The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

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SPECIAL NOTE:   Before reading ANY messages from ANY OTHER so-called "prophets" out there,
be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

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Have you been "bringing in the sheaves" lately?
How have YOU been sleeping lately? In the early hours of this morning, Mary awoke and saw a Vision of a Black Horse in our bedroom.  And so, we asked Jesus Christ the Lord, about the meaning of the Vision.  And so He first pointed us to the Book of Revelations.  Here is a summary of the conversation that followed.

"When he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” And I saw, and behold, a black horse, and its rider had a balance in his hand; and I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; but do not harm oil and wine!”
(Revelations 6:5-6)

Jesus said: It is a PUZZLE… "The WHEAT" is the REMNANT, and "the BARLEY" is the REST of the world.  And I have PAID BOTH, the same WAGE - but I have NOT received, 'the same return'.  WHEAT is MUCH more EXPENSIVE and HARDER to BUY - in these End Times;  SEEING how almost EVERYONE, has "SOLD themselves" - as BARLEY.  I will invest MORE, into My WHEAT, than I WILL, into the BARLEY.  And I EXPECT, to receive "SHEAVES", in return.  "But do not harm oil and WINE!"  What does that MEAN?  Are you NOT, "the Two ANOINTED ones, that STAND before Me?"  Are you NOT "the Two LAMPSTANDS?"  "The Two OLIVE Trees".  And do I not POUR, the oil, of ANOINTING, and the WINE, of GLADNESS, and JOY - UPON you? - so that THEY may be poured out upon others.  And so I have COMMANDED, that no HARM, COME to you.  THEREFORE, the Plague will not affect, My Two WITNESSES.  THAT is 'the True Meaning'.  NO one would have known, or COULD have EVER known - HAD I not revealed it!

Pope Peter The Last: Are you talking about "the Plague" of the Seven Seals being opened?

Jesus: They are not done in ANY particular order, but they are OPEN now.  Therefore NO one will 'see them coming'!

“Then I said to him, “What are these two olive trees on the right and the left of the lampstand?” And a second time I said to him, “What are these two branches of the olive trees, which are beside the two golden pipes from which the oil is poured out?” He said to me: Do you not know what these are?  I said, “No, my Lord”. Then he said, “These are the two anointed who stand by the Lord of the whole earth.”
(Zechariah 4:11-14)

Jesus: Oil has many uses.  BECAUSE I allowed them to open the CERN portal to the ABYSS; I can THEREFORE, UNLEASH, MY vengeance on the nations.  Because the BALANCES, have been WEIGHED; and THEY have ALL, been found, 'wanting'

Important Note: The Members of the True Faithful Remnant are called to remain in the True Peace of their Creator always, and especially throughout this coming time of Tribulation - because they are ALL under "the HEAVENLY Witness Protection Program", and NO harm will come TO them, as long as they persevere in DOING, what the Most High TRUE God is ASKING of them, in each and every moment.  In other words, the Most High TRUE God has ALSO Commanded His Holy Angels, so that no Harm will come to the Members of His TRUE, Faithful Remnant Flock

Here is part of the welcome message, that was extended by the King of Heaven, to the newest Member of the Faithful Remnant today.  It is a Universal Message, and a good reminder, for the other Members of the Faithful Remnant.
"To the thirsty I will give water without price from the fountain of the water of life. He who conquers shall have this heritage, and I will be his God and he shall be my son. But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”
(Revelations 21:6b-8)

Jesus Christ the Lord said: ...You ONCE WERE "a lost SOUL" - as IN, your SOUL was taken FROM you, and set ASIDE - UNTIL that day, YOU would CHOOSE, to 'RECLAIM it'.  REMEMBER, your SOUL is  'a GIFT', and so YOU are responsible, for your 'FREE will' choices; and YOU are responsible, for what YOU choose to DO, WITH, "the PRECIOUS GIFT of SPIRITUAL life".  Now your SOUL, is still "DIRTY", and it NEEDS to be CLEANED, on a REGULAR basis - and THAT is WHY, you HAVE, 'the BLESSED Holy Water'; and that is WHY, I OFFER mankind, My BLESSED Holy WATER - so that they can be FREED, from 'the guilt of their SINS', and stop 'LIVING in SHAME', and, 'under My PUNISHMENT and WRATH'.  But, you are still CALLED to REPENT, every DAY - as I, reveal, 'MORE', of your SINS, TO you - SEEK Graces, in these Times; SEEK to be CLOTHED, in the IMMACULATE Heart OF your TRUE! - Blessed Mother - MY True Mother.  AND seek to be CLOTHED, in the Truth - no MATTER what 'FALSEHOODS', people SPEW, against you.  YOU are not ALONE. I am WITH you - EVEN to the TOTAL, Destruction and END, of this world; EVEN to the Total, CONSUMMATION, of this world.  WHAT are they being CONSUMED BY?  MY Divine Justice, PUNISHMENT, and Wrath!  BLESSED is HE, who ESCAPES the SECOND death.  YOU, HAVE escaped; therefore you are "BLESSED".

Actual email:  I am still rejecting the “demonic cluster” of my former colleague even though I do not have any communication or contact with him and I certainly do not want to. But spiritually, the demonic clusters still kind of linger around – I believe.

PPTL: The GRACE you need to PRAY for, is "Holy Detachment"; and you will ALSO need, to reject ALL SOUL TIES, and SPIRITUAL TIES, with all those OUTSIDE, the Faithful Remnant Church. REMEMBER, to reject 'the demonic clusters', of EACH individual, that you come in CONTACT with.  You do NOT need to do it by NAME; but SIMPLY, "the demonic CLUSTER, of that INDIVIDUAL", is enough - Jesus knows 'WHO, you are referring to'. 

Actual email: I went for long walk... in the nearby forest and prayed Daily Prayers and Holy Rosary out loud while walking. I noticed it requires more spiritual focus when praying while walking. But the fragrance of the forest, birds singing and the sound of small streams of water is very soothing for the spirit.

PPTL: Taking, long walks, in nature, IS very good for your SOUL! - because, THAT is how Creation BEGAN - IN nature. And SO, you will be able to HEAR, what the TRUE Holy Spirit WANTS you to hear - in the forest - better, than you will, around 'those in the BEAST state'.  You are VERY Blessed, in SO many ways!  And the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE, IS 'watching OVER you'.  And SO, you are CALLED to SHOW Him, 'how much you LOVE Him', by, CONTINUING to DO, 'WHAT is being asked OF you'. 

"The hand of the Lord was heavy upon the people of Ashdod, and he terrified and afflicted them with tumors, both Ashdod and its territory. And when the men of Ashdod saw how things were, they said, 'The ark of the God of Israel [referring to the Testimony of the Two Witnesses in these End Times] must not remain with us; for his hand is heavy upon us and upon Dagon our[false] god'."
(1 Samuel 5:6-7)

PPTL: PLEASE do not share WITH us, what those in 'the BEAST state', are doing, IN the world - as their ACTIONS, mean NOTHING, to the Most High TRUE God.  BUT the Most High TRUE God WILL look on, 'the Righteous deeds', of His TRUE Faithful REMNANT - as their WORKS, are 'made ACCEPTABLE', to Him...  We DO know, that THOSE with 'the MARK of Cain', ONLY HAVE "ILL will", towards 'those, in the Faithful Remnant'; and that it is ONLY, the Most High TRUE God's Hand, on the former RELATIVES, of the Faithful Remnant - NOT, to pursue in CRUSHING them.  Were the Most High TRUE God to 'lift His HAND', then, they WOULD try, 'EVERYTHING', to stop, the Members of the Faithful Remnant, from persevering, ON the Narrow Path.  THANKFULLY, HIS Hand is "HEAVY upon them".

