREATOR can't see you!  Because He sees EVERYTHING!  So resolve to LIVE, in the LIGHT of His Divine COUNTENANCE, as "a way of life", always (July 25, 2017 update)  

Have you been allowing "the LEAD" to SIT?

Yes, you ARE going to be put THROUGH, "MANY inconveniences" on this JOURNEY.  But, it is ONLY so that you can learn to be 'DETACHED from things around you' - as you are CALLED to focus on your SPIRITUAL life, and nourishing yourself SPIRITUALLY - so THAT, you can nourish OTHERS.  KNOW that, a LOT, MORE, "lead" - is going to come to the SURFACE; but it is "YOUR responsibility" - to, lift it ALL up to JESUS - and TRADE IT, for 'His True PEACE'.  It would be BEST if you DIDN'T allow "the LEAD", to SIT; because if you DO - then, 'the HEART', gets hardened QUICKLY.  But it DOES get "DIFFICULT" - when, more PHYSICAL DISCOMFORTS, are involved.  SO, focus on your CREATOR, and 'doing what He is ASKING of you'. (July 30, 2017 update)

The SPIRIT of SABOTAGE, DEFINITELY, wants "a HOME, in the Faithful REMNANT".  And will SIMPLY, 'VISIT', each ONE of them - UNTIL! - it finds "SOMEONE who is WILLING to COOPERATE" - as THAT is, 'how the spiritual realities, WORK'.  And so as MUCH as YOU, have, 'ALLOWED', that demon in you - from your PAST - it is, 'TRYING to gain a STRONGHOLD' - in your SOUL.  Because if YOU are not "VIGILANT, in doing EVERYTHING, with PURPOSE, and out of LOVE, for your CREATOR" - then, THAT ALLOWS, 'SELF-destructive, THOUGHTS, and DECISIONS' - to, be SENT to you - as 'a TEMPTATION'.  You are "IN, the APOCALYPSE"; and you are CALLED to be VIGILANT - standing GUARD, over your SOULIf YOU, watch, or LOOK at, 'the SPIRITUALLY toxic COMMENTS', from 'those who are AGAINST the Faithful Remnant' - and YOU, "CONSENT", to their VICIOUSNESS! - then 'their VICIOUSNESS'! - and 'their desire to sabotage the REMNANT'! - will move THROUGH you! So, COMMEND those people, who are choosing to MOCK and LAUGH, at your choice, to be "spiritually SANE".  Don't "entertain", their spiritual INSANITY; or try to LOOK at things from 'their point of VIEW'.  Because they CAN'T! - SEE! - PROPERLY!  Their 'VISION' is blurred; and they can ONLY! - see themselves, as "in the RIGHT" - when, YOU are called, to 'be UPRIGHT', in your HEART.  This is VERY different, than being self-RIGHTEOUS.  Let 'the SELF-RIGHTEOUS ones', OUTSIDE, the Remnant - PERISH! - with their LAUGHTER! TURN to your CREATOR - and ask for His MERCY, and ask, Him to SOFTEN your heart - with His GRACES - and He WILL.  The PEOPLE "outside the Ark", have "BITTER! - ANGRY! - HARDENED hearts!" - while they're FULL of SMILES on the outside.  DON'T "JOIN them".  INSTEAD, SAVOR the SWEETNESS, of being 'a MEMBER of the REMNANT'.  Let THEM! - be, "BURNING embers", FIT for the fires of Hell.  Understand? So, FORGIVE YOURSELF, and RESOLVE, to stay in the front SEAT, and to FOCUS! - on 'what you're called to DO'. Reject your desire to be "WRATHFUL"; and ask for the Grace, to be filled, with 'TRUE Peace', that can ONLY come from your Creator.  Reject 'the demonic cluster of any members of the Faithful REMNANT, you can THINK of; and ASK for the Grace, to 'DESIRE, to live your TRUE identity, as, "the NEW N.".  Because, "your FORMERS", want to, 'SNUFF out', and "STIFLE" - 'THAT CALLING!' - in your LIFE.  But you are 'CALLED', to BE, 'a TRUE PROPHET', of the Most High TRUE God - and PROCLAIM His TRUTH, to the NATIONS; and you will ONLY! - be fulfilled, in DOING so. (August 07, 2017 update)

What are you called to do when you are heavily burdened?

START cooperating - with the TRUE Holy Spirit in the Moment - and DON'T freak OUT.  You need to LIFT up to the Most High True God, all the burdens that you are carrying - that He is "not CALLING you to carry" - and, ASK, for the GRACE, to CARRY, the burden He IS asking you to carry - and that is 'the BURDEN, of, HIS Divine Will'.  And that is "VERY light" by the way. (August 07, 2017 update)

It is good to have "a healthy fear of your CREATOR"; but have you been experiencing irrational fears around OTHERS?

Are you, seeking, to please OTHERS? - and make them "COMFORTABLE"?  Or are you CHOOSING to EMBRACE, 'your Prophetic ROLE'? - and choosing to speak, the Truth "BOLDLY"?  - no matter WHO is around - because the TRUE Holy Spirit, is 'ALSO aware', of 'how HE is being perceived, by others'.  YOU need to TRUST that your CREATOR, is "in CONTROL"; but as soon as YOU try, to be "in control" - THEN, "irrational FEARS and ANXIETY", steal your PEACE.  Know - that we are simply FOCUSED, on helping YOU, to overcome, 'these WICKED DESIRES' that you have been embracing; and that, ALL of 'the GOOD', that you have DONE - has NOT been 'erased'; and has NOT been done in VAIN.  But, remember the Scripture passage - that you're called to make FRIENDS, with your ACCUSER - ESPECIALLY! - when it IS, "your CREATOR"; to AVOID, going, to 'ANY kind of TEMPORARY confinement'. 

