The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.5 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

The ABORTION of the Nations
The title of this page may seem a little "different".  And so I will explain it to the READER, in the same WORDS, that I used to explain it, to my WIFE:  "The NATIONS wanted the abortion of the CHILDREN - and the aborted CHILDREN, wanted the abortion of the NATIONS.  PRAYER answered!" (- not the prayer of the NATIONS, praying to abort more children...)  That being said, Jesus Christ the LORD, personally named this page on the Website - based on "the Heavenly PHYSICIAN'S Plans", for the nations.  Apparently they all have "an appointment".  We sat back and 'TOOK', what they dished out, for many years, and NOW? - we have booked an appointment for each one of them - at the CREATOR'S Divine, Just, Leisure of course - just as the physicians at "Planned Parenthood", are in no rush.
And unfortunately, due to "the STUBBORNNESS" of the intelligence agencies, and of the governing authorities - NOT ONE NATION WILL EVER! - have "the option of CANCELLING their appointment", UNTIL, at the VERY LEAST - "the SAME number" - of innocent children, that THEY aborted, over the years, will be REMOVED from their "POPULATION at large".
The Truth for all to see
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Pope Peter the Last:  It is ABSOLUTELY, "CRUCIAL" - for the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, to remain "SPIRITUALLY focused" - on JESUS Christ the Lord, and ALL of Heaven - AS! - the Most High TRUE God, 'UNLEASHES', His Divine JUSTICE AND Wrath! - on the nations.

It is "IMPERATIVE" - that, as the DISASTERS, that are going to come upon the WORLD - SUDDENLY! - "as a WOMAN, in LABOR" - at an UNEXPECTED TIME - that the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, remain 'VIGILANT', in their FOCUS - on 'WORKING! - with the Most High True God' - to 'PRESERVE their SOULS!' - throughout ALL of this.

Because, it is GOING to get "UGLY!"

And the kind of "TRAUMA", that is COMING! - to the WORLD - even 'HEAVEN', will have 'to look AWAY from' - for a MOMENT.  As the inhabitants of the Earth are "systematically aborted" - by the HOLY Angels - UNDER Saint Michael's command.

And so - PLEASE do not send us "your REACTIONS" - to the horrors! - that you are "about to SEE" - and that you HAVE seen.  Because? - that is 'not DISCERNING' - that is 'REACTING'.

KNOW that, as "MAXIMUM CONSEQUENCES", are being 'GIVEN OUT' - to those who choose 'to come up AGAINST the Faithful Remnant CHURCH' - the REMNANT need to be REASSURED - that THEY will be 'protected', from 'ANY LEGAL BLOWBACK' - from "the legal authorities". 

Because the MOST High True God, 'SIMPLY', does not RECOGNIZE, "ANY human institution", in THESE Times.  NOT even "the legal authorities". Because "the LEGAL authorities" have 'PROVEN themselves' to BE unjust.  And the Most High TRUE God, is "the JUST Judge" - and, HE in fact, is "the SUPREME Judge", over ALL! - "judges".  And of COURSE 'EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT' - is CALLED "to ABIDE, by the LAW" - they are ALL 'called to be law-abiding CITIZENS'.  But AS things unfold - the "GOVERNMENTS", will LEARN! - that, "it is the Faithful REMNANT CHURCH, that is the ONLY sustainable INSTITUTION, on the Planet"

And SO the REMNANT need to be 'ASSURED', that, the Most High TRUE GOD - will NOT 'allow', the UNJUST authorities, 'to ABORT them', from their homesANY "ill-WILL", or "ill-INTENT" - that 'those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant desire, to AFFLICT! - the Faithful Remnant WITH'? - will BE, 'RECEIVED', as "HOSTILITY, towards the Supreme JUDGE".  And HE WILL! - "PROSECUTE, them" - to the FULLEST extent of Divine LAW.  And He WILL, 'STOP them' - from PURSUING the Remnant.  And all THOSE, who 'speak OUT', AGAINST the God of the Two WITNESSES - the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the LORD? - OR the Faithful REMNANT? - will be "Terminated" - BY, the Creator.  AND? - they are "INVITED!" - to PUT the Most High True God "to the test".  Because? - 'THAT'S what the wicked DO'.

The REMNANT need to KNOW: that they EACH have "a HOLY Guardian Angel".  But he is PRIMARILY there, to guard, 'the SOUL'.  But "if he NEEDS to"? - he WILL 'step IN', protect, DEFEND, AND 'deflect' - any PHYSICAL attacks, that are ATTEMPTED.  NO one! - is "invincible" - EXCEPT for! - the Supreme JUDGE.

And so EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, is ENCOURAGED to listen to 'the Promptings of the True Holy Spirit' - MOVING in their conscience, to HELP them 'NAVIGATE, through these TEMPESTUOUS Waves, of this ERA'.  (April 15, 2019 update) 
And HERE are a few words, from Jesus Christ the Lord, to help the Members of HIS "ONE and ONLY True CHURCH" - the Faithful REMNANT - to get through the days ahead:
"There are no grounds, that can withstand ‘the tempestuous waves of this Era’"
"All is passing. All is drifting by, like wood – dead wood, flowing along the stream of this miserable world in which you live.  A life without Me is pointless, for there are no grounds, that can withstand ‘the tempestuous waves of this Era’. Those who are not built upon Me, upon My foundation, will be crushed by the coming plagues, infestations, famines, wars, personal injuries, pain and suffering, that is about to ensue upon the entire humanity."  (-Jesus, November 16, 2009)
"No one will be able to withstand My Coming Justice to the World"
"With trembling and with fear,  the nations will fall, on the right, and on the left, for they will crumble, they will be annihilated.  No one will be able to withstand My Coming Justice to the World, except, a few – a very small few, called My Faithful Remnant.  Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, wars, and famines, will be coming so quickly - and so few between: disaster, upon disaster.  And who can say, that I am not Just in My dealings with Men - with mankind?  Am I not impartial to everyone?  Do I not give everyone the chance to turn back to Me?" (- Jesus, Sunday May 16, 2010)
"They WILL 'FIGHT us!' - TO KEEP, 'their REBELLION'"
"The ONES, with 'divided HEARTS' and divided allegiances - who are "CHOOSING to be swallowed up" - by the TEMPESTUOUS WAVES, of this Era - AND "swallowed  up by the spirit of the WORLD".  They ARE, "the REBELS! - at heart" - and they WILL 'FIGHT us!' - TO KEEP, 'their REBELLION' - along with 'the OTHER demonic strongholds' that they REFUSE! - to let go of.  And SO like those 'OUTSIDE the Ark' - they will end up... like THEM! - if they do NOT, repent, and turn BACK, with 'TRUE Docility', to the VOCATION, that their CREATOR, CALLED them to... And the MOST High True God, is 'SO PATIENT'! But WHEN HE SEES, 'people take ADVANTAGE of His Patience'? - then "His HAMMER comes down!" - and JUDGMENTS are passed!" (- April 30, 2018 update) 
In order to help the Members of the Faithful Remnant to PSYCHOLOGICALLY prepare, for "the coming CARNAGE" - we will share an email from a PRIVATE Member, who is ALREADY seeing the carnage manifest in their daily life.  And the INTELLIGENCE agencies, are "ALL over it!" - we can ASSURE you.  As THEY can easily verify, that there is "NO exaggeration WHATSOEVER".
Actual emailLately more and more people, have been having family members, and others close to them, die...  when someone just breaks down in tears in front of me due to a recent death, well, it's quite awkward... since I am well aware of the true reality of what probably happened their loved one who just passed.  I usually and very subtly go about my business, as soon as someone else, begins to cry with them or what not.  Anyway this is kind of becoming common.  One lady even recently found her own son dead, and I really don't know what to say or do when someone tells me these things.  Other then just kind of quietly listen to them, until the moment comes when I can excuse myself. (April 14, 2019 email) 
Do Not Put the God of the Two Witnesses to the TEST!
Of course, to post THIS video, in THESE Times - WILL guarantee! - that they will...
that they will RUN to "the front of the Line".
And so what are you WAITING for?
 Need some more time to THINK about it?

