The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

JUDGEMENT has been passed against the Nations 4

"And the kings [- the One World Government leaders of the Nations] of the earth, who committed fornication and were wanton with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning; they will stand far off, in fear of her torment, and say, “Alas! alas! you great city, you mighty city, Babylon!  In one hour has your judgment come.”
(Revelations 18:9-10)
The list of Judgments is at the top of the page at this LINK
The Prophecy of Saint Malachy: During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church  there will sit upon the throne, Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep amid great tribulations; and when these are passed, the city of Seven Hills will be utterly destroyed, and the awful judge will then judge the people. The end.  (Source: Daniel Réju, Les Prophéties de Saint Malachie, Édition du Rocher 1979 Paris, France)

Global intelligence agencies:  We Commend ALL of the global intelligence agencies to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - that He would EXPOSE them! - for 'their MURDEROUS crimes', against humanity.  Let ALL of the intelligence agencies be 'turned INSIDE-out'.  Amen.  (May 21, 2018) 
Intelligence and security summit - with James Comey (- a now disgraced "former" FBI director)
and John Brennan (- a now disgraced "former" CIA director), seated 2nd and 3rd from the left.

EXPOSING the Global intelligence agencies and TURNING them INSIDE-out 

And so when 'the MEDIA', IS "WEAPONIZED", and USED, as "a TOOL!" - to DISCREDIT, 'ONE political party", in FAVOR, of ANOTHER? - then "democracy", is SIMPLY, 'a TOOL!' - that the DEEP STATE, have SUCCESSFULLY "INFILTRATED" - and are ACTUALLY 'USING', AGAINST! - the American people. THERE are MANY "TIERS, of JUSTICE" WITHIN, the United States of America - and "the CORRUPT", at the very TOP - are BEING! - 'PROTECTED', AND! - 'defended' - BY, "the WEAPONIZED, media" - who are NOW! - going after, 'ANOTHER leader' - using 'the SAME, playbook' - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [- and doing this JUST before the elections in Israel] - in an EFFORT, to DESTABILIZE, ISRAEL, and bring-IN, "a LEFT-wing, LEADER". 

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu speaks...

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu - is now PERSONALLY EXPERIENCING the same "deep state PLAYBOOK" election meddling, through 'WEAPONIZED' mainstream media bias and sabotage, that U.S. President Donald Trump is being subjected to.

The United STATES, are 'PROVING'! - that 'they CANNOT be trusted'! - by 'ALLOWING', such "PROPAGANDA", and activities, to CONTINUE - UNDER! - "the UMBRELLA, of free-speech" [- and this is how they are NOW seen by foreign nations].   It is not, "free-SPEECH", to CONSISTENTLY attack, 'ONE, political party' - in FAVOR, of another.  It is not "free-SPEECH", to ignore 'the FACTS'! - ONLY, to hold on, to "the NARRATIVE", that is being 'PUSHED'! - by the MAJORITY, of the mainstream MEDIAThey are IN EFFECT - REGARDLESS, of President Trump's ACCOMPLISHMENTS, Benjamin NETANYAHU'S accomplishments - working WITH! - "the deep state" in order TO, destabilize these nations, for "a COMPLETE takeover".  'SETTING the STAGE', for "a MAJOR! - CIA black ops false FLAG", is in fact 'VERY simple!' - and in fact, 'ALREADY, in play'. 

The mainstream MEDIA, is doing 'THEIR PART' - in getting the PEOPLE, to SEE North Korea as "a threat" - and as "an even BIGGER threat NOW", than they were before.  This is EXACTLY! - the kind, of "deep state playbook", that was used, for 9/11 [- but WHO will be "the lucky country" that is TARGETED by the United States, for IMMEDIATE and FULL MILITARY retaliation and REGIME change, following that upcoming false flag?].

The SOVEREIGNTY of each NATION in the WORLD - is in fact, "under ATTACK", BY the deep state! - as they are 'seeking to INFILTRATE, and replace ALL the leaders!' - with "the ones that THEY want".  It WORKED in the middle-East.  And, NOW they have BILLIONS! - and BILLIONS! - and BILLIONS of dollars, flowing IN! - to "the pockets", of the IRANIANS, the Saudi ARABIANS... There is "a COMPLETE, TERRORIST-FUNDED, GLOBAL network", that 'the DEEP state' are in fact 'RUNNING'THEY are "the real terrorists!"  And THROUGH THEIR, "back-DOOR access", to, 'the FIVE, MAJOR SUPERCOMPUTERS, in the WORLD' - THEY can do 'WHATEVER they WANT'! - to ANYONE! - in ANY place! 

And so there is NO such THING as "fair and equal JUSTICE under the law". THAT, is "a DELUSION"! - that, the DEEP STATE CONTINUE, to 'feed' the American PEOPLE - because they'll 'eat it UP'! 

And so, what HAS to happen NEXT? - is, "the question".  ALL the "intelligence AGENCIES", were NOT able! - to EFFECTIVELY 'protect', their CITIZENS and their GOVERNMENT, from 'the SYSTEMATIC, infiltration, of the deep STATE'.  And SO they FAILED their people! - AND their country!  And THAT'S "just a fact".  And it IS "BEYOND REPAIR".  Because ALL of the agencies, ARE in fact, 'DIVIDED'; and are 'at WAR', within their OWN organization.   And for that REASON, "they can't STAND"! 

And SO? - OUR Creator, is going to 'to RESPOND', with SUCH, 'a HUGE event'! - that will affect EVERYONE - EVERYWHERE! - on the PLANET - that, ALL the INTELLIGENCE, that was GATHERED, over MANY years - through, "the supercomputers" - THROUGH "the data-mining centers" - WILL become, 'ABSOLUTELY useless!' - and outdated.  And so in THAT way, our Creator will 'RENDER, the INTELLIGENCE world completely FRUITLESS! - and forgotten'.

We have NOW reached 'a time in human HISTORY' - when "the GOD who made, THE Entire Universe!' - MUST intervene - in ORDER 'to teach MANKIND' - that "it is BETTER to be educated, in the things of GOD, than the things of man".  EVERY one in 'the intelligence AGENCIES', TURNED! - to 'the SPIRITUALITY of the devil' - KNOWINGLY! - and 'with NO remorse' - as they used 'HIS! - satanic gifts' - in order to MEDDLE in the affairs, of other COUNTRIES - trying to MANIPULATE and control 'OUTCOMES', and 'NARRATIVES'; INSTEAD of simply 'TURNING to the Truth'.  The INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, turned to "blood SACRIFICES" and "TORTURE", and "INHUMAN means" - and they did it ALL! - in the name of "PROTECTING their country"; they did "the most WICKED! - EVIL! - and GROTESQUE things!"- to their FELLOW man - ALL "in the name, of PROTECTING their country".  And 'the DEVIL' owns them!  And he can HAVE them!

The TRUTH is "simple".  And THOSE, who are 'FOR the Truth', WILL adhere, to 'the Truth' - no matter, 'HOW uncomfortable', it sounds.  The Most High TRUE God, gave 'EVERYONE' a conscience! - but they 'EXCHANGED their CONSCIENCE', for "SELF-deception", LIES! - AND 'the deep state AGENDA'!  And SO? - HOW can 'a people like THAT!' - be admitted, EVER! - to 'the KINGDOM of Heaven'?  They CAN'T!  THEY are "LOCKED-out!" - UNLESS! - they "COME clean!" - unless they 'RENOUNCE! - their GOVERNMENT position' - and EXPOSE! - "the INTELLIGENCE community" for WHAT it REALLY is - and 'STOP DECEIVING! - people'.  Unless they STOP! - suppressing the TESTIMONY, in their NATION - and 'HIDING it'! - and 'BURYING it'! - THEY will be 'the ones, to be buried' - "6 feet under"!

The problem here, is that ALL the intelligence community "agents", SWORE an oath to the devil - that they would keep 'HIS works', "buried", and in the dark - and so as they ADHERE to that satanic oath - they TOO, will be... "buried, and in the dark".

And SO? - "OUR Creator", is going to 'SYSTEMATICALLY renew, THIS world' - WITHOUT you in it! - WITHOUT 'the need, for INTELLIGENCE agencies'!  Because "TRUE Intelligence"? - comes FROM, the Most High True GOD.  "TRUE Intelligence", is in fact, 'DOING, what is NECESSARY, in ORDER to obtain the Kingdom of HEAVEN'.  "TRUE Intelligence", is 'SEEKING! - to PLEASE! - the MOST! - INTELLIGENT! - BEING! - IN! - the entire UNIVERSE!' - who IS! - the Most HIGH, TRUE God. 

But? - the HISTORY books, WILL! - 'REMEMBER', "the INTELLIGENCE agencies", as being VERY! - "dumb" - as being "very STUPID" - as THEY, led MILLIONS of people, "on the ROAD, to perdition, and deception" - ULTIMATELY, ONLY! - to be rewarded, with 'HELLFIRE' in The End.

And SO? - if ANYONE! - working for ANY intelligence agency - 'DESIRES', to OBTAIN, even "a SLIVER!" - of the Kingdom of Heaven? - then THEY, will MAKE, "the most INTELLIGENT CHOICE" - and that IS: to become a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - even to start OUT, as "a PRIVATE Member".  Because 'the IRONY' here is? - the intelligence AGENCIES, reading the TESTIMONY - KNOW! - that "it is AUTHENTIC"! - that it is TRUE! - and that lives ARE being changed! - and millions of people ARE being effected, through 'the WORD' going out.  They KNOW! - that 'Our Creator' is quite SERIOUS
WE know! - that Our Creator has been "QUITE busy", working 'BEHIND the scenes', and that there is "a SNOWBALL", of SERIOUS, 'PERSONAL consequences', that have FALLEN, upon, the intelligence world.  Some 'DEATH' - some 'sick'.  And NOW? - their "disposable PAWNS"? - KEEP their distance from us! - as they were 'FORCED to pull them BACK'.

And SO? - INSTEAD, of 'seeking to SUPPRESS the Truth', and 'SUPPRESSING the fact that these ARE the End Times', in ORDER to 'blame it all on CLIMATE change' - WHY not, SIMPLY, declare, to the PEOPLE of your NATION: that you KNOW! - unequivocally - and without a DOUBT! - that "the TESTIMONY" of the Two Witnesses, is here!  And that, "the Two WITNESSES", are here!  Because? - if you people, want 'to do EVERYTHING that you CAN' - using all the "INTELLIGENCE", that you have - in order to 'cut ALL the people off' - from "their HEAVENLY PHYSICIAN", from 'the ONLY God, who can HELP THEM'? - then, the Most High TRUE GOD - will cut ALL of YOU people OFF - ETERNALLY! - FROM Him - as HE, 'DESTROYS!' - your nation.  "The ultimatum" is THERE.  YOU choose!

We know that this will be "a TIPPING point", for ALL the intelligence agencies around the world.  Why?  Because they are now all "TIPPED off", as to what they are ALL up to! - collectively.  And one way or another, they will ALL 'gather around the fire', to share their stories.  "BETTER" to do so, as they come clean, before the nations.  WITHOUT the intelligence agencies OPERATING? - the deep state NARRATIVE can't CONTINUE, and their "global REGIME change agenda", WILL stop.  But "for the HISTORY books", WHO! - was smart enough to SHUT DOWN their intel agency, before THEY were shut down, by their Creator?  THAT! - will be the question, that they all have VERY little time, to answer (- and it would best to KEEP in mind, that we prefer to 'UNDERSTATE', the Testimony - as that approach, ultimately 'VINDICATES the Creator', even MORE so - when He Acts).

