The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

Testimony Prophecies Fulfilled

Jesus said: I am Jesus and this is My Testimony for the churches.  (August 7, 2016)
"And the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” And he said to me, “These are true words of God.”  Then I fell down at his feet to worship him, but he said to me, “You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brethren who hold the testimony of Jesus. Worship God.” For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."
(Revelations 19:9-10)

"But I do have some wild cards that they are not fully expecting.  They may have part of the truth but not all of it.  They do not know that when My Two Witnesses ‘enter the scene’, things will change drastically.  They do not know that just as the enemy wields power in the antichrist, so do My Two Witnesses, wield ‘Power from on High’, to silence the demons, and the evil ones of this era; to suffer not physical death but an interior agony which is comparable to it; to not be ‘hidden’ forever, but to be publicly announced, as the announcement of My Second Coming – to the World: for as this happens, the ‘Spirit of Elijah and Moses’ will enter into them, and they will preach, and do wonders, throughout the nations.  But most importantly: will call down My Justice upon the antichrist and his entire kingdom; will make war with the antichrist and his followers and win; will declare to the nations the true identity of the antichrist; and will tell the people not to worship him – for he, is ‘a fraud’, and ‘a manipulator of the masses’...  No one can harm you in any given way, and no occult powers can crush you any longer.  You are ‘My Two Aces’, the Third ‘Ace’ is R.P. – but the ‘One World People’ have not decided what to do with him yet.  I tell you that I will protect him from any ‘attempted assassination plots’.  'Not a hair of his head’ will be harmed either.  Just as I have strengthened the both of you so too will I strengthen him." (-Jesus, December 18, 2011)  

"Who is eager in listening to the True Holy Spirit at this time?  Who has ears, so that they can hear and discern: what the Spirit, what the True Holy Spirit is saying to them? Who has eyes that they can see, the signs of these times – eyes that are not blinded, but are open and can see plainly the things unfolding in front of them?" (-Jesus, Monday, January 30, 2012) 

"The crimes of humanity against humanity, are going to increase – exponentially.  And with this, will come massive ‘economic upheavals’, and bigger earthquakes; larger tornados are on the horizon as well.  Because people, are choosing ‘extremes’, in this time.   And do not be concerned, for I will break the news still, that you both are here.  Just keep passing out My messages.  The media, is going to ‘catch-on’ soon.  Trust that My words will be fulfilled.... I do not tell you both everything – on how these End Times are going to be fulfilled.  Neither does the enemy know the full picture.  I have many ‘wild cards’ that I am about to play as well.  Even though the One World Government Forces will be used, as My ‘Instruments of Justice’ – upon My people, they too will be ‘getting theirs’ in the End, and their punishment will be far worse than what they could ever gain, in this life.  Even though no one will be spared, save the two of you, all, will be brought to their knees." (-Jesus, Tuesday, May 8, 2012) 

"Remember I told you to “expect everything”, and “expect nothing”, when you first started, to receive private revelations – from Heaven My children.  What this means, is to expect: everything, to be fulfilled – in My Time, in My Way, and also, to expect nothing to happen, as: what would ‘normally happen’, in given circumstancesBasically – to be detached, from your own expectations." (-Jesus, October, 3, 2012)

