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How did we know that the Friday the 13th events in Paris France were simply False Flag Staged Events?  It really wasn’t that complicated.  First of all, Friday the 13th is an occult feast day - and the luciferian illuminati CULT members, always make sure they participate in that celebration, by making some very special plans ahead of time.  Secondly, the illuminati like their pre-planned events, to coincide with signs in the skies, because that’s when their demons give them feelings of importance.  The illuminati are simply lifeless human shells, ruled and animated by demons.  But their demons insisted that they make that particular day a historic one, because of all the planetary alignments that were coinciding with that occult feast day.  Now for some proof of the MAJOR planetary alignments on that day.
Of course, the multiple planetary alignments that were happening in the skies, at the same time as the False Flag staged, scripted and acted events in Paris France, weren’t the ONLY obvious proof of the FALSE FLAG event.  To mock the global audience, the One World Government, then illuminated, or illuminati-ed “the FALSE FLAG colors”, of ANOTHER country – France – on major foreign landmarks around the Globe.  How were they “the FALSE FLAG colors”?  Because the colors of the French flag, are NOT the colors of the flags, of the countries, in which those landmarks are located.

Clockwise from top left: The Shanghai Tower (China flag colors red and yellow); Jerusalem’s Old City Ottoman Walls (Israel flag colors blue and white); The CN Tower in Toronto (Canada Flag colors, red and white); The statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil flag colors green, yellow and blue).  Notice the TRUE FLAG color, of the CANADIAN flag, contrasting the FALSE FLAG colors of FRANCE, on the CN Tower.  This is simply the Global Governments mocking the people, through their illuminati-controlled media propaganda machine - that is now set up in every country on the Planet.

And so today, we casually asked Jesus, “What was the point of the false flag attack in Paris on Friday the 13th”.

Jesus said: At THIS point in HISTORY, My CHILDREN, it would ONLY be a distraction, from the PURIFICATION, of the SOULS, of My FAITHFUL Remnant Church.  The GOVERNMENTS, are ALL working together – BEHIND the SCENES – WITH, “the LAWLESS one” – IN, the political arena; to CONTINUE, to SUBVERT, the CONSTITUTIONAL rights, of the U.S. citizens, AND, ‘the rights’, of the CITIZENS, of France.  The FALSE FLAG attacks, have ‘NO boundaries’, anymore; EVERY, country, IS involved – in their OWN ‘political agenda’.  The UNITED NATIONS, SIMPLY desire, to control the PEOPLE – THROUGH, CREATING: chaos, confusion, STAGED events.  They WANT to control the people – THROUGH fear.  And so EXPECT MORE ‘false flag attacks’ happening in OTHER, countries, throughout the WORLD – as the ONE world GOVERNMENT, CONTINUES, to crush the PEOPLE, with ‘an iron FIST’; as the one world GOVERNMENT CONTINUES, to ‘REEL THEM in’ – through MEDIA propaganda; AND through the use of ‘STAGED scripts’ – as they CONTINUE, to fabricate NEWS stories, in order to ‘CULTIVATE an ATMOSPHERE’, of FEAR.  When the PEOPLE, are ‘ALREADY dead’ – and they have ‘the MARK of the BEAST’ on their FOREHEADS – it DOESN’T MATTER, WHAT the ONE world GOVERNMENT, DOES, to them PHYSICALLY; all the PEOPLE, with the MARK, are ‘WITHOUT My Protection’.  And AS you saw YESTERDAY, My children – THEY are ‘MORE than WILLING’ to PRAISE the illuminati, and prefer THEM, to ‘TAKING CARE of HUMANITY’ – rather than ME, helping them with ‘the SALVATION of their SOULS’.  MANKIND chose, ‘the PATH, they WANTED to take’; and there is ‘NO false compassion’ – from ANY of us, HERE, in Heaven.

And yet, the obvious question remains, “What did we see yesterday?”  Yesterday, we were speaking with a man, whom we met as we went about our daily duties; we were speaking with him about the illuminati.  As soon as we brought up that topic, the man raised his arms in the air, and looked up at the sky, and praised the illuminati, for everything they are doing, to run the world.  Seriously.  That’s what we witnessed.  Hey, once again, it’s “a tough job”, but someone’s got to do it! 
Monday, November 16, 2015
As the rest of the human race - those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant continue to devolve, the Members of the Faithful Remnant, are by that very fact, becoming the most intelligent people on the planet.  Need proof?  Here are some important encouraging words, from the Creator of the Universe - speaking to a Member of the Faithful Remnant.

Jesus said: Keep FOCUSING, on living IN, 'the Eternal NOW', because that is where you WILL receive, Blessings, and Graces from HEAVEN, My son. Do NOT, give in, to the bottom feeders, and their harsh DEMANDS of you.  DO NOT give IN TO THEM. YOU are 'self SUFFICIENT'.  HOW?  Because you turn to ME - for PROTECTION, and to PROVIDE for all your NEEDS.  THAT makes you SMART!

Live by the (double-edge) Sword
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
It is hunting season in North America.  And one Member of the Faithful Remnant thought it was a good idea to shoot toxic lead projectiles into a majestic creature of the forest, and then eat it.  That may sound a bit strange in these times, if you think about it - and that’s because most people don’t.  But Jesus does!
Jesus said: DO not hunt, to KILL My CREATURES, when you have FOOD, on your TABLE, EVERY evening!  KILLING is ‘NOT a sport’.  ANIMALS, are NOT, for KILLING.  WHAT did I DO, with the ANIMALS, before I sent the FLOOD waters UPON the Face of the EARTH, to DESTROY it?  And yet, YOU would hunt them DOWN?  YOU do not NEED, to eat red MEAT.  TIME to change, your DIET!
In other words, red meat is not something that people will eat in the fullness of the Era of Peace on Earth.  How will man dwell in peace with the animals, if the animals see man as some sort of crazy seasonal snipers?  And so, those Members of the Faithful Remnant who are planning on SEEING that Era, need to stop eating red meat now.  Simple.  And for now, that means... "Chicken or FISH anyone?"  One step at a time.
So what happens when a member of the Faithful Remnant comes down with the common cold?
Jesus said:  If HE is pushing himself, beyond, the NOURISHMENT, that he is RECEIVING, then he can EXPECT, to ‘get SICK’.  The BODY, can ONLY go for so LONG, without REST – EVEN with My GRACES! – to SUSTAIN.  COMMON sense and REASON, are STILL necessary, when CARING, for one’s health... The PHARMACEUTICAL companies, and, “their MEDICINE”, CANNOT, CURE, ‘the COMMON cold’.  TRULY, they are ONLY ‘a BAND-aid, solution’.  LOTS of rest; LOTS of water; LOTS of ORANGE juice; LOTS of TEA; and  a BREAK from CAFFEINE - WILL, facilitate, his healing.  Rejecting ‘the spirit of INFIRMITY’, will ALSO help.
And of course, some chicken noodle soup, with some added diced fresh garlic and fresh ginger, and bit of ground pepper, will also help speed up the healing process. 
On another note - "Life in the GARDEN" - of Eden, would have been SO much better, if Eve ONLY desired to ingest the NOURISHING food that was OFFERED... almost EVERYWHERE.
Jesus said: You NEED to reject your desire to make ‘the SPIRITUAL life’, MUCH MORE complicated, than it NEEDS to be.  You NEED to ASK for the GRACE, to be SIMPLISTIC – to simplify your LIFE, as a CHILD  - NOT ‘a little HELLION’, who does their OWN thing; but ‘a child, who desires, to please their PARENTS’ – a child, with a SOUL!  STOP turning INWARDS trying to find the ANSWERS, to your PROBLEMS; but turn to ME, your GOD, for the answer – and I will HELP you – with EVERY task, you seek to undertake.  STOP, SEEING, women, AND men, through your own EYES; and ask for the GRACE, to see both GENDERS, through MY Eyes.  EACH person, WAS, Created, DIFFERENTLY.  MEN AND WOMEN have different STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES. BUT! – OVERALL, the WOMAN, is "the weaker sex".  You SAY, that the WOMAN can see ‘SO MANY different OPTIONS’ – THAT is ‘not a STRENGTH’; INSTEAD, of being CONTENT, and filled with TRUE Peace – IN, My GARDEN – and following the PATH, laid out FOR her, to walk – EVE, SOUGHT, OUT, ‘a DIFFERENT option’! – one that CAUSED her to FALL, and FALL HARD!  Because the only OPTION she GRAVITATED towards, WAS “poison”.  And THAT is ‘the biggest PROBLEM’ – with YOU, being ‘a FEMALE’ – ONE of your biggest WEAKNESSES, is your DESIRE, to ingest, “POISON”! – whether, it is through, ‘POISONOUS spirituality and NEW AGE thinking’, OR, ‘the POISONOUS and TOXIC opinions, of others’; or ‘the POISONOUS CHATTER’, on the INTERNET, AND the RADIO.  The PROBLEM you are HAVING, and ‘the REASON My SPIRIT cannot SPEAK to you’, is BECAUSE you have ‘FAR too much POISON in your SYSTEM’.  THEREFORE I ASK you, to lift up to Me EVERYTHING that the enemy has sown in your Soul, AND trade his LIES, and his POISON, for the TRUTH! – for MY TRUE Peace. But DON’T ‘dwell on yourself’, and EXPECT that you will come to some “SELF-ILLUMINATION”!  VERY different, from WHAT you have been taught – “the ANSWER”, is NOT ‘WITHIN you’; "the SOLUTION" is NOT 'within you'.  You MUST, ‘SEEK Me’, in ALL that you DO – so that you can FIND Me – on a DAILY basis.  THERE’S no EXCUSE to be sad.  TRUE Joy, is ‘a GIFT’, for ‘the SPIRITUALLY, sane’
Recently it was revealed from Heaven, that the Members of the Faithful Remnant need to find a new home for their land pets.  But what most Members are NOT aware of, is how many times over the last several years, the Two Witnesses, have witnessed how the enemy can and does morph into those pets quite easily – even before the mark of the beast was given.  In fact, nowadays, the choice of a Member of the Remnant to hold on to their pet, IS the choice to subject that pet to the demonic attacks that are being sent by the occult world - attacks that are designed to afflict “the HUMANS who REMAIN” on the Earth - the ones who still have Souls. 

Actual email: My dog was crying.  I used to give him Blessed Holy Water.  I see the effects on him sometimes but, what I mean is that, I keep my distance from him.  And you know he is always waiting like that for me.  But I even said to my dog, that if I care about him, then it will be his end.  Why?  And today I dealt harshly with him.  In the past when you know, I yelled at him - even that made him cry.  I didn’t yell at him today.

