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Alien technology
a.k.a. OWG alien tech
(This new page was added February 24, 2017)

(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)

“A man of no understanding has vain and false hopes, and dreams give wings to fools.  As one who catches at a shadow and pursues the wind, so is he who gives heed to dreams.  The vision of dreams is this against that, the likeness of a face confronting a face.  From an unclean thing what will be made clean?  And from something false what will be true? Divinations and omens and dreams are folly, and like a woman in travail the mind has fancies. Unless they are sent from the Most High as a visitation, do not give your mind to them. For dreams have deceived many, and those who put their hope in them have failed." 
(Sirach 34:1-7)

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you. All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you.”
(John 16:13-15)
"Thus says the Lord: “Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’ I set watchmen over you, saying, ‘Give heed to the sound of the trumpet!’ But they said, ‘We will not give heed.’ Therefore hear, O nations, and know, O congregation, what will happen to them. Hear, O earth; behold, I am bringing evil upon this people, the fruit of their devices, because they have not given heed to my words; and as for my law, they have rejected it."  
(Jeremiah 6:16-19)
The introduction to this page is actually the May 8, 2015 posting on this website.   We invite you to click on that link and read it.

The Alien Invasion! Happening Now!
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

WHY was this page on alien technology added to the website?  
It is the Most High TRUE God who CONTINUES, to uphold EVERYONE! - EVEN! - as the one world GOVERNMENT, tries to 'AFFLICT them', with "ALIEN tech" - to 'CONTROL them' - to FORFEIT, "the Tree of LIFE", and "Eternal, YOUTH".  THEY [the one world government] do not want 'more PEOPLE', coming to the TESTIMONY, and becoming "MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT"; and they do NOT want, "FORMER Members", to return.  So THEY'RE "bumping up", their tactics.  We STILL, continue, daily - to 'TAKE on', the DEVIL, and his kingdom; and the one world GOVERNMENT, CONTINUES to lose 'MORE!' - EVERY day!  Thanks BE TO the Most High TRUE God! - for if it wasn't for, 'His Divine INTERVENTION' - in THESE Times, there would BE "NO survivors"! (February 27, 2017 update)
On this page we are going to group the content under category headings such as:

  ... with more updates to be posted on the topics of: GWEN towers, Chemtrails, Project Looking Glass, GMO foods, Vaccines, etc.
More content will be added at our leisure - as the content on those topics is already throughout the Testimony.  Understand?  But from now on, we will be posting that content here, instead.

Have you been having dreams with former family members in them?

AS for having, 'DREAMS', with former FAMILY Members in them - you need to RECOGNIZE, that the One World GOVERNMENT, HAVE! - 'your PROFILE' - and they can VERY easily! - PROGRAM your dreams, to INCLUDE, "your former family".  But they AREN'T! - they are SIMPLY, "illusions".  Understand?  THIS is 'what you need to RECOGNIZE':  What you DREAM, is "NOT, REAL"! - is "NOT, REALITY"!  What you LIVE! - is "reality".  Understand?  (February 20,2017 update)
An interesting side note:  Of course "DREAMS" - as in "NATURAL dreams" - are simply "the purging of the subconscious".  But one night, a few years ago - I experienced a project bluebeam dream with the alien creature from the movie "Predator", in it.  As soon as I woke up from the dream, I simply asked myself the question, "When was the last time I even THOUGHT about that creature, from that movie?" - and it had been many, MANY months ago.  And so, I immediately recognized, that that dream was NOT "a purging of my subconscious" - and that creature WAS in fact "bluebeamed" into a "scripted dream", compliments of the OWG alien tech department.  Thanks for playing!   But that example was SIMPLY added to help people discern, the difference.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant NEED to know that it is best NOT to try to remember their dreams when they wake up - but to SIMPLY, lift them up, along with everything ELSE the enemy tried to sow in them as they slept, to the Most High True God, and TRADE it all, for the corresponding TRUTH, and for the Grace to live their TRUE identity, in the TRUE reality, in the PRESENT moment - ALWAYS - as THAT! - is EXACTLY what the OWG alien tech department, is trying to prevent.  Understand?
When you wake up after a Bluebeam dream
When you WAKE up, in the middle of the NIGHT, with the BLUEBEAM dream, (- use the Blessed Holy Water, and then...) SIMPLY, COMMEND! - the PEOPLE who SENT you that DREAM - to 'the SWORD of Saint Michael', and to 'the Divine JUSTICE, of the Most High TRUE God' - and, ASK for the Grace, of HOLY Slumber, and ask your HOLY Guardian Angel, to watch OVER YOU, and, PRAY you back to sleep! (August 6, 2017 update)
And REMEMBER to pray "that PRAYER you are supposed to PRAY every time you wake UP". (October 5, 2017 update)

Have you been finding it difficult to think at times?

It has ALSO come to our ATTENTION, that a LOT of the problems that you have been HAVING - ESPECIALLY in your THINKING, or "INABILITY to THINK at times" - ACTUALLY comes FROM, "ALIEN Tech Attacks", on your MIND!  AS they try to PROGRAM you, to DISCONNECT, FROM, your HEART - through BUILDING up "REAL estate" - as in "THEIR satanic agenda" - in your MIND.  You SEE, ONLY 'the heart, of a CHILD', can RECEIVE, the TESTIMONY - and be 'TRANSFORMED, in the TRUTH'.  But THROUGH 'YOUR cooperation', with the ONE world government BRAINWASHING PSYOPS, going ON, in your MIND - and ESPECIALLY through "project BLUEBEAM dreams" - you are allowing THEM! - to 'CLAIM', "INTELLECTUAL property"! - IN you!  Do YOU, STILL, want, to be GOVERNED, by DEMONS? - and by demonic INSPIRATIONS?  OR, do you desire, to "break FREE", FROM, the one world GOVERNMENT, LUCIFERIAN, MIND control, AGENDA?  ONLY! - by turning to Jesus Christ the LORD - the Most High TRUE God; and LIFTING up to HIM, 'ALL the effects of ALIEN tech' - can your MIND begin to heal.  INVITE, 'the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT', INTO your INTELLECT, to GOVERN over it, instead.  When you USE 'the Blessed HOLY Water', you MUST DO SO, with "TRUE Humility' - RECOGNIZING, that it TRULY is "YOUR, CREATOR" - who has place 'HIS! - True Holy Spirit', into the WATER - to help YOU! - when you pray, "the BLESSED Holy Water DELIVERANCE Prayer", in the MOMENT.  ALWAYS pray with "True Humility" - and your PRAYERS, will be ANSWERED.  The "ALIEN TECH" - ONLY WORKS, with your COOPERATION - by 'choosing to be filled with PRIDE', INSTEAD.  "ALIEN tech", does NOT, have LASTING effects, in "a DOCILE Soul" - "DOCILE" to the MOVEMENTS, AND the pulls, OF the True Holy Spirit.  INSTEAD, INVITE 'the True Holy SPIRIT', to "OWN, your INTELLECT"! - to, have "FULL rights, and CLAIM" - to YOUR intellectual PROPERTY.  And when you DO this! - YOU, will NOT, 'DESIRE', "ONE world government PROPAGANDA"; but you will INSTEAD, 'DESIRE to PLEASE your CREATOR'. (September 03, 2017 update)

The illuminati Luciferian Playground
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you noticed 'IMAGES of people from your former life' - popping up in your DREAMS?

KNOW that through, "project bluebeam" - the ONE world GOVERNMENT, have, 'the CAPACITY, and ABILITY, to IMPLANT, SPECIFIC dreams!' - using "THEIR algorithms" - that THEY! - transfer, to 'the BRAINS, of their targets' - while their targets are SLEEPING!  And they HAVE! - the PHOTOS, and, the INFORMATION, on EACH! - Member, of the Faithful REMNANT - AND! - they have information, on "their FORMERS"! - as well.  The ALIEN tech being used at THIS time in HUMAN history - is unlike ANYTHING - EVER before! - used, against, the PEOPLE.  And the one world GOVERNMENT KNOW - that the Faithful REMNANT CHURCH - IS! - "the TRUE Church".  And SO - THEY! - are USING, 'ALL of THEIR technology' - AGAINST, the Faithful REMNANT.  And NOW - out of the Most High TRUE God's, "INFINITE Mercy" - on His TRUE children - HE has GIVEN them - 'ANOTHER title, of the BLESSED Virgin Mary', that THEY can INTERCEDE, through, "Conqueror, of ALIEN technology".  AND! - "Conqueror, of the ILLUMINATI hierarchy".  AND so, you NEED, to ACTIVELY, 'SEEK to WORSHIP, the TRUE Jesus', and WORSHIP 'His FATHER in Heaven', and WORSHIP 'His TRUE Holy SPIRIT'.  And THIS MEANS, that 'SERVING, the BLESSED TRINITY', comes FIRST.  And, no MATTER, 'how HARD', the ONE world government TRIES, to "DISARM", the Faithful REMNANT, and "to kill their FAITH"? - they will NEVER! - succeed!  Because "the GATES, of Hell, and THAT which ascends from the BOTTOMLESS pit", will NEVER, 'conquer', the TRUE, ROMAN Catholic FAITH - OR, the TRUE, ROMAN Catholic GOD. SO endure! (February 15, 2018 update)  

Did you know that TRUE Christians don't MEDITATE on just one word? - But alien tech "voice to skull PSYCHOTRONICS" often implant just one word.

You NEED to know that 'the Most High TRUE God' doesn't 'SPEAK', by GIVING someone, 'one WORD' - because, then 'that WORD' could mean "ANYTHING", in ANY given context - and would ONLY cause 'CONFUSION', UNCERTAINTY, as well as 'false GUILT'.  The Most High TRUE God doesn't GIVE "an ACCUSATORY word", when He speaks.  What actually HAPPENED, is, you were 'AFFLICTED' - by the 'voice to SKULL, psychotronics'.  YES! - the one world GOVERNMENT has 'the ABILITY to implant WORDS in people'.  And they will 'TRY', to MIMIC, GOD!  Therefore YOU need to be VIGILANT, in your INTERIOR life - and DON'T just 'take ANY word you HEAR', as being "from your CREATOR" - JUST because it's "ACCUSATORY".  The TESTIMONY, is filled with 'corresponding TRUTH', to the LIES, that PEOPLE, have been 'brought UP with, BELIEVING in'.  It is NOT "FILLED with accusations".  BUT, when PEOPLE, READ it, it 'CONVICTS the heart'.  The WORD of the Most High TRUE GOD 'CONVICTS the very core, of your BEING'.  And you NEED to pray for 'the Grace to DESIRE to recognize, the Word of your Creator' - WHENEVER He speaks.  There will ALWAYS be 'TRUE Peace', as WELL as 'a PROFOUND! - authentic PRESENCE, of the True Holy SPIRIT'.  In OTHER words, the CREATOR will ALWAYS 'make SURE, that the individual KNOWS He's speaking'.  If you HAVE 'doubts'? - then it ISN'T Him.  What is most important, is that you LISTEN to your Conscience.  And, you NEED to 'CONSECRATE your CONSCIENCE, to the True Holy Spirit'.  (November 04, 2018 update)   
Psychotronic Deception, Illusion and Lies
James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

When is the LAST time you REJECTED your desire to LIVE in 'a FALSE REALITY' CREATED by "the PSYCHOTRONICS department"?

"Almost ninety-nine percent of the people, in this world, are living in false realities that they have created – for themselves, as ‘a buffer’, to the truth; or they allow – people to create realities, for them to live in. The whole purpose of propaganda My children, is to create ‘a different reality for people to embrace’, so that those seeking power and influence, can gain more power over them."  (-Jesus, Sunday March 11, 2012)

Well? - they most DEFINITELY have "YOUR PROFILE!" - down.  THEY are the ones, who GAVE you that… "vision"… as WELL as 'the MUSIC' - playing, in your HEAD.  Because JESUS Christ the LORD? - is RULING over the Nations with 'a rod of IRON'!  He is NOT "on the Cross" - He is 'OFF the Cross!' - yet He STILL expects, each MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant, to CARRY theirs!  You need to REJECT your desire to LIVE in 'a FALSE REALITY' CREATED by "the PSYCHOTRONICS department" - and ASK for the GRACE 'to ONLY live! - in the TRUE Spiritual Reality'.  THEY want you to… BOND… with 'their FALSE jesus' - to STOP the True Holy Spirit, from moving THROUGH you.  And you HAVE to 'stop SWOONING! - over the DEMONIC TREATS' - that they're 'BEAMING, into your MIND'!   Focus on the TESTIMONY.  Focus on 'what JESUS, Christ the Lord has REVEALED, TO you'. (December 01, 2019 update) 
Why you should NEVER share your dreams! - in your emails to us?

If you 'SHARE your dreams', in your EMAILS to us? - then you're TELLING, the ONE world government - that they have 'broken THROUGH', and that you're still "BOTHERED, by the dream" - thus INVITING them? - to 'bully you' even FURTHER! - in your SLEEP.  Is THIS… "what you WANT"?   STOP!... SHARING!... your DREAMS!...  Stop DWELLING on them!...  Because the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - cannot move THROUGH you - if you 'want to LIVE, and DWELL, in a false REALITY'.  The ENEMY? - would 'LOVE', for YOU! - to 'TURN off the TRUTH' - and 'ENTERTAIN, FALSEHOODS!' - so that YOU, become "a USELESS! - instrument", to your Creator.  Is THAT 'what you WANT'?  LIVE in the True REALITY. And HAVE 'abundant LIFE' - with "the REAL! - JESUS"…or?... settle for 'a COUNTERFEIT, reality' - and all, 'the DEMONIC GARBAGE' that goes WITH it.  The ONE world government - want the REMNANT, to 'WASTE! - VERY valuable TIME' - with discerning, their DREAMS - their often "very DISTURBING", DREAMS!  But the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT are 'called to DISCERN', what they're called to DO! - in each and every MOMENT - and LISTEN! - to the True Holy Spirit's INSPIRATIONS.  And if they're 'FOCUSED, on their DREAMS'? - then they're 'NOT! - LISTENING! - to the True Holy Spirit' - THAT! - is for sure. (December 03, 2019 update) 

Here is a quick summary of this topic: There has been a lot of money spent by Hollywood, on productions that are all spin-offs on the time travel theme; and those productions are of course, "illuminati boasts", of the technology they are currently PLAYING with.  What the Members of the Faithful Remnant NEED to know, as they discern the psyops around them - is that Time Travel - using Tesla Technology - IS real.  BUT! - the one world government people - they, can ONLY go BACK in time (- to visit "a FALSE reality", because it no longer exists, in reality) - and in DOING so, they CANNOT change the PRESENT, OR the Future - and they most CERTAINLY can NOT! - travel to any point in the future (- because the future SIMPLY, DOES not exist, for them).  Now THAT! - has got to be "REALLY, REALLY frustrating" for them - ESPECIALLY, because we, "the Two Witnesses", are being GIVEN, MULTIPLE, UNCEASING Revelations about the FUTURE - that the one world government leaders CANNOT access - outside of our Testimony.  Ouch!  THAT is another reason why it is still online - SIMPLY because, they are so "mentally impoverished", that they NEED the Revelations in the Testimony, to help THEIR plans, to become... "more realistic" - to put it mildly.  Just saying.  And to help the reader understand this concept even more - when the Most High TRUE God Created the UNIVERSE - He SAW, 'WHAT the illuminati would do, with Tesla tech' - and so HE simply adjusted "the PHYSICAL Laws" - to confound THEIR plans - that ARE simply "doomed", to fail... ultimately... along WITH them.  "ouch!"  And so, WHY!!! - would the illuminati commission so many Hollywood productions, that feature people travelling to the FUTURE?   SIMPLY, because, the illuminati, want to present "an ILLUMINATI version, of the future" - to their intellectually challenged followers, in order to even HAVE, "a following"; because the illuminati in TRUTH, have been "ERASED", from the future, by their Creator - as HIS Just Punishment, for their 'worshipping of the enemy of Souls, by name'.  Does that sound fair?  It is.  And so to SUMMARIZE: the illuminati ARE "time travelling to the past", in ORDER, to TRY! - to escape, their "GRIM", report card... above.  Simple!  HOW do they do it?  By generating unnatural "worm holes" through the use of electromagnetic fields and frequencies.  DOES everyone come back, through the "worm hole" to the present?  No - they - the one world government - "sacrificed" MANY, MANY thousands of people! - as they developed their technology; and those people, who were sent THROUGH the worm holes - those "victims" - were in fact, "sacrificed to the god of technology".  WHY, do they want to go "back to the PAST?"  The only real point in doing so, is to observe and gather more intel, that they MAY be able to use, IF the person they send makes it back to the present.  This content has been added to the Testimony - SIMPLY, to help the Members of the Faithful Remnant, better discern all the "time travel psyops", out there.  Know that any more specifics, on this topic, at "THIS time"... would ONLY be a distraction.  (February 27,2017 update)
No matter how innocuous the CERN hadron collider website appears on the outside, the Truth is, that CERN was specifically designed to open the portal to the abyss.  Now a statement like that may not "MATTER", to most people - as most people are spiritually asleep in these End Times, and most people will simply prefer to dismiss it as an opinion.  But the fact that CERN was built next to Geneva (- the historical home base for the illuminati "LEAGUE of NATIONS" headquarters, the UNITED Nations headquarters, and the World Trade Organization); the fact that the illuminati are luciferians, whose religious beliefs are FOCUSED on the building up of "a kingdom of darkness"; and the fact that CERN does not hide the reality that it is specifically designed to produce "dark MATTER" (- a more politically correct way of saying "ANTI-matter" - or "matter that is Hell-bent on UNDOING Creation")... Well! - these 'SIMPLE facts', when lined-UP, reveal an ulterior motive for that project, that is so undeniable - that it puts a major dent in all the CERN propaganda out there.