Actual email: As I walked at the park I could see the birds (the robins) getting worms to eat and I was wondering how do they know where to look and find the worm? They just know...

PPTL: YOU will need to use COMMON sense and REASON... PLEASE remember, that COUNSEL, is NOT 'sharing, your daily reflections'; but, it is for, ASKING, for HELP - with your SPIRITUAL life.  Understand?

Actual email:  Pope Peter, I've always wanted to ask you, and so I'm just asking.  I'm so grateful to the Lord.  I woke up this morning with more Peace, and I was glad to have Life and the Lord's Love...  If you have any advice on how to keep and stay in this True Peace, I will do whatever you say.  I don't want to let go of this True Peace.  

PPTL: To STAY in the TRUE Peace of your CREATOR - you SIMPLY need to CONSECRATE that Gift, TO the protection, of Saint MICHAEL the Archangel; and it IS "a GOOD habit", to CONSECRATE ALL of your SPIRITUAL Gifts - EVEN the ones YOU do not KNOW, that you HAVE, TO 'the protection of Saint MICHAEL the ARCHANGEL'.  WHY?  Because HE IS "the DEFENDER, of those who are CLOTHED, in White LINEN" - and that is, 'those who HAVE been clothed IN, the Immaculate Conception'; those who HAVE "a Wedding Garment". 

Actual email: I'm currently trying to wake up even earlier, so I can have more alone time in prayer to King Jesus.  I'm making a resolution to watch your Mass every day in the morning. I'm really trying to get a Holy Balance that is pleasing to our King of Kings, our King of Glory.  I thank the good LORD Most High True GOD for you every time I watch your Mass; I experience the power of GOD the true Holy SPIRIT.  The Love of GOD moves through your right hand each time the CROSS motion is made.  I thank the good LORD every time, and then I thank Him for you.  Thank you for the Masses that you have pre-recorded.  I know their value.

PPTL: YES, it IS "quite the FEAST", that is set BEFORE you!  So NEVER let a day go BY, where YOU, do not 'FULLY partake, of the BANQUET, of His Divine LOVE, for your Soul'. READ the Testimony; ask HIM to LEAD you - where HE wants you to read - BECAUSE, it is WRITTEN in SUCH a way, that each TIME you go TO the Testimony, you are being LED, by the True Holy SPIRIT - to "the best NOURISHMENT, for that day".  SEEK, first the KINGDOM of your CREATOR - and EVERYTHING else WILL be taken care of!  Your TIME... is 'a TIME of purification' - especially with 'all of the CHALLENGES, around you'...  REMEMBER to stay, 'in the STATE of Grace' - and THAT MEANS: to SHUN, EVERY wicked thought! - and EVERY evil desire - and TRADE, 'those temptations', for 'an EVEN STRONGER relationship', with your KING!  Yes, you ARE "His ROYAL subject" - and you are SEEKING to be LOYAL and docile, to HIS every Word - and TRULY, 'THAT is how you stay in the TRUE Peace, of your CREATOR' - because, HIS "friends", DO, what HE, commands them to!  Because it is ONLY for the good of THEIR Souls, and the good of THOSE around them.

It is much more difficult for Remnant Members who are coming from a protesting background, in their former lives; because IF they hold on TIGHTLY to their predisposition to protest EVERYTHING - they will simply lose EVERYTHING, and be asked to leave the ARK.  Simple.  But first, their choices will be made clearly known to them, as one Remnant Member learned today:

PPTL: The PROBLEM is, you have been DEVELOPING 'your OWN way of doing things', and 'your OWN religion', INSIDE, the Ark.  You CANNOT continue, to DO this!...  The DEMONS, are MOCKING you, N.  You are CHOOSING to SEE yourself, as 'a VICTIM, OF, our COUNSEL'.  So, HOW can you GROW?  REMEMBER, JESUS has said, He does not HAVE "a WARM spot", in his HEART, for "PROTESTANTS" - BECAUSE, they REBEL. That is what YOU, have been doing!  And you don't 'SEE it'.  You do not 'like', to CONFORM, to 'the WORLD of your Creator'; but, want to SERVE Him, on your OWN terms.  THIS cannot CONTINUE!... WHY not, resolve, to do EVERYTHING, the WAY WE are showing the Remnant?...  But YOU are 'so filled with PRIDE'!  And you THINK, 'you HAVE the answer'... DON'T let the demons, ROB you, of WHAT you've been given... YOU choose, where YOU want to REMAIN.


What do ALL the HOLY Saints in Heaven have in common?  What UNIFIES them?  What is "their common UNION"?  How can we better share in that UNION, in THESE current Times - in this time of EXTREMES?

Actual email:  I was wondering, how to have a communion with the Saints of Heaven?

PPTL: There is a REASON, the Most High TRUE God CHOSE, the Saints that He DID - to GIVE, THEIR testimony - because He was in fact COMBINING, the Old Testament Saints, with the NEW Testament Saints - as in, 'those who came AFTER, Jesus'.  BUT, BECAUSE, the institution STILL has 'so much DEVOTION', TO those Saints - and, they, are not HEARING, the peoples' prayers.  In ORDER, to REFRAIN, from being 'in satanic UNITY', WITH, the Roman Catholic HIERARCHICAL institution - it is "SIMPLY better", to ASK, that particular Saint to PRAY for you; but, do NOT, 'adopt', their spirituality - because, when THEY were GIVEN, 'that kind of THEOLOGY', and UNDERSTANDING, of GOD - it was 'at a TIME', when He was 'much CLOSER' - to THEM, and MANKIND, was STILL "a REFLECTION of their CREATOR".  But BECAUSE of 'the TIMES', we are ALL in, the SPIRITUALITY, of the Saints, of the PAST, is "not ENOUGH", to have 'a RELATIONSHIP', with one's Creator. The DANGER, that the INSTITUTION, jumped INTO - was to get 'the CATHOLICS', to LIVE, "VICARIOUSLY", THROUGH, 'the Saints that they read'; to get THEM, to BELIEVE, that THEY, are "Saints" - because, they KNOW, of 'the LIVES of the Saints'; but THAT is 'NOT, how it IS', anymore - WITHIN the TRUE, Roman Catholic Faith.  YOU are called to FOCUS, on Jesus, and His Mother, AND Joseph - and ask ALL the Saints, for their INTERCESSION.  Understand? To SEEK, the Will of your CREATOR, IS 'to be in COMMUNION, with the Saints'.

We received an email today, from someone outside the Remnant, who suggested, that they were going to ask "their god" - who goes by another name, to have "mercy" on us.  Perhaps that individual, should have kept 'his little prayer intention', to himself.

