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"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
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This page presents a collection of “introductory messages”...
- that gradually introduce the reader to the Two Witnesses, their calling, their vocation, and what is most important: their relationship with The Most High True God.  Missing from this website page is a series of introductory messages dating from early August to September 11, 2008.  These missing messages were received while ‘living in exile’ on Big Island, in the Bay of Quinte, Ontario.  The last known whereabouts of these missing messages is in the archives of the Archdiocese of Kingston (Ontario, Canada).  In March 2012, during a meeting with representatives of the Archdiocese, they indicated that they were unable to locate these messages that they had placed in the Archdiocesan archives.  Their story is not convincing, because the Apostolic Nuncio - the Vatican City ambassador to Canada,  was informed of the the location of the documents, prior to that meeting, and the documents were never seen or heard of again.  The Jews tried to silence Jesus Christ the Lord 2000 years ago.  They failed miserably, to this day.  Do you really think, an Archdiocese that has been cut off from every Anointing, Grace, and Blessing from Heaven, can silence the Word of God?  This is going to be interesting.    

I am asking, you both, to go and witness

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jesus said: Tomorrow is Sunday, My children, and you know what that means: the satanists and luciferians, will be gathered together to pray at their ‘altar to mammon’.  I however, will not be there, for I am not amidst such sins, of false affirmation, and false holiness; but, I am asking, you both, to go and witness, what once was My Church, and what has become of this diabolic institution.  You will find a mass to go to; any time is good – for I know you will pick the right one, and witness particularly: to the priest’s homily; to the peoples’ response.  Notice: the brainwashing techniques, he is going to be using; and also the zoning-out in the peoples’ faces; see what you are not missing on a weekly basis.  Worship Me always in the Spirit of Truth and Sincerity, and I will come to you, always; but I will not come to false worshipers and false adorers.  The Spirit will not be there, except in your discernment.  The peoples’ faces will draw a blank, and the priest will lose his words – for that is My Judgement on St. Nicholas Parish.  That should help you with your search.

That ‘icy cold box of hell’

Jesus said: Television, is the enemy, of My children; but those who would engage, in viewing such acts of violence and sexual promiscuity, and lewdness – revel in the viewing of it.  Those who condone the television – can never be My friends; as long as that satanic altar is set up in their hearts, there is no room for Me.  I am not referring to people who watch a few hours here and there, of what would be called ‘wholesome shows’; but those who make television their god, to exclude Me from their lives altogether – these are the ‘worldly people’, and they go to Church on Sundays; and you will be seeing and witnessing what happens to people, when they make television first and foremost, at the center of their lives – that icy cold box of hell; and those who authentically seek to worship Me – this you will also witness tomorrow. 

Man’s hearts, have turned away from Me

America is doomed; the World is doomed – because man’s hearts, have turned away from Me, from each other, and ultimately towards self, and sick satanic pleasures.  Television has no room, for the Kingdom of Heaven; but only seeks to preach the opposite.  Hearts, that are awake, and full of love, should have no room, for the television, in their lives, or their children’s lives. 

A deluge of useless words

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jesus said: You were not fed much by the homily today, My children; but only a deluge of useless words.  For those who seek to be ‘brain dead’, and have others think for them - to ‘go on autopilot’ - it was ‘music to their ears’.  For others, who are starving for the Truth - it was a very oppressive homily about nothing practical whatsoever, nor about applying the faith whatsoever.  The priest lost his words as I told you he would.  He did not have a homily prepared – just some words he remembered.  His will be ‘a Heavy Judgement’. 

The World indeed needs intercessors

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jesus said: “When you pray these prayers: the relief that you both are experiencing, is the same relief, that the rest of My Faithful Remnant Church experiences – on a daily basis.  It is as though, all of their burdens are lifted up to Me.  Some of them, do not know what prayer truly is; but they do pray, anyways; they just don’t have a name for it. All of the prayers in the whole World – of My Faithful Remnant Church, are being lifted up, through true valid masses, through the hearts of those priests and laypeople, who are on My team, through your prayers; for the World indeed needs intercessors. 

You two have been chosen as My “two witnesses”

You two have been chosen as My “two witnesses”, and My ‘two intercessors’, on behalf of all the Faithful Remnant Church.  When people begin to deluge you, or unburden their lives, upon you – then only lift up to Me everything, that they have placed upon you; and I will lift it up to the Father; and He will answer their prayers, accordingly.  Sometimes people will just feel the need, to ‘dump’ on you both – to vent their anger and frustration.  It is because you are so close to Me, My children, that they will do this – for some of them, are yearning for Me, and Our Blessed Mother, though they do not know it, through you both.  It is what I can see – that truly counts. 

Do not sit, and take peoples’ demons ‘lying down’

This is also part of your mission: to look with compassion upon those who are suffering, and to lift up their suffering and frustrations to Me; because some of them will refuse to pray, and will only seek to vent.  Turn their venting and frustration: into a simple prayer request – that way satan does not gain any more ground in their souls, and loses even more power, over them.  Do not sit, and take peoples’ demons ‘lying down’.  Do not be an occasion of sin, for people to simply vent; but when they do, simply turn it around on them – for their benefit; this will truly make the enemy enraged at the both of you; but rejoice, for his kingdom is coming to an End, soon. 

That false bishop of Rome

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jesus said: “My Faithful Remnant are not under: any allegiance, to that false bishop of Rome.  The only reason, I mention his name, in Leary’s messages, is because: I do not wish the church authorities to shut My messages down.  He is only mentioned in passing, for he is not My true Pope; but to call him ‘one of the antichrist popes’ – especially to My Faithful Remnant Church: would be to cause a compromise between the faith, and ‘the church hierarchical structure at large’; it would not edify them at this point, and would only cause confusions and distractions. 

Your mission is simply different

Today, there are many false messages being spread about Me and Our Blessed Mother; but we do not care to focus on those.  The opinions of others do not matter to us, in the least; but the truth, and the hearts of our Faithful Remnant Flock, matter the most to us.  You are both not called, to receive communion in that church; for I come to you both twice a day, with My True Presence, in union with the Holy, authentic, and valid masses of the World.  As I come to My Faithful Remnant in the Host, so do I come here to you both.  Your mission is simply different, My children.  Do not allow the brainwashing techniques and opinions of others, to obstruct your goals, or cause you to lose focus on Me.  You are very much with Me, despite what the satanists have to say.  Not to say that all Catholics are satanists; but all the bad ones are.  There are very few good, practicing Catholics, in this heinous World in which you now live. 

The Sacraments of My Church, you have here

Catholicism, is the supreme religion above all others, and it is Catholicism, that will reign in the hereafter – in the Era of Peace.  Things will be different then: there will be no sin, therefore I will allow My priests to marry; though the sacrifice of the mass is no longer needed, there still will be need for leadership, in worshiping, joyful celebrations – always happiness and joy there.  Practice living it now My children.  Put aside your egos, and desire to have control and power over one another – for this is not love.  Love is free.  Love is kind and generous.  Love does not seek after self; but seeks only the other’s good.  The Sacraments of My Church, you have here.  Everything that is in My True Church now, is with you both here, for you are part of My True Church.  All the signs are pointing upwards, towards the Heavens.  Look for ‘the signs of these times’. 

So much is about to happen

Jesus said: “So much is about to happen, all over the World, My children, and not just with the economy – but the face of the Earth is about to be changed.  There will be an even greater increase in earthquakes, wars, famines, and pestilences – such as the World has never seen at large.  Not to mention tornados, hurricanes, floods and all types of natural and unwanted disasters.  These will come, and continue coming, because of sin, My children; but there will be relief, for the Faithful Remnant, as they will be protected here, from all of these disasters, or they will enjoy Eternal Happiness with Me, as I am going to be calling some of them home to Heaven.  You will be witnesses of these events at large. 

These Rosaries help many souls on their way to Heaven

On another note: I am going to continue to bless your items to sell, throughout this coming weekend.  There’s no need to purchase any more items after tomorrow, My children.  I will do the rest of this month.  You have more than enough furniture to keep you busy, and the house really cannot hold any more right now.  You have been ‘topped up’.  Now, it is time to go to bed, My children.  Your Holy Angels will pray the rest of the rosary for you.  Best not to put it off too late in the future, as these Rosaries help many souls on their way to Heaven, and some souls, to get on the path to Heaven.  Goodnight My children.

You need to discern

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jesus said: “Sometimes, you need to take a break, My children, and simply recharge your spiritual and physical batteries.  You are not ‘the energizer bunny’; you cannot “just keep going, and going”, non-stop – that is not how I created man to be.  Though you work hard, you need to take some breaks during the day.  It would also be good, to reflect upon your meetings with people – what you have learned, from the True Holy Spirit; and what the Holy Spirit wants to show you both, next.  The Spirit speaks to you both in very different ways – some of which you are not used to.  The Spirit never acts upon impulse, driven by ‘worldly desires’; but the Holy Spirit can also act very fast.  You need to discern the difference between the two.

He must choose: which god, he wants to be favoured by.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jesus said: “N. has been, and always will be, ‘a favoured soul’, My son; but he must choose: which god, he wants to be favoured by.  Does he want to show allegiance: to the Most High True God; or to wealth, power and influence, in his own parishes?  All that I can do, is reveal the truth to him, in such a way, so that it is not so easily dismissed; but he must choose to embrace the true faith, or the false one – that he has become enamoured with.  It is hard to change one’s ways, especially when they have been so deeply engrained in a soul; but I give everyone the opportunity to change, for the better, and that is when they reach out to Me.  No more shall I bow to peoples’ demons – at least that is what they perceive; no more am I going to spoil the ungrateful; no more am I going to lavish ‘goods’ upon the wicked.  If the wicked want to become good, then, they must turn to Me.  He must turn to Me, in order to be healed; and stop listening to the false counsel of ‘the false holy spirit’, and ‘the false jesus’ – otherwise known as ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, or ‘World’.  He must look at your situation through the eyes of faith – that is the only way that he will understand, as it is the only way you both understand

I needed “two witnesses”

My words are living, and active, and never return to Me empty.  I sent you both out to witness the Truth to the people of these times – to get them ready, for what is coming, and help them prepare for what is near – in the future.  I sent you out, also, to testify against the wicked of this generation: against the souls who refuse to receive My Mercy, against the satanists, the luciferians, freemasons and pagans of this generation.  I have something very big against Mankind, and according to the Scriptures, I needed “two witnesses” so I can bring about the chastisement of North America and The World; and all of Heaven will see that I am completely just: I love you, My people; but time, is running out – is coming to an End.  This generation will be lost, if they do not seek to return back to Me with repentant and sorrowful hearts.  There is nothing more I can do – for the balance of Justice and Mercy, has been tipped.  Your sins, My people, outweigh the good works you have done.  Your sins are reaching the Highest Heavens; but your prayers are not.  Humble yourselves before Me before it is too late and your souls are indeed lost.  Have mercy.  Show mercy.  If you continue to be merciless, then I have no choice – but to act against you

Most of them, are unable to think for themselves

Thursday, October, 28, 2010

Jesus said: “The government has turned up all E.L.F. waves in your electronics, My children. These increasing waves of ‘Low Frequency’, are causing depression – in the both of you.  This is not just going on here; but everywhere, on the North American continent.  This is happening.  This is very real.  Also, the ‘H.A.A.R.P. Machine’ firings have been causing different moods to change in people.   The government has more control over the people than you both quite realize.  When you talk to others: you will find that most of them, are unable to think for themselves – apart from movies, TV, and the news – especially when you release to them these messages from John Leary’s [dot com] website:

[Editor's note: Due to the shocking revelation that some time around July 20, 2011, J. L. ceased receiving authentic messages from Heaven, but began and continues to receive messages from an imposter, the following 2 messages from Heaven revealing to the Two Witnesses exactly what happened, have been inserted at this point in the Testimony:]

Scripture truly, is being fulfilled

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saint John the Apostle said: I John, saw as it were, in a vision, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon, under her feet, and upon her head – a crown of twelve stars, each, representing the tribes of Israel.  At the time of the vision, I did not know, what the message was the Lord, God of hosts, was sending me. To elaborate further: until, I died, and went to Heaven, I could not understand, the fullness, of all of the mysteries, revealed to me; but even now, seeing things unfold, as they are, brings me back to the times of the visions, and I can see, how scripture truly, is being fulfilled, and how the words are living, and active, for all those who seek them.  But the time is soon arriving, when all of Heaven and the Earth will weep, for what is to befall, this World.  Mankind, in my day and age, was not as terrible, selfish and greedy as a whole; but I have heard your word, “globalization”, and it is terrible sounding; for truly, no one will be happy in that state, for almost everyone is divided in the heart.  What can there be to say anymore! 

You will witness

But I prophesy to you both, that during your last few days here, on this Earth, you will witness much suffering (– a few days, is a few months, for Heaven), and then, you will have The Great Warning experience, as everyone else does, and truly you need not be afraid of it, for your past lives are forgotten, for indeed are you not dead to hundreds of people?  So therefore it will not be a great loss to them, when you enter your cave; but they will rejoice and make merry, as they have been for some time – over your “dead bodies”.  I can see the Book of Revelations unfolding as a Script before Me, just as I had written many thousands of years ago, and I can tell you, the things I saw – in the visions, I thought were bad enough – but what is about to actually happen, I have been informed by the True Holy Spirit, will be far worse than anyone on the face of the Earth, could imagine. 

Do not fret over J.L.’s choice

I was sent to give you this message to be at peace in your hearts, and do not fret over J.L.’s choice, because he is well taken care of – overly so.  His Justice will be a bit more severe, for not only was he an apostle of Our Lord, but he was a friend, and extremely favored, as you both are now.  For his gifts of prophesy, premonitions, and conversing with the Saints, have now been passed down to you both, for you have been given a greater portion of the True Holy Spirit.  So do not let any worldly concerns remove your peace.  I have just received a message myself from the Lord, and He says: “My children do not fret, for you will have your safety soon.  Trust, that the Holy Spirit goes ahead of all of your needs, and you are well taken care of, in this life.  Have a good night, My children”.  Have a good night, as well, my brother, and my son, Pope Peter.

Why am I permitting J.L.’s website to continue?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jesus said: Those who seek Me, will find Me.  But those who seek self-affirmation and self-adoration, and glory, for themselves – these things are all that they will find – to their own desolate end.  Why am I permitting J.L.’s website to continue – even though the messages are no longer coming from the King of Kings, – but an impostor has taken over them?  My messages bring truth, life and peace.  But the antichrist wants none of those for My Faithful Remnant  followers.  And so, I am permitting him, a short time, to deceive even My Elect – even My Chosen ones – for is it not written, that the stars lost their shining and fell to the Earth – these stars, that John was referring to, were not ‘movie stars’, they were not celebrities, no, – but for the simple-minded, they were.  But for those seeking Truth, and not ignorance, nor self-holiness, for those it would be revealed to them, that I was referring to My Elect.  Now I say “My Elect”, because ultimately, in the End they will choose Me.  But unfortunately it will be a harder road, for they will be called to martyrdom. 

J.L.’s voice, is no longer My voice

In J.L.’s messages, you will hear no more, of the true battle between good, and evil; but all of the words, will be watered down.  Notice the tone – which is used, has no authority, and you both, are no longer transformed, by words of truth, and life; but remember, I told you to discern: the fleeces wearing thin in others; and internal voices.  Well J.L.’s voice, is no longer My voice; but demons, are giving him the words.  This must all happen, for the appointed time to come, for you are in the time of the End – when even the greatest of saints, can lose his crown, through deceit – through all manners of evils; for no one is good on the face of the Earth apart from Me; but only with Me can they work out their salvation.  And so therefore, no longer are you to read J.L.’s poison.  But read the Holy Scriptures instead; for this is only for your edification.  He has made his choice.

Your lives are in danger

Thursday, October, 28, 2010 (…continued)

Jesus said: You are going to get more negative responses, than positive – because the people are slowly being programmed not to receive any truth.  Yes, this is going on.  Yes, this is real – even if others do not believe it to be true.  Your lives are in danger, as well as others around you.  You both have been placed upon ‘The Red List’, and the government is keeping tabs on you both.  I will not allow anyone to harm you, for you are under My protection, and you have My assurance and promise: Yea, though you walk through the valley of the shadow of the living dead, no evil will you fear, for I am with you, and My rod and My staff, shall comfort you – and discipline you, all the days of your current lives.  This is how it will be with My people. 

So pray for protection

So pray for protection, for the Elect, for those striving for holiness: Pray that they be protected from E.L.F. waves, from microwave beams, laser guns, and ray guns.  Yes, I did say “ray guns” – they do exist.  The Soviets have had this weapon for many years, and are now prepared to fire it – at any city, state, or country that does not go along with their ‘New World Order’.  Understand this: that the Russians will be the ones to take over North America, and the World; and they will be the ones, to give the World, and its leaders, and its countries, over, to the antichrist.  This is just a summary of what is to come.  Let him who has an ear: hear – what I have to say to the churches. 

The people are under the complete control of their governments

Friday, October 29, 2010

Jesus said: “To the One World People, or Governments, the people have become like ‘pawns in a chess game’.  The ‘One World Thinking’, has permeated every facet of life, and permeated it with death – from the financial institutions, to all places of education, to all forms of government and to heads of households – all of which, have succumbed to the ‘One World Thinking’.  The World, as you know it, My children, is ‘not a problem’ – the World is not overpopulated.  Control is ‘the problem’, for the governments; they want ‘absolute control’ over the people – just as Herod Antipas wanted ‘complete control’ over the lives of the innocents, that he slaughtered – just as Pharaoh wanted ‘complete control’ and ‘absolute dominance’ over the Israelites, under him.   ‘Control’, corrupts; and ‘absolute control’ corrupts, absolutely.  It is happening again!  The people are under the complete control of their governments, and outside My graces – because they choose to be. 

The World, as you know it, is coming to a close

In making their governments their ‘gods’, and those ruling over them as ‘supreme beings’: they have forsook Me; they have forsook the Truth; and turned to idolatry instead.  Worshipping Me should be at the top of everyone’s list.  Obeying My Commandments, or My Laws, are above: obeying the whims of your governments’.  Protecting Life and seeing all Life as sacred: should be the goal of your government leaders.  However, foolish people you have become, in allowing the government leaders to decide who shall rule over you – to decide who shall be ‘the tyrant’.  Almost all of your leaders are tyrants: and in these, you can include the clergymen as well; and in these, you can include the wives of most households; and in these you can include the husbands, who forsake their wives – for another’s affection.  The family is deteriorating. The World, as you know it, is coming to a close. 

Now is the time, to forsake the World

Now is the time, to forsake the World, and ‘worldly thinking’, and cling to My Commandments – cling to the Truth that is written on your hearts.  Cling to the devil, and this World, and you will go down with it.  Cling to Me, My Commandments, and My Graces, and I will take you from this World, to seek refuge, in My Sacred Heart.  The World, is coming to an End, and so is satan’s kingdom; but those who cling to Me, are living the Kingdom of Heaven in their hearts, and they are part of My Church – they are, ‘My Israel’; they are ‘A Nation of Hearts’, with Me, and against ‘the spirits of this World’

Who is really taking the truth into their hearts?