You can watch the FULL 44 minute version of the above video, with the transcript here.
OUR Creator, is going to begin "the slaughter, of the PEOPLE!"
"THIS one's for the Unborn" - who did NOT get to experience, "any sort of PEACEFUL death" - in ANY way.  But were 'TORTURED!' - in fact, TO death!  Feeling, and EXPERIENCING, 'EVERYTHING', to the FULLEST EXTENT, of "the MERCILESSNESS! - of their torturers".  And SO? - the ongoing slaughter, of "the UNBORN", CONTINUES.  And as 'a JUST RESPONSE'? - OUR Creator, is going to begin "the slaughter, of the PEOPLE!" - WHO in fact, 'taught HIM', HOW they wanted to be treated.  And so we TURN to "our HEAVENLY Father" - and we ASK Him, to REMOVE "the option, of a PEACEFUL death" - from EVERY! - human being, on the face of the earth - UNLESS! - they are in fact "a Preserved SOUL".  Because "PEACEFUL and QUICK, DEATHS? - with VERY little PAIN?" - were ACTUALLY, 'a GIFT, FROM the Most High True God' - so that EVEN if a PERSON, were to 'end up in HELL' in the AFTERLIFE? - they would at LEAST, have 'some FINAL Consolation'

But NOW? - 'the SPIRITUAL Realities', are MANIFESTING on the Earth - and, "PURGATORY" is emptied out.  And, 'HELL!' - has been 'unleashed'.  And 'HEAVEN', is coming back!  And THIS is the Time, for the Creator, to Judge both the LIVING, AND "the dead".  And, He HAS in fact, 'JUDGED', the LIVING, BREATHING, human BEINGS, of these TIMES - OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT - as "DEAD to Him".  THEY! - have in fact, "become an INCONVENIENCE, to HIM! - and to HIS Blessed Kingdom". 

And SO as "Ambassadors, from HEAVEN" - SENT 'on their behalf' - to PREPARE, 'the WAY', FOR the Kingdom of Heaven, to return - we ASK, 'the Most High TRUE God, " BEGIN the Slaughter!" - AND to bring, "Extreme SUFFERING, AND Pain" - to EACH, "human being" - on the face of the EARTH, OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant.  And "to HELP with this"? - we are asking HIM, to "SEND the Holy Angels, to REMOVE! - the beta endorphins - from - EVERY! - human being, on the face of the Earth" - OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant of COURSE!  And that HE would in fact 'AMPLIFY', the PHYSICAL pain - of EVERYONE, "outside His FAITHFUL Remnant Church".  (Know that, we are NOT ASKING, for any more "MEMBERS" - at this TIME; and the Most High TRUE God, is not 'RECEIVING', any more Members.) 

The fact IS: That the GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS, AND "their CITIZENS" - wanted "the INALIENABLE right", to TORTURE, and MURDER! - other human BEINGS, "out of CONVENIENCE" - AND with the blessing of "the unjust laws", of the land.  And NOW the tables are TURNING - as 'OUR CREATOR' - the Most High TRUE God - is going to take, 'HIS Turn now!' - to DO the same thing - but on, 'a much LARGER, and more FREQUENT, Scale' - TO the global governments and their CITIZENS.  And "PAIN KILLERS"? - WILL no longer, 'help'. (- excerpt, from the April 15, 2019 update) 
INCOMING COMET fragment spotted in Mexico, with impact confirmed
Uruapan CIty, Mexico impact
They wanted to play HARDBALL?  And so, the Creator is now 'HITTING them OUT of the ball park' - EVERY time!
If you should HEAR of a meteor impact crater, IN a ball park? Please let us know, so that we can make a note of that "exception".

This May 26, 2019 video, showing an actual "meteor IMPACT" in Mexico - with burning ROCKS and all - is in fact 'a SIGN to the NATIONS', that the Divine Protection of the Planet, has now been Formally REVOKED, and in fact REMOVED, by the Creator of the Universe.  

Of course, after 'REFLECTING, on what to pray for NEXT' - as "a JUST RESPONSE" to the most recent 'alien tech psychotronic attacks'? - we rallied the entire Heavenly COURT, of Holy Angels and SAINTS, to give "THEIR Amen!" - to THAT one!  

What's THAT? - "Who needs Divine PROTECTION" - you SAY?  Not "the WICKED!" - that's for sure.  And so, KNOW that - the Divine Protection that ONCE covered "Planet EARTH" - WON'T be restored, until the HEIGHT of the Apocalypse has passed, and "nature is simply taking its course", with the remainder of the wicked (- through radiation poisoning, from multiple nuclear meltdowns, as they soak up 'all the other parting gifts', that they have worked so HARD to receive). 

And that "PEBBLE!" - in the video - doesn't even COMPARE, to what is now "inbound".  You'll see!  But speaking of 'the removal of Divine Protection' - the upcoming news stories, will remove ALL doubt, that it has ALSO been removed from the major cities, the places of worship, the religious and civil leaders; but NOT the puppies, and all the other "ontologically correct" creatures... you KNOW who you are!  Once again, these 'CHANGES', to the spiritual and physical realities, are "IRREVOCABLE". 

Disclaimer:  All major comet or "meteor" impacts that happen AFTER, "the HEIGHT of the Apocalypse" has passed - will most ASSUREDLY be, part of "the Creator's RE-Creation package" - as yes... He HAS been taking notes from all those 'home RENOVATION' shows - and has "HIS Renovation Package", ALL ready to go! - we don't want to give too much AWAY but we CAN tell you this: it's ALL consistent with His "eye has not seen" theme

And so? - of COURSE, it GOES without saying, that the LONGER the "false flag" department WAITS, before unleashing the REST of their "false flag attacks", on the United STATES, the MORE insignificant those "false flags" will BE, in relation to the escalation of "CLIMATE CHANGE events" - as they like to call them. 

