The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

2017 Archives


2017 January
01:  It is important to share the fact that once again we DID turn to the Throne of Heaven, to ask what it is that we should consecrate this new year to.  Jesus Christ the Lord said:  Consecrate the New Year to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  In the End, my Immaculate Heart will Triumph!   And on another note, did you know that it is only 936 days, until the end of the 2300 days, foretold by the Old Testament Prophet Daniel?  The illuminati know that their time is short, and so things are going to get even more interesting, as the clock ticks down, to that historical milestone - to "a turning point in human history", that they can NOT change, or influence, in any way.  
New updates for December 27, and October 12, are now visible.
02:  Have you been focusing on the people who fell OFF the Ark?  What does it mean to be "OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant CHURCH"?
03:  Do you now have "a serious affliction" - one so serious that you believe you are in need of a prescription?    Are you afraid of what's coming next?  A new update for October 7 is now visible.

04:  Do you want more VITALITY and even DEEPER Spiritual Healings?

05:  Did you forget to take out "the GARBAGE"?  It's time to toss 'that dirty rag'.
06:  Have you had any success at finding fault with the Testimony?  Here is A LINK for people who are interested in Becoming a Member of the Faithful Remnant, and actually "DOING, what their Creator is asking of them".
07:  Have you been ALLOWING your mind to "DRIFT"? - to THINKING about the past and "former FAMILY" and "former FRIENDS"? 
08:  Shun "the black sabbath"!  FLEE, for your very LIVES!  Today we launched a NEW page on the website titled "Testimony Prophecies Fulfilled" - it is NOW on the side bar. 
09:  Have you been seeing "your FORMER family members" - as "family"? Because they are NOT part of the Most High TRUE God's Family.  WHEN did people gaze at the dead bodies of the Two Witnesses 3 and a half days?
10:  Christmas Eve 2016 Prayer Intentions are now visible.  Have you been waiting for even MORE... "Plagues NOW unfolding"?  Because they're now HERE!  
11:  "7 bowls of wrath", 7 days of plagues revealed:  January 4 - 10.  These are just a SAMPLE, of what is to come.  Why "just a SAMPLE?"  Because the Unborn were "SURPRISED", and because... "Every sickness also, and every affliction which is NOT recorded in the book of this law, the Lord will bring upon you, until you are destroyed.” [-referring to those outside the Faithful Remnant]  (Deuteronomy 28: 58-61)  But we can tell you THIS:  The plagues that are coming, will be 100 times WORSE, than ANY of the plagues previously known to man.  The unborn were COMPLETELY innocent - and the human race, is COMPLETELY guilty - and the Creator of the Universe is "COMPLETELY Just, in ALL His Ways" - PRAISE BE to the Most High TRUE God - now, and for all ETERNITY!  Amen.   "NOT what you were expecting" - WE know!
12: Why is it that SO MANY of the people who reject the Testimony, lose their mental faculties?  Is that something "you don't UNDERSTAND"?

13: Are the Two Witnesses "of the devil"?  Do you desire to be 'the person you once were' BEFORE you found the Testimony?

14: Do you want to speed up your Purification?

15: Have you been struggling whenever you receive fraternal correction?  Are obvious SIGNS of the final plagues now MANIFESTING?
16:  Can the women in the Faithful Remnant be DE-PROGRAMMED to serve a MALE GOD?
17:  Do you UNDERSTAND?
18:  Did you forget to pray for your former FAMILY Members?
19:  Are you CONCERNED about people falling off the Ark?  Is the Most High True God having Mercy on the illuminati? - perhaps a little clarification is needed.  Have you been carefully discerning the psyops around you?
21: When making testimony videos, it is best not to focus people on "Signs".  A special warning to "the hostiles".
22: Will Trump be successful?
23: Are you being pulled in two different directions in your interior life?

