The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

PROOF of Our Credentials
The Only Sign We Need
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

This page, "PROOF of Our Credentials" was added to this website, on April Fools Day, 2014.  And why was that the perfect day to add this page?  Because the Testimony itself, is the "proof of our credentials".  How can this document even exist, apart from the Creator of the Universe?  But most of the people who visit this website, are so blind, that they can not see that.  And so they will go to this page, looking for "Signs".  How can anyone see the Signs on this page, and not see that the Testimony is dictated from Heaven?  Even Signs can not help the people of this wicked and depraved generation who are mere human shells without souls.  And why is that? - you might be wondering... because how can people who are blind - see Signs?  They CAN not, and they WILL not, and they WON'T.  It is like the people in the time of Noah.  They could NOT see the Sign, of the Ark.  They could not see that only a man with the strength of the Most High True God could build it.  They could not see the open door to the Ark.  They hated Noah, and God.  They hated the Sign of the END, that the Ark represented.  They hated the flood waters when they came.  They hated the fact that they were outside the Ark, as they took their last breath.  They all, drowned in their own hatred, and in their sins.  Sound familiar?

Liferaft anyone?  

Sorry, the Ark walls are a bit thick.  Perhaps you will need to come inside, so that we can hear your response.
Happy April Fools Day everyone! God has 'a sense of humor' too!
Do you want to see what God did on April 2?  Click HERE.

The Following "Frivolous Lawsuit" against the Two Witnesses has now ended:
( did not go "WELL" for them...)
Our FORMAL Legal Response, to the "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT"
that is PRESENTLY being put together, to PRESS charges, against us

The CREATOR of the Universe v "the barney church"

A.K.A. "Alienation of affection" and whatever OTHER "inane charges", PEOPLE want to press

Since TODAY is "Justice SUNDAY, 2017" - as we TURN to "the CHIEF JUSTICE", who is Jesus Christ the LORD - that is, "the JUST JUDGE" - WE ask Him, to HELP us, present 'HIS Case' - before the nations.  This HAPPENS on a daily BASIS - ALREADY - as the TESTIMONY, IS! - "THE Testimony, OF, JESUS Christ, THE Risen Lord".  "The Testimony against WHAT?" - you may be WONDERING...  "The TESTIMONY, against, this most WICKED! - and ADULTEROUS, GENERATION - to have EVER, lived! - against ALL the inhabitants, of SODOM, AND Gomorrah".

We BRING, to CHARGE! - FORMALLY, before ALL of Heaven - two "FORMER Members, of, the Faithful Remnant" - who UPON being TOLD, they were "NO LONGER Members" - became, "absolutely, ENRAGED! - against US, the Most High TRUE God's, TWO Witnesses".  THEIR names ARE: Carlos DeLeon and Elizabeth Marie Holden.  They are PRESENTLY, 'WORKING, with LAWYERS, and a LEGAL team, to bring CHARGES, against US! - "UNJUSTLY".'  And of COURSE, THEY! - do not realize, that out of the Most High TRUE God's, "Divine Justice" - just as SAUL, was "STIRRED up, to PURSUE, David - BY the Most High True God" - that 'the SAME is happening to THEM'! - and THEY are "not in CONTROL"; and they CAN'T STOP, 'pursuing, a LEGAL case AGAINST us' - because it is 'the WILL of the Most High True GOD, that they CONTINUE DOING so!'  For HOW ELSE! - WILL He, bring about, "the CLOSE, of the AGE"?  For TRULY, HISTORY, IS repeating itself - ONCE again.  For MOSES, led the ISRAELITES, in the DESERT - and MANY "GRUMBLED and complained" - and then 'the CAMP, was DIVIDED' - and THEN! - MANY of them, LEFT Moses - and they were QUICKLY "SWALLOWED up, by the Most High TRUE God's, DIVINE Wrath, and ANGER".

WE know, that the ENTIRE world, IS, 'AGAINST, the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the LORD' - because, HE in fact, is 'TESTIFYING against, the whole WORLD!' - and He has brought the whole WORLD into Judgment; and He CONTINUES to Judge "the LIVING and the dead".  THOSE of "the BARNEY church" - are "VERY upset, and OFFENDED!" - by, the GOD of the TWO Witnesses - because, 'HE does not BOW, to the WILL of man'; and, He sets, "STANDARDS" - FOR example, the TEN Commandments; and 'LISTENING, to the voice of one's CONSCIENCE'.   BUT, those in "the BARNEY church", or "roman catholic HIERARCHICAL institution" - are "GREATLY offended", by 'OUR God' - BECAUSE! - HE! - 'convicts THEM', of: SIN, JUDGMENT, CONSEQUENCES.

Now from "a WORLDLY standpoint" - with SO, FEW people, in the Faithful REMNANT - with our NUMBERS, "SO! - low!" - and with our apparent 'EFFECTIVENESS' - SO! - "INEFFECTIVE, in the EYES of ALL of those who are 'against the TESTIMONY'," - WHY are they CHOOSING, TO "pursue, a LEGAL case, AGAINST us"? - when we have 'NOTHING! - to GIVE them': NO assets, and NO monetary means, of PAYING, "a civil suit".  SO 'the question', becomes, "WHY, are they FILLED, with SO much, 'FUMING rage, and ANGER' - AGAINST us?"  For TRULY, WE, have NOT, done, 'ANYTHING!' - to deserve, 'such treatment' - from 'the WORLD'.  BUT! - the TRUTH of the Testimony, 'IRRITATES', and 'ENRAGES' people! - because, "LIVES, are being changed - for the BETTER!"  PEOPLE, are being HEALED!  "FAMILIES", are being HEALED - BECAUSE! - they are LISTENING, to the COUNSEL, we GIVE them. 
On a side note: SOME "families, OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety" - or "OUTSIDE the True Roman Catholic Faith" - have INDEED! - been 'brought TOGETHER' - in a WAY, that would NOT have happened - had they NOT, come to 'the SAME consensus' - claiming, that WE, the Two WITNESSES, have BROKEN, their FAMILIES, APART!  But the TRUTH IS - that the REMNANT Members, who 'LEFT!' - their FORMER family - to become "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - DID so, because of "religious persecution", and "harassment", and "taunting" - by THEIR, "SO-CALLED family".  MANY! - MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, HAVE endured, and CONTINUE to endure, 'EXTREME psychological abuse' - FROM their 'SO-called, FAMILY' - and WE HEAR about it! - in OUR inbox; and HELP give them 'the TOOLS, to COPE, with RELIGIOUS persecution'.  And TRULY this is "a REPEAT", of what HAPPENED, when the FIRST Christians, began to follow Jesus Christ the Lord - and be BAPTIZED, BY water, AND the True Holy Spirit.  If this WAS NOT "the True FAITH"? - then, the "so-called FAMILY members of the Faithful REMNANT" - or 'so-called FORMERS' - would NOT be so INTENT on PERSECUTING, and 'VENTING, their ANGER!' - on the Remnant.  But because this IS "the True Faith!" - the REMNANT Members are being 'CRUCIFIED - SPIRITUALLY, psychologically, AND emotionally' - by "their FORMERS" - because of 'their BELIEF, in the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the LORD'.
"And Herod and Pilate became friends with each other that very day, for before this they had been at enmity with each other."  (Luke 23:12)

EVERYONE in the Faithful Remnant, is given, "FREE will", by their Creator - to 'DO, as THEY see FIT' - to ACT on "the DICTATES of their CONSCIENCE" or NOT!  NO one! - is "COERCED", OR "persuaded", or "THREATENED", in any WAY!  We MERELY relay, 'the SPIRITUAL consequences, FOR poor CHOICES' - and WITHOUT, "INVOLVING ourselves, in ANY way! - to the LIVES, of PEOPLE - they EXPERIENCE, "spiritual CONSEQUENCES for their CHOICES" - whether "good" or "BAD". 

Are 'WE', "RESPONSIBLE"? - for 'the SCOURGES', and 'the SUFFERING', that FAMILY MEMBERS, "PLACE upon THEMSELVES" - by CHOOSING, to be 'WICKED in their INTERIOR LIVES'?  No!  We are "MERELY Messengers".  We 'HEAR', what our CREATOR, TELLS us; and we RELAY, 'what He shares WITH us'.  And the people HEAR - or NOT!  If they DON'T, "believe", in the words, we speak - then - they can simply, 'do what they WILL'; for we SPEAK, 'WORDS', and they come FORTH - FROM, 'the Most High True GOD'.  When the PROPHETS were sent, in the PAST, did the PEOPLE, at the TIME, 'EMBRACE, and HUG THEM - and THANK THEM! - for the MESSAGE, they were SENDING'?  OR, did they IMMEDIATELY 'THREATEN them, WITH death! - and with punishment - should they OPEN their mouths'? 

HISTORY REPEATS itself - folks!  And if our words, have "absolutely, NO power, or authority, from Heaven BEHIND them" - then WHY! - are PEOPLE - who, are 'ENRAGED, AGAINST us' - SEEKING, "a LAWSUIT"?  UNLESS! - MERELY by SPEAKING 'the TRUTH', TO them - they are 'SO OFFENDED', that, THEY want to VINDICATE themselves! - to DESTROY us - completely.

AND so, AS these people, "PROXY, on behalf, of the WORLD" - we can ONLY "pity them" - as they, 'ATTEMPT, to make FALSE accusations, and bear FALSE WITNESS, AGAINST us' - we can ONLY, "PITY them" - as THEY attempt, to 'REVILE us, and utter, all kinds of EVILS AGAINST us' - for HIS sake! - we can only, 'PITY them'. 

We have NEVER, 'threatened, persuaded, or coerced', ANYONE.  YET! - CARLOS, and MARIE - HAVE! - been EMAILING us - 'INCESSANTLY' - MAKING "threats" - and HARASSING us, VERBALLY - CONTINUALLY! - and UNJUSTLY.  And THREE Members of the Faithful Remnant, have "PROTECTION orders, against CARLOS" - INCLUDING! - his former WIFE.  He IS, "a VERY, VIOLENT! - and DECEPTIVE, and MANIPULATIVE, individual" - and HE is using, ALL, of THOSE, SATANIC, vices - to BRING people, to 'HIS side'.  HIS, "former wife", is, a grown WOMAN - and CAN, make her own CHOICES!  AND, DUE to 'the psychological abuse' - that HE, 'AFFLICTED her with, for many YEARS' - and with THAT being brought to our ATTENTION - YES! - we DID, encourage her, to "GET out!" - with HER informing us - of 'the DEATH threats', and 'the SEXUAL abuse' - we did 'what ANYONE! - would have done', with ANY kind, of, 'PROFESSIONALITY' - we ENCOURAGED her, to 'REPORT! - to the POLICE'!"

We have 'NO idea', how THIS, "responsibility" - to the SAFETY, of our MEMBERS, can TRANSLATE, into "a LAWSUIT" - OF, "an ALIENATION of AFFECTION"?!

AS for, 'the OTHER wives' - who LEFT their husbands - they DID so, 'ACCORDING, to THEIR own conscience' - and to 'their OWN, choice! - to BELIEVE, in, the TESTIMONY, and WHAT the Testimony TEACHES'.  AND "for the record" - CARLOS, was NOT! - 'the only, "VIOLENT, husband".'  We DO, 'CARE, about, the PHYSICAL safety, of EACH Member, OF the Faithful Remnant', and we do our BEST, to help THEM! - 'CARE about their safety' as WELL!

AND "FOR the record" - CARLOS, has, "a BACKGROUND, in EXTREME VIOLENCE!" - AND, he REALLY SHOULD BE, "in JAIL at this TIME" - BUT! - BECAUSE, he chose, to "RAT OUT", his "MAFIA gang", that, he was PART of - he "PLEA bargained" - AND got "a reduced sentence".  He is 'VERY SKILLED', at ACTING, "WEAK", and "VULNERABLE" - and WE HAVE MEMBERS, who have TESTIFIED to US! - of, his, 'DECEPTION' - WHILE in court!  He HAS, 'THREATENED, the both of us', in EMAILS - TELLING us, "he's GOING to FIND us! - and GIVE us a PIECE of his mind - or MEET with us" (- he threatened to find "our PHYSICAL address" - and he claimed to have "FBI FRIENDS", saying ALL of this to IMPLY, that he would have 'NO problem crossing the BORDER').  He EVEN found our PHONE NUMBER, and began, 'CALLING' - ATTEMPTING to disrupt our lives.  He did this with OTHER Members.  It got SO bad - that WE were forced, to CHANGE our phone number - which DISRUPTED, our LIVING situation.  He is "a CALLOUS, and CRUEL-hearted individual" - who DEMANDS to be "VINDICATED".  And he IS in fact using KATELEN - in MANY ways! - to 'convey messages, HE wants, sent'.

And SO, we are WARNING people! - EVEN people we once, 'used to KNOW' - that, it is "NOT safe" - to "INTERTWINE, their LIVES, with 'a FORMER, MAFIA, CARTEL boss'," - and NOW is 'the TIME, to get OUT, and CUT off, communication WITH him!'  He CLAIMS, to be, "about CHILD safety" - but we KNOW for a fact, that he THREATENED, 'the LIFE, of a CHILD - of ONE, of the Members, of the Faithful Remnant' - so how can ANYONE! - 'believe, that he CARES, about the SAFETY! - of his OWN, child'?   The TRUTH is, "KATELEN, is YOUNG, and IMPRESSIONABLE" - and HE! - is manipulating her - to, 'GO against US' - unjustly.

HE is, STILL, 'harassing, his FORMER wife' - and it GOT to the point, where he posted VIDEOS, OF her, and OTHER Members of the Faithful Remnant - and he 'DEFAMED, their character' - out of WRATH. He even POSTED, 'WHERE, his FORMER wife, worked' - the ADDRESS and everything - CAUSING her 'MUCH, UNWANTED, grief - AT her job' - causing her "UNDUE stress".  HE, kept HER, 'LOCKED away' - CONFINED, for THREE days! - "a GROWN WOMAN"!  And YOU PEOPLE! - want to 'take HIS SIDE!'  You WICKED people!!! 

WE are NOT going to STOP, SHARING, "PROPHETIC Messages, from the CREATOR of the Universe" - and we have EVERY right! - to KEEP, 'OUR WEBSITE online' - BECAUSE, it is "FREEDOM of religion"! - NO one! - is being "FORCED, to BELIEVE, what WE believe"! - HOWEVER, REGARDLESS if they believe or NOT - we DON'T! - control, the SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCES that FOLLOW, 'each INDIVIDUAL'S, life!' - and it is "ABSURD!" - to BELIEVE, that ANYONE can!

AND so, ALL those, who, WANT to come forward, and take, CARLOS' side - and press CHARGES - AGAINST their Creator, and against 'His TRUE Prophets' - and bear FALSE testimony, and false WITNESS, against us... let them come FORWARD! - and LET THEM, receive, 'the MEASURE, they choose to GIVE'!

And FOR the record - NEITHER of us, have EVER, met, Katelen - in person.  And WE received an email, FROM her - that we BELIEVE, she was 'COERCED into WRITING', BY, Carlos - to CHARGE us with "abuse". BUT it is ABSOLUTELY, "ridiculous" - because, we NEVER met her!  We had EMAIL, CORRESPONDENCE - and SHARED, "PROPHETIC Messages", WITH her, and GAVE her "spiritual COUNSEL" - WITH! - her parent's consent.  And BOTH! - her parents at the time, were RECEIVING "spiritual Counsel", from us.  And if EITHER, Carlos, or his FORMER wife, at the time - THOUGHT, that the COUNSEL, GIVEN, was "INAPPROPRIATE"? - THEY, had EVERY right - to SAY something.  But NOW, YEARS later, CARLOS, is TRYING to MANIPULATE Katelen, into 'BOWING to HIS will' - and he will, 'keep CHANGING his STORY' - to MAKE him look like, "the VULNERABLE, victim/father".  But NEITHER! - Carlos, NOR his former wife at ANY time, told us to stop, giving, Katelen, "UNAFFIRMING, spiritual COUNSEL".

And we are ALSO aware, that Carlos, intends, on having charges pressed against 'his FORMER wife' - for "child ABANDONMENT" - which is "ABSOLUTELY, ABSURD!" - because, AT the time, Carlos, and his 'FORMER, wife' - AGREED, to drop KATELEN off at "a RELATIVE'S" - and WE! - HELPED, BOTH Carlos AND His former wife to MOVE - to Tacoma - in ORDER to be closer to the Faithful REMNANT.  AND at this time, Carlos was "very GRATEFUL" to us - for HELPING him, AND her - through, 'that DIFFICULT TIME, in their LIVES'.  Because CARLOS, used to BE, 'a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH' - but, WE did not 'BOW', to him - so, out of WRATH, he is 'taking us ON'.  HE, 'threatened US' - and has made OUR lives "INCREDIBLY, inconvenienced, at this time".  AND, his "FORMER wife", has TESTIFIED TO us, through email - that BEFORE, Carlos found the TESTIMONY, he was "an EXTREMELY violent individual", "VERBALLY abusive", and "VERY manipulative".  But, then he 'CHANGED, for the BETTER' - and his HEART 'softened'.  But AFTER! - HE 'turned on the Testimony' - he became, "a VIOLENT man" again.  This is 'for a FACT'.  He TESTIFIED, when he was a MEMBER - to ALL, the BLESSINGS, and the FRUITS, of the TESTIMONY, in his life; BUT! - when he 'TURNED against, the Faithful REMNANT', his LIFE took "a turn for the WORSE".  Is that OUR FAULT?  Are 'the CONSEQUENCES', of HIS life, and the lives, of ALL, "the FORMER Members, of the Faithful Remnant" - OUR RESPONSIBILITY?  Those "WIVES", who LEFT, their HUSBANDS - out of their OWN choice - as they no longer 'RECOGNIZED the MARRIAGE' - are WE RESPONSIBLE? - for THEIR CHOICE?  That is "ABSOLUTELY, absurd!"  We will NOT take responsibility, for 'the CHOICES ADULTS MAKE!'

The TESTIMONY, IS, 'WORDS from Heaven' - that PEOPLE, are "FREE to ADHERE TO", or NOT!  We SIMPLY, 'relay, the TRUTH'! - NOT "watered down", in any way.  And PEOPLE understand, when we give Counsel - THEY can say "NO!" - THEY can stop EMAILING!  THEY can "choose" - HOW to respond.  WE are not responsible! - for 'HOW people choose to live their lives'!  But we CAN TESTIFY - that the WIVES, of those, 'former HUSBANDS' - THEIR lives are getting BETTER - FOR the most part.  And THEY, INFORM us, of 'all the BLESSINGS', and 'the GRACES they experience' on a daily basis.  Were they "BRAINWASHED"?  No.  Are they "VICTIMS OF BRAINWASHING"?  No.  Do they ADHERE, to, the 'SPIRITUAL BELIEFS of the TESTIMONY'?  Yes!  AFTER they adhered, to, 'the spiritual beliefs of the Testimony', did their "former HUSBANDS", become "AGGRESSIVE, and VERBALLY ABUSIVE TOWARDS THEM"?  Yes.

