The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

 2016 Archives August II

SPECIAL NOTE:   Before reading ANY messages from ANY OTHER so-called "prophets" out there,
be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

2016 Quick Links:
"The fourth angel poured his bowl on the sun [- referring to the son, of the Most High True God], and it [- referring to a person] was allowed to scorch men with fire [- for Fire pours forth from their mouths, and they are "one flesh"]; men were scorched by the fierce heat, and they cursed [- through scoffing, mocking and ridiculing] the name of God [- the God of the Two WITNESSES, and the name of his True Vicar, Pope Peter the Last] who had power over these plagues, and they [the scoffers] did not repent and give him glory [- referring to attributing the Scourges as being FROM the Most High True God; OUT of His Justice]. The fifth angel poured his bowl on the throne of the beast, [- referring to ALL those, who are OPPOSED to the Most High TRUE God - who HAVE the mark] and its kingdom [- the temporal kingdom of THIS world] was in darkness [- referring to the CERN portal to the ABYSS opening - CAUSING spiritual darkness]; men gnawed their tongues in anguish and cursed the God of heaven for their pain and sores [- referring to interior anguish, of HAVING, the mark of the beast, OR the mark of Cain - AND the ensuing PHYSICAL afflictions, that WILL follow, the sin of blasphemy - if unrepented of], and did not repent of their deeds [- they PREFERRED darkness, RATHER than the Light, of the Testimony, of Jesus Christ the Lord - even after receiving those afflictions].
(Revelations 16:8-12)

There have been so many Signs from Heaven, that have been given to the Members of the Faithful Remnant - Signs that PROVE beyond "the shadow of ANY doubt", that the Creator of the Universe, is in FACT, "the One SPONSORING the AUTHENTICITY of the Testimony".  But ONE Sign, that not too many are aware of, is in fact, the NUMBER of emails Mary and I receive, from "disgruntled former family members" and "church-goers".  But HOW is that "a SIGN"? - you might be wondering.  The Sign, is the fact, that AFTER "the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT", impacts them - when we send our REPLY - we rarely hear from them again.  The ones who PERSIST in 'taking us on', are only 'storing UP', the Most High TRUE God's Just RESPONSE in the End.  And THAT is why He ALLOWS them to believe - FOR 'a time' - that there have been "no CONSEQUENCES" - to 'CONTENDING', with us.  In FACT, the Most High TRUE God knows how to 'turn up the HEAT', in their INTERIOR lives; and He DOES it in such a way, that they BELIEVE, that, the FIRES of His Divine WRATH, are actually the flames of their "just anger" - when in FACT, they are ONLY, 'STOKING-UP, the MEASURE, of ETERNAL FLAMES, that they WISH to receive'.  The DEMONS, KNOW that! - and THAT is why, they 'INFLUENCE', the people, to CONTINUE, 'contending', WITH us.  When, oh WHEN! - will they come to their senses, and simply desire to put "the flames", OUT! - WITH! - the Blessed Holy Water, and heartfelt repentance?  Instead, 'THEIR Flames', are ONLY being 'DOUSED, with more DEMONS' - as more, and more, 'join the party'.

And speaking of "former family members", who attend the religious institutions:  Jesus Christ the Lord, revealed earlier today, that the religious institutions are actually TEACHING people 'HOW to BREAK' the 10 Commandments - by teaching them FALSELY, that "love is TOLERANCE of sin".  And because the religious institutions are all yoked to the Governments, through "tax-exempt STATUS" - the religious institutions, are "financially pressured" to TEACH their congregations, to "TOLERATE", ALL the so-called "RELIGIONS".  And so to mock their hypocrisy, the illuminati introduced "the religion of satanism", to the melting pot of tax-exempt global religions - just to see, how the so-called christians would react.  And they REACTED, by refusing to PROTEST, the luciferians - those who worship the devil by NAME!   And WHY do the so-called christians refuse to openly protest the satanic agendas in their churches, and in their schools?  Why is it, that by their SILENCE, the so-called christians TOLERATE those agendas?  Because "a kingdom divided against itself, cannot stand".  But those same so-called CHRISTIANS, will PROTEST the TESTIMONY of the Two WITNESSES!   And why is THAT? - you might be wondering.  To 'take a STAND', and 'side with the DEVIL', in ORDER to DEFEND "their TEMPORAL Kingdom".  And that IS "the PROOF, that the so-called CHRISTIANS are all, SATANISTS!"  How's THAT for "a sign"!

And speaking of "Signs", Mary and I know that there are MANY Members of the Remnant, who are refusing to be "all-IN" - simply because they have resolved to 'hold BACK' - UNTIL, they see "big Signs".  And now we have some FANTASTIC news! - for them.  The Most High True God has just revealed to us, that He WILL in fact perform "BIG SIGNS", FOR them!  There is only one problem - and that is, He DOESN'T want those outside "the Remnant and the Remnant to BE", to wake up; AND, He already said, that no Sign shall be GIVEN, EXCEPT the Sign of Jonah!  And so, "perhaps the PRESSURE got to Him?" (- that's just "an old saying", I threw in there for fun).  And so, here is 'the deal': "LAST CALL, for those who still want Signs, to avoid finding themselves OUTSIDE the Remnant, and IN 'the belly of the beast'!"  Last call to repent, that is.  Our Counsel: Reject your desire to EXPERIENCE the Sign of Jonah, and reject the spirit of blasphemy; and ask for the Grace, to praise the Name of Jesus - the Most High TRUE God, and for the Grace to be "all IN".  And just for closure: "DID the pressure get to Him?"  Shockingly, "YES! - He is ABOUT to SPEW them OUT of HIS MOUTH!" - IF, they don't repent, and FAST!  (- before Revelations 6:13 manifests) "You know who you are".  And remember, "lukewarm Souls", are SO "hard to keep down", that even Jonah's whale, could only keep him in, for 3 days!  Perhaps some readers will need JONAH'S first hand account, to refresh their memory.
And SPEAKING of "refreshing memories": A Member of the Faithful Remnant recently posted a video, where I was quoted as referring to the Faithful Remnant as the "worst cult EVER!" - and yes, that WAS one of my favorite sayings!   Because it's was so FUNNY! - AND ironic!  You SEE, Mary and I actually live alone - just to set the record straight.  In fact, there isn't a member of the Faithful Remnant, who lives closer than a 3 hour drive from here.  And we haven't actually even VISITED with a Member of the Faithful Remnant, "face to face", for about 6 weeks now.  With only 1 Member, for every hundred million inhabitants of this planet, at this point in human history, we actually work dawn to dusk on emails, approving videos, website updates, and generating some private income through our own business - as we DON'T!... SELL!... VATION!  We DO however, expect the number of Faithful Remnant Members to grow to include about 60 million - of those who are currently walking the face of the earth - the 1% (- the Faithful Remnant to BE; not, the illumi-NAUGHT-EE).  But know that we are just BARELY managing to keep up with all the changes, ourselves - as we continue to relay them on the website - daily, when possible.  I write this, because, for "former family members", who are struggling to explain to their social circle, how "sob, sob", they lost a member of their family to "a cult" - this is actually the MOST uncomfortable update, they could POSSIBLY hear:  It is "a FAITH" - the TRUE ROMAN CATHOLIC Faith! - based on the TRUE Spiritual Reality, that ISN'T going away - EVER!  So the NEXT time "a former FAMILY member" writes me and asks me where their son, daughter, husband, or wife ran off to - they can expect "the standard reply" - and THAT goes something like, "As FAR away from YOU, as is HUMANLY possible!" - until you get your Soul back, of course - and that means, "IF! - you can" - because... "The 99"... simply... can't!
"Now the tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to hear him. And the Pharisees and the scribes murmured, saying, “This man receives sinners and eats with them.” So he told them this parable: “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost, until he finds it? And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing. And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and his neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost.’ Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous [- referring to "the SELF-righteous"] persons who need no repentance."
(Luke 15:1-7)
When people with 'the mark' come to the website, they are always going to be pulled in two different directions - the direction the demons are pulling them; OR, the directions on the website.   There are many people out there, - who are simply going to want to steal the Blessed Holy Water; to do with it what they will; and CLAIM that they are Saved; and start their own "counterfeit remnant".  For example - here is an email we HAD to send out today, in order to STOP the beginning, of "the southern baptist counterfeit remnant":

PPTL: YOU, are NOT CALLED, to take "a BATH, IN the Blessed HOLY Water" - to REMOVE, the mark, of the BEAST - from your FOREHEAD.  BUT! - YOU, are simply CALLED, to use 'a CONTAINER'. There are, PICTURES, of Blessed HOLY Water CONTAINERS, ON, the HOLY Water Page of the WEBSITE.  Jesus, is NOT, 'MAKING', this, "COMPLICATED" - but you NEED, to be WILLING, to DO, 'AS He asks of you' - and NOT 'on your OWN terms'... You NEED, to FOLLOW, INSTRUCTIONS! ...  YOU, are NOT, 'CALLED', to do 'a VIDEO', TELLING people, HOW, to REMOVE, the mark of the beast, from their FOREHEADS.  If YOU are WILLING to learn, WE will TEACH you
Important follow-up note:  Without "the necessary faculties" - as in, "mental faculties", it will simply be impossible, for counterfeit remnants to flourish.  We have now prayed, for "PREVENIENT Divine Justice and FACULTY Removal" - to befall: ALL those, who ATTEMPT, to 'STEAL the Blessed HOLY Water', for their OWN, "agenda", and PLAN - to SET up, "a FAKE remnant" - and who INTEND, on SELLING the Holy Water, for PROFIT. 