And "UNFORTUNATELY", for the psychopaths, over in the psychotronic warfare ops control room - we are actually "running OUT of exponentially APOCALYPTIC prayer responses", to their ongoing interference - which MEANS? - that "their inability to STOP", is NOW being met with IMMEDIATE physical escalations, in Apocalyptic events, around the globe.  We of course, apologize for any inconvenience, that may cause (- referring to the worn-out exponential consequences chart).  However? - the RECIPIENTS of those physical manifestations of the Biblical Apocalypse, WILL know... "who to thank!"  And it goes without saying, that "the WORST fear" of the global governments? - is that 'the PEOPLE! - rise up AGAINST them' - as the people begin to REALIZE, that "it is the STUBBORNNESS of the world LEADERS, that IS in fact 'the CAUSE' of their nation's pain and suffering". 

And as the global illuminati leaders plug all this intel, into their A.I. - the CREATOR, has timed this update PERFECTLY, to get the response FROM the A.I. - that HE wants!  Have fun with THAT one! 
[- and you will SEE the Artificial Intelligence Computer RESPONSE - "the A.I. response" - personally DELIVERED, by the antichrist incarnate - as it is "plugged INTO " Obama - as HE delivers, his Antichrist Incarnate response - that is ALSO "the A.I. response" - in the NEXT posting on this page, in the June 01, 2019 update that follows...]

And just when you think, "...has he got it all out of his SYSTEM yet?..." - there is one more thing to add: If all that WAS "the introduction"? - it would be the introduction to the Revelation that the Creator has REMOVED His Divine Protection, as HE puts HIS Heavy Hand, on 'the FORCES of Nature' - to "RESPOND", personally - to all the so-called "ATTEMPTS, to abort HIS Remnant".  And yes, He WILL respond, and IS responding, by simply, aborting EVERYONE OUTSIDE, of His Faithful Remnant.  Why?  SIMPLY because, "the WHOLE luciferian cult" has GOT to go!

And WE know, that 'these WORDS of Life and TRUTH'? - will be DISCARDED! - by "the global elite".  And so TOO! - WILL they, receive, 'the SAME measured response' - FROM, "OUR Creator".

And so, the OBVIOUS question here is... How are those Comet Ison fragment IMPACTS, affecting YOUR daily life?  Perhaps your Creator, needs to get "a bit CLOSER"?... as in, a closer IMPACT.  (May 29, 2019 update)


The false flag department has now ANNOUNCED, that it will NOT be waiting for long

We wrote above, in the May 29, 2019 update:  "The LONGER the "false flag" department WAITS, before unleashing the REST of their "false flag attacks", on the United STATES, the MORE insignificant those "false flags" will BE, in relation to the escalation of "CLIMATE CHANGE events" - as they like to call them." 

And IN response, on Friday May 31 - speaking only 2 days after this above update was posted -  "the Biblical antichrist incarnate", Obama, relayed his "illuminati NARRATIVE response" - indirectly, as he spoke in Ottawa, Canada - to an audience of 11 thousand.  Here are some important excerpts that we NEED to 'unpack' for the reader:

Obama said,  "You get dark ages before the Renaissance."  [- here 'the antichrist' boasts of his fast-approaching RE-BIRTH, as U.S. President.  "Renaissance", is French for "rebirth"]

"You get World War Two and 60 million dead before there's a post-World War Two order that stabilizes societies." [- here he boasts of the coming false flag attack on the United States, where MILLIONS will die, and be 'sacrificed' - in order to bring about 'a REGIME change'.  Just as the United States CONTINUES, to do 'regime changes' to DESTABILIZE foreign countries - in order 'to exercise FULL CONTROL over those countries'.] 

It's an age of political and social disruption [- "there ISN'T going to be a 2020 U.S. election"] where technology is gorging us with information and no one can agree on what constitutes the truth so a coherent debate can ensue, he said.  [- here, he boasts, that "the deep state NARRATIVE" - WILL! - be SUCCESSFUL in DECEIVING and LYING to the PEOPLE.  Because the people can't DECIDE 'what is TRUE' - because they're BOMBARDED, by 'the media false narratives'] 

He said an "ancient story" that has appeared time [- Eve in the Garden] and again [- War in Heaven] throughout history is back and it is very "primal." [or ancient - referring to the following Biblical passage that applies to himself]
"And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world - he was thrown down to the earth, and his (- demons, or 'FALLEN') angels were thrown down with him." (Revelations 12:9 cf 20:2)  

"It [- referring to the Biblical story, involving the devil, and mankind] focuses on us and not us - it's tribal [- decribing the deep state tribal mentality - referring to, "people are either WITH 'the DEEP STATE one world luciferian government agenda' -  or they're NOT"]  

"It's a zero-sum contest between people. And a strong man appears who is going to protect all of us from them."  [- here he makes a reference to his use of the military AND the media to launch the coup against U.S. President Donald Trump, that will briefly take back Obama's rule over the United States]

"Behold, the Lord will hurl you away violently, O you strong man. He will seize firm hold on you."
(Isaiah 22:17)  [- this is Obama's destined fate]

"A wise man [- Pope Peter the Last - WITH the True Holy Spirit...] is mightier than a strong man [- Obama], and a man of knowledge [- Trump with his advisors] is mightier than he who has strength" [- military might]  (Proverbs 24:5)  [- this is the reassurance that Obama and his military might, will only have a brief reign, as he is devoid of the wisdom of the Creator - and he WILL be brought DOWN.]

"In that day, says the Lord of hosts, the peg [- U.S. President Trump] that was fastened [- by the Creator] in a sure place will give way [- will fall to 'the PRESSURE, of the deep state]; and it will be cut down and fall, and the burden that was upon it [- the rebuilding of the United States... "Make America GREAT AGAIN"] will be cut off, for the Lord has spoken.” (Isaiah 22:25) [- this is the foretold fall of U.S. President Trump]

"Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the word [- the Word of the Testimony] to restore and build Jerusalem [- the Faithful Remnant] to the coming of an anointed one [- Obama], a prince [- of spiritual darkness, from below...], there shall be seven weeks. Then for sixty-two weeks it [- the Faithful Remnant] shall be built again [ by Pope Peter the Rock of Jesus Christ the Lord] with squares and moat [- fortified by Saint Michael and the Holy Angels], but in a troubled time [- during the Time of the Great Tribulation].  And after the sixty-two weeks, [- that ends when...] an anointed one [- Trump] shall be cut off [overthrown], and shall have nothing; and the people [- the Faithful Remnant] of the prince [- Saint Michael, the Prince of the Heavenly Host of Angels] who is to come shall destroy the city [- of Sodom and Egypt] and the sanctuary [- the religious institutions]. Its end [- "the TIME of the End"] shall come with a flood [- of ONGOING Chastisements from Heaven], and to the end [- of the Great Tribulation] there shall be war [- from Heaven]; desolations [- families without children] are decreed."  (Daniel 9:25-26) 

As social media and the technology behind it evolves and becomes more powerful, society needs to have an important conversation about what constitutes "baseline truth," he said. [- referring to the "baseline TRUTH", that is based on 'the deep state one world government narrative' - to have the government DECIDE: "what is true" for the people - and 'what they should believe' - having complete control OVER 'what they believe'].

