The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

Royal Decrees
"The Lord reigns; he is robed in majesty; the Lord is robed, he is girded with strength. Yes, the world is established; it shall never be moved; your throne is established from of old; you are from everlasting.  The floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods have lifted up their voice, the floods lift up their roaring.  Mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea, the Lord on high is mighty!  Your decrees are very sure; holiness befits your house, O Lord, for evermore."  (Psalm 93:1-5)  
"He is Coming, and you cannot escape: His ‘Royal Decrees’."
"He who conquers [- Pope Peter the Last] and who keeps my works until the end, I will give him power over the nations, and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, even as I myself have received power from my Father; and I will give him the morning star [- True Prophetic Wisdom]. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’" (Revelations 2:26-29) 

Jesus Christ the Lord (- speaking to Pope Peter the Last)...:  You are the Prince of the Heavenly Host My Son, and My words and decrees, move through you; and the True Holy Spirit has anointed you, with even greater gifts than before – simply because you are going to need them, and therefore use them.  It is that simple My children. Even little children can understand My messages – because, I write as though I am speaking to the hearts of children – but very naughty children they have been.  In the institutional church, they ignore My commands over and over again, and though I am patient and have been patient over a hundred years now – it is time for change!...  “Drastic changes” have come – I repeat Myself once more.  Have courage My brother [- speaking to Pope Peter the Last] for I will put into you a fearlessness that has never been, since Moses approached Pharaoh – It is that simpleI have: decrees and laws to pass, on to My elect; and no one on Earth is listening to Me, but you because I have given you authority, over all things, in Heaven, on the Earth, and under the Earth.  You will sit with Me on My Throne My son, and we will rule the Nations with a ‘rod of Iron’, and break into pieces, the potter’s vessel – so that My vessels, can be made and filled.  You will break, into pieces: the shepherds, and false prophets of these times; and you will denounce them through My words. You do not need to perform ‘large scale miracles’ – as Moses did; but My words will be enough, to start a fire in the hearts, of everyone, on the face of the Earth – through you My son, and through The Great Warning experience.  The ‘first watch’ is over now; the ‘second watch’ is beginning; and the ‘third watch’ is the finale.  They missed Me at My ‘first coming’.  I have come again through you both – There’s only one more time left.  (-Tuesday, February 7, 2012) 


Concerning the REMOVAL of the Creator's Blessings from the human race

Jesus Christ the Lord said: The World, has no real Peace; so when confronted with those who have My Peace, they will want to steal it from you.  I have come, to steal the false peace, and the false security, this World offers, from all people, and from all places, where, they consent, to My being there.  For I did not come, to ‘unite humanity, as one’, under ‘a dictator’, or under ‘one world government’, or ‘anarchist church’; yet humanity, was to become one Family, in the True Holy Spirit, embracing unity, in their love for Me and My Love for them. But humanity as a whole, has rejected Me, has rejected My Governance over their soulsTherefore, I declare to the both of you: that humanity, will once again, be enslaved, to: their own masters.  Global enslavement is coming and I will do nothing to stop it; because with every sin there is a punishment; and mankind, has sinned – grievously against Me, and My Commands.  They have forgotten, the ways, that I have, instructed them to walk, from since the beginning; and they have gone after their idols, and their ‘own sick satanic pleasures’, and their love has grown cold – ice cold.  Global climate change is not a problem My children.  It is not, as big, of a condition, as what mankind’s hearts, have become: Icy cold, with no ‘real love’ for their Creator any longer.  The only choice left for them, is a curseCursed is humanity, from this day forward; And cursed, is the Earth, upon which they live; And cursed, are their synagogues, churches, and mosques; Cursed are their governments, and their government leaders; Cursed are their ways before Me; Cursed, are their livelihoods; Cursed are their jobs; And cursed are their morals; And cursed are they, when they lie down, and when they arise; And cursed are they, all the day, long.  I have had enough My children!  This World, is going to be consumed, for I have held back My Hand, and even though Justice has been severe: with Fukushima, with Chemtrails, with poisoned water, with poisoned GMO foods, with poisoned air; even though, they have received plagues of tornados, and all sorts of un-natural, and un-wanted disasters - I have not ‘emptied My Cup' completely, and I will make mankind ‘drink the dregs' of My Fury and Wrath.  Because they would not listen to My True Prophets, and they scorned ‘Counsel from the True Holy Spirit’, and they did ‘everything they could’ to ‘drive Me away, while at the same time telling themselves: that I am near, and that they are all ‘saved and holy’.  They will hate Me even more for this message, that I will be sending them, but even more so, for the plagues that are coming, and My Heavy Hand of Justice upon: the entire human race.  It is what they are ‘all deserving of’ My children.  Show no ‘false compassion’.  Only pity the choices they have made.  If, they repent, these disasters, that are coming, can be averted.  If, they acknowledge you both, as My Two Witnesses, of these End Times, then the ‘pain and suffering’ can be lessened.  But it will take ‘humility’, for them to admit, that this is ‘the Time of The End’Not according to the Mayan Calendar will the World End for the people; but according to My Justice the World, that they knew, is ‘coming to a close.  Nazi Germany, was simply a lesson for mankind to learn from.  But now the whole World, will become, like the Jews, that were killed in the concentration camps.  For the whole World, is, ‘Nazi Germany’. (-Thursday, May 3, 2012)

Concerning the global mainstream media DOWNPLAYING the Apocalyptic Disasters
Venice Hit by worst flooding in 50 years
Most news agencies downplayed the event - this above video is a rare exception
And from now ON, starting TODAY [- speaking OUTSIDE of space and time - referring to November 13, 2019]:  the MORE the one world government mainstream media, seek to DOWNPLAY, 'the UNFOLDING of these End Times', and the Apocalyptic DISASTERS, that are "in FULL swing"? -  the BIGGER, and more DISRUPTIVE, the disasters, are going to be.  Because once again, the CREATOR, is going to SHOW, 'the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT', AND 'the one world government people' - that HE! - has "ULTIMATE Power, over LIFE and Death".  He NEVER 'changed'.  (- from the December 29, 2018 update)  

Concerning "Mercy" for ANY of the ONCE validly ordained roman catholic hierarchical institution clergy

Jesus Christ the Lord said: Roll in ASHES! - you "LORDS of the FLOCK".  For 'the DAYS of DISPERSION, and SLAUGHTER' - are 'QUICKLY! - coming UPON YOU'.  And not ONE of you will ESCAPE - not ONE of you who has, 'BETRAYED, Me, your TRUE Shepherd - for the SAKE of FINANCIAL gain'.  For you SACRIFICED, 'your PERISHIONERS', to the DEVIL! - incarnate.  And you WITHHELD the TRUTH - the LIFE-SAVING TRUTH! - FROM, "My PEOPLE".  You 'MUZZLED!' - the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - TO, the point, where 'He would LEAVE you!'  You do NOT have, 'My TRUE Holy Spirit'.  You do NOT have 'ANY anointing, from HEAVEN'.  And you do NOT have ANY! - "commissioning", FROM your bishops. Because your BISHOPS, are "as DESOLATE! - AS YOU are" - ALL the way up, 'the CHAIN of command' - to "the ANTIPOPE!" - "francis".  HE, is "DESOLATE", and FILLED with the DOCTRINES of DEMONS.  He does NOT "know Me"; and I do NOT know HIM.  For he TEACHES and PREACHES "an ALIEN, gospel" - not ANYTHING! - like 'the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith'.  And TRULY? - "HE is on his way out".  And ALL of you! - are "GUILTY, of the HIGHEST of crimes".  And 'the LAKE of FIRE!' - awaits - as you CHOSE, 'to FOLLOW, the false prophet, FRANCIS', and 'his false TEACHINGS'.  You KNOW 'the Truth! - of My Testimony'. And I TESTIFY 'against YOU!' - you "WICKED priests, of the INSTITUTION!" - "YOUR days", are NUMBERED.  For YOU 'remained SILENT' - when you SHOULD have 'spoken OUT', in the Truth.  You CHOSE to TOLERATE, "wickedness", in your "INTERIOR lives" - as WELL as in your congregation.  You 'AFFIRMED PEOPLE' ALL the way! - to HELL.  And, "THEIR BLOOD", is 'on YOUR hands'.  And I require that "FULL RECOMPENSE", is 'PAID!'- for YOUR sins, and OFFENSES.  You "JUDASES!" - of these End Times

My TRUE Representative, My TRUE Pope is "Petrus Romanus" - is "POPE Peter, the Last" - and HE IS "the TRUE CHIEF Shepherd", of, the FLOCK - whose HEARTS, are 'WITH ME', and 'AGAINST! - the SNARES, of the ENEMY' - and 'against, the WICKED SPIRITS of this world'.  HE is "the TRUE SHEPHERD", of 'THOSE who desire, to LIVE by the Truth - and to LIVE by "MY Word!" - as their DAILY Bread'.  And THOSE who have 'MY Word' - abiding WITHIN them - will not 'SUFFER', "the second DEATH" - will NEVER 'taste the Flames'.  But 'YOU disgraceful shepherds!' - have all 'BOWED, to the spirit of JEZEBEL' - who HAD "a most FATAL! - and DREADFUL! - End."  And you WILL, RECEIVE the same MEASURE.  For you SHOULD HAVE, 'chosen to obey ME, your GOD!' - NOT, 'be PRESSURED, by the WAYS, of the people'.  I DISOWN you!  I DO not know you.  You 'DENIED Me, ON this Earth' - therefore "I deny YOU! - BEFORE My Father in Heaven".

“Wail, you shepherds, and cry, and roll in ashes, you lords of the flock, for the days of your slaughter and dispersion have come, and you shall fall like choice rams. No refuge will remain for the shepherds, nor escape for the lords of the flock. Hark, the cry of the shepherds, and the wail of the lords of the flock!  For the Lord is despoiling their pasture, and the peaceful folds are devastated, because of the fierce anger of the Lord. Like a lion he has left his covert, for their land has become a waste because of the sword of the oppressor, and because of his fierce anger.” (Jeremiah 25:34-38, "The Cup of God's Wrath")

Pope Peter the Last:    NO Mercy, will be given, to ANY of the ONCE validly ordained R.C.H.I. clergy - who are still living - by their Creator.  It has been Decreed from the Highest Heavens, and it cannot be changed. (-from the "Judgement Day" February 03, 2019 update) 
Concerning the ILLUSION of hero-VETERANS

Hero Illusion
James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

 And so? - we TURN to our Creator - the Most High TRUE GOD - and we ask HIM! - to pierce, the CONSCIENCE, of EVERY! - "veteran mercenary", on the PLANET - that 'THEY would be 'convicted, of the ROLE, that they played, in the WAR' - "WHATEVER war", they were involved in.  To the ONES, who are in 'the TANKS', overseas; to the ONES, flying 'the LARGE military AIRCRAFTS' - carrying 'WEAPONS of WAR and DESTRUCTION', to faraway LANDS; to the ones at HOME! - in "the shipping CONTAINERS", who are 'TRAINED murders!' - "TRAINED, cowards!" - who, are TAUGHT, to shoot, 'INNOCENT civilians', as "COLLATERAL DAMAGE" - with their DRONES, with their "HELLFIRE missiles" - sent into "COMMUNITIES, where 'SUSPECTED'! - so-called TERRORISTS are gathered".  WE! - as the Two Witnesses of the Most High True God - bring 'before HIS THRONE'! - ALL! - of the people, who 'WERE involved with the war EFFORTS' - whatever "COUNTRY" they belonged to - and who are STILL! - involved, in ANY way, with 'facilitating war, and MURDER', throughout, the entire WORLD!  NO medication! - will work - to 'ease the CONSCIENCE'!  But THEY? - will be 'DRIVEN, to despair', by their OWN personal demons.  Because THEY! - BROUGHT! - 'DEATH, and destruction', WITH them - and they 'HELPED! - bring it', to foreign nations.  And in THIS time - OUR Creator, is 'REIGNING' - and "Just CONSEQUENCES", are 'COMING, to the Earth'For not ONLY did these PEOPLE - 'SIN, DEEPLY!' - against their NEIGHBOR - they also SINNED, against 'the One TRUE God' - and it is HE who decides! - "who LIVES, and who dies".  This is 'HIS Just Response' - to teach the WORLD, that "VETERANS are NOT to be PRAISED, as 'HEROES'!"  As He teaches the world "a NEW Way", of living - WITHOUT 'the ATROCITIES of war'.  "The WAR machine" HAS to come to 'an End' - it is "NOT sustainable"!  And all THOSE who FACILITATE 'WAR'? - are "not SUSTAINABLE".  And all the PEOPLE, who 'DIE, for their COUNTRY', for their FLAG, for their "FAMILY"? - for their "NATION'S PROTECTION"? - TRULY "died in vain".  OUT of the Most High True God's MERCY - He is in fact, "INFORMING the world", of 'the TRUE Spiritual Reality', of "where those PEOPLE ended UP".  As 'SURREAL!' - as this all may SOUND - it IS the TRUTH, that can never CHANGE. The only HOPE? - for the VETERANS, is to become "MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT" - as that is "the only HOPE for those who KNOWINGLY cheered them on and SUPPORTED them".  "The ILLUSION of hero-VETERANS", is coming to an End!  It HAS been Decreed!  Amen.  (- from the March 05, 2019 update) 
Break free from the one world mind
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Concerning the FACT that the PEOPLE outside the Faithful REMNANT
have NO place! - in the KINGDOM of Heaven on Earth

Perhaps we did not "make it CLEAR"? - to everyone - who is reading the TESTIMONY, and who HASN'T, found the Testimony yet!  But JESUS Christ the LORD - IS "the Supreme JUSTICE".  And He IS! - ALSO, "the PROSECUTOR, in the ONGOING,  UNFOLDING, TESTIMONY" - that WE are, 'presenting'.  And THAT is the TESTIMONY, against, "HUMANITY".

And WE have provided! - HIM - with TONS! - and TONS! - and TONS of evidence - as to why, 'NOW!' - is the TIME, for HIM - to 'PROSECUTE', with DIVINE IMPARTIALITY AND Prejudice - "the WICKED", of this Earth.

And the MOST High TRUE God's, 'DIVINE JUSTICE', IS! - GOING to reach, 'EVERY! - single HUMAN being!' - on the FACE of the Earth

And NO one can ESCAPE! - 'the WRATH, of the LAMB!'  NOT even "the one world GOVERNMENT", or their LEADERS, can 'ESCAPE, GOD'S Just PUNISHMENT'.

