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"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
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"For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?"
(Mark 8:36)
Jesus Christ the Lord said: Indeed, what DOES it, profit a man, to gain the whole world, and forfeit, his own Soul?  Indeed it profits him NOTHING.  But, the people, have, forfeited, their own, lives – as in ‘spiritual lives’ My children.  And they have sacrificed ‘virtue’, and ‘spiritual nourishment from Heaven’, for worldly comforts, and conveniences.  But not just ‘conveniences’ - the right to sodomize, their neighbor, and their right to kill, their own children. 
What kind of people, have they become? – when the animals, will strive, to protect their own young, at all costs! 
That’s what’s written, in nature – protection, of “the family”, or the group.  There, are no, ‘scientific signs’, that have not been ‘doctored’, to indicate, that homosexuality, is in the DNA, or ‘gene’, that someone is born with.

Side Note: ‘Science without God’ has now invented “behavioral genetics”. And that branch of atheistic science has gone to great lengths to fabricate myths that explain human behavior.  Atheistic scientists have invented the myth of: the gay gene, the warrior gene, the alcoholism gene, the crime gene, and the poverty gene.  Using mere fantasy to fill the void that was left, when they pushed God out of their minds, makes perfect sense - to the scientists of course.  Their colleagues did it in the past when other scientists created “the missing link”, in evolution, between prehistoric man, and modern man - by rearranging bones from different species, to create "a fossil that reflects their fantasy".  But when the behavior scientists fabricated THEIR myths, they neglected the ONE passage of Scripture that explained those human behaviors, moving from generation to generation – the passage that states, “…for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me.”(Exodus 20:5)  It is so simple a child could understand it - once it has been explained to them of course.  So why did PHD level scientists without faith, feel the need to write dissertations that are no more credible than a children’s story, as a desperate attempt to explain and justify the transmission of sinful human behavior, from one generation to the next?  Perhaps the homosexual couple in the white house provided a bit of the funding, for that particular conclusion.

Homosexuality, and gay pride, have, become, ‘a pandemic’ – reaching across the nations...
Gay Pride Bridge in Queensland Australia
...including the schools...
...and the churches...
...and the governments.
But!  Also, welcomed, by ‘the majority’ – they’re rejoicing, in, homosexual abominable acts, being done. 

But how, did, Sodom, and Gomorrah fare?  Not good.  Physical fire, consumed them; but, in these Times, Judgment, came; and the effects are long, lasting; for many.  And, the most terrifying part, of My Judgment, on the Human, Race (– that is, those who resemble humans, but, who have forfeited their humanity) - My Judgment, was ‘Most Severe’ – in that, everyone, has lost, their Soul.  So they have no purpose, to live, for the next life; and all they care about, is THIS one, and ‘the immediate comforts’, and consolations – as ‘a substitute, for Heavenly Riches’.  Am I “sorry”? – that everyone has received ‘the mark, of the beast’? (– that is, all those outside My Remnant).

"And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If any one worships the beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also shall drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured unmixed into the cup of his anger, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up for ever and ever; and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.”
(Revelations 14:9-11)
No!  I do not HAVE “regrets” – because ‘action’, that I take, is deliberate – because I can See, the Present; I KNOW what has happened in the Past – with the Future, in mind.  Now that people have received ‘the mark’, of the devil – and that is ‘his stamp’, on them – then, they will have ‘no trouble’, becoming ‘actual portals, to the Abyss’, when CERN opens; and their torments, will go up – the smoke; the fire, they will be tormented – day, and night – in My Presence - in the Presence, of the Lamb.  Because, this, is, the most WICKED! Generation, of ‘those who resemble, human beings I first Created – that has EVER, been.
Note: The people of these End Times have welcomed the LGBT agenda with open arms.  But the Two Witnesses, have secretly invited God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, to personally attend each and every Gay Pride Parade on the Planet – until now that is.  No, we didn’t stop inviting Him; it just isn’t a secret any more.  After sharing this above message with us, one thing Jesus mentioned in passing, is that in these End Times, He is also ‘a fissure of men’...
"Ground breaking" scene from the 1956 Hollywood Movie, "The Ten Commandments"
... Moses knows what that means.  But the people in the parades, just haven’t quite figured that out yet.  We will all SEE how this chapter in human history unfolds, and who gets the final say, when CERN opens the portal, to the Abyss.  Unless of course, The Most High True God, has another “ground-breaking” event planned, between now and then.  These are most interesting times indeed!
Jesus Christ the Lord said:  A sudden rise in temperature, My children, is usually ‘a sign of an ELF attack.  Remember that.  They are trying to ‘heat you up’ – with their ‘direct energy weapon’.    Whenever that happens, simply call on Saint Michael, to deflect the attack back at those sending it.  The reason, it is ‘not good’, to discuss, when, you are experiencing, an ELF – or Project Bluebeam attack, amongst yourselves, My children, is simply because, they are listening.  And you don’t have, privacy.  They are watching too – through their satellites – keeping “an unholy eye” on My Faithful Remnant Church.  And so “the call”, is, to be innocent, as doves, but wise, as serpents…
"Go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And preach as you go, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ And whatever town or village you enter [and yes, Jesus CAN and DOES do that, through His Online Testimony.  Just like when the Ark of the Covenant would bring His Holy Word to a house, through the Testimony, and through the computer, Jesus will go to the house, and He will...], find out who is worthy in it, and stay with him until you depart. As you enter the house, salute it. And if the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you. And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah than for that town. “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves."
(Matthew 10:6-7, 11-16)

- the very serpents, that are watching, and listening, and reading, what you write, amongst yourselves.  The One World government, they have, their methods; but I have Mine. They have THEIR desires; but I have Mine.  And My Will, will be accomplished.  And, since they have no free will, the One World Government, will always struggle, to accomplish theirs - Just, when it seems like everything is going, according to their plans, well, “How fast things can change!”;  and they WON’T see it coming!

Note: Is it “paranoia”, to be in a crowd of people, and to “mind your tea zone”?  That is a good question.  And as you read this note, keep in mind, that this note is based on many, many conversations, with the King of the Universe, who IS Jesus Christ the Lord.  After all, wouldn’t YOU, ask HIM every question that came to mind - if you could talk to HIM, whenever you wanted to - as my wife and I can?  That being said, a “tea zone”, is a reference to people sitting at a table, in a tea parlor, who consciously keep the volume of their conversation, at a level where the people at the table beside them, cannot make out what they are saying.  They don’t do it because they are “paranoid”, but rather, because they are “aware of their surroundings”, just as we are.  People do it all the time, when they are in a public place – they “mind their tea zone”.  But the current reality is, that “the neighbors”, AREN’T, minding, THEIRS!  The satellite images - the ones that are uploaded to Google Maps, are now readily available to the Global governments - as readily as building security camera footage, is available to the security booth, in the building, on which the video cameras are set up.   And just like businesses, that have security booths, with video monitors, and security officers who can activate a camera, to zoom in on "a person of interest" – so too is it with the Global governments, who are all, now working as one.  But the governments, have the ability on a clear day, to zoom in to the mole on your neck when you are standing outside - and draw it, on the notepad on their desk, if they want to.  
Note that this image ONLY reveals the DE-classified uses, of the present satellite technology
The illuminati boasted of this present technology a LONG time ago, through two of the many Hollywood movies they drafted, and the CIA in turn scripted: “Enemy of the State” (1998), and “Clear and Present Danger” (1994).   Remember “the Hubble Space telescope”?  It points in ALL directions, now doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not the ONLY orbiting device with a nice optical zoom feature on it, now is it?  And the plan of the Global governments, who are now mere extensions of the illuminati agenda, is total control, of the global population.  And yet they all, LOST control, and “they lost it”, when the people - almost ALL of them, lost their Souls, on Christmas day, 2012.  And yet there is this “Remnant”, who still HAS their souls; and who now has the gift, of “a future, on this Planet" – a future, that the illuminati, so proudly sold to their followers, as something that EXCLUSIVELY belonged to THEM!!!   That’s “a little embarrassing” now don’t you think?  The devil, promised the illuminati, the same promise he made to Jesus, when the devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness. 
"Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them; and he said to him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! for it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’” Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and ministered to him."
(Matthew 4:8-11)
But now, that same promise, the devil made to the illuminati - for Total Global Domination, is literally, falling apart, as all the Global governments, quickly realize, that God, the Creator of the Universe, has handed over the future on this Planet, to HIS, FAITHFUL, REMNANT.  The illuminati are quickly realizing that Hell – the spiritual REALITY of Hell, is now the ONLY, future, for the illuminati, and all who serve them – actually, it’s “the lake of fire” – it’s actually WORSE; but let’s just keep it simple, for now.  The global governments however, since the mark of the beast manifested, embarrassingly, cannot change their course.  Because their wills – their free will, is now “fixed”, just like a dog, gets “fixed” (not by its own choice - I can assure you).  And this was the case, for ALL those who have ‘the mark of the beast’.  Their wills are no longer “free”, but rather, they are now ‘fixed’, like dogs - on the routines, resolutions, rituals, instincts, and desires they had, when “the mark”, was given; and they are ALL, without their Souls.  If you want to test this spiritual reality, simply try to change, one of the habits you had, on Christmas Day, 2012 – a habit that STILL manifests in your life.  Without the Blessed Holy Water, it is impossible, unless God intervenes, for the sake of HIS Plan; not yours.  But to get back on topic, the Global governments, see the Faithful Remnant, as THE MOST CREDIBLE GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS ON THE PLANET, simply because, WE NOW OWN, THE FUTURE THAT WAS PROMISED TO THEM.  And of course, that promise, was NOT made to them, by The Most High True God, who can SEE the actual future, that ultimately unfolds.  The promise of “a future”, was made to the illuminati, by the devil, who simply lied, to the people, who thrive, on lies – the illuminati (- by the way, you can see their “false future reality” manifest quite clearly in the first minute of the trailer to the movie, Elysium).  And now the illuminati desperately want every piece of “intel”, or surveillance knowledge, that they can possibly gather - that might help them, figure out, how they can possibly salvage their most miserable lives, and perhaps even extend their plan, another day, or hour, or minute, or second – as their time, quickly, runs out (-  that’s the historical epitome of "choosing the wrong team", by the way).  And so they use every possible means of surveillance technology on the Faithful Remnant.  And these technologies include: satellite visual surveillance; computer and cell phone camera remote access surveillance (a little black electrical tape over the camera does wonders for this privacy issue); computer and cell phone microphone remote access (the speakers, also serve as microphones, if you didn’t know that – a speaker is physically identical to a microphone, it just takes a simple program to reverse how it works); they have open access through microsoft’s “back door”, into your computer, to download your files, and simply watch whatever you see on your monitor, on theirs; and perhaps the most shocking technology is ELF mind control, through Project Bluebeam, that is now set up through the use of GWEN towers, around the globe (interesting story: a person in a small town recently asked the question, “How can these GWEN towers be cell towers?” – since there aren’t any GWEN towers in his town, and yet everyone in his small town has cell phone service?  Interesting question indeed).  Project bluebeam is able to transmit subconscious messages, including images, visions, and even dreams, into a targeted individual’s mind, using electronic means, and triangulation (- the computer chips in your cell phone, bank cards, and automobile black box help tremendously with the triangulation - and some can even be used as micro microphones).  This technology HAS been developed and IS being used through the CIA “black ops” department – it has been entirely concealed to the public, except through some of the Hollywood productions.  And this technology is presently being used on EVERY member of the Faithful Remnant.  And fortunately for the Remnant, Saint Michael the Archangel, is able to deflect that ELF attack, whenever it manifests, and a member of the Remnant asks him to do so.  Another way the Global luciferian governments regularly gather intel on the Remnant, is through demonic means...
The scene from the 2002 Movie, Minority Report - is in fact a depiction of an actual CIA department
– through "high tech séances", with evil spirits - who reveal, what the Remnant are up to - but ONLY God knows how the future will ultimately unfold; no matter WHAT anyone else tells you.  You are all now living in “the time of the Apocalypse”; so don’t be too surprised, by the TRUTH, about the state of the world, in which you are now living.  These are EXTREME times; but only, for a very, very, short time in human history.  And so, “Is it paranoia?”  Yes of course it is – for those in the tea parlor who shout out each word, because they are deaf, and hard of hearing - it’s “paranoia”.  After all, for them, “Who’s listening?”, and “Why should THEY, have to change?” 'the world view', that THEY have grown accustomed to.  They don’t, have to change - for now, that is.  Once they find themselves without the comforts of being in ‘a physical body’, their world view will quickly change; but not so for the Remnant.  We truly love The Most High True God’s END GAME Plan!  Thanks be to Him!  It DID take Jesus many, many hundreds of hours of conversations with us, to reveal, “the bigger picture” – as He calls it; the one in which we are now living.  And He continues to do so, on a daily basis.  And THAT, is just another reason why the REMNANT are SAFE.  Because that knowledge, is PRICELESS, to the illuminati.  So it just wouldn’t make any sense, to harm the source of it, now would it?  And since the illuminati and ALL who work with them are cut OFF from God, the only present SOURCE of that priceless future knowledge, is, the Faithful Remnant.  So my advice to the Remnant – is save the intense personal conversations, for when you are taking a walk, with no electronic devices or even computer chips on your person.  And so, with all that being said, what WAS that “direct energy weapon”, Jesus spoke of, in today’s Message?  That’s another story.  Perhaps we will talk about it at a later date.  Or not.
Image of forest fire smoke blanketing lower Vancouver Island today

Jesus Christ the Lord said: They cannot SPY on you, with all this smoke, overhead, now CAN they My children? – with, the blanket above, they truly have lost all visuals, of your area.  But it is, “the Smoke of My Divine Justice”, that has COME, to B.C. [- And that is not just a reference to a place, British Columbia; it is also a reference to a time in human history - and in this usage, a reference to the time before his THIRD Coming.]  And why? - Because of their celebration, of the “pride” movement.  Will OTHER Provinces, CONTINUE to be effected, like this one?  You can guarantee they will – this summer!  And WILL, these fires spread, to the United States?  You can be certain that they will!  But My Faithful Remnant, need NOT, be afraid.  Because I will protect them – from ALL, natural disasters, that I, will continue to use, to afflict, the Nations.  They want to claim, that “global warming” is a problem – when it is really, ‘a time of EXTREMES’ – extreme heat, and extreme cold.  But, I will help them, with their “global warming theory”; and I will use the Sun, to prove, that they are RIGHT!

