The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

2018 Archives

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2016 - Archive Updates   
01: The BEST WAY to start a new year?  At the request of the King of Heaven, who is Jesus Christ the Lord, we Consecrated the entire WORLD, to the Blessed Virgin Mary's Mantle of Divine Justice - and to the Divine Justice and Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.  Did you know that as of today, the 2300 days spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, will come to an end in exactly 570 days - according to All of Heaven that is.  And so be SURE to spend this remaining time in the countdown wisely! - as people have been waiting for this important prophesied period in History to be completed, for more than 2600 years now (Daniel lived around the time of 600 B.C.).  And of course, UNTIL then, the forecast calls for "icy cold hearts" - with scattered Remnants of humanity (- who are CHOOSING to enjoy "the Fire of TRUTH", that consoles and warms their inward being).  Are you running out of data storage space for your videos?  Are you struggling to freely practice the TRUE Faith as you live with "your formers"?
02:  Have YOU been choosing to be "a good STEWARD of the True Holy SPIRIT"?
03:  Have you been allowing your FORMERS to become a DISTRACTION to 'YOUR RELATIONSHIP with your CREATOR'?
04:  Do you believe yourself to be "INVINCIBLE"? - or to be "ENTITLED, to ANYTHING"?  Have you been looking for "WORLDLY problems" to SHARE in your EMAILS with us?  Have you gotten to the point where you are "REPENTING out of HABIT"?  Have you been choosing to seek help with "the MINUTIAE"?  Have you been choosing to identify as "a distressed individual"?
05:  HOW  the enemy has 'GOTTEN to EVERYONE'? - outside the Faithful REMNANT.
06:  Have you been choosing to focus on your SINS, all DAY?
07:  Did you know that it is BEST to SIMPLY DISCERN the movie TRAILER - INSTEAD of discerning an entire MOVIE or episode?
08:  Have YOU been CONSECRATING your heart, to the IMMACULATE heart of the BLESSED Virgin Mary, and to the SACRED Heart of Jesus - EVERY day?  And so how is YOUR "plan B" going?
09:  Do YOU want to get "a good night's sleep"?  A new update was posted for January 01.
10:  Mudslides and Oprah?  Have you been looking for "an example of TRUE Humility"?
11:  DOES Donald Trump KNOW! - that Kim Jong Un's "THREAT", of Nuclear WAR! - is about as REAL, as the STORYBOARD, that the MEDIA, presents to the PEOPLE?  Have you been choosing to lament?  When was the last time you asked your Creator to "turn up your CONSCIENCE a THOUSAND fold"? When you read Daily Counsel, have you been simply choosing "to AGREE without THINKING"?
12:  What are you called to DO? - when you realize that your prayers are no longer being heard - by your CREATOR - by 'the ONLY one' who can LIFT your afflictions, and HEAL you!
13: A new section was added to the website today, "True Humility" - and you're going to NEED it!  There is a new posting for January 08, 10.  Antipope Benedict has "a FITTING new look".  The Most High TRUE God will protect the DWELLING places of the Faithful REMNANT... (- from the poltergeist Apocalypse).
14:  Need some motivation to make a nourishing video?  Have you noticed that most people, are becoming physically deformed in appearance?  On the topic of being exalted.
15:  Do YOU really need "a really BIG Sign"? - have you been LOOKING for one? - because you're NOT "the ONLY one"! - and your Creator DOES understand.  A new update has been posted for January 13.  It's time to rise to your CREATOR'S Terms, for the Salvation of your Soul.
16:  Do you STILL DESIRE that OTHERS would HOLD you in high ESTEEMDid the Two Witnesses ever renounce their vocation? - because IF they DID? - then the temptation for OTHERS to do likewise, would be even MORE appealing.  For the PASTORS who have REFUSED, MULTIPLE times - to ACCEPT the DISCIPLINE and the PUNISHMENT FROM the Most High TRUE God.
17:  Are you SEEKING to be SPIRITUALLY NOURISHED by the VIDEOS of the Faithful REMNANT?   What is the BEST thing you can DO? - for the good of your SOUL and for SPIRITUAL nourishment.  Have you ever asked yourself the question, "WHAT am I grateful for?" - because it's important that YOU know that!  What is "the MAIN vocation" of the Members of the Faithful Remnant who work for a living?  Are you seeking to share REAL, TANGIBLE experiences in your testimony videos?  How to combat 'the demonic entity'?  Who is... "the very BEST at being the new YOU"? - take your time, you can figure this one out.
18:  Has your heart been HARDENING? - towards your Creator.
19:   And so how is it, that OBAMA contributed a whopping $113,600.00 to the American Dream? - for EACH average American family of 4.
20:  You are not "an OUTHOUSE"! - so DON'T let people "DUMP on you".  The May 6, 2016 postings are now visible.
21:  Have you been emailing us to simply tell us how you are going to fix yourself? 
22:  Today is the 45th Anniversary of 'the UNJUST Roe v Wade judgment' - and there IS "a Most JUST Response from Heaven".
23:  Getting Tsunamis AIMED at you?... Now THAT'S "a tough job..."!  A special Message for those who are "ALL about simply SURVIVING, these TIMES". 
24:  Have you been in the habit of PRAYING ALWAYS "before the THRONE of your CREATOR"?  How have YOU been choosing to look at "your OLD life"?  Did you think that being a Member of the Faithful Remnant would give you "CELEBRITY STATUS"?
25:  What do you DO if you EVER hear "satanic VOICES"?
26:  HERE is "the Real Donald TRUMP".  And HERE's a sobering Truth: It's best to always say no to the temptation to consume strong drinks, made with alcohol.
27:  When was the last time you rejected your desire to get "sucked into the downward spiral of the world", and asked for the Grace to desire to be "yoked to all of Heaven instead"?  When was the last time you consecrated all your GOOD desires to the protection of Saint Michael the Archangel - AND everything, that your CREATOR has ENTRUSTED you with - to the Protection of Saint Michael the Archangel.  Yes, "you MUST OBEY", your well-informed CONSCIENCE!   Have you been UPSET, about the very same thing, for a very long time?  Do you see yourself as ENTITLED to the addictions of your former LIFE?
29:  What are you called to do when you get harassing phone callsWho is RESPONSIBLE? - for the SALVATION of each Member of the Faithful Remnant? WHY do people HATE! - the Testimony?  Why DOES the Faithful Remnant CHURCH seem like 'such an extreme LIFESTYLE'?  The ASSAILANTS really WANT you to harden your heart... and SO...?  Are we called to spread these Messages if someone ASKS about our Faith?
30:  Did you remember to EXPLAIN what you're saying, in your videos?
31:  Did you know that you're NOT called to SNUB the people you live with?  Have YOU been CHOOSING to be "PRODUCTIVE with your time"?  And know that it is NOT safe to discern 2018 Movie Trailers - as so many of them, actually curse the viewer.  The January 28 update is now visible.
01:  Have you been thinking of IRELAND lately?  Updates for January 24 and 25 are now visible.  Have you been resolving to ONLY have "TRUE Compassion on your CREATOR"
03: Have you noticed that PEACE is being taken, and wars are breaking out, on the Earth?  Have you been examining your CONSCIENCE daily?
04:  An IMPORTANT WARNING for the Members of the Faithful Remnant.
05: Have you been choosing to live "in the state of Grace", or in the past? A new update has been added for January 16, 2018.
06: Know that to blow off the COUNSEL is to blow off the GRACES. Have YOU been receiving a tremendous OUTPOURING of the True Holy SPIRIT? - every TIME, you HEAR FROM US? And so you have lifted up your prayers and everything is FINE NOW? Do you believe in Jesus enough to be SAVED YET? - because the DEMONS do... and THEY aren't!
07:  We just finished "a video-posting marathon" - as we embedded more than 100 Faithful Remnant Videos IN the Testimony, over the last month.  NOW would be a good time to re-read your Video email string - and be SURE to let us know, if we overlooked posting ANY of your videos - referring to the ones that we SAID would be posted in the Testimony, when we approved them.  When you RECEIVE "Discipline", always TURN to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title, "Mother of Purity".  Know that, when YOU stop SEEKING ANYONE'S approval - EXCEPT for, the APPROVAL, of your CREATOR' - only THEN! - will the nostalgia attacks CEASE.  Do YOU desire "a protestant platform"? - because you WOULDN'T be the first, if you did!   When you need some help for that TOOTHACHE.  Have you been able to find the Vision that Mary Romanus had - concerning "the giant OCTOPUS"? - because the Formal interpretation of that vision IS posted with the vision itself.  New Updates have been posted for October 11, 2017 - 11b.
08:  When the Members of the Faithful Remnant find a REALLY important piece of Divine Counsel in their inbox - one that would surely HELP the OTHER Members of the Faithful Remnant, it is always a good IDEA to share it, in a video Testimony - like THIS one.  Know that if it ISN'T already in the Testimony - then there there is a good chance, that it will be added - as was the case with this September09, 2015 Message.
09:  A 3 minute nourishing video two or three times a WEEK? - is that too much to ASK?  While you ponder that, here is an easy way to find the pages with the most content on our website; hope that helps you - with your VERY... small... task...  And SPEAKING of small tasks - have you been remembering to pray each DAY? - for "the coming MEGA-tsunami" - to cover the Members of the Faithful Remnant to BE - with "Blessed HOLY Water" of course!  And SURE, you can join the Souls of the UNBORN and pray for "the wave everyone ELSE is going to get", too!   Don't allow irrational thoughts or fears to lead you into a false reality.  Your "formers" have chosen to be "friends with the devil" - and so ask the Most High TRUE God to MUZZLE them!
10: All the Daily Homilies videos are now posted on the Daily Homilies page.  How about YOU, have YOU been "editing YOUR interior life?"  The Proclamations from Heaven page has now been thorougly edited and annotated. A new update has been added for February 01.
11:  There's really no need to water DOWN the Testimony, or to HOLD BACK the Truth, from the nations - here, need some MOTIVATION? - to get the WORD OUT?  And WHEN you're praying, ALWAYS remember to BREATHE - it will help with your VIDEOS as well.
12:  How are you CHOOSING to cope with discomfort and anxiety? Have you been choosing to hide behind MANTRAS? "ONE IOTA of unforgiveness" will BE your undoing!
13:  What is "the infantile Scourge"?
14:  "That novena" was just edited.  Justice for women! Have you been calling the CONVICTING and HUMILIATING Revelations you receive from the True Holy Spirit, as you read the Testimony, "DEMONS"?  New updates have been added for December 18, 18b, 18c.
15:   When we are unable to email you - CHOOSING to go crazy? - IS "always an option" - but it ISN'T a good one!  Perhaps that just NEEDS to be stated. Are YOU committed, to WORSHIPPING and LOVING and SERVING your CREATOR - with your entire BEING?   Have you noticed images of people from your former life, popping up in your dreamsWhen people with "ALL-MALE DNA", start to breast feed babies, what happens NEXT?
16:  Did you know that you can "storm all of HEAVEN" for INTERCESSION? An important WARNING that goes out to all those who are "CHOOSING to LIVE in a false REALITY".  You are CALLED tobe "full of Grace". For those who have chosen to stop emailing us daily.  New updates have been added for February 09, 09b
17: An uncomfortable update has been added to the website; and it's not the FIRST one... AND there are more to come!  Like this, "SO many Divine Interventions... SO few videos!"  What if?... ALL this time... 'decoding the Book of Revelations' was "so EASY, a CHILD could understand"?... (- "just add 2000"!) DO you WANT something to STRUGGLE with?
18:  Turning the institutional catholics AWAY from "the Heaven they SPURNED", is a tough job! What have you been doing AFTER you were HEALED?
19:  There is REALLY no need to be concerned about "the assailants".  A new update has been added for November 24, 2017.  Have you been struggling with "SCRUPULOSITY", or "FALSE guilt"?
20:  Have "your formers" made 'a lot of SACRIFICES' FOR you? WHO is providing for all your NEEDS? A new update has been added for January 16.
21:  Are you STILL trying to figure things out? - "It will make sense to you later on, My children"  Did you know that the Testimony is "stocked FULL of short lessons"? - for example...  Are you "a NAYSAYER"? When you notice that your perceptions are CHANGING?  Know that it really IS important to avoid eating red meat. A new update has been added for January 04a, 04b, 04c, 04d.
22:  You really need to know, that with ALL of Heaven coming down to earth - that would make the Most High TRUE God, "your neighbor" - at the very least. Have you been CLINGING to MEMORIES of the past? Are you being "FORCIBLY CONFINED by your desire to embrace the demon of nostalgia"? Have you been simply turning to your INTELLECT for the ANSWER to your SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS?
23: Choose to BE completely dependent on your CREATOR. A new update has been added for February 17The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
24:  Have you been hiding? - behind the excuse, "But everything is so NEW to me!"  New updates have been added for January 11, 11b.
25:  It is now necessary to clothe yourself in the Armor of the Most High True God, every time you wake up.  Have you ever seen "static" on laundry, as it comes out of an electric dryer? - and so, a few edits were made to the CERN article, and the one above it.  A special update was added to help reduce the severity alien tech attacks.  Why is the Testimony so UNCOMFORTABLE? Did Jesus ever use martial arts against the wicked?  New updates have been added for February 12, 12b, 12c.
