The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

 2015 Archives September II
- the second half of the month of September -

SPECIAL NOTE:   Before reading ANY messages from ANY OTHER so-called "prophets" out there,
be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

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How many spiritual WOUNDS will YOU be humble enough to reveal? - so that you can be healed.

Mary Romanus:  Know, that you will not survive, if you seek to suppress the demons within you [- and in this context, "suppression" means 'to HIDE them', instead of 'being DELIVERED of them'].  The best thing for you to do, is to open up to us, and allow us to help you GROW.  You need to share your struggles with us, in order for us to be able to help you.  Why?  Because, Jesus will only give you the measure of healing balm, for your wounds, that you are willing to uncover.

As the Holy Angels separate "the CHAFF" from "the WHEAT" - does it make SENSE for "the WHEAT", to stubbornly hold on tightly to "the CHAFF"?  NOT if it's headed to the WEDDING Banquet!

Mary Romanus:  You are not called to desire attachments to those in the beast state... You need to be reminded that 'this is not a game'. Your very life, and your Soul is at stake. Your life on the Ark, is not about feeding people in the beast state, you SOUL.  Remember, the demons are hungry, and they want to feed on you through your former family members. Tell them that you are busy, and need some time to yourself. You will not survive, if you continue to ignore the Counsel, from the Throne of Heaven, secretly. Jesus knows the innermost depths of your being, and He knows right now, that you are choosing to rebel, by knowingly staying in ["social"] contact with those in 'the beast state'.

Read: "He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." (Matthew 10:37)  
And know that what is being asked of you, is no different then what Jesus asked of His True disciples, more than 2000 years ago."

Now you need to reject their demonic clusters, and the clusters of everyone you can think of, and ask for the indwelling of the Blessed Trinity. Reject your desire to embrace your old life, and ask for  the Grace to embrace your True identity as a child of the Most High True God.  You know it is not safe to contact people in the Beast state, or to enable their ["social"] contact...  You need to choose.

Jesus said: You need, to ‘SEVER ALL ties’, with THOSE in ‘the beast STATE’, and DEVOTE, ‘the MAJORITY of your TIME’, to READING the Testimony... (August 29, 2015)

Need more PROBLEMS? - then WORRY!

Mary Romanus:  It is when you choose to give in to your worries, that Jesus permits more problems to arise. That is why it is critical, in these times, to keep your Heart focused on Jesus, at all times, by renouncing the evil spirits that surface, and asking Jesus to live inside your heart instead. He wants to dwell there, but He doesn't want to dwell with demons. So right now your call is to focus on your purification... The daily prayers were given to the Faithful Remnant to keep them focused, on asking for the right things, in order for them to do what is being asked of them...  Right now the Testimony is "the Narrow door". So it is best for you SOUL not to venture outside it.  Ask for the Grace to be spiritually transformed by the words of Jesus Christ the Lord, moving through His Word, moving through His Testimony.

This was sent to a woman who was embracing the "sad and depressed jezzie" mask.

Mary Romanus:  Right now, you need to fight, harder - by letting go of all your feelings. for Truly, feelings don't matter, and they can and will only guide you away from the uncomfortable Truth, that you need to begin to embrace, in order for your to heal and to grow. You need to reject your desire to cling tightly to your sense of control, in that house. Because the Truth, is you have lost, all control, of your circumstances. Jesus knows, that this scares you, because you have so many uncertainties, and fears about the future, but you are not called to focus on those. Focus instead on being purified, of your old self. The reason you have a deep sadness, and depression inside you, is because you are still fighting the Most High True God, and His Will in your life, and your husband's life. You need to ask for the Grace to cooperate with the Most High True God's will for your life. The Cern waves, are only increasing, and that means your feelings, are only going to get stronger. So you must decide, either, to surrender your desire to control your life, to Jesus; or continue to experience interior desolation. Your desire to battle your husband, is a desire to battle with CHRIST's headship, and the problem with that is, that He is the head of HIS SHIP. Truly unless you choose to submit, to what Jesus is asking of you, you will not have the Graces, to GROW. It is best for you to reject the resolution, to stick with jezebel, come hell or high water, that you made in your former life. Instead your call is to resolve to be obedient to Christ, just as the Blessed Virgin Mary, was and is to this day.

Here is a standard message for the married women who find and embrace the Testimony, as their husbands reject it.

Mary Romanus:  It is better to Commend those in the beast state around you to the discipline and care of the Most High True God. Right now your focus needs to be on your purification. It is much better for you to Read the Testimony at home, and focus on the deliverance prayers, when you can, than to visit with people right now. You need to know that you are no longer married to your husband, and all marriages were annulled after the mark of the beast came upon almost everyone on the Face of the earth [- on Christmas Day, 2012]. It is not spiritually safe for you to sleep in the same room with your husband who is still in the beast state. Your call is to pray for him. The Most High True God will uphold you, if you uphold HIS Word in your heart. Reject your desire, to deceive others [- by PRETENDING to STILL be married...], and ask for the Grace to be honest with yourself, and especially the Most High True God.

Jesus said: Yes, “no eye, has seen; no EAR, has heard” – what I, have planned; and what I, have in store, for THOSE, who choose, to LOVE ME, in THIS life... and if THAT sounds “WONDERFUL”, and “AWESOME”, and “a BEAUTIFUL place, to BE!” – then, I ASK, My FOLLOWERS – My FAITHFUL, Remnant – to PERSEVERE! – TOWARDS, ‘THAT place’, OF Bliss! – NOW!  I’m calling, My FAITHFUL Remnant Followers, to BEGIN, LIVING, the ERA, of TRUE Peace; TRUE Love; and TRUE Joy – IN their hearts; and IN their Souls – NOW! – in EACH, and EVERY, moment!  For WHERE your TREASURE is, THERE is your HEART also!  SO, My FAITHFUL Remnant, MUST decide – EACH day, and in EACH moment – WHERE, they WANT their TREASURE, to BE.  As MUCH as they ‘empty THEMSELVES’ – OUT, of ‘this LIFE’ – THEY, CAN, BEGIN, ‘LIVING, the KINGDOM, of ETERNAL bliss’ – NOW!  For the SECRET, IS this: The MORE, My FAITHFUL Remnant FOLLOWERS, ‘STRIVE, for PURIFICATION’, the CLOSER, and the SHORTER, their ‘TIME’ IN, ‘this wicked WORLD’, will BECOME!  For the WICKED, WILL – TRULY perish, much FASTER; and My FAITHFUL, REMNANT, FOLLOWERS, will be PURIFIED – MUCH quicker; and HEAVEN, WILL COME DOWN to EARTH – MUCH faster!  I am ASKING, My FAITHFUL, Remnant FOLLOWERS – to PREPARE their hearts NOW! – to RECEIVE Me, NOW! – so that WHEN, WE meet – PHYSICALLY – IN, the FLESH – it WON’T be ‘TOO much, of a SURPRISE’.  My REMNANT, need to READY themselves – FOR the BRIDEGROOM, is RETURNING!  And I will ‘ORDER ALL things’, after My OWN Heart.  And it IS, ‘the LIVING in the ETERNAL Now! – and DESIRING to be FILLED with Graces – NOW!, that My FAITHFUL REMNANT Followers, WILL, PERSEVERE, through, the COMING Tribulation, and ‘present darkness’.

Best to watch this above video from where the Homily begins at 11:30,
to where it ends when I put down the Bible
"When Herod saw Jesus... Herod with his soldiers treated him with contempt and mocked him; then, arraying him in gorgeous apparel, he sent him back to Pilate. And Herod and Pilate became friends with each other that very day, for before this they had been at enmity with each other."
(Luke 23:8-12)  
Jesus said: The Roman Catholic Institution was GIVEN ‘the Gift, of My PHYSICAL Presence'.  BUT they ‘ABUSED’, that Gift – TIME, and TIME, and TIME again!  They DID not, ‘LISTEN’, to the TRUE Holy Spirit – in their CHURCHES; and they ‘DISMISSED Me’, and ‘the TRUE MEANING’, of My WORD – OF the GOSPEL – at EVERY Mass!  THEY did not ‘LISTEN’; BUT! – THEY beat, My FORMER Priests, INTO, ‘SUBMISSION’, to ‘an ALIEN gospel’ – to ‘an EMPTY gospel’. And FINALLY, to ‘a SPIRIT of JEZEBEL’.  And ANTIPOPE Francis, IS, ‘the FULLEST manifestation’, of ‘THAT spirit’ – GOVERNING – that ‘satanic body’, of ‘the ROMAN CATHOLIC, HIERARCHICAL, institution’.  For REMEMBER, Herod, and Pilate – BECAME, ‘the BEST of friends’ – AT My crucifixion.  AND, Obama, and Francis, are ‘about to become’, the BEST of friends, at My CRUCIFIXION once AGAIN.  For, ‘the BEASTS’, crucified, My WORD; and JUST LIKE the FIRST time, I CAME, and WALKED, on the FACE of the EARTH – and I HAD My small FOLLOWING; So TOO, is My FATHER, preparing the HEARTS, of MY people – My FAITHFUL Remnant, to RECEIVE Me – FIRST in SPIRIT, and THEN in the Flesh. For TRULY, My TRUE FAITHFUL REMNANT FOLLOWERS, have been ‘CRUCIFIED’, in THIS world – NO longer, ‘LIVING for themselves’ – but, ‘LIVING, for ME, AND, My FATHER’s Plan’.  The ENEMY, has ‘HIS PLANS’; but My FATHER, SAW the enemy’s plans, a BILLION years ago! – and EVEN before that!  And ALREADY, had HIS Plan, IN place.  AND so, ONCE again, THOUGH the enemy believes, HE HAS “triumphed” – in getting the WORLD, to ‘COLLECTIVELY CRUCIFY, their SAVIOR’ – WHO is ME, JESUS CHRIST, the LORD; he has FAILED!  What the ENEMY, ‘believes’, is ‘HIS victory’ – is ONLY "the beginning, of his OWN end!" – and THOSE who FOLLOW, in BEELZEBUB’S footsteps.
SPECIAL NOTE TO THE MEMBERS OF THE FAITHFUL REMNANT: Mary and I have asked Members of the Faithful Remnant to remove about 20 videos over the last week, because they were in fact "spiritually toxic" to watch.  Unfortunately, as the CERN waves of dark matter increase, some people are choosing to bow to the will of the demons that are surfacing in their Soul, instead of using the Deliverance Prayer and sending their demons to the Eternal Lake of Fire.  Already, as a warning, some of the videos by the Members of the Faithful Remnant, are being removed from the playlists on our YouTube Channel.  And if they do not come to their senses, and quickly, then their initial video testimony will be removed, as a sign to all, that they are no longer Members.  So for your spiritual protection throughout this coming time of intense testing; and for the protection of the other Members, we are now asking that the Members of the Faithful Remnant do not post any more videos, until you first share the UNLISTED video with us, through email, and get the green light.  You will know that a new video has "the green light" from us, when it appears on a playlist on our YouTube Channel.

"Positive thinking" is really 'TRENDING' right now in the Eternal Lake of Fire - since saying Jesus' name over and over again really didn't help that much.

Mary Romanus:  You need to keep in mind, that there are many "jesuses" out there. But you also need to remember that there is only one TRUE JESUS... The spirit of the world, says that things are positive, and that things are negative.  Because when people, in the spirit of the world, use those terms, instead of Good vs evil, they can label themselves and their experiences as "good", even when they know in their heart, that it is an evil. Even the protestants, pray the name of jesus, every day, but that is not going to help them get into Era of Peace, now is it?  The trap that you are falling into, is the trap all protestants have fallen into - and that is, "self-deception". They believe that they will simply be saved, by saying jesus' name over and over again, like a self-brainwashing mantra. This will not help you, to think the way that you have been. You need to change and fast. It would be good for you watch The Homily on "The Teaching on Self Deception".

Perhaps it just needs to be said: "Jesus NEVER spoke about his FEELINGS from the Cross".

Mary Romanus:  You need to reject your desire to focus on your feelings. Feelings only pull you away from your Creator, so do not focus on them. Instead trade your feelings for the True Peace of the Most High True God.  Know that when you visit the Testimony, the demons, will begin to surface in your soul. Use the Blessed Holy water whenever that begins to happen, and pray the Blessed Holy Water deliverance prayer... Read the email all the way through, and then you will understand what is in front of you.

It doesn't make any sense to give HARSH Warnings to people 'AS THEY ARE FALLING' off of a cliff - or into 'a VERY deep pit' for that matter.

Mary RomanusThe demonic entity of the assailants, is what afflicts people when they receive any Counsel from us. We tell people, what their demons, don't want to hear. And every time Counsel is given, there is a choice to turn to what the demons are feeling, and look at us through their eyes, or to say to yourself, "Wait, I know they [- the Two Witnesses] are here to help me. Why am I getting angry with them?"  Think of us as the people in a big ship, looking for survivors, in the icy cold waters, but at the same time, we are working to do as much as we can to help people stay on board the Ark, and not fall off.  Our focus is in keeping people focused on what they need to do, in order to survive.  We have no time, to take in to account, how someone's demons, will respond to what is being asked of them.  That is what the deliverance prayers are for, and the Blessed Holy Water. When a child is playing too close to a cliff, would you simply, say soft, words to them, as they unknowingly get so close to the edge, that they fall off?  Our response is to pull the child, back, and tell them to stay away from the cliff.  Words are only used, as necessary.  But that is simple allegory, for you to understand how we deal with situations in the Remnant's lives.  People are so used, to indulging in their demons, of self-righteousness and self-affirming thoughts, that they miss the fact, that it is Love, to tell someone the Truth, that will save their lives. Keep that in mind, the next time you get a response from us, that seems rather sharp at first.  We are only looking out for you best interests. YOU need to stay interested in Guarding and Protecting your Soul. That is how you do "your part".

SO many 'fell AWAY', under the pressure of the dark matter - because they REFUSED to follow instruction.

Mary Romanus:  The Lord Jesus Christ, will continue to protect your household, as long as you stay close to Him.  Reject all of your fears, doubts, worries, and anxieties, and trade them for the True Peace of the Most High True God...  Sometimes Jesus takes away the consolations, to see where are True Loyalties areSo do not surrender to "the pressure, of the dark matter". Focus on Jesus.  Even if he feels, miles away.  Remember as long as you stay in the state of Grace, He is with you.  Remember to reject the demonic clusters of every member of your family, and anyone else you can think of, on a daily basis, and ask for the indwelling of the Blessed Trinity in your Soul.


