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of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

 2015 Archives August II
- The second half of the month of August -
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few."
(Matthew 7:13-14)
Why all this talk about "Spiritual Vision"?
Image: M. Kemeter highlining blind in Yosemite National Park
Note: You can do it!  You will need to first reject the spirits of fears, doubts, worries, and anxieties.  Because, really, it's "just a walk in the park".
"The eye is the lamp of the body.  So, if your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light; but if your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness, if then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!”
(Matthew 6:22-23)
Note:  Skill testing question:  DID 'the enemy of Souls', KNOW this above Scripture passage, BEFORE the Television was invented?

Jesus said: It is ‘DIFFICULT’, for SOME, to be, ‘UNPLUGGED’, from the WORLD – ALL at ONCE; because for MANY, the TELEVISION, has BECOME, their only source of “FOOD”, for their INTERIOR lives - as SPIRITUALLY TOXIC, as it IS.  The TESTIMONY – MY Testimony, TEACHES the complete OPPOSITE, of what, the PEOPLE, on the TELEVISION, proclaim.  IT is ‘one of the ENEMY’S GREATEST, achievements’! – the INVENTION, of the TELEVISION.  The ENEMY, USED! – the TELEVISION, to BREAK IN, to the MINDS, of the PEOPLE – on THIS PLANET! – and STEAL! – ANY hope, of their Salvation;  BECAUSE, they CONSENTED! – to ALLOWING themselves, to be FILLED, TO THE BRIM! –with ‘all KINDS of WICKEDNESS.  In FACT, the TELEVISION, was, and IS, ‘the complete OPPOSITE’, of ‘SPIRITUAL vision’.  The TELEVISION, can ONLY, present ‘ILLUSIONS’, for people, to EMBRACE – with their MINDS.   And NOW almost EVERYONE on the FACE of the EARTH! – is WITHOUT, their “SOUL” - in SHORT, BECAUSE they DON’T DESERVE, to HAVE one.  WHY?  Because they choose to entertain themselves with EVERYTHING, that OFFENDS, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT; that OFFENDS, any LIFE, I have to OFFER them.  The PEOPLE of THIS WORLD, have CHOSEN their master.  THEY have CHOSEN ‘the devil, incarnate’; THEY have CHOSEN, to be ‘filled with DEMONS’ – instead of My LIFE! – instead of sharing in My Divine LOVE, for them.  They Can ONLY be filled WITH hate! TELEVISION IS, ‘the ABOMINATION of desolation – set UP, IN the homes.  “Good CHRISTIANS”, pay HOMAGE, to that ‘satanic ALTAR’ – almost EVERY day!  They make, ‘SPACE for it’, in their HOME – even MOUNTING it, on their WALL – gathering their CHILDREN, AROUND it, for ‘FAMILY time’ – so that their CHILDREN, have ‘NO hope, of Salvation’.  But I call My TRUE Followers, to STOP! - watching Television; I TELL them to throw it AWAY! – but ONLY if that’s POSSIBLE.  IF it is not THEIRS, and they try to throw it OUT, and cut the CORD – THAT is “vandalism”.  PEOPLE, must CHOOSE, to turn it OFF! – themselves.  It is ‘not EASY’.  The REASON for the TELEVISION, was to PREPARE people, for the COMING of the ANTI-christ; and HE is here NOW!  The REASON for My TESTIMONY - WAS, and IS, to PREPARE, My PEOPLE – My CHOSEN ones – to LIVE! – the ERA, of TRUE Peace; to LIVE, the Kingdom of HEAVEN, in their Hearts.  VERY simple!
Note: Today we asked Jesus to explain the need for homeschooling.  This following message is universal, and it applies to all parents and to all children of the Faithful Remnant.
Jesus said: HOMESCHOOLING is ‘the ONLY option’, if she wants her daughter to REMAIN a Member, of the Faithful REMNANT.  THERE are, ‘SO many TOXIC ideas, and LESSONS – WORLDLY lessons, that are being ‘poured FORTH’, out of the MOUTH, of the DRAGON – AT, her SCHOOL!  It is ‘OFFENSIVE’, to the TRUE Holy SPIRIT – to be IN, ‘such a TOXIC environment’, as that.  For TRULY, SHE will be ‘TARGETED’, by MANY, VERY, angry PEOPLE – once CERN opens.  SENDING her back to SCHOOL, is like sending, ‘a LAMB’, into a SLAUGHTERHOUSE – and expecting ‘the LAMB’, to WALK through, ‘UN-harmed’.  There are MANY ‘wolves’, at her school; and they are ‘WAITING, to DEVOUR her!’ – once, she returns.  Let THAT be ‘a LESSON for her MOM’ – to NOT turn her HEART, AWAY, from her DAUGHTER, at this ‘CRITICAL, time’ - IN, her life.  But SHE must desire, to ‘BE there’, for her daughter – to TEACH her MORE about ME – to HELP her GROW, IN Truth; and in WISDOM.  For WHO is ‘the best, instructor, or TEACHER – OF these Times’?  My TRUE Holy SPIRIT.  Through Daily COUNSEL – with, Petrus Romanus, YOU both, WILL grow – EXPONENTIALLY! – AS, IS, ‘necessary’ – IN these Times.  It is ‘not EASY’; but it IS required.   
For behold, the day comes, burning like an oven, when all the arrogant and all evildoers will be stubble; the day that comes shall burn them up, says the Lord of hosts, so that it will leave them neither root nor branch. But for you who fear my name the sun of righteousness shall rise, with healing in its wings. You shall go forth leaping like calves from the stall. And you shall tread down the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet, on the day when I act, says the Lord of hosts. “Remember the law of my servant Moses, the statutes and ordinances that I commanded him at Horeb for all Israel.“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet [a valid reference to Pope Peter the Last in these End Times] before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the land with a curse.” 
(Malachi 4:1-5)  
Note: Notice how, as the Last True Pope, I need to relay "COMMON SENSE Messages" like the ones above to some of the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant.  Notice how I am doing so AFTER, posting all the Messages from Heaven, about how wicked the Television is; about how it is TRULY the abomination of desolation set up in the home; and about how the people outside the Remnant are ALL, in, the beast STATE. This is simply stating the obvious facts, that are plain to see, by All of Heaven.  And so, "HOW do I COPE?" - How do I 'deal', with the fact, that even the people WITH Souls, in the Faithful REMNANT, are neglecting so many BASIC teachings - teachings that I have spent MANY, MANY hours of careful recording and editing, in order to relay to the Remnant, the Saving Truths - that they need to Survive, these End Times?  Answer: I simply turn to the True Holy Spirit in the Moment, and seek the Truth, with my ENTIRE being.  Here is the answer, that surfaced in my Soul.
"For this people’s heart has grown dull, and their ears are heavy of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should perceive with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and turn for me to heal them.’"
(Matthew 13:15)
So people basically have two choices - they can take the Testimony seriously, and see 'the TRUE Jesus' as the FLOODGATES of Divine Mercy in their lives.  Do you know what the OTHER choice is?  You WILL, if you don't want the FIRST choice! 
"I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live."
(Deuteronomy 30:19)
...because the Testimony is ALSO "the Ark of Refuge" - and so HOW can it protect those who refuse OR neglect to take shelter in its teachings?  It can't!  There IS a plague of "self-deception", and a plague of "spiritual insanity" sweeping across the entire planet at this time.  The FULLNESS of 'the spirit of the antichrist' is now here - since the antichrist incarnate, is seated in Rome, AND in the White House.  The 'spirit of the world', and 'the spirit of false peace' are being embraced by most people at this time.  And so we DO understand, how some Members of the Faithful Remnant, can struggle with discerning the "spiritual toxicities" of these End times.  And so, here is "a common sense basic list", of the spiritually toxic things, the Members of the Faithful Remnant need to avoid: 
A BASIC LIST OF THE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS OF EXTREME SPIRITUAL TOXICITIES IN THESE END TIMES:  Withholding forgiveness or "unforgiveness"; Holding onto grudges; Embracing "the demonic entity of the assailants"; All religious Institutions; Television; Radio; Secular media (ALWAYS carefully discern all the content that is presented in the secular media); All music recorded after December 25, 2012; All secular music; Cartoons; Stadium events; Intimate relationships with people who are in the beast state; looking people who are in the beast state directly in the eye; Reading prophecies other than the Testimony; Allowing people in the beast state to deluge you with words; Vaccines; Bars; Pornography (including "soft porn" on billboards); Nightclubs; All Religious and Secular Education Institutions.  Does that all sound a bit extreme?  Yes, it does.  Welcome to the End Times - a time of extremes.  What more is there to say?  Do you want to hear about how the global governments have spent a Trillion dollars, trying to figure out how to use CERN technology to open the portal to the ABYSS?
"The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise."
(Psalm 51:17)
Jesus said: It is GOOD, that N. is PRAYING, AND ‘from the HEART!’  It is so IMPORTANT – IN these Times, to be CLOTHED, in SACKCLOTH, and in ASHES – in ‘True HUMILITY’ – before My FATHER, who is in HEAVEN.  Because He WILL NOT listen, to ‘a proud HEART’!  EVEN the ones crying out TO Him, in the BEAST state – who have ‘PROUD hearts’, and are ‘ONLY crying out, of DESPERATION’ – it IS as though, for HIM, HE is ONLY hearing, the CRIES of PEOPLE, in HELL!  And in HELL – in ‘PERMANENT Hell’ – there IS ‘no humility’; there is ‘NOTHING good, left’ – IN the individual.  And THOSE in the BEAST state – are REALLY ONLY in ‘a temporary Hell’, in their INTERIOR lives; IF they would choose ‘HUMILITY’, and HUMBLE themselves BEFORE – My Father, in HEAVEN – to DO this WITHOUT the use of Blessed HOLY Water, is ABSOLUTELY NOT, going to happen! – UNLESS, I INTERVENE.  But that, is VERY, VERY rare.  PEOPLE, WANT to go to HEAVEN – in THESE Times, then THEY are going to have to DO!  ALL I am ASKING, is for them to use, ‘Blessed HOLY Water’; to PRAY the Burning BUSH Prayer – from the HEART! – and MEAN, EVERY word! – so that I CAN, remove the mark from their FOREHEADS, and give them ‘a SEAL’ – a DIVINE Seal – of HEAVENLY approval INSTEAD. 
Note: And of course, people will need to contact me, Pope Peter the Last, to get on board the Ark - the Refuge of Safety, in these End Times, once they get their Soul back.  And they need to turn to the Divine Counsel that is being posted on this website, 'at my leisure'.  "At your LEISURE?... as CERN is about to open the portal to the Abyss?"  Yes, unlike Antipope Francis, my wife and I both work for a living, to pay our bills - otherwise, you people reading this, would be "buying your salvation".  And most of you know by now, that the people who are BUYing their SELLvation (Revelations 13:17), ALL! - HAVE! - the mark of the beast.  And so, when we get home from work - for our "leisure time" - we work on this website, and help pull people out of 'the flood waters of demons'.  We write emails; and when necessary, we seek Divine Counsel.  "Interesting vocation!" - we know.  (This was necessary to share at this time, because some Remnant Members are actually becoming frustrated, because the website is not updated each and every day, at a consistent time.  Now you know why.  And the fact is, that we are "in sprint mode", until the final WAVE hits.  Because "the little waves" have already begun.)
Jesus said: ...THEY will simply need to read the website UPDATES, in order to UNDERSTAND, what is going on. Very SIMPLE!  But I did mention WHY, I did not hear peoples' prayers, did I NOT?  The Remnant, need to decide what THEY are going to do, when doubts arise.  What HAPPENED, to Peter, when he STEPPED outside the boat, and began to SINK? – because he LOOKED at the SEA, and the roaring WAVES, and HE was ‘not focused on ME’?  THAT is what is happening with the REMNANT.  THEY need ‘a SEVERE admonition’ – in ORDER to get THROUGH this.  Understand? 
Pope Peter the Last:  Which admonition did you have in mind?
Jesus:  It is in ALL of the UPDATES that are going to be posted – in all of the MESSAGES, that I have GIVEN you.  They are pretty ‘UNIVERSAL’, don’t you THINK? – even the ONE about the SIGNS – that I warned N. about. They DO NOT WANT a Sign, My Children; but if they DO NOT change their COURSE in their INTERIOR Lives they will GET one!  I HAVE HAD ENOUGH, of this REBELLIOUS Remnant.  They WILL ‘learn to LOVE, Discipline’.  It doesn’t make SENSE My children; I CAN’T, hear their PRAYERS, if they SECRETLY choose to HATE you both – and only give me ‘LIP service’, in their OWN prayer lives.  Very FEW of the REMNANT, are ‘taking Me SERIOUSLY’.  THOUGH I said, I would not ALLOW the ENEMY to SNATCH them – FROM ME, they STILL have ‘free will’ – to GIVE themselves back to the WORLD, and ‘be DEVOURED’, by the DEMONS!  JUST like, ‘I do not send ANYONE to Hell; they GO there, because of their own CHOICES’. THIS, IS, ‘the Spiritual LAWS’!
Note: I got a really tough question in the mailbox today. Perhaps someone has finally "broken the Testimony code", and found "the magic loophole".  Here is the question that was sent in: "How are we supposed to purify ourselves when we keep sinning over and over again?"  I was getting a little tired of telling people, "Sometimes, the answer is in the question", and so I passed this one over to someone who never sleeps, nor slumbers (Psalm 121:4).
Jesus said: It is NOT, SO much about ‘REJECTING SIN’, My son, as it is, ‘CHOOSING a LIFESTYLE’, to live ‘WITHOUT choosing sins’.  And the ONLY way to DO that, is to INVITE the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, to Guide your THOUGHTS, your Actions, your COMMENTS; and to REALIZE, that I, can SEE, ‘EVERYTHING’, that goes on INSIDE of you.  YOU must ‘DESIRE for ME to BE, the LIGHT, IN, your LIFE’.  REJECT your desire to HIDE, your SINFULNESS, from YOURSELF! – and ASK for the GRACE, to be HONEST – with yourself.  The SPIRITUAL life, is NOT about ‘OBSESSING, over SINS’, and EMBRACING, ‘the FEELINGS of SHAME and GUILT’ – that come from FALLING, into sin.  ‘the SPIRITUAL life’ RATHER, IS, about DESIRING, to CONTINUALLY CLIMB, ‘MY HOLY MOUNTAIN’; to RECOGNIZE, ‘where you FAILED’; to RESOLVE, to do your BEST – NEVER to do it AGAIN!; to ASK for the STRENGTH to be STRONGER next time, temptation COMES!  But your FOCUS MUST BE on ‘GETTING BACK UP’!  The FIRST VICTORY for the DEVIL is ‘GETTING SOMEONE to FALL’. His ‘SECOND VICTORY’, is ‘GETTING SOMEONE, to proclaim to EVERYONE how they fell’ – to ‘boast THROUGH them’; to ‘live the temptation over AGAIN’!  The Third Victory for the DEVIL, is ‘GETTING the individual to ‘STAY down’.  So I expect, My FOLLOWERS, to give ME “the Victory”!  DOESN’T, that ‘just make SENSE’?  The ENEMY, wants My TRUE Followers, ‘ABSORBED, in their SINS’!  But, MY TRUE VICAR, MY TRUE REPRESENTATIVE, on this EARTH, SHARES in My DESIRE, to help ALL of you, ‘CLIMB, MY HOLY MOUNTAIN’ – to leave ‘ALL OF YOUR SINFUL WAYS’ behind; so that ‘the DESIRES, of your HEARTS’, are ‘FOR Me’; NOT ‘against ME’; are ‘for LIFE’; NOT ‘AGAINST life’ – so that ‘the DESIRES of your HEARTS’ are “ORDERED”!  THAT is ‘a GRACE’, that each of My FOLLOWERS, need to PRAY for, on ‘a daily BASIS’.  PLEASE GOD, ORDER, ‘the desires, of my heart’.  In ASKING ME for this GRACE, you are ADMITTING TO YOURSELVES, that your HEARTS are “DIS-ordered”  REMEMBER! – “Where your heart IS - THERE, your TREASURE will BE”.
Note:  It isn't comfortable, to be told by 'the Cyber-Pope of these End Times', through the pixels on the screen of your wifi device, that you have a serious infestation of demons.  Of course, that sure beats DROWNING in them!  But there is also, 'the other side of the story'.  Did you know that I can read hearts at a distance?  And it is really not too difficult - because often, Jesus tells me EXACTLY what is going on in a person's heart, as I write His words down, and then: I read "it" - "the secrets of the heart" recorded on the piece of paper in front of me.  But one disturbing "trend", I have been noticing, is how MANY Members of the Faithful Remnant - with SOULS! - and with DEMONS! - seem to see the Divine Counsel, that I give TO them, the same way the Biblical demoniacs who had SOULS! - saw the words of Jesus!  Do you remember, what the Gerasene Demoniac said to Jesus?
"A man with an unclean spirit... crying out with a loud voice, he said, “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I adjure you by God, do not torment me.”
(cf Mark 5:1-7)  
Jesus said: admonishment’, to the Members of the Remnant – to take their SPIRITUAL lives, much, MUCH more seriously.  It is not ‘SAFE for them’, to COMPARE themselves, to people in ‘the BEAST STATE’ – to SAY that it is ENOUGH for them, to have SOULS?  It ISN’T enough!  HOW can they COMPARE themselves, to ‘a DOG’? – who is ALSO without a Soul?  “The BAR”, is set ‘much HIGHER’, than THAT!  Understand, My children.
How low, can YOU GO, without getting BURNED?  That is not a very intelligent hobby.

Note: And the Most High True God, knows how to admonish His Remnant in a VARIETY of ways!  One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant had a very important dream he shared.  "I had a dream last night that there was a giant fish, as big as a car, and the water around it drained away, leaving the fish beached [... sitting on the bottom]. It then, very nimbly, came after me. [...for "feeding time"] I don't know what it means."

Jesus said: WHAT are they CALLED? – THOSE in ‘the BEAST STATE’? 

PPTL:  “Bottom Feeders”

Jesus said: SO the DREAM, was REALLY ‘just a WARNING’, that ‘the BOTTOM feeders’ WILL come AFTER him; and they will SWALLOW him UP – with ‘the SPIRIT of the WORLD’ – if he does NOT fight AGAINST it!  It’s not that COMPLICATED My children; in fact, it is so SIMPLE a CHILD, can understand.  REMEMBER, WHAT is ‘the BEAST state’ COMPARED to? – but PEOPLE being ‘SWALLOWED up’, by ‘a WHALE’!  JONAH! – one of My PROPHETS, COULD, NOT ‘GET AWAY’, with ‘walking AWAY’, from ‘WHAT I was ASKING of him’.  HE spent THREE DAYS! – in ‘THAT stinking FISH’! – as ‘an ALLEGORY’, for what was going to come upon the PEOPLE of this Generation.  Because the only “SIGN”, that they got, was ‘the SIGN of Jonah’. And what THIS means, is that ‘the PEOPLE’ were all ‘SWALLOWED up’, by the WHALE!  And only SOME will ‘come OUT’, OF it – those with HUMBLE, and ‘CONTRITE’ hearts.

Free Will in Prophecy
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
The PROPHECY about being "swallowed UP by the spirit of the WORLD"
WAS fulfilled, in his life - shortly after, Jesus revealed, the interpretation

A Lesson from Pope Peter the Last:  Interesting above photo indeed!  The temptation that some of the members of the Faithful Remnant are experiencing at this time, can best be described as “the temptation to go as low – spiritually - as they possibly can, without getting burned”.  And what was the name of that spiritual reality, in which ALL the un-baptized souls of the Unborn reside? – And so many of them are there, because they are the offspring, of people who chose to do “that spiritual dance”; are they not?   I will give you a hint, it’s not “Heaven.  But what you people in the Remnant - who are currently EMBRACING that “spiritual lifestyle” - have FAILED to realize, is that: THAT attitude, is the SAME attitude, that GOT you the mark of the beast in the FIRST place!  And to make matters even worse (- as I email back and forth with people who are presently “DOING the Limbo”), I read words to the effect, “Jesus, save me!”  Why would you ‘spiritually sick people’ - who are in need of a Heavenly Physician, want to ignore the Counsel of the TRUE Pope, and believe that you can simply call on Jesus, and be saved?  The answer, ironically, is because you heard the story, of how the FIRST Pope got away with that.  After all, the FIRST Pope, couldn’t turn to “HIMSELF”, now could he?

"So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus; but when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me!”  Jesus immediately reached out his hand and caught him, saying to him, “O man of little faith, why did you doubt?”  And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased."
(Matthew 14:28b-32)

But what you “limbo dancing Members” of the Faithful Remnant, have FAILED to realize, is that the FIRST Peter turned to Jesus, IMMEDIATELY! - as SOON as HE fell.  Pope Peter the First REACHED out – BEFORE! – he sank ‘OUT of reach’ of His Savior.  The first Peter, did NOT make, “sinking into the dark murky depths”, ‘a way of life’.  In other words, the FIRST Peter, did NOT give the enemy of his Soul, “the third victory” over his Soul.  The part of the lesson that your protestant teachers neglected to teach some of you - when they taught you that above Scripture passage - is the fact that Pope Peter the First did NOT, at that point in his journey, CHOOSE to stay down, in the waters.  It was “a SLIP”; NOT “a DIVE!”  Get it?

But the enemy of souls convinced the PROTESTANTS to take this above scripture passage, to distort it, and to DIVE! - Dive! - dive!  Do you remember why the historical Anglican Schism from the Catholic Church began?  It began because the king of England, wanted to “STAY DOWN” – in the sin of adultery.  He decided that HE could be ‘the HEAD of his OWN church of adultery’.  The king of England believed falsely, that by merely calling on His Name, Jesus would be forced to reach DOWN to him and BOW to his demons of adultery - just as his SERVANTS in the English CASTLE did!  The English king, and all “the protestants” who followed him, believed they could simply live a life in the murky depths of mortal sin, and then call upon the name of Jesus, and be magically “saved”.  Not so!  ‘Repentance from the heart’, is what is necessary, to be pulled out of “the murky depths”.  But it is not possible for a person to repent from the heart, when a person believes that their lifestyle of mortal sin, is “good”.  Do you know why that is?  Because when a person calls their WICKED lifestyle of mortal sin, “good”, they commit the unforgivable sin of blasphemy – a sin, that cannot be forgiven.  Understand?  If you don't understand, then I will explain further. They cannot repent from the heart, because throughout their entire lives, they called their lifestyle of mortal sin "good".  And when they come to the end of their lives, they can only "go through the MOTIONS" of repenting, because they believe Heaven is ALSO "good".  In other words, they want all the benefits of Hell, followed by all the rewards of Heaven.  Not happening!  It is VERY rare, that a person ever SINCERELY converts, from a lifestyle of mortal sin.  In fact, it can be compared to “winning the lottery”.

Jesus called the first Peter out of ‘the Ark of the Church’ at that time, to teach all future generations a lesson – MANY lessons in fact!  But the one I want the Members of the Faithful Remnant to FOCUS on - as you read this - is THIS lesson: When you fall, get UP!  DO NOT WAIT, until you have sunk, OUT OF REACH, of Jesus.  DO NOT THINK, that you can ‘spiritually rot’ with ‘the bottom feeders’, as a way of life; and then magically be ‘back in the boat’, safe and sound, with the Disciples, who never wanted to leave Jesus in the FIRST place!  Remember, the FIRST Peter, ONLY left the boat, because Jesus was CALLING him to walk towards Him.  Jesus in fact, was standing on the Water at that time, to teach EVERYONE a lesson.  The First Peter only began to sink, because, instead of staying SPIRITUALLY FOCUSSED (– like the man on the highline in the top photo), the First Peter chose to embrace the millstone of fears and doubts, and as a result, got pulled down WITH them - but only for an instant! - because of his TRUE Love, for his Lord and Savior. 

This is all so really simple.  You just need to read it a few times.  And so if you find yourself in “the murky depths of sin”, because you GAVE the enemy of your Soul “the third victory”, I will tell you what you need to do.  You need to win the lottery - AGAIN!  You need to repent fully and from the heart, of your wicked ways; or TRULY, you will NEVER see ‘the light, of the Era of Peace’, ever, again.  And if you stay in the murky depths, your decision to do so, will be revealed to everyone around you.  Because it IS Love to tell someone the Truth.  And THAT – is why all the people who have chosen to remain IN the Ark, Love me so much!  (- because I Love THEM enough, to tell them the uncomfortable Truth, they need to hear - in order to have Life, and have it abundantly!)   And so, for all those who are secretly asking themselves the question, “How much sin can I KNOWINGLY get away with and still remain aboard the Ark?”  I will let the CERN portal to the Abyss answer THAT question for you.  Before ALL of Heaven, I have done my part.

