The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

The U.S. Election
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)

“If you have understanding, hear this; listen to what I say.  Shall one who hates justice govern?  Will you condemn him who is righteous and mighty?” 
Obama and Romney are apples that fall...
A video by Pope Peter the Last and Final True Pope of this Era
Jesus said: Right now, the people need to be informed, on the ‘true state, of affairs’ in their own countries.  They need to be informed, that propaganda has been ‘moulding their beliefs’ for a long time – especially concerning Fukushima.  Notice how reporters, ‘veer away’ from facts, and move more towards ‘speculations’, hypothesizing, flat-out lying to the people, opinion polls.  How can the people ever hope, to find any truth, when the truth has been traded for ‘the popular vote’.
As in the case of Ron Paul My children, most people, want him to become the next President of the United States.  But he won’t be if people do not change their hearts.  If they, do not start, ‘demanding transparency’, and truth, from their local governments; if they do not seek to support Ron Paul, all the way, to the November Elections - then he can’t make it as President. 

So many souls have ‘turned their backs’ on him, accusing, him, of betraying them. They are the ones, who have betrayed, the Constitution, and the Liberty Movement, by turning against, ‘the Grandfather, of the Constitution’.  Who out there upholds, the truth, with conviction?  And who there in the White House, listens, or proclaims the truth, as boldly, as he has in the past?

I tell you now, the White House is filled, with hypocrites, thieves, liars, murderers, and adulterers.  Those in the White House, work, for themselves, and their own, comfortable, houses.  They steal, from the poor, only to give to those who are richer.  Theirs will be ‘a Heavy Judgement’, if there is not some ‘house cleaning’ done. 

The White House Senate, is filled with members of the mafia - filled to the brim, with extortion.  ‘Evil persuasiveness’, pride, has blossomed and violence, has grown in this ‘place’.  They have all forgotten, why they were chosen, to be in the Senate, to be in the House of Representatives, to be part of Parliament.  They, have lost sight, of the truth, of morality, of dignity, and charity. 

So do not bicker, any more in your own hearts and souls, against Ron Paul who is ‘one of a kind’.  Because he is, one, of, My Chosen Ones.  And he is ‘blessed beyond belief’.  But it tears his heart, to see so many, of you ‘grassroot supporters’, abandoning the cause, he has fought for, for over 30 years.  It is not too late for you, to turn back, for you to make a good decision, in who you, will, vote for. Obama and Romney, are ‘apples, that fall, from the same tree’. 

Better, to vote for Ron Paul, by writing him on your ticket.  Write him in!  See what I can do at this ‘Republican Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida’.  See that though, ‘the elite’ have their plans, I decide, when they will manifest.  Have courage!  Go to the Convention.  Go, to the local offices, and vote. Vote, for your brothers and your sisters, and your mothers and your cousins, and your fathers, and your children because, the course of History, can be changed! - if peoples’ hearts, will turn back to their Creator! 

In all of the messages that Ron Paul has given – to you all, a single thread or ‘streamline’ moves through them - and that is: Love, your neighbor and acknowledge your Creator.

Ron Paul has become a thorn in their side, because he will not accept, the large sums of money, that they, have offered him to step down.  You see My children with My anointing upon him, he is not running the race, necessarily because he wants to, but because he has a fire in his heart that can not be put out. He is running, for the Presidency.”
“The Third ‘Ace’ is R.P... I tell you that I will protect him from any ‘attempted assassination plots’.  'Not a hair of his head’ will be harmed either.  Just as I have strengthened the both of you so too will I strengthen him.  But concerning the election, I will not give that away”.
“The attacks on R.P., are only going to get worse; but I will strengthen him, in his daily battles, and he will withstand the rhetoric, of the politicians, and continue to bring all of their evils, to the light.” 
“As in the case of Ron Paul My children, most people, want him to become the next President of the United States.  But he won’t be if people do not change their hearts.  If they, do not start, ‘demanding transparency’, and truth, from their local governments; if they do not seek to support Ron Paul, all the way, to the November Elections - then he can’t make it as President.”
“Never before have I intervened as strongly as I am about to. Never before in any election of any President, have I intervened with My Heavenly Host of Angels.  Because My People, I pity you, I pity the ‘state’ you are all in, and I can see the future! - With one choice you make!  And your future with another choice.  I know ‘the bloodshed that is coming’ if you refuse to vote, for Ron Paul.”
“But know this: if any of the other presidential hopefuls, get into office, then Woe to the World, in which you live.  If Obama stays in office: then a double Woe to the World, in which you live.”
“So do not bicker, any more in your own hearts and souls, against Ron Paul who is ‘one of a kind’.  Because he is, one, of, My Chosen Ones.  And he is ‘blessed beyond belief’.  But it tears his heart, to see so many, of you ‘grassroot supporters’, abandoning the cause, he has fought for, for over 30 years.  It is not too late for you, to turn back, for you to make a good decision, in who you, will, vote for. Obama and Romney, are ‘apples, that fall, from the same tree’.”
“Better, to vote for Ron Paul, by writing him on your ticket.  Write him in!  See what I can do at this ‘Republican Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida’.  See that though, ‘the elite’ have their plans, I decide, when they will manifest.  Have courage!  Go to the Convention.”
“In all of the messages that Ron Paul has given – to you all, a single thread or ‘streamline’ moves through them - and that is: Love, your neighbor and acknowledge your Creator.”
Romney, is part, of ‘the media establishment’.  He is their ‘front man’, just like, Obama was.  He will continue, the carnage, the wars – against Syria.  He will, continue, to subvert, the Constitution, of the United States.  He has no need for it!  As the party he belongs to, has no need for it either.” 
“There are so many ‘similarities between the two of them’, that to vote for Romney is to do so ‘fully informed’. With no excuse, for what, you are getting.  He, will be, ‘a vicious tyrant’ - he will be, another Obama.  So do not pay attention, to: his tricks, because, he is simply ‘part, of the machine’…”
“And to all “Romney Delegates” out there, and to all “Romney supporters”: check the rules, for this upcoming Convention.  See how many of you are “unbound”, and can choose, to vote, for Ron Paul – by writing him in.  The media establishment presents you with one choice, because they are against the lives of the poor and the middle class.  They only care about themselves and their own jobs.  So you can not trust them.”
“Romney, is the same.  He will do ‘the same things’, as Obama.  You Truly only have one choice in front of you, My People, and this time you truly can choose, the candidate you want.  Because My Hand and Authority is on, My Chosen One.”
[Note: Ron Paul and Rand Paul did not experience the plague of "the beast state" on December 25, 2012, as they are most certainly among "the Elect", "the Faithful Remnant Church"]
“And, you Ron Paul supporters are not “bound to vote, for Romney”.  Write him in, “the grandfather of the Constitution”.  This is your last and final chance to restore America – upright.”
History, can still be changed.  But people must choose: which team they want to be on.  For there are 2 sides to every coin, and yet the coin, no matter which side is flipped, has the same value.  No matter what picture is showing, the value neither increases nor decreases, but, remains the same.  This, is how it is with the Republicans and Democrats - they are the same party: working for Big Government, increased taxations, and continued wars.” 
“There is one person, who desires to change: both parties, who desires to change the value, of the coin, so that, it is worth, much more, than it is now.  This person: wants to prevent hyperinflation, of the dollar; desires peace in ‘his own homeland’; and wants to put an end to the Federal Reserve; and desires, that respect be given to all countries – everywhere.  The golden rule is what he lives by.  He desires to reunite families, with their loved ones.  He will call all of the troops home, and there will be ‘a period of peace.’   However this person is ignored, and ridiculed.  His ideals, and practicalities are played down continually.  The truth he wants to share – with the world, by setting a good example for them, is: diminutized.  You all know who I am referring to.  And this will be, your final ‘wake-up’, from MeVote Ron Paul or suffer ‘dire consequences’.”  
Ron Paul, is, your only, choice, to mitigate the suffering, that is coming upon the World.” 
Above Video: Ron Paul's Message to Obama 
In this video, Ron Paul addresses Obama's use of the word "CHANGE"
“As for Obama and Romney My children, I will take care of the both of them, by giving them, what they truly need, instead, of what their ‘puppet masters’ want, instead of what they both want.  The World, is going to be brought to its knees My children, and I make no exception, with those two.  They, have caused much grief, over the past several years, to peoples’ lives – especially, the poor and needy, and also foreign civilians.  My children, I am with: the widow, the orphan and the stranger (– also known as “foreigners”), and I uphold them all.  But I am against: the haughty, and those with unclean lips.  And Obama, and Romney, have shown themselves to be ‘corrupt individuals’, with no leadership qualities whatsoever.  And I will stop the mouths of these liars.  Because I ‘look with favor’ on the poor middle-eastern countries, and I see what has become of them – from ‘those wielding power, in the White House’.  So therefore I am going to remove them from, their position, and change their status, in the World.” 
Note: At this point in human history (June 2015), Ron Paul has NOW, sold out, to the One World Government.  Yes, he was "the Anointed alternative" - the one who had "the True Anointing from Heaven", as an election alternative to Obama - who now reigns as the antichrist in the so-called "white house".  But NOW, Ron Paul has sold out, and is no longer, part of the Faithful Remnant, in any way.  Those messages from Heaven that we posted on our website - referring to Ron Paul and his role in the US Election, were perfectly accurate when we posted them.  And because the date they were received is indeed part of those messages, they are still accurate - because they refer to that specific point in human history.  The US citizens preferred a dictator, and they got Obama - who is in fact the enemy incarnate.  Ron Paul preferred to be ruled by 'a different spirit', and he now is.
And so how did OBAMA
contribute a whopping $113,600.00 to the American Dream?
for EACH average American family of 4
$28,400 x 4 = $113,600.00!  Simple.
Unfortunately for all AMERICAN families, that would be like Obama piling a stack of 113,600 rocks,
on the back of each family of 4.
And even though the Obama ADMINISTRATION is "responsible"
the PRESIDENT is "the one who APPROVES, the spending".

And for those who need a little help with math:   $19.95 TRILLION - $10.7 TRILLION = $9.25 TRILLION
$9,250,000,000,000.00 divided by the population of the United States at the time Trump was elected, 325 million people = approximately $28,400.00 per person
This is what the media WON'T! - share, with the people.
Why not?  Because the media, gets a CUT, of that $9.25 TRILLION, for remaining silent,
and for CONTINUING to smear TRUMP - instead of presenting both sides FAIRLY. 


 The 2016 US Election

One thing Jesus told both of us, shortly before the 2016 election is, "Remember, My Plan TRUMPS theirs!"  And BEFORE the election results were in - when the election could have gone either way...
(Above Title of MSM Propaganda Article from "The Independent")

(Above MSM Propaganda "Opinion Poll Graph" from "Real Clear Politics")
In hindsight, it was more like "real clear MSM propaganda"

(Above Title of MSM Propaganda Article from "The Independent")

...Mary Romanus had a vision of the scales of Justice and Mercy, with Trump on the Mercy side, and Hillary on the Justice side of the scale. 
The balance was tipped towards Mercy. 
(Above FINAL 2016 US Election results for each COUNTY in each state)
Isn't it interesting how the California Coast, Miami, New York City, the lower Mississippi and Chicago, did NOT vote for "Mercy"
But DO, the REST of the American people WANT "the Mercy of the Most High True God"?  Angry protests broke out on some big city streets (because that is where most abortions take place), shortly after Hillary conceded the election.  And isn't it interesting that the state where only 1 in 3 people voted for Mercy, was the state of California - a state teetering on the edge of a major fault line.  Is California "at FAULT" for that?  Only the Most High TRUE God's Justice will tell; and so we will just have to wait and see.  But if the state of California IS at fault, wouldn't it be interesting, to consider the implications of "the city, that inspired the name of the Antipope in Rome" - going down, "INTO the murky depths of the dark sea", with him - as in - at the same time of his ANTI-papacy.  What an unforgettable Sign THAT would be! - for ALL future generations. The illuminati may have to act fast to remove that Antipope, if they don't want to be the ones primarily responsible for "setting the stage" for that EPIC historical milestone.  The clock is ticking.
And now for what is perhaps "the BIGGEST shocker", in the 2016 election.  Jesus Christ the Lord revealed, that the illuminati DID in fact EXPECT! - Trump to win, the 2016 election - EVEN THOUGH, they control the MSM; EVEN though, they did everything they possibly could, to control the outcome of the election.  But WHY! - WHY would the illuminati "EXPECT", Trump to WIN?  That is the question we calmly asked The Most High True God.  And the reason He gave, was, "Because of the prayers of the Faithful Remnant - that HE raised up".  "The Majority Vote went to the Faithful Remnant; even though they are most DEFINITELY the minority!"
Of course, the NEXT big question is... "Will the Most High True God 'ALLOW', Trump to be installed?"  The answer to THAT question, WILL be determined, by "the American peoples' continued response to His Testimony" - between now, and the end of Obama's second term. 
Jesus said: How many people are "CLOTHING themselves in SACKCLOTH and ashes" - around the WORLD? - in HUMILITY, and in TRUTH?  Not many!  Remember what JONAH said, to the people of NINEVEH.  We shall see 'HOW the World responds'; BUT! - in ALL of this, REMEMBER: the Most High TRUE God's PLANS, WILL Triumph!  (November 19, 2016)

The Presidential Election
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Will Trump be successful?
TRUMP! - is actually "God's MERCY"; and, he has been GIVEN, 'THIS time', to make AMERICA, "GREAT again".  Now THAT being said - we do not know, 'how LONG', THAT is going to last - BECAUSE, he OPPOSES, "the illuminati" - and the ILLUMINATI, are 'AGAINST the Most High True God's PLANS'.  We are PRAYING, that Trump WILL be "successful" - as the Most High True God 'uses HIM', for HIS Divine Plan and Purpose.  And the SPEECH, that Trump, WROTE [- for his inauguration] - was ACTUALLY 'inspired by the CREATOR of the Universe'.  Understand?  Yes, ALL Remnant Members, are CALLED to keep 'TRUE Peace' in their hearts - no matter WHAT happens - big or SMALL!  Because the TESTIMONY, IS! - 'the biggest SIGN', IN and of ITSELF.  The TESTIMONY, IS! - 'the Mind, of the Most High True God' - that He MAKES, ACCESSIBLE, to His CREATURES - who DESIRE to be FILLED, with His TRUE Holy Spirit.  (January 22, 2017 update)
Is "the antichrist incarnate" in Obama, still wielding satanic power?
Obama IS still working behind the scenes.  The fact that Trump was unable to repeal Obamacare (- in March, 2017), is in fact "a BIG Sign!" - that the nation is STILL: "under the care" of the Antichrist incarnate.  (March 24, 2017 update)
And SO, is the USA - STILL "under the care of the Antichrist"?

Never before in recorded history, has media propaganda - "a weapon of WAR!" - been used by the media of a country - AGAINST its own president - so MERCILESSLY, and UNRELENTINGLY - as it HAS been, since Trump was elected.  And so, WHO do you think, is behind that organized assault against the US President, by the country's own major media outlets?  The U.S. media's full frontal assault against Trump, IS in fact, "an act of War" - as it DESTABILIZES the nation, by DIVIDING the nation, against its own President.  But, who is BEHIND it?  And why WON'T Trump stop it?  And why can't Trump put an END to the antichrist's (Obama's) HOLD on the nation?
...Because Obama is still ACTIVELY working behind the scenes - as "an illuminati puppet" - to help bring about THEIR agenda, for the United States.  And so, the ILLUMINATI boast woven into the Health care name ITSELF, lives ON.  WHEN in all of U.S. history, has the Government HEALTH care plan EVER been named after the PRESIDENT - and in such a way to imply that "he CARES", even AFTER his term in office has ended?  That, is a very telling question!  (June 28, 2017 update)

HERE is an example of how the MEDIA play "an ACTIVE role" in SWAYING "public opinion"
You can LISTEN, to how LOUDLY, the crowd "ROARS!" - at Colbert's "antics" - AGAINST the President! - of the United States.  We are ALL "FOR, FREEDOM of SPEECH, and FREEDOM of RELIGION" - but THIS! - VIDEO - IS! - 'PART of a LARGER, SMEAR campaign' - being SPREAD, by "the ILLUMINATI-controlled, INTERNATIONAL media"
Stephen Colbert presents "a monologue of HATRED" disguised as COMEDY
Above video: Trump Has United The Planet
Monologue from the Late Show published July 1, 2017

Americans are now 'eating up HATRED disguised as COMEDY' - as they 'knowingly TOLERATE, their PRESIDENT, being BRUTALIZED! - by the MEDIA, INCESSANTLY!   It HAS been revealed, IN the Testimony, that TRUMP, IS, ACTUALLY, 'the Most High TRUE God's MERCY', ON America - on the United STATES.  But the UNITED States' CITIZENS, are RESPONDING, with PROTESTS - and they are 'AGAINST, Trump'!  They are 'AGAINST! - the Most High TRUE God's MERCY'.  And so HE will RECEIVE that, as "a PRAYER intention"!  (July 01, 2017 update)
Obama's return to the political stage?  The tide is turning
Barack Obama to return to political stage this fall with 'delicate dance' (August 11, 2017 story)
Obama Is Returning To Politics This Fall, And Trump Isn't Going To Like It (August 12, 2017 story) 
And he is wasting no time:  Obama’s response to Charlottesville sets record for most-liked tweet  (August 17, 2017 story)

Under "the guise of HUMOR" - HERE is an EXAMPLE, of how the MEDIA, takes Trumps COMMENTS, "out of CONTEXT" - in order to SWAY the America PEOPLE 'AGAINST their own president'.

Above video: Stephen Interview Of Hannity's Interview Of Trump
October 13, 2017 FAKE interview using clips of Trump speaking

Even Putin, the Russian President - is calling out the illuminati-controlled political system, and their orchestrated take-down of Trump.  In the following video, "Putin weighs in on Trump's performance as US president" (October 20, 2017 video article) 

Fact Check: Have insurance companies...
Washington Post - DISINFO piece on Trump
Notice how, in the above video, President Trump EXPOSES the GROTESQUE WINDFALL, of the Health insurance providers, as a DIRECT result of Obamacare.  And then the Washington Post reporter, focuses the viewer, NOT on "the STOCKS" - but on "LOSSES".  And so the obvious question, for the DISCERNING viewer, is, "HOW can the INSURANCE companies be LOSING money - as their STOCK prices go through the ROOF!" - "WHY would the INVESTORS, INVEST, MORE! - in a company that is losing so much MONEY?" - unless there is a LOT MORE, to the "LOSSES", that the Washington Post IS holding back, DELIBERATELY, from the viewers - like "INCREDIBLE PROFITS FOR THE ILLUMINATI SHAREHOLDERS"... for starters. (October 18, 2017 story)    
HERE is "the Real Donald TRUMP" that the MEDIA, is keeping "WELL-HIDDEN!" - from, the rest of the WORLD.

Above Video:  President Donald Trump's Full Interview
January 26, 2018 video - CNBC interview with Trump
Keep in mind that this interview took place after almost every MSM news site
discredited themselves as they ran "BLATANT FAKE NEWS" stories
that were aimed at getting everyone to question Trump's mental health.
Here is an unpacking of some of the basic terms and acronyms that are used in the above interview:
DAVOS:  The name of the Swiss town where the 2018 World Economic Forum was held - and that was a meeting of globalists and elitists.
GDPGross Domestic Product - a monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced by a country in a period (quarterly or yearly) of time.  In this interview, the percentage of growth of the GDP in each 3 month period or "quarter", is mentioned many times.
CEOChief Executive Officer - the highest-ranking person in a company
"The Democrat":  a.k.a. Hillary Clinton - the defeated Democrat who ran against Trump, in the presidential election.
The individual mandateA key provision of Obamacare that requires most individuals to purchase health insurance coverage or pay a penalty.
ANWR:  Refers to the opening of a section of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for the purpose of oil exploration (- located at the north east corner of Alaska). 
BilateralHaving or relating to two sides; affecting both sides - involving two parties, usually countries.
TPP: The Trans-Pacific Partnership - a trade agreement between 11 countries.  Trump kept his election promise to withdraw the United States from the TPP.
NAFTA:  The North American Free Trade Agreement - between Canada, the US and Mexico.
Trade deficitThe dollar amount by which a country's imports exceeds the value of its exports.
The shutdownA brief January 2018 government shutdown occurred when a majority of Democrats, who are opposed to Trump, defiantly refused to pass legislation that would fund government operations and agencies - because of their primary loyalty to their illuminati handlers; and not to the citizens of the country.
DACA:  The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA - wikipedia) was an American immigration policy that allowed some individuals who entered the country as minors, and had either entered or remained in the country illegally, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit. As of 2017, approximately 800,000 individuals were enrolled in the program created by DACA. The policy was established by Obama through executive order in June 2012 and rescinded by the Trump Administration in September. 2017.
"The dreamers"A group of young individuals from one of 24 countries who qualify for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act.
Executive order: A directive issued by the President of the United States that has the force of law.
"The skills gap":  The gap between what employers want or need their employees to be able to do, and what those employees can actually do when they walk into work.
Reciprocal:  Describes a relationship in which two groups agree to do something similar for each other, to allow each other to have the same rights.
Free trade:  International trade left to its natural course without tariffs (import taxes), quotas, or other restrictions.
MS-13:  A criminal gang that whose members are mostly from El Salvador - characterized by tattoos covering the body - notorious for their violence and a moral code that is based on merciless retribution.
"Paul Ryan": The 54th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives - since October 29, 2015 - he was installed during Obama's reign as US president - and literally STOOD with Obama.

The underhandedness of the illuminati EXPOSED!

It has come to our ATTENTION, that U.S. President Donald TRUMP - IS in fact GUILTY of having an affair, WITH the porn actress, "Stormy Daniels" - or SO she calls herself.  AS she is only being USED as a puppet, against the President at THIS time - while HE is 'WORKING, to MEND, the COUNTRY of the United States of America' - by BRINGING in more JOBS - by CLOSING, the door, to ILLEGAL immigrants - he is actually PRESERVING, the PATRIOTISM, OF the United States as he TRULY DOES seek to "make AMERICA Great again!"

But the UNDERHANDEDNESS [- the "puppets"] of the ILLUMINATI - ARE in the process, of working - AGAINST him, and HIS goals - for restoring AMERICA.  And we say "UNDERHANDEDNESS", because THEY have "PUPPETS", working FOR them - within the media establishment, AND within the white house!  They have "INFORMANTS" - and there are 'SO many leaks!' - that the US PRESIDENT, LITERALLY, has VERY FEW PEOPLE, that, are "trustworthy" - who are SHARING the same goals, as HE is - who TRULY DESIRE! - to END! - the JOB-draining EFFORTS, of the ILLUMINATI - and to END 'the TYRANNY, of global government CONTROL, OVER, the United States of AMERICA'.

The President of the UNITED States of AMERICA is 'taking a STAND' - for AMERICA - as he DOES seek, "SOVEREIGNTY".  But, the ILLUMINATI, want "AMERICA" - to SIMPLY, become 'ONE, of the MANY! - COUNTRIES, OUT there, under their control' - UNDER 'the GUISE, of a DEMOCRATIC process' - they SEEK, to INFILTRATE! - "Democracy" - or "the VOICE of the PEOPLE" - by SNUFFING-OUT, in as much as they POSSIBLY can! - the U.S. PRESIDENT himself - as they CONTINUALLY, use the MEDIA, to 'SMEAR, his character' - and 'his CAPABILITIES of running, the COUNTRY'. 
The Truth IS, that the Most High True God's Heavy HAND, is "on, U.S. President Donald TRUMP" - to bring "REAL change" - to AMERICA; NOT 'the change, that OBAMA, FALSELY promised, the people'.  OBAMA? - brought MISERY, and a TERRIBLE economic depression, WITH him. And he caused MORE problems during his PRESIDENCY than he solved.  And SO did his predecessors.  And NEVER before, in all of HISTORY, has the MEDIA establishment, 'GONE after', and 'SOUGHT to DESTROY!' - the REPUTATION, of the PRESIDENT of the United STATES.  These are "dark TIMES", indeed! 
But the AMERICAN PEOPLE, NEED to be "informed" - that the Most High TRUE God has chosen, U.S. President Donald Trump - as 'HIS show of Mercy'.  And, the FACT REMAINS that U.S. President Donald Trump is "HERE to STAY" - he IS "the President of the United States" - and as LONG as the Most High TRUE God decides to UPHOLD HIM? - he will BE "upheld!"  
The ILLUMINATI - their ONE goal - "the SHADOW government" - their ONE goal - is to DESTROY, America, from within - destroy, 'the LIVES, of the INNOCENT - of the UNBORN - in the WOMBS, of their MOTHERS' - and to SACRIFICE - 'THOUSANDS!' - of soldiers, OVERSEAS - FOR 'the sake of THEIR agenda'.  The American people need to be INFORMED, that the ONLY wars going ON - are  'the ONES that the CIA, MI6, and CSIS, and the OTHER various letter-named agencies, are CREATING' - to create "a CULTURE, and ENVIRONMENT, of FEAR!" - so that THEY fear - the ILLUMINATI! 
But ALL those who choose to side WITH 'U.S. President Donald Trump' - in his PLANS to restore America - AND to BUILD "the wall" - to prevent, the ILLEGAL aliens from entering, and STEALING American jobs - WILL be upheld - by the CREATOR.  U.S. President Donald Trump is under the Heavenly Witness Protection Program - and ANY 'attempts', to take HIM on - or to try to POISON him - or to try to have him REMOVED by "a COUP" - will be taken, "PERSONALLY", by the Creator of the Universe - and "his assailants" will be 'DEALT! - with - MIGHTILY!' - as 'OUR assailants', are 'dealt with'.

