The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
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           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

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“And he said to all, ‘If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me’.”
(Luke 9:23)

Jesus Christ the Lord revealed to us in the early hours of this morning, that He made it so that the people in the beast state, would be repelled, by the lifestyle of the Faithful Remnant.  He made it so that “the inhumans” - those in 'the beast state', would SEE “the only path to Salvation”, as “distasteful and bad”.   And in these End Times, the only path to Salvation was made to APPEAR that way, out of the Most High True God’s Divine Justice.  This should not come as much of a surprise, as the path through the Red Sea wasn’t exactly “a walk in the park” either.  By now, almost every reader knows, that the people in the beast state, see the belief system of the Faithful Remnant, as “foolish”.  But surprisingly, at the same time, it has been revealed from Heaven that the people who take the time to read the Testimony, ALL know it to be True! – without exception, no matter how much self-deception they embrace.  Did the demons, know Jesus to be the Messiah, 2000 years ago? Yes, they did. Could the demons worship Jesus Christ the Lord, and follow Him?  No, they could not.  And the modern parallel, is the fact that “the bottom-feeders” – those in the beast state, know the Testimony to be True; but they simply are not able, to benefit from its saving Truths, because they are simply human shells, filled to the brim, with gangrenous demons – that continually feed off of what little remains of their humanity.  Just as the followers of Moses as a group, became divided, the Faithful Remnant are now ‘divided’.  Jesus did explain the reason why; but I would first like to remind the reader, that most people who are currently “Members of the Faithful Remnant”, did NOT give Jesus a “Yes”, within the first 30 seconds, of His invitation to follow Him.  They would read the “Come follow Me” passage in the Bible (above), and tell themselves, that they are like that; but they would ultimately refuse to live it.  In fact, at least half the Remnant, were more concerned about getting something FROM Him – their Soul, that is; than following Him.  And so, at this point in the Journey, now that so many Members of the Remnant are quite content that they GOT what they wanted, they are making it quite clear to their Creator, that their “pearl of great price”, was more precious, than the Creator and Giver of that Gift.  Yes, that is “a really sad report card” – for THEM, that is.  It is like the story of the 10 lepers, all over again.  And because the spiritual and physical realities are intertwined, those Members, who are rejecting what their Creator is asking of them, are finding themselves, “quite sad, and depressed”, as they knowingly and with full consent, embrace the spirits of self-pity, and depression.  How can they experience ‘True Joy’, if they want nothing to do, with what their Creator is asking of them - in order that they can be fulfilled?  They cannot!  But they prefer, what the demons are offering them, instead, as “a vocation”.  They are choosing to embrace ‘the demonic entity of the assailants’, and in doing so, are preferring to see themselves through ‘the eyes of the world’. They really need to consecrate their perceptions, so that they only see themselves, through the Eyes of the Most High True God – in the Truth.  But they won’t, because they don’t want the Truth – if they did, they would email us for Divine Counsel, each day, and apply it to their lives.  Nuff said about that.  But on another note, I will tell you this, those who are embracing the Heavenly Gift, of Daily Divine Counsel, are becoming more and more filled, with True Joy; and you can easily see it, reflected in the videos they make. (Just click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of this page to see those videos.) 

And on another note - a trivia note - it is important to proclaim the Truth, about Global Climate Change, or Global Warming.  It is simply the one world government's media psyop name, for the changes that are a direct result of living in the time of the Apocalypse.  And yes, the storms and weather extremes (hot AND cold) are going to continue to intensify, and so are the natural disasters.  And why is that? - you might be wondering?  Because of "ingratitude".  You see, the people with the mark of the beast, should be grateful, that their Creator is giving them this "time of worldly consolations", before each of their sudden and unexpected descents into the Eternal Flames and cessation of existence.  But they are not.  And so, perhaps "greater afflictions", may help them appreciate, this time that they have.  It really IS that simple!  

Actual email: I think the Blessed Mother was here praying with me in this house I’m in. I feel closer to her. Thank her for me please.  And if you can and She has time, I would love for her to write me.   I'm eager to read the Testimony and learn all I can from you, love N.

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Yes my son, know, that I AM with you – always!  And I am quite pleased, that YOU, are desiring ‘this closeness’, with ME, your True Mother.  I am going to bring you closer, to MY son, Jesus – who is your KING – because I ONLY desire, for YOU, to be ‘as close to Him’, AS is possible.  And AS you draw closer to Him, you draw closer to ME, as well – because our Hearts, are ‘united, as One’.  Thank you, for praying the Rosary! – FROM the heart! – and praying, my Litany; because Truly, I DO pray, for ALL of the Members, of the Faithful Remnant – because they are ‘in need’, at THIS time.  STAY close, to me, my son; and I will fill you, with ‘True Joy’; because, I am filled with True Joy – from my Son Jesus, and He desires, that you share in that Joy, WITH me. Thank you for responding, to MY call, for your Soul; and responding to your ANCESTORS in Heaven – responding with a “YES”, to their prayers!

  I asked Jesus to help us explain to the rest of the world, what was revealed earlier today – because it seems “a little unconventional”, being the one to explain it.

Jesus said: TOO bad for THEM! – My children.  You are ‘My TRUE Representatives’. And so, YOU represent ‘MY Word’, to the people. YOU, ARE ‘an extension of MY Voice’, on the Earth; and YOU, received the Revelation.  So simply share, what was revealed.  I will help you.

Pope Peter The Last: Shortly after midnight, at the beginning of December 8, 2015, Jesus Christ the Lord, spoke to His Two Witnesses, and this is what was revealed.  Jesus Christ the Lord, revealed, that because of all the afflictions and sufferings that we have endured with our hearts fixed on the Divine Will of our Creator, a series of Heavenly Decrees has now been Passed.  He Decreed that My wife and I, are now "partakers in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary".  This means that all of our sins – past, present, and future (- referring to the fact that there won’t be any), are now “Blotted Out”.  Furthermore, Jesus Christ the Lord Decreed that all our actions and choices, are now under “the Spirit of the Law”.  He Decreed, that we now share in the Divine Nature of the Most High True God.  The easiest way to understand this, is that we now share in His Existence Outside of space and time; and we now share in His Attributes.  He also Decreed, that from henceforth, anyone who should attempt to afflict us – even in their thoughts, will be immediately afflicted; they will immediately receive, the measure of affliction they desire to give.  In other words, people will no longer be able to “throw their demons at us”.  Jesus further explained that He has now Clothed us in “Gold”, referring to His Armor – the Armor of the Most High True God – with the Testimony, His Word, being our Sword!

PPTL: (I then asked Jesus…) “Is this moment, something that everyone in the Faithful Remnant will experience, as a Heavenly Reward, for their perseverance?”

Jesus said: Yes!  For those who choose to persevere !  This IS, ‘a SAMPLE, of what, they will INDEED experience’.  For, it IS ‘the Fullness, of the Era, of Peace’ – IN My Two WITNESSES’, interior lives.  And IT, is what, I am calling, ALL, of My Faithful Remnant, to experience – by PERSEVERING! – and letting ME know, by their CHOICES, ‘what team’ they are CONSISTENTLY choosing.  For, they DID not know, ‘what I had set ASIDE for them’; and NOW they KNOW!  NOW, there is “NO EXCUSE” for rejecting, My Testimony, or My Word!  Because, they have ‘Full KNOWLEDGE’, of what ‘they are CHOOSING to give up’!  And ‘the ONES who persevere’, have ‘FULL KNOWLEDGE’, of what ‘they are CHOOSING’, to strive for!

Upon receiving  these important new Revelations, my natural inclination was one of Eternal Gratitude, to God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.  In other words, I am going to NEED all Eternity, to express my heartfelt Gratitude to Him, by simply using all the Gifts He has so genersouly bestowed upon my wife and I - to give HIM, Glory, in every moment – by using those Gifts, to do His Will.  Simple.  But I also could not escape “the 9 year novena” implications – the fact that in less than a Month, will be the 9 year Anniversary, of the Mystical Marriage, of the Two Witnesses.  I also could not escape the fact, that our Journey together, began at the Cathedral of Saint Mary’s of the Immaculate Conception, 9 years ago.  9 months, of course, being the gestation period for a mother, preparing to give birth to her children.  You see, the Testimony, isn’t just “SPIRITUAL food”, it is also, “food for thought”; something to think about.

Some interesting notes: Today is the traditional Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  It is the Feast Day of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes – the patron Saint of those ridiculed for their faith – faith in listening to Private Divine Revelations from Heaven for starters.  On March 25, 1858, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette, and said, “I am the Immaculate Conception”.  Upon learning these words, most theologians focused on the revelation of the Mother of Jesus being preserved from all sin, from the moment of her conception; they however missed, the revelation that she is also “a partaker in the Divinity of the Most High True God” – a revelation, that was revealed, in the first two words she said, “I am…”.  For many years, leading up to the time of the Mark of the Beast, the Grotto at Lourdes became world renowned, for its miraculous holy water – the consumption of which, accompanied with True faith, was attributed as the source of many healings.  Of course, most people had Souls back then, but that is another story.

Being CLOTHED in the Immaculate Heart...
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

  This morning Mary and I noticed some faint and dimming flashes in our interior lives, from our former lives.  And so WE! - sought Divine Counsel.  Hmmm.

Jesus said: You are simply being delivered from ‘the effects, of other peoples’ sinful choices’; it is simply like ‘spiritual residue’, from your past life – your life BEFORE, December 8th.  And once they are GONE, they will never RETURN.  It is simply, because, you WERE conceived with original sin, My children, were you not?  And so, you received, ‘the effects’, of the sinful nature of man; and inherited it, FROM, your first parents – Adam and Eve.  And EVEN though you were baptized, in the True Faith – that was to remove, ‘the total punishment’, FOR, the original sin; and to OPEN ‘the Gates of Heaven’, TO you.  THEN, you would begin to grow, and bathe in the GRACES at the time, throughout your entire lives – the GRACES, would BE there – to TURN to.  You NEVER lost your Souls!  You always HAD them – and you were ‘PRESERVED, by Grace’ the same WAY – that MILLIONS, of CHILDREN – out, in, the World, have, been preserved, by Grace.  And so, that is why I TOLD you, “Save the TWO of you, Save the CHILDREN”.  And so: BECAUSE, you both said “yes”, to your CALLING, and TO your VOCATION – many people, were again ‘given, a chance to say YES, TO their Salvation’.  Now up until, December 8th, 2015, you were ‘right with everyone else in the REMNANT’ - in terms of your need to Spiritually Grow, and apply all of the Counsel, and the Daily Prayers to your LIVES – consistently.  And up until that time, YOU received, ‘a tremendous AMOUNT, of afflictions’.  The One World Government, made ‘some terrible resolutions and resolves’ - that of course I allowed – only so that you both could be brought, into ‘FULL Communion’; only so that ‘YOUR sins’, could be blotted out – because theirs never WILL be!  So now, you enjoy, ‘this type of freedom’ – that, NO one else, on the FACE of the Earth, ‘has’.  Do YOU understand?  NO more afflictions, will be ‘added TO you’; and previous afflictions, are being ‘lifted’.  And there are ‘SO many consolations’ on the way!  And THAT is simply because, you persevered! – with My Grace; and, YOU “worked out your Salvation, with fear and trembling” – for ALMOST a DECADE!  And THIS was ‘ESPECIALLY not easy’ – with PEOPLE, having ‘the MARK of the BEAST’ – and becoming ‘SO hostile’, towards the TRUTH, towards LIFE, towards ME – and ESPECIALLY towards My TESTIMONY! – that you both represent as WELL – TO the Nations!  And so ‘ALL of this’ is necessary, so that You will be able, to help My Remnant CHURCH – EVEN more.  Understand?
Because the FIRST Adam and Eve said "yes" to sin - sin entered the human race.  Because the Blessed Virgin Mary, gave her "yes", The Most High TRUE God, could then become incarnate, and SHOW the human race, the path to Salvation.  Because almost all the human race on Earth, who were able to do so, REJECTED the path to Salvation - the mark of the beast befell the inhabitants of the Earth, almost 3 years ago.  And because the Two Witnesses said "yes" to our calling, and because we CHOSE to PERSEVERE in saying "YES", AS A vocation, to quote Jesus... [see red bold above].

Actual email: Blessed Virgin Mary, What shall I do to please you?

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: Seek, to please, My SON, in ALL that you DO.  That is all, I ask, of ANYONE, in My Faithful, Remnant, Church – to be FAITHFUL, to the LORD Jesus Christ – both NOW, AND forever!  DO, as He asks, OF you; and you WILL be Rewarded! – with HEAVENLY Gifts, AND Blessings!  LOVE, ‘the GIVER, of the GIFT’!  And STRIVE to be OBEDIENT – to ALL! – that HE requires, OF you.

On the Daily Prayers page on this website, there are instructions on how to reject your demonic cluster.  These instructions of course do not apply to all the narcissistic so-called christians who simply see themselves as “good, holey and saved”; rather, these instructions are for those who want to make it to Heaven – and in these Times, that means, ‘to the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth’.  Here are some additional instructions I shared with one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant today.

Pope Peter The Last: WHEN you reject, your demonic cluster, it may never have been explained to you, before, what exactly it is, that you are rejecting – what all that entails.  But you are in fact, TELLING, the Lord Jesus CHRIST, EVERY DAY, that YOU are CHOOSING, to renounce your FORMER ways, and your former LIFE; and “the CLUSTERS, of DEMONS” – that YOU had COLLECTED, and had IDENTIFIED yourself WITH – as being “PART of you”.  The demonic cluster of your former identity, IS, ‘your old self’, AND ‘all of the bad CHOICES’, that you made, from your PAST – before, you received your Soul back.  When YOU received, your Soul, you were then ‘given an opportunity’, to start living, in the Divine Will; AND to BEGIN your Journey, to the Era of Peace.  The demons associated, with ‘your former self’, have ‘no place, in the Kingdom of the Most High True GOD’.  And THAT is why, EVERYONE in the Faithful Remnant Church – they are ALL, CALLED, to reject, their demonic cluster! – but not ‘just that’ – after you reject, ‘the demonic cluster, of your former identity’, you must, always – again, tell JESUS, ‘what TEAM, you want to BELONG to – INSTEAD’! - by asking, for Graces; by asking, to be CLOTHED IN His Graces.  What was the Blessed Virgin Mary ‘FULL of’?  And that is why, there is no ROOM for sin – because she WAS and IS ‘FULL of Grace’.  So YOUR call, is to STRIVE, to be LIKE her – by being ‘full of Grace’ as WELL!  NOT “to BECOME her”; or ‘try to MIMICK her WAY’ – No.  But, ‘to BE, who YOU, were made to be’ – the FULLEST, of ‘the CREATION’ that the Most High TRUE God made; desiring also, to be filled, with ‘GRACE’.  For Truly that IS ‘your bread and butter’ – so to SPEAK.

When asked to forgive everyone they could think of, one Member of the Faithful Remnant, was tricked in their interior life, into making a litany of the enemy’s accomplishments in their life, as ‘a keepsake’.  Here is the Counsel that was given.

PPTL: You need to know, that the spiritual life, can be simplified, even MORE so, than making a list – with names, or addresses, where bad things HAPPENED, TO you; or where YOU did bad things.  You NEED to know, that the SPIRITUAL life, and living the life, of a TRUE Follower, of Jesus, is NOT about ‘dredging up old memories of the past’; or TRYING to remember ‘past sins, forgotten’ – No.  ALL that Jesus is asking OF you, is to focus, on doing His Will – in each and every moment – and that is, seeking to please HIM, in all that you DO.  If something is brought to the surface, then deal with it then; but don’t go looking! – because THAT is embracing ‘the spirit of nostalgia’ – disguised, as ‘looking for a way, to FORGIVE others’.  Simply focus, on living, in the NOW – in the ETERNAL now! – because THAT is ‘where the Graces, are flowing’. And as for your PAST, “the gangrene” – is ‘the demonic cluster of your former identity’.  And so YOU will need to REJECT this CONSISTENTLY – EVERY day! 

Actual email: I was unfortunately in denial… but with taking that step and trusting in the Most High True God, He has certainly shown me that He is always there to guide and protect me as long as I follow His commands. All of it has made my faith grow all the more and I now realize how important it is to cooperate with His Graces, and to not go it alone and resist His Counsel as I was at the very beginning of this walk. As a result I am constantly filled with His never ending love and no longer feeling empty and alone as I did a couple months back. Truly an incredible blessing!

PPTL: Yes, it is good to remember that… the struggles and the trials, that you both undergo… WILL ‘simply pass with time’. And you HAVE, all the tools necessary, to get through each day.  And really, that is all you need to focus on – day to day, moment to moment living… He HAS ‘a Plan’!  And YOU… are saying “YES!” to His Plan – so that you can ‘move forward’ MUCH more quickly. Just remember to reject the demonic clusters, of all those people you come in contact with – DAILY.  You don’t even have to know their names.  Just reject the demonic clusters that you came in contact with that day. This will help tremendously! – as JESUS has revealed, that the clusters, actually build UP, in the Faithful Remnant.  It’s ‘the enemy’s way’ – it’s basically ‘his secret back door INTO the lives, of the Faithful Remnant’.  So you NEED to be vigilant, in rejecting those clusters, and asking for Graces – especially the Grace of your TRUE identity – as a child of the Most High TRUE God, and a MEMBER, of His Faithful Remnant Church.

One Member of the Faithful Remnant was wondering if it would be wise to reach out with the Testimony, to their former family.

PPTL: It is best NOT to reach out to your former family, at this stage in your journey – as you have simply just begun, to LIVE the True Faith; and you, have just received, ‘the Testimony’; and you yourself, are only BEGINNING to be transformed, by the Heavenly Graces, that are being shared, with you... You need to know, that your former family, would NOT understand, and they would not RECEIVE your decision, well.  And so, you must ‘sever yourself completely from them’ – in your heart.  Just as Lot and his wife, had to leave Sodom and Gomorrah behind – that is how, you are called, to look, at your former family; because THEY are so HEAVILY involved, in ‘WICKEDNESS’; and they ARE, “Sodomites and Gomorrahites” – BECAUSE they belong to ‘the spirit of the world’; and it is explained further, in the Testimony, that only ‘SOME’ – from different families – only a few, would be called, would be taken away, FROM those families, in order to find salvation. Jesus has explained, that most people, will NOT respond kindly to His Call.  And so, you MUST understand, that YOU, and N., are ‘two, of the VERY few’- who have responded, with ‘a WHOLEHEARTED YES!’ – to what Jesus is asking OF you. If you ASK the Most High TRUE God, for ‘a Sign’ – but ONLY so that you may BELIEVE in His Testimony – He CAN, share a Sign WITH you! – if He SEES, that your HEART, is seeking, ‘HIM’ – is TRULY, ‘seeking the Truth’!   And that is why He GAVE you ‘the Sign’. You were not looking for ‘a SIGN’, as ‘an end in itself’; but all the wicked people, who visit His Testimony, on a Daily basis, ARE.  And “the Sign”, is in the middle, of their foreheads!  But they can’t SEE it – OUT of His Justice.  Make sure, that YOU, are ‘sincerely giving thanks, to the Most High TRUE God,’ for bringing you and N. out of Bondage; out of sin and corruption –into ‘NEW lives’ together; new lives focused, on Jesus Christ the Most High True GOD.  And remember: What He is asking of the both of YOU, is no different, than what He expected, over 2000 years ago.  “If anyone loves mother or father more than ME, he is not worthy of Me”.  Meditate upon those words – in order to be made worthy OF Him, you HAVE to leave your former life, behind. 

Actual email: ...If I don't let go, I know that I will be dragged off the Ark, and it will all have been for nothing. So, I am letting go, and I choose Jesus.  I surrender myself to Jesus.

PPTL: All is forgiven, that you, are truly sorry for. But know, that we are not asking you to “surrender your will, to Jesus” – because then, HOW would you be responsible, for your own choices?  And, you NEED to know, by sharing that with us, you ARE in fact revealing TO us, that you want Jesus, to make ALL of your decisions, FOR you!  That is not ‘HOW, the spiritual life WORKS’! – and that is most CERTAINLY NOT, how you GROW!  And now I will tell you why: because the DEMONS, OBEY, the Voice of Jesus, when He COMMANDS THEM! – to DO, His WILL.  YOU do not want, ‘your demons’, chained to JESUS – DO YOU?  It is BETTER for YOU, to give Him ALL, of “the lead”, that surfaces, and to ask Him, to TAKE it all from you, and to CAST it all into the Eternal Lake of Fire, and into the Eternal Sea of Forgetfulness – NEVER more to be remembered, rendered fruitless and forgotten.  And, know that when you are truly sorry, for your sins and offenses, and Jesus forgives you – then those sins are ‘blotted out’ – not YOU; but those SINS are, and those demons are; and your choice to cooperate with them in the moment of temptation, is ‘blotted out from His Memory’.  Right now, you are going through a period of trial; and you need to show Jesus, that you want to be “on HIS Team” – NOT for what He can GIVE you; but because of Who He IS.  Just as He put His own ANGELS through ‘a period of testing’ – so IS He permitted to test every man, woman and child.  Guess, how 99% of the population did, on THEIR test?  What MARK did they receive?  YOU are called to do BETTER than that! – by simply desiring, to do HIS Will, in each and every moment.

Actual email: One thing I did notice is that when I went for my nap, I couldn't seem to stop talking, in my interior life.  How do I just be quiet in my interior? I've been asking in my daily prayers to only hear the True Holy Spirit in my interior life and I'm still working on discerning what's mine and what's His.

PPTL: When you are seeking to take a nap in the TRUE Holy Spirit, it is important that you consecrate that time, to the Divine Will of the Most High TRUE God. ASK Jesus to protect you, and for Saint Michael to defend you.  In order to quiet your mind, you need to reject your desire, to BLATHER in your interior life; and ask for the Grace, to hear, what the TRUE Holy Spirit wants to share with you. It really does take ‘an act of your will’. If you are waiting to hear the True Holy Spirit, then you simply will not want, to keep ‘chattering away’, in your interior life – in case you missed something spoken, by the Most High True GOD.  It all really comes down to: Who do you want to listen to? – your Creator; or yourself?  It will also help, to reject ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, and ask for the Grace, to worship the Most High TRUE God.

Actual email: It really hit Home with me, how we as people tend to Forget how Much Jesus the Most High TRUE God, has Really blessed Us, From the food we Eat, to the Beautiful Sky's we See... We are Truly Blessed to be Here, with the Gift of Purification.  Praise be to the Most High TRUE God!!!

PPTL: Do you know, the Saints, were simply ‘ordinary people’, that lived, extraordinary Grace-filled lives.  And that is what YOU are called to be, N. – a Saint! How? By seeking to please, your Creator, in EVERY possible way; by turning to HIM, to overcome, the temptations; by clinging, to your TRUE Blessed Mother in Heaven; by resolving to persevere – every day; by asking Jesus, to SHOW Himself to you, on a daily basis. The reason I bring this up, is because… YOU are Blessed, and YOU were given the Gift, to read His TESTIMONY – to get to know Him BETTER!  And He is even ‘more Present with you NOW’ and ‘more closely united with you NOW’, than He WOULD be, if He was having a conversation with you ‘in the flesh’!  Yes, this is ‘a mystery’’; but it is True!  THAT is why, YOU are called to embrace Him, in each and every moment – so that you can have ALL of Eternity, to be grateful, and thankful, for all of His Blessings!  Yes, Jesus is FILLED, with TRUE Love, and He has SO much to give!  But, He gives it through Discipline – at FIRST!  And that is so you can be ‘TRAINED by it’.  The faster you fix what is broken the LESS Discipline you receive in your interior life; and the CLOSER you get to Him.

