The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.


Then the dragon was angry with the woman, and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus.  And he stood on the sand of the sea.”
“In that day the remnant of Israel and the survivors of the house of Jacob will no more lean upon him that struck them, but will lean upon the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, in truth.  A remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, to the mighty God.  For though your people Israel be as the sand of the sea, only a remnant of them will return.  Destruction is decreed, overflowing with righteousness.  For the Lord, the Lord of hosts, will make a full end, as decreed, in the midst of all the earth.”
“And will not God vindicate his elect, who cry to him day and night?  Will he delay long over them?  I tell you, he will vindicate them speedily.  Nevertheless, when the Son of man comes, will he find faith on earth?”
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Pope Peter the Last and Final True Pope of this Era
Video Transcript
It is becoming more and more clear to many people, all around the World, that they are not being spiritually nourished by ‘the religious institution’ they belong to.  And many, are starting to ask questions, like, “what is going on?!”   Well, I am here to help.  I am here to inform you, that The Most High True God, the Creator of the Universe, has intervened, in these End Times, and has removed His Presence, and all of His Spiritual Gifts, from, all of the Religious institutions on the Face of the Earth.  And now, Jesus Christ the Lord, is gathering His Faithful Remnant Followers, who have been waiting for Him, and He is now drawing them to Himself.  And He knows they have been waiting for him. 
Jesus said: “My True Followers will wait, on their Shepherd to lead them, where it is they need to be – in each and every moment, not on their terms.  And many times, it will be ‘quite uncomfortable’ what I am asking.   But I still expect ‘My Followers’ – to follow.  And I have left all of the churches.  And if they want to follow Me, then they will have to leave them behind, as well.” 
(-Jesus, Thursday, September 20, 2012
He also says: “My sheep, know My voice, and, they follow after Me.  When I call them, out of their churches, then they will be led: to fresh spring waters, to life-giving bread, to the Word, made flesh.  Those left behind: will hold fast, to their rituals, and habits of self-holiness; but not so with My sheep, as they will recognize their need, for a Savior… My True Sheep, have woken up from their slumber, and are starving for the Truth.  They want to know: what I expect from them; how I have called them to live; and how, they can serve Me better.  Now My sheep are not many, but they are there, for the gathering – to be gathered together, in truth, love, and sincerity – to be gathered to honor their True Shepherd”
(-Jesus, Sunday, January 29, 2012
The Most High True God is now, gathering all people, who want to worship Him, through his representative, through Me, the Last Pope; through His website, testimony of the two; and through videos I post like this one - where people can receive messages of truth and life – messages through which people, can also experience, the True Holy Spirit - transforming, and preparing, their hearts.  Preparing their hearts how?  Jesus said:  “Only those who are preparing their hearts, souls and minds, to leave this place – this Earth, will have a chance at survival.” 
(-Jesus, Wednesday, March 2, 2011)
The Faithful Remnant? – just  who are they? – you might ask. 
Jesus says,  “the children.  They are My Faithful Remnant – the small ones – the ones who do not ‘identify with sin’; and the ones, I have preserved – through grace.”
(-Jesus, Thursday, December 13, 2012
Once more, Jesus says:  “These are My Elect: they do what the Holy Spirit tells them to; they honor My Commandments from the heart; and they listen to that interior voice which tells them the difference between right and wrong; not only that, but they listen to this ‘voice’, in their consciences; and they heed words of wisdom; and do not mock filial instruction.  These are My Elect, and these are ‘My Chosen Ones’.”
(-Jesus, Sunday, May 30, 2010)
Now some of you might be saying:  Suppose that I want to become one of ‘the Elect’ - “a member of the True Church” – of the Most High True God? (-you might ask!)  What do I have to do, to become a member?...  Well, simply go to the Most High True God’s website (testimony of the two, click on “The Faithful Remnant” tab, hidden at the bottom of this website page, you will find a link to “become a member”, and there you can read more of what God is asking you to do.  Do it, and He will Do, the rest!  And so, through reading the Testimony, you are invited into a living relationship with The Most High True God – one that is lived in each and every moment, by simply doing, what he asks of you, in each and every moment. 
Jesus says: My Testimony, will be ‘a light, to the Nations’.  And I will bring back, the thin sheep, and the fat sheep.  I will nourish them, with My word.  And I will call to them, and they will come.  They will flee their churches - and ‘the brood of vipers’ inside.  And I will nourish them: from their homes – through My word… so that they may ‘become alive’… I will rescue them… And I will care for them.  And I will ‘see them through’, this ‘coming Tribulation, and present darkness’.  I will lead them, ‘in a way’, that they have not known – in a way they do not know.  For I too cry out ‘in labor pains’.  I cry out for ‘the rebirth of nations’ – for the rebirth of peoples, tribes, and tongues – to be born, in the True Holy Spirit, in My Eraof Peace.”
(-Jesus, Monday, November 19, 2012
So now the invitation is being extended to all who watch this video.  Jesus says: “Now, is the time, to turn away, from all iniquity and sin, and embrace the True Church – the One True Holy and Catholic Faith – the One, True Holy and Catholic, God.  Yes, I did say “Catholic”, for it means: “Universal”, and I want ‘all people’ to be part, of this ‘Universal Church’, My True Church under My Representative, and My True Pope – the one I have chosen.  Not the one who is elected, by the cardinals.  Not the one that they want nor the one, that they were expecting.”  So, is this too difficult what Jesus is asking? 
He says: “The Way I have called the people to walk, is not difficult – if they are walking with Me; if they are following Me in their hearts… I came, that all men might see the truth, and live - knowing ‘full well’, that not all men, would choose to live.  I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  And those who want to follow Me, must seek My Way, the Truth, and, Life.  You cannot have one without the other.  If you seek the truth, with your whole heart, you are seeking Me.  If you desire: life, with all of your being, and seek to preserve your own, as well as others – you are seeking MeIf you desire My Way, above your own ways - then you have found Me.  And this is the secret to ‘true happiness’ in this life - to get through this coming turmoil: seek My Commandments; seek My Ways; seek the Life I offer - to all; shun all forms of wickedness; and repent in your heart, of all wrongdoing.  And then I will come to you.  And then I will reside in your soul.  And then – only then, will you find True Peace – not the peace as the World gives peace, but True Peace that can only come, from an awakened, and clear, conscience.”
(Jesus, Wednesday, October 17, 2012

(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)


"There is not one good man on the face of the Earth, not one good woman and not one good child, and I will tell you why: because goodness come from Me; no one is ‘good’, except by Me. A person’s goodness is an attribute of Me, for I am good, and I share My goodness with those who will receive. Though I am good to all, in order for them to receive goodness, they must be open. But mankind is ‘closed’; his heart has ‘grown cold’ – ‘cold as ice’. But you, My children, you are open to My goodness. Let nothing be an obstacle to My goodness moving through you, because My goodness will conquer the evil that is in you, and those around you." (- Jesus, September 16, 2009) 

“There are those who will receive the Truth when I send you to them and there are those who will reject the immediate truth which is found and who will embrace the darkness, instead of the light.  They would hide from Me, instead of allowing Me to see their sinfulness, by acknowledging it themselves.  I will come back with a vengeance, and I will ask every man, woman and child above the age of reason for what they owe Me.  When I come back, I am looking for fruit, not money, not possessions, not status, but that fruit which tastes good to eat of, the fruit of a will wholly dedicated to their maker.  I am hungry and I am searching the world for people who will feed Me and whom I can fill with every grace and blessing. But where are those souls?  I tell you they are few and far between.  Most of the souls on this earth have gone astray – they are straying after worldly things.” 
"The catholic church has become “the abomination of desolation” as a religious organization.  The Pharisees, the sadducees, the heretics, and new-agers have come into what was once My Church, and have built their own church – a church dedicated to mammon, a church dedicated to all types of false gods.  You think I will dwell in a place such as this?  No, never!  For God the Eternal Father will not allow it."
(-Jesus, Saturday, October 3, 2009)
“I am with My Elect - I am with all of My Chosen Ones.  I am with all of those who acknowledge Me as Lord of their life - who have devotion to My Sovereign Heart.  I will succeed where the church has failed, in bringing them together as One Flock with One Shepherd.  Behold I am Coming!  I am Coming soon!  Make ready your hearts to receive Me.” 
“Because I am God, and can see, and act, and move freely, outside of space and time, I know the final outcome of this war: satan will be forever thrown into the Eternal Lake of Fire, along with his minions, and those who follow him.”
Live the Testimony
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

"Many of them will receive for a time; but they will lose faith, and continue on in the way they were before.  But only some will receive the Truth, hear it, and receive it into their hearts by applying it to their lives and making the necessary changes – adjustments demanded of them.  These will be My Faithful Remnant, who will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Trust that you will be meeting more of them." ”
(-Jesus, Thursday, March 4, 2010, Niagara Falls, Ontario)
"The nations will fall, on the right, and on the left, for they will crumble, they will be annihilated.  No one will be able to withstand My Coming Justice to the World, except, a few – a very small few, called My Faithful Remnant."

"These are My Elect: they do what the Holy Spirit tells them to; they honor My Commandments from the heart; and they listen to that interior voice which tells them the difference between right and wrong; not only that, but they listen to this voice, in their consciences; and they heed words of wisdom; and do not mock filial instruction.  These are My Elect, and these are My Chosen Ones.  How easy it will be, for you to tell the difference, between those who are among them, and those who are not.  The 'chasm' is getting wider, the 'chaff' is being separated from the wheat. You will begin to see more and more of this unfold, as peoples’ choices become evident to the both of you."

The One true Church
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
"It is the Faithful Remnant, who recognize the spiritual realms, as being more important, and above them.  No human being, on the face of this Earth, is smarter, and can outwit, one Angel, or demon.  That is why you, My son [Pope Peter the Last], have been chosen for this: because you do not try, to outwit the devil, and his minions, on your own strength; but because you wait, on the inspirations, that come from the True Holy Spirit.  Good is more powerful than evil; and evil, can never be good; they are directly opposed to each other.  The church cannot compromise and expect to stand, for it will surely fall and crumble as an institution.  The church must choose teams as well; whereas My Faithful Remnant – My True Church, already has."

“My Faithful Remnant are not under: any allegiance, to that false bishop of Rome.  The only reason, I mention his name, in N.’s messages, is because: I do not wish the church authorities to shut My messages down.  He is only mentioned in passing, for he is not My true Pope
“There are still, good priests – though, they are very few.  They stand up for what is right, and true; they defend the faith boldly: defending the widow, the orphan, the elderly, and the oppressed.  They are beacons of light, in this terrible darkness you are all living in.  They, will be the ones, either called to My refuges for safety, or called, to martyrdom. Many, are called; but few are chosen – which means many of you will read this, with utter contempt, for the message given – for My words.  And others, will have, an ever-living, burning fire, and desire, to spread this message, as quickly as possible.  The ‘gates of hell’ will not prevail, against My Church – those of My True, Faithful Remnant; but, the ‘gates of hell’, will prevail over the souls of the wicked, within that institution.  I am much more, than “a revolutionist”, or “prophet”, or “kind-hearted man”.  I AM the Living One.  I am the Bread Eternal.  I am Life-Giving Waters to those who would drink.  This is to counteract the lies, of liberalism – with the truth.” 
Only some will receive the Truth, hear it, and receive it into their hearts by applying it to their lives and making the necessary changes – adjustments demanded of them.  These will be My Faithful Remnant, who will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven.
(-Jesus, Thursday March 4, 2010
“It won’t be long now, but in time, you shall see, all of the things that I have promised, ‘come to pass’.  Trust, not in mammon, nor wealth; but in the one who created you.  Let people have their ‘gods’ of silver and gold, and security, and success, in this life; but I tell you, it will be harder for those people, to enter My Kingdom.  Better to have security, faith, and trust, in the one who made you, than to have ‘the carpet pulled’, from underneath you, and fall flat, on your faces.  I will sustain you, with True Communion, with True Bread from Heaven, as those who choose to be part of this world, are not sustainable, but filled with emptiness and longing.”
“My messages bring truth, life and peace.  But the antichrist wants none of those for My Faithful Remnant followers.  And so, I am permitting him, a short time, to deceive even My Elect – even My Chosen ones – for is it not written, that the stars lost their shining and fell to the Earth – these stars, that John was referring to, were not ‘movie stars’, they were not celebrities, no, – but for the simple-minded, they were.  But for those seeking Truth, and not ignorance, nor self-holiness, for those it would be revealed to them, that I was referring to My Elect.  Now I say “My Elect”, because ultimately, in the End they will choose Me.  But unfortunately it will be a harder road, for they will be called to martyrdom.” 
“Who can withstand the ‘Time of Terror’ and ‘the Great and Terrible Punishment’, that is soon to befall the whole World?  Whoever stands before Me in righteousness and in truth, will stand, to the test of these times, and will testify, against the evils of this generation.  With boldness and certainty, they will proclaim the Truth, from the rooftops, encouraging those who are ‘weak-willed’ to be stronger in Me – to rely more heavily on My Graces, than on their own intellects, and strength.”
“My Faithful Remnant are waiting – for My cue, to call on Me, and their Guardian Angels, to lead them to their refuge.  Whether it is tomorrow, or weeks, or months, or even a year away - My Faithful Remnant, have ‘sober hearts’, and are awake and alert, for the call – always.  They must be awake for they will be the ones to call upon Me.  After the Great Warning Experience, everyone will be going through their own personal hell; or they will be, at great peace, because they chose to reconcile.  Once this happens, it will not be long before I will be calling people to their refuges.  For the signs are written in the Heavens, and in the clouds, and on the Earth.  And earthquakes, and volcanoes, and tsunamis, will follow, upon the ‘call’, or ‘cue’ to go - to My refuges.”
“I have had enough of the freemasonic agenda, working, within what once was My Church, trying to take down My Sheep and turn them into goats.  But there is no excuse, the sheep are just as responsible: for they hear My voice and they know Me; and they follow Me out of ‘the antichrist churches’, into True Worship; and they flee the ‘abomination of desolation’ - which is people turning themselves, into ‘gods’.  
“Peace, and order must be restored, as chaos and anarchy, are about to consume almost the entire Planet.  Peace, is when souls will unite in the worship, of the True Son of God, repenting of all of their sins, and changing their ways for the good. 

"Jesus said: I did not wish to discourage you my children, with the number, of My Elect – as in those who will make it through, to the Era of Peace.  You will not hear these numbers, anywhere else My children; but the ungodly are many – in the World.  Even for one in ten thousand (1 in 10,000), it is not good for them – if they do not do something with the words they have received, other than allow them, to be choked up by the cares, of this World." 
My sheep know my voice
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
"Jesus said:  My sheep, know My voice, and, they follow after Me.  When I call them, out of their churches, then they will be led: to fresh spring waters, to life-giving bread, to the Word, made flesh.  Those left behind: will hold fast, to their rituals, and habits of self-holiness; but not so with My sheep, as they will recognize their need, for a Savior.  My True Sheep know, that Benedict, is an antipope; and, My True Sheep, have woken up from their slumber, and are starving for the Truth.  They want to know: what I expect from them; how I have called them to live; and how, they can serve Me better. 
"Now My sheep are not many, but they are there, for the gathering – to be gathered together, in truth, love, and sincerity – to be gathered to honor their True Shepherd.  For what was invisible, is to become visible – My Representative is the ‘Visible Head’, of My Church – hidden for a time, only, to be uncovered.  This is a mystery, My children, for how can My Faithful Remnant respond to such a call?  Because they are waiting for Me – to take them; and they are waiting for the True Shepherd to lead them – home.  I am the True Shepherd, and I will lead My Sheep Home – to safety, through you, My son, Pope Peter, the last." (-Jesus, Sunday, January 29, 2012)

"They decide by what they choose.  Do not even listen to their accusations against Me, for some will accuse.  But woe to whom the accusation comes from.  I am not ‘a pushover god’; and they have trifled, with My words, for long enough!  And ‘the hammer’, has now come down, upon, the harlot and her beast.  "
“They must ‘search Me out’; they must find Me; they must find: My True Vicar here on Earth, and My True Church.  They must desire to be part of this Church, and they must desire to be cleansed of all of their sins, and they must desire reconciliation with Me – from the heart; otherwise it is just a ‘sham’.  The ‘true meaning’ of religion, is that: I govern all thingsin the individual, because the individual, is subordinate and submissive – to My Will, for their lives.  I have erected a new institution – starting from the ground up; and, on this rock I will continue to build up My Faithful Remnant followers."
“But, I tell you, My son [Pope Peter the Last], that I am with you, wherever you go, and that My Authority – given to Me by God the Eternal Father in Heaven, has been given to you, for He has appointed you, as Prince of the Apostles, and My True Vicar: because, of your obedience, and humble docility to the True Holy Spirit – of the Moment, insofar as you are able; because you are still not perfect.  But God the Eternal Father in Heaven does not need to work with perfection – how would he come, to live in peoples’ souls, and draw them to Himself; and what journey would they need – but they would be completed?  ‘Perfection’, is what is needed on a daily basis.” 
(-Jesus, Saturday, February 11, 2012)
“The institution itself has failed, and where they have failed – I will prevail.  I, will raise up My Sheep; I will help them find Me; I will heal their broken hearts; I will give them what is necessary – for their salvation; and as, it was written today, in Ezekiel My children, “I will feed them, in Justice!”
(-Jesus, Saturday, February 11, 2012)

"My sword, comes forth, from out of My mouth, and speaks directly, and pierces the soul, with Truth, from on high.  The enemy’s sword, tries to copy this, with un-holy convictions, sprouting forth, from people’s demons.  Just because a soul ‘is convicted’ does not mean they are ‘in the Truth’.  You are ‘in the Truth’ My children, because you are not – convicted, with self-vindication.  But yours is the ‘conviction, of the Word of God’ – transforming your own souls to reveal: uncomfortable truths."
 (-Jesus, Sunday, February 12, 2012)

"There is a new boat I want My followers on, and it is very different, than the institution itself; and the boat, will sail these souls to safety; because the cross of redemption is what is necessary, in order for souls to be saved.  It is not comfortable what I am asking, of My followers; but just like in My time, when the Pharisees took over the law and the scriptures, and often distorted them to suit their own purposes – so too are they doing this again; but this time through the Roman Catholic Hierarchical structure.  It is better that My Faithful Remnant followers, have no routine, within that religious institution, and, have no faith in those ‘princes of demons’; than to be fed, so much poison – only to the detriment of their own souls."

“Many have ‘fallen away’ from the True Faith, and are settling for nothing less: than lies.  For prestige, position, power, and ungodly authority – these, are the things, that the priests now strive for – within that institution.  I can not bless, the homilies, of those priests, who seek to distract the people, with ‘silly myths’, and heresies.  For I do not, bless any sin, in any one.  For I am the law; and the prophets – who came before Me, have proclaimed this Truth.  The fundamentals, of, the Catholic Faith, have been ‘disregarded’, shunned and rejected – by that ‘institutional hierarchy’.”
(-Jesus, Sunday, February 26, 2012)
This is what I desire for all people everywhere.   However only some are responding with a “yes”.  Most of the people have said “no” to what I am asking of them, and “yes” to their own plans and ambitions for their lives.  This cannot be so with My Elect.  With My Faithful Remnant Followers I am asking more: total renunciation of self – is what I require, from all of My children... Therefore, I ask My people to be as John the Baptist was: for when he saw Me, he said to the people, and his own disciples: “I must decrease, and He must increase”.  That is to be the attitude of all My Faithful Remnant Followers; there is no compromise!  Conform to the ‘spirit of the world’ and enjoy the fruits of it.  Conform to the True Holy Spirit, and enjoy growing in the Truth and in Life.  But you will conform to one way or another. You will conform, to something; for there is no such thing; as ‘a static, spiritual life’, or plateau.  You are either going higher, or lower.  And you decide in each moment where you want to go; because that is My gift to all of you: your ‘free will.”
"It was, a good idea, to have N., read the Mass intentions, My children.  This exercise, will help him, to grow in his desires – to reject, the demons in his own life.  It was ‘a good call’, My son; and this is why you have been chosen as Pope – of the Faithful Remnant Church: because of this kind of docility, to My words and inspirations – in the moment.  I know what is best for each soul – in every moment.  But souls also need to recognize – what is best for them, and to follow the example of their Popein their docility, to My words.  They will find: a refreshing spring – of life-giving waters; so that they can be purified in this life, to enjoy Eternity with Me in the next.  I am helping souls every day – come closer to Me; but this is not without their cooperation in the moment."
“My Ways, who can know them?  Who, can understand My Mind and Heart?  He who has been given ‘the Keys’ is able to do this… Now, is the time, to turn away, from all iniquity and sin, and embrace the True Church – the One True Holy and Catholic Faith – the One, True Holy and Catholic, God.  Yes, I did say “Catholic”, for it means: “Universal”, and I want ‘all people’ to be part, of this ‘Universal Church’, My True Church under My Representative, and My True Pope – the one I have chosen.  Not the one who is elected, by the cardinals.  Not the one that they want nor the one, that they were expecting.  No.  This is: My beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”
"The consolations - of following Me, always outweigh: the hurdles and trials, of this Era.  Yes, there is Great Tribulation in this World.  Yes, the World has become ‘spiritually toxic’ - as well, as ‘physically’.  And yes, this Era is coming to an End.  For I, have overcome the World, My children.  So seek to be with Me, and you will overcome as well.  Seek to live in the Truth and abide in My Ways, and you will find ‘salvation for your souls’."
(-Jesus, Sunday, April 1, 2012)
"My True Followers will find: True Peace, True Love and True Joy – embracing My Will for their lives. And My Will simply, is for them: to renounce the World, and all of its trappings, to be purified, to become ‘holy and of sound mind’, to become ‘honest with themselves before Me’, to become ‘worshipers of their Creator!’  I seek, hearts to be filled with repentance.  I seek hearts who are ‘longing to be loved by their Creator’, I seek out hearts, that are lost, but ‘Want to be Found!’.  There are so many souls who do not want to be found, and they rejoice in all types of wickedness; and therefore they will perish – as all ‘stubborn sinners’ do.  But I will bring back to My Fold the ones, who desire Mercy; who desire: Truth, Love, and Sincerity - who desire to be healed."  
(-Jesus, Sunday, April 1, 2012)
"First, you shall love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy strength, with all thy mind, with all thy soul.  And the second, is like unto it: you shall love your neighbor as yourself, out of love for Me.  On these Commands, hinge – the Whole Law.  If you break one of these, you have broken them all."
I am not ‘divided in any way’.  I am One, and the same Jesus – living, in Three Divine Persons.  I AM the Person of Jesus Christ.  And I do, have a personality – that is human.  There is only one of Me, and people, must leave all, of their “jesuses” behind, in order, to follow Me – to their Eternal Reward in Heaven.   ” 
"My True Followers will wait, on their Shepherd to lead them, where it is they need to be – in each and every moment, not on their terms.  And many times, it will be ‘quite uncomfortable’ what I am asking.   But I still expect ‘My Followers’ – to follow.  And I have left all of the churches.  And if they want to follow Me, then they will have to leave them behind, as well."
(-Jesus, Thursday, September 20, 2012)
Don't Live for the reward!
Jason is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


"Life is not about: how big your house is; what, ‘type of car’ you drive; or, what, the newest fashions are.  Life is not about: status, and positions of power in society.  But I gave you this life, to work – your way – back to Me; to show Me – by the way you choose to live now, that you want to be with me in Eternity – to be with your Creator.  I gave you all, this life, to ‘bear fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven’; to produce ‘good things’ with your hands.  I gave you this life, so that you may be blessed in all that you donot cursed.  But when you refuse My Ways and My Commandments, then problems start to emerge, in your lives.  What is life, My People?  Without, purpose?  Without, love?  Without hope?  Life, can be good – but only if you reconcile, with, your Creator– who desires to be your Savior." 
“The Way I have called the people to walk, is not difficult – if they are walking with Me; if they are following Me in their hearts…   I came, that all men might see the truth, and live - knowing full well, that not all men, would choose to live.  I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  And those who want to follow Me, must seek My Way, the Truth, and, Life.  You cannot have one without the other.  If you seek the truth, with your whole heart, you are seeking Me.  If you desire: life, with all of your being, and seek to preserve your own, as well as others – you are seeking MeIf you desire My Way, above your own ways - then you have found Me.  And this is the secret to ‘true happiness’ in this life - to get through this coming turmoil: seek My Commandments; seek My Ways; seek the Life I offer - to all; shun all forms of wickedness; and repent in your heart, of all wrongdoing.  And then I will come to you.  And then I will reside in your soul.  And then – only then, will you find True Peace – not the peace as the World gives peace, but True Peace that can only come, from an awakened, and clear, conscience.”
"Hear My words!  Listen.  And do them!  And salvation, can become yours.  But unless, you do, what I ask from you, in each, and every moment – unless you follow My Commandments (in your hearts); unless you begin to worship: the Most High True God – that I am! – My people, then you can not, and will not enter: into, My Eternal Rest, for your souls."
(-Jesus, Wednesday, October 24, 2012)

"To those who have been given much, Much is expected.  ‘The bar’ was set very high, for the Roman catholic institution – to teach My people, the Ways that they should walk; to teach them repentance, for the forgiveness of their sins.  My people, you walk around believing, that all of your sins have been forgiven – because you go to a man dressed in black – from head to toe, in ‘a secretive box’, devoid of the True Holy Spirit.  But he has no counsel, nor wisdom to guide you - to the right path, because I have withdrawn My Counsel, from the priests, ministers, and rabbis." 
(-Jesus, Thursday, October 25, 2012)

"And now that you are reading My words, you are responsible for this knowledge.  You will be ‘held accountable’ before Me, as all of the priests, ministers and rabbis are.  For I hold no one ‘in high esteem’.  You need to change your ways, so that you can have life.  The institution is dead!  But, My words, and the Law, and the Prophets, are alive! Be alive with them!  Or perish."
(-Jesus, Thursday, October 25, 2012)

"For I, have Judged, the abominable ‘city of Rome’ – the seat, of the Harlot, upon the dark, murky waters.  For I am ‘the Great and Terrible Judge’.  And I have brought Judgement down, upon what once, was My institution.  Now, because they have rejected Me, and, silenced’ – all the other prophets, I am sending forth My word, once again, to the four corners of the Earth, so that people can choose where they stand: Either you are for Me, or against Me My People.  But there is nothing in the middle." 
 (-Jesus, Thursday, October 25, 2012)

"Salvation, takes ‘more than one’.  You must do your part.  And then I will do Mine.  And as I said before: if you, despise, this ‘water, of life’ I give you, then you will be sentenced to ‘the beast state’.  So it is best to drink ‘this water of life’, so that you may be ‘alive’; as you have become dead."
(-Jesus, Saturday, October 27, 2012)

Who will be strong
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
"They thought My messages were uncomfortable to hear; but I warned them that ‘what was coming’ would be far worse; and now they are experiencing it - the internal, flame of hatred, indignation, anger and wrath.  But I will protect you both [Speaking to the Two witnesses]  As I will protect: All those who abide in Me, and listen, and do, what I tell them to.  The ‘doers of the word’, are the ones who are among My Faithful Remnant.  But many, many souls are only ‘hearers’.  And I am going to separate ‘the true beasts’ from the humans; and the ‘chaff’, from My ‘wheat’."
(-Jesus, Sunday, October 28, 2012)

"My word, is a light, to those who sit in darkness My children.  But for those who sit in darkness, there is a choice: Do they want to remain – in ‘the darkness’, of their intellects, hearts and souls?  Or do they want My word, to be a light for them – throughout the rest of their lives?"
(-Jesus, Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

