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Tuesday Mass, March 19, 2013
(Homily begins at 9:43 into the Mass)
[Note: it is 'quite alright' if you wish to view the entire Mass video only once a week. 
However, there are even more Graces to be gained by those who watch each one in its entirety - P.P.T.L.]

Isaiah 42:1-7 (a dimly burning wick I will not quench)

Psalm 29 Response “The voice of the Lord is powerful

Acts 10:34-38 (God anointed Jesus with power)
Luke 3:15-22 (He will baptize you with fire)
You are watching the private Mass of Pope Peter the Last and final Pope of this era, also known as Petrus Romanus. And so lets begins this private Mass now.
Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, Most high True God, Please Keep Your Fire of Love and Truth, burning inside the hearts of Your People… Amen.
In today's first reading from the Isaiah, we heard the consoling words, “a dimly burning wick I will not quench” [Isaiah 42:3b].  In other words, if there is a soul, in whom, the light of Christ, is almost completely snuffed out, God, will not snuff it out.   Why is this, one might ask?  Because it takes effort, to keep the Love of Christ alive, in one's heart.  And the Most High True God, respects that effort.  And even, if the soul, only wants the tiniest speck of Love for God, in their heart, then God will not snuff out that love. 
But!  What will The Most High True God do, with a soul whose love for their Creator is dying, and the soul refuses to fight to keep that love alive?  I will let Jesus answer this one for you, (but as you listen, be mindful, this Message was received before, almost everyone received 'the mark of the beast').
Jesus said: “The lights, are going out, in many different people.  The 'smouldering wick' I will not quench.  However, the small flame, that is dying - that refuses, to be revived, I can do nothing, to help.  You both, are My True Prophets, and My Two Witnesses.  And what you are to witness, is 'the light, going out', in the priests and shepherds, as well as the people.  For where are the True prophets?  Is there anyone else speaking the Truth out there?  Where is the voice of the "Holy Seer?"  And where is True Wisdom?  I am not "a concept" My children.  Though many people treat Me as though I am.  I am not dead.  And I am not "at a distance", from the peoples' minds and hearts.  No.  I can see everything.   All the people are behaving as though I do not exist, nor do My words carry any meaning in their hearts.  They have their Bibles.  They have their 'own private interpretation of the Scriptures'.  And therefore, they crucify Me, once more.  But so many people, are going to die My children, because of their sins - their 'unrepentant' sins.  This, can not, be changed.  This is, reality.” [-Jesus, Monday, May 7, 2012]
And when Jesus says “die”, in this case, He is talking spiritually. Now for many, these 'truths' I have just shared, are a little too much to handle - especially early in a Homily.  But I am not here, to flatter you, I am here to tell you what you need to know, in order to get through these End Times, successfully.  Jesus has revealed, that people need to have a burning love for their Creator in their hearts, always.  And I will let Him explain this to you. 
Jesus said:  “Choose - what fire you want started, in your soul: the fire of Truth, the fire of True Love, the fire of the True Holy Spirit - declaring to you the things that are to come, and what you need to do to get ready; or, the fire of indignation, and wrath, and hatred.  It all depends on how you receive these words; or whether you choose to reject them.  Because this is My Testimony, for the churches.” [-Jesus, Thursday, March 1, 2012
“The voice of the Lord is powerful” [Psalm 29:4] is it not? And now, to the Gospel. 
Today, I am going to give you a very important summary, of this Gospel.
In Luke's Gospel, John the Baptist  “went into all the region… preaching a baptism of repentance… (why, one might ask?) for the forgiveness of sins” [Luke 3:3].  Once again, just in case you missed it the first time, and we wouldn't want that now would we?  John the Baptist, preached a baptism, of, repentance!
Would the people of that time listen, to the prophet, and repent?  Or, would they end up with, shall we say, "a watered down version of the baptism", that John wanted to give to them.  If you guessed “a watered down version of the baptism", that John wanted to give to them - then you are correct.  John even admonished them saying, “Bear fruits that befit repentance” [John 3:8], - and, do not make excuses!  But the people, were more interested in 'a club mentality', and all of the commotion.  And so, we heard today, in the Gospel, John say, “I baptize you with water” - What!! Water?? It was supposed to be a baptism of repentance - you should all be saying.  John then announced how The Most High True God was coming, in the Flesh, to administer His Justice.  Justice, why is that, you must be asking yourselves?  Because Justice, is all that is left for souls - it is 'the only option', when they refuse to repent.  And John basically tells the people, that they did not want the baptism of repentance, because they preferred the, shall we say, “watered down version” of his baptism.  John then explains, the Justice, that they are all, about, to receive.  He tells the people, essentially, Jesus is coming, to baptize them with the Truth - which is the Holy Spirit, and with Fire - which is quite the opposite of the water they were so comfortable bathing their false externals in.
Now what would the Baptism in the Holy Spirit do to people, you might ask yourselves?  Well, the Holy Spirit - the True Holy Spirit that is, is 'the Spirit of Truth'.  It reveals to people, the truth, about wherein they sin - so that they can REPENT!  And if they repent, that Spirit of Truth will make a home in them, and bestow many other gifts upon them.  Now, if people hate the truth, and refuse to repent, then, all that they are left with, is - you guessed it, the baptism of Fire.  And what is that fire, you might ask?  It is the Fire of Truth, in peoples' consciences, burning away inside of them, telling them they had better repent, or that fire will become an everlasting flame, throughout all of Eternity - a flame, that will, not, end!  And so, 12 days before this past Christmas, this is what Jesus Christ the Lord, had to say, to His Two Witnesses. 

