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The New International Day of Heterosexual Sanity

(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
(formally launched on our website on July 21, 2018)

"Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man [- as in, "man" and "woman"] when they were created.”

Congratulations, as today marks the New International Day of Heterosexual Sanity!  Come and JOIN the celebration!  The people with male DNA will be waving BLUE flags - and the people with FEMALE DNA will be waving PINK flags - to indicate the Gender they IDENTIFIED with, when they were BORN and FIRST observed "where the PEE came from" - BEFORE! - they even learned what the word "GENDER" meant! 
Obvious question:  What day? - exactly? - is it to be celebrated on?
Obvious answer:  Every day!  No parade necessary.  However, you can do this by simply CHOOSING to be the person your CREATOR made you to be, no matter HOW offensive that may be, to the people who wish to OFFEND Him. (-PPTL, July 21, 2018)

Obvious question:  Does the celebration discriminate against people of OTHER sexual identities in ANY legally conceivable way?
Obvious answer:  ALL people, are invited to celebrate their GOD-given gender, at birth, with us - EVERY day of the year! - no matter HOW many surgeries people have had, to mutilate it. No one will be asked to show their medical records, or "gender word" on their civil identification, to be a part of this celebration of "their ontologically-designated gender at birth" - as is evidenced, before ALL of Heaven, by every strand of their DNA. (-PPTL, July 22, 2018)

Obvious question: But why isn't it called "Heterosexual PRIDE Day", or something like that?...
Obvious answer: Because "PRIDE goes before the FALL" - and I made MAN and WOMAN to be BLESSED - NOT, "FALLEN! - under a CURSE".  (- Jesus, July 22, 2018)
Obvious question:  But the Blessed Virgin Mary tends to appear in a Blue Mantle.  And so what are the implications for your "New International Day..." there!
Obvious answer:  Has she 'SURRENDERED her HEART' - to her "GOD-GIVEN identity", as "a WOMAN of the Most High True GOD"?  Is she 'WAVING the FLAG - allegorically speaking - of being a WOMAN', in her HEART? - 24/7? - 365?  In fact she is "The QUEEN of the Parade", leading the Souls to ETERNAL life - who prefer to be 'a child of their CREATOR' in THIS life - so that HE will recognize them as "HIS child", in the next.  Whose child are YOU choosing to be, by YOUR lifestyle choices?  If you FREELY choose to prefer "queen JEZEBEL" to lead YOU, to "YOUR father down below", then know that ALL of HEAVEN! - respects your choice.  But know THIS: rebellion against your CREATOR in THIS life, will be "short-lived", by ANY standard. Whereas, DOCILITY to the Divine Will of your Creator, in THIS life - WILL be... "sustainable". (-PPTL, July 25, 2018)

Did you ever wonder how our global society reached the point - where it is now seen by its Creator, as Sodom and Gomorrah"?  The following reveals what is now happening on a global scale
Jesus said: IN Truth, I CREATED all MEN, to be ‘COMPLETED’, by ‘a WOMAN’.  But, WOMEN, have ‘DEFILED themselves’, and MADE themselves ‘UGLY’, and ‘UNATTRACTIVE’, to MEN.  And, they HURT men, WHEREVER, they GO.  And SO, ‘SOME men’ USE that, as ‘an EXCUSE’, to be ‘ATTRACTED to’, their SAME sex – their ‘SAME gender’.  But,I Created Adam and EVE, first – IN the Garden – with EVERYTHING, they could POSSIBLY, need.  It was NOT, “ADAM, and STEVE!” – in the Garden... The CULTURE – YOU are living in, TODAY – WILL ‘affirm’ – ALL KINDS of sins – NOT JUST THIS one – BECAUSE, ‘THEY are WITHOUT their SOULS!’ - And, THEY do NOT want their Souls BACK!... THIS, is not ‘EASY’ – for ‘today’s CULTURE, to RECEIVE’ – BUT! – it IS, ‘the TRUTH!  You see, the DEVIL, wants PEOPLE, to deform THEMSELVES! – by LABELING THEMSELVES, a certain way... PEOPLE are not BORN, “gay” – THAT, is an ILLUSION, that is being ‘FOSTERED by SOCIETY’ – in ORDER to DISTORT, YOUNG peoples’ PERCEPTIONS of THEMSELVES, AND their peers(September 8, 2015 archives) 

Did you ever wonder WHY the various CITIES - in particular CAPITAL CITIES celebrate the pride PARADE?