Saturday, October 30, 2010 

Jesus said: “Although no one, should judge another, upon how they dress; how one dresses, is an indication, and a reflection, of their interior lives: where their heart lies – is what they will manifest on the outside.  Beware the smooth and sharp dressers, for many times they seek to deceive others.  Clothes should be modest, and humble looking, always.  Clothes are to conceal the flesh, lest you tempt one another, to sin against one another – “you”, referring to: ‘in general’.  Clothes, are for the purpose of keeping the body warm, when it is cold.  They are not meant to vent the body in the heat – that is what sweat will do; and sweat itself is very healthy.  One should dress, always recognizing the company that they are with – for this is showing respect for your fellow man.  Those who have no respect for themselves, will not show you respect.  I am not asking you to judge, for judgements alone belong to Me; but simply observe, who is really taking the truth into their hearts: those with self-respect and love for neighbor, or those who are illfully clad and have no common sense in dress.  I have ordered nature; and man has disordered himself. 

Mankind will still have to pay for their offenses.

Though there is still love in mankind; mankind will still have to pay for their offenses.  They still have to learn who is God – and this is going to quickly come about, with the implementation, of the New North American currency, and a collapse of the North American Financial Institutions.  It is like ‘a deck of cards’ – all they are waiting for: is ‘the right wind’. 

Where are My true prophets?

Jesus said: “Divine authority comes from above, and I can give to: whomever – I please to; as much as I want to.  I have given you both much, have bestowed upon you both countless blessings, and you are producing fruit.  You do not know, the impact that you have on others, when you speak to them My words – that I give you; for is that not what a prophet does? – speaks the words, that he hears? – the words that come from Me?  Does not a prophet: give a Holy proclamation – filled with truth, love, sincerity and divine authority?  Now I ask you this question: Where have all of the prophets gone?  To whom, are they prophesying, their own words?:  To the people with itching ears – desiring, to be complimented and affirmed in their sins.  They speak of peace, coming to the nations; but it is a false peace they speak of.  Now, where are My true prophets?  Where are My Holy Ones? – who will speak the words that I give them, to the people? – who will tell them My words? – who will open their hearts and ears, to receive what I tell them?  I tell you, not many, will proclaim the truth, with the boldness, I have given you two.  Although there are some; not many are left. 

I have withdrawn My Holy Spirit

The Spirit has fled the churches.  No more, is the Holy Spirit in, nor around, those who have rejected Him.  I have withdrawn My Holy Spirit from this World; except, upon those who are humble and lowly at heart – except those, who seek Him; but I will confound the hearts and plans of the wicked ones, for I will bring My Justice heavy upon them: for what they have tried so desperately to keep hidden – I will make sure, is brought to the light.  This is My gift, to My Faithful Remnant Church, on this Halloween night – to counteract the atrocities and terrors of the evil one; for all of his works, will be brought to the attention of My Faithful Remnant, so they are no longer deceived: by false preachers, desiring ‘tax exempt status’, at the loss of their own souls, and the expense of the peoples’.

The demise of the U.S. citizens, and their economy

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jesus said: “Right now, the ‘One World Government Leaders’, are meeting in secret – and openly, to discuss their plans – their very diabolical plans, for the near future.  This is coming so fast now, My children.  What is at the top of their list? – The new currency for North America, and for Mexico.  They are discussing, as we speak, how they will go about carrying out such plans – especially how they will bring about the demise of the U.S. citizens, and their economy.  What better day to do this on, than their own father’s ‘feast day’?  They are indeed: getting direct orders from satan himself; gathered around their meeting table; on a giant-sized pentagram; offering all of the major countries and nations, to the devil.  You are going to see evidence, of these diabolic consecrations, I assure you of that, My children.  They must be stopped, before their plans can go any further, for now is not the time: for first, California, and the coastlines, must sink into the Ocean; and then the World will tremble, and fear My name once again, and learn to fear Me out of love, and respect.  Then, they can implement their sordid plots; but I will have My say when that happens – I will be the first to speak – to make a bold statement.  Continue to pray for the conversion of these ‘luciferian lunatics’, because those who are sick, are in need of My physicianly help. 

Today truly is a ‘feast day’

Monday, November 1, 2010

Jesus said: “Now would be a good time, My children, to seal up the rest of the house; for with the colder weather coming, the cracks, crevices, and window gaps, will allow the cold, to pull out the heat.  Today, is the perfect day for this, as the Sun is shining brightly outside.  Also: today, is perfect, for a ‘feast day’.  The turkey, will be good – this time, as well – with My Blessing.  The postings: they can wait.  Sealing up the house is more of a priority today.  Also, you will need some time for rest and relaxation, as the ‘deluge day’ is now over.  You can celebrate My day, today.  The satanists have stopped attacking your wills.  Know this: nothing can separate you from Me, except, your own free will – depending on what you choose.  I will now lift all the burdens, off of you, and replace them with Joy, Peace and Love.  With your cooperation, I will do this – for today truly is a feast day, as all of the Saints, are celebrating, their thankfulness and gratefulness: for Me dying for them; opening the Gates of Heaven to them; and giving them the Grace, to lead saintly lives; for paving the ‘Path of Holiness’ – so that they too could walk it.  These are just some of the things the Saints in Heaven are celebrating.  I know that was on your heart My son; I have indeed answered your question. 

I will not allow the Just to go down with the wicked

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jesus said: “So much poison, has seeped, into the Vatican, My children, and this human structure, is crumbling, from within – their own walls.  It was not in My plan, that the devil should conquer the Church from within; but the souls of the just – within that institution, were holding My hand back, through their own  prayers, and ardent sacrifices.  But now: the evil in that church, has outweighed the good.  I will not allow the Just, to go down with the wicked, except that I will reach out My hand, to them first, and if they want to come to Me – if they want to ‘flee the wickedness’, and the hypocrites, and the satanists, from within, they are welcome to.  I will not abandon, My Faithful – within that hierarchical structure; but before the walls come crumbling down, on them, I will indeed pull them out to safety. 

‘The Schism’ has begun

The souls of the wicked – within those churches, have already passed a sentence, upon themselves: by refusing to live by My Commandments; and instead, choosing to live a double life.  Now the priests have led the people astray; but people are still responsible for their own choices: they have a conscience; they know when they are being fed good food, and when they are being fed bad.  It is the food of goats, that is poisoning, the children, in the churches – poisoning them against Me, and for ‘the regime of the antichrist’ to come.  The watered-down sermons, are simply useless, in instructing My Faithful to obey My Commandments, and to live Godly and Saintly lives.  So much damage has been done – it is irreparable.  The Judgement has been passed; ‘the Schism’, has begun.  No one can stop it.  Those who love good food: should flee the taste of the bad. 

Spread this message as quickly as possible

Those liberal churches, and clergymen, are crucifying My Faithful, and trying to kill their faith.  They have accomplished this, in many of them.  There are still, good priests – though, they are very few.  They stand up for what is right, and true; they defend the faith boldly: defending the widow, the orphan, the elderly, and the oppressed.  They are beacons of light, in this terrible darkness you are all living in.  They, will be the ones, either called to My refuges for safety, or called, to martyrdom. Many, are called; but few are chosen – which means many of you will read this, with utter contempt, for the message given – for My words.  And others, will have, an ever-living, burning fire, and desire, to spread this message, as quickly as possible.  The ‘gates of hell’ will not prevail, against My Church – those of My True, Faithful Remnant; but, the ‘gates of hell’, will prevail over the souls of the wicked, within that institution.  I am much more, than “a revolutionist”, or “prophet”, or “kind-hearted man”.  I AM the Living One.  I am the Bread Eternal.  I am Life-Giving Waters to those who would drink.  This is to counteract the lies, of liberalism – with the truth. 

I am indeed protecting you

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jesus said: “She was indeed sent by the satanic army, My children, to locate your whereabouts, and to find out your living conditions – to accumulate what kind of assets you possess by taking photos of them.  Unfortunately, for their sake, when she, or they return, you will not be here; but you will be somewhere safe.  Don’t you see now My children, that I am indeed protecting you from the ‘ill-will’ of others towards you?  The governments – most of them, are followers of satan; and so, are the agents who work for them.  The “justice department” is no different from these.  You will be protected.  By the time they can gather their resources, their professionals, and their lawyers, along with the police.  You will be long gone from here, with at least twenty-four hours ahead of them.  I told you “they would never find you”, which means: ‘they will never approach you’; and ‘you will never be close to them again’.  They have chosen teams; and so have you.  Which one is the more powerful, and good: will soon be discovered.  Do not worry over anything.  Cast all of your cares before Me; but work hard, so you can be on schedule.  Understand, My children? 

Not every inspiration, is good

Jesus said: “Remember, I told you: it is not, what goes in, to a man, that defiles him; but what comes out, and sprouts, from the heart – not fixed, and rooted, in Me; but all manners of evils, lies, covetousness, hate, adultery, idolatry – all of the miserable evils, this World has to offer.  With no filtering mechanism, in your interior life; with no way to filter, what goes in: how, can you possibly discern, what is to come out from you?  Not every inspiration, is good.  Not every thought is kind and charitable; but some are suspicious, and mean, and callous – very ‘cold-hearted’.  Are these not the thoughts of man – apart from Me, and apart from love?  How can the two co-exist simultaneously?  The mind, is forever against the heart; and the heart, is forever at war with the mind; and the soul, is at war with these; and the body, hates them all. 

Through Me, with Me, and in Me

Now how can a person be unified?  It is only through the True Holy Spirit, that the body, mind, soul and heart, can come together, as one.  It is only through Me, with Me, and in Me, that this can happen.  Apart from Me: man is nothing; but is corrupt, and wicked, in all of his ways – not knowing good, nor striving after it; but becoming lewd and slothful, in his thinking; having cruel intentions, for one another.  Not to say that man is evil – for I created everything: good, pure, holy and true.  But it is man in his own wickedness, that has transgressed the laws I have set before him.  “Man” – referring to of course: both men and women.

Choose wisely… what path you want to take

All are lost without Me to aid them.  In turning inwards, man has made himself, into a god – not of My Kingdom; but his own.  So let us put all foolishness, far from you; all callousness, greed, sloth, envy, and desire to control peoples’ wills; for are there not consequences, to every injustice, and every sin?  What man cries to Me for, from his heart – when his heart is in Me: he cries to be set free from the body, and in doing so, he is allowed to live for eternity, with whomever he chooses.  There is a Hell – for where would the bad people go, if there wasn’t? – “bad people”, that is to say: the ones who choose wickedness above goodness.  So choose wisely, My people, what path you want to take: the path of wickedness is filled with good things – but will leave you very bitter in the End; the path of goodness is filled with bitter things – and will leave you tasting sweetness in the End. You choose.  I cannot choose for you. 

Anointed in a different way

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jesus said: “And this is how the Church got into trouble, in the first place, My child: having her own mind; her own thoughts; and her own plans; apart, from what I was asking of her.  That is why, so many souls, are cut-off from My presence, because: they have been filled with pride; and sought their own way of thinking, and doing things.  It is not, ‘in you’, to minister to souls, through words.  This gift, alone, belongs to your husband; so why seek after it? – when it is not yours?  The gift to minister, is solely: for My anointed ones: My priests, the clergymen I have elected.  You are anointed in a different way: only with the gift of docility, to your husband – therein lies your strength.  I needed you to see, My child, how you would do on your own, in ministering to a closed, cold-hearted soul – who was only really flirting in his behaviour.  It was the devil in him, taunting you, and trying to brainwash you into a false reality. His sole purpose in life, is to spread propaganda; and so is the devil’s.  You have met ‘one of his sons’, which is why your husband stopped ministering to him – for he has indeed chosen teams. 

You are to forgive one another… and to move on

Never are you to be apart from your husband.  You will learn to love it always.  It is only the demons in you that protest; but I know, and you know, that you truly do love and care for him.  It is only the World, that distracts you from your current way of thinking – which is in the Truth.  You are to abide solely in the Truth.  “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”: you are to forgive one another for this incident, and to move on with your evening.  It would be good to go to bed early tonight, My children, as you have had a very long, and vexatious day.  There is much to sort through.  Understand?  I told you the attacks would increase; and so, you both must be more on your guard.  I will show Mercy to you both, for you have decided to show mercy to one another.  “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.  I say this for the Whole Human Race. 

Have everything ready to go, and packed

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jesus said: “Have I not told you that you would be leaving soon, My children?  Well this is true; your departure date is drawing close.  It would be good to have everything ready to go, and packed, by the end of this week, My children – of course you can pack at your leisure.  There is no hurry; just follow the True Holy Spirit in the moment.

The Holy Spirit, has been withdrawn, from that institution

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jesus said: “You are Peter, and upon this, My rock, I, will continue to build up, My Church, My Faithful Remnant Flock, for the prayers of the unjust, authorities, and indifferent leaders, in the hierarchy – are not reaching, My ears; but only the prayers, of the penitent man, the humble, the remorseful, will I hear.  The church: is not infallible, any longer – for the Holy Spirit, has been withdrawn, from that institution.  Only places of worship, where I am the main focus, and the center – of true worship, will the Holy Spirit dwell. 

‘The Schism’ has already taken place, on a spiritual level

The Holy Spirit, has been offended, by many – in that institution, and will only dwell now, within the people, who are on My team – who are ‘rooting for Me’, and desiring for Me to conquer sin and death in them, once more; but the institution – that is the hierarchical structure, is crumbling.  There will be a massive ‘Schism’ – within its walls, and then you both will know, that it will be time to go.  When this happens – physically, it will be a sign to leave.  ‘The Schism’ has already taken place, on a spiritual level; but soon, it will take place – physically, and it can not be stopped.  The chaff will be separated from the wheat, once more. 

As the satanic army gathers

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jesus said: “Today, is your final day, before your departure, My children, as the satanic army gathers, and starts to close in, on your location.  Well you will be gone by then, so do not worry, about anything; but come to Me, for all your needs.  I will filter through your desires, and help you discern: which ones, are from Me; and which ones, are coming from yourself; and which ones, are inspired by the devil; and which ones are inspired, by the World – which is the flesh.  The fleshly man’s way of thinking, is so much flawed, for he forgets, that he was made spirit also.

Do all that he tells you, for he speaks on behalf of Me.

I am teaching you both, to live a higher calling, a higher vocation, than anything before this.  You are to live as, My true brother and true sister, and as husband and wife, to intercede for the Faithful Remnant Church – because they are in need of your prayers; and to witness to what this World, has become, and why My Hand of Justice has come down. You have lots or roles, in this vocation.  The one I want you to focus on the most, is being My true brother, and true sister.  Yes, this will confound even the greatest theologians; but our Father in Heaven, ‘has done it again’, and simply exudes, generosity, to whom he pleases; and He has, exuded, generosity – unlike any other souls, upon you both; but this is not to boast about – for in so doing, your cross and adversity levels, are also increasing, because this is what keeps souls humble.  The cross is what kept all the saints humble before Me.  Do, what it is in your mind to do, My son.  Mary, do all that he tells you, for he speaks on behalf of Me. 

I want you to witness… this Christmas season

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jesus said: I want you to witness, My children: this Christmas season, and what it has become, thus far, and where it is going.  Starting today, there is exactly one month before Christmas starts, and you are going to need to be done your witnessing - at least for this season.  Best to start early; get it done – while you have a relaxing time here.  See ‘through Heaven’s eyes’: why ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ must be destroyed.  Pay particular attention to the children’s toys, this year, and ask yourselves this question: What is the producer trying to build up in these My little ones?  It would be better "for a millstone to be put around his neck and thrown into the sea", rather than make the toys he has made - his too will be a Heavy Judgement.  You will know what company or person I am referring to when you see it for yourselves. 

…witness the Sodomites and Gomorrites, at play, and at work

The malls are good places to start - I know you hate going there, My children, as much as I hate what they have become; think of it more as a chore, than a leisure activity; and remain in prayer, as you continue to witness ‘the Sodomites, and Gomorrites’, at play, and at work.  I love My people – as you know, My children; but the sins of mankind are crying out to Me for immediate Justice.  You will see how fair and Just I am – just as all of Heaven will.  You will weep and mourn, and share in our Two Hearts, as well as rejoice and make merry – at the good you will see. 

This is ‘their own personal heaven’

What a sad lamentation, this current Earth you are dwelling on, has become.  How sad it is that for some: this is ‘their own personal heaven’ –  they do not know what they are missing out on, with Me.  How all I want to do, is fulfill them: with My love – not tolerance, not affirmation; but pure, Holy – no strings attached, love; and they in turn could love Me.  How foolish mankind is, to believe that they can find love, and fulfillment, in these earthly things.  Verily I say, unto you both: it would be easier, for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than, for a rich man to enter, the Kingdom of Heaven. 

My Angel stands with his sword ‘unsheathed’

Sunday December 18, 2011 (Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Jesus said:  Remember, I told you I sent My Angel out there, with a sword.  This was My Angel of Death.  Shortly thereafter My children, the enemy, working through the President with his consent, has signed away the Constitution, and has put into place, as a substitute and ‘rule of law’, “the patriot act” and “national defence act”.  These things have come about because, of My Judgement upon North America.  When he will fully enforce these, is to be determined.  The ‘One World People’, are simply ‘setting the stage’ with these bills, for a complete takeover of North America.  My Angel stands with his sword ‘unsheathed’, ready to carry out My Commands My children, which are above the commands of the President. 

My Holy Angels… are now marking the foreheads

While all of these “rules and laws” are being passed on a physical level, My Holy Angels are also at work, and they are now marking the foreheads, of men and women and children, who will be saved during this coming Tribulation, versus the ones who have ‘sold out’.  This seal, is permanent, and can not be undone. 

It is as though… the Soviets have invaded North America

The call to the caves and refuges, is coming very quickly upon My people, and they must be ready to answer the call.  These prayer intentions+, are the tools necessary, to prepare the ‘One World People’, for their utter destruction and end, and to prepare My people for their glorious victory, over the antichrist and regime.  It is as though Hitler has ‘taken to power’ once again, and the Soviets have invaded North America.  Instead of using bombs My children, their ‘weapon of choice’, was simply psychological, social and biological warfare.  With these tools they intend on taking command of the entire nation. 

The Announcement of My Second Coming

But I do have some wild cards that they are not fully expecting.  They may have part of the truth but not all of it.  They do not know that when My Two Witnesses ‘enter the scene’, things will change drastically.  They do not know that just as the enemy wields power in the antichrist, so do My Two Witnesses, wield ‘Power from on High’, to silence the demons, and the evil ones of this era; to suffer not physical death but an interior agony which is comparable to it; to not be ‘hidden’ forever, but to be publicly announced, as the announcement of My Second Coming – to the World: for as this happens, the ‘Spirit of Elijah and Moses’ will enter into them, and they will preach, and do wonders, throughout the nations.  But most importantly: will call down My Justice upon the antichrist and his entire kingdom; will make war with the antichrist and his followers and win; will declare to the nations the true identity of the antichrist; and will tell the people not to worship him – for he, is ‘a fraud’, and ‘a manipulator of the masses’.

My Plan is being revealed

You see My children, this is ‘one part of the puzzle’ that you have not seen coming, and which I could not show you, and My Plan is being revealed at the same time, the antichrist and the ‘One World People’ are revealing theirs.  I could not tell you about this ‘public ministry’ in full, as you were not ready to receive all of the truth; but you are ‘coming out’ – coming out of hiding. The assailants will have no way of getting to the both of you, just as I promised before: no bullets, no weapons of war will be able to harm you in any way, for I give you both the gift of ‘true strength in Me’, and the gift of ‘Holy   There is such a thing My children, and I make you now ‘wholly invincible’ to all your enemies and foes. 

You are ‘My Two Aces’, the Third ‘Ace’ is R.P.