Note: There’s an old saying that goes like this, “Be CAREFUL what you ask for”!  In other words, it ISN’T a time of Global warming – as Jesus has CLEARLY stated.  But rather, it IS “a time of EXTREMES”.  So CAN Jesus USE the One World Government’s climate change PROPAGANDA, AGAINST them, by making THEIR propaganda, manifest to their disadvantage?  Let’s see now, what Jesus thinks, about the OWG and their Global Warming Propaganda.  Perhaps they have convinced the Creator of the Universe, to “LET THEM HAVE IT”!!!

It IS, ‘a time of Global warming’!  And, it HAS become, “a serious threat” – to MANY of the countries and nations, on this planet.  Only, Chemtrails, are NOT going to help, with ‘blocking out the Sun’s Rays’. Yes, that is ‘one of the uses’, for Chemtrails – to deflect, the light, back towards the Sun, and to moderate, the UV rays coming through.  But this will NOT work [- meaning: “no longer”].  Because the Sun’s rays are STRONGER, than man’s technology.  They didn’t need protection, from the Sun, when they allowed nature to be governed, naturally, by My Laws.  But because of HAARP – they have ‘damaged, the natural laws of nature beyond repair’ – they simply, cannot bounce back.  So people want to “get some Sun”.  That saying, will be redefined, this year.  You saw, evidence, of this, already…

Have you noticed, that as "the Fissure of men" turns up the heat,
the SON in the sky, is causing people to feel a little more uncomfortable lately?
…didn’t you, My Children?  And what you witnessed is ‘only the beginning’.  WHY should mankind be allowed to enjoy the outdoors? – when it is My Creation they are enjoying, apart from Me? – apart from ‘knowledge of Me’?  They are ALL in for “a rude awakening” this year.
On June 26, 2015, Jesus gave us the incomprehensible task, of decoding the illuminati Psyop, i Pet Goat ii.  Yesterday, on July 6, only 10 days later, the video production was finally complete, and the video was Exported to our computer.  It was finally uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, on July 7. 
Update:  In December 2016, the copyright owners of the animated video images, ignored the "fair use clause" notice, that we posted at the beginning of the YouTube version of our video - and they had YouTube put advertising on the video, as they gleaned all proceeds from our work.   In doing so they forced us to delete the following video from our YouTube Channel on December 14, 2016.   Here is the original upload of the video from our VIMEO Channel:
The Truth behind the Psyop I, pet goat II exposed
TRANSCRIPT:  I, Pet Goat II, is “a sick and depraved illuminati boast”, of their accomplishments.  It is an animated film, that is full, of illuminati symbolism.  And so I am going to simplify the film, by focusing on the actual story, that is being presented.  The opening images, are a boast, of how the illuminati have managed to dress up the devil, and animate him as a cute little horned beast, so that he will seem very “cute” in the eyes of children whose first inclination, would be to reach out and embrace that beast, and pet him.  The opening scene, is an illuminati boast, of how they have used animated cartoons as an instrument to draw children closer to the devil.  Notice how the horned goat, symbolizing the devil, is imprisoned, in a dark place from which he cannot escape.  the goat is the horned beast, with “the mark” on its forehead, a mark that was deliberately put there, to remove all doubt.  The goats eyes spin to hypnotize the viewer, revealing the hypnotic effects of television, especially on the young viewers.  And this is just the first of many boasts in this cartoon, of how the illuminati have used television, as a means for the devil in disguise, to hypnotize people as their minds, are filled with carefully crafted media propaganda.  And just in case there is any doubt, about who is behind cartoon animation, the title of the film is presented again.  But this time it is paired up with the hands of the puppeteer.  This is an illuminati boast, that the puppeteer of this animation, the one who is moving all the characters, and all the images is in fact the devil himself.  And the producers of this animation, were fully aware of this fact when they helped him make it.  Just follow the puppeteer, the devils strings, and they lead to the most powerful leader on the planet, the U.S. President.  The illuminati are boasting that they control all the governments of the world.  They even managed to get Bush to play the fool to wear the dunce cap, as the World Trade Centers were attacked, with his full knowledge of the inside job that was about to manifest.  The change in hat symbolizes that the enemy is no longer pulling the US Presidents strings, because the devil IS inside Obama, who is the enemy incarnate.  Obama has now graduated from the puppet game, that was once being played by the devil, and Bush.  The illuminati then managed to prop up Obama with the GRADUATE cap, with the illuminati mortarboard on his head.  It is a reflection of the mortarboard the masons use, the “illuminati freemasons” that is.  But Obama’s mortarboard has a purple tassel on it.  And that color represents law, because Obama is “the lawless one”.  The devil working through Obama, is simply mocking the U.S. Citizens, and laughing them to scorn.  In fact almost all of Obama’s gestures, when he is in public are acted out on cue.  And SO many of the cues that he takes, come from what is written on his teleprompter.  So far we have seen the teacher at the front of the class, but we haven’t seen the children.  And when we do see them they are all on the floor, as lifeless human shells bowing to the antichrist incarnate.  They are all hypnotized by his satanic mind control.  They are all spiritually asleep.  The apple rolling to Obama’s feet, symbolizes the children of America paying homage to the antichrist incarnate.  The big apple that is “the home of Wall Street”, also symbolizes the US economy at the mercy of the President.  Notice the coin under Obama’s foot. It was put there to symbolize Obama, deliberately driving the US Economy into the ground, and stomping on it.  The lotus flower emerging from the apple, symbolizes self-enlightenment, and that is just another way of saying, “enlightenment APART from God”.  Obama the antichrist, is in fact apart from God, and worships the god of self!  And so why would Obama sweat, so that it APPEARS as though he is panicking?  It is because he is just an actor, a deceiver, and an antichrist.  The sweat is simply there to show Obama’s range of emotion, as he deceives a global audience.  And one of his biggest deceptions is global warming, “melting the ice” outside.  And so now the animation takes the viewer outside, into that frozen landscape in which he lives.  The Torn US flag is a reflection, of what Obama is doing to the US Constitution.  Notice how the twin towers in the animation, are personified male and female, to represent the fall in the Garden of Eden.  Notice how the female tower representing Eve falls first.  The falling towers are an illuminati boast of the fall of man, under the rule of Obama, who IS the antichrist ruling from the White House.  The political events unfolding on the global stage, are all being orchestrated by the One World Government, that is symbolized by the man in the space suit.  Both the One World Government and the illuminati, hide behind many different masks.  The Truth is the government leaders, were fully informed that the World Trade Center Collapse was about to happen.  They simply put on a sad face that day, to deceive the public.  As their plan moves forward they usher in the antichrist, their false messiah.  Their plan was given to them by the illuminati, who pretend to worship the Egyptian gods, when in fact they worship the devil by name.  Osama Bin Laden is wearing a CIA badge, and the wings of the black eagle.  This is a boast that reveals to everyone that he is nothing more than “a CIA fabrication”, a pawn who was used to usher in the Global Government.  And like a flash of lightning the Global Governments invaded the middle east, to seize control of the oil supply.  And part of controlling the oil supply, includes the planned oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  What  was once “a land founded on Christian principles”, where the light of liberty shone freely, has now become a land of darkness ruled by the antichrist.  It is now a land of spiritual darkness, cut off from any light from above, a land where not only the constitution, but also the arm of liberty has now been completely severed.  The illuminati know that when the US, made abortion legal, when that country legalized the torture and murder of the most innocent and vulnerable members of society, they in fact handed the country and their future, over to the devil, who has now been invited into the womb.  This was the illuminati’s doing, symbolized by the Egyptian one eyed figure.  They controlled the governments agenda.  And the people simply stood back and let it happen.  This time the citizens of the land took part in the genocide of the Holy Innocents, as history repeats itself once again.  The illuminati brought in “their false Christ”, a Christ of false externals.  Notice how the FALSE heart is merely painted on the EXTERNAL skin of the false Christ.  The Egyptian illuminati eye is also painted on the forehead of the false Christ.  What most people don’t know is that the third eye, is in fact the eye of the devil, who is shown emerging from it.  For the mind of the antichrist, is in fact fully united with the mind of the enemy, who only seeks to devour everything that is good.  The third eye transforms into the devil, because the human race has now traded True Spiritual Vision for the light of the enemy.  The enemy’s light moves through the television, that has been carefully designed to harm the viewer.  Notice the syringes and pills next to that very sick person.  The illuminati have managed to put mercury into the vaccines, and push pills on the people in order to keep them sick, and to keep the money coming in.  The people have been deceived into buying Big Pharma drugs and vaccines.  They have been deceived by the antichrists immoral health care system”, the one referred to as “Obamacare”.  The illuminati control the global stock markets.  They control the wars.  Notice that the war planes are actually the flying Masonic square and compass.  What everyone thinks is “the war on terror” is actually about putting the rise of islam, on a pedastal so that it is in fact, more prominent and more spoken of than christianity.  Islam is in fact being raised up to bring an end to christianity.  The illuminati plan is to spread islam, to the 5 major continents of the world.  When in fact they are spreading a pestilence, of death and destruction.  And notice how the demonic birds that fly out of the mosque, are transformed into not a Dove, but a moth.  And what are moths drawn to?  Light, the false light of the antichrist.  The false flag attack on the mosque, causes the heart of the antichrist to burn with, the flames of death and destruction.  And that is why when the moth finally reaches the antichrist, it is COMPLETELY consumed in flames; it dies, it is destroyed.  And whenever death and destruction appear on the global stage, the One World Government leaders immediately show their masks of sorrow.  And then they simply dive behind the scenes.  Notice how the false Madonna is wearing that identical mask of false grief?  Behind her mask the false madonna holds in her hand, the potion of death and destruction that is being released at a safe distance, as a nuclear device explodes on the horizon.  The beetle on the false christ child, is a sign of corruption, rot, and decay.  It is a boast that the antichrist cannot and will not bring life.  The child soldier with the glowing eyes, the one holding the gun, has the symbol of the antichrist, the mark of the beast on his forehead.  You will see it more clearly when he turns his head.  And as soon as that weapon of destruction is unwrapped, as soon as children embrace mortal sin, the light of the soul is extinguished.  Now that the antichrist,and the mark of the beast have come, even the children are without the light of a Soul.  The blossom represents the works of the Global Elite.  And what is that work?  The global leaders have brought a steady stream of radiation, that flows green with death and destruction to Russia, through Chernobyl.  They have brought radiation to the entire Planet, through Fukushima.  And now everyone is drowning in radiation poisoning.  Waving the white flag symbolizes the end of war, the end of death and destruction.  But with the antichrist in power, all efforts to STOP death and destruction will be STOPPED, by death and destruction, so that the light of all hope is extinguished. Now with that victory, notice how the antichrists feet are on fire as he grows in power.  And how is the antichrist growing in power?  By plugging DIRECTLY into peoples minds through the television.  He is continually spewing media propaganda and lies, into the minds of everyone on the planet.  The TV is spewing forth all the fires of hell and the flames of deception, as the fullness of the spirit of the antichrist is now birthed into the world.  And the egg symbolizes that birth.  Now that he is fully born, the antichrist is fully ENGULFED in flames as he grows in power.  And the world is crumbling all around him as his reign continues.  The One World Government leaders, symbolized by the space man, are now wearing a female mask.  The mask is that of “Shiva”, the Hindu false god, “the destroyer”.  Notice how the mask has a happy face.  And this is because the enemy is giving women even more power, so that they will help him become, even more powerful.  The antichrist is giving women more power to speak out.  The Hindu tongue, the unbridled tongue of the feminist agenda, is symbolized by Shiva.  As the illuminati antichrist agenda moves forward, notice how the antichrist isn’t interested in putting out the flames.  He is only interested in drawing more fish, who represent the people, to himself and to the flames.  And his boat is filling up!  The devil likes to illuminate how he has turned everything upside down.  And that is why the ice sculpture is that of a man on his front, and a man on his back, symbolizing the LGBT agenda.  The ice sculpture is also an illuminati boast, that they have managed to put a homosexual couple in The White House.  For it has often been said, that the antichrist will have no regard for women.  Michelle Obama is in fact a man who prefers to dress up, and present himself as a woman.  The children are adopted.  The theme of turning everything upside down continues.  Instead of the holy place of birth being the womb, the opposite is presented.  The unholy womb of false love, symbolized by the heart, is presented by the illuminati as the male sex organ instead.  And one of the consequences of sin is old age and ugliness and promiscuity, and these are all depicted by the old lady who lives, inside the temple of false love.  The harlot is shown giving birth. To Whom?  To the illuminati antichrist who is Obama.  And the One World government jumps for joy, at the birth of the antichrist.  For they see the people of this world as mere dust.  And out of that dust, they are raising up Obama, their illuminati antichrist as “the destroyer”.  Remember this animation was released in June of 2012, just before Obama’s second term began.  And that is because his second term election results were fixed.  Just as the election results are ALREADY fixed for his third term.  The people with the mark of the beast, the people without souls are being wiped out, and are now quickly returning to dust.  The more “destruction” the more the antichrist’s heart burns with the fire of destruction.  Through the television and through technology, the enemy continues to prowl, looking for more people to devour with his media propaganda.  And while it may look as though people are actually standing on their feet, they are in fact all in a trance, and are only being drawn to the deceptions, to all the staged media events that continue to dazzle them, as the antichrist rises to even more power.  And notice how the antichrist child, isn’t rising towards the light of the Sun, because the Sun is a symbol of the True Christ.  But the antichrist child is rising towards the moon in the night sky.  And as the antichrist spins lies of deception, the whole world spins around with him, as the global audience is moved by the lies that are being spread by the antichrist.  Finally, the antichrist finds himself on top of the world.  He has become the very dome on the church next to the steeple.  And at the rise of the antichrist, the global leaders behind the scenes and behind their masks, are all secretly rejoicing.  But behind all those masks is nothing more than the devil in disguise.  And what is the devil doing?  He is birthing the illuminati antichrist into the world. Their “jesus” is illuminated by a false light, as he passes through the caved archway, through the darkness into the light, with the launch of the “global warming propaganda” campaign.  Notice the flames of Hell at his feet, the heart of false externals, and the BLACKENED robe around his waist.  The trail of lotus flowers surfacing behind him, reveal that Obama, the antichrist, is the desolate one; he is on a journey of SELF enlightenment, apart from God, apart from the Creator, because he only seeks, himself, and he can only find himself and nothing else.  Because the devil is all about “self apart from The Most High True God”.  It is not “True Spiritual enlightenment from Heaven”, but what the antichrist is giving people is false enlightenment, is one being self-enlightened without Grace, and apart from the True Jesus.  The people of this generation preferred the spirit of the antichrist, and so the antichrist breaths the breath of his spirit on the people.  The people want a god who will bow to their sins and bow to them.  And so the antichrist whom they now worship in ALL the churches, now bows to their sins and bows to the will of the people.  The crown of barbed wire around his forehead, represents “the mind imprisoned in self”.  The mind of the antichrist has now been set free, unleashed upon all the inhabitants of the earth, and so the crown of barbed wire has disappeared.  The black lamp stand with the extinguished flame, emerges from behind him.   It is just another sign that God is no longer in the churches.  The stone cold church behind him crumbles, because the abomination of desolation is now set up in all of them.  And WHY have the churches all become desolate?  Because they are all filled with the spirit of the antichrist.  The Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution is shown crumbling, because the spirit of the antichrist, has now completely taken over the Antipope in Rome.  Now that his work in the churches is done, the antichrist leaves the churches in ruins.  A meteor hits the pyramid and the Egyptian pyramids ALL crumble.  Now that the antichrist has accomplished his mission, there is no longer a need for the charade of Egyptian god worship.  For the work of the illuminati was to bring the ANTICHRIST into power; not an Egyptian god.  The pyramids were all about the illuminati setting up landmarks over generations, in order to store energy from people, in order to accumulate their worship, of the spirit of the antichrist in those pyramids, to help summon thee Antichrist eventually.  Now that thee Antichrist is on the scene, whether people want to believe it or not, the pyramids are really no longer of importance, they have served their purpose, to help usher in the End Times.  Now back to the title.  The title of the animation itself is an illuminati boast.  Why was one of the blocks in the title left empty?  It is to trick the viewer into saying “I’m a pet goat too”.  The animation really had nothing to do with “pet goats” at all now did it?  Instead it was really about getting the viewer, to admit to becoming one of the goats, who follows and who belongs to the antichrist.  In fact the whole video animation is a curse, from the Title to the images presented, to the hidden message that no one can see or properly discern.  No one, until now!  And who am I – you might be wondering?  You can visit my website, testimony of the two witnesses dot com, to find out.  And when you do you will quickly discover, that I have many immutable Truths to reveal.  Because you ARE all now living in the End Times.  But most of you - in fact almost ALL of you are spiritually asleep.    

