The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

JUDGEMENT has been passed against the Nations 7

"And the kings [- the One World Government leaders of the Nations] of the earth, who committed fornication and were wanton with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning; they will stand far off, in fear of her torment, and say, “Alas! alas! you great city, you mighty city, Babylon!  In one hour has your judgment come.”
(Revelations 18:9-10)
The list of Judgments is at the top of the page at this LINK
The Prophecy of Saint Malachy: During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church  there will sit upon the throne, Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep amid great tribulations; and when these are passed, the city of Seven Hills will be utterly destroyed, and the awful judge will then judge the people. The end.  (Source: Daniel Réju, Les Prophéties de Saint Malachie, Édition du Rocher 1979 Paris, France)

Hitler had "GOOD intentions", for Germany, when he began "EXTERMINATING" his enemies,
at places like the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, depicted in the above image
Of course, "the road to HELL is PAVED with good intentions" - so the saying goes...
But the HISTORICAL LESSON, that EVERYONE in this CURRENT generation is about to learn,
is that "the road to HEAVEN, is PAVED with the CREATOR'S 'BAD intentions', towards HIS enemies".
And unlike the fate of those who did NOT leave Auschwitz ALIVE - the fate of the ENEMIES of the Most High True GOD? "SO much worse! - as it NEVER ends" - unlike the train tracks, in the above photo.
The ILLUSION of "a peaceful death":  "THIS one's for the Unborn" - who did NOT get to experience, "any sort of PEACEFUL death" - in ANY way.  But were 'TORTURED!' - in fact, TO death!  Feeling, and EXPERIENCING, 'EVERYTHING', to the FULLEST EXTENT, of "the MERCILESSNESS! - of their torturers".  And SO? - the ongoing slaughter, of "the UNBORN", CONTINUES.  And as 'a JUST RESPONSE'? - OUR Creator, is going to begin "the slaughter, of the PEOPLE!" - WHO in fact, 'taught HIM', HOW they wanted to be treated.  And so we TURN to "our HEAVENLY Father" - and we ASK Him, to REMOVE "the option, of a PEACEFUL death" - from EVERY! - human being, on the face of the earth - UNLESS! - they are in fact "a Preserved SOUL".  Because "PEACEFUL and QUICK, DEATHS? - with VERY little PAIN?" - were ACTUALLY, 'a GIFT, FROM the Most High True God' - so that EVEN if a PERSON, were to 'end up in HELL' in the AFTERLIFE? - they would at LEAST, have 'some FINAL Consolation'.
But NOW? - 'the SPIRITUAL Realities', are MANIFESTING on the Earth - and, "PURGATORY" is emptied out.  And, 'HELL!' - has been 'unleashed'.  And 'HEAVEN', is coming back!  And THIS is the Time, for the Creator, to Judge both the LIVING, AND "the dead".  And, He HAS in fact, 'JUDGED', the LIVING, BREATHING, human BEINGS, of these TIMES - OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT - as "DEAD to Him".  THEY! - have in fact, "become an INCONVENIENCE, to HIM! - and to HIS Blessed Kingdom". 
And SO as "Ambassadors, from HEAVEN" - SENT 'on their behalf' - to PREPARE, 'the WAY', FOR the Kingdom of Heaven, to return - we ASK, 'the Most High TRUE God, " BEGIN the Slaughter!" - AND to bring, "Extreme SUFFERING, AND Pain" - to EACH, "human being" - on the face of the EARTH, OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant.  And "to HELP with this"? - we are asking HIM, to "SEND the Holy Angels, to REMOVE! - the beta endorphins - from - EVERY! - human being, on the face of the Earth" - OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant of COURSE!  And that HE would in fact 'AMPLIFY', the PHYSICAL pain - of EVERYONE, "outside His FAITHFUL Remnant Church".  (Know that, we are NOT ASKING, for any more "MEMBERS" - at this TIME; and the Most High TRUE God, is not 'RECEIVING', any more Members.) 

The fact IS: That the GLOBAL GOVERNMENTS, AND "their CITIZENS" - wanted "the INALIENABLE right", to TORTURE, and MURDER! - other human BEINGS, "out of CONVENIENCE" - AND with the blessing of "the unjust laws", of the land.  And NOW the tables are TURNING - as 'OUR CREATOR' - the Most High TRUE God - is going to take, 'HIS Turn now!' - to DO the same thing - but on, 'a much LARGER, and more FREQUENT, Scale' - TO the global governments and their CITIZENS.  And "PAIN KILLERS"? - WILL no longer, 'help'.

The Fact IS: that the PEOPLE, did NOT want 'to HEAR, the CRIES, OF, the Unborn CHILDREN'. They did not want to 'HEAR, the cries of the NEWBORNS, on every STREET'.  They wanted to 'snuff-OUT!' - the cries - of the BABIES - the BABIES, CRYING for "MERCY!" - the babies, "BEGGING! - to be allowed to LIVE" - the BABIES, DESIRING to 'EXPERIENCE, the LOVE, of their parents'.  They in FACT! - TURNED, "a deaf EAR" - to 'the CRIES', of the babies.  In FACT! - the PEOPLE, wanted to be "TERRORISTS!" - WANTED "the RIGHT, to TERRORIZE, TORTURE, MURDER, NEGLECT, and HATE! - the UNBORN" - who WERE! - actually "Gifts from Heaven"

And so NOW? - "Our CREATOR" - is going to take "EXTREME DELIGHT!" - in REFUSING to hear 'the CRIES of the people', for MERCY.  HE! - is going to turn, 'a DEAF EAR' - to their "PAIN", and to their "SUFFERING".  And He will NOT 'LESSEN it'.  But the MORE, the PEOPLE complain - the WORSE their "suffering" will become.  And EVEN 'the Global governments' - WILL! - not be able, to PROTECT them, from 'the DIVINE PUNISHMENT' - that has NOW COME! - to the Earth.  YOU wicked PEOPLE! - are "GOING to PAY!" - for what you did, to 'the babies' - to "God's LITTLE ones" - and what you CONTINUE to do, daily.  And you WILL 'SCREAM! - in PAIN, and in AGONY'.  And YOU will hear your NEIGHBORS! - 'SCREAMING, in PAIN! - and in AGONY'.  And you will never find 'RELIEF'!

The PEOPLE, 'REFUSED! - to LISTEN! - to the WARNINGS, GIVEN, BY, the TRUE Prophets, of the Most High True GOD!' 

He SENT! - "Prophets", in the PAST!  And He WARNED! - against, 'KILLING' - and ESPECIALLY "killing the CHILDREN"!

He WARNED against, 'choosing DEATH, over LIFE'.

He WARNED against 'the EVILS', that SOCIETY, CONTINUES to embrace, on 'a HABITUAL, and DAILY, basis'.

He Warned against REFUSING, to listen to the PROPHETS! - and to 'the MESSAGE, of REPENTANCE'!

He WARNED against, "DISOBEYING His WORD" - and being "OBSTINATE, and STUBBORN, in HEART".

He WARNED against, 'turning, to the OTHER gods, for CONSOLATION' - to "the FALSE GODS".

He WARNED against, 'lifting up, your HEARTS - to FALSEHOOD!' - to LIES! - and to "ILLUSIONS".

He WARNED against 'turning to the FALSE prophets' - to HEAR, "smooth WORDS".

In FACT! - OUT of 'the Most High TRUE God's Abundant MERCY' - He sent "MULTIPLE Warnings, from HEAVEN" - BEFORE we 'entered the scene'.  BUT? - mankind REFUSED, to HEED them! - and did NOT! - 'take the NECESSARY steps', to change course.  Over MANY 'GENERATIONS'! - He sent, 'SPECIFIC, instructions, and WARNINGS, from HEAVEN!' - and 'what people needed to DO!' - in ORDER to, "get RIGHT with their Creator, and make REPARATION, for the SINS, of mankind".  But WE are 'WAY past that point NOW'!  There is NO "reparation" being MADE.  And we ARE! - "the LAST! - of His Voice" on the Face of the EARTH.  And, the PEOPLE, are doing, 'whatever THEY can' - to try to "snuff US out!" - to 'TRY' to snuff-out the TESTIMONY - to "BURY it!"

And SO? - we are "the LAST", of the OLIVE Branches, from HEAVEN.  We CAME 'to make PEACE' with those, who DESIRE to 'make PEACE with the Most High True God'.  But we are against 'ALL of those, who are AGAINST, the Most High True God'.  And THOSE who are, 'AGAINST HIM'? - are MORE! - than THOSE, who are 'FOR Him'.  But what 'the PEOPLE', do not fully REALIZE? - BUT will! - soon - is that 'the SOULS, in HEAVEN!' - whom we represent - 'OUTNUMBER!' - the population, of the world.  And, ALL of HEAVEN, has UNANIMOUSLY AGREED, that, "the PEOPLE, outside the Faithful REMNANT, have NO place! - in their KINGDOM".  The "CITIZENS, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN", are in fact 'RETURNING, to the Earth' - because THEY are "the MEEK".  And HEAVEN is "a MONARCHY". And the CITIZENS of Heaven, ALL worship, SERVE, adore, and OBEY - the KING! - of Heaven - who IS! - Jesus Christ, the RISEN Lord - who is 'ENTHRONED, in His Eternal KINGDOM'.  But 'that Eternal KINGDOM', is coming BACK! - AFTER, 'THIS world', has received "a SERIOUS makeover".  And so 'the PEOPLE' have refused to 'make ROOM in their hearts', for the King of HEAVEN, to RULE 'OVER them', with His KINDNESS, and His MERCY, and His FAIRNESS.  And SO? - HE! - is simply going to, 'REMOVE them!' - from the Face of the Earth - and "make room" THAT way!  Because? - they DON'T 'WANT to be part, of His KINGDOM!'  But THEY 'WANT to be, their own RULERS', instead.  But the PEOPLE, have in fact, become "RUTHLESS! - rulers".  And NOW 'HE must TEACH them' - what "their RUTHLESSNESS", has earned.  And HE WILL! - be "most RUTHLESS!" - AND 'Rule, over the FACE of the Earth, with a ROD of IRON!'  And He will 'SUBDUE', the wicked! - and 'WIPE them off the Face of the Earth'.  And, 'as He DOES so'? - SOME people, will "come to their SENSES" - and come BACK to, 'HIM!' - "on their KNEES". 