Fun Trivia Question:  Did you ever notice, that Jesus NEVER tells people to pray to “a PROTESTANT Saint”?  Now WHY would THAT be?
Best to watch this following video with the sound turned "OFF"
It has no narration; only a hypnotic technobeat soundtrack
Vimeo - "Atlas Experiment"
Notice how at the 2:13 mark, the producers of the video make the viewer look DOWN the long shaft. 
The very next image that is shown, at 2:24, is that of the dark mater particles ESCAPING the particle detector.
THAT, was "an illuminati boast", disguised as a science video.
And if you are still having doubts about the malevolence of CERN, simply go to Google Maps, and type into the search box, the following:  i pet goat ii   In Canada, Google takes the person who does so directly to the CERN site in Geneva.  In Africa and the United States, Google Maps results show CERN or the Hoover Dam.  What is the CERN - Hoover Dam connection?  CERN opens the portal to the ABYSS.  The Hoover Dam - allegorically speaking, opens the floodgates of demons.  Coincidence?  No.  It is an illuminati boast.
Right now, we are all in this really bizarre, “boarding phase” on our Journey. People are getting “on board the Ark”.  Price of admission?  A Soul, and a desire to be alive – Spiritually.  What else will it COST people to get on board?  They will have to LOSE, the spiritual mark of the beast, along with their pride.  How long will the journey be?  The journey will be ongoing until those who persevere arrive in the Fullness of the Era of Peace on Earth.  Jesus spent 40 days in the desert.  The book of Revelations speaks of 40 months a lot.  And so I say: factor in the “Not what they were expecting” clause, and you get, “Plan for 40 years; and pray for the Gift of patience.”  How does THAT make sense?  Well if it is “NOT what we are expecting”, and we expect 40 YEARS – then we will ALL have “a MUCH better shot” at the 40 months then - now won’t we!  (- unless God goes the other direction, and makes it 400, lol - I'm psychologically preparing for 400... years!)  And don’t worry, you will have lots of time for that – time to pray, for the Gift of patience that is; and be sure not to rush those prayers; you will need to pray slowly, and from the heart, ALWAYS.

 What is Time in Eternity?
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Now just as it was in Noah’s time, there is an angry mob outside, and there are beasts boarding the Ark, and there are lamps lit inside.  And so, I would advise you to take the “Bottom Feeders” video quite seriously, and not let the angry crowd outside devour you alive.  That happened to one unfortunate passenger yesterday, who was unfortunately swallowed by a whale.  We expect “the whale” to spit him out, in about three days.  I guess we really can’t say we didn’t WARN him.  Later in the day, Jesus summed up the lesson, in his words to one of the OTHER passengers…

Jesus said: You need to RE-READ your message, that was sent, and ask the True Holy Spirit to REVEAL to you, the understanding.  You must reject your desire, to 'slough-off', Divine Counsel.  You need the Grace, to be SLOWER in responding; and QUICKER, at receiving. 

The individual inside the whale at this time, will now have the much needed time, to reflect on the Counsel that was given.  Perhaps now would be a good time for the rest of the passengers to re-read the story of Jonah, just so that you people will know what to expect, once the whale spits him out.  And while you are doing that, be sure to reflect on the parting lesson he gave, “It is good to proclaim the Divine Justice of The Most High True God, always!”

Yesterday, I covered the topic of flaming limbo dancing pretty thoroughly.   You see, the problem with “that dance”, is that when people play with fire, they ultimately get burned.  It really isn’t too difficult to discern WHO, has taken up “flaming limbo dancing” as ‘a secret hobby’ – because they are USUALLY COVERED in burns.  And after you correspond with or get physically close to such people, you will notice, that you can actually ‘feel’, a burning sensation, on your skin.  Best to avoid THAT feeling, by KEEPING them at ‘a safe distance’, until they LOSE “the hobby”.  Simply use the deliverance prayer, and reject ‘the demonic entity of the assailants’ moving through them; and hope that the next time you see them, they will be something more than ‘a pile of ashes sitting on the ground’.  Enough said on THAT topic.

Jesus did give Mary and I a quick summary of what life would be like, once the FINAL, BIG CERN wave, erases all that is left, of the humanity of those who are currently in the beast state.  He reminded us of how, when we have been driving lately, we are noticing that other drivers are getting more and more aggressive, in their desire to refuse to allow us to change lanes.  Filled with the anger and rage of the enemy, they are going out of their way to deliberately block us, so that we can’t make the necessary turn.  Jesus just got right to the point, and revealed that once the BIG WAVE comes, the other drivers will be a THOUSAND times worse.  As mere human shells filled to the brim with demons, the beast people will do EVERYTHING THEY CAN, to STOP each member of the Faithful Remnant, from following the path The Most High True God has set in front of them.  That was your warning.

EMAIL FAILS - it really IS that bad.

ACTUAL EMAIL: Would it be ok to ask this question?  Which is how are the animals going to react to the people in the beast state after CERN?  

REPLY from PPTL:  Interesting paradox: If you ask me if it will be ok to ask a question, and then ask it, before getting the answer, does that mean, that you really don't want the answer? - but to WHICH question?  Hmmm.  The question about the animals has already been answered in the Testimony.  Do you know how to look for an answer in the Testimony?

ACTUAL EMAIL:  Hi Pope Peter and Mary. I will pray the song of the sheep everyday.

REPLY from PPTL: Yes if you pray The Song of the lamb, more than once in the same day, it then becomes, "the song of the sheep"
ACTUAL EMAIL: Last night, when I read the emails over, I skipped over my own words.  Today, I started reading them and found that my own words in those emails were afflicting.  When I sent you those emails, I really thought differently, and when I see them now, it really makes my stomach churn.  Should I be reading my OWN words or keep it with only the messages you sent and skip over my own words?
REPLY from PPTL:  Sometimes, the answer is in the question.
Jesus said: For I did NOT come to bring “PEACE”, but ‘a SWORD’ – to DIVIDE households; NOT ‘to UNITE them’ – in FALSEHOOD.  For ‘the SWORD’, that comes OUT of My Mouth IS in fact, ‘a TWO-edged SWORD’ – PIERCING through the FLESH, and the bone – to the heart OF, the listener.  It IS, ‘SO important’, that you RECEIVE ‘Divine Counsel’ IN these TIMES.  Because of ‘the spiritual TOXICITIES’ AROUND you, you must ‘SEEK Me’ – your GOD – WHEREVER you are!  Because I am HIDDEN, from the PROUD, AND the foolish.  And I ONLY Reveal Myself, to small CHILDREN! – to THOSE, with ‘a HEART of a child’.  “CHILDREN”; “GOOD children” - do not want to HIDE, their ‘faults’ from their PARENTS; but INSTEAD, they want to RUN to their parents – TELL them ‘what they did’; TELL them that ‘they’re sorry’; because their CONSCIENCE is CONVICTED – in the TRUTH.  “SUFFER not the little CHILDREN to COME to ME”, for it is such as THESE, who will INHERIT the KINGDOM of Heaven.  REPENTANCE IS important!  BUT, REPENTANCE is NOT ‘the recitation, of prayers’!  REPENTANCE, is NOT ‘a routine’.  REPENTANCE, is ‘the HEART’, INCLINED, towards LISTENING, to Heavenly COUNSEL.  In these TIMES, PEOPLE – even THOSE of My FAITHFUL REMNANT Church, find it ‘QUITE difficult’, to hear My VOICE, IN their INTERIOR lives.  And THAT is because, they have become, ‘SO accustomed’, to LISTENING to, and COOPERATING, with ‘demonic INSPIRATIONS’; and calling THOSE inspirations, “GOOD”.  It TAKES, “DISCIPLINE”, to LISTEN, to My True Holy Spirit SPEAK!  It is NOT, “EASY”!  But you MUST, ‘DESIRE this’.  Desire ‘TRUE repentance from your HEART’ – means to turn away from THOSE things, that ‘OFFEND Me’; and to TURN, INSTEAD, to EVERYTHING, that is ‘PLEASING to Me’.  For ‘the MARK of the beast’, will be REMOVED, from ‘HUMBLE and CONTRITE hearts’; because THAT is ‘what is REQUIRED’, for those to take SHELTER, ‘UNDER MY Holy Mountain’.  But, “the GOLDEN CALF”, that the ISREALITES made – was when MOSES was ‘UP ON THE MOUNTAIN – RECEIVING, the LAW – for My PEOPLE!”.  The LAW, for My PEOPLE was being ‘GIVEN’ – WHEN, they were being ‘the MOST, rebellious’.  And the WORLD has REBELLED, against ME.  And SO I have GIVEN the TESTIMONY! – and THAT is, ‘the SPIRIT of the Law’ – in these Times; as ‘an ANTIDOTE’, to ‘the REBELLION’, of the people.  The TESTIMONY – MY Testimony, IS in fact, ‘a COMBINATION’, of the OLD COVENANT, of the NEW Covenant, of the WHOLE Covenant.  For I COMBINED, the OLD, AND the new!  But FIRST, PEOPLE, MUST, DESIRE to be EMPTIED! – so that I can FILL them – with the WHOLE Covenant – and THAT is, ‘the SPIRIT of the Law’. 
Thursday, August 20, 2015
Shelter Amidst the Danger
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

AN ACTUAL EMAIL WE OPENED THIS MORNING: Hello PPTL and Mary... I just wanted to ask how are you doing?

As Mary and I were reacting to this email, Jesus asked us 'a more INTERESTING question'.
Jesus said: “When people write you and ask you how you are doing, HOW does that make any sense?” 
And so I replied...
PPTL: “Well, it’s just like 'change for a NICKEL' - it just sits there on the counter, and you can’t really DO anything WITH it; because the stores don’t TAKE pennies anymore.” 
Jesus said: “In OTHER words My children, it is ‘FRUITLESS, small talk’.” 
And for those who just don’t “GET it”, there is “sense”; and there are “cents” - and both words sound the same. 
Jesus said: “There is ‘a REASON’ that the penny has been ‘PHASED out’.  And TRULY, it is not “COMMON”, any more.  They will ‘GET IT’ eventually.”
It takes humility, to use common sense and reason.  Because common sense and reason, are scarce, so is ‘the fragrant blossom’, of humility.”
“For without common sense and reason, they can’t even, seek, the right things, or seek the proper question to ask.”
We received a video this morning from one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant who was obviously more concerned about her family members in the Beast state, than she was about purifying her Soul.  Fortunately the video was unlisted.  We advised her that she was free to post it, as an example of what NOT to do.  It is not posted at this time.
Jesus said: The PROBLEM with that VIDEO My children, is that ‘ALL those THINGS’, that she has now mentioned, have ALREADY been STATED, quite CLEARLY... [- in various places THROUGHOUT the Testimony...] If their focus is on ‘PLEASING the NAYSAYERS’, then it, will be, IMPOSSIBLE, for those in the Faithful REMNANT, to be DETACHED FROM, ‘the toxic SPIRITUALITY’, of those PEOPLE – they are either LIVING WITH, or, are EXPOSED to, on ‘a daily basis’.  Now has GOD, the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL FATHER in HEAVEN, required ‘such a sacrifice’, from ANYONE? – in all of HISTORY?  YES!  THROUGHOUT HISTORY, My PEOPLE, were SURROUNDED, by 'PAGANS’, and IDOLATRY; but they were STILL, ‘EXPECTED, to LIVE the Ten COMMANDMENTS – in their INTERIOR lives.  They were STILL EXPECTED, to LIVE, by My Holy Laws, and Ordinances – I, had GIVEN them – THROUGH Moses, and AARON.  WHY did I give ‘the LAW’; but because of ‘the HARDNESS of peoples’ HEARTS’.  And in these TIMES, My Faithful Remnant need to CONTINUALLY, keep, their hearts, ‘softened’ – towards ME; towards My FATHER – who Lives and Reigns in HEAVEN; towards, the True Holy SPIRIT.  For if the PEOPLES’ HEARTS; and for the MEMBERS of the REMNANT – if their hearts are ‘FOR the people, in the BEAST state – their hearts, can ONLY ‘become hardened’, over time – towards Me.  THIS, is what I am REFERRING TO, when I SAY, “YOU are either FOR Me, My people; OR, against Me”.  Either you have ‘a softened heart’ TOWARDS your CREATOR; or, ‘a HARDENED heart’, towards, your Creator’. Because, if you Truly LOVE Me, then WHY, would you BOW, to the DEMONS, and ‘pay homage to THEM’; why, would you TURN, towards those in the BEAST state – who have REJECTED Me – to try to be FRIENDS with them?; WHY would you want to BEFRIEND ‘My ENEMIES’ – for they are MANY!  THOSE in the BEAST STATE – I draw UP – OUT of ‘the flood of demons’ – will BE ‘My Faithful Remnant Members’. The OTHERS, will perish.  My people do NOT “DESIRE, to perish, WITH them”!
In other words, it IS possible for someone to be on the Faithful Remnant playlist, and to have a Soul, while at the same time secretly desiring to perish with those in the beast state.  For was not Judas, counted among the 12 Disciples?  In fact, I used to use this old saying a lot, and I will use it again, now, "Wherever you find 12 Disciples, you will ALWAYS find one Judas".  And so if you ever find yourself being tempted to 'go the way of Judas', you need to pray the following:
Jesus said: FIRST!  YOU must allow the True Holy Spirit IN - so that the DEMONS, will FLEE!  You must desire MY True Holy Spirit, to DWELL WITHIN you - at all COSTS!  And what THAT means, is YOU have to sacrifice your desire to APPEASE, 'the demonic STRONGHOLDS in your INTERIOR life'; and YOU must reject your DESIRE, to 'PLEASE, the DEMONS, in PEOPLE - around you'.  YOU must STRIVE, to PROTECT, to GUARD, and PURIFY, YOUR Soul!  Because you HAVE one.  Do not 'allow the DEMONS' to snuff it OUT.  DO better!  Work HARDER!  REJECT, 'all SPIRITUAL ties', to your FORMERFAMILY members.  REJECT, the demonic ENTITY, of the assailants.  Reject 'the SPIRIT of the ANTICHRIST'.  Ask My Holy ANGELS, to PROTECT you, and watch OVER you.  CONTINUALLY ask, for My TRUE Holy Spirit, to DWELL, WITHIN you.  (The last 3 paragraphs, edited May 13, 2018)
In this following response to a testimony video, by a new Member of the Remnant - Jesus reveals that while some people are able to listen to and cooperate WITH the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit - if they don't humble themselves as a way of life, it is in fact the spirit of pride, that will keep them from their Eternal Reward.
Jesus said: I DO, Love you... when you wake UP; and WHEN you go to work; AND when you go to SLEEP; and, at ‘ALL TIMES’, in-between – because I AM Love.  And TRULY, THAT is what, you EXPERIENCED – the JOY, of being LOVED, by your CREATOR.  I was SHOWING you, that, I ONLY desire, to ‘CATCH you when you FALL’; or to do My BEST – to STOP you from falling.  Now PONDER that for a Moment – ME, DOING My “BEST”.  WHAT does that MEAN?  I TELL you, that MEANS that I can ONLY do ‘SO much’ – for SOULS, before they MUST, respond – TO Me.  You see without their COOPERATION, WHAT can POSSIBLY be achieved? HOW can SOULS, ‘ACHIEVE, SALVATION’, without SINCERELY ‘HUMBLING themselves’? - and in HUMBLING themselves – they desire to do, ‘THEIR part’. Because it is ‘PRIDE’, that STOPS people, from doing ‘what it TAKES’, in ORDER for them, to be ‘Saved’.  THANK you, for COOPERATING, with the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit in the MOMENT – to BRING to the LIGHT, ‘WHAT it going ON’ – INSIDE, ‘ALL of the MEMBERS’, of My Faithful REMNANT; and ALL THOSE, who are ‘OUTSIDE, looking in’.  My REMNANT are the ONES, who RECOGNIZE their need for GROWTH; for ‘SATANIC STRONGHOLDS’ to be ‘TORN DOWN!’; FOR, the DEVIL’s KINGDOM, to be ‘rooted OUT’, of them – so that MY Kingdom, can BE there – instead!  MY Kingdom STARTS, as ‘a SEED’; and then it GROWS – within ‘a SOUL!’ – into ‘a most BEAUTIFUL, tree’.  And THAT, is ‘what you are BECOMING’... a STRONG, tree – that has grown from ‘a tiny SEED’ – with DEEP roots – rooted in ME.  VERY simple!
 Image of an actual lifeboat from the 1912 Titanic disaster
that coincided with the 100 year countdown to "the mark of the beast"
Trivia question: Has Jesus Christ the Lord, from His Throne in Heaven, ever compared the entire world, to the sinking of the Titanic? 

Answer: Yes He has - in the September 23, 2009 Message.

And now, that comparison is becoming all the more real, as All of Heaven can see, the floodwaters of demons rising, and the world as we once knew it, slowly sinking.  This is happening even now, as CERN releases more and more waves of dark matter – matter that is slowly stripping, all those outside the Faithful Remnant, from whatever humanity is left in them.  It all sounds rather “apocalyptic” now - don’t you think? 

And so if the world, is like the Titanic, then what are the lifeboats an allegory for?  They are an allegory for the different churches; and variations on this allegory are used many times in the Testimony.  And it is interesting to note that many of the people we meet - who claim to have a religion of some sort, believe that we are ALL now living in the End Times; they believe, their world, is sinking.  And they have chosen their lifeboat.

But what about the people who are now “IN”, the lifeboat, of the Faithful Remnant – that is also referred to as “the Ark”?  That is a fun question to ponder.  Are they “ALL in”? – or are they just clinging to the sides?  Are they planning on hanging onto the Ark, with ONE hand, while reaching out to another boat, that has former family members in it – all the while believing, that they can tread water, and hold onto both boats, and survive, the icy-cold waters?  Perhaps some believe that they can dive into the waters, and swim to another boat, and then carry people who want to be on that other boat, back to the Ark, on their shoulders?  And of course, there are always those who are safely on board "the Ark", and doing everything they can, to tell those people who are treading water, to swim to the ONLY boat, that can save them – and GET ON BOARD THE ARK!

Now here’s the part of the Titanic story that I really DON’T like to think about.  Did you know that many people simply stayed on board, the ship, to the bitter end?  And then, ONLY when it was too late, did they resolve, to try to find a lifeboat.  And why was that? – you might be wondering.  WHY, would people think, that their “ship”, was unsinkable?  Invincibility.  Pride.  Salvation apart from the Truth.  Refusing to listen to their conscience.  Denial.  Fear of change.  Clinging to their wealth.  Inconvenience.  It was uncomfortable to hear.  Procrastinating their desire to take action.  Listening to bad advice and toxic opinions from people around them.
Take a close look at the rows of unused white inflatable lifeboat containers
Notice how all the lifeboats, are going down with the ship?
And there is only ONE lifeboat, in the water, looking for survivors. 
In 2014, two years after the mark of the beast befell the inhabitants of this planet, the Korean Ferry disaster happened.  More than 300 people drowned.  The sudden sharp turn, that resulted in the capsizing of the ferry, was made by Park Han-gyeol, the 25 year old woman at the helm of the ship.  As the ship began to sink, the passengers were ordered to stay put.  Rescuers quickly discovered, that there simply CAN’T be many people in the lifeboats, when the people on board a sinking ship, are following the orders, of someone who does not have their best 'long term interests', in mind.  But without a conscience, and without common sense and reason, the vast majority of the people on that sinking ship, simply conformed, to the behavior of those around them.  And so what more is there to say?
This following message, reveals HOW all the Members of the Faithful Remnant, are called to IMMEDIATELY respond to spiritual afflictions.
Jesus said: YOU ARE being ‘targeted’... by ELF waves.  And also, the PRESSURE, that you are FEELING, on your HEAD, IS, ‘the demons – TRYING, to break THROUGH, to your mind’.    Commend, WHOEVER is ATTACKING YOU, to My IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine Justice.  And, CONTINUALLY pray to be filled, with ‘Inspirations from the TRUE Holy Spirit’. ASK your Guardian Angel to DEFLECT, the attack – BACK at those who SENT it;  AND into the Eternal Lake of Fire.  It would be GOOD, to offer up ‘a DECADE of the ROSARY’, for your CONTINUAL purification – AND, for the continual DOWNFALL, OF your enemies.
And on another note:  The Members of the Faithful Remnant are ALL called to use the Blessed Holy Water throughout the day.  There is no good excuse, why ANY member of the Faithful Remnant, would not use the Blessed Holy Water - regularly, and throughout the day.  ALL the Members of the Faithful Remnant need to keep Blessed Holy Water within reach, at all times.  You all need to have the Holy Water Prayer memorized.  You all need to PRAY that prayer from the heart, every time you use the Blessed Holy Water - and that means, every time you feel a spiritual disturbance, of any kind.  CERN has been releasing dark matter on a daily basis.  IF you want "the spiritual waves from CERN" to pass OVER you - then you need to cover yourselves, in WAVES, of Blessed Holy Water.  To neglect the Blessed Holy Water, is to neglect your Salvation.  And know that this is in response, to many emails I have been receiving, from the Faithful Remnant Members, who are slipping back down the mountain, because the CERN waves are creating a mudslide, beneath their feet.  The demonic entity of the assailants, is also afflicting those who are not actively and consciously rejecting it on a daily basis.  You are all in a spiritual battle.  You have the spiritual tools you need.  You just need to use them - ALL of them.
Jesus said:  The Faithful Remnant Members... MANY of them, are NOT READY, and WILL not be ready, when CERN, opens, the PORTAL, to the Abyss – if they CONTINUE, their “current” course.  WHY, do I say “current”?  BECAUSE, THEY ARE ‘allowing’, the CURRENT, or WAVE, of THIS modern era, to ‘SWEEP them away’ – in a FLOOD, of ‘BAD inspirations’.  THIS is not good!  THIS, NEEDS, to be addressed at THIS time – with EXACTLY ONE month – for THEM, to be ‘PURIFIED and PREPARED’.  THEY need ‘ONE on ONE COUNSEL’ – with the BOTH of you – IN, THIS CRITICAL time. Because I can SEE outside, of ‘SPACE and time’; and I KNOW what ‘the OUTCOME’ will BE – ALL, of the FAITHFUL REMNANT Members, NEED to be ‘ON THEIR GUARD’, in their INTERIOR lives!  Because on TOP of the CERN EVENT, they must ‘DEAL’, with ‘DEMONS’, the OCCULT world is sending – TO them; they must DEAL with ‘the demonic ENTITY of the ASSAILANTS’; and they must ALSO, be made AWARE, of the fact, that they are ALL being targeted – by the Government.  RIGHT NOW... MANY members, are, embracing, ‘self-DECEPTION’ – in their INTERIOR lives! – as THOUGH, they, were part of ‘a protestant GROUP’; or “church PROGRAM”...  For ‘the KILN’ tests ‘the potter’s vessel’; and I am “the POTTER”!  Simple.
And as "the one who holds the Keys", I end up meeting a lot of people at "the Gates - to the Kingdom of Heaven", if you know what I mean.  Some are there because they are simply running away from death; others are there because they Truly Love Jesus and sincerely want to be with Him for all of Eternity; and some end up there because they are just very much afraid.  Jesus knows just what to say - even to the fearful...

Jesus said: I can work with someone, who ‘FEARS Me’ – who fears “CONSEQUENCES” – to ‘NOT RESPONDING’, to ‘the CALL that has gone OUT’, to all the NATIONS… And now, he must ‘CHOOSE, to persevere’.  He CANNOT hold on, to ‘ANY resentments’ – TOWARDS you both.  For YOU, are ‘ONLY looking OUT for’, his BEST interests.  And YOU ONLY want him, to be FULFILLED, in MY Era, OF Peace.  The DEMONS ARE, “the enemy” – of My PEOPLE.  So ‘the ANTIDOTE’, is “humility”; Blessed HOLY Water; Repentance; AND, deliverance prayers  You must, ‘leave ALL of your OLD WAYS BEHIND’ – because YOU are ‘about to embark’, on ‘a VERY, intense, spiritual journey’.  You MUST be open to ‘fraternal correction’, at ALL times! – so that you are ABLE, to grow FAST, and be PURIFIED quickly!  And your ‘FEAR of Me’, will GROW into ‘a deep LOVE’ – if you PERSEVERE

Jesus has formally warned people that ‘the God of the Old Testament’ has now arisen.  And so what is the attitude, of the Most High True God, towards those who are not taking their call to purification seriously?  Here are a few excerpts, from a letter He sent out today, to someone in the beast state.  But the Message still applies, to the few who have Souls.

