The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.5 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

JUDGEMENT has been passed against the Nations 1

"And the kings [- the One World Government leaders of the Nations] of the earth, who committed fornication and were wanton with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning; they will stand far off, in fear of her torment, and say, “Alas! alas! you great city, you mighty city, Babylon!  In one hour has your judgment come.”
(Revelations 18:9-10)
Countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, American Samoa, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bhutan, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Djibouti, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Curacao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic Congo, Denmark, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, England, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, European Country, Faroe Islands,Fiji, Finland, Paris-France, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia (Sakartvelo), Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Greenland, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guatemala Guernsey, (French) Guyana (Guyane), Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary,  Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Jerusalem-Israel, Rome-Italy, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jersey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Martinique, Myanmar, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Niue, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, North Korea, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Polynesia (French), Portugal, Puerto Rico, Quatar, Republic of Serbia, Reunion (French), Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saint Kitts and Nevis Anguilla, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa Islands, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sint Maarten, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, Somaliland, South Africa, South Korea (Korea Republic), South Sudan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Tibet, Trinidad and Tobago, Togo, Tonga, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vatican City State, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Wales, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe, [- and in case YOUR country isn't mentioned specifically...]  The countries that have rejected the Testimony, The World, Global Trauma.
U.S. States: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Hollywood-California, The Oroville Dam-California, San Francisco Mega Tsunami-California, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Hawaii, Chicago-Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Madrid Fault Line-Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Yellowstone Supervolcano, Media bias against U.S. President Donald Trump.  
Global: The Scourge of endometriosis, For Divine Justice to befall the illuminati safe havensMega Eruptions and Earthquakes, The royal wedding CURSE, The call goes out, Fire from Heaven, The Scourge of Rain, Mega Volcano Explosions, The STRICKEN illuminati leaders, Continued volcanic ERUPTIONS, The TERMINALLY ill satanic priests of the R.C.H.I., "formers", Exposing the illuminati's kingdom of deceptions, The End of GMO crops, Apocalyptic Storms, A Rapid Population Decline, A generation worthy to be FLUSHED, The lobotomization of artificial intelligence, Planned Parenthood, The SCHISM in the roman catholic hierarchical institution, Underwater Volcanic Eruptions, The Comet Impact, X-CLASS Solar Flares, Climate Change Psyops, Man-made monuments, Clergy sexabuse, Global intelligence agencies, The end of idolatry, Devastation, The LGBT movement, RadiationSickness, Man's INEFFECTIVE medicines, The WAVE of sex abuse scandals, Worst fears, The FALL of Babylon, "Zika virus" radiation deformities, Disease, Traumatized to their SENSES. The enemies of the Two Witnesses, The ENTIRE judicial system, The ILLUSION of hero-VETERANS, The THINKING faculties of our ENEMIES', The AVIATION world, The elderly, Role reversal, abortionists, the prison system, soldiers, pro-choice women, the religion of social tolerance, The illegitimate President, Mandatory Vaccinations, the ANTICHRIST churches, the ILLUSION of "a peaceful death", Fracking, They CRUCIFIED His WORD, Offspring, human blood sacrifice, It is "Finished!"     
The Prophecy of Saint Malachy: During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church  there will sit upon the throne, Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep amid great tribulations; and when these are passed, the city of Seven Hills will be utterly destroyed, and the awful judge will then judge the people. The end.  (Source: Daniel Réju, Les Prophéties de Saint Malachie, Édition du Rocher 1979 Paris, France)

ALL of these JUDGEMENTS will be 'FULFILLED', by, the Most High TRUE God - THROUGH "a Direct DIVINE Intervention" - and NOT 'by ANY human hand! - or human INSTRUMENT'.  And so the ONE world GOVERNMENT - can NOT! - BLAME us - for "inciting VIOLENCE" - because, WE are speaking - ONLY! - 'on a SPIRITUAL level' - with regards to "SPIRITUAL Laws".  And THEY! - understand PERFECTLY 'how the SPIRITUAL Laws work'.  And they KNOW! - what, "the measure you GIVE, is the measure you get BACK" - means. (May 20, 2018 update)


People thought that Fuk-u-shi-ma was an interesting location for the biggest ever radiation disaster in human history - on March 11, 2011.  And now the Kila-u-ea volcano, kicks off the Close of the Era.
They didn't want the Blessed Holy Water, and so this is what they got...
The pressure began to build around midnight on April 21, 2018 - when the lava ROSE to the point where it began to overflow on the Kilauea Crater floor...

Need a SIGN?... one that DOESN'T rhyme with "Blessed Holy Water"?  Sure you do!
"For the cup of My Wrath has been completely filled, and now, it is being poured over the nations as we speak.  All sorts of plagues are about to ensue over mankind, none of which can be stopped; but they are not meant to hurt My Elect – My favored ones; but only those who take the chip and seal their fate.  You are about to see even more disasters, like never before – these disasters people will not take lightly, for so many will be affected, and such a large population, will die.  I will gain the ears and attention from some people, who will have to question: life after death." (-Jesus, Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Hawaii:  Engulfed in lava.  Because? - they prided themselves on "their tropical paradise" - and they preferred 'THAT', to the Testimony.  They rejected the Testimony - they will be 'made an example of' before the nations - that "their false utopia", is coming to an End.  Amen. (May 8, 2018) 
May 6, 2018  Hot molten lava engulfs houses, vehicles, and properties
as it pours through Leilani Estates, Big Island, Hawaii. 
 Hawaii: hundreds evacuated...
This above video posted May 4, 2018 and produced by "the Guardian" summarizes the events leading up 
to the outpouring of hot molten lava into the Hawaiian suburbs.
Mount Kilauea erupted on May 15, 2018 - with ash plumes reaching 12,000 feet - and the US Geological Survey issued a "Red Alert" as air traffic was forced to detour.
The ash cloud later erupted to a height of 30,000 feet
By May 20, 2018 - the fast-moving molten lava began flowing into the Pacific Ocean through 2 lava flows.

 Hawaii kicks off the close of this ERA
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
New Zealand:  For the land to continually dissolve beneath them.  Why?   Because they too rejected the Testimony.  They rejected "LIFE"!   They chose to blaspheme, the Words of their Creator instead.  Amen.  (May 8, 2018) 
A giant sinkhole opened up in Rotorua, New Zealand on April 30, 2018.
Historical note:  There was no Judgement posted for May 9, 2018, because computer "HACKERS" managed to take down our website that day - and we had absolutely NO access to editing it.  It was the worst possible time in the history of computers, for hackers to MERCILESSLY target our website... (- because of the Judgements that would then follow...)  But the funny part of the story, is that WE really don't 'need' the website - rather, everyone ELSE does!  And the people who WANT to watch our website the MOST - as in 24/7 - are actually the illuminati one world government - why? - because they are textbook "control freaks" - and they are OBSESSED with 'what they CAN'T control' - and in THESE times, that includes just about every aspect of their LIVES, their WEALTH, their PRESTIGE, their POSITION, their POWER, and their rapidly fleeting kingdom on earth... as ALL those things, are rapidly being systematically moved, to the Eternal Lake of Fire - where THEY will be "genetically modified", into the image and likeness of 'their father down below' - flames and all.
Special note: We RECEIVED, the Judgments on May 8th - THAT EVENING - WITH the intention of POSTING them, in the Testimony - on the MORNING of May 9th (- when we found that our WEBSITE, was "inaccessible"). We THEN turned to Jesus Christ the LORD - for "what HAPPENED?" - and HE let US know, that it was "hackers".  It is IMPORTANT, that people KNOW, this was 'a NEW problem' - that had never HAPPENED before.  It is ALSO important, for people to KNOW, that, the GOVERNMENT did not KNOW, about 'the JUDGMENTS', that were ABOUT to be Pronounced, AGAINST them.  And so as "a JUST response" - to THEIR 'hacking, of OUR website' - the Most High TRUE God, revealed to US, the FOLLOWING Judgment, against THEIR "A.I. SUPER-computer".  And in THIS way, the Most High TRUE God, ACTUALLY, sent, 'PRE-Judgement', to the ONE world government, for 'WHAT they were ABOUT to do'.  Because they DON'T know 'the future' - but HE does!  And, He is BILLIONS! - of steps, AHEAD of them. (May 20, 2018 update)
Kenya: The Kenyan people are "for the MURDER of the unborn" - and abortion is legal in their country.  The Most High True God is "taking note, of what they value as well".  And so, He is 'Scourging their nation', for their mercilessness.  And UNLESS abortion is BANNED! - there will BE no relief, for their COUNTRY!  Amen. (May 10, 2018) 
The Patel Dam in Kenya
After years of drought, and after DAYS of heavy rain, the Patel Dam (or Nakuru dam) in Kenya burst on May 9, 2018.  At least 50 are confirmed dead, and hundreds were left homeless."The water simply BROKE", and innocent people died without warning.  Sound familiar?... ANYONE?  The abortion rate in Kenya has remained steady for many years now - as 1 out of every 20 Kenyan women of child-bearing age, have an abortion each year.  And if this rate continues, it means that eventually, almost every woman in the country, will one day murder the child in their own womb.  "That's not GOOD!"  Perhaps someone just needs to say it.
South Africa: Given the fact that South Africa has murdered at least 3% of the population of its citizens, in just 20 years - and that its citizens were given 'NO warning!' - and were "MERCILESSLY aborted" - the Most High True God, the Creator of the Universe, has deemed it necessary ALSO, to act "in a MERCILESS way" - against ALL of South Africa - AND to adopt "THEIR world view", of how THEY see 'the Gift of Life'.  Therefore, THEY will receive "a LIKE portion', of what THEY gave, to the unborn, in THEIR country.  For the measure they gave, IS the Measure they will receive.  Amen. (May 10, 2018) 
With more than 1.4 MILLION Abortions since 1997 - after MURDERING more than 3% of their population in the womb
in JUST the past 20 years, the people of South Africa, as they tolerate ads like the ones in the photo above,
are actually BEGGING their Creator for "mercilessness"!
CHINA: For COMPLETE! - devastation and DESTRUCTION to come to the Chinese people - because, of their "BLATANT disregard for life" - and for their desire to serve, "the DRAGON"!  Amen. (May 10, 2018) 
The aftermath of the May 12, 2008 Sichuan China earthquake
This posting was made almost exactly 10 years after the Sichuan China 7.9 earthquake.  Photo of the remains of the city of Beichuan. The official reported death toll for the earthquake was between 70,000 and 90,000.  The actual death toll was more than 1 million - as reported from Heaven.  Many towns were simply uninhabitable following the quake, because of the stench of thousands of rotting corpses, trapped in the debris. It was the strongest earthquake to hit China since 1950 - and the mid-afternoon quake resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of "ONLY child" school children.  Images of Beichuan:  Drone video tour of Yingxui Earthquake Memorial:

The IMMEDIATE call for the COMPLETE severing of ALL international diplomatic and commercial relationships with China

We recently found an article, that documented an account of witnessing "LIVE ORGAN HARVESTING" in china - where the chinese military, basically treated an adult prisoner, the same way that they have treated about half a BILLION! - of their unborn children - without MERCY, without COMPASSION, without human DIGNITY, without ANY semblance, of SANE human behavior, whatsoever!  Even though we are INCLUDING the article, for those who are seeking FACTS, we STRONGLY recommend, that you DO NOT READ this following article - because it is so graphic, and horrific:  And after reading the account, and then turning to HEAVEN, this is the report card, that the entire nation earned:

China, has in fact PERPETUATED, the 'systematic TORTURE, and MURDER', of human beings - for their OWN! - wicked purposes.  And their CRIMES! - against 'the DIGNITY! - of LIFE - are 'crying out to HEAVEN', for IMMEDIATE Just and Divine CONSEQUENCES.  And SO? - as "a NATION"? - they will SIMPLY be 'removed' - BECAUSE? - they chose, to go AGAINST, the Most HIGH True God and 'HIS Ways' - and preferred, to worship, and SACRIFICE to, "their false gods".  For the chinese PEOPLE? - they ARE! - "their own gods" - and their CULTURE? - is "their religion".  And 'the ATROCITIES, of their NATION', and 'the BLOOD, of their OWN PEOPLE'? - will be 'ON their own heads'! 
And so - as the Two Witnesses, of the Most High True God - we TURN, to God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in Heaven - and we ASK Him, to "REMOVE, China! - from the FACE of the Earth" - as 'an EXAMPLE', of 'what WILL HAPPEN', to those NATIONS, who CHOOSE to follow, 'their EXAMPLE'.  But we ARE, also asking that the Most High TRUE God, would 'take His TIME', in PUNISHING and Devastating, that NATION - with "the FULLNESS of His Divine Wrath" - that He may 'RELEASE!' - His JUST Anger - ON them.  For NOW we are in 'a TIME, in HISTORY' - where the CRIMINAL proceedings, BEGIN!  THEREFORE, a CHARGE is laid; SENTENCE is given; and the PUNISHMENT is carried out. May God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven do to CHINA! - "ACCORDING to all that their WORKS deserve!"  Amen.  

And so, this is the IMMEDIATE call for the COMPLETE severing of ALL international diplomatic and commercial relationships with China - or the Divine ASSURANCE, of reaping "the fruits of THEIR labors", WITH them!  For to be "economically YOKED" to China, IS to be complicit, in AIDING and ABETTING in their crimes against humanity.  Does that make SENSE?  Sure it does! - to all of Heaven that is.  And for those who STILL "don't GET IT"? - it will be THOROUGHLY explained to you in the afterlife.

"SPACE wanted!", to be occupied by SANE human beings - where the country of China was once established.  A New Country Name is also necessary - and THIS time, preferably something that isn't synonymous with "dishes".

(March 09, 2019 update)
Explosion at a pesticide plant in eastern China
The March 21, 2019 explosion at a pesticide plant in eastern China killed 47 people and injured more than 600.
Next to a nuclear meltdown, burning concentrated pesticides is probably the WORST kind of industrial accident
The smoke is filled with chemical poisons, that are literally, "intended to kill".  The explosion produced a mushroom cloud.

They will be 'Reaping the WHIRLWIND'?  God is going to take the CHILDREN?  There won't be any RAPTURE?  The Most High True God is "NOT messing AROUND"?  He is going to be 'aborting the NATIONS'? Is this all some sort of elaborate April fools day JOKE?  Is there any PROOF WHATSOEVER! - of these things UNFOLDING, in the NEWS?  Find the answer here - as your Creator is "JUST getting warmed up" - and so you will need to exercise PATIENCE.  And know that viewer discretion is advised:

China wanted abortion - and so they shall "REAP the Whirlwind"
18 children were injured, and two children perished - on the eve of April fools day, 2019 - on a Sunday, during the 3:00 hour of Divine Justice
This happened in Yucheng county, in central China's Henan province.  Apparently, the children were jumping at the time, and trying to get "airborne". 
Some got more air than the others.  It is important to note, that MOST of the children who chose to stay at home that day,
and play 'first person shooter games', were not injured - "PHYSICALLY" - at that time. 
Where were the childrens' Holy Guardian Angels at the time of this event?  Why would "the God who manifested as a PILLAR of FIRE in the Old Testament", aim a TORNADO, at the children?  Why this MANIFESTED exactly at the 3 o'clock hour, of Divine Justice?  YOU can answer the GOLDEN questions.  (April 01,2019 update) 
China is now the FIRST country to be "OFFICIALLY written off!" - by its Creator... IT sought to "write-OFF", MILLIONS of people, through fentanyl overdoses - as hundreds of MILLIONS of 'doses' of that drug, were deliberately MAILED, from "THAT shipping address".  And the BEST way NOT to be "written-off WITH China"? - is to get as FAR away from that country as is humanly possible - to "DISTANCE yourself", from 'the DRAGON nation' - that is now being shipped "EXPRESS post", to its father down below.  Sound FAIR?  Sure it is!  And for those who want to be "dragged-on DOWN", with China? - you really need to know, that the fentanyl won't work in the fiery pit.

With HOW dangerous, "fentanyl" IS, WHY isn't it being TREATED, as "a BIOWEAPON"?  WHY! - is it being PERMITTED? - IN, to COUNTRIES!  WHY aren't the GOVERNMENTS, 'cracking DOWN', on 'the INFLUX, of FENTANYL'? The CHINESE are 'the MAIN PROLIFERATORS', of this drug.  And THEY are in fact "RESPONSIBLE", for the DEATHS! - of MILLIONS! - of people, in North America.  And THEY! - have actually, been 'at WAR'! - with North America - THROUGH, "the DRUG war".  SILENT? - but EFFECTIVE! - and "less MESSY", than 'using REAL weapons'.  And SO? - THEY want 'to be responsible' - not ONLY for "the genocide of their own CITIZENS" - but ALSO! - for 'the genocide, of other COUNTRIES, and THEIR citizens'.  And since, 'THEY', sought, to ANNIHILATE, the VAST MAJORITY, of North AMERICANS - in as much as they POSSIBLY, COULD! - by 'making SURE'! - that, the North Americans, had 'ACCESS', to chinese fentanyl - the CHINESE, have "CHOSEN!" - to become "a write-off", in HISTORY.  For 'the MEASURE that they GAVE'? - is the MEASURE, that they will RECEIVE!  They, "SPREAD death", and DESTRUCTION - and SO? - they will 'REAP! - death, and destruction'.  So SAYS! - the CREATOR - the Most HIGH, True GOD.  He WILL! - "make a FULL END!" - of China; and "SLAY! - the dragon".  Amen!  Bye!

Historical reflectionAnd for all those who may at some point in the future, be "TEMPTED to worship the DRAGON"?  Remember THIS simple concept:  Wherever dragons are TYPICALLY mentioned - so TOO! - is "The Inevitable DRAGON Slayer".  And in the TRUE REALITY, Jesus Christ the Lord, wastes NO time, in sending Saint Michael the Archangel, to "take CARE of it", and ALL its followers.  It may just 'SEEM', like a long wait, for "mere mortals" - but in HINDSIGHT, it was always "a done deal".
How SEVERE an IMPACT has chinese fentanyl had on North American society?  We currently live in Victoria B.C. - and we have LEARNED, from casually talking with local store OWNERS, here in CANADA - that NONE of them will allow homeless people living in cars, to park on their property overnight, any longer.  Why is THAT?  Why the sudden CHANGE?  Because they don't want any more "rotting corpses" to be discovered in VEHICLES, in their PARKING lots.  In other words, store owners don't want all the POLICE cars, and the crime tape, and the investigations, that go along with those gruesome discoveries - MOST of which, in THESE times, are due to fentanyl overdoses.  And we know that the problem is even WORSE, in the United States.  But "the hard Truth", is that the illuminati want to get rid of ALL citizens, who don't want to build up 'THEIR kingdom on earth', by playing the part of "the worker bee".  And the illuminati, are in fact working behind the scenes, with ALL governments, to deliberately DISTRIBUTE fentanyl, to the homeless, the addicts, and the depressed - to remove them from society, once and for all.  And the global "WORKING citizens"? - don't MIND - because MOST of them are 'of the same MINDSET', as the illuminati.  (May 12, 2019 update - exactly 11 years, after the Sichuan China earthquake, mentioned above)  
Daily Torture now the norm - forced organ harvesting without sedation in China
And isn't it interesting that the so-called"ABDUCTIONS" by the Chinese authorities, for the purpose of organ harvesting
make ALL previous accounts of "UFO abductions", look like... "a walk in the park!" 
And so, the obvious question here is: WHERE did 'the deep state' CHINESE leaders learn that practice from?
This is just another PROOF that the worst Hollywood movie horrors are now happening on a daily basis in society.
And so let ALL of 'the deep state LEADERS' be "a CURSE! - on their PEOPLE".  (June 25,2019 update)
New York: Your SINS cry out to 'the Highest Heavens' - BECAUSE of 'your CORRUPTION', AND extortion, lewdness, murder and fornication of every kind!  And so, you shall RECEIVE 'DEVASTATION' - AND destruction - for you too have been "merciless" with the unborn.  Therefore God, will show you 'NO mercy'!  Amen. (May 10, 2018) 
New York City courthouse of equal INJUSTICE

The illuminati, or "the deep state" - wanted to do EVERYTHING they possibly could, to secure their "blood sacrifices", at this critical time in human history - but perhaps it would have been "BETTER", for THEM! - if they had chosen a location, where the WALL STREET STOCK exchange, was NOT located - ESPECIALLY at a time in history when the U.S. Deep State Democrats protest so LOUDLY, saying that they DON'T WANT "a wall"!  Ok then. 