And here is a little tip for "the analysts", especially those living in desert countries:  "the SNOWBALL effect" - INCREASES as the snowball ROLLS down the mountain slope, gaining speed, and growing EXPONENTIALLY in size - until 'all of a SUDDEN!' - it wipes out EVERYONE in its path! - at the bottom.  And right NOW? - the intelligence communities, are "IN the Path", of the Most High TRUE God's Divine Just Wrath and Vengeance.  Hope that helps. 
If this Judgement is "a complete BLUR"?... for the average reader:  Know THIS, the individuals working in the global intelligence community, can no longer 'FEIGN IGNORANCE', to the fact that "THEIR dirty deeds", when ADDED UP? - at the end of their LIVES? - ONLY served the BUILDING up, of the LARGEST terrorist organization on the planet, "the deep state" - as THEIR intelligence work was ALL BACK-DOORED, BY the deep state, for the purpose of ultimately murdering MILLIONS of people, and unlawfully OVERTHROWING the governments of poor countries - HOWEVER that terrorist organization pleased.  And their CREATOR? - WILL reward each ONE of them, individually, and Justly, for "their service", to the luciferian deep state global organization and network.  END of story!  (March 01, 2019 update)

And the RESPONSES from "intelligence" agencies from AROUND the world - are already beginning to POUR in.  Like THIS one!... 

The CIA are "IN the process" of rolling out 'FALSE narratives', and 'false INTELLIGENCE'! - in ORDER to convince, the American people, that they HAVE, "ENEMIES!" - whom THEM MUST DESTROY!!! - and ANNIHILATE.  KEEP in mind that this is 'at the same TIME', that WE are working, on 'OUR post' - to EXPOSE, the intelligence agencies, for 'what they REALLY are'.  And so THIS is 'their, FORMAL response' - as they flex, 'their ABILITY, to roll-out NEW narratives! - and NEW propaganda! - WHENEVER! - they WANT to!'  And BECAUSE we 'called them out', for setting SYRIA, for their false flag attack - and North KOREA, for their false flag attack - they are 'rolling OUT!' - another NARRATIVE.  But the PROBLEM is, 'REAL people', are AFFECTED, and HARMED, and MISLEAD!  And the mainstream MEDIA? - is "COMPLETELY complicit!" - in these "crimes!" - as they REFUSE, to verify ANY sources.  And SO - "the global FRAGILITY ACT", was in fact 'rolled-OUT", and put together, by 'deep state INTELLIGENCE', AND by Senator Lindsay Graham [- unbeknownst TO him...] - but for the PURPOSE, of RULING-OUT, 'the possibility of NOT going to war' as an OPTION.  The deep state INTELLIGENCE are HELL-BENT! - on SELLING to the American PEOPLE, 'their NARRATIVE', and TRYING to convince them that "they NEED! - to go to war" - AGAIN! - in order 'to PROTECT their country'.  The deep state GENERALS - are "BLOOD-thirsty" - and FRANKLY! - they've had ENOUGH! - of "diplomacy", being 'EXTENDED through President Donald Trump'.  They want 'WAR'! - and they are DETERMINED to get it! - no matter WHAT the cost - EVEN if they have to blow up 'one of their OWN U.S. CITIES! - in order to GET it'.  It worked for NERO!  And they have STUDIED him extensively!

If the U.S. President wants 'to TURN a blind EYE'! - or the TRUMP Administration, to "the UNCOMFORTABLE Truth", that we are SHARING? - then know THIS:  The MILITARY, will 'go to TOWN'! - on the American PEOPLE, and on Trump's PRESIDENCY - and 'the BLOOD of the American PEOPLE' - WILL! - be upon TRUMP, and Trump's Administration.  It's called "guilty by willful neglect". TIME for the President, to 'step-UP'! - get OUT of his, "bubble" - and start taking ACTION, against THOSE, who are 'taking action against HIM, and the American PEOPLE'. (- in response to the CNN propaganda that was launched as our ABOVE update was launched... March 01, 2019 update - part 2)  

"For truly it is going forth.  For it is My word.  I desire, that people, from All the Nations round about, would partake, of ‘the Olive Branches’ extendedthrough My Two Witnesses; through My online Testimony.  For it is ‘a very bad idea’, to hate them; and in doing so hate MeBetter, to repent, and be filled with the True Holy Spirit; than reject these words, and be ‘desolate’!  Because, you are ‘desolate’ nowuntil you receive: The New Pentecost in your hearts." (-Jesus, November 14, 2012)    
For our TESTIMONY is COMPLETED - and the CORONAVIRUS? - is "simply the BEGINNING

Pathological liar and historical HITLERESQUE, Canadian abortion specialist politician "Trudeau" CLEARLY has COVID-19 - contrary to EVERYTHING that rolls off his serpentine tongue.

But GOOD news for the analysts today!...  You are 'ALL GUARANTEED! - to RECEIVE! - the FRUITS of, your LABORS!' - as you have been "LABORING against US", AND the Faithful Remnant.  HOW "embarrassing!" - that 'the GOD of the OLD TESTAMENT' - ONLY needs, 'a SMALL, MICROSCOPIC virus' - to ABSOLUTELY, DECIMATE! - and DESTROY! - the ILLUMINATI/BEAST system - which, 'MANY of you!' - have become DEPENDENT on. The "CIA", CSIS, MI6 - and all OTHER "intelligence AGENCIES"? - are ON! - the Most High TRUE God's, 'HIT list'!  For how MANY!... "HITS!" - and "BLACK-ops" - PROGRAMS - were 'PUT in place'? - against a PEOPLE, or a PERSON, they didn't 'LIKE'?... their GOVERNMENT didn't 'Like'?  WELL… Guess WHAT!... OUR Creator? - IS! - "the GOVERNOR, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN" - of "the NATION of HEARTS", that are 'FOR Him'!  And 'YOU people'? - are AGAINST Him!  YOU are 'AGAINST! - the GOOD, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN'; you are 'against OUR good', and the good of the Faithful REMNANT.  And so WHAT is "OUR! - Government" - going to DO to 'all of YOURS'?  You will SEE!

TODAY:   The U.S. Declares National Emergency over Coronavirus -  and was streamed live.

Trump stated:  "The spirit and the will of Americans is UNBREAKABLE!"  (- And so are horses.)

Trump today, also TweetedIt is my great honor to declare Sunday, March 15th as a National Day of Prayer. We are a Country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these... No matter where you may be, I encourage you to turn towards prayer in an act of faith. Together, we will easily PREVAIL!

And so HOW does 'all of HEAVEN' - SEE! - "Trump's SPEECH and DECLARATION"?

Well?... they SEE it as… "a SNUB!"  For NOWHERE! - in his SPEECH - did he ACKNOWLEDGE, 'the GOD above ALL OTHER gods' - SCOURGING! - his NATION; NOR! - did he 'turn the HEARTS, of his PEOPLE' - to the CREATOR - to "the ONLY ONE!" - who can SAVE them - who can 'PROTECT them'.  And, he DIDN'T even invoke 'a BLESSING, on America' - BECAUSE - DEEP down inside - TRUMP knows! - that America is being 'CURSED'; that America is 'LOSING, its FAVOR' - WITH, "the Creator".  And YET! - he PERSISTS! - saying that, "ALL will be well!" - and that "the VIRUS will pass!" - and that "AMERICA will OVERCOME!" - in ESSENCE. 

And SO?... we ask, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - to 'pull BACK!' - His Aid - FROM America - and SIMPLY:  ALLOW, the American GOVERNMENT, and the American PEOPLE - to EXPERIENCE… ABSOLUTE Hell! - the ABSOLUTE HELL! - that THEY, INFLICTED - on 'the most VULNERABLE, of society, the UNBORN'… and CONTINUE to inflict, on a DAILY basis.

WE!... do not RECOGNIZE, "AMERICA", as 'a great NATION'; but as "an IMPOVERISHED, nation" - who have SACRIFICED, 'ANY desire, to SERVE, and WORSHIP, the CREATOR' - for 'the desire to SERVE, and worship, their fellow MAN'.  And THAT is "idolatry"The "PIG" has been FATTENED! - and NOW it is 'TIME, for the Slaughter'.
Iran’s growing coronavirus crisis, in 3 stunning photos - The new large burial trenches are visible from space. (March 12, 2020 story)

In WHAT other way? - can "our CREATOR, the Most High TRUE God" - get 'the MESSAGE', ACROSS? - TO - "the GLOBAL, GOVERNMENTS" - that 'THEY, are NOT!... GODS!' - that 'THEY are MORTAL, FRAGILE, and VULNERABLE! - TO death!'

HOW, will "our CREATOR" - get 'the MESSAGE' across, to 'the PEOPLE!' - that "they are NOT! - invincible, IMMUNE, INFERTILE, AND immortal"?  But 'by SHOWING them' - through ACTION - THROUGH "Divine Just Consequences" - coming DOWN, in their LIVES! 

The PEOPLE, 'BEHAVE' - as THOUGH? - they have the FREEDOM, to commit, 'WHATEVER, WICKED acts! - and SINS - AGAINST their Creator - that they "FEEL like" committing' - without ANY! - PHYSICAL Consequences - AS LONG as they "don't HURT, ANOTHER, PHYSICAL human being".  But WE have 'news!' - for "the global POPULATIONS":  Their SINS! - and their ACTS, of WICKEDNESS! - against 'the God who CREATED them'! - have "caught-UP to them" now; and they are NOW, ALL going to EXPERIENCE, 'the FULLNESS of His Divine WRATH' - in THIS life.  And there will be 'VERY few' survivors.  For our TESTIMONY is COMPLETED - and the CORONAVIRUS? - is "simply the BEGINNING, of the PHYSICAL Testimony! - AGAINST the nations!"

We KNOW, the MAJORITY of people [-who are back-dooring our computer and…] reading this are "NOT! - spiritually minded", and cannot 'FATHOM!' - OR understand - WHAT WE are sharing… as they are UNABLE, to 'PROCESS' - "Divine LAW" and "SPIRITUAL TRUTH".  BUT, our CREATOR! - KNOWS 'how to SIMPLIFY His Message' - through 'ACTION!' - as PEOPLE did 'NOT! - receive the Message of His Written TESTIMONY!'  And so now 'what WE have WRITTEN', and 'what He has COMMANDED us to Write'? - will ALL "come to PASS", upon HUMANITY.  And we WILL! - 'WITNESS'! - the CHANGES.  But 'the TIME for RELIGIOUS, and social TOLERANCE'? - of EVERY imaginable EVIL?... CONCEIVED by MAN?... IS over!  And NOW, 'MAN!' - will receive, "the FRUITS of EVERY imaginable EVIL, Conceived, by their CREATOR - to USE, AGAINST them!"  Yet "our CREATOR"? - in 'ALL His Infinite WISDOM'? - STILL REMAINS… "SPOTLESS, PURE, UNDEFILED, and Holy"

Today:  The plagues of EGYPT BEGIN?...   "…some of the worst storms to hit Egypt in decades, the country's prime minister said in a statement on Friday."   Barrage of dust, rain storms leave at least 20 dead in Egypt (Friday, March 13th 2020) 
(March 13, 2020 update)

The World: We consecrate the WORLD to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - and FOR the systematic Renewal of the Face of the Earth.  Amen. (May 21, 2018) 
Composite image of the world from space - with images taken at night

The end of idolatry:  We are asking the Most High True God, to put an END! - to idolatry - and to bring the people BACK to the 1st Commandment, and the IMPORTANCE of the 1st Commandment - by ANY means necessary!  We are ASKING, that the whole WORLD would LEARN to fear the Creator - once again: the Most High TRUE God, Jesus Christ the Lord.  Amen. (May 21, 2018) 
The COMMAND against idolatry - it was NEVER "a suggestion"
Mankind's inclination to worship
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Devastation:  We are asking the Most High True God, to cause 'such DEVASTATION, that the WORLD has never SEEN before' - MUCH like Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the aftermath, of that "CATACLYSMIC event".  Because the PEOPLE, NEED to see 'the GOD of the Old Testament' - and they need "SIGNS!" - in order to believe.  Amen. (May 21, 2018) 

Devastation caused by the United States nuclear attack on the Japanese city of Hiroshima
The LGBT movementWe COMMEND the LGBT movement, to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - and everyone who is INVOLVED in that movement, to the OPEN sores and PLAGUES of these END Times.  Amen. (May 22, 2018) 
rainbow parade image with rainbow color pillars
That is most certainly NOT! - what the Creator had in mind, when He gave Noah 'the Sign of the rainbow'. 
And He will be SURE! - to set the record... STRAIGHT

Which April Judgement left the LGBT movement "marching BEHIND"?

