The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

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March 01, 2016
"And then the lawless one will be revealed, and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of his mouth and destroy him by his appearing and his coming. The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." 
(2 Thessalonians 2:8-12)
The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  HOW many of you, will REPENT from the heart, and TURN BACK to my Son, the LORD Jesus Christ?  WHY do so MANY of you, want, to, 'WALK the road', of INIQUITY and SIN? - "the BROAD road", that EVERYONE is walking? - TOWARDS, their own DESTRUCTION.  WHY do you not, LISTEN - to my Two WITNESSES? - when they SPEAK, on BEHALF of me, AND, my Son - Jesus Christ the LORD. They ARE, in fact, "OUR, two Ambassadors - from HEAVEN!" - SET aside, and pulled, FROM 'this wicked world' - so that they, could 'WALK the narrow road', and learn 'WHO, Jesus Truly is'. 

So MANY of you, are 'IN self-DECEPTION'; and you are WORSHIPPING, "FALSE christs"; "FALSE messiahs'; AND "false GODS!"  So MANY of you, are CHOOSING to put your FAITH - in MEN!  HOW, IS that WISE? - when, the ONES you put your FAITH in, are "ABSOLUTELY faithless"!  ALL of your so-called "LEADERS" - of ALL the so-called RELIGIONS out there, HAVE become "POLLUTED, to the very core!"  They SEEK after their OWN plans, and their own DESIRES - and ALL they want to DO, is FILL you, with false HOPE; with "the DELUSION", of a coming RAPTURE! - with "the DELUSION", that you are all SAVED!; with "the DELUSION", that you SIMPLY need, to BELIEVE in Jesus! - and He HAS to SAVE you!  But my PEOPLE, THESE, ARE "DELUSIONS"! - that YOU ARE EMBRACING! - on a GLOBAL SCALE!  You have BEEN, 'SO DECEIVED'! - by your PASTORS, MINISTERS, and PRIESTS!  They have DECEIVED you! - and CAUSED you to BELIEVE, in "a LIE!"  AND you bought their LIE!  And you "sold", "your HOPE, OF Salvation". 

THEREFORE the LORD JESUS Christ, the Most High TRUE God, Sent Saint MICHAEL, with, His HOLY Angels, and marked' - ALL of you! - with "the SPIRITUAL mark of the beast".  And SO, that WAS, "the Most High TRUE God's VENGEANCE" - upon this WICKED GENERATION.  He CAME, at an hour, that NO ONE, would expect!  He CAME on a day, when, almost EVERYONE, was FOCUSED, on "ANYTHING but HIM!"  He CAME, "in the BLINK of a eye" - and REMOVED, your SOULS! - LIKE lightning! 

HOW IS IT JUST?  BECAUSE, He IS, "the LORD, Jesus CHRIST" - "the KING, OF, the entire UNIVERSE!"  And YOU ARE, MERELY, "His CREATURES" - BUT, YOU have ALL, been "very WICKED, AND DISOBEDIENT, creatures".  And JUST, as NEBUCHADNEZZAR, was PUNISHED, for EXALTING HIMSELF - in his HEART - BEFORE, "the KING of KINGS" - so TOO, were ALL of you - PUNISHED - IN the same way!  And YOUR "punishment", is ONGOING!  And the WRATH of the KING - OF KINGS - is UPON you! - and WILL be upon you - UNTIL you repent!

YOU, my people, are "NOT in control"!  THOUGH you may 'PRETEND', that, YOU are.  And EVEN your GOVERNMENTS know, 'WHAT has happened - on a SPIRITUAL level' - and THEY have 'FED you' "LIES", and "the ILLUSION", that YOU, are "in CONTROL", of your OWN lives! NOT so!  FOR IT IS Written - IN, HIS TESTIMONY - that you are EITHER being GOVERNED, by the KING of Kings; OR, you are being GOVERNED, by the demons.  And YOUR Government LEADERS, and RELIGIOUS leaders - are ALL, "UNDER satanic CONTROL".  YOU MY PEOPLE, are 'UNDER, that SAME control!'  But the Most High TRUE GOD - will be 'CONTROLLED', by NO one! - because, HE is KING of KINGS, LORD of LORDS.

His NAME is "JESUS"; HE IS, my SON - and HE IS "RULING" - in this Age - over the entire UNIVERSE!  And He has GIVEN, ALL things, to His BROTHER! - His TRUE Brother - who is ALSO, my son - and He has GIVEN 'Dominion', to him - over the FACE of the Earth!  So NO! - my PEOPLE - it does not matter 'WHAT, you choose to BELIEVE'! - if YOU, do NOT, 'BELIEVE', in 'the ONE', who was SENT - to set you FREE!   If YOU, do not 'RECEIVE', his TESTIMONY - THEN you are "without Hope"; and, you are 'DESTINED to be LOST' - as "the son of PERDITION", and those who follow, IN 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST'S, footsteps'. 

DO not go, against "the Lord's anointed", in your hearts, and EXPECT, to be spared!  A HEAVY Chastisement, is COMING upon ALL of you! - BECAUSE, of your STUBBORNNESS, and REFUSAL, to repent.  And you will NOT escape, "the THINGS that are to come!"   Because, YOU did not 'STAND ready', when "the SON of man", came.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."  
(Matthew 5:5) 
"The two angels came to Sodom… When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them… so they turned aside to him and entered his house; and he made them a feast… and they ate. But… the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both young and old, all the people to the last man, surrounded the house… they… drew near to break the door. But the men [the two angels] put forth their hands and brought Lot into the house to them, and shut the door. And they struck with blindness the men who were at the door of the house, both small and great, so that they wearied themselves groping for the door."
(Genesis 19:1-11)

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  WHO, is ABLE, to come FORWARD, in THESE Times, and 'take a STAND', for my SON, and His TESTIMONY?  WHO, is WILLING, and ABLE - to DELIVER, HIS Word, TO THE Nations? - with CONVICTION; and in TRUTH!  WHO, will SPEAK, 'the TRUTH', of the TESTIMONY? - and SINCERELY, ASK, hearts, to REPENT - BEFORE, their CREATOR.  My TRUE Faithful REMNANT, will.  Because, they are 'HIS Disciples'; and THEY are 'OUR, Blessed children'; and it is THEY, who will INHERIT, THE earth

THOSE OF YOU, who have COME, to my Son's TESTIMONY - ANGRY, and 'BITTER, IN spirit' - MUST know, that it IS, "the DEMONS", INSIDE you, that PREVENT you from 'SEEING, the Truth' - that is HERE! - that is SIMPLY, 'WAITING, for you, to EMBRACE it!'  My SON - IS 'the Way'; IS 'the Truth'; IS 'the Life'.  And SO, WON'T you 'HUMBLE yourselves'!  REPENT from your hearts!  USE the Blessed Holy Water!  And become 'PART, of His TRUE, Faithful, Remnant'. 