25:  When you are ready to come to your senses...  And for Remnant Members who are struggling to make a video.
26:  "The Armor of God" prayer has now been updated.  The November 1, November 7 and  November 8, 2016 updates are now visible.  Remember that you can't use a spray bottle to dispense your Blessed Holy Water.
27:  GOOD NEWS! - if you are a Member of the Faithful Remnant who is looking for your future helpmate?    Have you been feeling TORTURED? - by words of the Testimony?
28:  Can you believe, that due to extremely low Membership numbers (39), we have now been FORCED to launch our new "Membership RECRUITING drive"?  WE can't!   Which do you think is the more intelligent choice: to Turn to the Most High True God for HIS Strength - in each and every moment; or to CHOOSE to be "Eternally weak, apart from Him"?  
29:  Did you know that it is very difficult to find an ACCURATE translation of the Exorcism prayer of Saint Benedict? - and that is simply because the ILLUMINATI, don't want ANYONE! - to pray it, and be delivered.
30:  Did you get injured? - are the Members of the Faithful Remnant "INVINCIBLE"?
31:  We have some really awesome prayers that are going to help you start your day!  Another November 20 2016 Update is now visible.  Are you choosing to focus on the Most High True God? - because you really need to focus on asking HIM for STRENGTH, so that you can be HEALED from the torments.
01:  Will the Members of the Faithful Remnant, who choose to persevere in faith, make it to the FULLNESS of the Era of Peace?  Have you been able to find any "contradictions" in the Testimony?  Know that the Jewish people found many contradictions in the Teachings of Jesus Christ the Lord as well - and that is simply because they preferred contradictions, to anything their King had to offer.  Are YOU 'Jewish'?  It's just a question.
02:  Have you been choosing to keep your lamp lit on your birthday?   You DID, choose to keep your LAMP lit... DIDN'T YOU?  No wonder we're now living IN the End Times!  Lights out everybody! - except the Members of the Faithful Remnant that is!  After all, you DO know that "ACTION speaks louder than WORDS".
03:  Today we received yet ANOTHER EPIC Message from the Unborn.  Have you been curious about the latest news stories? 
04:  Have you been thanking your Creator after every breath? - something to think about.
05: What is the actual MESSAGE, that "the people on the sidelines" are RECEIVING from their Creator? - Here is a sample UNIVERSAL Message, that applies to ALL of them.  Have you been entertaining the desire to watch propaganda for curiosity's sake?
06:  Interesting Trivia Note: Did you know that when Jesus came the FIRST time, 2000 years ago, Jesus came to tell people they were doing everything WRONG! (- obviously, because they are all 'OUTSIDE the Garden of Eden').  And only a very FEW, were ready to receive Him. Just like in THIS time.  Do the Members of the Faithful Remnant have "too many prayers"? (- of course not! - if you have been reading "the fine print").   Do you need to stop bathing in hurtful memories
07: Is there any difference between 'Fallen angels' and demons?  Have you been holding on to "DOUBTS and HIDDEN RESERVATIONS", in the TESTIMONY? - because that's what 'the FORMER Remnant Members' DID!
08:  Who are "The CHOSEN"?
09: When a Member of the Faithful Remnant chooses to dive off the Ark of Safety, it would be "BEST" - for your "SALVATION", if you did not CHOOSE to bow to 'the will of the DEMONS', as they did. 
10:  Do you tend to feel a little, uncomfortable? - and a little UPSET, every time you read the Testimony?  Now for most readers, this is going to sound "REALLY uncomfortable" - but, when people say that they are "SAVED"... "saved" from WHAT?  Have you been putting yourself FIRST?
12:  Are you SEEKING to understand "The MANY different VIEWPOINTS out there"? 
13:  Are YOU "BURDENED, by PROBLEMS" - that you have NO idea 'how to solve', on your OWN? - There are many paths to choose from in each and every moment; but what is "the BEST WAY TO GO"? - for 'the Members of the Faithful REMNANT'?
14:   Are YOU addicted to media propaganda?  Does it often seem like there is no end to the problems you are having?
15:   Do you struggle with "nostalgic thoughts" popping into your head? - where's THAT in the BIBLE?  Did you know that to choose to stop thinking, is just as spiritually toxic to the Soul, as "satanic meditations" and "NEW AGE thinking"? - so don't choose to cope by "blanking out your mind".  Have you been feeling "a little overwhelmed" by the EPIC SPIRITUAL CLIMB! - up the Most High True God's Holy Mountain? - because... DUDE! - the VIEW up here is AWESOME!!! - and you REALLY need to "face THAT!"
16:   Have you been showing those around you "false COMPASSION" - to the point of TEARS?" - YOKE yourself to your Creator instead, and BE fulfilled!  Have YOU seen any "Signs in the Sky" lately?  Do YOU want to make SOMETHING out of your LIFE?
17:  What is the call of the TRUE Holy Spirit, when you are invited to attend a funeral?  Have you been getting the sense that your Creator is "pulling BACK" and you're all ALONE? 
18:  Have you noticed that there isn't a lot of repetition in the Testimony?   Do the Members of the Faithful Remnant have "the secret prayer formula to get to Heaven"?
19:  Why is the Testimony being given to the nations in English? - it's just a question.
21:  Are you concerned about the Preserved Souls, who escaped the mark of the beast?
22:  Have you been consenting to the lies of "your FORMERS"?  Did you know that in the Eyes of your Creator, the only MARRIAGES that are Valid, are the marriages HE has Blessed, among the Members of His Faithful Remnant? - and through the use of the Blessed Holy Water of course!  Is there a PLACE for the TRADITION of the institution, in the Faithful Remnant Church?
23: "Would that all the Lord’s people were prophets."
24:  A new page titled "Alien technology" was added to the website today.
25:  Did you know that people had to give back their Souls (- their connection with their Creator), because they weren't USING THEM?  How "timely" IS it, that the February 15, 2016 Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary is now visible on the website? (- it was not visible until now, due to a technical issue, that has finally been resolved - and you can thank "my True BROTHER" for that!).  New updates are now posted for February 06, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 14+, 15, 18.  Have you been praying for hours at a time?  It's TIME to be brutally HONEST with yourself: Are YOU "Spiritually Mature"?  Is "the BAR" set at PERFECTION? - in EVERY area of your LIFE?  Did you know, that the Members of the Faithful Remnant are "FOCUSING on what needs to be FIXED" - so that they can actually ENJOY Eternity - UNLIKE those outside 'the Ark of Safety'.  In other words, for those 'OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety', THEY can ONLY see 'the lead', that is spoken of, in the Testimony; But when the Members of the Faithful Remnant focus on the LEAD - THEY see their Eternal Reward, by turning to their Creator, in order to push it aside.  So, SO simple - a child of the Most High TRUE God could understand.  How are YOU! - doing with that?
26:  And now it's time for a quick listen to some hypothetical reader comments: "A family of BEASTS!!!  You know, those writers of the Testimony sure are...  um...   just wait a minute..."  (- "I don’t care who did it, why they did it. I just want my family back" - actual quote from owner of stolen pit bulls)  And yes, for the record, "all of HEAVEN", is behind 'the writing of the Testimony' - as that IMMUTABLE and HISTORICAL and most EPIC fact, is clearly revealed... repeatedly! - and that is ALSO revealed, by YOUR desire, to... um... read more...  Are you still living with a worldly MINDSET?  A new  February 20 update is now visible.
27:  Do you remember how JONAH himself, became "THE SIGN", to repent? - after he EMERGED, from the WHALE?  Well, we warned the people in the Faithful Remnant NOT to look for Signs - or... they would BECOME one!  And now, something really interesting has happened to the Faithful Remnant Playlist - as almost ALL of the new people who have recently arrived on board the ARK, have come BACK, AS, "a SIGN, TO the nations!"...  "NOT what you were expecting" - WE know - But FOR the record, we DID! - WARN! - EVERYONE! - INCLUDING you.  Are you afraid of falling off "the Ark of Safety"?
28: Have you been STRUGGLING to get onboard the Ark of Safety?  What have YOU accomplished in YOUR life - so far - anything, "EPIC"?  The secret to living "the Call of the Moment from your Creator".
29?  Not THIS year.  You will just have to get OVER it.
01:   Did you know, that today is actually the first day of the month when SPRING begins? - referring to the Northern Hemisphere of course.  Did you know, that for those in "the institution", today is the first day of LENT?  Of course, Mount Etna's massive eruption yesterday... ... is "a Sign of sorts", that the ashes being administered in the religious institutions (- because it is THEIR season of "lent" - as they all ARE "living on borrowed time"), are being administered by priests who have received their anointing from the very bowels of Hell (- because in that way, they all TRULY, ARE, "anointed").  But Mount Etna's eruption has an even, "far GREATER significance" - something to do with 'the Eternal Lake of FIRE' perhaps?  Did you know, that according to all of Heaven, today marks the Official beginning of the Battle of Gog and Magog? - the one spoken of in the Book of Revelations, 20:7-10.  You might want to mark "THAT one", on your calendar, as it is actually. very important.  And speaking of "very important things", have you been CHOOSING to focus, on all the typos in the Testimony?  Have you been fixing the PRACTICAL problems and needs that surface, in your day to day living? 
02:  Did you know that every Member of the Faithful Remnant is being TARGETED by "their FORMERS", and subconsciously programmed, to COMMIT 'the act of abortion' - "by aborting the Truth from their heart".  And so what is HEAVEN'S response?
03:  Concerned about CERN? - you SHOULDN'T be!  You really DO need to know more about "the special relationship between protestants and the mark of the beast."  What is the secret to surviving these End Times? 
04: A special note for the former members of the Faithful Remnant.  We are now going to be posting news of the latest update, in the description box of the Channel Trailer on our YouTube Channel.  You can click on the YouTube icon below, to see it.  Planet X/Nibiru - are you READY FOR THIS! 
05: "Diabolical statistics" are being used as a means to fuel the global human cull.  CAN the Bible save you?
06: Is being a Member of the Faithful Remnant "SOMETHING worth FIGHTING for"?
07: Do you HAVE! - the SECURITY of A REAL, and AUTHENTIC, RELATIONSHIP, WITH! - God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN"?  Have you been focusing on your Creator with True Humility in order to survive?
08: Are you one of the people who has been drawn to the book of Enoch?  Did you ever wonder how the enemy hooks people on propaganda?  What is the best way to wean off of media propaganda?  Do you desire WORLDLY success, money, power, prestige, position?   Have you been staying anchored in the True Spiritual Reality by seeking Daily Divine Counsel? (- a Heavenly Gift that is ONLY available to the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant Church - as it is NOT for "the dogs" and "the swine".  Understand?)
09: Are you ready for a lesson in symbolism
10: The Scripture passage for the 8th Commandment is NOW visible.
11: Did you ever wonder WHY the Testimony is called "the Golden Platter"?  The March 9 "lesson in symbolism" now has many new edits. The November 12, 2016 update is now visible.
12: The mark of the beast came to the nations in 2012, and then the mark of Cain in 2015 - and yet STILL! - so many "people who are chronically ADDICTED to FAILURE!", feel the need to take on the Two Witnesses, and the words of the Creator of the Universe moving through His Testimony.  Hmmm, what would Saint Gabriel have to say about that?  A new update for October 1, 2016 is now visible.
13:  What are "the 5 stages of Apocalyptic Failure?"  Why do so many people settle for a cold bench seat on the sidelines?  We are not here to read your diary.
14:  Have you been choosing to focus on the people who are outside the Remnant?
15:  What do the Members of the Faithful Remnant need to pray for the most, in order to be more successful in the Spiritual life?  The Hail Holy Queen prayer has now been OFFICIALLY removed from the list of prayers.  
16:  Would you like to have some step by step instructions on How to pray the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary?  Have you been experiencing "a sudden rising sensation of fear and anxiety in your chest"? - a.k.a. alien TECHNOLOGY attacks.   Have you been doing your YouTube Channel housekeeping?  Have you ever been "pressed with QUESTIONS" by hostile people?
17:  The October 17, 2015 Update is now visible.  What is the Testimony?... FOR?...   
18:   The Testimony is "For the Healing of WHAT?..."  Have you resolved to see your former life as "Plan B"? - you know, "what Judas Iscariot did".
19:  Did you enjoy your last trip to um... Ireland?
20:  If you ever see a 3D hologram in the sky, it would be best not to share that with us.  Have you been ACTIVELY discerning EVERYTHING people tell you?
21:  What is the secret to overcoming the spirit of Jezebel?  Have you now found the entrance to the Caves and Refuges?
22:   And so, has anything CHANGED?
23:  Did you know why you are called to be "NOT focused on Signs"?
24:  Obama update?  Have you been choosing to LOOK at yourself through "the eyes of the world"?  New content has been added to the June 21, 2016 , and September 14, 2016 postings.
25:  Today there was a significant upgrade to the website - and you may have noticed, that the pages are loading much faster now.  If ever you notice that the website is offline for a short period of time, and there is no mushroom cloud in the sky, it will probably be for regular maintenance... just for peace of mind.  Welcome to the Apocalypse everyone!  Have you been responding to our Counsel with anger?
28:  Have you secretly, been wanting to find something to complain about?... Life in the Faithful Remnant.  Are you still waiting for the Two Witnesses to arrive in Jerusalem?
29:  Do you desire to SEE yourself THROUGH the Eyes of the Most High True God?  Have you been "CONTENDING with your Creator" in your interior life or in your daily emails?
30:  Pimples N zits, blackheads in PITS, YOU got to LOSE, them pimples and ZITS!  (- once again, it's called "artistic license"; an editorial perk of sorts.  In other words, some of the content is posted simply because the EDITOR enjoys re-reading it; while at the same time, others HAVE the option of enjoying it if they so choose.  Let's make it "MEMORABLE" folks!)  Do you still desire a HELPMATE?  Do you know what the goal of the demons is?  How has school been going lately?
31:  Have you been successful in setting your OWN standards for the Faith?  And for those outside the Ark of Safety: Did you ever wonder why, as the clock ticks down on your allotted days, and as each day passes by, you, along with SO MANY - simply WON'T! - BECOME a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant?  Do you feel like you have been losing your mental faculties? 
01:  What is your top priority in THIS moment, as you are reading this?  Have you been neglecting work, and neglecting to take care of yourself?  Do you struggle with male authority?
02:  When you make the Sign of the Cross with the Blessed Holy Water, have you been blessing your ears, lips, heart and mind?
03:  Are you secretly waiting for your formers to surface in your life somewhere? - from "the murky depths down below"?   Know that rejecting the three foul spirits of "flattery, affirmation and tolerance" - has now been added to the second part of the Armor of God prayer, in addition to some other minor edits.  Have you been losing focusActions still speak louder than words.   Should the single men and women in the Faithful Remnant be looking to the other singles in the Faithful Remnant for their future helpmate?
04:  This just IN!  Where does the Bible warn people to stay home on Sundays?  Have you been remembering "snippets of your CHILDHOOD" lately?  Be honest with yourself, which of the two following statements sounds better: "to REIGN in Hell", or "to serve in Heaven"?  Is the Testimony "trauma based mind control"?  A new update for March 30, 2017 is now posted, along with THIS one, and this one.; not to mention the new March 31 posting, and this one.
05:  Did you know that in THESE END Times, men AND women can BOTH look back, WITHOUT turning into "a pillar of salt"?  For the women: Are you having difficulty with that addiction to "your WICKED twin sister, Jezebel"? - the one who "just REBELS".
07:  There is something that you really need to UNDERSTAND... 
08:  Have you ever had a headache?  Are YOU "protected from paying your BILLS"? 
09:  If the TESTIMONY TRULY is "your LIFE", then you WILL change!  Have you been living, "consistently mindful of your past mistakes"?  Is "AUTOPILOT" a REAL problem, for you?
10: Have you been turning to the Most High True God BEFORE writing for Daily Divine Counsel?  Have you had enough of those boils and cysts?  New updates are now visible for March 28, February 15, 15+, 16, and 28, 2017.