PPTL: We do not NEED, NOR desire "MERCY", from YOUR god - because, YOUR "god", is FALSE! WE, serve, WORSHIP, and OBEY, the One TRUE God, who IS, JESUS Christ the LORD.  THOU shalt have NO other gods! - before Him.  YOU have chosen POORLY.  And NOW, the JUDGMENT, HAS been passed, on you, once AGAIN!
"My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline or be weary of his reproof, for the Lord reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights."
(Proverbs 3:11-12)
The Members of the Faithful Remnant, need to carefully discern, and listen, whenever the TRUE Holy Spirit, Speaks in their INTERIOR life - no matter how UNCOMFORTABLE, the Message IS.  And why is THAT?  Because if a Soul prefers afflictions, to the Voice of their Creator, then afflictions will COME.  It is called "DISCIPLINE"; and THAT is how you KNOW, your Creator loves you!

PPTL: NOW that you have ACKNOWLEDGED the TRUTH, MANY of your AFFLICTIONS, will LIFT!  It is NEVER a good idea to SUPPRESS, 'the Voice of the TRUE Holy Spirit'.

Actual email:  Pope Peter and Mary... for the last two days I had a sinus headache; very painful, it was very hard to endure.  I did read the testimony but the pain was not letting me focus on what I was reading as I wanted to.

PPTL: WHENEVER you get HEADACHES, make SURE to USE the Blessed HOLY water - and to PRAY, the BLESSED Holy Water DELIVERANCE Prayer.  THEN turn to Saint MICHAEL, and ask HIM to deflect the attack, BACK, at those who SENT it! - OR, into the Eternal Lake of Fire.  REJECT the demonic ENTITY of the ASSAILANTS; and ASK for the Grace to see YOURSELF, and the REST of the Faithful REMNANT, through the EYES of the Most High TRUE God.  YES, the devil is ATTACKING you; but DO not 'give IN', to his temptations.  FOCUS, on Jesus; FOCUS, on your CREATOR!  You SEE, YOU are being 'tested' - because you GAVE IN to the ENEMY of your Soul, SO many times, in the PAST - BEFORE, you became, 'a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant', AND, BEFORE, you RECOGNIZED 'the spirit of JEZEBEL', as "your ENEMY"!  THEN, YOU, are going to need to work even HARDER at RESISTING, the devil, and his tactics - by CONSISTENTLY turning, to Jesus Christ the LORD, with your WHOLE heart; and ask HIM to FREE you from the ENEMY, of your Soul.  KEEP watching the Faithful Remnant VIDEOS, and STAY spiritually nourished in the Truth! 

If ever, in the middle of the night, you wake up from a dream - that seems disturbing in any way, it is ALWAYS best, to turn to Jesus Christ the Lord in prayer, and give Him that Dream, and use the deliverance prayer to ask Him to dispose of it for you.  And ask for the Grace of His True Peace instead.  Remember, the Members of the Faithful Remnant are being actively targeted, by the One World Government - who believe that THEIR "ALIEN tech department", can take out the Remnant.  That is not possible.  And as they try, you will need to keep the following in mind.

PPTL: It is IMPORTANT, that, YOU do NOT, put ALL your FAITH, in... DREAMS... UNLESS it is "a VISITATION, from the LORD Jesus CHRIST" - it is SIMPLY best, to give Him ALL, your dreams... TRADE THEM, for His TRUE Peace.  And if they come BACK to you, THEN you can DISCERN them...  TURN, to the TRUE Holy Spirit, FOR THE answer... there is STILL, "some leftovers", from your OLD life - that is COMING to the surface...  UNLESS they are "PROPHETIC", it is BEST, to 'KEEP them to yourself'.  PUT, NO faith in dreams!  REMEMBER, the ONE world GOVERNMENT, uses "PROJECT BLUEBEAM", to project DREAMS, into peoples' MINDS!  Understand?  We are "simply watching your back".  JUST make SURE, that YOU ARE DISCERNING... Don't just "ACCEPT it", as "being from God"!  THAT is why it is SAFER, to give them to HIM - and THEN, TRADE them for His TRUE Peace; and if they come BACK - THEN spend the time discerning... FOCUS on your SPIRITUAL purification - THAT, is guaranteed.

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  All those Members of the Faithful Remnant who knowingly turn to propaganda, will no longer find 'relief', from the Blessed Holy Water; because they can't have both.
In other words, the Most High True God is NOT 'a god to be TRIFLED with'.  The Remnant are going to learn how 'SERIOUS' the Most High True God is.  
At a time when MANY Members of the Faithful Remnant find themselves "below the waterline" - those who refuse to grow, towards their Creator - can only sink even deeper into the murky depths.  And as a result, "certain edits", will need to be made.  And so, all the Members of the Faithful Remnant, will need to start watching the Remnant video testimony playlist, as "the next cut" rapidly approaches.  Understand?
PPTL: YOU need to know, that N. has SHUT DOWN his YouTube Channel...  He KNOWS that "the propaganda", is 'not WORKING', on US, or ANY of you...  And so, he HAS, 'deleted', ALL of his videos.  We just did 'a MAJOR sweep', of our PLAYLISTS, and, HE is no longer, on ANY of them. We will need to remove him from the TESTIMONY as well.  KNOW that if HE is in CONTACT with ANY of you, it is BEST not to respond. 

Actual email:  Two nights ago, I woke up in the middle of gasping for breath and I called for Jesus to defend me and Saint Michael to defend me... Is it an occult attack on me?

PPTL: Are you regularly "hydrating"?  HOW much water are you drinking through the DAY? It is possible, to wake up, with "an itchy, dry THROAT".  If you are staying HYDRATED - NEXT time, grab the Blessed HOLY Water, and BLESS your throat, AND your room - THOROUGHLY.  AND then go back to sleep.

Most Remnant Members have not yet realized, that "the bar", is set quite high, for Remnant Videos.  ALL Remnant Videos need to be "nourishing", to the Nations, period. Know that we will do our very best to give honest feedback, whenever your video does not pass.  For example:

PPTL: We were actually 'AFFLICTED', when watching your VIDEO.  YOU watch your video, and tell us, that YOU'RE "nourished", by your TESTIMONY.  If it DOESN'T nourish YOU - how IS it to nourish OTHERS?  And do NOT respond with ANY excuses!  Turn to the Most High TRUE God, and ask HIM for His HELP - in 'ROOTING OUT', the BEGRUDGING spirit - that is IN you.  You have SO much to be THANKFUL for; but, the DEMONS, do not want YOU, to be grateful, in your VIDEO.  BUT! - YOU choose, 'what you want to embrace'.

It is best to NEVER boast of the sins of your past, in a video Testimony.  Do you know WHY?  Hint: Even though it has been removed, most Remnant Members are still recovering from 'the mark'.

PPTL: It WOULD be best to FOCUS, on recording SHORTER videos - with SIMPLER topics - because, THESE last TWO attempts, have not 'GONE, very well' - because YOU still are not well.  And in fact you allowed the DEMONS, to boast THROUGH you, of 'their ACCOMPLISHMENTS'.  And, YOU need to 'REPENT', of INVOLVING yourself, in 'those WICKED THINGS'… NOT, "proclaim, your INVOLVEMENT", with the nations!  Understand? … DO better!

