The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.5 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

JUDGEMENT has been passed against the Nations 3

"And the kings [- the One World Government leaders of the Nations] of the earth, who committed fornication and were wanton with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning; they will stand far off, in fear of her torment, and say, “Alas! alas! you great city, you mighty city, Babylon!  In one hour has your judgment come.”
(Revelations 18:9-10)
The list of Judgments is at the top of the page at this LINK
The Prophecy of Saint Malachy: During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church  there will sit upon the throne, Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep amid great tribulations; and when these are passed, the city of Seven Hills will be utterly destroyed, and the awful judge will then judge the people. The end.  (Source: Daniel Réju, Les Prophéties de Saint Malachie, Édition du Rocher 1979 Paris, France)

Planned Parenthood: We Commend 'Planned Parenthood' to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - for TRULY they are "the most HEINOUS! - organization, of crime, on the PLANET".  For they disguise 'helping mothers' - when in reality, they are 'for the MURDER and the SLAUGHTER! - of the unborn'.  Abortion is "an industry" - no matter WHAT people believe.  And peoples' pockets are being "lined with BLOOD money" - and so the Most High True God will 'line the streets with blood' - for the measure people GIVE is the MEASURE they will RECEIVE!  There will be "rivers of BLOOD" coming to the nations - because of the GLOBAL tolerance of abortion, and the demand FOR it!  Amen.  (May 18, 2018) 
NOT acceptable! 
"Then I looked, and behold, a white cloud, and seated on the cloud one like a son of man, with a golden crown on his head, and a sharp sickle in his hand. And another angel came out of the temple, calling with a loud voice to him who sat upon the cloud, “Put in your sickle, and reap, for the hour to reap has come, for the harvest of the earth is fully ripe.” So he who sat upon the cloud swung his sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped. And another angel came out of the temple in heaven, and he too had a sharp sickle. Then another angel came out from the altar, the angel who has power over fire, and he called with a loud voice to him who had the sharp sickle, “Put in your sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth, for its grapes are ripe.” So the angel swung his sickle on the earth and gathered the vintage of the earth, and threw it into the great wine press of the wrath of God; and the wine press was trodden outside the city [- the Faithful Remnant Church], and blood flowed from the wine press, as high as a horse’s bridle, for one thousand six hundred stadia." (Revelations 14:14-20) 
"1600 stadia" is a reference to the Whitehouse, the home of the U.S. President - located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C.  Did you ever notice, how a flag 'WAVES', in the WIND?  Do you know what ELSE "waves, in the WIND"?  Water - including lakes and rivers.  And so, in the Judgement above, it states, 'There will be "rivers of BLOOD" coming to the nations' - because of the GLOBAL tolerance of abortion, and the demand FOR it!"  And so - REGARDLESS of 'what the founders THOUGHT', or 'what the founders INTENDED' - "How do YOU think, the american flag will be remembered?"   As the FLAG, of the NATION, that spread RIVERS of BLOOD, by spreading "planned parenthood" to the NATIONS?  OR, as the nation, of rivers, flowing with BLOOD - because of the Just Response from HEAVEN, for doing so?  Flip a coin.  It's a WIN-WIN!  The stars floating on the blue waves, is a Sign of what is coming, to the coastlines of the United States.  The sharks are hungry.
Welcome to America everyone! - the land FLOWING with the blood of the unborn.
The land built on "the American Dream" - that can ONLY be embraced, by a PEOPLE who chose to be FAST asleep, as their children were slaughtered.
Shocking as it may sound: People don't DREAM, when they are awake.  And so the United States, will be remembered, as "The nation, that slept"
And as "a NATION without a CONSCIENCE" - as they SPREAD, "RIVERS of BLOOD", through PLANNED parenthood, to the nations
Heaven's RESPONSE to 'the MEASURES that were TAKEN'
in order to REMOVE FUNDING from "the GENOCIDE machine", called "planned parenthood". 
Planned PARENTHOOD, IS in fact, "planned GENOCIDE" - as they DO not advocate, 'the pro-life movement' - but they ENCOURAGE women 'to TERMINATE' their pregnancies.  They SELL! - the body parts, of HUMAN babies, in ORDER to make money.  And THEY are "a BLOOD-thirsty organization" - who are FOCUSED, on 'KEEPING the BLOOD sacrifices, happening', DAILY! - because THAT is 'what FUELS the deep state'.  We have SAID this before, IN the past - EVEN though it "sounds QUITE extreme".  If the TRUMP Administration 'did their RESEARCH', and 'did some DIGGING', into the BACKGROUND, of "planned parenthood"? - THEY would find, "the most HORRIFIC HORRORS!" - going on.  YES there HAVE been "leaked tapes" - of what goes ON; but it is even WORSE than that!  And SO? - the TRUMP Administration - NEEDS to know, that THEY are in fact, 'FIGHTING against, OCCULT luciferians' - WORKING, with the DEMOCRATS - with the DEMOCRATIC partyThe DEMOCRATS want to keep "DEATH!" - FLOWING! - INTO the United States - which is WHY 'THEY are for open BORDERS'.  They 'WANT' the drugs to pour-in.  They 'WANT' planned parenthood funded!  They 'WANT' the abortion mill open - because, THEY get "KICK-backs"!  It is "very LUCRATIVE!" - for THEM, to receive 'LARGE amounts of MONEY', from planned parenthood - though THIS will be very difficult to PROVE.  But the fact IS, that OBAMA - POURED 'MILLIONS of dollars', into PLANNED parenthood - when HE was in office - as he WASTED no TIME - in sending 'DRONES', to YEMEN, to shoot "HELLFIRE missiles" - at 'TARGETED individuals' - NOT accounting for the causalities, that would be 'the end RESULT', of THAT "illegal war".  OBAMA is "guilty of WAR crimes" - and HE should be held ACCOUNTABLE.  PERHAPS there is 'a WAY to hold him ACCOUNTABLE'.  The "deep STATE" are FEVERISHLY working 'WITH' the democrats - in order 'to FIGHT U.S. President DONALD Trump' - in every POSSIBLE way!  And it IS "a war!" - it IS! - the DEMOCRATS, VERSUS the PRESIDENT of the United States.  But KNOW THIS: that the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, will TAKE into ACCOUNT, 'the MEASURES that were TAKEN', in order to REMOVE FUNDING, from "the GENOCIDE machine", called "planned parenthood".  But there IS going to be 'a LOT of blowback'.  And WITH the help, OF the Most High True God - President Donald Trump, WILL! - overcome, "the DEEP state" - with OUR help.  We LOOK FORWARD to working with U.S. President Donald Trump in the near future - as 'that appointed TIME' - is soon to COME.  We WOULD prefer, to work with U.S. President Donald Trump "SOONER, rather than later" - to 'AVERT', the nuclear apocalyptic DISASTER - that has been 'planned', by Obama and the democrats; but 'the CHOICE' is up to him.  Perhaps he needs, "more SIGNS"? - to RECOGNIZE 'the Times' - and to RECOGNIZE "our Credentials".  The U.S. Government, HAS been surveilling us - for the last 10 years - once THEY came to REALIZE that we ARE in fact "the Two Witnesses" as THEY have followed our STORY - but it is "under BLACK ops" - for THEY are 'DETERMINED to suppress US, AND! - our Testimony' - at ALL costs!  And so it will be "VERY difficult! - to find ACCURATE, UNBIASED information", on the two of us.  The President also needs to know, that the REASON all these "big weather DISASTERS", and "breaking RECORD", WEATHER events are HAPPENING? - is because, "our CREATOR", is in fact, "breaking records".  It is NOT, "climate change".  But the MAIN REASON, 'the CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA', is being pushed SO STRONGLY, by the democrats - is BECAUSE! - they do NOT WANT PEOPLE, to KNOW, that "they are LIVING, in the TIME, of the Apocalypse".  WE have prayed, for "a SHAKE-up", in the White House - as in 'a PHYSICAL event' - in order to wake, the U.S. President UP! - to the TRUTH.  And when he 'FEELS', the tremor - when he FEELS "the quake" - then he will KNOW! - WHY, and WHERE it came from - and WHAT to do NEXT.
And "a SIMPLE Proof", that we ARE! - 'who we SAY we are' - is the FACT! - that WE have been TESTIFYING, for MORE than 10 years - and we have been PRAYING, for MORE than 10 years - and we have been PROPHESYING, for MORE than 10 YEARS!   And we have 'IMPACTED', MILLIONS! - of peoples' LIVES.  AND 'the deep state' KNOW this!  And WE have been, 'PROTECTED', this WHOLE TIME' - BY "our CREATOR" - as NO LAW suit! - and NO LEGAL measures! - have EVER! - been brought, AGAINST us - that were "SUCCESSFUL", at taking us DOWN.  We have been "INSULATED, FROM the judicial system" - and from the MEDIA, this WHOLE time!  Because it was NOT, 'the time, for us to be REVEALED, to the nations'.  Just as Jesus Christ the LORD 'waited' - for 'HIS Time', to be revealed - to 'HIS persecutors'.  And SO when U.S. President Donald TRUMP, LOOKS at "the intel reports" presented TO him, on us - he should ASK himself, the QUESTION, "HOW is it POSSIBLE! - that TWO PEOPLE, could have impacted SO many lives, in such a PROFOUND way, while being COMPLETELY PROTECTED - from ANY legal BLOWBACK?"  And SO - U.S. President Donald Trump, has 'MANY lawsuits', and MANY legal challenges in FRONT of him - that we can HELP him through - as 'our CREATOR', has given US, "legal IMMUNITY and Divine PROTECTION" - this 'SAME immunity' - CAN be EXTENDED - to U.S. President Donald Trump.  And we DO this, "on BEHALF of our Creator".   The "deep state" do NOT want the U.S. President WORKING with us - because they KNOW, that if he DOES? - it will be "the END, of THEM, and their INFILTRATION, of the United States government".  It will EVEN be the END of the deep state's 'PLANT', in Trump's LEGAL team - former mayor Rudy Giuliani - who has been 'LEAKING!' - information, to Trump's OPPONENTS for a VERY long time! - as he "CASUALLY", slips CRUCIAL information OUT, through 'his MEDIA correspondence'.   Amen. (February 22, 2019 update) 