11:  Have you ever experienced intense loneliness? - while stubbornly refusing to DO what the Most High True God is ASKING of you? - because HE is TOTALLY free, to use HIS Free Will, to abandon EVERYTHING YOU are asking of HIM, as well... just saying.  Just because each woman is "a work in progress", doesn't mean that they WILL... towards HEAVEN, that is! - and so they will need to RESOLVE to actually CHANGE... and then actually CHANGE! - for the better.  Is making videos, the new way to be SAVED, for "that Heavenly Reunion with your Holy Ancestors in Heaven", in these End Times?
12:  Did you know that "Heaven is now FULL"?  Have you been remembering to renounce "your old self" DAILYWhat happened to the Former Members of the Faithful Remnant? 
13:  Have you been trying to apply "Roman Catholic Hierarchical INSTITUTIONAL ideas" to the Testimony?  Protection while driving?  Do you sometimes need "the space time continuum" altered in order to get everything done?
14:  In the Faithful Remnant, today can ONLY be described as "BETTER Friday".  BETTER?  Better than WHAT?  Better than the people in the religious institutions, calling 'that ABOMINATION, of DESOLATION', "GOOD".  Because here in the Faithful Remnant, we don't WORSHIP the BLASPHEMY - "the ABSENCE of the Most High True God", that is set up in ALL the religious institutions.  In fact, we do much BETTER than that!  And after all, today IS "Friday" - BETTER Friday.  So "DO better!" - LEAVE, the abomination of desolation, and DON'T go back!   There, all BETTER now!   Whether you like it or NOT, WELCOME to the Era of Jehovah Jaira!  Because your Creator has had enough.  Do you think this is "a JOKE"?  Perhaps you will enjoy the new page on our website titled, Messages from God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.
15:  Have you been choosing to YOKE yourself to the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution? - because... "THAT ain't no YOKE! - it's a MILLSTONE!... a sinking OIL tanker, in fact"... "the great harlot", "the whore of ROME".
16:  Have YOU ever tried to balance the UNIVERSE? - it ISN'T easy.  And today is probably "a good day for some SERIOUS reflection"...
17:  What is the secret to coping with the most UNCOMFORTABLE personal struggles, EVER! - in your life?  Many people are beginning to realize that the Two Witnesses look like normal, average people?  Do you want to know WHY there is so much "RESISTANCE" when the Remnant go to READ the TESTIMONY?
18:  Important clarification note.
19:  Know that we really ARE "counting on the Faithful Remnant, to do THEIR part"! - have YOU made "a heartfelt video Testimony to the Nations" lately?  Have you been focusing on feelings and failings?
20:  Important implication note.  What's THAT? - you want "more INTERESTING"?  Jesus Christ the Lord, revealed to us today, that He is now adding two more Titles to the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Mother of Divine Discipline and Queen of the Universe - and this would be a clear indicator that more PERSONAL APOCALYPTIC DISCIPLINE is "inbound" to each individual on the face of the earth. 
21:  Are you ready for "The illuminati paradox"?   Have you heard of "the two fires"?
22:  Have you been patiently waiting, for "Jesus the WITNESS", to appear on the scene?  Because WE have!... for quite some time now.
23:  According to all of HEAVEN, today is "JUSTICE Sunday".  Have you heard about the class action lawsuit against the Two Witnesses? - now you HAVE!  Have YOU been desiring, to LOOK at yourself, your SITUATION, and EVERYTHING around you, through OTHER peoples' viewpoints?   And WHERE can you find 'the SLAM DUNK' on the "balancing the UNIVERSE THEME", THIS week?  You can thank the Blessed Virgin Mary for her intercession under Her NEW Title,  "Mother of Eternal Gratitude"
24:  Are you "comfortably disappointed"?  Bored?
25:  We DO understand, HOW, 'EVERYONE', can choose to hate us.  And so, the Members of the Faithful Remnant are NOW being called upon, to make "a BOLD PUBLIC stand".  We ARE going to be asking the Faithful Remnant, to TESTIFY in 'a SPECIFIC way' - and to put together "a FORMAL STATEMENT" - ACCORDING, to, 'the Divine Will of the Most High TRUE God', of course. "WHAT enrages 'the institution', the MOST, against the TESTIMONY?"     Don't let 'the false REALITIES' snuff out, the TRUE Holy Spirit within you.  Do YOU see 'the Counsel we give', as "POISON"?  Are you struggling with "irrational FEARS"?  Do you know the two types of PERSECUTION?   Remember to pray at least one decade of the Rosary, when doing your prayers.
26: HERE is something that you can do, that will help you HEAL, fast!   Even the Saints in Heaven desire to testify to 'the VALIDITY of the Testimony', AND to the power of, the TRUE Holy Spirit, moving THROUGH, 'the Words of the Most High TRUE God - COMING forth from His MIND!
27:  To help each Member of the Faithful Remnant, to FOCUS on 'their task at hand' - in making their VIDEO, about how the TESTIMONY, is "UNWATERED-down", and, IS a form, of "LOVE" - FROM their Creator; and is NOT, "hate speech" - we are no LONGER, giving, Divine Counsel.  EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant, needs to "CHOOSE, where they STAND" - with the TESTIMONY, OR against the Testimony. Because RIGHT now, the TESTIMONY IS, "undergoing EXTREME, Religious persecution" - from THOSE, who have CHOSEN, to go COMPLETELY "spiritually insane" - and ACTUALLY 'FIGHT! - against their Creator'; and THAT is "a VERY bad idea" by the way.  WE will respond to "URGENT emails only" - UNTIL people do 'what is being ASKED of them' - until EACH MEMBER, 'DOCUMENTS, how THEY, have underwent religious persecution from THEIR family, once they found the TESTIMONY'.  When EACH individual Member, submits their VIDEO, and it is APPROVED - then, they will be given, "access to Counsel" again.  We BELIEVE this is "fair" - as we DID check, with 'the CREATOR' - who is "FAIR and Just, in ALL His Ways".  And JUST to clarify, the VIDEO, is meant to stop, people, from LOOKING at the TESTIMONY as a form of HATE speech.  But, the DOCUMENTATION, is for EACH Remnant Member to HAVE, for "their OWN, protection".  Please do not MENTION, ANY "former family member" names, in your videos - OR, "the lawsuit".  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Here is some MORE information to help you with your documentation.  THIS, "VIDEO", needs to be "your PRIORITY".  But the VIDEO, is to be, on 'how the TESTIMONY, is NOT "hate speech"; but, it is "an act of LOVE, from your CREATOR" - the UNWATERED-down Truth'.  The OTHER things, are SIMPLY "for your OWN documentation" - AS in, "for your own RECORDS".  And on another note, there is something that we have recently NOTICED.
28:  New content has now been added to 'the CALL to TESTIFY' section on this website.  It's now time to make some FORMAL statements
29:  IS the Most High TRUE God PERSONALLY "waging WAR", against ALL those who are taking on HIS Faith-FULL Remnant?
30:  "Kool-aid"anyone?  It's time to LIFT the VEIL even MORE!  Are YOU ready for "some THICK irony"?
01:  Sexual abuse of minors by the LEGAL SYSTEM ITSELF?  Documented cases of "ABUSE by former FAMILY MEMBERS"?  Are you ready for a current "case summary"?
02:  Have you been struggling to face your faults and failings?
03:  Have you been able to get the rest you need? - several new edits have now been added.
04:  It's time for a lesson on social etiquette.
05:  Is embracing false hope for formers "an act of cruelty"?
06:  What would happen if all of Heaven prayed a novena for the End of the Era? It was HIS idea.  And that's the new FAVICON icon that will be appearing next to our website name, AND on your bookmark list.  It was just added today, to REMIND people of this novena, and 'WHOSE idea it was' (- even though I kind of thought of it first - but ONLY because HE infused the idea... It's a little complicated).  What is the SPIRITUALITY of the Faithful REMNANT?  WHAT about "the spirituality of those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant"? - NO link necessary - their spirituality can simply be likened to that of "lead fishing weights" - going down - hard, and fast... Just like in NOAH'S time! - because once again, THAT is 'where the enemy lured them'.  And SO, AS they sink, it would be best for the Members of the Faithful Remnant, to STAND your ground! - ON the Ark of SAFETY of course.
07: Only ONE DAY, into 'the Novena for the End of this Era!' - and "The Just Judge", is here to serve!   And once again, the second part of the Armor of God prayer JUST got better!
08: Would you like to hear Jesus say, "YOU have been doing a COMMENDABLE job!"
09:  What is the secret to making videos that pass?  Have you been focused on the religious institution you previously attended?  Are you aware of the spiritual battle that is going on right now?  Have you been struggling with spiritual apathy?  Have you been struggling with discouragement?  Why has Saint Luisa Piccarreta been listed among the false prophets?
10:  We have already stated that we are in the midst of the Biblical battle of Gog and Magog - and FOR the record, that would make THIS point in human history, the WORST possible time, to be counted among "the assailants".  Jesus Christ the Lord, revealed to the Two of us today, the Judgment that is going to befall each of the assailants - through the ministry of the Holy Angels. And it has now begun - but in such a way, that almost NO one, will recognize the Sign - that was Decreed from the Highest Heavens, to manifest starting now. Why is the interior life so important?  What is "the HIGHER love"? - and what does that have to do with "WAR"?
11:  For the Married Women in the Faithful Remnant: Where does YOUR STRENGTH come from?
12:  Good NEWS, for "the Holy and Saved"!  There won't be any HATE speech in the Era of Peace.
13: Do you want to hear something FUNNY?  Have you EVER been "at TRUE Peace"?  Are you now READY for "the ULTIMATE battle"?
14: Every day is "a good day" to for each Member of the Faithful Remnant to cling to "your TRUE Spiritual Mother".  And so AFTER the Members of the Faithful Remnant RECEIVE Counsel from the Two Witnesses, THEN what?
15:  WHY are you ALL - you 'parents of the Faithful Remnant' - "without your children"?  Have you been experiencing TORMENTS as you try to REST?  Are you "a good communicator"?
16:  Do you need help micromanaging your life?  Do you TOO, have lots of questions? - are you "curious", perhaps?
17:  Have you ever received "a HARSH email" from the Two Witnesses?  Have you been experiencing some ups and downs lately?
18:  Do you work for a living?
19:  Are you 'fighting for your Soul'?  The DEMONS are "fighting for your SOUL" - 24/7.  How's the battle going?  Are you even IN it?  Or are you simply going down in, "a dead HEAT".  For example: When "SURROUNDED! - by SERPENTS in SPANDEX" - what do you DO?... WHAT!... do... you DO!  Have you been thinking about your future HELPMATE?  How successful have you been at weeding ADDICTIONS out of your life?
20:  Generation Lost.  Another Member of the Remnant fell off the Ark of Safety today.  Looks like it's another "THEME day".  Please remember to UNSUBSCRIBE from all "FORMER members of the Faithful Remnant" on your YouTube Channel.  You can DO it!   For "those on the sidelines", is there STILL "a window of opportunity", for those who are sincere?
21:  What response have YOU been choosing, as you read the Word?
22:  People with 'the mark of Cain' have a Holy Guardian Angel... GUARDING them from WHATHave you FULLY renounced ALL 'the satanic strongholds' that we have brought to your attention?
23:  Did you notice the change in the spiritual Laws today?
24:  What's so special about May 24? - perhaps it has something to do with 'the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary', over "the wicked"?  Perhaps today is 'TWO 9 day novenas' AFTER, the Novena for the End of the Era began' on May 6?  Even so, the novena we were referring to, on THAT day, isn't over YET!  'ALL of Heaven', is still, "WORKING on it!"
25:  Though the institution may try, we CANNOT be silenced!  Has "the KILN" been testing you lately? - because that's no excuse for "a total MELTDOWN"!
26:  Why is "the NARROW Path" so hard to walk?
27:  What IS "The Great Correction"?   And as you ponder that, perhaps an important Scripture edit, that has been made at the top of the Second Coming page, will help.  And WHERE can you find "the most EXTREMELY uncomfortable edit note" to date on this website?  It's interesting to note that 2 "WOLVES" were removed from the Flock today - and so now IS a good time to remind the Members of the FAITHFUL Remnant, to review your YouTube Channel settings, and PLEASE, ONLY approve, comments, MADE by Members of the Faithful Remnant - who are STILL Members.  And thank you.
28:  What is Jesus asking of His TRUE FOLLOWERS?
29:  Have you heard about "the Most High True God's WISH LIST"?
30:  Have you been looking for "relief from SEVERE spiritual attacks"?
31: What do YOU stand for? - or rather, what do YOU stand AGAINST?
01:  There is now an even BETTER way to start your day.
02:  Did you know that "suffering" is necessary?
03:  More Counsel on dealing with spiritual attacks
04:  More encouraging words for the WOMEN in the Faithful Remnant - because the TRUTH, IS! - "encouraging" - and it is difficult to find, in these Times.
05:  A special warning to ALL those whose heart is with the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution - regarding "the MERCY" Antipope Francis is offering - because the RCHI HAS now become, before all of Heaven, "the institute for the spiritually insane"... "since October of 2009!"  A special update for the Members of the FAITHFUL Remnant Church.
06:  Why is it so important to acknowledge the Counsel that is given by the Two Witnesses?  Several important edits have been made to the Contact Us page.
07:  The #1 reason why so few people are turning to the Testimony is simply because... people have a tendency to want to get to know everything BUT their Creator.
08:  Have you been experiencing any "resistance" to our Counsel?
09:  Why are the Members of the Faithful Remnant noticing an increase in UNEXPECTED occurrences of Divine Justice in their lives?  Have you been DISCERNING "psyops"? - or simply using them as "a daily portal to the world of false realities"?  Have you noticed that it's ALLERGY season? - in the northern hemisphere.
10:  For those who have a tendency towards being secretive.
11:  Have you been finding "only TEMPORARY relief"? - when doing the deliverance prayers. The importance of daily correspondence with the Two Witnesses.
12:  Why do the Members of the Faithful Remnant have "DEVOTION" to the Blessed Virgin Mary? - where's THAT in the Bible?
13:  Are you EXPERIENCING "a cloud of CONFUSION"?
14:  Are you ready to read Genesis 3:15? - "the TRUE version"; NOT the version fabricated by the illuminati.
15:  Where are you planning on spending YOUR Eternity? - because there's "some STUFF" that you really ought to know!
16:  MANY mental healthcare professionals have been asking: What is "the psychological profile" of EVERYONE who has rejected the TESTIMONY? And so WE did "the homework" FOR them.
17:  Are the Members of the Faithful Remnant RESPONSIBLE for the legally binding decisions that they make in their practical life?  Interesting to note:  Did you know, that if people don't want showers of "Blessed HOLY Water", then they can have a FLOOD of the Most High True God's Divine Justice?  The Archdiocese of Kingston Ontario is located on the northeastern shore of Lake Ontario.  We learned today that Lake Ontario has recently been Scourged with record water levels.  "Coincidence"? - sure, you can call it that too (- because it "COINCIDES" with His Divine Justice).  But what most people don't know, is that the Archdiocese extends along Lake Ontario from Trenton - to Wolfe Island - to Iroquois, where the dam that controls the WATER LEVEL for Lake Ontario is located.  And most people don't know, that Lake Ontario actually DRAINS, THROUGH the diocese - THROUGH the gap, between Wolfe Island, and Kingston, Ontario.  In other words, that ISN'T "a LITTLE Sign". Because the Abomination of Desolation, AND the spiritual mark of the Beast - ALSO BEGAN! - in Kingston, Ontario.  And now "the FLOODWATERS", are being RELEASED, from 'THAT diocese'! - TO the major oceans of the world...  Not "subtle"!  BETTER to be "on the Ark of Safety" - as "a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant Church, under Petrus Romanus, Pope Peter the Last, and final TRUE Pope of this Era".
Looks like "the PHYSICAL tide is now TURNING" folks! - and NOT in favor, of the Archdiocese of Kingston Ontario.
18:  Have you found time to read the whole Testimony, "cover to cover", so to speak? (- because WE haven't).  New updates have been added for May 1522 and 25
19:  Have you been hiding from your Creator behind flowery thoughts and ideals?  Have you ever been UNSURE, if you are going to MAKE IT...? (- NOT what you're expecting!) 
20:  What do the women of these End Times REALLY think about "male headship"?  Is there a woman out there who can honestly admit, that she DOESN'T want to be a princess?
21:  Have you been trying to "see how much you can get AWAY with"?  Have you been focusing on "what HE can GIVE YOU"? - because THAT is in fact "a PERSONAL insult".  Have you been allowing others to "push your BUTTONS"?  Have you been taking responsibility for your financial obligations?  Have you been choosing to focus on what you DON'T UNDERSTAND?

