The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.25 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
“Therefore, knowing the fear of the Lord, we persuade men; but what we are is known to God, and I hope it is known also to your conscience.”

Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“Mankind must be scourged for what they have done; for what they have done to innocent children in the womb of their mothers; for what they have done in denying the sacredness of marriage and allowing anyone to marry anyone.  Soon the beasts will be marrying humans - it is not far from this, for what they have done by murdering the consciences of millions of schoolchildren.”

Ernesto is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“I do not desire that anyone should perish, My children, but perish they will, because it is ‘the fruit of’ their own choices.  Most people do have well-informed consciences.  And how are they informed?  Because My Commandments are Written on each and every single person’s heart – which in this case, I am allegorically referring to the soul.  So the punishment for sin is Death – not only physical death, but Eternal Death.  If the World wants to choose sin as ‘a way of life’, and do ‘everything under the Sun’ to offend Me, then I simply respect their free-will choices for I force My Will on no one.  I do not force them to choose because they are already choosing the way of life they want to continue living.  Homosexuality, sodomy, beastiality, and pornography - These are the four things which I abhor the most.  They are even worse than abortion, because the soul is being destroyed through sin.”
Derrick is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And he quotes the ABOVE Message in this video

“These are My Elect: they do what the Holy Spirit tells them to; they honor My Commandments from the heart; and they listen to that interior voice which tells them the difference between right and wrong; not only that, but they listen to this voice, in their consciences; and they heed words of wisdom; and do not mock filial instruction.  These are My Elect, and these are My Chosen Ones.  How easy it will be, for you to tell the difference, between those who are among them, and those who are not.  The chasm is getting wider, the chaff is being separated from the wheat. You will begin to see more and more of this unfold, as peoples’ choices become evident to the both of you.” 
“The souls of the wicked – within those churches, have already passed a sentence, upon themselves: by refusing to live by My Commandments; and instead, choosing to live a double life.  Now the priests have led the people astray; but people are still responsible for their own choices: they have a conscience; they know when they are being fed good food, and when they are being fed bad.  It is the food of goats, that is poisoning, the children, in the churches – poisoning them against Me, and for ‘the regime of the antichrist’ to come.  The watered-down sermons, are simply useless, in instructing My Faithful to obey My Commandments, and to live Godly and Saintly lives.  So much damage has been done – it is irreparable.  The Judgement has been passed; ‘the Schism’, has begun.  No one can stop it.  Those who love good food: should flee the taste of the bad.”
“When bombarded by so much falsehood, there is little room for the true Holy Spirit to move, within souls.  So He is stifled there, a prisoner, in their own consciences.  For is not the conscience, My voice, My children?  Telling people the difference between what is right and what is wrong?  But so few have one these days, they prefer to be told what is right and what is wrong, by external sources, such as the media or mainstream news.  Their ‘truth’, is in what they see, but cannot perceive - their truth, lies in the television.  Those who choose to snuff-out the ‘Voicebox of Truth’, in their minds and hearts, to prefer the ‘voicebox of the enemy’, are on the wrong team - have chosen the wrong allegiance.”
“In short with every ailment and physical problem, there is a sin that is attached to it.  So I ask My people, to turn to the True Holy Spirit, to bring to the light of their conscience, the sin, that they allowed to come in to their lives, in order for them to be physically harmed.  The True Holy Spirit, will reveal to you; how you are, to repent of the sin and turn to Me, in order to be healed.  I know My Faithful Remnant Church is suffering, and I want to offer them ‘a way out’ to give them a cross that they can carry – with cheerfulness.  I desire that no one be sick, or injured or dying; but these are all consequences of sin.  So repent My people, that you may saved in The Hour of Trial that is coming upon the World – both physically and spiritually; so that your joy may be full; in the True Holy Spirit.”
“And what has become, of young people My children?  But they, have been ‘shaped and formed’, without listening, to their conscience.  Their minds have been formed, in the darkness – wearing night time clothes, during the day, all dressed in black from head to toe, showing as much flesh as possible – to the public.  ‘Education’ in truth My children, has become ‘a sham’ to them… it has become all, about the partying, and the social atmosphere.  They are in ‘a bad state’ My children…  I, have visited many, of the college campuses and Universities in the World My children – all at once.  And I can tell you that these places, have become ‘havens’, for young people, to practice ‘all types of immorality’.  The professors and the teachers are paid, to teach what they are told to teach – no matter how immoral or degrading it may be for them, and the students.  I tell you the teachers have ‘a heavy price to pay’, for not ‘walking out’ when they should have.  Immorality starts with the home, and is not addressed at any churches any more.  And so people ‘grow up’ to be tolerant – of their sins and their neighbors, of their fellow students’ choices.  They learn nothing but tolerance from all those around them.  And love is scarce.  But! – in all of this, they still have a conscience.  They know – innately: what is good, for them, and what is bad.  They know ‘drinking too much’ is bad.  They know ‘partying’ is ‘not good for themselves’ – either.  They know that ‘engaging in all sorts of immorality, and ‘degrading sports and games’, are wrong for them as well.  So in short, My children, young people, have no excuse before Me whatsoever and My Testimony applies to them, as well.  They believe: they can ‘brush off My voice’ in their conscience, because ‘I will always love them’; or ‘the higher power, will not interfere, with their choices’; or, ‘no one can see, what is going on’ and ‘they are accountable – to no one’.  But I see it all My children.  And young people are in – for ‘a rude Awakening’ at their Warning Experience.  The ‘best thing’ they can do  for themselves now, is quit school, quit the partying, quit the drinking, and quit ‘all immorality’, and start listening, to My voice speaking – in their conscience.”
“Now the Spirit has fled the churches – that is The True, Holy Spirit.  Why?  Because the people would rather: embrace, the demonic spirit of Jezebel, and affirmation of each other; rather than My True Holy Spirit, who would ‘convict their hearts’, so that their consciences could work. But alas!  What you witnessed today, at church, were people without any consciences, or any life within them.  As you read, in the reading, “People love darkness, rather, than light.”  It is how it was in My First Coming.  And it is how it is, in My Second Coming.”   
“And this is the secret to ‘true happiness’ in this life - to get through this coming turmoil: seek My Commandments; seek My Ways; seek the Life I offer - to all; shun all forms of wickedness; and repent in your heart, of all wrongdoing.  And then I will come to you.  And then I will reside in your soul.  And then – only then, will you find True Peace – not the peace as the World gives peace, but True Peace that can only come, from an awakened, and clear, conscience.”
“The institution, deceived the people – over several centuries, to believe that they are all “good, holy and saved”.  I tell you now My children those “good holy and saved” people, are not here with Me; nor are they in Purgatory.   Because while: they heard the lies being preached by their ministers - they knew ‘full well’ what they were being told: was wrong; and was against a ‘well informed conscience’.”
“It is better to have ‘a clear conscience before your Maker, than to seek: for ‘physical healings’, or ‘spiritual highs’.  I am here to tell you, My People, that there are no ‘plateaus, in the spiritual life’; but what God requires, you will giveOr, you will, ‘receive His Discipline’.   You all have been ‘very naughty children’.” 
The Commandments of the Lord, are pure and simple – rejoicing the upright, of heart.  But they are ‘a burden and a weight’ – upon those who ‘stubbornly walk opposed – to them’!  And hail was sent down – from Heaven, weighing ‘a hundred weight’.  And the hail, fell – upon the men of the Earth.  “So great was the hail” - this is ‘allegory’: for ‘the heavy weight’, that is now coming upon ‘peoples’ conscience.” 
“I did ‘a thorough examination’ of my own conscience – before the Lord; and I recognized ‘my own sinfulness’,and wretchedness.”