If we TOLD people exactly WHEN Jesus was coming back in the FLESH - MOST people, would prepare to PUT off everything they NEEDED to do, to meet him, until it was too late.  And SO?...

Actual emailI saw that Jesus said if they prepare their hearts now it won't be too much "when we meet physically in the flesh..." So do the Remnant get to meet him in person

Pope Peter the Last: Yes indeed.  Each member of the Faithful Remnant who perseveres in faith, according to what Jesus Christ the Lord has revealed from His Throne in Heaven, through the Testimony of the Two website, will indeed meet Jesus in the Flesh, when He comes back to Earth FROM His Throne in Heaven, to Reign on Earth as KING - of THE ENTIRE PLANET.  Simple.  And the timeline for that personal encounter has now been revealed to the Two Witnesses - My wife and I - we are however not allowed at this time to post that particular timeline on the website.

"Suffer not the children to COME to Jesus" - also MEANS! - DON'T make them SUFFER, by FORCING them to come to Jesus, when they would REALLY prefer EVERYTHING else the world has to offer.  Because if you DO that? - they will ONLY learn to resent HIM, AND their parents' religious beliefs - AS is the case, in almost every household on the face of the Earth, in these Times.

Jesus said: THERE is ‘a WEDDING feast’ – that is HAPPENING; and so I am asking ALL, of my CHILDREN, TO be clothed, in WHITE!  NOT as children of DARKNESS!  But as, “CHILDREN, of the TRUE, Holy, SPIRIT!”... YES, I DO Love, ALL, of the CHILDREN, in the WORLD! BUT, only SOME, WANT, to love Me BACK!  I wish, that ALL of the children, would COME TO Me; but MANY of them, want to do ‘their own THINGS’ – they want to play with DOLLS, and TRUCKS, and stuffed ANIMALS; THEY want to play, VIDEO games, and BOARD games!  But! – they do not WANT to come to ME; only SOME children, WANT to come to Me, and have Me TEACH them, about their TRUE Father, IN Heaven – AND about how they can be TRULY, ‘Joyful’ – ALWAYS!  WHAT is ‘MOST important’, is that I come FIRST, in EVERYONE’S life; and the PARENTS’ DUTY, is to TEACH, their CHILDREN, to LOVE Me; AND to be FILLED with ‘My LOVE’ – by OBEYING their parents – who are first CALLED to OBEY Me.

Many people chose to embrace the Gift of the Testimony on their OWN terms - one of those terms BEING, that they would not do ANYTHING that was being asked of them, until ALL their family and friends believed in the Testimony.  It NEVER went well for them.

Jesus said: I will receive ANYONE, who is willing to come BACK to Me.  YOU are going to have to make ‘a CHOICE’ – to either be ‘FOR Me’, or,for YOURSELF, your FRIENDS, your FAMILY, your PEERS’You CANNOT save them ALL! – AND, SAVE yourself.  YOU have been doing ‘your OWN thing’ – for QUITE some TIME now!... If you will ‘give up the DEMONS’; if YOU repent from your HEART – WHOLEHEARTEDLY, and TURN to My MERCY – I will FORGIVE you... You CANNOT compromise, the TRUTH; the TRUE Faith, for ANYTHING, in between!  YOUR “SALVATION”, is DEPENDENT, on YOUR cooperation, with the Graces...  YOU have a SOUL! – but you CHOSE to BURY it! – IN ‘the world’ – SEEKING, to ATTAIN, both ‘WORLDLY success’, and ‘SELF-deception’ – TO BELIEVE, that you were ‘SERVING Me!... But, you ARE invited, onto MY Ark, of Safety, in ‘these LAST days’ – before ‘the PORTAL to the Abyss’, is opened!...  YOU need... to QUIT, your ‘WORLDLINESS’, and COME BACK to your SENSES! - FORSAKE your “friends”; and FIND your TRUE family!  You DON’T, HAVE, much TIME, LEFT!  I suggest you use it WISELY!  And know THIS! – you WILL, NOT, SURVIVE, ‘SPIRITUALLY’, OUTSIDE, My Ark of Safety.  You WILL  NOT Survive, without ‘Divine Counsel’.  SO, I SUGGEST, that, you SEEK, to BE, “My CHILD”, once AGAIN; and STOP ABUSING “the GIFT”, of your SOUL!

It's not nice to call "new arrivals", recovering ZOMBIES - but... Jesus knows JUST how to put it:
"Awake, and strengthen what remains and is on the point of death..."
(Revelation 3:2)

Jesus said: WELCOME aboard the ARK, My son, for TRULY, YOU HAVE found, your TRUE home. [On the TOPIC of...] 'The LIFE that you have given UP'? – SO much MORE, has been ‘RETURNED to you’!  For NOW, YOU are PART, of My Family.  IT HAS been ‘tough’ – GETTING to where you are AT – right NOW, on your JOURNEY; but you KNOW now, in the INNERMOST depths, OF YOUR being! – that ONLY I, COULD HAVE ‘BROUGHT you BACK’, TO life’; that only MY Love, would ‘AWAKEN you’, from DEATH! – TO new LIFE!  It was ‘NOT, an easy TRANSITION’, that you MADE – to go from "PROTESTANT", to ‘a TRUE Christian!’ – RECEIVING, and LIVING, the TRUE, ROMAN CATHOLIC Faith.  But you DID take ‘the LEAP OF faith’; and NOW you HAVE BEEN REWARDED!   SEEK, MY Divine COUNSEL, for YOUR Life – OFTEN.  STAY! – in CONTACT, with Pope, Petrus Romanus; and YOU WILL CONTINUE to be PURIFIED!  THANK you for TELLING people to NOT, Blaspheme MY Word, MY Testimony – because you KNOW, ‘what HAPPENS’, when they DO!  TRULY I am LOVING; but TRULY I am JUST!  TRULY I am MERCIFUL; but ONLY to THOSE, who would SHOW, “Mercy”; ONLY to THOSE, who would have Mercy on THEMSELVES, AND Me! – by COOPERATING with the GRACES, that, are being GIVEN!  PERSEVERE!  LEAN ON ME as YOUR Strength!  I WILL uphold you! 

This was sent to TWO new arrivals, on the ONLY Ark of Safety, in these End Times.

Jesus said: WELCOME, ABOARD! – TO THE BOTH of you! – for TRULY, YOU HAVE FOUND, ‘a REFUGE for your Souls’, in THESE dark Times!  And SO, NOW, you have FOUND, ‘TRUE Peace’, and TRUE Joy – that you KNOW, the WORLD cannot GIVE you! – ONLY I, can give you ‘TRUE Peace’.  YOU both, ARE ‘better now’ – for ‘the MARK’, HAS been removed, FROM, your Foreheads. YES! – the ENEMY, is ‘around’, AS well; BUT! – BECAUSE you HAVE, ‘My BLESSED, Holy Water’, and YOU have, ‘My Daily PRAYERS’, and BECAUSE, you have My TRUE Holy Spirit dwelling WITHIN you – HE is ‘no match’, for you!  The DEVIL, CANNOT, TAKE you BOTH, AWAY, FROM Me! – as LONG as you STAY close, to your TRUE Shepherd; STAY in contact, with POPE Petrus Romanus!  LISTEN, TO, ‘the DIVINE Counsel’ – of My TRUE HOLY Spirit – MOVING through, My TWO Witnesses – so THAT, YOU will be ABLE, to SURVIVE, the COMING CERN Waves.  PERSEVERE!


What about YOU? - are YOU going to be "an ULTIMATE Survivor", of the APOCALYPSE? - not without Counsel from the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era!  Don't be counted among the more than 100,000 each DAY, who are lined up by their CREATOR in front of the red glowing gates - because they preferred ANYTHING else.

Jesus said: ...EVEN MORE difficult Times, are coming.  And WITH the CERN, waves – WITH ‘the DELUGE’, about to be RELEASED, upon the FACE OF THE earth – YOU will simply need to BE IN MY Ark, in ORDER to survive. And THIS MEANS you MUST ‘seek Counsel – FROM Pope PETRUS Romanus – so that you can GROW even MORE rapidly.  PERSEVERE! – in LIVING, the TRUTH, ALWAYS!  YOU will be ‘GLAD’ that you did!

Here is a CLUE, as to what will most ASSUREDLY NOT happen, to ALL those who seek to SUPPRESS and BURN the Testimony, and KEEP it from the nations - as all the global government leaders, and the global military industrial complex, have both RESOLVED to do - "...come Hell or high water".  Of course, THEY are in line for both!  And we should mention, that this WASN'T sent to any of THEM.

Jesus said: ...NOW, so much ‘TRUTH’, has been revealed TO you; it is “UNDENIABLE”!   The WORLD, AROUND you, is ‘THICK’, with DECEPTIONS – LAYERED, upon DECEPTIONS!  But you have ALWAYS had, ‘this CONSTANT desire’, to know TRUTH!  And BECAUSE you ACKNOWLEDGED My JUSTICE, before the NATIONS; and BECAUSE you acknowledged ME – before the NATIONS; and because you acknowledged My TESTIMONY – before the NATIONS, I have acknowledged YOU, before My FATHER, who lives, AND Reigns, in HEAVEN!  NOW, with the Gift of your SOUL, returned TO you – YOU, have found ‘TRUE Peace’! – AND ‘a Refuge’, for this TIME, of ‘DELUGE’ – that is ABOUT to be ‘UNLEASHED’, upon the FACE, of the Earth.  You NEED to stay in CONTACT, with Pope PETRUS Romanus – to RECEIVE, ‘necessary COUNSEL’, for your ‘EDIFICATION’; and your CONTINUED, ‘spiritual WELFARE’. YES! – you have ‘TOOLS’; BUT! – YOU need ‘Divine COUNSEL’, to UNDERSTAND, how to MAXIMIZE the USE of those ‘TOOLS’.  PERSEVERE!  LISTEN to instruction and you WILL grow – RAPIDLY!  You KNOW you are ‘a SINNER’ – THIS is GOOD! – because, I am your SAVIOR! – and ALL I ask, is that you do ‘your VERY best’!


Jesus said: KEEP persevering My son.  You are NOT ‘able to save EVERYONE’; but YOU are CALLED – NOT to ‘spread yourself THIN’; you are called, to keep YOUR Lamp Lit; to keep oil in YOUR Lamp.  If you TRY to SHARE that, ‘OIL’, with SO many different PEOPLE – all at ONCE, how much will you HAVE, ‘left OVER’?  FOCUS on YOUR purification!  THAT is your call.

Many people believe they can simply FIND the Testimony, and CONTINUE on with "their PROTESTANT way" of doing things.

Jesus said: People, want to save THEMSELVES, on their own TERMS, My children; but they CANNOT DO this!   THEY are ‘not the ONES’, WHO remove the MARK; it is My Holy ANGELS, who will remove the MARK, of the BEAST – from THOSE people, who CHOOSE to REPENT – WHOLEHEARTEDLY; and TURN to My MERCY.  YES, I AM “MERCIFUL”; BUT! – I am also JUST.  The HOLY Water, is NOT ‘DONE by some RITUAL’; and NO one, can MAKE, their water “HOLY” – NO one! – on the FACE of the EARTH – EXCEPT, the TRUE, Holy SPIRIT.  UNFORTUNATELY, she STILL has ‘the MARK’, My CHILDREN.  She is GOING to need to SEARCH her heart – the INNERMOST depths, of her BEING, and TRULY repent, from the HEART.  This is NOT "a BANDWAGON"!  This is NOT about "doing things, because it is TRENDY", and it is "what her FRIENDS are doing".  NO!  THIS is ‘a matter of LIFE, OR death’.  I, want, to CLOTHE her, in ‘a white GARMENT’  SHE is GOING to have to GIVE up, her FORMER, “christianity”, and ‘protestant way of THINKING’; because, My MESSAGE, of SALVATION, IS, for those, who will HEAR, and RESPOND, to My CALL – FIRST!  She needs to get HER house in order – BEFORE, she can “preach to the CHOIR!”

This is for all the readers who THOUGHT all this time, that WE were the ones grading the Testimony videos!  Yes, we DO sometimes SUMMARIZE, "the obvious".  But HERE is just a small sample of the kind of SUPERNATURAL help, WE have been receiving - as we simply "do, our job".  And in THIS case - referring to, watching a VIDEO someone sent us.

Jesus said: She NEEDS, to DESIRE, her SOUL back! – My children.  For right NOW, she STILL has ‘the MARK’; and THAT is why there is ‘NO, joy’, and NO relief, in her VOICE. And her TESTIMONY, is FALSE!  Because SHE does not believe, what she is saying – so how can I, believe, what, she is SAYING?  The Blessed HOLY Water is not “MAGIC”, and NEITHER is REPENTANCE.  USING a dark ROOM, for your TESTIMONY, is “an INTERESTING CHOICE”!  If you TRULY want to be “My DAUGHTER” – a TRUE, DAUGHTER; if you want to be “My CHILD” – WHY would you want to ‘SPEAK so LETHARGICALLY’ – about something so IMPORTANT?  It is BECAUSE, it ISN’T important to you! – NOT right now!  You NEED to spend some more TIME – READING, My TESTIMONY.  You DON’T have ‘a lot of TIME’ left; and your SOUL is “on LAYAWAY” UNTIL, you CLAIM it back!  YOU are going to need to ‘WAKE up’, and ‘COOPERATE with the GRACES’ – for YOUR good!  Because right NOW, the DEMONS, are ‘snuffing OUT’, what LITTLE, ‘seeds, of TRUTH’, HAVE BEEN planted.  You NEED to give Me your HEART!  This is NOT, an INSTITUTIONAL church, where you can BUY your way, into “SALVATION”; NOR can you DO ‘all sorts of RITUALS’, and EXPECT to be SAVED by them. I will have ‘ALL of you’, OR, ‘NONE of you’.  REPENTANCE – FROM YOUR heart, is ‘WHAT is required’, to ATTEND My WEDDING Feast; to be ‘a MEMBER of My FAITHFUL Remnant’. 

Why is it, that SO MANY people, are "PERSONALLY hurt", when asked to GIVE UP the things that hurt them the most?