No one can harm you in any given way, and no occult powers can crush you any longer.  You are ‘My Two Aces’, the Third ‘Ace’ is R.P. – but the ‘One World People’ have not decided what to do with him yet.  I tell you that I will protect him from any ‘attempted assassination plots’.  'Not a hair of his head’ will be harmed either.  Just as I have strengthened the both of you so too will I strengthen him.  But concerning the election, I will not give that away.  The Holy Spirit will reveal to you both even more revelations, for you are ‘in the midst of them’.  You will know when your public ministry begins; just as you knew to come here to be in hiding, so too will you know when to go out into the public. 

[+ “prayer intentions” used here is referring to the ones offered by The Two Witnesses each day as they intercede on behalf of The Faithful Remnant and on behalf of all souls on the face of the Earth.]

Be aware of the ‘spiritual toxicities’ all around you

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jesus said: The hammer, has come down, on this house, in various ways you are not aware of My children – pertaining particularly, to the souls that are in this place. N.’s visit was not an accident, and neither was his leaving one.  Sometimes I put you both through various trials, in your interior lives, but also on a physical level.  The smoke, within this house is simply an allegory, for ‘the smoke of the devil’ – that is still here.  It is a reminder – for you both, to be aware of the ‘spiritual toxicities’ all around you, and to stop embracing them. 

Think of yourselves as Adam and Eve in the Garden

Think of yourselves as Adam and Eve in the Garden.  It is just the two of you for now, Myself and the enemy.  Yes there other people around you, but because of the choices they have made, they have turned themselves into demoniacs.  Now My hand is upon all of them, and the demons must obey: what I ask.  I could cast the demons out of them alljust by willing it; but without their hearts healed, and their addictions lifted, it would not do any good – for long term, but they would just return to their vomit, and their drunkenness, and they would gather up even more evils to enter into them than before. 

A time when people refuse to be healed from their sins

And so it is with these End Times My children.  The demoniacs no longer want to be delivered – not like in the time, of two thousand years ago, or even forty or fifty years ago.  I am going to shock you by what I am about to say: but if you gathered up all the numbers of people, and numbered them one by one, and put that against the population of the World, you would find, that over sixty-five percent of the people, are demoniacs.  The other percentage, of the people, are in fact, possessed.  There is a difference, between possession, and the demonic state, because in possession, there is no free will anymore, but there is still an element of free will left from time to time, in a demoniac – the free-will is just buried underneath all of the muck.  These are the End Times My children, and you are living in a time when people refuse to be healed from their sins.  So that is why My judgement has come upon this house, for the sake of all those who desire to live in peace, for five are living in one house, three against two and two against three.  Anyone who is your enemy, is mine also.  So let My fair judgment reign. 

You will not hear these numbers, anywhere else

Monday January 23, 2012

Jesus said: I did not wish to discourage you my children, with the number, of My Elect – as in those who will make it through, to the Era of Peace.  You will not hear these numbers, anywhere else My children; but the ungodly are many – in the World.  Even for one in ten thousand, it is not good for them – if they do not do something with the words they have received, other than allow them, to be choked up by the cares, of this World. 

All he had to do was to talk to a so-called “friend”

You know some seeds were planted, in the soul, but he had to decide what he wanted to do with those ‘seeds’; and in the moment his future looked very bright, and he was filled with zeal, and ardor, and determination –  to look into the Truth.  But instead he ‘cast his pearls before swine’ – and they trampled them.  All he had to do was to talk to a so-called “friend” of his, and, be ‘affirmed’ in his friend’s way of thinking.  Not only should unbelievers not marry believers, but the

godly should not seek the advice, of the ungodly; nor should the believers, seek the advice – from those who hate the Truth. 

People are less free now than they ever were before

In doing a follow-up with the security guard, My children, I was preparing you both for the choice, that N. was about to make; because I can foresee all things.  I could also see ‘his choice in the moment’, I spoke with the both of you, as being different from ‘what his choice really would be‘ in the End – and that is the mystery, of freedom.  Just because I can see, ‘what a soul will ultimately choose’, does not mean, that he will make other choices, along the way.  It depends, on whether, I am speaking of the future in the present moment; or of whether I am speaking to you in the future, of ‘what will be’ – and cannot be changed.  Very rarely do I speak to you in the latter form.  However, now that the World is in a stupor of sorts, and has been put into a spiritual sleep, people are less free now than they ever were before because of the sins they choose to embrace.  And so, they are more easily controlled by their demons, and are truly, in the realm, of demoniacs. 

I am going to be gathering my Elect

Before Noah went into his ark, he gathered up; those he knew he could take with him; those who would believe and would be savedphysically.  The World is now reaching its peak of evil, and I am going to be gathering my Elect – from the four corners of this Earth, and at the same time, pouring forth My Justice  – upon the four corners of this Earth.  The four horses, that you saw in your dream, gleaming white, with golden manes, symbolize this about to happen – to the face of the Earth.  They are also getting ready, to receive their riders – to carry out My Justice, upon all of the wicked: pestilence, famine, war, and dissension, division, strife, and discord.  This is going to happen within the next few coming months. How much they do, is dependent upon peoples, hearts.  But they will carry out My plans, against this era.

I will begin to prepare peoples’ hearts

Tuesday January 24, 2012

Jesus said: Keep on working, on the Testimony, of the Two Witnesses My children, because it needs to be uncovered – soon.  These words need to be brought to the light, for what the Archdiocese, has been sitting on – for quite sometime, is about to become ‘burning, coals beneath them’.  Each time that you take a passage of scripture, and apply it to My words, make sure that you both are in prayer, and have fully discerned. So far, so good, My children; but, there are certain passages, in the Testimony, that are much harder to decipher from Scripture.  Take greater pains with these, passages.  Once you have completed all of your homework, then I will have more for you to do; and once this is completed, the Testimony, can be released – out, into the open.  You can then make copies of it.  This is very serious, My children –  for it will be through this Testimony, that I draw My Faithful Remnant Church, out of the synagogues and churches, into True Worship; and finally to caves or refuges.  Through this Testimony I will begin to prepare peoples’ hearts for what is coming – and especially My Great Warning. 

I alone give life to My words, and I can take it back

These are My words My children – you merely heard, and wrote them down; just like with the Bible – for I too am the author of that.  I alone give life to My words, and I can take it back, as with J.L.’s messages:  He did not reserve judgement, for My anointed ones – he himself being anointed;  So even in this the punishment fits the crime

You can become partakers, in My Divine Nature

Thursday January 26, 2012

Jesus said: You have been needing this turkey for a while My children, and finally you have had, the opportunity to partake of it. See this meal that you have eaten, as a foretaste of your future one with Me – to our being united wholly and entirely.  Not only will there be food at this banquet – which I am preparing, that will feed your physical bodies, but there will also be, a richness of spiritual food as well – for once again, you can become partakers, in My Divine Nature, in a different way than through these messages – by receiving ‘Eucharistic Bread’ from My Angels.  This will happen in the caves and at refuges. 

The days will seem shorter in your own minds

The timetable, I can not give you as of yet, because it is always changing – because of peoples’ choices.  I could give you the final date; but then where would the fairness be to everyone else?  But instead I will bestow upon you both: a new grace – of ‘time perception’, so that the days no longer seem: long, painful and laborious; but the days will seem shorter in your own minds; and to be fair: I bestow this grace upon all My Elect – this night.  Because My Elect are suffering so much, and have to endure so much hatred from others: rather than waiting for their hearts to be ‘weighed down’ with dissipation and wanting, I will go ahead, with their desires and fulfill them – a new spiritual alertness and awakeness will be upon all, My Faithful Remnant Church;  but the wicked will be ‘lulled to sleep’. 

When The Great Warning happens

When The Great Warning happens the wicked will wake up – from their slumber, and they will know where they stand before Me, and they will receive recompense for their actions taken against Me.  But because their lamps were not lit when I knocked upon their doors; they can not come to the caves nor to the refuges.  And that is God the Eternal Father in Heaven’s Justice upon ‘the wicked of this generation’ – because they will not escape what is coming.  Only Noah and his family escaped into the Ark My children, and it is that same story repeating itself.  Have a blessed sleep.

A declaration from above, against the wicked of this generation

Friday January 27, 2012

Jesus said:  For what, you both are enduring now, is little, compared to the recompense, of the wicked – of this generation.  For though they seem to prosper for a time: their prosperity, will come to an End.  Though they are filled, with all sorts of ‘good things’ now, and over-indulge in ‘worldly consolations’ – these too: will come, to an End.  Their souls are on fire, with indignation, and hatred, towards the both of you.  But I say to the wicked, that their days are numbered.  To all the wicked of this generation: I have, an indignation, towards you: because you seek, to belittle, My True Family, and True Prophets, of this generation – not heeding any of their words, or admonitions.  You have been spoiled rotten, in your own hearts and souls saying, haughtily, and filled with arrogance, and conceit: “Who can bring us down?”, for we are kings and queens! – in our own right.  It is not so much, by what you say – but your works, speak for themselvesTherefore your kingdom in this house is coming to an End.  Your churlishness is coming to a swift and bitter End.  Thus says the Lord God of Hosts.  Rest assured My Children, the souls downstairs have heard this message, and so have all of the occult world – for this was a declaration from above, against the wicked of this generation.  Their plotting was in vain My children; their evils, but a brief wind. 

Binding and loosing, is what the ‘two witnesses’ do

Saturday January 28, 2012

Jesus said: For whatever you bind on Earth, shall be bound, in Heaven; for whatever you loose on Earth, shall be loosed, in Heaven.  For what, this is an example of, my children, is not only: the ability, for the priests to forgive sins, here on Earth, so they are forgiven in Heaven; but it is also, an example of My Justice and Mercy, and applies to the both of you, as well.  For the ‘two witnesses’, are two lampstands are they not? – That is, they are you and My ‘Spirit of prophecy’, working through your wife; therefore she is not a priest; and the “two witnesses”, are in reference, to ‘two lampstands’ – to ‘two olive trees’.  Remember I told you My child you are anointed in a different way – but this is to give honor to your husband who loves you; but to obey his voice is to obey mine.  Binding and loosing, is what the ‘two witnesses’ do, My children, and I hear all of your prayers, and grant them according to the desires of My heart.  Most of your prayers are in accordance with the desires of My heart, My children.  For now you do not understand why I am bringing this up to you, but you will – soon. 

Be on guard.  Watch and pray always

Many are called, but few are chosen to do, what I know it is they will do.  Some people I call “My children,” simply do not answer; so how can they do what I ask of them, if they won’t even pick up their phone? – the phone being merely an allegory, for an awakened soul.  As for the attacks you received last night – they were permitted to help you grow stronger in your faith and resistance to evil.  You wife experienced quite the harsh attack My son, but was able to overcome – because she did not turn inwards, but towards Me.  The devil is angry and so are his cohorts – at all of the revelations being poured out upon the both of you.  But do not let that deter you from speaking the Truth even more boldly – even to each other: admonishing one another, with love, in love and through love.  Now is not the time to fall asleep spiritually; but to be fully awake in your interior lives – even as you rest during the night, for the devil and the occult world never sleep.  Be on guard.  Watch and pray always. 

They are waiting for Me – to take them

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jesus said:  My sheep, know My voice, and, they follow after Me.  When I call them, out of their churches, then they will be led: to fresh spring waters, to life-giving bread, to the Word, made flesh.  Those left behind: will hold fast, to their rituals, and habits of self-holiness; but not so with My sheep, as they will recognize their need, for a Savior.  My True Sheep know, that Benedict, is an antipope; and, My True Sheep, have woken up from their slumber, and are starving for the Truth.  They want to know: what I expect from them; how I have called them to live; and how, they can serve Me better.  Now My sheep are not many, but they are there, for the gathering – to be gathered together, in truth, love, and sincerity – to be gathered to honor their True Shepherd.  For what was invisible, is to become visible – My Representative is the ‘Visible Head’, of My Church – hidden for at time, only, to be uncovered.  This is a mystery, My children, for how can My Faithful Remnant respond to such a call?  Because they are waiting for Me – to take them; and they are waiting for the True Shepherd to lead them – home.  I am the True Shepherd, and I will lead My Sheep Home – to safety, through you, My son, Pope Peter, the last. 

Only My anointed one, has been given, this commissioning.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jesus said: Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; but who will open to Me, and who will answer Me?  I tell you, not many.  For all: of these travesties, and destructive things, and, evil abominations –  must take place, before: I can truly gather My Elect, and whisk them off to safety – in their refuges.  Behold, I am coming soon; but who will be awake, when I show up?  Who is eager in listening to the True Holy Spirit at this time?  Who has ears, so that they can hear and discern: what the Spirit, what the True Holy Spirit is saying to them?   Who has eyes that they can see, the signs of these times – eyes that are not blinded, but are open and can see plainly the things unfolding in front of them?  Who has a mouth, that I can use to speak, My words of Truth to, for all the Nations, people and tongues – to receive.  Only the man, whom I place My Spirit into, can do these things – only My anointed one, has been given: this commissioning.

Indeed the Book of Revelations has been opened

For the Elect, time is short, and is passing by – just as the flowers fade – so too, will this era – End.  You see it’s not even spring yet, and the flowers begin to fade, close to autumn.  Let him who has an ear, hear what the True Holy Spirit is saying, to all of the churches.  Indeed the Book of Revelations has been opened – has been revealed, to the both of you; for I have put My understanding, into your mind, and My will into your hearts, so that therefore: you could understand, all of the great mysteries hidden, in the book. 

Those who endure… will have the reward of the Saints

Many people, derive their own interpretation from My words; but there is only one meaning, and one Truth; and of course it could mean all sorts of things to all sorts of people – depending on how they read it; with what biases.  But I tell you anyone who adds to these words of the book: will be forgotten, and blotted out of the Book of Life.  Anyone who takes away from these words; it would be better, if he had not been born – for truly many will come, trying to lead My faithful astray; they will come as deceivers, trying to turn My faithful remnant upon Me.  But those who endure, when this Testimony is released, will have the reward of the Saints – in Heaven.  Those, who wait patiently, abstaining from sin and all immorality, keeping themselves pure, and white, spotless, holy and unblemished – will be counted among My friends. 

You false shepherds, are a disgrace

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jesus said: And, I have this against you, Oh people of Israel, Oh false Catholics, Oh false Christians: that you hold, the form, of religion – of being religious, but deny the power of it.  You hold: solemn feasts, for yourselves; and steal the bread, from My children.  They starve – they hunger for truth, justice, and righteousness; but you will give them none of those.  You false shepherds, are a disgrace, to the very Cross, which I was crucified upon – in which you preach: self-sacrifice; but gorge yourselves, in your own palaces, and castles.  I have this against you: that you steal the bread, from My people, by denying: My presence; and the Power of My Eucharist. Therefore you blind guides!  I have taken, the vineyard from you, in which you were given charge, to do justice to My Servants, and My Prophets, and My People, and have given it to another, who is more worthy: of the calling, and of the position – which you both deny.  By denying Me, in front of the people, you practice, a great heresy; and therefore, I will deny you, before My Father who Lives and Reigns in Heaven, and who is Exalted, above the Heavens; unless you repent in sackcloth, and in ashes – which means in these times; humble yourselves, before Me; and acknowledge, your failings, and that you had chosen to serve mammon, instead, of adhering to the higher purpose, which I called you to.  Listening to the ‘doctrines of demons’, and ‘puffing My people up with pride’, was not your calling from Me; but it is the enemy who has anointed you – for that purposeI anointed you: so that you would bring back the lost, bind up the wounded, heal the blind, and the lame, and cure the brokenhearted.  But you false shepherds – have done Me, and the people, a great ‘diss-service’.

The one, in-side the Vatican, is, an antichrist.

The one who sits upon the Throne, in-side the Vatican, is not My Messenger – is not my ‘Prince of the Apostles’, but is: a deceiver, and an antichrist.  Not so much by what he says, nor what he chooses to focus on does he deceive the people; but by what he refuses to speak of – by what he refuses to say to the churches, and by his refusal to get his own house in order – and that is, My Church.  But without the presence of the True Holy Spirit, how can any of you be saved? 

Return then, to My Apostle Peter

Return then, to My Apostle Peter, to My True Vicar, here on Earth.  Know that, I am with him, for his steadfast love, for Me, is strong; and I love him, and have loved him – for he keeps My words and My Commands.  He does not tolerate sin, in others. But you blind guides tolerate: the spirit of Jezebel, and therefore use smooth words, that are akin to the times you are living in – but that do not water the lilies.  Acknowledge your True Vicar, in your hearts, and he and I will forgive you for your transgressions.

I have stolen ‘My Presence’ from all of the churches

This may be a shock to you all – but if you had read the scriptures, and discerned My words of caution: “For behold I come like a thief in the night”, and “if the householder had known at what time, I was coming, he would have remained awake, and ready, for the thief who would break in, to his house”.  But you were all asleep when I came, and I have stolen My Presence from all of the churches, and as I have said before I am no longer in your hosts.  Your churches have become: desolate – because you, drink, of the blood of the Saints, and you, follow after Babylon the great, and drink the wine of her impure passions.  Remember what happened to the ‘Tower of Babel’ – it crumbled, and the people were scattered; because they built a tower to mammon.  And so too, will the Roman Catholic Church fall, and the Great City – that is the Vatican, with it.  For I steal My bread, from you My shepherds – because you have stolen them, from the people.  Therefore you will go hungry, as well as they. But I will not abandon My faithful within that institution, nor all of My Faithful Remnant Church throughout the whole World.

‘The biggest black eye… since Pharaoh of Egypt’

Therefore, I send My Two Witnesses out with the Testimony for the Churches, that all might know: I am the Lord Thy God, and Thou Shalt have No other Gods before Me.  What you have tried to keep hidden, is soon to be made known, and this is My punishment for the Archdiocese of Kingston: that they shall receive ‘the biggest black eye, that anyone has received, since Pharaoh of Egypt’.

Only those, who will endure to the End…

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jesus said: Behold, I am the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin, of the World.  But what if, My sacrifice, was to become in vain?  How could this possibly happen?  Well if people choose, not to show mercy, to one another, and to Me – then for those souls, My sacrifice was indeed: in vain.  They indeed, persevered for a time and endured – for a while; but when they lost all of their comforts and nostalgia set in, then pain and cries were heard from the midst of them, for they suffered – in anguish, and were bitter in heart – filled with deep sorrow.  For the woman, was with child, and cried out in anguish – to be delivered, of her sons and daughters.  This is simply to point out that the time in the caves, will not be one, of joy, and feasting – that comes, later on; but only those, who will endureto the End, will truly attend the marriage feast, the ‘Wedding Banquet’, between the Lamb and his Bride; “The Bride” of course, is referring to My people – who make it through their purification.

My Elect will stand ready when that Day comes

When The Great Warning comes upon the whole Earth, then there will be distress of Nations, an up-roaring of the sea, calamity – upon calamity, and dread and fear, will be upon the face of: men, and women and children.  But My Elect will stand ready when that Day comes: they will have their lamps lit, ready to go on My cue.  They will be ready to leave their churches and their gatherings, and even if necessary, their families – for not all of them will be saved: I may take one, or two, from out of a hundred families; but not all will be saved, for most have gone the way of Sodom, and Gomorrah, and have primed their souls: for something elserather than the promised land. 

The time is coming, when you shall be leaving everything

Awake My people, from your slumber.  Rise up –out of the darkness, into the light.  Guard yourselves, for the Day is near!  For the time is coming, when you shall be leaving everything – once again, to follow Me: First, to be among My Elect, you must cast off the deeds of darkness in your souls, and seek true repentance from the heart.  My Ten Commandments, are a good reflection for you, for if you break one, you have broken them all.  So humble yourselves, and make ready; for the bridegroom, is coming – to take his Bride, away from this wicked generation of souls. 