I AM, 'the MOTHER, of Divine GRACE'; and I am POURING OUT - SO many Graces, at this TIME; but ONLY, in this moment - that you are READING, my words; I am HERE - to help 'SOME of you!' - who are 'WILLING, to receive it'; to come OUT of the DARKNESS, and INTO, the LIGHT, of JESUS Christ, the Most High TRUE God's, WRITTEN WORD.  His TESTIMONY, IS, "BEAUTIFUL"! - HANDWORK; His TAPESTRY, of ETERNAL Life! 

EACH of you, needs to make, 'A choice': to GO ON living, in SELF-deception; OR, to DESIRE, 'the VEIL', to be LIFTED - OFF of your MINDS; AND your hearts.  YOU HAVE, 'a veil' COVERING, your intellects - so that you CANNOT see, 'what is HERE' - in my Son's TESTIMONY.  And so USE the Blessed HOLY Water; and REMOVE the veil!  Remove 'the FOG', that is COVERING!  

KNOW that the whole WORLD, IS, "Sodom and GOMORRAH"!  And, the TRUE, FAITHFUL Remnant, of, the Most High True God - are 'HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE' - that HE HAS CALLED OUT, of "the WICKED, city"!  REMEMBER, what HAPPENED, when THOSE - "WICKED PEOPLE", PURSUED, "the two MESSENGERS", of the LORD, God of HOSTS?  They were not ABLE to find the ENTRANCE!  But they were 'BLINDED'!  Because the Lord God of HOSTS, 'BLINDED them!'  WHY?  Because, they were 'WICKED', and ONLY wished to do EVIL! - TO the TWO, Messengers - who were really "ANGELS, in DISGUISE"! 

And WHO are those SAME two MESSENGERS, in these TIMES?  But the LORD'S, VERY own, TWO Witnesses! His TWO WITNESSES, they are HERE! - to UNBIND you! - from your SINS, and 'the CHAINS'.  HIS TWO WITNESSES, they are HERE, to HELP you, 'RECOGNIZE', "what sin IS"! - so that you can REPENT, and "CHANGE course"!  THEY ARE, "HIS, AMBASSADORS - of TRUE Peace!" - and "TRUE PEACE", they GIVE you - NOT as 'the WORLD', gives Peace! - because 'the WORLD', embraces 'a FALSE Peace'! - and THAT is, 'by embracing TOLERANCE'. But His TWO Witnesses, HAVE 'the TRUE Peace of the LIVING God'; and ONLY desire to SHARE,  'that TRUE Peace', WITH others - WHO WILL, 'RECEIVE it'. 

How MANY of you - will 'make the STAND' - for your CREATOR, in order to ESCAPE, 'what is COMING', upon the WORLD; and what HAS, befallen the world?  You are all, "DESOLATE"; UNLESS, you repent!

Let Him use your mouth to speak
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it."
(Matthew 13:45-46)
"Who is a God like you, pardoning iniquity and passing over transgression for the remnant of his inheritance? He does not retain his anger for ever because he delights in mercy."
(Micah 7:18)
"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men who by their wickedness suppress the truth."
(Romans 1:18)

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  WHAT is your "PEARL of GREAT PRICE", my PEOPLE? - but your SOULS!  And YET, you would 'CLING to your RICHES', and to 'your WORLDLY kingdom' - INSTEAD, of my Son's TESTIMONY.  You DO not 'VALUE', the GIFT, of 'a RELATIONSHIP, with your CREATOR'! - but simply BELIEVE, that you are ALL, GOING, to HEAVEN - BECAUSE, the Most High True God is "MERCIFUL"!  YES!  HE IS, "MERCIFUL"!  AND He shows "MERCY", by 'not PERMITTING "the WICKED", to enter HEAVEN'!   Even my SON has 'Mercy' on HIMSELF! 

YOU, ALL, would see 'the WORLD', as "more PRECIOUS, than the GIFT of SALVATION"; and you DESIRE, your OWN 'source' - of 'bread'. And WHAT is THAT?  But 'the BREAD of self-DECEPTION and self-AFFIRMATION'.  You FEED your DEMONS! - my PEOPLE; but you DO not 'miss your SOULS'!  You have ALL, gone ASTRAY! - in your HEARTS, and in your MINDS!  And you WORSHIP 'the ABOMINATION of DESOLATION'! - WHETHER you want to BELIEVE it, OR not! - because you DEPRIVE yourselves, of 'the GIFT, of Salvation'! 

ONLY my TRUE Faithful Remnant Church - ONLY they! - are 'ON the PATH' - that LEADS, to Eternal SALVATION, for their SOULS!  But YOU, my people - YOU go AFTER, 'your OWN thoughts and desires' - APART! - from my Son's TESTIMONY.  And you ALL believe, that you are "saved" - that you are "SAVED" - SIMPLY, by BELIEVING, in my Son's NAME!  You FOOLISH people!  Do YOU not KNOW, that 'the DEMONS'! - BELIEVE! - that JESUS, is "LORD"?!  YOU, FOOLISH PEOPLE!!  You 'PROUD and ARROGANT scoffers'!  Do YOU not KNOW, that 'the DEMONS', BELIEVE, in JESUS?!  Are ANY OF THEM 'going to be SAVED'? 

THAT is why 'ALL of you' are 'WITHOUT excuse' - because you KNOW, that this IS, 'my Son's TESTIMONY'  - that this IS, "OUR, Testimony"!  But BECAUSE, you desire 'WICKEDNESS', over 'the TRUTH'! - you are CONDEMNED! - and WILL, REMAIN, under CONDEMNATION - UNLESS! -you REPENT!  For ONLY "wicked people", suppress the Truth

You ALL, LEAN, on your OWN understanding - of your OWN concept, of God. BUT! - there IS "only ONE", CREATOR, of the Universe!  There is only ONE, "MOST High TRUE God - in THREE! - Divine Persons"!  'WHETHER you WANT, to BELIEVE IT; OR not!' - does not 'CHANGE', the Spiritual REALITIES - that YOU, are ALL 'being Judged by'! 