"Elijah, was seen as ‘a man of the Lord’, because, he ‘performed a sign’ for the widow, at Zarephath.  And the people of Nain, would only see Me, as ‘a prophet’, when I raised her son to life.  But again: they could not see, that I was the Messiah, that had come, to bring new Life to all people – not just ‘physical’, but, ‘spiritual life’.  I came as ‘a well-spring of Salvation’ for their souls.  But they would not and could not recognize Me My children, because I was hidden – from their ‘spiritual vision’.   And again, as we talked about  expectations”, I was not what they were expecting.  In their eyes, I was ‘nowhere near’ the fulfillment, of the prophesies, of the Messiah.  In both cases with regards to Elijah and Myself, we both were seen: as less – by some, than who, we really areAnd it is the same for the both of you.  Except that in these times no miracles, signs, or wonders, will be done – so that the people, may believe. But when ‘My Wonders’, are done, it will be:through My Justice, that “signs” are carried out." (-Jesus, Friday, October 5, 2012)
"Blessed are they, who keep, the words of this Testimony; and keep, their gowns pure, white, and 'unspotted', until The End – when I come again, to Judge the living, as well as the dead."  (- Jesus, October 29, 2012)
"Many, still, scoff; and believe that I, am bluffing! – when I say‘these are the End Times they do not take it seriously.  But they are about to ‘see for themselves’ what I am referring to.  And then, they will remember My Testimony; and find ‘some nourishment’, in ‘some words’, that they remembered.  These are the End Times My children and ‘things are different now’.  A major Scourge is coming upon North America – because, of their sins; because of their ‘heartlessness’;because of their ‘atrocities’ – against the unborn – who have to suffer intensely in the wombs of their mothers – that this is all,coming, aboutI will not hide it My children: America, has ‘a Bull’s eye on its Wings of Freedom!’"  ( -Jesus, Saturday, November 17, 2012)   
"Know this, my dear children, that ‘Faith’, ‘True Faith’, in the Lord Jesus Christ – my Son, is not ‘a feeling’.  It isn’t even ‘a gut sense’.  It is ‘a choice’ to believe what you know to be true in your hearts; and the choice to act on that belief – fully realizing, that ‘God’s promises will be fulfilled’!  But that patience and endurance – are necessary! – for those promises, to be ‘fully realized’, in actuality." (-The Blessed Virgin Mary, December 17, 2013)
"Jesus ALSO sent out the 12 Disciples, charging them to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons – to perform All SORTS of signs!  But did those SIGNS, mean that the people who EXPERIENCED them, were SAVED!?  Of Course not!  In fact, what is NOT revealed in the Bible, but HAS been revealed to The TWO Witnesses, is that the people who received the SIGNS, spoken of in the BIBLE, if they didnot repent, would become WORSE off spiritually, over TIME.  The same is true in these End Times.  In these End Times, all sorts of Ministers, from all sorts of RELIGIONS, have been performing “signs, that DO NOT SAVE!”" (- PPTL, March, 13, 2013)

"And so, therefore, I am calling people, to believe,without seeing; to receive, the Truth, into their hearts; and to stop! – fighting it.  The ones, who are docile, to the Truth! – and that is: that I have made you Pope, My son, will, be, ‘the ones, who endure’, through ‘this present darkness’, and ‘current tribulation’. Why, will they endure?  But because, they are being fed, ‘the proper food’ – good food filled with ‘nourishment – from Heaven’!  It is like, I am, ‘feeding them’, Eternal bread’; and if they eat this bread – that is My Word, thenthey, will never, go hungry, again!  Signs are comingI have already sent some.  But blessed are those who believe, without seeing!  And blessed are those, who flee!‘the abomination of desolation’; who fleethe Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution’; who flee! – the white sepulchers, with dead man’s bones – inside; who flee ‘the white washed tombs’!; who flee ‘the Pharisees of this Age’!  Blessed are they.  Come out of her My people, lest you partake, of her iniquity, and sins!  For behold,Judgment has been given against, ‘the Great Harlot, of Rome’, and against ‘the beast’ – which she sits upon." (-Jesus, March 13, 2013)

"People, turn back to Me – when they are ‘near death’.  Death, has ‘a way’, of ‘waking souls up’ – when they begin, to recognize, ‘their own mortality’.  Because all of them walk around, with ‘a dark cloud’ - of deception, and falsehoods; because they cannot recognize, ‘the signs of the times they are in, and how short life truly is." (-Jesus, March 25, 2013)
Jesus said:  My Words will be fulfilled; but not according to your expectations.  What you can always expect, is My Words will be fulfilled.  And that they will DO, exactly as I said.  But not, according to human understanding.  When I ask you if you understand, I am inviting you to reflect on My words, and to focus on what you DO understand.  But I know you do not fully understand, everything that I say – and you’re not meant to. For who can know My Mind?  Did the Prophets of the past know My Mind?  NO!  Only what I would give them.  Only what was necessary.  I even kept things from Elijah, and Elisha, Jeremiah, Moses, Nathan – because I do not have to reveal everything, at once(April 14, 2015 Archives) 

