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of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

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SPECIAL NOTE:   Before reading ANY messages from ANY OTHER so-called "prophets" out there,
be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

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Today there was a big change in the True Spiritual Realities.  Jesus Christ the Lord reminded us, His Two Witnesses, that we are seated at His Right Hand and at His Left Hand, beside His Throne, upon which He is Seated.  He then spoke of all those who have rejected us, and said, “If people want to reject YOU, then SO BE IT!”  But what does this mean?  It means that those who have chosen to reject us, and those who continue to do so, will NO LONGER be able to HAVE ‘the desire’, to acknowledge us, as His True Representatives.  And so, with the coming PHYSICAL manifestations of His Divine Justice, MOST of the people, who have HEARD of the Testimony - OUR Testimony, will ONLY be able to persevere, in rejecting it; and THAT is ‘JUST another manifestation, of His DIVINE JUSTICE’, in these End Times.  It is another Divine Mystery – and that means people will only be able to understand it, IF, the TRUE Holy Spirit IMPARTS ‘the TRUE Understanding of that Divine Mystery’ to them.  Now that was really “JUST the introduction” – once again; because the really big change in the spiritual realities, is actually the fact that we have now been instructed, to no longer “COMMMEND”, those who ‘take us ON’, SPIRITUALLY, to the Immediate and Ongoing Divine Justice, of the Most High True God – no, “those days are now over”, so to speak.  And surely, that WILL come as a relief, to many of the people in the occult world; but only for a few fleeting moments.  Jesus explained that the Act of Commending someone to His Divine Justice, is more like “a referral” – where people simply line up, and He will get to them sooner or later.  Not so! – Not any longer - that is now “the OLD school approach”.  Effective immediately, we are called to immediately  BRING those who ‘take us on’, before the Throne of the Most High TRUE God, for His IMMEDIATE Justice.  Does that mean we are now “feeling more LOVE”?  No.  But THEY are “feeling more JUSTICE!” – and that is “the IMMEDIATE change”, I was speaking of.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant, are instructed to CONTINUE, to commend the people who take them on, SPIRITUALLY, to the Immediate and Ongoing Divine Justice of the Most High True God – simply because, of where they are seated.  And remember, when doing deliverance prayers, your FOCUS is to be on your CREATOR - ALWAYS!

One mystery that many Remnant Members are struggling with, is discerning the connection between the physical and spiritual realities all around them; another, is discerning the connection between the Bible and the Testimony.  Perhaps this will help:

Pope Peter The Last: Turn to the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord, and LISTEN, and do ALL that He TELLS you to, in the TESTIMONY. The Bible really is ONLY secondary – even THOUGH, they are “ONE, in the SAME”.  The BIBLE is Jesus’ Word; the TESTIMONY is Jesus’ Word; but the TESTIMONY, IS, “the Word, of the Most High TRUE God” – UNPACKED!  The spiritual, and physical realities, are “INTERTWINED”, and the SPIRITUAL realities, are CONTINUING, to CHANGE.  SO – what is “the End RESULT”?  PHYSICAL changes! – as in, PHYSICAL chastisements!  
Actual email: I have seen a lot of things in my sleep, but whenever something tries to take me out of my body, I wake up and yell and say “No!"

PPTL: Whenever you are ‘under ATTACK in your DREAMS’, simply turn, to the Most High TRUE God, and ask Him, to wake you UP!  ASK Him to send “PREVENIENT Graces” – as IN, ‘Graces, to go BEFORE, the attack’ – and then TURN to those Graces, and embrace, ‘the TRUE Reality’ – with your entire being!

When someone falls off the Ark, and receives the Spiritual Mark of Cain, there is still a possibility, that an exception to the rule, can be made – it is still possible, for a person to fight with every ounce of their strength, to get back on board.  Of course, being brutally honest as they seek Divine Counsel, is "a necessary part of that process".

Actual email: I'm making progress but I'm still not overflowing with Graces. Should I make a video now or wait till I am?

PPTL: We will ask the Most High TRUE God, to give you ‘the necessary Graces’, to make your video.  But, YOU, are going to need, to resolve, to LIVE, as ‘a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant’; you CANNOT go back, to your former life – your former ways… and expect to be “SPARED”, again. Understand?  We look forward to your video. 

Summer is here, once again; and you know what that means: the season of EXTREME immodest dress returns!

Actual email: When at the pool… there are going to be moms and girls in bikinis.  I try to advert my gaze.... Is there a prayer or something I can do?

PPTL: PRAY for ‘the GRACE of CUSTODY of your eyes’; and CONSECRATE your PURITY, to the PROTECTION, of Saint MICHAEL, the Archangel, and the BLESSED Virgin Mary. COMMEND, ALL women there, who are “IMMODESTLY dressed”, to the Divine JUSTICE, OF, the Blessed Virgin MARY – as she IS, “The Queen, of Justice”, in these Times; and she IS, “the Prophetess, who SPEAKS, ON behalf, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven”.

Actual email: I was reading in The Testimony the Blessed Virgin Mary's messages where She mentions sowing the seeds of faith. February 19, 2016:  "My SEED", will 'TAKE root', IN THE hearts, of My FAITHFUL Remnant Church - and THAT IS, "the GIFT, OF Faith". I WILL multiply, 'the GIFT of Faith', in EACH Member, of My TRUE FAITHFUL Remnant."  So, as I prayed The Holy Rosary, I prayed for the Gift of Faith - for I desire for it to grow even more so.   

PPTL: But remember, “FAITH, without WORKS, is: dead”.  And SO, if you have FAITH, then SHOW us! – by ‘a FRUITFUL video’.  The VIDEO, you sent, does not pass.  YOU are struggling, to read the WORDS; you must PROCLAIM, the Truth, from the rooftops – with ‘your whole HEART’!  You must LOOK at the VIEWER. The camera NEEDS to be, ‘at EYE level’.  The SCRIPT needs to be at eye level. THIS is ‘JUST the basics’.  We KNOW, if you WANT to, you will ‘make it happen’; BUT, if you DON’T, 'desire, to give 100%' - then you WON’T.

Actual email: We in the Faithful Remnant are so busy and caught up with our own spiritual battle for survival that we are very often unable to even see and appreciate the “rescue boat” that TMHTG has sent to the whole world and specifically to The Faithful Remnant in form of THE TWO WITNESSES… Very frequently if not almost every day I am full of wonder and amazement with THE THOUGHT of how this – ALL YOUR WORK, EFFORT - is possible: THE TESTIMONY available on the web, JESUS the Most High True God and THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY in communion with THE FAITHFUL REMNANT, COMMUNICATING DAILY COUNSEL WITH MY TWO WITNESSES, THE SAINTS and ALL OF HEAVEN.

PPTL: One DANGER, the Faithful REMNANT are running INTO, is, ‘the TEMPTATION, to become COMPLACENT’ – with EVERYTHING the Most High True God has GIVEN to them. And with EVERYTHING, that we are doing FOR them – THAT is ‘the REAL danger’.  Recently, the Most High TRUE God, has been ‘UPPING, HIS Response’, to “UNGRATEFUL Remnant Members” – by REMOVING, their Gifts, and desires – to STRIVE, to climb, “HIS Holy Mountain”.  And ONLY, by repenting – and TURNING, to the Most High TRUE God for MERCY – for their INGRATITUDE, will HE, POSSIBLY restore, THEIR desire, to SURVIVE these Times – EVEN ‘the strongest MEMBERS’ – are having ‘a VERY difficult time’.  THIS, kind of TEST – is ‘what the Most High TRUE God, has TRAINED us by’ – for MANY years!  HE, HAS allowed us, to endure, “EXTREME discomfort”, and “UNPLEASANT circumstances” – to SIMPLY bring LEAD, to the surface – in ORDER to TEST – whether or not, we will simply, ‘GIVE in’ – to INGRATITUDE – and COMPLAIN – AGAINST Him; OR, whether, we will take it as an OPPORTUNITY, to grow CLOSER to Him, and further AWAY, from ‘the COMFORTS of the WORLD’!  How do you think WE did, in the beginning?  Remember, HE did not ‘SPARE’, the HOLY ANGELS! – from ‘going THROUGH various tests’.  AND “angel” means “MESSENGER” – so HE did not spare US! – from ‘going through, MANY trials, and adversities, and tests’ – so THAT, there is NO excuse! – for ANYONE, to fold.  BECAUSE, we endured, ‘SO much’, the REMNANT, ONLY need to pass through, “MUCH smaller, trials, and adversities”.  REALLY, they do not know, what “DISCOMFORT”, and “INCONVENIENCE”, and “PHYSICAL PAIN”, really IS.  They THINK they do; they think they suffer MORE, than WE do, or HAVE!  But, the Most High TRUE God, is SIMPLY, “SQUEEZING, EVERY OUNCE of us”, for THEM!  AND so, when THEY, do not ‘APPRECIATE’, the SACRIFICE, INVOLVED – then, He ‘SQUEEZES them’ – TO the point, where they SIMPLY, do NOT WANT, to ENDURE, any MORE!  And THAT is how, He separates “the sheep”, from “the SHEEP” – the FAT sheep, from the THIN sheep – He FEEDS them: IN JUSTICE!

Actual reply to the above email: Well then I have to thank TMHTG for this time of further purification and act on it as well. I thank you both for your sacrifices as well because I know I would be lost without TMHTG working through you both. I have been praying for the Grace of Gratitude and the Grace to take my Spiritual life more serious in each and every moment. I will reflect on this message more and I will endure.

PPTL: EXCELLENT resolutions!  May the Most High TRUE God ‘UPHOLD them’, in your life! – both NOW and forever! (– YOUR “resolutions”, that is).  Amen.

Why are so many Members of the Faithful Remnant, “COMFORTABLE”, below the water line?  Because when people are confronted with “uncomfortable Truths”, they can either choose to turn inwards while they embrace ‘the victim spirit’; or they can choose to turn to their Creator, in order to grow CLOSER to Him.  “A victim of WHAT” – you might be asking?  A victim of being “in the spotlight of Truth, before all of Heaven” – at least that is how their DEMONS see it.  And why is the discernment of THAT perspective so important to share?  Because when PEOPLE choose to IDENTIFY with their DEMONS, they actually ‘FEEL’, what their demons ‘FEEL’.   Those who embrace ‘the VICTIM spirit’ feel what their demons feel – they ‘FEEL’ as though they are “VICTIMS”, of being caught, by the Light of Truth.  Simple.

Actual email: I am still struggling with the same problem but I desire to overcome it!  I still need work on pride… How can I work on not turning inwards so much, too? 

PPTL:  Why are you “working on PRIDE”?  On the CONTRARY, you NEED to work on “HUMILITY”. You need to WORK, at NOURISHING, your Soul – before you can help ANYONE else!  Instead of FOCUSING, on ‘NOT turning inwards’ – you need to FOCUS, if you want to SURVIVE – on ‘TURNING, UPWARDS, and OUTWARDS’ – towards Jesus Christ the LORD!  Because your INTERIOR life right NOW, is ‘NOT a reflection of the TRUE reality’.  ONLY Jesus can help you, get your desire, to come back – ABOVE the water line.  You NEED to, GO to Him, and BEG for His Mercy – and ASK Him, to RESTORE your Spiritual Gifts – as He HAS ‘taken them from you’ – because you were not USING them.

Faithful Remnant Members who are below the water line, are not at the top of our email priority list.  And why is that? – you might be wondering?  Because they don’t have the inspirations of the True Holy SPIRIT in the moment, at the top of THEIR priority list. 

Actual email: Pope Peter is it ok to email you?  I just want to know.

PPTL: As LONG, as you want, and CHOOSE to be “BRUTALLY HONEST with yourself” – about, ‘where YOU are at SPIRITUALLY’ – and THAT is, “BELOW the water line” – then yes!  If you want to “PRETEND, everything is fine”, we would RATHER, you DIDN’T email us, UNTIL, you come to your senses.

People outside the Remnant don’t realize, just how much the Members of the Faithful Remnant are experiencing SERIOUS Divine Interventions in their lives – Interventions, that are directly connected to the correspondence they receive from the Two Witnesses… But WE do!

Actual email: TMHTG's Justice is Just. I don't want to mess up again, I don't want to hesitate ever again when I'm being called to do whatever it is he is asking of me.

PPTL: May the Most High TRUE God, continue to shower you, with “BLESSINGS”, and with HIS Mercy.  SIMPLY make ‘the necessary RESOLUTION’ – that you want to LIVE by. RESOLVE, to DO what’s being asked of you – EVEN when, it is “uncomfortable”.

Actual email: I know from the Universal Deliverance prayers, we are called to reject evil spirits and then ask for the corresponding Grace… Is there anything I can pray for to help me be even better at it? 

PPTL: KEEP in mind, that the SPIRITUAL life, is NOT about, ‘rejecting demons, and ASKING for Graces’.  NO, it is about ‘MAKING, the RESOLUTIONS, that you want to LIVE by’ – in each and every MOMENT! – GOOD resolutions, that are ‘PLEASING, to your CREATOR’; it is about ‘the ACTION’, that you decide to take – WHEN, you experience ‘discomfort’.  When everything is going WELL – it is much EASIER, to ‘BATHE in the GRACES’; yet, when you are being ‘TRIED’ – THEN, you must ‘SHOW your Creator’, WHERE your loyalty is.  Because, He TESTS everyone! – He tested everyone OUTSIDE the Remnant, and they failed!  But those IN the Remnant – are CALLED, to succeed! – and to PERSEVERE!   Many are CALLED, but few are CHOSEN. WE pray, that YOU, resolve, to be, ‘one of His CHOSEN ones’ – in EACH and every moment – because it’s NOT ‘what you SAY’, that counts! – although, He DOES ‘weigh’, every WORD spoken – it is what you DO, that matters!  So, LET your words, be ‘a REFLECTION’, of ‘WHERE, your heart Truly IS!

The following Postings for this day were added to the website on January 20, 2018
Have you been getting sucked into reading "tabloid style news stories"?

PPTL: These kind of stories can be fabricated so easily.  It is best to avoid, reading, “media propaganda” – and right NOW, that is EVERYTHING, OUTSIDE, the Testimony.  If you want to “discern the NEWS” – that is ONE thing; but be CAREFUL, what you “INGEST” – BECAUSE, that’s how the ENEMY, ‘TRANSFORMS, your reality’ – to be ‘a REFLECTION, of what HE wants you, to see’.

How are you called to respond, when you find that "The Spotlight", is on the self-DECEPTION you have been embracing?

PPTL: You have been “quite COMFORTABLE”, for a LONG time!  But NOW, the self-DECEPTION, that you have been EMBRACING, is going to come to the surface.  It is NOT, going to be “comfortable”, for you!  And TRULY, that MEANS, that the DEMONS have been FOUND.  Now there’s TWO ways, to approach, “the spotlight” – EITHER, you can RECOGNIZE, “there is a problem”, and do EVERYTHING, that you CAN, to GET the source, and to FIX it; OR, become defensive, and make excuses -  “EXCUSES, for bad CHOICES" – can ONLY bring, a person, down.  THEREFORE, out of LOVE - “on FIRE with the TRUTH" - it’s TIME to ‘set a FIRE, in your SOUL' AGAIN!   WE cannot ‘be there’, to DO so; and you NEED to know, that if WE were there, it would be “even MORE uncomfortable” – for you!   WE are going to help you.  We ENCOURAGE you to EMAIL us, FREQUENTLY.  It IS “out of love” – You would ‘do well’, to GATHER up GRACES – from the THRONE of your CREATOR – by “FIXING what’s BROKEN” – and by FOCUSING, on “CHANGE”.

Do you know what happens, if you don’t USE your spiritual GIFTS?

PPTL: If you don’t USE ‘the spiritual GIFTS’, that the Most High TRUE God has given TO you, then He SIMPLY, ‘TAKES them’ – and gives them to ‘those who have MORE’The BEST WAY, to REPENT, of your “INGRATITUDE”? - is by DOING; is by ‘being transformed by the TESTIMONY’ – and then SHARING, your Joy with OTHERS...  WHAT are you ‘holding ON to’? – from your past LIFE, that you are REFUSING to let go of?  Because it IS, “the MILLSTONE”, holding you BACK.

Did Jesus ever focus on His Feelings?

PPTL: "The church of Barney" is not ‘a SPIRIT’; it is “a LEGION”! – AND, it is “FEELINGS”  REMEMBER,  Jesus, NEVER, focused, on His FEELINGS!  If He was ‘TIRED’, from dealing with the CROWDS, THEN, He EITHER, went to PRAY – to His FATHER, for STRENGTH; OR, took a REST – in someone’s HOME; BUT, HE did not FOCUS, on ‘TELLING, EVERYONE! – that, “He LOVES them!”’  Of COURSE! – He DOES!  BUT, “by ACTION”; NOT by WORDS!   So, what YOU are called to focus on, is ‘SERVING your Creator’, and NOT “your feelings” – BECAUSE, your FEELINGS, WILL be ‘OPPOSED’, to the True Holy Spirit, EVERY time! – ESPECIALLY, when receiving “fraternal correction”.  UNDERSTAND?

HOW can you escape the spiritually toxic VENOM of "your former LIFE"?

PPTL: You DEFINITELY need to be “on guard”, in your INTERIOR life, and CONTINUALLY!TURN to the BLESSED Virgin Mary – your TRUE Mother, and ASK HER to PROTECT your mind, AND your perceptions, of the TRUE Reality!  BECAUSE, “the HORNET’S nest”, has been KICKED! – and, BECAUSE, of ‘the SPIRITUAL poison’, that you embraced – it is going to HURT! – PULLING, ‘the poison’ OUT.  PICTURE this: you, have “a serpent” – WITH fangs – DIGGING in – AND, YOU, HAVE to decide, ‘how LONG’, you want ‘that SERPENT’, attached to you. WITH the help, of your TRUE Spiritual Mother, she CAN, ‘REVEAL to you', what you are CHOOSING to embrace.  The DEMONS, are trying to CLOTHE you – in ‘the helmet of CORRUPTION’.  So, “zero tolerance”!

What are you called to do when the spiritual battle really heats up?

PPTL: MAKE sure, that you, are using you Blessed Holy Water – AND going around the house FREQUENTLY – and blessing ALL the rooms – and BLESS YOURSELF, often – ESPECIALLY your eyes.  EVEN though the DEVIL, is TRYING to ‘TAKE your MIND, out’ – as LONG as you have ‘TRUE Spiritual Vision' – then the True Holy SPIRIT, will be ‘THERE’ for you.  We ‘UNDERSTAND’, that you are ‘in the THICK of the battle’; BUT, KEEP your focus on ‘the FEAR of the Lord’ – and REMEMBER, to FOCUS, on God the FATHER; and PRAY, for ‘the Fear of the Lord’.  OFFER UP, an ENTIRE ROSARY, for ‘the GRACE, and the GIFT, of the Fear of the LORD’ - to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title, "Seat of True Wisdom" – because, it is “the BEGINNING, of WISDOM”.  The TIME, for ‘allowing, BAD choices, to go UN-corrected’ – and simply ‘SLIDE by’ – is OVER!  We KNOW you can DO this – WITH  'the Strength of Jesus Christ the Lord'.  