"Make friends quickly with your accuser, while you are going with him to court, lest your accuser hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the guard, and you be put in prison;  truly, I say to you, you will never get out till you have paid the last penny."
(Matthew 5:25-26)

It is MUCH better to SEEK to be HONEST with yourself NOW - than, to be THROWN, into "a SPIRITUAL prison" - where you WON'T get OUT until, you have paid "the last PENNY". (August 09, 2017 update)

Have you ever experienced "a spiritual FOG"?
The MAIN problem you are having, is 'LOOKING at your SITUATION through the eyes of OTHERS'.  BUT! - if YOU were to CHOOSE, to see YOURSELF - your SITUATION - and EVERYONE! - through the Eyes of the Most High TRUE GOD? - then there would be 'NO room', for a CLOUD! - or for "foggy DAYS".  It's 'when you let your GUARD down', that "the fog rolls IN".  SOMETIMES that will HAPPEN - because 'you're HUMAN'; but as SOON as you recognize it! - you NEED to call on Saint MICHAEL, to DELIVER you - and ask JESUS, to PROTECT you. Turn to HIM! - NOT to yourself.  DON'T turn inwards.  WHEN you choose to turn inwards - it is THEN, according to the SPIRITUAL REALITIES, and the SPIRITUAL laws - that the ENEMY, can send 'the FLOOD, of demons'.  (August 12 2017 update)

Why choose to sink into the sea of irrational fears? - when you can serve 'the Fear of the LORD' to others instead, by COMMENDING them of course!

When, PETER walked out on the WATER, the WAVES were strong.  As SOON as he took his FOCUS off of Jesus Christ the LORD - and allowed 'FEAR' inside - THAT'S when he BEGAN to sink!  And SO, TRADE, ALL of your "IRRATIONAL fears" - for 'FEAR of the LORD' - for THAT is "HEALTHY"!  When, Jesus says, "BE not AFRAID" - HE is REFERRING to, "IRRATIONAL fears"!  Because when your CREATOR, is "on your SIDE" - then, even though 'the whole WORLD is against you!' - they CANNOT! - overcome, your FREE will.  The demons CANNOT! - OVERCOME you; UNLESS you let them.  BUT! - it takes "spiritual FOCUS".  You are CALLED to 'be IN the world', but not 'OF the world'.  That means that, even WHILE you interact with others - your 'HEART', is "on your CREATOR"!  ASK Him, to put 'HIS Heavy Hand' - on ALL those, that YOU come in contact with, for THAT day!  And, WATCH how DIFFERENT your DAY unfolds! - "in a GOOD way".  For what PEOPLE, SHARE WITH YOU? -  is ONLY what He permits.  The THOUGHTS and INSPIRATIONS - they GET? - are 'what HE allows'.  You SHOULD be 'COMMENDING them'! - to 'the DIVINE JUSTICE of the Most High TRUE God'. Because YOU are called, to be "a TRUE Prophet" - who SERVES... "Divine JUSTICE!" - to 'THOSE, who are in NEED of it'.  (August 12, 2017 update)

HOW do you "FIX" something that is 'SO BROKEN'?

Well, you BOW before your Creator; you PUT yourself BEFORE His Throne - as "a BEGGAR".  And you, ASK Him, to "grant PARDON" - for ALL! - of the WICKEDNESS! - that YOU have done, to OTHERS.   You RESOLVE, FROM the heart - to serve HIM! - and Him alone; and build up 'the Kingdom of HEAVEN', in others - INCLUDING yourself.   And you 'REPENT, of being a poor STEWARD, of the Gifts that He GAVE you'.  And you BEG Him to RELEASE you, from "the spiritual DUNGEON, in your INTERIOR life".  And you 'FIRMLY RESOLVE', NEVER! - to "PLAY WITH DEMONS" - AGAIN!  And THEN, you wait for His RESPONSE.  Because this is between YOU, AND Him.  And He WON'T receive "lip service".  BUT, He WILL, receive "a BEGGAR" - who is BROKEN! - in spirit. (August 16, 2017 update)

Are you still in the habit of greeting people by shaking their hands?

Everyone in the Faithful Remnant, is encouraged 'NOT to shake HANDS with people' - because that is how the demons TRANSFER - through TOUCH.  And SO, it is GOOD, that you didn't, let people shake your HANDS.   HOWEVER, how many TIMES, did YOU! - allow them to?  And YOU are CALLED to reject 'the demonic clusters of EVERYONE you come in contact with' - so that their CLUSTERS do not build up INSIDE you.  But if YOU are DISTRACTED, with their "false EXTERNALS" - and you are NOT looking at them with 'TRUE Spiritual VISION' - then WHY would you? - want to STOP shaking their hands, and 'affirming them'?  If YOU yourself desire to be AFFIRMED - WHY would you not want to affirm OTHERS?  See the PROBLEM? - you BURIED 'the GIFT, of being a True PROPHET' - by seeking to please the PEOPLE, instead of, 'your GOD'!  We SUGGEST that you do 'EVERYTHING, that is being ASKED of you' - and to 'get in the Most High TRUE God's GRACES and FAVOR' - for it is 'a VERY dangerous place to BE', without 'His HEAVENLY PROTECTION'. (August 20, 2017 update)    

Have you been struggling with UNCLEAN THOUGHTS"

As for 'the unclean THOUGHTS'? - simply lift them all UP, to Jesus Christ the Lord, and TRADE them for "good, pure and HOLY desires"The one world GOVERNMENT, the ILLUMINATI, the OCCULT world, and, the former FAMILY members, of the Faithful Remnant, want to "CORRUPT", the Faithful Remnant; but - they CAN'T! - if YOU! - are CHOOSING, to COOPERATE with the GRACES, in order to be PURIFIED, from all WICKEDNESS.  NO one can separate you, from 'the LOVE of your Creator', and from His FAITHFUL Remnant Church - because, there IS no "building" to attend.  The "TRUE Church", is, "the HEARTS, of THOSE - who are UNITED, to the Divine Will of their CREATOR".  And what He DESIRES? - is that His REMNANT, 'PERSEVERE', in PURIFYING, and drawing CLOSE to Him - so that THEY can be, 'WITH, the Most High True God' for ALL Eternity. (August 25, 2017 update) 

Have you been burying your Light, and holding on to 'your OLD identity'?