Saint Caesar of Arles had a vision, that he described with the following words, “When the entire world… shall have been a prey to the greatest miseries and trials [a reference to the abomination of desolation, the mark of the beast, and the dark matter pouring out of the CERN portal to the Abyss - no doubt], then the provinces shall be succored by a prince who had been exiled in his youth, and who shall recover the crown of the lilies.  This prince shall extend his dominion over the entire universe.”

Jesus said: Antipope Francis has become “a thorn in my side” and he is GOING to be removed.  WHY?  Because My Mother requested it.  WHY?  Because God the Father GAVE her ‘the desire’, to ASK for it!... You [- Pope Peter the Last] ARE My True POPE, and there IS, no OTHER.  You have ME, “the Great MONARCH” helping you, EVERY day!  And I, am HELPING you, ‘recover the Crown, of the lilies’ – the lilies, of My Field.  The Crown, is GIVEN, to THOSE, who CONQUER.  Who conquer WHAT?  Sin, and temptation – by TURNING, to ME! – Jesus Christ the LORD – for STRENGTH!  And by TURNING to YOU, ‘the TRUE SHEPHERD of My FLOCK’ – for COUNSEL.  They WILL, be ‘brought IN’, to the FULLNESS, of the ERA, of PEACE!  And THEY will CONTINUE, to partake of ‘the TREE, of LIFE’!...  And now “the vision’s TRUE MEANING” has been revealed.

Interesting trivia reminder: On June 18, 2012 the Two Witnesses celebrated a mass in this video, "For the Consecration of 'Antipope Benedict XVI' and 'the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution' to the continual and ongoing Justice, Intervention, Discipline and Care of The Most High True God" (see the 17 minute mark in the video).  And then only 7 months and 24 days later, as a Heavenly Sign of intervention, the Vatican was struck by lightning as Benedict announced his resignation (February 11, 2013). Benedict XVI officially resigned on February 28, 2013 – 8 months, and 10 days, after that mass.  It was a historical resignation that made him instantly famous as "the first pope to resign in 600 years".  Shortly thereafter, on Sunday, April 7, 2013, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was officially abolished.  But as a result of today’s Message from the Throne of the King of Heaven, the clock has now officially begun to tick down on The End of Antipope Francis’ anti-papacy.  8 months and 10 days from today’s announcement, would be August 19, 2016 – just in case anyone is wondering what the identical timeframe looks like.  Today’s interesting trivia reminder was brought to you by Pope Peter the Last – the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era, that is.  All Glory, Honor and Praise belongs to the Most High TRUE God - the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, forever and ever!  Amen.
December 11, 2015
“Either make the tree good, and its fruit good; or make the tree bad, and its fruit bad; for the tree is known by its fruit." 
(Matthew 12:33)
"And [Jesus] said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one’?  So they are no longer two but one. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” 
(Matthew 19:5-6)

And so what is it like partaking in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary AND the Blessed Virgin Joseph? – you might be wondering.  And Yes, of course Saint Joseph was preserved from sin - from the moment of his Conception.  It is quite surprising that the theologians didn’t figure that one out by now, because it was so obvious; and it was revealed in the following two most basic Scripture passages: “A tree is known by its fruit” – The fruit of The Blessed Virgin Mary’s womb was The Most High True God incarnate – Who is without sin; AND, “The two shall become one” – referring to The Blessed Virgin Mary’s immaculate heart, being one with her husband – Saint Joseph’s heart – both being immaculate, and preserved from sin - from the moment of their Conception (because in fact they were both “made for their vocation”).  Not too difficult to understand.  And that was just the introduction.  Perhaps I should add that Saint Joseph was often depicted holding a lilly – that is ALSO a symbol of being preserved from sin.  Jesus revealed this on December 9, when He explained the vision of Saint Caesar of Arles.

I remember the questions my wife Mary and I were asking Jesus and Mary, when our journey first began.  And many of those questions had to do with practical things.  We both wanted to know enough of “the Big Picture”, to at least BEGIN to understand what was being asked of us.  What the READER needs to understand at THIS point in time, is that ever since the spiritual mark of the beast befell the inhabitants of the Earth, Jesus Christ the Lord, has been REIGNING over everyone on the Planet.  Most people, are now experiencing His Divine Justice; but there are “a select few”, who unbeknownst to most of them, have already embarked on an truly epic journey, of historical proportions.  And IF they choose to persevere, that journey will only TRULY be complete, once Jesus begins His PHYSICAL Reign – walking once again on the Face of the Earth, as The Great Monarch, “in the flesh”.  That time is still many years away, at this point in time.  And no, the journey has nothing to do with “prestige, position or power”; but rather, it is simply for those who want to live, at peace, WITH their Creator.

Now back to the question, “So, what is it like?”  Jesus compared it to the brief experience of a person as they received Holy Communion in the True Church, while being in “the state of Grace”.  But the experience He was referring to, is one that most people were no longer able to experience after October of 2009 – when the Abomination of Desolation was set up in all the Churches.  We can think of many other comparisons, that are not going to be accessible to the memories of most ‘people emerging from the beast state’; so I will simply summarize it in the most obvious two words, “TRUE Peace”.  And on a physical level, we have both noticed that we are experiencing the tiredness of “an adolescent growth spurt”.  Our physical bodies, are now rapidly healing, from all the physical afflictions, that were the direct result of our sins.  Our postures are rapidly improving.  Our joints are rapidly healing.  Old aches and pains, are fading.  Our youthful vitality has returned and is only increasing every day.  But most importantly, we have a new awareness, that Jesus is ALWAYS PHYSICALLY Present in the same room, with us.  It is both a mystery, AND a PROFOUND Presence – one that is very similar to that of the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, before the abomination of desolation was set up. Of course, the Presence of the King of Heaven, is ALWAYS accompanied, with the Presence of the Queen of Heaven.  In other words: in our hearts, we are now LIVING the experience of being Truly “at home with Our True Family”, in the most profound way that is only imaginable to others.

“If they say, ‘Behold, he is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it.”
(Matthew 24:26b)

The people with the mark of the beast, who attend the religious institutions, all "BELIEVE IT" - that “christ is in them” – but that is because their churches have become filled to the brim with ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, and because the abomination of desolation is now set up in ALL their churches, mosques, and synagogues.  So yes, ‘the spirit of the antichrist’ that was ministered to them, is now in the inner rooms of their heart.  In other words, it is because their churches have become “a desolate wilderness” – a wasteland where the True Holy Spirit has even been removed from their “holey water”.

“So, if they say to you, ‘Behold, he is in the wilderness,’ do not go out.”
(Matthew 24:26a)
The so-called christians, continue to "GO OUT”, to the desolate churches, because they want to be filled with “their antichrist”.  So, let them have their “miracles and signs and wonders” from their father down below.  As a sharp contrast, the Members of the Faithful Remnant have their Blessed Holy Water at their “Oasis of Eternal Life” - The Faithful Remnant have the unfathomable Heavenly Gift of “reverse aging”.  The Universe is in balance.
NOW it’s time for some daily postings.  Today, an entire family was welcomed aboard the Ark, by the King of Heaven Himself.

Jesus said: WELCOME, aboard the ARK! – ALL of you!  For TRULY, you HAVE FOUND ‘rest, for your SOULS’; and TRUE Peace FLOWING, like a RIVER.  Yes, you DID need that BIG ‘wake-up call’ FROM Me, so that, YOU, could FIND, the SOURCE of ULTIMATE Truth; AND GAIN, your LIVES; and find SPIRITUAL Nourishment, for your SOULS!  Indeed, your child, was ‘ONE of the ones preserved’, IN Grace; and NEVER, lost, her Soul.  And SO, she, had ‘a Guardian ANGEL’; and, you BOTH, were ‘UNDER the WINGS of HER, Guardian Angel’ – because, I KNEW, the CHOICES you would make, when GIVEN, ‘the opportunity, to FIND, My Testimony’ – My WORDS, OF Truth, AND Life.  I KNEW, that you WOULD say “Yes”!  And SO I had MERCY, on you – in a world, filled with BILLIONS of PEOPLE; YOUR Family – the THREE of you – YOU were ‘chosen’ – to partake IN, ‘the Wedding Feast’, and to find ‘TRUE Joy’, and ‘TRUE Peace’ – in these TIMES you are ALL Living in.  It is ‘not EASY’; but that is WHY it is called ‘the TRIBULATION’.  The WORLD, is ‘COVERED in present darkness’; but, YOU have found, ‘TRUE Light’, and ‘TRUE Life’.  Know that I have ‘overcome the world’. And so, SEEK to be united to My WILL – in ALL THINGS, and YOU, will ‘overcome the world’ as WELL!  For YOU have FOUND, “the ULTIMATE Source of NOURISHMENT” – for your DAILY Survival.  YOU will need to seek DAILY contact, from My Two Witnesses – so that, THEY can HELP you – IN your Daily STRUGGLES.  THANK you! – for RESPONDING, to My Call.

  And still there are more postings for today to follow, at some point.
December 12, 2015

Who is at the CENTER of YOUR Universe?  Is the SON of GOD – Jesus Christ the Lord – the Word, through whom the Universe was Created, at the center?  Or are YOU, the center of your OWN, little, universe?  That question is now becoming a bit bigger than most people realize.  There is a lot of online chatter about the return of the idea, of an earth-centered or “Geocentric” solar system.  The Big Bang theory and Evolution are also big topics lately.  This following reply addresses the main MOTIVE, behind those disinfo agendas.

Pope Peter The Last: Your Creator – the ONE who made you; the ONE who watches OVER you… He is ‘the One who Created the Universe – and ‘the SUN at the CENTER’ of our SOLAR System – with the PLANETS – including EARTH, revolving around it.  YES! – of COURSE, NASA would HAVE you BELIEVE, that ‘the EARTH’, is at the CENTER of EVERYTHING!  But, THIS, IS, NOT the case!  The CIA DISINFO AGENTS, are OUT there – MISLEADING the PEOPLE, with, “that drop of POISON”.  They WANT to STRIP, the EARTH of EVERYTHING, having to DO, WITH, the Most High True GOD!  And so HIS response, was very SIMPLY to mark EVERYONE, with ‘a bestial MIND’ – because they suppressed the Truth, and traded, “the UNCOMFORTABLE Truth” for deception, instead…  WHO do you think, is PUSHING “the flat earth theory”?  NASA! – of course. WHO do you think, is PUSHING, “the TRUTH” as WELL, about the SUN, being ‘at the CENTER of our SOLAR System’?  NASA!  THEY are “PLAYING, the PEOPLE”; and THEY are PRESENTING “both sides of the SAME coin”. Their MAIN goal, is to GET people, to DOUBT, IN, the idea of “a CREATOR” – to get THEM to turn INWARDS – to BELIEVE, in “archaeological findings”, and in HOAXES, that THEY THEMSELVES, are PART of.  They want PEOPLE, to REJECT the SCRIPTURES – the BIBLE TEACHINGS, of, ‘the way, the UNIVERSE, was CREATED’. They want THEM to believe in “the Big Bang Theory”.  They want THEM to believe in EVOLUTION – because THAT, TAKES, Jesus Christ the LORD, the Most High TRUE God – OUT, of the picture!

Once again, the spiritual and physical realities are intertwined.  And so dealing with former family members, is kind of like dealing with a wild komodo dragon.  Did you know that the saliva of a komodo dragon, is SO toxic, that it just needs to pierce ONE of its teeth, through the flesh of its prey, in order to afflict it with “TERMINAL gangrene”?  The komodo dragon then simply follows ‘the blood trail’ of its wounded victim, until it finally stumbles upon, “the black festering lollypop”.  No wonder black soft drinks are one of the most popular beverages in the world - in these End Times!

PPTL: Jesus knows, ‘HOW, to deal with people in the beast state’; but He needs YOUR cooperation, and YOUR spiritual focus – in order for Him to accomplish, HIS Will, moving THROUGH you.  Because, that is SIMPLY, HOW He prefers to operate!  Now, as for “playing the VICTIM card”: Because people are in the beast state, you need to know, that they can ONLY, ‘view’, you, as, “a victim”; and that, YOU, are “OOZING gangrene” to THEM; and they want, to EAT it.  So it is like ‘the spirit of BLASPHEMY’, in them, as WELL! [-because, for a Member of the Faithful Remnant to choose to see themselves as “a victim”, is in fact the ‘sin of blasphemy’.]  The ones in the BEAST state – are ‘ONE, with their father down below’ – who is LIKE ‘a komodo dragon’. And WHAT do komodo dragons eat?  Gangrenous FLESH!  And THAT is how ‘people in the BEAST state’, see the MEMBERS, of, the Most High TRUE God’s, Faithful Remnant Church.  SO you need to be ‘WISE’ – by NEVER appearing as a VICTIM!  You need to be “STRONG, IN, JESUS!”  And NEVER show that you are ‘weakening - IN your faith’.  BECAUSE, when you DO – when you begin to COMPROMISE – THAT is when, the KOMODO dragon, STRIKES!!! – and TRIES to TAKE a BITE out of you.  Understand?

It was mentioned earlier in the Testimony, that the Members of the Faithful Remnant are called ‘not to be cruel’ to those in the beast state.  But what does that mean?  It means, do not ALLOW them do devour your Soul; do not tolerate the inspirations of the demons, moving through the human shells, of those with ‘the mark of the beast’.

PPTL: Nothing will be gained, by YOU allowing yourself to be beat-up, with ‘words from demons’ – and THAT is ‘how you are being cruel’ – because you are “playing the victim card” in your interior life.  We are here to help you, overcome this hurdle; and so is the Most High TRUE God.  You need to trust, in Jesus – if you are carrying ‘any resentment towards us’, you can be sure, that Jesus, is not “hearing you”.  You need to forgive: yourself, for your failings – and ask for the Grace to SEE us, through the Eyes of the Most High TRUE God.  YES – you HAVE begun “a very difficult journey” – but, ENDURE! – a little while longer, and “the Trial” will pass – as ALL trials do.  Do not turn against the Most High TRUE God; and do not ‘bow, to peer pressure’ – and He, WILL uphold you.  HE knows, exactly ‘how much adversity’ you can handle.

Some people are still pretending that they don’t know WHAT to share when seeking Daily Divine Counsel.

PPTL: Yes, share WITH us! – your struggles; the problems you are having – at home, at work – because HOW can we help you overcome, those adversities; HOW can we help you find, ‘your BLIND SPOTS’, and fix them – if you CONTINUE to CHOOSE to keep EVERYTHING HIDDEN FROM US.  Then we can’t, help you.  Until you decide, that you actually want Counsel, in order for you to change, there is nothing else, that WE have, to offer you.

Actual email: Last night I had a dream... I was under a covering - a white blanket or sheet with other people. I couldn’t see their faces but I think they were Members of the Faithful Remnant. We could hear scampering about above the covering and we knew it was something nasty! We knew we had to be vigilant for we did not want the “nasties” to get through the covering. Every now and then there was a break in the covering and we had to rush over and repair it before we were invaded by the “nasties” (demons). I sure the covering was our protection and we had to help each other to ward off the demons.

PPTL: That dream reveals to you, how, MANY of the Members, of the Remnant, are “choosing to go it alone” – and there is ‘SUCH, a THIN line, between them, and the demons’ – that the demons, SIMPLY, break through.  You see, YOU are called to seek “DAILY COUNSEL” for your INTERIOR struggles, so that we can HELP you.  BUT, if you WANT to ‘go it alone’, and seek fellowship ONLY with other Members, of the Remnant – who also, do not seek ‘COUNSEL’, FROM us – then where IS, ‘your PROTECTION’?...  WE want to help you – but you SERIOUSLY need to ask yourself, “If you WANT to GROW; if you want to CHANGE; Or do you SIMPLY want to remain the SAME?  Do you WANT to let go of ‘the OLD N.’ – and cling to NEW Life in Jesus?  OR, do you want to go ‘back and FORTH between ‘the OLD N.’ and ‘the NEW N.’?”  You NEED to search your heart, and reject ‘all satanic resolutions’, that you have made, in your interior life – to only accept ‘bits and pieces of the Testimony’ – or ‘that which fits into your own world view’.  That is not HOW the Testimony, can be RECEIVED – in order for you to be TRANSFORMED by it.  You either embrace ALL, of the Testimony; or NONE of it!  That is ‘the Way, it must BE’; because there is NO “half measure”, with the Lord Jesus Christ – as He has given you EVERYTHING!  But what are YOU, giving to Him?

"Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.’ For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.”
(Matthew 9:13)

Have Mercy on yourselves, and have Mercy on your Creator - by doing what is necessary, to have Eternal Life.  The call to seek daily Divine Counsel has been rejected by many Members of the Faithful Remnant.  And we have heard some very creative, elaborate, and compelling excuses – coming from people who are “terminally ill, with sin” - and that of course, IS “a very HUMILIATING spiritual disease”.  The remedy?  Humility.

PPTL: If, you cannot find any “struggles” or “problems” to address, in your interior life; and your “daily walk WITH your Creator” – then THAT means, you SEE yourself, as “WELL”!  But you need to KNOW, that Jesus came to call “the sick”, to be healed.  So you NEED, to admit before your MAKER – that you STILL HAVE, ‘the residue of spiritual sickness’ – and that is called “sin”.  And you need to ask HIM, to REVEAL to you, ‘what NEEDS to be addressed’.  BUT, HERE is ‘the catch’ – He is ONLY going to REVEAL to you, the struggles, and the sins, that need to be addressed – if you are willing, to FACE them; if YOU are willing, to take responsibility, and FIX the problem!  Otherwise, they SIMPLY remain, ‘hidden’ – even from yourself.  And the DEMONS, INSIDE, basically begin to throw a party, in ‘a secret room’, in your interior life – that YOU, do NOT, WANT, to OPEN!  FIX it!

There are a lot of people “on the sidelines”, who are reading the Testimony, as they embrace the spirit of self-deception – the spirit that tells them to ‘go it alone’.  They believe that they can secretly glean all of the benefits from the Testimony, without being found guilty of stealing.  They believe they can save their family and friends by “praying over them”, APART from Divine Counsel, and apart from their Creator.  Now, to some people, that SOUNDS like it makes sense – that is until you remember one of the most basic of questions…

PPTL: If you pray, over your stained clothing – does that, remove the stain?

Our “Strength”, is Jesus Christ the Lord.  And He has set before His Remnant Flock, “the terms”, of their Salvation.  And while some are choosing to ‘trip over’ the many current challenges and adversities; other Members of the Faithful Remnant are simply choosing, to SPRINT, UP, the Mountain.  Of course, to some that may sound a little treacherous at first; but let’s face it, once a person finds the Path, makes a good resolution about where they want to be, and simply focuses on that Goal, there is really no point in dragging out the process, now is there?

PPTL: YOU are beginning to learn, that the Spiritual life, is ‘a day to day experience’; and that you REALLY need to focus, on LIVING in the TRUE Holy Spirit, of the MOMENT – because ‘the narrow Path’ IS laid out, for you, to follow.  EVEN when it is “uncomfortable” – it STILL, really IS, ‘the only Path’ – that leads TO, ‘Eternal Bliss’, Eternal Joy.  Yes, of course things are going to surface, in your interior life, when you spend time with OTHERS – who are “struggling”, in their interior lives, with certain issues; but that is how, you can all help each other, to grow spiritually. And you have ‘a real opportunity’, to BE, ‘an EXAMPLE’, of what a WOMAN, in the Era of PEACE, is called to be LIKE…  YOU, have made a lot of ‘PERSONAL adjustments’; and your DESIRE, to PLEASE your Creator, has NOT gone unnoticed.  MANY Blessings and Consolations ARE in store, FOR you!  Continue to persevere, and you WILL ENJOY, ‘the BLESSINGS OF them’.

With the recent revelations about abstaining from red meat, we received a question about organic foods.  But before I get to that, it is important that the Remnant know, that “chicken or fish”, means “chicken or fish”.  The following meats are simply not compatible, with the changing biochemistry of the Faithful Remnant Members: beef, pork, turkey, shellfish, squid, and crustaceans such as lobster and shrimp.  I used to be a real seafood fan, but now I really enjoy this simple memory aid, “Just because the bottom feeders want to eat you, doesn’t mean you should want to eat the bottom feeders.”

PPTL: It is NOT, what goes IN to a man, that DEFILES him; but, what comes OUT of him.  It is MORE important, that you focus on your ‘SPIRITUAL purification’; than what kind of physical FOOD, you CONSUME.  You are ‘a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant Church’; and YOU, have been GIVEN, ‘MANY Blessings, and GRACES’.  And ‘WHAT applies’, to OTHERS, who are in ‘the BEAST STATE’, does NOT apply to Members of the Faithful Remnant.  Let THEM “abstain”; let THEM “eat, the ORGANIC food” – while, their FLESH, ROTS away! – and while, they SIMPLY, CEASE, to EXIST!  But YOU, are called, to take in ‘SPIRITUAL nourishment’ – for the BETTERMENT, of your BODY, AND Soul!  YOU need to switch your FOCUS, to ‘SPIRITUAL nourishment’.  When you DO so, a LOT of your “PHYSICAL afflictions”, are going to lift!

What is the secret to rapid purification?

PPTL: You need to ask for the Grace to desire to THRIVE, on change.  And this means, that, when you need to FIX something, about YOURSELF, that you will simply ‘JUMP, at the opportunity’, to be able, to do what is necessary, to fix those ‘bad habits’ – that are STILL holding you back, from the fullness of ‘True PEACE, with your Creator’.  And TRULY, that is ONE of the secrets, of ‘rapid purification’.  And remember, to reject the demonic cluster, of your former identity; and ask for the Grace to live your TRUE identity.

Is it still a good idea to spread the Testimony?

PPTL: Understand, that the people in the beast state can ONLY show hostility TO you – especially, when you want to share the Testimony with them – but you are not called to DO that – NOT in THESE times – NOT since the CERN Portal has opened, and dark matter is simply engulfing ALL of them – in DEMONS!  Know that people in the beast state can ONLY be hostile, to the Truth; and they are NOT, your friends!  And they CANNOT be TREATED, AS friends.  You need to MAKE sure, that you are rejecting ‘ALL of the demonic clusters’, that YOU are coming in to contact with, on a daily basis, and ASKING for the Grace of the INDWELLING, of your TRUE identity, as a child of the most High TRUE God.  Remember, that people in the BEAST state can ONLY react, to what you SAY to them.  They do not THINK; but the DEMONS think FOR them – THEREFORE, you are not BATTLING with “flesh and blood”; but, you are indeed battling WITH, ‘the powers of DARKNESS’, dark MATTER, and demons in the FLESH!  So, you need to TURN to the Most High TRUE God, to help you NAVIGATE the situations, that you come across.  You need to ask for HIS protection, and his GUIDANCE, in your day-to-day LIVING.  And know that any need you HAVE, you need to ask the Most High TRUE God to supply you – because those in the BEAST state, will ONLY seek to ‘take’.  Now the Most High TRUE God, has TAKEN, their SOULS, and set them ASIDE, for them to claim BACK, OR not.  And so, SOMETIMES, he DOES, allow THEM, to take, from His REMNANT.  And THAT is why YOU, must be DETACHED, from EVERYTHING!

Actual email: I had a question about loving thy neighbor. How do I love, "the people that rejected the testimony and love evil?" ... How do I love my neighbor? 

