The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

The Narrow Path

“Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few."  (Matthew 7:13-14) 

Have you been choosing your CREATOR, above EVERYTHING else?

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant - the Most High TRUE God, is putting ALL of you! - through 'TESTS and trials' - to HELP you MANIFEST, 'your free WILL' - in order to choose HIM! - above EVERYTHING else.  Because in your old LIFE, you, began the HABIT, of 'choosing YOURSELVES', and 'your own selfish DESIRES', and 'selfish PLANS'.  BECAUSE? - that was 'ENCOURAGED'! - by your former FAMILY members.  They WANTED you, to be 'like THEM'! - to be "SUCCESSFUL in the eyes of the world" - to have "a HIGH education" - to BECOME, "pillars of SOCIETY".  But, what EACH of you, must 'come to TERMS with', is that, NONE of those things 'MATTER', to your Creator.  What matters the MOST is, "Did YOU, seek, to LOVE, serve, and WORSHIP, and KNOW! - the Most High True God - the GOD above all OTHER gods - in this LIFE?"

OR? - did you desire, to continue to lift your HEARTS up, to 'FALSEHOOD', and to 'ILLUSIONS', and to 'PRIDE', in your INTERIOR lives?  NOTHING else MATTERS, except that you 'LOVE, your Creator' - WITH your entire being! - PUTTING Him, and 'HIS Ways', above everything ELSE! - and above 'EVERYONE ELSE'S expectations'

The SAINTS of the PAST? - endured MUCH persecution! - from their "FAMILY members" - even some of them, were 'put to DEATH'! - BY their own family.  But YOU are called to ENDURE, 'the HATRED'! - of your "former family" - towards 'what you have CHOSEN to LIVE'.  And it ISN'T, going to be "EASY" - because Jesus said HIMSELF, that "the way is HARD, and the gate is NARROW". 
EVERYONE is taking 'the broader PATH' - where, they are 'giving IN, to all KINDS of DEPRAVITY, and SIN, and LUSTS of the flesh'.  And THEY are GOING 'to REAP, the bad FRUITS, of those CHOICES'! - IN this life, and in the NEXT - as they WILL be 'Eternally SEPARATED, from their CREATOR'

Each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, must CHOOSE: to give UP, the SINS, of their PAST.  And they can ONLY DO so, by CONTINUALLY 'TURNING, to Jesus CHRIST the Lord' - their TRUE Shepherd, in order to LEAD them, on 'the NARROW Path', that will LEAD them, to 'the Eternal SALVATION, of their SOULS'.

Are the Members of the Faithful Remnant, "BETTER"? - than those 'OUTSIDE THE FAITHFUL REMNANT'?  No.  Because they are FACED with the same temptations.  And THEY are called, to 'REACH, the BAR, that their CREATOR, has SET for them'.  Because they have 'the TOOLS, and the GIFTS of the True Holy Spirit', to DO so.

The people, OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety - do NOT, have 'ACCESS', to what is NEEDED, for them to OBTAIN, 'Eternal Salvation, for their Souls'.  But as MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant, YOU have been given, 'much MORE'. And SO? - YOU are 'being HELD, to a higher STANDARD of LIVING' - as IN, 'living FOR the Most HIGH, True GOD'.

Let, those OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety settle, for "SYNTHETIC highs", and "SYNTHETIC happiness".  But the ONLY approval, that MATTERS? - IN this life - is your CREATOR'S. (August 08, 2018 update) 



“Remember ‘the Footprints in the Sand’ My children.  When was it, that there was only a set, of one, footprints?  When the man was at his lowest in his life, because I carried him through those difficulties, without him knowing it or feeling it. This is a lesson to the both of you, that though there are times of ‘spiritual dryness’, you must seek to persevere, just as well as in ‘spiritual plentifulness’.”  

“My messages bring truth, life and peace.  But the antichrist wants none of those for My Faithful Remnant followers.  And so, I am permitting him, a short time, to deceive even My Elect – even My Chosen ones – for is it not written, that the stars lost their shining and fell to the Earth – these stars, that John was referring to, were not ‘movie stars’, they were not celebrities, no, – but for the simple-minded, they were.  But for those seeking Truth, and not ignorance, nor self-holiness, for those it would be revealed to them, that I was referring to My Elect.  Now I say “My Elect”, because ultimately, in the End they will choose Me.  But unfortunately it will be a harder road, for they will be called to martyrdom.”  (-Jesus, Sunday, July 31, 2011) 
When 'the mark of the beast' came on Christmas Day, 2012 - almost ALL 'the elect' received it, because, they were deceived - yet only for the short time, it took them to come to their senses, repent, and find the Testimony.  The "harder road", is the straight and narrow path - because 'the wide road', is easy.
These words, are “the narrow door”Many people take ‘the broader path’ and reject My messages, and My Two Witnesses, and judge us, very harshly.  But to whom belongs Judgment?  I alone am Judge, and I tell you, that if you want Life-giving waters, then you will begin, living a life, of self-sacrifice and self-denial.  You will begin by casting-off all of your ‘works of darkness’.  Private confession ‘one on one’ with Me is fine, for I will listen to you if you are sincere, and perhaps your martyrdom, can be shortened, and perhaps your days of ‘coming suffering’, can be lessenedLearn from Me My People for I am meek and humble of heart.  If you want to know what you need to do next, then simply contact, My Two Witnesses, through their e-mail, or, send a prayer, My way, and I will answerThey, are here to help you all, get through, what is coming.  But who of you will receive, their help? Who of you will receive Divine instructions, and Divine direction, for yourselves? (-Jesus, Saturday, June 2, 2012)   
The Creator Defines LOVE
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


To enter in, by the narrow door, means to stay in ‘the state of grace’ - always open to, and following the inspirations, of the True Holy Spirit, in the moment, My children.  Many people do not realize, that there is no room, for ‘self-will’, in the Kingdom of Heaven. If that will, is not united with Mine, then where is it united?  And who governs over, the wills, of those, who are not following My Divine Will for their lives?  Are they governing over themselves My children?  Not at all, for again, in the spiritual realities, people are not dealing, with flesh, and blood, but principalities, powers, and angels and archangelsThat is why I say: that no man can have two masters.  But what I imply, is that there will be one – either I govern over peoples’ free-will choices, or, the enemy of souls, and his minions do…  (Jesus continues) The reason mankind is on ‘a downwards spiral’ My children, in the simplest terms: because, of their selfishness; because of greed and because of envy.  These are the 3 major sins that mankind embraces, and holding on to these sins puts ‘a wedge’, between Me and the souls, who practice those ‘wicked desires’.  I came to show mankind, that they can be good, loving, and care free.  I came to show them: the path - that leads to Eternal life.  I came to show them that their sorrows, in this life, are but brief – only for a moment compared, to what I had prepared, for them.  I came to show them the truth, and that I am the Truth.  I came, to give them Life, by giving Mine for theirs.  I have ‘ransomed’ many souls – from death, but too many of them are ‘clinging, to this World’.  They seek to make My Sacrifice, ‘in vain’.  However, it is not in vain, for there are many souls in Heaven with Me, now.  Many, many Saints, are enjoying Eternal happiness with Me, in Heaven.  But some of these Saints, are from previous generations; very few have come from this past forty years.  If you do not suffer in this life, My People, and if you seek comfort and convenience at whatever, it may cost you, and if you shun adversity, and pain, then you shun My Cross.  To live a life, without self-sacrifice, or self denial, is an empty one.  These ‘temporal things’ can only fill you to a point, but if you feed, and nourish, your body, and physical senses, then what merit do you have, in the suffering – in My Cross?  If you want to be My Followers, then you must start, by self-sacrifice, by selflessness, by seeking, to confess all of your sins to Me, that I may forgive them, one by one.  My people, your souls are deprived, of true love, and your hearts are yearning.  Do not lift up your hearts, to what is false, but only to what is true, and what is right.” (-Jesus, Saturday, July 28, 2012)


"To ‘recognize’ does not just mean: “to Know”.  But it also means: “to follow”, what you know to be true – in your hearts.  For you all know that I am speaking.  Because I speak: to the depths of your very beings.  But you still have: your free-wills – for now.  And so you must choose: what path, you are going to take. The broader path leads only, to ‘a desolate end’.  But ‘the narrow path’ will lead you to ‘Eternal Salvation’.  Hear My words!  Listen.  And do them!  And salvation, can become yours.  But unless, you do, what I ask from you, in each, and every moment – unless you follow My Commandments (in your hearts); unless you begin to worship: the Most High True God – that I am! – My people, then you can not, and will not enter: into, My Eternal Rest, for your souls....Choose: life; not death and darkness.  Choose hope!  Not despair.  Choose true peace; not the peace, of ‘the antichrist’.  And then you will be: on the ‘right path’.  Until then, you are ‘wandering around’ My people, looking for one ‘high’, after another.  But I am the Most High, true God; and you are called to be humble, obedient and docile, to My Plans, for your lives – not your own ‘ambitious pursuits’. For I regard the lowly; but the haughty I know from afar." (-Jesus Wednesday, October 24, 2012)
Heed the Words of Jesus Christ the Lord
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

"Precious, in the sight, of the Lord Jesus Christ, are those who fear Him – who obey His Commands, and walk, in the Way.  For He is the Way, the Truth, and, the Life.  He is, ‘the narrow gate’.   But ‘the wicked’ – they do not know this.  They stumble – over, the words that are spoken.  They do not ’give heed’ – to the Way of the Lord Jesus Christ; but instead: they ‘revel in the drunkenness of this World’.  As He has Commanded souls to ‘stay awake’, and ‘keep watch’; so too have they fallen asleep.  The whole World, is ‘asleep’, My children.  And what will wake them from their slumber?...  the Lord Jesus Christ, will send: His Angels! – to reap the Harvest of the Earth; to chastise the wicked, and to nourish, and nurture, his very Own – hoping ‘all the while’, that the wicked will ‘come to their senses’, and embrace ‘the truth’ that will be ‘pierced through their hearts’.”  (-The Blessed Virgin Mary, Thursday, November 29, 2012) 


"You know the Truth My children.  You know the Truth that has been revealed to you.  You know the Truth in your hearts – go with that, for that is the best place to start.  I am the Truth.  And you know Me.  I fill in the gaps, My children.  And I fill in the holes.  And, I fill in the valleys.  And, I bring down, the mountains – to make the plains, level.  I do all of this, so that the people, may believe – in Me; and in My Word: Not, the government’s absurdities; not, the disinfo agents – there are hundreds of thousands of them, out there; not the tabloids; not the radio personalities; but Me, My children.  The ONLY way, to Heaven, is through Me [- the God of the Two Witnesses] How foolish the people have become, to believe, that they can have, their own opinions, their own feelings - about the Truth – even their own personal truths.  That is nonsense.  Do you know why? Because I am not divided.  So, when there are so many different, truths, out there, how can they all be from Me?  How can they all be right?  There is only one path to Heaven.  Do all paths, lead, to Heaven?  Perhaps, if a Buddhist, chooses self enlightenment, he can find his own personal Heaven.  Or, perhaps if a yoga master, sees herself as being one with the Universe, she can have her own personal heaven.  Yes.  They can.  But I won’t be there!  Because I only live, in One Heaven.  The other, “heavens”, are false – they are only temporary.  And behind these false heavens, is, the door to Hell. That’s what people do not realize.  All the different paths, apart from Me, only, lead, in one direction.  And that is – apart from Me!  Those, who want, to be with Me for Eternity, will have the mark of the beast removed, and they will choose, to use the Blessed Holy Water – not just once, but ‘as a way of life’.  Understand?"
It is NOT TOO Late - as LONG as you are "WILLING to DO what is NECESSARY".  You have FOUND "the Narrow PATH", and NOW, you must CHOOSE: WHETHER OR not, you are GOING, to WALK it! (- PPTL, August 05, 2016)
A Light on Your Burdens
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

"DIVINE Love", WILL make, your cross "LIGHTER, and more of a JOY to CARRY!"