Dr. Levatino confesses in Public
is described in FULL DETAIL by a FORMER abortion doctor
We recommend that all younger viewers, seek ADULT accompaniment, BEFORE watching
It is important to note, that what is going on in America,
with now more than 72 MILLION abortions performed in that country alone, 
is FAR worse! - than what Hitler did to only 6 million jews - and this is simply "a historical fact"
Hitler didn't oversee HIS doctors, tearing the jews apart, limb from limb.
And so, HITLER, as EVIL as he WAS! - was "more merciful", to the JEWS,
than U.S. President TRUMP, is to the unborn.  We know he could do "better".
Of course "HOME-BRED TERRORISM, U.S. STYLE", IS perfectly acceptable
throughout most of the world, today - and so another Divine Judgement is now, 'on The Way'

Planned Parenthood is in fact "a FULL-BLOWN TERRORIST organization".  They are the ones responsible for "finding the VICTIMS", FOR! - 'occult human sacrifices'.  The illuminati, or "the deep state", in fact PARTICIPATE in human sacrifices - as part of "THEIR weekly ritual occult offering", to 'the god THEY worship' - who is "the devil".  And the devil requires 'DESTRUCTION'! - from them - and most of all, "the destruction of humanity", and human beings.  And AS the illuminati are actually "IN THE ACT", of RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE - they wear...?  HOODS!  And, as part of 'their RECRUITING drive' -  THEY want, all PARENTS, to "put on the HOOD", and join THEM! - in the luciferian act of human sacrifice.  And so once a woman becomes "PREGNANT", they want to draw HER to "the clinic", so that SHE can begin to "PLAN", as "a PARENT", putting on the "HOOD" - and sacrificing "HER blood", "HER offspring", "HER VERY OWN flesh and blood", to the devil.  And in DOING so - THROUGH the horrific act and process of abortion - SHE can TERRORIZE her innocent and helpless child, as it is tortured, alive, to the point of death.  And through that PROCESS, of 'paying FULL HOMAGE, to her FATHER of choice' - "the DEVIL" - reciprocates - as he spiritually enters INTO her - and HARDENS HER heart - so that, 'clothed in HIM', SHE can spend the rest of HER days, "building up the ENEMY'S kingdom", on earth - as part of "the brotherhood" - or "sisterhood" - or "non-GENDERhood" - or whatever, "INSANE, identity", she prefers to identify with.  Perhaps even, "victimhood"? - as she MURDERS and SACRIFICES! - her own child, 'out of CONVENIENCE'? - and keeps HER OWN life.  Hundreds of MILLIONS of women, have already, 'taken the TERRORIST challenge', and done the most HORRIFIC things, to their own child - as THEIR way, of welcoming "the gift of Life".  And of course, "THAT"! - has now LEGALLY been FULLY recognized, as "a lifestyle choice", by the United States CRIMINAL Justice system - the joke that it truly is.

But there IS "a happy ending" to this story folks!  The HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of victims of 'the TERRORIST act of abortion' - ARE simply "lined UP, and PRAYING INCESSANTLY for PAYBACK!"  And "payback" IS coming, to the United States of America - directly FROM "the HAND of the Creator" - and "the measure THEY gave", will BE... (- you can finish that one...)  And AFTER the Americans have "had ENOUGH!" - of BEING sacrificed, to the devil - through JUST natural disasters befalling them ONE after ANOTHER after ANOTHER...  THEN? - they WILL stop 'putting on the hood', of terror, and human sacrifice.  WHY?  Because that just makes sense!  Why?  Because there WILL reach a point in time, where "America FIRST", MEANS? - they can't SACRIFICE any more people to the DEVIL, if there aren't any people LEFT - because of the incessant natural disasters.  America WILL be Great! - as in, FOREVER remembered as... "The GREAT HARLOT, who incessantly WHORED herself, and her own CHILDREN to the devil" - with NO fear of consequences! - UNTIL, "ALMIGHTY God!" - intervened.  And now? - He IS intervening - and "the natural disaster DOMINO effect", has begun - with "COMPLIMENTARY, plagues and calamities" - on the WAY!  God, "Almighty", is in fact "putting America FIRST!" - on HIS list: "For IMMEDIATE Divine Just Wrath and Vengeance..."  And SO? - think of 'EVERY terrorist act of abortion on U.S. soil', as a PRAYER! - to "ALMIGHTY God" - for even MORE, 'terrorist acts on U.S. SOIL'!  And now HE will show America, what "TERROR"! - is - ONE disaster, ONE calamity, at a time - until AMERICA drinks, HIS cup of Divine Wrath and Vengeance, to the DREGS.  Bottoms UP! "GOD, BLESS America" - with Divine Consequences!  Amen.
And so yes! - U.S. President Donald Trump is free to CONTINUE to respond to the coming disasters, by "invoking blessings from Almighty God" - until ALL American citizens, are literally, "blue in the face".  And "Almighty God", WILL in turn, send even MORE "Blessings", of HIS Divine Justice upon that Nation - UNTIL Abortion is banned, and the terrorists BEHIND it, at "planned parenthood" and OTHER abortion referral centers and those who WORK there, are all ARRESTED, and put in jail - for "conspiracy to commit murder", JUST for starters.  Like ABORTION, it's "rather PAINFUL to watch", but "the reciprocal ABORTION of America", is LONG overdue!  And since "late term abortions" are now being LEGALIZED there - that WON'T be a problem! (March 19, 2019 update) 
Withdrawing Blessings from America?
TOO little TOO late...
Just in case it isn't obvious:  fighting for U.S. congress to DEBATE (- at 2:18) "infanticide OUTSIDE the womb"?
is a passive way of tolerating "infanticide INSIDE the womb"

The FACT of the MATTER? - is that "it's TOO LATE, for AMERICA, to turn BACK, from the PATH that they have CHOSEN" - which is to become: A DESOLATE, FRIGID, and ICY-cold, WASTELAND - filled with ICY-cold HEARTS! - FIRST towards the CREATOR - and THEN towards NEIGHBOR - MANIFESTING in 'the absolute HATRED!' - that Americans have, TOWARDS the Unborn.  And ALL! - are "complicit", IN the crimes that have been committed against them.

And, the Most High TRUE God, is in FACT! - "in the PROCESS of withdrawing ALL of His Blessings", FROM, the United States of America.

And the DISASTERS, and the DESTRUCTION, and the PAIN and the LOSS - that is COMING to people - will ONLY 'increase'.  BECAUSE? - INFANTICIDE has been going on, for 46 years - and AMERICANS have been 'SOWING', what they desire to REAP

To 'PRETEND'? - that "infanticide is something NEW"? - JUST because, "the MEDIA", is now reporting on it - doesn't MEAN, that it WASN'T going on BEFOREHAND.

In FACT, there's no sense in HIDING it! - anymore.  The WICKEDNESS, that has been 'going ON, behind the SCENES, for GENERATIONS' - and that is, "the GENOCIDE!" - the MURDER! - the BLOOD of the innocent - has been SPILT!  And 'those PEOPLE'! - would have BEEN! - "FUTURE: LEADERS, POLITICIANS, DOCTORS, LAWYERS, NURSES, SCIENTISTS, MUSICIANS... parents".  And their LIVES were 'ROBBED!' - STOLEN FROM them, against THEIR will

And SO? - the tables will now TURN.  And, the Most High TRUE God, will 'STEAL the LIVES'! - of MILLIONS! - of Americans - FROM them! - against 'THEIR will'! - to BALANCE the Scales.  Because, 'HE is the One', who is BALANCING, the JUSTICE AND the Mercy.  And AMERICA is "not deserving", of ANY Mercy!  NOT until 'AFTER', the DIVINE Punishment, goes FORTH, and is "complete". THEN! - there will be "conversation", as to 'how FURTHER'? - Chastisement can be mitigated.

Americans? - WANTED, and DEMANDED! - "a CULTURE of death", for "THEIR society".  And NOW? - 'DEATH!' - is coming, to their CULTURE.  And 'their PRAYER'? - has been HEARD!  "The American DREAM"? - WILL! - become known as "the american NIGHTMARE".  And then, ALL the nations, will 'stand AFAR off, in absolute DREAD!' - at 'WHAT has come' - to "what once WAS! - a first world COUNTRY, and leading SUPERPOWER, of these TIMES".  Amen.  (April 02, 2019 update)   
The SCHISM in the roman catholic hierarchical institution: We Consecrate the papacy of antipope Francis to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - for his CRIMES, of tolerance - AND for his desire to suppress the TRUTH - the Truth that Jesus has LEFT! - the roman catholic hierarchical structure.  We are ASKING the Most High True God to REVEAL to the NATIONS, "the WHORE of ROME" - and that he is NOTHING more than "a FRAUD and DECEIVER, of the masses". And we are asking the Most High TRUE God for "a SCHISM" - in the roman catholic hierarchical institution - so that the people will take SIDES - that the people are either 'FOR the new world order church', UNDER antipope Francis - OR, they will FLEE, 'the ABOMINATION of DESOLATION' - SET up in the roman catholic hierarchical institution.  Amen. (May 18, 2018) 
In January of 2018, during a visit to Chile, Pope Francis accused the victims of a pedophile priest
of slandering a bishop - as those victims had accused the bishop of a cover-up of the pedophile priest’s actions. 
To the VICTIMS, Francis said, “There is not one shred of proof against him. It’s all calumny. Is that clear?”
May 18 2018 headlines, "All Chile's 34 bishops offer resignation to Pope over sex abuse scandals" - 
...and that would be just about everyone in the above photo - taken during the January visit.
It is important to note, that the Schism really isn't about "choosing popes" - it's about either being "ON the sinking oil tanker", that is the roman catholic hierarchical institution - OR, abandoning ship - as in abandoning the spiritual SLUDGE, that is being dished out on a DAILY basis, from within that ABOMINABLE institution.  Just because someone recognizes antipope Francis for 'who he Truly IS' - "the antichrist in the RELIGIOUS arena" - DOESN'T mean, that they will be given the GRACE, to RECOGNIZE, 'who the TRUE Pope is in these Times'.  And so for THOSE people it WILL be, "between THEM, and their Creator" - HOW 'their spiritual JOURNEY' unfolds. 

