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of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.35 MILLION wordsof Divine Revelation
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in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise noted.)
“In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judea, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand… I baptize you with water for repentance, but he who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry; he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.  His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor and gather his wheat into the granary, but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire.”
"Another parable he put before them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field; but while men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away.  So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared also.  And the servants of the householder came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field?  How then has it weeds?’  He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’  The servants said to him, ‘Then do you want us to go and gather them?’  But he said, ‘No; lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them.  Let both grow together until the harvest; and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.’”
(Matthew 13:24-33)
If a man does not abide in me, he is cast forth as a branch and withers; and the branches are gathered, thrown into the fire and burned.”

No compassions for the weeping weeds
Derrick is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
“I do love you My children, and how many different ways can I show you this love – this Ever-Burning Fire of Filial Love, that consumes Me, in the most beautiful way.  This love, I have for all mankind, but only some, can quench My thirst for the Salvation of their own souls.  These are My Elect: they do what the Holy Spirit tells them to; they honor My Commandments from the heart; and they listen to that interior voice which tells them the difference between right and wrong; not only that, but they listen to this voice, in their consciences; and they heed words of wisdom; and do not mock filial instruction.  These are My Elect, and these are My Chosen Ones.  How easy it will be, for you to tell the difference, between those who are among them, and those who are not.  The 'chasm' is getting wider, the chaff is being separated from the wheat. You will begin to see more and more of this unfold, as peoples’ choices become evident to the both of you.”
What is Heaven's attitude towards the wicked of this Era?
Ernesto is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
This video goes with the ABOVE Message
“The Holy Spirit, has been offended, by many – in that institution, and will only dwell now, within the people, who are on My team – who are ‘rooting for Me’, and desiring for Me to conquer sin and death in them, once more; but the institution – that is the hierarchical structure, is crumbling.  There will be a massive ‘Schism’ – within its walls, and then you both will know, that it will be time to go.  When this happens – physically, it will be a sign to leave.  ‘The Schism’ has already taken place, on a spiritual level; but soon, it will take place – physically, and it can not be stopped.  The chaff will be separated from the wheat, once more.” 
“I have sent My Two Ambassadors, to declare War upon the antichrist, and the One World Government’s Agenda, and to proxy on behalf of Me, to divide hearts and souls - because people must choose.  You must choose, where you stand on this ‘battlefield’.  What team do you all want to be on?  Make your choice, and ‘stick with it’.  For I abhor lukewarmness.  I am not a ‘god of war’, nor a ‘god of peace’.  But I am in these times: The Most High True God of Justice.”
So many Christians have ‘lost their flavour’, and have lost their ‘saltiness’ - because the truth is not in them.  They would rather listen to flavorless homilies and sermons - telling them that they are all: good, holy and saved.  But My children, how I see these people, is good enough, to be trampled on.  I see them as chaff – ready, for the fire.” 
I always allow people, to take My words ‘out of context’ - if they so choose.  That is how I separate the chaff, from the wheat.  The Pharisees looked at the Scriptures, in a way that suited themTaking words ‘out of context’, was ‘their specialty’.  Also trying to use My words, against Me, was another tactic they would use.  The Bible, is for ‘all ages’ – as in, ‘for all generations’. But, it must be read, with ‘spiritual maturity’… ‘The Protestants’… By embracing that ‘they are already saved’, they steal Judgement from Me.”
Win the Election for your Creator
Matthew  is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

All are chaff ready to be burned for the fire – unless they repent this is what they will all experienceI said a year ago: My Elect, are there for the gatheringI said for one in 10,000 it is not good for them.  But My children you know the reality of how wicked this World – has become.  And rather than ’affirm yourselves’ with the surface meaning of My words, you understood, what I was saying – that the Elect, are you two [the Two Witnesses], and anyone else who ‘wants to join, My True Faithful Remnant Church’.  Again yes the World really, is, that bad.”

Constructing a New Era
Matthew  is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
This video goes with the above Message
“"The difference, between My gifts, and the gifts of the World, are that: My gifts, bring True Peace to your souls, whereas the enemy’s cannot deliver peace, but only seeks to steal it.  The Kingdom of Heaven is still here, but souls have been preferring: their own kingdom, in their hearts of steel, in their hearts of stone. To ‘break through’ these icy cold hearts; to ‘melt through the steel’ My children, I am going to bring people, to their knees.  Because that is what is best, for all of their soulsThen let the chaff continue to be chaff if they so choose.  But the wheat I will gather, into My barns, which is also allegory, for the refuge, of, My Heart.”
“But each person must choose: what path they will take.  For ‘the broader path’ everyone is taking – except a small, few.” 
I always allow people, to take My words ‘out of context’ - if they so choose.  That is how I separate the chaff, from the wheat” 
Whose Wrath Comes After You?
Matthew  is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