"Now the ‘excuses’ I hear: They don’t ‘understand’.  Well ‘understanding’ is ‘not a prerequisite’ for following after Me.  Does a child understand – where they are going, or what they are doing? – when their parents are guiding them?  Does, the child, ‘see the whole picture?’ or ‘just what is in front of them’?  Do the parents, give the child: every instruction for that day, or for their whole lives, or ‘all at once’?  Does the parent explain, ‘the deeper meanings’ – to everything that went on, in the child’s life that day?  The answer is no.  Because what would happen, to the little boy, or little girl – if they were given ‘everything at once’ – they would get ‘overwhelmed’.  Therefore My People, I treat you, as little children – and I only ask, what you can give, in each moment."
(- Jesus, Wednesday, October 31, 2012) 

"Jesus, died, for everyone!  Just like “everyone was invited to the wedding feast, that I ‘threw for Him’ – ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’.  Of course you are all ‘called – to come!’  But which of you, will ‘partake of the food’, that is offered to your souls?  You are ‘blind people’; and ‘darkness covers your intellects’!  Because you have ‘turned away from Me’ – the Lord; your God!  You ‘stumble in the darkness’ – all of you! – because none of you, have, ‘the light’.  You spurn My Two Witnesses; as you ‘spurn My Son Jesus’.  You spurn the Life I offer to your souls – through – ‘forgiveness of your sins’.  But what is the ‘other part’?  Do I ‘just forgive you’, and then you ‘continue on’ – in offending Me?!  Why do you have ‘a television’ in your home?  ‘It’ is ‘wickedness’!  And can only make you go ‘deeper into hellfire’." 
(-God The Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, Sunday, December 16, 2012)
"The Lord Jesus CHRIST, the Most High TRUE God, has 'NO use', for "WORLDLY-MINDED Members, of the FAITHFUL Remnant"; and, He can do nothing FOR them! - because, they are 'SEEKING, the wrong THINGS'; they are 'SEEKING, for MY Son, to serve THEM!' - when it is THEY, who are CALLED, to SERVE: God the ALMIGHTY, and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - WHETHER their lives, seem "TEDIOUS"; or, whether their LIVES are "more EVENTFUL". (-The Blessed Virgin Mary, February 25, 2016) 

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: OH, My FAITHFUL Remnant CHILDREN - INDEED you are 'SO Blessed!' - to be PART, of the LORD Jesus Christ's, the Most High TRUE God's, Little Flock.  YOU are, "His LITTLE Flock" - and you are GLEANING, in the GREENEST pastures! - where there is "enough FOOD", for EVERYONE!  You are 'EATING', the best 'SPIRITUAL food', for your SOULS! - because THAT is what, is ESSENTIAL! - that you FEED, your SOULS!  And so you have COME, TO, the Blessed HOLY Water; and have REPENTED FROM YOUR hearts!  And you are NOW, 'ATTENDING, the WEDDING Feast'!  TRULY there are SO many who have gone BEFORE you.  And they LONGED to see, 'what YOU see'; and to hear, 'what YOU hear'.  BUT, it was 'not for THEM'!  In THIS time, my TRUE Faithful Remnant - YOU ARE called, to 'LISTEN', to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit - in the MOMENT! - to ACT upon those 'inspirations'; and to DISCERN - EVERYTHING! - AROUND you!  YOU are CALLED to EMBRACE, your TRUE! - vocations - in THIS life! - and, to CONTINUALLY 'renounce', the spirit of the WORLD; and ANY desire, that you MAY have - to 'COMPROMISE', the TRUTH!  You are CALLED to 'LIVE, in this way' - SIMPLY because, of 'the TIMES, that you are LIVING in'.  These ARE, "extreme TIMES"; and 'the SPIRITUAL REALITIES', are, CONSTANTLY changing. WHY?  Because you are "spiritual BEINGS"; and your HEARTS, are CONSTANTLY being 'TRANSFORMED, in the TRUTH'. "Come True Holy SPIRIT" - THAT is 'what you PRAY' - IN your prayers.  "COME by MEANS of my POWERFUL intercession". And WHO is my SPOUSE?  BUT the True Holy SPIRIT!  "Fill the HEARTS of the FAITHFUL; ENKINDLE in THEM the FIRE, of your LOVE; SEND forth your SPIRIT, and THEY!" - meaning, 'the Faithful Remnant CHURCH' - "will be CREATED; and YOU" - referring to my SPOUSE - referring to the True Holy SPIRIT, "shall renew" - as in 'REMAKE', "the Face of the EARTH" - as in, 'the FAITHFUL Remnant, of the Most High TRUE God.'  And so TRULY! - YOUR Creator, is 'RENEWING your hearts', on a DAILY basis - my TRUE children! - and YOU are being 'filled', with His 'Divine LOVE' - for your SOULS!  SOMETIMES, 'the WEIGHT of the WORLD', is very HEAVY.  But You are not CALLED, to CARRY the BURDENS, of the WORLD; you are SIMPLY called, to CARRY, your OWN, cross - a CROSS, that is 'UNIQUE, to EACH of you'.  And to CARRY YOUR cross - you MUST, CONTINUALLY, 'DENY yourselves', AND 'cling to MY Son' - Jesus; and cling to 'TRUE Counsel' - from HEAVEN! - AND Cling, to my IMMACULATE Heart, AND TO His SACRED Heart. TAKE REFUGE in US! - my DEAR CHILDREN - because it is THERE - "UNDER the SHADOW of His WINGS" - where YOU WILL BE PROTECTED, in these Times.  For the WORLD, as you KNOW, is "WICKED"; AND, their 'PATH', is FIXED, on DESTRUCTION.  And VERY FEW, will be called from 'THAT path', to the PATH, that leads to 'Eternal LIFE' - as YOU all, have been called, my TRUE children!  YOU ARE 'PARTAKING of the TREE of LIFE' - and you now HAVE 'Life, in ABUNDANCE'!   Those OUTSIDE the Garden, ONLY have death, AND destruction!  So STAY, IN, the Truth - ALWAYS! - DESPITE what 'those AROUND you', SEEK to proclaim.  For TRULY, ALL of you, 'FAITHFUL Remnant MEMBERS' - ALL of YOU are CALLED to be "TRUE Prophets", in THESE Times.  And by SEEKING to embrace that 'TRUE vocation' - and by PRAYING, my HOLY Rosary - you WILL! - in FACT HELP, END 'this WICKED GENERATION', and 'RENEW the FACE OF THE Earth'(-The Blessed Virgin Mary, March 04, 2016)   

Jesus said: The WAY the Faithful Remnant keep their LAMPS lit, is by READING My TESTIMONY, and by APPLYING, the "UNCOMFORTABLE Revelations", TO their lives.  For what good, is the TESTIMONY? - if what is WRITTEN, is NOT 'put into practice'!  "FAITH", WITHOUT works, IS dead!  LIKEWISE, "WORKS", that are DISCONNECTED from ME! - wither away to NOTHING.  I AM! - the embodiment OF, "the TRUE Faith" - for I HAVE, "ABSOLUTE Faith, and TRUST, in My FATHER - AND His WILL, be DONE!"  I am ASKING, My FAITH-full Remnant - to ASK, for, 'that SAME MEASURE', of FAITH, in THESE Times.  And it WILL be granted - IF! - it is ASKED, in Humility

What you the Members of the Faithful Remnant need to FOCUS on the MOST?

What you need to FOCUS on the MOST - is having TRUE Compassion, ON the Most High True GOD.  If we were to, 'SUM up, what it MEANS to BE a Member of the Faithful REMNANT' - it is SIMPLY, 'those CHOSEN, by, the Creator - to COMPASSIONATE, the Creator'.  Because BILLIONS, of PEOPLE, 'HATE', their CREATOR!  And they 'HATE', EVERYTHING, that, He STANDS for.  They are OPPOSED, to 'ALL, of His WAYS'; BUT!  - the FAITHFUL Remnant, ARE "the select FEW" - who have been CHOSEN, TO, 'SERVE, KNOW, and LOVE' their CREATOR.  Now there are MANY, different REASONS, why the Most High TRUE God chose "a select FEW" - from the four CORNERS of the WORLD.  But "the BIGGEST reason" - is because, He DESIRES, that, 'the Human RACE' - would CONTINUE; OTHERWISE, 'the SPECIES', would most DEFINITELY go "extinct".  It really IS that SIMPLE.  And ONLY those, who PUT 'their ABSOLUTE faith, and trust', in the one who MADE them - WILL, "SURVIVE"! - will PERSEVERE! - to ENJOY! - "Eternal BLISS" - WITH their Creator - in His COMING Era of Peace.  SO - "COMPASSIONATE" - the Most High True GOD - with your LOVE, for His WORD; and for the LIFE - the NEW Life, He has GIVEN you!  COMPASSIONATE "HIM!" - in all things; and THAT way, you are "His Friend".  COMPASSIONATE", the CREATURES, that HE abandoned - because, of 'their STATE, BEFORE Him' - and that MAKES you, "His enemy"!   Understand?  CHOOSE to be "a FRIEND" - of your CREATOR! - in these TIMES… LISTENING, to the inspirations of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - is ACTUALLY 'TELLING your CREATOR' - that you "CARE"! - what He has to SHARE with you!  You CARE about, "the Message, He is sending you"!  And you CARE about "HIS Plans", and "HIS Will", and "HIS Designs".  SO, RENOUNCE yourself DAILY; PICK up your cross; and FOLLOW! (- from the November 8, 2016 update)  

The Faithful Remnant Defined

How can you help the Faithful Remnant
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant only: What you HAVE been hearing, from OTHERS, AND 'from WITHIN' - that YOU have ONLY been doing things "out of obligation" - is NOT 'the full picture'.  YOU are "a WORK in progress!"  AND the Most High TRUE God, has 'MORE invested in YOU!' - than ANYONE, in, the Faithful REMNANT - than US, even.  YOU have 'a very big HEART', and it SHOWS, in the VIDEOS that you produce.  Because YOU would NOT be 'able', to SHARE, 'what is on your HEART' - in such 'an IMPACTFUL way' - UNLESS! - the True Holy Spirit of the Most High TRUE God, and 'the LOVE, of the Blessed Trinity', was 'ANIMATING!' - your WORDS.  In the AREAS, where you 'simply, TRY, to find motivation, to DO things, that are UNPLEASANT - because they GO against the desires of the flesh' - YOU are called, to turn to Jesus Christ the LORD, for 'HIS Strength' - to DO, 'what He is ASKING of you'.  He is ASKING, EVERYONE in the Faithful Remnant, to 'SERVE Him out of LOVE!'  But EACH individual, HAS 'the CAPACITY to LOVE' - as HAS been GIVEN - BY, the Most High TRUE God.  Your CREATOR 'LOVES you' - through and THROUGH; BUT, He WANTS you, to STRIVE to do BETTER - and to LIVE, 'SELFLESSLY', for HIM!  Your CREATOR 'LOVES you'; BUT, He SHOWS His Love, through, 'CHALLENGING you, to GROW - even MORE'.  The SPIRITUALITY, of the Faithful REMNANT - is VERY SIMPLE!  You HAVE, 'a PERSONAL, relationship', with 'the One who MADE you!' - and, HE! - is "the Potter"; and YOU are called, to be "the clay" - MOULDED, according to 'the FORMATION of His TRUE Holy Spirit', from WITHIN!  And you need 'LOTS of Blessed HOLY Water' - so, you don't 'HARDEN and crack'.  Your "OLD LIFE"? - IS no more!   The PEOPLE, you once KNEW? - are NOT the same; THEIR memory of YOU? - is what, 'you were BEFORE! - you became a Member'.  THEY desire you to RETURN, to 'the WAY you WERE' - BEFORE, you found the TESTIMONY.  Your CREATOR? - desires you, to STRIVE, for 'HIS Will in your life'.  There are "two PULLS!" - ONE from your Creator; and ONE from the WORLD. And EACH DAY, you choose, 'WHAT direction, you MOVE in!'  Simple.

"I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all the countries where I have driven them, and I will bring them back to their fold, and they shall be fruitful and multiply.  I will set shepherds over them who will care for them, and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall any be missing, says the Lord"

A special update for the Members of the FAITHFUL Remnant Church

As the Battle of Gog and Magog Continues

KNOW this: that your CREATOR, is looking AFTER you! - and YOU are "safe" - and the Most High TRUE GOD - will CONTINUE, to UPHOLD you - in HIS Grace, TRUTH, AND Love.  Simply, 'RECOGNIZE', that, you are "in the BATTLE of Gog and MAGOG" - and EVEN the REMNANT, CONTINUE, to be CHALLENGED, to take TEAMS!  We KNOW you have CHOSEN yours! (June 05, 2017 update)
Gog, Magog, BerGOGlio... decoded from the Highest Heavens

The Biblical Judgment on Gog, that was spoken to the Prophet Ezekiel - has NOW been revealed, to the Two Witnesses by Jesus Christ the Lord.  It is actually the Most High TRUE God speaking to: Jorge [- pronounced in Spanish, WHORE-hay] BerGOGlio, and those in the Vatican who are reading the website:

“Thus says the Lord God: Are you he [BerGOGlio] of whom I spoke in former days by my servants the prophets of Israel, who in those days prophesied for years that I would bring you [BerGOGlio] against them? [- the institutional catholics]  But on that day, when Gog [BerGOGlio] shall come against the land of Israel [the Faithful Remnant], says the Lord God, my wrath will be roused. For in my jealousy and in my blazing wrath I declare, On that day there shall be a great shaking [- an earthquake] in the land of Israel [the Vatican in Rome]; the fish of the sea, and the birds of the air, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep on the ground, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall quake at my presence [- shall tremble with FEAR], and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the cliffs shall fall, and every wall [- of the Vatican] shall tumble to the ground. I will summon every kind of terror [Plagues] against Gog [BerGOGlio], says the Lord God; every man’s sword [hatred] will be against his brother [neighbor]. With pestilence [demonic infestation] and bloodshed [deaths caused by acts of the Most High True God, through disasters] I will enter into judgment with him; and I will rain [bring] upon him [BerGOGlio] and his hordes ["henchmen" - the roman catholic clergy] and the many peoples that are with him [the parishioners], torrential rains and hailstones, fire and brimstone [- referring to both SPIRITUAL AND physical chastisements]. So I will show my greatness [- as the Most High TRUE God - the GOD above all OTHER gods] and my holiness [- by entering into Divine JUDGMENT with the nations] and make myself known in the eyes of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord." 
(Ezekiel 38:17-23)

The end of the devil's kingdom revealed to the Two Witnesses by Jesus Christ the Lord - "an OVERVIEW, of what is to COME, but CANNOT be changed":

"And when the thousand years are ended, [- from the Last Supper to the abomination of desolation] Satan will be loosed from his prison [- this was revealed to Pope Leo XIII] and will come out [- of the abyss] to deceive [through different forms of media and propaganda and alien technology]  the nations [- the whole WORLD] which are at the four corners of the earth, that is, Gog [BerGOGlio] and Magog [- those who are OF BerGOGlio, the institutional CATHOLICS], to gather them for battle [- against the Most High True GOD, and His Ways]; their number is like the sand of the sea. [- 2 billion institutional catholics]  And they marched up over the broad earth and surrounded [- they're everywhere, in every corner of the earth] the camp of the saints [- the Faithful Remnant] and the beloved city [- the new Jerusalem - the hearts of the Faithful Remnant]; but fire came down from heaven [- the Testimony of the Two Witnesses] and consumed them, [- physically and spiritually destroyed the 2 billion institutional catholics] and the devil ["the father of LIES"] who had deceived them [- the two BILLION catholics] was thrown into the lake of fire [- through the ongoing PRAYERS of the Two WITNESSES and the Faithful REMNANT] and brimstone [sulphur] where the beast [- those with the MARK of Cain] and the false prophet [BerGOGlio] were, and they will be tormented [Eternally separated from their Creator] day and night for ever and ever." 
(Revelations 20:7-10)
The TRUE MEANING of "the Law and the Prophets" revealed, to the Two Witnesses by Jesus Christ the Lord - speaking to, "the institutional catholics":
“Think not that I have come to abolish the law [the Commandments] and the prophets [-the Two Witnesses]; I have come not to abolish them [- as BerGOGlio is trying to do through tolerance] but to fulfill them [- passing "the Deposit of Faith" to My Two Witnesses - fulfilling Prophecy].  For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away [- when the Physical Era of Peace fully manifests on Earth], not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the law [- no "sin" will go unpunished] until all is accomplished [- until there IS no more sin].  Whoever [- the religious leaders] then relaxes [- "compromises"] one of the least [- ANY of them!] of these commandments [- the Ten Commandments] and teaches men so, shall be called least [- they chose poorly - they chose "the lesser portion"]  in the kingdom of heaven; but he [- Pope Peter the Last] who does them [- the Commandments] and teaches them [- to the Faithful Remnant] shall be called great [- the True Brother of Jesus Christ the Lord] in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you, unless your righteousness [- being seen as right in your own eyes, apart from the True Holy Spirit] exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees [- "the learned men" of the law, for example, "theologians"]  you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."
(Matthew 5:17-20)
(July 07, 2017 update)
And if all the above sounds a little "SHOCKING" - then it would be a good idea to REVISIT the prophecy of Saint Malachy, concerning "the Last Pope".   There you will discover that the LAST and 112th pope on Malachy's list is "Peter the Roman"; not the smiley-faced antipope named "francis"!  And then you can re-visit the prophecy of Nostradamus, where it is revealed that the TRUE Pope will leave Italy altogether (- for a country named... "CANADA").  And of course, the prophecy of Saint Francis of Assisi, where he speaks of "the pope who is NOT elected by the cardinals in Rome" - and who causes "a great Schism".  That would be me, Pope Peter the Last - and that "SCHISM", has already BEGUN, by the mere EXISTENCE, of the "FORMER catholics" who have renounced "Francis" as their pope, and who are now calling ME "the TRUE Pope", instead.  They are now Members of the TRUE Church - the only place in these Times where you can find the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith on earth - and that is, in the hearts of the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant Church. (July 08, 2017 update)

NEVER, has 'the BATTLE' WAGED MORE fiercely!

Well, the Most High TRUE GOD, has most CERTAINLY, bestowed 'COUNTLESS Blessings' UPON you - BECAUSE, you have CHOSEN, to put 'your Faith' in HIM! - and in HIS, Divine Will, and Plan, for your LIFE!  NOT that you can 'SEE', your ENTIRE LIFE, BEFORE you; but you KNOW, that He is "WALKING WITH you", and "WALKING you THROUGH, the day".  And He has GIVEN you, "PHYSICAL Signs", and "SPIRITUAL Consolations" - to CONSOLE you! - because, of 'the AFFLICTIONS', that you are UNDERGOING, from 'the enemy of your SOUL'. NEVER, has 'the BATTLE' WAGED, MORE fiercely, against, 'the TRUE FOLLOWERS, of JESUS CHRIST the LORD'.  The ENEMY? - is ENRAGED! - at EVERYONE, in the Faithful Remnant - and he is MANIFESTING 'his ANGER' - through the ASSAILANTS.  BUT! - it is ONLY, because, 'the Faithful REMNANT', are the ONES, who ESCAPED, 'the WRATH, OF the Most High True GOD'!  YES, you HEARD right! - the ENEMY is 'PROTESTING', that, the Faithful REMNANT, have INDEED "escaped SODOM and Gomorrah - AND Egypt"!  And that, they are NO longer enslaved, to their FORMERS' expectations.  And "the ASSAILANTS"? - are NOT allowing, the FAITHFUL Remnant, to WORSHIP, the Most High True God - in True PEACE; but they DESPERATELY! - want to ABORT, the SOULS, of EACH MEMBER.

Now, UNLIKE "the UNBORN Souls" - the Faithful REMNANT, have "a CHOICE" - because they can CHOOSE, to persevere - to CHOOSE Life - and to LIVE, for their CREATOR, both NOW and for ETERNITY.  Whereas, "the UNBORN" - were 'SNATCHED, away, from the WOMBS of their mothers'; and they were 'KILLED' - by LARGE numbers, ALL day long!  Though they WILL be returning to the Face of the Earth - at THIS time, they are 'INTERCEDING, for Divine JUSTICE' - on EVERYONE outside the Ark of Safety. Because "The ARK of SAFETY"? - is, like BEING in the WOMB! - OF the Blessed Virgin Mary, "HOUSE of the Testimony", "PROTECTRESS of the Ark of Safety"

And NOW! - the REMNANT need to know, that ALTHOUGH they have "ancestors in HEAVEN" - who are praying 'FOR them' - to PERSEVERE, on the Narrow PATH; they ALSO, have "ancestors, in HELL!" - who are ALLOWED, to 'TORMENT', and 'to AFFLICT them', in as MUCH, as, the REMNANT, are 'ALLOWING them to'.  The Most High TRUE GOD, is "UPHOLDING His Faithful Remnant Church" - and, His TRUE FOLLOWERS? - are CALLED, to 'DENY themselves', to 'PICK up their Cross' - and to FOLLOW Him DAILY.  And there will be MANY "OBSTACLES"; but, they are NEVER, to become, "DISCOURAGED" - BY 'those obstacles in FRONT of them'

For when "the ISRAELITES", were CORNERED, at the Red Sea - by Pharaoh's ARMY - it was THEN! - that the Most High TRUE God, chose to MANIFEST Himself - AGAINST! - "their assailants" - and 'Part the WAY', for the ISRAELITES, to cross OVER - and SAFELY!  And what was 'the FATE of the ASSAILANTS'? - but they DROWNED! - in the WATERS - the same WATERS, that the Most High TRUE God, 'PARTED, for the ISRAELITES'.  And in this TIME, the BLESSED HOLY Water - housing "the TRUE Holy Spirit" - will help EACH Member, of the FAITHFUL Remnant, to be 'DELIVERED, of the DEMONS! - that want, to destroy, their SOULS, in HELLFIRE'.  THROUGH 'the outpouring of the TRUE Holy Spirit', THROUGH the Blessed Holy Water, and with HEARTFELT REPENTANCE - each MEMBER, of the FAITHFUL REMNANT, WILL BE 'renewed' - and their HEARTS, will be 'SOFTENED', and 'TRANSFORMED'! - to become, "HEARTS, after the HEART, of the Most High TRUE God".  As HE! - places IN them, not "a STONY heart"; BUT "a heart, of TRUE Compassion". (November 14, 2017 update) 

Why DOES the Faithful Remnant CHURCH seem like 'such an extreme LIFESTYLE'?

The ONLY reason, that the Faithful Remnant CHURCH, seems like 'such an extreme LIFESTYLE'? - is BECAUSE, the PEOPLE OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, have 'DOVE - SO FAR into IMMORALITY' - as "a NORMAL way of life".  THEY! - are 'the ONES, who have CHOSEN IMMORAL lifestyles' - as they DEMAND to be SAVED, by "their JESUS".  But they REFUSE to put any EFFORT! - in to 'ASKING, seeking, and KNOCKING' - for the True Holy SPIRIT.  WHY? Because the PEOPLE ARE "Holy in their own eyes" - even WHILE! - they are KNOWINGLY choosing to embrace abominations, in their hearts.  And THAT is why 'the TESTIMONY' was sent at THIS TIME - at this CRITICAL time, in human HISTORY - to SHOW mankind, 'the PATH, back, to their CREATOR' - IF, they desire to WALK it.  That is WHY, people, 'HATE! - the Testimony' - because it IS "their Conscience!" - that they do, so DESPERATELY, 'try, to SUPPRESS, and SNUFF OUT, at ALL costs!"  WHO? - wants to SEE themselves, through the Eyes, of their CREATOR?  WHO, wants to ACKNOWLEDGE, 'their SINFULNESS' - before His HOLINESS?  WHO wants to see 'the DIRT! - in their INTERIOR lives? - next to His most BRILLIANT Light?'  THAT is why 'TRUE HUMILITY', is ABSOLUTELY necessary - in ORDER, to WALK, "the narrow Path".  The True HUMILITY - that, is the GRACE, to RECEIVE, 'the HUMBLING Truth' - that YOU, are "NOTHING! - apart from your Creator"; and that HE made YOU to serve HIM! - by 'serving the TRUTH, to others'. (January 29, 2018 update) 

It's REALLY all about "YOUR! - commitment, to your Creator"

Being "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - is actually about "YOUR! - commitment, to your Creator" - REGARDLESS of 'how you FEEL', or 'WHATEVER TRIAL you are GOING through'.  Are YOU! - "committed, to WORSHIPPING Him, and LOVING Him, and SERVING HIM - with your entire BEING! - in as MUCH as you are ABLE to? - with the GOODNESS! - that HE, has bestowed UPON you"?  SOMETIMES, there will be "INTENSE trials" - and 'MOMENTS, where you are being TESTED, about where your ALLEGIANCE is'.  But, you NEED to understand, that your CREATOR does not "TEST you" - so that you FAIL! - the test.  He is "TESTING you" - so that you can PASS the test! - and 'grow CLOSER to Him' - and LEARN from your mistakes.  He does not 'BEAT, DOWN, on His True CHILDREN!'  He is "a VERY, LOVING, and CARING! - FATHER".  And THAT is why, He has GIVEN, 'His Testimony' - at THIS time - to reach OUT, to 'His TRUE! - Children' - the ONES, who 'DESIRE, to recognize, HIM! - as LORD, of their ENTIRE existence'. (- from the February 15, 2018 update)

It really isn't about numbers!

The MORE the Faithful Remnant choose, to "GO against the grain", to "GO against the TIDE!", to "GO against the CURRENT, MORAL, degeneration of SOCIETY" - the more they CHOOSE to "be FOR! - the Most High True God" - "be FOR! - His Testimony" - "be FOR! - their TRUE Vocation, as REMNANT Members" - the 'EASIER', their journey will BECOME.  But the ONES in the REMNANT who are CHOOSING, to be 'INDIFFERENT, towards the EVILS in their OWN lives' - and 'the evils of SOCIETY' - ARE, 'the ones, who will be swept AWAY'.  And, as they choose to be 'INDIFFERENT' as in "not CARING" - one way or ANOTHER, where they STAND - they can only 'FALL' - and "great WILL be their fall".  Once AGAIN, the Most High TRUE God - is not INTERESTED, in "NUMBERS" - in, 'the MASSES of PEOPLE'. HE is INTERESTED, only, in 'those FEW, Souls' - who, have their HEARTS, set on HIM!  The REST of them can perish! - as in, "the 99%". (March 19, 2018 update) 

"For all this the people did not repent, and they did not forsake their sins, till they were carried away captive from their land and were scattered over all the earth; the people were left very few in number, but with rulers from the house of David." (Sirach 48:15) 
Are you ready for "a HIGHER CALLING"?
The MOST High True God, 'allows SUFFERINGS to HAPPEN'! - to the Members of the Faithful REMNANT - in order to keep them "HUMBLE", in their INTERIOR lives - and to HELP them! - with 'the DESIRE, to TURN to Him' - for HIS Strength - to OVERCOME the Trials, and TEMPTATIONS - that, they are 'FACED with on a daily BASIS'.  The REST of the WORLD? - EMBRACES "sin" - as PART of their lives - and REALLY? - there is no such THING, for THEM - as "a TEMPTATION".  For ALL things! - apart from the Most High TRUE God, are 'DESIRABLE, TO them'.  But as 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'? - YOU are CALLED - to 'desire what is GOOD for your SOUL' - what will "NOURISH", your Soul.  And, THIS means - that you need to 'DENY, yourself, fleshly COMFORTS' at times.  And THIS means - to 'GO against, the DESIRES of the DEMONS - who TEMPT the flesh' - and to submit INSTEAD to, 'what the TRUE Holy Spirit is asking, in the moment'.  This IS! - "a MUCH HIGHER calling" - that each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - has been 'CALLED to'!  EACH, Member of the Faithful Remnant - has BEEN "COMMISSIONED, BY! - the Creator of the Universe" - TO - be "a BEACON! - of LIGHT - of TRUE Light!" - in this 'VERY! - dark WORLD'.  Each MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT, has been 'COMMISSIONED, to bear FRUIT - FOR the Kingdom of HEAVEN' - and to LISTEN to their Conscience, GUIDE them through the day.  Each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - is called to 'bear TESTIMONY - by their LIFESTYLE! - TO - the LIFE, of Jesus Christ the LORD' - which the world DENIES!  It ISN'T "EASY" because "the call" IS to be despised! - AND rejected - and RIDICULED! - FOR 'one's Faith' - IN, the True Roman CATHOLIC Faith.  But the ROMAN catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION - actually SUPPRESSED, the NEED, for 'HOLINESS', and for "ACCOUNTABILITY before the CREATOR, for one's actions".  AND! - the roman catholic hierarchical institution has BECOME, "a SHAM!" - before the CREATOR of the Universe - for He DOES not RECOGNIZE it! - BECAUSE - though they hold 'the FORM of RELIGION' - they DENY! - "the SOURCE"!  They DENY 'the POWER of it'.  And SO? - for the ROMAN catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION - it is "ALL about, nostalgia, RITUAL, routine - and PRACTICES, of PIETY - IN the eyes of OTHERS".  But for EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant - they are CALLED - to PRACTICE, 'the TRUE Roman Catholic FAITH' - IN their HEARTS! - in WORD AND in DEED.  And it IS possible! - IF! - they seek to be 'PART, OF - the TRUE Vine' - Who is Jesus Christ the LORD! - IF, they desire to BE, "a FRUITFUL branch" - HE can WORK with that!
(April 06, 2018 update) 

Do NOT be "afraid", of the devil - INSTEAD - FOCUS, on Jesus Christ the LORD!