PPTL: YOU are called to allow the Most High TRUE God’s Love, to MOVE through you always.  And, it is not “love”, to enable, people, in the BEAST state, with ‘self-deception’.  Because, you CANNOT treat THEM, the same WAY, that YOU would treat a fellow Member, of the Faithful Remnant.  And why IS this?  But because they CANNOT receive, YOUR, LOVE!  They are not ‘open TO it!’  If you SHOW them, any “LOVE”, at ALL – they will take it as an opportunity, to exercise ‘satanic power’, OVER you.  Because they cannot, and will not receive their CREATOR’s Love.  SO it is best, to simply focus, on YOUR relationship, with your Creator, in THESE times – and recognize that those AROUND you, are “simply shells” – that can ONLY have ‘hostility’ towards you.  NEVER shut yourself OFF, to the LOVE, of your Creator; but, people in the BEAST state, are NOT receptive to it.

December 13, 2015

Last night, as we were ‘winding down’, Jesus spoke with Mary and I at length.  Jesus reminded us that we need to pray for ‘the Grace of PERFECT detachment’.  Of course, that Grace applies to many things.  For those in the Remnant, they need to be perfectly detached from the demonic cluster of their OLD self, and from the demonic clusters of all their former family members and friends, and from the demonic clusters of everyone they meet and think about - as they strive to live, in a world of mostly human shells filled to the brim, with demons – the people in the beast state.  But for us, “perfect detachment” refers more to being detached from the burdens the Remnant are carrying; just as the Saints in Heaven, are detached from the poor choices people on Earth are making, AS, THEY intercede for them.  Jesus also reminded us, of how “Blessed beyond BELIEF” the Members of the Faithful Remnant Truly are: they got the mark of the beast removed; they got their Soul back; they got their Holy Guardian Angel back; they have the Blessed Holy Water filled with the TRUE Holy Spirit; their aging process has stopped; they have been given the Gift of rapid Purification; and they are Protected from the bottom-feeders by the Heavenly Witness protection program.  They have all these things, ONLY IF, they don’t see themselves as “a victim” of what their Creator is asking of them; if they don’t embrace “the victim spirit”.  Jesus often “goes ahead”, of what is coming next.  Here is a summary of the first email we opened today:

Actual email: How do you want a clear thinking mind to respond to your emails when you trash me.  I am not am evil person.  It is if you throw me on the ground and you are kicking me, and you will not stop .  And I am saying   PLEASE  STOP ! Your emails… insult me.  I want respect… I had no idea what you wanted... Everything I said and done was rejected… I was confused… I want… I want… I do not want to be cast into the Lake of Fire… I want… I want… I want… I do not hate you.  

Jesus Christ the Lord said: Now the question IS, My children, "Is he relaying ‘the deeper sentiments’, of those in the Remnant, who are about to be “severed, from, the Vine?” … YES he is.  THEY are ‘the ones who refuse to give up their demons’ My children, and choose to cling to ‘the victim spirit’ instead.
Actual email: It is very encouraging having seen your journey, and how you both overcame so much, and were determined to persevere. Thank you for saying yes to Jesus' call - to give us this opportunity to also choose life...

PPTL: Remember, it is ‘moment to moment living’; and it DOES take ‘self-control’, to LIVE this way.  But once you START ‘living, in the True Holy Spirit of the MOMENT’, you simply KNOW, ‘that is the ONLY way, to LIVE’!  We are glad, that our journey – sharing it WITH you, has been, ‘some help’ – to you FACING, your OWN trials, and tribulations.  It really helps, to keep in mind, that nothing you GO through, is ‘in vain’; but every TRIAL, is meant to MAKE you stronger!  Or, for people whose hearts are ‘not in the right PLACE’ – they can see themselves as ‘a VICTIM’, of those trials, and STOP growing.  YOU know, that the Most High TRUE God, is LOOKING after ALL of your needs, and He is taking CARE of you, in a way, that is ‘UNIQUE’ – to YOUR situation; to YOUR abilities – YOUR skill set; YOUR needs.  And ALL He asks, in RETURN, is that, you DESIRE, to be PURIFIED. And as the lead SURFACES, He simply WANTS you, to GIVE it to Him – not “BATHE in it!”  It really IS, “that, simple”!  But, for PEOPLE, who have, ‘decided, to BLOCK the True Holy Spirit’ – it is ‘VERY complicated’.  YOU have chosen ‘the better portion’. Give thanks to The Most High True God, FOR that!  (added April 29, 2018)
December 14, 2015
Have you found "the Song of the Lamb" prayer, on the website yet?  It is really quite nice. And many people, have been waiting a VERY, LONG, TIME! - to learn those words.  Perhaps you might want to PRAY it - after you hear this...
Jesus said: Remember what I revealed to you last night my son... I DECLARED as of last NIGHT, that EVERYTHING, that God the Almighty and Eternal FATHER, Gave to ME, has now been given to YOU – and that is, the Entire UNIVERSE! – and ALL that is IN it!  I TOLD you, that the Spiritual REALITIES, had CHANGED... SEE what I can do, when people are ‘DOCILE, to the Graces’.  The One World Government, they are simply ‘SEETHING’ right now – because EVERYTHING, they worked ‘SO hard’ to make unfold, upon the Face of the Earth, is NEVER going to unfold!  And their “plans” are NEVER going to come to fruition.  Because, it has been DECLARED, that THEY, will all EAT, ‘their OWN wickedness’, and DRINK, the DREGS of My Divine FURY and WRATH, for all Eternity – until they ‘cease to exist’.  THAT is to simply HELP – to ‘balance out’ the Universe. 

And so HOW is this “so simple a child could understand it”?  Here is "the simple explanation", once again.  Jesus sent His True Brother and True Sister as His True Representatives - to Represent Him at His Second Coming – for indeed Pope Peter the Last and Mary Romanus are His TRUE REPRESENTATIVES on Earth - as they represent Jesus Christ the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary - in the flesh.  Jesus Christ the Lord HIMSELF, WILL return in the flesh to Reign as KING over ALL the Nations - at His THIRD Coming; but ONLY when ALL hearts, are ready to receive him.  Right now, the Earth is in 'a period of transition', as it prepares to receive the FULLNESS of the Reign of its Creator who is the King of Heaven, Jesus Christ the Lord. 

"Simon Peter replied, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  And Jesus answered him, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona!  For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven.  And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it.  I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”
(Matthew 16:16-19)

The present unfolding story is very different from 'the OLD story'.   Did you notice that the True Holy Spirit has already come, through the Blessed Holy Water?  And so, you simply will NOT know, what to expect next.  But we can tell you this, “It is going to knock your SOCKS off! - ONE way... or another!”  And what this means, is that people will ultimately choose the ONLY Path that TRULY leads to Eternal Life, or they will choose 'the way of the bottom feeders'.

December 15, 2015
Actual email: I am struggling and I have much resistance against Jesus to read the testimony.

Pope Peter The Last: The enemy, will always try, to put obstacles, in your way, to prevent you from READING, the Testimony.  But YOU must choose, to RESIST, his temptations; and simply ASK for the Grace, to make TIME, to READ it.  It would be good, to read it on a daily BASIS – if you CAN.  As for what HAPPENED to you at work – YOU can be GUARANTEED, that the Most High TRUE God, is looking out FOR you; and He is HELPING you – because He DOES, want YOUR LIFE, to go BETTER.  The DEMONS want to ‘sabotage you’, at YOUR place of work.  So YOU must do EVERYTHING, that YOU can – NOT to cooperate with them. We can tell, that you are BEGINNING, to ‘LOSE Spiritual Focus’ – so you NEED to pray FOR that Grace – every DAY!  And in the MORNING, when you wake UP, ask to be CLOTHED, in the Armor of the Most High TRUE God.  Ask, Him to CLOTHE your MIND in the TRUTH.  And remember to lift up EVERYTHING, that the ENEMY, has sown IN you, overnight – to the Most High TRUE God, for HIM to ‘deal with’ – BECAUSE, YOU are not “fighting, against flesh and BLOOD” – but you are FIGHTING, against ‘the SPIRIT world’!  And BECAUSE you are only ‘flesh and blood’, you MUST turn to JESUS, to PROTECT you; and to Saint MICHAEL, to DEFEND you – to SEND the enemy, ‘PACKING’!  You CANNOT do it by yourself! – as much as the ENEMY, WANTS you, to BELIEVE that.  You NEED to be CONTINUALLY TURNING to your Creator, turning to your Guardian ANGEL, to HELP you, get through each day.

Actual email: He said you are Jesus, you are God, is this true?  I don't understand, but I know that you are the One who lead me to the truth. Through the words that come from you my life and interior life has changed for the better and is changing. I don't understand a lot of things, but I pray that I may understand what I need to understand in these times

PPTL: What is better, is that you FOCUS, on what you DO understand, and then simply wait, for 'the Understanding', to be revealed – on THOSE things, that you perceive, with your HEART, but do not FULLY understand. Jesus, will work WITH you, WHERE, you are at.  He continues, to transform, His Faithful Remnant Church – with their cooperation only.  Thank, the Most High TRUE God, EVERY day – for bringing you into His Flock – and asking YOU, to WALK, the narrow path, that HE walked – so that YOU can find FULFILLMENT, in HIM! – NOT in ‘those WITHOUT Souls’ – but, with the ONE, whom YOUR Soul, CAME from.
One Member of the Faithful Remnant decided to email us a list of all the spiritually toxic things the bottom-feeders, were FEEDING her.  NOT, "a good move".
PPTL: You have two choices in front of you – to either be absolutely BURSTING with JOY and LOVE, over what your CREATOR has ALREADY, DONE for you, and already given TO you – and that is your SOUL, the TESTIMONY, the daily PRAYERS, the Grace of PURIFICATION, the Gift of Divine COUNSEL, and TRUE Peace; OR, you can FOCUS, on what PEOPLE in the BEAST state THINK, OF “your choices” – and be SULLEN, and SAD, because they don’t APPROVE; and they VIEW you, as ‘cutting yourself OFF, from the WORLD, and their SOCIAL life’. YOU are not called, to SOCIALIZE, with PEOPLE, who have ‘the MARK, of the BEAST’.  It is LIKE, in the TIME, of the ROMANS – when the CHRISTIANS, were NOT, to SOCIALIZE, with the ROMANS!  It is the SAME – happening ALL, OVER, AGAIN!  Except that, YOURS, is NOT, ‘a PHYSICAL martyrdom’.  You are CALLED to be “a WHITE martyr” – or, you can always “take the CHIP” – the SPIRITUAL allegory, FOR, RECEIVING the IMPLANTED thoughts of OTHERS, in the BEAST STATE, and ‘taking THEIR world view as your OWN’; and BECOMING, ‘a CARBON COPY of them’.  There REALLY, ARE, only TWO CHOICES in FRONT of you, N.!  WHAT, are YOU telling the Most High TRUE God – THROUGH your “complaints”!  Have MERCY on HIM, by having MERCY on YOURSELF – by DOING ‘what is required’ OF you.  Because the Most High TRUE God, desires ‘MERCY’.
Actual email: I am very aware that I rely completely on your Counsel and I need to be very attentive. Without THE TWO WITNESSES I am just another blind, lost soul. It still is incredible to me to think or imagine that I am communicating with JESUS CHRIST the Most High TRUE God AND ALL OF HEAVEN THROUGH THE TWO WITNESSES. I always want to keep this thought - incredible, amazing and super special! I need to pray to St. Anthony for help to find the new living place and ask the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT to allow my spirit to process, understand and take action.
PPTL: You need to lift up all your fears, doubts, worries, and anxieties, to the Lord Jesus Christ, and ask Him to remove them from you, and cast them into the Eternal Lake of Fire, and into the Eternal Sea of Forgetfulness, and to sentence them there, to be ETERNALLY annihilated, rendered fruitless and forgotten, and ask for the Grace, to live in His TRUE Peace, instead. Know that the people in the beast state, will ONLY want to make your burdens, ‘HEAVIER’ – as they seek, to project ‘THEIR desires’ and ‘THEIR will for you’, onto YOUR, LIFE.  Because, your LIFESTYLE, IS, ‘a TESTIMONY’, IN, and of ITSELF – to ‘the FRUITS’, OF, Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High TRUE God’s WRITTEN Testimony.  Because, you are not ‘LIVING’, as “the so-called CHIRSTIANS”, are living; but YOU are actually PRACTICING, your FAITH – and FAITH DOES require “BELIEVING, WITHOUT seeing”.  And so you do not HAVE, ‘the whole PICTURE of your LIFE’, in FRONT of you; but you KNOW, that certain STEPS, need to be TAKEN – certain ‘leaps of FAITH’, are REQUIRED, in ORDER to RECEIVE, ‘the BLESSINGS of the Most High True GOD’‘TRUE CHRISTIANITY’, is NOT about “KNOWLEDGE, of the SCRIPTURES”; or even “KNOWLEDGE, of THE Testimony”.  It is PUTTING the Words of your Creator into PRACTICE, in EACH and EVERY MOMENT of the DAY.  NOT, ‘what they teach the PEOPLE’ – in the Sunday HOMILIES! – and it is NOT what they HEAR, in their CATECHISM classes!  THOSE, in the false SATANIC catholic INSTITUTION – simply “KNOW, the Law” – but THEY REFUSE to PRACTICE it!  The CLING to each OTHER – falsely AFFIRMING themselves – as they STILL, worship ‘the ABOMINATION of DESOLATION’, and keep a TELEVISION! – IN their homes.  What the Most High TRUE God is REQUIRING, of His TRUE CHURCH, is MUCH MORE than “LIP service”; but an ACTUAL CHANGE of LIFESTYLE, and a CHANGE of HEART!  This, is to simply HELP you, ‘PUT everything, INTO, perspective’ – so that YOU can, more EASILY see, how very TRULY Blessed, you ARE; and, how VERY DESOLATE, your FORMER FAMILY members, ARE.

"Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” 
(Philippians 2:12)

Important notes:  It has been revealed, that some Members of the Faithful Remnant – in their interior lives, are actually, ‘WILLING their burdens on the both of us’ – the Two Witnesses.  It is True, that we are here to intercede for the Faithful Remnant and provide Divine Counsel in order to help them carry their burdens, as they work out their Salvation with fear and trembling”; but “their burdens”, are theirs to carry – otherwise, if we were to simply TAKE their burdens FROM them - what kind of Cross, would they have?  They need to know, that ‘the act of WILLING their burdens on us’, is in fact, "an act of witchcraft".  And those who are doing so, need to reject that spirit, and ask for the corresponding Grace.  Understand?  We were only able to carry OUR Cross, to "the finish line", with the Strength of Jesus Christ the Lord - Our KING, and Our GOD.  You would be wise to do likewise.

Jesus Christ the Lord said: "I know how to take care of your ‘spiritual welfare’, more than those in the institutions.  I have the solution to all of your problems, and whatever your cares are, I ask only that you lift them up to Me, so that: you may be blessed, with ‘a cross your own size’; with a cross you can carry – with My strength, you can get through all those coming trials.  Your personal struggles are My struggles too."
(-Jesus, March 8, 2012)

Also, Faithful Remnant Members – the TRUE Members, need to know that being "clothed in the Immaculate Conception" and being "a partaker in The Most High True God’s Divine Nature", is NOT something that can be asked for through prayer – so: don’t ASK for it; don’t try to steal it; don’t reach out your hand, and try to GRASP it.  Simple.

"Have this mind among yourselves, which was in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped."
(Phillipians 2:5-6)

December 16, 2015 - the Three Year Anniversary of when Saint John the Baptist spoke to the Two Witnesses

“Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea, a path in the mighty waters, who brings forth chariot and horse, army and warrior; they lie down, they cannot rise, they are extinguished, quenched like a wick: “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.  Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. The wild beasts will honor me, the jackals and the ostriches; for I give water in the wilderness, rivers in the desert, to give drink to my chosen people, the people whom I formed for myself that they might declare my praise.”
(Isaiah 43:16-21)

When Jesus Christ the Lord came the FIRST time, at His FIRST Coming, He revealed teachings that were “SO difficult to receive”, that many of the people who were following Him, simply left.  For example, the Jews never worshipped The Most High True God as the Blessed Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the True Holy Spirit.  But when Jesus arrived on the scene, He taught His True Followers, about the "3 Divine Persons" - in ONE God.  And that was “a BIG change”, for everyone!

“Philip said to him, “Lord, show us the Father, and we shall be satisfied.”  Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and yet you do not know me, Philip? He who has seen me has seen the Father; how can you say, ‘Show us the Father’?  Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on my own authority; but the Father who dwells in me does his works.  Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father in me; or else believe me for the sake of the works themselves.”
(John 14:8-11)

"But some doubted. And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."
Matthew 28:17b-19)

And now at the time of the Second Coming, it is time to reveal “The Second Blessed Trinity”.  This is really not too difficult a concept to grasp.  As “a modern echo”, of what happened at His FIRST Coming - the problem for most people - who are “LOOKING for one” that is - will simply be “change”; and the fact that it is “not what they were expecting”.  But Jesus already went ahead of all that.  In fact He explained the Second Blessed Trinity, in this following Scripture passage. 

"He said to them, ‘You will drink my cup, but to sit at my right hand and at my left is not mine to grant, but it is for those for whom it has been prepared by my Father’.”
(Matthew 20:23)

Perhaps it would be a good idea to re-read that above Scripture passage, and SEE if you can figure out from it, just how many people in ‘that picture Jesus is painting’ are SITTING; and then ask yourself, "Was Jesus referring to 2 people, who were not known at the time?"  The ULTIMATE Testament – the Testimony of the Two Witnesses - reveals the identity of those 2 people.

Jesus Christ the Lord said: …And who will sit, at My right, and at My left, in the Glory, of My Kingdom? - but those who are ‘the least’, on the Face of the Earth.  Only two individuals, have been given, this ‘honor’, because of what, they must undergo; because of ‘the size of the cross’ that they both carry – is the equivalent, to Mine.  You both, [- referring specifically to Peter and Mary Romanus] will sit at My right, and at My left, because it has been given to you, by God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  And you are My Two Witnesses.  But do you have any: earthly power, position, status, or riches?  Do you belong to ‘a hierarchy’, on this Earth?  No My children! - because you answer to Me; because I am your King!  And you are ‘My Royal Subjects’ - as well as My True Brother and True Sister.
(Jesus, February 3, 2013)

And so, almost 2 years ago, Jesus revealed WHO would sit at His right, and at His left – to become, “the Second Blessed Trinity”.  And NOW that The Two Witnesses have been set free from the stain of original sin - NOW that we have been clothed in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in the Divinity of the Most High True God – TODAY – this TRUE Spiritual Reality, is being revealed, to the nations.  And Jesus Christ the Lord, has been giving us “intense Divine Counsel”, to help us make the necessary adjustments to both our daily prayers, and daily lives.  And to address one of the most obvious questions: WE DO, in fact praise the Blessed Trinity, as Jesus praised His Father in Heaven – IN, the True Holy Spirit of the Moment.  It is INDEED “a profound mystery”, and we are just BEGINNING to unpack it ourselves.  And speaking of “beginnings”…

"And the Lord put a mark on Cain, lest any who came upon him should kill him."
(Genesis 4:15b)

Jesus said: Cain represents, “A lineage of wickedness” – as he was “the first MURDERER”; and “the MARK” was placed upon him, so that NO one, should take his LIFE – as “a punishment” - So he, would HAVE to live ‘the remainder of HIS days’, with ‘the guilt, of what he had done’

In other words, "Cain's days were numbered" - he had no share, in the Gift, of Eternal Life - for it was written, that he would never behold the Face of his Creator (Genesis 4:13).  Now, “Back to the Present”: What about the REST of the world?  Outside the Faithful Remnant, the whole world has gone “the way of Cain” – because they chose to offer sacrifice, on their OWN terms.  And what did Cain receive on his forehead as the fruit of his labors? - but “the MARK”.  And so, I will warn all my fellow "brothers and sisters" in the Faithful Remnant, who read today’s Revelation:  Strive always, to give a sacrifice that is pleasing to the Most High True God, and you will be sure to receive a mark that is BETTER than the one Cain received; and a mark that is better than the ones those in 'the beast state' received.  In other words, “Strive for “a passing grade”, always!  And yes, that DOES also refer to “the narrow path UP God’s Holy mountain”, as well!

