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Saturday Mass, February 16 , 2013
(Homily begins at 10:10 into the Mass)
[Note: it is 'quite alright' if you wish to view the entire Mass video only once a week. 
However, there are even more Graces to be gained by those who watch each one in its entirety - P.P.T.L.]
Exodus 17:8-13 (Israel Defeats Amalek)
Psalm 121 Response "My help comes from the Lord"
2 Timothy 3:14 - 4:2 (Preach the Word)
Luke 18:1-8 (The parable of widow and the unrighteous judge)

So I am inviting the viewer of this video, or the viewers to the Private Mass of Pope Peter the Last. This Private Mass is a very special Mass because at this Mass I am going to invite the 100 million plus souls of the Unborn - Which are the suffering souls, the Unborn - which are the souls in Limbo to actually give the responses at this Mass.  These are real souls.  Probably not something people think about too much with all the tolerance of abortion laws in this current generation.  But you are not going to hear any responses at this Mass because I am inviting over 100 million souls of the Unborn to this Mass to respond.  So if you listen carefully with your gift of spiritual hearing, if you have that, you might hear their responses; and it might be quite loud. So, I am going to begin.
Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven Most High True God, we turn to you in a special way, at this Mass, to look with compassion and Mercy on the Unborn, and to look at the world and this current generation – generation of souls that is, with your Justice and your discipline. Amen.
Now, I did not choose theses scripture passages; Jesus did for today’s Mass, as He always does for us; and I am going to unpack them a little bit for You.  The first reading from Exodus, reminds us of Moses praying for Israel, when they fought Amelek, and what Moses learned was that when his 'hands were raised in prayer', Israel prevailed; and likewise when 'His hands were lowered', the battle went to Amelek.  So the message here in the first reading is quite simple: Persevere in prayer, and in righteousness - doing God’s will (quite simple)  Are psalm today reminds us that our help comes from the Lord, which is another reminder of why we should be praying - for help - for the things we truly need.  It also reminds us that the Lord is our keeper, not our retirement plans or security in the world.  God is our keeper because He is the only One who can keep us for Eternity.  Nothing of this world, can. It even says “the Lord will keep your life” if you turn to Him, of course.
The second reading from Timothy is a reminder to Preach the Truth to people. It says, “Be urgent in season and out of season.  Convince, Rebuke, Exhort. Be unfailing in patience and in teaching.”[Timothy 4: 2b] It is referring to teaching the truth to people who need to hear the truth.  But then it is talking about these end times (here – this is 2 Timothy 4:3 - "The time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching; but having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers, to suit their own likings.”  What that means is when – there is coming times when, (referring to from when this was written), coming times when, people are going to be influenced by the spirit of the world, and want, not what God wants, but what they want and they are going to find people who will reflect their own desires – back at them - 'teachers who suit their own likings'.  
All these readings are kind of building up to our Gospel from Luke, today. Luke 18.  It talks about the widow and the unrighteous judge.  This Gospel, surprisingly enough, to most people, is actually referring (Jesus being God can see the future; He was actually referring specifically - quite specifically) to the time, when abortion would be made legal - starting, especially in North America around 1973, this whole parable of the widow and the unrighteous judge.  Remember in the parable, the judge did not care about God and he did not regard man and so what happened - the widow, the woman, petitioned the unrighteous judge for something that would offend God, and would have to do with people.  And yes that is actually specifically referring to abortion in the End Times, when women would petition the justice system, world wide, to be able to kill the innocent children in their wombs; and the unrighteous judge in the parable, simply got warn out, from all the badgering and finally gave in; and that is exactly what happened with the abortion laws around 1973 - all of a sudden what was horrific and unthinkable, became legal.  Abortion is so horrific I know there are people in Africa, when this was first legalized in North America, that did not even have a word for the act of abortion.  It was absolutely unfathomable and unheard of - that people could conceive of such an evil.  And yet through the badgering of women to the unrighteous judges, in our justice system, this was made, of course, legal; and just how far has this gone? This wicked act of abortion?
Well 2013 - today is February the 16th.  Just two days ago, I was looking at BBC (Valentines Day, February the 14, two days ago); and I came across in the US and Canada section on BBC, online, this interesting article. I will show it to you.  It is called 'morning after pill use rises in the United States'.  Now what is really significant about this ad- is Valentines Day is, well, a day of – probably the day known to be the day when romance is celebrated throughout the world.  And here you have BBC reminding people about, the morning after pill.  Is this a coincidence on Valentines Day- a day of Romance, that they are saying, "hey be mindful of this contraception should you think you conceive a child, perhaps, on Valentines Day, in your romantic acts, being mindful that you have this – this option of murdering the child in your womb?"  On Valentines Day!  This – this is beyond sick!  It is beyond demented - this type of thinking; and what makes it even worse (you would think that was bad enough what makes this worse) is that there is a picture of a young woman smiling as the pharmacist hand her something. ‘Here use this to kill the child you think you might have in you womb, and be happy about it.’ Well! Pretty horrific.
Oh By the way these stats – I am going to go over these stats.  It is right in the article (while we are on that topic) It says here that 1 in 4 women aged 20 to 24 (this is in the US) had used the drug, had used the morning after pill, had decided to kill whatever life was in their wombs; and it was 1 in 9 women overall and that’s a Center for Disease Control Study, US CDC survey results. That is what the article is about.
Now let us hear it from the other side.
That is the woman’s point of view – that is  the societal point of view - that is our current culture - that is this End Times culture thinking. 
Now let us listen to the Unborn.  It might surprise you to know that the unborn came to visit my wife and I and spoke to us.
The souls of the Unborn - The 100 million souls spoke withone voice to us on December the 4 and December the 6th about 2 months ago; (and the messages from the unborn our posted on our website: (You will see the link at the bottom this video.) But I showed you an article from the BBC.  Let us listen to what the unborn had to say about the RU486 Pill: Comparing it to abortion they said (and I quote)
The RU486 pill, is just as evil, because our “mothers”, are pregnant with us!  And we are ‘conceived, in her womb’.  And she ‘slips, this pill inside her’, and never knows, if we were there, or not!  She doesn’t even need to know, if she was pregnant with us!  We feel our “mothers’” hearts, then, ‘a cold wind’! - ‘blows over us’, and we are rejected.  And the life, that had just been conceived, is ‘snuffed out’.  And then we are in the dark.  And then we find ourselves, in, ‘this place’.” (referring to Limbo). You can read more about that on our website.
So basically to sum it up abortion affects souls that are brought into existence by the Creator of the Universe - the same way (if your listening to this video) you were brought into existence.  And they continue existing; and this is not something you can vote on.  You can read about it on our website.  In response to the Unborn being attacked so blatantly on Valentine’s Day; I have just about had enough of this whole ‘end times’ culture.  If you saw my last video – my last Mass video (that was filmed last year many many months ago; my last Mass) my wife and I - we prayed the Most High True God would intervene in Benedict’s  Papacy, because he is an antipope – to bring it to an end.  He brought it to an end just Monday last week.  So this is our next video and here are some intentions that we are going to offer at this Mass (of course we have been saying Mass everyday) but these are very big intentions and for people who do not believe that our last Mass intentions were answered - that it was just a coincidence; that’s fine, this will be just a coincidence, but watch - watch what happens.  So I am going to lift up the Mass intentions now:
We, (as in myself) and the unborn souls in limbo - we ask the Most High True God to bring about the end of this Era.  We ask the Most High True God to bring this wicked generation of souls to it’s knees. we ask the Most High True God to make an example of that diabolical institution in Rome before all of Heaven and Earth. (that is of course as they begin to start the process of electing a new antipope, to deceive the people.) Amen.
Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, Most High True God, we give you praise and thanksgiving for drawing the suffering souls of the Unborn to Your banquet table; for nourishing them through the daily Masses we offer, and especially to nourish them by granting them the Justice they prayed for, through this Mass; and we pray that you would continue to build up and strengthen and nourish the Faithful Remnant Church throughout the world. Amen

