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Friday Mass, February 22, 2013
(Homily begins at 10:10 into the Mass)
[Note: it is 'quite alright' if you wish to view the entire Mass video only once a week. 
However, there are even more Graces to be gained by those who watch each one in its entirety - P.P.T.L.]

Isaiah 55:10-11 (Giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater)

Psalm: 101 Response “I will sing of Mercy and of Justice

Roman 8 18-23 (suffering of this present time not worth comparing)

Matthew 21:1-16 (The Parable of the Sower)

Well, it looks like it is time for Mass again.  So let us begin. Now as I put my stole on here, I want to remind people, Yesterday, I mentioned at the beginning of Mark’s Gospel, the first thing that Jesus tells the people to do is to repent.  That is important.  You will find out why in just few minutes.
Almighty and Eternal Most High True God, we thank You once again for sending Your food from Heaven - Your nourishment, to feed your Faithful Remnant Flock on Earth; and we pray for the Grace to cooperate even more with gift you have put before us, and to do what it is you are asking of us - in the True Holy Spirit of each moment… Amen.
Well I did mention repentance at the beginning of this Mass, how important it was, and at this Mass (in the Gospel today that is) we hear how great crowds gathered about Jesus. This is just another account of great numbers of people being drawn to Him - following Him wherever He went. Showing up.  I am sure you heard the story of the feeding of the 5000 for instance – numerous accounts.  Great, Great numbers of followers, and if you were to go around the world today and ask how many people (do a survey or a census, or whatever) ask how many people believe they are a follower of Jesus.  According to current statistics you would get about 2 billion - 2 billion responses, that ‘yes I am’. 2 billion see themselves roughly as followers of Jesus. Interesting.  Now I am going to show you this Gospel in a way that you have probably never ever heard this before; and it is going to shock a lot of you.
The followers were spoken to by Jesus, and this is revealed in today’s Gospel, in parables which is like coded language as I mentioned in an earlier video.  But it can also be compared to a poetic language. There are deeper meanings, but people are not sure what they always are, specifically.  Jesus was speaking to his followers - the crowds that followed Him in parables; and this is revealed quite clearly in today’s Gospel; and he privately explains why.  He says: Because they are blind, because there deaf, and because there hearts are dull; and you can look it up.  It sounds shocking I know. You can look it up. I just read this to you. Well, wait a second I will tell you.
Jesus says: “This is why I speak to them in parables because seeing, they do not see, hearing they do not hear” [Matthew 13:13]; and He mentions Isaiah who said “There hearts have grown dull.” And I said that is why – that is why  He speaks to them in parables. Blind, Deaf, and Dull-hearted.  He is referring to His followers, Okay as opposed to that small remnant also known as, the Disciples, and there were 12 of them right; and we know that 11 of those twelve did not have hardened hearts. One of them, well, we found out later it was quite hardened against Jesus.  But He had a small remnant that He was- He was carefully looking after; and He was revealing to that small remnant, the 12 Disciples, what was really going on; and obviously those teachings- those very in depth teachings – the secrets of the Kingdom He was sharing with that small remnant were extended to others as well.  I can think of the time, that He sat down with Mary, the sister of Lazarus, for instance; shared with His mother, obviously.  There were other people in His small remnant, but basically, He was traveling around with a small remnant, is the point I am making and the followers were not getting the golden platter from heaven –from Him.  He was withholding it; and why?  Why do you think He was withholding the Golden platter? Well, I have given you the answer already at the beginning of the Mass; because Jesus quoted Isaiah at the end of the Gospel and the reason why He is withholding from them, is because, basically He says, “Lest they should turn for Me to heal them.”  He holds It back, lest they should perceive and turn to Him, to heal them.  Which basically means – it is coded language, but essentially what He issaying is, they refuse to repent of their wickedness, of their sinful ways, of their sinful lives.  They refuse; and He cannot – the Graces cannot reach them.  The seeds of Truth cannot be sown, because they shut their hearts to the Graces that would be poured down from Heaven to water the Truths.  Yeah, what can He do?  What can He do with these people? Not much. Not much.  It is a shocking revelation.  You might need to reread that Gospel and unpack - just go over what I just revealed to you; and even the first reading from the Prophet Isaiah where it says, “My word goes forth from my mouth, and it shall not return to me empty.  It shall accomplish that which I intend.”  Well, He is actually referring to (if you combined these two readings) What the message is that the Truth, His Word – the Truth, can only go to hearts, its like the soil of course, the good soil, the hearts that can receive the Truth because they have repented; and therefore they can receive the Truth and be watered with Graces that fall from Heaven. That is  the showers and the snow that Isaiah was talking about, is actually an allegory for the Graces from Heaven to water the seeds of Truth planted in heart that is repentant and humble.  Who can receive God with an arrogant heart?  Who can receive His Website, this Mass, this video with an arrogant heart.  Now I tell you people who are looking through the other side of that lens - some of them, and scoffing. Hey, no Graces, no Truth can get into those souls; and that is okay because in these End Times, Jesus is seeking out His Faithful Remnant Church.  It is that simple. 