Mary Romanus:  We pray for all the members of the Faithful Remnant everyday; and it is good to know, that you have in fact decided to persevere. Jesus knows all of your needs, and desires to provide you with every good thing. The Truth, is hard to hear, at times, applying Heavenly Counsel can be difficult if there is resistance to what is being revealed. Know that you are not alone, and that Jesus reminded Pope Peter and I this morning, that "He is the Shepherd of His people, and no one will snatch them out of His hand." But that doesn't mean, that people aren't free to turn their backs, on Him in the moment and to simply do their own thing. Jesus is calling His Sheep. He can do nothing with goats. His sheep are called to turn to Him, to lead them in each and every moment; and sometimes, He will use His staff, to pull them back sharply, from danger, or to give them a little jolt on the hiney, when they start to wander off, away from Him. But He does all of this with LOVE, for their SOULS in mind. Jesus loves His people, but He shows His love, by asking them to give up what will hurt them in the end. He asks them to give up their addictions, and their former lives, in order to help them to break free from self-destructive behaviors. Because the world wants to pull you down with it.  Everyone outside the Remnant, is getting severely punished, and Most of them will not turn back to Him. But His Remnant are also being disciplined, in order to stay on His Ark. 

DO you want your prayers to be "more EFFECTIVE"?

Mary Romanus:  So what are you called to do with your time? You are called to read the Testimony, and ask Jesus to lead you, through it. He will in fact guide you to what it is, specifically you need, for the nourishment of your Soul. All you have to do, is desire to cooperate with the Graces, so you can heal. Deliverance prayers are essential daily, as well as the Rosary. Because through the Rosary, The Blessed Virgin Mary, your True Mother, is digging her heels into the head of the serpents, within the Faithful Remnant Church members, and members to be. Simply desire to unite your prayers, with your True Spiritual Mother's intentions, and this will help your prayers to be most effective. Jesus wants your focus to be on Him always, not yourself, so don't forget to reject the demonic cluster, of your former identity, (that is the false identity the world gave you) and ask for the Grace of your True Identity as a child of the Most High True God.

Wait a minute! - WHO has been Counseling JESUS all this time?

Jesus said: WHAT, I ASK, of My TRUE Followers, IS, “UNCOMFORTABLE”.  BUT it is ONLY, for ‘the GOOD, of their SOULS’ – that, I ASK, them, to LISTEN, to My FATHER.  For I, have received, ‘COUNSEL from My Father in HEAVEN’!  And of course, YOU were NOT expecting THAT!  BUT, I DO, AS, My FATHER, in HEAVEN, ‘ASKS, of ME’.  And HE, HAS, Given ME, ‘a PEOPLE’. HE, has GIVEN Me, MY REMNANT!  And SO, I hear, the WORDS, from My FATHER, in HEAVEN; and I, ‘DELIVER’, these Words of TRUTH, and LIFE – TO, My Two WITNESSES.  And My Two WITNESSES, RELAY, these SAME, ‘Saving TRUTHS’, to My Faithful REMNANT.  And SO – there IS ‘a Chain of COMMAND’.  So WHAT, has been ‘ASKED, OF you’, has GONE, FROM the TOP! – ALL the way down THROUGH, My TRUE Prophets.

Expect people to TRY to vent their demons on you, and be ready to COMMEND as is necessary.

Mary Romanus:  It is good to hear, that you are dealing with the spiritual battle, actively, and you now know, what the fruit of confronting people in the beast state, produces.  Anytime, someone is venting their demons on you, your call is to Commend them to the Discipline and Care of the Most High True God, immediately, and reject their demonic cluster, and stop the conversation from moving forward. Remember people without souls, can only feel anger, and hatred towards, you, so do not give into their demands on you, at any time. You are called to reject the demonic cluster of your former identity daily, and anytime, thoughts of the past, come back, reject the spirit of nostalgia, and ask for the Grace to live in the Present moment. When you are being guided by Jesus in the moment, that is when the evil spirits, will try to pull you back, into a false reality. Whenever that happens - whenever you feel a pull back into a false reality, simply reject 'the spirit of a false reality', and ask for the Grace to live in the True Spiritual Reality always.

Once people board the Ark of Safety, they NEED to keep growing.

PPTL: It is so good to have you on board.  It won't be an easy voyage - but you should know by now, that the best things in life are worth 'working your very best, to attain' - and THAT, is how you got your SOUL back - and THAT, kind of effort, is what is needed to persevere.  So, persevere, AND enjoy it!


Isn't it INTERESTING? - that people ONLY GOT their SOUL back, AFTER they reached out to their CREATOR - from the HEART, and with 'True REPENTANCE' - on HIS Terms.

Jesus said: She needs to TESTIFY with her SOUL, My children, it is her MIND that is Testifying.  She KNOWS what she needs to DO.  And WHEN she has DONE it, FULLY, from the HEART – THEN, the heavy WEIGHT, will be LIFTED; and, her SOUL, will be RETURNED, TO her.  SHE needs to keep REPENTING, from her HEART – AS she advised OTHERS to do.  There’s no point in TEACHING, to OTHERS, what SHE HERSELF is INCAPABLE of at this TIME – IS there?  AND so, she is ENCOURAGED, to keep STRIVING, after ‘TRUE Repentance’ – TRUE, HEARTFELT, REPENTANCE, to ME! – her MAKER.  SHE will KNOW, that she HAS a SOUL, when she has ‘an AWARENESS’, of a CONNECTION with Me

MANY people out there are in fact living "their OWN religion", apart from their Creator.  And so, "Why SHOULD they suddenly 'CHANGE, THEIR ways'? - and start following 'the Ways of the CREATOR', revealed in His TESTIMONY?" - they say to themselves.  The ANSWER?  Because what you are about to READ is what MILLIONS! - in fact have heard from their CREATOR - in response to them, choosing 'THAT path'.

Jesus said: You CANNOT come, ABOARD, My Ark, and FLOOD it – and EVERYONE on it – WITH YOUR DEMONS! – with ‘NEW AGE’, teachings – given TO you, STRAIGHT, from HELL.  With “WHERE your LOYALTIES are”, in your HEART.  And WITHOUT, ‘TRUE repentance’, you STILL have ‘the mark’.  YOU should not have WAITED, so long – to make your video.  You KNOW what is in FRONT of you, is ‘the ABSOLUTE Truth’; and yet you chose to be SELFISH – so that, you THOUGHT you were “benefitting” – from, the TRUTH; but you were ‘ONLY deceiving yourself’ – because you DID NOT DO, what was being ASKED, OF you. You THOUGHT you could ‘GO IT alone’.  Now you ARE “alone” – without, your SOUL.  YOU do not have ‘a connection WITH Me’ – BECAUSE of your CHOICE to DECEIVE yourself, AND, to DECEIVE My Two Witnesses – to BELIEVE that "your TESTIMONY" is TRUE.  "YOUR testimony", IS false!  MY TESTIMONY, is True!  And UNTIL you ‘take, this more SERIOUSLY’; UNTIL, you REPENT from the HEART, of ALL your WICKEDNESS! – and all of your ‘new AGE’, Christianity, and occult TEACHINGS – YOU WILL BE ‘forever, outside My Kingdom!’  Because MY KINGDOM, right NOW – as in ‘THOSE, on My ARK – who are BEGINNING to live the Era of PEACE in their HEARTS’ – they are ‘HEARTFELT sinners’.  WHAT this means is, when they SIN, they FEEL it in their HEARTS!  They are AWARE, of ‘HOW much’ sin OFFENDS Me – BECAUSE they have ‘a CONNECTION with Me’.  If YOU do not know “where you SIN”; and YOU have not REPENTED from the very DEPTHS, of your BEING – then you HAVE ‘no connection WITH Me’.  To MEND the BRIDGE - to ‘MEND the Gap’ BETWEEN us, you MUST do "your PART" - and there’s NOT much TIME left!

SO many of "the children", in these End Times, actually BELONG to 'the enemy' - UNTIL they get their Soul back, from their Creator.  And the ENEMY of their Soul will USE them! - to SUCK the life OUT, of EVERYONE around them - in as MUCH as he can, with their cooperation.  Yes the children DO need instruction and care; but you cannot FORCE them to believe, in 'a God whom they DO not worship"!

Jesus said: ...Keep TEACHING her, about My Testimony.  And, EVEN share WITH her, some of the ‘CHILDREN’S testimonies’, so that she can SEE, what My CHILDREN look like, AND ‘how they behave’, and what THEY share, in THEIR testimonies.  KEEP persevering My son.  You are NOT ‘able to save EVERYONE’; but YOU are CALLED – NOT to ‘spread yourself THIN’; you are called, to keep YOUR Lamp Lit; to keep oil in YOUR Lamp.  If you TRY to SHARE that, ‘OIL’, with SO many different PEOPLE – all at ONCE, how much will you HAVE, ‘left OVER’? FOCUS on YOUR purification!  THAT is your call.

For RELIEF from demonic strongholds in the home, or in people.

Jesus said: ...PRAY for Saint MICHAEL, to COME, with his Holy ANGELS, and, ‘DELIVER’...  ONLY time will tell...  CONTINUE to pray, the DAILY prayers, FROM The heart; AND, read the TESTIMONY, as a FAMILY.  PROCLAIM those WORDS of TRUTH, and LIFE! – IN the HOME! – to TELL the demons, that are still DWELLING there, that their HOME is “reserved, for the TRUE Holy Spirit”. BECAUSE the DEMONS WILL FLEE, as THEY proclaim MY Word. YES, they’ll ‘PROTEST’; but their PROTESTS won’t LAST long.  DAILY deliverance prayers ARE essential!... Turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit, and ASK him, what SPIRITS are AFFLICTING...  and THEN do the necessary DELIVERANCE prayers.  Because in these TIMES, PRAYER, IS, ESSENTIAL!  As LONG as they CONTINUE to reach out to ME – in their INTERIOR lives, with ALL their Souls, they will make it THROUGH, the coming CERN Wave.  FOCUS on Me! – NOT on ‘the World’.  The WORLD will GIVE you DISTRACTIONS – and in the WORLD, you have “Tribulation”; but I have ‘OVERCOME the world’; and YOU can overcome TOO – as you SEEK to be ‘WITH Me’, in ALL that you do.

The Official Members of the Faithful Remnant DID in fact win, the Gift of Eternal Life - including "a FREE pass on a physical death".  Here is a simple note, that was sent to one of them - a note that ULTIMATELY, in hindsight - got "lost in a drawer", or an email string... somewhere...

Pope Peter the Last: Yes, it is true - you DID win "the ULTIMATE lottery", and your gratitude is a sign of your new-found SPIRITUAL SANITY.  But here is the part that you need to drill into your entire being.  Perhaps put a summary of this on a sticky note on your computer monitor.  And it goes like this:  You DID win the ultimate lottery.  But if you simply put the winning ticket, in a drawer, and go on with your old life, one day, it will suddenly hit you, that you should have cashed it in - because the ticket expired.  Yes, you have the winning ticket.  But how do you cash it in?  By PERSEVERING in EACH and EVERY moment UNTIL, you give JESUS in the FLESH, "HIGH FIVES!"  Seriously... So now, what do you think about being aboard the ARK?  Are you "ALL IN"?  For the LONG HAUL?     

The schools have now become NO DIFFERENT than the institutional churches.

Jesus said: He NEEDS, to get OUT, of the educational SYSTEM – IF, he VALUES his SOUL.  For TRULY, ‘THAT system’, IS ‘the beast SYSTEM’.  And THOSE who have ‘the MARK’ – attend, those institutions; and TEACH, at those institutions!  THEY are, ‘NO different’, than ‘the INSTITUTIONAL churches’, that PRACTICE ‘the ABOMINATION of desolation’.  For ALL the STUDENTS, are ‘DEVOID of My SPIRIT’; and ALL of the TEACHERS, are ‘DEVOID of My SPIRIT’.  SO in FACT, the “educational SYSTEM”, is ‘a TEMPLE of DEMONS’.  HE needs to DECIDE, ‘where he wants to WORSHIP’.  I will help him FIND, ‘another occupation’, to pay the BILLS – IF he will cooperate with the GRACES.

Know that from time to time, SOME Members of the Faithful Remnant may go through "PERIODS of EXTREME religious persecution". But just because people may 'WANT' to vent their demons on you - does NOT mean that you are called to ENABLE, or TOLERATE that behavior in ANY way.  Each PERSON must ultimately CHOOSE! - if they WANT to be "a victim" - OR - if they WANT to be healed, and delivered.

Jesus said: He NEEDS to COMMEND, all of those, who are ‘taking HIM on’, on a personal BASIS, to My IMMEDIATE ONGOING and DIVINE JUSTICE!  And he NEEDS to reject, ALL of their demonic CLUSTERS – by NAME, if he can REMEMBER them – and GIVE them all TO Me; and TRADE them, for My TRUE PEACE BECAUSE where SIN abounds, GRACE abounds all the MORE – because MORE Grace is NECESSARY, for ‘the GRAVER’, the SIN. ALL has been FORGIVEN [- because he BECAME a Member of the Faithful Remnant]; and he is not ‘the same INDIVIDUAL, he once WAS’.  BUT, he MUST understand: ‘the DEVIL is not FORGIVING’ – and so the PEOPLE, with the MARK – those BEASTS, are ‘not FORGIVING!’ – because they CANNOT forgive, in that ‘STATE’They can ONLY hold grudges against THEMSELVES!  So they will be SURE to hold grudges against HIM!  He NEEDS to reject, ‘the spirit of ANGER, HATRED, BITTERNESS, RESENTMENT, UNFORGIVENESS, and WRATH’ – and ASK for the Grace, of the INDWELLING, of the Blessed TRINITY, in his SOUL, instead.  HE needs to ALLOW himself, to be TRANSFORMED by My WORD – even MORE so.  And of COURSE, as ‘My True Follower’, he will be HATED, by ALL – for My NAME’S SAKE.

When MOST people [- 99%, give or take a few...] FIND the Testimony, and they quickly discover that they are on "the wrong PATH in life" - MOST of them simply HOLD their course, and expect to glean EVERYTHING they possibly CAN, from the Two of US, from the TESTIMONY, and from their Creator.  It's actually predictable.

Jesus said: And so, NOW that you KNOW, ‘your POOR lifestyle CHOICES’, are BLOCKING you, from RECEIVING Graces, from My THRONE, in HEAVEN what are YOU, PREPARED, to DO, ABOUT it?  Do YOU, STILL, WISH, to PURSUE, your ‘WORLDLY, DESIRES’ – APART from My WILL?  WHO, is, “the Heavenly PHYSICIAN?”  Are YOU, your OWN DOCTOR?  YOU need, to REPENT, WHOLEHEARTEDLY; but YOU CANNOT DO this – if you CONTINUE to CHOOSE, ‘the COURSE’, that you have taken.  It is ‘ALL a MATTER of CHOICE’ – and THEN the GRACES will FOLLOW.  RIGHT now you FEEL ‘so EMPTY inside’ – yet you are FILLED, with SO MANY ‘MATERIAL things’.  YOU MUST repent from the HEART; NO, 'LIP, SERVICE'!