You NEED to pray for 'the Grace of True DIGNITY, as a CHILD of the Most High True GOD'.  AND, to pray for 'the GRACE, to desire to love YOURSELF, out of LOVE for the Most High True God'...  YOU were TREATING 'the GIFT, of being able to make nourishing VIDEOS' - very LIGHTLY; and YOU were NOT taking, your VOCATION - to TESTIFY to the NATIONS, seriously.  YOU are called, to PURIFY, and to be "a pure VESSEL", for your CREATOR, to DWELL in.  BUT! - the spirit of JEZEBEL, desires to turn ALL your efforts, into, "CHAFF"  And ALL it takes, is "YOU not caring" - and "YOU being indifferent - in EVERYTHING" - and "HIDING behind, a false IDENTITY"; that is 'the IDENTITY, that the DEMONS, have given TO you'!   PUT, "FOOLISHINESS", and "PRIDE!" - AWAY from you!  Give those 'DEMONS' - along with 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - to JESUS Christ the LORD - and TRADE them! - for "TRUE WISDOM", and 'a DESIRE, for INSTRUCTION in the True Holy Spirit'.  YOU were chosen, as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - BECAUSE! - He MADE you for this!  JONAH 'REFUSED, his CALLING'.  He had "a VERY, bad time".  And ONLY when he came to 'his SENSES' - and EMBRACED, His VOCATION, as "a True PROPHET" - did he BEGIN, his road to RECOVERY.  RESOLVE, to EMBRACE, "YOUR True IDENTITY" - as "the new N." ... we CAN'T! (- we can't resolve to do that FOR you).  As LONG as you, are STILL attached, and HOLDING ONTO, 'your OLD ways'... and, 'your OLD identity', in the WORLD!... then "your LIGHT" CONTINUES to be BURIED!  (August 29, 2017 update) 

When is the last time you Commended the DEVIL and ALL of his kingdom to the Immediate and Ongoing Divine Justice of your Creator?

You need to reject 'your DESIRE, to show the ENEMY false COMPASSION' - because THAT, "DESIRE", is what OPENS 'the floodgates of HELL', into your SOUL.  And THAT'S "the desire, to be SEPARATED, from your Creator" - because the DEVIL is "separated, from his Creator" - and SIMPLY, desires that YOU, would CHOOSE the same! (August 30, 2017 update) 

Have you been on the sidelines, embracing "a hardened heart"? - against "the God of the Two Witnesses" of the Book of Revelations? - that's US by the way!

Your HARDENED HEART, can ONLY LEAD you, in ONE DIRECTION - and that is AWAY! - from Eternal REST, in the LORD.  YOU need to go to the "SACKCLOTH and ASHES" page - IN the Testimony - and LEARN, ONCE again, what it MEANS! - to REPENT! - and change.  GIVE your LIFE, to the LORD! - Jesus Christ; NOT "to the worms".  You ARE "SURROUNDED by spiritually dead PEOPLE" - and if you get COMFORTABLE 'THERE', then an ACTUAL cemetery, WON'T be "too much of a stretch".  You NEED to know that you ARE "in the state of mortal SIN" - and that is, because you are STUBBORNLY refusing to REPENT, and soften your HEART, towards your Creator.  And IF He allows you, to "pass ON", the Gates of Heaven, are CLOSED!  We can't "PRAY you", in to Heaven.  The Truth IS, DO YOU, 'DESIRE', "GOODNESS"?  Do you desire, to manifest those THINGS - those VIRTUES that are "PLEASING, to your Creator"?  NOT "externals"! But "INTERNAL" [- referring to "the interior life"]. Only HE, can give you, the desire, FOR virtue; for GOODNESS; and for LOVE.   And even, for REPENTANCE.   BUT! - you can still ASK Him, to give you the GRACE to DESIRE to repent. (August 31, 2017 update)

Have you been "struggling with false GUILT"?

One thing that you have been STRUGGLING with, is "false GUILT" - as 'your FORMERS', DESPERATELY want to get "your ATTENTION" - to take it AWAY, from the Most High TRUE God.  Because the DEMONS, have 'SUCKED the LIFE, out of THEM!' - THEY! - SIMPLY! - want to suck the LIFE! - out of YOU! So DO not "raise the BAR", so HIGH - for them; because they CAN'T, do any BETTER than they are.  They are "STUCK in their wicked ways!"  But YOU! - are called to OVERCOME, evil - with "GOODNESS".  SO, TURN, to the Most High TRUE God - for HIS Goodness, to flow THROUGH you!  EVEN if it is through, "COMMENDING, your ENEMIES, to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High TRUE God".  Resolve, to LIVE! - by the TRUE Holy Spirit, and with TRUE Faith.  And the Most High TRUE God - will HELP you! - as He is 'WITH you'! - throughout, every DAY!  Even though you can't SEE Him.  As LONG as you do NOTHING, to SERIOUSLY offend, His True Holy SPIRIT? - He will be WITH you! - EVEN, to the CONSUMMATION, of the world!... You were most DEFINITELY embracing "false GUILT".  But! - the WAY, you have been called, to LIVE, as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - is to be FILLED with TRUE JOY!  EVEN at 'the JUSTICE, that is BEFALLING, your FORMERS', AND the world.  If you are "SADDENED"? - then that means you are "YOKED, to the spirit of the WORLD".  BETTER to be "yoked to all of HEAVEN" instead.  (September 04, 2017 update)

Would you like more BLESSINGS in YOUR LIFE?

One thing that will HELP you - is if you ask the Most High TRUE God, to bless "the LIVELIHOOD", of the Faithful REMNANT - and HE in TURN, will continue to Bless YOUR livelihood.  And when YOU seek to pray for OTHERS, in the REMNANT, from the HEART? - the Most High TRUE God, fills YOU! - with 'those same GRACES'. (September 18, 2017 update) 

Do you desire to invest in "a spiritual FUTURE" with your best INTERESTS in mind?

We ONLY have, "your best INTERESTS", in MIND, AND, at HEART!  They MAY not be "YOUR best interests, in your OWN eyes" - BUT, according to your CREATOR - what we SHARE, is 'to HELP you'.  But you MUST 'apply the COUNSEL' - and stop 'being COMFORTABLE', with "your old LIFE", and "your OLD ways of DOING things" - because it WILL 'KILL you' - SPIRITUALLY.  AND, you SHOULD be "frazzled".  Because, the DEMONS, are doing 'everything they CAN', to devour YOU.  TRULY the TESTIMONY, IS! - "the WORDS, of SALVATION from your CREATOR" - MEANT to 'prepare your SOUL', to MEET Him! - AND, to help you PURIFY - to grow CLOSER, to your Creator. (September 18, 2017 update) 


Are YOU "UNFULFILLED? - because you have been stubbornly choosing to hold ON to "your CORE identity"?