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.

And the Litany keeps on growing!  Need help BLESSING the HOLY Name of JESUS Christ the LORD - with your entire BEING?  Why not turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title, "Mother of Divine Praises" - for the EXTREMELY NECESSARY Graces, that you will NEED, in order to DO so, from the very DEPTHS of your entire BEING.  And if you are one of the ones who is WISE enough to offer up an entire DECADE of the Rosary, while invoking her intercession under that TITLE, for that specific GRACE - then remember to END that decade, with the "Glory Be", followed by The VICTORY Prayer of the QUEEN of the Immaculate Conception - a TITLE, that invokes her intercession as "The QUEEN of those who are CHOSEN to be CLOTHED in the IMMACULATE Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary".

I first saw "GRACES", manifesting in the PHYSICAL realms, about 25 years, ago - while sharing my Catholic FAITH, with a friend from SCHOOL - who saw them at the same time, as well - as 'a SIGN of the AUTHENTICITY, of the Faith I was sharing WITH him'.  And now, we have been getting a lot of emails, from Members of the Faithful Remnant, who are reporting "strange physical phenomena" manifesting all around them - emails like THIS one:
Actual email:  As I was praying the first decade of the rosary I noticed little light particles in the air, almost like static or tiny micro light bugs in the air, darting around rappidly when I pull back focus from my eyes, looking into the sky I can see it... but I dont know what it is? Is it relevant to what's been happening? Because its Everywhere in the air!
It IS better to be surrounded by Graces, than "former family members". And why is that?  Because those Graces, are actually NEEDED, in order to escape aging, and eventual death.  Do you know what will become of the "former family members" - apart from the GRACES, the Members of the FAITHFUL REMNANT are enjoying? 

"He will wipe away every tear from their eyes [- referring to the Faithful Remnant], and death [- referring to both spiritual AND physical] shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain [- referring to the punishment that comes with 'a life of sin'] any more, for the former things have passed away.” 
(Revelation 21:4)
Here is yet ANOTHER Blessing, of becoming a Member of the Faithful Remnant - for those who persevere:
PPTL:  KNOW that, WE, have brought 'your FORMER FAMILY members', 'before the Throne', OF the Most High TRUE God - for "IMMEDIATE, CHASTISEMENT, and FACULTY, REMOVAL" - and they WILL be 'dealt with' - ACCORDING to their "WICKEDNESS".  But YOU! - will be SPARED! - and 'a WAY', WILL be 'paved' - FOR you... SIMPLY persevere!  And be PATIENT!  BECAUSE you chose, to HOLD FAST - FIRMLY! - to the TRUE Faith - that was BESTOWED, UPON you - as you CHOSE, to BECOME "a Member - OF, His True REMNANT" - the Most High TRUE God, has BESTOWED, and will CONTINUE to bestow "countless BLESSINGS" - UPON you - EVEN! - in the TIMES, OF "afflictions".  KNOW that, you HAVE, 'MANY spiritual Gifts' - to SHARE; and that, 'JOY'! - is 'ONE, of the BIG Gifts!' - you HAVE been given.  For it IS, "the JOY, of the LORD! - Jesus Christ" - that is "your STRENGTH"!  PRAISE His Name!  BLESS His Name! 

Tests Meant to Pass
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant Church
Here is a nice summary, of how the Members of the Faithful Remnant are called to LOVE:
PPTL: It is VERY important - that you, WORK, on your RELATIONSHIP with the Most High TRUE God.  You KNOW, that you are called, to LOVE, ALWAYS!  But you are called to "love" the RIGHT way!  Yes, HOW do you love the PEOPLE, in the BEAST state, and with 'the mark of CAIN'? - by 'NOT, TOLERATING!' - THEIR, "HATRED" - of the TESTIMONY; and by REFUSING to ENABLE them, in "self-DECEPTION".  HOW do you love, the MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT, with 'PURE! - FILIAL love'?  By PRAYING for them - to the Most High True God - to GIVE them 'what they NEED', in order to PERSEVERE, TO, the FULLNESS of the Era of PEACE; by COMMENTING, UNDER, their VIDEOS - "INSPIRATIONS", from the True Holy SPIRIT - UPLIFTING, and encouraging WORDSBy being MINDFUL, that you are not "the CENTER of the UNIVERSE!"; but that there are "MANY Members", around the WORLD - who are 'in NEED', of COUNSEL; by KEEPING, your INTERIOR life - "CLEAN" - and "ACCEPTABLE", to the Most High True God - you PREVENT, "SINFUL STRONGHOLDS", from entering INTO, the Faithful Remnant CHURCH!  Remember THIS: what ONE Member EMBRACES - and ALLOWS to "INFECT", their SOULS - AFFECTS! - the WHOLE, 'Body of CHRIST'.  THEREFORE, 'STRIVE', to ALWAYS, 'STAY in the True REALITY'! - FOCUS! - on your Creator's LOVE for your Soul - and NOT! - on what people, in 'the beast state', and with 'the mark of Cain' - are doing with their TIME.  Because, THEY have "VERY little time left".  FOCUS INSTEAD, on 'BUILDING, YOURSELF, UP - in the TRUTH!' - so that YOU, will be STRONG enough, to BUILD up, OTHERS, in the Faithful REMNANT. IT is! - a REQUIREMENT - in BEING a Member, of the Faithful Remnant - to be NOURISHED, by the TESTIMONY - AND by our COUNSEL - AND! - by other, Remnant VIDEOS - AND! - by, My MASSES BECAUSE, THESE, WILL HELP - the Faithful REMNANT - to be STRONG!  Daily PRAYER, IS! - "essential".  MOST of all - STRIVE, to STAY, 'UNITED' - with HEAVEN! - and HOLD Heaven in your HEART! - AND, DO not, 'listen', to, 'the DEMONIC INSPIRATIONS', from THOSE who are experiencing "HELL, on earth".
News flash everyone!  The actual population of the world at this present point in human history - according to the Creator of the Universe - and you can count on HIM by the way - is close to 6 Billion people.  Remember, the Global Governments - whom you CANNOT count on - are in the middle of a MASSIVE HUMAN cull - through the culture of death agenda - and they NEED, EVERYONE! - to BELIEVE, that the WORLD, is "overpopulated" - so that the PEOPLE, will EMBRACE, with OPEN arms, their SICK, SATANIC, and LUCIFERIAN agenda - for the DEPOPULATION, of the Globe - as more and more people each day - now one abortion per second - are...  simply... "culled".
Actual email from "a hostile floater":  There are 7 billion people in the world and God chose you two alone to wield the truth?  No, the truth has been made plain and is His word.  No special instructions are needed other than what was already written two thousand years ago.  You are deceived and your words do not line up with the word of God.  

PPTL: YES you are correct.  YOUR words, do NOT, line up, with the WORD, of the Most High TRUE God.  YES, you are most CERTAINLY deceived! - in these TIMES; BECAUSE, there ARE not, 7 billion people - in the world - because of ABORTION, EUTHANASIA, ASSISTED SUICIDE, and the PARENTS, being ENCOURAGED, to have "small FAMILIES" - NOT to mention, contraception - and OTHER forms, of "ABORTIVE, methods".  YOU do not HAVE the Truth, WITH you; but the TRUTH has fled FROM you!  YOU will not FIND "Life" - in the SCRIPTURES - because JESUS! - Christ the LORD, IS the Way! - IS the Truth! - and IS the Life!  And you REFUSE to come to Him! - so that your Soul may LIVE!  Just, like, 2000 years ago - HE is WORKING, "OUTSIDE", the institutions; He is working, OUTSIDE, the synagogues; He is WORKING! - every DAY; and He DRAWS, 'PEOPLE', to HIMSELF - to be PURIFIED, of their SINS!  The "JESUS", that we WORSHIP - is 'the same JESUS" - FROM, the Holy SCRIPTURES.  But how, man's INTELLECT, has 'BLINDED him'! - from RECEIVING, 'the HOLY Scriptures', in TRUTH - and WITH, 'PURITY' - as THAT, is HOW, 'THEY, were CALLED', to be RECEIVED - EACH, book, OF the Bible.  The WORDS, of Jesus Christ the LORD - OVER, the CENTURIES, have been TAKEN, OUT, of CONTEXT - and He HAS, been "MIS-REPRESENTED" - BY, the SO-called christians, ministers, rabbis, priests, AND even LAITY.  Jesus Christ the LORD - is 'BOUND', by NO one!  And He is FREE, to REVEAL Himself - TO small CHILDREN.  And UNLESS, YOU! - 'BEG'! - your CREATOR, to HAVE 'the heart of a CHILD' - YOU will NEVER, 'UNDERSTAND', the RICHES, of the FULLNESS, of the BLESSED FAITH, that HE, has GIVEN - to His True CHILDREN.  The ROMAN, CATHOLIC, HIERARCHICAL, INSTITUTION - FAILED!  And WHERE they have FAILED - the Most High TRUE God, WILL! - prevail.  The PROTESTANTS, have PERVERTED, the Scriptures - to their OWN 'UNDOING' - as THEY, have 'ADDED', and 'TAKEN AWAY', what THEY WILL! - from the BIBLE; EVEN, 'OMITTING', "ESSENTIAL books".  THEREFORE, the Most High TRUE God, has 'TAKEN away', 'THEIR share', in the TREE of Life!  Know THIS! - Saint MICHAEL, the ARCHANGEL, 'GUARDS', the TESTIMONY! - and he GUARDS, "the GARDEN" - where 'the Tree of LIFE', STANDS.  And you CANNOT! - receive, "the HUMBLING Truths", in the TESTIMONY - UNLESS! - you DO, what JESUS, is INSTRUCTING, and 'PARTAKE', in, the New PENTECOST.  The Blessed HOLY Water, IS available - for THOSE, who will 'HUMBLE themselves'! - before, THE Creator, OF, the Universe - JUST, AS, when, JESUS, came - the FIRST TIME - the WHOLE WORLD! - did NOT! - KNOW! - ABOUT! - His COMING!  It IS! - the SAME, IN THIS, 'TIME' - the whole WORLD! - does NOT! - KNOW! - about, His SECOND Coming.  OUT, OF, GOD, the ALMIGHTY, and ETERNAL FATHER'S JUSTICE! - on MANKIND - He CAME! - "like a THIEF, IN the night" - and GAVE! - "the mark, of the BEAST".  NO one, SAW this coming!   JESUS - in His HUMANITY - did not 'see', WHEN, this would happen; BUT! - in the FULLNESS of His DIVINITY - He ALWAYS knew.  YOU! - are 'the one', along with MILLIONS of others! - who have "some CATCHING UP to do"!