Above screen shot is from YouTube, showing the number of views received in the first day
Jesus Christ the Lord said: Well done on the video My children!  You can see that it is ‘taking off’ now;  gathering-in great numbers, as more and more people are blogging, this particular video.  The information in it IS “cutting edge knowledge”; “But for what purpose?” – is the question, some people are asking.

"When the Son of man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on his glorious throne. Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate them one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and He will place the sheep at his right hand, but the goats at the left."
(Matthew 25:31-33)
In revealing the plans, of the One World government, I am revealing to the people: ‘The Judgment Has Been Passed’; and, what is currently unfolding.  I said, that I would use “the antichrist in the White House”, to Scourge the people - and I MEANT it!  And that IS what is about to happen next.  And they will NOT escape; because, the majority of them, are asleep; and ARE unfortunately, “pet goats”.  My Mercy is extended to those, who would seek Truth, and Life – extended to those who can recognize, My Voice.  But those who deny ME, have already been denied, by My Father, who Lives and Reigns in Heaven - Forever.  “Truth” is “uncomfortable”.  I did not wear ‘a crown of thorns’ on My Head, for decoration – now DID I?  But the difference IS: I WAS and AM, “COMPLETELY INNOCENT”.  I took, the brunt of the punishment, for mankind’s sins – yes! – so that Heaven was “an option”.  Before I died, on the Cross (- the death that Adam, was deserving of, and his lineage) - before, My Resurrection, Heaven, was ‘not an option’. I died, so that, ‘those who would want to live’, could have ‘the option’, to share in My Resurrection.  I did not “rubber stamp all of mankind as SAVED” – That, is, ‘the deception’, all of the Christian leaders, have been feeding, their “gullible flocks”.  If it was as easy, as, “just believing in Me”, then, I would have made a big, BIG mistake, in Creating Hell, for the devil, his angels, and his ‘protestant following’.  Because the devil believes in Me too!  It’s not, “good enough”, to believe; but one must ‘follow’, that belief, with ACTION.  And that is why, there is a whole, book, of the Bible, dedicated, to Acts.  It was not called, “The BELIEFS, of the Apostles”, was it?  But in fact, it is called “The Acts, of the Apostles”. Very simple.  Even a child can understand – once it is explained to them.  MY children, will listen, to Spiritual Counsel.  The devil’s children – and that is “goats”, can only shun it.  Which one are YOU, My people?
Note: Yesterday, I posted the July 4, 2015 Message.  It is a Message from Heaven that reveals much, about what the One World Government is up to.  And as was expected, there was a bit of “blowback”, from the OWG.  At around 3:00 am this morning, their Project Bluebeam department, ironically, used one of their technologies that I DIDN’T mention - so that I could mention it here, and now.  Nightmares, are in fact accompanied by the release of specific chemicals in the bloodstream – and the release of those chemicals, is triggered by a specific brainwave.  And so, to make a long story short, at around 3:00 a.m. this morning, my wife and I, were fully awake, getting a quick lesson from the King of Heaven, on the topic of Project Bluebeam remotely induced nightmares.  Jesus said that He allowed that PHYSICAL attack to manifest (even though we prayed our bedtime prayers, before retiring for the evening), because He WANTED to take the Holy Angels, PERSONALLY, and pay the Project Bluebeam department of the CIA black ops division, a visit, with His Divine Justice – as a response to the attack.  In fact, I am not really posting this message for the Remnant; this message is more of ‘a heads up’, to that "black ops" department, so that in the future, they will be better able to connect, “CAUSE AND EFFECT”, in their day to day lives.  And perhaps that “experience”, will help them make more informed choices, in the future.  Now we don’t know EXACTLY, what Jesus is going to do, and I really didn’t take down any written notes at 3:00 a.m.; but to the best of my memory, I believe He summed it up with the following statement, “They are like a school bully, who is about to be moved to another school”. And speaking of Hell, here is an update on Heliofant’s “i pet goat” video.  Even though, our new video, that exposes the actual story behind the ‘i pet goat’ animation sequence, is - as Jesus puts it, “The most accurate interpretation to date”; the people who watch the video, for the most part - in fact almost ALL of them, HATE it!  This has been revealed from Heaven - even though it may not be obvious from the comment section below the video description box.  And why would that be?  Why would SO MANY – about 15 thousand now and counting – people, HATE, our video, that has been made, to reveal the TRUTH, that is staring people right in the face?  It is because the people have been psychologically conditioned, through mind control programming, to reject the True Spiritual Reality of Hell.  And that is NOT the answer you were expecting; we know.  Our VIDEO exposing the TRUE message behind the animation sequence in “Hell’s infant”, or rather Heliofant’s “i pet goat”, clearly reveals - in a way that is extremely difficult to brush aside, that the illuminati – the ones who drafted the animation story, know full well, that the mark of the beast has now come, and that the abomination of desolation is now set up.  We REVEALED to the illuminati, and to everyone else on the entire planet - through our website that is - that in October of 2009, the abomination of desolation was in fact, set-up, in all the religious institutions.  In hindsight, it seems quite clear, that the illuminati who commissioned the animation, knew through demonic means – through channeling evil spirits, that ‘the mark of the beast’, had already come to them (- as they no longer had their Soul); and that ‘the mark of the beast’, would fully manifest, shortly after the release of the animation, later in 2012 - to coincide in some way, with the end of the Mayan calendar.  Through demonic means, the illuminati knew, that Obama had indeed become, the full manifestation of ‘the enemy incarnate’. Notice how Obama was propped up in a timely manner, so that his first term ended, and his second term began, as the Mayan Calendar ended.  And the fact that Obama IS the biblical fulfillment of the antichrist, is also revealed through our narration, to the animation.  In other words, the narration we added to the animation sequence, clearly reveals that the True Spiritual Reality of Hell, is presently manifesting now, IN REALITY; and PEOPLE simply HATE, that TRUTH.  And so the question remains, “How have the people been psychologically conditioned, through programming, to reject the revelation, that the True Spiritual Reality of Hell is now manifesting?”  I will now explain an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT HISTORICAL FACT to you – that has been revealed to us, from the Throne of God in Heaven.  Over many years, the Global governments have been monitoring brainwaves, human responses, and emotions - and especially the psychological response to FEAR.  But for what purpose?  The government leaders knew for many decades, that The End Times Events, were ON THE HORIZON, and they have been terrified for years, that they would lose control over the global human population, when those events would finally manifest, on the Global Stage.  And so they figured out a way, to modify human behavior, in such a way, that WHEN those Events manifested, the governments would in fact REMAIN, in control, of the global population – for the most part, that is.  And here is how they did it.  (They really DON’T, want you to know this by the way, but hey, that’s just “what we do”, now isn’t it.  Let’s begin...).  Notice that HORROR films, and horror scenes, have become more and more prominent in Hollywood productions, since the 1950s.  In fact, through the television, people – from preschool to the retirement home, have been fed a steady diet, of increasingly intense horror scenes.  And because people who watch television - on a subconscious level, respond as though they have actually LIVED what they are observing -  as a result, witnessing ‘a horror scene’, actually evokes within the viewer, “A FEAR RESPONSE”.  And because specific chemicals, like adrenaline, are released within an individual, who has a fear response - over time, the fear response does in fact become psychologically addictive.  And of course “the worst addicts” are the people who habitually watch horror scenes – scenes that are now staple part of "the televisions diet".  BUT! – and here is where it gets interesting - people who experience that emotional roller coaster ride response - that chemical response that is triggered by watching ‘a horror scene’, TELL THEMSELVES, “This IS NOT real”, “This IS NOT really happening”, “This nightmare IS NOT real”, “This Hell on the movie screen IS NOT real”.  In other words, people in society as a whole, have trained themselves, to respond to the experience of observing a Hellish situation, with “DENIAL”.  Skill testing question here, “And what is the first stage of grief?” (- “REAL grief?”).  That was an easy question, wasn’t it.  And so, NOW, in THESE current End Times in which we ALL are now living - when the True Reality of Hell, is revealed, manifesting FOR REAL, in a person’s life (– through the revelations that flow from the illuminati storyline, behind the “i pet goat” animation, for example) – the people, as they watch the True Storyline, almost ALL of them, enter into… DENIAL.  That being said, I know, that a handful of people will be emailing me, very soon, to help them move through what is commonly referred to as, “the stages of grief”.  They will decide to “move forward”, to “move on” and to confront, “the uncomfortable reality” in which they are now living - by taking the necessary steps to do so.  I look forward to those emails.  And what about the others? – you might be wondering.  What about the people, who will ultimately Hate the Truth, and remain in ‘a state of denial’?  “What goes around comes around” – remember that common saying?  And so, they will be denied, by Jesus.  Simple.  But here is the TRULY SHOCKING part of the story: the people who want to live “in denial”, of the True Spiritual Reality - and that is the END TIMES REALITY in which EVERYONE on the Planet is now living – those people, have actually chosen to embrace, the false identity, of “the split personality”, that was created in them, and in turn fostered, by watching all the horror movies.  And that split personality I am speaking of is a reference to "the denial personality" – you know, the one the Governments TRAINED them to embrace, as a coping mechanism, that would be activated in these End Times.  The people want to embrace that “personality of denial”, that THEY helped create, as they watched horror movies; the personality that was created to DENY, “the HORROR”, and call it, “a false reality”.  In fact they ARE embracing it.  And that, is why, most people are not using ‘the Blessed Holy Water’, and getting their Souls back.  Because they all believe falsely, as the spiritual realities take a turn for the worse all around them - they believe that they are “good, holy, and saved” – but they believe that falsely, apart from God, and apart from their Creator.  And surprisingly, the choice to prefer “the split personality spirit” – a demon from Hell in fact (- and how ironic is that!), is all part of an End Times Plague, that Jesus Christ the Lord, calls “the plague of spiritual insanity”.  Interesting note indeed!   You may need to read it a few times, in order to unpack all the content.  But know this, that “content”, and the True Spiritual Reality, isn’t going away, no matter HOW MUCH, you deny it!
And speaking of "people who choose to deny the TRUE REALITY"... Before today was over, WE - as in, "The Two Witnesses of The Most High True God", met a woman who is one of the leaders of the local "ECO-FEMINIST" movement.  To make a long story short - yes, she DOES indeed worship "Mother Earth" and calls it "Guya".  And shortly after that meeting, we spoke with Jesus Christ the Lord about her; and He described her as ALL of HEAVEN sees her: "An ALIEN in the flesh".  So WHAT, do you DO, with a PERSON, like THAT?  Well, it seems that there is only one thing, that you can SAY to a person like that, and it kind of goes like this: "So, did you hear about the ECO-MASCULINIST movement that is now gaining momentum?  Ya, they worship a deity called FATHER EARTH.  And they call him GALya"  You know, "guys and gals"?  LOL!!!  And after posting this message, we did in fact have a VERY, GOOD, NIGHT's REST.  We are still not sure what Jesus did to the black-ops division of the CIA that directs the Project Bluebeam attacks at targeted individuals like us; but we are quite confident, that the NEXT time we meet LOT, he would advise us NOT to look back, at the Divine Justice, of the Most High True God, that seems to follow us, wherever we go.  And if you are reading this, as someone who has met us in person, but someone who is not a Member of the Faithful Remnant, then you know EXACTLY what that means.