The Most High TRUE God is inviting President Donald TRUMP, to REPENT, of his "ADULTEROUS ENCOUNTER, with STORMY DANIELS" - and to come CLEAN - before his CREATOR - about, his sins - and to seek FORGIVENESS.  The Most High TRUE God, wants PRESIDENT Donald Trump to know that he cannot 'STAND', against the shadow government, and the illuminati, WITHOUT His Help - and that the Most High TRUE God IS "ready to intervene" - in order to HELP Donald Trump, in "his time of NEED".  ALL that the Most High True God asks? - is for REPENTANCE. NOT "an admission of guilt, before the GUILTY!" - for ALL the politicians, are "CORRUPT! - to the core" - BUT simply, "SINCERE heartfelt repentance".

And the Most High TRUE God - WILL, in fact, 'PUNISH! - SEVERELY - all THOSE, who HAVE, BLATANTLY, attempted, to DESTROY President Donald Trump's character, AND competency, before the nations' - INCLUDING "Stormy Daniels".  For "the WRATH of the Most High TRUE God", is BIGGER, and STRONGER, than ANY! - of "jezzie's wrath". (April 30, 2018 update)

In the above Message, "They have INFORMANTS and there are SO many leaks!".  And the next day, on May 1, 2018, headlines around the world, were focused on the new leaks.  Trump: Leak of Mueller's Russia questions 'disgraceful' (May 01, 2018 story)    

It's best to start watching the video at the 0:43 mark
r Creator
The Video Thumbnail shows the U.S. Democratic Party Women of Congress
who could NOT help themselves, as THEY desire to dress up,
"as WHITE sepulchers with dead men's bones inside" (- to quote Jesus Christ the Lord...)
As they UNANIMOUSLY SHOWCASE their ABSOLUTE UNHOLY DISDAIN, for the Gift of Life in the womb


It's "BETTER" to be pro-LIFE

And so DURING the STATE of the UNION address - TRUMP announced 'HIS plans', to implement MEASURES to ban "partial birth abortion".  And the DEMOCRATS, FAILED to STAND, 'WITH the Unborn', and to DEFEND "the rights of the CHILDREN".  And SO? - they are "pro-DEATH".  And their PARTY, is "pro-DEATH" - and so THAT is 'WHAT they are going to FIND - VERY quickly!' [- and not by any HUMAN hand! - but by "the PERSONAL and most SURGICALLY ACCURATE HAND", of their Creator...] - as the DEMOCRATIC SENATORS, "PROXIED", on BEHALF of their states.  (February 06, 2019 update)

The United States in fact BECAME, "a MODEL country, of just how LOW the moral bar could be set, before it SELF-destructed".

Since all the COUNTRIES, are 'looking to the United STATES', as "a MODEL COUNTRY!" - of where 'the MORAL, bar', is SET - UNTIL 'that moral BAR' CHANGES? - and is RAISED - to the CREATOR'S STANDARDS - then NO COUNTRY will be able to be SUSTAINED, BY Him.

AS the United STATES - is "a first world COUNTRY" - as they 'set the PRECEDENT', for MANY of the laws, that have gone out - and have been PASSED, throughout the WORLD - The Most High TRUE God HOLDS! - that COUNTRY - even "MORE accountable"!  BECAUSE of 'the richness' - BECAUSE of 'the GIFTS!' - that had been GIVEN! - TO the United States of America.  Because of "the ABUNDANCE" - that had been 'BESTOWED, upon them' BY! - the Most High True God - they were 'EXPECTED', to SHARE! - with OTHER nations, "out of the ABUNDANCE".  But INSTEAD, they SPREAD: 'DEATH', WAR, DISEASE, and DESTRUCTION - and thereby "ABUSED! - ALL, of the BLESSINGS, and the GIFTS - that they had been GIVEN".  They 'WERE' entrusted, with MUCH - in 'LEADING the Nations'.  But they FAILED! - their Creator - and 'turned AWAY from the Most High True God' - and 'worked HARD' WITH the people, to REMOVE "God", from their society - except when INVOKING, through RITUAL - EXCEPT "when it was CONVENIENT" to invoke His Blessing. 

And so "the NATION", collectively decided - to 'SET the moral BAR' - for, "WHATEVER identifiable group, in SOCIETY, would be TOLERATED - by everyone ELSE".  And they chose to UPHOLD, "the IMMORALITY! - of man's ways" - and SHUN, 'the Way, that the Creator COMMANDED people to LIVE'. They EXCHANGED! - the Ten Commandments - for 'every OTHER law', that is "conceived, by man".

And so WHAT IS the Creator to DO! - EXCEPT - to PUNISH the United States of AMERICA, and 'make an EXAMPLE!' - of them - before ALL the nations - as to what HAPPENS! - to a COUNTRY - that CHOOSES, to forsake, 'the CREATOR, and His WAYS' in EXCHANGE - for 'the laws of the LAND'. 

America 'WAS' a great nation - UNDER the Most High True GOD.  But as MORE and MORE of the Creator's BLESSINGS are REMOVED - America will become, "desolate".  And NO amount! - of "legislation" - or "laws created by MAN" - will make it any BETTER.  And it WILL BE KNOWN! - THAT! - it was "the LAWS, and the ruling of MAN" - that SUNK the nation!  Because they CHOSE! - to do EVERYTHING! - 'APART from God'.

But God will TEACH, the people - that they are "UNABLE to govern themselves, in a Just WAY".  Because, His TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, IS "the Conscience, of man".  And without 'His CONSCIENCE'? - man can ONLY do, "the UNCONSCIONABLE", to his FELLOW man.

And so as other COUNTRIES - LOOKED, to the United States, as "a model COUNTRY" - on how to BE, for "LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS" - it WAS in fact "a complete FAÇADE" - as those THINGS, were ONLY achieved 'through ILLUSION' - while the United States CITIZENS, walked ALL OVER 'the BLOOD of the Unborn'.  And SO? - when a NATION, 'CLAIMS', to be for LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS - then the question IS:  "At what EXPENSE?" (February 09, 2019 update)

The United States is a country that LOVES terrorizing its citizens, before they are even born.

How is U.S. President Donald Trump CREATING! - NEW threats to national security and NEW so-called "TERRORISTS", in DROVES! - each and every day? - by the thousands.

And as you ponder that question, keep in MIND, that the JUDGEMENTS from the CREATOR that are currently being STACKED against the United States - and that are literally "LINED UP" to be unleashed - and that CANNOT be revoked - are like a row of dominoes, that seems to never end.  And that row WILL be knocked over - and it IS getting longer each and every day.  In fact, as it stands, if just a few MOUNTAIN peaks sticking out of the OCEAN, is all that is left of that country when the Creator is finished with it - we WON'T be at all surprised.  Soon, YOU'LL see! - what we are referring to.  We don't "WANT", everyone to start referring to the United States of America as "the United States of Atlantis" - but really, it isn't up to us.  "USA"!  "USA"! - sure, keep cheering - it really DOES work either way.

And so 'the QUESTION', that this BEGS? - is "Do WE as the Two WITNESSES, have 'personal CONTEMPT', for AMERICA - or for the USA, and its CITIZENS?"  NO! - we do not.  HOWEVER - we DO represent, 'a group of PEOPLE', who have been TORTURED - MERCILESSLY! - IN that country - and KILLED - and STILL continue! - to be - EVERY day!  And 'THEY!' - are crying out - to their CREATOR - to "THEIR! - HEAVENLY Father", FOR 'Divine JUSTICE' - for 'HIS Wrath!' - to COME down, from Heaven, and "CONSUME", THEIR foes!  'THEY!' - are the ones, who have endured, 'SO much', HATRED, and ANIMOSITY - and 'the EVIL! - ACTS - being committed AGAINST them'.

And THEY are 'the ONES' - that, the United States CITIZENS, ARE! - going to need to ANSWER to.  They ARE! - "the UNBORN".  They ARE! - "the FORGOTTEN ones".  They ARE! - "the discarded".  And they 'CRY! - OUT', EVERY day, and every NIGHT - AGAINST! - the INJUSTICE, that is being COMMITTED against them, and 'their KIND'.  For they did nothing WRONG!  They are "completely INNOCENT!" - at ALL! - stages, of life.  But 'the United States CITIZENS'? - are "ALL guilty!" - because they DIDN'T take, 'the NECESSARY measures' - to PREVENT ABORTIONS, to STOP ABORTIONS - to stop "the SLAUGHTER, of the Holy INNOCENTS".  Instead they PERPETUATED it! - they PERPETUATED "murder" - as "a RIGHT!"  And NOW the CREATOR, 'with EXTREME PREJUDICE' - will PERPETUATE, 'His Divine JUSTICE', AGAINST the United States of AMERICA - acting "on BEHALF, of HIS children" - the UNBORN - WHOM we represent.  BECAUSE? - they need 'a VOICE'!  And we ARE 'that voice'. And, WE, will NOT be "snuffed-out".

During his 2019 State of the Union Address, President Donald Trump said: "... and let us reaffirm a FUNDAMENTAL truth: ALL children, born and unborn, are made in the Holy Image of God."

And SO - the United States GOVERNMENT, are wasting THEIR time, resources, and ENERGY - in 'TRYING to subdue US! - AND the Remnant - and snuff US out of existence - and trying to snuff the TRUTH of the TESTIMONY, out of existence' - as they "blame US!" - for, the disasters that have HAPPENED, and will CONTINUE COMING!  Because the FACT REMAINS: is that EVERY DAY, THOUSANDS of unborn CHILDREN - ARE, 'MURDERED', BY United States citizens, "UNDER the helm, of PRESIDENT Donald Trump" - and those CHILDREN, are going BEFORE, 'The KING! - of HEAVEN' - AND 'DEMANDING - JUSTLY! - for RECOMPENSE'.  And so TRYING to snuff US, 'out' - AND the Remnant? - ISN'T going to STOP, 'the Divine JUSTICE' from befalling the Face of the EARTH; but it WILL make it 'WORSE!'  Because EVERY 'act, taken against US'? - WE demand! - and cry out to Heaven for JUSTICE; and HEAVEN hears out PRAYERS.  And JESUS hears our prayers. And GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, 'hears our PRAYERS' - as we seek to be united with 'HIS Divine Will' - and He HEARS "the cries, of His little CHILDREN" - who are DISCARDED! - DAILY! - LITERALLY, 'TAKEN out, WITH the trash', IN garbage bags, behind HOSPITALS and abortion clinics.

We are NOT going to 'PRETEND', that what President Donald Trump COMMUNICATED, in his State of the UNION - about the 'VALIDITY' of ALL life - born and UNBORN - is "something NEW!"  In fact, NOW, the United States CITIZENS, and President Donald TRUMP? - are "even MORE responsible" - for 'ALLOWING, the abortions to continue'.  They thought "the BORDER wall", was an issue.  But the CREATOR, is going to SHOW them, "what a REAL problem is", and "what a REAL national state of emergency is".

And SO - what does this MEAN?  It means that God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, HOLDS "a Gavel" - a VERY, LARGE and Heavy Gavel - that HE has already 'set in motion'.  And JUDGEMENT HAS been passed - AGAINST the United States - as He is FULLY Ready, to IMPLEMENT 'HIS Just Measures' - and to "ABORT", 72 MILLION! - American citizens.  But AS the United States Government, continue to 'try' to snuff US out, AND the Remnant - they're ONLY 'adding to that NUMBER'.

And because we KNOW! - that the United States Government has RESOLVED! - to "snuff-out the TESTIMONY, and the Two of us, and the REMNANT" - then God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, is 'FORCED! - to intervene', to DEFEND us! - and 'ACT against them'.  We are HERE to serve our CREATOR - not any "earthly governing body".  And "our ONLY Commander in Chief" - is Jesus CHRIST.

And to all the Americans treading water out there, know that Pharaoh couldn't stop, until it was too late for HIS country.  And history DOES repeat itself.  WOE! - to those, who are on 'the front lines', and all their COMMANDERS - as NATURE, once again, 'intervenes'.
Pope Peter the Last: THIS is "NOT a human VOCATION".  THIS is "a DIVINE! - Vocation"  The PEOPLE, in the CHURCHES? - believe that 'they are SAVED, good, and HOLY' - and that 'they ARE gods!'   So there is NOTHING for them to LEARN!  But, EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, is CALLED, to HUMBLE themselves - BEFORE! - the GOD, above all OTHER gods - Jesus Christ the LORD - who "sits ENTHRONED"!  He is NOT, "on the CROSS"!  For "the FALSE christians" He is! - as they seek 'to ABUSE Him', with their daily SINS. BUT! - HE is REIGNING, SUPREME!  The SUPERNATURAL GODHEAD - OVER, ALL the inhabitants of the earth.  And, there IS no "expiation", for 'the people OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety' - but they HAVE "an expiration date!" - BECAUSE? - the PEOPLE outside the Ark - the MAJORITY of them, have RECEIVED 'their reward', in this life - AS they sought to live for THEMSELVES. It is "perfectly JUST".  It is "PERFECTLY fair".  THEY, in fact SHUNNED! - The TRUE Divinity of Jesus Christ the LORD, and 'exchanged, the TRUE Image of Him, for a FALSE one!' - for "a PURELY, HUMAN, fallible jesus" - who 'JUSTIFIES them', IN their sins.  Unfortunately? - for THEM? - for those 'OUTSIDE the Ark of SAFETY'? - they SUPPRESSED the Truth; and so God, 'GAVE them up', to "the DELUSION of these TIMES".  And they LISTENED! - to the DEVIL; and worshipped HIM - AND! - received "a MARK", for their efforts.  So let EACH one in the FAITHFUL Remnant Church - CHOOSE, "better"!  Let EACH ONE in the FAITHFUL Remnant Church - choose to be "a REFLECTION, of the TRUE! - Image - of Jesus Christ the Lord"; and 'shun' EVERY "false image" and "false IDOL" out there!  And let 'HEAVEN', REJOICE! - at 'the DOCILITY', of EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT - towards "their Divine CALLING" - The Divine CALLING that, those OUTSIDE the Ark, 'SHUN! - daily!'  (-from the March 23, 2018 update) 

(February 13, 2019 update - mirrored on the Tweets page) 

The Biggest COUP D'ETAT in modern history is NOW FULLY underway
After Nancy Pelosi, "the speaker of the HOUSE", gives a veiled THREAT or WARNING to the Trump Administration - that if TRUMP declares "a national EMERGENCY" - over WALL funding - then a DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT, could declare "a national EMERGENCY", over GUN rights - which would AFFECT 'the Second Amendment', of ALL United States citizens - then 'the VERY next DAY!' - there is "an alleged SHOOTING", in AURORA Illinois - ONE of the biggest! - EVER! - in terms of "casualties".  And so "What are the ODDS?" - that this "ALLEGED SHOOTING", would take place? - the DAY after! - Nancy Pelosi announces, what 'a democratic PRESIDENT, would declare a national EMERGENCY over'? 

What this REVEALS? - is that, the DEMOCRATS, working with 'the DEEP state' - are wasting NO time! - in doing 'what THEY CAN'! - in ORDER, to create, "a nationwide DISTRACTION" - in ORDER to HAVE! - President Donald Trump 'REMOVED from his office' - ALONG with the vice president.  For TRULY this is 'ONLY, the BEGINNING!' - of what the DEEP state are 'prepared to DO' - now that their "PLANS", have been EXPOSED - and NOW that the new Attorney General, has been installed  - who is "NOT on their side!"  And SO? - there are 'many PEOPLE' - who are GOING to be "held ACCOUNTABLE", TO, the justice system.  And 'the DEEP STATE', will lose "KEY PLAYERS" - and they CAN'T let that HAPPEN!  THEREFORE - they are 'prepared to DO, WHATEVER it takes', in order to EITHER 'have President Donald Trump REMOVED', as QUICKLY as possible - with "SUPERFICIAL", and "MUNDANE", charges.  And if they CAN'T accomplish that? - then they WILL DO! - 'what they can'! - EVEN if it means 'PLUNGING! - the entire COUNTRY into CHAOS' - in order to STEAL the election, from U.S. President Donald Trump. 
The evidence is 'OUT' - that, the DEEP state democrats were in fact 'WORKING, WITH the Russians' - were in fact, "COLLUDING, WITH Russia", in order 'to ENSURE that they WON' - the 2016 election.  But it didn't HAPPEN the way they had it planned - and TRUMP became President.  And NOW? - they ARE 'ready to STEAL! - the Presidency' - through "ANY means necessary" - as they already 'CONTROL', over 90% of the MEDIA out there.  Which MEANS? - that if PEOPLE are not 'paying ATTENTION', they're getting "sucked-IN, to the deep state LIES" - and to 'the false PERCEPTIONS', that the deep STATE! - 'want them to have' - which is that "Trump is bad for the COUNTRY" - EVEN though, the facts, SPEAK for themselves - that, Trump IS, "the Best PRESIDENT FOR the United States!" 
And SO? - the deep STATE, FULLY plan, on 'propping up, THEIR president' - and CANCELLING the election "if they CAN" - while at the SAME time - having President Donald Trump, AND his administration, 'REMOVED!'  HOW can they DO THIS?  If they have 'enough military MIGHT' - and enough 'INTELLIGENCE - working on BEHALF of them'.  And so 'WHO' would be PRESIDENT?  The deep STATE, and the deep state DEMOCRATS, do not RECOGNIZE U.S. President Donald Trump as "the LEGITIMATE President of the United STATES" - which is why 'they OBSTRUCT!' - ALL of his plans - in as MUCH as they CAN.  They WILL not 'work with this President'!  And they REFUSE! - to concede, that "they LOST! - the 2016 ELECTION".  Because President OBAMA - had 'RIGGED the system', during "HIS time, in office", to FAVOR the democrats, and their agenda.  And so "president" Obama - would BECOME, "the PRESIDENT of the United States" once again - GIVEN! - 'the CHAOS', that the deep state are 'PLANNING on creating'.  But the U.S. PRESIDENT, Donald Trump - is 'STANDING in their way!' 
But! - with 'the Two of US' on the scene - and, 'with the help of our CREATOR' - we will ALSO, 'STAND! - against the deep state and their AGENDA', for the United States - as 'the Creator HIMSELF!' - has "His OWN Plans", SET in motion - for the United States of America - AND! - the entire world.  And HE is "FULLY Ready!" - to IMPLEMENT them.  And it WILL BE! - 'the deep STATE', who in fact, 'FORCE! - the Creator, to act first' - in ORDER to keep President Donald Trump "in office".  As Jesus Christ the LORD, is going to "REACH across the aisle" - and extend 'HIS HAND', to U.S. President Donald Trump - and SEE 'how he will RESPOND'.  One thing that SEPARATES, Jesus Christ the LORD - from 'ALL the LEADERS, on the PLANET!' - IS the SIMPLE fact, that He NEVER "compromises".
Pelosi rebukes Trump in fiery press conference
It's best to watch from 8:24 - 9:14
An interesting question, to challenge the "independent thinking readers" out there with is this:
In the above video, Pelosi suggests that GUN violence in America is "a national emergency".
So how does it make SENSE for her to refer to Trump's concern over CONVICTED CRIMINALS invading the country,
through the southern border - MANY of whom were convicted of GUN violence, as "an illusion"? - as "a fabricated emergency"?
The corresponding Truth, is that the Democrats want to confiscate all civilian guns, so that they can more easily oppress the American people,
once they get back in power.  They intend to DO so, by STARTING with semi-automatic weapon bans.
(February 15, 2019 update)

The media coup is now in full swing

Deep state COUP boasts were recently inserted through coded language, that was meticulously woven through a front page New York Times article.  The national MEDIA psychological operation to prepare the United States for a full-blown COUP, has now been LAUNCHED and is FULLY underway.

The article:

And here are the boasts, that were deeply embedded in that article.  Some [- explanatory notes] were added, to help the readers who are less familiar with the unfolding story.

“They asked me about Obama endorsing... [- referring to endorsing any OTHER democratic candidates]. I said, ‘I don’t imagine he will.’”

“He [- Obama] remains the party’s most convincing model for success [- at "winning the election"] at the national level.”

“Obama continues to express frustration that he did not anticipate Mr. Trump’s victory [- referring to the 2016 election that Obama RIGGED for Hillary to win.  Obama is frustrated that HER illegal "collusion with Russia" in order to fabricate a fake "dossier" against Donald Trump, is now a part of American History - even though the charges were held back].

“Obama has privately voiced...[- referring to "a PRIVATE uprising"...] an urgent sense of responsibility to do what he can to thwart [- as in "oust" through a coordinated coup...] Mr. Trump.”

“Democrats still hope [- the slogan for Obama's campaign victory...] Mr. Obama might help resolve the primary in an active way... [- and so HOW will Obama ACTIVELY resolve the primary?...] a California investor who was a major fund-raiser for Mr. Obama, said he expected... and foresaw an opening for Mr. Obama to act.”

“He [Obama] wants to make sure the Democratic Party puts up the best possible candidate.”

“He [Obama] sees a relatively open space for a more moderate Democrat [- referring to Obama], given the abundance of hard-charging liberals [- promoting extremist socialism, in order to deliberately exclude themselves - and to ultimately point everyone towards OBAMA...] in the race.” [- the Democratic primary candidates are DELIBERATELY sabotaging their RUN, so as to EXCLUDE themselves from the race - in order to leave Americans with only ONE option, as the COUP against Trump and Pence unfolds.]

“Other candidates... invoke him reverently on the campaign trail.  Mr. Booker... declared: “I miss Obama...” [- referring to "the Obama family" in the White House]

“The primary will represent something of a test for Mr. Obama’s [- "lawless"] brand of politics.”

“The coming primary campaign may hinge in part on whether Democratic voters favor making gradual improvements to [- the time in office of] Mr. Obama’s legacy.”

“Obama’s doctrine of nonintervention [- in elections] could represent a setback, though not an unexpected one [- as his plans to intervene in order to OUST President Trump are now set in motion].”

“Obama has spoken out... focusing on themes related to the integrity of the political system.” [- that HE, along with other DEMOCRATS, tried to MANIPULATE, to steal an ELECTION.  And implying that HE sets the bar for integrity - when in fact, Obama sets the bar for lawlessness - see "Terror Tuesday kill list" for more details]

“Veteran Obama supporters... wishing that Mr. Obama would act as an old-school party leader and decree his preferences from on high.” [- referring to the highest office in the country - and referring to HIS preference, that HE would be REINSTATED for 'an extended third term' - even though he KNOWS that he wouldn't be "lawfully" in office]

“A top Obama fund-raiser... said the 2020 field was a tribute to the former president... [- raising HIM up...] and should be attributed to the [- ongoing] legacy of Barack Obama.”

The deep state - those in the illuminati pyramid structure - are HEAVILY dependent on the mainstream media, as they NEED the MAJORITY of Americans to be SWAYED AGAINST Donald Trump, who is the validly elected President of the United States, in order for their coup to be a success.  And so at THIS point in history, there are only a small handful of reporters, and news outlets, that aren't COMPLETELY owned and operated by the deep state.  And the anti-Trump narrative, is being proliferated globally - through the fullest possible coordinated ABUSE, of "freedom of the press", and "free speech".  Those media freedoms have in effect been COMMANDEERED and WEAPONIZED, for the SOLE USE of the deep state global narrative.  It is no longer "NEWS", that they are reporting on; instead, it is "the FILTERED deep state global world narrative" - that they expect EVERYONE, to adopt, through indifference, as "THEIR personal world view".
The MEDIA are now focusing the American People on 'the FAILED coup attempt', that immediately followed the 2016 election - so as to catch the American people "OFF guard" - as they roll out a NEW and IMPROVED coup, that they plan to FULLY manifest BEFORE the 2020 election.  Like ALL "black ops", there is ALWAYS a plan B - and in this case, it's "Plan BARACK Obama, for president in 2020".  And the goal of the deep STATE - is to get TRUMP to "let his GUARD down" - as they roll out the extremist socialist democratic platforms, that no one will vote for - so that Trump SEES himself as "a WINNER", and lets his defenses down - JUST long enough, for a complete government takeover by the Democratic party - HEADED by, Barack Hussein Obama!
The CURRENT details of "the plan" - of the deep STATE - are as follows:  To DETONATE a NUCLEAR device - in "a large U.S. populated CITY" - most LIKELY, Chicago.  In ORDER to cause, "massive CHAOS!"  And in 'the CONFUSION', to have CREATED, "one of the BIGGEST CRISES, the United States has ever FACED" - to BRING about 'a change in GOVERNMENT', by force - through the IMPLEMENTATION of martial LAW - and the BRINGING IN, of the U.S. MILITARY.  They PLAN to 'blame', the attack, on "Isis", AND, at the same TIME - BLAME the U.S. President's POLICIES - in PULLING back the TROOPS, out of SYRIA, as "the CAUSE, for putting AMERICANS, at RISK!"  Thereby, DECLARING, TRUMP! - "a THREAT to national security".  And "false COMPASSION", towards the citizens of CHICAGO? - would point EVERYONE, towards Obama - because? - that's where he CAME from - as in THAT'S where 'his POLITICAL career', began.  There really is "nothing NEW" being DONE HERE - because HITLER, PULLED, the same 'COMMUNIST regime TACTICS' - in order be "successful" in HIS uprising.  And so 'the INTELLIGENCE officers' who are READING this - who are "FOR! - President Donald Trump" - need to KNOW, that THEY! - are "FULLY responsible", for the information that they have received.  And they can "WAIT, and SEE"? - or - they can take ACTION - and do 'their OWN investigation', to VERIFY, these claims.
"I tell you now My children:  the governments are about to be ‘hailed as heroes’ in this next coming disaster – upon the United States. [- "heroes", as in "patriots" for ousting TRUMP?] They have ‘a big one’ planned." (-Jesus, November 17, 2012) 

(February 18, 2019 update)

ULTIMATUM time for U.S. President Donald Trump: DECLARE, 'the socialist democratic PARTY', "a threat to national SECURITY" - or HAVE them steal the Presidency FROM you!

