The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed one MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.
Twitter Tweets

“Birds flock with their kind; so truth returns to those who practice it.”
(Sirach 27:9)

The Two Witnesses - Our Official Twitter news feed @Real2Witnesses
July 5

@Real2Witnesses: It is VERY important, that the AMERICAN people, are INFORMED - that, TRUDEAU, the Prime Minister of Canada - IN fact, started, "the TRADE war", WITH the U.S.   As, HE chose! - to target, "KEY States", that would be NEEDED in order for Trump, to get re-ELECTED.  And in so DOING! - he was in FACT, 'TURNING, AMERICA, against their President'.  It is all PART, of "the Trump SMEAR campaign" - BECAUSE, President Donald Trump is bringing "REAL Change", to the United States - that, is actually "a BLESSING, on their nation".  But the MEDIA, is CONTINUALLY presenting, PRESIDENT Donald TRUMP, as "an INCOMPETENT, and CRUEL, PRESIDENT" - and THEY are, at PRESENT, trying to SWING the facts - so THAT, Donald TRUMP does not get ELECTED, for a second TERM.  And so "the MEDIA"! - is, actually, 'making WAR', through propaganda, against the PRESIDENT of the United STATES - at THIS time.  And THIS is what everyone seems to be MISSING.  The FACT remains, that  - there are "UNJUST tariffs" - on U.S. imported dairy - as TRUMP HAS! - emphasized - "a 275% tariff"!  And THAT, IS hurting, the local FARMERS, of AMERICA - because Canada CURRENTLY holds "a MONOPOLY on DAIRY products".  And TRUMP - is 'the ONE who is pointing this OUT, to the MEDIA' - as, he SHOWS, that it is "UNFAIR! - TARIFFS".  And so, by placing TARIFFS, on Canadian-made aluminum and STEEL - he is TRYING to 'BALANCE out', the FAIRNESS - BALANCE out the TARIFFS - so that they are "FAIR, and RECIPROCAL".  And THIS is "what the MEDIA, WILL not SIMPLY, TELL, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, plainly!"  And so the QUESTION is, "If TRUDEAU is 'such a DIPLOMAT', and 'a nice GUY, persona' - then WHY was it HARPER, who visited the White House, and not TRUDEAU - SINCE, the TRADE war began?"  Because right NOW? - CANADA and U.S. TRADE RELATIONS, have been "BOTCHED!" - THINK about it.  BUT, Donald TRUMP, has ALWAYS been "very GRACIOUS" - with EVERY diplomat, who has VISITED, the White House.  And he does not 'APPRECIATE', PEOPLE who choose to 'STAB him in the back!' - while 'shaking his HAND'.  Would ANYONE?  REMEMBER, he is "a BUSINESS man" - NOT "a politician".  And you can thank your CREATOR for THAT!

July 6

@Real2Witnesses: Did you know that by imposing HIGHER taxes on U.S. imports, the Canadian Government is in EFFECT, diverting more "true DOUGH" from the pockets of Canadian citizens, into the Canadian government COFFERS?  And so, can you now guess...  WHO started the TRADE war? 

July 6
@Real2Witnesses: As your HEART is yoked to 'those, who HATE the Testimony' - and who are COMPLETELY OPPOSED, to, 'what it TEACHES' - BECAUSE, they feel 'BAD' about themselves... of COURSE you're going to be "unhappy".  When PEOPLE find the Testimony, and they READ it for the first time - they have 'a choice in FRONT of them' - to ALLOW themselves to be "PIERCED, by the WORD, of their CREATOR" - so that HE! - can 'HEAL them' - and 'RE-CREATE them, in the Truth'.  OR? - they can make up ALL kinds of excuses - as to, 'WHY! - these can't be the Words of their Creator' - because 'THEIR jesus', makes them 'feel GOOD' about themselves
July 7
Guess what the MEDIA is trying to hide from EVERYONE! - as the US midterm election approaches?

July 19

@Real2Witnesses:  ALL of the "intelligence" agencies - who were in FACT entrusted with PROTECTING, their nation - have ALL! - betrayed the PEOPLE, TO "the shadow GOVERNMENT". And the INTELLIGENCE agencies are 'the ONES, RESPONSIBLE, for CREATING WARS', and DESTABILIZING nations.  And they are the ONES, who are CREATING, "the global CHAOS", and 'DISSENT'.  THEY are in FACT the ONES even, who are 'TRAINING PEOPLE', to become "TERRORISTS".  THEY! - are the ONES who CREATED, the different "boogeymans", OUT there - such as, "Isis", or any of the OTHER so-called "terrorist groups".  WHY AREN'T the intelligence AGENCIES being 'held ACCOUNTABLE', for THEIR crimes, against humanity? - for THEIR CRIMES against, 'their OWN NATIONS' - as they are ALL! - "traitors".  And when they JOINED, the CIA, the MI6, Csis, the KGB, or even the Mossad - they thought "they were doing a great THING!"  But, the REALITY is, that 'the EVILS'! - the INTELLIGENCE agencies have spread, across the GLOBE - THEY will be held accountable for, before their CREATOR.  THEY should all resign - because they were ALL 'sold the LIE', BY, the people who HIRED them, that "they were doing it for their COUNTRY" - that they were "DECEIVING, their PEOPLE - FOR their country, to protect their country".  When, 'THAT'! - couldn't be FURTHER, from the Truth.
August 2
@Real2Witnesses:  The One World Government used their A.I. to restrict our Tweets, so that they are ONLY visible on our Twitter news feed, because they don't 'LIKE' what we're EXPOSING.  And THEREFORE, we WILL! - shout it LOUDER, than ever BEFORE! - what our CREATOR, is REVEALING, to the NATIONS.  And we will make SURE! - that our "TWEETS", are VISIBLE.

Welcome to the Apocalypse!

July 4

@Real2Witnesses: Visit our website [this website].  And learn about what "the TRUE Jesus" - the LORD the Most High TRUE God, is REVEALING to the world.  Learn about how the Most High TRUE God, is "GATHERING, His ELECT" - and His Faithful Remnant, to HIMSELF - TO BE "Protected".

July 9
@Real2Witnesses: Welcome to "the APOCALYPSE"!  TRULY this is ONLY the beginning.  We can ASSURE people, that this is NOT climate change

And WE believe "a PICTURE is worth 1000 WORDS" - so here it IS... 

July 13

@Real2Witnesses:The Official Members of the Faithful Remnant Church - that is, those who are WILLING to Testify to the TRUTHS revealed IN the Testimony TO the Nations, have NOW been reduced to 9. And ALL we can say, is that HISTORY repeats itself, "But for the SAKE of 10, I will not destroy it".

A compilation video composed of clips from the 9 remaining Official Members of the Faithful Remnant

A video by Peter Romanus
Hi I am Peter Romanus - and my wife and I are in fact the Two Witnesses, that were spoken of in the Book of Revelations, Chapter 11.  And this following message is a JUDGEMENT that has been DECREED from Heaven, and IS a Judgement for ALL the world government leaders.  And it's dated July 14, 2018.  It READS as follows:
July 14
@Real2Witnesses: According to 'the JUDGEMENT', that has been pronounced from HEAVEN, we must GIVE, the world GOVERNMENTS, "a fair warning" - that the NOVENA, has begun - FOR, the systematic REMOVAL, of COUNTRIES - from the face of the Earth.  As "ABSOLUTE DEVASTATION", IS going to strike!  The Most High True God, the Creator of the UNIVERSE - has TOLERATED "the SLAUGHTER of the Unborn CHILDREN", for GENERATIONS - so that the PEOPLE, can 'HEAP coals, upon, their heads' - and STORE up the WRATH, and the MEASURE, that THEY are about to RECEIVE.  And SO? - UNLESS there is "a GLOBAL BAN, on abortion", in the next 9 DAYS - we can GUARANTEE, that the CREATOR, is going to 'make His next MOVE'.  And "life on the PLANET", will NEVER be 'as it once was' - as 'HE', begins to "abort", COUNTRIES! - ONE by one.  And so EACH "leader", is going to need to ASK themselves, "Is my COUNTRY going to be the FIRST?"  "Is my NATION, going to be the first?"  And, "Do I even CARE about my OWN people?"  If you 'THINK' this is "a BLUFF"? - LOOK at what happened to BARBUDA, as "a VERY small sample!" - of what is coming, to "a NATION near YOU".  And even though we KNOW that Trump IS "the best PRESIDENT that AMERICA has ever HAD! - in ALL of their HISTORY" - because of the Creator's GENEROSITY - that does NOT! - "exempt", the United States, from EXPERIENCING, the "Just WRATH of the Most High True GOD".  And it will NOT be done, by 'ANY human hand'! - we can GUARANTEE you.   [You can find the above video on the Two Witnesses Page on this website at this LINK]
July 15
@Real2Witnesses: We are now 'CALLING OUT', the UN - for their CRIMES against humanity! - on BEHALF, of the King of HEAVEN, who is "THEIR Just Judge".  FOR their crimes, of GENOCIDE, and abortion proliferation - as WELL as, their PLANS, to use "CLIMATE change", AS the reason, for population control.  For their SPREAD of DISEASES - to CONTROL, 'the GROWTH of POPULATIONS', in various COUNTRIES.  For all of their EFFORTS, to promote 'DEATH and DESTRUCTION', throughout the entire WORLD - by creating 'FAMINES', as WELL as, 'FAKE wars'! - in which "the RICH", only benefit. For 'their PRETENSE', as "a humanitarian ORGANIZATION" - when they are ALL murderers!  The Most High TRUE God, the King of HEAVEN, has passed Judgement, ON, the UN! - and they will ALL! - be held ACCOUNTABLE, for "their CRIMES against humanity".  It's ONLY a matter of time.
July 16
Today it was revealed to the two of us, that the Gift of the 9 day period of Grace, mentioned in the July 14 tweet above, was UNanimously rejected.  And so we interceded for the Justice to begin early.
@Real2Witnesses:  If people won't take US seriously, then THEY CAN'T expect us to take THEM seriously. We have been mocked and ridiculed and persecuted, for long enough. It is now time for the Creator, to pour out His Cup of Divine Wrath on the planet.  Why? Because we don't take anyone OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant seriously. Perhaps when His Cup is completely empty, to the last drop, and the Cup is entirely clean? - and turned UPSIDE DOWN, on the DRYING rack - THEN we can talk. It's OUR turn. Fair is fair. It's called RECIPROCALITY.
July 22
@Real2Witnesses: To ALL the global government LEADERS.  Here is the Judgement, that the Creator, has PASSED, ON the United States, of America - YEARS ago. And, it IS about, to fully manifest: "Unless abortion is banned, I can not, I will not sustain the United States of America... things will only get worse." 

July 23

@Real2Witnesses:  We KNOW as 'a MATTER of FACT' - not simply "belief" - that it would be "in the United States' BEST interests", to BAN abortion, in their COUNTRY.  It is BEYOND 'OUR control', how the CREATOR, is going to ADMINISTER, 'HIS! - Divine and Just Wrath' - to the United States, of AMERICA - BECAUSE! - of the acts of ABORTION, that are STILL going on, in THAT COUNTRY, under President Trump's watch.  The most DEFENSELESS and INNOCENT of human BEINGS - are being 'BRUTALLY, tortured! - and MURDERED' - REGULARLY!  And, the American PEOPLE believe that, the CREATOR, will BLESS their NATION with PROSPERITY?  The OPPORTUNITY for prosperity IS there - but ONLY, "on the CREATOR'S terms"; OTHERWISE, "COMPLETE devastation" is COMING! - and cannot be AVOIDED.  It is "not ENOUGH", to allow the INDIVIDUAL states, to decide, "WHERE life begins" - because ALL life, begins 'at the MOMENT of Conception'.