26:  Now you KNOW what to do with 'that desire to CONFORM'.  Are you ready to STOP being comfortable in your sins?   A new update has now been added for October 20, 2015, and January 15, 2018.
28:  Some more important tips - for what to do when you are woken up in the middle of the night.  Concerning the topic of tattoos
01: Have you been choosing to pray for those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant? - for Divine JUSTICE to befall them, CONTINUALLY!
02:  The easiest way to browse through the Archives, is to click on the new link at the top of each page "one million words" - clicking on that link will redirect you to the list of Archive links at the bottom of the "What is the Testimony?" page.  Need help calming the storm?  And so, you HAVE "the answers"... THEN what?   New updates have been added for October 06, 2017; January 14, 17, 17b,
03: Have you been choosing to FOCUS on the attacks of the ENEMY?  New updates have been added for February 22, 22b, 22c.
04: An IMPORTANT SUMMARY: The WOMEN, in the Faithful REMNANT who WILL make it! - to the FULLNESS, of the PHYSICAL Era of Peace.  A new posting has been added for July 19, 2015.
05: Do you have a LITANY of TRUTHS from the Testimony that you are REFUSING to apply? For those who are refusing to APPLY the Counsel. For those who have been feeding the GRACES to their personal demons. Have you been responding to 'the call to just REST'? What happens when you stop 'FILTERING' what you allow IN to your INTERIOR life? Who have YOU been choosing to live for? Do YOU know what "a VIDEO PLATFORM" is FOR?
06:  And now, "back by popular demand": The top 10 list of reasons as to why it is UNDENIABLE! - that Pope Peter the Last DOESN'T hate women.  The Vision of the Three Blue Tulips.  You CANNOT be "a TRUE PROPHET" AND an Ahab.  A new update has been added for July 16, 2015.
07:  Not sure what page to go to NEXT?
08:  As we celebrate the 6 year Anniversary of the website today, we are formally announcing, that we now have, more than 500 embedded videos (- the real number is actually closer to 600) on the website; and Playlists (- now on the website) with more than 1000 videos - by Members of the Faithful Remnant. You will notice these edits in the header and footer of each page on the website.  And know that the Graces you received in HELPING us reach this milestone, ARE "Heaven's thank you"!  Don't just 'stand there SHAKING' when you receive "infused Knowledge" from the True Holy Spirit.
09:  Have you been looking for "the Universal CURE for every disease and AILMENT"? Did you remember to bless the CHAIR you sit on, at your place of WORK? Have local preachers been gathering outside YOUR window at 5:00 a.m. to wake you from your sleep with their 'sermons from demons'? (- based on actual events).
10:  It's time to plug a few more leaks in your Spiritual life - and so some minor edit notes were made to the first prayer of the day - namely: Remember to reject 'the demonic entity' first thing in the morning - and fill your Soul with the Divine Love of your Creator, and Heavenly Graces instead - because, "THAT just makes sense!"  The Most High True God CAN and IS using "all the satanic lenten sacrifices that are being aimed at taking down the Faithful Remnant" - to actually STRENGTHEN, those in the Faithful Remnant - who DESIRE to be Strong, in Jesus Christ the Lord; and that is by STRENGTHENING your relationship WITH your Creator, and by STRENGTHENING your SPIRITUAL life, as "an appropriate response"... Most fitting indeed!  Are you being tempted to DESIRE to go BACK, to your old LIFE, and PRETEND, as though you had NEVER found, the Testimony of Jesus Christ the LORD?  Have you been struggling to find time to make a nourishing VIDEO?
11:  Even MORE edits have now been made to the 1000 word essay at the bottom of the "What is the Testimony?" page - like this LINK to a most critical update.  New updates were added for March 03, 06, and October 13, 2017.
12:  Have you been putting your TRUE Vocation LAST? WHERE did the world GO?  Edits have been made to the "From since the Beginning" page.
13:  Are you in the GOOD HABIT of 'making a sincere effort towards HELPING YOURSELF' - BEFORE you email US for help? - because THAT just makes sense!  Did you remember to turn to the True Holy Spirit FIRST?
14:  "And the LAST shall be first".
15:   If you try to SPEED-read the Testimony, then you WILL be "TOO OVERWHELMED to make a testimony video". Have you been waiting for the Prophecy of "the mortal head wound" to be fulfilled? - because WE aren't!  Have you been choosing to focus on NOT being overwhelmed?  It is NOT "TOO much to ask!" - for you to truly DESIRE to SERVE your Creator out of LOVE for Him. Do YOU believe that "the LETTER, of the LAW" will SAVE YOU?  Did YOU KNOW that 90% of COLDS are actually CAUSED by dehydration?  Are YOU "a child of the LIGHT"?  Did YOU know that if you Discipline YOURSELF? - your CREATOR won't NEED TO!
16:  How can each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT 'overcome the WORLD'?  Have you been VISITED in your dreams by your "former ANCESTORS" recently?  A new update has been added for March 08.  
17:   For those who are habitually: choosing your video topic, based on where you EXPECT your video to appear in the Testimony.  For those who DESIRE to RIDE on our COAT tails into 'a position of POWER' in the Era of PEACE.  "Good morning class!
18:   A special clarification note for the Members of the Faithful Remnant who still "...don't UNDERSTAND the Testimony"?
19:  YOU choose! - WHO is going to FORM you?... and into WHAT!  Have you been neglecting to TURN to your Holy Guardian Angel for help - in each moment?  It really isn't about numbers!  You REALLY need to start CONSCIOUSLY making "your ETERNAL choices".
20:  Have you secretly resolved to keep your Creator "at a DISTANCE" and APPROACH Him on YOUR terms? Since finding the Testimony of your Creator, have you ever experienced "a state of being OVERWHELMED"?  You know you're living in the Time of the Apocalypse, when we have to ask: Have you been choosing to HATE EVERYTHING that your Creator is ASKING of you? - because 9 out of every 10 people who became Official Members of the Faithful Remnant did; while only ONE came back, and gave thanks with a heartfelt video Testimony (- with NO secret conditions attached whatsoever). Have you been allowing your DEMONS to HATE through you? Have YOU been doing 'YOUR part' in desiring to STAY Spiritually AWAKE and LIVING the Testimony?
21:  With EVERY day that goes BY, when you REFUSE to produce FRUIT, WHAT are you TELLING the True Holy Spirit? Have you been OBSESSING over EVERY thought and INSPIRATION that you RECEIVE?
22:  Are YOU ready to "take a stand"?
23:  What makes YOU think that you're "so SPECIAL"?  A special historical PROPHECY has been added to the top of "the MAJOR plague" page. ARE YOU YOKING yourself to your FORMERS - in the hopes that they will come AROUND at some point in the future?
24:  How would you like even MORE! - Heavenly Graces, to overcome your OWN spiritual struggles? Can you see that you're "GOOD"?
25:  There is a very important REASON why we are annotating the Messages from Heaven.  Would you prefer Eternal FLAMES or your CREATOR dwelling in your heart? Have you ever experienced a sudden feeling of hatred towards the Two Witnesses? New updates are now added for February 16, March 15, 21, 24.
26:   When faced with "a nagging FORMER" - what are you called to DO? - WHAT, do you DO! Have you been going through a LOT of UNCERTAINTIES in your INTERIOR Life?  Many new updates are now added for March 15.
27:  Has the ALIEN technology SUCCEEDED in getting you to desire to SLEEP through the APOCALYPSE?  Have you been experiencing "BLOWBACK" from your FORMERS?  Because "families" ARE indeed being brought together by the Testimony, of their Creator!  New updates are now posted for March 07, 26.
28:   We are now ASKING, EACH MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, to "stand UP for THEMSELVES" - and 'FOR', what THEY choose to BELIEVE in - through their own free WILL.  And, to EACH make 'a VIDEO' - about "how THEY chose to DISTANCE themselves, FROM their formers".  BECAUSE, of the way, they were TREATED - and, how they were "RELIGIOUSLY persecuted", after FINDING the Testimony.  Of course this ONLY applies to 'those, who have LEFT, their formers, and who are no longer COMMUNICATING with them'.  Once APPROVED, these Testimony VIDEOS - WILL be posted on our YouTube Channel.  We INVITE, EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT - to whom this task APPLIES - to TURN to the True Holy SPIRIT, for 'the TRUTH', and to SPEAK the Truth, BOLDLY!  It's TIME to "stand UP! - to the LIES! - that the BEAST from the bottomless PIT has been spreading" - WITH 'the TRUTH!'  It's "TIME to defend your FAITH".  For "specific instructions" - as the Most High TRUE God ALREADY, 'went AHEAD of THIS time, in History' - SEE the following, LINK.  Have you been ALLOWING your INTERIOR life to SLIDE?
29:  HOW will you will be able to ENDURE during THESE Times? It is NOT EASY to let go. WHAT happens to your INTERIOR life when you turn off the camera.  Do you need PROOF! - that the Most High True God is "STANDING, with the Faithful Remnant"? New updates are now posted for March 25, 25b, 28.
30:   And so what HAPPENED? - during the 3 o'clock hour - on "BETTER Friday" - 2018 - "The Hour Of Divine Justice".  It isn't EASY folks - but we're going to CONVEY it, the BEST that we can!
31:  For those who are STILL choosing to be "YOKED! - to the roman catholic hierarchical institution"   DON'T let your formers turn you into a goat! ZERO false compassion for "formers" Best to avoid INDIRECTLY snubbing the One who answers your prayers. You don't still have "a desire to please OTHERS" do you? Yes, the devil DOES bow to the prayers of "the formers". Don't know what to share in your daily VIDEO? - now ALL the excuses are "blown out of the swamp"!
01:  Easter Sunday.  Just a few days ago, on March 28, 2018 - we asked the Members of the Faithful Remnant, to simply "STAND UP!" - for THEMSELVES... with a Testimony VIDEO. But what we DIDN'T tell anyone - was that we have been "on the edge of our SEATS" ever since, because there was "a DEADLINE" - or time limit, on that assignment - and that would be... today!  And so, today, Easter Sunday, at 10:00 pm, Pacific STANDard time - we are 'calling it'.  And for the record, only NINE!... that's ONE short of ten - responded - with a video that passed, the minimum requirements - that were NEEDED in order to post it PUBLICLY, on our YouTube Channel. Looks like we won't have to ask The Most High True God to rewrite the Bible, in order to close this Era, after all...  Know that we are STILL encouraging everyone ELSE to send in their videos - but those VIDEOS, won't stop THIS Era, FROM coming to a close.  If we had 10? - would 10 have stopped it?  Let's just say... "ONE video, can make a BIG difference!"  And So?... know that we DO look forward, to your next video.  So the QUESTION remains, "WHY, WASN'T, making a VIDEO TESTIMONY - to stand UP, for what YOU! - believe in - or CLAIM to believe in - IMPORTANT enough - to make a PRIORITY in your life?"  This question is ONLY for the Remnant Members, it applies to.  Know that this is being POSTED, so that the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant, can EASILY see, HOW the number who step FORWARD, when "it's CRUNCH time" - is being held at... 9 - even though the IDENTITY of those 9, is constantly - even from day to day - changing.  And THIS, is "a great mystery" - as the Most High TRUE God - JUSTLY closes this Era.  And so, we are ENCOURAGING 'the WEAKER Members' of the Faithful Remnant - at this time - to LEARN! - this LESSON - And to RESOLVE, to GROW, STRONGER - in their FAITH - and to 'resolve to Give BACK - with their WHOLE HEARTS!' - in the next VIDEOS, that they send in.  And MAKE! - their VIDEOS, in the LIGHT, of ETERNITY.  KNOW that, this IS! - "the TURNING point" - and the Faithful Remnant Church - can ONLY grow stronger - at THIS point in time.  Because, of the Most High TRUE God's MERCY.
02:  Are YOU "the donkey in the REMNANT"?
03:  Have you been seeking ALL the REWARDS of your FORMER life AND the BENEFITS of being a REMNANT Member?
04:  A new page, "RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION" was added to the website today.
05:  Have you been receiving unrelenting emails from one of your "formers"? What is the FASTEST way to getting HEALED?   What TYPE of Nourishment have YOU been choosing to receive?
06:  Are you ready for "a HIGHER CALLING"?
07:  Back by popular demand: "the morning blog" - TODAY'S Blog? - on the importance of punctuation.
08:  Exercising self-CONTROL is an important part of an effective fitness program. Have you been doing YOUR part? - to make your Soul a MORE pleasing DWELLING place for the Most High TRUE God"
09:  The R.C.H.I. is now "COOKED!"
10: In order to help people with hand-held devices, to use less data when they load the Updates page - we have reduced the amount of data on the UPDATE page, by adding the 2017 Archive and 2018 Archive pages to the website.  Just a reminder, that the link to the most recent update month - is found at the bottom of the Home Page titled, "Here you can find the most recent Updates posted on our website" (- that is just for a visual).  Have you SEEN? - the PERSECUTION videos on OUR YouTube Channel?  Because there is a LOT THERE!  Have your "formers" been TEMPTING you to be even MORE DEPENDENT on them?  There is a new update for March 23.  
11:  "Cooked"?
12:  Have you been preferring to exchange "the SPIRITUAL TRUTHS GIVEN" directly by Jesus" - for your  OWN personal theology?
13:  And so, what DOES "a COLLISION course with the Most High TRUE God's Divine JUSTICE" - SOUND like?  Welcome to the End TIMES My People...
14:  Have you been using your videos to control the perceptions of others - of 'how they SEE you'?  Have YOU been following the Testimony "for a CHANCE at SALVATION"?