And in THIS way - Jesus Christ the LORD, WILL! - End, abortion.  And, it will NEVER return.  Amen. (April 16, 2019 update)  
Water catches on fire from gas drilling
If you live in a fracking zone - PLEASE do not go OUT of your way, to BURN yourself with your water
For all of the readers who DO attempt to light their water on fire, REMEMBER THIS simple rule:
You can't COOL a burn, with water that is on fire - so keep a bottle of UNCONTAMINATED SPRING water nearby
And you will need a fire extinguisher on hand as well.  Why?  Because as you try to COOL the burn, you may get distracted
and accidentally set your clothes, or your HOUSE on fire, with the burning water.  Adult supervision is required.
Notice how the kitchen window curtains are pulled FAR away! - from the sink, in the video.

What does the Most High TRUE God need to DO? - in order to 'deal', with all the toxic WASTE dump sites, and all the underground WATER, that has been CONTAMINATED by fracking chemicals?   Perhaps when people 'EXPERIENCE' His Divine Just WRATH as it CONSUMES all the governments, as they BOAST of their "for the good of the CLIMATE" psyop - THEN! - it will be safe to drink water while toasting marshmallows, once again.  And so we TURN to "the CRATEROR of the Universe", for HIS uplifting response...  (-and YES! - He DID "create" the surface of the moon, too!)

And SO? - What IS the Most High True God, "GOING to need to DO"? - in ORDER to, 'FIX the PROBLEM, of the FRACKING industry'.  HOW is HE going to, 'CONVINCE the GOVERNMENTS', that "FRACKING! - IS in fact, an ABSOLUTE, IRRESPONSIBILITY", on the PART of the GOVERNMENTS' - by ALLOWING it to CONTINUE - AND, by FUNDING it.

HOW is He going, to 'TEACH people'? - that, "FRACKING", is "BAD for the ENVIRONMENT".

WHY does the Most High TRUE GOD? - even 'NEED', SPACE objects - like "METEORS", or "COMETS!" - to IMPACT the earth? - when He can SIMPLY, 'ACTIVATE, the CHEMICALS' - used in FRACKING - which cause EXPLOSIONS! - in ORDER to, 'cause giant CRATERS'! - that come out of NOWHERE.

They KNOW! - that "fracking causes EARTHQUAKES!" - but they STILL continue, to DO it!  THAT'S because, they're "TAKING for GRANTED", that there HAVEN'T been, 'MASSIVE earthquakes!' - caused, by "the fracking industry".  So why should they STOP?  They KNOW that "fracking contaminates WELLS" - and, the DRINKING water, of MILLIONS of Americans! - causing SICKNESS - and in MANY cases, 'DEATH' - where there is long term EXPOSURE.  And YET? - they still PERSIST!  And so HOW? - can the governments POSSIBLY claim, that "they CARE! - about the SAFETY, of the PEOPLE"? 

And so NOW, the governments, have 'FORCED' the CREATOR, to "INTERVENE, and ACT!" - in SUCH a WAY - as to TEACH them 'a VERY hard LESSON!' 

HOW many PEOPLE? - have to DIE! - from 'the RESULTS, and the EFFECTS, from the FRACKING industry' - BEFORE, they ban FRACKING?

They are 'FORCING the Most High TRUE God' - to 'CONTAMINATE', all the DRINKING water, in the fracking areas - TEN fold! - and to MAKE those places, actual, "TOXIC zones" - where it is "unsafe for ANYONE to live"

BECAUSE! - "our Creator CARES for the environment" - He will DO this!  Because - what the FRACKING industry has DONE? - IS "an affront to Him".  And He is GOING to, 'STOP it'.  Because He's GOING to make "the CONSEQUENCES of CONTINUING" - SO IMMENSE! - that? - they will be FORCED to.

Our CREATOR, INTENDED, for "WATER"? - ESPECIALLY drinking water - to be 'FREE' - and to be "AVAILABLE for ALL" - at NO cost!  But the GOVERNMENTS - in their GREED! - have 'POISONED, the WATER' - FORCING people! - to "BUY! - their water".  And 'THAT!' - is "an AFFRONT!" - to the Creator.  And so He will 'take ACTION'.  Amen.  (April 18, 2019 update)

Ghana: ...needs 'a HEAVENLY Scourge' - in ORDER to bring, "the AUTHORITIES of Ghana" - to their SENSES!  And SO? - we TURN to the Most High TRUE GOD - and we ask HIM! - to GIVE, 'the GHANA GOVERNMENT', the BIGGEST PROBLEM that they have EVER FACED! - which WILL in fact, 'FORCE them! - to RELEASE, the RESOURCES, that they have' - for the PEOPLE to use.  And we ASK the Most High True God - to FORCIBLY! - 'TURN the hearts, of the GOVERNMENT, LEADERS - to their PEOPLE'AS He Strikes their LAND, with "a CURSE!" Amen. (April 19, 2019 update) 

Ghana Corruption Report
2015 report on the Ghana judicial system, "corrupt to the very CORE".
NOT so in "the HEAVENLY Judiciary" - not SO!
They CRUCIFIED His WORD:  How "political correctness" crucified the Word of GOD? THROUGH, 'DELIBERATE! - suppression, OF the Truth' - and that IS, "the ABSOLUTE Truth" - NOT "subjective truth" - not, "the opinions, of others".  But 'the ONE Truth'. 
too much television
"Their ‘truth’, is in what they see, but cannot perceive - their ‘truth’, lies in the television. 
98% of ‘christians’ still watch the television, My children,
that is why only 2% will be saved, worldwide.” (-Jesus, Monday, Aug 22, 2011

Both MEN and WOMEN, HAVE! - 'killed'! - the WORD, of the Most High TRUE God.  THEY have EXCHANGED, 'the HOLY, and SACRED Word', of the CREATOR - for 'WORDS, that are LIFELESS! - and MEANINGLESS!'  They have chosen to, "DILUTE, and DISTORT" - the TRUTH! - and to SELL the people, 'FALSEHOODS!' - instead.  And the PEOPLE? - do not 'HEAR' - the True Word, of the Most High True God; because they have "an INSATIABLE thirst", to be LIED to! - by the DEVIL, and his minions.  AND, the PEOPLE? - HAVE been 'satisfied' - WITH the lies, from 'the ENEMY, of THEIR SOULS!' 

The VOICE of 'the TRUE Prophets', are ALMOST, 'ALL! - extinguished', FROM the Face of the Earth. The VOICE of TRUTH? - the voice of REASON? - the voice of TRUE Compassion? - IS, in fact VERY! - scarce - in THESE Times.  For as the PEOPLE, 'seek to CONSOLE, one ANOTHER' - with WORDS, of 'FALSE AFFIRMATION' - and 'LIES!' - and 'FLATTERY!' - they in FACT 'CRUCIFY, the HEART, of the SAVIOR!' - who is JESUS Christ.  The people of THESE TIMES, are 'SUNK!' - SO far! - DEEP! - in 'the MURKY depths, of TOLERANCE' - that THEY? - choose to TOLERATE 'EVERYTHING! - that OFFENDS, the Most High True GOD'.  They DO in fact 'exchange WORDS of TRUTH! - and LIFE - FOR words, of 'DEATH!' - and SIN'.  They are "SO far AWAY!" - FROM the Creator.  And they DO not! - 'SEEK, to RECONCILE, with Him'.  But "RECONCILIATION, with one ANOTHER"? - is a SACRAMENT! 

ABORTION, has BECOME, "a SACRAMENT".  Instead of just 'CALLING it, what it IS'? - "MURDER!" - they CALL it "a choice". And EVERYONE, on the Face of the EARTH - has 'BLOOD' on their hands!  They have ALL! - "CRUCIFIED", the CHRIST child - OVER! - and OVER, and OVER again.  And SO? - the WORLD has made it "PERFECTLY clear!" - that THEY, 'HATE! - the Christ child' - and they ABSOLUTELY! - have 'no USE!' - for Him - as they DISCARD Him, and KILL Him! - OVER! - and OVER! - and OVER again. 

How IS THIS?  JUST as, Jesus Christ the LORD, was 'SENTENCED, to an UNJUST, CRUEL, and MERCILESS, DEATH!' - and He did NOTHING! - ABSOLUTELY "NOTHING! - to deserve that" - so TOO! - are "the UNBORN" - are "His LITTLE ones" - 'SENTENCED, to an UNJUST, cruel and MERCILESS death' - and they are "INNOCENT" - JUST as 'JESUS Christ the LORD', was born to THIS world - as "an INNOCENT! - BABY".  But HE was born to "GOOD! - GOD-fearing PARENTS!" - who "LOVED Him!" - who "CARED for Him", and who "RAISED Him" - in the TRUE Faith. 

And Jesus Christ the LORD - 'BLESSED' parents, with "OFFSPRING". And, THEY were 'CALLED', to be "GOOD STEWARDS, of His Blessed GIFTS".  But THEY? - FailedAnd 'the GIFT of LIFE' - has been 'REJECTED' - over a BILLION Times!!! 

And so 'WHAT' is the WORLD? - "COMMUNICATING"? - this EASTER? - to 'the KING! - of KINGS! - and LORD, of LORDS - and the SUPREME RULER! - OVER the INHABITANTS of the Earth'?  But THAT, they don't "WANT children!"  They DON'T, 'WANT offspring'.  They don't, "WANT innocent BABIES" - to be born.

THEY! - in fact! - 'WANT!' - Jesus Christ the LORD - TO! - 'RULE, OVER, the NATIONS, with "a ROD of IRON". They WANT 'to be SCOURGED!' - DISCIPLINED! - PUNISHED!  They 'WANT', to suffer!  BECAUSE? - they CAUSED the UNBORN, to 'suffer'.  They WANT to be KILLED - because they 'KILLED', the Unborn.

