The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

and DISTRESS of Nations

 "During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will sit upon the throne,
Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep amid great tribulations."
 (- a prophecy by Saint Malachy)
"Behold, noise and confusion, thunders and earthquake, tumult upon the earth! And behold, two great dragons [- referring to the Two Witnesses - for "fire comes FORTH, to consume their FOES!"...] came forward, both ready to fight, and they roared terribly. And at their roaring every nation prepared for war, to fight against the nation of the righteous [- referring to the Faithful Remnant] . And behold, a day of darkness and gloom, tribulation and distress, affliction and great tumult upon the earth! And the whole righteous nation was troubled; they feared the evils that threatened them [- referring to the one world government psychotronic attacks] , and were ready to perish [- as their numbers were reduced down to only 4 Official Members...] . Then they cried to God; and from their cry, as though from a tiny spring, there came a great river, with abundant water; light came, and the sun rose [- in the HEARTS of the Faithful Remnant] , and the lowly were exalted and consumed those held in honor [- referring to the wicked] ."
(Esther 11:5-11)
"For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. And if those days had not been shortened, no human being would be saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened."
(Matthew 24:21-22)  


"When The Great Warning comes upon the whole Earth, then there will be distress of Nations, an up-roaring of the sea, calamity – upon calamity, and dread and fear, will be upon the face of: men, and women and children."... you are about to become the visible head, of My Church; and you will feed My flock, amidst Great Tribulations.   One of the Tribulations will be: when they find out about the removal of My Presence, and ‘The Great Schism’ finally beginning.  Never did they think that I would bring it about.  Never did they think, that I would be the first to act, against those, who refuse to show mercy.  Never, did they think, that I would be so bold as to appear again ‘on the scene’, in a Great way –just like in the time when I was walking on the face of the earth."  (- Jesus, Wednesday, February 1, 2012) 
"Why did the house fall? – that was built, upon sand, My children?  But because it had: no, foundation, to withstand, all the turmoil, and distress, and tribulation, that would surround it.  And what, was the house built upon? – that stood, against the wind, against the rain, and against the floods?" (- Jesus Monday, October 29, 2012)

WHAT is your CREATOR going to do with ALL the PEOPLE who have CHOSEN to be AGAINST Him?

While Mary and I were watching a video showing the Russian forests burning today, Jesus Christ the Lord chimed in…

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  If this is what I am going to do with the TREES - that 'DID nothing WRONG' - and are "ontologically CORRECT"? - WHAT, am I going to do with 'the PEOPLE'? - who have chosen to be AGAINST Me, and against My WAYS?

Pope Peter the Last:  Throw them into HELLFIRE!

Jesus:  It's called, "PSYCHOLOGICAL PREPARATION".  I don't DO, "random chaos".
And so? - as you FOLLOW the news - know that those really aren't "forest fires" popping up all over the world - they're REALLY just "psychological PREPARATIONS" - for the transition to 'the NEW world', that almost EVERYONE on this planet, prefers to go to.  (August 02, 2019 update) 

Jesus Christ the Lord said: And SO? - what has HAPPENED to "the Bahamas" - will COME to the United States! - of America.  AS I bring 'that NATION' to its knees!  "The DEATH toll"? - WILL, be immense!  And MANY will 'look AWAY!' - AT the DESTRUCTION - that is to BEFALL! - "the MAJOR, cities".  And I will not STOP! - until ONLY! - the Faithful Remnant, are left! - ON, the Face of the Earth.  And so 'PREPARE yourselves for War!' - AS I, 'take back your CHILDREN'! - you "MERCILESS nations!"  As you were 'MERCILESS! - with the GIFT! - that I bestowed, UPON you' - "the GIFT! - of Life - IN the womb".  And so you were "MERCILESS! - with the CHILDREN, that you DO have!"  And even THEY! - will be 'taken, FROM you!'  You ALL put "STUMBLING blocks", BEFORE them! - to PREVENT them - from COMING to My TESTIMONY - from 'LEARNING, My WAYS'.  And I WARNED! - "Suffer not the little CHILDREN, to COME to Me".  And so you ALL will suffer! - IMMENSELY! - and BE Chastised SEVERELY - UNTIL you 'CONVERT - to the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith', UNDER, "My True Pope, PETRUS Romanus" - or you PERISH! - as "ALL, STUBBORN! - sinners, DO".  (- Excerpt from the September 08, 2019 update)  

