The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.5 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

2019 Archives

What IF! - the Two Witnesses, SIMPLY wanted to post content in the Testimony - in the form of "Daily Updates" - in order to get attention?  What IF! - the Testimony was being suppressed in the search engines, as the GOVERNMENT'S response, to "stop GIVING the Two Witnesses the ATTENTION that they WANT"?  These of course, are "questions".  But what BETTER way to find the ANSWER! - than if we were to STOP posting new daily updates, and ONLY posted content from PAST emails - in 2019?  You know what? - THAT'S a GREAT idea!  And THEN? - we will perhaps learn MORE, about "the answer", to those above questions.  What if, 'as the disasters UNFOLD' - WE simply remain silent? - with NO explanation, whatsoever - of WHAT is going on!  The WORLD, now has "the MSM" to turn to, for "the OFFICIAL story", about what is going on.  The world has the MSM, to STEER the intensity of the Divine Justice befalling it.  And the world has "its TRACK record with the Creator of the Universe" - that determines "the MEASURE it is about to receive".  We get "the HINT"! - the world has REJECTED US, for long ENOUGH. The CLOCK, has struck "MIDNIGHT" (- referring to "New Year's Eve"). Time is UP!  The world, does NOT! - WANT! - "OUR, HELP"!  We are simply going to sit back and enjoy the End Times show, and do a little editing when we get some time.  We hope ALL of you! - ENJOY your Apocalypse! - brought to you COURTESY, of your Creator.  But 'the CATCH' is? - we never WANTED "your attention" - but your CREATOR did.  And YOU rejected HIM.  So NOW, YOU can 'face the consequences'.  Amen.  (December 31, 2018 update)

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What to DO when the attacks come
A video by a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And the prayers he mentions, are on the page titled, "Our Daily Prayers"
"The Burning Bush prayer" IS the FIRST prayer, you need to pray.
01: What is the BEST WAY to start a new year?  At the request of the King of Heaven, who is Jesus Christ the Lord, we Consecrated the entire WORLD, to "a TRIPLE PORTION of the Divine Just WRATH, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven".  And that? - is actually, an example of a posting of something that happened LAST year - on December 31, just in case you want to know "how SERIOUS we are" - about posting new content, for 2019.  Of course, we will be applying "the SPIRIT of the Law", to our Special new guidelines for 2019 - as we KEEP! the one world GOVERNMENT and the global MILITARY industrial complex, IN the darkAnd this means that we will not be posting ANYTHING, about 'the Apocalyptic events' - that are SOON to unfold - that have ALREADY! - been prophesied of - and NEW ones! - from the Creator's "GRAB bag, of afflictions".
02: Unrelenting Psychotronic Attacks aimed at COMPLETELY blotting out the children of the Most High True GOD? - means that the global government leaders want WHAT?  Suggestions anyone?  Perhaps an old familiar Scripture passage will help?  What does "No Embassy" mean? - there is no need to Contact Us to ask.
03: For all those who DON'T want to apply the Testimony to their lives, and yet,STILL want Daily Counsel?
04:  How can you POSSIBLY take in "more than a MILLION words" - ASAP?
05:  There is ONLY! - "ONE Jesus".  There is only, "ONE Testimony".
06:  For all those who REFUSE to "PRESERVE, PROTECT and DEFEND" life in the WOMB, and the Gift of Life that is REVEALED through the TESTIMONY.  For all those who are CHOOSING to simply, "BLOW OFF! - the Counsel"?  What about YOU? - have YOU resolved to NEVER be in contempt of the True Holy Spirit again?  Pity "the barren" and "the cursed".
07:  And SO "the Battle Begins".  For all those who are preferring to turn INWARDS, "to IDENTIFY, as a VICTIM, of your OWN, life!" 
08:  What is "the VOCATION of the private members"?  WHO is going to WIN the Battle of Armageddon?
09:  Wait a minute! - was THAT... "the COUNTDOWN to the Days of VENGEANCE"?  When you are tempted to email us "an illusion"?
10:  What is The difference between the TESTIMONY, and the RELIGIOUS books, that have been WRITTEN, in the PAST?
11:  For those who have chosen to be "COMFORTABLE not GROWING"?  New updates were added for January 07, 09.  Many new excerpts were added to the Testimony Prophecies Fulfilled page today, at the REQUEST of "your KING"!
12:  For all the Members of the Remnant who have chosen 'to be SLOW in Commending your Formers'For those who expect GOD to BOW, and INTERVENE in your life - as you put 'your SPIRITUAL state' - "on HIM"!  For all those who like to SAY that they "choose to change".  A new update was posted for July 18
13: To help the Testimony resonate in YOUR Soul...  How much of the Counsel in the Testimony applies to YOU?  The "spiritually DEAD", who are OUTSIDE the True Roman Catholic Faith, have EVERYTHING to fear!  The Judgement against all the Private Members of the Faithful Remnant, who "THOUGHT they could hide!"  A personal letter to the Official Members.
14:  It's time to CHANGE WHO you worship, and HOW you worship.  A new update was added for August 29.
15:  Have YOU been choosing to FIGHT the formers' demonic PROGRAMMING of your INTERIOR life?  What is the secret to LIVING, the Faithful Remnant LIFESTYLE?  Who is the #1 Just Judge in YOUR life?
17:  Did you ever WONDER why those 'bad HABITS from your PAST' - aren't going AWAY?  Why 'a woman with TRUE Remorse' for her FAILings, is simply "a thing of the past"?  Have you been IDENTIFYING with the GRACES, so that you can simply 'be DELIVERED by DOING'?
19: As the APOCALYPSE gets turned UP - REMEMBER to ALWAYS choose your words CAREFULLY, as you communicate.  Yes there IS hope for the WOMEN, who desire to part with their personal demonic entourage.  Counsel has been added for September 13, 14, 15, 2015.
20:  Know that, the blood red moon - that appeared in the sky today - is the fulfillment of the prophecy given in 2010, that specifically connects it to the Justice that manifested on Christmas Day, 2019 - the beginning of "the Days of Vengeance".  The global governments have an INSATIABLE thirst to be forever shut OUT of the Kingdom of Heaven - and so let THEM "drink it to the bitter dregs"!  Counsel has been added for September 16, 18, 2015.
21:  We know that women don't really "WANT", the Eternal Lake of fire - and so THIS is "what they NEED"!  A man ruled by "jezzie", is a MAN with no hope - WHATSOEVER!  We are NOW sharing the "Examination of Conscience" Message, that was EXCLUSIVELY for the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  What is the WHOLE point, of being 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'?  Counsel has been added for September 19, 20, 2015.
22:  Today marks the Turning Point in Human History - as New York State CELEBRATES the legalization of late term abortions.  This TURNING point will be unpacked in some of the postings that follow.  Here is a direct link to them.  The website OFFICIALLY surpassed 1.4 Million words today.  An important NOTE was added to yesterday's Message for the women.  And there is an added MESSAGE on yesterday's list of updates.  Extensive Counsel has been added for September 21, 2015.
23:  Remember to ALWAYS "CHOOSE your battles WISELY" - and be 'willing to LIVE...'   "The great DELUSION" has taken over - the ENTIRE, FACE! - of humanity.  WHY did so many peoples' BIASES, EAT their "Official Member Status"?  Being SPIRITUALLY asleep at the wheel, should ALSO be "a crime"!  The "former members" of the Faithful Remnant are being called to stand UP! - and TAKE a stand!  For all those who are STUBBORNLY focused on looking for SIGNS, as they deteriorate both SPIRITUALLY and PHYSICALLY.  For the women who are "private Members" of the Faithful Remnant.
24:   A funny thing happens "when the True Prophets of the Most High TRUE God go SILENT" - and THAT is, 'the PEOPLE act out' - so as to call DOWN the Divine Just Wrath of their Creator, upon their own heads.  The illuminati, or "the deep state" - wanted to do EVERYTHING they possibly could, to secure their "blood sacrifices", at this critical time in human history - but perhaps it would have been "BETTER", for THEM! - if they had chosen a location, where the WALL STREET STOCK exchange, was NOT located - ESPECIALLY at a time in history when the U.S. Deep State Democrats protest so LOUDLY, saying that they DON'T WANT "a wall"!  Ok then. 
25:  We posted yesterday's PROPHETIC UPDATES today - the day that U.S. President Donald TRUMP, ended "the government shutdown". Your CREATOR will HUMBLE you! - if you REFUSE to renounce 'your former identity'.  WHY is it "not wise"? - to try REALLY, REALLY hard! - to paint YOURSELF, as "a living saint"?  How has that, "conforming to an IMAGE of holiness", been working out for you? Extensive Counsel has been added for September 22, 2015.
27:  The private members can ONLY 'change for the BETTER' by COOPERATING with their Creator.  It's BEST to use those GRACES to grow SPIRITUALLY towards your Creator.  What is "the plague of spiritual insanity"?  New updates have been added for January 25a, 25b.  The January 23 updates - all 7 of them - are now visible. 
28:  Have you been seeking to put yourself LAST, as you strive to serve OTHERS, first?  HOW important is it to you - WHETHER or not others are HAPPY WITH YOU and PLEASED WITH YOU?"  Is it TRUE Humility to put yourself DOWN, in ORDER to raise others UP?  Has the one world government been "MESSING" with you? - or with your COMPUTER?
29:  ALWAYS! - Root out those THINGS, that are BLOCKING, the Graces.  Are you beginning to lose HEART?  The days of the Faithful Remnant being "PICKED-off", are now over.
30:  Everyone outside the Faithful Remnant, was officially and legally "DISOWNED" by their Creator today.
31:  How to 'stay out of TROUBLE', with your CREATOR?  For THOSE who desire to get AWAY, with as much as POSSIBLE - while CLAIMING the title, "Faithful Remnant".  The military industrial complex SURVEILLANCE team really needs to be told, that "We're NOT supposed to be able to SEE you!" - perhaps an update to the training manual?  Have you been getting unexplained attacks of DIZZINESS?  Do you want to be like TEFLON?  Have you been "keeping TRACK of all your good WORKS"?  New updates have been added for June 30a, 30b, 2018.
01:  For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who have been experiencing "UNEXPLAINED technical problems with your phone or computer" - or any OTHER wifi accessible equipment for that matter. Take the Spiritual Sanity test:  Do YOU desire to 'LIVE' the Lifestyle of a Faithful Remnant "even BETTER!" - and become 'even more FAITHFUL' to your CREATOR? Have you ever NOTICED? - that when you COOPERATE with Divine COUNSEL, your burden gets LIGHTER!   More postings have been added for January 31a, 31b.
02:  O.W.G. black ops FAILS? - we know that MANY people are wondering - especially all the FOREIGN intel agencies, who believe that the people 'on the FRONT lines', are "at the very TOP of their game".
04:  For those who want 'to create MISCHIEF' in order to get an email response from us?  What if a woman DOESN'T desire, to REMOVE 'the masks of jezebel'?  For all the readers who are absolutely AMAZED at how women can ONLY be "private members" of the Faithful Remnant.  A SPECIAL "compassion note" for ALL those who are EXHAUSTING themselves as they try to apply HUMAN understandings and human PERCEPTIONS, to living the TESTIMONY.  For the FORMER Members of the Faithful Remnant who want back in "the Ark of Safety"Who ARE you?  What is "the one sentence snub"?  When tempted to HIRE someone to FIX IT?
05:  The BEGINNING of the END of abortion.  WHAT is the BEST way for parents to teach their CHILDREN the Testimony?
06:  It's "BETTER" to be pro-LIFE.   HOW! - can God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven stop abortion?
08:  Full Recompense will be paid! - for what the human race did to the Unborn.
09:  How is the man responsible? - for abortion.  The United States in fact BECAME, "a MODEL country, of just how LOW the moral bar could be set, before it SELF-destructed".
10:  For all those who are STILL preferring "to EMBRACE a VICTIM identity"? Are you in the HABIT of turning to the True Holy Spirit for 'what kinds of FOODS to EAT'? Have you been STUBBORNLY choosing 'to WORK out your SALVATION' with "ENTITLEMENT"? For theSPIRITUALLY mature, and sane, young MEN. NEXT question: "DO you want to CHANGE"? Why not ask Saint MICHAEL, to TRANSFORM the ATTACKERS, into "victims, of their OWN poor choices"?
11:  WHY the private members of the Faithful Remnant are IN 'the situation that they are IN'.  What does 'the false peace of the antichrist' look like?
12:  For those who have been CHOOSING to abort the True Holy Spirit at the slightest discomfort. For those who have been tempted to get DRUNK since they found the Testimony of their Creator.  Have you been CHOOSING to TRULY HUMBLE yourself and turn TOWARDS Jesus Christ the Lord? - or have you been choosing to be CRUSHED by your little burdens?
13:  The United States is a country that LOVES terrorizing its citizens, before they are even born.  And REMEMBER: The Creator has 'HIS parting Gifts' LINED up and waiting! Updates for February 12 were added today.
14:  Have you been PAUSING, and turning to the True Holy Spirit - to fill in the gaps - in conversation?  Have you been DREAMING of becoming "a STREET PROPHET of DOOM"?  It's ALWAYS time for the Private Members to stop 'doing their own THING'.
15:  Saint Michael is now trading his "SWORD" for "a KABOB" - as the Biggest COUP D'ETAT in modern history is NOW FULLY underway.  A new update is now visible for December 12, 2018.
16:  Have YOU been choosing to work with your CREATOR, in OVERCOMING the afflictions?
17:  Did YOU know that your HEART can ONLY be softened towards the Most High TRUE God through "a supernatural GRACE"?  WHERE do you want to direct, peoples' HEARTS?  Sorry, there IS no, "HOTLINE - for people who are CHOOSING to be victims of their own struggles"... YET!   You don't live in "a TUNNEL".
18:  The media coup against U.S. President Donald Trump is now in full swing.  WHO is the ONLY one that can change your behavior?  For all those who desire to WIELD the Testimony as "a POWER platform"?
19:  ULTIMATUM time for U.S. President Donald Trump: DECLARE, 'the socialist democratic PARTY', "a threat to national SECURITY" - or HAVE them steal the Presidency FROM you!  Effective today: Saint Michael will NOW take over, "Keeping the One World Government in the dark".  New updates were posted for February 10 and 17. 
20:  What happens when the Trump Administration REFUSES to act on our Counsel? - here is just a SMALL sample.  And CONGRATULATIONS! - the cry of Los Angeles for Holy Angels, has now been heard. What IS the Gift of Forthcomingness? - with a prayer.
21:  Prepare for the systematic removal of ALL OTHER religions - through a series of Divine Interventions from HEAVEN, of course!  What is at the ROOT of the false feminist movement?  A new update was posted for February 20
22:  Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?  WHY are the democrats introducing "the RESOLUTION, that requires a 2/3 majority VOTE"?   Heaven's RESPONSE to 'the MEASURES that were TAKEN', in order to REMOVE FUNDING from "the GENOCIDE machine", called "planned parenthood". 
23:  How is it, that EVERYONE knows, that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ARE "threats to national security"Judgement against Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
24:  The Creator is now kindly "REMOVING the MAN-made SUPPORT systems", from the human race - as even MORE of His Divine Judgements - are now being revealed to the nations - Judgements that are all specifically AIMED, at turning 'the HEARTS of the PEOPLE', back to their CREATOR - their ONLY hope for life.  Due to the need for additional space, we added a new page to the website today.  WHY! - are we now POSTING the REVELATION of the 'SPECIFIC Apocalyptic PRAYER intentions' - that HEAVEN gave to us to INTERCEDE for - NOW! - NINE MONTHS, later?
25:  The Creator is OVERSEEING The Historic North Korean Summit.  A New Judgement on California.
26:  The global proliferation of U.S. extremism.  "The Global Fragility Act" is now being pushed by the deep state.  The race to declare "a threat to national security".
27:  Judgement against Los Angeles.  Justice is being POURED OUT! - ON the United StatesWhat ARE 'the VILE THINGS' that the democratic SENATORS have been INVOLVED in?  It's time for "the HARVEST of the CHILDREN" to begin.  Need some 'MOTIVATION' to STAY! - "spiritually minded", at ALL times?  When do YOU actually'start LIVING the Faith', each day?  The 2019 Peace Summit talks collapse between the United States and North Korea.