And SO? - WHAT is "the TIPPING point"? - for "the CREATOR", to INTERVENE? - and 'Act JUSTLY' - to exact VENGEANCE - FOR "the sake, of the Unborn" - who have been 'PATIENTLY waiting!' - for "this TIME, in human HISTORY".

The WORLD 'MOCKED, Our Creator' - by 'LEGALIZING! - abortion' - by 'PROLIFERATING it' - by 'ENDORSING it!' - by 'ENCOURAGING it'. The PEOPLE, 'BOUGHT! - the lies - of their governments' - and they 'SOLD their Souls', in the process

The PEOPLE - have BECOME, "as BLOOD-thirsty, as the GOVERNMENTS, that rule OVER them". And SO? - they will be GIVEN! - "LOTS of blood, to DRINK!" Because they SPILT, "the BLOOD of the Unborn - MANY of whom! - WOULD have been "Prophets, OF the MOST High True God".  Amen.

“The third angel poured his bowl into the rivers and the fountains of water, and they became blood.  And I heard the angel of water say, “Just are you in these your judgments, you who are and were, O Holy One.  For men have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and you have given them blood to drink.  It is their due! And I heard the altar cry, “Yes, Lord God the Almighty, true and just are your judgments!”  (Revelations 16:4-7)

"I encourage all those who ‘desire the promised Land’ (- that is, the spiritual allegory, for Heaven), to start by repenting in their hearts of ‘all wickedness’; and to turn wholeheartedly to the Lord, Jesus Christ – that He may forgive all of your iniquities, and that you may be saved, from His Divine Wrath." (-Moses, Tuesday, November 27, 2012)
"And you will ‘come to know’, that the Most High True God, is ‘a God of Power and Might’!  And that His Strength is ‘Righteousness’ – and so are His servants strengthened.  But you, are ‘abased and far, from His Mind’!  As you all have: exalted yourselves, falsely!  Because He is Coming, and you cannot escape: His ‘Royal Decrees’."(-Elijah, Tuesday, December 11, 2012)    

(-On the Eve of Easter Sunday - April 20, 2019 update)


And so HAS the human race reached "its TIPPING point"?

Tomorrow is Tuesday of what is traditionally known as "Holy Week" - and it is the day "the CHRISM mass" is traditionally celebrated.  But the masses of the roman catholic hierarchical institution have not been valid since October of 2009.  And THIS week? - the entire PLANET is being ANOINTED with Divine JUSTICE from the Hand of the Creator… and it WILL not stop, until the global climate towards HIM!... and towards the UNBORN… has changed.

Jesus Christ the Lord, is NOT "a political activist"; He is NOT "an ENVIRONMENTALIST"; He ISN'T "interested in CLIMATE change"; He ISN'T "a god of social JUSTICE".  And perhaps most importantly - He ISN'T "the spirit of the ANTICHRIST" - referring to the GOD that everyone in the roman catholic hierarchical institution, has been OFFERING… their Lenten SACRIFICES to.  And so?... why should "GOOD FRIDAY", THIS year, be all about "HIM being crucified!"  WHY not!... have all of HEAVEN, THIS year - celebrate Jesus CHRIST the LORD - Crucifying the human RACE, for their sins AGAINST Him.  What "a GOOD FRIDAY" it would BE! - THIS year - if HE put the human RACE on the Cross - if He were to crucify THEM! - to death!  These are "some VERY important suggestions" - ones that the King of HEAVEN, is quite INTERESTED in… FULFILLING!  So ENJOY your… "HOLY week!" - everybody!  Enjoy reflecting on "the CRUCIFIXION, of the human race" - through the CORONAVIRUS, that IS in fact, "the Comet of CHASTISEMENT" - and through all the OTHER tribulations that are about to befall the human race.  For the measure you all GAVE? - is the MEASURE that is now "INCOMING!"  And really?... there IS no place to hide.(April 06, 2020 update) 

Sri Lanka church image
Easter Sunday 2019 False Flag terror attack in Sri Lanka - in which REAL people were sacrificed
all for the purpose of discrediting U.S. President Donald Trump, among other reasons
This WAS! - INDEED! - "a HORRENDOUS! - TERROR attack" - BROUGHT about, by 'the COURTESY, of the ONE world GOVERNMENT occult LUCIFERIANS' - who 'REQUIRE', blood SACRIFICE - in ORDER 'to MAINTAIN, their POWER over the PEOPLE'.  How WICKED! - the "BLACK OPS", and "INTELLIGENCE agencies" ARE - to have COORDINATED, and PLANNED! - "such a DIABOLICAL, STRIKE" - upon 'UNSUSPECTING, people'.  But the FACT remains - is that, the one world GOVERNMENT, KNOWS! - that "our CREATOR", IS! - in fact, 'REMOVING, His Protection', from the CHURCHES.  And so 'THEY KNOW full WELL!' - that they are 'ALLOWED', to attack, those PLACES.  But THIS does not MEAN, that 'our CREATOR', is going to remain 'silent'.  REMEMBER what was EXPLAINED, BEFORE this attack HAPPENED - that the CHURCHES, have become, "human sacrificial TEMPLES".  And "our CREATOR" - knew WELL in ADVANCE, 'what the DEEP STATE, COORDINATING WITH! - islamic EXTREMISTS' - had PLANNED! - for Easter Sunday.  And THIS is why 'He made it VERY CLEAR!' - that when HE acts - it will NOT BE "by ANY human HAND".  And SO - the deep STATE, are in fact 'CHALLENGING!' - "OUR God" - the GOD of the Two Witnesses, to RESPOND - in an EVEN, 'GREATER' way! - to make 'THEIR efforts' - look like "a FOOTNOTE", to HIS!  THEY want 'the people', to be "AFRAID" - and to TURN, 'to their GOVERNMENTS' for protection.  Whereas our CREATOR desires, that PEOPLE - would be 'afraid of HIM!' - and "Just CONSEQUENCES" - and that they would in FACT, 'turn back to HIM!' - for Protection.  Our CREATOR did not 'CAUSE' this disaster' - BUT? - He WILL in fact, cause 'the NEXT one!'  And He WILL! - 'unmask', the VILLAINS - the REAL villains! - in this EVENT - in this TERRORIST attack, that took place, "on Easter SUNDAY" of all days.  Just THINK about it! - HOW is it POSSIBLE! - that NO one was 'CAUGHT' - PLANNING the attack; and that they were ABLE, to spread OUT, over different PLACES! - and plant 'various DEVICES' - and NO one! - CAUGHT them?  And THEN all of a SUDDEN, in the NEWS? - they HAVE "the PERPETRATORS"? - they know "EXACTLY WHO DID IT"?  NOT! - POSSIBLE! - unless the GOVERNMENT and the INTELLIGENCE agencies were "involved".  Most LIKELY? - this was 'a CIA black ops', coordinated EFFORT - WORKING "on behalf, of the DEMOCRATS" - in the UNITED States - and ALL 'for the PURPOSE, of DISCREDITING U.S. President Donald Trump'.  And 'THAT' is how much HATRED, 'the deep state' HAVE for 'THIS sitting President'.  As TRUMP, explained - that "ISIS, was in fact DEFEATED"! - there's "a NEW narrative", being SPREAD - by the mainstream MEDIA - that ISIS in FACT, SIMPLY 'were driven OUT, into different TERRITORIES and COUNTRIES'.  And we know for a FACT! - that 'these KIND of TERROR attacks', are going to CONTINUE.  But our CREATOR the Most High TRUE God? - is going to RESPOND! - every TIME!  And so every "TERROR attack"? - that the GOVERNMENTS 'UNLEASH', on their CITIZENS? - or on other COUNTRIES? - is "an AUTOMATIC invitation, for the GOD of the Two Witnesses, to RESPOND - with UTMOST Severity, and PRECISION".  And so 'our CREATOR' - is going to need to SHOW 'the people of Sri LANKA' - WHO they need to FEAR.  And it is NOT! - their GOVERNMENTS, or their COORDINATED attacks on their own PEOPLE.  Amen. (April 22, 2019 update)
Through These End Times of Extremes
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
For the record: Matthew sent us that above video, BEFORE he saw the next Judgement
And the Judgement was WRITTEN, BEFORE we saw the above video.


Today, Easter Monday, is the day of "the annual Easter egg roll" at the whitehouse in Washington.  And so, coincidentally, SPEAKING of "eggs"... we are actually "rolling out" something on that topic over HERE!...
"Shall I bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth? - says the Lord; shall I, who cause to bring forth, shut the womb? - says your God."
(Isaiah 66:9)

And so LET there BE 'no more BIRTHS'! - and let ALL conceptions, CEASE!  For, 'OUR Creator', the Most High TRUE God - INDEED! - "BLESSED mankind", with 'the GIFT of FERTILITY'.  But they 'SACRIFICED', that Gift, to 'the ENEMY, of their Souls'.  And, "to CONCEIVE, a CHILD" - in these TIMES? - has BECOME, "a TEMPTATION" - to COMMIT, 'the act, of MURDER'.  THEREFORE, the Most High TRUE God, is 'TAKING BACK the Gift', of FERTILITY - and will 'no longer BLESS', mankind, with 'the CAPACITY', or "the RIGHT", to give birth.  And He WILL 'shut the womb'!  And "in vitro fertilization procedures"? - will 'NO LONGER', be "successful", or "Blessed", by the Most High True God.  And ALL those SCIENTISTS who 'BELIEVE! - they can GROW human babies in a LAB'? - Our Creator will NEVER! - "Bless that"! - but He will most ASSUREDLY 'Curse!' - ALL of mankind's EFFORTS, to go AGAINST His JUDGEMENTS

