The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
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of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed one MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.
The U.S. Election
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)

“If you have understanding, hear this; listen to what I say.  Shall one who hates justice govern?  Will you condemn him who is righteous and mighty?” 
A video by Pope Peter the Last and Final True Pope of this Era
Jesus said: Right now, the people need to be informed, on the ‘true state, of affairs’ in their own countries.  They need to be informed, that propaganda has been ‘moulding their beliefs’ for a long time – especially concerning Fukushima.  Notice how reporters, ‘veer away’ from facts, and move more towards ‘speculations’, hypothesizing, flat-out lying to the people, opinion polls.  How can the people ever hope, to find any truth, when the truth has been traded for ‘the popular vote’.
As in the case of Ron Paul My children, most people, want him to become the next President of the United States.  But he won’t be if people do not change their hearts.  If they, do not start, ‘demanding transparency’, and truth, from their local governments; if they do not seek to support Ron Paul, all the way, to the November Elections - then he can’t make it as President. 

So many souls have ‘turned their backs’ on him, accusing, him, of betraying them. They are the ones, who have betrayed, the Constitution, and the Liberty Movement, by turning against, ‘the Grandfather, of the Constitution’.  Who out there upholds, the truth, with conviction?  And who there in the White House, listens, or proclaims the truth, as boldly, as he has in the past?

I tell you now, the White House is filled, with hypocrites, thieves, liars, murderers, and adulterers.  Those in the White House, work, for themselves, and their own, comfortable, houses.  They steal, from the poor, only to give to those who are richer.  Theirs will be ‘a Heavy Judgement’, if there is not some ‘house cleaning’ done. 

The White House Senate, is filled with members of the mafia - filled to the brim, with extortion.  ‘Evil persuasiveness’, pride, has blossomed and violence, has grown in this ‘place’.  They have all forgotten, why they were chosen, to be in the Senate, to be in the House of Representatives, to be part of Parliament.  They, have lost sight, of the truth, of morality, of dignity, and charity. 

So do not bicker, any more in your own hearts and souls, against Ron Paul who is ‘one of a kind’.  Because he is, one, of, My Chosen Ones.  And he is ‘blessed beyond belief’.  But it tears his heart, to see so many, of you ‘grassroot supporters’, abandoning the cause, he has fought for, for over 30 years.  It is not too late for you, to turn back, for you to make a good decision, in who you, will, vote for. Obama and Romney, are ‘apples, that fall, from the same tree’. 

Better, to vote for Ron Paul, by writing him on your ticket.  Write him in!  See what I can do at this ‘Republican Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida’.  See that though, ‘the elite’ have their plans, I decide, when they will manifest.  Have courage!  Go to the Convention.  Go, to the local offices, and vote. Vote, for your brothers and your sisters, and your mothers and your cousins, and your fathers, and your children because, the course of History, can be changed! - if peoples’ hearts, will turn back to their Creator! 

In all of the messages that Ron Paul has given – to you all, a single thread or ‘streamline’ moves through them - and that is: Love, your neighbor and acknowledge your Creator.