Quotes were taken from an Ottawa-based, CBC news article: 
And "FOR the record" - the prophecy in the May 29 update above, WAS fulfilled - as the Creator DID get 'the response that HE wanted' from the A.I. - and THAT is: the deep state, boasting of THEIR plans - through the antichrist incarnate, Obama - so that WE could unpack those plans, for the reader.

(June 01, 2019 update)

And so, what was the A.I.'s RESPONSE to the news that the CREATOR - who is in the process of raising up 'His TRUE Family' - His FAITHFUL Remnant - is about to ABORT the nations?
The people working "BEHIND the scenes" - made SURE! - that 'a story about a PREGNANT abortion doctor' - got PROMINENT coverage in the biggest newspaper on the planet:  Pregnant Abortion Doctor pens NYT op-ed about ‘symbiosis’ of being an abortionist and a mom  (June 28, 2019 story)  (June 28, 2019 update) 

And so how did the Canadian government respond to yesterday's posting?

And so how did the Canadian government respond to yesterday's postingCSIS working with the CIA, coordinated even MORE illegal psychotronic warfare attacks, on the two of us.  And in DOING so, they SUPER-sized and FAST-tracked the Apocalyptic disasters inbound for Canada, that ALL the Holy Angels and Saints in HEAVEN are now UNCEASINGLY interceding for.  CSIS and the CIA ALSO - through the "mutually assured destruction" efforts of those two agencies - they have now set in MOTION 'the SYSTEMATIC abortion of the United States from the Face of the earth'.  "Well DONE"?... is THAT how you like it?  And lots of "Apocalyptic condiments", WILL now be ADDED to both nations - in response to 'just a few HOURS of effort', last night, on BOTH their parts.  The GOOD news is! - that if they simply 'hold their COURSE', and just put their psychotronic control room settings on AUTOPILOT, we won't have to waste our key strokes on those two nations, for much longer.  YOU'LL see! - what we are talking about - as the PHYSICAL realities we are speaking of, begin to FULLY manifest, in the coming days.

The Most High TRUE GOD? - the Creator of the UNIVERSE? - is "WITH us!" - and He is NOT! - seeking, to establish 'a false PEACE', with the people.  But He WILL! - 'make WAR' - UPON them - and UTTERLY CONSUME them, from the FACE of the Earth.  And those who DESIRE, to 'make PEACE, with their CREATOR'? - by becoming "Members of His Faithful REMNANT"? - He will SPARE.  Because He 'RECOGNIZES, the authentic Members of His Faithful REMNANT'; but the PEOPLE - OUTSIDE, "His FAVOR, Grace, and PROTECTION"? - He does not RECOGNIZE - NOR does He SEE, 'His SON, Jesus', in ANY of them!  They ARE! - in fact, "as beasts" - to Him - READY, and FIT for the Slaughter.

And SO - ARE the Two Witnesses, "to BLAME", for WHAT is about to unfold - in the LIVES, of BILLIONS of PEOPLE, around the PLANET?  Are we "to BLAME", for 'the LIVES', that WILL be 'snuffed-OUT', by the CREATOR?  Are we "to BLAME", for the fact that He is going to 'REMOVE, the remaining CHILDREN', from the face of the EARTH? - and REMOVE 'the future of HUMANITY', OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT?  No!  We are NOT.  AND! - neither, is, He!  Because THIS, is 'what HUMANITY earned', for themselvesWhat is COMING, is "a DIRECT result", of 'the STORED-up DIVINE Vengeance, of the CREATOR! - upon His ENEMIES' - and those ARE? - everyone!  EVERYONE, who is 'AGAINST, the 10 COMMANDMENTS - against 'LIFE' - against 'TRUTH' - against 'the TRUE JESUS'. EVERYONE, who prefers, 'the devil's KINGDOM', is "an ENEMY", of the Most High True God.  Everyone, who is "COMFORTABLE", in their IGNORANCE and false REALITIES - is "an ENEMY, of the Most High True GOD".  EVERYONE - who SIDES with 'the spirit of the WORLD', over, 'what the TESTIMONY, has revealed', about "the TRUE state, of humanity" - is "an ENEMY, of the Most High True GOD"!  Everyone, who takes 'His NAME', in VAIN - who SAYS 'His Name' with UNHOLY disdain! - who 'PIERCES His HEART', on a daily BASIS - and REJOICES! - IN that, 'act' - is "an ENEMY, of the Most High True GOD".  And His "Divine VENGEANCE"? - is "for His ENEMIES".  And this "VENGEANCE", has been SPOKEN of, in the BIBLE - and made 'VERY CLEAR'! - that it IS COMING!  And it CAN'T be AVERTED.  So though PEOPLE 'BELIEVE', that the Most High True God - HAS in fact "TOLERATED", their evils - their SINS - their WICKED acts! - and WICKED interior lives - He ALWAYS! - gets "His VENGEANCE" - and EVERYONE is 'REPAID' - ACCORDING to their DEEDS - and 'the STATE of their HEART before Him'.

Special note for those who are new to the Testimony:  We wouldn't be able to write in the WAY that we write - if we DIDN'T have the ability 'to step OUTSIDE of space and time'.  It is in fact 'a PARTAKING in the DIVINITY of the Creator' - who has ALREADY seen ALL future events, AFTER they unfolded.  Out of His Great MERCY and GENEROSITY, He gives us 'GLIMPSES', of FUTURE implications - when we simply 'THINK', of the CURRENT reality, in which EVERYONE is now living (- on "a need to know BASIS" of course).  This is "extremely IMPORTANT" to always CONSIDER as you read the Testimony - because, from the PRESENT moment, there are in fact 'many PATHS', that people CAN choose, to walk; while at the same TIME, there is in the END, only ONE path, that they ultimately CHOSE to walk.  When Justin Trudeau, 'put out a HIT' on 14 million innocent human beings - in their "COMPLETELY helpless" stage of development, in the womb - and when CANADA then sat back, and put their FEET up, and CELEBRATED, from the ROOFTOPS (- on Canada day), as a response - the fate of the NATION, was sealed.  What's THAT? - so many people who READ this believe that through "a game of SEMANTICS"? - they can brush off that WICKED act of planning the TORTURE and MURDER of 14 MILLION innocent people?  NOT happening!  This isn't "a BOARD game".  That 'SEALED the deal' - for the historical record - as Trudeau literally 'SOLD Canada to the devil, the CHIEF of murderers' - WITH the approval of the nation, through neglect.  And because we DO live "in REALITY" - we DO see, that Trudeau, hasn't called OFF "the Hit" on the unborn - and at the same TIME - we DO see 'the Imminent Apocalyptic Disasters that are INBOUND'.  In short, this is 'an important SNAPSHOT' of history, for all future generations - and one that WE don't want to miss, when WE look back, on HOW the events unfolded, and WHY. 