And our CREATOR? - is NOT going to spare, the CHILDREN - EITHER!  As MORE and MORE, 'disasters and INCIDENTS' happen - world WIDE - where the CHILDREN were not able to escape.  And these CHILDREN who will be "TAKEN"? - WILL, for the MOST part - be 'HIS Preserved SOULS'. They will BE "the ones, Preserved by Grace" - and they WILL be taken, to HEAVENBecause HE does NOT! - want 'THEM', to WITNESS, the IMMENSE Devastation - and CALAMITY - that IS coming upon the WORLD.  He is in fact, going to take 'all of the GOOD! - children' - as in 'the ONES, who ARE persecuted, and are in FACT, "hated!" - by their parents' - because they are "FAVORED by the Most High True GOD".  And He will SHOW those children "Immense MERCY".  And the OTHER children? - "the wicked HELLIONS" - who are "NOT favored", by the Most High True GOD? - He will 'take, to the OTHER place'.  Amen!  (April 22, 2019 update)
What "a BIZARRE! - annual ritual" they have at the Whitehouse. But it WAS 'chosen for a REASON' - we ALL know that!  But WHAT was the REASON?  And we need to find out WHY 'that ritual' is STILL seen by some as "GOOD"?   "Good for WHAT PURPOSE"?  Here are some "OBVIOUS discernment points", that really help to put that above JUDGEMENT in perspective.  They are points that will help "the READER", to understand WHY the Creator of the UNIVERSE, held back - until 'TODAY of all days', to PROCLAIM it: Does the "egg roll" take the focus AWAY from the Historical fact that Jesus Christ the Lord conquered DEATH, on Easter Sunday?  Yes! - indeed it does.  Does wearing "insect ANTENNA", serve 'to DEHUMANIZE' the children? - both in THEIR eyes, and in the eyes of their PARENTS?  Yes! - indeed it does.  IS "the objective of the egg roll", for the CHILDREN: to 'BEAT' the egg, with "THAT which is used to stir BATTER"? - and to PUSH the egg AWAY from them, as QUICKLY and as FAR as possible?  Yes! - indeed it is.  Are the CHILDREN who push the egg as FAR away from them, and as FAST as they can, doing so to be considered "WINNERS! - in THIS life"?  Yes, indeed they ARE!  Now when those "children", grow UP - and when those FEMALE children, someday become "PREGNANT" - on a deep SUBCONSCIOUS level, will THEY SURELY consider: "BEATING!" - what 'THEIR egg', grew INTO - as FAST! - and pushing it! - as FAR away as POSSIBLE? - so that "THEY can be 'winners', in their ADULTHOOD, as well!"  It is "a VERY SICK game!" - actually.  But NOT for "the JEZEBELLIAN WOMEN", who, with their fake SMILES, and deadened CONSCIENCES, and 'BLINDNESS to all that is GOOD' - cheer the children on - as the children become "IMMERSED, in the psyop", that WILL most assuredly, help to STEAL "THEIR children", FROM them, in the coming years.  It was necessary to put this "follow-up note", AFTER the Judgement - because, as "the editor", I found it AMAZING, that EVERY time I tried to get a screen shot of President Trump facing the camera, for this Judgement - that every time I did so, His eyes were CLOSED.  And that was "MORE than just a coincidence"!  And so I simply sought "the TRUTH" - and started by considering, "the obvious".  Perhaps after READING it - MORE people, will desire to 'open THEIR eyes'. (April 23, 2019 update)

Today - the U.S. LIBERALS have swung SO far to the left, that they are ALREADY promoting ABSTINENCE, as a form of protest, AGAINST 'the Gift of Life' - as they conveniently FORGOT their argument, that abortion was supposed to be "necessary because they COULDN'T abstain".  

Actress Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike
But don't blame the removal of OFFSPRING on the Creator - after all, it was the U.S. DEMOCRATS, who saw the Gift of having children, as "a punishment".  For example, at 2:59 in the video: "Where do we get to a place where a whole POLITICAL party (- the U.S. democrats) believes that having CHILDREN is like a PUNISHMENT?"  And as you ponder that, know that this video was recorded on the 102nd Anniversary of the Blessed Virgin Mary's first appearance at Fatima - recorded on a day, when at 4:19, women are "...SO mad that they are going to STOP reproducing!"  That's REALLY "NOT a problem"! - after all, the Most High TRUE God is "already ON it!"  (May 13, 2019 update) 

Know that the LORD, the Most High TRUE God has heard 'the CRIES of His ELECT' - who 'CRY to Him', DAY and NIGHT. 

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said:  Oh MURDEROUS nation! - of hearts - do YOU think! - that I have not 'dealt FAIRLY WITH YOU'? - in 'SCOURGING you!' - in 'bringing AFFLICTIONS, upon you'; in 'STRIPPING you, of your homes' - of "YOUR places of refuge, and safety"?  Do you THINK that 'I am UNFAIR'? - that 'I COMMANDED YOU, not to KILL'? - and yet you DO!  You DO! - on a daily BASIS.  You SLAUGHTER, with 'MERCILESSNESS' - and EXERCISE, "UNJUST authority" - over, 'the CHILDREN' - over 'the LIVES', that have been given, into your CARE.  And SO? - I will 'take them BACK!' - I will 'take BACK! - the Gift of Life' - and I WILL 'make, the WOMBS barren' - and they will NOT 'bear life', but 'DEATH!'  Because 'THAT!' - is 'what you have CHOSEN' - you "MURDEROUS! - people".  For YEARS, I have been "patient", and I have been 'waiting'.  And you THINK, that I! - have been 'ALLOWING you, to get AWAY, with murder'; yet, I have been WAITING, for 'this TIME, in human HISTORY' - to "PAY! - you all, BACK!"  For YOU WILL! - 'REAP', what you have SOWN.  AND? - you have ALL 'SOWN, the CULTURE of death!' - and you "LOVE" death!  And you have 'BROUGHT, SPIRITUAL death, to your offspring' - and so I 'WILL take it, ONE step further': and I WILL remove "the Spirit of LIFE", from them.  And ALL of you WILL! - "weep and mourn".  But STILL I will 'not hear your CRIES'.  "PUNISHMENT" will be 'SERVED, to the FULLEST Measure!' - because I am "a JUST, God!" - and if I did not 'ACT AGAINST YOU'? - I would, PROVE, MYSELF, to be 'UNJUST'.  And SO?... PREPARE to reap the WHIRLWIND!

And so, for all those 'so-called CHRISTIANS', who claim to 'LIKE' the Our Father Prayer?... THAT'S 'His PRAYER'! - so "LIKE it!" (May 31, 2019 update)

The Holy ANGELS are 'making READY'? - what's THAT?

We're going to PREFACE this update with a simple reminder that:  Your CREATOR would have PREFERRED, that people STOP murdering their own kin - as He DOESN'T "take delight", in RECIPROCATING, 'the necessary DIVINE Just Response', to such an UNCONSCIONABLE and WICKED way of life - that this current generation, is claiming for itself.  But let's be BRUTALLY honest here folks: you PUSHED His Buttons! - and you KNEW He wasn't going to simply "PRETEND", that He COULDN'T see what you were doing.  And as the first world countries strive to MAKE access to abortion "the NORM", on a global basis - while FORMALLY asking "God" to BLESS, their NATIONS? - they are in fact, asking HIM, to BLESS all those who SPIT on 'His Commandment, NOT to kill'.  It's not happening folks!  He WON'T "Bless" your nations with 'HIS implied endorsement' to kill the innocent!  But HERE is what you're ALL, going to get instead:

And since 'they WOULDN'T stop!' - abortion - what is "the PENALTY"? - that will be handed out to the human race, by its CREATOR?  THIS time, it's ONLY "a one GENERATION penalty", of offspring.  Now that MAY not SOUND like much at first - but it MEANS that the offspring of EVERYONE outside the Faithful Remnant are going to simply be 'put down', by the Holy Angels, as they do 'THEIR rounds'.  AND - the people OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, will no longer be able to generate "LIVING offspring" - not even once!  Is that kind of "Divine Eugenics" "LEGAL"?  According to the human race, the eugenics of abortion is not only "legal", but "socially acceptable", "tolerable", "a way of LIFE" for many! - "an important multi-BILLION dollar global industry", "HIGHLY lucrative", and even has some nice "incentives" and "kick-backs", for all the front-line workers.  So yes! - it's "perfectly legal" - even for the Holy Angels, to go DOOR to DOOR - as they PERFORM "selective abortions", on a "family by family" basis.  That means that there will NO LONGER be "families", outside the Faithful Remnant family - if that term, includes "offspring" or "children" by any legal definition.  And as Canada and the United States are putting protections for abortion in place, and making it more affordable, more proliferated, and more legal, and more DIFFICULT to overturn Roe v Wade - as the governing leaders are literally "DRUNK with the blood of the unborn" - the Holy ANGELS are 'making READY', to descend on the human race, and exercise 'their DIVINE and legal RIGHT' - to REMOVE the remaining children from 'the face of the earth'... as "just ONE, of the MANY", coming Tribulations! 

WHAT'S "getting READY"?...

"And I saw, and behold, a pale horse [- a DISEASE-laden horse...], and its rider’s name was Death [- Saint Michael the Holy Archangel], and Hades [- "what SEEMED like Hell" to the DWELLERS of the earth...] followed him [- as he left 'a TRAIL, of lifeless bodies'...]; and they  [- the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and The Holy Army of Heaven...] were given power over a fourth of the earth [- over more than a BILLION people...], to kill with sword [- suddenly] and with famine [- slowly] and with pestilence [- by global pandemic outbreaks] and by wild beasts of the earth [- the carriers of the diseases]." (Revelations 6:8) 

Here is just one small sample, of what has NOW been 'set in motion':

East Timor Dispatch: The Revered Crocodiles of East Timor Have Suddenly Started Killing People (June 6, 2019 story)

'No way to stop it': millions of pigs culled across Asia as swine fever spreads: Experts say region is losing the battle to stop the biggest animal disease outbreak the planet has ever faced  (June 6, 2019 story) 

"I have unleashed ‘the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, that stand arrayed for battle.  They are ‘poised and ready’ to battle with flesh and blood. It begins.  Now [- speaking outside of space and TIME...] ‘events’, are on ‘a spiral effect’; and now history cannot be changed. You will see this soon, My children."
Historical note: While posting and editing the update - with the intelligence agencies from over 40 different nations "back-dooring" our computer - we experienced "connection problems" - obviously - due to the fact, that home computer systems, simply aren't DESIGNED, for that many back-door hacks - from so many different locations, around the globe.  And SO? - OUR advice? - is PERHAPS, all the intelligence agencies, could set up a "slave computer" - SOMEWHERE - that they all in TURN could "back-door" - while WE!... simply put out the "most important intel on the planet" - WITHOUT the absolutely unnecessary, interruptions.  Understand?  Any of you?  Probably not.  That's why "you're IN, the mess that you are all IN" - and it's only going to get worse! - unless you STOP! - what you are doing RIGHT NOW, and become a Member of the Faithful Remnant.
(June 07, 2019 update)

Have you NOTICED that THIS world has really made it that parents spend less quality time with their children?