Ron Paul has become a thorn in their side, because he will not accept, the large sums of money, that they, have offered him to step down.  You see My children with My anointing upon him, he is not running the race, necessarily because he wants to, but because he has a fire in his heart that can not be put out. He is running, for the Presidency.”
“The Third ‘Ace’ is R.P... I tell you that I will protect him from any ‘attempted assassination plots’.  'Not a hair of his head’ will be harmed either.  Just as I have strengthened the both of you so too will I strengthen him.  But concerning the election, I will not give that away”.
“The attacks on R.P., are only going to get worse; but I will strengthen him, in his daily battles, and he will withstand the rhetoric, of the politicians, and continue to bring all of their evils, to the light.” 
“As in the case of Ron Paul My children, most people, want him to become the next President of the United States.  But he won’t be if people do not change their hearts.  If they, do not start, ‘demanding transparency’, and truth, from their local governments; if they do not seek to support Ron Paul, all the way, to the November Elections - then he can’t make it as President.”
“Never before have I intervened as strongly as I am about to. Never before in any election of any President, have I intervened with My Heavenly Host of Angels.  Because My People, I pity you, I pity the ‘state’ you are all in, and I can see the future! - With one choice you make!  And your future with another choice.  I know ‘the bloodshed that is coming’ if you refuse to vote, for Ron Paul.”
“But know this: if any of the other presidential hopefuls, get into office, then Woe to the World, in which you live.  If Obama stays in office: then a double Woe to the World, in which you live.”
“So do not bicker, any more in your own hearts and souls, against Ron Paul who is ‘one of a kind’.  Because he is, one, of, My Chosen Ones.  And he is ‘blessed beyond belief’.  But it tears his heart, to see so many, of you ‘grassroot supporters’, abandoning the cause, he has fought for, for over 30 years.  It is not too late for you, to turn back, for you to make a good decision, in who you, will, vote for. Obama and Romney, are ‘apples, that fall, from the same tree’.”
“Better, to vote for Ron Paul, by writing him on your ticket.  Write him in!  See what I can do at this ‘Republican Convention in Tampa Bay, Florida’.  See that though, ‘the elite’ have their plans, I decide, when they will manifest.  Have courage!  Go to the Convention.”
“In all of the messages that Ron Paul has given – to you all, a single thread or ‘streamline’ moves through them - and that is: Love, your neighbor and acknowledge your Creator.”
Romney, is part, of ‘the media establishment’.  He is their ‘front man’, just like, Obama was.  He will continue, the carnage, the wars – against Syria.  He will, continue, to subvert, the Constitution, of the United States.  He has no need for it!  As the party he belongs to, has no need for it either.” 
“There are so many ‘similarities between the two of them’, that to vote for Romney is to do so ‘fully informed’. With no excuse, for what, you are getting.  He, will be, ‘a vicious tyrant’ - he will be, another Obama.  So do not pay attention, to: his tricks, because, he is simply ‘part, of the machine’…”
“And to all “Romney Delegates” out there, and to all “Romney supporters”: check the rules, for this upcoming Convention.  See how many of you are “unbound”, and can choose, to vote, for Ron Paul – by writing him in.  The media establishment presents you with one choice, because they are against the lives of the poor and the middle class.  They only care about themselves and their own jobs.  So you can not trust them.”
“Romney, is the same.  He will do ‘the same things’, as Obama.  You Truly only have one choice in front of you, My People, and this time you truly can choose, the candidate you want.  Because My Hand and Authority is on, My Chosen One.”