THOUGH, they may 'BURROW TUNNELS', UNDERNEATH the GROUND.  Though they may have 'VAST NETWORKS, of UNDERGROUND CITIES - STOCKPILED! - with GOODS, and SUPPLIES - and EVERY "CONVENIENCE", known to MAN.  THOUGH they may HAVE, 'UNDERGROUND SUBWAY SYSTEMS, and TRAINS, and all KINDS! - of advanced technological INNOVATIVE creations, and methods of TRANSPORTATION - NONE of that MATTERS!  NONE of that! - will 'SAVE them', or 'PROTECT them' - from, 'the Divine PUNISHMENT' - that WILL VISIT each ONE of them!  Because they CAN'T escape "the Just MEASURE, that is DUE!"  NOT "in THIS life".

"The deep STATE" and the ILLUMINATI KNOW! - that 'we are living in the TIME of the APOCALYPSE'.  And they 'BELIEVE', that "they can DO WHATEVER they WANT!" - WITHOUT, "consequences"!  They 'BELIEVE' that they can 'OPPRESS', and DENY people, "due PROCESS" - and prosecute 'WHOMEVER they choose to!' - they just have 'to DIG LONG and HARD enough - for ANY excuse!' - to find 'ANY wrongdoing' - with which to PROSECUTE, an individual - that THEY "don't! - like".  And so THAT is "the MEASURE that they USED", and that "they ARE using"!  And SO? - the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the LORD - can NOW 'USE! - the SAME measure of LAW' - but with "DIVINE Standards" INSTEAD.  And "UNFORTUNATELY" for the deep STATE and the ILLUMINATI - THEY do not "measure UP", to what 'the CREATOR', expects!  THEY, do not 'measure UP', to 'HIS Standards, of MORALITY'.

And so we ASK! - the Most High TRUE God - to "PROSECUTE! - the deep STATE - AND! - the illuminati" - to "the FULLEST extent", of DIVINE Law - and "WITH extreme PREJUDICE!" - for 'THEIR! - SINS!' - against Him.

This means that: GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN? - IS going to, 'ROLL OUT', His DIVINE PUNISHMENT - on "a PERSONAL", LOCAL, NATIONAL, and INTERNATIONAL, level - DEPENDING on 'what is NEEDED' - in order 'to get THROUGH their hardened HEARTS!' - that they are NOT! - going 'to get away, with being WICKED! - and doing WICKEDLY! - in the SIGHT of the Creator'.

And He WILL! - 'take their CHILDREN' - and 'their right, to REPRODUCE'! - and remove 'any CHANCE, of a LEGACY' - or 'a continued BLOODLINE'.  And, OUR Creator believes, in "protecting the ENVIRONMENT" - because HE! - MADE! - "planet Earth" - and He CREATED, 'ALL, of the living THINGS' - ON planet Earth.  But - the DEEP STATE and the illuminati 'CORRUPTED the Earth', with their EVILS' - by COLLABORATING, with 'the DEMONS' - with 'DEMONIC POWERS' - in order to, 'FULFILL, the DEVIL'S plan, for the world'.  And "OUR Creator", has SIMPLY 'had ENOUGH!' - of, 'the WEALTHY, WICKED! - POWER-HUNGRY, WAR lords!'  And He's "PUTTING an END to it!".  And, HE'S going, 'to RE-CREATE the Face of the Earth' - WITHOUT the illuminati, and the deep state, and 'the OCCULT, luciferians'.  And at the same TIME? - He WILL 'RENEW! - CREATION, and the ENVIRONMENT' - for HIS! - 'TRUE FAMILY' - for "HIS bloodline"- for 'those who DESIRE, 'TRUE Life' - FLOWING through their veins.  Amen. (-From the April 18, 2019 Judgements 1 update) 

From July 25th, 2019 onward - the Global CHASTISEMENTS - as in 'the PHYSICAL, Chastisements', can ONLY INCREASE - in FREQUENCY, AND in SIZE and Magnitude.  It 'may SEEM', as THOUGH "everything is CALM!" - NOW; but 'WHAT a BLOW' it WILL BE! - to 'the GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS', when they 'SEE!' - "WHAT is INCOMING".  SUCH 'a LARGE! - POPULATION', of PEOPLE - WILL! - be "ANNIHILATED, by DIVINE Intervention".  And THIS, will BE! - "the FIRST Wave", of PHYSICAL Chastisements, to 'HIT the Earth'.  And NOW, is 'the TIME' - when peoples' WILLS, will be 'FIXED' - either 'on WICKEDNESS', or 'on the CREATOR'.  He WILL, BRING people, 'OUT, of the beast state' - TO His Faithful REMNANT. And He WILL! - cause 'MUCH Devastation' - in ORDER to convert, the nations.  THOSE, who RECEIVE 'the mark, of CAIN'? - after COMING, OUT of the BEAST state? - will never LOSE the mark.  SOME will have, 'the MARK of damnation', for ETERNITY; whereas OTHERS, will have 'the Gift of Eternal LIFE', WITH the Creator - "the Mark of Salvation". The Mark of Salvation is only GIVEN, to "the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant"(August 03, 2019 update) 
The mark of the beast will not be cancelled
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Concerning "the mark of Damnation" and "the Mark of SALVATION"?
Jesus Christ the Lord revealed yet ANOTHER turning point in human history.  He called "TIME'S UP!" for the wicked.  As they have all made their 'FINAL decision!'  Now the WICKED can no LONGER turn back TO the Most High True God out of routine - because 'their DAYS' of serving TWO masters is over!  They can ALL serve the devil and DRINK "the cup of 'TAR' that he is OFFERING them" - to the DREGS!   NOW the Most High TRUE God can take 'their children' and start converting the Faithful Remnant to BE.   So the wicked were 'SEALED' tonight - ETERNALLY - with "the mark of DAMNATION" - which started in 2018 [- we kept that special "STOCKING stuffer" under WRAPS until now…].  And the Holy Angels go and SEAL the Elect with "the Mark of Salvation".  (August 17, 2019 update) 
And so it is...a Royal Decree!
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Jesus said: "I will NO longer 'spare' those outside My Graces"

Saint Gabriel the Holy Archangel said:  To BE 'outside the Grace and Favor of the Most High True God' IS to be "DEAD to Him" - for HE is 'the Most High True God' - the GOD of the LIVING!; NOT 'the god of the DEAD'.  And ALL those who desire 'to COME to Him'? - will desire 'LIFE'!  And all those who 'stay AWAY'? - can ONLY desire 'death'.  His MERCY? - is "ABUNDANT, for those who FEAR HIM, and DESIRE to do His WILL".  But His WRATH? - is 'poured OUT', on ALL, "stubborn! - sinners".  (-from the September 12, 2019 update) 

When Death is at your door
Carmel is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

"the GOD of the Two Witnesses"?

What I? - am about to DO? - is send 'a STRONG! - Message - to 'the WORLD'! - that I, am NOT! - "a GOD, to be TRIFLED with".  I am NOT! - "to be SPAT upon", "DISMISSED!" - IGNORED! - MOCKED! - RIDICULED! - and 'SCOFFED at'.

I SENT, My SON, Jesus Christ the LORD, with 'PROPHECIES from HEAVEN', to REVEAL! - TO, 'OUR Two Witnesses' - "what is COMING".  And that PEOPLE? - had BETTER! - 'REPENT'.  BUT people are 'NOT listening'.  They REFUSED, to LISTEN! - to "My TRUE PROPHETS".  They refused, to 'turn their hearts back to ME'.  They REFUSED to 'turn their hearts', to "their OWN! - CHILDREN!"  And now I will ACT! - as I have done in the PAST.  And? - the WHOLE land - as in? - the WHOLE world, will be "STRICKEN, with a Curse" - as I REMOVE! - "the children", FROM it.  For 'MANKIND'S hearts'? - turned "AGAINST, their own FLESH and blood".  In SACRIFICING, their offspring - through "ABORTION"? - they SACRIFICED, 'their FUTURE!' 

And all will KNOW! - that I STAND, by "My TWO WITNESSES" - as they STAND! - before ME; as they, 'WITNESS' - the DEVASTATION, DESTRUCTION, and MASS CASUALTIES - that 'I' am about to Cause... they will 'PRAISE Me!' - for "MY Just Response".  For "you FOOLISH! - PEOPLE!" - are about to LEARN? - that "I am a JEALOUS! - God".  And if YOU! - DO not, 'WORSHIP', Me, 'as I TRULY Am' - as 'I have REVEALED, Myself' - IN "My TESTIMONY"? - if you do NOT! - 'lay it to HEART', ALL! - that I have SHARED? - then you HAVE, "ABSOLUTELY! - NO part, in MY Kingdom!" - that is QUICKLY, being ESTABLISHED, on "the FACE, of the Earth".

You are ALL! - going to perish.  JUST as "the FLOODWATERS", came QUICKLY! - upon the PEOPLE - and ROSE! - "so QUICKLY!" - that 'they could NOT ESCAPE!' - for there was NOT, 'the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN!' - that 'I' did not COVER, in My Wrath.  So TOO will you ALL! - perish.  "Your ONLY ESCAPE?" - IS "My ARK".  And that IS? - "the ARK! - of the COVENANT" - the COVENANT, that 'I' Made, WITH, My Two WITNESSES.  For just as THEY, are 'PROTECTED' and 'PRESERVED', FROM, "My Apocalyptic JUSTICE"? - so TOO! - WILL, 'the MEMBERS, of My FAITHFUL REMNANT' - who are "TRULY! - Faithful, from their hearts" - be 'PROTECTED and Preserved'. 

ONLY those who become 'Members, of 'MY!' - Faithful Remnant'? - WILL be granted 'Protection'. 

ONLY those, who have "MY! - Blessed Holy Water", in their HOMES - WILL be 'Protected'. 

THOSE praying, the PRAYERS - that have been 'GIVEN' - FROM Heaven? - 'FOR these Times' - who PRAY, with 'SINCERITY, as AUTHENTIC Members, of My FAITHFUL Remnant'? - will be 'SPARED'! 

For I 'WILL LOOK with MERCY' - on THOSE, who choose 'ME!' - as "their ONLY! - God". 

BUT? - "My ABUNDANT WRATH!" - is 'Set, against EVERYONE else'. (- from the September 19, 2019 update)

Concerning those who 'BELIEVE!' - while "COMFORTABLY, doing NOTHING, to CHANGE"
(- for "the HIDDEN members")

For ALL those who have 'FOUND! - the TESTIMONY of their CREATOR' - and who 'BELIEVE!' - in the WORDS, of the Most High True GOD - while "COMFORTABLY, doing NOTHING, to CHANGE" - or, to 'DO, WHAT the Creator, is asking of them' - as they PREFER! - to be "HIDDEN, members" - like NICODEMUS, was - who in fact did NOT "make it", to the Kingdom of HEAVEN (- because 'like a DEMON' - he was DRAWN, to the LORD - at NIGHT! - with ALL kinds of "CURIOUS questions" - but, he did NOT desire to be "ASSOCIATED, with Him" - PUBLICLY)...:  YOU have 'FOUND!' - "the GIFT of Eternal LIFE" - and "the GIFT, of the PRESENCE, of the Most High True God" - and "His PRESENCE", has been "a BLESSING, in your life" - and you have 'GLEANED! - from the GOODNESS of the LORD'.  And 'your HEART' was satisfied! - from "the GOODNESS of the Lord".  And just like the Ark of the COVENANT was brought, into 'the HOMES, of those, who "BELIEVED, in the PRESENCE, of the Most High True GOD" - and it TOO! - became, 'a BLESSING', on their HOUSEHOLD - so TOO has the TESTIMONY, become, "a BLESSING", to those, who 'BELIEVE'.  Yet is it "not ENOUGH to believe!" - for the Lord Jesus CHRIST is 'ASKING, that His TRUE FOLLOWERS, make a PUBLIC declaration, of their BELIEF, and their LOYALTY - to HIM! - and to His TRUE, Roman Catholic FAITH, that 'HE established' - and to "His True VICAR", Pope Peter the LAST.  For, if THOSE, "on the SIDELINES", will NOT! - acknowledge - 'the TESTIMONY' before the NATIONS - and 'STAND! - with their CREATOR'? - then the BLESSINGS, they HAVE! - received - will QUICKLY 'turn into CURSES', and AFFLICTIONS - UNTIL? - they 'DO, what the Lord is ASKING, OF them'; or they RENOUNCE, the Testimony.  For ONE thing the Lord HATES? - is "PEOPLE who STEAL from Him".  For TRULY, it was "judas ISCARIOT", who DESIRED 'to be CLOSE', to the LORD, Jesus Christ - but ONLY "to GLEAN! - the BENEFITS, of BEING, WITH Him".  And he RECEIVED "his REWARD", in the end.  And so if your WORDS are 'TRUE', that you are "an ASPIRING MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT"? - then you will DO! - what the LORD Jesus Christ COMMANDS.

The Most High TRUE God HATES it when people 'steal JUDGEMENT from Him'.  Better to find something to do with your time... that He LOVES!  (September 22, 2019 update)
to declare that a deceased individual is in Heaven
From HENCEFORTH, if ANYONE! - says, that "these CHILDREN, who PASSED - went to HEAVEN" - OR that, 'ANY people', in these End TIMES, have "PASSED, and gone on, to HEAVEN"? - when they most ASSUREDLY! - are 'being TORMENTED, in Eternal FLAMES'? - then let those PEOPLE, or "individual PERSONS" - 'pass ON! - in LIKE manner' - SUDDENLY! - and tragically! - with NO warning! as "an EXAMPLE, to others" - of what HAPPENS to those who bear false WITNESS - that ALL! - shall LEARN! - to 'FEAR! - the Most High TRUE God, the GOD of the Two WITNESSES'.

In simple language, if any person should SEE or hear of a deceased person, who was in fact STRICKEN! - by the Most High True God, the God of the Two Witnesses - and sent to HELLFIRE - and then PROCLAIM out LOUD, to ANYONE! - that the deceased person is now "BLESSED"?... let THAT person, receive "the SAME Blessing!"  Why?  Because... "Blessings are GOOD things!"  What more is there to say?