We HAVE discerned, in FACT! - that "the MAIN problem", you HAVE? - is that, you are 'RESOLVED! - at THIS time, to hold ON to "your core IDENTITY" - and IN SO DOING - you are "STUBBORNLY!" - saying NO! - to your Creator's CALL, to become "His CHILD".  EVERYTHING that you LEARNED in the PAST, from SOCIETY - was "DECEPTION"; and "how to gain ADVANTAGE, over OTHERS" - by 'what you KNOW about them'; and to present "a false IMAGE of YOURSELF", to, "YOUR former family", and "former FRIENDS" - while, being 'a COMPLETELY different individual' on the inside.  And so, your IDENTITY - your "CORE identity", is FAKE!  It IS, 'the product of, SOCIETY'S MANIPULATION'.  And you TRANSLATED, 'your RELATIONSHIP, with SOCIETY', at that time in your LIFE - to being "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT".  And you EMBARKED, on this journey, 'KNOWING the Testimony to be True' - BUT! - 'RESOLVING, to keep that CORE IDENTITY' - that society built up INSIDE of you - 'INTACT'!  And SO, you have been embracing "BLASPHEMY" in your INTERIOR life - while "on the OUTSIDE", APPEARING as 'a faithful MEMBER', of Christ's True CHURCH.  And NOW, that TIME is OVER!  You CAN'T deceive ANYONE! - because, "WE see it all!" - and, the Most High TRUE God sees it all!  You have DEVELOPED, "a FORTRESS! - around, a FAKE identity, that was BUILT up, inside you - by SOCIETY"!  And on ONE level - YOU think, that, WE! - are trying to build up, "ANOTHER identity, in you".  And THAT'S 'how you have been CHOOSING to relate to us'; and you SEE us as... "a THREAT! - to the SECURITY! - of your FAKE! - core IDENTITY".  The Creator of the UNIVERSE, is INVITING you - to, 'DISCOVER, who YOU! - really are'. But YOU need to 'WANT that' too.  Do YOU, "DESIRE, to be the new YOU"? OR, "PROTECT!!!... to the point of DEATH!!! - the old FAKE!" It REALLY is 'that SIMPLE'.  Why does the one world GOVERNMENT SOCIETY, RECRUIT, YOUNG people?  BECAUSE, they can be 'EASILY molded, and FASHIONED'.  It is what HITLER did!  BUT, WE are NOT, the one world government; and we are NOT "a government AGENCY".  We ARE, in fact, the TRUE Brother and True SISTER of Jesus Christ, the RISEN Lord - AND, 'His True APOSTLES' - AND, 'His True PROPHETS', in these TIMES.  And YOU need to REALIZE, that, YOU are "in the TIME of the APOCALYPSE"!  And "HISTORY is UNFOLDING right in FRONT of you".  And, you HAVE! - "front row SEATS" - to "the CLOSING! - of this ERA" - and you have ACCESS, to Daily COUNSEL, with "THE TWO WITNESSES, of THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS!!!" - who are in the PROCESS, of PRAYING, CONTINUALLY, for the CLOSE of this ERA - and for the BEGINNING of the NEW, "ERA of Peace".  But YOU - have been 'PREFERRING', "The BS PROPAGANDA, from the one world GOVERNMENT"-  and ALL of 'your societal TRAINING' - and 'their BS IDENTITY, that they GAVE you' - INSTEAD of, enjoying this most AMAZING! - epic ADVENTURE of a LIFETIME!  People "LONGED to see what you see, and HEAR what you hear, and WITNESS what you witnessed" - and yet... you're CHOOSING to be "BLIND, and DEAF, and dull of HEART" - and 'THAT' would make you... 'VERY, unintelligent! - before all of HEAVEN, ESPECIALLY your ancestors, who MADE it there'.  You want to JOURNEY? - in these END TIMES with someone? - then make FRIENDS, with 'your GUARDIAN ANGEL' - and QUICKLY! (September 22, 2017 update)

Interesting statistic:  The word count on this page, above, to this point, is more than 38,000 words.  Now THAT'S a lot of fixing!  And so, just how "broken", are YOU choosing to be?  Because the choice to REMAIN "broken", really ISN'T "going to FLY" - as in, "with ANGEL wings", at your Final Judgment.  But be consoled at the knowledge, that EVERYONE in Heaven, chose to CLIMB, in order to GET there.  Are YOU sweating?  ...Guess that works both ways!

Have you been tempted with 'the desire to self-DESTRUCT'? - because that IS 'what the DEMONS desire'