[Note: Ron Paul and Rand Paul did not experience the plague of "the beast state" on December 25, 2012, as they are most certainly among "the Elect", "the Faithful Remnant Church"]
“And, you Ron Paul supporters are not “bound to vote, for Romney”.  Write him in, “the grandfather of the Constitution”.  This is your last and final chance to restore America – upright.”
History, can still be changed.  But people must choose: which team they want to be on.  For there are 2 sides to every coin, and yet the coin, no matter which side is flipped, has the same value.  No matter what picture is showing, the value neither increases nor decreases, but, remains the same.  This, is how it is with the Republicans and Democrats - they are the same party: working for Big Government, increased taxations, and continued wars.” 
“There is one person, who desires to change: both parties, who desires to change the value, of the coin, so that, it is worth, much more, than it is now.  This person: wants to prevent hyperinflation, of the dollar; desires peace in ‘his own homeland’; and wants to put an end to the Federal Reserve; and desires, that respect be given to all countries – everywhere.  The golden rule is what he lives by.  He desires to reunite families, with their loved ones.  He will call all of the troops home, and there will be ‘a period of peace.’   However this person is ignored, and ridiculed.  His ideals, and practicalities are played down continually.  The truth he wants to share – with the world, by setting a good example for them, is: diminutized.  You all know who I am referring to.  And this will be, your final ‘wake-up’, from MeVote Ron Paul or suffer ‘dire consequences’.”  
Ron Paul, is, your only, choice, to mitigate the suffering, that is coming upon the World.” 
In this video, Ron Paul addresses Obama's use of the word "CHANGE"
“As for Obama and Romney My children, I will take care of the both of them, by giving them, what they truly need, instead, of what their ‘puppet masters’ want, instead of what they both want.  The World, is going to be brought to its knees My children, and I make no exception, with those two.  They, have caused much grief, over the past several years, to peoples’ lives – especially, the poor and needy, and also foreign civilians.  My children, I am with: the widow, the orphan and the stranger (– also known as “foreigners”), and I uphold them all.  But I am against: the haughty, and those with unclean lips.  And Obama, and Romney, have shown themselves to be ‘corrupt individuals’, with no leadership qualities whatsoever.  And I will stop the mouths of these liars.  Because I ‘look with favor’ on the poor middle-eastern countries, and I see what has become of them – from ‘those wielding power, in the White House’.  So therefore I am going to remove them from, their position, and change their status, in the World.” 
Note: At this point in human history (June 2015), Ron Paul has NOW, sold out, to the One World Government.  Yes, he was "the Anointed alternative" - the one who had "the True Anointing from Heaven", as an election alternative to Obama - who now reigns as the antichrist in the so-called "white house".  But NOW, Ron Paul has sold out, and is no longer, part of the Faithful Remnant, in any way.  Those messages from Heaven that we posted on our website - referring to Ron Paul and his role in the US Election, were perfectly accurate when we posted them.  And because the date they were received is indeed part of those messages, they are still accurate - because they refer to that specific point in human history.  The US citizens preferred a dictator, and they got Obama - who is in fact the enemy incarnate.  Ron Paul preferred to be ruled by 'a different spirit', and he now is.
And so how did OBAMA
contribute a whopping $113,600.00 to the American Dream?
for EACH average American family of 4
$28,400 x 4 = $113,600.00!  Simple.
Unfortunately for all AMERICAN families, that would be like Obama piling a stack of 113,600 rocks,
on the back of each family of 4.
And even though the Obama ADMINISTRATION is "responsible"
the PRESIDENT is "the one who APPROVES, the spending".