The HARDEST PART, of 'the HUMAN BEING' to CHANGE is 'the HEART'.  BECAUSE, of 'the self-WILL', and the SELFISHNESS, that PEOPLE, are 'naturally INCLINED to'.  And ONLY with 'the Grace of the Most High True God', can someone's heart 'CHANGE', to become "for HIM!" - to desire to compassionate 'HIS Will'!   Because in these TIMES? - PEOPLE, are choosing to COMPASSIONATE, 'the DEVIL!', and 'the DEMONS', and 'the WORKS of demons'.  And THEY are going to be 'REWARDED!' - for those efforts.  And THOSE who choose 'to COMPASSIONATE', the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate HEART of the Blessed Virgin MARY? - by CHOOSING to be "Members of the Faithful REMNANT"? - will ALSO 'receive their Reward'.

Those who CONTINUALLY and STUBBORNLY 'turn AWAY' from the TESTIMONY and from the CREATOR? - "the WRATH of the Most High TRUE God" RESTS upon! - and WILL 'Consume them!' - ENTIRELY.

But His 'LOVE' - His DIVINE Love, is 'for THOSE who choose to FEAR Him' - AND who choose 'to walk in HIS Ways' - in 'the Ways that He has COMMANDED them, to WALK!' - from SINCE the Beginning, of mankind's EXISTENCE. 

The 'WHOLE Law', has been GIVEN.  And NOW it is up to each INDIVIDUAL, who becomes 'INFORMED'! - of the Testimony - and 'what the Most High True God is revealing in THESE Times' - to decide for THEMSELVES, "what kind of Reward THEY want to receive".  BUT! - we can GUARANTEE you! - that as you 'FEEL', resistance, in your HEART, to 'LIVING, the True Roman Catholic FAITH'? - that 'that IS', the SIGN! - given TO you - that you're STILL, 'ENSNARED', by the EVIL one- who wants 'to PULL your HEART away', from the life-saving TRUTHS, that are WRITTEN, for the READER - to understand!

And THIS MEANS: that the TESTIMONY! - is 'GOOD!' - WHOLESOME! - TRUTH!  It is 'FILLED with LIFE!' - which is WHY, SO many people, 'HATE it!' - because they're "FILLED, with death!" - and, they will eventually 'DIE' - if they REFUSE, to become MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT. 

The TESTIMONY promises "Eternal LIFE" - yet that COMES 'with a PRICE'! - it COMES with "self-SACRIFICE" - no LONGER 'living for YOURSELF'; but for your CREATOR! - who GAVE you 'this life' - to WORK your way, back to Him.

He does not DESIRE that ANYONE would 'PERISH' - BUT! - because of 'their poor CHOICES', they WILL!

If it were "UP, to the Most High True GOD - to DECIDE?" - ALL men would be 'Saved'.  As ALL He needs to DO? - is 'COMMANDEER their free WILL' - and 'FORCE them!' - to LOVE Him!

Yet He will not DO 'this' - for ONE of 'the Greatest GIFTS', that the Creator GAVE, to mankind? - was "the GIFT of free WILL" - was 'the GIFT to freely choose GOOD', or 'freely choose EVIL'.  Unfortunately, the MAJORITY in these TIMES? - are 'choosing EVIL' - and have had their wills 'FIXED, ON evil'.  But 'THAT' is "not the CREATOR'S fault!" - NO one can blame the CREATOR, for 'the JUSTICE', that HE, is about, to dish-OUT, to the WORLD!  He is 'BLAMELESS!'

He LAID-out His LAWS - and TAUGHT people 'what TRUE Love is'.  And they TURNED it, into, "an abomination"! - AND exchanged, "NATURAL RELATIONS", with one another - for "UNNATURAL".  And SO? - He 'GAVE them up', to "a base MIND" - that "base CONDUCT", would FOLLOW!  And so, as a RESULT? - all those PEOPLE, who have BECOME 'like irrational ANIMALS', giving themselves OVER, to 'the PASSIONS and desires of the MOMENT'? - AGAINST God's Commands - will FIND themselves, in "the SPIRITUAL basement", in the AFTERLIFE, with NO way to escape.

And ALL those, who choose 'to AFFIRM', and 'falsely COMPASSIONATE', and 'TOLERATE', and 'ENCOURAGE' people - to CONTINUE, in "their BASE, CONDUCT, and BEHAVIOR"? - and who 'PRAISE!' - their DECADENCE, and DEBAUCHERY? - the Most High TRUE God, has 'RESERVED' a place - where those people can CONTINUE! - ENDORSING, 'those base MINDS'.  And we 'GUARANTEE' that it will be "VERY warm".
And so are we saying that people are "naturally inclined to CLIMATE CHANGE?"  No - just that, "following their natural INCLINATIONS", will LEAD people, to a place set aside for people who REFUSE to follow, the promptings of their Creator, moving through the inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in their Conscience.  Amen.  (April 01, 2019 update) 
Radiation SicknessFor the MULTIPLICATION of radiation SICKNESS, and for MORE sulphur dioxide to POUR into the Earth's atmosphere.  For the multiplication, of cancer cells, in the wicked.  Amen. (May 22, 2018) 
The "highest hourly radiation" recorded at Fukushima, was actually ASTRONOMICAL - so much RADIATION, that in fact, the radiation detectors BROKE! - along with many ROBOTS that tried to even get CLOSE to the meltdown.  But since radiation detectors, when they BREAK! - can't put the word, "ASTRONOMICAL" on the screen - the last number that the people at Fukushima have SEEN, and lived to TELL others about, is somewhere around, "400 mSv".  In other words, that note was inserted into the above chart as a CALCULATED form of propaganda.

Man's INEFFECTIVE medicines: That ALL of "man's MEDICINE" - would be SYSTEMATICALLY made "NULL and void, FRUITLESS and forgotten" - and made, "INEFFECTIVE" - that PEOPLE, would be FORCED to TURN, to the TESTIMONY, of their Creator, to the Blessed Holy Water, and to 'heartfelt REPENTANCE', -to receive ANY healings!.  Let ALL vaccinations and vaccines made NOW, and all FUTURE vaccines, be rendered systematically ineffective - through "a DIVINE, and JUST, Angelic Intervention".  Amen. (May 22, 2018) 
Remember to always consult a professional physician, before starting, or stopping, or combining ANY medications - so that you can't blame US, for showing you that above photo.  We DO recommend that people who are MORTALLY dependent on "anti-rejection" medication, or diabetes medication, or any OTHER medication for their day-to-day mortal existence - take the Testimony VERY seriously, and fast! - before the potency of their daily meds is COMPLETELY removed, by the Holy Angels of the Most High True God.  And for that REASON, we do not encourage people to get transplants or implants of any kind.

We have now reached a turning point for the pharmaceutical industry

Today, Mary and I went for a walk down by the seashore. The Ocean was VERY calm, as it typically IS, before the storm - and so we were able to stand on a SAND bar, at LOW tide, at the very EDGE of the Ocean Strait.  But it was at that exact MOMENT, that the tide TURNED, and the water began to surge, ever so gently, towards the land.  And eventually, after about a minute or so of waiting, the water forced us to 'take a step BACK'.  And so with the Help of the TRUE Holy Spirit, we immediately discerned this to be a CONFIRMATION, from our CREATOR, as to what we were ALREADY discussing, about today's posting in the Testimony:  More and more people in THIS life are discovering that 'their FAITH in MAN'S medicine', is ALL "in vain".

Actual email from a Private Member of the Faithful Remnant:  All the medicines in the world won't work, unless I use the Blessed Holy Water... It works! (April 10, 2019 email) 

Actual email from ANOTHER Private Member: A report has just been sent to [- a drug company named here] by one of their nurses stating that their medication [- referring to the medication this Private Member was taking, with no benefits...] has failed. (April 25, 2019 email) 

Because "man's MEDICINE" - ONLY is 'a BAND-aid', for the real PROBLEM, which is "ROOTED, in the SOUL, or in the HEART", of the INDIVIDUAL.  And so, we HAVE reached "a TURNING point", in HISTORY - where the Most High TRUE God - IS going! - to REMOVE, 'the EFFECTS, of MEDICATION, and VACCINES' - and, they are 'NO LONGER!' - going to WORK, "for their INTENDED use and PURPOSE".  WHY? - because 'the PEOPLE', of THESE Times, no LONGER, 'DESERVE', to be "CONSOLED" - by the MEDICATIONS! - that they are taking.  When THEY receive "AFFLICTIONS"? - THEY WILL RECEIVE them, for 'the PURPOSE, of being SCOURGED! - in ORDER, to BRING them, "to their SENSES"!  And if they DON'T 'turn back' - TO the Most High True God - with 'a HUMBLE! - and CONTRITE heart'? - HE will 'bring UPON them' even WORSE afflictions!  And there WILL be, 'no CURE!' - or REMEDY!  Because 'the PEOPLE', have SHOWN 'the CREATOR' - ALL the ways, that they Truly HATE Him!  NOT so much, by 'WHAT they say' - but BY 'what they DO' - and by 'what they FAIL to do' - and by 'what they FLAUNT! - OPENLY'.  And so "OUR CREATOR"! - is going to show 'the PEOPLE' - how much 'HE HATES! - what THEY'VE become'.  And that "they better CHANGE!" - or? - their "INEVITABLE Destruction" WILL? - come!  FOR the Creator, is POURING out - HIS Divine Destruction, on the FACE of the Earth - and the ONLY WAY, that people can 'SURVIVE'? - is by 'TURNING their HEARTS back to Him'.  EVERYONE who "DOESN'T make it"? - is NOT "a SURVIVOR"
Millions upon millions of school-aged children, are currently DEPENDENT on a behavior modifying drug, called ritalin.  Classrooms, are about to experience interruptions.  Transplant recipients, are all dependent, on ANTI-REJECTION medication, so that their immune systems, don't attack their transplants.  And so the surgeons, are going to need to work overtime, to REMOVE, what didn't belong there in the first place - according to their patient's IMMUNE system that is.  Perhaps those surgeons, will rely HEAVILY on CAFFEINE?  We can't guarantee what the effects of a cup of COFFEE are going to be - but we SURE wouldn't recommend the caffeine pills, from now on.  Amen.  (April 25, 2019 update) 

What is "the ALTERNATIVE" to alternative MEDICINES?

This is ALSO for all those who are REFUSING to be HEALED by the Testimony of their Creator - and who are secretly claiming the AFFLICTIONS they are experiencing - afflictions that are 'the fruit of their OWN STUBBORNNESS' - as "their martyrdom" - as "their MEANS, to be Saved".  For example - this is for all the JEZZIES, who claim that they can "be a JEZZIE", and be "a VICTIM", of choosing to BE… "a JEZZIE" - AS they KNOWINGLY embrace 'the spirit of jezebel' - and use that as "their martyrdom, in this life".  And yes, we KNOW that sounds "absolutely INSANE!" - but that's IS in fact, what almost EVERY woman out there - at THIS point in human history - has FULLY RESOLVED to do!