As for your new-found FAITH - built on 'the ROCK', instead of "FEELINGS" - well the Most High TRUE God, is teaching you, "how to LIVE!" - with His True Holy SPIRIT - Guiding you, and LEADING you, in each and every MOMENT - without "FEAR" - of the adversary - OR the assailants. Do NOT be "afraid", of the devil - or "the JEZZIES", or "the OCCULT, attacks, from FORMERS" - because THAT is like focusing, on 'the WAVE' - INSTEAD - FOCUS, on Jesus Christ the LORD - keep your heart "fixed on HIM" - and HE will remove, 'ALL the mountains'! - ALL you need to do is ask!  He is just WAITING, for you to DO so - as you seek 'to live for HIM'. And know that, "ADVERSITY", IS followed, by "consolation".  The greater the ADVERSITY? - the bigger the CONSOLATION - but ONLY if you persevere THROUGH it - as you have DONE so.  (April 17, 2018 update)  
There are many, MANY, MANY people! - who are waiting for "the CATASTROPHIC failure
of the Most High TRUE God's FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH"
THIS is 'where you SIMPLY need to practice CONFIDENCE, in your Creator' - and that, He IS! - 'working', in a BIG way! - even "BEHIND the scenes" - to PREVENT! - "CATASTROPHIC failure, of His Remnant CHURCH".  And EVEN if one PERSON, makes "a SERIOUS mistake" - He is NOT going to ALLOW, 'the ENTIRE, Remnant', to be PUNISHED, FOR that mistake.  Because most CERTAINLY! - HE is 'the ONE, who is HOLDING His Faithful Remnant Church TOGETHER'! - and HE is 'the ONE, who is HOLDING the FAITH! - of His Remnant together'.  So YOU can be 'SURE', and have CONFIDENCE - that "EVERY need is provided for" - and that in THESE Times, He IS 'TREATING His Faithful REMNANT, even BETTER! - than He treated, His FIRST Disciples' - as they ALL had to suffer "PHYSICAL death".  Have you SEEN the UPDATE, for TODAY? (- on the topic of "Ritualistic Celebrations") - as, the Most High TRUE God, Gives, "HIS Response THROUGH us" - TO "the fate, OF the assailants".
To state the obvious:  As Noah built his Ark, the people in nearby towns, were in fact "laughing themselves SILLY", as they waited for the catastrophic failure, of HIS works - of HIS Ark - of his CREATOR'S Plans.  And... SPOILER alert... it "did NOT go well", for those people - but, on the OTHER hand, it went EXTREMELY well, for "the EXTREMELY few", who trusted, in the Most High TRUE God's Plan - and Ark of Safety.  What about YOU? - do you prefer "an ARK"? - or a life preserver? - IF! - you can find one, when "you are REALLY freaking-out!"  Perhaps you need to watch one of the recent videos on the APOCALYPSE page, if you think that is slightly overstated.  (August 14, 2018 update) 

Have you been searching for "an Oasis", of EVERLASTING Life?

If you have ANY need - then ask the Most High TRUE God, to SUPPLY, for that NEED - as you FOCUS, on doing 'what HE'S asking of YOU' - and He WILL! - provide for you.  Because, as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - you have FOUND, "an Oasis", of EVERLASTING Life - and Ever-LIVING, water - so that YOU, will NEVER, be "THIRSTY", or "HUNGRY", again.  JUST as, the LORD - has been PROVIDING, you with 'FOOD' - and 'your daily SUSTENANCE' - so TOO will He PROVIDE you, with 'what is NECESSARY', in order for YOU, to 'THRIVE'! - in THESE End Times.  BUT - it will REQUIRE, 'COMPLETE docility', to the Divine WILL, of the Most High TRUE GOD - and 'COMPLETE dependency', ON Him. (October 22, 2018 update) 
"Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night within his temple; and he who sits upon the throne will shelter them with his presence.  They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; the sun shall not strike them, nor any scorching heat.  For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of living water; and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”
(Revelations 7:15-17)
Because you were GENEROUS with 'what little YOU had' - the Most High TRUE God, was "generous", with YOU!  BECAUSE, He will NEVER be 'outdone, in HIS Generosity'.  Which MEANS? - that you can 'GIVE', and GIVE, and 'GIVE of yourself' - EVERY day! - 24/7 - and the Most High TRUE GOD? - is "STILL more generous!"  BECAUSE? - what YOU have been GIVEN, IS, "a Gift", FROM Him.  For He 'GIVES', YOU, "out of the ABUNDANCE", of what HE has - and expects that 'YOU', will give, out of the ABUNDANCE, that YOU have!  EVEN with 'the PEOPLE', outside the Ark, of Safety' - if YOU are 'KIND', to them - even in 'their STATE'? - that is "heaping COALS! - upon their heads".  But, you HAVE to DISCERN, whether or NOT, 'the DEMONS!' - want to 'take advantage OF you' - THROUGH them? - or whether your CREATOR, is in fact ASKING, 'YOU', to GIVE - 'FREELY', TO them?  And it will NOT be 'the same answer' every TIME! - as you are "CALLED to DISCERN", the situation - and "DISCERN the MOMENT" - in LIGHT of! - 'the CONTEXT, of the situation' - and 'what you KNOW!  SOME people, try to 'get into HEAVEN', by giving AWAY, 'so MUCH', and appearing, "CHARITABLE", on the OUTSIDE - when in FACT, they are only DOING it, "in ORDER to be seen"; and being 'SEEN' - to be "CHARITABLE"? - is their REWARD.  SOME people, will only ADHERE, to 'the LETTER, of the LAW' - so that there is "no ACCOUNTABILITY, for their NEGLECTS".  And in DOING so - they 'heap COALS, upon their OWN heads'.  For BEING "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT"? - ISN'T, simply about, 'AVOIDING SIN', or 'NOT DOING, something WRONG'.  It is in fact, about 'the CALL of the MOMENT' to 'do GOOD'.  There IS 'a potential' in EACH MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - to allow 'the GOODNESS, OF the Creator' to flow THROUGH them.  And, the Most High TRUE God's 'Divine JUSTICE'? - is "GOOD!"  Because He is 'FAIR'.  And SO if MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, want to be treated 'FAIRLY'? - by "the Just JUDGE"? - THEN, they will treat OTHERS 'fairly' - REGARDLESS of 'the state', they are in. (November 24, 2018 update)   

For ALL those who have chosen to BE, "an AUTHENTIC CHRISTIAN", in these TIMES? 

Actual Email: "Who am I to go against the words of my Creator and against your counsel?"

And that is "a GREAT question to bring before your Creator" - one that invites Him to address 'the GLOBAL attitude towards the Counsel and towards the Testimony':

"As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of man. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of man."
(Matthew 24:37-39)

The WORLD does not want to be corrected - in ANY way!  And they do NOT want to be TOLD, "HOW they are in the WRONG" - and "How their WAYS are offensive to the Most High TRUE God".  And THOSE who embrace 'the SPIRIT of the world' - believe, that they have 'a RIGHT!' - to, reject, 'the Spirit of GOD' - and that they have 'a RIGHT!' - to embrace 'WICKEDNESS' - because of 'all the good WORKS!' - that they have done - that they have 'STACKED, in their favor'.  But? - 'TRUE Christianity' is NOT to be found, in 'this WORLD'; but "a FALSE christianity" - one of TOLERANCE, and 'self-RIGHTEOUSNESS'.  And BECAUSE all the "CHRISTIANS", see themselves as 'GOOD'? - they DON'T need to ACTUALLY, 'DO! - what is good, and pleasing in the Eyes of their CREATOR' - for Him to SAVE them; they SIMPLY need to, 'ACKNOWLEDGE that He EXISTS', and believe in His NAME - JUST as the DEMONS do

But "REAL! - TRUE, AUTHENTIC Christianity"- is VERY DIFFERENT - than 'what the WORLD, is embracing as christianity'.  To BE, "an AUTHENTIC CHRISTIAN", in these TIMES? - IS! - to be, 'a MEMBER, of the FAITHFUL Remnant Church' - and IS! - to be FAITHFUL, to the Most High TRUE God - and to 'His TRUE Holy SPIRIT' - no MATTER, "how HARD, it becomes" - no matter "WHAT! - He asks, OF you".  And it's GOING to be "difficult"! - AND "uncomfortable"! - because it's "the RIGHT thing to do"!  'The WORLD'? - has grown, "icy-cold", and "COMFORTABLE!" - in 'that STATE' - CONTINUALLY 'WITHHOLDING love, from their CREATOR' - and 'choosing to love SELF!' - instead.  And THEY'RE "going to pay the PRICE!" - in THIS life AND in the next! - for 'SHUNNING!' - the CALL, to 'LIVE!' - the True Roman Catholic Faith; for 'SHUNNING the Call', to become "a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH".  There are 'NO excuses!' - because JESUS said: "As in the TIMES, of NOAH - so shall it BE!" - referring to the END Times.  But, for THOSE, who are 'TIGHTLY holding-on to the spirit of the WORLD'? - they can't 'SEE', that these ARE "the End Times" - as the demons CONTINUALLY, give them "RATIONAL explanations", for 'the SIGNS' that are HAPPENING, RIGHT in FRONT of them!  And THOSE, "without Faith, in the Testimony, of Jesus"? - are DOOMED to Perish.  And THOSE who choose 'to BELIEVE IN THE TESTIMONY' - but will NOT DO! - what the Testimony TEACHES? - ONLY have, 'WORKS, APART from their Creator' - which means "works that CANNOT Save" - which ALSO means that "they are snubbing their CREATOR, so He CAN'T Save them!"

Of course PEOPLE have 'HEARD', BEFORE, that "the Most High TRUE God, will NOT be outdone in GENEROSITY".  But WHAT does that MEAN? - it MEANS: that THOSE who EMBRACE, the Spirit of the LIVING God, will always GIVE more - will always, LOVE more - and will NEVER run OUT, of "the generous GIFTS", that the CREATOR, is indeed 'bestowing UPON them' - so that THEY can 'SHARE those Gifts, with OTHERS' - which is ANOTHER reason why the TESTIMONY is 'UNENDING' - and WHY there will ALWAYS be 'Revelations, from the CREATOR, being SHARED'.  To THOSE who, "HAVE an ear", and can HEAR! - 'what the True Holy Spirit is saying': ... 

And so the REASON that WE, as "the Two Witnesses" are ABLE! - to do "what we DO" - is NOT "on our OWN strength", or "our own WILLPOWER"; it is ONLY, "because we SEEK, 'the Divine WILL' - and seek to unite 'ALL! - of our works' - with all of HEAVEN".  And, THOUGH this may SEEM as "an EXTREME lifestyle", to SOME? - it's ACTUALLY "where the BAR is set", for EVERYONE! - who HAS, "a SINCERE desire to spend ETERNITY, with 'the One, who MADE them'!

And so, for 'the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant', who SINCERELY DESIRE - 'to BE here!' - for "the THIRD and Final Coming OF! - Jesus Christ the Lord:  Then they WILL! - do ALL! - that He asks OF them - with 'His STRENGTH'!  And they will 'SHUN!' - ALL the excuses, that the DEVIL SENDS them, for 'WHY they believe', that "they are entitled to MORE! - of a COMFORTABLE life"No!  NONE of you! - are "entitled", to ANY comfort, or ANY consolation, in THIS life!  But, when you EXPERIENCE, 'the Consolations, from your CREATOR'? - they are "THERE, to HELP you, get THROUGH, the future TRIAL".  Let THOSE, who are "in the SPIRIT of the world", DIE! - in the SPIRIT of the world, and be CAPTIVE! - to 'the spirit of the world'.  But let THOSE, who are "in the SPIRIT, of the Living GOD", LIVE! - in the Spirit - in the TRUE Holy Spirit - and "be CAPTIVE! - or CAPTIVATED", by the LOVE, of the True Holy SPIRIT - for ALL ETERNITY(December 02, 2018 update) 

"Noah was found perfect and righteous; in the time of wrath he was taken in exchange; therefore a remnant was left to the earth when the flood came. Everlasting covenants were made with him that all flesh should not be blotted out by a flood." 
(Sirach 44:17-18)

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  As "a MEMBER, of My Faithful Remnant" - I chose YOU!  I picked YOU! - OUT of the crowds, of people.  NOT 'to RETURN, to your former LIFE', or to 'your former WAYS'; but to PERSEVERE, APART from, 'the WICKEDNESS', that you ONCE, became ACCUSTOMED to EMBRACING.  Your HEART, was in fact, 'EMPTY, and BROKEN', in the WORLD - because the WORLD did not SATISFY you; and there was 'a LONGING, that 'I' gave you - a LONGING, to know ME, your Creator - so that, YOU! - would KNOW! - 'WHAT it was', I WANTED from you.  And, I DESIRE, the same - from YOU - as I DO! - from everyone ELSE!  But they 'will not GIVE' - they will not GIVE, 'of THEMSELVES'! - for the sake, of 'the Eternal GOSPEL, of the KINGDOM! - of Heaven'.  But YOU! - said "yes" - to the CALL.  You did not 'DENY', the Signs, that you WERE given - in order to help YOU, 'RECOGNIZE', that I was CALLING you - AWAY from, your old LIFE - to MYSELF.  YOU chose to be 'DOCILE', and LISTEN!  You CHOSE, "the better PORTION".  And that is 'WHY, you ARE THRIVING, as a MEMBER, of My Faithful REMNANT'The ONES, who were 'cut-OFF' - chose "the WORSE portion" - because, THEY, did NOT! - and DO not! - 'desire', the KINGDOM of Heaven, "on MY TERMS".  THEY, desire, that I would serve 'THEM'.  And SO? - they are NO LONGER, "Official MEMBERS".  THEY! - chose that.  'I' did not choose that for them.  ALL are "SINNERS" - YES, you ARE "a SINNER" - but you don't 'USE that as an EXCUSE, to CONTINUE! - embracing SINS, OFFENSES, and WICKEDNESS, and the DEMONS, that go WITH them'.  The ONES who were cut-OFF, use ALL, of those excuses - to CONTINUE, being "slothful, and WICKED".  And I AM 'dealing with them', on a PERSONAL level.  I continue, to watch OVER YOU - to GUIDE YOU, and to PROTECT you, from "the WOLVES", out there - whom, you HAVE seen! - with your OWN eyes.  And SO, do NOT, get 'sucked-IN', to the spirit of the WORLD, that is in FACT, ABOUT, to be FLUSHED.  Do NOT get "sucked-IN", to ALL, of 'the WICKEDNESS", that is going ON - ALL AROUND you - as you LIVE in this WORLD - and 'WITNESS, on a daily BASIS'. Do NOT, get "sucked-IN", to SETTLING for LESS - to COMPROMISING, what 'you HAVE received'.   Instead, DESIRE, to be 'DIALED-in', to My TRUE Holy Spirit - ALWAYS!  Because, these ARE, "TURBULENT Times".  And if your FAITH is 'WAVERING? - NOW' - when it is CALM? - How will you DO, when the stormy SEAS begin to rise? (January 13, 2019 update)   

A secret to LIVING, the Faithful Remnant LIFESTYLE, is by ALWAYS 'SEEKING to be IMPARTIAL'.  And THIS means, that you 'SEE'! - EVERYONE, through the Eyes of the Most High True GOD.  And in DOING so - you WILL notice, that, 'the FOG', LIFTS - and, that your DESIRES, in fact, begin to reflect, 'MORE of your CREATOR'S desires'. You NEED 'the Grace of HOLY Detachment', from the WORLD - as the CREATOR is.  It is WHEN you become 'ATTACHED, to PEOPLE, and THINGS', that PROBLEMS, begin to EMERGE.  But if you're LIVING, "in the TRUE Holy Spirit" - and you are COMPLETELY OPPOSED, to 'the WORLDLY desires', that are being 'THROWN at you DAILY' - then, you WILL be 'equipped', AND strengthened - to LIVE! - IN! - "the Favor and Grace of the Most High True GOD"!  HE, simply needs YOU, to RESOLVE, to be 'AGAINST, what HE is against' - and, to be 'FOR, what HE is for'.  DESIRE, to LIVE, in 'the ETERNAL, TRUTH'! - that, He IS! Desire, that, 'your HEART', would be FILLED, with 'the ETERNAL, DAYLIGHT, of the CREATOR'.  And invite HIM, to BE, 'the LAMP', IN, your LIFE.  And He WILL!  SEEK, to KNOW - what His Holy Will IS! - so that you can DO it!  And He will SHOW you.  And it WON'T be ANYTHING, of 'a worldly NATURE' - it won't be "for GLORY" - or "for PRESTIGE, in THIS world".  It will SIMPLY be "the ORDINARY" - MADE! - extraordinary, BY the Grace, of the Most High TRUE God.

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  Only 'the TRULY Humble', CAN ATTAIN this.  This LIFESTYLE, is NOT for "the proud, the arrogant, the haughty, the disobedient, the REBELLIOUS!" - but this LIFESTYLE, is 'FOR, My TRUE, sheep!'.  And THEY! - will be 'the ones, who will LISTEN, and DO, AS I TELL them to!'  BECAUSE, they KNOW 'the VOICE', of their TRUE Shepherd.  And they WILL not listen! - to 'the VOICE, of STRANGERS' - or, in THIS case, to 'the voice of their FORMERS' - who are ALL, "wolves!" - READY, to devour, "the LAMBS".  The "WOLVES", are HUNGRY, and 'PROWLING around' - LOOKING, for 'ANY WEAKNESS', or 'OPENING', to ATTACK!  And so? - My Faithful Remnant, My TRUE sheep - MUST! - be "ON guard".  For TRULY, it is 'the ONLY way, to survive - both SPIRITUALLY, AND physically, what is COMING, upon the world'. (January 15, 2019 update)

Need some 'MOTIVATION' to STAY! "spiritually minded" at ALL times?

DON'T 'ALLOW', others - to STEAL! - your ATTENTION, AWAY, from the Most High True GOD - because 'they WILL! - FIGHT! - to DO so!LIFE in the Faithful Remnant is "VERY simple"! - but it is 'FOR, the Truly Humble'.  NOT for 'those, who desire to APPEAR! - as humble'.   ONE way 'to overcome, the attacks of the ENEMY', is by SIMPLY 'switching your focus' - from FOCUSING, on 'the DISTRACTIONS', that the DEMONS, want you to FOCUS on - TO, 'DELIBERATELY! - choosing to focus on your Creator, and what He is ASKING of you, in the MOMENT'.   And EVENTUALLY? - you will be 'in the HABIT', of SHUNNING the distractions - to the POINT, where your 'True Spiritual VISION', will be 'HONED'.   Because you HAVE to use, 'the GIFTS of the True Holy Spirit', in order to KEEP them.  To NEGLECT? - the Gifts of the True Holy SPIRIT, and 'to give IN' to "demonic PRESSURE"? - IS an INVITATION, to the Most High True GOD - to? - slowly take them BACK!  He's "VERY fair"!   If He SEES people are not 'USING', the Spiritual Gifts and GRACES, that He GAVE them! - and they turn, to 'DELUSIONS', and 'ILLUSIONS'! - and 'FALSEHOODS'! - then? - He REMOVES them - He REMOVES, the Gifts of the True Holy Spirit.  The Gifts of the TRUE Holy Spirit that are "ABSOLUTELY necessary, for one's SALVATION".   We hope THIS 'motivates you', to STAY! - "spiritually minded", at ALL times. (February 27, 2019 update) 

When do YOU actually 'start LIVING the Faith' each day?

When you WAKE up in the morning? - most LIKELY, during the EVENING time - DURING the night - the ENEMY, and "his MINIONS", and "his FOLLOWERS" - had been 'WORKING on you!' - had been WORKING to "RE-PROGRAM, your INTERIOR life" - with 'SEEDS, of DECEPTION', and of ILLUSION, and of LIES!  And SO? - EVERY morning - WHEN you wake up - YOU need! - to 'take a STAND!'  "WHAT team! - are YOU, RESOLVED to serve? - are you RESOLVED, to be FOR?"  Are you 'TAKING, a few MOMENTS', to REALLY! - wake up - and DISCERN your INTERIOR LIFE? - and get 'RE-ORIENTED into the TRUTH'?  OR, are you 'letting things SLIDE'? - are you 'allowing your INTERIOR life, to SLIDE'? - as you wake-UP, with your PERCEPTIONS, all, 'MESSED up!'  Because OFTEN - how you CHOOSE to begin, your day - is 'how your day will GO'!  Are you PUTTING your Creator FIRST?  Are you PRAYING, your morning PRAYER? - first THING.  Are you DEDICATING your day, to your Creator?  Are you 'ACTIVELY lifting up your heart', to the One who MADE you!  Or are you being "INDIFFERENT"!  Do you even 'CARE'! - WHERE your heart is, in the morning?  Do you make 'the EFFORT'? - to REACH-out to Heaven, WHEN you wake upWhen your 'perceptions' SHIFT? - do you CHOOSE to actively, PRAY, to receive 'the True REALITY', into your heart.  There are things that YOU can be doing - to help YOURSELF.  You are not "a VICTIM, of occult ATTACKS"!  Because with 'the STRENGTH of Jesus Christ the LORD', and with all of HEAVEN - they are "no MATCH!"  THOSE 'ATTACKS' are "NO MATCH, for the KING of Heaven".  But it requires "EFFORT" on YOUR part - to LIVE the Faith. (February 27, 2019 update) 
Grateful to the Most High True God
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

WHAT is the CALL of each Member of the Faithful REMNANT?

The CALL of each Member of the Faithful REMNANT? - is to "become BETTER! - at EVERYTHING! - DAILY!" - and to do EVERYTHING, with 'EXCELLENCE'! - knowing 'WHO' you are doing it for.  And the MINUTE you become 'SATISFIED, with just COASTING'? - or 'KEEPING your RELATIONSHIP with the Most High TRUE God, at a STEADY PACE'? - it is THEN that you start to slide.  If you become 'AFRAID? - to grow in HOLINESS'? - for FEAR of being ATTACKED by the ENEMY? - then, you begin to SLIDE.  If you allow, "IRRATIONAL FEARS, to GOVERN, YOU"?  - you can ONLY receive "BAD inspirations" - which will cause you to SLIDE!  The CALLING, your CREATOR, has SET before you? - is, "a MUCH HIGHER calling".  Not that YOU are called, to 'a level of GREATNESS'.  But INSTEAD - YOU are called to see 'how GREAT! - your CREATOR is!' - and WORSHIP Him, with your entire BEING! - as you choose to be THANKFUL! - and GRATEFUL! - for 'every BREATH', that He has BLESSED you with. And you are CALLED, to ALWAYS! - BE READY - to LIVE with LESS! - and to be 'CONTENT', in being POOR - materially.  But, INSTEAD you are 'called to be SATISFIED - WITH, IN, and THROUGH! - your Creator'.  And so NONE of you are 'there' yet!  And so YOU HAVE 'some WORK to do'.  CAN you? - EMBRACE and live the CALL, of "an authentic MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT"?  There is 'a CHALLENGE' for you!  Because EVERY day, Jesus Christ the LORD, is CHALLENGING His REMNANT, to 'grow SPIRITUALLY'.  And ACTING on 'the Inspirations of the True Holy SPIRIT'? - will ALWAYS take 'a leap, of TRUE Faith'! - will ALWAYS require, 'the CONSENT, of the WILL - to the DIVINE Will'.  And you will SIMPLY know! - "it is GOD'S Will" - EVEN if you DON'T! - have 'the FULL Picture', or UNDERSTANDING. That's WHY, 'following the True Holy SPIRIT", requires 'FAITH'! - because you're NOT, 'ALLOWED to see', with your PHYSICAL eyes - or INTERPRET with your PHYSICAL senses, 'the OUTCOME'.  But the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, will LEAD you, from your HEART - and you will learn to SEE, with 'the eyes of the HEART' - which are MUCH more important, than your PHYSICAL eyes.  THOUGH "physical sight" IS good! - as WELL. (April 03, 2019 update)

It's ONLY a matter of time, before our Creator, begins to 'PASS the JUDGEMENTS'

With SO many JUDGEMENTS posted ONLINE - it is "ONLY a matter of TIME" - before our Creator, begins to 'PASS them' - and to 'IMPLEMENT them', to the fullest MEASURE.  But 'HE knows!' - "the PERFECT time".  And, what YOU are called to do? - as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT? - is 'ENDURE!' - and PERSEVERE! - IN the True Faith - with 'TRUE Spiritual SANITY'. (April 20, 2019 update)  

For all the Members of the Faithful Remnant who find that they are UNABLE to 'OVERCOME, the DAILY temptations' and get THROUGH the Trials?

