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 Obama is the fulfillment of the antichrist
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Transcript:  A Petrus Romanus Production.  [- produced solely by the Two Witnesses]

Petrus Romanus - Most americans have no idea who is truly seated in the white house.  You are about to understand why disaster upon disaster will continue to befall the United States of America until the Obama administration comes to an end.

Note: The Pathological liar feels that every bit of communication has strategic meaning positioned for his or her own gain.

Pre-election Senator Obama in 2007 greatly deceiving the American People - The law is not subject to the  whims of stubborn rulers.  This (Bush) administration acts like violating civil liberties is a way to enhance our security. It is not.

Anthony Gucciardi - In 2007, Obama went  up and actually made a speech to help him get elected about citizen spying; and talked about how specifically that citizens who were doing nothing wrong would not be spied on.

Obama - This administration also puts forward a false choice between the liberties we cherish and the security we provide.  I will provide our intelligence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to track and take out the terrorist without undermining our Constitution and our freedom.  That means no (more) illegal wiretapping of American citizens No (more) National Security Letters to spy on citizens were not suspected of a crime. No (more) tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war. No (more) ignoring the law, when it is inconvenient.  That is not who we are.

Anthony Gucciardi - Now of course we have the PRISM operation from the NSA, leaked by The Washington Post and The Guardian where the NSA actually goes directly to the survers of Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, paltalk,  AOL, Skype, YouTube, and apple and gets all of your personal data your chats everything and they monitor all the phone calls as well.

Video of Truthseeker Reports - The Present situation is much worse. Tomorrow when Obama lands in South Africa, lawyers have filed for his arrest for genocide. The country that went through apartheid to attack on ethnic groups classed as inferior, charges the Obama administration is now doing the exact same thing. Indiscriminate confinement of Muslims without charge, and targeted drone attacks on muslim civilian populations around the globe. The charge worse than apartheid's in fact constitutes genocide.

Video of Drone Operation:

Journalist - Drone operators seated thousands of miles away from the area affected are looking at video feeds assessing those video feeds and based on that making decisions about whether or not someone who's walking through the community is a suspected terrorist.

Narrator - Depending on the situation, The decision to kill comes from an intelligence officer who could be anywhere. The sensor operator targets using the laser.  
Drone pilot - This will be a run against the target under our cross hairs. Ten seconds to release, sensor E. ready. 
Narrator -  the predator uses laser-guided Hellfire missiles.
Drone pilot -Three, Two, One...rifle...twenty-five seconds at time of flight...five, four, three, two, one...splash...looks like good splash. 
Drone pilot - There is no reset button there's no. You know, there's no turning it off.
Narrator - In real strikes like this one in Iraq, technology actually allows drone pilots to see more than manned pilots ever have
Drone pilot - Because we have such a long waiting time there's potential to have eyes on the target that we are going to blow up for hours ahead a time. Then we employ on it....

Note: "Employ on it" means to fire the missile at the real people on the video screen "Strike the target" means: to kill the real people on the video screen ...and then stick around for another few hours to watch what happens afterwards. You have to stay there and then stay plugged in and stay focused on you know, the destruction and that you just caused from your aircraft.

Video of drone pilots "Double-tapping"their targets explained

Lady journalist - One of the things we found and documented were incidents of double tapping. There will be an initial strike on a target and then very shortly after, a secondary strike. What has happened in the period, between the first and the second strike is that neighbors or people nearby or family members or in some cases doctors have come to assist those who may have been injured and still survived and when they're doing that a second drone has hit....

Note: This is called "double tapping"

Male Journalist - The people with whom we spoke in the communities affected almost without exception told us when there's a drone strike we won't go near afterwards and we even heard this from some medical professionals.

Note: "Between May 2009 and June 2011, at least 12 attacks on rescuers were reported by credible news media."  The other attacks could ot be reported because people were either too afraid to come forward, or they were murdered by the "double-tap"   Narrator: Some critics claim that as many as thirty percent of those killed in the broader drone wars are civilians and that the strikes turn people against the U.S. and violate international law.

Male Journalist voice: One of the things we heard from several people is that they didn't know what America was before drones and now what they know of America is drones death and terror.

Note: "A 2012 poll by the Pew Research Center's Global Attitude project found that 74% of Pakistanis consider the U.S. an enemy."

Victims Testify to Drone Strikes:

Father -  It was Ramadan, we were about to break our fast with the children. We took a bite, said our prayers. The children had just started eating when the missile stuck.

Boy -  The drone struck, resulting in the death of three people in my family and badly injuring my left hand and my eye.  And one of my relatives and her baby daughter were killed in the attack.

Note: The bureau of Investigative Journalism reports that of approximately 3,300 people were killed in drone strikes. The numbers continue to climb almost every day; at least 176 are reported to be children.

Journalist - "it's very critical that the US public understand what is happening with the use of this technology because it is being done in the name of the United States."

Note: This is Obam's hidden War OF Terror It is the complete opposite, of what Obama says.

Journalist -  ..Reaper drones...deliver at least 10 kilograms of depleted uranium which permanently contaminates the target areas. So when you go back in there you're guaranteed if you spend too much time, to get some form of horrific cancer that will kill you between ten and fifteen years.  That's how poisonous this stuff is; and we got a lot of our soldiers around this stuff that are dying... But they don't talk a lot about it... It's like our generation's agent orange. I call Obama the odious.  Then you've got the secret kill list by obama. You have the illegal wars in Libya and elsewhere. He started the covert war in Yemen and basically deposed another leader in that country.  You've got enormous mercenary presence in Iraq.

Narrator - "In 2012 alone the US carried out hundreds of drone strikes across four countries.  Afghanistan is the only publicly authorized war while strikes in Pakistan Somalia and Yemen are covert CIA operations performed without putting American lives on the line."

Note: Covert CIA Operations" is just another name for ILLEGAL WARS.

Professional Lecturer -Obama has redefined war. Through an intervention in Libya he made the case that the war powers act didn't apply, because there was no risk to american soldiers. And so under that rationale he can expand the global war; while in his State of the Union Address, claim that we don't need perpetual war for peace.  But it is perpetual war when you can drop bombs on any country and then claim that it's not war.

News Reporter - New US army manual instructs future country takeovers must be predominantly covert. The book lays out how to infiltrate ethnic and religious minorities, to provoke civil war. Using snipers against peaceful protesters is an example. Work with guerrilla groups to make them respectable. Arming al Qaeda and painting them as victims fit this category. Syria is being bombed as the report advises. The army manual was released in November 2010,  just before snipers began appearing Syria. Organized groups of snipers shoot both peaceful protesters and and police in Syria triggering western intervention... Groups of snipers for no apparent reason shoot both peaceful protesters and soldiers. In Egypt unexplained snipers have sparkerd unrest in Thailand, Venezuela and many of the other nations not under washingtons control.

Journalist - In the early days of the Syria conflict we have many reports from individuals on the ground talking about snipers stationed on the rooftops in cities such as...Darayya or Al-Hameh; some of the early focal points of the protest movement. What drove the conflict What drove the violence in the conflict were the presence of these snipers, in the early days. So when you saw women and children being shot in the head in Darayya or Al-Hameh, and they tried to immediately say that it was Assad's forces who were doing that; conveniently they never provided one piece of evidence to actually demonstrate that. Even the Arab League observer mission  noted the fact that there was a quote unquote a "third force a third element inside of Syria that was not the protest movement nor the government of damascus; and that it was some other element, and that element was driving the violence. And of course as we see now two years later, it was incredibly successful in implementing Civil War. It doesn't seem to make sense that either side would really have benefited from this kind of chaos. We need to understand this is a broad narrative of those elements internationally would seek to use violence as a pretext for destabilization."

Note: The Pathological liar feels that every bit of communication has strategic meaning positioned for his or her own gain

Obama -  Under my plan no family making less than two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year we'll see any form of tax increases, not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes not any of your taxes.

News Reporter - "He got a lot of applause for saying that, but in his first year in office he proposed cap-and-trade. that would be a fat tax on everyone. He increased the cigarette tax by a hundred fifty-nine percent; and now we have that proposed tax on fancy health care benefits. During the campaign he criticized John Mccain for even suggesting that.

Obama - For the first time in American history, John McCain wants to tax your health care benefits

Reporter - But now that Obamas in office he likes the idea.

Obama - In this reform we will charge insurance companies a fee for the most expensive policies

Reporter - Then there was his No earmark pledge:

Obama - We are going to ban all earmarks.

Reporter - yet the for spending bill he signed more than 9,000 earmarks. Obama criticized his opponent for wanting to force people to get health insurance.

Obama - [referring to Hillary Clinton] She believes that we have to a force people who don't have health insurance to buy it.

Reporter - But a year later..

Obama: That's why under my plan individuals, will be required to carry basic health insurance.

Reporter - How about the promise of transparency:

Obama -  When there's a bill that ends up on my desk as president, you the public will five days to look online and find out what's in it before I sign it.

Reporter - If you looked on the internet for bills like the Fair Pay Act and the Credit Card Bill of Rights; five days before they were signed, you wouldn't find them.

Obama - There is no doubt that we've been living beyond our means and we're gonna have to make some adjustments. Now what I've done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending-cut.

Reporter - A spending cut? give me a break. Look how sharply the line rose after Obama took office; Spending increased two trillion dollars this year; more than any year in history.

Obama - The problem is is that the way bush is done over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children driving up our national debt from five trillion dollars for the first forty two presidents number fourty-three added four trillion dollars by his lonesome. So that we now have over nine trillion dollars of debt  that we are going to have to pay back.  That is thirty thousand dollars for every man woman and child;  that's irresponsible.  Its unpatriotic.

In the News Room video clip:

Reporter - When candidate Obama said that our national debt was $9 trillion. It's now sixteen trillion. So the question is if it was unpatriotic at nine trillion....

Note: The US nationial debt is over sixteen trillion dollars and increasing.

Obama - Today I'm pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half, by the end of my first term in office

Reporter - According to the US Treasury, President Obama has racked up plenty of his own debt in his first term; more than president bush did in both of his.

Obama in 2008 - This has been the fiscally most irresponsible administration that we have seen. We have increased the national debt; almost doubled it since George Bush took office. It is now over 9 trillion dollars and that is money that we're all going to have to pay back

News Video Interview:  Front Desk News Reporter - The New York Times published  an explosive article about President Obama's kill list:  A top secret nominations process that designates terrorists for kill or capture of which the capture part has become largely theoretical. Piece details the president's role in a regular Tuesday counterterrorism: meetings in the White House Situation Room where he pours over suspected terrorist BIOS and decide whose death to order next.  And there is this quote: Mister Obama embraced a disputed method for counting civilian casualties that did little to box him in. It in effect counts all military age males in a strike zone as combatants, according to several administration officials, unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent.

Note: Under Obamas "justice" system suspected terrorists are summarily executed, by means of unmanned drones Obamas "mercy" system: they are given the opportunity to be found innocent "posthumously" which means only AFTER, they are murdered.

Director, ACLU National Security Project - It would be and is a severe violation of human rights law as well as the laws of war for the administration to kill people that it might otherwise be able to detain. We have had a program that was begun under the Bush administration; but vastly expanded and accelerated by the Obama administration and this is a program in which the executive branch, the president claims the authority to unilaterally declare people enemies of the state, including US citizens and order they're killing based on secret legal criteria, secret process, and secret evidence. There is no national security policy that poses a graver threat to human rights law and civil liberties than this policy today.

Note: The Same way a mafia boss operates.

Jeremy Scahill the - President Obama authorized his first known drone strike three days after taking office as he was announcing this radical shift from the bush-era doctrine of preventive and preemptive war. President Obama is running an assassination program where, in a two-week span in Yemen he killed three US citizens none of whom have been indicted or charged with any crime and Abdulrahman al-Awlaki a 16-year-old US citizen whose only crime appears to have been that his last name was Awlaki was murdered in a US strike and there has been no explanation as to why a 16-year-old US citizen was killed. There is no indication that any suspected militants were killed There's no indication that any known al Qaeda figures were killed.  That family deserves an explanation. The american people deserve an explanation.

Foreign journalist (a human being) - These are the spots where the son of the american preacher Anwar Alwaki was killed. His son and eight of his friends were sitting in this place having dinner; then they were targeted by one Rocket here, another rocket there.  If you see this big circle targeted them and then another rocket beyond this area.  They say it's an American targeted killing on an American citizen of course.

Jeremy Scahill the continues - Someone goes into a shopping mall in pursuit of one of their enemies and opens fire on a crowd of people and guns down a bunch of innocent people in a shopping mall, they have murdered those people. When the Obama administration sets a policy where patterns of life are enough of a green light to drop missiles on people or to send an AC 130's is to spray them down...if you go to the village of Al-Majalah in Yemen, where I was; and you see the unexploded cluster bombs, and you have the list and the photographic evidence as I do of the women and children that represented the vast majority of the deaths in this first strike that Obama authorized on Yemen... Those people were murdered by President Obama on his orders. There is only one person that's been identified that any connection to al qaeda
there. Twenty-one women and fourteen children were killed in that strike and the US  tried to cover it up and say it was a Yemeni strike and we know for the WikiLeaks cables that David  Petraeus conspired with the president of Yemen to lie to the world about who did that bombing.  It's murder when you.. it's mass murder when you say we're going to bomb this area because we believe a terrorist is there and you know that women and children are in the area. The United States has an obligation to not bomb that area if they believe that women and children there.  I'm sorry thats murder

Pro Life Video - But that's just the beginning of the extremism of Barrack Obama. He voted three times against the Born Alive infant Protection Act: leaving born babies alone to die. Does anyone really believe we should abandon babies in a utility room to die? The answer is yes his name: Barack Obama

Obama - I've got two daughters 9-year-old  and six years old if they make a mistake I don't want them punished with the baby.