Know that your CREATOR, is NOT "a god to be trifled with"... so don't let the demons TEMPT you, to GAMBLE with your life, as you 'put Him to the test'... because? - HE will pass! - "with FLYING colors!" - EVERY time.(September 24, 2019 update)

"To presume something, is a falsehood, and a lie.  Unless I tell the soul their Judgement, (earlier – as in your case, My children) no one is guaranteed Heaven, until they pass through, My Judgment Seat.  Understand?" (-Jesus, Saturday, August 21, 2010)  

Concerning any and all attacks
against the Two Witnesses or ANY Member of the Faithful Remnant
Effective today - every and all psychotronic and occult attacks against the Two Witnesses or ANY Member of the Faithful Remnant - or "Remnant to Be" -  WILL INCREASE the magnitude of EACH of the next 50 Apocalyptic Disasters, to befall the Face of the Earth.  In other words? - the psychotronic department and occult luciferians, WILL help the atheist scientists PROVE! - that "the climate IS changing".  Glad we could help with that!... and, we COULDN'T agree more!... YOU'LL see. (September 26, 2019 update) 

Concerning Physical Afflictions IMPACTING the "religious institutions"

From HENCEFORTH all "communion HOSTS and SACRAMENTS" received, in ANY of the religious INSTITUTIONS - from ANY! - "religious leaders"? - are NOW! - 'CURSED', by the GOD of the Two Witnesses.  Because the PEOPLE did not 'HEED' the Warning, to LEAVE those places - those "ABOMINABLE, places", of WORSHIP - even though, the Most High TRUE God has left - HE has 'left them to their own DEVICES'.  And now 'such PHYSICAL AFFLICTIONS', WILL! - accompany, ALL those who ATTEND those PLACES.  And so? - let 'ALL their sacraments', be CURSED! - all their places of WORSHIP? - be CURSED! - and all the PEOPLE, OUTSIDE, the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith, AND Religion - be CURSED!  For 'to be OUTSIDE', the TRUE Roman Catholic FAITH? - IS 'to be Cursed', BY the God, of the Two WITNESSES - by "the GOD, of the Old TESTAMENT" - by "the God, of the NEW Testament".  And LET 'ALL, the WORLD', KNOW! - that, the MOST High, TRUE God - is WITH! - His FAITHFUL Remnant - and WITH! - The TRUE! - Roman Catholic Faith, UNDER, Petrus Romanus - the LAST, and FINAL, TRUE Pope, of this "CLOSING, Era" - and that the Most High True GOD, is 'AGAINST! - the ROMAN catholic HIERARCHICAL institution, in Rome - and He WILL! - make it 'FALL!'  The people did NOT "repent" - they did NOT "adhere, to HIS TESTIMONY" - and so 'the TESTIMONY', has BECOME? - 'a TESTIMONY, AGAINST! - the roman catholic HIERARCHICAL institution, AND their neglects'.  The TREE, is 'ROTTEN', and WILL! - be 'CUT down'.  AND, the LORD Jesus Christ, will 'lift-UP', the LOW tree - that 'ALL', will glorify 'HIM! - the Most High TRUE God' - for 'what HE has done'!

Jesus said: With 'these Two STONES'? - I will "SHATTER the mighty, and the proud"!

Here is "an ADMONITION", from the Queen of HEAVEN:

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  HOW many of you, will REPENT from the heart, and TURN BACK to my Son, the LORD Jesus Christ?  WHY do so MANY of you, want, to, 'WALK the road', of INIQUITY and SIN? - "the BROAD road", that EVERYONE is walking? - TOWARDS, their own DESTRUCTION.  WHY do you not, LISTEN - to my Two WITNESSES? - when they SPEAK, on BEHALF of me, AND, my Son - Jesus Christ the LORD. They ARE, in fact, "OUR, two Ambassadors - from HEAVEN!" - SET aside, and pulled, FROM 'this wicked world' - so that they, could 'WALK the narrow road', and learn 'WHO, Jesus Truly is'.  So MANY of you, are 'IN self-DECEPTION'; and you are WORSHIPPING, "FALSE christs"; "FALSE messiahs'; AND "false GODS!"  So MANY of you, are CHOOSING to put your FAITH - in MEN!  HOW, IS that WISE? - when, the ONES you put your FAITH in, are "ABSOLUTELY faithless"!  ALL of your so-called "LEADERS" - of ALL the so-called RELIGIONS out there, HAVE become "POLLUTED, to the very core!"  They SEEK after their OWN plans, and their own DESIRES - and ALL they want to DO, is FILL you, with false HOPE; with "the DELUSION", of a coming RAPTURE! - with "the DELUSION", that you are all SAVED!; with "the DELUSION", that you SIMPLY need, to BELIEVE in Jesus! - and He HAS to SAVE you!  But my PEOPLE, THESE, ARE "DELUSIONS"! - that YOU ARE EMBRACING! - on a GLOBAL SCALE!  You have BEEN, 'SO DECEIVED'! - by your PASTORS, MINISTERS, and PRIESTS!  They have DECEIVED you! - and CAUSED you to BELIEVE, in "a LIE!"  AND you bought their LIE!  And you "sold", "your HOPE, OF Salvation". (- introduction to the March 01, 2016 Message) 
"And then the lawless one will be revealed, and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of his mouth and destroy him by his appearing and his coming. The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (2 Thessalonians 2:8-12) 
(September 28, 2019 update)

Concerning "the enemies" of the Faithful Remnant

And SO, let 'ALL the ENEMIES, of the Faithful REMNANT' - be 'CRUSHED!' - be 'ANNIHILATED!', from the FACE of the EARTH - by 'the WILL OF, the TRIUNE God' - the FATHER, the SON, and the TRUE Holy Spirit.  And let ALL of "the SHELLS, of human BEINGS" - who CHOOSE, to show 'ANIMOSITY', and 'HATRED' - towards the REMNANT - and who CHOOSE to make, 'their LIVES more DIFFICULT'? - be "no MORE!" - be "STRICKEN", be "TAKEN out" - by Saint MICHAEL, the HOLY Archangel.  And let 'the DEMONS', lose "their HOSTS!" - PERMANENTLY; and be 'sent BACK', to the Lake of Fire.  Amen. (October 07, 2019 update) 
Don't throw stones from glass houses
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Concerning ALL the antichrist pastors in All the religious institutions out there

And SO, let 'ALL antichrist PASTORS', be STRICKEN! - in HEART, BODY, MIND, and SOUL!  And let them 'RECEIVE, the Due PUNISHMENT', in their PHYSICAL bodies - according to the Divine WILL, of the Most High True God.  And let them ALL! - become 'SICKLY pale'! - to the POINT of death! - as 'a SIGN!' - to the people - that 'THAT', is "what they're OFFERING", them.  And SO let "the antichrist PASTORS" - BE! - "as white SEPULCHERS with DEAD man's bones inside"(October 18, 2019 update) 

That DAY was just SPEEDILY fast-forwarded - as a result of the GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS, now taking psychotronic "KILL shots", at the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant.
Actual email from an OFFICIAL Member of the Faithful Remnant: Last night I experienced an intense attack unlike anything I've experienced… while I slept it was like a bunch of stabbing pains in my back and torso, with my muscles seizing up… When I did awake there was what I could only describe as like a microwave blast at me. My insides were vibrating, and my heart was beating abnormally. I prayed some quick deflection prayers, used the Blessed Holy Water and went back to rest without further issues… Thankfully, with The Most High TRUE God I have nothing to fear from the one world government, and I don't. That pain is truly nothing compared to what they will be receiving, I'm sure. 

And so, this BEGS the question, "What will they be RECEIVING?"

"For your lifeblood I will surely require a reckoning; of every beast I will require it and of man; of every man’s brother I will require the life of man. Whoever sheds the blood of man [- and that ALSO refers to any and every ATTEMPT at taking the life of a man…], by man [- and Jesus Christ the LORD, "the JUST JUDGE", IS also "fully human"…] shall his blood be shed."  (Genesis 9:5-6a)

GIVEN! - that 'the OCCULT world' - and 'the ILLUMINATI', are "HELL-bent" - on DESTROYING the Faithful Remnant Church? - WE turn to the Most High TRUE God, and we ASK Him "to unleash EVERYTHING! - ON them! - and their KINGDOM! - AND the nations!" - and, 'to NOT withhold', the DIVINE "RECKONING!" - that IS coming, AGAINST them.  We ASK? - the Most High TRUE God - 'to UNLEASH, His ENTIRE, "HEAVENLY", arsenal - on the INHABITANTS of the Face of the EARTH' - AND? - to TEACH! - the one world GOVERNMENT - "NOT to mess with the REMNANT" - OR? - there will be "HELL to pay!" - and they WILL PAY! - "a HEAVY price"! - as they WILL LOSE! - SO Much more! - than what they EVER 'hoped to gain' - in "taking ON", Jesus Christ the LORD'S, "small FLOCK".

"For the Master, is Me, Jesus Christ, and I will reckon every soul, accountable before Me, for his or her own actions. Those who are more well informed, have more to be accountable for.  I am coming; I am coming soon.  So you best ready yourselves, to receive Me." (-Jesus, Friday, November 6, 2009)

"Fast approaching is the Day of Doom, the Day of Reckoning, the Day of Mourning – for all those hearts who are without God; and a Day of Rejoicing – for all those who are with Him, and in Him.  This Day is coming quickly."  (-Jesus, Monday, March 15, 2010)

"Everyone will be accountable on the Day of Reckoning – some, more than others.  But they will all have to pay the Judge – that is Me, what they owe.  And indeed they will not get out until they pay the last penny.  Even though I am Merciful, people must repay, what they oweThey must change their ways and repent, or suffer dire consequences." (-Jesus, Sunday March 11, 2012)

And this above update - ALSO explains WHY, for every CHILD that was aborted - a living child OUTSIDE the womb, WILL in fact be 'taken', by the SAME God who gave THAT child... breath.  (October 26, 2019 update)

"For behold, the days [- of the REMOVAL of the offspring…] are coming [- SOON!...] when they [- the people] will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never gave suck!’ [- because THOSE who were 'with CHILD' will be 'mourning the LOSS of their CHILDREN'…] Then they will begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us’; and to the hills, ‘Cover us.’ [- for they 'MAY as well be DEAD!' for they HAVE no FUTURE! - as the human race longer has DESCENDANTS...] For if they do this [- "aborting their own OFFSPRING"…] when the wood is green [- when they 'COULD' have had children…], what will happen when it is dry?” [- and the Lord 'holds BACK!' - the Gift of childbirth - AND! - removes 'the LIVING children', from the face of the EARTH]. (Luke 23:29-31) 

Concerning ALL "the PRIVATE members" and "FORMER members"
of the Faithful Remnant
who are 'STILL emailing each other'
- who BELIEVE that they can 'SNUB us' CONTINUALLY
They will have 'no HOPE'! - if they don't STOP.  Because they ALL 'turned away from the UNIVERSAL Truth' of the TESTIMONY, and began "their OWN PROTESTANT churches", in doing so.  SOMEHOW? - they BELIEVE - that they can 'SNUB us!' - CONTINUALLY! - and STILL be "MEMBERS".  But I AM "standing at the GATES" - and I SAY! - TO their Creator! - before the WHOLE Heavenly Court... that "I DO NOT know them!"   And HE WILL 'BIND, what I SAY, on His BEHALF' - to their SOULS! - whether they 'LIKE' it or not - whether they "APPROVE! - of me, as the LAST and Final True Pope", or not.  And I TURN! - to the Most High TRUE God - and ask HIM, "to HEAVILY Smite! - ALL those, who were ONCE Members of the Faithful Remnant - but CHOSE! - to GO AGAINST, the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith, and live a life of INDIFFERENCE, towards their Creator.  And I am asking HIM! - to "SEVERELY Scourge them!" - with His "Divine, JUST Consequences, on their LIVES!"  So that? - when PEOPLE, look BACK, on "WHO were the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT?" - who chose to LEAVE the Remnant? - that the Most High TRUE God, would make 'SUCH an example out of them!' - that NO one would ever 'DARE to LEAVE' again! 
And if they DON'T stop snubbing us in THIS life - and FAST! - can YOU figure out, "the measure THEY are all going to receive", when they meet ME at "the Pearly GATES", at the END of it?  (October 29, 2019 update) 

Follow-up note:  And so, since Jesus Christ the Lord - the WORD of the Creator INCARNATE, who now sits ENTHRONED in the HIGHEST Heavens, REIGNING over the entire PLANET, states - that as HE Stands WITH Pope Peter the Last, "HE WILL 'BIND, what I [- PPTL] SAY, on His BEHALF' - to their SOULS! - whether they 'LIKE' it or not - whether they "APPROVE! - of me, as the LAST and Final True Pope", or not…"  THIS begs the QUESTION… WHAT is "being BOUND" to the Souls of ALL those who are CONTINUALLY PROTESTING my VALID and LEGITIMATE Papacy and ROLE as His TRUE VICAR on Earth, and Holy Ambassador from Heaven?  Because Mary and I, BOTH know - that on a daily BASIS, the Creator IS "BINDING" even MORE "Divine Just Consequences" TO 'all the PROTESTANTS out there' - as that 'MOST personal and Divine Just MILLSTONE!', that they are each CHAINED to, and that THEY are "most deserving of", only GROWS, HEAVIER! - each and every day

Mary Romanus (- speaking to PPTL - while PROOF-reading the above)…:  You're BASICALLY explaining, that 'that HEAVINESS', that they 'EXPERIENCE', when they [- referring to "the HEARERS" out there, who refuse to DO… ANYTHING!...] walk away from the TESTIMONY? - as 'they did NOTHING!' - with 'the TRUTH!' - that they had RECEIVED?... weighs 'HEAVILY' ON them.  They 'THINK!' - it's because they found the TESTIMONY, and the Testimony is "BAD"; when it's ACTUALLY 'the Weight of their OWN POOR CHOICES in life' - being EXPOSED! - by their Creator.  It's ACTUALLY 'the WEIGHT of a very heavy CONSCIENCE'.

And so basically, that was "MY reaction to the update", upon RE-reading it the next day - followed by Mary's reaction, to my reaction. Unfortunately we can't post YOUR reaction… here… too… that's why we encourage people to make Testimony videos… obviously.  And if you want to post, 'your BAD reaction' to anything in the Testimony, in a video? - Saint Michael will be more than HAPPY, to be "the FIRST to give you a review"! - on OUR behalf… of course. (October 30, 2019 update) 

A special "FOLLOW-up Decree" for all the SNUBBERS out there!

You know something? - history is FULL of stories of PEOPLE, who BOLDLY stated that they didn't NEED "a Shepherd" - one with the TRUE Anointing from HEAVEN that is.   History is full of 'people SO imbued with satanic HUBRIS' (- following the LEAD of their father down below) - and who are FULLY resolved 'to go it ALONE', as they CLAIM that THEY have a right to receive WHATEVER reward THEY want! - and on THEIR own terms!  And do you KNOW WHAT?  We GET it!  Moses had exactly 'the SAME problem' - and do you know WHAT?... THEY got it! (- referring to Divine Just Consequences that is!)

"And the people spoke against God and against Moses, “Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? For there is no food and no water, and we loathe this worthless food.” Then the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, so that many people of Israel died."(Numbers 21:5-6) 

You want to 'PRETEND!' - that you can bypass US and our COUNSEL, and 'go directly to your CREATOR'? - and that HE will look at you, and Judge you any DIFFERENTLY?  Then you can GO to Him! - for your JUDGEMENT!  And you can EXPERIENCE, 'HIS Divine Just CONSEQUENCES' in your life. Because… NOTHING we are COMMUNICATING, is getting through - TO you.  Perhaps HE can?  We're NOT "just two scribes, who write DOWN Jesus' words" - for you to 'just do whatever you FEEL! - like doing with them'.  We are "His TRUE Brother and SISTER".  And, YOU show, 'extreme HOSTILITY' TOWARDS us.  And THAT'S "what your DEMONS, want to communicate": that you can be HOSTILE, and HATE the Counsel, of Peter and Mary Romanus - and STILL "follow the Most High True God"!   And for ALL those people - all those "SNUBBERS" out there - who BELIEVE that, we are "TOO HARD on them"… but "GOD understands them!"  YOU can 'go to your Judgement' TOO!  