NO one can 'FAKE' being a Member of the Faithful Remnant. Do you want to know WHY?  Because saying you are SORRY is ONE thing - but actually EMBRACING and LIVING the ONLY sustainable lifestyle on the PLANET? - is completely another!

Jesus said: Not EVERYONE who SAYS to me “LORD, LORD, will ENTER the Kingdom of HEAVEN; but THOSE, who SEEK to do the WILL of My FATHER – in EACH and EVERY MOMENT.  YOU, have TAKEN, ‘the NECESSARY STEPS’, to ‘BEGIN’, your SPIRITUAL, journey – to LIVE, AS, ‘a TRUE, CHRISTIAN’.  I do not want to hear, “EXCUSES”, from you; ALL, I want, IS, YOUR, SINCERE, repentance.  NOW, YOU know, that you have GIVEN me, YOUR, sincere REPENTANCE. And HOW, DO I KNOW, ‘this’ – but because you DID, what, was asked, of you.  What, was ‘NECESSARY’, FOR your, ‘SALVATION’.  But, your journey has ONLY, ‘begun’. YOU ‘cut it a little bit CLOSE’, to DECIDE, to forsake EVERYTHING; and follow ME.  BUT! – I will RECEIVE you, ONCE again.  Know that you WILL, have, RESISTANCE, in, your SOUL – to ‘WHAT is being, REQUIRED’.  But I will HELP you ‘overcome’, the TEMPTATIONS to turn BACK, to, the WORLD! - if YOU turn to ME - I will GIVE YOU, ‘the NECESSARY Graces’SIMPLY desire the GRACES – because, THEY, are ‘of HEAVEN’.  REJECT, the demons; DO the necessary ‘Deliverance Prayers’, and DAILY housekeeping

What is the Most High TRUE God calling 'the MEN' to embrace?  It's not 'their FEELINGS' that's for sure!  In fact, "feelings" get ABSORBED by the women so QUICKLY in these Times, it's actually amazing to think that there would be ANY "left over", for the men... to even reject.

Jesus said: YOU, are ‘the HEAD’, of THAT household!  Because, you have a SOUL! – and YOU, ARE, ‘the MAN’.  YOU, ARE, CALLED, to represent ‘MY, male HEADSHIP’ – OVER, your FAMILY.  I will GIVE you, the NECESSARY Graces; but DO NOT rely, on your FEELINGS! – because the CERN waves, are ONLY going to increase, those, ‘bad FEELINGS’, inside you.  Cling TO me, with ALL your strength!  Although you are WELCOMED, aboard, My Ark of SAFETY – YOU will need to do ‘a Video TESTIMONY’ – sharing, the BLESSINGS, that the TESTIMONY has brought, TO you, ON, ‘a personal basis’.

This is most DEFINITELY "the WORST time in human history to be a TEENAGER".  And here is just ONE small sample, as to why.

Jesus said: HOW have they ALL, decided to CHANGE, for the BETTER, and DO, what it IS, I am ASKING of them?  Do THEY, STILL, go to PARTIES? – and, ENTERTAIN their FRIENDS, and FAMILIES, in, 'the BEAST state'?  DO they SECRETLY, ‘PRIDE themselves’, on being SHARED, ‘the GIFT, of My TESTIMONY’?  Have THEY, been WITHHOLDING, that ‘SPIRITUAL, NOURISHMENT, and FOOD’, from OTHERS? – for HOW long? – when EACH of them, was GIVEN, ‘a SIGN’, of the AUTHENTICITY, OF, My Word – MOVING through My TESTIMONY.  And at ‘the LAST, MINUTE’, THEY expect, ME – a MAN, to bow to THEM, and ‘the spirit of JEZEBEL’, moving, THROUGH them.  THEY are going to HAVE to do BETTER!  IT is NOT about ‘muttering LIP service’ to THEMSELVES, or to ME; it is about LIVING, the True FAITH, and about MAKING, ‘BIG CHANGES’, IN, their LIVES!  It is about EACH of them, ‘REPENTING, from the INNERMOST depths, of their BEING’, and DESIRING, ‘TRUTH’, and LIFE – at ALL costs! – SACRIFICING their social STATUS, AND positions – for the SAKE of My TESTIMONY. For WHO is ‘the HEAD of that HOUSEHOLD’?  And who is CALLED to be ‘the head of that household’?  THIS, is NOT, ‘a TREND’, or, ‘a CLUB mentality'EACH of them, must, work out their SALVATION.  It is between ME, and ‘each INDIVIDUAL’, IN that house.  NOT QUITE THERE yet.  DO better!    

It IS always "a RELIEF", when someone actually manages to TURN to their Creator, in order to crawl OUT from beneath that massive 'pile of DUNG', they have been living in.  Because people actually 'FORGET', what the fresh air SMELLS like, after just a few years.  But BREATHING in the Fresh Air, ISN'T a good excuse to dive back INSIDE, to dig for your relatives - as MANY, have discovered... their RELATIVES that is! - and NOT the way back out again.

Jesus said: WELCOME, ABOARD, the ARK! – My daughter. Because TRULY, you HAVE, FOUND, your SOUL!  It has BEEN RETURNED TO you!  And THAT is, ‘your connection, WITH Me’.  I HAVE been HELPING you IN, your INTERIOR life – to FIND, the ROOT causes, of your SEPARATION from Me; and I have been HELPING YOU, to REJECT, ‘SIN’, and the EVIL SPIRITS, so that YOU can be filled with JOY, and TRUE Peace – and THAT is what you are experiencing, NOW – the GIFT of TRUE Peace!  BECAUSE, for YOU, it WASN’T ABOUT ‘boarding, the ARK’; your FOCUS, was on ‘gaining your SOUL, BACK’  You SEE, It is NOT, ‘a CLUB, MENTALITY’ – YOUR relationship, with ME, is between YOU, and ME!  Pope PETER, and MARY, are HERE, to HELP you ‘better DISCERN’, what the TRUE Holy Spirit, is ASKING OF you; what the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, is TELLING you to DO – because THEY, have HAD, ‘MANY YEARS, of PRACTICE’ – LISTENING to My Will; and, the Greatest Gift, that YOU gave, to ME – was ‘SURRENDERING, YOUR will, TO Mine’.  And NOW your SOUL has ‘FOUND refuge’ – in THESE DARK times.  You can THANK, your BLESSED MOTHER as WELL – for HER intercession, on your behalf. 

Should you DISCOVER that your source of INCOME, is "not COMPATIBLE", with the Narrow Path to the Fullness of the Era of True Peace on Earth - there is no need to PANIC.  But there IS a need, for prayer and quiet reflection.

Jesus said: AS for, ‘FUTURE employment’, do NOT be concerned – YOU WILL be LED, to ‘ANOTHER source of INCOME’. ASK, Saint ANTHONY, and, SAINT Michael, to LEAD you, to your new JOB!  BUT! – AFTER, CERN.  RIGHT now, TAKE these days ‘OFF’, and, SPEND time in PRAYER, and in QUIET reflection.  Make SURE, you are doing ‘the DELIVERANCE prayers’; be SURE, to reject ‘the demonic CLUSTERS’, of all the PEOPLE, that you can THINK of.  And ASK, for My GRACES; FILL yourself, WITH, My GRACES!  EMPTY yourself – of ‘SELFISHNESS’; and TAKE in ‘ALL the Graces’.  BE, ‘SPIRITUALLY selfish’ for the Kingdom, of HEAVEN!  And Be FILLED, with, JOY!  And LET your Joy, be SEEN by OTHERS! – ESPECIALLY, those, in the REMNANT.  CONTINUE to feast, on MY Testimony – and YOU will NEVER be hungry, OR thirsty, AGAIN!

Yes the DEVIL IS handing out "vocations to save EVERYONE".  But FORTUNATELY - for all of US! - God the Almighty and Eternal FATHER in Heaven - ALREADY assigned that TRUE Role, to Jesus Christ the Lord... FOR the record! (- but that doesn't mean that ANYONE who reads this is going to CHOOSE to change...)

Jesus said: WHY, would you TURN, to ‘ANYTHING else’, BUT, My TESTIMONY?  The ONLY Recipe for SALVATION, IN, these End TIMES!  Veronica LEUKEN, YES, SHE IS ‘a SAINT’ – and her PROPHECIES, are TRUE!  BUT! – THOSE prophecies were GIVEN, during, ‘a different time PERIOD’! – for the PEOPLE, to BENEFIT from – when they HAD their SOULS.  It is BETTER, to FOCUS, on your OWN, PURIFICATION; than SPREADING yourself ‘SO THIN’, that you neglect your OWN interior life.   Remember you CANNOT save, EVERYONE!  Nor can I!  Would YOU ‘PRESUME to be a GOD’ – IN, your own HOUSEHOLD? – to SAY to yourself, “I will SPEND My last DAYS, before, 'the TRIBULATION, of CERN' - on helping EVERYONE else – who CANNOT be helped – I will help THEM!”  YOU KNOW in your HEART – they are NOT RECEIVING My Testimony with SINCERITY; and they ONLY want to ‘EAT UP your TIME’ [- a reference to 'the demons INSIDE them', asking ENDLESS questions...] OF course, ‘all of HEAVEN’, is PRAYING, for the FAITHFUL Remnant, and the FAITHFUL Remnant to BE.  Now YOU must do YOUR part.  FOCUS, on the purification, of your SOUL – DOING the necessary DELIVERANCE prayers; AND the daily ROSARY.  But you CANNOT save, ‘EVERYONE’; and you CANNOT hold, your FAMILY, in higher ESTEEM, than the WILL of My FATHER – and EXPECT to survive!

PPTL: And I will also now warn you, that if you do not start working on the purification of your OWN Soul, then, in fact, you WILL be giving the victory over your Soul, to the demons, working through the people you have been reaching out to, in vain.  For if YOU do not nourish YOURSELF with the Testimony, the demons in the people around you, like zombies, will simply devour you, spiritually.  Already, you are becoming weak.  They - the demons, only need a LITTLE more time to work on you, with YOUR consent, and you will NOT have the strength, to fight off the effects of the CERN Waves. You are now being put on notice.  CHANGE COURSE!  Immediately!

Can your CREATOR multiply your FAITH each DAY?

Jesus said: ...TRULY, you have FOUND, “The Narrow PATH”.  HOW NARROW? – is this PATH?  There IS no other, “WAY”, to Salvation – EXCEPT, through ME! - And not ONLY through ME, but THROUGH, My TRUE, Representative, HERE, on EARTH – POPE, Petrus Romanus.  YOU have learned MUCH, OVER the TIME, that YOU have spent READING, and ABSORBING, My TESTIMONY; AND, YOU have been ‘EXPERIENCING, the FRUITS, and the GIFTS’, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit.  And NOW – you are FINALLY, SHARING, ‘the FRUITS’, of My TESTIMONY – TO the NATIONS!  For YOU, have FOUND, ‘the ULTIMATE Source’ of TRUTH, in THESE, End TIMES! – and you TESTIFIED, ‘JUST, in TIME’.  STAY, IN contact, with Pope PETRUS Romanus; and RECEIVE, and APPLY the NECESSARY, ‘Divine COUNSEL’, for your Life.  PERSEVERE, in FAITHASK Me to INCREASE your Faith, DAILY! – and I will – for there is ‘NO Limit’, to My GIFTS, and My Blessings.

The BASICS of the SPIRITUAL life were explained to ONE individual today.  What about YOU?

Jesus said: After ALL of your ‘efforts’, you are STILL choosing, to be ANGRY at YOURSELF, AND, at Me; when what you SHOULD be focusing on, is doing EVERYTHING you POSSIBLY can, to GET your SOUL back! – EVEN, for the SAKE, OF, your family!  You ARE “upset”, because, you did not ‘DO’, what was required OF you; and YOU gave Me ‘LIP service’.  You SPREAD My TESTIMONY – YES! – but you ‘HELD ON’, to your OLD life.  You CANNOT have, both ‘the WORLD’ AND Me.  YOU must decide between the TWO.  You KNOW My Testimony is True!  And with what LITTLE ‘free will’, you HAVE, WHY not make the best USE of it – by spending some ‘quiet time’ – in PRAYER, in REPENTANCE! – TRUE repentance!  I am NOT INTERESTED! – in “what you SAY”, with your WORDS; I look BEYOND THAT, to the INNERMOST depths, of your HEART!  I do not Judge by ‘what I SEE’, but, I Judge, by ‘what is INVISIBLE’.  I can SEE, ‘what is invisible’; and I can SEE, that you are NOT, ‘taking, the call, SERIOUSLY’.  You NEED to CHANGE!  DO NOT choose to be ‘INDIGNANT’, at ‘WHAT I am asking OF you’. I DO Love you, and I WANT you to be ABLE to EXPERIENCE that Love.  BUT first, you must SHOW Me, that, ‘YOU love ME’.  SHOW Me that you are ‘My FRIEND’, by DOING, ‘what is required’, OF you.  I do not want ‘a FORCED relationship’, WITH you.  And the SPIRITUAL life, is NOT about “do’s, and don’ts”. The SPIRITUAL life, is about the SPIRITUAL Laws – the SPIRITUAL Realities; it is about ‘the SPIRIT of the LAW’. So DO! – what is NECESSARY! – in ORDER, to GET aboard, My Ark, of SAFETY.  DO not ‘live in self-DECEPTION’, any LONGER.  This is My LAST, “invitation”, TO you.

For the record, it ISN'T safe to walk backwards towards cliffs.  Don't forget THAT.

Jesus said: It's all "water under the bridge" at THIS point in your Journey.

