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You false shepherds, are a disgrace

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Jesus said: And, I have this against you, Oh people of Israel, Oh false Catholics, Oh false Christians: that you hold, the form, of religion – of being religious, but deny the power of it.  You hold: solemn feasts, for yourselves; and steal the bread, from My children.  They starve – they hunger for truth, Justice, and righteousness; but you will give them none of those.  You false shepherds, are a disgrace, to the very Cross, which I was crucified upon – in which you preach: self-sacrifice; but gorge yourselves, in your own palaces, and castles.  I have this against you: that you steal the bread, from My people, by denying: My presence; and the Power of My Eucharist. Therefore you blind guides!  I have taken, the vineyard from you, in which you were given charge, to do justice to My Servants, and My Prophets, and My People, and have given it to another, who is more worthy: of the calling, and of the position – which you both deny.  By denying Me, in front of the people, you practice, a great heresy; and therefore, I will deny you, before My Father who Lives and Reigns in Heaven, and who is Exalted, above the Heavens; unless you repent in sackcloth, and in ashes – which means in these times; humble yourselves, before Me; and acknowledge, your failings, and that you had chosen to serve mammon, instead, of adhering to the higher purpose, which I called you to.  Listening to the ‘doctrines of demons’, and ‘puffing My people up with pride’, was not your calling from Me; but it is the enemy who has anointed you – for that purposeI anointed you: so that you would bring back the lost, bind up the wounded,heal the blind, and the lame, and cure the brokenhearted.  But you false shepherds– have done Me, and the people, a great ‘diss-service’.

The one, in-side the Vatican, is, an antichrist.

The one who sits upon the Throne, in-side the Vatican, is not My Messenger – is not my ‘Prince of the Apostles’, but is: a deceiver, and an antichrist.  Not so much by what he says, nor by what he chooses to focus on does he deceive the people; but by what he refuses to speak of – by what he refuses to say to the churches, and by his refusal to get his own house in order – and that is, My Church.  But without the presence of the True Holy Spirit, how can any of you be saved? 

Return then,to My Apostle Peter

Return then, to My Apostle Peter, to My True Vicar, here on Earth.  Know that, I am with him, for his steadfast love, for Me, is strong; and I love him, and have loved him – for he keeps My words and My commands.  He does not tolerate sin, in others. But you blind guides tolerate: the spirit of Jezebel, and therefore use smooth words, that are akin to the times you are living in – but that do not water the lilies.  Acknowledge your True Vicar, in your hearts, and he and I will forgive you for your transgressions.

I have stolen ‘My Presence’ from all of the churches

This may be a shock to you all – but if you had read the scriptures, and discerned My words of caution: “For behold I come like a thief in the night”, and “if the householder had known at what time, I was coming, he would have remained awake, and ready, for the thief who would break in, to his house”.  But you were all asleep when I came, and I have stolen My Presence from all of the churches, and as I have said before I am no longer in your hosts.  Your churches have become: desolate – because you, drink, of the blood of the Saints, and you, follow after Babylon the great, and drink the wine of her impure passions.  Remember what happened to the ‘Tower of Babel’ – it crumbled, and the people were scattered; because they built a tower to mammon.  And so too, will the Roman Catholic Church fall, and the Great City – that is the Vatican, with it.  For I steal My bread, from you My shepherds – because you have stolen them, from the people.  Therefore you will go hungry, as well as they. But I will not abandon My faithful within that institution, nor all of My Faithful Remnant Church throughout the whole World.

‘The biggest black eye… since Pharaoh of Egypt

Therefore, I send My Two Witnesses out with the Testimony for the Churches, that all might know: I am the Lord Thy God, and Thou Shalt have No other Gods before Me.  What you have tried to keep hidden, is soon to be made known, and this is My punishment for the Archdiocese of Kingston: that they shall receive ‘the biggest black eye, that anyone has received, since Pharaoh of Egypt’.


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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