WE know, that many lies, have been spread, ABOUT us, AND the Testimony - and, the Members of the Faithful REMNANT.  And we WANT to CLARIFY - ANY "misunderstanding", and "MISLEADING" - that Carlos, and Elizabeth Marie, have 'CREATED'.  We ALSO are aware, that they are, in CONTACT, with, 'PEOPLE, from OUR former lives' - trying to recruit THEM, on their side.  This is "STRONGLY advised against"; but, may the Most High TRUE GOD, the Eternal Father in Heaven's WILL, prevail.  WE, are not pressing, ANY charges! - against ANYONE.  WE are not taking anyone to court - though we have "AMPLE evidence", to PURSUE, 'THAT legal avenue'. 

THIS is "a Heavenly Court Case" people; and the MOST High TRUE God - has ALREADY WON!  We KNOW, that there, are PSYCHOANALYSTS, AND psychologists, AND lawyers, and religious, involved.  We ALSO know, that, 'THEY are actively trying to ENSNARE us, in our INBOX - by having "MINORS!" - EMAIL us, to become Members of the Faithful REMNANT'. But the one PROBLEM is, that the kind of EMAILS they have been SENDING - there is 'NO way! - that a TEENAGER, WROTE them!'  We know for a FACT, that THEY, have been 'TRYING to build a CASE against us for YEARS!'  HOW "sick" is THAT! - as IN, "MENTALLY, spiritually and EMOTIONALLY sick, to STOOP to such levels!" 

BUT, they tried to ensnare JESUS, on EVERY, level - when He came, the FIRST time.  But He was AWARE - and AS the psalmist DAVID, has SUNG: "In VAIN! - does the FOWLER, SET, the SNARE, IN the sight, of the bird!" (April 23, 2017 update)

We DO understand, HOW, 'EVERYONE', can choose to hate us 
And so, the Members of the Faithful Remnant are NOW being called upon, to make "a BOLD PUBLIC stand".  We ARE going to be...
Asking the Faithful Remnant, to TESTIFY
in 'a SPECIFIC way' - ACCORDING, to, 'the Divine Will of the Most High TRUE God', of course 

The allegations, that the institution, wishes, to bring, against 'the Testimony' - and our YouTube Channel - is also 'ACCUSING, us, of hate speech'.  And so, WOULD it be possible, for you (- referring to the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant), to make a VIDEO - explaining, that, the USE of language, that, you have received through our Counsel - and that is WRITTEN throughout the TESTIMONY, is NOT "hate speech" - but is ACTUALLY "an act of LOVE" - because, the TRUTH is "UN-watered down"; and lives ARE being "changed, for the BETTER"!  And that, 'the LANGUAGE, is STRONG - JUST like, in the BIBLE'.  When JESUS, called the PHARISEES, "a BROOD of vipers!" - back THEN, "HATE speech", wasn't, even, "a reality".  BUT! - Jesus Christ the LORD is STILL using, 'that SAME kind of language, TODAY' - and it is 'OFFENDING, peoples FEELINGS' - and, for THEM - it, is being, considered, "HATE speech".  There are PEOPLE, OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT - who have become "OBSESSED", with doing EVERYTHING they can! - to 'DESTROY, the Faithful Remnant Church' - FROM the face of the earth.  And they are being "FUELED, by the devil himself".  THEY are "UPSET - because, FAMILY members, have LEFT them - to live their NEW lives - as REMNANT Members; as CHILDREN of the Most High True God".  The TRUTH IS, if THOSE, OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, who are 'SO, SADDENED!' - that they have LOST, "CONNECTION", WITH members of their "former FAMILY" - ACTUALLY "LOVED" - their, "family" - they would, SEEK to become Members of the Faithful Remnant as WELL.  Remember, JESUS Christ the LORD, CAME, the FIRST time - to SET people AGAINST one another - a man's FOES, would be 'those of his OWN house'; THREE against two, and two against THREE (Luke 12:52).  And He CAME, to DIVIDE families!  He CAME "with a SWORD" - THEN;  and He has COME with 'a Sword' NOW! - a TWO-edged Sword. And, the fact IS, WE ARE 'that SWORD'! - PROTRUDING from His MOUTH (Matthew 10:34).  And THAT is why, WE! - are "hated, by ALL" (Matthew 10:22) - because we CAME, to MAKE! - people, "uncomfortable" - with their LIFESTYLE CHOICES; and we CAME, to TAKE AWAY! - their former, "FAMILY members" - the ones that HE chose - for HIMSELF.  And SO YES! - we DO understand, HOW, 'EVERYONE', can choose to hate us.  And we DO understand, how THOSE, 'OUTSIDE the Ark, of Safety' - can, SEE us, as "the DEVIL" - because 'the SPIRIT of BLASPHEMY' is on ALL of them!  And, we can SUM up, EVERYTHING, that, the PEOPLE outside the Ark are EXPERIENCING, with THIS SCRIPTURE passage:

"He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and he who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it." 
(Matthew 10:37-39) 
The Father Who's Always There
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Please re-read, the Counsel, a FEW times - that we sent you. And there IS NO NEED, to mention, "your former FAMILY member", OR the lawsuit, in the videoThe VIDEO, is about, SHARING, that the TESTIMONY, is NOT! - "HATE speech" - and giving all the REASONS, WHY, it is actually, "LOVE".  YOU can quote, the Blessed Virgin Mary - WHEN she shared, in one of her MESSAGES, "DO NOT call, His LOVE for Souls, 'HATRED'," - OR something like that.  YOU can find it.  If YOU, 'DESIRE', to make "nourishing videos" - He will GIVE you the inspiration.   It is NOT "all, on the Most High TRUE God" - but YOU must 'seek' - as WELL - HIS Will.  VIDEOS, may seem, 'SO, miniscule' - in the LARGE, picture; but the TRUTH is, Jesus  Christ the LORD is asking, 'His Remnant', to Testify. (April 25, 2017 update)
Just to CLARIFY, about the VIDEO - The VIDEO we are asking people, to make, IS, as follows: How the TESTIMONY, is LOVE speech', and NOT 'a form of hate speech.  Because, the PEOPLE, want the TESTIMONY taken DOWN - "because PEOPLE'S feelings are being hurt." (April 28, 2017 update)
Note - Some videos on the following list do not specifically state that "the Testimony is love speech" because that is clearly implied in the overall message in the video.
The "Official Member" List
A new springtime for the True Church
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

FEEDING the Nations with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

And he said to them, “How many loaves have you? Go and see.” And when they had found out, they said, “Five, and two fish.” (Mark 6:38)
And there WERE 5 Official Members! - until the middle of July, 2019...
There are now only 2 of those 5 Official Members listed above
" few, that a child [- on JUST one hand, with the thumb turned in] can write them down." (Isaiah 10:19) 

...who responded to the call to make a video on this topic
What about YOU? - do you... "LOVE", these videos? 
And that's exactly HALF! - the number that Noah had on HIS Ark, many years ago...
And so now you KNOW "what TIME it is"...  (July 23, 2019 update)
The above 2 Official Members, persevered as Offical Public Members of the Faithful Remnant,
CHOOSING to Prophesy, for their CREATOR, on behalf of 'His TESTIMONY'
all the way to the very END of the 1335 days, spoken of by the Prophet Daniel.
Share what you have beeen given!
Jason is now an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant

Choose a Blessing not a CURSE!
James is an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant

Simplify your Spiritual Life
Carmel is an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant

There are now a total of 5 Official Members listed on this page
For those who DESIRE to become PUBLIC Members of the Faithful REMNANT
and would like to CONTINUE to make Testimony videos - to TESTIFY PUBLICLY to "the fruits" of the TESTIMONY?
There is "space available", on this page, for your SINCERE and HEARTFELT video... available for a limited time only.
You uphold your CREATOR? - and His WORD? - and He will uphold YOU!
(August 30, 2019 update)

The Members of the Faithful Remnant are NOW being called upon once again.  We ARE going to be...
Asking the Faithful Remnant, to PUT TOGETHER "a FORMAL STATEMENT"
in 'a SPECIFIC way' - ACCORDING, to, 'the Divine Will of the Most High TRUE God', of course 
RIGHT now, "for YOUR protection" - it WOULD be, "advisable", to PUT TOGETHER, "a FORMAL STATEMENT" - with the Help of the TRUE Holy Spirit - of ALL of 'the WAYS, that YOU, were PERSECUTED, for YOUR religious beliefs' - INCLUDING! - any "PHYSICAL abuse" - or "VERBAL abuse" - that YOU have endured. And in THIS way - YOU will have, "LEGAL evidence", and "GROUNDS" - to REMAIN - as, "an INDEPENDENT".  Has ANY of 'your FORMER family members' - said THINGS to you, to "instill FEAR"?  Have they THREATENED you? - in any WAY?   WHY did you think that you needed to run AWAY from them, SO quickly?  Now that this, is ALL, "FRESH in your mind" - NOW is 'the time to document'!  Because RIGHT now, the Members of the Faithful Remnant - ARE, UNDERGOING "EXTREME religious persecution" for their beliefs.  And of COURSE they ARE, because, they are "Living, PROOF!" - AND 'TESTIMONIES, to the WICKEDNESS - of, this WORLD!'  Even the FIRST Christians, WENT through 'tremendous PERSECUTION', to the POINT, of "PHYSICAL death!" - BUT, the Most High TRUE God will NOT allow it to COME to that, in 'His SECOND Coming' - No!  The DEVIL, WANTS to, 'DESTROY the Faithful Remnant' - AS IN, 'DESTROY the FAITH, of the Faithful REMNANT'! - AND, 'PERSECUTE them', through 'THOSE, who BELIEVE! - they are acting, ON behalf, OF god' - JUST like the first time!  They saw JESUS as "the devil" - "CASTING out devils, by the PRINCE of devils" - THIS is how, THOSE OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant - WHO are 'AGAINST the Testimony' - see the FRUITS of the Testimony, in peoples' LIVES; they CANNOT see the Truth.  But the MOST High TRUE God, WILL 'uphold THOSE, IN the Faithful Remnant, who uphold HIS WORD, in their hearts'. If He is "DENOUNCED", before all men - then HE will denounce, before His Father in HEAVEN!  It REALLY IS "quite simple", "the SPIRITUAL Laws" at WORK:  The measure people GIVE, is the MEASURE they RECEIVE.  The Most High TRUE God, is 'ALLOWING, the Faithful REMNANT', to, be put through, "the WINE press" - AND, HE is 'Testing, His VESSELS' - AS He Tested US!  BECAUSE, HE DESIRES that, 'His Faithful REMNANT'... REMAIN "faithful"; OR, "abandon ship". (April 25, 2017 update)

ANY, "MISTREATMENT", or "VERBAL ABUSE", that you have UNDERGONE, since JOINING, the Faithful REMNANT, from 'your FORMERS' - SIMPLY, needs to be, DOCUMENTED, EITHER, in WRITING, or 'typed OUT' - for YOUR protection. PLEASE do not include any "project BLUEBEAM dreams" - or any OTHER dreams - in your documentation.  And it would be GOOD to REJECT 'the demonic CLUSTER of the OLD N.' - and ASK for the Grace, to live your TRUE identity, as 'the NEW N.'. (April 28, 2017 update)

On the topic of "HATE crimes" - You really need to know...
What enrages the institution, the MOST, against the TESTIMONY?
it is "the question, that won't go away"
What enrages the institution, the MOST, against the TESTIMONY? -  is that we actually "bridge the gap", between the PEOPLE and their Creator.  While THEY! - can only use 'psyops' (psychological operations) and psychology on the people - as well as NOSTALGIA, propaganda, RITUAL, and familiarity.  In the INSTITUTION, 'the PEOPLE' are "god".  AND 'those who do not BOW to the FEELINGS, of the PEOPLE' - WILL, experience, 'the UNJUST wrath', of, the INSTITUTION.  The Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution - BELIEVES! - that THEY! - ARE "god"; that THEY have, "the presence, OF christ", in their INNER rooms.  THEY believe, he REMAINS, "A prisoner of love", there.  But the TRUTH, is - that Jesus Christ the LORD, 'left THEM' - a LONG TIME ago!  And, HE, desires, to dwell, "within HEARTS" - THAT, is "His SANCTUARY"! - in these Times.  And, 'the TABERNACLE, of the BODY' - IS, in EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant.  Does THAT MEAN, that each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT is "GOD"?  NO.  WHAT this means, is that, THEY, HAVE the OPPORTUNITY to EXPERIENCE, 'the FULLNESS, of COMMUNION - WITH the Most High True God' - on a DAILY basis - WITHOUT "tithing"; and WITHOUT, GOING, to 'a SPIRITUALLY, TOXIC! - church'.  And AS the Most High True God's TWO Witnesses - we THANK! - HIM, with ALL our Hearts! - for DESIRING, to DWELL, 'WITH us', 'THROUGH us', and 'IN us'.  AND! - in UNITY with, 'the HEARTS, of the Faithful REMNANT' - the ONES, whose LIVES, have CHANGED, "for the BETTER" - and who, are "DEEPLY! - IN Love, with their CREATOR; and He with THEM". IN, 'BOWING to the will, of the people' - THOSE of the institution, DID! - their CREATOR - "a GREAT disservice".  Because, they CHOSE! - to 'BOW, to the DEMONS, and the SINS! - of the people'; NOT! - demanding change; NOT, demanding repentance, as "a way of LIFE"; NOT demanding HUMILITY, and 'BROKEN and contrite hearts'.  We HAVE "the Real JESUS"! - WITH us; no MATTER, 'HOW many BILLIONS of dollars, the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution MAKES'!  Because ALL, of their MONEY, is "ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS!" - in the EYES of their Creator.  Their GOLD and their SILVER - and, their ANTIQUES! - and "the VATICAN treasures", hold "absolutely NO value!" - to the CREATOR, of the Universe.  Does He STILL "LOVE", THOSE, who are "STUBBORNLY HOLDING on", to the INSTITUTION? - in the HOPES, that, they'll be "SAVED"?  YES of course, HE does!  But He WILL NOT, 'FORCE, the people - in CHAINS, to the INSTITUTION' - to come OUT of it; to come to 'His TRUE, Church'.  ALL HE can DO, is "INVITE them to" - as is STATED in the Scriptures: "Come OUT OF HER My people! - LEST you PARTAKE, in her SINS" (Revelations 18:4).  AND, once again, He STATES, "The SPIRIT, AND the Bride, say COME" (Revelations 22:17).  (April 25, 2017 update)

The Members of the Faithful Remnant are being called upon.  We ARE going to be...
"How 'your FORMERS' hated YOU; and YOU parted PATHS"

We are asking EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant, to put TOGETHER, in a DOCUMENTATION, ALL, of the EMOTIONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and PHYSICAL abuse, that THEY, have UNDERGONE, since BECOMING "a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT" - due to 'the HOSTILITY of their FORMERS working WITH, the RELIGIOUS institutions'.  AGAIN, this is "FOR, the PROTECTION, of EACH individual Member of the Faithful Remnant".  NOW is "the TIME to take a STAND" - AGAINST "the ABUSE", that ALL of you! - have UNDERGONE, BECAUSE of 'your belief IN the Testimony'.  WE, have "MUCH PROOF" - and RECEIVE, 'DAILY emails' - from EACH of you - of, 'the EMOTIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL abuse, and VERBAL abuse', that you UNDERGO - AS "Members of the Faithful Remnant".  And at this TIME, 'the Creator of the UNIVERSE', is asking you to "take a Stand WITH Him" - AGAINST, 'those, who are PERSECUTING you - for your BELIEF; for your FAITH' - EVEN to the POINT, of FORCING YOU, to be MEDICATED! - and FORCING YOU, to PSYCHOLOGICAL assessments - and CONFINEMENT! - and IMPRISONMENT! - in your OWN home.  Jesus Christ the LORD, is giving ALL of you 'the OPPORTUNITY to fight BACK'.  NO MORE "cowering, in FEAR of your formers"!  There, is 'a REASON, that your Creator CALLED you', from, "your former FAMILY" - and He's asking YOU! - to build 'a TESTIMONY against THEM'!  The TRUTH, is, "they BROUGHT this on themselves".  THEY brought you! - to THIS point; and it is "most JUST".  Because THEY! - as in "your FORMER FAMILY", are COMPLAINING, that "their FEELINGS were hurt!" - and that "YOU are part, of a cult"; when 'the FACT' remains, that YOU chose to leave THEM! - out of your OWN free WILL - ESPECIALLY, with all of the "VERBAL abuse", that THEY, would REFUSE to 'let up on'.  YOU shared 'your belief' WITH them; they HATED you for it; and, you "parted PATHS".  They were 'GIVEN the opportunity', to RECEIVE the Testimony as WELL; they DIDN'T WANT it! - but you DID!  HERE, PERHAPS, this will help:

"As you enter the house, salute it. And if the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you. And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town. Truly, I say to you, it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah than for that town. “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Beware of men; for they will deliver you up to councils, and flog you in their synagogues, and you will be dragged before governors and kings for my sake, to bear testimony before them and the Gentiles. When they deliver you up, do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say; for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour; for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you." 
(Matthew 10:12-20)
Be sure to have a look at JUST SOME of the Video Evidence we have ALREADY gathered and made public, on the page titled Religious PersecutionWHY?  Because there is MUCH more where that came from!
PPTL: We have YEARS! - of DOCUMENTED cases of "former family abuse" - resulting in "SEVERE religious persecution" of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, in our email strings.  But we are "ONLY, showing a small, sample".  AND we are 'FULLY prepared, AND equipped' with 'the NECESSARY RESOURCES', to COUNTER sue - SHOULD, that become necessary.  EVERY "former FAMILY member", OF the Faithful Remnant, HAVE "their SOB story" - where "their FEELINGS" were hurt.  But WE HAVE! - "LEGAL evidence", of PHYSICAL abuse, BY "formers"; and we are 'HELPING, the Faithful REMNANT', to PROTECT themselves, as they are ALL, "under, the HEAVENLY Witness PROTECTION Program".  We ARE AWARE, that "former FAMILY members" of the Faithful Remnant, are throwing "LEGAL red FLAGS!" - AT! - the unjust legal system - by ACCUSING the Faithful REMNANT, of BEING, "a CULT"; BUT! - the TRUTH, is, that EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, has been SEVERELY PERSECUTED, AND isolated,when their "FORMERS", found OUT about the TESTIMONY.  The TRUTH is, EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant 'QUICKLY found out', that THEY could no longer "LIVE", in the same HOME, with 'THOSE, who would RANT, and be ENRAGED at them' - for THEIR "belief", in the TESTIMONY.  Their "FORMERS", would 'VERBALLY abuse them' - TO the point, where, EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant, SIMPLY decided, that it was time to LEAVE, "their FORMERS", behind.  (May 01, 2017 update)
“And when all these things come upon you, the blessing and the curse, which I have set before you, and you call them to mind among all the nations where the Lord your God has driven you, and return to the Lord your God, you and your children, and obey his voice in all that I command you this day, with all your heart and with all your soul; then the Lord your God will restore your fortunes, and have compassion upon you, and he will gather you again from all the peoples where the Lord your God has scattered you. If your outcasts are in the uttermost parts of heaven, from there the Lord your God will gather you, and from there he will fetch you; and the Lord your God will bring you into the land which your fathers possessed, that you may possess it; and he will make you more prosperous and numerous than your fathers. And the Lord your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your offspring, so that you will love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may live. And the Lord your God will put all these curses upon your foes and enemies who persecuted you. And you shall again obey the voice of the Lord, and keep all his commandments which I command you this day. The Lord your God will make you abundantly prosperous in all the work of your hand, in the fruit of your body, and in the fruit of your cattle, and in the fruit of your ground; for the Lord will again take delight in prospering you, as he took delight in your fathers, if you obey the voice of the Lord your God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which are written in this book of the law, if you turn to the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.  “For this commandment which I command you this day is not too hard for you, neither is it far off. It is not in heaven, that you should say, ‘Who will go up for us to heaven, and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ Neither is it beyond the sea, that you should say, ‘Who will go over the sea for us, and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ But the word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart, so that you can do it. “See, I have set before you this day life and good, death and evil. If you obey the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you this day, by loving the Lord your God, by walking in his ways, and by keeping his commandments and his statutes and his ordinances, then you shall live and multiply, and the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you are entering to take possession of it. But if your heart turns away, and you will not hear, but are drawn away to worship other gods and serve them, I declare to you this day, that you shall perish; you shall not live long in the land which you are going over the Jordan to enter and possess. I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live, loving the Lord your God, obeying his voice, and cleaving to him; for that means life to you and length of days, that you may dwell in the land which the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.”
(Deuteronomy 30:1-20)