Judgement against the roman catholic hierarchical institution

Jesus Christ the Lord said: “Antipope Francis, greatly, displeases Me, My son [- speaking to Pope Peter the Last] - because of all the ‘wickedness’, he embraces, in his ‘interior life’.  And yet, presents ‘a soft, and humble, “mirage” – for the people to look at.  He is very clever!  And has ‘grand designs’, for that ‘institution’. He will, bring about, ‘great changes’ – great, as in ‘size’.  But they will be ‘horrific’ – by nature.  Oh what evils, lurk beneath the surface.  And the people! – are all ‘mesmerized’, by ‘the father of lies’ – working through him.  Because ‘the enemy’, disguises himself as an angel of light.  But the ‘light’, that Antipope Francis, displays for the people, is not, ‘My light’.  Because ‘authentic humility comes, from a sincere desire, to do the Will, of God the Eternal Father, in Heaven.  But he, does not ‘desire this’; but instead, he ‘pretends’, to be ‘following Me’.  And he is not ‘My True Representative’ – simply because he presents ‘a false image’ of Me, for the people, to worship. I have warned you about this ‘church’, that they are building, My children” [- speaking to the Two Witnesses]. (-Good Friday, March 29, 2013)

And so, just 6 months into his papacy, antipope FRANCIS, sought 'to WREAK havoc', on the roman catholic HIERARCHICAL institution - by sowing SEEDS, of 'CONFUSION AND division', within the INSTITUTION itself (- with regards TO, the ACTUAL "MORAL edifice", that was established - IN, the roman catholic hierarchical institution).  In fact, HE sought to remove 'CHUNKS', of the actual "moral TEACHINGS", of the institution, by 'DOWNPLAYING', two VERY! - important ISSUES - that would become 'the FOCAL point', of his papacy.  That being: abortion and homosexuality"Francis", sought 'to DRAW, the institution's ATTENTION', AWAY! - from FOCUSING, on the "OBJECTIVE MORALITY" - that the INSTITUTION has EMBRACED, on 'those ISSUES' - for many THOUSANDS of YEARS!  And he sought to SEND! - the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION, AND! - its parishioners, in 'a DIFFERENT direction' - neglecting "the WEIGHTIER matters" - and FOCUSING them, on 'the POOR', and 'the HOMELESS' - and FEEDING them.  But what was JESUS' attitude? - "The POOR you will ALWAYS have".  But, are NOT, the moral ISSUES of ABORTION and HOMOSEXUALITY - "MORE, IMPORTANT? - to FOCUS ON"? - to CLARIFY, 'where the church ACTUALLY stood'.  REGARDLESS! - of what 'certain PRIESTS', said - that "ANTIPOPE francis MEANT, by his WORDS"? - all of HEAVEN knows, 'EXACTLY! - what his MALICIOUS intent was'.  And STILL! - there are "WORSE evils" to COME! - TO that "SINKING oil tanker".

And so if FRANCIS, was "the TRUE Shepherd"? - HOW could he not FORESEE, that ABORTION and HOMOSEXUALITY - would BECOME, 'the MAIN dividing ISSUES', within his INSTITUTION?  Instead of 'upholding the church's LAWS' - instead of 'insisting on STRICTER, MEASURES, to be TAKEN - to PROTECT! - the people, in the institution, from MODERNIZATION' - FRANCIS sought 'to welcome IN!' - all MANNERS of EVILS - and ENCOURAGED, the people 'to open their HEARTS', to those evils - ALL "in the name of LOVE".  He's TEACHING a very 'DIFFERENT', and "ALIEN gospel" - than what Jesus Christ the LORD taught.  Jesus Christ the LORD was in fact 'filled with TRUE Compassion', for THOSE who were 'being led ASTRAY'!  And HE was NOT 'silent'! - when SERIOUS ISSUES, were going ON, within 'His Father's HOUSE'.  And He was "NOT afraid" of calling OUT, the PHARISEES - and SADDUCEES; and neither are WE!  He was ALSO not afraid of 'CALLING out people for their SINS!' - and TELLING them to "GO! - and sin no MORE" - lest something 'WORSE', BEFALL them!

We would LIKE to note here that 'the SPIRITUAL mark of the beast' befell humanity, December 25th, 2012 - Christmas Day.  And it was SHORTLY THEREAFTER, that "antipope BENEDICT", resigned - as the FIRST pope to resign in more than 600 years! - as 'a DIRECT result', of our PRAYER intentions, that 'he would be cast-DOWN'.  And THEN! - antipope FRANCIS, becomes, the NEXT "pope of the institution" - as "a major SCOURGE! - from HEAVEN" - sent to DESTROY, 'the very MORAL EDIFICE, or FABRIC', of the institution itself.  Because, in HEAVEN'S EYES? - it's ALL "a SHAM!" - the ROMAN catholic HIERARCHICAL institution? - is "a BUNCH of people, dressed up in COSTUMES - PRETENDING to have 'GODLY authority' - but having NONE!"

And so FRANCIS? - IS "the DESTROYER".  He is "the MAN of sin", "the SON of PERDITION".  And HE! - is 'LEADING, the BILLIONS! - UNDER him - INTO perdition - AWAY from the Creator - and INTO Eternal Flames'! - and THAT is "an IMMUTABLE! - historical fact".  NO one! - who died, in the institution - UNDER francis - MADE it to Heaven; they were ALL! - "denied".  The "BAPTISMS", he GIVES? - are "BAPTISMS, of death!"   The SACRAMENTS he GIVES? - are 'SACRAMENTS, of BLASPHEMY and death!'  Because, there is 'no GOOD', in that institution; it HAS been "stripped! - of EVERY good thing" - and has BECOME, 'an EMPTY shell' - filled with FLAVORLESS, "homilies", diatribes, and FEELINGS. It HAS become, "the church, OF the people, and FOR the people, WITHOUT! - God; WITHOUT the Most High True God, GOVERNING it - without 'HIS Spirit', GUIDING it"
And the PEOPLE? - are JUST as responsible!  Because, THEY 'FAILED'! - and REFUSED, to RECOGNIZE 'the TIMES', that they are IN - the Times that Jesus SPOKE about!  "The desolating SACRILEGE"? - has been 'set UP', since OCTOBER of 2009 - and FULLY manifested! - and IS manifesting, through ANTIPOPE francis.  And the MAJORITY of the PEOPLE, in the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION, who 'LOVE!' - "modernism" - and 'LOVE' the liberal changes, happening - are "absolutely in LOVE!" - and "ENAMORED", with francisThis TOO! - is part, of the Most High TRUE God's, Divine Justice - ON, the roman catholic hierarchical institution - that they would be 'DECEIVED!' - THINKING, that "they are WELL!" - when 'the SWORD' has reached their VERY lives.  And that IS, "the TWO-edged SWORD", that Jesus Christ the LORD - has 'ISSUING', from HIS Mouth!  Because, He IS, "a Warrior" - and He IS! - 'WAGING WAR' - AGAINST, the ROMAN catholic HIERARCHICAL institution - and HE WILL, 'UNCOVER her NAKEDNESS', before the PEOPLE - and WATCH 'her FLESH' be DEVOURED! - by the NATIONS.  That may 'SOUND' GRAPHIC? - but, it is in the Scriptures.  Here:

"And he said to me, “The waters that you saw, where the harlot is seated, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues. And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will hate the harlot; they will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire."(Revelation 17:15-16) 

Now HOW! - will JESUS, "uncover", the NAKEDNESS, of the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION, before the MULTITUDES?  Well it is a VERY, WELL-known fact, that "CLOTHES", are meant, for CONCEALING... 

"Therefore I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, that you may be rich, and white garments to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nakedness from being seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, that you may see." (Revelation 3:18)

And 'the CRIMES' and 'the SINS' and 'the HERESIES', and 'the sexual ABUSE' - GOING on within the institution - HAVE reached 'a point', that they can no LONGER, be CONCEALED!  There is NOT enough "GARMENT" - afforded TO them! - to "COVER-up", ALL of their sexual sins.  And SO? - the Most High TRUE GOD, is GOING to 'give them UP!' - to the PEOPLE.  And HE is going to BRING, 'the ABUSE cases' FORWARD - and He is going 'to FLOOD!' - the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION, with 'so many SCANDALS'! - that they will SIMPLY, be "UNABLE to stay AFLOAT".  Because "THEY have become an ABOMINATION in His Eyes".  And HE is going to make SURE! - that 'the CHARGES' brought 'AGAINST the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION' - stick!  Because ALL of this TIME? - HE has been 'the ONE', who has been 'HOLDING back' - HIS! - Divine Just Wrath - AGAINST 'the great HARLOT' - WAITING for 'the DAY' - the TIME, the HOUR, the MOMENT! - where He would "PERFECTLY Execute", His Divine Judgement
Praise BE! - the DIVINE Justice - and DIVINE Judgements - of Jesus Christ, the RISEN Lord!  Amen. (March 31, 2019 update) 

FRANCIS is "an IMPOSTER" and "an ANTIPOPE" with NO anointing, from above

antipope francis rehearsing
Just another example of what TRUE Prophets DON'T do... EVER!
Because THAT is "a form of WORSHIP" - reserved ONLY for the One TRUE God
Even the Holy ANGELS admonished Saint John NOT to fall down on his feet to worship them (Revelations 19:10)
But Bergoglio, refuses to listen... EVEN to the Holy Angels
And SO? - francis, very VISIBLY, 'bows, to the will of MAN'.  And he DOES so, as 'an act of SPIRITUAL INSANITY', overtakes him. Because "Our CREATOR", is TURNING him inside-OUT, for the nations to SEE - that, FRANCIS is "an IMPOSTER", and "an ANTIPOPE", with NO anointing, from above.  For WHAT message? - is he SENDING? - to those "world LEADERS"?  He is in fact, 'BLASPHEMING' - by his ACTIONS; and 'CONFUSING! - the people', that are WATCHING him.  For he IS, CLAIMING, THROUGH his actions, that 'GOD, is in those world LEADERS' - because, 'WORSHIP', is reserved, FOR the Most High True God.  NEVER in the SCRIPTURES, did ANYONE, 'KISS', peoples' FEET - EXCEPT for! - the WOMAN, who 'RECOGNIZED! - the Most High TRUE God, in Jesus Christ the Lord'.  And so she was 'BLESSING, and CLEANING and KISSING his FEET', with her TEARS - as "an ACT of True HUMILITY" - because she RECOGNIZED, 'WHO he WAS!' - the SAVIOR.  And SO? - the MOST High True God, does NOT 'condone', francis' BEHAVIOR.  And He is AGAINST! - 'HIS, endorsement, of VARIOUS world LEADERS'.  But the QUESTION becomes, WHY did he kiss, the feet, of "the black president", of South Sudan?  In order 'to PRACTICE! - for how HE, will approach, OBAMA - when HE returns'.  Because AS was revealed BEFORE:  BOTH, obama AND francis, were "PROPPED up by the illuminati". And THIS is "the JUDGEMENT, that has come against the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION: that the DEVIL, would be 'RULING, OVER it' - from, "the HIGHEST! - RANKING official" - the POPE of the INSTITUTION himself.  And, HE is going to help, 'the WORLD'! - to RECOGNIZE, 'OBAMA', as "mankind's SAVIOR".  Amen. (April 13, 2019 update) 

Antipope Francis falls before men...
Derrick is a Member of the Faithful Remnant 

Antipope francis, IS in fact, "the FRUIT of, a ROTTEN tree".