And so for those who want to know 'what is REALLY going on at CERN, HERE is the physics lesson on the CERN Hadron Collider, that ALL future generations, will be unable to forget - and it goes something like this: "Where there is light, there can BE no darkness".  Simple, RIGHT?  Well, "NOT so simple", for the physicists of these End Times.  You see, AS the one world government - in their HUBRIS (- or "excessive pride"), desired to open the CERN portal to the abyss of Hell, they overlooked the following important detail:  Just as FAST as 'all of Hell' (- a spiritual reality that conveniently manifests in the physical realities as "dark matter") pours out, through that portal, upon the face of the Earth - so too, does all of Hell pour INTO, the Eternal Lake of Fire - and the enemy's kingdom, comes to an End.  OOPS!  Now that "significant oversight" - in effect, exposes CERN, as the biggest scientific FAILURE, of ALL TIME! [- and that conclusion surprisingly works, if you ONLY look at: what it was INTENDED to accomplish; the SIZE of the project; and the COST of the project].  'The ENEMY'S kingdom', "Hell", is in fact "a kingdom of DARKNESS" - and IF, the "LIGHT!" - of the SUN, OR 'the Light of the SON of the Most High True GOD', was EXTINGUISHED, from the face of the Earth, THEN, Hell - coming out of the CERN portal, WOULD have "a home" on this planet.  But that is simply "NOT the case" - and therefore, BY emptying out 'all of Hell', THROUGH the CERN portal - the one world government scientists, in fact ushered IN, 'the END of the enemy's kingdom'.  How did they do that?  By effectively "BOUNCING it OFF, of the face of the earth" - and INTO the Eternal Lake of Fire. [...there is really no need to illustrate the complexity of their multi-billion dollar project, by taking a ping pong ball, and bouncing it off a table, and into a garbage pail... now is there!... oops!]

Now after getting the FANTASTIC news! - of this telling update, WILL the one world government scientists be able to STOP, that process?  Let's just say, that THEY! - set it in motion; and the Most High TRUE God respects their decision.  And now HERE is "a REALLY awkward question":  Should all future generations THANK the one world government luciferians, for creating a massive scientific project, that would ultimately bring THEIR father's kingdom, to an End?  Actually, the Most High TRUE God, is the ONE, who simply "ALLOWED them", to choose 'that particular evil'; the ONE who allowed them to follow their wicked inspirations to do such an "evil"; and the ONE who BLINDSIDED them, so that they could not SEE, 'the future consequences', of their "fleeting evil accomplishments and goals". And so, ALL Glory, Honor and Praise ULTIMATELY belongs to the Most High True God - no matter WHAT way you look at it!

And now for some "historical context".  Remember how Pharaoh wanted to unleash "the HELL of his army" on Moses and the Israelites? - and remember how that 'evil', resulted in ALL! - of that "HELL of an army", being brought, ETERNALLY, into "a lake of fiery protests", as they all drowned in the Red Sea?  Well... It's something like that.  You can call CERN, "a most EMBARRASSING, historical echo, of sorts". So LET the hellions, "PLAY", with their CERN particle accelerator toy, until there is nothing left of them - just as Pharaoh, unleashed the fullness of HIS army... until, there was nothing...  Let's face it, "the bottom feeders" NEED company! - EVEN in these END Times.  Popcorn anyone?  (edited February 25, 2018) 
Here is a special link to our page devoted to the topic, "How to overcome the CERN waves"

As for 'WHAT you SAW in the SKY' - the ONE world government, has "capabilities" - for, 'PROJECTING, 3D IMAGES, of WHATEVER they like! - INTO the sky' - as they HAVE 'the capability, of projecting, DREAMS, into people's MINDS, as they sleep'.    When YOU see 'things like THAT', DON'T write about it; DON'T let them know, that, "their psyop, HOLOGRAM, worked!"  INSTEAD, LIFT up that image to Jesus, and TRADE it for His True Peace; and RECOGNIZE, that as 'another SIGN, of the Times, that you are LIVING in' - where 'EVERYONE'S worshipping the dragon!'  (March 20,2017 update)
Blessed Holy Water is the ONLY defense against "ALIEN tech"
Have you been experiencing "a sudden rising sensation of fear and anxiety in your chest"?
You NEED to KNOW, that MOST of the time, when you experience, 'that RISING SENSATION, of ANXIETY, in your INTERIOR life' - that's a SIGN to you, of being "TARGETED by Alien TECH". So you NEED to grab the Blessed HOLY Water - and PRAY the Blessed Holy Water Deliverance Prayer; APPLY it to your heart; and ASK the TRUE Holy Spirit, to FILL you, instead.  The ONLY defense, against "ALIEN tech", IS the Blessed Holy Water. Of COURSE, the ONE world government, are trying to "STEER, the MINDS, of the Faithful REMNANT". BUT! - when YOU experience, 'a FLOOD of thoughts':  GRAB the Blessed Holy Water, and APPLY it, to your HEAD! - and ASK to be 'filled, with the TRUE Holy Spirit instead' - because it TRULY is "a BATTLE".  But, with VIGILANCE, and CONSISTENCY, IN your response, to, 'the alien TECH' - and 'the demonic FORCES at work' - the Most High TRUE God, will ONLY, 'STRENGTHEN you', and 'LESSEN the effects' - of, 'the alien TECH'.  But it takes 'YOUR cooperation'.  Because, the Most High TRUE GOD - IS ALLOWING, the alien TECHNOLOGY, to be USED "TO the fullest MEASURE" - on ALL, of Mankind.   Everyone OUTSIDE "the Ark", is 'WITHOUT protection'; and SO many of their thoughts - are 'NOT their own'; but "IMPLANTED!" - BY, 'the alien TECHNOLOGY'.  So RESOLVE, to focus, on your CREATOR, in as MUCH as you are ABLE to, throughout your entire DAY!  You are CALLED to BE, "COMPLETELY dependent on HIM".  This is 'EXACTLY the OPPOSITE', of what the WORLD teaches.  But the PEOPLE, who have CHOSEN to SAVE THEIR LIVES - as in, 'their LIVES, IN the WORLD' - 'FOR the world', and 'OF THE WORLD'? - have CHOSEN to be "DEAD! - SPIRITUALLY".  The Most High TRUE God, is ASKING His Faithful REMNANT - to "DIE! -TO the world", and 'SAVE their LIVES, for HIM!'  It's THAT simple. (March 16, 2017 update)

Is the Testimony "trauma based mind control"?

We are living in 'a traumatized society' - a society in which  EVERY individual has seen so many thousands acts of murder and violence by the time they are 15 years old, that they ALL suffer from P.T.S.D. - or post traumatic stress disorder.  And the illuminati's "trauma based mind control" operation - that is also moving through H.A.A.R.P.  E.L.F. technology, is only making matters worse.  It has come to our attention, that some of those "traumatized psychological professionals", outside the Faithful Remnant, have been trying to find ways to look at the Testimony as though it was some form of mind control. Let's just unpack that idea for a moment, now SHALL WE...

And so, if the TESTIMONY was "trauma based mind control", PEOPLE would be FLOCKING to it!  But the fact IS, that ALL the people, OUTSIDE, the FAITHFUL Remnant Church, are UNDER the influence, of the ILLUMINATI, TRAUMA based mind control INFILTRATION, system - that IS, GLOBALLY run.  And PART of that, "SYSTEM", is to get the PEOPLE! - to KNOWINGLY, 'DESIRE', to be PROGRAMMED.  What IS it, that they TURN on, EVERY night - after, they come HOME from work? - or, they place their CHILDREN! - in front of.  "TELEVISION, PROGRAMMING" - SOME of which, are SO 'EXTREMELY, violent'! - that, the COMMERCIALS, ACTUALLY, 'TRIGGER', a SEPARATE, "personality" - in each, individual, watching it.  But in the Faithful REMNANT, the Most High TRUE God, PROVIDES, "an ESCAPE" - FROM, the illuminati MIND control.  But the UNCOMFORTABLE Truth is, MOST PEOPLE, 'DESIRE'! - to be programmed, BY, "the global elite", the ILLUMINATI luciferians - so that they can CONTINUE, BELIEVING, that they can embrace 'ALL kinds of WICKEDNESS' - WITH consequences - not TIED, TO, their Creator, in ANY way.  The ILLUMINATI GOAL, is to REMOVE, the CREATOR, from, 'the MINDS, OF the people'.  And THEY have done so.   And they have PLACED, in HIS stead - 'the DEVIL, DRESSED, in a JESUS costume'; or, a BUDDHA costume; or, a GANDHI costume; or, a mohammed costume. THEY are the ones, who CLAIM, that ALL religions are "EQUAL" - and that ALL religions, lead, to the path, of HEAVEN.  BUT! - at the same time, they KNOW! - "THAT, is absurd!"  EVEN the illuminati know, that the ONLY way to Heaven, is THROUGH, the Testimony of Jesus Christ the LORD - is through the TRUE Jesus - revealed in His TESTIMONY - whom THEY have made 'EVERY GLOBAL effort', to suppress.  And BECAUSE, the PEOPLE, 'DESIRED', to SUPPRESS the TRUTH - as their LEADERS do! - they are ALL! - "DOOMED!" - to 'DESTRUCTION, FINAL impenitence, and death'.

And so whenever a Member of the Faithful Remnant even THINKS, about "a traumatized psychological professional", who has SOLD their mental faculties (directly or indirectly) TO the illuminati - for the purpose of 'taking on the Faithful Remnant' - we invite the Members to offer up, to the Most High TRUE God, through the Blessed Virgin Mary, a DECADE of the Holy Rosary.  Ask the Queen of HEAVEN, under her title, "Mother of Perpetual Heel" - to intercede, for the REMOVAL, of THEIR faculties, that THEY sold, to THEIR father, down below, for money! - just as the religious leaders did.  Good news folks, they are ALREADY! - IN! - "a mental institution".  And it's time for THEIR psychological brokenness, to get "the FULL attention of their peers". Understand?  Amen!  (April 4, 2017 update) 

Snap Out of it!...
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Are you being tempted to believe that you are UNDER some kind of HYPNOSIS through the TESTIMONY?

One psyop, "the assailants", are trying to pray into the REMNANT, is that "they HAVEN'T changed", and that "they are on some kind of HYPNOSIS - that will PASS" - and THEN they [- "the assailants"] will get their 'FAMILY member' back.  THOUGH that was true for some, as the FORMER members TREATED the Testimony, like it was a BRAINWASHING attempt - just to get them to forget their former LIVES; the CALL for the AUTHENTIC, Members of the Faithful REMNANT, is to be 'TRANSFORMED, in their INWARD BEING' - BY, the Words, of the TESTIMONY.  The ones who 'FOUGHT it! - CONTINUALLY' - are 'the ONES who left'. (December 18, 2017 update) 

SICK of being ORDERED around, and being TOLD what to think and HOW you are to behave - by the A.I.?

As for the A.I. attacks? - just DON'T give in to them.  DON'T let, the A.I. - or the DEMONS, "ORDER you AROUND" - or "tell YOU, what you can think, and HOW you are to behave"YOU have to choose! - HOW, you are going to LIVE!  And YOU'RE "responsible", for the EVERYDAY choices, that you make - no MATTER! - how MANY "demonic INFLUENCES", there are - that you are FACED with, on a daily basis.  For, the GRACE OF the Most High TRUE God, IS 'sufficient' FOR you.  YOU just need to 'turn to His GRACES', more often. (August 27, 2018 update)   

Alien Tech Attacks while reading the Testimony or making videos
The one world government IS using GPS transmitting devices - like cell phones, android phones, iPads, and even some computers - to LOCATE the Members of the Faithful Remnant - in order to FOCUS alien tech attacks on them - EVEN while those people are in transit.  This TRIANGULATION technology, is "common knowledge" - as it is readily available and IS being used for OTHER purposes, like finding lost phones, or finding the location from where an emergency phone call was made.  And so, the Members of the Faithful Remnant need to know, that it would be best to AVOID carrying a phone or iPad with you, wherever you go.  If you have a flip phone with a battery that is easily removed - then  you can remove the battery, and SAFELY store it - perhaps in a sealed plastic zip-lock bag, when it is on your person, and when you are not using it.  This is for, "when you are out and about".  Also, it is not safe to use a camera with gps technology on it, to record your videos - as we have SEEN videos, where people are being targeted WHILE they are recording, so that their efforts will be in vain.  And so it would be best to MAKE an effort, to use a simple HD camera, to record your video - not your phone camera, IF at all possible.  (February 25, 2018 update) 

They can't handle it
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Know that it WOULD be good to step out and look a bit more at "the BIGGER picture", of what is going on - as the DEMONS, want you to turn INWARDS, and focus on only YOUR struggles.  The one world GOVERNMENT is struggling, with the Judgements that are being proclaimed by the GOD who holds every iota of their BEING togetherAsk the Most High TRUE God to "lift the VEIL", so that you can SEE "the bigger picture", because it is DEFINITELY "a Grace"!  (May 24, 2018 update)

THAT is why it is so CRITICAL that 'your heart remains ROOTED in the Testimony' - because of the alien TECHNOLOGY, and 'the occult SACRIFICES', being DIRECTED, at Members of the Faithful REMNANT - ESPECIALLY! - when they go to be NOURISHED, BY the Testimony.  The REASON there is 'so much RESISTANCE', and 'so much LEAD', that comes to the SURFACE - when the REMNANT, READ the TESTIMONY, OR, attempt to record a VIDEO - is BECAUSE! - the Most High TRUE GOD, is 'ALLOWING', the DEMONS, to MANIFEST - and to COME to the surface - so that 'EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant', can CHOOSE - 'what they are going to DO! - with 'that spiritual STATE', that they FIND themselves in!  The Most High TRUE GOD, 'KNOWS, "the secret desires", of EVERY human heart' - and SO! - it IS "CRITICAL!" - for 'the Members of the Faithful REMNANT', to DESIRE - to be "PLEASING", in the Eyes of the Most High TRUE God - EVEN "in their THOUGHTS!" - AND in their desires - because 'THAT'S where He looks!'  "The EXTERNALS!" - SHOULD reflect, 'the INTERIOR life'. And YES! - EACH Member, of the Faithful Remnant, IS being "psyoped" - through ALIEN tech.  Because, the ONE world GOVERNMENT - HAS 'the profile', of EVERY Member, of the FAITHFUL Remnant.  And THROUGH "occult means", they KNOW! - EXACTLY, 'what their WEAKNESSES are'.  And THEY, CONTINUALLY, "SACRIFICE the Remnant", to, the DEVIL - in ORDER, to BRING about, 'the END, of the Faithful Remnant'.  THIS is basically, 'what WE go through, on a daily BASIS' - and HAVE been for many YEARS!  Only 'the REMNANT', are being given "a SMALL sample" - of, "the battle", that is REALLY, "raging, in the INVISIBLE world".  And the MOST High TRUE God WILL, NOT, 'TEST them', or 'TEMPT them', beyond, what they are "CAPABLE of overcoming".  THEREFORE! - HE is! - "JUST", AND "Fair"! (April 17, 2017 update)
Have you noticed a RINGING in the ear while reading the Testimony?  AS for getting, the RINGING in the ear, while reading the Testimony - THAT is simply "an ALIEN tech attack" - TRYING, to change your PERCEPTIONS, of the Testimony to reflect THAT, of, 'the one world GOVERNMENT'.  And they "ABSOLUTELY HATE it!"  It is ALWAYS "a good idea", to CHECK, 'your PERCEPTIONS' - while READING the Testimony - BEFORE, and AFTER 'the ringing' starts; and notice the DIFFERENCE!  And REMEMBER! - you NEED to call on Saint MICHAEL - to PROTECT you! - WHILE you read the TESTIMONY!  Because HE'S 'the one', who is GUARDING the Way, to ETERNAL Life.  So, you MUST! - be "on HIS SIDE" - in order to be 'let IN'. (October 07, 2017 update) 

Have you been experiencing DISCOMFORT while making videos?