01:  EXPOSING the Global intelligence agencies and TURNING them INSIDE-out.  The "illuminati leaders" rang our DOOR bell today, by USING their PSYCHOTRONIC warfare against us, once again - in DIRECT response, to our POSTINGS.  You MAY very well, get a chance to see Hitler in a dress.  The new democrat virtue of flaunting the criminal act of being "in contempt of Congress" and the legal governing authority, of the President of the United States.
02:  ALWAYS turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary WHENEVER you are mindful of your FORMERS' unholy desires for your life?  What's THAT? - you're "hard DONE BY"?  New updates have been added for February 04.
03:  WOULD the U.S. Congress, be any LESS effective, if it was being held hostage by bomb wielding and automatic gun carrying terrorists? - It's time to put things in perspective.  Comedian Jon Stewart delivers the NEW deep state narrative about... "The final CHAPTER"?  For the WOMEN - who have been choosing to SEE yourself as "a VICTIM, of your circumstances".  There's NO denying 'the state that YOU have chosen to live in' - and so, to set the record STRAIGHT?
04: A Judgement against all of the enemies of the Two Witnesses. A new Judgement against Canada. The Divine Judgement against The ENTIRE judicial system.  
05:  How FAST are the Judgements MOVING? - just ask Cortez!  It's time to say goodbye to the ILLUSION of hero-veterans.  Judgement against the THINKING faculties, of our ENEMIES'.  Judgement against the AVIATION world.  For all those who have been PREFERRING to email us through "a false personae"?  Did you know? - that you can FREELY SPEAK in your EMAILS - FREELY WRITE - the DISCERNMENT that you have gotten, from READING the updates?  Your FORMERS! - are going to, 'turn to ASHES!
07:  WHO are "the WORST advocates of women's rights in ALL of history"?  (- Hint: it is an ELITE group of FEMALE psychopaths who are CURRENTLY doing EVERYTHING in their power to make the United States "the NUMBER ONE TRAVEL destination for sexual predators on foot".  Perhaps they ALL should have taken a course on "national security basics", before assuming their current positions.)  Judgement against the elderlyMichael Cohen has endured enough!  Justin TRUDEAU is 'being cast-DOWN by his Creator'.
08:  And so, what is Trump saying about the Two Witnesses today? - "for the historical RECORD" that is... as the Testimony reaches a new milestone of 1.5 million words.  In the Faithful Remnant, it is officially, "International state of women page day".  Of course, it is ALSO the 7 year anniversary of the launching of the website.  Later today, the website editing program was 'HACKED' by the one world government - and so too was our ability to edit the website until that 'hack' was finally fixed on 3/11.  Perhaps we should have told them, that what they ACCOMPLISHED? - was actually to SUPER-SIZE and EXPEDITE the Prophetic Judgements in the Testimony, in doing so - according to their Creator that is - and according to what we CLEARLY posted, on July 01, 2018 - in response to their LAST major hack.  But they DIDN'T learn! - because their mental faculties are being systematically removed.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may caused, in the speeding up of End Times Apocalyptic Events... for EVERYONE.  And so, once again, fasten your seat belts! 
09:  An "International state of women page day" update has been added. Why not CELEBRATE? - the fact that "their little LGBT SECRET" is now OUT!  The IMMEDIATE call for the COMPLETE severing of ALL international diplomatic and commercial relationships with China.   Did Cortez subtly call for ALL pregnant women, to seek an abortion?   Judgement against the abortionists.
10:  Yes, the Ethiopian Airways incident WAS "a real STAGED disaster" - one that expedited that nation, before the THRONE of their Creator, for an IMMEDIATE report card.  The Members of the Faithful REMNANT, need to JUST 'endure', a LITTLE while longer.
11:  U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar has been doing "a COMMENDABLE job!" - at forming and raising up new TERRORISTS in the United States and in all muslim states.  And speaking of "terrorists", today, because they were FORCED to allow the restoration of our ability to edit the website, the global military industrial complex, based in the United States, unleashed their "direct energy weapon" on the Two of us, once again. 
12:  YOU need to wake UP! - and fight for your SOUL!  Does U.S. President Donald Trump, or ANYONE for that matter? - care about "insider trading based on 'a WELL-coordinated PLANNED in ADVANCE!' - terrorist attack". 
13:  Judgement against the prison system.  New updates have been added for March 06a, 06b, 06c, 06d.
15:  Forget 2020! - it's the BEGINNING of the global CALL for OBAMA to be REINSTATED as the United States President.
16:  The Judgement against soldiers.
17:  Recovering from sickness and getting better?  Are you WAITING for your local catholic bishop, to approve the Testimony?  Surf's UP Fiji!  Important new video content has now been added to the March 15 and 16 updates, to the Apocalypse page - as we now do our very BEST to prepare people PSYCHOLOGICALLY, for "what to expect", in the coming days, weeks, and months.
18:  Can you CONSISTENTLY 'love' your CREATOR 24/7?
19:  Of course "HOME-BRED TERRORISM, U.S. STYLE", IS perfectly acceptable, throughout most of the world, today - and so another Divine Judgement is now on the way.  Judgement against Nebraska.
20:  Judgement against Mozambique.  WHAT are you going to choose to do WITH "afflictions"?
21:  The Creator has now chosen HIS Judgement, against all "pro-choice women".  For those who have been PASSIVELY NEGLECTING to filter out, "TIME travel and nostalgia" inspirations. HOW does the CREATOR spell RELIEF? For those who are about to undergo surgery.
22:  ALWAYS pray with Love and Gratitude.  'Jezzie gone WILD' in the WORKPLACE?  WHY the "state of women" PAGE, was CREATED, for the WEBSITE. 
23:  Judgement against 'the religion of social tolerance'.  What are the stages involved in the abortion of a nation?  What about YOU? - can YOU be FAITHFUL and SPIRITUALLY SANE throughout 'the SMALL trials''?  Hospitals make more MONEY if they keep you sick.  For ALL those who "don't understand"?
24:  We KNOW you love the images! - and so many new images have now been added to the Judgements 6 page.
25:   The illegitimate President "chosen by Almighty God".
26:  The Judgement concerning Mandatory Vaccinations.
27:  Climate Change times a THOUSANDWhat to do when your SITUATION improves as your afflictions begin to lift?
28:  NO one can escape "the DESIRE to conform".  For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who have been CHOOSING to do nothing.
29:  Judgement against Florida.  Canadian and U.S. black ops caught ABUSING the Gift of flight AGAIN!  It's an ACT of TRUE Humility to embrace your TRUE Identity as a CHILD of the Most High TRUE God.  When you HEAR 'fraternal CORRECTION', have you been discerning 'the SOURCE'?
30:  So many volcanic explosions happening all at once?   Why are SOME "formers" REJOICING that they have "a FORMER family member" who found the Testimony of their Creator?  New updates are now visible for March 28a, 28b.
01:  They will be 'Reaping the WHIRLWIND'?  God is going to take the CHILDREN?  There won't be any RAPTURE?  The Most High True God is NOT messing AROUND?  He is going to be 'aborting the NATIONS'?    Is this all some sort of elaborate April fools day JOKE?  Is there any PROOF WHATSOEVER! - of these things UNFOLDING, in the NEWS?  Find the answer here - as your Creator is "JUST getting warmed up" - and so you will need to exercise PATIENCE.  And know that viewer discretion is advised.
Which April Judgement left the LGBT movement "marching BEHIND"?  Finally, the Most High TRUE God's PERSONALIZED Plan for YOUR LIFE! - is NOW being revealed!   Where to FOCUS when going THROUGH ADVERSITIES and SUFFERINGS?
03:  How is the "mayor-elect" of the city of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, "like Obama"?  For those who DESIRE to 'recognize what is TRUE' - to IDENTIFY, and RECOGNIZE 'the TRUTH, in the MOMENT'. WHAT is the CALL of each Member of the Faithful REMNANT?
04:  The PLANNED "inevitable and inconceivable" LAWLESSNESS that will ultimately abort U.S. President Trump.  And with THAT update fresh in mind...  There is SOMETHING that ALL men REALLY need to know about women - no matter how 'PRETTY' or how 'UGLY' they may LOOK!   SOME of our videos have been REMOVED in ADVANCE, of Vimeo deciding to exercise "THEIR unconstitutional right" to DELETE, VIMEO accounts - that "they find offensive".  And we are in the process of getting those videos UPLOADED - to a different and LESSER-KNOWN video platform - it is called "WISTIA".  We do not encourage ANYONE to use this platform.  We are going to be keeping all OTHER videos, on our Vimeo account - OR YouTube. 
05:  It's "irrefutable".  More content has now been added to yesterday's "INEVITABLE" update. STILL learning - to be around women in these Times.  How are YOU receiving the REVELATION of "the Judgements of the Most High True God"?
06:  Are you ready to "take the POOR man's tour"?  The UNTOLD STORY of "what HAPPENS when a WOMAN goes through with an abortion".
07:  On the topic of seeking a helpmate?  For those who have been TRYING to 'appease the GOATS'?  New updates have been added for March 03, 14, 20, 21a, 21b, 21c23, April 03a, 03b.  Did you know that only 4 years after Roe V Wade, society began to compensate by embracing dead hollow shells, like never before.
08:  Just HOW MANY U.S. internment camps are currently EMPTY and RESERVED for U.S. citizens? - and yes, ironically, they ALL HAVE walls, that the immigrants CAN'T get over! - as the illegal IMMIGRANTS, are FORCED! - to stay OUTSIDE, as they "enjoy their stay" - IN! - the United States.  A special message to the human race: Congratulations, for all your efforts! - they have not gone unnoticed.  A new update has been added for March 30.
09:  HOW has America in fact been "a S**THOLE COUNTRY" under U.S. President Donald Trump"? - according to 'FUTURE History books' that is.  A special Message for all the FORMER Members, who are STILL reading the Testimony.  Some new content was added to YESTERDAY'S "special message".  When the DAYS go by FASTER?  Did YOU know that 'ALLOWING your thoughts, to drift to the PAST', will PREVENT you from growing SPIRITUALLY?
10:  An open letter to U.S. President Donald Trump (- who has been PREFERRING "the blessings of his fellow man").  New video, with proof that MANDATORY vaccinations are NOW being implemented in the United States.  Conform, or DE-form? - depending on "what YOU want to see!" - when you look in the mirror.  WHY is Jesus Christ the Lord 'no longer DWELLING' with "the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTIONAL catholics"?  A special question for all "the institutional catholics" who are reading the Testimony.  A new update has been added for March 03.