Jesus said: AS for the dog, it is IMPORTANT to stay completely detached, from the creature. THINK of the DEVIL living INSIDE, that dog – TEMPTING, N., to show ‘FALSE compassion’ – to the DEVIL!  IF, the people in the BEAST state can NOT get to N., through DECEPTION, then the ENEMY, will SIMPLY use the DOG, as “a PORTAL” – to Hell’s kingdom.  It would BE BETTER if the dog was gotten RID of – if that were possible.  It is NECESSARY, FOR him to keep his DISTANCE, from ‘the CREATURE’. 

In other words, you KNOW what you are called to do with your pet.  Of COURSE, the DEMONS want you to KEEP it, AROUND, on YOUR terms. You are free to DO so.  But that will NOT make ‘your JOURNEY’, any easier.
Isn't it interesting, that some people have chosen to lose 'the MARK of the beast', in order to become a Member of the Faithful Remnant; and yet they won't let go of their actual BEAST?  That may sound shocking at first, but in a world where almost everyone is tethered by heavy chains to their pet demons, it really IS to be expected.
One of the members of the Faithful Remnant wanted to know if there is still hope for Ron Paul to repent.
Jesus said: AS for RON PAUL, ANYONE can be bought; THERE is “a price” – and he was BOUGHT, by that price.  And so he MADE his choice – RATHER, than ‘TRUSTING, that I would PROTECT his family’.

Actual Email:  ...The main thing I thought of that I needed to be honest of and repent of was my doubts about the Witnesses' power - where it comes from... I really want to believe and not doubt You or Your Testimony, and believe it is truly of God...
Jesus said: Thomas, would not BELIEVE, UNTIL, he saw the TRUTH, that was STANDING, right in front of him.  He was STUBBORN, until he could SEE, ‘the PROOF’, with his OWN EYES – that I, had RESURRECTED from the DEAD; and that My APOSTLES, had SEEN Me – with their OWN two EYES, as WELL.  HE would not BELIEVE, ‘THEIR words’; but he needed to SEE – for HIMSELF.  But WHAT was My RESPONSE – TO him – AFTER, he SAW, and BELIEVED?  But I SAID to him, “BLESSED, are THOSE, who BELIEVE, without, seeing”. [John 20:29]  And SO, ‘WHAT signs’, do I GIVE, the PEOPLE?  ONLY the Sign of JONAH.  And in THESE times – THAT is ‘their STATE of physical SADNESS, and DEPRESSION’ – ALSO know as ‘the BEAST STATE’.  In THIS, ‘DAY and AGE’ – JUSTICE – is ‘the SIGN’, that I GIVE – for the WICKEDNESS, OF, THIS generation.  And it is ‘a WICKED, and EVIL, and ADULTEROUS generation’, that SEEKS for ‘a Sign’.  When I MANIFEST, I MAKE My PRESENCE known; therefore NO additional Sign is needed.  “Signs” – THEY are there; BUT! – My TRUE Followers, do NOT FOLLOW Me, because of “SIGNS”, and “MIRACLES”; they FOLLOW ME, BECAUSE of Who I am – NOT because of what I can DO for them.
There are many different ways to pray.  Some of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, wanted to know "the very BEST way".
Jesus said: TELL him that WHEN he prays, he is CALLED to PRAY with his EYES open, and his HEART, fixed on Heaven. THIS will prevent him and N. turning INWARDS, while they pray.  And it is BEST, to pray the prayers OUT loud, IN unison - as a COUPLE, because they are NO longer TWO, but one. There is so much ‘DEMONIC chatter’ OUT there, IN the world – so by PRAYING out loud – they are TELLING the ENEMY, AND his kingdom, that the AIRWAVES, do NOT belong, to the DEVIL! – but that, MY Kingdom, HAS come – and, is BEING proclaimed, OUT loud, AGAINST the enemy, AND his kingdom.  They are ENCOURAGED – NOT to keep their prayers HIDDEN – INSIDE them; but to PRAY them, OUT loud; NOT before the whole WORLD – but, ‘AS a couple’ – with SOULS! – before ‘ALL of HEAVEN’ – as they TESTIFY, while they are ALONE together, ‘the FRUITFULNESS of their PRAYER lives’.
Actual Email:  Today I was wondering about the bad food, water and air and how all this is affecting the Remnant Family members.
Jesus said: ALL those, in My FAITHFUL Remnant Church, are under, My HEAVENLY ‘WITNESS PROTECTION Program’.  Unlike, the One World GOVERNMENT, and THEIR “secret organizations”, ALL those, who stay UNDER my Heavenly PROTECTION, and ABIDE by My WAYS, will SURVIVE, WILL Live – QUITE well, during this ‘Time of TRIBULATION’.  ALL those in My Faithful REMNANT, are, PROTECTED, from the ELEMENTS, from HARM.  BUT, if they ‘go off and do their own THING’ – that is WHEN ‘My Protection is LIFTED’; and, they experience: SICKNESS, frailty, PAIN, PHYSICAL anguish, Spiritual MALNOURISHMENT, and even FRUSTRATION – Because, THOSE, that I have MENTIONED, ARE ‘the fruits, of BAD CHOICES'!  SO, ARE My Remnant, “INVINCIBLE”?  NO, they are NOT.  Are My REMNANT, “INFALLIABLE”?  NO, they are NOT.  ALL I ask, is that My FAITHFUL Remnant, STAY, IN, the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, OF, the MOMENT – and DO NOT TURN to the LEFT; and DO NOT TURN to the RIGHT; BUT, SIMPLY ‘stay, on the narrow PATH’. YES! – the WAY is VERY narrow!  And FEW, HAVE been Blessed to FIND it!  BILLIONS, are ‘walking the PATH, of DESTRUCTION’ – the BROAD path – the path, of WICKEDNESS, and DEPRAVITY.  My REMNANT, are called to, ‘RAISE the bar’ – MUCH higher.

Who will Rule over you?
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Actual Email:  Please i want to know if Ellen G White was truly a prophetess of The Most High True God or not? Where is she now?
For those who don't know who she is, she is the one responsible for the MASSIVE and INCOMPREHENSIBLE lie that is being proclaimed by the Seventh Day Adventists - who greet people at their weekly SATURDAY gathering, with the words, "Happy Sabbath!".  We should know, we witnessed that, first hand, as we did, "our rounds", of the religious institutions out there.

Jesus said: NO.  The HEADS and FOUNDERS of ALL of ‘the FALSE religious organizations’ – that were in FACT, ‘SET up’, and FUNDED, by the ILLUMINATI, are not HERE with Me.  They DID not make it – because their “TREASURE”, was ONLY, in THIS WORLD, and IN the flesh.  They were NOT ‘SEEKING’, AFTER, the HEAVENLY Gifts, VIRTUES – the whole POINT of ‘them FOUNDING’, those institutions, was for the sole PURPOSE, of bringing, My FLOCK, away, from the SACRED Truths - BRINGING My FLOCK BACK into ‘the LETTER of the Law’, and AWAY from ‘the SPIRIT of the Law’.  Those “religious leaders”, were not TRULY religious, in ANY way.  BUT – they were ‘SELF-centered’, and EGOTISTICAL – MOST, OF them.  They were ‘DECEIVED, by FALLEN angels’ – to ‘FOUND’, their RELIGIOUS organizations.  THEY are “WATERLESS clouds”, casting up ‘the FOAM of their own SHAME’!  No. There is ONLY One TRUE Faith – and THAT is ‘the ROMAN CATHOLIC Faith’ - and that is ‘the UNIVERSAL Faith’, of those who choose to BELIEVE IN ME, and ACT upon that FAITH, in their hearts – who BELIEVE, without seeing; who RECEIVE MY Testimony – INTO their hearts; NOT THE Bible; but My TESTIMONY that EXPLAINS the Bible – in its ‘TRUE, interpretation’.  The ONES who RECEIVE My TESTIMONY – YES, they are ‘BEHEADDED, by their former FAMILIES’ – BUT, WHY would they want to be ‘RULED over by the BEASTS’ in the FIRST place?   I ask My Faithful Remnant to REJOICE, that they are ‘under My HEADSHIP’ – the Headship of their KING; REJOICE, that I SIT Enthroned in their hearts – RULING, with MERCY, Love, and FORGIVENESS.  It is My TRUE Faithful REMNANT, who have been made WORTHY, of My GOODNESS.  But those in ‘the BEAST state’, are “ACCURSED”! 

Actual Email: This is like a dual life that I’m living…”I’m IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF THE WORLD”. I have to constantly remind myself that I’m living in a society that really doesn’t exist. And even though I can see this physical society with my physical eyes…it’s really a FALSE REALITY.  The stores, the cars, the jobs, restaurants, families, etc. are all fake to me, because soon it will all be destroyed. The dual life isn’t easy to live…
Jesus said: It is NOT, ‘DUAL, living’, UNLESS, you are ‘at WAR WITHIN yourself’; unless you are ‘DIVIDED’, in some way.  But YOU are called to be ‘ONE’; NOT ‘TWO individuals’, within the same BODY.  You are NOT called, to be ‘double MINDED’; you are NOT called, to be ‘TWO different PEOPLE’.  You are not called to be ‘ONE face’, in front of [the Members of the Faithful Remnant] – and ‘a DIFFERENT face’, in front of the WORLD.  YOU are called, to be ‘ONE individual, UNDER Me – YOUR King’.  If YOU, ARE focused, on the FACT, that YOU, are ONE, of, ‘MY Royal SUBJECTS’ - then “the GLITZ”, and “the GLAMOUR”, THIS world has to offer, will SIMPLY ‘FADE away, into OBLIVION’.  Because ‘HOW YOU APPEAR’, in the sight of OTHERS, will NOT matter, TO you; ALL that will matter, is how you will appear before My THRONE, in EACH and every moment of your LIFE.  You are CALLED to be ‘IN THE WORLD’, but NOT ‘OF the world’.  THIS means, you are CALLED, to be ‘BORN, of MY Spirit’; but NOT ‘born of the world’. You are called to LIVE, in the world – COMPLETELY united, to My Divine WILL – in your INTERIOR life.  So do EVERYTHING, mindful, that I am watching, and I am LISTENING – and that I AM, taking into account, your GOOD deeds; and, I AM taking INTO account, YOUR poor CHOICES.  And WHEN you ASK for FORGIVENESS – the SCALES are ‘tipped, IN your FAVOR’!  You can do ‘NO good THING’ – WITHOUT Me.  ALL, GOODNESS, COMES FROM Me; and, I GIVE this ‘GOODNESS’, to whom I PLEASE – to WHOMEVER, I desire to.  SO, be SMALL, in your OWN eyes; and be FILLED, with ABUNDANT spiritual RICHES.  Be ‘BIG’, in your OWN EYES – and then you’re too ‘FULL’, to receive anything MORE, from Me.  You must DECREASE, SO I, may increase. REJECT, the DEMON, of ‘a DUAL, personality’; and ASK, for the Grace, to be ONE – to be ‘WHOLE’.  WHEN you embrace, ‘a divided heart’ – THAT, is when you are, ‘the WEAKEST’; and THAT is when, your former SICKNESS, begins, to OVERTAKE you, ONCE again.  What HAPPENS, when ‘the PHYSICAL heart’, is divided, or cut? How LONG, does a person HAVE – before they DIE, PHYSICALLY?  It is the SAME, with the SPIRITUAL life: those who are DIVIDED, CANNOT stand; but they WILL fall. So SEEK, to, be, ‘ONE individual’ – NOT, ‘the old N.’ – but ‘the NEW N.'.  And DO NOT focus, on what you DON’T have; focus ONLY, on what YOU, HAVE, BEEN, GIVEN.
One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant asked for “a spiritual report card” today.
Actual Email:  Please give me a spiritual report card.