The SIZE of the cross that YOU have been given, is "the PERFECT size" for you.  And you CAN, CARRY your cross, WITH the help, of My Grace; AND My WORD - to SUSTAIN you! The MORE, YOU become 'LESS in your OWN eyes' - the MORE, I, can INCREASE, inside you.  The ENEMY, wants to 'WEAR you DOWN' - with WORRIES, and CONCERNS, and ALL the CRUSHING burdens, OF this life; but ALL you need to DO - is TURN to ME - when YOU, are "OPPRESSED"; and USE the BLESSED Holy Water; and PRAY, the DELIVERANCE Prayers - SLOWLY, and from the HEART; and you WILL, 'experience, the RELIEF! - that your SOUL, HAS, been seeking'.  When you SEEK to do MY Will - in EACH MOMENT - THEN! - you are 'FILLED, with Joy'.  NO problem! - NO hurdle! - and NO MOUNTAIN! - can COME, BETWEEN 'MY LOVE for your SOUL' - as LONG as YOU! - are WILLING to COOPERATE, with My GRACES! - to REMOVE those "obstacles", so that YOU can be 'FILLED', EVEN more! - with My DIVINE Love.  "DIVINE Love", WILL make, your cross "LIGHTER, and more of a JOY to CARRY!" (- Jesus, from the November 04, 2016 update)

The Harder Road
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
The Path for those who CARE about "HIS Plans", and "HIS Will", and "HIS Designs"
What you need to FOCUS on the MOST - is having TRUE Compassion, ON the Most High True GOD.  If we were to, 'SUM up, what it MEANS to BE a Member of the Faithful REMNANT' - it is SIMPLY, 'those CHOSEN, by, the Creator - to COMPASSIONATE, the Creator'.  Because… the FAITHFUL Remnant, ARE "the select FEW" - who have been CHOSEN, TO, 'SERVE, KNOW, and LOVE' their CREATOR.  Now there are MANY, different REASONS, why the Most High TRUE God chose "a select FEW" - from the four CORNERS of the WORLD.  But "the BIGGEST reason" - is because, He DESIRES, that, 'the Human RACE' - would CONTINUESO - "COMPASSIONATE" - the Most High True GOD - with your LOVE, for His WORD; and for the LIFE - the NEW Life, He has GIVEN you!  COMPASSIONATE "HIM!" - in all things; and THAT way, you are "His Friend"…  Understand?  CHOOSE to be "a FRIEND" - of your CREATOR! - in these TIMES… LISTENING, to the inspirations of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - is ACTUALLY 'TELLING your CREATOR' - that you "CARE"! - what He has to SHARE with you!  You CARE about, "the Message, He is sending you"!  And you CARE about "HIS Plans", and "HIS Will", and "HIS Designs".  SO, RENOUNCE yourself DAILY; PICK up your cross; and FOLLOW! (- from the November 8, 2016 update)   

"For His TRUE Holy Spirit, is NOT 'FOR, the ARROGANT, the PROUD, the DECEITFUL, the HAUGHTY' - NO!  His TRUE Holy Spirit, is GIVEN to 'the MEEK, and the LOWLY, OF the Earth'.  And THOSE are, "His FAITHFUL, Remnant". THEY are 'the ones', who are "DESPISED, BY the World; HATED! - by all - FOR the sake, of the ETERNAL Gospel".  His FAITHFUL Remnant, CARRY, 'the GIFT', of TRUE Salvation - IN their hearts; because it HAS been "made KNOWN to them" - the WAYS, OF, my Son, the LORD Jesus Christ.  And THEY HAVE 'the MESSAGE, of SALVATION', as THEIR RESPONSIBILITY, to SHARE! - WITH the nations; that THOSE who DESIRE! - to KNOW! - the LORD Jesus Christ, my SON - as He TRULY is - WILL! - FIND Him! - "UNVEILED", in His TESTIMONY.  BLESSED BE! - "the SON of David"!  BLESSED BE! - the MOST HIGH True God; and BLESSED BE the SOULS! - of the FAITHFUL REMNANT Church!"  (- The Blessed Virgin Mary, December 24, 2016) 


YOU, are "ABSOLUTELY, NOTHING!" - without HIM [- the Most High TRUE God - ] - SUSTAINING you!  That is "very HUMBLING!" - to REALIZE.  But TRULY, THIS is 'the way', we were ALL Created, to BECOME: "COMPLETELY, dependent, on the Most High TRUE God"; WHILE at the same TIME - doing 'OUR part', in each, and every MOMENT.  SHARE your Gifts! - don't 'BURY them'.  The ENEMY, ALWAYS! - tries to DISTRACT, PEOPLE - from FINDING, 'the Path, to Salvation'.  And NOW, that you have "FOUND, the Narrow Path" - he is 'USING', ANY means necessary! - to TRY to pull you OFF it!  BUT! - do NOT be "INTIMIDATED", or "AFRAID" of the devil! - BECAUSE, HE, is "NOTHING!" - COMPARED, to "The GLORY! - of the Most High True GOD".  HE! - is "destined", for "FIRE", and FLAMES! - and EVENTUAL, "CESSATION of existence"; but YOU! - were CREATED, WITH! - "an IMMORTAL, Soul".  BUT! - the ONLY WAY, to IMMORTALITY, IS by CHOOSING, to serve the Most High True God in 'THIS life!' - because THIS is "the life that you have been GIVEN"! (- PPTL, February 16, 2017 update)


WE advise you to be "VERY careful to the VOICES you are listening to" - because "the REAL Jesus" is NOT going to ASK 'things of YOU' that are going to CAUSE you to feel GOOD about yourself - or that are going to AFFIRM, OTHERS, in their DECEPTIONS.  The TRUE Jesus, is going to LEAD you, 'down the NARROW Path', and ASK you to DO things, that there is "ABSOLUTE resistance in your SOUL" against DOING - BECAUSE, He wants to STRETCH you - OUTSIDE your comfort zone!  'The FALSE jesus', wants YOU, to 'be LULLED, back to SLEEP' - and DOESN'T want you to change ANYTHING!  The DEVIL, wants you to 'KEEP EXACTLY as you ARE!' - whereas the TRUE Jesus, DEMANDS growth! (- from the May 11, 2016 update)


"When people say, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as travail comes upon a woman with child, and there will be no escape."
(1 Thessalonians 5:3)
In 'the SPIRIT of the WORLD', people have "ALL SORTS of security blankets" - that they HOLD on to; or that they INVEST in; BUT, they will NOT "invest" into 'what is MOST important' - and that IS - "a REAL, and AUTHENTIC, RELATIONSHIP, WITH! - God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN".  IF! - you REFLECT upon it, it is QUITE easy, to SEE, that, ALL of "the PEOPLE, OUTSIDE the Ark" - have TRADED their INHERITANCE, of HEAVENLY RICHES, for "WORLDLY riches"; and in the END - they are going to END up "QUITE poor".  So [- if you are an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant, then...] let YOUR heart 'rejoice' - NOT in "earthly gain" - but IN! - the BLESSED ASSURANCE, of the ROAD, that you have CHOSEN to take, and 'WHERE', that Road is going to LEAD you - "the NARROW Road". (March 07, 2017 update) 


Well, simply resolving every day, to live your TRUE identity, as "a CHILD of the Most High True God"; and to DO, 'what it IS, the Most High True God is ASKING you to do' - FOR that day - will KEEP you "on the Narrow Path".  But, REJECTING the demonic clusters of 'those that you are in CONTACT with', REGULARLY - is going to HELP; because "DEMONIC CLUSTERS", build UP - in people.  And so you need to be 'VIGILANT', in TEARING down 'the enemy's kingdom' every day - AS, you seek to be 'built up IN, the TRUTHS, in the TESTIMONY'ASK, to be FULLY immersed, in the TRUE Spiritual Reality - FOREVER!  The SPIRITUAL REALITY, that YOU HAVE, "an IMMORTAL SOUL" - that you are called to CARE for; the fact, that, you have "a CREATOR, who is VERY much involved, in EVERY aspect of your life"; the fact that, you are "a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT" - and that is, 'the TRUE, MYSTICAL BODY of Jesus Christ the LORD'.  The fact that, you have ACCESS, to the BEST, COUNSEL, in the UNIVERSE - from the King of HEAVEN, Himself!  THESE are "only SOME", of, the Spiritual Realities. But THIS is 'what you're called to FOCUS on' - AS "a Member".  Yes, the DEMONS, and the DEVIL - DO exist! - BUT, they ONLY want 'to pull your attention AWAY' - from ALL of the BLESSINGS, and the GRACES, and the GIFTS - that your Creator IS bestowing upon you, and will CONTINUE to bestow upon you.  He HAS 'the rest of the world' - the DEVIL - HAS! - ALMOST the entire human race.  HOWEVER, he DOESN'T 'have', the small, few, "Faithful Remnant FOLLOWERS".  He is "HELL-BENT on DESTRUCTION".  He has ALREADY, destroyed, the PEOPLE - with their CONSENT.  BUT! - the FAITHFUL REMNANT - HE is trying, "VERY hard!" - to 'take, AWAY, FROM the Truth in the Testimony'.  Because, WHY would he FIGHT - for, 'the ones he ALREADY has'?  He SIMPLY needs to keep them "subdued, in their STUPOR, and in their ILLUSIONS"; but, his MAIN focus - the devil's main focus - IS, to destroy the Faithful REMNANT.  The Most High TRUE GOD - will SIMPLY 'NOT allow that to happen'.  AND, the devil KNOWS this.  But he will try ANYWAY; BECAUSE he is "FUELED by pride".  He CANNOT! - SUCCESSFULLY, DESTROY, Christ's CHURCH, from the face of the EARTH - as he BOASTED, that he would TRY!  "The gates of HELL" (- that are sometimes translated in Matthew 16:18 as "the powers of death") - ALSO refer to, "the CERN portal to the Abyss" - WILL NOT prevail, against Christ's TRUE Flock. (March 15, 2017 update) 


