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of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
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in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

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SPECIAL NOTE:   Before reading ANY messages from ANY OTHER so-called "prophets" out there,
be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

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After taking a very necessary break from giving Daily Divine Counsel and posting Messages on the Website, Mary and I sent out this message today, to one Remnant Member.  It is a universal message that in fact applies to all the Remnant Members who nourished the other Members of the Faithful Remnant with videos that were inspired by the True Holy Spirit; and they did this while we were busy sprinting over some unavoidable financial hurdles.  And yes, it is important to always stretch - both before and after doing exercise.
PPTL: Excellent videos!  You PUT a LOT of THOUGHT and EFFORT, INTO your presentations; and we BOTH experienced 'the MOVEMENT of the TRUE Holy Spirit', IN your videos!  And HOPE that there are MORE to come!  KNOW that we ARE 'RESUMING Daily Divine Counsel' - as of NOW; as the Most High TRUE God, in His Great GENEROSITY, has HELPED us, to 'OVERCOME', our FINANCIAL hurdles - over the last few weeks; SO that, we can get back to 'FEEDING, the Faithful Remnant'. THANK you for doing YOUR part, in HELPING, to feed your brothers and sisters - the True RECIPE, for SALVATION - and that IS, 'the TESTIMONY, of Jesus CHRIST the Lord'.  Thank you for sharing your FAITH! - and your SPIRITUAL Gifts, with others.  May the Most High TRUE God, BLESS you, and PROTECT you, and watch OVER you; and may he ALSO, Bless your FINANCIAL situation, so that it is NOT a burden - for... you, to carry. Remember, when you ask, the Most High TRUE God, to 'MOVE MOUNTAINS', and have FAITH, that HE WILL MOVE, that "obstacle" - then He DOES, JUST that!  Because He LOVES, to help, His 'TRUE Children', THROUGH, these VERY dark TIMES.  KEEP focused, on JESUS Christ the Lord - as He CONTINUES to uphold you - both NOW, and forever.
Did you know that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the perfect model of True Feminism?  This will be news to at least ONE female Member of the Faithful Remnant.
Actual email:  Every day I reject the spirit of feminism, and I ask… Our Blessed Mother to teach me how to be more like her…  Is there anything else that I can do to overcome this affliction?...  My Spiritual Focus has improved a lot.  I think that I am doing much better.
PPTL: REMEMBER, this: you can always give MORE; and you can always DO more, for your Creator - you SIMPLY need to seek His Will, in EACH and EVERY moment.  When YOU are seeking HIM, and not YOURSELF - THAT is when, HE, will speak TO you - perhaps not 'AUDIBLY'; but, simply with 'infused knowledge', IN the moment.  UNDERSTAND, that 'the SPIRIT of JEZEBEL', does NOT want, to LEAVE you alone.  And SO, it would be BEST, to STOP rejecting your FEMINISM - and that is 'your IDENTITY, as a WOMAN'; and START, rejecting, 'the SPIRIT, of FALSE feminism', and 'the FEMINIST spirit', and 'the spirit of JEZEBEL' - on a DAILY basis - so that, YOU can TAKE 'the necessary STEPS', to be 'freed', from her TENTACLES; and ASK, for the Grace to live your TRUE identity, as a WOMAN, of the Most High True God.
And of course, the men in the Faithful Remnant, will need to remember to reject 'the spirit of Ahab', EVERY time "Jezebel", even so much as ATTEMPTS to reestablish her FALSE authority over them - IF they want to experience the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth that is.
Actual email:  I felt very happy… because of the intercession of my Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven, I have been released from that chain of 'the spirit of Jezebel'.  I thank my Mother for Her prayers... Today, N. called me twice… warning me that I will not any share of family inheritance from her.  I told her that I do not need anything and that I will not listen to her advices anymore and cut the call.  I am noticing that more former relatives are coming for surprise visits to change my Spiritual Focus.
PPTL: What the Most High TRUE God, has SEVERED you from, is 'Jezebel's HEADSHIP, OVER, your SOUL'; and BECAUSE of THIS, YOU will NEED to 'EXPECT  blowback', from former relatives, who, are in 'the beast state', and who have received, 'the mark of Cain'.  KNOW, that the Most High TRUE God, IS, indeed, 'PUTTING you, to the Test, and THROUGH, the Fires of purification' - so that, YOU, can grow STRONGER, in your relationship WITH Him, and with your TRUE Mother, the Blessed Virgin MARY.  Of COURSE, she HAS been, 'interceding', on behalf, of ALL, of her children - those IN the Faithful REMNANT - who are PREDESTINED, for the ERA, of Peace.  And SO, EXPECT, to EXPERIENCE, an EVEN STRONGER AWARENESS, of her PRESENCE with you - throughout your SPIRITUAL journey.  You ARE in fact, 'TAKING the necessary STEPS, to SEVER yourself COMPLETELY, from THOSE, who can ONLY 'DO you harm'.  And so, WE will pray, that the Most High TRUE God, would INTERVENE, in your situation, and in your CIRCUMSTANCES, to HELP you RESOLVE, those problems; and to HELP you, get OVER, 'those HURDLES', MUCH quicker.  He HAS, 'the PERFECT, 'Path', laid out, for you to follow.  ALL you need to do, is seek HIS Will, in your day to day living, and He WILL, take care of the rest - BECAUSE His Yoke is EASY, and His BURDEN is LIGHT.  “The JEZEBELS” in your LIFE, simply WANT you to REMAIN, 'YOKED', TO them; but, YOU do not SERVE them - you SERVE, the Most High TRUE God.  It WILL help, to reject, the spirit of Ahab; and REJECT, your DESIRE, to CONFORM, to the WILL, of those in the BEAST state, AND those with 'the mark of Cain', and ASK for the Grace, to SINCERELY desire, to please the Most High TRUE God, in EVERYTHING, that you seek to do; and PRAY for the Grace to do EVERYTHING, for HIS Glory! - for the Glory of HIS Kingdom - that will have NO end. 