Jesus said: WHY have you not, been contacting, My Two WITNESSES, for DAILY Divine Counsel?

[Note: there WAS a video posted here; but ironically, the individual who posted it, stopped emailing us, and chose to be overwhelmed instead.]

Jesus said: MANY of the Saints, were AFFLICTED, by IMAGES, of the devil; or of HIDEOUS looking CREATURES – WHILE, they were in PRAYER. And EVEN sometimes, they were PHYSICALLY attacked - BY, the devil HIMSELF.  But, EVEN in the midst of all THAT, they would CONTINUE, to PERSEVERE, ‘to do their BEST’, to FOCUS on Me; and they would NOT stop praying.  ONE of the goals, of the ENEMY, in these TIMES, is to SIMPLY, DISTRACT, My FAITHFUL Remnant, from their PRAYERS – to MAKE their prayers, FRUITLESS – so that when they PRAY, they are SO distracted, by ‘the image of the DEVIL’, that by the TIME they FINISH their prayers, they became ‘WASTED’.  BUT, My Faithful REMNANT are called to PERSEVERE, in remaining SPIRITUALLY Focused, on Me, in each and every MOMENT.  It is “not EASY” - BECAUSE, there are so many DISTRACTIONS, in the WORLD.  MY Faithful Remnant need to KNOW, that it is SIMPLY ‘foolish’, to be afraid of the devil – because, HE cannot do ANYTHING, TO them, WITHOUT their consent. He needs ‘THEIR, cooperation’, in order, to gain power, OVER them.  Just as I, need ‘the cooperation, of My FAITHFUL Remnant FOLLOWERS’, to KEEP them ‘out of the HANDS of the enemy’, and OUT of the power, of ‘the EVIL one’.  The WHOLE WORLD is in ‘the power of the EVIL one’!  So ‘the only SOULS’, left - for the DEVIL, and his ANGELS to ‘take ON’ – are the SOULS of My Faithful REMNANT.  SO! – My FAITHFUL Remnant MUST be ‘EVER vigilant’, in TURNING, to ME – AND, to Saint MICHAEL, AND, to their Guardian ANGEL! – at EACH MOMENT of temptation. THOUGH they are TEMPTED, they DO NOT HAVE to fall, for the devil’s tricks – because I ALWAYS provide, ‘the NARROW path’ – THROUGH the valley of the SHADOW of death.  I ALWAYS provide ‘a WAY OUT, of the temptation’ – a WAY to OVERCOME. SO, My FAITHFUL Remnant are stronger the NEXT time! – the ENEMY approaches.  HOW is it, ‘JUST’, that My FAITHFUL Remnant, be ‘TESTED’, and ‘TRIED’? – and be TEMPTED?  Even the Angels, were ‘tested’ – because I am ‘JUST’ – and even I was tempted, by the devil HIMSELF.  And My FATHER ALLOWED this to HAPPEN, because He is ‘JUST’.  And so there is ‘ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE’, to FALL, into serious sin; there is ‘NO excuse’, to ABANDON ‘the state of Grace’.  My FAITHFUL Remnant, ARE called, to OVERCOME, the World – by LIVING IN, AND abiding WITH Me; OTHERWISE, the WORLD, WILL, ‘overcome them’.

One of the members of the Faithful Remnant noticed the moon becoming brighter as they prayed the Rosary.
Jesus said: It has ALREADY been addressed, about Signs, My children.  YES, the MOON becomes ‘a little bit BRIGHTER’, when My Faithful Remnant are PRAYING, The ROSARY. YES, the MOON, symbolizes, the Blessed Virgin MARY.  YES, THEY will experience MORE of her LOVE and COMFORT, as they PRAY, the Holy ROSARY, from their HEARTS. But the SIGNS are not ‘an END in THEMSELVES’; they are SIMPLY there, to help My REMNANT – as ‘a REASSURANCE, of HEAVEN’S Protection, AND Love.

As The Most High True God gathers His Remnant together, Mary and I discovered that we aren’t the only ones fraternally correcting our brothers and sisters in the ONE TRUE Roman Catholic Faith.

Jesus said: “Fraternal correction” is LOVE...  And fraternal correction MUST be done, WITH, ONLY the good, of your FELLOW brothers, IN mind; must ONLY BE GIVEN, ‘OUT of Love’, for their SOULS – and NEVER, out of FRUSTRATION, irritation, or ANGER.  BUT! – ALL of the [members of the Faithful Remnant who are living with other Remnant members] need to pray, for PATIENCE, and self-CONTROL; determination, AND endurance – in ORDER to MAKE their LIVING arrangement, WORK.  SOME, of My APOSTLES, DIDN’T get along, EITHER. Their “personalities”, rubbed ‘OTHER personalities’, the wrong way.  AND, THEY had, arguments, AND fights; BUT, what set them APART – from, the REST of My disciples, was that ‘they sought to OVERCOME, their weaknesses’, by turning to Me for HELP, and Guidance. JUDAS was the one, that kept to HIMSELF – and bottled EVERYTHING up, inside; and UNFORTUNATELY, THAT is HOW, ALL people in SOCIETY have been taught: to bottle it all UP INSIDE, and simply ‘UNLEASH their demons’ – on ‘a therapist’ - THAT, is “WORLDLY thinking”.  I am asking My True APOSTLES, to SHARE what is on their hearts DAILY; BECAUSE if they don’t, they are simply SHUNNING, the TRUE inspirations, of the TRUE Holy Spirit – WHO WANTS them to share, ‘THOSE revelations’, WITH, My Two Witnesses.

With the seasonal tree celebrations rapidly approaching, some Members of the Faithful Remnant are wondering how they are going to deal with the seasonal tree former family gatherings.

Jesus said: He NEEDS to tell his former family, that ‘SIMPLY’, he has NOTHING, in common with them, any LONGER.  They are all on ‘a different JOURNEY’, and PATH, than the one HE has chosen to take.  They need to ‘RESPECT, HIS decision’.  HE desires to practice ‘being a True CHRISTIAN’; THEY want to use WITCHCRAFT and ‘satanic POWER’ to have ‘CONTROL, OVER him’.  So, HE has ‘NOTHING further’, to SHARE, with ANY of them. 

And now for an announcement that will make this coming holiday season, a season worth celebrating to the FULLEST – APART, from “the human shells, filled to the brim with demons” – AKA, “former family members”.  

Jesus said: There ARE, MILLIONS, of children, who ALSO have, ‘Guardian Angels’, who have been PRESERVED, by Grace.  It is HARD – Yes; but it will be ‘even HARDER’ – the MORE, he CHOOSES, to keep in CONTACT, with THOSE in the BEAST state.  N. needs to know, HE is not ‘PART of some social entity’; HE is ‘his OWN man’, and can MAKE ‘his own CHOICES’, and has NO obligation, to those in the BEAST state – WHATSOEVER.  If he DOES as I ASK OF HIM – I WILL ‘UPHOLD his decision’.
It must be extremely frustrating for the One World Government, to hear about all the members of the Faithful Remnant, whom the Most High True God, has SUCCESSFULLY hidden, from ALL their global surveillance efforts.  They hid their global satellite surveillance budget, behind fake Moon landing, fake manned space station, and fake trip to Mars hoaxes.  They hid their remote back door access cameras, in the televisions, and in the cell phones, and even in the street light motion detectors.  They hid their real time recording of every phone conversation around the globe, for many years.  But the Creator of the Universe, successfully hid, His Faithful Remnant, better than they could possibly imagine, conceive, or even fathom - ANY, contingency plan for.  So let those with the mark of the beast, celebrate around the seasonal trees, that the One World Government, is presently setting up, around the world, to mock their Creator with.  Because in the Faithful Remnant, WE celebrate Christmas EVERY, SINGLE, DAY!  
"To HAVE doubts", is in fact a choice, and a lifestyle decision - ESPECIALLY when a person with a SOUL KNOWS that those doubts are in fact manifestations of DEMONS in their interior life; and when a person is fully informed that those doubts are PERSONALLY ATTACKING, the Testimony, of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Actual Email:  Pope Peter and Mary, I'm having my doubts about CERN… I thought former family and friends would be affected horribly. Instead, some of the former family is doing well from past Alcohol addiction - not drinking still … I hope to grow.  I feel like I'm climbing.  I'm trying to stay in the moment but I still stumble…

