The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
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           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.25 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.
Welcome to the Apocalypse

Welcome to the Apocalypse
There is nothing quite like a personal VISITATION from the PILLAR of FIRE from the Old Testament
- to wake people up!  But ALSO in THESE Times - that most certainly WON'T be ENOUGH
Welcome to the Apocalypse!  Happy APOCALYPSE everybody!  Hope you like surprises!  Because there are MANY! - MANY on the way.  To the Members of the Faithful Remnant: "PERSEVERE - and finish the race!" - as there are lots of "High Fives" waiting for everyone! 


“The Blessed Virgin Mary’s hand and ‘Mantle of Protection’ has been lifted off the World as you know it.  Now, various disasters will come upon this Planet, consuming it almost entirely.  They will come in the form of famines, earthquakes, continued wars, pestilences, and diseases including this ‘swine’s flu’, which has yet to mutate and become deadly.  I will chastise the World with a vengeance, for vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord, God of Hosts.  Revenge is Mine, and Mine alone.  I will give Justice to those who demand Justice.  I will give Mercy to those who ask for Mercy.”


“Wickedness will not be tolerated any longer, and that is why San Francisco is going to fall into a giant fissure and the rest of it pummeled by waves - because I will show the World, that their wickedness is fruitful.  Not what they were expecting is about to happen.  The punishment will fit the crime.”


“You heard “the Hammer has come down”, but now you are about to hear something far worse: ‘they are asking for it’, ‘they are begging Me to do this to them’, by ‘allowing it and not intervening’.  I am not a God filled with wrathful vengeance, No, I simply solve problems.  If there is a problem, if there is ‘a nail sticking out’, so to speak, it gets hammered in.  “The squeaky wheel” no longer “gets the oil”, the ‘broken axle’, will no longer be ‘fixed’.  Man has become a dread, unto himself, for I Decree: that such natural disasters, will ensue the entire planet, that were I not to intervene with My comet of chastisement the whole world would be annihilated.”


“The volcanic explosions will be so great, and so many happening all at once, were I not to intervene with My Comet of the Chastisement and the Great Warning, all humanity would be lost.  And so the Comet sighting, followed by the Warning experience, will be My Greatest Act of Mercy, for souls who choose Me; and a great punishment, for those who do not; and My Final act of Justice”.

Seek "True REPENTANCE" For Your SOUL's BEST Interest!
Lilly is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


“For though the World may agree on sin, I disagree, and I am about to show them, how much I disagree, with sin – especially sins being committed openly, they are the worst kind.”


“The ‘solar blasts’ or ‘plasma blasts’ of fire and radiant heat, can only consume, and utterly burn, and destroy that which it touches.  These solar flares are part of My Justice, and of My Chastisement upon this World.  I have told you before, “this is My Apocalyptic Sun”, and you have yet to see, and to taste, what this Sun, will do, with absolutely no boundaries, and no grace – from Me, to hold it back.  The ozone layer has holes in it now, but wait and see, as these layers become wider, and broader – having still, worse effects upon mankind, as a whole.  Without the proper atmospheric protection from the Sun, it is like the Earth, has been uncovered, is naked, and has nosunscreen’, with which to protect itself.  Mankind, is going to burn, in more ways than one.  Better for people to feel extreme physical displeasure and pain, and repent of their wrongdoings before Me; than for them to continue to carry on, without any consequences whatsoever.”


America, and the World, will decide for themselves, when ‘enough is enough’.  When they cry out to Me through remorse for their sins, I will listen; but until they acknowledge their sins, and the punishments due them, their prayers will fall ‘on deaf ears’.  It begins now.  I have unleashed ‘the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, that stand arrayed for battle.  They are ‘poised and ready’ to battle with flesh and blood.  It begins.  Now ‘events’, are on ‘a spiral effect’; and now history cannot be changed. You will see this soon, My children.

Apocalyptic End Times
Mona is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


“So much is about to happen, all over the World, My children, and not just with the economy – but the face of the Earth is about to be changed.  There will be an even greater increase in earthquakes, wars, famines, and pestilences – such as the World has never seen at large.  Not to mention tornados, hurricanes, floods and all types of natural and unwanted disasters.  These will come, and continue coming, because of sin, My children; but there will be relief, for the Faithful Remnant, as they will be protected here, from all of these disasters, or they will enjoy Eternal Happiness with Me, as I am going to be calling some of them home to Heaven.  You will be witnesses of these events at large.”


“When ‘The Hammer comes down’, all of the homosexuals, and those living that lifestyle, will feel it.  For the ground will shake beneath them, and they will fall into the ocean, and be swallowed up, by the many waters.  The sharks will be hungry, and I will feed them.  Compassion, is telling someone the Truth.  But to be tolerant, of one’s own sins, is not compassion, nor love; let alone, to be tolerant of other peoples’ sins.” (-Jesus, Saturday, March 25, 2011)  
The US is starting to look like a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY
If we told you that the United States would look like "a third world country war zone" would you believe us? 
What is "YOUR source of Truth"?
Perhaps this footage from the aftermath of Hurricane Saint Michael will help you with that.
Know that THIS above video, is just "a VERY, VERY, VERY! - small sample, of what is coming to the United States of America".
And when compared to what the U.S. citizens did to the UNBORN? - it is COMPLETLY Just! - as their MERCILESS human cull continues.


“I am, scourging, the United States, with these type storms, My children.  The United States of America, is about to become a Third World country.  This will happen, very fast, and in time, people will begin to know, what it once was like, as a First World country.  They do not know what poor is, but they are about to find out!  When this earthquake happens, and it will happen, very soon – when this event takes place: the whole World will be in awe, at what has happened... there are consequences, for their chosen lifestyles. The gays, the lesbians, and transsexuals, will weep and mourn over what has befallen California and the nations round about.”


“The rainbow, you saw tonight, My children, was a symbol, of My Covenant with man.  For though the World is wicked, as it is, I will not destroy it – through flood waters.  But ‘a Comet is coming’, instead.  This ‘ball of fire’ will strike the Earth, and two thirds (2/3) of mankind will be killed – for that is all that there will be left.  The One World Government will take care of the rest of them.  The one third (1/3), will be passed, 'through fire', and will have to endure much.  Much purification, will take place, in the souls of My Elect, before they are permitted, to enter in, to My Era of Peace.”