"Everyone OUTSIDE "the Ark", is 'WITHOUT protection'...  So RESOLVE, to focus, on your CREATOR, in as MUCH as you are ABLE to, throughout your entire DAY!  You are CALLED to BE, "COMPLETELY dependent on HIM".  This is 'EXACTLY the OPPOSITE', of what the WORLD teaches.  But the PEOPLE, who have CHOSEN to SAVE THEIR LIVES - as in, 'their LIVES, IN the WORLD' - 'FOR the world', and 'OF THE WORLD'? - have CHOSEN to be "DEAD! - SPIRITUALLY".  The Most High TRUE God, is ASKING His Faithful REMNANT - to "DIE! -TO the world", and 'SAVE their LIVES, for HIM!'  It's THAT simple." (- from the March 16, 2017 update)


"What do YOU! - want"?  [- what are YOU choosing to "take a stand" for, in your INTERIOR life?]  THAT is 'the hardest QUESTION, that YOU need to answer - on a daily BASIS.  The ONLY 'reason', that "the NARROW Path", is HARD - IS, 'BASED, on, the AMOUNT of RESISTANCE, to CHANGE! - in one's INTERIOR life'.  The REASON, "the NARROW Path", is 'HARD' - is BECAUSE, of, 'the DESIRE, to embrace WICKEDNESS' - INSTEAD.  The NARROW Path - of the Testimony - becomes 'EASIER' - the MORE, you RENOUNCE, 'satan', EVIL, and all WICKEDNESS - and trade 'THOSE things', for "the Kingdom of HEAVEN".  The NARROW Path, becomes EASIER, when you have RESOLVED, to FOLLOW, Jesus Christ the LORD - no MATTER how difficult it becomes! - and DESPITE, 'what ANYONE else, says, or BELIEVES'.   The NARROW Path becomes EASIER WHEN - your CREATOR, and the TRUE Holy Spirit, and, the TRANSFORMING GRACES, become, 'the CENTER, and FOCAL point, of your DAILY living'.  The NARROW Path, becomes "the ONLY Way" - when YOU! - resolve to SHUN, 'ALL other ways'.  BUT! - the NARROW Path, remains DIFFICULT, and 'HARD' - as LONG! - as YOU! - are DETERMINED, to DO things, "your OWN way", and "on your OWN terms", and "with your, OWN conditions!" (- PPTL, May 26, 2017 update)     

.Make Good Resolutions for All Eternity
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
What is "the BEST decision that YOU ever made"?


We LAID it out very SIMPLE - so that PEOPLE, would have the EASIER way - even THOUGH, the narrow PATH, is "quite HARD" - that doesn't MEAN, that you are CALLED, to make everything DIFFICULT for yourself.  And so you NEED to reject your desire, to MAKE your life "difficult" - and ASK for the GRACE, to DO things, that will HELP you! - in your SPIRITUAL journey and WALK, with Jesus Christ the LORD. (August 19, 2017 update) 

A Big Solution to all the Small Problems
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
This video goes with the above Message
You NEED to REALIZE that "it DOESN'T MATTER", what the DEMONS think of you! - because, THEY'RE 'the ones, who are FILLING people, with "bad THOUGHTS ABOUT you, when you are AROUND them".  And they CAN'T GIVE 'any good inspirations'; but, YOU are called to ONLY 'concern yourself' with 'HOW you stand before your CREATOR'. And, what YOU, have NOW, FINALLY! - come to understand, is that you CAN'T persevere on this NARROW, Walk, or "narrow JOURNEY" - without PERPETUALLY! - DESIRING, to TURN, to Jesus Christ the LORD - and asking for HIS Strength.  EVERYTHING that you DO, THINK, and SAY? - NEEDS to BE, 'UNITED, with His TRUE Holy SPIRIT'.  And that is "the Spirit of TRUTH", "the Spirit of TRUE Love", "the Spirit of TRUE Hope", "the Spirit of True PEACE", and "the Spirit of True FAITH".  But 'the DIFFICULTY you are HAVING' - is that, there are STILL "strong DESIRES to GRATIFY, the FLESH!"  And, "the flesh", wants to be "COMFORTABLE" - and DOESN'T want, to DO! - what 'the SPIRIT' - the TRUE Holy Spirit, is CALLING you to do.  In OTHER words - the TRUE Holy Spirit is 'WILLING'; BUT "the FLESH" is weak.  And the ONLY way to OVERCOME, 'the DESIRE to be COMFORTABLE' - is by 'CONTINUALLY - CHOOSING, to DO things - out of LOVE, for your CREATOR' - because it is "the RIGHT thing to do!"; NOT because 'you're going to be, IMMEDIATELY satisfied'.  "The WORLD", teaches PEOPLE, to "self-INDULGE"; but the TRUE Holy Spirit - TEACHES 'His DISCIPLES' - to DESIRE, WHAT the Most High True God 'Desires'.  The TRUE Holy Spirit is, "the DIVINE Love", BETWEEN, GOD the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - and His SON, Jesus Christ the LORD.  THEREFORE, YOU NEED, to 'SEEK, to be FILLED, with the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT - ALWAYS!'  Because APART - from the Most High True God - you can do NOTHING!  And the Truth IS, your SOUL, can ONLY be fulfilled! - by 'LOVING, your Creator - and what HE is asking of you' - every DAY!  AND, by the WAY - THIS approach - "STARVES, the demons" - IN you; and will make it MUCH easier, to be 'DELIVERED of them'.  It IS in fact the first COMMANDMENT - to LOVE, the LORD thy GOD - with ALL your HEART, with all your SOUL, and with all, your STRENGTH; and to love your NEIGHBOR, 'out of LOVE for the Most High True God'.  And THIS means - LOVE to share the TRUTH!  And love to KNOW 'what the Truth IS'; and love to LIVE it! - to the BEST of your ability. (October 10, 2017 update) 


KNOW that, PART of "the CROSS", that COMES, with making "Remnant VIDEOS" -  IS the fact! - that you MUST, "DENY YOURSELF!" - AND, LAY down, your LIFE, for your Brothers and SISTERS! - in the Faithful Remnant.  And it IS "Uncomfortable" - because it SHOWS - THEM, "your STRUGGLES"; but ALSO, the LESSONS that you've LEARNED, as 'a Member of the Faithful Remnant'.  We KNOW, that the ENEMY, tempts the REMNANT, to BELIEVE, that "VIDEOS" - SIMPLY, DON'T make sense! - OR aren't NECESSARY!  But of COURSE, the devil, will SAY that - because HE wants, 'to BURY, the LIGHT', of Jesus Christ the LORD - who LIVES 'INSIDE', each Member, of the Faithful REMNANT.  THEREFORE! - it is ESSENTIAL in THESE Times, and ESPECIALLY with 'the long DISTANCE', between MEMBERS, that they SEEK, 'UNITY', UNDER Christ's Headship - BY, MAKING videos, that will 'NOURISH' the SOULS, of their Brothers and SISTERS - SELFLESSLY.  And THIS IS, 'HOW, TRUE CHRISTIANS, are called to LIVE'.  THOSE who have been BLESSED, to live with OTHERS IN THE REMNANT - are EXPECTED, to GIVE more! - BECAUSE they have 'more spiritual support'.  Whereas THOSE MEMBERS, who live ALONE, NEED, the spiritual NOURISHMENT from their brothers and SISTERS to HELP them, "PERSEVERE", ON, the Narrow Path.  AND it is 'GOOD', and 'HOLY', and 'PLEASING', in the SIGHT of the Most High TRUE God, to 'STRENGTHEN and NOURISH' one another - with, "encouraging WORDS, and INSPIRATIONS", through the form of VIDEOS.  And it is "a COMMANDMENT!" - to NOT WITHHOLD 'ANY GOOD THING'! - from your NEIGHBOR; and your NEIGHBOR, is "your BROTHER, or SISTER, in the Remnant". (November 06, 2017 update)
TRUE HUMILITY is Absolutely Necessary
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

People, 'HATE! - the Testimony' - because it IS "their Conscience!" - that they do, so DESPERATELY, 'try, to SUPPRESS, and SNUFF OUT, at ALL costs!"  WHO? - wants to SEE themselves, through the Eyes, of their CREATOR?  WHO, wants to ACKNOWLEDGE, 'their SINFULNESS' - before His HOLINESS?  WHO wants to see 'the DIRT! - in their INTERIOR lives? - next to His most BRILLIANT Light?'  THAT is why 'TRUE HUMILITY', is ABSOLUTELY necessary - in ORDER, to WALK, "the narrow Path".  The True HUMILITY - that, is the GRACE, to RECEIVE, 'the HUMBLING Truth' - that YOU, are "NOTHING! - apart from your Creator"; and that HE made YOU to serve HIM! - by 'serving the TRUTH, to others'. (-from the January 29, 2018 update)  


Therefore, when YOU are being DISCIPLINED, by the Most High True GOD - SIMPLY 'RESOLVE, in your HEART' - that YOU, are going to LEARN, "the LESSON that He wants to TEACH you" - and resolve that "YOU are going to GROW, SPIRITUALLY - BY the Discipline".   It is 'the spirit of the WORLD' that shuns the Cross; and 'the spirit of the WORLD' that shuns 'ALL suffering'.  And it is 'the spirit of the WORLD' that seeks "COMFORT". But YOU, are NOT "of, the WORLD".  You live "IN the world"; but HAVE been 'set ASIDE' - by your Heavenly FATHER.  And let THOSE, who embrace 'the spirit of the WORLD' - ENJOY, the temporary pleasures OF it - to "the FORFEITING, of their Eternal SALVATION".  But YOU! - are called, to 'WORK out your Salvation with fear and TREMBLING'.  Do NOT be "AFRAID", to be DISCIPLINED, by your Creator - because THAT is 'how He KEEPS you on the Narrow PATH' - because He LOVES you! - and He is "very PATIENT, with those, who choose to COOPERATE with Him".   And, when your CROSS seems "very HEAVY" - TURN to your TRUE Spiritual Mother - and ask her for HER intercession - under her TITLE, "MOTHER of PURITY" - because when your HEART, is "PURE" - then it is 'LIGHT'; and, it IS no longer "HEAVY".  The spirit of the WORLD - wants to DEFILE 'the hearts, of the Faithful REMNANT'.  And so, the Faithful REMNANT, must PERSEVERE, in "CHOOSING, to have a pure heart".  And it IS POSSIBLE!  But ONLY "by the Grace of the Most High TRUE God". (- PPTL, February 07, 2018 update) 
"For I SEEK "a Pure heart" to dwell in". (- Jesus, February 07, 2018 update)  