A Personal Testimony
(this dialogue took place immediately after Mass)
Saturday, February 16, 2013
Jesus said: [Earlier in the day]: These Mass intentions, are ‘very important’, My Son –‘straight from Heaven’You have received them from the lips, of God, the Eternal Father, in Heaven. And He means every word ‘that he proclaims’.  I am ‘the word’ – of Life, and I have been nourishing, your soul, for this ‘moment in time’ – especially, to bring ‘that wicked institution, ‘to an end.’- and this current generation, to its kneesYes I am patient; and forbearing; and My Mercy is endlessBut! When souls refuse My Mercy, then Justice is the only option left.  And Discipline, can be expected!  People are ‘ruthless’- in their dealings with their fellow man; and they are brutal, to themselves.  By seeking, to harbor grudges, against one another; and they show Me no Mercy – because they refuse to show themselves any mercy.  And so it has come to this.  I told you “I am closing this Era.  And I mean every word.  Now witness, the ‘fullest manifestations’ of My Justice, on this current Generation.
“His master said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over little, I will set you over much; enter into the joy of your master”
Jesus said: [After Mass] My son, well done good and Faithful Servant.  For God the Eternal Father in Heaven, is quite pleased with you - pleased with the Mass intentions that were offered.  But do not be anxious, for, the soul’s choices – nor allow him to remove your peace.  The frustration – you are experiencing now, is the same, that I experience, when souls refuse to cooperate with Me. You know what it is now My son, What I go through.  For I bled for souls!  Do they show Me, any gratefulness in return?  Many of them do not.  They take ‘the shedding of My blood for granted’.  And you rent your heart and soul – out – to that soul.  And he does not receive – even after everything that has been given to him. He still makes excuses, to embrace the demons.  Don’t expect anything But My hand upon him.  For this generation of souls is coming to an End.


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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