All are chaff ready to be burned for the fire – unless they repent this is what they will all experience.” 
“Selfishness, is ‘one of the plagues’, of these End Times, My children.  Greed, envy, sloth, unforgiveness, covetousness – these are all ‘the plagues’, of the End Times – maxed out to the fullest degree!  And so these, have been poured outupon the Earth – for those souls, who refuse to turn away from their wickedness
My word, is a light, to those who sit in darkness My children.  But for those who sit in darkness, there is a choice: Do they want to remain – in ‘the darkness’, of their intellects, hearts and souls?  Or do they want My word, to be a light for them – throughout the rest of their lives? “
“Unless, a grain of wheat, falls to the ground, and dies – it will remain, but ‘a single grain’.  What does this mean My children?  But that those souls who choose ‘to die to themselves’, and ‘live, for the Kingdom of Heaven‘, can become: ‘wheat’.  But if they ‘refuse to die’ and be buried – in the soil, then how can they even begin to grow – to become ‘the wheat’ I want to gather, into My barns.”  
(-Jesus, Thursday, November 8, 2012)
“‘The Harvest’, is plenty; but the laborers are few’.  Therefore, the Lord Jesus Christ, will send: His Angels! – to reap the Harvest of the Earth; to chastise the wicked, and to nourish, and nurture, his very Own – hoping ‘all the while’, that the wicked will ‘come to their senses’, and embrace ‘the truth’ that will be ‘pierced through their hearts’.”  
Know that when you are ‘uncomfortable’ that then you are growing!  But as soon as you are satisfied with yourself, and your ‘relationship with your Creator’, it is then that you are ‘slipping and falling’!  Because there is no ‘complacency’ in ‘the spiritual life’ – you either desire to grow ‘closer’ to the Lord Jesus Christ,or ‘further away’.” 
(-The Blessed Virgin Mary, Tuesday, December 4, 2012)
“The ‘message’, I was giving – to the Pharisees, and to the people – who ‘started to gather around me’, was that ‘the Messiah, was coming’, and that they had ‘better repent – quickly!’ – to ‘make room for Him – in their hearts’!  As Jesus, ‘in the flesh’, would appear very different, from ‘the god’, that the people were accustomed to worshiping…“I baptize you with water, but there is one who is coming, who will baptize you with the Fire and the Holy Spirit.  His ‘winnowing fork’ in His Hand; to clear ‘the threshing floor’.”  I had said this, to the people before ‘the Lord came’Because, it was ‘to tell them’, that ‘baptism, of repentance’ is one thing; but ‘baptism of Fire, is another!!!  For once a soul, has ‘truly repented’ – then they can be ‘set on fire’ with the Lord’s words; and receive the True Holy Spirit.  But ‘this’ takes ‘an act of the will’, as well – because they must ‘seek-out’, the True Holy Spirit; and ‘desire Him, to be with them’; and, strive never, to offend, the True Holy Spirit.  For with the Lord’s, ‘winnowing fork’, He will separate ‘the chaff from the wheat’!  And ‘the chaff’ He will burn with ‘unquenchable fire’!  But ‘the wheat’ He will ‘gather into His barns’.  For ‘that’ is ‘the way of the Lord’… He is ‘clearing His threshing floor’.”

Have you been CHOOSING to be "a REED, SHAKEN in the WIND"?