Prophecy in 2020 Hindsight
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Pope Peter the Last:  So MANY Testimony Prophecies, have now been fulfilled on a SPIRITUAL level.  And yet, almost NO ONE on the Face of the Earth, is responding to the Words of their Creator, in His Testimony.  And so, perhaps if we start documenting the coming PHYSICAL disasters, AFTER they happen - and SHOW people the warnings in the Testimony - then SOMEONE out there (- like YOU! - who are now reading this), might come to their senses, and USE the Blessed Holy Water, and get their Soul BACK... or not.  We HAVE our Souls!  This is for YOU! - to benefit from, or not.  We don't NEED your money!  But YOU need, your SOUL!!!  Or, perhaps, you don't. After all, not EVERYONE is "fussy" these days, about 'where they spend their ETERNITY'; as they have "more IMPORTANT things to think about".
THIS new page on our website was launched on January 8, 2017 - only a few days before the end of Obama's second term.  And this page IS "under construction" - obviously.  But just for fun, we invite you to ponder this:  Will the Testimony prophecies about Obama's third term, be fulfilled, in the coming days - as he STEALS the presidency from Trump.  OR! - will the Testimony prophecies about Obama's third term, be fulfilled in the coming MONTHS, as he becomes the SUPRA-NATIONAL president of the Americas?  In other words, HOW, will Obama spend "his third term"?  Either way, BEFORE history unfolds, our prophecy is fulfilled!  Ironically, all HE needs to do, is stay alive, to do his part, in fulfilling our prophecies.  And we know Obama WILL stay alive - because the Creator of the UNIVERSE has already REVEALED it, in His Testimony.  NOW are you getting it?  Here, perhaps THIS will help:
Just who reveals the Truth?
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

The Most High TRUE God exists "OUTSIDE of Space and Time" - and so EVERY PROPHECY that HE reveals, in HIS Testimony - is actually, "an ACCURATE observation of what actually unfolded throughout the course of human HISTORY".  It is an Observation that is GIVEN - as He looks BACK on what unfolded, and shares a few choice WORDS about it, FROM the future.  Have fun with that.  WE will - as we update this page, from time to time, at our leisure, of course!  As we ARE going to be quite busy in the coming months - Because...
"Once the prophecies have been fulfilled, people will start ‘catching on’, and then the Truth, will spread, ‘like wildfire’, and then people will know: The Two Witnesses, have come." (-Jesus, Tuesday, May 22, 2012)    

"...the Truth, will spread, ‘like wildfire’"?...  When it comes to the July 13, 2017 declaration by the Two Witnesses that the Physical Chastisements have now begun, did you respond by choosing to be "a doubting THOMAS?" - perhaps there is a Heavenly response for that.

Perhaps if you look at those above links, you will doubt no longer.  Because "the Thomas fire" (- that began on December 4th, the 5 year anniversary of when the Unborn spoke from Limbo with one voice, to the Two Witnesses), was in fact the largest wildfire ever recorded in the history of the State of California - a.k.a. "the state of mortal sin". (December 24, 2017 update)

Looking for SIGNS?  Don't forget to look at your FOREHEAD, with "True SPIRITUAL Vision"
If an evil and ADULTEROUS generation, seeks for a SIGN, and the ONLY SIGN, that will be given TO it, is 'the Sign of JONAH' - WHAT are YOU, telling the Most High TRUE God - when YOU want...  to FOCUS, on "physical SIGNS", and "physical DISASTERS, with SPECIFIC dates"? Jesus Christ the LORD, does NOT WANT to attract 'PEOPLE, who are INTERESTED, in SIGNS'.  HE is looking FOR, 'His FAITHFUL Remnant to BE' - who WILL be drawn, to His TESTIMONY, because they RECOGNIZE, 'the VOICE of their CREATOR'. The ONES who are 'drawn IN', for the SAKE, of "physical SIGNS", WILL NOT, "persevere" - WILL not 'MAKE it'. Understand?  (- August 08, 2016 Archives)   

Did you know? - that you HAVE 'the Biggest SIGN of all!'

Yes there are "natural disasters" happening ALL of the time - and there are "global EVENTS", that take place.  And there are WARS and RUMORS of wars.  And there are FAMINES, and PESTILENCES in some PLACES.  But what is most IMPORTANT? - is that you HAVE 'the Biggest SIGN of all!' - and that is, the TESTIMONY, of Jesus CHRIST the Lord.  And THAT should be SUFFICIENT for you.  And if it ISN'T? - then you're IN the Remnant for the wrong REASONS!  The TESTIMONY is good!  The TESTIMONY is real!  And the TESTIMONY is nourishing!  But if YOU can't FIND! - anything "GOOD"! - in the TESTIMONY - to SHARE? - authentically - then WHAT! - are you DOING?  What is your PURPOSE?  It can ONLY be 'to serve the demons'. (December 29, 2017 update) 
Jesus Christ the Lord said: For all those who COME to My Testimony, KNOW that it is I SPEAKING - TO them - to "the INNERMOST depths, of their being".  And that IS "sufficient", FOR them. (December 30, 2017 update) 

Have you been looking for Signs every day?