Well THAT is the attitude, that your CREATOR, is ASKING you to HAVE - to RECOGNIZE, that you DO have "weaknesses" - and HE'S "the only ONE", who can help you 'OVERCOME' - by HIS Strength.  The SPIRIT of JEZEBEL - desires, that you would "self-DESTRUCT".  But the TRUE Holy Spirit, desires, that YOU, would 'GROW spiritually' - CLOSER, to your CREATOR - and LEAVE, 'those SELF-DESTRUCTIVE ways' BEHIND.  ALL the Most High TRUE God is ASKING, of His REMNANT, is that when "LEAD" comes to the SURFACE, they lift it up to HIM, and TRADE it - for 'True PEACE' - and for 'the CORRESPONDING Graces' - and RESOLVE, to LIVE, 'BY the True Holy Spirit' - no LONGER 'satisfying the desires, of the FLESH'.  Because "the FLESH", desires to be "LAZY", and is 'PLEASURE-seeking'.  But the TRUE Holy Spirit - will HELP you, 'OVERCOME' - the desire, to GRATIFY your FLESH - by HELPING you to be "SELFLESS".  But it TAKES "an act of the WILL" - it takes "YOU!" - turning, to your CREATOR, IN the moment - and asking HIM, to 'HELP you overcome the Trial' - and even to grow STRONGER by it.  WHAT if you resolved to have 'the ATTITUDE', that EVERY time temptation, or trial, or adversity comes your WAY - that you, will 'OVERCOME - by TURNING to the TRUE Holy Spirit, for the SOLUTION'.  WHAT if you RESOLVED, to 'grow STRONGER, by the enemy's ATTACKS, on your SOUL'? How LONG, would his attacks LAST?  It is when the REMNANT, 'give IN' to the devil, and his tactics - that he attacks MORE!  But if YOU resolve to 'RESIST the devil, the demons, AND, his offspring' - that is, 'those, OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety' - and, RESOLVE to SUBMIT - to Jesus Christ the LORD - with your entire BEING - THEN! - you will OVERCOME, 'WICKEDNESS' - by turning to 'the GOODNESS, OF Jesus Christ the Lord'. Because "GOOD", DOES, 'conquer EVIL'.  In OTHER words, 'GOD, DOES, CONQUER, the DEVIL'!  So, when you SEEK to be 'WITH Jesus Christ the Lord' - YOU, will, 'conquer the DEVIL', WITH Him!  (September 27, 2017 update) 
HERE is an important MESSAGE, for you to read, from the TESTIMONY. 
Jesus said: The consolations - of following Me, always outweigh: the hurdles and trials, of this Era.  Yes, there is Great Tribulation in this World.  Yes, the World has become ‘spiritually toxic’ - as well, as ‘physically’And yes, this Era is coming to an End.  For I, have overcome the World, My children.  So seek to be with Me, and you will overcome as wellSeek to live in the Truth and abide in My Ways, and you will find ‘salvation for your souls’(Sunday, April 1, 2012)

HOW do you CONQUER the enemy and his POWER over your SOUL?

SO! - resolve to "RISE to the challenge", by KEEPING your Peace, and SIMPLY, resolve to ALWAYS, speak the Truth - to EVERYONE!  'FIGHT', THEIR HOSTILITY, with 'True PEACE'!  It is POSSIBLE.  Of COURSE, there is "a PLACE for JUST anger" - when SOMEONE, has "WRONGED you" - and THAT of course MUST be addressed.  But, DON'T let 'the CHALLENGES, of the DAY', WEAKEN your faith.  RESOLVE, that EVERY "challenge" you UNDERGO - and EVERY TEMPTATION, that is offered TO you - that YOU will SIMPLY! - "SPIRITUALLY grow from".  And when you HAVE 'this ATTITUDE' - the ENEMY will send, 'MUCH less, and FEWER, and FAR BETWEEN temptations'.  THEN, with the Help of the TRUE Holy Spirit you WILL have 'CONQUERED the enemy, and his POWER, over your SOUL'. (September 26, 2017 update)

Have you been feeling a little WRATHFUL towards your Creator because of EVERYTHING He has been ASKING of you?

Please REJECT 'your desire to be WRATHFUL' - towards what the Most High True God is ASKING of you. And ASK for the GRACE, to DESIRE, to SERVE Him! - out of LOVE... for your SOUL!!!   He doesn't 'NEED', PEOPLE! - to SERVE Him!  But the REASON, that He REQUIRES, His CREATURES, to SERVE Him! - is "For THEIR good"!  Because the Most High TRUE GOD? - has EVERYTHING!  WE, are going to TELL you, "the BRUTAL TRUTH!" - BRUTAL to "your DEMONS!" - that is...  "Because we CARE". (October 01, 2017 update)

Do YOU see us as being "AGAINST YOU"?

You STILL have "a strong DESIRE, to PRESERVE the DEMONS INSIDE you" - and to PROTECT them!   Now YOU need to "FULLY renounce that desire" with your WHOLE heart!!! Because "EVIL SPIRITS" are NOT "your FRIENDS" - and THEY WILL 'TURN on you' if YOU LET them!  WE are "against them".  But we are "for YOU" - PERSEVERING, to the Era of Peace.  And YOU can make 'your CROSS' a lot LIGHTER, by SIMPLY 'lifting UP, to Jesus Christ the LORD' - EVERY wicked desire! - that you have - and EVERY evil spirit, in and around your SOUL!  And TRADE it ALL! - for 'an OUTPOURING of Heavenly GRACES', instead.  You DO have "a MEAN streak" - but that is 'the DEMONS!' - pushing YOU aside! - and taking OVER. Do YOU? - WANT THEM? - to CONTINUE? - to CONTROL YOUR LIFE?  WE! - do not want to control your life. BUT! - we want to EQUIP you, with "SPIRITUAL COUNSEL" - that YOU need to APPLY - in order to be 'set FREE', FROM, the evil spirits. (October 01, 2017 update)

What is the FASTEST way for the former Members of the Faithful Remnant to come to their senses?  After ALL, there is "HOPE", for EVERYONE! - up UNTIL, "their VERY last breath"!