Did you know that the secret to living in "the ETERNAL Now", is to DESIRE and PRAY for the Grace of TRUE Spiritual focus?  Now you do.  And on another note:

Actual email: The constant ringing in my ears is causing me all sorts of trouble… I am in a state of sleep deprivation....

PPTL: The ONE World Government is ESPECIALLY taking on the MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT, by trying to get THEM, to LOSE THEIR sleep, and become "SLEEP deprived" - as 'a FORM of satanic torture'.  Yet the Most High TRUE God, already has HIS Response, ready, for those, who are 'AFFLICTING', His Faithful Remnant Church - with the occult universal energies, and with the ELF wave frequencies.  And so WHENEVER you hear 'a RINGING in your Ears, IMMEDIATELY call on Saint MICHAEL the Archangel, to DEFLECT the attack back at THOSE who sent it, while USING the Blessed Holy Water Deliverance prayer; and CONSECRATE your HEARING to the protection of the Most High TRUE God, and ASK for the Grace, of TRUE Spiritual Hearing - so that, you are 'in TUNE', with the TRUE Holy Spirit's inspirations - as the One World GOVERNMENT tries, to SUBCONSCIOUSLY influence, the Faithful REMNANT - through their ELF attacks.

There are many different households in which Members of the Faithful Remnant are living together; and of course, there are many "social adjustments" that need to be made in each of those living situations.  After all, this IS "the Time of the Apocalypse".

PPTL: YOU will need to CONSECRATE the social dynamics, of your LIVING situation, to the PROTECTION of the True Holy Spirit, and SIMPLY allow the True Holy SPIRIT, to give everyone 'the inspirations that they NEED', in order to 'get ALONG, with each other'.  IT is 'THAT simple'; but, it is not YOUR burden, to carry - to 'MAKE the social ADJUSTMENTS', for everyone.  Commend THAT care, to the Most High TRUE God - because TRULY HE is 'WORKING, behind the scenes', in your daily lives. 

Actual email: Today… it struck me and made me realize that it is very important to practice listening to the voice of the True Holy Spirit, in order for us to listen to voice of our Guardian Angel, who will lead us to the Caves, at the appointed time.

PPTL: The PREPARATION for CAVES and REFUGES has ALREADY taken place.  You ALREADY, are 'IN, your CAVE' or REFUGE - as you SEEK to dwell, in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and in the IMMACULATE Heart of the Blessed Virgin MARY.  AND as you seek REFUGE, in the TRUE Vicar, of Jesus Christ the Lord the Most High TRUE God; as you 'SEEK refuge', in "the ROCK", of the TRUE Faith - you ARE 'IN, your Cave'; and you are 'IN, your REFUGE'! - and you are 'ANCHORED, to both Jesus AND Mary', IN, the Daily Divine Counsel.  And so "the Caves and REFUGES", are MERELY "spiritual ALLEGORY".


In this modern David and Goliath story, the Testimony isn't JUST about "Pope Peter the Last against the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution"; it is also "Pope Peter the Last against the One World Government".  But who will prevail?  THEY, are "sorely outnumbered"; and since MY "Army, of Holy Angels" is in fact invisible - it is only a matter of time, before they simply cease, to exist.  THAT, is 'how THEIR story ends'.  And as "the modern parallel" story unfolds, here is another update, sent out to one Member of the Faithful Remnant today.

PPTL: The LORD Jesus Christ the Most High TRUE God, will ONLY 'allow' the One World Government, and the ANTICHRIST, SO much, before HE, will intervene.  Their PLANS, can ONLY 'go forward', to a POINT; but, in the END, they will be FRUITLESS, and FORGOTTEN.  ONLY the TRUE, ROMAN Catholic FAITH, will prevail, against the ENEMY and HIS kingdom; ONLY, the MEMBERS of the FAITHFUL Remnant, who CHOOSE, to PERSEVERE, in LIVING, the ERA of TRUE Peace, in their Hearts, will EXPERIENCE, the BLESSINGS, and the FRUITS, of the KINGDOM, of Heaven.  MANY, Remnant Members, are like 'the cursed FIG tree'; but then, there are still OTHERS, who are CHOOSING, to bear FRUIT, FOR the Kingdom of Heaven - and THEY are 'the ONES, who WILL be called', "Sons and Daughters of the Most High TRUE God"...  The MOST High TRUE GOD, will LEAD, His people back to HIS Flock, so THEY, can be UNIFIED, under ONE Shepherd, and IN ONE Fold.

How easy it is to put together a short video, and post it online.  But many Members of the Faithful Remnant are still struggling to make more videos - and that is because, in these End Times, being "a TRUE Christian", is NOT about simply going through the motions; rather, it is about fixing your entire BEING on your CREATOR, until you are OVERFLOWING, with Graces!  Here is our response to ANOTHER video we received today, that did not pass.  And as you read it the Counsel that was given, you may want to keep in mind that this kind of "remedial fraternal correction", has simply been silenced, in ALL the other religious institutions out there - because the enemy who reigns over ALL of them, can't, and WON'T, cast out the enemy.