And so have ANY, of the people - out THERE - who CLAIM to be "CHRISTIAN" - EVER thought to question, "WHY, the various CITIES - in particular CAPITAL CITIES, celebrate PRIDE? - celebrate, the pride PARADE?"  The ANSWER? - is BECAUSE! - the CHRISTIANS, have become "INDIFFERENT, towards mortal SIN".  PRIDE IS in FACT, "a GRIEVOUS offense", against the CREATOR - and IS! - "a mortal sin" - and is ACTUALLY, "ONE of the most GROTESQUE EVILS, of these TIMES".  And yet - the CHRISTIANS, have fallen ASLEEP - as they 'ALLOWED', their schools - their CHURCHES, and their COMMUNITIES, to be "INFILTRATED, and BULLIED by the liberal AGENDA" - BY 'the homosexual COMMUNITY'.  Even AS! - the homosexuals claim, that THEY, are being "DISCRIMINATED against" - it is the SAME! - for the PEOPLE who are 'being FORCED, to TOLERATE, THEIR agenda'.  For TRULY, what they DO - is, "between THEM, and their CREATOR"; yet, that doesn't MEAN, that the rest of the WORLD, has to follow, 'THEIR, MORALITY' - or "THEIR moral BAR".  And so WHY? - are 'TRANSGENDERS', READING, to SCHOOL children?  For TRULY, this WILL, ONLY confuse, a child - in their sexual IDENTITY.  And 'the TRANSGENDER movement', KNOWS this - it is "a SIMPLE fact" - that CAN'T be argued against.  EVEN the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION, has CHOSEN, to TOLERATE, 'the liberal AGENDA', of "FRANCIS", in the VATICAN - as he does 'ALL, of his CHANGES! - WITHIN, the institution' - HIDING behind, "the LOVE of god".  Does GOD? - the Most High TRUE GOD? - "LOVE", HOMOSEXUALS?  YES He does!  But He does NOT 'love what they DO - with their bodies'.  And THAT is "irrefutable"!  For SODOM and GOMORRAH - WERE in fact, 'severely PUNISHED! - AND DESTROYED - for the sin of SODOMY'.  But SO, MANY more HORRENDOUS evils - are going on - in today's SOCIETY.  And SO? - HOW! - is the Creator, going to RESPOND?  Keep in MIND - that, the Most High TRUE God, does not change.   He always 'WAS', and always 'WILL be' - and THEREFORE, His RESPONSE will be 'the SAME'. (August 19, 2018 update) 
For TRULY this WILL ONLY confuse a child - in their sexual IDENTITY"
 Above video:  NY Library Brings Drag Queens
May 16, 2017 Associated Press video

It's just what the mermaids DO
August 13, 2018 CBN news video: "Drag Queen Story Hours..."

The Truth, will keep coming.  The uncomfortable, and bold ‘truths’, will be revealed.  The World as most ‘christians’ know it, is like: a utopia, where everyone affirms each other, in all of their choices – good or bad.  These ‘christians’ have been taught: that to love, their neighbor, is to tolerate their neighbor’s sin.  They have forgotten, their roots, and they do not know Me, as I would like them to.  They, have traded ‘My True Image, for ‘a false image’ of Me.  I am the same, as I was, over two thousand years ago!  And I have not changed, to ‘fit into’ these modern times.  There was always a choice in front of these ‘christians’ – who are really anti-christian, to conform to Me, or the World, the flesh and the devil.  Many believed that living together outside of marriage is alright.  They believe that if they are sexually active, there will be no consequences.  For these anti-christians have been taught, that I, am a God, of love; but no other attribute do I possess – not for these ‘christians’, who are really anti-christians.  They have been taught: that I bless, sinful choices.  Never, do I bless sin; and never do I tolerate sin!  It only seems as though I am tolerating it – through human eyes.  But with each sin that is committed, and not repented of, comes My Just Wrath and Punishment.  (-Jesus Thursday, May 31, 2012) 


Why not CELEBRATE? - the fact that "their little LGBT SECRET" is now OUT!