“The Chastisement has already begun, and is going to get: even worse.  ‘The Madrid Fault line’, is the next to be hit, followed by ‘the California Quake’.  The divide going down ‘The Mississippi River’, will be Great – “as large as the Grand Canyon”


“Once, this Mega-quake hits, the food prices will soar.  Then it will be very difficult for some, to get around to different places, in their vehicles.


“A Great Disaster is coming next.  And then people, will wonder, if this is the End Times.  A super-volcano?  Not yet My children.  The Comet of Chastisement?  Not so soon.  The major earthquake, in California?  Perhaps the Madrid Fault Line needs to be shaken?  We shall see.  …there will be Big Changes happening, I assure you both of that.” 


Death, not only through radiation poisoning, but the floods, are coming – rapidly, upon the Face of the Earth.  And the earthquake that is coming, will be so tremendous in size, that people, will forget everything! – during those moments.”


“The magnetic poles are shifting – ever, so, gradually.  But there will come a time quite soon, when the tectonic plates – in various regions, will simply “snap”, due, to the pressures building there.  And the whole World will marvel, at what has become, of their beloved “city” – Sodom and Gomorrah.  They laugh now, but they won’t be laughing when ‘all of their conveniences are taken from them’.  That is what is in store, for America, and the rest of the Continents.”


“For I tell you, My children, The people, are ‘in the power of sin’, and ‘the evil one. And that is why My Second Coming, has happened.  And that is why you are living in the End Times; and that is why it is essential, that they read, My Testimony, in order to wake up, out of their false realities, in order to embrace spiritual truths.  It is the only way for them, to stop deceiving themselves. Antipope Francis knows ‘the scriptures’, but that is ‘all that he has’.  For indeed he bows to ‘a different god’.  “The approval of man” is his ‘god’.” 


“Though the WORLD on the OUTSIDE, is 'CLAIMING, PEACE and SECURITY'; they are ALL, 'DOOMED, to DESTRUCTION; FINAL IMPENITENCE; and ULTIMATELY death'.  ONLY those, who become, 'MEMBERS, of the FAITHFUL Remnant Church' - will have 'a HOPE, of surviving' - THESE most WICKED times; and 'the FLOOD of demons', will 'SIMPLY CONSUME' EVERYONE else - OUTSIDE, the Most High True God's PROTECTION.  And SO, my PEOPLE - you EITHER become 'PART of the Family', of Jesus Christ the LORD - by 'TURNING away from all WICKEDNESS, perversity, and HABITUAL sins' - OR, you will perish! - as my SON, DECLARED, at His FIRST Coming: REPENT, or PERISH! [Luke 13:5] You ONLY have Two options!  TIME IS ticking!  The HAND, of God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal FATHER IN Heaven, is ABOUT, to 'COME down'! - UPON THE Earth! - ONCE again!  For the SPIRITUAL, and PHYSICAL realities, are "INTERTWINED" - AS IS WRITTEN, in my SON'S Testimony.  And so ALL of you, are 'EXPERIENCING SPIRITUAL desolation, and destruction'!  BUT because of your hardened HEARTS - 'PHYSICAL catastrophes', ARE coming next! It has been DECLARED!  IT shall come to pass!”

  The Truth about Climate Change

"By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events as yet unseen, took heed and constructed an ark for the saving of his household; by this he condemned the world and became an heir of the righteousness which comes by faith."
(Hebrews 11:7)

The HOTTEST Fashions, are ALWAYS in Black
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Many years ago, there lived a man who was in fact the world's greatest expert on Climate Change.  He was not ONLY fully informed, about "the REALITY of Global Climate Change" - but he ALSO knew, that Climate Change WOULD bring about 'WORLD-wide destruction', through natural disasters of a magnitude that had never before been seen.  Unbeknownst to him at the time, his immediate decision to begin cutting down trees, resulted in a reduction of the carbon emissions that would have accumulated, if those trees had instead been burned, and released harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  But in hindsight, the cumulative carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere all around him, 'PALED in comparison' to the effects of "an impending sudden and massive meteor impact".  With all that somewhere in mind, and in his great wisdom - he chose to spend many years building what would ultimately be remembered as, "the solution to Global Climate Change" - 'a great WONDER' that historians often refer to as... "the Ark".  Based on the unanimous response of the people at the time, Noah knew that not many of them, would survive "Climate Change", and make it to "the NEW Era" - the Era AFTER Climate Change; and so he made room for the animals instead.  Of course, 'the WARNING', and 'the SOLUTION', to Global Climate Change - even at THAT time - was NOT known by ALL the inhabitants of the planet - even though it would soon result in 'the sudden End of an entire Era in Human History'.  But the people - "the FEW", who DID hear about it, and who COULD! - have spread the Message, instead - simply laughed it off... until they were "ABSOLUTELY, out of time".  Only "Noah and his family", chose to reside in "the Safety of the Ark".  History NOW repeats itself.  Best to continue reading Testimony of the Two for more details.  Because the writing IS "on the WALL" - or rather "the DOOR"... of the Ark.  Which side are YOU reading it from?
Interesting historical note: Did you know that in the year 1517, when Luther defiantly nailed a copy of his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church - he had absolutely NO idea, that he was in fact beginning the REPEAT, of the historical REVOLT, against 'the ONLY Ark of Salvation' - that would in these END Times, be moved by the Creator of the Universe, to His Faithful Remnant Church under Pope Peter the Last, and it be known as "the Ark of Salvation".  But in the End, of THIS Era, 99% would be locked outside, along with all "the protesters".  Know that in these Times, once the Holy Angels have finished seeking out and disposing of "the wicked", and once this Era is all but completely destroyed - the remaining and absolutely traumatized "1%" - WILL THEN have, "an opportunity, to reconsider their allegiances".  And so know that it would be BEST to "PERSEVERE in RIGHTEOUSNESS", if you TRULY seek life.  You know where to find the Blessed Holy Water - and just as in Noah's time, "there's lots OF it!"  (September 03, 2017 update) 
Just one of the MANY "video tours of the Apocalypse" - now circulating on Social Media
Hikers Attempt to Escape Wildfire by Driving INTO it
Video: Justin Bilton via Storyful
The above video was recorded in the 2018 Apocalyptic landscape of Glacier National Park, Montana.  Spoiler alert: The rental car did not survive - and the two were eventually rescued by boat - after they FINALLY decided that - when you see a forest on fire in front of you, "Alright back up...!" (-at 2:00), is better than... "I think we can drive THROUGH this!"  (-at 0:17)  But all levity aside, it is ESSENTIAL to note, that IF the SON who was driving, did NOT call out, (-at 1:28) "Jesus! - God! - HELP us!... PLEASE God help us!" - for Mercy?... the story would have ended much differently - but the car STILL would NOT have survived.  Let's just call this video, a fine example of "the BEGINNING of the TRAUMA to come, to the World"! (August 22, 2018 update) 