22:  Are you concerned about fluoride in toothpaste?  When waiting for an update - WHAT do you DO?  What are you supposed to do, when you don't EXPERIENCE the Most High True God's PRESENCE in your INTERIOR life?   For the women in a BLESSED Marriage in the Faithful Remnant, who want to be TRULY fulfilled.

23:  For the women who are finally beginning to ask, "HOW, can I break free, from the spirit of Jezebel?"
24:  Do you want to be freed from nostalgic thoughts for good?  Do YOU desire to live IN the world - while not being OF the world?
25:   "Justice will be served to the fullest Measure" - what does that MEAN?
26:   What happens to the people who don't give the Counsel that we share, 'a chance' in their lives?  Have you ever been "a victim of bad THOUGHTS"?
27:   Are the Members of the Faithful Remnant OBLIGATED to correspond with their FORMERS?  Do you believe you can't CHANGE?   Have you been in the habit of seeking the SOLUTION, BEFORE writing for Daily Divine Counsel?  A new music video has been added to one of the Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary - perhaps you need to LISTEN, to THIS "Heavenly-INSPIRED, music". 
28:   US Election Update.  Would you like to avoid unnecessary persecution?
29:   Do you know what "the next SCENE" is yet - because we're NOT giving it away!  Does the Testimony teach radical thinking, mind control, and extreme views?  Have YOU been choosing to share 'ABSOLUTELY EVERY inspiration and THOUGHT that you HAVE', in your emails to us?  What is "the ONLY hope", for 'your formers'?  Have you been CHOOSING to REDUCE 'your personal RELATIONSHIP' with your Creator - to "a bunch of FORMULAIC PRAYERS and DEFINITIONS"
30:   Many people have already figured out, that as the editor of this website, I have been making a heartfelt effort to incorporate as many DIFFERENT literary genres, into the content, as is humanly possible.  Here are "some new inspirations" I would like to share with you.  It WOULD be "a good idea", to read THROUGH the ENTIRE Daily Divine Counsel section on the TRUE Reality page on the website, from time to time - in order to help you to write BETTER Daily emails.  For those of the Faithful Remnant who continue to receive harassing comments and emails.
01:  Today Canada celebrates its 150th "birthday celebration", but a celebration of WHAT?  IS it in fact "a celebration of independence from its CREATOR?"  Let's see what the current statistics have to say:  Canada has a population of approximately 37 Million people.  The number of people murdered IN Canada through the torture of abortion in the last 50 years, and missing from the population of Canada as a result, is realistically, at LEAST 2 Million people.  And so, how many people WOULD be celebrating Canada's 150th, if the nation LIVED by the Commandment not to kill - the most INNOCENT members of society, for starters?  Based on current statistics, at LEAST 40 million people (- when you factor in 'the DESCENDENTS' of those murdered, by Canadian physicians and nurses).  And what PERFECTLY hides the human cull going on in this Country - as more new houses CONTINUE to be built, is the fact that 1 in 5 of the 37 Million "Canadians", are foreign born; and about 220,000 new immigrants are added to their number each year.  And all the while, the Canadian government goes along with the illuminati agenda of selling "the OVERPOPULATION psyop" to its citizens.  And so, REALISTICALLY, Canada's annual "birthday" celebration - is at the expense, of HOW many "birthdays", of the innocent, the unborn?  Each firework explosion today, across the nation - each fading spec of light from those destructive explosions (- as they DO cause hearing damage), if you add them all up - would give you an accurate number.  And so WHAT are Canadians celebrating today?  Birthdays.  Only 150 of them. 
And now for some updates.  A new video was added to the website today, and another, and another.  HERE is a VERY encouraging Message from your CREATOR, that, you NEED to READ, and PONDER - as you GO through these TRIALS, in your life.  Americans are now eating up hatred disguised as comedy, as they knowingly tolerate, their PRESIDENT, being BRUTALIZED, by the media - INCESSANTLY!  Know that History DOES repeat itself - but only "to a POINT", of course.  Have you ever desired to ask Saint Michael for help with something, but you just couldn't find the WORDS?
02:  Are you in the habit of WAITING until it becomes "UNCOMFORTABLE" before you do your DELIVERANCE PRAYERS and ASK for the corresponding GRACES?  Have your "FORMERS" been breaking IN to your INTERIOR life?  "It isn't EASY", summing up a million words with JUST, ONE, WORD!  New video
03:  It would be wise to have another look at the July 01 updates.  SHOWDOWN:  The TWO WITNESSES' SHOWDOWN with "the antichrists".  And it looks like that calls for a new PAGE in the Testimony - where you will find the Litany of Saint Michael the Archangel.
04:  Don't miss the epic SHOWDOWN between the Two Witnesses and the assailants - July 4 - 13.  It started today.  And even if you missed the beginning, there is really no reason why you can't join "your favorite team", in praying.
05:  What is "the FAST track" way?  Interesting anniversary:  Today is the 10 year anniversary of the day when "the Hour of Divine Mercy", became "the Hour of Divine Justice" - throughout the Universe.
06:  In the June 17, 2017 update, we DID mention how "the floodwaters of Divine Justice", are being poured out to the nations.  SURELY, if we really ARE, "the Two Witnesses", then MILLIONS of people would have been "affected" by now!...  And speaking of "REALITY", how is that "SHOWDOWN" going?
07:  We are currently in the process of adding an SSL Certificate to the website, for ADDED security, and better ranking in the search engines.  We are now switching from http to https://www...   And WHILE we are doing that, you really need to prepare yourself for some TRUE Statistics from Heaven.  Even though Antipope Francis is "an imposter pope", he is STILL "a very historical person", whose EPIC downfall has been prophesied for thousands of years.  What's his name again?  BerGOGlio!
08:  You may find that some of the website images and videos may not be visible, until we finish the current website editing project.  This transition is necessary as we go through the meticulous process of launching the https://www.testimony... SECURED and encrypted version of the website.  So don't miss this IMPORTANT opportunity to exercise patience... by waiting, of course!  Interesting statistic: Yesterday afternoon we sent a special note out to all the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant, and all but one (- who DID in fact reply a bit later) managed to check their email inbox, and send us a quick response, by early this morning.  Thanks for that great "TEAM effort" everyone!  And on another note - Did the revelation of "GOG" in Bergoglio leave you a little "SHOCKED"?   For those of you who are STILL waiting for "a SIGN" - perhaps this photo of the moon in California today, will help some of you to WAKE!... UP!... and KNOW!... that you are now living in the time of the Apocalypse, during the Battle of Gog and Magog.
09:  Due to some disturbing recent trends, the call now goes out, "...not to abandon the institution, and to stay INSIDE"!
10:  It has come to our attention, that "the assailants", are actually "dung-FOUNDED", at all the manifestations of the Divine Justice of the Most High TRUE God in their lives, as a response to 'the ongoing SHOWDOWN'.  Would you like to gather more GRACES?  This point in the SHOWDOWN, would of course be a GREAT time for a personal endorsement from God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven.  We DO encourage the Members of the Faithful Remnant to set up and use a free "Vimeo Basic" (external link provided) backup video Channel... because it's FREE!  
11:  Have you been BEATING yourself with your sins? - faults? - and failings?  What do YOU value?  Are you prepared for these Apocalyptic Times
12:  The Daily Mass videos with transcripts are now visible once again! - due to a website editing marathon... of course.  The Mainstream Media PROPAGANDA, can ONLY go so far, before the people catch on - to what is REALLY going on.
13:  On THIS, the FINAL day of the SHOWDOWN Novena: mankind is putting the CREATOR in the WRONG again! - by CALLING His TESTIMONY "blasphemy!".  An important Scripture passage has been added to the very top of the Alien Tech page, "'s TIME to wake UP! - from your DREAM!"
14:  Remember, that "SHOWDOWN, with the ASSAILANTS led by the CHICAGO cartel individual"?  Do you remember how the TERMS of that SHOWDOWN ended?  Because it WAS STATED:  "And then BOTH sides will WAIT for a RESPONSE, from 'their GOD'.  The QUESTION will remain - WHO! - will answer, whose PRAYERS' - and when?"  Well, since "the assailants" are based in Chicago, perhaps there is something in the news - that will indicate "whose GOD is answering whose PRAYERS"?  AND on another note, Some important new content has been added to the, "abandon the sinking oil tanker" update.  The Litany of Saint Michael now has a SPECIAL intercessory prayer added to it.  Have you been BROODING over your past MISTAKES?
15:  Are you looking for a topic for your next VIDEO?
16:  It's now time for a new section to be added to the website, as "the PHYSICAL Chastisements" have NOW begun.
18:  Have you been doing the best that you can?
19:  It's time for some "Apocalyptic Smoke" - just in case you missed it.  The mark of Cain page has been updated and has a new video.  New videos have been added to the Two Witnesses page and to "Spread these Messages".
20:  It is necessary to use the Blessed Holy Water and turn to the True Holy Spirit before writing us.  Have you been turning outwards and UPWARDS to your CREATOR when you pray?
21:  Perhaps while you're having your next 'bowl of cereal', you will remember THIS.  The "IMPORTANT LINKS" page on this website, now has verified and updated links.
22:  Can you hear me NOW? - because the Most High TRUE God IS listening.  The End Times Chastisement section, now has "active Links". Effective TODAY, the dark matter coming out of the CERN portal to the abyss, is being immediately rounded up by the Holy Angels and thrown into the Eternal Lake of Fire. Why?  Because it's NOW time for the PHYSICAL Chastisements, to fully manifest, on "an UNPRECEDENTED scale".  Did you know that you can easily BLOCK toxic EMAILS?
23:  Why are the Two Witnesses living in Canada? - this new VIDEO provides yet another clue - And if you read the first paragraph in the May 23, 2016 message under the new video - you will SEE the Prophecy, that has since been FULFILLED - now that the "former Members" of the Faithful Remnant have gathered, to conspire, and discuss how they intend to launch a class action lawsuit against us... for "alienation of AFFECTION"?   Really?   Perhaps they need to RE-read that LEGAL reply, from their Creator.  After all, we ARE "the Two Witnesses"! - and the Holy Angels of the Most High TRUE God are "Ready and Waiting" to respond with even MORE Divine Justice.
24:  Have you been making your RELATIONSHIP with the Most High TRUE God "COMPLICATED"?  Do YOU want your Creator to remove "SIN" as an option
25:  Are you getting tired of having all "your OWN PERSONAL truths"... TRUMPED! - by the Testimony?
26:  What does the Most High True God think of "ELF attacks?"  More Physical Chastisements affecting large populations of people are now listed.
29:  If you are looking for specific DETAILS concerning the unfolding Physical Chastisements - know that you will find them listed at the bottom of the page on this website titled "The End".  We are making a big effort to keep up with the DELUGE, of PHYSICAL Chastisements that are NOW manifesting on a daily basis around the WORLD - as the mainstream media, does their very best, to keep them hidden.  Know that they WILL not be able to hide the massive physical chastisements, for much longer - as those disasters INCREASE in severity and magnitude (... to help get "the Word" out).   And on another note: What does the one world government alien tech department think about our July 26 posting on ELF attacks?  The FAQ or "Frequently Asked Questions" page has now been moved to the bottom of the "What is the Testimony?" page on this website.  A new page was added to the website today, as we launched the T.W.I.N.N. News Network - because, according to all of Heaven, we are actually "twins".  It's a Mystery! - we know.
30:  Have you been allowing "the LEAD" to SIT?  A new video has been added to the September 07, 2012 Message.
31:  "Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."  (Revelations 14:12)