‘The abomination of desolation’ has come

Rejoice, in your hearts: with anticipation – of the days coming ahead; but do not be attached to the things of this life; for all is passing away – even the churches, are passing away: even, My Presence has been removed; even ‘the abomination of desolation’ has come – which is people turned inwards worshiping themselves instead of the Most High True God; even the shepherds and the priests are the same as the wicked souls of this generation – not many of them will be saved either; for I am handing them over – to the slaughter, as they have slaughtered many of My sheep, who were starving and were once with Me.  These are ‘the deceivers of the brethren’: deceitful men, filled with hunger – for power, and dominion over the people, and their funds; these are beguilers, and antichrists – because they seek to cast out My True Holy Spirit from My faithful followers.  Therefore just as before, when I ran into the Pharisees and the blind guides: you too My people, have become ‘victims of prey’ – senseless and foolish; they have led all of you astray. I am Jesus and this is My Testimony.  Amen.

Are you ready?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 

Jesus said: “To go public”, means you both are going to have to sacrifice, much more, than what you are used to.  Are you ready: to abandon all things, and everything, this life, has to offer?  Are you ready to be crucified, with Me? Now you have endured, the psychological equivalent of My suffering.  Now you have reached the peak; but will you give more, than that, for Me?  Will you go back, and deliver, this Testimony, in person?  Will you be the new Moses, who delivers the divorce papers, to the Archdiocese?  Will you listen to all that I command of the both of you, for the good of other souls?  I know, that the answer is “yes”. 

…so that even more of My Elect, can be saved,

They were mere, rhetorical questions My children  – You have indeed gone this far with Me – I know you will go the extra miles – if necessary, so that even more of My Elect, can be saved, by being nourished, with My word and My Eucharistic Presence. 

Why should I come, to the ‘dogs’ within the churches?

Why should I come, to the ‘dogs’ within the churches?  So that they can vomit up My words?  No My children, the Word will Judge them.  People will be ‘passing sentence on themselves’, for either: they will neglect My words, and the True Shepherd of My Faithful Remnant Flock – who is there, to rescue them, from the hands of the wolves, in temporary charge; or, they will abandon My words, and My True Shepherd, and go aimlessly along with that institutional abomination.  For at the root it was good – because it was founded by Me; but corruption and pollution has gotten into the highest ranking officials – there, up to what once was the Prince of the Heavenly Host – No more

Even little children can understand My messages

You are the Prince of the Heavenly Host My Son, and My words and decrees, move through you; and the True Holy Spirit has anointed you, with even greater gifts than before – simply because you are going to need them, and therefore use them.  It is that simple My children.  Even little children can understand My messages – because, I write as though I am speaking to the hearts of children – but very naughty children they have been.  In the institutional church, they ignore My Commands over and over again, and though I am patient and have been patient over a hundred years now – it is time for change!  The milk you received, was nourishing – as it was necessary to get you through, these past few years.  But now I offer you meat; now I offer you: My True Flesh and My True Blood once again

“Drastic Changes” have come

Because people of these times are deaf and hard of hearing, it will be difficult for some to recognize: that I have removed Myself from that institution, and uncanonically elected a new Pope.  You will be saying Mass in public soon, and it will only be a small room with just a few other souls.  When the media, tries to get involved, with all of this – that is the unfolding of these End Times, do not be concerned, for I have already given you the words to use against them.  “Drastic changes” have come – I repeat Myself once more. 

You will denounce them through My words

Have courage My brother for I will put into you a fearlessness that has never been, since Moses approached Pharaoh – It is that simple.  I have: decrees and laws to pass, on to My elect; and no one on Earth is listening to Me, but you because I have given you authority, over all things, in Heaven, on the Earth, and under the Earth.  You will sit with Me on My Throne My son, and we will rule the Nations with a ‘rod of Iron’, and break into pieces, the potter’s vessel – so that My vessels, can be made and filled.  You will break, into pieces: the shepherds, and false prophets of these times; and you will denounce them through My words. You do not need to perform ‘large scale miracles’ – as Moses did; but My words will be enough, to start a fire in the hearts, of everyone, on the face of the Earth – through you My son, and through The Great Warning experience.  The ‘first watch’ is over now; the ‘second watch’ is beginning; and the ‘third watch’ is the finale.  They missed Me at My ‘first coming’.  I have come again through you both – There’s only one more time left. 

‘The Great Schism’

The sacrifice of the mass will be abolished, except, under you My son, for you are about to become the visible head, of My Church; and you will feed My flock, amidst Great Tribulations.   One of the Tribulations will be: when they find out about the removal of My Presence, and ‘The Great Schism’ finally beginning.  Never did they think that I would bring it about.  Never did they think, that I would be the first to act, against those, who refuse to show mercy.  Never, did they think, that I would be so bold as to appear again ‘on the scene’, in a Great way – just like in the time when I was walking on the face of the Earth. 

This is My Second Coming

This is My Second Coming and people had better wake up!  This will be the time for the New Pentecost to transform souls.   I was not desperate My children, but merely acting in a way, in which, everyone, could benefit – either for better, or for worse.  They decide by what they choose.  Do not even listen to their accusations against Me, for some will accuse.  But woe to whom the accusation comes from.  I am not ‘a pushover god’; and they have trifled, with My words, for long enough!  And ‘the hammer’, has now come down, upon, the harlot and her beast. 

Not everyone knows, about the Prophesies, of Malachi

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jesus said: The question is, My children, will anyone recognize Me? – My True Presence, in the breaking of the bread, when they receive communion, from My Mass; will they know who they are receiving?  Not everyone knows about these ‘End Times’ My children, and not everyone knows, about the prophesies, of Malachi – referring to the Last Pope.  Many Catholics right now, believe that Benedict is the last; but what a shock it will be, when others realize: that I have raised up, My True Shepherd to feed My flock – with gifts of finest wheat; because My flock are malnourished – but how many of them recognize that?  Not many.

Just as Gold is refined in the Fire

For two thirds of the stars of Heaven will fall, and great will be their fall; but one third will be left, and I will pass this Remnant, through the ‘fire of purification’ – just as gold is refined in the fire – so that they may be pure, holy and spotless, before the Lamb that was slain. 

You are about to ‘rise from the dead’ My children

I have emphasized this before, My children.  Not only am I referring to My Own Sacrifice – on the Cross, but I am referring to: the unbloody sacrifice that My family– My true brother and true sister are about to partake of.  Though, you have gone through extreme suffering, what is coming will be in the public eye.  Now this suffering is a bit different, because you will hear and see people who are actively against you; but in taking you both on, they are taking on the Holy of Hollies – Who has sent you to them!  You are about to ‘rise from the dead’ My children.  For these past four or five years, you truly have been dead to them; yet, they have been making you suffer, and would wish to continue in doing just that

I can see – everything that they do

Some will befriend but not all.  Some, of your brother priests, will break – as in, to pieces; others, will have their hearts rendered soft.  Do they not know, that I have not come to bring peace to the churches, but a sword?  They know how I operate from the scriptures, yet they can not recognize, when I have sent messengers to them; they can not recognize, My True Family.  Others, will recognize this; others will begin to understand; as I am not going to let this go, My children – No, not in the least.  They hide their faces from Me but I can see – everything that they do.  They say to themselves: “See, he is not watching us; we can do our own thing: we can build our own idols, and knowingly worship falsely; we can plan ‘murder’ for our brother, but he does not see what is going on

I saw all of it My son

But I can see all things, My children, and I reveal to you that which is important to your mission.  They did plan to murder you My son, by having hate and anger in their hearts towards you: They sought a plot to take you down – to crush you when you were at your weakest point; but first, to see if you would be moulded in their image.  And when you refused to be formed like them, they sought a plot to destroy your reputation for good!  Any little weakness that you had – they would ‘pounce on’.  I saw all of it My son, and their wickedness is about to be repaid – for just as it says in the Testimony, from the passage that you inserted: “Vengeance is Mine…” – they think that they have won; but they do not know what the repercussions will be, when all of a sudden this springs upon them; and it is nothing, that they, can, control. 

Now the institutional church is sinking

Because just, as it was revealed to Peter, who I was – so too, will someone reveal it, who you are, in the ‘Spirit of the Moment.’  This is necessary to continue on in ‘The Schism’.  Now the institutional church is sinking, and I am merely ‘cutting it loose’.

They can call the messages you send, all sorts of names

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jesus said:  Just a few days, My children, and you will have the necessary funds, to leave here.  Where I send you, you will go.  What I speak to you, you will speak; and you both know, where you are going next – it has been revealed to you.  How many more ‘Plan B’s’ do I have? – Just one; and this they were not looking forward to; nor did they know: what was about to happen.  For I am about, ‘to pull the carpet’ out, from underneath everyoneToo many people, are ‘comfortable’  in this life My children.  Too many people, ‘have settled for less’, when they could be receiving – ‘more’.  Too many people, have become complacent, in their relationship with me; and though they claim to know Me, I tell you: too many people, don’t.  They can call, the messages you send, all sorts of names; but that does not change who the source is, nor deliver them from their guilt – of ignorance. 

The spirit of the antichrist.

Ignorance is bliss for most people my children; but, truly I tell you both: It will be very hard for people who choose ignorance, over the Truth – to enter in, to the Kingdom of Heaven.  They say in their hearts: “come now let us rejoice, for the kingdom of heaven is here!”  “Cast off your sorrow, and need for repentance”; “cast off your gowns of mourning,” for “life is good”, and is “what you make of it”.  My children, I hate these sayings, because they are filled with self-deception.  People are already celebrating ‘the kingdom of heaven’ in their hearts, saying they do not need a Savior, for he is with them!  I tell you this is the ‘spirit of the antichrist.’ 

How much their laughter offends Me

Now there is a difference, between having the joy: of a clean and sound conscience; and false joy – which is in fact, the demons rejoicing at all iniquity.  If people realized how much their laughter offends Me, they would all be mourning; except for a simple few. 

They are the ones who are going to feel the worst

Those who are wise in their own eyes, can never reach the Kingdom of Heaven, because the Kingdom of Heaven is a place, for humble, docile souls.  It is different, if I say that “I have poured out My Wisdom, upon the both of you, so that no one will be able to match your intellect, grounded in Me” this, is a Holy Proclamation, and is very different, from believing oneself, to be what one is not.  Another saying I truly despise My children – a saying of which you will hear quite often, is: “I can do anything I put my mind to”, or “I can be anything I want to be”.  This, is, a distortion and a lie from ‘the enemy of souls’; because truly, I tell you, people, who embrace, this lifestyle, are distorting the words that I spoke, to Saint Paul, when he boldly proclaimed: “I can do all things – through Christ who strengthens me”.  You will understand a little bit later on, why I am bringing this up to you.  Have no fear, because I am with you, and there is nothing that your foes have – that I, will not give you, the words to speak against; because truly, they are the ones who are going to feel the worst, when their hearts are burning coals, and they can not put the fire out. 

The sacrifice, of a docile soul

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jesus said: Let him, who would partake, of the wedding feast, come!  Let those, who refuse to attend, stay on the outside – for there is but one sacrifice, that is pleasing to God the Eternal Father in Heaven, and that is the sacrifice, of a docile soul: who is willing, to do, God’s will, over oneself.  Give me a man with a humble and contrite heart, and I will show you the heart of a docile soul. 

The spirit of rebellion, is not welcome

For truly all I desire My children, is that the Faithful Remnant, and those in the hierarchical institution, be told the Truth in plain form.  As you know, I am no longer in that institution; and I have even removed My presence from the rebellious priests, and laypeople – for the spirit of rebellion, is not welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Those who embrace that spirit, and hold on to it tightly, will never enter into Eternal Rest with Me; because I am against the shepherds of this generation, who prophesy or speak lies in My Name: – by saying that they are ‘holy’, when they are full of wickedness and depravity; by telling the people that there is no need for circumcision of the heart, but they can continue to profane My Name and Statutes.  My Ordinances and My Laws still continue to this day: to be rejected; to be ignored; and to be reproached. 

Yes it really is that bad

So therefore I say: that the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, will become, in itself, apart from Me, a reproach and derision, for all the Nations to see.  I tell you now My children, ‘the mark of the beast’ is already in the churches – people in many cases are baptizing their children, in the ‘spirit of abominations and desolation.’  Yes it really is that bad.  The confirmations taking place – in most cases, do the same as well – for what are the people being confirmed in?  It is more like the ‘sacrament of affirmation’ – affirming every abomination under the sun.  And what has become of the Sacrament of Holy Orders? – Except that those doing it, are not truly anointed, and they are transferring their own evils, upon the victim.  Because if the heart is not turned towards Me at that time, it is merely witchcraft.  And what of the Sacrament of Marriage?  What has become of it?  But a blessing, perpetually, upon, adultery.  I do not bless people living together – through common law or otherwise; but this “church”, and the people under her, are permitting these ‘vile abominations’ to continue.  They might as well be as the Anglicans are: blessing ‘homosexual acts’– perpetually.  And what of the Sacrament of the Sick?  What has become of them?  People are more sick – more today than ever; and I am referring to: ‘of the mind’. Because their hearts have turned away from Me – more ailments, and more sicknesses come.  Are they being healed in these “sacraments”?  In most cases the answer is: “no”. 

They must ‘search Me out’; they must find Me

What has become of all of My Sacraments?  I tell you I do not even recognize them any more – for as long as these abominations are in their midst, I will no longer come to My people.  They must ‘search Me out’; they must find Me; they must find: My True Vicar here on Earth, and My True Church.  They must desire to be part of this Church, and they must desire to be cleansed of all of their sins, and they must desire reconciliation with Me – from the heart; otherwise it is just a ‘sham’.  The ‘true meaning’ of religion, is that: I govern all thingsin the individual, because the individual, is subordinate and submissive – to My Will, for their lives.  I have erected a new institution – starting from the ground up; and, on this rock I will continue to build up My Faithful Remnant followers. 

Some sort of ‘desert experience’

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jesus said: “Even now, My children, the priests, at the Cathedral, and abroad, are feeling: as though they are going through some sort of ‘desert experience’, or ‘interior desolation’. They cannot quite understand, what has happened to them, because, I have removed the understanding, from their minds, so that they can not perceive with their intellects: the Truth. 

The Church hierarchy, is being abolished

I am going to be sending you both there quite soon – with a message of course, for the Archdiocese; and even though they will not like it one bit, it is quite necessary: for the evolution of history, and the continuing, of revelations, to unfold in such a way, as the Truth cannot be disputed by anyone.  Once the document is released My children, people will have several choices in front of them; but only one is the good choice.  They must: choose life; they must choose to abandon and forsake the hierarchical structure, as it has abandoned, and forsaken Me.  I told you last night that I was ‘cutting it loose’, but there are ‘life rafts’, for those who wish to attend, the New Church; and as, you have said it, in plain form, My son: “the Church hierarchy, is being abolished, and there is a Monarchy, that will be set up, in its stead”, and you are My Visible Representative, here on Earth; and I will put all things, in their proper position, and place – and through your messages, from the True Holy Spirit, submit all things to Me.

I will give them what is necessary – for their salvation

For I am King!  But not of this World!  I am a spiritual King; and desire to reign – in peoples’ hearts – forever.  Your being Vicar, will be ‘made known’ – soon; and the people will be forced to act – soon; and the Testimony will be finished – soon; and the bridegroom, will come, to collect, his bride – soon.  People, as a whole, are not expecting this ‘curve ball’, in their designs, and plans for human history.  But, I tell you, My son, that I am with you, wherever you go, and that My Authority – given to Me by God the Eternal Father in Heaven, has been given to you, for He has appointed you, as Prince of the Apostles, and My True Vicar: because, of your obedience, and humble docility to the True Holy Spirit – of the Moment, insofar as you are able; because you are still not perfect.  But God the Eternal Father in Heaven does not need to work with perfection – how would he come, to live in peoples’ souls, and draw them to Himself; and what journey would they need – but they would be completed?  ‘Perfection’, is what is needed on a daily basis.  The institution itself has failed, and where they have failed – I will prevail.  I, will raise up My Sheep; I will help them find Me; I will heal their broken hearts; I will give them what is necessary – for their salvation; and as, it was written today, in Ezekiel My children, “I will feed them, in Justice!” 

Only what is necessary, you shall give to them

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jesus said: You are right in how you have decided, to arrange the letters in the testimony, My children. Know that the first part, is being simply cut-out, because it is not necessary, for the building up, and the continuing, of the faith in the people.  Only what is necessary, you shall give to them, and I shall tell you, in each and every moment, what you are to say, when you are pressed with questions, from some.  The True Holy Spirit will give you the words – just as I have received the words, before My accusers, and curious people.  People are allowed to be curious My children, and there is no harm done to the both of you, in their request for understanding and clarification. 

You merely hear them and write them down

You will learn, who the true people are, and who the false ones present themselves to be; for I have given you both a discerning heart, so that, you can read people’s: motives, intentions, and hearts.  They will not be able to get away with much, and you will be able to answer others: quite frankly.  I have been emphasizing telling the truth ‘in plain form’, because certain people will be able to receive.  The allegory, is for people, who are seeking, to know the Truth; and, to confound, the wisdom, of the wise –, which I consider: as foolish.  Remember I told you, that My words, are a stumbling block, to enemy, of souls, because he does not see the full meaning – but I do.  And those who are in the True Holy Spirit: will know what this Testimony means; will know, what the release of this information, will mean, for the church; will know, that a ‘Schism’ has been declared.  Because I can reach people through My words My children; you merely hear them and write them down. 

It will be My words, not yours

If I put words into you, at any given moment, then you are to proclaim those words, with holy boldness.  But again it will be My words, not yours, and they will do battle with the words of the enemy of souls.  It will be his sword – against: My sword.  My sword, comes forth, from out of My mouth, and speaks directly, and pierces the soul, with Truth, from on high.  The enemy’s sword, tries to copy this, with un-holy convictions, sprouting forth, from people’s demons.  Just because a soul ‘is convicted’ does not mean they are ‘in the Truth’.  You are ‘in the Truth’ My children, because you are not – convicted, with self-vindication.  But yours is the ‘conviction, of the Word of God’ – transforming your own souls to reveal: uncomfortable truths.  The enemy has lost before he has began.  (It will make sense to you later on, My children – the use, of the ‘tense’.) 

I will give you the Assurance of My leading you

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jesus said: When you are done here, and have gone, back, to Kingston, My children, then you will know more; then you will know more of what I am asking of the both of you – in full detail.  You do not know right now, where you will be staying, but you will soon, and I will give you the assurance of My leading you there.  There will be signs in your interior lives, and you will have peace in your souls.

I see All Things

Even now you have peace.  But when that peace is removed, it is when you allow, the demons, to get you to focus, on being anxious, and, to doubt, in all, that I am doing here.  Again, you can not see the whole picture; nor, can you see, the future moments unfolding in the present as I do.  For I see all things, just as they were made to be.  I can foresee all future conversations you will have with one another, and with others.  I have already foreseen all of your accommodations, up until the caves – up until your final departure date – from this World.  I have already, foreseen all of your needs provided for – in each and every moment; and I have foreseen, all of the obstacles, that are coming, and how, you will overcome them. 

You need the help, of the True Holy Spirit

You see, when I came, from God, the Eternal Father, in Heaven – for I proceeded forth, from Him – even though I was with Him in the Beginning; because I could see, what My time would be like – here on Earth, in its fullness, I had complete confidence, in what I was called to do.  But you both are ‘linear beings’, just like everyone else; and so you need the help, of the True Holy Spirit, in foreseeing these things at times.  And also, you need His assistance – to get through all of the coming hurdles, they will be throwing at you – and I mean verbal ones, My children – That is to say: they have the words, ready to use against the both of you.  But I will pour out My True Holy Spirit upon you, in that time, and you will answer as the ‘sword’ of My mouth, and My words will pierce, the listener’s soul. 