@Real2Witnesses:  All those who wish to be "EXEMPT, from EXPERIENCING the DIVINE and Just WRATH, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father, in HEAVEN" - as He Pours out ALL! - of the Bowls, and Plagues, ON the Face of the Earth - are INVITED, to PRAY, the Holy ROSARY, as revealed in the TESTIMONY - DURING the Hour, of Divine Justice - the 3 o'clock hour - EVERY day - uniting their PRAYERS, with 'the PRAYERS of the Two Witnesses, and all of HEAVEN', "...for the COMING of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth".  All of those who CHOOSE 'to pray against US', during 'that HOUR'? - will be 'STRICKEN', by the Holy Angels.  All of those people who wish to take 'a STAND', WITH US, AND the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE - are invited to make a video TESTIMONY, ACKNOWLEDGING "the AUTHENTICITY of the TESTIMONY", without ANY reservations - and to UPLOAD the video, to YouTube, as "unlisted", and SEND us a link.  You can find our Contact information, on the Contact Us page, on the side menu bar.
U.S. President Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump
July 6

Trump tweeted: Just won lawsuit filed by the DNC and a bunch of Democrat crazies trying to claim the Trump Campaign (and others), colluded with Russia. They haven’t figured out that this was an excuse for them losing the election!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  And so JUSTICE has been SERVED! - to the DEMOCRATS - that has been long OVERDUE!  FINALLY, "a PRO-life PRESIDENT", has taken OFFICE.  THIS is 'a BIG win!' - FOR, the Creator of the UNIVERSE - as HE! - is in fact 'the ONE, who is UPHOLDING' Donald Trump.

July 07 
 The much-NEEDED background on the #Metoo movement

@Real2Witnesses: The #MeToo movement, is actually "an INTELLIGENCE agency FUELLED movement" - to divide the GENDERS - and to pit 'FEMALE', against 'male' - even MORE so than ever!  And, the women who 'BELIEVE' in this MOVEMENT, are 'being TAKEN advantage of' Because, the REAL people who STARTED the MeToo MOVEMENT, are "ALL! - FOR! - the sexualization of women".  So it was 'a FAILED MOVEMENT' from the very beginning! Interesting to NOTE, that the #MeToo movement BEGAN, AFTER Trump, was elected, as President of the United States.  And, the MOVEMENT IS in fact 'an ATTACK! - on HIS Presidency'.  It has NOTHING to DO! - with 'protecting WOMEN, from sexual harassment' And President Trump KNOWS that the #MeToo movement is "a SHAM!"  That's why he doesn't take it SERIOUSLY - nor SHOULD he! 

July 8

Trump tweeted: Twitter is getting rid of fake accounts at a record pace. Will that include the Failing New York Times and propaganda machine for Amazon, the Washington Post, who constantly quote anonymous sources that, in my opinion, don’t exist - They will both be out of business in 7 years!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: What the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, needs to be INFORMED of - is that, the TWEETS, that are 'against, his PRESIDENCY' - for the MOST part - are ACTUALLY, 'GENERATED, by a computer PROGRAM' - and, there AREN'T even 'real PEOPLE', BEHIND them!  In FACT - the "TWEETS" - are 'anti-TRUMP' - GENERATED by, "BOTS" - PROGRAMMED, by artificial INTELLIGENCE - by the SAME computer that the NSA uses.  And these ARE "the fake ACCOUNTS", that Twitter is REMOVING. 

July 8

Trump tweeted: Iranian Harassment of U.S. Warships: 2015: 22  2016: 36  2017: 14  2018: 0

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: So WHY has IRAN? - stopped HARASSING, the U.S. WARSHIPS?  But because, the IRANIAN intelligence, was WORKING, WITH the CIA intelligence DURING, the OBAMA administration - and so it was 'much SAFER', for IRAN to attack U.S. WARSHIPS, with 'no FEAR, of RETALIATION'.  But NOW? - under President Donald TRUMP? - they do not CONTROL "the world narrative". 
July 8
Replying to @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
@Real2Witnesses: TRUMP knows "the right INDIVIDUAL" to pick, AS supreme court justice - BECAUSE, he HAS, "an EXTREMELY good judge of CHARACTER".  Which is WHY, he spent MOST of his TIME - during his first few WEEKS, in OFFICE - 'getting to KNOW', who's WORKING for him! - and, FIRING THOSE, whom he KNOWS! - are not FIT for their JOBS.  And so he "drained the SWAMP"! - and is NOW surrounded by "INTELLIGENT people" who will SUPPORT him, in 'his EFFORTS to restore America'.

July 9

Trump tweeted: Many countries in NATO, which we are expected to defend, are not only short of their current commitment of 2% (which is low), but are also delinquent for many years in payments that have not been made. Will they reimburse the U.S.?  The European Union makes it impossible for our farmers and workers and companies to do business in Europe (U.S. has a $151 Billion trade deficit), and then they want us to happily defend them through NATO, and nicely pay for it. Just doesn’t work!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: The best THING for the United States to DO, is to back-OUT of NATO - because they ARE in fact, "an ORGANIZATION, of CRIME!"- they are "an ELITIST group" that was DEVELOPED, to actually 'CAUSE! - wars, and carnage, in other COUNTRIES' - so that the PEOPLE, will TURN, to their GOVERNMENTS, to be 'controlled, and RULED over'. THEY are "a VERY, SHADY! - and self-SERVING organization" MANY of the PEOPLE involved in NATO, have "good INTENTIONS", and believe they are doing, "a great SERVICE", to their COUNTRIES.  BUT, if they REALLY knew 'what was BEHIND the NATO organization', they wouldn't want ANY PART of it. The best THING would be for the United STATES, to "wash their HANDS" of NATO.  And if "PROOF" is NEEDED? - that they are "a CORRUPT, organization"? - simply look at 'the TRADE deficit' for the many countries INVOLVED - the United States being ONE of them.

July 11

Trump tweeted: What good is NATO if Germany is paying Russia billions of dollars for gas and energy? Why are there only 5 out of 29 countries that have met their commitment? The U.S. is paying for Europe’s protection, then loses billions on Trade. Must pay 2% of GDP IMMEDIATELY, not by 2025.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  WHY is the U.S. paying for Europe's PROTECTION? - when EUROPE is actually GIVING the United STATES "the raw END of the deal", under NATO?  Because the United STATES, has ALWAYS been SEEN, as, "the Great SUPERPOWER", and "the big BROTHER" - to all the other SMALLER nations.  And they EXPECT! - to be SUPPORTED - BY the United STATES, and their PRINTING press!  "the global ELITE", simply 'print MONEY'.  So WHY can't these COUNTRIES meet, their DEBTS?  Where IS the money GOING!  And so BECAUSE the smaller countries are NOT, making their PAYMENTS, to NATO - then THEY should no longer 'BELONG', TO that organization.  It's the SAME, as ANY "delinquent debt".  And so the question is "WHY is the United States being PENALIZED - DOUBLE! - the G.D.P.?"

July 11

Trump tweeted: Democrats in Congress must no longer Obstruct - vote to fix our terrible Immigration Laws now. I am watching what is going on from Europe - it would be soooo simple to fix. Judges run the system and illegals and traffickers know how it works. They are just using children!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: TRUMP knows 'HOW the system WORKS' - and how the CHILDREN are in FACT 'BEING exploited' BY the illegal TRAFFICKERS.  - He KNOWS that the CRIMINALS that DO enter the United States 'undetected' ACTUALLY, are 'setting up their BASE' - for future OPERATIONS. If PEOPLE want to ENTER, the United STATES - it SHOULD be done "LEGALLY". To DO so, "ILLEGALLY" - actually ENCOURAGES, the CRIMINALS, to continue to cross the BORDER.  The Democrats, want to BLOCK, ANY changes, to the IMMIGRATION laws - because THEY, like Trump, are ALSO aware, of 'HOW the system is being ABUSED'.  The Democrats, ARE 'involved with drug cartels - AND trafficking', but THEY are "VERY good at hiding it!"  Bringing in DRUGS, to the U.S. - is "LUCRATIVE"!  Selling 'ADDICTION' to the American PEOPLE, IS "lucrative".  The Democrats are ALL about 'the RICH', receiving tax breaks - and, becoming RICHER!  AND the Truth, is the REPUBLICANS, are "for FAIRNESS, and EQUAL opportunity"!

July 11

Trump tweeted: Billions of additional dollars are being spent by NATO countries since my visit last year, at my request, but it isn’t nearly enough. U.S. spends too much. Europe’s borders are BAD!  Pipeline dollars to Russia are not acceptable!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  Why IS Europe's border security 'SO bad'?  How does it make SENSE? - that THEY would not defend their own BORDERS?  Because all the GOVERNMENTS, are 'working TOGETHER', behind the SCENES - 'SECRETLY' - yet APPEAR, as "enemies", in the MEDIA. This is all 'PART of the media NARRATIVE'.  The GLOBAL government LEADERS, ALLOW for 'LAWLESSNESS' - so THAT, THEY can manipulate and CONTROL, the COUNTRIES, and their RESOURCES - by 'STAGING, wars' - and PINNING it, on 'other countries when the fact REMAINS, that each 'COUNTRY', DELIBERATELY! - sets up 'false FLAG events' - to CREATE "chaos" - so that the PEOPLE will turn to their GOVERNMENTS for 'a SOLUTION' - which means even TIGHTER control over the people.  Yes EVERYTHING is done, BY the U.N. - under "the GUISE of a HUMANITARIAN effort".  And YES! - it is POSSIBLE, for "philanthropists", as WELL - to DONATE, MUCH of their wealth, to "the poor" - while at the same TIME, FUNDRAISING, and WORKING towards, spreading DEATH and DESTRUCTION.

Trump tweeted: I would be willing to “shut down” government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall! Must get rid of Lottery, Catch & Release etc. and finally go to system of Immigration based on MERIT! We need great people coming into our Country!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: If PEOPLE are 'POURING into ANY country' - ILLEGALLY! - THAT IS, "an INVASION".  Whether they use GUNS, or NOT - they are 'going UNDER the government RADAR', to INVADE, the COUNTRY! - and to STEAL, JOBS! - FROM, 'the CITIZENS, of that COUNTRY' - that THEY! - have INVADED.  Being "WELCOMED, into a COUNTRY" based on MERIT? - is ONE thing.  BUT! - "ILLEGALLY crossing ANY border" - IS 'a PROSECUTABLE CRIME'. And the FACT that the Democrats KNOW this! - and KNOW! - that "the ILLEGALS", are bringing 'CHILDREN' with them - in order to USE them as "leverage" to STAY in the United States, and to HIDE their CRIMES, makes the DEMOCRATS, "an enemy of DEMOCRACY". The fact IS! - that 'a BORDER wall', would STOP, the INVASION. So WHY? - are the DEMOCRATS, "obstructing JUSTICE" from being carried out?  Trump is DOING what the other presidents REFUSED to do - because the OTHER presidents chose 'to be BULLIED, by the DEMOCRATS' - by the Democratic party.  But, TRUMP will not be BULLIED! - by ANYONE - but will USE, the LAW - and go THROUGH, 'the proper CHANNELS' - for FREE and FAIR trade, BORDER wall security, and a STRONGER and HEALTHIER government - one that ENFORCES the law; INSTEAD of 'operating by LAWLESSNESS'. The DEMOCRATS want LAWLESSNESS.  The REPUBLICANS want "law and ORDER".  And so the people must CHOOSE.  SHUTTING down the GOVERNMENT would be 'the best APPROACH' - to GENTLY persuade, the DEMOCRATS to 'get on BOARD'... with REALITY!

July 14

Trump tweeted: ....Where is the DNC Server, and why didn’t the FBI take possession of it? Deep State?

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Now THIS may be "difficult for some people to BELIEVE" - but the HOLY Angels of the Most High TRUE GOD, are ACTUALLY responsible for hacking the election results!  AS a RESPONSE! - to the Democratic party's MOVE, to RIG the election "in favor of Clinton". Because how ELSE! - would their 'POLLS', be SO WRONG? - were it NOT, "a DIVINE Intervention".  The RUSSIANS had nothing to DO with it.  BUT! - the DEMOCRATS "needed someone to BLAME". The MORE the PEOPLE focus on 'RUSSIA, being responsible? The LESS, the Republicans will 'focus on INVESTIGATING, the Democratic party'.  And SO? - the Democratic PARTY -  thought that they, could 'ACCUSE', the REPUBLICAN party of "colluding with Russia" - JUST 'to take the heat OFF themselves'.  Was OBAMA made aware? - of, the INTENT, for the ELECTION to be "RIGGED, ELECTRONICALLY in FAVOR of Hillary Clinton"? ("THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED!")  Yes!  Did he do nothing to STOP IT?  He was "PART of it!"  And THAT'S why! - HE, along with MANY! - of his supporters, AND. The DEEP state MEDIA BOLDLY! - proclaimed that YOU! - would never get ELECTED.  And so DID that FBI agent have BIASES?  And WAS he working with Lisa Page?  LET 'the facts', TESTIFY for THEMSELVES! - that will SOON be 'UNCOVERED.