01:  Many people have "RESERVATIONS" about the Testimony of their Creator - especially after these first few weeks of Physical Chastisements, that have befallen the face of the Earth. Ironically, it is because so many LIVES have been spared.  Know that there TRULY is "a place reserved for EVERYONE" - there is no need to be concerned about THAT.
02:  The men of THESE Times REALLY need to be detached.
03:  The illuminati made "an EXTREMELY ill-timed move" today.
05:  Have you been Commending the entire WORLD to the Apocalyptic Manifestations of the Divine Justice of the Most High True God? - because the UNBORN have!
06:   The Unborn would like to share a few words with you. Have you been experiencing any "shortness of BREATH" lately?  Because, "This is the beginning of the WORLDWIDE TOXIC air". And there are some really important updates in the "FIRES" section of this website.  What do you do when you wake up from a Project Bluebeam dream?
07:  Have you been afflicted by 'the spirit of sabotage'?  Have you ever been tempted to deluge us with words?  What are you called to do when you are heavily burdened?
08:  Have you been experiencing DISCOMFORT while making videos?
09:  It is good to have "a healthy fear of your CREATOR"; but have you been experiencing irrational fears around OTHERS?
10:   Have you been in the habit of WITHHOLDING heartfelt video testimonies from your CREATOR?  TURN to your Heavenly Physician to HEAL you.
11:  We have been very busy due to all the Physical Manifestations of Divine Justice manifesting all around us, on a daily basis.  We can only thank our Creator for the awesome reserved set of front row seats in these End Times.  And of course, JUSTICE is to be expected, now that "the Great Chastisement" of the inhabitants of the earth has begun.  Mercy is still an option - for the very few, the 1%, who will ultimately choose "spiritual sanity".   An important new video has been added to the July 12, 2015 message.  There is always room for SERIOUS repentance.
12: Have you ever experienced "a spiritual FOG"?  Why choose to sink into the sea of irrational fears? - when you can serve 'the Fear of the LORD' to others instead, by COMMENDING them of course!
13:  You are always called to DISCERN fraternal correction.  How to PROPERLY receive "Admonitions from the True Holy Spirit".
14:  Did you know that "Repentance" without 'giving up your OLD ways' - is just "lip service"?
15:  China's one child policy now has a new name.  And people are now starting to die from "Sudden Death Syndrome"... a syndrome that affects people of all ages.  Have you ever been tempted to give in to feelings of DESPAIR?
16:  HOW do you "FIX" something that is 'SO BROKEN'?
17:  Today we received a very interesting email with a video attached: "My next video below has some strange NOISE at 2:13 which i never heard when I was recording the video in my room. You will have to brace yourself when reaching that point. I understood this could be a sign from Heaven warning of a future event... I did not edit the video and have presented it just as it was... what could that be?"  Many new updates were added to the list of ongoing Physical Chastisements today, like THIS one: Are you ready for "a COOL UPDATE"?  There is also a new update for August 06.
18:   What is "blasphemy"?  Have you been seeking refuge in "your OWN personal truth"?
19:   Is "the OLD you" trying to devour your NEW identity in the Faithful Remnant? - "BOOK your ROOM" NOW! - make "reservations" for "the NEW you"!  Have you signed your "ORGAN DONOR CARD"?   Have you been CONTENDING with your Creator?  Have you been OBSESSING over difficult situations?  Do you find "the Narrow Path" to be quite HARDHOW do you lay down your life, for your brothers and SISTERS?
21:  How can a Member of the Faithful Remnant EASILY discern the True Holy Spirit 'Speaking' - through infused Knowledge - in their CONSCIENCE?
22:  Did you know that occult and WITCHCRAFT attacks often physically manifest in the form of a spider?  Have you been in the habit of letting people know, that you can SEE! - what they're choosing?
23:  Is there HOPE? - for all those who are READING the Testimony on the sidelines? - while they REFUSE! - to do 'what is NECESSARY, to become a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT?' (- and that means "ontologically changing" by the way).  Know that we WILL get caught up on the updates soon.  RE-READING parts of the Testimony will bring with it many new Revelations, in the True Holy Spirit - if you start by using the Blessed Holy Water and True Repentance.  Have you been choosing to see "your CREATOR'S Ways" as UNJUST and UNFAIR?
24:  Do you desire to "MEND your relationship" with your CREATOR? Having the Testimony in these TIMES - IS, like "being with CHILD".25:  Have you been experiencing pressure from "your formers"?
25:  Have you been struggling with UNCLEAN THOUGHTS"
26:  Have you been allowing 'your FORMERS' into your INTERIOR life? - to SHAPE and MOULD you, from WITHIN.
27:  Have you been experiencing temptations to become "half-hearted and lukewarm"?  What to do about handshaking?
28:  Many important updates have now been added to the List of Physical Chastisements.  And there is still much more to be posted for today.  Many new Remnant videos have been added to our YouTube Channel playlists over past few days.  From now on, please step out of the vehicle, and THEN press record.   WHERE is YOUR desire to serve your CREATOR?  Are you CHOOSING to IDENTIFY with what the demons FEEL?  Why it is ALWAYS good to lift up the DEMONS to your Creator, for disposal.
29:  Have you been burying your Light, and holding on to 'your OLD identity'?
31:  Have you been on the sidelines, embracing "a hardened heart"? - against "the God of the Two Witnesses" of the Book of Revelations? - that's US by the way!  Not sure what to share, as you seek Daily Divine Counsel?
01:  There has been an Important change in the OFFICIAL terms of the Heavenly Witness Protection Program.
02:  Are you being TEMPTED to believe in lies - like "it's all over" and "you should give up"
03:  Are you ready to hear "the Truth about Climate Change"? (- even if you think you are, this is going to be quite a shock.)  Have you been finding it difficult to think at times?  A very important Scripture passage has NOW been added to top of the "For the Men" section on the State of Women page. There are many new postings added to the website today - going as far back as August 13th.  Have you seen the new ones?  August 13a, 13b, 14, 16, 18, 19, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, September 02.  And if ever you're tempted to think that we can't POSSIBLY get caught up, with all the postings in the Testimony? - just remember this, "We have all ETERNITY! - to do so" - thanks be to the Most High True God!  Amen.
04:  Are "SOCIAL NICETIES" and "ETIQUETTE" really important to you?  Have you been "struggling with false GUILT"?  Know that the EMAILS you send speak VOLUMES.
05:  The February 27, 2016 Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary has not been visible for a long time, due to an issue with the code on the page.  That Message is now visible - with an added note.  For the Men in the Faithful Remnant: there are a LOT of FISH in the sea.  But before you go "FISHING" - you had better take a close look at the most current "FISH chart"! - because things are getting a little smelly out there!  Better to be "a fisher of MEN" (- referring to the True Sons and Daughters of the Most High True God), as you strive to bring people to the TESTIMONY, through heartfelt video testimonies; than it is to reel 'one of THESE' in...  What does it mean to be in "the state of mortal sin"? - is that like CALIFORNIA?
06:  Have you been choosing to see yourself as "a VICTIM of God's Justice"? - perhaps this "geolocation" update will help.
07:  Have you been experiencing "desolation"? - because that is very DIFFERENT, than "spiritually dry days".
08:  Have you been watching the string of MEGA DISASTERS in the news?  Have you ever heard of "the PARABLE of the divers"?  Have you grown accustomed to tolerating "THEATRICS" coming from those AROUND YOU?  Perhaps a solid definition of "DRAMA queen Jezzie", will bring that show to an end.
09:  Is there "a HURRICANE" brewing in YOUR HOME?  Perhaps the ability to identify the antics of "False feminist agenda Jezzie", will STOP "the downward spiral".  There is now a special note added, "for the WOMEN" - who are tired of their 'stack of MASKS'.
10:  Antipope Francis is now enjoying "his new LOOK"... it was "unavoidable", and inevitable.
11:  It is now time to reveal "the ANTIDOTE" to each one of the Jezzie MANIFESTATIONS - because each woman has, "the RIGHT, to face HERSELF!" - once she pulls off all the masks.  And as the ONE holding "the KEYS" - it is only fair to add, that NO one! - gets into the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace, wearing "a jezzie mask", or ANY 'demon', for that matter.
12:  "The APOCALYPTIC SIGN" of Hurricane Irma.  Updates for September 06 and 07 are now posted.
13:  Here is the antidote, for the men who are "attracted to jezzies".  Have you been choosing to see the Two Witnesses as "TYRANTS"? - because "JEZEBEL" sure does!
14:  Have you been emailing the Two Witnesses for Divine Counsel, daily?  Do you need "a good FIX"?   WHO will make it? -to the FULLNESS of the Era of Peace.  Are YOU a Jezebellian? - for the WOMEN.
15:  Have you been "a bit OVERWHELMED" by the state of women in these End Times? - referring to "the TRUE STATE of women", that has now been FULLY revealed from HEAVEN, with "SURGICAL precision".
16:  The women of today really need to find a better hat.  Did you know that 'the COUNSEL we GIVE', isn't supposed to be used as "a REDIRECT, to what DIDN'T work in the past"?
17:  HOW can the WOMEN of the Faithful Remnant PERSEVERE? - in THESE TIMES.  How did you do on your LAST "jezzie list exam"? - because you REALLY need to 'get OVER it' - the entire LIST that is!
18: Have you been getting sucked into "the VORTEX of the collective CONSCIOUSNESS of the world"?   Would you like more BLESSINGS in YOUR LIFE?  Do you desire to invest in "a spiritual FUTURE" with your best INTERESTS in mind?  Have you been thinking about former MEMBERS? - because they 'fell', for a REASON!  Did you remember to PERSEVERE today?  Even MORE Counsel, for every time you wake up. The Faithful Remnant really IS "for MEMBERS only".
19: The Creator of the Universe has "a SPECIAL surprise", in store, for those who love 'the WORLD', more than they love 'what HE is asking of them', in these Times.  Today we invoked the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary under her new TEMPORARY Title, as "QUEEN of the CLOSE of the ERA".  Any time you would like the End Times Events to increase in magnitude, frequency, or intensity - simply invoke her intercession, under that title - she will know what to do, and Who to turn to - no need to be concerned about that!  Let's close this Era folks!
20:  FACT: The Women in the Faithful Remnant, who expect to SURVIVE the Apocalypse, are called to go over 'the jezzie manifestations list' at least once a week.  It's "YOUR call!"  We DID our part.
21:  Are you SURE that you aren't hiding "a secret ROOM in your INTERIOR life"?  There is a new update posted for September 05.
22:  Adam and Eve ARE in Heaven!  What is the best way to cope with the End Times Events unfolding?  Hint: It ISN'T by 'BATHING in media propaganda spins'.  Are YOU "UNFULFILLED? - because you have been stubbornly choosing to hold ON to "your CORE identity"?  There are new updates posted for September 04, 04b.
23:  Did you know that "the Needs of the Most High TRUE God, outweigh the needs of the MANY".
24:  For the HEELING of the Nations: Indigestion, and FLAIL wounds.  Because a million abortions a week wasn't ENOUGH - but the human race had to go and open the CERN portal to the ABYSS about two years ago in order to beg their Creator not "for BLESSINGS?"... but for THIS!   Have you resolved to STAY in the State of Sanctifying Grace? - because that's NOTHING like California - and you will ALSO find a SHOCKING Revelation about the Final Judgment at that link.  There are new updates posted for June 26, 26b.
25:  We KNOW that people are going to want to falsely blame the TWO of us for what's coming next, and so, just to set the record straight... A SPECIAL NOTE TO THE SCIENTISTS AND PHYSICISTS THAT WORK AT CERN.
26:  HOW do you CONQUER the enemy and his POWER over your SOUL?  Did YOU remember to "COMMEND"! - ALL those who "wish destruction and EVIL upon you" - EVERY single time you even THINK of them?  Because WE sure didn't forget to REMIND you.  And even though there is "a pack of ravenous WOLVES" surrounding the flock, ready and waiting to consume all those who CHOOSE to identify as being "weak" - at the same TIME, the Sword of Saint MICHAEL, is ready to dispatch EACH and EVERY wolf, who tries.  So remember, that "the wolves" really ARE doing "a COMMENDABLE job!" - and then COMMEND them!