Once again, "Daily Divine Counsel", is not supposed to be "daily diary cotton candy fluff cakes".  We already know, that you did stuff, and thought stuff, and felt stuff.  Please remember to keep 'that STUFF', to yourself - as our email inbox is not "a virtual girl's washroom social".  Understand?

PPTL: Is there ANYTHING that you are particularly STRUGGLING with? - that you need HELP with?  It is not CLEAR from your EMAIL, that you need 'ANYTHING from us'.  You SEEM, to BELIEVE, that you are doing "JUST fine".

Actual email reply, to the above email: Daily, I strive to remain in the True Peace of the True Holy Spirit, and to have trust and faith in Him, to put all cares, including the welfare of loved ones, into His Hands. 

PPTL: YOU need to 'wake up and REALIZE'… EVERYTHING is "NOT fine", in your HOUSEHOLD. Are YOU fraternally CORRECTING THEM?  Are you REMINDING them DAILY, to CONTACT US?  Do you 'CARE', about their Souls?  NO one! - can 'GO IT alone', on this JOURNEY, and EXPECT to survive!

End note:  In other words, that Member of the Faithful Remnant, was living in 'the spirit of FALSE eace", when they emailed us.  Do the religious leaders in the institutional churches EVER, tell their congregation, that?  Here is another example of the desire to conform to 'the spirit of the world', that comes from embracing 'the spirit of false peace'.

Actual email:  I know that my family, most of them anyway, were decent people and considered that way by others… I have been praying for patience to accept the world as it is. 

PPTL: YOU are not CALLED to accept the WORLD, 'as it IS' - No, you are CALLED to go AGAINST the world, and its TEACHINGS - NOT, to be "COMPLACENT".  PEOPLE, do not have SOULS; and when they DO, they have 'all the TORMENTS, that go, WITH the Soul' - BECAUSE, of 'THEIR desire to LIVE, OPPOSED, TO the Truth'; but YOUR comfort, and YOUR consolation, is in LIVING, 'OPPOSED, to the WORLD'! - striving DAILY, to unite 'YOUR will', with the Will of your CREATOR.  THAT is how you will find 'TRUE Joy', and HAPPINESS - amidst ALL, of the TERRIBLE atrocities, that are 'GOING on', ALL around you!  FIRST, you must understand, that, THERE is 'no such THING', as, "a good PERSON".  Even WE, are not "good" - do you know WHY?  BECAUSE, GOD, the ALMIGHTY and Eternal FATHER, is "ALL, GOOD; ALL KNOWING; and ALL PERFECT"; and WE, are 'not perfect'.  And, it is 'HIS Goodness', that flows THROUGH us - TO, the Faithful Remnant.  And we are SIMPLY, 'TEACHING', the FAITHFUL Remnant, 'how to RECEIVE', Blessings, from HEAVEN; and how, to GLORIFY, GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - by USING 'the Gift of their free will'.  ONCE you RECOGNIZE, that EVERY good thing you DO, is REALLY, 'ONLY God's GOODNESS', moving THROUGH you - THEN, you will begin to see yourself, 'in the light of TRUTH'; YOU will see yourself more CLEARLY as "CREATURE"; and HIM as "CREATOR" - BECAUSE, man, is "NOTHING", without, 'the ONE who CREATED him'; AND, on the CONTRARY - man, can do 'ALL THINGS', THROUGH, the ONE, who CREATED him - PROVIDED, they are 'DESIRES', in ACCORDANCE, WITH, 'the CREATOR'S Desires'.  Understand?  So when you said, your FAMILY, was "GOOD" - you were 'SERIOUSLY, mistaken'!

Some people pay a LOT of money, to travel with heavy baggage.  Not so, for those in the Remnant.  You are "NOT called", to drag a suitcase full of ROCKS behind you - EVEN, if the suitcase has wheels!  You are 'NOT called to be a spiritual mule'!  Understand?

PPTL: Remember, to ALWAYS keep the Most High TRUE God, AND your relationship with HIM, first, AND foremost.  And REMEMBER, YOU can LEARN much MORE, from Jesus Christ the LORD, HIMSELF, than you CAN from OTHER people, in the REMNANT.  ALL of you - EACH ONE of you, has 'your OWN baggage', from your former LIVES; and SOME baggage is 'BIGGER', than others.  And, you are CALLED, to give JESUS, 'ALL, of that EXTRA WEIGHT', EVERY day; and TRADE it, for HIS Burden; because, HIS burden is LIGHT!  His YOKE is EASY.  Remember, 'fraternal correction', is VERY important, in CHRISTIAN community LIVING - so, a GOOD attitude, to HAVE, is, "HOW, can I FRATERNALLY correct my brother, out of LOVE?"  "WHAT needs to be FIXED here?"  THAT, WOULD please… Jesus IMMENSELY!  Because you are ALL, "YOUR brother's KEEPER"!  NOT that you are RESPONSIBLE, for each other's CHOICES! - but you ARE 'called, to FRATERNALLY correct', your BROTHER - ANY time, you see, 'he is in ERROR'.  Understand?
And so REMEMBER to lift up to Jesus Christ the Lord, 'all of your burdens', daily, with the following prayer:  Lord Jesus Christ, Most High True God, I lift up to you ALL the burdens I am carrying, that YOU are NOT calling me to carry... [use the deliverance prayer...  the corresponding Grace is...]  Lord Jesus Christ, please give me the Grace to ONLY carry the burdens YOU are calling me to carry, in each and every moment.  Amen!

Actual email:  I have been having sores in my tongue since two days, and it has been difficult to eat, pray and talk… I have been having ulcers and indigestion issues, all my life - whenever I have any food from outside… or even when having vegetables with insecticides sprayed in it.

PPTL: You will need to USE the Blessed Holy Water, and bless your TONGUE, AND your throat, and your chest - and ask the Most High TRUE God, to have MERCY on you, and to DELIVER you, from 'the spirit of INFIRMITY', and 'the spirit of ALLERGIES', and 'the spirit of SICKNESS'… NOW, you are in NEED of 'your HEAVENLY Physician'.  He IS in fact, 'HUMBLING you', with these "PHYSICAL afflictions", so that YOU, recognize, 'WHO, is the BEST, Physician, in the Universe!'  You NEED to repent, of ALL those times… when you embraced 'PRIDE', in your heart... The WHOLE WORLD, has ABANDONED, their HEAVENLY PHYSICIAN; and NOW, they are all 'SICK', with 'the SPIRITUAL mark of the BEAST'. And ONCE AGAIN, you have 'the GIFT of the Blessed HOLY Water'; but THIS time, the Most High TRUE God, is going to HELP you HEAL YOURSELF! … You will NEED to ASK for 'the Grace, of the INDWELLING, of the TRUE Holy Spirit of WHOLENESS, Health, AND Healing'.

Actual email:  Today… I was searching google for images, and I saw all those images of female Jezebellian priests. I felt very sad, thinking from God's point of view, how the female race has truly become. It is so horrific!  It has also given me a spiritual zeal to get rid of that vile spirit of Jezebel, that only seeks to crush Christ's headship… Whenever I used to see one video Testimony removed from the playlist of Faithful Remnant testimonies, I used to feel very sad and scared… Today, the True Holy Spirit… helped me to see it, through the eyes of TMHTG and now, I understand how just and merciful TMHTG truly is. There is a lot more for me to learn about who Jesus truly is.

