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February 9, 2014

Jesus Christ the Lord, has asked my wife and I to begin a new video series – one that is a little more informal. And so we have decided to call this series, Messages from Heaven. Are you ready?

My wife and I were speaking with Jesus Christ the Lord, about the 2014 Olympics, and this is what He said.
Jesus said:  How ‘fitting’, for people who are ‘locked out’ of the Kingdom of Heaven – for is it not compared in the Bible? – the athlete, gaining the crown at the end of the Race – what a reflection, of ‘the spiritual realities’, at work.  For what victory is there, for the athletes, that compete?  A tenth of a second? A thousandth?  They go up; they go down.  But the judges – they are all, corrupt.  Why? – because they’ve received ‘the mark of the beast’ – and so have the athletes.  So no matter how hard they train – they have all, ‘fallen short’, of the Kingdom of Heaven.  What is a gold, silver, or bronze, medal – in My Eyes? – but a waste – of time. But it was not like this – before they received ‘the mark of the beast’. I created mankind with ‘gifts and abilities’ – and expect them, to use them all – for My GloryNo one seeks to glorify Me anymore My children – by their existence; but they –the people, seek ‘glorification’ for themselvesWhat of ‘the chocolate statue’ – of Francis? [- referring to antipope Francis over in Rome]Why, was that made? – in these times?  If he, is such a great spiritual leader – in the eyes of the people; in My Eyes, My children, he is ‘a walking, abomination’ – who needs to, be taken down off of his throneOh how sad, that it is – that all of them, are headed for: Eternal Flames.  And there is absolutely nothing, I can do, to help them – when they refuse, to receive ‘the antidote’, to ‘the mark of the beast’.
Now the antidote Jesus is referring to, is the Blessed Holy Water that He has given as a special gift that He has given to the people of these End Times. The instructions on how to obtain it for free are on my website, Testimony of the Two

 Life Ain't no olympic game
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

February 10, 2014

Jesus Christ the Lord spoke to My wife and I from His throne in Heaven, and this is what He said:

Jesus said: The people, do not have anything, to look forward to - in the afterlife, My children; but pain, suffering, and misery, are what, is awaiting them.  They have become, ‘like the beasts’.  Even the lady who phoned you, today - what nonsense!  For without common sense and reason, they can’t even, seek, the right things, or seek the proper question to ask
All is not lost, My children, but most, of the people are. Because though they say My Name, and say that they believe in Me - their actions, contradict, their words.  People will not be Judged on, as much, as the words that they say – against Me; but it is ‘the actions that follow’ – that condemn them; though the words they speak – to you both, testify, to where their heart, is Truly rooted
It is not “easy”, My children, living, in a world, with so much ‘desolation’; but it wasn’t easy for Me to carry My Cross eitheror to be Crucified, by the peopleNo one rose up, to defend Me then, My children.  I was alone there, as you both are, nowYes, there is ‘the Remnant’.  Back then, I had ‘a small Remnant’ too.  But there was no revolt from the people for the way I was being treated – because, Scripture had to be fulfilled.  And in
your time My children Scripture, must be, fulfilled.

February 11, 2014

Jesus Christ the Lord, spoke from His Throne in Heaven, to my wife and I.  And this is what He said. 

Jesus said: And what, of the flooding, in the U.K, My children?  What, could have brought, ‘the deluge of waters’, upon them – of such – “Biblical proportions”?  What does the U.K. stand for?  “The United Kingdom”. But surely they are divided, as all kingdoms are – when they seek, to exclude Me, from their Country.  And they have all, received ‘the mark, of the beast’.  So how, can I even protect them?  The Blessed Virgin Mary’s ‘Mantle of Protection’ has been lifted – off, of the World, since 2009.  And since then, the natural disasters have only been increasing in frequency and extremity.  What, the people saw, in the U.K., is only ‘a warm-up’ My children; for what is coming next, will be worse than, this ‘disaster’. Think of this one, as more, of ‘an inconvenience’.  But it pales, in comparison, to what is coming next.  I told you, disasters, were coming; and I said, that Scourges, upon Scourges, upon Scourges, would befall the Entire Face of the Earth. 
The people, do not know, about your 30 day novena, My children; but they do now.  For according to My Will, will the Plagues, and disasters, and destruction, continue, to be poured out, from the Heavens.  For it is I, who stores up, the snows; it is I, who have ‘barrels full of rain’; it is I, who, has ‘stored up’, vengeance! – to be unleashed, upon the Nations, at My Command.
But with your cooperation, My children, as you are My Two Witnesses.  And through your novena, that I have asked you to pray, I will unleash, My Vengeance  - on behalf, of the souls of the Unborn – who still cry to Me day and night.  And their prayers are being heard but the peoples’, are not.
Now, we are not going to say when we started our 30 day novena, at the request of Jesus Christ he Lord Himself.  And we most certainly will not tell you when our novena is finished.  But one thing we can tell you, is this: we started our novena, before, the flood in the U.K. began; and we can assure you, that much more is about to manifest, physically, as the physical Plagues, are now being unleashed like never before, since the time of Noah and the time of Moses.