12:  It looks like U.S. President TRUMP'S got MAIL!
13: In THESE Times, "the AVERAGE christian", is NO better off, than "the atheist".  FRANCIS is "an IMPOSTER" and "an ANTIPOPE" with NO anointing, from above - but perhaps his ACTIONS, speak louder than his words?  ONLY share what is NECESSARY: what is RELEVANT, what is HELPFUL, what is TRUTHFUL!
14:  WHO have YOU! - "resolved to serve, and WORSHIP"?  An important "Spiritual note" was added to yesterday's posting.  New updates have been posted for March 27, April 13a, 13b.
15:  Unfortunately for "the governing authorities near YOU", the NATIONS all voted, to 'DISH OUT', what THEY, unanimously wanted to receive - and SO? - let them each personally EXPERIENCE! - The ABORTION of the Nations.  And the "BLESSING", of EVERY new church out there!  Judgement against "the ANTICHRIST churches".
16: The END of "false christianity". Your "formers" HAVE ALREADY BEEN 'Destroyed by their own CHOICES'.  HOW will Jesus Christ the LORD, End, abortion?
17:  WHY did the Most High TRUE God's Divine JUSTICE, 'STRIKE!' - the CATHEDRAL, of Notre DAME? There will be no more email Counsel for the former Members. 
18: And so how CAN "the WICKED", get around the DECREE that the PEOPLE, outside the Faithful REMNANT, have NO place! - in the KINGDOM of Heaven on Earth?  The Crateror's response to Fracking? (- and YES! - He DID "create" the surface of the moon, too!)
19:  Speaking of "good"... Did you know that FOOD actually tastes "BETTER", if you EAT while reading the Testimony? - and that is "a MIRACLE in itself".  Make sure you get EXORCISED FIRST of course! - by praying the APPROPRIATE prayers, on the website.  Need to go on a DIET? - try reading the "state of women" page - and watch what happens to your appetite.  Just as the UNBORN were in fact "trapped" - and SCHEDULED, to meet with "their PHYSICIAN" - so TOO! - is it now, for EVERYONE outside the Faithful Remnant - because 'the Scales of Divine Justice', WILL be balanced! - by 'the CREATOR'S Heavy Hand', and NO one else's!   The NEXT Judgement, on Ghana.  New updates have now been added for March 29a, 29b, April 18.
20:  For all those who want to claim that "the God of the Two Witnesses", isn't 'THEIR jesus!' - especially the people of Jerusalem.  It's ONLY a matter of time, before our Creator, begins to 'PASS the JUDGEMENTS'For those who have resolved NOT to RECEIVE the Testimony, until it has "THOROUGHLY met with your APPROVAL"?  "The TIPPING point".
21:  CAN the women of THESE times, lead the CHILDREN to the Testimony?
22:  Yesterday's Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka, WERE in fact 'COURTESY, of the ONE world GOVERNMENT occult LUCIFERIANS' - COORDINATED, and PLANNED! - by the "BLACK OPS", and "INTELLIGENCE agencies" - and ALL 'for the PURPOSE, of DISCREDITING U.S. President Donald Trump'.  It Truly IS "a new Springtime for the TRUE Church", and so don't be TOO surprised, if the NEXT Judgement from Heaven that we share, 'puts a few people OFF'... offspring.  Who DECIDES when the affliction should come to an END
23:  An important note was added to yesterday's Judgement.  "Bottoms UP" Babylon!
24:  For THOSE who have been DESIRING to IDENTIFY with their STRUGGLES?
25:  We have now reached a turning point for the pharmaceutical industry.  For those whose health is deteriorating? For those who are LOOKING for "a FORMULA", that you can be COMFORTABLE FOLLOWING, to sneak into the Era of PEACE.  For the people who are using the Testimony for social RECOGNITIONHOW, is the Counsel all TRUE?
26:  Still "STRUGGLING" to BE a Member of the Faithful REMNANT?  Has anyone seen Saint Michael recently? - as he SEEMS to be keeping himself very BUSY lately.  And, just a friendly VIDEO reminder for the men, to keep it clean!
27: We know that "WORLDLY desires and aspirations" are EXTREMELY important to the private Members.
28:  Today is "JUSTICE SUNDAY" and the great mystery is now finally DECODED:  "WHY will the Gates of Hell NOT prevail over the True Church?"  Today's Judgement? - against North Korea.  What to DO, if you find that SOMETHING is "not right" in your INTERIOR life - and you FEEL "DIRTY"?
29:  New images have been added to the Judgements 7 page.
30:  A Judgement to mark a NEW Emperor and a NEW era for Japan - with a big... F!  New updates have been added for March 25a, 25b, 25c, 25d.
01:  We can tell you THIS... "Something MAY happen, this month!"  For all those who BELIEVE, that they can FOLLOW, Jesus Christ the LORD - by SIMPLY, 'BOWING to the will of OTHERS'?   Still hanging on to "your personal AMBITIONS"?
02:  In THESE Times, MOST prefer to embrace "true HUMILIATION". Do you want to know WHY, you will NEVER get away with telling your Creator, who KNOWS that you knew, that "you didn't know"?  For all those who have been worshipping 'the gods of their formers', as they join in their incantations of "unconscionable FORMULAS".
03:  Does the Most High True God 'HEAR', the prayers of the global governments?
04:  Why are so many ancestors of the Mayans, FLOCKING to the United States, at this point in human history?
05:  Many were "Blessed with Divine JUSTICE" today, as a Russian passenger jet "landed HOT", AND as two CRUISE ships collided in the Vancouver port.  New updates have been added for May 02, 04.
06:  For all those who are choosing "to LOOK for problems".
07:  WHY is the TRUE Holy SPIRIT "not WITH" the former members of the Faithful Remnant?
08:  WHO is transforming you?  A new update has been added for March 23.
09:  Something to consider, when you are invited to attend a PAGAN CELEBRATION?
10:  Finally! - a CLEAR Path is set before the Private Members.  "The ADDICTIONS exchange" can't SAVE you.  For THOSE who are choosing to focus, on "what the DEMONS are DOING, through OTHERS"?  Antipope francis, IS in fact, "the FRUIT of, a ROTTEN tree".
11:  Concerning 'the JUDGEMENT', and 'the CONDEMNATION', that the WORLD! - has shown us AND the Testimony?  A new update has been added for May 08.
12:   China is now the FIRST country to be "OFFICIALLY written off!" - by its Creator.  The secret to surviving the APOCALYPSE? - the Time of DESTRUCTION? - is simply by being CONSTRUCTIVE.  Yesterday's update has now been added, as a special reminder for all the protestants out there.
13:   Best to make ready for "The Great Earthquake".  Today - the U.S. LIBERALS have swung SO far to the left, that they are ALREADY promoting ABSTINENCE, as a form of protest, AGAINST 'the Gift of Life' - as they conveniently FORGOT their argument, that abortion was supposed to be "necessary because they COULDN'T abstain". 
14:  There is a NEW explanation, now posted under the La Paz Bolivia liquefaction video.  "Finished"? - we will be adding 'how the Judgements have been Fulfilled' - as the Creator EXECUTES them.  And when "nations are ABORTED", we will be adding their names to the "Abortion of the Nations" page.  And as prophecies are FULFILLED - like the mid-air collision of two planes, involving a cruise ship yesterday? - we will be posting some of those fulfillments as well.  We are "NOT putting a LID on the Spirit of PROPHECY".  But no more "JUDGEMENTS" are going to be added - as so MANY! - of them - apply to ALL the nations.
15:  Perhaps it SIMPLY needs to be stated, that it ISN'T a testimony of religious platitudes and formulas.
16:  WHEN will "your formers" FORGIVE YOU?  For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are being kept up at night by alien tech attacks.
17:  Day 1333.  Introducing!... "the THREAT, of an All-Powerful DEITY".  Some HEAVY Counsel for those struggling with Obesity?  A new update has been added for May 12.
18:  Day 1334.  For all those who PREFER doing 'your OWN thing'? - on "your OWN terms", and on 'your OWN time'.
19:  Day 1335.  Remember, you can't be "blessed by HIDING from your Creator"... perhaps we should have made that a little more CLEAR on "Day 1"?  There were MANY reminders to "stop hiding", along the way (- like THOSE reminders from the past years).  Remember, Jesus Christ the Lord is the HEAD of the True Roman Catholic FAITH - and it is HE! - who "FOUNDED" it.  And it is HE! - who in FACT, 'BINDS, and LOOSENS', as He WILLS!  "I will not ‘loosen the binding of sin’ upon the soul who seeks to be forgiven just out of routine" (-Jesus, October 06, 2009)
20:  The first day after the 1335 days... to be REMEMBERED.  Today is also, the 1335th day AFTER CERN opened the portal to the abyss...  As the tables turn.
21:  As "...the Most High TRUE God will have HIS turn". For those who are working FULL time, to guard their HEART, from the Testimony.
22:  How to keep TRACK of all the Gifts and Fruits of the True Holy SPIRIT?  The True Holy Spirit will NEVER impart "INSPIRATIONS, that puff you up with PRIDE". Did you KNOW, that "the FALSE holy spirit" ALWAYS affirms, your SPIRITUAL life? For the Private Members who are FOCUSING on the flattery of their PEERS and coworkers.
23:  Now THAT'S "QUITE the PREDICAMENT!"  Did someone say "turn"?
24:  For all of those who are CONTINUALLY 'giving themselves PERMISSION, to FAIL their Creator' - as they are "VERY comfortable BLAMING it, on their CIRCUMSTANCES".  Did you know that there are probably STILL some people out there, who are making mortgage payments on Florida swamp land?  "What is coming NEXT, to the NATIONS"?
25:  "Desolations are Decreed"  New updates have now been added for May 01a, 01b.
26:  Our TRUE Roles: "A pair of BOULDERS"? - what "State" would THAT manifest in?... and REMEMBER, "The road to Purgatory is closed!"  An important video was added to yesterday's update.