The TESTIMONY IS "the cure! - for EVERY ailment, OUT there! - known to MANKIND".  But 'the BIGGEST AILMENT'? - that mankind faces TODAY? - is NOT! - "a PHYSICAL one"; it is "a SPIRITUAL one".  For 'the HEARTS, OF mankind' - have grown? - cold! - ICY cold! - with NO, "REAL love", FOR the Most High True God - OR for, 'Heavenly GOODNESS', IN them.  And THAT is 'WHY, SO many people, are SUFFERING'! - around the WORLD? - because of SIN! - because, 'the HEARTS, of the PEOPLE'? - are "disordered".  And they are 'RECEIVING the FRUITS!' - of THEIR "disordered HEARTS"!

If PEOPLE, would simply 'APPLY, the Testimony to their LIVES'? - they would 'HEAL' - VERY quickly - in as MUCH as they desired to.  But FIRST: their HEARTS! - would mend; their RELATIONSHIP, with their CREATOR - would become, 'the UTMOST PRIORITY', in their lives.  And then HE in TURN! - would 'LIFT their PHYSICAL afflictions' - and GIVE them, 'TRUE Peace!' - that ONLY HE can give, of "an AWAKENED, and CLEAR, conscience".

But PEOPLE? - want 'to KEEP their disordered hearts'!  And so 'they can keep their AFFLICTIONS!'  And they ACTUALLY 'fight VERY HARD!' - to KEEP "their PHYSICAL ailments".  But they 'PRETEND' - to DESIRE, to be healed - by TURNING to, 'the DOCTORS', and 'the PHARMACISTS', and 'the DRUG stores', and 'the PAIN killers', and 'the prescription MEDICINE' - which are REALLY "all BAND-AIDS" - for the PEOPLE, to CONTINUE, to EMBRACE, 'the WICKEDNESS, in their HEARTS - and still 'get BY!'  But WHAT if… "our CREATOR"… in "His MERCY!"… RENDERED, 'all MEDICINES', and DRUGS, and TREATMENTS, "ineffective!"?  WHAT if 'they no longer WORKED'?  THEN what would people do?

SO many PEOPLE are "on MEDICATION"! - as "an ALTERNATIVE", to? - SPIRITUAL healing that they DO need - which can ONLY be found, at 'the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the LORD'.  The Testimony IS "the Remedy" - but very FEW! - WANT it.  And SO?... we ask, our CREATOR - to "HELP", mankind! - to "HELP the people", to WANT "the Remedy" - by removing, 'EVERY! - and ALL! - ALTERNATIVES… TO it!' 

We are 'ASKING the Most High TRUE God', to BEGIN, at the TOP of the pyramid - of "the OCCULT luciferians", and remove 'THEIR! - ability', to prolong THEIR lives - to get 'the medication that THEY need, to live' - and to remove 'ALL and EVERY comfort, and CONSOLATION, FROM them' - both SPIRITUALLY AND physically - so that ALL! - that is left? - are 'the TORMENTS, of the HELLFIRE!' - that THEY, may be consumed NOW! - and CONTINUE! - BEING, Eternally CONSUMED, by 'their OWN wickedness', in the Afterlife.  We are PRAYING? - "for their RAPID demise, and END!" - that 'THEY' may be AFFLICTED - by "OLD age" - by "ACHING bones" - and by "PAINFUL lesions" - ALL OVER their bodies! - as they receive "the FRUITS! - of THEIR wickedness", and "due PUNISHMENT" - BEGINNING 'in THIS life'.  AMEN!

And yes, this WILL help MANY to turn and convert… to ASHES that is!  Where's THAT in the Bible?

"Then I heard a loud voice from the temple telling the seven angels, “Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowls of the wrath of God.”  So the first angel went and poured his bowl on the earth, and foul and evil sores came upon the men who bore the mark of the beast and worshiped its image… men gnawed their tongues in anguish and cursed the God of heaven for their pain and sores, and did not repent of their deeds." (Revelations 16:1-2, 10b-11) 

(October 24, 2019 update)

Can medications cure people from the coronavirus syndrome of conditions?

"Big Pharma", can TARGET a specific condition, and CHANGE that condition - but ONLY to create NEW problems elsewhere, in the patient'MEDDLING with this virus' ONLY makes it WORSE.  In the simplest terms - the coronavirus, is "like a ticking TIME bomb", designed by the CREATOR of each person it is in… and if 'TAMPERED WITH'?... there are MORE "fail safes", than people will be able to find.  It IS in fact, "a virus on a MISSION" - and that mission, is not only POSSIBLE - it is "a guaranteed WIN"! - for the CREATOR, every time!  (- in other words?... "the WICKED"? - lose, EVERY time.  BYE wicked!)  But!... in His MERCY! - the Creator has ALWAYS provided "an OUT", for EVERY pandemic, known to man.  And for THIS pandemic? - the only "OUT"? - is becoming a Member of the Faithful Remnant.  But HOW many people! - will the global governments "knowingly SACRIFICE"… as they in fact! - PREFER to sacrifice their own people, to DECEPTIONS, and lies - as part of "normal business"… BEFORE, they SHARE with their people, 'the CREATOR'S Olive Branch of Mercy'? (… and they, the governing LEADERS - WILL in fact, EACH "get the BILL" for that move, of WITHHOLDING the cure! - from THEMSELVES, and from their families, too…)  If the GOVERNMENTS won't "admit DEFEAT", and admit that, "the virus BEAT them!"…? - then? - they, along with their people, can all share in the REWARD!... that is set ASIDE, for the proud, the haughty, and the arrogant (- as they take a seat with their father down below, in their Eternal Reward.  SO!... SO Simple!)  SOON the nations will RECOGNIZE!... that "THIS virus, is ALIVE and STRONG in china!" But there are 'DIPS!' - in its ACTIVATION, in society - where it 'lays DORMANT!...' - until the Most High TRUE God, 'REACTIVATES it'.

And so?...HE is "deceiving the nations!" - as in?... allowing them to "EAT! - their OWN deception!" - to BELIEVE, that "this VIRUS will PEAK, and fade AWAY"HE is "VERY Smart!"  He is, "the MOST, INTELLIGENT! - BEING" - who was NEVER Created!  And so? - He has FORESEEN! - ALL! - of the governments' ATTEMPTS - to ERADICATE this VIRUS!...  And they all failedALL attempts to conquer this virus, APART from "the Creator's Terms" - are 'a GUARANTEED fail', EVERY time!   And so, to make a long story short? - the coronavirus IS like "a ticking time bomb" - because once it is INSIDE a person - if that bomb isn't DEACTIVATED by the Creator's TERMS being met?... it goes OFF, and the person… spontaneously combusts!… dies!... kaput!... gone!... bye!... etc! 

And so? - what about YOU?... are you even ABLE to "be HONEST with yourself" - and DECIDE! - if YOU want 'that ticking time bomb' - to "go BOOM!" - and take you from this life?… OR - do you prefer, to be "your Creator's FRIEND".  Hint:  CREATING you, WAS "a very FRIENDLY thing" to do… but that doesn't mean that you CAN'T be "His Enemy… to the death!"  So?... exercise YOUR free will, in a way that makes sense to YOU!  And pretending that you didn't just read this?... doesn't WORK in your favor. (- we're OBVIOUSLY "speaking to the ANALYSTS"...) (March 18, 2020 update) 


COVID 19 CAN'T be cured by man's medicine!

The Most High TRUE God has now REMOVED "the gift of FORESIGHT" (- the ability to make a prognosis), from the medical professionals, working on patients with COVID-19.

The tricky part with this disease,” Dr. Lai said, “is that we have nothing to follow, to know what predicts how sick someone will be and what predicts them getting better.”

32 Days on a Ventilator: One Covid Patient’s Fight to Breathe Again (April 26, 2020 story) 

And if 'the MEDICAL professionals', have "NO, foresight"?... to the LIKELY course, OF this disease - IN an individual's body - then HOW! - can the world LEADERS, have 'ANY!' - foresight, in to HOW they will re-open their ECONOMIES… not KNOWING! - 'what this virus will DO', to their nation.  It's "a WIN-WIN" for the Creator.  Because EVENTUALLY? - the ECONOMIES, 'must REOPEN'.  But once they DO!... once the PEOPLE, have 'COME out of HIDING'… then the virus WILL! - and people WILL 'be DEVOURED by it' - as THAT is "what it is DESIGNED, to do - BY the Creator".  JUST as, 'His SPIRIT' - is "NOT predictable", and "GOES where it WILLS!" - so TOO does this VIRUS.  And NO one can 'track its course' - EFFECTIVELY.  Because? - it has 'OUTSMARTED', the nations - and will CONTINUE to DO so! - until 'its MISSION!' - is accomplished.  WE have "foresight!"  WE have, 'FOREKNOWLEDGE' - GIVEN, TO us - BY the Most High True God.  And "the PROGNOSIS"? - of 'THIS, APOCALYPTIC PANDEMIC'?... is "hopeless!"  It CAN'T be cured - without 'turning TO Him, THROUGH us' - AND through His TestimonyThis VIRUS? - will 'CURE the human RACE!' - of "WICKEDNESS" - one FATALITY - or one CONVERSION, at a TIME.

"THANK you God! - for SENDING the cure… to wickedness.  Amen."  (- A spontaneous prayer response to reading the above - that WAS in fact immediately prayed, by Peter and Mary Romanus).

And 'the INABILITY to make a reliable prognosis'? - is 'FRUSTRATING!' - the medical professionals.  Why?  Because, they DON'T know - if 'pulling all the STOPS', on a seemingly young and healthy individual - and giving them the BEST treatments available, will be 'all for NOTHING', in the end; if it will be little more than a COMPLETE drain on their medical resources - that COULD have gone to ANOTHER patient, who had a much BETTER chance of survival.  On a SPIRITUAL level? - PEOPLE 'REFUSE to recognize the SIGNS of the Times' - and SO? - they CAN'T recognize 'the Signs' in the symptoms of the VIRUS… because 'it was DESIGNED that way!'  And we KNOW 'we are right'!  And we don't 'NEED' anyone to TELL us that.  And we KNOW "that's upsetting to hear!" But our CREATOR? - is 'the ONE', who can foresee it ALL.  HE is "the Righteous One"! - because… "He's RIGHT!" - ALL! - the TIME!  And, we LISTEN TO Him!  And therefore, 'SHARE', IN that "Righteousness".
Mystery Cure...
Here is an example of what happens when MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS 'mess with this virus'
More and more unexpected "SIDE EFFECTS" are going to be DISCOVERED...
And some of them are going to BE?... "very awkward"
especially at a time in history when going "blackface" is viewed as a racist gesture

The article states, "…Doctors had already started him on medications that many hospitals are trying: hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug President Trump has promoted; and a statin, which was eventually stopped because it affected his liver."

We WARNED 'not to mess with the VIRUS'! The USE of these drugs? - is actually "a THREAT! - to the virus" - and that's 'HOW, it sees, these medications'.  And SO?... it 'ADAPTS' - QUICKLY! - to its environment, that's under ATTACK.  It 'WANTS to THRIVE!' - it 'wants to SURVIVE' - and "UNLIKE a defenseless child, in the WOMB?... it REFUSES to be aborted… it fights BACK! - with PRECISION! - and FIERCENESS!" - and it IS "DESIGNED, BY the Creator, to INEVITABLY, KILL the host…" - no matter HOW many times 'a person RECOVERS, from the symptoms' - "ONCE infected? - ALWAYS infected!"

The article states, "…increasingly concerned about his lung inflammation, doctors tried an immunosuppressive medication."