PPTL: YOU will need to REJECT 'your desire to feel SAD, about the STATE of the world' - because you are CALLED to LOOK, at EVERYTHING through 'your CREATOR'S Eyes'.  Is the CREATOR of the Universe "SAD", about 'the state of the world'?  His HEAVY Hand of JUSTICE has come down UPON it! - and the Unborn SOULS, are STILL praying, for HIS Justice to MANIFEST - on THOSE, who took their LIVES, FROM them.  And, WE can ASSURE you, there WAS 'a time for WEEPING'; there WAS 'a TIME when Heaven MOURNED', over mankind; but NOT any MORE!  The WEEPING and the GNASHING of TEETH, is RESERVED, for 'THOSE, who are PREDESTINED to be LOST'; is reserved for those, who REJECT the Wedding Banquet, and Jesus Christ the Most High TRUE God's TESTIMONY.  NOW is 'NOT a time for sadness'; NOW is a time to REJOICE in the Most High TRUE God's Justice!  Understand? It is ONLY the demons TRICKING you, into turning INWARDS, when you WITNESS "an evil"; BETTER, to pray! - FOR the Most High True God's JUSTICE! - when you SEE "an EVIL" - TURN to the TRUE Holy Spirit, and ask Him 'EXACTLY, what to pray for'.  Because "WICKEDNESS" really IS, "a PRAYER INTENTION, in disguise".

In these End Times, it is TRULY better to have "poor manners", and a Soul; than NO Soul - or 'the mark of Cain', and mere appearances, of "good manners".

Actual email: I am asking for counsel on yawning and burping during prayers. I have experienced myself unusual moments when praying where a burp comes out of nowhere, or an uncontrollable yawn… Is this common?

PPTL: AS for the burping, during PRAYER time, THAT is actually, 'a form of DELIVERANCE, itself'; THAT is 'a Sign, TO you', that you ARE being delivered, and the Most High TRUE God, is hearing your PRAYER - because YOU are 'choosing to pray from the HEART'.  REMEMBER, 'what is MOST IMPORTANT', during PRAYER time, is 'where your HEART is'; the WORDS, are REALLY 'only SECONDARY'.  The PRAYERS that He GAVE us, are SIMPLY, 'an OUTLINE, of what we CHOOSE to LIVE, on a DAILY basis' - but REALLY, 'PRAYER', is LIFTING your HEART, TO your Creator - desiring HIM, to FILL you, with 'HIS infinite LOVE and GOODNESS'; and YOU, in TURN, desiring to SERVE, 'HIS Divine Will', in EACH and EVERY Moment'.  BECAUSE, the ONLY way, for 'FAITHFUL REMNANT MEMBERS', to be FULFILLED, is in 'SERVING, the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE'.  Those who choose to "BE served", are 'ONLY DEPRIVING themselves, of, "the BLESSINGS, of the TESTIMONY", and "the FULLNESS of LIFE - ETERNAL" - that the Most High TRUE God, has set aside, for each ONE of them'.  WHAT do you think they DO, in HEAVEN, 24/7?  They SERVE, God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN; and PRAISE Him CONTINUALLY!  And SO, the Most High TRUE God, in His GOODNESS and MERCY, has CHOSEN, "a REMNANT" for HIMSELF - on EARTH! - who are CALLED to SHARE, in 'the Blessed UNITY, and COMMUNION', WITH the Saints - in HEAVEN; with ALL of their PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL needs, provided for.  It's that SIMPLE!  It is "a BEAUTIFUL Plan", and "WONDERFUL Design".

Actual email: I know I am in this place because of becoming lukewarm and turning inward, and making bad choices. I have been in bitter tears and asking God for his mercy on my soul!  

PPTL: And NOW, that YOU have asked the Most High TRUE God, to have MERCY, on your SOUL - HOW are YOU going to show, your OWN Soul, "Mercy"?  What CHOICES, and what RESOLUTIONS, are YOU, going to make? - so that YOU, can enjoy ETERNITY, with, 'the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE.  YOU WILL need to SERVE HIM! - with "Joy".  YOU! - desire to be SERVED, by God!   And He is SERVING you: "VERY uncomfortable TRUTHS!"  And those "TRUTHS", are for YOU, to RECOGNIZE, and ACKNOWLEDGE; and to 'CHANGE'! - by.  The BIGGEST PROBLEM you HAVE, is you do NOT! WANT! - to CHANGE!!!

Actual email: I am going to remove following names from my [YouTube] subscriptions list… N.,N.,N. and N.  I have only at the beginning contacted and communicated with Members of The Faithful Remnant…  It is not that I do not want to communicate with them but I get the impression that I have my “HANDS FULL” with spiritually focusing on the Daily Prayers, writing for meaningful Daily Counsel, and videos... I kind of sense my strong need to stay as close as for me possible to MY MESSIAH and MY SECOND BLESSED TRINITY = MY TWO WITNESSES… And the last challenge that I need is to be in contact with a member that has been swept off The Ark and is then naturally wondering, doubting etc, and providing the enemy a “great opportunity” for harassment.

PPTL: YES, you understand the IMPORTANCE, of COMMUNICATING with us on a DAILY basis. It is NOT NECESSARY, to stay in CONTACT, or EVEN to CONTACT, through EMAIL, the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT - because the Truth IS, ALL of you, are at "DIFFERENT spiritual levels"; and SOME of you, are much "SPIRITUALLY HEALTHIER", than OTHERS; and the WEAKER ones, can UNFORTUNATELY, tempt the STRONGER ones, to BECOME weak - and THAT, is why, we do not ENCOURAGE, "social email interaction" WITH Members of the Faithful Remnant.  UNFORTUNATELY, MANY Members, have chosen to SUBSTITUTE, "Daily Divine COUNSEL", for "social EMAILS, with OTHER Members" - TO their OWN PERIL!  Because, what is MOST important, is that EACH MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - that is, "SERIOUS", about 'his', or 'her', own SPIRITUAL life - WILL simply WANT, to seek, 'our COUNSEL', on a daily BASIS.  What the REMNANT, have NOT come to REALIZE yet, is that MANY of them are SIMPLY, "SLIDING" - they THINK they have reached "a plateau", when in FACT, they are "below the WATER line", and "about to fall OFF, the ARK".  THESE are 'the ones', who, have CHOSEN to 'DESPISE!' - "the uncomfortable Truth", when it's GIVEN; and have CHOSEN to embrace "self-DECEPTION", INSTEAD, of DESIRING to FIX what's BROKEN!  MANY Members, of the FAITHFUL Remnant, are GOING to be 'CUT FROM the vine' - because, THEY are CHOOSING, to STOP bearing FRUIT!  And WHAT did Jesus DO, to "the FIG tree, that BORE no FRUIT"?  He CURSED it!  And THAT, is ABOUT to BEFALL, 'MORE', than HALF the Remnant.  YES!  The FAITHFUL Remnant, are GOING to REALIZE, that "the TRUE CHURCH", is NOT about NUMBERS; we do NOT have "a QUOTA", to KEEP.  The TRUE Church, is about THOSE, who DESIRE to DIE to themselves, and SERVE their Creator - with EVERY part of their being!  The TRUE Members of the FAITHFUL Remnant, are either 'CLOTHED in the Immaculate CONCEPTION'; or, they are 'STRIVING to be'.  They are MAKING Remnant videos, to HELP their brothers and sisters - to HELP reach 'the Faithful Remnant to BE'. WHAT 'a shock' it will BE! - to "the UNFAITHFUL remnant" - when they REALIZE, "THIS is not a GAME!"; "Time is SHORT"; and "The MOST High TRUE God is ONLY PATIENT, with THOSE, who take Him SERIOUSLY - with THOSE who STRIVE to grow, and CHANGE" - No MATTER how long it TAKES them.  The FAITHFUL Remnant, are NOT "in COMPETITION, with one another".  The UN-FAITHFUL remnant - THEY are embracing 'SO many SPIRITUAL toxins'! - and they are CHOOSING, to allow, "GANGRENOUS thoughts", INTO, their HEARTS, MINDS, and SOULS!  And it is "POISONING, the Flock"!  THEREFORE, they will be 'CUT'.  THEY are WANTING, 'a platform', APART, from the Most High TRUE God - so, as this IS "a BOAT" - a very LARGE one! - as this IS "the Ark of SALVATION" - there are MANY, Remnant Members - who are CHOOSING, to tie "MILLSTONES", to their legs - and THEY, are about, to be THROWN into the sea!