On ANOTHER note: We CHALLENGE you! - before the WHOLE Heavenly Court - to TURN, to the Most High True God, and ASK Him, to GIVE you, "a Sign" - of the AUTHENTICITY, of the Testimony - ONLY, for the SAKE, of your Soul.  REPENT, FROM the Heart - and USE the Blessed Holy Water - and PRAY the Burning Bush Prayer.   Because, if it ISN'T, "Blessed, Holy Water" - then, from YOUR point of view - what have you LOST?  But maybe, 15 minutes, of your time.  If, this, is ALL, "a SHAM!" - then, REALLY - you have nothing to LOSE.

Perhaps, HERE is a good place to re-define "religion".  The TRUE definition of religion, is: the Most High True God Reigns over EVERYTHING!  "All OTHER RELIGIONS": ONLY lead to "a DESOLATE end".  Ponder THAT, as you read, THIS:

Surprisingly, some of the so-called religious leaders out there, ARE finding both the TESTIMONY, AND their desire to have a Soul, once again.  After they ministered "Hell's KINGDOM" - a kingdom SEVERED from the True Holy Spirit since 2009 - to their congregations - it WILL TAKE "a most HEROIC act of Humility", in order to enjoy the Gift of Eternal Life, as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant.  Here is a brief overview of "the terms" they are being confronted with.

PPTL: You KNOW, the Testimony, to be TRUE, VALID, and AUTHENTIC! - FROM Heaven; WHAT have you FOUND? - in the TESTIMONY - but "the Second COMING", of Jesus Christ the LORD - AND, the Second PENTECOST!  KNOW this: that WHEN you BECOME, "an OFFICIAL MEMBER", of the Faithful REMNANT - YOU HAVE, 'NO, POWER', WHATSOEVER - OR POSITION, as "a PASTOR" - because THAT, was "your OLD life".  You HAVE to start over - as, "a disciple".  WHAT you have LEARNED, is ALL, WRONG!  And WE will HELP you, to RE-learn, "the RIGHT way" - with YOUR, CONTINUED, cooperation.  We will show you "tough LOVE"; and we will HELP you, to RECEIVE, 'the Truths' - in the TESTIMONY.  But THEN! - we will ASK something of YOU - we will ask YOU! - to CONFESS, to the CONGREGATION - that they ALL, have 'the mark of the BEAST'!  YOU will need to TELL them, the TRUTH! - that their "Salvation" - IS, ONLY, to be found, IN, the TESTIMONY, of Jesus CHRIST the Lord.  But FIRST - YOU NEED, to make "a PROPER, VIDEO".  WE will ask, the Blessed Virgin MARY - Yes! - she IS, the MOTHER - OF, the Most High True God - and He LOVES HER - and has, 'a DEEP! - RESPECT, for her' - UNDERSTAND? - WE will ask, the MOTHER of Divine GRACES - to GIVE you, 'the necessary Graces' - to MAKE, "a HEARTFELT, testimony"  - TESTIFYING, to the TRUTHS, that you have FOUND - IN, 'THE Testimony' - of JESUS Christ the LORD; and how your LIFE, has CHANGED, for the BETTER! - since FINDING it.

Actual email:  I have such a far way to go before I become a pleasing burning bush to God. I hope you are patient with me.

PPTL: It is actually YOU, who need to be PATIENT, with YOURSELF.  So pray to Our MOTHER of True HOPE, for 'the Grace, of patient endurance'...  The MOST High TRUE God... ONLY asks, that you DO 'your part' - and that you STRIVE, to be PLEASING, in HIS Eyes, ALWAYS.

Actual email:  Read your latest updates...  I realize now how there is a lot to try and keep up with now... just reading as I go along and learning... I understand now too why reading the Testimony every day for at least 15 minutes is important because it actually reminds me every time about how real things are with the Testimony.

PPTL: It IS! - absolutely, ESSENTIAL - that you KEEP yourself INFORMED, on the UPDATES - because, HEAVEN, is 'POURING forth' - INNUMERABLE, "Graces" - and 'the FLOODGATES', of the Most High TRUE God's MERCY! - is being poured OUT, upon His Faithful REMNANT - at the same TIME - as He POURS out, 'His WRATH', upon all those OUTSIDE, His Protection and Safety.

Marriage Counseling is "a very touchy subject" - in my opinion.  Here, SEE what I mean:

Actual email:  I think in my interior life every moment about the most high true God and how I feel very blessed to be part of the faithful remnant church...  I also need to know how we can get started with counseling about a blessed marriage.

But what kind of "counseling", is that Member of the Faithful Remnant, who has already entered into the Covenant of a Blessed Marriage, through the use of the Blessed Holy Water, asking for?  Do they want to know, how I can help their marriage, be more like "a secular marriage" - like one that they read about in a tabloid? - in a MAGAZINE perhaps? - how about in a ROMANCE novel? - one that they saw on a TV show? - or perhaps even in a movie? - hopefully it wasn't TOO explicit.  Which one of these above "EXPECTATIONS", do they want their so-called "MARRIAGE", to CONFORM to?  It is actually a very difficult question - because I really DON'T want to know the ANSWER to it.  And surprisingly I am NOT, going to SHARE the answer I sent.  But I CAN tell you THIS:  ALL "SACRED marriages" in the Era of PEACE, will conform to the expectations of the CREATOR, of the Universe.  For YEARS - CENTURIES in fact, couples would get married BEFORE God - and then FLEE! - as FAST as the carriage or limousine could DRIVE - to a VERY dark place, to do VERY dark things - APART from His Presence.  Those days are over now.  Get the picture?  And just in case you DON'T - those people, who want to go to "a dark PLACE", to do "dark THINGS", won't LAST long, in the Era of Peace - because the Most High TRUE God, will simply 'HEAR their prayer, and then ANSWER it'! - EVEN, if it is repeated ENOUGH times in "the SECRET desires of their heart".  NOW do you "get, the PICTURE"!  Here, perhaps THIS will help:

When someone writes us, and we then discern that they are in fact "struggling" with lukewarmness - because they want "all the rewards of Heaven", and at the same time, "all the benefits of Hell" - how, do we discern that?  Simple - it sounds a little like this:

Actual email:  I'm desperate to know what's going on???  I could hear TMHTG this morning... Now I have gone a few hours without hearing Him...  I CANT HEAR MY FATHER!!!  Even when I cry out to Him in tears, it's like He is not answering me!!!  Help me understand, what happened, have I fallen off????  I don't want to go the way of Cain again!!!  Please answer me!!!