While going for a drive today, we asked our Creator a very simple and obvious question:  What is "the secret resolution" that ALL! - "LGBT people" make, BEFORE they begin to live their homosexual lifestyle? - because all of HEAVEN, KNOWS that, "it's NOT in the DNA!" - and so WHY pretend?  Perhaps, "the King of psychologists", will share their little secret?...

DESPITE, what all the PSYCHOLOGISTS, SOCIOLOGISTS, and so-called "EXPERTS", say - the FACT is, that 'people CHOOSE! - to LIVE, the gay LIFESTYLE' - based, on "a SECRET resolution", that they MADE - when THEY, were in 'their DEVELOPING pubescent YEARS!' - or - in their rebellious TEENAGE years. 

The fact IS, that 'the ULTIMATE act, of DEFIANCE against the CREATOR'? - is to CHOOSE, to RESENT one's GENDER - and to DESIRE to be 'ANOTHER gender'.  And EVERYONE knows this!  And THIS is why, 'HOMOSEXUALITY' is embraced, ALMOST worldwide - because the whole WORLD! - is "in DEFIANCE, of the WAYS of the Most High True GOD".

Homosexuality, is actually "a celebration of DECADENCE and ULTIMATE self-INDULGENCE".  Because no LOVE, can flow THROUGH, 'PEOPLE, of the same GENDER', in an intimate RELATIONSHIP.

And so, 'the HARD Truth' is, EVEN though it is "UNCOMFORTABLE to hear" - is that ALL, 'HOMOSEXUALS', are ACTIVELY CHOOSING, to be "UNITED, in their HATRED, for their Creator" - BY their lifestyle choice.  And THEY in fact 'take PRIDE in that HATRED', as they call it "LOVE".

Now PEOPLE, LIVING, 'the homosexual LIFESTYLE', can 'CLAIM!' - that "they love, GOD" - but it most CERTAINLY, is not "the God of the Two Witnesses" - and that TRULY IS, "the ONLY GOD, who can SAVE them, from their self-destructive lifestyle choices".

It's REALLY very SIMPLE! - the DEMONS rejoice, INSIDE people, who EMBRACE them - and embrace SIN - habitually.  And as LONG as, 'PEOPLE', are YOKED, to their DEMONS? - then they SHARE, in 'their FEELINGS'.  And 'THAT'! - is "the exchange", that people living 'homosexual lifestyles' EXPERIENCE.  But it ISN'T Love - as in 'the Love of the Creator, flowing THROUGH, the individuals'.  And for them to say that "it IS!" - is BLASPHEMY, and an act of HATRED, against: THEMSELVES, the Most High True GOD, and their NEIGHBOR.

And now that 'the homosexual community', is INFORMED - of the PATH, that they are ON -they are free to CONTINUE, ON that path - OR? - they can CHOOSE, to RENOUNCE, 'that lifestyle' - and REPENT, and turn back to 'the One who MADE them'.  The DEMONS only give "PLEASANT FEELINGS", for a VERY short time! - but all of a SUDDEN? - it will TURN to 'FLAMES', without WARNING - and the people EMBRACING, the homosexual LIFESTYLE, won't be ABLE to TURN 'those Flames' OFF! - ever.  Because 'OUR God's Wrath' - RESTS on those, who STUBBORNLY LIVE, 'OPPOSED to His Ways'.  Know that 'SODOM and GOMORRAH, were DESTROYED! - for their DECADENCE, IMMORALITY, DEBAUCHERY and homosexual ACTS.  And the Most High TRUE GOD? - will treat the people of THESE Times, NO differently.