The NUMBER one problem that you HAVE, that is PREVENTING you from growing spiritually - is the fact that, 'you LIVE by SIGNS!' - you LOOK for Signs, EVERY day - you THINK about Signs - and REFLECT on them; but you don't "GROW SPIRITUALLY" - because the DEVIL has you 'DISTRACTED', with all 'the insignificant SIGNS going on AROUND you' - so that, you NEGLECT, 'what is MOST important' - and that is "the PURIFICATION of your Soul". HOW are you choosing, to WORK with the Most High True God in 'tearing DOWN the STRONGHOLDS'?   It is QUITE clear that there is "a SPIRITUAL battle" going on INSIDE you - because you KNOW the Testimony to be TRUE; but - you STILL want to live "according to new age SIGNS" - and THAT is like READING horoscopes - or HORROR scopes; and that is "a HORROR!" - to the Most High True God.  And you NEED to stop.  And you need to ask HIM, to restore 'your spiritual SANITY'; and to give you the GRACE, to desire to LIVE the Testimony by FAITH!   And STOP, LOOKING, for VISIONS and SIGNS - because "an ADULTEROUS and WICKED generation" - DOES that.  And it HAS been revealed, that "the BIGGEST Sign of all, is the Testimony".  And ACTUALLY? - what you are called to WORK ON? - if it wasn't 'made CLEAR, TO YOU' - or if somehow you MISSED IT? - is, 'BUILDING! - and AUTHENTIC relationship, with your Creator' - a very PERSONAL one.  You are called to draw CLOSE to Him; but the SIGNS? - that you're OBSESSED WITH? - are ACTUALLY "a WEDGE" - BETWEEN you and Him.  And, THAT really puts you more in the "PROTESTANT", category; OR even with the people who are "OUTSIDE the Ark" - as MANY of them, SIMPLY wanted "SIGNS" - and they DIDN'T! - want to follow, Jesus Christ the Lord.  It's TIME to change!  It's TIME to soften your heart.  It's TIME to humble yourself.  It's TIME, to let go - of EVERYTHING! - that you learned, "SPIRITUALLY speaking", before the TESTIMONY.  Because? - it DOESN'T mean anything! - to your Creator.  Because now you're HERE! - now you FOUND, "the narrow Path".  And it does you NO "GOOD", to keep, "TIME travelling to the PAST" - when you received 'SIGNS of the Testimony's AUTHENTICITY'.  It is "RATHER insulting to your Creator" - because He's HERE in the PRESENT!  And YOU are called to 'seek Him OUT'! - and seek His TRUE Holy SPIRIT, to live INSIDE you and to GUIDE you! - NOT 'to perform SIGNS for you'!  Understand?  (December 31, 2017 update) 

This critical passage of FULFILLED Scripture
is ALSO revealed on the Home Page
The Holy Angel SPEAKING to John the Beloved Disciple says:

“And to the angel [- the Messenger] of the church in Philadelphia [- referring to the Faithful Remnant] write: ‘The words of the holy one [- Jesus Christ the Lord], the true one [- Pope Peter the Last and final TRUE Pope], who has the key of David, who opens and no one shall shut, who shuts and no one opens.  “‘I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door [- the Promise of Eternal Life, in the Fullness of the Era of Peace], which no one [- including the assailants] is able to shut; I know that you have but little power [- worldly influence; worldly prestige; worldly position; and worldly power], and yet you have kept my word [- the Testimony] and have not denied my name.  Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan [- the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution] who say that they are Jews [- "true catholics"] and are not, but lie [- they are "LIARS"] - behold, I will make them come [- draw them OUT, of the churches] and bow down before your feet [- recognize your Holy Anointing], and learn that I have loved you [- because "the TRUE Jesus" is WITH you].  Because you have kept my word [- the Testimony] of patient endurance [- as in "many YEARS, SCRIBING"], I will keep you [- Pope Peter the Last] from the hour of trial which is coming on the whole world [- the Physical Chastisement], to try those who dwell upon the earth [- the time of the WORLD'S Judgment].  I am coming soon [- the Third and Final Coming]; hold fast what you have [- the True Roman Catholic Faith revealed in the Testimony], so that no one may seize your crown [- your Anointing]. He who conquers [- sin, temptation, the devil, and death], I will make him a pillar [- of Faith] in the temple of my God; never shall he go out of it [- never shall you LOSE Faith], and I will write on him [- Pope Peter the Last] the name of my God [- Christ], and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem [- Mary Romanus] which comes down from my God out of heaven, and my own new name [- Petrus Romanus].  He who has an ear [- Pope Peter the Last], let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches [... I just did, and wrote it down here, "for the record"].’  (Revelations 3:7-13)  