Jesus said: THERE is ‘a HEAVINESS in the air’ when you LEAVE your home. And this ‘HEAVINESS’, is called, ‘the CERN waves’.  And the waves DO come, and they DO go.  And SOME days, the air will be HEAVIER, than others – as MORE and MORE, OF, ‘the devil’s KINGDOM’, is made MANIFEST – all AROUND you.  ASK Me to SHOW you, ‘the effects of CERN’ – and I WILL – ONLY to confirm ‘what you ALREADY know, to be True’.  What you are FIGHTING against, is YOURSELF!  You HAVE become ‘DIVIDED’ – as the WORLD PULLS YOU in ONE direction – like ‘a black HOLE’, sucking EVERYTHING INTO it.  And THEN there is My TESTIMONY – of LIFE, of TRUTH; of True PEACE – AND, ‘the Blessed GIFT’, of LIVING in ‘a Blessed MARRIAGE’.  YOU, have to DECIDE in each and every moment ‘what REALITY, you are going to CHOOSE’ – BECAUSE, there is ‘the FAÇADE’, that the WORLD offers; and there are, ‘the SMOKE screens’, that all the people in ‘the BEAST state’ put UP, for you to LOOK at; and THEN there is My TESTIMONY – REVEALING to you “the most UNCOMFORTABLE Truths IMAGINABLE’!  The WORLD, is “a sick PLACE”; and all the PEOPLE, that you KNEW, from your PAST, are ALL, ‘VERY SICK individuals’ – THEY are “sick and BURDENED” by their SINS – by “the SHACKLES, of the ENEMY”; but THEY do not want to be RELEASED from the shackles – BECAUSE of ‘what he OFFERS them’.  Those in ‘the BEAST state’ WANT to be ENSLAVED to their SINS.  OH yes! – the ENEMY, can even PRETEND, to LIFT an ADDICTION; even pretend to HEAL someone; but it is SIMPLY “a SHELL game” – as one AFFLICTION, or “ADDICTION” is LIFTED, he has ‘a FIRM grip’ or STRONGHOLD, on ANOTHER one!  I WANT to lift EVERYONE’S ‘addiction’ – ESPECIALLY ‘their ADDICTION to their sins’; but THOSE with ‘the mark of the BEAST’, are ‘SATISFIED, in their SINS’; and with the CERN waves – they are LOSING their humanity; and SOME of them have ‘LOST their humanity COMPLETELY!’ What YOU are not AWARE of, is that at NIGHT – THAT is when “the alien BEINGS”, simply enter INTO the people with the MARK, and take up residence IN them. And EVERY single NIGHT, more and more alien CREATURES ENVELOP them.  And THEY, become, ‘BREEDING grounds’, for MORE demons!  NOT “a pretty picture”; BUT it is the TRUTH.  MY FAITHFUL Remnant, are the ONES, who are FIGHTING, “the ALIEN, INVASION” – the ALIEN Transformation.  And INSTEAD, My Faithful REMNANT, are ‘SEEKING to be TRANSFORMED’, by My WORD; by My TESTIMONY! – while their “FORMER family, AND friends”, BECOME, “inhabited” – by the alien CREATURES! – that have been ‘BROUGHT in to the UNIVERSE’ – BY the CERN, HADRON, COLLIDER.  So “DOUBT”, as LONG AS YOU WANT to.  BUT, your DOUBTS will not help you GROW; and they most CERTAINLY, will not HELP you survive.  The TRUTH, can NOT be changed.  And, YOU, cannot ‘CHOOSE’, for YOURSELF, ‘WHAT IS True’.  “TRUTH”, is not “FOUND”, by ‘a DEMOCRATIC vote’, or ‘MOST POPULAR vote’.  “TRUTH”, is ABSOLUTE.  I AM the Truth.  And MANKIND – MAN, KINDS, “POPULAR vote” – VOTED ME out, of their lives.  SO let them HAVE their ALIEN beings! – and, join them in ‘the FLAMES’, afterwards.

What's THAT? - "Do I know any good BEDTIME STORIES?"  Ummm.  Let's see now...  How about "the TRUTH!"  And now, on another note: What to do with memories.

Jesus said: Whenever a memory of the PAST, ‘pops into your HEAD’, simply STOP, WHATEVER it is you are doing – if you, are ABLE to; and GIVE ME, ‘that MEMORY’; and ASK Me, to SEND, ‘the corresponding TRUTH’ – TO you, instead.  And I WILL.  Because, the MEMORIES, you HAVE, of your past LIFE, do not EXIST.  A MEMORY is SIMPLY, ‘MOVING pictures’, from ‘a past MOMENT, in your LIFE’.  The ENEMY, TRIES, to get people, to STAY – IN the past! – living ‘a MEMORY’ – OVER again, in their MINDS; but THAT is a desire to live IN, ‘a FALSE, REALITY’; because the past is ‘OVER, and DONE with’, and no longer EXISTS!  Those ‘past SITUATIONS’, no longer EXIST; BUT! – IN YOUR mind!  And SO, you need to ASK, for the Grace to LIVE, IN, ‘the ETERNAL Now’!   NOT the past; NOT the FUTURE; but NOW.

Today, some of the Members of the Faithful Remnant thought they had lost a very important key.  And yet, they chose to remain spiritually focused, and call on Heaven for help, as they looked for it, for quite some time.  And then, just as they were about to give up looking, it miraculously appeared, at their feet.

Jesus said: It WAS, ‘a SIMPLE test of Faith’… to SEE ‘how they would DO, under some PRESSURE’. They did VERY well.  Because, INSTEAD of ‘staying FLUSTERED’, they decided to work TOGETHER as ‘a TEAM’; they PRAYED together – to find the KEY.  And NOW, they KNOW, even MORE so – how much, ALL of us, in HEAVEN, are LISTENING.  They SOUGHT; and so they found – WITH, ‘a little HELP’, from Saint ANTHONY – the KEY, was ‘PUT in a place’, where they WOULD find it.  This is ‘JUST an example’ of HOW much I care, FOR My Faithful Remnant, “DISCIPLES”.  And, if THEY are able, to work together, to solve ‘a PHYSICAL problem’ – then HOW much MORE will they be able, to solve their ‘SPIRITUAL problems’ – by turning to ALL OF Heaven.  In OTHER words, THIS was simply, “a DRY run”.

One way, “the bottom feeders”, are trying to pull people with Souls, OFF the Ark – is through using witchcraft, to try to change the reality of the Members as they sleep.  Of course, the One World Government is PHYSICALLY using technology, to achieve the same result - through project bluebeam.  Is it WORKING?

Jesus said: It IS important, that you REJECT, your desire to DREAM, of former FAMILY members, AND relatives. YOU need to reject ‘your DESIRE, to entertain the ENEMY, IN your dreams’; and ASK for the Grace, to ONLY dream IN, ‘the Truth’ – and IN ‘the True REALITY’. When you PERSEVERE, in ‘THESE DESIRES’, then the ENEMY will BACK-off – in your dreams; and NO longer, will ‘FORMER family members’, be, PROMINENT, IN your dreams.  It IS because, YOU are still attached, TO, your former family – through ‘FEELINGS’.  It would be BEST, if YOU reject, ‘ALL SPIRITUAL ties’, with THOSE, in the BEAST state; and SIMPLY ask, for the Grace, to BE, COMPLETELY dependent, upon ME, your CREATOR, for EVERYTHING.  For DID I NOT ‘MAKE you’; did I not ‘FORM YOU’?  Do I not know ALL, of your NEEDS?  And I provide for them ALL!  And JUST like My, Two WITNESSES – the same GOES, for each MEMBER, of My FAITHFUL Remnant: you do NOT need, ANYONE – in ‘the BEAST state’; you do not NEED, ‘their APPROVAL’; YOU do NOT need ‘their ACCEPTANCE’.  You need ONLY desire, to PLEASE Me – your CREATOR, in EVERYTHING that you DO, THINK, AND say.

What does it mean, to be selfless?  What does it mean, “to be BORN, in the Era of PEACE”?

Jesus said: To be SELFLESS, is to share ‘the Gift of YOURSELF’, with OTHERS, who have SOULS!  To be SELFLESS, is to ALLOW, My SPIRITUAL Gifts, to flow THROUGH you – to OTHERS, so that, THEY – as in ‘the ones with SOULS’, may GLORIFY, My FATHER – who LIVES and Reigns in HEAVEN, FOREVER.  Of COURSE, you will need to DO things, for YOURSELF – and THAT does not make you “SELFISH”.  WHAT is SELFISH, is ‘holding BACK, everything’, I, have given TO you; what is SELFISH, is ‘CONTINUALLY dissecting, and ANALYZING’ My TESTIMONY – to the POINT, of My WORDS, losing ‘all MEANING, and PURPOSE’, IN your LIFE.  To be BORN, in My ERA of Peace, IS to LIVE the ETERNAL Now; and just ‘BE’ – BE WHO YOU, are CALLED to be – My SON!

On the topic of fraternal correction, here is an important reminder, to never filter, the inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit.

Jesus said: REMEMBER, when GIVING ‘fraternal correction’, NEVER, to take into consideration, ‘HOW a person, may FEEL about what is being said TO them’.  When you are SEEKING to correct them, in TRUTH, and ‘out of LOVE’ – YOU will not be CONCERNED, about ‘how they may VIEW you’ – afterwards.  For TRULY, YOU have DONE YOUR part!  And THEN, it is THEY, who must decide ‘how they will RESPOND’, to the Truth.

Many Members of the Faithful Remnant, have asked if they are responsible for what happens in their dreams.

Jesus said: YOU, did not sin, My son; so do NOT be concerned, about ‘THAT’.  For you have ‘no CONTROL’, over what you do IN, your DREAMS – at your PRESENT ‘spiritual LEVEL’… ASK for the GRACE, to WAKE up – when EVER, you are ATTACKED, IN, your dreams.  Ask your Guardian ANGEL to wake you. The ENEMY, WANTS you for himself; but he CANNOT HAVE you – as LONG as you STRIVE to LISTEN – TO My COUNSEL, for your Soul.  KEEP, PERSEVERING, with ‘the GOOD resolutions’, that you have made – because it is TRUE! – ALL of Heaven IS watching you – and you ARE CALLED to be MINDFUL, of OUR PRESENCE WITH you, EVERYWHERE you go. This will HELP YOU, to have ‘an EVEN MORE, awakened conscience, and SELF-awareness’ - that are MUCH needed, in these Times.

Some Members of the Faithful Remnant, have still not yet learned how to deal with “the BEASTS” - especially, their former family members who have been without their SOULS, and without any connection with their Creator, since they received “the MARK”, back in 2012.

Jesus said: REJECT, your DESIRE to ALLOW the beasts, to ANTAGONIZE you. REJECT, your DESIRE, to ALLOW the BEASTS, to push your BUTTONS!  The only REASON, that they are still ‘coming AFTER you’, and that they are still ‘HARASSING you’, is because you FEED them, and GIVE them ‘what they WANT’.  They WANT to ‘get a RISE out of you’; and get YOU to ‘lose your PEACE’… WHY are you STILL cooperating with ‘THEIR plan, for your life’ – and THAT is, ‘their DESIRES, to make YOUR life, a living HELL – like THEIRS’?  WHY not INSTEAD, DO, what I am asking of YOU… BE, AROUND, ‘like-minded PEOPLE’!  And LEARN to form friendships, with THEM!  STOP! – allowing the BEASTS, to take up your TIME!  HOW have I called you to LIVE? - THAT is ‘the QUESTION, you need to ASK yourself’.

When people knowingly reject the Gift of Divine Counsel for their lives, it is always because there is something they are clinging to, MORE tightly…

Jesus said: You NEED to reject ‘the demon of REBELLION’, and ASK for the Grace to be DOCILE, to ALL that I am ASKING of you.

Many Members of the Faithful Remnant, are the parents, of young Members.  And parents need all the help they can get – from their CREATOR that is.

Jesus said: It is BETTER, to say “YES”, or “NO”, when DEALING, with CHILDREN – because ANYTHING else, can ‘MISGUIDE them’ – to COME to the wrong CONCLUSION, about, what they are ALLOWED, or NOT allowed to do, with their time. 