Actual email I saw something that said how New York had legalized abortion even up until the baby's date of birth.  And my heart was heavy with the reality of just how terrible the world is, tolerating and even celebrating this.  Seeing pictures of babies at such a late stage of development where they are still liable to be was tough to see.  I was praying again, The Most High True God would end it once and for all.  That His Will would be done. And I was hoping you two might join in that prayer intention.

And so we FOUND the story, of what the citizens of New York did. (

In fact, they DELIBERATELY used the day after "the blood red moon", to LAUNCH their full-out BLOOD bath, of the unborn. (

They also CELEBRATED, this new low for 'the state of women', by lighting the top of the world trade center PINK, over night.

And they used "LIGHT", and their great "tower of BABEL", as an affront to their Creator, as they did so.

And so, with such a LITANY of BLATANT affronts, against their Creator - the OBVIOUS question that EVERYONE is surely asking, is:  DID the Most High True God - the GOD above all OTHER Gods, get "the MESSAGE"? - or IS He COMPLETELY asleep, and OFF somewhere on vacation?  FOR 'THEIR sake' - for the SAKE of the inhabitants of the State of New York, it would be better for THEM! - if He were...

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said: And SO I will make "a full END!" - of the State of New York.  And I will 'SWEEP them away' - as THOUGH they never existed, with 'ONE, BREATH!' - from My nostrils. For THAT is 'how THEY have chosen, to be treated'.  In SHOWING 'such MERCILESSNESS!' - to "My LITTLE ones", I MUST 'make an EXAMPLE, OF them', before ALL, of the OTHER nations.  You WILL see this soon!   Amen. (January 24, 2019 update)   
People don't usually get "cut-OFF", by the Creator of the Universe (- as I just did, while editing this website...) and live! - to tell about it - at least not in THESE Times.  But that exception is simply because of 'who I am' - namely, one who FEARS His Creator. 

Actual email follow-up to the above January 24 Counsel"The new law to abort the unborn, up until the day they are to be born, really grieved my heart. This must end. The new law, to abort fully formed children only justifies the Creator, aborting fully formed humans in the coming disasters. Praise be to the Most High True God's Divine Justice."

And the words He stated, " will see this SOON" - are most CERTAINLY, 'open to OPTIMISTIC interpretation' - perhaps, "in generations to COME", at the earliest.  However, in the WEEK that followed the above Decree from the Highest Heavens, the words of the Unborn Souls - recounting their EXPERIENCE of abortion - echoed in our ears.

"We feel our “mothers’” hearts, then, ‘a cold wind’! - ‘blows over us’, and we are rejected.  And the life, that had just been conceived, is ‘snuffed out’.  And then we are in the dark.  And then we find ourselves, in, ‘this place’." (-the Unborn Souls, December 06, 2012)

And AS that week unfolded - as QUICKLY as "a DEATH pall", gets pulled over a coffin - so TOO, did "the cold WIND" - as in RECORD-breaking HISTORIC cold, wind - get pulled over the United States - within that week.  ( 

And so,"What just HAPPENED?"  To put it mildly, the CELEBRATION of partial birth abortion from the very TOP of the ONE world trade center on January 22, 2019 (- for proof see - WAS a historical ECHO, of the affront against the Creator of the Universe, that CULMINATED in the building of the Tower of Babel.  Can you see the PARALLELS? 

"Now the whole earth had one language and few words. And as men migrated from the east, they found a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there. And they said to one another, “Come, let us make bricks, and burn them thoroughly.” And they had brick for stone, and bitumen for mortar. Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.” And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the sons of men had built. And the Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; and nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them."
(Genesis 11:1-6)

In passing the LEGALIZATION of LATE TERM ABORTIONS, the unjust governor of New York state, essentially flipped "Thou shalt not KILL" - into "thou shall feel FREE to BRUTALLY TORTURE and EXECUTE thine own kin, using the most HORRIFIC and BARBARIC methods known to man, and EVEN as they are being birthed, alive and WELL" (- as long as the woman arrives at the clinic with an ENDORSEMENT note from their doctor, that is).

And "that MOVE", was met with an IMMEDIATE and SEVERE Divine Just Consequence, that BEFELL the people (- referring to both the past biblical, AND the present affront).  It's just that, "the CURRENT response", is only just BEGINNING - is only, "set in MOTION".

And so "to be FAIR" - there are probably tens of thousands of pages, written about the FIRST tower of Babel.  And it wouldn't be "FAIR" - to ME! - to BEGIN  to unpack all the implications, of "what just happened".  And so INSTEAD? - I will simply present a SAMPLE, of some of the ESSENTIAL considerations for YOU! - to ponder, as YOU "unpack it"... 

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said: "And I will make them SORELY regret - EVER, LEGALIZING, abortion.  And PEOPLE, will LEARN! - to ASSOCIATE, 'that WORD' - with "COMPLETE dread!"  Amen.

"When she [- the wife of the prophet Hosea] had weaned [- their daughter named...] Not pitied, she conceived and bore a son. And the Lord said, “Call his name Not my people, for you are not my people and I am not your God.” 
(Hosea 1:8-9)

And of course, "a LOVING Father", speaks and ACTS, as HE needs to.  He just did it again!   And with that OFFICIAL STATEMENT, connected to that particular Scripture Passage that HE chose! - He has now FORMALLY DISOWNED EVERYONE, in the human race, who is OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant.  

We now invite you to "unpack" even MORE of the implications of what HE just stated.  For example,  "HOW could a country, that CELEBRATES late term abortion from the very top of its highest STRUCTURE, POSSIBLY! - be transformed, into "the POLAR OPPOSITE" - into a society that "absolutely DREADS, even mention of the WORD!... abortion?"  It won't be "through receiving many BLESSINGS", we can tell you THAT for sure!  And AS you "unpack", the most CERTAIN and UNAVOIDABLE "state, that society will SOON be IN" -the state of DREAD! - that is now RAPIDLY approaching - here are some MORE "essential considerations", for you to ponder.

According to New York State governing officials, "Abortion is a medical procedure, it is NOT a crime".  Remember that quote, when your CREATOR starts SURGICALLY aborting the lives of the people, ALL AROUND you!  You can THEN say, "It is "SIMPLY a procedure" - NOTHING to be alarmed about".  RELAX, take a deep BREATH - and "get WITH, the times you are living in".  Be "HIP!" - and CONFORM, by CELEBRATING 'your CREATOR'S response', to "where the human RACE set the bar".  It's "SIMPLY a procedure".  Learn to RESPECT, your Creator's Divine Just Response, as you recite 'that phrase'...  YOU can do it!  Just like the people of New York STATE celebrated...

 New York State Governor...
The January 22, 2019 CELEBRATION of the LEGALIZATION of late term abortion in New York State
  (January 30, 2019 update)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? - SHOULD in fact RESIGN, IMMEDIATELY! - from politics.  Because she in fact, COST, New York CITY 25,000 Amazon jobs and Billions of dollars, of INFLUX.  She felt 'VERY POWERFUL' saying "NO!" - to "a BILLIONAIRE".  But she caused 'SO much DESTRUCTION',  in the process.  For, if ONE life? - is CONSIDERED, 'as NOTHING', in the eyes of WOMEN, today - then WHAT? - does she CARE! - about 'the LIVING, of 25,000 PEOPLE'?  Because SHE, got to EXPERIENCE 'what it FELT like, to say NO!' - to "a powerful MAN" - AND! - to "a powerful COMPANY".  And so 'THAT!' - is why Alexandria Ocasio-CORTEZ, 'felt INCREDIBLE!' - as she SAID so, in an INTERVIEW.
'It's incredible' Ocasio-Cortez...
Cortez rejoices at the loss of 25,000 New York jobs, as she fails to understand the difference
between $3B in "tax incentives", and "giving away $3B in cash".

Who is SHE! - to speak 'on behalf of 25,000, New YORKERS?  Who is SHE to turn AWAY, 'JOBS'! - and "flush" New York's ECONOMY - and PREVENT, New York, from 'thriving'?

We will TELL you! - 'who she is' - she is "a SCOURGE! - on New York" - and, 'HER kind of THINKING, and POLICIES' - can ONLY! - 'destroy!'  She DOESN'T understand, "the economy" - or 'HOW economics work'.  She DOESN'T understand "tax incentives", and 'how they work', for large corporations.  And BECAUSE, of 'her INFANTILE, mind' - BECAUSE of 'the FUTILITY, of her EXPERIENCE, and "intellect" - all she HAS? - are 'ideals' - and, NO practical application, of 'the POLITICS', that she has been EXPOSED to.  She IS 'FOR socialism'.  And, she PERSONALLY, 'HATES!' - rich people.  And is "an AVID man-hater".  THAT'S "who she is!"  She doesn't KNOW 'what she's doing'.  And she SHOULD be removed, FROM her position.  BUT? - she IS! - "a testament - to WHAT will HAPPEN! - to american JOBS, if the DEMOCRATS, EVER! - TAKE back their power".  AS we have REVEALED - the democrats WILL destroy, America's economy.  Because, THEY want 'the power' - over the PEOPLE.  And they will DO, 'WHATEVER they CAN', in order to PRESERVE, 'that power'.

We HOPE and PRAY, that this will be "the END, of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's CAREER, in politics".  The fact IS? - that AOC, was 'FALSELY empowered' - by the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, of WOMEN - as they 'sought to empower HER', to 'VICARIOUSLY', live THROUGH her!   Which is one REASON, 'why she is so POPULAR'.  They 'raised her UP'! - but in DOING so, they 'RAISED up the DEVIL, within her' - the DEVIL, who can ONLY! - 'destroy'.  But since 'the PEOPLE of New York CITY', LOVE the devil - and were 'COMFORTABLE EMPOWERING the devil, in WOMEN' - through the INFANTICIDE bill, that was recently passed - they can HAVE her! - and ALL 'the destructive works, of the devil', that come WITH her! Her "REIGN, of TERROR!" - over the New York City CITIZENS? - has just BEGUN!

NOW that New York has a SAMPLE, of just what TWO, democratic state law makers, have done to their CITY: ONE brings in 'INFANTICIDE' - and the OTHER? - costs the city 25,000 jobs! - and a billion dollars over ten YEARS...  And THIS is just, "the BEGINNING! - of what the DEMOCRATS, will DO" - because they do not HAVE, 'the COMMON SENSE, or REASON, or CONSCIENCE! - in order to effectively, govern'.  And ALL the DEMOCRATS, will be 'DRIVEN, INSANE!' - by their hunger for POWER - which will BLIND them, to their 'POOR! - POLICIES', and poor DECISIONS - which can ONLY, 'HURT', the American PEOPLE - in EVERY way possible!  Because the democrats are all 'UNITED, by ONE thing' - ONE thing, is HOLDING them, all TOGETHER - holding their PARTY together: and THAT is 'their collective HATRED', of U.S. President Donald TRUMP!  But their POLICIES? - are "absurd!" - and their IDEAS? - are "self-SERVING".  But SOON the American PEOPLE - will 'COME to understand'.