You MUST understand - the it was 'the DEVIL'! - and the ANGELS who became 'FALLEN angels', who REBELLED! - and THEY? - have been, 'ENTICING, the HEARTS, of MANKIND', for GENERATIONS upon GENERATIONS - to 'go AGAINST the Creator' - to 'take a STAND against the CREATOR!' - and to 'CURSE, the Creator's SON, Jesus Christ the LORD'.  And MORE and more PEOPLE in these Times ESPECIALLY! - are EMBRACING, the INTERIOR life, of 'a DEMON'!  And they ARE "infested"!  WHETHER? - they want to ADMIT, to the problem - or NOT.  And, PART of 'YOUR Vocation', as a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant - IS, to be 'DELIVERED' - IS, to be 'set FREE! - from the chains, of the DEMONS - and the ENTICEMENTS, that they PRESENT to you', on a daily basis.  KEEP in mind:  That 'ALL, sin', OFFENDS, the Creator - and that it ONLY takes, 'ONE! - SERIOUS offense' - DELIBERATE, and PREMEDITATED - 'WICKED desire', that is CONSENTED to! - to 'MARK one's Soul, for Eternal Death' - UNTIL it is repented of.  THESE are 'SPIRITUAL laws' - which, NO man, woman, or CHILD can escape!  But, 'the ILLUSIONS!' - that the DEMONS, OFFER people? - is to KEEP THEM, in 'a PERPETUAL, STATE, of sin'.  And so YOU! - have to decide: if SIN, and WICKEDNESS! - and REBELLION - are "MORE, appealing" - than, the things of the Kingdom of HEAVEN - the VIRTUES, of the Kingdom of Heaven.  'TRUE Humility', self-CONTROL, kindness, LOVE! - of the Most High True God - are 'just SOME, of those virtues'.  JUSTICE, 'TRUE Peace', and 'MODERATION, in APPETITES' - are ALSO, "virtues".  But the MAJORITY of people? - have "COMPLETE disdain!" - for 'the things of the Kingdom of HEAVEN' - and SO? - Heaven isn't FOR them!  It's 'EASIER', to give-in to the DEMONS, and to SIN - than it is 'to RESIST'.  But it TAKES, 'TRUE STRENGTH', of HEART and CHARACTER - to RESIST! - and SUBMIT, to 'the TRUE Holy Spirit'.  EVERYONE! - 'gives-in', to temptation; but as 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'? - YOU have! - 'EVERY tool', and 'access to EVERY Grace', that you NEED - in ORDER to 'OVERCOME, the DAILY temptations', and get THROUGH! - the Trials.  NO! - excuses! (June 11, 2019 update) 

Have YOU been CHOOSING to be "WRITTEN on the Heart of your CREATOR"?
YOU need to RESOLVE, to ONLY! - compassionate the Most High True God - by making "GOOD! - choices" - and by CHOOSING 'what you KNOW! - to be TRUE' - and by CHOOSING to LIVE, the Testimony, that has been 'WRITTEN, upon your HEART' - for to DO so? - is to CHOOSE to be "WRITTEN, on the Heart of your CREATOR" - and HE will never 'FORGET' you - NOR leave you ORPHANED.  ALL He asks is that YOU! - receive His Word - and 'ABIDE, IN His Ways' - because THAT'S 'where you will find spiritual PROTECTION'. But 'the PROBLEM'? - is that you've 'grown COMFORTABLE, LEAVING the Protection of your Creator' - by doing things, that OFFEND Him, and by embracing, 'POOR attitudes' - TOWARDS Him - that CAUSE you, to lose 'FAVOR'.  Because TRULY - He has 'Blessed you with MUCH'!  And ALL He asks is that you 'BE! - a Living Testimony'. (June 13, 2019 update) 
So now that the Embassy has re-opened
is Jesus Christ the Lord going to allow more new Members?
Not ONLY is Jesus Christ the LORD - going to 'ALLOW', "new MEMBERS, to His Faithful Remnant Church" - but He is 'EXPECTING them!' - to come out OF "the GREAT Tribulation" - THEY will be "the SURVIVORS" - as He PUTS, 'the ENTIRE GLOBAL POPULATION', through "the WINE Press".  This TIME is COMING - SOON!  REMEMBER, there IS 'a COUNTDOWN' - and our CREATOR, is "Quite SERIOUS!" - about 'THESE End TIMES', and how THINGS, will UNFOLD, according to 'HIS Good Will and Pleasure'.  And He DOES! - desire, that 'THERE remain, ON the Earth, a Faithful REMNANT' - "FAITHFUL", that the Most High TRUE God - WILL! - indeed, Enact 'HIS JUDGEMENTS' - against, the Earth.  And He WILL! - GIVE, 'the wicked PEOPLE', "the SIGNS", that they WANT! - because? - they REFUSED, to believe, in 'the Sign of the TESTIMONY'. The FAITHFUL Remnant to BE - will BECOME "Faithful, to the Most High True God" - for right NOW? - they are 'FAITHLESS' - the whole WORLD is filled, with "FAITHLESS, people"(June 24, 2019 update) 
WHAT is 'all that LEAD' that is surfacing in your SOUL?
Know that the Most High TRUE God IS! - even putting "His Faithful REMNANT" through the winepress - OR 'through the kiln' - to test His VESSELS.  And so much LEAD, is going to SURFACE.  And THEN you must decide, if you are going to 'hold ON TO IT'? - or? - GIVE it to Him, to DISPOSE of - so that only 'the NEW you', remains.  Because, ALL your Creator can 'WORK with'? - is 'the NEW you'.  And so the lead that is SURFACING? - is 'a very spiritually TOXIC, protestant, identity' - that you were 'so USED to embracing'(August 05, 2019 update) 

The Most High TRUE God is 'ALLOWING' the Remnant to be whittled down in numbers?

Your "formers", and the REST of "the assailants".... 'MISTAKENLY!'... 'believe'... that, with "the FEW, Members, of the Faithful REMNANT", that there are LEFT? - that it is "their PRAYERS!"...

…in other words it is the active RESPONSES of "the assailants" - including psychotronic attacks, human blood sacrifices, invasive surveillance strategies, and every other means the assailants have, at their disposal…

…that have been 'WHITTLING, the Remnant DOWN' - to "just a FEW", FAITHFUL, FOLLOWERS of the Most High True GOD.  THEY believe that 'they WILL! - prevail! - AGAINST us! - AND the Remnant!' - and that "GOD is on their SIDE!"  YES! - the devil is 'using THEM' - to ATTACK, "the little FLOCK", of the Most High True God.  YES! - the Most High TRUE God, is 'ALLOWING this' - and He in FACT! - is 'INCITING! - and FUELLING! - their ANGER'.  JUST AS! - He DID! - to PHARAOH, of EGYPT; as HE is 'the One, who HARDENED, Pharaoh's heart - against the Most High TRUE God's PEOPLE'.

"Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go in to Pharaoh; for I have hardened his heart and the heart of his servants, that I may show these signs of mine among them [- at this time, referring to the Eighth Plague: Locusts...]." (Exodus 10:1) 

In OTHER words? - THIS is how, the Most High TRUE God, 'CHOOSES', to Act - against His ENEMIES.   And it was 'AS, His ENEMIES were PURSUING! - the Most High True God's PEOPLE!' - that "the WAVE" came - and swept them all AWAY!  And so TOO will it BE! - in THESE TimesThe FACT that the Remnant, is "so FEW in NUMBER"? - IS "the Proof, of the AUTHENTICITY, of the TESTIMONY - being the DIVINELY INSPIRED WORD, of the Most High True God".  Because the TESTIMONY was 'SENT' - at 'a TIME' - when the WHOLE WORLD! - would be 'BLINDED TO it' - so that they WOULD reject it.  And 'THAT!' - is the Most High True God's Divine JUSTICE, on "this most WICKED! - generation".  And "SO many COUNTRIES"? - have NOW! - been 'COMMENDED' - and "bumped-UP" - on the Most High TRUE God's, "to-DO list" - to BE! - "eRATicated, from the FACE, of the earth".  DUE! - to 'the HARDNESS, of the HEARTS, of the WICKED!' And SO? - their prayers... WERE?... "EFFECTIVE!" - and 'their COUNTRIES?... will be DESTROYED!  And REMEMBER to CONTINUE 'Commending, the WICKED', EVERY time you THINK of them. (August 22, 2019 update) 

What the New Members are now RECOGNIZING?
What you're RECOGNIZING? - as "a NEW Member", of the Faithful Remnant - with the TRUE Holy Spirit, and with 'TRUE Spiritual Vision'? - is that PEOPLE, 'WITHOUT! - the True Jesus' - ARE 'DRIVEN! - by addictions', and "ANIMALISTIC, instincts, and IMPULSES" - and are "SELFISHLY motivated"! - in MOST of what they DO.  UNFORTUNATELY, they ARE! - 'LOUD-mouth, BOASTERS!' - "LOVERS of MONEY", and "GREEDY for GAIN" - and they have 'CONTEMPT', for EVERYTHING! - of the Most High True God.  Because MOST people believe, that 'THEY are the ones! - who earned, whatever STATUS they have, in SOCIETY' - or whatever 'RICHES', THEY! - have accumulated; or whatever 'HOUSE', or 'MANSION!'- that they own - or whatever 'CAR', they drive.  And the fact IS: That ALL those things are 'GIFTS from the Creator' - and they can ALL be 'taken BACK' in the BLINK of an eye!  And do you know WHY? - because 'ANIMALS don't NEED them'.  And so they will be 'TAKEN and GIVEN to the Faithful REMNANT' - INSTEAD! - who ARE "the meek!" - who do not have their HEARTS 'SET on those THINGS'; but have their hearts set ON, 'their CREATOR'!
The following Scripture passage refers to people who are 'WITHOUT the True Jesus' - referring to those who are OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant:
"But these men [- who HAVE rejected the TESTIMONY...] revile [- despise] whatever they do not understand [- they don't understand the Testimony], and by those things that they know by instinct as irrational animals do [- they prefer everything that offends their Creator...], they are destroyed [- OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety]. Woe to them! [- for EVERY Holy and Divine Curse from their Creator is upon them...] For they walk in the way of Cain [- LITERALLY! - with 'the mark of cain'...], and abandon themselves for the sake of gain [- for MONEY...] to Balaam’s error [- Balaam, taught the enemies of God's PEOPLE, HOW! - to put a stumbling block before the people of Israel, so that they would eat food sacrificed to idols and practice fornication...], and perish in Korah’s rebellion [- as he REBELLED against Moses, and along with 250 others, and was consumed in DIVINE Fire]. These [- the ungodly, outside the Faithful Remnant] are blemishes on your love feasts [- they can ONLY spoil and pollute the spiritual NOURISHMENT the Remnant are receiving...], as they boldly carouse together, looking after themselves [- to the NEGLECT, AND contempt, of their CREATOR'S DIVINE Will...]; waterless clouds [- they don't HAVE the Blessed Holy Water, but have their heads in the clouds of their own DELUSIONS...], carried along by winds [- like the reeds, bending in the WIND; like driftwood...]; fruitless trees [- like the cursed FIG tree...] in late autumn [- standing almost COMPLETELY dead...], twice dead [- they have experienced "the SECOND death"...], uprooted [- from among the living...]; wild waves of the sea [- being cast TO and FRO by their personal demons...], casting up the foam of their own shame [- literally, frothing at the mouth, like rabid animals, as they speak...]; wandering stars [- useless for navigation...] for whom the nether gloom of darkness [- SPIRITUAL darkness, illuminated by Eternal Flames...] has been reserved for ever."(Jude 1:10-13)
(September 05, 2019 update)

What are YOU called to do? - the MINUTE! - the ENEMY 'REARS his UGLY head'. 

There are PEOPLE, 'ACTIVELY praying', against the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant - that THEY! - would not 'LISTEN', to ANYTHING! - that we SHARE - WITH them; and that, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, shares in the TESTIMONY.

There are PEOPLE - "WICKED! - WRATHFUL! - PEOPLE!" - who are 'PRAYING, INCANTATIONS, against the Members of the Faithful REMNANT' - that THEY, would 'lose FAITH', in the Most High TRUE God - and in His TESTIMONY - and in 'the TRUTHS! - they have been CONVICTED of' - and return to 'their OLD, way of BEING'.

These are "OCCULT-driven, SATANICALLY controlled, INDIVIDUALS" - controlled by DEMONS! - to 'TRY', to send WITCHCRAFT, and DEMONS, INTO the hearts, of the Faithful REMNANT - so that they, 'turn AGAINST', us, the TESTIMONY, and, their CREATOR - and ULTIMATELY! - 'against their own SALVATION'.

But EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant, IS 'responsible' - for HOW they choose to RESPOND, to the Testimony, US, AND their CREATOR.  And they ARE 'RESPONSIBLE'! - for, 'their OWN Salvation' - as they can either CHOOSE, to 'give IN', to the witchcraft? - OR? - call on Saint MICHAEL - the MINUTE! - the ENEMY, 'REARS his UGLY head'

It is ALSO important, that 'the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant' - USE Blessed HOLY Water on their ears - OFTEN! - DESIRING, to 'HEAR what the True Holy Spirit, is SHARING in their HEART'!   And? - there will BE "a NOTICEABLE difference" - if they are 'SINCERE'.  Because 'the ENEMY', is working FEVERISHLY! - to 'CUT the Remnant off - from the True Holy SPIRIT, and from the Kingdom of HEAVEN'! - by 'FLOODING them', with USELESS inspirations.

And SO? - the way to COMBAT this? - is for EACH Member, to 'desire to LIVE'! - by 'the Inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit' - and, to desire 'to HEAR! - what the True Holy Spirit, is sharing'.  Because the TRUE Holy Spirit is ALWAYS sharing!   The True Holy Spirit, NEVER 'stops sharing'. (September 15, 2019 update) 

Did you remember to PRAY, for TRUE Discernment?

You NEED to be given "the Blessed ASSURANCE", that you ARE! - "where your CREATOR, has called you to BE".  Because NOW - you can 'FOCUS, on your SPIRITUAL life' - and getting 'YOUR heart', RIGHT! - as in "UPRIGHT", before the Most High TRUE God.  But, it is much more DIFFICULT, to DO so - when OTHERS are AROUND - who are not 'CONTRIBUTING', to your Spiritual Growth; but RATHER, 'desire to CONTINUE, to CONSTANTLY! - "get you to DOUBT yourself"… Of course 'THOUGHT', and 'DISCERNMENT', is REQUIRED here.  DO 'what makes SENSE!'  And KNOW that you're not required to share ALL, of the works of the True Holy Spirit - in your interior life.  ONLY share "what's necessary", with those AROUND you.  And ABOVE all, 'PRAY! - for TRUE Discernment' - as it is "ABSOLUTELY, a CRUCIAL! - SPIRITUAL Gift", in order to THRIVE! - as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant.  DESIRE, to know 'the DIFFERENCE between good and evil'.  Desire 'GOODNESS'! - and SHUN! - ALL evil ways.  And you will be "BLESSED", by your Creator. (October 09, 2019 update)

Why doesn't Jesus 'AFFIRM' the good the Remnant do?

The REASON that 'Jesus does not AFFIRM', the GOOD - that the Remnant DO? - is because THAT'S, "where the bar is SET" - and THAT'S how they are called to be ALWAYS!  If they are 'DOING what they are CALLED to do? - then they DON'T 'NEED, affirmation'.  Because AFFIRMATION? - is GIVEN - to THOSE - who want 'an EXCUSE, to do poorly'.  It's "a SUBSTITUTE", for ACTUALLY "DOING a good job" - and 'a CHEAP substitute'.  And so 'what is MOST IMPORTANT'? - is that you're "SEEKING to please your CREATOR, in ALL THINGS" - and THAT'S "your reward!"  Not 'to HEAR - that you have done a good job'.  Because, we are "the Two WITNESSES", and "His True Brother and True SISTER"? - we are "on the front LINES" - and the OCCULT world? - are 'PRIMARILY focused', on hitting US! - with 'EVERYTHING they've got'.  And so throughout our JOURNEY - Jesus gave us 'VERY needed! - REASSURANCES' - that we were "on the right PATH".  We didn't have 'a TESTIMONY' to turn to!  ALL we had? - was 'the Divine COUNSEL', that He GAVE us, for the day. (November 04, 2019 update) 

will make it through their PURIFICATION?
The TESTIMONY is ACTUALLY 'BASED, on what we LIVED', and the TRIALS, and the ADVERSITIES, that we WENT through.  And guess WHAT! - we STILL go through them - EVEN - EVEN to TODAY!  And the only WAY? - to get through 'the TRIALS, and ADVERSITIES of the DAY' - is by 'RELYING, on the TRUE HOLY Spirit, of the Moment - for "Divine INSPIRATION" - and that's "the ONLY way" - that ANY Member of the Faithful Remnant - will make it 'through their PURIFICATION'.  And SO? - when YOU - SEE! - that 'the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT'S inspirations' - ARE! - "a matter of LIFE, or DEATH"?  When you, RECOGNIZE, that - the TRUE Holy Spirit is "ABSOLUTELY! - ESSENTIAL, for CONNECTING, with the Most High True GOD"? - when YOU have 'RESOLVED! - to ALWAYS be FILLED - WITH 'His TRUE Holy SPIRIT'? - THEN! - and ONLY THEN! - can WE! - OR 'He' - 'take you SERIOUSLY'.  The TRUE Holy SPIRIT? - does NOT 'REVEAL to you, HOW you are Holy' - EVEN though "that's how it SOUNDS".  The TRUE Holy Spirit - in fact 'SHOWS you, how the Most High TRUE God is Holy' - and HOW you are CALLED - to LIVE! - the way He's CALLED you to.  And THAT IS? - CONTINUALLY 'challenging yourself, to grow - SPIRITUALLY'; NEVER becoming 'complacent'; and never 'SATISFIED, with your SPIRITUAL state'.  Because you can ALWAYS! - do 'more' for your CREATOR.  You can ALWAYS, 'love Him MORE' - 'serve Him MORE' - and 'LISTEN!' - MORE! - than you HAVE been. (November 04, 2019 update) 


BEING 'a Member of the Faithful Remnant' - is NOT without 'AFFLICTIONS, HARDSHIPS, STRUGGLES and TRIBULATIONS'.  BUT! - with EVERY 'attack' - whether SPIRITUAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, or EMOTIONAL - that each REMNANT Member UNDERGOES? - the Most High TRUE God, will GIVE them, 'the necessary STRENGTH, to OVERCOME'.  But ONLY! - by 'TURNING to Him'.  If they INSTEAD? - want 'to TURN, INWARDS'? - and FOCUS, on "DISCOMFORT", and "the AFFLICTIONS"? - then THAT, IS! - 'the choice, to go it ALONE'.  THAT is the choice, to REJECT, 'the Graces' - AND the Most High True God's HELP.  Because He GIVES! - the necessary GRACES from HEAVEN - to OVERCOME, EVERY adversity - and, He HELPS! - EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant, 'to GROW, in their Faith, and DEVOTION - TO Him'.  AndHE 'takes it quite PERSONALLY!' - when the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, choose 'to LOOK for afflictions' - and, 'to FOCUS, on the discomforts' - INSTEAD of, on SERVING Him - and doing 'THEIR part', as a Member of HIS! - Church

"And the people complained in the hearing of the Lord about their misfortunes; and when the Lord heard it, his anger was kindled, and the fire of the Lord burned among them, and consumed some outlying parts of the camp." (Numbers 11:1) 

MANY of 'the Israelites' - were SOJOURNING, WITH Moses and Aaron - did NOT 'MAKE it!' - BECAUSE? - they chose to COMPLAIN; and THEY… 'BLAMED!'… Moses and Aaron, FOR their suffering.  And "what HAPPENED to them?"… they DIED!  They were 'NOT sustained!'  And so? - if PEOPLE want 'to turn, to the Two OLIVE branches, and COMPLAIN!'… THEY are going to get 'WHIPPED!' - by them.  NO "olive oil" for THEMWhat do YOU want?  What do YOU choose?  (- we really need to do something with these branches…)  The way the Most High True God 'DEALS', with "HIS people, COMPLAINING"?... is that He GIVES them, 'MORE! - to COMPLAIN about' - because THAT'S "what they're SEEKING".  Sharing 'a particular STRUGGLE, and desiring to OVERCOME IT? - is very DIFFERENT from just complaining.  If you're sharing 'the EXACT same struggle' over and OVER again in your EMAILS? - THAT'S "complaining"SHOW your Creator! - that "you WANT to be HEALED!" - by TURNING, TO 'the Divine COUNSEL' that He has GIVEN you - THROUGH us; by TURNING to 'the TRUE Holy Spirit, in the MOMENT' - SINCERELY desiring, "the SOLUTION"!  And? - your CREATOR, will SEND you… more HEALINGS, more GRACES, and more BLESSINGS - to balance OUT, any remaining AFFLICTIONS. (April 25, 2020 update) 

What is "a PRIVATE MEMBER" of the Faithful Remnant?  
It is good to be "industrious" - because that is a BIG PART of being a Member of the Faithful Remnant.  And even though you are "a PRIVATE Member", if you SIMPLY focus, on doing, what your Creator is ASKING of you, in each and every MOMENT - then, the PATH that you are on, "HE can work with".  It WILL be "a more DIFFICULT path" - as there will be many CHALLENGES, and TEMPTATIONS, that you are FACED with.  AND you will HAVE to endure 'MUCH'.  And the REASON is, because, you have been choosing, NOT to produce, "Faithful Remnant Videos" - NOR do you have ANY "INTEREST", in doing so.  Be CAREFUL, of the TEMPTATIONS, that those AROUND you, GIVE you, of "upward MOBILITY".  You need to be 'DISCERNING'; but the PROBLEM is, that it STOPS! - with "practical advice".  You DON'T WANT to APPLY, 'the SPIRITUAL LESSONS of the TESTIMONY', to your LIFE; but SIMPLY, to do EVERYTHING "on your OWN TERMS" and THAT'S 'WHY, you're a PRIVATE MEMBER' - with no "PHYSICAL protection", from the Most High TRUE God, DURING, these End TIMES. 

"Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth."(Proverbs 27:1)

But that is "YOUR CHOICE".  ONE thing you need to RECOGNIZE, is that the DEMONS, do NOT! - have 'your Soul's best INTEREST' - in ANYTHING they offer you; but THEY are 'AGAINST you' -  and you COOPERATED with them, in ORDER to become "a private MEMBER".  The MOST High TRUE God, is simply 'CHANGING the desires of your HEART' - according to 'what YOU, WANT' - and if you want "a VERY, VERY, VERY low PLACE?" - in, the Kingdom of HEAVEN, that is coming to the EARTH? - then THAT is what you are CHOOSING.  Because He is NOT going to FORCE you to be "a FRUITFUL, Member", of the Faithful REMNANT.  YOU are "RIGHTEOUS! - in your OWN EYES!"  Unfortunately, Jesus did NOT, come to call "the RIGHTEOUS", but "SINNERS, to repentance.  WE are not "making the way HARD for you"; and we are NOT! - "a STUMBLING block", to your Heavenly FATHER!  But, YOU are!  YOU! - ARE! - "your GREATEST, obstacle".  And the devil KNOWS that.  And 'the ROAD to Hell' is PAVED with good intentions.  MANY! - people OUTSIDE the Ark, have "good INTENTIONS"; but their WORKS? - are NOT "wrought, in the Most High True GOD".  And so they are 'cut OFF'.  (December 18, 2017 update)  
A Private Member is a former Official Member of the Faithful Remnant - and one who has NOT renounced the Testimony.  The private Members are no longer physically protected under the Heavenly Witness Protection Program - and therefore, they have chosen "a more DIFFICULT path".  Because unless they turn BACK, and become OFFICIAL Members while they still have time, they will NOT physically survive 'the time of the Apocalypse'.  And there is NO guarantee, that the final sufferings they endure, will not be accompanied by 'a strong temptation to blaspheme' their Creator - resulting in the loss of any hope of Salvation.  The private Members are the ones who ultimately CHOSE to FALL from the Ark of Safety, into the murky waters - because of their reluctance to testify before the nations.  They are "those who chose to shrink BACK, from their vocation" - and at BEST, if they DO persevere, they will ONLY be able to attain "a VERY low place in the Kingdom of Heaven".  The Most High True God can't 'FORCE' anyone to give more than they WANT to give; but 'the measure they give' IS the measure they receive.  In short, because they chose to WITHHOLD much "goodness", they are required to fight much HARDER, in order to attain MUCH less(December 20, 2017 update) 

SURVIVE "The Valley of the Shadow of Death"

Do you need to overcome the DISTRACTIONS and DELUSIONS being embraced by the people around you?  Not SURE, how you are going to make it through "the valley of the shadow of death"? (Psalm 23:4)  Truly the SPIRITUAL Life, IS "a DAY by DAY endeavor".  And, "the TEMPTATIONS, of the DAY", are NEVER, "too much" - for YOU, to be ABLE, to OVERCOME - BY, TURNING, to your TRUE Spiritual Strength - who is Jesus Christ the LORD.  Don't THINK about the FUTURE!  THIS takes "self-DISCIPLINE".  DON'T think about the PAST.  This takes "SELF-discipline", and self-CONTROL.  WHENEVER, you find, you mind, or your INTERIOR life - wandering, in the PAST - reject 'the spirit of NOSTALGIA'; and ASK for the Grace, to LIVE - ONLY! - in the True Holy Spirit of the Moment; AND the Grace WILL BE there!  ASK the Most High TRUE God - to send "PREVENIENT GRACES" - AHEAD, of ALL, FUTURE attacks, and TEMPTATIONS.  THIS is 'how, you take an ACTIVE role, in BEING "a True Disciple", of the Most High True GOD'.  Understand? Do 'YOUR part!' - to, 'make it THROUGH', "the VALLEY, of the shadow of DEATH! - that you are LIVING in!" - and that is "the WORLD"; and the Most High TRUE God, will do, 'HIS part' - to HELP you OVERCOME, ALL of the DISTRACTIONS, AND, the DELUSIONS, that EVERYONE, AROUND you! - is embracing. ( -from the September 25, 2016 update) 

What is motivating you to be "a Public Member"?
We have to ask OURSELVES, "what is DRIVING you?" - "what is MOTIVATING you?" - to be "a public MEMBER" - with access to COUNSEL?  And WE must DISCERN! - if it is ONLY your DEMONS [- moving you through IMPULSES] - wanting to afflict US - AND! - the TRUE Body, of Jesus Christ the LORD - the Body of the FAITHFUL - with 'your FAITHLESSNESS'. There is "a cut" COMING.  And EITHER you can RENOUNCE, the WICKEDNESS - OR, be cut from the Vine.  The choice is YOURS, and always HAS been. If YOU want to BEHAVE, as though you are "a private member, of the Faithful Remnant" - or one of the Faithful Remnant to be - who doesn't HAVE, "access, to Divine Counsel"? - then that is telling your CREATOR, that YOU, want to be, "a private MEMBER". (April 29, 2018 update) 
WHY were they made "private members"?
They were made "private members" because they refused to testify out of love for their Creator - and they didn't WANT to Prophesy, with Holy Boldness.  It was the Most High TRUE God's decision, to make them "private" - because, HE is LOOKING, for those who desire to embrace their prophetic CALLING - THEY are the ones who will remain "Official Members".  The others? - chose a harder PATH. (May 09, 2018 update) 
What do ALL "the private members" have in common?

What ALL the private members have in common, is that they wanted to see how much of their OLD lives they could hold ON to - as they believed they were deceiving us, without us noticing.  But we DID see it! - the WHOLE time.  THEY were 'focused on changing as LITTLE as possible' - ONLY making "SURFACE  changes" about themselves.  But, THEY would not allow 'the TRUE Holy SPIRIT', to wash AWAY, their old LIVES - and the demons that went WITH them.  And so they were made "PRIVATE members".  And NOW they can take, 'a much TIME, as they WANT!' - as the Most High TRUE God, and His Holy ANGELS, CONTINUE to discipline them.  But they are "COMPLETELY out of our hands!"  WE did not 'wash our HANDS', of the private members - nor 'ABANDON them'; THEY chose! - to abandon 'THEIR True VOCATION', by CONSISTENTLY! - SENDING us, 'GAMES'! - and 'SMOKE SCREENS' - AND 'DISTRACTIONS' - and 'DEMONIC INSPIRATIONS' - because they 'REFUSED! - to turn to the TRUTH', but INSTEAD, they chose to SUPPRESS it - until THEY! - were 'suppressed'.