July 15

Trump tweeted: Much of our news media is indeed the enemy of the people and all the Dems...

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Yes! - in fact there ARE "real reporters" OUT there, who desire to REPORT, on the TRUTH.  And they are NOT! - being "BOUGHT out", by 'the deep-state MEDIA' - OR, "the shadow GOVERNMENT".  But there are MANY! - news reporters, who are 'REFUSING! - to TELL the truth, TO the people' - BECAUSE, they are 'PART, of the GLOBAL media deception'.  THERE is in fact, a GLOBAL media COUP - that HAS been IMPLEMENTED - BY! - the U.S. government - working 'AGAINST, the Trump administration' - using their OWN NSA computers - TO, 'SHOVEL out ANTI-Trump propaganda NEWS feeds'.  The REPORTERS are being told, 'HOW, to report, on the Trump ADMINISTRATION'.  THEIR job, is "to SWAY, the votes of the PEOPLE" - to, GO against, the RE-ELECTION, of Donald TRUMP.  They REFUSE, to report 'FAIRLY'.  And THEREFORE, that MAKES them, "an enemy of the PEOPLE" - AND ALSO, they, have CHOSEN, to 'declare WAR!' - on the TRUMP administration.  And there are THOSE, in the UPPER levels of GOVERNMENT, who HAVE resolved, that "there is NO WAY! - that TRUMP, will get RE-elected".  Much 'EVIL' is reigning, in these Times.  But there IS "a HEALING, on the way".

July 16

Trump tweeted: As I said today and many times before, “I have GREAT confidence in MY intelligence people.” However, I also recognize that in order to build a brighter future, we cannot exclusively focus on the past – as the world’s two largest nuclear powers, we must get along!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: There are "BLACK OPS" OPERATIONS, going ON, and being CARRIED OUT, in the UNITED States, WITHOUT President Trump's input OR approval - in order to CREATE, "a culture of FEAR" - FOR, "the SHADOW government", to control the PEOPLE behind the scenes - and 'THEIR view!' - ON everything! - INCLUDING 'how they see their PRESIDENT'!  And IF, the President would SIMPLY, ask the Director of the CIA, to do "a FORMAL Investigation", of THEIR intelligence - to find out "who's LEAKING! - information" - it would BE "to the President's BEST interests".  Because there are people IN the intelligence agency 'WORKING against' the Trump Administration - which is WHY, "coincidentally" - they can't LOCATE, "a SIMPLE, DNC SERVER?" - which is actually "KEY, EVIDENCE", in the INVESTIGATION? - of the alleged Russian meddling. There are PEOPLE within, the President's "CONFIDENCE"! - who are actually 'WORKING, to STOP, US and Russian PEACE talks'.  And THEY, are using the MEDIA, to "pull ALL the stops"!  And so WHETHER, the "intelligence agency" is able to LOCATE the missing DNC server or NOT? - the FACT remains, that Hillary Clinton's EMAILS! - WOULD HAVE been DATAMINED - and for SURE! - BACKED-up on the NSA database!  Possibly encrypted - MOST likely The TRUTH is going to come out! - ONE way or another: There are 'prominent PEOPLE' within 'the 3-letter agencies' #CIA #NSA #FBI #DHS within the United States, who are GUILTY, of TREASON - against the Trump administration that they 'SWORE' to protect and defend.
And so DID Trump then turn to the CIA Director, to find out WHO is leaking information?  Headlines one month later: "Trump ends ex-CIA head John Brennan's security access" (August 15, 2018 story) 

Announced on August 15, 2018 at the Whitehouse Press Conference by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders
Trump tweeted: As I said today and many times before, “I have GREAT confidence in MY intelligence people.” However, I also recognize that in order to build a brighter future, we cannot exclusively focus on the past – as the world’s two largest nuclear powers, we must get along! #HELSINKI2018
Reply from @Real2Witnesses: If the UNITED States began to work with RUSSIA? - ESPECIALLY, on 'INVESTIGATING, the MEDDLING of the 2016 ELECTION? - then RUSSIA could use 'their RESOURCES', to PROVE! - their own INNOCENCE.  And THIS is 'why the MEDIA, is working FEVERISHLY!' - to TRY to SWAY, the American PEOPLE, AGAINST! - U.S. and Russia, being ALLIES. And THIS is why they MUST 'paint PUTIN, as a LIAR'!  When he is in fact, 'being VERY honest and TRUTHFUL' - about the STATE, of the AMERICAN media, and U.S. politics. The TRUTH is, "the media LIES out of convenience" #CNN #CBS #NBC #ABC #BBC #CBC - as long as it will SERVE, 'the GLOBAL political interests'.

July 17

Trump tweeted: While I had a great meeting with NATO, raising vast amounts of money, I had an even better meeting with Vladimir Putin of Russia. Sadly, it is not being reported that way - the Fake News is going Crazy!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so the question IS: WHEN does the MEDIA, as a TOOL, CONSTITUTE as 'a weapon of WAR'? - versus, "freedom of SPEECH"?   WHEN, will the MEDIA be held ACCOUNTABLE, for 'FERMENTING, DISSENT, among the PEOPLE'?  When WILL, the Mainstream MEDIA, be held ACCOUNTABLE, for 'WITHHOLDING, FACTS'! - and INSTEAD, 'COORDINATING, and EFFORT, to BULLY and ATTACK, ONE individual'?  WHERE! - is "the FAIR, NEWS reporting"?  WHY, ISN'T TRUMP'S 'position and SIDE', being "FAIRLY REPORTED on" - so that, PEOPLE, can make "INFORMED, decisions", on 'where they STAND'? - politically.  INSTEAD, it is CLEAR! - that 'the GLOBAL MEDIA', is against, 'PEACE'.  And so the question IS, "What WAR-LOVING ORGANIZATION, is COORDINATING, the global MEDIA NARRATIVE?"

July 18

Trump tweeted: Some people HATE the fact that I got along well with President Putin of Russia. They would rather go to war than see this. It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: One of the most PEACEFUL! - INTERVENTIONS, in modern HISTORY! - has been "MOST, successful" - with Donald TRUMP - SUCCESSFULLY! - ENGAGING, RUSSIA - in "PEACE talks". And TAKING, the POSSIBILITY, of 'a nuclear ARMS race', off the TABLE!  And so why ISN'T the mainstream MEDIA, FOCUSED on "the SUCCESS! - of the Helsinki SUMMIT"?  INSTEAD, the PEOPLE, are being 'DECEIVED!' - and 'DUPED'! - into believing that President TRUMP, did "POORLY" - negotiated POORLY.  When 'the FACT'! - IS, that he negotiated 'PEACE', with Russia - EVEN AS! - he CONTINUES his "TOUGH SANCTIONS, on their nation".  WHY! - WON'T! - the MEDIA, report the TRUTH?  When OBAMA, is in fact the ONE, who BEGAN, the precedent for the U.S.! - MEDDLING, in FOREIGN elections.   WHY, isn't the MEDIA - EXPOSING! - this fact?  BECAUSE! - 'the WAR machine' - run by "the shadow GOVERNMENT", or "deep STATE" - WANT, 'the WAR', to CONTINUE, with RUSSIA!  They are "absolutely AGAINST, ANY kind of peace! - whatsoever!"  They are only INTERESTED, in 'painting PUTIN, as one of the worst DICTATORS, in the WORLD!'  When that COULDN'T be further from the TRUTH.

July 18

Trump tweeted: The two biggest opponents of ICE in America today are the Democratic Party and MS-13!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: To ANSWER the question, "What is the DIFFERENCE between the DEMOCRATIC party, and the MS-13 mafia gang?" The DEMOCRATS or the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, IS being "RUN! - by the shadow GOVERNMENT" or "the DEEP STATE". And the MS-13, IS being run by the DRUG cartels. And, IF! - the President WOULD call, 'an INVESTIGATION, INTO the Democratic PARTY' - by USING the RESOURCES at his DISPOSAL, and the PEOPLE, that he TRUSTS - HE would FIND, that the DEMOCRATS are in fact "IN bed, with the drug cartels"! The REASON that the Democrats WANT "open BORDERS"! - is to keep the drugs COMING in, to the country - to keep 'the drug cartels' HAPPY!  And this is 'the main REASON' WHY the President cannot gain ACCESS to the DNC main SERVERS OR to Hillary Clinton's 30,000 emails - AND! - why the Department of Justice is COMPLETELY "uncooperative" - but in FACT! - are trying to get the President 'REMOVED! - through impeachment'.  Once AGAIN  the NSA HAS! - the EMAILS! - AND! - the content of the SERVERS, 'backed-UP!' - on their SUPERCOMPUTER.  But WHY aren't they coming FORWARD? - with the INFORMATION?  Because the NSA is "owned! - by the SHADOW government".

July 19

Trump tweeted: The Fake News Media wants so badly to see a major confrontation with Russia, even a confrontation that could lead to war. They are pushing so recklessly hard and hate the fact that I’ll probably have a good relationship with Putin. We are doing MUCH better than any other country!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: What President Trump needs to KNOW, is UP until 'that CRUCIAL meeting' in HELSINKI - with PUTIN - RUSSIA, was actually BRANDED, as "the BOOGEYMAN, or the FOE, of all the NATIONS".  And this is ALL, PART, of 'the POLITICAL and MEDIA, WORLD narrative'. .As MOST politicians ARE 'ruled' AND 'GOVERNED BY', "the DEEP state", or "the shadow GOVERNMENT".  And PUTIN - was 'RULED', BY "the shadow GOVERNMENT", up UNTIL, HE, decided, that HE will do, "what is in the best INTERESTS, of his NATION". And THIS has 'upset', the global MEDIA - and they are "OUTRAGED!" - because they were 'TOLD, to be' - as they TRY to get 'the PEOPLE' - ESPECIALLY the REPUBLICANS, to go AGAINST, President TRUMP. The NEXT MOVE? - for the "shadow government" is to do 'ALL they CAN', to DIVIDE the Republican Party, against their President.  NOW more than EVER, "UNITY", is necessary.  But it will ONLY! - be achieved, through "a SUPERNATURAL intervention".
July 19

Trump tweeted: The Summit with Russia was a great success, except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media. I look forward to our second meeting so that we can start implementing some of the many things discussed, including stopping terrorism, security for Israel, nuclear...