We HOPE that the PROOF, that the Trump Administration, is LOOKING for - as to 'the VALIDITY, of our CLAIMS' - about the democrats, PLANNING, to detonate 'a nuclear device' on U.S. soil and BLAME it on the PRESIDENT - ISN'T! - "to sit back, and WAIT, for that attack to HAPPEN" - while TRUMP, LOSES! - his PRESIDENCY - as it will be 'STOLEN, FROM him', BY the deep state, if the people READING this, "SIT back and do nothing" - as IN, 'the INTELLIGENCE officers', who are READING, THIS right now - are "FULLY RESPONSIBLE!" - for 'what is about to HAPPEN'!  WE cannot 'STOP IT'.  HOWEVER, we STRONGLY advise, 'the DEPARTMENT of Homeland SECURITY', to look INTO, 'what we are SAYING'.  The DEMOCRATS, WANT to, 'DECLARE', that "TRUMP! - is a threat, to national SECURITY", BASED, on 'his LACK of experience', in POLITICS.  And they ARE, 'rolling OUT, the PROPAGANDA' - AS we write this! - the PROPAGANDA that is 'DESIGNED, to DESENSITIZE the American PEOPLE', to the REMOVAL, of President Trump from OFFICE.  As "FAR-FETCHED", as that may SOUND? - AMERICA, is 'a VERY, different country', than WHEN it first began.  And 'SOCIALIST DICTATORS', RUN the country, from BEHIND the scene - NAMELY, "the deep state". And THEY will do 'WHATEVER they can!' - to PROTECT, 'their GLOBAL organization'. 

What the President 'NEEDS' to do? - is DECLARE, 'the socialist democratic PARTY', "a threat to national SECURITY".  And PRESENT 'the evidence', TO the American PEOPLE - through a Fox NEWS announcement.  Because, the DEMOCRATS are 'HELL-BENT' on CONVINCING America, that the President of the United STATES is "a threat to national SECURITY" and MUST be removed.  And if 'THAT' is NOT "the definition of TREASON"? - or "a COUP"? - then WE don't know what is

The DEMOCRATIC PARTY, is 'a WAR machine!' - and they are USING, 'the MEDIA', to make WAR, on the PRESIDENT and the TRUMP Administration.  And 'the PROOF' that the democratic PARTY, IS "a threat! - to the national SECURITY OF the country - OF the United States"? - is that, THEY! - are OBSTRUCTING, and DELAYING, the PRESIDENT'S OWN! - issue! - of 'a NATIONAL state of emergency' - by taking him to the COURTS.  They have opened 'NUMEROUS! - investigations' - and they WILL find something! - on EVERYONE!  THEREFORE, the DEMOCRATIC party is 'AGAINST the U.S. Government' - and is "a ROGUE! - party", that wants to TRANSFORM 'AMERICA', into "the CLOSEST, image of RUSSIA - of Russian COMMUNISM!" - that they CAN, do.

And so "the DEMOCRATIC communist REGIME" - is IN fact, WORKING, 'AGAINST! - the REPUBLICAN, leadership' - to the FULLEST extent, that they CAN! - in ORDER to CIRCUMVENT 'the rule of LAW', or "impartiality of the JUSTICE system" - that many AMERICANS, believe still exists - in order TO 'PARALYZE! - the Republican Party', with "UNJUST investigations", after UNJUST investigations - to 'DISRUPT, GOVERNMENT - to DISRUPT, 'the GOVERNING, of the NATION'!  And WHY? - because THEY refuse to RECOGNIZE President Donald Trump AS "the legitimate President".  As far as THEY ARE CONCERNED? - Obama should be PRESIDENT - and THEY, are 'waiting for HIM, to RISE, from the ashes', of "the OLD world", into "the NEW world" - into "the NEW world order".  And he WILL rise from 'the ASHES of Chicago', if TRUMP doesn't DO something about it and FAST!

And he should know that 'the CIA BLACK ops' - HAVE the entire operation planned OUT.  Senator BLUMENTHAL, has SHOWN himself to be "EXTREMELY hostile" - to EVERYTHING! - that TRUMP wants to DO - EVEN to the point of, SUING him! - along with the OTHER democrats.  But where IS he?  Why did he go SILENT?  WHAT is he doing "behind the SCENES"? - while ALL of these "freshmen DEMOCRATS", distract people, from 'the BIGGER threat'.
The deep STATE, AND 'THEIR own OPERATIVES' - ARE 'READING this' - and THEY KNOW! - that, the Trump ADMINISTRATION, HAS this information.  And so they WILL be "fast-forwarding", their PLANS - much QUICKER! - than they BELIEVE, 'President TRUMP will be able to respond' - should he CHOOSE to.  AS this is ALREADY evidenced, by the most RECENT "narrative", that is being pushed in the MAINSTREAM media - concerning nuclear POWER plants in Saudi Arabia, tied to the TRUMP Administration. 
CNN - SCRAMBLING, to paint the U.S. President AND Vice President as a threat to national security - with the words, "The House Oversight Committee is launching an investigation, Cummings said, to determine whether the Trump administration's actions are made in the national security interest of the country".  CAREFULLY crafted, to be a great segue for Trump's dismissal from office: 
(February 19, 2019 update)

What happens when the Trump Administration REFUSES to act on our Counsel? - here is just a SMALL sample

After we mentioned in the above update, U.S. socialist democrat and "deep state general" Blumenthal, as being involved in ANTI-PATRIOTIC activities, in yesterday's update - our Counsel was not ACTED upon fast enough, by the Trump Administration.  And then, the MEDIA 'launched' a follow-up PROPAGANDA response from the deep state - promoting Senator Blumenthal as "a targeted VICTIM of an anti-patriotic ATTACK" - along with OTHER "deep state DEMOCRATS" - and public MEDIA figures.  Remember, we gave the following Counsel to the Trump Administration:

"What the President 'NEEDS' to do? - is DECLARE, 'the socialist democratic PARTY', "a threat to national SECURITY".  And PRESENT 'the evidence', TO the American PEOPLE - through a Fox NEWS announcement." 
The deep state in fact followed our Counsel, and beat President Trump, to the Fox NEWS announcement
Video: Coast Guard officer plotted to kill top Democrats...
Deep state Democrat Senator Blumenthal MIRACULOUSLY turned into "a targeted VICTIM", only hours after our last update
And SO? - the DEMOCRATS responded! - to our Counsel.  And they did "the OPPOSITE" - effectively! - INSTEAD.  As they are NOW in the PROCESS, of 'rolling out the COUP', against the U.S. PRESIDENT, in order to PAINT him as "a DANGEROUS! - president" - or "a THREAT, to national SECURITY" - AND in order to paint 'the Republican PARTY', as "UNPATRIOTIC!" - and "ANTI-American".  When they KNOW for a FACT! - that THEY are 'the ONES, who are against AMERICA' - and who want to BRING in, "SOCIALISM", instead.  The DEMOCRATS are "PROFESSIONAL victims"! - which is WHY, they promote "VICTIMHOOD", the #MeToo movement, and RACIAL division - by ALWAYS making "race", an issue.  But it IS the DEMOCRATS, who ARE, "the predators".  And it's ONLY a matter of TIME! - before the American PEOPLE, SEE it! - for THEMSELVES.  The DEMOCRATS, ARE the ones, who are 'DIVIDING, America' - USING the mainstream MEDIA to DO so.  BECAUSE? - a NATION cannot be "CONQUERED", unless it is DIVIDED. It is much EASIER, to control 'a DIVIDED, country' - than a UNITED one.  And the Democrats KNOW this!  THEY are 'the real threat'.  Their party IS! - "the real threat to AMERICAN democracy".   More media coverage of this story: 
And so how do the 2 of us, file this story away?  It is simply ANOTHER example, of how the Trump Administration responded to our Counsel with "indifference" - which will ONLY continue to make matters 'WORSE', FOR them.  In other words, you can lead an elephant to WATER, but you CAN'T make it...
(February 20, 2019 update)
And CONGRATULATIONS! - the cry of Los Angeles for Holy Angels, has now been heard
And so 'the deep STATE' in RESPONSE to us SHARING, "the INTEL" with the Trump Administration - about how they PLAN on 'TAKING Trump, OUT of commission' - decided to have a HELICOPTER hover over 'OUR home!' - in CANADA - FOR 'the purpose, of UNLEASHING, top secret alien TECHNOLOGY - through FREQUENCIES - in order to 'take US OUT!' - in order to 'attempt to KILL US!' - by stopping our hearts.  But since we REPRESENT, "an ENTIRE NATION, and CITY" - and that is "the New JERUSALEM" - the Most High TRUE God - WILL RESPOND -  with 'HIS Divine JUSTICE' - on one of THEIR cities - namely, Los Angeles.  Saint MICHAEL, the Holy ARCHANGEL, is "being SENT, TO, Los Angeles" - TO, "repay", the United States, for "their ATTEMPTED, attack, on US!"  For those who seek to harm US, are "doomed to be killed", THEMSELVES!  And SO? - "a CITY for a city".  For the Lord WILL exact VENGEANCE, upon THOSE, who attempt to HARM us.  And that is "HIS Will!"  The United States Government believes it can get away with "MURDER, with no consequences".  But our CREATOR, will quickly 'step IN' and SHOW them, that there ARE consequences! (February 20, 2019 update)

WHY are the democrats introducing "the RESOLUTION, that requires a 2/3 majority VOTE"?

Pelosi on Trump's National Emergency...
Deep state democrat Nancy Pelosi - ACCUSES Trump, of doing 'the VERY SAME THING', that SHE is working to DO
- as in, USURPING HIS Authority, as the President of the United States

In "an ATTEMPT" - once again to DEFAME U.S. President Donald Trump - Nancy Pelosi, along with the other "deep state democrats", have introduced a resolution, to BLOCK, the President's "LEGALLY-issued DECLARATION, of a National Emergency".  AS they PRETEND, that "it is NOT, within the President's AUTHORITY, to DECLARE such an emergency".  They ACCUSE U.S. President Donald Trump of 'USURPING, his authority', and of 'going AGAINST the Constitution, of the United States' - when in FACT, he is "acting as Commander in Chief" - IN an EFFORT, to protect the United States citizens, from "the VERY SERIOUS crisis", that IS happening AT the southern border, of the United States - WITH over 50,000 immigrants, SEEKING to "illegally TRESPASS", PER month.  The REASON the democrats are introducing, "the RESOLUTION, that requires a 2/3 majority VOTE"? - IS, for the PURPOSE of 'TESTING, WHETHER or not, they can GET, a 2/3 majority vote - in order to get, 'something PASSED', AGAINST U.S. President Donald Trump - CAN they, get the Republican PARTY, to take their SIDE? - on this issue - to 'TURN them against, the President on this ISSUE'?  This is 'WHAT they want to find OUT'.  Because if they CAN? - they FULLY INTEND! - after 'MANY more defamation speeches', by the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi - to introduce "impeachment", as "a VERY REAL proposition".  What the American PEOPLE, need to understand - is that the DEMOCRATS, "live in a different world" - in which 'THEY create the laws', and THEY decide, 'WHO the laws APPLY to'.  But the fact REMAINS - is that 'what President TRUMP, is DOING with the National EMERGENCY - is what MANY U.S. PRESIDENTS have done in the PAST - over EMERGENCIES, having to do with other COUNTRIES'.  And yet "a VERY REAL THREAT"! - at the SOUTHERN BORDER, will 'NOT BE RECOGNIZED', by the democratic party - as they have VOWED! - to stop! - President Trump - "WHATEVER it takes" - even THOUGH, he is 'acting, with in the LAWS AFFORDED TO him', BY the Congress of the United States. (February 22, 2019 update)  

And be sure to read today's OTHER update, Heaven's RESPONSE to 'the MEASURES that were TAKEN', in order to REMOVE FUNDING from "the GENOCIDE machine", called "planned parenthood". 

How is it, that EVERYONE knows, that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ARE "threats to national security"?

What the Trump Administration needs to KNOW - is that 'the VENEZUELAN people', are SUFFERING, at the HANDS of 'the deep STATE' - working THROUGH! - ex-president Nicholas Maduro.  And it is HE, who has been 'ORDERED', BY the CUBAN military authorities, "NOT to back DOWN", and "NOT to allow FOREIGN aid, to REACH his PEOPLE".  For ONE reason: is to be "a STUMBLING block" - to President Trump, and 'HIS efforts': to restore "GOOD faith", WITH the Venezuelan PEOPLE, and 'to RESTORE democracy'.  And TWO: in order TO make, President Trump, 'LOOK BAD' - 'look INCAPABLE! - of DELIVERING foreign AID', as "a PROTEST, to his Presidency".  The Cuban government should NOT be having 'any SAY', in what HAPPENS to 'the Venezuelan PEOPLE'.  And 'to WITHHOLD, foreign AID' - IS, "a CRIME against HUMANITY" - it IS "a humanitarian CRISIS", that has been CREATED by Maduro, and his regime.  And SO? - the Most High TRUE God is going 'to INTERVENE' - and He is going to STOP Maduro - from 'punishing' his PEOPLE - because, of his own "political LEANINGS".  The Most High TRUE God, will 'INTERVENE' - and will STOP, this DICTATOR - and He will MAKE it, so that 'the FOREIGN aid', WILL get to 'the VENEZUELANS'.  It will be "through a DIVINE intervention" - and through 'His Heavy HAND', on Maduro.  And this is ANOTHER WAY, in which 'our CREATOR', is "reaching across the AISLE", to President Trump - as HE DESIRES, to 'help him RESTORE, LAW and ORDER' - to HIS country, AS the Most High TRUE God, gets READY 'to PUNISH the United States of AMERICA', for THEIR crimes, against humanity - NAMELY "the Unborn" - AND, for their CRIMES, against HIM! 

And so "in HINDSIGHT" - for the Trump Administration - to CLEARLY SEE, 'the TRUTH'! - that when TRUMP, shut down the GOVERNMENT, and withheld PAY - from just UNDER a million "federal WORKERS"? - THAT was actually, "VERY fair!" - and, "a VERY just response", to the DEMOCRATS' refusal, to work WITH him, in 'resolving the BORDER issue'.  BUT, what Nicholas MADURO is doing? - is in fact what Chuck SCHUMER, accused the PRESIDENT, of doing - as he [Maduro] HOLDS, the Venezuelan PEOPLE, as "a RANSOM" - as 'HOSTAGE!' - TO, his own political AGENDA.

Chuck Schumer said:  "For too long, the people of Venezuela have suffered a manufactured crisis at the hands of a cruel and corrupt regime.' (February 13, 2019)

And in this STATEMENT Schumer is using 'the SAME LANGUAGE', that he USED to DESCRIBE, what President TRUMP, is trying to accomplish - with building the BORDER wall.  Schumer CALLED, Trump's ACTIONS, as in RESPONSE to "a MANUFACTURED crisis".  He NOW uses "manufactured crisis", referring TO, the Venezuelan DICTATOR Maduro - to 'DRAW a PARALLEL', BETWEEN President TRUMP, and EX-president MADURO.  As he is trying to PLANT, "the seeds of an UPRISING", in the American PEOPLE - to CLAIM, that both Maduro AND Trump, 'NEED, to be overthrown!'  And so HE is "a traitor!"  And he is using "DEEP state psychological OPERATIONS", against the American PEOPLE, along with PELOSI.  This is ALL ORCHESTRATED, folks!  There is "a REAL COUP", that is underway - and it is "PLAIN! - for people to SEE", if they would JUST open their EYES, and 'STOP preferring to IGNORE it!'  And SO? - WHAT is the President to DO?  It WOULD be "best", to actually 'OPEN up, an investigation', into Chuck SCHUMER, and Nancy PELOSI - for "EVIDENCE, of TREASON" - and "DESIRE to overthrow the GOVERNMENT".  Since 'the DEMOCRATS' - had "NO TROUBLE!", opening an INVESTIGATION, into President TRUMP, and OTHER Republicans - with 'NO! - basis', for "a REAL, investigation" - then, the U.S. PRESIDENT, can open an investigation - into SCHUMER, and PELOSI - with 'all of THIS' Testimony evidence.  EVEN "people in foreign COUNTRIES can see that there is a TREASONOUS COUP up and RUNNING, in North America!"  In as MUCH as, there are "VERY, REAL, threats from FOREIGN nations" - against the United STATES, it is "VERY CLEAR" to these foreign ENTITIES, that there is "a TREASONOUS COUP" going on, on American SOIL - which MAKES, 'the NATIONAL SECURITY of the NATION', vulnerable to foreign AGGRESSIONIt is NOW, "a MATTER of National SECURITY" - for Pelosi and Schumer, to be INVESTIGATED, for their CONTINUED EFFORTS to work with FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS, in order 'to OVERTHROW, a sitting PRESIDENT'.  Perhaps their "JUNKETS", or so-called, "TRIPS, and VACATIONS", NEED to be investigated.  The Trump Administration already HAS proof! - that the DEMOCRATS worked with Russian agents, in order to fabricate opposition RESEARCH, in order to try to INVALIDATE the election of U.S. President Donald TRUMP.  What more PROOF do you NEED!

And so, to ANSWER the question that was posed in the TITLE of this article: EVERYONE knows that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ARE threats to the national security of the United States of America, because this FACT! - was revealed from Heaven.  And although we DO condemn, 'ALL forms of violence', that doesn't mean that we SUPPRESS the revelation of an active coup against a sitting President, 'for FEAR' of what staged extremist events, 'the deep state' may want to roll out, in response to these Revelations. (February 23, 2019 update)

The Creator is OVERSEEING The Historic North Korean Summit.

This could BE, "an absolutely HISTORIC SUMMIT!" - for U.S. President Donald TRUMP - meeting WITH Kim Jong Un - president of North Korea.  There are SO many different WAYS, that "this Summit Meeting" can turn OUT - but the fact IS, that 'the CREATOR' - the One, TRIUNE God - will be 'OVERSEEING', the meeting - HE will be Present.  NORTH Korea, must know, that U.S. President Donald Trump has "their BEST INTERESTS" at heart - and 'TRULY desires to NEGOTIATE, a PEACE Treaty'.  And it would be in 'the best INTERESTS', OF North KOREA, to OBLIGE U.S. President Donald TRUMP - because, JUST as he has been "SUCCESSFUL", in ACTIVATING 'a very THRIVING economy', on U.S. soil - he TOO! - can be "very HELPFUL" - in ASSISTING, North KOREA - with 'THEIR economy' - so that THEIR people may thriveTo "DENUCLEARIZE"? - COMPLETELY, and FULLY - without ANY exception! - is REALLY "a SYMBOL, of a DESIRE, to have COMPLETE Peace, with the United States of AMERICA".  And in this WAY - the U.S. DEMOCRATS, will NOT! - be able 'to BLAME, North Korea, in ANY way!' - for what HAPPENS on U.S. soil.  The U.S. DEMOCRATS, are "a THREAT to national security".  We KNOW that North Korean INTELLIGENCE, has FOUND 'our posts'.  And Our CREATOR - is EXTENDING, 'HIS Terms, of Peace' - THROUGH, U.S. President Donald Trump.  And so to COOPERATE? - with HIS terms - is 'to bring PEACE' - TRUE Peace - to THEIR land. Perhaps Kim Jong UN, could MENTION, the fact, that HE is AWARE - from HIS nation - looking at the U.S. nation, that "the U.S. democrats", are trying 'to DEPOSE U.S. President Donald Trump' - and that they MAY do "a false FLAG attack" on U.S. SOIL - and 'BLAME' North Korea.  And in THIS way - Kim Jong UN, will protect 'his PEOPLE' from ANY United States blowback.  Perhaps Kim Jong UN would like to make "a public DECLARATION", that the U.S. DEMOCRATS, are "a threat to HIS! - nation's security".  Because they are! Perhaps, Kim Jong UN, could 'call OUT!' - the democrats - for their 'TREASONOUS behavior!' - towards 'their OWN President'.  We KNOW the North Korean Intelligence can SEE! - that U.S. President Donald TRUMP, is "in the PROCESS, of being OUSTED, by the LEFT-wing democratic party".  And SO? - now is the TIME! - to INFORM, U.S. President Donald Trump - of 'what you KNOW'.  And so the QUESTION IS:  WHAT nation is going to 'DEAL', with the United States in "a fair WAY" - when they can SEE, that their GOVERNMENT is 'divided' - and that they are "in the PROCESS", of REMOVING their Commander in Chief? (February 25, 2019 update) 
"The Global Fragility Act" is now being pushed by the deep state.
There is a "REALLY nice" introduction to this topic, on the War page at this link.

And AS the Two Witnesses, OF the Most High True God - we can SEE! - that, this BILL, this "legislative PROPOSITION" - is in FACT, 'LOADED with snares!' - that CAN, and WILL be effectively USED, against, the United States of America, and their CITIZENS.  Because this BILL, effectively GIVES, the military - "the green LIGHT", to INTERVENE, in 'PREVENTING extremism'.  But WHO DECIDES? - what ideologies, are deemed as "EXTREME"?  Keep in MIND, that "TRUMPISM", is viewed as "extreme".  People who wear Trump "MAGA hats", are viewed as "extremists", by the mainstream media.  And some people who 'SUPPORT', President Donald TRUMP, are seen as "white NATIONALISTS".  And so - AS! - U.S. President, is away in Vietnam, SEEKING to 'make peace', with Kim Jong Un, in North Korea - the DEMOCRATS! - are in fact 'BUSY', trying to pass LEGISLATION, to 'BLOCK! - his national emergency' on the border wall - while at the same TIME, presenting "JOINT legislation, with the REPUBLICANS" - to EFFECTIVELY give 'the U.S. military', the green light, to prevent "extremist VIEWS", from RISING, in the U.S. population.  But the mainstream media has ALREADY 'painted' U.S. President Donald Trump, as "an extremist".  And SO - we HIGHLY advise, 'NOT to pass this bill!'  This bill would also include, 'spreading western TECHNOLOGY', into these "fragile STATES" - technology, that can be USED, to 'mind control' purposes, through "psychotronic warfare".  But not everyone, in the CONGRESS, is aware, of 'THIS use'.  And so 'the DEEP state', are in fact - THROUGH senator Coons - exploiting Senator Graham's naivety, with regards to this matter.  And so this is "a HUGE red flag"! - that the democrats are sending.  Because if they WON'T protect 'the SECURITY, of the United States', and "the BEST INTERESTS of the American PEOPLE" - by securing the southern border - then HOW? - can they be "for the SECURITY of other nations", and "for the STABILITY, of other nations"?  And so, as the DEMOCRATS, want to ALLOW, for innocent babies, 'to DIE', by NEGLECT - in the COLD and without medical attention - they PUT FORTH, 'THIS bill' - called "the global FRAGILITY act" - in ORDER to 'set a SNARE', for Trump: that if he says "NO" to the BILL? - then, he's saying, he is 'AGAINST, fragile STATES'.  And if he says "YES" to the bill, then he opens up his OWN nation, to "PRE-CRIME intervention", by his OWN military - that they FULLY intend to use against HIM.  The FACT is - though this WILL not be 'ADMITTED to' - the DEMOCRATS 'on behalf of the deep state', want the CONGRESS, and the AMERICAN people - FOCUSED on 'ANY other place!' - EXCEPT for, the United States.  They want "ALL attention DIVERTED", AWAY from the United States.  Which is 'why they REFUSE to acknowledge the problem at the BORDER' - because they WANT! - the drugs pouring into the country; they WANT the child trafficking; and they WANT 'babies to DIE', unattended, after birth.  Because they are "pro-DEATH" - and their party IS, "a threat to national security".  Their "extremist views" on SOCIALISM - are "a threat to national security".  The democratic party, ARE "the extremists"! - AS, they want the President, to focus on 'the EXTREMISTS', in OTHER nations! - as THEY, are 'FOR', the KILLING, of "the very FRAGILE, NEWBORNS" - through "infanticide".  (February 26, 2019 update) 

The PROBLEM is, that 'the United States congress', are in fact using "self-SERVING, political MOTIVES", in order 'to STOP', and 'to BLOCK', the national EMERGENCY act from going FORWARD - so that President Trump, CANNOT build, "the WALL" - in order to ensure "the SAFETY, of the American PEOPLE", from the illegal ALIENS - or "UNDOCUMENTED immigrants" - who are absolutely 'HELL-BENT', in doing what THEY can - in order to break the LAW, and cross the BORDER - in order 'to STEAL'! - from the American PEOPLE, through "ILLEGAL entry", into the country.  And 'THAT'! - is actually "a violation of the Constitution, of the United States".  The President HAS it within his authority - to USE those funds, for "a national security CRISIS".  But the CONGRESS, are in fact, 'CHOOSING, to go AGAINST, their President' - claiming that he is "USURPING his authority".  Many experts TESTIFY that "there is a CRISIS at the southern BORDER".  CONGRESS gets together, and says, "there IS no crisis!"  And the PRESIDENT? - will not back DOWN!  And so, REALLY, what is going on HERE, is that the CONGRESS are 'TRYING, to have POWER, OVER, President Donald Trump' - for POLITICAL purposes - because they REFUSE to work with the U.S. PRESIDENT, in resolving 'the BORDER problem'.  And the DEMOCRATS are simply "MILKING the situation" - and TRYING to turn the American people, against President Donald TRUMP - through 'FALSE narratives', and through 'an ACTIVE coup and uprising'The democrats, ARE in fact 'the ones who are THREATENING the lives of American CITIZENS' - who will ULTIMATELY, be AFFECTED, by the CRIME - POURING through the border - and the drugs - AND the human trafficking.  And so "the QUESTION"? - HERE - is "WILL TRUMP protect, the American PEOPLE - from the democratic PARTY? - from their 'EXTREMIST'! - political views, and agendas?"  The whole "CONGRESS"? - has been CORRUPTED.  The SO-called "RULE of LAW"? - has been CORRUPTED!  "The deep STATE"? - the 'select GROUP of ELITES'? - are running the CONGRESS.  And the DEMOCRATS know this!  And THEY, will do "whatever THEY can", to protect, "THEIR masters"! - who are actually "the ENEMY of the American people".  And so for "the HISTORICAL record"? - there IS! - 'a RACE' going on:  WHO! - will be 'the FIRST ones'! - to declare WHO, or "WHICH party", is "a threat, to national security"?  You don't HAVE 'much TIME' left(February 26, 2019 update) 

What ARE 'the VILE THINGS' that the democratic SENATORS have been INVOLVED in?
Jordan delivers fiery opening statement...
The CREATOR is "on the side of TRUTH" - and it is 'His Just HAND', MOTIVATING the Republicans to 'speak UP!'  Were it NOT for 'His Hand'? - not ONE would speak, AGAINST the injustice.  The Republican Politicians who are "FOR President Donald Trump", NEED to know that 'that FIERY STIR', in their INTERIOR LIVES - where they are "IMPELLED to SPEAK" - AGAINST 'what the DEMOCRATS are DOING'? - IS in FACT, 'the SPIRIT of the Most High TRUE God', impelling them.  As it did TODAY - through Republican Senator Jordan.
The democrats are "MILKING the destruction of American citizens". The DEMOCRATS are all "political THEATRE", with NO 'substance' behind them  - as they KNOWINGLY, SEEK, to PROSECUTE, "INNOCENT people"! - as WELL, as 'LOOKING, and DIGGING', for ANY! - "LITTLE, piece, of DIRT!" - that THEY, can find - in ORDER, to serve 'THEIR political agenda'The TRUTH? - is, that with the HELP, of the A.I. - and with 'THEIR ACCESS', TO the NSA, DATABASE - THEY! - can find "dirt", on ANYONE! - DIRT that THEY! - FULLY intend, to use, against 'THOSE INDIVIDUALS, who go AGAINST their agenda'.  The democrats are "GUILTY", of BRIBES, and of TAKING bribes.  They are "GUILTY", of EXTORTION, AND of extorting.  They ARE GUILTY! - and it's 'just a MATTER of TIME' - before the TRUTH comes OUT - about, 'the VILE THINGS', that, the democratic SENATORS, have been INVOLVED in.  Because 'our CREATOR' will make SURE, that they are 'EXPOSED, before the nations'.  (February 27, 2019 update)

The 2019 Peace Summit talks collapse between the United States and North Korea

How can 'the democrats', claim that North Korea is "a real nuclear THREAT"? - if they coordinate Trump's former lawyer of 10 years, to smear him PUBLICLY, as "a CHEAT and a CON MAN and a LIAR" - WHILE Trump tries to negotiate for a Peace Treaty, with North Korea?  Because North Korea NEVER was "a THREAT".  And the DEMOCRATS know this!  And THEY! - effectively 'sabotaged, the deal' - by PUBLICLY assassinating, 'Donald Trump's CHARACTER', in front of the KOREAN, population - who most DEFINITELY! - would have SEEN 'what transpired', and 'IS transpiring'! - in the United States. 