PPTL: YOU are not 'a VICTIM of what the Most High TRUE God, is ASKING of you'.  When YOU are called to "bear FRUIT for the Kingdom of HEAVEN", DO not turn INWARDS, to 'a DEMON', and ALLOW it, to speak THROUGH you, in a video. YOU are called, to proclaim the TRUTH, with Love, and in all SINCERITY; but you must understand, that the DEMONS, HATE the WORDS, of the TESTIMONY - and EVERYTHING the Testimony STANDS for.  You MUST 'part' WITH 'the victim spirit', in ORDER, to proclaim the TRUTH, with LOVE, and CONVICTION.  You MUST, reject 'the VICTIM spirit', and ASK for the GRACE - as it IS "a Grace", to LOVE, the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord - with your WHOLE Heart, your whole MIND, and your whole SOUL.  NEVER record a video in HASTE; but take your TIME! - and MAKE sure that you are 'overflowing with NOURISHMENT', BEFORE pressing the Record button.  THIS video does not PASS, because your heart, was NOT 'in the right place'.

This message goes out to all those Remnant Members, who have chosen to refuse to spiritually NOURISH, their brothers and sisters in the Remnant - with the nourishment THEY, have ALREADY received

PPTL: We really need to see your VIDEO.  WHY have you not RECORDED one?  Have you nothing to SHARE?

Actual email: Is it possible for finite beings , such as us, to understand the Love of our Infinite Creator? 

PPTL: UNDERSTANDING the Deep Infinite Love, of the Most High TRUE God, for His CREATURES, IS 'ongoing' - as you SEEK, to experience it, ON 'a daily BASIS'.  In ORDER to experience, the Love of your Creator, you must be open TO His Love - and that IS, "His Fraternal CORRECTION, AND Discipline" - on a DAILY basis. And THAT is how YOU will come, to know Him BETTER; and will GROW, in a DEEPER and more PROFOUND, relationship, WITH Him.

For those who are awake:

PPTL: The FIRST thing you need to do, when you WAKE up in the morning, is to LIFT up to the Most High TRUE God - EVERYTHING, that the enemy sowed IN your Soul, as you were SLEEPING; and TRADE it all, for His True Peace - the PEACE of the Most High TRUE God.  ALSO remember to reject the ARMOR, of the enemy; and to PUT on the Armor of the Most high TRUE God, upon waking.  And THEN, you can go and HAVE, your BREAKFAST; but ALWAYS remember, to PUT the Most High TRUE God, FIRST, and FOREMOST -at the BEGINNING, of EVERY day, HE is 'the One', who YOU are called to FOCUS on!  CONSECRATE your day TO Him; and He WILL "take care of the rest".  receive

The Remnant Members are all quickly learning, that they MUST persevere, IN Faith, in order to experience the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth.

PPTL: KNOW that the Most High TRUE God is CONTINUING, to provide, for ALL of your needs.  And EVEN, amidst the times, that He provides, FOR you, He IS permitted, to put you ALL, through 'a TEST' - of PATIENCE, and ENDURANCE.  Sometimes, everything WILL 'go wrong', that CAN - simply because, He wants to SHOW you, that YOU can do NOTHING, and ACCOMPLISH, "nothing", WITHOUT turning to HIM; without His GUIDANCE.  WHEN, you BEGIN, to become 'self-CONFIDENT', in your own ABILITIES - THAT, is OFTEN, when He SENDS, 'a TRIAL', to REMIND you, of 'WHO your Strength, really IS'; and WHERE you skills, and ABILITIES, COME from.  It is in ORDER, to keep you 'HUMBLE', that you go THROUGH, 'such experiences'.  And ALSO, as 'a TEACHING tool' - so that YOU, can learn MORE, about YOURSELVES, and 'where you STAND', in times of TRIAL.  It is 'EASY', to FOLLOW the Lord Jesus CHRIST - when EVERYTHING seems to be going WELL, and the GRACES are FLOWING; and you are 'EXPERIENCING, FRUITFULNESS', in your INTERIOR life; but it is MUCH harder, to follow the Lord Jesus CHRIST, when you are EXPERIENCING, 'dryness'; AND, the consolations are being WITHHELD.  But it is THEN, that He TESTS, His people; and FINDS out, 'what type of MAN or WOMAN', they are.  YOU will learn, 'what you are MADE of' - by PERSEVERING, in the TRUE Holy Spirit - EVERY moment, of EVERY day - striving to FOLLOW, in your CREATOR'S footsteps - your CREATOR who MANIFESTED Himself AS, Jesus Christ the Lord IN the flesh.

When was the last time you reminded someone, that they CANNOT hide, from the Most High True God!?

PPTL: "Those who are on the OUTSIDE, looking in" - MANY of them are "CURIOUS"; and still OTHERS, are 'ABSOLUTELY filled, with rage', against the REMNANT; but THAT is because they are 'in the BEAST state' - OR, are CURRENTLY marked, with 'the mark of CAIN'.  And SO, they cannot 'FEEL', anything ELSE.  It is good to REMIND them, that they CANNOT hide, from the Most High TRUE God - no MATTER how hard they try - SIMPLY because He Sees ALL, and KNOWS All. 

You can be certain, that the One World Government illuminati puppets, will have "a MOST uncomfortable afterlife", waiting for them; because the measure they are presently giving, WILL BE the measure waiting for them - according to the immutable spiritual laws.