No matter what anyone else may think, and no matter what anyone else may say, know this: The Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant ARE going to Heaven, and we are actively making videos, to SHOW people, the PATH to Heaven, and we are basically even telling people, to GO TO HEAVEN!  And WHAT has been the most common response from people?  Jesus Christ the Lord, has now revealed, what surfaces in their beings, when they hear the invitation, from their Creator, moving through His True Remnant Church of these End Times.  The unanimous response from the most wicked generation of human beings in human history - the people of these End Times, to the invitation from their Creator, to “Go To Heaven”, has consistently been... what ALL those outside the Remnant - what those with ‘the mark of the beast’, have agreed upon – the answer they have ALL voted for, and that answer has appeared in our mailbox, and in the comment section under our videos, many, many times; and their answer is, “GO TO HELL!”.  And those “election results” in response to the Creator’s invitation to “GO TO HEAVEN”, have not gone unnoticed.  There was in fact “a Sign in the sky” last evening - one that immediately stopped us in our tracks, with “dread”, as we went for a walk.  Here is the photograph of that Sign that I took.

We immediately recognized what it meant.  And yet out of “due diligence”, we asked Jesus Christ the Lord, to confirm our discernment, and He did exactly that.  It is in fact “the Sign of the broken Covenant” – the Covenant between God and man – the Sign that He would NEVER destroy the Earth by a flood again.  The Flood has now begun.  But people don’t SEE the Flood (- and they most CERTAINLY cannot discern the Sign.  That’s just “a cloud shadow”, they say to themselves).  People don’t see any change, from one day, to the next.  And that is because the people are blind – referring to all those outside the Faithful Remnant.  Because if anyone TRIES that excuse, before their Creator, when they finally cry out from the Eternal Flames – the excuse that goes like this, “But nothing happened!  Everything stayed the same!”  What they will be reminded of (– and probably from someone else in the Flames, because it is now being FULLY revealed here, and from Heaven) – is that “EVERYTHING has changed!” – to quote Jesus Christ the Lord, the Just and FINAL Judge.  The Apocalypse of the End Times has now FULLY manifested!  There have NOW (ever since 12.25.12) been BILLIONS of people who have died, Spiritually - because they are now, almost ALL of them, without SOULS (- and that means, without a conscience, and without the ability to discern the Truth, as well).  NO excuses!  Not a ONE, will be accepted, by their Creator.  If people want to go about their daily lives, SPIRITUALLY DEAD, without SOULS, as DEAD MEN WALKING, and PRETEND that “everything is just fine”, then SO BE IT!  (And that is “just a foretaste”, of the Most High True God’s response, to the people of this generation, who are rejecting His Two Witnesses.)

That was in fact, just a little “reality check”, for the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  It does not appear that ANYONE, outside the Remnant, will be able to read those words, without feeling a burning sensation of unholy hatred, as the demons of hatred – the demons that live within them, and have been embraced by them, surface in their human shells, making them feel “uncomfortable” at the “Revelations”, of those immutable Truths.  Don’t believe me?  Just read that above paragraph to someone outside the Remnant, and watch what happens – and don’t forget to look at the pupils of their eyes, as they become physically morphed into vertical slits as you do so.

And as the people in ‘the beast state’ protest the IMMUTABLE Truth, that God’s Covenant has now been Broken, the most likely protest that will come from them, will come in the following form: “But where’s the water?...  I don’t SEE any flood!”  FACT: They CAN’T see “the Flood of demons”, because they are Spiritually blind, and without their Souls.  And as “the downward spiral”, of the CERN hadron collider gains momentum, the demons inside the BILLIONS of people, outside the Faithful Remnant, will manifest more, and more, until there is simply “no humanity left in them”, and the people are FULLY united with their Antichrist incarnate, who is Obama.  Jesus is using the antichrist in the White House, to Scourge the people.  A FLOOD, of DEMONS, is NOW being unleashed, through the firing, of the CERN collider - a Flood, that will only INCREASE, in intensity.  “NOW you know” - why the illuminati, and the Global governments, and the scientists, are so interested, in “dark mater”, or “antimatter”; because the True Spiritual Realities, are intertwined, with the True Physical Realities (- that is one of ‘the Spiritual Laws’ by the way).  The metaphysical explanation of the cause and effect, between the Physical and Spiritual realities, that comes about when the CERN collider produces antimatter, has now been fully explained to the Two Witnesses.  And because of the responses, mentioned above, that we have received, to all our EFFORTS, let’s just sum it all up with the words, “Seeing IS believing”. 

(Side note: And for those who think I use uppercase because I am an angry individual, there’s something you should know: Jesus asked me to stop using italics to communicate emphasis.  Simple.  Lol!  Actually, that saved me a lot of work.  Thanks Jesus!  And while we are on that topic, of “semantics” (– a favorite “topic of distraction”, preferred by those in ‘the beast state’) - just thought you should know, the odd word that is typed will begin with a Capital letter, to indicate it has been Decreed from Heaven; like “Covenant, Broken, and Flood”, for example.  Now back to the fun part.)

People are wondering what CERN and JADE HELM are all about.  Here is the paraphrased response to that question, that comes from Heaven:  CERN and JADE HELM are to distract the people, from the fact that they are without Souls.  In other words, CERN AND JADE HELM are elaborate, propaganda, campaigns, designed to distract the people - for the purpose of KEEPING the people, asleep - so that their focus, on the propaganda, will one day soon, STOP THEM DEAD, in their tracks, without their Souls, as ALL OF HEAVEN looks down upon them, with pity.  “Pretty, pathetic, choice!  Ya!” - Also known as, “P.i.t.y” (- close enough.  You can call that “a lazy acronym” if you like).  Can you possibly, imagine how pathetic, it is for the Holy Heavenly Court, to watch a person at the end of their physical life on Earth, try to approach the Throne of God in Heaven, and demand to be let in to Heaven, as they stand before God without their Soul.  THINK, about it!  Because in TRUTH, that IS happening! – MORE than 100,000 times each and every day.  We should know.  We talk to the One, who Sits, upon that Throne.   And we HEAR, what HE SAYS, TO them.  Interesting vocation indeed.

But the people outside the Remnant, MILLIONS of them in fact (- because by placing a link to our website in our videos, millions of people have seen exactly what the Testimony of the Two Witnesses is about), MILLIONS of people are all praying that WE, see ourselves, as “the ones going to Hell” – and many remind us of that, in the comment section, beneath each video.  And no doubt, they will try to spin that previous paragraph around, and convince themselves, that that is what God is telling US - that it is WE, who are shut out of Heaven.  The people tried that same approach with Jesus, when He did EVERYTHING He possibly could, to show people the Path to Heaven – even to the point, of death – PHYSICAL death, on a Cross.  Remember what the people who embraced “the spirit of the devil, the flesh, and the world” 2000 years ago, said about Jesus…

"Then they brought him a demon-possessed man who was blind and mute, and Jesus healed him, so that he could both talk and see.  All the people were astonished and said, “Could this be the Son of David?”  But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, “It is only by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons.”  Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.  If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself.  How then can his kingdom stand?  And if I drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your people drive them out?  So then, they will be your judges.  But if it is by the Spirit of God that I drive out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you."
(Matthew 12:22-28)

Now THAT is an “interesting” Scripture passage indeed!  Because it is the DEMONS who in fact are FILLING the mere human shells, standing at the front of the religious institutions, who are NOW telling the people in the pews, that they are all GOOD, HOLY, and SAVED.  And, because when people take “a close LOOK”, at the videos that have been made, by the Members of the Faithful Remnant, they will see PHYSICAL PROOF, that the Members of the Remnant, LOOK better, and SOUND better, the LONGER, they are Members of the Faithful Remnant, under Pope Peter the Last.  And THAT (- along with the protests from the people in ‘the beast state’ telling us to go to Hell), IS, THE MODERN parallel, to that above Scripture passage.  THAT, IS, the PROOF, that people ARE being HEALED, as they find words of Truth and Life, flowing from Heaven, THROUGH the Two Witnesses, and TO them, as they read the Testimony.  But ONLY, if they DO, what is NECESSARY, to RECEIVE the benefits, that are being offered.  AND, most of them – the ones OUTSIDE the Remnant, are preferring ‘the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah’ instead; they prefer to “go the way of Sodom”.

And so, as a result, the Members of the Faithful Remnant NOW need to REJECT ‘the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah’ each and every day, as part of their daily prayers.  Because right now, it is ONLY the married Members of the Faithful Remnant, who invite the True Holy Spirit INTO their time of intimacy, who are NOT embracing ‘the spirit of Sodom’, in their intimate lives. Understand?  The single Members of the Faithful Remnant, are called to live as Pure, Holy and Chaste Temples of the True Holy Spirit, ALWAYS - until they enter into a Blessed Marriage, through the use of the Blessed Holy Water.  These are interesting times indeed.  Because it’s not just THE END Times, it is also THE BEGINNING, of a NEW ERA – the Era of Peace, on Earth.  And right now, we are ALL, IN, the time of transition, between those two Eras in Human History.  In other words, there WILL BE “a helpmate”, waiting, for everyone who needs one.

If ever, a Member of the Faithful Remnant experiences one of the following afflictions: A burning sensation in the feet (like the flaming feet of the antichrist in the ‘i pet goat’ animation); A feeling that your body is heating up; The thought that you are going to Hell; A feeling of anxiety and restlessness; A sudden audible high pitched ringing in your ears; A 3D vision in your interior life that robs you of the True Peace of the True Holy Spirit – if ever you experience any ONE of these things, your CALL is to immediately ask Jesus Christ the Lord and Saint Michael the Archangel to DEFLECT that attack BACK at the ones sending it, along with the IMMEDIATE DIVINE JUSTICE of The Most High True God; and ask for the Grace of the Indwelling of the True Peace of the True Holy Spirit.  Reject ‘the sin of blasphemy’, if you even believed for an instant, that as a Member of the Faithful Remnant there is even a remote possibility that you aren’t going to Heaven.  Remember, I said, that this is ONLY for the Members of the Faithful Remnant – because the devil, can’t answer those above prayers for the ones outside the Remnant; and The Most High True God simply won’t hear their prayers – unless people FIRST use the Blessed Holy Water. 

And WHY is this above paragraph being included in today’s message?  Because there are MILLIONS of people, who are praying AGAINST the Remnant on a daily basis – and the above symptoms are manifestations of just SOME of the demons, that the people in ‘the beast state’ are sending, to afflict the Members of the Remnant.  Jesus Christ the Lord is permitting these attacks to physically manifest, but ONLY so that the Members of the Remnant, can call down HIS Divine Justice immediately, upon the people outside the Remnant (- to speed the Close of the Era).  Will calling down His Divine Justice stop the Spiritual attacks?  The Close of the Era will stop the Spiritual attacks, on the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  Remember Psalm 23; it is quite applicable for these Times.  To sum it all up, “If you WANT to go for a ride in the ARK, then you had better EXPECT, that the Flood, will ROCK, YOUR, BOAT!”  Simple.  (That’s not a quote from Jesus by the way; I just made that one up for fun.  I can do that.  Because I’m the Last and Final True Pope; and God gave me a sense of humor, so that I would USE IT!)

And now back to something a little more serious.  WHY, did SO many people - almost EVERYONE on the Planet, receive ‘the mark of the beast’, on 12.25.12?  Because over time, people stopped discerning, the attacks of the enemy, of their Soul.  And one of the PRESENT tactics, of the One World Government, and one of the tactics, of the assailants – those who pray against the Faithful Remnant; and those who PREY upon the Faithful Remnant – like the CIA black ops department for example, with their ELF and Project Bluebeam technology; one of their tactics, is to WEAR THE REMNANT DOWN, through ONGOING and UNRELENTING attacks, on the interior and spiritual life, of each member of the Faithful Remnant.  The occult world, sends demons, through their prayers, and through their satanic sacrifices – and yes, even through fasting.  The OWG sends subconscious attacks, through ELF frequencies, that create audible messages in the interior life; and they can even project THEIR own 3D images in the mind, of the target, through Project Bluebeam.  And they have THOUSANDS of “projects” that they use, for similar motives.  Not nice!  The goal of the attacks, is to wear the Members of the Remnant down, to a point of “spiritual laziness”, or more accurately, “spiritual apathy” – so that like those who have now received ‘the mark of the beast’, they too, stop discerning the attack.  And so, whenever a Member of the Faithful Remnant, finds him or herself SLOW, in responding to a Spiritual attack of any sort, they will need to reject, ‘the spirit of spiritual laziness’, and ‘the spirit of spiritual apathy – or indifference’, and ask for the corresponding Graces.

We DID speak with Jesus, for more than an HOUR today.  Those were just some highlights I wanted to share from our most casual conversation – “highlights”, that I needed to share, before getting to His FORMAL Message.  And here it is:

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  What I am asking My Followers to DO, is ‘not easy’.  But they MUST renounce themselves in THIS life, in order to LIVE, for Eternity.  In order, for their SOULS, to be purified, they must renounce ‘all the trappings’, of THIS life.  And, whenever, worldly circumstances arise, that put them “outside their comfort zone”, they are called to unite those sufferings, with My Sufferings, on the Cross.  And they are called to pray – to Me and their Guardian Angel, to help them get through that ‘difficult situation’.  My Followers, need to know; My Faithful Remnant Church, need to know, that NO obstacle, and no “problem”, is too big, because I hold the solution; the True Holy Spirit has the answer.  And My Spirit, is just waiting, to help; waiting, to answer, all of the prayers, of the Faithful Remnant Church
Closing note:  It takes a LOT OF COURAGE, to pour out your heart, before all the nations - to testify to the Truth, that is being revealed through the Testimony of the Two Witnesses - and that is, the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord.  Would YOU "lay down your life for the Truth?"  Because that is how Jesus Christ the Lord, the Holy One, the Most High True God, who sits Enthroned in the Highest Heavens - that is how He sees, the efforts that EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant Church is making - through their YouTube videos.  But what about the people who are laying down their lives - making videos for other churches and other religions? - you might be wondering.  Many people make sacrifices indeed; but only the sacrifices of the Members of the Faithful Remnant Church - and that is, 'the sacrifices of people with SOULS' - will HELP them, get to the Fullness of the Era of Peace - and that is, "Heaven on Earth".  Simple.  The clock is ticking.  Use the Blessed Holy Water, while you still can.  Because very soon - in fact, in a matter of weeks, there will come a time, when the people with 'the mark of the beast', will not even be able to desire it, any more.