And now that people reading the Testimony can clearly see, from the recent postings, that the responses from The Two Witnesses and from Jesus Christ the Lord, are of ‘the same True Holy Spirit’, there is NO excuse, for the Members of the Faithful Remnant to choose to leave; “no excuse!” - that will be acceptable, to your Creator.  Perhaps you ALL, need to start getting up on the RIGHT side of the bed in the mornings.
Pope Peter The Last: The FIRST thing you need to do, when you wake up in the morning, is, reject the armor of the enemy; and CLOTHE yourself in ‘the Armor of the Most High True God’; and reject ‘the demonic entity of the assailants’; and ask for the Grace, to see yourself... through the Eyes of the Most High TRUE God.  You NEED to ‘choose TEAMS’, in your interior life, every DAY!  WHO do you want to SERVE?  Yourself?  Your feelings?  Or your Creator?  He makes it ‘VERY CLEAR’, and ‘VERY simple’, on ‘how you are called to LIVE!’; and what you need to DO – when you experience afflictions.  You NEED to confront, your OWN demons – inside YOURSELF; and REJECT them; and trade them for ‘Heavenly GRACES’. “JEZEBEL” – in as much as you are STILL embracing her, is going to ‘PROTEST’!  YOU need to decide what you are going to do, when you feel ‘your skin CRAWLING’!  Bathe in it?  Go to SLEEP?  Or grab ‘the Blessed HOLY Water’, and do some ‘SERIOUS Soul-searching’.  You ALREADY bottle-up SO much, inside you; it would be ‘EASIER, on YOURSELF’ – if you would SIMPLY ‘share your STRUGGLES’, with us – in DETAIL!  NOT in a way, that you are ‘DUMPING’; but in a way, that you want ‘the SOLUTION’ – so that you can “STOP, LIVING – TOLERATING the TORMENTS”.  It’s your CALL.  Everyone in the Remnant, must CHOOSE – what they want to DO, with ‘the precious TIME’, they have left. It is good, to PRAISE the Most High TRUE God, for EVERYTHING, that He is DOING, in these End TIMES – THROUGH us, and for His REMNANT.  But YOU WOULD do BETTER, not to get ‘caught UP in the excitement’ – because you REALLY need to FOCUS, on your CREATOR! – NOW more than EVER. You NEED to know, that, ‘receiving the Testimony’, into your heart, and allowing the words, to TRANSFORM you, is ‘what will HELP you, the MOST’.  Yes, there are ‘PUZZLE pieces’ – and they FIT TOGETHER, and form ‘quite the PICTURE’; but DO NOT LOSE SIGHT, of “the BIGGER picture” – for your LIFE – and that is ‘striving to do everything YOU can, to MAKE IT, to the FULLNESS of the Era of PEACE’.  You CANNOT hold on, to your former life... and EXPECT to be able, to STAND!...  You need to ‘ASK, in order to receive’.  But you ALSO need to ask for “the right THINGS”!  Yes, it is GOOD to reject demons; and ASK for Graces.  But, TRULY, N., what YOU need now, more than EVER, is to resolve to CHANGE! – every day; to MAKE the resolve to GROW SPIRITUALLY, EVERY day. Because that is the ONLY way you are going to survive.  You CANNOT desire to stay the way you are!  CHANGE is "painful", and "UNCOMFORTABLE"; but necessary!
And for the couples who have entered into the Covenant of Marriage, using the Blessed Holy Water - here is something to add to your daily prayer list.
PPTL: Ask for the Grace, to LIVE, a Truly BLESSED Marriage, with your SPOUSE... Ask the Most High TRUE God to pour out His ABUNDANT Blessings, upon your marriage, and to fill you BOTH… with His Abundant LOVE.  That is one thing that couples in the Remnant, are NOT ‘in the habit of doing’ – asking the Most High TRUE God every day, to BLESS their Marriage.  AS for your former family, KNOW that they are in ‘the BEAST state’, so, they have “limitations”, on what they are allowed to DO.  And because you are under ‘the Heavenly Witness Protection program’, they can CAUSE you NO harm.  DO not ‘seek them out’, in your interior life; DO your best not to THINK of them – because THEY are, ‘your FORMER life’; not ‘the NEW life’ that you have NOW; they are not ‘PART, of your NEW life’ – in Jesus.  It is ‘very SIMPLE’… you have ‘NO obligations’ to your former lives – to the people in ‘the beast state’.
It is not too late to start taking Daily Divine Counsel much more seriously.
PPTL: Seeking Daily Counsel FROM us is DEFINITELY ‘a step in the RIGHT direction’.  And we can tell from your emails, that you HAVE been ‘pondering MANY things’; and USING the Gift of DISCERNMENT, to KNOW, what it is YOU need to WORK on; and to KNOW what it is YOU are CALLED to do NEXT.  You are beginning to understand, HOW the demons trick people – to embrace ‘self-deception’; and how they always ‘PAINT it’, as ‘a virtue’; they give EXCUSES to people ‘NOT to do’, what the Most High TRUE God is ASKING of them; and they MAKE it “appealing”, and seem like ‘something to STRIVE after’. WE on the other hand, are SHOWING the people, that NO excuses work! – before their Creator.  HE, KNOWS, EACH, ONE, of the Faithful Remnant, THROUGH and THROUGH; and knows EXACTLY how much EACH of them can handle.  And EVEN when they CHOOSE to be overwhelmed by what He is ASKING of them, is NO excuse – because they have ‘EVERY Grace’, and ‘EVERY Blessing’ and ‘EVERY tool’, they could possibly need – to overcome ALL, of the TRIALS, and TRIBULATIONS in their LIVES!  YOU are ‘overcoming MUCH’ – because you desire to be UNITED, to Jesus; because you want to be WITH Him – HE knows this; and He will HELP you GET there!  You just need to keep persevering.  And remember that HE, is who you are called to please; NEVER “former family”; NEVER “former friends”; and NEVER ANYONE in ‘the beast state’ – because THEY FORFEITED, ‘ALL their rights, and freedoms’; they FORFEITED, even ‘their BIRTHRIGHT’ – and TOOK the WAY, of ESAU, and took the way, of CAIN – so SHOW them “NO false compassion”!  May the LORD Jesus Christ the Most High TRUE God continue to UPHOLD you, and DELIVER you, from the HAND, of ALL those, who have PLOTTED against you; and May He INCREASE your ‘Gift of Discernment’. May you be PROTECTED and LOVED by His Holy ANGELS, and CONTINUALLY delivered from ‘the hand of the enemy’.  [Amen.]
Even if some Members of the Remnant are addicted to bad choices, there is still a way to be healed.
PPTL: You need to know, that He is ONLY going to HEAL you, if you WANT to be healed.  YOU are going to need to cooperate with the GRACES, that He is Giving.  If you CHOOSE to give in to the DEMONS, and ‘their DEMANDS’ – then, there is NOTHING, that WE, can do, to HELP you.  You HAVE been choosing, to ‘go it alone’; and NOW, you are SUFFERING, “the CONSEQUENCES”, of those, “BAD, CHOICES”.  If you want to be CLOSE, to the Most High TRUE God, then ASK for the Grace, to DESIRE, to be healed, from ALL your addictions.  He will HEAR, your PRAYER, if you are sincere.  We can ONLY “help those”, who are WILLING to help themselves.  Pushing us AWAY! – is NOT going to help you.
There is no excuse for neglecting the daily prayers.
PPTL: You need to reject the demonic clusters, of EVERYONE, that you come in contact with, on a daily basis; and especially, while you are at WORK.  You need to commend, those PEOPLE, in the BEAST state, to the IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine Justice, of the Most High True GOD.  That is what you are CALLED to do.  There IS a way for you, to make TIME, FOR your deliverance prayers, and the DAILY prayers, AND the Rosary.  You just need, to DESIRE to make time, for your CREATOR.  HOW many hours, are there, IN the day?  And praying ALL those prayers, well, and FROM the heart – do NOT, take, ‘THAT much time’, to do.  Perhaps an hour.  Is that “TOO MUCH”, to set aside, for your Creator, who GAVE you, your Soul back?  YOU need to reject your DESIRE, to LIVE in ‘a false REALITY’, and ask for the Grace to LIVE, IN ‘the True REALITY’.  You said “you were getting back to REALITY?” – which DOES imply, that ‘PART of you’, has CHOSEN, NOT to believe, all of the Revelations, that have been revealed, from HEAVEN, in the Testimony.  You CANNOT ‘LIVE a double life’, and have ‘TRUE Peace’.  You NEED to choose one, OR the other.  You CANNOT have both!
And to the Members of the Faithful Remnant who haven't heard from us in a while:
PPTL: We are here to HELP those, who WANT help. AND so, “YES”, we have NEVER “abandoned you” – but YOU, needed “some TIME”, to FOCUS, on ‘what is most IMPORTANT’ – and that is, ‘your RELATIONSHIP, with your CREATOR’.  Of COURSE, you need ‘Daily Counsel’; but... you HAD “the necessary food”, to sustain you!  It sounds like YOU are ‘coming to your SENSES’!  And REALIZING ‘what is most IMPORTANT’.  You ARE going to need to take our Counsel “EXTREMELY seriously”!
It is also time to begin to see YOURSELF, a new way.
PPTL: ALL you need to do, is ‘RECOGNIZE the Truth’ – that the ONLY way, you can be fulfilled, by the Most High TRUE God, is by ‘DESIRING to BE’, who HE made you to be!  “Prestige, position, power” – THOSE, are ‘things of the WORLD’; and the people of the WORLD, strive after those; but YOU, are called, to strive to BE, ‘the MAN’, who the Most High TRUE God, wants you to be: Humble, obedient, and DOCILE – to the MOVEMENTS of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in EACH and EVERY moment.  He wants YOU to grow – TALL, like the CEDARS of LEBANON – spiritually speaking, of course!  And the MORE, that you ‘EMPTY yourself’ – of EVERY enticing THING, THIS world OFFERS you; the MORE you CONSISTENTLY reject, “THE GLAMOR of evil”, and “the SNARES of SIN!” – the MORE, the Most High TRUE God can FILL you, with HIS Love, and SHOW you ‘the Path to walk’ – MUCH more clearly!  “The ANTIDOTE”, to what YOU are struggling with, is “Spiritual Vision”. PRAY, to be CLOTHED in the MIND of the Most High TRUE God – EVERY day, when you wake up!  And ASK for the Grace to SEE – EVERY Member of the Faithful Remnant, through HIS Eyes; AND the Grace to see YOURSELF, through His Eyes as WELL!  YOU are ‘taking the necessary steps’, to DETACH yourself, from your FORMER life – so that, IS, “in your favor”.  And REMEMBER, whatever, you GIVE up, in THIS life – the Most High TRUE God, will NEVER be ‘outdone in GENEROSITY’!  So, you left ‘former family BEHIND’; but now you have, “a NEW family” – NOW you belong, to “the FAMILY, of the Most High TRUE God”; and that is ‘SOMETHING to be THANKFUL for’ – EVERY day!  ASK for the Grace, to desire to ALWAYS, put the Most High TRUE God, “on a Pedastel” – in your INTERIOR life; and ENVISION yourself, KNEELING, Worshipping HIM! – with your ENTIRE being!  Hope that helps.
December 17, 2015
Actual email: I have just read the update of December 16 and that reminded me of the first email that I sent you... At that time demons were attacking you both in my interior life. I used the Blessed Holy Water with deliverance prayers but the attacks would not stop. I then asked Jesus why the enemy was attacking you in my interior life. Then Jesus showed me that He has chosen you and blessed you abundantly.

Pope Peter The Last: Remember, whenever the demons, start to ATTACK you, in your INTERIOR life, about the TWO of us – the FIRST thing you need to DO, is to REJECT, ‘the DEMONIC ENTITY of the ASSAILANTS’, AND, ‘the armor of the ENEMY’, and ASK to be clothed in the MIND, of Jesus Christ the LORD – and ask for the Grace, to see us through HIS Eyes.  WHAT He is doing THROUGH us, WITH us, and IN us, IS, “absolutely UNFATHOMABLE”!  Because, no eye has SEEN no EAR has HEARD – what the LORD, has SET aside, for those who CHOOSE, to LOVE Him!  And, we simply want to be ‘a good EXAMPLE’ – to the REST, of the Faithful REMNANT, on ‘how they are called to WALK’ – by FAITH; and NOT ‘by seeing’!  It is ‘not EASY’ AND it takes DISCIPLINE!  But the MOST High TRUE GOD – ‘helps, with that’.

Many Members of the Faithful Remnant are presently living with portals.  Here is a little update, especially for them.

PPTL: You NEED to know, that ‘PEOPLE who reject, the Testimony’, and that you CHOOSE to STILL ‘live with’, have ACTUALLY become ‘PORTALS, IN, your HOME’.  And it is not ‘SAFE’, for you – SPIRITUALLY, to be AROUND, ‘PEOPLE, in the beast STATE’. IF, it is ‘AVOIDABLE’ – if you HAVE ‘the ability, and the RESOURCES’, to move OUT, of ‘a SPIRITUALLY TOXIC ENVIRONMENT’ – then WHAT are you WAITING for? - because, I will tell you, it is MUCH, MORE difficult, to HEAR, the True Holy SPIRIT.  If you HAVE ‘a MEANS’, to leave your ‘TOXIC environment’, and you CHOOSE to stay – KNOW that the Most High TRUE God, IS, ‘LISTENING to your EVERY motive’! – and to ALL the desires, of your HEART!  AND so, WHAT are you TELLING Him? - by CHOOSING, to REMAIN, in a HOUSEHOLD – FILLED, with “demonic PORTALS”?  Something to THINK about! 

A few Members of the Faithful Remnant are struggling with SERIOUS addictions – some are “compliments of Big Pharma”; but others, are actually addicted to that secret room in their interior lives, where they like to pretend that they can secretly live, “their DOUBLE life” – a hidden place where they can embrace wicked thoughts, and wicked resolutions – that even their Creator can’t hear.  Guess it really isn’t so "secret" after all!

PPTL: AS for your ADDICTIONS – ALL of the tools NECESSARY, to OVERCOME them, are ON, ‘the addictions PAGE’, of the TESTIMONY.  You would ‘do WELL’ – to scroll down to the BOTTOM, of THAT page, and READ, ‘what is WRITTEN’; and PRAY.  Because, in THESE Times, ‘any type of ADDICTION’, that you are SIMPLY not seeking to OVERCOME – will SIMPLY ‘be your downfall’.  And the DEMONS will USE ‘THAT CHAIN’ – to YANK you ‘OFF THE ARK’ – to BLINDSIDE you, when, you are ‘at your WEAKEST’ – that is ‘what they DO’ – they FOOL you, into BELIEVING, that you are HEALED, that you have ‘CONTROL over them’ – that is not “the HEALING”, that the Most High TRUE God is asking you to embrace!...  No!  WHAT is necessary, is that YOU desire to change your habits.  You have EVERY Grace, EVERY Blessing, and EVERY Tool - in order to HELP you – CHANGE! – from the INSIDE!  EVEN your DESIRES need to change – so that THEY are, ‘a REFLECTION’, of what your CREATOR, is asking, OF you; so that HIS Desires – FOR you – become YOURS, as WELL.  It REALLY IS, ‘that simple’! 

The Members of the Faithful Remnant, who are growing and climbing the fastest, are the ones who have given up MORE, of their former lives.

PPTL: ALL of Jesus’ disciples, had to leave, their ‘FORMER lives’, and ‘FORMER careers’ behind – in order to FOLLOW – AFTER Him!  Understand, that if you give up NOTHING, for your CREATOR – how EASY it will BE for YOU, to “simply backslide” – and FALL – ALL the way back down the mountain!  It really IS ‘that SIMPLE’!  And HE is not asking anything OF you, that is ‘too much’, OR ‘too hard’, OR ‘too uncomfortable’.  Remember, that the Spirit is WILLING, but the FLESH is WEAK!  And, if YOU want to SATISFY, ‘the desires of your FLESH’ – THEN, you SACRIFICE the True Holy SPIRIT.  If you want to SATISFY, ‘the DESIRES, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit’, then you SIMPLY ‘SACRIFICE, the desires, of your flesh’ – and THAT means, ‘GIVING up, the worldly comforts, and CONSOLATIONS, and FAMILIARITY, of THIS world’ – to DO, what the Most High TRUE God, is asking of you, IN each, and every, moment. 

Actual email: So till now I believe that Jesus Christ will come in his resurrected flesh, am I wrong?

PPTL: Now, as for your QUESTION, about "Jesus coming back, in the FLESH?" – of COURSE He is!  That will be His THIRD, and FINAL Coming.  But RIGHT now – He is fully PRESENT, and FULLY Manifesting, THROUGH – His True VICAR – through His TRUE Representative – through His ANOINTED One – through ME – His TRUE Brother, and the LAST and FINAL Pope, of this ERA. JESUS, is KING! – and JESUS, has sent, ME – to SHARE, ‘the fruits of HIS Kingdom’, with ‘THOSE, who are WILLING, to RECEIVE’; and My WIFE, ‘shares, in THAT Blessing’!   AND so, when you HEAR, MY words – you need to RECOGNIZE, that they in FACT are ‘the WORDS, of your CREATOR!’ – ONLY seeking out ‘the best INTERESTS’, of your Soul.  To reject THESE Words IS ‘to reject HIM’.  That is NOT, “a BOAST”; it is SIMPLY, “the TRUTH”.
Actual email: ...I also get the idea that since the demons are tactically so clever, they probably would not necessarily try to attack me outright; but would rather try to hang around in all kinds situations and use some “friends” to ‘pop my spiritual balloon’ of protection. My best protection is my commitment in morning/evening Daily Prayer… If I don’t pray the Daily Prayers twice every day it seems that something is missing. Maybe like I forgot to take a shower - and I do not remember when I forgot that – especially when I need to go to work. But actually tonight,  it has never been so late for my Daily Prayers. But I still want to and will pray MY Daily Prayers after I have e-mailed my Daily Counsel, maybe not the Rosary tonight but certainly “The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary”. My work/life balance needs some adjustments and I believe and pray that TMHTG is helping me with that intention. The thought goes through my mind, “Well if I would work instead of 5 days just 4 days a week then I would have more time to pray”. At the same time I believe/know 100%, “I CANNOT trust my flesh”, I CANNOT trust that intention UNLESS I absolutely and INDEED PRAY more and manifest this intention – but then again with the help of the Most High True God this should not be an obstacle.
PPTL: It IS important, to pray, ‘the daily prayers’ –as they ARE “the LIFELINE”, OF the Faithful Remnant CHURCH.  And if you FIND, that you ARE working, too MUCH – and that you are ABLE, to TAKE, an extra DAY off, a WEEK – especially in THESE Times, if you are able to ‘AFFORD it’, then THAT is ‘a good move’.  Because your SPIRITUAL life, is MUCH more important.  And YOU, are correct, in your discernment, of ‘how the ENEMY’, uses, the PEOPLE, in the BEAST state, as “his puppets” – and how SOMETIMES his tactic, is to just keep them ‘HANGING around you’ – innocuously enough, so that, you WON’T, be ABLE, to ‘feel the VENOM’, that THEY are INJECTING you with! – as ‘a MEANS of PARALYZING you spiritually’.  So KEEP your distance! – from ‘FORMER family members’!  HERE is a video, that will help you!  
Actual email: The day before yesterday night at around 2:15 am, I heard 2 knocks near my head on the bed, so I woke up to find nothing. So I layed down to sleep again, and I heard it again. So I woke up, prayed the Rosary and then slept well.  Was that my Guardian Angel waking me up?
PPTL: What you NEED to know, is that the “knocks”, that you HEARD, came from HEAVEN, so that you would wake UP, pray the ROSARY, and then, have a BLESSED night’s SLEEP.  It really ISN’T that COMPLICATED – the SPIRITUAL life.  Jesus, is aware, of ALL of your needs – and HE knows, when you need, to pray a bit more – to help you grow SPIRITUALLY.  Make SURE, that you are ‘keeping on TOP’, of the SPIRITUAL housekeeping, in your INTERIOR life.  There is some ‘very valuable Counsel’, that is GIVEN, on the Website – in the most recent POSTINGS – on what YOU are called to DO – when you wake up in the MORNING; and HOW you are to start your DAY!  Remember, the SPIRITUAL life, is NOT about ‘CRAMMING prayers’, into the day; but, it is about ‘PRAYING from the heart’ – when you CHOOSE, to set aside TIME, for your CREATOR.  And KNOW that the MOST High TRUE God, does NOT expect you to UNDERSTAND, ALL of the Revelations, that have been GIVEN; but that you are SIMPLY called, to CONTINUE to have Faith IN Him, and in His WORD; and that you are CALLED to stay close, to your TRUE Shepherd.  HERE, watch this video, and UNDERSTAND...
When 'the spirit of Jezebel', living in the interior life of a woman, is not affirmed - "the crocodile mask" is often quickly put on; and the tears, pour out. If ever you are unfortunate enough to behold 'that reptilian mask', remember to show no false compassion, whatsoever!  Here, I will show you:

PPTL: N., DON’T “lose yourself”, to the dark MATTER, that is POURING, out of CERN! – that brings ‘ALL, of the DEMONS’ to the SURFACE!  You are not CALLED, to embrace, “the FEELINGS”, when they COME to you! But INSTEAD, to TRADE them, for the True PEACE, and JOY, of your CREATOR.  He does not WANT you, to be SAD, about your sins – because that doesn’t FIX anything!  And crying”, about what you have DONE, and what you have been DOING, DOESN’T FIX THE PROBLEM!!!  And REMEMBER, the DEMONS, WILL CRY THROUGH you – IF, you GIVE them a chance.  YOU need to focus – SPIRITUALLY focus!  And TELL us, what is BOTHERING you.  And ALLOW yourself, to be “VULNERABLE”, to the TRUE Holy Spirit.   ALLOW yourself, to be “VULNERABLE”, TO, the Most High, True GOD!  STOP playing the VICTIM!  Because the demons, ARE victims – of the Most High TRUE God’s JUSTICE.  So YOU need to stop ‘IDENTIFYING WITH them’ – the evil spirits, and the evil thoughts you have been having, are “not your friends”!  And you don’t have to ‘understand’, everything in the Testimony, in order to receive it!  And the Most High TRUE God, does not “buy” ANY excuses!  Here, watch this video, from ‘a YOUNGER member’, of the Faithful Remnant.

December 18, 2015
This morning, we received an email, from a Member of the Faithful Remnant who has stubbornly chosen to embrace “the victim spirit”. Here is the Counsel that was sent to her.

Pope Peter The Last: N., fell off the Ark, and is STILL, ‘off the Ark’, BECAUSE, she CHOSE, to go down, ‘holding on firmly’, to ‘the VICTIM SPIRIT’.  She SAW herself as ‘a VICTIM, of her OWN poor CHOICES’ and a VICTIM of what The Most High True God was asking OF her, and a VICTIM of her CIRCUMSTANCES.  YOU, are DEFINITELY, going DOWN the same PATH, as SHE is!  Do YOU… want to CONTINUE, your COURSE?  OR, do YOU, CHOOSE, to REJECT ‘the victim spirit’, and take RESPONSIBILITY, FOR, “your EVIL choices”, in your INTERIOR life?  In RESPONSE, to US, and our COUNSEL; in RESPONSE, to the DEMONS being brought to the LIGHT – WHAT, are YOU, going to CHOOSE?

What she does not realize, is that “THE MARK OF CAIN”, is coming in just 7 days - on Christmas day; and that if she stubbornly continues to hold her course, SHE WILL in fact, write HERSELF, OUT of Eternal Life, and receive that MARK.  The mark of the beast - that was given on Christmas Day in 2012, can only be given ONCE.  But all those who got their Soul back - and who chose to reject the Divine Counsel moving through the Testimony, will in fact be receiving “a parting Gift” THIS Christmas, when Jesus “rings their bell” – as the song goes.  It IS “the season of Giving”, after all!  BETTER to give BACK to one’s Creator, “the fruits of a purified interior life” - than “the stench of sin”, seeping through the door, to that dark room, that the Most High True God has been shut OUT of, in one’s interior life.

Other Members of the Faithful Remnant are choosing Eternal Life!

Actual email: I am eating the food that I had stored and clearing my store houses for the new harvest. Precious treasure is in my house and my jar of oil is never empty. Jesus has increased the produce of the sweet fruits. The Most High True God has established His Holy Mountain and it has become the highest mountain in the land. Glory Be to His Holy Name for ever and ever!

PPTL : And the land will YIELD its INCREASE!  And the BIRDS of the air, and the FISH of the SEA – WILL ‘dance, AND leap, for joy’.  FOR on, the LORD’S HOLY Mountain, His TRUE, FAITHFUL REMNANT Church, is GATHERED, in TRUE Worship, of their CREATOR!  BLESSED be the NAME, of the LORD, the MOST HIGH TRUE God! – BOTH now, AND forever.  Amen.

“The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you wilt not despise.”
(Psalm 51:17)

AND SO, what kind of heart will the Most High TRUE God, "despise"?  The Mark of Cain will be given this Christmas to the Members of the Faithful Remnant whose hearts have grown proud, obstinate, and stubborn.  Do you remember why Cain killed his brother?  Because he was jealous, that The Most High True God ACCEPTED Abel’s sacrifice, but did not accept his own.  The Soul, with the mark of Cain, will never see the Face of its Creator – and its flesh, will simply go the way of ‘those with the mark of the beast’, before the Triumphant return, of Jesus Christ the King, in the flesh. 
“In the course of time Cain brought to the Lord an offering of the fruit of the ground, and Abel brought of the firstlings of his flock and of their fat portions. And the Lord had regard for Abel and his offering, but for Cain and his offering he had no regard. So Cain was very angry, and his countenance fell... Cain said to Abel his brother, “Let us go out to the field.” And when they were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and killed him. Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” He said, “I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?” And the Lord said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground. And now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you till the ground, it shall no longer yield to you its strength; you shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth.” Cain said to the Lord, “My punishment is greater than I can bear. Behold, thou hast driven me this day away from the ground; and from thy face I shall be hidden; and I shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will slay me.” Then the Lord said to him, “Not so! If any one slays Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.” And the Lord put a mark on Cain, lest any who came upon him should kill him. Then Cain went away from the presence of the Lord.”  
(Genesis 4:3-5, 8-16a)

Once again, here is a little reminder for those in the Remnant who believe they are “SAVED!”.

PPTL: The Faithful Remnant Church, is “a HOSPITAL, for SINNERS!” – NOT, “a HOTEL, for SAINTS”.

As some of the men in the Faithful Remnant, have decided switch to “the clean shaven look”, it is now a good time to ask EVERYONE in the Remnant, ‘WHO THEY SEE’, when they look in the mirror?

PPTL: Being “clean shaven”, is ENTIRELY up to YOU.  However the brothers, have found, that, IF, they LOOK, the same way they DID, in their past “lives”, then it tends to stir up memories, when they look in the mirror.  So, they have decided, that it is better, to LOSE, their old appearance – and have ‘a NEW one’.   But, if memories, of your old identity, arenot ‘stirred UP, in you’, when you look in the mirror, then 'keeping your appearance', the way it is, SHOULD not be a problem. It simply, helped, the brothers, to overcome, their past lives.  But it is NOT “a necessity”. 