PPTL: HAARP Machine, and Project Bluebeam TECHNOLOGY… this "alien TECHNOLOGY", IS in fact being USED, against all of the MEMBERS, of the Faithful Remnant Church, on a DAILY basis…  KNOW, that we are CONTINUING to pray AGAINST, ALL One World Government technology; and we are PRAYING against all, of THEIR "torture methods", that THEY are using, on, the Remnant Members.  And KNOW, that their PLANS, are COMING to "a SWIFT and FINAL end".  And BECAUSE the Most High TRUE God, has Blessed, His Faithful REMNANT with 'the GIFT of Blessed HOLY Water', they, INDEED, HAVE a defense, AND protection, AGAINST, 'the illuminati MIND-control methods'. 

It is nice to know that some Members of the Faithful Remnant are TRULY desiring to SPRINT up the Mountain.

Actual email: I am very happy to hear that You are resuming the Daily Divine counsel, as it is only when You stopped it, that I really started missing it and started yearning for more uncomfortable truths.

We know that everyone has different abilities when it comes to making a video.  Now with that being said, some of the videos being shared by Members of the Faithful Remnant, are really quite remarkable - "epic", in fact.  And here is our reaction to some of the new videos we saw today.

PPTL: Excellent videos ONCE again!  We can SEE that you are putting so much TIME and EFFORT, into MAKING your VIDEOS 'very APPEALING to WATCH', and YOU ARE in fact 'DESIRING to engage the LISTENER' - WITH your CHOICE of presentation.  We TRULY  'never know what to EXPECT', when you SEND us, your VIDEO projects; but we KNOW, that YOU, CONTINUE to give 110% effort, EVERY time!  AND, WE ARE in fact EXPERIENCING, the TRUE Love OF the Most High TRUE God - FLOWING, through, your PRESENTATIONS - BECAUSE, YOU, DESIRE, to NOURISH, others - with the SPIRITUAL nourishment, that YOU have received; and with your heart CONVICTED, you SINCERELY desire to convict OTHERS, in the TRUTH! - and REVEAL to those who are on the OUTSIDE, what THEY are in fact missing OUT on - by REFUSING, to become, Members of the Faithful Remnant Church; by REFUSING to seek Refuge IN "the Ark of SAFETY".

Remember that Jesus IS your Strength.  So PRAY the Daily Prayers; and continue to be transformed in the TRUE Reality, by reading the Testimony.

PPTL: MAKE sure, that you ARE in fact READING, the Testimony, on a DAILY basis; and taking IN, your daily BREAD; and PRAYING, the deliverance prayers - because, the DAILY prayers, ARE, "the LIFELINE" FOR the Faithful REMNANT.

In the early hours of this morning, we could hear the Blessed Virgin Mary praying - asking God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - the God of the Old Testament - the God of Divine Justice, to CLOSE the WOMBS of the WICKED.  Amen to that!  It was inevitable, and IS a Sign of the return of Jesus Christ the Lord in the Flesh.  Because He WILL not return in the Flesh while the wicked are still standing.  It's called "ARMAGEDDON".  ARE ya GETTIN' IT YET?  I'M a gettin' it!  A gettin' WHAT?...  Getting the fact that ALL those outside the Faithful Remnant want NO part, in His Kingdom.  Let's face it, when the mark of the BEAST befell them, they SURE DIDN'T want their SOULS back; and when the mark of CAIN was given, they SURE DIDN'T mind the Flames - now DID they!   You can thank the Most High TRUE God for sending the Holy ANGELS to the Earth - because SOMEONE is going to need to CLEAN up this mess!  And so, the Holy Angels can simply watch.  Watch WHAT?

"Jesus said to him, 'Follow me, and leave the dead to bury their own dead'."
(Matthew 8:22)

Meanwhile, back in the Remnant…

Actual email: There has been growth in my prayer life.  When I've been praying, my heart is opening as I pray. Sometimes I just lie face down.  Is that ok to do?

PPTL: It is much better to picture yourself KNEELING before the THRONE of your CREATOR, than laying PROSTRATE, face DOWN - because, THAT is, the exact same way, that the ANTIPOPE over in ROME, laid - in ORDER, to DECEIVE, the people, that he was "pious"; when in fact for HIM, it was 'ALL a charade'.  To KEEP yourself AUTHENTIC, and IN the Truth, it is BETTER to SIMPLY, praise the Most High TRUE God, from your HEART! - with your HANDS clasped together, POINTED, towards Heaven; and with your eyes, OPEN.

Actual email: We watched a couple of masses today which really seems to help my mood. I am learning so much from them. 

PPTL: KNOW that the spiritual life, is NOT based on FOLLOWING, 'the certain mood in the MOMENT'; but it is based on ACTIVELY making interior CHOICES, that are 'most PLEASING to your CREATOR'.  Because SOMETIMES you MAY feel, like you are 'in a bad MOOD' - and it is THEN, that you are CALLED, to PRAY 'the necessary DELIVERANCE prayers'; and to TRADE, 'THOSE demons', for the INDWELLING of the True Holy SPIRIT, of the Most HIGH, True GOD... YOU must DESIRE, to LEARN - so PRAY for the Grace to be DOCILE and OPEN to the INSPIRATIONS of the True Holy Spirit - THROUGHOUT your ENTIRE day.  And when he CORRECTS you, RECEIVE the correction - MAKE the change, and STRIVE to do BETTER NEXT time.  You NEED to incorporate the TRUE Spiritual Realities INTO your INTERIOR life.  You CANNOT "SWITCH back and forth" between the TRUE Reality, and the FALSE reality that the WORLD is living AND perceiving.