Note: Now, more that 50 million abortions in the USA since Roe vs Wade (1973)  50 MILLION abortions in the USA is not a "choice", its is a collective act of mass muder or GENOCIDE.

Obama - I do not believe it would be constitutional for the government to target and kill any US citizen with a drone or with a shotgun without due process; nor should any president deploy armed drones over US soil. 

Senator Rand Paul - Their still is a question in my mind of what he thinks due process is. You know due process to most of us is a court of law; it's a trial by jury and right now their process is him looking at some flash cards and a PowerPoint presentation on terror Tuesday's in the white house. For a lot of us that's not really due process.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks - well look we have rise to a situation or collapsed to a situation in the united states now. Where you can be killed by someone in the white house; the President on down, for completely arbitrary reasons you want know that you're on the Kill List until your dead. And lawyers if  you have a suspicion that you might be on this kill list; they can't even represent you. That was the case for for our lawyers: the Center for Constitutional Rights, trying to represent Anwar Alwaki who was discovered to be on that Kill List; and his son wasn't even allowed to be his lawyer because he was part of a prescribed organization. I cant see a greater collapse when the executive can kill its own citizens arbitrarily at will, in secret, without any of the decision-making becoming public, without even the rules of procedure, without even the law behind us being public. So that's why we need organizations like wiki leaks

Presendential Inaugurator - Are you prepared to take the oath senator?
Obama - I am

News Reporter - Unfortunately Justice Roberts wasn't quite prepared to give it. He didn't have the oath in front of him and put one word in the wrong place I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully.

Note: Obama was supposed to say he will faithfully execute......

Audio Replay - I will execute.....I will execute.....

Jesus said:  Obama is not just a mere men but is the desolate one the one who makes all thing desolate. By his very nature he has an inclination to murder, to mayhem, to chaos. On the surface he seems personable, friendly and popular with all of the people;
but underneath all of that is a heinous plan for World Governance of all of the nation's by the enemy incarnate. Obama is not at all what he seems like on the surface; but is a tyrant. He is not sent from above, but from beneath the surface of the earth. Obama is the enemy incarnate. (following the U.S.Election Results on November 7, 2012)

Petrus Romanus - But how can this be many people we'll ask. How could the anti-christ be ruling over the United States at this point in history?  Many people do not know, that ‘the occult leaders’ draw their power, from ‘the shedding, of innocent blood’: The occult leaders, draw their ‘satanic power’, from the slaughter of the unborn, from the illegal drone strikes, and from the perpetual wars.  Obama, is the one - overseeing the abortion of millions, of defenseless, American citizens.  Under his administration, the unborn are denied: ‘due process’, and then, executed, on American soil, before they even have a voice.  Their experience of immeasurable pain -and execution! is NOW manifesting ‘outside the womb’.   ‘The War on the defenseless’, has now spread from the United states – under, this current President.   For years, The American people allowed their government to spread ‘the abortion agenda’, to countries around the world.  And now, the citizens of foreign nations, their leaders, and their countries, are all, being, ‘aborted’.  ‘Defenseless civilians’ in foreign nations, are being executed, by drone strikes, without due process, as Obama sits back, SMILing, in the white house!  Make no mistake, Obama is the Antichrist, whose coming was foretold by the prophets;,,, and he has no regard for human life, OR dignity, whatsoever.  Obama draws his power, directly, from the Enemy of Souls – whose kingdom is in Hell; (and, from the slaughter, of the innocent).  Barack Obama, now has, ‘the Blood of thousands’… upon thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands, on his hands.  And he will only do more harm, during his dictatorship.  I say “dictatorship”, because, the United States is no longer ‘a democratic country’.  Obama, with his: ‘executive orders’, has removed himself from the democratic process - for the purpose of invoking: personal, and absolute, power.  The United States is currently being governed, by a tyrannical ‘shadow government’ – a secret government, operating under the headship of  President Obama – who is, ‘the Enemy Incarnate’.  The cries of the innocent – their cries, for justice!: have now reached ‘the Highest Heavens’ - and their prayers HAVE been heard.  And now, God will use the Antichrist, seated in the White House, to scourge, the United States, of America.  The vast majority of the citizens of the United States, stood idly by for decades, as ‘the unborn’ were scourged - mercilessly, at the hands of their torturers.  And now, ‘the tables have turned’.   It has now been decreed from the Highest Heavens, that Obama, will be used, to scourge the United States: by bleeding the Americans, dry – by bleeding them, of their money, their jobs, and their constitutional rights - as he drives the American Economy, right, into the ground!   He is now bringing, the foreign wars home, and he has many more “surprises” - ‘planned’, for the American People.  Obama, is now waging ‘perpetual war’, upon the American People – upon their rights, freedoms, liberties… and upon their very lives.  This perpetual war, will not cease, before the Obama Administration Ends.  The only “hope” now, for the United States, is for the Obama Administration - to end!..   But! - what remains to be seen, is exactly how much damage it will continue, to do, to the American People, before it falls.  The scriptures must be fulfilled.  And no matter what you ‘believe’, it will not change the historical fact, that Barack Obama, is the fulfillment of the Antichrist, spoken of in the Bible - in the Book, of Revelations.     What you ‘believe’ will not change the fact, that My wife and I, ARE ‘the 2 Witnesses’, spoken of in the Book, of Revelations.  We have now fulfilled our role, in revealing the identity of the Antichrist, to the World, through this video, and through our website.  But there is one more thing… I have been asked: to reveal, that I am also, the True Vicar of Jesus Christ the Lord – I AM, the Last True Pope; I am: Petrus Romanus.  Now that you have been fully informed, you are responsible, for this knowledge.  There is ‘a COMET’ coming, and You don’t have ‘much time left’ – and so, I suggest, you use it, wisely.  Perhaps, you could start, by putting an end, to all the perpetual wars…  This is Pope Peter the Last, signing off, for Testimony of the Two Witnesses, dot com.

Note: The Obama adminstration will fall, just as the Roman Empire fell.  But what will never change is the historical fact that the citizens of the United States of America, called the antichrist, the enemy incarnate, their commander- in- chief, and then elected him for a second term.

President Barack Obama's homosexual lover, lived in the White House with him, and his name is "Michael"
This video was produced by the Two Witnesses and people who were "Official Members of the Faithful Remnant" at the time 

(Girl singing)  “Oh say can you see?”

(0:11) This video, will present irrefutable, and scientific proof, that will establish, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Michelle Obama, is in FACT, a MAN! - who prefers to present himself, and who prefers to dress up, as a woman.

(0:30) This video will prove, that the person, commonly referred to, as “the first lady” of the United States, may be, ‘the first Queen’ at best – but he most certainly, is not a lady.  Let’s find out why.  This video will examine the following:

(0:49) It will examine Michelle’s male hands, male shoulders, male torso, male genitalia, and overall, male proportions.  It will also look at how, a carefully designed wardrobe, a wide hairdo, a persistent ‘facially distorting smile,’ and ‘carefully selected press photos,’ have all succeeded, in suppressing the revelation of Michelle’s undeniable, male, physical, form.

(1:18) While this information is “controversial and shocking” to say the least, it is being shared, because it is the Truth; it is being presented so that people can stop living the lie, that is being dished out by the U.S. Government, and the mainstream media.

(1:37) Many people are unfamiliar with the more ‘subtle physical differences’ that can be found between men and women.  While Michelle Obama works very hard to distort the more obvious differences, he fails miserably at hiding them all.  Let’s take a close look at some of the male traits that he has failed to conceal.  We will begin, by looking

at the hands.

(2:04) The scientific community, has known for a long time, that a man’s ring finger, is typically longer than a man’s index finger. Here are two clear pictures - that illustrate the differences in ring finger proportions, on male and female hands. Notice how the man’s ring finger is visibly longer than his index finger.  While it is not uncommon for a woman to have the ring finger and index finger at very similar lengths, it is almost unheard of for a woman to have a visibly longer, ring finger.

(2:45) See for yourself, by looking at both of your hands.  Relax your hands. Put them flat on a table.  Pull the fingers together, and notice the length of your ring finger.  Now compare it to the length of your index finger.  Your hands will now testify, against Michelle Obama, every time you look at them.

[Special Note: if you have the DNA of a woman, and your ring finger appears to be longer than your index finger, then do not be alarmed.  Some people who have the DNA of a woman, do in fact have ring fingers that appear to be longer than the index finger.  According to the scientific community, the diagram at 2:04 in this video testifies that the woman's ring finger is typically 2% longer than her index finger.  Because of the angle of the knuckles, the ring finger can appear to be a "similar length".   The ring finger can appear deceptively longer than the index finger, by simply angling the finger tips away, from the thumb.  Try it, and see for yourself.  Some people with arthritis may have ring fingers that appear to be longer for this reason.  The term "man finger" was used in the video (see 17:29), not to describe any part of people who have the DNA of a women, but rather to describe a part of men - who typically have visibly longer ring fingers than index fingers.  "Michelle" - who is in fact a man, does indeed, have "man fingers" - all ten of them!  Remember to use common sense and reason while watching this video - because it is in fact the sum of all the proofs in this video, that allow us to say with confidence, that the fact that Michelle Obama is a Man, is IRREFUTABLE!  This is not a statement that is based on any ONE proof apart from all of the others.]

(3:13) If we look at this x-ray of a man’s hands, we can see how the bone structure of the ring finger, is visibly longer, than that of the index finger.

(3:26) If we look at an x-ray of a woman’s hand, we can easily see, that the tip of the ring finger appears to be slightly shorter than the index finger.

(3:37) In this photo of Barack and Michelle’s right hands, even at a distance, Michelle’s ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger.  In fact, the ring finger is so long, that when we compare it with the one on the man next to him, it is easy to see, that the male trait, of prominent ring finger length, is even more pronounced, in Michelle.

(4:06) Here we see, a person [Ashton Kutcher] holding up their hand.  By the ring finger length, it is safe to conclude, that he is a man.

(4:16) Here, we see someone [Angelina Jolie], whose ring finger length clearly shows that she was born, a female.

(4:25) But in this photo - wait a minute, “Houston, we have a problem!” The ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger – proving that Serena Williams, the famous tennis player, was in fact born: a male[Note: this conclusion, was drawn after taking into consideration a number of telling signs, in addition to finger length.  In other words, "proving" - after the fact]

Both the shoulders, and flamboyant behavior, are quite telling as well.

(4:47) Here is a good photo of Michelle’s hands.  The ring fingers are both, visibly, longer than the index fingers.

(4:58) Once again, we have clear view of the hands.  It is undeniable: those are the hands, that emerged from the womb, on a male, child.

(5:10) Now that we have established, that Michelle has the hands of a man, let’s look at Michelle’s shoulders.  The shoulders are surrounded by bulging muscles - that appear to be very masculine. Notice how the carefully tailored clothing, hides the neck muscles.  Let’s find out why.

(5:32) Both the neck muscles, and the bulging shoulders, look like they belong on a man.

(5:39) In this photo, the hair and the clothing both serve to camouflage the neck muscles. Michelle’s face may appear quite “feminine” - to the undiscerning eye; but after taking a closer look, isn’t it amazing, what the very best make-up artists and hair stylists, can do to any person, who has enough money?

(6:01) And to help add to the illusion, Michelle often slouches forward.  This is done to make the shoulders appear smaller, but the masculine shoulders remain.

(6:13) Wild hair and dangling earrings, can pull the eye away from the shoulders, but once you have spotted them, they just don’t seem to go away.

(6:24) To make matters worse, men have more prominent brow features than women. As you can see, Michelle’s eyebrows are generally painted on, in such a way that they wrap around the male skull bone, that protrudes out at the eyebrows.

(6:42) Close up images of the eyebrows reveal a tremendous effort, at wrapping the paint, all the way around, this very prominent male, facial feature.  

(6:54) Once again, the painted eyebrows, do not match the size of the brow bone.

(7:01) Now what most people do not know about human anatomy, is that the body is ‘naturally proportioned’ - based on a ratio between overall body height, and the size of a person’s head! In this illustration, you can see how perfectly proportioned, a typical human body of each gender is!  This illustration also reveals, a description, of how the shoulders are measured.

(7:30) On a woman’s body, the shoulder width, is typically equivalent, of 2 ½ times, the width of her head.

(7:41) Here we have an example of a healthy woman.  As you can clearly see, her shoulders are about two and a half times the width of her head.

(7:53) A man’s shoulders, are typically the equivalent, of three times, the width of his head.  In this illustration, it is easy to see that this person, is in fact a man - based on the width of his shoulders, in relation to the width of his head.

(8:11) And here, we have an image of an extremely athletic man, whose gender is confirmed, by the width of his shoulders, in relation to the width of his head.

(8:23) Now, if we take an objective look at Michelle, we see that the shoulder width, is not compatible with the shoulders of a woman, in relation to the size of the head.  The dress, the pearls, the fancy hairdo, and make-up, can re-direct the observer’s attention, away from the proportions; but all the illusions, cannot make the physical reality that Michelle is a man, go away.

(8:54) Now let’s take a closer look at Michelle’s body proportions. Notice in this illustration that the height of a typical healthy man, is roughly eight times the height of his head.  The height of a typical healthy woman is roughly seven times the height of her head.