Have you been CONTENDING with your Creator?

This is especially for those who are responding to Divine DISCIPLINE, with ONLY... "words of gratitude"? - while REFUSING to change.

Thanking your Creator for giving you "JUST consequences" and "PHYSICAL chastisements", is not a SIGN, of 'TRUE spiritual sanity'.  It would be MUCH better if you chose to simply 'CHANGE, your HEART' - and invite your CREATOR to re-CREATE you.  Because, SOMEHOW, you HARDENED your HEART against Him...  And so HOW are you 'CONTENDING with Him' in your INTERIOR life?  Search your CONSCIENCE.  This is not "ENTERTAINMENT".  This is, VERY SERIOUS!  And if ALL of the TESTS [- referring to "medical tests"], came back "NEGATIVE"? - then THAT is a SIGN to YOU that 'the PROBLEM is SPIRITUAL'. (August 19, 2017 update) 

How can a Member of the Faithful Remnant EASILY discern the True Holy Spirit 'Speaking' - through infused Knowledge - in their CONSCIENCE?
And YES the MORE you choose to work 'WITH the True Holy Spirit' and 'the UNCOMFORTABLE Revelations that are REVEALED' - then, the LIGHTER, your Cross will become.  How is that POSSIBLE? - because it takes 'a LOT! - of WASTED time, energy and COMMITMENT' - to try to DECEIVE, others AND yourself.  And it ACTUALLY is a lot HARDER, 'trying to be SOMEBODY that you are NOT!' - than simply choosing to BE, 'the person your CREATOR, MADE you to be'.  You have NO one to "impress"; and NO one's approval to seek; BUT! - the Most High True GOD.  You are called to walk 'ACCORDING to your Conscience'. And your CONSCIENCE isn't going to TELL you, "Good JOB you've done ENOUGH!"  Your CONSCIENCE is going to CONVICT you of 'what STILL needs to be FIXED'.  Your CONSCIENCE, is going to INFORM you in the MOMENT, 'WHERE, you are WRONG', 'HOW you are wrong', and 'WHAT the TRUTH is' - if YOU are SINCERELY seeking.  And what you need to RECOGNIZE is 'the Most High TRUE God's Ways' - are, 'ABOVE your own ways' - as He can see SO much further than YOU can; and TRULY He HAS, 'your entire LIFE, mapped OUT' - and ALL you have to DO, is FOLLOW, His DIRECTION.  But it takes 'HUMILITY', to DO so - because the ENEMY, CONTINUALLY sends 'DISTRACTIONS' - to try, to DERAIL theRemnant, on "DETOURS, in their SPIRITUAL life".  And so we ENCOURAGE you, to 'DEAL', WITH, the problem, as SOON as it's brought to your attention - no MATTER how UNCOMFORTABLE, it is to hear.  Because YOU'RE called, to be "a TRUE Prophet" - and if YOU 'can't HANDLE', uncomfortable REVELATIONS? - then, how CAN you? - fulfill your VOCATION?  So WE suggest that you PRAY, for the GRACE, to 'LOVE', EVERY Revelation, from the True Holy Spirit - and to LOVE, "uncomfortable TRUTH"; and to REJECT your desire, to take OFFENSE, at the Truth; and INSTEAD, CHOOSE - to be 'EAGER, and LONGING, to hear the Truth'. (August 21, 2017 update)

What does it mean to be in "the state of mortal sin"? - is that like CALIFORNIA?