Sometimes people forget the most basic things. Here is a reminder for the married couples of the Remnant.

PPTL: Seek to SEE, EVERYONE around you, THROUGH the Eyes, OF TMHTG.  And REMEMBER, to ask Him, to Bless your RELATIONSHIP, with your [spouse]; to Bless your MARRIAGE, and to simply BLESS EVERY ASPECT of your LIFE!  And MANY of the STRUGGLES, that YOU, have been HAVING – you will ‘SIMPLY overcome’!

Actual email: Has the Garden of Eden been restored?

PPTL: The TREE of LIFE, IS, the TESTIMONY.  The GARDEN of EDEN – as in, ‘THIS world’, will not be RESTORED, until, the FULLNESS of the ERA of PEACE.

Interesting footnote: Although Eve was tempted by the serpent, and in her freedom chose to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; the Most High True God, was ALSO free, to bestow the Gift of discernment, upon those in Human Race who are above the age of reason - so that there would never be an excuse, for embracing evil.

The members of the Faithful Remnant who are in need of an income, need to be reminded to ask for ‘the Grace of industry’.

PPTL: You are STILL called to WORK, in ORDER to PAY, for your LIVING expenses – as needed. You are NOT called to LIVE ‘a LIFE of SLOTH’.

Actual email: We have to get our interior life purified by this christmas?  How do I know if it is purified? I am quite concerned.

PPTL: As long, as you are embracing ‘the LOVE of your CREATOR’, and DOING, ‘what He is asking OF you’, then you will MAKE it, through Christmas.  The MARK, of CAIN, is being GIVEN, to “the proud, obstinate and STUBBORN hearts”. WE suggest that you ask the Blessed Virgin Mary for HER intercession – for your HEART, to be SOFTENED, towards your Creator.

The next major ‘fork in the road’ is only seven days away.

PPTL: THOSE who are WEAK, NEED to be strengthened – by THOSE, who are CHOOSING to be strong!  The KILN, tests the POTTER’s vessels; and the Most High TRUE God, is ‘heating up’ the INTERIOR lives, of HIS Remnant – BRINGING them to ‘a NECESSARY fork’ in the road – where they will need toCHOOSE, the Narrow Path, or GO, ‘the BROADER way’ – and away from HIM. 

What does it mean to be “Blessed beyond belief”? (Hint: it is a mystery)

PPTL: ‘WHO can BELIEVE?’, and ‘WHO can UNDERSTAND?’ – HOW much, our CREATOR, LOVES us?  The ANSWER: ONLY the Love, between the FATHER, and the SON – and that is ‘the GIFT, of His TRUE Holy Spirit’.

Some Members of the Faithful Remnant, are noticing how former family members are using a variety of tactics and strategies as they attempt to pull Remnant Members BACK to their former ‘beast state reality’.

PPTL: You know NOW, HOW the demons, have been OPERATING, IN your former family.  And SO, you are even more FORTIFIED, against their ATTACKS – by relying not on your OWN strength, but on the Most High TRUE God.  You see the VALUE of staying Spiritually FOCUSED in these Times.  Remember – “the FORMER things, are passing away” – and that means they are DYING, or “ALREADY dead” – so there IS ‘nothing to go BACK to!’; you will ONLY find fulfillment IN your Creator! – in these Times of DESOLATION.  HE is the ONLY ONE – who can FEED you, ‘GOOD food’, and the Spiritual Nourishment that your SOUL, is in NEED of.  So, STAY close, to your TRUE Shepherd! – and HE will CONTINUE, to PROTECT you, and watch OVER you! – and GUARD you, from ‘the WOLVES!’

It was mentioned earlier in the Testimony, that whenever people embrace a sin – according to the Spiritual Laws - the demon associated with that sin, is then permitted to return to tempt the person with that same sin, as many times, as they embraced it.  Just because a member of the Faithful Remnant is doing everything that is being asked of them, doesn’t mean that the demons from their former bad choices, are going to “magically disappear”.  In addition, there are many people in the occult world, who are deliberately sending demons, to try to pull the Members of the Faithful Remnant towards their father down below.  And the ones who want to go there, will have no reason to resist.  The others – who have resolved to persevere in Faith, will find ‘much relief’ by applying the following Divine Counsel.

Actual email: I'm constantly being hit with blasphemous thoughts - Even ugly sexual ones.

PPTL: ONE thing, that will REALLY HELP you, right now, is to ‘reject your DESIRE, to ALLOW the demons to TORMENT you, with blasphemous thoughts, and ugly pictures’.  ASK for the Grace, to PRAISE Jesus, with ALL of your HEART, ANY time, those thoughts, occur – ANY time, YOU are tempted, to curse the LORD, or His TESTIMONY, or His SAINTS – THAT is when YOU are called, to PRAISE Him! – for ALL, of His GOODNESS; and ALL of His MERCY.  PRAISE Him! – for HE IS YOUR KING!  When you have ‘THIS attitude’ towards the attacks – the DEMONS, simply ‘stand DOWN’ – as they KNOW, that the MORE they ATTACK you, the MORE you have RESOLVED, to PRAISE Jesus, and to GROW spiritually.  Understand?  We are GLAD to HEAR, that YOU have MADE some good RESOLUTIONS – in your INTERIOR life, to PERSEVERE – in WALKING, the Narrow PATH.  And it is GOOD, that you are TURNING, to ALL of HEAVEN, for ASSISTANCE – for HELP.  Because it IS “a war” going on, RIGHT now – it IS ‘a Battle’, EVERY day; and you must CHOOSE, to FIGHT – FOR, the Most High True God – THAT means, that there IS going to be “resistance”. The DEVIL, is going to try to PULL YOU, in the opposite DIRECTION!  But ALL you need to DO – WHENEVER that starts happening, is ‘CALL ON Jesus’, FOR Strength.  Say “NO” – FIRMLY to the TEMPTATION; and say “YES” to your CREATOR!  ASK Him, to make you STRONGER – for the NEXT time, the enemy ‘PULLS, something’, like that.  It is GOOD, that you are ‘applying the Counsel’, that you have ALREADY received, as WELL; and going back OVER it!  Because there is ‘a WEALTH’, of ‘INVALUABLE, lessons’, there – for YOU, to LEARN from STILL.  KEEP persevering!  Your BLESSED Mother, IS, ‘watching OUT for you’ AS well; and IS ‘VERY close’ to you.  SHE will speak to you again soon. JUST be patient.

The Children of the Remnant who are below the age of reason, are able to perceive many things in the spiritual realities, that their human parents simply cannot understand; but their Holy Guardian Angels can!

PPTL: It sounds like N. is “EXTREMELY sensitive”, to ‘the spiritual REALITIES’, AROUND her.  And so, since she has NOT reached ‘the age of REASON’, you CAN, in fact, AS “her parents”, CONSECRATE her, TO ‘the protection of Saint Michael, and the Holy Angels’, and CONTINUE to pray, the Blessed Holy Water DELIVERANCE prayer, over her, as well. 

The Members of the Remnant, from time to time, may notice ‘a spark of life’, glimmering from within someone who is currently in ‘the beast state’ – like when they approach a Member, seeking to know their Creator better.

PPTL: You simply need to COMMEND her to the MERCY and Care, of the Most High, TRUE God – and WAIT and SEE, what He CHOOSES to reveal, to her... THOUGH people, are IN ‘the BEAST state’, at THIS time – the Most High True God, is STILL sending OUT, His DOVE, from the ARK – LOOKING for LIFE; LOOKING, for ‘a FLICKER’, of LIGHT – TRUE Light – NOT, ‘the artificial kind’ – so that HE can BRING those people, INTO His Family, and UNITE them, in ‘TRUE Peace, Sincerity, AND Love’.

Here are a few basic tips for the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are struggling.

PPTL: ARE you ‘applying the COUNSEL’, that has been POSTED, in the TESTIMONY – when you wake up in the MORNING?  Are you REJECTING ‘the ARMOR of the ENEMY’, and ASKING to be CLOTHED in the MIND of Jesus Christ the LORD?  You NEED to know, that the ENEMY of your SOUL, is TRYING to WEAR you down SPIRITUALLY – attacking you, from EVERYWHERE! – to try, to DISTRACT you, from ‘your TRUE VOCATION’.  He wants to FILL you with ‘prideful thoughts’… and even ‘CHANGE your identity’ – how you SEE yourself…  ASK for the Grace, to LIVE your TRUE vocation, as ‘a MAN, and DISCIPLE, of the Most HIGH, TRUE GOD!’…  Reject the demonic CLUSTER of your ‘FORMER identity’, and ask for the Grace to live your TRUE identity – as ‘a CHILD, of the Most High True GOD’.  It really IS that SIMPLE... YOU need to focus on your CREATOR!...  turn to JESUS! – ask Him for STRENGTH!  Ask the Most High TRUE God to MULTIPLY your Gift of Discernment. 

We don’t get “breakthrough emails” very often; but here is one that we have been praying for – for quite some time now.

Actual email: I woke up this morning thanking the Most High True God for another day of LIFE! Not only because of all the things He’s given me, but also because He has given me another opportunity to PRAISE and give GLORY to Him. Without Him, I can’t and won’t have the desire to Praise Him. I’ve learned that the more I desire His will for my life, the more He gives me the Graces to accomplish His Will. Wow!  That’s amazing how the Spiritual realties work: a person can’t even LOVE God, if He doesn’t give them the Graces to do so. No wonder so many people have the mark of the beast!  They are not asking the Most High True God from their hearts to change. Now, I see the Spiritual realities much clearer.  If I really want something, I must ASK God for it. Now when the demons try to bring bad thoughts to my mind, I don’t sit there wrestling with them anymore - telling them to get out of my head; I simply say “I DON’T TOLERATE DEMONS!” - and they flee. I didn’t know it was that simple.  This is AMAZING!  “Zero tolerance for demons” is definitely working for me! Once again, thanks for the Spiritual lessons.  PURGATORY UNIVERSITY with the Messiah & Mother…this is AWESOME!

PPTL: YES it REALLY IS ‘that simple!’  THAT is what we have been TELLING people.  But, SOME of them, ‘JUST DON’T GET it’. We are GLAD to HEAR, that YOU do – NOW.

Actual email: Everyday is a chance to walk closer to TMHTG, the thought of ever choosing to neglect all the Graces and Knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven is horrible! After reading about people falling off the Ark and now ‘the mark of Cain’ coming, is really just another reminder of how willful neglect can get everything He has given us taken back and replaced with His Divine Justice. There's only two paths to choose from in each moment and I will always pick the narrow one no matter what trials I face because TMHTG is fighting my battles as long as I call on Him… I thank TMHTG for everything He does for me especially with helping me to manage my time correctly. Thanks for your counsel too! It's always amazing to be able to read what you have written me at anytime I'm in need, especially while working. 

PPTL: YES, JESUS makes it ‘VERY simple’, for people – who CHOOSE, to follow AFTER Him.  He makes ‘the Path’ VERY clear!  And for THOSE, who want to ‘FIGHT IT’ – THEY are ‘the ones in BIG trouble!’ – because they are ‘FIGHTING, their own Salvation’.  You are RIGHT – it is ‘HORRIBLE To think, that SOMEONE would want to WILLFULLY neglect, their CREATOR – to the PERIL of their own Soul’!  But, it IS in fact happening.  And that is what EVERYONE, with ‘the mark of the BEAST’, experienced: HORRIBLE mutations – within THEIR, interior lives!  JUST keep focused, ON YOUR Creator! – and HE will SUSTAIN you; AND provide – for ALL of your needs – EVEN the ones, that you don’t KNOW, that you have!

Did you know that the single men and women of the Faithful Remnant need to be praying for their future spouse each and every day?  Here, perhaps this Counsel that was given to one of the single men will help.

PPTL: In ‘the Era of PEACE’, it will BE, “brother, and sister” – that will be the SOLE, relationship, BETWEEN, one ANOTHER.  Yes, there WILL be “HUSBAND, and WIFE” – but the WAY, they RELATE to one another, is VERY, DIFFERENT – than the WAY, ‘MAN, and WOMAN, ARE, IN this LIFE’.  And yes, your FUTURE wife – SHE IS, ‘someone to look FORWARD to meeting’; REMEMBER, to PRAY for her, EVERY, day!  And ASK TMHTG, to INCREASE your Purity.  And CONSECRATE, your ‘SEXUAL PASSIONS’, to the Divine WILL, of TMHTG… RIGHT now – YOU do not want to FOCUS, on attracting ‘ANY, females’! – if you ‘GET, my MEANING’.  It is like, ‘PUTTING yourself OUT THERE’, for the komodo DRAGON! – to ‘take a bite of’.  And THEY do not ‘let go’ EASILY!  Understand?  YOU will need to ask for ‘the GRACE, to see, ALL the [men and women], in the Remnant, AS, your [brothers and sisters].  Hope that HELPS!

There is a call to be docile to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in the moment; and yet there is ALSO a tendency, to have a basic plan for one’s day.  And so how can these two approaches work together?   Here’s a hint, “Expect the unexpected”.

PPTL: AS for PLANNING, your day – you NEED to be aware, that the True Holy SPIRIT, can see the Future, and can PUT, ‘an INSPIRATION’, on your HEART – the night BEFORE, so that, you are ‘well PREPARED’, in the MORNING, to act upon that INSPIRATION – that was GIVEN, the previous NIGHT.  Sometimes, the True Holy Spirit WORKS that way.  And if the morning COMES – then you must DISCERN –if you are STILL called to follow through, with that plan; or if things have CHANGED.  FOLLOWING the True Holy SPIRIT – is NOT, about ‘STOPPING plans from being MADE’; it MEANS, to LISTEN to the inspirations of the True Holy SPIRIT, in the MOMENT, when you are PLANNING, something.  You SEE – because the Most High TRUE God, has PLANS!  And YOU are CALLED, to FOLLOW them, to the BEST of your ABILITY.  He can WORK through the PLANS that you have MADE – if you MADE them, ‘sincerely DESIRING, to do HIS Will’.  But you MUST know – “PLANS, are not SET, in STONE!”  So, you must, be OPEN, ALWAYS, for ‘the UNEXPECTED’, to happen!  In OTHER words, “they can CHANGE, at a MOMENT’S notice” – and THAT, is how, you STRIVE to live, in the ETERNAL now! 

Praying the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the HEART, is helping many Members of the Faithful Remnant, to receive the Graces they need, to SURVIVE this time of Great Tribulation.

PPTL: It is GOOD to hear, that you, are BEGINNING, to become ‘MORE spiritually focused’, while you are praying the ROSARY.  And, SIMPLY remember, WHO, you are PRAYING to – your TRUE Mother, your True SPIRITUAL Mother – the Blessed Virgin MARY!  And it DOES help, to PICTURE her, in your INTERIOR life, AS, you pray.  Because she TAKES, your PRAYER intentions – and she lifts them UP – to her SON – Jesus – and HE lifts them up – to God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN!  And THEN, your PRAYERS, are either ANSWERED, OR not.  It is REALLY up, to the MOST High TRUE God…  KEEP turning to the TRUE Holy Spirit, and asking Him for MORE, “good intentions”, to pray for.  And CONTINUE to make GOOD resolutions, in your INTERIOR life – EVERY day! – to CHANGE; to be BETTER, and to grow SPIRITUALLY closer TO your Creator – who LOVES you, VERY much!

When the Members of the Faithful Remnant receive Divine Counsel from their Creator, moving through the Two Witnesses, we in fact “mediate” that Divine Counsel – as in, we are ‘in the middle’ - between them and their Creatore.  “Mediums” on the other hand, “channel” the inspirations of evil spirits, through occult means.  The Bible is full of messages from Prophets, who MEDIATED the Words of their Creator, to the people.  And so, there are mediums, and Mediators; there is demonic counsel, and there is Divine Counsel.  If you have ever consulted a psychic, or medium, it is time to make sure that you have taken care of that “spiritual residue”.  One of the members has been experiencing spiritual afflictions for a long time now, ever since she consulted a psychic.  And this is the Divine Counsel she received, as "the antidote".

PPTL: Did you EVER repent – WHOLEHEARTEDLY – from going, to see a psychic?  Because that is VERY important!  There may be ‘spiritual RESIDUE’, from what he did TO you – because, THEY, seek out, ‘DEMONIC, means’ – to FIND OUT things about people – THEY act more as “MEDIUMS”.  SAUL, KING SAUL, went to see ‘a medium’; it did NOT ‘GO very well’.  And SO, it is BETTER, if you REPENT – and ASK the Most High TRUE God, to HEAL you, of the EFFECTS, of SEEING that man.  NOW, that you have ‘the TESTIMONY’, you have ACCESS, to “the ULTIMATE Source of TRUTH and Life!” – and to “the GOODNESS, of the Most High TRUE God”, you will NEVER, have ‘a spiritual WANT’, EVER! – as LONG as you choose, to PERSEVERE.

Remnant Members struggling with illness, need to do some serious Soul searching, and turn to the True Holy Spirit to reveal the cause of their affliction – so that they will know what to repent of; and to pray for.

PPTL: You NEED to FOCUS on the ONE who can HEAL you; NOT, “the INFIRMITIES”.  THAT, is ‘another trick of the ENEMY’.  YES, REJECT ‘the spirit of INFIRMITY’, and ‘the spirit of SICKNESS’; but, you NEED to ask for ‘the corresponding GRACES’ – that can ONLY COME from your HEAVENLY Physician – HE is ‘the only ONE who can HEAL you’!  So WHAT is CAUSING, your ‘SICKNESS’? – your HEAD cold.  THAT is the question.  WHAT are you EMBRACING in your INTERIOR life, that is CAUSING you, to be SICK? Ask the TRUE Holy Spirit; then wait for the answer.

Actual email (from one of the Remnant couples): I know we are fortunate to have each other and I was thinking how nice it is to have each other to pray with. It must be really hard for the Faithful Remnant that are alone. 

PPTL: The TRUTH is, the Faithful REMNANT, are NOT alone.  But, some are CHOOSING, to ‘go it alone’.  But the Most High True God, IS, reaching OUT – TO them, every DAY; but THEY, are the ones, who are REFUSING, to RESPOND, TO His promptings, to CONTACT us.  You see, the Most High True God, NEVER leaves, his REMNANT, alone.  They MAY, ‘FEEL’, alone – because of what they’re CHOOSING, to embrace, in their INTERIOR lives; but they have OUR support, and the SUPPORT of one ANOTHER – if THEY would simply ‘choose to cooperate’…  You SEE, the Most High True God, WANTS ‘to BE there’ FOR, His Remnant – to HELP them over the HURDLES; but THEY must want that TOO; as being ‘a TRUE CHRISTIAN’, and ‘TRUE DISCIPLE’, of Jesus Christ the LORD, is not ‘a ONE-sided relationship’.

Actual email: The Most High True God took me from the beast state and gave me my Soul back. I need to be more grateful. I was dead; and now I'm alive. The least I can do is pray the daily prayers slowly so I can pray from the heart meaning every word.

PPTL:  YES, and the Most High TRUE God, does NOT want you to ‘drag OUT your prayers’, either.  Just SAY them, at a pace, that works, for you – at a pace, that YOU are able, to RECEIVE, ‘what, you are praying’.  It REALLY, IS, THAT, SIMPLE!

One way the Members of the Faithful Remnant know that they are climbing the RIGHT mountain, is by “the fruits” – of TRUE Peace, in their interior lives.

PPTL:  You, are, ‘a lot MORE at Peace’, WITH your Creator.  THIS is good.  NEVER settle for less!  You NEED to always STRIVE, to MAINTAIN, that ‘TRUE Peace’, WITH Jesus.  The WORLD, will WANT to STEAL it FROM you!  SO, YOU need to hold on to Him – TIGHTER, in your INTERIOR life; and REALIZE, EACH day, that He ONLY wants ‘what is BEST’ – for the SALVATION of your Soul.  It DOES take TWO!  YOU, and HIM – working TOGETHER – for your SOUL, to be Saved.  It is ‘a CONSTANT process’; and it takes MUCH ‘self SACRIFICE’ – because you need to deny YOURSELF; pick up your CROSS, and PHYSICALLY FOLLOW Him – WHEREVER He leads you.  It REALLY is that simple!

Actual email: While praying the Rosary last night and tonight I was praying for the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are off the Ark… I DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE ANY MEMBER OF THE FAITHFUL REMNANT TO THE ENEMY.

PPTL:  Unfortunately, not all Members, of the Faithful Remnant Church, are OPEN to being healed.  Even though Jesus IS, ‘their Heavenly PHYSICIAN’ – they need, to desire, to give up ‘EVERYTHING’ – of their FORMER lives – in order to follow, Him – to be WITH Him, IN ‘the Eternal Now’.  It is ‘NOT going to happen’, for a LOT of them! – because of those ‘FEELINGS’...  YOU, know, what ‘the correct response is’; and what YOU are called to do – when “FEELINGS” arise IN you; and you ARE, ‘doing what is NECESSARY’ – in order to be DELIVERED, from the DEMONS of NOSTALGIA.  But there are MANY, Members of the REMNANT, who prefer to ‘BATHE’, in those feelings, at ‘the PRICE’, of an ETERNITY, with their Creator.  Keep persevering, along the NARROW road – because TRULY, the KINGDOM of HEAVEN, DWELLING within your HEART, your MIND, your SOUL, your ENTIRE being – is WELL WORTH, the struggle; it is WELL worth, WORKING, to OVERCOME, the SINS, and the TEMPTATINONS, and the TRIALS; it is WELL WORTH IT – working out your OWN Salvation, with ‘fear, and Trembling’.  What is coming THIS Christmas, for THOSE, who CHOSE, to be “LUKEWARM” – the REMNANT, who chose to be LUKEWARM Christians – well, LET’S just say, “it would have been BETTER, IF, they had NOT been born” – because, they WILL in fact, ‘BECOME’, a heavy millstone – UNTO themselves!  That’s all we can TELL you at this point – about ‘the mark of Cain’.

Actual email:I was in a really bad place when I finally came to you both… The Testimony was shocking and heartbreaking, then; but by His Graces, I have come to love it, and really be excited for, and praise Him for, His Justice - which I realize is Mercy in itself… I've had this dream twice now, where there is danger coming. In a house or apartment there is small room, that is hidden in the ceiling of a bedroom. It's a square and is short so people can sit in there, but since it's hidden, there's no light in there. I can see that inside this room, is lined with white ruffley pillows and it looks soft and cozy. I know I am with other people, and they climb a ladder up there in order to "stay safe", and they really seem excited to go in there, like it's a fun place to be. I can look up into the space, but I don't go in the room. I'm not exactly sure why, I just don't have the desire to, even though everyone is hyped about it. I wake up at the point after this, where I am standing there, right below them, near a frame of a bed that is in the room. I can sense that there are people outside of the room (the door is closed) and I know if they were to come in they would see me, but I'm not really worried about it or anything.  I had this dream more than a month ago and forgot about it, and it came up again last night. Does the room represent something? I don't want to keep Anything in any interior room in my own life.