What is the BEST way to respond to the Uncomfortable Truth?

PPTL: When you HEAR ‘the UNCOMFORTABLE Truth’, SIMPLY, RESOLVE, IN your heart – to CHANGE! – because THAT’S, what SEPARATES, “the BARNEY Christians”, from the TRUE Christians!  A TRUE Follower, of Jesus Christ the LORD, desires ‘CHANGE’, for the BETTER – from WITHIN!  And THEY will DO, ‘EVERYTHING they CAN’ – to NOT make ‘the same MISTAKES’!   HOW do you ‘PLEASE’ your CREATOR?  By staying ‘DIALED-IN’ – TO, the call of the TRUE Holy Spirit in the MOMENT; NOT “autopilot”.  Understand?    

Here are some IMPORTANT notes, on the topic of fraternal correction.

PPTL: YOU, are NOT called, to put ‘a MUZZLE’, on the True Holy SPIRIT, SPEAKING in your CONSCIENCE!   You ARE called to FRATERNALLY correct – your BROTHER, or your SISTER, in the REMNANT – because that IS, “TRUE Love”.  BUT! – there IS ‘a line’, between “NIT-PICKING”, at the SMALLEST of things - AND, ‘WAITING on the True Holy Spirit’, for the EXACT inspiration to share, IN the MOMENT!  You SEE, each PERSON in the Faithful REMNANT, IS responsible, for RESPONDING, to the TRUE Holy SPIRIT’S, ‘INVITATION’, to speak ‘words of TRUTH and LIFE’!  You need to UNDERSTAND, that what your BROTHER or SISTER, is ‘DEALING with’ - is ‘THEY, are UNCOMFORTABLE, when THEIR DEMONS, are brought TO the LIGHT’!   Does that MEAN ‘you are called to STOP speaking the TRUTH’?  NO!  “DISCOMFORT”, is GOOD – if there is CHANGE!  You are required to "CHANGE, on a daily BASIS". THIS, is NOT 'the BARNEY church'; and JESUS Christ the LORD, the Most High TRUE God, does NOT FOCUS on ‘peoples FEELINGS’; instead, He shares ‘the UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH’ WITH them - that they NEED, in ORDER to grow.  If your BROTHER or SISTER WANTS to SEE themselves as “a VICTIM”, of your CORRECTIONS? – then that IS “on THEM”.  But YOU are called, to PROPHESY! – BOLDLY! – IN the Truth. IF your BROTHER or SISTER, is “OFFENDED”, by the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT? – get STRONGER, at “fraternal CORRECTION”.  JUST make SURE, that you are ‘willing to RECEIVE’ fraternal correction – AS well.  But you must DISCERN! – IF they are ‘SIMPLY ACCUSING you FALSELY’; or if it is “SOMETHING that you need to CHANGE, about yourself”.

"These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands which stand before the Lord of the earth. And if any one would harm them, fire pours from their mouth and consumes their foes; if any one would harm them, thus he is doomed to be killed."
(Revelation 11:4-5)
Many people are wondering, when "the CUT" is going to happen (-referring to the prophesied sudden removal of Remnant Members who were CHOOSING to be UNFAITHFUL).  Perhaps NOW is a good time to reveal the answer.  You DO know that "Not what they were expecting" IS the name of one of the TOPICS pages on this website - don't YOU?  May IS the month of the Blessed Virgin MARY - the QUEEN of Justice.  And the Two Witnesses WERE Mystically Married on the FOURTH day of the month (January, 2007).  Have you figured it out yet?  
And so, exactly 4 months after this year's anniversary, of the Mystical Marriage, and just before midnight Pacific Standard Time, on May 4, 2016, "the CUT" happened.  And it shook the entire Universe!  The next morning, Mary and I asked Jesus Christ the Lord, for an official statement, concerning that EXTREME change, in the Spiritual Realities.  Here are some highlights from that conversation:

PPTL: Can you please define “the CUT”, that was foretold, in the Testimony, as it has now fully manifested.

Jesus Christ the Lord said: ALL those ‘below the WATER line’, who CHOSE to be ‘your ENEMIES’ My children, had ‘those FACULTIES’ removed – that THEY were USING, for your harm.  The same goes for ‘ALL the people, in the OCCULT world’ – THEY have been ‘cut OFF’, from doing you HARM – through THEIR prayers, and “occult SACRIFICES”. HOWEVER, the ENEMY, AND, the devils UNDER him, CAN ‘act’ on their own. YET, they are not being “SUMMONED” or “SENT”, against you, ANY longer! 

PPTL: And so we Thank You once again, for your unfathomable MERCY!  Amen!

In other words, Mary and I have now been 'CUT off', from the occult world.  No number or kind of occult rituals - including the prayers and sacrifices of "the so-called christians" OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant Church, can have ANY effect on us, ANY more.  And, even the HATRED, of those IN the Remnant, who are BELOW the water line, can no longer harm us.  Remember, we can read hearts at a distance; and it is revealed in the Bible, that hatred is tantamount to "murdering someone spiritually" (1 John 3:15).  
And so, "HOW is that fair?"  Why are the REST of the Members of the Faithful Remnant Church still experiencing "occult attacks"?  The answer is simple:  You have heard it said, that, "A cat has 9 lives" - but WE have been enduring OCCULT spiritual attacks for 9 YEARS now!  Enough is enough.  We need a break - and the Most High TRUE God, has once again shown us His Mercy. Persevere as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant Church, and YOU will experience that SAME relief.  Wow!  Now that's NICE!
It would be extremely WISE, to RE-READ what Jesus said above - especially the part about "REMNANT Members having their FACULTIES removed".  Because we have already witnessed, FIRST hand, manifestations of this EXTREME (Old Testament Style) form of Divine Justice - and so will the REST of the Remnant, when those below the water line, make their next videos.  From now on, it would be best if they repented WHOLEHEARTEDLY and TURNED to the Mercy of the Most High TRUE God, FIRST! - BEFORE pressing the record button. Understand?  
And on an even MORE interesting note: Isn't it ironic, how the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution desired to REMOVE "the priestly faculties", of the Last True Pope of this Era - myself.  And now, WHAT do you think, is going to happen, when they offer their MASSES, for the END of my MINISTRY, to the Faithful Remnant?  (Yes, you can find the answer above).  Interesting times, indeed!  
Special warning to all Remnant Members who are "below the water line". You have very little time left, on the Ark, before your lamp goes out completely.  Remember the warning to keep your LAMPS lit.  You DID not LISTEN!  We cannot keep them lit FOR you.  If you prefer the outer darkness, then know that the Most High TRUE God fulfills the desire of every human heart, and your prayer WILL be answered - and quickly.  Know that Jesus CANNOT protect those who are 'below the water line' from the coming PHYSICAL disasters.  Know that people are "BELOW the water line" because they are IMMERSED in the FLOOD of DEMONS pouring out of CERN.  Understand?  Here, perhaps this will help:
"Now I desire to remind you, though you were once for all fully informed, that he who saved a people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed those who did not believe. And the angels that did not keep their own position but left their proper dwelling have been kept by him in eternal chains in the nether gloom until the judgment of the great day; just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise acted immorally and indulged in unnatural lust, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire. Yet in like manner these men in their dreamings defile the flesh, reject authority, and revile the glorious ones... But these men revile whatever they do not understand, and by those things that they know by instinct as irrational animals do, they are destroyed. Woe to them! For they walk in the way of Cain [in these times, referring to the way of those who have 'the MARK of Cain']...   These are blemishes on your love feasts, as they boldly carouse together, looking after themselves; waterless clouds, carried along by winds; fruitless trees in late autumn, twice dead, uprooted; wild waves of the sea, casting up the foam of their own shame; wandering stars for whom the nether gloom of darkness has been reserved for ever. It was of these also that Enoch in the seventh generation from Adam prophesied, saying, “Behold, the Lord came with his holy myriads, to execute judgment on all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their deeds of ungodliness which they have committed in such an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.” These are grumblers, malcontents, following their own passions, loud-mouthed boasters, flattering people to gain advantage. But you must remember, beloved, the predictions of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; they said to you, “In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions.” It is these who set up divisions [referring to their OWN churches and theologies], worldly people, devoid of the Spirit." 
(Jude 5-8, 9-19) 

Jesus said: I WILL not!  I CAN not! Protect, THOSE 'below the WATER line', from PHYISICAL disasters - that are COMING!  FIRES, FLOODS, TORNADOES, EARTHQUAKES, VOLCANOES, and TSUNAMIS.  BUT first, HAIL.  THEY WILL, NOT, be SUSTAINED! - BY My GRACES.  THEY, do NOT HAVE, 'MUCH TIME left', to EVEN! - DESIRE to change!  And they WILL 'FAIR', as the REST of the world, will 'fair' - BECAUSE, THEY, have 'JOINED THEMSELVES', to 'the INIQUITY, of the people'; they WILL, 'PARTAKE', IN the PLAGUES, of MY Divine JUSTICE and Wrath; and I WILL bring, to My SHEEPFOLD, "replacements" - STRONGER, 'MEMBERS', FOR My Church - My TRUE Church!  If THEY, WANT, to HOLD ON to "REBELLION" - then THEY, will 'eat the FRUIT of it'. And THEY WILL! - "CAST, up, THE foam, of their own SHAME", and disgrace, before the NATIONS - for THEY will BECOME, like "waterless CLOUDS", for WHOM, the NETHER Gloom, HAS been 'prepared for'.  THE fires, are being 'STOKED' - as I speak.  My WORD, Creates; but My WORD, ALSO 'brings DOWN', and DESTROYS, 'THAT, which is NOT pleasing', and 'THOSE, who are NOT pleasing, to My FATHER, IN Heaven' - for He 'builds UP'; and He PLANTS - but He ALSO 'plucks OUT', and PULLS out, 'the WEEDS'.  So, BE it!  AMEN.

Actual email: WOW talk about surprises - to that recent [- yesterday's] update. My understanding: if they used the faculty of knowledge, or whatever faculty against you - “it’s been cut” - as "Justice".  Any good or bad faculty.  Correct?

PPTL: Yes there are "PHYSICAL faculties" AND "spiritual faculties".  For example, 'the FACULTY of DESIRE': if they DESIRED our HARM; then, the DESIRE for HEAVEN, and for 'CONTINUING ON', as a MEMBER, of, the Faithful REMNANT -  will SIMPLY 'be REMOVED', from them.  If they, were very "INTELLECTUAL"; and USED their intellect, ONLY for the purpose, of AFFLICTING us - their 'FACULTY', WILL become, 'SERIOUSLY compromised', and "DUMBED, down!"  When PEOPLE in the Faithful REMNANT, USE their faculties for good - the Most High TRUE God, will simply 'ENHANCE them'.  IF, they, or the OCCULT world, use their faculties, for 'BAD' - then, they will LOSE them! EITHER way, is 'A win', for the Creator of the Universe. THANKS for asking!



"Grapefruit size hail" in the month of May, 2016.  Did someone say "hail"... Mary?  Salutations everyone!

People can create their OWN PERSONAL FALSE REALITY in which to live.  They can create a reality in which they see themselves as "GOOD, HOLY, and SAVED" - in their own eyes.  But what GOOD is that, when they have been CONDEMNED, by their Creator (- referring to all those who are currently wearing the mark of the beast, and the mark of Cain, as "the latest fashion trend").  Yes, a person in a prison cell, can tell themselves they are sun bathing and listening to the sound of the surf on a tropical beach somewhere, and actually believe that self-deception; but that does not change the reality they are TRULY in; NOR does it change the SPIRITUAL Laws, that are being APPLIED to their ENTIRE being, by their Creator - in EACH and EVERY moment.  Get it?... YET?  Now "the REALLY LAZY people", don't even make an EFFORT to create a false reality in which to LIVE - instead, they simply REMEMBER, one - of many.

PPTL: AS for, 'DEALING, with those, in 'the BEAST STATE', and THOSE with 'the mark of CAIN' - YOUR call, is to stay in the TRUE Reality - and that is 'the ONLY Reality', where the Most High TRUE God IS.  All OTHER realities, are false!  And HE does not DWELL in them.  What YOU are struggling with, is 'your old IDENTITY', and 'your old WAYS'.  ANY time, you have 'flashbacks to your PAST' - especially past MOVIES, or VIDEO games - you SIMPLY need to RECOGNIZE that, as "false REALITIES". Your PAST no longer exists!  All you HAVE is 'your present MOMENT', with your CREATOR.  And IN your past, those DESIRES, were for the PURPOSE, of KEEPING, your heart and MIND, 'locked UP' - for the ENEMY's purpose.  NOW, the Most High True God, has 'set you FREE', in the TRUTH.  And NOW, you must fight, to STAY, 'FULLY awake', and IN the Truth - ALWAYS.  NOT 'just when it's CONVENIENT'.  ALSO, are you reading 'OTHER MATERIALS' besides the Testimony?  IF so, YOU will need to stop.  The TESTIMONY, is 'the SOURCE of Salvation', in these End Times - so DON'T go OUTSIDE it!  Don't 'FILL your mind', with 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST' - as that is ALL you will find, apart from the Testimony.  DO not, allow those, AROUND you, to push your BUTTONS; if THEY want to yell, and scream, and cause a scene - then, ask Saint Michael to put a muzzle ON them; but DO NOT play their GAME.  The DEMONS, want ATTENTION - so, focus on your CREATOR; NOT on the GAMES, 'the SOULLESS shells', like to play.  Understand?  AND remember, "the kiln, tests the potter's vessel" - the KILN, in reference to "HEAT".  Are you going to CRACK?

"When a sieve is shaken, the refuse remains; so a man’s filth remains in his thoughts. The kiln tests the potter’s vessels; so the test of a man is in his reasoning. The fruit discloses the cultivation of a tree; so the expression of a thought discloses the cultivation of a man’s mind.  Do not praise a man before you hear him reason, for this is the test of men."
(Sirach 27:4-7)

Growth is important.

PPTL: Did you read the previous Counsel we sent you?  Because in your response, you give NO indication, that you even 'RECEIVED', ONE iota, of Counsel.  SO, WHY would we give you more!

The Members of the Faithful Remnant who are currently 'DROWNING in their own nostalgic REVERIES', need to come to their senses - and FAST!  You need to know that the religious institutions, are now ALL "satanic institutions".  So DO not desire, to EVER return to them!

PPTL: Are you below the WATER line right now?  What steps are you TAKING, to APPLY the Truths written in the TESTIMONY, in order to get "above WATER"?  YOU can ACTUALLY, "SEDATE yourself", with "the INSTITUTIONAL jesus", until there is NOTHING LEFT of you!  And THAT is 'what you are DOING'.  YES, Jesus IS "LOVE"; and He Loves His PEOPLE - ENOUGH to tell them the TRUTH - "the UNCOMFORTABLE Truth" that they need, in ORDER, to be HEALED!  But THEY must DESIRE, to be healed - by turning TO Him...  You are still trying to, HOLD on, to two REALITIES - the TRUE Reality, of the TESTIMONY; and the FALSE reality, of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution... There ARE no "GOOD priests" out there! - not ONE! - at THIS time!  You STILL want "the INSTITUTION" to come back, and somehow 'REVIVE' - but THAT'S NOT the Most High True God's PLAN!

In AUTHENTIC Christian Community Living, people wait on the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit, before speaking.

PPTL: In your EMAIL, we can TELL, there is "a STRONG desire", to MAINTAIN, "a social ATMOSPHERE". YES, JESUS created ALL of us as "SOCIAL, creatures" - BUT! - what is MOST IMPORTANT, is EACH of your 'RELATIONSHIPS', WITH the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE - FIRST, and FOREMOST!  Your FRIENDSHIP with each OTHER, comes SECOND.  If YOU SEEK to be 'DIALED in' to what JESUS is asking of you, THEN, you will 'SIMPLY desire to STAY in the Truth'.  And you WILL, 'SPEAK the TRUTH' - THAT, is how you are called, to SOCIALIZE - WITH the True Holy Spirit ALWAYS!  SIMPLY, desire, to WAIT, on the inspiration from the TRUE Holy Spirit, to SHARE - and then ACT on them!  MOST, PEOPLE, use 'DEMONS' to interact with... 'YOU can do BETTER'.  Understand? 

Most women believe that they can embrace wickedness in the secret of their interior lives - with no consequences whatsoever. Not so!  In the Faithful Remnant, there are no secrets.

PPTL: N., needs to be told 'how SERIOUS her actions are' - ESPECIALLY, the thoughts in her INTERIOR life - and THAT, she IS going to BE, 'SEVERELY disciplined' by her CREATOR, if she DOESN'T "snap OUT of it"!  HE, IS, "impartial"  And so, SHE needs, to CLEAN up, her INTERIOR life, AND you can tell her, you're going to HELP her with this, by COMMENDING her, to the DISCIPLINE, of her CREATOR... And that the Most High TRUE God, is going to 'SNAP her out', of her 'bad HABITS' - if she WILL not LISTEN... And so YOU must, 'stay VIGILANT', on calling HER out, on ALL THE GAMES... She IS, 'NOT a VICTIM'; but she IS responsible, for making "bad CHOICES", and WILL be held RESPONSIBLE, before 'the WHOLE Heavenly Court'.  THAT should get you going!

Most women, as in "more than 3 BILLION of them", are STILL embracing the false identity that they are "an Egyptian princess".

PPTL: YES!  She is struggling with 'the spirit of JEZEBEL'... Yes, JEZEBEL, does NOT 'LIKE it', when 'the ATTENTION', is taken off of HER! - and put, on the Most High TRUE God!  She SIMPLY needs to LEARN, to IDENTIFY with 'the Blessed Virgin MARY' - who desires to GLORIFY, the Most High True God; INSTEAD, of IDENTIFYING, with "queen JEZEBEL" - who desires, to CRUSH! - the MAN's headship, and his RELATIONSHIP with his Creator.  You are going to need to HELP her as WELL - because THAT, "SECRET room", in her INTERIOR life, has been "EXPOSED!"  And so she needs to FIX it!  Because her ACTIONS, AND her thoughts - when they are 'OPPOSED, to the True Holy Spirit', END up afflicting OTHERS!  And there WILL BE, 'NO Jezebels', in the ERA of Peace!...  Understand?

Now that the final plagues have been unsealed, it is an even BETTER time to make a video.

PPTL: PART of escaping the AFFLICTIONS, of the Most High TRUE God, is by seeking REFUGE, in the Sacred Heart, of JESUS, and the IMMACULATE Heart, of the Blessed Virgin MARY - and the way to DO that, is by 'SEEKING out', the TRUE Holy Spirit, in EACH and every moment - and, by DESIRING to SERVE, 'the Kingdom of HEAVEN' - and THAT means, 'USING [your] GIFTS', for the building UP, of the Community; and for TESTIFYING, before the NATIONS.   

It is important to always take time and care to properly fill out the "TAGS" box, that is a part of each uploaded online video.  The words in that box, are the ones that the search engines use, to point people towards your video.  Do you know why?