Your CONSCIENCE, is dead!  AND you don't care!  And that means that you are "IN the state of mortal sin".  BECAUSE! - you ONLY desire to feed your INTELLECT; your SOUL, is "VERY malnourished" - to the point of spiritual death.  Because you're TRYING to LIVE! - THROUGH your intellect - that is ONLY 'APART, from the True Holy Spirit'.  You 'CRAVE' propaganda! - AND "vain knowledge" - and it IS going to be "the END!" - OF you - if you DON'T stop! - and HUMBLE, yourself.  TURN to your CREATOR, for "FOOD for the SOUL"  The TESTIMONY is "food for the SOUL".  And your DEMONS 'HATE it'! - as ALL demons do.   But HOW are you going to use 'your free will'? - to change. Does "a DEAD conscience", even 'BOTHER, to DESIRE to change'?
As for your SPIRITUAL, wellbeing - you SIMPLY need, to ALWAYS! - choose, to BE "in a STATE of Grace" - and DON'T 'TOLERATE', the FLOOD of demons, and the FLOOD of thoughts.  YOU choose! - what you want to FOCUS ON, and what you want to THINK about!  But, you NEED, 'the True Holy SPIRIT', in EVERY moment, to GET THROUGH this life! - and KEEP your SOUL!   So ANY 'IDEA', of "going it ALONE", in your INTERIOR life, is "the RECIPE for DISASTER"!  We were all MADE to be DEPENDENT on the Most High TRUE God - to TRY! - to be "independent from Him", ONLY leads to ruin! 
(The Antidote to the tendency to live in 'the state of mortal sin'...)  So reject 'your DESIRE', to LIVE "independently, from your CREATOR".  And, ASK for the Grace, to DESIRE, to ALWAYS be, 'DEPENDENT on Him for EVERYTHING!'  For WHATEVER you NEED - simply ask!  And, He will GIVE it to you! - if it is "GOOD for you".  (September 05, 2017 update)
Note:  And the Most High True God will GIVE to California! - what is "GOOD for California".  Because California, as a WHOLE, has been "letting DOWN" the Most High True God, for a VERY long time!

Do you have "the CONVICTION of TRUTH" in your CONSCIENCE?

The fact IS, 'TRUSTING' the Most High True God is VITAL - to having, a REAL relationship WITH Him. And OFTENTIMES, He will TEST you - to SEE 'how much you trust Him'.  Do you THINK it was 'EASY', for ABRAHAM, to leave everything behind? - and FOLLOW after the Most High True GOD? - whom he couldn't SEE?  But all he HAD, was the CONVICTION, of TRUTH! - in his CONSCIENCE. And that is REALLY 'all you NEED', in order to KNOW, 'WHERE your Creator is calling you'(December 13, 2017 update) 

Have you been choosing to live for your Creator?

What you need to RECOGNIZE, is that your "CONSCIENCE", is CONVICTING you, of the TRUTH! - that you have, been SUPPRESSING.  And so HERE is some COUNSEL, that you NEED to apply, in ORDER, to live for your CREATOR.  What you NEED to do, is stop "living for YOURSELF", and stop "LOOKING, at the TESTIMONY, as something that is 'of service to YOU' - so you can have an easier LIFE" - while you CONTINUE embracing, 'the same SINS', and 'the same evil SPIRITS'.   But the TESTIMONY, is 'the PATH, to SALVATION'.  And you are CALLED, to live for your CREATOR - and, to SEEK to do things for HIM; NOT for YOURSELF.   You NEED the Testimony, in order to KNOW, 'His Will' - and in ORDER to break AWAY, from 'your old IDENTITY'; but "to what END?"  It is so that YOU! - can become PLEASING, in the Eyes of the Most High TRUE God; and it is so that you can serve HIM!  But "jezzie", WANTS to be served!  And THAT'S what you STRUGGLE with.  You need to REJECT your desire to be governed by your FEELINGS; and ASK for the Grace to be GOVERNED by the TRUE Holy Spirit, instead.  And this TAKES, "self-DENIAL", "self-SACRIFICE", and "self-DISCIPLINE" - if you TRULY, desire to be, 'His DISCIPLE'. (December 19, 2017 update) 


We can SEE, that the TRUE Holy Spirit, is 'CONVICTING your CONSCIENCE' - in the MANY parts of your life, where you chose to LIVE for YOURSELF, and for your OWN sense of achievement.  And  you are coming to UNDERSTAND, that 'THAT' is "a very UNFULFILLING life", INDEED! - but that YOU were in fact "MADE, to be FULFILLED, by your CREATOR" - and in so DOING, carry out 'HIS Divine Will, and Plan'.  Because 'the SPIRIT of the WORLD', ONLY focuses, on "GRATIFYING, the IMMEDIATE carnal desires"; but the spirit of the WORLD, will NOT point you, to 'what YOU need, in order to nourish your SOUL, with TRUTH!' (December 24, 2017 update) 

Derrick is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Do you STILL have 'a VERY strong desire, to be in CONTROL of your LIFE'?