United States - TEXAS:  How could Tropical Storm Imelda POSSIBLY form so FAST and do so much DAMAGE?
God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said:  Oh MURDEROUS nation! - of hearts - do YOU think! - that I have not 'dealt FAIRLY WITH YOU'? - in 'SCOURGING you!' - in 'bringing AFFLICTIONS, upon you'; in 'STRIPPING you, of your homes' - of "YOUR places of refuge, and safety"?...  And SO?... PREPARE to reap the WHIRLWIND! (- Excerpt from the May 31, 2019 update) 

The Two Witnesses said:  The LORD'S "Apocalyptic WRATH" and "DIVINE Chastisement" - has REACHED? - Texas!  TEXAS? - is RESPONSIBLE, for! - the ACCUMULATIVE, DEATH toll, of over 3 MILLION CHILDREN! - THROUGH? - the GRUESOME act of ABORTION.

And these CHILDREN? - did 'NOTHING!' - to DESERVE, 'such, a BRUTAL! - BEATING'.

And the LORD said, that "the END would come with a flood" - and that "DESOLATIONS are DECREED".  And SO? - the LORD sent 'RAIN!' - APOCALYPTIC rain, from HEAVEN.  He sent, "GREAT, RAINFALL" - to 'POUND!' - the Earth.  And, He sent 'TORRENTIAL rain' - to COVER, 'the EARTH', and its INHABITANTS. 

And, He sent, 'Hurricane HARVEY' - "a DIVINE CHASTISEMENT" - to TEXAS.  And NOW He SHOWS them, that 'out of MOISTURE, and RAIN'? - He can 'CREATE', DOWNPOURS! - the DOWNPOURS, ACCOMPANIED, by 'HURRICANES'.  And the STORMS? - He CREATED, SUDDENLY, and SWIFTLY - and their IMPACT could NOT, be predicted.  And "the WEATHERMAN"? - and the METEOROLOGISTS? - were 'PUT to shame!'  And the PEOPLE? - did not 'THINK!' - to QUESTION: WHY! - their LAND, was being 'STRICKEN - so HARD'; and WHY! - they were being 'AFFLICTED!'  And they REFUSED, to 'turn their HEARTS', to, 'their CREATOR' - and 'make AMENDS'.  And so He SENT them, "even WORSE storms!" - and "worse DISASTERS", out of the ABUNDANCE, of 'His APOCALYPTIC, Wrath'.  And the PEOPLE? - of TEXAS? - STILL! - did not REPENT, or 'make AMENDS', with their Creator.  And so the LORD? - grew ANGRY, with 'the TEXANS' - as they 'REFUSED! - to RECEIVE, His TESTIMONY' - even THOUGH! - His TESTIMONY, HAD 'visited', their STATE.  And the Lord 'SAW'! - that the PEOPLE, would 'JUST, rebuild!'  And they would NOT! - learn! - "the LESSON", He was TEACHING them; but that they would "CALL IT? - CLIMATE change!" - and DISMISS! - 'the ACT', of the MOST HIGH TRUE God.  And the LORD? - 'THOUGHT upon it' - some more - and DECIDED? - that HE, would 'send even WORSE! - disasters, and afflictions, TO the texans' - and that they would be 'SCOURGED! - UNCEASINGLY'.  And THEN? - AFTER, He was FINISHED? - He WOULD! - 'HARVEST', the NUMBER, of aborted CHILDREN - from, their STATE - that "the TEXANS", had 'MERCILESSLY, aborted'.  And the LORD? - 'TOOK!' - 3 MILLION! - texans.  And the LORD was "satisfied"! (- September, 20, 2019 update) 

Dallas Texas - Pummeled by a tornado left a 17 mile path of destruction.