(This is the Environmentally Friendly, energy saving way, to address some of the questions, people are asking)
Here is an actual question we recently received in our mailbox on July 14, 2015:
Hi Peter and Mary…  The weather is very cold…, but last week for 2 days I had a burning sensation on my feet while the rest of my body was very cold. I thought it was my shoes until I read your note today!  Now I know and therefore I know what to do… Thanks for sharing. 
Here is our reply:
To fight the burning sensation in the feet, put on the Armor of the Most High True God.  Use THAT prayer.  Because what the OCCULT world, is trying to pray INTO the Remnant, is that the REMNANT would be led by the occult demons, into the desolate churches.  The OCCULT world, is praying that the Remnant would be clothed in "the shoes of the false gospel" - the “gospel” that is being preached, in ALL the institutional churches.  It is also extremely important, to always be aware, of 'the areas of attack', that are revealed, in the "Armor of God" prayer.  Because if EVER you feel a Spiritual affliction, in ANY of those areas - First of all, you KNOW, that someone in the occult world needs that attack deflected BACK at them IMMEDIATELY, with the Divine Justice of The Most High True God attached to that "return to sender" package - delivered PERSONALLY by The King of Divine Justice - who IS Jesus Christ the Lord, and Saint Michael the Archangel; and secondly, you KNOW, what the corresponding antidote is, to pray for.  In this case, you need to pray to be clothed, in the shoes, of the Gospel of Peace - the True Peace, that comes from the True Holy Spirit, of the Most High True God.  Simple.   And remember, Jesus PERMITS the attacks to manifest; Jesus PERMITS the demons, the occult world sends to MANIFEST - but ONLY so that He, can PERSONALLY, administer His DIVINE Justice to, those who are sending those demons, as HE, "returns to sender" - returns that attack to its source of origin, in such a way that the attack will manifest, in the most uncomfortable, and persistent way - until the person who sent it, FULLY repents, and from the heart.  And ironically, the people who are sending those demons to the Faithful Remnant, are, for the most part, “the so-called christians" - who in fact are ‘full-blown satanists’, because in fact they worship the ABSENCE of the True Christ, in ALL their weekly church services; they worship that DESOLATION, while committing the ABOMINATION, of calling that desolation,“the Spirit of God”; and the Abomination they commit, is in fact, ‘the sin of blasphemy’ – and that is calling what is evil, "good", and "holy".  Not so for the Faithful Remnant - because like the 12 disciples who were WITH God, we too, are "outnumbered" by the religious insitution of this time - a religious institution, that Jesus Christ the Lord, and ONLY Savior, has now completely, abandoned.


The call to do a daily examination of conscience:
Jesus said: The first ‘PROBLEM’, everyone in the Faithful Remnant HAS, is, in recognizing, “SIN”; and becoming ‘aware’, of WHEN, TEMPTATIONS, are being OFFERED – THAT is where ‘an examination of CONSCIENCE’, is essential.  Every EVENING, before they all RETIRE for the evening – their CALL, is to do ‘a THOROUGH’ examination, of their own conscience – and to BRING, ‘ALL of their struggles’, and ‘all their SINS’, before My Throne.  Because, I see EVERYTHING My Remnant are going through.  MY Remnant have already ‘chosen teams’ – they are ‘ALL part of My True Family; and NO one will TAKE them, or SNATCH them from My Hands.  My Remnant need to pray for ‘the Grace, to resist cooperating, with the Enemy, of their souls’.  They need to pray for the Grace to submit, to what I am ASKING of them.  Once they SUBMIT to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in the Moment, and they have said ‘a firm NO’ to the enemy, then the devil, can only FLEE – at least for ‘a time’.  These habits of REJECTING temptation, when it COMES, is not REALLY something that is TAUGHT, in Christianity.  But in the True Faith – MY Remnant will ‘do their best’, to overcome, temptation.  The world, the flesh and the devil, ALL, say, “Give IN! – and become, like those in the World!”  But My Father, Myself, and the True Holy SPIRIT, say OTHERWISE.  WE say, “Do NOT conform, to the will of others! – who are OUTSIDE of My Grace.  And do not compromise, your Christian faith, for anything!  And do NOT become like THOSE, who are ‘without a conscience’.  BE filled with TRUE Joy, instead.”  By listening, to, your conscience - and THAT is ‘My Voice, within EACH of you’; KNOWING, and being mindful, that I saw ‘EACH of your burdens’, as I carried My OWN Cross – up, to Mount Calvary; and, I died, for each, one OF you.  So, a LITTLE discomfort, in rejecting, your SINS, should NOT be ‘too much of a surprise’, and should, not be too DIFFICULT, for ANY of you.  For the world – it’s IMPOSSIBLE!  But WITH Me ALL things are ‘possible’.  And THAT means you can do, ‘all things’, through Me, with ME and IN Me.  But the catch IS - only those ‘things’, that are in accordance with the Divine Will, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.
Important Historical note:  For more than 3 years - this above Message was EXCLUSIVELY for the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  It was posted for the PUBLIC, after the blood red super moon of January 2019.  There is SO much more! - that we are HOLDING back, from the PEOPLE, who are holding back.  Because we TOO! - have "reservations"... at the Heavenly WEDDING Feast that is!
There are a lot of missing messages on our website. 
Here is the missing message from 3/11/15. 
I think it will fit in nicely, right about here. 
It is being posted exactly 4 years, 4 months, and 4 days, after 3/11. 
March 11, 2015, is the 4th Anniversary of the One World Government HAARP attack on Japan.  The 3/11 attack on Japan resulted in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant meltdown.  The nuclear powered HAARP attack on Japan, originated at ground zero.
Above screenshot from USGS 3/11/11 Fukushima earthquake

In fact, the United Stated Aircraft Carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan – a nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier, was positioned over Ground Zero of that earthquake, so that it could divert its power, to its HAARP array, and induce that earthquake.

Above screenshot from New York Daily News article

The easiest way to understand the HAARP EARTHQUAKE technology, is, by this following exercise:  Hum a very low note in the shower, and then, while holding the note, slowly raise the pitch, as the sound moves from the lowest note to the highest note you can produce.  Then, hum, and find that pitch (the “resonant frequency”), where all of a sudden, the volume jumped, and got extremely loud.  Find that LOUD pitch as you hum, and hold it.  It will feel as though the shower stall is shaking.  Congratulations, you just found one of the “resonant frequencies”, that resulted in “an audible quake” in your shower.  The HAARP machine sends an inaudible sound, or frequency, into the earth, creating a “resonant frequency” or resonance, until the earthquake begins.  It really is not that complex a concept.  In fact according to one simplified story, the HAARP earthquake technology was discovered by accident, when people were using frequencies to look for oil deposits, below the earth, and they suddenly triggered an earthquake, by accident. 

The above screenshots, provide ample proof of this historical fact, that the Japan earthquake coincided with the presence of the U.S. navy fleet, at ground zero.  Do more research, into the REALITY of HAARP induced earthquakes, and it won’t be too difficult, to actually SEE, the most malevolent cause of one of the most horrific illuminati and occult human sacrifices in the entire history of the human race.  And who was in office at the time?  Who was the “commander and chief”, of the U.S. Navy, when that happened?  Obama, the enemy incarnate.  Apparently, he was very “hungry”, to feed off of “human horrors”, that day.  You can research HAARP induced earthquakes on your own, if you need more scientific proof, of the technology, behind the Fukushima Disaster.

And so it was NOT a coincidence, that Jesus asked us on March 10, 2015, leading up to the anniversary of the Fukushima Sacrifice, to do some research into human sacrifices, in the Vatican.  And THIS is what we found.

Pope Peter the Last[On the topic of satanic sacrifices within the Vatican]…How bad IS it?

Jesus Christ the Lord said: Worse than you can possibly imagine My children.  Think, of all the horror movies combined, without desiring to remain there; and understand, that it is a BILLION times worse than that!  A horror movie ‘ends’, My children – after a VERY short time.  But ‘the horrors’, of the illuminati members, are still, ongoing.  And why?  Because of sin; because people, allowed ‘the devil’, to tell them, that “love” is tolerance; and that tolerance is the key to happiness; and because people are ‘so blind’, as they tolerate, everything.  Through their desire to tolerate, their sins, and the sins of their neighbors, they ‘feed’, what is called, “the ley lines”; they feed, the occult leaders, through, their blindness. 

Note:  Think of ley lines, as the physical manifestation, of the spiritual connection, between the illuminati human sacrifices, that are going on, all around the world.  In other words, they are just like “the ripple”, in physical REALITY, that is the effect, of the SIN, of human sacrifice.  So do not be distracted by all the information on ley lines that is out there.  Instead, recognize, that human sacrifices – like that of abortion, that takes place at the so-called “health center” that is just down the street from where you live, have been an ongoing part of human history, ever since the time of Cain and Abel.  Abel just wasn’t “convenient” for Cain to be around anymore, and so the devil filled Cain with satanic power, in order to dispatch of Abel, and in order to sacrifice HIMSELF, to the devil.  That short form of the Cain and Abel story, summarizes: abortion; mass genocide - like that of the Nazis and the Jews; the Incan human sacrifice culture (that was revealed in Mel Gibson’s film, “Apocalypto”); and yes, even the deliberate HAARP attack on Japan on 3/11.  But most importantly, the Cain and Abel story explains the sacrifice of the entire human race, to the devil, through Fukushima radiation, and through CERN.  I have now shared some of the spiritual and physical manifestations, of human sacrifice, but I really haven’t addressed how they ARE manifesting, on a “SOCIAL” level now HAVE I?  This paragraph, is actually a little segue.  And you are going to need it.

Let’s take a break now.  I want you to watch, Nikki Minaj’s Grammy performance, of 2012 – and keep in mind, that “she” is a “he” – only pretending, to be ‘a girl’, or ‘a young woman’.  And I am going to decode it for you:  In THAT performance, there is ‘an illuminati boast’, of Biblical proportions.  HAVE the illuminati, been around since that time?  Yes, they have.  They just weren’t CALLED that back then.

Warning: the performance Jesus is referring to is EXTREMELY DISTURBING and we DO NOT RECOMMEND that ANYONE watch it. Remember, we have been doing this for SEVERAL years now.  Members of the Faithful Remnant who have FIRST CAREFULLY discerned that the True Holy Spirit is calling them to watch that performance, so that they can better understand this message, may do so – BUT! – they had BETTER be prepared to do some SERIOUS deliverance prayers, afterwards, because the public televised 2012 Grammy performance itself, is in fact a satanic sacrifice.  Best to avoid watching it.  It is visible at THIS LINK, at the time of posting this message.

That was ‘a display’, of ‘an illuminati boast’ – that the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, actually sacrifices people, to the devil.  And how, is this?  But through ‘tolerance’. – through affirmation, of the gay agenda; through SPECIFICALLY the LGBT movement.  Now WHAT you saw there, was ‘a man’, performing, AS a woman.  In the lyrics…

Warning: the lyrics are FULL of obscenities, and are visible at THIS LINK.

…he speaks of ‘BOWING to Queen Jezebel’, to become, ‘a woman’ – knowing full well, that he is a man.  And he boasted, about, being ‘a homosexual’ – in the lyrics, My children.  And why is this?  Because even HE knows; even this so-called “Nikki figurehead” knows, that he is ‘mentally unstable’; and that his ‘mind’, is ‘messed up’; and that TRULY, people like that NEED to be locked-up, My children.  THAT, “performance”, that “Nikki” gave, was a display, of the insanity, of the transgender movement.  But the most DISTURBING thing that was revealed, in the video, was that, Nikki KNEW, AND knows, that he is ‘possessed, by Queen Jezebel’ – FULLY; and is BOASTING to his audience about that – in the lyrics. Was the pastor, able to deliver him?  NO he was NOT, My children.  They made sure that that was CLEAR, in THEIR presentation.  AND the illuminati KNOW, that the Roman Catholic HIERARCHICAL Institution, has no POWER over the demons…

Note:  That fact was illustrated in the Message (121110) from Jesus about the demonically possessed children in Cebu, in the Philippines.

…but instead, HAS become ‘a cesspool of FILTH’ – you know like “the dark murky waters”, I have spoken of quite often.  THAT performance, was ‘a Revelation’, that the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution is ‘only a charade’. [- referring to THIS point in human history, the period that begins with the ordination of myself, Pope Peter the Last.]

PPTL: There was ALSO satanic human sacrifice, being displayed in the visuals.

Jesus: Indeed, and that was just, ANOTHER of their boasts – that, the sane PEOPLE, who sing SONGS, of praise, within the INSTITUTION, turn AROUND, and do satanic SACRIFICES, WITHIN, that same institution – underground, human, sacrifices.  How “comfortable”, did Mr. Minaj look, as he was performing, for his audience?

PPTL: He looked very disturbed, while being ‘quite comfortable’, in that ‘state’.

Jesus: That’s about it, My children – as though, he had PARTICIPATED in something like that before.

PPTL: Perhaps during a trip to Rome?

Jesus: Yes, “the writing is on the wall”.  Even celebrities, and ‘high profile musicians’ participate, in these ‘grueling horrors’.  Now, what is, the ninth circle?  How many Planets, are there?

PPTL: Nine, including Pluto?

Jesus: Nine planets, yes – officially.  Those people, who are part of “the ninth circle”, are ‘high profile’ people as well.  And they SEE themselves, as ‘gods’ – as ‘deities’, that need ‘human sacrifice’ – to pay homage to them. Rome, is ‘as pagan as they come’.  And, while it may have ‘its pleasantries on the OUTSIDE’; such VILE and HORRIFIC ACTS, of human SACRIFICE, go ON, DEEP within it – by the same PEOPLE, who attend, church.

PPTL: Does that list of people, include the popes?