"Do you not know that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance? But by your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed. For he will render to every man according to his works: to those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life; but for those who are factious and do not obey the truth, but obey wickedness, there will be wrath and fury. There will be tribulation and distress for every human being who does evil... but glory and honor and peace for every one who does good. For God shows no partiality." (Romans 2:4b-9a, 10a, 11) 

And so in accordance with OUR Conscience - WE could no LONGER, PERMIT, "those SLOTHFUL members", to REMAIN, 'OFFICIAL, PUBLIC members' - BECAUSE, THEY, were making 'video TESTIMONIALS', against THEMSELVES! - AS, they ADMONISHED, people, against 'what THEY THEMSELVES, would DO' - and in so DOING, they chose, to be "PHARISEES".  And so "OUR ADVICE?" - for those who are STILL 'PUBLIC Members of the Faithful Remnant' - take GREATER CARE, of your INTERIOR lives, and 'keeping them CLEAN', before your CREATOR; work with the True Holy SPIRIT, in 'rooting OUT, all that OFFENDS, the Most High TRUE God'; LISTEN to your CONSCIENCE; PRAY! - for the TRUE Holy Spirit DAILY, to LEAD you; ASK for Graces! - resolve to LIVE! - "by the Grace of your CREATOR" - completely DEPENDENT, on HIM.  SHUN! - the path, that the PRIVATE members, chose - and 'the FORMER members', chose - for THEY, TRULY WANTED, "ALL the GLAMOUR, of SIN", with 'ALL the Rewards of Heaven'!  And they were NOT willing to part, with, 'their sinful HABITS'. They 'grew PRIDEFUL', and 'ARROGANT' - and so the Most High TRUE God, 'THRUST, them away!'  So, REMAIN "in the Favor of your CREATOR"! - by 'HUMBLY ADMITTING when you have WRONGED Him' - and MAKE, amends, QUICKLY!  DON'T, 'HATE fraternal CORRECTION'.  LEARN, to LOVE! - "SPIRITUAL growth" - EVEN though it's PAINFUL.  But it only LASTS, for a MOMENT - compared to 'Eternity, with your CREATOR'.  Because TRULY there will ALWAYS! - be "something to WORK on, FIXING" - in your INTERIOR life

The PRIVATE members, AND the former members, got into 'the HABIT of saying NO!' - to what, the Most High TRUE God was ASKING of them. And they PUT up "the WALL", and they said, by their ACTIONS, "they will NOT change ANYTHING else! - ABOUT themselves!"  And THEN they were 'cut'.  Because, IF you are "alive!" - YOU will grow. If you are DEAD? - you will STOP growing.  It's THAT simple. (May 23, 2018 update) 
And so, what does it TAKE for a PRIVATE Member to become an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant?
Keep in mind that there are 'varying degrees of private members'.  SOME Private Members are not making ANY videos, and are SIMPLY 'reading the Testimony' - and so THEIR, "Cross", is going to be 'MUCH heavier'.  OTHER Members, are sending us a VIDEO once in a while.  And SO? - the measure they GIVE is the measure they will RECEIVE.  Because Jesus Christ the LORD is looking for "FRUIT", on His Vine - GOOD fruit!  And so, the more FRUIT you PRODUCE - SELFLESSLY, in order to help OTHERS, come to the TESTIMONY - the MORE 'GRACES, and FRUIT' there will BE, in your OWN life - making YOUR Cross lighter.  But THOSE who will not 'STOOP', to helping their brother or SISTER in the Faithful Remnant, carry their CROSS? - will NOT have any 'HELP from HEAVEN', to carry THEIRS.  It is CALLED, "Just, and Fair". As it STANDS NOW - we are no LONGER taking any more "OFFICIAL Members" of the Faithful Remnant.  That number is at "9" [- as of August 13, 2018...] - and will REMAIN there - for a while - until the CREATOR, gives 'the Green Light', for MORE Members to join - to become "OFFICIAL", in ORDER to escape, the PHYSICAL Chastisements. And so the question IS - now that you KNOW this: WILL you persevere, in choosing, to SELFLESSLY give? - knowing that, you're ONLY going to receive 'SPIRITUAL rewards', in your SOUL, from HEAVEN' - for now. (August 02, 2018 update) 

Why ARE "the private MEMBERS", still "private MEMBERS"?

"the Private MEMBERS", are "private MEMBERS", for 'a VERY! - specific REASON'.  And THAT is because they are NOT! - choosing, to continually grow and CHANGE.  And they "WANT to go at their own PACE" - NOT 'the pace their CREATOR! - has set for them'.  The PRIVATE Members, REALLY, 'embrace SELF' - and desire, to DO, 'things', FOR their Creator - "out of self-PRESERVATION" - OUT of 'fear, of the CONSEQUENCES'.  But the OFFICIAL Public MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT - ARE in fact, 'proving THEMSELVES', to BE! - "FAITHFUL, to their NUMBER ONE VOCATION" - as "a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant".  And they TAKE! - 'making video TESTIMONIES, and bearing WITNESS' - TO, 'how the CREATOR, is impacting their LIVES' - "VERY SERIOUSLY"! Even some, will 'open their HEARTS', to actually DISCERN, 'what the TRUE Holy SPIRIT', IS in fact SHARING, about "WHAT, the Creator IS DOING"! - on a global SCALE.  The PRIVATE Members - are "COMFORTABLE", with 'VERY little, effort, and GROWTH'. They, want to focus on EVERYTHING that they're doing RIGHT - and, they choose to be 'SATISFIED', with that!  INSTEAD of 'ACTIVELY SEARCHING', and LOOKING for 'the blind spots' - and, 'the areas that need IMPROVEMENT'.  The PRIVATE Members, LOVE affirmation. And if it's not 'GIVEN'? - then they're "offended!" - because they're STILL "stuck on approval, from OTHERS" - NOT 'their CREATOR'S approval'. They SEND, "MISCHIEVOUS EMAILS" - with 'BAD INSPIRATIONS'! - because they REFUSE to DISCERN, before SENDING.  But LOOK at 'the Fruit' that the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant are PRODUCING.  It's NOT about 'comparing YOURSELF' - it's ACTUALLY about 'LOOKING, at what YOU, as a private MEMBER, are CAPABLE of! - but WILL NOT do!'  In OTHER words, AS "a private Member" - YOU! - can, do 'SO much more!' - and actually become "a Public MEMBER" - if THAT'S "what you REALLY, DESIRED!"  NO one lights a lamp, and hides it under a BUSHEL; but PUTS it on a LAMPSTAND - so that those who ENTER, can see 'the LIGHT'.  To PUT it "bluntly": the PRIVATE Members, are "QUITE comfortable!" - HIDING their Light, from others - and USING it "for their OWN selfish purposes".  And when they READ this? - they can either 'choose to be HONEST WITH THEMSELVES'? - OR? - continue embracing 'self-DECEPTION', and be "DELIGHTED with themselves!"  And if the PRIVATE Members, "want to shine DIMLY", in THIS life? - they will ALSO 'shine DIMLY', in the NEXT!  To put it ANOTHER way:  Do WE? - as the Two Witnesses - after RECEIVING 'Revelations from HEAVEN' - HOARD it to OURSELVES?  Or do WE, 'work as HARD as we possibly CAN! - to get 'the nourishment' OUT there! - as FAST as we possibly CAN'?  Do you think that Jesus would give us 'any more INSPIRATIONS'? - if we HADN'T passed ON, to the REMNANT - and to the READER - 'what we had LEARNED'? - the Revelations He has ALREADY given us.  If YOU as "a Private MEMBER", desire to 'HOARD!' - the Riches of the Testimony? - then that's "your REWARD", and THAT will leave you "VERY poor!' - in the End - SPIRITUALLY.  If YOU don't 'SHARE', the LITTLE inspirations that you DO have! - from the TRUE Holy Spirit? - even THOSE will be taken from you - and you'll be left with NOTHING!  Because, the PRIVATE Members are 'RESPONSIBLE', for the Knowledge that they have RECEIVED - even MORE so - than the OFFICIAL Members are. (December 07, 2018 update)  

Have you been "focused on everything ELSE" - BUT, the call of your Creator in the Moment?

The private members have a tendency to look to how bad the world is, in order 'to VILIFY' - how THE people outside the ARK are choosing to live.  It would be 'BETTER', to look at 'how GOOD the Kingdom of HEAVEN is' - and to always FOCUS on striving for, 'where THAT bar is set'.  Why?  Because the SECOND approach, is the one that "the CLIMBERS" use.

If you're FOCUSED on "EVERYTHING else!" - BUT, the call of your Creator in the MOMENT? - then how can you HEAR - what it IS - that He wants you to do NEXT?  How will you KNOW?  AND if you are FOCUSED, on "looking DOWN at EVERYONE else"? - then HOW can you be looking towards your CREATOR? - for 'how to please HIM'?  BEWARE of "the leaven, of the scribes and PHARISEES"! - as IN, "don't let the LEAVEN, of your old LIFE, puff you up with PRIDE".  Because, the PEOPLE outside of the ARK? - SECRETLY? - 'SIZE each other up'.  Though they GREET each other, with "FLATTERY and affirmation"; what is going ON inside, is "VERY different!"  But as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - your CREATOR, is called to BE, "the Just JUDGE", over YOU - and over those OUTSIDE, the Ark of SAFETY.  IF the DEVIL can get you 'to look DOWN', on those, OUTSIDE the Ark' - then he has you 'DISTRACTED, from what YOU'RE called to do' [... "climb"...].  And THAT'S "where the self-righteousness COMES from" - from your DESIRE, to COMPARE yourself, to 'how OTHER people are doing'.  But, that isn't going to PASS with your Creator.  Because, the BAR is set much higher. The BAR is set at "LOVING your Creator selflessly".  But you can only DO so with His HELP.  If YOU are 'filled with your Creator's Love'? - then THAT is 'where your focus will BE'.  But if YOU are "filled with the WORLD"? - and, if you are "focused on, the way people socially INTERACT with one another as 'being DIFFERENT', than the way YOU choose to socialize"? - then, that can ONLY breed 'self-righteousness'.  If YOU focus on 'looking to see, how you're BETTER, than others'? - EVENTUALLY that turns into "CONTEMPT" - and actually "the ASSAILANTS", look with CONTEMPT, at the REMNANT.  So NEVER look down! - ON those, who are "SPIRITUALLY deprived".  "PITY them" yes!  And COMMEND them!  But YOU! - focus on your Creator.  (December 12, 2018 update) 

Jesus Christ the LORD is withdrawing 'HIS invitation' for "the private members" to make video TESTIMONIES?

And so NOW that we can clearly see, that you absolutely hate and despise "producing fruit", in order to nourish the Members of the Faithful Remnant - and that you HATE "the True Holy Spirit of Prophecy" - as you continue to STIFLE it, DAILY! - we turn to your Creator, for "a Just Response":

Jesus said:  "OH that all were TRUE Prophets!" - that ALL, would simply, 'speak SIMPLE Truth' to one another.  For that TRULY IS, "the FRUIT, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN".  But PEOPLE speak 'LIES' - and they LIE and DECEIVE each other - and they LIE! - and DECEIVE! - with ALL their strength, 'My TRUE Prophets'.  And so WHAT is "the reward"?  DEATH! For ALL those OUTSIDE, the FAITHFUL REMNANT, are SENTENCED, TO DEATH - BY the Holy Angels - who 'SERVE', My Heavenly Father's WILL.  OH, the TESTIMONY! - WHAT "a GIFT!" - SUCH "a BLESSING!" - that has come to the WORLD; and the WORLD has 'DESPISED it'.  And those who are "OF the world"? - DESPISE it!  Because THEY? - "LOVE the darkness" - RATHER than 'the Light'.  For 'the Light' HAS come into the world! - the Light of, My TESTIMONY.  For WHAT is greater? - the TESTIMONY, of GOD? - or "the testimony of MEN"?

"If we receive the testimony of men, the testimony of God is greater; for this is the testimony of God that he has borne witness to his Son. He who believes in the Son of God has the testimony in himself. He who does not believe God has made him a liar, because he has not believed in the testimony that God has borne to his Son." 
(1 John 5:9-10)  

And so it IS with 'the private Members' - that they are "COMFORTABLE, loving the DARKNESS", rather than the LIGHT - as they TOO! - despise PROPHESYING.  WHAT can Jesus Christ the LORD, DO? - for 'such a PEOPLE, as THAT!' What can THEY do? - in order to serve Jesus Christ the LORD?  BECAUSE, of their "indifference, towards the GIFTS of the True Holy Spirit" - Jesus Christ the LORD, is withdrawing 'HIS invitation', for the private members, to make video TESTIMONIES - because 'MOST of the time', they ONLY end up 'TESTIFYING against themselves'.  And so "the private members", of the Faithful REMNANT? - will need to LEARN! - from the REMAINING, "5 loaves and 2 fishes" - HOW to live 'the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith'.  And, they will NEED, to LEARN to LOVE! - "the Gift of Prophecy", and "the GIFTS of the True Holy Spirit", and "the FRUITS of the KINGDOM of HEAVEN"; or PERISH! - in their SELF-deception. Because "the ONLY ones who are going to SURVIVE these TIMES"? - are 'the ones who EMBRACE 'the Gift of True Prophecy' - are 'the ONES who choose, to be fully animated, by the One who MADE them' - by, "the GIVER of Life".  And so, WHAT separates 'the private MEMBERS', from those 'outside the ARK'? - that they were given "MUCH more!" - than those who haven't even SEEN the Testimony. And they have been putting 'THEIR foot' down, a lot LONGER - against 'the MOVEMENT of the True Holy SPIRIT, in their LIVES' - looking for "ANY excuse!" - to withhold. And so JESUS says, that "He RESPECTS their free will, to withhold".  But? - THEY in turn, must respect 'HIS' - to pull BACK.  And so out of ALL the PEOPLE - who have COME to the TESTIMONY - and who have become "MEMBERS of the FAITHFUL REMNANT" - only 5 "Faithful" remain.  And 'the state of the world', was ACTUALLY "better", in Noah's time.  And so God's RESPONSE will be 'MUCH more severe!' - as ALL! - the forces of Creation, have reached 'THEIR turning point' - and are about to TURN against the WHOLE human race.

And so? - no more videos [- Translated? - please do not send us any more videos unless you are an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant...].  Because the videos can't HELP you - and can ONLY "poison", the other MEMBERS - with the SAME toxins that YOU'RE embracing.  That time is now over. You're in a COUNTDOWN. The HAMMER IS COMING DOWN.  You NEED! - to stop LOOKING at yourself in your VIDEOS - and start LISTENING to yourself, in your interior life - to see "how you are REALLY doing, spiritually".  It would be BEST to focus on what is underlined in the above Message - but only AFTER, you understand it in its entirety. (December 17, 2018 update) 

Is there any hope? - for the private members of the Faithful Remnant?

As long as you have BREATH, you still have TIME - to TRULY Repent, and make amends WITH Him.  You are CALLED to 'make amends with your CREATOR', every DAY!  But 'YOUR attitude' has been, "...well, I will just DO the best I can" - but 'going it ALONE', WITHOUT turning to Him'? -"your BEST"? - isn't GOOD enough - that's "HUMAN thinking".  You are CALLED to 'grow SPIRITUALLY, closer to your Creator in THIS life' - NOT "cope, with the physical afflictions and adversities, that are the result of your STUBBORNNESS"!  The ONLY reason you have to 'cope with those AFFLICTIONS' is because you refuse to CHANGE!  He could 'HEAL you' SO FAST! - if 'by HEALING you' - you would actually BE "a better, SERVANT". But - if you are "NOT his friend" NOW - why would He HEAL you?  You HAVE to 'give up your old WAYS'. And IF He NEEDS to 'bring you to the point of DEATH', to "snap you OUT of it"? - then He WILL!  But, that doesn't MEAN, that YOU'RE! - going to cooperate WITH Him.  And "NOT, DENYING your CREATOR"? - is not the SAME as 'ACKNOWLEDGING Him'.  The PROBLEM is, you WANT to LIVE, according to YOUR ways.  But, "YOUR ways", can ONLY lead YOU, to FLAMES.  DO you understand!   WHAT is it going to take for HIM, to get THROUGH to YOU?  THAT'S the question, that WE are asking.  This is, "NOT a GAME!"  And, Saint MICHAEL? - is "the Angel of DEATH".  You NEED to 'make FRIENDS', and QUICKLY! (December 19, 2018 update) 

For all the private members of the Faithful Remnant, who have judged their Creator's Ways as being "unfair"?

We asked your CREATOR in turn, to give "HIS Universal Judgement", that applies, to ALL of you.

You CHOSE! - to be "indifferent", to your SPIRITUAL wellbeing, and to 'your interior THOUGHTS'.  And you STOPPED discerning the difference between "GOOD", and "evil".  And you CAME to the POINT, where you DECIDED, that "it was IMPOSSIBLE! - to LIVE, the LIFESTYLE of the Faithful REMNANT".  And your CREATOR HEARD you!  You 'JUDGED', "His Ways", as being "TOO difficult"! - and you COMPLAINED CONTINUALLY! - in your interior lives, against HIM!  And? - He TOOK that personally.  Instead of 'HUMBLING yourselves', and asking, "How YOUR ways, are unjust, and unfair" - you decided to embrace "STUBBORNNESS" - NEVER 'truly seeking, to UNDERSTAND the Counsel' - but CHOOSING, to be "INDIFFERENT towards it, and indifferent towards your CREATOR".  And SO? - you don't CARE about Him! - or 'what HE wants, of YOU' - because "YOUR SPIRITUALITY"? - is that, "HE! - serves! - YOU!"  But HE taught you OTHERWISE.  YOU are called to serve, 'your CREATOR'; but ALL you did was 'TAKE'.  And SO? - All HE did was "take, BACK! - what was rightfully HIS". If YOU choose to be "indifferent, towards the SALVATION, OF your Soul"? - then your CREATOR, will be "indifferent, towards the SALVATION of your Soul".  Therefore? - the measure you GIVE, is the measure you get BACK.  We LABOR, and LABOR, and LABOR! - for THOSE, who Truly DESIRE, to Serve their CREATOR.  But, YOU all, chose to see US as "YOUR servants" - UNJUSTLY.  And YOU ABUSED US, in your emails - through your 'indifference, and hatred'.  And HE saw it ALL!  And so you have "NO right to complain", for in FACT "BEFORE your JUDGE"? - it is 'YOUR ways!' - that are "UNJUST, and UNFAIR" - and EVEN! - TO this point - you ALL! - STILL desire, to 'USE!' - us AND the Most High True God, "to your OWN, advantage". 

And so is there a WAY, to CANCEL your appointment with Saint Michael, for reasons of "newly-discovered and applied spiritual sanity", as a way of LIFE? 

Perhaps we didn't make it CLEAR? - the Most High True God SENT US, to teach the PEOPLE, 'HOW, to serve HIM!' - and 'to LOVE Him', and 'to DO, as He ASKS'.  And that is ALL, written OUT, in the TESTIMONY.  But 'YOU people'! - have been reading the TESTIMONY, to look for ways 'how OUR God, can serve YOU'.  UNACCEPTABLE!  And SO? - you 'PERVERTED' the Testimony in your hearts.  And so "what is your HOPE"?  YOU need to learn, 'how to READ, the TESTIMONY' - as though YOU! - were reading, "a HIRING manual".  Because MANY of you are working, and HOLDING down a job - and THAT'S because you CARE about your job.  But you DIDN'T! - and you DON'T care! - about "LABORING for your Creator".

“For the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who went out early in the morning to hire laborers for his vineyard." 
(Matthew 20:1) 
The private members are "upset", and believe that it's "not FAIR", that they can no longer STEAL from what was SUPPOSED to be, 'their place of WORK'.  And so YES! - "it ISN'T fair!", for them to PRETEND to be "servants of their KING", when they have embraced the role, of THIEVES and robbers - who see THEMSELVES as "entitled, to TAKE even MORE!"  Enough.  It's time to RE-learn "the fate of those who steal". (December 20, 2018 update) 
What are the Private Members of the Faithful Remnant choosing to see 'VALUE' in? 
You need to FIRMLY resolve, to COMMIT yourself, to 'the Divine WILL, of your CREATOR'.  And THIS means, YOU need to work, on "your RELATIONSHIP, WITH Jesus" - NOT! - with other people.  Now that the DISTRACTIONS, are all REMOVED - it is REALLY, "YOU" - and GOD!  And He IS Watching, 'the DESIRES, of your heart'.  And so WHAT do you Truly DESIRE?  Know that 'the DEMONS', see no value, in "prayer" - or in YOU reaching your HEART out, to Jesus Christ the LORD.  Know that the DEMONS see no VALUE, in 'PRACTICING the Testimony' - and in 'your heart SOFTENING, towards your Creator'. But YOU have to CHOOSE - if YOU'RE going to IDENTIFY, with THEM? - or if YOU'RE going to EMBRACE, 'the Cross of Purification'?  Are you going to 'DENY yourself' - and dedicate, YOURSELF, to your CREATOR? - for all Eternity?  You SEE, if you HAVE 'your Creator', WITH you - and you are 'on GOOD TERMS WITH Him'? - you have 'EVERYTHING!'  The Spirit of Prophecy, is "the GIFT, to RECOGNIZE Truth when it is SPOKEN", and 'the Gift to SPEAK it', from the heart.  And, you are "a REMNANT Member" - since you have not 'RENOUNCED', the Testimony.  But you are STILL, choosing, to 'remain the same' - and you have been REFUSING to grow spiritually - and that makes you "a private member".  (December 30, 2018 update)

Pity "the barren" and "the cursed".

And so "Who ARE the BARREN?" - at this TIME in human HISTORY?  But "the PRIVATE Members", and 'THOSE outside the Ark of SAFETY'.  THEY! - are "the cursed, FIG tree", that CHOSE to bear no FRUIT!  For 'the fruit that they DID bear'? - was ROTTEN.  And THEY have been "BLOTTED, OUT of the Book of LIFE"! And YET? - the PRIVATE MEMBERS, STILL, 'feel', PROUD! -and ARROGANT! - and ENTITLED! - in their HEARTS!- as they 'THINK', that "because they were some of the first to FIND the Testimony" - that SOMEHOW? - EVENTUALLY? - they will be "entitled to GREATNESS"!  YES, ALL, of the PRIVATE Members, CHOSE, "a great FALL", from Grace.  And NOW? - they are IN, "a spiritual DESERT", with ACCESS to the Testimony - and THEY, will have to work "MUCH, harder" - for 'the SURVIVAL of their SOULS' - than people who have NEVER found the Testimony. Do "better" than the jewish elders did. It NEEDS to be NOTED, that "the private MEMBERS", are "in a spiritual DESERT" - because THEY are 'the ONES, who chose to complain INCESSANTLY, against their CREATOR' - for what HE was ASKING of them.  And they WANTED "the COMPLAINTS" - NOT 'the SOLUTION'.  They were "NOT interested in the corresponding TRUTH"! - and they STILL are not.  INSTEAD? - THEY have decided 'to cope, by designing their own RELIGION'.  AND! - "picking and CHOOSING", what they're going to ADHERE to, from the TESTIMONY.  And we have "NEWS" for them! - it is "JESUS' Testimony".  It is not, "the TESTIMONY based on MAN'S thinking".  And JESUS is "not DIVIDED".  And you can't "Just take a PIECE of Him, and do your own THING" - WITHOUT severe CONSEQUENCES!  And so 'the REASON', the private MEMBERS, HAD to be cut-OFF, and blotted OUT? - is because they have become "a FACTIOUS! - REBELLIOUS! - and disobedient PEOPLE" - who can ONLY, 'INFECT', the TRUE Church, with 'their IDEALISM' - IDEOLOGIES, and 'false MAXIMS'.

"But for those who are factious and do not obey the truth, but obey wickedness, there will be wrath and fury.  There will be tribulation and distress for every human being who does evil."(Romans 2:8-9a) 

"As for a man [- or woman] who is factious [- by designing their own MAN-MADE RELIGION...], after admonishing him once or twice, have nothing more to do with him, knowing that such a person is perverted and sinful; he is self-condemned."  
(Titus 3:10-11) 

We hope this helps you walk HUMBLY with your Creator.  As you choose to COOPERATE, WITH Him - in order to REMOVE, "the curse" - and receive 'His BLESSINGS', instead.

Closing comment from Jesus Christ the Lord:  "Had the INSTITUTION chosen to be TOUGH, with those who were FACTIOUS, and DISOBEDIENT? - I would STILL be 'WITH them'."

Actual email response to the above, from "a private member", to the above update:  Thank you Pope Peter and Mary for giving us the Truth, as uncomfortable as it is, it is a great mercy to know it.

Actual email response to the above, from "an OFFICIAL Member":  "Those who try to apply the Testimony on their own terms, end up in catastrophic failure".


What is "the VOCATION of the private members"?

A vocation in life is something that a person "FREELY chooses".  And so, first of all, there is a FORK in their road - which means that they EACH need to decide if they want to BE "a TRUE Member", or not.

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: 'In THIS time, my TRUE Faithful Remnant - YOU ARE called, to 'LISTEN', to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit - in the MOMENT! - to ACT upon those 'inspirations'; and to DISCERN - EVERYTHING! - AROUND you!  YOU are CALLED to EMBRACE, your TRUE! - vocations - in THIS life! - and, to CONTINUALLY 'renounce', the spirit of the WORLD; and ANY desire, that you MAY have - to 'COMPROMISE', the TRUTH!  You are CALLED to 'LIVE, in this way' - SIMPLY because, of 'the TIMES, that you are LIVING in'.  These ARE, "extreme TIMES"."  (-The Blessed Virgin Mary, March 04, 2016)   

The private members are ALSO free to choose to be INDIFFERENT, to all the good, that they have learned.

"The ONES in the REMNANT who are CHOOSING, to be 'INDIFFERENT, towards the EVILS in their OWN lives' - and 'the evils of SOCIETY' - ARE, 'the ones, who will be swept AWAY'.  And, as they choose to be 'INDIFFERENT' as in "not CARING" - one way or ANOTHER, where they STAND - they can only 'FALL' - and "great WILL be their fall".  (PPTL, March 19, 2018 update)  

If the private members CHOOSE to persevere, as "TRUE Members" of the Faithful Remnant - then they STILL have a chance at Heaven - which is INFINITELY better than "the OTHER place".  (And notice from Lot's Testimony, that he didn't seem to have any regrets, about having persevered and having made it, to the Kingdom of Heaven - even though HE only attained a very low place).

"The private Members... are "those who chose to shrink BACK, from their vocation" - and at BEST, if they DO persevere, they will ONLY be able to attain "a VERY low place in the Kingdom of Heaven"... because they chose to WITHHOLD much "goodness", they are required to fight much HARDER, in order to attain MUCH less."  (December 20, 2017 update) 

But the private members need to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for THEIR bad choices - they need to make GOOD choices - and they need to stop blaming US.  Why?  Because...

"WE did not 'wash our HANDS', of the private members - nor 'ABANDON them'; THEY chose! - to abandon 'THEIR True VOCATION', by CONSISTENTLY! - SENDING us, 'GAMES'! - and 'SMOKE SCREENS' - AND 'DISTRACTIONS' - and 'DEMONIC INSPIRATIONS' - because they 'REFUSED! - to turn to the TRUTH', but INSTEAD, they chose to SUPPRESS it - until THEY! - were 'suppressed'."(May 23, 2018 update)

The vocation that the DEVIL gave to the private members, is basically spelled out here - and so they know EXACTLY, "what NOT to do" - and are FULLY responsible, should they choose to EMBRACE the following... 