Spoiler alert It would have been "BETTER" for them if they used 'the Gift of the TIME that was given to them in THIS life' - in order to PURIFY their Souls… BEFORE the time of their Judgement.  "The FUNNY thing"? - is that the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are 'choosing to use their time WELL', in THIS life? - are actually 'TICKLED' by the Words of their Creator - moving through the TWO of us - and moving through the TESTIMONY  - and that is 'CLEARLY VISIBLE' in SO MANY of the videos they make.  But "the SNUBBERS"? - are actually "snubbing that TICKLING sensation" - as they prefer the sensation of their Creator's ETERNAL BURNING DIVINE JUST WRATH instead.  And SO? - Everyone has "preferences"… and we understand that.  We 'GET it'!  We REALLY do.  (November 01, 2019 update)

'taking on US, and the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT'?
This IS! - "your final NOTICE".  We are asking the Most High TRUE God - to 'REMOVE the breath of LIFE - FROM you' - as SOON! - as you have RESOLVED, to HARM - US - or ANY Members of the Faithful Remnant'.  Go AHEAD!  TEST us!  SEE if we're "bluffing!"  But our CREATOR? - will 'Rise-UP and DEFEND us, and the Members of the Faithful REMNANT'.  And it's "YOU people!" - who will 'LEARN, to FEAR us! - and to FEAR our Creator'.  Amen!  (November 04, 2019 update)     
Concerning the FORMER Members of the Faithful Remnant who
to the Path of Life set before them by the God who CREATED them?
After making 'SO many fruitful and heartfelt VIDEOS' - "FOR" the Testimony - and TESTIFYING, "FOR" their Creator - and "FOR" the Path, of Eternal LIFE? - the "FORMER MEMBERS"? - CHOSE to become, 'FALLEN angels' - or 'FALLEN messengers' - as they 'fell from GRACE'.  And they CHOSE, to be "REBELLIOUS, to the CORE!"  And they 'TURNED their BACKS, on the Kingdom of HEAVEN' - turning to 'the kingdom of DARKNESS! - in THIS world', instead.  And SO they ARE… "OF the devil!" - and "FOR the devil" - as they sided "WITH, the devil, and the DEMONS - who are AGAINST! - the Faithful Remnant".  They wanted "a KINGDOM!" - where THEY could be… 'their own kings and QUEENS' - with 'NO one!' - to ANSWER to - or TELL them, 'how to live their LIFE'.  And SO?  We TURN, to 'OUR Creator - the Most High TRUE God' - and ask HIM, to "PERSONALLY, SCOURGE! - and afflict each ONE of them!" - for their 'SELFISH response', to what their Creator was 'DEMANDING of them' - to make "an EXAMPLE", OUT of them - in front of 'THEIR! - family' - so that "their FAMILY", can witness -'what happens to THOSE, who LIVED, FOR the Testimony, TASTED - the BLESSED FRUITS of it - and DECIDED, to SHUN it! - ALTOGETHER'.  So let THOSE who were "WITH us", at ONE point - be 'a CURSE!' - on their families.  Amen!  (November 04, 2019 update)  

After carefully READING and REVIEWING EVERYTHING the Creator has revealed in His Testimony - the Global government LEADERS, have finally given "THEIR formal reply" - a reply that THEY strategically released, THROUGH the unanimous consensus, of "THEIR scientists" - and in a recently published and widely PUBLICIZED statement.  And it goes like this:

"The world population must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced... make family-planning [- the 'NICE' way of saying "abortion on demand"…] services available to all people… as a global norm for all, especially girls and young women."

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency (05 November 2019)

And so with THAT "formality" now behind us, HERE is the Formal Response from Heaven.

Unbeknownst TO the global governments? - this is 'EXACTLY! - what the CREATOR, was WAITING for!'  HE was "WAITING, for their formal CONSENSUS, and DECLARATION, and GLOBAL AFFIRMATION, of their DESIRE! - to have the population of the WORLD, REDUCED in size".  He was "WAITING, FOR this MOMENT, in human HISTORY! - so that? - it is CLEAR! - to all future GENERATIONS: that, what the GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS chose! - what 'the PEOPLE' CHOSE! - is 'what He gave TO them'.  They 'WANT' population decline!  They 'WANT', "DEATH! - in the MILLIONS".  They 'WANT'! - their own ABORTION.  And so "they can HAVE it!" - as He 'HEAPS, their OWN judgement - on their OWN heads - and upon their OWN nations'! - by their OWN choices.  And He will be 'GLORIFIED!'  Because? - HE is not, 'a TYRANT' - but 'the global government LEADERS' are!  And it is 'by their SELFISHNESS' - by 'THEIR desire to GLEAN from the WEALTH of the PEOPLE' - for their OWN PERSONAL gain - as they desire 'to SACRIFICE, HUMANS, to the DEVIL!'- so that THEY can 'become EMPOWERED' - that they will ALL be DESTROYED!   BECAUSE? - in the WORDS of our CREATOR: 

Jesus Christ the Lord said: Never has the World been in such turmoil as it is now.  All kinds of depravity are plaguing mankind.  It is only inevitable that their destruction will come, not through My hand, for I only desire life, but through their own conscious choices.  They are throwing themselves into oblivion.  I am simply not going to bow to their demons.  If this is what they want then so be it.  Justice has come, and come swiftly, for the End is near[- referring to "the END of the WICKED!", global government leaders, their 'bought and paid for sham scientists', and ALL those who would rather follow them, to THEIR father down below - than to become a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant Church.]  (-that's "a perfect 10" years ago!... Friday, November 6, 2009) 

Once again JESUS was "speaking outside of space and TIME" - referring to 'THIS point in HISTORY' - where HUMANITY - has reached, "its PEAK, of evil".  (November 06, 2019 update)
of their Creator and that of an awakened CONSCIENCE?
EMBRACE 'the KNOWLEDGE', of the TESTIMONY - of your CREATOR - and of 'an AWAKENED CONSCIENCE' - or HAVE it replaced, with - a DEADENED conscience, knowledge of the WORLD, and an UNREPENTANT - STUBBORN heart! (- excerpt from ANOTHER November 08, 2019 update) 

Concerning those who DESIRE to waste our TIME?

Concerning those who DESIRE to waste our TIME - and "to try to suck the LIFE! - OUT of us" - WHETHER it be through: sending us DEMONIC INSPIRATIONS; or through 'praying AGAINST US'; or EVEN, 'CONTENDING with us', and 'actively HATING us!' - in one's INTERIOR life.  We turn to our CREATOR, for "a JUST DECREE".  Because we don't have 'TIME' - for "GAMES!" - and for "demonic GARBAGE".

We are asking Saint MICHAEL, the Holy ARCHANGEL - to "GO to that INDIVIDUAL" - and to "STRIKE! - that INDIVIDUAL - with an INFIRMITY - that they CANNOT! - and WILL not! - RECOVER from" - UNLESS, they turn, to their CREATOR, with "heartfelt repentance".  And we are asking Him: NOT! - to lift the infirmity - if they "FULLY INTEND" - and He can SEE! - that "they FULLY INTEND, to CONTINUE, their SATANIC EXISTENCE" - AFTER He 'Heals them'. 

Because? - SOME people have been 'drawing near to the TESTIMONY' - in order to 'AFFLICT us!'  And they've been "USING the Testimony, to be HEALED!" - so that they can 'continue to AFFLICT us!'  And it stops NOW.  Because they're NOT going to get 'the healing, that they want'; but they're going to get "a SEVERE SPANKING! - from their Creator" - that they "MAY not RECOVER from!"  And we are 'DOING this'? - because "nothing ELSE is WORKING!"  It is "our LAST! - recourse of ACTION".

PEOPLE enjoy sending us EMAILS - from "their DEMONS!" - "LITTLE jabs!" - whenever "they FEEL like it!" - and we have had ENOUGH! - and now THEY'RE going to experience… "little JABS!" - from Saint Michael's SWORD! - as "an IMMEDIATE response, to their SATANIC existence".

Either PEOPLE, "want to LIVE! - for their Creator"?... or they're "going to DIE!"  And they CAN'T 'escape this VERY Just DECREE'.  There is no "GREY zone"!  Either they are "FOR! - Jesus Christ the Lord", "FOR! - the Testimony", "FOR us!", and "FOR the Faithful Remnant".  OR? - they are "for DYING! - for DEATH - for their OWN Destruction". There's "NOTHING in-between". 

But what about "the deep STATE"?  What about "the global military industrial complex PSYCHOPATHS, who are MONITORING our WEBSITE"?  What about "the FORMERS" who are reading it? - some may be wondering.  Why not just 'check IN on them, and see how they are DOING in a few days' - and see for yourself!  (November 10, 2019 update) 


Concerning all those who believe that BECAUSE
they "put up with our COUNSEL" for a TIME?
- they are NOW… "entitled to a FREE PASS
into the Era of Peace"? 

If YOU are STILL, 'CHOOSING, to TOLERATE US? - and the FRATERNAL CORRECTION, that we GIVE - and TOLERATE, what is STATED, in the TESTIMONY'? - you are NOT!!! - going "to MAKE it", to the FULLNESS of the Era of TRUE PEACE!  AND? - you "WILL NOT! - MAKE it! - to the Kingdom of HEAVEN".  Because, in the KINGDOM of HEAVEN? - the peoples' HEARTS, are "WITH!" - their Creator - are "with the TRUTH".  Our TESTIMONY, is 'based on the Truth'.  And, if YOU 'ONLY want to TOLERATE'? - our Words - as in? - "put UP with", our COUNSEL? - then you ARE! - "ON the PATH - to HELL!"

We WANT 'to make it very CLEAR to people': how they can DISCERN, their INTERIOR lives.  They can 'PRETEND! - that it doesn't MATTER - what I SAY, as the Last and Final TRUE POPE, of this Closing ERA'.  They can 'PRETEND!' - that, "they can SNEAK! - past the Gate!" - into the Fullness of the Era of TRUE PEACE?  But they're "NOT getting IN!"  THOSE, who will RECEIVE, 'the TESTIMONY' into their HEARTS - and be 'changed BY it' - will receive 'the Kingdom of HEAVEN', in their hearts - and be 'changed, BY it'.  And 'their DESIRES'? - will CHANGE - to be 'a REFLECTION, of what the TRUE Holy Spirit, DESIRES - to DO - THROUGH them'.  But THOSE who are "TOLERATING the True Holy Spirit"? - while they hold TIGHTLY, onto their DEMONS, and their REBELLION? - will be 'forever cut-OFF' from the True Holy Spirit - and it will HAPPEN 'without WARNING!' 

Because? - the TRUTH is? - that we represent 'the LOVE, of the Most High True GOD'.  And if PEOPLE do not 'want to RECEIVE', His KINDNESS - and His Love THROUGH us? - and they want 'to CALL it, HATE'? - then they will become "one with their DEMONS" - who ABSOLUTELY 'HATE! - EVERYTHING! - about us!' - and ESPECIALLY, 'what is written in the Testimony'.

Therefore, people must CHOOSE! - to be "an INSTRUMENT of the Most High TRUE God - where He RECEIVES, "all GLORY, Praise and HONOR".  OR? - they become "an instrument of the DEVIL!" - who 'STEALS!' - all glory, praise and honor, FROM the Creator.  Which one do YOU choose?

Hint:  If WHEN you READ - or HEAR - our WORDS? - and "absolute JOY!!!" - wells up WITHIN you?... THEN! - you ARE 'Receiving, the Kingdom of Heaven, IN your Heart'.  If YOU are… "BURDENED!!! - by the COUNSEL we give… you're CHOOSING to side… with your DEMONS!... and GUESS what?... THEY'RE "on the clock!" - and that makes YOU "on the clock!"  Because WE'RE 'TURNING to our CREATOR' - and asking Him "to throw ALL your DEMONS - into the Eternal Lake of Fire!"… better separate from them QUICKLY!... or 'SHARE in their fate'.

Historical noteIt was a cloudy overcast day - ALL day - until we finished typing out this Decree.  And when we DID? - the thick clouds PARTED, and bright SUNLIGHT shone through our window, and cast shadows on the keys of my computer keyboard - even as I was typing this note... "NOT subtle!" Looks like the DAWN of a NEW ERA… is NOW upon us! (November 12, 2019 update) 

Concerning 'ALL the women!' - in the WORLD!

If there's one thing they TAUGHT us? - it's "to be INCLUSIVE!"

We are 'asking God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN' - to throw 'ALL the women!' - in the WORLD! - on their SICK beds, and to 'bring them ALL! - to their KNEES'.  To AFFLICT them! - with 'EVERY plague!' - that, THEY? - could POSSIBLY imagine! - to make 'an example' OUT of them! - before the nations, as "a very SICK! - and depraved GENDER".  WE are asking Him, to "THROW! - the spirit of jezebel - into the Eternal Lake of FIRE!" - and all women who 'want to CLING to that vile SPIRIT'? - will go WITH her!  NOW it begins!

"I gave her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her immorality.  Behold, I will throw her on a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her [- all those who 'LOVE to TOLERATE her ways'…] I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her doings; and I will strike her children dead. And all the churches shall know that I am he who searches mind and heart [- He can see THROUGH! - all the jezzie masks!...], and I will give to each of you as your works deserve." (Revelations 2:21-23) 
Only the "GOD-fearing women" - who when HUMBLED to their KNEES! - turn to "the GOD of the Two Witnesses", with heartfelt repentance - will find relief.  In other words? - not MANY! - are going to make it.  How about YOU? - do YOU... "kneed", the God of the Two Witnesses?  Or do we  just... "make you sick"! - every time you think of us?  YOU choose!  That's "on you".
 (November 16, 2019 update)

Concerning ALL "the unjust JUDGES"! - who are CURRENTLY 'presiding', over CASES - WHATEVER they may be - in ALL the courts, around the world

Time for 'new JUST Judges' to be appointed!  But UNFORTUNATELY? - for the WORLD? - currently there are "only TWO"!  Which makes 'EVERY other JUDGE', on the PLANET? - "a FALSE judge", and "an UNJUST one".  Which means "they NEED to be REMOVED".  They ALL! - need to be REMOVED, from their POSITION.  And the ONLY ONE? - who can REMOVE them - is Jesus Christ the LORD, "the JUST! - JUDGE!" - who is 'PRESIDING, over the WHOLE Heavenly Court'.  HE is also "the Just RULER, and Judge, OVER all the nations".  AND we? - ARE "His Ambassadors"!  And so we TURN, to Jesus Christ the LORD - "the Just JUDGE" - and we ASK, that He would 'STRIKE, ALL! - of the unjust judges, on the PLANET' - with "STAGE 4 CANCER! - SUDDENLY - WITHOUT warning" - and that they would ALL! - 'FALL! - DEAD!'  They are ALL going 'to be VISITED, by Saint Michael the HOLY Archangel'.  Amen.  