I am getting you both, psychologically ready

This is really, more of a continuation of last night’s message.  Think of it as a ‘part two’.  Part three will be tomorrow night.  I am getting you both, psychologically ready, to meet with adversaries.  No longer are you to call them ‘your adversaries’ or ‘your assailants’, because their wickedness does not belong to you.  No, you must be detached – even from how you address them.  All of Heaven, is watching the both of you, as you carry out, the many tasks I have laid, in front of you. You will accomplish much with the help, of My Divine Grace.  I do not desire that you be burdened with any worldliness or ‘concerns’; But that you would leave ‘all’ to My hand – to take care of ‘all of your needs’.  Ask anything of Me and I will give it to you – provided, it is within My Divine Will and Plan for your lives.  The True Holy Spirit knows how to ask, so you need just wait on Him. 

I have been training you to discern My voice

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jesus said: Where grace abounds, My children, sin abounds the more; and when sin is found, graces are necessary – to be poured out, upon the one, who has committed the sin.  For the point, of My grace, My children, is to reach out to sinners who will receive: the necessary fraternal correction and discipline.  For I have chastised you for a little while, while you have been out – in the desert.  And even though the enemy has come to you, many times, and you have listened to him – so it is, the same, with everyone else in the World.  It is called: temptation, My children – while you have spent, most of your time, out here – in the wilderness of true messages, and false messages.  But what I have been doing, with the both of you, is refining you, and purifying your heart and intentions.  I have been training you to discern My voice, because the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Structure has failed in this respect.  As I said to you before in one of the previous messages – I was referring to them:  They settle for less, when they could, be, receiving – more.  It was necessary, that you went though this time, so that I could draw all of the poison out of you both – so you can be healed, from your previous affiliation, with that structure.  Because you are persevering in discerning My voice – above, the enemy’s voice; and you are not settling for less than My voice; I have brought you, to this point in your journey.  But you are learning a lot about how I operate, My children, and what I expect from My followers.  The enemy can only, mimic Me at times; but, remember: he only comes near, when he believes, he can gain an inch, with the both of you.  But, I have prayed for the both of you, so that you may be kept from the evil one; and you must persevere – in seeking Me with all of your heart, soul, and mind.  You are Peter and upon this, My rock, I will continue, to build up the Faithful Remnant Church.  You do have much work to do, with the Testimony, before it can be handed in, My children; and you will accomplish all of the tasks that I, have set in front of you – that I have ‘laid out’ so that your joy may be full, in Me. 

The process, of purification, is very painful

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jesus said: The process, of purification, is very painful, My children – and it is not meant to be comfortable; but along the way, there are certain consolations, which the True Holy Spirit, has put before you to enjoy.  The consolation, of enjoying life, when you are worshipping, God, The Eternal Father in Heaven – in truth, sincerity, and love; and including Him in all, that you seek to undertake – with My Blessing.  Not all of your desires are purified yet, My children.  There is much need for growth, in many areas: because the enemy wants you to believe, that there is nothing wrong, and that you both are holy, and perfect, and have ‘divine invincibility’ – these, are what, I was referring to, in last night’s message, when I said ‘temptations’.  You are not divine; yet, you partake in My Divine Naturewhen you are in unity, with the True Holy Spirit, of the Moment.  But, when you are outside My Graces, and sin, then there is disunity in the moment – until you reconcile with Me and with one another. 

When My words are rejected, there are severe consequences

I have ‘big plans’ for the both of you; but I need your cooperation – so, that we can reach many souls.  It is My desire that no one should perish, and that as many souls be saved as possible.  But the truth is being ‘snuffed out’, in this World you live in; and it is true, that My voice, has been diminished; but I can still, raise up, anyone I choose to – to speak, on behalf of Me.  I can speak through a donkey, My children.  I can use, anyone, to do the Will, of God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  But it is better if they cooperate, in the moment, the graces are given; instead of fighting Me in their interior lives.  You have been punished before, My children, and you, have been punished long enough, to know:, that when I speak, and when My words are rejected, there are severe consequences.  And so, as you have been disciplined, so will I use, that experience to discipline others.  So, as you have been led astray, I will use that experience, to help, draw people closer to Me.  I will seek out ‘the lost’, and bind up the crippled, and I will feed both fat and thin sheep, on good pasture.  I will do these things. 

The Testimony… is the continuous flow of My words

Because I am a Just God: I will teach you My Voice, and you will listen; I will put My words in your mouth, and you will speak them when the time comes.  For you have been given: much, My children –  therefore much more is expected, from the both of you.  The Testimony is to be released – soon, and that is the continuous flow of My words, to the Faithful Remnant Church, so that they too can be purified, from all unrighteousness.  The devil’s game, is now over!  For now, he, has been silenced, and My Prophets, can open their mouths, once again, and speak – boldly, to all the Nations round about.  The True Holy Spirit will reveal to the both of you what I am asking from you, and what, you need to do, in each, and every moment.  But first and foremost, you must, ‘weed-out’, the thorns, among, the roses – separate, the chaff – from the wheat, in your own lives, so that you can separate – the evil ones – from My choice, lambs.

Only concern yourself, with spreading the Truth

Friday, February 17, 2012

Jesus said:  Remember, I told you before, My children, that I have foreseen all, of your accommodations, up until the caves.  Therefore I know, where you will be staying: tomorrow – night.  I have the place, already prepared, for the both of you.  They just do not know it yet, that you will be staying there.  Remember I told you before, that I can put My Hand on anyone, to help you at any time – to give you what you need, for you journey.  Remember I told you before, that I can also have anyone open their house, to the both of you.  I said this, when you were back, at the N., Motel.  Have you forgotten, already: all of the ways, I have intervened – in your lives, for the better?  You thought that these signs were ‘big’; but what I am about to do with the both of you, is bigger than what you have witnessed before.  Because I can see the whole picture – all of your needs therefore are taken care of.  You will have just the right amount of funds, for all of your expenses, My children.  Do not be concerned about worldly affairs; only concern yourself with My words; only concern yourself, with spreading the Truth; only concern yourself, with writing down, My messages, to the people – everything that I tell you, when you have discerned, that it truly is Me, your Shepherd.  Your wife is not ‘shepherd’ My son – though sometimes the temptation is there; but she is simply relaying the words that she hears.  But she must overcome, with My grace, that vile spirit of Jezebel. 

My counsel is free, for humble and docile souls

Now certain messages are for the people; but others, are just for you both, and you are given ‘one on one’ counsel.  The assailants have prayed, and prayed, that you would receive counselling; and their prayer has been heard – for the True Holy Spirit is counselling you both, in each and every moment that you cooperate with Him.  And I counsel your Heart in the evening time.  This is not at all the type of counselling they were expecting you to receive.  My counsel is free, for humble and docile souls; let the rebellious pay for their counselling.  Trust: that, the measure you both receive, is the measure, that I will give, upon each individual – deserving of it.  You will have the necessary strength, to drive, to K-town, My son – for I will give you this in the moment, and I will confound their plans.  No one, is really, expecting you both to show-up; and the carpet, is about to be pulled out – from underneath them, all.

I want to shepherd My Faithful Remnant Church to safety

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jesus said:  I have already given you the graces for the Mass ahead of time, My children, so that you will be better able to receive the Truth into your hearts, souls, and minds, as you know there is a place waiting for the both of you and I will lead you there in the Holy Spirit of the moment, because I want to shepherd My Faithful Remnant Church to safety; you have no need to worry about anything because My plans are about to become a reality for the Archdiocese of K-town and will come to fruition in your lives and of those around you.  Trust that I am leading you both every step of the way, and My Heart is yearning for others to follow after.  And so know that the time is coming when you both will come to realize your true roles and mission in this life.  I am coming to K-town for a visit and people will receive Me with open arms or contempt; but this is their visitation, and all that I have revealed to the both of you will be fulfilled.

But what I need… is a docile soul

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jesus said:  Your bread, will be, My words, My children – for you shall toil, for no other, than these.  For My words, give life to the spirit, and flesh to bones.  And My Heart, ministers to hearts that will receive.  I have much to share with N.  I want to share so much with him.  And I have shared much still.  But what I need from him, in return for all, of the gifts, anointings and blessings, is a docile soul.  I need him, to be more receptive, to the Truth; and for him to allow My words to transform, his reality.  He must recognize the Truth, if he wants to come with Me.  But I will not force him to; because he has ‘free will’ now – not like before; and he is free to choose good; and free to choose evil – as all sinners are.  But the difference with him, is that he is being given so much, because he is lowly, and destitute, and alone pretty much in this World.  I am looking with favour upon him now; and all I ask, is that he continue to be hospitable, to My Two Witnesses. 

You can feel the power in the words to transform

N.: you can do all things, with My strength.  You are much stronger than you realize, because unlike most people, you can recognize your weaknesses before Me.  I love you My son and want to take you with Me; but first you must become prepared – for I want to clothe you in a white garment – so that, you can be with Me – for all eternity, in Eternal Happiness, and love.  I know the demons torment you constantly, and I want to remove them from you.  All, I need you to do is say “yes” in every moment in your interior life, and I will do the rest.  I am not asking you to do ‘anything big’, outside My strength; but it is ‘big’ when a soul decides to cooperate, with the many graces being poured.  I am asking you to be one of those souls, as I am speaking – directly to your heart through this message; and you can feel the power in the words to transform – just, as I did with My disciples many thousands of years ago, when, they heard My words.  It was uncomfortable at first for them; but through docility and faith in Me in the moment, I could use them for My Purpose.  I am not asking you to take a public stance against anyone, but only to stand with your True Shepherd, in your heart.  I am, your Shepherd N., and I want to lead you to safety.

There are graces being poured

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jesus said: That, is a bit extreme, my children, for your situation here, is not that bleak.  Yet, there are strongholds, being ‘taken down’, which you do not know of; and there are graces being poured, which are allowing the soul, to manifest his free-will choice, in the moment – that you are not aware of.  For I can see, the inner depths, of his being; and I can see tremendous growth – which you are not aware of.  Little by little the demons are being torn down.  Then, another one, pops up its ugly head.  It is ‘shooting time’, My children, as you have said in your language – it’s time for the demons to move out, so that the soul can be free.  I will make an example of him before others; and I will change him, with the help of his cooperation. 

It is not My institution

His views are flawed.  His upbringing, was severely flawed.  His religion, is severely, flawed – for it is not the religion, I founded that he practices; but it is a religion, of Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees – of My time.  Heretical teachings, he, is, embracing, within that institution.  It is not My institution – not the one that I founded, and I am not calling him to go there any longer – because he is being poisoned, by the ‘spirit of the antichrist’. 

There is no excuse before Me

Yes the ‘spirit of the antichrist’ is very real N., and it has permeated every facet of the Earth upon which you dwell.  It is tearing down, all, that I, have built up, in My faithful remnant followers – within that institution.  They are beginning to lose their faith – in Me; and they are embracing, every evil under the sun.  When you have My Ten Commandments, written on your heart, there is no excuse before Me, for your sins.  I am greatly displeased with your sins, N., but I love you still; and to show you, how I love you, I want you to be healed – from them.  Therefore I am the physician you need.  You, do not need the hierarchy to heal you, nor can they if they tried – because the enemy can not cast-out the enemy. 

…even though they knew I was good

They, have called, My Two Prophets here: frauds, and demon worshippers. What, did the Pharisees call Me, N.?  Even though they saw My works, and received the truth into their hearts – because it was undeniable, even though they knew I was good: they called Me “Beelzebul”; they referred to Me as “prince of demons”.  I have sent you, My ‘prince of the apostles’, one of My Two Witnesses, My representative, and My Vicar here on Earth – and surely, he is despised, by many – within that institution.  Just as I, was despised by the Pharisees – for telling them the truth, even though they knew it to be true. 

I need your cooperation.

The ‘spirit of blasphemy’ has a stronghold in you My son, and I want you to ‘root it out’; but without your cooperation, it makes it very difficult, and painful for you.  This can go much easier with your cooperation.  But as long as you rebel, you are prolonging your time, here, on this Earth.  I want to get you ready for the caves.  You need, to start looking through My eyes, at everything and every one around – for the demons look through your eyes, and you associate with them; but they are not My friends, and can never be.  You, are responsible for what you knowbefore Me; and what you have been given; is different from what others have been given.  Each measure of knowledge a person receives from Me, is what they will be judged upon, So if you know in your heart who is ministering to you, and if you reject, He who sent him – if you reject, the Truth, from My messenger, then you reject Me also, in that moment.  Sin, is sin; virtue is virtue.  If you want to grow in virtue then, you must be willing to root-out your sins.  Remember “I want to clothe you in a white garment”, therefore I need your cooperation. 

Embrace the Truth and embrace Me

N. My son, cast off the deeds of darkness! – like a dirty rag you would throw out, that is all covered in mire, and embrace the light – embrace the Truth and embrace Me.  For if you don’t, then worse things can happen to you than before; and I do not want that to be My only recourse.  You must, learn, to Fear Me, My son.  If you will not obey, out of love, then, obey out of fear.

The institution is ‘a sinking , oil, tanker’

Jesus said: As long, as he clings to the institution My children, his soul will go down with it – as those, who cling to the institution, when the Truth has been revealed to their hearts, go down as well.  The institution is ‘a sinking , oil, tanker’, and it is causing much trouble for My faithful Remnant followers.  How can they be saved, if they cling to a sinking ship? 

It is not comfortable what I am asking

There is a new boat I want My followers on, and it is very different, than the institution itself; and the boat, will sail these souls to safety; because the cross of redemption is what is necessary, in order for souls to be saved.  It is not comfortable what I am asking, of My followers; but just like in My time, when the Pharisees took over the law and the scriptures, and often distorted them to suit their own purposes – so too are they doing this again; but this time through the Roman Catholic Hierarchical structure.  It is better that My Faithful Remnant followers, have no routine, with in that religious institution, and, have no faith in those ‘princes of demons’; than to be fed, so much poison – only to the detriment of their own souls. 

Flee that institution

The churches are poison, because they have allowed the spirit of Jezebel – inside them.  The spirit of the antichrist dwells in fierceness there.  Remember the enemy is a roaring lion looking for ‘souls’ to devour; and ‘weak souls’ within that institution, who can not see the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  My priests, are enlightened by the Truth.  There are not many left; but most have sold their birthrights, for tax-exempt status, and for worldly positions of power and influence.  These are not at all what I founded My disciples on.  The crux of the faith, has been damaged beyond repair.  If souls do not flee that institution, and the evils therein, they risk being separated from Me for all eternity; for even at The Great Warning they will say “Lord, Lord…” and I will tell them what their punishment is; and there will be rebellion; and some of them will refuse the graces, because they have been poisoned so badly within the churches.  Even I, can not control a person’s free will. 

I can not tolerate your demons

You lost your freedom N., but it has been returned to you; and you have choices in front of you to make.  I do not wish, to punish you with Justice, but if you continue to be stubborn in your heart, and refuse to relinquish your ‘old ways’, and to cast off the dirty garment, then I will be forced, to act quickly, against you My son; because those, who are enemies, of My Two Witnesses, are mine as well.  If you continue to ‘take them on’, know this: that you will be taking on: the Holy of Holies.  I love you My son but I can not tolerate your demons.

There is growth

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jesus said:  There is growth My children.  N. is growing still.  Can you expect an acorn, to be an oak tree? – overnight?  No.  This takes many years in real time.  Yet with My graces, and with his full cooperation, he can grow a million times faster.  But I am patient – as long as the soul is making the necessary, steps: to do better; to change his ways; and to move forward – as My friend, and companion. 

I am asking more of you

It is very difficult, N., to do what I ask of you, when you hold on to the demons – so tightly.  When the Truth is revealed to you, My son, you must abandon your ‘old way of thinking’, so that your mind, can be clothed in the Truth.  Where you are struggling with, is in your mind – because the evil spirits have gotten into there, and jumbled everything around.  What is black is now white, what is white is now black; all Truth, is seen as falsehood, and all deception is seen as truth.  I am asking more of you My son, because you can reject the demons.  Keep persevering in rejecting the spirit of blasphemy, and it will be a lot easier, to reject the others.  You are going to need to use your ‘free will’, for the enemy protests ‘loudly inside you’ – using his puppets, that you have embraced for a very long time.  When the spirit of blasphemy, is cast out, then you will be able to receive the Truth – even deeper, into your heart, soul, and mind; but until, you persevere, in rejecting the ‘sin against the Holy Spirit’, you cannot receive any more that I have to offer you. 

Give a hundred percent all of the time

So persevere My son, and then I will clothe your mind in the Truth, and this will protect you, against the fiery darts of the evil one – against all falsehoods, lies and deceptions.  You will then learn what virtue truly is, and that, it is not oppressive to your soul; and you will learn, how to identify: yourself, as ‘separated’ from the evil spirits.  You will learn that they are the ‘crows’, trying to ‘peck away’ at you from within; that they are your enemies, and only want to steal the Kingdom of Heaven away from you.  My Two Witnesses are here to help you in any way that they can.  But first and foremost, they are under My Divine Authority, as you are as well – when you choose to cooperate with the graces being poured.  Know that any time you feel resistance in your soul, to what they are telling you or to My words – flowing through written messages, that this is an indication, of: a demon surfacing.  Give the evil spirit to Me, and I will take it from you in the moment that you ask.  Mean it with your heart.  Give a hundred percent all of the time, and I will give you back a hundred fold.

They are using psychology, on the people

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jesus said: The media, is using, entertainment and politics: to sway the voters, in the audience, at home, and abroad – to think a certain way; and to view them – a certain way; to be truly disconnected, from reality.  They are using psychology, on the people, My children, and it is very vicious.  The attacks on R.P., are only going to get worse; but I will strengthen him, in his daily battles, and he will withstand the rhetoric, of the politicians, and continue to bring all of their evils, to the light. 

The people, need to wake up

When the people vote this time My children, they are going to be ‘fully informed’.  They know how R.P. is being treated, by the mainstream news, and so there is no excuse, for voting for any of the other, ‘candidates’.  Time and time again, I have shown their ‘true colors’ to the people.  Remember I told you both, that I would make sure that what was hidden, was brought to the light – and that is in reference to many things.  The people, need to wake up, and see the truth about what is happening – to their country; and how many tyrants, have taken over in the past; and how history will repeat itself, if they do not pray and vote, for R.P., to win: the Republican nomination, for President of the United States.  They have, ‘many paths in front of them’; but only one, is the right path; only one, is, ‘the narrow road’; only one, will return, America – upright – at least for a time. 

They have their soldiers in place

But know this: if any of the other presidential hopefuls, get into office, then Woe to the World, in which you live.  If Obama stays in office: then a double Woe to the World, in which you live.  Know that this will be one of the signs, that The Great Warning is approaching fast: it all depends on this next election, what the future will be.  I am ready ‘to pull My people out’.  If the American people refuse My Mercy, I will ‘pull them out’ sooner, and all, of the evil designs of the One World Government Forces, will fall upon the people at once.  Even now they are making ready.  They have their soldiers in place.  They know exactly what to doexcept with R.P., for My Hand is upon him – at all times; and I will uphold him through this ‘dark time’ that he is in.  The establishment may have thought that they have won, but I will give the voice back to the people and let them decide: the fate of their own country.  For I am Merciful, but also Just; and sometimes the need – is for both.