"The PRIVATE Members - are "COMFORTABLE", with 'VERY little, effort, and GROWTH'. They, want to focus on EVERYTHING that they're doing RIGHT - and, they choose to be 'SATISFIED', with that!  INSTEAD of 'ACTIVELY SEARCHING', and LOOKING for 'the blind spots' - and, 'the areas that need IMPROVEMENT' The PRIVATE Members, LOVE affirmation. And if it's not 'GIVEN'? - then they're "offended!" - because they're STILL "stuck on approval, from OTHERS" - NOT 'their CREATOR'S approval'. They SEND, "MISCHIEVOUS EMAILS" - with 'BAD INSPIRATIONS'! - because they REFUSE to DISCERN, before SENDING." (December 07, 2018 update)

Jesus said: Those who are "WELL", have no NEED, of 'a Physician'.  But those who are SICK, are "in NEED", of 'their HEAVENLY Physician's help'.  I AM, the HEAVENLY PHYSICIAN.  And what the DOCTORS, and the nurses cannot CURE? - I CAN!  And THAT is, 'the MATTERS pertaining to the heart'.  For 'the HEART'? - of mankind - is "VERY sick", and "MALNOURISHED".  But I CAN! - HEAL - people's HEARTS - IF! - they ADMIT, that 'their HEARTS, are "broken"!' - that 'their PASSIONS, and DESIRES', are "disordered".  I can 'ORDER', the DESIRES, of the HEART.  BUT! - it NEEDS, to be 'ASKED for'!  The "private members", of the Faithful REMNANT, stopped 'PRAYING' - stopped 'ASKING', and THEREFORE stopped 'RECEIVING'.  Because it takes 'TRUE Humility', to TURN, TO Me - for Help.  AND so - the Private MEMBERS, are "INVITED", to ask ME, to EXORCISE, the DEVIL - from their Souls.  And I WILL!  If THEY 'desire it'.  If THEY desire, 'ME', to ONLY Dwell! - in their HEART, SOULS, and MINDS? - I WILL!  So COME to Me, My dear CHILDREN - and LEARN from Me!  HUMBLE YOURSELVES!  LISTEN.  DO! - what is being ASKED OF YOU.  And be 'WELL'!  BE made WELL!  For when, your HEART is 'ORDERED' - when I, TRULY AM, "the ONLY KING! - RULING over your HEART"? - then, YOU WILL BE TRULY, 'fulfilled'!  But as LONG, as you 'STUBBORNLY! - DESIRE to do your OWN thing', with your TIME? - you will ONLY experience, 'DESOLATION' - and 'the DEVIL'S presence'.  And so COMMIT yourselves, to ME - your MAKER.  And RENOUNCE! - the devil's kingdom.  RENOUNCE 'the powers of DARKNESS'.  And ASK, for 'the GRACE, to SUBMIT, to the DIVINE Graces, that are being Shared, from Heaven'.  BE 'Transformed' - into, 'a TRUE reflection, of what YOU were MADE to be'.  NOT "governed, by ANIMAL instincts" - or "DEMONIC inspirations" - but by 'HEAVENLY desires'! - and 'HEAVENLY inspirations' - and 'GOOD choices'! (January 08, 2019 update) 

The Judgement against all the Private Members of the Faithful Remnant, who "THOUGHT they could hide!"

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  SOME of My Remnant [- as in, ALL, the private members...] have been 'COOPERATING, WITH the devil', in CHOOSING to side, with HIM, and their FORMERS - and how THEY perceive, My Testimony.  And those who CHOOSE! - to DO this! - will NOT receive, "the BLESSED Fruits".  My FAITHFUL REMNANT, are called 'to FIGHT, to SPIRITUALLY nourish their SOULS'! - EVEN amidst 'the DISCOMFORT', in their INTERIOR lives - that COME, FROM 'the DIRT', being exposed.  BETTER!- that "the FILTH", is exposed, in THIS life - and that they have "a CHANCE! - to come CLEAN!" - THAN, END up, in 'Eternal FLAMES' - COMPLETELY! - devoid, of the True Holy Spirit.  The TRUE Roman Catholic Faith, is "simple".  But for 'the PROUD' - the HAUGHTY, and the ARROGANT? - it is "impossible!"  YOU! [- referring to the private members of the Faithful Remnant] - are "proud", AND "haughty", and "ARROGANT!" - in your SOUL.  You THINK, that you can 'HIDE!' [- as "a private member"...] - in My REMNANT, FROM Me.  But I SEE you!  And I SEE 'your MISCHIEVOUS ways!  And I SEE! - the LONGING, that you HAVE! - to 'HAVE your old life', and be, 'WITH your formers'.  You 'LISTEN', to their demons.  You 'ENTERTAIN'! - THEIR, "demonic INSPIRATIONS", in your INTERIOR life - and then COMPLAIN, when you experience, 'THEIR TORMENTS'. But you HAVE, "NO one to blame, but YOURSELF".  The 'HARD TRUTH' - that YOU, refuse to face - is that, YOU! - LOVE them, MORE! - than Me.  And you 'LOVE their DEMONS'? - MORE! - than Me.  But I have SHOWN YOU "their TRUE COLORS"; I have SHOWN you 'their ANIMOSITY towards you' - and yet you STILL, CHOOSE! - to show "My ENEMIES", false COMPASSION.  It will NOT go WELL with you! - as LONG, as you COMPASSIONATE, "My ENEMIES" - you WILL experience, "My WRATH" - and it WILL not End! - UNLESS, you TURN your HEART to ME - your GOD - and CHOOSE, to COMPASSIONATE ME - by 'CHOOSING to be MERCIFUL, to YOURSELF'If you 'ALLOW', your FORMERS to abort the TESTIMONY from your SOUL, "with your CONSENT"? - then you WILL experience, "Everlasting Torment" - and it will not END! - WELL for you.  For I WILL, 'pull BACK', "My SUSTENANCE" - as I AM, 'pulling BACK, My SUSTENANCE, from ALL My Enemies'.  "BETTER", to CHOOSE! - to be "My FRIEND" - in THIS life - and, 'be HATED! - by the WORLD'; than to 'HATE ME', in THIS life - and be "LOVED, by the WORLD" - ALL! - the WAY, to HELL! (January 13, 2019 update)      

Remember to ALWAYS "CHOOSE your battles WISELY" - and be 'willing to LIVE...'

Jesus said:  HOW long are you going 'to CONTINUE, to FIGHT! - what I am ASKING OF you'?  And THAT is, to actually, 'FIGHT! - the GOODNESS and the GRACES, that are being OFFERED to your SOUL'.  THAT is what, you have been CHOOSING.  You have been 'TAKING a STAND'! - AGAINST! - your OWN Soul.  And so you CANNOT, 'STAND' - for much LONGER - based, on 'where YOU are at', right NOW - in your SPIRITUAL life.  Because you HAVE not 'LEARNED, to GO against, the demonic FEELINGS' - the 'DEMONIC feelings' are in FACT, "your ENEMY!"  But, for 'so MUCH of your life' - you have, "BEGRUDGINGLY, chosen to embrace THEM!" - AS "your safety net" - AS, "your protection... from the TRUTH!"  The DEMONS, are NOT! - "your friends".  They ARE in fact, "your WORST! - nightmare".  And, they can ONLY! - LEAD you, to, HELLFIRE.  And THEN? - it will be "TOO LATE", to make ANY changes.  Right NOW - you are being OFFERED, 'TRUE Spiritual LIFE' - in the True Holy SPIRIT.  And YES! - you DID 'FORFEIT, the Gift, of PHYSICAL Life'.  HOWEVER - I operate with 'the SPIRIT of the Law'.  And so if YOU are 'WILLING, to LIVE! - the True Roman Catholic Faith - FROM the Heart - and to be AUTHENTIC with your 'SELF'! - and with ME? - then I can 'WAIVE' - the PHYSICAL death - that has been SENTENCED, TO you!   You NEED to KNOW - that YOU have no power!  EVEN, when you TURN, to "your demons" - OR - when you TURN, to 'the True Holy SPIRIT', "WHENEVER, it's convenient".  You are "POWERLESS!"  You are NOT "invincible".  You are NOT "a victim".  However, you HAVE 'the opportunity', in FRONT of you, to choose 'HEAVEN' - to choose, 'what is GOOD for your Soul' - to LEAVE, 'the demonic ENTOURAGE', BEHIND you.  I am "the ONLY One, who can SAVE you! - from YOURSELF - and from 'your own poor CHOICES'!"  But it takes, "YOUR cooperation".  I need "YOUR YES! - FOLLOWED through, with ACTION".  I need 'your HEART!'   The DEVIL? - DESIRES your heart - to TURN it... black!  Is THAT "what YOU desire"?  WHAT do you desire?  Eternal LIFE? - OR Eternal Separation, from ME? The 'ANGER', that you have, WITHIN you - the ENEMY, will simply 'FEAST on'.  You NEED to 'let it GO' - FORGIVE yourself - forgive OTHERS - and let 'ME'! - LEAD you.  YOU cannot lead YOURSELF.  You have no 'CONTROL'.  Does this mean "you SURRENDER? - to the ENEMY of your SOUL?"  That is "an APPROACH" - but not 'a GOOD one'!  And what will you PROVE? - by 'THAT approach'?  Except that, "your ALLEGIANCE, was 'with the DEVIL', this whole TIME!"  You CANNOT be "allied, with MY ENEMY!" - and expect ME to 'TREAT you'! - as "a friend".   You are not CALLED 'to understand EVERYTHING' - but to FOCUS, on "what you KNOW to be True" - and 'ACTING' on "what you KNOW, is true".   And if you "do not KNOW?" - HOW to spend your TIME? - and HOW, to SERVE? - ME?   Then THAT'S "the SAME, as DENYING Me".  And WHAT will be 'your REWARD' THEN?  I TELL you it will NOT be "good". (January 23, 2019 update) 

WHY did so many peoples' BIASES, EAT their "Official Member Status"?

The REASON people LOST their "Official Member Status" - is because they did NOT discern, when they were AFFLICTED by 'the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS'.  And through that NEGLECT, and INDIFFERENCE - they simply ALLOWED 'their disposition towards the GIFTS of their Creator, AND their Creator' - to CHANGE "for the WORSE"; INSTEAD of 'choosing to FIGHT' to ALWAYS side! - with their Creator - and with the True Holy SPIRIT moving through 'the COUNSEL'.  Prefer to side with your CREATOR, and NOT 'the biases of the assailants', towards the Gift of Eternal Life. (January 23, 2019 update)  

For the women who are "private Members" of the Faithful Remnant.

Mary Romanus: YOU need to 'choose, WHO you are going to SIDE with'? - the spirit of JEZEBEL? - OR? - the TRUE Holy Spirit! - the SAME Spirit, whom the Blessed Virgin MARY - became "the SPOUSE of".  It IS "DOABLE"!  It is "POSSIBLE".  But ONLY, if you DESIRE IT.  You HAVE 'to HUMBLE yourself'.  You 'NEED!' - to humble yourself. You NEED to RECOGNIZE, that 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - equals? - both SPIRITUAL, and PHYSICAL death! And so, if you 'RESIGN yourself to a PHYSICAL death'? - then you've RESIGNED yourself to "a SPIRITUAL death".  WHY do you think, JESUS, told 'the private MEMBERS', that they were "cut OFF", and would suffer "a physical DEATH"?  BECAUSE! - they WANTED "an excuse", to be weak.  But what 'the SPIRIT of jezebel', doesn't WANT you to know? - as a WOMAN? - is that: you are ACTUALLY, "VERY weak!" - and "VERY ignorant"! - and VERY slow! - when, you COOPERATE with 'that DEMON'.  But that it ACTUALLY takes, "DIVINE Strength, and COURAGE! - from the TRUE Holy Spirit" - to BE, "a WOMAN, OF your Creator, and FOR your Creator".  And as "a WOMAN of the Faithful REMNANT"? - you are being given 'COUNTLESS opportunities!' - to PROVE "where your LOYALTIES are" - and to CHOOSE! - the Most High TRUE God - and GO against, the FEMINIST culture, and FEMINIST agenda, and SATANIC feminist ways.  And SO? - you need to 'STOP turning inwards towards self' - and GET serious! - and BUCKLE down! - and REALIZE, that YOU! - are "in a CRITICAL time, in human history" - where you can make "an IMPACT" - in a GOOD WAY? - or in a BAD way.  But if YOU just want to 'make a TROPHY case, of ALL your BAD accomplishments!' - and 'be CONTENT!' - with 'MESSING up', EVERYTHING in your life? - and then - REGRETTING it - as you REFUSE to change! - THEN? - there's no SENSE, in your CREATOR, 'SUSTAINING you', for much LONGER.
PPTL:  As the last and final TRUE Pope in these End Times, I want to be "the FIRST one", to tell SO many of the women who are reading this - that it IS in fact "BETTER", to make 'a TROPHY case', of your GOOD accomplishments.  And yes, I AM TRULY sorry! - that no one ever told you that, before.  And yes? - you DO need to actually throw OUT, "the OTHER trophy case" - BEFORE the one with your GOOD accomplishments, will be able to help you.  And... spoiler alert - ONCE you are COMPLETELY weaned off of 'the trophy case of your BAD accomplishments' - THEN! - you can throw out the OTHER one too - as you BEGIN to focus on Eternally Glorifying your Creator - for HIS accomplishments in your life, instead.  Why?  Because "spiritually SANE people", with "TRUE Spiritual Vision", RECOGNIZE that EVERY good thing THEY accomplished in their lives - was 'the Goodness of their CREATOR', flowing THROUGH them.  But "the proud"? - ONLY seek to boast in themselves, and in their OWN works, APART from their Creator.  Which group do YOU want to belong to?  Then FIX it!  (January 23, 2019 update) 

The private members can ONLY 'change for the BETTER' by COOPERATING with their Creator.

And SO - we can SEE that you have been 'CONVICTED, in your CONSCIENCE' - that you had been NEGLECTING, your INTERIOR life - and allowing things 'to SLIDE' - and that's WHY! - you were made "a private MEMBER".  This is GOOD! - that you, have come to REALIZE this.  This means you are 'LISTENING, to your Conscience'.  And though, you are being 'tempted to turn INWARDS' - as you CHOOSE, with your FREE WILL - to TURN, to your CREATOR, for 'how to FIX things'? - you are in fact 'EXPERIENCING the fruits and the GRACES', of COOPERATING, WITH the Most High True God - in 'HIS Desire', to CHANGE you, "for the BETTER".  (January 27, 2019 update)  

For THOSE who desire to get AWAY, with as much as POSSIBLE - while CLAIMING the title, "Faithful Remnant".

We can SEE! - that you're CHOOSING to be "AWARE", of what the Testimony TEACHES, on certain topics.  And that you DO! - in fact HAVE! - "True Spiritual Vision".  It is QUITE clear to US, that you DESIRE to live... "the life you WANT!" - WITHIN, "the boundaries that YOU have put into place" - and that "you will PUSH the limits of what you can get away with" - UNTIL you get the sense that 'the HAMMER is going to come down' on your life - FROM your Creator.  You cannot DECEIVE, us - and you cannot DECEIVE the Most High True GOD!  But it is MUCH better if you would "COME clean", and be honest - about 'what you have been TRULY living'(January 31, 2019 update)

WHY the private members of the Faithful Remnant are IN 'the situation that they are IN'
Everyone has to CHOOSE, WHO they are going to exalt in their hearts.  And some people, are simply given more time, before they are required to give, "their final answer".

The private members of the Faithful Remnant - NEED to understand, that they are IN "the situation that they are IN" - because THEY need more time, to APPLY the Testimony to their lives, in order to BECOME "a True CHILD of the Most High True God".  Yes! - they were among the FIRST to find the Testimony and proclaim it to the nations through a video.  But "BEING among the FIRST" - doesn't mean that they are entitled to "the PRESTIGE, POSITION and POWER of a PLATFORM - that the devil is trying to SELL them".  Focusing on THOSE things, will only PREVENT them from even DESIRING to be "a TRUE child of the Most High True God" - and will most certainly PREVENT them from EVER! - seeing their Creator - and most CERTAINLY will PREVENT them from even DESIRING to APPLY the Testimony to their lives.  The "private members" who SURVIVE the Apocalypse - WILL be the ones who ONLY seek to be "a True child of their Creator" - and who live 'THAT Vocation', to the fullest - as they do everything they possibly can, to cooperate WITH the available Graces, in the VERY short time that they currently have left.  In short:  The devil had "GREAT ambitions, for GREATNESS".  It DID not go well for him.  And you have been embracing 'the spirituality of a judas'.

"Judas... Though he claimed – in his own heart, to be ‘following after Me’, and he convinced himself, that he was ‘a true follower’ – because he would call Me “Lord” quite often; I knew the truth that was in his heart; and he was ‘convicted’ many times – that his ‘following’, was ‘a desire, for prestige, position, and power’.  For he thought that I had come, to set-up ‘an Earthly Kingdom’; and he wanted to be seated ‘right beside Me’ – out of love?  Or ‘out of convenience’, and desire, for a ‘position of authority’?   He wanted ‘all those things’ – that would make him ‘very popular’ – with the people."  (-Jesus, November 01, 2012)

So YES, the Most High True God  saw, that if you DIDN'T find the Testimony among the FIRST, then you would NOT have enough time, to HUMBLE yourself, in order to learn HOW to BECOME a child of the Most High True God.  So turn to your CREATOR for instruction, and ambition, and goals, instead.  And STOP distorting the Testimony in your HEART, to make it 'FIT, into the devil's plans for your life'. Because the TESTIMONY was made - so that YOU, could learn - how to exalt your CREATOR, with your ENTIRE being!  YOU were not made, so that the TESTIMONY could exalt YOU, and your entire being.

And for all those who are comfortable 'OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant' - know that YOUR "report card", that YOU WILL eventually need to confront, in order to move forward - is 'SO much worse'!  Best to FIX that, while you still have time. (February 11, 2019 update) 
It's ALWAYS time for the Private Members to stop 'doing their own THING'
But the time is approaching, "the day of DOOM", when they won't be able to, if they don't change course and fast.
The HARD Truth is, 'the DEVIL' - CONSOLES you! - and FILLS you, with 'WICKED! - REJOICING, in your INTERIOR life' - as, you choose 'to do your own thing', and CALL it "God's Will". Because? - you're STILL 'focused on your FEELINGS' - and you use your FEELINGS, as 'a COMPASS' - for what you're called to DO. And so, you need to REJECT, your desire, to embrace, 'the DEVIL'! - and ask for the GRACE, to DESIRE! - to be DELIVERED, from the devil, and his demons.  And ASK, for the Grace, to DESIRE! - to be ONLY! - FILLED with the TRUE Holy Spirit - who CONVICTS you! - where you have WRONGED your Creator.  Because there will ALWAYS be 'something for you to WORK on'.  And if you CAN'T DO THIS? - then you DON'T! - desire, to be 'a MEMBER of the True Roman Catholic FAITH'. And YOU would be "MUCH better OFF"? - NOT reading the Testimony - for a while - AS YOU, READ instead - and go OVER, the COUNSEL, that WE have SENT you, in your INBOX - and WORK with your CREATOR, on 'FIXING those PROBLEMS' - because they're NOT going AWAY.  As you CHOOSE 'to DISTRACT yourself', with the TESTIMONY! 
The private members need to know - that the DEVIL fills them with REJOICING, at their independence from the Divine Will of their Creator - because the DEVIL knows, that once the Physical Chastisements begin to roll out, the private members will be TOO DISTRACTED, to fix their spiritual lives - and then, 'he will HAVE them!'  It would be "BETTER"! - to give your Creator, "cause for rejoicing", by APPLYING all the COUNSEL, that we have sent to your INBOX - while there are FEWER distractions - INSTEAD, of NEGLECTING it, and letting 'that NEGLECT', be your millstone.  It's entirely up to you, what YOU choose, to do with the Counsel you have received.
Saint Gabriel the Archangel:  It will be the end of the SPIRITUAL Chastisement and the beginning of the PHYSICAL...  When the physical CHASTISEMENT happens, the whole WORLD will know about it; it will affect everyone on the PLANET...  Just because "the Spiritual Chastisement" ends, doesn't mean people will have 'the MEANS to convert'...  (from the December 12, 2016 update)
"Woe to those who hide deep [- in their willful ignorance] from the Lord their counsel, whose deeds are in the dark, and who say, “Who sees us? Who knows us?” You turn things upside down!  Shall the potter be regarded as the clay; that the thing made should say of its maker, “He did not make me”; or the thing formed say of him who formed it, “He has no understanding”?"  (Isaiah 29:15-16) 
The hard truth IS, Your Creator DOES understand - and He ISN'T rejoicing, at what 'the private members' are choosing. (February 14, 2019 update) 

We know that "WORLDLY desires and aspirations" are EXTREMELY important to the private Members.

But who is "ENDORSING" that lifestyle - that can ONLY lead to your Soul perishing?
We can TELL that you're 'trying to BALANCE all of your WORLDLY desires and aspirations' - with FOLLOWING, the Testimony. But THAT is NOT going to work OUT... for YOU!  BECAUSE? - SIMPLY put:  Although your CREATOR, 'ALLOWS you', to LIVE that way - because 'THAT'S what you DESIRE'? - HE does not 'ENDORSE', that LIFESTYLE. YOU need to have 'SELFLESS motives' - for FOLLOWING, Jesus Christ the LORD, and His WAYS.  But? - if you SEARCH your CONSCIENCE? - YOU can see! - that, YOU desire to be "in CONTROL", and to be "LORD of your own LIFE".  AND? - go BACK, OVER the decisions you have made... REFLECT! - and 'see the TRUTH' - that 'the DECISIONS you have MADE, have ALL been 'for selfish REASONS'.  Start THERE!  Be "BRUTALLY honest, with your Creator". TRADE! - your "SELFISH intentions", for 'PURE intentions!' Do you THINK that "You can STILL make 'a NAME FOR YOURSELF' in this WORLD?" - or that you can "PERSEVERE, as a PRIVATE MEMBER - just to PROVE your formers WRONG?"  THOSE are "BAD! - motives". YOU need, to focus on your CREATOR! - and 'HIS WAYS', and 'what HE'S ASKING of you'; NOT - what YOU want to do with your life - while, READING and acknowledging the Testimony. The MOST High True God - can NOT, 'lift you UP! - INTO the Era of True PEACE' - as LONG as 'you SEEK to EXALT YOURSELF - IN your HEART!' - and 'DIMINISH, your CREATOR in the process'.  It's NOT "the coming of the KINGDOM of your own DESIGN and MAKING"; it is "the Kingdom of HEAVEN" - that is coming to the Earth. So you BEST prepare! - your HEART! - NOW!  And you can START by 'getting off Jesus' Throne in your OWN life'.  TRUE intelligence? - comes FROM, the TRUE Holy Spirit.  But YOU! - have 'sacrificed THAT!' - for "your own INTELLECT".  And, you are SEEKING to build UP, 'your own KINGDOM - your own PLATFORM'.  But THAT is EXACTLY 'what the devil, DID!' - and HE is NOT! - WITH! - the Most High True God!  And so WHY are you "conforming your intellect... to HIS?"  You HAVE, a BUSINESS-style relationship, WITH your Creator.  But guess WHAT! - so does the DEVIL.  Remember JOB?  Remember the CONVERSATIONS, that God HAD, with "the ENEMY"?  The devil was ALWAYS! - 'trying', to PLAY, God.  And that's 'what YOU have been doing'.  And so, YOU had better start 'WORSHIPPING', GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.  Because 'THAT'? - the DEVIL cannot do!   And so? - you have been 'BEHAVING', and 'LIVING MORE, like a rebellious PROTESTANT' - who has RENOUNCED, the roman catholic hierarchical institution.  And so "what REWARD? - is there, in THAT?"  If you REFUSE to embrace "the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith" - as REVEALED, in the TESTIMONY.  And "PROTESTANTS"? - protest EVERYTHING - but they can NOT, embrace, 'the TRUE Faith'.  We could sum it UP for youConvert, or perish. (April 27, 2019 update) 

Still hanging on to "your personal AMBITIONS"?

And as LONG as you, 'SEEK, PRESTIGE, POSITION and POWER' within the Faithful REMNANT? - then you've LOST your CREATOR.  STOP 'sacrificing the TRUTH to your OWN personal DEMONS'.  Before that BECOMES, "your FINAL choice".  START sacrificing your DEMONS, "for the sake of the TRUTH!"  Give UP! - your personal AMBITIONS and SINS, for the SAKE of the Kingdom of HEAVEN - OR? - be FOREVER, "without". (May 01, 2019 update) 

Finally! - a CLEAR Path is set before the Private Members.

It IS 'CLEAR!' - to us, that your CREATOR, has "set the STAGE", in your LIFE - to "BRING! - jezzie DOWN!" - from her PEDESTAL.  Because? - YOU refused, to take 'the NECESSARY steps' - in order to REMOVE 'her'.  AND?... you GLOATED! - about this, in your emails TO us.   And so WE do not KNOW - 'HOW', your life is going to UNFOLD.  But we DO KNOW! - that the Most High TRUE God, IS! - "in the PROCESS", of 'TRAUMATIZING', the WORLD.  And He ALWAYS "starts, with His own HOUSE".  And so He will START with 'the private MEMBERS' of the Faithful REMNANT - and from THERE! - everyone ELSE, will experience, 'SIMILAR, traumatic events, and situations'.  So it's "BEST", to HUMBLE yourself NOW.  And "IMPLORE your CREATOR" - to show you Mercy; as YOU seek! - HIS Will; NOT "the will of jezzie".  THERE is only ONE 'TRUE Holy Spirit'.  The PROBLEM, the private Members of the Faithful Remnant HAVE? - is they, are NOT consistently 'turning TO, the One True God' - THEY are in fact, 'turning INWARDS, desiring to AFFIRM themselves', "for the good that they HAVE done!"  Well then 'THAT' becomes "their REWARD".  And so? - the fact that, the private MEMBERS, are 'DOING, what APPEARS to be good, in the eyes of OTHERS'? - does NOT MEAN, that they are without "selfish MOTIVES".  What is "MOST important" to the PRIVATE Members of the Faithful Remnant? - what they "VALUE the MOST"? - is 'APPEARING! - as good' - as HOLY - as RIGHTEOUS.  But INWARDLY? - if they were 'TRULY honest with themselves'? - they WOULD in fact, SEE! - that 'THEIR FAITH'? - is 'all about SELF', and 'self-INTEREST', and 'how they can serve THEMSELVES'!  And they HAVE in fact, 'lost SIGHT', of 'the One, whom they're called to SERVE, from their HEARTS!' 

And so, to ALL the private MEMBERS:  "The BAR!" - is SET! - "MUCH higher!"   For 'the PHARISEES'! - ALSO, focused on 'APPEARING'! - as RIGHTEOUS, IN the sight of OTHERS.  BUT! - INWARDLY? - they were 'DEAD'!  They had "dead men's BONES" inside them.  For EVEN, 'the DEVIL!' - TRANSFORMED himself, into "an angel of LIGHT" - but 'the LIGHT', in HIM? - was DARKNESS - and how GREAT! - was that darkness.  And SO by CLINGING, to the Testimony - to 'their ADDICTIONS' - and to 'the spirit of JEZEBEL', in 'their desire to be SERVED' - the "private MEMBERS" - are in FACT! - TESTIFYING, TO their CREATOR! - that, they DESIRE 'the Path, of TRAUMA!' - and of 'EXTREME discomfort'! - whereby, they WILL be! - COMPELLED, at SOME point, to TESTIFY to 'the MERCY!' - of the Most High True God - AFTER! - they are 'severely BEATEN', by Him - for BEING, "wicked, slothful, SERVANTS".  And they need to KNOW? - that "we DO forgive them!" - OVER... to His DIVINE, JUST! - Wrath.  For WE, do not wish to rob ANYONE! - OF - the OPPORTUNITY, to be 'PURIFIED'! - from their old LIFE - and their old WAYS! - ESPECIALLY, as that is "the ONLY WAY" - to be with their CREATOR.
"If one suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but under that name let him glorify God. For the time has come for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God? And “If the righteous man is scarcely saved, where will the impious and sinner appear?” Therefore let those who suffer according to God’s will do right and entrust their souls to a faithful Creator." (1 Peter 4:16-19)

"According to their deeds, so will he repay, wrath to his adversaries, requital to his enemies; to the coastlands he will render requital." (Isaiah 59:18) 
Know that the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant, WERE all "FREE, to take 'an ADVERSARIAL role', in response to what their Creator was asking of them" - and to become "private Members" in doing so.  And so TOO! - is HE free, to repay each one of them ACCORDING, to 'the measure they gave'.  All "for the sake of their PURIFICATION, in THIS life", of course! - since, once again, "Purgatory" is now closed.  In other words, if PEOPLE don't want 'to think THROUGH', the choices that they MAKE? - the Creator, will ALWAYS make sure, that the Universe is kept in balance, in the End.  Best to "make friends" with your Creator and fast!
(May 10, 2019 update)

The secret to surviving the APOCALYPSE? - the Time of DESTRUCTION? - is simply by being CONSTRUCTIVE.