Spiritual Reflection: There were actually TWO "fathers" in the above story - the BIOLOGICAL father, in the front passenger seat, who counseled his biological son to drive INTO "the Hell of Fire".  And then there was GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father in HEAVEN, who HEARD the cry of "the son", who was driving - a cry for MERCY - as almost IMMEDIATELY, the course of events then changed for the better, as their course changed to ESCAPE "the Hell of Fire".  Which "father", do YOU think, was "the BETTER father to turn to"? - in that CRITICAL time of FINAL decision... (Hint: the answer is at 0:35).  And for those who are ABOVE the legal age of majority in your country: Do YOU desire, to simply "take ORDERS from YOUR biological parents" - without FIRST turning to your Creator, to know where HE is calling you to be?  Because in THESE End Times, people ARE STILL FULLY responsible to their CREATOR, for 'where THEIR choices lead them' - no matter HOW many people agree or disagree with 'their chosen path'. (August 24, 2018 update)


There is SOMETHING not NORMAL about the wild fires in Mati, Greece (July 23, 2018)
Greece Wildfire, July 2018
Both the kitten and the cameraman survived
At least 50 people nearby, weren't so fortunate

The reason we are POSTING it in the Testimony - is because the Most High TRUE God, revealed to us, that He has now CHANGED the PHYSICAL Laws of Nature - so that NATURE is now HOSTILE, to those who are HOSTILE, to their Creator.  Sound FAIR?  Sure it is!  Don't BELIEVE IT?  Watch the video.

Please remember to keep YOUR camera on your person, at all times - so that WE can post "YOUR Apocalyptic experience" - even if it is ONLY because, at SOME point in the future, someone finds your camera.  Stating your full name, the date and location of the recording, will DEFINITELY help us with the editing.

For "the SKEPTICS"
(A new section added on August 24, 2018)
What is a skeptical person?  "A person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purported to be factual. A person who maintains a doubting attitude, towards the statements of others."
We KNOW - that 'MOST people' who find this page on our website, will quickly succumb to the human response of "SKEPTICISM", "DENIAL" and "MOCKERY".  And so we are now going to PROVE! - that you are in fact "LIVING in the Time of the Biblical Apocalypse" - by posting a list of 'events on an APOCALYPTIC scale' - where at least a million people are affected, by each disaster.
And unfortunately for the reader - in order to have content to POST in this new section on our website, the Most High TRUE God is in fact, going to provide us with a VERY long and extensive list of "material".  And so PLEASE be patient, as we sort through all the disasters, and put together something that is easy, for "the spiritually challenged" (- notice how we didn't use the word "retarded"...), to receive.

The BIBLICAL Physical Chastisement foretold by many prophets, over the years, began in July of 2017 - as revealed by the Two Witnesses of the Most High True God.  We know that there are MANY people who prefer "THEIR source of TRUTH", in the news stories presented by the mainstream media.  Most of the media outlets, are owned and operated by the illuminati, who are Hell-bent on SUPPRESSING the revelation of the Apocalypse to their global audience.  And so, HERE is a small sample of what they are being FORCED to reveal.  These disasters are SO "off the scales", that the MEDIA outlets will lose all credibility, if they bury these stories:

2017 "Millions affected"

1.6 Million people displaced


China floods: 63 killed in rain, landslides, 1.6 million people displaced. (July 10, 2017 story)

12 million people were forced to flee their homes


Flooding puts 137 million people in India, Bangladesh and China in danger (July 25, 2017 story)    

Millions affected by monsoon rains


Monsoon floods ravage Nepal, India.  Heavy monsoon rains unleash floods and landslides across Nepal, India and Bangladesh, killing at least 175 people. (August 14, 2017 story) 

11 million across four northern Indian states affected by flood


Deadly South Asia floods affect 16 million people (August 18, 2017 story)

40 million are estimated to have been affected by flooding


"3,097 villages are submerged and almost 3 million villagers have been affected by flooding, according to officials" (August 30, 2017 story) 

13 MILLION Affected by Hurricane Harvey


 Hurricane Harvey has affected 13 million, South Asian floods have affected 41 million  (August 30, 2017 story) 
Up to 1 Million Cars Were Destroyed by Hurricane Harvey
Car and Driver Report Says (February 26 2018 story)  
Interesting to note, that for each car that is destroyed - there are usually MULTIPLE commuters whose lives are affected.  And those car replacements involve insurance companies, tow truck drivers, insurance adjustors, and salesman involved in the purchase of the replacement vehicle.  And so JUST the destruction of those CARS! - impacted the lives of MORE than a million people - MANY of whom, lost their homes, to the mold and mildew, that ALSO filled their cars.


Irma hit Florida as a Category 4 storm the morning of Sept. 10, ripping off roofs, flooding coastal cities. Florida power outage at 6.8 million people (September 14, 2017) 

1 million are severely malnourished or risk dying by the end of 2017


Millions of people in East Africa are experiencing chronic hunger and the threat of famine. Conflict, recurring severe drought, and high food prices are to blame. People are dying of starvation.   In South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia alone, 28 million people need humanitarian assistance. About 6.9 million children are suffering from malnutrition, including more than 1 million who are severely malnourished or risk dying by the end of 2017. 

More than 900,000 Syrians have been displaced in 2017


More than 5 million people have fled conflict in Syria. 