And so the AMERICAN people need to DECIDE - ULTIMATELY, if THEY! - want to GIVE, 'a PARTY like THAT', "more POWER", to govern over their lives.  Do THEY want 'a party like THAT!' - to keep them SAFE? - and to look AFTER them? (February 22, 2019 update) 

Who is SHE?  "Little miss Hitler in a dress"

A.O.C. - By THREATENING the "moderate democrats" - that SHE will be sure to make it so that, they are 'called to be REMOVED!' - during the primary - she IS seeking 'to UNDERMINE, the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS, of GOVERNMENT'.  By TELLING 'the moderate DEMOCRATS', that they will be 'PUNISHED!' - if they work with the REPUBLICANS! - on PASSING "something that is good for the PEOPLE", then she is trying 'to RE-DEFINE, what it MEANS, to be a senate DEMOCRAT'.  In FACT! - the democratic PARTY, of "RADICALS!" - has 'gone ROGUE'.  And so if THIS is 'how HOSTILE', one of the DEMOCRATS is? - towards their own PARTY! - then how HOSTILE! - are the democrats actually, TOWARDS, President Trump!  And the Most High TRUE GOD? - is simply going 'to allow HER, to become MORE, and MORE influential' - and rise to more POWER - as she CALLS upon, 'ALL women!' - to resist Trump - to vote AGAINST him, in 2020.  Because "MUTINIES" and "COUPS", aren't about "voting FOR somebody" - they're about, trying to someone REMOVED - EVEN 'by FORCE' if necessary.  And in this WAY, A.O.C, is in fact APPEALING, to the DESIRE in 'the MODERATE democrat SENATORS' - to 'NOT vote according to conscience' - but to VOTE, "for their OWN personal POWER vendetta" - AND 'the radical PARTY line'.  In a WAY, A.O.C. - is BEING "threatening" - and she is using 'MOB-like tactics', against her own PARTY - because she is "a DICTATOR" - JUST like Pelosi.  She is 'BULLYING!' - her OWN party, into submission.  And this is ONLY after a couple months.  WHAT is she going to do next?  TIME, WILL reveal.  It is 'CLEAR to US' - that A.O.C. is "a RADICAL feminist!" - with "a RADICAL agenda", that she is 'being FED' - by HER "deep state handlers".  Because she, CAN'T think for herself.  She DOESN'T 'understand' - ANYTHING she is talking about YET! - feels 'EMPOWERED' to SPEAK!  And in this WAY? - she appeals to 'the women's VOTE'.  She IS in FACT? - "the female VERSION", of Hitler.  And, THIS will be revealed soon!  Amen.  (March 01, 2019 update)

The Scourge of endometriosis: For a massive scourge for all the women outside the Faithful Remnant, of endometriosis.  Amen. (May 10, 2018)
Yes, women DO still have the right to inflict IMMEASURABLE pain on the unborn, in MOST countries.
But unlike the act of abortion, endometriosis, is sent to MOTIVATE the MOTHERS to repent, while they are in fact 'still ALIVE'.
This "olive branch" was announced 3 days before "Mother's Day"...  You're WELCOME!

The UNTOLD STORY of "what HAPPENS when a WOMAN goes through with an abortion".

This is ALSO "the untold story, of the former members of the Faithful Remnant, who ABORTED the Testimony from their hearts".

EVERY woman knows! - in the INNERMOST depths of her being, that "abortion is WRONG" - and that it IS, "a most WICKED! - act".  And YET? - because SOCIETY, CHOOSES to ENDORSE, 'such an ACT' - she 'BELIEVES', that, "she can get AWAY with that, 'act of MURDER!' - without consequence".  Yet she KNOWS, in 'the innermost depths of her BEING', that, "It IS! - an act of murder".  But OTHER women are doing it!  OTHER, 'women', have DECIDED, 'to END, the life that BEGAN, inside their wombs!' - so why can't SHE!" - she tries 'to REASON', with herself.  And YET! - she KNOWS, that it is 'WRONG!' - AND, 'the GUILT', of THINKING, about 'DOING, such a WICKED THING', EATS away at her, from the INSIDE.  YET? - she DECIDES, 'to SUPPRESS it'.  SHE decides, to side WITH? - 'what SOCIETY says, is ok'.  And, she 'SUPPRESSES', the life WITHIN her - and BOOKS the appointment - and GOES to see her doctor - and 'follows THROUGH' - all the WAY! - with 'the ACT' - "the PRE-MEDITATED act".  And THEN! - 'REALITY' sets in, of what she has DONE.  And she GOES, to 'her FRIENDS' - and she TRIES to find 'CONSOLATION', with THEM.  But, 'the GUILT', that she EXPERIENCES, is 'hard to BEAR'.  She has 'NIGHTMARES'! - about 'what she DID'.  And 'haunting IMAGES', of the CHILD.  And she has 'NO PEACE'.  And SO? - her FRIENDS, RECOMMEND, that she see "a DOCTOR".  And she SEES "the doctor".  And he explains, that she is GOING through, "post partum abortion syndrome".  And HE prescribes her, 'some pills' - and TELLS her, "it is PERFECTLY normal, what she is experiencing".  And so with ALL of these "reassurances", from the PEOPLE, that 'she SURROUNDS herself with'? - she starts to feel "a LITTLE bit better" - as her CONSCIENCE, is being 'COMPLETELY, snuffed-out'.  But STILL! - in 'the PIT of her STOMACH' - when NO one is around - and it is "just HER, faced with REALITY"? - she is 'DISTRESSED'.  And the DISTRESS turns into "DEPRESSION".  But THIS kind of "DEPRESSION", goes very DEEP!  And it LASTS 'a long TIME'!  And she REALIZES, that "something is VERY wrong!"  And so she goes to 'her FRIENDS!'  And she TELLS them, 'what she is GOING through'.  And THEY tell her, to make an APPOINTMENT, with 'a psychiatrist'.  And so she DOES.  And the PSYCHIATRIST, walks her THROUGH, ALL the different 'stages', of GRIEF.  And THEN at the END? - she prescribes, "ANTI-depressants".  And SO? - the WOMAN, walks away - with 'a BURDEN LIFTED' - and 'DEPENDENT on anti-depressants'.  And after a TIME? - she starts to feel 'IRRITATED', ANGRY, upset! - lashing OUT at people, not understanding 'WHY'.  But she had been TAKING the anti-DEPRESSANTS, the whole time.  Her LIFE BEGINS to fall APART.  And she TRACES 'her TIME' - back to 'WHEN, she had, her abortion'.  And THEN she REALIZES, "that's WHERE, her PAIN, is COMING from!" - the fact that SHE 'CONDEMNED, an INNOCENT LIFE, to DEATH' - and now SHE, must 'deal with that GUILT', for the rest of her LIFE.  For she finds 'NO REMEDY', and 'NO relief'

For 'the Most High TRUE GOD'S WAYS'? - are TRULY Just! - and Fair.  And NO 'WOMAN'! - on the FACE of the Earth, gets AWAY! - with 'MURDERING the child, within her WOMB - FREE of consequence'.  For what 'the MAINSTREAM MEDIA', does NOT! - want PEOPLE to know: is that, AFTER "the act", a WOMAN'S life, is 'forever RUINED'! - because SHE ruined 'the LIFE, of her child'.  And "the ONLY HOPE", that a woman HAS? - in these End TIMES? - is to 'TURN to the Testimony, of her CREATOR' - and 'APPLY it', to her LIFE - and make AMENDS. and make PEACE with Him.  For 'the WOMEN of TODAY'? - have 'made WAR', AGAINST the Most High True God. THEY have 'made WAR!' - against, the UNBORN CHILD - the INNOCENT one.  And NOW? - the Most High TRUE God, is 'DECLARING WAR!' - against "ALL wicked women".  For HE has, 'SO many afflictions!' - that HE is ready, and 'WAITING!' - to POUR out UPON them - so THEY can 'learn the DIFFERENCE', between:  VICTIMIZING the child, IN their womb - and "being a VICTIM", of their OWN poor choices.  (April 06, 2019 update) 

Australia:  For the spreading of the flesh eating disease "buruli" - for the multiplication, of EVERY form of bacteria, known to MAN - to be found, in Australia.  Let THEM become "a PETRIE dish!" - because, they legalized "same sex marriage" - and 'the sin of Sodom'.  Amen.  (May 10, 2018) 

Congratulations on your Judgement Australia!  On another note, Australia has a VERY small population of only 24 million - when it is compared to Tokyo and the surrounding metropolitan area, that adds up to 38 million people.  Those 24 million people in Australia, inhabit an island of 7.7 million square kilometers - or roughly one square kilometer, for every 3 Australians.  Canada, has 10 million square kilometers, for 37 million people (- Tokyo). Or roughly one square kilometer, for every 4 people.  And so NO, people AREN'T saving the planet from overpopulation, by choosing to live a homosexual lifestyle - no matter how many superhero movies they watch.

Sudan: We Consecrate Sudan, for their unjust LAWS, to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.  Because of their mercilessness on their own people, they traded "the Spirit of the Law", for 'the letter of the law' - and they will ALL! - suffer, under "the letter of the Law", for their crimes.  Amen. (May 11, 2018) 
Sudan has been a host country of "shariah law" and has been the proud host of many public beatings, stonings and amputations, over the years.
The images of what they are comfortable doing to their own people in the streets, are simply too horrific to post on our website - and so you can simply look at an image of their map location instead.

India: WOE to you INDIA!  For you BOW before BAALS, and OTHER false gods - but do NOT submit, to 'the LORD of HEAVEN and Earth'.  A GREAT! - Chastisement is COMING to your nation - because of your REFUSAL to worship your CREATOR, in Truth and Sincerity.  Your TIME is UP!  Your SINS have reached 'the HIGHEST Heavens' - and your "prayers for mercy" will NOT be heard! - unless you repent.  Amen.  (May 11, 2018) 
"For although there may be so-called gods in heaven or on earth—as indeed there are many “gods” and many “lords”—  yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist."  (1 Corinthians 8:5-6)   

Some people claim that there are 33 million gods of Hinduism. And many of those "demi-gods" are literally depicted and then stacked on the outside of the Meenakshi Amman Temple, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Unfortunately for the people of India, they forgot the FIRST Commandment, and they FORGOT "the God who actually CREATED Hell" - as a place of Eternal Punishment, for the devil and all who would follow him, to his place of Eternal darkness, apart from the Light of his Creator.