Jesus said:  “The people are going to be 'devoured by fire'.  They did not like 'the fire of Truth' - flowing through My Testimony.  And many, are already experiencing 'the beast state'.  They think they can escape 'My Justice'.  But I am 'reaching in to all the institutions around the World' - that 'the mark of the beast' may be upon them'.  For as Elijah has said to you both - they have 'beastly natures' - without My love to guide them.  They will 'spiral into oblivion'.  They can't go deep enough!  People can still repent if they choose to.” [-Jesus, Thursday, December 13, 2012]
And so, almost everyone on the Face of the Earth, went into 'the beast state', on Christmas Day, 2012, as they received, 'the mark of the beast'!  There's nothing "ho ho ho" about that, now is there!  But this is difficult for you to hear I know, and so I am going to close with some consoling words from the Mother of Jesus.
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: “I desire, so much to be, your True Mother My people.  But how many of you would rather remain, 'orphaned' - living 'independently from the Lord Jesus Christ', and against His Commands.  There is Hellfire set aside, for souls who choose to walk 'opposed to His Ways'!  And if you desire, 'Heaven', My People, then you will accept, His invitation, through me, to Come, to 'the Wedding Feast'; to be nourished for, a time, times, and half a time.   But do not say in your heart, "that you have made 'all sorts of excuses', as to why you cannot come".  Because before the World was made, He saw those "excuses", you would make.  And He knows your hearts - 'through and through'; and He will not accept 'any excuses from you'.  Better to be 'nourished, with His Divine Love for your souls', than to be 'punished with Fire and Brimstone'.  Better to 'allow His Love inside you', than to walk around 'filled with hate'.  For is that not what the souls - in Hell experience?  Do not call 'His Love for your souls', "Hatred". And do not call 'hatred for souls', "love".  Learn the difference between love and hate my people and quickly!  Because the Lord is coming 'to separate the chaff from the wheat'.  And right now he is 'inviting "wheat" into His Barns'.  He is inviting 'the wedding guests' to His 'Banquet'.  Outside are 'the demon worshipers', the sorcerers, the idolaters, and all those who are 'polluted'.  The revelers, and 'the drunken men and women'.  I tell you none of these will 'enter', into the Kingdom of Heaven - unless they repent.  My people, you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven - unless you repent of your 'wickedness'.  For there is no wickedness in Heaven.  Only Love, True Peace, and Joy.  Let those who would 'enter' - enter.  Let those who would prefer to stay 'outside' - stay outside.” [-The Blessed Virgin Mary, Friday, November 30, 2012]
Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, Most High True God, please stir up in peoples' hearts, one way or another- one way or another - the desire, to repent… Amen.
Now before I close this Mass, I just want to make a quick little comment.  We have been doing this Mass online well everyday now, for about a month now. We haven't heard from a lot of people who have been benefiting from this Mass online; and it does take considerable effort.  We will not accept any funds or donations whatsoever but you know Jesus said a laborer is worth his wages, and so I am asking people who are benefiting from this Mass online, to give me an email - to let me know that you are benefiting.  Once again a laborer's worth his wages.

A Personal Testimony
The simplest proof, that Petrus Romanus is, the True Pope - the Last and Final Pope of this Era, is that almost every day, immediately after celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, he receives Direct Counsel from Heaven - from Jesus Christ the Lord.  He then "re-presents" the Words of Jesus, online, to the people of the World - proving, that he, is the True Representative of Jesus Christ the Lord.  And here, is, that proof!...  This following dialogue took place immediately after Mass.
Tuesday, March 19, 2013
“For the Scripture says, "You shall not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the grain." and, "the laborer deserves his wages”.”

Jesus said: A labourer, is definitely! Worth, his wages, My children.  And you have worked – for many years now, on ‘the Testimony’, receiving, ‘Counsel’, from Me, almost every day.  Now you see, that ‘the compilation of Divine Revelation’ – over many years, ‘fits together like a puzzle’.  Over the years, you have received ‘the pieces’.  But, My online Testimony, is, ‘the Bigger Picture’.  And because ‘History is still unfolding’ - when, will "the Divine Revelation" end?

Pope Peter the LastNever?

Closing Statement from Jesus Christ the Lord the Most High True GodYes, “never”, My son.  Though prophecies will come, to an End; and wars, and famines, and earthquakes, and pestilences! – will come, to ‘an End’.  But, My word, will never End!  And My Faithful Remnant, continually want, to be filled! – with True Counsel, from Heaven.  And they want their souls, to be nourished – in Truth, and with love.  My Testimony, will reach, ‘all of the Nations’, round about; and after, I have received their ‘response’ – to it, then, My Divine Justice, and Wrath, will be unleashed – according to God the Eternal Father in Heaven’s Will, and Plan.  People, do not realize, My son, that they are indeed ‘proxying, on behalf, of their own Country’[Note: “Before all of Heaven, we, the Two Witnesses, refuse to proxy, on behalf of Canada” (and we will not reconsider this decision before the abortion laws change and the television networks are removed].  And their response is, ‘a reflection’, of their NationWhy can I do this nowHow is it fair?  But that almost everyone, has received, ‘the mark of the beast!  So they are all ‘on the same level’!  Their minds, are linked, togetherThey have become ‘as irrational creatures’ – devoid, of the Spirit.  Because, they chose, to revile, My Glorious Ones: the darkest, Gloom, is ‘set, aside, for such, as these – where there will be ‘weeping and gnashing, of teeth”.  Unless! – they repent!  That is all that I have to say to the both of you for now.


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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