Jesus said: HE needs to desire a “YES”, from his Heavenly FATHER!  With how much he desires to please OTHERS, and to ‘SATISFY’ - his DEMONS, he must desire to please, ME! – APART from ‘the demons’.  But he CANNOT be PLEASING, ‘IN My Eyes’ – while he STILL, CONTINUES, to HOLD, ON, TIGHTLY! – to… the demon of PRIDE…  HE is preferring ‘the counsel, of his OWN demons’… Because right NOW – HE has ‘CHOSEN’ his team… He needs to pray, the Burning, Bush PRAYER! – and STOP! – giving me ‘LIP service’!  N.! – if your WORDS, mean ‘NOTHING to YOU’… then WHY should I listen? – to, your, “ramblings”! THIS is ‘on YOU’.  YOU are responsible! – for your OWN Salvation… It is between YOU, and Me.  DESIRE, to be HEALED; or, perish.  There really ARE only two options.

Some of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, come from a protestant background, and have much to learn - especially about living in "the Kingdom of the Divine Will".  Here is a sample, of “a crash course” that Jesus gave to one of the Members today.

Jesus said: Reject 'the demon of entitlement'.  And pray for the Corresponding Grace, to be thankful, and grateful, for EVERYTHING that you have been GIVEN, from above.  The PROTESTANT spirit - DEMANDS things, OF Me.  But I WILL, NOT, BOW, to the WILL, of man!  He HAS the tools. He KNOWS what to do… He just needs to DO.

Time for some fun questions: How are the Members of the Faithful Remnant called to treat ALL women in ‘the beast state’?  How are all the women in the Faithful Remnant, called to remember their TRUE spiritual state, before they used the Blessed Holy Water, and got their Soul back?  It's not “comfortable”, but it's necessary - here it is:

Jesus said: There is a MUCH, bigger ‘PICTURE”, going on.  My Faithful Remnant need to ZOOM out, of their LIVES – and ASK, for the GRACE, of ‘TRUE Spiritual Vision’.  ALL of these ‘little PROBLEMS’, that they HAVE, WILL not seem ‘so BIG’, if they would ONLY look, AT themselves – THROUGH, My Eyes…  turn to ME, for STRENGTH, in EVERY moment…  Be FIRM in your resolve, NOT to associate, with “Jezebel”.  FOR indeed, she ONLY wants! – to CRUSH you.  Because you are ANOINTED, with My SPIRIT; Understand?  NO Love, can FLOW, through a WOMAN, IN, the beast STATE; ONLY deception.  They can ONLY, seek their ‘best INTERESTS’. They are ONLY, taking ORDERS, from their FATHER – down, below.  So do NOT ‘feel GUILTY’, for ending ‘EVERY, friendship’! – WITH them.  Because “THAT ship”, will MAKE you SINK! – FAST and HARD.  STAY on the ARK.  LEARN from your mistakes, and continue to GROW.  And that’s all I am ASKING, of My Faithful REMNANT.

INTERESTING TRIVIA QUESTION: How does the King of Heaven, see those the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are refusing to contact the Two Witnesses?  I made it really easy to remember, by putting it in red bold letters.

Jesus said: N. needs to FOCUS, on ‘getting his HOUSE in order’.  He is ‘OBSTINATELY refusing, to contact, the BOTH of you’ – for Counsel…  So My ANSWER to HIM, is, N.! – HOW, CAN you EXPECT… to PERSEVERE, in LIVING, the ERA, of PEACE – if you REFUSE, to DO, ‘WHAT is being ASKED of you’?  You are NOT, in frequent CONTACT – with, My Two WITNESSES!...  YES! – you DID receive, ‘a WARNING’, from the TRUE Holy Spirit…  BECAUSE, you CANNOT lift up, YOUR PRAYER intentions – to your Heavenly MOTHER, and to God the FATHER, and EXPECT them, to be ANSWERED, when you CHOOSE, to CONSISTENTLY, IGNORE, My Two WITNESSES… AND, ignore the COUNSEL, that has been GIVEN… contact My Two Witnesses… for the Uncomfortable TRUTHS – that you NEED… to make it THROUGH, what is COMING.  I LOVE you N., BUT, I MUST, ‘DISCIPLINE you’.  I want to LIFT, ALL of your burdens...  But YOU must want that, as well. If you WANT to GROW, you NEED to STAY in CONTACT, with “the GARDENER” – Pope PETER – the LAST.  You CAN not “GO it” ALONE – relying on other MEMBERS, to HELP YOU – when THEY THEMSELVES, are not ‘STRONG ENOUGH’.  COME to Me, more OFTEN, and I, will HELP you GROW!  BUT!  DO not ignore, My Two Witnesses, ANY longer!...  SPEAK, with My, Two REPRESENTATIVES; My TWO AMBASSADORS, of PEACE; My Two WITNESSES.  NO more! – “small talk”.

And here is a universal message to “all the newcomers” to the Faithful Remnant.

Jesus said: You MUST, reject, your DESIRE, to CONCEAL, your SINS, FROM Me; AND, reject, your DESIRE, to DESPISE, ‘the uncomfortable TRUTH’, that pours FORTH, from the MOUTH, of My Two WITNESSES.  And ASK for the GRACE, to RECEIVE, Divine COUNSEL – so that, you can be HEALED; so that, you can help OTHERS.  Because right NOW, you MUST, FOCUS, on your OWN, purification; BEFORE, you will be ABLE, to MINISTER, to ‘those in NEED’. REJECT the SPIRIT of SPIRITUAL insanity!  And ASK for the GRACE to LISTEN, to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit – in EACH, and EVERY moment.  ASK for the GRACE to COOPERATE, with My Divine Will in your LIVES – so that your LIVES can be filled with ‘TRUE, Peace’.  ASK, for the Grace, to be HONEST, WITH yourselves, before My Throne.  ASK, for the Grace, to ALWAYS be mindful, that I AM – in, EACH of your hearts.  And EVERYTHING you DO, think, and speak – I, can, hear

It is always good to keep “the BIGGER picture” in mind, whenever you are on a journey.  Now that so many people are aboard the Ark, they are being reminded that they still need to work for a living - just as I do.  After all, when Noah and his family got aboard the Ark, they all had to work at feeding the animals, and cleaning out the stalls - among other chores.  And they did that work because they were the only ones who were counted among the living.  And the people aboard the Ark of these End Times, are the ones whose Souls are still living; and so they also need to work.

And as Noah’s Ark, travelled through the floodwaters, it was guided by Holy Angels, to its resting place, on a mountain top.  Likewise, the Members of the Faithful Remnant, now have their Guardian Angels BACK.  And with the help of the Holy Angels, they are on a spiritual journey, to their place of Eternal Rest, as they spiritually climb God’s Holy Mountain.  The goal of that climb, throughout this time of ‘the flood of demons’, is to find rest, on a Mountain top. 

As the first couple of these End Times, to make it to that Mountain top, My wife and I, are boldly proclaiming our King and our Queen – before all the Nations.  The Era of Peace IS “a Monarchy”.  And in a Monarchy, there can BE only ONE King, and ONE Queen.  It is really, “all, so, simple!”

And already, we are hearing the wonderful news, coming forth from some of the other climbers, as they draw near to that mountain top in their interior lives.  It is because they climbed with True Humility, that THEY can already hear, the gentle but firm words of their King, speaking in their interior lives.  True Humility is required for a successful climb, because, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5).  It really isn’t that complicated.

And as I was pondering “the Bigger Picture”, and doing some research, I learned of “a different kind of climb”.  In fact just a few weeks ago, Mary and I were face to face with a young man in a wheelchair with casts on both legs.  He told us the story of how he was rock climbing, without a rope at a local rock face.  He slipped and fell 20 feet.  And as he landed on the hard ground, both his heels were shattered.  He expects to be confined to a wheelchair, for about a year. 

What would inspire a person to climb like that? – without a rope, securely anchored to the top?  There is an old saying, that “pride, goes before the fall”.  Was his heart anchored to Jesus Christ the Lord at the time of his accident? - or was it anchored to ‘a DIFFERENT king’?  That young man had the mark of the beast at the time, and so the question then becomes, “What was the NAME of his king, at the time of the fall?” – what “demonic cluster” was he embracing. 

Yesterday, we found time to watch a few climbing videos that featured ‘the current free-climbing legend’, Alex Honnold.  We watched him, with his pitch black eyes, fearlessly climb 3000 foot rock faces, with only a bag of chalk hanging from his belt.  And so I had to ask Jesus the obvious question, “How is it that the demons haven’t sabotaged HIM - given the fact that he has 'the mark'?”

Jesus said: For SURELY, the WICKED, thrive – do they NOT? But, they THRIVE, in ‘the SPIRIT of the WORLD.  And, WHY IS he being MOTIVATED – to PUSH himself – BEYOND common sense, and REASON?  For “one SLIP”, and he is DOOMED, to die.  But yet, he keeps, ‘pushing FORWARD’ – CLIMBING ‘the wrong MOUNTAIN’ – with ‘the WRONG goals’ – SET, in his MIND.  For is it not “PRIDE”, that PUSHES HIM? – so that he can say each TIME, he ‘gets to the TOP’, that he is ‘a KING’! – in the secret, of, his heart.  He BELIEVES himself, to be, “invincible”.  No, PERSON, who has, “SANITY”, would PUSH themselves, to THAT ‘extreme’ – LAUGHING, and MOCKING, “DEATH” – as ‘even a POSSIBILITY’!  For SURELY I TELL you, My CHILDREN, I am ‘not upholding him’; but, I am allowing him to BELIEVE, that he is “INVINCIBLE”.  But one DAY, he WILL, come to the REALIZATION – that he ISN’T, “invincible”.  And on THAT day, it will BE, ‘his last, climb’.  I have already SEEN it.

"If a king judges the poor with equity his throne will be established for ever. The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings shame to his mother. When the wicked are in authority [- when they prosper], transgression increases; but the righteous will look upon their downfall. Discipline your son, and he will give you rest; he will give delight to your heart. Where there is no prophecy the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law. By mere words a servant is not disciplined, for though he understands, he will not give heed. Do you see a man who is hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him. He who pampers his servant from childhood, will in the end find him his heir. A man of wrath stirs up strife, and a man given to anger causes much transgression. A man’s pride will bring him low, but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honor."
(Proverbs 29:14-23)
2000 years ago, the Jews, protested everything Jesus said and did, as they clung tightly to their Old Testament Scrolls.  And for hundreds of years now, the protestant christians, have been protesting everything Jesus had been saying and doing when He Dwelt within His Catholic Church, as they clung tightly to their Bibles.  And so, is it possible, for rebellious people to cling tightly to the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord - all the while - protesting, everything Jesus is saying and doing through it?  Let's find out now SHALL we? 

Jesus said: PART, of ‘the spiritual JOURNEY’, IS, to be Guided by the True Holy SPIRIT, in each, and every moment; to strive to LIVE in, “the ETERNAL Now”; to ‘just BE' in one's INTERIOR life; to LISTEN, to the TRUE HOLY Spirit - WHISPER, ‘the TRUTH, in one's Conscience’.  AS for 'being DISTRACTED', when reading the TESTIMONY - that IS 'quite common'. Because, My TESTIMONY, is, My WORD; and My WORD, Creates, Renews, Restores; and My WORD ALSO, 'DESTROYS', and 'ANNHILATES', and ‘DELIVERS’.  So when PEOPLE are reading My TESTIMONY, it IS like 'a Spiritual Journey' - of their INTERIOR lives.  JUST like reading 'the BIBLE' - WITH My Testimony, would HAVE 'the same effect'.  Each PARAGRAPH, in My Testimony, is 'a passage'; and the question for the READER, is, "HOW do they want to RESPOND, to what I am ASKING of them - when the TRUTH, is made PLAIN for them, to see?"  SOMETIMES (- very OFTEN), people, will CHOOSE, to be 'distracted' - because, they want ONLY the satisfaction of saying, "I HAVE the Testimony, of the End Times; and I am READING it!"  But in their inward BEING, they are 'DISTRACTING themselves', from the WORDS, so they 'CAN'T receive it'.  They want 'the satisfaction of the KNOWLEDGE that is IN My Testimony'; BUT! - they want to be 'DISTRACTED' - from, 'the MESSAGE' - because they DON'T REALLY want to RECEIVE it; they JUST, WANT 'to CLAIM the privilege of READING it' - and THAT, IS, 'the spirit of intellectual pride'.  Their 'OWN intellect', and DESIRE for, "KNOWLEDGE", IS 'what distracts them' - from, My Message of Salvation.  Just, like, what happened, to the Jewish Elders - to the Jewish LEADERS at the time: they BECAME, 'SO obsessed with the KNOWLEDGE of the Law, that they CRUCIFIED the Heart, of it!'

Over the years, I have repeatedly pondered the following question - a question that just never seemed to go away; and it goes like this: “Why, after performing so many miracles and signs and wonders in front of thousands of people, was Jesus always left with just a very small group of faithful followers?”  God has a funny way of revealing answers - don’t you think?  Perhaps I never should have asked. 

And now it's time for, “Where’s THAT in the Bible?”

“Therefore, thus says the Lord GOD to them: Behold, I, I myself will judge between the fat sheep and the lean sheep. Because you push with side and shoulder, and thrust at all the weak with your horns, till you have scattered them abroad, I will save my flock, they shall no longer be a prey; and I will judge between sheep and sheep. And I will set up over them one shepherd, my servant David, and he shall feed them: he shall feed them and be their shepherd. And I, the LORD, will be their God, and my servant David shall be prince among them; I, the LORD, have spoken.
(Ezekiel 34:20-24)

That is a very difficult scripture passage to decode.  The fat sheep could be a reference to those who are filling themselves with worldly things, or with the Saving Truths found in the Testimony; it works either way.  The reference to bullying is actually a reference to the sins of one member, afflicting the weaker members of the Faithful Remnant.  And Saint Paul made it very clear, that God always favors, the afflicted member, not the sinner, whenever that happens. With that in mind, NOW read the teaching:

"God has so adjusted the body, giving the greater honor to the inferior part, that there may be no discord in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another. If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together."
(1 Corinthians 12:24b-27)

Some people in the Remnant are beginning to hear the Voice of Jesus in their interior life.  But how can they be sure that it is Jesus?  Here is the simplest answer:

Jesus said: MY Voice, will ALWAYS be accompanied, by 'TRUE Peace'.  The DEVIL's voice, is always FILLED, with 'HARSH, accusations' - against THOSE, who are STRIVING, to LISTEN, to MY Voice. 

We received an email today from a Member of the Faithful Remnant who hadn’t emailed us in a very long time.  And to our surprise, she mainly wanted to share her thoughts about e-cigarettes.  She wrote, “I will admit I have tried them when they first came out, and I have slipped a couple other times with trying it again. But every time after slipping I find myself asking myself, "why?" It makes me feel dirty and I feel as if I have sinned greatly from doing so…”   After reading that email, we were so speechless, that we just turned to Jesus for the answer.

Jesus said: The question IS, My children, “WHY is she bringing up the TOPIC of e-cigarettes - of SMOKING, of ADDICTIONS?” – when the CERN portal is about to OPEN up?  And “the LOCUSTS”, are going to cover the FACE of the EARTH! – and SHE is ‘not READY’ – SPIRITUALLY; and TRULY, HAS been ‘SHUNNING’, the BOTH of you – not desiring ‘ANY Counsel’; nor SEEKING, ‘WAYS’, that will HELP her, be PURIFIED.  She is EMBRACING instead, ‘all SORTS of sins, and VICES’, and CONCEALING her ‘SICKNESS’ – from Me.  And I cannot HELP her.  Unless she wants, to be ‘helped’.  Because right now, she is ‘holding TIGHTLY’, to self-DECEPTION, AND ‘the spirit of Jezebel’.  NOT a good report card.  Nevertheless, it is True.  WHAT happens, when ‘the SHAFT, to the bottomless Pit’, is opened.  SEE Revelations, and understand, WHY she is focused, on CIGARETTES!

“And the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key of the shaft of the bottomless pit; he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit, and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft. Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth; they were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green growth or any tree, but only those of mankind who have not the seal of God upon their foreheads; they were allowed to torture them for five months, but not to kill them, and their torture was like the torture of a scorpion, when it stings a man. And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death will fly from them.”
(Revelations 9:1-6)
“Lo, I am coming like a thief! Blessed is he who is awake, keeping his garments that he may not go naked and be seen exposed!”
(Revelations 16:15)
Today, one of the members of the Faithful Remnant was reading over some of the old emails we sent to her, and she became very spiritually afflicted as she did so.  By turning to the True Holy Spirit and by using the deliverance prayers, she was able to discern that the affliction was coming from ‘the demonic entity of the assailants’.

Jesus said: Because My WORDS, apply both to My FRIENDS, AND My enemies.  THAT is why, IT is possible, to READ My WORDS, ‘out of CONTEXT’; and to READ, My WORDS, looking at them through ‘the ASSAILANTS’ eyes.  Best to ALWAYS read, My Words, with ‘the TRUE! – Holy Spirit’.  And THAT is why SO MANY Christians, are SUNK! – with ‘the millstone of the BIBLE’ – WRAPPED around their necks.  BECAUSE, they USED My words to AFFIRM themselves, in their sins.  INSTEAD, of READING, My WORDS – WITH the TRUE HOLY Spirit – the SAME Spirit, WHO INSPIRED, ‘those Sacred WRITINGS’!  The SAME Spirit – the TRUE Holy Spirit – who INSPIRES, My TESTIMONY.  The DEMONIC ENTITY of the ASSAILANTS, is “the WALL”, that AFFLICTS people – who are STILL, ‘HOLDING on’, to their old LIVES. The DEMONIC entity of the ASSAILANTS, is ONLY as strong, as ‘a PERSON, consents to it’.  It IS, ‘the spirit of blasphemy’!  WHO are My friends?  Those who DO the Will of God the Almighty, and Eternal Father in Heaven.  But My ENEMIES, are ‘the ENEMIES of My FRIENDS’.  Very simple.

PPTL: It would be best to reject ‘the spirit of blasphemy’. 

Jesus said: It is ALWAYS good to do that, because it is EVERYWHERE.  “The spirit of blasphemy” IS ‘the spirit of the world’ – and that is why all – ALL of those outside of My KINGDOM, have a BAPHOMET’ etched on their foreheads; UNTIL it is removed!

We can only help those, who want help – but with what?  We receive lots of “small talk” emails from Members of the Faithful Remnant who want to be “obedient” by keeping in contact with us; and yet for some reason, they don’t share any of their struggles; and so how can we possibly help them prepare for the coming Waves?  Here is a response that Jesus gave to one such individual today.

Jesus said: You need to give us more to work with, if we are going to be able to help you.  You need to pray for the Grace to DESIRE, Heavenly Counsel, and 'the UNCOMFORTABLE Truths' that come WITH it.  And then you must 'SEEK'. 

And here is another.

Jesus said: She NEEDS to pray for the Gift of Spiritual Vision; and ask the TRUE HOLY Spirit, WHAT she needs to WORK on.  SHE must ‘DESIRE, to GROW!’; and “growth HURTS”.  So if she is NOT “uncomfortable”, then she has ‘stopped GROWING’, and has ‘satisfied’, FOR less!  Simple!

One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant who wants to grow, asked us, “How can I best be in communion with the Saints in Heaven and the Unborn?”

Jesus said: by DESIRING to be mindful OF them – IN your ‘day-to-day lives’; and by ASKING for THEIR INTERCESSION – FREQUENTLY.  Because THEY have ‘BEEN, where you ARE’; and THEY have been ‘FACED, with the SAME problems’; and they HAD, the same SINS, and WEAKNESSES.  But what separated the SAINTS, from ‘the self-RIGHTEOUS’, is that their attitude was ALWAYS, “I can NEVER DO ENOUGH, for My Lord”.  And THAT IS, ‘the best attitude’, to have.  And THEY WERE, CONTINUALLY, asking, for FORGIVENESS, for MERCY, and for STRENGTH – to CARRY their Cross.  SIMPLY DESIRE ‘unity’ – WITH them. OFFER up your ‘LITTLE discomforts’, to CONSOLE ‘the unborn Souls’.  And THAT is how, you will be ‘in UNITY’, with THEM. 
When a Member of the Faithful Remnant has the same prophetic dream THREE times, it needs to be shared:

I just woke up from a dream… I just saw the aliens in the flesh. This is my third time dreaming about seeing the UN airplanes fill the air, but this particular time, they had aliens who looked human with them. But they looked a little creepier than regular humans. And the soldiers warned us, that if we mentioned Jesus name, the aliens would automatically kill us, but I was like, "Yeah right, I got my Blessed Holy Water!"  The aliens started filling the streets quickly, so I began my mission looking for other Remnants. The whole time I was saying in my head Jesus protect me, Saint Michael defend me, while spraying myself with the Blessed Holy Water. They would just walk right pass me, people were terrified, but I knew that I was protected. Then I woke up.  The funny thing is they came early, it was before September 23.  If this is what it's going to be like after CERN opens up, all I have to say is "This is NOT a GAME! "

PPTL: It is an allegorical vision of the True Spiritual Reality that is happening right now.

Jesus said: It IS ‘what it IS’ My children – what MORE is there to add?  The UN, is SYMBOLIC, for ‘the entire WORLD’.  Everything ELSE is obvious.
And as the CERN event approaches, many people are being psychologically prepared in their dreams for the coming WAVES.

At 2:30 a.m. I am kind of having a scene play over in my head that is taking place. It can only be described as if a bomb went off, but not a fire bomb, this was grey colored, and not like a big plume or anything up high, but you know how the power of a bomb bursts outwards with force, like a shockwave,  that was this, just grey. And then another, and then another and then another, it just kept having more shockwaves pushing outwards. (I'm assuming this is in reference to CERN)  Then the scene turned to my garage, and these creatures were all over, these Pokémon creatures. There was a woman... This entity or I think it’s a woman is wearing a black hooded cape and you cannot see the face, but she has long skinny fingers like a woman. She walks up my stairs going from the garage into the house, and says, "I have your children!"

Jesus said: She NEEDS to stay ‘VIGILANT’, in rejecting ‘the demonic ENTITY, of the assailants’.  And YES, “the dark-hooded woman”, that APPEARED... IS, ‘the mother, of darkness’; IS, ‘the ENTITY that was CREATED’ – BY ‘the powers of Hell’, and by ‘the COLLECTIVE hatred’ of EVERYONE, on the FACE of the Earth – TOWARDS, the TRUTH!  For, it is ‘a WICKED, generation’; and ‘a WICKED, people’ – who SEEK, to SUPPRESS the Truth.  And SO, ‘the DEMONIC entity of the ASSAILANTS’ – IS, MY Justice – upon the ENTIRE World – for THEIR desire, to SNUFF out, ALL Truth, AND Life, from EXISTENCE!  So then ‘the WICKED ones’, will be ‘snuffed out of existence’.  There is ‘a real SPIRITUAL war’, GOING on.  And BECAUSE it is SPIRITUAL – it is MOSTLY, ‘invisible’.  But it is REAL! 
And WHAT [was] EXPERIENCED, was ‘the BATTLE’, for their SOULS.  The ENEMY – working THROUGH, ‘the black-eyed CARTOON figures’ – to DESTROY, her son’s FUTURE WITH Me.  And, the ENEMY – once AGAIN, visiting the MOTHER, to TRY, to SCARE her, into ‘SUBMISSION’ – to the DEMONS. And SO, it is ‘a good SIGN’ – that THEY are BOTH FIGHTING – to keep their SOULS; to GUARD! – their Souls – FROM, the evil one.  But THOSE who are in ‘the BEAST state’, are there, for ‘a REASON’; and MANY of them, will NOT ‘come out’.   THEY, will SIMPLY, become, ‘VESSELS’ – for the DEMONS, that, will ‘POUR out’, of CERN.  And THAT is My JUDGMENT, upon the WICKED.  But the RIGHTEOUS! – will SHINE like the FIRMAMENT – in the HEAVENS!  But the UNRIGHTEOUS – will have EVERLASTING contempt.