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: MOST of the NEWS, that is 'FED to the western WORLD' - is ACTUALLY, being 'FED to them' THROUGH! - the NSA SUPERCOMPUTER, which is in fact, "an A.I." - CAPABLE, of SOLVING BILLIONS of problems, in a VERY short period of time.  But at the same TIME, that "A.I." - is capable of 'CREATING, problems' - and 'FEEDING, the PUBLIC', "fake NEWS!"  WHAT is 'at the source, of ALL the deep state MEDIA'?  The A.I. - the ARTIFICIAL intelligence, that is CURRENTLY 'SET up', at the NSA.  In FACT! - MOST of the "STORIES" are being WRITTEN BY! - "the artificial intelligence".  And so WHAT! - is the PRESIDENT being "FED"? - by 'HIS intelligence'!  It's JUST "a QUESTION".
"When the press is the source of misinformation, it becomes the enemy of the people; when the press is the source of division, it becomes the enemy of the people; when the press is the source of hate and advocates harassment and violence, it becomes the enemy of the people. Trump didn’t undermine the mainstream media; the media destroyed its own credibility trying to undermine him." (August 08, 2018 story)  

Trump tweeted: ....proliferation, cyber attacks, trade, Ukraine, Middle East peace, North Korea and more. There are many answers, some easy and some hard, to these problems...but they can ALL be solved!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so, WHAT the Trump administration needs to KNOW, is that the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE! - is in fact, 'UPHOLDING, President Donald Trump' - and NOTHING will STAND 'against him' - AT this time! BUT! - IF they would 'look INTO it' - THEY would find, that, 'THEIR government' - their CIA - HAS 'a FILE', on the TWO of us - as WELL as 'the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant'.  And we ARE in fact being "TARGETED" - BY their GOVERNMENT - because these ARE, "SPECIAL Times". WE are in fact 'being TORTURED', along with the Members of the Faithful REMNANT - DAILY! - THROUGH, "invisible electronic warfare".  ALONG with, MILLIONS! - of Americans - who can ALSO 'HEAR' a resonant FREQUENCY and 'a RINGING in THEIR EAR', that comes out of NOWHERE!  We KNOW, that this technology EXISTS - and is BEING USED, as "an INSTRUMENT, of WAR" - and being IMPLEMENTED, BY the intelligence agency - to TRY to CONTROL, 'the MOODS', of the people. And THIS is the same type of 'electronic WARFARE' that was USED against the U.S. diplomats at the Cuban embassy - which CAUSED them all, to be sick.  And this in fact IS "a WAR crime" that is being committed, "on HOME SOIL" - AGAINST! - the American PEOPLE - and ESPECIALLY 'all those who are AWARE, of the shadow government, and their 'CONTROL over the global population'.  We are not "afraid". People have been 'KILLED', over the kind of things that WE'RE exposing.  They have 'TRIED' - to KILL US - AND! - the Members of the Faithful Remnant MULTIPLE times - through "electronically induced heart attacks".  But we're still HERE!  And "we're NOT going ANYWHERE"!
July 23

Trump tweeted: ....A Rocket has not been launched by North Korea in 9 months. Likewise, no Nuclear Tests. Japan is happy, all of Asia is happy. But the Fake News is saying, without ever asking me (always anonymous sources), that I am angry because it is not going fast enough. Wrong, very happy!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: The Trump Administration, NEEDS to be INFORMED, that the Mainstream Media, is "CHANGING the global NARRATIVE", once AGAIN! - because they were TOLD to, BY, "the illuminati", or, "the shadow GOVERNMENT", that, is in fact 'RUNNING, the United States BEHIND the scenes'.  THEIR GOAL? - IS! - to detonate 'a NUCLEAR device', in CHICAGO - and BLAME it! - on Russia or North Korea.  The Russian "MEDDLING", narrative - has 'fallen APART'.  And so THEY, want to FOCUS, on 'a CHINESE CYBER ATTACK, taking OUT, the national POWER grid for the United STATES' - and in the CHAOS, REMOVING, President TRUMP, from his POSITION. President Trump IS in fact, 'DOING what he can' to RESTORE America.  And the CREATOR, SEES this!  And so HE is 'the One', who is giving, Donald Trump, this INFORMATION - FOR his protection.  The SHADOW GOVERNMENT - desperately, wants the American PEOPLE to BELIEVE that they HAVE, "ENEMIES"! - that RUSSIA, CHINA, and North KOREA, are "a THREAT".  When "the REAL threat", is in FACT, 'the PEOPLE! - who are MANIPULATING those GOVERNMENTS, from behind the SCENES'. JUST because it APPEARS that there is "a cyber-TERRORIST attack", from a certain COUNTRY, doesn't MEAN, that 'THAT' is where the SOURCE originatedThere is SO much 'fake NEWS' and 'fake REPORTING' going on - but, "the COMMON thread", between ALL of the stories, that are being SHARED in the MAINSTREAM news! - IS that, "America has ENEMIES! - that they NEED to be afraid of".

July 24

Trump tweeted: The European Union is coming to Washington tomorrow to negotiate a deal on Trade. I have an idea for them. Both the U.S. and the E.U. drop all Tariffs, Barriers and Subsidies! That would finally be called Free Market and Fair Trade! Hope they do it, we are ready - but they won’t!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: What President TRUMP needs to know is that the E.U. is actually "an EXTENSION, OF the illuminati shadow government".  And 'their PLAN', is to DISCREDIT, President TRUMP before the NATIONS!  it is "a BULLYING tactic" that they FULLY intend to use - as, they 'take ADVANTAGE'! - of President Trump's "DIPLOMACY", and being "a gracious HOST".  They are REALLY "a mafia ORGANIZATION" and BELIEVE that they can 'pressure the United STATES, to trade WITH them, on THEIR terms!' - because THEY believe that, "THEY have more POWER and influence in the WORLD, than the United STATES does".  It is CLEAR! - that they are 'setting-UP the U.S. PRESIDENT' to STAB him in the BACK.  JUST like, Macron - when HE visited; and JUST like TRUDEAU.  Because the PRESIDENT desires, "FAIR trade" - the E.U. FULLY intend 'to take ADVANTAGE' of that.  And SO, the President needs to be "on high ALERT", and "on GUARD"!

July 25

Trump tweeted: When you have people snipping at your heels during a negotiation, it will only take longer to make a deal, and the deal will never be as good as it could have been with unity. Negotiations are going really well, be cool. The end result will be worth it!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: The "JOURNALISTS", in the mainstream NEWS, need to be HELD, to "a STANDARD of JOURNALISM" - OR, the American PEOPLE, will CONTINUE! - to be fed "fake news" - and CONTINUE to be "dumbed-DOWN", and MANIPULATED - BY, the mainstream MEDIA.  The ONLY one who can HOLD, "the JOURNALISTS", TO 'a STANDARD, of JOURNALISM' - is the FCC.  And SO -the BEST thing to DO, IS, to FILE, 'a REPORT', to the FCC DEMANDING! - that THEY, would 'ENFORCE', BETTER JOURNALISM - one where people 'check their SOURCES', and 'the FACTS'! - BEFORE they're allowed, to write a story - and that they be 'held ACCOUNTABLE, for FALSE information'. "JOURNALISM", is a big RESPONSIBILITY.  And the JOURNALISTS of TODAY, have ABUSED, 'their POSITION' - as now there is "a FULL-FRONTAL attack", in the MAINSTREAM NEWS - ESPECIALLY by CNN, or "the C.i.a. News Network" - ON, "the PRESIDENCY, of Donald Trump".  The FACT that they would even RECEIVE, "tapes" - that were RECORDED, under "attorney-client PRIVILEGE" - and THEN 'PUBLISH them'! - makes them actually WORSE! - than "the national enquirer".  And so the MAINSTREAM media, is 'being USED', to MISREPRESENT 'the TRUMP administration', to the PEOPLE - to ENSURE that he does NOT get re-elected.  And, SO! - WHAT is "a bigger THREAT"? - the mainstream MEDIA? - who has "a PERSONAL! - bias - against the Trump administration"?  OR - the president of IRAN - who SIMPLY, "tweeted"! - some WORDS - because he was TOLD to - by the PEOPLE who are pulling HIS strings.  THINK about it!  WHEN is the last TIME, the Iranian LEADER, has "TWEETED, a threat" - to a U.S. administration?

In response to the above Tweet, Fox News published 'an A.I. written propaganda piece' on August 08, titiled, "Many Republicans say Trump should have power to shut down media outlets".  This is also after we exposed Fox News as being "controlled opposition" (- on August 01 - Tweeted to President Donald Trump).  Here is the link to the Fox News propaganda piece: 

In this above PIECE, the reporter", is speaking in 'VAGUE, language' - that is CLEARLY against 'the TRUMP Administration' - as he CLAIMS that, the REPUBLICANS, want to shut DOWN 'MEDIA news outlets', for "BAD behavior".  But! - THIS is not true.  There is 'a level of JOURNALISM', that the MEDIA OUTLETS must be held, "ACCOUNTABLE" to.  And THAT, is what, the REPUBLICANS, are 'CONCERNED' about.  The fact that, MUCH of the media IS "fake" - and they are NOT 'reporting on facts' - MEANS that 'the MEDIA' is being USED as "a WEAPON, of WAR" - AGAINST the President.  But the REPORTER, is trying to 'water-DOWN', the CONCERNS, of the REPUBLICAN Party - who can CLEARLY see, that the MEDIA, 'HATES', President Donald Trump, and EVERYTHING he stands for.  And THAT, IS, 'NOT, fair news REPORTING'!  But the NEWS reporter, is very CRAFTILY, 'FLIPPING things upside DOWN' - to CLAIM, that President Donald TRUMP is "inciting HATRED, against the MEDIA, by calling it fake NEWS".  The REPORTER, is actually claiming, that the mainstream MEDIA is a victim.  This is "a classic BULLYING tactic" - where the BULLY, pretends that 'HE is the victim!' - as he VICTIMIZES, others.  The FACTS 'SPEAK for themselves'.  The TRUMP Administration has been 'DRAGGED THROUGH the mud' - BY, the mainstream MEDIA.  Because, THEY, have FAILED, to report on ANY of the SUCCESSES! - of the Trump Administration.  And THAT'S how you know that the MAINSTREAM media is "BIASED".  And so, it's MUCH BETTER, to SUPPORT, President Donald TRUMP - than it IS, to JOIN, "the crooked DEMOCRATS" - who ONLY want to push, 'a liberal AGENDA' on EVERYONE!  Under President Donald TRUMP, 'FREEDOM'! - will reign.

So MANY people will seek to 'brush this off as a COINCIDENCE' - but it is FAR FROM it!  As the Most High TRUE God, is simply "going AHEAD, of the MAINSTREAM news NARRATIVE".  And, 'the deep STATE', know EXACTLY! - 'WHO we are'.  And THEY are trying to do, "DAMAGE control" - because, when our WORD, goes OUT - it is LIKE "a Consuming Fire".  And the Spiritual AND Physical realities, ARE 'changed'. (August 08, 2018 update)


Trump tweeted: What kind of a lawyer would tape a client? So sad! Is this a first, never heard of it before? Why was the tape so abruptly terminated (cut) while I was presumably saying positive things? I hear there are other clients and many reporters that are taped - can this be so? Too bad!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: There is no PROOF that the tapes WEREN'T 'altered in some way'.  And SO, the FACT, that the FBI - 'RAIDED'! - the personal LAWYER'S, OFFICE - to the President of the United States - is DEFINITELY! - "a BIG, red FLAG" - that there is "a PERSONAL, vendetta, against President TRUMP".  It is QUITE CLEAR, that: Michael Cohen, has been given "VERY bad advice", by 'HIS lawyers' - and, believes that 'by WORKING, with the FBI' - he can be granted, IMMUNITY - because THEY! - have, "PERSONAL information AND dirt", on him.  THIS is exactly, how "the shadow government", operates: they FIND "dirt", on PEOPLE - BEFORE! - they allow them into 'a POSITION of power', in society - or they 'set them UP'! - and try to get 'EVIDENCE, that they USE' - in order to BLACKMAIL the individual.  And it's QUITE clear, that Michael COHEN, would NEVER have broken 'the attorney-client privilege' - except, for the FACT, that he BELIEVES, that he will SPEND, his life, in PRISON - for the kind of "DIRT", they have, ON him - if he DOESN'T cooperate with the FBI.   THEREFORE, what Cohen ACTUALLY needs - is "IMMUNITY, FROM the President of the United States" and "a PROMISE of PROTECTION" - and NEEDS to be assigned 'a LAWYER, that the PRESIDENT! - chooses'.  It's ALREADY, been SHOWN - that, "the corrupt GOVERNMENT" will go so FAR, as 'to COMPLETELY FABRICATE, a dossier' - implicating the President's ties to RUSSIA.    And so, there ARE "reasonable grounds" to CONCLUDE, that the FBI ALSO! - are USING "corrupt measures", with President Trump's EX-lawyer.  The next TASK would be to PROVE that, there were NO "reasonable grounds" to RAID the lawyer's office - REGARDLESS of 'what they found'!