You STILL have 'a VERY strong desire, to be in CONTROL of your LIFE' - as YOU make the calculations! - and decide, what YOU'RE going to do WHEN.   But that's "ANOTHER way to play GOD!"  And you are called to live in the MOMENT - relying on the TRUE Holy Spirit, to LEAD you, through EACH day - not KNOWING, "what the next day HOLDS".  And when you choose to LIVE that way, the Most High TRUE God, can SHOW you, "MANY THINGS", that OTHERWISE, you WOULD have missed OUT on - had YOU been "in control of your day".  PRAY for the Grace to DESIRE, to LISTEN, to the promptings of the True Holy Spirit, in your Conscience.  (December 28, 2017 update) 

Have you been choosing to focus on your SINS, all DAY?
WHERE does it say in the Testimony, that the Most High TRUE God, is CALLING you, to focus on your SINS, ALL day? - and be MINDFUL of them?  Yet you are CALLED, to 'break FREE!' - from them - not 'SETTLE for simply being a SINNER' - and have the ATTITUDE, of, "OH well! - JESUS understands - I'M a sinner! - I'M not perfect".  But you are CALLED, to LOVE your Creator PERFECTLY - by DOING what He is ASKING of you - and THAT is 'giving UP, the demons - and SIN' - and ALL those THINGS, that OFFEND Him - and CHOOSING, INSTEAD, to "live FOR Him".  But, YOU are still IN the MENTALITY, of, "what your Creator can do for YOU" - in order to 'EASE', the suffering, in your LIFE; and in ORDER, to help YOU! - cope - with your struggles. But THAT is only 'PART, of the CALL'.  The OTHER half - is, 'how are YOU', going to choose to live for HIM? - and choose to be SELFLESS? - and, be CONCERNED, about 'HIS interests'.  And, we can GUARANTEE you, that Jesus Christ the LORD, is 'not INTERESTED in your SINS!' - HE is only INTERESTED in helping you OUT of them - so that you can be 'FREE!' - to WORSHIP Him! - in TRUTH, love, AND sincerity.   What YOU need to do, is ASK the Most High TRUE God, to 'RESTORE, your SALTINESS' - because, you've LOST, "the SALTINESS, in YOURSELF" - and without THAT? - you have lost 'your FLAVOR' - and that is 'the SPIRITUAL flavor - that ONLY the Creator can give.  And WITHOUT it? - you CAN'T grow - SPIRITUALLY.  You WANT to do EVERYTHING, "according to the LETTER of the LAW" - and in THAT WAY "YOU are in control".  But that's EXACTLY what the Pharisees did - as they chose to crucify "the HEART of the Law".  Why do you desire 'to BE like the PHARISEES' and CLING to "the letter of the LAW"?  And the answer IS! - because YOU want to be "in control of your life" - and you DON'T want 'a MALE, GOD' - "in control of your life" - TELLING you "what to do" - UNLESS of course - it is "an evil SPIRIT DISGUISED as jesus", being "an AHAB to you".  The Jesus SPEAKING to you, is actually 'the devil' - WHO will! - CONTINUALLY, THROW your sins, "IN your face!" - as you CRY over them! - as LONG as you DON'T, 'GIVE them up'!  He WILL in fact 'distract you with feelings' - AND "failings" - LONG enough - so that you, STOP doing "what it TAKES to grow spiritually".  You KNOW you're called, to DISCERN, and 'listen for INFUSED KNOWLEDGE, from the True Holy SPIRIT' - and not "VOICES".  BUT! - if you WANT to hear "a voice" - the DEVIL, is 'ALL, ready for you!' - but he is not "your FRIEND" - and only PRETENDS to be "your ahab"(January 06, 2018 update) 

When was the last time you asked your Creator to "turn up your CONSCIENCE a THOUSAND fold"?

The ONLY way, to help YOU, "SNAP out of!" - the FUNK! - you are in - as you share WITH us, all of the things that are tormenting YOU - is to ask the Most High TRUE God, to TURN up "YOUR Conscience", a THOUSAND fold! - so that, YOU! - will desire, to make REPARATION, for 'the SINS of your past' - that are UNREPENTED of.   Instead of "USING them as an excuse!" - to keep on SINNING! - and to keep, 'a wicked INTERIOR life'.  Because, THOSE are NOT 'your trophies'! - those are not ANY accomplishments, to be PROUD of.  Those, can ONLY be 'your MILLSTONES'.  And so it's TIME to 'start cutting the MILLSTONES'! (January 11, 2018 update) 

Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Yes, "you MUST OBEY", your well-informed CONSCIENCE!
The MOST High TRUE God will NEVER ask you 'to OBEY, ANYTHING, that is against your CONSCIENCE!' - if it is "well-INFORMED".  And He doesn't EXPECT "blind obedience"; HE expects you to be "a SENTIENT being" - that means, you have "free WILL" and you are "THINKING" - and YOU! - DESIRE! - to be "CONSCIOUS!" - of the choices, that you MAKE. (January 27, 2018 update) 

Who is RESPONSIBLE?- for the SALVATION of each Member of the Faithful Remnant?

PUT your Trust, in NO MAN - means, you CANNOT entrust, your SOUL! - to PEOPLE; BUT to the True Holy Spirit - moving THROUGH! - others, ONLY.  You STILL need to DISCERN, "inspirations", that COME to you - and that SURFACE in your INTERIOR life.  But ULTIMATELY, YOU are called, to take "FULL responsibility", for your CHOICES, and FOR, the SALVATION of your own SOUL.  Now, the PEOPLE, in the PEWS - at CHURCH? - have SLOUGHED off their CONSCIENCE, on, their PASTORS! - entrusting, their Souls, TO their pastors - without ANY! - desire, to WORK on 'their SALVATION' - because in their OWN minds? - they're "ALREADY saved!" - THEY'RE "part of the SAVED club!"  And ALL they have to DO? - is TOLERATE what their pastor SAYS - and 'COAST', into the KINGDOM of Heaven - because, "THEY paid! - to get in! - they PAID their ADMISSION fee".  But no - each INDIVIDUAL, in the Faithful Remnant, is "RESPONSIBLE, for nourishing their SOULS" - and for making "good CHOICES", in ACCORDANCE with their Conscience. THEY are "RESPONSIBLE, for, keeping their LAMPS lit".  THEY are responsible! - if they CHOOSE to 'let their INTERIOR lives SLIDE'(January 29, 2018 update) 

Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
People, 'HATE! - the Testimony' - because it IS "their Conscience!" - that they do, so DESPERATELY, 'try, to SUPPRESS, and SNUFF OUT, at ALL costs!"  WHO? - wants to SEE themselves, through the Eyes, of their CREATOR?  WHO, wants to ACKNOWLEDGE, 'their SINFULNESS' - before His HOLINESS?  WHO wants to see 'the DIRT! - in their INTERIOR lives? - next to His most BRILLIANT Light?'  THAT is why 'TRUE HUMILITY', is ABSOLUTELY necessary - in ORDER, to WALK, "the narrow Path".  The True HUMILITY - that, is the GRACE, to RECEIVE, 'the HUMBLING Truth' - that YOU, are "NOTHING! - apart from your Creator"; and that HE made YOU to serve HIM! - by 'serving the TRUTH, to others'. (January 29, 2018 update) 
Mona is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

How can each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT 'overcome the WORLD'?

What you need to FOCUS on, is RESOLVING, to LIVE 'the Kingdom of HEAVEN', IN your heart!  For what you are EXPERIENCING IS, 'the BURDEN, of the WORLD, on your SHOULDERS'.  But YOU are not CALLED, to CARRY, "the BURDENS, of the DEMONS".  And the DEMONS are "burdened" by the TRUE Holy Spirit - by the CONSCIENCE - by the TESTIMONY.  And so, you need to 'SEPARATE yourself, from THEM'.  And you NEED to, 'DESIRE', to BE, 'the NEW Creation' - that your CREATOR, can SEE!  You need to 'ASK for GRACES' - Daily!  And ESPECIALLY 'when TEMPTATION comes'There is ALWAYS, 'an escape, PROVIDED, by the Most High TRUE God' - because He will NEVER 'allow you to be TEMPTED beyond your strength'But the question IS? - will you TURN to Him? - when you feel "WEAK"? - when you are "TIRED"? - and when it SEEMS that, 'the waves of DEMONS, are OVERPOWERING you'?  Because, if you HAVE, 'FAITH, the SIZE of a MUSTARD seed' - and, you ASK the Most High TRUE God to 'REMOVE, the demons' - then He WILL!  You NEED to get to the POINT in your SPIRITUAL journey - where you resolve, to 'ALWAYS!- carry the TRUE Holy Spirit in your heart'.  And when you DO this, there is no 'ROOM', for 'DEMONIC afflictions', and 'DEMONS'BUT, you HAVE to fight! - to KEEP the True Holy Spirit, 'RESIDING in your SOUL' - as SO many THINGS! - are "OFFENSIVE", to the Most High True God.  And if you 'ENTERTAIN' those things that OFFEND Him? - then, His Spirit LEAVES!  WHY did He LEAVE? - the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION? - but BECAUSE, they chose 'their SINS'; they chose 'to HIDE behind the excuse, that "they're only HUMAN"!'  But the Most High TRUE God, is asking 'each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - to rise ABOVE 'their fallen HUMANITY' - and 'their fallen NATURE' - and 'DESIRE, to SOLELY! - partake in HIS! - Divine Nature'.  Because Jesus Christ the LORD, overcame DEATH, sin, and DESTRUCTION.  And so the ONLY way that each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, can 'overcome the WORLD'? - is by 'HUMBLY,
SEEKING, to be UNITED, TO their Creator' And they can only DO so - THROUGH His True Holy Spirit(March 16, 2018 update) 

Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
In this video he shares an excerpt from the ABOVE Message

For those who DESIRE to RIDE on our COAT tails into 'a position of POWER' in the Era of PEACE.

'That DESIRE', IS! "a desire, to be EXCLUDED, from the Era of TRUE Peace".  Because 'the DEVIL!' - wants "a position of power" - as WELL!  And 'the DEMONS in the REMNANT' - want, to COME! - to the Era of PEACE - so they can 'wreak HAVOC'!  And SO? - this is "a WARNING"!  YOU need to 'SEPARATE yourself, from the DEMONS! - because, THEY are not WELCOME! - in the ERA, of PEACE!'  And THOSE who 'choose STUBBORNLY to hold on to their SINS, and demonic POWER'? - will NEVER, be PERMITTED to enter, the FULLNESS of the Era, of Peace. 

"He [- OR "she"; "the FAITHFUL"] who conquers [- as IN, "overcomes, SIN, death, and DESTRUCTION" - THROUGH Jesus Christ the Lord...]  shall have this heritage [- "the Era of True PEACE"], and I will be his God and he shall be my son [- OR "daughter"]. But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers [- those "filled with satanic power"], idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”
(Revelations 21:7-8) 
And so you MUST! - SEPARATE, 'YOURSELF', FROM, 'those THINGS' - from 'those EVILS'!  - OR - become "ONE WITH them" - and, receive your REWARD.  And SO? - we suggest that you 'EXAMINE, your Conscience' - because if YOU are 'EMBRACING, ANY of those evils'? - in your HEART! - then you need to REPENT! - and ASK for 'the corresponding GRACES', and "GOOD desires" - to 'FILL, the void'. (March 17, 2018 update) 
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
In this video he shares an excerpt from the ABOVE Message

Since finding the Testimony of your Creator, have you ever experienced "a state of being OVERWHELMED"?