PPTL: DO NOT, allow the enemy, to BOMBARD your interior life, with HIS photo album, of HIS victories in your past life.  Because THAT, in fact, is a disservice, to the one who forgave you.  If you want to fix something, FIX, those memories, to the very BOTTOM, of "the Sea of Forgetfulness", EVERY time, one pops back into your head.   Make a resolution today, that ALL the past sins you have repented of, when remembered, will be immediately lifted up to Jesus, and you will IMMEDIATELY, without DWELLING on them, ask Him to cover them in His Precious Blood, and BLOT them OUT of your interior life, and send them to the Eternal Sea of Forgetfulness, and put the memory of HIS Mercy, in their stead, instead - get it? (that was a play on words).  And you need to ask for the Grace, to allow the forgiveness of your Creator to flow TO you, so that you can forgive YOURSELF with it, and then DO so, FULLY, and WITHOUT reserve, until there is NOTHING, you can remember, that you do not forgive yourself for. And Ask the TRUE Holy Spirit to illuminate those things.  You see, the point of this JOURNEY, is to move FORWARD, and UPWARDS; not to walk backwards, towards the cliff, named "unforgiveness".  Understand?

Today's special Rosary intentions:


And so "the wedding banquet" is to celebrate the Marriage of WHO?

Jesus said: And so, I am “the BRIDEGROOM”. And My TRUE Faithful Remnant Church, is “the BRIDE”.  What MORE is there to SAY?

This is a CLASSIC response, given to someone whose DEMONS gave him "bad feelings" every time he read our Counsel.

Jesus said: He NEEDS to reject, ‘the DEMON, of SPIRITUAL insanity’. And ASK for the GRACE, OF Spiritual Sanity.  He NEEDS to reject, ‘the DEMON of REBELLION’, and ASK for the GRACE, of HOLY Docility, to MY Divine Will and Plan, for his LIFE.  HE says, that you hurt his FEELINGS!  THAT is "GOOD".  Because, “the DEMONS”, are the ONES, that GIVE him those “feelings”.  HE needs, to ASK for the GRACE, to see the DEMONS as ‘his enemy’; and STOP seeing HIMSELF, as ‘ALWAYS, in the RIGHT’.  HOW, CAN, HE ‘possibly LEARN?’ – if he CONSTANTLY protests, in his INTERIOR life – what is being ASKED of him?...  He has got ‘some GROWING to do!’  BETTER for him to renounce his pride, than to let THAT, be what MAKES him fall, off my Ark.  HE needs to PRAY, and ASK for the Grace, of TRUE Humility!

PPTL: I am now giving you a FORMAL warning, that if you DO NOT TAKE YOUR DELIVERANCE PRAYERS SERIOUSLY, you will be off the Ark, in a matter of days.  Your choice.  Your demons.  Your millstones.  Cling to them, or throw them overboard.  The clock is ticking.

'All of HEAVEN' is in fact praying that you would CHOOSE to Glorify your Creator!

Actual email:The video is now live on my channel!  Thanks for encouraging me to make the video.  I would not have made it without your help.  As I was uploading the video, YouTube showed me that there were remaining 440 minutes for the upload to complete.  I prayed to Saint Anthony for help with the internet connection.  I prayed that the video would upload in 10 minutes.  The video uploaded in 10 minutes!  Glory be to The Most High True God!!!  Beautiful life!

PPTL: Yes, and it is only getting better - the MORE you FOCUS, on the SOURCE of every good thing!  And do not be concerned, ever! - about what the beasts think.  It is only a distraction.

Jesus said: And SO, let your light SHINE, before MEN!  That they may GLORIFY, My FATHER, who LIVES and REIGNS, in the HEAVENS!  Amen!

In these Times, "Christian Rock", is simply SECULAR music, with a few "RIGHTEOUS words" added.

Actual email:Pope Peter should we be listening to Christian rock?

Jesus said: “Christian Rock”, IS, ‘HOW it sounds’ – DESIGNED, to have, ‘the DEVIL’S BEAT’, PLAY, in the BACKGROUND – while, the SINGER, PROCLAIMS themselves, as “anointed” – when they are ‘most DESOLATE’; AND, VERY often, it is ONLY, the DEMONS, of ‘self RIGHTEOUSNESS’, that are SINGING THROUGH them.  NO!  It is ‘MUCH better’, to LISTEN, to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit, in the MOMENT! – than to DELUGE, one SELF, with the SINGING, of ‘the INSPIRATIONS from DEMONS’.  It sounds “GOOD”!  The WORDS are ‘VERY affirming!’  BUT! – THAT type of “christianity”, WILL not ‘HELP’, MY Faithful Remnant.  BETTER, to LISTEN, to ‘the MUSIC’, of My Two WITNESSES – if you want ‘something to LISTEN to’; than turn to ‘the spirit of the WORLD’ - for music.

It is better to be GRATEFUL for the long road of PERSEVERANCE in FRONT of you, with PATIENCE.

PPTL: You are welcome!  And we DO appreciate getting heartfelt feedback, from time to time, as we devote every ounce of strength, to doing what we do... We are really doing our best to help everyone, in as much as that is possible.  But remember, YOU, had to SACRIFICE, your JOB, your friends at WORK, your EXPECTATIONS, and your PLANS for your FUTURE, to BE, where you are today.  DON'T forget the role of 'SACRIFICE'.  Because you will need to make MANY more Sacrifices, on your Journey.  Hopefully, you have learned by now, that WHATEVER your Creator asks of you, no matter HOW far that stretches you, it is worth it!

Have you been doing "YOUR part"? - so that your CREATOR, in turn, can do 'HIS'?

Jesus said: What faithful Remnant Videos have you watched?  What MASSES, have you watched? What HOMILIES, have you WATCHED?  WHAT about, “TRUE Repentance”, from the INNERMOST depths, of your ‘BEING’? – not “LIP service”, but TRUE Repentance and TRUE Humility?  YOU need to be FILLED with My LIFE!  YOU need to DESIRE, to LIVE.  YOU need to PRAY the Burning BUSH Prayer, from the HEART, and REPENT wholeheartedly, and TURN to My MERCY.  MY Two WITNESSES, will CONTINUE to PRAY for you; but YOU need to DO, what is being ASKED of you.  I can turn that “FLICKER”, into ‘a BUSH fire’!  But you NEED to keep REPENTING – UNTIL you MEAN IT!

For those who have YET to TESTIFY to the FRUITS of the Testimony, in their lives.

Jesus said: WHY, did you not DO, what was asked, OF you?  THIS time, PRAY your PRAYERS; REJECT the spirit of CONFUSION, and self-DECEPTION; and ASK for the GRACE, of ‘CLARITY of MIND’, and VISION of PURPOSE.  Do NOT ‘REBEL, IN your HEART’ – LIKE the DEVIL, DID; and DOES every DAY.  HIS will is ‘FIXED’.  YOU do NOT want ‘YOUR will’ FIXED, on the DEMONS!  DO better!  ASK the TRUE Holy Spirit to HELP you, write a PROPER, video, TESTIMONY, of the BLESSINGS, that you have received.

Focus on 'praying to the TRUE Jesus', from your HEART - and the DEVIL will FLEE!

Mary Romanus: The enemy is simply doing everything he can to keep you focused on the demons, and the evil spirits, and your sins, and failings; when Jesus is calling you to focus, on Him, and on doing what is being asked of you in each and every moment. The enemy is tempting you to commit the sin of blasphemy, in order to get you to believe, that when you are praying, that you are not praying to the Most High True God, but that you are praying to the devil.  And so reject your desire, to see yourself, as praying to the devil when you pray, and ask for the Grace, to focus on Jesus Christ the Lord, instead.  Ask for Graces, while you are praying, and earnestly desire the higher gifts, and virtues, and the enemy will see that your focus is on Jesus, and His spiritual gifts, and he will back down. The more you submit to the Most High True God, the more ground the enemy loses in your Soul. Simple.

This is for the "married" MEN who find the Testimony, when their "WIFE" put their FOOT down against it.

PPTL: The woman you are LEGALLY married to, you are no longer married to in the eyes of your Creator.  Her main weakness, is the fact that 'she doesn't have a Soul'.  She has grown comfortable with 'the mark of the beast' instead.  The INSTANT you got your Soul back, was the instant that you were called, to live in separate rooms, at night.  You need to know that in Heaven's Eyes, all acts of intimacy, between humans with Souls, and human shells without Souls, are seen as "the act of bestiality".  She has VERY little time left, to use the Blessed Holy Water and get the mark of the baphomet on her forehead removed, or she will never be able to get her Soul back; and your former marriage with her, you will not be able to renew, on a spiritual level - It will just be "a legal contract", in the eyes of your Creator.  This information is already revealed on the website - you just need to read it, and think.

And SHOULD that "wife", come to her SENSES?

PPTL: What is required from her, is "a SOUL!"  And you KNOW, what is required, for her to get hers back.  She will need to use the Blessed Holy Water - YOUR Blessed Holy Water; she will need to pray the Burning Bush Prayer, and repent of ALL her sins, from the very DEPTHS of her heart.  She will need to desire to surrender her will, to the will of her Creator.  If she does not have her Soul back, SOON! - she will not be able to get it back.  The mark will then, not be removed, by anything she does, or prays, or says.  Understand?  I would strongly suggest, that she use her time wisely, as the clock ticks down.  There will be no "extensions".  Once the doors to the Wedding Banquet are shut, that will be the end, of those outside the ARK - just as it was, in the time of Noah.  In this case, it will be their spiritual end, of their ability to renew their connection with their Creator.  It is Just.  The time for scoffing ends.

Is "the HEAVY path of doubts", continually WEIGHING on you?

Mary Romanus: The biggest root cause of all of your afflictions - is your desire to continually doubt, the Testimony of the Most High True God, and always have a "what if" in the back of your mind. You are not experiencing the fullness of the blessings from the Testimony, because "the hors d'oeuvres" [- french, for "a tray of appetizers", usually on crackers...], the enemy is offering to you, are more appealing, at this time.  These secret consents in your heart, to give in to the thoughts that the demons give you, and make them your own, is going to be 'the MILLSTONE', holding you back, until you simply let go of all your desires, to control your own life.  You are obeying, yes - but simply 'out of fear' of The Most High True God.  But the problem, with that approach? - is even the DEMONS! - fear HIM. They MUST DO what He Commands them to.  Don't chain yourself to them.  Instead, let go of your former identity, by resolving to be the person, that the Most High True God, has called you to be.  Do not hold grudges against yourself, or others - for anything. You must simply desire to live as Free as you possibly can from the demons. Right now you interior life, is still chained to them. Remember that nothing is a secret from the Most High True God, and sooner or later, he reveals our choices to us.  Make better resolutions to live for HIM, and not for yourself or the demons, and you will have constant JOY!

For all those who are FOCUSED on being sick.

Mary Romanus: Right now, you need to sit down, and do some deliverance prayers, while using the Blessed Holy Water. Reject the spirit of infirmity, and ask for the Grace of the indwelling of the True Holy spirit of Health, Wholeness, and Healing. Reject your desire to be dependent on medication and ask for the Grace, to become dependent on the Most High True God's Graces instead. Reject your desire to be spiritually afflicted, and ask for the Grace to desire, to be spiritually nourished by the Most High True God, instead. Reject the spirit of depression, and ask for the Grace of the Joy of the Lord, Most High True God, instead. Reject the spirits of fears, doubts worries and anxieties, and ask for the Grace of the indwelling of the Blessed Trinity in your Soul, instead. Jesus is telling His Remnant, right now, to take a few days off work, and spend time in prayer. Now is the time to stay home, and spiritually focused, and listening to the True Holy Spirit, and what He wants you to focus on in your own spiritual purification. Reject your desire to panic as well, and ask for the Grace of the indwelling of the True Peace of the Most High True God.

The enemy of your Soul WILL tempt you to bury the Testimony.  Better to use your Gifts, and multiply them instead.

Mary Romanus"The Testimony is the Talent", is referring to the parable of the talent. The point of watching that homily, was to help you focus, on always desiring to use the gifts, that have been given to you, through the Most High True God's Testimony. In fact, it would be good to pray for the Grace, to use all the gifts, and Graces, the Most High True God, has given to you.  The more you use your gifts, the more Jesus will give you. It is important to remember not to bury your talent, but to make more with it, as is taught in the parable of the Talent. Ask for the fruits, and gifts, of the True Holy Spirit daily, and ask for the Most High True God, to bless all that you do, out of Love for Him. That is a good start.

For those who are struggling to CONNECT with their Creator, as they pray.

Mary Romanus: Always pray with your eyes open, because that will help you focus more on Who you are praying to. Praying with the eyes shut, is actually turning inwards.  [For the married women...] It is always best to follow your husband's lead, as he sets the pace for the prayers.  Ask Jesus for the Grace, to mean every word from the heart, as you pray them together, and to speed up your purification.  Lift up that need to pray slower to the Most High True God, and trust that He will answer your prayer if it is His Will.

For those who are STRUGGLING to break FREE from 'their former identity'.

Mary Romanus: Remember to ask for your Blessed Mother's intercession continually, for the necessary Graces, to be rapidly purified.  Reject your desire to see yourself, as alone, and ask for the Grace for True Spiritual Vision, to see that you are LOVED by all of Heaven.  Ask for the Grace to be in full communion with the saints in Heaven, always.  Reject your desire to brood over past wrongs, committed against you, and ask for the Grace to forgive everyone, for having personally injured you in your former life. Reject the demonic cluster of your former identity, and ask for the Grace to live your True identity, as a child of the Most High True God.  These are just necessary daily spiritual housekeeping chores, to keep you spiritually focused, and unburdened.  Remember the True Holy Spirit appeared as 'a Male Dove' - a bird - so remember to desire to always have HIM dwelling with you throughout your day. Turn to the True Holy Spirit often, and ask Him what He wants you to do next. In that way, you will stay spiritually focused on doing. The enemy works his way in, little by little - and by our neglects in doing what we are called to do in the moment - and by falling back into spiritual laziness. So whenever you "feel" drowsy, ask for the Grace of spiritual Awakeness, and if the True Holy Spirit is calling you to physically rest, then do so.  Remember that you are called to take a nap during the day, because the battle is so intense. Your physical body and mind, need to rest, and be rejuvenated, by the Gift of Holy Slumber. 

This is a Divine Judgement that was given from Heaven, against a young woman who had resolved to live a double life.

Jesus said: EVERY desire, for her, to be PURIFIED, and to get her SOUL back, has been ‘STRIPPED from her’, because, of her bad choices.  She CHOSE, to INDULGE, in ‘the SPIRIT of the WORLD’, for SO long; and NOW she is BEGINNING to ‘DROWN, in her DEMONS’ – that she has been ‘TIGHTLY embracing’. And the GIFTS and the GRACES, that have been given TO her, have been ‘pulled BACK’. IT is ‘Just’ - on ‘the WICKED ones’, of this ERA.