And so yes! - ALL homosexuals ARE free, to parade themselves ALL the way to "their ETERNAL destination" - one that will ultimately be SEALED, by their lifestyle choices (- UNLESS of course, they wholeheartely repent, before the GOD of the Two Witnesses).  And we WOULDN'T have it ANY other WAY!  (March 10, 2019 update)

The LGBT movement has NOW reached "CRITICAL mass" in the public school system, and the children are now starting to go UNCONTROLLABLY insane - while their peers look on in horror.

A Christian child's view on LGBT lessons in School
A 10 year old girl shares her perceptions and experiences in a school where the British LGBT agenda is promoted.
10-year-old girl suspended for asking to be exempted from LGBT school lesson (July 01, 2019 story)
(July 02, 2019)
Building the Foundation of the Children
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

We all need to Live His Word
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

What, is this New Age Church, that is, being built, by human hands? 

If people are not searching for Me, then I will hide Myself from them – even from the catholics, who have stopped searching for the truth; even from the protestants, who constantly reject it; even from the homosexual religions, who constantly profane, the Sabbath and My Holy Name.  For what, is this New Age Church, that is, being built, by human hands?  It is a church of idolaters, adulterers, fascists, lesbians, and homosexuals.  It is a church, where every sin is welcome; but it cannot be My Church. (-Jesus, Thursday, June 30, 2011) 

The following was moved here, from the "Short Lessons" page
The psychology of the transgendered person (male to female)
We happened to come across an article, of a male to female "TRANSGENDER person" - who neither wanted to be IDENTIFIED, as a MALE, OR a female, in their birth certificate; and SO would rather be REFERRED to, as a "THEY", or a "THEM".  In OTHER words, in the third PERSON.  And THEN, Jesus Christ the LORD 'chimed in', and He SAID: The question IS, My children, WHAT is he, 'ASHAMED of'?  And WHY! - is he proud ASHAMED, of 'his male GENDER', and of being 'born MALE'?  AND so, Jesus Christ the Lord CONTINUED, with "a TIP, for the PSYCHOLOGISTS" - who REFUSE to STUDY, 'the PSYCHOLOGY of individuals', with 'the CREATOR' in mind.  And so the ANSWER, is EITHER, he CHOSE, to, 'IDENTIFY, with the female GENDER', early ON, in his LIFE; OR, he met "a VERY, VICIOUS! - woman" - whom he IDENTIFIED with, as 'having POWER'; and he 'DESIRED', that "satanic POWER" - in order to CRUSH individuals.  But, "TRANSGENDERED PEOPLE", are in NO WAY, 'VICTIMS, of their choices'. (September 28, 2017 update) 
Have the scientists in fact discovered "PROOF, that homosexuality is in the DNA"?
Jesus Christ the Lord said: Indeed, what DOES it, profit a man, to gain the whole world, and forfeit, his own Soul?  Indeed it profits him NOTHING.  But, the people, have, forfeited, their own, lives – as in ‘spiritual lives’ My children.  And they have sacrificed ‘virtue’, and ‘spiritual nourishment from Heaven’, for worldly comforts, and conveniences.  But not just ‘conveniences’ - the right to sodomize, their neighbor, and their right to kill, their own children.  What kind of people, have they become? – when the animals, will strive, to protect their own young, at all costs!  That’s what’s written, in nature – protection, of “the family”, or the group.  There, are no, ‘scientific signs’, that have not been ‘doctored’, to indicate, that homosexuality, is in the DNA, or ‘gene’, that someone is born with. (-Jesus, July 2, 2015) 

The LGBT brainwashing agenda in the public school system?