Antipope francis, is NOTHING more than, "a false PROPHET" - and "an ANTICHRIST".  And he IS in fact, "the FRUIT of, a ROTTEN tree" - and that IS! - the roman catholic hierarchical institution - that is 'WITHOUT! - the TRUE Holy Spirit, of the Most High TRUE God - but has INSTEAD? - the spirit of MAN, in its place - to GUIDE them - to guide them, to "THEIR father", down below - to 'JOIN him', in the Eternal Lake of Fire.  For what DID! - the Lord Jesus Christ DO? - to the FIG tree that BORE no FRUIT? - but He 'CURSED it!' - and it WITHERED, and it DIED.  And THAT is 'what is HAPPENING', to the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION, in 'the Eyes of the CREATOR'.  It has "ALL! - the outward signs, of FAITH, ritual and DEVOTION" - yet ALL! - of that, is FRUITLESS! - as they are 'APART, from the VINE' - as they are 'APART, from Jesus Christ, the Risen LORD. Jesus Christ, the RISEN Lord, is 'WITH, His Faithful REMNANT' - and 'His TRUE Pope!' - is "Pope Petrus Romanus".  But? - "francis", is a LIAR! - a DECEIVER, and a MANIPULATOR.  And the LORD Jesus Christ, is 'going to PROVE this'! - by 'taking ACTION', AGAINST antipope francis.  And He IS going to reveal, to the PEOPLE! - that 'he is the SON of PERDITION'.  And SO? - we TURN to our CREATOR - the Most High TRUE God - and we ASK Him, to "CAST! - antipope francis, DOWN! - from his position" - and "to REMOVE him!" - from 'that office', that 'he HOLDS - in CONTEMPT',  And we ASK the Most High TRUE God, to SHOW 'the people of THIS earth' - that "HE is against all RELIGIONS, and ALL faiths" - EXCEPT! - the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith as PRACTICED by 'the MEMBERS of the TRUE Faithful Remnant'.   AND! - that "the BEAST! - religion" - that ASCENDS, from 'the bottomless PIT, of HELL' - would be, 'COMPLETELY DESTROYED and ANNIHILATED, from the face of the EARTH - and ALL 'their OCCULT ritual', WITH them!  Amen.  (May 10, 2019 update) 

Underwater Volcanic Eruptions:  We are asking the Most High True God, to ACTIVATE, the UNDERWATER volcanoes - even the ONES that have remained DORMANT, for centuries.  SIMPLY, because the Most High True God, needs "an OUTLET, for His Anger" - as He is "BOILING over!" - against this most WICKED generation, to have EVER existed!  Amen. (May 18, 2018) 
 It really IS the WORST time in human history to book a cruise - as a means to escape random Comet and X-Class Solar Flare impacts.
The forces of nature are really ONLY aimed, at everyone OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant.
And so the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant, simply need to stay sober and alert, throughout ALL of this.
Lava bomb hits boat in Hilo, Hawaii...
Raw video by Will Bryan - one of the passengers aboard the Hawaii lava tour boat cruise, on July 16...
only 2 months, after we posted the above Judgement.  No one on the boat died from the molten lava impacts. 
But all were deeply traumatized by the experience - and some were severely injured.
The Comet Impact:  We are asking the Most High True God to impact the Earth, with "a CHUNK of ice", ANYWHERE that He so chooses!  Because, the peoples' hearts, are SO cold!  And so? - HE will SHOW them 'how cold their hearts Truly ARE' - by giving THEM "a taste, of what THEY have given HIM" - "a COLD shoulder", for a cold shoulder.  Amen. (May 18, 2018) 
 Many WILL remember, that on September 23, 2009, Jesus revealed that the earth is like the Titanic.
And so, now you KNOW! - what comes next... as we really ARE "on a collision course"
It just SEEMS as though the COMET! - is about to hit the Earth.
They don't call Him "The... ? of the Universe" - for nothing!
...and that would be "CRATER", in this case! 
Take the Moon for example - first He CREATED it - and then He CRATERED it.
And if that leaves SOME readers "feeling a little empty inside"? - Best to use the Blessed Holy Water.
X-CLASS Solar Flares: We Consecrate the SUN to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - that He would 'SCORCH! - the Earth' - AS He sees fit!  That the SUN would give off X-class Flares, and C.M.E.'s - and PLASMA bursts DIRECTED at the Earth.  We're NOT asking for "a KILL shot" - but we are ASKING for, 'a STRONG Message to be sent from HEAVEN - TO the Earth' - that 'the CREATOR', is "in control" - NOT! - the governments.  Amen. (May 18, 2018) 
A MASSIVE solar flare, pointed AWAY from the Earth
Ready... aim... FIRE!  Jesus is referred to as "the SON of God"... for a reason. 
And if people don't want to experience "the FIRE of His Burning LOVE for their Souls"
- through heartfelt REPENTANCE?...then they can experience the Fire of His Divine Justice.
Because there really IS a LOT of it to go around... the Earth that is.  And it really ISN'T... "satellite friendly".

The Warmth of Graces
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant 
"The fourth angel poured his bowl on the sun, and it was allowed to scorch men with fire; men [- and women] were scorched by the fierce heat, and they cursed the name of God [- the Most High TRUE God - the GOD of the Two Witnesses] who had power over these plagues, and they did not repent and give him glory." (Revelations 16:8-9)

For those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant:

"The earth lies polluted under its inhabitants; for they have transgressed the laws, violated the statutes, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore a curse devours the earth, and its inhabitants suffer for their guilt; therefore the inhabitants of the earth are scorched, and few men are left." (Isaiah 24:5-6) 

But FOR the Faithful Remnant:

"Thus says the Lord: ...they shall not hunger or thirst, neither scorching wind nor sun shall smite them, for he who has pity on them will lead them, and by springs of water will guide them... For the Lord has comforted his people, and will have compassion on his afflicted." (Isaiah 49:8a, 10, 13b)  



No need to blame the Two Witnesses
Derrick is a Member of the Faithful Remnant 
God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said: GUIDE THESE, "My LITTLE Ones", to 'the PATH', OF their Salvation.  HOLD 'NOTHING BACK', FROM them - that is, 'for the GOOD, OF their Souls' - whether it be, "JUSTICE", OR "Mercy"; for they GO, 'HAND in HAND'.  For TRULY, they ARE 'ONE in the same'. CONTINUE to Guide, 'MY Church' - IN Truth, LOVE, AND 'SINCERITY' - as 'their TRUE SHEPHERD' - the ONE, that they CAN see! - REPRESENTING, "the INVISIBLE, Godhead" - MY Son! - Jesus. (July 22, 2016)

Know that THESE are ALL of the JUDGEMENTS, being PASSED by HEAVEN - that WE are going to 'make AVAILABLE, to the PUBLIC', AT this time.  But there IS definitely 'MORE to come'! - in the near FUTURE.  And WE, are ALSO offering up, "PRIVATE prayer intentions" for the close of this age.  But we CANNOT! - make it, "PUBLIC" - lest the one world GOVERNMENT, 'KNOW', WHAT we are PRAYING for - so that they can 'PREPARE', for what's "INCOMING".  THEY will be given 'no warning' - JUST as the UNBORN, were given 'no warning'.
"Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems; and he has a name inscribed which no one knows but himself. He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, followed him on white horses. From his mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron; he will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has a name inscribed, King of kings and Lord of lords." (Revelations 19:11-16) 

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven asked us to pray:  "For the restoration of the EARTH - that ALL may fear, AND Glorify - MY Name!  For I am "WORTHY, of all Glory, HONOR, AND Praise". I AM above, ALL! - OTHER gods.  My Justice is QUICK, SEVERE! - and FIRM. I WILL renew, the FACE of the Earth.  And THOSE who DESIRE to be "RENEWED, WITH it", will survive.  ALL others will perish."  Amen. (January 09, 2017 - Prayer Intention #5) 

The Ring of Fire:  (Judgement to be revealed)

Why is the lava flow at the Leilani Estates in Hawaii, following a path that is similar to the shape of the Ring of Fire?

After it became quite obvious, that the path the lava flow in Hawaii was taking, was quite unusual - Jesus Christ the Lord revealed (- on May 26, 2018 -) that the lava is in fact following a very SYMBOLIC path.  But most people simply won't be able to see the symbolism.  Why?  Because for most PEOPLE, their "source of TRUTH", is the A.I. - that writes so many of the news stories that they read, and then distributes those news stories, to the MSM propaganda outlets - under a pseudonym like "Associated Press".
“I will bless the weather... For ultimately, I control the weather My children. These ‘mad scientists’, can continue to use the H.A.A.R.P. machine, but they are only destroying nature’s natural resilience... All of the minds: put together, to defy nature, and to create destructive forces – will be instrumental, in destroying the Earth.  They are ‘playing with fire’ My children – with molten magma.  They are the ones waking up ‘the Ring of Fire’.”  (-Jesus, Thursday October 20, 2011) 
Oman:    (Judgement to be revealed)
Tropical Cyclone "Menkunu"...
May 25, 2018 - 3 years worth of rain from just one APOCALYPTIC storm?  It sounds like "a bad omen" 
But how much WORSE can things GET?  Funny YOU should ask.