"HE, would 'send even WORSE! - disasters, and afflictions, TO the texans' - and that they would be 'SCOURGED! - UNCEASINGLY'?" - perhaps yesterday's tornado touchdown IN Dallas, the 9th largest city in the United States (- sent to "the texans" exactly one month after the above quote from the Creator was recorded) - will help people take His WORDS a little more seriously… or NOT.  The Dallas tornado left a 17 mile path of Divine Destruction.
Dallas Texas Tornado October 20, 2019
Saint Michael often tends to leave a mess, for OTHERS to clean up!
... at least the rats won't be chomping on THIS one... just yet

This is "just the BEGINNING" of the Creator's RESPONSE to the one world government's "MERCILESS attacks on the Remnant" through their alien technology. And so MORE Destruction is coming! - as the GOVERNMENTS, desire 'the DESTRUCTION of the Faithful Remnant'.  And YES! - He IS! - "hitting the MAJOR cities!" (October 21, 2019 update) 
Your friendly neighborhood TWO WITNESSES have been "very BUSY" lately - doing "our very BEST!" - to RECIPROCATE, everything that YOUR government leaders, have been doing to US, and to the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  REMEMBER! - we wrote... and not too LONG ago...

"And since the Global Military Industrial Complex were 'so kind', as to invite THEIR psychotronic warfare into the homes of the Members of the Faithful Remnant?  WE took it upon OURSELVES, to reciprocate, by "GENEROUSLY inviting" EVERY nameable and UNNAMABLE Apocalyptic disaster...  into the MAJOR CITIES, all around the Globe!   And we DID so, in "an IRREVOCABLE way", before ALL of Heaven." (from the May 30, update on the 2019 Archives page)
And remember! - the long LITANY of our prayers FOR "Divine Just Payback" - that WE have lifted up - and CONTINUE to lift up, to the Highest Heavens - that Litany that is now fully "APPROVED", and now SCHEDULED! - and set in MOTION...?  That LITANY, is being PERFECTLY administered, to the nations - in such a way, as 'to NOT wake the people up' - in THIS life that is!
8 second video:
New images of damage after tornadoes hit North Texas area
What does it TAKE to get neighbors helping neighbors?
This "short but TELLING" clip - was taken in the aftermath of the North Texas tornadoes
From a May 30 video titled, "New images of damage after tornadoes hit North Texas area"

Are YOU focused on "selfie" TOO?

And if EACH PERSON, 'CHOSE', to LOVE their CREATOR, 'from their HEARTS'? - then NATURALLY? - 'TRUE Love for NEIGHBOR', would FOLLOW!  But INSTEAD? - people 'CAROUSE, AROUND, and PARTY, and DRINK, and commit ALL kinds, of sins - and acts of DEBAUCHERY - and satanic DRUNKENNESS' - and they have 'NO CARE!' - for the ACTUAL needs of their neighbor - because 'EVERYONE is focused on SELF!' - UNLESS of course, "PHYSICAL DISASTERS! - hit" - and the people, are 'forced to come TOGETHER', and rebuild.  But the CREATOR, should not have to 'DESTROY', NEIGHBORHOODS, and CITIES, and COUNTRIES - in ORDER to, get PEOPLE, to turn BACK to Him.  But, because THESE have BECOME 'the SECURITY, of the WORLD'? - He HAS to! - He HAS to SHOW, mankind, "how INSECURE, they really ARE!" - How VULNERABLE - How FRAGILE! - How MORTAL!  Because they 'walk AROUND, as if they were kings and QUEENS - and as if their HOUSES were their PALACES!'  And they have EXCHANGED! - the Kingdom of HEAVEN, for "a false UTOPIA". And now 'the Most High TRUE God' must DESTROY! - "the false utopia". (May 30, 2019 update - poetically posted out of chronological order)
The Right Side of History
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Have YOU been choosing to be… "on the right SIDE, of HISTORY"?

What "good resolutions", and what "measures" are YOU taking? - in order, to make SURE that, YOU are "on the right SIDE, of HISTORY", as things UNFOLD.  In OTHER words:  HOW are you 'preparing your HEART'? - for "the HAMMER!" - that is coming DOWN, UPON 'the inhabitants, of the Earth'?  Are you 'CHOOSING? - to be LOWLY, and to be HUMBLE'?   Are you 'HUMBLED by your CREATOR'? - and His MAJESTY? - the MAJESTY of, 'His PRESENCE'? - IN the TESTIMONY?  (- excerpt from the October 30, 2019 update) 