On August 08 - THREE months after the above Judgement against India was declared from Heaven, historic rains began to DELUGE the India state of Kerala - a place that is SO close to the above ABOMINABLE temples, that MOST people in Kerala can EASILY commute to the temples in a few hours or less.  And as a result of the DELUGE - 15 dams quickly reached capacity, and were forced to open their floodgates, so that the dams themselves would not fail.  More than a million people were forced to leave their homes - so terrible was that flood.  The people of India did not want the Blessed Holy Water - and SO? - the only OPTION given from the Highest HEAVENS? - they CURSED "their OWN dammed water" instead... "Kerala floodwater starts to recede, as fear of disease spreads - The worst monsoon flooding in a century has left hundreds dead and upwards of a million people displaced".(August 20, 2018 story)

For Divine Justice to befall the illuminati safe havens:  We Consecrate all the illuminati "safe havens" to the Divine Justice and Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - as well as 'their WEALTH' and ALL their private islands.  Amen.   (May 11, 2018) 

The new rail route through the Swiss Alps
The illuminati like to order the building of underground rail lines, that lead to massive underground cities - that are currently being built to house more than one MILLION people. And they selfishly build secret "safe havens" for themselves, in which they THINK they can escape the Apocalypse - while neglecting the basic needs of the major cities. For indeed, many trains enter in, the passage way through the Swiss Alps, like the one shown in the image above...But only illuminati-approved citizens, will be approved to purchase tickets, to board the trains, that detour to the underground cities. Why?  Because it's a SIMPLE system, and it works!  Just like the switch in the rails at the fork in the tracks. And for those who prefer to doubt, here is a fun question, "WHEN was the last time you saw such an ILLUMINATI-ED underground railway?"  And isn't it interesting that the rats of New York city, prefer to live WHERE? ...In an underground city of round passages - as FILTHY, and DISGUSTING, creatures, covered in dung.  Likewise, the illuminati, are all covered in SPIRITUAL dung - just like... "their father down below" - the lord of the flaming rats.  And so it really DOES make perfect sense - that they would have a desire to drill tunnels, to ALL of their underground cities.
that the PEOPLE, outside the Faithful REMNANT, have NO place! - in the KINGDOM of Heaven on Earth?

Perhaps we did not "make it CLEAR"? - to everyone - who is reading the TESTIMONY, and who HASN'T, found the Testimony yet!  But JESUS Christ the LORD - IS "the Supreme JUSTICE".  And He IS! - ALSO, "the PROSECUTOR, in the ONGOING,  UNFOLDING, TESTIMONY" - that WE are, 'presenting'.  And THAT is the TESTIMONY, against, "HUMANITY".

And WE have provided! - HIM - with TONS! - and TONS! - and TONS of evidence - as to why, 'NOW!' - is the TIME, for HIM - to 'PROSECUTE', with DIVINE IMPARTIALITY AND Prejudice - "the WICKED", of this Earth.

And the MOST High TRUE God's, 'DIVINE JUSTICE', IS! - GOING to reach, 'EVERY! - single HUMAN being!' - on the FACE of the Earth

And NO one can ESCAPE! - 'the WRATH, of the LAMB!'  NOT even "the one world GOVERNMENT", or their LEADERS, can 'ESCAPE, GOD'S Just PUNISHMENT'.

THOUGH, they may 'BURROW TUNNELS', UNDERNEATH the GROUND.  Though they may have 'VAST NETWORKS, of UNDERGROUND CITIES - STOCKPILED! - with GOODS, and SUPPLIES - and EVERY "CONVENIENCE", known to MAN.  THOUGH they may HAVE, 'UNDERGROUND SUBWAY SYSTEMS, and TRAINS, and all KINDS! - of advanced technological INNOVATIVE creations, and methods of TRANSPORTATION - NONE of that MATTERS!  NONE of that! - will 'SAVE them', or 'PROTECT them' - from, 'the Divine PUNISHMENT' - that WILL VISIT each ONE of them!  Because they CAN'T escape "the Just MEASURE, that is DUE!"  NOT "in THIS life".

"The deep STATE" and the ILLUMINATI KNOW! - that 'we are living in the TIME of the APOCALYPSE'.  And they 'BELIEVE', that "they can DO WHATEVER they WANT!" - WITHOUT, "consequences"!  They 'BELIEVE' that they can 'OPPRESS', and DENY people, "due PROCESS" - and prosecute 'WHOMEVER they choose to!' - they just have 'to DIG LONG and HARD enough - for ANY excuse!' - to find 'ANY wrongdoing' - with which to PROSECUTE, an individual - that THEY "don't! - like".  And so THAT is "the MEASURE that they USED", and that "they ARE using"!  And SO? - the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the LORD - can NOW 'USE! - the SAME measure of LAW' - but with "DIVINE Standards" INSTEAD.  And "UNFORTUNATELY" for the deep STATE and the ILLUMINATI - THEY do not "measure UP", to what 'the CREATOR', expects!  THEY, do not 'measure UP', to 'HIS Standards, of MORALITY'.

And so we ASK! - the Most High TRUE God - to "PROSECUTE! - the deep STATE - AND! - the illuminati" - to "the FULLEST extent", of DIVINE Law - and "WITH extreme PREJUDICE!" - for 'THEIR! - SINS!' - against Him.

This means that: GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN? - IS going to, 'ROLL OUT', His DIVINE PUNISHMENT - on "a PERSONAL", LOCAL, NATIONAL, and INTERNATIONAL, level - DEPENDING on 'what is NEEDED' - in order 'to get THROUGH their hardened HEARTS!' - that they are NOT! - going 'to get away, with being WICKED! - and doing WICKEDLY! - in the SIGHT of the Creator'.

And He WILL! - 'take their CHILDREN' - and 'their right, to REPRODUCE'! - and remove 'any CHANCE, of a LEGACY' - or 'a continued BLOODLINE'.  And, OUR Creator believes, in "protecting the ENVIRONMENT" - because HE! - MADE! - "planet Earth" - and He CREATED, 'ALL, of the living THINGS' - ON planet Earth.  But - the DEEP STATE and the illuminati 'CORRUPTED the Earth', with their EVILS' - by COLLABORATING, with 'the DEMONS' - with 'DEMONIC POWERS' - in order to, 'FULFILL, the DEVIL'S plan, for the world'.  And "OUR Creator", has SIMPLY 'had ENOUGH!' - of, 'the WEALTHY, WICKED! - POWER-HUNGRY, WAR lords!'  And He's "PUTTING an END to it!".  And, HE'S going, 'to RE-CREATE the Face of the Earth' - WITHOUT the illuminati, and the deep state, and 'the OCCULT, luciferians'.  And at the same TIME? - He WILL 'RENEW! - CREATION, and the ENVIRONMENT' - for HIS! - 'TRUE FAMILY' - for "HIS bloodline"- for 'those who DESIRE, 'TRUE Life' - FLOWING through their veins.  Amen. (April 18, 2019 update) 

Paradise, Hawaii Style
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

African Water Well
The illuminati like to use a 40 foot diameter horizontal drilling machine to drill their tunnels in order to make easy access for their underground cities. But how MERCILESS have they become to the rest of the inhabitants of this planet?  Perhaps this following note from the description box to the above 2012 video, might help you answer that question. "This is an African Water Well that was hand dug with a spade. The well is 75 feet deep, and has a hand pump. This Video shows the dedication of the well. It is near Kitale, Kenya in Africa at an orphanage."
The royal wedding CURSE: We Consecrate the royal wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - as they 'PARADE themselves around', as "a model COUPLE", in these End Times - when the fact remains, that the PEOPLE prefer, the WORLDLY "charade", of "a SHAM couple" - to the FACT that the REAL Prince and Princess of Heaven, are indeed walking the face of the Earth, sharing 'the Fruits of THEIR Blessed Marriage' - as REAL role models, for couples who desire to be 'BLESSED, under the Most High TRUE God'.  And so let prince Harry, and soon to BE "princess Meghan" Markle's marriage ceremony, be 'CURSED'!  Amen.  (May 11, 2018) 

The actors

Simply another illuminati couple propped up for all to see. Unbeknownst to BOTH of them, the illuminati actually used astrology and psychological profiling to match the two of them up - and then arranged for them to cross paths.  But they ARE both deeply in love... with PRESTIGE, POSITION and POWER.  RACHEL Meghan Markle is her full name.  Markle obviously prefers to go by "Meghan", as she drew celebrity status from her character "RACHEL Zane", in the TV series "Suits" - that ended with her getting married to her co-star "MIKE" in Season 7.  The daughter of divorced parents - she was ALSO divorced in real life in 2013, and was THEN remarried in a TV series.  And so, that would make this... "her THIRD marriage"?  The big question for the history books, of course will be, "WAS she acting", when she took her vows to her NEXT SUITOR, prince Harry?  Here is a better question, "What woman ISN'T programmed from her EARLIEST formative years, to say YES to a prince who wants to marry her?"  Smiles everyone!  Harry is ALSO the offspring of divorced parents - and an illegitimate one at that. Ironically, his HAIR, gave "HARRY", away - as neither Charles NOR Diana, have red hair - but a THIRD party does! - and that THIRD party's identity, and UNCANNY resemblance to "prince hairy", has already been revealed by numerous tabloids.  And so these "children of divorced parents", were brought together, BY the illuminati - to JOURNEY together through life as "ANOTHER British, ADULTEROUS ROYAL couple" - for the YOUNG people, to MODEL after - AND as "another ROYAL distraction, for the people to LOOK at!"

The Real Prince and Princess are with the Faithful Remnants
Derrick is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Progress note:  These postings above, announce the Just Judgement that has been Decreed from the Highest Heavens, to more than a third of the Global population.
Mega Eruptions and Earthquakes: For mega volcanic eruptions and mega earthquakes to hit the earth in full force.  Amen. (May 11, 2018)  
Many people will simply pretend not to notice - as they go about their daily routines, resolutions and rituals.
Interesting to note, that right after this photo was taken and posted on public media, as "an affront, to the Creator"
the intensity of the eruption increased exponentially, as the NEXT eruption sent the ash cloud to a height of 30,000 feet.
And so YES! - mocking and downplaying the End Times disasters, DOES help to close this Era faster!