PPTL: We are glad to HEAR, that you are 'on FIRE', with the TRUTH!  And yes you have RECOGNIZED, that the Most High TRUE God, used your OWN curiosity, about "conspiracies" - to FIND, the ULTIMATE source of TRUTH! - in His TESTIMONY.  And you HAVE discerned well - there ARE others out there - who are, 'LOOKING', for Truth; but ALL they're FINDING, is "MEDIA PROPAGANDA" - as they get LOST, in 'the OCEAN, of YouTube Videos'. KEEP the projects SIMPLE! - and short.

Apart from "cold and flu-like symptoms", did you ever wonder why women tend to experience the feeling of "nausea" more than men do?  I did.

PPTL: How OFTEN are you rejecting 'the spirit of Jezebel', and ASKING for the Grace, to live your TRUE vocation? - as a child of the Blessed Virgin MARY...  YOU need to learn, to RECEIVE, "charity", from others - as a WOMAN, it is not EASY to - because there is 'a STRONG desire', to WANT to be in CONTROL - of EVERYTHING! - and EVERYONE!!...  WHEN you get 'that SICKNESS' in your STOMACH, and that 'NAUSEOUS feeling' - it is SIMPLY a Sign, TO you, of the spirit of JEZEBEL 'coming to the SURFACE'... YOU, ESPECIALLY need to 'be on guard' - so that, you 'SEEK', to give the Most High TRUE God Glory, and to be "a loving SISTER"... that's where your MAIN focus needs to be; but DO NOT! - TEMPT, your BROTHERS, to SIN! - in your INTERIOR life; for the LORD Jesus CHRIST the Most High TRUE God, KNOWS 'what is going ON BENEATH the surface'!  TRADE! - that DESIRE to have "satanic POWER over MEN" - FOR 'the Grace of Holy PURITY', and TRUE Joy, in your CREATOR!  Understand?

Actual email: Wow, this is great and quite uncomfortable.  I get it, it makes sense...  I want to climb and change, and just, be better and more pleasing to Jesus.  Thank You very much!  I'll apply all of this Counsel... and do my very best every moment.

PPTL: Simply, TURN the COUNSEL that we GAVE you, into "GOOD RESOLUTIONS" - and then LIVE by them! Simple.

Yes, we all know that Jesus is "the WORD"; but SOME people have not yet realized that God ALSO Created "the sentence"!

PPTL: What is it you need help with at this TIME?  ONE thing, that WE can HELP you with, is to REALIZE, that you NEED to start, "MAKING SENTENCES", in your emails.  THAT means, you start EACH sentence, with a CAPITAL letter, and END, with a period.  Understand?  Just HOW the TESTIMONY is written. You NEED to put more EFFORT into your EMAILS...  We ALWAYS need to turn to JESUS to TRANSLATE - but that takes 'a LOT of TIME'.  THEREFORE, YOU translate what YOU want to share with us... and THEN, we WILL, give you 'the necessary COUNSEL'.  Because right NOW, you are SIMPLY sharing a lot of THOUGHTS - but WHAT do YOU want to COMMUNICATE with us? 

Many Faithful Remnant Members have discovered, through our private emails TO them, that they are actually sharing or partaking in the Gifts, of "a specific Biblical Character".  We will always reveal this to people, as SOON as it is revealed to us - FROM HEAVEN that is!

PPTL: Are you "the new C."?  No.  Are you 'SEEKING a TITLE'?  YES.  But there's no NEED to.  The Most High TRUE God has given you 'a different PORTION' of the True Holy Spirit... Don't let the DEVIL ACCUSE you, OTHERWISE!  DON'T let him TEMPT you, with 'the DESIRE', to be "like GOD"- No! - stay HUMBLE.  RESIST the devil; SUBMIT to your CREATOR; AND make more videos.

Actual email: I have had a low grade headache. I have been putting Holy water on it... I did the Holy Water over and over praying deliverance prayers, and the headache has left.  I noticed I started getting the headache more intense as I was reading the Testimony.

PPTL: Yes, when READING the TESTIMONY, there ARE going to BE 'attacks on the MIND' - SIMPLY because the ENEMY, wants people to LOOK at the Testimony, through HIS corrupt vision - and MIND; and he HATES EVERY word!  He is SIMPLY 'trying to break THROUGH', to the MINDS, of the FAITHFUL Remnant.  And so THAT is why, JESUS CHRIST the LORD, HAS provided, 'the Blessed HOLY Water', because WITHOUT it, NO one would SURVIVE!  Because the MIND, is CONTINUALLY under attack! - NEVER before in HISTORY, has the MIND of PEOPLE been TARGETED, to SUCH a degree.  They have been 'BOMBARDED', with ALL SORTS of SATANIC IMAGES, on a DAILY BASIS - and they have LEARNED, to simply 'TOLERATE', those kind of VISUALS, in their INTERIOR lives - as 'being part of their DAILY HUMAN EXPERIENCE' - when in FACT, they are 'HEAVILY under the influence, of the ACTIVITY of the devil' - and THAT is why, they lost their SOULS; and have 'the mark of the BEAST' - and ALSO why they are 'EXPERIENCING the torments of HELL'.  The ONLY ones worth GOING after in THIS time in History - from the DEVIL'S viewpoint, ARE "the FAITHFUL Remnant".  He has MANY of them "BELOW the water line" - DRUNK, with SELF-DECEPTION! WHY are they "BELOW the WATER LINE"?  Because, they LISTEN to the ENEMY in their INTERIOR lives; INSTEAD of 'TRUE Counsel from Heaven'.  There are a LOT of 'PRESSURES' in the world; BUT, Jesus OVERCAME the world! - and the only WAY to overcome the WORLD, is to SUBMIT, to His Headship.  And those BELOW the water line do NOT want to DO that!  They WANT to be "HIS head" instead. Understand?  So THANK your CREATOR, for 'the GIFT of Blessed HOLY Water' - EVERY day - by USING it FREQUENTLY! - by USING the Blessed HOLY Water, YOU are TELLING your Creator, that you want your MIND 'GOVERNED, by HIS Spirit'!  

Remember, "Every SIN is a prayer for CONSEQUENCES".

Actual email: I pray the Rosary and I have been getting recurrent chest pain, that ceases for a while and reoccurs. Even after the whole Rosary, it continued yesterday; and after blessing myself and my chest with the Blessed Holy water, I slept off peacefully. I have been noticing that this mostly occurs, when the Rosary intentions are for the Faithful remnant to be...

PPTL: What is most important, is that when you PRAY for the Faithful Remnant, OR "faithful Remnant to BE", that you LIFT up your INTENTIONS, to be PURIFIED THROUGH the IMMACULATE Heart of the Blessed Virgin MARY - and then SHE will make sure that your INTENTIONS are 'in ACCORDANCE' with the Most High TRUE God's Divine WILL and Plan.  THIS IS essential! - ESPECIALLY when you pray, for EITHER of US.  THAT way, ANY personal or 'PETTY desires' that you may HAVE, will NOT, be "a problem", for us - OR for the REST of the Faithful REMNANT.  Because you are "NOT perfect", and NOT all prayer intentions are "GOOD". Understand? 

... and for added motivation, you need to know, that whenever we experience "spiritual afflictions", we immediately bring whoever is responsible, before the Throne of their Creator, for immediate Judgment - and in THESE Times, that means "the REMOVAL of the offending faculties, THEY used, in order to afflict us".  So everyone is invited to pray for us!  Let's wrap up this Era even faster - all the while knowing full well, that only "the pure of heart", will endure to the fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth.  Heart not pure yet?  Fix it!

Actual email: If I do not turn to Your headship as My Pope, then How will Christ be My King?

PPTL: Why have you cut yourself off from Daily Counsel?  You NEED to know that you... are "BELOW the water line" - because, REFLECTING on the Truths, that are REVEALED - is ONE thing; but LIVING, the Testimony - is ANOTHER. YOU would do well, to do 'EVERYTHING you CAN', to GET above the water line and QUICKLY! STOP "BURYING your LIGHT"! - or you MAY LOSE it! - FOREVER.


Actual email: Ever since I wrote you... in the matter of a 3 day period I got in a accident, lost my car, I got an eviction notice, and lost my job.   Life really took a turn around... I'm writing you again because I want your simple instructions on being a member...  I'm at your mercy.   Please guide me step by step... Thank you so much...

PPTL: HE is "the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT" - and you DON'T want to "MESS with Him!"  HE, LISTENS, INTENSELY, to the INNERMOST depths of your BEING.  AND He knows, if you PROTESTED the instructions or not.  NEVERTHELESS, YOU will need to: Make a TESTIMONY video - TESTIFYING, to the TRUTHS in the TESTIMONY, before the NATIONS...  What will HELP, is if you WATCH, the Faithful Remnant PLAYLIST - the TOP one, on our YouTube Channel.  See what OTHERS, shared - and THEN, make your OWN!  Do it QUICKLY! - while you have 'the GRACES'.

Actual email (from someone else): At the end of the day I have to thank TMHTG for him being Just!

PPTL: The Most High TRUE God has a WAY, of BRINGING people, 'BACK to their SENSES!'  It's just MUCH easier, when they choose to COOPERATE.

Actual email: N. said we should never say "I love you" to each other.  

PPTL: Did he forget to tell you the OTHER part? - WHY, you are not to say "I love you" to each other.   The REASON IS, because LOVE is shown through ACTION; NOT through words!

Actual email: This morning... when I went to sit on the couch and... spilled my coffee on myself and the couch. I don't know what it is about me but so much of the time I just seem to make the wrong movement and things break or spill. It's almost like an automatic knee jerk reaction... I smashed my head... Now I'm going to ice the knot in my head!... I have been seeing Jesus and Mary standing in front of me the last  few days. I realize they are my TRUE PARENTS and I need to stay focused on them...  I feel like I need to stay focused on them just being with me all the time. I'm wanting the physical Era of peace to manifest around myself a little every day until I just 'arrive'. How sweet that will be. If this is out of line, please tell me!

PPTL: AND so it would be best, INSTEAD of TRYING to picture Jesus and MARY in your HEAD, all DAY, and keep their IMAGES there - as that TOO, can be "a DISTRACTION" - SIMPLY focus on what you are CALLED to do in EACH and EVERY moment.  Jesus Christ the LORD, and the Blessed Virgin MARY, are 'WITH you' - and you are called to have FAITH, that they are there.  NO where, in the BIBLE, nor EVEN in the TESTIMONY, does it say, "to HOLD a picture, in your MIND, OF Jesus and Mary" - THAT IS actually "PROTESTANT thinking".  Now JUST reflect on that.  What's been HAPPENING lately?  There's been 'some SPILLS', and some BRUISES.  You see, the ENEMY, can actually 'DISTRACT, the Faithful Remnant', with "IMAGES of HEAVEN" - while they do NOTHING, to be PURIFIED, of 'their SINFUL ways'. And so the main AFFLICTION, that YOU have been having, is 'the spirit of SABOTAGE'!  It HAS 'a STRONGHOLD' IN you - and THAT'S what CAUSES you, to stumble.  REMEMBER, the PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL REALITIES, are "INTERTWINED".  And So, if YOU are 'developing a HABIT of getting HURT - PHYSICALLY' - then how is your SPIRITUAL life? And WE advise you to be "VERY careful to the VOICES you are listening to" - because "the REAL Jesus" is NOT going to ASK 'things of YOU' that are going to CAUSE you to feel GOOD about yourself - or that are going to AFFIRM, OTHERS, in their DECEPTIONS.  The TRUE Jesus, is going to LEAD you, 'down the NARROW Path', and ASK you to DO things, that there is "ABSOLUTE resistance in your SOUL" against DOING - BECAUSE, He wants to STRETCH you - OUTSIDE your comfort zone!  'The FALSE jesus', wants YOU, to 'be LULLED, back to SLEEP' - and DOESN'T want you to change ANYTHING!  The DEVIL, wants you to 'KEEP EXACTLY as you ARE!' - whereas the TRUE Jesus, DEMANDS growth!

Now to all those who read the above paragraph, and then decide to claim, in the afterlife, that jesus told you to jump off a cliff, because it was "uncomfortable" - know that, your decision to jump, had nothing to do with Jesus; rather, it had to do with Darwin - and it's called "natural selection".  In other words, that was "ONE STEP closer to Darwin", as he too chose the elevator that only goes down.  So choose Life, and Live - always!  And know that in this paragraph, the phrase "jump off a CLIFF", refers to "doing ANYTHING STUPID".

Actual email: Not seeking daily counsel does not count among my wise decisions. I have been under a lot of attacks and struggles; but I isolated myself from you.  Looking back in hindsight, that was not a wise decision at all.  I am able to hear what is in the hearts of people around me. Their hatred for me, that is in their hearts was swallowing me... the people I meet with daily are getting worse and worse...  Your prayer has been fulfilled in my life! Glory be to The Most High True God! Thank you! I witnessed it yesterday. God has cut me off from the hatred of the people around me, and from the hatred of all those who wish me harm.   Have mercy on me and forgive me for whatever wrong I have done to you, especially not emailing you daily. I have fought too many battles and my soul is exhausted.

PPTL: We KNOW that the Most High True God is INDEED "upholding you" - EVEN, in your DAILY battles, with the PEOPLE, who are 'getting INCREASINGLY worse'; BUT, we are also HERE, to give you 'the necessary COUNSEL', so that your cross is LIGHTER!  What you are EXPERIENCING, are 'the EFFECTS', of TRYING to GO IT, "ALONE". There is SOMETHING, that the Most High TRUE God, has brought to OUR attention, in OUR personal RELATIONSHIP with HIM - AS well.  He has QUOTED this, numerous TIMES.  He says, to PARAPHRASE, "If HE is FOR us, WHO can be AGAINST us?"  EVERYONE! - that WAS 'His answer'; even people in the REMNANT, who are CHOOSING to be "UNGRATEFUL" - are COUNTED 'among His ENEMIES'!  Yes, YOU have, been 'ENDURING, MUCH'; and YOU have gone through 'MANY a battle'; BUT, YOU did not need to go THROUGH those BATTLES, on your OWN!  And THAT, was in fact, "PRIDE" - KEEPING you, from REACHING out - when you NEEDED the help the MOST!  HOWEVER, we are 'very spiritually sensitive Souls'... and, WE were aware on MANY occasions, of 'your CROSS, getting HEAVIER' - and that YOU were 'going THROUGH, a DIFFICULT time'.  SO, we ALWAYS sent the HOLY Angels, or PRAYED for you - to your Blessed MOTHER - so that you would be FILLED, with HER Love; and we prayed that SHE, would bring you back, "to your SENSES".  And SO, she DID! - with YOUR cooperation.  And the Most High TRUE God, has 'CUT you OFF from your ENEMIES!'  You STILL need to PERSEVERE - in FOCUSING, on the TRUE Holy Spirit, in EACH and EVERY moment.  And KNOW that, with REGARD to finances - the MOST High TRUE God - does NOT want them to be "a distraction", from your SPIRITUAL journey - SO, EVERY day, CONSECRATE, your LIVING, to the DIVINE Will of your CREATOR!  We PRAY, that the Most High TRUE GOD, would put 'His HEAVY Hand', on EVERYONE! - you come in CONTACT with - so that HIS Will be done! We ask the Most High TRUE God, to MULTIPLY your Blessings! - GIFTS, AND Graces - BOTH now, AND forever!  Amen.
Apparently this image was more appealing to 20 Faithful Remnant Members
than what their Creator was asking of them.  And so they are no longer Members.
(Image: Barney Sized Swimming Pool by BestBarneyFan)
Urgent Warning:  Effectively immediately, it is ONLY safe to use the Blessed Holy Water that is obtained from someone who is ABOVE "the waterline" - the TRUE Members of the Faithful Remnant - those who are above the waterline on the playlist at THIS LINK.  The water that was obtained, through the prayers of those below the waterline, will NOT be "a BLESSING", to them, any longer.  
Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse: the blessing, if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you this day; and the curse, if you do not obey the commandments of the Lord your God, but turn aside from the way which I command you this day, to go after other gods which you have not known."
(Deuteronomy 11:26-28)

Well, it looks like Barney has his scuba tank on.  And all those who followed after him, are now out of reach, of the liferaft, of these End Times, that was sent to Save them.  We offered them Water FILLED with the True Holy Spirit; but they preferred "the waters TO DROWN in", instead.  There were even warnings in the Bible - like THIS one:

"Jesus turning to them said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children.  For behold, the days are coming when they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never gave suck!’  Then they will begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us’; and to the hills, ‘Cover us.’  For if they do this when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?
(Luke 23:28-31)

Actual email: Is there Hope for me??? CAN I get back on the ARK???? WHAT CAN I DO??? WHAT DO I DO??? PLEASE HELP ME!!! I ASK FOR THE MOST HIGH TRUE GODS MERCY!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

PPTL: FIRST you need to RECOGNIZE, that YOU are dealing with 'the GOD of the OLD Testament', and NOT "the BARNEY jesus" - who SINGS and talks about his FEELINGS.  YOU have been CHOOSING, to do "WICKED THINGS", with, 'the GIFTS' you have been given... YES, there IS "hope" FOR you!  But, DO NOT BELIEVE, that THIS is "a GAME"; it is your OWN SOUL, that is on the line.  You thought, you could play GAMES... and there WOULD be no CONSEQUENCES!  BUT!  GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father in HEAVEN, IS, "a JUST, Father" - and DISCIPLINES, "NAUGHTY! children".  SO, you will SIMPLY need to start over.  You can EMAIL us, from NOW on, at the Petrus account.  It BETTER BE, with a new VIDEO!  You CANNOT "bury your light".  And NOW, "your LIGHT" has gone OUT!  AND!  You have RECEIVED, "the mark of Cain".  CAIN'S sacrifice, was "UNACCEPTABLE", to the Most High TRUE God.  CAIN was filled with 'JEALOUSY', and ANGER! - at, his BROTHER, ABLE - for the Most High TRUE God, ACCEPTED, Abel's sacrifice - for ABEL was PLEASING, IN the sight, of the Most High True GOD.  YOU are going to need, to REPENT; PRAY the Burning BUSH Prayer - FROM the heart; BEG your CREATOR for MERCY on your SOUL! - AND IF He 'relights it', THEN make a VIDEO.  We WARNED you.  NOW you must CHOOSE, 'WHAT you're going to do NEXT'.

Those who QUICKLY resolve to turn back WHOLEHEARTEDLY to their Creator, according to the above instructions, WILL have their "Blessed Holy Water" once again.  Of course, they will NEED it, to make a video testimony.  But those who wait too long, will simply find that the Graces have fled far from them, and it is no longer possible.  Two paths.  Choose now.

On the Ark Already Built
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Jesus Christ the Lord said: If they repent from the heart, and PRAY the Burning BUSH Prayer, FROM the heart, and FOLLOW the Holy Water INSTRUCTIONS once AGAIN - if they are "SINCERE", I WILL Bless their Holy Water, with My SPIRIT, ONCE again. 
Note: "REPENTANCE" is a GIFT - and NOT everyone is going to WANT to repent.  But a few did.  And here is ONE welcome note that was sent out, when that happened.