And this is BECAUSE, the GOVERNMENTS, have gotten TOGETHER - and, 'THEY have designed, SOCIETY'! - the way it OPERATES - and how CHILDREN are to be TREATED.  THEY are the ones - who make SURE! - that 'the FAMILY is divided' - and that, PARENTS, have "VERY little time!" - with their OFFSPRING.  And THIS! - is 'so that SOCIETY, can raise the CHILDREN, in the spirit of the WORLD, and the government PROPAGANDA' - so that the CHILDREN, are 'RAISED, as little HELLIONS!' - who REBEL against all AUTHORITY - and who WILL! - be DOCILE, to 'what SOCIETY teaches' - and to what the GOVERNMENTS, are 'demanding OF them' - with regards TO, "social TOLERANCE, of EVERY evil! - KNOWN, to man".  And it is BECAUSE of this - 'ABUSE' - that the CHILDREN, are continually PUT through - BY their parents, and by 'their GOVERNMENTS' - and by their TEACHERS - that they WILL in fact be 'TAKEN' - BECAUSE! - the Most High TRUE God, needs to 'TURN the hearts, of the PARENTS, BACK to HIM!' - for they have NO BUSINESS! - rearing CHILDREN, to become "little SATANISTS"!  The parents THEMSELVES are "cut-off from the Kingdom of HEAVEN" - AND they make SURE, that 'their CHILDREN' are as WELL!  Therefore the CREATOR, MUST! - 'cut the PARENTS off', from their CHILDREN.  Because UNTIL the parents, turn 'their HEARTS' back to God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN? - and LEARN, to 'VALUE, the things of Heaven'? - they are "not WORTHY" to be PARENTS.  They are "not WORTHY" to have any OFFSPRING - as the offspring they DID have, have come FORTH, from 'a ROTTEN tree'.  And so JUST as, Jesus Christ the LORD, cursed 'the FIG tree' - to BECOME "barren" - SO shall He CURSE! - the WOMBS, of ALL women! - that they, should no LONGER, bear children.
(July 10, 2019 update) 

And so ARE the Two Witnesses "against CHILDREN"?

Yes! - Absolutely! - we ARE in fact, against 'a FUTURE for the wicked'! - and that INCLUDES their little "hellion children", whom THEY painstakingly made, in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of 'THEIR father, down below'.  They can ALL go directly to Hell.  And they all WILL.  As for "the children of the RIGHTEOUS"? - and "the PRESERVED CHILDREN"?  Each one of THEM, is more precious than all the GOLD on the face of the earth.  And so, whether it be "a BIG bag of demons", or "a LITTLE bag of demons" - and whether they be 'moping', or 'crying' and 'complaining' that they can't unleash their demons for much LONGER, on everyone ELSE on the planet - as for THEM? - ANY way you TYPE it - they're STILL... "just a bag of demons".  And they WILL each eventually 'POP!' - and return to their father - whose ways THEY prefer, over anything HEAVEN has to offer them.  In short? - "Nature will simply take its course, as the Holy Angels separate the chaff from 'the WHEAT' (- who are ALREADY 'BURNING with the Fire of the Divine Love of their Creator')."  And we ARE formally "RECLAIMING this Planet, for the EXCLUSIVE enjoyment, of spiritually sane people".

"For the wicked shall be cut off; but those who wait for the Lord shall possess the land. Yet a little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look well at his place [- as in "Hell-LOW, is anyone HERE?... where did you GO?..."], he will not be there. But the meek shall possess the land, and delight themselves in abundant prosperity." (Psalm 37: 9-11) 

If reading THAT makes YOU feel a bit "offended", and "excluded"? - just for STARTERS? - then that's "a GOOD thing!"  Because you're "ON the CLOCK" - and there is still TIME, for YOU, to renounce your wicked WAYS.

That being said, it BEGS the question, "Are the WICKED, against children?"  And from what WE have seen - ironically - when 'EXTREMELY WICKED! - women' - become PREGNANT, and they REALIZE, that there is "a completely INNOCENT child", in their womb - a child whom they have NOT yet had the opportunity, to MURDER! - SPIRITUALLY (- as they would, if they had the CHANCE - to RAISE it as a reflection of THEIR wicked interior lives)... When THEY become pregnant - THEY in fact, are "QUITE COMFORTABLE", should they even 'FEEL like it', to have a HAND (- through the ABORTION doctor they TURN to) - in not only being "AGAINST children" - but FOR "the systematic torture and MURDER" of the most INNOCENT children.  And so yes, WE are MUCH "nicer", than they are!

"The children of sinners are abominable children, and they frequent the haunts of the ungodly [- they are 'the FRUIT of the mortal sin of lust', and therefore they DO "ungodly THINGS", as they are 'DRAWN to DEPRAVITY and EVIL']. The inheritance of the children of sinners will perish, and on their posterity will be a perpetual reproach. Children will blame an ungodly father, for they suffer reproach because of him. Woe to you, ungodly men, who have forsaken the law of the Most High God!  When you are born, you are born to a curse; and when you die, a curse is your lot."  (Sirach 41:5-9) 

(July 14, 2019 update)

What's on YOUR Christmas wish list?

Today we prayed for the COMPLETE Destruction of Rome and of Jerusalem - in unity with All of Heaven of course!  We also prayed for the removal of offspring and 'the end of the Gift of pregnancy' - for ALL women OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant.  (August 04, 2019 update)  


And now I will ACT! - as I REMOVE! - "the children",

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said:  What I? - am about to DO? - is send 'a STRONG! - Message - to 'the WORLD'! - that I, am NOT! - "a GOD, to be TRIFLED with".  I am NOT! - "to be SPAT upon", "DISMISSED!" - IGNORED! - MOCKED! - RIDICULED! - and 'SCOFFED at'.  I SENT, My SON, Jesus Christ the LORD, with 'PROPHECIES from HEAVEN', to REVEAL! - TO, 'OUR Two Witnesses' - "what is COMING".  And that PEOPLE? - had BETTER! - 'REPENT'.  BUT people are 'NOT listening'.  They REFUSED, to LISTEN! - to "My TRUE PROPHETS".  They refused, to 'turn their hearts back to ME'.  They REFUSED to 'turn their hearts', to "their OWN! - CHILDREN!"  And now I will ACT! - as I have done in the PAST.  And? - the WHOLE land - as in? - the WHOLE world, will be "STRICKEN, with a Curse" - as I REMOVE! - "the children", FROM it.  For 'MANKIND'S hearts'? - turned "AGAINST, their own FLESH and blood".  In SACRIFICING, their offspring - through "ABORTION"? - they SACRIFICED, 'their FUTURE!' (- Just a small excerpt from the FULL September 19, 2019 update)

IS Jesus Christ the Lord "taking the majority of children... to HEAVEN"? 

Actual email: "The Most High True God is taking the children... they get to be with Jesus Christ the Lord.

NO! - Jesus Christ the Lord is NOT "taking the majority of children... to HEAVEN".  The MAJORITY of children? - have been 'CUT-off, from the Grace, of the Most High TRUE God' - and their PARENTS 'made SURE of it!'   And in DOING so? - they 'PRIMED their children', for HELLFIRE - AFTER, they "pass from this LIFE".  But there WILL be 'SOME'! - who are "PRESERVED, by GRACE" - that the Most High TRUE GOD? - will ALSO take! - RATHER than subject them to "the ABUSES, of their WICKED parents".

The FACT remains: that Jesus is taking ALL! - of the children - who are NOT, "AUTHENTIC Members of His Faithful REMNANT" - who are NOT "Preserved, by GRACE".

He is not even going to 'preserve the LIFE' of "the PRESERVED children" - unless they're "Members of the Faithful REMNANT".

This is NOT "an institutional CHURCH".  And Jesus Christ the LORD is 'the One who decides' - what CHILDREN, 'remain' - and what CHILDREN, are 'taken'.  But the MAJORITY of them will be TAKEN - because THIS 'GENERATION', is "undeserving, of ANY offspring"!  And He MUST! - 'teach future GENERATIONS', NOT to kill their children.

And it's going to happen at "the most UNEXPECTED time" - where all of a SUDDEN? - a child's life is SHORTENED.  People will call it "TRAGIC"; HOWEVER - it IS 'the Creator's PERFECT! - Reciprocation', for 'what they DID', to the Unborn.  And THIS is going to be "a GLOBAL SCOURGE"! (September 24, 2019 update)   

ARE the CHILDREN "off LIMITS!" to the Creator's Divine JUSTICE?