There is no ‘accidental enemy’

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jesus said:  The problem is My children, that he has an interior disposition in his soul, towards being My enemy.  All those who are My enemy, will fall – and fall hard – because they choose to.  There is no ‘accidental enemy’ My children.  There is no ‘enemy made by mistake’.  To be an active ‘enemy of the Most High True God’, is an act, of the will in the moment, and can only be undone, by an act – of the will, in the moment.  As long as he sees you both as his enemies, then the ‘spirit of blasphemy’, has won – inside him. 

He is going to suffer major consequences

He is not taking this seriously enough, My children, and so he is going to suffer major consequences for his sins.  I am not ‘a passive God’, N., nor anyone to be ‘trifled with’.  When I ask something, of someone, indeed I give them the necessary graces to do what I ask.  This excuse of overwhelmingness, is just a trick of the enemy of your soul.  It is a choice, in the moment how to respond.  Temper tantrums, like what you displayed downstairs, while you were vacuuming, will not be tolerated, in any house, where My Two Witnesses, are dwelling – because My True Church is with them. 

There is no tolerance in the Kingdom of Heaven – only love

Do you want, to go to Heaven, N.?  Well the Era of Peace, is like Heaven on Earth.  Do you really want to be with Me?  Or do you prefer the demons’ excuses instead?  You are an adult; and you are spiritually mature enough, to understand: what is right, from what is wrong.  And now you know when you are embracing that spirit, of blasphemy.  You have proven, to My Two Witnesses, that you have the ability to discern, when the evils are surfacing, and still more the ability to reject them.  There is no excuse!   For there is no tolerance in the Kingdom of Heaven – only love.  But if love is a burden to you, then you have no place in that Kingdom.  I do not want ‘to shut the door, to the wedding feast’; but that is what will happen if you do not wake up, and start taking your new reality, more seriously. 

You will be judged, on what you know to be true

You know the truth, about 9/11, and that it is, a hoax!  You know the truth, about R.P. and his campaign, and my anointing upon him.  You know the truth, that I have sent you Pope Peter, and his wife, to help, prepare you for the caves.  You know, the Truth – and if you choose, to deny the Truth, then you in fact deny Me, before My Father who is in Heaven.  You, will be judged: on what you know to be true; and not, on what is ‘popular with the people’. 

Choose what team you want to be on

The majority, of the people today, are ‘steeped’, in mortal sin; and so they are not good, at giving any advice to you whatsoever.  They, can not even notice the need to work on their own house – let alone, yours.  The biggest distraction the enemy gives you – oh and he presents it as “holy and good”, is that you need, to be helping others right now.  If, you won’t even help yourself, to get ‘right with Me’, how can you help other souls – who are in a worse position than you are?  – because they do not have all these graces being poured upon them daily – but you doTherefore, I say to you, choose what team you want to be on.  You can not have both realities.  You must choose one and live it.  The graces, are there.  You have the tools.  There is no excuse.

First, I want you to make copies, of all of these letters…

Jesus said: It is time, to start putting the messages together, My children – to go online.  But first, I want you to make copies, of all of these letters, and present them to the Diocese, so they can have a ‘first read’ of what you are going to release.  This, will cause the defrocking papers, and excommunication papers, to come out.  They have been holding on to these for quite some time, waiting for the right time, to give them to you. 

Inform all those who are seeking the Truth

My messages will inform all those who are seeking the Truth, to what is going on in the World and in their churches.  Many of them can no longer feel My ‘True Presence’, but they are still going, because they have no other place to attend.  Out of habit, they continue to go there – knowing that they are not fulfilled.  The ‘goats’ keep going My children, because they love the food that they are being presented with; and they are one with ‘their father’ down below. 

What I am asking of him, is what he can give

Many things are going to be happening within the next few weeks; but know this, that I have foreseen all that will take place, and have gone ahead of all the enemy’s tactics.  N. is doing much better now, but he still must persevere ‘always’.  What I am asking of him, is what he can give – no more, and no less.  The ‘bar has been set’.  Continue to love one another in a spirit, of ‘fraternal charity always’. 

The schism, has begun

Pope Peter, the Last, is here in your house N.  My Vicar, and Representative, has just said Mass, in your house, N.  You felt My Presence strong, within you, and you are beginning to come to truly know Me – as I am; not what you have learned from others, but as My Two Witnesses have learned, you will be learning as well.  I am here, to help you, in all of your needs, so do not let the enemy steal My Presence, away from you.  It has begun. The schism, has begun and you are now part, of the ‘schismatic church’, of the True Holy Catholic Church.

[Note: "the 'schismatic church'" used here, refers to the people who joined the Faithful Remnant Church, and then allowed the enemy to 'steal' Jesus' Presence away from them, and in doing so, severed themselves from the Faithful Remnant Church, either spiritually or physically.  Through confession, people who have severed themselves, can become members of the True Holy Catholic Church, once again.]

 Open your hearts, to My True Presence

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jesus said:  Do not be concerned, about anything, My children, for I have provided for all of your needs.  Inside this house, you all, will find refuge, and sustenance, for your daily lives; and, you will continue to receive My ‘Eucharistic Presence’, as, I am with you – even in a more profound way than ever before.  For now, that satan has been ‘de-throned’, in this house, then I can reign here – freely.  I only ask, that you all open your hearts, to My True Presence – even outside of Holy Communion, just by simply desiring this Unity

I just need you to cooperate, in every moment

Your purification can go much quickerContinue to reject the evil spirits, N., as they surface in your soul.  I am waiting for you to give them to Me, so they can be disposed of for all Eternity.  I just need you to cooperate, in every moment, of the day – with the graces being poured.  The Truth is what will make you free.   The more Truth you receive and allow to transform you, the more, you are closely-united with Me; but the more you reject, the Truths that have been revealed, the more you reject Me.  Nothing is hidden, before Me, for I can see, everything you choose, in your interior life; and I ask you to make choices that are most pleasing to Me; as I ask this from all of My followers, I expect it from you too; I expect docility in every moment – no ‘excuses’, and  no more ‘trying’.  My Two Witnesses will explain to you why ‘try’ means ‘you haven’t done it yet’; it is that simple.  When I ask you something, you are given every grace, to do it.  Know this: that in this house, everything is being brought to the light: all secrets, all bad resolutions, all sins and all evils – are being brought to the light, that you may be purified, and become: whole – pleasing, unto God.

It is ‘an uphill climb’

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jesus said: N. is choosing to persevere My children.  It is ‘an uphill climb’, but with My graces, he will overcome all of the evils, in his life. Each time, he chooses to sit down and pray, instead of giving vent to the demons, he is choosing the better portion. Each time, he recognizes an evil, and rejects the evil spirit, he is choosing the better portion; each time he listens to My advice, working through the both of you, and in his own interior life.  Each time he listens to the counsel, of the True Holy Spirit, he is choosing the better portion.  The more he prays from the heart, the more the burdens will lift off of him, and the demons will flee.

There are consequences for even your desires

N., choose to pray from the heart always, slowly and with sincerity, for I am listening to your every word.  I am listening to all of your desires, both good and bad – and there are consequences for even your desires.  This, is not what you were taught, within that ‘satanic institution’, nevertheless it is the Truth which I speak to you.  I am speaking to your soul N., buried – a bit, beneath the muck – of evil spirits.  But, you are giving them to Me, and getting ‘lighter’, by doing so.  If you want Me to heal you, and to speed up your purification, just ask and I will.  This does not mean you can stop – manifesting your will, to ‘sit on the sidelines’, while the evil spirits take over – No.  But I will speed up your purification, the more you choose to reject the evils, and to embrace My healing graces.  That is your report card.

When you come, to My Mass…

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jesus said:  When you come, to My Mass, My children, it is as though the Kingdom of Heaven, has come down to Earth – for I am Truly Present in My Hosts.  As I profoundly dwell, within, My Two Witnesses – so too, do I dwell, within My ‘consecrated Hosts’. 

I do not, bless any sin, in any one

Many have ‘fallen away’ from the True Faith, and are settling for nothing less: than lies.  For prestige, position, power, and ungodly authority – these, are the things, that the priests now strive for – within that institution.  I can not bless, the homilies, of those priests, who seek to distract the people, with ‘silly myths’, and heresies.  For I do not, bless any sin, in any one.  For I am the law; and the prophets – who came before Me, have proclaimed this Truth.  The fundamentals, of, the Catholic Faith, have been ‘disregarded’, shunned and rejected – by that ‘institutional hierarchy’.

Lawlessness and anarchy have taken over the churches

…It is not the one, that I founded; for I do not condone the ‘false maxims’ of this “church”.  It is foreign to Me, and I do not recognize it.  So many are wondering: “what, has happened, to the institution?”  And I tell you it has become a desolate place – filled with desolate teachings, and, desolate doctrines: of mammon.  Not the rules, or laws – that have been set-up, from since the beginning; but instead: lawlessness, and anarchy, have, taken over the churches – have taken over: that institution.   For these things, can only breed: contempt – for the faith, for the truth, and, for love.  These things are outside My Kingdom; but MyTrue Church holds fast – to the law written, by Moses; and does not abolish the old, to make way for ‘the new’, or any novelty – of any sort. 

What the ‘institutional church’ has done…

What is true, is true; what is holy is holy; what is evil is evil; and there are no ‘grey lines’.  What the ‘institutional church’ has done – as a whole: over ninety percent, of those within that institution, have violated the law – My laws, and have taught others to do so; they have relaxed, the need for holiness, reverence, and fraternal correction; and have become passive, in their teachings.  I truly abhor, the ‘institutional church’, for what it has become – for the evils it chooses to embrace.  They are not My body.  For where the body is, there the eagles will be gathered.

He needs to know, how bad it truly has gotten

Monday, February 27, 2012

Jesus said: Read to N., some of the previous messages, My children, so he can have an understanding, of the bigger picture – particularly the ones, with reference to the removal of ‘My Presence’ from the ‘institutional church’.  He is ready for them now; because he has seen the evidence and the signs, of the withdrawal, of My True Holy Spirit, from that “pontiff” in Rome; but he needs to know, how bad it truly has gotten.  Spare nothing, of importance.  Discern carefully, how you will present the messages, to him.  You are to read the messages to him ‘first hand’, and then he can read them over afterwards.  This is how, I will feed him – by informing him, of the Justice, that has befallen the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution.

They are allowing the ‘faithful’ to be poisoned

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jesus said: The ‘spirit of blasphemy’ is strong within that church, My children – within that ‘institutional hierarchy’, for they have allowed many sins and abominations, to go: unaddressed.  The people there are following their own designs – their own plans; and the priests have cast them aside saying: “You have no need of a shepherd – you, are your own shepherd”.  They have failed to direct My Faithful in the ways that they should walk – and that is: upright, with humble and contrite hearts – always.  Because of this neglect, they are allowing the ‘faithful’ to be poisoned –  as they themselves, have been.  It is not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out – of his heart, when it is based in ‘the flesh’.  For all sorts of things go into people – into their minds and hearts; and that is where, they must discern.  When they form ‘sentences’, they must discern with the True Holy Spirit, what is necessary to be said in the moment. 


I have taken it upon Myself to nourish them, in quiet places.

But too much noise is in the World, and this does not allow the True Holy Spirit to communicate.  Therefore I ask My children, to set themselves: apart from the World; apart from the institutions; apart from their churches – to find quiet time to be alone with their Maker, as the priests no longer: want to instruct the faithful; want to instruct souls on ‘the path to holiness’.  As the priests refuse, and the ministers relinquish their duties, I have taken it upon Myself to nourish them, in quiet places.  I will give them the food they have been waiting for through My words. 

Since when did the True Holy Spirit stop revealing things?

The Holy Scriptures are very important – yes; but it is also important to be open to ‘new revelations’.  Since when did the True Holy Spirit stop revealing things?  Since when did ‘true private revelation’ end?  I say to you it is ongoing.  The Roman Catholic Institutional Hierarchy, has tried to suppress this truth, for long enough – has tried to make the people: dependent, upon them – instead of the True Holy Spirit’s revelations in the moment.  They have not encouraged the people: to be docile to the True Holy Spirit in the moment; nor to be docile, to My Graces – being needed, for salvation.  And they, have neglected to teach the children, in the churches: all the ways that I have commanded – that they should follow.  It is by these neglects, that they are no longer My institution. 

They have taught them that they will find salvation in a book!

The ministers likewise: have commanded the people only to be docile to the Holy Scriptures; while neglecting the rest of private revelation.  They have taught them that they will find salvation in a book!  Is this not what the Jews thought, when I was walking around way back when?  For a true scribe, will take out of his treasure, what is new, and what is old – which means: the True Holy Spirit, will reveal to those who are seeking the Truth, what they need to do, in order to be prepared for what is coming – in order, to prepare their souls, for The Great Warning, and Mass Departure. 

I am coming to take those who want to go with Me

Those who are seeking life in the Truth, will find it; but those, who are comfortable with death all around them – well that is all that they will find.  For I am coming to take those who want to go with Me – who desire to be nourished for a time, times, and half a time.  It is, too late, to be converted, or to convert your neighbours - to any religion; because all of the institutions have become corrupt.  Now all that matters, is that you prepare your hearts for what is coming, by reconciling with Me on a daily basis – and that is how you will get out of ‘hell, on Earth’. 

What is coming is so horrific…

I am not exaggerating My children; and as you read this message your hearts will be filled with sorrow, as it is ‘normal’ to grieve: this life, in order to be welcomed to your new home.  For the former things of this World are passing away.  Nothing will be saved, except the souls of My Elect, and the creation that God the Eternal Father in Heaven, has preserved for Himself.  But everything else will ‘melt like wax’, and all things will be destroyed; only the face of the Earth will not be - but it will be renewed.  What is coming is so horrific My children, with the ‘One World Government Forces’ getting ready to ‘pounce’ – not many will be saved. 

Only with your ‘lamps lit’ then, can you escape what is coming

The grass is not ‘greener’ out here.  This is not ‘heaven’; and all of your ‘comforts’ are about to be taken from you.  Therefore I ask you to make your souls ‘right with Me’, so that your ‘lamps are lit’ at The Great Warning when I come.  Only with your ‘lamps lit’ then, can you escape what is coming; only then can you go to a refuge, or shelter that I have prepared – to shield you from all the One World Government’s plans and designs.  But if you will not render your hearts soft – to be conformed to the Spirit and not to ‘the flesh’, then you will be left behind.  Make ready for ‘the bridegroom’ approaches.

The sign that I give to you all, is the sign of Jonah

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jesus said: Where two or more are gathered in My name – there I am, in the midst of them.  What, false prophet has known Me?  And, what false prophet has sought to know Me?  I tell you how to discern, between the wolves – in sheep’s clothing, and the true prophets of this age: These are My True Prophets.  Others, with the anointing – are few; because I tell you: I do not come to most ‘prayer circles’, nor ‘worship celebrations’ – when the people, are the main focus; when the ‘miracles’ and ‘signs’, distract others, from True Worship.  True miracles and signs will always point to Me, My children; and they will never be done, in an ostentatious way; nor will they be done to gather a large ‘following’. How many protestant ministers are out there teaching and preaching: falsehood – claiming that miracles are the main focus of their ministry?  I tell you I am not with them, for true miracles are done: only to help others, become closer –  to Me; only to help unbelievers – to believe.  It is: better, to believe, what I tell you; than not to believe, and disregard, because no huge miracles or signs have been done.  But the sign, that I give to you all, is the sign of Jonah. 

Only the Truth can transform your souls

Remember he was disciplined when he disobeyed My words.  And I am cautioning all of you who read this Testimony: not to judge - with the ‘eyes of the world’; but judge with ‘right judgement’.  You will know a message by its fruits.  And you already know the source of these messages.  But if you claim that these messages are from hell, then that is what you will experience.  For these are My words; and they prepare you, for what is coming; and nourish your souls, so you can growin holiness.  But if you spit these words out – any of you!  I will ‘spit you out’ – of My mouth.  So take heed to all that I am saying, before you judge the Word, and call judgement down upon yourselves.  Only the Truth can transform your souls – the demons know that; and so you must choose between them, or My words

Choose – what fire you want started, in your soul

Choose – what fire you want started, in your soul: the fire of Truth, the fire of True Love, the fire of the True Holy Spirit – declaring to you the things that are to come, and what you need to do to get ready; or, the fire of indignation, and wrath, and hatred.  It all depends on how you receive these words; or whether you choose to reject them.  Because this is My Testimony, for the churches:

You need not worry about anything

Friday, March 2, 2012

Jesus said: Things are about to ‘heat up’ around here My children; but it will not be ‘too hot’ for you to handle – for with My strength and faith you can ‘move mountains’.  ‘A few angry people’ is nothing, to remove your peace.  You need not worry about anything.  Because I have foreseen their plans and designs, and, I assure you all: that they will come to nothing.  The Testimony will be released within the next few days.  Then things will pick up a bit faster than usual.  It would also be good to get the answering machine; I will lead you to one when the time comes. 

Say “yes” to what I ask of you 100% of the time

Respond in the spirit of the moment to the graces being poured, so that you can be fulfilled in the Truth.  When I ask you to give a hundred percent, what that means, is to say “yes” to what I ask of you a hundred percent of the time – this is what you are all called to strive for; to be in complete union with My Will for your lives; to be children of the Divine Will; so that you can enjoy Eternal happiness with Me.   This is what I desire for all people everywhere.  

Most of the people have said “no”

However only some are responding with a “yes”.  Most of the people have said “no” to what I am asking of them, and “yes” to their own plans and ambitions for their lives.  This cannot be so with My Elect.  With My Faithful Remnant Followers I am asking more: total renunciation of self – is what I require, from all of My children. 

I ‘set the bar’ for your lives

But so few, know that this is where ‘the bar is set’:  I ‘set the bar’ for your lives.  No one sets their own bar and can make it to Heaven – because I do not come down to man’s ‘way of thinking’; nor conform My Thoughts to man’s thoughts.  But people are called to conform their thoughts, and their minds, to the True Holy Spirit: as it was said in the reading: “only the Spirit knows what to pray for”.   But man apart from Me is nothing. 

The institutional church has failed

The institutional church wants Me to conform – to the bar that they have set; but I will never do this - for I would be going against Myself if I did, and I am not ‘divided’ in any way.  Therefore the institutional church has failed to teach the people: where the ‘true bar’ is set.  So the people strive for less holiness – each, year.  And now finally, holiness is not even spoken of any more, nor is ‘sanctity’ and ‘truth’.  But the words of ‘the world’ are used to confuse the people – so they can not distinguish between the ‘things of man’, and ‘the things, of God’. 

You decide… where you want to go

Therefore, I ask My people to be as John the Baptist was: for when he saw Me, he said to the people, and his own disciples: “I must decrease, and He must increase”.  That is to be the attitude of all My Faithful Remnant Followers; there is no compromise!  Conform to the ‘spirit of the world’ and enjoy the fruits of it.  Conform to the True Holy Spirit, and enjoy growing in the Truth and in Life.  But you will conform to one way or another. You will conform, to something; for there is no such thing; as ‘a static, spiritual life’, or plateau.  You are either going higher, or lower.  And you decide in each moment where you want to go; because that is My gift to all of you: your ‘free will’.

Each of you has ‘a Cross’

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pope Peter the First said: In everything give thanks and praise, to the Lord Jesus Christ, as befits true disciples of Him.  Exalt Him, in your hearts – forever; and He will sustain you through what is comingHe will sustain you to the End.  Have no cares and no fears; but cast them all, upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will carry them for you.  Each of you has ‘a Cross’ – which is particular, and personable, to your own soul.  You need not carry anything, heavier than what He has given to you. 