February 12, 2014
Jesus Christ the Lord, spoke to my wife and I, from His throne in Heaven; He spoke about winter storm “pax” and this is what He said:
Jesus said: And what a storm it is! – My children.  And, it won’t be the last one, to Scourge the United States of America! And why is this? But because, they claim to be “united” – when, they are all surely divided.  They are, against Me, against My Commandments, and against, My Ways.  Their nation, has already been Scourged severely – in the past; but, I will not stop sending, ‘the Plagues’ – to them. For they have ‘the antichrist, incarnate’, ruling over them.  And they are doing nothing to stop it. They are tolerating ‘the devil, in the flesh’ – “the black eagle”, reigning in the white house.  The people, are, ‘the leopard’, with many spots – as they have received ‘the mark of the beast’; and so their ‘rights’, as human beings – have been taken from them.  As they chose to deny the rights of the unborn – so too, are their rights, being taken away.  The Americans, they arein captivity’; but most of them  - do not want to be set free – because ‘slavery’ - for many of them, equals ‘comfort’; but I will show them, that their ‘comforts’, are just ‘illusions’.  Obama, must be impeached!  If he is not impeached, then the Americans, will continue to suffer by his hand; and I will use him, to Scourge them – just as I used, “pharaoh, to Scourge, the Israelitesunder him.  There is ‘a way out’: Blessed Holy Water.  The people need, to use the Blessed Holy Water – in order for ‘the mark of the beast’ to be removed; and so, that I can protect them.  Because just as the Unborn, continue to be ‘defenseless’ – in the wombs of their mothers, so too are the American people, who have received ‘the mark of the beast’.
You will find this message from Heaven – decoded, on my website, testimony of the 2 witnesses dot com.
The Black Eagle and Spotted Leopard are in references to the Prophecy of Brother John of the Cleft Rock. This Prophecy is fully decoded in the Testimony of the two Witnesses, on the page titled, End Times Prophecies Fulfilled. You can contact us to request a free copy of the Testimony if you are interested.


February 13, 2014
Jesus Christ the Lord spoke from His Throne in Heaven, to my wife and I and this is what He said.
Jesus Christ the Lord said:  What, does it mean, when I say, “you did not choose Me; but I chose you”?  Or, what does it mean, when I say, “Many are called, but few are chosen”?  Or what does it mean, when I say, “I put before you, this day, Life, and death.  Choose Life”?  To choose, is a gift – from Heaven.  But when almost, all, of mankind! – has received, ‘the mark of the beast’, then all they are left with, is their routines, rituals, resolutions, and customs. And those things ‘in and of themselves’, are dead! – and can not, help any of them! 
The United States of America has fallen as a nation – symbolized, by the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution – that has fallen as well!  When the antichrist came into power, in the White House, this was at the same time, that ‘the abomination of desolation’, was set-up, in, the White House.  In, the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, in that following October, the abomination, of desolation, was set-up, in all the churches.  There is, a connection here, My people:  The White House, is dripping, with the blood, of the innocent; and the Vatican, is dripping, with the blood, of the innocentTherefore, both! – are guilty, in My Eyes, of ‘the horrendous murder’, of genocide! – as both, would not seek, to defend the Unborn, in the wombs, of their mothers.  But the institutional church, gave power, to the people, to choose life, or death; and the people, chose death – for the most part; death – for their little ones.  And over in the White House, there was a push, to protect, the rights, of women, to murder, their little ones.  This may not seem as ‘a big deal’ in the eyes, of the World; but it is, ‘a big deal’, My peopleYou, do not, have, spiritual, vision – to see what I see! Because ‘the mark of the beast’, inhibits, your ability, to see, through My Eyes.  With ‘the mark of the beast’ removed, by the use of Blessed Holy Water, and through sincere repentance, you will then be able, to see clearly, with the gift of True Spiritual Vision.  But until then, you are all, blind!  Francis, and Obama, know their roles, in this world – just as My Two Witnesses, know their roles, in this world.  And My People you have made ‘terrible choices’ – for yourselves, and for your children. My Two Witnesses are here, to help you – if you would but seek the Truth; if you would but come to Me in order to have Life.  Your Time is running out My People.  You do not know the day nor the hour when I will call you from this life.  And you do not need to die with ‘the mark of the beast’ upon, your foreheadsWhile you are alive, you still have hope.  Use the Blessed Holy Water, and, have life.  Because unless you do, you will most assuredly die, in ‘the beast state’ – at some point, in time.
You can find the Blessed Holy Water on my website,