Best to make ready for "The Great Earthquake"

For the Lord SAID, that "there WOULD be EARTHQUAKES, in diverse PLACES" - DURING 'the Time of the END'.

"Then he [- Jesus] said to them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven." (Luke 21:10-11)

And AS of YET? - the WORLD, has NOT, 'SEEN'! - what "a GREAT! - earthquake", LOOKS like.  And so 'what can we SAY'? - except for that, these TIMES? - are "NOT for the faint of heart".  For 'the faint of HEART'? - will NOT survive! - the LORD, Most High TRUE God's, "WINNOWING Fork" - with which He USES, to clear 'the THRESHING floor'.   And in THIS CASE? - that is, 'the entire WORLD'.  And SO? - HOW, in FACT! - do the PEOPLE, 'EXPECT'? - the Most High TRUE God, to RESPOND? - to 'THEIR, lack of REVERENCE', and 'complete DISDAIN, for His LAW' - for "HIS, Way!"  THEY in fact 'EXPECT!' - life to continue ON, "as it always HAS!"  But WE have "a news flash!" - for EVERYONE! - Our CREATOR is "BIG on change!"  And if the PEOPLES' hearts REFUSE to change? - THEN? - He will SIMPLY, 'change the GROUND, on which they stand'.  HE, is in fact 'the ONE', who BIRTHED "the CONTINENTS", FROM the OCEAN!  He is 'the ONE' who FORMED! - the dry land.  And if 'the PEOPLE', on this EARTH? - REFUSE, to be 'FORMED, in HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS'? - with 'a HEART of FLESH' - then HE? - will SIMPLY begin, 'TRANSFORMING, the EARTH' - into, 'a REFLECTION, of 'what He DESIRES'.  Which is WHY, He SPOKE of, "Great EARTHQUAKES" - for THAT is 'how He FORMED, the Continents' in the BEGINNING!  And so - not ONLY, will He begin, 'REMOVING countries', from the Face of the Earth - SYSTEMATICALLY - He WILL! - in fact be 'removing CONTINENTS!' - from the Face of the Earth - AND? - raising up "NEW ones!"  And "Our CREATOR"? - is 'BIG on WAVES!' - as IN? - He likes 'to make WAVES' - as IN, "Waves that wash-OVER entire COUNTRIES" - so that HE can start OVER.  It was PROPHESIED in these Times, that "COUNTRIES, would in fact DISAPPEAR! - in MINUTES!"  And HOW?  BECAUSE Waves that BIG - TRAVEL with great SPEED.  We HAVE! - in fact, received 'VISIONS' - with 'the world MAP', CHANGED - and "countries", REMOVED - and COMPLETELY, 'obliterated' - by TWO "Great Earthquakes" - FOLLOWED by, 'a MASSIVE Wave!' - of WATER. 

"For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be earthquakes in various places, there will be famines; this is but the beginning of the sufferings [- for everyone ELSE! - who wasn't 'IMPACTED' by these DISASTERS]." (Mark 13:8)

For 'the TRUTH'! - is that "the LORD'S WRATH", is 'KINDLED', against ALL! - the NATIONS.  And 'the CUP of His ANGER'? - is FULL!  And He WILL 'Devour the NATIONS' in His Hot ANGER! - and GIVE each NATION, 'the MEASURE, that they are DUE'.  AND! - be "GREATLY Satisfied!"  Amen!

"Coming SOON to one of the 7 continents near you!"  Best to make ready.

"The Spirit [- the TRUE Holy Spirit] and the Bride [- the Faithful Remnant] say, “Come.” And let him who hears say, “Come.” And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price." (Revelation 22:17)

They didn't want the Blessed Holy Water, and so THIS is what they are going to get!  The Creator is going to COME and Judge the Nations.  And SOME of those nations, are really going 'to be let DOWN', to the very depths, of the oceans - as they are literally "FLUSHED", from the face of the earth.  It is FINISHED! (May 13, 2019 update - exactly 102 years, after the Blessed Virgin Mary FIRST appeared to the children at Fatima) 

Indonesia: For all the volcanoes in the area to become very active, and to start spewing smoke, ash, sulphur, and lava.  Amen. (May 12, 2018)

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung - August 2010 Eruption.  And that is "just a sample", of what is to come...
Really, it just takes one Holy Angel of the Most High True God, to point it's finger at EACH volcano.
And there are truly MANY! - in Indonesia.
Entitled to NOTHING
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
For many are CULLED: Many are called, but few are chosen - so it IS, with the LAST generation - so it IS, with THIS generation - SO then, "Let THE CULLING, begin!"  Amen. (May 12, 2018) 
“But when the king came in to look at the guests, he saw there a man who had no wedding garment; and he said to him, ‘Friend, how did you get in here without a wedding garment?’ And he was speechless. Then the king said to the attendants, ‘Bind him hand and foot, and cast him into the outer darkness; there men will weep and gnash their teeth.’ For many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:11-14)  
A scene from the 1984 film, "The Killing Fields" - depicting the cull of the Cambodian people, during the Cambodian Civil War.
And as you can see from the above image, many WERE culled, and few WERE chosen.  So too will it now begin, but on a GLOBAL scale.
And the STENCH of the rotting corpses, will ENGULF the nations - unlike the actor in the above photo, reacting to mere stage props.
When the Spiritual Climate Changes
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Fire from Heaven: Let fire rain down from Heaven and set the earth ablaze.  Amen. (May 12, 2018)
"Apocalyptic Pillars of FIRE?" - spiraling out of CONTROL?  No problem! 

  Fire from Heaven
And in order to cause massive flooding and mudslides, do you know what HAS to come NEXT?...

The Scourge of Rain: For a Divine Scourge of Heavy RAIN! - that world has never seen, nor ever WILL, again. Let the HEAVENS open up, and pour down the 'STOREHOUSES of RAIN'!  Amen. (May 12, 2018)

And SO? - now you know... "What's behind the CURTAIN?"
May 20, 2018 - Southeast Florida - "the SUNSHINE State" - received 5-8 inches of rain in just 6 hours.  Get the picture?
Netherlands: For a MEGA tsunami to hit the Netherlands.  Amen. (May 13, 2018) 

The people of the Netherlands chose to hold back the Blessed HOLY Water as well, and SO? 
...they can have "a DELUGE of Divine Justice" instead.
Mega Volcano Explosions:  For more MEGA-Volcano explosions, causing massive evacuations.  Amen. (May 13, 2018) 
The Most High True God, the Eternal Father in Heaven
IS "taking HIS rainbow back!" - just not in the way most people were expecting.
Chile's Calbuco Volcano eruption on April 22, 2015

California:  We Consecrate California to the Divine Justice of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.  And we pray for a MASSIVE earthquake to strike it - because they've been 'merciless', with the unborn, and with their PRIDE parades.  We are asking the Most High True God to ACT against that city, San Francisco in a BIG way! - HIS Will be done!  Amen. (May 13, 2018) 
A scene from the 2015 movie, "San Andreas" - revealing that the coming quake, is going to be "a bit of a letdown".
The movie really isn't worth watching.  Perhaps wrestlers like Dwayne 'the rock" Johnson, should just stick to wrestling.
The MOVIE was actually "MADE to DESENSITIZE the PEOPLE - when it actually happens"... Coming SOON to a San Francisco near you!
We will do our best to change the photo, as soon as the REAL earthquake hits!
The following was posted exactly a month to the day, after the 2018 Christmas Countdown ended:
A funny thing happens "when the True Prophets of the Most High TRUE God go SILENT" - and THAT is, 'the PEOPLE act out' - so as to call DOWN the Divine Just Wrath of their Creator, upon their own heads.

And so, "What is our KING, to do? - with California?"  It's a bit of 'a SUSPENSEFUL question', as the entire STATE, is in fact "SUSPENDED", on the edge of a massive underwater cliff.

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  And so 'nothing GOOD', is coming out of California.  And NOTHING ever will!  NO "GOOD" can COME - from 'SUCH! - a CURSED, State'.  And YOU Californians have chosen, to BE! - 'PART, of the State, of MORTAL sin'.  And so there IS, 'NO purpose', and 'NO sense', in God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal FATHER in Heaven - "SUSTAINING", the STATE of California, ANY longer.  CALIFORNIA will 'FALL', and 'GREAT!' - will be 'the FALL of it'.  Amen. (January 24, 2019 update)

"California", recently "hotter than HELLifornia" - is soon to be FOREVER known as, "CULLIFORNIA", after having SECURED the title, "the State of mortal sin".
Leaving California
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

The MOST High TRUE God IS 'going to be shaking-UP… California - in the most UNCOMFORTABLE way! - imaginable'.  Because 'HE' has "HAD it!" - with 'that state'!  And "the CUP of Mercy"? - has run DRY!  But He DOES HAVE! - "an Ocean of JUSTICE", to pour out. The CALIFORNIANS THEMSELVES? - ARE "the problem".  Their 'LIFESTYLES' - their   RICHES' - their 'HUBRIS!'  HE is going 'to END it!' - for MANY of them.   For 'a massive Wave' IS COMING!  And it WILL 'strike without warning'!  And 'MANY PEOPLE'! - will be "without WATER, ELECTRICITY, and a means of TRANSPORTATION" - they will SIMPLY be 'stuck!' - and there will be 'TOO many!' - OF them - "in DIRE straits" - for, the OFFICIALS, and the GOVERNMENT, to respond.  And this is 'the Most High TRUE God's, DIVINE JUSTICE!'  And it WILL PREVAIL! - over that STATE.  As Saint Michael, the Holy ARCHANGEL - will "VISIT them" - during the appointed TIME - and 'Reap the HARVEST'. And so? - "what are YOU going to do! - when all HELL breaks loose there - and? - when 'Fire from HEAVEN', begins to FALL? - allegorically SPEAKING.  Because THIS IS "the APOCALYPSE" - and HEAVEN! - is 'Warring against the NATIONS'.  And? - "CALIFORNIA"? - is "HIGH! - on their list"… bye HOLLYWOOD(October 23, 2019 update) 
- even homes located directly ON the coastline
To fulfill the Testimony PROPHECY of course!