And so to make a long story short, Mary and I are getting quite sick - "seasick" to be exact - as in, we are SICK of SEEING "all those millstones", that keep banging on the hull of our Ark! - like noisey GONGS! - clanging CYMBALS!  Why there's so MANY of them - they are like 'a MOUNTAIN, of millstones'!  Perhaps we need to turn to the scriptures, for some assistance with this important matter of "seaworthiness":

"Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him."
(Mark 11:23)

Well then, we have found our PRAYER!  And so, for all those who wanted "a platform" in the Remnant, they can now have one - and it's called, "the PLANK!"  What 's THAT? - you think, "SURELY, we could find a BETTER SCRIPTURE PASSAGE!"  Ok then, perhaps you are now ready for THIS one:

"Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, “…the sound of the millstone shall be heard in thee no more; and the light of a lamp shall shine in thee no more; and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall be heard in thee no more."
(Revelations 18:21-23)

Actual reply to our above email: Oh, boy - Thank You very much for Your elaborate Counsel. This is heavy, and can only be a JUST RESPONSE from OUR CREATOR.

And there are STILL more postings for today, to be published...

Today we received an email from a sincerely disgruntled UNFAITHFUL Member of the Remnant, who has in fact gone spiritually insane - according to Jesus Christ the Lord.  The reason his email is being shared in its entirety, is because Jesus also revealed, that there are MANY UNFAITHFUL Members of the Remnant, who are currently "BELOW the waterline", and who are "only WAITING" to be CUT OFF from their ETERNAL Salvation - who share the same sentiments towards us.  They are in fact ALL "in satanic unity", as they have chosen to see us through the eyes of 'the demonic entity of the assailants'.  Is that "a problem" for us?  No.  But it sure makes for an interesting daily posting!  Here is the email we opened today:

Actual email: Pope Peter, I've stepped away from communicating with you for the past few months because our interactions have actually hindered my spiritual growth and progress. I asked numerous important questions that you refused to answer. As a matter of fact you returned questions for questions, that even after prayer and pondering proved unfruitful. There were several moments when I suspected that you were actually trying to push me off the ark! Revealing uncomfortable truths is one thing. Compassion-less demands to accept responsibility for other people's words and actions are something altogether different. I've been disappointed by your leadership, and am afraid that you have grown righteous in your own eyes. Regardless, I have continued with my daily prayers, meditated on the spiritual nourishment on the website, and persisted in seeking purification through repentance and the application of Blessed Holy Water. The True Holy Spirit has restored me to a place where I am open to contacting you again, and I do so only in obedience to the One True Most High God. I ask that you consider your words carefully when you decide to respond to this email. Please restrain your flesh if you are tempted to antagonize me with your reply. Remember that leadership is service; You may be the lampstand, but Jesus Christ is the candle that lights the room. Best Regards, N.

PPTL: GOD is "good". And GOD is "Righteous". And, it is ONLY the Most High TRUE God's GOODNESS, that MATTERS! - that flows THROUGH us - to help 'the STRUGGLING Members of the Faithful REMNANT. YOUR DECISION, to stop EMAILING us - HAS in fact HARMED, 'your spiritual growth'. UNFORTUNATELY, 'the DEMONS', have CONVINCED you, that WE, are being "self-righteous"; when in FACT, the TRUTH, IS: You have been EMBRACING, "the PROTESTANT, SPIRIT" - that has CONVINCED you, that YOU, need to 'go it ALONE'.  THIS IS simply "POOR discernment" on YOUR part.  But, it is NOT "a SURPRISE" to us - because those who STOP emailing us for Daily COUNSEL, CAN 'only slide'.  WE, have been PRAYING, DAILY, for the REMNANT MEMBERS, who are 'BELOW the water line' - to COME to their SENSES!  AND, the Most High TRUE God in His MERCY, for your SOUL! - has BROUGHT you, to, EMAIL us - for COUNSEL!  But are YOU going to 'SEEK, Daily COUNSEL' - out, of your own DESIRE, to SURVIVE? REMEMBER, it IS, 'YOUR VOCATION', to make video TESTIMONIES, AND PROCLAIM, to the NATIONS, the awesome WORKS, of the Most High TRUE God, in your LIFE. By 'REFUSING to make VIDEOS' to TESTIFY to the TRUTHS, revealed in the TESTIMONY, the ENEMY of your Soul, has kept YOU, in 'the chains, of self-RIGHTEOUSNESS' - BECAUSE, YOU BELIEVE, that 'YOUR ways are right!' - when in fact this whole TIME, it was 'the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE' GIVING us 'the WORDS to speak' DIRECTLY, to your Soul.  And YES! - JESUS, DOES "antagonize, the DEMONS, in people"; and, it is 'the ONES, who GIVE "the lead" to HIM, and trade it for His True PEACE' - who will keep their hearts SOFTENED towards their CREATOR - OTHERWISE, "the lead" HARDENS on top.

Interesting trivia note:  "Antagonize", means the EXACT opposite, of "trying to win someone over".  ARE WE trying to win demons over, to our side?  No, we are not.  And so NO apologies, to those offended by the Truth!  For Jesus SAID, "BLESSED are those who TAKE no OFFENSE at Me".  Need PROOF? 

"And blessed is he who takes no offense at me.”
(Matthew 11:6)

Please remember when you pray, to always seek the LOVE of your Creator; NOT "a voice, that audibly responds".  Understand?

PPTL: It is WRITTEN in the Testimony 'what PRAYER is' - LIFTING your heart, to your CREATOR; asking HIM, to fill, YOU, with HIS Love; and you SIMPLY, give Him 'all the LEAD', that SURFACES.  And THAT is how you become PURIFIED!   Seek HIS Will, in EACH and every MOMENT.  Don't let your GUARD down, in your INTERIOR life; OR, in your "necessary INTERACTIONS, with others".