27  Stop searching your INTERIOR life, for PEOPLE, from your PAST! - whom YOU can be "a VICTIM, of UNJUST authority"
28:  As the United States "REAPS the WHIRLWIND", it's only fair to inform the Members of the Faithful Remnant - that whenever you SEE in the news, the escalations of 'most UNCOMFORTABLE disasters'... that the ONE video, the people back-dooring your computer, would LOVE for you to play the MOST? - would BE?... "the INCOMING song".
29:  Cue the music! - INCOMING COMET fragment spotted in Mexico, with impact confirmed.
30:  Did you know, that there is "LITTLE doubt" that THIS month, "May" have broken the all-time RECORD, for the most tornado REPORTS in ANY May, in the United States, and for the overall VOLUME, of HAIL, that flogged the U.S. citizens... (- as it FELL - "like a BUTCHER, using a MEAT mallet, to TENDERIZE the cut, before throwing it on the fire"...).  Because it DID!  He will REMOVE, the Gift of OFFSPRING.  Now the EARTH will simply TURN on the PEOPLE
31:  PREPARE to reap the WHIRLWIND!   Do you want to avoid being SICK of getting "FOOD poisoning" when you eat OUT?

01:  The false flag department has now ANNOUNCED, that it will NOT be waiting for long.  There will be MANY temptations to hate 'the Gift of the Narrow Path'.  New updates are now visible for May 30a, 30b, 31.
02:  For all those who "desire to PLEASE, the Most High True GOD"?  The antidote to "interior desolation"?  For all those who are living with people who simply PREFER to do 'their own THING'When people begin to 'act out PHYSICALLY' against you - or 'THREATEN to DO so'?
03:  "The great rebellion" HAS come!  And so WHERE? - ULTIMATELY? - HAS 'the CERN SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT', GOTTEN THE PEOPLE? 
04:  It would be best to NEVER pray the formal prayers on this website, while reading from a digital screenWhen you 'MESS UP'? - LEARN from your mistake.
05:  Today is Divine DECREE Day - or "D-Day" - and it is "a GREAT time", to Make America see President Trump's "GREAT" report card - as it now stands (- Fair warning: you MAY want to find a pail, and place it nearby, before reading this)... and that has got to make you 'WONDER', "What would Trump's PARENTS have said? - if THEY had seen it!"  On another note: About those "Holy Angels over Japan"...
06:  The Holy ANGELS are 'making READY'? - what's THAT?
07:  ARE you in the HABIT of "HABITUALLY, snuffing-out your CONSCIENCE"?  How are YOU, any different, from all the people who are OUTSIDE the Ark?  For all those who are seeking to be BURDENED by the problems of others?  What about spicy and hot food?  Know that you CAN 'let your guard down' when repenting.
08:  Did you know that opting for SURGERY tends to destroy your FINANCES? For all those who are STILL holding on to 'the OPTION to FOLD'
09:  Mankind's Destruction can NO LONGER be averted. For all those who have been 'ALLOWING, the DEMONS in others, to SILENCE, the TRUTH! - that convicts your SOUL'. It's time for an examination of Conscience. For all those who 'KNOW the Testimony' and 'know what it TEACHES'... Donkey DOAn important FOLLOW-UP has been added to the D-Day update.
10: ... to be posted
11:  Here is your 6/11 update: In only 3 days, U.S. President Donald Trump will be celebrating his birthday - and WHAT a celebration it will be!  Even the planets are lined up for the CELEBRATION this year! - and you know 'what THAT means'...
As it now stands, the false flag nuclear attack on Chicago, is now planned, by the deep state, to take place, on Trump's Birthday this year.  The deep state love to boast of 'THEIR works', by having them take place, during major planetary alignments.  And the video in the article at the above link, explains the deep state significance of the planets, and the alignments, and provides NUMEROUS examples, of major "STAGED events", throughout history, that DELIBERATELY coincided with planetary alignments. 
But on Trump's Birthday - Mars, representing war - and SATURN, representing Obama, line up with the Earth - and so that is, 'according to the ILLUMINATI', the perfect time, to launch their false flag attack on Chicago, in order to OUST President Trump, and bring back 'the ANTICHRIST incarnate', Obama.  And we have already provided many proofs, that this plan, has been set in motion, for many years now - even boasts woven through the scripts of MAJOR motion pictures, like THIS one.
"As it now STANDS"? - what's that?  It MEANS, that if the illuminati, don't CHANGE their plans, for Trump's Birthday - they are in FACT, going to give US, "QUITE the endorsement"!  But we KNOW that "they are in a PINCH" - because U.S. Attorney General Barr, is currently in the process, of OVERSEEING an investigation, into 'the ORIGINS of the Russian collusion narrative' - with the FULL intent to HOLD, 'the DEEP STATE democrats', "ACCOUNTABLE!" - for "FRAUDULENT filings", and "FRAUDULENT investigations", AGAINST a U.S. sitting President.  And with 'the STRONG LIKELIHOOD', of HILLARY CLINTON, being 'PUT in JAIL!' - they are "DESPERATE!" - to create 'a BIG!!! - distraction'.
And TODAY - Deep State Puppet Jon Stewart - PERFORMED once AGAIN - this time before the House Judiciary Subcommittee - as he delivered HIS 'deep state script' - to mark the 6/11 countdown, to the false flag attack, that is DESIGNED to be "the NEW 9/11".
And so "the OBVIOUS question" - that we always LOVE to address, is "How do we KNOW in advance, about the deep state PLANS to nuke Chicago, on June 14, 2019 - planetary alignments ASIDE?"  Simple! - because they are BOASTING about it - not ONLY through Jon Stewart's script today, but also through the staged helicopter crash into a New York high-rise - that CUED the New York City mayor, to say that "...there is no indication at this time, that this was an act of terror; and there is NO ongoing threat, to New York City..." (- implying that "there IS a threat", somewhere else...)  The mayor's statement, and this staged event of course, is psychological preparation, for the coming attack on Chicago.  The New York Governor, Cuomo - is also following HIS script, as he boldly proclaimed, "the fire is under control", as he spoke to the media - of course, referring to "the city that caught on FIRE, during the GREAT Chicago fire".  The planned symbolism behind the helicopter crash, with one alleged casualty? - The fatality represents Trump's presidency - the Helicopter, represents Trump's Air Force One helicopter, crashing, with his presidency - and the scripted collision, with a New York City high-rise, symbolizes, of course "Trump Tower" - in New York - symbolically represented, in "the deep state narrative". 
So WILL they follow through with their plans? - now that this has all been spelled out?  They HAVE to!  And if they PICK a different date, it DOESN'T "invalidate" ANYTHING we have written above, but ONLY 'delays the inevitable'.
And so WHAT is the deep state's "Plan B"? - now that their MAIN plan, has been 'brought to the LIGHT'?  To UNLEASH 'as MANY false flag attacks, on AMERICA - LEADING up to the BIG one' - as they CAN! - attacks that are "ALREADY set-up and ready-to-go" - under VARIOUS 'project names' - "BLACK-ops, projects" - and 'to PARALYZE the AMERICAN people', in the process!  And now with THIS 'brought to the LIGHT' - the "CREDIBLE" investigators, hired by the American Government - can IMMEDIATELY launch "potential TERRORIST investigations" - the MINUTE! - anything that even REMOTELY resembles "a false flag attack" - hits the news - in order to FIND, 'the PLANNING, behind the supposedly SPONTANEOUS, event'.  It WON'T be "TOO difficult", if the investigators aren't "on the deep state payroll"... hint, hint.
We DID prophesy, that President Trump "... will be "JUSTLY scourged", by 9/11-style, staged disasters - COMPLETE, with 'terrorist acts', and 'muslims', and all "the false flag package", that goes along with PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS of that magnitude."... and we MEANT it - EVERY word!  Because the Most High TRUE God - has 'lifted His PROTECTION', OFF of Trump's PRESIDENCY - as He 'ALLOWS', the deep state, to 'FALL UPON him!' - and QUICKLY.
Oh... and "Happy Birthday!" - and thanks for taking us so seriously - we know you value "reciprocation" - and it IS coming your way! - as NO one, is going to take your presidency seriously, for much longer.  Love, The Two Witnesses!
...Because it IS Love, to tell someone the TRUTH.
"No matter, how uncomfortable the Truth is, if people love Me, then they will embrace Me – which is to embrace: the truth, and reality."   (-Jesus, Sunday, June 3, 2012)
12:  The Global Government Leaders RESPONDED to our Warning, today, in Chicago - through one of their "deep state puppets".  Unfortunately, the deep state didn't have TIME to change the Illinois governor's scripted SPEECH, that was designed to lead UP to 'the false flag attack on Chicago', and birth the ANTICHRIST out of the hellish burning "heart of the nation" - they didn't have time to CHANGE that, after seeing our 6/11 update, posted on June 11, 2019.  Their "surprise birthday celebration" for Trump? - is currently undergoing extensive "renovations" - however, they simply 'can't help themselves' - and they in fact ARE! - going through with it - as THEY pick "the exact time", in light of our 6/11 update.  Simply put? - they can't raise up OBAMA, if Hillary is in jail - and so they are in fact "SPRINTING, for dear LIFE! - to press the Chicago nuke button!"  We in fact GAVE the people ample warning - going as far back as May 10, 2012 - SEVEN! - YEARS! - of WARNINGS!
13:  It is important to note that our website editing program, located in an overseas server - was HACKED by 'the deep state' on this date - in order to PREVENT U.S. President Donald Trump, from RECEIVING this following update on June 13th.  And so we are publishing it, on the 14th - after the deep state back-doored our computer - as THEY in fact got 'a first GLIMPSE', of what HE was about to learn.  Here is the update, they PREVENTED us from posting, on the 13th.
And so, in RESPONSE, to the 6/11 update, posted in the Testimony - the DEEP state - DECIDED to call "a VIDEO conference meeting" - with the deep state leaders, OF 'the deep state COUNTRIES' - to decide on 'HOW they were going to PROCEED', with their "false FLAGS" - and 'WHAT country', the next "false flag" was going to be 'LAUNCHED' in - and WHO would be "RESPONSIBLE" - and WHO would be 'BLAMED'.  And they DID just THAT! - as it was the "black-OPS", that was RESPONSIBLE, for the TANKER explosion in the Gulf of OmanIt was NOT "Iran" - because IRAN, FEARS the United States MILITARY, and "BLOWBACK" - and THEY do not want to go to WAR. But "SOMEONE"! - wants IRAN, to become "a NUCLEAR threat!" - TO the United States - so that they can 'ROLL out their Chicago NARRATIVE'! - and BLOW up 'a NUCLEAR missile', in DOWNTOWN Chicago - and BLAME it on "Iran!" - AND - in the PROCESS - BLAME! - U.S. President Donald Trump's WITHDRAWAL, from "the IRANIAN deal", as "the REASON for the attack".  And in the PROCESS - blame 'TRUMP' - as "a national SECURITY threat" - who MUST be 'removed from OFFICE'! - "by force" if NECESSARY.
Democrats Call President Trump A Security Risk
That's deep state puppet "george" - ensnaring the validly elected U.S. President