2.5 million people in Kasai, Tanganyika, and South Kivu were displaced


The people of the DRC have endured more than two decades of civil war and conflict, which has claimed as many as 6 million lives. More than 2.5 million people in Kasai, Tanganyika, and South Kivu were displaced in 2017. 

2018 "Millions affected"

Millions affected in aftermath of Nor'easter 


Millions affected in aftermath of Nor'easter  (March 03, 2018 story) 

2 million displaced by flood


Inside Japan's worst floods in 36 years  (July 13, 2018 story) 

UNPRECEDENTED Japan Flood July 9, 2018 - MILLION under evacuation orders!
It looks APOCALYPTIC - especially through the eyes of all those who lost their homes.

Exodus of 1 million 
Based on the numbers, it is safe to say, that by the end of 2018, a total of 1 million people will have fled the country - that is suffering from a MASSIVE economic upheaval - one of Apocalyptic proportions.  See for yourself.
More than half a million Venezuelans fled to Ecuador this year, UN says (August 10, 2018 story) 

Venezuala: Millions forced to leave (September 03, 2018 story) 

Venezuela exodus is a world crisis (August 29, 2018 story) 
1 million displaced
"The worst monsoon flooding in a century has left hundreds dead and upwards of a million people displaced". (August 20, 2018 story)
20 Million artifacts BURN with the Brazilian National Museum - as it is lit up with some untimely FIREWORKS during its 200th year celebrations.  As the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro was consumed in flames - 20 M artifacts were destroyed, or approximately one HISTORICAL artifact lost, for every ten Brazilians.  Fortunately, the Museum's 11,600 pound Bendegó meteorite, was recovered, UNSCATHED, after the fire - and in fact was just about as WARM, as it was when it was FIRST discovered. The nation of 200 million, lost so MANY of its national treasures and heritage.  And NO list of historical museum fires, will make THIS event, seem like a common occurence - at least not for the citizens of Brazil.  (September 02, 2018 fire)  

1 Million+ advised to evacuate as Japan's Typhoon Jebi leaves destruction in its wake.  Japan has been hit by its most powerful storm in a quarter of a century. Typhoon Jebi has raked the west of the country, killing at least 10 people and leaving a trail of destruction to infrastructure. (September 05, 2018 story) 

Typhoon Jebi HIT Osaka Western Japan
This video includes much footage that the MSM wanted to hide
The last video we posted above was taken down by YouTube
 This one is actually a bit better!
Strongest storm in 25 years hits Japan  Japan's government issues evacuation advisories for more than a million people following the storm's landfall on Shikoku.  Power was out at 1.61 million houses. (September 04 2018 story) 
Typhoon Jebi Batters Japan
This video is the MSM version
At 2:43 in the ABOVE video, the media attempts to downplay the storm with common phrases like: "...Strong winds damaged the buildings.  Cars nearby got PRETTY well smashed".  But the mainstream media narrative ALL falls apart when - the translator THEN says, "A BUILDING actually like came FLYING and I never thought this would HAPPEN! - it was very SHOCKING".  It is quite clear that at 0:17 in the video, the cars were actually BOUNCING around like TUMBLEWEED - as the MSM narrative downplays the event with words like "flipped over" and "smashed".   This video is basically a compilation of "what the MSM was FORCED to report on".
More than a MILLION trees, took up downhill skiing! - WITHOUT snow, and without SKIS!  As a 7.0 earthquake MOVES Hakkaido - the NORTHERN part of Japan.  (September 05, 2018)  And the most SHOCKING part of this "NATURAL disaster" - IS in fact, that SO MANY of those trees were literally, "TRANSPLANTED" - and WILL in fact, CONTINUE to grow, and survive - as the PEOPLE! - beneath them, perished.  And THAT! - is another TELLING Sign, from Heaven - as to the fact that this is the close of 'a most WICKED Era in HUMAN history' - NOT, "the end of the CREATED world", by ANY means!  In other words - and this is "the MORE uncomfortable version" - NATURE, is turning against 'the wicked human RACE' - NOT against itself!  Nature is in fact, "BUCKING the wicked humans off the planet", ONE disaster at a time. [- And for the record, we're NOT saying that all those trees, worked with an earthquake, to RUN downhill, and KICK the humans OFF their properties - and into the NETHERWORLD... It just SOUNDS like that... WAIT a minute!]
Hokkaido 7 earthquake 180905
For those who like math - see if you can count the number of separate landslides in the above short video.
Hokkkaido 7 SLIDE  180905
This video provides the viewer with an even BETTER sense of the sheer FORCE of those landslides.
The Creator is now using STATISTICS
to PROVE that we are living in the Time of the Biblical Apocalypse!
The Hit of Home Run Disasters Wont Be Down Played!
Lilly is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

And so, "What are "the ODDS?" - statistically speaking - that one of the WORST hurricanes in decades, would hit southern Japan? - as one of the worst EARTHQUAKES in decades, hits NORTHERN Japan - just a few hours apart.  The Earthquake struck at 3:00 in the morning, while people were still asleep - and MANY of them - as you can see from the above video - woke up to the FINAL sound of being buried alive.  People can brush it off as "a mere coincidence" - because they don't know how to calculate statistical probability.  But we will help you with that, as even MORE "one-two punch disasters", strike ALL around the world - WITHOUT Mercy!  [- we will lead YOU to even MORE historical events, that make YOU ask yourself, "What are the odds?"]  
What are the ODDS that one of the WORST Hurricanes in recorded U.S. history - would hit the STATES as one of the Worst TYPHOONS in recorded history, would hit China?
UNITED STATES EAST COAST - Hurricane Florence - a "ONCE every 1000 YEARS" storm
More than a MILLION FLEE the wrath of Hurricane Florence: 'Extremely dangerous' storm sparks US exodus.  South Carolina's governor has ordered the evacuation of its entire coastline starting at noon on Tuesday in a move affecting about a million residents.  (September 10, 2018 story) 
Florence is a ‘1,000-year rain event’ that could wipe out communities: governor (September 14, 2018)  [- And for those who don't know what "1000-year rain event" means:  It means that people who own a home beside a river, or lake, OFTEN need to inform their insurance company, if their home is safely situated ABOVE the "100-year flood plain" elevation.  But THIS storm, is raising rivers, ABOVE that height - to a height, that MANY are now calling, a '1000-year event' elevation... for insurances purposes only, of course - nothing to do with the Apocalypse - from an insurance policy point of view.]
Of course, at almost 400 miles in diameter, Hurricane Florence, will be remembered as "a MEDIUM size hurricane" - that in fact, served as, "the MARINADE", to the United States - as they were about to be thrown onto the fire. [- we really can't give away what's coming next, but it rhymes with "CONTINENT change"]
At the same TIME, lurking in the Pacific Ocean, the WINNER! - at 650 miles in diameter... and more FEROCIOUS and HUNGRY than Godzilla - with 45 foot waves, that were expected to pound Hong Kong Harbor - that raised its Typhoon Alert to 10 - the highest level.
PHILIPPINES and CHINA including Hong Kong - Typhoon Mangkhut
Severe Typhoon Mangkhut: Signal No 9 raised as Hong Kong braces for waves up to 14m high - Flights cancelled, villagers evacuated from low-lying areas and government emergency response plans activated as Hong Kong digs in for what could be most intense storm on record to ever hit the city (Saturday, 15 September, 2018, story) 