ARE the young people of today, actually being BRAINWASHED by the public school system? - into believing that they SHOULD set aside some time, to SERIOUSLY consider the option of CHOOSING to identify with the opposite gender?  And if they DO "CHOOSE" to identify as belonging to the OPPOSITE gender - does the PUBLIC education system, THEN give the "VULNERABLE YOUNG adults", the assurance that SCIENCE will back up their "gender IDENTITY choice", by endorsing their choice with "doctored" SCIENTIFIC proof, that their CHOICE, was actually programmed into their DNA?  Remember, we are talking about the decision of "a MINOR", to ultimately surgically MUTILATE themselves - with the aid of a surgeon - in order to PERMANENTLY and IRREVERSIBLY abort, some of the OUTWARD manifestations of the biological proof, of their gender at birth.  Is this what the "public school system", of this MODERN era, is doing to nurture, "SANE decisions"?  DOES the public school system even TEACH, "vulnerable young adults", that the DNA in EVERY living cell in their body, is STAMPED with their birth gender?  Does the public school system INFORM "vulnerable young adults" - that in order to change gender, they actually have to change the DNA in EVERY living cell in their body?  OR, are the "vulnerable young adults", in this DAY and age - being BRAINWASHED, by a luciferian agenda - that is working from behind the scenes - through a group of people who actually worship 'the baphomet'? - they worship 'the TRANSGENDERED image' of the devil.  "Interesting questions" indeed!  Are YOU afraid of the answers?  Consider this:  A "vulnerable young adult" with LOW self esteem, is taught by their public school system, that if they simply identify as being the OPPOSITE gender, then the entire CITY! - will CELEBRATE that CHOICE, by HONORING them in an annual parade, each and EVERY year, for the REST of their lives!  What do YOU think, that "vulnerable young adult with low self-esteem" will choose - in response to that "BRAINWASHING technique"?  Consider this:  A "vulnerable young adult", with low self-esteem, who is incessantly BULLIED, by their peers in school, for YEARS! - learns that, if they simply identify as being the OPPOSITE gender, then ALL of society, will make SURE! - that they will be "OFF limits" - for bullying, from that moment forward, and for the rest of their LIVES!  What do YOU think, that "vulnerable young adult" with low self-esteem, who is a victim of incessant bullying, will CHOOSE? - in response to that "BRAINWASHING technique"?  FACT! - HALF of all parents with children, celebrated "the birth of their new baby BOY" - and MANY of them ENTRUSTED that "new baby BOY", to the care of the public education system - only to HEAR one day, that their SON, has suddenly chosen to identify as being their DAUGHTER.  It works both ways.  Is THAT, what "a good EDUCATION" is all about?  For almost EVERYONE, in the Time of the APOCALYPSE... it IS!  And just to be fair, once AGAIN, know that we, the Two Witnesses, have invited God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, to participate at ALL the LGBT parades, perpetually - and to bring "HIS JUST Response", to ALL the participants.  Because that JUST makes sense!  How?  Because all of HEAVEN, is rejoicing, at the Most High True God's Divine JUSTICE, as the inhabitants of "the great CITY of Sodom and Gomorrah", rejoice in THEIR lifestyle choices.  AND so, let's all "CELEBRATE!"  Because WE sure are! (September 29, 2017 update)
Special note to all the parents with "vulnerable children" out there: Your CHILD, knows that pajamas - or "sleeping attire" - is psychologically connected to their sense of PRIVACY, and SECURITY, in their BEDROOM - YOU know, "the place where everyone changes clothes, and gets undressed"?  And so WHAT is your local school, TEACHING your child? - every time they hold their "pajama day" - and encourage EVERYONE, to sabotage THAT "social BOUNDARY issue", as they apply it to the entire inside of a public school?  Hint:  Is that going to help them get a job?  Is that going to make them better equipped to function in society?  Or does that make them LOOK more like the people in mental asylums - who wear their pajamas throughout the entire day?  Does it in fact teach "vulnerable children", that they are called to surrender ALL their "personal boundaries"? - JUST as those in military "BOOT camp" are taught to do in front of THEIR peers - as "an ESSENTIAL step, towards MURDERING their conscience"!  Take your time.  There is a first time for everything - even answering THESE most BASIC! - questions.  And when you're done, perhaps you might benefit from RE-READING, the LGBT section - with 'THOSE answers', FRESH in mind.  (September 30, 2017 update) 

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