And BECAUSE they KNOW! - that Trump is READING, the Testimony - from time to time - they had George Stephanopoulos, "a deep state PUPPET!" - CORNER! - Trump - in 'his OVAL office' - and POSE the question:  "Your campaign this time: Where either foreigners - if Russia if China - if someone else offers you information on an opponent - should they accept it or should they call the FBI?"  And NOW they have "on PUBLIC RECORD", the U.S. President, MAKING 'a bold STATEMENT' - that he WOULD! - accept, "INFORMATION" - or "DIRT" - on, opponents - that were offered TO him, by 'a foreign COUNTRY' - and would be 'HESITANT', to report it to the FBI.  And AS such, 'the DEEP state' know, that Trump has BEEN! - "receiving foreign HELP", from Two Canadian CITIZENS - as WE have been GIVING him "POLITICAL advice", and "political INSIGHTS", and HELPING him to 'NAVIGATE the deep state SNARES', that are 'CONSTANTLY being laid!' - which is one REASON, why he has been 'SO successful, as President'.  And so 'the GOAL!' - of their operation? - is in fact 'to INTIMIDATE! - U.S. President Donald Trump' - to STOP! - reading! - our POSTS! - in the Testimony - ESPECIALLY in regards, to 'his POLITICAL opponents', and what THEY, have planned AGAINST him!  But GIVEN 'the CONTEXT of the Testimony' itself - and the fact, that we are 'SHARING, what our CREATOR! - has revealed - and DESIRES to share' - under 'the PROTECTION, of "SPIRITUAL Guidance"!' - it DOESN'T apply! - that U.S. LAW? - does not APPLY!  It REALLY can be tantamount, to reading "a FOREIGN opinion piece" - in an newspaper - which is "PERFECTLY legal" in the United States!  And we DID hear, U.S. President Donald TRUMP, say PUBLICLY! - to 'that SAME, deep state REPORTER' - that "He loves the TRUTH!"  And WE believe that's 'the main REASON' why U.S. President Donald Trump 'keeps coming BACK', to the TESTIMONY - because he KNOWS! - 'what is WRITTEN', IS the Truth! - EVEN though, he doesn't "AGREE", with 'EVERYTHING', that is being 'shared'.
14:  U.S. President Donald Trump's birthday!  As "a MATTER of CONSCIENCE" - WE! - need to inform U.S. President Donald Trump - that he CONTINUES to receive "false intelligence", from the MILITARY, AND! - from within, his own "intelligence agency".  Because 'the DEEP STATE GENERALS', are HELL-bent! - on 'GOING to WAR', with ANY country! - THEY don't care! - but right NOW? - "Iran is CONVENIENT".  ONE thing 'the deep state generals' HATE, is 'PEACE! - between nations'.  For "HOW are they going to 'UNLOAD', all their WEAPONS, and all 'that AGGRESSION', that they carry?"  They're "BRED-killers!" - and they 'WANT to murder!'  And if "INNOCENT CIVILIANS", are 'in their PATH'? - they don't CARE!  And THEY are 'just WAITING'! - for 'the RIGHT time' - to OVERTHROW, the U.S. President.  Because 'with OBAMA at the HELM'? - they WILL be "GUARANTEED, more WARS!"  And so THAT'S "their INCENTIVE", for HELPING, 'the OBAMA administration' - to GET back 'their POWER!'  But this will ALL be DONE! - 'UNDER the APPEARANCE, of legality'.  They JUST need to make U.S. President Donald Trump look "INCOMPETENT", in dealing with foreign nations "ALLEGED hostilities".  And we SAW the "alleged VIDEO evidence", of the oil tanker - and what LOOKED like, "Iranians removing unexploded mines from a targeted tanker".  And THAT "narrative" makes PERFECT sense! - in a WW2 movie!  But to PRETEND that Iran, DOESN'T KNOW? - the kind of TECHNOLOGICAL CAPABILITIES, of the U.S. MILITARY? - is 'to PLAY into the deep state's NARRATIVE'.  And here, it is UNFOLDING in today's NEWS - with the Iranian leader, PROCLAIMING, to ALL, the nations, 'HIS deep state script': "I do not see Trump as worthy of any message exchange, and I do not have any reply for him, now or in future..." - IMPLYING, that Iran will not 'TALK', with the United States President - until OBAMA is put BACK in office - because OBAMA, is the one, who dealt with IRAN, and PAID them 'lots of money'!  And NOW, the global LEADERS - are 'banding TOGETHER' - to DEMAND! - that U.S. President Donald Trump be 'removed from office' - as HE has become "a NATIONAL security threat", to THEIR nations - BECAUSE of the 'growing CONFLICT', between the UNITED States, and IRAN - BASED on "the deep state narrative", that is.  And as SOON as 'the false flag NUCLEAR attack', is UNLEASHED on the United STATES? - then they will ALL 'pounce at ONCE'! - WITH the United States military, "under THEIR command". 
So WHAT was the DEAL, that the deep state made with the Iranian leader, to give him the ASSURANCE, that through ALL of this, that he would not be OVERTHROWN, and that his nation would NOT be attacked, by the United States?  That the IRANIAN leader, must give 'the APPEARANCE of being HOSTILE towards President Trump, and TOWARDS the United States, and towards ANY future negotiations, with the President - and that THIS will facilitate 'a FAKE concern, of the world leaders' - about, U.S. President Donald Trump's CAPACITY, to BE! - "a leader, of the United States".  And with the WHOLE WORLD WATCHING - Iran will pretend to BE, "the BOOGEYMAN", that people must 'fear'.  And SO? - the STAGE is being 'set', for the NUCLEAR false flag attack in CHICAGO - to set off "a RIPPLE effect", that WILL, be served, as 'a PURPOSE, for REMOVING President Donald Trump from office' - BLAMING the Iranians - but INSTEAD of 'going to WAR'? - "paying them OFF", with lots of MONEY - and RENEGOTIATING "the Iranian deal" - as "the man of PEACE", the ANTICHRIST from CHICAGO, rises from the ASHES - and comes 'to save the WORLD!' - from any FURTHER nuclear THREAT.  And so when ALL this comes to pass - as is PROPHESIED - U.S. President Donald Trump, will need to DECIDE, 'WHO! - his COUNSELOR, is going to be'?
Notice how we didn't say "if" - "And so when ALL this comes to pass..."  You can watch 'the deep state official narrative' UNFOLD - in the Washington Post Newspaper - the Official "media ground zero", for the deep state press... where they "POST"... the deep state official narrative, for the takeover of Washington.  There, now that shouldn't be TOO difficult, to remember.
15:  Those who love the TRUTH above ALL ELSE? - ARE 'taking us VERY seriously'!  We are now offering 'MEN', the CHANCE to break FREE from 'the yoke of JEZEBEL' - in order to 'LEARN how to BE fulfilled!'

16: Today, environment and energy ministers from the G20 nations had their PRE-PLANNED meeting in Japan - AHEAD of the G20 meeting later this month in Osaka.  It came as no surprise, that the ministers - representing countries from around the WORLD, called for "greater ENERGY security", so "conveniently", only a couple of DAYS after the alleged Iranian attacks on oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.  And the obvious question HERE is: DID 'the deep state' hold "BEHIND closed doors" meetings, with the representatives of those major nations, who ATTENDED the meeting - in order to BRIEF representatives from those nations, on how the ANTI-Trump narrative, and GLOBAL coup against him, is to UNFOLD? 