Now what YOU call, "being OVERWHELMED" - MOST of the TIME? - is actually your CONSCIENCE convicting you, of what you need to CHANGE!   The MORE you resist 'CHANGING'? - the more the DEMONS 'change you', from WITHIN. YOU need to decide if YOU, want, to be "a TRUE Follower, of Jesus Christ the Lord" - or? - if you want to 'join the WORLD', in their excuses, for 'NOT doing', what the Most High True God, has DEMANDED of them - from since, the beginning. (March 20, 2018 update) 

Are you going to follow your OWN will? - OR, are you going to listen to your Conscience?

You NEED to listen to your CONSCIENCE!   WE, are NOT, "your CONSCIENCE".  And OFTENTIMES, your Conscience will TELL you 'things, that are VERY! - uncomfortable' - and that go AGAINST! - the DESIRE, to have 'your own PLANS and own AMBITION, for your LIFE'.  But, the TRUE Holy Spirit will SHOW you, 'the Path, that you're CALLED to walk' - IF! - you are SEEKING itYou can EVEN turn, to Jesus Christ the LORD and ask Him to 'CLOSE, ALL! - other doors' - and ONLY, open 'the DOOR, to the Path HE is calling you to walk' - and in THAT way, it is 'narrowed DOWN'.  TURN to Jesus Christ the Lord as 'the Perfect Example', of how to OVERCOME temptation - for HE! - resisted the devil - when even HE was tempted!  HOW? - by speaking the TRUTH - and CHOOSING, to WORSHIP His Heavenly Father - by 'RESISTING the devil' - and 'TURNING! - to God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, for STRENGTH'!  Remember? - the "Our FATHER, PRAYER"? - deliver us from EVIL - lead us not INTO TEMPTATION?  THAT is the prayer - ASKING, your Creator, to KEEP 'temptation' AWAY from you.  And so WHY NOT use 'THAT approach' to your SPIRITUAL life?  ASK, your CREATOR, to REMOVE, ALL occasions of sin, and TEMPTATION - when they COME; and to FILL you with 'HEAVENLY Graces INSTEAD'.  YOU need to stay 'FILLED'! - with Heavenly Graces; and this DOESN'T mean you "think HIGHLY of yourself" - it SIMPLY means that, you DESIRE, to be 'FILLED, with the Divine WILL of your CREATOR'.  Because 'GRACES', ARE "help, from HEAVEN" - to DO, the Most High TRUE God's WILL.  And EVERYONE OUTSIDE 'the Ark of Safety', is OUTSIDE the Grace of the Most High TRUE God - seeking, to do 'their OWN will', and REAPING 'the fruits, of that choice'. And so, you must CHOOSE!  We CANNOT choose FOR you. (May 12, 2018 update) 

Important question: But what happens if someone says that they followed their conscience and had an abortion? - or if they say that they followed their conscience and aborted the Testimony of the Two Witnesses?  Does that mean, that they are... "BLAMELESS"?

In the SIGHT of their CREATOR? - the One who MADE THEM? - they are not "BLAMELESS" - because EVERYONE HAS the 10 COMMANDMENTS WRITTEN on their HEARTS.  And EVERY, woman, KNOWS - BEFORE! - she commits, the act of abortion, or consents, to the act of abortion - that INDEED! - there is "a LIFE, within her" - that she is seeking to TERMINATE in ORDER to save her own.

"Then Jesus told his disciples, “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? Or what shall a man give in return for his life?" (Matthew 16:24-26) 

Lilly is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And THIS is ONE reason WHY Jesus Christ the LORD, said, that THOSE who try to SAVE their lives, will LOSE them - and those who LOSE their lives, in THIS world, will SAVE them! - BECAUSE, He was FORESEEING, the GREED, and the SELFISHNESS, and the SLOTH, and ENTITLEMENT that would 'PLAGUE' mankind IN the End Times - that they, would BELIEVE, 'in their ARROGANCE', that they have, 'a RIGHT, to TERMINATE LIFE' - when it becomes "an INCONVENIENCE".  And JESUS Christ the Lord, has ALREADY revealed, that those who come to the TESTIMONY, KNOW! - that it TRULY IS! - the WORDS, FROM, their Creator - the ONE who Made them.  And when they CHOOSE! - "as a matter of CONSCIENCE" - in their INTERIOR lives, to "TERMINATE that life, from their BEING" - or to go AGAINST, the Testimony, in any WAY - then? - they are no DIFFERENT, than the WOMAN, who DENIES, that there is 'a LIFE', inside her WHEN, she consents to having an ABORTION. The TESTIMONY, brings 'LIFE' - SPIRITUAL life! - to all those, who TRULY! - desire, to have 'a CONNECTION, AND! - a LOVING "FRIENDSHIP", with their CREATOR - JUST as the first Adam and EVE DID, BEFORE the fall.  The TESTIMONY, IS 'the antidote', to mankind's SELFISHNESS, greed, SLOTH, and ENTITLEMENT! - their ENTITLEMENT to sin.  As LONG as mankind, SEES, that THEY, are 'entitled, to SIN against their CREATOR' - and that THEY, are 'entitled to be SAVED! - by Him' - after living "in opposition to His COMMANDMENTS, all their LIVES" - then HE is "entitled" - to DENY them, Salvation - when they come BEFORE Him - and He is ENTITLED, to "WRITE-off! - ALL of those, who have chosen to write HIM off".  And SO? - the WORLD, as a WHOLE, has "written-OFF, their Creator" - by their poor LIFESTYLE CHOICES, as they live 'OPPOSED, to Him' - THEREFORE, they are 'EXTREMELY hostile! - to His TRUE Holy Spirit'.  And the MEASURE they GIVE, will be the MEASURE they get BACK.  And the AMOUNT of HOSTILITY, that the world HAS SHOWN! - the TRUE Jesus! - the GOD of the Two WITNESSES - IS! - the amount of HOSTILITY, that "the TRUE Jesus", is going to show, the world - "AS a matter of conscience".  Because what people FORGET, is "Jesus Christ the LORD! - has a conscience as WELL".  And it would be "UNCONSCIONABLE, for Him, to TOLERATE - what, THIS world, has become - which is why, He sent 'the both of US', on HIS behalf - to CLOSE the age. (May 30, 2018 update) 