Be docile to Him in everything

I am Peter, your father in faith, and your brother in Christ Jesus the Lord.  And He has sent me to you; to speak on behalf of Him - as you both, are sent, to speak, on behalf of Him.  I am here to give you all – words of encouragement – to tell you not to ‘give in’ to despair, when the pressures of this world increase upon you. Hope in the Lord Jesus Christ for He is your strength – throughout all of the coming trials.  Be docile to Him in everything; and He will renew your hearts, minds, and souls – with His Spirit and in His Love. 

Turn to Me, often, as ‘intercessor’

I am ‘The Rock of Faith’, so turn to Me, often, as ‘intercessor’, for the Faithful Remnant Church.  You can turn to Me for advice, on how to deal with other people – especially those who will be ‘interested’ in this New Church.  Some of them will want to be ‘nosy’ and ‘busybodies’; but others will be sincere and thirsting for much more.  I will be coming to you both, more frequently – as I have been assigned to do so. 

The beauty of the faith, has been ‘marred’ by the institution

And really even though this is called a New Church, it truly is the same as of old.  But so much of the beauty of the faith, has been ‘marred’ by the institution; the beauty and ‘reverence for the Gospels’ –  have been ‘diluted’, over time. The Gospels to most people are simply ‘stories’ – that have no relevance to their lives.  There is a ‘serious disconnect’ – between the ‘faith of old’, and the people of today.  They are being nourished – with poison; but not – to grow closer, to Christ; but farther away.  They, have many ‘stumbling blocks’ in front of them, within that institution; but most of them are blind, and they cannot see – where they are going, and where that institutional church is headed. 

You were chosen outside the institution

Peter: [Pope Peter the First speaking directly to Pope Peter the Last:] Jesus says that you are ‘the rock’ during this ‘time of trouble’ – in the world.  He also says that ‘you shall feed His sheep’, and that you shall watch over them – the fat and the strong – as well as the thin and the weak.  And why were you chosen as the rock?  Because this is the same reason I was chosen: I could hear the words from Our Father who is in Heaven, and even though I did not have the Holy Spirit yet, I was still ‘in tune’ with God’s will.  The Popes have been chosen down through the ages, according to ‘the successors of the institution’; however that has stopped – with you, because you were chosen outside the institution.  And why? – Because you are docile to ‘the True Holy Spirit in the Moment’. 

Benedict… has made himself into an ‘antichrist’

Jesus ‘can not get through’ to Benedict he has ‘closed’ his heart, to the Truth, and has become influenced by ‘the freemason agenda’.  However he is responsible for his choices.  And therefore he has made himself into an ‘antichrist’, and ‘an enemy of the True Cross’. 

No institutional hierarchy can save you

Redemption can be found through no other than Jesus Christ the Lord.  No institutional hierarchy can save you.  In the beginning the Church was not a ‘hierarchy’: there was one leader; and the others were disciples; and the leader himself was a disciple – of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.  But what the institution has become today, is unlike anything I have ever seen in the past –  truly, it is ‘a house of horrors’. But the True Faithful Remnant Church, will be sustained until the End: because they sought after, Jesus Christ the Lord; and they sought for Him to come to them; and they sought to be pleasing in His eyes only. 

They did horrendous evils… in the sight – of God

The world today, is like: three thousand Sodom and Gomorrahs.  Sodom and Gomorrah were very large cities – filled with much wealth, and influential people.  But they did horrendous evils and abominations in the sight – of God; and so: they were punished severely, so as to be destroyed from the face of the earth.  And so too will it be, with this generation.  Until we speak again.  Your brother, Pope Peter the First.

Embrace Me in your hearts

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jesus said: Let all sickness be cast out, and let all infirmity flee; for those, who seek true repentance from their hearts.  Let all division, sloth and envy, be put away from among you; so that, you can enjoy: the fullness of the ‘true peace’, sent by the True Holy Spirit.  The anti-Christ is strong in the world; but I have overcome the world; and I have prayed for all of you – to God the Eternal Father in Heaven, that you should overcome the world – as I have: by submitting to Me in everything.  If you want to embrace the ‘spirit of the world’ and cherish it in your hearts, then you will feel the full effects – of this ‘spirit’, and the demons that go with it.  But if you choose to reject the ‘spirit of the world’, and embrace Me in your hearts: then I will heal you – from whatever is ailing you all – whether it be spiritual or physical ‘problems’. 

‘Souls filled with pride’, I can not heal

I am the Heavenly Physician, and those who love Me, will be healed from their infirmities – in one way or another: either now, during your time in this dwelling place, or later in the caves, and refuges.  But, I will heal those who humble themselves – before Me, and - who like the woman, with the hemorrhage, will turn to Me with fear and trembling – so that their joy may be full.  There is no sickness in this place, that cannot be cast out – with My ‘ever-healing graces’.  But ‘souls filled with pride’, I can not heal, because they block My healing graces from reaching them.  There is no infirmity that can not be cured, through faith and humility – and this is what I ask from all My Faithful Remnant Followers, who are suffering. 

There comes a point… where they must choose

The mystery of suffering is quite simple, even a child can understand this: suffering is for the purpose, of ‘forcing souls to choose’ – where they want to go in the afterlife, so that, they, have no excuse before Me – in the choices that they make, while they are suffering.  It is completely up to them: how they will respond – to the inconvenience, in their lives.  There comes a point – in every soul’s life, where they must choose: as ‘a fork in the road’, is forcing this out of them.  And when they reach this fork, they will determine where they go next: if they keep growing; or if they decide ‘to slide’.  But nonetheless they will choose.

This is why you have been chosen as Pope

Monday, March 5, 2012

Jesus said: It was, a good idea, to have N., read the Mass intentions, My children.  This exercise, will help him, to grow in his desires – to reject, the demons in his own life.  It was ‘a good call’, My son; and this is why you have been chosen as Pope – of the Faithful Remnant Church: because of this kind of docility, to My words and inspirations – in the moment.  I know what is best for each soul – in every moment.  But souls also need to recognize – what is best for them, and to follow the example of their Popein their docility, to My words.  They will find: a refreshing spring – of life-giving waters; so that they can be purified in this life, to enjoy Eternity with Me in the next.  I am helping souls every day – come closer to Me; but this is not without their cooperation in the moment.

There is so much I want to give

When you see that you are lacking in something – as in, some goodness or virtue that you do not have; or, when you see that the demons, have started to come to the surface, in your souls – it is then, that I ask you all to turn to Me, in order to be healed – in order to be filled, with the richness of spiritual gifts and graces.  There, is a plentiful supply of graces and blessings – that I am just waiting to pour out upon souls.  There is so much I want to give to them; but in order for his to happen, they too must give-up something; they too must ‘leave things behind’ – both physically and spiritually.

How can I fill you… if you are filled already?

There is no room for self in the Kingdom of Heaven.  But there is room for others.  You must be selfless in this life, in order for Me to fill you in the next; and in order for Me to fill you in this life, you must be emptied-out, of all of your worldly desires.  Trust, that the spiritual gifts and blessings that I have set aside – for you all, are much more important, than any worldly consolations – because these ‘consolations’ pass; but to be consoled with spiritual gifts is much better for your souls.  I allow you all to have some ‘worldly consolations’, as you are still creatures, and are in need of them at times; but they are not to be the main focus of your ‘day to day’ living – for how can I fill you, with My ‘abundance’, if you are filled already? And if you say to your souls that you are in ‘heaven’, and this is your ‘kingdom of pleasure’ – then I will leave you to enjoy its bitterness. 

You know when your Creator is speaking.

But souls who are sane want to leave this World as quickly as possible, and they are ‘eager and waiting’ for My call.  But souls who are ‘spiritually insane’ have chosen ‘this World’ as their ‘paradise’.  For what kind of paradise is it – without Me?  How can souls desire this World – this ‘paradise’; and Me?  I tell you, it will be very difficult for souls who are enamored with this life, to come follow me out of it.  It will be difficult for souls who demand ‘signs and wonders’, to come, to My True Church.  The Ten Commandments are written, on all of your hearts.  So you have My word in you.  Therefore you know when your Creator is speaking.  Therefore there is no excuse for rejecting My Messages, My Messengers, and My True Church.  Those who are part of My True Church, desire their True Shepherd to lead them – to safety.

You do not need anyone to agree with you

In five years My Children you have been striving to listen to My voice, and so much has been accomplished on a World-wide scale; and you have seen the fruits of your prayers, in other peoples’ lives – in the World in which you live, and in the media – your prayers have been effective; and you do not need anyone to agree with you on the face of the Earth: for I have seen what you have witnessed, and, I know what is inside man; and now you do too.  And now you can see how fully Just, and Fair, My Decrees, Rulings and Judgements have beenTherefore: Justice will be served upon humanity – tempered with as much Mercy as they choose to show.  And humanity has not been very merciful; so I am telling souls now:  Expect Justice!  Repent!  Turn away from your sins!  And Live.

“Expect nothing.   Expect everything”

Tuesday March 6, 2012

Jesus said:  There is a path to follow My children, and I, will be leading you, in ‘The Spirit of the Moment’.  Do not be concerned, on how things will unfold – for I have even concealed this, in detail – from you.  You have ‘a general idea’ or picture, of what ‘things’ will be happening next.  But overall it will be what you do not expect.  So again I say to you both: “expect nothing; expect everything”.  Because I will not allow the enemy, to ruin My Plans, for the True Church.  I have a Plan and he does not know what it is.  Therefore he cannot go ahead – with his wicked plots. 

That is how, you will find Peace

Tomorrow, is a perfect day, to hand-in The Testimony – to the Archdiocese.  You do not know exactly how they will respond; but do not be concerned as My Hand, will be on them all.  The Testimony is now finished, and you can hand it in tomorrow.  After their response you will know what to do next, for I will tell you in the Spirit of the Moment.  Have no fear over anything, because I am protecting you all in this place.  You need just to listen, to your Pope, for he speaks, his words, on behalf of Me; and that is how, you will find Peace.

There is nothing they can do about it

Wednesday March 7, 2012

Jesus said:  Rest assured My children – You are safe, in this place.  All who dwell here, are under My Witness Protection Program, and no harm will come to any of you; because you are listening to the True Holy Spirit in the moment, and, are docile to My words – transforming your souls.  Even if the One World Government were to get your location, which would not be very difficult at all, even if this were to happen, they would effect no change in your mission.  Knowledge is power – for them; but what good is knowledge, when they cannot do anything about what they know – For I will not allow them to.  As you said before: there are myriads of angels, surrounding this place; and one of My angels could take down five thousand helicopters.  So, what is one helicopter flying around being ‘nosy’, going to accomplish?  Nothing.  For I do frustrate the plans of the wicked ones, and there is nothing they can do about it because their plans are made: fruitless

I choose, to walk with you both, as a man

But ‘seeds’ have been planted in the Archdiocese My children, and we shall see where this leads them.  For although I am God, and can foresee the future, and I already know how things will unfold, I choose, to walk with you both, as a man – not using My Divine Nature; because it is better for you both, that you see, that I want to walk with you in your humanity.  This is another great Mystery that will confound, even the greatest of theologians.  I however, am not here to explain everything that I do, to the wisest of men on the earth; and I am not here to justify any of My responses.  But I am here: simply to do the will of God the Eternal Father in Heaven; and it is His will that we be a family; and it is His will and mine, that I walk with you – as your true Brother; and it is His will, and mine, that I walk with you as a man – most of the time, revealing to you only when necessary My Divinity.  For as it was said in the Scriptures: you do, walk by faith, by hoping in what you cannot see, and this is what your forefathers did.  And I am continuing this with you both, in a particular way, in this time in history. 

Expect to be rejected by many

So it does not matter is you have the approval of others – for Noah met with much disapproval from others; and Lot and his family, met with much disapproval from others.  There is a theme going on here My children.  What the Most High True God the Eternal Father in Heaven asks of souls, throughout the ages, has nothing to do with the approval of man; for in all cases they were the minority – a small group of righteous men; and they were the ones, whom I was defending.  The rest of them, perished.  So that is why, I urge you, not to have any attachment to human approval, but expect to be rejected by many.  However many souls will also be touched by the Testimony.  Many will be saved; but, unfortunately more will perish. 

Being docile, to My Plans, takes filial trust and abandonment

Thursday March 8, 2012

Jesus said:  In My plans, there is ‘fullness of joy’ – forever.  In the enemy’s plans, there is always want, always sorrow, and always uncertainty.  But when My plans are fulfilled, it seems as though there was some ‘great defeat’; but then I conquered in the end, so the enemy is left behind in fruitlessness.  When I manifest My Presence, in a profound way, then the enemy must flee.  So that is why I asked you, to allow Me to increase in you, and for yourselves to decrease.  I am going to be doing much more with the both of you, as you learn to be even more docile to the movements of the True Holy Spirit.  This was not easy at first for you both, because, being docile, to My Plans, takes filial trust and abandonment.  Sometimes you are being moved by the True Holy Spirit; but it doesn’t seem like you are getting anywhere.  Then all of a sudden, you come to the realization, or the ‘epiphany’, of what, had just happened. 

Trust in Me little flock

It takes much discipline to live in the Divine Will; and this is what I ask, from all of My followers – to be as ‘little children’, seeking to please, their Heavenly Parents, in all that they do; modelling after My example, in everythingTrust in Me little flock, for I do know what is best, for your souls and your physical wellbeing. 

Be blessed, with ‘a cross your own size’

I know how to take care of your ‘spiritual welfare’, more than those in the institutions.  I have the solution to all of your problems, and whatever your cares are, I ask only that you lift them up to Me, so that: you may be blessed, with ‘a cross your own size’; with a cross you can carry – with My strength, you can get through all those coming trials.  Your personal struggles are My struggles too. 

By putting yourselves last in this life…

I want to help you, to leave this World behind, of your own volition.  You all have ‘free wills’, and so you must ‘accept responsibility’, for all of your choices good or bad.  When you come to take responsibility for your own actions with My graces to help you – then, and only then will you find fulfillment in following Me – which means little flock: ( – I call you “little” because I ask you to be small in your own eyes, which means little flock :) that you will be happy, and you will be fulfilled, and you will have everything, that you need, in Me.  No one else knows you as I do; but I need your cooperation – which means I need you to take the first steps towards MeThen, I will come closer to you!  Take a few steps more – towards Me; and I will take more steps, towards you.  But, you must desire, a relationship with Me, above all others.  Make Me first in your lives, by following My Commandments, and listening to your consciences.  By putting yourselves last in this life, you will put yourselves first in the next.

Know that you are in the time of the End

Friday March 9, 2012

Jesus said:  As I came to J.L. for many years, so do I come, to the both of you, with My messages for the World: for the truth to be spread; for life to be given where there is death; for prophesies to be proclaimed; for revelation upon revelations to be explained.  My dear children: know that you are in the time of the End, when ‘all of hell’ has broken loose upon the world, and the enemy’s kingdom has reached its peak of evil.  Know, that the enemy’s kingdom is coming to an end, just as I build up My Kingdom in souls, throughout the entire World.

The religious leaders are ‘selling their souls’

I am asking you to rely no longer, on your pastors, ministers, or priests, because they have been corrupted, in every possible way – against Me.  There is no room for ‘the humanitarian movement’, in society, nor for ‘global governance of the World’, in the Kingdom of Heaven; for that is where I govern all things.  But you have reached a time – now, once again, where the religious leaders are ‘selling their souls’, for ‘government tax-exempt status’.  They are telling you “you must submit to the governing authorities around”; but this is not true.  You do not need to submit to any governing authority that is corrupt.  When you know ‘full well’ where the religious leaders’ allegiances are, then you are exempt, from submitting to that ‘governing body’.  You know they are out for ‘profit, and gain’ and want to keep their churches full.  Whether or not you are on the ‘right path’, is of no relevance to them, for they have all, except a small few, become extensions, of the governing bodies themselves.  They may as well be in government My children.  For that is how they have been trained to behave.  From the pulpit, they preach tithing, above all else – Why?  Because they want your money.  They are not interested in your souls; and, they want, to have power and influence over you.

  Religion, and the government have become one

The religious institutions have ‘become one’ with their governments, and it is not safe to go to any of them any longer.  If you have a good priest then pray for him.  If you have a minister you go to regularly, then tell him the truth; inform him of what you have discovered – yourselves.  If you go to any religious leader on a regular basis, then it is your duty, now that you have been informed, to warn him of the coming dangers – in his own institution.  For I tell you: religion, and the state, have become one; religion, and the government have become one.  If you have faith seek to preserve it.  You know who is speaking to your hearts, and you must make a decision on how to respond to this message.

I am managing this website

Saturday March 10, 2012

Jesus said:  Keep sending out e-mails, with links to your website My children, because this will help you to get the Word out, and is quite necessary for the spreading of the Truth.  There will be many people interested in this website.  However not all will be ‘authentic seeking believers’, nor ‘authentic seeking Christians’.  Many will reject the words, and many, will call down, a Heavy Judgement, upon themselves.  But still some will receive the words into their hearts, and allow them, to transform them.  These words will start a fire in souls everywhere.  It was a good idea to caution people to read the first message of March, before they go on to the other text.  I will lead you through the building up of this website My children, for I too, can use modern inventions, for the building up, of the faithful – as tools, to spreading My Ministry.  This website is going to get ‘heavy traffic’; but do not be concerned with security or other domain names.  These things are not necessary, for I am managing this website, and I have assigned Saint Michael to ‘look after’ the hackers.  All those who try to take down My website, are ‘taking on’ Me, My children, and it will not go well for them.  But those, who seek to “spread these messages as quickly as possible”, will gather the rewards of the Saints.

So much ‘toxic venom’ is in those places

Remember I told you in the End Times, that brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers, would deliver each other up – to death, by getting them to renounce their faith in Me, and adopt ‘worldly maxims’.  This is where My children must be strong, in turning to Me to be their strength.  For the synagogues and the churches have become “white sepulchers”, and so I am asking My children not to be afraid – to leave them behind.  I am asking them to focus, on what they know – now, to be true in their hearts; so that when I do come, at the Great Warning, they will be awake to receive Me.  But all the institutions are asleep; and if they continue to go there, they will fall asleep as well.  I can not guarantee that they will ‘bounce back’, for so much ‘toxic venom’ is in those places.  If you want to be a ‘healthy-minded’ spiritual individual, who seeks to obey the Commandments, that are written, on your heart, then you must never go back, to those places, where you will surely be stripped, of all goodness, and all Life.  Seek Me to come to you in your hearts, and I will come and make My home there.

It is called ‘the gift of Holy Detachment’

Sunday March 11, 2012

Jesus said:  Do not allow, other peoples’ feelings, and emotions, to deter you from your spiritual focus, My children.  For they are simply entitled to what they choose to embrace.  And if they embrace ‘all sorts of feelings’, against the both of you, then that is their reward.  For people who are on My team, must learn to be detached, from feelings, emotions, opinions, and desires, that other people choose to embrace.  It is called ‘the gift of Holy Detachment’, and is quite necessary, in being purified from this life – in being purified from all of the worldliness around you.  So other people, have ‘different realities’, - so what does that mean to you?  Nothing, My children; only pity is necessary for such souls

99% are living in false realities… as ‘a buffer’, to the truth

There is only, one truth, one law, and one set of Commandments; and I do not give anyone permission to sin, nor to lead others down the wrong path.  Almost ninety-nine percent of the people, in this world, are living in false realities that they have created – for themselves, as ‘a buffer’, to the truth; or they allow – people to create realities, for them to live in.  The whole purpose of propaganda My children, is to create ‘a different reality for people to embrace’, so that those seeking power and influence, can gain more power over them.  And this is what has happened, to ‘the institutional hierarchy’ – to the churches everywhereThey have created alternative ‘religious realities’ for people to live in: where there is no mention of sin, of Hell, of Judgement, nor of accountability.  In this religion, they have made themselves, into gods, saying that they can ‘live in any reality – they choose’, and that there will be no consequences. 