People 'THINK', in these TIMES - that "the CHILDREN", are "off LIMITS!" - to the Creator's JUSTICE.   But they will SOON find OUT! - that "the WICKED CHILDREN" - of this AGE - the "REBELLIOUS, HELLIONS!" - are in FACT: on their way OUT.  As the Most High TRUE God - will 'Strike them DOWN' - at ANY TIME! - He Sees fit!  And they will be "no MORE!" - only 'to make ROOM for the children', of the RIGHTEOUS - the "truly DOCILE" ones.  And this is 'a SIGN to YOU' - of what HAPPENS, when YOU choose to 'cooperate with the True Holy Spirit of the Moment'.  Because PART of 'bringing the Kingdom of HEAVEN', back down to EARTH? - is "clearing the THRESHING floor" - and 'CALLING down the Most High TRUE God's Divine JUSTICE' - on those who are 'OPPOSED, TO Him'The Most High TRUE God decides - "WHEN and WHERE and HOW" - HE Dispatches 'the wicked CHILDREN, of this EARTH'; but, the Faithful REMNANT, STILL need to use "COMMON sense and REASON" - ESPECIALLY, when 'the PHYSICAL SAFETY', of the wicked CHILDREN, is 'at RISK'.
In other words, EVERYONE is "on the CREATOR'S clock" - it's just that, for MOST people? - their most personal and upsetting "alarming experience", is going to happen MUCH sooner! - than what THEY were expecting.  And MANY of the children - are even NOW! - beginning to REALIZE that! - on a deep subconscious level.  (November 04, 2019 update)
The Curse Striking the entire Earth
Carmel is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

The fact IS: that the CHILDREN 'OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant Church' - have become, "LITTLE rebellious HELLIONS"!  And, they HARBOR 'much, of their PARENT'S, DEMONS, INSIDE them'.  And so when you 'LOOK at the children', and 'the WAY, they behave', in THESE Times? - it IS "a reflection, of the HEARTS, of the parents".  'The CHILDREN outside the Faithful Remnant'? - have been 'CUT-OFF! - from their Creator'; and the PARENTS, are 'RESPONSIBLE, for this HAPPENING'.  Our CREATOR? - does not RECOGNIZE, 'LIFE', in those CHILDREN; but He DOES, have 'a MANTLE of DEATH!' - to PULL over them ALL!  THIS is 'what the parents DID' - in REFUSING! - to TEACH, 'the WAYS, of the CREATOR' - to their children - in ALLOWING their children, to go AFTER, 'EVERY impulse', with 'NO discipline'.  The PARENTS today? - have 'no MORE, of a bond, with their CHILDREN' - than ANIMALS do, with 'their CUBS'.  The PARENTS? - have become 'COMPLETELY indifferent!' - to, the spiritual NEEDS of their children; and our CREATOR? - doesn't 'NEED', to keep them ALIVE, any more

"And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the land with a curse.” (Malachi 4:6)

He is 'Striking them ALL!' - as this IS "the CURSE! - that will cover the FACE of the EARTH" - as, we COME, in 'the SPIRIT of ELIJAH'.  "The HEARTS of parents"? - WILL be turned! - to 'their DEAD children'.
And for ALL those who are perhaps, looking for 'an AIR of REVOCABILITY' in these DIVINE JUDGEMENTS concerning Offspring?  The Gift of CHILDREN is in fact what is "NOW Revocable"! - thanks to 'the IRREVOCABLE laws on abortion', that were spread throughout the land.  (December 19, 2019 update)

For all those who "…DON'T believe that the Creator is SERIOUS about taking the OFFSPRING"?

"There has been an apparent rise in the number of children of all ages presenting with a multisystem inflammatory state requiring intensive care…"

WARNING! COVID-19 Could Be Linked To Emerging Serious Medical Conditions In Children According to British Medical Authorities.(April 28, 2020 story)

And given the fact that there is a LIMITED number of intensive care beds - MOST of which are currently in use - the hospitals will not be able to meet the needs of a sudden INFLUX of children - who can ONLY be properly treated in intensive care hospital beds.  The gift of children was 'SHAT upon' by the human race.  And so now that "Gift" IS being withdrawn… you'll SEE!  "A PARENT'S worst NIGHTMARE" - is about to become 'a GLOBAL reality'… that they CAN'T wake up from.  And there won't be ANY point in desiring to pass on toys or clothes to OTHER children - as they TOO will be taken - and it will BECOME?... "a CHILDLESS global SOCIETY" - a childless WORLD!  Because THAT'S what EVERYONE! - told their CREATOR… that they WANTED!  And they all 'WORKED towards it'.  Don't 'even THINK about' PREGNANCY - because "global INFERTILITY" will be 'the new NORMAL'.   Don't 'even THINK about' "safe PROMISCUOUS behavior" - because 'this VIRUS!' - is "SEXUALLY transmitted".  And since it IS also "a rapidly mutating STD" - the odds will ALWAYS be extremely high, that OTHER people may have a different strain, that brings WITH it unexpected, and "very uncomfortable"… new symptoms. 

In OTHER words? - perhaps, in 'the SIMPLEST possible language' ever imagined: People were COMMANDED "not to kill".  But they CAN if they really WANT to!  And the CREATOR?... HE can kill too!... He's "FINE with that".  And now the human race is being 'FINED'.  And they can all 'PAY that fine'… with their children… ALL of them!  Period.  Perhaps they will THEN learn to take 'HIS Laws', more SERIOUSLY… OR not.   (April 28, 2020 update) 


North Korea:  Unfortunately, Kim Jong Un, the PRESIDENT of North Korea - has 'RAISED himself up', and TURNED himself, INTO "a false god", to be WORSHIPPED! - by his own PEOPLE.  And THAT is "UNACCEPTABLE! - to the Most HIGH True God" - who ALONE! - is to be Worshipped, PRAISED and ADORED.  AND so: How IS, "Our CREATOR", going to RESPOND? - but to SHOW! - "Mr. UN", that HE in fact is "VERY! - fragile" - and that he, is "SUSCEPTIBLE, to the SAME, AFFLICTIONS! - that EVERYONE, is SUSCEPTIBLE to".  And so? - our CREATOR, will now SHOW, the North KOREANS, that Kim Jong Un, is "NOT a god" - and that he is "SIMPLY, a MAN!"  Kim Jong UN, believes that he can seek "PROTECTION", from Vladimir PUTIN - and that "his SECURITY", can be GRANTED, by RUSSIA.  Yet ONLY "the CREATOR", can secure 'a COUNTRY', and 'a world LEADER' - and He will ONLY, DO so, if their HEARTS, turn back to HIM - if they TURN, 'the hearts of their PEOPLE', back to the CREATORNow is 'the TIME', when our CREATOR, will 'Systematically DESTROY, the COUNTRIES, who embrace, PAGANISM, and IDOL worship'.  Because our CREATOR is "a Mighty WARRIOR!"  And NO world leader and NO country! - can stand AGAINST Him; but they will SURELY fall!   Amen. (April 28, 2019 update)

And so the race is now ON, to see WHO can tear down the North Korean idols first!
If the CREATOR does it first? - then it will be the END of Kim Jong Un's hope for Eternal Life
Either WAY, the North Korean idols WILL fall, and WILL be broken into dust-size pieces.

Human blood sacrifice:  The MAYANS offered, "HUMAN blood sacrifice", to THEIR "false deities".  And they DID so in the most DIABOLICAL ways possible.  And SO? - HAS, human blood sacrifice, actually ENDED?  Have PEOPLE, actually 'learned to VALUE, the Gift of life'?  The answer is, "NO".

And so, it is IMPORTANT for 'the PEOPLE' to know, that "the ILLUMINATI", are real!  They are "the ELITE, SATANIC RULERS, of this age".  And EVERYONE! - on some LEVEL, is CONTRIBUTING, to 'THEIR! - sick satanic lifestyles' - as THEY, DEMAND, "human blood sacrifice" - through WAR, and through 'the diabolical act, of abortion'.  They 'DEMAND' that blood is SPILT, "for THEM!" - so that THEY become "EMPOWERED, by the devil".

And so, what PEOPLE need to REALIZE, is that 'the MAYAN culture' - NEVER died!  The human SACRIFICE still CONTINUES - to this DAY.  But, NOW - it is "the ULTIMATE sacrifice!" - that PEOPLE, have CHOSEN, 'as a CIVILIZATION' - and that IS: their OWN children! - their OWN offspring.  And UNFORTUNATELY, 'the women of these TIMES'? - are "greatly PLEASED!" - by, this OFFERING - because they feel "EMPOWERED", by it.  But it IS in fact 'the power of the DEVIL', SURGING through their veins - as it CONSUMES them.

The illuminati, are "EXTREMELY rich!" - as 'the WEALTH', that the people MAKE? - ACTUALLY 'makes its WAY', up the PYRAMID structure - ALL the way to the TOP! - KEEPING them "rich", off the BLOOD! - that is shed, through ABORTION, and through the WARS - that 'THEY!' - in fact, "FUND".
The eye of the egyptian god, peering out from a pyramid,
next to the phrase, "in god we trust"
makes it very CLEAR to the viewer, which "GOD" is being referred to

And WHAT is on the back of EVERY American dollar bill? - but "a PYRAMID" - and "the ALL-seeing EYE" - at the TOP of it.  And the words, "in god we trust".  But WHICH god?  Most CERTAINLY not! - the Most High TRUE God.  It is not "the CREATOR".  It is in fact, "the god of MONEY".  The PEOPLE have put, 'their ABSOLUTE faith and trust', in their material RICHES - and in "money".  But the ONLY way, that 'the united states of AMERICA', has been able, "to PROSPER!" - SO much! - is 'at the EXPENSE, of the unborn CHILDREN' - who were "MURDERED!" - by her - BY, "the BABYLONIAN harlot!" 