And we DO understand, when "the reader", PREFERS, to embrace'the VICTIM identity' - while REFUSING to walk 'the Path of Life' that we are showing them.  Because just as demons can enter a herd of pigs and drive them over a cliff (- referring to the Bible story) - so too can the demons enter INTO a herd of people, who PREFER to be on "demonic autopilot" - because they Truly have NO allegiance, to the God who CREATED them, OR to 'the things of the Kingdom of Heaven'.  And so... "the pigs", are about to be led to the slaughter! - by their OWN poor choicesThe END

The END? - yes, Canada - like China - has now become, as "a deceased child", in the womb, and is about to be removed - "flushed-OUT", by the Creator.  But the United STATES, is another story altogether.  For "the Heavenly Physician", SAW! - how the United States Agencies systematically aborted the Faithful Remnant - through unrelenting illegal psychotronic warfare measures.  And so NOW, the Creator, is going to get His SCALPEL, His SYRINGE, His Suction Hose ( THAT is going to suck!...) - and begin systematically REMOVING! - "pieces", of the United States.  And unlike CANADA, we know it WILL reach a point for the United States citizens, when they unanimously all say STOP! - we've had ENOUGH! - we can't TAKE it anymore! - we'll do ANYTHING, to make it stop!  Essentially - what "the Unborn" WOULD have said, IF they had a voice, as THEY were being aborted.  But HERE is "how it ultimately unfolds": the MORE 'the people at the controls' seek to PSYCHOTRONICALLY torture, the Members of the Faithful Remnant - the MORE of the United States is going to be ABORTED - BEFORE! - that nation will have 'the OPTION', of saying... "stop!"  And since the CIA is yoked to CSIS - that means that CSIS now controls how much of the United States is removed, before they get "a break".  Now THAT sure makes for "an interesting phone call, between agencies" - now DOESN'T it!  But here's "a little tip":  Telling us, down the road, that you now have 'NEW staff' in the psychotronic ops control room - ISN'T going to fly.  (7.7.2019 update) 

And so how did the deep state leaders within the Canadian government respond to 'their DISMAL report card'?

They pondered what the impact of REMOVING Trudeau from office and reversing his advance payment towards the extermination of 14 million people over the next 10 years, would do for Canada (- that currently has a population of 37 million people, who ALL successfully ESCAPED the efforts of the abortion doctors).  In other words, the Canadian government deep state leaders pondered, "What is the very LEAST they could do, in order to KEEP the very MOST of the deep state luciferian world, that they worked for SO many decades to build up in Canada?"  Not to single them OUT - but this IS what 'a TYPICAL response', from deep state government leaders, looks like.  THEIR plan? - if it HAS to come to the point where they actually 'HAVE to NEGOTIATE with the Two of us' - is of course, to use "illegal psychotronic measures", to the MAX! - in order 'to TENDERIZE us', before all meetings.  They plan, to use their A.I. - to generate all sorts of "personal narratives" - that are designed, to MAXIMIZE our "weaknesses", based on their profile of the Two of us - and then to use the A.I. to find people, whose lives are a REFLECTION of those narratives - and push THOSE people at us, with THEIR stories, in order to MAXIMIZE 'the false compassion', that they would expect, from the Two of us.  And make NO mistake! - that IS "a great PLAN!" - IF! - we don't know about it, in advance.
A.I. PROFILES of REAL people, whose REAL stories are WEAPONIZED for political purposes
WHAT would that look like?

And the very next day, after the above was written, the above VIDEO was recorded live
Because as soon as we went to POST this update, the day before, our access to doing so, was hacked.
Why? - because what you see in this VIDEO - was already being sent to the PRINTING presses, at the time.
And for the record: The above video was INSERTED into the article, days AFTER this article was written...
And notice how the man never says, "Let everyone SEE the PEOPLE, who have been AFFECTED..."
WHY? - because the PEOPLE, are simply being 'USED'! - as STAGE props, or "SIGNS", for political gain.

But of course, with that whole messy 'time space continuum perception thing' going on in our HEADS - it's not easy, trying to get "the UPPER hand", in negotiations WITH us.  And SO - to HELP the global government leaders, to FOCUS! - on something that actually makes SENSE! - as they PONDER the possibility of meeting with us - we are going to give them 'a TEMPLATE', of the things they need to THINK about - and carefully DOCUMENT (- for the entire WORLD to behold - as they post it for at least a WEEK on their official government website; and for 'our future scrap book' no less...) BEFORE! - they contact us.  Here is the LINK to that template.  [- that link is not yet activated, because NO civilian governments out there, take what their Creator is about to do, SERIOUSLY.  That will soon change, we can assure you.  And THEN we will add that link, and remove this note.]  But what if that "country" is in fact 'a small ISLAND', that is rapidly SINKING! - and most likely won't BE there in a week?  Yes, there WILL be a desire 'to do everything POSSIBLE to PLAY the system' - and THAT is why, any "SINCERE government" - will put the WORD out to all the OTHER governments - to get 'THEIR historical profile' together [- as described in the Template which is not yet posted], UP, ONLINE, IN the search engines, and IN the news - ASAP!  Because? - we will need at LEAST a week - to READ it, and to take it to prayer - with the 1 second prayer of course being, "Are they even SERIOUS!"  One thing is for sure! - the INHABITANTS of their country, will be able to QUICKLY see, no matter WHAT they choose to do in response to this posting - what 'their GOVERNMENT', is UP to!

And once again, AS we attempted to POST this update - a coordinated effort between CSIS and the CIA, removed our access to editing the website.  And once again it will take 24-48 hours, before we will have access. That was "a very bad MOVE" on their part.  As once again WE stand DOWN! -our CREATOR steps UP! - and takes ACTION against them.  Because they just "SUPER-SIZED" - and "SUPER-CHARGED", the APOCALYPSE [- as is immediately evidenced by the behavior of the massive hurricane that is now forming in the Gulf of Mexico] - by choosing 'to put STUMBLING blocks' - in front of US! - the whole WORLD, will 'SHAKE'.  Perhaps, CALIFORNIA needs "a 10! - on the Richter scale" - in order to SHOW, the GOVERNMENTS, that "we are VERY SERIOUS!"  It is NEVER "a good idea" to put the CREATOR 'to the TEST' - but that is 'EXACTLY what they have done'.  NOW... let's see 'how WELL He does'!  WE give Him "a PERFECT 10! - no MATTER what"... really... REALLY! - "PERFECT"

Note: AS of July 8th, the response of the global military industrial complex - to EVERYTHING we have written - to date, including the above - is to strategize, through CSIS and the CIA, on 'WHEN and HOW' to remove the Testimony, from the face of the earth - based ON, what the Creator's response is, to their MEDDLING in our access to editing the website.  In other words, OUR services, of mediation, are of ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE TO THEM - and THEY desire - IN as much is THEORETICALLY or is REALLY possible, for US to "stand down!" - as THEY deal DIRECTLY with their Creator.  They desire to SNUFF us out - JUST as they snuffed-out the voice of the Unborn - which is THEIR resolve, to have their human wills 'FIXED', in the 'hard-core psychopath' profile.  And 'THAT'! - is a prayer, for EXTREME, Divine, Just, Consequences, ASAP.  Message received and understood.