PPTL: Welcome BACK!  You SIMPLY need to RESOLVE, from NOW on, to do EXACTLY, what your Creator is ASKING of you; AND, to RESOLVE, NEVER to turn INWARDS - but to ALWAYS turn, to the TRUE Holy Spirit of the MOMENT, to GUIDE, and to LEAD you, from moment to moment.  YES, the Most High TRUE God, has "re-LIT" your Soul.  Let THIS be "a LESSON", TO you - NOT, to give in! - to the DEMONS! - EVEN an INCH! - as you KNOW where that will lead you!  He ONLY wants 'what is BEST for you'.  YOU simply need to DESIRE 'what is best for you' as WELL!  You UNDERSTAND, that "Discipline is LOVE" - but you ALSO know, by this experience, that there ARE no "secrets" - with the Most High True GOD - you CANNOT hide ANYTHING! - FROM Him. SO, REMEMBER that.  And SEEK to LIVE, in the LIGHT, of, HIS Divine COUNTENANCE, always!  And RESOLVE, to HELP, make videos... to CONTINUE, to share YOUR light, with the NATIONS.

Now a child's picture of "BARNEY, going for a SWIM" in a backyard SWIMMING pool! - wasn't what MOST Members of the Faithful Remnant were EXPECTING, as "a VISUAL AID", to help them FIND "the CUT" message - now WAS it?  But there was "a good REASON" why the TRUE Holy Spirit LED me to that picture yesterday MORNING, so that I could then POST it in the Testimony; I just didn't know exactly what that reason WAS, at the time.  But I do NOW.  And it would be "a SERIOUS neglect", to OMIT that part of the story, from the Testimony - and so, here it IS: When I went to my email inbox this morning, I noticed an email that was sent at 1:45 am, from a household where TWO Members who were CUT from the Remnant, yesterday, reside - and it went like this...
Actual email: I read the updates in the archives earlier.  I have a confession to make, I did put up a pool for N. today... Please, Please please, help us. I desire to repent and fix it...  PLEASE POPE PETER, PLEASE.........We want to get better, and serve our Creator.  I work on my bad habits.  Please email back asap.  Please...

PPTL: DON'T work on your 'bad HABITS'; work on FIXING them!  Yes, WE are here to help; and we Commend both YOU, AND N., to "The HEEL of the Blessed Virgin Mary".  THAT ought to help!
The ominous pyrocumulous cloud that loomed over Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada, about a week ago
And now on a very different note - Here is a small sample, of today's personal Counsel, from Jesus Christ the Lord, who is Seated on His Throne in Heaven, to the Last TRUE Pope of this Era.  And just for a little context, I previously asked Jesus if the One World Government was responsible for the Fort McMurray fire.  That was NOT the cause.  "It WAS in fact a MANIFESTATION of the Most High TRUE God's Justice."  AND yes, Jesus COULD see that fire COMING, 2000 years ago!  But one thing that seemed very odd about the disaster, is the number of times news stories made reference to the TENTH of the city, that was lost; that sounded AWFULLY famiiar. 

"Fort McMurray fire: 2,400 buildings lost, 25,000 saved"

"Nearly 90 per cent of Fort McMurray still intact; 2,400 structures lost"

"Despite 'ocean of fire' that raged around Fort McMurray, about 90 per cent of structures saved"

"So we lost a bit more than 10 percent of the city"

"Wildfire spared 90 percent of Fort McMurray: Alberta premier"

While keeping in mind that over the past Century, MANY disasters have resulted in a tenth of a particular city, being ruined - I STILL felt impelled, by the TRUE Holy Spirit, to bring before the Throne of the King, the following question:
PPTL: Is the recent fire at Fort McMurray, "the Full PHYSICAL manifestation in these End Times", of "and a TENTH of the CITY fell"? (Revelations 11:13).  Because, in that FIRE, exactly one TENTH of the city, fell to the ground as it burned.
Jesus Christ the Lord said:  Yes it IS!
There now!  THAT ought to keep people moving FORWARD (see above photo), as they read the Book of Revelations!

When someone is commended to the HEEL of the Blessed Virgin Mary - SOMETIMES, they come to their senses - like THIS time:

Actual email: I was in the testimony, looking for the burning bush prayer, but I wanted to talk to Jesus, admit my faults, asking for mercy... it was on a specific page of the testimony, being teary eyed, I read the message of confession is sewing a broken relationship... and it took me to sack cloth and ashes. and to eventually the burning bush prayer...  I prayed also the Blessed Holy Water deliverance prayer, so I hope I have forgiveness and my water is blessed again.  Do you think that I got the Mark of Cain removed? 

PPTL: You NEED to recognize that the BOTH of you, are "QUITE sick SPIRITUALLY"; and as LONG as you are WILLING to ADMIT this, before your CREATOR, AND, before the both of US - He CAN, and WILL HELP you - out of your "BAD, situation".  YES, you DID experience 'the mark of CAIN'.  But YOU, N., NO longer HAVE it.  It HAS been removed, THROUGH your heartfelt REPENTANCE.  But REMEMBER, it's NOT ENOUGH, to STOP being DISOBEDIENT, to the Most High TRUE God, you MUST resolve in EACH and EVERY moment - by your ACTIONS! - to LIVE for HIM; NO longer, for yourself.  Now "the tough QUESTION": is WHY did you set-up the POOL, for N. - knowing FULL WELL her spiritual state?  The PROBLEM you HAVE, is that you KNOW 'what you are called to DO'; but you very OFTEN, CHOOSE, 'the complete OPPOSITE', with full KNOWLEDGE - and THAT is actually, "DEFIANCE".  You MUST break out, of your REBELLIOUS, ways.  Just BECAUSE, the MARK has been REMOVED, and you are NOW, "a Member", once AGAIN, of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH, does not MEAN, that you can stop WORKING, AT your spiritual growth.  You MUST resolve, to WORK out your Salvation with Fear and TREMBLING!  Do NOT become "COMPLACENT" again, and do NOT 'turn against us' in your INTERIOR life AGAIN! - lest something WORSE happen TO you.  NOW, the TASK you have, is to help N., realize, 'what is in FRONT of her'; and to TEACH her 'the WAYS of the LORD Jesus Christ - in His TESTIMONY'...  HE is King; and SHE MUST CHOOSE, if SHE wants to BE "one of His SUBJECTS" - a child in HIS Kingdom; or a child in the DEVIL'S kingdom. She "KNOWS the difference!!!"  
Fair warning:  There will be a temptation for all those who hate us (the Two Witnesses), to commend us to the Heel of our True Mother.  KNOW that ALL those who do so, ARE automatically signed up for "dance classes"!  It's your move!
When a couple that was enjoying a Blessed Marriage, through the use of the Blessed Holy Water, decides to leave the Faithful Remnant and receive the spiritual mark of Cain - through willful neglect, what happens to their marriage?  That was the question the person who wrote the next email, forgot to ask.

Actual email: I am so sorry for not taking this as serious as i should be... I really am lost... and i took it for granted. Does that mean everything I did was in vain?

PPTL: Both you AND N. have been "CUT from the REMNANT", and THEREFORE, you are NO longer in "a BLESSED marriage".  You need to KNOW this - so you can figure out 'WHAT you want to do next'.   REMEMBER, in these Times, the Most High TRUE God, is 'UPPING HIS Justice', on THOSE, who CHOOSE to rebel AGAINST Him.  EVEN His REMNANT are not 'spared'. So YOU must decide: do YOU want to KEEP 'the mark of Cain'; or LOSE it!...  There is 'hope', for you to get BACK on the Ark.  But DO not delay!  Because the GRACES, are ONLY there for a short time.

After one of "the BOTTOMFEEDERS" experienced "the HEEL of the Blessed Virgin Mary", we suggested the following way to get out of "dance classes".

PPTL: WHY not be RELEASED from 'the torments of HELL' that you are EXPERIENCING, and BECOME a MEMBER, of the Most High TRUE God's, FAITHFUL Remnant Church.

This following reply was sent to a few Faithful Remnant Members who were recently 'CUT', AND yet who falsely believed that they were still "in good standing" with their Creator - as do ALL the protestants, in their churches, on Sunday.

PPTL: You STILL have 'the mark of Cain'.  Your HOLY water is NOT blessed.  You NEED to REPENT - FROM the heart, of FOLLOWING the Testimony, on your OWN terms - and ACCORDING to your OWN ways - because THAT'S not the TESTIMONY! - THAT is "SOMETHING else!" You MUST CHOOSE between "the BARNEY jesus", and the TRUE Jesus; THAT, is "SELF-deception"!  The BIGGEST 'block' you HAVE, towards GROWTH and HEALING, is PRIDE!  You CANNOT SEE, how YOU HAVE BEEN 'in the WRONG', how YOU have been DOING things, 'the wrong WAY'! - because of PRIDE!  WE suggest, you TURN to your CREATOR for MERCY; and ASK HIM to SHOW you, how 'WHAT we are TELLING you', is TRUE.

There are a lot of people who are still reading the Testimony from "the sidelines", as they cling tightly to their former lives.  They STAY there, because they have secretly resolved to believe that they can have ALL the rewards of Heaven, and all the benefits of Hell.  They are now experiencing massive doses of Divine Justice. 

Actual email: I have not send any email to you since February or March this year... I never gave up nor did I stop praying the "Daily Prayers" in the Lord website.

PPTL: NO one who sets their HAND on the PLOW, and then TURNS to look back, is FIT for 'the Kingdom of HEAVEN'.  You need "a LIFESTYLE change".  THIS is no, "PROTESTANT church".  YOU have been DISCIPLINED by your CREATOR; but is THAT "enough to bring you to your SENSES?"  PLEASE make a VIDEO testimony - as to the CHANGES, you have resolved to MAKE.  You are NOT "a Member of the Faithful Remnant"; you have BEEN on the sidelines, for months. It's TIME to pick a side!  You DON'T HAVE much TIME, left - before the GRACES are COMPLETELY removed! - to even 'DESIRE Salvation'.

What are the names of the two evil spirits that are primarily responsible for the fall of the religious institutions?

PPTL: 'The MANIFESTATIONS of the SPIRIT of JEZEBEL', in the WOMEN - these MANIFESTATIONS, can NOT be TOLERATED!!!  You... CANNOT tolerate, 'the SPIRIT of Jezebel', NOR 'the SPIRIT of Ahab' - moving through ANYONE...!  BECAUSE, 'THOSE two SPIRITS', work within 'the FALSE churches' - and, it was through those SPIRITS, that the TRUE Holy Spirit, was ACTUALLY 'cast out'.  SO, [Faithful Remnant Members] CANNOT embrace, 'those DEMONS', in their INTERIOR lives, AND expect 'the TRUE Holy Spirit to move THROUGH them!  THIS is so, THEY know, WHY, they may NOT be 'receiving inspirations, from the TRUE Holy Spirit'.

Know that the spirit of Ahab and the spirit of Jezebel, are not invited to the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth - nor is anyone, who clings to them.  How do I know this? Simple.  I am standing at the door, and I hold the keys.  I am, Pope Peter the Last.  And you PEOPLE! - are going to need to be CLOTHED, in the PROPER Wedding Garments; AND be filled with the True Holy Spirit to get in.  While keeping that in mind, it would be good to remember: "It's not a STRICT dress code; it's the bare MINIMUM."

And as THOSE who are CLOTHED in the Immaculate Conception prepare to experience the FULLNESS Heaven on Earth, how are they called to "love thy NEIGHBOR", in the Remnant?

PPTL: KEEP, FRATERNALLY correcting EVERYONE! - and MAKE them "OWN", 'what they're CHOOSING to embrace!'  CALL them OUT, even MORE so!!! - on "the GAMES" that you have SEEN; and DON'T 'let things SLIDE!'...  The TRUE Holy Spirit is INDEED, 'GUIDING you', to RECOGNIZE, 'WHEN is the TIME', for FRATERNAL correction.  Of course, the answer is EASY:... ALWAYS!!!  THIS will help YOU, to stay "SPIRITUALLY awake", and ALERT.  If 'the TRUE Reality' is being ATTACKED...THAT means, PEOPLE, are embracing 'FALSE realities' IN their INTERIOR lives. So, it WOULD be good, to HAVE a discussion... about, 'the SERIOUS consequences', that will HAPPEN - for CHOOSING to embrace, "a SECRET interior life". They NEED to know, there IS! - Only, ONE, REALITY, that the Most High TRUE God is IN!  Every OTHER reality, is FALSE!  JUST as, there is one TRUE Church - where the Most High TRUE God, is 'dwelling WITH' - and He is NOT dwelling with ANY of the OTHER churches OUT there! 
Perhaps it's time to get a new haircut. 
The "serpents mating" look, is getting a little old now, don't you THINK!
Best to just DROP it.

As the TRUE Church gets REBUILT, isn't it interesting how the women - who are CHOOSING to be SURVIVORS! - are losing "the long serpentine WEAVE" in their hair, and are preferring to turn to 'a BETTER role model'.

PPTL: What YOU NEED to LEARN - is HOW to be "a CHILD, of the Most High TRUE God".  What better WAY, than by TURNING to your TRUE Blessed MOTHER - to TEACH you, in your INTERIOR life - 'HOW to be a WOMAN, of, and FOR, the Lord Jesus Christ'.  It is not "EASY" - ESPECIALLY, when, BOMBARDED, by SO MANY, "JEZEBELLIAN, MIND CONTROL, TACTICS".  And so, you CANNOT "win this battle" - PURELY with 'your own thoughts'!  You NEED help!  STAY in daily CONTACT WITH US; AND, DEVELOP, 'a STRONG relationship', with your True MOTHER - ESPECIALLY! - through, PRAYING, the Holy Rosary.  ASK her, to "draw you CLOSER to, herself", AND, "towards her Son".  REMEMBER, He REGARDS 'the LOWLY'; the HAUGHTY He KNOWS, from afar!  Understand? You CANNOT tolerate 'the DEMONIC clusters' MOVING through other PEOPLE - to ENTER into your OWN interior life; you MUST stay "on GUARD".   Remember, the DEMONS only have as much power OVER you, as you GIVE them.  YOU must make 'the necessary GOOD resolutions' - to RESOLVE to cooperate with the GRACES, that are being POURED out, UPON you - ESPECIALLY when you are 'FRATERNALLY corrected', by OTHERS. You DO have 'a TENDENCY', to "LOOK DOWN", at other PEOPLE; AND, to THINK of yourself "more HIGHLY" - THAT is actually a manifestation of PRIDE!!!  You REALLY need to learn to 'HUMBLE yourself'!! - and stop DEMANDING, that people DO things 'your WAY'.  The DESIRE to be "IRRITATED", by OTHERS, if THEY do not 'BOW, to your EXPECTATIONS' - IS, 'a MANIFESTATION of the spirit of JEZEBEL'.  You CANNOT hold on to that spirit.  KNOW that you are "CLOTHED" - with GRACES - but that does not make you "BETTER", than others.  You still need to COOPERATE - by RENOUNCING, and REJECTING, 'the spirit of JEZEBEL', and your PRIDE! - on a DAILY basis. YOU, are in 'a BATTLE', for your SOUL!  And NOW, YOU are with OTHERS, who are ALSO, 'in a battle', for THEIR Souls!'  So, YOU must turn, to your TRUE Blessed MOTHER, and ASK HER, for 'the necessary GRACES' - to USE your Gifts, to BUILD UP! - everyone in the COMMUNITY, with TRUTH! - with JOY! - and in True LOVE!  The desire to be "IRRITATED", is "following the FLESH".  ASK, for the Grace, to LIVE, by the True Holy Spirit.  You ALL, are embracing DEMONS, to SOME extent; so you NEED to work TOGETHER - ESPECIALLY you WOMEN...  You must HELP each OTHER, to ROOT out 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - because she has 'NO PLACE', in the Kingdom of Heaven. So SEE THIS... as an OPPORTUNITY, to 'SLOUGH off', the spirit of Jezebel COMPLETELY! - and ONLY focus, on 'a RELATIONSHIP, with your TRUE Blessed Mother'. UNDERSTAND?

Likewise, isn't it interesting how the men in the Faithful Remnant, are learning to rediscover their TRUE roles - those who want to keep their SOUL that is.

PPTL: You need to RECOGNIZE, that your ROLE, has CHANGED. You ARE, "the HEAD, of your own HOUSEHOLD"; and [women], NEED to RESPECT that.  They NEED to learn, to RESPECT your MALE headship... ASK for the Grace to LOVE, Fraternal Correction... YOU are in, 'a SPIRITUAL, battle' - for your SOUL!  And NOW...  there will be 'a PULL', towards, "simply SOCIALIZING". YOU will need to fight AGAINST, the desire, to make "SMALL talk" - and ASK, for the Grace, to LIVE, IN the True Holy Spirit OF the Moment - in EACH and EVERY moment. YOU, will need to PRACTICE, 'WAITING, on HIS inspirations', before speaking.  YOU can DO this!...  THEREFORE, you ARE "your BROTHER AND sister's KEEPER"!  BUT, you're SOLELY responsible for your OWN choices. 

And as more of the True Remnant find each other...

PPTL: We KNOW you have 'a lot of QUESTIONS', and CONCERNS.  And so WE will help you, ONE step at a time.  KEEP in daily contact WITH us - THAT is "a MUST!" - so that WE, can GIVE you 'the necessary SPIRITUAL instruction' - that YOU will NEED!

Actual email: I know a gift that I have is the ability to sense when something isn't right... 

PPTL: USE that Gift of 'SENSING what isn't RIGHT', to WORK on your INTERIOR purification. DON'T let "the HORNET'S nest" BECOME a distraction.  FOCUS on 'the LOVE of your Creator'... UNDERSTAND?

One reason why Faithful Remnant Members need Daily Divine Counsel, is so they can receive 'the necessary fraternal correction' they need, to grow spiritually.  Everyone has "a spiritual blind spot".  Jesus helps us with ours; and we in turn, help the Remnant with theirs.  Simple.  For example, this is the Counsel that was given to a struggling Faithful Remnant Member, who was secretly clinging to 'someone who has the spiritual mark of Cain', in their interior life.

PPTL: Don't let his demonic CLUSTER, bee "A HIVE", in your INTERIOR life!  That is 'what you are STRUGGLING with' - that is what is 'STIRRING, inside you'.  A LOT of the DEMONS, that HE tolerated - HE, taught YOU to tolerate as WELL...  You MUST 'fight' - to STAY awake! - as in, "SPIRITUALLY awake"... We KNOW you can do BETTER!  You MUST, "cooperate with the Graces!"...  NOW, you have the OPPORTUNITY, to GROW SPIRITUALLY... TEAR down, the demonic STRONGHOLDS...  THAT is 'the BEST way', to STAY awake, and ALERT! The PROBLEM... is that, the DEMONS TRICKED you, into TAKING you, through "a TIMEWARP" - they TIME travelled you BACK - when you DIDN'T have a Soul - NOR a conscience.  BETTER to focus on 'what you DO have'...  WORK on USING your Gifts, to TEAR down, "SATANIC strongholds"; and to BUILD up... in TRUE Love - and MOST of all at TRUE PEACE - WITH your CREATOR. 