Apparently the recent posting in the Testimony, that revealed how "the PLANK", is the ONLY "platform", that those on the Ark are going to get - has helped at least ONE Remnant Member, to re-evaluate "his not-so-secret personal goals".

Actual email: I need help overcoming this tendency to embrace the "platform" as I read recently the message posted, and I don't want to embrace that anymore… I want it to stop, is there anything you can tell me to help me overcome these desires?

PPTL: REJECT 'your desire to be FRUITLESS', and 'to give your WORKS, over to the ENEMY'; ask for the Grace, to be FRUITFUL, for the Kingdom of HEAVEN; and ask, the Most High TRUE God to BLESS, the works of your hands.  What you need to REALIZE, N., is that you are HERE, on the EARTH, to SERVE, KNOW, and LOVE, your CREATOR! - with your whole BEING!  NOT 'to be SERVED', by your Creator.  Understand?

"But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. But he who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer that forgets but a doer that acts, he shall be blessed in his doing."
(James 1:22, 25)

Actual email: I have taken the last week to spend every free moment I have… to watch your homilies (I sure do love them), and to constantly read the Testimony... I cannot get enough of it; I must have it to keep me nourished and satisfied, and constantly reminded of… how to please Jesus in all ways… As I have been reading the testimony, I have been putting together a script. I am not ready with it yet... I want to get back up and climb the mountain, and have such a desire to share everything that I am reading now. It's like I'm on fire.

PPTL: It is GOOD, that you are being "nourished", by the MASS videos, and the HOMILIES - THAT is 'what they are THERE for'; but, what are you DOING, with the nourishment? - THAT, is 'what is MOST IMPORTANT'!  'REFLECTING', on your SPIRITUAL life - is 'NOT growth'; even though it is NECESSARY, to do 'a THOROUGH examination, of your CONSCIENCE', on a daily BASIS; the ONES in the REMNANT, who are EMBRACING, 'self-DECEPTION', DECEIVE themselves, into BELIEVING that 'they are DOERS' - without DOING anything.  See the PROBLEM?  NOW you know, what "the SICKNESS" is.  NOW, you must choose to FIX it; OR not.  The PROTESTANTS believe, that SIMPLY, 'CALLING on Jesus' NAME', and 'having FAITH in Him', is 'ENOUGH for them to be saved'.  MANY of THEM will even CLAIM, that they NEED, Jesus; BUT! - they won't 'DO anything, FOR Him' - THAT is 'a ONE-sided RELATIONSHIP'.  And even BEFORE, the mark of the BEAST, MANY, MANY, MANY Souls, went, 'before the THRONE', of the Most High TRUE God - and found OUT, that THEY, were 'ONLY DECEIVING themselves'.  They CONVINCED THEMSELVES "they were CHRISTIAN"; BUT, 'rejected the CROSS', and 'DISCOMFORT of CHANGE'.  And so THEREFORE, they did not 'MAKE it' - because JESUS, did not CHOOSE them.  MANY are called, but FEW are chosen - and JESUS 'chooses the ONES', who WILL choose HIM!  THEY ARE "His CHOSEN Ones". YOU STILL have yet to decide, 'what side of the FENCE, you want to BE on': IF the PROPHECIES are not "FULFILLED according to your EXPECTATIONS" - is that IT? - is that 'WHEN you CHOOSE TO BAIL'?  Because, you STILL SEND us, IN your EMAILS, 'the SPIRITUALLY toxic WORDS, and IDEAS - COMING from, 'THOSE who have the mark of CAIN'.  THIS MEANS, you are 'ENTERTAINING'; and you are actually ALLOWING 'the seeds of doubt' to grow.  WE suggest, you turn to your CREATOR, and ask HIM, to root out 'the seeds of DOUBT'; and PLANT in you 'the seeds of FAITH', instead - and water THOSE seeds, with 'the Blessed HOLY Water'.  The BLESSED HOLY Water, is not ONLY for deliverance; the SPIRIT of the Living GOD is IN, "His WATER"! - JUST as in the BEGINNING, when the SPIRIT MOVED over the waters; JUST as Jesus HIMSELF, was BAPTIZED, in water. To USE the Blessed Holy Water, OFTEN - you are TELLING your Creator, that YOU, want to be BLESSED; and you are in FACT 'RENEWING', your BAPTISMAL, VOWS - since BECOMING a Member, of the Faithful Remnant; as it was NECESSARY, for you to USE the Blessed Holy Water - in order to receive the TESTIMONY - and THAT is 'His WORD'!

Actual email: I like keeping in daily contact with you, but as of late I can’t really come up with anything to ask you. Problems I have, would be sleeping in a couple hours more than I have… I ask for the grace to have the strength to get out of bed, my Guardian Angel to wake me up, but I am still perfecting waking up… It’s ok not to email daily or for a few days, unless I made videos?

PPTL: In the BEGINNING of this Journey, it is "PERFECTLY normal", to SLEEP more; and to DESIRE, 'more SLEEP'!  BECAUSE, YOU are actually, in 'a SPIRITUAL Growth spurt'.  And SO, you NEED 'more rest' - as your BODY, mind, AND Soul - go through "SIGNIFICANT CHANGES", over 'a SHORT PERIOD, of TIME'.  And yes, you DO need, to EMAIL us, at LEAST once a day!  The REASON is, because the TRUE Holy Spirit knows what you need; but YOU do not know, what you need; and if you are 'DOCILE', to 'SEEKING, Divine COUNSEL' - YOU will, be ABLE, to RECEIVE, 'the NECESSARY INSTRUCTIONS' - to HELP you, with your SPIRITUAL life!  It is, 'MUCH more EFFICIENT', to email us, on a DAILY basis - than 'WAITING a few days' - when there MAY have been 'MISSED opportunities', IN, 'REVEALING', what is REALLY going on, beneath the SURFACE - that even YOU! - may NOT be AWARE of.  IN short, "the LEAD" will come to the surface a LOT faster; and you WILL be 'directed to the TOOLS', to get RID of the lead, and 'get RIGHT with your CREATOR' - RIGHT away!  There are 'SO many SPIRITUAL, BLESSINGS and BENEFITS' - from SEEKING, DAILY Divine Counsel.  It DOESN'T HAVE to be "an ESSAY!"  But, it DOES need to be "important".  And the SPIRIT knows; the TRUE Holy Spirit knows! - 'what it IS' you need to SHARE - in order to help your SOUL.  But if you DON'T email, for days, you can only HURT, your Spiritual growth - AND, 'be set BACK' - WEEKS! - because, of a BLIND spot, you SIMPLY did not have "the spiritual maturity", to see.  Understand?

We get many questions in our email inbox, and we have questions too!  For example:

PPTL: YOU have many questions; and MANY thoughts; but HOW are ANY, of those THINGS, going to HELP you, DO, 'what is being ASKED of you'?  WHAT are you DOING for your CREATOR?  WHY have we not SEEN, any more TESTIMONY videos?  With ALL of the nourishment out there, from OTHER Members, there IS no excuse!  Understand?