Jesus said:  It is SIMPLY 'their next STAGE' - in "the planned TAKE-down" - of U.S. President Donald Trump - which I will ALLOW!
PPTL:  Make no mistake! - that is "the OFFICIAL green light", from the Highest HEAVENS! - for "a TOTAL regime change", in the United States - as a direct response, to U.S. President Donald Trump's response, to the Two of us.  We're NOT "upset", and we REALLY don't mind "waiting", and it Truly IS going to be... 'quite the show'!  But things would have been 'so much EASIER'... if people simply chose to 'COOPERATE with the Counsel' - as the Members of the Faithful Remnant, have all learned... QUITE well!  Thanks for asking.
17:  Yes we DO have something to declare today!... And we're NOT quite sure 'where we are going to PUT it', in the Testimony - but HERE'S "a new slogan", that we came up with today:  The Two Witnesses - working HARD to make the WORLD "a better PLACE"!  And if 'BRINGING Heaven down to EARTH', is 'where we set the BAR'? - and if THAT, makes people 'feel a little UPSET'? - then WE understand!  Because they WON'T be upset, for very much longer...   On another note: For the Remnant couples who TRULY desire to build their marriage on 'the rock of True Faith'
18:  "Another Illuminati Leader Stricken" - with more to COME!  The Post-Chicago Nuclear Blast Narrative is ALREADY being released...
20:  For all those who have grown COMFORTABLE lowering 'the bar' in their lives. Remember to COMMEND the distractions and the obstacles. When the FORMERS try to distract and entice you?
21:  Why do SO MANY people prefer to see us as "Ambassadors from hell"?  Because, Bringing Heaven down to Earth - is 'HELL' for those who hate the things of Heaven.  And in these Times? - almost EVERYONE prefers, instead, 'the gifts of Hell'.  And so? - everyone OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety, is going to have 'one HELL of a time', during this GREAT Transition, in human history.  And as they DO? - as they prefer to DECLINE the invitation to become a Member of the Faithful Remnant, they can all simply go to... (their father down below).
22:  As "Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven" - we have now OPENED the Embassy.   To prefer 'your OWN counsel'? - IS to abort the Truth, in OUR Counsel. For all those who have grown "QUITE COMFORTABLE", outside the Faithful Remnant?
23:  The TESTIMONY shows 'the clearest PATH', to the Kingdom of HEAVEN'!  Did you remember to seek to be TRANSFORMED by the Truths in the Testimony? - because that's the whole point of it all.  Many new postings are now visible for June 18, 19, 20, 22.

24:  GET 'the help that YOU need', by SHARING heartfelt VIDEOS.  So now that the Embassy has re-opened, is Jesus Christ the Lord going to allow more new Members? - of the Faithful Remnant?
25:  Today, Trump made "a very GRAVE mistake", in calling America "BLESSED"  Ready?... SET?...  GO!  Just another reason why you should NEVER visit China.  And so IS the Most High True God, "...just WAITING to punish everyone, like a BEGRUDGING father?"  And, what WAS the SICK satanic GAME that 'the FORMER members' of the Faithful Remnant liked to PLAY?
26: be posted
Massive Eruption of Papua New Guinea Ulawun Volcano
Fine volcanic ash talc, hovering at 55,000 feet? When it gets sucked into jet engines - it turns into glass, and kills the engines.  Remember to buckle up your SEATBELTS, and see...  if you can STILL remember where the emergency exit is located... with your eyes closed.  Welcome to the beginning of the END! - of the aviation industry.  Only 4 days ago, on June 22, the Raikoke volcano in Russia, woke up after almost 100 years of dormancy - and erupted to an altitude of 43,000 feet - WELL above the altitude of commercial jets (- commercial jets cruise at a flight level of 31,000 - 38,000 feet).  THIS is "not normal" folks! - no matter what the MEDIA presents to you.  And that "fine volcanic ash TALC" - doesn't "magically DISAPPEAR", or DISSOLVE, as it dissipates - but instead? - becomes more and MORE DIFFICULT for the commercial jets to NAVIGATE around - as they soon end up flying THROUGH it - and they DO so against our "VERY nice" warnings - to park their planes, at this point in human history.  It's ALWAYS "better" to park the jet in ONE piece, BEFORE the volcanic ash takes it down - BUT? - we know that MOST people OUT there, prefer to learn the HARD... as in... "the hard LANDING"... way.  Yellowstone, is long overdue.  And to ALL the G20 leaders? - who are meeting in Japan tomorrow? - remember to have a NICE flight home!
27:  For all those who were recently, 'SUDDENLY JOLTED' by a near death experience.  Whenever you are tempted 'to ACT OUT AGAINST us' as you email?  Remember to take the time to THINK before emailing us? For ALL the readers who SINCERELY want 'the KNOWLEDGE of what you are called to DO' - without DOING it?  Whenever you get a really BAD report card from us?  Why the Most High True God has to END "generation lost"? - and REMOVE the children, from the face of the EARTH?  Would everyone PLEASE stop asking us if we are "nice people"!  We just couldn't WAIT! - and so we have already started the July 09, 2019 update.
28:  What happens if you DON'T soften "your STONE-cold heart"? - and FAST!  And SINCE Trump has no DESIRE for 'TRUE Peace' with his Creator?... KNOW that the Most High TRUE God, REALLY! - doesn't 'LIKE', golf - at ALL!  BUT? - He is more of a BASEBALL fan!  HERE - let us SHOW you. (- the following story is at an external link...)  Several men stranded on local golf course as microburst uprooted trees in Washington County (June 28, 2019 story)   And so, what was the A.I.'s RESPONSE to the news that the CREATOR - who is in the process of raising up 'His TRUE Family' - His FAITHFUL Remnant - is about to ABORT the nations?  The ONLY reason that Benedict XVI would need to publicly state HIS reassurance that HE believes Francis to be the Pope? - would be in response to a GROWING GLOBAL catholic CONSENSUS, that Francis... ISN'T!
29:  Just how "nice" ARE the Two Witnesses?   What happens - when people want to DOCUMENT all the ways they are NOT applying the Counsel in the Testimony, to their lives?  We don't normally apologize, but if you listen carefully to the "Come to the Water" video we produced (- in early December of 2013) - and listen to the SPANISH guitar rifs, and the implications of "bring the children...", in the lyrics - it becomes quite clear that we inadvertently invited the Central and South American immigrants to the United States.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused - especially since they ultimately wanted the free health care and American jobs instead of the Blessed Holy Water.  But KNOW that 'the WATER' DID come! - and IS coming... to THEM - and lots OF it!

30:  U.S. President Jimmy Carter FORMALLY announces the BEGINNING of Obama's third term as U.S. President (- unbeknownst to him, of course). For all those who have resolved to CHOOSE! - your Creator's PLANS, for your day?

01:  Are you ready for 'a LONG read'?   In the month of July, we can tell you THIS... they should NEVER have said (- in Matthew 28:13) "Tell people, ‘His disciples came by night and stole him away while we were asleep."  Because now He will show the people that He is indeed RISEN, as the Just Judge, Reigning over the Nations - ONE of those nations being CANADA.
Has "Canada Day" - now become, Systemic CanDIEda Day?  Only a few weeks after Canada's most PROMINENT politician pledges 7 BILLION dollars over the next 10 years, to fund the EXTERMINATION of the human race from ALL the wombs of 'willing women' - what ELSE could you call it? - that's actually 'a SERIOUS question'.  If Canadians are willing to "CELEBRATE!" - after THAT "historical FIRST"? - then the whole country is on their way to WHERE in a hand basket?  Yes, 'extending a HELPING hand' to neighbors "in NEED", is a GOOD thing.  But extending the fully-funded SCALPEL, and the ACID-filled SYRINGE, to the WOMBS of pregnant women around the world, with which they can brutally torture to death, the most HELPLESS of creatures?  "Proud to be Canadian", has now been FULLY spun, into "ALL abortionists around the globe can rest CONFIDENT and ASSURED that they will have their pockets lined with Canadian dollars".  Trudeau pledges billions of tax dollars to fund abortion worldwide for ten years (June 06, 2019 story)  Jesus said: What Trudeau has DONE? - is he has ENSURED the DESTRUCTION of his own nation.   And SO? - the Canadian GOVERNMENT, wants 'to spread DEATH!' - to all the NATIONS.  Therefore: THEY will receive, 'DEATH'! - in droves - as "the pale HORSE"! - comes to Canada.
And of course Saint MICHAEL, riding 'the pale HORSE', WILL spread 'HIS Gifts', systemically.  And to mark this epic "TURNING point, in Canadian history" - we are sharing some of the new MANDATORY revisions, to the Canadian National Anthem - you know the one...

Woe! - Canada! Your Day of Doom has come!... With glowing hearts  We see thee FALL!  The COLD North, strong and PROUD!  From east to west Woe! - Canada, your Day of Destruction has Come!...  Most High TRUE God, CURSE that land!  Woe! - Canada you fund ABORTIONS, for FREE!  Woe! - Canada you fund ABORTIONS, for FREE! 

New updates are now visible for June 18, 30.
02:  The LGBT movement has NOW reached "CRITICAL mass" in the public school system, and the children are now starting to go UNCONTROLLABLY insane - while their peers look on in horror.  For all those who PREFER "The Fruits of Heaven", instead.
03:  MEGA pastor TRUMP? - SEEING, is believing!  Antipope Francis SHUNS the relics of Saint Peter, that were in that antipope's PRIVATE chapel.
04:  And so how much HUMAN carnage did Canada's representative, Justin Trudeau, PURCHASE on behalf of every Canadian citizen?  
05:  What happened on the 12th Anniversary of the Declaration of "the Hour of Divine Justice"?   What would it TAKE, for ANY Canadian citizen, to PHYSICALLY survive the time of the Apocalypse?

07:  And so how did the Canadian government respond to yesterday's posting?
08:  And so how did the deep state leaders within the Canadian government respond to 'their DISMAL report card'?
09:  CSIS and the CIA - working for "National Security" - but to "SECURE" the nation in WHAT? - exactly.  And so, to WHAT can we compare "Canadians"? - objectively speaking, for the historical record
According to ASTRONOMERS, today, Saturn (- symbolizing "the antichrist", or "Obama" - to the illuminati) - is "in OPPOSITION with" the Sun and the Earth

And on the 31st of July, 2019, the BLACK moon appears - referring to the SECOND appearance of "the NEW moon".  And WE know, that 'the deep state', DESPERATELY want to use these events, as SYMBOLS to mark the return of Obama, as U.S. President - as their plan to OUST President Trump moves forward. (- Posted as part of the June 28, 2019 update) 
10:  Have you NOTICED that parents spend less quality time with their childrenFor ALL those who have been "SEEKING to put the LORD to the TEST"? 
11:  Abortion of the Nations in a FAIR way?
At this point in human history
with our ability to EDIT this website - being hacked REGULARLY by CSIS and the CIA
EXPECT interruptions, in our ability to post updates daily
And so expect disruptions, in THEIR daily operations, as well!
update sttvide

update status video
July 13-21: be posted
22:  3
23:  2
24:  1... getting BORED with all this talk about "changes in the SPIRITUAL realities"?...  we can help you with that... because "your personal DEMONS", can't LIE to you, about...
Prepare for Incoming
A video by a Member of the Faithful Remnant...
who took NOTE of the UNEXPECTED PHYSICAL asteroid - "2019 ok" - that suddenly appeared on July 25th
You can find the photos in this video at the following link on this website
The Most High TRUE God has revealed, that the NEXT one, won't miss!
You can think of this 'sudden fly-by event', as "a courteous WARNING shot from Heaven"
Halemaumau Crater pools continue to grow
A pool of UNEXPECTED water suddenly appeared (0:11) in a Hawaiian volcano crater on July 25th
Once the water seeps down to the magma chamber, it will be SUPERHEATED
and THEN the H2O molecules will split, into explosive hydrogen and oxygen atoms.
Perhaps the news reporter simply forgot to mention that important detail.
But the news station DID go to great lengths, to remove the color YELLOW from the image
so that the MASSIVE new SULPHUR DEPOSITS, would appear as white mounds, on this "very ACTIVE" volcano.
Which Unexpected physical event that took place on July 25th do YOU prefer to remember?... BOTH?  Ok then!
Here is a link to some more recent observations - and it includes "a miraculous photo of the actual YELLOW sulphur deposits".