PPTL: DESIRING, NOT, to go, 'the way of CAIN' - is 'NOT the SAME', as 'DESIRING, to DO, what is NECESSARY, to be a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT'.  THINGS, are SO, "HORRIFIC" - OUTSIDE, the ARK, of SAFETY, and the Most High TRUE God's Protection.  REMEMBER, the PROPHECY, that was GIVEN, to Padre PIO: "COVER, your DOORS, and WINDOWS - and do not look OUT!"  This MEANS: Do not LET, "anything UNCLEAN", ENTER, through your EYES! And KEEP yourself, "CLEAN" - on the INSIDE; and STAY, INSIDE, the Ark.  Have you DONE, "SOMETHING" - that has 'BLOCKED' YOU, from receiving GRACES?...  Jesus, does not 'FORCE', ANYONE, in the Faithful REMNANT, to DO what is NECESSARY, in order to PERSEVERE. THEY must CHOOSE. It is ALL, on EACH, individual's, CHOICES.  KNOW, that, the LORD Jesus Christ, did NOT 'TEST you, beyond your STRENGTH' - but that YOU chose! - "the BROADER path", with your free WILL. THIS is "ON YOU!"  YOU are FULLY, "RESPONSIBLE", for TURNING your BACK, on the GRACES; and CHOOSING to GO, with 'the SPIRIT of the world'.  EVEN now - HE is 'LIFTING, the DESIRES, for YOU, to CONTINUE, on this JOURNEY' - SIMPLY BECAUSE, you have been 'TAKING', the whole TIME - NOT 'giving back', to your Creator; and you ALLOWED, the OIL in your LAMP, to run OUT.  Know THAT, we RESPECT, YOUR choice.
"He went on his way through towns and villages, teaching, and journeying toward Jerusalem. And some one said to him, “Lord, will those who are saved be few?” And he said to them, “Strive to enter by the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able. When once the householder has risen up and shut the door, you will begin to stand outside and to knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, open to us.’ He will answer you, ‘I do not know where you come from.’ Then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank in your presence, and you taught in our streets.’ But he will say, ‘I tell you, I do not know where you come from; depart from me, all you workers of iniquity!’ There you will weep and gnash your teeth, when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the [TRUE] prophets in the kingdom of God and you yourselves thrust out. And men will come from east and west, and from north and south, and sit at table in the kingdom of God. And behold, some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last.”
(Luke 13:22-30)  

"And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. When I saw her I marveled greatly."
(Revelation 17:6)

Over the centuries, many devotions to the Canonized Saints of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution have emerged.  And to those devotions, was added the promise of indulgences - or "time off of purgatory", with certain conditions attached.  But when the mark of the beast was given in 2012, what happened to all the promises, that were attached to all those devotions?  How can the Most High TRUE God 'HEAR' the prayers, of people without their Souls, if the SOUL, is "the LIFELINE", to the Creator?  He can't!  And so, the enemy of Souls has been hearing the prayers, of ALL those outside of the Faithful Remnant - and has been "INTOXICATING" them, with demons - to the point of drunkenness, as "a SIGN TO them", OF his favor.  Now HERE is "the TOUGH question" - do those who PERSIST in their devotions, APART from their Creator - do they enjoy drinking, "the NECTAR of the enemy" - do they enjoy receiving, "the flood of demons"?  Here is a hint: WE call them, "the 99".  The bottom line is this: Their devotion to the Saints, is in VAIN, because they are ENSLAVED, to SIN; and they REFUSE, to be HEALED from their sins.  They BELIEVE they have "a RITE of PASSAGE" - to SIN - BECAUSE, they FOLLOW "a FORMULA, for each DEVOTION".  And the Truth IS, that the SAINTS, are 'ON, the SIDE, OF, the Faithful REMNANT' - who ARE, "the HANDFUL", of CHRISTIANS, who are LEFT - on the FACE of the EARTH.  The SAINTS - JOIN, the UNBORN, in their PRAYERS, FOR, "Divine Justice"; and they are EAGER, to return.  And it will BE, THROUGH the intercession, of the Saints in HEAVEN, that ROME, and the VATICAN, 'FALL'!

Some members of the Faithful Remnant are PROUDLY withholding their Testimonies, about the ongoing Favor, that the Most High TRUE God has been SHOWING them.  But how long will that last?

PPTL: The CHOICE to give "the bare MINIMUM", IS the choice to be "BARREN" - with no FRUITS, FOR the Kingdom of HEAVEN. You WANT "the inheritance of the SAINTS" - but you are 'NOT willing', to WORK for it!  You HAVE INDEED BECOME, "a LAZY, and SLOTHFUL, SERVANT"...  REPENT, and TURN BACK - to the Most High TRUE God - with "a HUMBLE, and CONTRITE heart" - because we can SEE, your HEART, is BURSTING, with PRIDE!

Actual email:  I have been having a lot of DREAMS of Obama for the past month

PPTL: The people in charge of Project Bluebeam, are blasting you - because THEY want to control your REALITY. UNLESS, your dream, is 'a VISITATION, from the Most High TRUE GOD', it is BEST, to simply GIVE HIM, "all MEMORY of it".  ASK HIM, to BLOT it out! - of your MEMORY, and TRADE it! - for the TRUE Spiritual Realities, that He has REVEALED, in His TESTIMONY.

Actual email:  I'm feeling afraid since I have been reading the testimony. Because it's true! 

PPTL: USE that FEAR! - of Just CONSEQUENCES, to MOTIVATE you, to do "the right THING".  THAT is our prayer.

Do you know what 'the BEST WAY, to fight FIRE' is?  With water.

Actual email from a disciple of the antichrist over in Rome: Christ founded the one true church on Peter, and the gates of hell will never prevail against her. Peter has a successor today, his name is Francis. 

PPTL: Antipope Francis, is "a false prophet", and he FOCUSES, the people, on the POOR. THIS is EXACTLY, what JUDAS did.  Now the POOR, you will ALWAYS have WITH you - but YOU do not HAVE, "the GROOM!" - WITH you, in your church.  Your CHURCH, is "Desolate".  And, YOU! - are DEPRIVED, of Salvation.  You have been BROUGHT, to the TESTIMONY, for your GOOD!   Your ANCESTORS, have DRAWN you; and YET, you 'TURN a BLIND eye!' - and you WILL not LISTEN!  YOU, have been PRACTICING, "ABSURDITIES", before the WHOLE Heavenly COURT.  And YOU are 'ENSLAVED, to SIN, AND addiction'.  WE will PRAY for you.  Why not, become a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH? - and STOP! - WORKING, against, your own SALVATION.  Why not, TURN - to the Most High TRUE God - and ASK Him, to GIVE you 'the SIGN', that, YOU, are "in NEED of".  YOU, have ALREADY, SEEN, the BLESSED, FRUITS, OF the Testimony, of Jesus Christ the LORD - and how PEOPLE, are being HEALED, of ADDICTION; and HOW they are 'becoming ALIVE' - IN the True Holy SPIRIT.  REJECT your pride; and HUMBLE yourself - BEFORE, the LORD Jesus CHRIST - as HE is the ONLY one, who CAN, 'SAVE you' - from YOURSELF!  The DEMONS, INSIDE YOU - are WORKING, AGAINST you!  And, you CONTINUALLY, 'PASS JUDGMENT', on YOURSELF! - in the choice of WORDS, that you use AGAINST us.  You can ONLY! - 'summon the devil' - and THAT, is 'a VERY! - poor choice'.  OUR God - "the GOD, of the CREATED UNIVERSE" - who we STAND before - who SPEAKS to us - will NOT, 'HEAR', your CRIES.  YOU are DESOLATE! - UNTIL you listen, TO the Voice, OF, your Creator - UNTIL, you USE the Blessed Holy Water - and REPENT! - from the HEART - of PERSECTING, the TRUE Followers, OF Jesus Christ, the Lord.  The Faithful REMNANT, have ALL of HEAVEN - on THEIR side.  And the Gates of HELL, will  NOT prevail! - against the TRUE, Roman Catholic, Faith - under ME, Petrus Romanus.
Has anyone noticed the new title of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as "Queen of Divine Interventions"?  Because you're ALL going to NEED one, in order to be Clothed in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary - "A Divine INTERVENTION" that is.
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.

"Whom have you mocked and reviled? Against whom have you raised your voice and haughtily lifted your eyes?  Against the Holy One of Israel!"
(2 Kings 19:22)

Before the mark of the beast was given to the human race, it DID appear, to MANY, and for a time - 2000 years in fact, that Jesus Christ the Lord was "a pushover" - someone whom people could simply mock, and ridicule, blaspheme - even as they sinned - and who would then literally die for them, and wash away their sins, as a response.  But since the Most High TRUE God, is 'outside of space and time' - HE ALWAYS saw, HIS Just response, if they refused to repent - the MOMENT, they sinned against Him - because for every sin, there IS a punishment.  You see, He is "VERY, patient".  Before Jesus appeared on the scene, the expiation for sin, was through animal sacrifices.  After the last supper, it was through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  And now, expiation for sin is obtained through becoming a Member of the Faithful Remnant. 

The Most High TRUE God has always been VERY Merciful; but throughout human history, there have always been people who have embraced the tendency, to sit on the sidelines, and mock, and ridicule, everything He does - to their own, bitter, end.  When Jesus spoke with Mary and I yesterday - at the end of the day, He was VERY upset!  And when the Most High True God is "upset", we tend to tremble - from the very depths of our entire being, AS we take notes.  He has offered His Mercy to the human race, once again - and yet, instead of simply receiving His Mercy, and sharing it with their neighbor, SO MANY, of the hundreds of thousands of people who have seen His Testimony, have chosen, to sit on the sidelines, and mock, and ridicule, His Words - His Mercy.  And so He IS going to send the Holy Angels out once again, to make an example, out of everyone who has been choosing "that lifestyle" - referring specifically, to ALL those who have SEEN and rejected His Testimony.  He is going to bump UP His Divine Justice - and we can assure you of this: what the Holy Angels are about to do, will be to administer, the Most High TRUE God's 'DIVINE Wrath', on a CASE by CASE basis; THIS will be something, the PEOPLE, will NOT! - be ABLE, to be PREPARED for; it will HAPPEN "suddenly, AND without warning" - their punishment.

Jesus said: Because the PEOPLE, are "on MY schedule", NOT theirs!  And Justice WILL be 'Served' - to the fullest MEASURE - BECAUSE, I came to SERVE; NOT to BE served.