February 14, 2014

Jesus Christ the Lord, spoke to My wife and I from His throne in Heaven, and this is what He said:

Jesus said: Strive to be perfect, in doing everything that you are asked to do – by doing your best.  Don’t become like those Olympic judges, My children – who ‘pick apart’ every little thing inside themselves, and in their neighbors - and that is what figure skating has become.  You asked Me to comment on it My son, and now I have.  To enjoy, someone, enjoying their talent, is one thing; and to have marks, based on substance, and Truth, is also important.  That is what I grade people on, My children – their heart, in the moment. And that s the “substance, and Truth”; and that is what their conscience tells them.  But people have received ‘the mark of the beast’. And so they, are unable to judge themselves – through My Eyes. That is why, they don’t have ‘spiritual vision’.  With the judges – the way they are, in the Olympics, My children, it is almost impossible, for anyone, to excel, at their sport!  And this, is My Scourge – on the Olympics.  Even those, who come in first place, are ‘not that good’, My children; are not that ‘talented’; but it is more, because their fellow athletes, are simply in ‘a worse state’, than they are.  Because I told you before there are different degrees – of ‘the beast state’. Depending, on how much each individual person exalted themselves in this life, is how hard, they fell with ‘the mark’. 
Most figure skating outfits are for ‘revealing the flesh’ – especially, in the women; and for the men, it is overemphasizing, their form – so that they become, more, ‘like women’.  Hardly ever, are the costumes, ‘modest’ – especially this year, My children. “Modesty”, has become ‘an antique word’.  But it is still, as important today, as it was, from since the beginning.  You see, if people say, they do not have sin, then what is there, to cover? – then they can flaunt, as much flesh as they want! – without listening to Me.  Adam and Eve sinned – therefore they had to ‘cover up’.  The people are ‘naked’ – in their sins – therefore, they flaunt ‘immodesty’; it’s that simple.


February 15, 2014
Jesus Christ the Lord, spoke from His Throne in Heaven, to my wife and I, and this is what He said: 
Jesus said: Oh, the destruction that is coming, My children!  If only mankind, would turn to Me, in order for Me to heal them.  If only, they would repent – and turn away, from their wickedness. Oh, what ‘a joyous time’ that would be.  But what is coming – the scientists, have already foreseen – that it will happen.  But they, do not know, whenI know, My children – what is coming to the World: the disasters, that I have ‘lined up’ – ready to unleash.  Is it ‘one a day’? ‘Three a week’? – or ‘four a month’? I will continue, to pour, out, ‘the Bowls, of My Divine Wrath’, upon the Face of the Earth - just as I did, in the time of Noah; and just as I did, in the time of Moses.  The people think, that I am not, ‘the God of the Old Testament’ My children.  In fact, they mock, ‘the God of the Old Testament’s Justice’ – and that is not ‘a wise choice’ – because He is Me, and I am Him; and though We are distinct; when One of Us acts, We act together – in the Unity, of the True Holy Spirit – who is also God.  What would God the Eternal Father in Heaven be like in the flesh?  He would look like Me.  But for human understanding, He would much older.  But He behaves exactly, like Me, My children; and I, like Him.  And He is not ‘hidden’ – because in these times, I have taken on His Role – as I do Rule the Earth, with ‘a Rod of Iron’.  And why, ‘a Rod of Iron’?  Because the people, are merciless; and they have chosen, to be undeserving - of Mercy.  For they walk ‘stubbornly in their hearts’, against My Ways; and, I have ‘no use’ for them.  Notice the Scourges and Plagues are only increasing – in intensity.  And more and more populations of people, will be affected – because ‘mankind’, brought Me to this point. They wanted for so long, to manipulate My actions, and their ‘image of Me’; and, well, their ‘actions’, have earned them, ‘a Just Response’. For I am Judge, Jury, and Executioner – in these Times; as My Father in Heaven, has given Me, these tasks, to carry out; and I ask you both, to carry out ‘various tasks’, as well – one of which, is continuing the thirty day Novena, against the Earth, and against the people…
…Because God the Eternal Father in Heaven, wants mankind’s cooperation; and you both, are the ones, cooperating, along with ‘the Remnant’ – who unite their prayers to yours, and your prayers to theirs.  And all of your prayers, to God the Eternal Father in Heaven – so that His Will is done – on the Earth! – as it is done, in Heaven. 
In Heaven, there is True Peace; and on Earth, there Is War.  In Heaven, there is True Love; but on Earth, there is hate.  In Heaven there is JoyTrue Joy; on Earth, there is sadness, and ‘false externals’.  You see, what, I am going to do, with Hell - I will do, to the Earth, and to the people, on it - as the people, have become ‘chaff’, and the Earth ‘a desolate wasteland’.  Time for Change.  Time for New Life!
Now at this point in the message, it became quite clear, that Jesus is Declaring, that He is going to throw the Earth and the people on it, into the Eternal Lake of Fire, along with all the souls in Hell. Now there are some very serious implications to this Declaration, for the people of these End Times.  And so, I asked Jesus Christ the Lord, if it is true, that Hell – being cast into the Lake of Fire, is actually ‘the cessation of existence’?
Jesus said:  Yes, and the Earth is decaying, melting like wax, and the people, are basically ‘readying themselves’: men, women and children - for ‘the Flames’ – the Fires are hot, and only getting hotter. That is why they need the Holy Water, My children – to douse, the Flames of Hell.
And so, He is quite serious.  Just a reminder – you can obtain the only Blessed Holy Water that will remove the mark of the beast, by following the instructions on my website: testimony of the two witnesses dot com.