A beautiful Sunset over Russia
What if?... exactly 2 weeks after July 25th - and...
What IF?... exactly 3 days, after the beginning of "the Physical Chastisement FIREWORKS show"...
that took place in a TOWN that was actually FOUNDED on July 25th...
there was "a beautiful SUNSET"?  Would THAT be a big enough Sign?
01-08: be posted
09:  Shortly after midnight, at the beginning of this day - Mary experienced a long-lasting sharp pain in her heart, and felt as though she was having a heart attack.  The pain was in fact so severe, that she became physically incapacitated, pale, and had to lay down.  We quickly turned to prayer and used the Blessed Holy Water, and turned our hearts to Jesus Christ the Lord.  After praying some deliverance prayers from the spirit of infirmity, and from the spirits of reiki, witchcraft and voodoo - and asking to be delivered of the effects of all 'occult human blood sacrifices and intentions' - and after drinking a full glass of Blessed Holy Water, the pain subsided.  Jesus then chimed in - explaining, that had He not intervened, Mary would have died from the psychotronic heart attack, being inflicted by the "black ops" department.  Jesus Christ the Lord, the King of Heaven - said that the psychotronic attacks are "NO MATCH" for the Blessed Holy Water and heartfelt repentance - and that He allowed it to get to this point of an actual "physical death attempt" so that He can begin KILLING THEM.  We then asked, "What are you going to DO?"  He replied, "Defend My children!"
Postings are now suspended until "The Kill Order" is carried out, by the Holy Angels - this is of course referring to, "a new Era of mass casualty events, as the world has never seen".  Remember, that Saint Michael, the Holy Archangel, and "Angel of DEATH" - the Angel who oversees 'the moment of DEATH' for ALL humans - IS in fact, "the right HAND of God the Father, ACTING, in the physical realms".  The Creator of the UNIVERSE, is now getting "PERSONALLY involved", in 'the REMOVAL', of those who are opposed to His Ways.  He will simply REMOVE them, from this LIFE, and from existence itself.  Simple.  "NOT a problem!" - at all.  Sweet dreams everyone!

“It is I [- the Most High TRUE God], announcing vindication, mighty to save.” [- And people will ASK...] Why is your apparel red [- with blood], and your garments like his that treads in the wine press? [- the Most High TRUE God replies...]  “I have trodden the wine press alone [- the Most High TRUE God has taken it upon HIMSELF to deal with the human race], and from the peoples no one was with me [- except for just a HANDFUL, the Faithful Remnant - who AGREE with, and who SUPPORT, what the Most High TRUE God is about to DO - by HIS Heavy Hand alone...]; I trod them [- referring to those WITHOUT physical Holy Angelic protection] in my anger and trampled them in my wrath; their lifeblood [- their offspring] is sprinkled upon my garments, and I have stained all my raiment. For the day of vengeance [- the time of the Global Apocalypse] was in my heart, and my year of redemption [- the time of the Great Physical Tribulation] has come. I looked, but there was no one to help [- who wanted SALVATION]; I was appalled [- at what the world had BECOME...], but there was no one to uphold [- except for just a FEW, The Faithful Remnant]; so my own arm [- Saint Michael the Archangel, and Prince of the Heavenly Host of Holy Angels] brought me victory, and my wrath upheld me. I trod down the peoples in my anger [- striking all the children], I made them drunk in my wrath [- staggering with PTSD], and I poured out their lifeblood on the earth.” (Isaiah 63:1b-6) 

Of course the story would NOT be complete, without sharing the fact, that when Mary was afflicted, with what she described as "a thousand stabbing pains to her heart" - and when she became faint, and pale, teetering on the brink of death - We actually PRAYED to 'the Angel of Death', Saint Michael the Holy Archangel, to come to our AID!  And we can TELL you, that "the PALENESS", QUICKLY left her - as He TOOK it.  And what do YOU think Saint Michael is going to do with 'THAT gift', from the Global military industrial complex - who were in fact proxying for their deep state luciferian taskmasters, and ALL their offspring?  We can tell you THIS: Saint Michael took that "paleness", and mounted His Horse of the APOCALYPSE with it, and is now busy doing "door to door deliveries".  He won't be applying for a job with Amazon any time soon! - we can assure you of that.  And for all those who would "COMPLAIN" about the 'Divine Just RECIPROCALITY', that is now being spread throughout the planet? - you can tell 'the DEVIL' all about it! - as 'your desire to COMPLAIN', ushers you TO the devil, in HIS kingdom down below - as quickly as your Creator can get you there.  Once again, "Thanks for playing!"
Perfectly Timed Pareidolia
A clip from a video by someone who is NOT a Member of the Faithful Remnant
But SINCE, the spiritual realities are now MANIFESTING in the PHYSICAL realms,
More and more people are becoming 'AWARE' of "the Pale Horse", on a deep subconscious level.
YouTuber "dutchsinse", included the above, as part of his August 08, 2019 global observations.
According to the King of HeavenThose WERE deliberate formations that HE MADE...
to be OBSERVED in these End Times - to SHOW "the scoffers", that they ARE "living in the Time of the Apocalypse".

"Through the steadfast love of the Most High he shall not be moved. Your hand [- the Hand of Most High TRUE God] will find out all your enemies; your right hand [- Saint Michael the Holy Archangel] will find out those who hate you. You will make them as a blazing oven [- as those who dwell in the Eternal Lake of Fire] when you appear. The Lord will swallow them up in his wrath; and fire will consume them [- Eternally]. You will destroy their offspring from the earth [- and this has been clearly foretold in the Testimony], and their children from among the sons of men. If they [- "the assailants"] plan evil against you, if they devise mischief, they will not succeed. For you will put them to flight; you will aim at their faces with your bows. Be exalted, O Lord [- the Most High TRUE God], in thy strength! We will sing and praise thy power." (Psalm 21:7b-13) 

30:  "The Kill Order" - that sounds very "PHYSICAL"... was sent out on Friday July 12th, exactly 7 weeks ago, from today - as we stopped posting daily updates in the Testimony.  And do YOU want to know WHAT we have been up to, for exactly 7 weeks?   We have been DEVOUTLY, interceding - in perfect UNITY with ALL of Heaven - for the PHYSICAL POURING out - of the 7 Bowls, of Divine Just PHYSICAL Wrath - all over the entire Face of the Earth [- that's "what HAPPENS, when we stop posting daily updates, in the Testimony" - as a direct result of deliberate one world government interference].
We are now writing this of course, because... (drip... drip... drip...) there's nothing left, to be poured.  ALL the Apocalyptic Judgements have now been set in motion.   Speaking of "in motion", Hurricane DORIAN (- a name meaning "GIFT") - at this time, has now been "GIFTED" - as the first of MANY mega disasters - that are MANIFESTATIONS of the Divine Just PHYSICAL Consequences, befalling the wicked (- Consequences of Apocalyptic Biblical Proportions). 
The Storm Has Come
A video by a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Daily updates are now being resumed, effective today.  For ALL those who are seeking to be an OFFICIAL Member of the Faithful Remnant at this time.  All of HEAVEN has seen 'the UNENDING antics' of women, in these Times - and your Creator can WORK with that! - as an essential note has now been added to that update.  And while you ponder those updates, did you notice that Hurricane Dorian is spinning like water in a toilet bowl, being FLUSHED?  Why IS that?  Hmmm.
New updates are now posted for August 14: Humanity has now reached its BREAKING POINT!  August 22:  EVEN if you end up falling MORE - it doesn't MATTER - as LONG as you, 'GET back UP!' 
31: Just when you thought the Apocalypse COULDN'T get BIG enough!  For those who are being 'TEMPTED, to have false compassion on the WICKED'?  It's no longer about the Testimony revealing "a threat to national security" - it's about "an UNPRECEDENTED threat to civilization" - revealed DIRECTLY, from the Throne of "the CREATOR of civilization, time, and space".  And that "THREAT"? - is now IRREVOCABLY set in motion - thanks to, the efforts of the global governments, as they monitored the unfolding content in the Testimony.  The global governments (- "the BEAST/antichrist SYSTEM"...) DESPERATELY wanted "to be in CONTROL, of the UNFOLDING of the End Times events".  And SO?... prayer answered! - they are now TOTALLY and in COMPLETE control, of the RATE, at which the disasters - that are now all IRREVOCABLE -  unfold.  We are now COMPLETELY removed, from having ANY influence, on the unfolding disasters, whatsoever.  Or? - in simple terms - from OUR point of view? - this is now "a salvage operation".  We are now ONLY interested, in 'salvaging the GOOD, that remains', after 'the WAVES of Destruction', pass by.  Amen. 
01:  AS promised: Funny how that hurricane is making a bee-line for Trump's Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach resort.  Of course, if we had written, everything He OWNS, is 'a DORIAN from his Creator' - then Trump would HAVE to take us SERIOUSLY.  But as it STANDS?... a mandatory evacuation order on his PROPERTY, IS in fact, "something that DIRECTLY affects his property" - as the prophecy so aptly stated.  See for yourself.
02: the "HISTORICAL and CATASTROPHIC" hurricane Dorian spins to a HALT... over the Byehamas - formerly known, as "the Bahamas".  And for all those people who aren't "me-te-or-ol-o-gists" out there? - that is probably the worst place on the planet to BE right now.  And so WHAT exactly did Mr. Trump choose?  Know that we DO not encourage ANYONE to go LOOKING for "NEWER and more EXCITING ways to FAIL" at this most CRITICAL and DECISIVE time in human history - and so? - we are NOW posting an important REHAB message, that was selected from yesterday's emails.  Have YOU resolved to be "SPIRITUALLY SELFISH" today?  Spoiler alert: For all those who are repairing their million dollar homes and RESORTS from hurricane damage.  We know that many! - MANY people! - WILL be coming to the Testimony from other RELIGIONS and from other faiths - once they see how the CREATOR, deals with Mr. Trump.  For those who CAN'T perceive 'the HUMOR', that we are sharing?  
03: For THOSE who are experiencing "the Blessed Fruits" of RECEIVING the Testimony. 
04:  There's "a time for hitting us with every PSYCHOTRONIC attack IMAGINABLE"... and then there's, A time to PREPARE... (- from the July 23 update - and here's more...)  There are a few things you really need to PRACTICE.  
05:  "A time to PREPARE..."?... "ByeHAMAS"?...  Perhaps some "before and AFTER" images, of Freeport, Grand Bahama Island - an island that HAD a population of about 56,000 people - would help with that:
Freeport satellite images
Before and after - Freeport on Google maps - Freeport, during the height of the 20 foot Hurricane Dorian storm surge
How elevated is YOUR home above the local floodplain?  Here is an easy way to find out: 
Remember - moving to the ATTIC to escape rising flood waters? - is great if there is a way to get out. 
And if this is a concern? - Best to consider a safe way to store an axe and a life jacket or flotation device up there.
This simple note, if given to the Bahamians before the storm? - would have saved hundreds of lives!
The governments and mainstream media, are currently LYING! - through their TEETH! - claiming today, that the death toll from Hurricane Dorian - is just 20 people, at this time.  And so? - we consulted "the Heavenly STATISTICS Expert" - who IS, Jesus Christ the Lord - who so kindly revealed the ACTUAL number of people, who perished, in this Apocalyptic disaster.  The ACTUAL number is... "in the thousands".  Thousands of Bahamians (or... "bye!-HAMIANS"...), watched, as the storm surge, SLOWLY entered their homes - then SLOWLY rose to the height of their CEILING - forcing them into their ATTICS - where they then watched in horror - as the hurricane force wind and waves, swept the house away - with the strong currents that swept over the island - and out to sea.  And know that 'their prayers for MERCY'? - WERE in fact "heard" - as the Most High TRUE God, DID in fact, have Mercy on the sharks - who were VERY hungry, at the time of the storm.  And if that sounds like "an EXAGGERATION"? - then ponder THIS, "WHERE did all those people GO?"  "WHY can they only find 20 bodies at this TIME?"  YOU do the math!  Unfortunately for 'the global GOVERNMENTS'? - they were WARNED, by their CREATOR, "NOT to hide the numbers".  And so, what they are TELLING Him? - is to "...Go BIGGER!" - and to "GIVE them a disaster, where they CAN'T hide the numbers!"  Wow! - that's "a VERY BIG! - challenge..."  Message received and understood!  Amen.
We are NOT here "to water down the TRUTH".  But the CREATOR, IS Here - to "water DOWN", all those who are OUTSIDE 'the Ark of Safety'.  And let's be HONEST here folks! - people just AREN'T getting the Message.  And so HERE is 'a FUN one' for the reader to ponder: Just HOW many people, does the CREATOR have to "water DOWN", before people start to take His TESTIMONY seriously?  We shall SEE!... and post the images, as they are made AVAILABLE.
On another note, some people are WONDERING, now that more and more people are POSTING testimony VIDEOS... What the New Members are now RECOGNIZING?
06:  It's rather IRONIC, that the government leaders, made SURE that there was never "a missing persons list", for the Billion or so UNBORN CHILDREN - who were 'ABORTED, from the NATIONS' - and who CONTINUE to be... DELIBERATELY aborted, by "friends and family", each and every day.  And SO?... each country, will now have "a missing persons list" (Bahamas actual list)... instead.  Sound FAIR?  SURE it is!  What about YOU? - is there something YOU'RE missing?  Then find it, in the Testimony of your Creator.  And while you're FINDING it - know that your Creator, won't STOP "aborting nations" - until each country's "missing person list" - is at LEAST equal to the number of unborn CHILDREN in that country, who went... "missing".  So fasten your SEATBELTS! - it's going to get a little scary - like... an ABORTION! - from the CHILD'S point of view.  And each country on the planet WILL soon look like the ByeHAMAS - as in, "absolutely DEVASTATED" - as everyone there SHOULD have been, in response to even the THOUGHT of aborting their children.  It is important to note, that abortion is currently "ILLEGAL" in the Bahamas.  And so, if that is what the Creator's response is to a country that had a SMALLER percentage, of its inhabitants seek out an abortion ELSEWHERE - can you IMAGINE! - what He will do to those countries, where abortion is LEGAL, and HAS been, for a very long TIME? In OTHER words, WELCOME to "the ERA of mass casualties"!  Get USED to it... today!
What are the two approaches, to TEMPTATION and to ADVERSITY?  You are now at the most IMPORTANT fork in the road, of your entire LIFE! - and you ARE going to 'CHOOSE a world view'!
07:  Bye! - Hamians
With bodies still in the streets, Bahamians look for a way out of Marsh Harbour
0:25 "The STENCH of death... is SO bad!... we JUST want to know, HOW to get out of here!"
LOOKS like...  another case of... "eRATication"... or... "eCRABication"?