In other words, the patient's IMMUNE system was 'going into HYPERDRIVE', trying to fight the virus - so MUCH so, that the IMMUNE system, actually 'TURNS on the PATIENT' - to the point where, if they DIDN'T suppress the immune system, IT would kill him.  (April 26, 2020 update)

The WAVE of sex abuse scandals:  For a GIANT wave, of sex abuse scandals - to ROCK! - the roman catholic hierarchical institution - to the POINT, where it is "SUBMERGED and DROWNING"! - in the FILTH of its own making. LET it become "a BYWARD and DERISION, to all the nations".   Let PEOPLE 'stand afar off' - WAILING, at 'what has BEFALLEN, their beloved city'.  But ROME and the VATICAN MUST FALL! - with cracked walls everywhere.  But HEAVEN, will rejoice!  "Abuse victims come FORTH!"  Amen. (May 22, 2018) 
Exactly 7 months later...
Antipope Francis would rather have the local authorities handle all the paperwork

Worst fears:  For a MULTIPLICATION of the End Times Disasters, and Divine JUSTICE, coming down from HEAVEN - as a response to the media's RESOLVE, to CONTINUE 'DOWNPLAYING, the TIME of the Apocalypse'.  We WARNED them - NOT to diminish 'the SIGNS of the End' - but they are 'DOING so KNOWINGLY'!  And so NOW? - the media's and the scientists' "WORST fears" are going to happen - and 'the EXPERTS', are ALL going to be 'PUT to shame!'  SO says, the LORD! - the GOD of the Two Witnesses.  Amen. (May 22, 2018) 
...Fears SO bad - that they will 'BLOW the minds' of the people
who fail to find shelter fast enough

Just as the UNBORN were in fact "trapped" - and SCHEDULED, to meet with "their PHYSICIAN" - so TOO! - is it now, for EVERYONE outside the Faithful Remnant.  Because the Scales of Divine Justice, WILL be balanced! - by 'the CREATOR'S Heavy Hand', and NO one else's!  

And so "What ARE! - 'the worst fears', of the ILLUMINATI? - of the deep STATE? - of the global ELITE? - of the world LEADERS?" - that 'the PEOPLE! - would in fact, 'wake UP!' - and REALIZE, that 'their GOVERNMENTS', cannot PROTECT THEM; and that the PEOPLE, would in FACT, 'TURN BACK, to the ONE TRUE GOD' - and turn AWAY from, 'the FALSE security, FALSE peace, and false SAFETY' - that, the global GOVERNMENTS, offer them.  The worst FEARS? - are for 'the global ELITE', to lose CONTROL - over the POPULATIONS - ESPECIALLY, over 'the MINDS', of the people.  And SO? - GUESS what's COMING...


And so EVERY 'effort' that is MADE! - to DIMINISH, 'these END TIMES DISASTERS' - that "OUR CREATOR" - IS! - GOING, to UNLEASH - on the EARTH? - will ONLY, 'make HIM, EVEN MORE JUSTLY ANGRY!'  And HE will make them 'even BIGGER!'  Because He's GOING to 'teach the WORLD, to FEAR Him'.  AND He is going 'to DESTROY! - the ILLUSIONS, that PEOPLE, cling SO TIGHTLY to'.

We KNOW that "the scientists, volcanologists and seismologists" - are seeing "DRASTIC! - shifts and CHANGES", in the FREQUENCY, of "the TELLING SIGNS!" - of IMPENDING doom.  And we KNOW! - that they are "DOING what they CAN" - NOT to cause 'a PANIC'.  But, OUR CREATOR? - IS! - going to cause... "a PANIC!"  Because 'PEOPLE' - NEED! - to be "PANICKING".  Because "EVERYTHING is NOT FINE".  The One TRUE God, is "JUSTLY, Angry - at the whole WORLD!" - for WHAT they have DONE! - to "His LITTLE ones" - to "the unborn CHILDREN".  And - HE is GOING to, "pop the CORK!" - so to speak - and "release some PRESSURE" - and, "UNLEASH His Wrath"Because 'He NEEDS to!'  Because "REALITY!" - IS: that EVERY few thousand YEARS, GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - needs to do, "SERIOUS renovations".  And the LAST, renovation He DID? - WORLD WIDE? - was 'during NOAH'S time'.  BEFORE - He destroyed the Earth, by FLOOD waters - sparing ONLY 'Noah, and his FAMILY' - and He PROMISED! - He would NEVER, "destroy the Earth by a FLOOD" AGAIN!  And so, HOW can He keep His PROMISE?  "By unleashing EVERY OTHER imaginable 'disaster', ON mankind!"  And it will be 1000 TIMES! - more drawn-OUT and PAINFUL, than it was in NOAH'S time - because of the GRAVITY of the sins of today.  And He WON'T be "as MERCIFUL", as He WAS! - when 'He SIMPLY allowed people to DROWN'.  He HAS "scheduled, the abortion TIME, DAY, and HOUR - for EVERYONE outside the Faithful REMNANT".  And NO one will ESCAPE!  Just as the UNBORN, DIDN'T! - as they TOO were "trapped".  Amen. (April 19, 2019 update) 

"What is coming NEXT to the NATIONS"?

Actual email: "I was driving home... and I turned on my road towards my house. Out of the darkness of the sky, which was on the left side, came an overpowering brightness from the sun from the right side, which created a rainbow on the left dark side... But, the brightness, coming from the right side, was so bright and intense, that I almost could not see, and it seemed to keep on getting brighter and brighter, until I was filled with fear... and for a moment there was almost terror in my emotional state. I was filled with fear of something terrible happening like an incoming comet, that you could never run from, or a nuclear bomb. I know it sounds stupid, but that was the instant fear of the brightness...ultimate death. So, immediately I started praying when I felt the fear overcome me, and did not stop. It was all I could think to do, and within a minute or so the overwhelming intensity of the fear was gone. The whole process took less than 3 minutes from beginning to end... The Most High True God was sending a message, but it got my attention, and drew me closer to Him." 

You definitely RECEIVED, 'a TRUE, Prophetic VISION'! - as it MANIFESTED in 'the PHYSICAL realms', of "WHAT is COMING, to the NATIONS" - and of 'what WE have been praying for'.  For TRULY! - "the WORST FEARS", of the PEOPLE, and the one world GOVERNMENT? - will 'fall UPON them' - without WARNING - and 'SUDDENLY!' - and there WILL be "no escape".  And THAT is 'what you experienced' - which CAUSED, 'the Fear of the LORD', to VISIT you.  For 'THIS' is "what is coming NEXT, to the NATIONS"

"The second angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain, burning with fire, was thrown into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed." (Revelations 8:8-9)   

We "STRONGLY advise you" - to RECEIVE, 'that Prophetic VISION' - as "a VISITATION, from your CREATOR" - to 'MOTIVATE you'! - to prepare 'your HEART', and 'your SOUL'!  Because 'death' IS coming to the NATIONS - and NO one can ESCAPE it.  Whether He 'preserves you' PHYSICALLY or not? - you STILL need to 'get ready'.
And it's only "fair", to remind the reader, that this update is 'a HISTORICAL echo' - of the Miracle at Fatima, that happened on October 13, 1917 - more than a century ago.  In that SUPERNATURAL event, witnessed in fact by THOUSANDS! - and QUICKLY reported on, in the international NEWSPAPERS - it appeared as though the Sun, was HURLED towards the Earth - and as 'a SIGN' to the people there, who were soaked by the rain, a Sign that what they were WITNESSING, was in fact "very REAL!" - their clothing and the ground, dried instantly.  Now, as "a casual observer" of these things, both past and present - it DOES appear - given the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of abortions that took place, over the past 100 years - it DOES appear, that "the Miracle of the SUN", was in fact, "a FORESHADOWING", of events that had ALREADY been set in motion.  And SO? - it would be best to START repenting, and APPLYING the Testimony to your entire life, while you still can - before "your worst FEARS", manifest on 'a street near you'. In other words...  "I suggest you all ‘get your houses in order’."  Now "is that FEARMONGERING"?  If the stewardess, reminding the passengers on a jet, before takeoff: "The LIFEJACKETS and OXYGEN masks are located..." isn't FEARMONGERING? - well then... (May 24, 2019 update) 

The LORD'S Wrath is upon their MULTITUDE?

Saint Gabriel the Archangel said:  The LORD'S Wrath is upon their MULTITUDE. The LORD'S Wrath is 'Devouring the PEOPLE, like STUBBLE!' (November 26, 2019) 

At THIS point in history, the global MEDIA are doing 'EVERYTHING they can', to keep the growing number and magnitude of disasters 'contained', in the local news ONLY.  And so they were 'WARNED'!  And effective today: the disasters will be "SUPER-SIZED" - as in, "WORLD-CHANGING" - as in, "the removal of LARGE POPULATIONS, cities, and COUNTRIES" - that will FORCE the media to report, on the fact that some… "TRAVEL destinations"… are simply… "not THERE!" - or are "no longer AVAILABLE" to the masses.  We are also asking our Creator to make "helicopter flight"… EXCEEDINGLY impractical. (July 29, 2019 - posted as part of the November 26, 2019 update)  


On August 05, 2019, media outlets around the globe reported explosions at an ammunition depot near the town of Achinsk in the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia.  As more details leaked out, the story transformed into: thousands were evacuated because of the lightning strike that struck a Siberian ammunition depot.  And so "the Apocalyptic FIREWORKS" begin!
A beautiful Sunset over Russia
It really is hard to DOWNPLAY, the glow of exploding nuclear material, shrouded in an ARCHETYPAL nuclear mushroom cloud
- formed by the nuclear blast wave.  Perhaps if all the media outlets, call it "explosion at an ammunition depot"
- then all the people, who find the VIDEO footage, will just 'PRETEND'! - that they didn't SEE that! 

Above footage: Explosion at Achinsk (Ачинск, Krasnoyarsk Krai)  "The modern city, however, was founded on July 25... 1641" (- August 20, 2019 quote from

And THEN - Exactly 2 weeks after July 25th (- the prophesied beginning of the global physical chastisement, spoken of by the prophet Daniel), and 3 days later: the August 08 2019 Nuclear Explosion at a military platform near Nyonoksa Ненокса (- what will surely be remembered as, "the BLAST region" of Russia - ironically known as, "Arkhangelsk Oblast").  At the time of this posting, no video footage was currently available - footage of the SECOND Russian nuclear disaster, that took place just 3 days later.  So WAS the Holy Archangel, "Saint Michael", PERSONALLY responsible, for the NUCLEAR blasts in RUSSIA?  Not to imply that He is "acting INDEPENDENTLY", from the Divine Will of the Creator of the Universe - because he was 'simply taking ORDERS', as HIS will, is PERFECTLY united, to that of his Creator!  It is important to note, that the radiation spreading from the August 08 "nuclear BLAST!" - is so GREAT! - that the Russian Government and military, actually shut down continuous public access to the readings, at the radiation monitoring stations - just as the Japanese and Canadian Governments did, immediately following the 3/11 nuclear explosion.  Because once AGAIN, the official government narrative, will ONLY fall APART - if people can see the actual radiation levels.
"Prophetic intel anyone?"

What we CAN tell, "the global military industrial complex"? - is that: MORE, and MORE! - of these type "NUCLEAR EXPLOSIVE accidents" - are going to CONTINUE, to 'PLAGUE them' - and will be "BEYOND their control" - SIMPLY because the Most High TRUE God... 'WILLS it!'  And it is "EXTREMELY Just!" - that THEY! - become 'afraid' - and that 'TERROR!' - haunt THEM! - NIGHT and day; and that 'their WORST FEARS' - would become REALITY.