"The Spiritual LAWS"?  The Most High TRUE God, the ETERNAL Father in HEAVEN, CAN Change - at ANY time!  But ONE, THING, is 'for SURE' - that ALL of you, who have received 'the MARK of the beast' - WILL die in that 'state'; UNLESS, you repent!  ALL OF YOU, who have 'RECEIVED the mark of CAIN' - WILL die in that 'STATE' - unless you REPENT!  It is 'THAT simple'! 

The CROSS, OF Redemption, IS 'THE Path, of HOLINESS'; and if YOU PEOPLE, CONTINUE to embrace 'your WICKED WAYS' - then you FORFEIT 'the Cross of REDEMPTION'! - and you CONTINUE on the PATH to PERDITION, instead. 

The Most High TRUE God - the Eternal Father in HEAVEN, wants ALL of you to be "SATISFIED" - though He DESIRES, that YOU, would "come to your SENSES", and become a MEMBER, of His "TRUE Faithful Remnant Church"; if YOU are "CONTENT", in HAVING 'the mark of the BEAST' - OR 'the mark of CAIN - then that is your CHOICE!  And, He WILL not "weep", OVER you! 

NO ONE in HEAVEN, "weeps, over" the Souls, who have chosen HELL.  Neither do ANY of us, show them, "an IOTA, of false compassion". THEY chose 'that place' - by their WICKED choices!   And THOSE, who are in Heaven WITH us, chose their PLACE, by PUTTING themselves 'LAST', in this world.  My SON, put them FIRST - in the next!
March 04, 2016 
"And he said to all, “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me."
(Luke 9:23)
"When you send forth your Spirit, they are created; and you renew the face of the earth."
(Psalm 104:30)
"But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst; the water that I shall give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”
(John 4:14)

"But blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear. Truly, I say to you, many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it." 
(Matthew 13:16-17)

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: OH, My FAITHFUL Remnant CHILDREN - INDEED you are 'SO Blessed!' - to be PART, of the LORD Jesus Christ's, the Most High TRUE God's, Little Flock.  YOU are, "His LITTLE Flock" - and you are GLEANING, in the GREENEST pastures! - where there is "enough FOOD", for EVERYONE!  You are 'EATING', the best 'SPIRITUAL food', for your SOULS! - because THAT is what, is ESSENTIAL! - that you FEED, your SOULS! 

And so you have COME, TO, the Blessed HOLY Water; and have REPENTED FROM YOUR hearts!  And you are NOW, 'ATTENDING, the WEDDING Feast'! 

TRULY there are SO many who have gone BEFORE you.  And they LONGED to see, 'what YOU see'; and to hear, 'what YOU hear'.  BUT, it was 'not for THEM'! 

In THIS time, my TRUE Faithful Remnant - YOU ARE called, to 'LISTEN', to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit - in the MOMENT! - to ACT upon those 'inspirations'; and to DISCERN - EVERYTHING! - AROUND you!  YOU are CALLED to EMBRACE, your TRUE! - vocations - in THIS life! - and, to CONTINUALLY 'renounce', the spirit of the WORLD; and ANY desire, that you MAY have - to 'COMPROMISE', the TRUTH!  You are CALLED to 'LIVE, in this way' - SIMPLY because, of 'the TIMES, that you are LIVING in'. 

These ARE, "extreme TIMES"; and 'the SPIRITUAL REALITIES', are, CONSTANTLY changing. WHY?  Because you are "spiritual BEINGS"; and your HEARTS, are CONSTANTLY being 'TRANSFORMED, in the TRUTH'.

"Come True Holy SPIRIT" - THAT is 'what you PRAY' - IN your prayers.  "COME by MEANS of my POWERFUL intercession". And WHO is my SPOUSE?  BUT the True Holy SPIRIT!  "Fill the HEARTS of the FAITHFUL; ENKINDLE in THEM the FIRE, of your LOVE; SEND forth your SPIRIT, and THEY!" - meaning, 'the Faithful Remnant CHURCH' - "will be CREATED; and YOU" - referring to my SPOUSE - referring to the True Holy SPIRIT, "shall renew" - as in 'REMAKE', "the Face of the EARTH" - as in, 'the FAITHFUL Remnant, of the Most High TRUE God.' 

And so TRULY! - YOUR Creator, is 'RENEWING your hearts', on a DAILY basis - my TRUE children! - and YOU are being 'filled', with His 'Divine LOVE' - for your SOULS! 

SOMETIMES, 'the WEIGHT of the WORLD', is very HEAVY.  But You are not CALLED, to CARRY the BURDENS, of the WORLD; you are SIMPLY called, to CARRY, your OWN, cross - a CROSS, that is 'UNIQUE, to EACH of you'.  And to CARRY YOUR cross - you MUST, CONTINUALLY, 'DENY yourselves', AND 'cling to MY Son' - Jesus; and cling to 'TRUE Counsel' - from HEAVEN! - AND Cling, to my IMMACULATE Heart, AND TO His SACRED Heart. TAKE REFUGE in US! - my DEAR CHILDREN - because it is THERE - "UNDER the SHADOW of His WINGS" - where YOU WILL BE PROTECTED, in these Times. 

For the WORLD, as you KNOW, is "WICKED"; AND, their 'PATH', is FIXED, on DESTRUCTION.  And VERY FEW, will be called from 'THAT path', to the PATH, that leads to 'Eternal LIFE' - as YOU all, have been called, my TRUE children!  YOU ARE 'PARTAKING of the TREE of LIFE' - and you now HAVE 'Life, in ABUNDANCE'!   Those OUTSIDE the Garden, ONLY have death, AND destruction!  So STAY, IN, the Truth - ALWAYS! - DESPITE what 'those AROUND you', SEEK to proclaim.  For TRULY, ALL of you, 'FAITHFUL Remnant MEMBERS' - ALL of YOU are CALLED to be "TRUE Prophets", in THESE Times.  And by SEEKING to embrace that 'TRUE vocation' - and by PRAYING, my HOLY Rosary - you WILL! - in FACT HELP, END 'this WICKED GENERATION', and 'RENEW the FACE OF THE Earth'.