The washington post (- that produced that above video...) IS a "deep state" owned and operated newspaper - but the Most High TRUE God IS 'putting His HEAVY Hand on THEM' - so that the TRUTH gets out.  And the Truth is? - even the Bahamians, are now saying... "BYE! - hamas!" - as the stench of the rotting CORPSES, turns the place into an open cemetery.  But the U.S. really needs to send in the ARMY! - and the relief organizations - in to the United STATES that is... to prepare for what is coming next!  Why? - because 'the God of the Two Witnesses' IS now Opening Fire, on the United States.  Enough!  They didn't want to make "Terms of Peace" with the 2 Ambassadors - and so they will get WAR - as in, "APOCALYPTIC War, of Biblical Proportions - as THEY are introduced, to the God of the Old Testament - ONE disaster, at a time". 

For those who are experiencing hurdles and adversities, that you expect US to solve?  For all those who are "motivated by FEAR", to join the Faithful Remnant?  For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are struggling with painful MEMORIES of your PASTMessing with the Remnant comes with a HEAVY price!  Purple skies after a HURRICANE - what does it MEAN?

08:  And so we turned to Jesus Christ the LORD, and asked, "WHY! - did He SPARE Trump's PROPERTY? - and WHY! - did He spare FLORIDA? - with hurricane DORIAN?"
09:  For those who experience BITTERNESS? - as they read our emails, and as they read the Testimony?  Are YOU feeling TRAPPED in your current JOB?  What is"the common thread" - MOVING through 'all the private member emails'? (- an important essay).  Does ANY woman? - in these Times, desire to reflect 'the VIRTUES of the Blessed Virgin MARY'?  Have you been DIVING in to "a VORTEX, of knowledge"? - as you go surfing ONLINE? Things are about to CHANGE, for the global governments - as The GOD of the Old TESTAMENT, exercises 'MERCILESSNESS!' - AGAINST, their nations!
10:  The illuminati REALLY need 'help' with "their little problem". Life is a BEACH! - sounds delicious!  For all "the perfect WOMEN" out there.
9/11:  Did you know, that if you go back 7 weeks from today, and then back 2300 days, that you land on Justice Sunday? - the day that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was abolished.  Or? - add 2300 days, and 7 weeks from THAT date, April 7, 2013 - and you land on TODAY.  Why IS that?  It's like this whole period in TIME, has been some sort of a COUNTDOWN, to a "9/11" event - or something like that.  That was "Just!... the introduction". Today marks the final day, of "the 7 WAVES of the Most High True God's APOCALYPTIC Justice" - that is ABOUT to befall, HUMANITY" - being sent out.  Each WEEK - SINCE, July 25th - represented 'a WEEK, of OUR! - heartfelt prayers, TO the Most High True God'.  And NOW that "The 7 WAVES" have gone OUT - NOW He can begin, "MANIFESTING, the PHYSICAL Judgements, as PROPHESIED, in the Testimony - at RANDOM - with no WARNING" - according to 'HIS Good Will and Pleasure'!  OUR ADVICE? - is NOW, IS the Time! - for HUMANITY, to get... on their KNEES! - and PREPARE, for 'the Divine WRATH! - of their CREATOR' - to REACH 'each ONE of them'.  In OTHER words "PREPARE to reap the WHIRLWIND"!

12:  The “harvest moon” - the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox - will appear full this year, beginning today - as it will appear full from September 12 until the 15th.  And speaking of "harvest"? - A whole "new WAVE! - of mass CASUALTY Events - have now been 'set in MOTION!' - STARTING today".   For those who "...just came across the Testimony"?
13: There are now 23 members of the Faithful Remnant, who have their videos posted in the Testimony.  And so why IS 9/11/19 the OFFICIAL start date? - for the PHYSICAL Abortion of the Nations.   What about YOU? - do YOU desire to Take a public stand for your Creator?  The women in the Faithful Remnant, are ALL! - holding on TIGHTLY (- a "personal note" from Mary Romanus).
14:  An important follow-up note to yesterday's update for the women AS...  Women have a tendency to listen to the DEVIL?  A "Why 9/11" follow-up note.  WHEN oh WHEN will the Most High True God REVEAL His Judgements to the Nations?
15:  For the women who have now "lost their purpose" in the Remnant - followed by "an IMPORTANT reflection". What are YOU called to do? - the MINUTE! - the ENEMY 'REARS his UGLY head'.  Yes! - Jesus DOES 'Love YOU women'!  For all those who DESIRE the Testimony to make SENSE?

16:  Have you been BLESSING your EARS, EYES and HEART with the Blessed HOLY Water?  What causes Mary Romanus the MOST pain - and what can we do to help?  Can you BELIEVE that 'the state of women' page JUST surpassed 40 THOUSAND words, "on a FUNNY note"?
17:  But what IF!... there IS no room for change - INWARDLY?  A new update was added for September 14.
18:  Holy Humor until it hurts... Continued.  For those who want your CREATOR, to acknowledge YOUR efforts?  Did you know that your day can ONLY be ruined, if you focus continually on YOURSELF?   "Just HOW DIFFERENT are things NOW?" - you really SHOULD be asking!
19:  God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven is now going to ACT!
20:  "GLOBAL APOCALYPSE! - Rated R" - coming SOON! - to a STREET near you... (- but first there is just a little MATTER, that needs to be taken care of...)


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And to all those who are using, "Waiting for the next update!" - as an excuse NOT to read and apply the Testimony?
Tell THAT one to 'the Just Judge' - He could use a good laugh.

Perhaps He will even 'top it OFF', with "an added PUNCH line" - when He tells you what He is going to do with you next...

Blotted out somewhere
A video by a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Who simply uses "his FREE WILL", as he REFUSES to be blotted out

The fruit of the heart
A video by a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Who is focused on "the Tree that bears GOOD fruit"

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Have you noticed that the recent postings are actually getting more INTENSE! - as even MORE Revelations are 'poured FORTH from Heavens's THRONE'.  Yes, the prayers of the assailants are NOT being heard by the Creator of the Universe, but only by THEIR father, in THEIR "heaven, down below"The Most High True God IS turning up the heat in their interior lives, so gradually, that they will be sure to reach 'the destination they prefer'.  Understand?  The Members of the Faithful Remnant need to be reminded, that the goal, is NOT to wake the people up - who are now most certainly destined for Eternal Flames.  But ONLY the Creator of the Universe knows who will survive - until He reveals it of course.  So allow HIM, to draw people to your video testimonies - as YOU, exercise self-control, and patience - in this "PERFECTLY unfolding Time of The End".  

Rev 11:7a “And when they have finished their testimony...  But wasn't the Testimony taken off-line at one point? - wasn't THAT the end of the Testimony?  What about the August 20, 2016 announcement that "this CONCLUDES the written Testimony..."?   Answer:  The Testimony of the Two Witnesses - as in, "the HEAVENLY Court Case" Testimony - concluded on August 20, 2016 - and that should give you an idea, as to what is coming next.  But "the FLYING SCROLL" (Zechariah 5:1), CONTINUES to go out to the NATIONS, and CONTINUES to NOURISH the Faithful REMNANT - as THEY deserve, "the VERY, BEST! - NOURISHMENT".  And so "this WEBSITE", will CONTINUE to be edited, and UPDATED, with NEW Content.  In other words, after reading the Testimony, and arriving at this sentence, most people simply wish that we would just die (Rev 11:7b).  But we are still here!  And we are in fact called to Live!  The part in Revelations about dying, was actually an allegory - for what most people wish on us, as they read this.  Understand?  And that is simply because, "MOST people", are already, "spiritually dead" - and simply want us to become like them.  Most PEOPLE, now have 'the spiritual mark of the beast', or 'the spiritual mark of Cain'.  Welcome to the Apocalypse!  Happy APOCALYPSE everybody!  Hope you like surprises!  Because there are MANY! - MANY on the way.  To the Members of the Faithful Remnant: "PERSEVERE - and finish the race!" - as there are lots of "High Fives" waiting for everyone!

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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
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Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
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