In these End Times, let us go back to the Psalm.  In these End Times, I mentioned earlier in the homily, I mentioned 2 billion people who believe they are following Jesus, but without repentance, (lets be honest here, with out repentance) Here is the proof.  (This is going to make you uncomfortable too; but my job here is to tell you the Truth.  So I am doing my job. Thank God for that.)  I mentioned this psalm in My television video (you might want to look at that) It is psalm 101 [verse 3] “I will not set before my eyes anything that is base.”  What percentage of christians own a TV and set before their eyes and their children’s eyes, things that are base? Wickedness?, Murder?, Mayhem?, Violence?, slander, gossip?  I mean anyone can come up with a litany of bad things right? But television is basically, in God’s eyes, a horrendous evil, and no one is repenting of it – almost no one.  I have met some christians, some muslims, people from other faiths, that have realized, because the Truth – God is speaking in their consciences and they listened and they said ‘I know this is wrong.  I know this offends God.  I know being entertained by watching people break his commandments is not going to fly at my judgment.’ ‘I am going to throw it out!’  But anyway the main point is that of those 2 billion so-called Christians, He cannot- How can His Truth get through is they are entertaining themselves with base things. If they will not repent.  If there hearts are hardened like the rock, like the rocky ground, choked out by the thorns of the secular media - the media propaganda.  You could go on.  I mean you could make up your own allegories for it but it is not good. It is just not good; and He cannot get through to them and that is why in these End Times He is looking for His Faithful Remnant - people who want first of all, to repent - to make peace with their Maker, to listen to His voice in their conscience, to get there lives in order so that He can save them.  The other so-called followers, well I guess they can enjoy their poetry. You know, what else can He do for them? 
Speaking of some of the other so-called followers, the second reading today - it says “I consider the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us” [Romans 8:18] So there are sufferings. You know If you are going walk the christian life, there are sufferings.  Now for those who have seen my website, you probably have seen that I do post my conversations with Jesus (some of them) anyway after last night’s Mass, I spoke with Jesus, and I mentioned to him, (I was writing it down too - the conversation), and I mentioned to Him, "You know my wife and I experienced some spiritual attacks during the mass" (and that was not good) so I asked Him about it, I said, "I wanted to know first of all what is going on".  So I asked him. I said (I will just read the conversation to you because He ask Me to.  Actually, He asked me specifically to read. There is a prayer intention in our conversation, and since we are starting the prayer intentions, well, He asked me to read it.  He asked me to offer this prayer intention up at this Mass, publicly. So I am going to read to you the conversation leading up to it, so you get the whole picture.)

So I said to Jesus, where are the occult attacks coming from? And Jesus said, “They are coming from the occult world, my children, where else? You do not have many friends.  They have decided to take you both on, to take on My Mass, therefore I will take them our completely (and that is God talking, just so you know) Just give Me the word, My children, and I will do what you ask in the True Holy Spirit.  I allow attacks to happen in order that the people attacking get an even greater punishment than the ‘beast state’” So here is my response.  He said just ask so I - this is what I asked for - He wants you to know this. I said because there souls are fixed upon wickedness, they chose to show no Mercy, so we ask for sake of the building up of the Elect, that they receive the measure of Justice that You have prepared for them at this time, as Your just response to their wicked and merciless attack on Your Church and Your family, according only to Your Divine Will and Plan. Amen.

(You know if he asks you to do something, you should do it.)

Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, I do not know what to say. I long for repentant souls, so the Faithful Remnant can grow, so Your flock on Earth can grow; please do what you need to do to bring people to repentance...  Amen.

A Personal Testimony
(this dialogue took place immediately after Mass)
Note: There was no Public Message from Heaven following Mass today

“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
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