The religious leaders have fooled the people

The religious leaders have fooled the people, so that they, the people, no longer want to live, in the Truth, that I have revealed.  But instead they settle, for what the institution, has put, before them.  Everyone will be accountable on the Day of Reckoning – some, more than others.  But they will all have to pay the Judge – that is Me, what they owe.  And indeed they will not get out until they pay the last penny.  Even though I am Merciful, people must repay, what they owe.  They must change their ways and repent, or suffer dire consequences.

I respect your free-will

Monday March 12, 2012

Jesus said:  N., you can not have, hate and love, in your heart, or else you are divided – against yourself; and then you will fall – and fall hard.  For no kingdom, if divided against itself, can hope to stand.  Now is the time to ‘pick teams’, and to stay on ‘the One team’.  If you keep a little secret room reserved, for satan’s reign there, then, My presence has no place in your soul.  You cannot enthrone the devil in your soul and expect Me to come to you; nor can you embrace so much hatred, and ill-will, towards My Two Witnesses, and expect them to just ‘take the abuse’.  Yes you are abusing them My son, with full knowledge of the sensitivity of their souls: you are choosing hatred instead of love; you are choosing anger instead of joy; and you are choosing wrath instead of peace.  If those are the things, that you want to embrace, then you can have them all – because I respect your free-will. 

If you want to enjoy ‘goodness’ in the hereafter

You need to choose good things, My son, if you want to enjoy ‘goodness’ in the hereafter.   You also need to be good to others: authentically, giving, of yourself – if you want Me to be good to you.  “For the measure you give, is the measure you will receive.”  If you give evil you will receive evil.  But if you give goodness, goodness will be bestowed upon you.  But do not be wretched in your treatment of My gifts and graces; and do not be like the wicked servant who buried his talent in the groundonly to give it back to Me in the end, and refusing to make more with it.  I have shown you in the Scriptures what happens to such people. 

I can only get you to safety, with your docility

The One World Government does have this house ‘marked’ My children, and you all are on ‘the Red List’.  You see how fast things are unfolding in the United States, and you know what kind of evils are about to be unleashed upon the World.  But I can only protect you from the evil ones, with your cooperation.  I can only get you to safety, with your docility.  I truly can only help those who want to help themselves.  But people who are comfortable and are filled – well there, is nothing I can give them if they do not seek.  

Neighbor will be eating neighbor

A famine is coming upon North America, and neighbor will be eating neighbor, and owners will be eating pets and pets their owners.  There is not enough food, to go around, when the trucks have stopped trucking.  When the rioting and looting begins, you will either wish you were in a cave, or refuge, or you will be thanking Me that you are in one. 

My Two Witnesses are here to help

My Two Witnesses are here to help, and they are called to have the same kind of compassion that I have for souls.  But when I, and they see that the souls, are refusing to be helpedThen Justice comes down!  Then the Hammer comes down! – Only to snap the souls out of their false realities; or to allow the souls to grow in bitterness in being punished.  For ‘fire’ does pour forth from their mouths, so that their foes are ‘utterly consumed’.  For this has been My Decree from Heaven.  For the rules of this Earth do not apply, to them, as the rules of this Earth do not apply to Me.  And as I Govern All things: Heaven and Earth, and under the Earth, so too does My Representative Govern: over the same.  If souls choose to ‘mess with him’, they are ‘messing with Me’; and they will reap the fruits of their efforts one way or another.

This is for all of the Protestants out there…

Tuesday March 13, 2012

Jesus said: Unless you eat My Flesh and drink My Blood, you have no life in you.  For this is why I came: so that, you might live, and have life to the fullest.  This is for all of the Protestants out there, who have ‘protested’ My ‘Real Presence’ in My Eucharists for so long – believing only that it is a “symbol”, or “a memorial feast”.  You have been deceived for so long.  And now, even though many of you have joined, the structure of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, you still cannot have My Presence.  Because I have removed My Body and My Blood, from all, the Roman Catholic institutions – and there is nothing that you can do about it.  For there was a time when you could benefit from My True Presence; but you denied Me in that time, focusing not on the Spirit of My words, but on ‘man’s understanding’, and ‘man’s approval’.  How many fell away, from after following Me; after they heard Me speak such words, they were truly appalled at My Presence.  And afterwards they would not follow Me any longer because they saw that My words were too hard and too difficult to hear at the time.

What I am about to say, will be ‘difficult’ for you all to hear

But now what I am about to say, will be ‘difficult’ for you all to hear: for here is My True Flesh, My True Blood, in My Two Witnesses.  “And the Word became flesh, and dwelt, among, men”.  Now that My Presence, has been stolen, from all of the churches, there is a necessity for change in the nourishment of My People.  Therefore I have sent My Two Witnesses with My words, to speak, on behalf of Me, and to nourish My Faithful Remnant Flock.  You will know a message, by its fruits.  And you all know who is speaking to you here

For the Chastisement that has come upon the World, is…

Again, I seek to confound even the greatest theologians, for, like it was stated in the reading: “who has known My mind and who has given Me counsel; and who can repay Me for My Goodness to them?”  All I desire from My People is mercy.  Show mercy to one another that you may receive MercyFor the Chastisement that has come upon the World, is mercilessness:  For I, am unleashing, man, upon man; neighbor will be against neighbor; mothers and fathers against their children and children against their parents.  And all will know that I AM the Lord Thy God, and that you shall have no other gods, before Me.  For I am merciful.  But I am also extremely Just.

What I ask, from souls… they must first turn to Me to be healed

Thursday March 15, 2012

In today’s Gospel My children, I healed the paralytic, first, by forgiving him of all of his sins, and telling him to sin no more, and second – by commanding him to pick up his pallet, and to walk.  And once again, this is: to demonstrate the ‘spiritual realities’ at work; and to demonstrate, what I ask, from souls – that if they want to be healed from any physical ailments, they must first turn to Me to be healed – of their sins, and then their physical wellbeing will follow.  But this is just one of the many ‘proofs’ in scripture, of how I chose and still choose to heal people, from their physical ‘afflictions.’ There are spiritual afflictions that come, through the soul’s choice to embrace sinTherefore, the soul must choose to reject, and repent of all of the sins, it has committed – in order for Me to heal them, from all of their physical afflictions, and spiritual oppressions. 

They must come to My Luminous Cross

When My Faithful Remnant Church flee to go to the refuges and caves, there will also be a ‘luminous cross’ waiting for them – to heal them, of ‘all of their physical and spiritual afflictions’.  But what is required in order for this to happen?  First they must come to My Luminous Cross, bow down, before Me – as their Lord, repent in their hearts, of all wrongdoing.  And then, I can begin to heal them, from their ‘physical afflictions’. 

I need souls to repent… in order for Me to heal them

But it is sin that keeps souls in the bondage of their bodies, that are: deformed, decaying; that are withering away.  I need souls to repent – from their sins, in order for Me to heal them.  If they are blind – then they must repent of ‘spiritual blindness’, and I will heal them from this affliction.  If they are paraplegic – then they must repent of sins of the flesh, of desiring sexual pleasures outside of true marriage.  If they are crippled – then they must repent, of their desire to rebel, against My Commandments.  If they have cancer – then they must repent, of serious, blasphemy, against the Holy Spirit  (Have they found a cure yet that they can release My children?) – and this is ‘the sin against the Holy Spirit’, of which there is no forgiveness for.  But I always allow souls, to know when, they are blaspheming or not – they will know in their interior lives; and if they refuse to repent, and change their ways, then they cannot be forgiven, of this sin.

So repent My people, that you may saved in The Hour of Trial

In short with every ailment and physical problem, there is a sin that is attached to it.  So I ask My people, to turn to the True Holy Spirit, to bring to the light of their conscience, the sin, that they allowed to come in to their lives, in order for them to be physically harmed.  The True Holy Spirit, will reveal to you; how you are, to repent of the sin and turn to Me, in order to be healed.  I know My Faithful Remnant Church is suffering, and I want to offer them ‘a way out’ to give them a cross that they can carry – with cheerfulness.  I desire that no one be sick, or injured or dying; but these are all consequences of sin.  So repent My people, that you may saved in The Hour of Trial that is coming upon the World – both physically and spiritually; so that your joy may be full; in the True Holy Spirit.      

If My people want to be ‘fruitful’…

Friday March 16, 2012

Jesus Said: Receive Me, into your hearts, My children.  Unite yourselves with Me, in everything, that you doAll of your daily tasks, can be used, to purify your own souls, when they are united to My love.  But it is important to be detached, from all that this World has to offer, and all that the demons offer as well.  For, what good is it, if you unite your daily tasks, to the works of demons?  When you do things with anxiety, and when you seek to do things, in ‘a fruitless way’, then how can I bless the works of your hands?  If My people want to be ‘fruitful’: then they must cast off the deeds of darkness; and reject all sin that lingers in them – that is: all sin – that they have consented to.  They must do: a thorough, examination of their own conscience – so that no ‘stone’ is left unturned in their own souls; so that they can be ‘set free’ from ‘the slavery to sin’.

  If they choose to hold on to ‘secret sins’… I can not hear, their prayers

Sin is what keeps souls in bondage – to the enemy.  And My Wrath is focussed upon souls, who ‘stubbornly embrace’ – evil.  No matter how small the sin nor how big it is, My people are called to live without committing ‘sins in their lives that are avoidable’.  If they choose to hold on to ‘secret sins’ while rejecting others, I can not hear, their prayers.  This is what has happened within the institutional churches:  They have allowed sin to govern the lives of the people, and, have given them numerous excuses to embracing it; they have been encouraged to see themselves as “weak”, and, “only human”.  This, is not acceptable, before Me, or God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  And so, the prayers within those institutions – within those ‘formidable members’, are not reaching God the Eternal Father in Heaven’s Ears.

When My People make ‘choices’, they know what ‘team’, they are on

I ask souls to live without sin in them – and this is possible.  Our Blessed Mother was conceived without original sin, but that is different: for all souls have the Ten Commandments written on their hearts; and I am the Word written on hers.  These Ten Commandments were given, to every individual, so that they may know the difference between good and evil – so that when My People make ‘choices’, they know what ‘team’, they are on.  For there is either ‘for Me or ‘against Me’.  There is nothing in between.

I spit the lukewarm out of My mouth

That is why I spit the lukewarm out of My mouth, because I do not know them, and I do not recognize them for their works are evil.  “Lukewarm” is another name for hypocrite.  The Pharisees were lukewarm, My people, for they knew in their hearts, the truth, that God at the time had revealed to them; but they sought to be against Me – who am God in the Flesh; and at the same time, pat themselves on the back, for rejecting “a heathen and a blasphemer” in their eyes.  And so as they were doing this they saw themselves as ‘holy people’.  But I tell you most of them did not make it, until some of them chose to repent, after My Crucifixion, Burial, and Resurrection. 

What pours forth from their mouths… is the ‘Fire of Truth’, coming forth from Me.

But you My People do not get to see these signs.  But you are called to have faith without seeing; and you know My Messengers, by their fruits.  For what pours forth from their mouths will consume this wicked generation, as it is the ‘Fire of Truth’, coming forth from MeSo you need to choose, My People – in every moment: where you want your eternity – to be.

‘Complete devastation’ is coming, to the United States of America

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jesus said: The vision you received is true, My daughter.  Once, this Mega-quake hits, the food prices will soar.  Then it will be very difficult for some, to get around to different places, in their vehiclesAlso this will affect, the price of gas and oil, as ‘complete devastation’ is coming, to the United States of America – because they did not heed the ‘warning cries’ to repent.  All of their abominations are still in their midst; they have not cleansed what once was My Church – therefore I dwell there no longer.  They have not sought: to cleanse themselves from sin and every vice; but instead have sought, to embrace sin – to the fullest extent.  Therefore they will ‘receive My Justiceto the fullest extent’. 

The ‘mercy’ that was shown, to My ‘little ones’… will be shown, to the World

Millions of babies, are aborted – every year, through unjust laws to kill: the innocent, in the wombs of their mothers, by their mothers’ consents.  I have given life as a gift; but it has been ‘spat upon’ and rejected time and time again.  Therefore, the ‘mercy’ that was shown, to My ‘little ones’ – who cry to Me day and night, for Justice – on: their murderers, this ‘same mercy’, will be shown, to the World: which is none.

‘The Madrid Fault line’, is the next to be hit, followed by ‘the California Quake’

The Chastisement has already begun, and is going to get: even worse.  ‘The Madrid Fault line’, is the next to be hit, followed by ‘the California Quake’.  The divide going down ‘The Mississippi River’, will be Great – “as large as the Grand Canyon” – this is TrueSo great, is the divide, between My Elect, and the wicked of this generation.  The fate of the wicked: is Just.  The fate, of My Elect is Just as well.  However I will give them time to come away from these places – to evacuate along the Mississippi River, and to evacuate the California Coastline. For My Justice, is always tempered, with some Mercy

The reason these things will happen is because of the unborn

But many will die, in this next disaster, that is to befall mankind – brought about, by man’s desire to control the elements.  It is man who will do this to man.  For I am allowing this evil to come upon them; as they have allowed evils to infiltrate, and destroy what once was My Church; and to infiltrate, and destroy life within the womb.  The reason these things will happen is because of the unborn.   So many of them did not get the chance to live the life that I had planned for them.  So therefore My People, You will not get the chance, to live much longer. 

The time to convert your neighbors, is over

So I suggest that you get your souls readyRepent before it is too late.  I am asking you to have mercy on yourselves.  Show mercy to yourselves by ‘getting right with your God!’  For none of your material possessions matter.  You can not take anything with you except your souls – the works with them, and leave everything else behind you.  Because what is most important, is that you are on the Path to Heaven, abstaining from this World, getting ready to leave: everything behind.  The time to convert your neighbors, is over.

[Note: there are 15 Nuclear Power Plants in the New Madrid Fault zone]

There is no salvation in that ‘institution’

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jesus said: Continue to listen to the True inspirations of the Holy Spirit in the moment, My son, and know that I am leading you throughout all of this.  For I am your Shepherd: you hear My voice, you listen to My words, and reflect upon the deeper meanings, that are carried in them.  You have the wisdom, knowledge, love and understanding, to guide My Faithful Remnant, to their ‘safe havens’, to their Refuges.  I do not need the ‘institution’, to accept you, for they, have rejected Me – who founded it.  They have pushed Me away, and ‘taken over’.  They have ‘commandeered the ship’ that I built.  They are the ones who ‘fired the captain’.  So without a captain ‘steering their ship to safety’, all those who are attached to it will most assuredly ‘drown’.  There is no salvation in that ‘institution’ nor any other institution, that has ‘branched off’ from the one I first began. 

The continuing cycle, of the constant separation within churches

All other ‘sects’ or religions, merely ‘came forth’, apart, from the one that I founded in the beginning.  Indeed, they were the first ‘schismatic churches’, while all of them at the same time, ‘claimed’ to be ‘the true church’.  Therefore, many ‘churches’, began to believe, that there is ‘salvation’, in membership.  I became less and less the main focus over the years, of ‘reformation’, and many ‘new age teachings’ crept in, slowly, and little by little, the people began to see themselves, as ‘their own shepherds’.  And, then they, through the use of ‘human reason’, and through their own ideas, branched from these ‘churches’, to form ‘new churches’.  And with each ‘break’, from the one True Church, so much sin and vice began to ‘creep in’.  People began to focus more on their ‘status’ and ‘positions of power’, and this has been the continuing cycle, of the constant separation within churches.

It is the True Church that has separated itself, from ‘the false one’

However, in this case, it is the True Church, that has not ‘branched off’, from the Truth; but has branched off from the falsehoods – has branched off from ‘false leadership’, keeping the root, firmly, in Me.  It is the True Church that has separated itself, from ‘the false one’, from the ‘sinking oil tanker’, from ‘all sinking oil tankers’, from the ‘black sludge’ that has covered the many institutions, including what once was My ownI have ‘laid the Foundation’, for this Church, and I have determined, that it has now been established – firmly founded on ‘Faith in Me’ and ‘no human structure’; firmly founded on, Truth, and blind Obedience to the True Holy Spirit of the Moment; firmly founded, on Wisdom that can only come forth, from My Mind.

I expect everyone to acknowledge their True Vicar, here on Earth

As I impart, this Knowledge to My True Shepherd, I expect everyone who ‘claims themselves’, to be Christian, and to be a True Catholic, to acknowledge their True Vicar, here on Earth – no longer, as pope Benedict the sixteenth, but now under, Pope Peter - the Last, and Final True Pope of this Era.

The fate of all rebellious priests

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jesus said: I will tell you, why N, is not, a true member, of My Faithful Remnant Church neither is he a follower of Mine.  For he compromises, what he knows to be true in his heart, for falsehood, and ‘fleeting power’.  His position within that ‘hierarchy’ is coming to an end – one way, or another; and so this is the fate of all rebellious priests.  Now they still have time to repent; but if they do not know, that they are ‘covered in muck’, and they call the muck they are covered in – My Holy Spirit, then they have embraced ‘the sin of blasphemy’, and have rebelled against My Commands.  For it is very serious to call something that is ‘horrendously evil’, a good; and to call something, that is good and pure, ‘a horrendous evil’.  He like many others, will have, his ‘Warning Experience’, and only then will he have the chance to return to his True Shepherd. 

Most priests, will not make it, to caves and refuges

Because I tell you most priests, will not make it, to caves and refuges, because they tolerated and embraced ‘the spirit of Jezebel’.  Therefore they will not be ready ‘with their lamps lit’ when I Come.  Many of them, will be ‘led to the slaughter’, or die of hunger. This is a very fitting and just punishment, for their refusal to feed My Sheep, and for their desires, to neglect them, to the slaughter of their own souls.  I am Merciful, but I am also Just. 

I am the only One True God.  All of the rest, are mere imposters

My Ways, who can know them?  Who, can understand My Mind and Heart?  He who has been given ‘the Keys’ is able to do this.  For who, shall dwell, in the temple of the Lord Almighty, and who shall come to My Holy Mountain? Only those ‘with clean hands and pure hearts’ are welcomeNo sin can come near My Holy Mountain.  To be holy, one must strive to be humble in all things.  But most of all, to acknowledge themselves as ‘creature’, and Me as Creator.  That, is the beginning, of our relationship.  Because of the evil times that you live in My children, I do require this of you.  With so much hubris and pride in the World, it is necessary that you all understand, that you are simply, all My Creatures, unless, you choose to be ‘gods in your own image’then, there is no relationship; then I do not know you; for there are no other ‘gods’, above or below Me.  I am the only One True God.  All of the rest, are mere imposters - claiming to give life, they can only bring death. 

Get ready!

The ‘abomination of desolation’, now stands, in all of the places, that once, were “Holy Ground”.  Get ready!  Prepare your hearts.  Make amends with Me and your neighbor, for I am coming soon, to call ‘My Bride’, to safety.  Now, is the time, to turn away, from all iniquity and sin, and embrace the True Church – the One True Holy and Catholic Faith – the One, True Holy and Catholic, God.  Yes, I did say “Catholic”, for it means: “Universal”, and I want ‘all people’ to be part, of this ‘Universal Church’, My True Church under My Representative, and My True Pope – the one I have chosen.  Not the one who is elected, by the cardinals.  Not the one that they want nor the one, that they were expecting.  No.  This is: My beloved son in whom I am well pleased.


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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