(9:14) This illustration reveals that Michelle stands at eight heads tall. At this point in human history, there is no amount of surgery that can change his body proportions.   His overall height is exactly 8 times the height of his head – proving, that Michelle cannot POSSIBLY be a woman.  The jacket was carefully chosen to diminish the ‘manly’ appearance of the shoulders.  Notice how there is a wide gap at the waist, to create an optical illusion, that the hips are wider than the shoulders.  Michelle is also wearing flat shoes.  He does not tend to wear high heels because if he did, while standing at five feet eleven inches tall - he would TOWER over almost all of the women, as well as most of the men, who were standing nearby.

(10:11) Here we can see Michelle standing next to a woman.  Notice how the woman’s shoulders on the far left are no match for Michelle’s man shoulders.  There are many ‘tricks of the eye’ going on in those dresses.  Someone has added a few pounds of necklaces to downplay the bulging shoulder muscles.  It is easy to see how Michelle arches his shoulders forward, to help with the illusion, just a little bit more.

(10:41) This illustration reveals how the hip and shoulder proportions, are naturally different, between men and women.  While men’s hips are smaller than their shoulders, a woman’s proportions, tend to be the opposite.  I am not able to show you an image of Michelle at the beach.

(11:01) However, when Serena Williams appears on a beach walking next to an actual woman, it is quite easy to see the physical differences between the body structure of a man and a woman.  Even when a man has breasts that are formed by hormone replacement therapy, the hip bones remain much narrower than the shoulders.  It is interesting to note, that Serena’s thin upper body and heavier lower torso, are almost identical to Michelle’s.

(11:34) So how then, is it possible, for Michelle to pose next to a man, and appear to have female body proportions?  Simply by turning the shoulders away from the camera, the shoulders appear to be narrower.

(11:50) Notice the difference when the shoulders are square to the camera.

(11:56) In this photo, we can see Michelle, turning the shoulders away from the camera.  And then, simply by bending the wrist, while relaxing the biceps, the upper arms appear to be more feminine.

(12:11) But look at what happens when the shoulders are square to the camera, and the man arms are plain to see.  The wild hair and stacked up jewelry can only do so much, to distract you from the uncomfortable truth.

(12:28) The biceps are fully flexed, because they are now carefully concealed, under a custom tailored jacket, with exaggerated shoulder pads, that make the arms appear smaller.  It is quite an effective illusion.

(12:44) But when Michelle is put next to a real woman, the male features simply jump out of the photo.

(12:53) In order to trick the eye, into perceiving the illusion of wider hips, Michelle typically wears dresses that are tight above the upper waist, but then flare out, at the hips.  In this image, we can see why Michelle will most likely avoid a simple V neck in the future.

(13:14) A square front view reveals the broad shoulders and the neck muscles.  But the super wide hair style, creates the illusion of smaller shoulders, and the stacked up jewellery steers the eye away from those massive neck muscles.

(13:32) But in this image, there is a convincing first impression, that these two people are both women.  And so how do they present the illusion that they are both female?  It is really quite simple:  The woman wears a loose shirt and tight pants, while, Michelle wears a tight shirt and loose pants; add a few feminine externals, and there, you have your illusion!

(14:00) In this image, it is quite easy to see, just how large Michelle’s shoulders and neck muscles are - especially when compared with the ones Barack has hidden under his suit jacket - with the padded and extended shoulders.  The bulging muscles under the big hair, were perhaps the inspiration for this image, that has been circulating on the web…

(14:24) So apparently, I’m not the only person who knows that Michelle is a man - and a very strong man at that, I might add!

(14:36) You will not find many pictures like this one, because when Michelle frowns, the fact that he is ‘a man’ frowning, becomes very plain to see.

(14:47) And when Michelle drops the charade, the feminine false externals drop like a lead balloon. [Caption suggestion] “My, what a very feminine and slender neck you have.  I wish I had one like that!”

(15:03) The manly features often stand out like a sore thumb - when the guard is let down, and the photo is unexpected.

(15:15) Let’s not forget the Adam’s Apple.  What most people don’t know, is that the appearance of the Adam’s Apple can be diminished through surgery; but it cannot be fully removed.  In this image, you can clearly see Michelle’s, Adam’s Apple.

(15:33) Once again, Michelle’s Adam’s Apple, is not too difficult to spot.

(15:39) The Adam’s Apple stands out in this earlier photo as well.  Notice the bulging neck muscles and heavy man brows, even on the wedding day!  Speaking of ‘the wedding day’, you must be wondering what happened to Michelle’s ‘male’ genitalia?

(15:57) There are certain undergarments, that some people wear, in order to hide their male genitalia.  It is similar to a ‘Sports Cup’ that men wear while playing contact sports.  In this photo, you can see a surprising bulge, that appears to be Michelle’s special cup.  This wardrobe malfunction, was revealed by the wind that was blowing, against him - revealing the contour of his form.  But that’s not the only wardrobe malfunction.

(16:28) In this picture, the lighting cast “the most unfeminine shadows” on Michelle’s manhood. This photo begs

the question, "How could the audience not notice?!"

(16:43) In this earlier wedding photo, Michelle’s body proportions are a close match to Barack’s.  Years of hormone replacement therapy may provide a touch of extra fat in certain areas, or a more, feminine looking skin tone, or change the voice a bit; but there is no amount of hormones or feminine gestures that will change the skeletal proportions of A MAN!

(17:09) Michelle’s body structure cannot possibly be that of a woman!

(17:15) Even Barack’s heavily padded shoulders, and the silhouette of a feminine mirror cannot hide the fact that Michelle’s shoulders are those of a man.

(17:29) Puffy dresses and big hair help to maintain the illusion of being a woman, but there are some things that simply cannot be hidden - like that protruding MAN finger!

(17:43) However, in this image, Michelle’s MAN finger [referring to his ring finger] isn’t the only issue! The biceps and triceps are disproportionately large; and while the dress pulls the eye downwards, it still can’t shrink those shoulders!

(17:59) Even the children who accompany Barack and Michelle play a part in the illusion.  Because, who would have suspected that the two girls might have been adopted?  Perhaps someone should tell them, that similar facial expressions, cannot change the genetic evidence.  But it sure is nice to see some truly feminine shoulders, on the daughters.

(18:23) Have you figured it out yet? Are you ready for your reality check? Brace yourself, here it is: The United States of America does not have ‘a first lady’.  But rather, the United States of America, has, it’s very First Queen - it’s first Drag Queen that is!

(18:45) Michelle has the hands of a man.  Michelle has the shoulders of a man.  Michelle has the physical proportions of a man.  

(18:58) Michelle has a male anatomy.  Hormone replacement therapy and surgical treatments cannot change the fact, that every cell in Michelle’s body, is stamped and sealed, with male chromosomes As a woman, I have absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind, as I proclaim it from the rooftops! - that Michelle Obama, is MOST CERTAINLY NOT, A LADY”!  I am a REAL woman.  I have gone through school and earned a degree in Criminal Justice.  I have learned a lot about people, and why they do the things they do.  While studying for my degree, I took many classes on forensic psychology.  I also studied 'the basics of forensics', and investigative skills.  Throughout my travels, I have had many encounters with trans genders and transsexuals.  And so with all this background knowledge and experience, it is with great confidence, that I now proclaim, MICHELLE OBAMA HAS DECEIVED THE NATIONS!  I have absolutely no doubt, that Michelle Obama is in fact, a man.  And now, a word from my husband.

(20:14) As my wife and I were working on this video, we thought about all the American Soldiers, who are risking their lives overseas, to fight illegal wars - based on the whims, of their Commander and Chief.  How is it, that so many people in the military, are prepared to go to their death - so that the President, can feel safe and secure in his White House?

(20:40) he cuddles up every night, to his male friend, who prefers to dress up as a woman, and deceive everyone, from behind that big smile. Many people in previous generations have laid down their lives, for a noble cause.  But frankly, we are quite baffled, at this current point in American history; and, at what has become, of what once, was, a great nation.  I am speaking as one, who not only has a military background, but I am also a retired law enforcement officer.  The first seven and a half years of my career were spent as a police officer in Trinidad Colorado – a place that was well known as, "the sex change capitol of the world".  While I was on patrol there, it was not uncommon to encounter people who had traveled there, to seek gender reassignment surgery.  I can clearly see that Michelle is a man.  And I hope that you, can now tell the difference, as well.

(22:00) Time will tell, how the truths that have been revealed in this video, will transform America. But one thing is for certain: like it or not, Michelle Obama, is now, OUT, OF THE CLOSET!

(22:19) The production of this video, would have been impossible, without the help, of the Two Witnesses.  If you enjoyed this video, and are not afraid, of learning more ‘shocking truths’, about the current realities in which we are now all living, visit Testimony of the Two Witnesses dot com – but you had better fasten your seatbelt!  

(22:44) Because hearing the Truth, is not always comfortable.

(22:54) [Petrus Romanus speaking] "You (referring to a man), shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination" [Leviticus 18:22]

(23:09) [Mary Romanus speaking] "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's garment..."

(23:20) [Mary Romanus speaking] "...for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God." [Deuteronomy 22:5]

(23:28) [Husband speaking]  "You wanted an Obama Nation?"

(23:21) You Got It!

(23:32) But now... "A DOUBLE WOE" has come to America!

(23:37) Behold your QUEEN!  

(23:39) The QUEEN of Sodom!

(23:41) [The voice of Americans everywhere] Behold your queen, the queen of Sodom.

(23:41) [The sound of a very large audience applauding their queen.]

(23:50)  [The Two Witnesses Testifying in unison before all the Nations]  Behold your queen, the queen of Sodom.

(23:56)  [This is the actual inverted image with no altering or photoshopping whatsoever.  If you believe the image was tampered with, simply take a snapshot of the image from 23:40 and invert it yourself.  You will then see, that the image inverted, is identical, to what is shown in the video.  Notice how the color inversion of Michelle's white teeth, results in a black bar - that appears to be a man's mustache.  To close the video, we decided to simply zoom in for a closer look at Michelle's manly facial features, as the image faded out.  The absolutely horrific image that appeared next as a result, was not intentional; but we decided to leave it in the video, to help people better understand, that what lies beneath Michelle Obama's false externals, is "not what most people were expecting".  If you have access to a photo or video editing program, or know someone who does, simply follow the steps described, and you will most certainly find identical results.]

(23:56) [Girl singing]  “Oh say can you see?
Musical Video follow-up to the above:  The First Lady is a man - with Guitar and vocals by the Two Witnesses

  The Illuminati Transhumanism Agenda, also know as the LGBT Agenda


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This is the face of the MAN - the Transexual, named "Serena Williams"

(For quick translation into another language, the translate button is located at the top of this page)

0:00 [Sports Announcer's voice from London 2012 Olympics Tennis Final]  "Began, with three aces!  Finished with aces!  Gold medal to Serena Williams, over Maria Sharapova!  6 - Love, 6 - 1.  And that is, a sensational Gold medal performance!

(0:26) Some people, will be able to take just one look, at this photo of Serena Williams, and immediately recognize, the face of a man. But for those who need a little more proof, you will find it here, in this video. 

(0:42)When Serena Williams took the podium at the 2012 Olympics, something extraordinary happened; something that is against all mathematical odds…

(0:54) The American Flag, fell, all by itself, right at the point in the National anthem, [sound of crowd in shock]  where the flag is normally mentioned, in the lyrics. It was a sign, for the whole world to see.  But what does it mean? 

(1:10) Most people who have seen a picture of Serena Williams have noticed that Serena has a face that appears to be very masculine.  They have also noticed that Serena Williams has an upper body, that appears to be very masculine.

(1:28) This video, will explain, ‘this common first impression’ of Serena Williams, and much more – it will even explain, why the Flag fell, at the London Olympics.  But first, we will take a quick look at a summary, of our last video.

(1:45) In a previous video, we used systematic,… investigative,… and forensic methods - to establish that Michelle Obama is in fact a Man [Voice of Barack Obama saying "Michael"], who prefers to dress up, and who prefers to present himself, as a woman.

(2:03) Michelle Obama, is, in fact, a man. 

(2:08) He is ‘a drag Queen’, whom American taxpayers have placed on a pedestal, and celebrated as ‘a woman’. 

(2:17) Michelle carefully uses illusions, created by fashion, to conceal his true male proportions.

(2:24) Americans pay top dollar, for Michelle’s wardrobe…

(2:29) …travel expenses, security detail, and every imaginable perk, as Americans finance, Michelle’s… [Voice of Barack Obama saying: “Michael and I, also want to..."] ... that is, "Michael’s”, ongoing deception.  Along with his partner Barack…

(2:46) …and their adopted children…

(2:49) …Americans have raised up, and celebrated, these two male lover, and have turned Michael and Barack, into the most powerful homosexual couple, on the planet.

(3:04) With that video now behind us, it is now time to take a closer look at…

(3:10) …wait a minute, that’s Conan the Barbarian!   My, what big biceps Conan has!

(3:17) Oh no!  That’s not Conan!  That’s Serena Williams!  What is a tennis player, who is supposed to be a woman! - doing, with biceps like those?

(3:29) Oh, he is smashing one of the strongest and most expensive tennis rackets on the planet, into pieces! - as though it was just a little stick!  Not only does Serena have ‘the Strength of a man’, but he also has ‘some very serious anger issues’ as well.  We will ‘get to those’ later.  But first, let’s look at why Serena has ‘the strength of a man’. 