Climate change psyops:  And so, as "a JUST RESPONSE"? - The CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE! - IS going to SHOW, the ONE world luciferian GOVERNMENT, how ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! - they ARE.  Because, they 'TAUGHT Him', that "ABORTION is the SOLUTION"!  And so, He is about, to abort, the nations!  Amen.  (June 5, 2018 update)
The Global Governments begin the RELEASE of
 propaganda DISINFORMATION pieces
as the PHYSICAL Apocalyptic events INCREASE

Will Anyone survive the Apocalypse
The Human Cull Propaganda is now being released.
The above screen shot of a PROPAGANDA video - was taken from the following June 5, 2018 article
In this above video, astrophysicist Adam Frank - professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester - proposes 4 different models - or "co-evolving trajectories" of the civilization and the planet. Of course, in the above propaganda piece, he COMPLETELY omits any mention of the Creator's role in all of this - and instead, inserts the concept of "EVOLUTION".  The 4 models ALL include the "climate change" psyop - leaving the viewer NO option, to even consider the TRUTH - that we are ALL in fact, living in "a time of EXTREME weather" - that is a direct result of the Divine Physical Chastisement known as the Apocalypse, now manifesting.  And the physicist speaks as though HE is "the source of truth" - as he is in the role of the DELEGATED illuminati educational institution EXPERT and SPOKESPERSON on this topic.  As you carefully DISCERN the 4 FICTIONAL propaganda scenarios that the astrophysicist proposes - you can see from his quotes in RED, what is already beginning to unfold - and of course, the second scenario - the version where the illuminati simply CULL the people into a luciferian kind of "sustainability" through abortion - is shown as the only alternative.

1:01  The Die-off  "Imagine that if 9 out of 10 people you knew died pretty QUICKLY because of CLIMATE disasters..."

1:14  Sustainability or Soft Landing  "The population rises, the planet starts to heat up or change because of it, but... the population comes to a stable level, the planet doesn't change anymore."
But this implies that ABORTION (population reduction) is a necessary part of "a sustainable planet"

1:30  Collapse (without resource change)  The population rises very rapidly... the planet changes so rapidly that the population just comes down like a stone - you basically LOSE your ENTIRE population."

1:46  Collapse with resource change   "...the population was SMART enough to see like, 'OH my god!' - you know, 'BAD THINGS are happening' - EVEN though you've DONE 'the right THING' you've kind of DONE it too late, and you STILL end up CRASHING your civilization."
The psyop is designed to get the viewer to BELIEVE that a more TECHNOLOGICALLY advanced SOCIETY, will SACRIFICE, its YOUNG - in order to sustain THEMSELVES - and call THAT, "intelligent, beings". 

Climate Change times a THOUSAND?

And SO? - WHAT would the world LOOK like? - if the Most High TRUE God, were 'to INCREASE! - the SIDE-effects, of so-called CLIMATE change'? - a THOUSAND fold! - a THOUSAND percent INCREASE!  WHAT would be "the end RESULT"? 

"But how can a man be just before God? If one wished to contend with him, one could not answer him once in a thousand times." (Job 9:2b-3)

Because - the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, is STILL! - sowing PROPAGANDA, in their LISTENERS - CLAIMING! - that these "GLOBAL, climate DISASTERS", are NOT "an Act! - of God" - but "an act of the climate CHANGING".

And so 'WE propose!' - to our Creator (- and that is "a PRAYER request", by the way - in case you were wondering) - that, for EVERY, "OFFICIAL", or REPRESENTATIVE, of a NATION - to CLAIM! - that 'their DISASTER', has BEEN, 'brought ABOUT, by CLIMATE change'? - that the Most High TRUE God - would Send "an even WORSE! - disaster - UPON that nation" - in SUCH a WAY - that they can't POSSIBLY! - 'claim', that "it was CLIMATE change" - but that "it could ONLY be! - an Act! - OF the God of the Two Witnesses".

Because "our CREATOR", is going TO, 'inflict SUCH PAIN, and SUFFERING, and WANT and ANGUISH!' - on MANKIND - that 'PEOPLE will BEG! - for death' - but they WON'T be able to escape - because "the UNBORN children"? - could NOT! - escape, "the ICY-cold HEARTS", of mankind.  Amen(March 27, 2019) 

Does the Most High True God 'HEAR', the prayers of the global governments?

...Like their prayer "that everyone would call the Biblical Apocalypse in full swing, CLIMATE change" - for example.

AND so, the GLOBAL governments, are "QUITE confident, in their PLAN", to SPREAD 'the climate CHANGE agenda', to the four CORNERS of the WORLD - EVEN to the point of "ENFORCING it!"  THEY believe, that they can INDEED! - FORCE people to embrace, "climate change", as the NEW WAY, of LIVING.  But they KNOW! - that the TESTIMONY, of Jesus Christ the LORD - is, in FACT, what is CAUSING, the DISASTERS - and 'the SERIOUS, flooding', and serious STORMS! - that are ENSUING, the entire PLANET.  THEY know, that this, is "the TIME, of the End" - when the CREATOR, is 'intervening' - and establishing 'HIS Reign!' - on the FACE of the Earth - as this is 'the TIME, where there are WARS, and RUMORS of wars', and EARTHQUAKES, in various PLACES.  And PEOPLE are MARRYING, and being GIVEN, in marriage.  And there are CELEBRATIONS! 

But THIS, IS! - the End - the End, that Jesus Christ the LORD, SPOKE about, HIMSELF.  And HE! - is 'the ONE', who is going to SHOW! - the PEOPLE, of this Earth - by 'the DISASTERS', that HE! - brings upon them, and their NATIONS - that, this is NOT, "climate change".  But it IS, in fact, "the TIME, of the Apocalypse"

AND so, WHAT possible events? - could Jesus Christ the LORD - "the KING! - of HEAVEN" - POSSIBLY, bring, upon the INHABITANTS of the EARTH - that would "very LOVINGLY!" - CONVINCE them, that THIS, is 'the Time, of GREAT! - Punishment' - FROM Heaven; and most CERTAINLY, is 'NOT the result, of CLIMATE change'.  HOW about, LARGE Apocalyptic EVENTS - off of EVERY scale IMAGINABLE! - that could "ONLY! - be the result, of a DIVINE Intervention"?  Such AS:  Apocalyptic-size NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS;  Volcanic EXPLOSIONS, happening ALL over the WORLD, at the SAME TIME!;  Unexplained, TSUNAMIS! - coming out of NOWHERE! - wiping out, entire CITIES!;  METEOR, or COMET, IMPACTS - that are "UNDETECTED", and that simply 'SLIP under the radar', of ANY! - global defense system!;  Unexplained DEATHS, and 'CHILDREN', TAKEN! - from their PARENTS, as though, "through some INVISIBLE FORCE"

And so, the MORE 'the GLOBAL leaders', and 'the OFFICIAL MEDIA stories', CLAIM, that these "APOCALYPTIC Disasters", that are HAPPENING on the Planet right NOW - through FLOODS, Fires, VOLCANOES, Tsunamis, TORNADOES, Hurricanes, and EARTHQUAKES - are "the result of CLIMATE CHANGE"? - the MORE, 'OUR Creator', will need to unleash, DISASTERS, in the form of DIVINE Intervention - to show the people, that "it can't possibly BE the result of climate change!" - but that it can ONLY! - be "the result, of the PEOPLE, incurring, the WRATH! - of THEIR CREATOR, upon them". (April 03, 2019) 

Global Trauma:  We are asking the Most High True God to withdraw 'His Mercy', from the FACE of the Earth.  For the WORLD is 'UNDESERVING of His Mercy'.  Let THEM BE 'TRAUMATIZED!'  Amen.  (May 19, 2018) 
Traumatized people search for the LIVING in the debris, following one of the Mexico Earthquakes
Colombia Dam: We Consecrate the structural integrity of the Columbia dam, to the Divine Will of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven. Amen.  Amen. (May 19, 2018) 
A dam in Colombia
Congo Ebola: For the multiplications of the ebola virus in the Congo. For the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven to CONSUME it almost ENTIRELY! - because they ACCEPTED, "BLOOD money" - for contraceptives, and OTHER abortion methods.  Amen. (May 19, 2018) 
This is what "the BEST case scenario" looks like - when transporting someone with ebola
HOW many times have you seen them doing THAT?  One?  Remember, it is a VERY hot country
Southern Ontario:  We Consecrate ALL, of Southern Ontario - to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - because of their CRIMES and THEIR sins, AGAINST Him.  Amen. (May 19, 2018) 
Satellite image of Southern Ontario
Man-made monuments: We Consecrate ALL of the MONUMENTS, that were MADE by man, as "an affront to the Most High TRUE God - to HIS Divine Wrath.  We are ASKING Him, to STRIKE, ALL of these monuments, with LIGHTNING! - and 'to BRING them DOWN'! - systematically - that THEY may be 'BROKEN'.  Amen. (May 19, 2018) 
Man-made monuments - some of the tallest in the world

CCTV footage of Genoa, Italy...
Closed circuit footage of the Genoa Italy bridge (90 meters) collapse on August 14, 2018
Only 3 months, after the above Judgement was Decreed
And if you watch the cement pillar directly in front of the white car - you can see it crack

Canada, "a COUNTRY, that is pro-DEATH": We Consecrate Canada, to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - for being "a COUNTRY, that is pro-DEATH".  And for SPREADING, DEATH, destruction, through 'FUNDING, abortion clinics' - and trying to make abortion "AVAILABLE, in third world countries"- AND for REJECTING, the TESTIMONY - and for rejecting US, the Two Witnesses.  Amen. (May 20, 2018) 
On October 10, 2008, The Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean, presented notorious Canadian abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler with one of Canada's HIGHEST honors, "the Order of Canada".  She did so at the Citadel, in Quebec City.  Morgentaler, 85, was among 20 Canadians who received the award.  Jean said in a speech at the ceremony that each Canadian honoured at the ceremony, "represents the best in all of us".  Ironically, Morgentaler - now deceased - was a Jew, who was 'ABORTED' from society by the Nazis during the Second World War - and was sent to "the HELL, of the Dachau concentration camp", in Germany. It was there where he was immersed in an environment of human torture, and neglect unto death. But Morgentaler was shown MERCY by his Creator - and was set free from that Hell on earth, to begin a NEW life in Canada.  And how did that work out?  How was the Creator's 'MERCY', received?  Perhaps you need to re-read the above Judgement.