And for those who need a little help with math:   $19.95 TRILLION - $10.7 TRILLION = $9.25 TRILLION
$9,250,000,000,000.00 divided by the popluation of the United States at the time Trump was elected, 325 million people = approximately $28,400.00 per person
This is what the media WON'T! - share, with the people.
Why not?  Because the media, gets a CUT, of that $9.25 TRILLION, for remaining silent,
and for CONTINUING to smear TRUMP - instead of presenting both sides FAIRLY. 


 The 2016 US Election

One thing Jesus told both of us, shortly before the 2016 election is, "Remember, My Plan TRUMPS theirs!"  And BEFORE the election results were in - when the election could have gone either way...
(Above Title of MSM Propaganda Article from "The Independent")

(Above MSM Propaganda "Opinion Poll Graph" from "Real Clear Politics")
In hindsight, it was more like "real clear MSM propaganda"

(Above Title of MSM Propaganda Article from "The Independent")

...Mary Romanus had a vision of the scales of Justice and Mercy, with Trump on the Mercy side, and Hillary on the Justice side of the scale. 
The balance was tipped towards Mercy. 
(Above FINAL 2016 US Election results for each COUNTY in each state)
Isn't it interesting how the California Coast, Miami, New York City, the lower Mississippi and Chicago, did NOT vote for "Mercy"
But DO, the REST of the American people WANT "the Mercy of the Most High True God"?  Angry protests broke out on some big city streets (because that is where most abortions take place), shortly after Hillary conceded the election.  And isn't it interesting that the state where only 1 in 3 people voted for Mercy, was the state of California - a state teetering on the edge of a major fault line.  Is California "at FAULT" for that?  Only the Most High TRUE God's Justice will tell; and so we will just have to wait and see.  But if the state of California IS at fault, wouldn't it be interesting, to consider the implications of "the city, that inspired the name of the Antipope in Rome" - going down, "INTO the murky depths of the dark sea", with him - as in - at the same time of his ANTI-papacy.  What an unforgettable Sign THAT would be! - for ALL future generations. The illuminati may have to act fast to remove that Antipope, if they don't want to be the ones primarily responsible for "setting the stage" for that EPIC historical milestone.  The clock is ticking.
And now for what is perhaps "the BIGGEST shocker", in the 2016 election.  Jesus Christ the Lord revealed, that the illuminati DID in fact EXPECT! - Trump to win, the 2016 election - EVEN THOUGH, they control the MSM; EVEN though, they did everything they possibly could, to control the outcome of the election.  But WHY! - WHY would the illuminati "EXPECT", Trump to WIN?  That is the question we calmly asked The Most High True God.  And the reason He gave, was, "Because of the prayers of the Faithful Remnant - that HE raised up".  "The Majority Vote went to the Faithful Remnant; even though they are most DEFINITELY the minority!"
Of course, the NEXT big question is... "Will the Most High True God 'ALLOW', Trump to be installed?"  The answer to THAT question, WILL be determined, by "the American peoples' continued response to His Testimony" - between now, and the end of Obama's second term. 
Jesus said: How many people are "CLOTHING themselves in SACKCLOTH and ashes" - around the WORLD? - in HUMILITY, and in TRUTH?  Not many!  Remember what JONAH said, to the people of NINEVEH.  We shall see 'HOW the World responds'; BUT! - in ALL of this, REMEMBER: the Most High TRUE God's PLANS, WILL Triumph!  (November 19, 2016)
Will Trump be successful?
TRUMP! - is actually "God's MERCY"; and, he has been GIVEN, 'THIS time', to make AMERICA, "GREAT again".  Now THAT being said - we do not know, 'how LONG', THAT is going to last - BECAUSE, he OPPOSES, "the illuminati" - and the ILLUMINATI, are 'AGAINST the Most High True God's PLANS'.  We are PRAYING, that Trump WILL be "successful" - as the Most High True God 'uses HIM', for HIS Divine Plan and Purpose.  And the SPEECH, that Trump, WROTE [- for his inauguration] - was ACTUALLY 'inspired by the CREATOR of the Universe'.  Understand?  Yes, ALL Remnant Members, are CALLED to keep 'TRUE Peace' in their hearts - no matter WHAT happens - big or SMALL!  Because the TESTIMONY, IS! - 'the biggest SIGN', IN and of ITSELF.  The TESTIMONY, IS! - 'the Mind, of the Most High True God' - that He MAKES, ACCESSIBLE, to His CREATURES - who DESIRE to be FILLED, with His TRUE Holy Spirit.  (January 22, 2017 update)
Is "the antichrist incarnate" in Obama, still wielding satanic power?

Obama IS still working behind the scenes.  The fact that Trump was unable to repeal Obamacare (- in March, 2017), is in fact "a BIG Sign!" - that the nation is STILL: "under the care" of the Antichrist incarnate.  (March 24, 2017 update)

And SO, is the USA - STILL "under the care of the Antichrist"?

Never before in recorded history, has media propaganda - "a weapon of WAR!" - been used by the media of a country - AGAINST it's own president - so MERCILESSLY, and UNRELENTINGLY - as it HAS been, since Trump was elected.  And so, WHO do you think, is behind that organized assault against the US President, by the country's own major media outlets?  The U.S. media's full frontal assault against Trump, IS in fact, "an act of War" - as it DESTABILIZES the nation, by DIVIDING the nation, against it's own President.  But, who is BEHIND it?  And why WON'T Trump stop it?  And why can't Trump put an END to the antichrist's (Obama's) HOLD on the nation?
...Because Obama is still ACTIVELY working behind the scenes - as "an illuminati puppet" - to help bring about THEIR agenda, for the United States.  And so, the ILLUMINATI boast woven into the Health care name ITSELF, lives ON.  WHEN in all of U.S. history, has the Government HEALTH care plan EVER been named after the PRESIDENT - and in such a way to imply that "he CARES", even AFTER his term in office has ended?  That, is a very telling question!  (June 28, 2017 update)