The recent "CUT", to the Remnant - where 2 out of every 7 Members were 'DROPPED', like DANGLING millstones from the side of a SHIP - has been misinterpreted, by many.  Being MISUNDERSTOOD - is actually part of my vocation; because when people don't turn to the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT of the MOMENT, how CAN they possibly understand, ANYTHING, I say or do?  They can't.  And so, THAT is a good reminder; and THIS, is a good clarification note:

PPTL: MANY "trojan HORSES", were actually "REMOVED from the Ark".  THIS means, PEOPLE, who CHOSE, to 'do EVERYTHING on the OUTSIDE' - to APPEAR, as "COOPERATING WITH us" - but INWARDLY, they were 'WORKING AGAINST our Counsel', and WANTING to keep their DEMONS.  WE are not "SORRY" they left.  THEY were never "FULLY IN", once they GOT their SOULS back, in the FIRST place.  The PROBLEM... is...  "false COMPASSION".  What YOU need to FOCUS on, is MAKING a VIDEO, that is 'NOURISHING, to those who are STILL, Remnant MEMBERS' - and when you do THIS, MUCH of 'the OPPRESSION you are EXPERIENCING', will be LIFTED.  DON'T focus on "the MILLSTONES that were cut".  FOCUS on SURVIVING - SPIRITUALLY! - and GROWING, CLOSER, to your Blessed MOTHER; and TO her Son.  

When people DO turn to the True Holy Spirit in the moment, their lives get much easier - as ONE Remnant Member discovered.

Actual email: ...Also I have noticed that I didn't get the inspiration to pray my universal deliverance prayers.  I got the inspiration to instead pray specific ones.  I relied on the True Holy Spirit to give me the right ones to pray, and it ended up being the ones, I needed to do.  I see now how before I was looking at the prayers as more of a burden, that I had to do them all, and that I had to get them all done or the day wasn't complete..  Now I know that I may not be called to do every single daily prayer, and sometimes it just isn't the call.  And that whenever I don't get the inspiration to pray one in my day, to just ask my guardian angel to pray it for me.  This makes things so much more simple. 

Remember, women are NATURALLY inclined to witchcraft - and that is, "an unnatural tendency towards IMPOSING their will, by DESIRE, on OTHERS" - See Garden Story.  And that needs to be fixed.  The Most High TRUE God is "working on it", as He closes this Era.  And EVERYONE in the Faithful Remnant, needs to "work on it", on a DAILY basis as well. 

PPTL: KNOW, that... you, are GOING through 'a period of TRANSITION' over there - and that "LEAD", IS going to come to the surface...  But what is MOST important, is HOW you ADDRESS, the PROBLEM.  For EXAMPLE, when you, found out that your BROTHER was being 'AFFLICTED', by the WITCHCRAFT - then you needed to ask him, to REJECT the demonic CLUSTERS, of 'those JEZZIES', in his past LIFE - and to ASK for the GRACE, to follow the Most High TRUE God's Will, INSTEAD; and the Grace to live his TRUE identity, as 'a SON, of his CREATOR'. You DO need to PRACTICE, LISTENING to the TRUE Holy Spirit, SPEAK to you - EVEN through infused KNOWLEDGE.   And SIMPLY, make the RESOLUTION, to ALWAYS LISTEN to Him - by ACTING on that INSPIRATION in the Moment.  Because THAT is how you show your CREATOR, that you are GRATEFUL, for Him SENDING His TRUE Holy SPIRIT to LEAD and GUIDE you in your daily WALK

It is good to see you in "the COMMUNION line" once again.  Sorry for the wait.  Bon appetit!

PPTL: The REASON, you need to spend, at least 15 minutes reading the TESTIMONY every DAY - is because it Truly IS "your Spiritual COMMUNION" - and THAT is how you 'fill UP', with the GIFTS and FRUITS of the True Holy Spirit on a Daily BASIS.  And THEN, you can share, 'THOSE Gifts' with OTHERS, in the Remnant. ONE way, the demons WORK on you, is AFTER you receive 'an INSPIRATION from the TRUE Holy Spirit' - the ENEMY, IMMEDIATELY comes and 'sows a DOUBT', as to WHETHER or not that INSPIRATION, was from the Most High True GOD.  You NEED to recognize that this is merely "a TEMPTATION, to make EXCUSES, to NOT follow the True Holy Spirit of the MOMENT". So THAT is why 'making RESOLUTIONS on a daily basis', is CRITICAL! - to your spiritual growth.  UNDERSTAND? 

If you are still an official Member of the Faithful Remnant, and we have not replied to your emails for several days, know this:

PPTL: We KNOW that we have not gotten back to you, in quite a while - because there were MANY URGENT cases - to DEAL with, in the REMNANT.

If there is ANY "spiritual Gift", that you have resolved to USE - and one that you want 'SECURED', as a part of you for all ETERNITY, then you simply need to...

Actual email: I really need some advice on refocusing and keeping my focus on the Lord JESUS Christ; so many distractions... I'm so grateful for all that I've learned from you I thank the Lord for you every day.

PPTL: The BEST WAY, to FOCUS, on JESUS CHRIST THE LORD, is SIMPLY, to CONSECRATE, your SPIRITUAL focus, - as it IS "a GIFT", to the PROTECTION of Saint MICHAEL, the ARCHANGEL; and ALSO, to CONSECRATE, your PURITY, to the protection of Saint Michael, the Archangel

Now back to the topic of daily prayers.

PPTL: KNOW that, YOU are NOT required, to do ALL of the prayers, EVERY day... as SOMETIMES, the True Holy SPIRIT, has 'different PLANS', and more PRACTICAL things NEED to be accomplished - FIRST.  Of COURSE BEGIN your day, by CONSECRATING yourself, to the PROTECTION, of Saint MICHAEL, the Archangel - and EVEN ASK, your Holy GUARDIAN Angel, to OFFER up the prayers, ON your behalf -UNTIL, you can spend the time, PRAYING them. 

Distracted?  Really?

PPTL: Distractions will come; but, YOU must decide, 'HOW you're going to respond', to those distractions. The BEST way, is simply by USING, your FREE will, to REDIRECT your FOCUS, to JESUS Christ the Lord.  And REMEMBER, WHENEVER N.or N., POPS into your mind - you NEED to be VIGILANT, in rejecting their demonic cluster - and ask FOR the Grace to live your TRUE identity, as 'a child of the Most High TRUE God.  He is 'WATCHING out', for ALL of you - HE is, "VERY near, to ALL of you" - EVEN when it seems, He is FAR away.

UNLIKE the people in ALL "the religious CULTS" out there; the Members of the True Faithful Remnant Church, are PERFECTLY free, to DO, what they both WANT and CHOOSE to do.  The CONSEQUENCES, for both good AND bad choices, are simply "gratuitous" - and are handed out by the Creator of the Universe, in good measure.  It is really, "a simple model" - one that has worked for thousands of years.  Remember, ALL the Souls in HEAVEN, ARE "Members". 

Actual email: I still can't seem to turn to the True Holy Spirit and hear Him. Today I thought maybe the reason is deep down I don't want to do what He tells me to.

PPTL: If DEEP down inside, you DON'T want to DO what the TRUE Holy Spirit is ASKING of you - then you are CHOOSING to REBEL, against your Creator.  Did you WANT to "RE-THINK that approach"?

If ever a former family member, or "BOTTOMFEEDER" invites you to go somewhere with them, it is ALWAYS best to exercise EXTREME caution.

Actual email: This past weekend I went with my former N. to...  I know it was a bad choice and I will strive to not do it again.

PPTL: You NEED to know, that when DEALING with other PEOPLE - YOU are called, to ALWAYS, be in prayer; and SPIRITUALLY focused; and TUNED IN, to the TRUE HOLY Spirit, to GUIDE you, in the MOMENT - OTHERWISE, there is a DANGER, of FALLING BACK, into OLD PATTERNS, of BEHAVIOR.  And so, the DESIRE, to GO with N....  and to follow THROUGH with that desire, means there is PART of YOU, DESIRING to go BACK, to your FORMER way of LIFE.  BUT, it is ONLY, the DEMONS tempting you, to DO this.   It is GOOD that you have REPENTED - FROM the HEART; but YOU are going to NEED to RESOLVE, to DO 'what is NECESSARY', in ORDER to REMAIN a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT.  Of COURSE Jesus forgives you! - AND we do too!

And here is just a little housecleaning reminder - to help your former family members "FEEL the LOVE"... of their Creator's Divine JUSTICE that is.

PPTL: Are you COMMENDING those AROUND YOU, to the IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine JUSTICE, of the Most High True GOD?  Are you, REJECTING the demonic CLUSTERS of ALL THOSE, you THINK OF, or COME IN CONTACT WITH on a DAILY BASIS?  Because, REMEMBER how the ENEMY gets back IN to the SOUL - very OFTEN, is through "the BACK door", of DEMONIC clusters!  So you MUST stay on TOP of "the SPIRITUAL housecleaning".  We can TELL... that you have been RECEIVING some DISCIPLINE from your CREATOR.  And we HOPE now, that you will understand MORE of what is being required OF you. REMEMBER, to thank the Most High TRUE God for His Justice on the HUMAN Race, EVERY day!  THAT is HOW His WRATH "passes OVER" His REMNANT; and that 'ATTITUDE' protects His REMNANT, from embracing "false COMPASSION" on the WICKED.  Understand?

What is the best way to respond to fraternal correction?

Actual email: Wow, I need to fix this, what is the best course of action how can I root all of it out?... I'll do what it takes to stay spiritually awake. How can I fix this... is there anything else that will help? I want to fix this.

PPTL: NOW... when, the evil spirits are pointed out TO you, INSTEAD of just PRAYING, for the CORRESPONDING Grace - AFTER rejecting the DEMON - you NEED to start MAKING, "GOOD resolutions", in your INTERIOR life.  Reject your DESIRE, to go "on AUTOPILOT!" - and RESOLVE to ALWAYS be "Spiritually AWAKE", THROUGHOUT the day - and EVEN in the NIGHT!  ASK your GUARDIAN ANGEL, to wake you UP, from any DREAMS of FORMER friends or FAMILY.  TURN to the Most High True God with all your HEART, and REPENT ONCE again - of ALLOWING, the POISON of the ANTICHRIST, into your heart and SOUL. ASK HIM, the Most High TRUE God - to ROOT OUT EVERYTHING, that offends Him; and to BRING to the SURFACE, what HE wants you, to work on FIXING...  'TAKE the necessary STEPS' - to DO! - what needs to be done, in EACH and every MOMENT... 'DESIRE to serve your CREATOR' with all your HEART, SOUL, AND mind.  THIS is what you need, the MOST.

When the GREAT Flood of waters befell the people of Noah's time, they DID NOT see 'the waters OUTSIDE the Ark', as "a Blessing".  Of course, that was many, MANY years ago!  Here is part of an email from "one of the floaters", who WAS, "once a Member".  (Warning: You may need to reject 'the spirit of false compassion', after you read this, and ask for the Grace, of TRUE Compassion, to replace it.)

Actual email: I have been praying, begging, And asking the LORD for forgiveness and to bless my water. Please ask the LORD.

PPTL: If ALL you want is Blessed HOLY Water, then THAT is not enough!  You NEED to desire "a PERSONAL relationship" with your CREATOR; DAILY Divine COUNSEL; SPIRITUAL growth; And a LIFE - COMPLETELY, DEDICATED, to the Will of your MAKER.  It is NOT about "holding the POWER", of the Most High True God's SPIRIT!  You NEED to be willing to CHANGE!

It is always best to COOPERATE, with what the TRUE Holy Spirit is ASKING of you, in each and every moment.

PPTL: And so NOW you have learned "a VERY valuable LESSON" - that there is NOTHING, ON this Earth, WORTH giving up, 'LIFE in the Faithful REMNANT' for - EVEN 'one's own PRIDE'.  REMEMBER, that the Most High TRUE God 'GIVES'; but He ALSO takes AWAY!  He TAKES AWAY from those who CHOOSE, to BE "unworthy", of His BLESSINGS and GIFTS, and GRACES.  And He GIVES to those, who CHOOSE, to COOPERATE; and USE their SPIRITUAL Gifts, for HIM! - by CHOOSING, to do 'EVERYTHING they CAN'! - to grow SPIRITUALLY, and to FIX their RELATIONSHIP with Him.  FIRST and FOREMOST, the Gifts, are GIVEN, so that, the INDIVIDUAL, can FIX, what's BROKEN - in THEMSELVES! - in order to be 'WELL enough', to FIX what's BROKEN, in OTHERS.  That is WHY, it is SO IMPORTANT, to 'take the LOG, out of your OWN eye', BEFORE, you will be ABLE to SEE, 'the SPECK, that is in your NEIGHBOR'S eye'... STAY on "the straight and narrow"! - STAY vigilant!...  You MUST 'LIVE' - what is being REQUIRED of you.

If ever you are "feeling a little under the weather", always remember that the spiritual and physical realities are "intertwined".  When women experience sickness, it is ALWAYS due in part, to 'the spirit of Jezebel' turning against them - as Jezebel can ONLY destroy - first, every man in the area; and only THEN, "the host".

PPTL: Remember, Jesus came to call "the SICK", to himself; NOT 'the ones who BELIEVE themselves to be WELL'.  Because the ones who BELIEVE, that they are WELL, are in no NEED, of a PHYSICIAN.  And YOU, RECOGNIZE that you NEED, "a Physician"!... If YOU ARE experiencing ILLNESS - you NEED to reject 'the spirit of INFIRMITY', AND 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - and ASK for the Grace of the INDWELLING, of the BLESSED Trinity, in your HEART, body, MIND and SOUL.  If YOU have been COMPLAINING to the Lord, in your INTERIOR life, then He RESPONDS, by sending "the necessary DISCIPLINE", to GIVE you "something to complain about".  THEREFORE, 'the BEST attitude' to HAVE, is "be GRATEFUL", for, the CONSOLATIONS, AND for the times when He WITHDRAWS them. 

Actual email: I experienced an incredibly strange dream a couple days ago that left me disturbed... don't know what to think of it:  I was running away from a school with a group of children. We hopped a fence. On the other side of the fence was a forest. We stayed close to the fence and ran with it for a ways. I was carrying a laptop, and after a while we sat down and rested against the fence. I sat next to another boy carrying a laptop. When we rested we weren't kids anymore. Then a blonde young woman who looked flawless kissed my feet. After that I set my laptop down and it got stolen while I was looking at it. I was heartbroken, but shortly after, it was replaced by a heavier one.

PPTL: Your DREAM reveals your INTERIOR desire, to RUN away, from being 'a MEMBER, of the FAITHFUL Remnant Church'.  You hopped the FENCE - and that is like "switching TEAMS". You CARRIED the LAPTOP with you - SYMBOLIZING, that you STILL, want 'a CONNECTION with your CREATOR' - even THOUGH, you want to DO things "your own WAY".  The BLONDE woman, kissing YOUR feet, is 'the SPIRIT of the antichrist' - REVEALING your 'DESIRE, to be SERVED'.  The LAPTOP being STOLEN, means, that YOU, allowed your GIFTS, to be REMOVED, FROM you - because you were 'just LOOKING, at it'; you WEREN'T 'USING it'.  You CARRIED the laptop WITH you; but didn't USE it!  You CANNOT have, BOTH, the rewards of HEAVEN, and 'the FALSE benefits' of Hell.  YOU will have "either/OR".  Have YOU been 'slipping BACK into your OLD ways?'.  WHY have you stopped keeping in CONTACT with us?

Actual email: N. made a comment about how the Blessed Virgin Mary prefers our hair, but noted that it was 'our choice'... So the next day... I cut it off...  After that, I experienced an outpouring of Graces!  It was really amazing!  I even experienced a WEIGHT being lifted. 

PPTL: And SO, were you ABLE to DISCERN, "the WEIGHT", that lifted OFF of you - AFTER, you cut your HAIR?...  [no] was "the SPIRIT of VANITY".

One desire, that most women have a tendency to embrace - especially during those times when they ONLY desire to fill the air with meaningless words - is the desire to ask questions they already know the answer to.  Surprised?  Not really.

PPTL: 'WHERE, does that DESIRE, COME from'? - the DESIRE, to ask QUESTIONS, you ALREADY HAVE, the ANSWER to?  IT, is 'a DESIRE', NOT to acknowledge the TRUTH, that is IN you!  And it IS, a MANIFESTATION of "false HUMILITY".  TRUE humility, is 'RECOGNIZING, the TRUTH'.  FALSE humility, is 'PRETENDING, that you don't HAVE, the Truth'...  GOING on AUTOPILOT!  THAT is simply when you stop THINKING; and allow the DEMONS, to, ASK questions THROUGH you!  You MUST resolve to FILTER your thoughts; AND, it is "not EASY", as a WOMAN, to DO so. 

Now here is a BETTER way for a WOMAN, to strike up "a casual conversation" with another woman.

PPTL: BY the way - HAVE you cut your HAIR, as of yet? - to be SHOULDER LENGTH?  THAT is HOW, the Blessed Virgin MARY, is ASKING, "her True DAUGHTERS", to wear their HAIR.

And just to keep the above conversation going, did you know that a man should NEVER allow a woman, other than his wife, to cut his hair.  Until a man is married, only other men should cut his hair - due to woman's natural tendency towards witchcraft.  Am I saying that all female hairdressers see bald men as though they are "a walking crystal ball"?  Of course not!  Bald men don't need a haircut.  But even for the women in the Faithful Remnant, in these Times, it would be best "to PART", with your female hairdresser.  And as "a parting gift", know that you can KEEP your shoulder length hair as an added bonus.

Actual email: Today I was flooded with thoughts of frustration and irritation... which took a lot of continual prayer throughout the day to not allow myself to embrace those demons. It was definitely a testing situation all day and I know I need to stay spiritually focused on the Most High True God in order to not allow the demons... to try and steal the True Joy and Peace the Most High True God has given... Although I was a bit tired, the Most High True God blessed me with the strength and energy to get through... The more I continually praise him throughout the day for helping me achieve the goals that need to be met, the more he continues to bless me more so in doing so, which is truly amazing!... This evening I was blessed in being further nourished with the newest videos by the Faithful Remnant, and how grateful I am for such efforts and love for them to share the nourishment and understanding they've come to know with the rest of us!  What a blessing all of it is, and how truly amazing the true peace that is brought forth from such efforts!  What an amazing gift from the Most High True God to allow us the opportunity to be blessed with the gift of wanting to grow spiritually closer to him and all of Heaven, and I am forever thankful for such Mercy granted to us! Tonight has truly been a blessed one, and I am so very thankful for my fellow brothers and sisters, but most of all the Most High True God's just justice being brought forth during these End Times. 

PPTL: Thanks for keeping us UPDATED, on your PROGRESS...  It has NOT been 'an EASY, time'... BUT, through your DILIGENCE, and PERSEVERANCE, in LIVING the True REALITY - and in DOING, what your CREATOR, has asked OF you... you have done "REALLY well". Yes there have been "SLIPS and falls", on your JOURNEY - but you HAVE CHOSEN to CONSISTENTLY get BACK UP, and keep CLIMBING - as you SEE, that EVEN JESUS HIMSELF - when He fell PHYSICALLY! - He DID, get back UP, and CONTINUE, to carry His CROSS.  We are SO glad, that EVERYTHING, is working out FOR you!  You have MUCH, to be thankful for... as you draw CLOSER, to your TRUE SHEPHERD - who GUIDES you along the PATH - to HOLINESS! 