15:  Some important reflections were added under that "Collision Course" video.  Have you ever taken the time to go LOOKING for CONTRADICTIONS or INCOMPLETE PROPHECIES in the TESTIMONY? Have you been choosing to OBSESS over the FORMER MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant?
16:  Have you seen the Divine Interventions section on the Changes page recently? - because there have been a LOT of them!  
17:  An URGENT WARNING - concerning harassment.  What if someone offers you a free computer?  Have you been making our "Contact US" email address public? 
18:  An important Declaration for ALL those who REFUSED to be "all IN" - for LIFE!  Effective today, the map at the bottom of each page on the website - is now "a screen shot image"; and this means that the I.P. address of each person viewing the website, is no longer being sent to that REAL TIME map location generating website (- that LOADS the complete history of all viewer I.P. locations, every time a page is opened).  And as a result of this simple change - the GREEN padlock symbol, should now be appearing in the left side of the browser bar as you read this - as a sign that you are GOING to a secure website.
19:  Have you been choosing to be "a self-serving Remnant Member"?
20:  Are you STILL choosing to have false COMPASSION on your formers?
22:  Are you severely AFFLICTED when you are INTERACTING and doing things 'in the WORLD'?
23: For those who need "a ONE LINER" to go with their addiction.
24:  We have been getting SO much "lip service" in our INBOX, that we actually had to start a new section in the website. What happens when you show FALSE compassion towards people who ONLY want to suck the life out of you?
25:  Have you been choosing to embrace 'the Ways of your Creator' through HEARTFELT repentance and True HUMILITY?   We just finished posting all the "one liners" we could think of two days ago - as we didn't finish that conversation until about midnight.  Do you still have "a desire to VINDICATE yourself" in front of your FORMERS?
26: Have you been rebelling by REFUSING to take care of your appearance?
27: What to do once you have you finished your exams. A new page was added to the website today, Faithful Remnant Video Playlists.
28: HOW do you want to live your LIFE? Are you still waiting for your video to be ACCEPTED?
29: What is motivating you to be "a Public Member"? Have you RESOLVED to be HEALED from your OLD life? YOU will ultimately be the one who decides WHO you are going to CONFORM to.  For those who could use a little REFRESHER on social etiquette.  Did you know that "the RIGHT KIND of suffering" will actually FORCE a Soul to CHOOSE something?  A new Message has been added for December 13, 2015, February 28, 2017, February 20, 2018, April 24

30:  The question that many people are ASKING is... What can the Two Witnesses DO? - to HELP ME carry MY CROSS and get the video PLATFORM I deserve? - and there have been some pretty CREATIVE answers to those questions... like the solution "cartel" came up with, for example - the solution of simply launching a platform AGAINST us - by using a distorted presentation of the content in the TESTIMONY, to fuel his platform.  And there are many OTHER "former members" with OTHER websites and OTHER video platforms against us as well. What about YOU?  Will YOU be the next one to FULLY betray us?  Because we can TELL from your EMAILS, AND from talking with Jesus... which team you are TRULY on.  And so perhaps today's update will help the ones who have been CHOOSING to be "weak", as they prepare "their FINAL answer"...  On another note... The underhandedness of the illuminati EXPOSED!
01:  There are now only 18 Official Members of the Faithful Remnant - if you are reading this posting, and it is the first week of May, you are ONE of them.  This is because the website is currently locked down, and the others no longer have "ACCESS" - as their passwords have been REVOKED.  WHY? - because the ones who were removed "PROVOKED", the Most High True God - by STUBBORNLY refusing to grow and change.   All "LIVING things" grow and change.  And SO?  Live.  Simple!  And if that's asking too much?  Please let us know. And so today we removed another 150 videos from the Remnant video playlists.  And WHY? - because if people aren't growing and changing, with ALL the Spiritual Nourishment that has been put in FRONT of them, then what GOOD can POSSIBLY come from a video, that simply PUBLICIZES their free will choice, to be little more than "a barren fig tree"?  Because the FRUIT of the Testimony, is Spiritual Life and Growth - not "a list of videos", that testifies to the OPPOSITE, on someone's YouTube channel. Perhaps we didn't make that CLEAR ENOUGH earlier - and so, now we have!
What are you called to do, when you don't experience any relief after praying the deliverance prayer? And so WHAT exactly ARE you entitled toSTILL have that door OPEN? - for your FORMERS?
02:  Do NOT be "afraid", of the devil - INSTEAD - FOCUS, on Jesus Christ the LORD!  How will you know for SURE that it is the End Times?  For those who have fallen into the snare of habitually asking, "How are the Two Witnesses WRONG?" - because that's the ONLY question "the assailants" are PRAYING that you would ask.
03:  For the single men - WHAT do you do when you finally find "an attractive WOMAN"?
05: "UNCOMFORTABLE Counsel" OFFENDS the demons - and so does the fact that there are NOW more than 700 embedded videos on this website.  Perhaps YOU, would like to turn to your Creator, for your next video topic, and make another NOURISHING video, for us to POST - as that is one of the BEST ways to Gather Graces, in these Apocalyptic Times.
07:  Have you been choosing to take ORDERS from "formers" in order to APPEASE them? Are you ENTITLED to have your prayers answered? How do YOU escape a spiritual fog?
08:  Have you been tempted to embrace SADNESS WHEN can you STOP seeking, the Will of your Creator?
09:  Have you been remembering to simply share your FAITH?
10:  Is the Most High TRUE God simply allowing the HEAT to be TURNED UP, with "formers"? Yes, Official Members of the Faithful Remnant DO have "life insurance". Have you been finding it difficult to get WARM?
11:  Have you found the new page on our website yet?  Reading the recent updates will help. A special note for those who found that "attractive woman" posting offensive.
12:  How have you been responding to the temptation to rationalize evil?  Are you going to follow your OWN will? - OR, are you going to listen to your Conscience?  
13:  "The assailants", are sending "MINORS"... to lay 'SNARES' ... to further PERSECUTE the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  And just in case it isn't obvious, "the NOVENA" ended on May 5, 2018 - it was "a ONE year novena, for the Close of the Era" - and we WON'T be renewing it.
14:  Judgements for California, Russia and the illuminati leaders.  Have you discovered yet - that YOUR plans, APART from the True Holy Spirit, never seem to work out?  For the healing of kidney problems
15:  7 more NEW Judgements were added today.  The price of holding "a personal grudge".
16:  "What goes around, comes around" - are you ready for "the GOLDEN assurance"?  For the sake of people with limited wifi data plans - we will be posting the Judgements on multiple pages.  Page 2 is now visible.
17:  Many, MANY new Judgements have now been passed, against the Nations - and are now visible, on BOTH Judgment pages.  And now everyone will know, who "the illuminati" are.
18:  WHO is responsible? - for 'the SPIRITUAL state, of your Soul'Experiencing "UNCERTAINTIES"?  Know that the Judgements are ONLY for those who have REJECTED the Words of their Creator.  Even more are now posted - as the entire population of this planet, has now been addressed.