February 16, 2014

Jesus Christ the Lord, spoke from His Throne in Heaven, to my wife and I, and this is what He said: 
Jesus said: When I came the First time, My children, it was so that mankind, might have Eternal Life through  Me – as I am the only Way, to the Father; and the only Way, to Heaven.  S My Message, of Salvation spread, and people were converted – far and wide, through the Message of the Gospel.  And they lived according, to the Ways, that I had showed them, or taught them – to Live! But in those times, there were also ‘scoffers’, and persecutors – of the True, Roman Catholic Faith – that I had founded, upon Saint PeterSo many people were Baptized, and grew in their love for Me, and were willing, to sacrifice so much, for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven.  And until they remove ‘the mark’, with the Blessed Holy Water, and with True Repentance, they are forever separated, from My Eternal Presence.  For what the people do not understand, is that when I came the Second Time, on December 25, 2012, I came with Vengeance!  And I sent out ‘My Ministers of Vengeance’; for Vengeance is Mine! – to give out, as I please; to afflict, the Earth, with any plague, as often, as I desire.  The deception, most ‘christians’ are embracing, in these times, is to believe that I have come to rapture them – into the Heavens.  But indeed, that is never going to happen – because the majority of them have been ‘Marked for Eternal Death’.  I gathered up most, of ‘the good souls’ - before you both, ‘entered, the scene’; so that The Prophecy, may be fulfilled.  For indeed: the majority of the good, have died, and there is only a very small Remnant left -  because, all of the rest, have chosen to walk ‘the ways of Cain’; and only few, are Able, to come to the Kingdom of Heaven.


February 18, 2014
Jesus Christ the Lord, spoke from His Throne in Heaven, to my wife and I and this is what He said: 
Jesus said: I told you before, My children, “What is ‘a gold medal’ to Me?’ – when ‘the Real Gold’, is the Testimony; when ‘the real Golden Platter’ – with so much spiritual food and nourishment upon it, is being offered for free!  No one, needs, to try to prove themselves to another: it’s not about technique, or skill; it’s not about ‘trying to excel at a sport’, that is way, beyond a person’s capabilities.  No!  The Testimony, is being offered, to everyone - and they can all have, ‘the Golden Platter!’ But the sad truth is, My children – is that they don’t, want it! They want ‘a gold-plated medal’, instead. And, they want ‘earthly riches, status and position’.  How many athletes compete in with one another? – but only one, gets a gold, medal?  And I am not even asking people to compete with one another - but to ‘do what it takes’ to receive ‘the Golden Platter’. My instructions are so simple! – they just need, ‘Blessed Holy Water’.  Why don’t they want ‘the water’, I offer them, My children?  I will tell you why: Because they see themselves, as ‘clean’.  Let alone, having the ‘the mark of the beast’ – most of them, will never admit, to having ‘the mark’, to being ‘spiritually sick, and imprisoned’.  And I came to heal the sick; and I came to set the captives free.  But, in the time, you are living in, people, are enjoying their ‘captivity’; and they want, to keep it that way.  Because in order to be set free, they must change! And that is why I said, ‘Time for change, time for ‘New Life’ – because the people, are dead!
After Jesus Christ the Lord spoke these words to my wife and I, He revealed that this will be our final Message From Heaven posted – and that all other revelations from Heaven will be private.  Now that being said, we want you, the viewer, to know that we do plan on making more videos, according to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit of the Moment.  And now, I will leave you with the final words Jesus spoke to us, today.  Jesus said, I have nothing more to say to the people! – because My Justice – what I am about to do, speaks, for itself! 
Note: The Transcript is accurate. These are the exact words, Jesus said "I have nothing more to say to the people! – because My Justice – what I am about to do, speaks, for itself!
10 videos, Word Count: 3500+

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
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Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
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and then the end will come.”
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