PPTL:  The fact, that you had the dream, MORE than once – TWICE in fact – MEANS that it is ‘a Sign’ – to YOU – to give YOU, some VISUALS, on how ‘SOME PEOPLE’, IN the Remnant, are CHOOSING to view, the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the Lord; and how they are CHOOSING, to KEEP it, to THEMSELVES – and THAT means, ‘desiring to be COMFORTABLE’, and ‘REFUSING to nourish, their FELLOW brothers and SISTERS, with VIDEOS’.  The fact that the ROOM is covered, in “ruffley PILLOWS”, has to do with their ‘INTERIOR disposition, towards their CREATOR’.  The DREAM, reveals, ‘the SECRET room’, INSIDE, MANY members, of the Remnant – who have CHOSEN to simply ‘FEEL’; instead of ‘DO, what is being asked, OF them’.  YOU do not want to GO, into that ROOM – because you desire, to stay ‘LEVEL headed’ – and ‘GROUNDED’, in your faith!  For YOU, it is NOT about “climbing, a latter – to simply FEEL consolations and Graces; and STAY, in that STATE” – the CONSOLATIONS, are NOT ‘an END in THEMSELVES, FOR you’.  But for ‘THOSE who CLIMB that LATTER’ – in “the secret ROOM, of their INTERIOR lives” – that is very DARK! – but they SEE as “very COMFORTABLE” – that is ALL they are going to have, in the End. Thank you for sharing the dream, with us.  Hopefully, it will help, ‘others’, to see ‘the Sign’, and come back to their SENSES!

There is still time for people to come to their senses, before Christmas.

PPTL:  Just remember, N., that we are here to HELP you – and ONLY, want ‘what is best, FOR you’.  But YOU need to desire that as well.  Jesus wants to HEAL you; but, you must DESIRE, to be HEALED!  And so, simply share with us, as MUCH as you are ABLE to.  WE are going to HELP you, ‘open up’, on a DAILY basis – as long as you CHOOSE to… But you STILL need, to persevere… LET the HEALING in – and LET go, of all the PAIN – so you can move forward.

You DO remember that “the Testimony is FOOD”, don’t you?

Actual email: I am having a very difficult time eating.  I am forcing myself to eat because I KNOW I have to in order to have any physical and even spiritual strength.  What else can I do? Disregard... Shortly after I sent that to you, I had a very strong desire to eat a bowl of cereal.  Needless to say, I was very much able to eat.  Strange.

PPTL:  Perhaps that desire, has something to do, with your desire, NOT to receive, the Words of your Creator – moving through the Testimony – at times; and at OTHER times, ‘WANTING, to receive the Words, of your Creator – moving through the Testimony.  The question IS, “WHO is in CONTROL, of your appetite?"
Some Members of the Faithful Remnant may be wondering why "such a SEVERE Scourge" is coming to the lukewarm Members of the Remnant this Christmas.  To make a long story short, it is because some of them, are in fact even TRYING, to pull the Two WITNESSES off the Ark!  Here, see for yourself.
Actual email: I have to confess what I've been wrestling with… as we progress together, there is a growing amount of website material that isn't true to the Holy Bible. For example - the 3rd coming of Christ. Also, how is it that you are the Messiah walking the Earth now, yet we are still waiting for Jesus Christ the Lord to return in the flesh to rule and reign?... It's not right for our Creator to give us the Bible to cling to for thousands of years, only to bring a new Testimony that diverges from what we have understood to be Godly Truth at such a crucial time in Earth's history...a crucial time to be discerning.

PPTL: What you are suffering from, is your desire, to compromise, what you know to be TRUE, in the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord, WITH your OLD belief system, and way of doing things. You are STRUGGLING, because ‘the demons of LUKEWARMNESS’, are being brought to the SURFACE. And NOW, you are going to have to CHOOSE, between THEM, and the TESTIMONY. Because Jesus Christ HIMSELF said, “You either embrace ALL of Him, or NONE of Him”. And there were MANY teachings that Jesus gave, when He first arrived on the SCENE – more than 2000 YEARS ago – and those TEACHINGS, held TRUE, as He TESTIFIED, before His FATHER, in HEAVEN – ALL of the Saving TRUTHS, that were being OFFERED TO the people, in HIS generation – MANY of which, were NOT, ‘IN line’, with the Old Testament Teachings; MANY of which, went ‘OUTSIDE the Law, AND the Prophets’; but! – NEVER ‘contradicted’, the Old Testament!  HE, brought OUT, ‘the OLD’, and PRESENTED ‘the New’. And NOW, with the New TESTAMENT, FINISHED – HE, is bringing IN, “the ULTIMATE Testament” – and that is ‘a COMBINATION, of the OLD, and the NEW’.  It IS, “THAT, SIMPLE!”  There are MANY, CONTRADICTIONS! – in the BIBLE – for THOSE, who choose to ‘VIEW IT’, through ‘the SPIRIT, of the WORLD’.  There are MANY, contradictions in the TESTIMONY - for THOSE, who choose to VIEW it, through the EYES, of the WORLD!  There are MANY contradictions – EVEN in the LIFESTYLE, of the MEMBERS, of the FAITHFUL Remnant – if they CHOOSE to VIEW themselves, through the EYES, of the WORLD.  JESUS is the SAME, in His TESTIMONY, as HE WAS, in the NEW Testament; and He is EXPLAINING “the Spiritual Realities”, and the Manifestation of His Presence, on the Earth - here, in these Times. Many people, followed Him, listening to Him talk – because they were “CURIOUS, about his TEACHINGS”; they were “EXCITED, about the NOVELTY” – “WHO IS this man?”  “Who can SPEAK, like HIM?”  “He does not SPEAK like, our Jewish ELDERS?”  “What GIVES Him the power to SPEAK like this?” - And MANY other questions. They were ‘SO concerned’, about, “the WORDS”, that Jesus was SPEAKING, that they REFUSED to ALLOW themselves, to be TRANSFORMED, by them; they were MORE concerned, about His CREDENTIALS, than RECOGNIZING ‘the TRUTH’, when they heard it!  And THEN, He TOLD them, “Eat My Flesh, and DRINK My Blood – for YOU will have NO LIFE IN you…”  And HOW did the PEOPLE respond?  LOOK at the SCRIPTURE!!!  MANY people TURNED, from FOLLOWING Him – because THEY “didn’t LIKE” what they heard. ONLY, His TRUE Disciples, ‘ACCEPTED, WITHOUT the understanding’ – and it was ‘THESE’, that He chose, to teach.  And SO, YOU must decide for YOURSELF – if YOU, are a follower, of your own BELIEF system, from BEFORE, when you received the Testimony; or if you are a TRUE FOLLOWER, of the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ – the RISEN Lord.

Did you know that Jesus doesn’t answer all the prayers intentions He receives, all at once?

Actual email: Why haven't I heard from you in almost a week now?

PPTL: You NEED to know, that we DO, have a LOT of emails, in our inbox, on a daily BASIS.  But it is the TRUE Holy Spirit – that, ‘POINTS us’, in the DIRECTION, HE wants us to go.  And HE, in fact ‘DRAWS us’, to the EMAILS, where PEOPLE, are ‘actually SEEKING to grow’ – SPIRITUALLY, at the time of HIS choosing, and not OURS. There may be, some days, where you do not HEAR back, FROM us – but, you are STILL expected, to WRITE, every DAY – and get those “good INSPIRATIONS”, written DOWN.  Because, when the TRUE Holy Spirit, LEADS us, to YOUR email – we can ANSWER – MUCH, of what you have shared, over THOSE days – with Divine Counsel – covering MANY more topics!  Just, as you, are expected, to PRAY, to the Most High True God, every DAY – and SEEK Him, with all of your Heart, Mind, and Soul – you are CALLED to Contact US – DAILY – so that WE can relay to you, His most TANGIBLE response. WE, do not have ‘ALL, of the answers’ BUT! – HE does. 

Actual email: I'm sorry for not using common sense.  I'm struggling with staying focused and having trouble seeing myself through the eyes of Jesus. I realized I need spiritual vision and I really need to empty myself out.  What should I be rejecting or asking for?

PPTL:  YOU, will need, to reject, all of your FEARS, doubts, WORRIES, and ANXIETIES – give them to JESUS; and USING, the deliverance prayer – TRADE them, for ‘True Peace’, and for the INDWELLING, of the Blessed Trinity.  YOU are not ‘going about your SPIRITUAL life’, the right way!  Because you are ‘wanting to DO things’, the way, YOU want to do them; and NOT the way, the Most High TRUE God, has revealed – that you, are to ‘APPROACH’, your problems.  There is ‘a WAY’, for you, to grow spiritually – and to CONSTRUCTIVELY, be ‘built up’, in the Truth, and in LIFE; OR, there is YOUR way – which is VERY “SELF-DESTRUCTIVE”, and will ONLY LEAD YOU FURTHER AWAY, from your CREATOR!  STOP choosing to SEE yourself, as “a VICTIM!”  It doesn’t make SENSE!  When the Most High TRUE God – is doing ‘EVERYTHING, that He possibly CAN’, to HELP… REJECT ‘the spirit of blasphemy’!  DO NOT CALL, ‘what HE, is doing, for YOU’ – “a burden”!  ASK for the Grace, to see your SITUATION, and to see YOURSELF, through HIS Eyes – ONLY!  WHY would you want to see yourself, through “the EYES of the BLIND”!  Do YOU, believe that their “EYESIGHT”, is more ACCURATE? – than, the Most High TRUE God’s ‘Spiritual Vision’?  SEE “the INSANITY”, that YOU, have been CHOOSING to EMBRACE? – in your SPIRITUAL life?  TAKE off “the armor of the ENEMY!” – and CLOTHE yourself, in ‘the ARMOR, of your Creator’.  NO excuses!
In the Old Testament, as Moses led the Israelites through the desert, “the CUT”, was much more subtle.  When people complained in their interior lives, or even out loud – about ‘the Path’ that had been set before them – the Path to the Promised Land - the physical realities would simply kick-in.  As their physical bodies, would protest “the path of life”, they would become sick; and if they didn’t change course, they would eventually fall to the ground, and be left behind.  This Christmas, is going to be “a little more EPIC”, and “a little more HISTORIC”, than that – because THIS time folks – THIS Christmas, people all around the world, are going to know, that the Most High True God – the God of the Old Testament even – is BACK!  

Many people are beginning to use the terms, "the Messiah", and "the Second Blessed Trinity", in their everyday household speech.  Now that the True Roles of Pope Peter the Last and Mary Romanus are being revealed in even more detail, the implications for the Archdiocese of Kingston – the Diocese where Pope Peter the Last was validly ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in 2003 - are really quite staggering.  Here is a little update, on that topic.

Pope Peter The Last: Before I left the Archdiocese of Kingston, I gave them a prophetic message, that revealed to them, that The Most High True God had Chosen me, for “DIFFERENT service”, for ‘a different calling’; and that they were WARNED, ahead of time – NOT, to give, their DIOCESE, ‘a black eye’, in the Sight of their Creator!  They were WARNED to take the Message, very SERIOUSLY - and EVEN all SUBSEQUENT messages; but they did NOT!   INSTEAD they chose to BURY, the Revelations. 

Jesus Christ the Lord said: I SAID that those Revelations, would become BURNING COALS BENEATH THEM – and I meant EVERY Word!  They CHOSE to deny MY Voice  – before the PEOPLE!  So THEY have ALL been “DENIED”, before My FATHER, in HEAVEN, - UNLESS they CHOOSE to repent, of THEIR wickedness, of THEIR ‘PLOTS, to DESTROY YOU’, My son, and to BURY you!  Like SO many, of the OTHER priests, they chose to ‘BURY’, because they WANTED to speak ‘Truths’, to the people. 

PPTL:  It was ALSO revealed, at the time, that the Archbishop, of that Diocese, was in fact, a practicing FREEMASON AND occultist.  And SO, the Most High TRUE God, revealed, that he, was no LONGER, “the Bishop/Shepherd”, of that DIOCESE – but that I, in fact, was GIVEN, the spiritual ROLE, as “the new SHEPHERD, and BISHOP of that Diocese”.  I, had, approached, MANY priests – in that Diocese, with PERSONAL, PROPHETIC Messages – from their CREATOR!  And they ALL, rejected, the WORDS – the very SALVATION, that was EXTENDED, TO them.  After, ‘SOME of them’, even acknowledged, the Words as being FROM, “Jesus Christ the LORD HIMSELF” – they STILL, rejected them; AND, were ORDERED, BY “the bishop”, in that Diocese – the FALSE bishop – to NOT, allow, the priests to READ, any more MESSAGES – that I, was receiving, from the Most High TRUE God, on a daily basis.  So “the false bishop” – CUT, the priests, OFF, from the LIVING WORDS OF, their CREATOR!  And as ‘a JUST Response’ – the Most High TRUE God, Stole HIS Presence, from their Tabernacles – and STOLE His Anointings BACK, from ALL of the Priests IN that Diocese! – and they HAVE BEEN IN FACT, “IN PERSONAE satane” – since, 2007.  NOT, “a good, REPORT card”, before, their MAKER!
Note: Although the Testimony reveals that the Abomination of Desolation was fully set up in all the religious institutions in October of 2009, that does NOT change the immutable and historical fact, that “GROUND ZERO” for the Abomination of Desolation – the one spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, began in the Archdiocese of Kingston Ontario, in 2007, after the death of Archbishop Anthony Meagher (– the Bishop who ordained me to the priesthood, and who is now in Heaven, interceding for my Papacy – the Papacy of Petrus Romanus, the Last True Pope of this Era in human history).  And so, Mary and I, now look forward, to ALL the Video Testimonies, of ALL the FORMER priests, of the Archdiocese of Kingston, who wish to no longer be performing their ministries, ‘in personae satanae’ before all of Heaven.  The “so-called priests” of the Archdiocese of Kingston who wish to continue performing their daily duties with no anointing from Heaven whatsoever, will simply have to answer to their Creator, for that choice.  “Report cards” will be handed out tomorrow; and we know that their loyalties and choices, will be most accurately reflected by 'the Spiritual MARK' they are each given.  And we now ask Saint Anthony Meagher, to intercede from Heaven, for the Divine Justice that is about to befall, and will continue to befall, the so-called priests of the Archdiocese of Kingston - beginning on Christmas Day, 2015. It's a tough job! - but he can most certainly help us with it.  Thanks in advance, Saint Anthony Meagher!  Looking forward to giving you "high fives", when we meet in person once again, in the fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth!  Amen.
Now as I was updating the Testimony with the above entry, Saint Anthony Meagher made a comment to Mary and I - referring to how, "this is something that N. can not control."  And so I asked if there was anything else he would like to share a this time.
Saint Anthony Meagher: All that I would have wanted to say, has already been said, by Our Lord.  For ALL of us, in Heaven – we know, the IMPORTANCE, of the Lord Jesus Christ’s TESTIMONY, to the SALVATION of Souls.  But, they ALL choose to live, in DENIAL of it.  AND they DENY! – the POWER, of the Most High TRUE God’s Word.  And so, MANY of them, will CONTINUE to suffer for it; and there is NOTHING, that ANY of us in HEAVEN, can DO – except PRAY!
Yes we DID pray - for JUSTICE!  And now, it’s time for some poetry!  T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not EVEN my wife! ...and why was THAT? – you might be wondering.  Because we were busy answering emails.  Here, see for yourself:

It looks like the Dove found some more life outside the ARK today!

PPTL: THANK you, for presenting, ‘a proper video testimony’ – for the NATIONS! – to see; and for ‘SOME’, to benefit from.  WELCOME aboard, the ARK!  And NOW, you can begin, your ‘REAL journey’ – WITH, Jesus Christ the LORD, as, you seek DAILY Counsel – FROM Me, AND My wife.  WELL done!  THANK you, for SHARING, ‘the TRUTH’, that has CONVICTED, your entire being!

Whenever the Members of the Faithful Remnant make a video testifying to the Nations, the FRUITS of being a Member, there is always something very important, to focus on NEXT.

PPTL: Truly, it is the Generosity of the Most High TRUE God – who continues to share, ‘HIS Gifts’, with the Members of the Remnant, so that they can share THEIR Gifts, with their fellow brothers and sisters… and NOW, He wants you to FOCUS, on your SPIRITUAL Purification – to focus, on ‘listening to HIM’ – in EACH and EVERY Moment – OF, your life.  HE desires that you praise HIM – with EVERY heartbeat; and that YOU, would desire, to LIVE, ‘a LIFE’, that is PLEASING, in HIS Eyes – and, to do your BEST, to overcome SIN, and TEMPTATION – with the HELP of His Graces. 

When Members of the Faithful Remnant choose to bury their Gifts, as a way of life - they soon enter the demoniac state.  It is not safe to socialize with those in ‘the beast state’ AND it is not safe to socialize with those in ‘the demoniac state’.  REMEMBER! – this following warning message was sent out BEFORE “the Mark of Cain”, is to be administered by the Holy Angels - TOMORROW!

PPTL: N., has ‘STUBBORNLY’, made her choice – over, and over, again.  And SO, rest ASSURED, you are NOT called to contact, her – because, SHE is no LONGER, being ‘GOVERNED’, by the Most High TRUE God – but she HAS ‘CHOSEN’, her SIDE - she HAS ‘chosen teams’, and she will ‘REAP the consequences’.  She can ONLY be used as ‘a PUPPET, for the enemy’ – during this ‘CRITICAL time’, in human history.  BEST, to reject her ‘demonic cluster’ – ALL of you! – and ask for the TRUE Peace of the Most High TRUE God, to Reign in your hearts – instead.  Because, she will NOT be experiencing, ‘ANY Peace’, THIS Christmas.

The Heavenly Witness Protection Program is a Gift, that is ONLY for the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are doing THEIR part, in response to what their CREATOR is asking of them.

PPTL: The REASON, that man, was able to STEAL, your FOOD, was SIMPLY, because, YOU, have actually been STEALING, FROM, the Most High TRUE God – receiving, the Gift of His TESTIMONY, but not ‘bearing FRUIT’. YOU will need to Change!  YOU need to be seeking DAILY Counsel, and sharing YOUR struggles WITH us – SO we can help you… the Most High TRUE God, is going to have Mercy ON you, this Christmas – out of HIS, ‘Great Love’, for YOUR Soul.  Would that YOU, would choose to love your Soul, as HE does!

There are “bad report cards”, and then there are WORSE report cards.  And so, "What is the lesson in that?"  Whenever you get “a bad report card”, don’t make matters worse.  In other words, “FIX it!”

PPTL: It’s NOT "too late", and you CAN, ‘FIX this’.  GIVE 'what is IN you to GIVE', N., and STOP ‘holding BACK’, from your CREATOR!  It’s NOT “rocket science” – what He is ASKING, OF you.  And REMEMBER – to BEAT yourself UP – is actually “FALSE humility”.  To THINK of yourself as “the WORST”? – or to think BADLY of yourself, is “False Humility”.  TRUE Humility, is using ALL of the Gifts, AND the Graces, AND the Blessings, that the Most High TRUE God has GIVEN you – and ‘desiring to bear FRUIT!’

Once again, the Heavenly Witness Protection Program, offersCONDITIONAL protection.  And here are a few words of advice, on how to make your next video even better.

PPTL: REMEMBER “what comes BEFORE the fall” IS ‘the sin of PRIDE’.  So what “proud THOUGHTS”, were you HOLDING ON TO – TIGHTLY – at the time of your FALL?  WHY, DID your Guardian ANGEL, ‘stand DOWN?’  REMEMBER you need to reject ‘the demonic CLUSTER’ of your former IDENTITY, on a daily BASIS, and ASK for the Grace to live your TRUE identity, as ‘a child of the Most High TRUE God’.  And WHEN you do a VIDEO, you NEED to practice reading the SCRIPT, and UNDERSTANDING what is THERE, so you can SHARE, ‘THAT understanding’, with the VIEWER!  You NEED to know what you are SAYING; and to GIVE the words MEANING.  And you NEED to PROCLAIM them, with CERTAINTY!  YOU will need to RE-DO this video… the video, is between YOU, and your CREATOR.  You are doing it in front of HIM – to share, ‘HIS Truth’, with the Nations. Make SURE, you pray a decade of the ROSARY, asking for the GRACES, for ‘a SUCCESSFUL recording’.  We hope your next video, is BETTER, than this one.  This video you did, was “not well prepared”; and you were not, doing it from the heart.

Why the Mark of the Beast has come...
Video by the Two Witnesses
Catchy piano intro by PPTL.  Vocals at end of video, Mary Romanus
Unfortunately, at 7:12, PPTL's buzzer missed "the critical lyric".
For the record - that was actually a video export glitch,
as the buzzer overlapped the lyric in the video editing mode.
Why anyone would want to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of receiving the spiritual mark of the beast today, and celebrate being CUT OFF from the Graces, flowing from Jesus Christ the Lord, on this day, is a little beyond the both of us, to put it mildly.  But the demons of consumerism and materialism, seem to have taken over MOST of the people on the face of the Earth.  The TRUE Members of the Faithful Remnant, know, that "every day is Christmas Day"; and so there is no excuse, to conform to the social customs of those in the beast state.  If the Faithful Remnant Members expect to remain aboard the Ark of Salvation, they had better not embrace 'the spirit of satanic unity' with those in the beast state, EVER!!! - but ESPECIALLY today!  If you feel the need to set up a nativity scene, then it is best to do so ALWAYS, in your interior life; use the deliverance prayer, to shovel out "the animal stalls", before Jesus takes a closer look.  Understand?
This above message and video was posted on this website, for the entire month before Christmas, as a warning. For those people who are already thinking about plans for NEXT Christmas, remember, it will be the 4 year anniversary of the Mark of the Beast, and the ONE year anniversary, of the Mark of Cain.  Because today, is... (cue above video intro)
Christmas Day, 2015

 He who conquers shall be clothed like them in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life; I will confess his name before my Father and before his angels.
(Revelations 3:5)
Well it looks like the bottom-feeders were hungry THIS Christmas.  But some Members of the Faithful Remnant did manage to "conquer sin", by simply doing, what they were asked to do, by their King.  They are the ones, who have chosen to persevere in the True Faith, and their names, will NOT be blotted out.
The above message was posted on this website for the month leading up to this day.  But even with that warning, in fact, 10 Members of the Remnant were "blotted out" from the Book of Life this Christmas, because they chose to "go it alone" - apart from their Creator, and His Two Witnesses; and in defiance of what He was asking OF them.
7 Members of the Faithful Remnant received a very special Christmas Present yesterday - because of their OBEDIENCE to what their Creator was asking of them.  Here, I will share with you ONE reaction to that Present:
Actual emailAmen!!! Doing a dance right now. That is great news to wake up to! This is the best morning of my life. So my breakfast will be sweeter than ever. Glory be to The Most High True God! I bless His Holy name in this moment and I will be forever thankful to Him. I will always give an offering of thanksgiving to The Most High True God for all eternity. All Honour, Glory and Thanksgiving be to The Most High True God, the Creator of Heavens and earth, both now and forever! Amen. This will be a memorable Christmas for me that I will share with my children of all generations and we will all praise the Holy name of The Most High True God from eternity to eternity. Thank you Pope Peter and Mary Romanus. May The Most High True God bless you more and more everyday. I also give my thanks to Our Blessed Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary for her prayers and her company and her love. My heart is in Heaven right now sharing in the joy of God Almighty Eternal Father in Heaven. I love you Jesus!!!
But what was "the Present"? - you might be wondering.  It was a very special Gift, that was given as their names were proclaimed by Jesus Christ the Lord, before the Whole Heavenly Court.  And this was the Present they opened on Christmas Day - in their email INBOX of course!
PPTL:  You have now been ‘SEALED’, with the SIGN, OF the Living GOD!  AND, your will has been FIXED! – on PERSEVERING – towards your CREATOR – in EVERY moment, of EVERY day!  AND!  YOU, ARE, NOW, ‘a PARTAKER, IN, ‘the Immaculate Conception, of the Blessed Virgin Mary!’  CONGRATULATIONS!!!
And now for a shocking contrast: 
We asked Jesus Christ the Lord some specific questions about “the stocking stuffers” He handed out THIS Christmas - and let’s just say, “IT is the absolute WORST time in human history to be a LUKEWARM Christian”!  And why is that? - you might be asking.  Because  “the mark of Cain” - was administered THIS Christmas, by the Holy Angels.  It was administered to all those who knew the Testimony to be True, but who then chose to reject it - and in doing so, rejected us, as being "the Two Witnesses".  But HOW MANY people received the mark of Cain?  We know that more than 100,000 people have visited this website and have seen the Testimony; and almost all of them have rejected it.  We also know that Obama and Francis are fully informed about these revelations, and yet they have both chosen to continue serving their father down below.  We know that our YouTube videos have in fact reached millions - most of whom, responded by giving our videos an "F". And so the Holy Angels were VERY busy, this Christmas.  Perhaps the most shocking thing about the mark of Cain is that it IS “an ETERNAL mark” – ONLY for those Members of the Faithful Remnant who were welcomed aboard the Ark after they made a video Testimony - and who THEN chose to be lukewarm.  For all others, the mark of Cain, is something that CAN be removed – but ONLY if they take action according to the instructions that follow.  For those who refuse to take the necessary action, the mark will become an Eternal mark for them as well.