If "murderer for hire", Dr. Henry Morgentaler - "represents the best in all of us"? - then how will "the CREATOR, of ALL Canadians", REWARD each and every ONE of them, for giving "their VERY best"?  It's just "an obvious question" - a side note that is attached to the Creator's "TO-DO list" - as more and more Canadians come before His Throne, for "their NEXT assignment", each and every day.  We can tell you this: It's not looking good.

ABSOLUTE DEVASTATION for Canada:  Even though 'from a LEGAL STANDPOINT', we are in fact "Canadian citizens"? - we are ALSO "spiritual creatures".  And it is 'our DUTY!' - to work WITH, the Most High TRUE God in ADMINISTERING, 'HIS Divine Just CONSEQUENCES' - THROUGH, 'OUR cooperation', in praying for 'HIS Will! - to be done'.  And to SHOW, that we are 'NOT! - favoring CANADA - in ANY way! - whatsoever' - and that we are COMPLETELY, "UNBIASED and impartial" - we have THIS to declare:  We TURN to our Creator - the Most High TRUE GOD - the KING, of Heaven - and the King of EARTH - and we ask HIM! - to administer 'His DIVINE Just WRATH!' - to CANADA - and that HE would bring, "ABSOLUTE devastation!" - to that country.  And that He would 'MAKE an example', out of 'such a WICKED! - nation'.  And that He would NOT, "SPARE it!" - the BILL, that is 'OVERDUE'.  May GOD the ALMIGHTY and Eternal FATHER in HEAVEN'S, 'Just WRATH' - CONSUME! - that nation - ENTIRELY - leaving "VERY few survivors" [- not to imply that any ONE of those "suvivors", would be found within the borders of what was ONCE known as "Canada", of course].  Amen. (March 04, 2019 update)

The prime minister of Canada openly embraces PRIDE, in order to LEAD the country, to its fall
And soon, EVERYONE will hear canadians singing, "WOE! - Canada, that cold and Hated land..."
A Special note for July 01 - or "Canada Day", 2019
Has "Canada Day" - now become, Systemic CanDIEda Day?  Only a few weeks after Canada's most PROMINENT politician pledges 7 BILLION dollars over the next 10 years, to fund the EXTERMINATION of the human race from ALL the wombs of 'willing women' - what ELSE could you call it? - that's actually 'a SERIOUS question'.  If Canadians are willing to "CELEBRATE!" - after THAT "historical FIRST"? - then the whole country is on their way to WHERE in a hand basket?  Yes, 'extending a HELPING hand' to neighbors "in NEED", is a GOOD thing.  But extending the fully-funded SCALPEL, and the ACID-filled SYRINGE, to the WOMBS of pregnant women around the world, with which they can brutally torture to death, the most HELPLESS of creatures?  "Proud to be Canadian", has now been FULLY spun, into "ALL abortionists around the globe can rest CONFIDENT and ASSURED that they will have their pockets lined with Canadian dollars".  Trudeau pledges billions of tax dollars to fund abortion worldwide for ten years (June 06, 2019 story)  Jesus said: What Trudeau has DONE? - is he has ENSURED the DESTRUCTION of his own nation.   And SO? - the Canadian GOVERNMENT, wants 'to spread DEATH!' - to all the NATIONS.  Therefore: THEY will receive, 'DEATH'! - in droves - as "the pale HORSE"! - comes to Canada.
And of course Saint MICHAEL, riding 'the pale HORSE', WILL spread 'HIS Gifts', systemically.  And to mark this epic "TURNING point, in Canadian history" - we are sharing some of the new MANDATORY revisions, to the Canadian National Anthem - you know the one...
Woe! - Canada! Your Day of Doom has come!... With glowing hearts  We see thee FALL!  The COLD North, strong and PROUD!  From east to west Woe! - Canada, your Day of Destruction has Come!...  Most High TRUE God, CURSE that land!  Woe! - Canada you fund ABORTIONS, for FREE!  Woe! - Canada you fund ABORTIONS, for FREE! 
(July 01, 2019 update - mirrored from the 2019 updates page)
And so how much HUMAN carnage did Canada's representative, Justin Trudeau,
PURCHASE on behalf of every Canadian citizen? 
And so how much HUMAN carnage did Canada's representative, Justin Trudeau, PURCHASE on behalf of every Canadian citizen? (- Really, it's just... "the obvious question").  7 Billion dollars worth of abortions, globally, over 10 years - with an average cost of $500 per abortion, adds up to a Canadian investment - or "financial PARTNERSHIP, in the act of... 14 MILLION abortions".  And just to put that number in perspective, that is roughly equal to the number of victims of the Nazi era - including the number of those who died in concentration camps.  And so just how much "HUMAN carnage" - if you could put it all in a PILE - would that amount to?  As a Canadian citizen, it really IS nice to know "where the taxpayer money is going", and what kind of "FUTURE", the Canadian Government is building for its citizens - and for its NEIGHBORS, abroad.  We're NOT going to go to 'the human carnage BIN', at one of the many local abortion clinics - to count the number of bodies, and to weigh the bins, in order to get the necessary figures.  And so after doing a bit of online research, we found that it would be 'fair', to set the average weight at around a quarter pound, per aborted fetus - or roughly the 14 week point, of human development.  That works out to about 3.5 million pounds of human carnage.  How many "OLYMPIC SIZE swimming pools" would THAT fill?  Justin Trudeau, can figure out THAT one - as HE goes for 'a SWIM in his accomplishments', in the afterlife - once his Creator, is finished with him in THIS life, of course!  Obviously, Trudeau has a CLINICAL case of "Hitler envy" - one that he is projecting on the entire Country - but NOT without 'approval'! - through indifference, willful ignorance, and willful neglect, on the part of CANADIAN citizens - to 'call him out'.  And so NOW - with even MORE "perspective", on what Trudeau is UP to - the question becomes...
"WHAT has this done to 'the FUTURE of Canada' as we now KNOW it?" 
And as you PONDER that question - keep in mind that 'hard-core LUCIFERIANS' like Trudeau, LIKE to sacrifice human lives to their father down below, WITHOUT "the mess", of millions of people decaying on the battlefield.  And so what Trudeau is 'tapping INTO' - is a more MODERN version of human sacrifice - a more TOLERABLE, sustainable, and AFFORDABLE way, to kill people - than what more "PRIMITIVE", SAVAGE leaders! - like Hitler, did. 
In short, we, the Two Witnesses, are SCREAMING "bloody MURDER!" - at what Trudeau is up to.  But we aren't HEARING 'that' - coming from anywhere else, in the country.  And so, "It's TOO late for Canada"! - Canada 'HAD!' - it's opportunity, to RESPOND, to the Testimony, with "spiritual SANITY"!  But INSTEAD? - they chose 'to BURY it!' - and turn to 'even MORE insanity!' - as a country.  And so our CREATOR? - in 'His Great LOVE... of JUSTICE, and FAIRNESS' - WILL in fact! - turn CANADA, 'OVER, to even MORE! - insanity'.  And the COUNTRY will be 'DEVOURED!' - both PHYSICALLY AND spiritually.  And there will be "NO survivors"!  This WAS "our country". It IS no longer. We FORMALLY disown, Canada - before ALL of Heaven.  And we 'WASH our HANDS' of it!  Because of "the BLOOD, GUILT!" - that is UPON it.  And if we could "RENOUNCE our citizenship"? - we would DO it today!  Because the fact IS? - we are "CITIZENS, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN", and NOT, 'affiliated', with "this BRUTAL! - earth" - AND "the abominations", that continue on a DAILY basis.

It is important to note, that Trudeau IS "an actual DICTATOR" - who is TOTALLY intolerant, of ALL "pro-life Canadians".  And AS "a dictator", he is FORCING his "culture of DEATH in the womb", on ALL Canadians - whether they be 'FOR' or 'AGAINST', abortion.  And while his laws have 'the APPEARANCE of legality' - his insatiable thirst for human blood, has all the trademarks of a deep state leader - a devoted luciferian, raised up by the illuminati.  "You will know a tree by its fruits".  And the fruit, of Trudeau's leadership - referring to both the father AND the son - is human carnage! - and an ENDLESS supply of it.  And SO? - message received and understood!  Heaven's response? - is now immutable, and unavoidable - as all future history books, will testify.  Perhaps OTHER nations, will change course, and choose to HAVE a future... or not - as THEY recall the words to the anthem... Woe! - Canada.

And to answer the question in the title? (- how much human carnage did Trudeau purchase?...) "All of it! - the entire country".

NOTE: Access to editing the website was removed immediately as we attempted to post the above.

NOW - our CREATOR, ALWAYS 'tempers His JUSTICE', WITH Mercy - even AS! - He is about to unleash 'His MERCILESSNESS'! - upon the United States of America.  And there are 'some IMPORTANT WARNINGS!' - that we 'NEED', to get OUT there - that "UNFORTUNATELY", we cannot.  Because CSIS, has BLOCKED, our ABILITY, to POST - in the TESTIMONY.  And they DID THIS, at the TIME, of the California QUAKE [-just after the 6.6... that was soon followed by a... 7.1... and then?... upset stomach?...  a small earthquake swarm?...  Apocalyptic pot luck?... and so they should prepare for WHAT?... but they blocked us...] - because they KNOW, 'what we WRITE!' - IS! - from HEAVEN - and it DOES come, into REALITY.  And BECAUSE they have 'blocked us'? - we HAVE 'to hold BACK' some very important "INTEL", regarding this QUAKE.  TO BAD for them!  And WE don't know 'WHEN' we are going to get access back!  It 'COULD be', in the next 10 MINUTES - or in the next 48 hours.  So WHAT is the hurry.  WE are going to SIT back - and enjoy some SUPPER.  WAIT a minute!... "SUPPER"? - THAT reminds us, of 'the GREAT, Supper', of the Most High True GOD!  Bon Appétit everyone!... (July 04, 2019 update - and we didn't post it for 48 hours, for the record) 