July 26

Trump tweeted: Twitter “SHADOW BANNING” prominent Republicans. Not good. We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! Many complaints.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: If the DEMOCRATS were allowed to launch "a FULL investigation" into 'a social MEDIA platform', such as FACEBOOK - without any real BASIS, FOR the investigation - as they believe, that FACEBOOK was "TAMPERING, with the Democratic VOTE"... Then NOW the REPUBLICANS! - can launch 'a FULL investigation', into TWITTER - for their SHADOW ban, of the REPUBLICANS - and for 'THOSE who support Donald Trump'. And CHECK! - what BIASES Twitter HAS - TOWARDS, the Republican PARTY.  Because THAT'S not "free SPEECH" - and IS "discriminatory, AND illegal"!

July 26

Trump tweeted: America is OPEN FOR BUSINESS and U.S. Steel is back!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so HOW IS, "Almighty God, the CREATOR of the Universe", to be 'RECIPROCAL', to the United STATES - for HOW, they have 'TREATED', the unborn CHILDREN? - and CONTINUE to treat them - in THEIR, "abortion mills" - and with the EXISTENCE of "planned PARENTHOOD"? - which IS in fact, "planned GENOCIDE". Because the ABORTION industry, in the UNITED states, ALSO 'adds, to the overall GDP'!  And so what IS, 'the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE', to DO! - with such, "a merciless NATION" - who ALSO seeks PROSPERITY?  "ABSOLUTE DEVASTATION"! - can ONLY! - befall, America.  Because 'the BLOOD of the INNOCENT', cry OUT! - for Justice.  So the Most High True God can ONLY, 'Curse, the United States of America' - UNTIL, ALL! - of the States, 'ban', abortion.  YOU will SEE this! - in the COMING days.
"In the coming DAYS"?  Yes, exactly 10 Days Later, on August 5th, Trump tweeted: California wildfires are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws which aren’t allowing massive amount of readily available water to be properly utilized. It is being diverted into the Pacific Ocean. Must also tree clear to stop fire spreading!  And so yes, Trump DID see, FIRST hand, the "ABSOLUTE DEVASTATION", that we were specifically referring to, in that above Tweet.

July 27

Trump tweeted: The only Collusion with Russia was with the Democrats, so now they are looking at my Tweets (along with 53 million other people) - the rigged Witch Hunt continues! How stupid and unfair to our Country....And so the Fake News doesn’t waste my time with dumb questions, NO,...

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: WHY are the DEMOCRATS, looking into Trump's TWEETS? - when THEY! - are the ones, who were 'CAUGHT'! - FALSIFYING documents in order to 'BLAME', Trump for "alleged COLLUSION with Russia".  This is 'a CLASSIC, DEFLECTING! - approach'. Because the Democrats KNOW, very WELL! - that TRUMP knows THEY'RE responsible, for TRYING 'to PIN the ELECTION hack, on RUSSIA'.  The Democrats CANNOT be trusted!  And they have PROVEN themselves, to be "CROOKED, INDIVIDUALS", who BEHAVE more like "THUGS"! - or the MAFIA - than they DO, as "politicians", or people with political INFLUENCE.  As they 'PRETEND'! - to SPEAK on behalf of the people.  But it was UNDER "the democratic REGIME", that AMERICA was doing, the WORST!  But under the REPUBLICANS, and under 'a REPUBLICAN President' - AMERICA is in fact "SOARING"! - AND being restored! - REGARDLESS, of what "the fake NEWS" or "mainstream MEDIA" presents to the people.  And so WHY doesn't the TRUMP Administration look INTO all of the TWEETS, that TWITTER is "DESPERATELY trying to ERASE"!  WHY all of a sudden? - is TWITTER - who was FOUNDED in 'a LIBERAL blue STATE' - TRYING, to REMOVE, 'the fake ACCOUNTS' - as quickly as POSSIBLE?  Because, THERE is EVIDENCE, of "Twitter BIAS"!  And evidence of the DEMOCRATS "trying to sway the midterm ELECTIONS"! - through "FAKE! - A.I. accounts" - or "B.S. accounts", that are AGAINST the REPUBLICANS.  In OTHER words, the Democrats KNOW, "if they DON'T move fast? - then they'll be CAUGHT" - once again!
August 01

Trump tweeted: The Fake News Media is going CRAZY! They are totally unhinged and in many ways, after witnessing first hand the damage they do to so many innocent and decent people, I enjoy watching. In 7 years, when I am no longer in office, their ratings will dry up and they will be gone!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: The Trump Administration needs to know, that Fox News is in FACT, "controlled opposition". It's ALL about 'CONTROLLING the PERCEPTIONS  of the American people'.  When you FLIP a coin, there are two sides.  YET! - they are BOTH 'the face, of the same COIN'!  And THAT is what has happened, with the mainstream NEWS.  The "CONTROLLED opposition", was CREATED, BY the CIA, in order TO, MAKE the people 'BELIEVE', that they have 'a VOICE'.  Trump supporters, have a voice, at the Trump rallies; but in REALITY, there IS no "political voice, FOR the Republican Party" - AS, in EVERY INTERVIEW, that is GIVEN, with Fox NEWS, it IS 'CLEAR', that 'drops of POISON', are inserted, in order to poison the VIEWER, against President Trump.  If President Trump's AIDES, would LOOK, into the previous INTERVIEWS, with Fox NEWS - and really 'LISTENED', to the questions being posed - it's QUITE clear, what the FOX News HOSTS, are INSINUATING, and IMPLYING - with EVERY question posed!  They give 'the APPEARANCE of supporting the Trump Administration' - perhaps, even on a PERSONAL level they DO.  But they HAVE to 'taint, the interview' - according, to the mainstream media narrative.  And SO, with every INTERVIEW, that Donald Trump GIVES, he needs to be 'ESPECIALLY CAREFUL, of HOW things are WORDED', so that NOTHING can be TAKEN out of CONTEXT - and no STATEMENT, can be "misunderstood" - BASICALLY the way he tweets.
August 03

Trump tweeted: NASA, which is making a BIG comeback under the Trump Administration, has just named 9 astronauts for Boeing and Spacex space flights. We have the greatest facilities in the world and we are now letting the private sector pay to use them. Exciting things happening. Space Force!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: What the Trump Administration needs to KNOW, is that ALL of the NASA missions, to SPACE - have simply BEEN, "elaborate hoaxes".  They can't EVEN put an astronaut, ON the moon!  BUT, if the TRUMP Administration, would look INTO it, they would FIND, that NASA, is all "SMOKE and mirrors". They are 'an organization FOCUSED, on CYBERSECURITY, FROM Space' - THAT is all! They have no INTEREST, in the PLANETS, or in "space EXPLORATION" - but they are INTERESTED in SURVEILLANCE - through SATELLITE.  THAT'S as far as they're ABLE to go.  But they CAN'T penetrate ABOVE, or THROUGH, the DEBRIS belt! - around the EARTH.  It's NOT possible.  It's "TOO dangerous to try".  They have no 'REAL, hard, evidence' of BEING in Space - or having made it to the MOON. IF! - they were ABLE to make it to the moon - THERE would be "a Moon LAND Base" - BY now.  But as it STANDS? - they are SPEAKING, about 'setting up BASES, on MARS'?  THIS is 'ALL a distraction'.  "Space exploration" IS a deception.  And so NASA wants "FUNDING" - for SURVEILLANCE! - to upgrade the SATELLITES!  And so the Trump ADMINISTRATION, should withdraw FUNDING, from the NASA SPACE program, ALTOGETHER, upon what they DISCOVER, through their own 'digging'.  That MONEY can be better spent ELSEWHERE.
This note is to inform President Donald Trump, that when he READS this, the DEEP STATE MEDIA, KNOWS, that HE in fact IS reading our tweets - and THEY, are WAITING for 'his RESPONSE', to the COUNSEL - and the INSIGHTS that we have been sharing - so that THEY, can 'PREPARE' and 'go AHEAD of his next move'.  President Trump ALSO needs to KNOW that there is no "PRIVACY" in the Whitehouse WHATSOEVER - and ALL conversations are recorded, AND logged, by the Deep State.  Because the Deep State, are the ONES, who are 'TRYING', to control, the WHITEHOUSE, from BEHIND closed doors.  THEY are the ones who are trying to 'PUPPET', the President of the United States.  Trump ALSO needs to know that whenever "the press" are invited to the Whitehouse, they are SIMPLY looking for ANY "sound bite" to use AGAINST him.  MOST of the reporters, are not INTERESTED, in PRESENTING, TRUMP'S AGENDA, ACCURATELY to the PEOPLE - but INSTEAD, they are FOCUSED on 'doing what THEY can', to TURN the people, AGAINST their President.  That IS! - 'THEIR personal mission', and COMES with BONUSES!  (August 04, 2018) 
August 06
Trump tweeted: Thank you Florida. I love you!  (July 31 tweet with video of Florida Rally)

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: The "Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven", is going to be DIRECTED, at FLORIDA - VERY shortly!  And MUCH Devastation is COMING, to that 'STATE'.  AND nothing can stop it.  Becausethe CREATOR, is going to ACT! - in "HIS best interests".  Because the United States of AMERICA, is going to be "HEAVILY Chastised by their CREATOR", for their 'SINS against the Unborn' - BECAUSE, 'the Unborn SOULS', are "CRYING out, for JUSTICE".  And 'their VOICE' will be HEARD!  And as "a courtesy", He is ALLOWING, the U.S. PRESIDENT, to know AHEAD of Time, of what HE, is about to do.  HE has already Acted against 'the STATE', of California - with "raging WILDFIRES".  But He has "a special SURPRISE" for Florida - 'an APOCALYPTIC Storm, of BIBLICAL proportions'.

August 08
Trump tweeted: The Republicans have now won 8 out of 9 House Seats, yet if you listen to the Fake News Media you would think we are being clobbered. Why can’t they play it straight, so unfair to the Republican Party and in particular, your favorite President!
Reply from @Real2Witnesses: How IS it? - that the MEDIA, is able to MISREPRESENT 'the FACTS' - in SUCH a WAY, that the PEOPLE - when they 'READ the NEWS story' - will COME away, 'BELIEVING', something ENTIRELY different? - and with CONFUSION.  WHERE is "the ACCOUNTABILITY, for accurate news reporting"? - with no PARTIALITY, towards ANY particular PARTY. The mainstream MEDIA, has ABUSED! - the gift of "freedom of PRESS" - by actually 'reporting FALSELY', and 'denying the FACTS' - in an EFFORT to 'SWAY', the voters OPINIONS, THIS midterm ELECTION.  By TELLING, the American people, that the REPUBLICANS, are BASICALLY "on their way OUT" - that has 'a PSYCHOLOGICAL effect', on the VOTERS!  And, the NEWS media KNOW this!  And THIS is why, Trump is ADAMANT, about SHARING, 'how WELL, the Republican PARTY, is truly DOING'.  Because, he is WINNING!  And, he KNOWS IT.  And, the PEOPLE deserve to be informed, of 'the FACTS'!  WHEN does media JOURNALISM, "cross the LINE"? - in ORDER for them, to have their FCC license removed?  WHERE, is the "JOURNALISM, with INTEGRITY"? - where BOTH sides are PRESENTED, fairly.  EVEN when they call in "EXPERTS", to give their "PROJECTION, for the ELECTION results" - that is 'trying to TIP, the POLLS, in the DEMOCRATS favor' - that is "UNFAIR, and VERY bias, NEWS reporting"!  WHEN does "SLAMMING! - the President of the United STATES", and his POLICIES - become, 'an act of WAR', and 'AGGRESSION'?  When does 'coining phrases', like "Trump anxiety disorder" - ACTUALLY become, 'an act of HATE' by the media, AGAINST their own President? These are good QUESTIONS to PONDER.
August 12

Trump tweeted: “Seems like the Department of Justice (and FBI) had a program to keep Donald Trump from becoming President”. @DarrellIssa  @foxandfriends  If this had happened to the other side, everybody involved would be in jail. This is a Media coverup of the biggest story of our time.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: The BIGGEST media COVER-UP - in THESE End TIMES, is the FACT! - that EVERYONE is living "in the TIME, of the Apocalypse".  And that, the TESTIMONY as PROPHESIED IN, the Book of REVELATIONS, is now 'VISIBLE, and ONLINE', for PEOPLE, to SEE - and to READ - and to UNDERSTAND.  The TESTIMONY in fact, is 'UNPACKING', WHAT is going on - IN, the Trump Administration - and WHY, Donald Trump HAS 'so many adversaries'.  And the TESTIMONY is FILLED, with 'COUNSEL, from HEAVEN' - to HELP people in THESE Times, to NAVIGATE - THROUGH, "the DARKNESS", that has come UPON the face of the EARTH.  The Testimony is FROM Jesus Christ the LORD.  And, 'the MEDIA'! - KNOWS of the Testimony - and THEY are 'trying to SUPPRESS it'.  They KNOW! - that "the Two Witnesses" are in FACT "on the scene" - but they will NOT draw 'ANY attention', to us - because THAT, will draw PEOPLE, to the TRUTH - and EXPOSE the mainstream media's DECEPTIONS.  "The biggest STORY, of THIS TIME, in HISTORY"? - is the fact that the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, is 'CLOSING, the ERA' - ONE Plague, ONE Disaster, ONE Apocalyptic Storm, at a time.  And, the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE is going to GIVE, Donald TRUMP, "the proof that HE needs" - that we are in fact "who we SAY we are", and that THIS is 'the Time of the Apocalypse'.  And, it is going to DIRECTLY, affect, 'HIS property'. Because ALL things belong to the Most High True God - and everything He OWNS, is 'a GIFT from his Creator'.  And, the Most High TRUE God 'Gives' - and 'takes BACK'.  Blessed BE the Most High True GOD!

