The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

“If any one comes to me and does not hate [- with "a HOLY Hatred", as a JUST response to those who HATE their Creator's Ways, EVEN if they are...]
his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own ["former" or "old"] life,
he cannot be my disciple.”
(Luke 14:26) 
That giant bottom feeder, is NOT "a Member of the Faithful Remnant"
"The Members of the Faithful Remnant who are living with former family members,
will most likely NEVER, desire to watch another scary movie, EVER, again
– because there are SOME SHOWS, that you simply cannot turn off."
(PPTL, January 12, 2016)
Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.”

Surviving what is coming is not for the few ‘faint of heart’, but it is for those, who put their absolute trust in Me, and not in fame, nor riches, nor wealth.  You too My children are called to be like these, in each and every moment – slowly dying to this World completely, only to live for your eternal goal, which is HeavenThe demons may mock you with others’ consents – they may even harass you or try to dissuade you from your current course, but what they do not realize – those who consent to them, they do not realize, that imminent Doom, is coming, swift and sure, and cannot be stopped, by any amount of prayer.  For the cup of My Wrath has been completely filled, and now, it is being poured over the nations as we speak.  All sorts of plagues are about to ensue over mankind, none of which can be stopped; but they are not meant to hurt My Elect – My favored ones [- but the plagues WILL affect those among the Elect, who have 'fallen out of FAVOR' - "the PRIVATE Members".  And the plagues were not INTENDED to affect the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant...]; but only those who take the chip and seal their fate.  You are about to see even more disasters, like never before – these disasters people will not take lightly, for so many will be affected, and such a large population, will die. I will gain the ears and attention from some people, who will have to question: life after death.  (- Jesus, Wednesday, March 2, 2011)   
"It is written: “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands, no one seeks for God. All have turned aside, together they have gone wrong; no one does good, not even one.” “Their throat is an open grave, they use their tongues to deceive.” “The venom of asps is under their lips.” “Their mouth is full of curses and bitterness.” “Their feet are swift to shed blood, in their paths are ruin and misery, and the way of peace they do not know.” “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”  Now we know that whatever the law says it speaks to those who are under the law, so that every mouth may be stopped, and the whole world may be held accountable to God. For no human being will be justified in his sight by works of the law." 
(Romans 3:10-20a)
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
"What you need, is to take your ‘spiritual lives’ much, more seriously – than you have been.  And realize, that your bodies, are not,’ to be worshiped’ in any way, shape, or form.  Because your bodies will decay, but your soul, will live onEither in Heaven with Me, or, the other place – which is Hell [- on earth - as Purgatory has now been MOVED to the earth]Or, the other place, which is Eternal Hell.  There are only three destinations.  Start, living, for, your Creator; and stop living for yourselves – and your own ‘greedy gain’.  Life is not about: how big your house is; what, ‘type of car’ you drive; or, what, the newest fashions are.  Life is not about: status, and positions of power in society.  But I gave you this life, to work – your way – back to Me; to show Me – by the way you choose to live now, that you want to be with me in Eternity – to be with your Creator." (-Jesus, Thursday, September 27, 2012) 
Commend as a way of life
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Your ‘FORMER family’ – they have ‘REJECTED, what you hold DEAR, to your heart’

The PAIN you are GOING through... is NOT unlike, the PAIN, that the REST of the Faithful Remnant, are experiencing, on a daily BASIS.  Because, their HEARTS, are becoming, ‘SO, CLOSELY united, with MINE’...  So, when one MEMBER, is ‘SUFFERING’, ALL the Members, are suffering.  And when ONE Member, ‘REJOICES’; ALL the Members, are REJOICING!..  What YOU are experiencing, in your HEART, is ‘a REFLECTION’, of MY Heart.  Because My Heart is WOUNDED, by THOSE, who REJECT My Testimony.  Your ‘FORMER family’ – they have ‘REJECTED, what you hold DEAR, to your heart’...  So, show them, “NO false compassion!”  But COMMEND them, to My IMMEDIATE, and ONGOING Divine Justice - so that they will not take up, so much of your time(-Jesus Sunday, August 9, 2015) 