NOTICE:  Let ALL those who are "IN, the Faithful Remnant", who HAVE been SECRETLY, corresponding, WITH, 'the ENEMIES, of the Remnant' - be "CUT off! - from ALL Graces"; and their HOLY Water, "NO longer Blessed"; and may "ABUNDANT afflictions, be added TO them", for their CHOICE.  As "the TWO WITNESSES", WE believe "choosing LIFE", is BETTER; but, EVERYONE, has to decide, 'what TEAM, they want to BE on' - and GO! - with that TEAM.  And SO, WE are asking, the HOLY ANGELS, OF the Most High True God, to 'CARRY away, FROM the Remnant', those, who are "ALLIED", with 'the ENEMIES, of the Remnant'.  Amen.  (April 27, 2017 update)
Special note for the Faith-FULL Members of the Remnant - especially those who are living with their formers: You NEED to resolve, to use "COMMON sense and reason", ALWAYS!  We were VERY specific - in, 'WHAT, the REMNANT Members, were DOING, by CORRESPONDING, with ENEMIES, of the REMNANT'.  And THIS, IS, in REFERENCE to, "SECRETLY WORKING with the ENEMIES of the REMNANT", to bring the REMNANT DOWN from WITHIN!  (... and if YOU do not fit that description, then...)  WE know you do not, 'fit, that description', and YOU do TOO!  So you MAY NEED to reject 'the SPIRIT of false guilt'; and ASK for the Grace, of a HOLY and awake CONSCIENCE, instead.  KNOW that, 'your FORMERS' - now KNOW! - you are 'DOCUMENTING', ALL of their ABUSE!  They THOUGHT, 'they could "WALK ALL over YOU" - and 'get AWAY with it!' - and 'SIT on THEIR, high HORSE!' - BUT, THAT, is OVER now!   Because the Most High TRUE God, is 'UPHOLDING you'.  (April 28, 2017 update)


The Members of the Faithful Remnant who are currently living with "former family" are being called upon.  We ARE going to be...

Asking those Members of the Faithful Remnant
as they CONTINUALLY document...

"ALL of your FORMER family's tactics, EVERY day!"

You NEED to know that 'the TACTICS that your former FAMILY, are USING' - are EXACTLY the same, "TYPE", of games, and PSYOPS, that ANOTHER Member of the Faithful Remnant's former family - tried with THEM!  They SIMPLY want YOU, to "INTEGRATE BACK into their world VIEW" - and, INTO, 'THEIR family'.  They MAY become "HOSTILE" to you, the MORE, you 'put your FOOT down', AGAINST, 'their DESIRES for you'.  And SO, you need to be 'DOCUMENTING', ALL of their tactics' - EVERY DAY!  THIS is "for your PROTECTION" - and will ONLY be used, AGAINST them, "IF NECESSARY".  Know that "ALCOHOL", CASTS out the True Holy Spirit... and 'your FORMERS', may attempt to persuade you to USE alcohol, in order to 'CAST OUT the True Holy SPIRIT, FROM you'.  YOU! - desire, to KEEP 'the True Holy Spirit' IN you - because He is "your LIFELINE".  Now 'the FORMERS', MOST of them, are SIMPLY "acting on IMPULSES from the DEVIL" - UNAWARE, of 'what they're DOING'.  And SO, you NEED to be "on guard".  WE, ADVISE you, to UNITE, 'all your SUFFERINGS', with 'the SUFFERINGS of Jesus on the CROSS, and the sufferings of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the FOOT of the Cross'.   AND, UNITE your SOUL! - with 'the SOULS of the UNBORN' - who, were "ABORTED", WITHOUT, having done, 'ANYTHING!' - to deserve, 'THAT kind of punishment'.  Your "FORMER FAMILY", want to abort 'the TRUE Holy Spirit' from your Soul - and so you NEED to fight, by remaining spiritually STRONG, AND, "INFORMED!" - of 'their tactics', WITHOUT, letting THEM know, that 'YOU know!'  It would be GOOD for you, to get "a PASSWORD, for your computer, phone or LAPTOP" - so that NO one, can USE it! - while you are "out and ABOUT".  THIS is "for YOUR protection".  Make sure that you sign out of your EMAIL account, EVERY time, that you finish with the computer, as well.  Are your "former family members" reading your email?  When is the last time, you changed your PASSWORD, on your EMAIL account? (April 27, 2017 update)
And know that it would be GOOD to make 'a PRIVATE video' - for your OWN documentation - for you to HAVE! - if at ANY point, you need to PROVE, 'how you have been MISTREATED, by your FORMERS'.  And, FOR the record, any FURTHER "mistreatment", that you UNDERGO, as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - needs to be DOCUMENTED! - either, WRITTEN down, or typed OUT - it is up to YOU.  But WE will not POST your VIDEO documentation - IF 'you are STILL living with your formers'! - because it would NOT be "SAFE", if they were to FIND it.  Understand?   (April 28, 2017 update)


The Members of the Faithful Remnant who are currently undergoing "religious persecution and verbal abuse at work" are being called upon.  We ARE going to be...

Asking those Members of the Faithful Remnant
as they CONTINUALLY document...

"ALL of your EMPLOYER's verbal abuse, EVERY day!"

If YOU were to continue taking PART in that business... it SEEMS as though "the BARRAGE of VERBAL, abuse" - would not END!  THEREFORE YOU must decide, if, perhaps, it would be "BETTER", to look, for work ELSEWHERE - WHILE you're working... at this time.  ALSO, it will HELP YOU, to DOCUMENT, 'the VERBAL, abuse' - COMING from them.  Because, they HAVE "NO right, to treat you with DISDAIN, and HATRED" - JUST because, "they don't 'AGREE', with your religious BELIEFS".  WERE you to find, "another place of work" - with, ALL, of their ACCUSATIONS, and VERBAL abuse, DOCUMENTED! - YOU could use that, as "JUSTIFICATION, for LEAVING - and FINDING another job".  THIS is 'how you PROTECT yourself', in THESE Times.  Because the WORLD, is "hostile" - to THOSE, who HAVE, 'the True Holy Spirit, WITHIN them'.  The DEMONS, 'HATE!' - the True Holy Spirit; and, through OTHERS, can ONLY! - "BREATHE lies - AT you, to TRY to discourage you".  BUT, you can USE it against them! - if it COMES to that.  It IS "Just"; and it IS "fair".  BECAUSE, YOU have 'a RIGHT to be treated with DIGNITY, at your job'.  It would ALSO be wise to DOCUMENT, former family "interfering in your WORKPLACE" - sending you, ANYTHING, that can be considered, "ABUSIVE" - for EXAMPLE 'in the LANGUAGE'; harassing PHONE CALLS, and or TEXTS, from "formers"... etc. (April 27, 2017 update)

What are you called to do when you get harassing phone calls?

If that individual phones you again - you need to have "Holy BOLDNESS, and FEARLESSNESS" - and answer the PHONE - and ask for their NAME, and their PHONE number - and TELL them, that you are going to RECORD, the phone call.  If they don't want to SPEAK, then let them hang UP.  But, make it CLEAR to them, NOT to call the number AGAIN - as it IS "a form of harassment".  (January 29, 2018 update)


FORMAL STATEMENT concerning "freedom of religion"
Everyone, must CHOOSE, "a PATH", in THIS life - that THEY, want to FOLLOW.  And NO one, in the Faithful REMNANT, is "FORCED", to do ANYTHING! - against, their 'FREE will'.  The COUNSEL, that we GIVE, to each MEMBER, is 'ABSOLUTELY free!' - and EACH MEMBER, IS! - permitted, to NOT listen - and to REJECT the Counsel, and do "their OWN thing" - if THAT is what they CHOOSE.  We can GUARANTEE! - that 'going AGAINST, the Counsel, we SHARE, will most ASSUREDLY result, in "a WORSE-off situation" - as EVERY TIME, we RECEIVE, "FEEDBACK", from EACH MEMBER, of the FAITHFUL REMNANT - they let us KNOW, that "they SHOULD have listened"!  BECAUSE, 'the END RESULT', of 'going AGAINST, our ADVICE', made their lives "MUCH more difficult" (- and we have "AMPLE documented proof" to support this claim).   (April 28, 2017 update)
FORMAL STATEMENT concerning education
Are we "AGAINST EDUCATION"?  No.  But we ARE, against, 'WORLDLY education' - education that is BASED on 'DEMORALIZING, the students'; education that is BASED, on "WICKEDNESS, and DEPRAVITY and ADDICTION"; education, that is BASED on 'BUILDING up PRIDE, and HUBRIS, in students'; EDUCATION, that is based, on 'TEACHING students, HOW to offend their Creator - in EVERY way possible'But we are "ALL FOR!" - the EDUCATION, OF, the True Holy SPIRIT - and FROM The True Holy Spirit. THE True Holy Spirit IS "the Best Instructor" - FROM, 'OUR experience'.  BUT, he WILL NOT BE there, for 'the HAUGHTY, and the PROUD, and the ARROGANT, and the BOASTFUL'.  We are "ALL FOR", TRUE Education! - being educated, in 'the WAYS of one's CREATOR' - and WORKING for a living! - as one, works OUT, their Salvation - WITH fear and TREMBLING - as it is STATED in the Scriptures (Philippians 2:12)(April 28, 2017 update)

FORMAL STATEMENT concerning videos

To ALL those in the Faithful REMNANT - who have, been PUTTING 'the necessary TIME, and EFFORT, into their VIDEOS' - and who CONTINUE! - to do so:  It is IMPORTANT, that you know, that, AS we take the time, to watch EACH of your videos - the MOST High TRUE God, the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE! - is 'WATCHING them, WITH us!'  JESUS, Christ the LORD - the MOST High TRUE God, IS! - "the ONE, who gives a PASS, or a FAIL!" - to EACH video, effort.  THEREFORE, we WANT to make it 'CLEAR' - that there, are 'NO biases, WHATSOEVER' - with how, EACH video, is GRADED.  Because WE do not 'give the grade'; WE "consult", JESUS Christ the LORD - in the MOMENT; and HE lets us know - IF it is "a PASS", or "a FAIL".  And on another NOTE: IF for some reason, you are 'AFFLICTED', during your VIDEO - or you are 'STUMBLING, over the WORDS' - REPEATEDLY; or you are 'DISTRACTED' - would YOU! - 'DESIRE', PEOPLE, to watch, your VIDEO?  Do YOU want to TESTIFY, to the NATIONS, with "CONFIDENCE"?  OR, with TEPIDITY, and TIMIDNESS?  THAT'S 'the QUESTION you need to ASK yourselves - AS you make your VIDEOS'.  Jesus Christ the LORD, is asking, 'His TRUE Followers', to TESTIFY.  BUT, WE are not 'FORCING' ANYONE, to make videos.  But it IS "a REQUIREMENT", if they desire to REMAIN, 'a Member of the Faithful REMNANT' - BECAUSE, you CANNOT, 'HAVE the Light of the TESTIMONY, in your HEART' - and "BURY it!" - and EXPECT, that JESUS, Christ the LORD AS revealed in His TESTIMONY, is going, to "BLESS", that response, to HIS! - MOST, GENEROUS! - BLESSINGS, and GRACES.  The MOST High TRUE GOD, WILL not be OUTDONE in generosity.   (April 28, 2017 update)

FORMAL STATEMENT concerning FORMER Members, who have "GRIEVANCES, with the Faithful REMNANT Church"

WE are aware, that, MANY 'former members of the Faithful Remnant', have "PLENTIFUL, complaints, AGAINST us" - AND against 'the Faithful Remnant CHURCH' - because, we TOLD them 'what was expected, OF them' - and they DIDN'T do it; they got "ANGRY", and they LEFT!  OR, we TOLD them they were "NO longer MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT" - BECAUSE, Jesus Christ the LORD, revealed to us, that 'their HEARTS, were AGAINST Him - and became HARDENED against Him'.  In FACT! - MANY "former Members OF the Faithful Remnant" - we caught "LYING to us!" - in order to DECEIVE us! - so that THEY could be deceived, by 'their DEMONS', that we CAN'T be "the Two Witnesses", because we believed their LIE, and didn't CATCH them!  BUT the Truth IS: WE did not 'let ON', that we KNEW! - they were LYING - as they were 'PRETENDING to seek Counsel, FROM us'.  We, 'KNEW full WELL' - the INTENT of their hearts - AS they emailed.  BUT! - OUT of the Most High True God's Divine JUSTICE - HE! - told US! - NOT, to tell them, that WE knew! - they were lying; and to RESPOND to the Counsel, as THOUGH, 'what THEY were telling us', was "TRUE".  And in THAT way - He ALLOWED them to "eat, their OWN self-deception".  And BECAUSE 'the former MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT', simply DESIRED to "GLEAN as MUCH COUNSEL as they COULD, FROM us" - TESTIFY how their LIVES changed for the BETTER - and how they were HEALED! - of MANY ailments - and THEN! - TURN AROUND, and GO against us, with FULL FORCE! - our CONSCIENCE is CLEAR!  But THEIRS? - WE know for a FACT! - is "on FIRE", as in, "in FLAMES!"  We KNOW that 'the former MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, ARE, experiencing, "UNBEARABLE, torments" - from their DEMONS!  And THAT is 'JUST!' -because they "STOLE!" - from us; CLAIMED the benefits, of BEING! - "Members of the Faithful REMNANT Church" - and THEN! - TURNED around, and began PERSECUTING! - 'the ONES who helped them the most'.  And the DEMONS! - are THERE, for EVERY 'FORMER Member of the Faithful Remnant' to TURN to! - to CHANGE 'the FACTS' - of 'what they DID', WHILE on the Ark.  But WE, call, upon the Most High TRUE God! - the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, to TESTIFY, against THEM! - and 'their WICKEDNESS!' - and, their UNGRATEFULNESS, for ALL the good things that they RECEIVED - FROM our COUNSEL; and from 'the HAND, of their CREATOR'.   (April 28, 2017 update)

"Come, drink of ‘the waters of life’, and be healed of your sins!"
"Then he showed me the river of thewater of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb through the middle of the street of the city; also, on either side of the river, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. There shall no more be anything accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and his servants shall worship him; they shall see his face, and his name shall be on their foreheads. And night shall be no more; they need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they shall reign for ever and ever. And he said to me, “These words are trustworthy and true. And the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent his angel to show his servants what must soon take place. And behold, I am coming soon.”  Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book." 
(Revelations 22:1-7)

Unpacked:  And now, for THOSE who like to call 'the BLESSED Holy Water', "KOOL-aid"; here are a few words, that you can "take WITH you", as you go...

"Then he showed me the river of the water of life (- a.k.a. "the KOOL-aid" - let's not water this one DOWN folks...), bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb (- PPTL) through the middle of the street of the city (- formerly known as "Sodom and Egypt"); also, on either side of the river, the tree of life (- the family of the Most High True God, His Faithful Remnant) with its twelve kinds of fruit (- the Gifts of the TRUE Holy Spirit), yielding its fruit each month (- through the monthly updates to the Testimony); and the leaves of the tree (- the pages of the website) were for the healing of the nations (- especially, the page, on "healing, of the nations"). There shall no more be anything accursed (- because, those with the mark, shall 'BE' no more), but the throne of God and of the Lamb (Peter and Mary Romanus, on either side) shall be in it, and his servants (- His TRUE Faithful Remnant) shall worship him (- Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High True God); they shall see his face (- TRANSFIGURED in the Testimony), and his name shall be on their foreheads (- because 'the mark of CAIN', is not there). And night shall be no more; they need no light of lamp or sun (- they don't need the religious institutions), for the Lord God will be their light (- as the True Holy Spirit, will continually enlighten their CONSCIENCES), and they shall reign forever and ever (- as "ROYAL subjects" in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High True God). And he said to me, “These words are trustworthy and true (-  they WILL come to pass!). And the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent his angel (- referring to "a MESSENGER", PPTL) to show his servants (- His Faithful Remnant) what must soon take place (- as this Era is QUICKLY coming to a close). And behold, I am coming soon.” (- referring to, "PHYSICALLY, in the FLESH")  Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book." (- referring NOW - to, TESTIMONY of the Two - "the ULTIMATE Testament") (Revelations 22:1-7)

And so, those "OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant", if they don't act FAST, they will NEVER! - "taste the Kool-aid", but instead, experience 'the BURNING fires of the ETERNAL Lake of Fire', as they BEG ETERNALLY for "just a drop".  KOOL!  WE can deal with that.  NO problem!  Are there any OTHER "NAMES", you would like to call us?  Time is running out.  And just to make YOUR life "easier" - while it still CAN be - you can find our "amusing and accurate response", to the "CULT" label, here.
NOTICE: KNOW that, BECAUSE the Faithful Remnant have 'NOT! - withheld from their Creator' - what HE is ASKING of them, at this time in their 'Spiritual JOURNEY'; and BECAUSE of, their "VERY, bold, and STRONG, TESTIMONIES" - FOR! - the Book of PROPHECY, for Jesus Christ the Lord's TESTIMONY - as we have shared in the PAST - the MOST High TRUE God, 'will NOT be outdone in GENEROSITY!'  THEREFORE, Jesus Christ the LORD, has REVEALED to US, that HE, IS going to BLESS, 'the HOLY Water', of EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT Church, with 'an even GREATER portion, of the TRUE Holy Spirit' - for their HEALING!  AND, for "a renewed ZEAL, for THIS Eternal GOSPEL".  And HE is going, to "LIFT the Veil", EVEN more - for THOSE, in the FAITHFUL Remnant, who are 'TRULY Faith-full, in their HEARTS'.  And so WE! - EXCLAIM! - with ALL, of the ANGELS and Saints, IN Heaven, "COME Lord Jesus Christ!"

Mary and I have noticed, some "THICK irony", with, even the THOUGHT of - the current "legal system", "JUDGING, the Testimony".  And so we ASKED Jesus Christ the Lord, "How IS it that 'the UNjust LEGAL SYSTEM' - the SAME system that RUBBER STAMPS 'the SYSTEMATIC TORTURE and MURDER of the LIFE of MILLIONS of the UNBORN' - could POSSIBLY, EVER! - come to "a CREDIBLE judgment", when it comes to HIS Word, moving through HIS Testimony"?

Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High TRUE God, and JUST Judge over the entire UNIVERSE, said: "Judge NOT, lest YE be Judged. CONDEMN not, lest YE be condemned".  THIS "WICKED generation", has CONDEMNED, the INNOCENT, to DEATH! - by the MILLIONS.  Therefore, THEY condemned, 'THEMSELVES!' - to DAMNATION.  BECAUSE they CHOSE, to BECOME, "a damned, NATION"!  They SACRIFICED, 'MILLIONS' - upon MILLIONS, of "INNOCENT children".  And I WARNED them! - when I CAME the FIRST time, "SUFFER not the LITTLE children, to COME to me".  The 'GENERATION', did NOT listen!  When the WOMEN wept, OVER, Me - I TOLD them, 'PLAINLY', "Do NOT! - weep, for Me; but WEEP, for YOURSELVES! - and FOR your children".  Oh RUTHLESS! - 'PERVERTED', and WICKED! - generation; what has 'BEFALLEN YOU', is JUST! - and 'what IS to befall you', is "JUST!"  FOR, 'the INNOCENT!' - MET, with 'the HEAVY hand', of YOUR! - "INJUSTICE"; and NOW, YOU want! - to DESTROY, 'MY, TRUE Children - from the FACE of the EARTH'? - by, DESTROYING 'the FAITH', of My FAITHFUL, Remnant.  THERFORE, what YOU desire, for 'THEM'! - shall FALL upon 'your OWN heads!'  Because "the MEASURE you GIVE - is 'the MEASURE!' - you will GET back in the end".  MY Testimony, IS! - 'the WORD, SPOKEN - FIRST! - by My Father, who LIVES, and REIGNS, ABOVE the Heavens'.  YOU! - 'WICKED people!' - have CONDEMNED! - My TESTIMONY.  You WICKED PEOPLE, 'THOUGHT', that you could 'SLIP, by, into HEAVEN' - under My RADAR; 'THAT!' - is NOT! - going to happen.  MY Testimony, and My FATHER'S Testimony - IS! - "the OLIVE Branch" - EXTENDED - FULLY! - TO, mankind; OUT, of Mercy.  The "UNBORN, Souls" - the "CHILDREN", were GIVEN - NOT "as a right"; but "as a GIFT" - OUT of My Father's Mercy - so THAT, "your SPECIES", could CONTINUE.  You WANT "depopulation"? - you WANT to control "the GIFT, of LIFE". YOU want to 'choose', "WHO lives and who dies"!  But THAT is 'NOT your right'!  It is 'FOR, My Father in HEAVEN, to decide'.  And HE! - 'PASSES Judgment'; and WILL be judged by NO one!  HEAVEN is "CLOSED!" to ALL of you; UNLESS you repent.

How the unjust legal system knowingly perpetuates child abuse within the RCHI

HOW did 'the UNjust legal system', through "out of court settlements" - KNOWINGLY perpetuate child abuse within the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution?  It DID so, by including in child abuse financial settlements, the "non-disclosure agreement" (- a.k.a. "secrecy agreement").  The UNjust legal system, thereby KNOWINGLY PREVENTED the parents of "vulnerable children", from having the necessary KNOWLEDGE of the TRUE EXTENT of sexual abuse of minors, by local clergy, going on - "on a REGULAR and HABITUAL basis".  Their "non-disclosure agreements" effectively STOPPED! - THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of OTHER victims, from coming forward, as they chose to deliberately conceal the TRUE extent of "the PLAGUE!" ( ...of "local pastors sacrificing the most innocent lambs from their flock, to the DEVIL".  And even though the RCHI established stricter guidelines for reporting, they DID so, ONLY as "a POLITICAL move", in ORDER to appease the people, and keep the MONEY coming in). THEREFORE, the UNjust legal system, was and continues to be "COMPLICIT in TENS of THOUSANDS of SEXUAL child abuse by clergy, cases."  Is there "any CREDIBLE, PAID, INDIVIDUAL, within the UNJUST legal system", who will STAND up, and do something about this injustice, that shouts to the Highest HEAVENS, for an IMMEDIATE RESPONSE?"  And so, not ONLY does 'that system', "rubber stamp" the ongoing holocaust of abortion - it also plays a MAJOR role, in silencing "the LIVING victims", of sexual abuse, by clergy - so that 'theMONEY!' - doesn't STOP! - coming IN!  And so in ESSENCE, "the people in the PEWS", have actually been doing 'THEIR part' - as in, "they are COMPLICIT", in the ongoing sexual abuse scandal within the RCHI - because they are actually "PAYING the PASTOR", indirectly, to CONTINUE committing the act of sexual abuse of minors - referring to the pastors who CONTINUE, "that hobby".  Yes it really IS "that bad!"  You people want to "TALK CHILD ABUSE"?  Let the talking begin! - and, you can 'TALK', all you like; because 'the unjust legal system itself', is "IRREPARABLE".  And SO, we are now asking the Most High True God to bring ALL "the skeletons" out of the closet - ESPECIALLY, those within the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution.  THIS Month, has been dedicated to the MOTHER of Divine Justice, who is also the Queen of the Holy AngelsIt is going to be "a month of SUMMARY convictions" - in this HEAVENLY Court Case - RESULTING in "JUST CONSEQUENCES in the moment" - coming down from the King of Heaven, upon EVERY individual on the face of the Earth ( ...and that is actually "what HE said", FOR the record)

The biggest problem within the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, is 'their TOLERANCE of SIN': Because they TOLERATE the sins in the PEOPLE - they TOLERATE the sins within THEMSELVES.  How MANY of their PARISHIONERS are "KNOWINGLY addicted to PORNOGRAPHY"?  How MANY of their parishioners have COMMITTED 'the serious act of ABORTION' - by using CONTRACEPTIVES?  HOW many, of their PARISHIONERS, are "ADDICTED, to TELEVISION"?  HOW many, of their parishioners, are KNOWINGLY, CHOOSING, to LIVE, "a homosexual LIFESTYLE"?  The ROMAN CATHOLIC HIERARCHY, has REFUSED, to 'CALL the people out', on, 'the ABOMINATIONS', going on, in their HEARTS - so THEY, have become, "an ABOMINATION", in the Eyes, of the Most High True GOD.  And in 'the EYES of the Most High True GOD', they are ALL going, to PERISH!  And SO, the PEOPLE, are ACTUALLY, 'more APPROPRIATELY called'... "PERISHIONERS".(May 1, 2017 update)

"The institutional church wants Me to conform – to the bar that they have set; but I will never do this - for I would be going against Myself if I did, and I am not ‘divided’ in any way.  Therefore the institutional church has failed to teach the people: where the ‘true bar’ is set."  (-Jesus, Friday, March 2, 2012)

A FULL SUMMARY of the case at hand

The, "FORMER member", of the Faithful Remnant, known as "CARTEL" - HAS "some GRIEVANCES", against, the Faithful REMNANT, and against US.  But, the MOST High TRUE God, has ALREADY 'gone ahead', of ALL, of the ENEMY'S "PLANS, to DESTROY, the Remnant CHURCH".  And, you can GUARANTEE, and have CONFIDENCE, that the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE! - WILL! - WIN, in the END.  In fact He has ALREADY won!  Everything ELSE is "a mere FORMALITY" - that we are "required to GO through".  BUT, what chuck's EVIL intent, towards the Remnant 'DID' in fact, 'DO' - WAS, 'HELP, the Faithful REMNANT', to be even, "MORE, for the Testimony"; and to FINALLY, 'take a BOLD STAND! - for their CREATOR'.  What YOU need to know, is that, WE, 'LOVE', your SOUL; and we 'CARE', for your SALVATION - and that is 'doing OUR part' - in HELPING you; but we DO not love your demons! - and we CANNOT love them! - because THAT would be "HATE".  If WE were to 'BOW, to DEMONIC inspirations', moving through your EMAILS - THAT would be, 'to HATE you'!  Understand?  Yes, CHUCK has many, "GRIEVANCES", BUT - they are "NOTHING!" - compared to what, 'the FAITHFUL Remnant, have GONE through, on a DAILY basis - being VERBALLY! - and PSYCHOLOGICALLY abused, by Chuck's EMAILS, and COMMENTS under their VIDEOS' - as WELL, as EVERYTHING, they have ENDURED, "from their FORMERS"!  And we have PROOF! - and 'TONS of evidence!' - as TO, 'the LEVEL of HATRED! - EACH Member of the FAITHFUL Remnant, has "UNDERGONE, from their FORMER family".  
A REMINDER, to THOSE who have NOT, made, their VIDEO:  the VIDEO, we are ASKING you to MAKE - is about, 'how the TESTIMONY is LOVE speech, and NOT hate speech'.
And SPEAKING of HATE speech...

Have you been reading, "spiritually toxic comments", from "carlos' team" - either, "chuck", or, "elizabeth marie holden"?  They were REVEALED in the TESTIMONY, in the UPDATES - to be "very HOSTILE, towards the Faithful REMNANT".  Did you miss those UPDATES?  They HAVE been, sending REMNANT Members, "very HOSTILE, EMAILS - FILLED with hate speech".  They are 'the ONES, who are trying to get the WEBSITE taken down'.  You ARE called to DISCERN.  You are NOT CALLED, to 'take IN, everything you read and HEAR', as "TRUTH" - when it is coming from "outside SOURCES".  Of COURSE, if PEOPLE write "nasty things", TO you, or ABOUT you - you are not called, to RETALIATE - EXCEPT, by "COMMENDING them to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True God".  Have you been DOING that?  AND, if the TESTIMONY, is "IMPORTANT to you", then you WILL, 'READ, the UPDATES'.  If it ISN'T "important to you" - if ALL the HOURS, that WE SPEND, putting the UPDATES, ON the website - are not "WORTH your TIME?" - then, WHAT are you DOING?  (May 12, 2017 update)

Jesus Christ the Lord, your Creator said: You will be 'HATED by all', for My NAME'S sake My Children (- speaking to the HEARTS of His Faithful Remnant FOLLOWERS).  So 'BEAR it' with Joy. (May 13, 2017 update)

"Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you." 
(Matthew 5:11-12)

Why are you ALL - you 'parents of the Faithful Remnant' - "without your children"? 

The TRUTH IS, the "christian CHURCHES", have ALL, FAILED! - to teach the PEOPLE, that "CHANGE!" - IS "required", in ORDER, to be ACCEPTED, into the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  What we are TEACHING, the Faithful REMNANT, is 'the True FAITH' - the FAITH, that was passed DOWN, THROUGH Abraham - and THROUGH, ALL, the Apostles - TO this present DAY.  "CHRISTIANS", have been 'MANIPULATED' - by their PASTORS, to BELIEVE, that, 'GOD, accepts them, for WHO they are'.  Many CHURCHES, have BANNERS, saying, "ALL are welcome!"  Well WE have "NEWS!" - for EVERYONE: those "CHURCHES", are 'OUTSIDE, the BLESSING, of the Most High TRUE God' - BECAUSE! - He SIMPLY, does NOT "BLESS", SIN!  The "PASTORS", have FAILED! - to TEACH people 'TRUE Christianity' - and, have failed to EXPLAIN, the Scriptures, TO the people, effectively.  Because "the PASTORS", are NOT! - LIVING, the Scriptures; THEY are "all, ANTICHRISTS!" - and "opposed TO, the LIVING One" - no matter WHAT, 'RELIGION', they are "PASTOR" of.  This, IS "the PLAIN Truth".  THIS! - is, 'what, was taught, to the FIRST Christians' - as they were 'ADMONISHED!' - by Saint Peter, and Saint Paul - "REBUKED!" even.  Perhaps, this will "jog everyone's MEMORY":

"Now this I affirm and testify in the Lord, that you must no longer walk as the Gentiles walk, in the futility of their minds; they are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart; they have become callous and have given themselves up to licentiousness, greedy to practice every kind of uncleanness. You did not so learn Christ! - assuming that you have heard about him and were taught in him, as the truth is in Jesus." 
(Ephesians 4:17-20)

"A CHILD, of the Most High TRUE God", ACKNOWLEDGES, 'TRUTH!' - and ACKNOWLEDGES, "INSTRUCTION", and BUILDS! - on, the instruction GIVEN, by the True Holy SPIRIT, in the MOMENT - in order to 'DEEPEN, their RELATIONSHIP, with, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN'.  Does the MOST High TRUE God, REQUIRE YOU to use, "your INTELLECT"?  Yes!  And He can ONLY instruct you, in as MUCH as you DESIRE to LEARN! - THIS means, that you are 'willing to RETAIN the lessons' - ESPECIALLY from the Testimony!  YOU! - need to RENOUNCE, 'your old SELF' - and 'your OLD way of THINKING'! - and, 'your old way of DOING things' - EVERY DAY!  And, PUT on "the NEW man".   Teaching, people, to LIVE, "their TRUE identity", as 'a CHILD of the Most High TRUE God' - IS in the Bible!  It is SPOKEN of, "to put on the new MAN! - IN Christ JESUS".  You cannot PUT, "new WINE" (- that is, the Revelations of the Testimony, and the inspirations of the True Holy SPIRIT) - into, "OLD, WINE, skins" (- that means, "your old LIFE").  You NEED to 'DIE, to YOURSELF', in order to LIVE - for, Christ.  HERE, perhaps THIS will help:

"Put off the old man that belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful lusts,  and be renewed in the spirit of your minds,  and put on the new man, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness."
(Ephesians 4:22-24)

The TRUTH is, the REASON people are "so LIVID! - and ANGERED!" - at the TESTIMONY, is BECAUSE the TESTIMONY, brings to LIGHT, ALL of "their dark DEEDS", and 'EXPOSES!' - "christians", in THESE Times, for 'what they have BECOME': unfortunately, and to OUR dismay,"ABOMINATIONS!"  By REVEALING, to 'the PEOPLE', HOW they are CALLED to LIVE - as "TRUE Christians!" - they are "EXPOSED, as FRAUDS, and FALSE christians" - because they REFUSE to do! - what they KNOW, they are being called to do; and they are WITHOUT excuse! - and they KNOW THIS as well. The TESTIMONY, EXPOSES, "SATANIC, christianity" - OR, "the BARNEY religion" - that HAS, 'ENGULFED', the FAITH, of ALL CHRISTIANS; ENGULFED THEM, in 'FEELINGS', and 'a DESIRE, for FLATTERY, affirmation, and TOLERANCE' - at the EXPENSE! - of ANY! - REAL! - AUTHENTIC! - and LOVING! - relationship, with the ONE who MADE them - with 'the ONE, who FORMED them! - IN, their mother's womb'.  HERE, perhaps THIS will help:

Words of the Savior in the Early Morning of June 4, 1971:  "In the hour of My special grace, I had spoken before about the Antichrist; hear what I tell you now! Numerous people shall turn away from My one and true Church, because they have lost faith in the triune God, and have been misled and blinded by wicked priests and teachers. These proud and disloyal ones speak about a religion without the supernatural, without mystery and prayer. They speak only about man and no longer about God!  They turn upside down and give authority to love of neighbor, but forget, lose, and deny love toward God with outrageous presumption. They try to found a new church, in which the world and man mean everything – and God and Heaven nothing.  Such a human church knows neither the angels nor Satan, because of its denial of pure spirits; therefore, they lose the protection of those good spirits, and become susceptible to the plans and work of the wicked spirits. This human church is in contradiction to the Church I founded, and which began with My apostles and is legitimately guided by the successor of Peter. [- referring to the LEGITIMATEY and DIVINELY anointed successor of Peter the First - Pope Peter the LAST, or Petrus Romanus, in these Times.]  That human church, which is not a religion and that cannot be called a religion at all, is the Antichrist. In this church, sin and sensuality reign. In this church, Heaven and hell are denied. This church puts pride on the throne and rejects humility . In this church, divine order is subverted and has opened the door to chaos. In this church, God is replaced by the idol 'man.' In this church, the pictures of saints are banned and destroyed and substituted with false prophets. In the place of the Immaculate resides the Babylonian harlot. In this church, the dwelling place of God becomes a temple of sacrileges. But the faithful and loyal Christians follow the call of the Queen of heaven, who gave birth to Me, the Christ , and who leads man to  Me, the Christ. Therefore, the ones I have blessed shall remain blessed because of their zeal and love for  Mary, the Apocalyptic Woman."

Source: Father Drexel, Faith Is Greater Than Obedience - Words of the Savior to Professor Albert Drexel on March 5, 1976, Part 1 1922—1973  pp. 15-16.  ( -

SO! - the QUESTION is, do CHILDREN, 'BELONG, to their PARENTS'?  Are "CHILDREN", "OBJECTS", that are OWNED, by their PARENTS? Are CHILDREN, "LEVERAGE", to be USED, and ABUSED, by their PARENTS?  Do CHILDREN, HAVE 'a right', to have "a LIVING RELATIONSHIP, with the One who MADE them"?  According to the parents, of THESE Times - "CHILDREN", or "OFFSPRING", do not HAVE, 'the right'; but they are OWNED - BECAUSE they are 'of the same blood, type'.  Well WE have "news for everyone!"  EVERYTHING! - BELONGS! - TO, the Most High TRUE God!  EVERYONE! - belongs, to the Most High TRUE GOD!  BUT, ONLY some, are 'WILLING, to SACRIFICE their lives', in THIS life - in order to be 'WITH Him', in the Fullness of the Era of PEACE.  THOUGH all "PARENTS", belong, to the Most High True God - they are 'CHOOSING, to TURN, their CHILDREN, into "sociopaths".'  The PARENTS, have 'ABUSED', the CHILDREN, of THIS day and AGE - by, 'SETTING them, in FRONT, of the ABOMINATION of desolation, in their HOMES - the television'; by TEACHING, their CHILDREN, 'EVERYTHING! - that offends, the One who MADE them'.  The PARENTS - are RESPONSIBLE, for "the DAMNATION, of their children". THEY, have 'BLOCKED HEAVEN' - FROM the MOST "INNOCENT" - at the VERY, MOMENT, of conception.  The PARENTS, have, 'TURNED, THEIR CHILDREN, against, their CREATOR' - by 'FAILING them!' - FAILING to TEACH them, 'HIS Ways', HIS Laws, and His COMMANDS - by 'LEAVING it up to the PASTORS' - to BRAINWASH their children with "LIES, and deception".  ALL! - YOU! - PARENTS! - ARE "a DISGRACE! - before the Most High True God".  You BLOCKED 'HEAVEN' from YOURSELVES! - through 'your OWN, SELFISH ambitions!' And you BLOCKED 'HEAVEN' from your OFFSPRING!  So we have "NEWS for YOU!": the Most High TRUE GOD, is 'TAKING, what BELONGS to Him' - from EACH family - that HE chooses.  And HE! - will be, 'their GOD', and THEY will be, "HIS son, OR daughter".  HE will 'Father them'; AND give them, 'the DISCIPLINE, Care, AND Love', that YOU! - SELFISHLY DEPRIVED your own CHILDREN of!  WHY are you ALL - you "PARENTS", of, the Faithful REMNANT - "without your CHILDREN"?  BECAUSE! - you have "NO right to them!"  You were "NOT! - a GOOD steward, of 'the GIFT, of offspring'," - therefore, THEY have been 'TAKEN from you!' - and GIVEN, to the Lord Jesus Christ.  HERE is a PASSAGE of Scripture - ALL of you! - need to reflect on:

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the land with a curse.” 
(Malachi 4:5-6)
Teach the Children the Testimony
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

"...Never, since I visibly walked among men, have the troubles of My one and true Church been so great as at this present time – and the distress is still growing. Nevertheless, do not despair!...even if the flock of which I, as Divine and Good Shepherd, spoke becomes very small. The Church I have founded on Peter and which I compared to the rock shall neither be destroyed from the outside nor from within."