Actual email: And I've got to say again, thank you for everything you have done for me, for helping me get to this point in the journey and showing me the way... with the rest of the Faithful Remnant.  What a blessing it is to be a part of and to know that you care for my Soul so much that you have put so much personal time and effort into guiding me. I have never received anything so amazing in my life, from anyone. It completely shattered my view of what Love really is and can be. And I want to continue to receive and be transformed by the Saving Truths that you reveal on a Daily basis. Did you get my other emails from the past week? Just wondering. Also is it natural for me to want to pray the Rosary with the other members?

PPTL: KNOW that we DID receive ALL of your emails. It's just that there were some "MORE URGENT cases", that NEEDED to be addressed.  We SCANNED, your EMAILS, and FOUND, that there was nothing 'PRESSING' to address, at the TIME - but... we thought that NOW, is 'the BEST time', to respond...  We are SO GLAD to hear, that EVERYTHING is 'GOING SMOOTHLY', as is POSSIBLE. Remember, to KEEP your FOCUS, on the Most High TRUE God, at all TIMES... And let this... be 'a time for REFLECTION', and "GOOD resolutions!"...  AND yes, your DESIRE to pray the ROSARY, with 'the OTHER MEMBERS', is VERY healthy!  May the Most High TRUE God watch OVER YOU, and KEEP you safe... Amen!

Actual email: I was afflicted by formers [- former family members' demonic clusters,] and nostalgia attacks today. Turns out the formers keep popping up in my inbox, and I'm sure the jezzies are doing witchcraft on me... I think they're trying to pull me back. I won't let them.

PPTL: You are SIMPLY 'going through a PERIOD', of TESTING! ARE you, READING the emails - from, your former FAMILY?  It is BEST NOT to even OPEN them.  They are SIMPLY "SPIRITUAL bombs" WAITING to go off!  In FACT, it WOULD be BEST, if you SIMPLY, 'redirected ALL mail', from those accounts DIRECTLY, to the trash can.  MARK them, as "UNIMPORTANT", or as "TRASH".  And then, they will no LONGER appear, in your INBOX.  YES, the FORMER families, are "DESPERATELY, trying to get at the flock" - but, the MOST High TRUE God, IS, CONTINUALLY protecting, His REMNANT.  You SIMPLY need, to 'VIGILANTLY', COMMEND them, to the DIVINE JUSTICE, of the Most High TRUE God - and ask HIM! - to "deal with them"; and THEN 'move ON with your day!'... The "former FAMILY"? - are SIMPLY "a distraction".

CERN waves are often mentioned in the Testimony.  But what are "the Waves of the world"?

PPTL: Be 'VIGILANT' - in FOCUSING, on 'what the TRUE Holy Spirit is calling [you] to DO'; RATHER than, focusing on "the WAVES! - of the WORLD!" - and THAT is, 'the DEMONS, working through OTHERS'

Did you know, that if everyone was at exactly the same level, in their spiritual lives, your social life would be very dull.

PPTL: You are STARTING to lose your PATIENCE?  Well, KEEP in mind... that YOU are in FACT, SURROUNDED, by 'the demonic CLUSTERS', of ALL of those, in your HOUSEHOLD!  AND! - from THOSE who COME to visit... REMEMBER, how PATIENT, the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, is, on 'His TRUE Flock' - and then ASK, for, 'a PORTION', of the Most High TRUE God's Patience, in DEALING, with 'those AROUND you'.  At LEAST, the ones AROUND you [- who are Members of the Faithful Remnant], WANT, "an AUTHENTIC relationship" with their CREATOR!  YES! - there ARE going to be "BATTLES"! - RAGING battles! - BECAUSE, the DEMONS, are no LONGER, being TOLERATED!  They WANT to fight BACK! So, turn to JESUS - for Strength.  He will HELP you... and WHAT He is ASKING OF YOU - is Perfect! - it is "ONLY what you can give".
Steven Scheier experienced...
Judgments from Heaven, are going to become more common, in the daily postings.
And so this above video, is now necessary, so that the reader, can clearly see, 
that GOD has not CHANGED! - they have.

Here is an email from someone outside the Faithful Remnant, who prefers to deceive herself into believing that she is "good, holy, and saved" - as she clings tightly to "the sinking oil tanker", and to "the god of feelings".  She needs to reject her desire "to FEEL what the DEMONS are feeling".  And so, WHY are her demons "content"?

Actual email: I'm not experiencing any torments of Hell.  I am fine where I'm at in my life.  I care for the sick the elderly people in their last living days.  I know god has chosen this path for me because I enjoy helping others and I feel a sense of fulfillment and happiness with what i do. 

PPTL: Caring for those without Souls, is NOT going to help, ANY of them.  In fact, as they are ELDERLY, and in their last DAYS - what they NEED, is REPENTANCE, and the BLESSED Holy Water - for their SOUL to be returned to them.  Because, when they "pass ON", they can ONLY experience, "ETERNAL, exile, from Heaven".  So CONTINUE to "be fulfilled"!  JUST like, "the SATANIC priests", and pastors - who are 'FILLED to the BRIM!' - with satanic POWER - as, they WITHHOLD, the Truth, from people; AS, they WATCH, people, PERISH! - RIGHT in FRONT of them; as they REFUSE, to TELL the people 'EXACTLY, what they NEED to DO' - in ORDER to obtain Salvation.

Actual email from a former Member of the Faithful Remnant: I have been shown many things, a black eagle in several occasions circling counter clockwise... I focus on faces or look for God in signs, but I can't deny what I'm constantly being shown without choice.  It scares me, I need help, what am I to do?... I've also been shown things in music and pictures.

PPTL: What YOU need to FOCUS on, is 'what your CREATOR is asking you to DO'.  And STOP DISTRACTING yourself, with "LOOKING for SIGNS".  For it is "an EVIL, WICKED, and PERVERSE generation, that seeks for a SIGN".  PLEASE send us your VIDEO testimony as SOON as possible - to become "an OFFICIAL Member of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH"...  ONE thing that will HELP you, is to REJECT your DESIRE, to sabotage your life.  Because, as you CONTINUE, to do EVERYTHING, to SABOTAGE your LIFE - by that CHOICE, WHAT are you TELLING, your CREATOR? - that you want LIFE?  If you are sabotaging 'your PHYSICAL circumstances' - HOW much MORE, are you sabotaging your SPIRITUAL life?  Because the TWO, ARE, intertwined.

It would be best, to show no false compassion, to those who have been cut from the Ark of Salvation.  Rather, show TRUE compassion, to the JUST Judge, who Judges RIGHTLY.  OR, you can simply join them!  The choice, is really, YOURS!

PPTL: YOU need to know, that N. is CHOOSING, to "be MISERABLE" - in 'HOLDING on TIGHTLY, to SELF' - to HATRED, to DEMONS. She IS "choosing wickedness".  THEREFORE, it IS! - NO longer safe, for YOU! - to be AROUND her. She is CHOOSING, to be "a PORTAL", for DEMONS - and THIS, is ONLY, going to TORMENT you, UNNECESSARILY. You need to SEVER yourself FROM her, COMPLETELY - AND, COMMMEND her, to 'the HEEL, of the BLESSED VIRGIN Mary' - EVERY day!  COMMEND her, to the Divine JUSTICE, of the Most High TRUE God - EVERY day!  That is ALL, you can do.  Do NOT 'waste TIME'... WITH her - as her 'CURRENT state', is MUCH WORSE, than 'the way she was BEFORE'. She HAS 'the mark of CAIN' - and her "false EXTERNALS", have DROPPED!  DO NOT TOLERATE ANY 'demonic manifestations' moving THROUGH her!  The TRUTH IS, she has STOPPED 'fighting for her Soul' - but YOU! - still HAVE, "your FACULTIES", to fight for your SOUL.  HERS are being removed.

Do you remember Julie Andrews singing, "These are a few of my favorite things"?  Perhaps this, will help you hear the song in a new way.

Actual email from a former Member of the Faithful Remnant: I have been begging for God's MERCY!!! on my soul!  I am repenting and repenting of my sins.  There is NOTHING, NOTHING, in this world to live for if I Do NOT have God!... I prayed the Blessed Holy Water and also the Deliverance prayer...  I would like to know, is there HOPE for me and is my water Blessed?

PPTL: God is not "something to HAVE". HE is not, "someone whom, you can POSSESS".  He is not, "YOUR, possession". THAT is 'the BIGGEST PROBLEM', you CURRENTLY face - in your INTERIOR life.  Because in OTHER "christian" churches - if they, hold a BIBLE, then they "have GOD"!  And so, YOU, have been 'holding the TESTIMONY', in the same, "ARROGANT, way" - saying to yourself, "Now you have GOD!"  HE is not "locked-AWAY" - in the BIBLE; NOR is he "locked-away", in the Testimony.  He MOVES 'freely, where He WILLS'. YOU! - cast out His TRUE Holy Spirit from your SOUL - when YOU, refused, to LISTEN, to the WARNINGS!...  YOU, did not LISTEN, to "fraternal CORRECTION"; and you 'SPAT! - upon the Truth'.  And NOW, you are 'SUFFERING for it, INTENSELY!'  YOU did not, 'show MERCY'... YOU wanted them, to keep things 'HIDDEN, from US' - so that WE, could not 'HELP... YOU, are CHOOSING, "WICKEDNESS".  And YOU, ARE, EMBRACING, 'SO much SELF-deception', that YOU! - cannot even 'tell the DIFFERENCE', between, what is TRUTH, and what IS, "self-deception".  YOU, KNOWINGLY, embraced, "the BARNEY, jesus". Unfortunately - HE is not going to HEAVEN!  And HE does not LIVE in Heaven.  And NOR will he EVER.  YOU want "FEELINGS" and you WORSHIP "feelings" as your god; and the DEMONS are turning against you.  And YOU have received, 'the mark of CAIN'.  Is there HOPE?  Yes!  But you MUST change!  COMPLETELY.

Apparently the murky flood waters aren't as "COMFORTABLE", as some thought.  Many ARE striving to get back on board the Ark of Salvation.  But they will have to get past "the Just JUDGE", first.

PPTL: What BOTH, of your TESTIMONIES, are MISSING - a SINCERE, remorse, for your past neglects, and sinful LIFESTYLES; and a SINCERE desire to CHANGE!  THIS is because, BOTH of you, are STILL CLINGING VERY TIGHTLY, to your PRIDE!  The same PRIDE, that is CONSUMING... the BOTH of you!...  You CANNOT HAVE both worlds!  You CANNOT have 'the PLEASURE and COMFORTS of THIS life' - as your main FOCUS; and SIMPLY 'have, the TESTIMONY, as a consolation'.  You BOTH... REFUSED, OBSTINATELY, to produce, 'VIDEOS' - and NOURISH! - PEOPLE in the REMNANT, with 'the same NOURISHMENT', that you received.  THIS is NOT! - "the ROMAN catholic HIERARCHICAL institution!" - where PEOPLE just, simply, 'SIT back, and do NOTHING', in ORDER, to CHANGE; and in order to WORK out their SALVATION, with "FEAR and TREMBLING". No. THIS is the TRUE! - Roman Catholic Faith.  And the Most High TRUE GOD, is looking for "SINCERE, followers" - ONES, who will DO! - what is required OF them!  NOT "ones, that simply BURY their talents in the ground, and look at JESUS, as 'a harsh MASTER'."...  You! - have been CHOOSING to be "WICKED and SLOTHFUL  servants!" - and SO, why SHOULD you, 'receive PEACE and REST, from your CREATOR'?  YOU have been PUTTING, your own PRIDE, and EGO, FIRST! - before JESUS.  And THAT is 'the MAIN REASON'... you, have been 'REMOVED, from the ARK of Safety'.  You THINK, you can 'GET away', with just GIVING, "the BARE minimum", to your CREATOR...  You, have been FOCUSED, on: TAKING, as MUCH as you can! - TAKING the NOURSHMENT, for YOURSELVES - to PUFF your INTELLECTS UP with PRIDE! - WITHOUT PRODUCING, fruit!  THESE are MAJOR, problems!  You... need to DISCUSS... WHERE you want your SOULS, to end up.  Do you WANT to be "ETERNALLY separated" - from Jesus; or Eternally UNITED, TO Him?  The CHOICE is YOURS!  Pray MORE. REPENT!  Admit, and AKNOWLEDGE, 'the TRUTH that has been REVEALED', in this COUNSEL.  And CHANGE!

NOTE: At this point in our emails, we had a special talk with Jesus Christ the Lord.  And He asked us to pray a special intention for all those who have rejected the Testimony.  And so we pray: to Commend them to the Heel of the Blessed Virgin Mary; We bring them before the Throne of the Most High True God for the removal of their faculties; And we Commend them to the Immediate and Ongoing Divine Justice of the Most High True God.  (This isn't a prayer for the Remnant to pray - it is just an interesting little side note, to let you know how our day went.)

Whenever you wake up in the middle of the night, and find it difficult to get back to sleep - if you are an OFFICIAL Member of the Faithful Remnant (with a video on our YouTube Playlist), this following prayer will help you:  Lord Jesus Christ, Most High True God, I reject my desire to be yoked to the interior lives of the wicked... (using the deliverance prayer).  Please give me the Grace to be yoked to all of Heaven instead.  Amen.

It is never a good idea to boast of the sins of your past, while pretending that is a virtue.

PPTL: Unfortunately, in your EMAIL, you are revealing, that your MAIN focus, is on "how OTHERS PERCEIVE you".  In OTHER words, "false EXTERNALS". What is MOST important, is WHETHER or NOT, your heart is ROOTED, in Jesus Christ the LORD - OR, rooted in SELF!  You ALREADY know, how "OFFENSIVE", your 'FORMER ways', WERE, to your CREATOR... So UNLESS it is something NEW - a SPECIFIC sin, that you are REMEMBERING - that you need to bring 'to the LIGHT' - you are ACTUALLY "BOASTING!" - of the EVIL things, that you have DONE - THOUGH is it "MASKED", as "a form of PUBLIC CONFESSION".  You NEED to fix your HEART. And UNDERSTAND, that 'BEING a LADY', has NOTHING to DO, with "FOCUSING on EXTERNALS". When your HEART is 'RIGHT with your CREATOR' - THEN your EXTERNALS will MATCH that - and TRULY, it will 'be EFFORTLESS'!  What is 'MOST difficult', is ROOTING out 'the spirit of JEZEBEL'; and ALL of her TENTACLES, WRAPPED around your SOUL...  NOW is 'the time to REFOCUS', on what you are CALLED to DO, with 'your NEW life' - and STOP! going BACK, and 'THINKING, about your OLD life'. It IS in fact 'a SNARE'.  If YOU, receive 'an AFFLICTION' - each TIME, you need to turn to the True Holy SPIRIT, to REVEAL to you, 'what the SOURCE of the problem is', and THEN, REPENT!  BECAUSE, attacks, from the OCCULT WORLD - that MANAGE to "STICK THEMSELVES", to MEMBERS of the REMNANT - only STICK, because of 'a SIN', that they have embraced.  Understand?  YOU, will, IN time, REALIZE, that BEING a MEMBER, of the FAITHFUL REMNANT, has NOTHING to DO with 'STATUS', POSITION, or POWER, within a COMMUNITY.  What YOU need, is FEAR of the LORD! - because it is 'FEAR of Just CONSEQUENCES', that will KEEP you on 'the STRAIGHT and NARROW, path'.  Jezebel, DID not 'FEAR, the Lord' - TO the point of DEATH!  WE pray, that YOU will make, "a BETTER choice", than her.

Not all our dream interpretations are well-received.  They are TRUE, and BINDING! - but not always, "well-received".  It is called, "the spirit of rebellion".

Actual email: Your previous counsel pretty much covered everything along with the counsel in the Testimony. I have not been slipping back in my own ways. I see my dream differently... I've been working on humbling myself and it's very afflicting that I'm not humble.

PPTL: AND so, you CHOSE to REJECT, ALL of the TRUTH; and ALL of the COUNSEL, that we GAVE you! - in the last EMAIL.  And YOU believe, that YOU are not 'slipping, back into your old ways'.  YES, you ARE.  And the DEMONS, HAVE you "QUITE deceived".  DECEIVED, into embracing PRIDE! - because you SEE yourself as RIGHT; and GOD, the Creator of the UNIVERSE, as wrong.  WHERE, are your VIDEO, testimonies?  WHY have you STOPPED producing "Fruit".  STOP TAKING! - and start giving.

Just because you can hear a pin drop, doesn't mean that you are not fully responsible, for what you are called to do in the moment.

Actual email: I prayed that Jesus would give me the desire and the grace to want to follow the inspirations of the THS. I didn't hear anything... I prayed a couple of deliverance prayers, but nothing.

PPTL: The REASON you did not HEAR anything, is BECAUSE, you are not CALLED to.  You are called to DO, what 'the INFUSED KNOWLEDGE', from the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, TELLS you to do. It's THAT simple!  It is not "a VOICE".  STOP making EXCUSES, for NOT listening, to your Creator!... CONTINUE, to make "GOOD resolutions"... And then follow THROUGH, WITH them.  STOP focusing on the DEMONS, and 'WHAT THEY WANT' - UNLESS, you want to be ETERNALLY! - united - to THEIR will, AGAINST your Creator. 

Woman versus Jezebel - a CLASSIC confrontation!  And here is the Counsel that the women who WON the battle (with future hindsight), took to heart:

PPTL: JUST keep 'the FEAR of the LORD' CLOSE to your HEART; and 'the FEAR of Just CONSEQUENCES'.  THAT is HOW, you will 'overcome, the spirit of JEZEBEL' - because Jezebel, did NOT fear GOD - EVEN to the point of death.  NOR, the CONSEQUENCES, for her 'SINFUL choices'...  you MUST resolve, to be 'OPEN to fraternal CORRECTION'.  The BLESSED Virgin Mary, [- who chose, WISELY - to be DOCILE to male headship...] is PERFECTLY united, with the TRUE Holy Spirit, JESUS CHRIST the Lord, and GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN.  SO... [- if you continually ask for her intercession...] SHE will 'watch OVER you'!

What about the MEN?  Do THEY need to fear GOD?  That is a good question.

PPTL: WHAT you need, is to keep 'the FEAR of the Lord', CLOSE to your heart - ALWAYS!  AND, make SURE, YOU are rejecting 'the spirit of AHAB' - EVERY day! - and ASKING, FOR the Grace, of FORTITUDE - in GUIDING, and LEADING, your FAMILY - to SAFER, PASTURES!  You DO this, by having "ZERO TOLERANCE", for ANY, "JEZEBELLIAN, manifestations"... YOU need to turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit, and ASK Him, to REVEAL to you, "the STRONGHOLDS", that are STILL, MOVING, through N. - by that, "VILE, spirit, of Jezebel".  REMEMBER, Jezebel was "good, at FALSE externals" - so, do NOT be DECEIVED! - by those SAME false EXTERNALS.  Understand?...  YOU MUST be VIGILANT! - in SHUNNING ALL forms, of WITCHCRAFT...  You, have 'a LOT of LEAD', that STILL, needs to COME to the SURFACE!  What will HELP YOU... is if YOU reject 'the SPIRIT of self-RIGHTEOUSNESS'; and ADMIT, that you DON'T have "all the answers"; and then TURN to 'the one who DOES' - the Most High True GOD. 