Now I know that many of these recent posts are not making people feel “comfortable”.  And so, Jesus explained the importance of “discomforts” to one of the Members in the Remnant today, in the most unforgettable way.  Here it is:

Jesus said: Keep persevering, and nourishing your Soul - with the TRUTH - ESPECIALLY "the UNCOMFORTABLE Truths".  And WHY IS this?  BECAUSE, it IS 'the DISCOMFORTS', that KEEP you, 'SPIRITUALLY awake'!  If YOU, were fed, ONLY, 'affirming TRUTHS'! - HOW DEEP, a SLEEP - YOU WOULD FALL into!  And THAT, is why I STRESS, the IMPORTANCE, of UN-COMFORTABLE, TRUTH.  The SPIRIT, of the WORLD, is FILLED, with 'COMFORTS!'  But the SPIRITUAL life, NEEDS, to be CONSTANTLY, GROWING; OTHERWISE, you won't be ABLE, to tell the DIFFERENCE, between 'the spirit of the WORLD', and 'the SPIRITUAL life'.  And MOST "christians", have 'MERGED', the two.  But I, am CALLING My REMNANT, to remain 'AWAKE'.  THIS does not mean that they cannot 'PHYSICALLY rest' - of COURSE they are CALLED to; but! - they must remain 'SPIRITUALLY awake'; and pray for that 'GRACE', often.  For the ONES, who are 'SPIRITUALLY awake' - WILL remain, IN, My Ark, of Safety.  Simple.

And so, AS you are praying for the Grace of even MORE discomforts, it may interest you to know, that we received even more emails today from Members of the Faithful Remnant who are asleep and simply cut-off from Heavenly Counsel at this point in their journey.  Shockingly, this following Message was sent out to more than one Member today:

Jesus said: I cannot help N. My children because there is ‘a WALL’ there.  She HAS, ‘put up’ a STRONG WALL – a WALL of PRIDE, and REBELLION.  I can NOT break through.  SHE has to WANT Counsel.  Simple.

And it is not just the women who are refusing to take advantage of DIRECT COUNSEL FROM THEIR CREATOR at this CRITICAL point in human history. 

Jesus said: He does NOT want My WORD to TRANSFORM him, My CHILDREN.  HE is ‘afraid’.  He STILL wants to be ‘in CONTROL, OF, his OWN, LIFE’. 

INTERESTING TRIVIA NOTE: Did you know that there are actually TWO fires, that are mentioned in the book of Revelations?

Jesus said: JUST as there, are ‘two FIRES’; there are TWO MOUTHS – in the Book of Revelations.  The FIRE that pours FORTH from the MOUTH, of My Two WITNESSES!  And ‘the STINKY water’ – MURKY, and DIRTY water, that POURS forth – OUT of the MOUTH, of the DRAGON!  PEOPLE must decide – WHO they are going to listen to – IN these ‘End Times’. MOST, have ALREADY chosen, to be ‘EMPTY vessels’ – FILLED to the BRIM, with ‘NOTHINGNESS’ – COMPLETELY prepared, for ‘the DEMONS’, that will POUR out, of CERN.  THEN, there is ‘My REMNANT’ – striving, to LISTEN – to the COUNSEL, of My TRUE Holy Spirit – in their INTERIOR lives; AND, the COUNSEL, of My Two WITNESSES. N. – you KNOW the Truth, in your heart.  DON’T, let the DEMONS, STEAL it from you!  You have ‘a MISSION’, and you have ‘a PURPOSE’!  But FIRST, you must be HEALED, and STRENGTHENED. 

And here is a closing message to all those are still outside the Ark, treading water.

Jesus said: Now is a CRITICAL time, for you to be purified - as CERN opens the portal - TO the Abyss.  If you WANT to survive, then you ARE going to need Counsel…  EACH person's Salvation, is on their OWN hands.  For EACH person, must 'WORK out their Salvation with FEAR and trembling', and take greater PAINS, to BE purified.  "SALVATION" is for ANY age.  The MORE you cooperate the YOUNGER you will become.  [- to the physical age of about 30]

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
"Do you not know that in a race all the runners compete, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. Well, I do not run aimlessly, I do not box as one beating the air; but I pommel my body and subdue it, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified."
(1 Corinthians 9:24-27)
“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured from sinners such hostility against himself, so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted.  In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.  And have you forgotten the exhortation which addresses you as sons?— “My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor lose courage when you are punished by him. For the Lord disciplines him whom he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.” It is for discipline that you have to endure. God is treating you as sons; for what son is there whom his father does not discipline? If you are left without discipline, in which all have participated, then you are illegitimate children and not sons… he disciplines us for our good, that we may share his holiness. For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant; later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.  See that you do not refuse him who is speaking. For if they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, much less shall we escape if we reject him who warns from heaven.”
(Hebrews 12: 1-8, 10b-11, 25,)

In my early 20’s I would jog about 30 miles a week, and I learned a lot about running in the process.  Did you know that marathon runners have an obstacle to overcome in every race, that is commonly referred to as “hitting the WALL”?  It is a specific point late in the race where the runner becomes susceptible to 'being taken out of the race' by an extreme wave of fatigue and loss of energy.  Many runners ultimately collapse at that point in the race – and sometimes, even within sight of the finish line.

In case you haven’t noticed, there have been MANY references to people being 'stopped in their tracks' by “the wall” in their spiritual lives – especially on this page in the Testimony.  WHAT is “the SPIRITUAL wall” that is being referred to?  It is “the demonic entity of the assailants”.  And surprisingly, it isn’t something that sneaks up on people; it isn’t something that people fall victim to; rather, it is something they embrace, knowingly, in their interior lives – SHOCKING, as that may sound.  And those who embrace it, DO so, because they are HARBORING UNFORGIVENESS in their hearts.  And if you want to know specifically, what those people who have ‘hit the wall’, are KNOWINGLY embracing, and "LIVING", just read the words in green bold lettering, in the bottom section on this page that begins with the words, URGENT WARNING  And so, once again, HERE is the Message, that people need to read, in order to pick themselves back up, and continue on in the race towards ‘the finish line’ – to the Top of the Mountain, "the Era of Peace" in the heart.

Jesus said:  The SECRET to being PURIFIED, of SIN, IS to remain ‘spiritually FOCUSED’ – in EACH and EVERY moment; and, to be CONTINUALLY asking, the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, to LEAD you, to WHAT you are to do NEXT – when, and HOW.  That IS ‘the secret, to INTENSE, purification’.  YOU must ask for the GRACE, to LISTEN – when the TRUE Holy Spirit PROMPTS you to DO something IN your interior life.   Practice, ‘DOING’.  And as ‘bad things’ SURFACE – IN your interior life – REJECT them; give them TO Me; and ask for ‘the INDWELLING of the Blessed Trinity’.  The SPIRITUAL Life, is ‘not COMPLICATED’; but it DOES take ‘EFFORT’, AND practice.  You HAVE to be ‘willing’, to receive ‘DISCIPLINE’; to ACKNOWLEDGE your WRONGS; and RESOLVE, to do BETTER, next time.  THAT’s all!  If YOU are seeking, ‘the SIMPLE path’ – THAT is it!   EVERYTHING else, is ‘just the DETAILS of that path’ – still, just as important, as the path itself.

The Members of the Faithful Remnant coming from all sorts of different Christian backgrounds.

Jesus said:  WHAT you thought was ‘TRUE’; wasn’t – UNTIL! – YOU FOUND, ‘THE Truth’; until you FOUND My COUNSEL.  And now you KNOW, in ‘the TRUE Faith’, much MORE IS, ‘expected’.  You know NOW, it’s NOT just about ‘feeling GOOD’ – ABOUT yourself; it IS not ‘about AFFIRMATION’ – of your THOUGHTS, and DESIRES; but the TRUE, Catholic Faith – the ONE, UNIVERSAL FAITH – in My ERA of PEACE – is that you SUBMIT – to the TRUE Holy Spirit – WORKING, WITHIN you; and that you become ‘TRAINED’, to LISTEN to Him; and you DO this by LISTENING, to the COUNSEL moving THROUGH, the True POPE of this ERA, Petrus Romanus – ALSO known as “Pope PETER the LAST”.  The BIBLE cannot SAVE people – in THESE times.  THAT is why I have given, My TESTIMONY, to the Nations – to BE ‘a Light’ – FOR them to WALK by.

Yesterday Mary and I caught up again with a young local businessman who had seen the website.  He was fully informed about the mark of the beast and the coming CERN waves, and he could not deny these Truths; but he was simply unable to desire the antidote.  And then last night, after that experience, one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant had a dream that reveals how the people in the beast state are going to be gorging themselves on the CERN dark matter waves.  Here is part of the dream that he shared:

"Last night.  Right after I fell asleep I had this weird dream.  I was watching some guy eat a spaghetti squash.  However, each strand of squash contained a different demonic affliction.  Dude wouldn't stop eating.  He just kept gobbling down more, and MORE."

Jesus said:  Speak, My son, DECODE, the DREAM.

PPTL:  “Demonic gluttony”.

Jesus said:  You GOT it!

PPTL:  When CERN FULLY opens the portal, people are going to be “HUNGRY”.  And as the smaller waves are already beginning to wash OVER them, they are SOAKING them up, and thirsting for moreWe actually met a man yesterday, who was “praising God” for the CERN waves of affliction that were tormenting him as we spoke with him…

Jesus said:  His EXCUSE for EMBRACING ‘the WAVE, of DEMONS’, was that “everything HAPPENS, for a REASON”. HE is right about THAT.  And the reason IS – it is My JUSTICE, that is going to be poured OUT, over ALL of the people IN, the beast STATE.  Because, THEY did not ‘SEEK, to GET their SOULS, BACK!’  Because the Truth IS, they DIDN’T WANT their Souls in the FIRST place! – they WANTED to live ‘a fleshly, earthly, HEDONISTIC lifestyle’.  And THAT is why they did not ‘SEEK, to RECOVER, the PEARL of GREAT PRICE!’  SO, I PUT MY Hand, upon the MAN, that, you met – yesterday, My children – to PRAISE Me for My Justice – AS a Sign, to all of HEAVEN, that I did EVERYTHING, that I possibly could – WITH, and without, mankind’s cooperation.

And now the Members of the Faithful Remnant need to ask themselves if they want their will to be Consecrated to the feelings of their former family members who have the seal of the Baphomet on their foreheads, or if they want to Consecrate their emotions to The Divine Will of Most High True God.  Because the Consecration of emotions, is part of the Daily Offering prayer.

Jesus said:  There is NO need, for her, to engage her FAMILY – her ‘FORMER, family’ – in ANY, TOPIC, of discussion – with regards to the TESTIMONY.  ALL, she needs to DO, is ‘LIVE the TRUE REALITY’; LIVE the TESTIMONY in her HEART, and the TRUE Holy Spirit will Guide Her.  SHE must UNDERSTAND – SHE owes NOTHING – to ANY of those people; as they have ALL RECEIVED ‘the mark of the BEAST’… WHEN will people LEARN? – it does not MATTER what a person BEHAVES like, on the OUTSIDE; because I do not JUDGE, by ‘a clever SHOW of false EXTERNALS’; but I JUDGE, by what IS, IN the INNER, MOST, DEPTHS, OF – the human heart…  She must ‘CLING to Me with all, of her HEART’ – if she WANTS to be able to SURVIVE.  She needs to REJECT her desire to embrace OTHER peoples’ feelings as her OWN.  And ASK for the Grace to REALIZE, that MOST FEELINGS, ARE, in FACT – GIVEN by evil SPIRITS; because the evil SPIRITS know that ‘FLESH and BLOOD’ are VERY weak; AND THEY KNOW, that PEOPLE, can be ‘EASILY manipulated’, to DO THEIR BIDDING! – to DESTROY themselves – JUST by ‘PUSHING a few buttons’ – IN them.  The evil SPIRITS know – HOW to make individuals SELF-destruct – by FOCUSING, the INDIVIDUAL, on embracing EVERY feeling, THEY have – apart from MEI do not ‘give people FEELINGS’! – I give them GIFTS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit; and these Gifts are NOT ‘FEELINGS’!  “Emotions”? – THIS is different – IF they are CONSECRATED, TO Me.  And ONLY if they are Consecrated, TO Me; because EMOTIONS ‘CAUSE, a person to CHANGE’!   GET it?  “MOTION”?  “MOVEMENT”? ‘Being MOVED, by the True Holy Spirit?’  OTHERWISE, being KNOWN as, “being PROMPTED by”.  VERY different! – than “feelings”.

At the top of the list of spiritual toxicities, are Unforgiveness, Grudges, and the demonic entity of the assailants – because the three feed off of each other.  And how is THAT possible?  Because any one of the three casts out the True Holy Spirit, and then that demon, simply invites its friends over for the party.

Jesus said:  The REASON, SHE is not ABLE to experience ‘TRUE Peace’, in her INTERIOR life, is because she is holding ON, to ‘grudges’, and to ‘unforgiveness’. YET, she expects ME, to forgive HER – of all of her WRONGDOINGS, and her SINS; and to HELP her, ‘prepare’, for ‘what is coming’.  The True Holy SPIRIT, is, REVEALING, TO her – through a dream, that, she has ‘hit the WALL’!  The STRONGHOLD in her, IS, ‘UNFORGIVENESS’.  And so, she MUST turn to Me, and ASK! – for the Grace, and the STRENGTH, to forgive EVERYONE, in her past, ‘LIFE’ – and THEN to forgive HERSELF, for holding ON, to ‘SO much UNFORGIVENESS’ – for SO many YEARS.  Because ‘UNFORGIVENESS’, CHAINS, the ONE, who is WITHHOLDING forgiveness – to DEMONS, in HELL; AND, THEY in turn, are CHAINING, the ONES who WRONGED them, to DEMONS – in HELL.  And SO – THIS is ‘very SERIOUS’!  THAT is why, the ENEMY, works, SO hard – to get ‘PEOPLE’, to embrace, ‘GRUDGES’, and ‘UNFORGIVENESS’ – because he KNOWS ‘what it DOES to them’; he KNOWS, how it will RUIN their LIVES!  - and SEND them ‘SPIRALLING DOWNWARDS’, if they CONTINUE, to ‘HARDEN THEIR HEART’ – AGAINST, their NEIGHBOR, and against ME.  NEVER! – are those ‘in the Faithful REMNANT’ called to be ‘CRUEL’, to those in ‘the BEAST state’; and NEVER, are they to have ‘the ATTITUDE’, that they DESERVED ‘what they got’. [- And in other words, it is an extremely bad idea to withhold the Testimony from the people you are refusing to forgive - out of wrath.]  MY Faithful Remnant are CALLED, to be ‘COMPASSIONATE’ – to be ‘TRULY compassionate’. And HOW?  By BEING, ‘LOVING’, towards ME – their CREATOR; and I in TURN, will share, MY Love – with THEM!  And the ONES, that are in ‘the BEAST state’ – FILLED, with DEMONS – they cannot EXPERIENCE, ‘Gifts, from Heaven’; so don’t EXPECT them to.  And, My FAITHFUL Remnant, are NOT ‘called, to cast their PEARLS – before those in the BEAST state’.  It is LIKE they are living, in the Roman EMPIRE; and they are STRIVING, to ‘break FREE’, from ‘the Roman PAGANISM’ – all AROUND them.  My Faithful REMNANT – want to always embrace ‘TRUE, Christianity’.  Their ‘CALL’, is, to STRIVE to ALWAYS, LIVE, ‘the Kingdom of HEAVEN’ – in their HEARTS! Let THOSE in ‘the BEAST state’ – be FILLED, with ‘the KINGDOM of Hell’; and, LET them, receive ‘the TORMENTS’, for their ‘WICKED lifestyles’.  And in MY EYES – THAT! – is “TRUE, compassion!”

Actual email excuse: Now about praying to Angels: My understanding is that the lord does not want us to pray to Angels.

Let's see how far an excuse like that (- straight from 'the devil' - as he took Revelations 22:9 completely out of context), will get someone, as they stand before their King.

Jesus said:  My CHILD, YOU had BETTER, start PRAYING, to your HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL, because, NOW [- for those who have their SOUL back], you HAVE him – BY your side – ALL throughout, the NIGHT; and ALL throughout, your DAY.  And HE, is ‘WATCHING OVER you’; AND! – PROTECTING you. [- IF, you are a Member of the Faithful Remnant]  YOUR Guardian Angel, WORSHIPS, ME – in TRUTH, AND in ‘SINCERITY’; so YOU should DO the SAME – worship ME in TRUTH, AND in SINCERITY.  To PRAY, to your Guardian ANGEL, is NOT, “worshipping him”; and HE, would never RECEIVE, your worship; for HE, is ‘a fellow SERVANT’ – of Mine.  SEE ‘the book of Revelations’, and UNDERSTAND.  YOU, may ASK, your Guardian ANGEL, to PRAY – to ME! – ON your BEHALF.  Now ‘WHY, would you want to DO such a thing?’  IS it ‘not ENOUGH’, that you offer up your OWN PRAYERS – directly TO, My FATHER?  YOU can DO that.  And IT is ‘very much ENCOURAGED’. BUT! – if you WANT your prayers to be HEARD more QUICKLY – then you ASK, your Guardian ANGEL – who is ‘CONTINUALLY BEFORE My THRONE’- to ask ME to Grant your request.  BECAUSE your Guardian ANGEL, is “HOLY”; and is PURE, AND “spotless”! – AND is ‘a PURE SPIRIT’.  YOU, are ‘FLESH and BLOOD’; and it is ‘the SPIRIT’ that prays; and it is ‘the TRUE Holy Spirit’ – who TELLS you, ‘what to PRAY for’ – ASKING, for Heaven’s INTERCESSION, IS, ‘a BEAUTIFUL PRIVILEGE’, that ALL, of My FAITHFUL REMNANT Followers, HAVE!  ASKING ESPECIALLY, their ‘Blessed MOTHER’, for HER prayers! – so she prays FOR them – IS, ‘a PRIVILEGE’, that My FAITHFUL, REMNANT, have.  If MY Faithful Remnant are CALLED, to PRAY, FOR, ‘one ANOTHER’ – HOW much MORE, will, their Blessed MOTHER – who is in HEAVEN, PRAY, for THOSE, who are ON the Earth.  SHE has ‘already MADE it’ – to Heaven; SHE is here, WITH Me; and SHE, does NOT desire, ‘ANY worship’.  SHE, WORSHIPS, GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN.  And her ‘MAIN role’ – in THESE TIMES, is to ‘DRAW, SOULS’ – to ME!  So there is ‘NO excuse’, for IGNORING, your Guardian ANGEL; and NO excuse, for IGNORING, your Blessed MOTHER in HEAVEN – who is MY Mother, ALSO! – REGARDLESS of what your ‘protestant faith’ TAUGHT you!  THESE are ‘precious GEMS’ that YOU have ‘missed OUT on’ for LONG enough. TIME to start PRAYING the Rosary!  (November 11, 2017 update)  