"A COURTESY note" - to ALL the Californians who want to 'STAND their GROUND!
- as they SHARE in the DARK FATE of California?
Liquefaction in Indonesia
Since the CALIFORINIANS really don't want to take a STAND for the TESTIMONY...
How CAN the Most High True God, HELP them? - to "Come to the Water"?
We really CAN'T give too much AWAY, at THIS point in time... but we can tell you THIS:
THAT sure looks like "California SOIL", and they sure are IN... for "a LET down".
Coming SOON to 'a State near you'!
And SO the question is:  HAS "the God of the Old Testament" ARISEN, in these TIMES?  With the FIRES raging - in CALIFORNIA - ONE after ANOTHER… after ANOTHER? - as the FIREMEN, 'try in DESPERATION', to get AHEAD! - of these "infernos"? - the HOLY ANGELS are in fact, 'fanning the FLAMES' - and 'EXHAUSTING!' - the firefighters, in the PROCESS.  THEY are in fact 'SPREADING!' - the fires - through 'SUPERNATURAL means'.  And 'as ONE is put OUT'? - ANOTHER one, will FORM!  BECAUSE, CALIFORNIA is 'being BEATEN!' - by "the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT", in an UNPRECEDENTED way! - they will SOON see; as they are 'YET! - to experience', the FULLNESS, of 'HIS Divine WRATH', on their state.  He has 'KINDLED, His ANGER' against, the STATE of California - and He WILL 'ADD! - INSULT to INJURY' - with these 'NEXT coming Disasters' - that will PRIMARILY, affect, Los ANGELES, and San Francisco.  BECAUSE! - HE! - is 'Rising up to Defend', the UNBORN - whom, the CALIFORNIANS, "MERCILESSLY! - abort - and 'tear-APART', LIMB from LIMB!" - EVERY DAY.  'TERROR!' - NIGHT! - and Day, is "the JUDGMENT! - that has COME against, the state of CALIFORNIA".  And so 'we ENCOURAGE'! - people, to 'LEAVE that state!' - OR? - they WILL 'share, in her fate' - and… 'QUITE the DARK fate!' - it is… (- no pun INTENDED…).

What's THAT? - so many readers 'BELIEVE', that "the God of the Old Testament" DESTROYS! - "CITIES!" - by wiping them OUT in the blink of an EYE - as He did to the Old Testament LGBTQ capitals of Sodom and Gomorrah.  RIGHT you are!   But! - the people of those historic CITIES, weren't sipping lattes as they BOASTED about the NUMBER of times, they SLOWLY! - SLAUGHTERED, their own KIN! - in their own WOMBS! - now WERE they!  And the people of those two CITIES, weren't SPONSORING, the LGBTQ communities GLOBALLY, to share in the SAME leisure activities - now WERE they!  And SO? - know that "The God of the OLD Testament", is keeping "HIP with the Times", that you are now living in - and is making 'the NECESSARY adjustments', to HIS modus operandi.  In other words, the HELLIFORNIANS, weren't in a HURRY, to LESSEN the suffering of the UNBORN.  And SO? - your CREATOR, isn't "in a HURRY", to LESSEN or SHORTEN, the suffering of the Californians.  Sound FAIR?  (YOU know the rest). (November 01, 2019 update) 

James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have YOU taken 'a close LOOK' at your CREATOR'S 'TO-DO LIST' lately?...
God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said: And SO I will make "a full END!" - of the State of New York.  And I will 'SWEEP them away' - as THOUGH they never existed, with 'ONE, BREATH!' - from My nostrils. For THAT is 'how THEY have chosen, to be treated'.  In SHOWING 'such MERCILESSNESS!' - to "My LITTLE ones", I MUST 'make an EXAMPLE, OF them', before ALL, of the OTHER nations.  You WILL see this soon!   Amen. (- excerpt from the January 24, 2019 update)   
Many people died as the were crushed by the heavy stone walls
and there are no basement tornado shelters in South Africa...
Just as there are no "safe rooms" for the unborn, as THEY are aborted

What will it TAKE for the PEOPLE to finally ADMIT - that 'they are LIVING in the TIME of the Apocalypse'?