And so the DEMOCRATS, through their "political THEATRE" - sabotaged, Trump's EFFORT, to 'make PEACE with North KOREA' - BECAUSE! - Kim Jong UN, does not 'TRUST' the United States GOVERNMENT; although he DOES, have "a great RESPECT" for President Donald Trump.  But, now 'the SEEDS', have been 'PLANTED', in KIM - FOR him, to SEE, Trump - THROUGH 'the eyes of PROPAGANDA'

The PROBLEM is that North Korean INTELLIGENCE KNOWS! - that 9/11, was CAUSED, by the United States GOVERNMENT, in order to 'go to WAR', with the Middle East - and fly 'DRONES', and drop HELLFIRE missiles, in populations.  THIS is why, Kim Jong UN, is "not WILLING", to COMPLETELY, dismantle - ALL of his missiles - and FULLY denuclearize.  For WHAT protection IS there? - for HIS country? - were the United STATES, to 'create a false FLAG event', on THEIR land - and BLAME it, on North KOREA? - thereby starting "a WAR". 

And so North KOREA, is 'seeking to PROTECT itself', from "the greatest SUPERPOWER, on the PLANET" - and one that's "so GREAT!" - that it's "not AFRAID! - to blow up its OWN! - government BUILDINGS" - in order to start wars with foreign NATIONS.  What WE KNOW! - what our Creator has REVEALED, ABOUT Kim Jong Un? - is that, he LIKES the prospect, of 'sharing in America's TECHNOLOGY, and ADVANCEMENTS'; he LIKES the IDEA, of having "LARGE TOYS! - to use"; but, he does NOT! - want "WESTERN culture", IN his country; he does NOT want 'the WESTERNIZATION, of North Korea'.  And WERE the United STATES, to FIRST! - attack North KOREA? - Kim Jong UN, wants to have 'SOME MEANS, to RETALIATE'; but he would NEVER! - be "the FIRST to LAUNCH an attack", and RISK, 'the COMPLETE, and UTTER annihilation, of his COUNTRY'.  And so ONE thing! - that is for sure: is that North Korea, does NOT! - pose as "a NUCLEAR threat", to ANY country! [- even though from time to time, they MAY want to show that their missiles actually WORK, as they fire them HARMLESSLY, into the Ocean, as a form of "SABER-rattling"] Their MAIN objective, is to maintain "THEIR CULTURE", and INSULATE themselves from 'the western WORLD' - from 'the POISONOUS! - doctrines' and 'SEXUALIZATION', of the western world. Although, their GOVERNMENT, is VIOLATING, "human rights", on a daily BASIS - this is how, they LEARNED, to CONTROL their population - so that the PEOPLE, are 'AFRAID! - of their government', so that they DO not 'rise up, AGAINST them'.  Of course, "FORCED mandatory abortions", are WRONG - but THAT is what is going on in North Korea.  They do not KNOW! - 'any other way'; but, OUR Creator! - will 'TEACH them'

The United States cannot 'FORCE, North Korea to CONFORM'.  And they're SIMPLY "flexing their MILITARY might", in an UNNECESSARY way - by keeping their TROOPS on the ground.  And so as LONG as the TROOPS, are on the ground? - North KOREA, will keep its DEFENSES up.  The United STATES, MILITARY - may "disagree - because they WANT! - conflict with North Korea" - but THESE are 'the FACTS!'  Because as FAR as KIM is concerned - the United States does NOT trust HIM - so WHY should he trust THEM?  ESPECIALLY when they are "IN the process of overthrowing THEIR Commander in CHIEF!"  Those "NUKES"? - are what, is PREVENTING, Kim Jong UN! - from being "OVERTHROWN, by the CIA", and REPLACED, by "regime change" - JUST as, 'declaring the democratic PARTY', a National Threat, to SECURITY, would prevent President Donald TRUMP, from being 'OVERTHROWN, by the CIA', and REPLACED, by "regime change".  

And so as FAR as KIM Jong UN is concerned? - HOW! - does he KNOW, that he will be "SAFE, and PROTECTED" - were he to 'COMPLETELY, DENUCLEARIZE'?  What GUARANTEE does he HAVE? - that he would NOT be 'overthrown' RIGHT away! - and be REPLACED, by "a puppet LEADER" - who would promote LGBT parades, up and down the main streets of Pyongyang.  And Kim Jong Un can be "REASSURED", that our CREATOR WILL Intervene! - SHOULD the United States, create 'a FALSE FLAG attack', and then BLAME it, on North Korea; He will most ASSUREDLY Intervene - before the United STATES, is ABLE to start a war, against Kim Jong Un's country.  And since the C.I.A. ARE reading this - they will have to find "ANOTHER way" to remove Trump.  

The FACT is! - that Kim Jong UN, would NEVER 'tolerate' HIS media, "SMEARING him!" - back home, as he attends "a CRUCIAL summit!" - with the World's SUPERPOWER.  And Trump will have 'ABSOLUTELY NO credibility!' - in future meetings with Kim Jong UN - if he DOESN'T take "SERIOUS STEPS", to address 'what the DEMOCRATS have DONE' - while he was AWAY, seeking 'to PROTECT, the NATIONAL SECURITY, of the NATION'.  The REALITY at HOME? - is that a MILLION PEOPLE! - are 'INVADING his COUNTRY', every YEAR.  And the DEMOCRATS, are 'HELL-BENT!' - on sabotaging "the SECURITY of the nation", so that THEY, can usurp, U.S. PRESIDENT Donald Trump's POWER - which is EXACTLY! - 'what they ACCUSE him of'.  And so, UNTIL the democrats are 'HELD to account', and UNTIL the media, are 'HELD to account', for SABOTAGING "the SECURITY of the NATION" - which they ABSOLUTELY REJOICE over! - there's no SENSE in having 'ANY future discussion', with Kim Jong Un - because he WILL not budge! - nor SHOULD he!  (February 27, 2019 update) 

The new democrat virtue of flaunting the criminal act of being "in contempt of Congress" and the legal governing authority, of the President of the United States.

The Democrats are in fact, NORMALIZING the identity of being "an AMERICAN who is a PUBLIC TRAITOR - to the Country, and to its COMMANDER in CHIEF".  And GIVEN the fact that this "NEW AMERICAN IDENTITY" that is begin PROMULGATED, is "a THREAT to national SECURITY" - SPECIFICALLY, to the MILLIONS of American MILITARY who are called to see U.S. President Trump as "THEIR Commander in Chief" - then, this WEAPONIZED media propaganda movement, backed by the democratic party, NEEDS to be called out, as a WAR against America as a United Nation - of States that is.

And so the Democratic PARTY, is in fact 'REDEFINING, what it means to be a PATRIOT, of the United States'.  "A PATRIOT", by THEIR definition? - is one who RESISTS, the PRESIDENT of the United States - and who REFUSES to cooperate, with, 'their FRIENDS across the aisle', and who ACTUALLY, do not CONSIDER, the Commander in CHIEF, "THEIR Commander"
And SO THEN this begs the QUESTION:  For these LEFTIST, democrats: Who IS their President?  Because it is OBVIOUS! - that President Donald TRUMP, is "NOT their President"!  And so what IS 'the legal status', of an American CITIZEN, who REJECTS! - their President, as "the legitimate leader of the United States - who was ELECTED to his OFFICE, by the American people"? 

And so the QUESTION IS: HOW? - are the democratic state SENATORS - who are "ELECTED", BY the people, to their POSITION, to work "on BEHALF! - of the American people" - ACTUALLY, "in CONTEMPT! - of Congress"?  Because they most DEFINITELY are!  And that is "a CRIMINAL offense".  And so the DEMOCRATS ARE "a threat to the nation's security" - as THEY are ACTUALLY! - INFLUENCING the United States MILITARY, to DIVIDE, against 'the sitting PRESIDENT', in order to set up "a COUP".  And if HE does not bring "CHARGES" against the democrats 'to remove THEM!' - THEY will bring charges against President Trump to remove HIM!  And they will USE 'the President's own MILITARY'! - who are FUNDED by the Congress - AGAINST him!  It's JUST a matter of time.

THESE! - are most definitely, "extreme Times".  And so "extreme MEASURES", are needed.  And SO? - HOW IS it? - that "Two CANADIANS", are 'MORE CONCERNED', about the LAWLESSNESS, that is going on, in the United States - and who are investing 'more TIME, and ENERGY' - into actually 'EXPOSING! - the evils' - and 'CALLING them OUT' - than the AMERICAN PEOPLE! - are?  This Truly IS "unprecedented".  We WANT to help the American people at least 'SEE, what's SO OBVIOUS, but what is SUPPRESSED, by the mainstream MEDIA'.  But REALLY? - it IS up to, 'the American GOVERNMENT', to police its OWN government, and to make 'the necessary CHANGES' - to ensure "the SECURITY and the SAFETY, of their own NATION".  But as far as we can SEE? - America HAS no security, NO peace - and, is soon to become "a desolate NATION" - OVERTAKEN by, a HITLERESQUE, DEMOCRATIC regime.  The fact IS, that we are "here to WITNESS" - the devastation.  But that DOESN'T MEAN, that we WITHHOLD, GOODNESS - when it is in us to GIVE.  And it IS 'LOVE', to TELL, your NEIGHBOR, 'the TRUTH'.  But it is "HATRED!" - to LIE to your neighbor.  And ALL the democratic party HAS? - are LIES!
(March 01, 2019 update)
Extreme tornado damage from drone....
Only 2 days after the above was posted - WITNESS, the devastation! - that took place, in the United States
The United States citizens want to have the right to legally rip apart the unborn in the shelter of the womb!
and that gives the Creator the right to brutally rip apart their homes, and their lives, and their neighbors - piece by piece!
BE consoled as you watch this video - knowing full WELL - that this is just "an EXTREMELY small sample", of what is coming next...

WOULD the U.S. Congress, be any LESS effective, if it was being held hostage by bomb wielding and automatic gun carrying terrorists? - It's time to put things in perspective.

And so what you HAVE, is 'ONE party', the DEMOCRAT party - REFUSING to work, with the President, on 'any of HIS goals', for the country - for making, America, work more EFFECTIVELY, for the American PEOPLE.  You have, ONE party - the democrat party - FOCUSED on, "BIASED, INVESTIGATIONS, AGAINST the United States President" - and that is FOCUSED on, actually 'STOPPING! - President Trump, from fulfilling HIS obligation, to the American people'.  And so there REALLY IS, 'no need for TERRORISTS'! - because, 'the DEMOCRAT PARTY', have "effectively COMMANDEERED, the Congress", by BEHAVING like 'BELLIGERENT CHILDREN', who REFUSE to cooperate, in ORDER to get things DONE, for the American people.  The Democrat PARTY are "SORE! - losers" - and they are 'HOLDING the country HOSTAGE!' - and 'HOLDING, the President of the UNITED States hostage', with "FAKE! - investigations", with "FALSE reports", and with "MALICE!"  And they HAVE BEEN 'getting AWAY with it'! - as they DISGUISE all of their EFFORTS, as "protecting the COUNTRY, and holding the country's LEADER to account" - and THAT is actually 'the kind of PROPAGANDA that a real terrorist group would USE!' - as an EXCUSE to TERRORIZE, the entire NATION as they hold the President HOSTAGE.  CONGRESS may as WELL, be "in LOCKDOWN" - because the DEMOCRATS will make SURE, that it is "MOST ineffective" - UNTIL! - U.S. President Donald Trump is 'REMOVED, from office'.  They are ACTUALLY "CONSUMED by jealousy" - because HE! - has EARNED! - "the SINCERE affection of the American people" - BECAUSE 'he Truly cares!'  But ALL the Democrats have, are 'TALKING points' - "POLITICAL, nonsense!" - as, they DO, 'what THEY can', to HARM the American people - by PREVENTING, Congress from doing its job.  And so "WHO are 'the REAL bullies', in the United States government?"  There is ONLY, ONE PRESIDENT, for HOW MANY DEMOCRAT SENATORS?  Just as it is 'UNCONSCIONABLE', for 'a TERRORIST organization' to hold the congress of the United States "HOSTAGE!" - it is JUST as unconscionable! - for the United States PRESIDENT, to 'ALLOW, the CONTINUED abuse, of POWER', going on ALL AROUND him! - to continue - to ALLOW the DEMOCRATS to CONTINUE, 'their BIASED! - investigations' - instead of 'serving the American PEOPLE' - which they were "ELECTED to DO!" 

And 'WITH the whole world WATCHING' - the United States PRESIDENT - AND! - the democrats - are 'TESTIFYING, before all of HEAVEN!' - that "DEMOCRACY" has reached "its LIMIT!" - and IS NOW, being "UNCOVERED, as a complete SHAM!"   What SOCIALIST or COMMUNIST COUNTRY! - would want 'the GOVERNING of their PEOPLE', to be "GROUND to a HALT!" - through the spread of DEMOCRACY?  And so 'for the HISTORY books' - U.S. President Donald Trump, and the DEMOCRATS, have SHOWN, the WORLD! - that, "DEMOCRACY does not work".  Because it ULTIMATELY 'raises up people who ONLY want prestige, position and power' - at the expense of 'serving the NEEDS of the people'. 

Therefore the United States of AMERICA, IS in fact 'FORCING, OUR Creator - the Most High TRUE God - to INTERVENE, with 'a DIVINE Intervention'! - UNPRECEDENTED in all of human history - to 'OVERTHROW!' - the American Government - with NATURAL Disasters, and Devastation - such as the world, has never WITNESSED - in order 'to bring in a MONARCHY' - in order to bring about 'the Reign of the GREAT Monarch', who IS! - Jesus Christ, "the RISEN Lord". And when, 'WE', meet! - with Donald TRUMP? - he will THEN BE, "AMBASSADOR, Donald Trump" - and we will be, "the AMBASSADORS, of the Kingdom of Heaven" - sent to help 'his traumatized nation', move FORWARD, as they cope with "UNPRECEDENTED! - disasters, upon disasters".  Given Trump's REFUSAL to 'restore ORDER', to his own HOUSE? - to the CONGRESS! - earlier ON? - this IS, 'the ONLY Path LEFT'.  This IS! - 'the only way', to PREVENT, Donald Trump, from 'being OVERTHROWN by his own GOVERNMENT'.  We WILL NOT 'work', with a democrat PRESIDENT! - who would ONLY be "PUPPETED", by 'their DEEP state scripts'.  President Donald TRUMP, has PROVEN to 'the whole WORLD'! - that he is "a REAL LEADER, who SPEAKS from the HEART, to his PEOPLE".  And HE is going to have "PLENTY of uncomfortable TRUTHS!" - to SHARE, WITH them - as 'the COMING disasters' unfold.

To help "Ambassador Trump", to find in his HEART, the TRUE HUMILITY that HE will need, to actually work with his CREATOR, to make America Great Again - he actually needs to be "fired!" - as President... and RE-ASSIGNED, as "Ambassador".  We have looked over his RESUME, and we are most CONFIDENT that once he SEES the FRUIT of 'NEGLECTING to take our Counsel SERIOUSLY' - manifesting in congress throughout the entire United STATES - then he will be 'MORE OPEN', to working WITH US - to REESTABLISH "THE RULE, OF LAW" - and that is, 'the LAWS, of the Creator, of the Universe' - as that COUNTRY, is no LONGER, 'BUILT upon them'; but they have in fact, discarded ALL of them.  And so UNTIL, our CREATOR - the Most High TRUE God - shows, the United STATES, that 'their FOUNDATION', is "built on sinking SAND" - they won't DESIRE to be BUILT - on 'the ROCK, of Faith', in 'the One who MADE them'.  And THAT means that they will ONLY continue, to INVALIDATE, their OWN constitution! - because they were 'called to be a NATION - BUILT! - and FOUNDED upon, GOD'.  They were CALLED, to be a NATION, built and FOUNDED, upon 'TRUE! - Christianity'. But at this TIME, in human HISTORY, there is only "a HANDFUL, of people", who are PRACTICING, True Christianity - and that IS, "the FAITHFUL, Remnant, Church".  And THEY will be 'the ONLY ONES', who 'STAND!' - on 'WHATEVER is left', of the United States of America - when our CREATOR is finished, WITH it.
(And just in case you didn't get the irony here:  the democrats CLAIM to be "for gun control", as they HIJACK congress - and HOLD the American people hostage to all their POLICY-stalling antics - all the while claiming the President is doing the exact same thing - so that 'like MAGIC'! - people look AWAY, as they do 'their little trick', of pulling off their little coup.) 

  (March 03, 2019 update)

Hint: it is an ELITE group of FEMALE psychopaths who are CURRENTLY doing EVERYTHING in their power to make the United States "the NUMBER ONE TRAVEL destination for sexual predators on foot".  Perhaps they ALL should have taken a course on "national security basics", before assuming their current positions. 
A typical democrat response:  "Is it the Republican women VOTERS"?  
Sorry - wrong answer.
In GOING against, President Trump's "National Emergency Declaration" - the DEMOCRAT women, have in FACT! - PROVEN themselves, to BE, "the WORST!" - ABSOLUTE WORST advocates! - of "women's rights" - or EVEN of "human rights".  As THEY would 'KNOWINGLY! - CONTINUE, to FACILITATE, BORDER crossings' - DANGEROUS! - LONG treks, of 'an ARDUOUS journey' - where THOUSANDS! - of MIGRANT women, are being "VIOLATED"!  And they DON'T, care!  They DON'T even 'CARE', if the men violating those WOMEN, get 'through the BORDER, UNDETECTED!' - and become "United States CITIZENS" - so that they can CONTINUE 'their VILE efforts', to PREY on 'the WOMEN, in America'.  They are FOR: DRUG traffickers, HUMAN trafficking, human SMUGGLING, SEX trafficking, sex SLAVES.  THEY are "the WORST! - ADVOCATES, OF human rights, in ALL of history, at THIS time". 

BECAUSE, the TRUMP Administration, wants 'to STOP! - ENABLING, the CRIMES to continue'.  He WANTS, to STOP, 'the PEOPLE', from being "VIOLATED" - from 'being BRUTALLY, BEATEN', or 'TORTURED', as they to make 'the very LONG, and difficult JOURNEY', into the United STATES!  He WANTS to stop 'the HUMAN rights ABUSES' - that are going on DAILY, at the southern BORDER - especially.  But the DEMOCRATS! - the democrat WOMEN! - are saying "NO!" - to 'the MAN', using, HIS! - authority, and power, to STOP! - injustice, from continuing.  But 'the WOMEN!' - are using "THEIR, authority and power", to FACILITATE, ENCOURAGE, and ENABLE - those INJUSTICES, to CONTINUE - against 'fellow WOMEN'

And SO! - where IS "the so-called #MeToo movement"? - where women stand TOGETHER? - AGAINST, the violent MEN out there?  Where ARE they!  Why are they not 'speaking OUT!' - to PROTECT, 'those MIGRANT women'?  Why are they, 'SILENT'?  INSTEAD, they are using their VOICE, to go against, 'the one INDIVIDUAL', President Donald TRUMP - to IMPEACH him!  EVEN! - as he WORKS - TIRELESSLY, DAY in, day OUT - to SECURE, the United States, of America. 

In FACT, the DEMOCRATIC WOMEN, are 'AGAINST the security of the NATION' - AND, ARE "the biggest VIOLATORS, of HUMAN rights" - BY their neglect.  But WHAT can you EXPECT! - from a POLITICAL party, that voted "YES", to INFANTICIDE - AND, voted against, the "Born ALIVE, protection act" - MULTIPLE times!  The "female DEMOCRATS" are in fact, PROVING, that they CAN'T BE "in positions of power" - because they are "PSYCHOPATHS! - by nature"

There should be 'a new executive ORDER', that all those who VOTED, for "INFANTICIDE" - which is 'the willful act of ALLOWING, or FACILITATING through NEGLECT - a BORN BABY! - to DIE, at the REQUEST of the mother, in consultation with her DOCTOR' - would be IMMEDIATELY! - removed - FROM their position, for "CRIMES, against HUMANITY" - for USING! - their POLITICAL, power - to ABUSE! - children.  It IS actually "the greatest LEGALIZED act of CHILD abuse! - that the WORLD has ever SEEN".  WHATEVER happened to "children's RIGHTS"!  YOU know, 'the ones OUTSIDE THE WOMB'?  THIS is 'setting a new PRECEDENT' - that if women "FEEL", like MURDERING! - their CHILD! - then they CAN! - without ANY, REPERCUSSIONS!  It is "an absolute DISGRACE, to the JUSTICE system" - which is almost "COMPLETELY non-existent".  Children are being "EDUCATED to believe, that it is ILLEGAL! - to set up a LEMONADE stand" - outside their HOUSE, without a LICENSE!  And yet "WOMEN!" - or "MOTHERS" - can 'ALLOW, their new born BABY, to DIE' - if the CHILD somehow escaped, an ABORTION

And AS "The Two Witnesses": We REALLY have 'had ENOUGH!' - of TRUMP sitting BACK - and DOING, 'NOTHING!' - as these "WICKED PEOPLE!" - CIRCUMVENT 'the RULE of LAW' - and, through 'their INSANITY' - absolutely tear APART! - the LAWS that were put in PLACE, to protect "CHILDREN", and the REST of the United States citizens.  It is really CLEAR, that the Democrat PARTY, is "ANTI-American", and "anti-CHILD" - and if HE is "COMFORTABLE", ruling over 'PEOPLE who have gone COMPLETELY insane'? - then - OUR Creator is going to step in - and HE is going to remove 'SANITY', from the entire nation - as a MAJOR plague of "INSANITY", will begin 'to consume EVERYONE'. 

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has "the authority to take action".  But he TOO! - just like the DEMOCRATS - is 'concerned about 2020'.  And SO? - if he WON'T 'take action', to FIX "what's BROKEN with the SYSTEM"? - then our CREATOR will!  
And President Trump needs to be reassured, that 'the DEEP state', will NOT! - make ANY connection - between HIM, reading our COUNSEL, and 'following THROUGH', with what is SHARED - as they, SIMPLY, desire the Testimony to remain "HIDDEN, and buried, from the MAIN population".  And, President Trump can be REASSURED, that the Most High True God, will PROTECT him, from 'the deep state plots, and designs' - as long as he CHOOSES, to FOLLOW the COUNSEL, and to LIVE 'ACCORDING to his CONSCIENCE' - which WE know, is "DEEPLY pierced!" - right now.
(March 07, 2019 update) 

Michael Cohen has endured enough!