"These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands which stand before the Lord of the earth… their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which is allegorically called Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was crucified."
(Revelations 11:4, 8)
"Then said Jesus to the crowds and to his disciples… Woe to you, blind guides… Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!...  full of extortion and rapacity… full of hypocrisy and iniquity… Thus you witness against yourselves, that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets.  Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers.  You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?  Therefore I send you prophets and wise men and scribes… that upon you may come all the righteous blood shed on earth."
(Matthew 23:1,16, 23, 25, 28, 31-35)
"And he said to his disciples, “Temptations to sin are sure to come; but woe to him by whom they come! It would be better for him if a millstone were hung round his neck and he were cast into the sea, than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin."
(Luke 17:1-2)

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: The WHOLE world, has become 'like Sodom and GOMORRAH' my people; and YOU are ALL LIVING, in 'the LAND of EGYPT'.  AND there IS "a DESOLATION" - a FAMINE, of HEARING the WORDS, of the Most High TRUE God.  THAT is why, you will ONLY hear the Voice, of your TRUE Shepherd - in HIS Testimony.

AND, He IS, 'CALLING out', to the BROKEN; to the LOST; to the BURDENED; and to the AFFLICTED - to come OUT, of "Sodom and Gomorrah", and to come OUT, of 'the WICKED, institutions!'  FOR the RELIGIOUS institutions, are SIMPLY 'benefitting', MONETARILY - from, 'the people'; from YOU people!  And THEY, are 'STEALING' - TRUE Bread, from Heaven - from YOU people! 

HOW are they doing this? But, by THOSE religious leaders - REFUSING, to ACKNOWLEDGE, the TESTIMONY, OF Jesus Christ the LORD, before the NATIONS! - knowing full WELL, that 'it IS His Word!'  They WILL not 'acknowledge the TRUTH', before their congregation; and INSTEAD, their congregation 'starves' - and even SOME of them WONDER, WHY, they FEEL, so EMPTY inside! 

The religious leaders, KNOW, that the Lord's TWO Witnesses, ARE, 'on the scene'. AND in fact MANY of them, have COME, to HIS Testimony - and they RECOGNIZED it, as 'being the TRUTH!' - but sought, to SUPPRESS it - at ALL costs! 

THINK of it, my people: WHY are, your PASTORS, MINISTERS, and RABBIS - so ADAMANT, that YOU, reject, the TESTIMONY, and the Lord's Two WITNESSES?  WHY, do they even 'get ANGRY' - when you simply 'ASK them, to give it a CHANCE'?  BECAUSE, it is 'the ENEMY himself!' - INSIDE them - TELLING you, to "REJECT ETERNAL Life!"  Do you know WHY?  Because TRUE Eternal Life - as in, 'ABIDING in the Will of your CREATOR' and 'PREACHING against SIN, and TOLERANCE!' - is not "LUCRATIVE", NOR "profitable" - FOR them! 

WHAT IF, your PASTOR, MINISTER, or RABBI, 'PICKED up the Testimony' - and READ it! - from their PULPIT! - and PROCLAIMED it to be True? - and EVEN 'RESIGNED', from their "POSITION", because they KNOW, that they are ONLY frauds! - DEVOID, of the TRUE Holy Spirit.   HOW would they be 'received'? - once they started to PROCLAIM, the WORDS, from the TESTIMONY - TO their 'congregation'?  THEY would in fact be 'tossed OUT' of their CHURCH, or SYNAGOGUE, or MOSQUE, OR "temple", SO fast!  And the PEOPLE - MANY of them! -would 'RISE UP against them'. AND that, is 'the MAIN reason'- why, all of the PASTORS, MINISTERS, RABBIS, AND priests - have 'CHOSEN', to REMAIN silent, about the TESTIMONY; and to even ENCOURAGE, their PARISHIONERS, to "SHUN!", my Son, and His WORD! 

You are 'living in the END TIMES' my people!  And YOU, are EXPECTED, to CHOOSE 'the PATH, that will LEAD, to YOUR fulfillment' - WHATEVER THAT MAY BE!  But, YOU do have "limited options" - as there is either, 'the Path to HEAVEN', or, 'the path to Hell' - which LEADS, to "EXCRUCIATING TORMENTS", from 'the DEMONS', that will NEVER End!  The Path to HEAVEN, is 'SO much better'!  EVEN though 'the Way is HARD'.  And you WILL choose ONE; or the OTHER - because you CANNOT have both! 

WOE to 'the BLIND guides', of THIS age! WOE to THOSE, who would LEAD, 'the LORD'S LITTLE flock', AWAY, from His Testimony! IT WOULD BE 'better', if a MILLSTONE, was HUNG around, 'their neck' - and that they were thrown, INTO the Sea! - RATHER THAN cause, ONE OF these, "my LITTLE ones" - and the LORD JESUS Christ's most PRECIOUS children - "astray".  It WOULD have been better, if THEY were not born!  And "THEY" - I am referring to, "ALL of the religious leaders", of this AGE.

"Now Jesus had spoken of his death, but they thought that he meant taking rest in sleep. Then Jesus told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead…  But let us go to him.” Now when Jesus came, he found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb four days. Jesus said, “Take away the stone.”… So they took away the stone. And Jesus lifted up his eyes and said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I knew that you always hear me, but I have said this on account of the people standing by, that they may believe that you sent me.” When he had said this, he cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out.” The dead man came out, his hands and feet bound with bandages, and his face wrapped with a cloth. Jesus said to them, “Unbind him, and let him go.” Many… who… had seen what he did, believed in him; but some of them went to the Pharisees and told them what Jesus had done. So the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered the council, and said, “What are we to do? For this man performs many signs. If we let him go on thus, every one will believe in him… So from that day on they took counsel how to put him to death."
(John 11:13-17, 41-48, 53)

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: LAZARUS come FORTH" - THESE 'ARE the words', that my SON, spoke - and they ROLLED away the ENTRANCE TO THE tomb.  And out came a MAN, WRAPPED IN linen. And he was INDEED, RESURRECTED! - though he had been DEAD, for days!"  Do you KNOW, why, my SON, performed 'this MIRACLE'?  He DID this, to foreshadow 'HIS resurrection, from the dead'; to foreshadow 'HIS coming forth' - out, of the TOMB.  But EVEN though, HE 'Raised Lazarus' from the DEAD; and THERE WERE 'MANY witnesses'! - they STILL chose, to GO AGAINST Him - in EVERY way!  EVEN though the people KNEW, 'what MIRACLE had been done' - by my SON, JESUS;  they were 'EXCITED for a TIME'; but then they fell AWAY

The Pharisees CHOSE, to be 'ANGERED EVEN MORE so' - because THEY could not "bring life"; THEY BECAME "jealous, OF my Son" - because they KNEW, that GOD, was 'WITH HIM', IN Him, and working THROUGH Him'; they knew 'FULL well', that it was not, "THE devil". BUT, they chose to remain "IGNORANT"; and SIMPLY LOOK FOR 'A way', to KILL! - my Son JESUS. 