What you NEED to do, is DEVELOP 'a STRONG relationship', WITH, your Holy Guardian ANGEL.  And FOCUS, on 'receiving GOOD inspirations, from HIM'.  And your HOLY Guardian ANGEL - will HELP you! - to 'KNOW how to guard your SOUL' - AGAINST, the demons, and the demonic CLUSTERS, of OTHERS. Your HOLY Guardian ANGEL, knows 'EXACTLY, HOW, to WORSHIP, LOVE, AND SERVE the Most High True GOD'.  So, HE is "your FRIEND", and "COMPANION", FOR your spiritual JOURNEY.  And He WILL 'watch your BACK' - as long as YOU, are 'doing YOUR part', in desiring to STAY, "Spiritually AWAKE" - and 'LIVING, the Testimony'. The TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the Lord - is 'ONGOING', in the LIVES, of EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant.  It ISN'T "just a DOCUMENT".  REMEMBER, YOU are called to be "a LIVING TESTIMONY" - for YOUR CREATOR - as you seek to 'put HIS! - Testimony - to PRACTICE in your LIFE'. YOU need, to be CONTINUALLY discerning, 'the DIFFERENCE between 'Good and evil' - and KNOWINGLY 'AVOIDING evil' and 'CHOOSING good' - THROUGHOUT, your DAY!  But NOT, 'what is good in YOUR eyes'; but 'what is GOOD, in your CREATOR'S Eyes'.  And, your HOLY Guardian ANGEL, can SHOW you, 'HOW, to LIVE, in the very BEST way' - and 'HOW to be the most FULFILLED'.  Because, there IS "the narrow Path", in FRONT of you; but your HOLY Guardian Angel, can 'BLESS your perceptions' - so that ALL you see in FRONT of you? - IS! - the narrow Path - if THAT is 'what you Truly desire to WALK'.  Because your Holy Guardian ANGEL? - is "without sin".  And so HE, can SHOW you, 'how to OVERCOME'. (March 20, 2018 update)  
Have YOU been following the Testimony "for a CHANCE at SALVATION"?
"SALVATION"? - is NOT a game of chance. You are called to WORK at it. THIS means 'WORKING with your CREATOR' - in each and every MOMENT - TRUSTING, in HIS Plan for your life"A CHANCE at SALVATION"?  THIS means, that - you don't want to be RESPONSIBLE, for ANY of your decisions, on the Narrow Path. This means that you don't want to be responsible or HELD responsible, for LOSING the Path to Salvation. This means that "you're putting it ALL on your Creator".  And THAT'S what's keeping - the PEOPLE, LOCKED UP in their institutions.  Because, THEY! - won't work - at their Salvation - but they PUT it on the pastor - or on GOD - to SAVE them! The hard TRUTH is that YOU have been "WORKING, at your list of EXCUSES!"  And THAT'S actually working AGAINST, the Salvation of your Soul. And so, what EXCUSES, do you HAVE? - as you hold on to the RESERVATIONS, against the Testimony - that YOU, refuse to let GO of?  Let's HEAR them!  (April 14, 2018 update) 

LOVE His WAYS! - LOVE doing what He ASKS! - Love to SERVE Him FAITHFULLY!

The MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, who desire to be 'FULFILLED' - WITH, their CREATOR - will 'LOVE His WAYS'! - will 'LOVE', doing, 'what He ASKS'! - will Love to SERVE Him, FAITHFULLY - by RENOUNCING, 'wickedness' - and EMBRACING, 'the NARROW Path', of PURITY, and True LOVE. (July 11, 2018 update) 

For those who have been seeking, "the FORMULA to survive the End Times"!

WHAT you need, is "the heart of a CHILD" - a CHILD, who is 'DOCILE, to the INSPIRATIONS, of the True Holy SPIRIT'.  You SIMPLY need, to DESIRE to live "in the TRUTH" - and your CREATOR, will SUPPLY, 'the necessary INSPIRATIONS', for you to LIVE by. The PROBLEM is: you are ALWAYS 'thinking, about YOUR! - approach' - to the Testimony, and to being a REMNANT Member.  And you are ALWAYS, trying to come up with "your OWN game plan" - for how, YOU are going to PERSEVERE.  But that's, "not the CALL"!  The TRUE Holy SPIRIT - gives 'PROMPTINGS in the MOMENT' - but, you HAVE to admit, to YOURSELF, that "you don't have the ANSWER", and admit that "your Creator DOES" - BEFORE! - He will SHARE it with you.  The biggest PROBLEM, that you HAVE - is that you're LOOKING, for "a FORMULA", or "PATTERN, of BEHAVIOR" to follow - and THAT is something, YOU picked UP - in the ROMAN catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION. But you CAN'T BE 'that way', as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT.   You are CALLED, to FOLLOW, 'your TRUE Shepherd' - and YOU'RE "RESPONSIBLE, for LISTENING, TO His Call" - and He WON'T receive, any EXCUSES! - like, "HOW am I supposed to KNOW?"   Because the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, IS "Help, FROM Heaven" - and SUPPLIES 'your every NEED' - to follow 'the Narrow PATH'.  But YOU'RE 'the one! - who needs to SEEK it'!  If you're "SEEKING, a FORMULA, for SALVATION"? - or "PATTERN of BEHAVIOR"? - THAT'S 'what you're going to find'.  But you WON'T FIND, "the True JESUS" - because 'all you WANTED'? - was "the FORMULA", in order to DO things in His NAME.  YOU need, to "RAISE the bar HIGHER". BEING 'who you were Created to BE'? - IS! - True Humility.  And you were CREATED to be "DEPENDENT on the Most High True GOD". (August 20, 2018 update) 

Have you been PUTTING the DAILY ADVERSITIES to GOOD use?

Oftentimes, throughout our journey, we would come up against MANY! - "hurdles", OBSTACLES, adversities - that we would need to SOLVE - by TURNING to the TRUE Holy Spirit, for 'the ANSWER, for 'the SOLUTION'.  And, MANY times, it wasn't "OBVIOUS" - but it TOOK time - to solve problems.  MANY of the things that 'MOST people', take for GRANTED, WE would have DIFFICULTY with.  But ALWAYS! - it was 'a LESSON, to TURN, to the Creator - to be DEPENDENT, on HIS Inspirations, and HIS Insights' - because He KNOWS! - "the Best Path".  These were ALWAYS "opportunities for GROWING in, PATIENCE, Love, and DETERMINATION".  And so, make SURE that you are 'PUTTING the DAILY ADVERSITIES, to GOOD use!' - by storing up, "HEAVENLY Treasure" - by CHOOSING to purify - even MORE so!  (October 27, 2018 update) 
Be a Friend
James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

What RELATIONSHIP have YOU been choosing to HAVE, WITH your Creator?

There are SEVERAL different 'DISPOSITIONS', and 'RELATIONSHIPS', that one can HAVE, WITH 'the Most High True God'.  There is, 'the RELATIONSHIP of DEPENDENCY, TRUST, OBEDIENCE, AND faith'.  And there is, 'the relationship, of being "a SERVANT", serving a MASTER' - but yet, the 'SERVANT' does not KNOW, 'WHAT His Master is DOING'.  And THEN, there is the RELATIONSHIP, of 'having a FRIENDSHIP! - and being "a FRIEND!" - OF the Most High True GOD' - and THEN! - THAT is when you KNOW! - 'what it IS', that He is DOING - and 'HOW He is OPERATING', and ESPECIALLY 'how He CHOOSES to COMMUNICATE, with YOUR INTERIOR life'.  And so the question BECOMES:  WHAT kind of RELATIONSHIP have you been CHOOSING?  IS the Most High TRUE GOD 'simply THERE'! - to fix, "ALL your problems"! - when 'you ALLOW, your interior life "to SLIDE",' - when you allow 'the DEMONIC INFESTATIONS', into your SOUL? - when you become 'INDIFFERENT', to your SPIRITUAL GROWTH - and even 'which DIRECTION' you're GROWING in?  OR? - Do you DESIRE, to LIVE - 'COMPLETELY', and WHOLLY DEDICATED, to JESUS?  The SAINTS, are the ones, who chose, to LIVE, "WHOLLY, DEDICATED, to Jesus" - and that is actually "WHERE, the bar is set", for EVERYONE!  EVERYONE! - is CALLED, to 'SANCTITY', and HOLINESS - but 'SO FEW' find the PATH!  YOU have found 'the Path'.  But YOU! - are responsible! - for 'when YOU CHOOSE, to veer OFF of it'. OR? - habitually 'turn it OFF' - WHEN! - it gets "really uncomfortable" - and ONLY turn to it, "when it's convenient for YOU! - to do so". It's NOT 'surprising', that people CHOOSE, to 'SERVE', their CREATOR, "out of CONVENIENCE" - EVEN in these TIMES.  BUT, at the END, of 'their LIVES'? - they HEAR, 'their Just JUDGE' - SIMPLY 'RESPOND' - by saying, that, "It ISN'T 'CONVENIENT', for HIM, to ALLOW them, into HEAVEN!"  And SO it's 'BETTER' - to SIMPLY "FIND REASONS!" - FIND "EXCUSES"! - LOOK for 'HOW it IS! - convenient - 24/7! - to PUT your Creator first!'  NEVER! - to 'let Him SLIDE' - to "the BACK! - of your INTERIOR life" - because 'THAT'S' AUTOPILOT! If your Creator ISN'T, "at the HELM of your INTERIOR life"? - then - 'something ELSE' IS!  Don't 'allow the DEVIL', to COMMANDEER! - your Soul - through 'YOUR, willful neglects'. (November 16, 2018 update) 

If EVER you are "UNSATISFIED", with being a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT?