Jesus welcomes a new arrival, and invites him to PROVE, that he is in fact "a DOER of the Word" - NOT just a hearer, or "a mere stowaway".

Jesus said: I ACCEPT his repentance, AND his HEARTFELT confession; and I have REMOVED ‘the mark, of the beast’, FROM, his FOREHEAD – so that he is ABLE to see, more CLEARLY, ‘what is in FRONT of him’.  And now he DOES have his Soul; AND the Gift of ‘Spiritual Sanity’.  But now he must DO, what I ASK of him – so that he can SHOW Me, ‘he is a DOER’, by his ACTIONS! – by his DOCILITY, TO, My Divine WILL, FOR him.  [- Now speaking to "the NEW ARRIVAL"...] TRULY, you have COME to your SPIRITUAL senses!  And you SEE, and KNOW, that ‘TIME is VERY short!’  SO, you must ‘get to WORK!’ – in DOING ‘what is asked OF you’!  My POPE; My TRUE Vicar! – Petrus Romanus, is HERE, to GIVE you ‘Divine Counsel’ – so that you can ‘SURVIVE’, what is coming.  PERSEVERE.  DIE to ‘your OLD self’ - AND live, for Me.  SERVE, and do MY Will – from NOW on – by FOLLOWING, the inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit, IN your interior life; by being SPIRITUALLY Nourished, AND fed – with My WORD; with “the HIDDEN manna”.  Amen!

Most people will ONLY turn back to their KING, in response to His Divine Justice manifesting in their lives.  And SO?...

Jesus said: THANK you, for ACKNOWLEDGING, MY Testimony, BEFORE all the Nations! – for TRULY, you HAVE received, ‘SPIRITUAL, nourishment’, for your SOUL!...  YOUR, desire to LIVE, the TRUTHS, that I, have SHARED – in My TESTIMONY, has NOT ‘GONE unnoticed’.  CONTINUE, to PERSEVERE, in PRAYING, the DAILY Prayers – ESPECIALLY, the DELIVERANCE Prayers!  And BLESS, your HOME – OFTEN, throughout the DAY – whenever you CAN! – WITH the Blessed HOLY Water.  YOU are CALLED, to COMMEND, your FAMILY members, to My IMMEDIATE and ONGOING, ‘Divine, JUSTICE!’ – CONTINUALLY – WITHOUT STOPPING.  So that PERHAPS, SOME of them will ‘COME to their SENSES’.  YES, I will have MERCY, on THOSE, who DESIRE to show MERCY – to THEMSELVES; AND, to ME...  PERSEVERE!  I am your STRENGTH!  I Love you – WITH, ‘an EVERLASTING, Love’.

Once the CERN portal opened - the Great Flood of demons, DID in fact 'take its TOLL', on ALL those who REFUSED to be "all IN", the ONLY Ark of Safety OUT there.  That doesn't mean that years LATER, we won't still find a few traumatized survivors out there, mumbling to themselves as they cling TIGHTLY to whatever is still floating.

Jesus said: YOU, are GOING to need to REPENT, from the INNERMOST depths, of your being – while USING, the Blessed HOLY Water, and ASKING Me, to REMOVE, the MARK, of the BEAST.  YOU, will KNOW, the MARK has been REMOVED, when, you become ‘ALIVE, AGAIN’! – when you RECEIVE, My TRUE Holy Spirit.  Your ‘FLESH’, was ‘TESTIFYING’; but your HEART, was ‘FAR from, your WORDS’.  You NEED to pray the Burning BUSH Prayer, and MEAN it! – with EVERY ounce, of HUMANITY, that you HAVE, LEFT.  THIS is ‘NOT a GAME’!  This is ‘VERY real’; and YOU are going to need to take your SPIRITUAL life MUCH, MUCH more SERIOUSLY.  Because 'the DOOR, to My ARK', is about to shut for GOOD; and the WINDOW, will be SHUT as WELL!  CHOOSE wisely! – while there is ‘STILL time, for you, to choose’. If YOU do not want your WILL ‘fixed, on the DEMONS’, then DO! – what is NECESSARY, to get your SOUL back!  If you WANT it! – YOU, will DO, EVERYTHING, to GET it.

It's "last call" - even for the children.  Even THEY have to choose.  But WHO can force a child, to desire "GOODNESS"?

Jesus said: UNFORTUNATELY, there is 'not much LEFT', in her, My children.  And TRULY, she only HAS, ‘a few HOURS’, before the LIGHT, that is IN her, is ‘GONE’.  SHE, needs to desire, ME – to DESIRE, to have ‘a RELATIONSHIP’, with ‘a Guardian ANGEL’.  The best THING, for him, to do, in this time, is to CONTINUE, to Pray, WITH her – the DELIVERANCE prayers!  That is ALL, that he can do – for her, while she USES the Blessed HOLY Water.  And ONLY time will tell, what she CHOOSES, in the END.  For not EVERYONE, can be Saved – not EVEN the children.

Of course, people are "FREE to put off taking the Testimony to heart", for as LONG as it pleases... their DEMONS.  Of course there ARE "consequences" - for as LONG as it 'PLEASES', the Just Judge.  And 'how LONG' would THAT BE?

Jesus said: She CHOSE her demons, My children; she CHOSE to WAIT – UNTIL, it was too LATE!  HOW has she had mercy on ME?  But she showed her DEMONS “mercy”. And NOW, they have ‘TAKEN her, COMPLETELY over’.  She does NOT desire ANYTHING of My KINGDOM; NOR CAN she, EVER again!

We can ONLY help those who desire 'to LOSE the demons', and who choose 'to be filled with all that HEAVEN offers them' instead.  And sometimes? - for STUBBORN Souls? - it can be a very long and arduous journey.

Jesus said: IF you are Truly SORRY, then YOU will reject ‘the spirit of SATAN’, while using the Blessed HOLY Water.  And you will stop, allowing HIM, to reside, in your Soul.  YOU can have ‘ALL the false externals’, of BEING My Follower. BUT! – I know when your HEART, is ‘far FROM Me’. YOU have ABUSED, ‘COUNSEL’, and My TWO WITNESSES; and YOU have played ‘SO many games’ – through REFUSING to cooperate.  You CAN’T, EMBRACE, ‘the SPIRIT of the DEVIL’, AND Me!  YOU CANNOT, ‘ALLOW’, your SOUL to be FLOODED, with DEMONS, and ‘FLOOD your HOUSE’, with DEMONS! – to KEEP EVERYONE, ‘under your CONTROL’!  YOU do not ‘RULE over the DEMONS’!  YOU must CHOOSE who your ALLEGIANCE is to – IN YOUR INTERIOR LIFE!  The EVIL spirits working THROUGH you, are ‘SMART’!  But I am a BILLION times faster than THEY are!

Yes, the Testimony reveals 'the Path to Eternal Life' in these End TIMES - but - 'something' is REQUIRED, to WALK it.

Jesus said: IT IS, because, of your OWN, CHOICES, to hold on, TIGHTLY, to the DEMONS, to your SINS, to the DARKNESS, and to the PAIN – that YOU, have ULTIMATELY, rejected ME!  I did NOT reject you.  YOU, SIMPLY refused, to ‘OPEN up’, your HEART, and allow Me to FILL you, with GRACES!  You CONTINUALLY made ‘SMALL talk’, with My Two WITNESSES – when, you were told to stop, and SPEAK, what was on your HEART.  YOU embraced ‘spiritual INSANITY’ – in your INTERIOR life; and always desired ‘your FORMER life’.  And SO, you were ACTUALLY living, ‘a double LIFE!’  You CANNOT have Two Masters!  You CHOSE your path.  Is there any PART of you, that desires, to CHANGE? – to GROW

There's NO time like "when you're ALIVE!" - to do 'what is NECESSARY'...

Jesus said: YOU, will SEE, ‘WHY you chose to act SO fast My son’, when you SEE, what TOMORROW will bring!  YOU HAVE indeed made ‘a wise choice’ – in DESIRING to save your SOUL! – in desiring to DO, ‘what is NECESSARY’, for the SALVATION’, of your SOUL!  THANK you, for RESPONDING to My Call...  You HAVE ‘much to LEARN’, so it is BEST to get STARTED!  – so that YOU will be ABLE to survive, the DELUGE of demons – POURING, out, of the ABYSS!

1 minute remaining...
Jesus said:  "Time IS running out!  HOW much time, did My, Disciples have, when I called them? – who later became My Apostles.  ALL of thirty SECONDS! (September 8, 2015)
30 seconds remaining... going... going... HAMMER TIME!
"On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers’."
(Matthew 7:22-23)

"He went on his way through towns and villages, teaching, and journeying toward Jerusalem. And some one said to him, “Lord, will those who are saved be few?” And he said to them, “Strive to enter by the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able. When once the householder has risen up and shut the door, you will begin to stand outside and to knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, open to us.’ He will answer you, ‘I do not know where you come from.’ Then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank in your presence, and you taught in our streets.’ But he will say, ‘I tell you, I do not know where you come from; depart from me, all you workers of iniquity!’ There you will weep and gnash your teeth, when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God and you yourselves thrust out. And men will come from east and west, and from north and south, and sit at table in the kingdom of God. And behold, some are last who will be first, and some are first who will be last.” 
(Luke 13:22-30)
The 1335 days begin
"Blessed is he who waits and comes to
the thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.
But go your way till the end; and you shall rest,
and shall stand in your allotted place
at the end of the days.”
The meaning of that above scripture passage has not yet been fully revealed from Heaven.  At this time, we are simply revealing when the 1335 days BEGIN! (- and that is "a hint").

The 1335 days is the time period that follows CERN opening the portal to the Abyss - the 44 months that lead to May 20, 2019.  The time period B.C. or Before CERN - leading up to September 23, 2015 - will ultimately determine who, will be invited to the wedding banquet - that is the Era of True Peace.  ONLY those people who are not sealed with the mark of the beast on September 23, 2015 will be allowed to enter, before the window to the Ark is shut.    
1260                1290                 1335
9.25.2008 - The day when the Two Witnesses began to travel and prophesy, seeing what the world had become through the Eyes of Jesus.
3.08.2012 - The day began - the beginning of the time, times, and half a time - the 1294 days.
9.23.2015 - The CERN event.  The day when the doors to the Wedding Banquet will be shut, and the mark of the beast will become indelible.
5.20.2019 - The end of the 1335 days that were spoken of by the Prophet Daniel.
Notice that the Earth is involved in a significant planetary alignment, on each of the significant days that are mentioned.  In fact, there are MULTIPLE planetary alignments, that are not shown above, happening on each of the significant days mentioned.  Do you know what the odds of THAT are?  Do you know what the odds of the website being launched on the day when the Earth is perfectly situated between Mars and Neptune, and then 1294 days later, that exact same alignment happening again?  But do not expect these immutable historical facts to convince any of the wicked ones (who have the mark of the beast) to repent.

Some members of the Faithful Remnant are already experiencing the DRASTIC changes in the people around them, who are becoming more and more hostile towards them.  Are they in "PHYSICAL DANGER"?  Not with Holy Angelic Protection.  But it is important for people to protect themselves from being "spiritually deluged" by the demonic clusters of those around them.  Here is a sample of just one email we have already sent out today:

Jesus said:  He does NOT have to OPEN his door, to ANYONE. He is AWARE of ‘the spiritual realities CHANGING’, and SIMPLY does not, WANT, to invite, those ‘EVIL spirits’ into his HOUSE...  The WAVES that HE and N. are EXPERIENCING, are ‘SIMPLY waves of ANGER’ – coming FROM, their former FAMILY members.  But I am ‘WITH them’; I am ‘FOR them’ – so WHO can be AGAINST them?  EVERYONE!  But I have ‘OVERCOME, the world’; and those ‘DRIVEN by the SPIRIT of the world’. “THE beasts”, ARE hungry – and TRULY ‘desire to FEED’, on ‘those LIVING’. SO, HE is wise not to open the door, to PEOPLE in ‘the BEAST state’; but SIMPLY to DECLARE, “They are NO longer family”.  IT is, “HIS choice”.  NOW, WOULD the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT Global LEADERS, want ‘the CERN waves’ to be TURNED up – as HIGH as possible – all at ONCE!  TODAY, they are ‘GRADUALLY turning it up to FULL capacity’ – so what [they], need to DO, is ‘REMAIN in prayer’, READING My Testimony, and FEEDING their SOULS – READING the Testimony… USING the Blessed Holy Water – PRAYING for deliverance as well.  You SEE, if they KEEP themselves FILLED, with My TRUE Holy SPIRIT – then ‘WHATEVER the WORLD, tries to FILL them with’ – will FALL off – will SLIDE OFF them – because they seek to be FULL – of, MY Life saving TRUTHS, and My WORD.  They are ‘ON the ARK’! – it is BEST to STAY there!  NO one can ‘force their hand’ – NOT with ME on their side!  THEY are INVITED, to TURN, to YOU My son, Pope Peter, for any OTHER Counsel they are in need of – when the MOMENT arises.

A Divine Intervention: Here is the story of a member of the Faithful Remnant, who lost "chirpy" - their cockatiel, for 130 days, until just a few days ago, when she found it.

Actual email: "Good morning on this Sunday. I have good news about a lost pet. May 12, 2015 my pet cockatiel bird flew away. I had left the house with her on my head unawares and she took flight high and far. I posted an ad to an online lost bird agency. Last night I received a call from a blogger about a bird matching the description. It was definitely my bird. There were many people working to match up the true bird, that someone posted Saturday morning, from her yard. Her big dogs would have killed it, and neighborhood youngsters were carrying it around since morning and no one knew where bird was. I drove to this city an hour's drive. I was told it is a city where I would need a police escort. I was praying to St. Michael. On my drive another person named N. called and gave the exact location to meet, to escort me in that neighborhood. She was there and had a man bring the bird from his house, as I showed the flyer which had the bird pictured. All in 5 minutes, the bird was given to me. N. said to go, lock the doors, do not stop or talk to anyone. So I have "Chirpy" here. She is very weak and may not have survived many more hours. She had been gone 130 days."