And so it BEGINS! - the CREATOR'S "DIVINE Just MERCILESSNESS!" - against AFRICA.  As "the WHIRLWIND" visited - and 'with Great FURY!' - it STRUCK! - WITHOUT warning.  And we TURN to our CREATOR - and we ASK HIM, to 'MULTIPLY! - the tornadoes, in South AFRICA' - and give them THOUSANDS! - of "twisters" - UNTIL? - the PEOPLE, ADMIT - that 'they are LIVING, in the TIME of the Apocalypse'.  This IS! - "our CREATOR'S, only RECOURSE, of ACTION!" - to SHOW! - 'the African population', that "HE is Displeased, WITH them" - and He will 'BRING that nation TO its knees!' - but He is "IN no hurry to DO so" - AS with all the OTHER countries, and NATIONS, that are "ON His List". (November 14, 2019 update) 


WHERE? - is the Most High TRUE God, GOING to Strike the Earth… NEXT!

We warned the Governments NOT to hide the numbers.  And NOW - with COUNTLESS collapsed APARTMENT buildings - being visible in the aftermath of the recent Albania earthquake… instead of counting the number of UNITS in BUILDINGS that are completely FLATTENED, and making 'a REASONABLE estimate' of the casualties? (- especially given that this happened at around 4:00 a.m. as everyone was SLEEPING)... THIS was their response to yesterday's Albania earthquake: 
"Albania Earthquake Kills at Least 23" [- an illuminati STAMP! - both on the STORY, and on the dead BODIES…] (November 25, 2019 story)
And SO? - to help them OUT? - the only WAY, for "the numerically CHALLENGED", to report HONESTLY, on the number of people LOST?... is if entire CITIES, and entire COUNTRIES - are "ERASED".  THAT way - people can simply refer to the last recorded population figures, to get "a REALISTIC idea", of the number of fatalities.  In other WORDS? - they didn't 'like' our WARNINGS.  And SO? - perhaps they WILL like!..."the alternative"… coming SOON! - to a location near you.

The question IS:  WHERE? - is the Most High TRUE God, GOING to Strike the Earth… NEXT!  HE knows 'how to DRIVE, PANIC and TERROR!' - INTO the hearts of the PEOPLE.  And THAT is 'what they are ALL! - going to experience' - WITH 'this NEXT one'.

“They have power to shut up the sky, that no rain may fall during the days of their prophesying, and they have power over the waters to turn them into blood, and to afflict the earth with every plague, as often as they desire.”  (Revelations 11:6) 

(November 26, 2019 update)

They leave us with 'NO other choice!'

Actual email "The alien tech people have really been messing with me at night [- through psychotronic targeting with their direct energy microwave weapon…].  Having to go to the bathroom every thirty minutes or so. My body has been aching and really sore… last night I was so worn out that when coming home, I prayed my rosary and asked mother Mary and Jesus, to please help…"

Port Neches Texas Explosion
The psychotronics department really had "a BLAST"
targeting that Member of the Faithful REMNANT
And so... within just a few HOURS of her cry for HELP...
THIS is How the CREATOR responded
Once again, we NEED! - the cooperation of the military and governments, to get the Apocalypse moving forward.
Thank you for your ongoing assistance!
For trying to kill you - PHYSICALLY? - we are asking the Most High TRUE GOD? - to "bring ABSOLUTE DEVASTATION and DESTRUCTION!   THEY earned this PERSONALLY!  MASS CASUALTIES are COMING!  We WARNED them! - NOT! - to mess with the REMNANT.  And NOW? - THEY are about to see, 'what the FRUITS, of that choice, will BRING them'!  (November 26, 2019 update)

Are there ANY "good children" LEFT? - perhaps there's only ONE way… to find OUT?

"A growing number of students from around the world are pledging not to bear children until their governments do something to combat so-called climate change."

Students vow ‘not to have children’ until gov’t stops climate change (September 19, 2019 story)

The CHILDREN - are essentially making a public VOW - to BE "sexually active" AND "commit abortion" - PERPETUALLY - AND as "an INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION" - TERRORIZING the UNBORN - MERCILESSLY, UNRELENTINGLY, and in a UNIFIED way - until their CREATOR, "bows down and worships THEIR demands"…  And SO? - WHAT is 'the OFFICIAL Response' from HEAVEN - for "a STUNT!" - like that? (… we WERE wondering… as we read it…)

And so "the ONLY alternative"… that the Creator HAS left?... is 'to STRIKE ALL the children DEAD!'