HERE is an example of how the MEDIA play "an ACTIVE role" in SWAYING "public opinion"
You can LISTEN, to how LOUDLY, the crowd "ROARS!" - at Colbert's "antics" - AGAINST the President! - of the United States.  We are ALL "FOR, FREEDOM of SPEECH, and FREEDOM of RELIGION" - but THIS! - VIDEO - IS! - 'PART of a LARGER, SMEAR campaign' - being SPREAD, by "the ILLUMINATI-controlled, INTERNATIONAL media"
Stephen Colbert presents "a monologue of HATRED" disguised as COMEDY
Monologue from the Late Show published July 1, 2017

Americans are now 'eating up HATRED disguised as COMEDY' - as they 'knowingly TOLERATE, their PRESIDENT, being BRUTALIZED! - by the MEDIA, INCESSANTLY!   It HAS been revealed, IN the Testimony, that TRUMP, IS, ACTUALLY, 'the Most High TRUE God's MERCY', ON America - on the United STATES.  But the UNITED States' CITIZENS, are RESPONDING, with PROTESTS - and they are 'AGAINST, Trump'!  They are 'AGAINST! - the Most High TRUE God's MERCY'.  And so HE will RECEIVE that, as "a PRAYER intention"!  (July 01, 2017 update)
Obama's return to the political stage?  The tide is turning
Barack Obama to return to political stage this fall with 'delicate dance' (August 11, 2017 story)
Obama Is Returning To Politics This Fall, And Trump Isn't Going To Like It (August 12, 2017 story) 
And he is wasting no time:  Obama’s response to Charlottesville sets record for most-liked tweet  (August 17, 2017 story)

Under "the guise of HUMOR" - HERE is an EXAMPLE, of how the MEDIA, takes Trumps COMMENTS, "out of CONTEXT" - in order to SWAY the America PEOPLE 'AGAINST their own president'.

Stephen's Interview Of Hannity's Interview Of Trump (October 13, 2017 - published)

Even Putin, the Russian President - is calling out the illuminati-controlled political system, and their orchestrated take-down of Trump.  In the following video, "Putin weighs in on Trump's performance as US president" (October 20, 2017 video article) 

Washington Post - DISINFO piece on Trump
Notice how, in the above video, President Trump EXPOSES the GROTESQUE WINDFALL, of the Health insurance providers, as a DIRECT result of Obamacare.  And then the Washington Post reporter, focuses the viewer, NOT on "the STOCKS" - but on "LOSSES".  And so the obvious question, for the DISCERNING viewer, is, "HOW can the INSURANCE companies be LOSING money - as their STOCK prices go throught the ROOF!" - "WHY would the INVESTORS, INVEST, MORE! - in a company that is losing so much MONEY?" - unless there is a LOT MORE, to the "LOSSES", that the Washington Post IS holding back, DELIBERATELY, from the viewers - like "INCREDIBLE PROFITS FOR THE ILLUMINATI SHAREHOLDERS"... for starters. (October 18, 2017 story)    
HERE is "the Real Donald TRUMP" that the MEDIA, is keeping "WELL-HIDDEN!" - from, the rest of the WORLD.