When Members of the Faithful Remnant SHUN, Daily Divine Counsel, and then realize, that they NEED it, in order to SURVIVE this Time of Tribulation, “ANSWERS”, will be necessary.

Jesus said: WHY have you been REFUSING, to seek DAILY Divine COUNSEL?  FIRST ANSWER that question, and THEN I will help you.

Whenever a Member of the Faithful Remnant hears a persistent ringing in the ears, they have a choice: they can either call upon the immediate and necessary “spiritual countermeasures”; or they can choose to become “a victim of their own neglect”.  When we turned to Jesus Christ the Lord, to bring one particular incident before His Throne in Heaven, this is what He said…

Jesus said: ASK her what steps she took to fix the problem.  Did she commend ANYONE, to My Divine JUSTICE; or JUST ‘let it slide’? Did she ASK Saint MICHAEL to deflect the ATTACK back at those who SENT IT?  MORE of the picture is MISSING here My Children.  She is not ‘a VICTIM’, of alien tech.  Understand?... She NEEDS to reject her DESIRE to SEE herself as ‘a VICTIM, of alien TECHNOLOGY’; and ASK for the Grace, to turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit, instead – to focus on the TRUE Holy Spirit; to focus on ME, her TRUE Shepherd – in order for the AFFLICTION, to LIFT.  It is SIMPLY ‘a distraction’ – from ‘spiritual focus’; and UNFORTUNATELY it is working.

The “ONE PERCENT” with Souls, have free will.  And with freedom, comes responsibility.

Jesus said: Only YOU can choose.  Only YOU can decide, ‘HOW to RESPOND to the Graces, from Heaven’; and how to RESPOND, to temptation, and to the DEMONS, that are OFFERED to you.  YOU decide, what KINGDOM, you want to BELONG to – by your CHOICES!  And YOU are NOT “a VICTIM”, of your poor choices!  STOP pretending to be!

Some of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, who are struggling with “the obesity deformation program”, will surely appreciate, “the antidote”.

Jesus said: Consecrate ‘the MODERATION OF your appetites’, TO the TRUE Holy Spirit, DAILY.  AND, reject ‘the spirit of GLUTTONY’; and the DESIRE to OVEREAT – ANY time, you HAVE that desire.  And ASK for the Grace, to EAT, ONLY what you need to. If YOU are working hard, YOU WILL need more NOURISHMENT – more FOOD.  If it is the end of the DAY, YOU will need ‘LESS food’, to eat; and MORE of My TESTIMONY, to read. 

Unfortunately, Mary and I have received some very long and rambling emails – even after we posted a message on this specific topic.  One Member of the Remnant actually decided to send us 10,000 words, or 30 typed pages, over just a few days.  This is not acceptable.  For those who still have this tendency, here is some important Counsel.

Jesus said: STOP, turning INWARDS – and MAKING your spiritual JOURNEY, so COMPLICATED!... ASK for the Grace to SEE yourself, in the LIGHT of TRUTH – AS My TRUE child.   And STOP giving the DEMONS ‘a VOICE’ – THROUGH your emails.  SEND them PACKING!  YOU have ‘the Gift, of DISCERNMENT’ – so WHY are you not ‘USING it’? – in ORDER to discern, WHAT, to include in your EMAILS, to My TWO Witnesses.  By FAILING to discern, you are ABUSING the Gift of Divine Counsel. Am I ANGRY AT you?  ONLY briefly – when you SIN, and OFFEND.  BUT! – My Anger lasts, for a moment; and My STEADFAST Love, for ETERNITY.  FOCUS then, on My LOVE, FOR your SOUL; and FOR your WELLBEING.  FOCUS on ME; and STOP, looking for ‘DEMONIC SIGNS’, all AROUND you. YES! – the DEVIL has put ‘his STAMP’, on MILLIONS of THINGS, in the WORLD; BUT, YOU have a SOUL, and YOU are called to CARE for your Soul; and to KEEP your Soul – from the EVIL one.  I am your SAVIOR; BUT, YOU must do YOUR part.

Living in a world of “animated human shells”, isn’t easy.  But by using 'the Gift of Spiritual Focus', MANY Members of the Faithful Remnant, are already beginning to experience, what life will be like, in the FULLNESS of the PHYSICAL Era of Peace on Earth… - like a walk in the park!

Jesus said: The MORE, you stay FOCUSED, on WHAT I am ASKING you to DO, in EACH and EVERY moment, the LIGHTER, your ‘CROSS’, is going to BE. Because what MAKES, your cross HEAVY, is when you turn INWARDS; or when you look, OUT, at the ROARING sea – AROUND you, and ‘ALL of the trappings of the WORLD’, and you ‘TUNE in’ to ‘the SPIRIT of the world’ – THAT is ‘how your cross, is MADE heavy’. But WHEN you choose to focus on ME – I make ‘EVERY burden’, “light” – SO light! – that, you SIMPLY, will get to a point, in your ‘spiritual JOURNEY’, in your SPIRITUAL daily walk WITH Me, that you WON’T, even, NOTICE – that you are CARRYING anything; because it is My GRACE that sustains you; it is My GRACE that FILLS you; it is My GRACE that GIVES you the STRENGTH, to carry your CROSS.  So FOCUS on My GRACE; FOCUS on all of HEAVEN; FOCUS on the TRUE PEACE, that HAS been given TO you; focus on your True IDENTITY, as My CHILD; focus on ‘MY Life’, within you – and FOCUS on PLEASING Me, in EVERYTHING that you DO – and the ‘WORLDLY BURDENS’, will SIMPLY be ‘a JOY, to carry’.

Some Members of the Faithful Remnant, are separated from their biological children - who through the use of the Blessed Holy Water, have in fact RECEIVED their Souls back.  One such member wanted to address their child’s Guardian Angel by name.  But the response they got back from Heaven, revealed SO much more.

Jesus said: YOU must simply ‘TRUST’, in, My Father’s WILL, AND Plan.  For HE can see ‘SO much more’, of ‘the BIGGER picture’.  AS for N.’s, GUARDIAN ANGEL’S NAME, it is, MUCH better, that you do NOT know – but SIMPLY address, N.’s GUARDIAN Angel, AS, “GUARDIAN Angel, who guards N.” – when you are praying.  HE is well protected, My son – along with the millions of OTHER children, OUT there – who are “ORPHANS”, of THIS world”; and WHO have been ‘ADOPTED’, by ALL OF Heaven.

I am sure that I wrote somewhere else on the website, that praying the Holy Rosary, is one of the most difficult spiritual exercises known to man. And now that the Faithful Remnant is being ACTIVELY TARGETED by the very jealous empty shells in the occult world, some Members are seeking Divine Counsel in order to pray it better.

Jesus said: You NEED, to ASK for the GRACE, to DESIRE to be SPIRITUALLY focused, when PRAYING, the Holy ROSARY.  It is “NOT easy”, BECAUSE they are ‘repetitive PRAYERS’ – but they ARE, ‘MOST necessary’, IN these Times - for your SPIRITUAL Protection, AND your wellbeing.  Ask the True HOLY SPIRIT what to pray for, on each BEAD – and then SEE how fast, time PASSES.  And, EVEN commend, ‘THOSE who are ATTACKING you’, to My IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine JUSTICE – AS you pray, the Holy Rosary.  THIS will help, you even MORE – REGAIN, your spiritual focus.

Many members of the Faithful Remnant have been mocked, for choosing to have a Soul, and to have Life, and to have it abundantly.  This has nothing to do with “intelligence”; but rather – it is simply “a personal preference”, that causes the demons in the human shells, to squirm, and protest, as their cessation of existence progresses rapidly.

Jesus said: WHENEVER, you HEAR, ‘the BEASTS’, make ‘a STIR’ – SIMPLY, COMMEND them, to My IMMEDIATE, and ONGOING, Divine JUSTICE – so that THEY, are NOT ‘a DISTRACTION’, BUT, ‘a prayer INTENTION’, in disguise.  THE beasts – they need ‘LOTS, of Justice’!  The DIFFERENCE, between, ‘the JUSTICE they RECEIVE’, and ‘the DISCIPLINE, My Faithful REMNANT receive’ – is that My Faithful REMNANT, are ‘AFFLICTED’ – to the point of ‘bringing them BACK to their SENSES’ – when they go off and do their own THING.  BUT, with ‘the BEASTS’, there IS no ‘bringing them back’ – they are ‘EMPTY, of ALL life; DESOLATE, AND alone’; they are FILLED, with ‘the many COMFORTS of this life’ – they are filled with ‘their SUCCESS stories’ and ‘THEIR vain ACCOMPLISHMENTS’; but THOSE things mean NOTHING to Me.  Because what I care about, is ‘the DOCILITY’, of MY Faithful Remnant Followers – their DOCILE Souls, are ‘what I CARE about the most’.  Because, with humility AND docility, they can CONTINUE to flourish and grow – TALL, like ‘the CEDARS of Lebanon’.  But THOSE in ‘the BEAST state’, WILL, remain STAGNANT; and the STENCH, and the FILTH, of their own SINS, will be “what CLOTHES them”.  I do not, ‘VALUE’, “intelligence” – UNLESS, it is “SPIRITUAL intelligence” – and THAT is, ‘a PERSON’S ABILITY’, to see, that they HAVE a Soul, and NEED to CARE for it, and NOURISH it, with Words of Truth and LIFE.  OR there are those, who are ‘STUPID minded’ – and THEY are the ones, WITHOUT Souls; and THEY ARE THE ONES, missing “NOTHING”, in their OWN eyes – because, they are FULL, with ‘the SPIRIT of the world’.  So NEVER think yourself, to be “STUPID” – RATHER, when you LOOK, AROUND you, SEE ‘the TRUTH’ – SEE the ONES, in the BEAST state, CONTINUING, to DEVOLVE, as they receive MORE and MORE of ‘a BASE mind’, and BASE intellect – because that’s ALL the DEMONS will offer them – in the End.  YOU, are ‘the intelligent one’! – because, you have found, one, of the most “precious”, and valuable, Gifts, imaginable –and THAT is, your Soul; and My TESTIMONY, to nourish it.

There is a traditional devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, where she is addressed as “Our Lady of Sorrows”.  Of course, that was BEFORE “the HAMMER of DIVINE JUSTICE” came down upon “the 99 percent”, and they all lost their Souls.  She is much happier now! - actually.  And if the people with “the MARK”, who still attend the religious institutions want to see themselves as being good and “HOLEY”, then that is really quite acceptable... seriously... because they ARE, "really good", at that.