And THIS is 'what He is going to DO' - in 'HIS Way' - and in 'HIS Time' - through WORLD-WIDE APOCALYPTIC Consequences! - befalling the "children" - like NEVER before! - in human History.  And 'the WORLD'? - will be "in DEEP mourning", and 'grief', WILL… 'overtake them'.  And "abortion" will end.
What did YOU wonder today?  (November 28, 2019 update) 

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  You "WICKED MEN!" - of this earth, who were 'DUPED and DECEIVED!' - by the women AROUND you - by 'the WOMEN, in your LIVES' - by your own MOTHERS! - and SISTERS - and COUSINS - and NIECES - by your AUNTS - by your GRANDMOTHERS.  "Thou SHALT not kill!" - was My COMMAND! - and it STILL! - 'Stands!' - TO this day!  And YET? - you have SUCCUMBED, to "the WILES of women" - and to 'the BEGUILING FLATTERY! - of VAIN beauty'.  And BECAUSE! - you LISTENED, to 'the LIES', pouring OUT! - of "the serpent's MOUTHS! - THROUGH - the female GENDER" - who 'CLAIMS', "she has a RIGHT to MURDER her OWN young - for the SAKE of HER health!"… that, "she should put an END to her PREGNANCY" - and that, "it should be HER DECISION!"… SHOULD have, "HORRIFIED you!!!" - and YOU? - should have 'REMOVED yourself!' - FROM her.  You should NOT! - have been 'SO willing', to LISTEN - to, "the FEMININE wisdom", AS they call it; "the feminine wisdom" that is SO! - "offensive!" - to ALL of Heaven.  For 'WITH it'? - a WOMAN, is EMPOWERED, 'BY, the devil!'  And YOU! - "men"! - 'STOOD, down!'  And YOU! - 'allowed, the WOMEN, to be RAISED, up! -ABOVE you - IN "society!" - in "GLOBAL, society!" - where they have NO place'.  They were CALLED, to be "MOTHERS" - to be "NURTURERS!"  They were called - to be 'LOVING', and to be 'KIND'; to be 'CHARITABLE', and to be 'HUMBLE!'  And YET! - they SACRIFICED 'all of THAT!' - for "the SATANIC RIGHT, to an ABORTION!" - to 'PREVENT', pregnancy; to 'END!' - pregnancy; to 'END the life, of their OFFSPRING!' - BEFORE, it had TRULY begun, to 'thrive'; to DENY, "the UNBORN children" - and, 'their own LINEAGE!... "existence", and "a FUTURE".  And 'YOU MEN!' - sat BACK, and did 'NOTHING'? - or COMPLETELY! - and WHOLEHEARTEDLY! - "SUPPORTED", your "WIVES" - and your "GIRLFRIENDS" - in 'the ABOMINABLE act!' - of DESTROYING, "her OWN, offspring!"  YOU men have ALL! - become "COMPLICIT! - in the MURDER, of - YOUR own offspring!" And you HAVE! - become, 'the IMAGE, of the DEVIL'.  And THAT! - was in fact, what 'the FEMALE race' - HELPED, to FORM you all, INTO!... "IMAGES, of your HELLISH father - down BELOW".  YOU allowed! - the WICKED WOMEN, 'the MAJORITY of women', to 'FLIP!' - ALL goodness, "UPSIDE-down"; and to CHANGE, the MORALS, of society - to be 'a REFLECTION, of what "queen JEZEBEL", wants!'  And SHE wants, "WOMEN! - in high PLACES" - because "WOMEN, in high PLACES"? - unless it is IN 'the kingdom of HEAVEN'? - is "an ABOMINATION" to Me. 