Actual email: I have a question to ask you. I feel at times like my equilibrium is slightly off. I notice it at work a lot. I have read that ELF[Extrememly Low Frequencies] can be used to target individuals to produce dizziness.  Could this be spiritually related?

PPTL: Yes, HAARP CAN cause the dizziness, that you HAVE been experiencing, from time to TIME; but SO CAN 'the dark MATTER', POURING out of CERN as WELL.  AS those DEMONS, SEEK to 'strip AWAY', the True Holy SPIRIT FROM you - you must STRIVE, to CLING TIGHTER, to the Most High TRUE God, IN your INTERIOR life; and SIMPLY 'desire', to be SPIRITUALLY focused, at ALL times!  REMEMBER to pray to your GUARDIAN Angel OFTEN; and ask HIM for his intercession on ANY situation or CIRCUMSTANCE, that you COME across.  Because the Most High TRUE God is 'simply WAITING for you to ASK'; He has GIVEN you 'ALL the spiritual tools' you NEED to grow SPIRITUALLY, and to LIVE in a closer relationship with HIM, AND with your Guardian Angel. 

Actual email: I was at work Friday and a father son team… came in to finish their work... I have been observing them since CERN kicked in and there is noticeable change in them. They are polite to me but between themselves they argue and bicker like cats… The kid wouldn't stop making these strange little noises around me so I asked Saint Michael to put a muzzle on him. That's when all "Hell" broke loose between him and his father and next thing you know, they were all speeding off down the road... Whew!

PPTL: DO not 'bow', to the DEMONS, who are pressuring OTHERS - No; you must CHOOSE! - to stay OUT, of those "CAT fights", that, the people in the BEAST state, are CONSTANTLY engaged in.  You see the PEOPLE in the beast STATE and THOSE with the mark of CAIN, have 'no TRUE Peace' - because, IT has, been taken FROM them; INSTEAD, they are left 'DESOLATE', and ALL THEY can DO, is 'contend with their DEMONS'. YOU, are CALLED, to COMMEND them, to the Immediate and Ongoing Divine JUSTICE of the Most High TRUE God.  You are CALLED, to LIVE, WITHOUT fear - OF those, in the BEAST state; and those with the mark of CAIN.  But YOU, are called to fear the Most High TRUE God, out of LOVE, for you SOUL - AND to 'strive to LOVE, PERFECTLY', as HE Loves YOU!

How quickly the young men in the Remnant can lose, "KOMODO vision" - the ability to see the True spiritual state of those women, who have received the Mark of the Beast; as those women are simply unable to be "beacons of light", in ALL light conditions. "Komodo vision" is made possible by a combination of two factors: sufficient infusion of Graces from the True Holy Spirit, and sufficient intensity of desire to cooperate with those Graces in each and every moment. Those outside the Faithful Remnant have poor Komodo vision when compared with those within the Remnant - the ones who have their Souls, AND a direct connection with their Creator - who will not hesitate to PUT them to the TEST.  And the Test goes like this: Are you looking for a helpmate who is Light-MINDED?

Actual email: In my workplace I was tested and a woman wanted to seduce me.

PPTL: Remember, it IS the spirit of JEZEBEL, that is working through all WOMEN in these End Times - that are OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant CHURCH; and even some women INSIDE the Remnant Church, still EMBRACE 'that vile SPIRIT'.  And so, what DOES "Jezebel" want to do to YOU? - but LEAD you into SIN.  There IS, NO such thing, ANY more - as "an ATTRACTIVE woman" - because they are ALL FILLED, with SERIOUS, GANGRENE; AND black OOZING spiritual PUSS.  Now, that does not MEAN that there is not 'a WOMAN set aside FOR you' - as LONG as you PERSEVERE; but as of NOW - as 'a YOUNG single MAN' IN the Faithful REMNANT, YOU WILL NEED, to CONSECRATE, your SEXUAL appetite, TO the Divine WILL, and PROTECTION of the Most High TRUE God.  REMEMBER when JESUS was WALKING the Face of the EARTH, He TOO - although fully DIVINE; was fully HUMAN, as WELL.  And HE underwent 'TEMPTATIONS in the FLESH' - but NEVER, did He give IN; for He is SINLESS!   And so YOU must seek to LOOK at, 'the opposite GENDER', through HIS Eyes! - BECAUSE, if you DO, you WILL not be "attracted", to what YOU see.  Does "LIGHT" have ANYTHING in COMMON, with "DARKNESS"?

Actual email: Today N. called again to just ask about my plans and to start accusing again.  I quickly cut the call but those thoughts disturbed me.

PPTL: DO not be afraid, of those who ARE in the BEAST state, and THOSE who have received the mark of CAIN; for NO HARM, can come TO you, AS the Most High TRUE God, IS watching OVER your SITUATION, AND your CIRCUMSTANCE.  And THOUGH, it may SEEM, like 'an IMPOSSIBLE situation', that "MOUNTAIN" in FRONT of you, will be MOVED in an INSTANT.  You SIMPLY need to have FAITH - in the Most High TRUE God's Divine WILL and PLAN for your LIFE; and KNOW that as you give up MUCH, to FOLLOW, your CREATOR, PHYSICALLY - HE WILL not be OUTDONE, IN His GENEROSITY, towards your Soul. You ARE on 'a DIFFICULT path'; BUT, as LONG as you remain FOCUSED, on what JESUS is asking OF you; and as LONG, as you DO not 'BOW, to the WILL of the DEMONS', then YOU WILL continue to BE upheld, AND protected.  Have Mercy on YOURSELF, by having MERCY on the Most High True GOD; and have MERCY on the Most High True GOD, by having MERCY on YOURSELF.