The BEST way 'to DIFFUSE the INJUSTICE' - of the DEMOCRATS - USING! - Michael Cohen - as "a political SHIELD, and PAWN! - in their SICK! - political games"? - is by OFFERING Cohen, "a PARDON".  For HASN'T he endured ENOUGH! - by being 'RAKED over the COALS', by MUELLER and his TEAM, of SOCIOPATHS - and by the FBI.  The Fact IS! - that he has endured, 'MANY hours, of QUESTIONING, and giving TESTIMONY' - ALL for the PURPOSE, of "TRIPPING him up!" - in LIESWhat KIND! - of "judicial PROCESS"? - IS that ADVOCATING! - for AMERICAN citizens.  YES! - he RECORDED, 'the PRESIDENT, of the United STATES' - an actual CLIENT!  YES! - he BROKE, "attorney client PRIVILEGE".  Yes he IS "interested in a book deal"!  But "so WHAT!"  The WEIGHTIER matters of the law NEED to be consideredHas he NOT been 'HUMILIATED!' - by the democratic PARTY, enough?  His NAME? - is being 'DRAGGED through the MUD!' - in front of his FAMILY.  And he WAS! - the President's "closest ALLY", at one point, and "CONFIDENT".  He does NOT WANT, to SPEND, 'years in PRISON', away from his FAMILY - but he WOULD! - have been 'sentenced to even MORE, years' - had he REFUSED, to cooperate with the FBI - in giving "the testimony that THEY want! - him to give, under DURESS".  WHAT! - kind of "LEGAL system"? - ADVOCATES, such INJUSTICE!  EVERY one! - is guilty, of 'SOME crime'.  And the fact IS? - THAT'S why the DEMOCRATS, have put out HUNDREDS of subpoenas, for PEOPLE, to give their TESTIMONY - in ORDER to, 'GO THROUGH, THEIR records'  - and find "ANY evidence! - of a crime - that's WORTHY of punishment".  THAT is "HUNTING! - for CRIME".  That is, 'a new PRECEDENT', in the JUSTICE SYSTEM - that "PEOPLE are ALREADY guilty! - because the democrats SAY so! - they JUST need to find 'the PROOF!' - to ENSURE the desired outcome"EVEN though 'the PRESIDENT' would get "a LOT of backlash FOR it"? - the best MOVE, IS to at least 'EXTEND, a pardon, to Michael Cohen', and 'make PEACE, with him'.  Because the democrats are 'DETERMINED! - to MILK HIM, for INFORMATION - and to 'destroy HIM!'- his REPUTATION - in an EFFORT, to destroy, President Trump's reputation.  President TRUMP cannot "just HANG PEOPLE out to DRY!" - because THEY will in TURN, do 'the same THING' to HIM.  And the FACT that Michael COHEN? - has PUBLICLY! - 'DISOWNED', U.S. President Donald Trump - means that, 'ANY accusation, that Trump was giving COHEN "a political FAVOR"?' - would be, "INNOCUOUS".  THIS is 'the way, to put out the POLITICAL UPSET and FIRE', that the DEMOCRATS have started, against the President.  It WILL be "a much bigger backfire" if the President doesn't 'humble himself' - and show mercy. (March 07, 2019 update) 
And so, what is Trump saying about the Two Witnesses today? - "for the historical RECORD" that is.

It's "just a question" of course - but JESUS Christ the LORD has "the right to free speech" ALSO - as HE hears that question.  What if WE! - treated TRUMP, like "a chaplain on a cruise ship"? - someone whom we could just tune IN, or tune OUT, as WE desired - and took all HIS efforts, "with a grain of salt".

Trump witnessed first HAND today, the aftermath of the recent SEVERE tornado touchdowns, as he toured Alabama by helicopter.

And so, now that Trump, has SEEN, 'the EFFECTS', of "the VERY, NEAR-unprecedented TORNADIC, disaster" - WHERE is he at now? - as he SEES, "the DEVASTATION" - that in FACT! - is 'just a SMALL, SAMPLE', of the CONTINUED, Devastation, and DISASTER, that 'OUR CREATOR', is going to INFLICT, upon the United States of AMERICA.  He KNOWS! - 'why this disaster HAPPENED', in the innermost depths of his BEING!  And that this was NOT, "just ANOTHER, disaster".  He also KNOWS! - that it was not CAUSED, "by CLIMATE change" - but it could ONLY be! - the RESULT, of "the ALMIGHTY" - the Most High TRUE God - 'His HAND' at work.  And so WHAT is it going to TAKE? - for Trump, to REALIZE, that he is "LIVING, in the Time of the APOCALYPSE"?  WELL - let's just SEE, what our CREATOR, has "in store" NEXT! - and THIS time, 'on a much LARGER scale'.

And SO? - will 'his heart' SOFTEN! - towards 'what HEAVEN is revealing', TO him?  Or, will he HARDEN 'his heart'?  Only time will TELL.  But the COUNSEL, that we SHARE? - ACTUALLY 'goes outside of space and TIME' - because our CREATOR, has "the BEST! - SIGHT" - and He has 'EYES all AROUND'. And He KNOWS "the future".  And He ALWAYS, REVEALS, "the BEST PATH!" - while LEAVING, people, 'the OPTION' - to take "the WORST one".

Trump needs to KNOW! - that he is "NOT in control, of the OUTCOME" - of ANY situation.  And our CREATOR? - is going to SHOW him, WHO is "the REAL King"?  Trump needs to KNOW that, ALL of 'his political ADVISORS - COMBINED!' - are NO match - for the DEMOCRATS, turning to "their DEEP STATE PLAYBOOK" - and 'hacking ANY COMPUTER database' they so CHOOSE to! - through "BACK DOOR access", to get 'DIRT' on people - BEFORE! - they even KNOW! - that there's been "a breach".

But our CREATOR the Most High TRUE God, is 'more INTELLIGENT' - as He CREATED, 'REAL intelligence'; MORE INTELLIGENT, THAN, a TRILLION super-computers.  And so - ONLY! - by Trump 'HUMBLING himself' - and 'turning to his CREATOR for help' - THROUGH our Counsel - can he 'make it THROUGH' - ALL! - of "the snares", and the SET-ups - that 'the DEMOCRATS' have PLANNED, FOR him! - to WALK RIGHT into.  But there is ALWAYS "the OPTION of GOING it alone" - and "learning the HARD way" - and "FORTUNATELY for Trump!" - THAT path, will be "EXCRUCIATINGLY humbling!"  WE win either way!  We are "WITH the winning TEAM".  But not 'everyone out there' WANTS to be.

AS was revealed in the past - the DEMOCRATIC party, working with Hillary CLINTON - ACTUALLY, were TRYING, to "rig the ELECTION", in her FAVOR, in 2016.  But 'OUR CREATOR' - the Most High TRUE God, 'INTERVENED', and HE! - actually 'changed the OUTCOME', of the ELECTION - by "SUPERNATURAL means" - to ENSURE! - that TRUMP! - would get elected, and become President.

WE were in fact WATCHING the 2016 Presidential election unfold - and, WE were "quite concerned" - because it REALLY looked as though, hillary clinton was going to win - and she really IS "a very WICKED woman" - who would have, been "the WORST! - candidate", for the United States.  Most likely the United States would be 'at WAR', with North KOREA, at this point - had she become, "the President".  We KNEW that, 'having a WOMAN, at the HELM, of the United States, running the COUNTRY'? - would have been, 'the Most High TRUE God's, ULTIMATE Justice! - on the nation' - bringing down 'His JUST CONSEQUENCES', and 'His JUDGEMENTS', much quicker - AND 'with more SEVERITY'!  And so, we INTERCEDED - and we PRAYED, that the Most High TRUE God, would INTERVENE - and that He would STOP, 'hillary'.  And He DID.  He HEARD our PRAYER - and we are FOREVER "Grateful TO Him" - for 'His MERCY'! 

And so NO! - TRUMP, needs to know, that it WASN'T "by his political WITS!" - or by "his LIST of ACCOMPLISHMENTS" - that he WAS, made PRESIDENT of the United STATES; it was "THROUGH a DIRECT INTERVENTION from Heaven" - AND? - the DEMOCRATS, KNOW this! - at LEAST, "the deep STATE ones", DO - those with more SENIORITY.

Therefore - the democrats KNOW! - that they CAN'T win! - UNLESS! - Trump "goes it ALONE".  And so the DEMOCRATS, ACTUALLY 'WANT! - President Trump to BELIEVE! - that he IS GOING TO WIN! - the 2020 ELECTION' - because "ALL the democratic CANDIDATES, are running on 'an EXTREME, LEFTIST platform'."  But the fact IS, they are 'DOING it DELIBERATELY!' - so, that 'ALL of a SUDDEN', "without WARNING!" - they will BRING IN "a MODERATE democrat" - who is "the ALTERNATIVE", to "the TRUMP-haters".  And they have 'MULTIPLE backup plans' - as they are DETERMINED! - to get 'their POWER' back.  Because, Obama spent YEARS! - in office - writing 'executive ORDER after executive ORDER' - in order to 'INCREASE! - the power, of the President' - because they 'THOUGHT!' - THEY had, "a SHOE in", for, another DEMOCRATIC President AFTER him.  And so the DEMOCRATS know, that they 'NEED, to get President TRUMP, PUFFED up with pride, so that he FALLS!' - as he chooses 'to go it ALONE' - because, that's "the ONLY way!" - they can WIN in 2020.  And they HAVE, "BACKUP plans" - to take back WASHINGTON with 'a military COUP' if they NEED to.  WE have done "OUR Part".  NOW? - it is up to TRUMP, to choose 'a PATH'.

Once again, the democrats are DELIBERATELY raising up "WEAK candidates" to run for PRESIDENT - so that Trump believes that APART from 'the God of the Two Witnesses', he is INVINCIBLE!  WILL Trump choose to be ignorant, of the facts? - EVEN with it all CLEARLY spelled out for him?  WILL Trump treat the Two Witnesses, the same way that the DEMOCRATS are treating HIM?  Only time will tell.
Trump needs to KNOW! - that we HAVEN'T made it all this WAY, "on our OWN strength", and "WITHOUT our Creator's help".  The REASON that, we were ABLE to PERSEVERE, as "the LORD'S, very own Two WITNESSES"? - is BECAUSE, 'He DISCIPLINED us!'- on our JOURNEY.  And THROUGH 'His Loving DISCIPLINE', taught us 'to rely on HIM!' - EVEN as 'the whole WORLD', would come AGAINST us.  We in fact HAVE many "enemies" - JUST like HE does!  The ONLY way that THEY, have been 'UNABLE, to STOP US - or to CONQUER us - or to bring us DOWN' - is BECAUSE, 'our CREATOR', is SUSTAINING us - and UPHOLDING us - AND guiding us, on a DAILY basis.  But if WE were, to choose, 'to do our OWN thing!' - and REFUSE His Will? - we TOO, would receive, "IMMEDIATE Just Consequences".  WE were made 'the Creator's TWO Witnesses', in order to serve HIM! - to serve 'HIS Purpose', and 'His WILL'.  And TRUMP was made "PRESIDENT, of the UNITED States", to serve 'His CREATOR' - to serve 'His WILL' - NOT 'the will of the PEOPLE'.  WE, actually, had to turn AWAY! - from the people - because they ALL! - shared, 'DEMONIC, and DISHEARTENING, inspirations'.  Because 'the DEVIL', was USING them, to TRY, to DISCOURAGE us, on our JOURNEY, and 'get us to QUIT'.  And now 'the DEVIL', is USING, 'the MEDIA'! - to try to DISCOURAGE, TRUMP, from PERSEVERING, as President - in order to get, him to QUIT.  But "to QUIT", actually means "to turn AWAY, from the Most High TRUE God" - our CREATOR.  And so our CREATOR, will teach TRUMP, that it is "BETTER", to SERVE the Most High TRUE God, and 'be hated by ALL!' - than it IS to serve the PEOPLE, and be "DISPLEASING", to the Most High True God.
"It is "BETTER", to SERVE the Most High TRUE God, and 'be hated by ALL!'?  Yes, it is BETTER to LEARN that lesson, QUICKLY, and then reflect for all ETERNITY, on 'how good it was to LEARN that lesson'... reflecting on it from HEAVEN! - than it is to DO so, to do ALL that learning, and receive ALL that discipline - only to STUBBORNLY, reflect on it, from "the OTHER place".  Choose a Path!
"No one can harm you in any given way, and no occult powers can crush you any longer.  You [- the Two Witnesses] are ‘My Two Aces’, the Third ‘Ace’ is R.P. [- U.S. President Donald Trump, a member of the Republican Party - in as much as he COOPERATES, with the Divine Will and Plan of his CREATOR...] – but the ‘One World People’ [- "the deep state"] have not decided what to do with him yet.  I tell you that I will protect him from any ‘attempted assassination plots’.  'Not a hair of his head’ will be harmed either.  Just as I have strengthened the both of you so too will I strengthen him.  But concerning the election, I will not give that away.  The Holy Spirit will reveal to you both even more revelations, for you are ‘in the midst of them’.  You will know when your public ministry begins; just as you knew to come here to be in hiding, so too will you know when to go out into the public."  (-Jesus, Sunday December 18, 2011)
  (March 08, 2019 update)


Does U.S. President Donald Trump care about "insider trading based on 'a WELL-coordinated PLANNED in ADVANCE!' - terrorist attack"?

And so after this makes the NEWS...  "VietJet is buying 100 Boeing 737-Max jets(February 27, 2019 story)   
This "false FLAG operation", is CONCOCTED, by, the one world GOVERNMENT, as "a TERRORIST plot" AGAINST the United States of America - in order 'to GROUND! - the very POPULAR, and well-KNOWN, BOEING 737 Max 8.  This "FALSE, flag" event - was in FACT, 'CREATED', in order to 'DRIVE, the U.S. economy, DOWNWARDS'. It is "an ATTACK!" - on the economic RECOVERY of the United States - UNDER, the U.S. President, Donald Trump
"President Donald Trump on Wednesday praised Vietnam for working to reduce the trade imbalance with the U.S" (-from above article and link)
MANY COUNTRIES! - were "involved with this SCHEME!"   But the BIGGEST QUESTION, is "WHERE! - is the PLANE!" It is 'a MASSIVE! - plane' - but it is "nowhere to be FOUND"! - near the alleged CRASH scene.  Is ANYONE! - GOING, to do "a THOROUGH investigation"? - and EXPOSE! - "this CHARADE", for what it IS! - and find OUT, what happened to 'the ACTUAL plane', the PILOT, and the PASSENGERS!  Are they still ALIVE even?  Were they "real PEOPLE"?  Or just 'fake PROFILES'?  But the FACT IS that 'the GOVERNMENTS' are SELLING this event, to the PEOPLE, as SOME kind of "CATASTROPHIC FAILURE, of the AIRPLANE" - with 'no PROOF whatsoever!'  Where are the BODIES?  Where are "the DNA matches"?  WHERE, are, the ANSWERS! 
And as of NOW - Vietnam has closed their AIRSPACE, to all Boeing 737 Max 8 model planes...  (March 13, 2019 story)  And it APPEARS, that they are seriously CONSIDERING cancelling, the ORDER - for 100 Boeing PLANES - which means, that's a 20 Billion dollar loss! - for the U.S. economy.  And Malaysia just reconsidered, it's purchase order of 25! - Boeings [- an additional 5 Billion dollar loss...].  And SO! - what we HAVE here? - is "a COORDINATED terrorist attack, by the ONE world Government", on the United States' ECONOMY.  But in these TIMES? - who CARES to do anything about it!  And WHY aren't "the INTELLIGENCE agencies", in the United STATES - INFORMING? - U.S. President Donald TRUMP - "what is going ON - RIGHT in FRONT of him!"  Because, THEY are "in, on the scheme - on the deception - on the terrorist, attack"WE do not expect, 'the Trump Administration', or the President HIMSELF, to act, on "this VERY! - important INFORMATION" - but, JUST the same - we DON'T believe that, "knowledge should be WITHHELD" - that "knowledge of the TRUTH! - should be WITHHELD, for POLITICAL purposes, or biases"
And SO? - in ORDER to UNCOVER, "the FACTS" - the TRUMP Administration would need to HIRE, "an OUTSIDE investigation team", to GO! - to Ethiopia - and do 'their OWN, research' - and INVESTIGATING, and talking to WITNESSES, and getting 'the DETAILS' - and examine the SCENE, of the ALLEGED crash.  And we suggest that the NTSB - be called in, as WELL.  This is "VERY serious!" 
But WHO is going to ACT on this information?  And NOW, this is ANOTHER example, of the United States, 'TOLERATING', one of THEIR, AIRPLANES - made on THEIR SOIL - being USED in "a MASSIVE! - deception" - not New YORK; but the whole WORLD.  And so REALLY? - the aviation Judgment, SIMPLY was "a RESPONSE", to what the one world GOVERNMENT had resolved to DO - with THIS deception! - they are now PEDDLING.  We will not be 'BLAMED', for "the END! - of the aviation industry". 
Many people are not aware, that President Trump is EXTREMELY familiar with Boeing commercial jets - since he has personally owned [- wikipedia link] TWO of them - and is QUITE confident in that company - confident enough in fact, to have started at one point, his own personal airline, "Trump Air".  And so a TERRORIST attack on BOEING - the company, that HE relies upon personally? - is "a PERSONAL attack", on him.  Period! 
And because President TRUMP has 'a private Boeing jet' - this 'DECEPTION', is targeting HIM! - as well - PERSONALLY.  That is 'how much HATRED', the global government HAS, FOR him.  And ALSO, on a SIDE NOTE, the SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION - should look INTO, "Who PROFITED? - from Boeing's FALL! - in the stocks?" - because it was DEFINITELY "insider trading based on 'a WELL-coordinated PLANNED in ADVANCE! - terrorist attack"
Is ANYONE out there - interested in finding all the people who became MILLIONAIRES, by SHORT SELLING on the markets, when the NEWS of the approaching terrorist attack, was spread through the deep state?  "Boeing shares fall for a second day as more countries ground 737 MAX 8 planes, knocking US $25 billion off market value" (March 13, 2019 story)
And of course, since there really WAS a terrorist plot, against the RECOVERING U.S. economy - designed to DISCREDIT U.S. President Donald Trump's VICTORY of REDUCING the trade deficit, by working to close a 20 BILLION dollar deal, between Boeing and Vietnam Airways - then? - just 4 days BEFORE the staged plane crash, CNN - the C.I.A. controlled NEWS organization, would have been tasked with the psyop of DELIBERATELY SHIFTING the attention, of EVERYONE! - towards the U.S. trade deficit - in a NEGATIVE way - in a way that DOESN'T make any sense - given Trump's VICTORY with Vietnam Airways and Boeing, just a few days earlier!  See for yourself:   But of course there was no POINT in CNN mentioning the $20B dollar deal with Vietnam Airways, in the above article - since "THEIR taskmasters" - at CIA black ops, were in the PROCESS, at that TIME, of UNDOING the deal!  Sounds like someone needs to get FIRED!  And practically speaking - it WOULDN'T take too much effort - to TRACK "the CNN NARRATIVE" - ALL the way to their illuminati handlers - over at CIA headquarters.  But of course, that would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE! - if no one even CARED! - to try.
WHY! - are the one world global government leaders ganging up on U.S. President Donald Trump? - and systematically UNDOING, the LEGACY that he worked so HARD to build up?
"You chose ‘self-deception’, and ‘false realities’ - as a means of coping, with the ‘hard Truths’Therefore, I have ‘given you over’, to the Foreign Governments, that they may do to you as they please."  (-Jesus Christ the Lord, Sunday, May 6, 2012) 
CIA black ops, CURRENTLY has more than 100 false flag staged events - SCRIPTED - with CRISIS ACTORS on call - with PROPS set aside - with MEDIA STORIES DRAFTED and READY to be RELEASED - ALL designed, to UNDO, what U.S. President Donald has been working to RESTORE - the dignity of America, and the dignity of the American citizens.  Why?  Because 'the deep state', desire "ABSOLUTE POWER" - and they desire to use it, for "ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION" - and they are a bunch of blood-thirsty PSYCHOPATHS - just like the black ops MERCENARIES, that do 'their DIRTY work' - for money!  And SO? - EXPECT! - more "false flag" events, to be ROLLED out - for the SYSTEMATIC discrediting, of U.S. President Donald Trump - as HE stubbornly chooses to focus on ANYTHING, but the Truths, revealed in the Testimony of His Creator.  Interesting "legacy" indeed!
(March 12, 2019 update)
The BEGINNING of the global CALL for OBAMA to be REINSTATED as the United States President
This extensive Article has more than 2700 words.  And it has been broken down into titled sections, for easier first time reading.
The "deep state" and the democrats collaborating
And BECAUSE President Trump, has been CHOOSING to be "ignorant to the TRUTHS revealed in the Testimony" (- along WITH 'the Trump administration' - for "THOSE, who ARE reading this") - the DEEP STATE, are "even MORE CONFIDENT!" - that THEY can WORK - WITH! - the DEMOCRATS, IN the United States - along with 'the 5 G7 countries' - to TAKE DOWN, the President of the United States.  NOTICE how 5 of the G7 countries [- Canada, with 18 "alleged fatalities", France 7, Italy 8, Britain 7, and the USA at 8...] - were 'ALLEGED to have PASSENGERS from THOSE NATIONS', on board "the flight that ALLEGEDLY crashed" [-see Judgement on Ethiopia].  And this WAS, those LEADERS - AGREEING! - to be "PART OF, the GLOBAL DECEPTION, of the PEOPLE", in order 'to take DOWN', U.S. President, Donald TRUMP.  And "his TAKEDOWN", is being 'MARKED, by the DEEP STATE', as the BOEING, AIRLINE, being taken down WITH him [- remember the symbolism, Trump OWNS! - a PRIVATE Boeing jet, with HIS name on it...] 
The MSM collaborating, with the deep state - to TURN Americans, against President Trump

"Stage TWO" - NOW they're 'setting him up' - because, after 'the alleged crash' - he was "one of the last COUNTRIES to ground the Boeing" - thus? - the DEEP STATE, are trying to PROVE! - that "TRUMP doesn't CARE, about the SECURITY, of the U.S. citizens".  The FIRST "false FLAG" [- the "stage one" Ethiopian Airlines crash] has been 'rolled OUT' [- by the MSM...] - to "FIT the narrative" - "the ANTI-TRUMP narrative"

The connection between U.S. President Trump FAILING to LEAD the country SAFELY - and the Ethiopian Airline disaster - is made CLEAR in a Washington Post article.

"Across the globe, a question of air safety becomes a question of American leadership(March 14, 2019 story) 

The 2019 Christchurch New Zealand Mosque shooting, by "ALLEGED white supremacist"
And NOW the SECOND "false flag" - is being 'ROLLED out' [- by the MSM...] in an UNPRECEDENTED way - in New ZEALAND.  Here is 'what is REALLY going on', with 'THAT event': The New Zealand "false flag terrorist attack on 2 mosques", was staged on March 15, 2019.  The media wants to direct the attention of the global audience, towards a fabricated profile of "the TERRORIST" in that false flag - as being "an alleged white SUPREMACIST".  This 'LABEL', is something the MSM has CONSISTENTLY applied to U.S. President TRUMP and his SUPPORTERS!  Their "mosque shooter" - MIRACULOUSLY, like TRUMP, was "Anti-immigration" - to the point where the shooter had allegedly written up an "anti-immigration MANIFESTO".  CIA black ops, is working with the New Zealand intelligence agency - to paint TRUMP (- who is "anti-ILLEGAL immigration"), as a terrorist! - and "a threat to minorities", specifically MUSLIMS.  As "the CIA NARRATIVE" goes - MUSLIMS, would in turn, be MOTIVATED to RETALIATE, against all "anti-IMMIGRATION" officials - specifically, "Trump" and Trump officials.  And so, CIA BLACK ops, has NOW "set the stage", for ALL the following muslim terrorist acts, that the CIA has planned, on US soilThe stage is SET for these "FALSE FLAG attacks", to be BLAMED on "TRUMP'S stance against ILLEGAL immigration"TRUMP will THEN be "at FAULT", and "the ONLY one to BLAME!" - for the muslim terrorist uprising in the United States, according to "the deep state narrative" [- for the READER: it NEEDS to be STATED, that 'the DIRECTOR of the CIA', is NEVER! - "FULLY informed", of what the CIA black ops, are doing - as the organization, "INSULATES itself", from WITHIN - from DIFFERENT departments - for "PLAUSIBLE deniability" reasons.]
Clip from "Survivor describes New Zealand...
"...he also posted a lengthy ANTI IMMIGRATION manifesto in which he CLAIMED responsibility..."
Clip from "White House condemns horrific..."
Notice how the Fox news reporter DELIBERATELY looks 'DISAPPOINTED' - starting at 0:07
"...So NO plans to change our SECURITY THREAT HERE AT HOME based on what happened?"
She WANTED! - the Trump official to admit PUBLICLY! - "ON the record!"
that "there is NO, CREDIBLE security threat, on U.S. soil"
Following the New Zealand, "SHOOTINGS" - FOLLOWING 'the deep state NARRATIVE'
SO that when the NEXT, 'false FLAG attack' occurs, on U.S. SOIL? 
the NARRATIVE can claim that "TRUMP could NOT protect, the United States Citizens"
The goal
The goal is to PSYCHOLOGICALLY prepare the GLOBAL population, for 'the FORCED removal of President Trump' - in such a way, that the AMERICANS rise up - as they seek to blame HIM! - and his POLICIES! - as being "RESPONSIBLE! - FOR 'the rising acts of HATRED!' - against MUSLIMS" - that the deep STATE, have ALREADY, PRE-ORGANIZED and PRE-PLANNED.
The COLLABORATION between governments to bring Trump down

But by BRINGING in so many G7 countries - like Canada, France, Italy, Britain, and the U.S. - into the Ethiopian False flag - in addition to Kenya (32 alleged crash victims), Ethiopia (9) and China (8) - and then adding the New Zealand mosque attack to the false flag operation (49 allegedly killed) - in EFFECT, CIA black ops, working with the GLOBAL intelligence agencies and other Governments, have begun "a WORLD WAR", against the Presidency of Donald Trump It IS World War 3.  And it is DESIGNED to make Americans "NOT CARE! - about President Donald Trump's ACCOMPLISHMENTS" - but to ONLY, want him OUT! - of office.  As the global LEADERS, are going to bring about, 'THEIR! - deep STATE policy changes' world-WIDE, THROUGH these "feigned TERROR attacks", on their OWN people - as the PEOPLE will 'turn to their GOVERNMENTS!' - for 'MORE security', and 'MORE protection' - at the SACRIFICE of, "EVERY nameable FREEDOM"!