19:  It's time for Judgements page 3.  Have you been choosing to KEEP 'going over your SINS, of the PAST' - in order to RELIVE them?
20: Have you resolved to be "your AUTHENTIC self" - ALWAYS! - as 'a way of LIFE'?  Some new notes have been added to the top of the Judgements 1 page.  New Counsel is now posted for May 19.
21: All of HEAVEN has noticed some EXTRAORDINARILY disturbing things, about the people who are OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant.  There is also some new content under "the royal wedding scourge" Judgment.  WHY record video Testimonies?  NO one has "a license to sin" without JUST CONSEQUENCES.

22:  WHAT would it take? - for ANY goodness to move, through your "formers"?  WHY does your heart look 'HEAVY' in some of your videos? What to DO when you are stuck in a habit of simply REACTING to the Counsel?
23:  What do ALL "the private members" have in common?  An important paragraph on "computer basics" has now been added to the A.I. Judgement.  And in Canada, tomorrow is "Victoria Day".
25:  And so WHAT have all the jezzies OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, taught us?  Do you have "trouble UNDERSTANDING"?
26:  Do you use an android phone or iPad?  Have you been setting aside time to read the Testimony for HOURS?  HOW is the A.I. "obsolete"?  Have you decided to STOP growing SPIRITUALLY? Have you been in the habit of... "going on long walks, to examine your conscience"?  Divine Counsel is for the PURPOSE of helping you focus on the CREATOR'S Ways. Do you have ANY idea - how many wicked things you are going to need to NOT want, in order to reach the Kingdom of Heaven?  New content is now posted on the Judgements 3 page.  A new posting has been added for April 25, May 20.  New updates are now posted for May 24 and 25.
27:  Have you been focusing on just changing the WORDS that you use? Has reading our Counsel ever brought you to the point of TEARS? What do YOU hold in high esteem?
28:  Have you been running out of 'things to make UP' - or 'PROBLEMS to create - or even 'things to COMPLAIN about' - and email us about?... Here, perhaps we could help you with that.  Have you been resolving to ALWAYS respond with "a YES!" - to the PROMPTINGS of your CONSCIENCE?  There are some new hints at the unfolding Judgements, on the Judgements 3 page.  THOSE in the BEAST state - or THOSE who have received the MARK, cannot receive 'ANYTHING of the Spirit'.  A new update has been added for May 23, 26.
29:   Have you been choosing to be "focused on the WAVE"?  Have you decided to see the TESTIMONY as "a source of KNOWLEDGE"Have you been experiencing 'perception shifts'? - or 'STRONG temptations to HATE YOURSELF and your VOCATION and the TESTIMONY AND US'?  New updates have now been added for May 07a, 07b, 07c, 08a, 08b, 09, 10a, 10b, 10c.
30:  Do you have, what it TAKES to GET re-CREATED? To follow the LETTER of the Law IS "lip service" - and that WON'T change your heart!  Still "not SURE if you're going to MAKE it"?  MANY people are now persecuting the Faithful Remnant, "as a matter of conscience"
31:  Have you heard about "Canada's SLICK Prime Minister"?  New updates are now visible for May 01a, 01b, 01c, 12a, 12b, 22, 26a, 26b, 26c.  Even MORE updates are now visible for the 29th, and 30th... because you really NEED them, at this point in your journey.
01: Once again, the great city of Sodom and Egypt has announced 'its HUBRIS-laden affront' to all of Heaven - with the words, "June is pride month".  And so, WE, can work with THAT - as WE in turn, are proud to announce, that the Creator of the UNIVERSE, LAVAS "pride month!" - SO much so in fact, that He will most ASSUREDLY, be "warming up HEARTS", with His lava, among other things... this June.  You're welcome.  Is THAT "a Just response"?  No.  It's just the BEGINNING, of His Just response - as HE in TURN! - has "a Parade of Judgements", to pass before the inhabitants of the great CITY.  So please remember to wave the flag of YOUR country... or whatever that thing you are holding is - as the Holy Angels draw near. 

Just how easy IS it to overcome your old IDENTITY?  Two important admonitions from your Creator, that He ASKED us to PUT there - have been added to the top of the Faithful Remnant Videos page.

02:  Many Members of the Faithful Remnant have been tempted by "formers" to work AGAINST the Remnant.  MANY world leaders, are about to become interested, in litigating MITIGATING circumstances - but they will ALL first have to look at what they have put in the trash can.  And, just in case you thought WE FORGOT? - an important new update is now posted for May 16
03:  On a practical note - If the page you are viewing, does NOT have the global map at the bottom of it - then you need to use the "REFRESH" button that is located in the browser bar - and wait for the page to FULLY load - and this may take some time - depending on what kind of device you are using, and depending on how functional and well-maintained your device is.  And... For those, who have made "a comfortable HABIT" of presenting legal SNARES TO us, by asking us EXACTLY what you should do.  Are YOU being tempted to believe, that being a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT is "BURDENSOME"?
04:  A special assignment for "our secret fan club" at CSIS.  As we fill in the newest section on the website - new updates are now visible for August 22, 2016, September 16, 2016, October 21, 2016, March 17, 2018, May 02, 2018, May 24, 2018.
06:  Have you been taking the necessary time and care to send SPIRITUALLY-minded emails?  It is in fact YOUR DUTY to take RESPONSIBILITY for your decisions ALWAYS!
08:  Have you been choosing to FOCUS on the ATTACKS being sent by 'the FORMERS' and by 'the occult WORLD'?  For the women - have you been AVOIDING "the jezzie mask list" because it makes you feel BAD about your FAILINGS?
09:  The United States CITIZENS are being BULLIED and TORTURED regularly - through MANY of the CIA programs that are being 'RUN, out of Langley Virginia'.  Do you know what "the Sign of Destruction" is?  Did you know that it is EASY to make sure that the display color on your computer monitor has been properly calibrated?
10:  Have people been PRESSURING you to drink alcohol? - with words like, "...Jesus Christ the Lord did drink wine back then." The OFFICIAL Members don't SEE themselves as "entitled to just sit BACK".  What are you called to do, when ALL of a sudden you EXPERIENCE that your THOUGHTS are CLOUDED?  New updates are now visible for March 16, April 08a, 08b, 25, May 21a, 21b, June 06.

11:  COURT UPDATE: Case closed!  Have you been TOLERATING BAD inspirations?  New updates are now visible for May 14a, 14b.
12:  When you experience sore throat and ears.  Have you EVER heard, that you HAVE to stop DOING what you KNOW is WRONG? - BEFORE your SINS can be forgiven!  New updates are now visible for March 19a, 19b, 19c, 19d.
13:  Have you been seeking to UNDO what you have LEARNED? - by CONTINUALLY looking BACK at 'the time when you DIDN'T know'?  Have you been choosing to PERSEVERE - THROUGH the afflictions - so that you can 'KEEP the demonic STRONGHOLDS'?  A special message for all the "ARMED and DANGEROUS" women out there... your battle AGAINST your own Salvation is almost over - ONE way or another.  New BOUNDARIES are now being set UP - especially THIS one "For the men".  New updates were posted for yesterday.  New Updates are now visible for April 15a, 15b.
14: Have you been experiencing a DELUGE of spiritual attacks from your FORMERS lately?  We have added a new page to the website, called "How to Receive Divine Counsel" - which is basically the "Daily Divine Counsel" section moved - from the Living in the True Reality page - and this will simply make loading the pages easier.  New updates are now visible for March 12a, 12b, 13a, 13b.
15:  Why did the Most High TRUE God ALLOW people to so EASILY dismiss and discard the Testimony? - it's NOW time for "the uncomfortable TRUTH".  New updates are now visible for March 05a, 05b, 05c, 05d, 05e, 05f, 05g.
16:  The natural CONCLUSION for the generation that prefers to dismiss and discard.  Have you FINALLY chosen to purify from the desire to save your formers? New updates are now visible for March 31a, 31b, 31c, 31d, 31e, 31f, 31g.