Actual email: Our hearts are warmed and our spirits are lifted in having your supportive and encouraging words. Thank You… Our home is cleaner and normal - "Well Blessed" is really a better word. We can tell the difference! Thank You both so much! We are now praying for our mountain to be moved and have continually asked TMHTG to set up his kingdom in our home and our hearts… Our faith is deepened each day as we bind to ourselves TMHTG’s will to guide us each day, each moment and with every breath!

PPTL: IT is good to hear that YOU, are getting your SPIRITUAL housecleaning in order, as WELL, as your PHYSICAL house.  KNOW that the Most High TRUE God HAS 'the perfect PLAN', for your LIFE; and He SIMPLY needs your COOPERATION, in order for that PLAN, to be FULFILLED.  And when HIS Plan is FULFILLED, YOU, will be Fulfilled; because He MADE you and knows EXACTLY 'WHAT you need' - He searches the DEPTHS of your SOULS; and knows ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, about you; and HE IS 'working WITH you' - ON a DAILY basis. 

Actual email: I know I am supposed to Resist the Temptations of the Enemy, but I was a bit Irritated, after N. did Not Honor my Request after telling Him Several Times... How could we have Better Handled the Situation? …because I allowed myself to be Afflicted.

PPTL: What you need to DO, is DISCERN, IN that MOMENT, WHY, you are being IRRITATED; and WHERE, it is COMING from.  Because SOMETIMES, the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, WILL, simply DESIRE, to WORK through OTHERS AROUND you, in ORDER to ASSIST you, with whatever TASK, you are DOING - and when I say "OTHERS", I am REFERRING to those WITHIN the Faithful Remnant CHURCH, that you are currently LIVING with.  It is NOT always 'EASY', to accept, "inspirations", from those AROUND you - to 'HELP you', when you 'FEEL', like you want to DO it 'ALL by YOURSELF'; but THIS was actually, a good EXERCISE, for YOU - to SURRENDER, what YOU wanted; for what the True Holy SPIRIT, wanted to show you - THROUGH, N. You NEED to practice HUMILITY; and, having someone HELP you… can, DO, just THAT.

Some Members of the Faithful Remnant are noticing at times, that it seems like all their former relatives are trying to get in contact with them, all at once.

Actual email: ... Reading Your Daily Counsel and Advice to others and me helps tremendously in trying to navigate through these situations… I need to be very conscious of what I am saying. While looking up "be wise as serpents and innocent as doves" - I came across in The Testimony… I will need a ton of that wisdom and innocence especially in the coming months.

PPTL: There will be 'TIMES', when it will SEEM, that all your FORMER family members, want to be 'in CONTACT WITH you', all at ONCE - and THAT is because, the ENEMY, of your SOUL, is in fact 'becoming DESPERATE' - as he simply CHOOSES, to use THEM, as "puppets of MISCHIEF", in your LIFE - ANYTHING, to distract you, from what your CREATOR is calling you to.  And THEY, are not even 'AWARE', that THEY, are being USED, BY the devil, to try to INFLUENCE you, to make THEM, 'the focal point', of your LIFE - INSTEAD of the Most High True GOD.  YOU are called to treat them with 'True COMPASSION' - and, that MEANS, you must REALIZE, that THEY, are not CAPABLE, of MUCH, at ALL - in the STATE that they are IN. They CANNOT 'FULFILL you' OR 'nourish your Soul' - BECAUSE, their FOCUS is 'on the WORLD', and 'the WAVES of mass DISTRACTION'. YOU are called to 'DO what you can', to SHORTEN the conversation; AND to SIMPLY make it clear, 'where you STAND'; AND, to do EVERYTHING that you CAN - to STAY on the ARK of Safety - ANCHORED, to Jesus Christ the Lord, the BLESSED Virgin Mary, and to MYSELF - your TRUE Shepherd.  Because the WORLD, is going to SPIN out, into OBLIVION!  Each PERSON, is SIMPLY 'a BLACK HOLE' - and SUCKING every EVIL THING under the SUN, INTO it!  YOU are CALLED, to be 'a MESSENGER of the Most High TRUE God - by LISTENING to HIS Voice, in your CONSCIENCE; by LIVING HIS Law of LOVE; AND by BEING, 'a BEACON of LIGHT' - to THOSE WHO walk in DARKNESS.  BUT do not SHARE, 'your LIGHT', with THOSE who SIMPLY want to SNUFF it OUT!
Let your Soul Breathe
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Remnant Members who WERE involved in the New Age Movement before they boarded the Ark, need to break free from EVERY TENTACLE of that Movement - that is still clinging to their interior life.  Because "that THING", is hungry!

Actual email: What do I need to do to overcome being triggered by feelings, distractions, and multi-tasking?