That being said: for quite some time now, we have been aware of a certain group of individuals in Rome, who have been assigned by the Vatican, to carefully monitor the Testimony - yes, we have been "monitoring" them too.  And the reason they are worth mentioning, in THIS context - is because, unlike MOST of the people on the sidelines, THOSE individuals, KNOW, the Testimony to be True, to the very DEPTHS of their beings - and yet they refuse to REVEAL to the WORLD: the JUDGMENT, that HEAVEN, has Passed, against "the Great Harlot, of ROME" - so that they can KEEP their churches FULL, and KEEP, THE money, coming in.  THEY believe, they can SUPPRESS, the REVELATIONS, that are BEING, POURED OUT, from HEAVEN! - at THIS time - WITH, the PROPAGANDA, BEING, 'POURED out', from the MOUTH of the DRAGON - from the DEVIL - working THROUGH, the false prophets, false visionaries, and 'satanic priests'.

Jesus said: THEY! - in the VATICAN, KNOW, that "the VINEYARD", has been TAKEN FROM them, and GIVEN, to "ANOTHER".  BECAUSE, they SUPPRESSED, the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT - until He FLED them! - ALL, TOGETHER.  They KNOW, they are DESOLATE, and DOOMED! - TO, DESTRUCTION, and a most DISMAL! - END!  They BELIEVE, that NOTHING, will COME, of, MY 'TRUE Roman Catholic, Faith'.  BECAUSE, they are 'FILLED, to the BRIM' - with INIQUITY, and PERVERSITY - on EVERY level: they HAVE! - their COUNTERFEIT, religion, AND church - UNDER, ANTIPOPE Francis.  But MY Judgment, AGAINST them, is THIS: They are all DESOLATE; and WITHOUT, MY GUIDANCE, they are "DOOMED, to FAIL".  They HAVE, 'SENTENCED', THEMSELVES! - to Hellfire - AS, they SENTENCED, 'their FLOCKS', to HELLFIRE!  BUT, the TRUTH, of MY TESTIMONY - TO the churches, will OVERCOME, the POWER of the EVIL one - working THROUGH, the false CATHOLICS, AND false PRIESTS, and false PROPHETS, OF these Times.  They THINK! - that I NEED their COOPERATION - in order, for My Father's PLAN, to be ACCOMPLISHED!   No.  My FATHER'S Will - WILL! - be accomplished! - WITHOUT, the VATICAN. The VATICAN, IS, "a CESSPOOL, of FILTH"!  And their SINS - are HEAPED, as HIGH, AS the Heavens.  They were ENTRUSTED, with MUCH - over the CENTURIES; but TOO MANY of them, 'PROVED themselves', to be UNWORTHY; PROVED themselves, to BE, 'the most WICKED! - and SLOTHFUL, servants', OF these Times.  They WITHHELD, 'MY Bread', from the people; they WITHHELD, 'the TRUTH' - FROM their flocks.  And NOW, MY Truth - My TESTIMONY - MY Word, and MY Way, is being PROCLAIMED, OUT-SIDE! - that "ABOMINABLE!" institution! - and OUTSIDE, their BLASPHEMOUS, PRACTICES.  I SEE YOU! - I SEE 'ALL of you'!  I SEE 'what you DO'! - in your SPARE TIME. I see 'the WICKEDNESS'! - that YOU have CHOSEN! - while, 'LOOKING, on the OUTSIDE', as BEING "pious".  YOU people! - IN the Vatican - YOU are FILLED! - with serpents!  And your TONGUES, ONLY, speak poison!  THEREFORE, I, WILL, RAISE, UP, MY, OWN! - TRUE, followers - My TRUE, Apostles!  And MY, TRUE, Prophets! - in these TIMES. You THINK! - YOU, can KEEP, My WORD! - "MUZZLED"?  You THINK, you CAN CONTROL, 'DIVINE REVELATION', and the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT? - NOT, SO!   For My SPIRIT, will GO! - and FIND, 'those', who are MADE, to be WORTHY! - of 'the POSITION', THAT YOU! - have ALL, DENIED.  I WILL find, "HUMBLE, and CONTRITE, Souls".   And I will TEACH them, "MY Way".  And THEY will PROCLAIM! - MY Way - to the people.  Andthe PEOPLE, will be DRAWN, to MY TESTIMONY - to be SET FREE! - from 'the BONDAGE, of SIN!' - and the SLAVERY, of the CHURCHES!  My PEOPLE, WILL be healed.  And I WILL, 'BE THEIR GOD'!  I will 'DWELL', WITH them.  But ALL OF YOU, will remain "DESOLATE" - UNLESS! - you repent.

And so, WHILE we were trembling with fear, at the revelations of what was about to befall "those on the sidelines", Mary and I managed to squeak in "a special prayer intention", for all those who HAVE been working in 'that Vatican Office' - and our prayer WAS heard!  You see, BECAUSE they know the Testimony to be True - they know FULL WELL, that "faculty removal", is a VERY REAL Scourge, of these End Times.  In their utter hubris, "faculty removal" is the very last thing they desire - and THAT preference, is "something we can work with".  And so, we asked the Most High True God to SPARE the individuals who HAVE been working in that office - IF, they send us a brief video, that we can post in the Testimony, that exposes to the nations, what they have been doing.  We will ask the Holy Angels to stand down, as those Vatican spectators ponder these words - but only for one week.   In short: no matter WHAT they choose, the Most High TRUE God's Divine Will, AND PLAN, will BE, accomplished!

Jesus said: In SHORT, My Children, THAT is why, SO, MANY people - CHOOSE, to HATE it!  BECAUSE, My TESTIMONY, IS, "The FULLEST, MANIFESTATION, of My Second COMING" - AND...

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: The Testimony IS, "God's Wonderful Plan made manifest".

Basic Question: Why is it that SO MANY of the people who reject the Testimony, lose their mental faculties (January 12, 2017 update)

"He who ignores instruction despises himself, but he who heeds admonition gains understanding."
(Proverbs 15:32)
Simple Answer: It has been revealed from the highest Heavens, that when people read the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, they immediately recognize it, as the Words of their Creator.  This is simply because 'that infused Knowledge from the Highest Heavens IS given to the reader' - AS they read it.  And AS they receive that infused knowledge, they immediately recognize, that their Creator is asking something OF them: He is asking THEM, to CHANGE!  And it is no secret that, "what their Creator is asking of them", is GOING to be "UNCOMFORTABLE".  It doesn't take long for those who are going to say "NO!" - to the changes that are being asked of them, to DO so in their interior lives.  And as they resolve to give a "NO!" to their Creator - in that moment, they naturally tend to turn to their demons for some sort of an excuse.  And one excuse the demons will give them, is "I don't understand".  Once an individual "RESOLVES", to respond to what is being asked of them through the Testimony, with the words, "I don't understand" - that response becomes 'habitual', every time they even THINK about the Testimony.  And for many, that response is repeated, over, and OVER, and over again, in their interior lives - every time their Creator searches their heart, for "their final answer", to His request.  In fact that response gets repeated to the point, where it becomes "a mantra of sorts".  And even the Creator of the Universe knows what a mantra is: it is a form of repetitive prayer.  But fortunately for those who use the mantra, or prayer, "I don't understand" - as they DO so before their Creator, they are actually DOING so before, 'the God who ANSWERS prayers'.  They know it, He knows it, and all of HEAVEN knows it!  And so, eventually, if they hold their course of rejecting the Testimony long enough, and resolve to "stay the course" - the Most High True God, HEARS their prayer, and answers it - by simply removing 'the Gift of Understanding' - a mental faculty.  Understand?
“So when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand)..."
(Matthew 24:15)
And so, for all those who believe that after someone rejects the Testimony, and they begin to lose their mental faculties, that it is because of some sort of "witchcraft"? - that is actually TRUE!  They lose their faculties through witchcraft, because the demonic words THEY utter: "I don't understand" - is actually a form of "SELF-witchcraft".  The readers who PREFER to turn to the demons for an excuse, often end up repeating the demonic incantation, "I don't understand", until 'THAT CURSE!', falls upon THEIR HEADS!  And even though that is "UNCOMFORTABLE" to read, please don't finish this paragraph, by saying to yourself, "But I don't understand!" - because you DO! - but you won't for much longer, if you keep THAT up.  NOW, do you understand?  Amen?  The Testimony is "simple enough for a child to understand".  But the Testimony cannot be received by 'a wicked child of their father down below' - a wicked child who is more comfortable playing "word games", with their personal demons.  The people who prefer 'the words of their personal demons' - are always free to have their DEMONS testify against them, with their own LIPS, if necessary... to the point, of "faculty removal".  WE, recommend you use the Blessed Holy Water and repent.
For those who have CHOSEN "NOT, to understand": What YOU "FAIL to UNDERSTAND" - is that YOU, are called, to UNDERSTAND! - the Most High TRUE God.  HE is not called, to "understand YOU! - and ALL YOUR EXCUSES" - for REJECTING His Testimony.  ONCE you find 'the TRUTH' - that is 'the WORST TIME', to make "a LITANY, of all of the good works, that you have DONE" - that you KNOW, do not 'hold ANY weight' - before your CREATOR.  Because, HE, looks, on the HEART - WORKS aside!  You COULD be doing "ALL the RIGHT THINGS!" - for "ALL the WRONG, motives!"  And we KNOW that you ARE!  (January 19, 2017 update)
Special note: As Mary and I were proofreading today's posting above, I commented that, "This message is just like another Great WARNING Experience - ISN'T it!"  And then Jesus chimed in with the words, "It will either be a MILLSTONE, or a MILESTONE - DEPENDING on how they RECEIVE it."