You NEED to "stop self-destructing".  The ONLY way to DO so? - is, by USING your 'free will', to turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit for "INSTRUCTION", INSTEAD - on 'HOW to be CONSTRUCTIVE', and HOW to use your time, for your CREATOR.  You KNOW 'how to waste TIME' - but THAT is not, "a gift from your CREATOR" - it's a gift from HELL.  You KNOW 'how to create PROBLEMS - but THAT'S a gift from HELL.   You KNOW 'how to SINK yourself, SPIRITUALLY' - AND! - you know 'how to reach out to your CREATOR, when you WANT to'.  And THAT'S called, "being LUKEWARM". There ARE 'people', who are ADDICTED to 'the ADRENALINE rush', of CLIMBING! - to the top, of the highest BUILDING, or "PLATFORM" - and PLUNGING! - themselves, as FAR and as FAST as they POSSIBLY can, 'WITHOUT, dying!' - putting ALL their trust, in "a ROPE" - and some 'PARACHUTING equipment' - that could most DEFINITELY fail, at ANY TIME.  And THAT'S 'how you have been treating YOUR spiritual life'.  So the REAL PROBLEM is: that you're ADDICTED, to 'the thrill of FALLING - DELIBERATELY' - and NOT! - dying.  But it is 'the DEMONS' - that are 'motivating you to CLIMB' - because you're CLIMBING "for selfish reasons" - and for all the WRONG reasons.  What MESSAGE are you sending your CREATOR, by 'seeking to CLIMB - all the WHILE, keeping your FOCUS, on the next FALL - on the next, DELIBERATE, dive!'  He will ONLY sustain you 'for SO LONG', in "that, state" - but just like, "the PARACHUTERS" - just like "the ADRENALINE junkies" - they never KNOW, "WHEN will be, their LAST jump".   And THAT'S 'the THRILL of it' - that they seek.  As long as you TREAT your spiritual life, 'that way' - you can NEVER! - be, a Member of the Faithful REMNANT - even though, you have READ the Testimony - and you have HEARD, your CREATOR.  It's "a VERY, bad HABIT" - that YOU have DEVELOPED.  And SO? - you need to HAVE, 'the BETTER ATTITUDE' - towards your CREATOR - that "HE is your LIFELINE" - and "HE is the ONE, who WILL SUSTAIN you" - if YOU desire to do, 'EVERYTHING! - within YOUR ABILITY', to be SUSTAINED, BY Him.  But, because "you're COMFORTABLE, cutting your CREATOR off - from your INTERIOR life - when you FEEL like it"? - you ACTUALLY, become 'MORE spiritually DEAD!' - each TIME, your SPIRITUAL state, becomes even WORSE - and you have 'to start OVER'.  SO? - No! - we do not 'BUY', that "you are BETTER now" - or that you have even 'RESOLVED', to BE "an authentic Member of the Faithful Remnant".  YOU need to 'prove your LOYALTY', to the One who MADE you - NOT to us!  WE do not 'want your LOYALTY', OR your FAITHFULNESS.  WE, are "only HUMAN", CREATURES - just like YOU.  YOU need! - to show, your CREATOR, that YOU'RE "DESERVING, of His FAVOR".  Because RIGHT now 'you're NOT!' - which is WHY, all these "TERRIBLE things" are HAPPENING in your life.  YOU'RE not "Job".  JOB was "a righteous MAN".  WHY not show your Creator - that when He MADE you - he 'broke the MOULD' - as in, "there is a REASON - YOU were called! - to the Faithful Remnant".  There IS no one, LIKE you - although they may have, 'SIMILAR', personality traits, and dispositions.  But YOU need to be, 'the new YOU' - who 'CHOOSES', to be FAVORED, by the Most High True GOD - who CHOOSES to have, "a LOYAL heart" - LOYAL - to the ONE, who MADE him - and 'to no OTHER' - ESPECIALLY "yourself"!

Side note on parachutes:  Does it really make any SENSE, to jump out of a plane, with your only HOPE, or GOAL, being "the desire to HANG YOURSELF - from a PARACHUTE"?  Does that sound like something that people who desire to LIVE, would do? Jesus Christ the Lord has warned us MANY times, throughout our JOURNEY - NOT to 'put our faith or trust in man-made devices' - when a serious failure of that device, will most ASSUREDLY result in serious injury and/or death.  Some other examples, of the devices His warning applies to, are as follows:  airplanes, roller coasters, amusement park rides, all modes of transportation.  Know that simple daily tasks like 'crossing the street', or even 'driving a vehicle' - require the OVERSIGHT of a Holy Guardian Angel - and REQUIRE Divine Protection.  And the Private Members do NOT have the assurance of Divine Protection, even though they still have their Holy Guardian Angels.  Why? Because THEY 'stood down' - when THEY were called, to stand UP, for the Testimony.  But even though the Official Members have "the assurance of Divine Protection" - those who 'put the LORD to the TEST' - will surely fail - even though HE will get "an A+", every time!  Best to turn to your CREATOR, with the trusting heart of a CHILD, and NEVER take your focus off HIM - because "He IS Life! - itself". (May 12, 2019 update) 

For all those who PREFER doing 'your OWN thing'? - on "your OWN terms", and on 'your OWN time'.

The REASON that you are "in the MESS that you are IN"? - is because YOU created that mess!  And you can either 'turn to your CREATOR' - and, ask Him to re-create your HEART - OR? - you can CONTINUE, on "the COURSE, that you are ON" - doing 'your OWN thing', on "your OWN terms", on 'your OWN time' - and let THAT be 'your final REWARD' - and all the PROBLEMS, that come WITH itYOU have been 'choosing to BE, one of the CURSED ones!' - who COMES to, "the 1335 days" SPOKEN of, by the PROPHET Daniel.  And JUST because, 'OTHER people', are "MORE luciferian than YOU are!" - doesn't mean you are "BLESSED".  YOU could 'choose to be Blessed' - by CHOOSING, to be 'FAVORED by your CREATOR' by making GOOD choices!  But you DON'T DESIRE that.  Because? - OBVIOUSLY, you 'desire to be MOTIVATED'? - by even WORSE consequences! - and those ARE 'coming YOUR way'!  And AS for "the REMNANT, being SO SMALL"? - there is 'SO much SPIRITUAL nourishment' - in, the VIDEOS! - of the 5 LOAVES - and, in the TESTIMONY!  You can 'TRY'... and make up excuses - for 'NOT nourishing yourself, with the TRUTH from HEAVEN' - but? - NONE of that, is going to 'FLY with your CREATOR'.  Because the TRUTH? - is with 'the FAITHFUL Remnant'.  And the MAJORITY? - which unfortunately YOU belong to, is "STEEPED in FALSEHOOD", of their OWN, choosing. (May 18, 2019 update)   
It is POSSIBLE to Give our Lives to our Creator
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

The True Holy Spirit will NEVER impart "INSPIRATIONS, that puff you up with PRIDE".

It is "GOOD!" - for you to acknowledge, that your CREATOR indeed! - "knows you THROUGH and through" - and He DOES "LOVE you".  But then the QUESTION, becomes "What are YOU, 'ACTIVELY doing', to RETURN that love?"  And are there CONDITIONS? - that YOU have put, on 'that RELATIONSHIP'?  Because if there ARE? - that means that, you're "only TAKING", FROM HimWhat are you 'GIVING, to your Creator'? Does He have 'your HEART'? - your SOUL? - your MIND? - your entire BEINGARE you "putting Him FIRST"? - in EVERYTHING? - OR? - are you 'putting your own spiritual REFLECTIONS, APART from Him', first?   Because? - NEVER, will the True Holy Spirit, impart "INSPIRATIONS, that puff you up with PRIDE".  No!  But the TRUE Holy Spirit, will 'infuse IN you, what it is YOU need, to WORK on' - every DAY!  And 'what your Creator is ASKING of you'.  But - from your EMAIL, to us? - it DOES 'APPEAR', as though, you are "living your own RELIGION".  We are not 'SEEING a reflection of what the TESTIMONY teaches'.  We DO see 'someone who is VERY SCARED', and WANTS to 'ESCAPE, the horrific TRAUMA, that is coming to the WORLD'.  And so you "COMFORT yourself" - by REFLECTING on your Creator's LOVE.  But YOU! - are 'called to console HIM'! - to serve HIM.  But you CAN'T - if, you are 'living APART from him' - and doing EVERYTHING! - "according to YOUR, RELIGION"(May 22, 2019 update)


One private member recently experienced "a LET-down", after being 'puffed UP, for quite some time now'.  Has 'the SUMMIT of YOUR spiritual life', turned into "seeking some SELF-affirming daily spiritual HIGH"?   Because if it IS? - then you're 'ON the wrong path'.  The Testimony is designed to bring people DOWN! - OFF the pedestal they have placed THEMSELVES in their interior life - so that they can put their CREATOR there instead, to be the Supreme Lord and Ruler over their entire lives.  Does that sound like something that is APPEALING to you?  Seriously?  And yes, it had something to do with "a tire".  See if the Counsel that follows, applies to YOU as well.

What happened with the VEHICLE, veering off the ROAD, so QUICKLY? - is "a WARNING, of how FAST, 'THINGS can turn for the WORSE' - in your LIFE".  It is "a RESPONSE from your CREATOR", of what He THINKS? - of "your spiritual REFLECTIONS"! - that, 'cannot HELP you', to change.  You're even sharing, 'WORDS, from YOUR jesus' - which are "VERY spiritually toxic".  You use "VERY smooth WORDS!" - when 'SPEAKING, about your SPIRITUAL life, and your RELATIONSHIP with your CREATOR'.  And THAT is 'a red FLAG' to us - because? - that TELLS us that YOU believe, that, "it's all BETTER now - that you've FINALLY seen the LIGHT - that you have RECEIVED, 'a great ILLUMINATION' - that you have UNLOCKED the KEY, to the Universe!"  NO! - you HAVEN'T!  I hold the Keys! - to the KINGDOM of Heaven - and "ACCESS, is DENIED".  YOU need "HUMILITY".  You NEED, 'the TRUE Holy Spirit' - NOT "the FALSE holy spirit" - that AFFIRMS, your SPIRITUAL life.  And so? - what WOULD MOTIVATE you? - to turn to 'the One TRUE God' - and AWAY from "the flowery POETRY" - that FILLS you! - as you WRITE usYOU are ABOUT to find out! (May 22, 2019 update)

For the Private Members who are FOCUSING on the flattery of their PEERS and coworkers.

We can sum up your SPIRITUALITY? - 'the summit of your FAITH'? - you "LOVE to be desired!"  But you WILL not 'desire your Creator'.  BECAUSE? - YOU see yourself, as "worthy to be DESIRED" - by others.  And THAT'S "idolatry" - and THAT'S "your millstone".  You have NOW been informed.  And in YOUR "spiritual REALITY"? - the DEVIL will ALWAYS 'desire you MORE', than your Creator, will.  Because your ALLEGIANCE? - is 'to the devil'.  As "UNCOMFORTABLE", as that is, to READ.  Because 'just like the DEVIL'? - who ALSO! - 'DESIRES, to be DESIRED' - you are "COMFORTABLE EMBRACING, his SPIRITUALITY, for your LIFE" - as he TOO! - refuses, to desire his CREATOR.  BUT! - the DIFFERENCE is: YOU still have 'a choice'.  HIS will is 'fixed'.  And so while you 'go through the MOTIONS', of being a REMNANT Member? - your HEART! - is "REALLY with the devil" - which is why, you CAN'T, 'love, with the Creator's LOVE'.

It's only fair, to inform EVERYONE, that there REALLY is NO "flattery of peers", in the afterlife.  Why?  Because 'the children of the Most High TRUE God - the CREATOR of the Universe' - praise HIM! - for the GOODNESS that flows FROM Him, through others.  And in the Eternal Lake of FIRE? - everyone is 'so UNCOMFORTABLE and filled with HATE as they are CONSUMED by the Eternal Flames', that they REALLY don't have 'any GOODNESS to share with their NEIGHBOR'.  And SO, know that all those who are 'ADDICTED to the flattery of peers'? - WILL be sure to LOSE that addiction, BEFORE the next life!  Congratulations everyone. (May 22, 2019 update) 

For all those who 'KNOW the Testimony' and 'know what it TEACHES'... Donkey DO!

Know THAT, 'the CREATOR' - can speak through... "a donkey".  And THAT'S really 'what YOU have been choosing, to BE':  a STUBBORN mule! - who REFUSES! - to do, what it is he KNOWS he should.  But you STILL, need to 'LIVE! - the Testimony' - in order to be "BLESSED" by your Creator.  Because 'KNOWING the Testimony', and 'knowing what it TEACHES' is VERY different! - than CHOOSING, to 'do what it says'.  For 'many PEOPLE!' - have HEARD, and SEEN 'what YOU have'!  But they WILL not 'DO'!  (June 09, 2019 update) 

For those who are HIDING behind word FORMULAS?

You need to know, that you CAN'T continue in the Remnant, by choosing to be our enemy, as you choose to use word FORMULAS against us.  You can ONLY make it in the Remnant, by choosing to be 'an ENEMY of the DEMONS', and a FRIEND of your Creator.  Switch teams - while you still can. You want "negative ATTENTION"? - you want to cause PROBLEMS? - choosing to do, 'your OWN thing'?   - that's "a vocation from HELL" - and we won't tolerate it, and we CAN'T forgive you, until you FULLY renounce that vocation, before ALL of Heaven - and switch teams.  (June 15, 2019 update)

Are you CONTINUALLY 'turning to the TRUE Holy Spirit'?

MANY people have CHOSEN to be 'their own pastors' - OR they look to 'other PEOPLE', to PASTOR them.  And is THAT NOT? - what ALL 'the PROTESTANTS' are DOING? And JESUS Christ the LORD has REVEALED, what one needs to DO - in order to BE, 'in His FAVOR' - to be BLESSED, BY Him - and to RECEIVE the Kingdom of Heaven.  WHAT are you DOING!!! - to be, "a DOER, of the Testimony"?  You NEED to be continually 'turning to the TRUE Holy Spirit' - for "your daily BREAD", for "your daily NOURISHMENT", of your "DAILY, INSPIRATIONS, in order to LIVE".  BUT if you 'settle for something ELSE'? - if you settle for 'ANYTHING else, BUT, the inspirations from the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT'? - then you WILL receive, 'ANYTHING else!' - BUT, Salvation for your Soul. You want to REBEL? - then you want... "anything else"... but Salvation for your Soul. Simple.  WE know, that YOU understand.  Stop rebelling, or leave the Remnant.  2 choices.  We don't need "a rebel".  We need "FAITHFUL, Remnant Members" - faithful to their CREATOR - NOT, faithful to their demons. (June 15, 2019 update) 

Not GROWING? - because you SIMPLY can't find the COUNSEL that you NEED in order to DO SO?

You are PRETENDING that being 'a REMNANT member' - is all about YOU reviewing, the Testimony, and then sending that review to us, as you read, simply 'whatever you FEEL like' reading. You're SMARTER than that! - and you're "PLAYING dumb".  And we're ON to your game. You have all sorts of 'PERSONAL DIVINE COUNSEL', that you are REFUSING to apply - as you hide behind all sorts of creative psyops in your emailsAPPLY the Counsel you have received - OR? - we will have your Holy Guardian Angel PERSONALLY and UNRELENTINGLY SCOURGE you! - ALL the way, to that Counsel.  There is "a GOOD choice" in front of you here.  But YOU choose! - as you ALWAYS do - the path that YOU want to walk.  Our advice? - choose the path that your personal demons DON'T like, this time.  We are praying to ACTIVATE your Holy Guardian Angel, to HELP you find the Counsel you Truly NEED... You're welcome! (June 15, 2019 update)  

No Foolin
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
What WAS the SICK satanic GAME that 'the FORMER members' of the Faithful Remnant liked to PLAY?

And so, "the SICK satanic GAME!" - that 'the FORMER members', of the Faithful Remnant, liked to PLAY? - was "HOW MUCH! - could they get AWAY, with - 'RESISTING! - the CREATOR' - as they SECRETLY submitted, to the DEVIL, in their INTERIOR lives"?  And, THEY have all NOW, 'received their REWARD'.  Because 'the FACT', IS: that JESUS, will ONLY receive 'SO many no's' - BEFORE, He STOPS! - OFFERING, 'ANYTHING! - of HIS Kingdom' - to people.  If PEOPLE, become "COMFORTABLE, REJECTING, the TRUE Holy Spirit" - PREFERRING, 'the TEMPTATIONS, of the ENEMY'? - then 'their DESIRES' change - and they can NEVER, 'desire, the things of HEAVEN', again! - as "a JUST Punishment!" - for their WICKED! - REBELLIOUS, attitude.  Because the SOUL, 'KNOWINGLY WEAKENED, themselves - to CONTINUALLY falling, into TEMPTATION' - through CONSENT - then the Most High TRUE God, no LONGER, 'Intervenes' with His GRACES - to HELP that Soul, out of their SNARES; but they are 'given OVER to their snares, and their sins', instead. (June 25, 2019 update) 

Private sleeping bag
James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Many people are WONDERING why the private Members are still PERSEVERING, and SO…?

This invitation goes out to both the private men AND women - who have their Confirmation video posted in the Testimony.

We would like to extend to YOU, the invitation, to make, a VIDEO testimony - for your CREATOR.  And it IS because 'you HAVE persevered', this whole TIME - as "a PRIVATE member" - and, you have NOT 'given up' - which MEANS that 'you are DETERMINED, to MAKE it! - with the help of your CREATOR' - that HE! - is "inviting you" - to make a video testimony.  Perhaps you could SHARE: WHY, you chose to PERSEVERE as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - even as "a PRIVATE member"? (August 26, 2019 update) 

What do we do with "the gamers" who REFUSE to work with their Creator?

You KNOW! - that our COUNSEL, is 'TRUE!' - and 'SOUND!' - and 'NECESSARY'.  But you TREAT it like "a GAME".  That's "YOUR SOUL" on the line… NOT ours!  We can only WARN you - but ULTIMATELY, YOU'RE the one responsible.  CHOOSE, to turn to the True Holy Spirit and True HUMILITY, for "the SIMPLE call, of the moment".   YOU! - are being "PUT to the test" - as YOU 'TRY, to put US to the test' - to put, "our CREATOR" to the test… This whole TIME? - YOU! - have been 'Tested'.  But even SO? - your CREATOR called you to the Testimony.  And SO? - YOU have to decide - NOW - IF? - you are CONTENT?  OR? - are you going, to work with your CREATOR, and start WORSHIPPING, with your entire BEING: JESUS Christ, the LORD - the Most HIGH, TRUE GodDecide THIS day, before all of HEAVEN. Because... we DON'T have time, for "the LUKEWARM".  And WE'LL just ask Him to "spit you OUT", if it's ALL about you(August 30, 2019 update)

What is "the common thread" - MOVING through 'all the private member emails'? (- an important essay)

The REASON, that we are asking 'the PRIVATE MEMBERS' - MOST of them - to email 'once a week'? - is BECAUSE, of "the ANTICS", and "the MINUTIAE", and 'the SMALLEST! - of INCONVENIENCES", that they SEEK, 'to DUMP! - on US"... and say, "HERE! - YOU solve this! - it's YOUR fault! - because I'm a REMNANT Member, I have this INCONVENIENCE! - and you are to BLAME!"

And 'THAT'! - is "the common thread" - MOVING through 'all the private member emails'.

In OTHER words? - they ALL have "a VERY, SELF-serving, POOR attitude" - TOWARDS their Creator - as they seek 'to create PROBLEMS... out of NOTHING' - INSTEAD! - of 'working with their CREATOR' - to OVERCOME, the adversities, and the HURDLES.

And so MANY of them! - are NOT even 'TURNING to the True Holy Spirit'; but they're turning INWARDS - and choosing to do, "their own THING!"  And it's "VERY difficult" - for the True Holy Spirit to move THROUGH them - because of 'the obstacles they PUT, in His WAY!'  And THAT'S why they're "private MEMBERS".

The PRIVATE MEMBERS? - are NOT "spiritually-minded PEOPLE".  Because they choose 'NOT to be!'  INSTEAD? - they choose 'to COMPROMISE with the world' - while TELLING themselves, that "They're GOOD christians! - because they're NOT as bad as the PEOPLE, OUTSIDE the Remnant!"  But THAT is 'not at ALL what Jesus taught'.

JESUS taught, to LISTEN! - to His TRUE Holy Spirit - to His FATHER in HEAVEN.  And THOSE people! - who DID so? - would be "built on the ROCK" - as 'the FIRST Peter' was!

But "the PRIVATE members"? - want to be 'built on shifting SANDS' - as 'they GO, with their FEELINGS, in the moment' - and 'how they FEEL!' - shapes their REALITY.  So "ONE minute? - or a FEW hours of the DAY? - they live in the True REALITY" - and they are "FAITHFUL to their CREATOR".  But the NEXT? - they choose to see THEMSELVES, and the REMNANT, through 'the EYES of the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS'.  And they let 'the DEMONS' shape their reality.  And because they are "neither HOT, nor COLD"? - which means they neither have ZEAL for EITHER! - then they are "COMFORTABLE! - suppressing the TRUE Holy Spirit of Prophecy".  Because when they PROPHESIED, as "Official MEMBERS"? - it brought, 'ALL, their DEMONS, to the SURFACE - that they would HAVE to CONFRONT'.  Because to be "an Official MEMBER"? - IS to be "a TRUE Prophet, of the Most High True God".

The "OFFICIAL Members"? - DON'T see themselves, as "VICTIMS, OF the Testimony" - and as "VICTIMS, of the LIFE RAFT! - that was sent from HEAVEN! - to SAVE them - to RESCUE them, from, the FLOODWATERS".  They INSTEAD turn to their CREATOR - for WAYS, that they can SERVE Him, and 'what HE, is asking of THEM'.  And they PERSEVERE - even THOUGH they 'slip and fall'; but they CHOOSE to get back up! - and TURN, to HEAVEN, for 'the STRENGTH, to persevere'.  They DON'T 'look for WAYS, to drill, HOLES! - in the LIFE RAFT!' - AND! - they DON'T try, 'to DELIBERATELY, DIVE! - SPIRITUALLY, and SINK themselves! - and find EXCUSES, to FEEL bad - and to SINK! - to be with the ASSAILANTS!'

Because EACH MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant is called to be 'a TRUE Temple of the TRUE Holy Spirit' - as they seek to AUTHENTICALLY, WORSHIP, the Most High True GOD - with ALL! - of their entire beings.

But 'the PRIVATE members'? - grew "COMFORTABLE, allowing their 'TEMPLE', to be DEFILED, by the DEMONS" - and become 'INFESTED, with false DOCTRINES, with LIES! - and with DECEPTIONS'... All the WHILE! - knowing the TESTIMONY, to be 'TRUE' and holding ON to it.

And so we are 'GATHERING, videos, FROM the private members of the faithful Remnant' - where they are DECLARING, "their ALLEGIANCE, to the Most High True GOD".  BUT!... we can't post any more of their VIDEOS - [WHY?] because 'they refuse to PRACTICE it! - as a way of LIFE' - but "ONLY when it's convenient".

CAN "the private members" BECOME Official Members?  According to the Most High TRUE GOD? - only the MALE! - "private members", have the OPPORTUNITY, to BECOME, "OFFICIAL Members", once again.  And THAT? - is because of 'ALL the jezebellian ANTICS, the WOMEN of the REMNANT, prefer'.

And now that 'the PRIVATE members', KNOW! - what the PROBLEM is? - in "a way that is IRREFUTABLE, and applies to ALL of them" - THEY have 'the opportunity, to OVERCOME!'  (September 09, 2019 update)
What is the FASTEST way to get your CREATOR "to BEGRUDGE you"?
...and to get HIM "to start pulling back HIS Gifts", from YOUR life?
"If you are "a BEGRUDGING! - REMNANT member"?... "the LORD" can Begrudge as WELL - as He can RESENT people, for "not DOING their PART", AFTER finding His TESTIMONY."  (-excerpt from the September 26, 2019 update) 

What DO "the private MEMBERS" need to pray on a DAILY basis - from the HEART' - in order for their CREATOR to 'even BEGIN!' - to take them seriously?

And AS "a private MEMBER"? you have 'NO PROTECTION', from AGING - and from the EFFECTS, of psychotronic WARFARE - EXCEPT! - what your CREATOR, decides to "MERCIFULLY bestow UPON you".  And right NOW? - it's "a good dose of humiliation".  THIS is 'what YOU need to pray, on a DAILY basis, from the HEART' - in order for your CREATOR, to 'even BEGIN!' - to take you seriously: 

Oh Lord, Jesus Christ, Most High True God - I TRULY, HAVE BEEN, "a most WICKED! - servant".  And I have sought, AFTER, 'ALL those THINGS', that OFFEND You - DEEPLY.  I, have been "UNFAITHFUL" - TO You - and to 'YOUR! - vocation, AND calling, for my LIFE'.  I HAVE been! - "SELFISH, and self-SERVING".  And I, have LISTENED, to 'the LIES', of the DEVIL!  And I have 'TURNED, away, from all GOODNESS' - no LONGER, 'DESIRING, virtue' - OR 'the things of Heaven'.  My 'LIGHT'? - is "going OUT!"  I "HUMBLY, come, BEFORE Your Throne", THIS day - and BEG You! - to 'SET me free', from, "the CHAINS", and 'the SPELLS', of the ENEMY, of my Soul.  And to 'GIVE me, the DESIRE! - to BE! - a "FAITHFUL", servant - in Your "FAITHFUL" Remnant'.  And to desire, 'VIRTUE'! - and 'GRACE'! - and 'TRUTH'!  PLEASE, grant me THESE 'Graces, and Gifts' - OUT of "the ABUNDANCE, OF Your MERCY"!  I am "TRULY! - repentant" - from the INNERMOST depths, of my BEING! - for OFFENDING You.  And I ASK, that YOU, would 'CLOTHE me in Your True Holy Spirit', and in 'Your TRUTH!'  And, IN - the LIFE! - that YOU have shared, WITH me.  And RE-ignite, my Soul - to be "for YOU!" - and "ONLY for You!"  Please ORDER 'the desires of my HEART' - that they may be 'PLEASING', to You always.  And PLUCK from me, 'my OLD life' - and 'my OLD ways' - and 'BURY!' [- as in 'put to death', not 'hide'…] - my old life - that I may 'LIVE'! - NOW, "for YOU and YOUR Ways". I re-COMMIT myself - to "YOUR Holy Purpose" - no longer 'LIVING for myself'; BUT for You!  Amen. (- from the prayer that can be found in the March 22, 2019 update)  

Here is a link to the ORIGINAL posting of this prayer on the state of women page.

(October 25, 2019 update)

For the PRIVATE Members who have FIRMLY RESOLVED to CONTEND with our Counsel, as 'a way of life'?

Yes, we can SEE that you have "resolved, to STAND, WITH your demons!" - who are "your TRUTH!" - UNTIL the death.  And? - WE'RE not going 'to FIGHT you'.  And we're NOT going to "fight FOR you".  Because YOU! - have chosen, to 'CONTEND!' - with our COUNSEL - to CONTEND with the True Holy SPIRIT - to CONTEND with your CREATOR.   But we ARE going 'to COMMEND you' - to "the HEEL of the Blessed Virgin MARY" - to "the DISCIPLINE of your HOLY Guardian ANGEL" - AND to "the Sword, of Saint MICHAEL the HOLY Archangel".

We can SEE! - that "our CREATOR turned you INSIDE-out".  And this is "GOOD!"  Because YOU'RE finally 'BEGINNING, to share your TRUE sentiments - towards US, towards the TESTIMONY, and towards our Counsel' - which UNFORTUNATELY? - is 'the same SENTIMENTS of the demons'.  And YOU have 'unleashed THEM' on us - FOR the last time!