'Wanting to reach out to RELATIVES' - is in fact "a DEMONIC attack"
NOW, is NOT the time, to be FORMING, ‘BONDING, relationships’, with, family members. In fact, it IS, VERY, dangerous.  And by ‘BONDING’, I am referring to, ‘becoming in BONDAGE, TO’.  Because THEY are in ‘the BEAST state’. They CANNOT, and WILL not, have ‘your SOUL’, as ‘their main PRIORITY’, to be spiritually nourished.  They WILL NOT HELP, your ‘spiritual edification’...  wanting to reach out to RELATIVES, is in fact, ‘a DEMONIC attack’.  It is ‘the ENEMY’, wanting, to PULL you DOWN! – AND away from, My Counsel. Do you REALLY want to be “WELCOMED” – by someone in ‘THAT state’?...YOU are in ‘a REAL spiritual BATTLE, for your SOULS’.  It is ‘NOT easy’, what I am ASKING... you; but it IS necessary – in ORDER to survive, these End TIMES.  You do not HAVE, ‘ANY family’, ANY more – OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT.  It is ‘much BETTER’, to CLING to the Ark; than to GO and ‘VISIT the beasts’.  You need to ‘PURIFY yourselves’ – RAPIDLY...  NOW is ‘not the TIME’, for ‘facades, of social pleasantries’.  The PEOPLE in ‘the BEAST state’, do NOT “love you”; My LOVE cannot flow THROUGH them – that’s WHY they are in ‘the state they are in REMEMBER: you NEED to focus on ME, My children, in ORDER to SURVIVE; to be DOCILE, to ‘what MY Spirit is asking of you’.  If you GO and ‘do your own THING’, I will TELL you – because I LOVE you – if you go OFF, on your OWN, and SHUN, the COUNSEL, that I GIVE you, you WILL be Lost; and you will NOT FIND “the DOOR”, again! – and THAT is because ‘time is SHORT’.  THIS is not to SCARE you, My children; but you need to understand, that THESE are ‘the current Spiritual REALITIES’ – of the WORLD, in which you live. (-Jesus Wednesday, August 12, 2015)

“your former FAMILY members, will continue to DO what they CAN, to, ‘drag you DOWN’.”
Your former FAMILY members, will continue to DO what they CAN, to, ‘drag you DOWN’, and to ‘suck you IN’ – to THEIR demonic tirades.  It IS important, that the Faithful REMNANT, understand, that THIS – what they are GOING THROUGH NOW – is EXACTLY, what My DISCIPLES, and ‘FUTURE Saints’, experienced.  SO: there are MILLIONS of Saints in Heaven – WITH Me – BECAUSE they PERSEVERED!  - BECAUSE they chose to FORSAKE the World, and serve ME – INSTEAD of themselves.  EACH Faithful Remnant MEMBER, MUST decide, for themselves, ‘WHAT is more important”.  The SAINTS, that are here WITH ME – already DID!  BUT! – MANY of them had to ‘go THROUGH – PUBLIC executions, of PHYSICAL torture’.  I AM not ‘ASKING that’, of My FAITHFUL REMNANT; I am ASKING, for “a social MARTYRDOM”! – for ‘a WHITE, martyrdom’!  I am not ASKING for ‘a baptism of BLOOD’, to be POURED on the NATIONS; I am ASKING, for ‘a BAPTISM’, of WATER – of LIFE-GIVING water, to be shared, with the NATIONS.  But FIRST, My Faithful Remnant, MUST be ‘built up’ – be made strong – so that they can HELP, to SPREAD – the TRUE Kingdom of Heaven, to people.  Because I KNOW for SOME - that is their BURNING and YEARNING desire.  BUT! THEY, MUST listen, to Pope Peter – My TRUE Representative.  Because he HIMSELF, has ‘been THROUGH’, ‘the SAME social martyrdom’, the SAME ‘white martyrdom’.  He has gone THROUGH, the same ‘interior SUFFERINGS’ – that ALL, of My Remnant, are going through right NOW.  In OTHER words, “There is NO excuse – for ANY one, of the Faithful Remnant, to REFUSE, to seek Counsel”. (-Jesus Friday, August 14, 2015)

DO NOT THINK, that you can ‘spiritually rot’ with ‘the bottom feeders’, as a way of life;

Jesus called the first Peter out of ‘the Ark of the Church’... to teach all future generations a lesson – MANY lessons in fact!  But the one I want the Members of the Faithful Remnant to FOCUS on... is THIS lesson: When you fall, get UP!  DO NOT WAIT, until you have sunk, OUT OF REACH, of Jesus.  DO NOT THINK, that you can ‘spiritually rot’ with ‘the bottom feeders’, as a way of life; and then magically be ‘back in the boat’, safe and sound, with the Disciples, who never wanted to leave Jesus in the FIRST place! (-PPTL Tuesday, August 18, 2015)