Jesus said: ‘Complete devastation’ is coming, to the United States of America – because they did not heed the ‘warning cries’ to repent…  The Chastisement has already begun, and is going to get: even worse…  However I will give them time to come away from these places… to evacuate the California CoastlineFor My Justice, is always tempered, with some Mercy. (-Wednesday, March 21, 2012)

And out of His Great MERCY on the Unborn? - who are STILL being ripped LIMB from LIMB by the THOUSANDS each and every DAY! - in the United States of America? - "Complete Devastation" IS coming...! - and you can thank your CREATOR… for THAT!  (…"THANK you… Creator!"… There! - all better now!)  (October 28, 2019 update)

Russia: We Consecrate Russia, to the Divine WRATH, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - for 'playing, THEIR part', on the world stage, for the cold war illusion - in order to create "a culture of FEAR", and to cultivate 'FEAR, of a nuclear arms race' - to CREATE the threat, of "a nuclear World War Three" - when, the WHOLE time, the governments were working TOGETHER, against their own people.  Amen. (May 13, 2018) 
Russia has been in the habit of parading around its mobile nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile launchers
for many years now.  And this parade of freshly painted DISARMED and OUTDATED nuclear weapons,
served as the PERFECT staged event, for the American Government to justify trillions of dollars in military spending and staged wars.
Notice the "not so subtle" illuminati luciferian pentagrams, serving as a DELIBERATE backdrop to their deception, in this "staged photo".

The STRICKEN illuminati leaders: Let all of the illuminati leaders be stricken with "TERMINAL illness - that they will NOT recover from - unless they REPENT".  Because they have made a HABIT of withholding medicine from people, as 'a form of genocide'.  Amen. (May 13, 2018) 

The United Nations illuminati general assembly in New York city.  It is really difficult to PRETEND that there ISN'T "a one world government"
when you look at the above picture, and actually think for YOURSELF!  Here, perhaps this will help, "Does their meeting have anything to do with governing the world?"
And why is there a LAUREL WREATH around the image of the globe that they are all staring at?  Where have we seen that before?  Hmmm....  Julius Caesar perhaps?
The United Nations use the symbol of the world, wrapped with a laurel wreath, because the illuminati are obsessed with SYMBOLS,
and the laurel wreath, is "a SYMBOL OF VICTORY".  And by putting that SYMBOL around the WORLD, as the world leaders STARE at it - it is a SYMBOL
of THEIR victory - as in, the illuminati's VICTORY, over... the WORLD!  Simple.  You really don't have to be a historian, to "get it".  But the photos sure do help.
The illuminati, are 'an ORGANIZATION, MOSTLY made up of OLDER men'.  They are "BLOOD thirsty", PSYCHOPATHIC, and MURDERERS by nature.  THOUGH, they WILL come across, as being 'FOR, the good of humanity' - they, are most CERTAINLY, NOT!  They are AGAINST, the Most High True GOD, and His WAYS - and, THEY worship 'the devil', BY name - AND they get "their marching orders" FROM him.  They are 'the ones who are CREATING the wars, and the CHAOS' - and, the INSTABILITY of NATIONS. They are 'the ONES who FOUNDED, the INTELLIGENCE agencies' - for the PURPOSE of gathering INTELLIGENCE, in order to USE against the people.  They see 'the PEOPLE', as "a threat TO their power" - and so through various MEANS, they have been, 'BRAINWASHING and POISONING' the GLOBAL population - through "ALIEN technology" - AND through, the GMO food production. They are also RESPONSIBLE, for DEVELOPING the "CHEMTRAILS" program - in order to SPRAY the population with poisons.  AND they are responsible, for MAKING AND spreading, MANY diseases.  And THIS is how 'THEY', have been keeping 'the population' under THEIR control.  "A DUMB population", is a lot EASIER for them, to MANIPULATE! - and to PROPAGANDIZE, on a daily BASIS - especially through the MEDIA - that is "a GIANT octopus", of mass deception!  Therefore, THEY even poisoned the water.  And ALL of this was 'ALLOWED, BY the Most High True God' - BECAUSE, the PEOPLE, 'REBELLED, against their Creator' - and INSTEAD of, being COMPLETELY 'dependent on HIM' - they wanted 'PROTECTION', and 'GOVERNMENT solutions' to their PROBLEMS.  But the GOVERNMENT, is 'GODLESS' - and they, have absolutely NO interest in protecting LIVES.  In fact in order to APPEASE the people, THEY offered them, to be 'as BLOODTHIRSTY as THEY are'! - through providing 'a LEGAL means, for THEM, to kill' - called "abortion".  Because while the PEOPLE are 'aborting their own CHILDREN'? - how can THEY, 'call out the GOVERNMENTS, for THEIR crimes'? - and why would they WANT to?  And therefore the illuminati gained "absolute POWER", over the populations. But "THAT time" - "THEIR time, of reigning" - is COMING to an End - as, the Most High TRUE God, has COME back! - to Judge the NATIONS - and to DECLARE, the illuminati, and those who FOLLOW them, and their deceptions, as "DEAD"!  "Death" IS coming to the nations - and NO one can escape it - outside of 'TRUE Repentance'.  SUCH 'a measure of TORMENT' - is going to BEFALL, the WORLD, as NEVER has been! - nor ever WILL be again.  And THAT? - is "DUE Punishment"! - for their SINS! - their ARROGANCE, and their HAUGHTINESS, before the Most High True GOD.  The American PEOPLE, were 'DECEIVED, into buying the LIE of the American DREAM' - the American DREAM, that is really "a NIGHTMARE in disguise".  For the PEOPLE, are in fact 'ENSLAVED'! - TO the governments, TO the banks - and TO their OWN, PROPERTY.  The people are "owned".  Because, THEY, would not 'TRULY SERVE, the King of HEAVEN' - Jesus Christ the LORD - the One TRUE God - then they WILL be 'cast away from His PRESENCE' - and ETERNALLY separated FROM Him for all Eternity - AS is 'Just', AND 'True'.  For the PEOPLE, have sentenced 'the UNBORN', to "an UNTIMELY, DEATH!"  Therefore they shall receive 'the SAME, SENTENCE' - ONLY 'MUCH much worse!'  Amen. (May 17, 2018 update) 
In a video Tweet on July 20, 2018 - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau PROUDLY displays his illuminati laurel wreath
as he BLATANTLY tries to BUY votes (as the election approaches) by announcing "HIS gift", of "MORE money in YOUR pocket", for families.
Government just DOESN'T get much more corrupt - than that! - trying to buy YOUR votes, with YOUR tax payer money! - instead of reducing taxes.

CALLING OUT the U.N. - for their CRIMES against humanity!

We are now 'CALLING OUT', the UN - for their CRIMES against humanity! - on BEHALF, of the King of HEAVEN, who is "THEIR Just Judge".  FOR their crimes, of GENOCIDE, and abortion proliferation - as WELL as, their PLANS, to use "CLIMATE change", AS the reason, for population control.  For their SPREAD of DISEASES - to CONTROL, 'the GROWTH of POPULATIONS', in various COUNTRIES.  For all of their EFFORTS, to promote 'DEATH and DESTRUCTION', throughout the entire WORLD - by creating 'FAMINES', as WELL as, 'FAKE wars'! - in which "the RICH", only benefit. For 'their PRETENSE', as "a humanitarian ORGANIZATION" - when they are ALL murderers!  The Most High TRUE God, the King of HEAVEN, has passed Judgement, ON, the UN! - and they will ALL! - be held ACCOUNTABLE, for "their CRIMES against humanity". It's ONLY a matter of time.  GLORY be to the Most High TRUE God FOREVER and Ever!  HIS Name shall be EXALTED forever and Ever.  Amen. (July 15, 2018 update) 
The "illuminati leaders" rang our DOOR bell today, by USING their PSYCHOTRONIC warfare against us, once again
in DIRECT response, to our POSTINGS. 
WE are now CALLING upon, 'OUR God!' - the MOST High TRUE God - the CREATOR of Heaven and EARTH - to 'STRIKE! - the ONE WORLD LEADERS! - SUCH a HEAVY BLOW! - that THEY! - have NEVER EXPERIENCED, in ALL of their LIVES, or CAREERS!'  AND! - that NONE of them will be ABLE to recover from.  In OTHER WORDS? - they are ABOUT to be 'taken OUT of commission', PERMANENTLY.  Because the WORLD does not 'NEED', a one world GOVERNMENT; the WORLD needs to turn BACK to 'their CREATOR' - and these "leaders", are 'a STUMBLING block'! - to the people.  Amen.  (March 01, 2019 update)

Justin TRUDEAU is 'being cast-DOWN by his Creator'

The FACT is: that JUSTIN Trudeau, is "ONE of the deep state leaders" - and he is PUSHING 'a POLICY and an AGENDA', that is DESIGNED, at 'helping the WEALTHY, and the INFLUENTIAL'.  He is NOT! - listening to "the needs of the average Canadian" - EXCEPT! - when he needs to make "a big PUBLICITY stunt!" - and then 'he is TOLD!' - by his "political STRATEGISTS" - that he NEEDS to 'STAGE!' - reaching OUT, to the CANADIANS - as it will be "GOOD for his public IMAGE".  And the TRUTH IS: that's all that TRUDEAU, HAS! - to GIVE to Canadians - "IMAGE".  He is "a VERY self-absorbed POLITICIAN" - who is VERY 'JUVENILE', in his ways - and VERY "petty" - and REALLY? - "a THUG!" - because he BULLIES people.  The Liberal party 'BULLIES' people - 'BRIBES' people, to DO! - what they WANT.  And SIMPLY? - Andrew SCHEER, who is running for Prime Minister - can see THROUGH! - Trudeau - like NO OTHER! - candidate CAN.  And HE 'KNOWS!' - that TRUDEAU, IS in fact "SPINELESS!" - and does NOT have "Canada's BEST interests", in his POLICIES - OR at HEART!  ALL Trudeau cares about is 'HIMSELF' - AND 'pushing his RHETORIC', and 'VERBAL EUPHEMISMS', on CANADIANS - UNTIL, they are 'COMPLETELY saturated!' - with his "SPEECH" - that they SIMPLY 'RESIGN themselves', to believing that "he KNOWS what he is talking about" - because HE'S "Canada's LEADER".  But the FACT is that Trudeau should RESIGN! - immediately - and 'OWN', what he did - in trying to influence the Attorney General, to BACK off on an engineering firm.  He put 'his own POLITICAL interests' FIRST.  And NOW? - it is COMING back, to BITE him - as "OUR Creator" the Most High TRUE God, is in fact 'TURNING Prime Minister Trudeau INSIDE out' - on the WORLD stage - so that, 'the PEOPLE!' - can see CLEARLY - who's REALLY been running the country.  Andrew SCHEER, would make "a MUCH better Prime Minister" - AS? - he would CUT costs.  And the Conservative PARTY, would offer 'SOLID solutions' - to REAL problems, for everyday Canadians.  Because, Scheer KNOWS that he TOO! - is "a Canadian" - a TAX paying, WORKING, Canadian - and HE can 'RELATE', to his FELLOW Canadians - who are SIMPLY, 'seeking to EARN a living'.  But TRUDEAU? - wants 'to MANIPULATE Canadians', to VOTE for him.  And, 'BUY!' - their allegiance - by 'THROWING money at them!'  He is "a DEEP state PUPPET leader", who NEEDS to resign, or BE 'removed, from office'.  Andrew Scheer DEFINITELY has "our ENDORSEMENT" - because he's being UPHELD by his Creator.  But, Justin TRUDEAU? - is 'being cast-DOWN by his Creator'.  Amen. (March 07, 2019 update) 