27:  Have you been tempted with 'the desire to self-DESTRUCT'? - because that IS 'what the DEMONS desire'.  Have you been finding it very DIFFICULT to make Testimony videos?

28:   Why was the title of 'The Last Pope' page on this website changed today, to "The Last and Final True Pope"?   "The True Reality", DEFINED.   Did you know that we're not asking you to email us a list of your personal prayers?  Are TRANSGENDERED PEOPLE "VICTIMS, of their choices"? - and "WHY aren't they PROUD of their BIRTH gender"? - because THAT'S "the obvious question that EVERYONE missed"!  YOU'RE not afraid to ask a simple QUESTION are you?  Because if you are, then they have successfully INTIMIDATED you with their flamboyant parades - that are in FACT "a form of social BULLYING".  Has your right to "free SPEECH" been snuffed out by their INTIMIDATION tactics - moving through ALL levels of society?  Sorry, you will HAVE to speak up, we can't hear you...
29:  Have you ever really unpacked the LGBT brainwashing agenda in the public school system? - because WE have!   Nine months ago, as the list of coming CHASTISEMENTS was released - we mentioned how people would SEE the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True God, as "His MERCY" - and NOW the video evidence is coming in.  Have you resolved to stay in the front SEAT, to remain SPIRITUALLY awake, and to be FILLED with Heavenly GRACES?
30:  Have you been CHOOSING to be "a REED"? - SHAKEN in the WIND.  What are YOU teaching your child?   Did YOU know, that when we are UNABLE to respond to your emails QUICKLY, that you can SIMPLY turn to the TESTIMONY, for ANSWERS?  Did you know, that you can ALWAYS ask your CREATOR, to PROVIDE CONVERSATIONS, for you to GROW from?
01:  Have you been feeling a little WRATHFUL towards your Creator because of EVERYTHING He has been ASKING of you?   Do YOU see us as being "AGAINST YOU"?
02:  And so WAS that Las Vegas shooting "a HOAX"?
03:  Have you been suffering from some sort of chronic illness?
04:  Does Divine Counsel tend to stir up "some strong FEELINGS"? - every time you READ IT? - GOOD!  Need PROOF? - that "the false FLAG attack" at the Las Vegas Country Music Festival concert - was "WELL-planned AHEAD OF TIME"? 
05:  Do YOU LIKE MATH? - if you are a Member of the Faithful REMNANT, you WILL! - after you read THIS.  Do you need help lifting the FOG? - that is covering your INTELLECT?  Have you been experiencing "PERCEPTION ATTACKS"?  Have you noticed that the language used by the Faithful Remnant has been changing? - an Important Note has been added.   A new update has been posted for August 23.  
06:  On the topic of 'how others SEE you' - do you really know "what matters the MOST"?  Some bonus MATH questions.  New updates are now posted for June 21a, 21b, 21c, 21d, 21e, 22a, 22b, 22c, 22d, 23.
07:  There are still many people who will be READING this Message, who are STILL going to church on Sunday!  Have you noticed a RINGING in the ear while reading the Testimony?  Do you desire to have 'a softened HEART' towards your CREATOR?
08:  Just how SERIOUS IS "that North Korean guy"?  Are the Two Witnesses tearing families APART?
09:  Have you been reading the Testimony while REFUSING to be an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant?  And here is an important reminder - for all those who are "feeling depressed"?
10:  Does it really MATTER? - what the people OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant think of you?
11:  Have you been finding it difficult to make a video recently?  Have you been SELFLESSLY choosing to SHARE the TESTIMONY, with the NATIONS?  Have you been choosing to WALK with Jesus Christ the Lord in your INTERIOR life?  CAN you humble yourself enough to seek the Will of your CREATOR?
12:  Is the Faithful Remnant "a PYRAMID structure"? - like all the OTHER religious institutions out there.  Have you RESOLVED to be 'carried by Grace' - and to lighten your CROSS in doing so?  To SAY that you're sorry - EVEN in ADVANCE! - for 'sins that you're ABOUT to commit'?
13:  WHY are so many people 'TORMENTED', when they come to the Testimony?  What happens when those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant use the Holy Rosary as "a weapon AGAINST the Faithful Remnant"?  It would be best to work on PERMANENTLY being DELIVERED from, and rooting out EVERY manifestation that can be found on "the JEZZIE list".  Remember to SEEK to be "Consoled" by the TRUE Holy Spirit - NOT by "the flesh".
14:  How does the Most High True God go AHEAD? - in the COUNSEL, of what someone is about to CHOOSE?  How do you fix SECULAR MUSIC playing in your INTERIOR LIFE?  You are LIVING in the time of the Apocalypse - the Greatest Spiritual Battle in all of Human History - and SO... Have YOU been FIGHTING to nourish your SOUL?
15:  Have you been seeking to form "your own PERSONAL religion"? - based on the TESTIMONY?  An interesting photo has been added to "the Plague of Insanity" page.  We found "a local EXPERT", who would like to share a few words with those who are... still STRUGGLING to remain 'SPIRTUALLY focused' while praying the Rosary
16:  It is now time to FULLY understand the implications of embracing "irrational fear".
17:  Know that "the devil" will TRY to TWIST the Testimony, and turn it UPSIDE down in your mind, and to PROTEST THROUGH you.  And so don't LET him! - or you will SURELY become like him!   BETTER to be FILLED! - with the TRUE Holy Spirit, instead.  Need PROOF?  Are you addicted to caffeine?  When was the last time someone commanded you Love YOURSELF?
18:  Zika virus worst NIGHTMARE scenario?
19:  Do you know what really HAPPENED? - that CAUSED "cartel" to go BALLISTIC, on the REMNANT? - as he has left "MANY vicious comments", under Remnant videos.
20:  Have you been getting a little FRUSTRATED? - when thinking about reaching out to others with the TRUTH.  Trump's comments are being taken out of context, "under the guise of humor".
21:  Are YOU READY? - to experience TRUE LIFE in the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the LORD.  The illuminati reaction to our recent article.
22:  Do you know what you're called to do next?
23:  Can JESUS' LOVE NOT SAVE "an INDIVIDUAL who CHOOSES to remain UNREPENTANT' and STUBBORN in their sins"?
24:  Have you been tempted to resent the Most High True God?
25:  Have you been choosing to be OVERWHELMED by the spiritual BATTLE all AROUND you?
26:  There is an important prayer for you to pray, every time you return from your time of rest, to the daily spiritual battle - and it was just improved!  What is the FASTEST way for the former Members of the Faithful Remnant to come to their senses?  After ALL, there is "HOPE", for EVERYONE! - up UNTIL, "their VERY last breath".  Does the roman catholic hierarchical institution owe every man, woman and child in Austrailia about $40.00?
27:  A Decree from the Highest Heavens, regarding "the fate of the assailants".  Some encouraging words for those who are "working towards repenting wholeheartedly".
28:  The Most High True God HELPS those who help THEMSELVES... to the ONGOING spiritual TOOLS, that HE has provided, His REMNANT with.
29:  At 3 pm Pacific Standard Time today the website became accessible by password only - and only for the OFFICIAL or PUBLIC Members of the Faithful Remnant, or by special invitation directly from the 2 of us.  Please do not share your Password with ANYONE, under any circumstances; and be sure to keep it in a secure location.  And know that it is normal to be asked to login at least two times, before the website appears.  More updates will be posted for today.
30:  And once again, in the 3:00 Hour of JUSTICE today, the Faithful Remnant Playlists on our YouTube Channel were made private.  These playlists are NOW available ON the website, on our NEW page, "Faithful Remnant Videos". Did you ever have one of those days when ANYTHING that COULD GO WRONG? - DID go wrong!
31:  And so the Door to the Ark was shut, because of all the protests... and then on the THIRD day, a great CELEBRATION was heard, outside the walls... as they all celebrated the 500th anniversary of THIS.  They don't call it "the devil's FEAST day" for nothing.  And so, "BON appetit!" - he can HAVE them! - the ones who don't eventually escape, that is.  INSIDE THE ARK? - is the Wedding Feast, spoken of in the Bible, with the very BEST food... oh and, pass the salt please...
There is a special update on the bubonic plague.