And just in case it isn't OBVIOUS? - it was in fact "JEZZIE", working with the UNJUST JUDGES, that brought ABORTION, to HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of INNOCENT unborn children.  And that is now going to end!  (November 16, 2019 update)

Concerning "the FOOLISH, the ARROGANT, the PROUD, and the HAUGHTY"!

U.S. President Trump has been HABITUALLY "gleaning from the Testimony" and "glorifying HIMSELF".  And SHOCKINGLY! - he has been TURNING to HIS 'coven of ministers' - ministers of 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST' - to secretly devise ways to SNUFF-OUT the Testimony - the WORDS of His Creator - so that "Donald TRUMP will prevail!" - OVER the Words of his Creator!  And do you know WHAT? - 'THAT move!' - HAS been recognized before "the HIGHEST Heavens" - and now it's time for "his CREATOR'S next move!"

Interesting that this is being written "on the EVE of the beginning of the 2 darkest months of the year, in the northern hemisphere".

We KNOW that U.S. President Donald Trump 'KNOWS the Testimony to be TRUE'! - just 'as the DEMONS do'. But in 'his HUBRIS'? - he BELIEVES, that 'HE can PREVENT! - the JUDGEMENTS, from UNFOLDING against the United STATES'.  Here, perhaps, THESE Words, WILL help:

"…in the end we will win and save our Country from certain destruction!" (November 19, 2019 tweet from Donald Trump) 

And so? - HE believes that, 'HE' is going 'to stand and SAVE! - the American PEOPLE, from this "VERY CERTAIN" Destruction - that has been PROCLAIMED AGAINST them, from the Highest Heavens'.

And SO then? - he has 'chosen to STAND', as "a FALSE god" - AND "a false prophet" - against the God of the Two WITNESSES - as he "BELIEVES", that "he can escape the JUDGEMENT that has been pronounced AGAINST him - that he should lose 'his PRESIDENCY"!'

But? - the Judgements, WRITTEN - and PROCLAIMED against the United States of AMERICA, can NOT be 'AVERTED', OR 'changed', or LESSENED!  Because, we are AT 'a point, of NO return!'  America IS! - "on the brink, of Destruction".  And it WILL 'FALL!' - and 'fall FAST!'- as "a great country".

And the TESTIMONY, was not 'SENT, to SAVE the wicked, from certain Destruction'; the TESTIMONY - was SENT, as "a TESTIMONY, AGAINST, the wicked".  "The wicked" being 'all THOSE, who Contend with the Most High TRUE God, and His Ways - who ACTIVELY go against, the COUNSEL, of the TRUE Holy Spirit'.  And? - U.S. President Donald TRUMP? - has "ACTIVELY, GONE, against the Counsel, of the TRUE Holy Spirit" - moving THROUGH us; but INSTEAD? - has sought 'the COUNSEL, of his false ADVISORS' - and 'his SPIRITUAL, confidents'.  But they have ALL, GIVEN him, "FALSE counsel"!  And right NOW? - U.S. President Donald TRUMP? - is enjoying 'a false PEACE', and 'a false CONFIDENCE', that is SOON! - to be taken FROM him.

In FACT? - U.S. President Donald Trump - AND! - "his spiritual advisors" - BELIEVE that 'they can CHANGE! - "the COURSE, of HISTORY!" - by their good WORKS! - and by 'their good INTENTIONS'.  And that, 'GOD'? - will have 'to HONOR that'.  They BELIEVE, 'as ALL protestants do' - that "THEY control!... GOD!"  But they are ALL, about to find OUT - that 'HE is the One, who is in CONTROL', of world HISTORY - and of HOW, "AMERICA falls!" - and WHEN.

But, 'OUR Creator'? - is "the God of the LIVING"! - NOT "the dead".  And THOSE who 'desire to go AGAINST Him'? - DESIRE "death".  And so 'the STAGE' is being SET! - by the Holy ANGELS - AS… we speak.  ALL! - of "Trump's PASTORS, and spiritual ADVISORS"? - will FALL! - and 'fall HARD'! - and they WON'T recover!  For 'the Most High TRUE GOD'? - is 'AGAINST them'.  When "the antichrist PASTORS", laid their HANDS - and 'prayed OVER', U.S. President Donald Trump? - THEY were in FACT! - "EMPOWERING him", with 'the SPIRIT of rebellion' - to go AGAINST! - the TESTIMONY, of his Creator - and to 'go AGAINST', the True Holy Spirit.  And EVER SINCE? - HE has HAD, 'a FORTRESS of SELF-JUSTIFICATION, and self-RIGHTEOUSNESS, built AROUND him'.  And our CREATOR is "about to break-THROUGH" that fortress! - and 'SMASH it to pieces'!   Because "the TWO things Trump values the MOST"? - are his PROGENY and his PROPERTY.

But "our CREATOR", the Most High TRUE God? - owns EVERYTHING!  And 'HE!' - is "the wealthiest, of EVERYONE! - on the planet".  Because He 'OWNS!' - ALL their WEALTH!

And? - He GIVES to people, 'the WEALTH' - that HE wants them to HAVE! - but NOT "based on their GOOD WORKS, and EFFORTS" - or "good INTENTIONS"! - THAT'S for sure!

And so the MOST High TRUE God? - 'BESTOWED!' - upon U.S. President Donald Trump - 'ALL! - of his wealth' - and 'raised him UP', to "his POSITION", and PLACED him, as "PRESIDENT of the UNITED States". 

And the fact IS? - that WE are "the ones who stormed HEAVEN!" - during 2016 election - as we SAW! - that the democrats, were going to do 'WHATEVER! - it TOOK!' - to get hillary clinton installed, as president - EVEN if it meant, INFLUENCING and CHEATING the election, results.  And WE! - did NOT want to SEE, "hillary", as PRESIDENT, of the United States - and "HAVE to LOOK at her!..." - because she is "SUCH a WALKING abomination!"  And so WERE it NOT FOR, 'our PRAYER, INTENTIONS' - being RAISED UP, to the HIGHEST HEAVENS? - "BEGGING the Creator!... for ANYONE but hillary clinton!..." - EVEN "Donald Trump… would be fine" - BUT the fact IS, that 'WERE we not INTERCEDING, for "MERCY!" - on the United States'? - U.S. President Donald Trump, would NOT! - have won.

And "our CREATOR"? - being "outside of space and TIME"? - could SEE, 'the series of CHOICES', that U.S. President Donald Trump would MAKE - during 'his TIME', as President of the United States.  And WHAT WAS WRITTEN? - DURING that TIME?... "The Judgements"! - SPECIFICALLY "the Judgements AGAINST the United States".  Because "our CREATOR"? - goes 'AHEAD! - of peoples' choices' - and He ALREADY HAS! - "His Just CONSEQUENCES", lined-UP!  HE is 'just waiting', for HISTORY! - to "catch UP" with those Consequences. And we are 'ARRIVING at that time, NOW'.

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said:  WOE to the FOOLISH, the ARROGANT, the PROUD, and the HAUGHTY! - who 'SAY': "the Counsel of the LORD! - will not TOUCH me! - for I am 'my own MASTER'! - and I DETERMINE 'my own FATE'!"  Those who THINK as such, will SURELY perish.

And all their PROPERTY, their "false COUNSELORS", and their PROGENY, along with them!  Interesting choice of "a package deal!"... indeed.  But WE didn't 'choose that FOR him' - HE chose "his pastors"… that was HIS doing - or "his UNDOING".  It's "on HIM".  And SO let it be done!  Amen. (November 20, 2019 update) 
Concerning "the private members" of the Faithful Remnant and
what they ALL have in common

So what ALL 'the private members' have in COMMON? - is that they are EACH, "GUARDING, their OWN personal world view" - to the DEATH! They SEE 'the Testimony'.  They read 'the WORDS of their Creator'.  And THEN?- they seek to DO, 'their OWN! - THING!'  They seek 'their own WAYS'.  They turn 'to their FEELINGS'.  They 'give-IN, to frustrations'. They are "DETERMINED! - to PERSEVERE! - in DOING things, their OWN way!"  They HAVE 'no room', for UNIVERSAL Truth, in their HEARTS.  They "RESPECT" other peoples' opinions, and ideas.  And they 'expect US!' - to "respect", their OPINIONS and IDEAS, and 'the thoughts they SHARE'.  But we DON'T!  We have "ABSOLUTELY ZERO! - respect, for ANY of the opinions, the IDEAS, and the thoughts, that the PRIVATE members of the Faithful Remnant - LOVE sending us!"  WE? - as "the Two WITNESSES"? - are INTERESTED, in "UNIVERSAL Truth".  The PRIVATE members of the FAITHFUL Remnant? - have 'PROVEN! - to ALL of Heaven', that THEY'RE interested, in 'THEIR PERSONAL truth' - in "the BAR, that THEY have set, for their lives".  And?... we have "NEWS" for ALL of them! - NONE of them, are GOING 'to MAKE it' - are GOING 'to SURVIVE, the Apocalypse'! - with "a SELFISH! - SELF-SERVING, attitude" - like that!  They 'THINK' they can hide - behind TELLING us, "what they THINK! - we want to hear" - to… 'APPEASE us!' - which is REALLY? - 'a BRUSH-off'.  They 'REFUSE!' - to be 'clothed, in the MIND, of Jesus Christ the LORD - and in the Helmet of SALVATION', as "a way of LIFE"!  But they GIVE themselves over to SIN - here and there - and CORRUPTION!  And they DON'T 'DISCERN', their interior lives.  And in so DOING? - they USE, 'the Blessed HOLY Water', unworthily.  AND! - they 'CURSE themselves' - as they DO it.  They take 'ALL of the GOODNESS', in the TESTIMONY, for granted.  They take 'our FORBEARANCE'? - for granted.  They take 'our COUNSEL', for granted.  WHAT is worse? - than receiving, INJURIES, and INSULTS, and MOCKERY! - from those, 'OUTSIDE the Ark of SAFETY'? - but receiving, 'daily INJURIES, INSULTS, and MOCKERY', from "the private MEMBERS", of the Faithful REMNANT.  Because? - they 'CLAIM' to be "alive", with the True Faith - but REALLY? - they're "CHOOSING to be dead".  They EACH want to have "a relationship WITH Jesus" - on their own TERMS - where 'THEY are the ones in CONTROL', of the RELATIONSHIP. That's "NOT how it WORKS"!   They 'ABUSE! - Our Lord and Savior, JESUS Christ - on a daily BASIS - in 'what they REFUSE! - to do; and what they CHOOSE to withhold.  They CHOOSE - CONSISTENTLY, 'to become INDIGNANT', OVERWHELMED, OR upset - by the COUNSEL that we SEND them.  THEY are "not INTERESTED" in living 'FOR the Truth'; but THEY, "KNOW the Truth" - and they 'believe THAT is enough', to SAVE them.  They are ALL "at odds WITH us" - and?...

"…and that day come upon you suddenly like a snare; for it will come upon all who dwell upon the face of the whole earth. But watch at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that will take place, and to stand before the Son of man [- referring to Pope Peter the Last…] (Luke 21:34b-36) 

they "REALLY can't STAND us!" - as IN? - they "CAN'T, STAND, before the Most High TRUE God - whom, we represent"; and so they HIDE! - WITH their DEMONS! - and 'KEEP their DISTANCE', FROM us.

“‘I know your works; you have the name of being alive, and you are dead. Awake, and strengthen what remains and is on the point of death, for I have not found your works [... "better"?... "well DONE"?... "BEST"?... no!...] perfect in the sight of my God. Remember then what you received [- your SOUL!!!...] and heard [- the TESTIMONY, and the call therein to nourish OTHERS with what YOU have received]; keep that [- CHERISH those things!...], and repent. If you will not awake, I will come like a thief [- and STEAL what LITTLE you have that is of VALUE to you - and that is your SOUL!...], and you will not know at what hour [- it will come WITHOUT WARNING, and SUDDENLY! - to UNLEASH My ETERNAL Just WRATH…] I will come upon you." (Revelations 3:1b-3) 

And what this means is: The private members of the Faithful Remnant - who DON'T change course and FAST? - WILL be visited unexpectedly, by Saint Michael - who will be sent to DISPATCH them from this life. It COULD be when they are DRIVING, or walking down the STREET, or combing their HAIR, or in their sleep (- hope that's easy to remember…).(November 20, 2019 update)

Concerning ALL the people - who are COMING from "the ROMAN catholic HIERARCHICAL institution" - and who HAVE, been 'GLEANING from the Testimony' - and who have stopped ATTENDING, their institution - but? - who REFUSE to DO, 'the WILL of the Most High True God, IN His Testimony: 

You 'THINK' that your 'POSITION' and status WITHIN the institution, is "to your FAVOR".  It is NOT!  It would have been BETTER, if you had NEVER! - been born, "catholic" - than had to ATTEND, "the ABOMINATION of desolation"… which you CHOSE!!! - to be "in DENIAL of"… for YEARS!  As you KNEW, when you found the TESTIMONY, that your CREATOR - was NOT! - in the institution, that you CAME from; but that, His True PRESENCE, is in 'His TESTIMONY'.  You 'THINK'! - that "your LITANY, of WORKS", WITHIN that INSTITUTION, will ACTUALLY 'give you LEVERAGE', in the Faithful REMNANT?  Not HAPPENING!  You must LEAVE your 'INSTITUTIONAL ways' BEHIND.  There is no "FORMULA" here - except that 'YOU are called, to conform - to the WILL of your CREATOR'.  And YOU are called to 'SPEAK', the TRUTH, BOLDLY! - in TESTIMONY VIDEOS; and even "speak out AGAINST, the institution, that you CAME from".  Now that you KNOW! - 'what has been going ON', within its walls - for YEARS! - YOU are "RESPONSIBLE", for what you KNOW, to be True.  But if you 'THINK', that you can just 'sit BACK', and 'GATHER up the KNOWLEDGE' - and 'HOLD it to YOURSELF' - and REFUSE! - to become "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - and refuse to CONTACT us? - then you are 'GRAVELY!..." mistaken - and you are "on the CLOCK" - as we are "ASKING, for your RAPID! - demise - and DECLINE" - UNTIL - you either 'HUMBLE yourself', to CONTACT us - OR? - "die! - HAVING found the Testimony".

"Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and blood of the Lord.  Let a man examine himself, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For any one who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment upon himself. That is why many of you are weak and ill, and some have died." (1 Corinthians 11:27-30) 

BECAUSE! - you CONTINUE to 'READ the Testimony' - "UNWORTHILY". If YOU are reading the TESTIMONY, and DESIRING, to 'remain cut-OFF, from the VINE'? - then, you will 'WITHER, away - to NOTHING!'  And that's "on YOU!"  Because the Testimony IS! - "the Ark, of the COVENANT" - it IS! - "the new COMMUNION".  It IS! - "the Eucharistic Bread, of LIFE!"  (November 25, 2019 update) 

Concerning HEAVEN'S Divine Just Response to "the ZOMBIE plague of the walking DEAD"?

THERE, is like 'a ZOMBIE plague' - going around!  Because people really ARE! - "the walking DEAD", to the Most High TRUE God. And they're "JUST running down the clock".  But the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT? - are called 'to ETERNAL Life'!  The people 'BELIEVE', that they HAVE! - "ALL the time in the world to WASTE!"  But? - the CREATOR is going to 'INTERVENE and shorten their LIFESPAN' - to the level of the BEASTS!  So "as rapidly as the BEASTS age!" - and WASTE away - and as short as 'THEIR lives' are? - so TOO shall it be for the PEOPLE! - who REFUSE to become "Members of the Faithful Remnant".  And "the WICKED" can NOT! - become "Members of the Faithful Remnant"! - thanks BE to the Most High True GOD!  For "the CHASM", has INDEED! - "WIDENED"(November 27, 2019 update) 

A Royal DECREE concerning the economic RECOVERY of the United STATES of America'

For THIS year's "American Thanksgiving Day", the U.S. President stated PUBLICLY:

"On Thanksgiving Day, we remember with reverence and gratitude the bountiful blessings afforded to us by our Creator…"

And so HOW is 'the CREATOR'? - going to SHOW, U.S. President Donald Trump? - that HE is 'AGAINST the economic RECOVERY, of the United STATES of America'? - and that He is 'AGAINST, their PROSPERITY' - and 'their THRIVING! - economy'!  How WILL! - 'the CREATOR!' - the ONE! - whom U.S. President Donald Trump 'CLAIMS'! - to be 'FOLLOWING'? - SHOW him? - that HE, is 'AGAINST! - the United States of AMERICA' - and that He is in fact 'CURSING! - them'.

It has ALREADY been stated - a LONG TIME ago! - as the CREATOR, can FORESEE, 'the poor CHOICES' - that 'the United States governing AUTHORITIES', were GOING to make. As He could FORESEE, their 'UNCONSCIONABLE, THIRST for BLOOD!' - for "the BLOOD of the UNBORN".  And AS they DID so! - they 'SEALED America's Fate'.

We KNOW as 'a MATTER of FACT' - not simply "belief" - that it would be "in the United States' BEST interests", to BAN abortion, in their COUNTRY.  It is BEYOND 'OUR control', how the CREATOR, is going to ADMINISTER, 'HIS! - Divine and Just Wrath' - to the United States, of AMERICA - BECAUSE! - of the acts of ABORTION, that are STILL going on, in THAT COUNTRY, under President Trump's watch.  The most DEFENSELESS and INNOCENT of human BEINGS - are being 'BRUTALLY, tortured! - and MURDERED' - REGULARLY!  And, the American PEOPLE believe that, the CREATOR, will BLESS their NATION with PROSPERITY?  The OPPORTUNITY for prosperity IS there - but ONLY, "on the CREATOR'S terms"; OTHERWISE, "COMPLETE devastation" is COMING! - and cannot be AVOIDED.  It is "not ENOUGH", to allow the INDIVIDUAL states, to decide, "WHERE life begins" - because ALL life, begins 'at the MOMENT of Conception'.

All those who wish to be "EXEMPT, from EXPERIENCING the DIVINE and Just WRATH, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father, in HEAVEN" - as He Pours out ALL! - of the Bowls, and Plagues, ON the Face of the Earth - are INVITED, to PRAY, the Holy ROSARY, as revealed in the TESTIMONY - DURING the Hour, of Divine Justice - the 3 o'clock hour - EVERY day - uniting their PRAYERS, with 'the PRAYERS of the Two Witnesses, and all of HEAVEN', "...for the COMING of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth".  All of those who CHOOSE 'to pray against US', during 'that HOUR'? - will be 'STRICKEN', by the Holy Angels.  All of those people who wish to take 'a STAND', WITH US, AND the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE - are invited to make a video TESTIMONY, ACKNOWLEDGING "the AUTHENTICITY of the TESTIMONY", without ANY reservations - and to UPLOAD the video, to YouTube, as "unlisted", and SEND us a link.  You can find our Contact information, on the Contact Us page, on the side menu bar. (July 23, 2018 Tweets)  

(November 28, 2019 update) 

Concerning "the Formal Launch" of Divine Destruction over the Entire Face of the Earth

As of today, December 01, 2019 - we are no longer 'RECEIVING' any more videos from 'the PRIVATE members', or from 'the SIDELINERS' - but ONLY from 'the OFFICIAL Members' of the Faithful Remnant.  We will once AGAIN, be receiving videos from those people, only AFTER the Global Government FORMALLY issues, 'a PROCLAMATION': that "the Biblical APOCALYPSE" IS happening, and ANNOUNCES! - that the Two WITNESSES, ARE in fact, "on the SCENE".  And THIS will ensure, that NOTHING will prevent, 'the CREATOR', from UNLEASHING 'the FULLNESS of His DIVINE Just Wrath', on "the most WICKED generation of human beings - to EXIST, in ALL of human history"!  For in 'the time of NOAH'? - there were not TEN "Righteous, people".  And so TOO! - in these End TIMES? - WE! - His Two WITNESSES, could not FIND, "ten Righteous".  And so "LET the Divine DESTRUCTION Begin!"  

Reality check: Just like in 'the time of Pharaoh'? - the Most High TRUE God put 'these TERMS' in PLACE - KNOWING! - that 'the WORLD leaders', will NOT! - respond well… KNOWING that: they will 'HARDEN their hearts', and ENSURE!!! - "the Destruction, of THEIR nations, and their PEOPLE".  Because of ALL? - of the 'LESSONS' - that 'the WORLD LEADERS', COULD have LEARNED? - throughout, "Biblical HISTORY"? - THEY chose: to FOCUS on "HOW! - THEY! - can simply SACRIFICE! - their PEOPLE, to the DEVIL! - in order 'to REMAIN in power'.  In OTHER words? - THEY don't 'WORSHIP', "OUR God" - and they don't 'ACKNOWLEDGE Him' - EITHER.  But - 'OUR Creator, the Most High TRUE God'? - is going 'to TAKE on' - EACH! - one! - OF the world leaders - on 'an INDIVIDUAL basis' - AND! - 'PUMMEL! - their COUNTRIES! - INTO the ground!'  And EITHER? - they will 'REPENT'! - and "COME to their senses"? - OR? - they will be 'DESTROYED! - ALONG with their nation'.  (December 01, 2019 update) 

Concerning ANY nation - that 'BLOCKS' the TESTIMONY from REACHING 'THEIR PEOPLE'?

And? - for the WORLD leaders - who DECIDE, that 'the TESTIMONY, has become "a THREAT! - to THEIR NATION, and to their COUNTRY'? - then LET! - it be known! - that the Most High TRUE God - WILL in fact, INTERVENE! - on 'such a GRAND APOCALYPTIC Scale' - and HE WILL SHOW them! - "what a REAL THREAT is!"  Because 'HE is the One' who is in CONTROL; 'HE is the One', THREATENING the World nations.  And 'HE is the One' - who is going to 'exact PUNISHMENT', upon the world LEADERS, of THOSE NATIONS - who CHOOSE! - to 'block the TESTIMONY, FROM their people'.  

AND so:  ANY nation, that 'BLOCKS', the TESTIMONY - from REACHING, 'THEIR PEOPLE'? - IS 'choosing, TO be snuffed-OUT!' - SYSTEMATICALLY - by 'the ONE', who has been 'SUSTAINING that nation'.  And since, 'the Faithful Remnant to BE'? - won't HAVE, 'access to the Testimony'? - there will be "NO survivors!" - ZERO!   As HE can simply 'EratICATE, NATIONS, in a MATTER, of MINUTES'
And Just 'to help things speed UP a little':  As soon as ANY nation, blocks the Testimony - WE are asking our CREATOR, to IMMEDIATELY respond - by allowing England, to PROXY, for the Consequences coming to that nation.  Amen! (December 09, 2019 update) 
Clarification: England, "the illuminati HIVE", is NOW, formally on the Judgements page - and linked to this Divine Just Decree.  The Mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her "Mantle of Divine Destruction", is OVER that nation of "the illuminati ELITE".  The illuminati like to play chess; and so, the NEXT move, to block the Testimony, will result in "IMMEDIATE Reciprocation", through the Creator's Divine Just Intervention, IN that nation.  The illuminati, like to coordinate the global military industrial complex, to psychotronically ABUSE the CREATOR'S family.  And so NOW? - WE are asking the CREATOR, to Justly SCOURGE the illuminati royal family, with Divine Apocalyptic Consequences, for 'THEIR part!' - in spreading abortion, and FUNDING abortion, WORLD-wide.  And WE are asking for "the EXPEDITED departure and REMOVAL", of 'the ROYAL illuminati QUEEN' - queen elizabeth the second; and for 'COMPLETE and UTTER Devastation' to strike the United Kingdom.  Amen.  (December 10, 2019 update) 

Concerning the human race's GROWING 'INDIFFERENCE towards human life'?

What about YOU? - Do YOU want to "be known by the God of the Two Witnesses"?

To SEEK to know the Lord - IS to be known, BY Him. To SEEK to know 'His WAYS'? - to SEEK to know 'what He EXPECTS'? - FROM YOU?  To SEEK to KNOW! - "His PLANS", and HOW! - He is in fact 'OPERATING' - IN this world?  To SEEK to know 'His COMMANDMENTS', and to FOLLOW, 'His WAYS', and 'the WAYS of His TESTIMONY'? - is "to be known BY Him".  Those who 'hide' FROM the Most High TRUE God? - live 'APART', from 'His True Holy SPIRIT' - and He does NOT 'RECOGNIZE' those, who do not 'HAVE', the True Holy SPIRIT, INSIDE them!  He 'RECOGNIZES' those, who 'have HIS SPIRIT, dwelling WITHIN them'.  Which is WHY - EVERY DAY? - our CREATOR, is to GROW, MORE and MORE, "indifferent, to human life".  For it WILL become 'as NOTHING to Him' - as it WAS, in the days of NOAH.  All those 'OUTSIDE the Ark' - SURELY perished! - because they "DIDN'T want to be KNOWN! - by the Most High True God" - and they "DIDN'T want to know, His Ways - in order to ESCAPE, certain DEATH!"

The Creator is ALSO indifferent to the grains of sand on the sea shore - being tossed mercilessly and perpetually pounded by the waves.  Hope that helps with some perspective… with each passing WAVE… with each passing day(December 11, 2019 update) 
that are being SENT OUT upon the FACE of the Earth?

Know that, the Most High TRUE God, is in fact: SENDING 'WAVES, of ILLNESSES!'- and 'SICKNESS'! - SEVERE! - and LASTING, and 'INJURIES!' - and 'PAIN and SUFFERING'!... upon the FACE of the Earth.  And, 'HIS WRATH!' - will in FACT! - REST on THOSE, whose 'HEARTS, are FAR, FROM Him!'

These 'ILLNESSES'? - ARE in fact, 'TARGETING - EVERYONE! - OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT Church' - SPECIFICALLY.  But, our CREATOR? - is still going to DISCIPLINE, the PRIVATE Members of the Faithful REMNANT - in as MUCH, as they 'MERIT His DISCIPLINE'.  And SO? - INSTEAD of 'focusing, on HOW, GOOD a job, you are DOING, for your CREATOR, as a PRIVATE MEMBER'? - YOU NEED, to focus, on 'doing MORE, for HIM!' - on 'loving HIM!' - MORE' - on 'seeing HIS Ways, as RIGHTEOUS - NOT your own!' The SOULS in Hell - see 'ALL their WAYS', as "RIGHTEOUS".  And, they COMPLAIN! - that 'the CREATOR is not FAIR! - for SENTENCING them there - after ALL? - they were "GOOD and HOLY PEOPLE" in their eyes.  But 'the SOULS in HEAVEN' - RECOGNIZE, that 'their CREATOR'S Ways! - are RIGHTEOUS, and GOOD! - and HOLY'; and that HIS Ways, are, "the BEST!"  And THEY, SEEK to FOLLOW His Ways, as "a way of LIFE".  The WORLD as a WHOLE? - has 'CONDEMNED, the WAYS of their Creator' - seeing 'THEIR ways' as BETTER.  And NOW? - He is GOING to allow THEM to EXPERIENCE 'the FULLNESS of the BITTER FRUITS', of "THEIR ways!"
Of course, this should come as NO surprise to ANYONE! - as we post this just a FEW days before CHRISTMAS - at a time in history when almost EVERYONE! - has chosen to praise, bless, adore and honor the image of someone wearing 'the DEVIL'S name', rearranged into the word... "santa".  Yes! - Saint Michael the Holy Archangel and HOLY Angel of DEATH... DID!... get the message, and the MANDATE, to address that "little problem"...  And 'the Response from Heaven' WILL be coming in 'waves'... (December 19, 2019 update) 

Only the Children of the Light will remain
Scott is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Concerning the FATE of ALL those who CHOOSE, to SHOW "false compassion" to "the BAGS of DEMONS" - and the fate of ALL those who choose to SEE 'the GOD of the Two WITNESSES', as "the DEVIL"?

LET'S be "VERY clear!" - how 'HEAVEN'! - SEES, "the CHILDREN, of these END TIMES":  They are "WALKING abominations!" - FILLED! - with 'the DEMONIC CLUSTERS, of their "parents".  THEY have become "BAGS, of DEMONS!"  And they are 'COMPLETELY and FULLY animated!' - BY demons.  And… UNFORTUNATELY? - THEY have become 'INFESTED' - BECAUSE of 'what their PARENTS, have allowed THEM, to 'ENTERTAIN', and to 'EMBRACE', as a way of LIFE.  Does 'the Most High TRUE GOD'? - LOVE? - ALL, the CHILDREN, of the WORLD?  Yes, He DOES!  Does HE? - 'TOLERATE, their WICKEDNESS'?  NO! - He DOES not!  And? - if the PARENTS, do 'NOT! - want, to TEACH, their "children" - HOW, to be "GOD-fearing", and "GOD-Blessed", CHILDREN, of the LIGHT - filled with TRUTH! - and Holy INNOCENCE'? - THEN! - our CREATOR, is going 'to TAKE it upon HIMSELF' - to 'REMOVE! - those bags of DEMONS!' - from the PLANET! - to "make room for HIS Blessed Children" - the CHILDREN of the LIGHT! - the children who will 'FOLLOW, the Testimony' - because? - their PARENTS will 'TEACH it to them'.