There is "an angry mob" outside

Now just as it was in Noah’s time, there is an angry mob outside... And so, I would advise you to not let the angry crowd outside devour you alive.  That happened to one unfortunate passenger... who was unfortunately swallowed by a whale. (-PPTL Wednesday, August 19, 2015)

Reject your DESIRE, to 'PLEASE, the DEMONS, in PEOPLE

YOU must reject your DESIRE, to 'PLEASE, the DEMONS, in PEOPLE - around you'... REJECT, all SPIRITUAL ties, to your FORMER FAMILY members. REJECT, the demonic ENTITY, of the assailants.  Reject the SPIRIT of the ANTICHRIST.  Ask My Holy ANGELS, to PROTECT you, and watch OVER you.  CONTINUALLY ask, for My TRUE Holy Spirit, to DWELL, WITHIN you.  (-Jesus Thursday, August 20, 2015) 

You... have ‘NO OBLIGATION’, to... your FORMER family

You REALLY have ‘NO OBLIGATION’, to those in ‘the BEAST state’.  IT IS best, if you are ‘NOT around’, your FORMER family...  It is BEST that you do not ‘SEE what they become’ – for your OWN ‘spiritual protection’.  YOU need to spend THIS time, CONTINUING, to PURIFY yourself – with the TRUTH!..  Because I have GIVEN you ‘so much INSTRUCTION and COUNSEL’ – for your ‘EDIFICATION’ and your ‘WELFARE’.  SEEK to ALWAYS be DOCILE, to the INSPIRATIONS of the TRUE HOLY Spirit in the MOMENT.  Because MY Spirit will NEVER, STEER YOU wrong.  The SPIRIT of the WORLD – seeks, ‘to TUG at your SOUL’ – to TRY to PULL you AWAY – from ‘SPIRITUAL FOCUS’.  But I am HERE, to help you REMAIN, on ‘the TASK at HAND’.  Turn to Me OFTEN, IN your INTERIOR life – BECAUSE, you HAVE, this ‘BLESSED GIFT’, of a SOUL! – and ‘a CONNECTION WITH Me’.  (-Jesus Friday, August 28, 2015) 

the SPIRITUALITY, of... ‘former FAMILY members’, is “SPIRITUALLY toxic”.’

It is BEST to think, of those in ‘the BEAST state’, as ‘MILLSTONES’. They ONLY want to get CLOSE, to the REMNANT, in ORDER to ‘DRAG them DOWN WITH them’!  SO, “the antidote”.  They NEED to reject their desire, to have ‘SPIRITUAL ties’, with their FORMER FAMILY members.  Because the SPIRITUALITY, of their, ‘former FAMILY members’, is “SPIRITUALLY toxic”.  (-Jesus Friday, August 28, 2015)

STAY in contact with ‘Pope PETER’
CONTINUE to STAY in contact with ‘Pope PETER’ – My TRUE Vicar, so that you can RECEIVE, ‘the NOURISHMENT’, AND Counsel, that, you are in NEED of.  You ARE ‘My friend’; and I am YOURS – WHEN, you DO, ‘what I ASK you’, to do.  You HAVE ‘a GUARDIAN Angel’ – who is ‘WATCHING over you now’. DON’T be afraid, of ‘your FORMER family’ – as YOU are protected.  THEY can do NOTHING, TO harm you.  YOU have found ‘TRUE Peace’ and ‘TRUE Joy’; STRIVE, ALWAYS to protect, THESE Gifts – that are of ‘FAR more VALUE’, than anything THIS world, has to offer.  WELCOME, home, to your TRUE Family.   (-Jesus September 2, 2015) 

FORMER family members... are being ‘BLOTTED out’

AS for, ‘contacting, FORMER family members?’ – THAT is ‘NOT necessary’. Just as THEY are being ‘BLOTTED out’, of your MEMORY and your LIFE! – so TOO, are YOU, being ‘blotted out’ of THEIRS! – BECAUSE –between Heaven and HELL, there is ‘a GREAT, chasm’.  YOU have no need to cross-OVER there; NOR should you WANT to!  STAY in ‘the Era of Peace’.  (-Jesus September 8, 2015)