“Is the Mark of Cain, a laughing matter?”  You can decide that for yourself.  Here are the facts:  The SOULS of those who received ‘the spiritual mark of the beast’ 3 years ago, have been ‘set aside’, UNTIL, their PHYSICAL lives come to an end.  Only then, will their SOULS, will be returned to them to experience “the full torments” (- unless they Contact Us and follow the instructions). Basically, the mark of the beast allows society to continue to function.  The mark of Cain, is NOT about keeping people comfortable enough to function.  The SOULS of those with ‘the mark of CAIN’, WERE in fact RETURNED to all those who received THAT mark - and they are NOW beginning to experience the full torments of Hell – while they are still alive. 

PPTL:  What is required in order for the mark of Cain to be removed, in order for SOME Souls to find relief?

Jesus said: People will need to make ‘a public proclamation’ – that, they at first KNOWINGLY rejected My Testimony; AND, are now, ‘desiring’, to become a Member of My Faithful Remnant.  And, THEY must confess, that they were WRONG, in rejecting it, in rejecting ME, AND in rejecting My Two Witnesses, AND in rejecting ‘the Last Pope’.  Basically, it’s “a public confession” – OR, you could call it, “a public humiliation”.  THAT is ‘what is required’. 

PPTL:  What will happen to people who DON'T get the mark of Cain removed?  Will they go insane?

Jesus said: The demons, will ‘TURN, on them’, FROM the inside – and ‘EAT them’, away, very quickly. THEY will WRITHE, both in SPIRITUAL, AND in PHYSICAL pain – and SOME, will have "SORES", break out, on them.  But EVEN after THAT – MANY of them, will STILL hold on – THEY WILL not repent.  IT is in the Book of Revelations.  And Scripture MUST BE fulfilled!
The fifth angel poured his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was in darkness; men gnawed their tongues in anguish and cursed the God of heaven for their pain and sores, and did not repent of their deeds.
(Revelations 16:10-11)
"We heard this voice borne from heaven, for we were with him on the holy mountain. And we have the prophetic word made more sure.You will do well to pay attention to this as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts."
(2 Peter 1:18-19)
"Do you not know that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance? But by your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed. For he will render to every man according to his works: to those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life; but for those who are factious and do not obey the truth, but obey wickedness, there will be wrath and fury. There will be tribulation and distress for every human being who does evil."
(Romans 2:4b-9a)

How long did it take for people with the mark of Cain, to RUN for the antidote?  It started today.  Here is the response the first "patient" received.  And yes, that means "he will need to be patient".  And why is that? - you might be wondering.  Because he judged the Testimony, rashly.  And so the antidote, will take some time, to take effect.  Now that we have seen his heartfelt public confession video, we are now waiting for his video testimony.  And we are NOT, "in a hurry"; but he is!

Jesus said: MY Divine Mercy is ENDLESS, for THOSE who SEEK it.  But NOT MANY do, in THESE Times, where ‘WICKEDNESS and DEPRAVITY’, have COVERED the entire PLANET!  KNOW that, I AFFLICT, but ONLY in order to HEAL!  For THOSE who STUBBORNLY REFUSE, My MERCY, there is ONLY, ONE OTHER OPTION LEFT – and that IS, My JUST WRATH and PUNISHMENT!  I do not desire, for ANYONE’S Soul, to perish; but HUNDREDS, of THOUSANDS, of SOULS, PERISH! – every day.  When PEOPLE, who have ‘the MARK, of the BEAST’, DIE in that STATE – their SOUL, GOES, to “the TORMENTS of HELL”.  And there is NEVER, any relief.  But I never “SEND”, anyone, to Hell.  They GO there, by, their CHOICES.  The FRUIT, of ‘a WICKED life’, is HELL!  BUT! – IN My GREAT Mercy, for SOULS – they are RECEIVING, “a WAKE-up call” – NOW – AS, some SOULS, are being RETURNED, to their BODIES, on the Earth; and THEY, are BEGINNING, to experience, ‘EXCRUCIATING torments’.  NOW, HOW is that “MERCY”?  BECAUSE, they can then CHOOSE, to find RELIEF, or NOT.  They can CHOOSE, to LISTEN, to My TESTIMONY, and RECEIVE it, into their HEARTS! – and be TRANSFORMED, by My WORD!  It is “the OBSTINATE and REBELLIOUS and STUBBORN and PRIDEFUL” individuals, who have SEEN My Testimony – who have ‘SPAT upon it’ IN their hearts – who are NOW, receiving “a JUST, Consequence” – FOR, their CHOICES!  The RELIEF, IS, ‘AVAILABLE’, for THOSE, who will HUMBLE themselves; REPENT of their sins FROM their Heart – ask ME to Bless their WATER, and then USE it ACCORDINGLY – BECAUSE, it is My TRUE Holy Spirit, that COMES upon the water – and THAT is “New LIFE”.  So, THOSE who have RECEIVED, the Mark of CAIN, can find RELIEF, by TURNING to the TRUE Holy Spirit – in My TESTIMONY; by using BLESSED, HOLY Water – that I will Bless! – but ONLY, if they have HUMBLE, and CONTRITE hearts; I will take “NO LIP service!”  A public confession, is ALSO necessary.  N., you CANNOT continue, to DENY, the TRUE, spiritual REALITIES, that are ALL around you – BECAUSE you have, your SOUL – you SEE things, ‘DIFFERENTLY’ – and, you KNOW, My TESTIMONY, is TRUTH, and LIFE. BUT! You cannot have “both WORLDS”, ANYMORE – I won’t ALLOW it!  There is ‘a narrow PATH’, that YOU are called to WALK, in becoming a MEMBER, of the TRUE Church, of the UNIVERSAL Church – not “a stone-cold BUILDING”.  BUT! – a CHURCH, FOUNDED on the Rock of TRUE Faith in ME – and NO “human institution”.  I, desire ‘a personal relationship with YOU’; YOU, need to desire the same.  It’s that SIMPLE!  I have TOLD you, HOW, you can find relief from your AFFLICTIONS.  Now it is YOU, who must do YOUR part!

What should you do when someone wants to shake your hand - in THESE Times?

PPTL: Whenever someone wants to shake your hand, just keep your hands to the side, and simply say, “I do not shake hands”.  YOU, are not REQUIRED, to shake hands with ANYONE, at all! – it is ‘a FALSE tradition’, that has been adopted, by MANY cultures, INCLUDING, ‘the WESTERN culture’.  It IS in fact, ‘a FALSE greeting’ – and especially now, that people have become ‘mere shells filled with DEMONS’ – NOW, is in fact ‘the WORST time’, to shake hands, with ANYONE, in ALL, of Human History!  YOU will meet with “RESISTANCE”, FROM them; but, ‘STAND your GROUND!’ – I will uphold that DECISION, IN your life.  Those who want to shake your hand, or even ‘HUG you’, at THIS time, ONLY, want to TRANSFER, their ‘DEMONIC cluster’, and their DEMONS, INTO you.  IF they ever ‘CATCH YOU OFF GUARD’, and ‘OUT of ROUTINE’ – you have shaken their HAND – or they have come up from BEHIND you to HUG you, without your consent – SIMPLY reject their demonic clusters immediately, and commend them to the Immediate and Ongoing Divine Justice of the Most High TRUE God. It is THAT simple!

Why do Members of the Faithful Remnant experience "afflictions", from time to time?

PPTL: Sometimes, the Most High TRUE God will put you through ‘a TRIAL’, in order to see, how YOU will handle it – even though HE already knows, the outcome – He wants YOU to know, ‘how Strong YOU have become’ – in your free-will CHOICES. So He SENDS ‘afflictions’, at times; and that is when YOU are called to turn to HIM, and ask for HIS Strength, to overcome – and THAT is exactly what you DID!  And you experienced, ‘the FRUIT’, of that choice.  And NOW, what was BROKEN, has been fixed!
It is NEVER a good idea to tolerate blasphemous thoughts, that can only be inspirations from demons.  Do you want to know why?
Actual email: I have rejected the Testimony in my mind - this is baloney. I WANT to keep the Testimony. I do not want to REBEL against HIM in my mind or otherwise, it is STUPID! I KNOW it is the Truth. So, I have rejected rebelliousness and asked for the Grace of Obedience. Part of my mind just thought I was testing HIM - to see how many times I could say it in my mind without being in serious trouble. That is also EXTREMELY STUPID. Help! - because this is not right!  I do not want to be thrown off the Ark, and I am grateful that HE is slow to anger. Please help me fix this - it is nuts! I have been reading the testimony since being led to it!

PPTL: It is NEVER a good idea, to put the Lord Most High TRUE God to the test; but it is HE, who is given ‘the RIGHT’, by His Father in HEAVEN, to put US to the test – because “the KILN tests the potter’s VESSEL”.  We KNOW what you are being afflicted with – it IS ‘an evil spirit’. WE will HELP you OVERCOME, this spiritual problem – that MANY have overcome, ONLY by His Grace.  KNOW that the TESTIMONY, is CONTRARY, to EVERYTHING! – that is “HUMAN thinking”; and that His TESTIMONY, is TRULY ‘a REFLECTION’, of the MIND of the LORD Jesus CHRIST!  And who can KNOW the Mind, of the Most High TRUE God? - or even UNDERSTAND His WAYS?  WHO can RECEIVE the TESTIMONY into their HEARTS? – in order for THEM, to be CHANGED, BY it?  ONLY those He CALLS! – and who RESPOND to His Call.  Only THOSE who DESIRE, to be TRANSFORMED by His Word.  No LONGER, can they ‘THINK, with a base MIND’; no LONGER can they USE, their “human INTELLECT” – in order to LIVE – NO!  The TESTIMONY, can ONLY be received, by the TRUE Holy Spirit, dwelling WITHIN the individual.  And so, there is ‘a BLOCK’ – to your RECEIVING of it.  You KNOW it to be TRUE – THROUGH and THROUGH.  But the DEMONS want to SABOTAGE, your RELATIONSHIP, with your CREATOR; and they WANT to “SHORTEN your time”, on the ARK.  So what you NEED to reject, is ‘the spirit of BLASPHEMY’.  USE the Blessed HOLY Water; and PRAY the Holy Water DELIVERANCE Prayer.  Blasphemy IS “a wedge” – between you, and your Creator.  It is, ‘ONE, of the STRONGEST DEMONS’ – the enemy SENDS to people, to try to STOP them, from being Blessed.  ASK for the CORRESPONDING Grace, of the INDWELLING, of the Blessed TRINITY, in your Soul, and PRAY the Burning Bush Prayer, FROM the Heart, once again. 

Footnote: After reading that above response: WHY can’t people WITHOUT the True Holy Spirit RECEIVE the Testimony?

"It is to fulfill the word that is written in their law, ‘They hated me without a cause.’ But when the Counselor comes, whom I shall send to you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, [a.k.a. the TRUE Holy Spirit] who proceeds from the Father, he will bear witness to me; and you also are witnesses, because you have been with me from the beginning."
(John 15:25-27)

Many Members of the Faithful Remnant, “chose WISELY” this Christmas.

PPTL: It was a wise move to “get out of town” DURING the holidays… just to wait for ‘the dust to settle’, over there, and for MANY of the people, to FULLY receive ‘their MARK’, OVER the Christmas holidays.  Keep FOCUSED on Jesus, and staying in His TRUE Peace.
The mark of Cain, is actually, much, much worse "a SCOURGE", than the mark of the beast.  We have been instructed to reveal "only what is necessary"; but we can tell you this:
Actual email: The website is still getting hundreds of hits per day; and so, when those people 'reject it', are they receiving the Mark of Cain, as well?  If so, things most certainly are NOT going well for this world and those who reject “the olive branch” being extended through TMHTG's Testimony and His Two Witnesses.  Not that things were going well, for them; but so much for “making yourself comfortable”!

PPTL: YES, well, the Most High TRUE God, is simply ‘FULL, of surprises’; and we are SURE, that He has “MORE in STORE”, before the Holiday SEASON, is OVER!  N., got EXACTLY, “what they were ASKING for” – THIS Christmas – because THEY were seeking to afflict YOU – THEY, became afflicted!  They got an “F” on their report card, before ALL of Heaven! And NOW the Most High TRUE God is simply ‘waiting, for the PERFECT time’, for EVERYTHING to unfold, the way HE has planned. 

The Members of the Faithful Remnant are noticing a profound Peace when they pray together.

Actual email: We gathered again today…Praying the rosary together has been beautiful! It's amazing being around TMHTG's children in constant worship. There has been an abundant amount of love and joy in my heart!... in that moment, it seemed like I was living the Era of Peace!

PPTL: That is because you WERE experiencing the Era of Peace IN your Interior Life – because you are SEEKING the Will of your CREATOR! – and WHAT is His WILL?  That you simply be FILLED, with ETERNAL Joy, and True PEACE; that you EXPERIENCE HIS ‘Loving Embrace’ – THROUGH, ‘people, who actually have SOULS’! – not only SOULS, but they are your TRUE family!  You see, the Lord Jesus Christ Most High TRUE God gathered you ALL together – in His GREAT Love and IN His Mercy – BECAUSE, His MERCY endures FOREVER, and His STEADFAST Love, to ALL Generations! 

Many Members of the Faithful Remnant are still undergoing many trials - as they take practical steps to distance themselves PHYSICALLY, from those who prefer to exist in a kingdom of darkness.

PPTL: EVERYTHING has been supplied FOR you, that you will need. ALL you need to do is YOUR part, and have Faith, in Jesus Christ the LORD.  It appears through HUMAN eyes, that ‘your situation’, is INDEED, “very STRESSFUL”; BUT, to the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE! – who CREATED, the EARTH, AND the Heavens, AND the entire UNIVERSE – with the Planets and the STARS – it REALLY is “something very small” – for Him, to help you overcome.  So CONTINUE to TURN to Him, in your INTERIOR life – to LEAD you, in ‘the next step’.  He has OBVIOUSLY responded with ‘His Heavy Hand of JUSTICE’, on N. BECAUSE, the Testimony has been SHARED, with her, and SHE has rejected it, and THEREFORE HAS! – the mark of Cain. KNOW that the Most High TRUE God “has your back!”  And we are ‘SIMPLY here to support you’. 
Time for some "practical advice".
Actual email: I used to drink a lot of energy drinks, but I stopped drinking them some time back. I had one today and It just didn't seem right. Also I get ‘a sense of guilt’ when I buy chips from the vending machine at work. Part of that is because when I quit smoking… I started snacking more… I have been trying to get some exercise in a few times during the week like I read before in the mailbox. Also I haven't been eating at night like I used to.

PPTL: You don’t need ‘a fake ENERGY drink’ to get you through the day.  You need to ask the True Holy SPIRIT to GIVE you, ‘the necessary STRENGTH’ – to endure ‘the TRIALS of the day’!  AS for your diet, you NEED, to simply have ‘a VARIED one’; and make SURE, that you are taking ‘fruits and vegetables’ WITH you, to WORK – so you can HAVE them WITH you, on your LUNCH break; instead of snacking on CHIPS, you could buy some CELERY sticks. CUT them up, put them in a plastic container WITH water, and take THOSE with you.  You could ALSO do the same, WITH carrots.  You see the Most High TRUE God has helped us with EVERY aspect of our lives – NOT just ‘the SPIRITUAL’; but the PHYSICAL as WELL!... What you need to DO, is set aside TIME, for a WALK – JUST to help with the blood circulation - the blood flow – THAT is important!  A 20 minute to 30 minute walk EVERY day, will help!  Along with, staying off SALTY snacks.  ASK the Most High TRUE God to speed up your METABOLISM as WELL, and He WILL!  Hope that helps!

One Member asked us about a family tradition of praying in a circle, and wanted to know what to pray, at the end of their daily prayers.

PPTL: It WOULD be best, NOT to pray in a circle… Because you CORRECTLY DISCERNED – it IS, “protestant”. INSTEAD, let the True Holy SPIRIT lead… There is NO need, to have, [more] prayers’ – NOT with all the Daily Prayers, that you have been GIVEN.  There is no REASON, to add ANYTHING TO them.  BUT, if you WANT to say a prayer, at the END, of your “PRAYER” – you can SIMPLY pray “Amen”.  That is the BEST way, to END prayers!

Everyone in the Era of Peace will be able to hear “the Voice of the TRUE Holy Spirit” in their Interior life.  The enemy of Souls, of course, wants to take the place of the Most High TRUE God in the Interior life – but can ONLY do so with a person’s consent.  That being said, if ever you experience ‘the torment of blasphemous thoughts’ in your Interior life, this will help:

PPTL: You NEED to reject your DESIRE to have ‘a divided HEART’ – THAT is what you are BATTLING with the MOST.  And THAT is why the ENEMY, IS allowed to TORMENT you WITH ‘satanic VOICES’.  YOU will need to reject ‘the spirit of satanic voices’; and ASK for the GRACE, to ONLY listen, to the True Holy SPIRIT.  You HAVE ‘the ABILITY’ to DO so – you HAVE the Most High TRUE God’s GRACE. You SIMPLY need, to spend less time THINKING, about ‘the PROBLEMS that you HAVE’ – in your INTERIOR life; and FOCUS on the SOLUTION!  You NEED to be more ACTIVE, in your INTERIOR life – in turning to JESUS, and asking HIM – to SIMPLY, REMOVE the satanic voices! – and REPLACE, those VOICES, with the PEACEFUL voice of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT – INSTEAD.  YOU will need to reject ‘the spirit of blasphemy’, as well.

Now that so many bottom-feeders are “boiling over” with the mark of Cain, MANY Members of the Faithful Remnant are “making other plans”.  But they will need to wait on the Most High TRUE God, to reveal “the very BEST plan”.

PPTL: AS for WHERE, you are called to LIVE, YOU are going to need to turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit, and ask HIM to lead you.  Don’t try to do it by YOURSELF; because it WILL be FRUITLESS!  Of COURSE, you WILL NEED, to KNOW, that there is WORK – in the AREA you are MOVING to – BEFORE, you rent an apartment. DO not, ‘sabotage’ your LIVING circumstances, by not THINKING; and REACTING!  Jesus EXPECTS you to THINK, and then WAIT, on His TRUE Holy SPIRIT – to reveal ‘the NEXT step’ – because THAT is ‘how He WORKS!’

I have mentioned many times in the Testimony, that Jesus is now Seated on His Throne in Heaven.  Unfortunately, MANY Members of the Remnant, just can’t seem to let go of “the protestant jesus”.  And when Remnant Members make videos, where they speak of protestant theology, and neglect the True Spiritual realities - Jesus does something that He simply couldn’t do on “The Cross of His Mercy”: He picks up His Gavel, and makes ready His Divine Justice!

PPTL: You NEED to know that JESUS, is OFF the Cross! – and that HE is “the RISEN Lord”, in THESE Times, and that He is RULING from HIS Throne, in HEAVEN!  YOU, were SPEAKING, in your VIDEO, to ‘an AUDIENCE’, without SOULS!  Your VIDEO did not, make SENSE, to ‘the TIMES’, we are LIVING in – because, it is ‘not ENOUGH’, for PEOPLE, to invite JESUS, into their HEARTS, in order to be SAVED!  NO!  NOT in these TIMES!  NOT, in THESE, “APOCALYPTIC” Times!  YOU are still ‘LIVING in the PAST’!  And YOU, are ‘FALSELY SEEING yourself’, as “a PASTOR!” – a “PROTESTANT MINISTER”!!!  And in your OPENING, sentence, you did NOT ‘quote the source’ – who SAID those words!  You did NOT TELL, the AUDIENCE, “Those were words from Jesus”.  You are SEEKING to put YOURSELF on ‘a PEDASTEL’, while CLAIMING to put the LORD ABOVE you.  FIX it!

Due to “the Christmas RUSH” – for Divine JUSTICE of course! - right now, we have HUNDREDS of unanswered emails in our inbox!  ALL the members of the Faithful Remnant should know by now, that we both work for a living, to support ourselves financially.  That being said, MANY Members have chosen to deluge us with long essays each and every day – so that we will be required to devote at least a half an hour, TO THEM ALONE! - before being able to contact ANYONE else. That is “extremely selfish behavior”, and needs to change, now!  This topic was already addressed earlier in the Testimony – but not everything that is read, sinks in.  Here is part of a message that was sent out to one of “the essay writers”.

PPTL: …STOP SENDING us “EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT THAT CROSSES YOUR MIND”!  “Daily Counsel” is ‘NOT a diary’. SEND us, what is IMPORTANT for us to KNOW in order to HELP you.  Remember, ONE, EMAIL, a DAY[as a general rule; as there are always practical exceptions]

Footnote: If you want to get your emails bumped to the top of our list – send us “a nourishing video” that we are going to want to share immediately, with the rest of the Remnant.  That, is “the secret”.  If you need an urgent reply, simply type “URGENT” as the first word of the email; we will see it.

And Yes, the numbers will NOT STOP being added, to the Faithful Remnant of the Most High TRUE God!

Jesus said: WELCOME, aboard the ARK My Son, for TRULY, you HAVE found favor, with GOD, the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father in Heaven! – your TRUE Father.  KNOW, that YOU, have FOUND, ‘the SAFEST place’, in the ENTIRE, UNIVERSE!  YOU, are ‘WELL-protected’, UNDER the Heavenly Witness Protection PROGRAM.  I sent out, the dove – to find THOSE, who were LOST – who WANTED to be found – and YOU! – responded.  You will need to stay, in DAILY contact, with Pope PETRUS Romanus – in ORDER to receive, the Divine COUNSEL, that your SOUL, has been YEARNING for.  PERSEVERE, My son!  Because it is ‘well WORTH’, ALL of the ADVERSITY, and TRIBULATION, that YOU, will UNDERGO.  The difference IS – you have My GRACES; and you have DIRECT Counsel, to help you OVERCOME, ALL adversities.  And KNOW that there are MANY more “consolations”, on the way!