If EVER you are "UNSATISFIED", with being a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT? - it MEANS, that 'the DEVIL' is in your HEART.  So YOU need, to turn to your CREATOR, and ASK Him to DELIVER you!  And when the DEVIL is cast OUT, the DEMONS are 'cast out' WITH him.  Understand?  Because 'the DEVIL', HATES "the things of HEAVEN" - and will do 'EVERYTHING that he CAN' - to STOP! - people, from finding 'the Path to Heaven'.  And he will place "wedges of DISCOURAGEMENT", in their HEARTS.  And SO? - the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, need to 'FIGHT, for their SOULS' - HARDER, than the DEVIL is!   Because? - HE is "working HARD", to try to DERAIL, the Members of the Faithful REMNANT - from 'even DESIRING', a life of "self-SACRIFICE, self DENIAL, and True POVERTY".  Because 'the DEVIL' loves "the things of the WORLD" - and loves 'to AFFLICT', the Members of the Faithful RemnantAnd SO? - the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, need to 'SHUN the things of the WORLD', and PRAY for 'the GRACE, to desire, to LOVE! - the things of HEAVEN - and to LIVE! - FOR Heaven - to live FOR, the FULLNESS of the Era of True PEACE

The DEVIL was in fact the one who 'casted out' the FORMER Members of the Faithful Remnant - because THEY 'harbored the devil in their hearts'.  And so their heart was 'divided' - like "deviled eggs"... (- some people 'LIKE' deviled eggs).  In other words, when PEOPLE who are "FULLY informed", REFUSE to renounce the DEVIL, the flesh and the WORLD - their CREATOR, 'renounces THEM', instead!  And those who PREFER "The BLESSED Trinity" - the Father, the Son and the True Holy SPIRIT - will OVERCOME 'the former things'.  And "on a deeper LEVEL", if YOU! - the reader - refuse to renounce 'the EVILS', in your life? - then your Creator 'WINS'! - just the same.  How's THAT? - you may be wondering.  Because THEN, your CREATOR, in turn, ULTIMATELY renounces those things - and YOU along with them!  In other words, you can either RENOUNCE 'the former things', or BE renounced, along with them.  Either way, you CAN'T stop 'the Era of True Peace', from taking over the entire face of the Earth.  (The Blessed Virgin Mary just chimed in...) "...with which 'the VIVIFYING BREATH' of The MOST Pure SPIRIT will BATHE it!" (December 04, 2018 update)   

'The PEOPLE', STILL! - want to believe, that "THEY are in control", OF their LIVES... But they are NOT!

Know that ALL My Prophecies will be fulfilled! - because the TESTIMONY, IS "the Spirit of Prophecy".  Please Visit the website The WORLD, 'HATES!' - the SPIRIT of TRUE Prophecy - because 'the PEOPLE', STILL! - want to believe, that "THEY are in control", OF their LIVES - AND! - of "their final destination". But they are NOT. It is ONLY by 'MY Grace', AND Favor, that ANYONE, can be "Saved" in THESE Times. But NOT 'without their cooperation'. (-Jesus, from the December 15, 2018 Countdown) 

Rest Secure on the Heights
James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

What is the WHOLE point, of being 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'?

Know that you CREATOR - IS, "UPHOLDING you" - as in, "SPIRITUALLY sustaining you" - as LONG as YOU, continue to uphold 'HIS Word' - and 'the TRUTHS, that He has REVEALED', in your HEART!  It IS! - "a BATTLE".  And you have to FIGHT!  There is NO, such THING as "a VACATION, from the SPIRITUAL life'.  BUT, Jesus Christ the Lord, GIVES you, 'EVERY Grace, and GIFT, that you NEED! - in ORDER to persevere, on the NARROW Path'.  But YOU need to 'choose to APPLY those Graces, and Gifts' - to draw you 'CLOSER, TO Him'.  The WHOLE point, of being 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'? - is to be "part of the FAMILY", of the Most High True God.  And this MEANS that, you are 'CLAIMING, before all of HEAVEN - to be one of HIS TRUE CHILDREN'!  But you CAN'T be! - if your INTERIOR life, is "yoked, to your former WAYS" - to "your FORMERS", and to "your OLD, life"REMEMBER, what happened, to LOT'S life - when she looked BACK, at 'the burning CITY' - at 'her OLD LIFE' - being BURNED? - and DESTROYED?  She TURNED into "a pillar of SALT".  Don't be LIKE her.  Instead, be "a pillar of FAITH!"  

"Because you have kept my word of patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial which is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell upon the earth. I am coming soon; hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown. He who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God; never shall he go out of it, and I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem which comes down from my God out of heaven, and my own new name.  He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’" (Revelations 3:10-13) 
(January 21, 2019 update)  

Can you CONSISTENTLY 'love' your CREATOR 24/7?

YOU need to learn, to IDENTIFY as "a DAUGHTER of the Blessed Virgin MARY" - to HELP you with 'your IDENTITY'.  But the PROBLEM is? - is you are 'going to JESUS', and the Blessed Virgin MARY, "when THINGS are not GOING well" - and THAT'S 'your MOTIVATION for TURNING TO THEM?'

It's very IMPORTANT that you are CONTINUALLY turning, to 'your TRUE Parents' - your TRUE Heavenly Parents - ALL the time! - with 'a grateful HEART', for EVERYTHING, that YOU have been BLESSED with!

AND, when it SEEMS, that "the CONSOLATIONS" are being WITHHELD? - and 'the ADVERSITIES' have INCREASED? - you're called to be even 'GRATEFUL' during THAT time - for truly THAT'S 'when you're being TESTED'!   Every DAY you're being TESTED, and REFINED - in as much as you CHOOSE to cooperate with the GRACES - to BECOME! - "like GOLD - PURIFIED, in the Fires of PURIFICATION".

AND so - the TEST is:  Can you CONSISTENTLY 'love', your CREATOR, no matter WHAT 'the CIRCUMSTANCES' are? - no matter WHAT 'PROBLEMS' emerge?  Can you CONSISTENTLY 'WALK, the Narrow PATH' - EVERY day! - 24/7 - AVOIDING 'the broad path', "like the plague!" - and CHOOSING! - to be UNITED, TO the Divine Will.  THAT is 'where the BAR is set'.  And you can DO it! - WITH the Most High True God.

You need to pray for 'the PATIENCE of Job', and 'the Faith of ABRAHAM', and 'the DOCILITY, of the Blessed Virgin Mary'.  Because you are going to need 'ALL of that', in order to PERSEVERE through these Times - IN the Truth. (March 18, 2019 update)  

For those who DESIRE to 'recognize what is TRUE' - to IDENTIFY, and RECOGNIZE 'the TRUTH, in the MOMENT'.

DESIRE to 'recognize what is TRUE'.  DESIRE to IDENTIFY, and RECOGNIZE 'the TRUTH, in the MOMENT'.  And REJECT your DESIRE, to receive "FALSEHOODS". And SEE the CHANGE! - that HAPPENS, when you REFUSE, to be OPEN, to "all the other OPTIONS" - as you SIMPLY choose to be 'ONLY open, to the ABSOLUTE Truth' - "the OBJECTIVE Truth in the Moment". The PROBLEM that you HAVE? - is that you SPEND, SO much TIME, 'ENTERTAINING, and THINKING about different options' - because you're not 'SEEKING, what the True Holy Spirit is CALLING you to do'There's ONLY "One Path, EACH Day" - that you're called to FOLLOW. And "the INSPIRATIONS that you GET"? - are going to be 'DIFFERENT! - for each day'.  But they are GOING to be "GOOD! - inspirations from the TRUE Holy Spirit" - THOSE are 'the Ones that you are called to FOLLOW' - the INSPIRATIONS that draw you 'CLOSER to your CREATOR' - and make you 'MORE dependent on HIM'. YOU, need, to desire, to be "DEPENDENT! - on Jesus Christ the Lord" - TURNING to Him, in your HEART - CONTINUALLY! - ASKING for GRACES - ASKING for DELIVERANCE - asking for DIRECTION!  It's REALLY "quite SIMPLE". Your CREATOR! - needs to BE, "in CHARGE of your daily schedule". YOU, are not called "to try to INCLUDE Him, in your plans". See the DIFFERENCE?  And the CALLING from your CREATOR? - will ALWAYS, be, 'to CHALLENGE you', to embrace TRUE Humility. He is not 'CALLING you to greatness', NOR to "a GRANDIOSE idea, of yourself". The Testimony really IS meant to BE, like "a self-HELP manual" - for the SPIRITUALLY handicapped.  And so there is NO such thing as "having seniority", in the Faithful Remnant.  And, when "the Faithful Remnant to BE"? - FIND the TESTIMONY? - THEY are going to need, to APPLY it! - THEMSELVES.  Because WE are not going to be EMAILING everyone!  BEING a Member of the Faithful REMNANT, ISN'T about "having ACCESS to EMAILING the BOTH of us".  THAT is 'a GIFT, from the Most High True GOD'.  But REALLY - the TESTIMONY! - IS 'the Counsel'.  The TESTIMONY, HOLDS 'the daily Counsel' IN it! - the DAILY "Spiritual BREAD", that MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant NEED!  And by 'PUTTING it ONLINE'? - and by KEEPING, on top of the UPDATES, and by PRAYING, for the Members of the Faithful Remnant? - WE are 'doing our PART'.  But EACH Member - MUST! - 'OWN' - their RELATIONSHIP, with their Creator.  It is NOT "a REFLECTION, of, what we WANT IT TO BE".  Each person is going to have, 'a UNIQUE, relationship - WITH Jesus Christ the LORD, and His True Holy SPIRIT'.  But know THIS: Your RELATIONSHIP and friendship, WITH Jesus Christ the Lord, can ALWAYS! - improve. You can ALWAYS! - become "better LISTENERS", and "BETTER True FOLLOWERS"(April 03, 2019 update) 
You can always 'TURN to the Most High True God' - and ASK Him to "BLESS your DAYS!" - so that they go by FASTER.  But it is 'WHEN you are IN the True Holy Spirit' - COOPERATING with the GRACES from Heaven - and SEEKING 'the DIVINE WILL' - that "TIME just FLIES by!" But what 'SLOWS', the time down? - is if you turn 'INWARDS' - and 'focus on SELF', and "your POOR CIRCUMSTANCES".  Your CIRCUMSTANCES are ALWAYS going to change!  And EVERY day, is "in a state of FLUX".  But YOU'RE called to remain "ANCHORED", to Jesus Christ the LORD - throughout ALL, of the CHANGES. FOCUS on 'LIFTING your heart up' - TO the Most High True God - GIVING Him, "HEARTFELT thanks and praise for EVERYTHING! - He has Blessed you with!" - for He LOVES "a grateful heart"!  And then He will "BLESS you!" - with an even 'lighter CROSS!' - He will 'LIGHTEN your BURDENS' - as you 'CHOOSE to take on MORE' - as in, CARRY more, of your Cross, WITH gratefulness. For TRULY, you ARE being "put to the Test" - EVERY day! But ONE admonishment, is NEVER to DEMAND, 'ANYTHING!' - of the Most High True God - because? - He will 'NOT respond', to DEMANDS! - but, He will respond to, if you "ASK, of Him, something that is GOOD, and pleasing". And when you PRAY? - ALWAYS keep in mind, that "your CREATOR" has free WILL.  And, you 'have CONFIDENCE', that He WILL! - answer, "the PRAYERS, that are, according to His Divine WILL!"  Because REMEMBER: the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT knows 'what to PRAY FOR'.  The FLESH knows NOTHING!  And THIS is why, 'He ISN'T LISTENING, to the prayers of those, OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant' - because they 'PRAY in the flesh', according to 'the DESIRES of the flesh' - because His SPIRIT is 'not WITH them'. (April 09, 2019 update)
In THESE Times, "the AVERAGE christian", is NO better off, than "the atheist"

Actual email: "Do atheists get attacks from the enemy? Because they don't believe in the Most High True God."