Jesus said:  That TRULY is, ‘a SPECIAL bird’ – UNLIKE, the OTHER birds, and ‘ANIMALS’, out there.  And BECAUSE, her HOME, is filled, with TRUE Peace, the BIRD, is not ‘FEARFUL’; does NOT ‘hold back’, from BEING, what it was ‘CREATED’, to BE: “a GIFT”! – to PEOPLE, with SOULS!  SHE has, ‘My True Holy SPIRIT’ – LIVING, INSIDE her.  YES! – My SPIRIT, IS, LIVING, INSIDE her BIRD! – FULLY animated – as ‘a GIFT to her’ – as ‘a TOKEN’, of the COMING, ERA, of Peace.  NOT “what she was expecting” – I know!  But I can do ‘ANYTHING, that is in ACCORDANCE, of the WILL, of MY Heavenly FATHER!’  THANK you for ‘sharing’, and, ‘ACKNOWLEDGING’, the BLESSINGS, that YOU have received, with the other Members, of the Faithful Remnant Church. 

SPECIAL FOLLOW-UP NOTE FROM PPTL: It's ok everyone, "chirpy" is now doing much better, and a full recovery is expected!
And now, speaking of birds...
Jesus said:  WHAT I did, My children, is I TURNED up ‘the pressure’, in PEOPLE, and TOLD them that the mark of the BEAST, would become ‘a permanent SEAL’, as of the 23rd, of this MONTH, and that is TRUE. And look how many PEOPLE chose TEAMS!  LOOK, how I GOT My Faithful Remnant CHURCH, SO quickly!  Now the MAJORITY of people WILL, ultimately DIE, with ‘the SEAL’ on their FOREHEADS – so for THEM the Seal is permanent.  But NOT so for everyone! It IS “a loophole”. But even THOUGH I am Just; I am STILL merciful, to THOSE who ‘sincerely desire MERCY!’  But the Truth IS, 99% of the WORLD, will DIE – WITH, the SEAL – and it will NEVER be removed for them!  NOW, the ARK, DOOR, is SHUT; and the WINDOW, has been shut; but WHAT did NOAH, send OUT through the WINDOW? 
PPTL: A dove. 
Jesus:  And this SYMBOLIZES My TRUE Holy Spirit, SEARCHING the world over – looking for ‘SOME sign of life’ – EVEN “a flicker”.  Understand?  And if My REMNANT COMPLAIN – because of My MERCY! – it will ‘NOT be good’, for those who choose to DO so!
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And so, now the mystery of "The Faithful Remnant to BE" has been "partially explained".  I then asked Jesus to explain what will become of those who have already fallen off the Ark.
Jesus: When someone has FALLEN off the Ark because they have CHOSEN that path, it is MORE than likely that they will NEVER choose to return. PEOPLE, need, 'PERSUASION’, in order to DO what is NECESSARY, for them, to SURVIVE!  I SAID in My TESTIMONY, I was GOING, to use, ‘GENTLE persuasion’, to BRING, people, ‘OUT of the BEAST state’. I ALREADY said it; and NOW I have DONE it!  I am TEACHING you, ‘something about My MERCY’ – it is END-less – for THOSE, who DESIRE, to REPENT – wholeheartedly, and TURN to My Mercy.  But PEOPLE, with the mark of the BEAST, can NOT experience ‘SORROW for their SINS, and sinful LIFESTYLES’, UNLESS I give them the DESIRE.  THAT’S where I show My MERCY!  But not, ‘EVERYONE’, is going to RECEIVE, ‘the DESIRE’, to repent.  MOST, will NEVER desire to repent AGAIN – and THEY WILL die, in their UNREPENTANT sins.  AND that is “My Justice”!  And My JUSTICE, is BASED, on a LOT of things! – in a PERSON’S life: how they LIVED; how much they turned away FROM ME – during their life; whether or not they even ‘had a chance to KNOW Me’; whether or not they had ‘ACCESS, to TRUTH, and LIFE’; whether or not, their CULTURAL, LIVING conditions, changed their ‘DISPOSITION, towards Me’ – because they grew up ‘POOR’.  I take EVERYTHING into consideration – EVEN their ‘socio-economic status’; their POSITION within their family; their RESPONSIBILITIES that they were given; their TEMPERAMENT – that I gave TO them; their ‘MOULD’; their PHYSICAL conditions; their ‘SPIRITUAL affiliations’; their ATTITUDES!; their LIKES and their DISLIKES; EVEN “the CLIMATE” they are living in; EVEN the COLOR, of their SKIN; even the TRIBES, that they BELONG to; and ‘the specific DIALECT or TONGUE’ that they SPEAK in.  EVERYTHING is ‘WEIGHED’!  Their ‘ACTS of MERCY’ versus their ‘MERCILESSNESS’.  BECAUSE, I, can see, ‘the BROAD spectrum’ – of EACH individual’s LIFE – at the SAME time, I can SEE, ‘MANKIND, as a WHOLE’.  I take into consideration ‘EVERY facet’, and ‘EVERY measure of EXPERIENCE’ a person has EVER had – AND – I JUDGE upon THAT!  So WHO is “the Righteous Judge”!  WHO can do ‘all of that’!  I am!  I CAN!  AND I did!
Jesus Christ the Lord, "The Just Judge" - from His Throne in Heaven, used the One World Government’s Propaganda about September 23, to begin to GATHER HIS Faithful Remnant - the BEGINNING of it that is.  And YES! - The CERN waves are REAL!  And, to help keep the Remnant focused: YES! – CERN really IS opening the Portal to the Abyss!  And YES! - if the Members of the Faithful Remnant don't fight the CERN waves intensely over the next week, they will most likely get swept off the ARK by those waves of dark matter.  And YES! - people still need to work for a living unless they are getting Government financial assistance to pay their bills.  And YES! - Jesus IS returning in the Flesh.  And YES!  The Blessed Holy Water really DOES stop the Members of the Faithful Remnant from aging.  And YES! - the Blessed Holy Water actually begins the "reverse aging process" - so that those who persevere, WILL enjoy the Gift of ETERNAL life HERE, on EARTH, in their current physical bodies. And YES! - Mary and I really DO work for a living, and right now we have almost NO time left over, for anything but emails, and working for a living.  I now get out of bed in the morning, and turn on my computer and begin typing emails.  Before I go to bed at night, I finish typing emails and turn off my computer.  This has now been my life for the past several weeks - and THAT, brings us to our next topic:
SPECIAL EMAIL REQUEST TO ALL THE FAITHFUL REMNANT MEMBERS.  With close to 70 Members in the Faithful Remnant now, many people in the Remnant need to know, that it is getting increasingly difficult to respond to all the emails.  Please make your future email messages direct and to the point, to help us, end our day, with all our emails answered.  Please do not give a summary of your entire day, in every email.  Please do not share with us a summary of every feeling (from the demons) you had throughout your day, or a summary of every nightmare, they gave you throughout the night.  Please do not send us a list of every stupid thing you did throughout your day.  Please do not send us a list of every good thing you did throughout your day.  Please do not share with us every insight you had throughout your day. We are here to help MANY people get to the Fullness of the Era of Peace.  So please keep the emails focused on that topic.  Because if you don't, you may find this paragraph, in your email inbox one day.  You need to pray FIRST, and ask the True Holy Spirit to reveal EXACTLY, what you need to send to us, in your emails.  No more "blathering".  Reject "the demon of frivolous speech".  The corresponding Grace, is the Grace of Holy Speech, in the True Holy Spirit.  Understand?  And know that one Member of the Faithful Remnant sent us the above story about "chirpie", because she was inspired by the True Holy Spirit to do so.  That was just one example of what The Most High True God can do, with people who turn to Him, before they type.  Do likewise.  Be a GOOD example, for others, always.  And know, that we are most certainly not your "pen pals" - so please don't treat us like that.  From now on, simply tell us what you want help with, but only AFTER, you turn to prayer; turn to the Testimony, and turn to our previous Counsel.  Understand?
On another topic: As Jesus makes some adjustments to the True Spiritual realities, for these 1335 days, some members of the Faithful Remnant are having a difficult time keeping up with all the sudden changes.  And as people struggle to understand the NEW Spiritual realities, in which they find themselves, the CERN waves are actually bringing to the surface, the dormant demons, and the dormant demonic clusters, they have been embracing.  Some of those demonic clusters, belong to former family members, who want to RIP the Members of the Faithful Remnant, AWAY from the TRUE Faith, and PULL them off the ARK - to have "a former family reunion", in the dark murky depths of the Abyss.  And yes, "nostalgia" is the name of a demon.

Jesus said:  What N. needs to DO, is COMMEND, his ‘former FAMILY’, to the INTERCESSION, of Saint Michael; and COMMEND, his ‘former CHILDREN’, to the CARE, of the HOLY Angels. THAT is ‘the BEST, he can DO for them’ – AT this time.  HE, is called to PRAY for them.  But that is ALL, that he can do, to HELP them.  He has NOT “abandoned them”. But ‘ALL of them’, have “abandoned HIM” – by REFUSING to cooperate, with ‘the GRACES’, that were being GIVEN at the TIME, for them to RESPOND, to ‘the CALL’ – for THEM to RECEIVE My Testimony.  He needs to reject, ‘their demonic clusters’. He CANNOT, “LOVE them”, MORE, than ‘DOING what he is called to DO’ – by ‘Loving ME’ – with his whole HEART, his whole MIND, AND his whole SOUL.  THOSE of his former family do NOT, HAVE, SOULS; THERE is ‘no link’; there is ‘no BOND’.  He NEEDS to pray for the Grace of ‘Holy Detachment’; and stop THINKING OF them – except to PRAY for them.  BECAUSE, the DEMONS, in his FORMER family, would LOVE, to DEVOUR him – ESPECIALLY his FAITH

IN THE NEWS TODAY - ANTIPOPE Francis made a historic DECLARATION ON TOLERANCE, from the palace of the Antichrist in Washington
And as a historical contrast, the TRUE POPE, Petrus Romanus (who is writing this), posted HIS teaching on tolerance.  Pope Peter the Last proclaimed, "True love is to tell people the Truth.  It starts there; and then God can work through that and all sorts of wonderful things happen.  But "truth" is not tolerance.  "Love" is not tolerance - that is a distortion in our current culture, in the current world we are living in. Heaven is good.  Heaven is a very different place, than what this world has become."  You will find that statement in the homily in the following video.  The homily begins at the 13:20 time stamp in the video.  You can watch the mass video with the FULL transcript at the following link:  LINK TO THE FOLLOWING MASS WITH TRANSCRIPT.

The homily begins at 13:20 in the above video
Jesus said: "Discipline, is love, My people.  But tolerance, is hatred.  And I do not hate you.  So I will show you, My Love, through Discipline."
(- Excerpt from a Proclamation at THIS LINK - on our website)
There can only be one TRUE Pope at this point in human history.  There can only be "ONE Pope, with the TRUE Anointing of Jesus Christ the Lord".  Choose wisely!

I’m not always at my very best first thing in the morning, when I wake up to my morning stack of emails, from people from around the globe, who are trying to cope with the increasing CERN waves.  And I hope people understand that simple fact.  Here is an email I woke up to, today.

Actual email: I'm still hear I made a hat with tin foil on my head and that helped out.

Actual reply from PPTL: Isn't that how people bake potatoes?  I sure hope you know what you're doing.

But seriously folks, that’s what the prayers are for.  Can you imagine Saint Michael the Archangel, looking at someone’s Holy Ancestors in Heaven, as he stands with Sword in hand, beside a Remnant Member with a tin foil hat on, shrugging his shoulders, because he is unable to do anything to help them, because they decided to go it alone?  “Mr. Potato Head”, was a bad idea for a toy.  Let’s just leave it at that.

And on another note, after receiving an unexpected knock on his door, one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant invited hostile former friends into his home, and allowed them to deluge him for a long time today - as he knowingly enabled them to protest the Truths that are found in the Testimony.  And then after creating this problem for himself, that Remnant Member turned to us because he wanted some Divine Counsel.  Interesting approach indeed!  There are a lot of Remnant Members who have taken up a new hobby, called, "CREATING PROBLEMS".  And that is also "a prayer intention" - that Jesus can and does work with.
Jesus said: It is ALREADY ‘covered’ in the website, in the updates.  This, is going to be happening, a LOT more OFTEN - with ‘the CERN waves’, ONLY increasing; and people’s DISCOMFORT – with their DEMONS, ‘INCREASING’, as WELL.  As, the DEMONS, start to GIVE them ‘DEMONIC desires’, to PERSECUTE, and to TRY to persuade, My FAITHFUL Remnant, from ‘Following the True Holy SPIRIT’.  WITHOUT Souls – ALL those PEOPLE have, is ‘DEMONS living INSIDE them’. And EVERY impulse, and EVERY desire – IS ‘GOVERNED, BY HELL’!  And SO, I ‘ALLOWED’, this to HAPPEN, so that YOU, could MANIFEST, your ‘FREE will’ – in RENOUNCING, former, “FRIENDS”, ONCE again.  You KNOW now ‘where you stand’. REMEMBER, to reject ‘ALL, of their DEMONIC CLUSTERS’, as SOON as you think of them!  Let THEM, be ‘AFFLICTED, by their OWN demons’!
For those who are wondering if it is "too late" for those who sincerely want to repent, to get aboard the Ark - that was explained yesterday.  And here is a welcome note, we sent out today.
Jesus said: WELCOME, aboard the ARK! My son. FOR indeed, you HAVE been Blessed, BECAUSE, of your PERSEVERANCE – because you REPENTED, from the VERY depths, OF your being; you now HAVE a Soul! – and you have BLESSED Holy Water, that you can use OFTEN, throughout the DAY – to Bless YOURSELF, AND to Bless your HOME.  It’s NOT “too late”, for those, who SINCERELY “seek repentance, from their hearts” – because My MERCY, is for THOSE who repent WHOLEHEARTEDLY, and TURN to it.  YOU have MUCH learning to do – so that, you can grow rapidly.  Make SURE, that you STAY in contact with Pope Peter often – so that you can ‘get the NECESSARY Counsel’ – for your SOUL!  Persevere! 


Aaaahhh!  The start of a new day!  Let’s see now, what do we have in the inbox today?  WHAT THE!!...

Actual email from a woman in the Faithful Remnant: Can you ask Jesus Christ the Lord, Is the noise I hate a cross I carry? Or is it something I should ask for to be removed? 

Actual reply from Mary Romanus:  My husband understands the way women work very well and so he wanted to reply to this particular email.  He said - Don't leave your hairdryer on for more than 5 minutes at a time, and you shouldn't have any more trouble with that.