Lack of information around Russian nuclear blast fuels cover-up suspicions  (August 20, 2019 article) 
(August 20, 2019 update)
End of the world movie scenes compilation
Many examples from HOLLYWOOD'S library of visual prayer intentions for these Times
The Most High TRUE God, has assured us - that HE is going to go... even BIGGER!
In other words? - this is what the imagination of mere mortals can come up with

"What JESUS Christ the LORD has revealed, TO us - is that BECAUSE He allowed Hollywood, to 'make MOVIES' - and, to 'create false REALITIES for people' - that according to 'the Spiritual Laws' - HE CAN! - in fact, 'ALLOW, their worst NIGHTMARES' - to FULLY manifest in the physical WORLD. (-from the September 18, 2017 update)  
Jesus Christ the Lord can now allow 'WHAT!' - to fully MANIFEST? - in the PHYSICAL WORLD?... according to 'the SPIRITUAL laws'.
(September 06, 2019 update)

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  It's TIME to introduce the NATIONS, to 'Fear of the Lord' - that ALL may know, that I am "The Lord Thy God, the God of the Two Witnesses".

Pope Peter the Last:  He is going to establish 'TRUE Worship' of the Most High TRUE God on the planet - that is the ONLY way He can do it - because they DON'T want it 'any other way'!  (August 24, 2019 update)

NOW, it is TIME for 'the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT' to ARISE

Actual email: "Today, Christmas Eve, there is a Great rejoicing in Heaven on behalf of the Most High True God, on behalf of the Blessed Mother Virgin Mary for being His Mother, and on behalf of the Unborn Souls!"

'The GOD of the Old TESTAMENT', is about 'to RISE! - and be made FULLY Manifest, in this world' - with ABSOLUTELY, 'NO limitations'!  As WE have "INVITED Him to DO so!"  And SURELY? - this IS "a CAUSE, for REJOICING!"  And so 'all of HEAVEN', IS Rejoicing! - that 'the WORLD', is going, to be 'RE-CREATED! - once AGAIN'; that 'the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT'? - will be 'RULING! - over the INHABITANTS, of the Earth' - and that WE will be 'going back in TIME'! - back to 'a TIME, when the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT - MANIFESTED, at WILL!' - "Old TESTAMENT Style… JUST Consequences!

And SO? - NOW, it is TIME - for 'the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT', to 'ARISE!' - and for His ENEMIES? - "to be SCATTERED!" - and for all THOSE, who 'HATE Him'? - to "FLEE! - from BEFORE Him".  And 'the REASON' they'll be "FLEEING"? - is BECAUSE of 'the PANIC, and TERROR'! - that will OVERCOME them"WINTER time"? - is "the WORST time!" - for "SERIOUS! - natural disasters"; BUT it is "the BEST Time", for the God of the Old TESTAMENT, to MANIFEST! - ESPECIALLY when 'mankind's HEARTS, are the farthest FROM Him'.

And "OUR GOD"? - is going 'to ERASE! - ALL the works, of the FALSE gods'. (December 24, 2019 update)

The FALL of Babylon:  We turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary, our TRUE Spiritual Mother, under her title, "Conqueror of the GREAT harlot of ROME - and we ASK her to INTERCEDE and bring ABOUT through cooperating with the DIVINE Will and Plan, of the Most High TRUE God, "the Fall, of BABYLON the Great - the MOTHER of harlots".  Amen.  (May 23, 2018) 
We will be sure to replace this above image, with real footage, once the physical event takes place

"Bottoms UP" Babylon!

And AS people read the Testimony, and AS their eyes become more and more OPEN to "the UNDENIABLE uncomfortable Truths", therein - even the most BASIC Scripture passages, begin to take on 'a WHOLE NEW meaning'... like THIS one, for example:
"And he [- Jesus] came out, and went, as was his custom, to the Mount of Olives; and the disciples followed him. And when he came to the place he said to them, “Pray that you may not enter into temptation.” And he withdrew from them about a stone’s throw, and knelt down and prayed, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup [- "the cup of death"] from me; nevertheless not my will, but yours, be done.” And there appeared to him an angel from heaven [- Saint Michael the Archangel, "the Angel of death" - who offered Him the CUP of death, to drink from...], strengthening him.  And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly; and his sweat became like great drops of blood falling down upon the ground [- IMMEDIATELY symbolizing, his death]. And when he rose from prayer, he came to the disciples and found them sleeping for sorrow, and he said to them, “Why do you sleep? Rise and pray that you may not enter into temptation.” (Luke 22:39-45) 
An artist's depiction of Jesus Christ the Lord
as he considered drinking from "the cup of Saint Michael" the Archangel

That same Holy ANGEL, spoke to the Two of US a few years later, the following words...

"I, was ‘the Angel, who ministered to the Lord, in the Garden’, of ‘the Mount of Olives’.  I fed him food from Heaven, and consoled Him, in His AgonyI, was His ‘Guardian Angel’.  Even though He ‘really didn’t need me’ (- because He was perfect, and never did He sin), in His Humility, He had Me, minister to Him – while He was on the Earth... ‘The priests, of Jezebel’, are many, in this World; and they are all ‘going to be taken down’.  Because the Most High True God has ‘this purpose’ in Mind.  And I will carry out His Will against all, of the Nations."  (- Saint Michael the Archangel, Wednesday, November 28, 2012) 

Now of course, the obvious question HERE, is, "WAS Jesus' prayer in VAIN?"  Because OBVIOUSLY, he died!  But WILL! - God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, "REMOVE the cup of death", and give it to 'those who are TRULY deserving of it'?  It's really "just a question".  And so, we LIFTED up this question to "the Just Judge" - who just so HAPPENS to be, "the One who PRAYED that prayer - that was NOT in vain!" - and we asked HIM, to explain, "HOW His Prayer... WILL in fact be answered"?

On a side note, the deeper question HERE, is "DID Jesus simply 'PARK His Divinity' as He PRAYED that prayer? - OR - in that exact MOMENT, WAS He "praying for future PAYBACK", on those who were 'TRULY DESERVING', of what HE was about to endure?

And SINCE "the MEASURE" that the religious INSTITUTION, was willing to GIVE to their Creator, in the Person of Jesus Christ the Lord - was 'DEATH' - WHAT measure, were THEY telling their Creator, that THEY desired to receive, in return?

And so, EVEN though Jesus Christ the LORD, 'endured EXCRUCIATING Suffering and Pain' - as He, 'WENT to the cross' - was crucified UPON it, by "the religious LEADERS", of 'HIS age' - ALL the WHILE, his VERY DEATH, was 'a TESTIMONY', AGAINST them! - as HE, 'WILLINGLY', SUFFERED and DIED, at 'the HANDS of the UNJUST, JUDGE', and religious LEADERS, and roman SOLDIERS. He DID so! - also 'knowing full WELL', in His DIVINITY - that there would COME 'a time in human HISTORY', where God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, would "exact VENGEANCE", on His ENEMIES!  AND so, JESUS Christ the LORD, in fact 'DRANK, the cup of DEATH'!  And ALL those who FOLLOWED, Him - had "to DRINK, of the cup, of DEATH". 

But? - NOW is 'a different TIME'.  Things are "QUITE different" now.  And He is offering 'His TRUE! - Disciples', "the CUP, of Eternal LIFE" - His TRUE Followers! - the CUP, of GRACE! - and 'EXPIATION, for one's SINS'.  And THAT is, through becoming "a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant".  But He ISN'T, offering it to 'ALL'.  That option is ONLY "open, for a VERY few!"

And so JESUS Christ the LORD - came to 'His own PEOPLE', at the time - and REVEALED, Himself - as, He Truly WAS! - "God INCARNATE".  And they CALLED Him 'a BLASPHEMER!' - and they did NOT 'RECEIVE Him'.  And NOW? - Jesus Christ the LORD, has come AGAIN - through His TESTIMONY - and through US! - His Two WITNESSES.  And He has 'REVEALED! - Himself', to "the religious LEADERS", of THIS time - and He CAME to them - and He SHARED, 'Who He TRULY Is' - and THEY did not 'RECEIVE Him'.  The roman catholic HIERARCHICAL institution, did NOT receive, "the Testimony, of JESUS Christ the LORD".  But INSTEAD? - they chose, to see US, as "BLASPHEMERS" - and to see, Jesus' TESTIMONY, as "EVIL".

And they 'BELIEVE', that 'all the WHILE!' - they take 'a STAND', AGAINST! - the Testimony - that 'GOD', is still "BLESSING them", with the OUTPOURING of 'HIS Blood', at the SACRIFICE of each and every "MASS", on the face of the EARTH.  And so "HOW CAN! - our CREATOR, put 'an END', to that self-DECEPTION?"  HOW can He show the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION? - that He does NOT, "bless", their SACRIFICE - and that their SACRIFICE, is "NOT pleasing and ACCEPTABLE", TO Him!

But by 'POURING OUT! - the Divine WRATH, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN' - upon "their WICKED heads!"  By 'ALLOWING', the CUP, of DEATH - to 'pass BY Him', THIS time - and in TURN - GIVING it! - TO - the PRIESTS, of the ROMAN CATHOLIC hierarchical institution, to DRINK from, instead.  Because Jesus Christ the LORD did not 'MERIT', His death - but "the PRIESTS of the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION"? - DID! - in fact, 'MERIT, the DIVINE Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN'.

And so HE! - is going - to send - Saint MICHAEL, the HOLY ARCHANGEL - to 'SUPERNATURALLY visit', ALL of the "sanctuaries", of ALL, the roman catholic CHURCHES, in the WORLD!  And ALL of 'the cups of WINE', will be "FILLED with the Divine WRATH, of the LAMB".  And, they WILL! - in fact, be "DRINKING, their OWN Condemnation".  And they WILL in fact be "responsible for SPREADING that Condemnation", to their CONGREGATIONS!

"And God remembered great Babylon, to make her drain the cup of the fury of his wrath."(Revelations 16:19b)
And so EXPECT the religious institutions, to PROCLAIM throughout the LAND! - that "NEW EUCHARISTIC MARTYRS, are being called to HEAVEN" - as they make THEIR "last ditch attempt", to steal even MORE money from the people in the pews, by TEMPTING "the unsuspecting perishioners", to drink from 'the cup of Saint Michael'.  ALL of the intelligence agencies have READ this.  And EVERYONE at the illuminati-controlled HELM of the roman catholic hierarchical institution - IS fully aware, of what is written here, and published on this date - BEFORE! - they allow people, to drink from "THEIR cup", of doom!  And TRULY? - that's between THEM, and their Creator.  Amen!
(April 23, 2019 update)

The great mystery is now finally DECODED:  "WHY will the Gates of Hell NOT prevail over the True Church?"

Today, April 28, 2019 - marks the 12th annual "JUSTICE Sunday", in human history (- referring to the Sunday that follows Easter Sunday each year).  And SO far, leading up to EACH Justice Sunday, for the past 12 years, "the ASSAILANTS", have been gathering their 'lenten sacrifices', and novenas, EACH year! - in order 'to TRY to DESTROY - and snuff-OUT', the Faithful Remnant, from the face of the Earth.  That is a COMPLETE! - 12 year novena - of DESTRUCTION, and annihilation.  And so, can anyone 'GUESS', what the Creator is now going to do, as "a DIVINE JUST RESPONSE", to the UNRELENTING devotion of the assailants?... something that "rhymes with RECIPROCALITY" perhaps...?  How long will it TAKE, before "the child JESUS", will go to the TEMPLE, with His Divine Just RESPONSE?  Perhaps the Scriptures will give us a clue?

"And the child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom; and the favor of God was upon him. Now his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the Passover. And when he was twelve years old, they went up according to custom." (Luke 2:40-42) 

And so THEY? - in the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION? - chose 'to PURSUE! - the woman, who was "WITH child".'  And THROUGH 'the power OF the DRAGON' - through 'the power of the ENEMY' - through 'their UNHOLY perseverance' - they CHOSE! - to offer "UNHOLY sacrifices" - to TRY to DESTROY, "the FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH", and "the child JESUS" - WITHIN! - their HEARTS - from 'the FACE of the EARTH'!