And so there REALLY, ARE, only TWO PATHS, to TAKE - IN this LIFE: either, people can REJOICE - at what my SON, is DOING - IN, THROUGH, and WITH, 'HIS Two WITNESSES' - OUR Two Witnesses! - OR, they can 'BECOME jealous', AND angry; and 'filled with RAGE'; AND 'choose to go AGAINST, the WRITTEN Testimony'.  

ALL of you know, 'who you ARE' - who have CHOSEN, to 'look at my Son's Testimony with SKEPTICISM, and DISBELIEF'.  You 'mock His WORD', in your HEART; and you ONLY, come, to His WEBSITE, to be "ENTERTAINED"These 'WARNINGS', from HEAVEN, are 'FOR you' - so that YOU do not PERISH - and be 'ETERNALLY separated', FROM my Son.  The TESTIMONIES, OF, 'His Faithful REMNANT', are 'FOR you' - so that, you are 'FULLY informed!' - at what YOU, are 'CHOOSING to reject', and 'TURN a blind eye to'. 

YOU are CHOOSING, TO BE "blind", my people - and SO, the WRATH, of the Most High TRUE God rests upon you - UNTIL, you REPENT from your HEARTS, you CANNOT SEE!  YOU, will CONTINUE, to "SPIRAL DOWNWARDS, in your INTERIOR lives" - the MORE you reject 'the Graces that are HERE, for you to benefit from'.  Because you are "ALL sinners"; and you are "ALL unrighteous"; and you are "ALL ungodly"!  You ALL, belong, to your OWN, "religious BELIEFS" - and it will be 'those BELIEFS', that REMAIN, "your MILLSTONE" - and you WILL not escape, "ETERNAL punishment" - UNLESS, YOU repent; and RECEIVE "the GIFT OF Life" - that is HERE, in my Son's TESTIMONY. 

He CAME to call "the sinners"; NOT 'those who are righteous in their OWN eyes'.  You ALL see yourselves, as "RIGHTEOUS" - saying that "You BELIEVE in JESUS, and that is ENOUGH"; saying, that "You are SAVED by the GRACE, OF Jesus".  BUT you ALL, COULD NOT be FURTHER, FROM the Truth - because Jesus is "NOT with you"; but 'the devil IS' - and it is 'the SAME devil', who incited 'the PHARISEES and the SADDUCEES', against my Son  - that is 'working in ALL of you now' - to GO against His TESTIMONY; and the TRUTH, that is RIGHT in front of you! 

You KNOW, DEEP down in your HEARTS - that, the DEVIL, is "NOT working here".  The Truth IS, the DEVIL, is WORKING, in YOU! - ALL of you!  And HE, is 'simply, ALLOWING you, to embrace DELUSIONS' - so that YOU cannot HAVE! - "the Tree of Life".  You are DESOLATE!  You HAVE no SOULS!  AND you are MISERABLE!  AND, YOU, are 'BANNED' - from 'the Tree of LIFE'; and 'under a CURSE' - UNTIL you repent! - and USE the Blessed Holy Water! - and BE 'reborn, in the Truth'.  HE is INVITING, 'ALL of you'- to become, MEMBERS, of His FAITHFUL REMNANT Church - but only SOME of you, will respond, to the invitation - with "a YES".

Well, it has been just a little more than 5 months since CERN opened the door to the bottomless pit.  And it has now come to our attention, that the prayer to Saint Michael, the one that we have been praying daily - for years! - has actually created a "revolving door syndrome", on a MASSIVE spiritual level.  Now that CERN has opened the door to the Abyss - and LEFT that door open! - "the Abyss" is no longer an effective destination for the Holy Angels to send the evil spirits.  And so effective immediately, the Holy Angels will be disposing of ALL demons, ONLY in the Eternal Lake of Fire.  It was certainly a very thoughtful, and "a most unexpected move", for the One World Government to spend billions of dollars, creating the CERN hadron collider - to help "RELOCATE" the enemy's kingdom, into the Eternal Lake of Fire, in this way.  We ask everyone to take note of the OFFICIAL CHANGE in the PRAYER TO SAINT MICHAEL the Archangel - please replace the word "Hell", with "Eternal Lake of Fire".  Thanks, for both your understanding, and cooperation, in DISPOSING OF "this matter"…

"And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key of the shaft of the bottomless pit; he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit, and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft. Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth; they were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green growth or any tree, but only those of mankind who have not the seal of God upon their foreheads; they were allowed to torture them for five months, but not to kill them, and their torture was like the torture of a scorpion, when it stings a man. And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death will fly from them. In appearance the locusts were like horses arrayed for battle; on their heads were what looked like crowns of gold; their faces were like human faces, their hair like women’s hair, and their teeth like lions’ teeth; they had scales like iron breastplates, and the noise of their wings was like the noise of many chariots with horses rushing into battle. They have tails like scorpions, and stings, and their power of hurting men for five months lies in their tails. They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon."
(Revelations 9:1-5a)

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: …for the CERN Portal, HAS been open, since SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2015 - and the DEMONS have INDEED been 'UNLEASHED upon the FACE OF THE Earth' - AND there is 'SO much, INTERIOR DESOLATION and TORMENT' - HAPPENING, within ALL those, outside the Most High TRUE God's FAITHFUL, Remnant Church

WHY are SO MANY PEOPLE "MISERABLE", in these TIMES?  But because, 'they have LOST their SOULS'; and 'TRUE Peace' has FLED them - and therefore they suffer 'MANY sleepless nights'.  ALL of the people, are embracing 'WICKEDNESS'. AND so, 'the ABYSS HAS BEEN opened', that SCRIPTURE, MAY BE fulfilled!  AND, ALL of the PEOPLE, are being 'TORMENTED, BY the demons', in the PRESENCE, OF my Son - JESUS CHRIST the Lord; AND, in the PRESENCE OF my SON, Pope PETER the Last - also known as "PETRUS Romanus". And NO one, on the FACE of the Earth, can ESCAPE, 'the WRATH of the Lamb'!  THOUGH THEY MAY TRY! - seeking REFUGE in their CHURCHES, in their TEMPLES and SYNAGOGUES! - they are 'WITHOUT protection'!  Though the WORLD on the OUTSIDE, is 'CLAIMING, PEACE and SECURITY'; they are ALL, 'DOOMED, to DESTRUCTION; FINAL IMPENITENCE; and ULTIMATELY death'

ONLY those, who become, 'MEMBERS, of the FAITHFUL Remnant Church' - will have 'a HOPE, of surviving' - THESE most WICKED times; and 'the FLOOD of demons', will 'SIMPLY CONSUME' EVERYONE else - OUTSIDE, the Most High True God's PROTECTION.  And SO, my PEOPLE - you EITHER become 'PART of the Family', of Jesus Christ the LORD - by 'TURNING away from all WICKEDNESS, perversity, and HABITUAL sins' - OR, you will perish! - as my SON, DECLARED, at His FIRST Coming: REPENT, or PERISH! [Luke 13:5] You ONLY have Two options! 