(3:59) But before we do, some people watching this video, might think that the photo, of Serena’s biceps, was photoshopped. It is not surprising, that some people may believe that - because so many of the images of Serena Williams, that people have seen, have indeed, been photoshopped.

(4:20) Like this one – actually, the magazine editor removed the arms altogether.

(4:28) Or like this one.  Notice how the biceps and arms have been covered up.  Notice also, how the waist

from an actual woman, has been photoshopped onto this picture.  And so, now, let’s have a good look, at what Serena’s waist really looks like.

(4:48) Serena Williams has the waist of a man.  Does anyone in America remember, what ‘a man’, looks like anymore?  Perhaps this next image, will help:

(5:01) This is Serena Williams, without the facially distorting smile, and he most certainly has…

(5:09) …the Face, of a man.  Pink nail polish on those fingernails, and some plucked eyebrows, cannot hide - that Man Face!

(5:18) Serena Williams has the neck of a man.  Be honest with yourself.  Have you EVER seen a neck like that, on a woman?  And remember – Serena is NOT ‘a bodybuilder’; He is, ‘a tennis player’.

(5:36) Serena Williams has the Shoulders of a man. 

(5:41) Serena Williams has the Arms of a man.

(5:45) Serena Williams has breasts - that have been formed by Hormone Replacement Therapy, and those breasts are located: on the Upper Torso - of a man! – who likes to present himself, and who prefers to dress

up, as ‘a woman’.

(6:03) Serena Williams has the Lower Torso of a man.  Nice Man-Legs Serena!  Nice job balancing on those stilettos as well. 

(6:14) Serena Williams has a lower torso that is heavier than his upper torso, because of fat deposits, that are a direct result of hormone replacement therapy. 

(6:25) Serena Williams is NOT ‘little red riding hood’. He has the Bone Structure and overall body proportions of a man. 

(6:35) Serena Williams is in fact, a man…

(6:40) … who likes to deceive people, into believing, that he is a woman - by distracting people with his big facially distorting smile…

(6:50) …through flamboyant gestures and behavior; by deliberately raising his voice…

(6:56) …by wearing makeup; [sound of man laughing] by wearing women’s clothing, and by surgically altering his male genetalia. 

(7:04) Now it is quite understandable, how some people may be a little ‘shocked’, at this point in the video, “shocked” that is - to finally hear, the Truth!   And while in shock, some people may in fact, be entering into

‘the first stage of grief’ – a stage, that is known as, “denial”.  There is not much this video is going to do, to help you with the “shock”, but perhaps this next observation, will help you to get through “the denial phase”,

a little faster. 

(7:36) The most immutable and ‘blatantly obvious’ proof, that Serena Williams was born as, a baby boy, with Male Chromosomes, is the indent point at the waist.  Notice how a woman’s waist has indent points, on both sides, above the navel; whereas a man’s waist, has indent points below the naval.

(8:00) Now if we take a close look at the indent point on the waist of the woman, walking next to Serena, we can clearly see, that the waist indent point, is above the navel; whereas Serena’s waist indent point, is below the naval, and is located just at the top of the hip bone. Perhaps this will help. 

(8:23) Once again, the waist of a healthy woman, naturally indents above the navel. Serena’s waist indents, below the naval. Perhaps Serena could show us, where his waist indent point would be, if he in fact, was a woman...

(8:41) Thank you Serena… yes, it would be right about there. And because it is not, Serena Williams, has the DNA of a man. 

(8:53) Apparently that whole ‘gender deception thing’, did not work out very well for him, at all!

(9:00) Now some people, will argue, that ‘physical differences between white people and black people’, are responsible, for the different ‘waist indent points’, that are shown in this photo.  And so, let’s see if that is, ‘a credible argument’. 

(9:18) Here is a photo of a black woman.  Notice ‘the waist indent point’, is located above the naval. 

(9:26) Once again, a photo of a black woman.  Notice, the waist indent point, is most certainly, located ‘above the naval’... 

(9:37) In this photo, it is easy to see, that NO amount of muscle, can change, one of the most basic features, of a healthy woman - the feature that in fact, gives ‘a healthy woman’, her natural hourglass shape – and that is the indent point, that is located above the navel.  And so, the argument that Serena’s waist indent point is lower because of Serena’s black ancestry, has no basis whatsoever in reality. 

(10:10) Remember Serena’s Magazine cover?  Do you notice anything unusual about ‘the waist indent point’ on Serena, when you compare it to the only woman in this photo?  Perhaps this will help.

(10:25) This, is the typical ‘waist indent point’, of a man.

(10:31) Serena’s waist indent point, is located below his naval, at the top of his hip bone - because Serena, was born a male - and in fact, has been physically formed, by male DNA – that can be found in each and every cell, in his body.  He can ‘straighten and color’ his hair; put makeup on his face; and wear designer skirts and bras; but Serena Williams - can’t hide the fact, that under all those false externals, is the DNA, of a man. He may look like he is having feminine feelings; but science, is not backing that up.

(11:12) Most people do not know, that the human body is ‘naturally proportioned’ - based on a ratio between overall body height, and the size of a person’s head!  In this illustration, you can see how perfectly proportioned, a typical human body of each gender, is.  This illustration also reveals a description of how the shoulders are measured. 

(11:38) A healthy person with female DNA, has shoulders that are typically 2 and a half times the width of the head, as this illustration demonstrates.

(11:50) This illustration, reveals the typical shoulder width, of a person with male DNA – the shoulders are 3 heads wide, and the overall height is 8 heads tall – one head taller, than a woman.  Thanks for modeling the natural male proportions Serena!  Serena really is ‘a model’ – a model of male proportions.

(12:13) And that includes skull proportions.  If you like, you can compare the bulge in Serena’s eyebrow…

(12:20) …to the typical eyebrow bulge in the African male skull.  Of course, you could then compare it to…

(12:29) The much flatter eyebrow, that is found in the typical African female skull.  You will find, if you do so, that Serena has the bulge that is typically found , in the African male skull.

(12:44) Find a photo of Serena next to an actual woman, and the difference in eyebrow bulge, is easy to spot.

(12:52) Nice hairdo Serena!  And that person with the bulging eyebrows on the left, is Serena’s older brother, whose name is Venus.  Brother?

(13:03) Yes, “brother”.  Hormone replacement therapy, can cause breasts to form on a man, and can even cause fat deposits on the upper thighs…

(13:13) …but no amount of ‘hormone replacement therapy’, can flatten Venus’ eyebrows, or move Venus’ waist indent point, above the navel – the place where it is located, on all women.  But that is most definitely, ‘the waist of a man’.  And for those who forgot…

(13:32) This is what the waist of a healthy black male, with male DNA looks like.

(13:39) This, is what the waist of a healthy black woman, with female DNA looks like.

(13:45) And this, is Venus Williams – who most certainly does NOT, have female DNA. Nice earrings Venus.

(13:54) These two “brothers” - a term that also means “boys”, took the tennis world by storm, and deliberately used their ‘male advantage’, against women, in order to win at ‘a women’s sport’.  Well done Williams brothers!  Perhaps someone should have told them, when they were growing up, not to pick on girls!  But in fact, they were told repeatedly the exact opposite.  We will get to that point later.  And now, a few words from my husband.

(14:29) [Male Narrator Voice begins] Is it fair, for a man, who has arms like that, to compete in ‘a woman’s tennis event’…

(14:36) …against ‘a woman’, who has arms, that are only half the size?”  Remember, it is ‘a woman’s sport’, that we are talking about here – we are not talking about competing in ‘a transgender tournament’. 

(14:50) At this point in the video, it is now time to ask the obvious question: “How did a man, named “Serena”, get on a woman’s tennis court, in the first place?”

(15:01) Thanks to their father, Richard Williams, the missing part of their story, has now been publicly revealed.  Before the two boys were born, Mr. Williams carefully wrote down a plan – a plan that was 78 pages long.  In his plan, he carefully plotted out, how he was going to get out of the Ghetto, and become rich.  He knew that his plan would be a real ‘game changer’.  Out of greed, he would forever change ‘the face of women’s tennis’, by putting ‘the face of a man’ there, instead.

(15:34)  [Video Narrator voice] "Born in Compton California, one of Los Angeles' poorest suburbs, we learned that it was their father Richard who started them playing tennis before they were five.  He saw sport as 'their ticket out of the Ghetto'."  [Voice of Richard Williams] "I uh, had watched a tennis match on TV, and I really didn't see a match!  The match was over with, and they was giving this young lady $40,000.00 because she won a tournament.  And I figured since I worked for $52,000.00 all year, and this girl make $40,000.00 in four days, I knew I was in the wrong business"

(16:09) But here is the part of his plan, that he kept hidden - until now, that is.  Richard adopted two boys.  He immediately abused those boys, by giving them girls names, and by passing them off as girls.  He kept their true gender, carefully hidden.  He home schooled them, and through the use of brainwashing techniques, drilled ‘the game of tennis’ into them, every day. 

(16:37) Just before they reached puberty, Mr. Williams had the boys 'surgically mutilated', so that all traces of their male genetalia, would be forever hidden. 

(16:48) He then put the boys on hormone replacement therapy, so that they would grow breasts, and so that they would not grow any facial hair. 

(16:59) His plan seemed to be working, until Serena’s ‘male features’, began to emerge, from behind his feminine clothing – and people began making ‘uncomfortable observations’. 

(17:10) His plan has now finally, been exposed in this video.  Now that it has been revealed, that Serena’s success in the sport of tennis, was the result of his father’s plan, this leaves us with the question, “Was Serena ‘a victim’, of his father’s plan; or, was he fully aware, that by going along with ‘the plan’, he was making bad choices?” Perhaps Serena can give us 'a clue', to the answer… 

(17:40) [Video interviewer's voice]  "...Ok.  And growing up in L.A. what was your neighborhood like?"  [Serena Williams speaking] "I lived in Compton so I grew up there... I was so young I really enjoyed it; I didn’t know the difference between good and bad - it was all so good to me.  And when you're young, you really appreciate

things - it's like I've got to get my mindset back to that, you know I'm appreciating everything the way I...”  [rewind]  I didn’t know the difference between good and bad... [rewind]  I didn’t know the difference between

good and bad..."

(18:03) [Back to Male Narrator Voice] But Serena did have a moral compass – even when he was young.  Serena had a conscience, that told him the difference between good and bad.  And before he had his genetalia mutilated through surgery - every time he went to the washroom, Serena knew, that he was a boy. 

(18:22) Even though, he was given ‘a girl’s name’, and was told to dress up, and act like a girl – deep down inside, he knew full well that he was a boy. And so, in choosing to go along with his father’s plan, Serena

chose, to be ‘a deceiver’.

(18:40) In fact, Serena consciously chose to deceive the black community and the entire world, in exchange, for money! Serena has now won more than $50,000,000.00 in prize money - and is the only tennis player playing against women, in women’s tennis, ever to do so.  And so now, Serena has received his reward.

(19:09) This story would be incomplete, without mentioning the person, Serena and Venus referred to, as “Mother”.  It looks like “Mother”, has a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow. Now on to the next topic.

(19:23) The international Olympic Committee – “the IOC”, is also behind this deception.  As the Olympics approached, the IOC discovered that Serena Williams was in fact born a man – who chose to alter his gender through surgery and hormone replacement therapy.  And so the IOC had to make a choice: they could allow the transgender to compete, under the appearance of a woman; or they could disqualify him. 

(19:50) It was ‘mostly out of boldness’ that the IOC, wanted to see, if they could pass off a man, as a woman – to ‘the international audience’.  The IOC also wanted to make ‘a very big statement’, on behalf of the LGBT community.  The IOC wanted to tell the world, that “transgenders can excel, in the Olympics as well”.  They did this knowing full well, that there is no advantage for transgenders in male sports - the IOC did this knowing, that Women, who decide to present themselves as men, and compete against men, at the Olympic level - are almost guaranteed, a spot OFF, of ‘the podium’.  

(20:33) And so with full knowledge of the Global deception that they would be a part of, the IOC allowed the transgender named “Serena” to compete - under the appearance of a woman.

(20:45) Unfortunately - for athletes with female DNA, the IOC’s decision to allow Serena Williams to compete in the Olympics as a woman, gave ‘the transgender’, an unfair advantage; it gave ‘the transgender’, the Gold Medal! – on 4 separate occasions! The IOC was so blinded by their desire to deceive people, that they literally ‘threw the games…

(21:12) …by giving a man, an unfair advantage, over all the female athletes - who had trained all of their lives, to participate in a fair, Competition.

(21:24) And the competitors with female DNA were no match for Venus, either.  Venus and Serena stole the gold medal in doubles, at 3 separate Olympics.  Serena stole Gold in the singles competition, in 2012.

(21:42) And so, why is it so important, that Michelle… [Barack Obama saying, “Michael and I”]  …rather, why is it so important that Michael Obama, be included in this video? 

(21:54) “Birds of a feather, flock together”.  Serena, Venus and Michael, are all very much aware, of the transformations - they have each undergone.  And together, they are knowingly presenting the Black community, with two very powerful role models – one in politics, and one in sports. 

(22:16) Michelle Obama [Barack Obama saying, “Michael”] and Serena Williams, have been presented to the Black Community, as “role models” – of very powerful black women.

(22:25) To make matters worse, their ‘physical form’, has been presented to the black community, as a physical form that other women - especially black women, should strive to imitate. 