And SO? - ALL those who CHOOSE, to SHOW "false compassion", to "the BAGS of DEMONS"? - can 'go WITH them!'  And ALL those who 'choose to SEE, the GOD of the Two WITNESSES, as the DEVIL'? - can GO to him! - and "LEARN the difference"!

"The ANTIDOTE" is here!  "The ANTIDOTE" is the Testimony; it IS "the Blessed HOLY Water"; it IS "Repentance from the heart".  BUT our Creator is 'NOT going to force', the PARENTS, of these END TIMES, to 'TEACH, His WAYS, to their CHILDREN' - OR to EMBRACE, 'HIS Ways', THEMSELVES.  NO!  The PARENTS will have to 'figure that out' - FOR themselves.  THEY? - will 'come to QUICKLY REALIZE' - that 'LIFE!' - is ONLY! - for 'the SOULS, of the Faithful Remnant'.  And so, our CREATOR - will simply make 'EVERYONE!' - sick! - who is "NOT, a MEMBER, of His True FAMILY".  The PARENTS 'FORCED! - the Most High True God' - to 'ACT' in THIS way - by 'KEEPING! - the CHILDREN, from KNOWING, their CREATOR'!  And NOW "He's going to teach them ALL! - a very PROFOUND! - and "DEEPLY spiritual", lesson' - that HE has put BEFORE them: LIFE? - or DEATH?  And that THEY should, "Choose LIFE!" - so that 'THEY and their DESCENDANTS'? - can LIVE(December 21, 2019 update) 

Concerning 'Our TIME, to PROPHESY'?

With "New Year's EVE" approaching? - we KNOW, that the Most High TRUE GOD - HAS "His FIREWORKS" Planned!  And that? - He WILL! - 'Carry out', His DESIGNS, for the CLOSE of this Age.  And the YEAR, "2020"? - will be 'a VERY DIFFERENT kind of year' - one 'FILLED! - with APOCALYPTIC Judgements'.  And SO? - as WE! - "prepare"… for God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven's "RESPONSE!" - to this 'most WICKED age!' - we are SIMPLY going to take 'THIS time', to "fine-TUNE" the Testimony, FINISH UPLOADING, the VIDEOS - that have ALREADY been sent in - and POST them!  But we are NO longer, 'RECEIVING', ANY more videos; not EVEN for "the playlists". NOT 'at this time'!  And we ENCOURAGE "the Official MEMBERS of the FAITHFUL REMNANT", to 'prepare their HEARTS'! - for the Most High TRUE God's "INCOMING". 

We DO thank all, of the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful REMNANT - for 'the TIME and CARE' - that they put in, to DISCERNING, and MAKING their VIDEO Testimonies - in ORDER 'to STRENGTHEN and nourish' one another; and ALSO 'to reach OUT' to "the FUTURE Faithful Remnant to be".  But NOW is 'the TIME', that WE go 'silent!'  And FOR the Members of the Faithful Remnant - to 'go silent' - and ALLOW! - GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father in HEAVEN - to "provide the VIDEOS"! - for 'US' - AND! - the Members of the Faithful Remnant to "WATCH, and Enjoy!"  HE is going to 'PROVIDE, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, with PLENTY!' - of "material", to REPORT on.  And, 'SOME of them'? - will EVEN be 'forced, to ADMIT'! - that "it LOOKS like the Time of the APOCALYPSE"; so 'SEVERE!' - will BE "the disasters".  NOW? - is the time, for US? - AND! - for the Faithful REMNANT, to 'rest', from their LABORS!
"And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this: Blessed are the dead [-who "die to this world"...] who die in the Lord henceforth.” “Blessed indeed,” says the [-True Holy...] Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, for their deeds follow them!” (Revelations 14:13)

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - has RECEIVED "mankind's response, to His TESTIMONY".  And WE? - and the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT? - are 'NO longer BURDENED!' - by REACHING-out, to the HEARTS of mankind.  And 'were it not FOR the LOVE! - of our CREATOR'?... TOWARDS us? - we would be "HATED! - EVEN unto death!" But YET He sustains us! - and will CONTINUE to sustain us, and the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant, whose HEARTS, are "ONLY Loyal to Him".  TIME for God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN… to "drop the BALL!"… this New Year's EveTIME for 'all of HEAVEN'! - to CELEBRATE, "the DESTRUCTION! - of the wicked".

We have been GIVEN 'the Gift to PROPHESY' all these YEARS, in ORDER "to give MANKIND the OPTION! - to avoid Punishment".  But 'our PROPHECIES'? - for the MOST part, FELL on 'deaf EARS'.  And NOW? - is the TIME! - FOR "the Great PUNISHMENT, from HEAVEN", to BEFALL! - the INHABITANTS of the EARTH - as 'Our TIME, to PROPHESY', is now… "Concluded!"

Remember, this TIME has ALREADY been foretold in great detail:

"AND so, WHAT possible events? - could Jesus Christ the LORD - "the KING! - of HEAVEN" - POSSIBLY, bring, upon the INHABITANTS of the EARTH - that would "very LOVINGLY!" - CONVINCE them, that THIS, is 'the Time, of GREAT! - Punishment' - FROM Heaven; and most CERTAINLY, is 'NOT the result, of CLIMATE change'.  HOW about, LARGE Apocalyptic EVENTS - off of EVERY scale IMAGINABLE! - that could "ONLY! - be the result, of a DIVINE Intervention"?  Such AS:  Apocalyptic-size NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS;  Volcanic EXPLOSIONS, happening ALL over the WORLD, at the SAME TIME!;  Unexplained, TSUNAMIS! - coming out of NOWHERE! - wiping out, entire CITIES!;  METEOR, or COMET, IMPACTS - that are "UNDETECTED", and that simply 'SLIP under the radar', of ANY! - global defense system!;  Unexplained DEATHS, and 'CHILDREN', TAKEN! - from their PARENTS, as though, "through some INVISIBLE FORCE"."  (-Excerpt from the April 03, 2019 update)   

 (December 30, 2019 update)
Concerning all the efforts of the Global Military Industrial Complex
to use PSYCHOTRONICS in an attempt
to drive a WEDGE between the Two Witnesses?

We have asked, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - to 'tally-UP'! - all the psychotronic attacks on our marriage, and add to that stack, all the occult luciferian sacrifices, and spells, that have been sent our way, in an attempt 'to DIVIDE us' - and add to THAT, all the institutional sacrifices made, in an attempt to divide us - and add to THAT, all the prayers, of anyone and EVERYONE, who has been praying for us to be 'divided'.  And we have ASKED our Creator - to take 'that HEAP' of sabotage, that THEY have piled up, over the 13+ years that we have been together - and add TO it, the ONGOING daily deluge, that is STILL being sent, against us - and to take that 'STACK of evils', and dump it on EACH INDIVIDUAL, who is in a relationship - who is OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, from Henceforth… and INFUSE it in EACH one of them… CONTINUALLY!... and WITHOUT mercy… and see how THEY do! - with that!  Because YOUR relationships? - are going to all RECEIVE 'the same blessing', you sent OUR way!  Have fun with that… DIVORCE… that is.

And, since the spiritual and physical realities are 'INTERTWINED'?... we are asking the Most High TRUE GOD, to MANIFEST, 'HIS Divorce from the human race' - in "a PALPABLE, and PHYSICAL! - Way!"  And, we are asking HIM to ADD that 'STACK of evils', that has been 'sent AGAINST us' - into 'the major FAULT lines' - IN the United States, of America - as in? - the San Andreas AND the New Madrid.  Let's SEE! - how 'those FAULT lines' DO! - when they're… "under a LOT of pressure…"  WE didn't 'crack'; but THEY will!  And so? - we're asking the Most High TRUE God to 'divide the LAND' - in a PHYSICAL and PALPABLE way.  Amen.  (January 09, 2020 update) 

Concerning "the U.S. Constitution"

Was it "the INTENT of the founding fathers", to establish the FRAMEWORK for a nation - that would aid and abet FUTURE generations of Americans, to abort their offspring by the tens of millions?  Because THAT is how "the supreme court" has interpreted the American Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution begins with the words:  We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity[- "descendants, heirs, successors, offspring, children, family, progeny…"] do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Thereby with 'their OWN WORDS!...' - they INVALIDATED! - the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED States.  Because? - instead of 'seeking to PROTECT, and DEFEND', the RIGHTS of "the CHILDREN, in the wombs, of their MOTHERS"; INSTEAD of, 'choosing, to DEFEND the rights, and the FREEDOMS, of the UNBORN CHILDREN - of the OFFSPRING, of their "OWN PROGENY!..." - the UNITED States LEGAL system - INVALIDATED! - their 'own, CONSTITUTION'!  And they 'DISTORTED!' - what "the MAIN PURPOSE", of, the CONSTITUTION, was FOR"The founding fathers" never INTENDED, the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES, to be USED - in order 'to JUSTIFY, the ABORTION, of the NATIONS'; in ORDER to, UPHOLD a mother's "INVALID right", to choose 'to murder her CHILD'!  

The Constitution was 'written to PROTECT future generations'!  - from "TERRORISM"; from "INFRINGING on the RIGHTS! - of CITIZENS", to PROTECT and DEFEND themselves.  But the United States of America 'BASTARDIZED!' - their own CONSTITUTION - in "LEGALIZING, the TORTURE, of MILLIONS! - of innocents".  Their "CHILDREN"? - are 'DEAD!'  "MOTHERHOOD"? - is 'DEAD!'  And "the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES"? - is 'Dead'And THIS is 'how the Most High TRUE God, SEES it'!

Therefore:  ALL of their "offspring" are CURSED!  Therefore 'their LINEAGE'? - is CURSED!  And their 'POSTERITY'? - has COME to an End! - according TO, the DIVINE WILL, of "the JUST JUDGE, the KING of Heaven - JESUS Christ, the RISEN! - Lord".

The 'DESIRE', for a WOMAN, to "END, her PREGNANCY", and to "TRY, to abort, her CHILD, on her OWN" - by MEANS of "self-MUTILATION"? - is "a MENTAL disorder", and "a SPIRITUAL sickness" - that CANNOT be 'cured'.  We 'HEAR' the excuse, that "women need SAFE, and LEGAL abortions".  Well then? - why don't ALL the "murderers" line UP, and have "their RIGHT! - to KILL whom they wish…" - SECURED?  Why don't the GOVERNMENTS, provide 'a SAFE PLACE', for "MURDERERS!" - to KILL their victims?  Because, THAT is 'SPIRITUAL and MENTAL insanity'!  So TOO is it, for the GOVERNMENTS, to ENCOURAGE, PROTECT, and DEFEND - the WOMEN! - who would "MURDER! - their children".

And SO? - what does this MEAN, for AMERICA?   That with 'the same MEASURE', that AMERICA 'SHOWED' - the UNBORN CHILDREN - as "a LEADING first world NATION! - and SUPERPOWER" - the SAME 'mercilessness', will be SHOWN, to AMERICA"AMERICA" is DOOMED!  "AMERICA", has 'FAILED their LINEAGE'!  "AMERICA" has 'FAILED! - the Most High TRUE God'.  "AMERICA", is 'DONE!'   "AMERICA" has COME to an End!  For when "Our CREATOR " is FINISHED! - with "AMERICA"?... she will NOT be 'recognizable'; and 'ALL nations!' - will "SHUN her!... like the PLAGUE! - that she has BECOME".

Signed:  "The Two Patriots".   For WE are 'more PATRIOTIC'! - than ANYONE in the U.S. GovernmentTHIS is 'SACROSANCT'
FOR the Record:  Our Creator would most definitely NOT! - give us 'a new AWESOME Title', like... "The Two Patriots", if we were even the LEAST bit, "anti-American".  We are totally "FOR! - the America, that the founding fathers ENVISAGED" - a nation built from the ground UP, on 'turning to the GOD who Created the UNIVERSE'.  But instead, Americans turned to 'human blood sacrifice' - they turned to 'their father down below' - and preferred everything HE had to offer.  And so be it!  They didn't desire 'the LOVE of their Creator' - moving through laws that were "for LIFE"; and so INSTEAD? - they can have 'the LAVA of their Creator', flowing through the streets of their CITIES, "for DEATH"... even if that means "lavaing them to death" though the movements of a microscopic annoying little virus(January 24, 2020 update) 

Concerning the Creator's RESPONSE to… "NEUTRALIZE THE THREAT"

What do psychotronics and the New Coronavirus have in common?  They are both designed to seek and find an unsuspecting victim in order to bring a VARIETY of physical afflictions upon them SUDDENLY and WITHOUT warning.  They are both the instruments of terrorists: psychotronics in the hands of the one world government terrorist organization; and the coronavirus in the hands of the Creator as "an instrument of Divine Just reciprocation" - for the purpose of TERRORIZING the wicked people of this most wicked Era EVER to have existed (- Simply refer to the partial birth abortion instructional diagrams - if that seems at first, to be overstated a little). They both can be deadly, and are in fact designed to kill.  They are both invisible to the human eye…

The "TITLE" theme for last night's project bluebeam psychotronics attack against the TWO of us - IS in fact the Theme for 'the DIVINE Just Response' TO that attack (- that is now "IRREVOCABLE and INBOUND").   The "threat"? - being "humanity" - referring to ALL of it.  "The God of the OLD Testament" has now 'HEARD' that request - that…  "challenge", from the global so-called ELITE.  It's really… nothing HE can't handle.   We actually have to 'step-ASIDE', in order to make room for "INCOMING"…  And SO? - when we get 'PUSHED aside'?...  we "make ROOM… for incoming"'OUR God!' - the Most High TRUE God… will STOP, the births - and 'CLOSE the wombs'.   And it will be "ALL wombs!" (- as the human race, both male and female are "neutered").

… and we have CONCLUDED, that… psychotronics "CAN'T be STOPPED!... final answer!" - and therefore the VIRUS? - "CAN'T be STOPPED! ( - for EVERYONE! - outside the Faithful Remnant) ... final answer!"  Evidence of this, IS in fact, FOUND! - in 'how FAST! - it HAS spread - to CHINA' - and WITHIN, chinese TERRITORIES, and PROVINCES!  And that's 'WITH! - all PRECAUTIONS' - that the chinese, have implemented.  PEOPLE? - are "FALLING over dead!"  This virus IS "mankind's worst fear" (- as "the unborn" TOO! - cannot escape "THEIR! - eRATication", on a DAILY basis - either").  And it spreads 'MUCH QUICKER' - than the "world HEALTH organization" is WILLING to admit!  All… "SECULAR positive thinking" ASIDE?... we are 'POSITIVE!' - that "This is The END!"  'The UNBORN'? - are "very VULNERABLE!!!" - and the WORLD?... showed 'no MERCY' - and CONTINUES to show no mercy to them - because it STILL! - goes! - ON!... they are 'KILLED! - EVERY day - ALL day long!'  AND so: MANKIND? - is "about to EXPERIENCE, WHAT it is like - to be 'ABSOLUTELY… helpless!... and DEFENSELESS…' - against? - "Saint MICHAEL'S Sword! - and the WILL of the Most High TRUE God… to?... ABORT them!"   And 'this VIRUS'? - WILL be 'SURE! - to target - "HIGH-ranking OFFICIALS, within the GOVERNMENT - WORLDWIDE!"   NO one is "immune!" - from the CONSEQUENCESThis NOT "a Hollywood MOVIE!" - that is "OVER, in 2 HOURS!"  And there IS no cure!