Size comparison statistics: 

What are the ODDS?

Firenado tries to Steal Empty firefighters hose
They DIDN'T want the Blessed HOLY Water... and so THIS is what they got...
Notice how in THIS short video, ONE firefighter, standing WITHOUT his Holy Guardian Angel,
gets the inspiration, from his personal DEMONS, to throw a ROCK, at the Holy ANGEL, standing beside the FIRENADO.
This video was released on the instagram channel of mar.lowsky - and was recorded in Vanderhoof, B.C. on August 19, 2018
Typhoon Trami: Heavy rains and strong winds hammer Tokyo, 3.7 million in Japan ordered to evacuate - carrying gusts of about 216 kilometers per hour - Trami even knocked over a 25m tall 40-ton statue of Buddha on the southern island of Okinawa. (Oct 1, 2018)

In total, an estimated 2.4 million people were affected by the disaster, Indonesian Disaster Management Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said,  (October 01, 2018 story)

A Volcano Just Erupted in Indonesia Just Days After Devastating Earthquake And Tsunami... WHAT are "the ODDS"!  Months of increased activity at the Mount Soputan volcano on Sulawesi - the SAME island! - that JUST experienced BOTH an EARTHQUAKE and TSUNAMI - just culminated in an eruption this morning (October 03, 2018 story)   (- the million people affected by the earthquake and tsunami, are now ALSO affected by the volcanic ash problem...)

More than 2.1 million residents of at least 20 Florida counties were under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders.  (October 10, 2018 story)  Hurricane Michael in fact made landfall as a Category 5, and then crossed the Florida panhandle, with Category 4 winds - that can be compared to those of a tornado - but in THIS case, "a very WIDE tornado".  Because if "the deep state" controlled MSM want to DOWNGRADE the End Times disasters? - they will ONLY increase in intensity, as an immediate response... from HEAVEN that is!

Hurricane Michael sent 'Winds with a Purpose' - to Mexico Beach, Florida
Only complete devastation remains at Mexico Beach, following the WRATH of Michael
as the winds pushed a massive TSUNAMI, in the form of a STORM surge, OVER the town
This video reveals what the MSM are so desperately trying to hide
And "WHAT are the odds!" - We warned the inhabitants of Florida of the coming disaster through a Tweet we posted on August 06 that goes something like this:  "The "Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven", is going to be DIRECTED, at FLORIDA - VERY shortly!  And MUCH Devastation is COMING, to that 'STATE'.  AND nothing can stop it.  Because the CREATOR, is going to ACT! ... He has "a special SURPRISE" for Florida - 'an APOCALYPTIC Storm, of BIBLICAL proportions'."  Biblical proportions, as IN, the worst hurricane to hit the Florida panhandle, "IN RECORDED HISTORY".
RECORD BREAKING SNOW? - at the SAME TIME a RECORD BREAKING heat-generated HURRICANE HITS?  Over 17 Inches of Snow Fell in North Dakota and It's Only October (October 10, 2018 story) 

More than a MILLION people are about to have their lives forever changed in this next event
Just be patient, and wait for it.  It's "the APOCALYPSE" - so you won't have to wait TOO long! (... as in, August, September, October, November, December 2018, updates... January, February, March 2019... and so on.) 

Be a true follower of Jesus, not Judas
Carmel is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Jesus said: And the ones, who will survive these End Times, My Children, will be the ones with Blessed Holy Water, in their homes - for without it, they are doomed to perish - to become engulfed, by their own demons; to self destruct, ultimately.  Not a flood of water, My children - this time; but a flood of demons!  And the only antidote is the Blessed Holy Water.  You know this yourselves, and so do the rest of My Remnant.  But the enemy, working through the protestants, will continue to protest to no end - to protest this miracle from Heaven.  And it is a miracle - because it is the antidote, to slavery, to the demons.  And if people were to use it, with sincere repentance, their minds would be set free - they would become very clear in their thinking! - and they would know, what it is, that I am asking of them.  But the devil, will keep them ALL, in the ignorance - ignorant, of this Truth. Because it has been allotted to him, this time.  For am I not putting the people, through the winepress of My Wrath?  Hundreds of people visit the website every day, and know the Words to be true; but they refuse to believe.  “To believe” is different than “knowing”.  They can’t believe, because they can’t admit they were wrong, and they were deceived by their local pastors.  Did Judas KNOW who I was?  He spent time with Me, talked with Me, walked with Me, and he listened to Me; but then he decided to betray Me.  All of the people, who have visited, My website, more than once, are "Judases" – if they refuse to DO, what is written.  If they value their pastor’s opinion, and they would rather to give their pastor money, than to be spiritually rich, then I’m DONE with them! – and they with Me.  Very simple – “separating, the chaff from the wheat”... They all know it’s Me My children – every single one of them.  But they’re so shocked and so proud, and the people are so self-righteous – all they can do is hate it, and hate Me.  Very simple.  (Thursday, April 9, 2015) 