ALL of your former family are AGAINST you

REMEMBER, to reject ‘the demonic ENTITY, OF the assailants’ – EVERY day! – and ASK, for the Grace of the INDWELLING, OF the Blessed Trinity.  TURN to Me, for Strength!  Remember, RESIST, the Devil; SUBMIT, to what I am ASKING of you – and he will FLEE!...  YOU, are ‘NO WORSE OFF A sinner’, than ANYONE else!  DO NOT think BADLY, about yourself! – when the whole WORLD! – thinks badly of you!  Allow MY Love, to TRANSFORM you; let ME mould you – in My IMAGE, AND likeness.  LET the WORLD – have their ‘HATE’; YOU are called to be ‘DIFFERENT’.  DO NOT focus on your SINS! – FOCUS INSTEAD, on LIVING the KINGDOM of HEAVEN in your HEART!  And REMEMBER, I am WITH you – EVEN though, ALL of your former family are AGAINST you; they can do nothing TO you!  HAVE faith, in ME!  They CAN not, FORCE you, to do ANYTHING, against your will.  HAVE faith!  Believe!  And I will ACT, upon, your belief. (-Jesus September 8, 2015)

Remember to ask your CREATOR to sever ALL ties with your former lives - with EACH Rosary you pray.

When my FAITHFUL Remnant, are PRAYING their ROSARIES, they are CALLED to ask, Me [- Jesus Christ the Lord - the Word through which EACH of them were Created...], to SEVER, ALL ties, with their former lives. BECAUSE, in their ‘FORMER lives’, there was ONLY, ‘SHAME, and HURT, and UNFORGIVENESS’; but in their NEW lives, as they are being ‘CREATED, and RENEWED’ – every DAY; in their NEW lives, they are CALLED to have JOY! – even TEARS of Joy, at times.  FOR, it is like, when a WOMAN, gave BIRTH.  THERE WAS pain, THERE WAS suffering; but, the JOY of holding ‘a newborn CHILD’, was MORE, than ‘ALL the DISCOMFORTS’, during her LABOR.  THAT was when, a MOTHER, had ‘a SOUL’ – AND, a SPIRITUAL, AND, an EMOTIONAL connection – with her newborn child.  THE Truth is – My Faithful REMNANT, have ‘a LOT in common’, with the UNBORN – with the VICTIMS, of ABORTION – AND, the INNOCENT victims, of MURDER.  For WHAT they EXPERIENCE, from those AROUND them – IS ‘equal to murder’ – in MY Eyes!  Because they are being ‘HATED’, for My Name’s sake – and BEING ‘despised’ – and EVENTUALLY, ‘ABORTED’, from their homes – JUST, LIKE, ‘the UNBORN Souls’, were.  And My FAITHFUL REMNANT, are SHARING in My Divine JUSTICE – on the REST of the inhabitants of the Earth – JUST as ‘the UNBORN’ are – as I HEAR them proclaim – LOUDLY, “PRAISE BE to the Most High TRUE God’s Justice!” – and ‘THAT SAME attitude’, My Faithful REMNANT are called to have.  SHOW no false COMPASSION for those who HATE you; THEY will be DRAWN to you to RECEIVE the Testimony; OR, they will CONTINUE to HATE you, and RUN away – as FAST as possible!  (-Jesus, September 9, 2015) 

"Bottom feeders" can't be seen eating, through the dark, murky, waters.

One of the greatest spiritual threats to the Faithful Remnant Members, is when they neglect to reject the demonic clusters of those around them, while using the deliverance prayer, on a daily basis.  To do so is 'to fold'.  Because once a Member of the Faithful Remnant, CHOOSES to see themselves, through the eyes of the beasts, and neglects to see themselves through the eyes of their Creator - that sin of blasphemy, sticks them to the tentacles of the bottom feeders, as they become rapidly pulled towards the beak. Not nice to watch.  And that is just another reason, why "bottom feeders" can't be seen eating, through the dark, murky, waters.  (-PPTL September 28, 2015) 

People, in the BEAST state, will say will utter ‘ALL sorts of demonic INSPIRATIONS’