(22:39) While “Michael”, has presented himself, as a model of social status and power, for Black women; Serena, has presented himself, as a powerful and successful role model for black women. Because Michelle and Serena are both MEN...

(22:56) ...they cannot possibly be ‘role models’ for women.  It is one thing for them to embrace ‘the transsexual lifestyle’; but it is quite another, for them to be presenting themselves as women – while knowing full well, that they are intentionally deceiving others, in doing so.  Michael and Serena are both fully aware, that on multiple occasions…

(23:20) …they have succeeded, in deceiving men – especially black men, into believing that they have the DNA of women.

(23:27) This has gone on long enough!  The Black community has been deceived. 

(23:31) The black community has been presented with these two men, as role models of successful and powerful black women, for long enough. 

(23:41) The black community is being laughed at and ridiculed because they bought into the lies and deceptions, that were deliberately and carefully presented to them, by “Michael” Obama and Serena Williams. This mockery, of the black community, has GOT to stop!

(23:59) Serena Williams has fooled the world for long enough, and now it is time, for the world to know the Truth.  Serena Williams, was in fact, born, a boy. Shortly before he reached puberty, Serena Williams had his male genetalia, surgically mutilated. He began hormone replacement therapy, for the purpose, of using his male advantage, to win, at a women’s sport.  Serena and Venus Williams, are in fact…

(24:32) …transexuals.  The International Olympic Committee, knew exactly…

(24:38) …what Serena was doing when he wanted to compete; and yet they decided, that promoting ‘the LGBT agenda’, was far more important…

(24:48) …than giving female tennis players, a fair chance, at a gold medal. 

(24:54) Serena Williams, is one of the most celebrated deceivers in history - and now the whole world knows, exactly, what he did.

(25:04) The production of this video would have been impossible without the help of the Two Witnesses.  If you can handle the Truth, visit Testimony of the Two Witnesses dot com,

(25:15) …and find out what the governments, the churches, the mainstream media, and alternative media, are refusing to tell the people. But you had better fasten your seatbelt - because the Truth, isn’t always comfortable to hear.

(25:32) And remember, the Mainstream Media – “the MSM”, has NOT been telling you the truth about Serena, Venus…

(25:42) …and Michael; but instead, has been passing them off, as women.  The MSM cannot be trusted to tell you the Truth - even the simplest truth, as to whether the people who won Gold Medals in a Women’s sport,

were actually women, or not. 

(26:03) Now that you can clearly see, that these people are transexuals, it is now your turn, to get the word out [Barack Obama saying, “Michael”].  

(26:10) And while you are spreading the Truth, let your friends know that ‘Michael Obama’ [Barack Obama saying, “Michael”], is now out, of the closet.  Do it because it is the Truth. 

(26:21 ) Do it to let the world know, that their deception has now come to an end. 

Don’t let your Country down, by withholding the Truth, like they did. 

(26:34) [Sports Announcer voice] "...And that puts this victory, in proper context as well..."


This video has been REMOVED in ADVANCE, of VIMEO
deciding to exercise "THEIR unconstitutional right"
to DELETE, VIMEO accounts - that "they find offensive"


This video may be re-posted and made available on another video platform


After going viral, and receiving close to a million views, in just a few weeks, YouTube has made ‘the false claim’, that the video, “Irrefutable Proof that Michelle Obama is a Man”, violated ‘community guidelines’; and as a result, YouTube has deleted it! 
The video in no way violates “community guidelines” – but the video does indeed, ‘greatly offend’ those people who watch it - if they hate the Truth.   The video can still be viewed on “Vimeo”, and you can find the link in the description box below.
These days, more and more people, are finding the Truth – especially the Truth about ‘a person’s true gender’, to be very offensive.  ‘How appropriate’ that YouTube made their move, on Easter Weekend – the annual feast of that historical day - 2000 years ago, when people hated the Truth so much, they took action “to kill it”, as a response - to it. 
Once again, you can still watch the video on Vimeo.  You can also watch part 2 – our follow-up video that exposes Serena Williams, and HIS direct connection to “Michael” Obama. 
We produced these videos because we believe it is important, for people to be able to easily recognize some of the basic differences - between a man and a woman.  In THIS current ‘culture of gender deception’, it is important that people have ‘the basic tools’ that they need to recognize a person’s “natural gender” – the gender they were born with.  People need ‘special tools’, to see through the lies, and to name ‘the true gender’ - of the people who are presenting their gender falsely.  For ‘people who want to live in the Truth’, “the freedom” to recognize a person’s natural gender, is now ‘an essential freedom’.  But the freedom to recognize ‘a person’s natural gender’, is better expressed, by a person who has a trained eye – and by a person who has ‘the basic knowledge’, of how to quickly identify ‘the genetic features’, of another’s ‘true gender’.  
Our recent videos are training people, to quickly recognize, the natural gender, of everyone they meet.  And so, let transgenders deceive themselves about the gender they were born with – let them change their name and appearance; but transgenders do not have the right to force others, to ignore the gender identity, that is stamped on the DNA, of every cell in their body.
We encourage you to spread these videos.  Feel free to download them from Vimeo, and then upload them to your favorite video Channel, if you have one.  Spread these videos – spread the Truth.  Don’t let people who are uncomfortable with ‘their natural gender’, force you, to be ‘as uncomfortable with it’, as they are.  


This video has been REMOVED in ADVANCE, of VIMEO
deciding to exercise "THEIR unconstitutional right"
to DELETE, VIMEO accounts - that "they find offensive"

This video may be re-posted and made available on another video platform

Welcome to forensics 101.  Today’s topic is, “how to tell the difference between a boy and a girl”.  In case you haven’t seen some of our other videos, you may be interested to know, that I have a degree in criminal justice and forensics.  And my husband is a retired police officer - who spent a lot of his time on ‘the force’, working with transgenders. And so, together, in this video, we will be using the science of forensics, to help YOU - the viewer, tell the difference, between a boy and a girl. Many people are having great difficulty with this topic.  So let’s use Justin Bieber as an example.  Many teenagers live in rooms like...
...this one.  This is just one example, of how many vulnerable young girls, have turned their bedrooms into a Justin Bieber shrine, and have 'bought the lie', that she is a young male.
And yet, some very perceptive people out there, have noticed, that Justin Beiber, has some very feminine physical features.
She has so many feminine features in fact, that some photoshop experts have discovered, that they can quickly and easily transform any picture of Justin's face, into that, of a very attractive woman. It is so easy to do that all Justin's face really needs, is some feminine hair and plucked eyebrows.  See for yourself.
Justin looks so feminine in fact, that she appeared on a top 50 list.
Bieber is considered, by coed magazine dot com, to be one of the top 50 women… on the web!  In fact, she is ‘so popular’ that she made #7!  To top it off, The Daily News went as far as stating, ‘It's a good thing Justin Bieber got a haircut, it turns out he has often been mistaken for a girl.’  
Now, the average male would protest such an insult to their masculinity.  Bieber - a girl, had no reason to protest.
Make no mistake here!  Justin Bieber, is in-fact, a girl!  And so the Co-ed Magazine article answers some very important ‘social questions’, like, "Why do so many people see Justin Bieber as a transgendered girl, and not a young man?"  Was Justin Bieber, in fact, born a girl? The answers to these questions, demand more than just a public opinion poll; You are about to see ‘scientific evidence’ - that exposes 'the uncomfortable truth', that Justin Bieber, was in fact, born female.  Justin Bieber, is in fact, one of the most infamous Transsexuals on the Planet.
And so let’s begin.  Let’s take a close look at Justin Bieber’s skull structure, and compare it to the skull of a real man.  

It is important to note that both photos are of individuals who were only aged a few years apart, when the photos were taken. In this first image we can clearly see, the contour of both foreheads.  

Notice 'the different angles' of each forehead.  The female forehead, is more vertical than the male forehead - and this gives the young female ‘a more childlike appearance’.  Notice how Daniel Radcliff has a more angled forehead – “angled”, in a way that is more consistent, with being male.  When we look at the individual on the right, we see ‘a more vertical’ forehead – a trait, that is more typically, found in ‘ females’.  

Bieber doesn't "just fail" the male forehead test, when paired up with Daniel Radcliff.  

She fails the same test, when paired up with Vanilla Ice.  

She fails, when paired up with Mark Whalberg as well.

Perhaps Bieber will pass the male brow ridge challenge.  The eyebrow ridge is the boney structure located just above the eye; it is the ridge located on the brow line.  The brow ridge tends to be very thin and subtle in females; but the brow ridge is more rounded, and pronounced, in males. While looking at the brow ridges of these two individuals, we can easily see, that while the actor on the left has a very distinct brow ridge - consistent with the typical ridge on a male skull; the female actress on the right, has no noticeable brow ridge – one that is consistent with the smooth features of a female skull.  Are you ‘seeing it’ yet?  Perhaps …

this will help. Miley Cirus – the female pop star with the red lipstick, might help you see, just how feminine, Justin's brow ridge truly is – even without the lipstick.  In fact, Miley's forehead, appears to be just a little more masculine, than Justin's. Can you guess what Miley was trying to tell the world about Justin, when she decided to go with Justin’s hair style and eyebrow contour?  Now back to the comparison with 'the male skull'.

Let's take a look at the jaw line.  

The female jaw is typically smaller than the male's, and is rounded; whereas the male's jaw is broader and squarer.  Notice in the image on the left, how the jaw line, under the ear, is much more square in shape? The jaw on the left is consistent with the square jaw found in the male skull.  However, in the image on the right,

…we see a very soft jaw line, with a very ‘smooth’ definition.  
This is consistent with 'the very feminine', female skull.  Now, let’s take a look at the same features in comparison to a known female.
In case you didn’t notice: in both images, ‘the angle of the foreheads’, indicate that we are looking at two females.  Can you see, which female, has the bigger ears?

And when we take a close look at the brow ridge - or lack thereof, we can clearly see that ‘the flat brow ridges’, also indicate, that these are both females.

And a close look at ‘the jaw contour’, reveals, that both of these girls, have skulls, that were formed by female DNA.  Justin and Selena do in fact make "a perfect couple" - a couple of GIRLS!... - that is.  And one feature that girls have – a feature that is quite easy to see - in girls with a normal healthy build, is…

…the size of the shoulders.  In fact, this feature is an easy way to determine the gender of both men and women.  As you can see in this image, the natural size of a healthy woman’s shoulders is about 2 ½ times the width of her head.

The natural size of a healthy man’s shoulders, is 3 times the width of his head.  And so, when we look at Justin Bieber’s shoulders, we see shoulders…

– consistent, with those of a… woman.  Oh no…!  

Even 'a muscular Justin' - who has hired a personal trainer, can’t seem to build those shoulder muscles - enough to accomplish 'a male shoulder' width.

Justin works very hard with her personal trainer, to distort the ‘femininity’ of her shoulders.  Justin works out - specifically, to increase the size of her deltoids, and various back muscles.  This makes the size of her shoulders appear slightly larger, and helps to decrease her feminine, ‘hourglass’ shape.

Speaking of “hourglass shape”- can you SEE it?  Can you SEE, that something isn’t right, with Justin’s waist?  You SEE, after doing all of that work to hide her true form and femininity, her child-bearing hips…
…and hourglass shape, still remain.  And so, let's take a closer look at the difference between the natural waist indent points, of males and females. 

Notice how ‘the waist indent points’, appear to be very different – one indent point is located below the navel, and the other is located above the navel - and there is a good reason for that.  Women have bigger hips than men - they need bigger hips, for when they become pregnant. 

It is quite easy to see Justin's feminine hips. 
…All this talk, about Justin, getting pregnant, is making me feel a bit woozy... excuse me, for just a moment... 
Please be advised, barf bags are located beneath your seat.  Please feel free to use them at any time.
Now where were we?  Oh yes... 
Don’t be distracted by the fact that Justin has added some bulk to her shoulders, by working with a personal trainer.  Even after working hard to distort the appearance of her shoulders, it is still quite easy, to draw a line from below her arm pit, to her hip joint.  If you draw the same line on the image of a healthy man, the side of the torso makes a straight line, right to the hip.  However, on ‘the thin woman’ with the bulky arms, named “Justin”, if you draw a line from the arm pit to the hip joint, a visible indentation, at the midpoint of that line, appears.  Remember, it is this indent located - above the navel, that gives a woman her hourglass shape. 

When we put Justin next to the image of a young Mark Wahlberg, in a similar pose, we find the same results.  Again, we have the man on the left - whose neck appears much larger.  And when we compare the waist indent points, we see that Mr. Whalberg does not have an hourglass waist…

… he has a waist indent at the belt line, while the Ms. Bieber on the right, still has an ‘hourglass’ shape.  While Justin Bieber works hard, to bulk out her shoulders and her feminine abdominal muscles, she just can’t seem to get rid of her natural hourglass shape.  There is no surgery that can accomplish that feat.

Once again, we have ‘clear images’ of the waist indent points, on each of these individuals. With 'the waist indent point line’, high above the naval - on the individual on the right, we have ‘a clear indication’, that we are looking at 'a female', in that image.  While they both present themselves to be men, only one of them truly is. 
On the other hand…

When we put a picture of Justin – before she started using testosterone and getting help from a personal trainer to bulk up her shoulders… when we put her, next to women with similar builds, we see very similar body proportions.  The necks, biceps, abdominal muscles, waist indent points, and overall body structures are all a much closer match, than when we attempt to put Justin next to a male…  Do you know why that is?  Can you SEE it yet?  Do you BELIEVE... yet?