HOW they plan to bring back OBAMA
And so 'the whole POINT' - of these "GLOBAL! - terrorist attacks", on MUSLIMS - being 'FABRICATED! - or CREATED BY, the one world GOVERNMENT' - is to support "the NARRATIVE", that THEY created! - that claims, that "TRUMP, is a WHITE SUPREMACIST, who is creating a CULTURE of HATE, against MUSLIMS, and other MINORITIES".  AND so - what 'BETTER' INDIVIDUAL, to come BACK? - as "President, of the United States", than OBAMA! - who is "a MUSLIM". THEY want the PEOPLE, to get to the point where THEY! - demand! - "a different PRESIDENT" - and they WILL 'STAGE protests!' - DEMANDING, that he be "reinstated".  And with 'all the CHAOS', and the 'false FLAG attacks on American SOIL'? - THEY are not "PLANNING on having a 2020 election".  But THEY most certainly want Trump, 'FOCUSED on THAT!' - as they "BLINDSIDE him" - with SO MANY, DEEP STATE false FLAG attacks - that HE! - won't be able 'to keep track of them all' - nor INVESTIGATE them - but ONLY, 'VALIDATING, their ONGOING deceptions' - by "SENDING, his condolences" - and ALWAYS, "CONDEMNING the ATTACKER" - who is always "a REFLECTION, of the PROFILE, of President TRUMP" - that is being 'SOLD! - to the American PEOPLE'.
Testimony Prophecy - Jesus SPEAKING outside of space and TIME - seeing future events unfold
"Most people are not stupid My children, but the governments are betting on their naivety.  The governments are gathering together, and betting upon the power of the press, to bombard people into believing in falsehood - and that is the number one government agenda next to genocide." (-Jesus, Monday, March 14, 2011)
Why are the deep state 'so CONFIDENT'? - that THEY will succeed in their efforts
BECAUSE President Donald Trump 'went ALONG', with the 9/11 false flag NARRATIVE - and refused to CONDEMN! - 'what ACTUALLY took place, during 9/11' - and REFUSED to, 'EXPOSE! - the government - as being BEHIND it' - NOW? - President TRUMP, is actually "locked-IN!" - TO! - the deceptions.  Because, there ARE "no false flag attacks" - according to... HIM!  And the DEEP STATE? - are "quite CONFIDENT"! - that President TRUMP will CONTINUE to support, 'ALL of their efforts, in 'taking him DOWN'! - as he CONTINUES! - to "without THINKING!" - GO along, WITH 'the deep state NARRATIVE' - that is 'designed to be AGAINST him'[- why the GOLD annotation?  Because 'the deep state' are BANKING ON President Trump's HUBRIS, and willful ignorance - as "their GUARANTEE"! - that 'he will KEEP the blinders on'... UNTIL he is removed, BEFORE the 2020 election!]   
President Trump speaks at Pentagon....
U.S. President Donald Trump goes along with the 9/11 deep state narrative
with the words, "America was under attack!"
Our Creator will hold the global government to account, FOR their efforts
For ALL the countries, and "intelligence agencies", who are 'NOT! - involved', with "the takedown, of the United States and their President":  YOU are responsible! - for "sitting back and doing NOTHING" - and YOU are "COMPLICIT! - IN these CRIMES", that are taking PLACE - RIGHT! - in front of you
To the reader:  In ORDER for these 'CRIMES' to be CARRIED out - the deep state 'NEED!' - the intelligence agencies, in OTHER countries, to simply 'GO along, with the DECEPTIONS' - and stay SILENT! - and 'to NOT act, according to their conscience'.  And in 'being SILENT'? - the INTELLIGENCE agencies, in the COUNTRIES - may as WELL have been INVOLVED - WITH! - the global deception - as our Creator - WILL 'hold them to account', as "PERSONALLY responsible" - BECAUSE "they did NOTHING! - to stop it"
'REAL PEOPLE' are being murdered!
And we are WELL AWARE! - that, as these "FALSE flags", are carried OUT - by 'the GOVERNMENTS! - against their own PEOPLE!' - "REAL people!" - are in fact, 'being MURDERED', in SOME cases - 'WHENEVER it suits, the narrative'.  So on TOP of, the CREATOR 'ABORTING', the SAME NUMBER of PEOPLE, in each NATION - who was ABORTED, by those people - the CREATOR is going to 'enact, the FULLNESS, of His Just WRATH!' - on the REMAINING people - by 'ALLOWING', the governments, to CONTINUE, "to FEED them, DECEPTION".  Like THIS "extremely biased article":
The Washington Post wants to poison everyone against U.S. President Trump, by publishing, "A 30 percent increase in the number of hate groups coincided with Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency, after three consecutive years of decline at the end of the Obama administration."  From the article, "New Zealand reminds us that far-right attacks are on the rise far and wide — including in the U.S." (March 15, 2019 story) 

Testimony Prophecy - Jesus seeing HISTORY unfold - in the present MOMENT.  The PEOPLE chose POORLY!

"If Obama stays in office: [- and he DID stay in office in 2012...] then a double Woe to the World, in which you live.  Know that this will be one of the signs, that The Great Warning is approaching fast: it all depends on this next election, what the future will be.  I am ready ‘to pull My people out’ [- referring to the mass culling of U.S. citizens through MASSIVE natural disasters - and the separation of the very FEW, "preserved Souls", for the Kingdom of Heaven...].  If the American people refuse My Mercy [- NOW moving through the Two Witnesses reaching out to U.S. President Donald Trump...], I will ‘pull them out’ sooner, and all, of the evil designs of the One World Government Forces, will fall upon the people at once.  Even now they are making ready.  They have their soldiers in place.  They know exactly what to doexcept with R.P. [- Republican President Trump], for My Hand is upon him – at all times; and I will uphold him [- personally; not necessarily "presidentially"...] through this ‘dark time’ that he is in.  The establishment [- "the deep state" one world government leaders...] may have thought that they have won, but I will give the voice back to the people [- who OUTNUMBER the o.w.g. forces...] and let them decide: the fate of their own country.  For I am Merciful, but also Just; and sometimes the need – is for both.”  (-Jesus, Wednesday, February 22, 2012)  
Deep state boasts now being unleashed - what they were DOING all along - what the MEDIA REFUSED to acknowledge! - "the crisis at the border"
And NOW that "Stage 2 - for President Trump's REMOVAL" is FULLY underway - the deep state, through their MSM media outlets, DON'T MIND revealing, how they simply 'BUSSED', the illegal immigrants, from the southern Mexico border, to the NORTHERN Mexico border, as part of their "COORDINATED invasion, of ILLEGAL immigrants - including rapists, terrorists, gangs, kidnapped children and illegal drugs". Now that TRUMP is "in the PROCESS of being removed" - they don't MIND, making sure, the American PEOPLE, 'KNOW'! - what he was 'trying to stop'.  Here is the article:  "Immigration - a 'Conveyor Belt' to the U.S. border" (March 15, 2019 story) 
REMOVING the Commander in Chief - as the MILITARY, stand AGAINST him

The goal is for the deep state to CONVINCE the American PEOPLE, that President Donald TRUMP, 'NEEDS to be removed! - from office' - in ORDER, "to RESTORE, peace and security".  Because WHILE he is "in office" - they are DETERMINED, to make 'HIS PRESIDENCY', "a NIGHTMARE!" - and 'hurt the American people' in the PROCESS. And make NO mistake! - the U.S. DEFENSE department IS "standing down", on DEEP state orders - as they TURN on their Commander in Chief - EVEN with all this CLEARLY spelled out before them.  Personally, the whole idea, of Trump funding "his own MILITARY", with nearly a TRILLION DOLLARS! - only to use IT, to 'STAND DOWN', from PROTECTING "their COMMANDER"? - is, to say the very least, "an HISTORICAL embarrassment, of BIBLICAL proportions".

The Creator's Divine Just Response
But BECAUSE President Trump SACRIFICED the American people, to "the 9/11 deception" - by going along with "that PREVIOUS deep state narrative" - and he did so KNOWINGLY [- by being "INDIFFERENT to what actually took PLACE"...], at the memorial, on the anniversary of the event... The Most High TRUE God, is now SCOURGING! - the U.S. President - with "deep state false flag narratives", as 'the CREATOR'S Divine Just Response', to that most WICKED, move.  As He has done in the PAST - as "a PUNISHMENT" - He "hands people over to foreign GOVERNMENTS" - and in this case, "the deep state global government".

No Plane hit the Pentagon...
Retired EXPERT! - U.S. General tells the TRUTH about 9/11
with the words, starting at 1:35, "It was NOT an airplane!"
"There should have been "WING marks", on the walls of the PENTAGON." 
"I have been UNABLE to FIND those WING marks!"
"...and the PRESS is saying, what they have been TOLD to say, about this..." (3:50)

911 Pentagon Attack Eyewitness Mike Walter...
And ADDED - just for "a bit of COMIC relief", in this VERY INTENSE article...
"BOGUS News" reporter Mike Walter explains how "a CRUISE MISSILE", MIRACULOUSLY! - becomes
a COMMERCIAL AIRLINE JET, with folding wings, that like to pull back during CRASHES!
Of course, that DOES make sense! - BECAUSE - birds, when diving into the WATER?
pull THEIR wings back too!... obviously?... because THEY don't like "crashes" either
President Trump WILL be humbled!
President Trump's "ACHILLES HEEL"? - is that "he is TOO PROUD, to ADMIT, PUBLICLY - that he went along with 'the deep state NARRATIVE' as he  PRETENDED that 9/11 WASN'T caused by, 'his own GOVERNMENT!' - on the ANNIVERSARY of the event.  And so NOW? - he will be "JUSTLY scourged", by 9/11-style, staged disasters - COMPLETE, with 'terrorist acts', and 'muslims', and all "the false flag package", that goes along with PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS of that magnitude.  Perhaps, after President Trump is "HUMBLED", by all the false flag operations, that TRASH his NAME and his REPUTATION, and all that HE has worked for... THEN... he will be "humble enough", to acknowledge the Testimony of his Creator.  Right?  No.  NOT possible! - for "a man filled with such hubris".  But the CREATOR, will humble him, on TOP of that! - to make SURE, that Trump is brought LOW enough, to finally look UP... to his Creator... for help!!! - THROUGH His Two Witnesses.  And when THAT HAPPENS? - only the Most High True God knows... 'HOW much of the United States' will be left.   As we said once before - WE wouldn't be surprised, if it was "ONLY the mountain tops, STICKING out of the Ocean" [- perhaps, you really need to re-read this, as you dunk a donut, in some coffee... or something like that...]
HOW is this fair?
BECAUSE! - EVERY measure, of KNOWLEDGE, of the TRUTH! - of DIVINE Inspiration, that an INDIVIDUAL receives, from their CREATOR? - they are 'FULLY responsible, FOR' - how they choose to respond TO it.  And Our CREATOR, takes 'Great OFFENSE', at THOSE, who choose, 'to WILLFULLY! - ignore the WARNINGS, that are GIVEN - "to CHANGE course!"  He takes 'GREAT offense', at those who would 'SEE THEMSELVES, as Great! - in their own EYES'!  And, He 'CASTS them DOWN!' - CONSISTENTLY! - as He has DONE so, over MANY generations.  And He WILL do so again!
Phone interview with Donald Trump...
It really is HAUNTING how the steel used to build the world trade center
looks exactly like the steel, that is being used to build the U.S. Mexico border wall
How CONVENIENT it is to be "willfully IGNORANT of the facts", when the annual deep state SPEECH event returns!

1:29: "I happen to think, that they had, not ONLY a plane, but they had BOMBS that exploded almost simultaneously" (- Delete!)

(March 15, 2019 update - with videos added, March 17)

The PLANNED "inevitable and inconceivable" LAWLESSNESS that will ultimately abort U.S. President Trump

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi:  "RELEASE! - the MUELLER, REPORT!"

The "inevitable and inconceivable" Lawless RELEASE, of the Mueller Report
Pelosi really ISN'T trying very hard NOT to look "drunk with satanic power"
Pelosi knows, that it would be "an illegal act" to release 'the Mueller report in its entirety' - as there are LAWS! - against releasing the confidential information that is in the report - and there are severe criminal consequences that are attached, to the act of releasing the report in its entirety.  And yet she boasts before the entire nation, that she is FULLY aware, and COMPLETELY confident, about THE PLAN TO BREAK THE LAW.  And she is ENCOURAGING the breaking of the law, as a leader of the law-writing part of the U.S. judicial structure. So how can she NOT be guilty of "conspiracy to commit a crime"?  And yet Trump won't take a stand against the blatant lawlessness that is being flaunted before the global audience.  And so his presidency, will be unlawfully taken from him - as he continues to do absolutely NOTHING! (- referring to "the bare minimum") - to take a stand, against "lawlessness". 

And so the FACT that Pelosi is REQUESTING, "the RELEASE! - of the full MUELLER report" - EVEN though - she KNOWS! - that "LEGALLY"? - they can ONLY! - submit "a REDACTED version, of the actual REPORT" - according to "the LAW"! - she is in effect, 'ASKING elected OFFICIALS, to break the law' - and 'trying to PRESSURE', the MEDIA! - to DESIRE - 'TRUMP, and the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION', to break the LAW - so that 'the DEMOCRATS', can hold CHARGES, against the REPUBLICANS.  And this is WHY, they DESPERATELY want to go after, "President Trump's TAXES".  It WON'T just be 'HIS taxes'!  But it will be 'the TAXES of the political OPPONENTS', that they go after. 

SO far, NO one, has been INDICTED, with "crimes of COLLUSION", with Russia - but they HAVE been charged with 'TAX fraud and tax EVASION'.  The democrats KNOW that the Republicans are INNOCENT, and did NOT in ANY way "COLLUDE, with a FOREIGN entity" - like Russia - in order 'to HACK the elections'; but EVERYTHING that they 'ACCUSE, the REPUBLICANS' of DOING? - THEY! - are in fact GUILTY of.  And the TRUTH will CONTINUE to be REVEALED! - even though NOTHING will be done to stop it.  NOTHING will be done, to STOP, the DEMOCRATS, from ABUSING, 'their POSITION, in GOVERNMENT'.  And the PROOF of this - is that, they EXONERATED, Hillary CLINTON! - even though they KNEW! - that she was "guilty, of COLLUDING with Russia".  And so why AREN'T! - the Republicans - pressing CHARGES, AGAINST her?  And why isn't 'HER collusion', and "the DEMOCRATS' collusion with RUSSIA", in every PRESS statement?  BECAUSE! - the Most High TRUE God's Divine Justice, has BEFALLEN, the United States of America.  And He is 'ALLOWING', a HITLERESQUE RULE, to rise to POWER.  Because AMERICANS chose 'to rule over the unborn' - as HITLER ruled over the JEWS.

To what can we compare "the morality of the United States"?  If you do the research, you will discover that the ACTUAL average daily abortion rate in the U.S.A. - since Roe v Wade (1973) - is somewhere around the 4400 person mark.  And to put that number in perspective - KNOW that there are currently, ONLY about 4400 cities in the United States, that have a population that is GREATER than 5300 people.  And so, to communicate this in a language that is "EASY to understand" - this is how WE understand, the SEVERITY, of what has been going on, in the United States, throughout the past 46 years:  It is as though, in EACH and EVERY one of those 4400 U.S. cities - each and every day! - "a completely innocent child", gets taken from school - and is then taken to the public square - and is "drawn and quartered" - alive! - before all of Heaven.  And of course, this 'absolute HORROR!' - CONTINUES to be unleashed upon "the innocent" - as EVERYONE in that country, repeats 'the dead mantra', "God Bless America!"  Now with that simple illustration, do YOU really believe, that 'the SINS of America', can cry out to all of HEAVEN, and go UNANSWERED, for much longer?  Spoiler alert: The End is near, for 'what once WAS' a great nation.  For "the Creator" - or "God Almighty" - or "The Most High True God", IS going "to BLESS!" - the United States, with the outpouring of 'HIS Cup of Divine Just WRATH' - until they drink it to the dregs.  And you can thank "the UNBORN", for THAT prayer intention!  It's "PAYBACK time". (April 04, 2019 update - with more accurate stats included on April 10)
Just HOW MANY U.S. internment camps are currently EMPTY and RESERVED for U.S. citizens?
And yes! - ironically, they ALL HAVE walls, that the immigrants CAN'T get over! - as the illegal IMMIGRANTS, are FORCED! - to stay OUTSIDE, as they "enjoy their stay" IN! - the United States.

And so HAS the democrats' plan for "a REGIME takeover of the United States", REALLY been 'so SECRET'?  And so what WAS "president Obama" WORKING on? - or working TOWARDS? - with HIS administration? - as HE was in office?  The FOLLOWING video - EXPLAINS, how AMERICANS, under 'the NEW, DEMOCRATIC party' - will be 'DETAINED', and ARRESTED, and IMPRISONED, in INTERNMENT camps - ALL OVER the United States - as, the DEMOCRATS, work! - to 'make SURE'! - that, the IMMIGRANTS, are given "NUMBER ONE, PRIORITY" - to that of the United States CITIZENS. 
Leaked Document: Military or FEMA Internment Camps in U.S.
And so "THEIR plan", is to lock up "POLITICAL dissidents" - that is, "the CONSERVATIVES", and the so-called "RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS" - BECAUSE, of 'the POLITICAL OPINION' that they HOLD - BECAUSE of their 'politics', and beliefs.  Because ANYTHING that goes against "the MAINSTREAM MEDIA establishment" - WILL in effect be labeled, as "DISRUPTIVE", and deemed as "AGGRESSIVE, DISSIDENT behavior".  It's ALL a MATTER of time!  But THEY have HAD 'this plan' in the WORKS, for a VERY long time!  And U.S. President TRUMP and HIS administration - are "STANDING in the way", of the deep state's PLAN, for "TOTAL control, over the American people".  The UNITED States CITIZENS? - desire 'to HOLD the government ACCOUNTABLE' - FOR their actions.  And THEY DEMAND "their rights"! - whereas IMMIGRANTS? - are "MUCH easier to control" - because THEY are "very desperate people".  Which is WHY! - the democrats WANT the immigrants - to 'OCCUPY and INVADE', the United States of AMERICA - ILLEGALLY!  And ALL across the United STATES? - there are "EMPTY internment camps"!  EVEN AS, President Trump is told that "the SYSTEM, has reached its CAPACITY" - and that "the BORDER PATROL agents are forced to RELEASE the immigrants INTO the United States - DUE to 'lack of space'."   But WHY CAN'T "the INTERNMENT camps" be used as "Temporary HOLDING Facilities"? - for the IMMIGRANTS? - as they are "duly PROCESSED"?  It IS! - because THEY! - are "RESERVED! - for "UNITED States CITIZENS"! - for "the AMERICAN people".  THESE will be, "RE-EDUCATION centers", where people WILL BE! - 'FORCED to give up', their POLITICAL VIEWS, and RELIGIOUS BELIEFS - and "CONFORM! - to the MAINSTREAM belief" - OR? - be INDEFINITELY DETAINED, and abused and tortured.  They THOUGHT it "COULDN'T happen!" - in the United States of AMERICA - which is "ALL about the American DREAM!"  Well, "the MIGRANTS", are actually 'coming to America' - to STEAL the American DREAM, from the UNITED States Citizens.  AND, AS a RESULT? - the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT that is 'loyal to the OBAMA administration' - is preparing, for "CIVIL unrest" - which they INTEND to INCITE! - in ORDER 'to DESTABILIZE the United States', and the United States government - and 'FORCE people' into detainment facilities.  The FACT that they WON'T ALLOW the IMMIGRANTS - into "the OVERFLOW facilities" - is PROOF that this is all TRUE!  And the FACT that they JUST! - put out a JOB advertisement - TODAY! - trying to recruit an Internment/Resettlement Specialist (31E) in the Chicago area!  And this is "PROOF of where they PLAN, to START! - inciting the civil unrest".  And even as 'they CLAIM it' to be "a resettlement facility" - it IS! - "indefinite detention" - and the FENCING, in order to keep people IN! - around each FACILITY - is PROOF of this!  It IS called, "SETTLING for indefinite DETENTION".

Anthony D. Romero, ACLU executive director said“President Obama's action today is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law.”  (December 31, 2011 story)

And so WHERE was "the OVERSIGHT"? - when "president OBAMA", signed this "UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT", into EFFECT?  THIS in effect PROVES that the DEMOCRATS do not CARE about "the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS" of the U.S. CITIZENS - but INSTEAD, they believe in 'REMOVING! - their constitutional rights, UNDER the guise of "safety", and "security".

And so WHAT has President TRUMP actually 'DONE' for the American PEOPLE? - aside from ALL 'the ECONOMIC accomplishments'?  He HAS! - in effect:  EMPOWERED, and FUNDED, and EQUIPPED, 'the United States MILITARY' - to EFFECTIVELY! - go after 'their own CITIZENS' - round them UP - and DETAIN them - indefinitely!  The democrats have "NO TROUBLE" funding 760 BILLION DOLLARS, for 'the BUILDING UP of the U.S. military'!  But they CAN'T! - SPARE! - just 1% - in ORDER to build, "an effective BORDER wall"! - to keep "the LAWLESSNESS", OUT! - of the United States.

The FACT is: that LAWLESSNESS, IS to become, "the NEW normal".  As "the LAWLESS one" - Obama - is REINSTATED.  And, the American PEOPLE, will be deemed, "UNLAWFUL and disobedient".  And TRUMP? - through 'BASKING! - in his own self-RIGHTEOUSNESS' - and 'DISTRACTED', by all his ACCOMPLISHMENTS - and by 'the FLATTERY of OTHERS'? - will ALLOW this to HAPPEN

President Trump has 'a DECISION to make' on WHO he is going to TRUST!  Because? - he most DEFINITELY has been LIED to - MULTIPLE times! - by MULTIPLE sources! - INCLUDING 'his own intelligence' - AND military! - AND legal team - who do NOT HAVE! - "his BEST interests", at HEART - and who ARE! - in FACT, "for HIS, SYSTEMATIC, and SLOW, removal". 

If the DEMOCRATS 'move TOO fast'? - then they GIVE themselves away.  THEREFORE, they have 'STRATEGIES', they PUT in place - on 'HOW they're going to proceed', in REMOVING, U.S. President Donald TRUMP from OFFICE.  And TRULY it is only ONE! - MASSIVE! - FALSE flag attack! - on U.S. SOIL - away.  (April 08, 2019 update) 

HOW has America in fact been "a S**THOLE COUNTRY" under U.S. President Donald Trump"? - according to 'FUTURE History books' that is. 

The democrats are running the COUNTRY, through "their COORDINATED effort", to simply 'RESIST', EVERY GOOD! - idea - that the TRUMP Administration puts forward. They are IN EFFECT:  "RESISTING what is GOOD for AMERICA" - which makes them "an ENEMY of the people".  If 'a FOREIGN TERRORIST GROUP' were ACCOMPLISHING 'what the DEMOCRATS in CONGRESS are effectively doing'? - THEY would be charged with "high TREASON"! - PROSECUTED, and locked UP!  But it is BECAUSE, President Donald TRUMP is "a PRO-LAWLESSNESS PRESIDENT by NEGLECT" - that he does NOTHING, to stop the DEMOCRATS from "OBSTRUCTING, TRUE Justice".  We KNOW that President Trump is FINALLY starting to SEE, that "the GREATEST ENEMY, of the AMERICAN PEOPLE" - are in FACT? - the DEMOCRATS in CONGRESS.  And that THEY! - want to turn America, into "A... S**THOLE country" - through OPEN borders, and WIDESPREAD lawlessness.  The DEMOCRATS! - look to OBAMA, to lead them.  They do NOT recognize "President Donald Trump", as "the LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT".  It's ONLY 'a matter of TIME', before our WORDS become REALITY.

President Trump's Presidency, summarized:  He sits back and watches as the democrats say, "look over here - look over HERE - look over HERE - look over here"... until finally, BOOM! - from a staged false flag attack on U.S. soil.  "GET out of office Trump! - America has NO place! - for a DISTRACTED President, who REFUSES to take action to protect his PRESIDENCY from an organized COUP, and his COUNTRY from an organized INVASION."  Welcome BACK Obama!  The END! - of America. 

And WHERE did Obama just SPEAK FROM? - he was 'summoning satanic POWER' - in Berlin Germany - HOME of 'the Reichstag fire', that strategically launched ANOTHER infamous leader's political uprising, through a false flag attack, on his own country.  It is well known that FOLLOWING the Reichstag fire on February 27, 1933 - Hitler used "the President's Decree for the Protection of People and State" to suspend civil rights.  And doesn't that sound a LOT like "the N.D.A.A." - the National Defense Authorization Act, that Obama signed, in preparation for HIS return?

And so LET President Trump's WILLFUL ignorance, of OUR Counsel, BE "a LESSON" for ALL FUTURE 'REAL' Leaders, who TRULY want to build a great nation - WITH the Blessing AND Help of "Almighty God", the God of the Two Witnesses.  Because APART from "the Most High TRUE GOD"? - each nation can ONLY be flushed, down the...  And WE will most certainly, NOT! - be reaching down that HOLE! - to bring America BACK.  