The Climate Change Deception
The ABOVE list of how MILLIONS after MILLIONS after MILLIONS of people, are being affected by UNPRECEDENTED natural disasters on an APOCALYPTIC scale - is what the mainstream media outlets are now being FORCED! - to report on. 
But WHAT about ALL the smaller "natural disaster" stories that they CONTINUE to hide?  Where is THAT list? 
In fact, that LIST is hidden in plain view - in VARIOUS locations on the internet - under the topic of "climate change"  ⇐ and HERE is an external link to a list of VIDEOS, of MANY recent natural disasters that have been HIDDEN.  THAT link in fact takes whoever is INTERESTED - to a YouTube Channel, that was given the PSYOP name, "Understanding Climate Change".  The natural disaster compilation videos on that Channel - ARE in fact GENERATED, by "the A.I." - the artificial intelligence program housed in the NSA computers.  "A programmer" - worked with the A.I. algorithms, to put together those videos.  And the SIMPLE verifiable proof of that fact - is the way that the EDITING of those videos, is NOT "intuitive", to the HUMAN intellect - nor aesthetically pleasing.  The reason we are using THAT "climate change psyop Channel" as an EXAMPLE - is that MANY OTHER YouTube Channels, featuring A.I. natural disaster compilation videos, are FILLED with hypnotic music - that makes it more DIFFICULT to discern, the A.I. SOURCE, of the video itself.  And NOTICE how the PSYOP videos - tend to end with "TEMPERATURE ANOMALY MAPS" - implying that the global temperatures have RISEN - when in FACT, it is JUST "the TIME of the Apocalypse" - a time of EXTREMES! - extreme COLD, extreme HAIL, extreme HEAT, extreme STORMS.  But that SIMPLE fact, isn't easy to RECEIVE - for those who have made 'the mainstream media', THEIR source of truth.
The global governments decided that WHEN the Biblical Apocalypse manifested, they would SIMPLY lie to the people, and tell them that it was "CLIMATE change" - or they would "DOWNGRADE" every disaster - JUST like they are CURRENTLY doing with all the major earthquakes.  And JUST like in Noah's time, the climate DID change - and EVERYONE outside "the Ark of Safety", perished - all "science", aside.  And SO - to make things "REALLY fair" - we are NOW asking the Creator of the UNIVERSE, to BUMP up the Earthquakes - so that HE gets the MAGNITUDE that HE intended - AFTER they downgrade it.  It's just a number.  The "scientists" can change it?  Then so can the Creator.  Fair is fair!
At the CORE of "the climate change deception" is the FOLLOWING historical fact.  IN SHORT, what the scientists DID, is they changed published textbook climate records, and had their computer models "ADJUST" the figures - by printing out NEW graphs, as the computer generated NEW figures, and NEW MODIFIED or ALTERED historical records - with NEW records, that would convince people of the climate change deception.  And then they had ALL the scientists - who would WHORE their profession, essentially make "a BLOOD oath" - to NEVER use the textbook recorded figures, AGAIN!  Here is another way of stating this:
"In recent years, NOAA’s US Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) has been “adjusting” its record by replacing real temperatures with data “fabricated” by computer models. The effect of this has been to downgrade earlier temperatures and to exaggerate those from recent decades, to give the impression that the Earth has been warming up much more than is justified by the actual data."
(Source: The scandal of fiddled global warming data - The US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record (June 21, 2014)

The Apocalyptic Removal of Countries from the Face of the Earth
For those who are new to the Testimony, it is important to FIRST ponder the fact that
we announced the beginning of the BIBLICAL and GLOBAL PHYSICAL CHASTISEMENT starting on July 13, 2017
and what you are about to read NEXT - is only "a small sample", of what followed that Decree...


And so ARE! - Apocalyptic statistics now APPEARING on GOOGLE?   Barbuda population: c. 100 (formerly 1,638) (2017)  With more to come!

Barbuda population now (2018) - AFTER Hurricane Irma - is "circa" or approximately 100 people
Barbuda population BEFORE hurricane Irma - was 1,638 - and that is BEFORE Hurricane Irma destroyed 95% of the island's buildings and infrastructure in September of 2017.

 A Warning to the Global Government Leaders
Pope Peter the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era
If you 'THINK' this is "a BLUFF"? - LOOK at what happened to BARBUDA, as "a VERY small sample!" - of what is coming, to "a NATION near YOU".
(- above quote from 2:00 in the above video - you can watch it with Closed Captions - just click on CC)
Need proof that Barbuda wasn't the ONLY island that was erased?
And so, SINCE we know that SO many people come to this website, and choose to SUPPRESS their CONSCIENCE as they read it - and INSTEAD! - choose to READ it "as a source of ENTERTAINMENT"...
Here's a FUN question for ALL of you:  HOW many Countries, WILL we ULTIMATELY add to this section on the website - before - in YOUR SICK and DEMENTED state of SPIRITUAL insanity - YOU finally say "ENOUGH! - it's NOT entertainment - and it's NOT fun - watching the clock tick down on your very existence"!  It's time to finally ADMIT, that this isn't "climate change" after all.  And then go from there!  And for those who think that is "STRONG language"? - as you watch your annual... "Celebrating the sins of SODOM and GOMORRAH parade", march past your local ABORTION clinic?   No, it isn't.  Actually we are "toning it DOWN" a little, just to help the NEW readers, with the top page on this website.  Because "GOD isn't waiting for people to AGREE with Him" - just as HE didn't wait for 'the people of NOAH'S time' to agree, before He sent 'the FLOOD, that wiped everyone OUT'.  In other words, you don't have much time left, to get on your CREATOR'S team - on "the lifeboat of HIS choosing".
"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men [- and jezebellian women] who by their wickedness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them."  (Romans 1:18-19)   
The NEXT country to be completely eradicated ERATICATED
Today Jesus Christ the Lord revealed the name of the next country to be completely EratICATED.  And for those who don't know what that means - it means, that the Divine Justice coming to that country, is going to be SO severe, and SO many people are going to PERISH in that country - that the SURVIVORS will in fact need to FLEE - just as they did after the Sichuan China Earthquake, and after the Japan 3/11 disaster.  Those earthquakes left CITIES, filled with the STENCH, of rotting corpses - a stench SO bad - that the people there had to CONSTANTLY wear masks, and the cities had to eventually be BURIED, and ABANDONED.  Eraticated - means that EVENTUALLY, the RATS, will simply take over, and MULTIPLY as they take care of the bodies.  Over time, the MICE, will finish off the bones, and the MOTHS, will consume the hair.  And their DROPPINGS, will in TURN be eaten by the INSECTS - that will fill the land with a plentiful source of protein, on legs, for the birds and the animals to feed off of.  It will take between 3 and 10 years, for an "ERATICATED" country, to lose the stench, of the rotting corpses, as the SURVIVORS, gradually return.  And so yes, even the CREATOR, is "all FOR sustainability" - referring to the food chain that is!  We can't TELL anyone the NAME of the NEXT nation, that is about to be "eRATicated" (- that's the OTHER way of spelling it).  And why is THAT? - SOME of you might be wondering, as you read this.  Because, the UNBORN, didn't get ANY warning - and so neither shall the NATIONS, who have rejected the TESTIMONY of their Creator, and King.  He is QUITE upset, about how HIS Testimony, of Truth and LIFE was received.  And now the PEOPLE, are about to be "quite upset", about the response from their CREATOR, that THEY are about to receive.  Remember, we said that Barbuda, was "just a sample" - but people preferred to LAUGH, MOCK, and RIDICULE our warning.  And NOW?...the joke's on them! - or WILL be - eventually, in the form of about a hundred hungry rats, depending on the size.  (August 28, 2018 update)
For those who may be "offended by the strong language"?  It isn't any stronger than the imagery you KNOWINGLY and with FULL CONSENT of your will - 'ENTERTAINED', in any of the last 5 movies you watched, with "the APOCALYPSE theme" in them.  You can tell 'THAT' - to your lawyer, after you pay for your first hour - so you don't waste any more of HIS time. 