Source: Father Drexel, Faith Is Greater Than Obedience - Words of the Savior to Professor Albert Drexel on March 5, 1976 Part 1 1922—1973  p. 13. ( -

WHAT is the BEST way for parents to teach their CHILDREN the Testimony?  (- a follow-up to the above update)

It's BETTER to 'open your HEART to your CHILDREN' - and SOFTEN your heart, towards 'the SOULS! - of your children'.  For Truly they ARE "in need" - of a FATHER, and a MOTHER, who LOVE them - and who DESIRE, "what is BEST! - FOR them" - what is BEST "for their SOULS"!   INSTEAD of, "being AMAZED!" - at how 'the WORDS', in the Testimony - convict your HEART, as being FROM, Jesus Christ the LORD; you NEED to APPLY them!  You need to APPLY, 'His Words' to your LIFE - and SINCERELY apply the COUNSEL, to your LIFE!  For 'ONE TRICK'? - of the ENEMY? - is to get the PEOPLE, "wrapped-UP", in SENSATIONALISM! - and "in AWE! - and AMAZEMENT!" - at what, the Creator is SAYING, and what He is DOING!  But that ISN'T going, to help SAVE your Soul - or 'the SOULS of others'!  ONLY those who 'LISTEN and OBEY the Words, OF the Most High True God' - are CONSIDERED "His FAMILY".  And if you 'WITHHOLD!' - the Teachings, in the TESTIMONY, from your CHILDREN - and you 'WITHHOLD!' - teaching them 'the IMPORTANCE of LISTENING, and OBEYING, the Word, of the CREATOR - of their HEAVENLY Father' - then you're TEACHING them, "how to NOT be part! - of the Family, of God".  Andyou will SEE "the FRUITS of your LABORS", in the lives of your CHILDREN - either way.  (February 05, 2019 update) 

CAN the women of THESE times, lead the CHILDREN to the Testimony?

'WOMEN', CAN! - in fact - TEACH, their CHILDREN, 'the TESTIMONY of their Creator' - IF they so CHOOSE to.  THEY can in fact 'CHOOSE to TEACH them LIFE!' - and 'LEAD them, to their CREATOR, for the SALVATION, of their SOULS!'  MOTHERS, can TRULY 'LOVE', their CHILDREN! - as THEY embrace, 'their VOCATION', in this LIFE - that their CREATOR, actually 'BLESSED them with'.  Because "MOTHERHOOD", IS "a Blessing!"  But, SO many WOMEN - choose 'to HATE! - that ROLE, and IDENTITY' - when in FACT, it is "a GREAT Gift", from the CREATOR.  But THEY, have to CHOOSE! - to be 'SELFLESS', in ORDER, to reflect 'a maternal HEART'.  But 'the WOMEN of these TIMES'? - the ones, who are 'AGAINST, the Testimony', and who have 'HARDENED hearts! - OUTSIDE, the Ark of Safety' - are 'SACRIFICING their CHILDREN, to the ENEMY - to the DEVIL!'  AND their children will "repay" them for ALL Eternity - with THAT 'move'.  CHILDREN are in fact LEARNING to be, "UNCONSCIONABLE PSYCHOPATHS" in these Times - the COMPLETE OPPOSITE! - of "a REFLECTION, of a child of the Most High True GOD".  But "TRUE CHILDREN" - in these TIMES? - are "VERY RARE!"  And as YOU TEACH them, the TESTIMONY - and they TAKE 'those Spiritual LESSONS' to HEART? - then perhaps, one DAY - they can enter 'the FULLNESS, of the Era of TRUE Peace'.  And also by TEACHING them the TESTIMONY - and by them choosing to APPLY it - they will be 'SPARED', the WRATH, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - the WRATH, that HE has 'set ASIDE, for ALL the naughty, MISBEHAVING, REBELLIOUS! - LAWLESS! - hellions!' You SEE, when children are BORN - well THEY had 'just BEEN! - WITH, their CREATOR!' - God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN.  And so they are 'very CLOSE!' - to Heaven.  And they HAVE 'the INNOCENCE and the PURITY, of Heaven'.  And THAT'S why, "the JEZEBELLIAN MOTHERS, are KILLING their offspring!" - because they are 'SO full of HATRED! - for EVERYTHING that is good'.  (April 21, 2019 update) 

Are the Members of the Faithful Remnant OBLIGATED to correspond with "their FORMERS"?

Important note: No "minors" are allowed to become "Official Members" in the Faithful Remnant, or to receive 'ANY! - Daily Divine Counsel', without the supervision of their parents or "legal guardian".
Perhaps you could make it CLEAR - that BECAUSE, when you were WITH them, they wished to do you harm - that 'you have NO obligation, to correspond with them' - as they, have ONLY, shown themselves to be "hostile towards YOU, and your BELIEFS".  And you NEED to UNDERSTAND, N. - that you are NOT "CALLED to hold a GRUDGE", or "withhold FORGIVENESS" - FROM, your formers.  But you are called to COMMEND them! - to the IMMEDIATE and ongoing Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD - because HE! - is "their ONLY hope, for Salvation". YOU! - are NOT their savior.  NOR do you have ANY power! - to save ANYONE!  This IS, "the humbling TRUTH", that you NEED to HEAR.  By being PASSIVE, and ALLOWING them, to 'FEED you, false COMPASSION, in your INTERIOR life'  - by ALLOWING them, to gain 'a STRONGHOLD' - in your INTERIOR life - THAT is actually 'HATING them'!  The WAY you show 'your FORMERS', "True COMPASSION", in these TIMES - is by "ZERO tolerance, for their satanic PRAYER INTENTIONS, in your INTERIOR LIFE" - and "ZERO tolerance, for THEIR plans for your life". And COMMEND them! - EVERY time you THINK of them!  THAT is in fact, "their ONLY! - hope". (June 27, 2017 update)


For those of the Faithful Remnant who continue to receive harassing comments and emails from "carlos", a.k.a. "chuck", "I AM" (- YouTube Channel) or "CD" and Elizabeth Holden a.k.a. "Re Re".  And for those of you who are "ENDURING, the DEFAMATION of your CHARACTER" - by carlos' team:

Don't be AFRAID, of "chuck" - because THAT'S 'what he WANTS'.  It is 'the DEVIL, inside him' - seeking to INTIMIDATE, you, and the OTHER Members of the Faithful REMNANTPut your CONFIDENCE, in 'the Most High TRUE God' - and in HIS Divine Will and Plan, FOR, your LIFE.  It is MUCH better, to LOVE, the Most High True God - with your WHOLE Heart, mind, body, Soul - with 'your ENTIRE being'; and to have 'a HOLY Reverence', and 'FEAR of HIM' - than it is, to be, "afraid, of chuck, and his legal team".  Because TRULY, it IS 'the demons', that are WORKING - "FEVERISHLY!" - INSIDE them.  It is "getting VERY hot! - and UNCOMFORTABLE", for that TEAM - as the Most High TRUE God, 'TURNS up the FLAMES'.  THEY think, that by making VIDEOS - against the Faithful REMNANT, and against the TESTIMONY - and by 'DEFAMING, MEMBERS, of the Faithful Remnant' - that THEY will get RELIEF!   When 'the COMPLETE opposite', is True.  It is "ONLY getting worse" for them!  And will ONLY continue, to GET worse!  They 'THINK', that with ALL their money - and, LEGAL backing - THEY are going to WIN.  But they ALREADY lost!  The Most High TRUE God SAW this, "battle" - 12 Billion YEARS ago!  ... just to give you "a SCOPE, of the timeline" - that HE is in - that HE sees.  They REALLY can't 'stop' - EVEN if they WANTED to.  Because SCRIPTURE, MUST BE, fulfilled.  And SO, STAY FOCUSSED, on 'what YOU are called to do' - and YOU are called, to 'COMMEND them' - NOT 'just reject their demonic clusters'. This IS "a WAR"!  And THEY DECLARED it - on US!  And so be VIGILANT, in your RESOLVE, to PERSEVERE. (June 30, 2017 update)

DIRECTIONS on how to redirect all spiritually toxic emails to the "TRASH":  First, login to your Gmail account.  Check the checkbox next to the harassing email.  Click "More".  Click "Create Filter"  Enter additional filter criteria if needed.  Click "Create filter with this search >>"  Check "Delete it".  Click "Create filter" And know that the "gmail Trash file" automatically flushes itself every 30 days.  It's called "the downward SPIRAL", just in case you were wondering. 
DIRECTIONS on how to easily BLOCK toxic EMAILS in Gmail and redirect them all to "SPAM":  First, login to your Gmail account.  Find an email from the person whom you want to block on your Gmail account so that all their future emails will go directly to the "SPAM" box.  Click on that email to open.  Click on the drop down arrow which is showing on the right side. After clicking on the down arrow there, you will see a new dialogue box that appears on the screen.  Click on the Block “sender name”.  A pop-up will THEN appear to confirm your selection.  Click on Block to continue.  And know that the "gmail SPAM box" automatically purges emails after 30 days, so that YOU don't have to.  To view your custom list of blocked or filtered email addresses, simply click on the "Settings" WHEEL icon. On the list that appears, select, "Settings".  On the TOP TAB select "Filters and Blocked Addresses".  You can then see the list and make edits from there.

Know that "the devil" will TRY to TWIST the Testimony, and turn it UPSIDE down in your mind, and to PROTEST THROUGH you.  And so don't LET him! - or you will SURELY become like him!   BETTER to be FILLED! - with the TRUE Holy Spirit, instead.

The ENEMY, of YOUR Soul! - is "FILLED with lies" - and it is 'THESE lies', that he USED, to 'GET inside, the INTERIOR lives', of 'FORMER Members' of the Faithful Remnant - while they were STILL Members.  And EVEN after 'EVERYTHING that the Most High TRUE God DID for them'! - they STILL 'willingly ENTERTAINED, the devil's LIES' - and EVENTUALLY, they 'turned against the TESTIMONY'.  EVEN, "CARTEL" - was 'FOR! - the Testimony' - and was 'on FIRE!' - in the BEGINNING with the True Holy SPIRIT.  But HE, like the OTHERS -allowed 'the DEVIL', to TWIST the Testimony, in 'his own MIND' - and, the DEVIL, convinced "cartel" - to WORK AGAINST, the Testimony and 'those who FOLLOW it'.  "CARTEL" is SIMPLY "a PUPPET" - FOR 'the ENEMY'S kingdom'.  And WHY? - because EVERY TIME, we TOLD him, to DO "deliverance prayers" - he 'SHRUGGED it OFF'.  And when we TOLD him, to 'reject the PROTESTANT spirit' - he, would PROTEST! - in RESPONSE, with, "how GOOD he SAW himself".  And THIS, built up "PRIDE" - IN him!  And THAT was his biggest DOWNFALL.  And NOW? - he works, 'DAY and night' - to build up "PRIDE", in those he RECRUITS - to 'GO against, the Testimony, and the Faithful Remnant' - that he ONCE! - was VERY much part of.  But he PROVED himself - later, to be "a VERY violent man"; and those that he RECRUITED will 'EVENTUALLY find that out for themselves'.  We EVEN needed to INTERVENE! - in, MANY Remnant Members' LIVES - in ORDER, to PROTECT them! - from his VIOLENCE.  And THANKS be to the Most High TRUE God that we DID!  For only, HE knows "what would have HAPPENED to them" - if "cartel" was allowed to follow THROUGH, with his 'WICKEDNESS'. (October 17, 2017 update) 

And we would LIKE to give people "the OPTION", to come forward, and RENOUNCE their ALLEGIANCE, to "cartel" - ONCE they, have found, "sufficient, evidence", that he INDEED! - HAS, been 'pathologically LYING' - to ALL of them! - and, has been 'RECRUITING', people to go against the two of US, and the TESTIMONY, using "false allegations", and "ONE-SIDED stories", and "half-TRUTHS".  And, once people REALIZE, that there ARE in FACT, 'PROTECTION ORDERS', that were FILED! - AGAINST, "cartel" - BECAUSE of his threats, and violent NATURE -then, the ONES, who choose to leave 'his TEAM', are invited, to inform 'the OTHERS', of 'what THEY have discovered' - for THEMSELVES.  And THESE are "COURT! - ORDERED! - protection orders", AGAINST "cartel".  INCLUDING! - 'his former wife'.  And YOU PEOPLE! - want to 'WORK, with SUCH an individual!'  SHAME on ALL of you!  For he in FACT, THREATENED, many PEOPLE - INCLUDING 'his former WIFE' - who is doing "MUCH better now" - NOW that she is "SAFE, and OUT of harm's way"THANKS BE to the Most High TRUE God and His INTERVENTION in her life(October 18, 2017 update) 

Do you know what really HAPPENED? - that CAUSED "cartel" to go BALLISTIC, on the REMNANT? - as he has left "MANY vicious comments", under Remnant videos.

And JUST so that, you get "the corresponding TRUTH", and "the full CONTEXT", of the COMMENTS - that "cartel", HAS made:  HE! - PHYSICALLY assaulted, Lilly! - by TRYING, to CHOKE her to death!  Had we NOT "intervened"? - to get her OUT OF THERE? - HEAVEN Knows? - what WOULD have happened.  But the Most High TRUE God - INTERVENED, to PROTECT, Lilly - from CHUCK'S, VIOLENT, OUTBURSTS!  JUST in case, the enemy tries, to TEMPT you to have 'false COMPASSION', on "cartel" - he ALSO, 'threatened', Members of the Faithful REMNANT with physical violence - and there are "PROTECTION orders" - AGAINST him!  And SO - YOU need to be, 'SURE', in your HEART - that there WAS! - "no love", IN that marriage!  AND so, WE! - did NOT! - 'break them apart'! (October 19, 2017 update) 

And SO, in OTHER words, HE is upset at US, because WE wouldn't let HIM 'finish HER off!' - mafia style. WE intervened! - and the POLICE intervened! - and the COURTS intervened! - to STOP him.  And if a MOB of insane people, want to STAND with that "former MAFIA boss" - then LET them! - let them ALL receive, HIS Eternal Reward.  Because we DID "our part".  Amen.
A Decree from the Highest Heavens - regarding "the Fate of the assailants"
"We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. For those whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the first-born among many brethren.  And those whom he predestined he also called; and those whom he called he also justified; and those whom he justified he also glorified. What then shall we say to this?  If God is for us, who is against us?  He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, will he not also give us all things with him?  Who shall bring any charge against God’s elect?  It is God who justifies;  who is to condemn? Is it Christ Jesus, who died, yes, who was raised from the dead, who is at the right hand of God, who indeed intercedes for us?  Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?  Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?  As it is written,  “For thy sake we are being killed all the day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.”  No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.  For I am sure that [- not ANYTHING the assailants can muster up...] neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord."
(Romans 8:28-39)
What Happens on Either Side
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

One thing that Jesus Christ the LORD, reminds us of, QUITE often - IS 'the Scripture', "If GOD is FOR us, WHO can be AGAINST us?".  To which the Creator of the UNIVERSE, responded, with, 'the ANSWER':  "EVERYONE!"  NOT "what we were EXPECTING, to HEAR" - when we were 'SEEKING, COUNSEL, FROM Jesus Christ the Lord'; BECAUSE! - "the assailants", were seeking to DESTROY us from the face of the earth.  And CERTAINLY, NOT, "words of CONSOLATION!"  And SO the question is, "DOES Jesus tell US, what we want to hear?"  "Does Jesus Christ the LORD, the Most High TRUE GOD, tickle OUR EARS? - and TELL us flattering things about ourselves?"  No! - He doesn't.  And the simple PROOF, is written, in the TESTIMONY itself - IN the PRE-2012 Archives.  EVERYTHING, written THERE, is JESUS Christ the Lord's response, TO us, when we SOUGHT His Counsel - at least, TWICE daily, IF not more.  And SO, it was "a TOUGH journey" - as people can read; and it still IS!  BUT! - EVEN, with 'the ARMY, of the DEVIL' - ACTIVELY, working AGAINST us, for 'a DECADE'; the Most High TRUE God, STILL continues, to uphold us - EVEN with, 'the DEMONIC intent', of our ENEMIES - "we're STILL HERE!" - and we're NOT going ANYWHERE!   "We're HERE to STAY!" - in fact, it is "the ASSAILANTS" and "our ENEMIES" - who are leaving!  And NOT "in a NICE way" either.  BECAUSE, the WHOLE WORLD, has 'BELONGED, to the ENEMY', FOR a long time!  And NOW with US "on the SCENE" - the CREATOR, is going to "right, the WRONGS".  And, with His FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH - He IS! - GOING, to CONQUER, 'the DEVIL, and his army'.  And the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, IS! - GOING! - to RENEW, the Face of the Earth, and RE-CREATE, the Face of the Earth; and bring 'TRUE PEACE', to 'HIS People'.  And for 'EVERYONE ELSE'? - there will be "TERROR", and "WEEPING and GNASHING of teeth".  Because "OUR CREATOR"? - IS going, to WIPE away, 'ALL the tears, of His PEOPLE' - who, CRY to HIM - DAY and NIGHT - IMPLORING, and BEGGING Him, to 'END, this DEMONICALLY infested ERA'!  And YOU will SEE! - "OUR WORDS" come TRUE!  Because "LIFE", for EVERYONE! - on the Planet, IS about to "drastically change" - and NOT for the better!  Time is SHORT!  People have "very LITTLE time, to repent".  THINK of it THIS way: What IS, 100 YEARS? - within the CONTEXT, of ETERNITY?  PEOPLE THOUGHT, that THEY would make 'THEMSELVES', into gods; and decide for THEMSELVES, "what is right", AND "what is wrong" - as they UNCONSCIONABLY, MURDERED! - the UNBORN; as they UNCONSCIONABLY, 'placed their CHILDREN, in front of the TELEVISION', as "a BABYSITTER"; as they UNCONSCIONABLY, injected, their CHILDREN, with "VACCINES from Hell"; as they UNCONSCIONABLY, gave their CHILDREN, 'MEDICATION'; as they UNCONSCIONABLY, left their CHILDREN, in the HANDS of society - to RAISE them - to GROW up to become psychopaths!  And NOW we have "today's generation" - a GENERATION, of UNCONSCIONABLE, PSYCHOPATHIC fools! - who THINK that, "it is a GOOD, to destroy LIFE - AND! - to destroy 'any HOPE of Salvation'" - by 'FEEDING the people, LIES!'  And SO? - "The ONLY Source of ULTIMATE Truth", in THESE Times? - IS! - the CREATOR'S Testimony, "PURE, and UNDEFILED".   AND the world HATES it!  BECAUSE they worked so HARD "to SNUFF out their CONSCIENCES".  But the TESTIMONY, of Jesus Christ the LORD, IS! - 'the CONSCIENCE', that WAS given, TO, 'EACH individual on the Planet'. And so NOW, 'our ENEMIES', want to "snuff it OUT!"  And EVERY time, they 'ATTEMPT, to ENSNARE US', or the Faithful REMNANT, or 'go AGAINST the TESTIMONY', PUBLICLY? - THEY! - will be "snuffed out"!  ALL THOSE who have REJECTED "The TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the RISEN Lord" - WILL be "snuffed out", of EXISTENCE!  This is not "OUR doing"; but it is 'HIS Decree'.  So the WORLD, needs to 'TREMBLE, in fear' - BEFORE, the Most High TRUE God. The WORLD will be going through 'some MASSIVE upheavals!' - that are "UNEXPECTED".  And the TESTIMONY, IS! - "the ARK, of Safety".  And so ALL those who DESPISE, "The Ark of SAFETY"? - will PERISH! - both SPIRITUALLY AND physically.  It's THAT SIMPLE.  (October 27, 2017 update) 

Your Problems Would seem so small...
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And there's something "right in FRONT of you" that is very important.