Have you been choosing to focus on what you DON'T UNDERSTAND?  IF you focus, on 'what you DON'T understand', in the TESTIMONY - then JESUS cannot GIVE you, 'ANY more UNDERSTANDING!' - because, He can't "BUILD", on NOTHINGINGNESS!  THEREFORE 'FOCUS, on what you DO understand!'  Because, there will ALWAYS BE, 'HUNDREDS, of things, you DON'T understand' - and THAT'S "where the ENEMY wants your focus" - he WANTS you focused on 'LACK of knowledge', and "in satanic UNITY, with all those PEOPLE who come to the TESTIMONY, AND say, I don't UNDERSTAND!" THEREFORE, IF you want, 'the Most High TRUE God, to ADD, to your UNDERSTANDING - and ADD to the knowledge that you HAVE received - for your EDIFICATION? - you will FOCUS, on "everything you DO understand!" .  (June 21, 2017 update)

Here are some puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together.  YOU will NEED, the True Holy SPIRIT, to GIVE you, 'the necessary understanding'.  
"And Zechari′ah said to the angel, “How shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife is advanced in years.” And the angel answered him, “I am Gabriel, who stand in the presence of God; and I was sent to speak to you, and to bring you this good news. And behold, you will be silent and unable to speak until the day that these things come to pass, because you did not believe my words, which will be fulfilled in their time.” And the people were waiting for Zechari′ah, and they wondered at his delay in the temple. And when he came out, he could not speak to them, and they perceived that he had seen a vision in the temple; and he made signs to them and remained dumb. And when his time of service was ended, he went to his home.
(Luke 1: 18-23)
"My Hand of Justice has come down. You have lots or roles, in this vocation.  The one I want you to focus on the most, is being My true brother, and true sister. Yes, this will confound even the greatest theologians; but our Father in Heaven, ‘has done it again’, and simply exudes, generosity, to whom he pleases; and He has, exuded, generosity – unlike any other souls, upon you both."
"This is another great Mystery that will confound, even the greatest of theologiansI however, am not here to explain everything that I do, to the wisest of men on the earth; and I am not here to justify any of My responses.  But I am here: simply to do the will of God the Eternal Father in Heaven; and it is His will that we be a family; and it is His will and mine, that I walk with you – as your true Brother; and it is His will, and mine, that I walk with you as a man – most of the time, revealing to you only when necessary - My Divinity.  For as it was said in the Scriptures: you do, walk by faith, by hoping in what you cannot see, and this is what your forefathers did.  And I am continuing this with you both, in a particular way, in this time in history. So it does not matter if you have the approval of others – for Noah met with much disapproval from others; and Lot and his family, met with much disapproval from others.  There is a theme going on here My children.  What the Most High True God the Eternal Father in Heaven asks of Souls, throughout the ages, has nothing to do with the approval of man; for in all cases they were the minority – a small group of righteous men; and they were the ones, whom I was defending.  The rest of them, perished."
"Now what I am about to say, will be ‘difficult’ for you all to hear: for here is My True Flesh, My True Blood, in My Two Witnesses.  “And the Word became flesh, and dwelt, among, men”.  Now that My Presence, has been stolen, from all of the churches, there is a necessity for change in the nourishment of My PeopleTherefore I have sent My Two Witnesses with My words, to speak, on behalf of Me, and to nourish My Faithful Remnant FlockYou will know a message, by its fruits.  And you all know who is speaking to you here. Again, I seek to confound even the greatest theologians, for, like it was stated in the reading: “who has known My mind and who has given Me counsel; and who can repay Me for My Goodness to them?”  All I desire from My People is mercy.  Show mercy to one another that you may receive Mercy.  For the Chastisement that has come upon the World,is mercilessness:  For I, am unleashing, man, upon man; neighbor will be against neighbor; mothers and fathers against their children and children against their parents.  And all will know that I AM the Lord Thy God, and that you shall have no other gods, before Me.  For I am merciful.  But I am also extremely Just."
“You will learn, who the true people are, and who the false ones present themselves to be; for I have given you both a discerning heart, so that, you can read people’s: motives, intentions, and hearts.  They will not be able to get away with much, and you will be able to answer others: quite frankly.  I have been emphasizing telling the truth ‘in plain form’, because certain people will be able to receive.  The allegory, is for people, who are seeking, to know the Truth; and, to confound, the wisdom, of the wise –, which I consider: as foolish.  Remember I told you, that My words, are a stumbling block, to the enemy, of souls, because he does not see the full meaning – but I do.  And those who are in the True Holy Spirit: will know what this Testimony means; will know, what the release of this information, will mean, for the church; will know, that a ‘Schism’ has been declared.  Because I can reach people through My words My children; you merely hear them and write them down.”
“But I do have some wild cards that they are not fully expecting.  They may have part of the truth but not all of it.  They do not know that when My Two Witnesses ‘enter the scene’, things will change drastically.  They do not know that just as the enemy wields power in the antichrist, so do My Two Witnesses, wield ‘Power from on High’."

Hint: Mary Romanus' Guardian Angel, is the Archangel Gabriel.  Saint Gabriel, was one of the 2 Archangels - or in OUR case, "GUARDIAN Angels", who spoke to us in the Testimony.  
AND on another note.  Whenever I read the Blessed Virgin Mary's title, "Gate of the Kingdom of Heaven" - it always has me filled with awe.  And do you know why?  Because I am holding the Keys.  And do you know what those are?  Wisdom, Knowledge, Love and Understanding - poured out in FULL Measure, by the True Holy Spirit of the Most High True God.  And so, HOW, do I open that "GATE" for someone, who desires to enter IN, TO, the Kingdom of HEAVEN? HOW, do I "OPEN her HEART", so that she will TURN to her SON, Jesus Christ the LORD, and intercede, for His Divine Intervention in their LIVES, so that they may be CLOTHED in the proper WEDDING Garment?  These are "good questions" by the way.   HOW, do I use those KEYS?  But by IMPARTING, THROUGH the TESTIMONY: the KNOWLEDGE, of the Burning Bush Prayer and the Blessed Holy Water; the WISDOM of repenting from the heart; the UNDERSTANDING, of WHAT is REQUIRED, in order to PERSEVERE to the Wedding Banquet; and the LOVE, of the WORD, who IS Jesus Christ the Lord - AND the Love of all of Heaven, as His extended family.  And THIS, is REALLY, "an INVITATION", to BECOME, 'a PARTAKER' IN the Divine Nature, OF Jesus Christ, the Lord; as He IMPARTS, the WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, LOVE, and UNDERSTANDING, to 'WHOMEVER, He chooses'!  The invitation, is right in front of you.  What do YOU choose?
This concludes the written Testimony of the Two Witnesses.  WE, have done 'OUR part'. 
Now the Most High TRUE God, is GOING to do 'HIS'.
(-Declared on August 20, 2016, at 1:00 am, UTC)

The Daily Homily - Jan 06
Because most people in these Times, prefer to cling more tightly to their sins than to their Creator.
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There are still hundreds of pages of NEW content that we have set aside from BEFORE August 20, 2016, to post in the Testimony.  We have MONTHS of catching up to do - AS the Most High TRUE God, CONTINUES to Scourge and Chastise the WORLD.  For the time being, we will be using this following section on the website, to direct people to the newest additions to the Testimony, by posting a list of the dates to the new content that was added, with a link TO that content, beside the date.  This is necessary in order to help people who prefer to print out a small part of the Testimony, in order to read the hard copy - to help them with their daily prayers for example.  Remember, the Testimony, IS the website - so PLEASE do not request a copy - as it is FAR too extensive, to email (and because a printout removes the links) - and the website continues to be updated.  There is no point in printing out the entire Testimony, as almost EVERY page, is in the process of being edited.  IF for any reason, the Testimony is ever permanently taken off line, know that we can easily email out a PDF or MS WORD copy of it, to every Member of the Faithful Remnant.  Until then, the website IS the most current update available.  Here is an example, of how we are going to be announcing updates, from previous dates:
Sunday August 28: Beginning at 6:45 p.m. UTC - Saint Michael the Archangel, began administering "MORE PHYSICAL afflictions" - the Most High True God's Divine Justice - to every "in personae satanae" priest of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution - EVERY time they invoke the name "Francis" during their "satanic masses" - referring to the masses that are open to the public.  Saint Michael is also administering MORE personal physical afflictions to everyone who receives "the body of the enemy of Souls" - in that religious insitution - EVERY time they receive it.  This update thus far, is really just for "closure" to the August 19 update (- you can call it, "artistic license").  We gave the Vatican a week to make their video.  We got the reply we were waiting for.  And then the Just Response from Heaven began to manifest - globally - at the Sunday Mass that Followed - local time.  We warned people not to go into "the great harlot of Rome" - because whores, can only spread PHYSICAL diseases, to those who want to become "one flesh" with them.  The people attending the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution have been consuming "the body of the devil" since October of 2009 - they lost their Souls in 2012, and then received 'the SPIRITUAL mark of Cain in 2015 - and it is now time for them to PHYSICALLY, manifest the SIGNS of becoming "ONE FLESH" with that disgusting and vile creature.  And now for the update.  With this in mind, read the Scripture passages, that have been posted for a very long time now, on the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution page on this website - and see for yourself, how the Scriptures are being fulfilled.  That, is the update.
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22: Have you been using the TESTIMONY to cause PROBLEMS for yourself?