And if anyone else "needs a SIGN", before they will be willing to wake UP?  Just "say the word" - OUT loud, to your Creator - and rest assured, that He will be paying YOU a most personal visit, as well.  We will be posting the NEWS stories, that reveal how Donald Trump's personal property, was impacted by natural disasters, HERE, under his "media coverup" Tweet.
August 13

Trump tweeted: @MarkBurnettTV called to say that there are NO TAPES of the Apprentice where I used such a terrible and disgusting word as attributed by Wacky and Deranged Omarosa. I don’t have that word in my vocabulary, and never have. She made it up. Look at her MANY recent quotes saying... such wonderful and powerful things about me - a true Champion of Civil Rights - until she got fired. Omarosa had Zero credibility with the Media (they didn’t want interviews) when she worked in the White House. Now that she says bad about me, they will talk to her. Fake News!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: What OMAROSA effectively DID? - is 'set a PRECEDENT', for ALL the black WOMEN - who, would like 'to MAKE it, up the corporate structure LADDER' - that, as SOON as they get to 'the POSITION, they WANT' - THEN? - they have EVERY right, to DESTROY! - the REPUTATION, of "the white EXECUTIVE", who GOT them there - who HELPED them get their position.  And SO - MOST DEFINITELY, the "black women of POWER", would be taking NOTES - and, SEEING, 'how much OMAROSA, gets AWAY with'.  SHE is actually in FACT, TELLING the corporate EXECUTIVES, NOT! - to hire black WOMEN - no matter how QUALIFIED they are for the JOB.  Because they have "a HAIR-trigger RESPONSE, IN them! - that they will 'turn on a DIME'! - and hide behind the RACIST card" - if EVER! - they are FIRED, or, if they are "HUMILIATED", in SOME way.  The fact IS, that OMAROSA, is showing 'extreme HATE and RACISM, towards the TRUMP Administration' - and towards President Donald TRUMP - PERSONALLY.  And did she NOT "BREACH, white house SECURITY"? - by allegedly AUDIO TAPING conversations that she HAD? - with the PRESIDENT.  What Omarosa has effectively DONE, is SHE'S made it IMPOSSIBLE for 'the white executives' to TRUST, BLACK women, with positions of POWER, within 'the corporate STRUCTURE'.  And so, what the Trump Administration, should DO? - is AUDIO record - EVERYTHING! - EVERY conversation - and BACK it up - and have PROOF, of 'WHAT was said', and 'who SAID it'.  Because ANY audio recording can have 'words digitally inserted'.  And so the TRUTH is, that OMAROSA, in her 'CLAIM', that she was "CONNED, by President Trump" - ACTUALLY reveals, that SHE was 'conning HIM! - the entire TIME' - as she worked on her BOOK.  BOOKS, are NOT MADE, overnight - they take TIME, and RESEARCH, and a LOT of patience!  And so the TRUMP Administration, NEEDS to find out - WHO Omarosa's PUBLICIST is? - and how LONG she was WORKING, on her BOOK! - to DEHUMANIZE, and DEMORALIZE, the President of the United STATES.

A critical piece of evidence from a February 13, 2018 interview above: At 0:49 Piers Morgan describes Omarosa as,"A poisonous viper spreading gossip innuendo and terrorizing everyone in her wake".  At 2:17 - "She's absolutely APPALLING! - I mean LITERALLY one of the worst human beings I've ever encountered in my LIFE!"  At 4:51, "...and probably the LEAST trustworthy human being EVER conceived on God's earth".  And so this begs the QUESTION: WHY! - is the MEDIA - supporting OMAROSA - and PRESENTING her, as someone with "CREDIBILITY"? - AS she goes AGAINST, and tries to discredit Donald TRUMP?  The mainstream MEDIA are SUPPORTING Omarosa's side of the STORY- because they TOO! - have "a PERSONAL vendetta", AGAINST, Donald Trump and his Administration.  The fact that they support HER, reveals that they have "NO credibility"! - WHATSOEVER.
August 16

Trump tweeted: The Boston Globe, which was sold to the Failing New York Times for 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS (plus 800 million dollars in losses & investment), or 2.1 BILLION DOLLARS, was then sold by the Times for 1 DOLLAR. Now the Globe is in COLLUSION with other papers on free press. PROVE IT!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Perhaps the TRUMP Administration, should look INTO "the Annapolis shooting", that was 'SUPPOSED to have taken place' in Maryland, in a NEWS room - with the CLAIM, that 5 news reporters, were shot and killed, by a gunman.  GIVEN that this has never happened, in all of U.S. HISTORY! - and GIVEN the fact that, the mainstream MEDIA, is up in ARMS - and actually RALLYING TOGETHER, 'to PRETEND to be the voice of the American people' - AGAINST the Trump Administration! - it LOOKS like there is 'a DEFINITE connection'.  WHAT are 'the ODDS'? - that one of the BIGGEST mass SHOOTINGS, against NEWS journalists - would take PLACE, RIGHT AFTER, President Donald TRUMP, makes 'HIS very bold REMARKS' - EXPOSING, the MEDIA, as "FAKE"! - exposing MOST REPORTERS, as "FAKE"!  And if in FACT, the Annapolis SHOOTING, was 'FABRICATED' - and those five REPORTERS, that allegedly DIED, were 'made-UP'? - then - the three letter AGENCIES involved, WITH 'that coordinated EFFORT' - are ALL "guilty of treason"!

Today 350 Newspapers launched a coordinated attack against the U.S. President - an attack that was based on the narrative that was fed to each of them, by "the A.I."  Details of the coordinated attack are revealed by the newspaper that spearheaded the affront:  And so the predominantly ILLUMINATI-owned newspapers, are BULLYING Trump for his right to free speech - by calling HIM out as 'a bully, of the newspapers' - when he is SIMPLY, BRINGING to the peoples' ATTENTION, HOW, the MEDIA, is "not a credible source, of INFORMATION" - in many CASES.  TRUMP is in NO way! - AGAINST, "the REAL media" - the REAL press - who SIMPLY desire to present the facts.  He is AGAINST, the MAINSTREAM media - who want to MISREPRESENT the facts, to the American PEOPLE - to try 'to SWING the election, in FAVOR of the Democrats'.  He is "ALL FOR the freedom of the press" - BUT, he ALSO knows FULL WELL, that the mainstream MEDIA, has been "UNFAIR" - in THEIR efforts, to COVER 'the Trump Administration', and to cover 'the Republican PARTY' - accurately!


Ontario Premier Doug Ford @fordnation

July 11
Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted: To our newly sworn-in cabinet, and our skilled team of MPPs - we have a critical task ahead of us. But I know our team is ready and no matter what, we will never forget that we owe this opportunity to the people.
Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Trudeau wants to COMMANDEER "the moral standard" - by using his LIBERALS, to INFLUENCE, CABINET members, to VOTE, 'a certain way' - so as to ENSURE, that the LIBERALS REMAIN, in power.Trudeau ALSO wants to 'BULLY' other PROVINCES - into  ACCEPTING, 'the Liberal AGENDA' - which is ACTUALLY 'AGAINST, Canadian values'.  As TRUDEAU went SO far, as 'to FORCE the pipeline, to go THROUGH' - by BUYING it with taxpayers' MONEY! - SINKING, the Canadian economy FURTHER, into debt. And he Trudeau DOES it under the guise of "the NATION'S best INTEREST"?  It's TIME for CHANGE.  It's TIME, for a CONSERVATIVE party, to take OVER.  It's TIME for, Doug FORD, to RISE to the challenge! - to REPAIR, 'the DAMAGE', that the LIBERAL party has done to the nation.  STARTING with his own PROVINCE. The DIFFERENCE between the LIBERALS and the CONSERVATIVES? - is that the CONSERVATIVES believe in 'fair VOTING' - and 'PEOPLE having a voice'.  Whereas.  the LIBERALS - SIMPLY believe, "they ARE the voice of the people!" - "THEY will tell the people, WHAT to believe, AND what they WANT! - AND what the moral STANDARD is!"   They will IMPOSE it, on EVERYONE!
July 12

Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted: We will respect parents, teachers and students by getting back to basics and replacing failed ideological experiments in the classroom.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:It COULD be 'easily proven' - IF people, as in "PROFESSIONALS" would take the time to DO so - that, exposing young CHILDREN, to "gender IDENTITY ideological EXPERIMENTS" - and to 'being INSECURE', ABOUT their "born gender" - CAN in FACT! - cause "PSYCHOLOGICAL and EMOTIONAL distress, and HARM". And so HOW MANY! - "kids" - have actually grown UP, BELIEVING - because of 'that ONE, EXPERIMENT' they HAD - with 'the same GENDER' - ACTUALLY, ended UP, with "SERIOUS, psychological issues".  It can EASILY be PROVEN - that EXPOSING CHILDREN, to "GENDER experiments" is 'a FORM of child abuse'!  The PRESSURES of SCHOOL? - are 'ENOUGH'! - FOR them.  And THEN, the teachers WANT to THROW in, 'CONFUSION' - into the CURRICULUM.  Parents are "FREE to RAISE their CHILDREN, with the beliefs THEY want to instill in them" - HOWEVER, that should not be 'IMPOSED', on EVERYONE. And THOSE who 'enforced, such a CURRICULUM'? - of "gender DYSPHORIA" - are ACTUALLY responsible, FOR! - the choices that 'those kids' MADE - as 'a RESULT, of BEING exposed at an EARLY age, to something they cannot even COMPREHEND'! - as they struggle with 'BASIC education'.  In FACT, the #Liberal AGENDA - was to 'OVERWHELM!' - the child - with 'THEIR world view' - so that they CAN'T! - make, 'a clear decision'.  Because the Truth IS, "kids, have IMAGINATION" - AND the Liberals know that. It is 'GOOD'! - that FORD, is bringing back 'the OLD curriculum' - where it is BASED on "ACADEMIC education" - NOT 'trying to form, the MINDS, of kids, to THINK a certain way', at an early AGE - about 'such CRUCIAL, and IMPORTANT, decisions'!