What about all the religious CLOISTERS and MONASTERIES scattered ALL around the world, living in isolation?

If "the ASSAILANTS" applied all their CRITICISMS of the Faithful Remnant, to the thousands of religious CLOISTERS and MONASTERIES, scattered ALL around the world - FIRST! - they would NEVER be so foolish, as to believe, that 'their INSANE accusations', would be taken seriously, in ANY court of law, on the face of the earth (- EXCEPT perhaps, in an extremist muslim country - as THAT is a closer reflection, of THE spirituality of "the ASSAILANTS" - who basically look at us as 'infidels').  FACT: There is "a new christian denomination" that starts UP, on average, every 2 weeks - EACH with it's own UNIQUE way, of interpreting the Scriptures, and teaching that INTERPRETATION to its FOLLOWERS, in order for them to apply that interpretation to their lives.  IF "the assailants" can get the courts to agree that 'the religious cloisters' are all "CULTS", because they ISOLATE themselves from the WORLD - and spend, the majority of their time in PRAYER - only THEN, would it make sense, to START to look at the REMNANT, as "a cult".  And MANY of those "men and WOMEN", who became "cloistered nuns, or monks" - THEIR parents - DISAGREED, with their CHOICE! - but they did it ANYWAY!  AND so, the Faithful Remnant, is NOT starting, "a new PRECEDENT".  And we AREN'T even "CLOISTERED".  And, NO one wears a UNIFORM. [- except for the few who are required to do so at their place of employment] EVERYONE, is ENCOURAGED, to conform 'their INTERIOR lives', to the WILL, of their CREATOR.  But EVERYTHING else about the Remnant, is UNIQUE - and EACH REMNANT Member, MAINTAINS, 'HIS or HER, own UNIQUENESS' - as is EVIDENCED, in their videos!  And so "Do the CLOISTERED NUNS, and MONKS, 'HATE', their BIOLOGICAL FAMILY?" - because they chose, to DEVOTE themselves to 'the will of GOD'?  No!  Although we CANNOT speak on behalf of ALL of them.  But, WE do not, ENCOURAGE, the REMNANT, to "HATE", their biological FAMILY; but SIMPLY, to DEVOTE themselves, TO 'the Will, of the Most High True GOD'.  The TRUTH is, that 'the FAMILY members', of the Faithful Remnant, chose to HATE, 'the Remnant' - their SON or daughter - for BELIEVING in the Testimony, and choosing to LIVE, their LIFE, "ACCORDING, to their CONSCIENCE"; and EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT can TESTIFY, to how, 'that HATRED', MANIFESTED, in many different WAYS - CAUSING 'a WEDGE' between them, AND their "biological FAMILY" (- and some of the videos above, are 'just a sample' of the many personal Testimonies, that have been shared with US, regarding 'the abuse they experienced, from their former family'.)  And NOW? - the FAITHFUL Remnant, are being 'WRONGFULLY accused', of BEING "a cult"; but are COMPLETELY prepared to DEFEND themselves, AGAINST 'such accusations'. (November 07, 2017 update)

An IMPORTANT WARNING for the Members of the Faithful Remnant

We are posting the FOLLOWING, in the TESTIMONY - as a WARNING to the Members of the Faithful REMNANT - because TRULY! - LISTENING, to "chuck" - is like LISTENING, to 'a SATANIC, PROTESTANT minister'.  And WE have ONLY seen, a few MINUTES, of ONE! - of his videos EARLY ON.  And we NEVER! - looked at another one.

Have YOU been reading, Cartel's comments, or watching ANY of his videos?  Because they are "SPIRITUALLY toxic" - and MOST offensive, to the Most High TRUE God - and filled with BLASPHEMY, and the spirit of the WORLD, and spiritual insanity.

"And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit will make war upon them [- through "ANTI-testimonies"] and conquer them [- it will SEEM like 'a great VICTORY' for the ASSAILANT camp, that the website is "offline to the public" - forcing the True Holy Spirit to be HIDDEN] and kill them [- will HATE them]." (Revelations 11:7) 

HE is "the BEAST, that ascends from the bottomless PIT".  And what is THAT? - "the BOTTOMLESS pit of BLASPHEMIES, and LIES" - against, the Most High TRUE God - AND! - against, us, AND His Faithful Remnant.  (February 04, 2018 update) 
"And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, [- antipope Francis] with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems upon its horns and a blasphemous name upon its heads. And the beast that I saw was like a leopard, its feet were like a bear’s, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And to it the dragon gave his power and his throne and great authority. One of its heads [- "carlos", the beast who ascends from the bottomless pit - who is working WITH the R.C.H.I. to take down the Remnant] seemed to have a mortal wound [- as "carlos" DOES have "a metal plate in his skull"], but its mortal wound was healed [- as it is an OLD head wound, that is now healed], and the whole earth followed the beast [- referring to Antipope Francis] with wonder."
(Revelation 13:1-3) 
Know that "chuck" - and everyone ELSE who has testified against the REMNANT, are "seeking MANKIND'S approval"  They ONLY, want "POPULARITY".  WE would not GIVE, "chuck", a PROTESTANT PLATFORM, in the REMNANT - and SO? - he has "a PROTESTANT PLATFORM", OUTSIDE the Remnant! - JUST like the devil - who was "cast out of HEAVEN" - so TOO was "CHUCK" - "CHUCKED! - out of Heaven, and out of the REMNANT". (February 07, 2018 update)  

Are YOU ready to "take a stand"?

Know that as "the Two Witnesses of the Most High True God", Peter and Mary Romanus - we WILL! - CONTINUE to STAND, WITH the Faithful REMNANT, against 'THEIR persecutors'.  And we WILL! - UPHOLD them! - in, 'their FIGHT, to PRACTICE! - their faith' - WITHOUT, ANY! - "duress", or "harassment" from others.  We are FORMALLY against, ALL forms of RAPE, ALL forms of VIOLENCE, and any "death threats".  And WE believe it is "the RIGHT, of EVERY individual, to PRACTICE! - the RELIGION and FAITH, that they CHOOSE to.  And that they are "FREE! - to CONTINUE to DO so" - without ANY religious PERSECUTIONThe Members of the Faithful Remnant are CHOOSING to 'take a stand' - FOR the faith, for what THEY believe in.  And NO one! - has the right to IMPEDE, on their "GOD-GIVEN, freedom"(March 22, 2018 update) 

Do you need PROOF! - that the Most High True God is "STANDING, with the Faithful Remnant"?
Here is a little update of the Most High TRUE God INTERVENING: Cartel's first lawyer left, and is no longer working the DIVORCE case.  Cartel's FBI agent - who had been WITH him since his plea bargain for mafia related crimes, and who was working the case against the Faithful Remnant, died.  Cartel's SECOND lawyer, working the divorce case, now has cancer.  During the March 27, 2018 Court hearing in Chicago - BARNEY weather began to manifest PHYSICALLY - see video at 0:20 mark AND article at the following link: https://www.theweathernetwork. com/news/articles/lack-of- warmth-across-canada-early- april-upper-level- temperatures-cold-signal- polar-vortex-below-seasonal/ 97928/ .  And this is "just a SAMPLE", of the interventions, going on "behind the scenes".  And we just got an email from Marie Elizabeth Holden - who WAS working with "cartel" - and who wants US to know, that SHE is now formally "washing her hands of working with HIM, and AGAINST the Faithful Remnant" - and she communicated to us, that she wishes that she NEVER! - got "on board, his BANDWAGON" - even though she refuses, to believe in the Testimony. (March 29, 2018 update) 

Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High TRUE God, knows law
"For ‘the Keys’, have been given, to Pope Peter – the Last, to Petrus Romanus, My True Pope... for he is also one of My Two Witnesses.  No harm will come to him – though souls may try - they will be ‘utterly defeated’ from the very beginning!" (-Jesus, Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jesus ALSO knows the FUTURE!!!

Woe to him who strives [- contends] with his Maker, an earthen vessel with the potter!... I have aroused him [PPTL] in righteousness, and I will make straight all his ways; he shall build my city and set my exiles free, not for price or reward,” says the Lord of hosts."
(Isaiah 45:9a, 13)

The coordinated effort of the "formers" to HARASS each Member of the Faithful Remnant

It has come to our attention, that the "former family members", of the Faithful Remnant - HAVE begun "a COORDINATED effort" - with, ANY legal authorities, THEY can get "on their side" - to make "SURPRISE VISITS" - TO the Members of the Faithful Remnant - whether it is through "a WELLNESS CHECK" - or through "an actual POLICE visit" - or through "an unexpected surprise visit from a relative".  And THIS of course is IN response, to the VIDEOS, posted on our YouTube Channel - by the Members of the Faithful Remnant EXPOSING! - what their "FORMER family members" DID to them.  The "FORMER family MEMBERS" - believe, that it is "within THEIR rights", to HARASS, EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT IN as much as they POSSIBLY can - as they will NOT allow them to rest.  BUT, do NOT be 'alarmed' - OR 'afraid' - because the Most High TRUE God, is GOING to intervene, IN 'a big WAY' against THEM - BECAUSE? - "they are FORCING His HAND!"  And so we ADVISE, each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - to have "a legal STATEMENT" - READY! - about, WHO you ARE and what your INTENTIONS are, with regards to your "former family" members.  It is IMPORTANT, to use COMMON sense and reason.  EACH of you is RESPONSIBLE for 'HOW you choose to respond'.  Know that, they PERSECUTED, Jesus Christ the LORD - AND His Disciples, AFTER Him. And SO? - they will persecute you ALSO!  Are you READY?

"But watch at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that will take place, and to stand before the Son of man.” 
(Luke 21:36)
"But take heed to yourselves; for they will deliver you up to councils; and you will be beaten [- by witchcraft and slander being used against you] in synagogues [- buildings of sin under BerGOGlio]; and you will stand before governors and kings [- the authorities] for my sake, to bear testimony before them. And the gospel [- the Testimony] must first be preached to all nations. And when they bring you to [- the time of...] trial [- or adversity] and deliver you up, do not be anxious beforehand what you are to say; but say whatever is given you in that hour, for it is not you who speak, but the Holy Spirit. And brother will deliver up brother to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death [- spiritual, social, psychological and physical if possible]; and you will be hated by all [- all those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant] for my name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved." 
(Mark 13:9-13)

DO NOT put "the God of the Two Witnesses" to the TEST!
A PROPHETIC clip (22:51-25:56) from the video
"The Two Witnesses expose the Religious leaders as the Antichrists of these End Times"
Produced by the Two Witnesses - see the FULL video on the False Prophets Exposed page.

Do you need PROOF! - that the Most High True God ISN'T STANDING, with "cartel"?

We have received "CONFIRMATION" - of the fact that "chuck" - is NOW deceased, in the early hours of today.  And the REASON, that he is "GONE" - is because "his TIME, was up!"  He CHOSE to blaspheme the TESTIMONY - and his CREATOR - and the DWELLING place of His Creator - and NOW? - he is receiving, "the Just reward, FOR his efforts". The custody battle is still ongoing - as chuck's FAMILY, is now SEEKING to have "full custody of Katelen".  We shall SEE how this unfolds.  But ONE thing is for sure - the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT, is "ALIVE and well!" (April 21, 2018 update) 

COURT UPDATE:  Case closed!

The court CASE has NOW been "dismissed, WITH prejudice" (- and SO are all the motions filed by EITHER party), and can NOT be pursued any further.  Thanks BE to the Most High TRUE God, for His INTERVENTION!  As NEITHER parties can pursue, nor can the case be brought back UP, in COURT.  And so NOTHING can be used against the REMNANT, that has been PRESENTED, thus far.  Proof of "chuck's" death, WITH the date, has been PRESENTED, IN court His lawyer STILL was not able to be present, as she is undergoing "chemotherapy" - and she actually sent ANOTHER lawyer, on HER behalf, to be PRESENT so the case could be closed.  And 'child services' is now involved with finding "a proper home" for the daughter, who wants nothing to do with the Faithful Remnant. (June 11, 2018 update)  

But REALLY what it comes down to - is THIS:  

“Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you."
(Matthew 5:11-12)

For those who have RESOLVED "to follow in cartel's footsteps" - in going AGAINST us and the TESTIMONY

Know THAT: your CREATOR, has HEARD "your complaint"!  And because we are 'FAR too busy', to deal with you PERSONALLY, in a back and FORTH - we are SIMPLY, ASKING the Holy Angels "to EXPEDITE your DEPARTURE from this world" - as YOU! - are seeking, 'to SPIRITUALLY kill', the Members of the Faithful REMNANT.  IT is Just!  Amen. (July 08, 2018 update) 

To all the "THEOLOGIANS" out there - who are knowingly CHOOSING to SCRUTINIZE the TESTIMONY of their Creator

To all the "THEOLOGIANS" out there? - who are 'knowingly CHOOSING, to SCRUTINIZE, the TESTIMONY' - the WORD of their CREATOR - in order "to STALL! - RECEIVING, the DISCIPLINE, that IS COMING to them!":  (You made "a HUGE blunder!" - BECAUSE...) There are MANY people, IN, the WORLD - who CLAIM, 'to KNOW, GOD, and His WAYS' - but they DON'T "know Him"!  They know 'the TEACHINGS' - but they don't 'know' HIM - personally - BECAUSE! - 'in their HUBRIS'! - they have CHOSEN, to USE 'the WORDS, of the CATECHISM, of the catholic church' - AGAINST! - the Word, of Jesus Christ the LORD, moving through His TESTIMONY.  And THEY - like 'the jewish ELDERS' - WILL CLING! - TO 'their TRADITIONS', and to 'their RITUALS', and to 'their ROUTINES' - WITHIN! - the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution - TO 'the very DEATH'!  Because? - they are 'AGAINST, the Most High True God'. And as Jesus SAID, to 'the RICH man' - when he asked 'HOW? - he could inherit Eternal LIFE' - "You lack one THING - GO, SELL all you HAVE, and, GIVE your money to the POOR, and come FOLLOW Me".  And the RICH man went away 'SAD' - because he had 'many POSSESSIONS' - as IN, "many DEMONS"! - that he would NOT 'let go of'.  And SO it is, with ALL those, who choose 'to cling TIGHTLY, TO "the sinking oil tanker" OF, the roman catholic hierarchical institution'.  There is "NO accountability" - before the Most High True GOD - in that institution - YET! - in the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith - in the Faithful REMNANT, there is ONLY "accountability" - for EVERYTHING! - the GOOD, as WELL as the bad.  And, the Most High TRUE God, is helping 'the MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT', to overcome 'SIN', death, and DESTRUCTION.  But the MEMBERS, who LEFT? - or the Members who were "ASKED to leave" - 'TOOK', being a Member of the Faithful Remnant, "for granted" - GLEANED, the BENEFITS, and the BLESSINGS - and 'turned their backs', on their CREATOR - and they WILL BE "forever HAUNTED"! - BY that! - "betrayal"!  UNLESS of course they repent. (July 18, 2018 update)  

For those who AREN'T "theologians", and who don't PRETEND to be: This following note will HELP you to better understand the above. The "so-called theologians" of these Times, are in fact IMBUED! - with intellectual hubris (- or simply stated, "topped up with pride").  So what Hope IS there for them? - when "THEIR father", down below, is in fact 'the SOURCE of their pride' - whom they are in fact securely YOKED to.  For how CAN they admit, that they received 'the spiritual mark of the BEAST' when it manifested in 2012 - if THEY are supposed to be "the EXPERTS!!!"?  They can't, because it hurts their PRIDE too much - SO much so, that they would rather "save face in front of their PEERS", for JUST a few more days in THIS life... rather than HUMBLE themselves before their Creator, and actually help OTHERS to unpack all the TRUTHS revealed in the Testimony of their Creator.  They are COMPLETELY "spiritually insane" like 'their father', and we RESPECT their lifestyle choice.  Perhaps they can organize a pride parade against the Testimony some day... if their Creator doesn't have 'HIS Parade' of Divine Justice in their lives first...  They had better hurry!

For ALL those who HAVE taken "a PUBLIC stand" against US and our Testimony

For ALL of the PEOPLE, who HAVE! - taken, "a PUBLIC stand", against US, and our Testimony - and for all those who 'PLAN'! - on 'taking a stand', against us - and OUR TestimonyThe Most High TRUE God, 'SEES YOU!' - and He SEES "your MOTIVES!" - and 'the way you DISTORT, the FAITHFUL Remnant Church', AND the Testimony - DISTORTING the Message of Salvation that has BEEN Revealed! - to the world, as "a GIFT"YOU! - are "responsible!" - for PULLING people AWAY! - from 'the NARROW Path'.  YOU! - are 'RESPONSIBLE', for 'planting SEEDS of deception, AND falsehood', IN them!  YOU! - are 'responsible', for 'the LIES'! - that YOU! - are all spreading - AGAINST! - your Creator.  And He HAS! - 'allowed it' - AS, He 'ALLOWS', people, "to heap COALS! - upon their own HEADS" - as they 'BELIEVE', "they are getting AWAY with... WICKEDNESS"!  We KNOW YOU!  We SEE YOU!  We know 'who you WORK for'! - and how 'you are TRYING, to destroy, the "FRUITFUL" works, of the Testimony' - by YOUR! - 'unfruitful works, of DARKNESS'.  You can't 'HIDE' from your Creator!  And, you can't 'HIDE', by saying "The Testimony is ONLY private revelation".  Because the BIBLE, SPEAKS! - about the Testimony COMING! - to the nations (Revelations 11).  The TESTIMONY, "FORETOLD", that would go 'AGAINST! - the religious institutions of the time' - JUST as Jesus Christ the LORD, spoke against "the LIARS", and the THIEVES, and the HYPOCRITES - within 'the JEWISH institution', at the time of His FIRST Coming.  And YES the 'REVELATIONS' given by the True Holy Spirit to 'ANYONE'! - on the Face of the Earth - ESPECIALLY through their CONSCIENCE, and 'THROUGH'! - the Testimony - IS "Binding! - on EARTH, as it is BINDING in Heaven".  And that will NEVER change!  It MAY seem "HOSTILE" - to 'THOSE, who are READING this to whom it APPLIES' - BUT! - WE, are actually in fact against 'the DEMONS'! - WHO are 'PUPPETING you' - and 'MOTIVATING you' - and 'MANIPULATING you' - into going AGAINST, the WORDS, of your CREATOR... as YOU allow THEM, 'to STEAL!' - "your ONLY Hope of Salvation" - WHETHER you like to hear it or not.  We are NOT here to TELL people, "COMFORTABLE truths about themselves".  We are here, to TELL people, "the UNWATERED DOWN Truth" - that WILL! - 'break the chains' of the DEMONS, over their Souls.  But ONLY! - with the peoples' COOPERATION!  ALL of you are in for "a RUDE awakening" by your Creator - WE can guarantee that!  (July 18, 2018 update)   

What are the DETRACTORS deliberately withholding from their followers?