01:  Who can stop the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord from going forward?  Not even ALL of Hell's kingdom, boiling up inside people - even those who are being PAID to go AGAINST the Testimony of their Creator.  And so there ARE more updates on the way!  And for those who LOVE THE TESTIMONY? - allow the Words of your CREATOR to TRANSFORM you in the TRUE Spiritual Reality, as you wait, in great ANTICIPATION, for the next updates.  And for those who HATE THE TESTIMONY? - Saint Michael with his HEAVENLY Host of Angels, will be, "paying you a visit", in DUE time.
Did someone say "UPDATES"?  3 new "NOURISHING" Remnant Video Playlists have now been added to our new page.
01:   Know that "the assailants" are QUITE content, having nothing but darkness, and so SHOW them no false compassion.
02:  ... and more updates
03:  ... and even more updates
04:  Know with absolute CERTAINTY that "your formers" are ALL living in "the DELUSION of these End Times".
05:  "Discipline" - Where do you think the word "DISCIPLE" came from?   "CONSOLATIONS" - An important PART of a well balanced spiritual life!
06:  Do not despise prophesying, by withholding Nourishing Remnant Videos. To simply help you with "MOTIVATION, in remaining SINGLE"
07:   There are now 28 Official Members of the Faithful Remnant - as even MORE "private Members", are CHOOSING to be "ALL in".  There are now 5 MORE OFFICIAL Members - as of TODAY - who got aboard, after both the Ark and the website were "locked down".  If ever you see "a new FACE" on the Remnant Video Playlists - you can always check the list of videos, on "Love Speech" - and check the total number at the bottom of the list in red - to confirm.  Here is a DIRECT link to the List of OFFICIAL Faithful Remnant Members. There is a new "RELIEF note" added to the "Special Prayer for Women" section.  What about all the religious CLOISTERS and MONASTERIES scattered ALL around the world, who ARE in fact, "living in isolation"?  And here is some urgent Counsel for the WOMEN who are in the HABIT, of putting ONE mask on - and then when it's CAUGHT, they turn to 'ANOTHER mask' - so that they NEVER have to fix, ANYTHING! - about themselves, EVER!  The ONES who SURVIVE these End Times, will ultimately CHOOSE 'the Most High TRUE God', over ANYTHING! - THIS world has to offer. There was a new update posted for October 26 and 28 today.
08:  You can't finish the race by focusing on "the finish line".  We obviously worked with many PRIVATE Members over the last week, to help them get out of "the murky waters".  And so we will continue to posting many updates as we catch up:  There is a new update for April 12, 2017 - August 15, 2017 - and October 30, 2017.  There is a new article posted at the bottom of the US Election page.
09:  Are you having trouble REMAINING in the True Spiritual REALITY? A new section was added to the website today titled "How to make better videos".  There was a new update posted for August 27, 2017 - October 31, 2017 - November 06, 2017.
10:  How to respond to witchcraft attacks, from the assailant camp?  And just to get you started - why not TESTIFY. Have you been TRYING to manage your TIME, by CHOOSING to go it ALONE?