And SO? - WHAT is, "OUR Creator", the Most High TRUE God - going to DO? - with such "a WICKED! - ABOMINABLE! - civilization"?  He WILL, CONTINUE, to SEVERELY, SCOURGE and CHASTISE, and DESTROY! - the NATIONS of THIS WORLD.  And NO one can stop Him!  For HE WILL! - 'have HIS VENGEANCE', on HIS, adversaries.  He WILL! - "take great PLEASURE", in CARRYING OUT, 'His Divine VENGEANCE', on the Earth

"Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems; and he has a name inscribed which no one knows but himself. He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, followed him on white horses. From his mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron; he will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has a name inscribed, King of kings and Lord of lords."(Revelations 19:11-16) 

Jesus Christ the LORD - RIDING, upon 'a white HORSE' - who is "FAITHFUL", and "TRUE" - with FIERY Eyes, and "a SWORD!" - PROTRUDING, from His MOUTH - will INDEED! - "SMITE the NATIONS".  For HE! - IS to be feared! - LOVED, and ADORED - by all.  And, "the ILLUMINATI"? - and "the one world PEOPLE"? - can CONTINUE to turn, to 'their false gods', for "PROTECTION", for "MITIGATION", for "ASSURANCE"!  But THERE will be none!  NO one will escape.  Not "the SLAVE", not "the FREE", not "the RICH", not "the POOR".  For ALL, WILL, come UNDER, "Divine Punishment".  And they WILL, be 'paid', ACCORDING, to their DEEDS!   Amen.

Chichen Itza Mayan Temple Whirlwind
Saint Michael is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
but he is a bit "CAMERA shy", so he likes to show people what they are about to RETURN to, instead...
For MOST - in THESE TIMES? - dust! - and the devil.
And so, when you see "In the God of the Two Witnesses, we Trust" - written on the back of EVERY United States dollar bill - next to 'a REVERENT image' of Jesus Christ the Lord, reigning as KING, over the entire planet? - THEN! - you will know, that the value of the fallen U.S. CURRENCY, is about to finally increase.  Until THAT point in history? - LET the value of the U.S. currency crash! - to the very depths of the abyss, to dwell with the egyptian gods, in Eternal flames.  Amen!  (- and THAT is "a veiled Blessing for the end of abortion in the United States", in case you missed it!) (May 04, 2019 update) 

Notice the difference - between how Saint Michael casually greets tourists in Mexico - in the ABOVE Chichén Itzá video…
Madill Oklahoma TORNADO with RAINBOW
It's like "zero to 60" in ONE... BIG... TORNADO! - that formed in a mere 60 seconds
Most 'SANE' people, tend to drive AWAY from tornados... just saying.
And now?... it's Saint Michael, 'on a Mission of DESTRUCTION' - sent by the RISEN LORD - who is taking "HIS rainbow"… BACK!  Yes, in both videos the people are CALM (- but that's only because the Most High TRUE God had 'His Heavy HAND' on the camera man - in both cases - to make "a historical RECORD").  See how QUICKLY, 'a DUST devil' in this SECOND video above, steered by a Holy ARCHANGEL, can turn into a HORROR! (- that most people would rather compare to "Hollywood movie special effects").  The screams of everyone INSIDE the Madill steel plant on April 22, 2020 - scrambling to hide from the flying sheets of steel - were 'muted', to make YOUR viewing experience… even MORE enjoyable!  And you can 'thank your CREATOR, for that!'  And don't miss 'the coded MESSAGE' in the video:  The Rainbow IS "the Sign of Destruction"... for EVERYONE OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant. Perhaps each 'pride parade' will NOW have to add an ADDITIONAL float - just to share 'this SPECIAL message'… especially for places like New York schitty, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Rio, and London - where real estate prices, are about to drastically plummet - due to… "a sudden RAINBOW sale"... due to "multiple VACANCIES", in the area.  So yes, prices FALL - along with the PEOPLE… so ALWAYS be PROUD! - of what your CREATOR is doing, to End this most WICKED Era, in human history.  Together? - we can keep 'the annual RAINBOW parade', going! (- because EVERYONE is going to be 'so PROUD of their CREATOR!', when they see what He can do with 'His Rainbow of Divine Destruction' - lit UP! - all over the planet). (April 24, 2020 update)  
On May 13, 2019 - at the end of the Judgment on "the Great Earthquake", it was formally announced, that the Testimony is now "FINISHED". But what exactly does that MEAN?
Exactly 7 days before the very end of the 1335 days foretold by the Old Testament Prophet Daniel?  Having heard and taken into consideration (- referring to everyone on the planet, in a split second...) their objections and their counter-ARGUMENTS to what has been revealed in the Testimony - the Divine Just Judge, Jesus Christ the Lord, will now LOOK at HIS Testimony, and ENACT 'His Divine Just JUDGEMENTS', and ORCHESTRATE the unfolding of those Judgments, according to HIS Perfect Plan, and Timetable - which He KNEW from 'the very BEGINNING of time' - and which, He HAD! - 'PLANNED', all ALONG.  As He already KNEW! - 'what mankind's response would BE' - to 'the REVELATION', of their SINFULNESS, BEFORE Him.  For in the TESTIMONY, He SHOWED them! - 'how THEY pierced, HIS Heart!' - 'how they caused HIM pain!' - 'how they DISPLEASED Him' - 'how they OFFENDED Him!' - 'how they KILLED Him' - 'how THEY separated THEMSELVES, FROM Him, and FROM the Path of Eternal LIFE' - and INSTEAD? - 'KNOWINGLY chose, the path, of SIN, PERDITION, and DEATH!'  He SHOWED them, that 'THEY chose!' - "the PATH of FINAL impenitence, DOOM! - and DESTRUCTION".  And 'their CHOICES' have been revealed!  And "the BOOKS" were OPENED! - as IN, "the SPIRITUAL, Books" - where the CREATOR, keeps 'RECORD', of 'the UNREPENTANT, SINS, of the PEOPLE'!  AND! - 'EVERY! - UNGODLY, THOUGHT, DESIRE, or ACTION' - they EVER embraced!  And, as the TWO WITNESSES, of the Most High True God - we are in FACT, "WITNESSES! - of mankind's WICKEDNESS, and 'the BURDEN'! - that their SINS, have SET, upon the CREATOR".  For TRULY He IS! - "UNJUSTLY! - burdened, by the WEIGHT, and the SINS, of mankind".  And AS 'His True BROTHER and SISTER', WE! - will not 'TOLERATE' the protests! - of mankind - towards "the fact that their SINS have been EXPOSED - and that they're EXPERIENCING 'Just CONSEQUENCES!' - for their sinful ACTIONS!"  We do not have 'ANY false compassion!' - for the PEOPLE, who are "quite PERFECTLY COMFORTABLE, CONTINUING 'to heap SIN, upon SIN' - and placing 'THAT BURDEN'! - on their Creator".  We INSTEAD, 'CHOOSE! - to SHOW! - our CREATOR, and our TRUE BROTHER, Jesus Christ the LORD - "TRUE Compassion!"  And we ASK Him, and INVITE Him, to... "RELIEVE Himself" - to "UNBURDEN Himself" - to "PLACE the Heavy Burdens, that HE has been carrying, upon 'the INHABITANTS of the earth'."  And 'let THEM! - be CONSUMED!' - by 'the GUILT of their sins' - and by 'the WEIGHT', of, "an EXTREMELY Heavy Conscience"And so - the PEOPLE, can be 'CRUSHED! - by the WEIGHT, of their SINS' - in ORDER to 'COME to REPENTANCE'? - OR - they can be 'CRUSHED, into the ETERNAL Lake of Fire'.  But, ONE WAY or ANOTHER? - the people will be 'CRUSHED'.  So LET "the HOUSE of sin", that EACH person built, ON the planet - FALL on them!  And ONLY 'those, who DESIRE, to climb OUT, from beneath the PILE' - will be DRAWN to the TESTIMONY - will be 'DRAWN to Eternal LIFE' - once they have, EXPERIENCED, 'the fruits of WICKEDNESS'.

And once AGAIN, "the protestants" got it WRONG.  And if you simply watch what happened to the Japan cities, when the 3/11 tsunami hit the Japan coastline? - you will SEE! - 'HOW wrong!'

"Behold, he is coming [- to repay His ENEMIES...] with the clouds [- of PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION, left behind, AFTER the Holy Angels visit the nations, with His Divine Justice...], and every eye will see him [- they will SEE "the Cloud of Destruction", left BEHIND, by HIS Divine Justice - as...], every one who pierced him; and all tribes of the earth will wail on account of him. Even so. Amen." (Revelations 1:7)

And the reason that we are "still HERE! - on EARTH"?

“Then they heard a loud voice from heaven saying to them, “Come up here!” And in the sight of their foes they went up to heaven in a cloud.”  (Revelations 11:12)

... is because... "WE are 'WITH Him'! - NOT against Him" - for ALL His Ways are Perfectly Just!  (May 14, 2019 update) 

Once again, "...we ASK Him, and INVITE Him, to... "RELIEVE Himself"
And so? - how does your CREATOR, spell RELIEF?...
Landslide La Paz, Bolivia
"Something happened" on the last day of April, 2019 - in Bolivia's functioning capital city.  We DO know that at least ONE person near the top of the hill, pressed "the FLUSH lever" on their toilet, mere SECONDS! - before the liquefaction occurred...  What happened NEXT? - is "one for the history books".  We call it, "suburban SPIRITUAL diarrhea" - manifesting in the physical realms.  But "the chances of SURVIVAL"? - is 'looking REALLY good'... for the PETS!  Still "protesting the TESTIMONY"?  That's QUITE the movement!

How could the activation energy barrier for "liquefaction" POSSIBLY be reached, on such DRY land, on such a SHALLOW slope, and without an earthquake?  (It must have been "QUITE a flush!")  There is "only ONE EXPLANATION", for this event!  And so? - we turned to Jesus Christ the Lord, with the simple question, "How'd you DO that?"... (there was about a 3 second pause...)  "I simply WILLED it" - He said.  "And the HOLY ANGELS, 'carry OUT', My Divine WILL.  And 'THEY!' - are in fact 'the ONES', WHO 'set, the LANDSLIDE, or LIQUEFACTION', in motion.  THIS is "a foretaste", of what is COMING to the California, coastland.  It SHALL be done! - ACCORDING, to MY Word."   Notice how He NEVER said, that it didn't happen, right after someone flushed their toilet?  "And SO, 'what the CREATOR, has PLANNED', for the INHABITANTS, of the EARTH? - WILL be, "SO terrifying!" - that...