Have you ever taken the time to go LOOKING for CONTRADICTIONS or INCOMPLETE PROPHECIES in the TESTIMONY?
We STAND! - 100% - by the prophecy made!  And we KNOW, that it is going to be FULFILLED, according to the Divine Will and PLAN of the CREATOR.  But if you 'go LOOKING!' - for... "CONTRADICTIONS", or "INCOMPLETE PROPHECIES", in the TESTIMONY? - YOU will FIND them! - because 'THAT'S what you WANT!'  (April 15, 2018 update) 

Have you been choosing to OBSESS over the FORMER MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant?

It IS because, of 'the WICKEDNESS of the FORMER Members', that they were LED, THROUGH the Testimony - by their DEMONS! - to GIVE them "an EXCUSE!" - to TURN their backs, on the Most High TRUE God.  Even with their HEALINGS - even with TESTIFYING to "the FRUITS, of the Testimony" - they ALWAYS! - kept "LEVERAGE", in their MINDS and hearts - to USE AGAINST! - the Most High True God - if EVER! - they became "TOO uncomfortable".  And He ALLOWED them to do that! - JUST to SEE - where 'THEIR loyalties', ARE!  And THIS is why - you have 'a tendency to OBSESS! - over, the former MEMBERS' - as you enter into "THEIR! - reality" - where EVERYTHING in the TESTIMONY is "EASILY dismissed!"  But you need to KNOW - that the Most High TRUE God MADE it that way - so that ONLY "those with the heart of a CHILD" - would STAY on the PATH; and all the OTHERS? - would be "EASILY dismissed!"  You see - because, HE! - used 'the wickedness of the Former Members', to SEPARATE them from "the Flock".  Did you KNOW, that you ARE REQUIRED, to DISCERN, and THINK STILL?  But AGAIN! - the DEMONS - GAVE you, 'SOMETHING' - to SAY to us, LATER on, in your SPIRITUAL journey - where YOU, can say... "AHA!!! - I've GOT them now!!!"   NONE of the prophecies in the Testimony, will be fulfilled, ACCORDING to your desires - WE can GUARANTEE that!  THANKS be to the Most High TRUE God for THAT - because if they WERE? - fulfilled, according to what YOU perceived, would happen - THAT would make you... "GOD".  (April 15, 2018 update) 

What's so wrong with demanding more SIGNS?
The problem with people who demand "Signs" from the CREATOR? - is that they 'CAN'T have enough!' - they ALWAYS want more!  But 'the CREATOR' isn't here "to VALIDATE Himself".  The TESTIMONY, 'SPEAKS for ITSELF'.  It IS "the Sign".  And if that ISN'T "ENOUGH for people"? - then it doesn't MATTER, 'HOW many Signs they GET'!  Because all they WANTED, were 'SIGNS' - NOT 'their Creator'.  NOT "acceptable"!  (October 08, 2018 update) 

For those who have resolved NOT to RECEIVE the Testimony, until it has "THOROUGHLY met with your APPROVAL"?

It is 'CLEAR to us', that, YOU BELIEVE that, "SOMEHOW? - the TESTIMONY has to PROVE itself, TO you - what is WRITTEN in it - BEFORE you will RECEIVE it".  Your 'INTELLECT', has to RECEIVE, 'the UNDERSTANDING', BEFORE! - you will RECEIVE, the TESTIMONY.  But then WHERE! - is your FAITH?  If the MOST High TRUE God, GIVES you, 'the KNOWLEDGE' of the TRUTH - and you DON'T act on it - and you DON'T RECEIVE it - until it has "THOROUGHLY met with your APPROVAL"? - then "WHO" is JUDGE? - then YOU are! - then YOU become, "the JUDGE in your LIFE" - judging OVER, the Word of the Most High True GOD.  We can TELL that you are in FACT 'EMBRACING the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS' - IN your INTERIOR life.   And guess WHAT! - THAT is 'what the jewish ELDERS did' - when, JESUS came before THEM: they "SIZED Him UP!" - they "JUDGED Him" - EVEN though 'they KNEW! - who He was!'   Because, for THEM? - JESUS, had 'to PROVE! - through SIGNS! - who He SAID that He was'.  But it was NEVER 'enough' - it was NEVER enough to SATISFY, "their APPROVAL!" - because they were "ONLY, interested, in the Signs" - and ULTIMATELY? - THEY are the ones who, 'PUT Him to DEATH'. (April 20, 2019 update)

For all the people out there who are FIGHTING to remain unchanged?