PPTL: WHAT you need to DO, in ORDER to be DELIVERED, from MANY, of your AFFLICTIONS - is YOU WILL NEED to repent WHOLEHEARTEDLY, of ALL involvement, in the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, and NEW AGE RELIGIONS; and YOU MUST MAKE 'a firm RESOLVE', in your HEART - to never turn BACK, to WITCHCRAFT, or NEW AGE THINKING, again!  What is HAPPENING, IN your INTERIOR life - when you GO to seek out 'the WILL of your CREATOR', is that your DEMONS are PULLING you, in SO MANY different directions - BECAUSE, THAT is your HABITUAL, desire - and HAS been, for QUITE some TIME.  By ALLOWING YOURSELF, to CLING, to FALSEHOODS, and NEW AGE THINKING - you in FACT, allowed your INTERIOR life, to be GOVERNED, by 'DEMONIC inspirations'.  And NOW, that you HAVE found the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the LORD - there IS 'a heated BATTLE' going on INSIDE your SOUL - as the DEMONS, want to STEER you; and the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, wants to STEER you.  INSTEAD, of allowing your INTERIOR life, to GO wherever it wants to GO - YOU need to ask the True Holy SPIRIT, to GOVERN your INTERIOR, inspirations; and to GIVE you, 'GOOD inspirations' CONTINUALLY.  And THAT is how you are GOING to overcome 'this MOUNTAIN of INDECISION', in FRONT of you. NOW you KNOW, 'all PATHS do NOT lead, to the KINGDOM of HEAVEN'!  ONLY ONE Path DOES!  The OTHER PATHS, that YOU were ACCUSTOMED to FOLLOWING - LED you in SO many different directions - all AWAY, FROM your Creator.  NOW you KNOW what to DO, in ORDER to OVERCOME.

If ever you do the deliverance prayers, and then notice the affliction you just prayed against, rapidly surfacing…

PPTL: The measure you GIVE, is the measure you will RECEIVE.  If YOU are not 'FULLY rejecting the DEMONS from your HEART'; but ONLY giving the Most High TRUE God "LIP service", He will NOT hear your PRAYER!  And ALTHOUGH you may find RELIEF, for a couple of HOURS, it is ONLY the DEMONS becoming DORMANT, INSIDE you - in order to TRICK you - that you are RID of them; when YOU know, deep down INSIDE, you are STILL 'holding ON to them tightly'!  You NEED to desire to CHANGE.  If YOU do not CHANGE, then, HOW, can you GROW?

Actual email:  Wow!  The updates were so great... So much to incorporate into my own life. The counsel about the gangrenous sludge monsters was great!  2 times in the past 2 weeks, jezzies have tried to zap me with their star trek enterprise beam... I'm now rejecting 'the alluring spirit' every time I leave the house and will be asking my Guardian Angel to protect me from the wiles and spells of 'women' when I leave the house too. I pray to our Blessed Mother whenever this happens and ask that she intercede and fill me with her purity and protection.

PPTL: CLASSIC response!  WE are going to post THIS one for SURE - as one of the FIRST responses, to THAT update!  Thanks for SHARING!  Of COURSE it will be "anonymous".

Did you know that ALL those who choose to take offense, at the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord, are in fact "CHOOSING to be CURSED"?

PPTL: NOW, while this may SEEM "extreme", to HEAR at FIRST; KEEP in MIND what JESUS CHRIST the LORD the Most High TRUE God has SAID, in His TESTIMONY,"BLESSED are those who take NO offense, at Me".  And so the IMPLICATION for those who are OFFENDED by the Truth, is that they BECOME 'the CURSED fig tree', that bore no FRUIT!... The Testimony IS 'the Knowledge OF the Living God' - NOT for the sake of simply HAVING it!  The Testimony IS 'a TOOL'; and THERE are those who are CHOOSING, to USE it the wrong WAY!  And STILL, there are OTHERS who are CHOOSING to USE it the RIGHT way… WE can tell, that YOU are being "EXTREMELY filled", with the Joy of your CREATOR; and that YOU desire to SHARE, the JOY, the KNOWLEDGE and the LOVE of your Creator with OTHERS! UNFORTUNATELY, NOT everyone 'shares in your desire'.  BUT know that WE do!  And that we TRULY appreciate your EFFORTS - at being DOCILE to the inspirations of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT…KNOW, that it is often through SUFFERING, that the Most High TRUE God, 'BRINGS out the BEST', in HIS Faithful REMNANT! - the ONES, who remain FAITHFUL DURING their TIMES of SUFFERING and TRIAL - are the ONES, who will grow STRONGER, in their DESIRE to Persevere.  But it is the ONES, who fall BACK into their old WAYS, when suffering and TRIAL, comes UPON them - that WILL BE, "the cursed FIG tree".

Sometimes, Members of the Faithful Remnant write us after making a major decision in their lives, and THEN seek Divine Counsel, to find out if that was the best decision to make.  Here is a typical response, to that kind of approach.

PPTL: RIGHT now, what is MORE important, for YOU to FOCUS on, IS, YOUR spiritual life…  But what YOU are in fact SHOWING us - is that you, are, 'ALL too willing', to go off on your OWN, and DO things, without CONSULTING us FIRST.  When you have 'a MAJOR decision to MAKE', it is BEST, if you check with US - and then WE will ask the Most High TRUE God, what the RIGHT course of ACTION is, FOR you; OR, you can keep 'doing things your OWN way' - while CLAIMING to be docile to the TESTIMONY; and find out the HARD way - why, those DECISIONS, that you MADE, apart from our COUNSEL - would ACTUALLY make you WORSE off, IN the end. 

Can you imagine reading the Testimony over breakfast, every day, FOREVER?

Actual email: I was fed today this morning, as I was taking my breakfast while reading the Testimony. That is the good life!