Our Recent Prayer intentions: For the Consecration of the Universe to the True Holy Spirit, that it may be poured out on the Earth as a Second Pentecost; that the Earth may be SPIRITUALIZED, with the Holy anointing of Purity and Love, with which the Vivifying and Pure Breath, of the most Pure Spirit will bathe it, that this Holy Breath will Sweep away all the impurities in the Hearts of the elect, and all the errors in the minds of the Elect – that they may correspond to its influence.  For the Renewal of the Face of the World, and the Restoration of ALL things in Christ, to Glorify the unity of the True Church, in the Blessed Trinity.  Amen.  (Note: that is a prayer that the Blessed Virgin Mary actually composed and shared with us, and it was lifted up at all the masses that are posted on this website)

Here is an actual email from one of the men of the Faithful Remnant:  I had an interesting Dream, Relating to our Recent Prayer intentions.  I was in a Church building with you Pope Peter. You were telling me of some of your experiences, along your Journey. After a while talking, Jesus appeared - and I was on my knees looking up at him on his right, as He was Preparing the Daily Offering at the Altar. He was Very Focused as He was Preparing the wine, and moving quickly - even Dropping some of the wine, as He Rushed to Finish.  Then I was seated, among a full church of people.  As Jesus Spoke to All Present, He Held Two full Cups, in Each hand, I don't Remember Exactly what He Said, but I understood that, the cups were for those who unworthily Received him in the Past.  Then One Women drank of one of the Cups, and Jesus said that it was Good that she Drank, Because in this way, He was Destroying the Kingdom of the Enemy, within Her.  I know Jesus knows the Full meaning of this Dream.

Mary Romanus: Pope Peter is the Head of the Church - representing the Ark, and the people in the congregation represent the Faithful Remnant Church. Jesus is at the focal point of people's attention, awe and reverence. Jesus was making ready the daily offering - that is the works, and faith, and sufferings, of His Faithful Remnant Church. He holds two cups in His hand. One cup is for the worthy, to drink out of. The other cup is for the unworthy, to drink out of. One is a Cup of Mercy, while the other one is a Cup of Wrath. The cup of wrath, that He spills over the nations with. That is why some of the wine, spilled. Through, the Faithful Remnant's, desire, to drink and share in the Cup, the same cup that His Father, gave, Him - the evil, will be conquered, in them. Jesus is showing His Remnant Church, that there are always TWO cups to choose from. This dream is all in reference, to the Scripture passage where Jesus speaks, "Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink?"

"But Jesus answered, “You do not know what you are asking. Are you able to drink the cup that I am to drink?” They said to him, “We are able.”  He said to them, “You will drink my cup, but to sit at my right hand and at my left is not mine to grant, but it is for those for whom it has been prepared by my Father.”
(Matthew 22:23)
Now that dream may not seem too significant by itself to some people.  But it became VERY significant to us, when ANOTHER member of the Faithful Remnant, was inspired today, to email us the following news article.
IN THE NEWS TODAY - The One World Government response to the BLESSED HOLY WATER that removes the mark of the beast.
It is the story of the Representative, with the two cups.  Apparently Representative Bob Brady has suddenly decided, that it is his mission in life to drink of the water of the Two Beasts – Obama and Francis.  That is called "a CIA PsyOp" by the way - just in case you didn't know that.

Actual email: So, the 1% will be those that are refined from the one third?

A Special note from Pope Peter the Last.  Right now, there are more than a hundred million people out there - outside the Faithful Remnant, who believe quite strongly, that they have a pretty solid grasp of the End Times Events, and how things will ultimately unfold.  They are unfortunately, “GRAVELY mistaken”.  And now, only 3 days into the 1335, some people in the Faithful Remnant are getting impatient, and they are wanting to know, EXACTLY how future events are going to unfold.  “Reality check” time:  The Gift of Eternal Life, is the Gift to live in the Eternal Now.  And along with that Gift, is the call to be docile to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit of the Moment.  Did you know that God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven is “the Author of Life”.   And He can drastically change how a person’s future story unfolds, based on the decisions they make in the moment?  And so, if you want to use “Your Gift of A PRESENT”, to create in your own mind, a future reality, that doesn’t and, never will exist - then what are you telling the AUTHOR, about the future course you want to be on?  Do you want Him to "REWRITE" your path for you?  Do you want to join “the PROTESTANTS”, who rebel in their hearts against the TRUTH, because it doesn’t conform to “THEIR future expectations”?  Or do you simply want to live out YOUR Eternity, on HIS terms.  Choose MORE wisely, people! DO not create expectations, that you will ultimately, only be disappointed by.  God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, is GRADUALLY phasing out those in ‘the beast state’.  He is BRINGING back the Souls of the UNBORN.  He is GATHERING His Remnant from the four corners of the earth.  He is reversing the aging process for His Faithful Remnant. He is bringing Heaven down to earth – PHYSICALLY!  And EVERYTHING He has revealed about Future events, is actually in allegorical language - HIS description, of the PAST, as HE looks at it from the FUTURE.  And THAT, is why I replied to that above email with the following:

Actual reply: Yes, if you persevere, then history will help you solve your math problem.
LATER THAT SAME DAY...  Actual email: Hi! I was compellingly visited by the True Holy Spirit, this afternoon, as I read the 'Special note from Pope Peter', because the words were a comfort, a discipline and a humor together, as is Jesus' way.  There is so much of the Real Reality I am called to believe without seeing; infinite goodness to ponder; the magnitude and might of the Heavenly Hosts; living always in the present moment. To persevere is to choose the Truth and live. 
"And all who heard it wondered at what the shepherds told them. But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart."
(Luke 2:18-19)  
Actual reply:  Now you are seeing the True meaning of being a Christian. Just like when Jesus started His first Faithful Remnant Church, in the beginning. Life is not meant to be burdensome; but really only to worldly minded people, or in the time period, also known as those in the beast state. Jesus only wants us to live in the moment, and that is very different then living for the moment. People of the worldly mindset have the attitude, to eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow they die; but Jesus is calling His True Disciples to Eat (the Testimony) drink (the Blessed Holy Water) and die (die to self, or live by constantly denying ourselves, things that will harm us, like sin, and addictions, and demons). But all so that we can LIVE, for HIM. Remember the Blessed Virgin Mary, did not have the whole picture in front of her either; but she was called to ponder everything The Most High True God had promised her - even while it was happening to her; even before His promise was fulfilled - and in that way she always desired to be full of Grace. Why? Because she trusted in the Most High True God's plan in the moment.
And just for fun, if you want a really good challenge, you can try to figure out why the following Scripture passage fits here, with today's postings.  Of course there are thousands of possible answers; but only those with SOULS - only those with the TRUE Holy Spirit, will be able to understand.  And what does that mean?  Only those with a Soul, will receive the INFUSED knowledge, of the answer, from the True Holy Spirit.  Does that mean that if you are a Member of the Faithful Remnant, and you don't know the answer, that you lost your Soul?  It means that if you are a Member of the Faithful Remnant, and you don't know the answer, then you need to WAIT, as you exercise patience, and as you persevere, in seeking the TRUTH, with your entire being.
"Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord drove the sea back by a strong east wind all night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided. And the people of Israel went into the midst of the sea on dry ground, the waters being a wall to them on their right hand and on their left. The Egyptians pursued, and went in after them into the midst of the sea, all Pharaoh’s horses, his chariots, and his horsemen. And in the morning watch the Lord in the pillar of fire and of cloud looked down upon the host of the Egyptians, and discomfited the host of the Egyptians, clogging their chariot wheels so that they drove heavily; and the Egyptians said, “Let us flee from before Israel; for the Lord fights for them against the Egyptians.”
(Exodus 14:21-25)
It is quite common for the Members of the Faithful Remnant, to experience "blowback", whenever they make a good resolution, in their SOUL.  "Blowback" - in the spiritual sense of the word, is what is experienced when the enemy tries to send 'a deluge of demons', to counteract the Graces - that are 'the fruit of a good resolution' that is made, by someone who has 'a SOUL'.  And "blowback", is in fact what EVERYONE began to experience, once they became a Member of the Faithful Remnant - when they got their SOUL back. 
Jesus said: You are also experiencing "blowback"...  ONE of the ways the enemy has been ‘getting to PEOPLE’, is THROUGH their ‘lack of SLEEP’. PERSEVERE!...  You CAN, and WILL get through this!  GIVE Me, ‘EVERYTHING that is SURFACING in your Soul’ – and ‘TRADE it ALL’, for My TRUE PEACE.  It JUST TAKES ‘an ACT OF THE Will’.  REMEMBER to call, on ME, AND Saint Michael – OFTEN! – ANY TIME you SENSE, “the SLIGHTEST hint, of TEMPTATION or attack”. You KNOW what to DO, with ‘that attack’. And THROUGH Me, you WILL, ‘overcome’ – ‘TEMPTATION in your life’.  DON’T look back!!  STAY in the present!  LOOK forward to the FUTURE! – the FULLNESS of the ERA of PEACE – that has NOT been REVEALED to you COMPLETELY yet.  The WORLD, RIGHT now, has ‘a VEIL of darkness’ – OVER it. And ‘the WAVES’, of DARK matter, and DEMONIC spirits – COMING forth, from ‘the CERN HADRON Collider’, have VERY much increased!  So, they are trying to bring out ‘the WORST’ in My REMNANT!  USE that as ‘an OPPORTUNITY’ to be PURIFIED; and BECOME ‘that much CLOSER’, TO Me, in your DAY to DAY walk.

When a Member of the Faithful Remnant loses their pet - in the mortal sense of the word, "loss" - is the Most High True God "watching, from a distance"?

Jesus said: HE has ‘served, HIS purpose’, and he was ‘WELL loved’, and NOW, as ALL ANIMALS DO, HE will return to the DUST, of the earth.  He lived ‘a FULL life’. The REASON, he was ‘taken’ at this time, is because NOW, MORE than EVER – with the CERN waves, increasing DAILY; and with the ARK, getting ‘CONSTANTLY pummeled’, by ‘waves of DEMONS’ – ESPECIALLY sent, by ‘the occult LUCIFERIANS’.  [That particular Faithful Remnant family - ] they need to FOCUS, MORE, on ‘PURIFICATION’, of their SOULS – on ‘taking care of their SOULS’! – and ‘NOT tending’, to the needs, of ‘a beast’. HE has ‘BEEN removed’ – because they DO NOT need, ‘the DEMONS, to TORMENT’... and watch him SUFFER, as ‘a DISTRACTION’, FROM, their spiritual lives!  HIS time was up!

... to be posted when we get the time to go over all the Archived emails...

As the CERN waves are being turned up, many of the Members of the Faithful Remnant are struggling with their Spiritual Focus.  Today especially, many are reporting that they are experiencing tiredness; or a 'head in the clouds', type of sensation. 

Jesus said: It’s a spiritual battle.  You HAVE to fight.  The DARK forces at WORK, are being AMPLIFIED on a DAILY basis.  You NEED to fight, to keep your SANITY, as the whole WORLD, FOLLOWS after the ANTICHRIST, and the False PROPHET – antipope FRANCIS.  All you can DO, is PRAY for the Grace of Spiritual FOCUS; ASK Me to deflect the attacks back at those who SENT them; EVEN ask Me, to INCREASE your Spiritual Protection. But, AS I said BEFORE, the CERN, “WAVES”, are exactly THAT! – they COME in waves!  And SOMETIMES, you JUST have to hold on ‘a WHOLE lot tighter’.  The BEST Thing to do, is to give me EVERYTHING, that is SURFACING, in your SOUL- and TRADE it all, for My TRUE Peace.  YES you’re being targeted – because you have SOULS! PEOPLE WITHOUT Souls, simply, become ‘COMPLACENT, in their torments’; and they ACCEPT, ALL the CERN waves; and soak up ALL, of the evils – they ‘eat’ THAT.  SO there’s ‘no ROOM’, for My Testimony – IN them. THOSE in the BEAST state, NOW, ARE 100 times worse, than when the mark FIRST came; and they WILL, RISE up against, My REMNANT; and they WILL Try to deceive; and EVERYTHING that comes out of THEIR mouths, will BE, ‘a deception’.  So My REMNANT need to be, ‘on their guard’. Because, “PAGANISM”, and OTHER false religions, IS, ‘the NEW, MAINSTREAM, religion’.  THAT’S why they NEED My Testimony.

When Mary and I ran a few errands today, we could easily notice the changes in people, manifesting in their social behavior.  Because more and more of the humanity in people, is being stripped away from them by the intensifying CERN waves; and all they could offer us, was the inspirations of their demons, welling up in their interior lives.  We noticed that everyone we spoke with, wanted to proclaim some sort of deception to us.  And when we tried to purchase advertised items, at two different locations, both cashiers charged us the full price.  In fact, those cashiers would have stolen through neglect, more than $12 from us, had we not been watching the numbers as they entered them into the cash register.  When this happened, we reminded one cashier of the Scanning Code of Practice (SCOP) - according to that Practice, she was obligated to give us the chocolate ice cream, at no charge.  Perhaps this is a good time to reveal to the Remnant, that we catch cashiers overcharging us about once a week, on average.  It is not wise for Members of the Faithful Remnant to go shopping, without carefully monitoring the charges, ever.
There are many other demonic inspirations that are NOW manifesting through the people in society.  Another Remnant couple wrote us, to report a very bizarre PsyOp the demons were manifesting through others, as they went shopping today.  The Remnant couple reported that in one particular store, almost everyone they spoke with, made a statement to try to convince that couple that they are "JUST LIKE" the people with the mark.  So why did the demons speaking through the people around them, want to deceive the Faithful Remnant Members into believing that they are just like the people who have lost their Souls?

Jesus said: ONLY to proclaim the complete opposite of the TRUTH; and to TRY to CONVINCE [them], that those in the BEAST state are “HUMAN” – THAT is ‘one of the GREATEST deceptions” – BECAUSE they’re NOT! THEY ‘forfeited their humanity’. And SO, they are ‘not to be TREATED’ as human.  THEY can read ‘THAT statement’, AND weep!

One of the greatest spiritual threats to the Faithful Remnant Members, is when they neglect to reject the demonic clusters of those around them, while using the deliverance prayer, on a daily basis.  To do so is 'to fold'.  Because once a Member of the Faithful Remnant, CHOOSES to see themselves, through the eyes of the beasts, and neglects to see themselves through the eyes of their Creator - that sin of blasphemy, sticks them to the tentacles of the bottom feeders, as they become rapidly pulled towards the beak. Not nice to watch.  And that is just another reason, why "bottom feeders" can't be seen eating, through the dark, murky, waters.
... to be posted when we get the time to go over all the Archived emails...
... to be posted when we get the time to go over all the Archived emails...
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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