Actual email: I believe that spending at least 15 minutes of your time on The Most High True God in each... day... is very helpful.

PPTL: WRONG!  You are CALLED to give Him 24/7 of your time!  And at LEAST 15 minutes reading the Testimony. 

When Members of the Faithful Remnant neglect to pray to the TRUE Holy Spirit, before emailing us - well, it sure results in some thoughtful emails!

PPTL: You need to SEEK to have YOUR thoughts, united to the Will of your CREATOR.  As LONG as YOU, 'GO it ALONE', in your THINKING - HOW can you POSSIBLY, 'GROW spiritually?'  As LONG as you keep TELLING yourself, that "You're TRYING your BEST" - HOW can you give MORE?  SEE "the SPIRAL", the DEMONS have you in?  PRAY for the Grace, to GIVE your Creator, "ALL of you"; NOT just "part of you".

Wack a mole certainly became "quite a hit" with Remnant Members, especially following the August 10, 2015 posting in the Testimony.  Perhaps it is now time to learn a NEW game!

PPTL: It IS, 'the spirit of Jezebel', WORKING through, N. - in 'her WEAK moments' - giving you, 'a FALSE perception', OF her... BE vigilant! - in CALLING out, 'the SPIRIT of Jezebel' - in ALL the women - as SOON as you see, 'the SERPENT manifest'.  UNDERSTAND? 

Actual email: ...I'm also noticing that I keep getting flashes of false guilt.

PPTL: Regardless, of where the false guilt is COMING from... you... NEED to be VIGILANT, in REJECTING that DEMON.  It is SIMPLY, "an EVIL spirit" - that the FORMER family members, are DESPERATELY, TRYING to PRAY, 'THEIR desire' - for... you! - to 'FEEL false GUILT'!  You NEED to ask, FOR the Grace INSTEAD, to embrace your TRUE vocation, as "a CHILD of the Most High True GOD".  It NEEDS to be EXPLAINED... how "FALSE GUILT", can 'EAT AWAY', at an individual's FAITH, in the TESTIMONY! - and HURT their RELATIONSHIP, with the MOST High TRUE God...  RECOGNIZE, that FRATERNAL CORRECTION, is 'a GIFT and a BLESSING!' - and... be "GRATEFUL, for that GIFT".  If... NOT - then, the Most High TRUE God, will 'INDIVIDUALLY, correct, each ONE'... in their SOUL - with His Justice.  It's THAT simple...  PRAY, FOR the Grace, to LOVE!!! "fraternal correction"; and... to be CORRECTED in the True Holy SPIRIT... Because WITHOUT fraternal CORRECTION, it is ONLY "a FALSE peace" that REMAINS.  Understand?

There was "a rather EPIC" video fail, in our inbox today - from someone who was trying to get aboard the Ark.  It "LOOKED good"; but we can read hearts. Here: YOU read one!

PPTL: Unfortunately, you are STILL, embracing 'the SPIRIT of the world'; and YOU, are getting COMFORTABLE, with "a false PEACE".  YOU, need to FOCUS, on WORKING on your SALVATION. YOU, need, 'the Fear of the LORD'.  THAT is why, your VIDEO, does NOT pass.  You THINK, that with "a PICTURE, of JESUS, and the BLESSED Virgin MARY; and a TESTIMONY BANNER, in the BACKGROUND" - will GET you into this CHURCH?  We KNOW, from your TESTIMONY VIDEO, that, YOU have ABSOLUTELY 'NO intention of DOING what is NECESSARY' - if YOU were to GET on board the Ark!   WHAT are YOU, going to DO for your Creator?  HE is not "HERE, to serve YOU". You WANT "SALVATION"? - WITHOUT working for it.  THIS is not "the BARNEY church".  YOU need to do "some SERIOUS repenting" from your heart; and STOP using "false EXTERNALS", to try to DECEIVE us!  YOU can wear as MUCH white as you WANT! - but WE know you are still 'HOLDING on', to SERIOUS sin.

Making good resolutions, is a spiritually sane way of surviving these End Times.  Does that mean, "one a DAY"?  That would be "a COMFORTABLE" approach.

PPTL: YOU need to focus, on 'what your Creator is asking of YOU!'  And to seek HIS Will, in each and every MOMENT...  YOU are CALLED, to make 'RESOLUTIONS', EVERY, DAY!  The CORRESPONDING RESOLUTIONS, to 'the evil SPIRITS', that you reject, on a daily BASIS.  BUT! - THEN you OBSTINATELY say, "you will FOCUS on ONE resolution, and ONE resolution ONLY!"... in THIS way, you PREVENT yourself, from 'GROWING, spiritually'.  FIX it! REJECT your desire, to CREATE your OWN, religion!  And ASK for the Grace, to LIVE what the TESTIMONY teaches.
What has happened to Canada?
Video: by PPTL   We witnessed a lot today, and sometimes, "SEEING is BELIEVING".
But if you listen carefully, you will also HEAR some music playing, on a random car radio in the background.
And the song that just happened to be playing, as we were recording this, is most fittingly titled "Crazy", by Gnarls Barkley

"The beast that ascends from the bottomless pit will make war upon them and conquer them and kill them
(Revelations 11:7b)

There are a lot of uncomfortable Truths in the Bible, concerning the Two Witnesses and the End Times.  We have already reminded people through the Testimony, how the Bible explains that the act of hatred, is the spiritual equivalent, of killing someone.  And so, how will "the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit" succeed in killing the Two Witnesses?  Through the act of hatred - that is really quite a simple, allegorical, concept.  But the only problem is, that "the beast" - can ONLY hate us - and always HAS!   So how will his hatred manifest against us, in a way that fulfills the prophecy of Revelations 11:7?  That, is a VERY interesting question, indeed!  Jesus Christ the Lord explained to us, the "MOST uncomfortable" answer to that question, earlier today.  Here is "the short version":  Through the Faithful Remnant.

Now is a good time to change topics.  Jesus Christ the Lord revealed on September 3, 2015, that the only Purgatory that is now left, is for those in His Faithful Remnant.  Once those individuals get the mark of the beast or the mark of Cain removed, and escape the Eternal Hell Fires, by using the Blessed Holy Water - they THEN enter into "the TEMPORARY Hell Fires", of Purgatory on Earth - while they are still 'IN the flesh', and AWAITING the Era of Peace.  When they are Formally or Officially received, as Members of the Faithful Remnant, they are received as "adopted sons or daughters of the Most High True God".  ONLY when their purification is complete, will they leave "Purgatory on Earth" and enter into "Heaven on Earth", or "the Era of Peace" - without experiencing death.  And THAT important detail, has been overlooked by MANY.

Isn't it interesting that those who wish to leave "Purgatory on Earth" - EARLY, can simply use "the emergency fire exit", and immediately receive the spiritual Mark of Cain in doing so.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant who are choosing to see us through the eyes of 'the demonic entity of the assailants', and who are choosing to rattle off their prayers without meaning every word - ARE in fact having their spiritual Gifts and Blessings removed, AS they persevere towards "THAT path", on a daily basis.

But what happens when Members of the Faithful Remnant can't sleep at night - for whatever the reason may be?  What happens, when we don't return their emails quickly?  What happens, when we refuse to approve their video - because we found "their blind spot"?  What happens, when we tell them that they have to change, if they want to continue to grow spiritually?  The hard truth, is that EVERYONE in the Faithful Remnant, at one time or another - OR both, has chosen to hate us.  Does that bother us?  No.  Why not?  Because every sin, is an act of hatred against our True Brother, Jesus Christ the Lord - and we DO in fact partake in His Divinity; and we DO in fact partake in his Perfect Detachment and Impartiality, from the poor choices of His adopted brothers and sisters.  In other words, we don't take it personally - MOST of the time (- even though we do have "our MOMENTS", when Jesus reminds us, to pray for the Grace of Perfect Detachment, and Impartiality).

And so, HOW did the devil, succeed in taking over ALL the religious institutions?  By getting the religious leaders, to come DOWN to the level of the parishioners.  The religious leaders embraced 'the spirit of AHAB', and "bowed to Jezebel", AND for money.  They sold their anointings AND birthright, for peer approval.  With that victory behind him, IS the enemy of Souls NOW working THROUGH the interior lives of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, to try to accomplish that SAME victory, in the Remnant?  In other words, do MANY Members of the Remnant, simply wish, that we would "love them as they are - and to VERBALLY tolerate their wickedness in doing so"?  Yes, many do wish that.  Is it even possible for us to do that?  No.  Why not?  Because the Members of the Faithful Remnant would ALL be cut off of Daily Divine Counsel, BEFORE that would ever happen.  The Most High TRUE God has reassured us, of that simple fact.  He is "CLOSING" this Era; not "tolerating it".

So where does all this leave each individual Member of the Faithful Remnant?  The answer is simple: at their particular LEVEL, of "Purgatory, on Earth".  The ones who are quickly drawing nearer to us, are the ones who are hating us less than the others, and who are LOVING the uncomfortable Counsel we give them.  Do the math.  It is easy to "add up the LOVE", simply by looking at the most recent video on each Member's YouTube Video Channel.  Know that we DON'T "hate" the Members of the Faithful Remnant - and THAT is why, we won't "COME, DOWN, to THEIR LEVEL" - no matter HOW uncomfortable they are, in Purgatory on Earth.  Instead, we tell them the uncomfortable Truths they need in order to spiritually CLIMB, to "OUR Level".  And that is NOT, "what they do" in the institutions.  This is "the FAITH" - the ONLY, "TRUE CATHOLIC Faith", out there.  This is "the Liferaft", for the ones who are determined to be the spiritual survivors, of these End Times.  And if people want to hate us, for telling them what they need to do, to survive on "the ONLY Liferaft of these End Times", then so be it.  We are now bringing each one who does so, before the Throne of their Creator, for immediate Divine Justice - every time.  Understand?
"Blessed is he who waits and comes to the thousand three hundred and thirty-five days."
(Daniel 12:12)

And so, in light of everything that has been revealed, what are "the BLESSED ones", going to DO, with the Graces they have FOUND - in RECEIVING the Truth of "the TIMES in which they are now LIVING"; and in receiving the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord?  THAT, is what all of HEAVEN, is waiting to see.  What DID the Blessed Virgin Mary say?

"STAY, IN, the Truth - ALWAYS! - DESPITE what 'those AROUND you', SEEK to proclaim.  For TRULY, ALL of you, 'FAITHFUL Remnant MEMBERS' - ALL of YOU are CALLED to be "TRUE Prophets", in THESE Times.  And by SEEKING to embrace that 'TRUE vocation' - and by PRAYING, my HOLY Rosary - you WILL! - in FACT HELP, END 'this WICKED GENERATION', and 'RENEW the FACE OF THE Earth'." (The Blessed Virgin Mary, March 4, 2016)

What ARE "the BLESSED ones" going to do?   They have two choices: they can HATE the TRUE Prophets, and receive "a Mark" from their Creator; OR they can choose to stand WITH the TRUE Prophets, and be hated.  If they want to remain Blessed (- see Daniel 12:12 above), they will need to live the Beatitudes.

"Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.  Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you". 
(Matthew 5:11-12)

Here is an interesting question:  Are the people in the religious institutions, in these End Times, "Blessed?" - are they being hated by all?  Or are they now being rounded up into a One World Religion - where EVERYONE, is embraced and tolerated, "Barney style"?

"Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God?  Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God."
(James 4:4)

And how does the Most High True God treat: those who choose to be His enemies, by turning to 'the spirit of the world' and becoming impatient?

"From Mount Hor they set out by the way to the Red Sea, to go around the land of Edom; and the people became impatient on the way. And the people spoke against God and against Moses, “Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? For there is no food and no water, and we loathe this worthless food.” Then the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, so that many people of Israel died."
(Numbers 21:4-6)
But what happened next in that Biblical story?  Do you remember?  The people who were BIT by the serpents, and who wanted to LIVE, could ONLY live, if they turned to "the Sign of the Most High TRUE God's choosing".  In OLD Testament times, it was...
"And the people came to Moses, and said, “We have sinned, for we have spoken against the Lord and against you; pray to the Lord, that he take away the serpents from us.” So Moses prayed for the people. And the Lord said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a pole; and every one who is bitten, when he sees it, shall live.” So Moses made a bronze serpent, and set it on a pole; and if a serpent bit any man, he would look at the bronze serpent and live." 
(Numbers 21:7-9)  
In NEW  Testament Times, it was...
"But when they came to Jesus and saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs. But one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and at once there came out blood and water. He who saw it has borne witness—his testimony is true, and he knows that he tells the truth—that you also may believe. For these things took place that the scripture might be fulfilled, “Not a bone of him shall be broken.” And again another scripture says, “They shall look on him whom they have pierced.” 
(John 19:33-37)  
And now, in ULTIMATE Testament times, it IS...
"Blessed is he who reads aloud the words of the prophecy [- referring to the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant reading from the Testimony in a video to the Nations], and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written therein; for the time is near. John to the seven churches that are in Asia: Grace to you and peace from him who is and who was and who is to come, and from the seven spirits who are before his throne, and from Jesus Christ the faithful witness, the first-born of the dead, and the ruler of kings on earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father, to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. Behold, he is coming with the clouds [referring to the flying scroll - the online Testimony], and every eye will see him [- referring to Jesus Christ the Lord, and the Two Witnesses], every one who pierced him; and all tribes of the earth will wail on account of him [because they ALL received the mark of the beast]. Even so. Amen. “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty."
(Revelations 1:3-8)

Actual email: I had a dream...  in a room, a group of people were constrained to a bed. People working there would bring over other people - possibly patients - I was not sure if they were dead, they were close to the ones constrained to a bed. Then there was a big snake-like creature coming out from the body of one group of possibly dead people, and taking over the people who were constrained – and these people were screaming!

PPTL: The DREAM, simply reveals, ONCE again, the True Spiritual REALITIES. MOST, of the Remnant, have "SERPENTS", inside them! - that NEED, to be REMOVED!  And if, they are NOT - then they will die, spiritually. THIS has happened, IN the past - BIBLICAL times - when, the people COMPLAINED, against MOSES.  The LORD, sent SERPENTS, INTO their camp - to BITE them!  And MANY of them died.  THIS, was because they were "impatient", with the HOLY of Holies.  HOW much MORE, "Punishment", is RESERVED, for those, who STUBBORNLY, REFUSE, to do, 'what is being ASKED of them'.   MAY the Most High TRUE God, give YOU 'the necessary GRACES' - to DO what is being asked of you.  Amen.

WHY is it SO, "NOT comfortable!" - being a Member of the Faithful Remnant Church?  HERE, is the answer, EVERYONE needs to memorize:
PPTL: The ENEMY, ALREADY has, the PEOPLE, OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant Church - so, EXPECT "attacks". EXPECT, that he will try, to PULL you back - into your former LIFE!   And, RESPOND! - by turning to JESUS - for 'the corresponding TRUTH, and the GRACE, to accept, embrace, and LIVE, your True VOCATION!  For the ENEMY, only THOSE, in the Faithful Remnant, are 'worth, fighting for'.  They are, "the ONES, he does NOT have"; they are "the BLESSED ones", who ESCAPED, the DEVIL, and HIS FALSE REALITIES.  So EXPECT! - that he will try, to ATTACK you - as YOU, seek, to LIVE, as 'a child of the Most High True GOD'.  The DEVIL, has stopped, 'attacking', those, OUTSIDE, the Faithful Remnant; he WANTS them to be 'as COMFORTABLE, AS possible!' - to KEEP them, "LULLED, to sleep".  ONLY! - when he, REALIZES, that they are MEANT, and CHOSEN, by the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE, to be "FUTURE Members, of the Faithful Remnant", does he try DESPERATELY, to AFFLICT them, with EVERYTHING, he has.  All the DEMONS, inside them, become 'ACTIVE'.  The people, who FIND the Testimony - have 'the ANTIDOTE', to "the FIRE", BURNING, in their HEARTS; it is "the Blessed HOLY Water". But so FEW, are BLESSED, to actually OBTAIN it.  THEY are 'the ones', who will ESCAPE, the EVIL one, in THESE Times.  And THEY will be 'the Ones', who will have the COURAGE, to STAND, before the Son of MAN - as WE Stand, before the Lord, God of Hosts - "CREATOR, of the Universe"!
"But watch at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that will take place, and to stand before the Son of man.”
(Luke 21:36)

"These are the two olive trees and the two lampstands which stand before the Lord of the earth. And if any one would harm them, fire pours from their mouth and consumes their foes; if any one would harm them, thus he is doomed to be killed."
(Revelations 11:4-5)

And so, is the point of this above post, so that people in the Faithful Remnant do not HATE us so much?  No, it isn't.  In fact, it is SO that now, they are "ALL the more CULPABLE", and all the more RESPONSIBLE, for their hatred - referring to the ones who CHOOSE to persist, in that disposition towards us.  At present, there are two distinct groups emerging from within the Remnant.  MOST, of the women, belong to the group of "demon-suppressors, and demon-managers".  The others, for the most part, in the Remnant, are choosing to be PURIFIED of their personal demons, and are MAKING the necessary changes, TO their LIVES, on a DAILY basis - so that they are not "at WAR WITHIN themselves" - and it is THEY, who will ultimately PERSEVERE, to the FULLNESS of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth.  Why them?  Because how can anyone experience TRUE Peace, when they are 'at WAR within themselves?' (- as they DECEIVE themselves, that they can secretly hold on to their demons, as long as the demons do not manifest).  That is "a war", they CANNOT win - for NO one has EVER fought against the Most High TRUE God, and won - EVER! - in all of history.  And for those who believe that the devil won? - Not so! - in fact the devil is "swiftly being phased out of EXISTENCE"; and is so hideous in appearance, that he rarely, EVER, reveals his DISGUSTING face, to ANYONE!  Instead, he hides behind "masks" - like OBAMA, and Francis - his recent incarnations.  But to HELP the women in the Remnant - who are CHOOSING to have "a heart of stone" - the Most High True God is going to send 'a SCOURGE', upon them (- referring to the ones who are refusing to cooperate with the Graces of rapid Purification).  The Most High TRUE God has been ANGERED and PROVOKED by those WICKED women - and now He WILL act!  The Scourge will be unique to each individual - just to keep it interesting, and motivating.  We hope this helps.  Helps?  Yes, we hope this helps the MEN in the Remnant, who look forward to "a GOD-given helpmate" in their future.  It is time to put the women who secretly persist in embracing the spirit of Jezebel, on notice.  Because they CANNOT worship "a MALE God" - and they WILL not remain Faithful Remnant Members, if they hold on to that vile spirit of Jezebel, for much longer.