TIME IS ticking!  The HAND, of God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal FATHER IN Heaven, is ABOUT, to 'COME down'! - UPON THE Earth! - ONCE again!  For the SPIRITUAL, and PHYSICAL realities, are "INTERTWINED" - AS IS WRITTEN, in my SON'S Testimony.  And so ALL of you, are 'EXPERIENCING SPIRITUAL desolation, and destruction'!  BUT because of your hardened HEARTS - 'PHYSICAL catastrophes', ARE coming next! It has been DECLARED!  IT shall come to pass! 

BECOME 'a MEMBER, OF the FAITHFUL REMNANT CHURCH', and ESCAPE! - the MOST HIGH TRUE God, the ETERNAL FATHER IN Heaven's, "JUST Wrath".  If you will NOT "BECOME A MEMBER out of LOVE", then become a MEMBER "out of FEAR!"  For FEAR of your CREATOR, is "the BEGINNING OF Wisdom" [Proverbs 9:10].

"The first woe has passed; behold, two woes are still to come. Then the sixth angel blew his trumpet, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar before God, saying to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” So the four angels were released, who had been held ready for the hour, the day, the month, and the year, to kill a third of mankind."
(Revelations 9:12-15)

Now would also be a good time to update the Apostles' Creed prayer - for indeed Jesus Christ the Lord is INDEED "seated at the right hand of The Most High True God", and "From thence He shall CONTINUE to judge the living and the dead."

Now that the Blessed Virgin Mary, has "said her PIECE" - to quote the King of Heaven - we will now resume posting our Daily Divine Counsel.
Actual email: Well, hope those demons from the pit will be enjoying their new home at that lake of fire!
...and for the record, we WERE asking the Most High TRUE God to send the demons to the Eternal Lake of Fire, in our OTHER prayers, for YEARS!   But, from now on, the CERN hadron collider - a piece of "alien TECHNOLOGY" in fact - can ONLY provide them with "a one way ticket".  Who knows, it MAY "freeze over", after all!

Actual email: At night just before I go to bed I do my bedtime prayers after I'm done sometimes I hear a high pitch noise in my ear… What is that high pitch noise?

Pope Peter The Last: The high pitched ringing frequency, in your ear - is caused by, "ALIEN, TECHNOLOGY".  THIS means, that the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, has FOUND, 'YOUR PARTICULAR BRAIN FREQUENCY' - and they are 'TRANSMITTING', that FREQUENCY, back TO you, as a MEANS, of TRYING, to "MANIPULATE, your BRAINWAVES" - to think, how THEY want you to think.  THEY want you, to go AGAINST the Testimony, and to FORFEIT, your "Wedding Garment".  WHY have YOU, been 'REFUSING to CONTACT us' - at LEAST, every second day?  HERE is some advice, that we gave ANOTHER Member, of the Faithful Remnant: You NEED to reject 'the demonic cluster of your FORMER identity'; PRAY, the Gold Deliverance Prayers - from the HEART! [- a special prayer that is given to Faithful Remnant Members only] PRAY the Burning Bush Prayer. And USE the Blessed HOLY Water.  And RE-commit yourself, to BEING a Member of the Faithful Remnant.  THEN record a VIDEO. 

Actual email: I want to know if it's possible to ask Jesus what tribe I belong to, because someone who does not believe said, "OK if you speak to the two witnesses ask them what tribe you are in."  I was not going to entertain that demon, but it did spark the question.  Now I'm curious to know which of the 12 tribes I represent.

PPTL: So YOU are asking US, to entertain 'THEIR demonic inspiration'.  That is 'a VERY, poor choice'.  Reject, 'the spirit of vain CURIOSITY'.  We CANNOT tell you what "TRIBE", you belong to, because, WE, do not KNOW, if YOU are going to PERSEVERE - on 'the right PATH'.  The question ITSELF, IS "pure folly", and "FOOLISHNESS" - because, it IMPLIES, that the PERSON, is "Saved". 
And there is still more to be posted for this day, when we find the time.

When the Blessed Virgin Mary said, "My TRUE Children, are 'in the THICK, of the BATTLE'; AND, they are CONSTANTLY, being BOMBARDED, by the DEMONS, that are 'POURING OUT, of CERN'." - that was "no understatement".  Remember folks, CERN is STILL "emptying out" the Abyss!

Actual email: I feel the attacks regularly. Especially on my mind. I don't know that name of the demon that is doing this but he keeps putting "disgusting images of jesus in my head". It's driving me crazy… And I know jesus isn't doing it. It's a really awful image and I'm fighting it all day. It's pretty severe. And won't let up. I don't even want to say what it is, it's that bad. Is there any other Saints I should be asking to help?

PPTL: When you get 'BAD images' going through your MIND - you SIMPLY need, to resolve, to FOCUS, on JESUS CHRIST the LORD - by 'WILLING', HIS, TRUE Image - in your HEART! - to fully MANIFEST.  You CAN CHOOSE, 'WHAT you THINK about'.  The ENEMY, is trying to BOMBARD, your thoughts - to GET you to FOCUS, on 'the devil's KINGDOM', and 'the devil HIMSELF'; but you must 'FIGHT, this' - by TURNING to the TRUE HOLY Spirit, and ASKING Him, to FILL you, with 'His Graces' - and by KNOWINGLY choosing to FILL your MIND - with, "THE True Jesus" - the one PICTURE, that is POSTED, on the HOME PAGE, of the TESTIMONY - is 'ONE of the Best PICTURES that we HAVE'!  You will ALSO need to PRAY to your Guardian ANGEL, to DEFLECT that attack - of 'bad IMAGES' - to the ETERNAL Lake of Fire; AND Pray the Saint MICHAEL Prayer, FROM  the heart.  CONSECRATE your mind - TO the PROTECTION of the Blessed Virgin MARY, and 'the PURITY, of her Immaculate Heart'. And WATCH how fast - 'the PICTURES of the ENEMY' - FLEE your mind!