17:  Sometimes, the day is simply "BOOKED".   
18: Are you "COMMITTED, to CHANGING"?  Do you BELIEVE in the Testimony - yet refuse to PRACTICE what your Creator has TAUGHT you, THROUGH it?  It really IS the best time for "home renovations"!  A new update is now visible for May 28.
19:  Are you still looking for more EXCUSES?  What are you called to DO - If you HEAR the ENEMY tell you LIES, in your INTERIOR life?  WHO is, "Completely responsible for how you INTERPRET the Counsel that we have sent you?" - YOU are!  New updates are now visible for yesterday, and for May 30, 2016.
21:  Are you currently 'stuck' in the UNSTOPPABLE HABIT of "just SAYING stuff"?  New updates are now visible for YESTERDAY, and for August 2017: 19a, 19b, 19c, 19d, 19e, 20, 25, 28a, 28b, 28c, 28d, 30, 31. And more for March 2018: 09a, 09b, 09c.
22:  Have you been ALLOWING your FORMERS to pray INTO you "the WAY that THEY see the Testimony"?  What about "the state of the so-called RELIGIOUS women" in these End Times?
23:  When you experience a sudden stomach ache.  New updates are now visible for YESTERDAY, and for June 29, 2017 - October 12, 2017 - January 23, 2018.
24:  What do you DO whenever you hear "cursing" in your INTERIOR LIFEThe former THINGS, are going to be put 'LAST' in the next life - so take no PART in them.
25:  New Faithful Remnant video playlists were added to the website today - we just did a recount and there are STILL more than 700 embedded Faithful Remnant videos on the website!  Your "FORMERS" are determined to separate YOU from 'the LOVE of your Creator'.  Do you VALUE drawing nearer to your CREATOR?  Have you been passively ALLOWING the demons to hijack your interior life?  What's THAT? - you can't make a video because you're not SMART enough?  WHAT to do with Comments left under your VIDEOS from Private Members and FORMER Members of the Faithful Remnant?  Even MORE updates are now visible for the last 2 days.  A new update has now been added to November 18, 2015.
26:  For the MEN - Have you EVER experienced 'STRONG FEELINGS'... when you want to control EVERYONE around you?
27:  How to stop BROODING over past failings as a way of life?
28:  Have you GIVEN UP trying to change and OVERCOME your bad habits
29:  And so WHO? - FILLS those WOMEN with their DESIRE to CLIMB "the corporate LADDER"?
30:  There are now only 10 Official Members of the Faithful Remnant... but how many "PRIVATE Members" are there? (- Hint: we have MORE than 10 private members!)  The Contact Us email address has now been changed - for those who are finding the website for the first time.  Do you desire to see things through OTHER people's eyes?  Do you want your CREATOR to humble you?
01:  Today is "CANADA Day" - and the whole NATION is celebrating the fact that our website has now become VISIBLE online once again...  and so you can expect a LOT of fireworks!  Historical note: Our website was actually 'hacked' 2 days ago by the One World Government - and we haven't been able to edit it... until now.  Awesome MOVE O.W.G.!  Thanks for launching our WEBSITE into the PUBLIC domain!  And NOW let's CELEBRATE, the close of the Era... and "the END of the illuminati kingdom on Earth", TOGETHER!  Isn't it 'funny', how it SEEMED as though the Testimony would NEVER be made public again - as it was off-line for more than 8 months (- an allegory for the time of gestation of a human being) - but then there was "a KICK" - by the O.W.G. - and the CHRIST child (- the Word) came FORTH - as Just Judge over the Entire Planet - Reigning through His Testimony.  Now if THAT sounds so familiar... it's because you FIRST heard it in Revelations 12.  But the really BIG "unanswered question", remains:  Why would ANYONE! - want to HACK our website, with the biggest hack to DATE (- AND! -  AFTER 8 months of it actually being OFF-line, and REMOVED from the search engines) - a hack that manifested to the point where it was IMPOSSIBLE for us to access it - if it WASN'T... "the Real, Deal"?  Have fun with that one!  (... know that "the answer" is actually, quite SIMPLE, AND obvious, for all the "spiritually challenged" readers out there, who may STILL be struggling with it...)  And for those skeptics who may be tempted to claim, that this RE-LAUNCH was 'NOT the resut of a hack' - know that we have email evidence, of the "back and forth correspondence", as we, along with teams of technical experts from 2 other countries, tried to fix the problem - one that we had NEVER experienced in all our years, with the Testimony website.  And just for closure, know that "the FATE of the hackers", has been fully disclosed, on the Contact Us page - for anyone who is interested.  But for those with 'the Gift of True Faith' - it is interesting to note - that Heaven in fact revealed 'WHO' was behind the hack, that ultimately RE-launched our TESTIMONY, back into the PUBLIC domain.  In fact, we even sent the O.W.G a little WARNING note on June 29: It will be "BETTER for THEM", if they simply restored our access, to the Testimony.  Because 'what they are about to LOSE', is going to be 'SO much worse!'  And ALL the assailants - including the O.W.G. hackers, are in fact "CURSED" by their Creator - as they can't 'STOP, HATING the Testimony, AND us - AND the Faithful REMNANT' - and as they DO so - their physical HEALTH, will ONLY get worse!  And AS it is written, "The PEOPLE refuse to REPENT", "Men gnawed their tongues in anguish and cursed the God of heaven for their pain and sores, and did not repent of their deeds." (Revelations 16:10b-11)  
For those who will be EASILY tempted to turn AWAY from the Testimony of their Creator - their LAST HOPE of Salvation, in these End Times -  know that the video for The Daily Homily for January 09, 2014 is now visible.  And for those who are looking for "PROOF of our names"?
02:  For those who are STILL amazed, that the Testimony is visible to the Nations once again, perhaps if you simply step back and look at "the BIGGER picture" - the "timing" will be easier to understand.  The whole world has now BECOME as "Sodom and Egypt" in the Eyes of the Creator of the Universe.  And right NOW, at THIS point in human history - as the number of the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant decreases - there are, officially - only "10 Righteous" - since June 30th.  And so, just in case it isn't OBVIOUS - now the whole WORLD can witness, 'what HAPPENS', when the following Scripture Passage, is fulfilled, in THESE End Times, "Then he [- Abraham] said, “Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak again but this once. Suppose ten are found there.” He [- the Most High True God] answered, “For the sake of ten I will not destroy it.” (Genesis 18:32)  The Prophecy of Saint Malachy is ALSO about to be fulfilled.  But "for the RECORD" - people really need to know - that on June 28th, BEFORE our website was "hacked" - we WEREN'T expecting the Testimony to be made public for at LEAST 2 more months.  And so, the O.W.G. effectively, sped up the PHYSICAL CLOSING of their UNLAWFUL governance over the planet - as THEY shortened their days, "for the sake of the Elect".  And so?... you can thank your CREATOR! - for cursing THE O.W.G. - with "their UNHOLY perseverance" - as ALL of the efforts of "the assailants" to go AGAINST the Testimony of their Creator, can ONLY make their lives, worse.  They have already "TURNED ahead the CLOCK", as their END, "Springs FORTH" - by at least 2 months.  And yes, we DO know - that by stating that, they will ONLY try to rebel AGAINST it, thereby making THEIR lives... "worse".  Even so - it is STILL "Love" to tell someone the Truth.  What about YOU? - have YOU told someone the Truth today? - that the Testimony is NOW back online?  WE sure did! 

For all the minors and those with clinical mental disabilities (- those who have NOT reached 'the age of ADULTHOOD', according to the laws of the country they LIVE in...) who have FOUND and are currently READING, this WEBSITE - the TESTIMONY. 

03:  Remember "the destination" you are CHOOSING! - whenever you are tempted "to go OFF and do your own thing"... just because some people may TELL you to go there, doesn't mean that you SHOULD.
04:  Yet ANOTHER Historical note:  Today Mary [- one of the Two Witnesses - "the PRETTY one", with FEMALE DNA...] rejected "her desire to DEFEND the female race" - and asked for "the GRACE to DESIRE to defend the UNBORN instead" - and... to put it MILDLY... she experienced something, that could ONLY be compared to... "FIREWORKS! - in her interior life"... yet another new and improved celebration of "INDEPENDENCE"! - and "LIBERATION"! - from the absolutely insane "collective consciousness of women". Perhaps others will JOIN her LEAD [- as in, following her example of LEADERSHIP - as she works to follow the inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit] - OR? - they can CONTINUE to choose, to be skimmed off the face of this Earth, by their CREATOR, like lead [- as in, "DEAD" - Apocalyptic style].  "Decisive Times" indeed!  REMEMBER! - EVERYONE who is currently "outside the Faithful Remnant", IS "on the clock" - and it's ticking DOWN - to a point in time, where you lose 'ALL control' - so ALWAYS remember to look both ways, before crossing the street, especially... TODAY!  More important information for the minors who are reading the Testimony.  A new update is now visible for June 24.  Did you know that you can NOW view our Tweets on Twitter?  However we do NOT encourage the Members of the Faithful Remnant to get Twitter accounts, as it will open them up to 'MUCH viciousness, from the Global audience'.  So why "the double STANDARD"?  Simply because, the Most High TRUE God, would like to PERSONALLY send "HIS regards", to all of "the vicious followers".  And we have now added a "Unique Visitor Counter" to the website - the number goes up, ONLY when a NEW I.P. address, visits the website for the very first time; all following visits, don't count.  And so, that just PROVES it! - "we're COUNTING on YOU"... to choose, now that you have found the website.  If you can't find the counter, then we're not going to tell you where it is (Hint: it's on each page somewhere! - in the very last place you would look...)   WHY do the people actually 'DESPISE'! - the knowledge of 'their CREATOR'S Will' - revealed in His TESTIMONY?
05:  Today - is the 11th anniversary of the Declaration of "The Hour of Justice".  And TODAY, the King of Heaven announced the IMPLEMENTATION of "The Great Correction" - in other words, it BEGINS... to MANIFEST!  And with an update like that, it's really no WONDER, why people really don't "LIKE" us, and we don't have many "friends".  Have you seen us on Facebook? (- and please do NOT sign up for an account...)  And now SPEAKING of "people who REALLY aren't your friends"... What YOU need to do - whenever you are within 100 feet of an armed person in a uniform.  Can you now guess... WHO started the TRADE war? - between Canada and the United States.
06:  Now that the Testimony is VISIBLE to the PUBLIC once again, what has CHANGED?  Have you been trying to SHARE your ADDICTIONS... with JESUSHOW to OVERCOME 'the EVILS, that are being prayed INTO', the Members of the Faithful Remnant?
07:  How will you KNOW "the Authenticity of the TESTIMONY"?  There is a new update for July 06.
08:  Of course, today is Sunday - and since SO many people are praying that we exponentially EXPAND our social media presence... TODAY, we added our Tumblr quick link button to the bottom of each page on the website!  SURE, give it a try... You're WELCOME!   And on another note, HERE is an important Message... For those who have RESOLVED "to follow in cartel's footsteps" - in going AGAINST us and the TESTIMONY.  Are you in need of a Spiritual Heart Transplant?
09:  Have you been getting OVERWHELMED as you try to memorize TESTIMONY and BIBLE quotes? And yes we still DO get "insincere emails" from those who have CLOSED their hearts to the Truth. What to do if you are INJURED and the pain becomes "UNBEARABLE"?
10:  Twitter note: In order for people to be able to SEE our "REPLIES" to the tweets written by OTHERS on Twitter - it WILL be necessary to sign up for an account - however, we DO recommend that the Members of the Faithful Remnant set up an account in such a way that their legal name is HIDDEN from the PUBLIC - so as to avoid receiving abuse from their "FORMERS" - and OTHER "vicious followers" - who are often tempted to send ABUSIVE messages, through anonymous accounts.  We recommend that people sign up for a Twitter account, ONLY! - to see our posts - NOT to engage in "social media banter".  Anyone who is "INTERESTED, in what we are TWEETING" - is invited to FOLLOW us, on TWITTER.  Is it ENOUGH to simply be 'at True PEACE with one's CREATOR'?  For the Members of the Faithful Remnant when they are being DISCIPLINED by their CREATOR. 
11:  Are the Members of the Faithful REMNANT being asked to take on "a NEW personality", and DISASSOCIATE from "their old self"?
12:  We have added a quick-link to our "BLOGGER" account, and that is the orange icon at the bottom of each page - the one with the "B" - which we WILL be adding to quite FREQUENTLY!  Did you know that it is "NOT a sin" to contact your formers?
13:  Countdown Day 9.  The Official Members of the Faithful Remnant Church - that is, those who are WILLING to Testify to the TRUTHS revealed IN the Testimony TO the Nations, have NOW been reduced to 9. And ALL we can say, is that HISTORY repeats itself, "But for the SAKE of 10, I will not destroy it" (Genesis 18:32)Some basic guidelines for when you interact with your formers.
14:   Countdown Day 8.  So CAN "the assailants" SUCCESSFULLY claim in a court of law, that the Testimony "may cause emotional distress" to MINORS who read it?  On another note, "the assailants" want to claim that the TESTIMONY causes "emotional distress"? - then "the Most High TRUE God will SHOW them what distress IS"! (- see Luke 21:25) - as 'the distress of the NATIONS' is coming. SHOWDOWN: The TWO WITNESSES - SHOWDOWN with the Global GOVERNMENTS
15:  Countdown Day 7.    CALLING OUT the U.N. - for their CRIMES against humanity!  A new page has been added to the website, The TESTIMONY Unveiled.
16:  Countdown Day 6.   For those who are still CHOOSING to WITHHOLD, "the DEEPLY-convicting TRUTHS", that the Most High TRUE God has 'SHARED', WITH them.
17:  Countdown Day 5.  WHEN does the MEDIA, as a TOOL, CONSTITUTE as 'a weapon of WAR'?  What happens when an individual uses the Blessed Holy water as "a SUBSTITUTE", for interior CHANGE and PURIFICATION?
18:  Countdown Day 4.   To all the "THEOLOGIANS" out there - who are 'knowingly CHOOSING to SCRUTINIZE the TESTIMONY.   For ALL those who HAVE taken "a PUBLIC stand" against US and our Testimony.  Choose to DO your Creator's Will - and WATCH the afflictions lift!
19:  Countdown Day 3What are the DETRACTORS deliberately withholding from their readers?
20:  Countdown Day 2.  Can the True Holy Spirit be 'WITH' anyone, who is harboring extreme animosity towards us?  When WAVES of the NOSTALGIA, of the INSTITUTION wash OVER you.
21:  Countdown Day 1.  Today marks the launch of The New International Day of Heterosexual Sanity. Did you remember to proclaim the TRUTH with Holy BOLDNESS? For all those who want to claim FALSELY that we are "very NEGATIVE people who are focused on Hell"?
22:  And now, the 1 God in 3 Divine Persons will act!  And so you can NOW switch to, THIS countdown (... since the Global Governments refuse to ban ABORTION, rest assured... you can count on HIM... to be AS merciless, as the Global Governments were to the unborn... so remember, do NOT shed a tear, of false compassion, for the wicked!)  Are you now suffering from a terminal illness?  Have you been struggling with a tendency to waste your TIME?
23:  A new Daily devotion for all those who wish to be EXEMPT from EXPERIENCING the DIVINE and Just WRATH of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN.  And so, just WHERE are we AT - in "the Apocalyptic COUNTDOWN"? (- the answer may 'SHOCK' you!).  For those who are choosing to use the Blessed Holy Water "out of HABIT".  For those who are choosing to BACKSLIDE in their INTERIOR lives.  Know that the Members of the Faithful Remnant will in fact experience TREMENDOUS relief, when they DEFLECT the BLASPHEMIES, BACK at those, who SENT them!  And for all those who are "disappointed" in the magnitude of the disasters that began on this date, all we can really say is, once again, "the disasters are being ramped UP".  Please be AS patient with your Creator's Divine JUSTICE manifesting, as HE has been with your unrepented sins.  And rest assured, BIGGER disasters are lined up, on your Creator's timeline. But here is just a small sample:

On this date, "Fire": A broken down car, ignited the Carr Fire, that burned more than 600 structures near the city of Redding, California.  Firenado video footage was released, along with reports of a firenado lifting and tossing cars, as well as toppling trees and lifting roofs off of houses.  If you watch the video footage carefully, you will SEE, that the FIRE now has 'PURPOSE' and 'DIRECTION'. "Relentless heat to feed California firestorm as Carr Fire death toll reaches 6"  (July 29, 2018 story)

On this date, "Water": An auxiliary dam at the Xe Pian Xe Namnoyhydroelectric project in Laos collapsed. More than 1000 people are missing after villages flooded - thousands left homeless. (July 24, 2018 story)

On this date, "FIRE and Water":  "Death toll from Greek wildfire reaches 91 as village grieves - The vast majority of victims died in the fire itself, though a number drowned in the sea while fleeing the flames."  More than 500 homes destroyed.  (July 29, 2018 story) 

24:  Have YOU taken "The FORMER'S challenge"? Some new updates have now been added to yesterday's postings.  “And if any one would harm them... he is doomed to be killed"   The Testimony UNVEILED, is "the LOVE of the Most High True GOD, for His PEOPLE".  A new update has been added for July 04.
25:  Yes we KNOW that, at this TIME, no countries have been "completely erased" as of yet - as the disasters continue to systematically ramp UP.  And so, for all those who are 'concerned' about that perceived delay? - here you will find the corresponding Truth: "He could reach ALL the remaining nations in just ONE day, if He chose to".  We CAN tell you this: He has everything PERFECTLY timed - and "the GEOLOGICAL, and COSMOLOGICAL stage", is PERFECTLY set, for this time in human history... and so there really IS no hurry!  In short, HIS response, to THIS generation of Souls, is indeed, "IN the mail" - and IS "en route", to YOUR specific x-y location, at "the PERFECT time of HIS choosing".  Better to open up, your HEART, to your Creator... first.  For those who are unable to pray the daily 3 o'clock devotion at that time
26:  For the WOMEN who KEEP on experiencing AFFLICTIONS.   More important information for those who want to become an OFFICIAL Member of the Faithful Remnant.
27:  Today we reached 200 Tweets in just our FIRST month using Twitter!  What are YOU entitled to? 
28:   For those who are getting SEVERELY Disciplined because they are REFUSING to change.  For all those are PRACTICING the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith "on their OWN terms".  Have you been producing fruit while expecting to RECEIVE?  A courtesy warning for the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant, who are in the process of SERIOUSLY considering the FOOLISH choice to become "a private member".  Why the 15 minute nap is ENCOURAGED during the DAY?  Still not sure what to do with the list of JEZZIE MASKS?
29:  As of today, we have reached more than 7000 unique I.P. addresses in just our first month back online!  And after removing dozens of videos from the Testimony yesterday, we STILL have more than 700 embedded videos - that are FILLED with spiritual nourishment! - but ONLY for those who are HUNGRY, for the Truth (- we will post a formal recount soon).  For the clergy who have been BROUGHT to the Testimony and who RECOGNIZED 'the Voice of their CREATOR'.  Introducing "Agent of mass distraction, Stephen Colbert".  There is a new update visible for July 25.
30:  Do you have a desire to be OVERWHELMED by mere HURDLES and INCONVENIENCES to the point of 'LOSING IT'?  Have YOU been expecting 'a grateful HEART'?  For those who have fallen into 'the SNARE of rejecting DEMONS all day'.
31:  Can you guess WHO is the biggest obstacle, to OVERCOMING the spirit of JEZEBEL?  Do NOT allow 'the dark FORCES' to PULL you BACK into 'a false REALITY' and into 'a CLOUD of CONFUSION and UNCERTAINTY'
02:  Well, if PEOPLE won't spread "the fire of TRUTH", through HEARTFELT video TESTIMONIES, to the NATIONS? - then, the Creator of the UNIVERSE, is going to 'take things into His OWN Hands' - and spread the Fire a DIFFERENT way!  To QUOTE Jesus, "Why isn’t anyone, spreading the fire?  Why, isn’t anyone, brave enough, or bold enough, to proclaim: the Truth, about My Testimony being online - for everyone on the Face of the Earth?  There is no excuse - for anyone, not to read, when they have ‘stumbled upon it’.” (-Jesus, Friday, October 19, 2012)  "So if peoples’ refusal, to ‘spread my Word’, in order to help their neighbor, and themselves... (- of course, I could ‘already foresee’ – their response – a billion years ago!  And I have mine ‘ready and waiting’…) The people are going to be ‘devoured by fire’.  They did not like ‘the fire of Truth’flowing through My Testimony." (-Jesus, Thursday, December 13, 2012) 

40,000 Lightning strikes in 24 hours more than 100 new BC fires
At 0:13 the reporter says, "this is a worst case scenario"
How many worst case scenarios will it take, before people even DESIRE to wake up?
(Screen shot of the Weather Network August 2, 2018 video "Road closures in place as B.C. wildfires rage out of control")

Have you seen our new TWITTER page?  And so, what does it TAKE for a PRIVATE Member to become an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant? 

03:  Now that the Testimony is visible, many formers are becoming even MORE upset. Is the Testimony a NEW teaching?
04:  The Testimony is deliberately understated.  It would be a good idea to re-watch the video at that link. 
05:  How to discern when you are experiencing "an IMPLANTED THOUGHT" through ALIEN tech.
06:  Final Notice to turn off the alien tech attacks on the Faithful Remnant.
07:  For those who got SICKER after they became a Member of the Faithful Remnant.
08:  Have you been choosing your CREATOR, above EVERYTHING else? - find out what this means on the NEW Page titled, "The Narrow Path". When our WORD goes OUT - it is LIKE "a Consuming Fire" - and the Spiritual AND Physical realities ARE 'changed'.
09:  Can the one world government use alien tech for the purpose of puppeting drivers to steer their vehicles into things?
10:  And so what IS "Job #1" for the women in these End Times?  Many new excerpts were added to The Narrow Path page today.
11:  Did you remember to wrap your computer modem in aluminum foil?
12:  What is the difference between the God of the Two Witnesses and "the god that the ILLUMINATI worship"?  New Updates were added for February 26a, 26b.
13:  After a video recount today, we discovered that we now have more than 800 videos embedded on this website - referring to the videos made by the two of us, and the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant.  That number does not include the additional videos that have been added to the embedded video playlists.  New Updates were added for December 2017 - 13a, 13b, 13c, 13d.
14:  When a biological ancestor dies, while having NO KNOWLEDGE of the Testimony.  Has your mind been VERY active when you are EXTREMELY physically tired?  Did you know that headaches need to be DISCERNED?  Do you know how to avoid a SPIRITUAL collision?  There are many, MANY, MANY people! - who are waiting for "the CATASTROPHIC failure, of the Most High TRUE God's FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH".
15:  Today the Province of British Columbia declared a state of emergency, with 566 fires burning on this date.  We launched a new page titled "Welcome to the Apocalypse" - it shouldn't be TOO difficult to find on the list.  Are you in need of ANY kind of healing?  Your wifi modem IS STILL being used to flood you with A.I. generated brainwaves - but HERE is how you can minimize the effects.
16: There is "antipope francis over in ROME" - and then there is "the TRUE Pope in Canada" - but the illuminati wanted to combine BOTH, in a spiritually toxic TV series, in order to confuse EVERYONE.  And know that "the great HARLOT of ROME" is about to fall, and fall hard!
17:  Have you been thinking about RETURNING to "a life of COMFORT, and PLEASURE"?
18:  How will you always KNOW, when your script is READY to record? For those who have a STRONG desire to shepherd THEMSELVES.  New Updates were added for July 31a, 31b, and for August 01.
19:  Did you ever wonder WHY the various CITIES - in particular CAPITAL CITIES celebrate the pride PARADE?  Have you been seeing ALIEN TECH apparitions or visions?  Some important statistics, for all the sexual predator priests out there.
20:  India update.  For those who have been seeking, "the FORMULA to survive the End Times"?  SO much more clarification, has now been added to those important statistics.
22:  Trudeau Heckler Psyop Exposed.
23:  What to do when your INTERIOR life "FEELS a PULL downwards"?  New Updates were added for July 30a, 30b, 30c, August 14.
24:  Don't miss the opportunity for a good Spiritual Reflection - and the new, "for the skeptics" section on that page.  There are 3 really epic TRUMP Tweets that were posted today.
25:  For those who have HABITUALLY, been LISTENING to the DEVIL in their INTERIOR life'.  Have people been going OUT of their way to DISTRACT you?  New Updates were added for July 28a, 28b, 28c, 28d, 28e, 28f.
26:  Do you REALLY know the difference between your SMALL OFFENSES" and your LARGER offenses?
27:  The souls in the Eternal Lake of Fire, can take ALL the credit - for getting themselves there!  For those who tend to have cold FEETSICK of being ORDERED around, and being TOLD what to think and HOW you are to behave - by the A.I.? 
28:   Did you remember to ASK, your Creator to turn your formers inside OUT?  And we really DO know how to spell, "eRADicated".  For ALL those who are seeking to become an OFFICIAL Member of the Faithful Remnant at this time.
 2018 is now the WORST Fire Season on Record for B.C.
Of course, when we POSTED the video on August 02 - about the 40,000 lightning strikes,
the "spiritually challenged" PEOPLE, probably THOUGHT, that it was just another unusual DAY.
But that WAS in fact an Act of the Creator's Divine Just WRATH - that WE took note of, and shared.
And now? - this ABOVE video is actually "a bit PREMATURE", as there are still 2 months left in this APOCALYPTIC fire season.
29:  We now have so many Tweets to U.S. President Donald Trump, that we have added a special LINK, to get to the most recent one.  The Blessed Holy Water Deliverance Prayer has now been REVISED.  Turn to your CREATOR, so that YOU remain!
30:  HOW to CONQUER the HATRED of your FORMERSHow many people have acknowledged Peter and Mary Romanus as The Two Witnesses?  HOW to stop the WORLD from pulling you DOWN?
02:  For those who BELIEVE that it is "ENOUGH" to have simply FOUND the End Times Testimony of your Creator?  The Counsel is actually for those who desire to CHANGE.  But can you RECOGNIZE the True Holy Spirit IN the Fraternal Correction?
03: An important Decree from Heaven: "The Door is CLOSED".
04:  Today we had our biggest Trump Tweet Marathon ever! - on several "General" topics.