"O come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!  For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep ofhis hand. O that today you would hearken to his voice!  Harden not your hearts, as at Meribah, as on the day at Massah in the wilderness, when your fathers tested me, and put me to the proof, though they had seen my work. For forty years I loathed that generation and said, “They are a people who err in heart, and they do not regard my ways.” ThereforeI swore in my anger that they should not enter my rest."
(Psalm 95:6-11)

When Jesus Christ the Lord asked me to focus on my True Role as "His True Brother", that seemed simple enough - at least for a time.  But recently, some Members of the Faithful Remnant have been declaring to the world that "Pope Peter the Last is God the Father incarnate".  That declaration, makes things a little more complicated, because HOW can I be the True Brother of Jesus Christ the Lord, while at the same time, be God the Father incarnate?  Here are a few thoughts, that will help people to better understand that Revelation, from the True Holy Spirit.  The word "incarnate", means, "in the flesh" - that is simple enough (I wouldn't be typing this if I wasn't).  Now for a little history lesson.  When the abomination of desolation was set up in ALL the churches, in October of 2009 - ALL the Valid Holy Priestly Anointings were removed, except one - mine (I like to call that, "last man standing").  And so, BEING the ONLY validly ordained priest on the planet at this time in human history, who has retained his Holy Priestly Anointing - would make me the ONLY one who CAN be "in personae christae" - or, "in the person of Jesus Christ the Lord".  Traditionally, that term applied to priests as they were administering the Sacraments of the Church; but my unique role (and job description, and ontology), requires that I am "in personae christae", ALL of the time!  And surely, you know what THAT means...  "Jesus said to him, 'Have I been with you so long, and yet you do not know me...? He who has seen me has seen the Father'." (John 14:9a)  You see, it really ISN'T that complicated.  And now, you can all have fun sharing that with your friends! (- referring to the ones with Souls that is).

Did you know, that the whole concept of the protestant church, is based on someone claiming, that because "they can hear the spirit", they no longer need Christ's True Representative on Earth.  Yes, people in the Faithful Remnant need to SEEK the Uncomfortable Truths, coming from the TRUE Vicar of Jesus Christ the Lord; NOT "yum-COMFORTABLE self-affirming thoughts", from "the Barney within".  See the difference? - YET?

PPTL: You NEED to understand, that the EMAILS you have been SENDING us, are "FULL of FLUFF!" - as you are NOT seeking COUNSEL, for any STRUGGLES, that you are HAVING; but in FACT, you are PROCLAIMING, THROUGH the emails, that "you don't NEED our Counsel", but that you are FINE, SIMPLY turning to the True Holy Spirit, on your OWN!  Unfortunately, most of the TIME, you ARE in fact, turning to 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST'!... YOU NEED, to ask, for the Grace, to be "BRUTALLY honest", with yourself.  NO MORE, "fluffy emails!" - FILLED with VAIN thoughts, of 'how RIGHTEOUS you SEE yourself', in your own EYES!   THAT'S "the wrong, CHURCH!"...  DO not miss the obvious!  You HAVE, "SERPENTS", inside you that NEED! - to be removed; OR, they will end up "SPIRITUALLY, killing you".  Everything is not, "FINE!"  Know THIS: the SPIRIT of the antichrist, says "EVERYTHING is fine"; the spirit of the ANTICHRIST, will ALWAYS say "Yes", to EVERY thought and inspiration that you have; the spirit of the ANTICHRIST, will ALWAYS make sure, that you are "COMFORTABLE" - PARALYZED, SPIRITUALLY; and the SPIRIT of the Antichrist, will most CERTAINLY 'tolerate', the spirit of JEZEBEL, moving through others.   YOU need, to REFOCUS! - on your OWN INTERIOR life - in ROOTING out, your OWN WICKEDNESS...  Not COMFORTABLE?  WE know!  But it IS "the HEALING balm", that you NEED.  Snap OUT of it!  This is not, "a CRUISE ship"; this is "the ARK!" - and you need to "WORK OUT your Salvation, with FEAR, AND trembling" (Philippians 2:12); NOT with "Barney, and feelings".

When Members of the Faithful Remnant pray "The Our Father Prayer" - and they pray, "deliver US (the Faithful Remnant), from EVIL" - AS they embrace EVIL - what happens NEXT?  That IS, "a fair question"!

Actual email from a woman in the Faithful Remnant:  I was diagnosed with "X", and it seems it may be flaring up again. There are sores on my hands, little red dots and patches on the palms of my fingers and I notice my hair is falling out... I think I need to seek medical attention.

PPTL: The Most High TRUE God, IS, SCOURGING, ALL of "the jezzies", in the Remnant - because they are REFUSING to let go, of 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - but DESIRING, to "HOLD FAST", to it. And, MANY of the WOMEN, do NOT want to be DELIVERED, from, 'ALL, evil' - but, they will 'part with SOME of it'. They WANT to RETAIN, "satanic POWER", in their INTERIOR lives; but the Most High TRUE God, will NOT 'ALLOW', the WOMEN - who choose to retain 'SOME wickedness', enter into His REST - because THEY are the ones "CHALLENGING HIM", and "PROVOKING HIM", to ANGER.  So, WE suggest, that you GO before, the Most High TRUE God, and HUMBLE yourself, in your INTERIOR life - and ASK Him to have MERCY, on your Soul - by renouncing ALL wickedness! - and by CHOOSING, before the WHOLE Heavenly Court - to do EVERYTHING YOU can, in ORDER to be SEVERED, from 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - once and for all!  And then ASK Him, to "LIFT, the affliction" - and see what HAPPENS

 Some people outside the Remnant, like to send us conspiracy theory propaganda videos, in the hopes of convincing us to accept "the CIA scripted false realities", that is currently flooding all media sites. 

PPTL: While you WASTE your time, in showing usVIDEOS - FILLED! - with propaganda; the ENEMY, of your SOUL, is simply "LAUGHING you, to SCORN!" - because, of your STUBBORNNESS, AND stupidity, in SEEKING, "EVERYTHING else", but the ONLY Source, for Salvation, in these Times.  We COMMEND YOU, to "the MERCY of your Creator".

What does it mean, to be Commended to the Mercy of the Most High True God?  What is "His MERCY"?

PPTL: The Lord IS "near, to the broken-HEARTED, and the contrite in SPIRIT"... WHAT is "His MERCY" in these End TIMES?  His TESTIMONY, the Blessed HOLY Water, and DAILY, Divine Counsel!  BECOMING a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - is ALL PEOPLE, need to DO, in order to EXPERIENCE, 'the FULLNESS', of a Christian Life...  But the LORD Jesus Christ, Most High TRUE God, is "VERY Patient", with THOSE, who DESIRE, to work WITH Him.  And so we ask that the Most High TRUE God - would FILL you, with His ABUNDANT BLESSINGS, Gifts, AND GRACES! - for ACKNOWLEDGING, HIS Testimony - before MEN.  We HOPE, that HE will CONTINUE to ACKNOWLEDGE you, before your FATHER in HEAVEN - as we HOPE, that you WILL CONTINUE, to ACKNOWLEDGE, "His wonderful WORKS", before the Nations. HERE is some READING material for you...

Did you know that the Most High True God, will introduce His True Adopted Sons, to their ONE, future helpmate - the one HE has chosen - at "a time of HIS choosing".  And most people are going to need to wait, a VERY long time! - before that happens; before their hearts, are "Pure".

PPTL: You SIMPLY need to pray for the Grace, of PURITY, of MIND, SOUL, HEART, and BEING - and CONSECRATE, your PURITY, to the PROTECTION, of Saint MICHAEL, the ARCHANGEL.  Reject, "the ALLURING spirit" - and ASK for the Grace, to FOCUS, on the Most High TRUE God, at all TIMES; and the call of the MOMENT.  REMEMBER, YOU, are called to COMMEND, ALL, of those women, to the HEEL, of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  They are NOT!!!  "future HELPMATES".  Understand?  And THAT, is for the sake, of YOUR SOUL; AND theirs!  As the ENEMY, will TRY, to USE, "LUSTFUL THOUGHTS", AGAINST you!  SO, BLESSED are the pure of HEART, for THEY! - shall see God.  Understand?

In order to experience TRUE Peace, every member of the Faithful Remnant, must leave "the FALSE peace" of living in "a DIVIDED or DEVILED family", behind them.

PPTL: Remember, the Most High TRUE God's Words, are STRONGER, AND more POWERFUL, than the DEVIL'S.  And it was PROPHESIED, IN the Testimony, that the Most High TRUE God's SWORD, would do BATTLE, with 'the sword of the ENEMY' - that is SIMPLY another way of SAYING, that JESUS did not COME, to bring PEACE, to families; but "a SWORD" - and that is, "HIS Truth"; and it will be the TRUTH, that CONTINUES, to separate, the chaff, from the WHEAT! - because, His TESTIMONY, is IRREFUTABLE!  And, the WORDS of the ENEMY, have NO POWER, against it!  BECAUSE, the Most High TRUE God, has ALREADY RESPONDED! - to the enemy's accusations, against, HIS Faithful REMNANT! - Billions of YEARS ago. The Most High TRUE God, is "the AUTHOR, of LIFE" - and THAT is why, NO one, can fight AGAINST Him, and WIN!  THAT is why, it is ALWAYS better, to BE, "on JESUS Christ the LORD'S Team" - because TRULY, that is 'the ONLY winning TEAM!' - in all of history.  And at THIS TIME, that is "His FAITHFUL Remnant Church"

Are you in a hurry to get to the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth?

PPTL: KEEP spreading the Testimony, through VIDEOS!... because it IS 'helping' - speed UP 'the END', of this WICKED generation. The MORE PEOPLE, who are EXPOSED, TO the TESTIMONY, and who KNOWINGLY, REJECT it  - the FASTER, the Most High TRUE God, can "wrap UP", this wicked ERA! - with His CHASTISEMENTS - both SPIRITUAL, AND Physical. 

The Heavenly Witness Protection program, does not "ACCIDENT-proof" people.

PPTL: As a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH, you are PROTECTED - from any "PHYSICAL harm to your LIFE" - and you HAVE 'the tools necessary', in order to RESIST the Devil.  But ONE of the ways, that the ENEMY, has been 'getting AT you' - by, is your CONSENT, to the spirit of SABOTAGE!  You SEE, EVERYONE, OUTSIDE, the Faithful REMNANT, has "SABOTAGED", their PHYSICAL lives AND their Spiritual lives - because they HAVE, become "ABOMINATIONS", to the Most High True GOD.  Has HE "CONDEMNED THEM"?  No.  THEY Condemned THEMSELVES! - by their poor CHOICES - and it is indeed 'the WORD, made FLESH' - that has CONDEMNED them; that has, "JUDGED them".

Why are the Members of the Faithful Remnant getting healthier, and enjoying life even more?

PPTL: The WORD of the Most High TRUE God, IS "LIVING, and ACTIVE" - and THAT is why, ever since you found the TESTIMONY - you desire to LIVE, and be ACTIVE!  It's "so SIMPLE!" - a CHILD, could understand. 

And on a more personal note, please remember to keep your more personal notes, in your daily diary.  For the LOVE of...!!!

PPTL: For FUTURE reference, PLEASE, do not share, "DAILY, DIARY, ENTRIES", of EVERY thought, and INSPIRATION, that you have HAD, for that day!  ONLY share WITH us, the INSIGHTS, and the INSPIRATIONS from the True Holy SPIRIT.  Because the SPIRIT knows what you need, and the True Holy Spirit KNOWS 'what you're STRUGGLING with'. 

One human tendency that people sometimes embrace, is to try to "second GUESS", what the Most High TRUE God is going to do next.  We received an email from someone in the Remnant, who began to consider the possibility that PHYSICAL death, was now "on the horizon".  Here is "a Just Response" to someone who wants to embrace THAT inspiration.

PPTL: Is THAT, what, YOU, "DESIRE", your CREATOR, to "BLESS"?  Is THAT, what... you... want HIM, to BLESS YOU WITH? - THAT PATH?  Do NOT! - PROVOKE, the Lord's ANGER! - DO not 'PUT Him, to the TEST'!  REMEMBER, EVERY conversation, that you HAVE, is 'BEFORE the THRONE', of the Most High TRUE God - AND, HE is LISTENING! - ATTENTIVELY - to your HEARTS and DESIRES!  REMEMBER, the DESIRE COMES, before the gift; AND, He SATISFIES the desire, of EVERY, living, thing.  So be CAREFUL, about 'HOW', you choose to CONVERSE with one another!  BRIDLE, yourselves, in the True Holy SPIRIT!  CONSECRATE, your INSPIRATIONS, to the PROTECTION of Saint MICHAEL, the ARCHANGEL.  DO NOT, 'SUPPRESS', the True Holy SPIRIT - who speaks LOUDLY! - in your HEARTS.  BECAUSE 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST', will COME in its place!  And the ANTICHRIST spirit ONLY leads, to "spiritual death".  SO, RESOLVE, in your heart, to ALWAYS, "SPEAK", the UNCOMFORTABLE, Truth - in each and every MOMENT...  You! - NEED to be 'EXPERIENCING, discomfort', in order to GROW!  Otherwise you will become COMPLACENT, and TOLERANT, of "SPIRITUAL INSANITY".  WE cannot protect you, from "Just CONSEQUENCES".  But KNOW that the Most High TRUE God, is "a LOVING God" - and He LOVES! - DISCIPLINING, "NAUGHTY", CHILDREN!  It is BETTER, if you "FRATERNALLY, correct", one ANOTHER - than, to receive, "HIS Discipline!"  And if ANY of you, are "UNSURE about something" - THAT, is what DAILY Counsel, is FOR!

"We live in a TRAUMATIZED society" - my Professor told the Counselling class I attended, as I pursued my Master's Degree.  Counselling was a mandatory course of study, for seminarians at that time.  And when you consider the THOUSANDS of traumatic visuals that each individual watches, by the time they reach the age of 20, that STATEMENT should come as no surprise - at least THAT'S how she introduced the Course to us, on the first day.  And 'AFTER the trauma' - if it OVERWHELMS the individual, a demon, with 'a DISORDER' often follows - that is appropriately named, "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder", or "PTSD".

PPTL: In ORDER to overcome, the PTSD demon, and all the OTHER evil spirits - you must SIMPLY, CONTINUALLY TURN, to the LORD Jesus Christ, and ASK Him to DELIVER you!  PRAY the Universal GOLD Prayers [- that are given to the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant], from the HEART! - and ask HIM to FILL you, with His TRUE Peace.  The biggest problem you HAVE, is FOCUSING on what the DEMONS are doing, instead of, seeking the GRACE, to OVERCOME! - their "USELESS activities INSIDE you!"... YOU need to work on 'becoming PURIFIED'.  So you NEED, your CREATOR!  FOCUS on HIM, and PUT aside, "your FLESHLY, desires".  Make more VIDEOS! - and spread the TESTIMONY, the RIGHT way!  The ENEMY, is trying to PULL you - in ALL different DIRECTIONS!   So if you WANT to stay "ANCHORED, to the TRUTH" - simply read the TESTIMONY!  It will ESPECIALLY, help, to WATCH my MASS videos. THIS, will be "EXCELLENT nourishment", and EXACTLY what you need - in ORDER to come back to your SENSES - FULLY!  REJECT your DESIRE, to "give yourself OVER", to the DEMONS, when they come KNOCKING!  ASK for the Grace to RESIST, the enemy; and turn to your CREATOR - and the devil will FLEE you!  Yes, you are "exhausted", on every LEVEL - but KNOW that it will PASS!  You are being "put to the TEST"; and the Most High TRUE God will NOT test you, beyond your strength.   So TURN to Him - and ASK Him to have Mercy on your SOUL!  Because THAT IS the relationship, that FAITHFUL Remnant Members are CALLED, to HAVE! - with the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE!   The FEAR of the LORD - is the BEGINNING of WISDOM; and SO, when you are afraid of HIM! - that is when you need to TURN to Him, for MERCY! - and turn AWAY, from your "WICKED", desires.  REJECT your DESIRE, to turn BACK to 'your old ways'; and ASK for the Grace to LIVE your TRUE identity, as "the NEW, you"  Ask the Most High TRUE God, to DELETE! - the FILE, of 'the OLD you' - COMPLETELY!  [- YOU know, 'the one chained to that bag of DEMONS you picked up along the way...] It's that simple. (- this paragraph, November 21, 2017 update)

On the topic of "Christian community living"

PPTL: WHAT is MOST important, is that you ALL, SEEK to BE, "your authentic SELF"; and to help each OTHER, 'CARRY, your CROSS'.  The COMMUNITY LIVING, DOES MEAN, that your brother's BURDEN, or SISTER'S BURDEN, is yours ALSO.  As LONG, as there is UNFORGIVENESS, in your HEARTS, TOWARDS ONE ANOTHER - then the aches, and the pains, will CONTINUE to INCREASE - because "UNFORGIVENESS", is what CAUSES, "chronic PAIN".  And the PAINS in the NECK, and the WEIGHT on your SHOULDERS - are SIMPLY being CAUSED - by those who are REFUSING, to PICK UP!!! - their CROSS.  They are "putting the WEIGHT", on YOU - INSTEAD of SHARING, "the BURDEN"; they want "the BENEFITS", of 'LIVING, in a Christian COMMUNITY' - without DOING ANYTHING!!! - (unless they're asked).  Yes! SPIRITUAL SLOTH, LAZINESS, and APATHY, are most DEFINITELY, "being embraced" - in their INTERIOR lives. 

You need to be "a FRIEND of your natural daily biorhythms" - and stop FIGHTING them!  They are there for a reason - so that you can be "a healthy individual".  But if you don't PROGRAM those biorhythms, for at least 2 weeks of steady daily habits, then they don't help you with MANY of your BASIC needs - like a good night's sleep, for example.

PPTL: It is EXTREMELY important, that you have 'a HEALTHY, sleep, schedule' - WINDING down off technology, by 10:00; going to bed, at the LATEST!!! - 11:00.  Waking up, by at LEAST, 9:00. AND! - make SURE, you make TIME, for your NAP, in the afternoon!  THIS will HELP! - with 'the stress'. 
The reason the Holy Angels, or "MESSENGERS", told Lot and his family, "NOT to look back" - was actually, so that they wouldn't "freak out"... but they didn't have that expression back then, and so the Angels simply said... "don't look back".  And if you think that sounds "funny"? - what do you think would have happened, if Lot actually SAW his wife as she was being turned into a pillar of salt?... what do you think he would have DONE?  "Don't look back!"
PPTL: You SIMPLY need, to reject all of your FEARS, DOUBTS, WORRIES, and ANXIETIES, and TRADE them, for the TRUE Peace, of the Most High TRUE God.  Don't "FREAK OUT!" - but, choose to THINK!  RESOLVE, to stay SPIRITUALLY awake! - and to THINK!!!  Because the ENEMY, desires, to put you, "on AUTOPILOT"KEEP your CREATOR, and the TESTIMONY, as 'the FOCAL point', of your DAY!  And YOU WILL EXPERIENCE, 'MUCH, RELIEF'!
Or? - you can focus on "everything BUT" your Creator and the Testimony - and experience, MANY, afflictions! - and anguish of Soul... and we're NOT afraid to say that, 'THAT' CURRENTLY seems to be "trending"...

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