We SEE you!  We can 'see THROUGH you'!  The fact IS? - that 'your DEMONS!' - DON'T! - "trust" - US!… and they never WILL!  Because, WE are focused, on 'EXPOSING THEM' - and 'CASTING them into the Eternal Lake of FIRE' - and YOU! - are "focused on PRESERVING them! - and fighting FOR them! - to the DEATH!"  And you have 'EXHAUSTED' us!  You DON'T 'want to discern', the Truth - as in, "what IS true? - according to the True Holy SPIRIT" - AND, 'WITH the TRUE Holy Spirit'.  And WE can't HELP you!  Because you DON'T! - DESIRE, our help.  And ALL of our Counsel - that we have shared? - 'STANDS!' - before the WHOLE, Heavenly Court - but YOU will 'fall', and FALL hard!  Because you CHOSE 'to side with your demons' - 'PRETENDING!' - to be, "an authentic FOLLOWER of the TESTIMONY".  We did NOT "misunderstand you" - OR your situation.  We KNOW! - what it IS! - through the EYES, of Jesus Christ the LORD.  And YOU WON'T! - change our perceptions. It would be "BETTER if your HEART changed" - but we shall SEE if that's possible.

Here are some CHOICE Scripture passages on the topic of "Contending with the Lord's Anointed".

"Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me'!" (Psalm 35:1) 

"Do not contend with a man for no reason, when he has done you no harm."(Proverbs 3:30)

"The Lord has taken his place to contend, he stands to judge his people." (Isaiah 3:13)

"But you, Israel, my servant [- ALSO a reference to Pope Peter the Last]… Behold, all who are incensed against you shall be put to shame and confounded; those who strive against you shall be as nothing and shall perish. You shall seek those who contend with you, but you shall not find them; those who war against you shall be as nothing at all.  I will help you. You shall seek those who contend with you, but you shall not find them; those who war against you shall be as nothing at all. For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not…"(Isaiah 41:8a, 11-13) 

(October 26, 2019 update)

A special "examination of conscience" for the Private Members.

"Yes you got ‘the healing that you wanted’ – but was it worth ‘the evils that were added’?  It is better to have ‘a clear conscience’ before your Maker, than to seek: for ‘physical healings’, or ‘spiritual highs’."  (-the Blessed Virgin Mary, November 27, 2012) 

And so you REALLY need to 'examine your HEART', before your CREATOR - and be HONEST, about 'what YOU have been seeking'. For TRULY? - you have been "very SELF-seeking" - because if you REALLY desired to be "selfless"? - there are SO, MANY! - things - that you could DO - FOR the Remnant.  But the FACT remains: that "it's ALL about YOU".  Which is WHY you continue to WITHHOLD; and WHY, you don't even EMAIL us! - about, the daily UPDATES, that WE POST - for "YOUR nourishment" - which "you DON'T CARE" about.

Note:  We DON'T want to READ about, "your human REACTION, to the updates - apart from the TRUE Holy Spirit".  We want YOU, to 'turn to the TRUE Holy SPIRIT' - for what HE is calling you, to WRITE us.  And if there is 'RESISTANCE'? - that's usually 'a Sign that it's VERY important, for you to share'. (November 06, 2019 update) 

To Persevere as an Official Member
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

For all the private Members who have been DISTANCING themselves from the Remnant so that they can feel MORE like they are "in CONTROL of their life"?

Is this REALLY 'how you want to IDENTIFY'?  EVEN after being "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - for so many YEARS.   WHY not 'turn to your CREATOR' - and ask Him "to blot OUT, the OLD you - and RENEW your DESIRE - to LIVE! - as HIS child"?  Because HE is "the One who is in CONTROL - of EVERYTHING!"  Though you WANT to be "in CONTROL, of your LIFE" - it is 'an ILLUSION'.  For ULTIMATELY the Most High TRUE God is 'the One, who decides, what your OPTIONS are'. If you are 'CHOOSING to LIVE, the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith - in as MUCH as you CAN'? - then, you are INVITED, to make 'that Confirmation video'.  HERE is a REMINDER if you have not seen this link

You don’t NEED to IDENTIFY as "a permanently-fallen MEMBER" of the Faithful Remnant.  There IS always ROOM - to get back UP - and begin the CLIMB again.  But if you WANT "an EXCUSE"? - to be "a VICTIM"? - of being 'DISCIPLINED, by your Creator'? - then? - He can PROVIDE it.  Jesus will receive "HEARTFELT REPENTANCE" and "True CONTRITION".   We KNOW "you can DO this!" - otherwise our CREATOR, would not ASK you - THROUGH us. (November 07, 2019 update)   

What happens to those who REFUSE to apply the Counsel we share?

You NEED to KNOW:  That you have been SHARING, 'the exact SAME HURDLES' - that you HAD - when you FIRST joined the Remnant.  Which MEANS? - you have been 'REFUSING to apply the Counsel, to your LIFE!' - because? - you WANT "the hurdles!" - you WANT "the problems!" - and you DESIRE, 'to burden US with them!' - to get "a satanic HIGH!" - from YOUR DEMONS!  Because EVERY problem that you HAVE?... is "OUR problem!" - and THAT'S? - what you have COMMUNICATED.  We GAVE you 'the solution'...  YOU don't want 'to APPLY, yourself'… so WHY should the Most High True GOD? - "Bless you"?  And YOU need to be 'HONEST with yourself!' - as WE! - seek, to be "COMPLETELY, FORTHCOMING, and honest with YOU".  YOU have ACTUALLY? - gotten "very GOOD at", FINDING ways, 'to NOT apply!' - our Counsel to your life.  And THAT'S been "your REWARD".  You CAN'T 'FIX it' - if you WON'T admit 'what the problem is'.  STOP "JUSTIFYING yourself" - and start RECOGNIZING, 'WHERE you're going WRONG'.  Or CONTINUE 'the path you're ON'. (November 08, 2019 update)

For all those who want our CREATOR to SHOW you! - 'EXACTLY, how, YOU are called to live - according to HIS Ways'? - while REFUSING to DO it. 

"It is not in heaven, that you should say, ‘Who will go up for us to heaven, and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ Neither is it beyond the sea, that you should say, ‘Who will go over the sea for us, and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ But the word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart, so that you can do it." (Deuteronomy 13:12-14) 

Request GRANTED!  We ask our CREATOR, to SHOW you! - 'EXACTLY, how, YOU are called to live - according to HIS Ways'.  But? - it WILL not BE, "a COMFORTABLE lesson"! - we can GUARANTEE you THAT much.  For with ALL of 'the WORK', and 'the EFFORT', that we PUT into the TESTIMONY - in 'GIVING! - the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, "on a GOLDEN PLATTER!" - 'HOW to LIVE!'… YOU simply… 'can't SEE it!'  THAT'S what you're telling us.  And SO we ASK our CREATOR to "SHOW you".  After so many YEARS? - being 'a MEMBER', reading the TESTIMONY? - you're STILL focused, on 'SELF!' - and "what your CREATOR can do for you".  And?... we CAN'T HELP you! - with, breaking-out of THAT ATTITUDE.  But? - the Most High TRUE God can!  You SEE: It's "a JEZZIE ANTIC" - to DEMAND! - that Jesus SHOW you! - when you WON'T EVEN! - 'discern YOURSELF' - WHAT it is, He's asking.  But you're 'PUTTING it all on HIM'.  There is a whole PAGE! - on "sackcloth and ASHES", about 'HOW to make amends, with the Most High TRUE God'.  What about 'the Burning BUSH prayer'?  Do you want 'to PRETEND'? - that… you have no KNOWLEDGE of these THINGS?  EMBRACE 'the KNOWLEDGE', of the TESTIMONY - of your CREATOR - and of 'an AWAKENED CONSCIENCE'; or HAVE it replaced, with: a DEADENED conscience, knowledge of the WORLD, and an UNREPENTANT - STUBBORN heart! (November 08, 2019 update)

For THOSE whose spiritual life is "SELF-centered", and "CONSOLATION-centered" - instead of "CHRIST-centered"?

We can SEE that 'your Creator has INTERVENED', in a big WAY! - and BLESSED you, with so MUCH!  Yet we ALSO see "someone who is just WILLING to RECEIVE", from their Creator… EVERY good thing! - without willing, to RECIPROCATE.  And so REALLY? - you are telling your CREATOR that "you want to be SPIRITUALLY poor! - but RICH! - in the WORLD" - and He's BLESSING that!  YES, you DO need to have "an INCOME" - you DO need to have "a JOB" - but if THAT'S "ALL your life becomes"? - if THAT'S "the FOCAL point of your FULFILLMENT"? - then something is 'SERIOUSLY wrong!' - with your INTERIOR Life.  Because, 'THAT'S' what the people 'OUTSIDE the Ark', are FOCUSED on.  Do you even 'DESIRE'? - "TRUE Spiritual Vision", and "the GIFT, to DISCERN, the HEART, of your CREATOR"?  OR are you "only INTERESTED in, receiving His CONSOLATIONS"?

To submit to 'His Divine WILL', IS "an act of self-denial".  But, 'the SPIRIT of jezebel' - is "SELFISH", and "self-CENTERED", and "self-ABSORBED". (- excerpt from the state of women page, March 15, 2018 update) 
You are CHOOSING to be "ALL about SELF"!  And so that's your REWARD! (November 09, 2019 update)

The True Holy Spirit KNOWS what you want, but what about YOU?

Actual email:  "I must be consistent in always trying to listen to what the promptings of the True Holy Spirit is wanting me to do, not what I want to do."
If YOU are "a STOWAWAY, and a REBEL - and someone who is "COMFORTABLE, SECRETLY, WORKING with their DEMONS, in the DARK"? - then what you WROTE us, makes "PERFECT sense!"  But the fact IS? - that YOU are 'called to WANT! - to know, what the TRUE Holy Spirit, is SHARING, WITH you'.  YOU are not, "to be at ODDS", with the True Holy Spirit.  But yet, that's 'HOW you presented, your SPIRITUAL life, to us'. Do you 'WANT to go to HEAVEN'?  Do you 'WANT, to MAKE IT! - to the FULLNESS of the ERA, of True PEACE'?  Do you 'want to please your CREATOR'?  Or is that, "what the True Holy SPIRIT wants"? - and 'YOU' don't want that!  Are you 'CHOOSING to IDENTIFY as someone who… DOESN'T WANT! - what their CREATOR WANTS'?  PERHAPS you 'need more SPANKINGS!' - in order to break THROUGH, 'your PRIDE'(November 18, 2019 update)   

For all those who are simply "content being an OPPORTUNIST".

What a great "OPPORTUNITY!" - it would be, to nourish OTHERS! - and to give SELFLESSLY, from the abundant RICHES in the TESTIMONY, that you have so graciously RECEIVED?... INSTEAD of…

You have been 'turning to the WORLD' - and doing things "YOUR way".  And you have PUT your Creator… "LAST! - in your life".  And that's NOT "a Faithful REMNANT member" - that's a WOLF!  And UNTIL you 'face the FACT!!!' - that underneath 'the false EXTERNALS', you are… "an OPPORTUNIST!" - because that's, what you've CHOSEN to be - you CAN'T move forward and we DON'T take you seriously.  REALLY 'you haven't CHANGED'.  You STILL desire, those SAME desires.  TAKE your spiritual life SERIOUSLY - OR? - LOSE it! - altogether.  FINAL, warning.  Jesus is 'PATIENT' - and WE are 'PATIENT' - with THOSE, who are 'RESOLVED, to change'.  But 'His FIERY Wrath!' - and OUR 'Fiery Wrath' - will CONSUME, you! - if you DON'T, change. (November 19, 2019 update) 
Concerning "the private members" of the Faithful Remnant and what they ALL have in common
You can find the ROYAL DECREE with this title, on the Royal Decrees page at the following LINK.  (November 20, 2019 update) 

WHEN can the Private Members start emailing us daily?

Yes! - sending us daily EMAILS - DOES make sense!... for those who have it IN them, to seek to nourish OTHERS with what THEY have received.  But if YOU "DON'T want to do that"... or "CAN'T do that!"... then no - your daily emails, would THEREFORE only be FILLED, with "BAD inspirations", from your personal DEMONS, that YOU would in turn SEND, so that THEIR inspirations, could be used AGAINST you.  BUT! - if you can produce a nourishing selfless VIDEO - produced with the PURE motive of HELPING others in the Remnant? - then of COURSE! - you will have PROVEN to us, that you are choosing to break FREE from the downward spiral of your personal demons.  YOUR future.  YOUR path.  YOUR choice.  We KNOW you have it WITHIN YOU - as does 'EACH, private member of the Faithful Remnant' - to CHOOSE, to overcome, their WEAKNESSES, and their 'FALLEN HUMANITY' - and RISE to 'the Creator's expectations'.  But they HAVE 'to WANT that'. WE can't "WANT THAT" for you.  Because we AREN'T you!   You HAVE to 'open your HEART' to the Testimony - if you want to know "what your Creator expects" - OTHERWISE, all you will be left with? - is 'what your personal DEMONS expect' - and… they "expect to continually torment you" - if you haven't noticed just yet…  If you want 'to TREAT us' AND the Testimony "the way your DEMONS! - want you to"? - then THAT? - IS! - choosing TEAMS! (November 22, 2019 update) 

What IS "The Creator's Last OLIVE BRANCH for the Private MEMBERS"?

How IS it? - that you can expend SO MUCH EFFORT, and TIME - in INSULATING yourself from the Faith?  What IS your secret? - for REFUSING to grow? - and refusing to allow ANYTHING that 'the Spirit of your Creator' is DOING - to reach you?  The Ark is moving FORWARD, as "your anchor of DEMONS", holds YOU fast behind.  The religion YOU are practicing - ISN'T the religion the OFFICIAL Members are practicingWhy IS that?

Are you "OK with that?"   You need to know that "the protestants" CLING to that MANTRA, that "Jesus died for ME, so that I can LIVE".  But that is ALSO comparable, to what the WOMEN say - to justify, their ABORTION - as they CHOOSE that… "the child will DIE! - so that THEY can live".   Is THAT the kind of relationship, that you want? - with "the CHRIST child"

In the TRUE Faith? - we are WAY beyond "Jesus dying on the Cross"… (- sorry you didn't get the memo… the TESTIMONY that is…  as in… you just didn't "GET it"…)  And we can TELL you 'WHY! - you are still focused on "jesus dying on the CROSS" - STILL?'  BECAUSE your FAITH is DEAD!  Because your RELIGION is dead!  Because your WORKS are dead.  The TRUTH? - is that JESUS! - is in HEAVEN! - RULING! - over the entire EARTH! - with "a ROD of IRON".  But THAT? - makes you "EXTREMELY uncomfortable" - makes "your DEMONS"… uncomfortable.  And HOW can YOU be 'EXALTED'? - unless JESUS is 'put down!'  THAT'S your religion.  And we've HAD enough!  You're "ON the clock"If your CONSCIENCE was "WORKING"? - YOU! - would be doing 'EVERYTHING! - you POSSIBLY could!' - to become "an OFFICIAL Member of the FAITHFUL Remnant".  Because it's Truly 'INSANE!' - to desire to remain "a PRIVATE member" of the Faithful Remnant. And? - NONE of you "Private MEMBERS"? - are 'getting' the MESSAGE. 

TRY this: The parable of the stowaway.  A stowaway - like ALL stowaways, wanted 'to lay low', and let everyone ELSE do 'the REALLY hard work' - so that the STOWAWAY could get "a FREE RIDE", to 'the PROMISED LAND'.  Long story SHORT? - when the ship finally ARRIVED, at its ETERNAL Destination - the captain asked everyone to get OFF the ship, as it was no longer NEEDED.  And when the STOWAWAY tried to step off the ship, to join the others who PAID for their passage with daily HARD WORK? - the Captain TURNED to the stowaway and said, "And SO! - you wanted to lay LOW! - so NOW? - you can rest ETERNALLY, in a very! - LOW! - place" - as the Captain then made a SPECIAL trip with the ship and a few crew members - to the DEEP water - and put out the PLANK - and tied the ANCHOR to the stowaway, and… YOU know the rest! 

(The captain generously RETURNED the stowaway to their like-minded "FORMERS", who dwell in the murky DEPTHS.  You SEE - the FORMERS refuse to DO! - EVERYTHING! - their Creator is ASKING.  And just because someone is "a STOWAWAY, who believes themselves to actually be ON, the Ark of Safety"? - there really is no DIFFERENCE between them and their FORMERS - as they TOO, refuse to DO - EVERYTHING, their Creator ASKS of them - even though they CLAIM to be 'practicing the faith' - but ONLY through "lip service".)

"Private member"?  That's where you want to STAY?  The OFFICIAL Members are "interested in KNOWING, what the Creator is DOING, in these TIMES".  They are interested in "UNIVERSAL, Truth".  And the PRIVATE members? - are 'SOLELY interested, in SURVIVING - and seeing HOW MUCH, they can TAKE! - and get AWAY with it!'  And THAT'S the profile of a STOWAWAY and a THIEF - that is about to get CAUGHT and then 'locked-UP' for a VERY, VERY long time.  And you DON'T! - HAVE, "a DEEP, connection and RELATIONSHIP, with the Most High True GOD" (- as it is "a very SHALLOW relationship" at THIS point in time…).  You DO have! - 'a deep connection and relationship with your personal DEMONS, of SELF-justification' - which is what EVERYONE, who 'claims to be RELIGIOUS', OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT - HAS! 

The Creator's Last OLIVE BRANCH for the Private MEMBERS:  And to HELP the private members with "the necessary MOTIVATION" - to CHOOSE 'the Path that they want to follow-THROUGH with'? - WE are going to pray, that THEY begin experiencing, 'the Torments of Hell' in THIS life! - and that they, would EXPERIENCE 'FLAMES, in their INTERIOR lives' - through which they can ONLY find 'RELIEF', by becoming 'OFFICIAL MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant'Because "we're nice PEOPLE!"… nice to our CREATOR! - that is.  Amen. (November 28, 2019 update) 

Does the TESTIMONY make you 'FEEL' like you're being "KICKED, while you are DOWN"?

Actual email: "I read and studied  the page  “The Faithful Remnant" especially the part starting at… "Private or Unofficial Members" of the Faithful Remnant, it was like someone kicking me when I am down."

Yes! - but "down WHERE?..."  Everyone who has resolved to be "DOWN, with their DEMONS?... is going to get QUITE the 'kick in the FACE', from the Words of their CREATOR… EVERY time!" 

And so the ONLY reason that you would 'FEEL', "KICKED, while you are DOWN"? - is because you have RESOLVED! - to stay down.  The "PRIVATE", or "UNOFFICIAL" members of the Faithful Remnant? - are called 'to DO, MUCH more, than they ARE doing!'  After EVERYTHING that the Most High TRUE God has 'BLESSED them' with?  After ALL of 'the GOODNESS', He has BESTOWED, UPON them? - they 'damn THEMSELVES!'  THEY 'put up the DAM'They 'DAMNED! - themselves'! - by REFUSING to share, 'the Gifts of the True Holy SPIRIT' - by refusing 'to TURN! - to the True Holy Spirit, as a Way of Life' - by choosing to DO, "what THEY want", "on THEIR terms".

The REMEDY? - has been PROVIDED.  But 'the PRIVATE or unofficial MEMBERS'? - have been 'CHOOSING! - to be VERY stubborn! - and hard-HEADED! - and hard-HEARTED' - SEEKING ways, 'to JUSTIFY, their neglects', and INACTION; instead of 'HUMBLY admitting, WHERE they messed up!' - and simply 'DOING! - what their Creator is ASKING'.  The PRIVATE MEMBERS? - have 'a HARD time', KNOWING! - what their Creator 'Expects, FROM them' - because deep DOWN inside? - THEY don't CARE!!!  'THEIR attitude'? - is that "GOD serves THEM!!!"  They are 'BOUND, to INSTITUTIONAL ideas and THINKING'.

"OUR God - the Most High TRUE God"? - LIVES! - and WORKS - OUTSIDE, the social norms; OUTSIDE, the institutions; OUTSIDE of "idealistic THINKING", and "positive SPEECH".  OUR God - the Most High TRUE God? - is "the God of TRUTH, and LIFE" - and He is "the WAY! - to ETERNAL Life".  But 'the PRIVATE members'? - prefer "their OWN truth, their OWN life, and their own WAY" - and you are 'ONE of them'

You have NOT been 'prioritizing your Creator'.  You have NOT been 'keeping, UP to date', with the TESTIMONY updates - that we "PAINSTAKINGLY! - take HOURS! - upon HOURS! - to put TOGETHER".  It takes 'MUCH Discernment' - just for ONE! - PARAGRAPH, in the TESTIMONY.  But you "Don't CARE!"  You SEE yourself as "ENTITLED! - to all OUR HARD WORK!" - but you're NOT!

You SEE yourself as "ENTITLED, to being SAVED by your CREATOR".  But you REFUSE! - to 'DO!' - EVERYTHING! - that the TESTIMONY, has REVEALED, that He is 'EXPECTING FROM you'.  AND so? - YOU! - really? - 'KICKED yourself'!  YOU 'hurt YOURSELF'!  YOU 'hurt your OWN Soul'.  YOU 'broke your OWN heart' - by "your NEGLECTS".  (November 30, 2019 update) 

There WAS… "the EASY way" to pay back your Creator… through making heartfelt and nourishing VIDEO testimonies - and NOW?... there's "the OTHER way".

Do we need to mention that "Saint Michael has a GREAT sense of humor"?  As IN? - funny how you ALL just got 'handed over to HIM', for some "MUCH needed" Divine Just DISCIPLINE - Apocalyptic style... as in... "front row seats!"

The MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant are "ALL indebted to their CREATOR".  And He GAVE them 'a WAY', to PAY Him BACK - through making "HEARTFELT video TESTIMONIES".  But you didn't 'WANT' that way!  [- referring to the private members]  And so now you HAVE 'to pay Him BACK' - as "RECOMPENSE MUST be paid" - THROUGH intense SUFFERING - both PHYSICAL, and SPIRITUAL.  As EVERYONE! - is going 'to SUFFER', in SOME way.  You do not HAVE! - "Protection, from the PHYSICAL Chastisements".  And you are NOT "INVINCIBLE".  And we have done "our UTMOST" - to 'PULL you, OFF, of your PEDESTAL'.  And? - NOTHING we DO! - YOU are 'RECEPTIVE to'.  You are "NOT receptive", to our Counsel. And WE can't 'break-THROUGH'.  SO? - just like 'ALL! - the private members' - we're HANDING, ALL of you! - OVER - to SAINT MICHAEL, the HOLY Archangel - for "SEVERE! - Discipline" - and then he will 'hand you off' to your CREATOR - if you don't respond to "Saint MICHAEL'S Discipline" well - and THEN? - that's "the END".  REMEMBER! - 'YOUR CREATOR' is the ONE! - who is "WRITING, your LIFE" - and ALL He was ASKING was "for YOUR COOPERATION".  And you did NOT "cooperate" - and SO! - you are not even "WRITTEN - IN the Book of Life".  Which MEANS? - you NEED to 'make PEACE, with your Creator' and QUICKLY!   As 'DEATH', will come UPON you - SUDDENLY! - and WITHOUT warning.

And for all the "willfully ignorant NOVICES" out there - and we KNOW that YOU know "who you are!"… "Suddenly and without WARNING" simply MEANS that, you will have NO time to 'make things RIGHT' with your Creator - if you don't DO so, while under "the CARE", of Saint Michael.  We're "quite BUSY".  He IS "the trans-millennial EXPERT" at what he DOES.  The rest is COMPLETELY up to you!  (December 02, 2019 update)   

A Special Note for the PRIVATE Members as the Apocalypse INTENSIFIES

On the topic of… "Begging for Mercy"? - Begging for a second CHANCE?

WE were 'practically BEGGING!' - for "a SPIRITUALLY NOURISHING VIDEO" - FROM you - for MONTHS!... and YOU 'showed no MERCY'!  And neither will WE!  YOU were 'the one who NEEDED! - to make the nourishing videos' - for your OWN Soul.  YOU! - were 'the one' who needed to cooperate with your CREATOR - for your OWN wellbeing.  As for "hurting the HEART of your Creator"? - He GETS that EVERY day! - from 99%! - of the world's POPULATION - and so He is "WELL! - over that" - as His "DIVINE Just CONSEQUENCES, against the WICKED!" - are 'His PAYBACK'.

EVEN though, you ARE NOT 'CALLED, to embrace "HOPELESSNESS",' - you NEED to 'prepare yourself, for the POSSIBILITY, that you COULD! - in fact 'DIE!' - from the APOCALYPTIC CONSEQUENCES, of these End TIMES'.  And so you SHOULD do "EVERYTHING you can!" - to make PEACE with your Creator! - with 'the HOPE, in HIM! - ONLY' - and "MAYBE He WILL sustain you" - TO the point - where your "GOVERNMENT", recognizes, the TESTIMONY, and "the God of the Two WITNESSES" - and DESIRES, to be "PRESERVED".  And so EVEN though - you cannot make 'TESTIMONY videos' - NOR have 'the MEANS', to DO so? - you can SIMPLY make "the PLEDGE of Allegiance" - every DAY! - as "a heartfelt PRAYER to your CREATOR" - of 'what TEAM', you are CHOOSING! - in your INTERIOR life. (December 07, 2019 update)

WHAT is REQUIRED? - to become an OFFICIAL Member of the Faithful REMNANT?

When are YOU! - going to 'have MERCY, on your CREATOR'?  The PROBLEM is - the PRIVATE members, chose 'to comfort THEMSELVES'! - INSTEAD of 'CONSOLE, their Creator'.  So YOU still need 'to show HIM! - that you DESIRE, to DO! - what He's ASKING' - and 'FOLLOW Him', as He's REQUESTED.  Which MEANS? - you HAVE 'to DIE! - to 'the old YOU'! - and EMBRACE, 'a SELFLESS, vocation', as an OFFICIAL Member.  Without 'the Gift of SELFLESSNESS'? - you can't BE, "an Official Member, of the Faithful Remnant'.
Until their Government recognizes the Testimony, NONE of the Private members will have 'the SELFLESSNESS needed' to become an Official Member… and THAT'S why they're currently private members. (December 13, 2019 update) 

Not EVERYONE desires 'to APPLY the Counsel and LIVE!'

This is the Universal Message that goes out to ALL those who have RECEIVED our Counsel, and yet CHOSE to consistently REBEL against it, by embracing "a vocation from HELL", instead.  They live as "comfortable DEMONIACS", who sit back AMUSING themselves, as they ever-so-slowly sink into the Eternal Abyss of Divine Just Consequences.  They are AMUSED in fact, by their long litany of "extremely BAD choices" - that they REFUSE to chip away at.  Why? - because they TRULY! - see that LIST! - as "a BIG, BAD - trophy!" - and one that THEY most certainly! - will NOT humble themselves, to REPENT of - in ANY way! - shape, or form.  And to put it mildly? - that list, ISN'T getting through 'The Gates of HEAVEN' - THAT'S for sure!
All we can SAY? - to you: is that 'the DEMONS!' - you REFUSE to let GO of, will NOT 'allow you', to SURVIVE the Apocalypse, or enter INTO "the FULLNESS, of the PHYSICAL Era, of TRUE Peace".  YOU need to 'examine, your INTERIOR life'!  It is NOT 'for US', to do so - as we have ALREADY given you - 'SO MUCH Counsel' - addressing MANY of 'the problems'.  There is no SENSE in us, giving you MORE - as, it WOULD be, "to simply WASTE our time!" - bringing 'MORE!' - "HEAVY Consequences", ON you - and WE do NOT desire that!  So? - APPLY the Counsel, and LIVE for your Creator - or CONTINUE to be "a comfortable DEMONIAC".  The CHOICE is yours.  (December 30, 2019 update) 

The Ark Preserves Humanity
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
"Already people are ‘highly skeptical’ of the messages, online.  Although their souls have been seared by some of them.  Not everything is to their liking.  But they either have ‘all of Me’ or ‘none of Me’ My children.  They cannot decide which messages they agree with, and the ones they have ‘a conflict’ with.  All of the demons are ‘brought  to the light’ when souls read these messages "  (-Jesus, Tuesday, May 22, 2012
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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