This morning, I was reflecting on the fact that the spiritual mark of the beast was given at a time when everyone was distracted with materialism and consumerism.  And now, the Global governments are releasing bigger and bigger waves of dark matter from CERN.  The dark matter is being released, like a person turning up the heat of a pot of water on the stove - in such a way that the LIVING frog in that water, does not jump out.  Isn't it ironic how the OWG, is taking care of all the reptilians out there who have the mark of the beast, in the same way?  And yet it is extremely likely, that there will be another massive staged event, happening on September 23 - an event that will distract EVERYONE, from the MASSIVE waves, that pour out of CERN.  And so the Members of the Remnant - at least the ones who are COOPERATING with the Graces - are being transformed by the Grace of Spiritual Focus; and they are going to need that.  Because we are not just preparing for Spiritual waves; we are preparing for all the coming media distractions, that will accompany them.  For example, the meeting of the two Beasts - the two Antichrists, in Washington, is already on the calendar.
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Jesus said:  In ‘a WORLD’, that has become, as ‘FAST paced’, as it IS; and with ALL, of the GROWING, TECHNOLOGICAL, ADVANCEMENTS – out there; with ALL of the NEW, ‘GADGETS’, and ‘DEVICES’; and ‘MATERIAL possessions’ – that are SUPPOSED to, ‘make peoples’ lives, much EASIER – AND ‘more CONVENIENT’ – they have ACTUALLY, done, the COMPLETE, OPPOSITE!  BECAUSE – with ‘the PACE’, the WORLD, has SET, for ITSELF – there’s no ROOM, for ‘quiet, reflection’ – of one’s INTERIOR life.  The CONSTANT, ‘BUSYNESS’, that, PEOPLE, OCCUPY themSELVES, with – never seems to END!  And SO, they EMBRACED, ALL of the ‘WORLDLY distractions’; and FORFEITED, their SOULS! Because I CAME, like “a THIEF, in the NIGHT!” – when peoples’ HEARTS, were ‘the FARTHEST, FROM Me’.   And I took their SOULS!  They WEREN’T ‘USING them!’  They had, ‘SUCCESSFULLY, PUSHED Me, AWAY, from ‘their LIVES!’.  And HOW, did they DO THIS?  The illuminati, KNOW, that, PEOPLE – in GENERAL, become ‘WORRIED’, with DISTRACTIONS – with ‘WORLDLY cares’, and CONCERNS – so EASILY.  And they FED, the population – ‘WORLDLY, CONCERNS’; ‘WORLDLY, PROBLEMS’; and ‘WORLDLY, ISSUES’.  And THEY are STILL doing it.  And ‘the WHOLE WORLD’, is ‘gobbling it up!’ – every PIECE; every MORSEL – that the GLOBAL GOERNMENTS put, IN front of them! – whether it is ‘at HOME’; in their CAR; at WORK; on their BICYCLES; in the SUBWAY; in their LEISURE time – and THAT is why, there is ‘NO ROOM’, FOR, My TESTIMONY – in the HEARTS, of MANKIND.  BECAUSE, they have become BLOATED – beyond repair! I GAVE an example, IN, the Bible – in the STORY, of MARTHA – AND, her sister, Mary.  Now MARTHA did NOT ‘MAKE it, to Heaven’.  Because SHE, was so ‘FOCUSED’, on WORLDLY matters, and ‘WORLDLY CONCERNS’ – she was so FOCUSED on ‘the MINUTEST, of DETAILS’ – in her ‘DAY to DAY living’ – that she MISSED what was ‘RIGHT in FRONT of her’. But Mary her SISTER CHOSE, ‘the better PORTION’ – as she KNELT at My FEET, listening to EVERY word – that came forth, FROM My mouth.  Because her SOUL, was ‘HUNGRY’.  MARTHA, was FILLED, with ‘ANXIETY, and worries’ – and THEY ARE, ‘what BLINDED her’ – from ‘the BURDEN’, I was ASKING her to carry.  So there are always two CHOICES – to either be ‘CONSUMED BY the WORLD’; or, CONSUMED, by ‘the FIRE of TRUTH’ – pouring FORTH, from My TESTIMONY - to be CONSUMED, by the TRUE Holy Spirit – so that it is HE, Who lives IN you! – and NOT you, YOURSELF!  YOU must DIE! – to ‘the old SELF’ – and CONTINUALLY desire, to be ‘RENEWED, in Me’.
Jesus would not allow us to reveal the Eternal fate of Martha, the sister of Mary, until now; but that didn't stop Him from hinting at it.  Of course Lazarus has already testified from Heaven, about the wickedness of his sister, Martha.  And if you are looking for a PHYSICAL sign that Saint Martha is not in Heaven, just look at the Home Page of ‘the Sisters of Saint Martha’ website at THIS LINK - and you will see that the heads of all the people in the art on that page, are actually pentagrams. And while we are on that topic of Hell, perhaps now is a good time to see why that Spiritual Reality was created in the FIRST place.
Jesus said:  TRULY, the ENEMY, sees himself, as “god”.  And THAT is what, he always, DESIRED.  And THAT is what, ‘CAST him’ – out of the KINGDOM, of HEAVEN – BECAUSE, he ‘PROTESTED’ – My PLAN for SALVATION.  He did NOT ‘LIKE My Ways’; but thought, that HE would be, ‘a BETTER king’, than ME – SO, I gave him ‘his own personal KINGDOM!’ – but ‘the catch’ WAS – I, WOULDN’T, BE, THERE! – and there WOULD be ‘NO, light’ – IN, his kingdom; BUT! – it would ONLY, BE, ‘COMPLETE, darkness’.  And WHAT has ‘covered, the EARTH’ – AND, the PEOPLE – in, these TIMES?  Darkness!  IN fact the whole WORLD, IS, in the power of the EVIL one!  AND so, they can ONLY, desire, the same THINGS, that, ‘HE’ desires – his OWN personal ‘KINGDOM’ – where HE can do, ‘WHATEVER he WANTS to do’! – because he IS, ‘the LAWLESS one’.  HE did NOT WANT to abide by MY Laws! – so the DEVIL was ‘thrust OUT’ – OUTSIDE My Kingdom – into ‘outer DARKNESS’ – where there is ‘WEEPING, and GNASHING of teeth’; and, HE has come ‘down to the WORLD’, IN, ‘great WRATH’ – because, HE knows his time is SHORT.  And SO, I have made, ‘time SHORT’; I have MADE the days ‘SHORTER’ – FOR the sake of My ELECT – My CHOSEN ones.  Right NOW, is the TIME, of STEAD-FAST-PURIFICATION!  THOSE who ‘REFUSE to be purified’ – will SIMPLY go ‘the WAY of the DEVIL’.  Do “GODS” need to be PURIFIED?  ALL, OTHER, “gods” – BESIDES Me, are “FALLEN” – they are ‘FALLEN angels’.  So if EVERY, you become TEMPTED, to THINK, of yourself, as ‘a GOD’ – REMEMBER – where those ‘fallen ANGELS’, ended  UP!  NOT, ‘a GOOD place’, to GO!  Right NOW, My Two OLIVE Branches – are EXTENDING – TRUE Peace – to the NATIONS – who DESIRE – to be “My FRIENDS”. But so MANY of them, would RATHER, have ‘their OWN method’; have ‘their OWN kingdom’ – where they are ‘their OWN rulers’ – instead.  EVEN My REMNANT, must continue to CHOOSE – “WHOM, SHALL, YOU, SERVE?!” – as, for ME, and MY house – I, will, serve, GOD, the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father in HEAVEN; and I will WORSHIP Him.
There are still more people treading water outside the Ark.  If they TRULY open their hearts and repent, and DO what is necessary, then we will open a window, and let them in.  But people can only tread water for so long.
Jesus said:  There is SO MUCH CONTENT, laid OUT, ON My Website.  And, THAT content, is ‘the FOUNDATION’, for My TRUE Church.  If SHE is willing; if SHE is ‘WANTING TO BECOME’ a MEMBER, of the FAITHFUL REMNANT Church – she is going to HAVE to WORK HARD – spiritually.  IT IS ‘an UPHILL climb’. The FACT that she is ‘CONTENT’, is NOT a good sign.  It IS in fact, what THOUSANDS of people, are embracing – when they come to My WEBSITE – when they visit My TESTIMONY.  They BELIEVE, that, they can have ‘the BEST of both KINGDOMS!’  NOT, POSSIBLE!  FRANCIS, is ‘an ANTIPOPE AND an ANTICHRIST’.  And YES! – he is ‘a VERY bad pope!’ – he is ‘the ENEMY incarnate’ – in the ROMAN CATHOLIC Hierarchical institution.  And ‘the MEN in black’ UNDER HIM – are his ‘MINIONS’!  Because they WITHHOLD ‘the Truth’ FROM ‘the PEOPLE’; and they LET, their PARISHIONERS, ‘PERISH’!  The GATES of HEAVEN, have been CLOSED – to SO, MANY, PEOPLE!  And YET, the ‘self-deception’, the PASTORS, are EMBRACING; and the self-DECEPTION, their PARISHIONERS, are embracing, is in FACT, like the BLIND, LEADING, the BLIND!  And what HAPPENS, TO them? – they FALL into a PIT!  EVERYONE OUTSIDE My FAITHFUL REMNANT CHURCH, is ‘in a PIT’! – IN, a TAR, PIT!  It is NEVER ‘a good idea’ to be CONTENT – IN that ‘STATE’; BETTER to reach OUT to Me; BETTER to TURN to Me, and ask for HELP.  I have ‘LAID it ALL out’ – very PLAIN; I have NOT hidden ANYTHING from the PEOPLE – with REGARDS, to ‘WHAT is NECESSARY in THESE, End TIMES’ – for their SALVATION.  She NEEDS, to PRAY the BURNING BUSH prayer – FROM, the heart; and USE the Blessed HOLY Water; and REPENT! – of ‘FOLLOWING after all the false, PROPHETS!’  And ASK for the Grace, to follow the TRUE Counsel, given by the TRUE, Holy, Spirit.  Because right NOW, she STILL has ‘the MARK’.  She is SEEING through the glass, “DIMLY” – because there is ‘a VEIL, over her INTELLECT’ – a HEAVY COVERING – that MUST be REMOVED!  The CHOICE is hers.
As some of the Members finally realize how little time they have left for their Spiritual Purification, the ones who were putting it off, are now starting to panic.
Jesus said:  NOW, it is just ‘a MATTER OF setting aside the TIME’, to DO, what, she is called to DO – to MAKE time, for ‘the DELIVERANCE prayers’; to make TIME, for ‘the morning OFFERING’; to make TIME, for ‘the ROSARY’ – not trying to CRAM THEM in – to the DAY; but TRULY, to put her HEART, and her SOUL, and her MIND – INTO, her SPIRITUAL life.  She NEEDS the Grace, of Spiritual Focus AND, Spiritual Vision.  NOW it is time, to cast OFF ‘the deeds of darkness’ – for YOU are no LONGER ‘a child of the NIGHT!’ – but, you ARE ‘a child of the DAY!’  TRADE you ‘dirty GARMENT’, for ‘a white ROBE’ – by PERSEVERING; by DESIRING to be PURIFIED.  Your Blessed Mother WILL HELP YOU with this.  ASK her OFTEN – for her intercession.
One Member of the Faithful Remnant asked for a SPIRIUTAL report card today.  To stop a flood of requests, Jesus gave this universal message.

Jesus said:  The BEST ‘spiritual REPORT card’, is to KEEP growing!  BECAUSE, when you are ‘GROWING’, you are ‘CLIMBING’; and when you are CLIMBING, this means, ‘you are NOT sliding’.  KEEP, CLIMBING! – DOING, EVERYTHING, that you are CALLED to do, in EACH, and EVERY moment!  If you ‘SLIP’, and fall into SIN, REPENT – RIGHT away! – and ‘get back UP!’  Brush yourself OFF – by USING the Blessed HOLY Water.  Pray the Burning BUSH Prayer.  It NEEDS to be prayed, DAILY.  AND, persevere! 

As they persevere in the climb up The Most High True God’s Holy Mountain, the Members of the Faithful Remnant are beginning to desire to hear the voice of their TRUE King, speaking to them, in their interior lives.

Jesus said:  She STILL has ‘growing to do’.  BUT! – I am here, to help her – EVERY step of the WAY.  I will even SPEAK to her – in her INTERIOR life, if she SEEKS My Voice.  SHE must ‘TUNE her EARS’, to the PROMPTINGS of the TRUE HOLY Spirit.  And ESPECIALLY ask, for ‘the GRACE, to know WHEN, the True Holy Spirit is speaking, INSIDE her’.  VERY simple, My children.

Today Jesus gave one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant a little “pep talk” about the call to stay spiritually focused always.

Jesus said:  You are called to do ALL of these things, in your INTERIOR life...  YOU need to talk to ME – WHILE, you are working; and ASK, for the Grace of Spiritual FOCUS.  Ask Me, to dwell IN you, AS you are doing your WORK. PRAY, ALWAYS.  THIS is what you are ‘NOT, accustomed to’.  But it IS ‘what is necessary’.  REJECT the DEMONS in your INTERIOR life.  ASK for the Grace of the INDWELLING of the Blessed TRINITY.  REJECT the demonic CLUSTERS of those AROUND you – and EVEN people you THINK of.  Because in ‘the STATE’, that they are IN – I TELL you! – EVERY memory of them will be ‘WIPED, away’.  WHY not start NOW?  It’s CALLED, “the SEA of FORGETFULNESS”, FOR, ‘a REASON.’  The DEMONS are rendered ‘null and VOID, FRUITLESS and forgotten!’  You DON’T, want to GO, where THEY’RE going; so you MUST separate ‘your TRUE self’ – FROM them – by rejecting ‘ALL of their, TEMPTATIONS’; and by REJECTING, your DESIRE to look BACK – like LOT’S wife DID.  For it is WHEN you look back – on your FORMER life, and allow ‘FEELINGS of NOSTALGIA’, to STEER, your MIND – THAT is like ‘OPENING, a black HOLE’ – DON’T, DO it! To FOLLOW Me, you have to leave EVERYTHING behind – and EVERY one, who REFUSES to Follow Me – because I AM a Jealous GOD – it’s ‘IN the Bible’! 
What would Jesus do, if He left the room, but everyone continued on, as though He was still there?

Jesus said:  It is EASIER, for ‘a RICH man’, to pass through the EYE, of a NEEDLE; then, for a CAMEL, to ENTER, the KINGDOM, of Heaven.  WHAT?  HOW does that make SENSE?  Because, it is EASIER, for THOSE, who have ‘a SOUL’, but who are quite WEALTHY – MATERIALLY, to ENTER, the KINGDOM, of HEAVEN; than for, ‘a BEAST’, TO enter, the Gates.  SHE, was GIVEN ‘MUCH’ in this LIFE – GIVEN, ‘the GIFT’, of the FULLNESS, of ‘the Catholic FAITH – IN that INSTITUION; and, the SACRAMENTS, even.  They WERE, all, ‘VALID’ – ALL seven of them!  BUT! – AFTER, October, 2009, ALL of the Sacraments of the ‘INSTITUTIONAL hierarchy’, were ‘INVALIDATED’, in ‘HEAVEN’S Eyes.  BECAUSE, I stole My PRESENCE!  NOT only My PRESENCE – but I STOLE, all of the GIFTS, that I had GIVEN, to that institution.  The seven-hilled CITY, WAS, ‘completely destroyed’ – ON, ‘a SPIRITUAL level’!  And so the ROMAN Catholic INSTITUTION, was ‘no MORE’.  But PEOPLE, still, kept, going – MANY of them – recognizing that something had CHANGED – SOMETHING was ‘DIFFERENT’, about the PRIESTS, AND their ‘ability’ to ‘feed the people SPIRITUAL nourishment’.  IN fact, SOME people – started to REALIZE – as they SAT, in the pews, EACH Sunday, that ‘something was TERRIBLY wrong’; BUT! – they kept GOING – out of ROUTINE, out of RITUAL, and out of habit.  EVEN though they were ‘STARING, at the ABOMINATION, of DESOLATION’ – HAPPENING right in FRONT of them! – they STILL, ‘couldn’t SEE enough’ – to RUN!  I was ‘patient’; I gave people ‘a few years’ – before I said ‘ENOUGH!’ – that if they WANT “the food of GOATS”, then they WILL receive ‘the MARK, of the beast’.  I am PATIENT – BUT! – there comes ‘a POINT’, where I WILL Act! – if PEOPLE refuse, to respond, to My CALL.  And THAT’S what I DID – I ACTED on that DAY – DECEMBER 25th, 2012 – and gave EVERYONE on the Planet, ‘the Mark of the BEAST!’ – EXCEPT a few.  My Two WITNESSES, NEVER, received ‘the mark’ – because THEY were preserved – by GRACE.  AND now, IN this time – the WARNINGS have gone OUT – TO the NATIONS – ONCE again.  And the DATE has been GIVEN – ONCE again – AHEAD of time.  And so there is ‘absolutely NO excuse!’ – for PEOPLE, to REFUSE, ‘RESPONDING, TO My call’.  When the CERN portal OPENS, and ‘the dark MATTER’ is RELEASED – MASSIVE, WAVES, OF, DARK, MATTER – WHATEVER humanity is left – in the PEOPLE; WHATEVER ‘flicker’, of light – will be ‘EXTINGUISHED’.  And they WILL, NOT, BE, ‘revived’.  REMEMBER, the UNITED nations, has called, ‘this YEAR’, “The INTERNATIONAL year, of LIGHT!”  IF ‘the light THEN in ALL of YOU, is DARKNESS’ – HOW GREAT, IS, THAT, DARKNESS!  REMEMBER, “people LOVED, DARKNESS – RATHER than LIGHT” – at My FIRST Coming!  PERHAPS there is ‘A LESSON to be learned there’ – FOR some!

And speaking of leaving things to the last minute, today, Jesus revealed to one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, that his biological father repented on his death bed, only within hours, of his dying breath.  And he passed away BEFORE the mark of the beast was given in 2012.  And so I asked Jesus "What can he do, to HELP his former father out of Purgatory?"  The conversation that followed, was "rather historic", to put it mildly.  And here it IS...

Jesus said:  But your MASSES My son – were they not OFFERED, to EMPTY OUT Purgatory? 

PPTL: Indeed, they were, as the Holy Souls in Purgatory were remembered at each one.  And that was in fact one of my specific prayer intentions. [And then, Jesus quickly changed the subject; because He can DO that.]

Jesus said:  Tell the STORY, about when your CHALICE was HELD back – from a VERY important Mass.  Explain what YOU, had done, with your own CHALICE – that the OTHER priests, had NOT done – What SET, YOUR cup, apart from the OTHERS.  LET IT, be ‘MADE known, BEFORE The NATIONS’.

PPTL: At almost every Mass I celebrated, I would add a special private prayer intention to the Mass.  I would pray to unite the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord on the Cross, to the blood of the unborn, for the end of abortion, and for the purification of the Holy Souls in Purgatory.  As a newly ordained priest in the Archdiocese, I told my supervising priest, about my special prayer intention one day – hoping that he would consider adding that prayer, to his masses as well.  But instead, that priest chose to look at My masses and My chalice with disdain from that day forward.  And later, at a gathering of all the priests at the Cathedral, to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we were told to bring our chalices to help serve the thousands who would be in attendance. I had the nicest chalice in the whole Diocese – a special gift from my parishioners when I was ordained, and so I was sure to bring mine.  But that same supervising priest was the one who was in charge of setting out the chalices for the diocesan Mass, and I noticed that My chalice, was missing.  And I immediately recognized, that he had deliberately removed it from the celebration, because it offended him.

Jesus said:  In OTHER words, the ABSENCE, OF, your CHALICE, was ‘just the BEGINNING’, of My TESTIMONY, against, the ROMAN Catholic, HIERARCHICAL, institution – that BECAME, ‘a FOUL, AND FESTERING, SORE – UPON the FACE OF the EARTH’.  BECAUSE, the FREEMASON agenda – within THAT institution, systematically STRIPPED, ALL of the PRIESTS, of their ‘CONVICTION, of Spirit’.  THEY ALL became, SPIRITUALLY, lazy; and THEY DID NOT offer, ‘the Sacrifice, of the Mass’ – with LOVE, in their hearts.  For THEM, it was simply a Routine, a RITUAL, and ‘a HABIT’. But for YOU, My son – YOU, WANTED, to use the GIFT, of CELEBRATING, the Holy SACRIFICE, of the MASS – to its FULLEST POTENTIAL!  Because TRULY, EACH mass, was ONLY, as EFFECTIVE, as ‘what the priest put INTO it!’  The AMOUNT, of BLESSINGS, and GIFTS, that would be POURED OUT, upon the PEOPLE, were ALWAYS ‘determined’ – in MY EYES, to HAVE to DO, WITH, ‘the STATE of their SOULS’ – DURING, the Sacrifice.  OH yes!  I PROMISED, that I would ‘come to the PEOPLE’ – in the EUCHARIST – REGARDLESS, of ‘the STATE’, OF the Priest; BUT! – there WERE ‘conditions’.  He HAD to, PRAY ‘the transubstantiation prayers’ – OVER, the bread, AND wine.  And he HAD to INTEND, on doing EXACTLY, what I DID – when I celebrated, the FIRST Sacrifice, of the Mass – DURING the Last SUPER.  The PRAYERS of the MASS, became ‘SO watered DOWN’ – that EVEN the Priests didn’t know, what, they were supposed to be doing.  And the SPIRIT fled them.  The TRUE Holy Spirit departed from ALL of them – on the FACE of the EARTH – except YOU, My son.  YOU brought to LIGHT, ‘the PROBLEMS’, within the INSTITUTION – while you were SERVING, in the INSTITUTION; and your BROTHERS – now “FORMER brothers”, HATED you for it.  Because it made them ‘LOOK bad’ – before all of the PEOPLE.  They were ‘MORE concerned’, about how, the PEOPLE, did not like, your PREACHING; they were MORE concerned, about how THEY, looked, when COMPARED, to YOUR homilies – to your ‘FEEDING of the flock’.  Now did the flock WANT to hear – what you had to say?  Not MANY!  MOST of them actually COMPLAINED – they would go to ‘the BISHOP at the time’, AND present ‘ALL of their complaints’; and HE, behaving like ‘the UNRIGHTEOUS judge’, would HEAR them – would LISTEN to them.  Because he FAILED to discern, the TRUE Holy Spirit.  You see, YOU were revealing, that the PRIESTS, were relying on “PSYCHOLOGY”, and “SOCIALISM”, and “MODERNISM” – and they would COMPLETELY ignore, the GOSPEL, after they READ it!  In fact they would ignore, ‘the entire SCRIPTURES!’  And pull ‘a SECULAR source out’ – to feed the people with.  And I TELL you My children, THAT! – kind of preaching, ONLY, caused ‘CONFUSION’, and ‘SELF-DECEPTION’, in the people.  But, when YOU were preaching My son, YOU would REVEAL, ‘the deeper MEANINGS’; you would REVEAL, ‘the hidden MESSAGE’ – OF My GOSPEL; and do your BEST, to EXPLAIN to the people, ‘WHAT, I, was ASKING of them!’  The PRIESTS, COLLECTIVELY, decided, that ‘what I was asking of the PEOPLE’ – wasn’t IMPORTANT!   THAT, WAS, “their FATAL error!”  When they TRADED the Truth, FOR ‘false doctrines’ – WRITTEN by PEOPLE; “highly INTELLECTUAL” people – and EVEN professors; UTTER garbage!  And SO, I, PLUCKED you! – FROM them.  VERY simple.  I plucked ‘the most TENDER branch’ from the TOP of the HIGHEST tree.  And I have started OVER.  I have, anointed you, as ‘the True pope’ – OF this time.  But YOU are NOT ‘a secular pope’. Let FRANCIS, have HIS, ‘secular FOLLOWING’; and ALL “the SELFIES”, he WANTS to TAKE with people.  Let him HAVE his chocolate statue, and his ‘FLYING circus’.  Because he doesn’t HAVE, My TRUE Holy Spirit.  NONE of the priests, on the planet HAVE, My TRUE Holy Spirit WITH them.  THEY are DESOLATE; and THEY are DEAD!  Though they CLAIM to be alive; it is ALL ‘empty FEELINGS’!  THAT is ALL Francis HAS: feelings, and externals.  And THAT is WHY, he PLANS, to LIFT women up very HIGH – IN, that INSTITUTION! – because, “What are women FOCUSSED on?”- for the MOST part? – but “FEELINGS and false EXTERNALS!”.  So I say, “LET Francis HAVE, his new age CHURCH, AND new age RELIGION.  Let him HAVE, his empty PALACE; his empty APARTMENT, his empty, ‘homilies’.  Let him HAVE, his SOCIAL, justice; his DESIRE for climate change; a GLOBAL economic system; and ONE GOVERNING BODY!  Let him HAVE his new world order; and his SENSUALITY, AND feelings.”  But I have My TRUE, Pope – who will STAND firm – AGAINST the DEVIL, and his MINIONS; who travels BAREFOOT and FEARLESS.  SIMPLY because he has MY LOVE. ALL of the priests OUT there – do NOT have My Love and they KNOW it!  They CANNOT feel My PRESENCE anymore; AND, they KNOW it!  When they are ALONE, and no one else is AROUND, and there is NOTHING to DISTRACT them – THAT is when they know for SURE that I am not WITH them; but something else IS – because, ‘NATURE hates, a void’!  THEY are INVITED – to stand WITH, Pope Peter the LAST – to be NOURISHED themselves; AND, in turn, to FINALLY be able, to feed, their flock.  BUT time is short!  VERY short.  WHO will respond, TO MY call?!

“Thus says the Lord God: ‘I myself will take a sprig from the lofty top of the cedar, and will set it out; I will break off from the topmost of its young twigs a tender one, and I myself will plant it upon a high and lofty mountain; on the mountain height of Israel will I plant it, that it may bring forth boughs and bear fruit, and become a noble cedar; and under it will dwell all kinds of beasts; in the shade of its branches birds of every sort will nest.  And all the trees of the field shall know that I the Lord bring low the high tree, and make high the low tree, dry up the green tree, and make the dry tree flourish.  I the Lord have spoken, and I will do it.’”

An actual Email we received: "I kind of chuckled a little in my 'interior life' when I read the part of yesterdays message, about people NOT liking your preaching; and why?  Well for me, it was your PREACHING that proved to me beyond any reasonable doubt that you were who you said you were.  I never 'listened' in churches.  Most were protestant, and so 'Old English' was like speaking Japanese to me.  I didn't get it.  Every service that I went to, I would just look forward to it ending - even attended services in 'other faiths'.  But I still wasn't 'feeling it'; I never paid attention.  And then I watched ONE of your Mass videos and I was HOOKED, seriously, 5 to 6 hours a night.  For the first time in my life I was getting FED.  Now I didn't understand that 'at the time', I just knew that what you were saying made complete sense - and how?  I knew the way that I was living was wrong, but no one EVER called me out on it.  YOU DID! - Through your preaching.  And so I chuckled at your 'former congregation' griping.  They complained about being 'called out' and exposed.  Well done!"

Jesus said:  That IS, ‘what a True Shepherd DOES!   And you [- referring specifically to Pope Peter the Last] ARE, My True Shepherd, My True REPRESENTATIVE – to the PEOPLE, of this GENERATION.  And HERE, is ‘just one EXAMPLE’ – of ‘SOMEONE, turning their lives AROUND’ – for the BETTER – BECAUSE, they were FED! – “the Hard TRUTHS!”; the DIFFICULT Truths.  Because they were ‘SEEKING’! – and they WANTED! – “REAL, nourishment!” – NOT “cotton CANDY” – that ‘DISSOLVES, IMMEDIATELY’; and does NOTHING! – for ‘the APPETITE’.  IT IS BECAUSE, you [- referring specifically to Pope Peter the Last] are ‘My TRUE PROPHET’; and you SPEAK Words of TRUTH, and LIFE – to the PEOPLE, of THIS ‘generation’ – so that they can LIVE! – TRULY, Live! – so that, they can walk, ‘UNAFRAID’, and ‘UNHINDERED, by their FLESH!’  Because they are INVITED, to WALK, ‘BY the Spirit’ – by ‘the TRUE Holy Spirit’! – ANIMATING, EVERY movement, EVERY thought, and EVERY desire!  BUT, SO few, HAVE responded – with ‘a YES’.  SO FEW, want to ACTUALLY, be FED! – “Truth”; because they are ‘COMFORTABLE’ – the WAY that they ARE!  And ‘NOBODY is going to CHANGE, them!’ – THAT’s what they SAY to themselves!  I HEAR it ‘ALL the time’!  But YOU, My SON, are ASKING people to CHANGE! – to GROW! – to LEARN; to LIVE; to LOVE! – in TRUTH!  And, ‘SOME’ people, ARE ‘open, to that’ – “change”.

Yesterday, Jesus made sure that the topic of the unborn was mentioned.  And He also reminded Mary and I that there is so much about the spiritual realities that WE do not yet understand.  And so I thought that today I would share a bit about the spiritual realities, that most people reading this WEBSITE don’t understand – after all, why should I be GIVEN any more knowledge about the True spiritual realities, if I don’t share the knowledge that has been weighing on me to share?  And so, today I will share what happened to the Souls of the unborn when the mark of the beast befell the inhabitants of the Earth - back on Christmas Day, in 2012. 

Anyone who has read the page on this website dedicated to the Saints in Heaven, knows that we received many warnings that “the day of the mark” was fast approaching, and we knew exactly when that would be.  But at that time, one question seemed to really weigh on the both of us – and that is, “What about the most innocent and vulnerable members of our Society – the unborn? – what would happen to THEM on that day?”  Would it be fair, for a child with a Soul, to live inside someone without a Soul?  To make a long story short, the Souls of the unborn were taken that day, to a place in the Spiritual Realms called Limbo. It is a place where they are perfectly content.  It is a mystery.  End of story.