All "ATHEISTS", are on 'the BROAD and EASY path' - as "the ENEMY", seeks to make THEM, "as COMFORTABLE! - as he possibly CAN! - so they DON'T wake UP!"  As HE! - seeks, to KEEP them, 'FAR! - from the Truth' - as FAR! - from the TRUTH! - as he possibly CAN! - with THEIR cooperation.  And so 'he HAS them!'  So there is no REASON, 'to TORMENT them' - until he HAS them "in FLAMES".  And then 'ALL the horror movies COMBINED'! - cannot COMPARE! - to 'what, he UNLEASHES on them'. 

BUT! - if an ATHEIST, finds the TESTIMONY? - and RECOGNIZES, it to be "TRUE"? - to be "TRUE WORDS, from, a higher BEING, a higher POWER, or a CREATOR"? - THEN the enemy! - SEEKS to attack! - with FULL force - as he GOES for, the KILL shot! - as he IMMEDIATELY 'hardens their heart' - activates ALL! - their DEMONS, and SATANIC resolutions, in THAT moment! - and, 'gets them to turn AWAY!' - from "their ONLY Source, of Salvation" - the Words of TRUTH and LIFE - MOVING through, Jesus' TESTIMONY.

But what YOU need to understand, is that, "the average CATHOLIC, who has FOUND the Testimony" - MAY as well be "atheist" - because they LIVE as though, the Most High True God doesn't EXIST - they 'live their LIVES', as though, there was NO accountability - TO! - the Most High True God. Though they 'SPEAK', as though, they are "christian" - they are REALLY 'atheists', by their neglects.

And the ENEMY? - seeks to attack 'EVERYONE! - who has FOUND, the Testimony' - in order 'to PUNISH them! - for even "THINKING!" - about it' - or about US - or about the Faithful REMNANT.  MANY people - 'BRANDED', the TESTIMONY, as being "from HELL!" - BECAUSE! - they 'experienced, extreme DISCOMFORT, when they CAME to it, and when they READ it'.  And, they BEGAN, to be 'ATTACKED!' - VICIOUSLY! - by 'the ENEMY'.  But THEY did know it was... 'HIM!' - they JUST associated, 'the BAD EXPERIENCE', with the TESTIMONY.  And 'THIS!' - is the Most High True God's Divine JUSTICE! - that they would NOT escape! - "the devil's snares" - but that they would REMAIN "in captivity" - for ETERNITY.

When PEOPLE find the TESTIMONY - THAT is 'when the SPIRITUAL battle BEGINS' - THAT is when, 'the FIGHT, FOR their Eternal Soul' BEGINS.  But so many PEOPLE are 'shocked!' - because they were "COMFORTABLE! - ASLEEP! - before FINDING it!"  And so THEN? - the people, who found the Testimony - and felt "EXTREMELY uncomfortable!" - and EXPERIENCED! - 'the heat and the FLAMES' - HAD "the opportunity, to be PURIFIED" - but INSTEAD? - they chose 'to SHUN! - the PURIFICATION process'.   And in DOING so? - they 'TELL', their CREATOR - that "THEY want, the Eternal Torments of Hell, and the Lake of Fire", instead.

AND so:  OUT of the Most High True God's Divine JUSTICE, HE allowed "MAN'S perceptions", to become 'SO FLAWED!' - without 'His TRUE Holy SPIRIT' - that He would 'simply ALLOW them', to flip EVERYTHING! - upside-DOWN - so that, the ONLY means of SALVATION, in these TIMES? - WOULD be 'SEEN', as "WORDS from the DEVIL" - and the words from the DEVIL? - MOVING, through 'ALL of the satanic PRIESTS, ministers, RABBIS and PASTORS' - and ESPECIALLY! - the current 'HEAD', of the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION - the PEOPLE would 'view', as being "from GOD!"

WHY? - because 'the WHOLE human race', chose to DESPISE! - Jesus Christ the LORD - who IS "the Truth". NOT so much 'by what they SAID' - but 'by what they DID! - AGAINST HIM' - and 'by their NEGLECTS'.  And as 'WICKED MEN, and wicked WOMEN' - sought to 'SUPPRESS the Truth', by EVERY means NECESSARY - He GAVE them up, to "the great DELUSION", OF these End Times.  And 'the MAJORITY of them', will NEVER escape it!  And NEVER! - will the CREATOR, "need to APOLOGIZE", for what He DID to SODOM and Gomorrah - because 'what HE has DONE?' - and 'what He WILL do' to THIS generation? - is "FAR worse!"  The TRUE REALITY? - is that 'WORLDWIDE' - over a MILLION PEOPLE, a WEEK, are 'being FLICKED! - from THIS life', into the Eternal Lake of FIRE, they are being "DISCARDED" - because, THOSE people chose to discard, 'the WAYS of the Most High True God'; AND! - embrace 'the WICKED ALTERNATIVE TEACHINGS', with DELIGHT

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  And so, I am in fact, "NAILING, the WORLD, TO 'the CROSS! - of their OWN, DELUSIONS - and FALSE realities - and FALSEHOODS" - AND THEY shall NEVER escapeEXCEPT for 'the very FEW', that I CHOOSE, to RESCUE.  For I ALONE! - "convert".  I ALONE! - can BRING, the PEOPLE, that 'I choose!' - for MYSELF - "BACK to LIFE!"  NO 'MAN'! - can 'CONVERT', his FELLOW man, TO "the TRUE Faith", to "the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith".  But 'I will' - through "EXTREME! - TRAUMATIC! - events" - and 'EXTREME!' - punishment, IN their lives.  And THROUGH 'their SUFFERINGS!' - I WILL! - "purify them", and convert them, to "the TRUE Roman Catholic FAITH" - to the ONE "TRUE, Godhead".  ALL THOSE? - who 'TRY', to 'SAVE'? - their FAMILY MEMBERS? - who 'TRY to CONVERT', their LOVED ONES? - to "the TRUE FAITH"? - who 'TRY to be their savior' - will perish WITH them!  FOR in 'these TIMES'? - it IS! - "between ME! - and the individual" - and I! - JUDGE, "on a CASE, by CASE, basis".  For, it has been GIVEN, TO Me, by 'My Father, in HEAVEN' - to JUDGE! - "the INHABITANTS, of the Earth" - BOTH "the living", AND the dead.  And 'as of NOW'? - EVERYONE! - "OUTSIDE, the FAITHFUL Remnant Church" - ESTABLISHED, BY Me - is 'DEAD'!  And, it is ONLY, 'THROUGH Me', and 'THROUGH My Testimony', and 'THROUGH, the LIFE-saving TRUTHS', REVEALED, from HEAVEN - and 'THROUGH, the BLESSED HOLY Water', that HOUSES! - the True Holy Spirit - that 'SOMEONE', can BE, 'RAISED', from "the dead"