"a hint of advice" for the Global government leaders:  Our CREATOR? - hears 'EVERY conversation!' - that you have - EVERY! - PRIVATE! - "conversation"; every "private COMMENT" that you make - regarding US, and the Faithful REMNANT.  And SO? - we HIGHLY ADVISE you - to 'be careful'! - what you SAY!  As, the Most High TRUE God is LISTENING! - and HE! - has 'EYES and ears' everywhere; and NOTHING ESCAPES Him!

Apparently, in the battle of 'the MSM narrative' VERSUS the Most High True God - it 'APPEARS', as though the narrative, is "WINNING! - at least, at THIS point in time:  "Experts say the likelihood of a large quake occurring is "becoming less likely" with each passing minute" (- just like in the closing script of the Hollywood movie! - titled: Earthquake 10.0More than 30,000 aftershocks expected in California (July 08, 2019 story) 

(July 08, 2019 update)

For ALL those who have been "SEEKING to put the LORD to the TEST"?

This OBVIOUSLY applies, to all the global governments, and associates, and all the people who have 'JUDGED', US, AND the Testimony, FALSELY.

YOU have been 'TREATING your SPIRITUAL life, and your CONNECTION, WITH! - the Most High True God, LIKE, a ROLLER coaster ride'! ... for "your AMUSEMENT". We are "NOT amused!" - and neither is HE!  Be CAREFUL that you do not become "SPORT of your CREATOR" - because THAT is 'what He DOES, with the WICKED, of these TIMES!'  Do NOT be 'AMONG them'!  And do NOT, 'PROVOKE the Most High TRUE God', to unleash "HIS Anger!" - on you.

Here is "the Judgement, against the WICKED - those who PUT the Most High True God to the TEST". And it applies to THIS TIME PERIOD as well!

"Who are you, that have put God [- the Most High TRUE God] to the test this day [- as you REFUSE to LISTEN to Him - DEMANDING "Signs"! - instead], and are setting yourselves up in the place of God... [- as you CAME to the Testimony, and YOU! - JUDGED it - as you see YOURSELF, AS "god"] You are putting the Lord Almighty to the test - but you will never know anything! [- they will just be "STUPID!" - as He 'HIDES', Himself FROM the WICKED, and CONCEALS 'His real MOTIVES' - AND! - 'Knowledge, of His WORKINGS' ] You cannot plumb the depths of the human heart [- you cannot 'READ', OUR hearts!], nor find out what a man [- what WE! - the Two WITNESSES, working together as ONE! - FORCE to be RECKONED with!] is thinking; how do you expect to search out God [- the Most High TRUE God], who made all these things, and find out his mind or comprehend his thought [- when you can't even figure out OURS]? No, my brethren [- referring to 'the FALSE brethren'], do not provoke the Lord our God [- the Most High TRUE God] to anger. For... he has power to protect us [- the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant, from HARM!] within any time he pleases, or even to destroy us in the presence of our enemies [- which He CHOOSES not to DO]. Do not try to bind the purposes of the Lord our God [- to BIND it to human understanding, or "human wisdom"]; for God[- the Most High TRUE God] is not like man, to be threatened, nor like a human being, to be won over by pleading. Therefore, while we [- the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant] wait for his deliverance [- from our ENEMIES], let us call upon him [- as we all CONTINUALLY Commend, all those who are choosing to take us ON, to the Divine JUSTICE of our Creator - as we turn to HIM] to help us, and he will hear our voice, if it pleases him [- WHICH it does!]."(Judith 8:12-17) 
The above implies, of course that 'the Most High TRUE God' - at the HEIGHT of the PHYSICAL Apocalypse - will SIMPLY, HABITUALLY, go around... EVERYWHERE!... habitually 'CURSING! - EVERYONE outside the Faithful Remnant' - in "like MEASURE" - IN the same way, that HE, His Two WITNESSES, The Faithful REMNANT, and the Name of His SON, "Jesus Christ" - have been... "HABITUALLY cursed" (- and you can find MORE on the topic of "the CREATOR cursing", here).  Because, "contrary to popular belief",  He IS "a good student!"  And He IS going to repay EVERYONE! - in like measure.  The "BIG DIFFERENCE" of course BEING - that 'the WORDS that pour forth from HIS mouth! - when HE is 'venting' and 'upset' - actually TRANSFORM time, space, and reality.  Remember! - the entire UNIVERSE, was Created, by 'HIS spoken Word'.  
(July 10, 2019 update)

Abortion of the Nations in a FAIR way?

Here is some "INTEL" - that was somehow 'BEYOND', what ALL the global intelligence agencies working in conjunction with a Trillion dollar SUPERCOMPUTER, and experts from every field of the Arts and Sciences, could figure out.  Hope you enjoy the read!

What IF? - the Creator, simply allowed the global governments, and the intelligence agencies, to decide, what "ACCEPTABLE losses" - for THEM! - in the Time of the Apocalypse, would be?  WE think that would be "an EXCELLENT idea! " - and "EXTREMELY fair".  But here's the part where it gets a little "TRICKY".  What if He already DID?  What if the Creator, 'allowed' the Global Governments, to TELL Him, exactly how much THEY value, their OWN lives, and their OWN "personal threshold for extreme pain" - by HOW they treated the Unborn?  What if, they TOLD their Creator, exactly what percentage, of the Global human population, THEY desired, would REMAIN - by how much of 'the Faithful REMNANT', THEY sought to absolutely extinguish - through psychotronic warfare measures, among other means.  In fact, the global governments ALL agreed, that "extreme suffering unto death", ISN'T a problem - for THEM!  In fact, the United Nations stood FIRM! - in its resolve, to spread 'access to abortion' - throughout the world - as "a basic human right" (- for ALL those of course, who AREN'T being subjected to that act).  And so? - in doing so, they gave their CREATOR, 'the RIGHT to abort... THEM!' - slowly - EXTREMELY - slowly - as they experience "MAXIMUM discomfort" - and a sense of "EXTREME hopelessness" - until their individual cells, are no longer supported, by the Gift of Life.  That was "a VERY important GIFT!" - by the way - one that, SOMEHOW, they did not see as being important (- it's always good to have a sentence inserted somewhere, that parents can use to teach their CHILDREN, "the basic lesson").  And the Global Policies on access to abortion, that have been written up by "the united nations", makes the extent of THEIR desire, to even HAVE 'the Gift of Life', quite clear.  We GET it!  They don't WANT it.  And WE'RE not going to 'TORTURE them', with "the Gift of LIFE".  Because we are very "FAIR", people! (- among many other positive adjectives).  And even though there are only 5 remaining Official Members of the Faithful Remnant, and the two of us (- at the time of typing this), that isn't a reflection of the RESOLVE, of the luciferian-inspired Global GOVERNMENTS, to "snuff us OUT!" - completely, from the course of human history.  The only reason that such a small number remain - is because the CREATOR, intervened, SO MANY times, to stop "HIS Remnant", from being completely extinguished, by the Global Governments, their "military industrial complex", and their so-called, but very STUPID! - "intelligence agencies".
"But artificial INTELLIGENCE, is 'no MATCH', FOR, the TRUE! - Intelligence - the True Intelligent BEING - the Creator of the UNIVERSE - who BECAME! - "Jesus Christ the Lord" in the flesh... The TRUE Holy Spirit, moves 'MUCH faster, than ANY! - artificial intelligence'.  The True Holy SPIRIT, is 'SMARTER'! - than ANY! - supercomputer; or ANY device OUT there.  And the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, moves QUICKER! - than 'ANY, size ARMY'.  Because the True Holy SPIRIT, IS 'the Spirit of the Living God'."  (-from the May 26, 2018 update on the Judgements 2 page)   