What happened on the 12th Anniversary of the Declaration of "the Hour of Divine Justice"? - the 3:00 p.m. hour, on July 05?  Mary and I were out for a drive today - and even though we don't go LOOKING for "Signs" - that doesn't mean that we are called to IGNORE them, when they find US.  And so, what was 'the SIGN' that Heaven revealed to the BOTH of us, as we drove to run some errands at the 3:00 hour, on this important "DIVINE JUST ANNIVERSARY"?  Put quite simply:  We could BOTH perceive, 'the Holy Angels, from HEAVEN' - PULLING back ALL the Graces, from Canada - referring to the entire Country.  And with no "life-giving GRACES", to SUSTAIN Canada - on a SPIRITUAL level - the PHYSICAL effects, of this Divine Just Response to that BLOOD-thirsty nation - are soon to follow - we can ASSURE you of that! (July 05, 2019, 3:00 pm update) 
The Lowly instruments of recreation
Derrick is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
What if Jesus Christ the LORD? - were to come BACK! - were to RETURN! - WITH! - "a VENGEANCE!" - NOT 'to SAVE humanity'... but in FACT, to "UNLEASH the FULLNESS! - of His Heavenly FATHER'S, Divine WRATH, UPON them'.  And WHAT if, He were to USE, "TWO, LOWLY INSTRUMENTS", in the process? - bestowing upon THEM! - 'many of the SAME, SPIRITUAL GIFTS, and BLESSINGS', that HE received, from, His HEAVENLY Father.  And DOESN'T, Jesus Christ, the RISEN Lord - have 'POWER over, the WEATHER'?  Do NOT "the SEAS", and 'the WINDS', OBEY HIM?  And 'what He COMMANDS', is ACCOMPLISHED!  For 'what the DEVIL', and HIS followers, 'accomplished' - throughout the ENTIRE WORLD - in, 'BRINGING mankind, to the BRINK of destruction' - because they CHOSE 'to blindly FOLLOW him' - the Most High TRUE God, will use, only TWO! - as in "His Two WITNESSES" - to bring ABOUT, 'the RECREATION, of the FACE, of the EARTH' - to be 'CREATED', for "the HOME, of the SAINTS, in Heaven".  How CAN? - two PEOPLE - CAUSE, 'so MUCH DEVASTATION, and DESTRUCTION'? - to the INHABITANTS, of the EARTH?  But BECAUSE, we ARE, "MESSENGERS, of the Most High TRUE God" - and we are HERE, to BRING, 'His APOCALYPTIC JUSTICE', to EVERYONE - with His Blessing!... WOE! - to humanity.  Jesus Christ the LORD, HAS in fact 'RETURNED', to DESTROY! - the WICKED, from the Face of the EARTH - and EXECUTE His Judgements, from His Throne in HEAVEN - as He Rules the earth, with 'a ROD, of Iron'.  And so WELCOME to "a new PERIOD", in human HISTORY - where, the Most High TRUE God, GIVES! - humanity 'the Divine CORRECTION', it is in most DESPERATE need of.  But not ALL will be "CORRECTED"; MOST would rather 'die', than become MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant; because they are faithful to the DEVIL.  But the Time is quickly APPROACHING - when "humanity", will be 'at the brink of EXTINCTION' - and people will be 'FORCED', to choose - to become "Members of the Faithful REMNANT" - and 'LIVE for their CREATOR'; or continue PERISHING, with the DEVIL'S followers. (July 06, 2019 update) 

What would it TAKE, for ANY Canadian citizen, to PHYSICALLY survive the time of the Apocalypse?

And so, what would it TAKE, for ANY Canadian citizen, to PHYSICALLY survive the time of the Apocalypse, that has now begun?  Only the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant, will have "the Blessed Assurance", of PHYSICAL protection, during this period of transition, in human history.  And ONLY Members of the Faithful Remnant, will ultimately be counted among "the survivors of the Apocalypse".  And so, obviously, a Canadian citizen would need to do everything that is humanly possible, to become a Member of the Faithful Remnant, and to LIVE the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith, to the FULLEST! - and WITHOUT any reservations, whatsoever.  But BECAUSE Canadians ultimately chose to COMFORTABLY build up "a blood-thirsty nation" - DRUNK on 'the blood of the unborn' - AND drunk on EVERY demonic "gender identity inspiration" that Canadian citizens receive, from HELL! - it will not be possible for ANYONE in Canada to have 'a HOPE of physically surviving the time of the Apocalypse', while embracing their Canadian citizenship and embracing the country itself.  And so, if you ever HEAR of someone on social media, 'CLAIMING' to be a Canadian Member of the Faithful Remnant - you can be 'QUITE confident' that they are IMPOSTERS - unless of course, they have a prominent video posted, in which they formally RENOUNCE before the entire world, their Canadian citizenship, and any and all allegiance to that country - AND proclaim that, either they are no longer LIVING in Canada - OR, are in the PROCESS of an EXPEDITED physical departure, from Canada. 
Now THAT may be 'a lot to take in', at first - so why not take this time to give CSIS - the Canadian intelligence agency, a STANDING ovation, and a BIG round of applause! - for PROTECTING Canada, from the Two Witnesses.   It worked!  Canada is now FULLY protected FROM us! - AND from all of HEAVEN! - AND from all the THINGS of Heaven - AND from any future, whatsoever. Congratulations CSIS! - for "a JOB well done!"  If you are READING this, and you are somehow involved in "a FOREIGN government" - WHY not do everything in YOUR power, to protect YOUR country from us!  It will make "OUR job" - a LOT easier, and will in fact EXPEDITE and SUPER-SIZE the Apocalypse, manifesting in YOUR country.  Why not just... "do what CSIS did" - and PROTECT your COUNTRY... today!

Nostradamus Prophecy: "...the great pontiff, will change country".

But wait, there's MORE!  Since the government of Canada has chosen to OPERATE as "a MAFIA organization", that has ALREADY put out "HITS", on more than 14 million innocent people - WHAT are the implications, for ANYONE and EVERYONE, who is 'pouring money INTO that mafia organization'?  It is really quite simple, to state the obvious - "the CURSE!", that has now come upon CANADA, will be EXTENDED, THROUGH, 'the FINANCIAL tentacles', that people extend INTO that country.  And that is referring to INDIVIDUALS, companies, CORPORATIONS, and other nations.  Sure, TRADE with CanDIEda! - invest in "YOUR share, of CanDIEda's HITS, on innocent civilians in the womb", and HAVE a nice day!  But know that to DO so, is to be BLACKLISTED, from a FUTURE, by all of Heaven.  DO! - "Whatever's best for YOU!"

Upon a FIRST, second, or even THIRD read - it may 'SEEM', as though, we are over-EXAGGERATING - or even "BLUFFING!" - about 'the FATE, of CANADA' - and the "BRUTAL nations, around the WORLD", who PARTICIPATE, in the SLAUGHTER, of the Unborn.  But we ARE HERE! - to assure EVERYONE, that 'the Most High TRUE God', IS in fact: VERY! - serious.  And HE! - is 'the ONE, who WILL, take ACTION', against these NATIONS - as we SPEAK "on His BEHALF"The whole WORLD, 'RUNS', on human BLOOD.  The world LEADERS - 'RUN', on human blood.  The world ORGANIZATIONS - the one world GOVERNMENT - the united NATIONS - all RUN, on human BLOOD - "blood SACRIFICE".  And this is 'HOW, ALL of these PEOPLE, and ORGANIZATIONS, have REMAINED, in power'. For it IS in fact, 'the DEVIL'S power' - the POWER of "the dragon" - COURSING through their veins!  But LUCKILY! - for US! - as "the Two WITNESSES" - WE, happen to know, "the BEST, dragon slayer!" - and HIS Name, is "Saint MICHAEL, the Holy ARCHANGEL".  He 'SLEW the dragon' - the DEVIL - once BEFORE - and CAST him 'OUT! - of the Kingdom of HEAVEN'.  And the Kingdom of HEAVEN, is coming BACK - and "a NEW WORLD" - is going to be BORN - a WORLD, WITHOUT the devil, and his followers, and his MINIONS; a world WITHOUT, "human blood sacrifice" - a world without 'TORTURE' - a world WITHOUT 'mayhem' - a world without 'CHAOS'.  But UNTIL, that TIME - COMES? - our CREATOR, is going to 'BEGIN', the RE-CREATION PROCESS - AS, He begins 'to RE-CREATE, the FOUNDATIONS of the EARTH, from BENEATH, the FEET, of the PEOPLE' - while the PEOPLE are still 'LIVING'.  And to ALL the world leaders - to the ILLUMINATI - to the LUCIFERIANS - to the DEVIL worshippers - and to ALL those, OUTSIDE "the Ark of Safety" - who do not HAVE 'a desire, to KNOW love and serve "OUR God" - the God of the Two WITNESSES': you can ALL! - go to HELL! - and 'JOIN your father, DOWN below' - and keep him COMPANY! - for the REST, of 'HIS existence'!  FOR, WE are declaring, "the END! - of YOUR existence! - ON this Earth". 