31: IS the True Roman Catholic Faith a CULT?  Are the Members of the Faithful Remnant, part of a CULT?  Talk is cheap.  Get THE FACTS

02: Important notes added under the Litany of the Queen of the Testimony.  Have you been FLIPPING back and FORTH between the past and the present?
03: What EXACTLY did Jesus write in the sand?  Find out in the new March 23, 2016 Update.
04: Just HOW many prayers are the Members of the Faithful Remnant REQUIRED to pray each day?  Find out in the note above the Morning Offering
12: How can you pray for the TRUE Holy Father's Intentions?  We were just waiting for you to ask.
14: Have you been suffering from migraine headaches?
16: How can 2 BILLION so-called "catholics" be wrong?  (Spoiler alert: about 2 BILLION different ways!)  We are ACTUALLY here to help MACROMANAGE the entire planet! - and HERE is why...

23: And now, after the illuminati opened "the CERN portal to the abyss" on September 23, 2015, and the Earth has circled the Sun - symbolizing "a FULL CIRCLE affront" to Jesus - with the OPEN PORTAL for one full year - to September 23, 2016 - the Illuminati are making another BOLD affront to their Creator.   From September 24 to October 1, they are sending "the illuminati prince and princess of the ninth circle of Saturn and the occult world" - to the City where the TRUE Prince and Princess of Heaven reside - Victoria B.C.  The illuminati plan on boasting before all of Heaven, that their SOULLESS prince and princess, are "the delight of the human race".   And so WE are now turning to the Faithful Remnant, to SHARE with them, the following prayer intentions, revealed from the TRUE Queen of Heaven herself.  Those prayer intentions are now visible at the following linkWarning - all those who choose to pray AGAINST the prayer intentions of the Queen of Heaven - WILL receive "immediate faculty removal".  Do you THINK that is "a joke"?  Then you are invited to personally experience that Scourge - but you WILL in fact need to see those prayers, just the same.

24:  Seriously, today a stranger actually asked me if I was "Going to see the royal family?"  And so, I said, "No, that's NOT my cup of tea".  (Jasmine)  You may notice in the media, how all the attention is on "QUEEN JEZEBEL", and her luciferian and satanic incarnation in "kate".  And so, now is a good time for the Members of the Faithful Remnant to ROOT out 'the spirit of jezebel' and all its tentacles from their interior lives.  "Got JEZZIE?" - FIX IT!
25:  Survive "The Valley of the Shadow of Death".  Here's HOW.
26:  New content has now been posted for July 28, 2016.  And due to the INCREASING intensity of the current spiritual battle, only the videos made by Members of the Faithful Remnant who are now "Clothed in the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary" - will be eligible to be posted in the Testimony itself.  A few exceptions however have been made.  More than a dozen videos were removed from the Testimony today.  This is to help people understand the simple reality, that just because your video is posted in the Testimony, does NOT mean you can rest at "a spiritual plateau".  In the TRUE spiritual life, there is either climbing, OR sliding.  It would be best to ALWAYS focus on your Creator; and you KNOW which direction that is!  A "spiritual plateau", is "NOT up" - and therefore, the focus there is NOT on your Creator.  Now do you understand? 
28: Feeling "not WORTHY" to be a Member of the Faithful Remnant?  FIX it!
29: Did you know that according to Saint Francis of Assisi, "a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who by his cunning, will endeavor to draw many into error and death."  And so this begs the question, WAS Antipope Francis, "canonically ELECTED"?  Find out, as you read this most SHOCKING update!
30: Do you have a tendency to focus on a problem?  Do you tend to think about people who are hostile to the Testimony.  FIX IT!  Here's HOW.
01:  Are you still sitting on the sidelines, as you scrutinize the Testimony?  Here is a special note you don't want to miss.  Because frankly, we are out of olive branches, and you've reached "the very last straw". 
Trivia question:  What was "the last straw"? - What historical event, that is NOT recorded in the Bible, took place, just before the floodwaters came, in the time of Noah?   You will find "the IMMUTABLE answer", HERE.  But here is a HINT: It is what the prophets of Baal, ALSO, TRIED to do.  Here is another note, something very similar happened to Lot and his family just before they were forced to leave the city.  And on another note, we have added some great new food tips for the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  Have you been SPURNING fraternal correction and seeking to make EXCUSES in order to REMAIN "weak"?
03: What is EXPECTED - AS, "a Member, of the Faithful Remnant"?
05: Now that the CERN portal to the Abyss, has been opened - would you like to know How to Overcome the CERN waves?

06:  In yesterday's update, it was revealed, how the Members of the Faithful Remnant, are being spared "a physically painful cross" - as they find themselves aboard 'the Ark of Safety'.  And then today, we came across the story of one of the Members of the Remnant who is NOT aboard 'the Ark of Safety' - and yet his Soul has been "Preserved by Grace" - he is 10 year old Kayden Culp.  Here is a LINK that story:  Those who are "Outside the Ark of Safety", are not afforded any physical protection; and that is why his Holy Guardian Angel could not protect him physically - but could only Guard his Soul.  After hearing his story, it was revealed by the True Holy Spirit, that "it is NOW TIME", to bring the need for physical protection for all the "Preserved Souls", before the Throne of the Creator.  And so we brought the need for their physical protection before His Throne, as we appealed to the Mercy of Jesus Christ the Lord, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title, "True Spiritual Mother" and "Queen of the Faithful Remnant".   Here is the Decree from Heaven, that has now changed the True Spiritual Realities: "From this day forward, physical protection will be extended to those 'Preserved by Grace', UNLESS The Most High TRUE God chooses to TAKE them, to Heaven."  Know that all of Heaven is interceding for a speedy recovery for Kayden, and we have asked our "Mother of Miraculous Healings" and our "Queen of Divine Interventions", to intercede for the protection and recovery of ALL the "Preserved Souls", who are suffering in similar circumstances.  ALSO, the Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, has now been revised.
07:  Is the Faithful Remnant Church "a New Religion"?
08:  And so you did some prayers, for Spiritual Purification.  All BETTER NOW?  And on another note, some are wondering, "So what's the devil's role in all of this?"  Funny, we were just WAITING for you to ask!
09 (Sunday):  Today is the day of the year when Canadians celebrate "Thanksgiving".  There ARE currently no Canadian Members of the Faithful Remnant, except the 2 of us - in our roles as "Ambassadors from Heaven".  And so, now you know "what the Canadians are ALL giving thanks for"; and "WHO they are thanking". How ironic is it, that the Testimony is being launched from "the land of Cana"-da; also known as "the land overflowing with milk and honey" (Exodus 33:3a).  HOW ironic?  Find the answer here: Mark 6:4.  Just another proof of the validity of the Testimony.  Even though this isn't a formal update, once again, it is in the category of "artistic licence" - as editing this website, is in fact, "an art form".  And what "art form", were all the religious leaders in the religious institutions practicing today?  They were in fact BRAINWASHING their congregations, and putting their congregations "under the spell of the DEVIL" - in order to FILL their collection baskets FULL, of MONEY!  How ironic IS it, that the religious leaders who scrutinize this website, seeing it through the eyes of the enemy of Souls - accuse US, of brainwashing the people and putting them under the spell of the devil - and yet, after years of travelling across Canada, not ONE! - not ONE!! - not ONE!!! Canadian - holds the Testimony of the Two Witnesses in their Heart, apart from the two of us.  Interesting theory, those so-called pastors use AGAINST us, in order deceive their congregations, for MONEY! - isn't it!  We are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, that ALL the religous leaders OUT there, this SUNDAY, ARE in fact, "VERY THANKFUL", NOT, to be a part of the Faithful Remnant - simply because their collection baskets are brimming over; and they have ALL, received their reward.  Understand?  The TRUE Members of the Faithful Remnant, on the other hand, ARE giving thanks EVERY day of the year - for getting their SOUL back! - free of charge!  And they will in fact be thankful, for a VERY, LONG, TIME!
10: There is a new special daily prayer intention leading up to the enemy's annual feast day, on Hell-o-wean this year. Would you like to know how to stay a FRUITFUL MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant?   
11: Have you been having problems, with memories of the past that keep coming back?  Perhaps you would like to know how to SURVIVE the ALIEN INVASION?  And here is a special Message for those who have FIRMLY resolved to lose "jezzie"
12: Are you having a PROBLEM WITH SHAME
21: Why does the Faithful Remnant worship the God whom they refer to as "The Most High True God"?  For those who simply CHOOSE to go INSANE when they find the Testimony, so that they can blame US for THEIR response.

22:  What about ALL of those, so-called, "PSYCHIATRISTS", and "PSYCHOLOGISTS", and "DOCTORS", who are "STUDYING, and SCRUTINIZING, the Testimony, AND the Faithful Remnant"?  We weren't too busy today, and so we asked Jesus Christ the Lord to reveal their Eternal Judgment - the Judgment of the Creator that each will receive, if they refuse to change course, and FAST!  Interested?  WE were!