Next story.  So what happened around October 1st, 2013? – about 9 months after the mark of the beast was given?  I will re-phrase the question.  What NEW manifestation of The Most High True God’s Divine Justice, began to befall the inhabitants of the Face of the Earth, around that date?  On that day, the Earth and the Moon, were perfectly situated in a line between Neptune and Mars; in other words, there were indeed, "Signs in the skies" for all to see.  That represents the beginning of a new Era in human history, when all the children would begin to be born, with some very “apocalyptic” traits.  The children who were conceived after Christmas Day, 2012, were conceived without Souls.  They were carried, in wombs, without Souls. The lifeblood, that nourished them, came from a heart, that was completely severed from the Love of its Creator - by the SEAL of the Baphomet, on its mother’s forehead; the mark of the beast.  And because the parents of those children were severed from the Divine Love of their Creator, the child in the womb, was also severed, from that Divine Love.  “That Generation” – I really don’t know what else to call it – has never had a human relationship with its Creator, on ANY imaginable level. “That generation”, is now beginning to speak; and soon they will be attending nursery school.  And if something drastic doesn’t change the course of human history, they will soon find themselves in positions of moral authority, over the inhabitants of the land.  Do you SEE where I am GOING with this?  And so it is no wonder, that at this point in Human history – as “that Generation” is now approaching “the terrible twos” - that the global population, is becoming more and more con-CERN’d!  (“CON” – for those who don’t know it, is a prefix that communicates the idea of the word, “with” to the reader)  At this point in your day, you should now be experiencing something that could be best described, as “an increase in intensity of awareness”.  Awareness about WHAT?  An awareness of the necessity of the historical events that are about to unfold in the course of human history. 
SPECIAL NOTE: The revelations that follow, were revealed through infused knowledge, and Guided with Divine Counsel, AFTER, I wrote that introduction.
September 25, 2008 - March 8, 2012
“And I will grant my two witnesses power to prophesy for one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth.”
(Revelations 11:3)
The 1260 days refer to the days of our prophesying BEFORE the launch of our website.  It was the time when we began travelling from coast to coast across Canada to witness what had become of this world, as we spread the news of the Testimony. 
Jesus said: It was a time 'of great MOURNING' for you both - THAT is why you were clothed in 'sackcloth and ASHES'.  Because, you were seeing 'through MY Eyes, 'WHAT, the WORLD had BECOME'.  And, you WITNESSED, 'SODOM, and GOMORRAH'.  You ALSO, witnessed, "EGYPT" - the land, of PLENTY - PLENTY of 'MATERIAL goods' and 'POSESSIONS' - the LAND, OVER-FLOWING, with material RICHES!  YET! - without, 'SPIRITUAL, riches'. A LAND, MOST "DESOLATE" - a WASTE-LAND!  A LAND, of SLAVERY!  You were SEEING, through MY Eyes, how people were 'ENSLAVED', to EVERY, WICKED thing! - under the SUN!  Because THAT'S what they CHOSE; THAT'S where they WANTED to be - OUTSIDE, My Kingdom!  YOU shared 'MANY Truths' - with people, you CAME across on your travels; but did ONE of them! - respond, to 'the invitation?'  NOT, ONE!  Because 'the SKIES', were shut UP - during the TIME of your PROPHESYING.  ONLY, when you were speaking WITH the individual, were 'GRACES', being offered TO them.  But TIME and TIME again, they REFUSED Truth - EVEN 'simple truths', about the world AROUND them.  THEY would not receive - NOT even THEN, when they HAD Souls!  And THAT's why I had NOooooo PROBLEM! - giving them ALL - the Mark of the BEAST! - on Christmas Day, 2012!
March 8, 2012 - September 23, 2015
"Many shall purify themselves, and make themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but those who are wise shall understand. And from the time that the continual burnt offering is taken away, and the abomination that makes desolate is set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.”
 (Daniel 12:10-12) 

PPTL: Is now a good time to reveal the TRUTH about the 1290 days?

Jesus said:  YES of course NOW, is ‘a GOOD time’ to RESPOND, to ‘the CALL of the moment’ - TIME, to REVEAL, to the NATIONS, the TRUE meaning, of the ONE thousand TWO hundred and NINETY days – as PROPHESIED, in the book of DANIEL, AND in the book of Revelations.
The 1290 days refers to the time we have been revealing our Testimony, to the Nations, through "the flying scroll" - that is this website.  Jesus Christ the Lord revealed the news of the Launch of the Website, in such a way that it coincided with the LAUNCH of two X-Class solar flares on March 7, 2012.  He is not very subtle, at times.  We immediately purchased the domain name on March 8, 2012.  The first published record, of the website is March 9, 2012.  And it took us a few days, to get some real content, on the website.  The time from the launch of the actual Testimony content, to the time of the September 23, 2015 CERN event, is exactly 1290 days
also known as...
"Then I Daniel looked, and behold, two others stood, one on this bank of the stream and one on that bank of the stream. And I said to the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the stream, “How long shall it be till the end of these wonders?” The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the stream, raised his right hand and his left hand toward heaven; and I heard him swear by him who lives for ever that it would be for a time, two times, and half a time; and that when the shattering of the power of the holy people comes to an end all these things would be accomplished. I heard, but I did not understand. Then I said, “O my lord, what shall be the issue of these things?” He said, “Go your way, Daniel, for the words are shut up and sealed until the time of the end." 
(Daniel 12:5-9)

"And when the dragon saw that he had been thrown down to the earth, he pursued the woman who had borne the male child. But the woman was given the two wings of the great eagle that she might fly from the serpent into the wilderness, to the place where she is to be nourished for a time, and times, and half a time."
(Revelations 12:13-14)
"I am waging war now! – upon the Earth, and upon all, of My foes.  And those, who are ‘foes of My sheep’, I ‘wage war’ upon.  For I will protect My sheep.  I will bring them to life – giving waters.  And they will be nourished: for a time, times and half a time; as I am ‘going forth’ – to close this Age."
"My children, I am your Blessed Mother.  And why am I “Blessed”?  But because I obey the Commands of Our Lord Jesus Christ; and I am ‘docile to Him’ in everything.  For I too represent His True Church – His Bride; and I am telling souls to Come!  The True Holy Spirit of the Most High True God says “Come” as well!  To the Wedding Feast! – of the Lamb, of God.  To be nourished: for a time, times and half a time." 
"If you desire, ‘Heaven’, My People, then you will accept, His invitation, through me, to Come, to ‘the Wedding Feast’; to be nourished for, a time, times, and half a time.   But do not say in your heart, “that you have made ‘all sorts of excuses’, as to why you cannot come”.  Because before the World was made, He saw those “excuses”, you would make.  And He knows your hearts – ‘through and through’; and He will not accept ‘any excuses from you’." 
(- The Blessed Virgin Mary,  November 30, 2012)

"As Our Blessed Mother said, “You need to repent of ‘all forms of wickedness’, and all ‘idolatry’, and pray!” – Pray like you’ve never prayed before!  Seek like you’ve never sought before!  Knock on the Door to Heaven like you’ve never ‘knocked’ before.  Because the Door, to ‘the Wedding Feast’, is only ‘Open’ for a time, times, and half a time."
"I have come, to call those, who are ‘thirsty, for the Truth’!  Not the ones, who are ‘more interested,’ in excusing themselves from my banquet!  For the Wedding Feast is laid out; plain and simple.  And I am calling people, of all races, religions, tongues, languages, ethnicities, color, and creed; tribes, nations!, kingdoms!, and the like – to ‘come to the Wedding Feast, to be nourished, for a time, times, and half a time.  Because there’s not much ‘time’ left. Any questions?"
A TIME = 3 Years   TIMES = 6 months (since a month is a measure of time)  Half a Time = Half a month, or 15 days.  From March 8, 2012 - the day website domain name was launched, to September 23, 2015, is exactly 3 years, 6 months, and 15 days - or 1294 days.  And remember what Saint John said, "The Door, to ‘the Wedding Feast’, is only ‘Open’ for a time, times, and half a time." In other words, once September 23 gets here, the mark of the beast will then become "an indelible mark".
September 23, 2015 - May 20, 2019
"Blessed is he who waits and comes to the thousand three hundred and thirty-five days. But go your way till the end; and you shall rest, and shall stand in your allotted place at the end of the days.”
 (Daniel 12:13) 

The 1335 days is the time period that follows CERN opening the portal to the Abyss - the 44 months that lead to May 20, 2019.  The time period B.C. or Before Cern - leading up to September 23, 2015 - will ultimately determine who, will be invited to the wedding banquet - that is the Era of True Peace.  ONLY those people who are not sealed with the mark of the beast on September 23, 2015 will be allowed to enter, before the door is shut.  
1260                1290                 1335
9.25.2008 - The day when the Two Witnesses began to travel and prophesy, seeing what the world had become through the Eyes of Jesus.
3.08.2012 - The day began - the beginning of the time, times, and half a time.
9.23.2015 - The CERN event.  The day when the doors to the Wedding Banquet will be shut, and the mark of the beast will become indelible.
5.20.2019 - The end of the 1335 days that were spoken of by the Prophet Daniel.
Notice that the Earth is involved in a significant planetary alignment, on each of the significant days that are mentioned.  In fact, there are MULTIPLE planetary alignments, that are not shown above, happening on each of the significant days mentioned.  Do you know what the odds of THAT are?  But do not expect these immutable historical facts to convince any of the wicked ones (who have the mark of the beast) to repent.  Daniel has already explained...
"Many shall purify themselves, and make themselves white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but those who are wise shall understand.”
(Daniel 12:10-12) 

"And again Jesus spoke to them in parables, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a marriage feast for his son, and sent his servants to call those who were invited to the marriage feast; but they would not come. Again he sent other servants, saying, ‘Tell those who are invited, Behold, I have made ready my dinner, my oxen and my fat calves are killed, and everything is ready; come to the marriage feast.’ But they made light of it and went off, one to his farm, another to his business, while the rest seized his servants, treated them shamefully, and killed them. The king was angry, and he sent his troops and destroyed those murderers and burned their city. Then he said to his servants, ‘The wedding is ready, but those invited were not worthy. Go therefore to the thoroughfares, and invite to the marriage feast as many as you find.’ And those servants went out into the streets and gathered all whom they found, both bad and good; so the wedding hall was filled with guests. “But when the king came in to look at the guests, he saw there a man who had no wedding garment; and he said to him, ‘Friend, how did you get in here without a wedding garment?’ And he was speechless. Then the king said to the attendants, ‘Bind him hand and foot, and cast him into the outer darkness; there men will weep and gnash their teeth.’ For many are called, but few are chosen.” 
(Matthew 22:1-14)
And speaking of deadlines, here is a message that Jesus gave today, to a person who is still treading water, outside the Ark.

Jesus said:  NOW, that YOU have been LED, to ‘the ULTIMATE SOURCE’, of TRUTH, WHAT are you prepared, to DO about it?  FOR, I AM, “the Great”; I AM, the same God, that spoke, to NOAH! – the same GOD, who spoke to ABRAHAM; the same GOD, who LED you, to what YOU, were ‘SEEKING’ – in the INNERMOST depths, of your BEING.  YOU have FOUND, ‘the TRUTH’; you have FOUND, ‘True REPENTANCE’; you have FOUND, My “Two WITNESSES”.  NOW the question REMAINS, WHAT are YOU PREPARED, to GIVE UP, in ORDER, to become ‘a MEMBER of the FAITHFUL REMNANT CHURCH?’  YOU are going to have to LEAVE, your ‘SECULAR CHRISTIAN ‘SOCIALISM!’ – BEHIND you!  YOU, are going to have to ‘walk AWAY’, from ‘ALL the media DISTRACTIONS’.  Because NOW, YOU have HEARD My Voice – SPEAKING, THROUGH, My TESTIMONY!  What MORE, COULD you POSSIBLY, NEED?  YOU are ‘different’.  YOU have always ‘KNOWN this’.  Something, ‘SET you, APART’ – from the REST of the World.  And NOW I am CALLING you, to MYSELF – to be NOURISHED in quiet PLACES – so that your JOY can ALWAYS be full.  YOU, must UNDERSTAND, ‘the GRAVITY’, of the TIMES that YOU ARE in.  ALL, of the PEOPLE, OUTSIDE, My FAITHFUL, Remnant – and My FAITHFUL Remnant to BE – they are IN, ‘a HORRIBLE state’.  WHEN you are SPEAKING, with PEOPLE–you MUST ‘UNDERSTAND’ – they ARE ‘without Souls’.  They have NO connection with ME – WHATSOEVER.  HOW are you called, to LOVE those – AROUND YOU? – by ‘letting them BE’ – ‘who they want to be’.  YES, SHARE the Testimony WITH them; but ONCE they’ve said “NO” – DON’T! – ‘PUSH it!’  YOU, yourself, have NOT, ‘embraced the Testimony’ – “whole-HEARTEDLY”; BUT! – PART of you is ‘holding BACK’.  You KNOW My Testimony is TRUE.  But HOW do you ‘RECEIVE that Truth, and ALLOW My Word to TRANSFORM you?’  KNOWLEDGE of the Truth, is NOT going to HELP you, to ‘become a MEMBER of My Faithful REMNANT’; EMBRACING and LIVING it – will.  ‘SEEKING OUT the opinions of OTHERS’, on My TESTIMONY, is ‘NOT going to HELP you’, on your own SALVATION.  Right NOW, there is ‘a VERY, small WINDOW’ –in TIME, LEFT, for PEOPLE, to JOIN the Faithful REMNANT – BECAUSE of ‘the waves, of DARK matter, coming OUT of ‘CERN’.  You have ‘MUCH to learn’; and YOU have ‘MUCH reading to do’.  You NEED to ‘take more time’. WATCH, some VIDEOS – if you WANT to take a break from READING.  You NEED, to ‘GET your SOUL back’.  YOU are ‘ALMOST there’.  KEEP fighting!  There are MANY more prayers to be prayed, on ‘a DAILY basis’ – ESPECIALLY the ROSARY!  Because, if YOU want to HAVE, ‘a PERSONAL relationship WITH Me’ – like that, of Pope PETER; then YOU are going to need to go THROUGH My Mother – SHE will help. You are going to have to CHANGE; and it’s GOING to be ‘VERY uncomfortable’.  But it is ‘BETTER to change NOW’, than SUFFER for ‘NOT changing’.  You SAW those ‘ROBOTS’, in your DREAM – those ‘PASSIVE PEOPLE’, who were just ‘WILLING – to BOW to the ANTICHRIST – his WHIMS? – his “SPIRIT”?’ –Don’t Be ‘LIKE them’.  HAVE, My TRUE Holy Spirit DWELL within you INSTEAD.  You, can no LONGER gather you ‘INFORMATION sources’, from ‘all over the GLOBE’; you HAVE ‘the source of TRUTH’; EVERYONE else, is “a false prophet” – EVEN if they share “similar TRUTHS”.  Because My SPIRIT, is NOT, ‘WITH them’.  POPE Peter, will work WITH you, if you are WILLING, to work WITH him. 

The reason that the words of the prophecy of Daniel have been unsealed at this point in human history, is simply because some of the Members of the Faithful Remnant are now being called by the True Holy Spirit, to make some serious decisions about who they are going to live with, and where they are going to work, once CERN opens the portal to the Abyss on September 23, 2015.  Here is the Divine Counsel that one of the members of the Faithful Remnant received, after he was prompted by the True Holy Spirit to move away from his former family, and to leave his place of employment.

Jesus said:  The CALL of the MOMENT, is called, “the CALL of the MOMENT” – for ‘a REASON’ – because the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, LIVES, IN, ‘the Eternal NOW’; HOWEVER, the TRUE Holy Spirit, CAN, and DOES quite OFTEN, PREPARE you, for ‘WHAT is COMING next’; PREPARE you, for ‘what you’re going to DO next’.  YES! – you are LISTENING, to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, in your INTERIOR life.  And there IS no NEED, to TELL your WORKPLACE, that you are LEAVING.  Because you REALLY have ‘NO OBLIGATION’, to those in ‘the BEAST state’.  IT IS best, if you are ‘NOT around’, your FORMER family – when ‘the CERN portal OPENS’.  It is BEST that you do not ‘SEE what they become’ – for your OWN ‘spiritual protection’.  YOU need to spend THIS time, CONTINUING, to PURIFY yourself – with the TRUTH! – by READING over, once AGAIN, the second HALF, of AUGUST’S messages.  Because I have GIVEN you ‘so much INSTRUCTION and COUNSEL’ – for your ‘EDIFICATION’ and your ‘WELFARE’.  SEEK to ALWAYS be DOCILE, to the INSPIRATIONS of the TRUE HOLY Spirit in the MOMENT.  Because MY Spirit will NEVER, STEER YOU wrong.  The SPIRIT of the WORLD – seeks, ‘to TUG at your SOUL’ – to TRY to PULL you AWAY – from ‘SPIRITUAL FOCUS’.  But I am HERE, to help you REMAIN, on ‘the TASK at HAND’.  Turn to Me OFTEN, IN your INTERIOR life – BECAUSE, you HAVE, this ‘BLESSED GIFT’, of a SOUL! – and ‘a CONNECTION WITH Me’.  I am ALWAYS listening, to your prayers.  And of COURSE, I will GRANT the ones, that the TRUE Holy Spirit, gave TO you, to pray...  (He ALSO needs to commend ALL those, he is working WITH, to My IMMEDIATE ONGOING, Divine JUSTICE – EVERY DAY!  THIS, WILL help – to LESSEN, the attacks, ON him – at his WORKPLACE).

As the CERN event approaches, the One World Government has begun launching multiple planned distractions through staged media events.  One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant wanted to know if the shooting of the two Virginia news reporters on live television, was a Staged PsyOp.

Jesus said:  INDEED, it was ‘a FULL FLEDGED PsyOp, ON the American, PUBLIC!’ – in ORDER to DISTRACT them, from the FACT that, ‘they are WITHOUT their SOULS!’; AND, in order, TO, ‘PREPARE them’, for ‘the coming CERN waves’.  Because the ONE WORLD Government LEADERS, ‘FEED, OFF, NEGATIVE, ENERGY’.  They feed off ‘NEGATIVITY’, and they FEED off, ‘the DEMONS, that PEOPLE, are EMBRACING, in these TIMES’ – ESPECIALLY, ‘DECEPTION’.  REMEMBER what HAPPENED, DURING 9/11 – it was the Government THEMSELVES, who BOMBED their OWN buildings.  They brought DOWN their OWN “towers” – just like HITLER did! – in his own WAY.  NAZI America is ‘NOT an ILLUSION’; IT is very REAL.  The ONE WORLD Government, ‘DUPED, BILLIONS of people’ – into taking PITY, on the United States, BECAUSE of what happened to the twin towers!  But the United STATES’, OWN GOVERNMENT, CAUSED THOSE TOWERS to fall! – THEY caused the destruction.  And WHY?  To SYMBOLIZE, the END, of ‘ONE, order’, and the BEGINNING of ‘a NEW’.  BILLIONS of PEOPLE, embraced ‘the DECEPTION’ – and WHO is ‘the LORD of ILLUSIONS?  The DEVIL!  So in FACT, WITH THAT act, against their OWN people, they ‘SOLD’, the lie; and the people, ‘BOUGHT it!’ THIS was ALL, to help THEM – the ONE, WORLD, Government – USHER in, ‘the RISE of, the ANTICHRIST’! – GIVING them, ‘the PERFECT excuse’, to BLAME, “islam”; to BLAME “muslim extremists” – but THEY had ‘NOTHING to DO with it!’  REMEMBER, the ANTICHRIST, “Barack Hussein Obama” – whose REAL name, is “Barry SOETORO” – IS in FACT ‘a MUSLIM!’  OSAMA, bin LADEN – was HIRED, by the United States’ Government – to PRETEND to be ‘the one’ – who was ‘RESPONSIBLE for the towers’!  It is VERY sad, that this DECEPTION, is ‘STILL embraced’ – to THIS day – By ‘the Global Audience’.  Because they FAILED, to discern – “LIES” from “truth”; they FAILED, and REJECTED, ‘the GIFTS, of the Spirit’ – My TRUE Holy Spirit.  The PEOPLE, instead, BELIEVED ‘the lies, of the GOVERNMENT leaders’; and NOW they are ALL suffering for it – because ‘they are without their SOULS!’  I say “Let their GOVERNMENTS be their gods!” – and MANY of the Government Leaders ARE, “FALLEN Angels in the flesh!”  LET the PEOPLE be GOVERNED, by “Hell’s Angels!” – because THAT’S what they truly DESIRE!  And I SATISFY, ‘the desire of EVERY living thing’.  That does NOT mean that their DESIRES, will be ‘in ACCORDANCE with’ My Divine Will.  I say, “LET the people have their ‘KINGDOM of DARKNESS!’; their KINGDOM of DEATH; and their KINGDOM of destruction.”  Because, THAT is WHAT, they WANT!

An actual email asking about the importance of Spiritual Focus in these Times: "So my wife and I are doing our daily prayers and blessing our home with the holy water day and night along with starting to use the rosary daily, is there anything important we could both focus on together as we do these things together?"

Jesus said:  YES, they can BOTH focus, on making ‘GOOD resolutions’; INSTEAD of carrying out the BAD ones.  They can FOCUS on, ‘ASKING, their BLESSED Mother, to INTERCEDE, for their PURIFICATION, to be, ‘sped UP’.  What they need NOW, more than EVER, is, ‘the Grace of Holy Detachment’.  Because THOUGH, they have ‘cut TIES’ – PHYSICALLY – with ‘THOSE in their past LIFE’; they are GOING to have to detach their HEARTS, from, ‘those in the BEAST state’.  It is BEST to think, of those in ‘the BEAST state’, as ‘MILLSTONES’. They ONLY want to get CLOSE, to the REMNANT, in ORDER to ‘DRAG them DOWN WITH them’!  SO, “the antidote”.  They NEED to reject their desire, to have ‘SPIRITUAL ties’, with their FORMER FAMILY members.  Because the SPIRITUALITY, of their, ‘former FAMILY members’, is “SPIRITUALLY toxic”.  OFFERING those in ‘the BEAST state’, some ‘FOOD from the TESTIMONY’, is ‘a good IDEA’ – if My REMNANT, are inspired to DO so – by the True Holy SPIRIT; but THAT’S it!  IF THOSE in the BEAST state, are CONTINUALLY asking about, My TESTIMONY – My FAITHFUL Remnant, need to TELL them, to EMAIL, My TRUE Pope, Petrus Romanus – and HE will answer their questions.  Because, My FAITHFUL Remnant must FOCUS, on BEING purified – in ORDER, to even SURVIVE, ‘the SMALL waves’, coming OUT of CERN; LET alone, ‘the BIG one’! – and the BIGGER ones after THAT!  ‘SPIRITUAL focus’ – SEVERING ‘former FAMILY ties’! – SENDING ‘THOSE who are CURIOUS’, to EMAIL, Petrus Romanus.  THAT’s “what’s necessary”!

Through all of these Tribulations, one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant is really beginning to see how Truly Merciful Jesus is.  He wrote, "Due to the times we are in... we tend to be more focused on God's Justice, rather than His Mercy.  Then something... happens, and we realize how Merciful He really is... If only people would turn to Him."