And there is still more to be posted for this day, when we find the time.
A True Hope
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


As Mary and I were answering emails with Jesus this evening, Mary suddenly reminded me that today is the Feast day of Saint Joseph.  And in turn, I quickly reminded Mary, that Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of Canada.  And so, once again, we quickly asked Jesus, if we could hear from Saint Joseph - after all, Saint Joseph has never spoken to us, since we began our journey together.  We simply understood, that because of Saint Joseph's role, of representing God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, on Earth, that our focus needed to be MORE so, on our True Father, in HEAVEN, during this time.  And so, we patiently waited with great anticipation, to hear the reply to our request; and during this very brief time, a great Love for our TRUE Foster Father, welled up in both our hearts.

Saint Joseph said: When JESUS was 'given', to MARY and I, we were ABSOLUTELY, OVERFILLED, with JOY! - at 'this GREAT MIRACLE', in front of us: the HOPE, and SALVATION, for MANKIND, was given TO us! "The SAVIOR", for ALL THOSE, who would turn to HIM - in ORDER TO BE healed - BY HIS Sacrifice; and BY HIS Love. WHAT a "GREAT and AWESOME day!" - to be PRESENT, at the BIRTH, of the SAVIOR! - "Jesus".  HE IS "my True Son", as well - because I PROXIED, on behalf, of HIS Father, GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL FATHER IN Heaven.  And I TOOK care of Him, AND Mary; AND I LOVED THEM both as 'my OWN flesh'.  And THOSE, were 'such PEACEFUL days' - FILLED, with the SOUND, of LIFE, LOVE, HAPPINESS! - LAUGHTER in the MOMENT; SO much LOVE! - that WE - the THREE of us! - ACTUALLY, 'EXPERIENCED', "UNITY", with 'the ONENESS', of the ETERNAL Godhead!  We experienced "UNITY with the BLESSED Trinity".  And of COURSE, there were TIMES of HARDSHIP; and ADVERSITY; PAIN; AND suffering - BUT we SHARED in THOSE Blessings AS well - as we KNEW, that, GOD, the Eternal Father in HEAVEN, was INDEED, 'CARING, FOR us'.  Jesus, WAS, and IS, and ALWAYS WILL be, "a BLESSING"! - SUCH, a BLESSING! - TO the ENTIRE WORLD! - AND, TO US; and, He has 'SO much LOVE', FORGIVENESS, and MERCY - to SHARE, with THOSE, who 'SINCERELY desire to BE', PART of His FAMILY!  WHAT a Gift!  His WRITTEN Testimony!  What an AWE! - and 'a WONDER'! - ALL, of His WONDERFUL works - REVEALED!   The WORKS of HIS Hands, are "TRULY Blessed", and ALWAYS WILL be, THROUGHOUT THE ages!  And HE HAS, 'RECOVERED', "the CROWN OF THE Lilies"!  He has CAST DOWN, 'the wicked', from their "high PLACES", and has TRULY 'RAISED UP', the lowly. And LIFE, is being OFFERED, to ALL mankind!  But only SOME, 'WANT to say YES' - and RECEIVE, the GIFT, of JESUS! - being BORN, in their HEARTS.  THAT is WHY, it is CHRISTMAS, "EVERY DAY"! - for, the FAITHFUL Remnant - that He has DRAWN, UNTO, Himself - as He is BORN; and His BIRTH, is CELEBRATED - EVERY day of the year!  Because if it was NOT for 'His BIRTH', the WORLD would BE 'without a SAVIOR'; without TRUE Christianity; and without HOPE!  BECAUSE, He was BORN! - LIFE, CAN continue; and MANY, SOULS, WILL BE spared, 'PUNISHMENT, AND, ETERNAL DAMNATION'. But the MAJORITY, of EVERYONE! - they do NOT 'SEE, the BEAUTY, in Jesus' - the TRUE Jesus! - the ONE who LOVES them! - DESPITE THEIR hatred towards Him; the ONE who would DIE for them AGAIN! - if given the chance - EVEN if one more SOUL, could be Saved - how GREAT, IS the Love, OF Jesus!  TRULY, it is 'TOO Great', for 'the MIND OF man', to COMPREHEND.

“My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden. For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed; for he who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name. And his mercy is on those who fear him from generation to generation. He has shown strength with his arm, he has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts, he has put down the mighty from their thrones, and exalted those of low degree; he has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent empty away. He has helped his servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy, as he spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and to his posterity for ever.”
(Luke 1:46-55)

"Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. Early in the morning he came again to the temple; all the people came to him, and he sat down and taught them. The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery, and placing her in the midst they said to him, “Teacher, this woman has been caught in the act of adultery. Now in the law Moses commanded us to stone such. What do you say about her?” This they said to test him, that they might have some charge to bring against him. Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground. And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” And once more he bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground. But when they heard it, they went away, one by one, beginning with the eldest, and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him. Jesus looked up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you; go, and do not sin again.”
(John 8:1-11)

Actual email: Please ask Jesus what he wrote in the dirt (John 8:6) so I can tell everybody.

PPTL: Jesus DID in fact reveal to us EXACTLY what He wrote in the sand, and we WILL reveal it to you - BECAUSE, you have promised to tell everybody.  But first, show us that you are sincere - sincere about proclaiming the Truth that we share with you, by proclaiming to EVERYBODY[through a testimony video], the Testimony of the Two Witnesses.  Bet you didn't see THAT one coming!