"It is the spirit that gives life, the flesh is of no avail; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life. But there are some of you that do not believe.” For Jesus knew from the first who those were that did not believe, and who it was that should betray him. And he said, “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted him by the Father.”  After this many of his disciples drew back and no longer went about with him."
(John 6:63-66)
ALL you have to DO, is, ACTIVELY 'SEEK', the ABSOLUTE Truth - with, your entire BEING! - and make 'THAT' your focus.  ACKNOWLEDGE, before your Creator - with HUMILITY, that you HAVE been 'embracing spiritual BLINDNESS' in your WALK with Him.  And THEN! - He will SHOW you, 'the corresponding TRUTH'.  START, by 'DESIRING the Absolute Truth'. And, this MEANS, that you are 'DESIRING, the TRUE Jesus!'  Because THERE are MANY, 'truths', OUT there - and there are many "JESUSES"; there are MANY different VERSIONS, OF 'the True Jesus'; but there is only ONE, TRUE, JESUS Christ the LORD - the One SPEAKING, in the BIBLE, and in His TESTIMONY.  It is that SIMPLE.   And FOLLOWING "the One TRUE Jesus", requires "CHANGE" - and CHANGE IS "uncomfortable".  AND so, when you're BOMBARDED, with all kinds of thoughts that are OPPOSED, to 'what your CREATOR has REVEALED to you' - then you have 'a CHOICE' - to ENTERTAIN the temptation, and become 'TRANSFORMED, by demons'; OR, to SHUN the temptation, and BEG your CREATOR, to re-Create you INSTEAD.  But, SO far - YOU have been doing EVERYTHING, with "your MIND"; and YOU have been 'trying to solve all your PROBLEMS' with your mind.  But your MIND is not "GOD"!  And your MIND is not "the Source of TRUTH"!   The TRUE Holy SPIRIT, 'ENLIGHTENING, your intellect', IS, "the Source of Absolute Truth".   The PEOPLE, of the WORLD, 'worship their minds'; and they FEED their minds; and they 'pay HOMAGE' to their minds! - by 'FLOODING their minds with USELESS, knowledge' - WITHOUT any room for the CREATOR - ALSO known as, "the UNIVERSITIES, and the COLLEGES, and the SCHOOLS of today".  And YES even MILITARY training!  And you NEED to know as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant, that you are NOT being asked to SUBMIT yourself, to "the will of MAN"; but you are being asked to SUBMIT yourself to 'the Will of your CREATOR'; to the TRUE Holy Spirit; and to the INSPIRATIONS, that COME FROM the True Holy Spirit.  But you CAN'T 'RECOGNIZE', the True Holy SPIRIT - when you're EMBRACING - "PRIDE"! - and THAT is "the pride of your INTELLECT".  Understand?   (October 26, 2017 update) 
It is "VERY UNCOMFORTABLE", to change, for the BETTER!  Yet it is "MUCH more, UNCOMFORTABLE", NOT to.  The problem you are HAVING, is that, 'you're CHOOSING to be "stuck, in your old WAYS",' - and the DEMONS, are TRYING, to 'drag you back into your former IDENTITY'; but they can only DO so, "WITH your consent".  NOTHING! - can separate you, from 'the LOVE of your Creator' - no FAMINE, no WAR, no PESTILENCE, no PROBLEMS! - ONLY "your FREE will".  WHAT 'a GIFT!' - free will IS.  But YOU'VE learned, to use 'your FREE will', for YOURSELF - and to SERVE yourself, for YEARS! - and to 'SERVE those PESKY demons' - by BOWING to their PRESSURE in your INTERIOR life.  As a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - you are CALLED, to 'RISE to the challenge, of CHANGE!'  When JESUS, carried His CROSS - WHAT would have HAPPENED, if HE decided to turn inwards, and "feel SORRY for Himself"?  It would be 'a VERY, different OUTCOME, in human HISTORY'. Part of your CROSS, is 'DENYING yourself' - what YOU want to do! - with 'your FLESHLY, desires'; and TRADING those desires, for 'what your CREATOR, is CALLING you to do'.  And He is CALLING you, to GROW spiritually; to be NOURISHED, by His Word; to be TRANSFORMED; and, to become "His CHILD".  He is ALSO calling you to make 'Video TESTIMONIES'.  Do 'the DEMONS' - WANT YOU, to make video testimonies?  Do the DEMONS want you to be nourished?  Do the DEMONS, want you, to 'SERVE your Creator'!  No!  THEY want you, to 'become DEFORMED, on the inside - AND outside!' - the way THEY are.  They HIDE from the Light; and they REBEL! - against what the Most High TRUE God, ASKED of them - because at one TIME - they were in FACT, "ANGELS", and reflected, 'the BRILLIANCE and BEAUTY, of GOD'!  BUT! - when He PUT THEM to the Test - they CHOSE! - to go, 'WITH the devil'; THEY separated THEMSELVES, FROM their Creator - because THEY wanted "their OWN kingdom".  And the TRUTH is, that YOU are realizing, "you CAN'T have your own KINGDOM anymore!" - you CAN'T, have "a KINGDOM, of DARKNESS" in your INTERIOR life - because your CREATOR, won't ALLOW it!  And HE IS, 'WITHHOLDING CONSOLATIONS'! - UNTIL, you 'DITCH', that WRETCHED, 'STENCH!' - of SIN - that you're holding ON to; and embrace HIS Will for your life - WITHOUT reservation.  Hope that HELPS!... CLEAR the air. (November 12, 2017 update) 

Have you been GOING wherever your feelings TAKE you?

The TRUE Church, of JESUS Christ the Lord, is BUILT, upon 'the ROCK, of FAITH!' - and it is STURDY! - and UNWAVERING.  But you CAME, from 'an INSTITUTION, that BECAME, "a REED, shaken in the WIND",' - and you STILL, go "wherever your feelings TAKE you".  WRONG! - CHURCH!  Fix it.  The MOST High True God, is NOT "motivated by feelings".  Jesus Christ the LORD, does NOT, 'FOCUS, on peoples' FEELINGS'; but He DOES focus, on the Truth.   AND! - it is IMPORTANT, for YOU to know, that when JESUS, said "Eat this my flesh and drink this my BLOOD" - many thousands of YEARS ago - it was THEN! - that His FOLLOWERS, stopped FOLLOWING Him - because THEY, had "strong FEELINGS", about 'what He was SAYING'.  And, as Jesus' True Brother and True SISTER -you are CALLED, to be NOURISHED, by the COUNSEL, from the True Holy SPIRIT, flowing THROUGH us - or you WON'T have 'any LIFE in you'; because we ARE "His True Flesh and His True Blood". (December 20, 2017 update) 

How to combat 'the demonic entity'?

"The demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS", is prevalent EVERYWHERE.  EVERYONE is embracing! - 'HATRED, of the Most High True God' to SOME extent.  And so the ONLY way to REALLY 'combat it'- IS by,'DESIRING, to be FILLED with the LOVE, of your Creator' - and, doing EVERYTHING, "OUT of love" - FOR Him!  If you 'CARRY yourself' - with LOVE? - then there is no ROOM, for 'the demonic ENTITY of the ASSAILANTS' - at ALL!  It CAN be done - WITH your Creator; but it takes, 'REACHING out to Him', in your INTERIOR life - CONTINUALLY! (January 17, 2018 update) 

DO you WANT something to STRUGGLE with?