Jesus said:  I HAVE, ‘an OCEAN, of MERCY’, for PEOPLE, who WANT to ‘REPENT – WHOLEHEARTEDLY’, and TURN, TO My Mercy.  My ANGER, LASTS, BUT, for a MOMENT; but My LOVE, ENDURES, FOREVER.  And SO, I, endured, MUCH! – GENERATIONS, upon generations, upon generations – of ‘people’ – REFUSING! – to turn, FROM their ‘wicked WAYS’; AND, to RETURN, to ME – THEIR God – with ‘SINCERITY’.  My NAME, has BEEN, ‘ABUSED’ – and is STILL, ‘abused’ and ‘MISUSED’ – TO this very MOMENT, in time.  THOUGH, I am AWARE, of ‘ALL of the WICKED choices’ – that PEOPLE, are embracing- in their INTERIOR lives; I am ALSO, aware, of THOSE! – who have ‘COME back TO Me’ – DESIRING to, ‘BRIDGE, the GAP’ – once AGAIN; THOSE, DESIRING, the TRUE RELATIONSHIP, and FRIENDSHIP, WITH Me.  WHO are My FRIENDS?  But those who DO, what I ASK of them.  And, WHY?  Because I KNOW, what is BEST, for EVERY, SINGLE, individual, on the Planet.  But THEY, do not know, ‘WHAT is best, for THEMSELVES’!  JUST as, ‘CHILDREN, do not KNOW – EVERYTHING, in the MOMENT’ – but what they’re called to DO. THAT is the RESPONSE – I have ASKED, MANKIND, to GIVE Me – to become as, ‘LITTLE children’ – who desire to, ‘WHOLEHEARTEDLY LISTEN’, to their PARENTS – their ‘SPIRITUAL parents’.  But EACH generation, EMBRACED, ‘SO much WICKEDNESS’ – and EACH generation, got WORSE – with TIME.  SO the WICKED, CONTINUED, to do WICKEDLY; and the RIGHTEOUS, continued to PURIFY themselves – in EVERY age!  It IS, just that, in the TIME you are LIVING in NOW – it SEEMS as though, I am ‘NOT as Merciful’ – BUT! - the REALITY is, THERE are ‘MUCH, fewer, people – TURNING to ‘My Merciful Love FOR them’, in these Times.  So TECHNOLOGY, and SIN, drove ‘a WEDGE’ – between ME, and the PEOPLE.  And NOW, I am USING, “TECHNOLOGY”, to ‘bridge the GAP’! – between ME, and the PEOPLE – through My Online Testimony.  BECAUSE in these Times, that is how My WORD Travels, across the GLOBE!  And THAT, TRULY, IS, My MERCY – that My WORD, would STILL, be AVAILABLE – to this, ‘generation’ – EVEN as WICKED, as PEOPLE, have BECOME; EVEN as COMFORTABLE, as they ARE – in their SINS!  UNTIL CERN OPENS, they STILL, have ‘a SMALL, window, in TIME’ – to TURN, to, My MERCY.

This is an urgent message that is now going out to ALL those who are not yet OFFICIALLY on board the Ark.  Just because you prayed the Burning Bush Prayer and are using the Blessed Holy Water, does NOT mean that you now have your Soul back.  And why is that?  

Jesus said:  You need, to ‘SEVER ALL ties’, with THOSE in ‘the beast STATE’, and DEVOTE, ‘the MAJORITY of your TIME’, to READING the Testimony; and GETTING your Soul back.  You will NEED to REPENT from the HEART.  Use the Blessed Holy Water, and pray the Burning BUSH Prayer.  You MAY need to do this, FOR several DAYS.  But THIS is ‘what is necessary’, in these Times.  Because I am NOT receiving ‘any LIP service’.  YOU are going to have to leave ‘the OLD you’ behind, and become ‘a NEW person in Me’.  KEEP on REPENTING! – OF your sins.  CONTINUALLY, PRAY, the Burning BUSH Prayer – EVERY day.  USE, the Blessed Holy Water; and, ONCE you mean those words from the HEART, I will REMOVE the mark of the beast, from your FOREHEAD.  NOW is not the time, to FOCUS, on your ‘FEELINGS’ – because your FEELINGS, will most CERTAINLY, TRY to PULL you AWAY, from ‘the NOURISHMENT’, that is IN, My Testimony.  You DON’T have ‘a lot of TIME’ left.  ‘The FLOODWATERS’ ARE rising!  BEST to ‘hop on board the Ark’ QUICKLY! – before you will NO longer, be able to respond to My Call.  It’s TIME to PRIORITIZE – what YOU value MORE, in this life: GETTING your Soul back, and a RELATIONSHIP with Me; or, NEVER getting your Soul back, and ONLY concerning yourself, with ‘worldly matters’.   YOU must choose.  WHERE do you want your WILL ‘fixed’?
Remember, your ancestors in Heaven have been praying desperately for you.  They have been praying that you would find the ANTIDOTE to the mark of the beast.  They have been praying that you would DO what is necessary to get your Soul back.  The Graces are now here for you; but now it is up to you, to cooperate.  Now it is up to all the readers of this website, who have not sent us a video and sought Divine Counsel, to decide how you want to spend what little time you have left, to turn back to your Creator.  Do you want to ignore all the Graces and simply embrace whatever 'the demon of self-deception' tells you?  Or do you want to take the necessary action, to get your Soul back? 
One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant had a dream where she heard Jesus speak the words, “The problem IS, My children, there is still a problem”.

Jesus said:  As LONG as there is ‘SIN’, My children, there IS “a PROBLEM”. Because ‘SIN’, IS ‘the biggest PROBLEM’ IN peoples’ lives; everything ELSE, is ‘just the MINUTIAE’: inconveniences; difficulties; DISCOMFORTS; worldly MATTERS.  If PEOPLE, are FOCUSED, on spreading MY Kingdom – and LIVING My Kingdom in their HEARTS! – then they would ‘SEE their sins’ as ‘a PROBLEM’.  The DREAM was given, as ‘a GENTLE reminder’, that she must, STILL, ‘overcome’, SIN.  She must ‘MASTER it’, and NOT allow it to ‘master HER’.  THIS is another EXAMPLE of, when I said, “No MAN can SERVE, TWO, MASTERS.”  PEOPLE can either serve ME, in this life – by RESPONDING to My CALL; or they can serve SIN.

After using the Blessed Holy Water and doing some heartfelt repentance at home, one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, still had problems forgiving.

Jesus said:  ALL, IS, FORGIVEN – My daughter. The PAST, is the PAST.  I have ‘HEARD’, your confession.  And I ABSOLVE you from ALL, of, your past, GREVIOUS, sins.  You NEED not ‘hold ON’, to ANY of that ‘ANGER, HURT, or PAIN’ - any longer.  For I, have set you ‘FREE’, from the BONDAGE, of those demons.  Now YOU MUST! – forgive, yourself! – for EVERYTHING, that you have done – WRONG! – AGAINST your neighbor.  ASK, ME, to HELP you – with this ‘FORGIVENESS’, that YOU are in NEED of.  PRAY for My FORGIVENESS, to flow THROUGH you – to EVERYONE, whom YOU have hurt.  It is NOT, YOUR, BURDEN, to CARRY.  The DEVIL, has BILLIONS, of PEOPLE, ‘TRAPPED’, in ‘UNFORGIVENESS’. DO not! – ALLOW him, to trap YOU! – as WELL.  REJECT, your DESIRE, to hold GRUDGES; and REJECT, your DESIRE, to ‘WITHHOLD, forgiveness’. REJECT, your DESIRE, to embrace ‘PAIN’, as ‘the SOLUTION’ – to ‘COPING, with PAIN!’  And ASK instead, for the Grace, of the INDWELLING of the Blessed TRINITY – IN YOUR Soul – now that you HAVE one!  DO not be CONCERNED, about how ‘OTHERS, in the BEAST state’ – SEE you; because, it is ‘ONLY the devil’s WRATH’ – MOVING, through them.  THEY, are filled, with ‘much PAIN, ANGER, and HATRED’; but the difference IS – they HAVE no ‘RELIEF’ – UNLESS they turn, to My TESTIMONY – in order to be Healed.  But REMEMBER – the WICKED – as in ‘THOSE who cling TIGHTLY, to WICKEDNESS’, will NEVER understand.  My TESTIMONY CANNOT be explained, TO them!  NEVER fear ‘what the WORLD can do to you’. But be AFRAID of ‘OFFENDING your CREATOR’!  I Created you; and KNOW ‘what is best, for your Soul’.  YOU must, ‘give UP MUCH’; and YOU must leave, ‘MUCH behind’.  But it IS, ‘your CALL’. I NEVER, asked, ‘ANYONE’, to do SOMETHING that is BEYOND – My Strength.  So TURN to me OFTEN, in your ‘INTERIOR life’; and ASK Me to HELP you.  Because I am ‘RIGHT there’; and I am WAITING. YOU need to reject ‘the demonic clusters of ALL those around you’; because THAT is ‘what is afflicting you the most’.  If EVER they ‘unleash, their DEMONS, AGAINST you’ – COMMEND them, to MY DIVINE JUSTICE – because when they DO that, they are ‘NOT loving you’! – they are ‘LOVING their father, down below’. JUST like ‘in the TIME’ – of the BEGINNING of Christianity! – SO, has ‘that SAME time’, begun, again.  YOU will be ‘PERSECUTED’, by those AROUND you.  But HE who ENDURES to the END – I, will give HIM, ‘SOME, of the HIDDEN manna’; AND he will RECEIVE ‘a Crown’.

Here is some Counsel for those who want to take their purification more seriously.

Jesus said:  ALL is forgiven.  JUST continue to follow, the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in EACH, and EVERY moment; and WORK! – on being ‘PURIFIED’ – IN your interior lives!  Each ONE of you, MUST desire, to TAKE, your PURIFICATION, SERIOUSLY.  And, ALL this MEANS, is, ‘REJECT, the WICKEDNESS’ the evil SPIRITS, OFFER you.  And EMBRACE, MY Goodness, and ‘the Gifts’, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, INSTEAD.  FOCUS! – on ‘SEEKING, to do MY Will’ – in EACH and EVERY moment.  TURN to ‘the TRUE Holy Spirit’; and, ASK Him, “WHAT, am I CALLED, to do NEXT?” – and He will LEAD you, THROUGHOUT, your days…  You MUST, renounce, ‘your FORMER selves’; and ALLOW Me to ‘RECREATE you’ – to RENEW you; to MAKE YOU, ‘ALIVE, in Me’.  DENY yourselves; PICK up YOUR cross; and FOLLOW Me; and I will LEAD you to ‘the TOP, of the Mountain’.  And WHENEVER you DO, your ‘DELIVERANCE prayers’, REMEMBER to ALWAYS! – ASK the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, to DWELL, WITHIN you – or EVEN all THREE of us.  ASK for “the INDWELLING of the Blessed TRINITY”.  You CAN’T just reject DEMONS! – “the VOID” MUST be FILLED – with the TRUE Holy Spirit – afterwards!

We started today, SUNDAY, by hearing the sounds of a SOUL, praising his CREATOR, coming from our email inbox.  Indeed, EVERY day, is the Sabbath – a day to give thanks and praise to the ONLY God who can Save – the God of the Two Witnesses.

Jesus said: WELCOME, aboard the ARK! – My son. For INDEED, you HAVE CHOSEN, ‘the better PORTION’!   For, in TAKING My Word, INTO your heart, you TRULY allowed yourself, to be ‘TRANSFORMED’, IN the TRUTH.  AND you have USED the Blessed HOLY Water.  And you have PRAYED, ‘the DELIVERANCE prayers’, from the HEART!  And you have PRAYED, the Burning BUSH Prayer.  And you have TRULY Repented! – before ALL of HEAVEN.  And SO you have ‘found, FAVOR’ – with GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father in Heaven.  FOR His MERCY, extends, to ‘THOSE who FEAR Him’; and who CHOOSE to exalt HIM above THEMSELVES.  For YOU have been ‘brought LOW’ – EVEN ‘to the DUST’; but NOW, you are ‘OUT, of the valley’, and ‘on a HILL!’  Because I have brought you to MYSELF!   I AM, ‘WITH you’ – Always; AND WILL ‘NEVER LEAVE you’.  For TRULY as FAR as the EAST is, from the West – SO, FAR, have I MOVED – ‘YOUR transgressions’ – FROM you.  And NOW, YOU, have FOUND ‘True, Peace’.  And your ‘MOURNING, has TURNED into, JOY!’  For THOSE in ‘the BEAST state’ AROUND YOU – YOUR call, is to ‘SEVER ALL TIES with them’ – because they will ONLY want to drag you ‘BACK, to your OLD self’. BE STRONG!  BE, FIRM, in your TRUE Faith! – in the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith.  STAND YOUR GROUND! – AS, ‘HEAD, of your OWN household’.  DO not BOW to ANY, ‘BAD inspirations’ – COMING, from ‘THOSE around you’.  PERSEVERE! – and, LIVE!  PERHAPS, THROUGH your EXAMPLE, there will be ‘those AROUND you’ – who will COME to the Truth – in, ‘your, particular situation’.  Because now YOU are called, ‘to be a LIGHT, to the Nations!’  And SO LET YOUR LIGHT – SHINE! – before ALL MEN! – so that THOSE who are ‘PREDESTINED, to become, ‘My SONS, and DAUGHTERS’, may GLORIFY – GOD, the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father in HEAVEN – if they would TURN to Him, and He would set them FREE.

Just because a person is welcomed aboard the Ark, does that mean they are “Purified”?  Jesus answered that question today, in a personal message he sent to one of the people who was welcomed aboard the Ark.

Jesus said: TRULY, HE is, ‘ON HIS way’ – TO being, ‘PURIFIED’.  Being PURIFIED, is ‘DIFFICULT’ – when there is ‘so much RESISTANCE’, in the individual.  But ‘PURIFICATION’, BECOMES, ‘EASIER, with TIME’.  The MORE, the SOUL, ‘STOPS, RESISTING!’ – and the MORE the SOUL is DOCILE – to WHAT I am ASKING of them – in EACH and EVERY MOMENT; the more I INCREASE IN them – as they DECREASE! – and THEY become ‘a LAMPSTAND’, and let ‘THEIR light’ – SHINE before men.  And THAT is, ‘the LIGHT’ of the TRUE Christ – WHO I am!  WELCOME, aboard, the ARK! – N.!  YOU, HAVE, ‘MADE it’, My son – BECAUSE, YOU chose, to ‘PERSEVERE’, when ‘ALL of the LEAD’ – INSIDE of you, was ‘WEIGHING you DOWN’.  You CHOSE, to REJECT the demons; and your DESIRE, for LIFE! – became MORE, IMPORTANT to you!  The DAILY prayers – ARE essential! – to CONTINUE, on this ‘spiritual journey’.  YOU are ‘not alone’; and, ALL of HEAVEN, is HERE! – to PROTECT you – FROM, the CERN waves; from the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, Project BLUEBEAM attacks; from “dark matter”.  What you NEED to PRAY for, IS ‘the Grace’, OF Spiritual FOCUS.  REJECT all of your FEARS, doubts, worries, AND ANXIETIES! – and INSTEAD, TRADE them, for ‘My TRUE Peace’ – and you WILL, ‘rapidly, heal’.  REMEMBER, to BE, ‘as a LITTLE child’; for I am HERE to HELP you – every ‘STEP’ of the WAY… YOU, have ‘PLEASED’, your HEAVENLY Mother – the Blessed Virgin Mary; and your FORMER earthly mother, AS well.  BECAUSE, YOU responded! – TO My call.  ALL of HEAVEN is rejoicing! – at ONE sinner, who repents; THAN the 99 self-RIGHTEOUS, who are ‘in no NEED, of REPENTANCE’ – because they are ‘in no NEED’, of a Savior.  PERSEVERE! – STAY in contact, with PETRUS Romanus, My TRUE Pope; and, RECEIVE, Divine Counsel – SO that you can RAPIDLY grow.

Not only do the people aboard the Ark, need to use the Grace of spiritual focus, to turn to their Creator, for help with their purification – they also need to persevere, in doing so.

Jesus said: WELCOME, aboard the ARK, My daughter!  You have CHOSEN, to PERSEVERE; and you are NOW ‘seeing the FRUITS’, of THAT decision – IN your life! - And EVEN in SOME of those, around you; FOR Truly, you HAVE your Soul!  And the MARK, of the BEAST, HAS been removed, from your FOREHEAD.  AND! – you NOW have, ‘a GUARDIAN Angel, WITH you’ – ALWAYS! – to KEEP watch, OVER you – IN your DAILY living.  ‘LIFE’ can be DIFFICULT; IT CAN be ‘a STRUGGLE’; but YOU have chosen, ‘the BETTER portion’ – in EMBRACING, your cross – WITH Joy!  And SO, My LIGHT, IS beginning, to Shine THROUGH you! – as you CHOOSE to be ‘EVER more DOCILE’ – to the ‘INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in the Moment’.  You MUST continue, to PERSEVERE. IT WOULD BE BEST, to REJECT, ‘the DEMONIC cluster, of  N.’; and ASK for the Grace, to LIVE, YOUR TRUE IDENTITY – as ‘a CHILD, of the MOST HIGH, TRUE God’.  YOU, will NEED to DO this OFTEN – THROUGHOUT, the day; as ‘your OLD self’, will TRY to pull you back DOWN.  FOCUS on ME – WHENEVER, you ‘FEEL’, NEGATIVE FEELINGS – SURFACE, IN you.  THOSE are ‘ONLY demons’; GIVE them ALL to ME!  TRADE them, for My TRUE PEACE!  I will HELP you, to GROW, SPIRITUALLY – AND! – I WILL HEAL your MIND! – of ‘the AFFLICTIONS’, that YOU HAVE had, for SO long. CONTINUE, to USE, the Blessed HOLY Water – throughout the Day; and PRAY the DELIVERANCE Prayers – DAILY!  You SEE, as YOU set aside time for ME; I set aside ‘an ETERNITY’, for you!

One person who emailed us is spiritually starving, as she stares at 2 different buffets, while treading water, outside the Ark.  And how is that even POSSIBLE? – you might be wondering.  Because she has 2 Weddings to Choose from… LITERALLY!!!

Jesus said: The PROBLEM, she is HAVING My CHILDREN, is that there is ‘SO much FOOD’, in FRONT of her; AND so much INFORMATION – that she KNOWS, is ‘TRULY IMPORTANT’ IN these End TIMES; but does NOT know, ‘HOW’, to apply these ‘TRUTHS’, to her life.  She can SEE, ‘the Great BANQUET’, that has been, ‘set OUT’ – the Great ‘WEDDING Banquet’, that has been ‘PLACED, in FRONT of her’ – with SO many ‘SPIRITUAL riches’, ON it! – like ‘a BUFFET of GRACES, BLESSINGS, and Divine COUNSEL’; but she DOES not KNOW – HOW, to use ‘the tools’, to HELP her ‘get BETTER’. THERE is ‘a TUG’, INSIDE her; because there is ‘the WORLD’, on ONE side – throwing ‘a WEDDING’; asking her to ATTEND; and then she has ‘the MARRIAGE Feast’ – RIGHT in FRONT of her – INVITING her to ATTEND, as WELL!  BUT! – in ORDER for her to attend ‘MY Banquet’, she HAS to be, ‘dressed, in a WHITE, garment’; in a WHITE, GOWN’!   She HAS to be, ‘CLOTHED’, in My TRUE Holy SPIRIT; AND, in ‘GRACES’.  She is GOING to have to make, ‘A choice’ – to BE for ‘the SPIRIT of the world’ – and receive ‘LOTS of affirmation, and EMPTY praises’ – FROM the people; or, she is GOING to reject, ‘ALL OF THAT futility’ – BECAUSE, she HAS ‘the Pearl, of Great PRICE’ – in FRONT of her! – and she’s going to ‘sell’ ALL THAT SHE HAS – in ORDER to buy, ‘that LAND’!  Because NOTHING, is worth ‘GIVING up’, the Kingdom of HEAVEN, for.  SHE must decide.  RIGHT now, her MAIN focus, needs to BE, on PRAYING ‘the DAILY Prayers’, from the HEART! – PRAYING the Burning Bush Prayer –while USING ‘the BLESSED Holy Water’ – CONTINUALLY! – until, she RECEIVES, ‘a SIGN’, of “RELIEF!”  Because right NOW, ‘DARKNESS’, is COVERING, her ‘intellect’; and there is ‘a VEIL’, OVER, her eyes.  IF she ASKS Me, to REMOVE the Veil! – so that she can see CLEARLY! – I will!  But ONLY after SHE does, what I, have ASKED her, to DO!

It is TRUE that “the caves and refuges” are the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  But SOME of the Members of the Faithful Remnant are also now heading to PHYSICAL refuges, as they follow the Inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in the Moment; as they GO where HE leads them.

Jesus said: It is BEST, to TELL them, that you have PLANNED ‘a TRIP’, for a WHILE now, and that YOU are GOING to be TRAVELLING, for a FEW months.  You are going to be doing, ‘some SIGHT seeing’; AND taking some time, for ‘quiet REFLECTION’.  You are OLD ENOUGH; YOU can make your OWN decision.  And you ASK THEM, to RESPECT yours!  YOU can INFORM THEM, that YOU’LL be MEETING with some FRIENDS.  And THIS is SOMETHING that you HAVE to do – at THIS time, in your life – at YOUR age.  OTHER than THAT, it is ‘your OWN business’

Sometimes, “the terrible twos”, last longer than expected; and they may even return to a child in the Faithful Remnant.  Now here is the understanding, that YOU WILL NOT HEAR ANYWHERE ELSE.

Jesus said: N., IS being AFFLICTED, BY ‘the spirit, of rebellion’…  And THAT is ‘what HAPPENS’: the SINS, that ONE Member EMBRACES – if they REJECT those sins, and THEY REPENT of them – the DEMON, is FORCED to LEAVE, their SOUL.  NOW – HERE is ‘the horrific PART’: DEMONS NEED, “HOSTS”, to DWELL in; that is ‘where THEY find their RESTING place’.  SO ‘the DEMON’, visits, EACH, MEMBER – UNTIL, it FINDS, “a HOME!”  And right NOW – it has FOUND a HOME, within N. HE NEEDS, to RECOGNIZE this; and UNDERSTAND, that REBELLION, IS, ‘what the BAD angels’, embraced, AGAINST Me; it is ‘NOT ok’ – for HIM, to CONCEAL – when he has DONE something WRONG – even THOUGH – he is LOOKING, for ATTENTION, and LOVE! – it is ‘NOT ok’ – to EMBRACE, SIN – by DISOBEYING, his parents, continually!  He NEEDS to STOP that!   He needs to REJECT ‘the SPIRIT of REBELLION’, and ASK for the Grace, of the INDWELLING of the Blessed Trinity.  He needs to KICK that “UGLY creature” OUT! – of his SOUL! – so that his SOUL, can be PURIFIED… HE needs to be doing ‘more THINGS’ with his TIME.  He NEEDS to be given DIRECTION, as he is still SMALL; and only LEARNING about the spiritual REALITIES.  Even THOUGH he is ‘better off’ than MOST children, he STILL needs to learn, to LISTEN, and obey – his parents.

When people aboard the Ark get physically sick, it is usually because there is a corresponding spiritual sickness.  And unfortunately, when one person embraces a spiritual sickness, to the point of a physical manifestation, they also become “spiritually toxic”, to those around them.

Jesus said: He NEEDS to reject, ‘the SPIRIT of rebellion’, AND, ‘the protestant spirit’; AND reject, ‘the DEMONIC cluster, of his former self’.  And THEN ask, for the corresponding Grace, of the INDWELLING of the Blessed Trinity, in his Soul.  He NEEDS to use the Blessed Holy Water – WHILE PRAYING the BURNING Bush Prayer, FROM the heart!  These ‘LITTLE ACTS of REBELLION’, in his INTERIOR life, are NOT being tolerated; and THAT is why, ‘the spirit of INFIRMITY’, is afflicting him.  Because ‘the fruit OF rebellion’ IS, “sickness”.  He needs to REJECT, ‘the spirit of SPIRITUAL insanity’, and ASK for the Grace, to be ‘SPIRITUALLY sane’… in ‘the STATE that HE is IN’ – IT is ‘not SAFE’, for the OTHERS – BECAUSE – of ‘the spiritual AFFLICTIONS’, he is UNDERGOING at this time.  He will LEARN to obey, ‘Divine INSTRUCTION’, or CONTINUE to ‘receive the ROD’!  There is NO TIME, for, ‘GAMES’.  He NEEDS to take, his ‘SPIRITUAL purification’ MUCH, MUCH more ‘SERIOUSLY’… HE can… ‘be AFFLICTED by his OWN demonic cluster!’  But THERE is ‘a BETTER road’ in front of him – “OBEDIENCE”! – because THAT, is ‘DYING to SELF’!

Many people are wondering if they need to get on board the Ark to get their Soul back; OR, if they can simply use the Blessed Holy Water at home, while shunning the Faithful Remnant, and tell themselves that they are part of the Faithful Remnant.  Seriously.  It really is that bad.  Most people who have prayed the Burning Bush prayer at home, before contacting me, did NOT have their Holy Water Blessed – because they did NOT repent or pray from the heart.  This following email went out to ONE person, who did. 