PPTL: SURELY! - and there will be MUCH more - where THAT came from!  BECAUSE, the Most High TRUE God's Life, is ETERNAL - HIS Life, IS, "the good life".  When WILL, the Revelations EVER, come to an END?  The ANSWER?  Never.

No woman in the Remnant can be 'aboard the Ark of Safety', AND "on team jezebel".  They will ultimately have to choose, WHOM they will serve - and FAST!

PPTL: YOU are in, 'a VERY poor spiritual STATE', RIGHT now....  YOU need to decide, 'WHO you want to SERVE'? - EITHER, the Most High TRUE God; OR, "jezebel".  You do not HAVE, 'a LOT of TIME' - to switch TEAMS, before 'the HAMMER comes DOWN', on YOUR household!  So you had BETTER MAKE 'the NECESSARY changes', AND quickly.  You CANNOT desire, to DO things your OWN way; but you MUST desire, 'the WAY of the LORD JESUS Christ' - He will HELP you, to OVERCOME, the PRIDE, and the EGO, and the DESIRE, to CONTROL, EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE, around you.  But FIRST! - YOU, MUST, DIE to SELF; and decide to live for HIM, AND Him ALONE.  You must be open TO Fraternal CORRECTION, and open to GROWING.  DO NOT be like 'the barren FIG TREE'; but become BLESSED, once again.  DO NOT allow, YOURSELF, to be GOVERNED, by 'the DEMONS, in OTHERS' - because they WILL DO 'everything they CAN', to PULL you away, from your CREATOR. INSTEAD, do EVERYTHING you CAN, to PULL yourself AWAY, from 'THOSE in the beast STATE', and THOSE with the mark of Cain; and DO NOT be 'chained TO them' - or ELSE, end UP, where THEY are.

Many Members of the Remnant are experiencing "afflictions", simply because they choose to associate with people who have rejected the Testimony.  When people reject the Testimony and receive the spiritual mark of Cain, they can ONLY experience afflictions; and because they have a Soul, "all spiritual Soul ties" WITH them, need to be severed.

PPTL: YOU do not know WHY, you are so spiritually AFFLICTED; but WE do.  You MUST 'SEVER yourself', from ALL PEOPLE, who are CHOOSING to embrace WICKEDNESS, in their INTERIOR lives!...  Understand?

Actual email:  Concerning being “clothed with the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary”: I understand that this is a beautiful gift; but I mustn’t pray for it; but can I desire it; but only with the right motive - the desire to be even closer to Jesus Christ the Lord, The Most High True God?  And do I just need to persevere on the Narrow Path in order to have any chance to attain this Gift?  Or is there more I need to strive for?

PPTL: You SIMPLY need to DESIRE, to be PURE, and 'Free from SIN' - and THIS means, 'do ALL that you are TOLD'. LISTEN, and RECEIVE, the WORDS of your CREATOR, into your HEART.  Say "YES" to Him with ALL of your being.  Strive to PLEASE Him, in ALL that you do think and SAY - and before you KNOW it, you WILL be clothed, in 'the Immaculate Conception'.  It is not COMPLICATED; but it IS 'a WAY of life'. CHOOSE to persevere; and TURN to your Blessed MOTHER, for HELP, in being DOCILE to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit - in EACH and EVERY moment.

In the Faithful Remnant, we celebrate Valentine's day, a little differently, than most people out there.
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: I ask, that my children, seek to be 'FRUITFUL, for the Kingdom of Heaven'; but FIRST, they MUST choose WISELY.  In EACH moment, they are being GIVEN 'a choice': to CONTINUE to follow their SHEPHERD, who is Jesus Christ the LORD - who is 'REPRESENTED, by Petrus ROMANUS'; OR, they can CHOOSE to follow 'the DEMONIC inspirations IN the MOMENT', while 'CLAIMING to be a MEMBER', of HIS Faithful Remnant Church.  MY children, seek 'TRUE Peace', where there IS none; and THEY desire, to be CLOTHED, in Heavenly GRACES.  MY children WANT to grow CLOSER, to their SAVIOR - Jesus CHRIST the Lord.  But ALAS, there are SOME, within HIS Faithful Remnant, who are CHOOSING to FORFEIT MANY of the Gifts and Blessings, that are written in HIS Testimony.  And I, have been sent, ONCE again from Heaven, to deliver, HIS Message - according to the Divine WILL of the Most High True God; because I AM "Our Lady Queen of ALL Hearts".  PRAY to ME my children to 'soften your HEARTS' TOWARDS your Creator - SO that HE can MOULD you, in HIS image and HIS likeness; but DO NOT take the bread that is being given TO you and 'FEED it to the dogs'!  Because, the DOGS, will SIMPLY 'TRAMPLE on the bread'.  What this MEANS, is 'DO not share, the TESTIMONY with those who have CHOSEN, to be actively against it' - you will ONLY cause yourselves HARM, in doing so.  And DO not give the WORDS OF your Creator, over to 'the DEMONS IN your INTERIOR lives'.  SEEK to be purified of ALL wickedness - so that, YOU, can become, 'a BRIGHT and SHINING star', of HEAVEN!  DO not 'BURY the Gifts', that YOU have received; but LISTEN to the PROMPTINGS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit - my well-BELOVED spouse; for the SPIRIT and the BRIDE say "COME, to the WEDDING feast, OF the Lamb!"
And so, let ALL the OTHER so-called "churches" HAVE "their FEAST of false love" - because in the Faithful Remnant, WE know that "TRUE LOVE", is to TELL someone the Truth! 
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