U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar has been doing "a COMMENDABLE job!"
at forming and raising up new TERRORISTS in the United States and in all muslim states. 
Omar denies comparing Obama to Trump
It was truly "ILL" - for Omar to imply that U.S. President Donald Trump is "inhuman"
while speaking from her post in Washington, as an acting muslim CONGRESS woman

And SO you have "an ADVOCATE, for muslim WOMEN" - PUBLICLY saying to a REPORTER, that TRUMP, is "INHUMAN".  And HE is "the PRESIDENT of the United STATES.  And WERE it not for 'the POSITION, that she was GIVEN'? - then she COULD! - have voiced 'an OPINION', like that.  But BECAUSE, of 'the position she holds' - "her WORDS" have more 'WEIGHT', and more of 'an IMPACT' - and SHE KNOWS this THROUGH and through!  And SHE is 'trying, VERY calculatingly', by these "RACIAL slurs" - DESPERATELY! - to cause 'division', in AMERICA - but SPECIFICALLY, within the CONGRESS. 

And so for 'ALL of her COMMENTS', that she has MADE, about "RACE"? - she should be 'REMOVED'! - from her POSITION, on "the foreign AFFAIRS committee".  Because, if PEOPLE in positions of political INFLUENCE, are ALLOWED, to speak, 'BIASED, MEAN, HATEFUL, and RACIAL! - tirades'? - with "NO CONSEQUENCES"! - then that 'HATEFUL SPEECH', ACTUALLY spurs PEOPLE, to take ACTION - eventually.  And she is MAKING it 'very CLEAR' - that she is "anti-AMERICAN", and "anti-WHITE American", and "anti-WHITE-SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN America", AND finally, "anti-PRESIDENT American"

So HOW is it? - that SOMEONE, who is 'FILLED with so much PERSONAL hatred", towards the PRESIDENT of the United States, IS in fact, ABLE, to HOLD 'such a position', within the United States government?  But OMAR, is actually, "the product of a FAILED system" - because, SHE! - is being 'ENCOURAGED', to speak "her truth" - and as she DOES so - so much 'DAMAGE', is being done, to 'the minds of YOUNG people'.

Is this NOT, "the first STEP", towards 'FORMING, real TERRORISTS'?  Is she NOT, 'FORMING, the MINDS, of YOUNG! - muslim WOMEN' - and ESPECIALLY, in 'their ATTITUDE, towards white MEN of authority and INFLUENCE'.  HOW is she NOT! - "fostering HATRED", in the muslim WOMEN, "to take ACTION!" - against "the INHUMANS"!  THAT'S "the question".  And SO, she is 'being USED', by the DEMOCRAT party - to 'SELL', ENTITLEMENT, to today's American YOUTH, and "a free RIDE!" - which WILL in fact, ONLY foster 'LAZINESS and SLOTH', in YOUTH - when they're 'at their GREATEST POTENTIAL'.

And so WHAT 'young person' WOULDN'T! - "rally, behind Omar" - given 'what SHE'S SELLING to them!'  And WHY wouldn't they listen to MORE of her "ANTI-American ideas" - PRO-socialist agenda.  Isn't that EXACTLY! - 'how HITLER worked'
But then the question becomes, "WHY isn't she being held ACCOUNTABLE, for what she says? - especially PUBLICLY, as a public FIGURE?"  WHY won't "speaker PELOSI", PUT her in her PLACE? She CLAIMS - that "Omar, DOESN'T understand, the GRAVITY of the WORDS, that she's sharing" - then WHAT! - is she DOING! - on the "foreign RELATIONS committee"? - if she doesn't "UNDERSTAND", how to relate to 'other racial PROFILES'?  She is ACTUALLY "a PUBLIC disgrace!" - to the OFFICE she holds
AND so, we TURN, to the Most High TRUE GOD - and we ASK Him to "make an EXAMPLE", out of Omar - and we 'COMMEND her!' - to the Divine JUSTICE, of her Creator - and we ASK that 'the Most High TRUE God, would HAVE her removed!' - from her position, and HAVE her 'cast down'.  Because SHE is 'an EXAMPLE, of what happens' to "poor MUSLIM women", when they're given 'a VOICE', and EMPOWERED by 'OTHER women' - they have "a LOT of RESENTMENT built up inside! - and they WANT to UNLEASH it!" - and THAT is 'what she has been DOING'.

After Omar is "inconvenienced" by the MALE REPORTER, asking her "a VERY direct QUESTION" - she IGNORES him! - as she ONLY speaks, to her "female companion" - and PRETENDS 'he's NOT even there'.  But if THAT were "a FEMALE reporter"? - she NEVER! - would, have treated, her - in the SAME way.  And SO? - not ONLY is Omar "EXTREMELY racist!" - she is ALSO, "ANTI-male".  As you LISTEN to the video - NOTICE how she FINALLY responds, in 'a VERY, DEEP, and GUTTERAL, voice'.  The LISTENER needs to know, that was "the ENEMY INCARNATE", speaking through her".

And so, what OMAR has effectively BROUGHT, to the house of REPRESENTATIVES? - is 'the SELF-EMPOWERMENT of WOMEN'! - who, have NO! - accountability to ANYONE - FOR their actions, or for ANYTHING that they say, WHILE they hold 'that office' - and who can say "HELL NO!" - to EVERYONE! - ESPECIALLY, 'the men, who hold positions of AUTHORITY'. And she's TEACHING, the WOMEN - that THEY! - can be "rebels", and cause "an UPROAR", and get AWAY with it; and that they will EVEN be "POPULAR", and "PRAISED for it".  But MORE importantly - OMAR does not have "a conscience" - for if she DID? - she would NEVER do, or say those things, that she HAS - in order 'to INCITE, racial DIVISION'.  Butwhat she HAS shown? - is "a COMPLETE disdain", for 'the OFFICE that she holds - and she WON'T 'STOP'! - because she's being EMPOWERED, by 'the devil HIMSELF'.

And so she is "a SCOURGE!" - on the house of Representatives - as 'her HATRED', of JEWS, and ISRAEL - will ONLY 'INCREASE' - as WELL as 'her DISDAIN, for U.S. President Donald Trump'.  And so THIS means, that she is ;"COMFORTABLE! - speaking TREASONOUS words" - against the Commander in CHIEF - and she is 'MAKING it VERY CLEAR', that being "ANTI-AMERICAN", while 'HOLDING an OFFICE, in the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!' - is "PERFECTLY fine and acceptable".

And so "the fun question" HERE, is, "If she was NOT removed - FORCIBLY - by her Creator - who can always SEE 'all future scenarios' - WHAT would be "THE LEGACY" that she would ULTIMATELY leave behind, for future americans?

If the Most High True God did not remove her from her POSITION? - the 'the LEGACY she would leave behind', is "the WOMAN who FOSTERED, TERRORISM, in American muslims"
It would be GOOD for an INVESTIGATION to be HELD - in order to DETERMINE, "HOW many, ethics violations, congresswoman Omar, has COMMITTED" - AND to really look at her "social media accounts", CLOSELY - and see 'WHAT KIND, of damaging PSYCHOLOGY, and RACISM she is fostering in HER FOLLOWING?'  Because she DOES have "a VERY, PERSONAL and CONSISTENT agenda" - that is "very EXTREME" - that SHE is in fact, "fine-TUNING", and "PROCLAIMING with even more CONFIDENCE"
And, with regards to "free SPEECH"? - NO one has 'a right to ANTI-American SPEECH', as "a GOVERNING OFFICIAL" - and the FACT that "Omar IS being tolerated" BY the democrat party - IS! - one more PROOF, that the DEMOCRAT party, is "the PARTY for DIVISION, and TREASONOUS! - SPEECH and behavior" - and THEREFORE, that 'PARTY' IS a threat! - to "national security".  Amen. (March 11, 2019 update) 

Pelosi and Biden STRICKEN! - with "FACULTY Removal"
Yes, the Holy Angels ARE taking back, the mental faculties, of the illuminati puppet leaders
And if you RE-READ the Judgement, above, it does not APPEAR that they will be "repenting", any time soon.
And now "the race is ON!"  Because the LONGER the illuminati WAIT - before ordering "the COUP against U.S. President Donald Trump" to move FORWARD (- as they "pull", CHICAGO - and blame THEIR planned "false flag" attack on the United States, on TRUMP) - the LONGER they WAIT, the less CREDIBLE, "THEIR puppet leaders" - including OBAMA, are going to BE, in the eyes of the PEOPLE.  And the longer they WAIT, the QUICKER, the UPRISING of the people will BE! - to take BACK the Presidency, FROM Obama - once the people see that HE is ALSO "unable to speak coherently, without a script"... ouch!  And since Obama IS "the fulfillment of the ANTICHRIST"? - this MUST take place!  And so what is "OUR PREFERENCE"?  We would be QUITE satisfied! - if they wait as LONG as they POSSIBLY can - so that WE don't have to see "the enemy INCARNATE, ruling IN Obama" - for very long.  Either way? - we WIN! (- and we KNOW that the illuminati like the number "23" - and SO?... May 23, 2019 update) 
Merkel shakes uncontrollably
"Another Illuminati Leader Stricken" - with more to COME!

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