And on a side note:

If U.S. President Donald TRUMP, cannot 'END' his PRESS conferences, in "an ORDERLY FASHION", and in "a PROFESSIONAL WAY" - but ALLOWS, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, who are "INVITED GUESTS" - to simply 'SCREAM! - QUESTIONS at him!' - AFTER he ANNOUNCES that "he is FINISHED, answering questions"? - then WHY, should he get "the RESPECT of the American PEOPLE"? - and HOW! - is he "FIT, to run the COUNTRY"? - when he lets the PRESS, walk all OVER him!  The DEMOCRATS, HAVE, "access to President Trump's PSYCHOLOGICAL profile" - and they KNOW! - that 'HE CRAVES attention'.  And they are 'USING' that WEAKNESS! - AGAINST him! - to FLOG HIM, with their "DEEP state questions"   And the REPORTERS, ALWAYS! - LEAVE the VIEWER, or LISTENER at home, with "the DEEP STATE NARRATIVE" - GETTING 'the last WORD' in.  It's "a STRATEGY!" - and it's WORKING.  Because President Trump 'ENABLES' it to WORK!

LAUNCHING "an IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION", into 'Obama's actual BIRTHPLACE'! - WOULD 'HELP', to SHOW the American PEOPLE - that he was NEVER legally "PRESIDENT, of the United States" - for HE was 'not BORN!' - in America.  He was "not BORN! - in Hawaii!"  THAT, was "ALL, a FACADE" - in order to 'MASK, his True IDENTITY, as the man of LAWLESSNESS' - who in FACT, was born and RAISED, in Mombassa KENYA.  And THIS is "very easy to prove".  And so while the DEMOCRATS, keep claiming, that President TRUMP, is "illegitimate" - that the ELECTION, in 2016 - was "ILLEGITIMATE" - WHAT are they HIDING!  WHAT are they 'hiding about THEMSELVES'?  For 'what THEY are ACCUSING, this REPUBLICAN President of'? - is ACTUALLY to hide, what "former president OBAMA", is guilty of! - ACCORDING to the LAW - ACCORDING to the LAWS! - he could NEVER! - be "the legitimate PRESIDENT of the United States".  THIS would ALSO show, President Trump's CREATOR - that he is 'CHOOSING to leave 'his indifference' BEHIND him.  WE suggest that U.S. President Donald TRUMP, use EVERY opportunity - to EXPOSE, what the DEMOCRATS are DOING! - and how they ARE "lawless" - and how they CONTINUE to obstruct Justice, with "contempt for his PRESIDENCY". DON'T let the mainstream MEDIA "get the last word in". But INSTEAD, EXPOSE the DEMOCRATS! - at EVERY opportunity.  LAUNCH "investigations" into THEM! - and 'THEIR conduct'This IS, "the last CHANCE!" - to do ANYTHING, in order to SALVAGE, your "presidency". (April 09, 2019 update) 

An open letter to U.S. President Donald Trump

To U.S. President Donald Trump:  We KNOW that you have decided "to take our COUNSEL with a grain of SALT".  AND - to "SIMPLY, ALLOW things to unfold".  AND to "TAKE a risk, in LOSING, your PRESIDENCY" - because, YOU believe! - that "you're FAR too BUSY, to CONCERN yourself, with INVESTIGATIONS - AND taking-on, the DEMOCRATS".  You KNOW, 'what we have SHARED with you', is "the ABSOLUTE Truth".  And so 'OUR Creator', is going to step-IN, and SHOW you! - in "a very PERSONAL, and IRREFUTABLE way" - WHAT, "the FRUITS" are - of 'REFUSING! - the COUNSEL of the TRUE Holy Spirit', and of 'CHOOSING to go, with, "the ANTICHRIST pastors' BLESSINGS", instead'.  And WE, are "quite CONFIDENT!" - that our CREATOR, is going to SHOW you what 'the FRUIT, of the ANTICHRIST', entails.  You have 'FOUND a WAY' - of TURNING, "your PRESIDENCY", into one of 'serving the PEOPLE!' - but NOT! - the Most High True GOD - as you CONTINUE to ignore, 'HIS Ways' - in PREFERENCE! - to 'your OWN!' - and 'your own TERMS'.  And so "like a WHIRLWIND"! - our CREATOR - is going to SHOW you! - that JUST as FAST! - as 'He RAISED you UP' - He will JUST as QUICKLY, 'cast you DOWN' - to TEACH you! - "True Humility".  Because BEFORE you were MADE? - your CREATOR KNEW you.  In 'your mother's WOMB' - He FORMED you.  And you are NOT 'PRIORITIZING', "HIS Will".  And HE will TEACH you! - that, 'to be chosen BY Him' - is "a GREAT responsibility".  And, to REFUSE 'His Ways'? - COMES with "SEVERE consequences"

All of these 'MEETINGS' that you FREQUENT? - can NOT! - "take PRIORITY" - OVER, 'the Divine WILL' of your CREATOR.  Because, AS you 'work to establish PEACE', with these NATIONS - and 'PEACE in the middle EAST'? - the Most High TRUE God, is in fact, "Declaring WAR! - against the Earth" - and "WAR", against these NATIONS.  And that PUTS you 'at ODDS' - with the CREATOR.  And so perhaps, "the CREATOR" needs to SHOW you, that He 'does NOT, Bless, the middle EAST' - that He does NOT "Bless Israel" - and that they are "NOT His Chosen People".

RIGHT now at 'this TIME in human history' - the CHRISTIANS, the MUSLIMS and the jews, are "at ENMITY with the Creator".  And the CREATOR? - is "at ENMITY, with THEM!"  Because: it is ONLY THROUGH! - Jesus Christ the LORD - the Most High True God - that ANYONE! - CAN obtain Salvation.  But "JESUS" - has LEFT! - ALL of the RELIGIONS, in the WORLD - to "their own DEMISE".  He no longer 'DWELLS', with ANY of them!  Because, they ALL! - tolerate 'SIN'.  And they ALL 'affirm each other', in their sins - against the TRUE Holy Spirit.  You DON'T understand this!  But in TIME, you WILL.  Because 'our CREATOR' - will SHOW you! - that He is against, 'ALL religions' - EXCEPT, the Faithful Remnant - the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith.

And 'just as QUICKLY' - as, the RELIGIONS are coming together, 'to make PEACE'? - they WILL BE, 'destroyed' - by "the Divine WILL, OF the CREATOR" - and NOT 'by ANY, human hand, or INTERVENTION'.  For there is, "ONLY, One! - Most High True God" - ONE Creator.  And there IS "only One, Religion".  And soon ALL PEOPLE, will 'LEARN this' - either in THIS LIFE? - or in the NEXT.  

And so what is "the timeless lesson" here? - that FUTURE parents can teach to their children, at an early age:  "The RICH man", receives much PRAISE from all those who SURROUND him, and who draw NEAR to him - as he keeps his ENEMIES far away.  But "the WISE man" - the man who is TRULY RICH in the True Holy SPIRIT, of the Living GOD - knows that "his very BEST friend" - IS 'the ONE who will tell him the TRUTH, about HIMSELF'.  And so 'the CURSE on the RICH man'? - is that he becomes so USED to the FLATTERY and PRAISE of those he SURROUNDS himself with, that 'to hear the TRUTH, about HIMSELF'? - becomes "a SLIGHT, against his pride, and self-worth" - and he would rather 'FLEE to a foreign LAND', than APPLY the Truth to his life, and change, for the better.  And in so DOING? - in FLEEING from the COUNSEL of the True Holy SPIRIT? - so TOO, do BLESSINGS from ALMIGHTY GOD, 'FLEE from the rich man' - until eventually, the ONLY thing he TRULY values, is The Counsel of Almighty GOD - moving through "the TRUE Prophets" - NOT 'the false prophets, he once SURROUNDED himself with' - who were more interested, in sharing with him, "AFFIRMING sayings, and thoughts".  But 'the TRUE Prophets', are the ones who are extending "TRUE SPIRITUAL SANITY", from the Most High True GOD - and it is ONLY "for those who DESIRE to be spiritually sane".

President Trump SEEKS "the counsel of many", because he KNOWS these two following Scripture passages:

"The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, But a wise man is he who listens to [TRUE] counsel." (Proverbs 12:15)

"Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of [FALSE] counselors there is [NO] victory." (Proverbs 11:14) 

But! - the Most High TRUE God has 'REMOVED Counsel' - "TRUE COUNSEL!" - from 'the MINDS, of all COUNSELORS.  But He has MOVED, 'His TRUE Counsel' - to US, His TWO Witnesses - and, to the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT.  And yes, that IS a Judgement - as the Most High TRUE God has 'CONFOUNDED! - the MINDS and hearts, OF, U.S. President Donald Trump's "EXPERTS", and "COUNSELORS".

President Trump's BIG problem! - is that 'HIS delight', is in his OWN accomplishments - and so how CAN he be "Blessed"?  Perhaps he could ask his whitehouse pastor that one (- and see if you get 'a cheap reading' of the Beatitudes as a reply...)

"Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord."  (Psalm 1:1-2a) 

The Blessings of Almighty God in THESE Times? - are "RESERVED" solely for the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  The "blessings of your fellow MAN"? - are reserved for EVERYONE else.  So BE "blessed"! - ONE way, or the other.  YOU choose.  (April 10, 2019 update) 
(- to quote Jesus Christ the Lord)
"America doesn't deserve President Trump."  This is something we have been hearing a LOT lately - but what does it MEAN?   Many books could in fact be written with that title, quite easily.  But HERE is "the uncomfortable TRUTH", that almost NO one, wants to hear:  ALL "the unborn", who are CURRENTLY 'ALIVE!' - IN the wombs, of the women in America, ARE in fact, "Americans".  They are HUMAN BEINGS - they are ALIVE - they are GROWING - they are in the process of being FULLY recognized as American citizens - IF! - no one kills them.  'FORTUNATELY', for the illegal immigrants - THEY aren't being MURDERED, by the thousands in the United States, EACH and every DAY! - as the CHILDREN of Americans ARE! - in the wombs.  Illegal immigrants are currently POURING into America, at almost EXACTLY! - the rate, that the unborn are currently being aborted, in that country.  And ironically, THAT is why the immigrants are needed - to REPLACE the unsustainable American population - unsustainable NOT because of climate change, OUTSIDE the womb - but because of "the psychopathic and GENOCIDAL climate", INSIDE the wombs, of American women.  But President Trump, doesn't CONSIDER the unborn, to be "Americans" - because if he DID? - he would be doing EVERYTHING in his power, to STOP the genocide, going on, UNDER his watch. 
And so? - back to the book title.  DO "the UNBORN, CURRENTLY LIVING in America", DESERVE a President, who really couldn't care LESS about them?  OR? - do "the UNBORN", CURRENTLY LIVING in America - deserve 'a BRUTAL DICTATOR' like OBAMA - who will rise up to SCOURGE the citizens of the United States - for what they DID to the UNBORNTHIS is really something that ALL the nations, ROUND about - need to SIT back and watch, unfold.  Because Obama IS coming back!  And the United States IS going to get "a DIVINE Scourging", FROM the Creator - as 'HIS Divine Just WRATH', MOVES through Obama - to BRING about an End to that Country.  AND in DOING SO? - the Most High TRUE God will bring about an END to abortion.  Now THAT just makes sense! - THAT is what America is "MOST deserving of"! 
But it gets even BETTER!  What "the DEEP state" are NOW setting in motion, WILL bring about a SWIFT and BITTER end, to 'THEIR reign' over the global GOVERNMENTS - AS the global governments, 'SIT back and watch' - "the FRUITS", of deep state rule, over the United States - as it is RAPIDLY, and SYSTEMATICALLY destroyed, by Obama, by the democrats, and by the deep state infiltrators, in every nameable agency in that country.  And Obama's psychopathic and hitleresque REIGN, WILL extend INTO ALL those countries, who don't "DISINVITE" U.S. Troops, and U.S. military bases, immediately.
“Summon archers against Babylon, all those who bend the bow. Encamp round about her; let no one escape. Requite her according to her deeds, do to her according to all that she has done; for she has proudly defied the Lord, the Holy One of Israel. “Behold, I am against you, O proud ["great"] one, says the Lord God of hosts; for your day has come, the time when I will punish you [- not by any "HUMAN hand" - that you could stop... but by Divine Punishment]. The proud one [U.S. President Donald Trump] shall stumble and fall, with none to raise him up, and I will kindle a fire in his cities, and it will devour all that is round about him [- transforming America into "a DESOLATE WASTELAND" - an OBAMA nation, of desolation]."  (Jeremiah 50:29)
Of course, WE can't guarantee, that your CREATOR won't 'deal' with those countries that are currently OCCUPIED by American troops, "in His OWN Way", AND rapidly.  But the Unborn in America, WOULD be "most grateful", if the American troops were 'FORCED home', so that THEY can all personally participate, in what is about to unfold - "FOR the sake of the unborn".  And of course this all 'makes PERFECT sense'! - when you consider the SIMPLE fact, that the Unborn experience a MUCH more peaceful departure from THIS life, when "the woman" CARRYING them, "simply passes away".  And the AMERICAN, unborn, DESERVE, 'a MUCH more PEACEFUL departure', from THIS life - than what ALL the women (- who have now, SCHEDULED their abortion in the United States), have "PLANNED" for them.  It's not "PARENTHOOD" (- what they have "PLANNED" for them...) that's for sure! 
Jesus Christ the Lord said: It is My desire that no one should perish, and that as many souls be saved as possible.  But the truth is being ‘snuffed out’, in this World you live in; and it is true, that My voice, has been diminished...  When I speak, and when My words are rejected, there are severe consequences... My Prophets, can open their mouths, once again, and speak – boldly, to all the Nations round about
THAT being said, what was 'YOUR first thought', when you heard the phrase, "America doesn't deserve President Trump"?
Currently, the U.S. has nearly 175,000 active duty personnel serving in 158 countries overseas - 40,000 of those personnel, are engaged in "black ops" military missions.  And from the lessons of HISTORY - we have ALL learned that HITLER - if he HAD military bases, and troops, deployed in 158 countries, WHEN he started 'HIS reign of terror'? - would have brought about "a MUCH swifter end", to those countries.  We KNOW that the global intelligence agencies are reading this.  And YOU know! - that you need to report this 'IMMINENT OBAMA TERROR THREAT to your Country' - immediately, to your superiors... BEFORE America aborts YOU!  Because it TRULY IS: "a nation of genocidal maniacs"... that truly DESERVES? - to turn on ITSELF, through... Oh-bomb-ya... Obama! - with his hellfire missiles and all.  NOW is the time to close ALL the U.S. embassies, and send all their personnel home, along with their military.  You were warned. (April 11, 2019 update)  

It looks like U.S. President TRUMP'S got MAIL!

This is 'a FOLLOW-up', to the ABOVE posting.  Here JESUS unpacks, in HIS own words, the phrase, "America doesn't deserve President Trump".

What "the ANTICHRIST pastors" are privately telling President Trump:

"And I will make of you a great nation [- "Blessed by Almighty God"], and I will bless you [- with "SUCCESS"], and make your name great, [- by "restoring AMERICA"] so that you will be a blessing [- as you are PRAISED by your own SUPPORTERS - AS you seek to bring "MATERIAL riches" back to America - through "ECONOMIC greatness", and a booming ECONOMY]." (Genesis 12:2) 

What the Two WITNESSES are PUBLICLY telling President Trump:

"Now the LORD said to Abram [- President Donald Trump], “Go from your country and your kindred [- STOP putting your COUNTRY and your country's KIN, "FIRST"... ] and your father’s house [- leave ALL 'your false religions' BEHIND...] to the land [- to "the PROMISED Land" - to "the TRUE Roman Catholic FAITH"...] that I will show you [- how to WALK it].  And I will make of you a great nation [- in the Eyes of the MOST High True GOD], and I will bless you [- with 'TRUE Riches!' - from HEAVEN...], and make your name great [- one that is 'FAVORED, by the Most High True God'], so that you will be a blessing [- one through whom 'Blessings from HEAVEN' flow]. I will bless [- SEND Blessings to...] those who bless you, and him who curses you I will curse; and by you [- drawing NEAR, to "the GOD of the Two WITNESSES", to "the Faithful REMNANT"...] all the families of the earth shall bless themselves [- with actual "BLESSINGS, FROM, the Most High True GOD" - moving through 'His Blessed HOLY WATER']."(Genesis 12:1-3) 

Jesus Christ the Lord speaking DIRECTLY to U.S. President Donald Trump - as "a most MERCIFUL response" to the President's prayer request: 

As you SEEK to restore AMERICA, to its former GLORY? - you DO so "in vain!"  Because I am not "BLESSING", the United States of AMERICA - but 'most ASSUREDLY!' - HAVE I Cursed it!  With the WEATHER changes - with 'the EXTREME changes, in CLIMATE' - I am SHOWING! - the PEOPLE, that I am "GREATLY! - Displeased" - WITH them - with "THEIR WAYS".  I AM, 'SYSTEMATICALLY, DESTROYING, America'.  BECAUSE, they are "BUILT, UPON, the BLOOD, of the UNBORN CHILDREN" - the CHILDREN, who COME, 'BEFORE Me', and "PLEAD! - for DIVINE JUSTICE" - for their LIVES, have been 'STOLEN!'  And I 'CONSOLE them' - as I TELL them, that "JUSTICE will be Served! - TO the fullest MEASURE, UPON, their PERSECUTORS and TORTURERS". 

"AMERICA" is not "great".  AMERICA, has CHOSEN, to be, 'a STAIN!' - on HUMAN HISTORY - that NEEDS to be, 'ERATICATED, from the FACE of the Earth'.  Because AMERICA, chose, "the BLOOD of the Unborn CHILDREN" - to BUILD 'their RICHES', upon.

WHY? - is America - "so WEALTHY"?  Because they KILLED! - because they 'SACRIFICED! - their YOUNG' - for 'the SAKE, of WEALTH'.

And SO, America is "a WANTON, nation" - a NATION of "HARLOTS!" 

And so "I DISOWN! - the United States of America".  And I 'GIVE them OVER!' - to "their FOREIGN, adversaries" - that they may 'DO! - to the people, as they PLEASE'.

For, 'the AMERICAN PEOPLE', did to the UNBORN CHILDREN, "as THEY pleased" -  TEARING them limb from LIMB!  HAVING them 'TORN apart, piece by PIECE'! - with NO remorse! - and no CONSCIENCE. 

AMERICA cannot HIDE, BEHIND, "President Donald TRUMP".

You have been 'LIED to'!  You have been LIED to by "your ANTICHRIST, ministers".  I DO not "Bless", America, and the ECONOMIC RECOVERY, of the United States.  And you were NOT "CHOSEN, to restore AMERICA, to its former GLORY".   You WERE! - in fact CHOSEN, to 'turn the HEARTS, OF your PEOPLE - back' TO, GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven. 

But FIRST, YOU! - must turn 'YOUR heart', BACK! - to your HEAVENLY FATHER - and BEG Him for 'MERCY'.  SHOW "mercy", to YOURSELF - by "getting RIGHT, with your CREATOR".

I WANT to offer you "BLESSINGS, from HEAVEN" - but I CANNOT DO this, as you CONTINUE, to WORK, 'AGAINST the Unborn children' - by SEEKING, to make AMERICA, "WEALTHY" - at THEIR expense.

YOU must learn 'what you are CALLED, to value', in THIS life - and 'HOW you are called, to LIVE' - and WHAT "your PRIORITIES" are, to BE.

THOUGH I have 'MADE you', "a great LEADER" - you LACK! - in MANY things.  You 'LACK', in True WISDOM - and THAT, is "what is MOST important" - that IS! - the most VALUABLE, of riches, that 'a MAN', can receive!   

And 'the ONLY place', on this Earth - where YOU will find, "TRUE Wisdom"? - where YOU will be able 'to OBTAIN it'? - IS - in My Testimony - and THROUGH My Testimony.  I WILL, 'CONFOUND!' - the WISDOM of "the wise".  And I will MAKE, the WISDOM, of YOUR "EXPERTS"! - foolish.  And I WILL, 'SMITE them', with "false COUNSEL", and "FOOLISH counsel".  And you WILL 'LEARN', that "TRUE Counsel" - FROM, your CREATOR - is "the ONLY way".  For I WILL! - 'SMITE and CURSE' - ALL other WAYS, that you, 'try'.  And with "the UNHOLY STUBBORNNESS", that 'you CHOOSE!' - to EMBRACE? - to RESIST 'My WAYS', and 'My WILL', for your LIFE? - I will 'PURSUE you', with.  I will PURSUE you! - with "My HOLY Stubbornness" - and SHOW you! - "the WISDOM, of My Ways".  And YOU! - will learn - that I AM, "Great".  And "MY Ways", are PERFECT.  And that, ALL nations will come to know ME! - as I, Truly Am.  For, I AM "The HOLY One, of ISRAEL".  ISRAEL! - is "the NATION, of HEARTS, that are FOR Me, and NOT against".  And right NOW? - that is "My Faithful Remnant".  They ARE, "My FOREVER, Chosen People". 

EVEN though U.S. President Donald Trump is "a BILLIONAIRE" - he WILL LEARN! - that "TRUE, wealth", and "TRUE riches", and "ALL wealth", and "ALL physical riches", belong TO! - the Most High True GOD.  He is being "ASKED, to SUBMIT, to the DIVINE Will, of his Creator - his HEAVENLY Father".  But as 'a MAN of GREATNESS'? - he 'EXPECTS', that OTHERS, will 'submit, to HIS will', and to 'HIS plans' - and if they DON'T? - then they get "FIRED".  All of HEAVEN! - is in fact 'PRAYING, that he would be fired'.  And he has "VERY! - little TIME left" - to CHOOSE to be, "a BLESSING", to his nation.  The Most High TRUE God's 'EXPECTATIONS', of U.S. President Donald TRUMP, are 'HIGH'! - but? - WITH the Creator, all THINGS, ARE possible; WITHOUT Him? - he is "DOOMED, to fail".  (April 12, 2019 update) 
Good Counsel is the Difference
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

And so, "what REWARD"? - WILL U.S. President Donald Trump receive - for REFUSING to listen to us.

When we informed U.S. President Donald Trump to "DITCH" Ghoul-iani - how could WE have KNOWN!... that just a short time LATER - when Trump's Presidency was "MOST vulnerable" - his lawyer would mysteriously 'FORGET… how to end a VOICE message'? - when speaking to one of the most HOSTILE ANTI-Trump MSM networks... and then blather on, to 'MAR and BLIGHT' his Presidency - "in as much as he COULD, and 'SEEMINGLY' get away with it."

Here is the Time Magazine account of the incident:

"Trump's personal lawyer capped it off on Oct. 16 by pocket-dialing a reporter for NBC News and inadvertently leaving a lengthy message as he talked to an unidentified partner about potentially lucrative business in Turkey and Bahrain… Giuliani's behavior may end up having historic consequences". (November 11, 2019 issue, page 28) 

And of course, the fact that "that strategic BLUNDER" - "coincidentally" - just HAPPENED to take place, on the very last day of "Trump's Prophesied 1000 days" - SHOULD be raising at least a FEW… "red flags"… ANYONE?... ANYONE at all… can you hear me NOW?... hello?

Remember the September 05, 2018 tweet:

Trump tweet: I’m draining the Swamp, and the Swamp is trying to fight back. Don’t worry, we will win!

In RESPONSE to that tweet, we WARNED!… with the words:

"Rudy is in FACT, "a DEEP state embedded Republican" - though he APPEARS, to be 'COUNSELING the President, in FAVOR of the Trump Administration'... Because, there is "a TIMING" here!...  Something isn't right, there. GIULIANI"NOT a FRIEND"!"

We even UNPACKED it a bit MORE - to make it "OBVIOUS"…

"The deep state OBVIOUSLY wanted to 'EMBED', FORMER mayor of New York CITY, Rudy Giuliani - who was THERE when 'the TOWERS' fell!  And this is 'their BOAST', of HIS role, in the Trump ADMINISTRATION - to ENSURE, that it FALLS! - under his WATCH."

ONLY a DEEPLY embedded DEEP State New York Mayor named "Giuliani" - would turn a BLIND EYE to "OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE" that World Trade Center Tower 7 was TOPPED up with EXPLOSIVES and READY to DETONATE - on September 11, 2001 - when it was deliberately DETONATED, for ALL the world to see… the roof, FELL! - horizontally, down to the ground, as ALL the steel support beams - were blown out SIMULTANEOUSLY by demolition explosives - that HAD to have been set - MANY days before the staged event.  But "the GHOUL!" - REALLY? - had no PROBLEM with such "illuminati sacrifices" - just as he has no PROBLEM, taking a fall for the sacrifice… or 'SYSTEMATIC SLOW ASSASSINATION'… of a sitting U.S. President. 
We spelled out Giuliani's STRATEGY:
"Giuliani's STRATEGY, on SPEAKING, "on BEHALF, of the PRESIDENT" - and MAKING these 'public APPEARANCES' in MEDIA - is to PRECIPITATE, 'CONFUSION'! - and leave the VIEWER, with 'MORE questions'!  NOTICE how his INTERVIEWS 'NEVER bring closure', to a TOPIC."

And NOW 'the damage' has been DONE!  And it IS "irreversible".  Giuliani? - "served", his 'deep state HANDLERS' well! He in fact "SERVED U.S. President Donald Trump, up to THEM, on a silver platter!"

And so? - WHO! - is "the biggest LEAKER!" - in the Trump Administration, this whole TIME?  Rudy Giuliani! 

WHO is "the one, who has been PASSING, INFORMATION - OVER - to the deep state DEMOCRATS - in order to equip THEM, with 'the damming EVIDENCE they need' to impeach Trump'?  Rudy Giuliani!

WHO? - is 'the WORST! - INDIVIDUAL, in the Trump ADMINISTRATION? - to 'CONFIDE, SECRETS, of Trump's legal STRATEGY, TO'?

WHO is "the worst, INDIVIDUAL, to ask, for LEGAL, COUNSEL, FROM"?  Rudy Giuliani!