Jesus said: It is NOT necessary, to reflect upon ‘the seven SORROWS’, of My Blessed Mother – NOT in THESE Times.  STAY close to her, My son; and FOCUS on living UNDER HER Mantle, OF Protection, AND Love.  She is FILLED with TRUE Joy; she is NOT ‘experiencing SORROW’, AS she USED to.  BECAUSE, ALL of HEAVEN, is ‘COMPLETELY detached’, from MANKIND’S POOR choices. THEY WENT, ‘this road, that they are ON’ – BY themselves - apart FROM Me, and FROM, My FATHER – who LIVES and REIGNS in the HEAVENS. Their DESTINY, IS “destruction”, and FINALLY death - BECAUSE, that IS “the wages of sin”; and THEY have ‘labored LONG, and HARD’ – for “their WAGES”!  My MOTHER KNOWS – that ‘MANKIND’, has BEEN, ‘SEVERELY PUNISHED’ – OUT of My Father’s JUSTICE; and she PRAISES My Father CONTINUALLY – for ‘the ONGOING JUSTICE’, that ‘the SOULLESS PEOPLE’, on the FACE OF THE Earth, CONTINUE to receive.  You SEE, My SON – she has ‘NO CONNECTION’, with ‘the people, in the BEAST state’ – BECAUSE, SHE IS ‘a SPIRITUAL Mother’; and SHE IS ‘a MOTHER of SOULS’; NOT! “the mother of HOLES” – BLACK holes! – ALL of them, with ‘the mark’, have become.

Due to all the occult attacks, many members of the Faithful Remnant, have been losing sleep – and, that is about to change.

Jesus said: MAKE sure that you are BLESSING the room that you are SLEEPING in, AT night – before you go to bed.  Reject your DESIRE, to be TORMENTED, by evil spirits; and ASK for the GRACE, to be VIGILANT, in REJECTING them, as they SURFACE – in NAMING the evil spirits.  Do NOT ‘DWELL, on the DEMONS’; and do NOT ‘FOCUS, ON, horrific images’ – UNLESS, you want to experience them.  CONSECRATE your imagination, to My Sacred Heart, and to the IMMACULATE Heart, of My BLESSED Mother.  Ask her to place her Mantle of Protection OVER you as you sleep, and PROTECT you, FROM “the ants”.  ASK Saint Michael to deflect ALL the demonic attacks – back at THOSE, who sent them, with HIS ‘STAMP’, of MY Justice!
Parenting 101 for fathers with Souls.

Jesus said: STRIVE, to be LOVING, FORGIVING, and as OPEN, WITH the children, AS, is POSSIBLE.  BECAUSE, they ARE, under, your care – so you must ‘TREAT them’, with LOVE, AND with Joy…  SIMPLY desire, to BE, ‘a loving FATHER’ - and the Gifts, and the GRACES, will BE there… Stay focused on ‘what is TRULY, important’ - and that IS, ‘LIVING in the Eternal NOW’, and in the TRUE Holy Spirit, OF the moment.  ALWAYS be quick, to FORGIVE, your children – FOR their slips, AND their falls.  And ALWAYS be quick, to CORRECT, when THEY are ‘in error’ – because THAT is how you SHOW them, ‘TRUE LOVE’.  HELP them, SEE ‘the mistake’; and then GIVE them, ‘the tools necessary’, to FIX it.  You can DO this – WITH My Graces – and with ‘all of HEAVEN interceding for you’… You can BE, ‘a better father’ – to your CHILDREN – MORE so, than your OWN father was, TO you.  SEEK, to look, at Saint JOSEPH, as ‘a perfect example’ – as the PERFECT, ROLE model – FOR, ‘the FATHER, of TODAY’ – ONLY the ones, with SOULS! - that is.

Sometimes people email us really silly questions.  Often the response given, is to reject ‘the spirit of vain curiosity’, and ask for the Grace to be attentive to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit instead.  Other times, it tends to go something like this.

Jesus said: TELL her to READ her own question, and ASK herself, “WHY, the answer to it, is so IMPORTANT to her?”

There are “climbers” and there are “sliders”.  (Brace yourself for something you will never hear proclaimed in the religious institutions out there.) This one is for “the sliders”; because it needs to be shared before ‘the desire to climb spiritually’, is forever removed.  And by “sliding”, I am not referring to “the little slips and falls”; I am referring to the act of diving, all the way down, to rock bottom, and choosing to stay there.  Did you realize, that even ‘the DESIRE to climb’, IS “a Gift” – that if abused, shunned and neglected, will simply be taken back.  And as of now, some of the very few people WITH Souls, who have resolved to stop climbing, are simply left in ‘the demoniac state’ – as ‘human demonic portals’ for the remainder of their days - as they experience the very short-lived consolations of THIS life.  Of course that isn’t what their personal demons are telling them.  They hear in their interior lives, that they are “good, holey, and saved” – as in: good portals for the demons to pour out of; holey like black holes – because no goodness can come out of them in that state; and saved from the uncomfortable Truths they need to apply to their lives, in order to experience Eternal Life.  Mary and I have already witnessed SEVERAL videos from Members of the Remnant – whose eyes are shapeshifting so severely, that we don’t even need the volume turned on, to know EXACTLY what they are embracing in their interior lives – and I can tell you this, “It AIN’T HUMAN!”  Better to be seen as one of the FAITHFUL Remnant, before all of Heaven; than simply have ALL of Heaven, look down with pity, at ‘WHAT REMAINS’, of their Soul – that was given back, at a GREAT price - to only the very few.  With that in mind, perhaps these words may help at least ONE of them, begin THIS time, to “climb as a way of life”.

Jesus said: REJECT your desire, to keep your sins hidden – EVEN from yourself.  As LONG as, you DESIRE, your SINS, to be HIDDEN; as LONG as you REFUSE to take RESPONSIBILITY, for YOUR, ‘FREE-WILL choices’, then the ENEMY WILL HAVE, ‘a small, space, inside your SOUL’ – to CONTINUALLY ‘PULL you back, DOWN the mountain’.  FIX it!

Of course, in order to climb as a way of life, people are going to need to be more spiritually focused.

Jesus said: To be MORE spiritually FOCUSED – you NEED to simply desire, to be AWARE, of the TRUE SPIRITUAL REALITIES – 24/7 – to PREVENT yourself, from ‘SLIPPING back’, INTO your old WAYS, of ‘SPIRITUAL lethargy’. You need to FIGHT, to stay ‘SPIRITUALLY alert’, and AWAKE, at all TIMES.  WHEN, you are WORKING, you can SPEND that time, TALKING TO Me, in your INTERIOR life – ASKING Me to BLESS the works, of your hands; ASKING Me to Bless your JOB; to Bless your MIND – so that you can maintain, ‘spiritual FOCUS’.  EVEN amidst ‘the spirit of the WORLD’, you are CALLED, TO, ‘LIVE, IN this world’ BUT! – NEVER desire to be ‘PART of it’.  REJECT your DESIRE, to be PART, OF, ‘the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS of the world’.  And ASK for the Grace, INSTEAD, to be ‘FULLY AWARE, of what the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, is ASKING of you.  My TRUE HOLY SPIRT, WILL, ‘NAVIGATE you, THROUGH this life’ – THROUGH the Tribulations; THROUGH the upsets; THROUGH the problems; THROUGH the adversities. But if YOU TRY to OVERCOME, ‘the spirit of the world’ by YOURSELF, it’s NOT GOING to happen!  Instead, you will become ‘ENGULFED, by it’.  NEVER compromise! – with ‘the SPIRIT of the world’.  STAY in the TRUE SPIRITUAL REALITIES!  REMEMBER that you are ‘flesh and BLOOD’; and that the DEMONS, are ‘VERY intelligent, alien BEINGS’.  SO, they will try ‘ANYTHING’, to DISTRACT YOU – so that, they can ‘PULL you back’, into the TENTACLES, of the ONE world, LUCIFERIAN, society.  Stay FOCUSED on Me; EVERYTHING I ask of you is ‘VERY simple’.  The ANSWER to your questions, are “VERY simple”.  IT is, ‘the DEMONS’, that make your life ‘MORE complicated’, than it NEEDS to be – because I, ‘SIMPLIFY, EVERYTHING’.  ASK for the Grace to LEAD, ‘a SIMPLE, life’.

And for those who don’t like the thought of being pulled towards the beak of the bottom feeders, by their long tentacles – here is some advice to ponder, from your Creator.

Jesus said: It would be BETTER if they SELL THE PLACE and MOVE abroad, My children – it is ‘THAT simple’.  The FURTHER away they are from FORMER FAMILY, the BETTER it will be – AND the more “SPIRITUALLY safe”.  BUT the DECISION is ‘COMPLETELY up to them’. It would be BETTER, if they EITHER move to the United States, OR to Canada. THEY will need to decide, “WHERE they want to make their permanent residence”.

Actual email: Today I worked an early shift…  I prayed the morning daily prayers then took a nap. I tried to wake up, but took a couple of tries before I could. Did I just need the rest?

Jesus said: Sometimes 'the call' IS, to rest - just a LITTLE bit longer.  YOU do NOT need to "JUMP, out of BED" right AWAY - EVEN, when you KNOW, the TRUE Holy Spirit, is TELLING you, that it is TIME to get UP.  WAKING up, from 'a deep SLEEP', takes TIME.  YOUR body, needs, to 'ADJUST'. So TAKE your time. ASK Me, to GIVE you, 'the NECESSARY strength', to get out of BED - WHEN I call you to.  But I TELL you, it will NOT be IMMEDIATE.  THIS, is 'NOT the army'.

Well it looks like the waves of BLESSED HOLY WATER washed two more NEW Members of the Faithful Remnant, on BOARD the Ark today!  WHAT the...!!!

Jesus said: YES, they DID – BOTH, received their SOULS, back.  And WHY? – Because of My MERCY… MY Mercy, IS, ‘endless’.  And EVEN though, there are ‘SPIRITUAL laws’, PUT IN place; and EVEN though, the ENEMY, is ALLOWED, to do ‘TERRIBLE things’, to people, in these End TIMES – WITH, the cooperation of, My FAITHFUL Remnant Followers, more CHILDREN, CAN, be added TO their numbers.  For REMEMBER, there are MILLIONS, of CHILDREN – around the WORLD – who have been ‘PRESERVED’, through GRACE.  And SO, two MORE, have been added.  BLESSED, be GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father, in HEAVEN – BOTH now, AND forever!

But let’s be real here folks, the Faithful Remnant isn’t for everybody.