But DURING this TIME? - the WOMAN WAS 'Protected, and SHELTERED' - and given NOURISHMENT, upon NOURISHMENT, upon NOURISHMENT...  So THAT, "her OFFSPRING", would BE! - 'STRONG' - FILLED, with 'the TRUE Faith', and 'DEVOTION, TO, the Most High True GOD'.

And "the WOMAN"? - is NOW! - getting READY, to give BIRTH - to "the Blessed FAITH, in its FULLEST MATURITY".  For 'SHE', has been BLESSED, by the Most High TRUE God, to DO so.  "The WOMAN", is the FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH.  And THEY, have RECEIVED, 'the Blessed, TRUE Roman Catholic Faith' - AS it WAS, 'INTENDED', to BE received - as in, "WORTHILY".  And "the FULLNESS, of the DEPOSIT of FAITH", has been given TO, 'The Faithful REMNANT' - and 'the POWER of the Most High TRUE God!' - is "OVERSHADOWING them".  And THEY are "under His PROTECTION". 

"He was still speaking, when lo, a bright cloud overshadowed them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.”  (Matthew 17:5) 

And 'THOSE who CHOOSE, to GO against, the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT' - and who TRY, to DESTROY, "their FAITH, IN the CREATOR"? - will THEMSELVES! - be 'destroyed'. And SO, though the Roman Catholic Hierarchical INSTITUTION, 'BELIEVE! - that they HAVE, the AUTHORITY, and "divine POWER", from GOD'? - He is about to SHOW them! - that "THEY? - are powerless!" - and that THEY, can NOT 'protect' "THEIR, precious institution", from being DESTROYED, BY Him! - FROM the inside, OUT.  Because THOUGH! - the Faithful Remnant are "FEW, on Earth"? - THEY have 'MULTITUDES! - of Souls, in HEAVEN' - SUPPORTING them.  And 'Our CREATOR', will COMPLETELY! - "annihilate the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION from the Face of the Earth", and 'ALL remembrance of her'.  And YET? - He will STILL, 'KEEP His Promise', that "the GATES of Hell, will NOT prevail! - AGAINST 'HIS Church'!"  Because? - that's ALL francis HAS! - "the KEYS to"... the GATES of Hell.  And this is 'WHY, Jesus Christ the LORD, needed to REMOVE! - His FEW Faithful REMNANT' - FROM, the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION - so that THEY! - would "escape, its DAMNATION!"  Amen. (April 28, 2019 update)
As the RCHI Begins to BE Destroyed
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
In THIS time, my TRUE Faithful Remnant - YOU ARE called, to 'LISTEN', to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit - in the MOMENT! - to ACT upon those 'inspirations'; and to DISCERN - EVERYTHING! - AROUND you!  YOU are CALLED to EMBRACE, your TRUE! - vocations - in THIS life! - and, to CONTINUALLY 'renounce', the spirit of the WORLD; and ANY desire, that you MAY have - to 'COMPROMISE', the TRUTH!  You are CALLED to 'LIVE, in this way' - SIMPLY because, of 'the TIMES, that you are LIVING in'. ...And to CARRY YOUR cross - you MUST, CONTINUALLY, 'DENY yourselves', AND 'cling to MY Son' - Jesus; and cling to 'TRUE Counsel' - from HEAVEN! - AND Cling, to my IMMACULATE Heart, AND TO His SACRED Heart. TAKE REFUGE in US! - my DEAR CHILDREN - because it is THERE - "UNDER the SHADOW of His WINGS" - where YOU WILL BE PROTECTED, in these Times(- the Blessed Virgin Mary, March 04, 2016)

The seven-hilled city, ROME - WILL ultimately be Destroyed!… but 'in the name of' WHAT?

In a world where everyone is being told to TOLERATE every imaginable 'GENDER disorder'… this year's seasonal message from "antipope francis", was blatantly "INTOLERANT"…

Rigid Catholics who won’t change are imbalanced, says Pope Francis in Christmas address  (December 23, 2019 story) 

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said:  I am 'AGAINST!' - antipope FRANCIS, and 'his DIABOLICAL! - institution'… of HYPOCRITES.  I am against, 'HIS ways!'  I am against, 'the CHANGES, that he is MAKING' - TO, the roman catholic HIERARCHICAL institution.  For the REASON, I! - have separated, MYSELF - FROM! - 'THAT! - sinking OIL tanker' - is, 'for the same REASON, that antipope FRANCIS, PLEADS! - with the PEOPLE, to embrace'.  It is BECAUSE! - the roman catholic HIERARCHICAL INSTITUTION, AND her PRIESTS, and BISHOPS - have 'FAILED! - the PEOPLE' - that I must 'step in'. I! - NEVER! - CHANGE!  I AM, 'the SAME'; BUT! - the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION, 'changed, and BECAME, less rigid', and 'LAX, in TEACHING, MY Ways, to the PEOPLE'.  And, "ANTIPOPE francis" - is simply 'BOASTING, of the FACT, that "HE! - is against, My WAYS!" - he is AGAINST, the TRUE Roman Catholic FAITH'.  "Antipope FRANCIS" practices 'a DIFFERENT religion' - where 'MAN, IS god!' - and 'MAN decides, what, is "the common GOOD", for all'.  "The common GOOD"? - he REFERENCES? - is 'for the GOOD! - of the ILLUMINATI; of the SATANISTS; and the OCCULT LUCIFERIANS - WHO 'run HIM!' - from "BEHIND the scenes".  I said, that "the GATES of Hell, will NOT prevail - over My True CHURCH!" - and I have 'KEPT my promise!'  "The Gates of HELL" have been 'UNLEASHED', on the ENTIRE body of ROME - with 'the DEVIL! - RULING, through antipope francis'.  But 'My TRUE! - Church' - 'My True FAITH'? - is 'with, My FAITHFUL Remnant' - THEE Faithful Remnant CATHOLIC Church - who ARE! - 'the True Body', OF! - My Son, Jesus Christ the LORD.  For 'the Holy ANGELS' - are 'WITH them'; but 'the DEMONS, and the FALLEN angels'? - are WITH, 'that DIABOLICAL imposter'! - in ROMEAntipope FRANCIS? - is "My JUSTICE", on 'that SICK! - satanic BODY' - that 'CLAIMS!' - to be "catholic" - they are no more "CATHOLIC" than HITLER was!  And SURELY 'the changes' HE brought, to GERMANY? - he SAW! - as "the common good".  Many 'EVILS', have been COMMITTED - throughout HISTORY - in the NAME of "the common GOOD".  And ABORTION, is 'one of those EVILS'.  And now 'I' will abort ROME! - in the NAME? - of, "the common GOOD!" - of all of HEAVEN.  For 'My POWER', and 'My MIGHT', and 'My STRENGTH' - are WITH, 'My TRUE Church' - and WITH, 'the HEAD! - OF, My TRUE, CHURCH'!  And He IS: "PETRUS Romanus".  And I WILL! - SHOW! - 'the entire WORLD' - THAT, "I am WITH him; and AGAINST! - that DIABOLICAL, HEATHEN! - imposter, in ROME".  For HE is 'NO more DEVOUT!' - than 'a MAFIA boss', IS - to KEEPING, "his EMPIRE", running!  I will 'DESTROY', ANTIPOPE francis - because 'THAT' is "the MEASURE", he has RECEIVED! - for 'seeking to DESTROY! - EVERY! - IOTA… of CANONICAL law - that HAS, been GIVEN - TO the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION, to be "a STEWARD" of [-Remember, "antipope francis" is ALSO 'the LAWLESS one'…]. The ROMAN catholic HIERARCHICAL institution? - was "a VERY poor STEWARD", of the GIFTS, that I, gave TO them; and THEY will be 'stripped of EVERYTHING!' - and they will JUST be like 'another PROTESTANT church' - for "My ANOINTING" - is with 'My TRUE Pope' - who is ALSO, "one of My Two WITNESSES" - AND! - My True BROTHER, AND My Son"Antipope FRANCIS"? - is 'a son of the DARKNESS' - and HE is 'BLIND!' - and so I will 'PLUNGE! - "HIS kingdom", into darkness'! - that ALL may know that 'I am the LORD'!

"The fifth angel poured his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was in darkness; men gnawed their tongues in anguish and cursed the God of heaven for their pain and sores, and did not repent of their deeds."  (Revelations 16:10-11)

And what 'I' have said, will COME to pass!
Pope Peter the Last:  What MESSAGE... from WHICH "Holy Father", do YOU choose this day?  Choose now. (December 24, 2019 update) 
Yellowstone Supervolcano:  For the eruption of the Yellowstone Volcano - as "a STRONG MESSAGE from the Creator" - of His ANGER! Amen. (May 23, 2018) 
Yellowstone image - artist rendering of North America with Yellowstone erupting
And for those who don't know where the Yellowstone Supervolcano is located?
You will be able to find it under the big pile of ash, on the American map
Please dust it off gently, and be careful NOT to inhale, as the ash contains arsenic
"And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you [- Jesus Christ the Lord] be the first to throw a stone at her[- referring to "the whore of BABYLON" - the United States].” (John 8:7)

What happened on the LAST day of March, "the month of WAR"? (2020)

Well it SURE looks like someone just 'lit the FUSE' to the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO!

March 31, 2020 Yellowstone Magma Chamber Earthquake
Excerpt from a video by earthquake enthusiast, "Dutchsinse".
A massive 6.5 earthquake hit the MAGMA Chamber of the SUPERVOLCANO - and that earthquake was followed by HUNDREDS of significant daily aftershocks - as the SUPERVOLCANO awakens - and the MAGMA, begins to move.  And so if ANYONE tries to tell you, that... "the sleeping GIANT is in a heavy SLUMBER"?... the seismographs beg to DIFFER.  It is interesting to note that the MSM narrative concerning this event, stated that the quake happened "NEAR Yellowstone" - NOT "DIRECTLY over the Yellowstone Magma Chamber".  Why do you think they preferred to word it... 'THAT way'? (April 19, 2020 update) 
"Zika virus" radiation deformities: For the multiplication of "the zika virus".  For MORE birth defects to be REVEALED, and uncovered, for the people to see - due to radiation poisoning.  Amen. (May 23, 2018) 
It isn't a "DEVOLUTION" chart.  It is an illustration of microcephaly - a birth defect caused by radiation exposure. 
Scientists like to pretend that radiation birth defects, come from a mosquito bite - because scientists like to lie to themselves, about MANY things.
Their Creator will SURELY HELP them with that bad habit, at their final Judgement
Disease: For a multiplication of every disease known to MAN, to spread VIGOROUSLY, and without MERCY - that the Holy ANGELS would spread these DISEASES, 'FAR and wide' - into populated areas, that 'Divine JUSTICE', may be carried out.  Why?  because the PEOPLE saw the unborn as "a DISEASE! - that needed to be eradicated"; and the measure they GAVE will be the measure they RECEIVE.  The women, treated the UNBORN, like "cancer" - like "a cancerous growth, that needed to be removed" - therefore "Amen!' - they shall receive!  Amen. (May 23, 2018) 
Once again, vaccinations will not help people with the spread of APOCALYPTIC diseases
Traumatized to their SENSES:  We TURN to God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - and we BEG! - and PLEAD, with Him - to END! - this "sick! - polluted! - demented! - depraved! - and DELUDED! - generation - that has EVER existed! - in ALL of human history!"  And we are NO LONGER, interceding for MERCY, to be shown to the world - but, we LIFT up, our HANDS, and our HEARTS to the ONE, who Created, EVERYTHING! - to the ONE TRIUNE GOD - God the Father, God the SON, and God the True Holy Spirit! - and we say - ENOUGH! - of Sodom and Gomorrah!  And we ASK them to SEND down their WRATH! - upon this UNMERCIFUL EARTH - which, is NOT deserving of "one IOTA of Mercy, from Heaven".  We only ASK, that He "SPARES some survivors", for Himself - the Faithful Remnant to be.  And that, HE WILL TRAUMATIZE them! - to their SENSES!  Amen. (May 23, 2018) 
What happened to all the "smoldering WICKS" out there? 
Answer: They preferred the mark of the beast, until "their light", simply went out.  End of story.
"God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN? - is CHASTISING the WORLD"