WHO is "the biggest deep state WHORE! - in American HISTORY"?  Rudy Giuliani! (- that is what he is going to be known for…)

WHO is "the one who has been BETRAYING! - U.S. President Donald Trump - this entire TIME? - while SEEKING to be "jovial", and "friendly", to his face!"  Rudy Giuliani!

WHO is "the one, INDIVIDUAL, in the Trump ADMINISTRATION - that is considered 'INNOCENT'!" - and "PEOPLE? - don't PAY, TOO much attention to!"  WHO is "the one, that the REPUBLICANS, are 'NOT looking into'?"  Rudy Giuliani!

WHO has "committed the most TREASON! - against the Trump Administration? - while hiding BEHIND, 'his BLUNDERING! - antics' - and 'FORGETFULNESS'?"  Rudy Giuliani!  And when "there is NO hard evidence" - isn't 'FORGETFULNESS'? - "the best DEFENSE"? 

And WHO IS! - "a MASTER" - and who has LEARNED! - over MANY YEARS! - as "a LAWYER" - how to BREAK 'EVERY LAW!' - in a LEGAL WAY - and 'NOT get CAUGHT'?  Rudy Giuliani!

And SO? - in SHORT? - "Rudy Giuliani", has sold HIMSELF! - to "the HIGHEST bidder" - and THAT is 'the DEEP state'.

And the U.S. INTELLIGENCE agencies - and the AGENTS therein - who are 'STILL LOYAL to TRUMP' - can EASILY! - verify - what we have 'CLAIMED' - or what we have STATED - by SIMPLY, 'diving DEEP' INTO, RUDY Giuliani's PHONE records - to find out 'WHO he has been TALKING to'.

And so "WHAT is MOTIVATING? - Rudy Giuliani - to BETRAY? - his 'long-term friend', U.S. President Donald Trump?"  But THAT, 'RUDY, Giuliani' - is "a DEMOCRAT - TO the CORE!"  it is 'the CORE!' - of his BELIEF system.  He only 'APPEARS', to be, "Republican" - but on MORAL ISSUES - REGARDLESS, of how 'he APPEARS, in the MEDIA' - he IS! - "a democrat!" - he IS! - "for PARTIAL birth abortion".  He IS "for the status quo".  He IS "FOR the establishment".  He is FOR! - the illuminati.

And so? - WE want to state, before 'the WHOLE Heavenly Court', that U.S. President Donald Trump, is "an IDIOT!" - for REFUSING, to listen to us!  And SO he's going to get "an idiot's REWARD"

And SO, that U.S. President Donald Trump, can see 'the Hand of his CREATOR at work' - against his PRESIDENCY? - we are ASKING, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, to "strike Rudy Giuliani, with an INCURABLE, disease - and REMOVE him! - FROM the spotlight - and GIVE him, the reward - that he is DESERVING of".  Amen! (November 20, 2019 update) 


And so how IS it? - that "Mr. Trump", could not 'SEE!' - that Giuliani, was "a deep state MOLE" this whole TIME? - EVEN as we 'pointed it out TO him' - in our TWEETS!  But BECAUSE! - this whole TIME, "Mr. TRUMP" has been… under… PSYCHOTRONIC control.  As 'THEY are the ones!' - INFLUENCING, "his moods" - and CAUSING him 'to lose his SLEEP'. 

And? - his own GOVERNMENT! - and MILITARY - "made SURE!" - that he 'TRUSTED', former mayor Giuliani - through "subconscious psychotronic programming".  AND? - out of 'our CREATOR'S Divine JUSTICE'? - He 'ALLOWED it' - and He is 'STILL allowing it!' - as "Mr. Trump" is STILL! - "under, MILITARY psychotronic control".  And the DEMOCRATS? - have EVERY INTENTION! - of "making it SLOW, and PAINFUL"… his REMOVAL! - AND! - "making a public EXAMPLE, OUT of him!" - to SHOW 'what HAPPENS, to THOSE, who CHOOSE! - to stand AGAINST, "the deep STATE, establishment".' 

And SO? - this whole TIME! - "Trumps OWN MILITARY", have been 'working AGAINST him' - as they are part of "the RESISTANCE"… because THEY want 'to keep the wars GOING!'  And? - "Mr. TRUMP" is, 'a THREAT! - to THEIR war machine'.  Even though "Mr. Trump" [- "Mr." - because they DON'T see him as 'THEIR President'…] is their commander in CHIEF? - the deep state GENERALS are "not LISTENING to HIM!" - OR "taking ORDERS from him".  THEY will instead, CONTINUE to use 'their PSYCHOTRONICS', on "Mr. TRUMP", to bring about, 'THEIR desired, outcome' - FROM him - if he REFUSES to "COOPERATE with their AGENDA". 

And "as SHOCKING! - as it may SOUND!" - to those, who are READING this? - if U.S. President DONALD Trump, would SIMPLY, 'HUMBLE himself', BEFORE his Creator - and PRAY - "the Burning BUSH Prayer" - FROM the heart! - and USE! - the BLESSED HOLY Water? - then 'the PSYCHOTRONIC CONTROL', the government HAS! - over 'his MIND' - would be BROKEN[- just as it was BROKEN! - in order for US to write this…]

And, EVERY time! - U.S. President Donald Trump, has 'VISITED, the Testimony' - out of CURIOSITY? - his own GOVERNMENT! - has been 'BLASTING him!' - with LOW FREQUENCY, BRAIN waves - to 'MANIPULATE', HOW he SEES us, the TESTIMONY, AND! - our God.  They have ALSO been MANIPULATING, U.S. President Donald Trump's MOODS - AROUND! - 'the deep state OFFICIALS' - that are still PLAGUING! - his administration - so that "he CAN'T SEE them! - for who they REALLY are! - deep state MOLES!"  But WE see them! - and WE have 'the list!' - he 'rubs SHOULDERS with them' EVERY day!

Of COURSE! - U.S. President Donald TRUMP? - ISN'T "interested", in reaching OUT to us - as he has "more IMPORTANT things to do", with his 'time' - like "important MEETINGS! - with deep state MOLES!" - through which HE can 'give his ABSOLUTE BEST!' - to help 'UNDERMINE his own Presidency'.  WE are actually - over HERE… 'LAUGHING!' - at "the Divine JUSTICE", that is 'coming DOWN, upon… Mr. Trump' - who is "too STUBBORN! - and too PROUD! - to receive any HELP, from HEAVEN" - because WE seek to be 'a REFLECTION of our CREATOR'? - who is ALSO 'Laughing!' - at the WAY, "Mr. Trump", is BEING "Divinely Scourged".

And 'the deep STATE'? - are LAUGHING! - at the FACT? - that U.S. President Donald TRUMP, is going to 'fall RIGHT! - into their hands', and be 'delivered over TO them' - AND his country! - because of 'his REFUSAL! - to HUMBLE himself, USE the Blessed Holy Water, and become a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'.

Are you ready for "an ULTIMATUM"?... (- "the fork in the road" is NOW - and you WILL take your next step forward… ONE way, or the other…)

And so "the ULTIMATUM" is this:  EITHER, U.S. President Donald TRUMP, SURRENDERS! - to our CREATOR, the Most High TRUE God - and CHOOSES "to be under HIS Power, and Influence" - and CHOOSES "to serve, His DIVINE Purpose"? - OR? - U.S. President Donald TRUMP, surrenders, to 'the DEEP state' - CONTINUALLY! - being "under THEIR! - satanic power, and influence" - as they FORCE him 'OUT of office'!

Personally? - the options a YEAR ago, were MUCH "nicer"… but unfortunately, "NICE" is 'a real TURN-off' - for MOST people, in these Times.  And so THINGS are about to get MUCH worse! - EXTREMELY fast (- ESPECIALLY now that we have EXPOSED "the deep state PLAYBOOK"… they are going to go "into HYPERDRIVE"…)  And EITHER way? - we win!  WHY? - because the CREATOR controls "house rules" - as HE "holds ALL the cards"!  And the deck IS "stacked in HIS favor" - EVERY time.  Not to mention, that HE has ALREADY seen 'EVERY possible outcome'… with 'a WIN!' - in HIS favor - EVERY time!  Have fun with that.  "It's CRUNCH time!" (November 21, 2019 update) 
Concerning "the ULTIMATUM": And so what did U.S. President Donald Trump choose to do with his PROPERTY, his PROGENY, his PRESIDENCY, and the American PROSPERITY, that he spent so much time, building up in the Country?  Did he choose to PERSEVERE? - in SUBMITTING IT, to the CURSES of "his antichrist PASTORS", and "his deep state whore ADVISORS" and "his deep state whore CONFIDENTS"?   We can tell you THIS… he has not yet EXPERIENCED "the Divine Just WRATH of his CREATOR"… but he soon WILL!... and perhaps THEN?... he will 'DESIRE, to make better CHOICES'… perhaps even?... followed by… "better CHOICES!"… (- referring of course, to actually going BEYOND 'desiring'… to the next step of actually 'MAKING' better choices).  One step at a time… for… "the novices".  The NEXT step is… "His CREATOR'S Divine Just WRATH"… just for "some motivational CONSIDERATION", no less. (November 22, 2019 update) 

"A SIGN! - that he can't DISMISS"

During today's "Coronavirus Task Force" briefing (5:11-7:24).  Mr. Trump says:  "This was something that happened that was… Some people would say an act of God. I don’t view it as an act of God. I would view it as something that just surprised the whole world but now the whole world almost is inflicted with this horrible… With this horrible virus… I believe in the V curve. I believe it’s going to go… When this is defeated, this hidden scourge is defeated, I think we’re going to go up very rapidly our economy and get back to where it was and beyond." 

After being briefed, on our Warnings? - Mr. Trump tells the American people, "some people BELIEVE, this is 'an act of GOD' - referring to the VIRUS".  And he PROCLAIMS that "he does not BELIEVE".  And yet with 'our Creator's Heavy HAND' - he HAS to admit! - to the American PEOPLE, that it is "a HIDDEN Scourge".  Because DEEP down INSIDE? - Mr. TRUMP knows, that his NATION - IS being SCOURGED.  AND he KNOWS 'it is BEYOND his control'.  AND? - we KNOW this!  Because we can 'read his HEART from a DISTANCE'.  But all, he HAS? - are 'POSITIVE… platitudes' - to SELL to the American people.  And SO?... our CREATOR!... IS 'being FORCED', to GIVE Mr. Trump: "A SIGN! - that he can't DISMISS" - as He CONTINUES to 'PUMMEL', the United STATES of America, with "a TIDAL WAVE! - of issues, and problems".  In OUR!... experience - as 'the TRUE Prophets of the Most High TRUE God': it is "MUCH better" to acknowledge 'when ONE, is being DISCIPLINED' - 'when one is being PUNISHED', FOR one's NEGLECTS; RATHER than, CONTINUE to PRETEND! - and DENY! - the CREATOR.  HE has 'Ways of getting PEOPLE'S attention' - and ULTIMATELY, HE is 'the ONE' who IS in CONTROL.  And from 'OUR EXPERIENCE'? - it is "MUCH BETTER", to have COOPERATED! - with "His Divine Will and PLAN"; than to 'try and HIDE', or 'run AWAY!' - from, the CONSEQUENCES.  But "MR. Trump" - like ALL world leaders, has 'a hard HEART!' - like PHARAOH.  And 'LIKE Pharaoh' - he did not… 'LISTEN! - to the Messengers of the Most High True GOD'… until it was "TOO late!" - and 'the DAMAGE was done!' - to HIM, AND his household.  (- there's something about WHITE washed tombs, in the Bible… you can look it up… but to wash WHAT exactly?...)

Remember, Jesus Christ the Lord said...
"The United States of America has fallen [- from GRACE, and fallen from the Most High True God's FAVOR] as a nation… The White House, is dripping, with the blood, of the innocent; and the Vatican, is dripping, with the blood, of the innocentTherefore, both! – are guilty, in My Eyes, of ‘the horrendous murder’, of genocide! – as both, would not seek, to defend the Unborn, in the wombs, of their mothers… And over in the White House, there was a push, to protect, the rights, of women, to murder, their little onesThis may not seem as ‘a big deal’ in the eyes, of the World; but it is, ‘a big deal’, My peopleYou, do not, have, spiritual, vision – to see what I see! - Because ‘the mark of the beast’, inhibits, your ability, to see, through My Eyes.  With ‘the mark of the beast’ removed, by the use of Blessed Holy Water, and through sincere repentance, you will then be able, to see clearly, with the gift of True Spiritual Vision.  But until then, you are all, blind!  Francis, and Obama, know their roles, in this world – just as My Two Witnesses, know their roles, in this world.  And My People you have made ‘terrible choices’ – for yourselves, and for your children. My Two Witnesses are here, to help you – if you would but seek the Truth; if you would but come to Me in order to have LifeYour Time is running out My People [- as there is 'a COUNTDOWN' going on… and it is "QUITE Serious!"… and THEREFORE?...].  You do not know the day nor the hour when I will call you from this life.  And you do not need to die with ‘the mark of the beast’ upon, your foreheadsWhile you are alive, you still have hope.  Use the Blessed Holy Water, and, have life.  Because unless you do, you will most assuredly die, in ‘the beast state’ – at some point, in time." ( - from the February 13, 2014 video Message with transcript)  

Get ready My children, to call down ‘My Plagues, upon the Face of this Earth.  Yes, it really is this bad.  Life, for the people of this World, is about to drastically change.  It started, within My Church, then moved, to the various institutions.  And now, ‘Fire’, goes forth, to ‘set ablaze’ this Earth – which is the Fire of My words, going out, for all the Nations.” (-Jesus, Saturday, May 5, 2012) 

(March 19, 2020 update)

How IS it that U.S. President Trump does not KNOW, that 'what we SAY' IS "HEAVILY endorsed, by our Creator"?

The Canadian intelligence agency has APOCALYPTICALLY DESTROYED the nation.  NOW let's see if the U.S. intelligence agencies can do any BETTER!

Canada is "JUST as responsible" as CHINA! - for ENSURING - that the CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK, was SPREAD, world-wideBECAUSE of Canada's "INACTION" - against this "GLOBAL, THREAT", from the very BEGINNING - MANY more PEOPLE, HAVE been 'INFECTED, WITH the virus', than WOULD have been - had CANADA shut, its BORDERS - to INTERNATIONAL travel with CHINA.

And KNOWING that 'they ARE monitoring us very closely' - through 'monitoring what we write on our WORD document' - we INFORMED them, that "this is a global PANDEMIC!" - December 31st. 

The "Canadian INTEL agencies", know EXACTLY, 'WHO we are!' - as they have been monitoring US, for MUCH LONGER! - than the UNITED STATES intel agencies have been!  And they KNOW! - that, 'what we SAY', IS! - "HEAVILY endorsed, by our Creator" - as they HAVE, 'EXPERIENCED it', FIRST hand!  And they have ALSO seen, 'OTHER people' - "on the RECEIVING end", OF our Prophecies… BEING fulfilled - in OTHER peoples' lives.  And SO, it IS! - in fact - "the CANADIAN, INTEL agencies" - who are 'WITHHOLDING! - ALL of the CONCRETE EVIDENCE", that PROVES! - that we ARE in fact, "the TWO WITNESSES, from the Book of REVELATIONS".  AND, in a way? - we ARE "a Plague! - on MANKIND" - making EVERYONE! - "VERY uncomfortable", WITH our Testimony.  BUT! - there are MANY people who have NOT, 'FOUND our Testimony', that our CREATOR is going to REACH! - and IS reaching! - through the CORONAVIRUS.  And the CANADIAN intel agencies KNOW this! Yet they WILL, 'CONTINUE, to WITHHOLD, "VERY important information!" - from the OTHER intel agencies' - that THEY have compiled.  JUST like CHINA - has 'withheld', MUCH important information - on 'the TRUE number of INFECTED individuals, in their country'- and 'how MANY actually died' - because they WANT, OTHER nations to DOWNPLAY the SERIOUSNESS, of this "VIRUS" - so that their ECONOMIES can 'SUFFER!'  And they want 'to offer FALSE HOPE' - so that nations BELIEVE, "THEY can overcome the VIRUS" - when CHINA hasn't even overcome it.  For TRULY it is ALL "SMOKE and MIRRORS!"  And they 'make the nations SEE what they WANT them to see!' - because they ARE, "the Dragon"; and they HAVE deceived, the WORLD! 

And so, Canada WILL 'suffer immensely' - when our Creator SAYS so! - for 'WITHHOLDING, Words of Life and TRUTH, from their PEOPLE; for snuffing-OUT! - the Truth; for REFUSING, to WELCOME us!'; for REFUSING to desire, to make 'True PEACE', with the Most High True GOD - whom, we REPRESENT.  Canada WILL! - 'Suffer', much more INTENSELY! - because they were 'OFFERED, SO much more!' - than OTHER nations.  And, ALL the nations, who DESIRE to suppress, 'the LIFESAVING Truths in the TESTIMONY' - and ALL the world LEADERS who REFUSE, 'to ENDORSE! - PUBLICLY, the WORDS of Truth and Life, from Jesus Christ the Lord - as He has REVEALED Himself, in His Testimony' - WILL! - continue to suffer - IMMENSELY: PAIN, and LOSS, and TORMENT!

And HERE is the proof that Justin Trudeau, 'DESIRES, to EXERT maximum PAIN' - against Trump - by causing "a WEDGE" - between HIM, and the United States VOTERS.  And it has NEVER stopped

Speaking of "worst host EVER!"… Justin Trudeau, and 'his mob CRONIES' - canada's INTELLIGENCE agency - decided, that THEY, would do 'whatever they COULD', in order 'to AFFLICT us' - through PSYCHOTRONICS, and all KINDS of physical torture - THROUGH 'invisible, frequencies'.  They, "KNOW who we are", and "KNOW Who we Represent!" - and, chose 'to ABUSE US, AND the LIFELINE, that we OFFERED, TO canada'.  And so "the LIFELINE" has been 'Cut'! - and WE, WILL no LONGER, 'WORK' with Justin Trudeau.  He 'LOST that chance'.  We were in fact, "a GIFT, TO Canada".  And they 'SPAT!' on and 'MOCKED!' - and 'RIDICULED!' - and 'PROBED', and 'PRODDED' and EVEN 'EXPERIMENTED' through "FREQUENCY, attacks".  And so 'THIS type of ABUSE' is 'what is in STORE, for every CANADIAN' - UNTIL "they are no more". 

…And, they can ALL experience painful NASAL probes, and be experimented on with various "treatments"… as the clock ticks down to their inevitable END.

And RIGHT now U.S. President Donald Trump - REFUSES, to recognize, 'how VALUABLE, WE are!' - and, 'how, we have "MUCH! - information", to SHARE' - that is ABSOLUTELY, 'CRUCIAL!' - in the CONTINUING, of 'HIS Administration'.  It MAY not 'look like that' AS of now… yet 'the time' IS coming QUICKLY! - when "OUR CREATOR", is going to cause 'SO much! - DIVINE, DEVASTATION, and DESTRUCTION' - IN the United States of America - that HE! - WILL 'GAIN, the ATTENTION, of U.S. INTELLIGENCE'.  U.S. President Donald Trump, is CURRENTLY 'making the SAME mistake', as Justin TRUDEAU did.  And when HE SEES 'the SIGNS pouring FORTH, from HEAVEN'S THRONE' in the FORM of "Divine JUDGEMENTS MANIFESTING!" - that are WRITTEN! - IN the Testimony… and, when he 'FEELS! - the ground SHAKE beneath his FEET!'… then, he WILL know, that "our CREATOR", is manifesting.

U.S. President Donald Trump is "FREE! - to be a PHARAOH" - TOWARDS our CREATOR.  And he is "FREE! - to harden his HEART", towards the PROPHECIES - prophesying "the END, of AMERICA" - and "the FALL, of a great NATION".  But he DOES so, "at the EXPENSE, of MILLIONS! - upon MILLIONS! - of MORE LIVES!" - that 'COULD have' been spared - had he just 'CHOSEN, to soften his heart', towards the Most High TRUE God - AND towards US; and chose to 'WORK, WITH us'.  For Truly: Our CREATOR will show U.S. President Donald TRUMP that, "APART! - from HIM - moving THROUGH US? - he CAN accomplish NOTHING!"  For, 'the WILL, of the Most High TRUE God' - WILL be DONE!  And, if PEOPLE 'RESIST, COOPERATING'? - there will be 'HELL to pay!'  AND so… we COMMEND, U.S. President DONALD Trump - TO "the DIVINE, REMEDIAL! - Justice" - OF the Most High True God.  AMEN! (April 12, 2020 - Easter Sunday update) 


In tornado-torn Pickens County, neighbors share stories of hope, help and horror (April 13, 2020 story)-  -"I've been in the military, and I've never seen anything like this," Chapman said. "It was just destruction that hit that quick. It was almost like a bomb hit. It was ungodly."

Deadliest tornado outbreak in 6 years: Stunned residents begin cleanup in the South, East (April 14, 2020 story)

There were more than 60 reports of tornadoes that ripped across Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia beginning Easter Sunday night and continuing into the Carolinas on Monday

But what INCURRED "the WRATH of the Most High True GOD" - and what KINDLED His ANGER?

Trump summoned an ANTICHRIST pastor to the Oval Office - a pastor who has absolutely NO Anointing from Heaven - to proclaim, Scripture passages at HIS RIGHT SIDE; and in the pastor's words, to… "Pray out of them, about what we want to have happen; we want this PLAGUE! - to pass over… LORD, let the DEATH ANGEL PASS over!... let medical SCIENCE come forth… lord let us come out with a thriving economy - that silver and gold… let it be our portion… lord cover us with a cloud by day and a fire by night… be encouraged, HOPE! - is on the way"
And CLEARLY! - the pastor was praying for "hope in HUMAN will" - and "human spirit" - INSTEAD of "THY Will be done!"
Trump believes that he can 'snub the TWO of us without consequence' and 'pull OUT a protestant PASTOR!' - and simply "have him PERFORM! - some public PRAYERS".  And that 'GOD', is forced! - to LISTEN.  But WE say? - "NO!"  And with all of HEAVEN? - we say "NO!" - to America.  "NO!" - to their cries, for MERCY.  "NO!" - to the END, of the Plague.  For it IS! - the Divine Will, OF the Most High True God - that AMERICA, be 'put THROUGH, the WINE press'.  And 'to PRAY against His WILL' - IS "the fastest WAY", to INCUR, His DIVINE Just Wrath!  And SO? - as "the PASTOR" believed, that 'HE was somehow CONTROLLING, god'? - OUR God, the Most High TRUE God 'made it CLEAR!' - to AMERICANS - THIS EASTER! - that, He did NOT!!! - HEAR - those prayers.
In fact, our CREATOR, is going to SHOW, America - 'the complete OPPOSITE' - of, 'the BLESSINGS', that they asked for - as He WILL, 'COVER them in a CLOUD of DESTRUCTION! - and - make LARGE, RAGING WILDFIRES! - "their LIGHT"!'  Amen.  WHY?  Because AMERICA was "a great NATION" - and WAS "a prosperous nation" - UNDER the Most High True GOD; but THEY chose, to be 'CURSED!'  And they are "NOT, the Most High True God's CHOSEN, people" - they are "NOT the Israelites".  They are NOT even, "GOD-fearing CHRISTIANS"They are "a BLOOD-thirsty nation that are FILLED with 'the desire to COMPROMISE' - with the DEVIL" - in order to REMAIN, in power.  And 'THEIR POWER'? - is "coming to a SWIFT and BITTER End
SIGNED, The Prophets of TRUE Hope. (April 13, 2020 update) 
About… "the Optics"

The Easter Sunday 2020 'WAVE of EXTREMELY DESTRUCTIVE Tornadoes', seems to be never-ending…  But Jesus Christ the Lord WAS 'Speaking outside of Space and Time' - about THIS moment in time, when He said:

"I am, scourging, the United States, with these type storms, My children.  The United States of America, is about to become a Third World [- "a S**THOLE"…] country.  This will happen, very fast…  When this earthquake [- "the BIG one!"...] happens, and it will happen, very soon – when this event takes place: the whole World will be in awe, at what has happened… The gays, the lesbians, and transsexuals, will weep and mourn over what has befallen California and the nations round about; but My Faithful, will rejoice, in that their prayers were answered – they will rejoice, in My Justice." (-Jesus, Saturday, April 30, 2011)

The "U.S. Sanctuary cities", are about to become full of U.S. citizens, who are actually "MORE desperate", than the illegal immigrants, climbing over the wall at the southern border.  How's THAT! - for solving the immigration problem!  You're welcome.  Why? - because once the word gets OUT, the citizens of central America - WILL quickly realize, that THEY are "living in PARADISE!"... compared to what the U.S. has to offer… as the ongoing decrease in population down THERE, creates more JOB opportunities - that are MUCH more appealing, than the stench of rotting corpses, in the major U.S. citiesIt HAS to happen! - because, these "CITIES"? - ARE, and became "quite COMFORTABLE", having 'GARBAGE bags - FULL! - of corpses - of the UNBORN'ROTTING! - behind their HOSPITALS.  And, IT is "time for PAYBACK!"  Our CREATOR, has had to TOLERATE 'the stench and the SMELL', of the SINS of the PEOPLE - for GENERATIONS!  And now THEY!... are going to be 'FORCED! - to SMELL, rotting FLESH!' - that they CAN'T escape fromAnd it WILL 'drive them insane'!  Our CREATOR? - is going 'to Turn the United States of AMERICA into, a HAUNT of HORRORS!'  And, HE is going to 'make BABYLON Fall!'  And, what once WAS "a great nation" WILL be no longer.

…And the third world countries with their messy 'hole in the floor' public restrooms, WILL be "MUCH more appealing…"

Oh and "OPTICS"?... Hmmm.  WE are going to 'look REALLY GOOD!'… when that happens.  "REFRESHING"!... in fact.  People will LOVE to chat with us… about… 'all SORTS of important stuff…'  YOU'LL figure it out… eventually. (April 13, 2020 update)   

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