After CERN opened the portal to the Abyss on September 23, the Members of the Faithful Remnant were STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to contact the Two Witnesses for Daily Counsel, and to focus on their personal purification.  7 Souls responded to that Call with their ENTIRE being – a Call, that was in fact, DIRECTLY, FROM their Creator.  It WAS in fact, “a Call for RE-Creation”.  They responded.  They were Re-Created.  Simple.  What they experienced - in REALITY, could easily be compared to winning the lottery – a lottery with 1 in a BILLION odds!  There were 7 winners this Christmas.  Do YOU, want to be, “a WINNER?”  Apparently, not EVERYONE did.  At the same time, ten people fell OFF the Ark; Ten people can NEVER “play that lottery”, ever, again! - Because even AFTER THEIR “mark” was removed, they SHUNNED what their Creator was asking of them; they SHUNNED "the purification of their Soul" – and so, THEIR wills, have now been ‘fixed’ - TO 'that End'.  For those who want their wills FIXED! - on their Creator, for ALL ETERNITY; for those who want to be “clothed in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary” - the Call for rapid purification is ongoing. With all that in mind, HERE, is another sample, of what “the Finish line”, at the Top of the Mountain, SOUNDS like. 

Actual email: Tears of JOY!  Praise and Glory and Honor and Blessings be to The Most High True God, to MY Eternal Father in HEAVEN!  Both now and forever.  May He continue to mold, form, and shape me into who He created me to be.  I have FULLY chosen to submit to His Divine Will for my life.  And a HUGE thank you, to my 'big brother and sister'.  The Messiah, and NEW Blessed Trinity.  Thank you, for an AMAZING past couple of years.  I look forward to MANY, MANY MORE.  Eternity is a LONG time, after all.... You most certainly said it best when you wrote: Upon receiving these important new Revelations, my natural inclination was one of Eternal Gratitude, to God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.  In other words, I am going to NEED all Eternity, to express my heartfelt Gratitude to Him, by simply using all the Gifts He has so generously bestowed upon my wife and I - to give HIM, Glory, in every moment – by using those Gifts, to do His Will.  When I first read the December 8th message, I remember telling you that I really want to EARN what 'you two', just received.  And if it takes me 'a decade' to do it, so be it.  I was quite serious, and fully mentally prepared for a full decade of showing all of Heaven where I want my will fixed.  And so, it most certainly came as a HUGE surprise, when I received that message.  Last night as I was pondering all of this, I came to the realization as to WHY I didn't have to go a full decade.  It was because YOU TWO, had already 'paved the way', through your 'sufferings'.  You two most certainly ARE the TRUE BROTHER, and TRUE SISTER, of Jesus Christ the Lord, The Most High True God.  You have to be, to be that TOUGH!  Toughness like that, most certainly runs in the FAMILY.  Thank you for EVERYTHING! 

Many women in the Remnant, know the Testimony to be True; but they are finding it difficult to DESIRE to grow.  Now at first, this may seem “a little gender-biased” - from a WORLDLY point of view that is; but from a Heavenly point of view, only 1 out of the 7 people who were found WORTHY to be clothed in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, THIS Christmas, was female.  NOT “a good report card” for the female race, on Earth; but “a NECESSARY update”, for the single men, in the Faithful Remnant!  For the women: here is a Universal message, that was sent out today, to "one of your representatives".

PPTL: What Jesus Christ the Lord the Most High TRUE God has revealed to us, is that you are “LACKING in Faith” – in His Testimony.  And you are “LACKING, in Faith” – in HIM!  SIMPLY because, it is “UNCOMFORTABLE”, for YOU, as “a WOMAN”, to PUT your faith, IN, the Most High TRUE God’s HEADSHIP.  It is “UNCOMFORTABLE”, for YOU, to put your FAITH, in His MONARCHY – where HE is King!  You do not “RULE”, your own HOUSEHOLD, any longer; and the spirit of JEZEBEL, is CONTINUALLY, being “brought, to the Light”.  And NOW, you are “BEING FORCED”, to CHOOSE – if you want to CONTINUE, to grow SPIRITUALLY; OR, if you want to see, your “SELF”… as ‘being at an AMUSEMENT Park’, and as USING, the Testimony, “for ENTERTAINMENT purposes, ONLY”.  The TESTIMONY, is NOT! “entertainment”.  And YOU can NOT, “take the back seat”, in your INTERIOR life. YOU! – need to put your faith in “a MAN” – and HIS NAME is “CHRIST JESUS”.  BECAUSE! – there are only TWO Paths! – the PATH, that leads to your FULL submission to His Divine Headship OVER you; OR, the Path, that leads AWAY, from “Eternal JOY”, and “Eternal PEACE”, with your Creator.  Remember, “Faith, apart from WORKS, IS dead” – but so are WORKS, apart from FAITH!  YOU need BOTH! – in ORDER to survive – SPIRITUALLY.
...And so, no, it is "NOT the best time", for the single MEN in the Faithful Remnant, to be looking for their helpmate... at ALL!!!
Actual email: Today in my quiet time I was thinking of how you have to always sit by the computer, reading, typing to answer all the emails from the Faithful Remnant, and even from those "shells of demons" who normally want to annoy you.

PPTL: The secret to answering SO MANY emails, is that we simply, take ONE, at a time.  And when we are FINISHED, with ONE individual, we move on to the NEXT.  It REALLY, ISN’T, Complicated.  As for, ‘the mere shells filled with demons’ – that want to AFFLICT us, with ‘bad INSPIRATIONS’: WE know how to ‘deal’, with people like that – we COMMEND them, to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High TRUE God, and HE takes care of THAT problem.  You see, HE fights, OUR battles, FOR us.  All WE need to do, is OUR part.  It really IS that simple! 

So what’s it like “on the other side of The Finish Line”?  Here, try this:

Actual email: I have been thinking how to respond to this since read it last night. I don't know how to react, other than with an extreme amount of gratitude. All of this is so much more than I ever could have imagined. The best part, is that this is all real and WOW so amazing. I don't have enough words to thank you both and Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary and all of the Angels and all of Heaven… it's still beyond belief, but I believe it!!  Last night was so amazing… the moon (of course) was so so bright and there was a perfect circle around it, of light. It was the coolest things I've seen and I thank our Blessed Mother for her prayers and for always being there for us.  Amazing!  What a wonderful family!  Best family ever and certainly BEST Christmas present EVER!! Thank you thank you! 

PPTL: You HAVE, “a NEW, and profound FAITH” - you NEVER experienced BEFORE. And we PRAY that the Most High TRUE God ONLY INCREASE it – ONLY MULTIPLY, all the Graces, Blessings, and Gifts, that He HAS, ‘set ASIDE’, FOR you.   He ONLY, HAS, ‘LOVE’, to GIVE, TO His Children; AND, as you KNOW, “DISCIPLINE, IS, Love”.  He has CHASTISED you – OUT of His Love, FOR your Soul – because He has RECEIVED you, INTO, His KINGDOM! And SO, you ARE ‘Truly BLESSED – beyond BELIEF!’  THANK YOU, for SHARING, your GRATITUDE, for EVERYTHING, your CREATOR, has DONE, in your LIFE, and CONTINUES to DO, on a DAILY basis.  HE, is the only REASON, for living!  And THAT, is the most IMPORTANT, and VALUABLE, Lesson, you have learned!  THERE will be ‘MANY more’! – ‘SPIRITUAL lessons’, ON THE way!

Actual email: I watched a mass from February 17, and it talked about vanity and covetousness. And you said, "Oh, that you would hear me today, my child".  I know he was speaking to me.  

PPTL: ALL of My Masses, were INTENDED for ‘a GLOBAL audience’ - the audience of the Faithful REMNANT that is!  And so MANY times, you WILL in fact, HEAR, the words, being spoken, TO your heart – in the NOW – even THOUGH they were RECORDED, several YEARS ago.  And THAT is SIMPLY, because the Most High TRUE God lives OUTSIDE space and TIME; and, His TRUE Holy Spirit of PROPHECY, is WORKING, through ALL, of My Mass videos! - for the FAITHFUL Remnant, to BENEFIT from!

Actual email: We enjoyed ALL of the updates, that were added today.  Thank you for taking the time to post all of those.  And know, that I am NEVER in a hurry to hear back from you (but I do start to 'miss' you two when you get busy).

PPTL: WE are just doing, ‘what our Big Brother does’ – NOURISHING His Flock!  He nourished US with His WORD – for MANY, MANY years, and STILL, CONTINUES to DO so, on ‘a DAILY basis’ – and so WE in turn, are sharing ‘THOSE Gifts’, with OUR, “Remnant Flock” – who DESIRE, to ‘SPIRITUALLY CATAPULT themselves” UP the Mountain – WITH the Help, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, OF Course!  WE, did not get, to the Top of the Mountain, OURSELVES – THAT, is for sure! - but ONLY, by CONTINUALLY, turning, to The Most High TRUE God, to GET us OVER, the HURDLES, ADVERSITIES, and TRIALS, that we UNDERWENT, on ‘a daily basis’. SO His Remnant FLOCK – would SIMPLY, be able to BENEFIT – from what WE learned, from the Most High TRUE God – saving them YEARS!!! – of purification.  If ONLY, they would TAKE, our COUNSEL, MUCH, more, SERIOUSLY! – they would GROW, SO fast!  SOME of them ARE!  But there are still OTHERS, ‘lagging’, behind.

Mary and I have moved so many times, that it usually takes us about 10 minutes, to go over the list.  And one thing we have learned over the years, is that there is actually,“an ART to finding a new place to live”.  If ever you are looking, here it is.

PPTL: AS for your new ‘DWELLING place’ – YOU are going to need to check it OUT for yourself; and DO the groundwork; and make SURE that it is something, that is ‘SUITABLE, to your needs’; and that it is ‘a GOOD area, to be LIVING in’.  A SIMPLE way to test, if that IS, the place, TMHTG is asking you to live – is SIMPLY when you GO there, to visit, SEE, if there is ‘TRUE PEACE’, or, if the Peace is REMOVED, upon ENTERING the Home.  THAT is how you will know for sure.  We are glad, to hear, that you desire to grow SPIRITUALLY – because TMHTG, has MANY Gifts, Blessings, and GRACES – STORED UP, for THOSE SOULS, who CHOOSE, to Persevere, in THESE, “apocalyptic Times”.  You can SEE, that He is ‘taking care’, of EVERY need, that you have!  Because, what is MOST important, to TMHTG, is ‘the SALVATION, of your SOUL!  THAT is why, He PROVIDES for your PHYSICAL needs – so that, THEY do not become ‘a DISTRACTION’, from your SPIRITUAL life.  YOU are simply going to need, to COMMEND your former FAMILY members, to the IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine JUSTICE of TMHTG… With TMHTG’s Hand ON them, there is NOTHING they can do! – to be ‘an obstacle’ TO you!  HAVE Faith, BELIEVE, that HIS Will be DONE! – and it WILL! 

"Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God."
(Proverbs 14:31)

And so, what is this “kindness”, spoken of, in the Book of Proverbs?  This is what are you called toREMEMBER, when you are approached by someone in ‘the beast state’ who is begging for money:

PPTL: EVEN the Most High TRUE God, HAS compassion, on the animals.  And so JUST, as you are ‘not CALLED, to be CRUEL, to the ANIMALS’ – in the same WAY, you are NOT called, to be CRUEL, to THOSE, in ‘the beast STATE’.  BUT, it is NEVER ‘a good idea’, to give out, ‘money’, when people BEG for it; it is ALWAYS better, to buy them ‘something, they NEED’, instead – so that you KNOW, they are USING, the funds, to PROVIDE, for their own, ‘NEEDS’, and NOT, ‘their addictions’. 

Actual email: What else can I do, to ‘do better’ everyday - to Please Jesus more?

PPTL: SEEK His Will, in EACH and every moment; and PRAY, for ‘the necessary GRACES’, on a DAILY basis – in order to get THROUGH, ‘that day’ – and He will HELP you!

Growth hurts; and sometimes "afflictions" are given.  Or, I could put it this way…

PPTL: WHAT you need to be mindful of, is that you ARE ‘a work in PROGRESS’; and that it DOES, take TIME, to make CHANGES, to one’s LIFESTYLE, and one’s INTERIOR life.  The Most High TRUE God, is EXTREMELY patient – with those, who are doing ‘THEIR part’, in as MUCH, as they are ABLE – in ORDER, to cooperate, with HIS Graces, on a daily BASIS; but, it is when, one ‘STUBBORNLY embraces’, their SINS – that, He sends, ‘an AFFLICTION’, in order to BRING, the individual TO, ‘their senses’ – and THAT is ‘out of His Great Love and Mercy’ – for SOULS!  The SPIRITUAL life, is NOT complicated; but it DOES take ‘SELF-awareness’; and ‘an ATTITUDE, of DILIGENCE!’ – so that, TMHTG, isn’t doing ‘ALL of the work’ – for the individual; but that, the INDIVIDUAL, is doing, ‘THEIR part’; and taking, ‘THEIR share’ OF, the BURDEN!  RECOGNIZING, that there is a PROBLEM – is ‘HALF, of the battle’.  THEN, you simply TURN, to the CREATOR – of the UNIVERSE, for the SOLUTION, and APPLY it! 

And so, “What standard of living do the Members of the Faithful Remnant enjoy?”

PPTL: WHAT you need to know, is when you are WALKING, by FAITH, with the Most High TRUE God, He ONLY supplies you, with ‘what you need’, in ORDER for you, to PAY your bills, and HAVE “necessities”.  There IS no “OVERFLOW”, of FUNDS – that is NOT, how He WORKS.  He LIVED, very poorly, while HE, was on the Earth - travelling, from town to town; WALKING. And so, it was “NOT, very COMFORTABLE”, for HIM – EITHER.  HE, simply, had enough, to get BY, on a daily BASIS – provided, by His FATHER, IN Heaven.  And so now, HE, is providing, for “the BASIC, necessities”, of His Faithful Remnant CHURCH.  In this CHURCH – it is NOT about “making money” – as ‘a GOAL’, and ‘END, in, and OF itself’; but MONEY is simply ‘used’, in ORDER to provide, for one’s needs; and the needs of one’s NEIGHBOR!  It really isn’t COMPLICATED; but it DOES, take a LOT, of self-SACRIFICE, and self-DENIAL, to LIVE, this LIFESTYLE. There were many TIMES, on OUR Journey, that WE, were ‘down’, to a few PENNIES!  But! – it is BECAUSE, we didn’t NEED, any more; and when we DID – the funds, were supplied.  He TAUGHT us, this BASIC understanding, of how, HIS accounting, works – from the very BEGINNING, of our Journey; and we can TELL you – that He KNOWS, when ALL of the bills, are due; and He knows, what your FUTURE expenses, and “surprises” will be.  And if you have FAITH, IN Him, and DO YOUR PART – then HE, will CONTINUE, to PROVIDE, EVEN, for your MONETARY needs.  The WAY, Jesus explained it to us, is that, “In this day and age, people NEED, money, in ORDER, to SURVIVE!”  And SO, He SUPPLIES that need – simply, because, HE wants, His TRUE, “Church” – FOCUSSED, on their SPIRITUAL wellbeing; NOT their wallets!  It takes ‘DISCIPLINE’! – and SPIRITUAL focus!   But remember THIS: “WAKEFULNESS over WEALTH, wastes AWAY, one’s FLESH.”


Actual email: The Spiritual life is truly so simple as you both say and I've only been making it more complicated by choosing to focus on the wrong things that lead to sin. I know I'm not perfect and will have slips and falls but I just have to consistently seek and desire to please The Most High True God, to seek perfection in all that I do; and if I choose to see everything through His Eyes (instead of mine like I have) then overcoming my sins would be easier. I do truly fear the Mark of Cain and I want to say that I really really don't want that; but it's my actions that define if I really don't, I guess…  Also, today I began reading The Testimony like I did... I keep up with the new posts and re-read them occasionally; but it wasn't until today that I just kind of buried myself for a while in some of the archives and I had forgotten how comforting it was. I was thinking about it and the thought of 'comfort food' came up - like a hot bowl of soup when you have a cold. It's comforting, soothing, and it warms me. I know the Truth is meant to be uncomfortable, and sacrifices are required of us when confronting the Truths in The Testimony but, today at least, it was a comfort.  I don't think I'm even describing it properly but what I'm trying to get to is a huge thank you. Thank you both so much for posting up all those years of messages and revelations, thank you. I've been "busying" myself with… other things and had forgotten how much my Soul needs The Testimony in this way.

It is good to have "friends in High Places".  And this may sound “a little extreme” at first; but do you remember all the mentions of “the downward spiral” in the Testimony?  Not everyone does.  There are “subtle” Signs; and then there are “NOT subtle” Signs.  Today, one Member of the Remnant, was NOT sleeping, and was NOT dreaming, when they observed “a NOT subtle Sign” outside their window – but didn’t realize, just how “PERSONAL” that Sign WAS – that is, until we explained it.

PPTL: You MISSED ‘the point’, ENTIRELY, with what the Most High TRUE God, DID, in your life.  That ‘TORNADO’, that was DEVELOPING – that was GOING, to aim, for YOUR house! – was ‘a WARNING to you’.  You CONTINUALLY, disobey, our WORDS, and INSTRUCTION, and JUSTIFY your SINS – and SO, in DOING so – YOU are actually, “RESOLVING, NOT to be healed”!

Perhaps, it would only be fair to warn EVERYONE, that "the God of the OLD Testament", is MOST CERTAINLY "alive and well" - thanks for asking!

Once a person finally gets their Soul back, by using the Blessed Holy Water and following the instructions - they are called to leave their former life behind them, and to focus on what their Creator is asking of them, in each and every moment.  Because regrets and grudges, are only “a parting gift from the enemy” – and people need to let go of them; because they are never to be used as a distraction from, spiritually focusing on what your Creator is asking of you in each and every moment.

PPTL: What YOU, have specifically GONE through – THAT was in ‘your FORMER life’… YOU are now ‘set FREE’ from.  The Most High TRUE God, is BREAKING, ‘the BONDAGE’, OVER, your SOUL – to those evil, and wicked deeds, of your past. SO, you can leave, ‘ALL of that’, behind you – and start OFF, with ‘a FRESH, CLEAN, slate’.  Because, you ARE called, to be ‘a new CREATION’ – CREATED, for the SOLE purpose, of GIVING The Most High TRUE God, all GLORY, HONOR, PRAISE, and THANKSGIVING – for the REST, of your LIFE – EVEN to Eternity!  Now how is THAT! – for ‘a TRADE-in’.  You, SIMPLY, need, to RESOLVE, to WALK ‘the narrow PATH’, in EACH and EVERY moment; and SIMPLY, CONTINUE, to say “YES”, to His CALLING, and VOCATION, FOR you.  And HE will CONTINUE, to UPHOLD YOU, and HEAL you, from those MEMORIES – of your past LIFE; of the way you WERE; of those things, you were INVOLVED in, that caused much PAIN, and SUFFERING, to yourself.  Because, The Most High TRUE God, IS, MOST, CERTAINLY, DWELLING, WITH HIS PEOPLE, in these TIMES.  He is HERE, to wipe AWAY, all TEARS.  He does NOT, desire His CHILDREN, to Live, with “CONSTANT regret” – for ‘bad CHOICES’.  BUT! – He SIMPLY, desires, that they SEEK Forgiveness – from their HEART! – and, be FILLED, with His GRACES; and then ‘move ON’.  It’s that SIMPLE.  The Most High TRUE God, does not ‘HOLD, grudges’ – like PEOPLE do.  The TRUTH is, HE, is more MERCIFUL, to MANKIND, than MANKIND IS, towards THEMSELVES!  ALL, He desires, is ‘a HUMBLE, and CONTRITE heart’ – and THAT means, HE desires to be #1 in your life, and EVERYTHING else comes second! 

It would be best, to be completely detached, from the people in your life, who have rejected the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord, the Creator of the Universe.

PPTL: YOU are ‘walking a DIFFERENT road’, than THEY are; and THEY are ‘SIMPLY not open’, to the CHANGES, that YOU have made – IN, your life.   And REMEMBER, you SHARED the Testimony, WITH them – and they, REJECTED it; and UNFORTUNATELY, began to HATE.  And SO, they HAVE, ALL RECEIVED, ‘the MARK, OF Cain’… The ANGER, they are EXPRESSING… is ‘a RESULT’, of the DEMONS – who are ANGRY, that YOU, are CHOOSING, “a NEW life” – in Jesus Christ; and that you are ‘DYING to your OLD selves’.

“The 7 Blessed Ones” – the Members of the Faithful Remnant who were clothed in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary this Christmas, as “the most AWESOME Christmas present EVER!” – have been sharing with us, the many changes that have taken place in their lives, as a direct result of receiving that Unfathomable Gift.  What most of them have yet to realize, is that for psychological reasons, the transformation is Gradual – as in, “UNENDING”.

PPTL: …THOSE are just ‘SOME of the Fruits’, of being ‘CLOTHED in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin MARY’; and there ARE, ‘more CONSOLATIONS’, on the way, for YOU.  Keep persevering!  It’s ‘what you do BEST’!

Here are some more practical and universal purification tips.

PPTL: Rejecting ‘the demonic CLUSTER, of your former SELF’, is only PART, of “the bigger PICTURE”.  You ALSO need to REMEMBER, to ASK for the GRACE of the INDWELLING, of your TRUE identity! – as ‘a CHILD of the Most High TRUE God’.  It will also help to ASK for the GRACES, to LIVE your VOCATION, for that DAY - if you are UNABLE, to DO, “formal PRAYERS”.  You SEE the TROUBLES, HE sends – the TRIBULATIONS, HE allows – are FOR, ‘that DAY’ – ONLY.  And SO, you need, “HIS sufficient GRACES” – to get THROUGH, the day.  Remember ANYTIME, YOU are rejecting, ‘an evil spirit’, or ‘a bad desire’ – to ALWAYS, REPLACE them, with ‘the GRACES’, with ‘the corresponding TRUTHS’, and RESOLUTIONS, that you NEED – in order, to grow, SPIRITUALLY.  “PRIDE”, is ‘a big SIN’.  BUT, it CAN be, ‘overcome’ – by CONTINUALLY renouncing YOURSELF – and ASKING for the GRACE, to put the Most High TRUE God FIRST! – in EVERYTHING that you do.  Pride ALSO afflicts people, to BELIEVE, that they are “RIGHT” ALL the time; or that they are “BETTER than others” – when the Truth IS, The Most High TRUE God IS “impartial”; and He fills EVERYONE, with His LOVE – who can RECEIVE it! – to ‘the CAPACITY, they HAVE’, of RECEIVING it!  And not EVERYONE, is at the SAME ‘SPIRITUAL level of Discernment’; but DIFFERENT Gifts, are Given, to EACH Member, of the FAITHFUL Remnant; and the MORE, the REMNANT Members, USE their Gifts – to EDIFY one another – the MORE, the Most High TRUE God, BESTOWS upon them!  It’s REALLY that simple!
A Global Audience is waiting, to hear ANYTHING, "worth mentioning", about the Testimony.  But 'the enemy of Souls', has been doing everything in his power to persuade the Members of the Faithful Remnant to be silent.  With that in mind, NOW look at the YouTube Channels for each member [- if they are still visible, of course...], and see for yourself, WHO each Member has been serving.  The Members who have been on the Ark for only a few weeks have been on a steep learning curve indeed!  But the others have NO excuse, for CHOOSING to bury their light under a bushel, before all of Heaven.
"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men who by their wickedness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them."
(Romans 1:18-19)
"You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? So, every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit. A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will know them by their fruits."
(Matthew 7:16-20)  
(“Lo, I am coming like a thief! Blessed is he who is awake, keeping his garments that he may not go naked and be seen exposed!”)
(Revelation 16:15)

Note: It is ‘THOSE who are REFUSING to give’ – who NEED to be concerned – about ‘how much time they have left’, on the Ark.


December 29, 2015
To be posted, when we find time...
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