Jesus: MANY of them; yes. 

PPTL: Has antipope Francis, participated in the act, of a murderous human sacrifice, on an occult altar, within the walls, of Vatican City?

Jesus: Yes.  He has.  And DOES so, quite often.  He is ‘as SINISTER’, as they come.  He is the EQUIVALENT, to, Obama – who BOMBS, foreign NATIONS, as a way to gain MORE, satanic power.  These “global elites”, FEED, off of the human suffering – human pain, AND agony.  EVERYTHING that Francis, says – that he is “against”, he is “for”.  And EVERYTHING, that HE proclaims to be “for”, he is against.  He IS, ‘a pathological liar’.  Because, that is ‘the nature of the beast’. HOW could he NOT be?  Understand?

PPTL: (I stopped writing, and inquired about previous popes here.)

Jesus: Previous popes are IRRELEVANT at THIS time.  What you NEED to know, is J.P. II [Pope John Paul the Second] made it to Heaven.  Benedict, will NOT.  He has chosen, HIS team.  Understand?  These “global elites” derive their power, from the KILLING of the innocent.  DO they hunt them for sport?  What is “the Hunger Games” all about?  They LEAK stuff they are doing – THROUGH the media; through the Hollywood movies – so that when other people HEAR, about it, in real LIFE – with “real life people” being affected, and KILLED! – then they will, simply, DISMISS it, and say, “Oh, ya I saw THAT in a movie once”.  SEE how Hollywood works?  EVERYONE is in ‘the power of the EVIL one’ – through Hollywood – THROUGH the media.  The “elite” are not ‘stupid’ in the sense that they have studied mankind – over the centuries, and have learned, HOW they operate.  The elite – the global ILLUMINATI members, didn’t have souls, BEFORE the mark of the beast.  And NOW, through tolerance, EVERYONE is LIKE them; EXCEPT the Remnant – EXCEPT the ones, who are PREDESTINED “sons and daughters of the Kingdom of Heaven”.  VERY simple!  People, may BELIEVE, all they want – that they are AGAINST, the illuminati; the New World Order, and the One World government luciferian agenda – all they WANT; but they’re ONLY deceiving themselves.  Because if they are not FOR Me, and My WORD, and My Two WITNESSES – if they HATE ME, AND, My Word, AND, MY Two Witnesses, THEN, they are, ‘aligned’, with, their, “Global leaders”; or, ‘ALLIED with them’.  The Truth is My children, EVERYONE is part, of “the ninth circle cult” – the cult of saturnalia – because of ABORTION.  So when they are “surprised”, to hear, that these global elite, are “eating children” – it’s ONLY “vanity” – because mankind has been “eating its own”, for a VERY, long time.

[(And if you want to have some “fun speculating time”, try to figure out why…) At this point in the conversation, I asked Jesus about the significance of Katy Perry appearing with deer legs, at the 4:36 mark in her E.T. video, and the woman in the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” who had swords for legs. (Now THAT’s “a really interesting challenge”…)]

Jesus: Do YOU know, what “transhumanism” is?  There is, ‘the version that has been given, to the PUBLIC’ – of combining MACHINE, and MAN.  But it goes much DEEPER, than THAT.  It is right in front of everyone.  Transhumanism is “transgendered PEOPLE”.  That IS, their IDEA, of perfection – to take, what I have created, and to turn it into the OPPOSITE, gender – because the illuminati BASK, in deceiving OTHERS – EVEN with “the definition”, of transhumanism.  They BELIEVE, they can receive some “higher level”, of transcendence – some higher plane, of LIVING - IF, they become the OPPOSITE, gender; or DESIRE to be, and dress the part.  It is “insanity” My children.  Their “higher level of consciousness”, is “MORAL insanity”.  Understand?  They do not “LIKE”, their works being brought to the LIGHT – unless THEY do it, and ‘ONLY to boast’. 

PPTL: Can you reveal, at this time, exactly where, inside Vatican City, the ninth circle human sacrifices, have recently – up until this point in human history – the point, where their WORKS ARE brought to the Light, and revealed to the Nations?

Jesus: ALL I can say, My children, is that, they ARE, carried out, ALONG the ley lines: in CHURCHES; IN government buildings; in “spirituality centers”…  How does one find the evidence, of a crime so horrible?  RESEARCH, must be done – MUST be carried out.  SEEK, and you will find.  You already know about ‘the gay priests’ within that diocese. I will LEAD you, to, the evidence, of occult ritual sacrifice, within that diocese.  ONE thing at a time. 

PPTL: Does O’Brien do ritualistic occult human sacrifice?

Jesus: Ask yourself THIS question, “How, can, ‘a man’, be, SO deformed, in appearance – and simply ‘LOOK evil’, and NOT be involved, in human sacrifice?

This is just one of the MANY comparisons of Benedict and the evil "PAPAL"?
- or rather "Palpatine" from Star Wars. Can YOU tell which one is the actor wearing makeup?
That is because they BOTH ARE! ...after Easter Sunday 2007 that is.
You DID, want "a SIGN", didn't you?  Pharaoh, wanted "HIS OWN SIGN" as well
And even when he lost what was most important to him,
even when Pharaoh lost his first born son, that was not enough of a Sign, now WAS IT!
Just like BENEDICT, he could no longer HIDE it.  Why did the papal nuncio resign, AFTER you handed IN, the paper COPY, of the Testimony?  Wasn’t THAT strange?
A Closing Note by Pope Peter the Last: And so, what was the significance, of the 4 4 4 at the beginning of today's Message?  The March 11, 2015 Message was not posted on this date because I wanted to draw the attention of people to that number; in fact, I didn't notice the connection, until AFTER I began posting it.  And so when I asked Jesus, why He put it on my heart, to post the March 11, 2015 message on THIS particular day... I will help you understand, with a summary of our conversation:  333 is the number of the Blessed Trinity.  4 is the number of the Reactor at Fukushima, that is in fact "an E.L.E., extinction level event, that is about to happen".  And THIS message, reveals that in the Eyes of the Creator, "EVERYONE is part, of “the ninth circle cult” – the cult of saturnalia" (- except for those Members of the Faithful Remnant). This is for all you "optimists" out there, who are just 'sitting on the fence'.  Because if you are not "ALL IN", then you are in fact "OUT" - of the Faithful Remant.  But what about the children? - those who still have Souls, but who do not have a computer?  The Most High True God DOES, and WILL reach out to them, through His True Holy Spirit, as He fills them with the Grace of "Infused Knowledge", of what they are to do.  Simple.  Or rather, "SO, simple".  It IS happening!  And we have SEEN IT! - first hand.

We received an email from someone who shared with us, that he used a small stone, to perform new age rituals.  He went on to share, that after finding the Testimony, he went to sleep, and then something very unexpected happened. This is what he shared...

Actual email: ...When I woke up, the stone had received a perfectly drilled hole straight through it! So now I can use the stone as an amulet... And what I must do in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven?

After reading this email, Mary and I turned to Heaven, to get the full story.  We were instructed to first, do some research.  And so we did some research - only to discover that the particular kind of rock that was mentioned, was very dense and hard to drill.  And then after some back and forth...

Jesus said: ... you get the general idea.  And yet 'a HOLE', was drilled THROUGH it, by some 'invisible HAND'!  Because that's how I SEE these "precious ornaments" - that PEOPLE, HOLD, so DEAR, to their HEARTS.  They would RATHER have 'a hardened ROCK', around their NECK, giving off 'SOME sort of satanic spiritual ENERGY' - RATHER, than have "MY Life" - INDWELLING, WITHIN them!  It is "IDOLATRY"!  The STONES, have 'NO more POWER', than what the ENEMY, gives them.  The ENEMY, can animate, "lifeless, objects"; but, notice that, "water" - TRUE water, GIVES Life, and BRINGS Life.  And mankind, cannot LIVE, without - what they are CALLING, "this PRECIOUS resource".  There is abundant, "Water", EVERYWHERE - on the Planet; it IS, "the MOST available, RESOURCE" - at peoples' fingertips.  And THAT'S why, I OFFER, to BLESS their water; and MAKE it, "HOLY".  NOT "stones"!  Not amulets.  Not even precious metals!  The only REASON, that those 'things', are of more VALUE, to PEOPLE, than 'the WATER' - I offer them, is BECAUSE their hearts, ARE, ROCK, HARD!  And, what ONCE, was seen as "precious" - by, N., My children; now has "a HOLE" drilled into it - as 'a SIGN' to him - that I, WANT, to PENETRATE, THROUGH, the HARDNESS, of his HEART! - WITH, My True Holy Spirit; with the words of Truth, and Life! - WITH the Blessed Holy Water.  His "search, for Truth", did not GO unanswered.  He HAS it 'at his fingertips' now.  But HE must decide if he wants 'the knowledge' [(- of the Testimony of his Creator)] for 'the SAKE of knowledge'; or if he wants to be 'part of My Family' - as 'an adopted CHILD' - of that, "higher POWER" - he was 'SEEKING' - and THAT is, 'his CREATOR he has found'.  He wants his LIFE to have 'purpose and MEANING'.  And he desires 'DIRECTION'.  I can give him 'ALL of that'.  For the measure he GIVES, will be 'the MEASURE' he receives.  He is INVITED to become 'a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant Church' - AND to have 'JOY, beyond ANYTHING, he has ever EXPERIENCED'!  And he had 'a little FORETASTE' [(- of that JOY)], when he saw 'the HOLE', drilled, into, the rock.  Because I destroy, items.  Because they are 'lifeless', and only PRETEND, to guide, people; and only pretend to give them 'something', that only I, can give.  ALL idols, are 'an abomination', IN My Sight - because I am "the LIVING one".  I am, "the ONE, who MADE you", N..  And, I made each Member, of your family.  But, YOU are the one 'drawn to the Testimony'.  Perhaps you can reach others; but FIRST you must be 'built up'.  YOU have experienced, 'the effects of using the Blessed HOLY Water', and now you must CHOOSE.  CHOOSE, LIFE! - MY people; and, HAVE, LIFE - abundantly! 

It is interesting to note, that 'the individual with the heart of stone', took 'the Sign of a HOLE being drilled into a rock', as a cue to wear it around his NECK - as an OUTWARD sign, of his "STONE-COLD heart".  And yet JESUS Christ the LORD, revealed, that the hole in the rock, was put there as a Sign from Heaven - a SIGN that his CREATOR wants, "to PENETRATE, THROUGH, the HARDNESS, of his HEART! - WITH, My True Holy Spirit; with the words of Truth, and Life! - WITH the Blessed Holy Water"; and as a SIGN that the rock had been destroyed.  And so, this is now a textbook case, of "worldly vision" versus "True Spiritual Vision" - and "one for the HISTORY books!" - no doubt.  After receiving the above Counsel from Heaven, the individual wearing that "amulet", allowed that ROCK, to become his MILLSTONE - and indicated that he would no longer be writing us.  And we haven't heard from him since.  And why is that?  Because there are DIFFERENT kinds of rocks.  Better to be "a rock of FAITH", in the Most High TRUE God, and in His TESTIMONY, in these End Times - than it is, to be "let DOWN" - as in, "REALLY! - LET... DOWN!" - by false externals, false gods, and false hope, in self-will. 
(March 3, 2018 update)
Jesus said: We shall see what she chooses, My children  SO much is being offered; but like MOST people, the institutions OFFER them, ‘solace and comfort’, in ‘the state’ that they are in.  And that is, ‘the state of self-deception’.  Get it?  You MET, ‘ANOTHER one’ today, of ‘like-mind’ - didn’t you?  So confident, in her integrity.  How would you describe N.?  Is, she not ALSO someone, who is ‘confident’, in her integrity, and position? – within, the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution? – that she has ‘doted’, upon.  IMAGINE, My children, being filled with ‘false enthusiasm’ about, ‘the MOTHER of harlots’ - the offspring of Queen Jezebel.  And so with ‘all THAT said’, only time will tell – WHAT she chooses.  With people ‘hopping on BOARD’, and giving testimonies, about ‘the benefits of the Testimony’ My children! – it is getting much HARDER, for ‘the skeptics’, and some of ‘the MOCKERS’, to remain, skeptical – and to continue, to MOCK My Testimony.  And people, are ‘becoming ALIVE’ – because it is My WORD – that My Remnant have been ‘STARVING for’.  And now they ARE nourished.  But the question IS, “Who ELSE wants to be nourished?”  “Are you, LOST? – or have you been FOUND?” – is ‘a subtle WAY’, of saying, “Are you a sheep; or a goat?”  NONE of the devotions in, THAT institution will protect ANYONE, in these End Times.  ONLY those devoted to doing MY Will – at ALL times, can escape ‘Eternal Damnation’.  They ARE, “the children, of the Divine Will” – also KNOWN as, My Faithful Remnant.  Luisa Piccarreta prays for you BOTH [- reffering to the Two Witnesses], and the REST of the Faithful Remnant Church, daily.  And SHE, AND your True Mother [ - the Blessed Virgin Mary] , as well as ‘the sacrifices and works of the Faithful Remnant, are HELPING, to attain more SOULS, for My Kingdom – before “the limited time offer” is over.  WHAT’S shaking people up?  The fact that they are all “PART, of the illuminati” – that they are all “illuminati MEMBERS”.  If they are not “FOR Me”, then they are AGAINST Me.  'I pet goat TWO' [Exposed], is shaking up peoples’ REALITIES - because I have ‘UNVEILED’, how the illuminati and global governments WORK – BEHIND the scenes.  And, I have unveiled, what ‘the video MEANS’ – to THEM: the fact that they ARE not on My Team.   And Saturn – is in ‘the Proof Video’, and represents the baphomet, OR “the sower” – and that is, ‘the enemy of souls, and Obama’ – sowing death and destruction.  ButMy Faithful Remnant are called, to TAKE these ‘uncomfortable Truths’, and APPLY them, to their lives – by recognizing ‘the Times’ that they are in, and REJECTING, the devil’s kingdom - now that I have ‘lifted the VEIL’ - OFF of it.  And they are called to embrace ‘MY Kingdom’ in their hearts; not to DWELL on “evil” – but to recognize it, in order, to AVOID it; and reject it.  They need to KNOW ‘who the enemy IS’.  Some people think My Testimony is ‘too negative’ - That is because “THEIR god”, is “optimism” – which is NOT ‘based, in reality’.  And I want My True Followers, to be “realistic”; not “atheistic” – and CERTAINLY not “pessimistic”.  But “real” - to KNOW the Truth, about the world AROUND them, so that they can cling, even TIGHTER to MY Hand, and the hand of their True Shepherd - in ‘the flesh’. Don’t ever get “overwhelmed” My children. To BE “overwhelmed” is ‘a choice’.  When you are ‘living in the Spirit’, that is NOT, how ‘things’, should affect you. Understand that ‘being overwhelmed’ is a decision ‘to go it alone’, in the moment.  Because with ME, all things are possible.  If a PERSON finds themselves in the middle of the Ocean... [Note: "The OCEAN" Jesus is referring to here, is 'the allegory of Hell' that was explained in the June 8, 2015 Message] ...with ‘a big wave’, and they CHOOSE to be overwhelmed – what is going to happen to them?  That’s what happens to people who choose to be “overwhelmed”, by My expectations, and by My Testimony.
And here is the response that was given, by the individual who actually received the July 18, 2015 Message above.
Actual emailI will not deny I'm lost.. Do I want to be found? Yes! I love Jesus with all my heart, and want to do only what he wants..
Jesus said: Then USE the Blessed Holy Water.  Repent from the HEART.  And pray for the Gift of FAITH - NOT "false externals, mixed, with false enthusiasm, and a DEADENED conscience" - THAT is not "Faith".  YOU, cannot "BURY yourself", in your 'religious routines', BECAUSE, I can see your HEART!  You KNOW what you need to do.  Now DO it!  For WHO, IS, My MOTHER, My BROTHER, My SISTER?  WHO IS, My TRUE Family?  Those who do the Will, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven -  Those who deny themSELVES, and embrace the TRUTH, at ALL costs!  GET your SOUL back!  And your QUESTIONS, will be ANSWERED; AND, your DOUBTS and CONCERNS, will be 'laid to rest'.  Because as of NOW, you are DEAD.  Become 'Alive', in Me, your TRUE, Creator!  For YOU, ARE, NOT "orphaned", and YOU, are, not "alone".  With this "olive branch", extended TO you, through, My Two Witnesses - True Peace is being offered.  DON'T accept 'the false peace of the ANTICHRIST' - in Rome.  You have VERY, LITTLE, TIME left, to come 'ABOARD the Ark', of the New Covenant.  As it WAS in the days of Noah - men were eating, and drinking, and, "making merry"; and exchanging GIFTS - up until, the floods came.  YOU need to decide, WHAT side of the fence, you want to BE on, and GO there!  YOU have seen "the fruits"; in the Faithful Remnant Church.  And you KNOW, in your HEART, WHO is speaking to you. 