The BIGGEST PROBLEM, that you're HAVING? - is that,you WANT "something to STRUGGLE with" - because THEN! - you can 'FEED, the DEMONS' - so that, you can SEE yourself as a VICTIM, of what your CREATOR is ASKING of you.  And 'THAT' is "very DANGEROUS!" - to CONTINUE with that kind of ATTITUDE - afterEVERYTHING your CREATOR, HAS done for you! - IN the past.  If you WANT 'something to STRUGGLE about'? - then that's ALL you're going to find - EVEN though, the SOLUTION, is 'STARING you RIGHT in the face'! [- after all, this IS posted on "the FIX it page"!...] Do you WANT? - 'a LIFE of continual STRUGGLES'?  Or, do YOU, desire to turn to your CREATOR, to OVERCOME them? - and make THAT "your focus and goal"? (February 17, 2018 update) 

A disciple of self-discipline
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Did YOU know that if you Discipline YOURSELF? - your CREATOR won't NEED TO!

SIMPLY recognize, that as "a TRUE Disciple of Jesus Christ the Lord" - YOU are 'being trained by DISCIPLINE!'  But, HE wants to help, EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, to choose 'SELF-Discipline', in the True Holy SPIRIT - INSTEAD of, 'being DISCIPLINED, by their Guardian Angels'.  And so SIMPLY recognize, that the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - MOVES, through 'WHOMEVER, is OPEN to Him'.  And SO? - if you are 'TEMPTED, in the MOMENT' to return to bad HABITS? - JUST recognize THAT, as 'the SAME', as TELLING the True Holy Spirit, to LEAVE! - and go to someone else! THIS is 'to help you stay GROUNDED', IN the Truth.  Because, the TRUE Holy Spirit is 'bound' NOWHERE!  BUT! - EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant 'NEEDS' Him, in order to KNOW! - HOW to please, the Most High TRUE God - and in order to 'WALK the PATH, to OBTAINING SALVATION for their SOULS'.  Hope that HELPS! (March 15, 2018 update) 

When the pressure's on!
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
You NEED to reject 'your DESIRE to be controlled by FEAR' - because, as LONG as you're controlled by FEAR, you'll CONTINUE to make, "BIGGER mistakes!"  And the ONLY fear you're called to HAVE, is "FEAR of the Lord" - because that is "TRUE Wisdom" - and love for your CREATOR. If YOU seek to be motivated by 'LOVE FOR YOUR CREATOR' - then, you will SIMPLY know, 'how to RESPOND', in different SITUATIONS, that come UP.  BUT! - there is ALWAYS, 'a temptation', to TURN to the DEMONS - for "THEIR! - counsel" - but they can ONLY 'sabotage'.  That's the CATCH! - if you LISTEN to "demonic inspirations", and BOW to peer pressure - you can ONLY, 'SABOTAGE', your LIFE! BUT! - if you RESOLVE, to LISTEN, to your CREATOR - and 'bow to HIS Will' - ONLY - then your quality of life will improve.  It's that SIMPLE!  But, whenever you make a mistake - no matter HOW big - you HAVE to seek, "the LESSON!" - and RESOLVE, not to REPEAT it - but to do better NEXT time - and in THAT way you're TELLING your Creator, that "you WANT to GROW!"  And the most IMPORTANT thing is that you FORGIVE yourself - and move ON with your day. (May 04, 2018 update)  

How do YOU escape a spiritual fog?

You ARE in fact CALLED, to turn to HEAVEN 'all the MORE!' - during a spiritual fog - and  you are CALLED, to STRIVE, to LISTEN to 'your CONSCIENCE!' - even MORE so! - and reach OUT to your CREATOR, for HELP! - to get you THROUGH the fog banks.  Because He PERMITS 'the fog banks', to see, how YOU'RE, going to respond - so YOU know, 'where YOU are at, SPIRITUALLY'.  Are you just, going to be 'COMPLACENT'? - and ACCEPT? - the DELUGE? OR - are you going to be DEPENDENT, on Jesus Christ the LORD? - and TURN to Him - for HIM to lift it? (May 07, 2018 update) 

When you find yourself in a difficult SOCIAL situation.

And SO, you have 2 OPTIONS in FRONT of you: To either 'BROOD!' - over the difficult situation, that you are in - OR! - You can Commend them ALL! - to the Divine Justice of the Most High TRUE God - EVERY time you think of ANY of them. You can ALSO, ask the Most High TRUE God, to put "a spiritual MUZZLE", on the people, that you're WORKING with. And "the LESSON", that you are learning once AGAIN? - is that EVERYONE, OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT, is "hostile", TO the Remnant. So don't 'FAVOR', or 'put your FAITH in' ANYONE! - outside the Faithful Remnant.  No MATTER 'how NICE, they SEEM' on the outside. (October 20, 2018 update)

When tempted to HIRE someone to FIX IT?

If you are ABLE to DO the JOB YOURSELF? - and to FIX whatever is BROKEN? - or do "the necessary MAINTENANCE"? - then you SHOULD!  Because, ASKING OTHERS, to do 'the WORK'? - is a TEMPTATION, for THEM - to SABOTAGE it!  And those OUTSIDE the ark of SAFETY - ONLY know 'how to SABOTAGE' the Members of the Faithful Remnant, because they ACT "on IMPULSE, from their DEMONS".  AND if it is a JOB that you are not ABLE to do? - or that you do not have the TOOLS for? - and you need to HIRE someone to do the fix, or the maintenance? - then you need to PRAY! - that the Most High TRUE God's Heavy HAND! - is ON, ALL those - who are INVOLVED - and that 'HIS Will' be done!  And PRAY, that, the PEOPLE, who are HELPING you - would FIND 'a solution' - and FIND the fix - EASILY.  (February 04, 2019 update) 

Who ARE you? - you should REALLY KNOW the answer to that question

What you NEED to do - is OFFER a decade of the ROSARY, to the Blessed Virgin MARY - under her TITLE, "CONQUEROR of false realities" - and ASK her - with HUMILITY - to SHOW you - 'who you ARE!'  To SHOW you - 'your TRUE, IDENTITY', and 'your AUTHENTIC SELF'.  Because 'to BE your True SELF'? - is "a SUPERNATURAL Gift"! - that ONLY your Creator, can BLESS you with. It's NOT "what's left OVER after you've PRAYED all the formulas you can THINK of!" YOU are TRYING to do it - "YOURSELF!"  YOU are trying to fix YOURSELF! - you CAN'T!  When we say "FIX it"? - we are referring to, 'DO YOUR PART!'  REACH your heart out, to your Creator.  ASK for His Help.  HE is 'THERE'. He IS "WAITING for you to ask".  But it is "PRIDE", that is KEEPING you from ASKING!  Because you HAVE to admit, that "you don't HAVE...!"  You NEED to ask your CREATOR, for "what you NEED!" - NOT for "what you want".  And ONLY with 'the firm RESOLVE', to follow THROUGH! - with action. (February 04, 2019 update)
Overcoming the problem
Jason is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Did you know that your day can ONLY be ruined, if you focus continually on YOURSELF?