We have MANY! - "detractors", OUT there - who are TRYING to direct people AWAY from the Testimony - to "the DETRIMENT, of their own SOULS" - as they DELIBERATELY! - withhold, from 'their EXPOSE' of the Faithful Remnant, and the Testimony - ALL! - of "the FRUITS" - the BLESSED FRUITS! - that PEOPLE, HAVE testified to, and ARE testifying to - AFTER! - they have 'JOINED', the Faithful REMNANT. They, are DELIBERATELY, withholding 'the TRUTH', from the PEOPLE - by REFUSING to LOOK at "the good FRUITS of the TESTIMONY".  BUT! - THEY will look at the TESTIMONY, THROUGH "a STRAW" - and take EVERYTHING! - out of context - in ORDER to 'TRY', to paint US, AND the Faithful REMNANT, as "a CULT - to be AVOIDED".  BUT - the Truth IS - EVERYONE OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, is PART, of "a CULT" - "a CULT of luciferians".  WHETHER they worship the devil by name or NOT.  If they are NOT, WORSHIPPING, "the God of the Two Witnesses" - THEN? - they are 'on the wrong SIDE'.  And so MANY of them are about to find OUT, 'how WRONG, they REALLY are'.  Because the TRUTH, is NOT, "the MAJORITY, vote".  But the TRUTH, is "the MINORITY".  Which is ANOTHER reason, WHY, the Creator, is making SURE, that, 'His Faithful Remnant' - is so small. (July 19, 2018 update) 

Basic review questionsWas the Truth "the minority" in the time of NOAH? - or did all of HIS "detractors" get it right?  Was the Truth "the minority" in the time of LOT? - or did all of HIS "detractors" get it right?  Was the Truth "the minority" in the time Jesus walked physically on the Face of the earth? - or did all of HIS "detractors" at the time get it right?  And here is our FAVORITE, based on these 3 above QUESTIONS, and the obvious ANSWER to EACH - Does the Creator of the UNIVERSE, tend to do MAJOR interventions in the course of human history, THROUGH "a majority"?  Take your time with that last one... we are most certainly NOT in a hurry!  Was 'the FIRST NOAH'?... in "a HURRY..."?  It sure is nice to be ON "the ONLY Ark of Safety" in THESE End Times.  Surf's UP everyone!

For all those who want to claim FALSELY that we are "very NEGATIVE people who are focused on Hell"?

This is "REALITY".  WE are not 'FOCUSED, on the kingdom of HELL' - even as most of our "detractors", ACCUSE us of - NOR are we "negative PEOPLE".  BUT! - the WORLD, has 'watered-DOWN, the TRUTH of the Eternal GOSPEL', for GENERATIONS.  And so Jesus' WORDS, actually, in these TIMES, have 'no IMPACT'.  The ones in the BIBLE, have been reduced to 'flowery POETRY'.  And THIS is why, JESUS, SENT, His TESTIMONY - to REVEAL, to the NATIONS, 'WHO He IS!'  HE isn't just, 'ONE, SCRIPTURE passage, taken out of CONTEXT, to make someone feel GOOD, about themselves' - but that's 'what the WORLD has REDUCED Him to'.  "HELL"? - IS, "a reality" - and the PASTORS, in the CHURCHES - REFUSE! - to tell their CONGREGATIONS, that "THAT'S where they're HEADED". And even the PASTORS, CAN'T! - save THEMSELVES - let ALONE, the PEOPLE, THEY have been given CHARGE over.  And SO? - the institution FAILED!  The "brick building CHURCHES", FAILED! - the people.  HOW do we KNOW THIS? - but by, the NUMBER, of PEOPLE who come before 'the Throne of JESUS', DAILY, for their JUDGEMENT.  And they are, ALWAYS, 'SHOCKED'! - AT the Sentence.  MUCH like when people come to the TESTIMONY - and they are 'SHOCKED!' - at 'what OUR JESUS, is REVEALING'.  (July 21, 2018 update)

“And if any one would harm them... he is doomed to be killed"

We recently discovered that "cartel" in fact died suddenly from an affliction that was diagnosed by medical professionals as haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, or HLH.  This is what we found ONLINE:  "If you have HLH, your body's defense system, called your immune system, does not work normally. Certain white blood cells — histiocytes and lymphocytes — attack your other blood cells."  This diagnosis is "very IMPORTANT"! - because what it REVEALS, is that, 'he was a man DIVIDED, AGAINST himself'.  Because, his IMMUNE system - was supposed to create "white BLOOD cells", to fight OFF, the INFECTION, and the BACTERIA.  But INSTEAD! - the white BLOOD cells, 'turned on HIM!' - and "saw HIM! - as, 'a CANCER' - as a THREAT!"   TRULY it REVEALS, what HAPPENS, to those, who choose to be "ENEMIES, of the Most High True God" - and who choose to publicly DEFAME us before the nations.  And on THAT note - we DO need to INFORM, those PEOPLE, who have CHOSEN, to 'take us ON' - in VARIOUS ways: that PEOPLE have tried in the PAST, to "DIVIDE US"; to TRY to get us "to DIVORCE"; "to UTTER BLASPHEMIES AGAINST us - by cursing our HEALTH" - and we have "NEWS" for THOSE people! - that "THEY! - in fact, got DIVORCED" - and that "THEIR health, RECEIVED the curse" - and that "THEY in fact DIED" - as they wished US 'dead' - thus fulfilling the PROPHECY, on MULTIPLE occasions! “And if any one would harm them, fire pours from their mouth and consumes their foes [- the spiritual reality]; if any one would harm them, thus he is doomed to be killed [- the physical reality that naturally follows - by 'your CREATOR'S Heavy Hand', NOT ours!].” (Rev 11:5)  And so we HIGHLY encourage ALL of those "who have received the FRUITS of taking us ON" - to HUMBLE themselves before their CREATOR, and 'REPENT! - from the HEART' - for CHOOSING to go AGAINST, 'the WORKS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit'.  We don't HAVE, "a personal VENDETTA", against ANYONE.  However - WE are not "PUSHOVER prophets" - as MANY have 'tried', and we ARE "still STANDING"!  And BECAUSE we ARE! - "FULLY, INFORMING you", of WHAT is going to HAPPEN, TO you, if you 'PERSIST', on GOING AGAINST us, in your INTERIOR life, AND 'exteriorly' - what HAPPENS to you! - is "on YOUR hands" - NOT ours!  And NOW that you have READ this - the CONSEQUENCES, will be "EXPEDITED". (July 24, 2018 update)


 Understanding your Legal Responsibilities as a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been using the TESTIMONY to cause PROBLEMS for yourself?

YOU, are not LISTENING, to the COUNSEL - but causing PROBLEMS for yourself. WE are, WORKING with the TRUE Holy Spirit - to make this, as EASY for you as possible; but YOU are NOT, making it EASY, for us.  And so, WE WITHDRAW, our OFFER, to HELP.  You NOW, will need to do your OWN research.  You KNOW 'what you're called to do'.  But you have been creating PROBLEMS - and "LEGAL snares", for us - in response. (August 22, 2016) 

We are ACTUALLY here to help MACROMANAGE the entire planet!

We are not here to "MICROMANAGE" EVERY aspect of your life.  YOU will need to decide WHAT you want to do, based on what has been REVEALED.  REMEMBER, we TOLD you, we are NOT getting involved - BECAUSE, of the WAY, you responded, in the BEGINNING, with "GAMES"! - AND "snares!" - "LEGAL snares", FOR us to fall into.  You see, JESUS, is our legal defense; and, He is PROTECTING us.  It would be BEST, if YOU REJECTED 'your DESIRE, to play GAMES, with the COUNSEL' and ASK for 'the GRACE, to RECEIVE, and APPLY the Counsel to your LIFE'.  (September 16, 2016) 
Know that each INDIVIDUAL above the age of reason is fully responsible for absolutely ALL! - of THEIR free-will choices, their RESOLUTIONS, and their innermost DESIRES, before their Creator.  And know that your CREATOR, is FULLY responsible for Judging, EVERY choice, resolution, and desire that you embrace - at His discretion of course.  Your Holy Guardian Angel, is responsible for ADMINISTERING the necessary DISCIPLINE, and infused Graces that your CREATOR has deemed necessary, in each and every moment - in response to the dispositions of your heart, and many other factors. And WE? - don't have TOO big a job, as WE are just simply glad to help out in any way that we can!...  You're welcome!

For those who simply CHOOSE to go INSANE when they find the Testimony, so that they can blame US for THEIR response

You NEED to know, that WE are "not RESPONSIBLE", for the way 'YOU chose', to RESPOND, to the TESTIMONY.  You ACTUALLY 'PRESENTED yourself', as "a FANATIC" - KNOWINGLY!  And you DID things, "EXTREMELY" - and "VERY quickly.  You WENT and you DID, 'your OWN thing' - and you THREW common sense, and reason, OUT the windowHIDING behind, the WORDS, of the TESTIMONY - and, CALLING yourself "BLAMELESS" - for ALL your actions! - that "you HAD the right INTENTIONS", and that "you were ONLY being obedient".  The Most High TRUE GOD - has ALSO been 'Counseling US' - AROUND, "the LEGAL snares", that YOU, try, to set UP, in almost EVERY email.  He IS, "our LEGAL defense".  YOU, TOOK things, into your OWN hands - and made 'such RADICAL changes' - that SIMPLY made no sense!  You BEHAVED, in a VERY, RADICAL WAY - as "a RADICAL RELIGIOUS".  We ARE NOT responsible for how YOU, are CHOOSING to PORTRAY, MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant.  There are TWO approaches, to receiving the Testimony: the ONE approach - is to LOVE, the WORD of your CREATOR, and "the UNCOMFORTABLE Truths", that He REVEALS.  The OTHER approach, is to TOLERATE the Words, of your Creator - HATE the uncomfortable Truths that He reveals - and make sure EVERYONE AROUND you, SHARES in that DISCOMFORT!  You RESPONDED to the Testimony - KNOWING it to be True - with WRATH! - with "SATANIC wrath" - towards those AROUND you.  THIS is "the corresponding TRUTH" - that you need to HEAR.  (October 21, 2016) 

For those, who have made "a comfortable HABIT" of presenting legal SNARES TO us, by asking us EXACTLY what you should do...

There is only so MUCH, that we can do.  We live in CANADA.  You HAVE to think for YOURSELVES, and TURN to the True Holy SPIRIT. STOP being AFRAID, of making the wrong DECISION - because, then you're CHOOSING to be controlled by FEAR.  Instead, have CONFIDENCE in your CREATOR - and GO where HE is leading you. Jesus Christ the LORD, can NOT be taken to court, and SUED! - BASED on the decisions that people make, in FOLLOWING Him.  And WE, live "in the FLESH" - and we have 'BODIES' on this EARTH.  And so WE are subjected, to the same LAWS, as everyone ELSE.  THEREFORE - No! - WE will NOT 'tell you EXACTLY what to do'! - so that you have NO "ammunition" - to attempt to come after us LEGALLY - BASED on practical advice, that we GAVE - that we TOLD you, was "your CREATOR, SPEAKING to you".  Because, "former MEMBERS", have tried to use our words AGAINST us.  And you have made "a comfortable HABIT" of presenting legal SNARES TO us.  And WE know exactly, 'how the DEMONS, work' - and we know that it requires 'YOUR consent' - on SOME level! - of awareness - when you CHOOSE, 'to GO with their inspirations'. (June 03, 2018 update) 

"They [- the wicked...] hold fast to their evil purpose; they talk [- to their demons in their inward being...] of laying snares secretly, thinking, “Who can see us? Who can search out our crimes?  We have thought out a cunningly conceived plot.” For the inward mind and heart of a man are deep!" 
(Psalm 64:5-6)
WHO is, "Completely responsible for your DECISIONS?"  YOU are!
Know that you are COMPLETELY responsible, for the DECISIONS that you make - based on, 'where the True Holy SPIRIT, is LEADING you'.  But WE cannot be responsible, for YOUR decisions. (June 06, 2018 update) 

WHO is, "Completely responsible for how you INTERPRET the Counsel that we have sent you?"  YOU are!

TRULY - if you turn to Jesus Christ the Lord and ask Him for His HELP - He WILL LEAD you.  But, you ARE "FULLY responsible", for how you "INTERPRET", the Counsel, that we have sent you - and HOW you choose to follow THROUGH with it. (June 19, 2018 update) 
Help Wanted: The CIA and DHS are currently working with the FORMERS to recruit NEW "infiltrators" - who will be paid a LARGE sum of money, on a commission basis only - if they can manage to INFILTRATE the Faithful Remnant - behave as absolute IDIOTS - MISINTERPRET everything they POSSIBLY can - and cause as MANY problems as possible - while creating as many LEGAL snares as possible for the Two Witnesses.  Anyone interested? - please send your application to the Contact Us address located on this website - and we will FORWARD it FOR you - to your CREATOR, for Immediate and Divine Just Consequences... get "the PICTURE"?   For the record - we have already caught "infiltrators" - and we are QUITE good at it - but THEY aren't "GOOD", with their parting gifts.  And so emailing us about how you had problems "interpreting" or understanding the Counsel, is really "getting a bit old", at this point in our journey.  If you don't want to APPLY it? - then apply somewhere else.  Simple! 

For all the minors and those with clinical mental disabilities (- those who have not reached 'the age of ADULTHOOD', according to the laws of the country they LIVE in...) who have FOUND and are currently READING, this WEBSITE - the TESTIMONY.

It would be GOOD for you to TELL your parents, about the website - and LET THEM decide, if you should continue reading - because you are "UNDER, their authority". If you WISH to become a private Member of the FAITHFUL Remnant, then you NEED, to inform your PARENTS - of your REQUEST.  But, do NOT read the Testimony, "behind their backs". BE subject to your parents, while you ARE, "in their CARE".  Please do NOT contact us, because of your age.  The ONLY way we WILL email you, is WITH your parents' permission, and YOU, under THEIR supervision.  In order to become "an OFFICIAL Member, of the Faithful Remnant" - with a TESTIMONY video - POSTED, on our WEBSITE - you MUST BE, "the LEGAL age, of an ADULT, IN your COUNTRY" - AND it MUST be approved by US, BEFORE it is made "public". (July 02, 2018 update) 
The Most High True God, the Creator of the Universe, GIVES Hope, and MEANING, to peoples' LIVES - as LONG as they turn to HIM - in their HEARTS, with "a CHILD-like trust" - THAT is what He is asking.  And YOUR friendship, with your Creator - is about, 'how YOU choose, to reach out to HIM', in your INTERIOR life!  The Daily PRAYERS, are THERE - for "a spiritual STRUCTURE" - or "FOUNDATION" - to HELP you, be ROOTED, in the Truth.  But REALLY - you SIMPLY are called, to LIVE! - the Testimony.  EVEN if there are those AROUND you, who are AGAINST it.  We ENCOURAGE you to keep reading the TESTIMONY, as LONG as your PARENTS [- or legal Guardians] give you "PERMISSION, to DO so". By using the Blessed HOLY Water - you RECEIVE, 'an OUTPOURING of the True Holy SPIRIT' - and TRULY, THAT is 'the Spirit of the LIVING God' - WHO unites YOUR Soul, to your CREATOR!  We ENCOURAGE you to be "SUBJECT to your parents, out of LOVE for your HEAVENLY Father".  And PERHAPS, after TIME, THEIR hearts will 'soften', towards, their CREATOR. (July 03, 2018 update) 

Are the Members of the Faithful REMNANT being asked to take on "a NEW personality", and DISASSOCIATE from "their old self"?

"Put off your old nature which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful lusts, and be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and put on the new nature, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness."
(Ephesians 4:22-24 22)
You need to work to OVERCOME 'your old identity' - and that is one who SOLELY LIVED, to GRATIFY the desires of the FLESH, with no REGARD, for 'the SPIRITUAL. And, you need to work with your CREATOR, in OVERCOMING, 'your old SELF'.  It won't be DONE 'overnight' - or 'right AWAY'.  Perhaps it was not CLARIFIED: We're not ASKING the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, to take on "a NEW personality", and DISASSOCIATE from "their old self" - THAT would in fact be "a DISORDER".  What IS being asked, OF them - is to STOP! - 'sinning', and doing those THINGS, that offend the CREATOR; and start living 'FOR Him' - and 'LOVING Him, and His WAYS' - INSTEAD - SEEKING to be 'filled with GRACES', as a way of LIFE. But, if PEOPLE want to SOLELY focus, ON "their sins" - and GET out 'a MAGNIFYING glass' - and CRITICALLY analyze - EVERY little THING they DO? - THAT is the choice, to be, SCRUPULOUS - and most DEFINITELY! - blocks the FLOW of the True Holy Spirit.  THAT is in fact, 'TURNING the Gift, of the TESTIMONY - of what the CREATOR, expects from His True FOLLOWERS' - into "an EVIL".  And of course in these TIMES, that is to be EXPECTED - because the whole WORLD, is embracing 'BLASPHEMY, against their CREATOR'.  And SO? - when PRESENTED WITH, 'such a GIFT, FROM Heaven' - they ALLOW, 'their DEMONS', to DESTROY it! - so it CAN'T 'bear fruit' in their lives. And what 'the ENEMY' is doing - is he is trying to convince the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, that 'they CAN'T! - live - without SINNING' - and that we are ASKING them, to "stop LIVING!" It takes 'TRUE Humility' - to DESIRE, to 'PLEASE', the CREATOR - and to LIVE, 'ACCORDING to His WAYS' - AND to 'SEE', that "His WAYS" - are the BEST! - and most FULFILLING. But the DEMONS? - CANNOT be 'FULFILLED' - as they 'HATE', EVERYTHING! - of the Most High True God - and 'His KINGDOM'!   And so the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, who desire to be 'FULFILLED' - WITH, their CREATOR - will 'LOVE His WAYS'! - will 'LOVE', doing, 'what He ASKS'! - will Love to SERVE Him, FAITHFULLY - by RENOUNCING, 'wickedness' - and EMBRACING, 'the NARROW Path', of PURITY, and True LOVE. (July 11, 2018 update) 

MORE on the topic of "scrupulosity"