(This is the Environmentally Friendly, energy saving way, to address some of the questions, people are asking)
Note: There are many people who have read the Testimony, who prefer to follow Antipope Francis.  And why is that?  Because Francis knowingly bows to the will of the people, so that they will FOREVER lose their Souls - as that IS the instruction he has received, from his father down below, the enemy of Souls.  And the fact is, that most so-called “catholics”, prefer that antipope, because they TRULY hate their Creator, and they hate everything their Creator is asking of them.  But one thing the people in the Faithful Remnant may not be aware of, is how a group of “false catholics”, who are filled to the brim with what Jesus calls, "unholy zeal", has been praying that NO new members are added to the Faithful Remnant.  And so why am I making notes on this topic, at this particular point in time?  Because Jesus Christ the Lord, indicated to His Two Witnesses, that these next messages, you are about to read, are actually His 'Response', to their prayer efforts.  He IS 'aware' of their prayers, as is ALL OF HEAVEN.   Heaven watches with pity, as the false catholics who have the mark of the beast, pray to their father down below – all the while knowing, full well, that the Most High True God is not hearing their prayers.  And yet there IS a “response” from Heaven to their intention, that no more new Members be added to the Faithful Remnant.  And that response, is “I will add even more.”  Now here’s a little “heads up”, for the Faithful Remnant, but also for those who are praying against us.  The next topic Jesus began, as He was speaking with us, is, “Will there be any “priests” added to the Faithful Remnant?”  Can you guess what Jesus is about to do next?  And keep in mind, that ALL the “priests”, except one – myself, have lost their anointing, for ministry – and will NEVER get it back.  And yet the question remains, will ONE priest out there, want his SOUL back?  SOUL!!!  And will he want it BACK – after reading these messages?  We shall see… the VIDEO that is. 
Here is an actual email we recently received in our mailbox on July 21, 2015: Dear Peter and Mary Romanus, Greetings. I am writing with joy to tell you about an experience I had last night. After saying the Rosary, I started reading the Testimony on my phone. I suddenly felt a fear come over me and soon after I received a call from a number ending with 6661. I did not recognize the number apart from the fact that it had the 666 in it so I didn't answer. I then remembered that someone with the same number had called me on Saturday the 18th. When I picked up, a lady rudely asked me who I was. I simply dropped the call. A short while after the call, I smelt a beautiful fragrance where I was seated.I started to deflect the attack as you instructed us to recently because I thought it was one, but was not able to, instead I was filled with peace. The fragrance lasted about 15 minutes. I just sat there taking it in and smiling. When the fragrance dissipated,  I went to my room to sleep but upon entering it, the same beautiful fragrance was filling my bedroom. I was so happy and couldn't sleep so I prayed the Joyful Mysteries. The fragrance lasted the duration of the Rosary and then dissipated. I was so happy! I just wanted to share this with you. Yours Faithfully... N.
PPTL: That was a personal visit from the Blessed Virgin Mary, as a sign to you, that this is all very real, and time is very short, and you need some serious FAITH, so that you can get BUSY, make a VIDEO, and help people find the Testimony, before it is too LATE!   I will let Jesus explain.
Jesus said: TRULY, this IS 'a time of extremes'.  AS is EVEN reflected, in nature - in the Global, breaking, temperatures.  EXTREME, hot, and EXTREME, cold.  It is, the same, with 'the SPIRITUAL realities'.  Because she is praying, the rosary, and from the HEART - with her 'WHOLE heart'; and TRULY desires LIFE - ETERNAL, the Blessed Virgin Mary, DID, in fact 'pay her a visit' - with 'a sweet fragrance, and scent' from HEAVEN!  Because those, who give MUCH, for MY Kingdom, WILL receive, 'EXTREME, Blessings', as they have chosen to be 'hot', and 'not lukewarm'.  The Sign was given, TO her - ONLY to help, her INCREASE in faith, Hope, AND Love. For TRULY, she DESIRES to be 'a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant' - of the TRUE Church; NOT the false, satanic, institution.  But the ENEMY, ALWAYS, tries to PULL, the Faithful Remnant, and the Faithful Remnant to BE - AWAY, from My Divine Will; will SEEK, to CONSTANTLY interrupt, their READING, of My Testimony.  The PHONE call, that she received, was ALSO a Sign - of the actual, 'Battle', that is GOING on, FOR her Soul.  So there is, 'the Blessed Virgin Mary', on ONE side - DRAWING her, into 'a deep RELATIONSHIP with Me'; and then there is 'the enemy', TUGGING on her, trying to DISTRACT her, and PULL her away! - from the SALVATION, of her soul.  Because the Spiritual, and Physical realities, are 'intertwined' - what is HAPPENING, on 'an INVISIBLE LEVEL', is ALSO happening, on a Physical level.  And that is another REASON, why video testimonies, are SO important - because, what the individual, is EXPERIENCING, in their 'interior life'; and 'what they have chosen to EMBRACE' - in their 'INTERIOR life', will be made MANIFEST, EXTERIORLY, through their 'ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, of Me', and of My Word - My Testimony; and, of the Vicar I have chosen, to LEAD My Flock - in their day to day lives, to help STRENGTHEN them - by EQUIPPING them, with the necessary tools, to WORK out their Salvation.  It is WORK!  It is not 'a PASSIVE thing'.
...and after she sent us her personal testimony video...
PPTL: We just watched your video.  A friend... saw it and immediately emailed us the link to the video.  Our hearts were filled with Joy and our eyes with tears, as we watched our New Sister in Christ, pour her heart out, before the Nations.  Now it is time to hear Heaven's response to your video, and we know "just the Person" - the Second Person, of the Blessed Trinity; He might want to share a few words with you, at this important time in your life.
Jesus said: She IS, 'one of My Members' NOW, My children - a Member of the Faithful Remnant Church.  BECAUSE, she 'set aside', her PRIDE; and 'humbled herself', BEFORE Me, her KING!  And she CHOSE, to 'cooperate, with the Graces' - being sent CONTINUALLY, from Heaven, by HER Blessed Mother; the Graces, being 'poured OUT', upon 'the Faithful Remnant to Be'.  WELCOME, aboard 'the ARK', My daughter!  You have FOUND, 'your TRUE family'; you TRUE Spiritual Brothers and Sisters!  You are BLESSED! - BEYOND, belief.  And, in seeking, to SPREAD, My Testimony, you have indeed 'GATHERED, the Reward, OF, the SAINTS!'  Persevere.  Continue to follow INSTRUCTIONS - from Heaven.  SEEK! - the Right Path, ALWAYS.  SEEK! - to be FULFILLED, in the True Holy Spirit.  SEEK! - to PLEASE, your Heavenly Father - your TRUE Father; the ONE, who DISCIPLINES you, because He LOVES you.  SEEK! - to GUARD, the True Holy Spirit's PRESENCE, WITHIN, your Soul - ALWAYS!   SEEK - to ALWAYS live in, 'the DIvine Will'.  Because, when you SEEK, with 'sincerity and TRUTH', you will FIND - 'what you are LOOKING for'.  You were 'lost', but NOW!, you have been found - the RIGHT way!

Note: Today I was responding to an email, that was sent to me by one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant.   He was writing because he was coming to a fuller realization, that he Truly IS part of God's family - as an adopted Child of the Most Hight True God.  And he realized, that the Blessed Virgin Mary really IS, his TRUE Eternal Spiritual Mother.  He wrote, " she smells like flowers. Never had a "real" MOM, that really truly Loved me.  But Now I do."  I began to type a response to his email, with the following words, "You now have a whole FAMILY, that really loves you!"   And it was then, that Jesus chimed in, with the following words.
Jesus Christ the Lord said: Speaking, of "FAMILY", My SON - KNOW that 'all of HEAVEN', IS, watching OVER you - as WE, are WATCHING over, 'ALL OF THE MEMBERS', of the Faithful Remnant Church.  The ONES, in HEAVEN, ARE 'the Church TRIUMPHANT' - BECAUSE, they 'overcame, SIN' - IN their INTERIOR lives.  By seeking to name 'the PROBLEM', and to get it 'FIXED' - YOU, along, with 'the OTHER members', of My TRUE Church', ARE in fact, 'the CHURCH Militant'.  But, YOU are not, "soldiers" - in the sense of 'a PHYSICAL battle'; you are, 'SPIRITUAL soldiers', because, YOU are not 'fighting, against FLESH and BLOOD'; but, you are in fact 'fighting the KINGDOM, of the EVIL one'.  And the only WAY, to DO that, is by CLINGING to ME, and to your BLESSED Mother - using, the Blessed HOLY Water - OFTEN, and RECEIVING 'fraternal correction in your HEART' - as 'a Gift of Love' - because it is LOVE, to tell someone the TRUTH.  It IS Love, to MAKE someone 'EXTREMELY uncomfortable' - if that will HELP them, to get on 'the right PATH'; or to STAY, on the right path.  It is 'NOT at all', what, the WORLD calls "love".  THEY see, 'the love, that I have, FOR them' as "HATRED".  So WHENEVER you FEEL, 'a RESISTANCE in your SOUL' - to Divine COUNSEL, know that for YOU, it is 'a GOOD thing' - BECAUSE, you know what to DO, whenever that happens.  But for the MAJORITY, of the PEOPLE, who visit My Website, 'that SAME lead', SURFACES, IN them - but it is all DEMONS; and they can only HATE My Word.  And they have 'no RELIEF' from the torments. 
And as I was adding this above message, to the website, Jesus chimed in once again, with the following words.  Jesus said: The REMNANT have relief from 'the torments'.  People who read My WEBSITE, and only 'HATE' My words, have no 'relief' - THAT is what it means.  It looks like Jesus likes to make notes on his website as well!  Who can say no to THAT!
Jesus said: I have a prayer, that the Faithful REMNANT can pray – as PART of their Daily PRAYERS. And it goes like THIS:
May God the Father Guard My Mind.  May God the Son, Guard My HEART.  May God, the TRUE Holy Spirit, Guard, My Flesh.  Amen. 

PPTL: The Guardian Angel is in charge of Guarding the Soul. 

Jesus: Yes, the Souls and the heart are ‘basically one'.  HOWEVER, it is possible, to have a heart, without a Soul.  From OUT of the abundance of the HEART, the MOUTH, speaks.