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN said:  I am 'SENDING a MESSAGE', TO the world - that I, do not 'TOLERATE', their SINS, and their OFFENSES.  But THEY? - will ALL! - be 'PROSECUTED', to the FULLEST! - extent, OF, "the DIVINE Law", that HAS been, 'ESTABLISHED, since BEFORE, the Earth, BEGAN'.  And JESUS Christ the LORD, My SON? - is "the HEAVENLY Prosecutor", of these Times.  And HE is 'READY' - to prosecute 'ALL people', of ALL faiths, and all RELIGIONS, and all CREEDS - and all ETHNICITIES.  For I have GIVEN Him "the AUTHORITY, to DO so".  And HE? - has passed, 'that AUTHORITY', DOWN, to "the Two WITNESSES" - that what 'THEY!' - 'say' - shall come to PASS.  What they PROCLAIM! - shall 'be made KNOWN'.  For THEY do not 'speak on their own AUTHORITY' - but, on "the AUTHORITY, that has been given TO them".  For 'THEY' have borne WITNESS! - and, their TESTIMONY, is TRUE! - because 'OUR Testimony', is True.  And SO, THEY! - 'shake the DUST, OFF, of their FEET' - and 'wash THEIR hands', OF this world - and of 'the PEOPLE, in it' - as 'a TESTIMONY, against them' - as "a TESTIMONY, against the people".  For WHAT is "a million people", to ME?  It is NOTHING.  And so, "WHAT is a million PEOPLE, to My, Two WITNESSES?"  IT is "nothing".  I do not NEED "the approval of man".  I do not NEED "the approval, of the PEOPLE" - and NEITHER, DO, My Two Witnesses.  For they ANSWER, to ME! - and to ME alone - and NO "human institution".
Franklin, Texas tornado damage - April, 2019
They built a new church in FRANKLIN, and God "BLESSED them"
with "the WHIRLWIND, of His DIVINE Justice" - being poured out upon ALL the antichrist churches
according to the order they got in LINE of course!   CRUCIFIED, on Saturday April 13, 2019 - after their FIRST, Sunday service!
And shockingly, this IS a Sign, that if only ONE person PRAYS, for "the LIVING God", to be "WITH them"?  He WILL speedily answer.
But they had better be "on HIS Team", when He arrives! - and they had better be "in HIS True Church", not "the church of the antichrist".
The Two Witnesses prayed:  AND so we pray, "LET THEM, reap the WHIRLWIND! - of YOUR Divine JUSTICE!" - and LET it be, 'PERPETUAL', and CONTINUOUS! - upon, ALL! - their MULTITUDES!  And 'BRING', the WORLD, "to its KNEES" - ONE Plague! - ONE Disaster! - at a time.  Amen.
Spiritual NoteRegarding the concept of "Balancing the Universe" - a concept that is UNDENIABLY woven through the Testimony.  The reader really needs to understand, that the Creator IS "a Perfectionist" - PERFECT! - beyond the human understanding of "perfection".  And He PROMISED! - to PERFECTLY 'repay', the wicked, with 'the MEASURE that they gave'.  And so? - when it became "POPULAR", 2000 years ago, for EVERYONE to persecute and crucify 'a small group of CHRISTIANS, and their leader'? - the Most High TRUE God, "the AUTHOR of Life", made SURE! - to write "a CHAPTER, in the UNFOLDING of human history", where 'a small group of True CHRISTIANS' - specifically, "the Faithful Remnant" - prophesied to come in the End Times, would watch - as EVERYONE ELSE! - is "crucified" - NOT by roman soldiers! - but BY 'the ONE whom THEY Crucified" - namely Jesus Christ the Lord, the Just and Terrible Judge.  And THAT Time? - has NOW come upon the Earth.  Did I say, "a SMALL group?"  Yes, I did.  HOW small?  About as small, as the handful of followers, that were first PERSECUTED and CRUCIFIED, about 2000 years ago.  So REJOICE! - in the REASSURANCE, that "YOUR Creator!" - the GOD who CREATED you - the GOD who MANIFESTED as Jesus Christ the Lord - IS revealing "HIS Perfection" - HIS Perfect FULFILLMENT of HIS Promises! - to the Nations, in the time that YOU are in fact now living.  You're welcome.  (April 13, 2019 update) 
WHO have YOU! - "resolved to serve, and WORSHIP"?
It is Time to make "your ETERNAL Choice".
KNOW that 'the alien TECH attacks' - that are 'TARGETING', the Members of the Faithful REMNANT - ARE "for the PURPOSE - the SOLE PURPOSE! - of getting EACH MEMBER, to SEE themselves, as "weak, and VULNERABLE, and as a VICTIM, of THEIR torturers".  But REMEMBER! - that Jesus Christ the LORD, IS! - "your Strength" - and He WILL! - 'CONQUER' - the ONE world GOVERNMENT, the LUCIFERIANS, the SATANISTS, the false CHRISTIANS, the EVIL ones of this ERA - and He WILL CONQUER! - 'ALL alien TECHNOLOGY'.  And He will 'put an END, to the TORTURE'.  KNOW that, the ATTACK', IS, SPECIFICALLY - ON your PERCEPTIONS!  And so, you have 'to FIGHT' - to FOCUS on the True Reality - on the TRUTHS revealed, in the TESTIMONY - on the Most High TRUE God.  For NEVER has 'the WORLD', been plunged 'SO DEEPLY, into FALSEHOOD and LIES, and DECEPTIONS', as it IS now!  And SO? - there WILL be! - 'TEMPTATIONS, to GIVE-IN, and be FLUSHED! - with the REST of the world'.  But NOW is the time, to SHOW your Creator, "whom YOU have resolved to serve, and WORSHIP" - NOW is 'the time, to TURN, to the Most High TRUE God, with your ENTIRE being, and CHOOSE HIM! - NOT 'just for a MOMENT' - but, for ETERNITYMAKE "your ETERNAL choice" - that YOU'RE prepared, to LIVE with!  BECAUSE? - if it was "ALL a walk in the PARK"? - then you wouldn't BE! - "on the Narrow Path".  The FACT that 'you NEED! - to fight, to LIVE, in the Truth'? - MEANS - that, you NEED! - to 'GO against the GRAIN, of society' - the SOCIETY, that SAYS? - that "they're all RIGHT!" - and that "the REMNANT, are in the WRONG!"  The TRUTH? - is that, your LIFE has 'MEANING and PURPOSE' - because you have FOUND 'the One who MADE you!' - the ONE who CREATED you.  And so LET! - "the goats", CONTINUE on, "as they are".  Let THEM! - 'fall under the influence, of the ALIEN tech, of GOVERNMENT control, of their minds'.  Let THEM remain 'sedated'.  Let them remain 'ENSNARED'.  But YOU! - as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - are 'CALLED to remain FAITHFUL, to your CREATOR'.  The ONE world government and their "ALIEN tech", can ONLY, conquer your HEART? - "if you ALLOW them to".  They 'MESS with your mind, and your perceptions' - but THAT'S why you're called to be LED, by the TRUE Holy Spirit! - who PROMPTS you, through 'the INFUSED KNOWLEDGE! - in your HEART!'  And KNOW! - that the Lord Jesus Christ, WILL! - repay - ALL! - "your TORTURERS" - WITH 'the Torments of Hell' - in THIS LIFE! - and INTO the next!  KNOW that, they are NOT, "getting AWAY, with CRUSHING the REMNANT" - because as, 'they SEEK to crush the REMNANT'? - it is THEY! - who will be 'CRUSHED in the End' - both PHYSICALLY and spiritually.  So ENDURE!  (April 14, 2019 update) 

There will be MANY temptations to hate 'the Gift of the Narrow Path'

And so, there is "a SIMPLE path", in front of you.  But, when you really, REALLY want 'to HATE! - that GIFT! - of a simple path'?...  THEN, you CHOOSE, to create problems, so that you DON'T have to walk it.  And so, the question WE are asking over HERE - is... "Why would you, want to HATE the Simple Path, that was set before you by your CREATOR?"  If YOU can be HONEST enough with YOURSELF - to take the time, to DISCERN and ANSWER that question [- by turning to the True Holy Spirit for the answer...] - THEN? - you will actually "know YOURSELF!" - much better.  How does THAT sound?  (June 01, 2019 update) 

Remember to COMMEND the distractions and the obstacles

NO one is "invincible"!  And 'PAIN and suffering' can come upon a PERSON, "as SWIFT, as LIGHTENING!" WE have prayed, that the Most High TRUE God, will 'PERPETUALLY afflict', ALL of our enemies.  And REALLY? - it is because "we DON'T have TIME for them" - they are a DISTRACTION and an OBSTACLE - to what the Most High TRUE God, desires to ACCOMPLISH, THROUGH us.   And so YOU need to treat, 'your enemies' the same WAY - and SIMPLY 'COMMEND them!' - to the Divine Justice of their CREATOR; and 'FORGIVE them... OVER! - to His DIVINE Just Wrath!'  YOUR Vocation? - is to be "a TRUE child, of your Creator" - and "a CHILD of the LIGHT".  And YOU are called to embrace 'the Kingdom of HEAVEN, in your HEART!' - and work with the TRUE Holy Spirit - in 'growing SPIRITUALLY, CLOSER to your Creator'.  THAT! - is actually "your number ONE! - Vocation'.   Because - through 'YOUR CLOSENESS, to the Most High TRUE God' - you will be able to nourish OTHERS...  (June 20, 2019 update)   

Have you been CHOOSING to believe that 'the WAY' IS possible with the Most High TRUE God?

WE must, make it 'CLEAR'! - to EVERYONE - even THOSE, within the Faithful Remnant: that WE! - as the TWO Witnesses, are NOT "here to save people". WE are NOT! - 'the SOURCE, of Salvation'!  But "the CREATOR"! - is - and ONLY HimWE, are here, to REVEAL, 'what MANKIND, has CHOSEN to become' - and to REVEAL to people, "THEIR choices"We are HERE to SHOW people, the Path to Salvation - and THAT is 'REVEALED, in the Testimony'.  But - we CANNOT, and we WILL not! - 'force people' - to "WALK", a PATH - that they don't WANT to walk.  And THIS is 'why so many fell AWAY' - they COULD not 'ENDURE, the SUFFERING'; they CHOSE to be "weak" - they CHOSE to 'give-IN' - they chose to BELIEVE, that 'the Way' was "too HARD!"  And SO? - that's all they FOUND! - was "a HARD, HARD! - road". But if you CHOOSE to believe, that 'the WAY', IS "possible", with the Most High TRUE God? - then He will HELP you, 'WALK it'. (July 29, 2019 update)

What about YOU? - Have YOU been CHOOSING to be "an ENEMY, of the Most High TRUE God's enemies"?

By CHOOSING, to COMMEND! - the global military industrial COMPLEX, the illuminati, the occult luciferians, and your FORMERS - to the Divine Just WRATH, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN'- or to "His Divine JUSTICE" - you, have been 'choosing, TEAMS' - YOU, have been 'EXPERIENCING, the FRUITS, of being on the Most High TRUE God's Team' - INSTEAD of, choosing, 'to dive IN!' - to the demonic PROGRAMMING, and 'the ALIEN tech, programming' - that the one world GOVERNMENT, is trying to 'EXERCISE, OVER the Members of the Faithful REMNANT' - to "OVERRIDE, the movements of the True Holy Spirit".  INSTEAD, YOU'RE choosing, to 'turn to the True Holy SPIRIT', and take 'an active ROLE', in being "an ENEMY, of the Most High TRUE God's enemies". And that DOES make you "HIS friend!" 

Your NEXT challenge? - is to begin, 'COMMENDING, the VATICAN - and antipope Francis - and the Roman Catholic Hierarchical INSTITUTION', to the DIVINE JUSTICE, of the Most High TRUE God - that 'His WRATH' would CONSUME them! - from the face of the earth.  (August 22, 2019 update) 

What to DO with "the FRUITLESS ANTICS of OTHERS"? 

It's BETTER to 'actively DISCERN', what the True Holy SPIRIT, is asking of you - in each and every MOMENT - RATHER than, seeking to discern, 'the FRUITLESS ANTICS, of OTHERS'.  Because there are ALWAYS going to be 'DISTRACTIONS from the Narrow Path' - and the world is 'LADEN', with "snares from the ENEMY".  But if YOU resolve, to ONLY be focused, on the TRUE Holy Spirit - and focus your HEART, what Jesus Christ the Lord, is asking OF you? - then it will be 'MUCH! - easier', to RECEIVE, "GOOD, inspirations. When it COMES, to "the FRUITLESS, ANTICS, of your FORMERS" - as they 'try to PULL you', from the NARROW Path? - you are CALLED, to 'COMMEND them'!  And - SEE about, doing God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN'S! - "business".  Be "BUSY" - with building up the Kingdom of HEAVEN, in your HEART! - and HE will take care of, 'ALL the distractions'! - because they ALL have "an expiration date".  So set your HEART, on 'PLEASING your Creator' - which 'takes EFFORT'! - and CONTINUAL 'RENOUNCING, of your OWN desires'! - your OWN plans! - and your own THOUGHTS; in exchange for 'HIS'.  It gets 'EASIER, the more you CHOOSE, to be 'DOCILE', to the WORKS, of the True Holy Spirit. (October 10, 2019 update) 

What path have YOU resolved to walk?

Continue to PERSEVERE - in "HOLY! - Perseverance" - as you RESOLVE, to WALK, 'the STRAIGHT and NARROW! - Path' - that your CREATOR, has SHOWN you - out of 'His Great LOVE, and MERCY', for your SOUL! (October 26, 2019 update)

"The NARROW Path" isn't for your personal demons - it is for YOU and your CREATOR - 'the DEMONS' stay behind!