Well NOW you know how IMPORTANT it is, for YOU, to MAKE nourishing videos!  Just because something is "UNCOMFORTABLE", and you EXPERIENCE, 'some DISCOMFORT' - and it SEEMS like a MOUNTAIN in FRONT of you - doesn't MEAN, that you're CALLED, to let the TRIAL, "conquer YOU".  WHAT if when JESUS was carrying His CROSS - and He SAW, all of His WOUNDS - and decided to turn INWARDS? - and He chose NOT to persevere? - but instead 'feel SORRY for Himself', and the AFFLICTIONS, that He was UNDERGOING, that He WASN'T "deserving of"?  HEAVEN, would never have OPENED - or have been 'an OPTION', for people.  So OBVIOUSLY, you are being TARGETED, AS you're making the videos; and when you go to UPLOAD them - because the DEMONS! - do NOT, want YOU, to SHARE, your GIFTS! - with the NATIONS.  If you "ZOOM out" - then, you can MORE easily discern - 'what is going on'.  That is 'ONE of the SECRETS, to good DISCERNMENT' - LOOK at your SITUATION, from 'your CREATOR'S point of view'.  And if you have TROUBLE, then reject 'the helmet of CORRUPTION', and ask for the Grace, to be clothed in the Helmet of SALVATION, and, the Grace of True Spiritual Vision.  And KNOW that! - EVERY trial, that you GO through, will PASS. (August 08, 2017 update)
ELF attacks

 Have Faith in the Holy Name of Jesus
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
In this video he describes the ELF-induced heart attack experience
that MANY "targeted" Members of the Faithful Remnant have woken up to
Yes, the One World Government has been using GWEN towers to transmit "Extremely Low Frequencies", so that THEY can control, and change the behavior of people.  But the Most High TRUE God is responding - with "HIS ELF" ("Extremely Large Fires" - to the Soul... ouch!), that the One World Government CAN'T control - referring to the fires caused by lightning strikes.  And of course, EVERYONE can see on the news, how HIS "ELF" attacks, are in fact, changing the behavior of the One World Government.  Because the MSM can ONLY release propaganda photos and propaganda news stories for so long, before the people catch on - to the fact that THE GOVERNMENTS, are NOT "in control" - not in THESE Times; NOT in 'the Time of the Physical Chastisements'. (July 26, 2017 update)
How did the One World Government Alien Tech like that "REALITY CHECK", ABOVE - on ELF attacks?  They responded by IMMEDIATELY turning up the intensity of their alien tech attacks.  And of course - the idea here folks, is to TEACH them, that they don't have enough time, or resources, or technology to conquer the elect.  And as they STRUGGLE with that REALITY - here are some helpful tips for the Members of the Faithful Remnant - who are experiencing the effects of being targeted by alien tech.
What you need to do, is TURN to the Most High True God - right NOW - and ASK Him, to GIVE you the Grace, to TELL the difference between, 'the THOUGHTS implanted IN you, by the One World Government' - as you ARE! - being targeted; AND! - the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit.  KNOW that the inspirations given by the True Holy Spirit IN the Moment WILL make SENSE!  AND will bring 'CLOSURE'.  AND, they WILL transform, your HEART.   But the "ALIEN tech" - has most DEFINITELY been 'RAMPED up' - TO "unprecedented, levels" - as, they are 'TRYING! - to CONTROL, each Member, of the Faithful REMNANT' - by, 'IMPLANTING thoughts, AND desires' - that are NOT, 'FROM them'. They WANT the Remnant to 'ACT on IMPULSES', that are NOT their own.  NEVER has the battle WAGED, more FIERCELY - and THIS is RIGHT before, Jesus Christ the LORD, told us, to "BATTEN down the hatches".  And so, the ONLY way - to remain "FAITHFUL" to the Most High TRUE GOD, in THESE Times - is through, 'CHOOSING, humility'.  ONLY "Humility", is the ANTIDOTE, to the ALIEN tech.  While, the whole WORLD, is caught UP, in 'a PRIDEFUL euphoria' - as the DEMONS rejoice IN them! - at their own DESTRUCTION.  The Most High TRUE God has chosen, "a small HANDFUL" - to PURIFY.  And it ISN'T, going to BE, "a walk in the PARK"!  You, NEED to SEEK refuge, in the Sacred Heart of Jesus AND IN the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin MARY - and THAT is, to SEEK refuge, in 'the TRUE Jesus', and 'the TRUE Blessed Virgin Mary'.  That is 'the ONLY way' - to OVERCOME, the demonic DELUGE, that the Most High TRUE God is 'ALLOWING to be unleashed', on His REMNANT.  JUST because, He HAS "a Faithful Remnant" - doesn't MEAN, that they are "INVINCIBLE"; it MEANS, that THEY, have been given 'SO much more', that they are RESPONSIBLE for being good stewards of.  And SO, expect 'SUFFERING'.  And ENDURE - with LOVE. THOSE who persevere on this JOURNEY, will NOT suffer, "PHYSICAL death"; but "an INTERIOR AGONY that is comparable TO it."  THAT'S why, the Blessed HOLY Water, IS 'so, essential'.  If the Most High TRUE God did not 'SPARE', Jesus Christ the LORD - from, enduring a HORRIFIC, and GROTESQUE DEATH? - then, you MUST expect, that, as 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - you will be ASKED, to, at least, 'TASTE, suffering, IN this life'.  Was JESUS Christ the LORD "perfectly at PEACE"? - as, they TORTURED HIM?  Yes He WAS!  And THAT'S the closest, that YOU are going to get, to experiencing 'the ERA of Peace' - UNTIL! - the FULLNESS, of the PHYSICAL, Era, of TRUE Peace.  The WORLD embraces, "FALSE Peace" - that "EVERYTHING is fine!"  But, THE Truth is: the ERA is coming to a CLOSE.
And so, the one world luciferian government people, have ABSOLUTELY no control, over that "FINAL DECISION! - from their Creator" - no matter HOW many buttons and dials they press and turn on their alien tech devices.  But just like "their FATHER down below" - they TOO like to cope by embracing "tantrums", and "fits of frustration" - as their pitiable response to their OWN inevitable demise.  And YET, as a contrast, what is the Most High TRUE GOD'S response?  Well, ALL of the letter AGENCIES, of the one world GOVERNMENT luciferians - are IN, for "a MAJOR! - awakening".  And it's going to be 'VERY, hot!'  And JUST like THEY, 'MERCILESSLY', AFFLICTED, and TORTURED - MILLIONS! - of innocent, civilians - through "alien TECHNOLOGY" - through "electronic HARASSMENT", and through 'induced INSOMNIA' - the Most High TRUE God! - is going to afflict THEM, in the SAME way.  But IT WILL be "unending".  THAT is "HIS Response". (July 29, 2017 update)

Do you use an android phone or iPad?

It is IMPORTANT, that the Members of the Faithful Remnant, are "FULLY informed", that the A.I. - IS using, their geolocation on their electronic devices - such as iPhones, iPads, and ANY! - android, devices - to "TRIANGULATE", and SEND out, DESTRUCTIVE E.L.F. WAVES.  And if ALL of a sudden, MEMBERS of the Remnant, are experiencing 'a STRONG desire, to CARRY their devices WITH them' - and EVEN, to READ, the TESTIMONY, WHILE they're "out doing ERRANDS", and OTHER practical things - they NEED to RECOGNIZE 'that' as "an ATTACK".  Because the A.I. IS doing "BEHAVIOR modification".  THEREFORE, it is BEST, if the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant ONLY read the Testimony "in their own HOME" - at LEAST for 15 minutes - to get, 'that necessary NOURISHMENT'. And you should ONLY be using "FLIP phones" - and ONLY, carry the phones, OUTSIDE the house, ZIPPED up in your jacket POCKET.   See what "FLIP phones" are offered - of course, with the PLAN, that you're already ON.  (May 26, 2018 update) 
Facial Recognition
"It's HERE! - and HOW do we deal with it!"
How much information is in "ONE data hub"?
At 1:41... 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits in just ONE particular data hub
Know that the Members of the Faithful Remnant ARE "the DISSIDENTS" he was referring to.
 WHY? - because the TRUE Members, aren't GOVERNED by "routines, and rituals" - but by the True Holy Spirit
And THAT! - is the BIGGEST threat, to national security
Note: For OUR legal protection, it is now necessary to state, that if YOU wish to discontinue using an android phone or iPad, that you do NOT fully own - that YOU are fully responsible - for what YOU choose to do, with the contract that YOU signed.  And once again, EVERY decision that YOU make, after reading the Testimony, or watching a video - ANY video for that matter - YOU are COMPLETELY responsible for.  Why?  Because if YOU choose to listen to "alien tech" instructions, or instructions from your personal demons - that's on YOU! - and YOU can "clean up the mess" - NOT us!  Understand?

Have you been getting unexplained attacks of DIZZINESS?

Actual email:"Early this afternoon, I was on my computer when I noticed that I was getting dizzy. I stood up and yes, I was VERY dizzy--it was like vertigo. It lasted for a few hours... it came on so suddenly it seemed... as nothing like that has ever happened before. I was a little nauseous, and it almost seemed like I was intoxicated when I walked.  Like from drinking alcohol or something."

The MOST High True God, has ALREADY 'gone AHEAD' of EVERY! - FUTURE, "ALIEN tech attack", that the one world government, have PLANNED, on sending - to the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  And He HAS! - "His Response" READY!  The MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT? - simply need to 'ENDURE', as the Blessed Virgin Mary has SAID, that 'that is NECESSARY'.  YES! - they ARE, 'turning up the E.L.F. waves' - to TRY 'to knock the Remnant off their feet!' - to PARALYZE them! - to STOP their ability, to 'THINK'!  To TRY to change 'their IDENTITY'.  BUT! - JESUS Christ the Lord, will PROTECT "His very OWN" - as LONG as, the Members of the Faithful Remnant 'RECOGNIZE the attacks for what they ARE' - and 'Commend their ENEMIES, to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD' - then the Remnant, can 'stay oriented in the TRUE! - Reality'.  But the E.L.F. waves, ACCOMPANY "subconscious MESSAGES", that are 'AGAINST, the Truth', and are in FACT! - "propaganda and LIES" - that the one world GOVERNMENT, want the Members of the Remnant to "INGEST".  And really the ONLY defense? - is the TRUE Holy Spirit moving through the BLESSED Holy Water - and 'HEARTFELT prayer, to the CREATOR' - who will HEAR! - the prayers, of the TRUE Members of the Faithful REMNANT.

And KNOW that once the Creator is FINISHED handing out "HIS Divine Just Response" to the unfortunate individuals who took on the Remnant in THIS life - THEY! - can listen to ETERNAL propaganda messages, from their DEMONS, in the Eternal Lake of Fire - Eternally REPLAYING messages like, "I KNOW it's about to get COOLER in JUST a few seconds!" (January 31, 2019 update) 

"For ultimately, I control the weather My children.  These ‘mad scientists’, can continue to use the H.A.A.R.P. machine, but they are only destroying nature’s natural resilience.  They are going to ‘push the weather beyond their control’, and it ‘will act against them’ and ‘not in their favor’. Playing with the H.A.A.R.P. machine, to fire down at the Earth – to create ‘certain quakes’, in different areas, may seem like ‘a great scientific feat’.  All of the minds: put together, to defy nature, and to create destructive forces – will be instrumental, in destroying the Earth. They are ‘playing with fire’ My children – with molten magma.  They are the ones waking up ‘the Ring of Fire’.  But as I said, this will backfire upon them, and their games will come to an End, because nature can only be tampered with, for so long, before I permit it, ‘to bite back’ – ‘with a vengeance’.  They can not control the elements that I am ultimately in control of.  But all they can do, is influence the elements I have already created.  Instead of using this technology for good, they have chosen to use it for the evil one’s purposes; but, satan has no loyalty – Though they are on his team, taking his orders, to destroy nature’s natural course, they will destroy themselves in the process." (-Jesus, Thursday October 20, 2011)

Alien Tech Attacks - The Members of the Faithful Remnant are being called to ENDURE

"Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus." 
(Revelations 14:12)
It is important, that YOU know, that a LOT of the struggles, that YOU are having, ARE the result, of 'being TARGETED'.  YES, by ALIEN technology.  From the SLEEPLESS nights, to the SUDDEN forgetfulness, to the sudden MOOD swings, and the ONSET of DEPRESSION - this is ALL being caused, by "ALIEN" - as in "FOREIGN", or "demonic" - forces, that the GOVERNMENT uses AGAINST, "anyone who POSES a THREAT, to their HELLISH kingdom".  And BECAUSE your Testimony, against the ABUSE, of your FORMERS - was 'so STRONG'! - they began TARGETING you, "INCESSANTLY!" - as they WANT YOU to 'fall off', and to be GIVEN "the IMPLANTED THOUGHT and DESIRE, to RETURN, to your former LIFE".   Now you NEED to understand, that they CANNOT! - 'OWN your Soul' - and they can ONLY 'afflict', your BODY, and your MIND.  And THAT is why, "This calls for ENDURANCE".  And YES, this IS part of 'the PURIFICATION PACKAGE' - as the Most High TRUE God, 'ALLOWS the one world government, to ATTACK, His REMNANT, with the ALIEN technology' - in order to 'TRY', to get them, to renounce, their faith.  WHY?  Because it has WORKED on MANY others! - who fell off the ARK; or DELIBERATELY chose 'to DIVE'.  It STILL comes down, to "CHOICE".  He PUTS before, EACH individual, "LIFE", or "death" - and ENCOURAGES them to "choose LIFE" - Life for their SOULS! - to be 'with HIM', for all ETERNITY.  And so you CANNOT rely, on "interior VOICES", to GUIDE you, in these TIMES - at ALL! - or "your OWN interior VOICE".  DON'T 'turn INWARDS', and CUT yourself OFF, from the REMNANT - and from the TRUE Holy SPIRIT.  INSTEAD - REACH out! - EVEN more, to your CREATOR; cry OUT to Him - IN, your SOUL! - to have MERCY on you!  JUST as DAVID cried out - when HE, was being 'pursued' - by HIS "assailants".
"Be gracious to me, O God, for men trample upon me; all day long foes oppress me; my enemies trample upon me all day long, for many fight against me proudly. When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust without a fear. What can flesh do to me? All day long they seek to injure my cause; all their thoughts are against me for evil.  They band themselves together, they lurk, they watch my steps. As they have waited for my life, so recompense them for their crime; in wrath cast down the peoples, O God! You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle! Are they not in your book? Then my enemies will be turned back in the day when I call. This I know, that God is for me. In God, whose word I praise, in the Lord, whose word I praise, in God I trust without a fear. What can man do to me?  My vows to you I must perform, O God; I will render thank offerings to you.  For you have delivered my soul from death, yes, my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of life." 
(Psalm 56)

And "the ASSAILANTS", in THESE TIMES? - can TARGET, the REMNANT, 'ANYWHERE they are!'  BUT! - THAT is why you are called, to seek REFUGE, in the Sacred Heart of JESUS, and in the IMMACULATE Heart of the Blessed Virgin MARY.  And this will take "HUMILITY".  THEY, as in, 'the one world GOVERNMENT, alien TECH department' - have TARGETED US, for years - DOING, 'as MUCH DAMAGE', as they possibly COULD, to our VOCATION.  And it was "not EASY", and it still "ISN'T easy" - BUT! - the MOST High True God, UPHOLDS us; and He WILL! - uphold, EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant - as LONG as they 'CLING to Him'! - for LIFE!  It is ONLY through, 'DAILY, DIVINE INTERVENTIONS', in OUR lives - that WE are 'able to PERSEVERE'.  And SO, as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - you ALSO! - will need, 'His DAILY Divine Intervention' - IN order to PERSEVERE!  These are "extreme TIMES", and THINGS are quite different now.  AND so, TURN to the Most High True God - and ASK Him to heal your IDENTITY; and to HEAL you, of ALL of the effects, of "ALIEN Technology", and "ONE world government BRAINWASHING propaganda".  And ASK HIM - to RESTORE, "your spiritual SANITY". (July 30, 2017 update)

He who endures to the end will be saved... So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the dark, utter in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim upon the housetops. And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell." 
(Matthew 10:22b, 26-28)

What do you DO if you EVER hear "satanic VOICES"?