05:  Another day with a HISTORICAL Trump Tweet.  And we are OFFICIALLY over 1.25 Million words - since the Word Count was rounded DOWN on each page, to the nearest multiple of 500.
06:  YES you are living in the Time of the Apocalypse, but DON'T embrace fear!  We have now surpassed 500 tweets on our Twitter News Feed since we began 2 months ago.
07:  Today's Tweets to Trump reveal that America is at "a TURNING point"...  And on ANOTHER note - today's updates to the APOCALYPSE page, reveal, that the WORLD is at... "a turning point".  And TODAYS discussions with our Creator, reveal that 'His Cup of Divine Wrath' - READY to be poured out upon the entire Planet... is at "a tipping point".  And so, HOW was YOUR day?  YOU can find the links by now.
08:  Have you heard about Trudeau's new BOOK? - "the ART of screwing up deep state sponsorship".  Trump's book, was "The Art of the Deal", just in case you "didn't GET that one".  For those who are treating 'PRAYER' as though it is a BUSINESS deal with their Creator.  Everyone is called to give "because it is IN you to give" - NOT "in order to receive".
09:  CSIS has now been put on notice.
10:  It's time for EVERYONE to take a GOOD look at "Bashar al-Assad's True Colors" (- and it's not just because tomorrow is his birthday).
11:  It's time for the FACTS.  Psychological Operations Exposed!
12:  Did you know that 'applying the Counsel' is in fact "GOOD for your health".  For when you have a toothache.
13:  WHEN will the Obama era politicians stop funding terrorists? - Secret meetings with the leader of Iran aren't helping.  What is "elevator christianity"?
14:  Apply Daily Divine Counsel as you TURN to your Creator - to be RECREATED. Have you banned "children's cartoons" from YOUR home?
15: For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are desiring to please BOTH the Creator AND the formers.  "Carbon Psychotronic warfare emissions are the MAJOR cause of Climate Continent Change" - but that doesn't mean they will stop.  And so, we have now asked our CREATOR, to USE the alien tech attacks, to SPEED the close of the Era.  See if you notice the difference!
16: New updates have been added for September 08a, 08b.  And more have been added to September 12-15.
17:  For those who have chosen to share the TESTIMONY with the local COMMUNITY - CONTRARY to our Counsel.
18:  The MASS videos, are there "to help, bridge, the gap".  Did you REMEMBER to turn to your CREATOR for STRENGTH?
19:  Know that we will be updating the Apocalypse page REGULARLY (- just like the Tweets page) - to keep up with the BIG disasters, and give 'a heads UP', as to how bad it's going to get.   For all those who think "demoniacs" are merely "greek mythological creatures".  And 'as SHOCKING as it sounds', WOMEN, need to CARE about others!
20:   For those whose HEART is starting to be HARDENED by "the collective consciousness of the world".  Today we launched our TWEETS 2 page, due to the sheer volume of our tweets, and to facilitate the opening of each page.  New postings are now visible for July 26a, 26b.
21:  For those who REFUSE to be spiritually minded, and in DOING so, choose to live as ATHEISTS?
22:  You are still FREE to believe, that people walked on the moon - AFTER you read this - because the Nevada desert still IS "the MOON", for those who have a fancy SPACE suit, and the right SOUND stage.
23: Was Jesus Christ the Lord "at TRUE Peace", on the Cross? - and, what IS "the Blessed Assurance"?
25:  The WORLD, is 'LOST' - so don't SEEK 'their APPROVAL' on ANYTHING!
26:  Have you been CHOOSING to BE "a MESSENGER of the True Holy SPIRIT"What can YOU do to make the PROCESS, of 'CLOSING out THIS Era', and 'bringing in the NEW Era, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN' - "much EASIER"? 
27:  When you are TEMPTED to 'do GOOD' in order to obtain more social POWER, from that GOODNESS.
28: Today we launched our "Come to the Water" REMIX video in 1080 HD with IMPROVED sound quality as well - available for free download, by clicking on the video, and the right icons.
29:  What does it really MEAN, to 'Make America Great Again'? - with the Most High True God bringing this Era to a close.
30:  Why was the abomination of Desolation set up on October 03, 2009 - of all days?  Would YOU settle for only receiving 30% of HEAVEN?  THIS one! - is for ALL the WOMEN, who have PERSONALLY experienced "a SURGE of satanic POWER", from even the very THOUGHT of the #MeToo movement.  And here are some EXTREMELY important guidelines, for the MEN in the Faithful Remnant.  And today, "the COUNTDOWN for Los Angeles" began - see today's Tweet to President Donald Trump for more details.
01:  Yesterdays Tweet commentary, just got BETTER! - with a BIG lesson, on "What IS a threat to national security?" - JUST ask the unborn, if you're not sure about that one.
02:  What is the Creator to DO? - with "a NATION that was BUILT on bloodshed"?  An important new video in the Continent Change section, reveals EXACTLY how the FULL manifestation of the Physical Apocalypse, is about to be "a real let down", for SO many people, in California.  Have you been remembering to REJECT, 'the DEMONIC clusters' of ALL of the people that you come in CONTACT with?  Remember to always acknowledge your CREATOR and what He is asking OF you.
03:  Today marks the 9th Anniversary of the Declaration from Heaven, that the abomination of desolation is now FULLY set up, in all the religious institutions around the world.  Have you been ALLOWING the one world government's alien tech attacks to DISTRACT you?
04:  Trump's Tweet today, was "a real TURNING point", to say the very least.
05:  Trump Tweet epilogue.  Judge Kavanaugh prophetically spoke of "Reaping the Whirlwind for decades to come" - and so NOW? - "The final REBELLION", has come!  To BE a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant, is 100% of the time - 100% effort! - and 'CHOOSING, to do everything out of LOVE!'
06:  Update on what to expect at the BANK during the coming financial collapse.  New updates are now posted for September 25, October 03, 05.
07:  "Inhuman"? - Sure, people call us that too!  What has BECOME of 'the FEMALE' TODAY? - from HEAVEN'S point of view, that is.  An important note has been added to yesterday's update on the financial collapse. 
08:  As the women continue to 'rise UP', in the United States, perhaps NOW is a good time to learn 'the NEW HISTORICAL meaning' of "the stars and stripes" - all good intentions, of "the founders", aside - as they never INTENDED, future generations of Americans, to murder their children, by the THOUSANDS, in abortion clinics across the country, on a daily basis.  And on another note - What's so wrong with demanding more SIGNS?
09:  When faced with adversity, moving through those AROUND you.  Have you been looking for FAULTS in your NEIGHBOR?  Do you want to focus on your FINANCIAL SECURITY, or focus on SURVIVING the ApocalypseA "MUST READ": The Global Military Industrial Complex's electronic warfare operations Exposed.
10:  Bullseye
11:  10/11 - a date that will be remembered (- "it's as easy as 1/2/333")  It's now time for EVERYONE to get a chance to personally meet, "my Holy Guardian Angel".
12:  WHY we WILL no LONGER be negotiating with countries - to ALLEVIATE, the Divine JUSTICE, that is coming - to, their NATION.
13:  DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF, to be CHAINED to other people's DEMONS, and SINS.
14: THIS! - is "a problem".  Have you been CHOOSING to pull YOURSELF back to your formers? When we EMAIL you, please WAIT, before you respond.
15:  Let's just say, that "it's not looking GOOD for the United States of America".  "Batter UP!"
16:  And so what is the Most High True God's Response to the Alien Tech Attacks?
18:  Have you been STUBBORNLY DESIRING to be in CONTROL of your day? 
19:  Are people DESPERATELY trying 'to have power OVER you'?
20:  When you find yourself in a difficult SOCIAL situation.
21:  Know that EVERYONE in these Times is growing spiritually. Do you have a former family member who is in the hospital and who is being given morphine to alleviate pain?
22:  Have you been searching for "an Oasis", of EVERLASTING Life?
23:  Exactly one month after the FALL of 2018 began, 3 earthquakes, measuring 6, 6, 6 struck off the Coast of British Columbia - foreshadowing what is coming to the NATIONS.
25:  How OFTEN should one turn to Heaven for Graces?
26:  Have you been seeking to be more GENEROUS with your TIME? Who have YOU been relying on, in order to SUPPORT yourself Financially?
28:  Pop quiz: In these APOCALYPTIC Times, WHAT is the lesson that EVERYONE WILL learn, without exception?  Do you THINK you are "entitled" to being a Member of the Faithful Remnant?
29:  Why does the True Holy Spirit share His good INSIGHTS? What to DO when you experience inexplicable and bizarre muscle spasms in your legs?
30:   Have you noticed that something big is going on in the spiritual realms?
01:  Have you been choosing to acknowledge 'the works of your CREATOR' and 'His DAILY INTERVENTIONS' in your life?  Why would one "choose to decrease"?
02:  Why do your "FORMERS" want you to 'see the Testimony, as EVIL'?  Have YOU been remembering to LISTEN to your Conscience and LIVE?  Don't be counted among those who chose to WILL themselves into Heaven. WHY does it always 'APPEAR' that our Counsel is wrong?  For those who have been CHOOSING to turn INWARDS and to play the VICTIM, in response to all the alien tech attacks.  New updates have ALSO been added for October 27, 28, 29 and November 01.
03:  A follow-up note on the topic of "WILLING oneself into Heaven" has been added to yesterday's update. How can one OVERCOME the SEED of PRIDE that has been PLANTED in ALL people? More new updates have been posted for October 24, 25, 26, November 02.  Gmail note: For everyone using the new Gmail layout with your DESKTOP computer - who want "smart reply" suggestions that appear at the bottom of the reply box to go away - simply add the filter,  to your adblocker filter list - Doing this will effectively turn the "smart reply suggestions" feature off.  You may need to close and then re-open your web browser to activate it.
04:  Have you been allowing yourself to get sucked-IN to the DRAMA of the social atmosphere around you?  Have you been PRAYING for the Grace to have the Faith you need in order to FOLLOW your Creator's Will and Plan for your life?  Did you know that TRUE Christians don't MEDITATE on just one word? - But alien tech "voice to skull PSYCHOTRONICS" often implant just one word. New updates have been added for September 26a, 26b, 27, November 03., And a new note has been added on the topic of "saying yes and no".
05:  How have YOU been coping with the alien tech attacks? What tends to happen when YOU plan your day? For the women who are STILL "trying to sneak JEZEBEL into the Era of Peace".  Do you want to know "the REAL reason" WHY there will be no TRADITIONAL Weddings in the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth?
06:  The U.S. Midterm Elections.  Spoiler alert: Know that your CREATOR wins either way.  Are you still clinging tightly to a DESIRE for WORLDLY success and financial SECURITY in THIS life?
07:  The Democrats got 'the house, MAJORITY' - WOE! - to the AMERICAN people.
08:  "Paradise LOST" = the BEGINNING of the END of the AMERICAN dream.  (Best to "dream BIGGER" next time - as in? - include your Creator, and the innocent unborn Souls, in your future.)  How to RESIST the temptation to become 'more WORLDLY-minded'?
09:  We warned them, but they wouldn't listen.
10:  For those who have been "STRUGGLING", with their SPIRITUAL lives.
11:  With now, more than 10,000 unborn children around the world, being torn LIMB from LIMB, through the merciless act of abortion - EVERY day, has become "DISMEMBERANCE day".
13:  For the Members of the Faithful Remnant, who have been EXPERIENCING 'SOME hair loss' - as well as 'VIBRATIONS' or MUSCLE spasms?  An important note has been added to the 11/11 posting.
14:  Today, we PRAYED for "the EXECUTABLE Judgements of the Most High True God" to go out - to ALL the nations.
15:  Have you been striving to always include MEANINGFUL and PERSONALIZED content in your videos? It is always MUCH better to CHOOSE to be FAVORED by your Creator.
17:  For all those who HIDE behind the mantra that they ONLY have "good intentions".
18:  You CAN'T get into HEAVEN by lowering the bar for HOLINESS.  Are you ALLOWING the Word of your Creator to be LIVING and ACTIVE within you?
19:  What is "the main OBSTACLE" that PREVENTS people from RECEIVING the Testimony?
20:  What does it MEAN to practice "self-DENIAL" as you make your videos?  Why for SOME, it 'SEEMS' that our COUNSEL is "HARSH"?
21:  Have you NOTICED, the Most High True God's "Divine JUSTICE!" - being 'POURED-out' upon those AROUND you?  The citizens of the town of Paradise California had 'to learn FIRST-hand', what "Severe Consequences" means; the one world government? - STILL isn't listening! (- a new update was just added for November 23, 2010).  Did you REMEMBER to do everything out of LOVE for your CREATOR?
22:  How is YOUR report card'WHERE are you AT' - SPIRITUALLY?
23:  The children of these End Times are being "RAISED, by people without a conscience". When you go through an UNCOMFORTABLE trial at your place of work.
24:  The Call to treat others 'FAIRLY'.  A new update was posted for November 14.
25:  Have you been "DISCERNING the HEART of your CREATOR"?  Trump's new problem.  New updates are now posted for November 15 and 23.
26: And SO, What is Trump to DO?  A new update was posted for November 22.
27:  What to DO when you are TEMPTED to FOCUS on how everyone OUTSIDE the Ark is WRONG'?  A new update was posted for November 21.
28:  A special Surprise! - for ALL 'those in the government agencies'.  New updates were posted for April 14, July 27 and September 18.
29:  Have YOU been VIGILANT in PROTECTING your Spiritual GIFTS? - with a special note added for "the FORMER members".  The Former members of the Faithful Remnant, are NOW residing in "a VERY dark place".
30:  When "a LITTLE bit of DISCOMFORT" TEMPTS you 'to FOLD'?  For the women who are choosing to COPE with the Uncomfortable Truths revealed in the Testimony, by simply 'CHOOSING to remain silent', and to see themselves as "victims".  New updates were posted for November 10, 11, 12, 2016 - August 30 and November 18, 2018.
01:  For the "Private Members" who are choosing to WITHHOLD videos on a regular basis.
02:  For ALL those who have chosen to BE, "an AUTHENTIC CHRISTIAN", in these TIMES?  For all the Members of the Faithful Remnant who see themselves as having been 'BORN, into catholic PRIVILEGE'.
03:  How much LONGER will the one world government seek to afflict the Members of the Faithful Remnant?  More for the PRIVATE Members of the Faithful Remnant who have been withholding videos.
04:  A special note was added to yesterday's first update.  Who is steering YOUR ship? When you're 'tempted to brood', that SIMPLY means you're embracing 'the spirit of the devil'. If EVER you are "UNSATISFIED", with being a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT?
06:  For those who have been choosing to FIGHT our Counsel. For those who are still "addicted to comfort". Have you been choosing to always FOCUS 'on what TRULY matters'?
07:  Why ARE "the private MEMBERS", still "private MEMBERS"?  If you're NOT able to PRODUCE, "a Faithful REMNANT VIDEO"?   REMEMBER: to 'DESIRE to HEAR, what the TRUE Holy Spirit is SHARING' - and apply it to your LIFE!
08:  For those who want to be in CONTROL of the CHANGES that their CREATOR wants to MAKE IN them.
09:  WHAT does your Creator SEE when He LOOKS at you?  New updates were posted for October 02a, 02b.
10:  Some people just like to dial 911, and then leave the phone off the hook, until the police, fire, and ambulance arrive - but that's not how we are asking the Members of the Faithful Remnant, to treat us through their emails. The Public and Private Members of the Faithful Remnant make the effort to email us daily.
11:  Have you been deciding to feel "false COMPASSION" and "false GUILT" for CHOOSING to LIVE a life DEDICATED to your CREATOR?  For those of you who want your CREATOR to give 100%?  For all the FORMER Members, who have been experiencing "some personalized DISCOMFORT", at this time in their lives. New updates were posted for August 14, November 08.
12:  Did you know that in just a few days, the SEVENTH Christmas, since all of HEAVEN warned the inhabitants of the Earth, to turn back to their Creator - is about to be CELEBRATED!... do they plan on celebrating, the fact that they turned BACK?  Or is everyone outside the Faithful Remnant, "planning to celebrate something ELSE?"  Have you been "focused on everything ELSE" - BUT, the call of your Creator in the Moment?
13: On the Twelfth day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me...
14: On the Eleventh day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me... And of course, this will have "a PROFOUND impact", on the lyrics of future Chrismas Carols - and so here are a few likely edits, that will need to be made to some of "the old classics".  Have you been using the SPIRITUAL attacks as an excuse to draw even CLOSER to your Creator?  When you are absolutely CERTAIN! - that EVERYTHING you do is "Holy"?
15:  On the Tenth day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me...  And so you FOUND the Testimony, and you know to the very CORE of your ENTIRE being, that it is True! - and NOW? - what category does that put you in?  What about YOU? - do YOU, desire "the Power of God"?