In all of this, REMEMBER - we are simply 'the GO-between', or "the LIAISON", or "the AMBASSADORS", of the Creator, at this time in human history.  We're not HERE, to make things UP.  But we KNOW that most readers, would greatly PREFER, to read this as though it were 'a draft to a Hollywood script'.  And if that's how YOU, the READER - want to READ it? - that's fine with us.  It's just that, this "explanation" - as you could ALSO call it - WILL help EVERYONE to "make sense", of the ABSOLUTE Devastation, and immeasurable human losses, that are "Now COMING SOON!" - to the Face of the Earth - AS the Global Apocalypse foretold in the Bible, unfolds in the PHYSICAL realms.  "Immeasurable"?  The Global governments wanted to HIDE, the number of abortions, and all the carnage left behind from those HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of HUMAN dismemberments - performed while the unborn were still FULLY conscious.  And their CREATOR saw 'THAT', as "the measure they GAVE"?  Yes, the MEASURE that is "BEST for them"!  But what about YOU, "the READER"?  Did YOU 'sit back with INDIFFERENCE', as you knew FULLY well, what was going on in the local abortion clinics?  WELL then, YOU won't mind, if your CREATOR sits back, with "indifference", when YOUR "APPOINTMENT time!" - comes around.  Jesus Christ the Lord SAID that He would RETURN.  But that DIDN'T mean, that people were supposed to torture to death, their own children, by the hundreds of millions, as they WAITED for "their Savior's Return".  As they "WAITED"... they turned to "ABORTION doctors", or turned 'a blind eye'.  And so now it's "HIS Turn!" - as HE returns, as "The Heavenly Physician".  And DO YOU KNOW, what "PROCEDURE", that 'Heavenly PHYSICIAN,' is going to be PERFORMING, on a NATIONAL level - once He gets GOING?

In order to be "FAIR" - the Creator is NOW extending "the RIGHT to abort" - TO the Unborn - referring to the SOULS of the Unborn, in Limbo.  And GUESS what!  Even though 'their faculty of SPEECH' isn't fully developed quite YET - their CREATOR, can DEFINITELY 'read their HEARTS' - and can SEE, that "to kindly reciprocate" - is DEFINITELY! - "on the table!"  Well done! - intelligence agencies - thanks for "DEFENDING your NATION", from the Unborn.  But now it's "THEIR turn". And due to some obvious "developmental challenges" on their part - their CREATOR, will now 'proxy', FOR them.  If you are reading this, and you AREN'T an OFFICIAL Member of the Faithful Remnant, we suggest that YOU do everything you NEED to, in order to prepare, for "YOUR appointment".

Of course, "it wasn't EASY", for the UNBORN, as they were being ABORTED, to think of "their MOTHER", or their PHYSICIAN, in a "NICE" way.  And SO?... just to be FAIR!... it won't be "EASY", for the Billions of people, around the GLOBE, as THEY are being "aborted, by THEIR Heavenly Physician", to think "nice THINGS" - about HIM!  Things like... "I LOVE you"... "I am TRULY SORRY for having OFFENDED you"...  "I desire to be your True CHILD"...  "I desire to enter your KINGDOM".  "Not... EASY!" - but COMPLETELY fair!  And "nice thoughts or heartfelt PRAYERS like THAT", are absolutely NECESSARY! - in order for ANY of the current population, on the face of the Earth, to even have 'a HOPE, of anything, but Eternal Flames', in the afterlife.  And "HOPE in the things of the TRUE Heaven", is "nice".  But for all those who are in the habit of 'blurting out CURSES towards their Creator', as an immediate response, to the slightest INCONVENIENCE? - it will NOT 'go WELL' for them... AT all.  And so, AS your Creator, "aborts the nations", OUR advice? - is simply put:

“You wicked, wicked souls!  I will Chastise you, and give you the punishment that is deserving of your deeds.  And I will bring you to your knees.  And even after then: if you will not repent, from the heart, and turn away from wickedness, debauchery, and all forms of licentiousness, then, you will lose, your Souls! – in Hellfire...Make amends.  Put ‘sackcloth’ on in your hearts.  See yourselves as ‘worthy of the death penalty’, and perhaps I will show Mercy.” (-Jesus, Tuesday, April 3, 2012)

(July 11, 2019 update)
What is fair for the last generation
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  To PROTECT yourself from having false compassion on the WICKED? - simply be MINDFUL of the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS! - of Unborn CHILDREN - "brutally TORTURED and KILLED - and DISMEMBERED!"  And NOW I am going to 'LEGALIZE', the DEMISE! - of THEIR torturers.  Hundreds of millions of "babies" who were "shown NO COMPASSION" - cry OUT to Me, "to AVENGE their BLOOD!"  And, I have "heard their CRIES" - and 'the cries of My Two WITNESSES!'

(July 17, 2019 hidden posting - revealed on August 31, 2019.  This posting is mirrored here)  

"Put in your SICKLE, to reap the Harvest of the EARTH..."

The “harvest moon” - the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox - will appear full this year, beginning today - as it will appear full from September 12 until the 15th.  And speaking of "harvest"?...

"And another angel [- Saint Gabriel the Holy Archangel] came out of the temple [- where he was PRAISING the Most High True GOD...], calling with a loud voice to him who sat upon the cloud [- Saint Michael the Holy Archangel], “Put in your sickle, and reap, for the hour to reap has come, for the harvest of the earth is fully ripe.” (Revelation 14:15) 

In the early hours of today, we heard the timely Proclamation from the Highest Heavens: "Put in your SICKLE, to reap the Harvest of the EARTH - for it is RIPE!"

And then Jesus said: "I will NO longer 'spare' those outside My Graces" [- that would ALSO be in reference to ALL "Canadians", residing in Canada... for the record...]