Do you WANT to BE, "a SLOTHFUL, SERVANT, of the Most High TRUE God? - who REFUSES, to discern ACTIVELY, 'inspirations'? - and will SIMPLY go with, 'WHATEVER INSPIRATION', WHENEVER"?  THAT is a CHOICE, to be "a REED, SHAKEN in the WIND" - and, you WON'T 'LAST', as a Member of the Faithful REMNANT with 'that ATTITUDE'.  NO one would!  In REFUSING, to make your SPIRITUAL life, "your PRIORITY" - you HAVE been, 'CHOOSING, to SAVE your life! - for THIS world!'  HAVE you no SENSE! - of RESPONSIBILITY? - to your BROTHERS and SISTERS? - and, to the Most High TRUE GOD? - to be "a FRUITFUL! - MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT?" It is CLEAR to US, that your CONSCIENCE, is "NOT working!" - for if it WERE, YOU would RECOGNIZE, that this is "VERY serious!" - and you are "in a POOR spiritual state" - and, you're even LISTENING to INSPIRATIONS, that can ONLY pull you back to your OLD life.   YOU choose! - 'what you want to think about' - and 'what you want to GROW towards'!  NO one can choose FOR you; BUT, if you don't start "bearing FRUIT"? - you ARE 'at risk of BECOMING a cursed FIG tree' - that is "UNABLE to bear fruit"!  Your "FLESHLY, INTELLECTUAL, DESIRES" - do NOT! - go with, 'what the TRUE Holy SPIRIT', is DEMANDING of you!  In FACT! - you ARE losing, 'your WAY' - and you're "COMFORTABLE, in a CLOUD of deception" - deception that OTHER people, are 'WILLING you to EMBRACE'; but you are "FULLY RESPONSIBLE, for embracing".  And REALLY, YOU don't SEE 'any POINT' to making videos! - because it doesn't make SENSE to your carnal mind - as you are 'CHOOSING! - with full KNOWLEDGE' - to OPERATE, ACCORDING, to 'the DESIRES, of the FLESH'! - as you SHUN! - "inspirations from the TRUE Holy Spirit". And to 'CHOOSE to be DEPRESSED' - after, EVERY spiritual BLESSING that has been given TO you! - IS "an insult! - to your CREATOR" - and MAKES you "UNDESERVING, of His JOY".  REPENT and turn BACK - to your CREATOR - BEFORE you CAN'T!  You SEE, ALL the fruit, the OTHERS, are producing - but you JUST want to GLEAN! - and SEE yourself as "a VICTIM, of SPIRITUAL attacks".  ENOUGH is ENOUGH!  WAKE up! - before you CAN'T(September 30, 2017 update) 
The "WORKS" of the PEOPLE "outside the ARK" - will ALL be COUNTED as "CHAFF"! - come JUDGMENT Day
The PEOPLE "outside the ARK", have learned to do EVERYTHING, and 'all their WORKS' - APART from their Creator - VICARIOUSLY, allowing the DEMONS, to live THROUGH them. And SO! - their "WORKS", will ALL, be COUNTED, as "CHAFF"! - come JUDGMENT Day - when they are 'BEFORE, the THRONE, of the One who MADE them' - REGARDLESS, of what "CHURCH", or "BELIEF system", or "RELIGION", they BELONG to.  BUT! - for 'the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT' - EACH of them, are called, to UNITE! - their Tasks, TO, 'the TRUE Holy Spirit' - and to CHOOSE! - to be United, with 'the ONE who MADE them' - as they SEEK to DO, 'HIS Will', to the best, of their ABILITY.  And it is 'HARD'; it is 'MOST DIFFICULT' - when, the REMNANT, have LEARNED - their whole LIVES, to do 'EVERYTHING', "the WRONG way"! - and 'with the wrong MOTIVES'.  The CHALLENGE, in front of EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT - is to OVERCOME their old WAY, of DOING things; and to DESIRE! - to apply, "the NEW Way', that their CREATOR is showing them - through the TESTIMONY.  YES! - FOLLOWING the TESTIMONY, is "a GREAT BURDEN"! - on the DEMONS!!!  BUT, if YOU are 'SEEKING', to be 'set FREE', from "the BONDAGE, of SIN" - THEN it will be "a GREAT RELIEF!"  The REASON, the PEOPLE, outside the ARK - who have come across the TESTIMONY, "DESPISE it!" - is BECAUSE! - they are 'yoked to SIN!' - and THEY, are ON the path, to PERDITION and ETERNAL separation, from their CREATOR.  HOW is that "JUST"? - that the MOST High TRUE GOD, would "PUNISH THEM?" - for rejecting 'His TESTIMONY'?  Because! - His TESTIMONY IS! - the beginning - OF, the Era, of TRUE Peace - WHEN, and WHERE, the Most High TRUE God, Jesus Christ the Lord - will DWELL with, and BE with, "His PEOPLE" - and wipe away ALL their tears - the "TEARS, that are CAUSED, by embracing SIN!"  And so if PEOPLE, don't 'WANT', His TESTIMONY - NOW! - then, they most CERTAINLY, do NOT want, or 'DESIRE', to be 'WITH Him', in the AFTERLIFE.  And so "BLESSED! - are the works, of the Faithful REMNANT, who are UNITED, to, the Divine Will of the Most High True GOD' - who are CHOOSING, to be 'part, of the VINE' - and CHOOSING to bear much FRUIT!  But "CURSED!" - are all THOSE, 'PEOPLE', who do "GOOD" - APART! - from, the TRUE Holy Spirit - ALL of their "GOOD works", were in VAIN - and will PERISH with them - LIKE "chaff".  WITHOUT, the Spirit of the LIVING God, DWELLING within, "an INDIVIDUAL" - they, can ONLY! - perish!   And the ONLY! - way to RECEIVE, the OUTPOURING of the True Holy Spirit - is through HEARTFELT Repentance, and USING the Blessed Holy Water - and BECOMING a Member, of the Faithful Remnant.  And so DON'T - unite, your WORKS, to 'the WORKS of those AROUND you!' - and wait for 'THEIR initiative', before you DO something!  UNITE! - ALL! - the works, of your hands - to the True Holy SPIRIT - seeking 'HIS Will, FOR your life' - as YOU seek to DIE, to 'your old SELF'.  (October 07, 2017 update) 
Not Your Typical Weed Out Class
Matthew  is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
The ONES who SURVIVE these End Times, will ultimately CHOOSE 'the Most High TRUE God', over ANYTHING! - THIS world has to offer.
"You did not choose me [- you did not "call YOURSELF", out of the world; you did not "CHOOSE yourself", to be 'one of My DISCIPLES',] , but I chose you [- to ultimately persevere,] and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide."
(John 15:16a)