HOW do you OVERCOME 'the fear of OFFENDING Jesus Christ the Lord'

"Why do they [- your "formers"] hate you so much?..."  Because you EXPOSED, the TRUTH!   Whereas THEY, HID the Truth from themselves, and from others.  ALSO the fact, that 'the DEVIL', is fully POSSESSING them - so? - they hate YOU, because YOU are 'a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT'.  BUT, it IS really important, that you DON'T 'FOCUS', on "the HATRED, of the WORLD".  Of COURSE the world is going to hate you!  But YOU are CALLED, to FOCUS, on 'LOVING your Creator'! - and PURIFYING, and DOING, 'what HE is asking of you'.  It doesn't MATTER, what OTHER people think!  ALL that matters, is that YOU! - choose, to be "SPIRITUALLY sane" - AS, you worship, in TRUTH, and SINCERITY - Jesus Christ the LORD.  But you need to RECOGNIZE, that you are still CALLED, 'to FUNCTION, in society' - to, be SUBJECT, to the same LAWS, that EVERYONE outside the Ark is SUBJECT to.  You are CALLED, to LISTEN! - to your Conscience - and NOT be afraid - of ANYTHING! - except 'offending your CREATOR'.  But HOW, do you, OVERCOME, 'the fear of OFFENDING, Jesus Christ the Lord'?  But BY, CHOOSING, to PLEASE Him, in ALL that you do.  If you're NOT SEEKING, 'the Divine WILL of your CREATOR', then the DEMONS have you "on AUTOPILOT" - it's THAT simple!  Understand?  So SEEK His Will ALWAYS. (June 07, 2018 update) 

For those who are getting SEVERELY Disciplined because they are REFUSING to change

You're getting 'SEVERELY disciplined', by the Most High True GOD.  But, He is DOING it "out of LOVE, for your SOUL"!  - He is 'CASTING you DOWN, from your THRONE'.  The whole TESTIMONY, IS! - 'an act of Love' FROM the Most High True God; but "TRUE Love" - one that does not 'BOW TO' or 'CATER', to people's FEELINGS.  With over 200 hours of video TESTIMONIES, of "SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT", for YOU to be NOURISHED by - and over a MILLION words! - of COUNSEL, in the TESTIMONY - the FACT that, there is "no VISIBLE change" - means, that you're 'BLOCKING'! - the True Holy Spirit, from CHANGING you.  You are CALLED to LIVE "in accordance with your CONSCIENCE".  So then as LONG as you seek to be "AFFIRMED", then you CAN'T grow.  Because your CREATOR, did NOT CREATE you, in order to AFFIRM you, in all that you DO.  But YOU are called to serve HIM(July 28, 2018 update)   

Do you REALLY know the difference between your SMALL OFFENSES and your LARGER offenses?

It is VERY important, that the Members of the Faithful Remnant, 'WEIGH, their actions' - IN the Light of TRUTH.  But if EVERY, "SLIP or FALL" - is TREATED, with SEVERITY? - then HOW, are 'the more SERIOUS offenses', going to be WEIGHED?  If the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, CHOOSE, to give"a HEAVY weight", to "the SMALL neglects", and "the LITTLE mistakes" - and give 'ABSOLUTELY NOT care'! - for 'the LARGER neglects', and 'the BIGGER problems' - then THAT IS "the RECIPE, for spiritual INSANITY in the INTERIOR lives, of the Faithful Remnant".  For ALL of you must KNOW that 'your CREATOR' does not WEIGH, your SMALL, "OFFENSES" - with the same SEVERITY as your LARGER offenses.  And YOU are called, to LISTEN to your CONSCIENCE, INFORM you, of 'the DIFFERENCE, between RIGHT and wrong'.  The PROBLEM with "the SMALLER offenses" - if you don't 'SEEK to OVERCOME them' - then they LEAD to bigger ones.  And THAT'S why, it is IMPORTANT, to seek to OVERCOME, 'your WEAKNESSES' - your weaknesses to 'give-IN, to SIN'.  But you can only DO so - by turning, to the True Holy SPIRIT - for GUIDANCE, AND the Strength, to OVERCOME!  But if you START to treat, "your SMALL, SLIPS andFALLS" - like, 'BIG! - slips and falls'! - THAT in ITSELF is, "an offense, and an INSULT! - to your Creator".  And so, you ALL need to pray for 'the Grace of a Holy and Awake CONSCIENCE, TRUE Spiritual Discernment, and TRUE Spiritual VISION'.  And SO, it is IMPORTANT, that you each 'FORGIVE yourselves' - AS! - you walk, with the Most High True God - on THIS Spiritual Journey.  BECAUSE - HE does not "hold, a GRUDGE against you" - and YOU are NOT to hold "a GRUDGE" against each OTHER - OR! - against yourselves(August 26, 2018 update) 

For those who BELIEVE that it is "ENOUGH" to have simply FOUND the End Times Testimony of your Creator?