Saint Gabriel the Holy Archangel said:  To BE 'outside the Grace and Favor of the Most High True God' IS to be "DEAD to Him" - for HE is 'the Most High True God' - the GOD of the LIVING!; NOT 'the god of the DEAD'.  And ALL those who desire 'to COME to Him'? - will desire 'LIFE'!  And all those who 'stay AWAY'? - can ONLY desire 'death'.  His MERCY? - is "ABUNDANT, for those who FEAR HIM, and DESIRE to do His WILL".  But His WRATH? - is 'poured OUT', on ALL, "stubborn! - sinners".  (September 12, 2019 update) 

And so why IS 9/11/19 the OFFICIAL start date? - for the PHYSICAL Abortion of the Nations
Remember, the Most High TRUE God exists "OUTSIDE of space and TIME".  And HE wanted ALL future generations, to have... "a DATE!" - that they could REFER to - for tens, hundreds, thousands, millions... of years!  And so WHY did the Most High TRUE God - in "His infinite Wisdom" - choose 9/11? - THIS year!
Of course, the Creator of the UNIVERSE, is "the very BEST Teacher!"  But He is ALSO... a good STUDENT!
And so, FIRST:  WHAT exactly, did the global military industrial complex, TEACH the Creator? - about... "how THEY wanted to be treated" - and how they wanted their NATIONS to be treated?
Remember,  "...the measure you give will be the measure you get..." (Mark 4:24)  And so, what "measure", did they TEACH the Creator, to give BACK to them?
The fact is, that the global military industrial complex, staged the attack on the twin towers, on 9/11, in 2001 - so THAT, starting on that DATE - they could JUSTIFY, PHYSICALLY attacking, and physically KILLING, ANY person or NATION, that THEY deemed as "a threat".  And it is 'just a FACT' - that shortly after that date, they discovered 'the IDENTITIES of the Two Witnesses' - and began to pursue and persecute us to the death, AND THEN in turn, they pursued and persecuted the Faithful Remnant - for many years! - with the FULL intent, of fininshing them ALL off.
And now, 'the CREATOR' has had ENOUGH! - He has had ENOUGH of the unrelenting persecution of His Two Witnesses, and the Faithful Remnant.  And HE has now taken HIS turn, and He has 'set the stage', for His OWN 9/11.  But WHERE will He find HIS... "Twin TOWERS"?
One title that the Two Witnesses go by, is in fact "the TWINS" - as Jesus likes to call us - as we ARE, "His True Brother and Sister".  We were officially made part of HIS Family, on January 4, 2007.  And since we were 'born into His FAMILY', on the same DAY? - and since we both have the same MOTHER - the Blessed Virgin MARY - that in fact makes us... "twins".
"You are called to be in the World, but apart from it, set aside, as My True brother and sister, and as My Two Witnesses."  (-Jesus, Wednesday, September 22, 2010) 
And as "twins" - we are also, "Pillars of FAITH", in the Faithful Remnant... and therefore, "Twin TOWERS"... like it, or not.
Here is where the story gets very INTERESTING:  Just as the global military industrial complex planned their 9/11 for many years in advance - the Creator, meticulously planned 'HIS attack on the nations' - an attack that would follow THEIR attempt to destroy HIS "Twin Towers" - for YEARS! - THOUSANDS of years in fact.  His PLAN began to manifest - as the steps leading UP to it were revealed, ALL the way back at the time of the prophet DANIEL - when Daniel prophesied about the 2300 DAYS, that would lead UP to the Creator's 9/11... 2019:
“For two thousand and three hundred evenings and mornings; then [- some time after that date, but not before] the sanctuary [- the heart of MAN.  Where the Most High TRUE God is PLEASED, to dwell - in the heart, of His Faithful REMNANT...] shall be restored to its rightful [- ORDERED that is, with JESUS Christ the LORD at the center, so it can be in an UPRIGHT] state.” (Daniel 8:14)
The Creator then REVEALED exactly when the 2300 days prophecy would be FULFILLED, to the Two Witnesses.  And that date is July 25, 2019.
Following July 25th, there were 7 weeks, leading up to September 11th. And throughout these weeks, the Global governments unleashed WAVES of psychotronic attacks, on the Two Witnesses and on the Faithful Remnant.  And as they DID so, the Two Witnesses RECIPROCATED, through prayer.  They lifted up 7 weeks, of "the 7 WAVES of the Most High True God's APOCALYPTIC Justice".  And those 7 weeks of prayer ended exactly on 9/11/19.
And the Most High True God heard the Prayer of the Two Witnesses.  And starting on 9/11/19 - the Most High TRUE God revealed that He would begin physically enacting the Divine Judgements that have been revealed to the Nations, through the Two Witnesses.
Now it's "the CREATOR'S 9/11" - 2019
Now the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, has a date - 9/11 - after which, HE can and WILL, perfectly and JUSTLY, begin, "PHYSICALLY attacking, and physically KILLING, ANY person or NATION, that HE deems as "a threat" - to HIS nation.  And that NATION? - is in fact, 'the Kingdom of Heaven' - which the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, are 'seeking to LIVE'.
And SO? - we NOW turn, to the Most High TRUE GOD, and ASK Him: in HIS Great Love and MERCY - for 'His True CHURCH' - for 'His Faithful REMNANT' - to simply begin, 'REMOVING, ALL obstacles! - to LIVING the Kingdom of Heaven, from the FACE of the Earth'.  Amen!  (September 13, 2019 update)
Note:  Within hours of posting the above 9/11 note - the CIA responded, by telling the U.S. President, that he should, at this PRECISE time in human history... TODAY of all days!... CONFIRM to the nations, that Bin Laden's son had been killed.  So yes! - we DO have their attention - as they SCRAMBLE to adjust their narratives, in order keep up with the Revelations being posted in the Testimony of their Creator.  Absolutely NO doubt about that whatsoever!  The CIA want to JUSTIFY their "search and destroy" post 9/11 initiatives - that continue to this day.
But here is a note, that they WON'T be able to keep up with:  JUST as the CIA-run military industrial complex, decided to invade and occupy all the countries where THEY claimed to have enemies - and as they CONTINUE to occupy THOSE countries - even TODAY! - 18 years LATER... "until THEIR enemies are totally annihilated" - The Most High True God, is going to JUSTLY invade and Occupy ALL the countries where He has enemies - referring to EVERY nation, this time! - and have the Holy Angels do "FLY-overs", as they IDENTIFY, TARGET, SURGICALLY strike, and KILL, each enemy of HIS - until HIS enemies are completely annihilated from the face of the earth - with no regard for human collateral damage whatsoever... (- with the SOLE exception being, the sparing of the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant).  Now THAT! - is what 9/11, is REALLY all about!... a GOOD excuse, to totally annihilate people in a foreign country, that you really don't like.  And in THIS case? - referring to the people of EVERY country, EXCEPT! - "the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth". (September 14, 2019 update) 
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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