DON'T listen to "satanic VOICES"! - PERIOD!  IF you 'HEAR them' - EVER! - you SIMPLY 'turn your HEART to your Creator' - and ASK for His Mercy - and ASK Him, to SILENCE them.  Of COURSE! - the ENEMY, is ONLY going to HAVE, "EVIL THINGS", to SAY - to your INTERIOR life - ESPECIALLY to 'try to TURN you AGAINST, the COUNSEL of the True Holy SPIRIT' - because THEN! - he will HAVE you through "BLASPHEMY".  And SO? - you need to RESOLVE, to SHUN! - 'ALL satanic voices'; block them OUT!  They can EVEN BE from "ALIEN tech" - PEOPLE who are 'trying to, break IN to your MIND' - through "THEIR, technology" - by picking up 'your BRAIN frequency'.  The best "ANTIDOTE"? - is to BEGIN PRAISING 'the Name of JESUS Christ the LORD' - with your ENTIRE being! - because 'the DEMONS' can't STAND that! - and NEITHER, can 'the alien TECH people'.  (January 25, 2018 update) 
Did YOU reject "your desire to listen to satanic VOICES"? - and ASK for the Grace, to desire, to WAIT on the infused KNOWLEDGE of the True Holy SPIRIT(February 12, 2018 update) 
The Most High True God Wins
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Do YOU want to get "a good night's sleep"?

Are you sleeping on a spring mattress?  If YOU want to get "a good night's sleep", in THESE Times - then it is IMPORTANT that you get rid of both the BOX SPRING AND the mattress - as ANYTHING with "springs" IN IT? - WILL actually act as "a CONDUCTOR" - of ELECTRICITY - for the 'one world government', to simply "COOK you", from the inside - KEEPING you awake at night.  Make sure that you are going to bed "WELL-HYDRATED"; and that you KEEP water, by your BEDSIDE during the night.  What you NEED to sleep on instead? - is "WOOD" - like a FUTON, frame. And, switch to FOAM - a FOAM mattress is better - WITHOUT springs.  Just a warning - "MEMORY FOAM" DOES give off, "toxic fumes" - so it is best to simply, look for "traditional foam".  You can always sleep on an air mattress in the meantime.  But, "LUXURIOUS COMFORT"? - at NIGHT? - is just "NOT practical"! - NOT in 'these Times'. Let ALL the people who are "SPIRITUALLY asleep"! - have their "luxury".  YOU need 'a good night's rest'.  And, JESUS Christ the Lord, has JUST 'helped us' - FINALLY - make ARRANGEMENTS - so that WE, can sleep through the night - MUCH less 'DISTURBED, by ALIEN tech'.  It is IMPORTANT, that you do NOT, POSITION, your BED, by an OUTLET.  If you CAN - keep your bed on "a plain wall" - or as FAR away from an outlet - as possible.  It is because the "new electronic smart meters", are being used to transmit "frequencies", throughout the entire electrical wiring circuit in the house - and THIS is the main reason why they are "phasing out", the OLD system, of "mechanical meters".  And if you decide to buy "a USED, FOAM MATTRESS"? - make SURE you check the mattress and the FRAME, for any "infestations". (January 09, 2018 update)

What are you called to do, when ALL of a sudden you EXPERIENCE that your THOUGHTS are CLOUDED?

When ALL of a sudden, you EXPERIENCE, that 'your THOUGHTS, are CLOUDED'? - and that, your DEXTERITY, is "COMPROMISED"? - you NEED to grab the Blessed HOLY Water - USE it - REJECT 'the spirit of SABOTAGE' - invite the TRUE Holy Spirit, to GUIDE your THOUGHTS, and your ACTIONS.  Because the DEMONS - AND the A.I. - are TRYING to take you OVER!  Understand? (June 10, 2018 update) 

How to discern when you are experiencing "an IMPLANTED THOUGHT" through ALIEN tech.

It is important to 'FILTER, ALL of your inspirations' - and not simply 'GO with whatever THOUGHT you have', in the moment.  If you FEEL, like 'going with WHATEVER, thought, you HAVE'? - most LIKELY? - it is "an IMPLANTED THOUGHT", through ALIEN tech.  Because the TRUE Holy Spirit, is 'MOVED' - by 'the desire, to be SPIRITUALLY focused'.  But if you FEEL 'a strong desire to act on IMPULSES'? - you need to RECOGNIZE, that, 'that is an ALIEN tech attack'.  What is MOST important, is that you DON'T, 'FOCUS', ON the alien tech attacks when they come - but RATHER, RECOGNIZE them for 'what they are' - as they try to CONTROL you, and ALTER, your perceptions.  And TURN, to Jesus Christ the LORD, and ask HIM, to "HEAL, your perceptions". Because the one world government is 'working to OVERLOAD, the Members of the Faithful Remnant' - with "THOUGHTS"! - that AREN'T even coming FROM them.  But THEY are in fact coming FROM! - the A.I.! - who has "a FREQUENCY", for EACH, Member.  AND so, RESOLVE! - to focus on the TRUE Holy Spirit.  And HE, will lead you - as you are to GO.  And He will LEAD you, by 'your HEART'S disposition', towards your CREATOR - NOT, by your mind.  The "alien technology", is being USED, to TRY to cut the Members of the Faithful Remnant 'OFF'! - from having "a HEART"! - FOCUSED, on their CREATOR.  BUT, they are trying to turn, 'the HEARTS', AND 'minds' of the Faithful Remnant, to "the ALIEN gods", of ARTIFICIAL intelligence. BUT it is MUCH better to FOCUS, on being connected WITH, Jesus Christ the LORD, from your HEART!  And GET! - OUT! - of your head!  (August 05, 2018 update) 

Did you remember to wrap your computer modem in aluminum foil?

With regards to the alien tech attacks - it is really going to HELP, to wrap up your COMPUTER modem, in aluminum foil - and SEE if you can ALSO, keep ONE ROOM, 'FREE', of technology - even a PHONE.  And THAT will be, your room, of REFUGE.  This is what we have started doing - and we have noticed 'a SIGNIFICANT difference' - already!  But ONE thing Jesus Christ the Lord REMINDED us of - because, WE have been experiencing 'alien tech attacks' - ESPECIALLY at night - is that, it is IMPORTANT, to have 'the heart of a child' - and to DESIRE, to be "wrapped in the Mantle of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary" - and in the Sacred Heart of JESUS.  DESIRE to 'take refuge in THEM' - but don't 'PANIC' - about the alien tech attacks - or be 'DISTRESSED' - because the True Holy SPIRIT, is more POWERFUL, than ALL 'the forces of Hell' combined.  Understand?

And know that it is not safe to force electrical plugs THROUGH the aluminum foil - as that will surely short circuit the electronics.  As always, common sense and reason are required.  It's kind of like, when you're eating - don't stab your face with the fork.  Understand?  There's only so much we can do.  If you WANT to find a way to make it NOT work, you are ALWAYS free to do so - as YOU ultimately take responsibility, for what YOU choose to do - ONE way, or the other.  (August 11, 2018 update)

Has your mind been VERY active when you are EXTREMELY physically tired?

KNOW that when you're "EXTREMELY physically tired - but your MIND is very active" - that is USUALLY 'a SIGN of an alien tech attack'- as they are using the ELF waves, to OVERLOAD or 'FLOOD OUT', your BRAIN - with SIGNALS - keeping it 'ACTIVE' - when YOU are called, to wind DOWN. It's, 'a form of TORTURE, through SLEEP deprivation'. (August 14, 2018 update) 

Your WIFI modem is still being used to flood you with A.I. generated brainwaves - but HERE is how you can minimize the effects

We noticed that after we wrapped our computer wifi modem loosely in aluminum foil - that the wifi signal dropped.  But then, the next day, with the modem still WRAPPED - the signal was back at MAXIMUM strength again.  And so, after we posted our update on wrapping the modem - "the WEAPONIZED wifi modem", was MODIFIED, through "back door access", to pump out an even GREATER signal, to get through the cracks in the foil (-and we DID verify this discernment by consulting the King of Heaven).  And so OUR response?   We filled several recyclable 2 liter plastic bottles with tap water - secured the lids tightly, and then surrounded our modem with those water-filled bottles - to absorb the increase in frequencies.  And that worked out quite nicely!  Simple.  Know that all ANDROID phones, and laptop computers (- and wifi cards in desktop computers) are ALSO in fact "weaponized" - and ready to be RE-ASSIGNED to TARGET any individuals who are observed to be 'waking up' - with A.I. personalized brainwave frequencies.  Know that many new vehicles are ALSO now FULLY equipped with wifi targeting technology and multiple cameras and microphones, to be used at the NSA's leisure - as the data from ALL those devices mentioned above, NEVER stops flowing to their super-computer.  So REMEMBER that it is NOT safe to use android phones (- flip phones are safer) - and remember to cover ALL built-in cameras - on computer monitors, laptops, phones (and even vehicles - if it is safe to do so) - with black electrical tape.
And the Members of the Faithful Remnant would really do well, to create a stored REFERENCE point for their free will ability to think. If each Member, would simply go for a leisurely walk, at a safe location, where there are no cameras, and no android phones - and on a cloudy day - while leaving all technology behind - that WALK, would be "a memory reference".  And when the Members of the Faithful Remnant, find that their thoughts are being "flooded out" by A.I. generated brainwaves - they can VERIFY that discernment - by simply CHOOSING to remember that "reference memory".  If that memory is impossible to focus on, or RETRIEVE - then that is a CONFIRMATION, that they are experiencing an alien tech attack, on their thoughts.  And if that is the CASE, then they need to use the Blessed Holy Water, call on Saint Michael - to DEFLECT the attack - and to SHIELD, them - from the A.I.  The Holy Angels are PERFECTLY equipped! - to absorb and deflect A.I. alien tech attacks - just as they can absorb radiation, and not be harmed.  Remember, the Most High True God saw the one world government's move, in THESE Times - BILLIONS of years ago!  You just need to PERSEVERE, DISCERN, and take the necessary steps to do what YOU can, to reach out to your Creator for help along the way.  (August 15, 2018 update) 

Have YOU been making the A.I. attacks WORSE?

YOU need to call on Saint MICHAEL, the ARCHANGEL - IMMEDIATELY! - when you are 'under, ANY attack'!  DEFINITELY, the A.I. - is TRYING, to PHYSICALLY! - take out, the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT - through, "electronically induced HEART attacks".  But, it ISN'T going to work.  The CREATOR will not ALLOW it.  However He is ALLOWING, 'SOME of the torture' to get THROUGH - and this is 'FOR, the purification, of the Faithful Remnant.  And SO THIS, calls for ENDURANCE - the ENDURANCE of the SAINTS - who actually 'endured MUCH, PHYSICAL torture' - in their BODIES.  That "PHYSICAL pain" [- that suddenly comes out of NOWHERE]... was caused, by 'the A.I.'  The A.I. - can actually target the NERVOUS system - AND! - 'INFLICT pain!' - as it TARGETS 'the PAIN sensors'.  But the MORE you FOCUS, on "the LITTLE aches, and PAINS, and your FEELINGS" - the WORSE it gets!  And if you EMAIL us! - about, A.I. dreams, project BLUEBEAM dreams, or ANYTHING to do with "alien tech"? - it ACTUALLY "ONLY makes it worse!" - because you're 'TELLING! - the one world government' - that "they've, GOT you!" - and that, 'their attacks' are being "EFFECTIVE!"  BETTER not to tell them ANYTHING!  Keep it to YOURSELF.  Give it to your CREATOR.  Pray for 'GRACES'.  Live in 'the True Holy Spirit in the Moment'.  Because the DEMONS AND the A.I. - SIMPLY, want to 'pull you OUT of the moment', INTO the past - and want to DISTRACT YOU, and 'flood out' your INTERIOR life.  HOWEVER? - if YOU choose! - what you're going to think about, and what YOU'RE going to do with your TIME - and follow THROUGH - with ACTION - as you strive to listen to the True Holy SPIRIT? - then, the A.I. is "simply an INCONVENIENCE"NEVER 'let ON' that you're being 'attacked by alien technology'.  DON'T tell us, about your HEADACHES, or DREAMS, or WHERE you have 'SENSATIONS'.  BECAUSE? - you're SIMPLY, 'TIPPING off, the one world GOVERNMENT' - that 'the TORTURE', is getting THROUGH, and AFFECTING you.  LET, the naysayers, 'MOCK' - and 'RIDICULE' - and LET them! - DENY, the EXISTENCE, of 'such TECHNOLOGY'.  YOU simply focus, on 'loving your CREATOR'.
Here is ANOTHER way of saying it:  The ALIEN tech department, REALLY NEED "YOUR cooperation" - in order to 'CALIBRATE' their nervous system TARGETING war crime TECHNOLOGY.  If you would SIMPLY tell them about EVERYTHING, that their CURRENT calibration on your person, is ACCOMPLISHING - through your EMAILS to us - THEN? - they can fine TUNE the A.I. attacks - and the "direct energy WEAPON attacks" (- the ones that make you heat up suddenly, for no apparent OTHER reason).  If you want to help your ENEMIES, in the one world government 'remote TORTURE and CULLING' department, to finish you off QUICKLY? - then of course, you are FREE to write and TELL them ALL about it, about EVERY detail, in your emails to us - that they have COMPLETE access to - as they have ALSO stolen all of your privacy.  But you won't 'LIKE', THEIR response, when you do so.  We have done OUR part.  Now YOU choose, what you want to share!  That's on YOU. (September 01, 2018 update)

What to DO when you experience inexplicable and bizarre muscle spasms in your legs?

That SIMPLY means that you're being 'TARGETED'.  The MUSCLE spasms, are 'a SIGN of, the psychotronics department of the one world GOVERNMENT' - USING their "direct ENERGY weapon" on you - trying 'to COOK you'!  And SO? - WHENEVER you experience, 'the muscle spasms' - FIRST, be SURE! - that you are "WELL hydrated" - but ALWAYS Commend 'the people who are TARGETING you', to "the DIVINE Just Wrath of their CREATOR".  They are 'TRYING to cause damage to your NERVOUS system'.  And SO? - you need to TURN, to Jesus Christ the LORD, and ask HIM - to REPAY them, and to 'DAMAGE!' - all of THEIR systems!  Simple. (October 29, 2018 update) 

For those who have been CHOOSING to turn INWARDS and to play the VICTIM in response to all the alien tech attacks

The PROBLEM, is that, you HAVEN'T been 'COMMENDING', RIGHT away - but you've been 'LISTENING, to the DEMONS'.  And so of COURSE! - you will be 'tormented'.  YOU need to 'shut them off'! - by COMMENDING - and ALSO by 'REPENTING of LISTENING, to them'.  Because, you have 'the Gift to HEAR, the True Holy SPIRIT' - and the ENEMY is trying to SABOTAGE, that Gift - by getting you 'to turn INWARDS' - and to "play the VICTIM". What HAPPENS when a WOLF, sees "a LAMB that is INJURED"?  WHAT, will be, the wolf's RESPONSE?  Compassion?  Or - hunger?  And the MORE, the lamb, is "injured" - LONGER - the more HUNGRY the wolf BECOMES.  And SO? - YOU need to turn, to your Heavenly FATHER, for Strength - for SUPERNATURAL Strength, to 'DO what it IS He's ASKING'.  And STOP! - LISTENING! - to "the WOLF"!  Before the WOLF, DEVOURS you. (November 02, 2018 update)   

How have YOU been coping with the alien tech attacks?