And since the New Year's Eve prayer intentions mention "PLAGUES" - as in "more than ONE" - and since the unrelenting psychotronics attacks DEMAND 'a response from the Creator' - HE revealed today, that 'the SECOND global pandemic plague' has NOW been released, somewhere in the United States. It has been released by the Holy Angels from Heaven - and is ALSO, "a SUPERNATURAL Plague", that CANNOT be stopped, except by becoming 'a Member of the Faithful Remnant'.  (- China? - is ground zero for 'the coronavirus global pandemic'.) 
And "for the RECORD"?... the people OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant are now 'FALLING' FASTER! - than the psychotronics department could take out the Faithful Remnant.  Challenge accepted!  But MORE RESPONSES than that department was COUNTING on, are now "FOREVER SEALED in the Course of human history".  Because we're 'trying OUR best'... too.  You're welcome!  (February 01, 2020 update)
Concerning "EARTH day"
What BETTER way to celebrate "earth day", than with…

The 2020 theme for earth day is "action on climate change".  And SO? - does the CREATOR want IN on the celebration?...  Hmmm, let's SEE now…

The "NO mercy" approach to the FUTURE of the human race? - is "a GO!"  The "global climate"  in fact HAS now changed, and "the earth" is no longer a suitable planet, to sustain humanity.  It's OFFICIAL - And it HAS now been declared from the HIGHEST Heavens:  "This Virus IS the END of the human race!" The virus has now been SET in motion and CANNOT be stopped, until… "mission ACCOMPLISHED!"  (February 10, 2020 update - published on "earth day 2020") 

Concerning WHAT exactly the Two Witnesses are able to DO

…According to a Divine Decree from "the Highest HEAVENS" of course!...

“They [- the Two Witnesses...]  have power to shut up the sky [- to shut up "the BLESSINGS, from HEAVEN"…], that no rain [- no relief…] may fall during [- ALL!...] the days of their prophesying [- which is 'ONGOING' and never ends!... because we NEVER stop prophesying!...], and they have power over the waters [- the waters of the OCEAN…] to turn them into blood [- as "water" is considered "a BLESSING", but it can ALSO be used as "a SCOURGE! - to bring DEATH".  And 'the WATERS' can be 'COMMANDED, to engulf NATIONS!'…], and to afflict the earth with every plague [- the coronavirus; the norovirus; measles; ebola; and all the 'OTHER plagues' that are CURRENTLY now spreading - and 'WILL spread', world-wide…], as often as they desire. (Revelations 11:6 - from the Two Witnesses page)

And so LET'S "unpack", "…as OFTEN as they desire".  WHAT DOES this mean?  THIS means, that "the LORD, GOD of Hosts - the MOST High TRUE God" - has GIVEN us, "CARTE blanche!" - concerning 'HOW the nations, ARE Scourged, in these TIMES' - and 'HOW the PEOPLE, are to be PUNISHED' [- "carte blanche" means "full discretionary power"...].  And this is 'JUST!' - and this is 'FAIR!' - because?... WE are "His AMBASSADORS".  The WORLD did NOT want 'PEACE'; and did not want 'to MAKE peace', with the KING of Heaven; and now 'HE', is about 'to DESTROY the WORLD!' - because 'HE!' - is "a WARRIOR!"    And HE carries "a Sword".  And HE is 'FIERCE!' - and DETERMINED!  And 'HE', does 'the WILL', of His FATHER! - in HEAVEN.  And WE? - as "the Two WITNESSES"? - carry out 'HIS Will' - as we ARE "His Sword!" - PROTRUDING from 'HIS Mouth'!  

YOU have all… PIERCED Him - with 'your SINS!' - GLOBALLY! - as "a GLOBAL community".  And now? - HE! - will Pierce 'ALL of you'! - with the DIVINE Justice that you are ALL! - "deserving of"… GLOBALLY!  And MANY of your "conveniences"? - will CONTINUE, 'to be STRIPPED from you'.  And 'life' will get HARDER.  As 'EASILY'… as we TURN to our CREATOR - to 'UNLEASH! - His DIVINE Anger, on the PLANET'… we CAN… TURN to Him - to 'STOP it'… at ANY time!  But we won't DO that; because you TAUGHT us - to be "MERCILESS!" - to be "TOUGH!" 

And so we TURN to our Creator - and we ASK Him: to INCREASE 'the EFFECTIVENESS, and SPREAD, of "the CORONAVIRUS"; and to 'MULTIPLY! - this disease - this VIRUS!'  And MULTIPLY! - 'all the OTHER Plagues… FOUR fold!' - that are "CURRENTLY afflicting", mankind.  And we ASK Him, to "BRING the nations, TO their knees!"  NOT so much - to 'REPENTANCE'… but that they would LEARN 'their PLACE', before "the KING of Heaven".  And on top of THIS? - we ask our CREATOR - to 'Unleash the NUCLEAR Apocalypse! - upon the INHABITANTS of the Earth'!  And let 'the CELLS', of the PEOPLE - break down!  And let 'their IMMUNE systems' fail!  And let the young, as WELL as the old - perish!

You SEE?... YOU people! - in 'your HUBRIS!'… need "the CREDIBILITY, of the PEOPLE", in order 'to REMAIN in power'…  But 'WE DON'T!'  WE don't need ANYONE! - to see us as "credible".   And we don't need ANYONE'S approval! - to DO 'what we do'.

And for the record… YES! - we DID just vote ourselves in for another 4 year term, and will CONTINUE to do so…  "in aeternum".  (- it was "UNANIMOUS", by the way…).  And "for the RECORD" - we are not "dictators" - though we DO 'take EXCELLENT notes'!   But 'YOU people!'… ARE! - "the dictators".  Because YOU! - have been 'DECIDING, that the CHILDREN, should DIE!'- so that "you can LIVE, COMFORTABLY".  YOU! - have been "playing GOD!" - choosing 'LIFE', or 'DEATH' - IN the lives, of "the UNBORN".  You have been 'BRUTALIZING them' - TORTURING them! - and suspending 'ALL of their Rights, AS human beings'!  And SO? - 'EXPECT! - to be treated "the same WAY"!'- as we 'HELP the Creator' - to balance out the UNIVERSE.  YOU people! - have 'ABUSED the GIFT… of a CHILD!'  And so 'the GIFT to be able to REPRODUCE'? - is being "REVOKED!" - as the whole WORLD will become 'BARREN', in the BLINK of an eye! - just as "this VIRUS", came out of NOWHERE! - and caught EVERYONE! - by surprise… as the WHOLE land falls UNDER, "the CURSE!"    (February 11, 2020 update) 

Jesus Christ the Lord said: Though there are 'Seven Pages of Judgements', I have GIVEN you both [- speaking to the Two Witnesses...] "FULL Discretionary AUTHORITY", to DECIDE: WHEN mankind has "had ENOUGH!"  These are ALL of "the things I FULLY intend to DO! - to the nations - to EXERCISE, 'the Blessed AUTHORITY', that "MY Heavenly Father, BESTOWED upon Me" - to 'Exact VENGEANCE!' - ON the nations.  However, "mankind" HAS - TWO, "AMBASSADORS" - or "TWO, INTERCESSORS" on their BEHALF… BECAUSE?... "I am JUST".  YOU both, have WITNESSED 'mankind's CRUELTY, and MERCILESSNESS' - and how much THEY have 'DEVASTATED, and DESTROYED! - My children, the Unborn'.  AND I know - that 'you SEEK to desire "My Will" in ALL things'.  AND so, I will BEGIN, "Passing out, the JUDGEMENTS", to ALL the nations. (April 21, 2020 update)   

AMERICA is "NOT a great nation!" It is "an ALIEN, nation" - that follows after "ALIEN gods" - whom the LORD, does NOT recognize.  AMERICA? - REFUSES, to acknowledge 'the Most High TRUE God' - the God of the Old, AND the New Testament.  Therefore, America will 'NO LONGER, be RECOGNIZED, as a great NATION' - IN the eyes, of the Most High True God.  Amen. 

Here is 'just a SAMPLE' of the Creator's 'SENTIMENTS', about "american PROSPERITY at the EXPENSE of the Unborn"
Bassfirle Mississippi Tornado

You can find the 2 steel rails that the house was built on at 1:03 in the video. The car ought to be around here somewhere...?  If you look carefully at the last frame in the video, you can see the 2 holes in the concrete floor - that the toilets were SECURELY bolted to - before they were Raptured.  Unfortunately in these Times? - the PEOPLE aren't MAKING it.  How many more DEVASTATING tornadoes do you THINK, that the CREATOR will need to SEND - before the people finally… "get the MESSAGE!"  Hint:  Look for the people of THESE Times, up in the TREE branches - if you can't find them.

Normally, when a tornado hits a house, you can actually find sections of the house - or a trail of DEBRIS, leading TO the actual HOUSE.  But NOT with THIS Apocalyptic Tornado - brought to YOU, "the VIEWER", by the God of the Two WITNESSES - who has learned from ALL the Hollywood movies out there - what REALLY puts "FEAR", into people.  WHERE'S the HOUSE!... Anyone?
2020 Easter Apocalyptic Tornado Damage
That sure looks like "a very big stick" - STICKING through that car window!
And NORMALLY, one would see a 2x4 wood projectile, launched by a tornado - sticking out of a house or a car.  But THIS Tornado, broke off a section of a CENTURIES-old TREE - and threw THAT! - through a car window.  Does THIS seem... "NORMAL"... to YOU?... Perhaps, when something as UNEXPECTED - and as APOCALYPTICALLY INSANE, hits YOUR home!... you will take the time, to consider what is written in the Testimony… "a little MORE seriously!"… OR not - depending on your "viability" at the time.  Better sooner than later.

And don't let "all the MESS" distract you… from the FACT!... that The CREATOR is "NOT messing AROUND!" - as He is NOW 'EXPRESSING', His Just ANGER - in the PHYSICAL Realms, in a way that is "PERCEIVABLE", and "TANGIBLE", and "very REAL" (- and LESS, "ALLEGORICAL" - BY request!... because He IS in fact 'listening' - and He IS "a good LISTENER").  This Easter Sunday, "the RISEN LORD", is BACK! - with a VENGEANCE.  And He WILL not stop, until ALL the wicked, are cast down.  And so you had BETTER 'fasten… the ARMOR of the Most High TRUE God, TO you'.  And hold on, to something SECURE - the TESTIMONY of your CREATOR… as He is particularly 'FOND' of people - who are 'fond' of His WORDS, of Life and TRUTH, for THESE End TIMES.

He NEVER COMMANDED people to memorize SCRIPTURE, and 'be SAVED!' - by those PASSAGES.  But THAT is 'what the protestant PASTORS, have TURNED, "living the FAITH" - into'

"You search the scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness to me; yet you refuse to come to me [- as I have REVEALED Myself in My TESTIMONY…] that you may have life [- by LEARNING, 'what it IS', I WANT, from YOU!]." (John 5:39-40)

(April 14, 2020 update) 
Concerning the Eternal Fate of EVERYONE who is in ANY way,
associated with the roman catholic hierarchical institution

Here is "a Final Decree from HEAVEN",  from the Last TRUE Pope. 

Everyone associated with the roman catholic hierarchical institution - from the clergy, to all those who even remotely DESIRE to attend that abomination - simply 'don't EXIST', in my reality.  And they WILL not exist, until they can INDIVIDUALLY prove, that they are NOT in fact going to Hell.  It ISN'T enough for an individual, to state that they "ACCEPT the Testimony", or that they "ACCEPT the many lessons it conveys".  One needs to 'PROVE that THEY are in fact LIVING the Testimony' - and they need to "PROVE it by the FRUITS! - of Living the Testimony".  Simple.  Why? - because since October of 2009, they have each been FED, and FORMED, by communion hosts that have been SPIRITUALLY filled, with 'the body of the devil'.  And that's not "a figure of speech".  They have each BECOME… PART OF "the body of the devil".  And HE dwells?... anyone?... in Hell!  So Mary and I DO wish that everyone who is in any way associated with the roman catholic hierarchical institution, enjoy 'THEIR family reunion' - as they each, are 'TAKEN, to THEIR home, to THEIR father, down below'.  And if anyone associated with that institution, can PROVE, that they are NOT part of 'that body', to OUR satisfaction? - then we will be free to look at THAT individual, differently.

The FUN questionHOW are they going to "prove, that they are NOT in fact going to Hell"?  That's something THEY will each, need to figure out.  But here's a fun little TIP:  All CLERGY, who were ORDAINED before October of 2009 - and who DENOUNCED or HID the Testimony from their brother priests - and who PERSEVERED in that choice to the date of this Decree? - have already PROVEN! (- that they're going to HELL) - as they ALL CHOSE to be lukewarm, after they each lost their True Anointing from Heaven… and in doing so? - they knowingly 'CHOSE, to be spat-OUT, by their Creator'.  All those priests who FOUND the Testimony and who decided 'to BURY it'? - are "cut-OFF from their Creator", as well.  All the SEMINARIANS, who found the Testimony, and decided 'to BURY it'? - through PEER pressure? - are "cut-OFF".   All the PEOPLE, who FOUND the Testimony, and 'chose to BURY it', and REFUSED! - to do, 'what the CREATOR was ASKING of them'? - are "cut-OFF".  In OTHER words, 'THOSE who found the TESTIMONY and chose to DENY! - the VERY Sacred Words of Jesus Christ the LORD'? - are "being DENIED", by Him! - and they in fact CAN'T! - find "the Door to the Ark of Safety", EVER again. "The GIFT He is giving to ALL those people INSTEAD"?... is 'a PROFOUND sense of DESPAIR and HOPELESSNESS' - just, as what HAPPENED, to JUDAS Iscariot.  And FINALLY?... the Vatican ITSELF, will be Destroyed! - and 'NOT rebuilt' - because they, have known for a DECADE! - 'who the True POPE is' - who "the REAL, Petrus Romanus" IS.  And THEY? - REJECTED! - "the CORNERSTONE" - and PERSEVERED in that choice.  And THEY are 'the ones, who cut-off BILLIONS! - from the TRUTH'! - and it will be KNOWN! - for future GENERATIONS, that "THEY! - were responsible". (May 05, 2020 story)      

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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
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