ONE of the main struggles, that YOU are having, is that YOU, have 'DECIDED'! - along your spiritual JOURNEY, that "it is ENOUGH! - for you to have FOUND! - the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord, in these End Times".  And, that "it is ENOUGH for you to READ IT - and to KNOW that it is True - and to KNOW what it says".  BUT! - you DON'T, like to DO, what it says!  NOR, to do, what the True Holy SPIRIT, is CALLING you to do - as you are "called to LIVE - CONTINUALLY, OUTSIDE your comfort zone".  When you're not READING the Testimony - we KNOW! - for a FACT! - that you SIMPLY 'settle BACK, into your old WAYS - or into your old HABITS' - because YOU have "lowered the BAR", for YOURSELF.  WHERE is the "Holy ZEAL" - for your CREATORIt's "NOT enough!" - to simply have FOUND the Testimony, and to have CHOSEN, to become 'a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant'.  WHAT if 'the APOSTLES' - had that attitude, when they saw JESUS?  What if 'their ATTITUDE', was, that they RECOGNIZED, that He spoke the TRUTH - and that He was "indeed the MESSIAH!" - but while they were journeying WITH Him, they were "just going to do their OWN thing", the WHOLE time - ESPECIALLY when He wasn't "right BESIDE them! - looking over their SHOULDER, at their DEEDS". WHAT if, the APOSTLES had 'the ATTITUDE', that they would SEEK, to hold on to their OLD lives - as MUCH as possible! - AND, seek 'to get AWAY with', as much COMFORT, as possible!  WHAT if they decided, that EVERYTHING, Jesus TOLD them, was 'TRUE' but, they would only "pick and CHOOSE", what they 'FELT like' following?  HISTORY, would have turned out much DIFFERENTLY, and NOT for the better.  But one APOSTLE, AMONG them - did in FACT, try 'ALL of that' - and his NAME was "judas".  And so? - EACH person, in the FAITHFUL Remnant, must DECIDE, if THEY are going to listen to their CONSCIENCE - even THOUGH, 'Jesus', isn't PHYSICALLY present, watching over their SHOULDER.  Or are they GOING to 'PRETEND', that He can't SEE? - like, the REST! - of the PEOPLE, outside the Faithful REMNANT - as they CLAIM, to BELIEVE, in GOD - yet they LIVE, as though GOD does not exist - and as though there are "no CONSEQUENCES", IN this LIFE OR the next - for 'THEIR, bad choices'REMEMBER! - there is no room for 'SELF', in the Kingdom of HEAVEN; but there is ROOM - for the Creator.  SO make ROOM for Him - in your HEARTS.  CLEAR-out, the MUCK.  And when He LOOKS, at your INTERIOR life? - DESIRE! - that your heart is "a PURE, DWELLING place, for HIM! - and ALL of Heaven"Did you KNOW, that ALL of HEAVEN, can DWELL, in your HEART?  But it DEPENDS on 'how much you EMPTY OUT', yourself, in THIS life.  And THAT will DETERMINE, 'how much you want to be FILLED', with the things of HEAVEN.  STOP dwelling on YOURSELF,  your FEELINGS, and desiring COMFORT - because THOSE are 'the things of the ENEMY'S kingdom' - and those are 'the things that everyone OUTSIDE the Ark, are FOCUSED on'.  Clinging to SELF, FEELINGS and COMFORT, are like 'clinging to judas' cloak'... best, to simply let go.  And choose "a BETTER Shepherd", to follow.  But can you RECEIVE that simple Truth, and apply it? - and LIVE IT, for the good of your SOUL?  We shall see.  Everyone is FREE to choose, "the path they prefer". (September 02, 2018 update) 

When you are TEMPTED to 'do GOOD' in order to obtain more social POWER, from that GOODNESS.

KNOW that ONE thing you need to STRIVE for, at this point in your SPIRITUAL journey - is, ONLY! - doing 'GOOD', and making 'good CHOICES'.  Because, it's "the right thing to DO, as an end in ITSELF".  NOT because, of ANY kind of "social POWER" - that you 'THINK', you can GAIN, from MAKING, "good decisions" - or from 'doing GOOD', for others.  Understand?  Because, 'the ENEMY'! - has been 'ROBBING you', of "the Blessed FRUITS", and 'spiritual REWARD', of simply 'CHOOSING, to be GOOD, and to give SELFLESSLY' - as "an end in ITSELF" - because, you HAVE, 'the ULTERIOR AGENDA, of deriving social POWER, from that GOODNESS' - and 'THAT'! - becomes "your reward".  Understand? (September 27, 2018 update)    

The illuminati billionaire so-called "philanthropists", have turned 'doing good for social POWER', into a demonic virtue.  Don't be like them.  For them it was always, "just a tax write-off".  So don't turn YOUR good works, into "a write-off".

Have YOU been remembering to LISTEN to your Conscience and LIVE?

AS "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT"? - YOU are called to be "a living TESTIMONY" - with 'the WORDS of your Creator', WRITTEN on your HEART - and on your MIND, and on your SOUL.  And, YOU are called! - to WITNESS - to "what the WORLD has BECOME" - by CHOOSING, "the BETTER portion"; by CHOOSING to 'go against the grain' - to GO against, "the wicked DESIRES", that are CONSTANTLY, being presented TO you. You're NOT called 'to fit IN', or 'BLEND in' - but YOU, are CALLED - to listen to your CONSCIENCE, and LIVE!  Because the PEOPLE around you, have CHOSEN 'to SNUFF-out THEIRS'. (November 02, 2018 update)   

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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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