Jesus said: THERE is, ‘MORE’, to ‘being a MEMBER’, of My FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH, than ‘JUST using the HOLY Water’.  But your HOLY Water, IS, Blessed.  And YOU know that now.  I have CONFIRMED this, FOR you – by GIVING you ‘a SIGN’.  BECAUSE, “UNLESS one is born, of WATER, and the SPIRIT, they cannot ENTER, the Kingdom of HEAVEN”!  You KNOW in your HEART, that you are TRULY ‘a MEMBER of My FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH’ – because your HOLY Water is BLESSED! – OTHERWISE, your WATER would NOT be Blessed!  And THIS means, that ‘the MARK of the beast’, HAS been removed FROM you; and both YOU AND your child, have been given SOULS – AND Guardian Angels. BUT! – WHAT are you WILLING, to DO, for ME – your CREATOR?  WHAT is most IMPORTANT, is your ‘DISPOSITION, of SOUL’ – towards ‘WHAT I am ASKING of you’ – in EACH and every MOMENT, of your DAY.  I WANT to help you – and CONTINUE to Care for your child – so that, you both, will be, ‘PROTECTED and READY’ – when the CERN waves, become EVEN more, ‘intense’.  What is MOST IMPORTANT is your ‘SPIRITUAL purification’. I will HELP you with this.  STAY in contact with PETRUS Romanus, My True Pope, and RECEIVE ‘the FELLOWSHIP’, you have TRULY desired.  For NOW, YOU, are ‘a MEMBER, of the TRUE, Roman Catholic Faith’.  WELCOME, aboard, the Ark!  PERSEVERE!

Another Member of the Faithful Remnant is preparing for their departure to a PHYSICAL refuge of safety.

Jesus said: As for, ‘a PLACE’, for you to BE, when “the CERN portal” OPENS – KEEP listening, to the inspirations, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, and YOU will just know, WHERE you are called, to BE. If I tell you, right NOW, that will ‘tip off’, the evil spirits.  So I WILL not tell you at this time.  But REMEMBER, YOU have ‘Angelic Protection’; and YOU are safe, where you are – for NOW…  STAY, SPIRITUALLY, focused.  REJECT, the demonic clusters, of ALL the people, that you ‘LOOK at’…  Just CALL on Saint Michael, to CONTINUALLY deliver you... AND, COMMEND, ALL… when they are getting VERY, NOISEY – with ‘inspirations from DEMONS’ – commend them ALL, to My IMMEDIATE, and ONGOING, Divine Justice.  And WATCH what happens!  MAKE sure, that you have BLESSED Holy Water WITH you, AT all times; and BLESS yourself, on your BREAKS. THIS will help, with ‘the OPPRESSION’.  ASK, for the Grace, OF Spiritual, focus. 

Now let’s play ‘one of my favorite games’, and that is called, “Try to STUMP the Last True Pope”.  And HERE is the response to our first contestant: Her question was, “Where are the Souls of the people in the beast state?”  The second question, “How do babies who are born without Souls, get their Souls back?”

Jesus said: The SOULS, of those, in the Beast state, ARE ‘simply set aside’. It is, ‘LIKE a place, called LIMBO’ – but NOT exactly.  THIS place, I CREATED – SPECIFICALLY for this purpose.  The SOULS, are KEPT there – until the PEOPLE, turn BACK to Me.  You can THINK of Me as ‘a SOUL keeper’, AND ‘a Soul GIVER’.  Because I TAKE Life, AND, I GIVE Life – to WHOMEVER, I choose to!  But I do NOT ‘bow, to peoples’ DEMANDS’ – nor ANY of their ‘demons’.  For the MOTHERS, who have RECEIVED, ‘the mark, of the beast’, and their baby, was born, ‘WITHOUT a SOUL?’ – when the MOTHER receives her Soul back, THEN her baby, is given, ‘A Soul’. In THESE Times, it TAKES ‘the SACRIFICE of the MOTHER’ – to DESIRE to get, ‘RIGHT WITH Me’ – to SAVE her child.  It is ‘the complete OPPOSITE’, of ‘an abortion’. It is ‘the NECESSARY, antidote’.  For all MOTHERS, IN these End TIMES – they, MUST begin, to turn their HEARTS, towards their children; or THAT ‘generation’, will be ‘COMPLETELY lost’.  Simple!

Mary and I really don’t mind, if people want to hate us; we have grown quite used to that by now.  Actually, we have “a special department”, that INTERVENES when we come across situations like that.  We call it, “The Justice Department”.

Jesus said: SHE CHOSE, to be ANGRY, WITH Me, and with My Two WITNESSES…  for not ‘BOWING’, TO, HER… and HER heart, is STILL ‘hardened, against Me’.  And so THROUGH, her ‘ACT’, of REBELLION, I have allowed the demons, to ‘TAKE her back’… So SHE must ‘ACTIVELY desire’ to REPENT – OF HER WICKEDNESS!  SHE knows ‘what I am talking about’!  SHE, has allowed, ‘the spirit of JEZEBEL’, to ‘TAKE up a HOME’, inside her.  THIS, WILL NOT, be TOLERATED!...  SHE, is going to need, to USE the Blessed Holy Water – WHILE she PRAYS, the Burning Bush Prayer.  And REPENT from the HEART!... RIGHT now, she DOESN’T even have a SOUL!  And there is ‘VERY, LITTLE, HUMANITY there’ – for Me to WORK with. So, it may take a few DAYS; it may take a few HOURS; but SHE is going to have to CHOOSE – WHERE she wants her will FIXED: on her PRIDE; OR, will she CONFESS HER sins – TO Me – in her INTERIOR Life; turn AWAY from her sins; AND BE healed? Because TRULY that is the ONLY way she is going to get better.  SHE wanted a SIGN; and I GAVE her one!  How FOOLISH people are, to ASK for signs.  BETTER, they BELIEVE, without seeing; than EXPERIENCE, “the SIGN, of My JUSTICE!”

As September 23 draws nearer, not everyone will be called to go to a PHYSICAL refuge.  Here are some instructions, for those who receive the call to endure a “WHITE Martyrdom”.

Jesus said: HE, will have to ENDURE, ‘a WHITE’, Martyrdom; a SOCIAL Martyrdom…  He can PRACTICE, staying FOCUSED, ON Me, the ENTIRE time… IT is ‘a VERY difficult TIME’… but with MY Strength, HE can DO this!...  EVERY, chance, that he is GIVEN, to read the TESTIMONY, HE, needs to take.  DAILY prayers, are ESSENTIAL! – in SURVIVING, the CERN waves.  WHAT he can DO, is ‘TAKE into ACCOUNT’, what is HAPPENING with [those around him].  HE will be able to VISIBLY see a CHANGE in them – FOR the worse.  BUT! – HE is ‘well-PROTECTED’.  He NEEDS to use the Blessed HOLY water, as MUCH, as, he can. And if ANYONE shows interest in the WEBSITE, JUST, GIVE them, the WEBSITE address.  He is NOT called, to ACTIVELY spread the Testimony… but ‘KEEP an eye open’, for ‘POSSIBLE, Faithful Remnant to BE’.

As the waves of dark matter coming out of CERN gradually intensify – stripping people of more and more of their humanity, “SPECIAL MEASURES” are required, for people who want to have a hope of getting on board the Ark.

Jesus said: What, N. NEEDS, IS... she MUST ‘DESIRE, Repentance’.  And THAT means, “to be truly SORRY, for the BAD things, that she has DONE, in her life”.  She MUST, CONTINUALLY, PRAY, the Burning BUSH prayer, while USING the Blessed HOLY Water; and I will give her ‘a SIGN’, of My APPROVAL, if she DOES so – one that she will NOT be ABLE, to dismiss [- a SOUL!!!]. The choice is HERS.

I woke up this morning to a letter in my inbox, from “a wolf, in sheep’s clothing” - a protestant - who was rapidly plunging into the dark murky depths of the Abyss, chained to ‘the MILLSTONE that IS the KJV version of the Bible’.  In his murky dark existence, all memory of what the devil did with Scripture passages, when he met Jesus in the wilderness, has been meticulously plucked from him.  Remember, the devil used the Scriptures, AGAINST his Creator.  So too, do “the offspring of the devil”, the protestants – the mere human shells without Souls, without common sense, and without reason – continue to do so, as they proxy for their father down below – to their own, very, bitter, end.  Hey, THAT's an interesting vocation! - from HELL - but, it is the one that the protestants have embraced - and that is how they will ALL, BE, ETERNALLY, REMEMBERED!  On that note, let’s ask Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High True God, to expose 'the LIE', that the protestants are currently proclaiming, as an excuse to reject “the Invitation to the Wedding Feast”.  (They are taking the word string in the following Scripture passage that is in Red Bold, out of context.)

"Therefore, brethren, since we have confidence to enter the sanctuary by the blood of Jesus, by the new and living way which he opened for us through the curtain, that is, through his flesh, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful; and let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near..."

Jesus Christ the Lord said: Does THAT not DEFINE, My FAITHFUL Remnant Church in these End Times?  Are not SOME of you “GATHERING TOGETHER”? – to MEET with one ANOTHER? – to ENCOURAGE, ONE another? – and to BUILD, ONE another, UP, in ‘the True FAITH?’  BUT you, are NOT ‘assembled in PEWS’! – not KNOWING one another, nor ‘FRATERNALLY CORRECTING’ one another, nor ‘building each other UP’ – NOT in ‘the PEWS!’ – because there is, ‘no ROOM for ME’, in ‘THOSE assemblies’ – where money, IS, ‘the OBJECT’, of ‘the PASTOR’S, desire!’  For in THOSE “assemblies”, the pastor cares NOTHING, about the SOULS, of his flock; ONLY that they are ‘appeased’ – so that HE, OR “she”, does not ‘LOSE their income’.  But in My TRUE Church – in My ‘TRUE, FAITHFUL, REMNANT’ – is ‘True FELLOWSHIP’ – fellowship in the TRUE Holy Spirit – Guiding EACH one of you – in EACH and EVERY, moment! – ‘Fraternally CORRECTING you’, through ‘the GIFT’, of ‘a CONSCIENCE’ – that the PEOPLE, WITHIN the CHURCHES, ARE without.  REMEMBER, "protestants", will take ‘ONE SCRIPTURE passage’, and REMOVE ‘ALL context’, of what was SPOKEN, by the TRUE Holy SPIRIT – in ORDER, to use My OWN Words, AGAINST Me; the same WORDS that were given, to the Apostles; the SAME way the Jewish Leaders – at every possible MOMENT, used, ‘Scripture’, OR ‘their INTERPRETATION of the Scripture’, AGAINST Me.  BUT!  I am ‘not divided’.  ALL, PROTESTANTS, ARE!
"…For if we sin deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins,  but a fearful prospect of judgment, and a fury of fire which will consume the adversaries." 
(Hebrews 10:19-25… 26-27)
Now how's THAT, for "context".  And speaking of context, one thing the devil so carefully hid from the protestants, is the fact that the following Scripture passage, is actually referring to "the children of the Most High True God".
Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”
(Matthew 19:14b)
And speaking of "children".  We received an email today, from one of the younger Members of the Faithful Remnant. A word of warning: the content of this following email will most certainly shock the readers who have had their humanity snuffed out.
An Actual email to the Two Witnesses:  Dear Holy Father and Mother, All glory and honor and thanks be to God! I love you mother and father, My true parents Pope Peter and Mary. Thank you so very much for All the sufferings and prayers you gave for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For all the times I was ungrateful and for all evil in me I had towards to, I love you thank you and and truly sorry. I have nothing to give back, only obedience. I wish I could give you both all the Unborn! It would be so Amazing if you were their parents! But, I have nothing and am poor. But thank you I love you and to St. Joseph, Padre Pio and Mary God the Father in Heaven and the true Holy Spirit, Jacinta and Francisco and St. Dominic, St Monica and Augustine.  And St. Jude and to all the Saints praise and honor and Glory and to all the remnant thank you for your prayers and sufferings ! I want to give you my heart! Thank you St. Joseph please give to my friends A kiss from you to them and Mary! I love you! Thank you for being my true parents! I really need you as my parents, to love honor And cherish and to be obedient towards! I need all the humiliations and rebukes!!!!  Man do I really need them!!!  Thank you Pope Peter and Mary! I love you and thank you and praise Jesus for all the times you never gave up, for all the hurts and wounds and meanness and ingratitude from everyone. Love you, thank you. I am so very sorry. I wish baby Jesus you may hold forever and always! For no more hurt and Suffering towards you both!  I need you my parent earthly and heavenly. Thank you I love you. Thank the Almighty God the Father, Jesus Christ the Lord The True Holy Spirit and St. Joseph and Mary. Don't know the other faithful emails to give thank you to Jesus can you Please Give them a kiss from the Blessed Trinity. And a kiss to pope Peter and Mary from God the Almighty. Good night to you both and thank you, for everything. Your daughter striving to be… 

Jesus said: What N. is EXPERIENCING, My children, IS ‘a CHILD-like HEART’.  And TRULY she is FILLED, with ‘SO much Joy!’ – as she SEEKS to be, with FULL communion, with the SAINTS, AND, the UNBORN, children.  The TRUE Holy Spirit, IS ‘REVEALING things’, TO her – about ‘the Spiritual REALITIES’.  And she is SIMPLY ‘BATHING, IN, the Graces’. BECAUSE, I am ‘WIPING away ALL OF HER tears’ – so that her ‘JOY’, may, be, FULL!   OF course, she has her ‘STRUGGLES’, and ‘SINS’ – JUST like ‘everyone ELSE’, in the Faithful REMNANT; but she is ALSO striving, to OVERCOME, her weaknesses.  And SHE is ‘getting healed’, by the DAY!  She SEES you BOTH, as ‘the TRUE PARENTS, of the UNBORN’; and as HER True Parents. Because, YOU Represent ME, AND, Our BLESSED Mother – to the PEOPLE.  SHE is ‘well AWARE’, of ‘SOME of the DEEPER Spiritual Truths’; and JUST beginning, to LEARN, ‘WHAT it means, to LIVE, the Era, of Peace’.

There is no longer a need for people who are still treading water, to email us and ask for Divine Counsel.  Because if they cannot be helped, by the words in the Testimony, then how could they POSSIBLY receive, anything, we send them in a personal email?  And so, here is a new universal message, that Jesus began sending out today, in response to ALL the emails, we have been receiving from the people who simply prefer, to tread water.

Jesus said: STOP treading WATER!  And DO! – what you NEED to DO, in ORDER to GET, aboard My ARK, OF Safety.  It’s not ‘HARD’; but, it DOES take, ‘an ACT of the will’. YOU have to decide – WHERE you want to be, when CERN opens ‘the Portal’ – TO the Abyss: OUTSIDE My Protection; or FILLED with My Graces. STOP letting ‘the DEMONS’ – EAT up, the COUNSEL, that you have been RECEIVING, from READING, My WORD!  YOU receive My Word! – and APPLY it, TO your life!  REPENT!  LEAVE, your FORMER life – that is, “LIFESTYLE”, behind!  AWAKE! - AND strengthen what REMAINS. 

One Member of the Faithful Remnant, who sincerely wants to be purified, sent us the following message: "For about three days now, it has been pretty, spiritually, THICK for me…  My skin is crawling quite often and I was praying deliverance prayers for quite awhile…  I 'have been' praying for more 'purification'... Thought I'd check with you..."

Jesus said: “For, it is NOT ‘what goes IN’, that defiles a man, but what comes OUT of him.”  When I SAID this, to the Pharisees, I was talking about, ‘their LAWS’ – concerning, ‘certain FOODS’ – that they would allow; OR not allow.  AND, I was ‘BRINGING their ATTENTION, to ‘the INTERIOR disposition’ OF a person, TOWARDS their CREATOR.  Now SOMETIMES, you MAY, ‘experience’, like YOU are being ‘COATED, in a thicker SKIN’. What THIS is, is ‘the DEMONS’, are TRYING, to COVER, your FLESH!  And THIS is because, of the CERN firings. The ANTIDOTE: PRAYER, AND Blessed HOLY Water. As LONG as they’re on the OUTSIDE, they CANNOT harm you.  It is when a person, ‘makes ROOM for them’ – in their INTERIOR lives – THAT is harmful.  But, YOU are not ‘BORN of the flesh ONLY’; but ‘Born of My SPIRIT’.  So WHENEVER this HAPPENS; WHENEVER you EXPERIENCE, that, ‘thicker SKIN’ – REJECT the ARMOR, of the ENEMY; and put on MY Holy Armor, instead.  What ‘the DEMONS’, try to DO, is ‘CHOKE, your HEART’ – so that it is always THEM, who are acting, THROUGH you; AND not YOURSELF.  REMEMBER, they WANT ‘a HOST’, to LIVE in; to TORMENT – DON’T GIVE them, ANY room, INSIDE your Soul; and THEY will REMAIN on the outside.
An Actual email to the Two Witnesses: "Pope Peter, I have to tell you of this vision I had.  There were three white robes that came out of a cloud, on a mountain. My first thought was what is this!  Is this my family?  And then I saw the Lord Jesus’ face. And the other two in white robes I couldn't see. We were eating dinner and there were 20 people there and when I saw this vision it was like no one was there.  I saw the Lord’s Face… I want the Lord to show me more. I want Jesus to give me more visions."

Jesus said: It was SIMPLY ‘a CONSOLATION vision’, My CHILDREN, because of ‘what was coming NEXT’, in his life.  Because I OFTEN, give, ‘a CONSOLATION’, RIGHT before, an ADVERSITY.  It was MOSES, and ELIJAH, that he SAW, in ‘the white ROBES’, AND Me.  And he saw, ‘the WEDDING Banquet’. 

What does it mean, to be “born again”?  The protestants believe, that it means they can be baptized in ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, and then have a license to sin – all the while, proclaiming themselves to be “saved” – from their Creator that is.  But Jesus Christ the Lord, from His Throne in Heaven, is teaching His Faithful Remnant Church, “a DIFFERENT meaning”.  Listen UP everyone!  This is His response, to a member of the Faithful Remnant, who could not understand why there was “a SUDDEN Divine Scourge!” - that befell their family.

Jesus said: WHAT is happening, is that ‘the DEMONS’… are BEGINNING, to MANIFEST – SPECIFICALLY, ‘the SPIRIT of infirmity’.  You SEE, THAT is why, I asked EACH of them, to reject, ‘the DEMONIC cluster’, of their former identity.  BASICALLY, TELLING, ‘those DEMONS’, that THEY, do not have ‘ANY rights, OVER them, ANY more’; because THEY, ARE, My, ‘ADOPTED, children’.  BUT! – THOSE, ‘demons of INFIRMITY’ are ‘NOT giving up’ without a fight.  SO, [they] must fight! – by REFUSING to SEE themselves, as ‘SICK’.  They need to ASK, for the Grace, to SEE themselves, as ‘WELL’.  They need to invite, the True Holy SPIRIT, to DWELL, IN, their bodies.  THEY need to want, My TRUE Holy Spirit, MORE, than the SICKNESS.  They need to REPENT, IN THEIR hearts, of ‘ANY little acts, of REBELLION’; and THEY must REPENT, of, ‘DESIRING Me to SHOW them, more Signs.’  BLESSED, are those who believe WITHOUT seeing – because ‘the SIGN’, I MOSTLY GIVE, is, ‘the Sign, of, My JUSTICE!’  I have ‘an OCEAN of Mercy’ – to offer them; but THEY are going to have to repent WHOLEHEARTEDLY, and TURN to that Mercy.  This is ‘NOT a GAME’. They must UNDERSTAND, ‘they are NOT invincible’.  They NEED Me.  I AM, ‘their Strength’.  And I am ENTHRONED, in their HEARTS.  So, I am listening CAREFULLY, to ‘WHAT they are CHOOSING to EMBRACE there’.  And ‘PUNISHMENT’ comes SWIFT! – OUT of My Mercy.  Because I CHASTISE, ‘EVERY son, and EVERY daughter’ – WHO I RECEIVE; OTHERWISE, they would be considered ‘ILLEGITIMATE children!’  BUT they are not!  The Faithful Remnant must LEARN - that THEY are going to be DISCIPLINED – SEVERELY – in ORDER, to help them, ‘SEVER’, all ties, to SIN!  And with EVERY sin, there IS, ‘a punishment’, attached.  The ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT, for SIN, WAS removed.  They’re ‘on the ARK’; THEY have received LIFE!  And NOW, they must SEEK, to preserve, ‘the LIFE, that they were given’. Because TRULY, THEY are ‘in the WOMB’, of My Church.  And THAT IS, ‘the WOMB, of the Blessed Virgin MARY.  Birth pangs COME; EXPECT them!  But, remember ‘the JOY’ – AFTER you are “delivered”.
Video: Di

One of the people, who has been following the website and striving to use the Blessed Holy Water with her heart, emailed us a few weeks ago, to inform us of just that.  And this was the reply we sent her: 

Where is your video? - testifying to the TRUTHS, and EXPERIENCES, you have HAD, with regards to the Testimony?

And then, after about two weeks, that same person emailed us back.  What you are about to read, reveals a glimpse at the TRUE SPIRITUAL REALITY, of those who are sitting on the sidelines, and refusing to make a personal video testimony.  We warned people about how "the mother of darkness" and her "satanic army" have actually created 'a spiritual entity', that is known by all of Heaven as "the demonic entity of the assailants".  We have warned people, how that entity manifests, to create a dark wall of spiritual afflictions, that affects everyone in these End Times who is seeking the Truth.  Here is an Actual email we received, that thoroughly documents, the torments that some of the people are experiencing, when they refuse to get on board the Ark. Perhaps it is "the REALITY check", YOU need, at this time:
Dear Pope Peter Romanus and Mary: Much has happened since I last communicated.  As you can see your response to my e-mail was simple and direct.  Yet something was triggered in me that literally threw me into what I can only describe as a huge dark body of water! What I experienced I have never experienced before.  At first I felt incredible anger and rage at you, and then I felt my heart turn hardened and cold.  I felt nothing else for nearly two days.  I felt that I was thrashing and drowning in the black filthy water and I could do nothing to ease the fear and pain that followed.  While all this was going on inside, externally, I acted "normal" and upbeat.  Really ugly.  During this time I felt so alone, forgotten and totally unloved.  I had no humility in me and found I was unable to pray.  This truly frightened me. I experienced the "desolation".  Pope Peter I could not even cry.  Finally, on the third night I began praying the Holy Rosary and asked for God's forgiveness.  No, I begged, even though I did not know what I was doing wrong. I continued praying and about two days later, very early in the morning I was given the grace to see the truth about myself.  I was infected with "the plague of deception".  Yes, I was one who wanted confirmation that I was special and well on my way to being good. I saw clearly how I had aligned myself with a demonic cluster all my own. I was God. I judged not only others but myself and I even punished myself by the hurt I felt and believed I was repenting.  All lies. Then I cried, and have been crying off and on since.  I am now seeing through God's eyes and tears come when I see my past and present sins. I cry when I see everything that is against The Most High True God.  I think of Jesus and how we hurt Him to see how we fool ourselves. I cry in realizing how patient He is with me and how much He loves me.  Now I feel like I did as a small child when all I wanted was to be good.  I have some of that innocence back. Please forgive me for being so angry with you. Thank you for waking me up to myself and I thank all the members of the Blessed Remnant for their e-mails and videos.  I pray for them too as I know they are praying for me and as you say they are "praying for us because they are going through much the same".  I will do a video as soon as I can get the equipment I need to do.  I am motivated now, because I am not so afraid of it now that I have experienced how important they are to our growth.  With All my love for the Most High true God and for You Pope Peter and Mary.
As the True Vicar of Jesus Christ the Lord (Pope Peter the Last - the editor of this website) - I am now putting you people who have chosen to be "mere spectators" ON NOTICE:  It IS becoming INCREASINGLY difficult, to get aboard the Ark, as the CERN event draws nearer.  And the simple reason for this, is because CERN is already releasing small waves of dark matter, that are slowly and effectively, removing what is left, of the humanity of those in the beast state.  The longer you wait, the less humanity there will be inside you, to turn back to your Creator with.  I have done My Part.  And I am TRULY ready to part with all the spectators.  Hop on board quickly, IF you can.  And for all those who are already on board the Ark, now would be a good time to pray for 'the Grace of Holy Detachment', from the poor choices, of all the people around you.
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
TestimonyOfThe2 is the Primary YouTube Video Channel for "TestimonyOf".
Any attempts made, to take either of our video Channels down, IS, "an act, of RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION and
DISCRIMINATION" - because WHAT we BELIEVE, is very DIFFERENT, and UNIQUE- from what OTHERS believe.
This IS! - "a new branch, of Christianity", and we have EVERY right! - to practice our Faith. As EACH! - individual on
the PLANET - HAS, been GIVEN, "FREEDOM of religion"and "FREEDOM to practice, WHATEVER faith they choose".
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