It’s because Justin, is a GIRL!!!   As you can clearly see in this photo, when looking at these three women: the body proportions… the muscle build…  the waist indent points… all, scream, ‘FEMALE’ - in all three of these images.  And it is ‘worth noting’, that Justin has an ‘even more pronounced’ waist indent point, than the woman on the right.  And because we have established that Justin is a girl, perhaps

THIS image may be more appropriate, for the viewer of this video…
So what happened to Justin Bieber’s breasts?  This is a very important question and one that needs to be addressed. 

The answer is really quite simple.  When a young girl – named “Justin”, began taking Hormone replacement therapy, at a young age - her breasts, did not develop, during puberty.   ‘Testosterone therapy’ in young girls, results in a more ‘masculine muscle development’ - especially if it begins, before puberty - and that is exactly what Justin did.  Justin Bieber began taking testosterone, before she reached puberty.  She also managed her estrogen levels, so that her breasts would not develop.  Now that, “the topless issue”… is behind us, let’s take a closer look at Justin's pectoral muscles. 

Since Justin Bieber is only 5 feet 7 inches tall, it is important to note, that we are putting her next to photos of a young  ‘male actor’ - who is also the same height.  Notice “the very different shape”, of the pectoral muscles, on each individual.  Perhaps this will help.

Notice how Justin's pectoral muscles are narrower and rounder - to support the breasts - that would have developed on her, if she hadn't begun, hormone replacement therapy, at a very young age.

Once again, beside Mark Whalberg, the difference in pectoral muscles, is obvious.  Notice how a man’s pectoral muscles extend – squarely, to the biceps.

Now that we’ve compared the muscle build of these two individuals, let’s look as some of the other physical differences between males and females.  Because these two individuals share a similar muscle build, we can easily compare…

the size of their necks.   The boy named “Tom” on the left, has a neck that appears to be much wider, than the neck of ‘the REAL tom boy' - on the right. 

Justin's narrow neck problem, is just a bit of blowback, from her female DNA.  The testosterone therapy can't do much to help her with her neck size - and anyone who has listened to her sing, has probably realized by now, that the testosterone, really didn’t lower her voice too much either.  Speaking of her voice…

When Justin is singing, she likes to ‘show off’ another, “not so well known”, difference between men and women – and that is, ‘the length of her ring finger’. Studies have found, that before a child is born, the sex hormones “estrogen” and “testosterone”, control genes – genes that in turn, dictate finger length.  The testosterone produced in the body of the child during fetal development is higher in male children; and this causes a boy’s ring finger to grow longer than his index finger.  The increased levels of estrogen in female children, during development, will result in the development of shorter ring fingers, in the female child, in the womb.  Once again, the ring finger, tends to be shorter, in most women, in relation to the length of their index finger.

And so, when we take a close look at Justin’s ring finger, we can clearly see the effects, of the hormone that was dominant in her fetal development; We can clearly see, that the levels of estrogen during her fetal development, resulted in her ring finger, being shorter, than that, of the average male.

When Justin is compared to an actual man, her feminine fingers stand out like a sore thumb!
And so the more Justin tries to keep her female DNA a secret, the more she ends up showing off her feminine ring finger.

Justin simply cannot conceal all of her feminine traits.  She tries very hard to do so… but she can’t.
Aside from Justin’s feminine form, and skeletal structure, there are other ‘gender signatures’, that deserve some attention.  Her high pitch voice, lack of facial and body hair, the absence of an Adam’s Apple, and childlike features, are all, very telling.

And so, why, is the public not being told, about Justin’s true female identity?  Who is helping her to keep this information a secret?  The mainstream media is playing a big part in promoting Bieber’s deception.  The MSM editors, are well aware of Justin Bieber’s true gender. 
In fact, the MSM often flaunts Justin's true gender, right, 'in the faces', of those who choose to idolize her, as a male.  The MSM wants you to ‘Believe’, the lie - that they are flaunting! It is through “subliminal brainwashing”, that the MSM pushes the message, "Bieber", and "Believe".  Their brainwashing “psychological operation”, or “PSYOP”, is in fact, ‘so effective’, that now, when most people hear the name ‘Justin Bieber’, they simply believe - that she, is a he.
The MSM is ‘a big supporter’ of the transgender movement.  There are many ways that the Mainstream Media tries to subconsciously plant, into the people’s minds, that Justin is a male.  And one way, is by photostaging. 

Justin dresses, and intentionally ‘poses for the camera’, in a way, that is very similar, to the way that Mark Wahlberg did - when he was better known as ‘Marky Mark’.  She makes great efforts to imitate him.  She even likes to expose her underwear - to give the illusion of Whalberg’s ‘male rapper confidence’. 
While Marky Mark had some “excessive confidence”, in his youth… Justin Bieber truly, only has a padded cup - a cup so flimsy, that all she really has - to hold on to, are ‘her feminine hips’.  And even though she has done a lot of work with her personal trainer, to minimize her hourglass form…
…if you look carefully, you can clearly see her feminine features - like her feminine lower abdominal muscles, her narrow neck - and the skull features, that she can not change.
But Justin can change her hair.  Justin likes to fix up her hairdo, in a way that re-invents herself, as 'the new Vanilla Ice'. 
She likes to wear similar performance clothing - that has extended shoulders; and she has managed to cover herself with similar tattoos as well...
- to become "the Ice Queen", she always dreamed - of becoming.
Justin also uses ‘trick of the eye’ wardrobe deceptions. 
It is not uncommon for Justin to wear long shirts, to cover the more ‘private’ areas of her body.  Notice also, how ‘frail’, Justin appears - next to two males.  This image was ‘a safe image’, to release - because the two males are short in stature, making Justin appear ‘to blend in’ and ‘trick the eye’.  Justin also stands slightly in front of them, making her shoulders appear, more broader, and masculine.
In case you haven’t figured it out by now: there is no male genital bulge in those pants. Justin is a transgender.  Creating the illusion of ‘male body traits’ is not easy to do.  Justin puts a lot of effort into concealing the area around her genitalia.  She will sag her pants,

…wear long T-shirts, place her hands over that area, and even wear special padding to help with the deception. 

Speaking of padding, there has been a LOT of propaganda surrounding Justin – when she appears, only wearing her underwear.  And why would that be?  Because the mainstream media wants to strengthen the illusion that Justin is a male.  But for those with ‘a trained eye’, it is quite obvious, that Justin has ‘padding’ in her underwear…
Justin is seen here, wearing underwear with ‘a special pocket’ that supports male genitalia.  She uses this pocket to insert padding, in order to give the illusion that ‘she’ is a ‘male’.  However, in these staged photos of Justin we can clearly see that she was having a padding malfunction. 

You see, male models – REAL male models – like the one in THIS photo – ones who have a clear waist indent at the hip, never, leave a lot of air, in their underwear, ever!

But Justin Bieber has enough space in her underwear, well, to put a full set of male genetalia.

But the revelations don’t end there - regarding the Calvin Klein staged event.

In this image, Unbeknownst to most of the people in the audience, Justin is actually modeling a typical ‘female to male’, post-surgery, transformation.  Her publicity team thought this would be a great venue, to finally have her appear, without all the baggy clothes concealing her female genitalia.  And yet, with all of the advances in medical technology, it seems as though their efforts to transform female genitalia into male genitalia, is still in the early stages.
Even a little bit of padding, will not conceal those very long feminine legs and that very feminine waistline!  But clothing will!  And BTW, this is just another, very ‘classic’, example of photo staging!  The photos were literally, taken, on a stage!
Speaking of ‘photo staging’.  Notice how Justin’s jacket has extended shoulders to make the shoulders appear more masculine.  Notice also, the pants that Justin is wearing.  It is not uncommon to see Justin sagging her pants - not only to conceal ‘the genitalia area’; but also to give the illusion that ‘her torso is longer’ - as men generally have longer torsos than women.  Justin, has ‘a short torso’, and very, long, feminine legs! - that she is carefully hiding, behind those baggy pants.

When we look at the feet, we see some ‘white unlaced shoes’, that appear large and bulky - giving Justin’s feet a more ‘masculine look’ as well.  This photo, reveals how Justin goes through great efforts, to hide the fact, that she has average size feet… for a female her height.  She is a size 7.5 - in men’s shoes!  And for those who might suggest that it is Justin’s short stature that explains the feminine feet, then it may interest you to know that

Tom Cruise, who is the same height as Justin Bieber, wears a size 9 in men’s shoes. Even though Katie Holmes is two inches taller than Tom, the difference in the size of their feet is quite noticeable.

And Daniel Radcliffe - standing at only 5’5” tall, wears a size 10! in men’s shoes!  In this image we see Daniel with his girlfriend who stands several inches taller, with feet that are much smaller than his.

Bieber, if she was a man, would have ‘embarrassingly small feet’, when standing next, to any other man.  And so as to not ‘embarrass her’ we will compare her feet to that of another woman.  In this image, we have a clear view of Justin’s feet next to Selena’s and what we see are four feet of similar size, even with a girl who is two inches shorter than she is!

Here we see another ‘staged photo’ of Justin - at a beach; again, dressed very inappropriately for the occasion – and trying once again, to hide her small feet, and her feminine torso.  Justin is again, wearing a very long T-shirt, very bulky shoes, and sagging her pants - to a height, where they can only serve one purpose, and that is, to distort her true, female proportions. 

Had Justin pulled up her pants to the appropriate location, then her waist would perfectly match that of the other female next to her.  But one thing this photo reveals, unbeknownst to Justin, is her very feminine wrists, and small feminine hands.  Now because Selena was introduced to the worldwide audience, as a distraction - from Justin’s TRUE gender, let’s talk more about her.
Selena Gomez, was introduced to the public as Justin Bieber’s long-time ‘girlfriend’.  Selena played a very important role in ‘the deception’.  But why was Selena chosen - to be on ‘the media stage’, at Justin's side? 
First of all, Justin Bieber is not very large - she is the average size of a woman, standing at only 5 feet seven inches tall.  And so,
…Justin needed somebody who would appear more feminine standing next to her.  Selena Gomez is only 5 feet five inches tall - 2 inches shorter than Justin.  Selena is a very 'petite' female… 
She helps with ‘the deception’, by making her girlfriend Justin, appear to be taller - and she has received millions of dollars, as she played ‘her part’ - in deceiving the public.  In this photo, it is quite easy to see, how Selena becomes ‘the perfect distraction’ - from the very ‘feminine features’, of Justin! 
But this photo, reveals, that ‘all the while’, Justin was going for ‘the Julie Andrews look’ - the way she appeared in the broadway musical, Victor Victoria.  Speaking of “hands”,

…here is a good example, of the contrast, between the size of a woman’s hands, and those of a REAL man.  In other words,

“Justin and Selena” both, have feminine hands.

Now since “Broadway”, wasn’t afraid to present Julie Andrews as ‘a male’; it should not surprise you to learn, that ‘Teen’ magazines, ARE not afraid, to clearly 'present Justin', as ‘a female’, either. 
Can you see ‘the eye shadow’, the lipstick, and the foundation - in this photo?...  If your eyes are open you can.  And it is quite obvious - as we look at this magazine cover, that we are looking at 'the face of a female'! 
As we ‘flip’ through 'teen magazine covers', we begin to see a clear trend.
Magazine editor’s are TOTALLY flaunting - right in front of the faces of gullible, teenage girls, and the rest of the world’…  
…that the ‘teen idol’, Justin Bieber, is a girl!  And this trend of exposing Justin, is not isolated to only ‘Teen’ magazines.
The ‘theme color’ - that magazine editor’s prefer, to ‘pin to Justin' - is pink.
Magazine editor’s around the world, ‘BOLDLY’ flaunt Justin’s true gender.
But it’s not just 'any pink', it is the same pink color used at baby showers, when…
‘IT’S A GIRL!’  By now it should be obvious, that Justin is being used by the entertainment industry to push ‘the transgender movement’ - a movement that has secretly and successfully infiltrated ALL aspects of Pop Culture - including Music, Sports, News, Politics... and Fashion! 
The transgender movement has introduced new lines of clothing’.
It has introduced new hairstyles, that deliberately blur gender.  The fashions of men and women are now becoming so similar in fact, that distinguishing between genders, is becoming ‘increasingly, more difficult’.  And one ‘social movement’ in particular, is celebrating, as a result.
The LGBT movement, has been in full swing for the last few decades.  And because society at large, decided to tolerate, ‘the LGBT movement’, instead of continuing to treat it as what it truly is – the result of a mental disorder, named “gender dysphoria”; the effects of this movement took their toll.  The LGBT movement, has drastically altered the perceptions of the general public. 
The time in human history, when it was easy to tell the difference between men and women, has now come to an end.  The outward defining traits of gender, have now become so distorted, and blurred, that most people have lost their ability to discern 'the true biological gender', of the people they meet.  The transgender movement -  at its core, is a movement that focuses…
on deceiving others, about a person's biological gender.  A person’s biological and true gender, is in fact ‘genetically stamped’ on the DNA of every cell in the human body – like the cells that make: every fine female ‘strand of hair’, on Justin’s head.  The mainstream media is playing a big role in the transgender deception. 
For example: Talk show host “Ellen” does not hide her preference for females.  Ellen, likes to invite her rounded jaw friend, on her show, quite frequently.
Her show even presented this Michael Boo-blay version of Justin Biber to her audience. 
But does Justin Bieber have ANY of the masculine features, of Michael Boo-blay?  Let’s have ‘a closer look’ and see.
Let’s compare foreheads.  Does Justin Bieber have a more slanted forehead – the kind that is found on males?  NO.  How about the neck size.  Fail.  The shoulders?  Not. Who has the dainty little ears?  Bieber does.  Square Jaw?  Boo-blay.  Male hair line?  Not on Bieber.  Masculine hands.  Uh uh.