January 26, 2018 video - CNBC interview with Trump
Keep in mind that this interview took place after almost every MSM news site
discredited themselves as they ran "BLATANT FAKE NEWS" stories
that were aimed at getting everyone to question Trump's mental health.
Here is an unpacking of some of the basic terms and acronmyms that are used in the above interview:
DAVOS:  The name of the Swiss town where the 2018 World Economic Forum was held - and that was a meeting of globalists and elitists.
GDPGross Domestic Product - a monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced by a country in a period (quarterly or yearly) of time.  In this interview, the percentage of growth of the GDP in each 3 month period or "quarter", is mentioned many times.
CEOChief Executive Officer - the highest-ranking person in a company
"The Democrat":  a.k.a. Hillary Clinton - the defeated Democrat who ran against Trump, in the presidential election.
The individual mandateA key provision of Obamacare that requires most individuals to purchase health insurance coverage or pay a penalty.
ANWR:  Refers to the opening of a section of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for the purpose of oil exploration (- located at the north east corner of Alaska). 
BilateralHaving or relating to two sides; affecting both sides - involving two parties, usually countries.
TPP: The Trans-Pacific Partnership - a trade agreement between 11 countries.  Trump kept his election promise to withdraw the United States from the TPP.
NAFTA:  The North American Free Trade Agreement - between Canada, the US and Mexico.
Trade deficitThe dollar amount by which a country's imports exceeds the value of its exports.
The shutdownA brief January 2018 government shutdown occured when a majority of Democrats, who are opposed to Trump, defiantly refused to pass legislation that would fund government operations and agencies - because of their primary loyalty to their illuminati handlers; and not to the citizens of the country.
DACA:  The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA - wikipedia) was an American immigration policy that allowed some individuals who entered the country as minors, and had either entered or remained in the country illegally, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit. As of 2017, approximately 800,000 individuals were enrolled in the program created by DACA. The policy was established by Obama through executive order in June 2012 and rescinded by the Trump Administration in September. 2017.
"The dreamers"A group of young individuals from one of 24 countries who qualify for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act.
Executive order: A directive issued by the President of the United States that has the force of law.
"The skills gap":  The gap between what employers want or need their employees to be able to do, and what those employees can actually do when they walk into work.
Reciprocal:  Describes a relationship in which two groups agree to do something similar for each other, to allow each other to have the same rights.
Free trade:  International trade left to its natural course without tariffs (import taxes), quotas, or other restrictions.
MS-13:  A criminal gang that whose members are mostly from El Salvador - characterised by tattoos covering the body - notorious for their violence and a moral code that is based on merciless retribution.
"Paul Ryan": The 54th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives - since October 29, 2015 - he was installed during Obama's reign as US president - and literally STOOD with Obama.

The underhandedness of the illuminati EXPOSED!

It has come to our ATTENTION, that U.S. President Donald TRUMP - IS in fact GUILTY of having an affair, WITH the porn actress, "Stormy Daniels" - or SO she calls herself.  AS she is only being USED as a puppet, against the President at THIS time - while HE is 'WORKING, to MEND, the COUNTRY of the United States of America' - by BRINGING in more JOBS - by CLOSING, the door, to ILLEGAL immigrants - he is actually PRESERVING, the PATRIOTISM, OF the United States as he TRULY DOES seek to "make AMERICA Great again!"

But the UNDERHANDEDNESS [- the "puppets"] of the ILLUMINATI - ARE in the process, of working - AGAINST him, and HIS goals - for restoring AMERICA.  And we say "UNDERHANDEDNESS", because THEY have "PUPPETS", working FOR them - within the media establishment, AND within the white house!  They have"INFORMANTS" - and there are 'SO many leaks!' - that the US PRESIDENT, LITERALLY, has VERY FEW PEOPLE, that, are "trustworthy" - who are SHARING the same goals, as HE is - who TRULY DESIRE! - to END! - the JOB-draining EFFORTS, of the ILLUMINATI - and to END 'the TYRANNY, of global government CONTROL, OVER, the United States of AMERICA'.