July 19

Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted: Today I announced that Ontario will stand with the people of Saskatchewan to fight the federal carbon tax. We will be joining their legal case to prevent the federal government from imposing a costly carbon tax on the people of our great provinces.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so, if FORD is not able to prevent the CARBON tax, from being "enforced", in ONTARIO - THEN! - there is ANOTHER mode of action, that he could TAKE - by ACTUALLY, gathering the SIGNATURES, of ALL the small BUSINESSES, who would be AFFECTED, by 'the carbon tax increase' - and ALSO, SPEAKING, with the OTHER Premiers of the OTHER Provinces who are ALSO "opposed", to the CARBON tax - and invite THEM to do 'the SAME' - with the local BUSINESSES, of THEIR Province.  And if NECESSARY! - FORM "a class ACTION lawsuit", AGAINST the federal government - for trying to IMPOSE! - 'a CARBON tax', on ALL THOSE, who are AGAINST, the IDEA! - of climate change, being a PROBLEM.  WHY should the CANADIANS, HAVE to PAY, extra TAX? - when CLIMATE change, hasn't EVEN been PROVEN! - as "a REAL problem".  And, that #JustinTrudeau, is trying to FORCE! - the CARBON tax, on ALL Canadians - as he USED Canadian TAXPAYER MONEY, to BUY the PIPELINE - to 'get AROUND, the LAWS, of the individual PROVINCES'. The federal government has 'no right to IMPOSE, a CARBON TAX, ON all CANADIANS'!  And #Trudeau KNOWS this.

July 27
Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted:  "I promised to reduce the size and cost of government, and end the culture of waste and mismanagement. More politicians are not the answer. These changes will dramatically improve the decision making process, and help restore accountability and trust in local governments. For too long City Council has failed to act on the key issues facing Toronto. Less Councilors will mean a more efficient government, and more action on key issues like transit, housing and infrastructure."
Reply from @Real2Witnesses: With regards to having "FEWER POLITICIANS"? - LESS politicians, means that things will get done 'a lot QUICKER' - and there will be 'LESS INTERFERENCE', and 'LESS red tape', to GO through. It will be "BETTER overall, for the City of Toronto".  But 'the PEOPLE, in POWER'? - ESPECIALLY the Liberals - do NOT! - WANT, the city COUNCIL to be reduced in SIZE - because THAT means, 'FEWER positions of power' - and FEWER "OBSTACLES", to 'the Conservative AGENDA', to RESTORE Toronto.  And so, what Doug FORD needs to be made AWARE of - is that, "LIBERALS, will go SO FAR, as to PAY, 'actors', to PROTEST! - what he is doing" - just "REGULAR people" - offering them, MONEY! - to protest - so it LOOKS like there is 'OPPOSITION', to his PROPOSAL. And THAT is actually "an ABUSE of the PUBLIC voice".  Doug Ford should ASK, the PROTESTORS who were PAID to protest, to come FORWARD, and 'PAY them!' - $100.00 EACH! - JUST, for coming forward, and being EXPOSED.

July 27

Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted: Let's get Toronto City Hall moving for the people. Less politicians, gridlock, and dysfunction. More progress on building transit, repairing infrastructure, and reducing housing backlogs.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: In ORDER to solve the gridlock PROBLEM in TORONTO? - the BEST thing would be, for the PROVINCE, to actually "BUY, the 407 toll route" - and REMOVE the tolls! - altogether.  Because, simply based on 'PSYCHOLOGICAL reasons' - PEOPLE don't want to pay "TOLLS" - ESPECIALLY with the GAS PRICES, the way that they ARE - and THEY will 'AVOID', using "a TOLL route" - and spend MORE HOURS, in traffic - SIMPLY based on "principle".  Look to VANCOUVER! - as "an EXAMPLE", of how 'a TOLL route', was "a bad IDEA"!  Because PEOPLE, would actually 'look for OTHER routes', and AVOID, 'the TOLL' altogether.  And THIS caused "a GRIDLOCK".  And ALL "the alternative ROUTES" were JAMMED with CARS.  And, they could hardly AFFORD, the TOLL bridge.  And so, the City of VANCOUVER, was FORCED! - to remove the TOLL. If TRUDEAU! - can buy "a PIPELINE"! - to actually IMPOSE, "a BAD idea", on Canadians? - then ONTARIO, can PURCHASE a TOLL route - and make it FREE! - for people to USE - that would actually 'HELP Canadians', and 'HELP the City of Toronto'.
August 04

Doug Ford @OntarioNewsNow Tweeted: We promised to use every tool at our disposal to protect Ontario jobs and families from the Trudeau Liberals’ carbon tax. This is why we are issuing a court challenge against the unconstitutional tax at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: HOW does a carbon tax make SENSE? - with ALL of the FOREST fires, that are going on, in ONTARIO, and in various PROVINCES.  The FORESTS are LITERALLY "burning" - creating LARGE amounts of CO2.  WHO is working to 'put out the FIRES'?  Is TRUDEAU?  Or is HE more INTERESTED, in "another TAX", that makes no SENSE. If PEOPLE want to reduce "carbon EMISSIONS", then, they need to START, by being 'more VIGILANT', about PUTTING out, the FOREST fires!  MONEY needs to be DIVERTED, to 'fighting FOREST fires'!  But PEOPLE don't need to be 'TAXED', in ADDITION to the homes and the PROPERTIES, that they are LOSING! - BECAUSE, these fires are 'so out of control'.  There NEEDS to be "a COMMON SENSE SOLUTION" - NOT another tax.  Canadians, are 'maxed-OUT' on their taxes.  Even as people switch over to electric VEHICLES, there IS still as much "smog", in the CITIES - AND in ADDITION, "smoke, from FOREST fires".
In a Tweet on August 08, Ford attached a province of Ontario news release to one of his Tweets:  News Release - Ontario Contributes $100 Million More to Battling Forest Fires 

August 14

Doug Ford @OntarioNewsNow Tweeted: Ontario to launch safe online cannabis sales on October 17. Regulated private retail sales starting on April 1, 2019. The minimum age for consumers will be 19.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so what the Ontario GOVERNMENT has effectively BECOME, in the Eyes of their Creator - are "DRUG pushers".  Even THOUGH they DO it under the DISGUISE of "LEGALIZING, drugs".  The problem with MARIJUANA being 'the HEALTH side-effects of it' - and 'the ADDICTIVE nature' it fosters in individuals who USE it.  It is even worse than TOBACCO.  And yet, now, the Ontario Government wants to make it readily AVAILABLE, for YOUNG people, to use - as YOUNG as 19 years old!  And THIS in effect, will introduce YOUNG people to marijuana, BEFORE they begin drinking, at the age of 21 - as more United States YOUTH will want to VISIT CANADA - just so that they can 'get HIGH'!  And so now even MORE people are going to be "STONED", and SEDATED - THROUGHOUT these End Times - THROUGHOUT 'the Time of the APOCALYPSE' - as an ALTERNATIVE to "waking-UP! - TO the disasters, that are HAPPENING, all AROUND them".  MORE and more PEOPLE are going to be 'turning to SYNTHETIC highs - through marijuana - IN Ontario - and THEN! - they will 'turn to the BOTTLE', and THEN they will get behind 'the WHEEL of a car' - and DRIVING will become MUCH more dangerous!  And THAT'S just "a simple FACT, of cause and effect".  And it will NO longer be 'MOTHERS against DRUNK drivers' - but "mothers against drunk AND high drivers".  And so THIS is what the Ontario GOVERNMENT accomplished - with the help of taxpayer's money - and by following the LEAD of Justin Trudeau.
August 15

Doug Ford @fordnation Tweeted:  We promised to restore trust and accountability in Ontario’s finances. Today we announced that the experts at @EYCanada will lead a comprehensive line-by-line audit. The party with the taxpayers’ money is over. #onpoli

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: And so why IS 'the global media' so MUCH against Doug FORD? - and the REAL CHANGE and REFORM that he is BRINGING, to Ontario's GOVERNMENT legislature?  WHY didn't the people who were in charge BEFORE him, make these changes?  Why DIDN'T they 'WANT' the Ontario GOVERNMENT, to be "ACCOUNTABLE", for taxpayer's money?  Why DIDN'T they WANT, "FULL TRANSPARENCY"? - so that the PEOPLE, were 'INFORMED', and KNEW! - HOW their MONEY was being SPENT - and exactly WHAT, the Government, was doing - and what KIND of 'LAWS', were being PASSED, and CHANGED?   With DOUG Ford - HE! - is bringing "a paradigm SHIFT" in POLITICS! - to LESSEN, 'the BURDENS', of the TAXPAYERS.  BECAUSE he SEES himself, as 'one of the PEOPLE' - NOT as "a politician", PUSHING 'his OWN political agenda'.  Doug FORD is NOT RUN, BY, 'the deep STATE' - or by 'people of POWER' - who have their OWN! - agenda for Ontario.  But as his campaign PROMISED, he is "a government OF! - the people, FOR the people".  And it will be "quite the REVELATION" - that they FIND! - after they FINISH, AUDITING Ontario's finances.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau
July 6

@Real2Witnesses: Did you know that by imposing HIGHER taxes on U.S. imports, the Canadian Government is in EFFECT, diverting more "true DOUGH" from the pockets of Canadian citizens, into the Canadian government COFFERS?  And so, can you now guess...  WHO started the TRADE war? 

July 6

Trudeau tweeted:  I'm confident I didn't act inappropriately, but I think the essence of this is people can experience interactions differently and part of the lesson we need to learn in this moment of collective awakening ... people in many cases. Women, experience interactions in professional contexts and other contexts differently than men"

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Trudeau recently commented: "Women, experience interactions in professional contexts and other contexts differently than men".  And so he CLEARLY believes that women do NOT share EQUALITY of PERCEPTIONS, with men... thereby making himself an ENEMY of the metoo movement!  When Trudeau said, "women, experience interactions in professional contexts and other contexts differently than men" - he was proclaiming to ALL the nations, that women do NOT share EQUALITY of PERCEPTIONS, with men.

July 9

@JustinTrudeau Twitter channel: The  Liberal government plans to extend its NATO leadership role in Latvia for several years, CBC News has learned. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will  "deliver a strong message" of solidarity during his bilateral visit to the Baltic state, said several sources from Defence, Foreign Affairs and other government departments.  Canada's mission leadership role faces a self-imposed government deadline of spring 2019. It is now expected to continue for at least another three years. Announcing the extension might serve the Liberals well in the current political climate.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  And NOW, Trudeau is ready to SACRIFICE Canadian SOLDIERS - in LATVIA - for an even LONGER period of time - AS "an actual POLITICAL stunt!" - in order for HIM, to be seen as "a great LEADER" - who is 'NEEDED' - and who will be around, for a long TIME. THIS is "a GROSS abuse of his political INFLUENCE" - during this TIME; ESPECIALLY with all of the GROPING allegations.  And so the LIBERALS are SIMPLY 'trying to distract EVERYONE' - from the fact that TRUDEAU, IS indeed! - "a hypocrite!" - AND "a liar" - because he WON'T 'HOLD himself to the same STANDARDS, that he HOLDS those to, in his OFFICE!
July 18

Trudeau tweeted: "Skilled new Ministers. Veteran leadership. A strong Cabinet, positioning Canada for even more growth and success."

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: Trudeau MUST be held accountable!  Why ISN'T he 'being HELD accountable'? - for ALL of the public HUMILIATIONS, that he CAUSED, CANADIANS?  When HE is 'the ONE who started the TRADE war' - WITH the United States.  He THINKS that by changing SOME, of the CABINET members, that the PEOPLE will FORGET - what HE DID, to President TRUMP? - and how that is 'COSTING, CANADA, a lot of MONEY'!  Because NOW, the U.S. PRESIDENT, IS! - taking CANADA - and BASICALLY 'SUING them'! - as he TAKES them before the world TRADE organization - and DOES so, through ALL of "the proper legal CHANNELS".  And THIS is 'what Trudeau, has ACCOMPLISHED', ON the world stage.  AND he NEEDS, to resign!  Someone ELSE needs to take his PLACE - who is "a REAL, DIPLOMAT" - and who CAN and WILL make, "common SENSE, negotiations" with the United States - in ORDER for both countries to BENEFIT; NOT "lose".