"The good man out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil man out of his evil treasure produces evil; for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks."
(Luke 6:45)
People in ‘the beast state’ – they have ‘hearts’; but, they are WITHOUT a Soul.  It is ‘that simple’. Even a CHILD can understand. That is WHY, I TELL the Faithful Remnant – to pray FROM, the HEART!  People without SOULS, cannot PRAY from the heart.  THAT’s WHY, they need, the BLESSED Holy Water AND Repentance – from the heart!  The SOUL, IS, one’s connection, WITH Me.  That is ALSO ‘where the conscience, IS’. It IS, My Gift to the human, ‘FLESH’.  Where THEY, can DECIDE, what PATH, they want to TAKE – SPIRITUALLY.  ALL of the Blessings and the Gifts and the LOVE, and the Joy, that I HAVE, set ASIDE, for EVERY, INDIVIDUAL, on the Planet! – they cannot receive, without a Soul.  It is WORSE, ‘the state of mortal SIN’. Because at LEAST, when it was ‘mortal SIN’, a person could STILL turn back to ME – through their pastor, OR, in their interior lives – privately. But, I TOOK, their Souls!  ‘The Bridge’, has been severed! – COMPLETELY destroyed!  The SOUL, is the Bridge between Me, AND mankind. The DEVIL, ONLY pretends to heal ‘the WOUNDS’ – the mortal WOUNDS, of those WITHIN, the Roman Catholic Institution.  It’s in Revelations!  “the beast whose mortal wound was healed”. 
"One of its heads seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth followed the beast with wonder."
(Revelations 13:3)
And ALL, who were worshippers of the beast and its image – both SLAVE and free – both RICH and POOR, both KINGS and rulers, and servants. 
"Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead."
(Revelations 13:16)
So I, AM, the ONLY one, who can HEAL, people – from , the beast, state!  I have ‘the antidote’ – NOT! – the churches. I took away ALL, of the other church’s’ abilities, to HEAL people.  I took away, ALL, of My TRUE Holy Spirit, from ALL of the prophets out there – because the LIE to the people and they ‘preach for GAIN’!  But in My TRUE church there ARE no membership fees, and ‘NO tithing’. I am not ‘INTERESTED in money’ – ONLY the salvation, of people, who are DRAWN, to having a SOUL, again.
Note: "the assailants” are ALL those who are taking on the Remnant - from disgruntled so-called “christians”, to the CIA black ops department, to the One World Government illuminati luciferian cult.  We are getting lots of attention lately.  Now I'm not saying, "We're the best thing since sliced bread"; I'm saying that in historical terms, the Faithful Remnant being drawn to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ the Lord, through his online Testimony, is in fact the best thing that has happened since Jesus FIRST appeared on the scene, 2000 years ago!  And that is no exaggeration, at ALL!  Today's public message picks up from that part of the converation my wife and I were having with Jesus, when I said...

PPTL: Are the assailants trying to avert a Schism? 

Jesus said:  The simpler version: “What ELSE are they supposed to do with their time?”  
Note: Jesus was actually being quite funny, because in my casual conversation with my wife, that's a funny thing I tend to always say about the people in the beast state.  And I tend to say that whenever my wife brings to my attention, the new animialistic behaviors that they begin to manifest on a regular basis.
I mean, they WANT to be ‘spiritually fulfilled’ – with DEMONS!  Whereas My REMNANT, are Spiritually fulfilled with Graces from Heaven!  VERY different!  The secret to ‘overcoming the assailants’, is not to THINK of them – because THAT’s what they WANT; they WANT your attention!  Demons feed off ‘attention’. So DON’T give them any – EXCEPT ‘a short prayer’ sending them to the Lake of Fire.  That’s ALL the attention they should EVER receive; so it is VERY short-lived.  So you SEND demons to the Lake of Fire every DAY! – and MORE are sent to bother you.  And then you send THOSE ones to the Lake of Fire.  It’s NOT called “the bottomless pit” for NOTHING, My children!  Keep deflecting the attacks, and sending the demons to the Lake of Fire – because THAT’s where they belong.  THAT is how you stay ‘spiritually focused’.  Understand?  Focus on ME; focus on the Graces; focus on overcoming temptations, and demonic attacks.  Turn to Saint Michael; to your OWN Guardian Angel; turn to your Blessed Mother; turn to ‘All of Heaven’; but don’t FOCUS on ‘the big WAVE’!  Focus on what you need to DO, to get through it.  Understand?  They are trying to STOP more members from CLIMBING on board; and YES – priests included.  But the PRIESTS I have chosen – they are the Faithful Remnant to BE!  And nothing, will INTERFERE, with their DESIRE to serve, Me!  Understand?
Note: Did you know that when two full moons happen in the same month, the second full moon is called “the Blue Moon” - and not because of a change in color.  Did you know that tomorrow there will be a Blue Moon?  Wow!  Something like that only happens every two or three years.  Now THAT is a Sign that almost everyone on the Face of the Earth will HEAR about!  Will people hear that the Two Witnesses are on the scene?  No.  Will people hear that Moses and Elijah have already spoken from Heaven in these End Times?  Probably not.  Will anyone tell them they have received the mark of the beast?  Will they hear about the Queen of Heaven speaking to the Faithful Remnant?  If they search that word string, they will find it.  But not many will. Only the chosen ones - only the ones, who were predestined, to be set aside for their Creator, in these End Times, will be able to become a Member of the Faithful Remnant and persevere in Faith and Works to the Era of Peace.
“Then the kingdom of heaven shall be... as when a man going on a journey called his servants and entrusted to them his property; to one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away. He who had received the five talents went at once and traded with them; and he made five talents more. So also, he who had the two talents made two talents more. But he who had received the one talent went and dug in the ground and hid his master’s money. Now after a long time the master of those servants came and settled accounts with them. And he who had received the five talents came forward, bringing five talents more, saying, ‘Master, you delivered to me five talents; here I have made five talents more.’ His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much; enter into the joy of your master.’ And he also who had the two talents came forward, saying, ‘Master, you delivered to me two talents; here I have made two talents more.’ His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much; enter into the joy of your master.’ He also who had received the one talent came forward, saying, ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you did not winnow; so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is yours.’ But his master answered him, ‘You wicked and slothful servant! You knew that I reap where I have not sowed, and gather where I have not winnowed? Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest. So take the talent from him, and give it to him who has the ten talents. For to every one who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.  And cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness; there men will weep and gnash their teeth.’"
(Matthew 25:1, 14-30)
Jesus said: I have ‘WAYS’, of getting My Faithful Remnant Church to COME to Me, My children: out of LOVE, or out of fear; out of mercy, or out of JUSTICE.  But they WILL come to Me.  They will be ‘SORELY afflicted’, for CHOOSING to be ‘obstinate, and stiff-necked’ – just as the Israelites were, IN the desert.  THEY do not understand, what being in ‘the Heavenly Witness Protection Program’ REQUIRES of them.  THEY do not know, what this term MEANS.  Are they ‘SAFE’, from the One World GOVERNMENT and physical HARM?  YES they are.  BUT!  Are they ‘exempt’ – from being ‘severely DISCIPLINED’ – when they CHOOSE to behave as ‘a naughty, child’? – when they have been given a SOUL?  The WICKED, servant, buried his gifts; buried his talent.  It did NOT go very well for him, in the PARABLE.  Hundreds, of thousands, of PEOPLE, come before My Throne, EVERY day.  And I must treat them ALL, like ‘the WICKED servant’ - who BURIED his talent, and who, REFUSED, to produce more, WITH it.
It is important to pray ALWAYS.  And some days, when you find that you are really busy, DOING what the True Holy Spirit is INSPIRING you to do, in each and every moment, you may find that your formal prayers, were set aside.  And at the end of the day, you may find yourself physically and mentally exhausted.  Yes, that is a good time to pray; but sometimes when you go to do so, you may find yourself inspired to pray, to your Guardian Angel.

Jesus said: Speaking of prayers My children, the Holy Angels will offer up YOUR prayers - ON your behalf - BECAUSE, you had 'a most BUSY day'.  Sometimes, it is 'just ENOUGH', to UNITE your hearts, with My Divine Will.  The PRAYERS that I have given, ON, My Website - IN, My Testimony, are VERY important!  They ARE, "the LIFEBLOOD", of My Faithful Remnant, Church.  They were 'carefully chosen', by GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL FATHER in HEAVEN! - so that HIS Remnant, WOULD be given, 'the PERFECT words', to PRAY, from their HEARTS - without any of their PRAYERS, being "misunderstood".  Now I said to "pray ALWAYS"!  But WHAT does this MEAN?  It MEANS, to ALWAYS desire, to HAVE, your HEARTS united, with the Divine WILL, of GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father in HEAVEN!  "PRAYER" - "TRUE prayer", is PRAYED with 'CONVICTION of the Spirit'.  The TRUE Holy Spirit, KNOWS what to PRAY for; and, it is the TRUE Holy Spirit praying THROUGH, each MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant Church.  Because 'the FLESH' does not KNOW 'what to pray for'. JUST, as the TESTIMONY, can NOT be received, by "a CARNAL, mind".   The Faithful Remnant CHURCH, cannot PRAY, without, My TRUE Holy SPIRIT.  And THAT is why, I WILL LISTEN, to the PRAYERS, of My FAITHFUL Remnant; but NOT to the prayers of THOSE, without My Spirit.  One of 'the MAIN benefits' of being 'a MEMBER, of My Faithful Remnant', is that you are GIVEN a SOUL!  You see what I am DOING with the Faithful Remnant Church - I am CHOOSING Apostles - Men of FIRE, with the TRUE Holy Spirit, burning INSIDE them! - as THEY, have become 'LAMPSTANDS' - in this COLD, and DARK, WORLD!  Because, THEY have chosen, to SPREAD My Testimony - TO the nations - with, LOVE - JUST as 'My First Apostles did.  And from their 'DOCILITY' and cooperation, more SOULS! - will come on board, MY Ark.

Note: The most “personal affair”, that the BILLIONS of people who are so proudly parading themselves around with the mark of the beast, should be concerned about, is the question, “Where is your SOUL?”  “What happened to it?”  And “Why does EVERYTHING else, this world has to offer, seem more important to you right now?”


I have received emails from people, who claim that the mark of the beast has been removed from them, and who claim to be part of the Faithful Remnant.  Unfortunately, the people who write me – the ones without Souls, are simply go through the motions, of honoring their Creator with their lips, while refusing to invite Him into their Hearts.  It is impossible for someone to become a Member of the only True Faithful Remnant, when a person holds on tightly to their sins, and refuses to repent.  Right now there is an actual “spiritual plague of self-deception”, that is afflicting everyone outside the Faithful Remnant.  Mary and I were led to two people, who were being afflicted with that “plague”, today.  They were an elderly couple, who were travelling to Saskatchewan Canada - to live with a pair of prophets, who claimed to be gathering the remnant spoken of in the bible. 

What IS “irony”?  I will explain what “irony” is.  Are you ready?  The wife of that elderly couple, had a rare obsessive behavior that began to manifest as we spoke with her. My former Grandmother on my maternal side - a Soul who is NOW in Heaven, had that same obsessive behavior.  Jesus has given my wife and I many signs, that my former Grandmother, is praying for us, and for the Faithful Remnant.  And Jesus has also revealed, that ALL the Saints in Heaven, are praying that their loved ones, would find the Testimony, before it is too late.  Well, I also noticed that the elderly lady we met, spoke with exactly the same tone and personality, as my former Grandmother, who was also from Saskatchewan.  So I asked her for the name of those so-called prophets in Saskatchewan.  And when she answered, I was quite surprised, to discover those prophets were in fact her relatives, and that they shared the same last name, as My former Grandmother.  What are the odds of that? - same personality, same voice, same last name, and from the same Province.  And so I mentioned the name of a very remote and very small village, that has only a handful of houses, in Saskatchewan – the small village where my relatives used to live.  And that is where those people are from.  I had found, my former Grandmother’s relatives!  After asking the right questions, they quickly revealed, that they knew the antichrist had come into power.  They knew that God was gathering His Faithful Remnant.  They knew, that there were “many false Jesuses out there”.  And they knew that they are now living in the End Times.  My Grandmother in Heaven had indeed prayed that their eyes would be opened, to the True Spiritual Realities, and that prayer had been answered.  My Grandmother in Heaven had indeed prayed that they desire, seek, and find the True Faithful Remnant; and that prayer had been answered.  But then, all of a sudden, some sort of WALL went up, and that couple could only quote scripture passages to us.  They didn’t want to hear anything about another Remnant, or about anything we had to offer. And perhaps the most bizarre part of the encounter, is what happened next.  The elderly lady began saying at this point in the conversation, “You’ve got to walk the truth OUT!”  She said it over, and over, and over again, as though that was what the demons in her soul, were commanding her to say – apart from any common sense, and apart from any reason, whatsoever.  And so, we walked!  We quickly parted paths, and commended them to the immediate and ongoing Divine Justice of the Most High True God.  END of story!  But we did go away from that meeting, wondering why, it was as though “a switch” had suddenly been turned, and they could no longer receive, the Light of Truth, or ‘ANY more Truth’ for that matter!  In all our meetings with people, we had never met two people, who were so actively seeking the True Faithful Remnant, like those two.  Perhaps Jesus will help us to SOLVE this mystery, NEXT month.

As the September 23 CERN event approaches, the spiritual battle is increasing.  Here is a prayer, straight from the HIGHEST HEAVEN, for ONLY the Faithful Remnant under Pope Peter the Last to pray.  Only the Remnant?  Yes, God does NOT hear the prayers of beasts - but the enemy of souls does.  And so if you are reading this, and you are NOT a part of the Faithful Remnant, you CAN'T pray this prayer.  But for those of the Faithful Remnant...
Jesus said: pray this PRAYER, OFTEN, "May GOD the Father, GUARD, my Mind; May GOD the SON, GUARD, my Heart.  And May God, the Holy Spirit, GUARD, my Flesh."
AMEN!  And to those who have been reading the messages on this website, but who wish to hide in the shadows, like your father down below, know this:  You need to make a video testimony, to get on board the Ark.  Period.  Here is THE LINK to the instructions.  You think "christianity" is a spectator sport that you can simply enjoy from the pews?  Think again!  
Here is a fun question:  Is Jesus Christ the Lord, from His Throne in Heaven, now giving the Members of the Faithful Remnant who have made video testimonies, a series of private messages?  Will those messages CATAPULT the Members of the Faithful Remnant who have made video testimonies forward, in their spiritual growth, in as much as they are docile to those Messages?  Will all those "spectators", who are watching this website, be "left in the dust", without those private Messages that are NOT BEING POSTED ONLINE?  That was 3 questions - and the answer to each is "YES!"  What are YOU going to say, in response to Jesus' invitation to make a video testimony?  YOU WICKED BEAST!  I was talking to the other readers. 
Does that sound a bit, "HARSH?" 
What do you think Jesus Christ the Lord says each and every day, to the 100,000 + human SHELLS, who come before His Throne in Heaven, for their Eternal Judgment - after their "human shell", becomes broken, beyond repair?  Do you think Jesus says to them, Well DONE? 
Yes!... He WOULD say that, IF, he was comparing them to a hard, boiled EGG!
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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