"But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him,” (1 Corinthians 2:9), will most ASSUREDLY, 'ASTOUND!' - MANY PEOPLE - as, even "HOLLYWOOD", and 'their IMAGINATION', could NEVER! - have foreseen - what the Most High TRUE God has "PLANNED, for those who HATE Him."   

"Then I saw an angel standing in the sun, and with a loud voice he called to all the birds that fly in midheaven, “Come, gather for the great supper of God, to eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all men, both free and slave, both small and great.” (Revelations 19:17-18)  
(May 14, 2019 update)

What "the KIDS of TODAY", are HARBORING in their HEARTS: the desire, for DESTRUCTION! - of OTHERS!  And they ARE! - in fact, 'HARBORING, the DEVIL', INSIDE them!  And, the TRUTH is, they have 'NO, spiritual DEFENSE', AGAINST the enemy, of their SOULS!  And their PARENTS 'made SURE of THAT!'  And so "the KIDS of TODAY", are NOT equipped, to 'DEAL', with a VERY! - hostile, SCHOOL system - that ALL the schools, have BECOME.  And so if the TEACHERS were actually 'PROTECTING THE STUDENTS'? - this would NEVER have HAPPENED.  YET - the TEACHERS, don't CARE! - about their students; they JUST 'care, about GETTING paid'.  They're BASICALLY "paid babysitters" - WITH, LIMITED "KNOWLEDGE! - that is actually HELPFUL, and PRACTICAL."  And so the CLASSROOMS have in fact, become "PORTALS of HELL" - and they're ONLY getting worse - with each passing DAY - because the STUDENTS are only getting 'worse, and more DEMONIC'.  And they are in FACT! - becoming "POSSESSED, FULLY".  And so WE'RE asking - that the Most High TRUE God, would in FACT, 'ALLOW the KIDS, to become so FULLY possessed! - and UNRULY, in the SCHOOLS' - that - they WILL be FORCED to close the SCHOOLS! Amen!  And THAT will 'force the PARENTS, to take RESPONSIBILITY, for the EDUCATION, of their OWN kids'!  Being "a PARENT"? - is a BLESSING and a GIFT if your CHILDREN are being 'raised in the True FAITH'.  But it is 'a CURSE!' - if the CHILDREN are being raised, "by DEMONS, moving through OTHERS".  But 'children TODAY', are being NEGLECTED.  There is 'SO much child abuse', that is going ON! - in the FAMILIES across the GLOBE - that the Most High TRUE God - is 'forced to ACT!' - against ALL families outside the Faithful REMNANT - as He will, "take their KIDS" - and "REMOVE, the Gift of OFFSPRING, and the Gift of bearing CHILDREN" - because 'the parents' ABUSED that Gift! (May 30, 2019 update) 
Mankind's Destruction can NO LONGER be averted
(...thanks for playing)

The Fires of Tribulation Continue
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  Mankind's Destruction can NO LONGER be averted.  But it IS 'time' - for THEM - to "REAP the Rewards, of their efforts" - of "THEIR EFFORTS" TO, reject, 'the only ONE', who is ABLE to Save them, from themselves - of their EFFORTS, to reject, 'the TRUE VICAR and REPRESENTATIVE, of the TRUE Jesus, ON the Earth'.  Of their EFFORTS to reject, 'the TESTIMONY, of JESUS Christ the Lord' - and to RESIST, 'WITH their ENTIRE BEINGS!' - the CHANGES, and the DEMANDS, that He has made, OF them.  But 'MANKIND as a WHOLE' has PROVEN - that they WILL 'not receive, the SEEDS of the Kingdom, of HEAVEN' - in ORDER to be changed, BY them.  But they will RECEIVE 'the seeds, of the KINGDOM of Heaven' - and FEED them, to "the crows", and to "the demons" - in ORDER for them to be 'trampled on'.  And so WHAT is to be their PUNISHMENT? - but that "the CATACLYSMIC Comet of Destruction", WILL befall, "mankind" - and 2/3, of the Earth, WILL perish, from "the fallout".  For THAT is "the Great and Terrible PUNISHMENT from HEAVEN" - for 'REJECTING the Gift of LIFE' - through the TESTIMONY - and through 'the MURDER, of the Unborn, children'.  The remaining "SURVIVORS", will be put through, 'the FIRE, of EXTREME! - suffering, and PURIFICATION'.  And at 'THAT POINT'? - there WILL BE no "children" - NO "offspring".

Awake, O sword [- of Saint Michael the Archangel - the Holy Angel of Death...], against my shepherd [- antipope Francis...], against the man who stands next to me,” [- who 'PRETENDS' to represent, "Jesus"...] says the Lord of hosts. “Strike the shepherd [- with 'a SEVERE illness'], that the sheep [- in the INSTITUTION] may be scattered [- OUT of their religious institutions]; I will turn my hand against the little ones [- the children, the offspring, ALL of them!...]. In the whole land, says the Lord, two thirds [- of the population of the world] shall be cut off [- from life] and perish [- from the Comet impact and the fallout...], and one third [- of the global population who survive...] shall be left alive. And I will put this third into the fire [- of even MORE Chastisements, from Heaven...], and refine them as one refines silver [- in fire], and test them as gold is tested [- in fire]. They will call on my name [- "The God of the Two Witnesses"], and I will answer them [- if they are "sincere"]. I will say, ‘They are my people’; and they will say, ‘The Lord [- the Most High TRUE God...] is my God.’”
(Zechariah 13:7-9)
Only a few moments after the Blessed Virgin Mary shared with us, that above DECREE today - we opened the following email from a PRIVATE member... and then watched for the very first time, the following video from an OFFICIAL member, of the Faithful Remnant:

Actual email: The children of these end times are NO longer innocent vessels of TRUE Joy, TRUE Love, TRUE Peace, TRUE Hope and EVERY other Most High True God GIVEN Virtue there IS. Because the INNOCENT baby WAS a GIFT from The Most High True God to MOLD and BRING the parents CLOSER to their Creator, but what HAS happened is that the PARENTS decided the GOODNESS brought by the PURE Bliss of the GIFT of OFFSPRING is a curse! — that MAKING Love (an ACT in which innocent babies were Conceived) is EVIL! — and it was TRADED for “sexual pleasure”, for temporal “FEELINGS” of the moment sent straight from the depths of hell. And the people of Sodom and Egypt, have SACRIFICED the GIFT of Making Love from their Creator, to the god of sensuality. AND so as mentioned in the Testimony, the people of this generation are MANY times worse than those in time of Noah and those of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The fruits of THAT is PROVEN with the BLOODSHED of the INNOCENT Martyrs of abortion sacrificed to the god of convenience — which the inhabitants of this earth DEEMED that they can choose what LIVES, and what dies — doing so “taking the place” of The Most High True God! Truly who can CREATE and GIVE Life like that of the Creator? The Most High True God’s Faithful Remnant pre fall of Pope Benedict — where were they? They TOLERATED abortion all around them! And watched the CULL of [MILLIONS of] innocent babies happen for decades! They stood by and WATCHED as their nation “MADE good MONEY” off the innocent, they PROFITED off the MURDER, of most INNOCENT and VULNERABLE of Society. AND so HELL came! As HEAVEN mentioned: “WORLDLY riches only LEADS to TORMENTS”! Especially PROFITING off abortion!!! The Most High True God SAW what was ONCE His True Faithful Remnant, ‘Israel’ His Chosen people in the “roman catholic hierarchal institution” [...] stood by and TOLERATED, AND He had to leave them! AND it is ABORTION which PAVED the way for the antichrist to COME on the SCENE in Obama and Francis BECAUSE the ‘luciferians’, the illuminati — GAIN satanic power from the blood sacrifice of abortion. The so called “catholics” TOLERATED the BLOOD shed of ABORTION, the BLOOD shed of souls in VAIN wars, in the DRUG pandemic, in Euthanasia in the Elderly. Where was the conscience?! These so called catholics sat BACK, and WATCHED and let their CHILDREN'S consciences get MURDERED in the schooling systems, LIKE lambs at a slaughter house! They knew there is something NOT RIGHT! Even asking their children “what are they teaching you in those schools”. They allowed the abomination made desolate in the television be PUT on a pedestal in their living rooms, in TURN allowing that to form and MOLD their children INSTEAD of being INSTRUMENTS of The Most High True God’s Divine Love. And so THEY sacrificed their OWN living children to the spirit of the world (the spirit of the antichrist) MOVING through the DEEP State RUN satanic schooling systems — to HAVE their consciences MURDERED by the EVIL and VAIN “education” agenda and MURDERED through the “smart” phones and televisions — TOLERATING these things in the household, TEACHING NOT how to DISCERN the ways of the devil, the flesh and the world. SO the children of these END times can ONLY sow TORMENTS — as the spirit of the world MOLDED them and NOT their Creator. The same spirit that teaches to CHASE and desire riches, and EVERY evil under the sun.

Invisible Interventions
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
(June 09, 2019 update)

WHEN oh WHEN will the Most High True God start pouring out "the 7 Bowls of His Divine Just Wrath" upon the EARTH?

TODAY, it was Revealed is "Day 7" after the End of the 2300 days - that the Most High True God is pouring out the 7 Bowls of His Divine Just Wrath upon the Earth - at the rate of about one per week.  At the same time He is randomly activating the Judgements revealed in the Testimony - at a rate so slowly - that "the frogs" won't jump 'out of the pot' - and convert; but ONLY "the Faithful Remnant to Be".  We 'Commended' Trump and his family and associates today - for "his SIDELINER gleaning and INDIFFERENCE".  (July 31, 2019 update)  


WHEN oh WHEN will the Most High True God REVEAL His Judgements to the Nations?

The Most High True God revealed today that He is going to REVEAL His Judgements to the Nations - as in, they will be REVEALED or UNVEILED "as they unfold".  For the Global governments tried to conceal them 'like a LIGHT put under a BUSHEL basket' - and now? - THEY will Burn and be CONSUMED - as His Judgements Manifest Physically.  Amen!  (September 14, 2019 update)

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