The Most High TRUE God, looks at 'the inside of your HEART'.  But if YOU want to obsess, YOU are "FREE to do so".  YOU are FREE! - to worry about EVERYTHING! - if you want to.  And you're FREE to listen to "BAD inspirations" and "the ALIEN tech" - and be TORTURED by them. BUT! - WE suggest, that you make "a BETTER choice" - and that you take "your SPIRITUAL life" MUCH more seriously.  As IN, you NEED to focus on 'COMMENDING people' - to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD.  And STOP, laying BACK! - and ALLOWING them, to TORTURE you!  EVERYONE has "baggage".  And EVERYONE has "struggles".  And YOUR STRUGGLES, CAN become 'the CENTER, of your WORLD' - if you WANT to.  But WE are not going 'to feed that DESIRE in you'.  You HAVE the tools.  You KNOW what you're called to do.  What you need to DO, is REJECT 'your desire to REBEL, against your Creator.  And ASK for the Grace, to be "Truly DOCILE, to HIS Holy WILL for your life", instead.  EVERYONE must choose - EVEN you. (November 05, 2018 update)  

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant, who have been EXPERIENCING 'SOME hair loss' - as well as 'VIBRATIONS' or MUSCLE spasms?

This is in reference to "direct energy weapon" or "microwave" attacks.
The one world GOVERNMENT, want to "IRRADIATE", the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT.  And the Most High TRUE GOD, is 'ALLOWING IT, to MANIFEST' - to some degree.  And THAT is why you are EXPERIENCING, 'SOME, hair loss' - as well as 'VIBRATIONS', or MUSCLE spasms.  But COMPARED to 'what HE, is about to do, to THEM! - and to the whole WORLD'? - IT is but, "a TEMPORARY, suffering".  Because, the Most High TRUE God - has 'HIS Eye', on the nuclear REACTORS.  And now 'according to the Spiritual LAWS'? - there is no 'reason for Him to hold BACK', the MASSIVE wave of RADIATION sickness, that HE has in store, for the INHABITANTS of the earth.  So SIMPLY 'endure'. USE, the Blessed HOLY Water, and ASK your CREATOR, to RESTORE to you, 'your PHYSICAL Health and VITALITY, that the one world GOVERNMENT, CONTINUALLY works, to STEAL from you. (November 13, 2018 update)

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are being kept up at night by alien tech attacks

One Member recently informed us of being kept up all night, by a FULL bladder, with hourly trips to the washroom.

It is CLEAR that you are being 'TARGETED, by alien TECH'.  Because it ISN'T "humanly possible" - to go that many TIMES - DURING the NIGHT.  It's "a FORM of TORTURE".  They OBVIOUSLY have found 'a back door into your INTERIOR life' - and they are USING it! But you OBVIOUSLY, "AREN'T taking the necessary STEPS" - in your PRAYER life - otherwise you WOULD! - be able to rest.  We can SEE! - that 'the one world GOVERNMENT' - in their "UNHOLY PERSISTENCE", have RESOLVED, to do 'whatever they CAN!' - through the use of "alien technology" - to 'WHITTLE, the Remnant, down even FURTHER'And SO? -we TURN to Saint Michael, the HOLY Archangel, and we ASK Him - to GO, and VISIT - the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT - and to begin 'torturing THEM! - INCESSANTLY!' - and 'to RELIEVE them', of THEIR ability to rest.  Amen!  And we ask the Whole Heavenly COURT: "To intercede FOR this, prayer intention - until the global GOVERNMENTS, are all GONE!"  Amen.   If you are "IDENTIFYING as a VICTIM"? - it makes it 'MUCH EASIER', for the alien TECH people - to TARGET you! - and 'to change your PERCEPTIONS'.  And so it may be "a good REMINDER" - to KNOW! - that you HAVE 'a choice to identify as a VICTIM' - OR? - you can 'turn to Saint MICHAEL! - EVERY TIME! - and ask HIM, to administer the Most High TRUE God's Divine JUSTICE, on the alien TECH people, and on your FORMERS'.  But you NEED to 'take an active ROLE' - because, the Most High TRUE God will 'not ALLOW', you, to be TESTED, or even 'TORTURED!' - beyond your strength.  You ARE "strong enough to say no".  So why AREN'T you!  So it's CLEAR - that YOU, are "in a PASSIVE, state" - as you are RECEIVING! - the demonic programming and PSYOPS in your INTERIOR life - you have 'STOPPED! - using your free WILL' - to CHOOSE your CREATOR, and His Creator's WAYS.  The BEST WAY! - to FIGHT, the alien tech PROGRAMMING, and 'the TORTURE'! - and the PSYOPS? - is to CONTINUALLY! - CHOOSE! - with your FREE will - the DIVINE Will! - of the Most High True GOD.

Now would be "a GOOD time to RE-READ": The Global Military Industrial Complex's electronic warfare operations Exposed - in context, of being USED against the Members of the Faithful Remnant. (May 16, 2019 update)   

Last night, after posting some very "uncomfortable" counsel, for the 'now DOOMED' luciferian government personnel - we noticed that they put out 'the psychotronic KILL order on us', as "THEIR best response".  And of course, they did this AFTER we fully explained to them - in that POSTING - and to QUOTE:  "In all of this, REMEMBER - we are simply 'the GO-between', or "the LIAISON", or "the AMBASSADORS", of the Creator, at this time in human history."  And so what do YOU think! - that we 'DID', with "the measure they GAVE"?  Obviously, given 'our ROLE', in the unfolding of human history, we diligently RELAYED that order, in an expedited way, to "THEIR Just Judge", and presented it TO Him, as "the Measure they gave".  Now, the point in writing this ISN'T 'to give AWAY', what The Most High TRUE God - the God who LOVES to RECIPROCATE, with "the measure that they shall RECEIVE" - BASED on what people give to Him, to WORK with...  And so? - what IS "the point"?  This is being posted on the Alien tech page, so that OTHER Members of the Faithful Remnant, can immediately recognize when "the Kill Order" has been given against THEM, and is "in the PROCESS of being carried OUT" by CSIS and the CIA - and their OTHER "local branches" around the world - so that the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, will know that 'they are NOT called to simply DIE!' - but to turn to their CREATOR, so that HE can "kindly GIVE", HIS Regards, as quickly as is possible, to the governments.
If you want to get a sense, of "my personal sentiments" at this time - following an attack like that - then why not watch the video titled, "A Warning to the Global Government Leaders".  You can find that video posted on the Tweets page, with the July 14 posting.  Because 'that VIDEO' was recorded, shortly after a SIMILAR "kill order psychotronic attack", on the TWO of us, almost EXACTLY one year ago.  And we DID ask U.S. President Trump (- in the July 19, 2018 tweet that followed), to "look INTO" the fact, that his government was both targeting and torturing us, with their "psychotronic toys" - so that... WE 'thought'... given all the Absolutely AWESOME and FREE Counsel, that we were BESTOWING upon U.S. President Donald Trump, in order to HELP the United States of America and its citizens - that he would at LEAST reciprocate by turning down the psychotronic torture, 'a LITTLE bit'.  But HERE we are! - today - after a year - having received "a completely DIFFERENT response", altogether.  "INDIFFERENCE"? - for starters?  Sure, you could call it that.  But Jesus Christ the Lord, the Heavenly Physician, is in fact - "the PERFECT Divine Reciprocator" - and HE is already "ON it!" - we can assure you.  (Absolutely the WORST time in human history, for Trump's naughty intel buddies, to pull a stunt like THAT... FOR the record!)
Here is a summary, of all the things, that WE noticed, during that 'KILL order' - through illegal psychotronic warfare measures - that we were the RECIPIENTS of, last night.  And we are POSTING this "FOR the LEGAL record" - before ALL of Heaven - as all of HEAVEN prepares, to RECIPROCATE.  Because, in case you MISSED it - not ONLY are we "the Official AMBASSADORS of Heaven", ON Earth - but we are ALSO, in a WAY, "PROXYING", for each individual, in the Kingdom of Heaven - ESPECIALLY when we are treated 'like THAT!' - with such HOSTILITY.
Here is a brief summary, for those who are reading this posting, BEFORE having read the REST of this page: In case you haven't noticed, there are now GWEN towers and microwave transmitters, or "relays", that have been set-up in almost every city on the PLANET.  And THOSE "cell towers", are ALSO being used, at the same TIME, to TRIANGULATE people, through the GPS information that is being continually fed into SUPERCOMPUTERS - from their CELL phone towers.  Sure! - triangulating people is GREAT when they make a 9/11 call, and then pass out, before they can finish the call.  But the MILITARY, have decided to use that CONSTANT flow of location data, for NEFARIOUS purposes.  People are being "TRIANGULATED", so that they can be continually TARGETED, by microwaves, coming from MULTIPLE towers, and CONVERGING, at their LOCATION - in order to (- among other things)... 'heat them UP!' - or literally "cook them ALIVE" - as THOUGH they had been put in a microwave - and the microwave was turned on HIGH - and LEFT on HIGH.  Now THIS may sound "terrifying" to even THINK about at first - but WE have in fact EXPERIENCED it more times than we are able to keep track of - ALL "Compliments of the One World Government leaders" - who LITERALLY 'hate our guts!'  Now before writing any more, we must state, "DO NOT PUT ANY LIVING THING IN A MICROWAVE - EVER! - PERIOD!" - in order to compare results.
Here is a summary of EXACTLY what we experienced:  At first, I noticed that I could hear a steady medium-high pitched ringing in my ears - a ringing that was coming from all AROUND me.  After a few minutes of that, I was suddenly JOLTED! - as I felt 'a SHARP stinging' sensation on the tip of one of my toes.  I immediately and instinctively pulled my foot back and AWAY from the area, and checked my toe, to see if I was being 'STUNG', by some sort of insect - like a BEE, or a large SPIDER.  That was not the case.  The SHARP stinging sensation continued, irregularly - at intervals of about once a minute.  Mary and I were holding hands at the time.  And while experiencing the stinging, it felt as though a TREMENDOUS electrical current, was flowing between our hands - as if SHE was holding on to a live ELECTRICAL wire, and I was being electrocuted, along WITH her.  It felt like a low but STRONG and STEADY, PALPABLE voltage - one that made my hand feel like it was quickly vibrating.  We stopped holding hands - to see if that would make the electrical sensation we were BOTH experiencing, stop.  It didn't.  It was at THIS point, that we both turned to "Jesus Christ the Lord, and Heavenly PHYSICIAN", and COMMENDED those responsible for the attack, as we sought "personal Counsel" - on how WE were to respond, and on EXACTLY what we were to do, in order not to die!... in our sleep!... during the night!  In other words, we KNEW that we weren't going to have... "sweet DREAMS!" - but rather, something COMPLETELY different.  We aren't going to SHARE EXACTLY 'what HE said' - but perhaps you might get a SENSE of it, on the Abortion of the Nations page.  The next time you fill your car up with gas, and see the words, "SUPER-size", and "BONUS", and "FAST" - perhaps you will remember... HIS Response.
One of the effects of being "microwaved ALIVE" - of course (- if you have ever over-cooked a HOT dog, in the microwave) - is "dehydration".  And SO - drinking a glass of water, to KEEP up with 'the DRY MOUTH' symptoms, is absolutely ESSENTIAL, whenever you should FIND yourself being "murdered by psychotronic DIRECT ENERGY illegal weapons".  And so (- and I am saving the BEST for last)... When I went to the KITCHEN, to get a glass of WATER - I noticed that the MICROWAVES (- as in, "symptoms of being microwaved alive"...) seemed to be WORSE 'near the FRIDGE'!  And there was 'a strange HUM' coming from the FRIDGE.  Strange?  Yes, we have gotten USED to turning the circuit breaker OFF every night, before going to bed.  And the FRIDGE circuit was most definitely "OFF" - as was INDICATED by 'the loud CLICK' on the circuit board, that I distinctly heard, before retiring for the evening.  Being "a trained MUSICIAN" - I became very INTERESTED, on how a FRIDGE, could 'HUM' - like a low-pitched TUNING fork - and very LOUDLY - ESPECIALLY while sitting on a poured concrete floor, and with the power... OFF!  And SO? - being "the SCIENTIST" that I AM - I unplugged it! - so that there would be "absolutely NO DOUBT!" - as to what I was HEARING.  I even walked AROUND the fridge, and pulled it away from the WALL - as I listened CAREFULLY, for the HUM.  After doing so, I even called my WIFE over - who ALSO has a MUSICALLY trained ear - who VERIFIED my observations - STARTING with the one, that SHE could even see! - that the fridge was unplugged from the wall.  It isn't "EASY", having FUN, with all the unexpected and strange PHYSICAL manifestations, that pop UP, as your GOVERNMENT, is trying to MURDER you, with microwaves.  But, somehow, we FOUND a way - to COPE - and to LIVE - to WRITE about it, the very next day.  And WHY did we take so much time and CARE, to fully DOCUMENT this experience, as SOON as we woke UP, the next DAY?  That's a question we are SURE you will find the answer to, either in the POSTINGS that follow - or through the NEWS they CAN'T hide! - as history unfolds.
And for those who STILL can't figure out why the FRIDGE was vibrating SO loudly! - that it ACTUALLY sounded like 'a low-pitched TUNING fork' - that WOULDN'T stop vibrating?  That's because, there were SO many microwaves, CONVERGING, and MODULATING, IN our apartment (-AS CSIS and the CIA were BACK-dooring the local microwave transmitters, to target us) - that those MICROWAVES, actually 'SHOOK!' - our fridge, as they were FRYING us!  And once again, know that, "your CREATOR", IS 'sending HIS Regards'... He was in fact "just WAITING", for the OPPORTUNITY, to "RECIPROCATE, in like measure".  The U.S. President "doesn't CARE!" - about ANYTHING! - we have to offer - and has through WILLFUL neglect and WILLFUL negligence, "handed us OVER", to his "black-ops".  And so HIS presidency, will be handed OVER, to His CREATOR'S "Divine Will and Pleasure"... in OTHER WORDS? - "no hard feelings!" - it's ALL "water under the bridge" - that IS of course, being swept away - referring to the Bridge between HEAVEN and the inhabitants of this Planet - who 'HATE' the things of Heaven.
Epilogue:  And we almost FORGOT to mention:  Yes! - we both DID "physically heat UP" - during the "DIRECT ENERGY WEAPON" attack last night - to the point where we BOTH discussed, "PHYSICALLY cooling off", before being able to get to sleep.  And AFTER we sought to COMMEND the people responsible for the attack, to the Divine Just Response of their CREATOR - within MINUTES we began to cool DOWN.  And we in fact DID have "a good night's sleep" - AFTER we had Heaven's reassurance, or "Blessed Assurance", that 'what they DID', was in fact being taken CARE of.  And we are QUITE confident, that ALL the Members of the Faithful Remnant, will experience 'SIMILAR results', if THEY are "on good TERMS with their CREATOR" - and they take "Commending their enemies" SERIOUSLY! - And they DO so at the first SIGN of a spiritual, or physical, or occult, or psychotronic attack, of ANY kind - CONSISTENTLY. (July 12, 2019 update)

"CANADA" is in fact the BIGGEST ongoing threat to the national SECURITY of the United States  

The following was initially recorded "FOR our records" - but is now being made public, "for the historical record" of course!