Remember, the Graces can ONLY Flow into your Soul, in the present MOMENT.  "The past", no longer exists! - as difficult as that is to hear, for all of you "nostalgia lovers" out there.  If you want to "TIME TRAVEL in your INTERIOR LIFE", then KNOW that you can ONLY journey, to "a land of no Graces" - "a desolate wasteland of fruitless memories".  And yes, you CAN remember this:

PPTL: WE have discerned, that the DEMONS, are GETTING you, to 'SEARCH out your PAST' - and THIS is actually causing you to LIVE there!  REMEMBER, you're not to go BACK, in your MIND?  But LIFT up to Jesus, 'EVERYTHING that surfaces in the MOMENT'.

End Note: Remember, "the bottom feeders" are attempting to PRAY into the Remnant Members, "a FALSE reality", that is based on "PAST relationships".  DON'T go there!  Reject "the spirit of nostalgia", immediately, whenever it surfaces in the moment; and ask for the Grace to live in the TRUE Reality, and in the TRUE Holy Spirit of the MOMENT.  Simple enough!

Today we came across a news story that can be found at the following links:

In the above YouTube video, A news reporter points out the fact that whenever Basketball player Draymond Green (A pro basketball player for the Golden State Warriors), visits Houston Texas, and there is a flood, the team loses - implying that the team was told to 'throw the game'.  Interesting observation indeed - but IS that news story in fact "a staged illuminati BOAST?"  Hmmmm.  WHO would know the answer to THAT question?

Jesus Christ the Lord said: YES it IS My children!  Can SPORTING events be used "for OCCULT ritual"?  The ANSWER is plain to see - for THOSE who have 'EYES to see', and 'EARS to hear'.  WAS the town, of Houston TEXAS, 'given over', to, "an occult RITUAL"?  Did the PEOPLE, 'SUFFER', the effects, of 'a FLOOD', through illuminati SACRIFICE?  What was the HAARP machine doing, during that time?

PPTL: The HAARP Machine was focusing the humidity in that part of the Country, on the Houston area.  If anyone takes the time to actually look at the rain storm as it approached Houston, it is VERY plain to see, that MANY of the clouds simply appear out of clear skies, as the flood is CREATED by HAARP technology - that causes the clouds to unload a deluge of water on that particular city.  The city was clearly 'targeted' by the O.W.G.  HERE, I will SHOW you.

AWIPS II radar - Houston Flooding April 1
Notice "the SIGNATURE straight line of red spots" that appears at the 4 second mark in the above video?  Perhaps this screen shot will help.
As you watch the above video - ask yourself, "How is it possible, for a storm to behave in this way - with a perfect, slow moving SOUTHBOUND sweep of RED intense downpours, as the clouds move in a NORTHERLY direction?"  It isn't possible - unless there are intense SWEEPING microwaves being directed into the storm, from one or more HAARP machines.  And that is EXACTLY what the One World Government leaders did, to SACRIFICE the City of Houston Texas, to their father down below.  "Just another day at the office", for the Obama administration.  Looking for a motive?  Remember, the enemy incarnate, in the person of Obama, thrives on ANY suffering, that is a direct result of him unleashing his satanic power, as he plays with his alien technology toys.  And now the Obama administration, has left its stamp, on the city of Houston Texas.
Now back to our Daily Updates...
One way 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' works through the women in the Faithful Remnant, is by tempting them to ask us "fruitless questions" - questions they already know the answer to.  But why would ANY woman consent to such a temptation?  Because in the inward depths of their beings, the ones who think that is a good idea, believe that by asking us a question they already know the answer to, they are 'FORCING us to BOW to them'.  By choosing to cooperate with that "vile spirit", many women in the Faithful Remnant have actually traded "the Heavenly GIFT of Daily Divine Counsel", for an opportunity to rob themselves, of the Spiritual Truths they so desperately need.  And THAT is the reason why SOME of the women in the Remnant, are spiritually STAGNANT, while others are VISIBLY SPRINTING to the top of the Holy Mountain of the Most High TRUE God. In other words, the ONLY "spiritual HIGH", the "spiritually STAGNANT" women in the faithful Remnant are experiencing, is 'the FLEETING feeling of jezebellian satanic power in their interior lives'.  Here is one example, of a vain question, from a woman in the Faithful Remnant. 

Actual email: Dear Pope Peter, How can I best SERVE my Creator?

PPTL: By seeking to know HIS Will, for your life, in each and every MOMENT - and LOVING it!  How is that going for you? Do you WANT to remember it this time?  Please don't ask that again.  This is not a game.

Actual email: Last night I had such a crazy dream… (details)

PPTL: Remember, if your DREAM is NOT 'a Visitation from the Most High TRUE God', THEN, it is MOST likely, either your SUBCONSCIOUS purging, OR, a "project BLUEBEAM attack".  EITHER way, you are called to LIFT up, 'EVERYTHING, the enemy sowed IN you, during the night', to the Most High TRUE God, and TRADE it, for TRUE Faith, TRUE Love, and TRUE Hope, in your Creator.  BECAUSE, DURING the night, the ENEMY works, on 'sowing DOUBTS, HATE, and DESPAIR'.  THIS is actually referenced, IN the Scriptures.  Here, WE will show you:

"Another parable he put before them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field; but while men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared also. And the servants of the householder came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then has it weeds?’ He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this’."
(Matthew 28:24-28a)

From time to time, we get an email from a Remnant Member, that is simply "a litany of their own personal prayers".  But how does that make any sense?  Here, we will show you:

PPTL: Why are you sending us a litany of your PRAYERS?  What did you hope to ACHIEVE? You KNOW the prayers you are called to pray.  Why do you want to "set up your OWN, way of doing things?"  Isn't that 'how the PROTESTANT church, began' in the FIRST place?  And, 'the FRUIT', of the PROTESTANT church is REBELLION.  And THAT is WHY, SUBSEQUENTLY, all the OTHER churches, 'branched OFF', from ONE another, and became 'DIVIDED', and THEREFORE, 'COULD NOT STAND', at the CLOSE of the Age!

Special note:  As a result of "being hacked", we have been experiencing "technical difficulties" with the website for a good portion of this month.   Your patience is greatly appreciated as we do our best to remedy the problem.  And what is the name of that problem?  According to the Most High True God, "the OWG".  He has NEVER had a problem, dealing with 'THAT', in the past; nor WILL He, EVER! But it is always good to practice 'the virtue of patience', from time to time.  How are YOU doing with that one?  Perhaps it is you - who needs to simply, "Hurry UP, and wait!"... for the most recent website UPDATE that is.  Also, we know that there are many missing daily messages in 2016.  We will do our best to post them soon; and whenever we do - know that we will be sure to put an update notice at the bottom of the most recent daily message, so that you will know exactly where to look.  Because we care.
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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DISCRIMINATION" - because WHAT we BELIEVE, is very DIFFERENT, and UNIQUE- from what OTHERS believe.
This IS! - "a new branch, of Christianity", and we have EVERY right! - to practice our Faith. As EACH! - individual on
the PLANET - HAS, been GIVEN, "FREEDOM of religion"and "FREEDOM to practice, WHATEVER faith they choose".
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