Indonesia quake. Fact: More than 5,000 people still missing.  "Hospitals [- some with only 10% of the staff showing up for work] in Palu are understaffed with doctors and overflowing with patients already and now the health conditions in central Sulawesi Island are deteriorating.  The earthquake and tsunami damaged or destroyed sanitation infrastructure and exposure to the unrecovered, decomposing bodies of those who died poses an increased risk of disease, both to locals trying to salvage some part of their former lives and to the recovery workers looking for any of the over 5,000 people still missing." (October 07, 2018 story, video)   And so, it would be best to AVOID travelling to or LIVING in areas where thousands of dead bodies are rotting - and to make it worse, where the stench of open sewage is filling the air - as more and more people get sick.  So many nails and so much sharp metal is sticking out of the piles of debris, that tetanus shots are now becoming a necessity, for people living in the area. This is very important information in these APOCALYPTIC times - to both LEARN, and to apply - because although it isn't COMFORTABLE to read, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL, as you make important TRAVEL decisions that are "for the good of your PHYSICAL health".  Perhaps in 3-10 years, it will be safe to visit that area.  We shall see.

Have the people all AROUND you - been DYING to tell you
that you're now LIVING in the Time of the APOCALYPSE?  
Here's what ONE Member of the Faithful Remnant said...

The clock is ticking
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
THESE kind of things are going to be happening MORE and MORE
KNOW that in THESE Times - THESE kind of things are going to be happening MORE and MORE - AS the clock ticks DOWN, on peoples' LIVES.  Because if they are NOT, 'living for their CREATOR'? - then, WHAT is 'the POINT', of Him SUSTAINING them?  Therefore He is 'PULLING BACK' - the very SPIRIT that He BREATHED - INTO the PEOPLE.  Because, He GIVES life and He takes it AWAY - because it's HIS! - and HE owns "all RIGHTS" to it! - and THAT! - is 'what PEOPLE', do NOT like to hear! (June 25, 2018 update)  
[- after #2 and #3] ...Jesus Christ the LORD, is simply 'SHOWING you' - that it ISN'T "safe", outside the ARK - and that, HIS JUSTICE! - is quite SEVERE - for those who choose 'to LIVE, OPPOSED, to His WAYS'.  THIS, IS! - the APOCALYPSE. (September 03, 2018 update) 

Have you noticed that something big is going on in the spiritual realms?

The illuminati and the OCCULT world are 'ALL ABOUT, offering spiritual SACRIFICES to the DEVIL' - through the acts of ABORTION, and human SACRIFICES.  And SO? - the Most High TRUE God, the Creator of the UNIVERSE, is going to 'BALANCE the SCALES' - by, HAVING 'the OCCULT world', and 'the ILLUMINATI', "SACRIFICED!" - to HIM! - as "a BURNT offering.  Even THOUGH, the Most High True God does not "DELIGHT", in burnt offerings - He WILL make "an EXCEPTION" - with, 'the BURNT OFFERINGS', of the CORPSES.  Because - Saint MICHAEL, IS "the Angel of DEATH" - and, he IS, 'LEADING, the REAPERS', to reap the EARTH.  And 'the SMOKE', of the BURNING, of the WICKED, will be "a FRAGRANT, incense", to our Creator!  It's IN Revelations. (October 30, 2018 update) 

"And another angel came and stood at the altar with a golden censer; and he was given much incense to mingle with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar before the throne;  and the smoke of the incense rose with the prayers of the saints from the hand of the angel before God.  Then the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar and threw it on the earth; and there were peals of thunder, loud noises, flashes of lightning, and an earthquake."
(Revelations 8:3-5)
Notice how this update was posted, AS the occult world launches its annual global HELL-o-WEEN event - also known as "the devil's FEAST day".  In fact, the above posting CLEARLY REVEALS, that those "celebrations", WILL in fact both FUEL, and 'TRIGGER', the Apocalyptic END! - of the occult world and illuminati kingdom on EARTH.  You'll see.  And it won't be "subtle" this time!  The 'CATACLYSMIC events' are NOW "set in motion", and CANNOT be stopped.  See! - the Most High True God CAN "bring GOOD", out of a HELLISH feast day, after all.  No problem - for HIM.