And SO!... WHAT shall be 'the FATE', of the CHILDREN - of the "remaining OFFSPRING"? - OF 'you parents!'  Because you are "INCAPABLE!" - of raising, 'GOD-fearing and God-LOVING children'; and you 'HATE!' - your children - AND your children 'KNOW this!' - as THEY! - are 'filled, WITH hatred' - BACK!  And SO!...WHAT 'kind of family' IS that?... that I should 'SUSTAIN'?  Should I… 'CONTINUE to sustain', the IMAGE, of 'a satanic FAMILY'?... on the face of the EARTH?  Should I 'falsely AFFIRM… FAMILIES'? - and their DESIRE, to OFFEND ME in EVERY possible WAY! - 'AS a family'!...?  "MANKIND, as a family" - is NOT 'a reflection, of the HOLY Family' - "MY, Family!"  "Mankind"? - is 'a REFLECTION, of the DEEPEST! - DARKEST pits!... of Hell!'  And so "WHERE are they all going… WHEN they die!"  TO Hell!  To ETERNAL Torment!  No MATTER what 'any PASTOR, PRIEST, rabbi, or IMAM SAYS! - ABOUT the individual - about, "the FAMILY" - I know! - the HEARTS, and the MINDS, AND the souls, OF the people; I know them 'THROUGH and through'!  And they had 'NO! - "love"! - for My HEAVENLY Father'; but they LOVED THEMSELVES! - and they LOVED to be 'SEEN as GOOD, by their NEIGHBOR…' - EVEN! - "UNTO death".  I am 'NOT deceived', by "false externals"!  But ALL you people! - ARE!   ALL of mankind - is 'RUNNING, on FALSE externals - FALSEHOOD, LIES, DECEIT! - MURDER, BLOOD! - VIOLENCE!'  And "My HEAVENLY FATHER"… has HAD 'Enough!'  And EVERY NATION! - ON the face of the Earth - OUTSIDE "My FAITHFUL Remnant"? - are 'about to LOSE!' - their children… their OFFSPRING.  The world LEADERS? - "men of high ESTATE", and "men of LOW estate"? - are going 'to LOSE! - their FUTURE'.  For 'I' am going to STRIKE! - 'ALL, of their remaining CHILDREN'…DEAD!  And as I do THIS?... I will 'close the WOMBS'! - and I will 'STOP! - bringing FORTH… "life".'  And I will 'END' "motherhood", and "fatherhood"For 'this' is "the CURSE" - that goes OUT! - OVER - the FACE of the entire EARTH.

AND I will "start OVER" - with "My Faithful REMNANT", and "My Faithful REMNANT to be…" - who will "KNOW Me! - as I TRULY Am".  AND I will make, 'the REST of mankind' - "AFRAID", FEARFUL!...  I will drive 'PANIC' - INTO their hearts! - and 'TERROR' will "HAUNT them" - DAY and night!  And 'the HELL!' - that they have  been 'TOLERATING'? - will begin to 'PHYSICALLY manifest', ALL around them!  And I will 'TURN, this FALSE utopia - INTO a HELLISH Nightmare!'  'I' have ALREADY begun! - and I will not STOP! - UNTIL! - ONLY! - "My FAITHFUL Remnant", are remaining!

And I WILL! - 'TEACH' - "FUTURE generations"… through 'WHAT will be SEEN, as SOME - as "BARBARIC!"… as, "NEFARIOUS!"…' - that THEY! - should LISTEN! - to ME, to "My COMMANDS"! - and "WALK in the WAYS, that I have REVEALED!" - lest THEY! - 'share, a SIMILAR fate'.  MANKIND? - has BEEN "barbaric", AND "nefarious" - AND?... it is 'ALL done… with a SMILE!...'  [- and at that link, see just how BIG a smile it IS! - on the Face of New York Governor Cuomo - as he passes the PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION BILL...] And now THEY will 'receive, the SAME measure!'

Once again, "recognize us' - as our PROPHECIES, CONTINUE, to UNFOLD - in 'REAL time'!... or face 'TOTAL and COMPLETE Annihilation'."  Hint: It's 'EASIER to recognize us' - when you AREN'T choking on your own lung secretions (- from COVID-19)… that WILL come upon you, as FAST and as UNEXPECTEDLY as a torrential downpour, in the time of Noah.

But WAIT! in… WHY not "WAIT, for your CHILDREN to be taken - ONE by ONE…? - just as PHARAOH of Egypt, chose to do?  For YOU TOO! - can all be "KINGS!" - and share in HIS fate… holding the CORPSES of your dead children… before YOU are taken… as HE was.  We KNOW "It's a difficult decision"… and so you are free to CONTINUE to take your time. (February 15, 2020 update) 

7 Videos, Word Count: 4,500+

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
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Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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