Note: Even though we had discussed this Scripture passage with Jesus several years ago, one thing my wife and I didn't see coming, was the moment in 2016, when Jesus Christ the Lord asked the Blessed Virgin Mary to explain to us - not ONLY, 'EXACTLY what He wrote in the sand'; but ALSO, why it is so important, in these End Times.  Jesus wrote, "Thou shalt not kill".  The Blessed Virgin Mary then explained to us, that the Testimony, IS "the writing in the sand", in these End Times.  The Testimony has been given, so that people would turn AWAY from death - so that they would turn AWAY from "the LETTER of the Law" - referring in these Times, to "the letter" of the Bible and the Catholic Catechism - and begin once again, to live by the SPIRIT of the Law.   The Testimony has been given so that people can repent, and turn away from their sins; so that they can "sin no MORE", and have life - Eternal.  There is a page on this website called "What is the Testimony?"  The shortest and most accurate answer to that question is, "The Testimony IS the writing in the sand".  The Testimony was given at this point in history - a point that was foretold for thousands of years - a point when the abomination of desolation would ALREADY have been set up, and the mark of the beast would ALREADY have been given - a point when almost EVERYONE would be embracing "a heart of stone", and preferring death - a point when Jesus would need to stand BETWEEN the people and imminent death, so that they would be confronted with His Words of Truth and Life, and once again be given a chance to turn back, and to choose the Path of Life.  Back THEN, only a few chose to embrace the Path of Life - as almost ALL those people who put their stones down that day, decided to pick up large metal spikes instead, and drive them into "the hands that formed them" - into the Hands and Feet of their Creator.  And THAT, is why Jesus will NOT be returning in His Risen Body, before all Hearts turn to Him.  NOW, do you know why the Blessed Virgin Mary spoke to us as "Queen of all Hearts"? - because she is NOT the queen of "wicked hearts" - but ONLY the Queen of all the TRULY humble and contrite ones.  With all that in mind, now would be a good time to re-visit the above scripture passage, to see "the BIGGER picture".
"Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. Early in the morning he came again to the temple; all the people came to him, and he sat down and taught them. The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery, and placing her in the midst they said to him, “Teacher, this woman has been caught in the act of adultery. Now in the law Moses commanded us to stone such. What do you say about her?” This they said to test him, that they might have some charge to bring against him. Jesus bent down and wrote [(in the vernacular - the local language at the time)] with his finger on the ground [THOU SHALT... (but was Jesus referring to the sin of adultery?)].  And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” And once more he bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground [NOT KILL].  But when they heard it [- when they saw the Commandment; because they follow the LETTER of the law...], they went away, one by one, beginning with the eldest, and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him. Jesus looked up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you; go, and do not sin again.”
(John 8:1-11)
And so if you are now reading this, and you are NOT a Member of the Faithful Remnant, then you are NOW at a fork in the road.  There are only two paths to take: the path to the cold steel spikes - to Crucify US with! - or the path to becoming a Member of the Faithful Remnant - a path of humble and heartfelt repentance - a path of sinning no more - a path of Eternal Life.  Now it is YOUR turn to CHOOSE!

There is no rest for the wicked, IT has been Decreed!  AS of last night, JESUS Christ the Lord REVEALED, to my WIFE and I, that, THOSE, 'ENEMIES', of HIS, and OURS, will NOT, be able, to sleep - as 'a PLAGUE', of SLEEPLESSNESS, HAS BEEN 'UNLEASHED', UPON the FACE, of the Earth.  WE, however, along with the REST - of the TRUE Faithful Remnant CHURCH - WILL, sleep 'VERY Peacefully' - IN, the comfort, and consolation, of our Creator.  Because there IS "rest", for those, who CHOOSE, TO be His friend!

Jesus Christ the Lord said: There are seven Gifts of the TRUE Holy Spirit, and there are Seven SEALS, OF the Most High TRUE God.  It's TIME to reveal 'what the seven Seals ARE'.  And there are seven BOWLS, of the Most High TRUE  God's WRATH.  Pop QUIZ: WHAT ARE the seven, SPIRITS, of the Most High TRUE God?

PPTL: Wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, fortitude, piety, and fear of the Lord.

Jesus: WHO is worthy to break open the Seals?

PPTL:“Weep not; lo, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered, so that he can open the scroll and its seven seals.” (Revelations 5:5b)

Jesus: WHO is also one of the FOUR LIVING CREATURES.  YOU are worthy to open the Scroll, and break its SEALS!  WHAT does this MEAN My Son?   It means, that you have 'the FULLEST MANIFESTATION', OF, the SEVEN Spirits, OF, GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL FATHER in Heaven - DWELLING, WITHIN you!  - as I do.  Now WHAT do "the SEVEN Bowls of My WRATH Represent"?

PPTL: They represent the SEVEN Plagues that are about to be POURED out upon the FACE of the Earth.

Jesus: SO, if you LOOK at each ONE of My GIFTS, of the SPIRIT, and SIMPLY RECOGNIZE, how ALL of mankind, has 'SPAT', upon them ALL! - THEN, SIMPLY ask YOURSELF, "WHAT would BE, the MOST, PERFECT, RESPONSE, FROM, God the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL FATHER in Heaven?"

PPTL: The Most Perfect response would be to simply withdraw, the Gift of the Seven Spirits, from all those outside the Faithful Remnant Church of the Most High True God.

Jesus: And SO, God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, DID just THAT!  And He WITHDREW, HIS Spirit - FROM the mind, OF man - from, 'ALL mankind' - OUTSIDE, the Faithful Remnant, Church.  But NOW, is the Time, for, "the seven PLAGUES" - to be poured OUT, as 'a TORMENT', upon ALL THOSE, who STUBBORNLY CHOOSE, to embrace WICKEDNESS - WITHOUT remorse; without ANY repentance! - they shall BE: folly, futility, false counsel, ignorance, cowardice, faithlessness, invincibility.  These PLAGUES will be world-WIDE, and they WILL unite the PEOPLE.  And THAT is My Just PUNISHMENT UPON them - THEY shall NOT awake!

And so, what does it MEAN, "to open the Scroll, and the Seven SEALS"? - but to proclaim to the NATIONS, via "the FLYING Scroll", the names, of the Seven Plagues - that as of THIS NIGHT, are befalling the Face of the Earth.  For the NAMES of the Seven Plagues, have NOW been revealed to the Nations!

7 Seals and 7 Spirit of the Most High True God
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Actual email: I need help discerning whatever I'm going through. I have an affliction…

PPTL: Have you rejected the spirit of INFIRMITY, and the SPIRIT of injury?  You will need to ask, for the indwelling of the TRUE HOLY Spirit, of WHOLENESS, HEALTH and HEALING.  We are here FOR you.  But remember, your relationship, with your CREATOR - IS, between you, and Him.  So when we CANNOT answer your EMAILS - DO NOT use that as an EXCUSE, to go DEEPER, into the WATER!  USE Holy Water INSTEAD; and LOTS of prayers!

Actual email: I've been bombarded with dreams of all my former 'family and friends'… I wake up and call on Jesus, St. Michael and my guardian angel to protect me and deflect the attack and I pray [the Rosary] till I fall back asleep… Is there anything else I can do?

PPTL: JUST SO YOU know, Jesus Christ the Lord, gave us ANOTHER, prayer - last NIGHT - that will HELP you - to SLEEP; as the WICKED, are being Scourged, with "sleeplessness".  Reject, your desire, to YOKE yourself, to the INTERIOR lives, of the WICKED; and ASK for the Grace, to LIVE in the TRUE Reality, ALWAYS; and the Grace, to YOKE yourself, to ALL of Heaven, instead.  THIS will help.

3 videos, Word Count: 9,000+


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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