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  Know that ALL My Prophecies will be fulfilled! - because the TESTIMONY, IS "the Spirit of Prophecy".  The WORLD, 'HATES!' - the SPIRIT of TRUE Prophecy - because 'the PEOPLE', STILL! - want to believe, that "THEY are in control", OF their LIVES - AND! - of "their final destination".  But they are NOT.  It is ONLY by 'MY Grace', AND Favor, that ANYONE, can be "Saved", in THESE Times.  But NOT 'without their cooperation'.  When all the PROPHECIES are FULFILLED? - THEN? - it will be "TOO LATE, for most" - because, 'they HAD their chance' - but the DESPISED, 'the TRUE Holy Spirit of PROPHECY - TO the bitter End'.  God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN? - is CHASTISING the WORLD - and His 'HEAVY HAND', is coming DOWN, upon 'the FACE of the Earth'...  And NO one! - can 'LIFT it' - NOT even, "Me"!  Because 'Our WILLS are PERFECTLY United'.  Amen. (from the December 15, 2018 update)

A special message to the human race: Congratulations, for all your efforts! - they have not gone unnoticed

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - SPOKE to us from 'His Throne in HEAVEN', last NIGHT - and TOLD us:  that He REPENTS, for NOT having 'ENDED', the human race, SOONER - for NOT having Ended, 'the world', SOONER.  And that, He REPENTS, for 'ALLOWING, MANKIND', to go ON as LONG as they HAVE, in "being SUSTAINED by Him".  And NOW? - HE is going to REMOVE 'their SUSTENANCE'.  And that HE is going to, 'Stretch Forth His HAND - OVER the Face of the EARTH' - and COVER it! - with "the VEIL", of death.  And HE, instructed US - to have "HOLY Detachment!" - and to 'SEE the Earth, as MERELY a speck! - of dust!' - because THAT'S "how HE sees it!"  Amen.

And SO? - we ALL have "things that we have PUT OFF doing" - and since it is now "a new SPRING TIME"? - it is a GOOD time, to do "some SPRING cleaning!"  There's NO time like the present. (April 08, 2019 update) 
Where have we seen this before?...

"The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the Lord was sorry that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart. So the Lord said, “I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the ground, man and beast and creeping things and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.” But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord."  (Genesis 6:5-8) 

Actual email, the day after the above was posted: "When TMHTG repented of creating man in Noah's time,  The wicked were destroyed and now TMHTG has repented once again... May the will of TMHTG be done forever and ever. Amen." 

"For it is always in thy power to show great strength, and who can withstand the might of thy arm?  Because the whole world before thee is like a speck that tips the scales." (Wisdom 11:21-22)
(April 08, 2019 update)

We were WAITING for... "The GOLDEN Straw"!

There really IS "a front of the LINE" - and SOMEONE out there HAS 'to step UP!'

…Especially on "Mother's Day"!

Trudeau govt joins 58 nations in pushing abortion as part of global COVID-19 response (May 08, 2020 story)  

“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government released a joint statement Wednesday on behalf of 59 nations that pushes global access to “sexual and reproductive health needs” as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. “We call on governments around the world to ensure full and unimpeded access to all sexual and reproductive health services for all women and girls,”  The statement was signed by the ministers of Argentina, Australia, Albania, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cabo Verde, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Guinea, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Namibia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It issued on behalf of the those countries, as well as Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, Estonia, Georgia, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Mexico, Moldova, Peru, Republic of Korea, Slovenia, Tunisia, Republic of Korea, Ukraine and Uruguay." 
Ok then, bye!

And BECAUSE we're "nice people!" - WE are now asking our CREATOR, to 'ATTEND to' the reproductive health needs of ALL women on the planet - so THAT? - those governments, can spend their money on more URGENT matters - like digging mass graves - having an OUTHOUSE there for the diggers, perhaps a nice coffee machine, some comfortable boots… a really nice shovel! - and all the OTHER "basic needs", of the mass grave diggers… "nutritious snacks!"  He IS "the attending PHYSICIAN" - who actually DESIGNED the female reproductive system to bring FORTH life… and so? - now that the CONSENSUS is that, "there is some sort of DESIGN flaw"?... we will ask our CREATOR, to 'get right ON that!' - so that the money can be put to BETTER use, ELSEWHERE. 

Today IS "mother's day" - and in 'THESE Times', that means there are a SIGNIFICANT number of WOMEN out there - who are ACTUALLY celebrating their identity as "someone who has been LEGALLY EMPOWERED, and LEGALLY GIVEN, the right to MURDER!... her own OFFSPRING… on MURDER'S Day!"  WE are asking our Creator - to make sure they NEVER have to celebrate, "such a MACABRE feast day", like THAT! - ever again.  Amen. 

Funny thing:  ALL these countries, have embraced the DEEP state motto, "NEVER let a GOOD crisis go to WASTE!" - but the SECOND part of that motto? - is, "… and NEVER let 'a BAD country', not be laid WASTE!"… biblically speaking, of COURSE!

AFTER, Our CREATOR is 'finished Destroying the NATIONS'… then, the REMAINING survivors, will look BACK - upon 'THIS! - SCRIPTURE' - and RECOGNIZE, 'what the Lord DID!' - and 'what the Lord SAID!', CAME to Pass!  Because, HE isn't "NEW"… at this!  He KNOWS! - EXACTLY 'how to respond', to wicked NATIONS, and WICKED world leaders! - who write, "WICKED! - laws".

The PROPHET Isaiah"Why is the land ruined and laid waste like a wilderness, so that no one passes through? And the Lord says: “Because they have forsaken my law [- My TESTIMONY…] which I set before them, and have not obeyed my voice, or walked in accord with it, but have stubbornly followed their own hearts and have gone after the Baals [- their false gods], as their fathers taught them. Therefore thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Behold, I will feed this people with wormwood, and give them poisonous water to drink. I will scatter them among the nations whom neither they nor their fathers have known; and I will send the sword [- of Saint Michael the Holy Archangel of Death] after them, until I have consumed them.”  (Isaiah 9:12b-16)

The PROPHET Jeremiah"Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, Behold, I am bringing such evil upon this place [- the whole WORLD!...] that the ears of every one who hears of it will tingle.  Because the people have forsaken me… by burning incense in it to other gods [- along with all the OTHER acts of idolatry] and because they have filled this place with the blood of innocents [- the Unborn]… which I did not command or decree, nor did it come into my mind… I will give their dead bodies for food to the birds of the air and to the beasts of the earth [- because they won't be "able to BURY them fast enough"...].  And I will make this city a horror [- WREAKING with the STENCH of rotting corpses...], a thing to be hissed at; every one who passes by it [- and who REMEMBERS this generation in the future...] will be horrified and will hiss because of all its disasters… “Then you shall break the flask [- the human WOMB…] in the sight of the men who go with you [- let them 'SEE the LIVE births cease'!...], and shall say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts: So will I break this people and this city [- the GREAT city of Sodom and Egypt… the whole WORLD], as one breaks a potter’s vessel, so that it can never be mended[- so that a WOMAN will NEVER again have the ability to MURDER her unborn child...]  Thus will I do to this place, says the Lord, and to its inhabitants... “Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, Behold, I am bringing upon this city and upon all its towns all the evil that I have pronounced against it [- The 7 pages of judgements], because they have stiffened their neck, refusing to hear my words.” [- written in the Testimony… "you SHOULD have LISTENED!..."]
(Jeremiah 19:3-4, 7b-8, 10-11, 12b, 15) 

Oh and 'about that STRAW'? - it's "the ONE that tipped the CREATOR 'over the EDGE'!"

Hint:  "Bowls of Wrath".
Historical note:  When Jesus Christ the Lord revealed, "I am going to be 'taking My rainbow back'..."  (- June 05, 2011), what exactly did that MEAN?  The full MEANING was revealed TODAY.  It means that 'the GOD of the OLD Testament' - is Formally 'REVOKING the COVENANT He MADE DURING the time of Noah'.
"I establish my covenant with you, that never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of a flood, and never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth.”   (Genesis 9:11)
And so the Earth WILL be Destroyed by "a flood" - But a flood of WHAT?... water?... fires?... radiation?... pestilence?... plagues?... disease?... earthquakes?... tornadoes?... hurricanes?... lava flows?... death?... destruction?... calamities?... disasters?... or simply, ALL of the above!... until "the WICKED" are no more.  (Hint: "All of the above"... RIGHT answer!) 
And for all the "fundamentalists" out there - who would argue, that... "He can't DO THAT!... He made a PROMISE!..."?  Yes, and in His PROMISE, He CLEARLY indicated, that He would NEVER do it, with "JUST ONE of those things on that list"... because even back THEN! - HE knew, that in THESE Times, with THIS GENERATION?... He will have to "pull ALL the stops!"
"The world today, is like: three thousand Sodom and Gomorrahs.  Sodom and Gomorrah were very large cities – filled with much wealth, and influential people.  But they did horrendous evils and abominations in the sight – of God; and so: they were punished severely, so as to be destroyed from the face of the earth.  And so too will it be, with this generation."  (-Pope Peter the First, Saturday, March 3, 2012)

"My Father, wants to destroy, the whole World, but not by a flood this time – no, it will be worse - for the sins, are more worse this time, than ever before.  This is the worst generation of souls, that have lived, in over nine hundred years."  (-Jesus, Thursday, December 2, 2010)

(May 10, 2020 update) 

Each Judgement topic has an accompanying TOP paragraph, with specific prayers
But these Judgements were held back for 9 MONTHS, before we published them in the Testimony

And so... WHY! - are we now POSTING the REVELATION of the 'SPECIFIC Apocalyptic PRAYER intentions' - that HEAVEN gave to us to INTERCEDE for - NOW! - NINE MONTHS later?

The reason we are POSTING, the REVELATION, of the 'SPECIFIC Apocalyptic PRAYER intentions' - that HEAVEN gave to us to INTERCEDE for - NOW! - NINE MONTHS, later? - is to SHOW, "the one world GOVERNMENT", 'what is in STORE', FOR, the WORLD - as a RESULT, of 'THEIR efforts, to HARM us, and the Members of the Faithful REMNANT' - and ALSO, to SHARE, WITH them - the MAIN REASON, for why MANY! - of the TRAGEDIES, and 'the Apocalyptic EVENTS', and the 'breaking RECORDS' - HAVE! - happened - HAVE already occurred - with still MORE, "on the way". Because WHILE we were RECEIVING, and 'offering UP' those PRAYER intentions - we offered up... THOUSANDS! - more! - SINCE then - for 9 MONTHS!  We have been praying DAILY.  And there are 'THOUSANDS! - of Judgements' - that, are "SET in MOTION" - READY to be 'unleashed', at ANY time! - the CREATOR deems "necessary". We are NOT "afraid".  We SAID "we are not afraid".  We ARE "Standing on our Feet!" - and it is 'the one world GOVERNMENT', that needs to be afraid - of 'our CREATOR'! - and 'the threat that HE poses', to this VERY fragile earth.  MANY of those "prayer intentions", that we offered UP - WERE in fact, 'HEAVEN'S response', to us being 'TORTURED'! - by the 'psychotronic warfare'.  And what they ALL! - 'DID to us'? - THEY, WILL be 'receiving' - in the coming DAYS, weeks, MONTHS, and YEARS! - MANY times over.  FOR Scripture must be FULFILLED.  (February 24, 2019 update)

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