Of course, embracing the devil's vocation to FIGHT the words of his Creator - until "HIS terms" were met? - is "a historical fail of biblical proportions"… Are you SURE you want to fight for THAT?... because there sure IS room! - on 'the plaque on a wall in HELL', for a few more names.

Are YOU?... COMFORTABLE being "a SPECTATOR, who REMAINS unchanged" - as you SIMPLY, REFUSE to work on your SPIRITUAL life - and put it ALL "on your Creator" - as you wait for HIM, to fulfill His PROPHECIES.  For the LORD Jesus Christ will INDEED! - FULFILL, WHAT, He HAS revealed, in His TESTIMONY - and 'even MORE so!' - that HASN'T been shared. But PROPHECIES pass AWAY.  And WHERE will you be THEN?  HOW will you stand before your MAKER? (August 26, 2019 update) 


Did you KNOW that, one of our favorite prophecies, is that… "EVERYONE is without excuse!" How is THAT prophecy going to be fulfilled, you ask?...

The PROPHECIES, will be FULFILLED - and they will pass AWAY.  But the Most High True God's WORDS will never pass away.  And, our COUNSEL? - will never pass away; it will ALWAYS BE there - for YOU, to TURN to.  And if you SEEK? - the SOLUTION? - with your entire BEING? - then your CREATOR will help you FIND it - to help you, 'get back UP'.   But JUST like, when "you want what's BAD for you" - you are very CAPABLE - of THOSE things! - because 'you WANT them!'…  So TOO! - are you CAPABLE, of 'wanting what is GOOD for you' - good for your SOUL.  And THAT'S why you're without excuse!  And that's why EVERYONE is "without excuse"!  Because just as EASILY, as they choose WICKEDNESS? - they can just as EASILY, choose GOODNESS! - until 'their WILLS' are fixed that is.

And 'having one's will fixed on GOODNESS'? - simply means that there WILL come 'a time', when ALL those whose hearts are fixed on EVIL, will be "evolving into a higher form" of ASHES… somewhere, VERY Hot!… due to their natural SELECTION, or… natural INCLINATION, towards evil that is. (August 26, 2019 update) 

Thank you for uniting with the Holy Angels in "exercising patience".

"And the angel whom I saw standing on sea and land lifted up his right hand to heaven and swore by him who lives for ever and ever, who created heaven and what is in it, the earth and what is in it, and the sea and what is in it, that there should be no more delay, but that in the days of the trumpet call to be sounded by the seventh angel, the mystery of God[- the Testimony…], as he announced to his servants the prophets, should be fulfilled." (Revelations 10:5-7) 

Concerning the Testimony Prophecies begin to be fulfilled: "NO more delay!" (August 31, 2019 update)  

SOME people still 'THINK' they can beat the Creator of the Universe!

In CASE it isn't "obvious", by now? - the JUDGEMENTS and the DECREES, that are POSTED in the TESTIMONY? - go 'AHEAD!' - OF - the PATH - that 'mankind has already CHOSEN, as a collective'.  Our CREATOR? - sees 'WELL outside of space and TIME'.  And he 'READS, the peoples' HEARTS' - from a DISTANCE! - but as "a GLOBAL! - nation' - as "a COLLECTIVE".  But He does NOT RECOGNIZE, 'the DIGNITY, of human LIFE'.  Because, 'MANKIND? - does not RECOGNIZE, the DIGNITY, of the Unborn children' - that He "GIFTED" to them.  And so? - AS the Creator, 'PASSES, these JUDGEMENTS and DECREES'? - He is WELL AWARE! - of EVERY, 'move' - the GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS, INTEND on making.  And He HAS! - "a RESPONSE!" - to 'THOSE moves!'- as WELL.  In OTHER words? - you CAN'T, 'BEAT!' - the CREATOR - of the UNIVERSE!  You can't 'OVERCOME', Jesus Christ the Lord, and His JUSTICE.  And 'the MAJORITY of you'? - WON'T repent!  But YOUWILL be 'OVERCOME! - by your CREATOR'S, Divine JUST! - and ALL-CONSUMING, Wrath!' [-…"Hell"] (December 11, 2019 update) 

2 videos, Word Count: 3,500+

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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This IS! - "a new branch, of Christianity", and we have EVERY right! - to practice our Faith. As EACH! - individual on
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