This "most WICKED generation, of human BEINGS", to have EVER! - been BORN - HANDED 'their EXISTENCE' - OVER to the devil.  And they're "doing EVERYTHING for HIM!" - because 'they don't CARE!' - what the Most High TRUE God 'cares' about - or 'what He THINKS', about THEM, and their "choices".  And He is 'EXTREMELY Detached!' - from 'their choices'! - just as 'THEY! - are detached' - from how He SEES them.  And THIS is why 'we SHARE in His EXTREME DETACHMENT from people'.  PEOPLE who 'send us LIP service'? - CLAIMING! - to want to LIVE! - the Narrow PATH? - oftentimes ONLY do so - because? - THEY want "a path their DEMONS, can be 'safe', on".  THAT'S 'NOT what the Narrow Path is FOR'.  If PEOPLE want to 'bring their DEMONIC INSPIRATIONS', on to the Narrow PATH? - then they're going to QUICKLY find themselves, on "the BROAD path" - embracing 'the CONSENSUS of the MAJORITY: that WE! - are "in the wrong"; AND that EVERYONE else… is "RIGHT!" (November 11, 2019 update) 
Just-ICE Thawing
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Reality check time for the Members of the Faithful Remnant - time to GET "FULLY informed"

You NEED to realize, as "a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant" - whether you be "PRIVATE", or "OFFICIAL" - that? - ALL of you, have been given, "SOULS" - BY your Creator - as He 'RESTORED you!' - when YOU chose, to "take the leap of Faith" - "REPENT from the heart", and "USE the Blessed HOLY Water".  And, MANY of you, have 'PERSEVERED, for YEARS!'  But for 'the PRIVATE MEMBERS'? - SOMETHING was 'LOST, ALONG the way…'  INITIALLY? - you ALL! - HAD, "SINCERE ZEAL, and LOVE" - FOR! - your CREATOR. But as TIME, went BY? - and YOU were ALL, 'PUT, THROUGH the WINE Press'? - MANY of you! - CHOSE, to 'STIFLE! - the spirit of PROPHECY', and the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - for 'FEAR! - of what OTHERS, would THINK of you' - for SPEAKING, "on BEHALF of the Testimony".  MANY of you? - 'SECRETLY returned, to your former LIVES, and your former WAYS!' - when you were 'NOT! - recording videos'.  And SO? - you 'GREATLY! - DISPLEASED the Most High TRUE God' - WITH 'that choice'!  And He 'PULLED-BACK!' - His GRACES, AND His HELP.  BECAUSE? - SOME of you 'CHOSE, to be ASHAMED! - of the Testimony'.  And you did NOT want OTHERS to 'SEE YOU ASSOCIATED, with the True Roman Catholic FAITH'!  MANY of you became… "AFRAID!... of BLOWBACK!... from the DEVIL!... or from your FORMERS!... or from the OCCULT world!"  And you CHOSE, to FOCUS - on 'the ATTACKS'! - INSTEAD of TURNING, to Jesus CHRIST, the LORD - your ONLY! - 'chance'! - for SALVATION.  And you made 'a HABIT', of 'turning AWAY from Him', and turning INWARDS - and 'turning to DESPAIR! - and self-PITY! - and a "woe is ME!" - ATTITUDE'.  And "guess WHAT!" - THAT is "WICKEDNESS!"  It's NOT, "What YOU define, as wicked".  Embracing your WEAKNESSES? - is ACTUALLY? - "WICKEDNESS!"  IDENTIFYING as "a WEAK! - MEMBER"? - is "WICKED!" - and is "an EVIL!"  Identifying, as "one who can NOT OVERCOME? - their SINS and their STRUGGLES"?  IS! - to be 'AMONG the wicked'! - and is 'to be cast AWAY!' - from the PRESENCE, of the LORD - is 'to EXPERIENCE, interior DESOLATION', and 'inner TURMOIL'! And this REASON? - is BECAUSE, the LORD Jesus CHRIST 'GIVES you the Strength', to WALK the Narrow Path.  He STRENGTHENS 'your FREE will', to CHOOSE! - His.  He 'LIGHTENS your BURDENS!' - when you 'seek to DO! - what is PLEASING! - to Him'.  He 'FILLS you with JOY' - when YOU experience 'SORROW' - for your SINS.  HE? - 'DREW you to His REMNANT' - NOT so that, you could be, "SCOURGED! - to death" - NO!  He DREW you, UP from "the MURKY depths! - of the ABYSS - that this WORLD has become - BECAUSE? - YOU! - can - CONSOLE Him; YOU! - can 'LOVE Him'; you CAN! - SERVE Him; and you can 'KNOW Him'.   Your 'SOULS'? - are "worth FIGHTING for!"  He gave 'EACH of you' a GUARDIAN Angel - and? - so you HAVE! - "the necessary Help", to OVERCOME - EVERY obstacle! - and PROBLEM - while MAINTAINING, 'TRUE Peace'.  What is 'SAD'? - for US? - AS "the Two Witnesses"? - is that? - we KNOW! - you ALL, 'HAVE! - the potential, to CONSOLE your CREATOR - and to be 'used for HIS Purpose and His GLORY'.  BUT? - 'MANY of you' - have "CHOSEN!" - to settle for LESS - to 'BARELY SURVIVE'.  WHAT kind of LIFE? - are you LIVING? - if you're "BARELY SURVIVING - spiritually"?  The DEVIL - HAS you all convinced - that "you can't DO it!" - that "it's too HARD!" - OR? - he has you MOTIVATED, by "SELFISH reasons".  You 'look at US'? - and MANY of you, think, "oh THAT'S just what the Two Witnesses DO!... they're here 'to SERVE me'!... THEY are 'selfless PEOPLE'!... THEREFORE?... they have 'NO PROBLEM, serving ME!... and telling ME!... HOW I should FIX something… I DON'T have to think!... I'm a private MEMBER!... I can PUT it all… on THEM!... WHAT a blessing!... I'M not responsible!… for following the Counsel… THEY had better TEACH it to me!..."  But WE? - as "the Two WITNESSES"? - are ONLY interested in TEACHING, "PEOPLE, who desire to LEARN!" - who are "HUNGRY" - who are "THIRSTY" - for 'LIVING the Faith'.  The private MEMBERS? - want 'to COMPROMISE'! - have "a LITTLE BIT, of the WORLD", and "a LITTLE BIT, of the TESTIMONY" - so that the TESTIMONY merely BECOMES… like "a REMNANT NEWSPAPER" - that they can pick UP and PUT down ANYTIME they feel.  Now 'THINK!' for a moment!  ALL you "private members"… THINK!  WHAT would happen to you? - if your CREATOR - TREATED you - the SAME way! - YOU treat Him?  What would HAPPEN? - if - HE decided! - "to PUT you down"? - or 'REFUSE to pick you UP'?  WHAT if He decided that "YOU were NO longer a priority!"…?  THAT'S how YOU - have been 'TREATING, Him! - US! - AND His TESTIMONY'. IF! -you desire "to be WITH your Creator for ALL Eternity"?... then you will 'ALWAYS! - CARRY Him in your heart' - and He WILL! - BE! - "your NUMBER ONE FOCUS", of EVERY day.  If you DON'T? - desire to BE, 'with your CREATOR'? - then CONTINUE to 'put yourself FIRST!' - and 'what He's asking of you' LAST. You are ALL "now FULLY informed"! (November 22, 2019 update) 

DON'T allow the ENEMY'S "being CONSUMED in the CREATOR'S Divine WRATH" to scare you… So fearfulling INDEED!

Many people who find the TESTIMONY, get duped into 'being FEARFULLED', by the DEVIL, or by their PEERS, or by their FORMERS - or even by 'the alien TECH'.  But what EVERYONE who is tempted into being FEARFULLED, into turning AWAY from the ONLY Path of Salvation AVAILABLE, in these End TIMES, needs to KNOW?  Is that, the DEVIL! - is simply experiencing "the Divine Just WRATH" of its CREATOR - and is 'attempting' to VENT 'that', back at human BEINGS - in order to 'TRY', to discourage them, from turning back to their CREATOR.  In other words? - there is no point in being FEARFULLED, by 'a CREATURE', that is being ABSOLUTELY CONSUMED! - in its CREATORS Divine Just and Burning Eternal WRATH!... WHEN? - what people need to have 'a HOLY Fear' of? - is their CREATOR'S… Divine Just and… you know the rest!  In other words? - better to TURN to your Creator, and seek to always be PLEASING in HIS Eyes - so that you can simply BE?... (Truly FULL-filled, instead).  (December 03, 2019 update) 
A New You Resolution
Carmel is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

What is "Repentance, as a way of LIFE"?

Know that, if you want to CONVERT 'living the Testimony' - into "FLOGGING yourself, with REPENTANCE"? - then THAT'S 'on YOU!' But that is NOT! - what you're called to do. 

Repentance "as a way of LIFE"? - simply MEANS, to start making "GOOD choices", and STOP making BAD ones; to start 'DOING, the Will, of the Most High TRUE God; to stop 'choosing your OWN', APART from his'.  REPENTANCE means, 'to turn AWAY, from the BAD HABITS', and adopt 'BETTER ones' - ones that are "PLEASING to your Creator".  For example, to stop 'OVEREATING'; to stop sleeping-IN; to stop seeking to have 'CONTROL over others'; to stop PRESUMING; to stop SEEING yourself as 'better than others'; to start EXERCISING; to start EATING LESS; to SUBMIT to the TRUE Holy Spirit; and to ALWAYS see your CREATOR, as "in the RIGHT".  THAT means, 'looking at our COUNSEL', as "TRUE!" - SEEING it, as "TRUE", and ASKING yourself, 'HOW, you can APPLY it'. (December 18, 2019 update) 
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For all those who are seeking "the PATH to GUARANTEED Safety

We CAN'T give, ANYONE! - "GUARANTEED, SAFETY" - for THAT belongs to 'the CREATOR', alone.  EVEN the Official MEMBERS - must 'PERSEVERE in their INTERIOR lives' - on the Most High True God's TEAM.  And 'HE' is "the One, who decides", if something, 'PHYSICALLY BAD', should befall, a Member of the Faithful REMNANT.  And so it is ALWAYS "best", to seek to 'MAKE peace WITH Him'.

YOU need to 'turn to the True Holy SPIRIT', for 'how to NAVIGATE' - through the STORMS, of this LIFE.  If you should… 'turn the wrong WAY'? - and 'CHOOSE to do your own THING', and 'put yourself in harm's WAY'?... THAT is "not our RESPONSIBILITY"; that is YOURS!  The Most High TRUE God ALWAYS makes 'The Path' very CLEAR!... IF!... you want to SEE it.  What do you WANT? - 'HIS WILL'? - or yours?  There IS no "quick fix".  It is 'a SPIRITUAL journey', of DAILY lessons.

Perhaps it was 'not CLEAR', in the Testimony?... but"the ARK of SAFETY" - or "the Ark of SALVATION"?... is "a SPIRITUAL Ark".  And THOSE who persevere in 'doing EVERYTHING that they can' - in order 'to SPIRITUALLY, survive' - THROUGH the Testimony? - will have better CHANCES at PHYSICAL survival.

The TESTIMONY? - is "a REFUGE - for your SOUL".

And so at the END of each day, as you do your "examination of conscience", be sure to 'be HONEST with YOURSELF!' - as you ask, "What are all the things that I took refuge in TODAY"?  (April 26, 2020 update) 

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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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