Jesus said: BECAUSE, you have neglected ‘DAILY Divine Counsel’, for so LONG; and BECAUSE, in DOING so, you ‘DECIDED to go it ALONE’, YOU have done ‘MUCH spiritual damage’, to YOURSELF – OUT of ‘your own NEGLECTS’; and you are CURRENTLY embracing ‘MUCH, self-deception’.  WHY, did you REFUSE to CONTACT My Two Witnesses?...  It IS “spiritual PRIDE”, that fills your family – that you BELIEVE, that you can FOLLOW Me on your OWN terms – and in your OWN way – APART, from My Two WITNESSES.  THEY are here to HELP you – ALL – to GROW; to be SPIRITUALLY nourished.  YOU, have been ‘MISSING out’, on SO much PERSONAL Counsel.  And SO your ENTIRE family, is in “a SPIRITUAL pit” – EMBRACING ‘the SPIRIT of the ANTICHRIST’; embracing ‘FEELINGS’.  YOU, are all, ‘UNITED, and in COMMUNION with’ – the FALSE satanic, ROMAN catholic HIERARCHICAL institution.  NOT! – “a good REPORT card”. You need to SEVER yourself from those demons, and COME to your senses; or ‘a SEVERE punishment’ is going to COME to ALL of you.

We warned people, that there is a plague of self-deception that is afflicting almost everyone on the planet – and that was BEFORE the CERN hadron collider opened the portal to the abyss.  And now, the CERN waves of dark matter, are taking their toll, and FILLING those, who are not actively resisting them, with “dark matter”.  Many Members of the Faithful Remnant have actually STOPPED, making videos.  Perhaps it is time to let people know, that ONE reason is because MOST of the ones who have stopped, simply have nothing edifying to offer.  Here is the response from the Throne of Heaven today, to one video from a Faithful Remnant Member that we “screened”.

Jesus said: THAT, IS, ‘what HAPPENS’, when, someone goes “COMPLETELY spiritually insane”, My children – because they are ‘DIVIDED, in their HEARTS’.  They have ONE foot in the world; and ONE foot WITH My Testimony.  But they CANNOT LIVE that way, for very LONG – BEFORE “the Door”, simply SHUTS on them.  And WHAT, you just LISTENED to – is ‘what HAPPENS’, when both FEET, are on ‘the wrong side’, of the Door.  The Door to WHAT?  The DOOR to “SPIRITUAL insanity”, and HELL… [And then Jesus addressed that Member of the Faithful Remnant]  WHY are you ‘CHOOSING, this path’?  WHY are you not CHOOSING, “the better PORTION”?  WHY are you ‘SATISIFED’, with ‘the WAY that you ARE’?  WHY are you not SEEKING, to grow?...  You NEED to reject ‘the demon of spiritual insanity’, and ‘the DEMON of rebellion’, and, you NEED to realize, that this is NOT, ‘a GAME’ – though the EVIL one, would have you ‘FOOLED, to think, that it IS’.  You need to STOP ‘PLAYING, both TEAMS’.  Your ‘WORKING ENVIRONMENT’ IS MOST spiritually TOXIC.  And SO, you NEED to quit WORKING there – IMMEDIATELY – as SOON as you CAN.  You NEED to look for OTHER work.  With ‘a RESUME like YOURS, WORK will NOT BE, ‘a problem’. But ‘THAT PLACE’ is NOT worth losing YOUR Soul, over.  You NEED to get, ‘REAL’, and stop LIVING in ‘a false REALITY’ in your INTERIOR life.  You CANNOT say on one hand, that ‘I am WITH everyone’, and that “they are not ALONE” – when they ALL have ‘the mark of the BEAST’.  I CANNOT ‘let that slide by’.  YOU, are CONTINUALLY ‘speaking FALSEHOOD’, in your videos.  And so NOW you are ‘banned from MAKING them’! – UNTIL, I say, otherwise.  You have ABUSED, ‘the GIFT’, of being ABLE, to share your FAITH, with OTHERS – and, you have CHOSEN, EVERY single TIME – EXCEPT, a FEW – to put your DEMONS, ‘on a PEDASTEL’. You focus WAY too much, on ‘what the DEMONS are doing’; and NOT enough, on what I am doing, within you.  THEY have you “OBSESSED, with them” – TO the point, of ‘being POSESSED, by them’.  THIS, is because of your ‘VIDEO game playing days’ – ENTERING into ‘a false REALITY’ to escape ‘uncomfortable SITUATIONS’ – that is what YOU, have grown ACCUSTOMED to.  You CANNOT do that with My TESTIMONY, and ‘expect to SURVIVE’! REJECT your desire, to TREAT ‘the salvation of your SOUL’, like ‘a VIDEO game’.  And ASK for the Grace, to take EVERYTHING, that I SPEAK to your heart, ‘SERIOUSLY’.  OTHERWISE, you SIMPLY WILL not, ‘MAKE it’.

The Faithful Remnant is “Not your AVERAGE Church” – we know.  We are interested ONLY in helping SOULS, who WANT help.  This is not “a club”, or “a rubber stamp” to make it to the fullness of the PHYSICAL Era of Peace on Earth.  The ones who “MAKE it”, WILL be the ones, WITH Souls, who climb, to the very top of ‘the spiritual MOUNTAIN’ of purification – and STAY there!  Period.  And just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the Unborn Souls, after they come back from Limbo – will each need to use their free will as well, to choose LIFE – ironically. 

I never liked “Hallmark cards”.  Do you want to know why?...

Actual email: I am truly sorry for everything… I am truly grateful for your and Mary's counsel. 

Jesus said: Tell her, the TRUTH - that she is NOT thankful, for the Counsel. How long, has it BEEN?  She has ONLY started emailing RECENTLY.  She NEEDS, to be HONEST with herself: she DOESN’T want the Counsel, but KNOWS that it is NECESSARY.

In these End Times, it would be quite sane for the women in the Faithful Remnant to always ACT on the realization that they woke up today, “on the wrong side of the bed” – the MAN’S side - that is UNTIL, they sin no more.

Jesus said: REJECT your desire to COOPERATE with ‘the spirit of Jezebel’, and ASK for the Grace INSTEAD, to SUBMIT, to your husband’s headship OVER you. SOME mornings, YOU will be CALLED, to PRAY your daily prayers, FIRST; and OTHER mornings you will be CALLED, to READ the archived messages, of TRUTH and LIFE. For TRULY, it WAS your demons, that did NOT WANT N., to receive ‘NOURISHMENT for his Soul’ – FIRST THING in the morning.  REMEMBER, how ‘the SPIRIT of Jezebel’ WORKS – she can ONLY desire to DEPRIVE, and to CRUSH – ANY, male HEADSHIP.  BUT! – YOU, must pray, to your Blessed MOTHER, and CONSECRATE your femininity to her, DAILY; and STRIVE to be more like HER – and LESS, like ‘your old SELF’.  Because she can ONLY desire ‘what is GOOD’ – for YOUR Soul, AND the Souls of others.

As more and more Members of the Faithful Remnant embrace community living, more Divine Counsel for community living is being shared.

Jesus said: REJECT your desire, to ALLOW the comments, MADE by OTHERS, to AFFECT you.  ‘The OPINIONS of others’, do NOT matter. IF, you RECEIVE some ‘fraternal CORRECTION’, then you can APPLY IT, and move on with your DAY.  But REMEMBER, that your [BROTHER or SISTER], are not ‘PERFECT’ – and so YOU will need to be PATIENT with them.  SOMETIMES, it will be more DIFFICULT, to have PEACE, in your HEART, all throughout your DAY – than OTHER days!  IT is called, ‘THE spiritual life’ – and YOU, are in ‘a spiritual battle’, for your SOUL. SOMETIMES, your [brother or sister], may receive ‘demonic INSPIRATIONS’, and then PROCLAIM those inspirations to you – THAT is when you may need to decide, to correct, out of fraternal LOVE for their Soul – in that MOMENT, or wait for ANOTHER time to do so.  THERE are going to be MANY battles in that house you are LIVING in; and so YOU, will need to ‘pick your battles WISELY’.  You will need the Gift of DISCERNMENT, AND the Gift of WISDOM to DO so.  But, as LONG as you are striving to DO, what YOU are called to do – REST assured, that I will take care of the OTHER part.  I will ‘UPHOLD you’, My son…  REMEMBER, to reject ‘the demonic CLUSTERS’ of EVERYONE you think of; and ask for the Grace to live your TRUE Identity, AS My son.  REJECT your DESIRE, to be CONCERNED, with what others are DOING with their TIME, and ASK instead, for the GRACE, to be in TUNE with My True Holy SPIRIT – so that YOU can hear, what My HOLY Spirit wants to SAY to YOU, to help YOU, ‘NAVIGATE’, THROUGH your daily life. And if EVER you get ‘STUCK’, you can SIMPLY ‘EMAIL’, My Two Witnesses, and they will HELP you ‘OUT, of ANY hurdle’ – because THEY have been through MANY! 

Many?  And we haven't even SEEN tomorrow's emails yet!

Actual email: I have a constant ringing and my head feels airy funny feeling.  

Jesus said: It IS ‘the dark MATTER’, TRYING to take away her HUMANITY.  She NEEDS to fight, for her SOUL – and NOT allow ‘the feelings of ELATION’, to overtake her.  The UPDATES explain, what she will need to DO, about ‘the RINGING’, in her ears.

PPTL – (Hearing this was so shocking, I stopped writing.  I then asked Jesus if she was in effect, ‘trading her Soul for feelings’.)

Jesus said: Yes, it’s LIKE “a satanic high”, that the DEMONS give, in exchange, for ‘the humanity’. 

PPTL: So she is responding to the dark matter by CHOOSING to let her humanity go?

Jesus said: That is how it starts. And then the Soul must choose to FIGHT, to FREEZE, or to RUN away.  It is ‘a SIGN of a SPIRITUAL attack’.   Though it may SEEM like ‘a good’, it is QUITE the OPPOSITE.

Special Note: To help those in the Faithful Remnant understand ‘dark matter addiction’ - what is happening to “those outside the Ark”, you can think of it this way: The devil is “the pusher”.  The demons are “the drug”.  The free will choice to turn inwards to the feelings the demons offer - is ‘the act of injecting the drug into the veins’. The Two Witnesses are the “front-line rehab workers”. The deliverance prayers with DAILY Divine Counsel is “THE REHAB THERAPY”.   But because “the spirit of Jezebel’ ONLY desires to CRUSH The Most High True God’s Anointed – MANY, are NOW, preferring “their heroine”, instead; they are simply sitting at home, cutting themselves off from their “rehab counselors”; they are wrapping a tight rubber strap around their arms, to cut off the flow of ‘the Precious Blood’ through their veins, and turning to ‘the CERN portal’, to inject demons there instead.  They are ‘getting high’.  So “NO FALSE COMPASSION; but ONLY PITY”, for those who are choosing before all of Heaven, to be banned, from ever returning to “the rehab program”.  The Remnant, is NOT “the revolving door”.  Our “clinic”, is simply for those who want to live.  Enough games!  We KNOW, that the True Holy Spirit is “flashing pictures”, in the interior lives of the Faithful Remnant – to show them ‘what to do next’.  We ALSO know that the demons are doing the same.  And so, when a Member of the Remnant, consistently prefers, “the Path” the demons show them in their interior lives – THEN, there comes a point, where their Creator, simply “FIXES THEIR WILL” on that path.  THE End!