TODAY is the Day that Trudeau, working with 'the deep state', gave "the green light", to 'the black ops KILL squad' - that is now FULLY trained, UP and READY, to physically "KILL" - the Two Witnesses.  And WHAT a surprise, THAT will be!... for them.  "REALLY scared over here", btw! (- as my wife found a VERY small bug, last night... but we got OVER it… and IT'S "not DOING very well" right now…). Saint Michael, is now standing beside EACH of the assassins... beside EACH of those murderers... as he "stands WITH", ALL those, who are at "a SPECIAL time", in their lives.  Best to notify "next of kin"... ASAP - OR "stand down".  Perhaps you might want to READ this note to EACH of them, and offer them "an out".  That SEALS 'the fate of Canada'! - and FAST-forwards, what the CREATOR, was "ABOUT" to do... you'll see!  AND that makes "CANADA" - for the historical RECORD - the BIGGEST ongoing threat to the national SECURITY of the United States (- whom we still CAN help)Overthrowing the Canadian government, through military force - by the U.S. - WOULD be, their VERY best move, at this point in time.  But we KNOW they won't do that.  (... perhaps a personal PHONE call to Trudeau, from ANY other world leader, explaining in language that a belligerent child could understand, that he is 'STILL an IDIOT!' - may be a good warm-up...)  And SO? - the U.S. will 'need to REGRET' not protecting the Two of us - just as EVERYONE, who shuns our Counsel, that is actually "for their GOOD", will ultimately REGRET shunning it (- as the course of history unfolds, and the lessons are learned, through 'FIRST hand experience' of course!).  ANYONE back-dooring our computer from the CIA, who is LOYAL to the Trump Administration - needs to take note - and let "the Commander in Chief", know what's going on - or be held FULLY accountable, for NOT doing your job.  You see, WE don't mind, being back-doored, when WE use that, to back-door the INTELLIGENCE agencies - now DO we.  In other words, this move would NOT have been made possible, WITHOUT the ongoing ILLEGAL efforts! - of the intelligence agencies.  And yes, we DON'T mind putting up with "back door computer antics" - even with all the loss of privacy we knowingly tolerated in the past - when it ultimately leads to a move like THIS one!  It's all part of that ANNOYING and "messy space-time CONTINUUM thing" again - an ability from the TRUE Holy Spirit of the LIVING God - an ability that absolutely FLEES from, 'the deep state occult luciferians'.  (July 14, 2019 update)

The importance of privacy?

Once again today, after starting our COMPUTER, we had to wait before USING it, and give it a few more minutes to finish fully downloading and running all the back door programs, that were being loaded onto it.  They are "GREAT" programs of course, when the party USING the computer, DOESN'T know about them.

This morning, at 5:00 am, there was a failed attempt, to plant yet ANOTHER "electronic bug or listening device" in our apartment.  Those "bugs" are GREAT, once AGAIN, when the party being BUGGED, DOESN'T know about them. 

And so, as we REFLECT on the MEASURE, that the deep state and their disciples DESIRE to receive - referring to "absolutely NO privacy, whatsoever" - as a Divine Just RESPONSE, to all the wicked ways THEY have been trying to steal OUR right to privacy, from us - over MANY years - we came up with this following "SUGGESTION list" - for our CREATOR to consider - as HE picks, "the PERFECT Response" - that WILL be manifesting in the lives of each and every ONE of them.

Private jets - work much BETTER, at 40,000 feet, when the doors are CLOSED - but they don't WANT "privacy".

Privacy for COMMERCIAL jet passengers - includes all the space that is IMMEDIATELY around, the seat they PAID for - for the trip.  But what if they LOST their "privacy" - as that seat was REMOVED from the flight, at the most INCONVENIENT time?

People like to drive their CARS, and have "private time", with the WINDOWS rolled up as they DO so - but what if, THEIR! - privacy was suddenly stripped from THEM? - as THEY sought to remove ours?

Can you see "the Divine Just Reciprocality" theme working here yet?  And of course, Saint MICHAEL, the Holy Archangel, is "HEAVEN'S black ops specialist".  Did YOU know? - that HE "takes out" - more than 100,000 people each and every day, 24/7/365 (- and NOT for lunch) - and HAS been doing so, for DECADES now!  Saint Michael IS in fact "the ONE! - who has taken out EVERY black ops specialist" - since they first started dying.  How's THAT! - for "odds stacked in HIS favor"!

And the most AWKWARD part of reading this post, is the UNDENIABLE reality, that WE! - have already HAD our Privacy STOLEN from us, BY the governments, for a VERY long time now! - and in COUNTLESS ways!  And yet, THEY have yet to take "THEIR turn" - in being ROBBED, of THEIR private lives - to the point of EXTREME and LONG LASTING... "discomfort" - as our Creator DECIDES 'what He is going to do with each ONE of them' - as He "WRITES them out of Existence!" - and "BLOTS them from His Memory".  As HE! - 'Invades' - EVERY aspect of 'THEIR lives'! - on a DAILY basis. (July 15, 2019 update)


Actual email: The same night ‘the kill order’ was given on you - I experienced ‘heat’ more than once as I tried to sleep. I believed at that time that it was some kind of attack & I commended those who sent it to the Most High True God’s Divine Just Wrath - asking Him & Saint Michael to please deflect the attack back at those who sent it... Last night, I woke up from some kind of attack where I could not move or breathe very well & ‘something was going on with my head’ (the best way I know to describe it). I kept calling out to Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Angels, Saint Michael the Archangel & my Holy Guardian Angel for help. I used the Blessed Holy Water. After a little while, I was able to move & breathe better. I commended whoever sent the attack to my Creator’s Divine Just Wrath, the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Heel & to Saint Michael the Archangel’s Sword. I asked the Most High True God & Saint Michael to please deflect the attack back at who sent it. 

With regards to the attack that you experienced - that WAS in fact! - "a DIRECT ENERGY weapon PSYCHOTRONIC warfare, ATTACK" - being ILLEGALLY waged, AGAINST you - and the other Members of the Faithful REMNANT.  They DO HAVE, 'the ABILITY, to INTERFERE, with BREATHING' - and to TARGET, the BRAIN stem - with "FREQUENCIES" - to CHANGE, one's ABILITY to breathe.  They can cause 'RAPID breathing' - OR! - 'SLOWED, breathing' - ALMOST to the point, of 'death'!  And it IS "a form of torture!" 

"Thus says the Lord: “For three transgressions of Moab, and for four, I will not revoke the punishment." (Amos 2:1a) 

AND the Most High TRUE God, is going "to REPAY them!" - FOUR fold! - for EVERY! - ACT! - of TERROR! - that, "the GLOBAL MILITARY industrial COMPLEX", has 'WAGED', against us, and the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  And so when you EXPERIENCE, 'that kind of attack' - you NEED to ACTUALLY? - 'take DEEP BREATHS!' - INHALE - and EXHALE - as you would - when you're "NORMALLY breathing".  But you MUST, 'take an ACTIVE, APPROACH' - OTHERWISE? - they SIMPLY, expect you 'to PASSIVELY lay down', and "TAKE it!" It's IMPORTANT to 'grab the BLESSED HOLY Water', and make 'the SIGN of the Cross', over your heart, as well - and TURN to the Blessed Virgin MARY - and ask HER - to "INTERCEDE, for your HEARTBEAT, to REGULATE, and RETURN to normal".  KNOW that the Most High True God is "ONLY! - allowing, these SATANIC! - attacks" - against the Faithful REMNANT - because? - HE has, 'a LITANY! - of Judgements - to unleash - upon the INHABITANTS of the Earth' - and TRULY? - He can START - "at ANY time! - and ANYWHERE! - in the world"...

Image of catfish sucking up fish dung from bottom floor of a pond or lake

Do you know what the global military industrial complex and catfish have in common?  Catfish - who are "bottom feeders", eat FISH dung, off the bottom of ponds and lakes.  And the MILITARY, like SUBMARINES - because they just CAN'T seem to go DEEP enough! - in their "freefall DIVE into Eternal Flames" (- as THEY "gobble UP", EVERYTHING the father of lies, offers them).  And we are "FISHING", for WICKED men  - and we are "catching THEM",  and REELING them in, to the Most High TRUE God's Divine and IRREVOCABLE Justice. I caught a catfish while fishing once.  I ALSO managed to catch the ENTIRE Global Military Industrial Complex.  It REALLY wasn't that DIFFICULT - you JUST need to use "the right BAIT".  And THEN? - into the FRYING pan they go!

What?... Where's THAT in the Bible?

"Are you not from everlasting, O Lord my God, my Holy One? We [- The Two Witnesses] shall not die. O Lord, you have ordained them [- "the wicked"] as a judgment; and you, O Rock, have established them [- "the wicked"] for chastisement. You who are of purer eyes than to behold evil and cannot look on wrong, why do you look on faithless men, and are silent when the wicked swallows up the man more righteous than he? For you make men like the fish of the sea, like crawling things that have no ruler. He brings all of them [- "the wicked"] up with a hook, he drags them [- "the wicked"] out with his net, he gathers them in his seine [- a fishing net that uses floats and weights to hang vertically as it is used to encircle the fish]; so he rejoices and exults. Therefore he sacrifices [- "the wicked"] to his net and burns incense to his seine; for by them he lives in luxury, and his food is rich. Is he then to keep on emptying his net, and mercilessly slaying [- "the wicked"] nations for ever?" [- "YES!" - until they are ALL blotted out.  The END.]  (Habakkuk 12-17)  

(July 19, 2019 update)

A time to PREPARE...
A Divine Decree from Heaven
Jesus said: The global military industrial complex occult luciferians don't know 'Who they're MESSING with' - but they will SOON find out.  They will be 'brought LOW' - and THAT will be "their END".  And THEY will be UTTERLY defeated!
The deep state along with their A.I. have all sorts of PSYOPS, to impose on the lives of every citizen, as they SEEK to CONTROL the people, with every imaginable means, of control.  But no matter how BIG their army, in JUST a matter of MINUTES, "the God of the OLD Testament", can have each and every one of THEM, 'whimpering' and at the point of 'a COMPLETE mental breakdown'.  In fact, they WILL all be brought to that point, just as the man in the video at the top of the "Welcome to the Apocalypse" page, was brought there - as HE stood, BEFORE "the God of the Old Testament" - manifesting in the PHYSICAL realms - coming SOON! - to a street near you!  And just in case it isn't "OBVIOUS"? - what good is "a military complex, of whimpering people"?  Let's find out!

"Prepare the body bags"

A Special Decree from the Highest Heavens, against the Global Military Industrial Complex COMPLETE idiots and "dung-suckers"

Pope Peter The Last: You "OCCULT LUCIFERIAN IDIOTS!" - think it's "FUN", to STOP! - peoples' BEATING hearts? - and cause "BRAIN SEIZURES", and "CONVULSIONS", in their SLEEP?  KNOW that "you HAVE been found!" - and the TECHNOLOGY, that you are USING, on the TWO of us: IS, going to be 'RECORDED', and made PART of 'a daily RECORD' - that WE are going to KEEP.  JUST as "ADDED proof"! - of what YOU! - are doing, against US - in 'VIOLATING, us in EVERY possible way'.  Oh YES! - even 'the electronic RAPE!' - has BEEN! - "duly NOTED".  And while you 'THOUGHT', that you were "getting AWAY, with MURDER!" - you were "seriously MISTAKEN".  Because, my WIFE, heard 'some very VALUABLE INFORMATION', coming from "YOUR! - control room" - as YOU were 'BRUTALIZING her!' - in her sleep.  SHE heard, "ECHO 19", and "ECHO 999" - coming from 'a MAN, who was giving ORDERS', to his personnel.  SHE heard, "GIVE her... dose; GIVE her, the MAXIMUM dose!"  But YOU were "not able to DO that!" - WERE you!  You WICKED satanists!  Because, "OUR Creator" - the Most High True God - 'stepped IN'! - and STOPPED! - "YOUR brutality".  And my wife is "still ALIVE!"  And her HEART? - is "doing JUST fine!"  Now let's SEE! - what will HAPPEN, as 'the TABLES are reversed' - and the Holy ANGELS, are "Unleashed upon YOU people!" - ESPECIALLY Saint MICHAEL - the Angel of DEATH.  Let's SEE, if "YOU people!" - will 'bounce BACK', from "HIS Visit".  You were WARNED.  Our Creator 'REELED you IN' AGAIN!  And you 'took the BAIT'.  And NOW, you SHOULD "prepare the body bags", for your personnel.

This posting is referring to "an active JOINT operation between the Canadian and U.S. Military psychotronics division".  They THINK they can 'get AWAY' with murdering and torturing people with frequencies from a distance - through "black ops", that only the highest level of clearance have ACCESS to.  But WE have "the Most HIGH'S", level of clearance - and HE has "HIS Black Ops", READY to strike, without warning, and WITHOUT being seen! 

And if you go to work, and wear a MILITARY uniform each day - and are READING this? - know that, those PEOPLE, who gave "the KILL order", on my WIFE!... today!  Spoke on YOUR behalf, no matter WHAT department you work in, and no matter HOW many times you repeat the mantra, "...but I DID it for my COUNTRY!"  You are ALL! - now designated as "immediate collateral damage", as the Global Apocalypse gets "bumped UP", about a hundred million notches!  (- we actually 'did the MATH' - WITH the Creator - and "the FIRST Wave", of Disasters, actually CAN'T go any higher than THAT - "the CURRENT Value" - otherwise there WON'T be anyone LEFT, to enjoy 'the Waves of Disasters' that follow...) You're welcome.
... oh and... WE are doing THIS!... for "OUR Country!" - that just so happens to be, "The Eternal Kingdom of Heaven" - that was set aside, by the One and ONLY... "CREATOR of the Entire UNIVERSE" - for "HIS chosen people" - and that DOES NOT include "the global military industrial complex psychopaths" - who are going to THOROUGHLY enjoy, "EATING dung, and dying"This IS "War"! - and there ARE going to be "casualties" - so get USED to it!  But WAIT! - where's THAT in the Bible!...

Rev 11:5 “And if any one would harm them... thus he is doomed to be killed.”

You harmed my wife!  You are "doomed to be killed"!  ALL of you!  The Holy Angels are now "INBOUND" - and it only takes ONE Holy Angel to take down THOUSANDS of military helicopters.  GOOD news luciferian psychopaths! - there are at least a DOZEN! - Holy Angels, that are now assigned to each ONE of you - and you WILL soon be aware of their Presence, as they simply WAIT, for "the PERFECT moment", to dispatch you.

On ANOTHER note: The problem with having MULTIPLE intelligence agencies back-dooring our computer? - is that, SOMETIMES, SOME of the intel agencies - and their "military whores", might get 'called-OUT' - for doing "something VERY wicked" - that MAY in fact, cause TOTAL LOSSES, to many of the OTHER so-called "intelligence agencies".  And in THIS case, that is EXACTLY what happened.  This ISN'T "a bluff" - MANY of the Intelligence agencies, are about to be "swept into oblivion", with absolutely NO warning, thanks to what the Canadian and U.S. military psychopaths, HAVE done and ARE doing to us, through psychotronics, on a daily basis.  And NO - this isn't going to make them STOP - but removing a SIGNIFICANT part of the global population, from the face of the planet, WILL "slow them down", a LITTLE bit - and that's coming next.
Well done everyone!  As in, you are ALL going to be... "WELL done!"
(July 23, 2019 update)
Follow-up note:  For more than the past YEAR! - I have been waking up each morning, and helping my WIFE to recover, from the psychotronic MOLESTATIONS, that she has been EXPERIENCING, on almost a daily basis - often, MULTIPLE times a day - and often, MANY times throughout the night.  And? - I can tell you THIS... she Truly IS "the ULTIMATE Survivor!" - with The Most High TRUE God, and HIS Healing Graces.  But that WON'T be the case, for everyone OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant - as THEY are "repaid to the FULLEST measure" - for what SHE had to endure... (- repaid DIRECTLY from the Creator of the Universe obviously...).  And they WON'T be recovering.  Period. 
And, a special note for the Members of the Faithful Remnant:  There is "a new TREND", emerging - in all the recent DISASTER video compilations - and that is, video footage of people vocalizing all sorts of "PRAYER antics" (- just as "the prophets of Baal" did, when taking on the prophet Elijah).  And so, at THIS point in the Apocalypse, we now invite the Members of the Faithful Remnant - when they come ACROSS that footage - to unite in solidarity with US - and simply... "hit the MUTE button!" - because "the God of the Two WITNESSES - who Created Heaven and EARTH"? - isn't listening to their prayers EITHER!  In other words?... prepare the body bags.  And if you at first 'have a PROBLEM' with that? - simply lift up a Decade of the Rosary under the title, "Mother of Divine Just MERCILESSNESS" - for the Grace.  YOU know! - the Queen of HEAVEN, who stands WITH her Creator - EVERY time HE Sends someone to the Eternal Lake of fire - and THAT would be?... more than 100,000 times each day - at THIS point in history.
Actual email - that we received later in the day, in response to today's above posting:  Those military industrial complex people, must be inundated and drenched completely in the Wrath of the Creator. They don't know who they're messing with: the Holy of Holies, who dwells in the Highest Heavens. Oh foolish people - to think they can pounce on the Creator's Two Witnesses, because they walk this earth as a humble man and woman, married as one flesh. Is it not how the people were deceived when the King of the Universe walked in the flesh among them? Oh hopeless people. Let them reap what they have sowed to the fullest Degree of Divine Justice and Divine Law. Let their passing from this life to Eternal Flames, be as brutal and as painful as they desired to inflict on the Innocent and Holy Ones and as they inflicted on the unborn.  May TMHTG put an end to the illegal assaults and inhumane treatment that the satanic luciferians are dishing out - according to His Most Perfect and Gracious Will.  Amen!
(September 04, 2019 update)

The symptoms of "an EXORCISM"?