INSTEAD of… ELABORATELY REFLECTING, on "WAYS to BEAT yourself UP!" - by being, 'HARD on yourself' - and 'OVER-EXAMINING, EVERYTHING! - that you DO!' - which is ACTUALLY CALLED: "scrupulosity" - and is "NOT a virtue!"  WHY not simply resolve, 'to get back UP! - every time you FALL?  Because the Truth IS? - that you HAVE! - "BAD days", and "GOOD days"; "bad MOMENTS", and "GOOD moments" - but you're NOT 'called to SETTLE for that' - you're called to "raise the BAR" - so that EVERY day! - you can say at the END? - that 'YOU, did your BEST! - for your CREATOR'!  That's ALL He EXPECTSThe OCCULT world - and 'the LUCIFERIANS'? - are "working FEVERISHLY!" - to try to END, the Faithful REMNANT - and to try 'to DESTROY, the SEEDS of FAITH' - that the Most High TRUE God has PLANTED, in each ONE of His Remnant Members.  And they DON'T STOP!  And they "WORK very HARD"!  LIKEWISE, as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT? - YOU need! - to be "JUST as vigilant", in being "a good STEWARD"! - of the Spiritual Gifts, and GRACES, that your Creator BLESSED you with!  And you need to 'desire HIS Will!'- and to 'be an INSTRUMENT, of BRINGING, the Kingdom of HEAVEN, TO the earth'.  WORK hard for, the Kingdom of HEAVEN! - and EVERYTHING ELSE? - will be 'PUT in its proper PLACE', in your LIFE. (October 26, 2019 update) 

Some basic guidelines for when you interact with your formers

"And when they bring you to trial and deliver you up [- to THEIR condemnation...], do not be anxious beforehand what you are to say; but say whatever is given you in that hour, for it is not you who speak, but the Holy Spirit. And brother will deliver up brother to death [- in these Times, "SPIRITUAL death" - through their hatred, that is ONLY aimed at snuffing out the Light of TRUTH...], and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death; and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved."
(Mark 13:11-13) 
As "a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant", it is IMPORTANT that WHENEVER you 'interact with your FORMERS'? - that you STILL 'RESOLVE, to REMAIN in the TRUTH, and in the True REALITY' - discerning CAREFULLY, 'everything, AROUND you' - discerning "INSPIRATIONS". If you 'DESIRE' to "yoke yourself to your FORMERS", in any WAY? - that IS to be "under the SAME CONDEMNATION", that THEY are under. We are not 'asking YOU' - NOR is it 'the CALL' to "verbally CONDEMN them" - No.  But YOU! - are actually called 'to LIVE! - the Truth'Don't CUT yourself off, from 'the TRUE Holy SPIRIT', and from your CREATOR - just 'to APPEASE your formers', and enter IN to 'their godless REALITY'You HAVE to 'turn, to your CREATOR, for how to NAVIGATE, and how to LIVE, with your FORMERS'! - or how to, be "a good EXAMPLE", to your formers.  But, the PROBLEM is, if you 'secretly DESIRE - EVERYTHING! - that they're doing' - it will be "IMPOSSIBLE".  KEEP all CONVERSATIONS "in the TRUTH" - turning to the True Holy SPIRIT, to GUIDE the conversation.  Listen to your CONSCIENCE.  Because UNFORTUNATELY - 'your FORMERS', AREN'T LISTENING to theirs.  Because if they WERE? - then they WOULD, 'do, WHAT they could, to become a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT' - even just "a PRIVATE Member".  But if you 'PRETEND', and you LIVE, as though you had NEVER come across the Testimony - WHEN you are around 'your formers'? - that WILL in fact, do 'MUCH more damage' to them, in the LONG run.  Because as they see YOU - 'simply CONFORM'? -they are "CONTENT" - as they are 'spiritually ASLEEP'. BUT, it is important that you don't 'go out of your WAY', to instigate, any 'CONFLICT'.  This is WHY you MUST turn to the True Holy SPIRIT - for 'what to SHARE', and 'how to SPEAK'. THIS is in fact, "True CHRISTIANITY".  This is what, the APOSTLES, taught their disciples - to RELY on 'the True Holy SPIRIT', and NOT 'to PREPARE, what to say'.  But YOU must resolve, to KEEP the True Holy Spirit 'WITH you', ALWAYS!  It is not "OUR responsibility", NOR "our burden" - but it has been 'apportioned to YOU'.  SO? - live IT! - with JOY.  Carry "your CROSS".  (July 13, 2018 update) 
And so what does it MEAN "NOT to enter into the godless reality" of the formers?  DON'T enter into the reality where they 'PRETEND', the Most High True God ISN'T "watching everything they DO" - even though they DO, RECOGNIZE, 'their FALSE gods', and 'the DEMI-gods', and "false-JESUSES" - that they WORSHIP.
So CAN "the assailants" SUCCESSFULLY claim in a court of law, that the Testimony "may cause emotional distress" to MINORS who read it? 

That is the question they will need to address.  And if they DO? - HERE is what THEIR lawyers, will have to deal with...

The TESTIMONY DOES have "MATURE-themed content", IN it - that SOME PEOPLE, including "MINORS", MAY find, "emotionally distressing".  BUT, the Testimony is BASED, on 'PROPHECY'.  And so, CAN 'PEOPLE', FEEL,"EMOTIONALLY DISTRESSED", from simply READING, the Holy BIBLE?  Yes they CAN!  Can they "FEEL emotionally distressed" - when, they choose to watch "HORROR MOVIES"?  Yes they CAN!  Or when they watch, "violent and disturbing CARTOONS"?  Or when they read, "violent or mature-themed NOVELS"?   Yes!  But, the CONTENT of the TESTIMONY, is for 'the SPIRITUALLY-minded'; and for those who CHOOSE to BELIEVE, IN 'what the Testimony TEACHES'.  JUST LIKE, 'any OTHER branch of Christianity', OUT there - PEOPLE who are 'not PART, of that RELIGION' - 'MAY'! - SEE! - 'OTHER peoples beliefs', as "DISTURBING".  And they are "FREE to DO so"!  Because, we LIVE in a "FREEDOM of religion" society - so LONG as, 'VIOLENCE', is not being 'PROPAGATED' by it.  If PEOPLE who read the Testimony are 'CONVICTED by the Words that they read - to the very CORE of their being' - THEN? - that is "their DECISION", and no one ELSE'S.  NO ONE, can IMPEDE on 'the God-given FREEDOM, of each INDIVIDUAL, to practice what they BELIEVE'!  Can ANYONE? - COMMAND, a RELIGION, to STOP - 'their RITUAL'? - or 'their RITES'? - or 'their CEREMONIES'?  NO!  And anyone who 'TRIES, to stop another PERSON, FORCEFULLY! - from practicing, "their RELIGION"?' - is GUILTY! - of 'PERSECUTING that person, for their BELIEFS'.  And PEOPLE are "FREE to STOP READING! - the TESTIMONY", at ANY time!  And it's "THEIR choice"... to READ it! - in the FIRST place. (July 14, 2018 update) 

Closing comment As the Last and Final True Pope of this Era, I really can't express in words - although I may often try - how CONSOLING it is, to be seated next to "The JUST and FINAL Judge, over the entire Universe... past, present and future".  And so - when I wrote ABOVE, "... what their lawyers will have to DEAL WITH"?... What I was REALLY stating, is that - THIS above Judgement, IS what 'ANY Judge in ANY legal case - that went the DISTANCE - even with TENS of MILLIONS of dollars worth of legal fees, and HUNDREDS of people testifying over the course of MANY years...' - would have concluded.  WHY?  Because, the Most High TRUE God, the God of the Two WITNESSES, has ALREADY seen it!  And so that won't be necessary - even though people are STILL free to 'try'... no pun intended.

Implications of the above Judgment: ALL those "assailants" of the Faithful Remnant - who HAVE taken steps, in ANY way, to try to IMPEDE the practice of the True Roman Catholic Faith, by someone who "as a matter of CONSCIENCE", TRULY desires to PRACTICE it - THOSE "assailants", are in fact LEGALLY GUILTY! - in the arena of CIVIL law, and in the "ETERNAL" sense of the word... "guilty".  And so if that "epic fail" APPLIES to you? - it would be best to fix that, and make amends, while you still can!

As the APOCALYPSE gets turned UP - REMEMBER to ALWAYS choose your words CAREFULLY, as you communicate.

We are GLAD that you took the time to CLARIFY, 'what you meant'. But you NEED to understand that, WORDS have MEANING and WEIGHT.  And if you LEAVE! - your statements "OPEN to interpretation" - then that, is "very DANGEROUS" - and that 'sets the STAGE', for SERIOUS problems.  THAT is why, it is SO important, to be 'as SPECIFIC, as you CAN be' - when you're communicating.  So it is "VERY clear" - what it is, you want to SHARE.  In a world FILLED! - with 'BIASES and OPINIONS' - there ARE 'people OUT there' - who are "SIMPLY WAITING! - for STATEMENTS to be MADE - taken COMPLETELY out of context". (January 19, 2019 update)   

For those who are experiencing hurdles and adversities, that you expect US to solve?

These are not our PROBLEMS. These are "YOUR hurdles!" - and "YOUR adversities!" - that YOU! - can overcome - by turning to your CREATOR, and doing what is ASKED OF YOU - OR? - they become 'the perfect EXCUSE for you, to do NOTHING, to help yourself' - so that YOU can comfortably, 'put it all, on US'.  THAT way? - all "the BLOWBACK"! - falls on US.  And that's what your DEMONS want.  And YOU don't have a PROBLEM, with that.  You need to THINK. (September 07, 2019 update)  

Are YOU feeling TRAPPED in your current JOB?

We recommend that you 'CHOOSE a JOB, that you ENJOY'. Do you ENJOY this job? OR, would you prefer, 'a DIFFERENT one'? Because you're FREE to LEAVE it, any time! ESPECIALLY, if you don't 'THINK', that it's "a safe place to WORK". (September 09, 2019 update)

We are not HERE,to force the Testimony on people. 

For the TESTIMONY, TEACHES: the VERY plain and SIMPLE language - of HEAVEN.  People either RECOGNIZE 'the Voice of their TRUE Shepherd' - MOVING through, the Testimony; and they do 'what He asks, OF them' - or they RECOGNIZE 'the Voice of their True SHEPHERD' - and they 'turn AWAY! - and do EVERYTHING else BUT'.  What category have YOU been in?  We are not HERE, to force the Testimony on people.  It is "between THEM and their Creator".  And if YOU are UNABLE, to receive the TESTIMONY? - then, you are not AMONG, 'the Most High TRUE God's CHOSEN ones'If your HEART? - is NOT, "IN, the Faithful REMNANT"? - THEN? - it is 'for something ELSE'.  And if your CREATOR, is not 'REMOVING, the stone WALL, in your HEART'? - then it's because you REALLY, aren't INTERESTED!  Because the Lord Jesus CHRIST, will show MERCY - ALWAYS! - to 'those, who SINCERELY! - desire Mercy'NOT wanting to be "an ENEMY, of the Most High TRUE God"? - is 'NOT the SAME' - as desiring to be His FRIEND.  Because even the DEMONS, want to AVOID the Lake of FIRE - and want to AVOID, PUNISHMENT.  But what do YOU, want...?  (September 22, 2019 update) 


What's THAT?... "WHO! - is responsible, for YOUR finances?"  Here is an important "REALITY check", for all those who want to try to heap THAT mountain, on OUR backs.

We are NOT "your financial ADVISORS".  But YOU! - are "responsible", for 'YOUR finances'!  As you were "RESPONSIBLE", for your finances, BEFORE you found the Remnant - you are 'STILL responsible', for All, MONETARY decisions, that YOU make, after 'JOINING, the Remnant'. Jesus Christ the LORD, is NOT! - "a financial ADVISOR" - He is, 'a SPIRITUAL, advisor'.  And you DON'T want 'to FOLLOW, the COUNSEL from HIM' - but you want 'to GLEAN'! - the PRACTICAL Counsel, that we DO offer.

You  CANNOT 'put', your FINANCIAL STRUGGLES and problems, on US.  But YOU! - need to turn to your CREATOR, and ask for 'His HELP'.  For MANY YEARS - WE learned, to 'LIVE, by the day' - with 'NO security', in tomorrow.  THEREFORE? - you ALSO! - will, be FACED, with 'CHOICES', as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - to either 'turn INWARDS', and 'SABOTAGE!' - your finances; or 'work with your CREATOR' - with 'what He HAS Given you'.  And PERHAPS He will bless you with MORE?

We will TELL you 'the problem' that you DO have - and 'the biggest hurdle', to your SPIRITUAL life:  Is that you are 'BLAMING', the Remnant, for your "financial woes".   And with THAT kind of attitude? - HOW can your CREATOR, ever HELP you?  Because, if He WERE to? - then, He would be 'HELPING, an ENEMY', of His Remnant.  And He would be 'AGREEING! - with how YOU see! - the REMNANT'.  But 'THAT' does not agree with Him.

And SO? - you KNEW 'the Path, that you were CHOOSING', when you became "a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT"; but you 'PRESUMED', that the Most High TRUE God, would…'BOW! - to you', and "YOUR expectations", about how 'the End TIMES', would UNFOLD - and 'how QUICKLY', He would 'Close the AGE'. And in your HUBRIS! - YOU thought, that your CREATOR, would simply 'ERASE' - ALL of your responsibilities and problems - and YOU could 'put it ALL on Him' - and 'BLAME Him' - for your financial WOES - if "things didn't work OUT according to YOUR, expectations".  And GUESS what! - He SAW it all! - and REALLY? - the problem YOU have? - is that you are CONTINUING, to 'work AGAINST Him', DAILY! - and then EXPECTING Him? - to 'BLESS you!'  YOU need "a HUMBLE attitude"; but right NOW? - YOU have 'a SELF-serving attitude'.  And? - Our CREATOR, will 'SHOW you!' - 'the FRUIT of that choice', in your life.
When people find the Testimony, and are CONVICTED of the TRUTH that they are called to begin LIVING - and that being, 'the Kingdom of HEAVEN' in their HEARTS? - the devil tempts MANY of them, to go "off on their OWN thinking", and to create a new financial WORLD, in which they can now LIVE.  Many of those PEOPLE, seek to go off on their OWN, and create a new WORLD, in which all their financial PROBLEMS, are no longer THEIRS - a world in which all their financial RESPONSIBILITIES, are no longer THEIRS.  They believe, that the Most High TRUE God has REMOVED, all their financial responsibilities FROM them, SIMPLY because… "they became a Member of the REMNANT".  We have even heard of people who literally found a rock in the middle of the desert, and buried their wallet along with all their identification, under it - never to be found again!  And do you know WHAT? - we DO appreciate "the Gift of Creativity".  Better to turn to your CREATOR, for HIS "creative ways", to make it to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth - than to turn to the DEVIL, for HIS creative ways, to self-destruct.  It's on You! - who you want to follow. TOTALLY!  (October 03, 2019 update)

For all those reading the Testimony who "DESIRE to be controlled by FEAR"?

As LONG as you DESIRE - to be 'controlled by FEAR'?  Well then, that BECOMES "your reward". 

Remember, the one SERVANT, who was given 'the one TALENT'.  He 'became AFRAID!... BURIED it!  But when his MASTER came? - He ASKED him, "what he DID with the TALENT"?  And WHAT did he SAY?

"Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you did not winnow; soI was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is yours'." (Matthew 25:24b-25)   

You KNOW what the Testimony teaches and you KNOW what you are called to DO.  You're "an ADULT".  But - EVERYONE must 'take responsibility' for their SPIRITUAL life - AND, the CHOICES that they make, have CONSEQUENCES.  But THOSE who are 'in the SPIRIT of the WORLD'? - think "they have a RIGHT to do whatever they WANT"… with ZERO consequences!  And if "consequences" COME? - then they become "a VICTIM".  And THAT'S the SOCIETY we live in!  And YOU have to DECIDE - if you want to 'REMAIN part of that SOCIETY'? - OR - be "FRIENDS", with the SAINTS in Heaven

NOW would be 'a GOOD time' to watch "the Testimony is The Talent". (November 01, 2019 update)
For all those who prefer to read our COUNSEL "out of CONTEXT"?
Yes we KNOW that there are many "HATERS" out there - who can ONLY seek to read our Counsel "OUT of context", in order 'to GASLIGHT' their own victim identity.  EVERYONE has "a hobby", and we understand that.

As for the COUNSEL we SENT you? - it's not "a SUBSTITUTE" for the ongoing UPDATES, in the TESTIMONY - AS you know.  If you TRY to read all your COUNSEL, at ONCE? - that's the recipe, to being OVERWHELMED.  You need to 'follow the True Holy SPIRIT' - or follow your FEELINGS.  If you are STILL 'going over the COUNSEL, we have SENT you'? - it NEEDS to be read "in CONTEXT, of what we were RESPONDING to - that was going ON, in your LIFE at the time".  We have NOT "misunderstood" you.  BUT, YOU can let the True Holy SPIRIT 'GUIDE you'? - or your DEMONS.  And the DEMONS - will ALWAYS try, 'to get YOU, to SEE yourself, as a VICTIM, of our COUNSEL'… because THEY are!   

And so YES! - ANYONE can take a quote out of the Testimony, and present it "OUT of context" - in order to ultimately USE that quote AGAINST their own Judgement… as they will be "passing SENTENCE on THEMSELVES" - as they DO so.  But that really "ISN'T a problem", for US!  (November 01, 2019 update)   


The Testimony is like someone holding a Sign at the side of the road saying "STOP! - cliff ahead! - change course! - or you will surely DIE!"  And we DO understand, that our simple vocation, of telling absolutely EVERYONE, that they are ALL headed for a cliff! - if they don't change course IMMEDIATELY, and turn back to their CREATOR, through the INSTRUCTIONS in His TESTIMONY… our VOCATION, can easily be misunderstood - as one where Two People actually "CARE about"… the wicked.  We don't. The cliff is "FOR the wicked".  It's "absolutely PERFECTLY designed and placed!"  In fact? - we "care"… for the people who will LISTEN to their TRUE Shepherd, and follow HIM.  See the DIFFERENCE?  If not?... have a nice flight… (- that's what "nice people" say to others who enjoy flying…) because the LANDING is going to be 'a bit ROUGH'!

And as you reflect upon this simple comparison, keep in mind, that even in Jesus' time, the demons entered a herd of pigs, and drove them over a cliff.  Likewise? - in THESE times - as the people sport "the MARK of the beast" (- which coincidentally, IS "the MARK of the pig" - because a pig IS... an example of a beast) - 'the PEOPLE!' - are "driven OVER the cliff", by THEIR personal demons.  Really? - it ISN'T anything that is shockingly new.  (November 18, 2019 update)

Is the Testimony some form of "fear-based mind control"?

How can people claim the Testimony is some form of "fear-based mind control" - if the only reason people would be "AFRAID"? - is if 'THEY CHOSE, to BELIEVE!' (- or "have FAITH"), in the True Roman Catholic FAITH?  Therefore, they can only blame THEMSELVES, for believing it to be TRUE.  If THEY don't believe that the Testimony is TRUE, then they CAN'T believe in the Eternal Consequences that are REVEALED in the Testimony.  But because they KNOW it is True, they KNOW the Consequences are indeed very REAL - and THAT is the reason they are afraid.  And based on "REALITY"? - if a person is TRULY afraid of REAL consequences - and wants to blame 'that FEAR' on someone ELSE, for INFORMING them of those REAL consequences?... THAT is "the description of an insane person"...
..."an INFORMAphobe" - someone who is AFRAID, of being INFORMED, of Real Consequences.  And YES, that IS "a mental disorder" - one that MOST of the people who reject the Testimony, are embracing.  It is in fact a manifestation of WILLFUL "DELUSIONAL behavior".  NOT a problem! - as the Eternal Lake of FIRE, will quickly 'snap them OUT'... of THAT one! (November 18, 2019 update) 
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