July 17

Trudeau tweeted: You’ve been in our hearts, Salma. This is wonderful news to hear – Sophie and I wish you all the best in your continued recovery. Vous étiez dans nos pensées, Salma. Quelle merveilleuse nouvelle. Sophie et moi vous transmettons nos meilleurs vœux de rétablissement.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: HOW can Trudeau, claim to 'care' about ONE PERSON... one CHILD? - who is RECOVERING, from a rare DISEASE? - while at the same TIME, promoting 'the SPREAD, of ABORTION, in 3rd world countries'? - and even having CANADA, PAY, Billions of DOLLARS, TOWARDS, 'MURDERING, the CHILDREN, in other COUNTRIES'?  So, does he 'REALLY care', about LIFE?  OR, is he "serving his OWN self-INTEREST"?  WHAT about, 'how absolutely UNPATRIOTIC', he WAS - towards TRUMP? - when he VISITED, CANADA, for the SUMMIT meeting.  He was "all SMILES!" - and HANDSHAKES! - to Trump's FACE; but as SOON, as he COULD - when he THOUGHT! - he wasn't being watched - he INSULTED, the President of the United States.  And that is "ONE LEADER", insulting, "ANOTHER leader" - who was 'the HOST'!  But the #CBC MEDIA won't ALLOW you to 'FOCUS, on THAT fact'.  WHAT about, how TRUDEAU, is SIMPLY 'GOING, WITH, the ANTI-RUSSIAN NARRATIVE' - as TRUMP, is 'doing what HE can', to be "diplomatic" and reach OUT - and to REDUCE if not 'BAN', nuclear PROLIFERATION, with Russia.  And so WHY is TRUDEAU, 'mouthing off the SAME, media narrative' - that GOES against, 'PRESIDENT Donald Trump's ACTIONS', during the Helsinki SUMMIT?  BECAUSE - the GLOBAL MEDIA - including Trudeau - is being PUPPETED, BY, "a SHADOW GOVERNMENT" - that is REALLY in control; and they WANT WAR!  Because "WAR", PROFITS! - the RICH.  It's THAT simple.
August 15

Trudeau tweeted: A few years ago, I delivered this speech to @MISCCAN on diversity in Canada, and how it makes us the freest people on Earth. We are all strong and free because we support each other’s freedom to be who we are.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  If one READS Trudeau's speech or LISTENS to it - it is CLEAR, that he is SIMPLY, using "BUZZ-words" - like "INCLUSION", and "DIVERSITY" - while at the same TIME, avoiding ANYTHING 'specific' - as to how THOSE 'WORDS', are BEING, IMPLEMENTED in society - in CANADIAN society.  So his ENTIRE SPEECH? - is REALLY about, 'NOTHING'!   And HOW is it POSSIBLE? - that it could be 'SO! - VAGUE, AND deliberate at the same TIME'?  It is not "HUMANLY possible"!  But, the TRUTH, WILL! - prevail.  JUSTIN TRUDEAU, has 'a COMPUTER' write his speeches.  JUST like, the MOVIE scripts are generated by, 'ARTIFICIAL intelligence' - so TOO! - are 'POLITICAL SPEECHES' GENERATED in the same way.  Which is why the politician feels 'so CONFIDENT'! - in what they're saying - because it was 'WRITTEN, by a SUPER-COMPUTER'.  And the Truth WILL come out! - that, there are "PAID, CONTROLLED, OPPOSITION PEOPLE" - who ASK Trudeau, 'SPECIFIC QUESTIONS', at his gatherings - that he ALREADY has 'his VAGUE and generic response' ready - to answer with.  And THIS GIVES! - Trudeau 'the ILLUSION of being INVINCIBLE'! - and "UNTOUCHABLE"!  BUT - TRUDEAU, will be brought DOWN - NOT by any HUMAN hand - but by the CREATOR, of the Universe.  Because HE is "a DECEIVER and an antichrist".

And this is the same "SUPER-COMPUTER" - who wrote OBAMA'S SPEECHES, AND! - who continues to write antipope francis' SPEECHES, and homilies. The video of Trudeau's speech mentioned above, with the transcript is at the following link: 


Here is a SAMPLE of Trudeau, using 'PAID ACTORS' at his "TOWN HALL meeting" - to CONFRONT him!  And NO one hears, what the ACTORS, are YELLING.  They put on 'a BIG SHOW'.  And they are NOT even SURPRISED [- at 3:48], by 'the POLICE' - who are ESCORTING them - OUT, of the building.  It is very REHEARSED and very STAGED.  And, NOTICE that the POLICE officers are "VERY GENTLE"! - with the two paid actors - as though THEY were 'acting' themselves.  AND notice how in Trudeau's response, he said 'ABSOLUTELY nothing'.  BUT! - he claimed to have "RESPECT for everyone in the ROOM" - while asking the ACTORS, if THEY had "respect"?  And, AS rehearsed [- at 1:58], they said they DIDN'T, have respect for ANYONE.  It was ALL "a big show"! - to make TRUDEAU look, "like a HERO".  And here's ANOTHER question:  WHY would someone with Lou Gherig's disease [- who Trudeau mentions at 1:11 in his prepared response...], BRING up at a town hall MEETING, that they needed MEDICATION?  And WHY would Trudeau share that story - EXCEPT 'to APPEAR, as a compassionate prime minister'. (August 17, 2018 update) 


"pope Francis" @Pontifex

July 7
@Real2Witnesses: In a recent article, pope Francis WARNS, AND denounces ‘sterile hypocrisy’ of those who turn a blind eye to the world’s poor.  But Jesus, has a DIFFERENT perspective, "For you always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me." (Mt 26:11)  Francis in EFFECT, is distracting the PEOPLE, with 'the CAUSE, for the POOR' - while he HIMSELF, lives VERY 'richly'. The roman catholic hierarchical institution, 'takes IN', around a BILLION dollars a WEEK, from peoples' OFFERINGS.  Where do you THINK, that MONEY is going? Pope Francis is "a FRAUD", and "a DECEIVER, of the masses" - just like ALL of 'the religious leaders', out there.  Hear what JESUS' perspective is, on the religious leaders of these TIMES. Watch with Captions at this, 

Twitter played the first 2 minutes 20 seconds of the above video

July 25

Pope francis tweeted: Prayer is never in vain: it always brings forth something new that, sooner or later, bears fruit.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: WELL then! - OUR prayer, is that "Francis", would be exposed as "the ANTIPOPE and ANTICHRIST and FALSE PROPHET" - SPOKEN of, in the book of REVELATIONS - that he Truly IS!  AND that, he WOULD be "thrust DOWN, from his EMINENCE" - AND forced to resign!  We SEE you!  And SOON "your DIRTY deeds", will be exposed!
August 07

Pope francis tweeted: The Eucharist is our “reservation” for Heaven: Jesus leads us on our journey towards eternal life.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  WHAT is your "PEARL of GREAT PRICE", my PEOPLE? - but your SOULS!  And YET, you would 'CLING to your RICHES', and to 'your WORLDLY kingdom' - INSTEAD, of my Son's TESTIMONY... YOU, ALL, would see 'the WORLD', as "more PRECIOUS, than the GIFT of SALVATION"; and you DESIRE, your OWN 'source' - of 'bread'. And WHAT is THAT?  But 'the BREAD of self-DECEPTION and self-AFFIRMATION'. You FEED your DEMONS! - my PEOPLE; but you DO not 'miss your SOULS'!  You have ALL, gone ASTRAY! - in your HEARTS, and in your MINDS!  And you WORSHIP 'the ABOMINATION of DESOLATION'! - WHETHER you want to BELIEVE it, OR not! And you ALL believe that you are "saved"... SIMPLY by BELIEVING in my Son's NAME!...  Do YOU not KNOW that 'the DEMONS'! - BELIEVE! - that JESUS, is "LORD"?!... Do YOU not KNOW that 'the DEMONS', BELIEVE in JESUS?!  Are ANY OF THEM 'going to be SAVED'? 

August 14

Pope francis tweeted:  Evil tries to convince us that death is the end of everything. But the Risen Christ reveals a new dimension of eternal life!

Reply from @Real2Witnesses:  With this statement, FRANCIS, in EFFECT, is IMPLYING, that everyone who DIES, goes to HEAVEN - and 'RISES, with CHRIST'.  But that goes against even the TEACHINGS, OF, the roman catholic hierarchical institution, on HELL.  Because Hell DOES exist!  And MANY people GO there.  Yet Francis cannot SAY, that 'even ATHEISTS can make it to HEAVEN' - while at the same TIME, calling them "EVIL", because they BELIEVE 'death is the END'.  And so "the NEW dimension of Eternal LIFE" - that Francis' DEMONS are REFERRING to? - is ACTUALLY 'the Eternal Lake of FIRE' - where those are HEADED, who continue to FOLLOW him.
August 15

Pope francis tweeted:  Mary, Mother of tenderness who is always near, teach us how to live and have faith.

Reply from @Real2Witnesses: What "FRANCIS", in EFFECT, is IMPLYING - by that STATEMENT? - is that 'the Blessed MOTHER', never TAUGHT her CHILDREN, 'how to LIVE', or 'how to have FAITH'.  And in FACT, it is 'the ENEMY' BOASTING - THROUGH francis - that the CATHOLICS have absolutely 'NO idea'! - about HOW they are called to LIVE.  The Blessed Virgin MARY, has SPOKEN OVER the years - and VISITED VARIOUS countries - and GIVEN, 'COUNTLESS Signs'.  And, has SHOWN, the PEOPLE - even, what she LOOKS like!  Has APPEARED, with 'WARNINGS' - about 'WHAT the call IS'!  And yet "FRANCIS", would REDUCE! - the Role of the Blessed Virgin MARY - as though she NEVER, 'CARED' - and was 'INDIFFERENT', towards her CHILDREN.  AndTHIS is because "FRANCIS" is INDIFFERENT! - towards the SOULS, under HIS care.  And the TRUTH will come OUT!  And he WILL be exposed, as "the DECEIVER and the ANTICHRIST", that he IS.  If there is ANYONE OUT there - who is ACTUALLY 'YEARNING to HEAR, from their TRUE Spiritual Mother - who DOES care! - and who OFFERS them hope'? - we ENCOURAGE them, to visit the following LINK: 

Word Count: 15,000+


The One World Government used their A.I. to restrict our Tweets, so that they are ONLY visible on our Twitter news feed, because they don't 'LIKE' what we're EXPOSING.  And THEREFORE, we WILL! - shout it LOUDER, than ever BEFORE! - what our CREATOR, is REVEALING, to the NATIONS.  And we will make SURE! - that our "TWEETS", are VISIBLE.  (August 2, 2018)
Screen shot from 48 minutes into Episode 1 of the SPIRITUALLY TOXIC TV series, "The Young Pope"
The text in the top left of the screen - reveals the subtitles leading up to this screen shot.

As an affront to their CREATOR - the ILLUMINATI, came out with a new series - back in 2016 - called "The Young Pope".  And, it is COMPLETELY scripted BY "artificial intelligence" - using 'BITS and PIECES', of Pope Peter's BACKGROUND, and PERSONALITY, and CHARACTER - SUPERIMPOSING on "the corrupt institution".  In the first episode - the illuminati actually BOAST! - of 'WHY! - they are so focused, on our STORY' - 'Why the deep STATE is focused, on us' - and 'WHY! - the artificial INTELLIGENCE, is focused - ESPECIALLY, on the Testimony'.  Because the Testimony REVEALS, and is KNOWLEDGE, of "things to COME" - for it IS, 'the True Holy Spirit of PROPHECY'.  And, WE do not encourage ANYONE! - to watch this series, OR to discern it.  Because it is 'FAR too spiritually toxic'.  The very first SCENE, is "a boast, that Antipope FRANCIS, was raised UP, through the SACRIFICE of ABORTION".  And so the TWEETS page, is very IMPORTANT - as the Most High TRUE God - in fact, 'STEERS, the way History UNFOLDS' - AND! - at the same time REVEALS, 'the CHOICES, that the people are MAKING', on the global stage.  Because the TRUE Holy Spirit, of the Most High TRUE God, IS 'the ultimate source, of ALL Knowledge'.  And, 'the DEEP state' and the illuminati - and the CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS - as in "the one world GOVERNMENT", are ALL! - aware, of the TESTIMONY'S existence.  But, they will NEVER 'call attention to it' - because, JUST like the INSTITUTION - sought to BURY it - they TOO! - are seeking, to bury, 'the Truth' - at ALL costs!  As they CONTINUE to "DOWNPLAY", the systematic DECLINE of the WORLD - and the fact that we are ALL living in 'the TIME of the Apocalypse'. (August 16, 2018 update) 

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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