11:  When you became a MEMBER, what did you sign up for?  Have you heard about "Madagascar's grave dilemma"? - because it's something you probably won't forget... ever!   How did the enemy get to 'the FORMER Members' of the Faithful Remnant?  A new update is now visible for August 26, 2015 - November 06, 2017.
12:  Do the Two Witnesses pray for THEIR WILL, to be done? - in peoples' LIVES?  "Stack of masks", or CHANGE? - YOU choose!   Do the Two Witnesses pray for THEIR WILL, to be done? - in peoples' LIVES?  Are you CHOOSING to be stuck in your old WAYS?  A new page was added to the website to day.  And today we started the process adding suggestions for the next prayer, on the Daily Prayer page, using the  or "arrow" icon.  This will make it much easier for people to get used to the idea of creating their own personalized order, in which to pray their daily prayers - as we share even MORE, of how WE navigate that page.  And please remember to always cap your prayer time at 15 minute sessions.  A new update was added to November 11, 2017.  Special tip: For those who login to the website - if you keep 2 tabs open, with Testimony pages, the computer won't ask you to sign-in when you click on a link.  More TRUE STATISTICS from Heaven.  What about long fingernails?
13:  We have added some important SPIRITUAL and Practical tips, to the Remnant Video Page.  A new Message is posted for September 02, 2016, and for November 12, 12b, 2017.    
14:  NEVER, has 'the BATTLE' WAGED MORE fiercely!
15:  What relationship have you been CHOOSING to have with your Creator?  Are you READY to Become "a RESPONSIBLE Member" of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH?  The assailants WANT the Faithful Remnant to 'ABORT' the Truth like THEY did! 
16:  Do the Members of the Faithful Remnant need "Health Insurance"?  Remember to always speak English CLEARLY!  It isn't EASY trying to find TRUE Bubonic plague statistics.
17:  HOW often are you REJECTING 'the DEMONIC cluster of your former IDENTITY'?  The FORMERS page has now been completely edited.  Apparently, the abuse scandal is getting so bad in the R.C.H.I. that the PERISHIONERS are now "passing the basket".  Is it possible to gather "TOO many Graces"?
18:  The Holy Angels ARE now administering Divine Discipline.  A special note for those who have been KNOWINGLY withholding nourishing videos.  When you have difficulty FORGIVING yourself. What to do, with formers who CONTINUE to harass you?
19:  What about wearing a NECKLACE?  DEEP DOWN inside - have you been CHOOSING to SEE the TESTIMONY, as "an INSURMOUNTABLE TASK, of APPLYING to your LIFE"?
20:  But HOW can a woman TELL which mask she is EMBRACING?  We have noticed that MANY Members of the Faithful Remnant have been TEMPTED to treat us like "FORTUNE tellers".  What are the ESSENTIAL prayers?
21: PTSD?  How QUICKLY people forget, that there are many different LEVELS in Heaven - there are those in Heaven with their "Eternal THIMBLE"... FULL!... of Graces - and then there are those with their vast OCEANS of Graces - and of COURSE, EVERYONE inbetween.  And so, we ADVISE! - the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, to "aim HIGH!" - as in, to make 'the Most High TRUE God', their Goal - to be 'with HIM' for all Eternity!  Why not UP-load, a video, and then, see what HAPPENS... in the END.  Of COURSE, you are ALWAYS free to turn INWARDS, to 'that LITTLE... empty... thimble".
22:  THIS is what happens - when a Member of the Faithful Remnant CHOOSES to KNOWINGLY and WILLFULLY and  DELIBERATELY 'entertain' thoughts of their former LIFE - as "a WAY of life".  Now that you have FOUND the Testimony, have you been CHOOSING to OUTWARDLY appear AS "a docile LAMB", while INWARDLY choosing to be "a WOLF"?
23:  Special instructions for those who choose to be NOURISHED by my Mass Videos.  Is anyone still INTERESTED in being counted among "the 24 elders"? - because you WON'T be after you read THIS.  Do you have a desire to share WHATEVER thoughts come to your mind WITHOUT filtering? - and know that it really IS necessary that we ask this!
24:  Have you finally discovered "your OWN PERSONAL connection" with God's spirit?  You ALWAYS have, 'TWO counsels' to CHOOSE from.
25:  And so, HOW has "your OWN PERSONAL interpretation" of the Testimony been going?  You can see "OUR interpretation", HERE - it is now ALSO posted on the Home Page, under my photo.
26:  How can women OVERCOME the feminist BRAINWASHING they were SUBJECT to?  Is YOUR version of Christianity "a religion where God does ALL the work"?  An open letter to all the LUKEWARM christians - from their Just Judge.  Have you been getting PULLED BACKWARDS into INSTITUTIONAL THINKING?
27:  Have you been experiencing SPIRITUAL attacks - ESPECIALLY on Sundays?
28:  Make my heart like WHAT?  Do YOU desire "a HOLY and awake CONSCIENCE"?  Are the Two Witnesses Here "to police the INTERIOR life" of all those who WRITE them?   HOW are you called to work out your SALVATIONForgiveness of sin is now ONLY being offered to WHO?   Have you been in the habit of PRAYING for Graces, BEFORE writing for Daily Divine Counsel?
29:  We KNOW that you have been EXPERIENCING a lot of AFFLICTIONS - and so NOW would be a good time to RENEW your BAPTISMAL vows.  The link at the bottom of the home page to "the most recent UPDATES" has now been fixed so that you will NOT be asked to sign in again, every time you use it.  Here is an important BEHIND THE SCENES update on the CATHOLIC sexual abuse scandal in the U.S.  Some important edits have been made to the top and bottom of the End Times Prophecies Fulfilled page.  There are now TWO NEW IMPORTANT PRAYERS to pray, every time you wake up.
30:  More than 130 approved videos were posted on our new NOURISHING video playlists this month alone.  What does "You shall NOT bear ANY grudge" mean?
01:  Watching a video while you are waiting for an UPDATE?  What happens when people don't apply the Daily Divine Counsel?  Do you have a TENDENCY to get sucked IN to the CONSCIOUSNESS of those around you?
02:  What happens when "jezebel" is EXPOSED?  There is a new section "Discerning Psyops" with an important note.  New updates for November 26+, and 27 are now posted.
03: The fastest way to find out when the newest update was posted, is still to look at our YouTube Channel - as we are still posting the date of the latest update, in the description box of the YouTube Channel Trailer.  Do you have our YouTube Channel saved as "a BOOKMARK"? For those who have REDUCED the Testimony to... "some READING material"
04:  Today is the 5 year anniversary of when the Unborn first Spoke, with ONE Voice, to a world that thought they had been snuffed out "for good"...  “Better is the wickedness of a man than a woman who does good; and it is a woman who brings shame and disgrace.” (Sirach 42:14)  And SO? - a new section was added to the website today, "The Uncomfortable Truth".   This section is obviously a collection of all the Messages that have the word "UNCOMFORTABLE" in them - Messages that apply to Daily Divine Counsel, the Testimony, AND the topic of abortion.  WHO ultimately chooses, where you WORK?  Have you ever been tempted to respond to the Counsel we send, by CONTENDING with the TWO of us?   It is now exactly 3 weeks until Christmas - and the BEST present, to give to your KING, who sits enthroned in HEAVEN, is in fact a SOUL, filled with FAITH, and Graces - for starters; And so, how is your CHRISTMAS shopping going? - shopping for GRACES that is!  Together, let's make THIS Christmas, "the BEST Christmas ever!" 
05:  Have you been choosing to focus on your FAULTS, FAILINGS, AND regret?  What are YOU swimming upstream and AWAY from?
06:  There was a technical problem with our YouTube Channel Trailer - it is NOW visible once again.  We are requesting that Remnant Members have ZERO content on their YouTube Channels at this critical time.  To REMOVE your Channel trailer - know that the edit option ONLY appears AFTER the Trailer video, is saved as "PUBLIC".  Have you been TIME TRAVELLING to the PAST when you FIRST found the Testimony?  Have you noticed spiritual AFFLICTION after being NOURISHED by a Remnant VIDEO?  There is a new update for August, 1824, and November 26, 2017.
07: Some nice "NATURE VIDEOS" were added to the Formers page today. 
08: Did you hear the one about the T-Rex who was wrapped up in the idea that he was SURE to be saved?  Who says "santa claus" isn't coming to Los Angeles this christmas? - after ALL, they still have their CHIMNEYS!  For those who need some motivation to make their next Testimony video; a new Scripture Passage has been added to the Faithful Remnant Videos page, and near the top of the FORMERS page.  Is "aborting the Testimony" a mortal SIN?
09:  Have you been remembering to "ENCOURAGE" your brothers and sisters? - in your videos. 
10:  How are you preparing for Christmas?  Have you been striving to have "POSITIVE THOUGHTS" lately?
11:  Have you been tempted to see yourself as "INVINCIBLE"?
12:  Are there CONSEQUENCES, for SECRETLY choosing to be set in your old ways?
13:  Have you ever been afflicted by "spiritual INSANITY"?  Are you AFRAID of Jesus NOT being PLEASED with you?  Is what the Most High TRUE God is asking OF you, "DIFFICULT"?  WHAT reality are YOU choosing living in?  Do you have "the CONVICTION of TRUTH" in your CONSCIENCE? 
14:  Today we learned that Marijuana is becoming legal in California in about 2 weeks - and of course, that is perfectly timed, as much of California, seems to be GOING... "up in smoke".  When you need to be healed from a head cold.  Have you finally gotten into 'the good HABIT of listening to our COUNSEL' -  and gathering GRACES in DOING so?
15:  And REMEMBER - when you do DELIVERANCE prayers you MUST "fill the VOID" with GRACES!  Have you been TEMPTED to see us as "MEAN, and CRUEL witnesses"?
16:  Why are the Members of the Faithful Remnant called to be "emotionally detached" from their formers?
17:  What happens when a Member of the Faithful Remnant chooses to BELIEVE in the Truths revealed in the Testimony, while REFUSING to apply the Counsel from the Two Witnesses to their lives?  A new update is now posted for June 28, 2017.
18:  Have you ever been tempted to believe that YOU are the center of your own UNIVERSE?  Some basics about the spirituality of those who have chosen to be "a PRIVATE MEMBER" of the Faithful Remnant.  Discomfort is given to motivate one to TURN to your Creator for the STRENGTH to ENDURE - NOT "fold"!  Are you prepared to be TESTED on the topic of your last video? Are you being tempted to believe that you are UNDER some kind of HYPNOSIS through the TESTIMONY?
19:  Have you been choosing to live for your Creator?  More important "head cold" recovery tips were added to the Healing of the Nations page today. 
20:  The definition of "a PRIVATE MEMBER" of the Faithful Remnant?  Have you been taking time to THINK about the questions you ask us, BEFORE sending?  Have you been going wherever your feelings TAKE you?
21:  Have you been tempted to embrace BROODING as "a good"Do we ever send the same Counsel to other Members of the Faithful Remnant?  Do you have the DISPOSITION of a TRUE child towards your CREATOR?  Have you been experiencing "a HELL of a lot of PRESSURE" lately?  Some persecution lessons were added.  Some etiquette lessons were added as well.
22:  "True Love", defined.  Did you remember "to RESOLVE to LOVE the TRUTH"?  Updates were added for December 18 and 21 today as well.
23:  Have you been tempted to show false compassion to people who beg on the streets?
24:  Have you discovered lately, to your utter horror, that your PRAYER life, is "in the spiritual GUTTER"? - and your prayers are "NOT fruitful"?  When it comes to the declaration by the Two Witnesses that the Physical Chastisements have now begun, did you respond by choosing to be "a doubting THOMAS?" - perhaps there is a Heavenly response for that.  Have you been choosing to live for YOURSELF?  Did you know, that those who choose to walk 'the BROAD path' - are actually committing "the sin of BLASPHEMY!" - in doing so.   Keep your heart PURE and SPOTLESS always!
25:  Did you remember to ask Jesus for the Grace to DESIRE to APPLY, the COUNSEL?  Your "FORMERS" are no longer the FOCAL point- of your LIFE. Updates were added for December 09, 11, 13, 23, and 24 today as well.
26:  Since you found the TESTIMONY, have you gotten "the RETURN", that you were LOOKING for? - a special lesson "for those who REFUSE to master sin" - and who are WELL on their way, to getting 'the mark of CAIN', as a special parting gift - as they RETURN to their former lives.  A new updated was added today for December 14.
27:  Do you want to LOOK at yourself, as "a GOOD PERSON with GOOD INTENTIONS"?
28:  Do you STILL have 'a VERY strong desire, to be in CONTROL of your LIFE'?
29:  Did you know? - that you HAVE 'the Biggest SIGN of all!'  
30:  The race is now ON! - to avoid a most CERTAIN "frostbite mass casualty event"
31:   Have you been looking for Signs every day?


  Word count: 16,000+

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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