This is telling all the government leaders 'what is RAPIDLY coming THEIR way', if they don't QUICKLY ban abortion - and have a DRASTIC change in attitude, towards the Testimony, and the Two of us.  But action DOES speak louder than words - and WE are now "standing down", so that 'all of HEAVEN', can... "RELIEVE itself"(July 05, 2019 update)   [- and after a night of illegal weaponized psychotronic attacks compliments of CSIS and the CIA - thanks for "the slam-DUNK" CSIS!... and for the CIA? - action speaks louder than words - and your CREATOR, is about to ACT!... so prepare to be FLUSHED!]  And as for CANADA? - that Judgement is "IRREVOCABLE", by US, and by all of Heaven.  Canada can now look to CHINA, to see what its PHYSICAL demise, will look like - because the CANADIAN government, and the CHINESE government, BOTH share in "their love of the MERCILESS torture, of their own citizens" - and so that IS "the GIFT", their Creator is going to bestow UPON them, along with SO many other nations, who share in their outlook.  For "the measure that they GAVE"... (cf. Luke 6:38) - just as the lives they STOLE from the unborn, were stolen "irrevocably".  And our "mitigating role", between Canada and its Creator, has now ended.  May Canada rest in the blood of the unborn... as in... "pieces!"  Amen. (July 06, 2019 update) 

Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And there will be MANY more like him, who fear their CREATOR! - MORE than anything else
On a lighter note:  We know that the above "STANDARD response, to a luciferian nation" - is something that people WILL in fact need to read OVER, and OVER, and OVER again - until the Truth finally sinks in.  But as you do so, keep in mind - as WE did - as we wrote and posted it - that there are a LOT of people! - out there - who actually BELIEVED, we were "anti-American"!   When WE are in fact 'against EVERY nation, ON the earth' - who is against our CREATOR.  (July 06, 2019 update) 
- objectively speaking, for the historical record
And so, to WHAT can we compare "Canadians"? - objectively speaking, for the historical record - AND in a way that could NEVER be argued, from the point of view of "perfect impartiality".  In THIS day and age - as in, 'TODAY' - Canadian citizens are NO different! - than the citizens of Nazi Germany, who were 'quite CONTENT', under Hitler's Nazi rule.  YOU know the ones - the German citizens who 'HEARD', about all "the HORRORS", going on, under that PSYCHOPATH'S leadership - as HE sought to torture and kill the innocent people IN his country, AND those abroad.  And even as those German citizens became MORE and MORE aware of 'what Hitler was UP to' - they preferred 'to turn a BLIND EYE', and claim "ignorance", until it was "too LATE"!  And THAT really didn't do much to help the innocent victims of war in Germany, in case it isn't obvious.  But what TRUDEAU is doing today? - can ONLY be compared, to... someone with a SERIOUS case of "Hitler envy" - as we stated before - and someone who is doing EVERYTHING in his power, and under EVERYONE'S noses - to actually SURPASS the evils, that HITLER sought to get away with - FOR the historical record - a record that WILL stand!  So it's best to FLEE Nazi Canada - lest you share in her plagues.
But what about "Canadian citizens" living in Canada, who are NOT Official Members of the Faithful Remannt - but who SINCERELY believe that they are growing in that direction?  Here are some excerpts from an email that we sent to ONE of them, today.
You are in "a very unique situation" - as one who resides in Canada - who is "a Canadian citizen".  And you do not have 'the GUARANTEE, of physical protection' - ANYWHERE! - you choose to live.  But it ALL depends on 'the state of your HEART', before your CREATOR - for 'how LONG He chooses to SUSTAIN you'.  And YOU have not 'SHUNNED', the Testimony.  AND! - because the Most High True God, is making CANADA "a desolate WASTELAND" - there AREN'T any 'GRACES', for ANYONE! - to convert to 'the TRUE Roman Catholic FAITH' - in this COUNTRY!  Because He SIMPLY will NOT! - 'BLESS them with the DESIRE'.  And THAT'S "His JUDGEMENT against Canada"!  MANY! - "physical chastisements", are coming to CANADA! - ONES that 'they have never SEEN'!  But once AGAIN - it depends on 'where your HEART is'. 
In other words, the NECESSARY GRACES that are NEEDED, BEFORE any Canadian citizen will even be ABLE to convert, to the True Roman Catholic Faith under Pope Peter the Last - are ONLY available, "OUTSIDE of Canada".  We DO apologize for any "inconvenience", this may cause - in the same way, that we are "SORRY, that German citizens were FORCED to flee nazi Germany, during WW2".  And should YOU decide to flee Canada - we STRONGLY advise you: DON'T look back! - unless of course you would like 'some PEPPER' with that. Think of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, as "a WARM-up", for what the Creator is about to do with the entire COUNTRY, of Canada.  There! - all BETTER now.  What's THAT? - what about 'the PEACE tower' in Ottawa and the CN tower in TORONTO?  Yes! - what ABOUT, 'the Biblical tower of Babel' - that's a GREAT question! - one that your Creator will be SURE to answer, when it is... "CONVENIENT" (- as the Canadian abortion doctors like to put it)(July 09, 2019 update)
Of National Interest
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

As Trudeau takes the BATON, from Pharaoh of Egypt

This was written BEFORE the 3:00 hour of Divine Justice today

And so to WHAT can we compare Canadians?  They stood back and did NOTHING as Trudeau put out a HIT on 14 million UNBORN foreign children.  Canadian HIT men, working for CSIS black ops, went forth to carry out Trudeau's "HIT" on the Two Witnesses - only to be called OFF at the last minute - and since WE REPRESENT 'the Unborn Children' - that IS in fact, "a DOUBLE fail".  But here's a FUN one:  Trudeau, who CLAIMS the "Roman Catholic" faith to be his own, actually put out "a HIT" on the TRUE POPE! - after having been FULL informed, by "his deep state buddies", that Francis, over in Rome, IS in fact "an imposter".  It's actually even WORSE than that - but we don't want to RUIN our next meal, and so we will just stop THERE.  Trudeau identifies - SECRETLY - as "a psychopathic madman" - who THIRSTS for 'the RUSH of satanic power', that HE receives, every time that he can SECURE another "human blood sacrifice" - or in HIS case - another MILLION!  He doesn't mind funding the sacrifice of millions of children through abortion, in CANADA - he doesn't mind funding the sacrifice of millions of children through abortion, in foreign NATIONS - he doesn't mind funding the sacrifice of the TRUE children of his CREATOR - the Two WITNESSES - through "ABORTION, black ops style"!  And SO, in the HOUR of Divine Justice - WE are going to SPONSOR Trudeau.  With WHAT? - you might be wondering.  We are going to actually lift up an entire ROSARY, to our Creator [- and we DID! - just after WRITING this...] - for "HEAVEN'S Divine Just Response, to Justin Trudeau", to be made MANIFEST, in the physical realms - BY the God who CREATED him, and by the God who is "his Just and FINAL Judge".  But WAIT! - what IS Justin Trudeau's JUDGEMENT? - after ALL - HE told black ops what HIS was! - as he gave US "the death penalty".  And so, we are turning to GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - and ASKING! - that Justin TRUDEAU'S! - OWN children - be "STRICKEN dead!" The only DIFFERENCE is - we KNOW 'our Creator, will ANSWER our Prayer' - and so will HE!

And of course, CSIS is fully responsible, for protecting Trudeau's children - WHILE Trudeau, puts out 'KILL hits' on millions of OTHER children.  And so Saint Michael the Holy Archangel, riding the PALE horse of the Apocalypse (- YOU know, the one spoken of in the book of REVELATIONS) - and CSIS, can "have fun playing tag" - and THAT'S not "a threat" - that's "a PROMISE!"  Amen.

And Justin Trudeau will be 'driven COMPLETELY insane' - AS - just as HITLER became "the POSTER boy, for the fall of the Nazi regime" - so TOO, will Just-in TRUE-DOUGH, "taker of BRIBES",  become the POSTER brat! - for the fall of Canada (- NOT referring to the season).  And AS he falls! - to the bottom of the PIT of HELL in THIS life, for STARTERS! - the deep state will COMPLETELY disown him.  Popcorn anyone?  Just SIT back and watch it unfold. (July 15, 2019 update) 
Venezuela:  We consecrate VENEZUELA, to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - for its organized CRIME syndicate, and its MAFIA-based operations - for ALL of its crimes, including extortion AND money laundering and MURDER!  Amen. (May 20, 2018) 
A scene from just one of the MANY riots in Venezuela

Canada's Kinder Morgan Pipeline:  We are asking the Most High True God, to EXPOSE, the CORRUPTION that is going on, within the Canadian GOVERNMENT - especially with regards to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline - and we ask the Creator of the Universe to reveal, "WHO stands to PROFIT", from the pipeline being installed?  And also to reveal WHY? - the Canadian government is so ADAMANT about having the PIPELINE project go THROUGH.  We are ASKING the Most High TRUE God to reveal, HOW Canada can AFFORD, this pipeline?  How TRUDEAU, can send fifty thousand DOLLARS to a charity? [- in honor of British royals Harry and Meghan getting married]  And how the Canadian GOVERNMENT, can AFFORD to send almost a hundred million dollars to the CONGO? - that has NOW been "STRICKEN with Ebola".  Amen.  (May 20, 2018) 
Canada's Kinder Morgan Pipeline
Trudeau gives $97 Million of Canadian taxpayer money to help fund abortions in the Congo
Perhaps he should have mentioned that in his election campaign promises
Media bias against U.S. President Donald Trump: We ask the Most High True God, to reveal, to the people, how TRUMP, has been, "unjustly SMEARED", and misrepresented by the MEDIA, and how the MEDIA, has been "one-sided".  And to expose 'HOW', the MEDIA was TOLD to report, on ANYTHING having to do with DONALD Trump's Presidency.  We pray that 'the ones BEHIND the smear campaign', be REVEALED! - and CAUGHT! - by "the just authorities".  Amen.  (May 20, 2018) 
Unprecedented negative media bias against a sitting U.S. President
Clergy sex abuse: For more priests, cardinals and bishops to come forward, and offer their resignations - for "the GUILT"! - to MOTIVATE them, to REVEAL how they were "complicit" in the CHILD sex abuse going on WITHIN the roman catholic hierarchy.  Amen. (May 20, 2018) 
 Waves of people from around the globe are going public with stories
of sexual abuse by clergy in the roman catholic hierarchical institution
Mmmm...Ireland(... the land of MIREhmmm.)    How are they choosing to treat the UNBORN?... like... "mire"?  Well then...  We Commend Ireland to the Divine Wrath of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - for all of their WITCHCRAFT - AND the pollution, of the roman catholic hierarchical institution in that country.  And we are praying, that the CRIMES of that nation, would be EXPOSED, AND that "the PERPETRATORS", would be brought to Justice.  Amen.  (May 21, 2018) 

Sean Ross Abbey, a mother and baby home in Cork Ireland, run by the sisters of the Sacred Heart
 A STAGGERING number of child bodies have been found on the property that belonged to the sisters
796 bodies were found in a septic tank on one of the properties where they "looked after", children.
Here is part of an email we received on Saturday May 26, 2018 from a person who lives in Ireland:  
Actual email: "During the night we had a severe lightening storm, the worst I've ever seen... a "wake up call."  I learned today that sadly this country voted yes for abortion yesterday."
Massive lighting storms hit UK may...
The U.K. also got a TASTE of the massive Lightning Storm that hit Ireland
following the Friday May 25, 2018 vote in Ireland to REPEAL the 40 year old ANTI-abortion laws.
The HEAVENS, were stirring, and the Powers of the HEAVENS were shaken
Normally, clouds take time to RECHARGE, between lightning flashes.  Apparently that just wasn't necessary, at this time
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