In fact, Boo-blay appears to be quite fond, of his feminine looking friend.  It is undeniable.
And so does Jimmy Fallon – whose square jaw and daunting masculine features, make Bieber’s feminine skull jump right out of the screen, when they are side by side.  The MSM editors, are well aware of Justin Bieber’s true gender.  In fact, the MSM often flaunts Justin's true gender, right, 'in the faces', of those who choose to idolize her, as a male. 
The MSM wants you to ‘Believe’ that Bieber’s padded underwear, is something more than padded underwear.  But it is really quite pathetic, that she has to fake her manhood – and that is what this SNL actress succeeds in conveying… and she does so ‘quite effectively’ – as she flaunts, the problem, beneath the padded underwear.
In reality, the Justin Bieber, that so many people are idolizing, is just a frail little female – who hides behind her photostaging sessions, her photoshop experts, and her personal trainer.  And when transgenders effectively deceive other people, something very disturbing often happens:  their deception, sets the stage for gullible people…
…to become ‘attracted’, to someone of the same sex.  And when they realize what has happened, their experience of being deceived, often results in a sense of betrayal, and confusion, about their own sexual orientation.  Justin Beiber has presented herself as ‘an idol of worship’ - to gullible teenagers.  She is continually ‘propped up’ …
 as a male poster child on the bedroom walls of young girls throughout the world.  She has allowed herself to be adored by millions, of ignorant and easily gullible teenagers for long enough. 

It is time to lift the veil, off of Justin.  It is time to look behind the charade; it is time to see that Justin Bieber, is really, “Just Barbie”.

Justin Bieber earned a special congratulations, for her deception, from Michael Obama - the man on the left - another infamous transexual, another great deceiver, and another great antichrist.   But that's, 'another story'.  To see the forensic proof that exposes Michael Obama, watch Irrefutable Proof that Michelle Obama is a Man.  And while you are doing that, you might want to think,

... about how the parents of young girls, are going to explain to their daughters, that their homosexual attraction to Justin Bieber, isn't a sign that they are homosexuals. 

The girls who bought the Be-lie-ber “lie”, have in essence, only been worshipping themselves - propped up as a teen idol, and dressed - in male clothes.  Now THAT's, something they can TRULY Believe - now that “Just Barbie”,

…is OUT, of the closet…  You know something, she would have been better at show business, if she hadn’t mutilated her gender in the first place.


- HOW to edit your YouTube Channel and Videos -
“I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.  When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.  He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you.  All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you.” 

The following are instructions for a Personal Computer that uses microsoft windows.
If you only have internet access through an android phone,
you may need to go to an internet cafe or library
to access your YouTube Channel edit options through a Personal Computer
in order to make the following changes:
NOTE: YouTube has changed many of its FEATURES since we posted the following.
And so some of the instructions may not be entirely accurate, at THIS point,
however the instructions should STILL help the reader to better navigate YouTube,
and so we will keep them posted, until we find time to review and edit each one.
Right now? - this is EXTREMELY low on our priority list.  Thanks for understanding.
(August 09, 2019 update)

How To Setup my YouTube Video Channel Settings

It is IMPORTANT that you have your YouTube Channel settings, for comments, as "APPROVED, ONLY".  THIS means, that ONLY the ones, that YOU approve - are posted.  EVERYTHING else, is HELD. Understand?  So your "former family and former friends" COMMENTS, should not be VISIBLE, on your YOUTUBE channel, OR your YouTube videos.

Sign in to your YouTube account and select My Channel on the left-side panel.
Click on 'video manager' at the top of your channel, then from the 'Edit' drop down menu (located next to your video) select 'Info and Settings'

Right beside basic info, are the words "ADVANCED SETTINGS", click here

Under advanced settings

You will see the following:

Under the heading "Comments":

Click on the box beside the words "Allow comments" to the right of that  click on the downwards arrow

Now there are two options to choose from select "approved"

Under the heading, "distribution options"....Check both boxes beside the words "allow embedding" and "Notify subscribers"

Under the word "Category" there is a downward arrow, click on it for a list of options, select "education"

At the bottom of the page press the blue button "Save changes"

How To Clean up my Channel Comments by flagging, blocking, and deleting user's viscious comments

Some comments are automatically posted.  And so If someone leaves a vicious comment with insults or profanity, underneath your video, follow these instructions on how to delete their comment and block them from commenting again.  Know that you need to delete ALL of the "NON-REMNANT" comments that have been made, on your VIDEOS - and BLOCK, the user.  Because, these people ONLY HAVE "bad inspirations" to share - DIRECTLY, from their demons.  Their GOAL, IS, to GRAFFITTI, the REMNANT VIDEOS - to DISTRACT people - from "the life-saving TRUTHS" - in the Testimony.   You need, to BLOCK, all those PEOPLE - who are "non-REMNANT Members"; and delete their COMMENTS - because all they can DO - is LIE!  Understand?  And BEFORE, their lie takes root in OTHERS - it is ESSENTIAL, that their COMMENTS, are REMOVED.  Make SURE - that you lift up to the Most High TRUE God - EVERYTHING that the ENEMY, has SOWN, in your SOUL; and TRADE it for 'the corresponding Truth'.  And PLEASE do not SHARE, the "spiritually toxic words", from those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant.  And please, do not READ them - so as to TRY, to, "UNDERSTAND", where they are COMING from.  Understand?

Sign in to your YouTube account and select My Channel on the left-side panel.

Next, go to your video manager - located at the top of the page.

On the Left -side panel click on the word "Community"

The "published Comments" tab automatically appears.

At the top of the screen there are 3 different category tabs:

The other two tabs are called (held for review) and (likely spam)

Under the "published comment" tab in order to delete someone's comment, here are the steps.

Click on the " YouTube name" of whoever left the comment.

This takes you to their YouTube page in a new browser window.

Next, click on the "about" tab located just below their channel art.

Click on the flag icon.

A list of options appears. Click on "Block User"

Some YouTube channels will NOT have the "about" tab.

If this is the case, then the flag will be located under the bottom right corner of their channel art.

Click on the arrow next to the flag.

A list of options appears. Click on "Block User"

Go back to the previous window.

Click on the arrow right beside the flag. Select "Report spam or abuse"

Click on the garbage can icon beside the comment to remove the comment
WHAT to do with Comments left under your VIDEOS from Private Members and FORMER Members of the Faithful Remnant? 
So as NOT to ENABLE "the self-DECEPTION" of the PRIVATE Members - who were "perfectly COMFORTABLE - WITHHOLDING spiritual NOURISHMENT, from the REMNANT" - it doesn't make SENSE, to ALLOW them, to COMMENT, UNDERNEATH, the OFFICIAL Members' VIDEOS.  It TRULY is ONLY, going to do 'THEM' harm - by POSTING, ANY of their 'comments'.  And so, it's BEST, to simply DELETE them.(June 25, 2018 update) 

How to add Channel Art - referring to the image at the very top of the screen on your YouTube Channel

Sign in to your YouTube account and select My Channel on the left-side panel.

Near the top of your channel, click "Add channel art". 

A pop up window appears that reads Channel Art.

Click on the words "select a photo from your computer" double click on the photo you want uploaded.  2560 X 1440 pixels is the best image quality.

you can adjust the photo size and position now, to see how you want it to display across all devices.

Click Select when done.

How to edit Channel Art

Sign in to your YouTube account and select My Channel on the left-side panel.

At the top right hand corner of your Channel art, hover over it and click on the pencil that appears.

Go through the same steps as above, to change your channel art photo, or to edit the size.


How to make a video playlist

Sign in to your YouTube account and select "My Channel" on the left-side panel.

Just below your YouTube name, click on the word Playlists

Near the top of the page, click on the word "New Playlist"

a white pop up window appears that says "playlist title"

Now type in the white box the title of your new playlist

below your title click on the word "create"

Now your in a new window with the TITLE showing at the top of the page.

Now, you are ready to add some videos.

To the far right of the screen, click on the "add videos" button

A new window pops up that says "Add video to playlist"

3 Tabs are now showing: "YouTube Search", "Url" and "Your YouTube Videos"  Select the 3rd tab called "Your YouTube Videos"

This shows a list of all your videos

select the video you want to add to the playlist by clicking on it once

This makes it light up in a blue box

At the bottom of the window, click on the blue button that says "Add Video"

Now your first video has been added.

Below the Playlist title are the words "add a description" Click on it, to add some text describing what your playlist is about, and then press the enter.

You can add more videos, by following the same steps.

How to edit basic information like a video title and description

Sign in to your YouTube account and select My Channel on the left-side panel.

Next, go to your video manager - located at the top of the page.

Click on the "edit" button beside the video you want to edit.

Click on "Info and Settings".

In the box located directly below the video, you can change the Title of your video,

In the description box below the video title, add, or edit the information, to help DRAW people, to your video.  And if applicable, put a link to the MESSAGE, that you are reading from, by copying the browser information and pasting it into the description box.
Below the description box, is your "TAGS"  box.  Here, make sure to include these key words into your tags box for every video: and Two Witnesses.

Between each word or phrase, press the "enter" or "return" key on your keyboard. This sets each word tag. Usually 4 lines of text is the maximum.

Note: Adding word tags helps people find your videos, when they search on Youtube.
Sign in to your YouTube account and select "My Channel" on the left-side panel.  Next, go to "video manager" - located at the top of the page. Click on the "edit" button beside the video you want to edit. You will see, either the word "public", "private" or "unlisted". Click on the arrow beside that word, and select the one you want.  Press the Blue button at the top of the page that reads "Save Changes".  Unlisted means that anyone you share "the link to that video" with (the browser bar information), can see the video, by clicking on that link, or copying and pasting that link into the browser bar.  Public means that everyone can find and watch your video; and that video may even appear in Google search results.  Private means that only you can see the video when you are signed in to your account.

How to send a link to an unlisted YouTube Video

Simply, begin to watch the "UNLISTED" video - press pause, then copy and paste the BROWSER BAR information, into an email - and then send it to us.


How to upload Custom Thumbnails

Note: Before uploading a custom image that you want to use as a thumbnail, the image must first be of a 16:9 ratio - and that is the standard width to height ratio of all current YouTube Videos.  If the image you upload is not a 16:9 ratio image, then black lines or bars will appear in your thumbnail.  If you use a screen capture program (to copy an internet image to a saved file on your computer), you can simply capture the FULL SCREEN image, from an existing 16:9 video.  But if you want to use another image - from google images for example, then we recommend that you use a photo editing program - use the "CROP" feature on that photo editing program.  Many of those photo editing programs already have a default 16:9 setting preset, you can select.  Simply select that ratio, and then adjust the borders of the image, to get the exact framing you need, and click "apply" or "save".  Then make sure you remember which file you saved it to on your computer.  The Photo editing program we use is called PhotoPad Image Editor - a free program for windows available at THIS LINK, and for android at THIS LINK - be careful to always do a CUSTOM download - and DESELECT any additional piggyback programs, if you are going to add ANY download to your computer.

Sign in to your YouTube account and select "My Channel" on the left-side panel.

Next, go to your video manager - located at the top of the page.

Click on the "edit" button beside the video you want to add the thumbnail to.

Click on "Info and Settings"

Look for the word "custom thumbnail", and then click on it.

A pop window appears from your desktop computer.

Double-click on the thumbnail photo to upload it.

Then click "save changes"

How to create a YouTube Channel Trailer

These instructions worked on September 19, 2019

Your Channel Trailer can ONLY be chosen from the list of videos that you have uploaded to your Channel.  First make sure that the video YOU uploaded to YouTube, that you want to use as a Channel Trailer, is saved as "PUBLIC". 

Sign in to your Gmail or YouTube account.

Go to your YouTube Home page.  By clicking on your channel icon, in the top right corner, a list will appear, select "Your channel".

Click on the blue box, "CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL"

Click on "Home".  Your YouTube Home page with editing options should then appear.

Click on the Blue Box that says "Feature content".

A window will pop up, with all your videos on it.

Select the video you want as your trailer, by clicking on it. This will cause it to light up.

Now scroll down, in that same window, and press "Save"

A new window box will appear with the selected video in it.  Press "Save".

Then your Home page will appear.  Press "Done", to complete the task.

Then click on the tab, "For new visitors".  This will make your video visible, for the people who have NOT subscribed to your channel.

Click on "+ Channel trailer".

Select the video you want as your trailer, by clicking on it. This will cause it to light up.

Now scroll down, in that same window, and press "Save"

A new window box will appear with the selected video in it.  Press "Save".

Then your Home page will appear. 

Save your YouTube Channel to "BOOKMARKS" using your internet browser (- referring to Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer)

Sign out of your YouTube Channel.  And then look at your Channel, without signing in.

How to add Enhancements to video by changing: color, contrast, rotate, trim, image stabilize...etc

Sign in to your YouTube account and select "My Channel" on the left-side panel.

Next, go to your video manager - located at the top of the page.

Click on the "edit" button beside the video you want to work on.

At the top of the page, click on the word "enhancements"
Here you can rotate the video if it was recorded sideways or upside down.

Here you can change the color, by adjusting the settings on the right side.