This space is now reserved, for... "Apocalyptic map changers".  Not just, the removal of CITIES, or ISLANDS, or COAST LINES... but something a little bit bigger.  YOU'LL see!  Just be patient.
The scientists thought that "climate change", was a really good slogan, for them to use in order to hide the Biblical Apocalypse from everyone.   But the Creator of the Universe, has a much BETTER slogan!  Of course, that doesn't mean that the scientists can't still SAY that the Continents are no longer where they USED to be, because of climate change.  It's just that no one will believe that it ISN'T the Apocalypse.
Check mate!  Game over!
The DESIRE for the mainstream media to CONCEAL the Apocalyptic ONGOING Chastisement has been "DULY noted", by all of Heaven! - and so the CREATOR has 'His RESPONSE' ready.  And the mainstream MEDIA, will be FORCED to REPORT on it(September 15, 2018 update) 
NEED "a timeframe"?  Just 2 weeks later...
 Indonesia 7.5 Quake Liquefaction 2018
ARE the continents, really "changing"?  It's just a question.  Here's "a BIRD'S eye answer" - just add water, shake, and watch the land slide towards the Ocean.  And SO, the California coast, is about experience "a real LET down" of Apocalyptic proportions.  Just be patient - and CONFIDENT, that God has NOT forgotten, the sins of that most wicked land.  DOES "the scientific explanation" in the VIDEO above make the REALITY of Continent Change, ANY LESS frightening?  Because THAT is in fact why the MSM put out this PSYOP video - to REDIRECT your attention, AWAY from the Apocalyptic REALITY, and towards "scientific thinking", that is completely devoid of ANY acknowledgement of a Creator (- "devoid", as IN, "the Eternal Abyss", and APART from the Creator, from its very inception).
But since the Military Industrial Complex, is ONLY interested in hiring PSYCHOPATHS - DON'T expect them to show ANY mercy, on EVEN, their own families.
What comes next?
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Exactly one month after the FALL of 2018 began, 3 earthquakes, measuring 6, 6, 6 struck off the Coast of British Columbia

News story:

You NEED to know, that it is IMPOSSIBLE, for the one world government to create earthquakes of 'the SAME MAGNITUDE', CONSECUTIVELY, in the same AREA - as there are 'SO many factors', involved, in creating EARTHQUAKES, through "their H.A.A.R.P. frequency".  BUT - those EARTHQUAKES, that HAPPENED - off of the B.C. COAST - were in FACT - 'CREATED', BY, Holy ANGELS - who ARE in FACT, 'STANDING, on the Tectonic Plates' - SIMPLY, WAITING! - for the Most High TRUE God, to give them, "the necessary CUES" - to RELEASE, 'the MAGNITUDE', of HIS Will - at various PLACES, on the PLANET.  The fact, that 'those EARTHQUAKES', happened, HERE! - where WE live - FIRST - is "a FORESHADOWING", of 'WHAT, is to come', to the nations.  The Most High TRUE God, gave the earthquakes 'HIS Stamp' - by having THREE! - large ones, happen - SO close together.  Life on the PLANET, is about to CHANGE, for millions of PEOPLE - and it will be "BEYOND their control".  But the FACT that those quakes 'HAPPENED', and NO DAMAGE, was caused! - and NO HARM, came to us - is ACTUALLY 'a Sign' - from the Most High True GOD - of how much, we are being PROTECTED, by Him - EVEN! - as 'Disaster strikes', ALL around us.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant, are ALSO "under the HEAVENLY Witness Protection PROGRAM".  And YOU! - decide 'how much HOLY Protection', YOU receive, from your CREATOR - BASED, on 'the selfless intentions of your HEART' - TOWARDS Him.  Do YOU? - TRULY? - DESIRE to 'make FRIENDS'? - with Saint MICHAEL? - the Holy ARCHANGEL?  Because he is ALSO "the Angel of Death".  And, HE - is going 'to REAP' - the EARTH - as he puts 'his SICKLE' in - and his SICKLE is VERY large and VAST, in depth and MEASURE.  For 'the HARVEST' is PLENTIFUL!  But the LABORERS are FEW.  THEREFORE - because, VERY few people responded "WELL" - to, the TESTIMONY, of Jesus Christ the LORD - HE was 'forced', to send His Holy ANGELS - to reap the HARVEST. (October 23, 2018 update) 


In these APOCALYPTIC Times, WHAT is the lesson that EVERYONE WILL learn, without exception?

2018, the year that "the #MeToo movement" EXPLODED!

2018, the year that Hurricane #YouToo!... exploded, in less than 48 hours.

A Just response from the Highest HEAVEN?...  Or, simply "a coincidence"?  Think about it.  What are the odds?   Hurricane Yutu:

Date             Time         Latitude  Longitude         Wind               Category

Oct 22      18:00 GMT      10.9°      152.7°          70 mph          Tropical Storm   0

Oct 23      00:00 GMT      11.5°      151.6°           75 mph          Typhoon             1

Oct 23      06:00 GMT      11.8°      150.6°           85 mph          Typhoon             1

Oct 23      12:00 GMT      12.0°      149.6°          105 mph         Typhoon             2

Oct 23      18:00 GMT      12.6°      148.9°          125 mph         Typhoon             3

Oct 24      00:00 GMT      13.3°      147.9°          150 mph         Super Typhoon  4

Oct 24      06:00 GMT      13.9°      147.1°          165 mph         Super Typhoon  5

Oct 24      12:00 GMT      14.6°      146.2°          180 mph        Super Typhoon  5


And so YES! - the climate IS changing! - as in, "the SOCIAL climate", between God and man.  Apparently, He wants a DIVORCE, from all those who PREFER to behave as beasts.  And just in case it's not obvious by now? - that is a reference to 99% of the current global population.  Now that you have seen how He can 'SUPERCHARGE' simple storms - as has been the case with so many hurricanes this year - NEXT you will see, how He can SUPERCHARGE, just about everything else, you can think of.  "Supercharged FLAMES in HELL?"  Sure! - if that's what you prefer, as you indicate that to HIM by the daily choices you make.  Better to make PEACE with your Creator, while you still can - a lesson that EVERYONE, WILL learn, without exception. (October 28, 2018 update) 

And so DID Hurricane #YouToo "change the map"? - or NOT?  YOU decide.   Perhaps these photos will help you, with "YOUR decision": 

HOW bad was it?  Worst storm since 1935?
Where is it going NEXT?  Philippines?
20 videos, Word Count: 5,500+

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All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
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and then the end will come.”
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