Actual email:  "The sick feeling keeps coming back.  It will ease off for a little while and then come back.  Feels like there is a knot in my interior life.  Almost feels like I'm coming down with something.  It started yesterday after praying that decade (Conqueror of Alien Technology) [-referring to praying a decade of the Holy Rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary under that title…] and it's like I opened up something that I don't know how to get rid of…"  

That would be 'the symptoms of an EXORCISM' that you are experiencing! - through the Blessed Virgin Mary's INTERCESSION - for YOU to be 'DELIVERED, from the EFFECTS of the alien technology'Use the Blessed HOLY Water - and 'LIFT up to the Most High True God', EVERYTHING! - that the "alien TECH department", and "the deep STATE", have SOWN! - in your INTERIOR life - and 'TRADE it!' - for the CORRESPONDING Truth, from HEAVEN, instead

Alien tech attacks are designed to get the 'targeted individual', to focus in their INTERIOR life, on those things that will do the MOST harm, to their Soul, and to harm their relationship with their Creator.

The ENEMY? - wants to keep 'your INTERIOR life', in "a false REALITY" - FOGGED! - out! - to make it 'more DIFFICULT for you to Discern; BUT? - the way you COMBAT this? - is you simply 'RESOLVE! - that YOU! - ARE! - ONLY! - going to live, 'the TRUTH'!  But YOU have 'to make the CHOICE', in the moment; your CREATOR can't "choose FOR you". When tempted with, 'MUSIC, and MOVIES, and TV, and old COMMERCIALS, and NOSTALGIA'? - YOU have to decide! - if YOU'RE going to turn to your Creator - and give 'ALL of those things to HIM, to DISPOSE of'? - or if you're going 'to BATHE in the feelings…' that they BRING - and THAT is, 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST'.

Right NOW? - the WORLD, is 'HEAVILY dependent, on the SPIRIT of the antichrist', and 'the FALSE peace, and SECURITY' - that the ILLUMINATI! - and the DEEP STATE, and the one world GOVERNMENT, have 'secured, for the PEOPLE'!  But 'the TIME' is QUICKLY coming! - when our CREATOR, is going to 'DESTROY the false peace of the antichrist' - and ALL of 'the ILLUSIONS of his kingdom'.  And the PEOPLE will be 'faced, with, the HARSH reality - of WHAT, their poor CHOICES, BROUGHT them!' - which is ULTIMATELY? - Death and Destruction!  (December 17, 2019 update) 

MUSIC BRAINWASHING - through REPETITIVE LYRICS often accompanied by Extremely Low Frequencies

Music Brainwashing
James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Music has been used in psychological operations for decades now - most INFAMOUSLY, during the Waco siege in Texas.
How do you fix SECULAR MUSIC playing in your INTERIOR LIFE?

AS for the MUSIC? - being played - you SIMPLY need to LEARN - to TUNE it OUT.  Yes "much LEAD is going to come to the SURFACE" - when the MUSIC is being played; and it IS "uncomfortable".  But, you are CALLED to SIMPLY, 'lift up, ALL of that MUSIC, and ALL of those SPIRITUALLY TOXIC lyrics' - to Jesus Christ the LORD - and, 'COMMEND', the artists, to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True God; REJECT, their demonic clusters - especially if you KNOW 'who is singing'; or SIMPLY, "I reject the demonic cluster, of that SINGER" - will suffice.  And ASK the Most High TRUE God, to FILL you, WITH His Graces, instead.  But DON'T let the music 'PLAY' in your INTERIOR life.  The PEOPLE - are being 'CARRIED, by the lyrics' - AND by the DEMONS; but YOU! - are called, to be "CARRIED by Grace".   (October 14, 2017 update) 

Witchcraft attacks   AS for 'the WITCHCRAFT'? - it is SIMPLY coming from 'the assailant CAMP'.  So KEEP 'Blessing the house' OFTEN - and make a HABIT of calling on Saint Michael to clear it OUT.  But DON'T forget to fill the VOID - invite the Holy ANGELS, to dwell there; invite Jesus Christ the LORD, the Blessed Virgin MARY, and all of HEAVEN! - into your Home - AND, IT will become "much LIGHTER"! - we ASSURE you!  (November 10, 2017 update)  
We're not ASKING for more alien tech ATTACKS, just so that we can have some more CONTENT for this page.
And with that now stated... be CONTINUED

Final Notice to turn off the alien tech attacks on the Faithful Remnant.

To "the illuminati" - who are 'electronically torturing and harassing' US and the Members of the Faithful Remnant Church:  You have exactly one week, to turn off, the "alien technology", that is being used - OR? - the TIME for negotiation with "OUR God", for terms of Peace - will be over.  And, NO negotiations, will RESUME, UNTIL, He 'FINISHES'! - "His CULL".  We are at the point NOW, where we are 'READY', to IMPLORE, OUR Creator - to wipe EVERYONE! - off the Face of the Earth - EXCEPT, for "the Faithful Remnant to Be" - AND, "to do it QUICKLY! - and MERCILESSLY!" - AS, the ILLUMINATI, are choosing to be "merciless", to US, AND to the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  Our CREATOR, is upholding US, AND the Members of the Faithful REMNANT - BUT - EVERYONE ELSE, is 'doomed to DEATH and DESTRUCTION, and final IMPENITENCE' [- indicated by the words they blurt out when they see the Most High True God's Divine Justice coming upon them].  Our GOD the Most High TRUE God, is not "messing AROUND".  And the WORLDWIDE Disasters, will CONTINUE to escalate - will CONTINUE to INCREASE - to "APOCALYPTIC proportions".  And it WILL be worse, than anything "Hollywood", could IMAGINE - BECAUSE, "Hollywood" is fantasy; BUT, what the Most High TRUE God, is going to DO - TO, the inhabitants of the EARTH, and to the WORLD at LARGE, will NOT be!  WE are "the Voice of the Unborn" - and, the ONLY difference is - that - WE will NOT be "snuffed-OUT, of EXISTENCE"; but we are HERE, to DEFEND, 'the RIGHTS of the Unborn SOULS' - that THEY were denied.

What is coming no amount of iodine, or underground city air filtration, is going to help.  And if you don't know what that means? - it MEANS, that the above "one week notice", is simply a formality... a word that begins with the letter "f" - just like the illuminati response to our above notice.  And so, they TOO are going to get an F - to mark the End of their existence in the human time line.  (August 6, 2018 update)  


Can the one world government use alien tech for the purpose of puppeting drivers to steer their vehicles into things?

What you actually witnessed, was an alien TECH attack - on 'the INDIVIDUAL, who drove INTO, that CAR'.  We, got a text message, from Mountain View California this morning.  They had NEVER, texted before. The fires are 'RAGING'! - in California.  And THEY, do not have 'CONTROL', OVER them - JUST as they do not have CONTROL, over the SPREADING, of the TESTIMONY, of Jesus Christ the LORD.  And so, THINK of this as 'BLOWBACK'.  But DEFINITELY the True Holy SPIRIT prepared you, for this - so you would KNOW, 'EXACTLY what to do'.  NO one got HURT - because the one world GOVERNMENT cannot 'harm' the Official MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT.  But that doesn't mean that 'their BELONGINGS', can't be harmed.  They have TURNED up the alien tech attacks over HERE as WELL - LITERALLY, trying to 'COOK us', as we SLEEP.  And, CONTINUALLY, sending ELF waves - AT us during the DAY - to TRY to slow us DOWN - but - it's ACTUALLY, only 'SPEEDING up the End, of the Era'.  Which MEANS, 'the End, of the one world GOVERNMENT'! - AND their 'alien TECH' attacks.  Because, THEY are going to get 'hit' SO hard! - by the CREATOR - that, THEY will ACTUALLY, 'WONDER, if it was REALLY worth it' - trying to AFFLICT us, and the Members of the Faithful REMNANT.  SO? - have COURAGE, and have FAITH, in your Creator.  Because HE is 'the One fighting the Battles'. ALL He asks - is that you 'continue to RESIST, the DEVIL, the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS, the flesh and the WORLD' - and SUBMIT! - to 'the MOVEMENTS of the TRUE Holy Spirit', as a WAY of life.  They are 'absolutely FURIOUS'! - about our Tweets - as Jesus Christ the Lord REVEALED, that they are 'Changing the Course, of world HISTORY' - of 'world POLITICS' - because His WORD is going FORTH - and, 'MAJOR Spiritual and Physical CHANGES, take place, each TIME, He sends out His Word'.  But we are NEVER! - going to stop.  They 'SILENCED'! - the UNBORN, SOULS - but they WILL, NEVER silence us.  And, WE advise the Official Members of the Faithful REMNANT, to have 'the SAME, Holy BOLDNESS, and Spiritual ATTITUDE', towards the one world government BULLIES.  Because, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN? - is going 'to TEACH them what a BULLY is'. (August 09, 2018 update) 
Note:  The act of using a vehicle as a weapon against a Member of the Faithful Remnant, through the use of alien technology - has now allowed the Creator of the Universe, to change the SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL Laws - concerning how severely HE can respond, to the global government bullies.  And so the PHYSICAL close of this Era, can NOW move forward MUCH more quickly - because of that very hostile and violent response, to the simple request to stop the alien tech attacks.  In short, as the global disasters ramp up, we won't negotiate with terrorists - referring to the global leaders, who, through their abortion laws, chose to terrorize the unborn in the womb, and who collectively chose to terrorize the Members of the Faithful Remnant, with their alien technology. Jesus Christ the Lord has now FORMALLY informed us, that "Once He starts, He won't stop until He is finished".  And so, from now on, we will ONLY be "Ambassadors from Heaven", for the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  Our life just got a whole lot easier!  (August 11, 2018 update) 

What is the difference between the God of the Two Witnesses and "the god that the ILLUMINATI worship"?

The DIFFERENCE between 'OUR God', and 'the FALSE A.I. god'? - is that, OUR God can't be KILLED.  But theirs CAN.  And so we are TURNING, TO, the Most High TRUE God, the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE - and ASKING, and IMPLORING HIM - TO, be MERCILESS! - to the one world GOVERNMENT.  And we are asking for MORE! - 'FIRES, from HEAVEN'.  We are asking for MORE lightening strikes! - to NOT only HIT! - the state of California; but ALSO - to DISABLE, the A.I. - and the DATABASES, that the A.I. is 'HOUSED in'.  We are asking, the Most High TRUE God, to STRIKE, the DATABASES, of the one world GOVERNMENT, WITH lightening - to erase the DATA - that they are USING in order to have "COMPLETE control over the People".  We are asking 'OUR CREATOR', to IMMOBILIZE, "the alien tech department", and "the WORLD-wide alien tech control" - so at least the PEOPLE, can 'BREAK OUT, of the FALSE REALITY, that they are all LIVING in' - so that, they can at LEAST! - WITNESS, 'WHAT, the Creator of the UNIVERSE, is DOING! - to the Face of the EARTH'; INSTEAD of 'being STUCK in the back SEAT' - because their MENTAL capabilities, are being SUPPRESSED, by the alien TECHNOLOGY, being used against them.  There have been "FIRENADOES"; and there has been "an UNPRECEDENTED in size, Firenado" - and we are asking "for MORE!"  We are asking for BIGGER, and LARGER tornadoes - and BIGGER, and UNPRECEDENTED in SIZE - HURRICANES!  We are asking for 'Hurricanes of FIRE'!  We are asking that the Most High TRUE God, would strike the HOMES, of those who do not KNOW Him, with LIGHTENING.  We are asking Him to set the EARTH, ABLAZE!  Because, the PEOPLE want 'Hell'.  And SO? - we are asking 'OUR God', to give the people, "Hell". (August 12, 2018 update)

In the news today: Record breakers belt out [an AC/DC heavy metal song with guitar accompaniment, that they all proclaimed in unison, singing that they are all on a... ] Highway to Hell (August 12, 2018 story) 

And to add insult to injury, this "HELL-bound boast" event took place in Australia, on a Sunday, during record-breaking heat and drought conditions.  Their prayer HAS now been formally lifted up to "the God of the Old Testament", and a response is already on its way.  This is simply another example, of the Creator 'TURNING the people inside OUT', in the Time of the Apocalypse - so that HIS Just Response, can FULLY manifest in the physical realms.  They won't "like", His Response - we can assure you. (August 12, 2018 update) 

Have you been seeing ALIEN TECH apparitions or visions?

"A TRUE and AUTHENTIC apparition, or VISION" - of the Most High True GOD? - is NOT going to leave you, with 'CONFUSION', or 'UNCERTAINTY'.  The SAME way that you 'DISCERN', the infused knowledge of the True Holy SPIRIT - is the SAME way that you are called to DISCERN, "the APPARITIONS".  BECAUSE! - the ONE world GOVERNMENT can USE, 'the ALIEN TECH' - to PROJECT 'HOLOGRAMS, in your thoughts' - as WELL as '3-D VISUALS in the ROOM', that only YOU perceive!  As they 'tap INTO the VISUAL, RECEPTORS in your BRAIN' - trying to MANIPULATE, 'your REALITY'.  It is "VERY evil"! - what they are DOING.  And the MOST High TRUE God - is GOING 'to bring it to an END!' - YOU'LL see.  But DON'T put 'your faith', in APPARITIONS and VISIONS.  PUT your FAITH instead, in your CREATOR - and 'what HE has revealed, through his TESTIMONY'. THROUGH the Testimony - you can stay 'ANCHORED, to the TRUTH'! - that the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT PSYOP department, WANT to suppress, in the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT. And so "HOW do you FIGHT? - invisible TECHNOLOGY"?  The only WAY? - is by TURNING to "YOUR! - Heavenly Resources", and 'HUMBLING yourself! - before your CREATOR' - and 'ASKING Him for help'! - RECOGNIZING, that - you NEED HIM; and that, you CANNOT overcome, 'the DARK FORCES' and 'the ALIEN TECH', by PURE willpower; you need "DIVINE INTERVENTION" and GRACES - CONTINUALLY!  And SO? - you NEED to REMAIN, in 'the STATE of Grace'The ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, alien TECH department - wants to CUT OFF THE REMNANT - from GRACES!  And the WAY they TRY? - is by IMPLANTING "FALSE REALITIES", and "FALSE IDENTITIES" - and "SCARY DREAMS" - INTO! - the MINDS of the Remnant as they sleep.  And SO? - you SIMPLY, must RECOGNIZE, that - you CAN overcome! - it IS possible! - as LONG as you 'tell your CREATOR, you don't WANT! - and you don't DESIRE, the ILLUSIONS - that the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, is PRESENTING to you' - but that you DESIRE, to live in the True REALITY.   AND that you CONTINUALLY 'CHOOSE to TURN, to Jesus Christ the LORD - for the GRACE, to DESIRE to LIVE, the True Reality - ONLY'. (August 19, 2018 update) 

Have you been ALLOWING the one world government's alien tech attacks to DISTRACT you?

What you NEED to DO, is 'REJECT your DESIRE to get distracted EASILY' - and ASK for the Grace, to desire to 'SPIRITUALLY focus' INSTEAD - on 'what the TRUE Holy Spirit is CALLING you to DO' - and 'WHO He is CALLING you to BE'.  STOP entertaining, 'the DEMONS in your INTERIOR LIFE' - and STOP entertaining, 'the demonic ANTICS', of the "alien TECH" department.  You need to 'block EVERYTHING out' - EXCEPT, for what the TRUE Holy Spirit is CALLING you to do.  YOU can either be "an AGENT OF MISCHIEF", and be 'RECRUITED' as such, by the alien TECH DEPARTMENT - through 'your WILLFUL cooperation' - OR? - you can choose to be 'a TRUE DISCIPLE, of Jesus Christ the Lord'. YOUR choice!  ONE path. (October 03, 2018 update) 

And so what is the Most High True God's Response to the Alien Tech Attacks?