You can + or - to change the color temperature, contrast, saturation or fill light.

Each time click with the mouse up or down along any of those horizontal lines, the video resets with that color change.

The screen is actually split in half, to show you the original, and  the preview changes.

Play with the settings, until the video is the color you want, and the right brightness.

There is a button called stabilize that you can press, to stop any shakiness of your video.
There is an arrow to rotate the video 90 degrees to the right or left; click twice to invert the image completely.

When you are done, Press save at the top right hand corner of the screen


It is best to avoid the black bars on the side of your video by setting your recording camera to the 16:9 aspect ratio, BEFORE you record.  Most newer cameras have the 16:9 option.  YouTube is dropping support for the yt:stretch and yt:crop tags, that used to be posted in this paragraph - and that support drop took effect in August of 2016.  There may be no need to drop your current camera, if you would simply set the correct aspect ratio.  And if you use a video editing program, make sure your video editor is set to match the aspect ratio of the video you are editing.  If you need to fix a video file that has been encoded with the wrong aspect ratio or with black bars or borders in it, know that there are video editing and processing utilities you can use to correct it - by zooming in on the black bar video with a 16:9 aspect ratio editing window, until the black bars disappear.

How to Insert TAGS

First sign into your YouTube account.

At the top left hand side of the screen, find and click on the words "My Channel"

Next, go to your video manager - located at the top of the page.

Click on the "edit" button beside the video.

Click "Info and Settings"

Right below the description box, there is a "Tags" box.

Note: TAGS are the key words that people will use to find your video. Even though it may seem like the Tag box is big, only the first 16 words you enter will actually be applied to your video.  The words you enter in that box, are the words that answer the question, "What words would people use in the search box, if they were looking for this particular video?"  If you are a Member of the Faithful Remnant, here are some of the Tags you might want to use: testimonyofthetwowitnesses, Two Witnesses, Testimony, Jesus, Bible, Revelation 11, Prophecy, End Times, Apocalypse, Petrus Romanus, Catholic, Christian, 2017, 

Between each word or phrase, press the "enter" or "return" key on your keyboard. This sets each word tag, locked in a box icon.

Press the blue button "Save changes".

The Tag edits may take up to 24 hours before they become active.

If you want to see the tags that are being used on any particular YouTube video - simply move the cursor to the top right corner of the video screen, in the space just to the left of the "UPLOAD" button.  Right click.  Select, "View Page Source".   Use the "FIND" function (Ctrl F) and type the word, "keywords".  To the RIGHT of that word - you will see the list of Tags, for that video. (- edited and updated October 17, 2017)

How to Upload a video to YouTube from my desktop personal computer

After you have saved the video as a file onto your computer.

Sign in to your YouTube account and select My Channel on the left-side panel.

Click on the "upload" button located at the top right hand corner of your computer screen.

Select the video you'd like to upload from your computer, double click on it, and wait.....

The video is now uploading.

Make sure you leave that page open on your computer, the whole time the video is uploading.
KNOW that HIGH TRAFFIC VOLUME on YouTube - especially near the END of the day, can make uploads take forever.  And so if your video is uploading extremely slowly, it would be best to try again first thing in the morning.

Type the Title of your video, in the box located directly below the video.

In the description box below the video title, type in all the information you want to include for your video.

Below the description box, is your "TAGS"  box. Here, make sure to include these key words for every video: and Two Witnesses.

Between each word or phrase, press the "enter" or "return" key on your keyboard. This sets each word tag. Usually 4 lines of text is the maximum.

Directly beside your title, right above your avatar, click the downward arrow

Choose from the following options: public, private, or unlisted.

Select the best option.

Now at the top right of the video press the blue button "publish"

How to upload an Avatar to my YouTube Channel

Sign in to your YouTube account and select My Channel on the left-side panel.

And then hover over the blue square where your avatar is going to be uploaded

Click on the pencil that appears.

A popup window opens that reads "edit channel icon"

Select the option "edit on google+"

You’ll then be taken to your Google+ profile and a pop-up window will open.

Press "Select a photo from your computer" and select your Icon file and double click on it. Or you can drag and drop it onto the popup window:

Now its uploading.
Note: If you are a Member of the Faithful Remnant, and you would like a nice custom square Avatar made - just send a nice photo of yourself that was taken AFTER you became a Member of the Faithful Remnant, to PPTL, and you will get the edited one back, quickly.  It only takes about 5 minutes to edit.  PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH A PHOTO OF YOURSELF THAT WAS TAKEN WHEN YOU HAD NO SOUL - for obvious reasons of course.  
It would be best to unsubscribe from all the FORMER Members of the Faithful Remnant who have now FALLEN OFF the ONLY Ark of Salvation in these End times.  You can easily do so, by signing in to your YouTube Channel, and looking at your Subscription list - and comparing it to the Faithful Remnant Playlist on OUR YouTube Channel.  When you find "a former Member" on YOUR subscription list, simply click on the link to their YouTube Channel that is located under their Avatar.  Once you are on their Channel, click on the SUBSCRIPTION button, to unsubscribe. Doing this simple housecleaning task, will help to prevent confusion, in all those who visit your YouTube Channel - and will stop you from "DIRECTING people by neglect", to the YouTube Channels of those who have chosen to be 'ENEMIES of the Most High True God'.  Understand?  You also have the option of making your Subscription list private.  If you want to do that, go to your YouTube Channel settings (the gear icon beside the Subscribe tab), go to the "Privacy" section, and select "keep all my subscriptions private".  Know that YOU are responsible, for the message you are sending to people, through your YouTube Channel.  If you want to endorse the former Members by advertising links to their YouTube Channel, then that is entirely up to you.  If your YouTube Channel displays a list of "liked videos" - a list that re-directs people to a former Member of the Faithful Remnant, then it would be best to think about that, as well.  If you want to leave YOUR positive comments on the videos of those who have fallen off the Ark, then that is up to you.  But there is a delete option that appears beside the comments you have left under the videos of others - but know that it only appears IF you are signed in to your YouTube Channel. Here is a Message we sent to one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, on this topic:

Some of your videos, have comments, that are "HOSTILE, towards the TESTIMONY" - VISIBLE! - underneath them.  Can you PLEASE go through, ALL of your videos, and DELETE, "the SPIRITUALLY toxic comments", MADE, by THOSE, who 'HATE, the TESTIMONY'? - and PLEASE set, you "COMMENTS", to "APPROVED only".  And PLEASE ONLY approve, comments, MADE by Members of the Faithful Remnant - who are STILL Members.  Thank you.  (May 24, 2017 update)

Are you running out of data storage space for your videos?

Using a computer, you simply need to get a USB data stick, with 16 or 32 GB of data storage space - and then use that to transfer the files you are not using, off of your computer - and save them there instead.  Sometimes, the local drug store sells a USB cheaper, than the local computer supply store - and so it would be best to phone around or look at the recent sales flyers, before you buy.  But that is a really easy way to get more data storage space on your computer.  Just make sure that when you REMOVE them, you store them in a secure and dry location - like a small zip lock bag.  And know that the SHORTER usbs - the THUMB drives, that don't stick out FAR from the computer - tend to last the longest, as they don't tend to get bumped and broken over time.  People that use android cell phones or iPads for most of their Testimony work, often have the option of using a micro SD data storage card in the SD data card slot in their device, that will accomplish the same thing - freeing up data storage space on their device.  Remember to format the NEW card or stick, before using - with the format function that can be found in the instruction manual of the device the card will be used in. [If you want to transfer your files to a USB or SD data storage card that you have used in the past - then DO NOT FORMAT - as that will erase ALL the old files on the card, and make them impossible to access; only format NEW cards before using - or OLD cards, AFTER all your OLD files have been transferred OFF of them, to another secure data storage location.] You can simply read the instruction manual for your device under "formatting...", or google "how to format..."  And so computers - that have both a USB and SD card slot will give you two easy options, for more data storage.  An android device, may have a MICRO SD slot AND a USB slot.  Time to do some research, and desire to SOLVE the problem, as you do so.  Remember to CUT and PASTE the video file, to the EXTERNAL data storage location, in order to FREE up space on your device.  Copying the file will only DUPLICATE the file, without freeing up space. (January 01, 2018 update; edited Jan 13, 2018) 


A Sample of some of our VIDEOS and
IN OUR YouTube DESCRIPTION BOXES below each video
Come to the water remix

This section is here to remind the people who look at our YouTube videos, to also read the Description box content.

And so, remember to make notes in the Video Description box that is located under every video that you publish.
COME TO THE WATER - Published on Dec 1, 2013

By John Foley S.J.

Female solo and acoustic guitar, with keyboard accompaniment
Performed by the Two Witnesses, Peter and Mary Romanus
A Petrus Romanus Production

Produced by Peter and Mary Romanus

(with one second hand USB microphone, a computer, a second hand pocket camera, a second hand electric piano, a second hand warped guitar, and a guitar pick we found on a park path while going for a walk... just for some context, so that you really know, what you are listening to. And just in case you are wondering, the head phones were refurbished factory rejects or "seconds", that had to be sent back by the original owner because there was something wrong with them. And if you look carefully, you can see that the guitarist, is playing slide guitar with "a sawed-off toothbrush", lol (with a notch carved into it so it doesn't slip off the string). Since we don't own a guitar strap, it was too difficult to play 2 string chords with it upright, and that is why, it is played on its back, in the last verse of the song. Since I don't know any guitar chords, like the ones you find on charts, that was the best I could do. If you haven't figured it out by now, I don't play guitar - my wife does... but when she did such a good job singing, I thought I would give it a try.)

Why the Mark of the Beast has Come
WHY THE MARK OF THE BEAST HAS COME - Published on Nov 25, 2013

Many people are catching on, that something terrible happened last Christmas, and they haven't been feeling the same ever since. And that, is "an understatement".  Find out what REALLY happened last Christmas. Find out how to GET BACK, what you lost - your "pearl of great price" - your SOUL! The "olive branch" is in front of you, and you are responsible for what you do with it.

Click on this link to watch this video with the transcript, and to get an extremely detailed explanation, of the manifestation of 'the mark of the beast', as it has happened in these End Times. The explanation, is from Jesus Christ the Lord - from His Throne in Heaven: (Now some people may find a Christmas song, that is extremely accurate, in its description of 'the present spiritual realities', "offensive". And yes, 'your Creator', finds people - who come before His Judgment Seat, at the End of their time here on Earth, who are 'fully immersed' in the most wretched stench of their sins, and quite comfortable in that 'state', in that 'PILE of sin' - even MORE so... So much so, in fact, that they will quickly find the Doors to the Kingdom of Heaven, forever SHUT! Remember, God's Mercy, also applies to the souls in Heaven - and it smells GREAT! - there. In these End Times, most people, are literally celebrating their descent, into Eternal flames. We, have chosen, 'a different path'. Find out why, by reading

The End - a Warning...
THE END - Published on Nov 23, 2013

Get informed. Get ready. The FINAL MAJOR events to END this Era, are now ALL set in motion. There is very little time left. The Scrolls of the Book (Rev. 6), have ALL been unsealed. You are now living in the time of THE END.

Find out what you need to do in order to ready your soul, to meet your Maker. Read what the Two Witnesses have to say to the World.

Read Testimony of the Two

On this website, you will find the Blessed Holy Water you need to receive True Strength, from Jesus Christ the Lord, who is seated on His Throne in Heaven - True Strength, to reconcile with Him, while the Court is still in session... before His Final Judgment, of your soul.

If you are having trouble believing that authentic messages from Heaven, could be posted on a website, know this: God does NOT have time, to wait for the printing presses, and the mailmen, to publish, and hand deliver this message to you. "Seek and you will find" in the End Times, means, "use the tools you have been given, to find the answers you seek". If you seek the Truth, you have found it. If you seek to affirm your beliefs, go find a mirror.

Click on this link to watch this video with the transcript:

Francis is an Antipope, "the Son of Perdition"
Francis is an Antipope, "the Son of Perdition" - Published on Nov 19, 2013

Jesus never kissed the feet of women or men. And so just what is Francis up to, as he publicly bows to Jezebel? It stinks to high Heaven! Find out how Francis is outright lying to both women and men at the expense of their souls. See how Francis REFUSES TO FOLLOW the ways of the Lord, but instead worships 'a new god', made in the image and likeness of man...

The pope who so proudly calls himself Francis, is creating 'a New Church', built with human hands - a "church" where every sin under the sun is welcome. But it is diametrically opposed to the Church that was founded by Jesus Christ the Lord.

Jesus died so that people could turn to Him, repent wholeheartedly of their sins, be healed - and then follow Him in each and every moment, along the path that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. Francis desires that people would instead turn to him - to his fake smiles, and spiritually empty theology, and perish from his willful neglect - to tell them the Truth: that "the abomination of
desolation is Now set up. Need proof:

Find out how to get Blessed Holy Water from Jesus Christ the Lord Here:

You can view this video with the transcript at the following link:
For easy TRANSLATION into more than 50 different Languages, use the translation button, located at the top of the page



See also our most recent video, exposing the illuminati Antipope Francis
Proof that Obama and Francis were Prechosen by the illuminati

What it really means to buy and sell with the mark
The Religious Leaders, are All, SELLING, "Sellvation"

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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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This IS! - "a new branch, of Christianity", and we have EVERY right! - to practice our Faith. As EACH! - individual on
the PLANET - HAS, been GIVEN, "FREEDOM of religion"and "FREEDOM to practice, WHATEVER faith they choose".
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