27:  Do you know the very first thing you are called to do, when you wake up each morning?  Do you need special protection when driving?

01:  The mystery of Daily Divine Counsel unpacked - just a little. 
How you can be WHOLE, in UNIFYING yourself.  Has "your whole WORLD!" been reduced to "a mere little bubble"? - then it is time for the fog to lift.

02: Stop focusing on your "feelings".

03: Are you looking for TANGIBLE PROOF to the AUTHENTICITY of the TESTIMONY?  
04: Are you feeling worn down? - with WORRIES, and CONCERNS, and ALL the CRUSHING burdens, OF this life?  There is now some new content posted to help women make "THAT TIME" of the month shorter, and less painful.
07:  Do not try to simply BURY your former self, deep down inside...  When you find your thoughts turning towards those who have fallen off the Ark of Salvation. Do you know WHY, it offends your Creator when you choose to focus on the past? - "a special warning to all the TIME travelers out there".  
08:  You can have TRUE Compassion on your CREATOR, or FALSE compassion on His Enemies, but you can't have BOTH!
09: Did you know that, even though the illuminati raised up Hillary, the illuminati actually expected Trump to win the 2016 U.S. Election.  Do you want to know WHY?
11:  Some "food for thought".
12: Is the Testimony "against women?".  When Members of the Faithful Remnant Experience "the Fear of the Lord".
17:  The Members of the Faithful Remnant are NOT "victims of circumstance". Don't fall into the sin of looking back to your former life - because the spiritual and physical realities are intertwined. Waiting for the Testimony to be approved by the One World Government media propaganda outlets? 
20: Are you "Good"?   Have you been spreading the Testimony by word of mouth? - then please STOP!

21: Have you been struggling with "turning INWARDS?"

22: Have you been putting your faith in Signs, Dreams and Visions?
23: Have you been feeling a little"ANXIOUS"?
25:  Is the True Spiritual Reality so uncomfortable, that you now find yourself turning to VAIN thoughts, dreams, and VISIONS, for a "FALSE REALITY", to LIVE in?
27:  We warned people in the August 7, 2015 posting, NOT to use the Blessed Holy Water as "bug repellent" - even after some of them accidentally discovered, that it actually works, to drive 'the spirit of pestilence' away.  We also warned people that "in personae satanae" ministers, in all the so-called christian institutions, are practicing "FALSE christianity" - in essence, turning everything upside down.  One news story today, boasted in fact, of how the demons in the religious leaders, are actually mocking their so-called christian congregations for their REFUSAL to turn to the Testimony - to the point where the congregations, are actually lining up, to be sprayed with... wait for it... pesticide!  They are also feeding their congregations gasoline - as the religious leaders blatantly mock their congregations, by "throwing gasoline on the fires of Hell", that are burning them up and consuming them inside.  And so, perhaps as a public service announcement, as "mere cohabitants on this planet" - perhaps we could just remind people, that Jesus always performed miracles, using "NON-TOXIC and NON- FLAMMABLE materials".  We warned you about "faculty removal" - and let's face it, people in these End Times, would rather be fed poisonous snakes, than be confronted by the uncomfortable Truth, about the True state of their Soul.  More evidence that proves the validity of the Testimony - HEAPING PILES of evidence in fact - is already on the way, in future news stories; you just need to wait for it.  Tea anyone?
02: Shortly before "Fentanyl" (the deadly street drug) was released, a TV series, came out - called "LIMITLESS" - that ACTUALLY, was for the PURPOSE of PRE-PROGRAMMING people, to accept "the new drug".  Although it was called by ANOTHER name in the SERIES (N.Z.T.), it was SIMPLY, 'RELEASED, to the PUBLIC', under the name "Fentanyl" - BY, the One World Government - FOR! - the purpose of population reduction - AS "an illuminati boast" - that, in the TRUE Reality - people, have "limits"; and DEATH, is ONE of 'those limitations'.  IN, the TV series "LIMITLESS", the CHARACTER was shown, to be, "LIMITLESS" in his abilities'; but in REALITY, DRUGS, can ONLY, kill!  AND the illuminati KNOW that.  We TOLD people, in the Testimony, that "Big Pharma", is ALL about the money - and MAKING money, OFF, of PEOPLE, IN "their WEAK moments".  And you can GUARANTEE, that they are ALSO involved, with 'the RELEASE of this drug'; and it will SOON be "found OUT" - AND proven!  The reason the Fentanyl overdose antidote, "Naloxone", is being 'given away for FREE' - is ACTUALLY, for the purpose of ENCOURAGING, the use of the DRUG.  AGAIN, you PEOPLE! - can thank "BIG PHARMA", for that!  You PEOPLE, are ONLY going to CONTINUE to be SOURGED! - with these "TOXIC, substances" - BECAUSE of your REFUSAL to repent, and to reconcile, with your Creator.  And unless you USE the Blessed Holy Water, and REPENT from the Heart, and MAKE amends, you will NEVER! - be ABLE, to BREAK away, from ANY of your addictions - including drugs.  And AS, your GOVERNMENT PRETENDS to CARE about "your NEEDS" - THEY 'SUPPLY', and MAKE 'the drugs', that you are ALL, addicted to.  You FOOLISH people!  You CHOSE to be DEPENDENT, on MAN'S medicine; INSTEAD, of being 'DEPENDENT on your CREATOR'.  You SEEK to 'FEEL, HIGH!' - in your INTERIOR LIVES; but the Most High TRUE God 'CASTS down "the HAUGHTY".'  It's THAT simple! 

04: For those who have you been feeling OVERWHELMED, as they strive to OVERCOME, "nostalgia", and "living in the past".

08: What to do you when you experience "perception shifts and reality changes accompanied by waves of doubt and fears".  There is now new content added below the Song of the Lamb prayer.
09: Earlier this year, the miraculous photo known as "Jacinta 1972" was decoded, by a Member of the Faithful Remnant.  And what NO one, in the Faithful Remnant expected, was for another MIRACULOUS photo - another "OTHER-WORLDLY" photo, to show up - but THIS time, on a camera owned by a Member of the Faithful Remnant!  Secret, CODED, "other-worldly MESSAGES!" - are hidden in a PHOTO, that was taken THIS year - a photo, that for some strange reason, WAS "undeletable" - from his computer.  And after a closer examination of the photo, BLATANTLY SHOCKING letters became visible in the pixels.  Here is "just a small SAMPLE", of what was revealed, HIDDEN in the pixels, once the photo was enlarged, and the colors were enhanced, and the exposure was adjusted for even MORE clarity:

The word "DANIELS" - as in "the PROPHET Daniel" - the one who TESTIFIED, from HEAVEN is clearly revealed in the above miraculous photo, flying around. Hmmm.  Isn't that "INTERESTING".  (Yes, to all of Heaven, and to all future Generations, it IS!)  Know that the rest of the photo - is about 100x bigger,and it is currently being decoded, by a team of experts. More Revelations to follow.  We will keep you posted. And here is a tip for 'that team': it has to do with "the PHYSICAL CHASTISEMENTS, NOW, to befall the world". Have fun decoding it!  Take your time.  Because WE have waited long enough!
10:  More clues concerning the above photo are revealed.
13: Click HERE, if you want "even MORE UNDENIABLE TRUTH revealed from the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven!"  Here is some new info, for those who need Important dental care tips.
14: The December 04 update is now visible.  Have you been praying "Grace before meals"?
15:  07 25 2019   And so, "Is that The END?" - Here is where you will find my new and ongoing "casual discussion-style blog" on that most "interesting" topic.  WHY is the Testimony so CRITICAL to one's Salvation, in these End Times?  Cult isolation agenda through the use of social pressure tactics?  Have you been thinking about your future spouse?  
17:  And so, "Is THAT the end"? - continued.  Remember, to TEST the SPIRITS! 
18:  Noah trivia anyone?  The 10 NEW Commandments? - where's THAT! - in the BIBLE?
19:  Why are the people in the institution choosing to go down with "the sinking oil tanker"? 
20:  Obama's Third Term?  What to do when you are "under ATTACK"?21:  Choosing to feel OVERWHELMED? Embracing feelings of SADNESS?  Have you CONVINCED yourself, that the NARROW Path, in FRONT of you, is TOO HARD! - for you to WALK'? 
22: The Testimony IS "The LIGHT, to all NATIONS"  The October 03 and November 01 updates are now visible.
23: There is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NEW Special Note on the daily prayers page. There is new content added to the December 20 update.  The November 17, 20, 21, 22 updates are now visible.  For those who are choosing to pray AGAINST the Faithful Remnant?
24:  Have you read the new explanatory note added to our SPECIAL CHRISTMAS WARNING! yet?  Because there sure is "SOMETHING SPECIAL IN THE AIR" THIS Christmas!  Here are the Apocalyptic Prayer intentions that were revealed from Heaven to mark this Anniversary of the mark of the beast and the mark of Cain.
27:  Learn the difference between "EXPECTANT FAITH" and "IMPOSING your will on your Creator"  HOW can I have a closer walk with the Most High True God
28:  Christmas Songs will never be the same.
29:  More important prayer intentions revealed from Heaven.
31:  Going through a trial? - Then Humble yourself, and ask for the Help of your Creator, and it will pass.  No longer "FAITHLESS! - POLLUTED! - COWARDS!"
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