The MOST High TRUE God does NOT want you to be AFRAID, of PEOPLE.  But RATHER, to CHOOSE, to SERVE, 'HIM' - the Most High TRUE God, out of LOVE, for your SOUL.  But, the main OBSTACLE, is 'the DEMONS'! - because they HATE your Soul; and WANT your Soul, "in HELLFIRE".  But JUST because, 'that's what THEY want' - it DOESN'T MEAN, you have to CONSENT!  Because the Most High TRUE God, ALSO wants your Soul! - to be 'with HIM', for all ETERNITY.  And SO, YOU need to decide, 'who the better CHOICE is'?  PERSONALLY, WE, 'STRONGLY advise', people, to CHOOSE, 'the Most High TRUE God', over ANYTHING! - THIS world has to offer.  WHAT you NEED, is 'an INCREASE, in the LOVE, FOR, your CREATOR'!  Because MOST of your LIFE, you have LEARNED, to live WITHOUT Him; and to live OPPOSED, to Him; but have, "FAMILY", and "FRIENDS", to DISTRACT you, from your DESIRE, from ANY desire! - for an AUTHENTIC relationship, with Jesus Christ the LORD.  Jesus Christ the LORD, GAVE us 'this life' - NOT "for ourselves"! - but, to DIE to ourselves, and LIVE, 'for HIM'!  Jesus Christ the LORD, gave EACH individual, 'this LIFE', for the PURPOSE, of 'working their way BACK to Him'.  Because, the Most High TRUE God, does not 'FORCE', people, to FOLLOW HIM, or to LOVE Him.  And, HE desires that 'His CREATURES', would FOLLOW Him, and LOVE Him - "because it's the RIGHT thing to do"! - NOT 'because that's what He's ASKING'. And He called YOU - 'OUT, of the CROWDS' - to come FOLLOW Him.  And it IS "DIFFICULT"; but it is "POSSIBLE" - by CONTINUALLY 'renouncing yourself', and CHOOSING 'HIS Will', instead. (November 07, 2017 update) 

The spiritual life
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

How to RESIST the temptation to become 'more WORLDLY-minded'?

What you NEED to do - is trade YOUR desires, for 'your CREATOR'S desires', for your life.  BECAUSE, the DEMONS, use 'DECEPTION', in ORDER to get people, to 'BELIEVE', that THEY will be 'fulfilled', doing 'what they WANT' with their lives.  BUT! - 'THAT kind of FULFILLMENT', is "VERY short-lived" - and ALWAYS leaves "a bitter AFTERTASTE".  It is MUCH better, to INSTEAD, practice "self-DENIAL", and SIMPLY 'resolve to CHOOSE, to DESIRE, to do, what your CREATOR is CALLING you, to do'.  The problem you're HAVING? - is that 'the DEMONS and the alien TECH', are 'TRYING to change your desires' - to become "more WORLDLY", and "WORLDLY-MINDED".  BUT! - if you TRADE, 'your DESIRE, to be WORLDLY-minded', for 'the desire, to KNOW your Creator's Will'? - you will SEE "a BIG difference, in what you DESIRE" - as He WILL 'shape and MOULD', YOUR heart after His OWN - if you 'LET Him' - if you 'CHOOSE, to COOPERATE'.  EITHER you 'CONFORM', to the spirit of the WORLD - OR - to the True Holy SPIRIT, of the Most High True God.  You HAVE to choose!  EVERYONE does! (November 8, 2018 update) 

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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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