In fact, this IS "the calm, BEFORE the storm".  For 'the STORM', that is COMING - will be 'SO immense!' - in size - and will cause 'SO much destruction' - that, PEOPLE, will STAND - afar OFF - and THEY will "BEMOAN", what is coming.  For JUST as, "LABOR pains" come upon a WOMAN, who is about to DELIVER - so TOO, shall the Most High TRUE God's Divine WRATH, come upon, 'the whole WORLD'.  These DISASTERS, that have STRICKEN, certain parts of the WORLD, at this TIME, are like "the CONTRACTIONS".  But SOON "the water will BREAK".  And when it DOES? - the Most High TRUE God, WILL! - in fact SHOW the world, "WHAT a disaster", "WHAT a calamity", REALLY is!  Because what He said TO us, yesterday - "HE is just getting warmed UP" [- with his baseball bat!]. (October 16, 2018 update) 


Have courage and focus on what you do have
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
'The dark FORCES', are doing 'what THEY can', to PULL the REMNANT BACK
Have COURAGE - and KNOW, that you are CALLED to ENDURE, these evil TIMES - where, 'the dark FORCES', are doing 'what THEY can', to PULL the REMNANT BACK, into 'a false REALITY' and into 'a CLOUD of CONFUSION and UNCERTAINTY'.  And DURING these Times, you need to exercise 'your free WILL' - to CHOOSE your Creator - to choose 'HIS Divine Will AND Plan', for your LIFE - no matter 'HOW bad' the attacks BECOMEMANY, did not 'persevere' - but they CHOSE, 'WORLDLY riches' once again - and they FORFEITED, or "CASHED OUT", of their SPIRITUAL rewards - BECAUSE, they chose, to turn INWARDS and focus on SELF - AND! - on everything that they were 'WITHOUT' - and they LONGED for 'the comforts of their old LIFE'.  And SO?  That's their REWARD.  It isn't 'EASY' being 'a True CHRISTIAN' in these TIMES - and that is 'FOLLOWING the Divine WILL of the Most High TRUE God' - to the best of your ABILITY. ESPECIALLY when 'the WORLD, is spiraling out of CONTROL', and trying to PULL you into, 'the VORTEX, of falsehood and LIES'.  But you MUST resist - with EVERY iota of your being - and fully SUBMIT, to Jesus Christ the LORD, and 'HIS Reign', over your Soul(-from the July 31, 2018 update)  

Persevering as a Member of the Faithful Remnant, has been compared to 'winning the lottery' - and for a VERY good reason!  But many Members TORE up "their winning ticket" - and returned to their OLD lives.  And in DOING so, they "cashed OUT" - knowingly - as they had FULL KNOWLEDGE of what they were forfeiting.  SO much so, that in fact even the SCRIPTURES, WARNED the PEOPLE, that once they FOUND the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord in these End Times - referring to THIS WEBSITE - they were NOT to bow to 'the dark forces', that would TRY to pull them back to their former lives: 

"Then [- when you FIND and RECOGNIZE the Testimony of your Creator, EVEN if just for a moment...] if any one [- tries to PULL you away from the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord, and...] says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe it.  For false Christs [- pastors filled with 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST'] and false prophets [- including the mainstream media propaganda specialists] will arise and show great [- as in ' very CONVINCING to the human intellect'...] signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect [- referring specifically to the Members of the Faithful Remnant].  Behold, I have told you beforehand [- translated to modern English, "I told you so!" - and having SAID that, your Creator remains "PERFECTLY blameless"...].  So, if they [- the people OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety] say to you, ‘Behold, he [- "jesus"] is in the wilderness,’[- referring to the abomination of desolation now set up in ALL the religious institutions] do not go out [- do NOT leave "the Ark of Safety"]; if they say, ‘Behold, he is in the inner rooms,’ [- referring to the tabernacles in the adoration chapels] do not believe it.  For as the lightning comes [- from the OUTSIDE! - of the buildings] from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of man [- He will NOT! - be coming from WITHIN the religious institutions - now that the abomination of desolation is set up there - inside].  Wherever the body [- the True Body of Jesus Christ the Lord in the End Times] is, there the eagles [- referring to 'the Members of the Faithful Remnant - who are ABLE to SOAR above the clouds of DECEPTION] will be gathered together." (Matthew 24:23-28) 
"Saying My Name, does not give anyone ‘the lottery ticket’, that they will need, to get through what is comingHow foolish you “protestants” are, in believing you can say My Name and be saved - this, is not true.  You have been deceived, by all of your pastors, and your “friends”."  (-Jesus, Tuesday, May 15, 2012)
"My sheep, know My voice, and, they follow after Me.  When I call them, out of their churches, then they will be led: to fresh spring waters, to life-giving bread, to the Word, made fleshThose left behind: will hold fast, to their rituals, and habits of self-holiness; but not so with My sheep, as they will recognize their need, for a Savior... My True Sheep, have woken up from their slumber, and are starving for the TruthThey want to know: what I expect from them; how I have called them to live; and how, they can serve Me better.  Now My sheep are not many, but they are there, for the gathering – to be gathered together, in truth, love, and sincerity – to be gathered to honor their True Shepherd...  I am the True Shepherd, and I will lead My Sheep Home – to safety..."  (-Jesus, Sunday, January 29, 2012) 

WHENEVER you are experiencing 'an alien tech attack' of ANY kind?

The BEST thing to do, WHENEVER you are experiencing 'an alien tech attack', of ANY kind - or EVEN "demonic interference" - and you SIMPLY don't HAVE, 'time', OR 'space', to DO "the necessary DELIVERANCE prayers - or EVEN to use the Blessed HOLY Water - PRAISE the Name, of Jesus!  And CONTINUE, PRAISING His HOLY Name in your heart - with your ENTIRE being,  and the attacks WILL stop BECAUSE - the demons, 'HATE it!' - when people PRAISE, 'the HOLY Name, of Jesus Christ the LORD'.  BLESS, the Lord Jesus Christ with 'your WHOLE heart'If you can REMEMBER, 'the Song of the LAMB'? - then PRAY it.  And SIMPLY, TAKE the necessary steps, to 'get back on TRACK' - AND to re-focus.  THAT'S all.  It DOESN'T need to be "COMPLICATED".  Of COURSE you are called to 'COMMEND', the people who are 'ATTACKING you' - and to call on Saint MICHAEL - to deflect the attacks - BACK at those who SENT them. But DON'T forget, to simply 'PRAISE, the Holy Name of JESUS' - because 'the WHOLE WORLD' is CURSING, the Holy Name of Jesus. (October 17, 2018 update) 

Do you want to be like TEFLON?  

We are TEACHING you! - the ATTITUDE, of "Holy DETACHMENT" that you're called to HAVE, towards 'the ATTACKS, of the ENEMY' - moving THROUGH, the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, or 'the enemy of SOULS'.  ALL you need to DO? - is be "LIGHTHEARTED"! - in your INTERIOR life - and TAKE 'their attacks' with a grain of salt!  And RELY on your CREATOR - to help YOU! - persevere - towards 'the Just REWARD that is WAITING', for the Members of the Faithful REMNANT who ENDURE, 'the trials, and tribulations'.  WITHOUT becoming, "BITTER! - towards the Most High TRUE God" - throughout, ALL, the difficult experiences.  It would be GOOD for you to ASK for 'the GRACE to desire to be like TEFLON' - and simply ALLOW, the enemy's ATTACKS? - to 'slide OFF you' - as YOU resolve to remain 'focused on your Creator'.  Because as LONG as your heart, is FOCUSED, on your CREATOR? - the ENEMY - has 'no POWER'! - at all. (January 31, 2019 update) 

Removing the Clutter!
Jason is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

on Jesus Christ the LORD'S team?

You need to RECOGNIZE - that BECAUSE you held on to, the ANDROID PHONE, for so LONG! - THAT is 'what has held you BACK', from even 'DESIRING', to BE "a Member of the Remnant".  The ADMONITION, that we gave in the TESTIMONY - about, what the GOVERNMENT! - is USING, the iPhones FOR! - was… "VERY, serious!"  As they are 'LITERALLY - CONTROLLING - the BRAIN waves, and the MINDS, of the PEOPLE - THROUGH, those WICKED, iPhone DEVICES'.  And you will 'NOTICE', an INCREASE! - in PEOPLE, being "ADDICTED! - to their iPhones" - as they SIMPLY 'can't let them GO'!  And they will make 'all kinds of EXCUSES!' - as to "WHY! - they can't switch, to a flip-phone" - as when we TELL them - 'what the government is doing TO them through their iPhone' - they will even 'ACKNOWLEDGE! - that it's True' - but come BACK with, "… but I ONLY use it for…".  And that's ALL, the GOVERNMENT needs, 'to HACK the MINDS! - of the people' - to IMPLANT in them, "a self-SERVING illuminati, world-view" - to keep 'the PYRAMID structure', TOGETHER.  When JESUS! - is asking people, to "DITCH! - the iPhones!" - it is "a MATTER of life or DEATH".  For PEOPLE? - who are 'STILL holding on', to their iPhones? - they will not 'MAKE it' through the Apocalypse, on Jesus Christ the LORD'S team - because they CAN'T be "for Him", and own an iPhone!  Because in actual FACT? - the iPhone owns THEM.

It 'SOUNDS like' science fiction - but that's EXACTLY! - what the GOVERNMENT, INTENDED - where they actually 'HID!' - their TECHNOLOGY, and SCIENCE feats - was in the science fiction novels.  But 'what they can actually DO'? - is actually 'SO much worse', than that! - that it ISN'T worth sharing - as it will SIMPLY 'keep you UP at night', unnecessarily; it is "OUR burden" to know.  
Everyone who reads the Testimony is FULLY responsible for ALL! - THEIR financial obligations and agreements, that THEY made, BEFORE finding the Testimony - and even the ones they make AFTERWARDS.  And so, if you own an android phone or an iPhone? - YOU! - are FULLY responsible, for any and ALL contracts, and agreements YOU have made - that have to do with that device.  And YOU! - are fully responsible, for what YOU choose to do, WITH it.  For those who CAN'T get rid of their iPhone due to FINANCIAL problems? - it is best to just get a FLIP phone ANYWAYS - and just get 'a BASIC, CHEAP plan', on their iPhone - keep it wrapped in aluminum foil, and stop USING it - to protect themselves from the weaponized frequencies, that it is CONTINUALLY transmitting.  And it is NOT "morally responsible", to try to SELL, your iPhone, or your iPhone plan, to someone ELSE, either.  You can simply chalk up THAT purchase, as "tuition at the school of life".  And it is "JUST a FACT" - that the cameras and microphone on your iPhone are ALWAYS turned "on" through back door access, and transmitting to the NSA database and other data mining centers, when transmission is possible.  Why? - because they CAN! - and they have PLENTY of bandwidth and data storage, to sort through and process the most PERSONAL details, of your daily life.  Know that the iPad, is no different.  (October 16, 2019 update) 

WHY is it "a LEAP of faith"? - to 'Live' the Divine WILL of the Most High True GOD?

It only took a few days, for the global military industrial complex luciferians, to focus on all the OTHER ways they could triangulate each Member of the Faithful Remnant - with their alien tech - now that so MANY Members are now 'taking the CALL' - to responsibly DITCH their iPhones and Android phones, and iPads - SERIOUSLY.  And keep in mind as you are 'COMMENDING' - that one of the OTHER tactics, those military luciferians are turning to - is an INCREASE in "OCCULT luciferian sacrifices".

Actual email: It was another day of lots of commendations for formers and to the alien tech department. The frequency attacks were the most noticeable, and I was prompted to ask my Holy Guardian Angel to change my personal frequency... It seems to help. As does using the Blessed Holy Water too. The True Holy Spirit was reminding me to focus on Him and understand that He is calling us to endure the attacks out of Love for Him.

ONE way, to COMBAT, and FIGHT 'the alien technology', that is BEING! - incessantly USED, against the Members, of the Faithful Remnant - AND us! - IS to: SIMPLY, 'DESIRE, to be led', by the Spirit of the TRUE Jesus - by 'the TRUE Holy Spirit.  BECAUSE? - the ALIEN tech attacks - ONLY work - when you're "ON, THEIR frequency!" - which MEANS: when you are 'OUTSIDE, the Divine Will, of your Creator'.  Because, 'the Spirit of the TRUE Jesus', has OVERCOME, the world - and all 'the DISTRACTIONS', that this WORLD, is CONTINUALLY! - 'SHOVELING out' - to EVERYONE!  As "the ILLUMINATI", and the FREEMASONS, and 'the occult LUCIFERIANS' - SIMPLY 'DESIRE', to keep EVERYONE! - distracted - WITH, "the MINUTIAE", and, 'their GADGETS' - so that they don't 'even THINK! - about', WHERE they are headed ETERNALLY.  JUST like, 'the BEASTS', the DOGS, the CATS - YES! - and even the BIRDS.  They are not 'FOCUSED', on 'their Eternal CONNECTION to their Creator', or 'Eternal CONSEQUENCES', for their ROUTINES; they simply 'ARE'.  And THEN? - they die! - and they DON'T go to Heaven.  There is NO HEAVEN, for pets.  And there is no HEAVEN, for the PEOPLE, in 'the BEAST state'.  And SO? - it is 'the Members of the Faithful REMNANT', who are 'a real THREAT!' - to the beast SYSTEM - to 'the enemy of SOULS' - for they are 'the ONES, who are AWAKE SPIRITUALLY' - and seeking to LIVE in 'the Divine Will'.  And ANYONE! - seeking to 'LIVE', in the DIVINE WILL, of the CREATOR? - is "a THREAT!" - to the devil's kingdom.  For the devil's KINGDOM? - is 'EVERYTHING! - OPPOSED - to the Kingdom of HEAVEN - to the KINGDOM of the Divine WILL'.  The PEOPLE in 'the BEAST state'? - do not HAVE 'the Spirit of the True Jesus' LEADING them - but they are LED by "IMPULSIVE controlled behavior".  And when YOU 'SEEK to be led, BY the Spirit of the TRUE JESUS'? - you will SIMPLY have, 'the infused KNOWLEDGE', of what you're CALLED to do - and what He's ASKING.  But? - you WON'T have "the understanding" right AWAY. YOU'RE called to 'Have FAITH' - WITHOUT "the immediate SATISFACTION", of knowing 'EXACTLY! - HOW! - your Creator is leading you'.  That's WHY, it's "a LEAP of faith"! - to 'Live', His WILL.  DESIRE, to be TRAINED - by the Spirit of the TRUE Jesus; and be LED BY Him - every DAY!  And, you will SEE that 'your DAYS, are MOST fulfilled!' (October 20, 2019 update) 

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are CHOOSING to hold on to their WEAPONIZED phones?

SPEAKING! - of your Salvation:  Have you THROWN away, or gotten RID of, your ANDROID phone, or iPhone? - have you SWITCHED to a FLIP phone?  Are you doing 'everything that you CAN!' - to, follow our COUNSEL?  Because? - we can TELL from your EMAILS - that, your INTERIOR life, is being "back-doored" - BY the alien tech people.  Is that "what you WANT"?  Remember - THEY! - can 'influence your BRAIN waves', to OBSESS! - OVER your failures; and to 'turn INWARDS!'  THEY can influence 'your EMOTIONS' - and give you, 'BAD! - emotions' - when you come near the TESTIMONY; when you 'draw NEAR', to your CREATOR - through praying "the Holy Rosary".  But it is ALL, 'SIMULATED!'  THAT'S why, you need your HEART to heal. They CAN'T, actually REACH, 'the innermost DEPTHS, of your HEART'; but your CREATOR can! - if you would simply 'DESIRE', that He had "access to ALL of it".  ANY place that is "reserved for jezebel's KINGDOM" in your HEART? - is "a MILLSTONE" - that will SURELY 'drag you down', and FAST!  And so, REPENT! - for 'HIDING! - jezebel, in your SOUL'!  And turn AWAY, FROM her! - COMPLETELY.  And FOLLOW! - AFTER, Jesus Christ the Lord - your TRUE Shepherd!  And seek 'to please HIM' - and 'to LOVE Him' instead.  TURN to the BLESSED Virgin Mary - and ASK her, to "SHOW you how to love her Son Jesus" - with "a PURE, Love" (October 31, 2019 update) 

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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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