16:  On the Ninth day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me...  We fine-tuned the FUTURE Christmas Carol titles today - and you are of course free to sing along, with that instrumental music. Discover the meaning of the 5 loaves and 2 fish.  Why there are no longer any videos in the Testimony from the WOMEN in the Remnant?  And after a recount, there are still more than 700 videos embedded on this website - made by "the 5 loaves, and the 2 fish".
17:  On the Eighth day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me...  Jesus Christ the LORD is withdrawing 'HIS invitation' for "the private members" to make video TESTIMONIES?  There's even MORE! - for all those who desire "the Power of God"?  As you were "APPLYING the Counsel" - did you MISS A SPOT?
18:  On the Seventh day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me...  JESUS is "King" - and YOU are CALLED to SERVE Him!  Are you being TEMPTED to feel INVINCIBLE?  Waiting for an Old Testament style SIGN? - why not SING while you WAIT?  WHO is responsible! - for FOLLOWING the CALL of your CREATOR? For those who enjoy SEEKING to be controlled by FEAR?
19:  On the Sixth day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me...  (- in these End Times, the number 6 is often associated with "the mark" - and "a MARK", is often associated with, "how well you did"...)  Is there any hope? - for the private members of the Faithful Remnant? For those times when you are TOO LAZY to discern your thoughts?  What would happen if the one world government decided that redirecting people AWAY from the Testimony is a good idea? (...His Response is already, "ready, and incoming"...)
20:  On the Fifth day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me...  (- "golden RINGS"?  Sorry, that one's already taken...)  For all the private members of the Faithful Remnant, who have judged their Creator's Ways as being "unfair"?  The Testimony's 1.3 MILLION words have now been visited by more than 50,000 people, who ALL rejected it, since July 2018.
21:  On the Fourth day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me...  Your response to the Testimony, WILL teach your Creator "a thing or two!"  "A RUDE awakening..." - what's THAT?  A COUNTDOWN? - it's as easy as...  
22:  On the Third day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me... (- looks like it's time to throw another LOG on the fire...) What is the meaning of the word, "dangerous"?  Which one is it: "A hobby on the SIDE"? - or "a lifestyle change"?
23:  On the Second day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me... The importance of the virtue of hospitality.
24:  On the First day of Christmas... TRUE LOVE SAID to me...   The Creator is "Just and Fair".
25:  Christmas Day, 2018 - "Life for those OUTSIDE 'the Ark of Safety', will NEVER be the same!".  For the Blessed Virgin Mary said, to ALL (- working with the theme of "inclusivity", no doubt)  A special Christmas Message for all the "Former Members" of the Faithful Remnant.
26:  For those who are turning to "the loophole, of NOT wanting".  Would YOU be willing to sacrifice your FEELINGS, in order to make it to the Kingdom of Heaven?   For all those who are preparing a personal testimony video.   HAS 'the god of the muslims' finally TURNED on the christians?
27:  For those who see the Counsel as "DISPOSABLE when it's convenient". For all those who are still choosing to watch television after finding the Testimony. Have you been RESISTING the True Holy Spirit moving through the Testimony? For those who are choosing to glamorize the TestimonyPrepare to PITY the people being ABORTED by their Creator, and show them NO "false compassion".
28:  Did anyone ever tell you that "WICKED accomplishments" are NOT 'trophies to be cherished'?  The call for antipope Francis to resign.  We said that "the TRUTH would come out" - and now the "SPYGATE" plot against U.S. President Donald Trump has been fully documented, in these two videos.
29:  And so what IS the Apocalypse... that people are NOT PREPARED FOR?" - and the one they NEED to get ready to RECEIVE, "in good measure"!  The Testimony has now reached more than 1.35 million words.  The unique visitor counter has now been removed from the website, so that it will no longer be a distraction.  The Google translate feature has also been removed - and this will simply help people with their English. Just a reminder for the men to value their God-given ontology.
30:  What are the Private Members of the Faithful Remnant choosing to see 'VALUE' in?  For all the women out there, who do NOT agree with 'the Counsel of the TRUE Holy Spirit' moving through US, or through the TESTIMONY.  What is "The Final Plague"?  We've got NEWS for the men.
31:  "Final thoughts" anyone?  The Contact Us information has now been removed - as the Embassy, is now closed, to everyone who is not ALREADY an Official or Private Member of the Faithful Remnant.  We will RE-OPEN the Embassy, and post a NEW email address - when the Creator REVEALS "the appointed time" TO us - and NOT before.  Does that "sound FAIR"?  Sure it does!
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