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Sunday Mass, February 17, 2013
(Homily begins at 11:30 into the Mass)
[Note: it is 'quite alright' if you wish to view the entire Mass video only once a week. 
However, there are even more Graces to be gained by those who watch each one in its entirety - P.P.T.L.]

Ecclesiastes 1:2, 2:21-23 (all is vanity)

Psalm 95: Response “O that today you would listen to His voice

Colossians 3: 1-11 (New life in Christ)

Luke 12: 13-21 (the parable of the rich fool)


So, we are going to begin Mass, very shortly. This video is a presentation of the video of the private Mass of Pope Peter the Last, also known as Petrus Romanus (sounds familiar) the readings from today’s Mass will be taken from the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C for those want to look them up and just little reminder, there will be no auditory responses; this side of the video screen.  That I will leave up to the viewers.  And so let us begin.
Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, Most High True God, that was a pretty big asteroid that blew up suddenly over Russia, with no warning, so we pray that you could help us to get ready for those unexpected events in life like coming to meet you when we least expect it... Amen.

When I finished going to school to become a teacher, one of my first teaching assignments was to fill in for a teacher who had been doing his job for 20… almost 25 years.  He only had a few months to go and then he could retire.  And I had to fill in for him because unfortunately he came down with a terminal disease - in his last few months as a teacher.  And some people - I don’t know if people around the world know this, but certainly in Canada it is well known that a teachers pension plan is "a very secure retirement plan".  And I am sure this teacher as most teachers do in this country, they know they are going to have "a very comfortable relaxing life" after there 25 years of teaching is up.
But I learned just as I started to enter the workforce that there is something very wrong in our society, because people believe that they can... work all day long for there retirement plan, and then they presume that they are actually going to get to spend it.  And this is absolutely ridiculous, because its in the bible “no one knows the day or the hour” when God will call you before Him and say, "You know times up! - Let’s look at your life now and figure out what to do with you" -  type of thing.  It could happen when you are driving. It could happen through a sudden medical condition, like an aneurism; you just don’t know. You don’t know, you know look at the people over in Russia there; they weren’t expecting- they weren’t expecting that asteroid to explode over there heads now were they?  No, I don’t think so. No, actually interesting that was just 2 days ago and…isn’t that interesting that the scientists I mean a lot of people, a lot of people think ‘we can…the earth is safe; we are not going to get blindsided.’  ‘The scientists will tell us if we are in danger’.  The scientists were actually focused on another asteroid in the Southern Hemisphere when the real asteroid that was the real problem hit the Northern Hemisphere. Actually it was a little sign from God that you can’t really put your trust or your faith in science or scientists.  Certainly wouldn’t entrust your mortality to what they say. Remember the Dinosaurs.  It did not go well.
But back to the retirement plans. This Gospel today: In the Gospel we here a story, in a parable, Jesus talks about retirement plans; talks about.. to you a young who want his share of an inheritance from his father who died and his father got caught off guard apparently, because he was very wealthy and the next thing you know, his retirement plan never got used and really all his plans to store up treasure in this life, and not to focus on his spiritual life, and store up treasure for himself in Heaven and that was all vanity.  Jesus explains it because his whole life was coming to an end, and there’s a little hint at the judgment there; it did not go well.  It tells us that this individual did not want to store up a lot of spiritual treasure, but wanted to focus on the worldly treasure, the riches.  Well, for anyone listening to this, it could be prestige, position, power, monetary things, your retirement plan, your 401k or whatever.
But at the end of our lives we have to walk away from all those things; so they are all really…that’s what that first reading was walking about when it said “vanity of vanities, everything is vanity” everything but the Love of God, of course, because when you are loving God, you want to do His Will in every moment and set aside your own plans so you can store up treasure in Heaven by making plans to do what you think is good? or by following His Will in every moment?  It’s the second one.  You have to be listening every moment to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit, which works in the moment.  Its not easy, but that’s the call.  The call is to live every moment attentive to that quiet humble voice in your conscience, (if you have one that is; I hope you do.  A lot of people don’t these days, by the way, but if you don’t by the way, you can just ask God to renew it.  He will be merciful with a prayer intention like that I’m sure.)
Our call is to listen to the voice of our Creator, speaking humbly in our conscience, to listen to the inspirations and to cooperate with them and act upon them so that His Will be done and that’s how you store up treasure in Heaven, which is really the true retirement plan and I am sorry if this comes as a shock to you people, watching this video, that’s the retirement plan - It’s Heaven; and if you save up for it, you get to enjoy eternity; if you don’t save up for it then it’s as though you went through life well without a retirement plan.  I am talking about saving up by spiritually cooperating with your Creator and doing the things He is asking of you in every moment.  And again that doesn’t mean you decide what the good works are.  It means in themoment you will know; because He will tell you, and that’s not an easy teaching.

Second reading today, Oh look at this: Colossians 3:2Set your mind on things that are above; not on things that are on earth.” I think he is talking about retirement plans. Yeah.

Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, Most High True God, you show your people the path that leads to Eternal life and the path that leads to many, many rich in Eternal Life.  You also show them the bad path.  And so we pray that more people would cooperate with the Graces (through Your Grace of course) to choose the best path...  Amen.

A Personal Testimony
(this dialogue took place immediately after Mass)
Sunday, February 17, 2013
“And when Jesus finished these sayings, the crowds were astonished at his teaching, for he taught them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes”
Jesus said: This mood N. is in my children will pass.  Well done! – good and faithful servants.  My son these videos are very important, in nourishing, the Faithful Remnant Church, to be – to give them ‘the necessary spiritual riches, so that they can go to Heaven one day.  N. is just ‘re-covering’, from, exhaustion, and ‘a bit of shock’.

Pope Peter the Last: From What?

Closing statement from the Most High True God, Jesus Christ the Lord said:  For you are one who speaks with authority My son – not like the scribes and Pharisees, of these times.  Even more of the True Reality is front of him; and there is still ‘resistance in N soul’. Never mind what people ‘think of you’, My children, just do what you are called to do, in each moment. Bring ‘the wickedness’ to the light. And speak the truth with boldness.


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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