The President of the UNITED States of AMERICA is 'taking a STAND' - for AMERICA - as he DOES seek,"SOVEREIGNTY".  But, the ILLUMINATI, want "AMERICA" - to SIMPLY, become 'ONE, of the MANY! - COUNTRIES, OUT there, under their control' - UNDER 'the GUISE, of a DEMOCRATIC process' - they SEEK, to INFILTRATE! - "Democracy" - or "the VOICE of the PEOPLE" - by SNUFFING-OUT, in as much as they POSSIBLY can! - the U.S. PRESIDENT himself - as they CONTINUALLY, use the MEDIA, to 'SMEAR, his character' - and 'his CAPABILITIES of running, the COUNTRY'. 
The Truth IS, that the Most High True God's Heavy HAND, is "on, U.S. President Donald TRUMP" - to bring "REAL change" - to AMERICA; NOT 'the change, that OBAMA, FALSELY promised, the people'.  OBAMA? - brought MISERY, and a TERRIBLE economic depression, WITH him. And he caused MORE problems during his PRESIDENCY than he solved.  And SO did his predecessors.  And NEVER before, in all of HISTORY, has the MEDIA establishment, 'GONE after', and 'SOUGHT to DESTROY!' - the REPUTATION, of the PRESIDENT of the United STATES.  These are "dark TIMES", indeed! 
But the AMERICAN PEOPLE, NEED to be "informed" - that the Most High TRUE God has chosen, U.S. President Donald Trump - as 'HIS show of Mercy'.  And, the FACT REMAINS that U.S. President Donald Trump is "HERE to STAY" - he IS "the President of the United States" - and as LONG as the Most High TRUE God decides to UPHOLD HIM? - he will BE "upheld!"  
The ILLUMINATI - their ONE goal - "the SHADOW government" - their ONE goal - is to DESTROY, America, from within - destroy, 'the LIVES, of the INNOCENT - of the UNBORN - in the WOMBS, of their MOTHERS' - and to SACRIFICE - 'THOUSANDS!' - of soldiers, OVERSEAS - FOR 'the sake of THEIR agenda'.  The American people need to be INFORMED, that the ONLY wars going ON - are  'the ONES that the CIA, MI6, and CSIS, and the OTHER various letter-named agencies, are CREATING' - to create "a CULTURE, and ENVIRONMENT, of FEAR!" - so that THEY fear - the ILLUMINATI! 
But ALL those who choose to side WITH 'U.S. President Donald Trump' - in his PLANS to restore America - AND to BUILD "the wall" - to prevent, the ILLEGAL aliens from entering, and STEALING American jobs - WILL be upheld - by the CREATOR.  U.S. President Donald Trump is under the Heavenly Witness Protection Program - and ANY 'attempts', to take HIM on - or to try to POISON him - or to try to have him REMOVED by "a COUP" - will be taken, "PERSONALLY", by the Creator of the Universe - and "his assailants" will be 'DEALT! - with - MIGHTILY!' - as 'OUR assailants', are 'dealt with'.

The Most High TRUE God is inviting President Donald TRUMP, to REPENT, of his "ADULTEROUS ENCOUNTER, with STORMY DANIELS" - and to come CLEAN - before his CREATOR - about, his sins - and to seek FORGIVENESS.  The Most High TRUE God, wants PRESIDENT Donald Trump to know that he cannot 'STAND', against the shadow government, and the illuminati, WITHOUT His Help - and that the Most High TRUE God IS "ready to intervene" - in order to HELP Donald Trump, in "his time of NEED".  ALL that the Most High True God asks? - is for REPENTANCE. NOT "an admission of guilt, before the GUILTY!" - for ALL the politicians, are "CORRUPT! - to the core" - BUT simply, "SINCERE heartfelt repentance".

And the Most High TRUE God - WILL, in fact, 'PUNISH! - SEVERELY - all THOSE, who HAVE, BLATANTLY, attempted, to DESTROY President Donald Trump's character, AND competency, before the nations' - INCLUDING "Stormy Daniels".  For "the WRATH of the Most High TRUE God", is BIGGER, and STRONGER, than ANY! - of "jezzie's wrath". (April 30, 2018 update)

In the above Message, "They have INFORMANTS and there are SO many leaks!".  And the next day, on May 1, 2018, headlines around the world, were focused on the new leaks.  Trump: Leak of Mueller's Russia questions 'disgraceful' (May 01, 2018 story)    
Derrick is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


Word Count: 5000+

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
TestimonyOfThe2 is the Primary YouTube Video Channel for "TestimonyOf".
Any attempts made, to take either of our video Channels down, IS, "an act, of RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION and
DISCRIMINATION" - because WHAT we BELIEVE, is very DIFFERENT, and UNIQUE- from what OTHERS believe.
This IS! - "a new branch, of Christianity", and we have EVERY right! - to practice our Faith. As EACH! - individual on
the PLANET - HAS, been GIVEN, "FREEDOM of religion"and "FREEDOM to practice, WHATEVER faith they choose".
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Faithful Remnant video Playlists, that testify to the Truths in the Testimony and to what
Jesus Christ the Lord has done in the lives of each Member of the Faithful Remnant. 
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