And SO? - when you have, 'something go WRONG'? - you can ALLOW it to RUIN your entire DAY? - OR - you can work THROUGH it. Imagine - if EVERYTHING! - went "PERFECT!" - all, the TIME?  WHERE! - would YOU FIND, 'the REASON, to turn, to your CREATOR, for His HELP'?  The MORE you 'take your FOCUS, off YOURSELF', and 'your own PROBLEMS' - and focus on your CREATOR? - then He will 'show you CLEARLY! - what it is you need to DO', in order to SOLVE, 'the PROBLEM', or overcome 'the HURDLE'.  But when you, choose to allow 'the PROBLEM', or 'HURDLE', to BECOME! - 'your focus'? -it's THEN, where you are 'the most UNCERTAIN', about, what you're called to DO.  HOW? - can you do ANYTHING, for 'the Most High True GOD'? - if your FOCUS, is CONTINUALLY on SELF? (September 18, 2019 update) 


Important Note: Because Jesus Christ the LORD, is PERSONALLY "overseeing", ALL of the Postings on HIS WEBSITE - ALL of the CONTENT, that is HERE - has MET with His APPROVAL.  EVERYTHING! - that is 'IN the Testimony' - EVERYTHING that is WRITTEN; EVERYTHING that is 'EXPLAINED', is "there for a REASON"!  But you WON'T understand, 'ANY of it!' - UNLESS, you receive 'the True Holy SPIRIT', and RENOUNCE, "YOUR sinful WAYS"!  You HAVE to HUMBLE yourself, in OBEYING, our INSTRUCTION - as these INSTRUCTIONS, were GIVEN, BY Heaven - for YOUR "GOOD"!  You NEED to use the Blessed HOLY Water, and REPENT from the heart, PRAY the Burning BUSH prayer - and be "BORN, of WATER, and the TRUE Holy Spirit".
"The Destiny of the Ungodly" [Jesus revealed that this following Scripture passage - that is often described with that title - was "made for this moment".]

"But the ungodly will be punished as their reasoning deserves, who disregarded the righteous man and rebelled against the Lord; for whoever despises wisdom and instruction is miserable. Their hope is vain, their labors are unprofitable, and their works are useless. Their wives are foolish, and their children evil; their offspring are accursed."
(Wisdom 3:10-13)
 The instructions on how to become a Member of the Faithful Remnant

PPTL: Once you have found the Testimony or IT has found YOU - it is your RESPONSIBILITY, once you have been CONVICTED, of the TRUTH - to BECOME a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant.  THAT is "what is required", to even have "a HOPE of OBTAINING, Salvation".

And so, you would do WELL to become a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant Church.  We can GUARANTEE you, it is NOTHING, like ANY OTHER, "CHRISTIAN, DENOMINATION".  THIS is NOT, "a BARNEY church"!  THIS is "the REAL Jesus!" - the JESUS, you have NEVER known! 

SALVATION is not GUARANTEED!  You must work OUT your Salvation, with FEAR and TREMBLING.  Here is how you START, to do that.  Read the following, instructions CAREFULLY.  And DO, what is being ASKED of you.  

In order to receive True Counsel from Heaven, you first need to be able to receive the Truth in these End Times. 

We are WANTING to help you in your situation, and we will answer any questions you have, to help you survive these End Times; but FIRST, you are going to need to follow some simple instructions.  YOU are going to need to use, the Blessed Holy Water. HAVE you USED it YET?

FIRST follow the instructions at the top link, so that you can quickly get Blessed Holy Water; so that you can be made clean - by using it according to the instructions.  Tap water is fine.  It is free. 

You can easily have Blessed Holy Water in your home, in a matter of minutes.

Of course you will need to repent of your sins...

And you will need to pray the Burning Bush Prayer

After you follow the above instructions - after you have used the Blessed Holy Water, Repented from the heart, and prayed the Burning Bush Prayer - Once you have DONE this, let us know what you experienced when you did.  YOU will need to make ‘a video TESTIMONY’ – TESTIFYING, to the NATIONS – what you FOUND, and the BLESSINGS you have RECEIVED – from the TESTIMONY of JESUS Christ the LORD.  Testify to the TRUTHS you have received - the Truths you would like to share with others.

WE advise you to REPENT wholeheartedly; and make a video – as FAST as possible.  It only needs to be, 3 minutes.  This needs to be your #1 priority. And THEN, when your VIDEO is APPROVED, BY, the Creator – we can HELP you.  But it is ‘at HIS request’, that we wait, to RECEIVE, ‘a VIDEO TESTIMONY’.  AND so, we simply follow, HIS, instructions!  Because He is our KING!

It is a VERY reasonable request.     

And we are VERY reasonable people.

Yes indeed, "Fire pours forth from their mouths". (Rev. 11:5)

And so you are going to need water - Blessed Holy Water - and lots OF it!

Because when you hear our words, and you begin to heat up, you will be thankful, that Blessed Holy Water, is nearby.  Perhaps you are already, "experiencing the heat", a little.

And know that IF you CHOOSE to make a video, it needs to be at LEAST 3 minutes, and the camera needs to be set up, in such a way that the screen is WIDER, than it is TALL.  It is called "landscape mode".
And finally, send an "UNLISTED" link to your video, once it has been uploaded to your YouTube Channel, to Pope Peter the Last at:  Contact Us.
And remember, in these End Times, if you can THINK of "something about yourself that isn't broken"
- it's because you turned to the Most High True God in order to fix it. 
Are you NOT thanking Him ALWAYS for that? 
Then fix it!
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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