Now that those Members of the Faithful Remnant who decided to go it alone, are realizing, "That, was an extremely bad idea" - some of them are scrambling to “save face” by cranking out a video.  Here is a response from Heaven, to that approach.

Jesus said: With ALL of the self-deception, that YOU have been embracing, it is ‘not SAFE’, for YOU to make a video.  FIRST, get your OWN SPIRITUAL HOUSE in ORDER.  By CUTTING yourself OFF like that – from DIVINE COUNSEL, you INJURED yourself SPIRITUALLY.  And so you are GOING to need to take some TIME to HEAL – by reaching OUT to My Two WITNESSES on a DAILY basis.  Do not conceal ANYTHING – even your HARDEST struggles.

And one of the “struggles”, people are experiencing, is “alien tech attacks”.  But that is ‘NO EXCUSE’, for CHOOSING to be, “weak”.

Jesus said: ‘THAT house’, is ‘under attack’, by ELF, AND Project BLUEBEAM – well, ANY time you experience ‘ANY sort of ATTACK’, YOU are called, to CALL on ME, and Saint MICHAEL, for PROTECTION. YOU are called, to, ASK Me, to DEFLECT the attack, BACK at those who SENT it.  You do NOT need to DISCERN, where the attack, is COMING from – I know where it is coming from; I know the source of it… If YOU are under ‘SPIRITUAL attack’, does it MATTER, WHERE it is coming from? Or how you DEAL with it?  FOCUS, on how, to DEAL WITH, ‘the attacks as they come’; and NOT on WHERE, they are coming from.  If the TRUE Holy SPIRIT wants to REVEAL it to you – then THAT is “a BONUS”.  Understand?

And for those that DO “understand” – especially the Married Couples, life in the Faithful Remnant, is simply becoming “a love story”.

Jesus said: Of COURSE, YOU, WILL, WANT to spend time ALONE – with your SPOUSE – as, YOU are ‘REALLY just BEGINNING’, to learn more about each OTHER. And SO, DO not be ‘ASHAMED’, in ANY way… you need to always be OPEN, and LOVING, WITH, one ANOTHER – quick ‘to FORGIVE, and to move FORWARD’.  And YOU, need to DESIRE, to be DOCILE to your husband’s HEADSHIP – ALL of the TIME!

In other words, "ladies", if you don’t know what time it is, “it’s DOCILITY time”.  “Jez-time”, is now officially, OVER!  And that includes, ALL those times when ‘you really need a band-aid’!

Jesus said: THANK you, for SHARING the Truth, My son; THANK you for sharing My TESTIMONY – with THOSE, who are still OUTSIDE, My Faithful Remnant CHURCH; with THOSE, who are STILL OUTSIDE, My ARK of SAFETY – who are STILL, ‘HESITANT’, to JOIN My REMNANT.  They DO NEED ‘encouragement’; and they NEED to hear ‘the CONVICTION’, in your VOICE – to GIVE them, ‘that extra push’, IN ‘the right DIRECTION’.  They STILL need to take ‘the leap of FAITH’ – because SALVATION is not GAINED, by FAITHLESSNESS; they STILL need to do 'THEIR part'; and I will do MINE – as I have ALWAYS done, throughout EACH Generation.

Mary and I were a little suprised to discover that today is the day when Americans celebrate their annual feast of "thanksgiving".  Thanksgiving for WHAT? - the fact that almost ALL of them are now without their SOULS?  The fact that the Antichrist INCARNATE is ruling from the highest political office in that Country?  I'm looking for some new content here, so I will now pass the microphone over to a Member of the Remnant, from the States - one of the very few people, who still has a Soul:
Actual email: I'm so glad that gathering is over with. I kept thinking about today being like any other day, needing to be thankful for everything I have been blessed with. The idea of just one day a year people gather to be thankful is Insane, especially when they come and go and aren't really thankful for anything.
And because this is a holiday WEEKEND in the States, there may be a strong temptation for the Members of the Faithful Remnant who LIVE there, as in "with a SOUL" - there may be a strong temptation to lose spiritual focus - and to allow the bottom-feeders "an OPENING" - to throw the bird on the floor, and Feast on a Soul INSTEAD!!!
Jesus said: BEING ‘OPEN with PEOPLE’, IS ‘a worldly VIRTUE’, and is NOT ‘OF the True Holy SPIRIT’.  When, a person ‘lets down their GUARD’, and their BOUNDARIES, and seeks to be ‘SOCIALLY ACCEPTED, by OTHERS’ – THAT is ‘where the danger IS’. PEOPLE, NOW, WITH ‘the MARK OF the BEAST’, WILL DO, EVERYTHING, that they CAN – to put ‘a STUMBLING block’, in the WAY, OF, My Faithful REMNANT.  And, they WILL, come OUT, with ‘the WORST of INSPIRATIONS’ – UNLESS, MY HAND is UPON them!  AND, My HAND, IS upon, ALL of the people IN the beast state.  At TIMES, I ALLOW them, to DO, “GOOD, things” – to HELP My FAITHFUL Remnant; because TRULY, it is ME, working THROUGH them.  You SEE, there is ‘a DIFFERENCE’, between, ‘having, a RELATIONSHIP, WITH ME’ – choosing to cooperate with the GRACES in the MOMENT - or NOT; and THEN, there are ‘PEOPLE with the MARK’, who have ‘LOST their free will’ (– though THEY will NOT ACKNOWLEDGE it).  WHEN, ‘INTERACTING with PEOPLE in the BEAST state’ – SIMPLY make SURE that, ‘your FOCUS’, is on ME – YOUR CREATOR.  I will GIVE you the words, to speak.  I will GIVE you ‘the social GESTURES’, if EVER, there is a NEED for them; I will INSPIRE you to be ‘COURTEOUS’, KIND, and LOVING – towards, EVERYONE! – in the True Holy SPIRIT.  AND, it is ‘MOST kind, courteous, and LOVING’ – to REFUSE, to ENABLE them, IN ‘their self-DECEPTION’.  SO, STAY, TRUE, TO, MY, TESTIMONY!  And I will HELP you, in EACH moment – NAVIGATE, THROUGH, ALL of life’s ‘CHALLENGING situations’.

Actual email: Hello Mary.  To receive a message from Jesus is beyond words, so humbling.  I know I am so far from being who I one day pray to be; and so to receive His Words are overwhelming.  Did yard work this weekend, and while I was weeding it came to me, how much like those weeds our sins are. The weeds I pulled, were choking the plant and preventing it from growing. As I began the cleaning I noticed how some weeds came out so effortlessly, like they were ready to be removed. Then there were those that took a lot of digging and pulling.  Everyday we members of The Remnant Family, recognize sins that we didn't recognize before; and as we repent the sin is removed, and we feel freer - and there are many of those.  But then there are the big ones that are serious - that are choking us and preventing us from growing.  These require greater repentance and prayer in order for The Lord Jesus Christ to free us so that we can grow into the beautiful souls that He always meant us to be.  Just a reflection of what came to me.  I think it was a gift.

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: For THAT, IS WHAT the LORD Jesus Christ, DESIRES – for ALL of His Souls – that THEY would be ‘FREED, from the BONDAGE, AND the SLAVERY’ – TO their sins.  BECAUSE, as LONG, as THEY are ‘HOLDING on’ – EVER so TIGHTLY, to their VICES! – it TRULY is, as though, they are in ‘the VICE grip’, of the EVIL one – EVEN, SOME, of His FAITHFUL Remnant, are IN, ‘the GRIP, of the EVIL one’!  They WANT, to ‘SPIRITUALLY climb’; BUT! – the ENEMY, will NOT ALLOW them to.  BECAUSE – he is ‘PULLING on their CHAINS, of ADDICTION’.  And there are MANY TYPES, OF addictions.  SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, IS ‘ONE of the MAJOR ADDICTIONS’, IN THESE TIMES!  VAINGLORY, is ANOTHER ‘Major addiction’, in these END TIMES!  For PEOPLE, WANT to BELIEVE, that THEY have “the answers”; and that “THEIR way, of LIVING”, IS “the RIGHT way”.  BUT the Truth IS: EVERYONE lives VERY, differently – so how can they ALL be ‘in the right’?  EVERYONE, in the WORLD, is EMBRACING, their OWN set, of “LAWS”; their OWN set, of “TRUTHS” – so HOW can they all be “RIGHT”?  The MAJORITY’, IS, IN, ERROR! – and THEY have TRANSGRESSED; and THEY have SINNED – AGAINST the LORD Jesus Christ.  And HE, has chosen, ‘a SIMPLE few’ – to receive His WORD; to be TRANSFORMED, INTO, “BEAUTIFUL Souls” – that are FILLED with HIS, ‘TRUE Life’.  Now there ARE ‘still SOME’ – EVEN within HIS Faithful REMNANT, WHO ARE ‘on the very EDGE’, of ‘FALLING off’ – NEVER to return, AGAIN; and ‘THESE people’ KNOW who they are.  If THEY do not get ‘THEIR spiritual LIVES’, in ORDER – SOON, and ‘come BACK to their SENSES’, they WILL be ‘CUT, from the LIVING vine’! – and they will ‘WITHER away’, to nothing.  It IS ‘BETTER’, to be ‘WITH the Lord Jesus Christ’, than to BE ‘without Him’.  It is better to ‘serve in HIS Kingdom’, than to ‘SERVE, OUTSIDE His Kingdom’.  It is BETTER to EXPERIENCE, ‘HIS Love’, than to EXPERIENCE, ‘FALSE love’, and ‘FALSE AFFIRMATION’, from ‘the PEOPLE, with the MARK’. YOU, have ALL, been warned!

PPTL: You DID, say, "Hello MARY", didn't you?
Special note: Exactly 3 years ago, to THIS day, the Blessed Virgin Mary began dictating a series of messages to us, as she forewarned the world, about the coming Mark of the Beast.  The 3 year anniversary of the mark of the beast, is coming up, in a month, on Christmas day.  And as the rest of the world, scrambles to make last minute preparations as they prepare to celebrate "the Mark", we on the other hand, are going to take the following month off, of doing daily posts on this website. There is plenty of spiritual nourishment already posted - more than you can possibly 'unpack', in that time.  The Blessed Virgin Mary already said, "YOU, have ALL, been warned!"  We will close with this quote that Jesus has often shared, "And so, what more is there to say." 

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