People, in the BEAST state, will say ‘ALL sorts of things’; will utter ‘ALL sorts of demonic INSPIRATIONS’ – in ORDER to get ‘a RISE’, out, of My Faithful REMNANT; in ORDER to, ‘set the STAGE’, for My REMNANT, to react, without THINKING.  And SO, My True FOLLOWERS, must ALWAYS understand, AND believe, AND have faith, that I AM WITH them – that, there are ‘no BATTLES for them’ – to really FIGHT.  I am fighting the battle – FOR them, BUT! – I need their cooperation, in RESISTING, the demonic inspirations, from others; in RESISTING, the devil, and his temptations.  ONCE My True Followers – My TRUE Disciples, REALIZE, that I AM “waging WAR”, against, the foes of My SHEEP; ONCE they REALIZE, that, THEIR burden, IS, in REALITY, ‘VERY light’!  THEN, they will have, ‘TRUE, Peace’... RESIST the devil; SUBMIT to My Will IN the moment; and the devil will FLEE!  And he will take, HIS followers, WITH him!  THAT is how ‘the spiritual realities’ WORK...  EXPECT ‘spiritual ATTACKS’!  But DON’T try to FIGHT them on your OWN!  I fight the battle FOR you WITH! – your cooperation.  But it takes TWO.  (-Jesus Sunday, October 11, 2015) 

“FORMER family, AND friends”, BECOME, “inhabited” – by the alien CREATURES!

The WORLD, is “a sick PLACE”; and all the PEOPLE, that you KNEW, from your PAST, are ALL, ‘VERY SICK individuals’ – THEY are “sick and BURDENED” by their SINS – by “the SHACKLES, of the ENEMY”; but THEY do not want to be RELEASED from the shackles... Those in ‘the BEAST state’ WANT to be ENSLAVED to their SINS...  THOSE with ‘the mark of the BEAST’, are ‘SATISFIED, in their SINS’; and with the CERN waves – they are LOSING their humanity; and SOME of them have ‘LOST their humanity COMPLETELY!’ What YOU are not AWARE of, is that at NIGHT – THAT is when “the alien BEINGS”, simply enter INTO the people with the MARK, and take up residence IN them. And EVERY single NIGHT, more and more alien CREATURES ENVELOP them.  And THEY, become, ‘BREEDING grounds’, for MORE demons!  NOT “a pretty picture”; BUT it is the TRUTH.  MY FAITHFUL Remnant, are the ONES, who are FIGHTING, “the ALIEN, INVASION” – the ALIEN Transformation... My Faithful REMNANT, are ‘SEEKING to be TRANSFORMED’, by My WORD; by My TESTIMONY! – while their “FORMER family, AND friends”, BECOME, “inhabited” – by the alien CREATURES! – that have been ‘BROUGHT in to the UNIVERSE’ – BY the CERN, HADRON, COLLIDER...  SO let them HAVE their ALIEN beings! – and, join them in ‘the FLAMES’, afterwards.  (-Jesus Sunday, November 22, 2015) 

You do NOT need, ANYONE – in ‘the BEAST state’

REJECT, your desire to DREAM, of former FAMILY members, AND relatives... reject ‘your DESIRE, to entertain the ENEMY, IN your dreams’; and ASK for the Grace, to ONLY dream IN, ‘the Truth’ – and IN ‘the True REALITY’. When you PERSEVERE, in ‘THESE DESIRES’, then the ENEMY will BACK-off – in your dreams; and NO longer, will ‘FORMER family members’, be, PROMINENT, IN your dreams.  It IS because, YOU are still attached, TO, your former family – through ‘FEELINGS’.  It would be BEST, if YOU reject, ‘ALL SPIRITUAL ties’, with THOSE, in the BEAST state; and SIMPLY ask, for the Grace, to BE, COMPLETELY dependent, upon ME, your CREATOR, for EVERYTHING... you do NOT need, ANYONE – in ‘the BEAST state’; you do not NEED, ‘their APPROVAL’; YOU do NOT need ‘their ACCEPTANCE’.  You need ONLY desire, to PLEASE Me – your CREATOR, in EVERYTHING that you DO, THINK, AND say.  (-Jesus Sunday, November 22, 2015) 

Your former family...they belong to ‘the spirit of the world’

It is best NOT to reach out to your former family, at this stage in your journey – as you have simply just begun, to LIVE the True Faith; and you, have just received, ‘the Testimony’; and you yourself, are only BEGINNING to be transformed, by the Heavenly Graces, that are being shared, with you... You need to know, that your former family, would NOT understand, and they would not RECEIVE your decision, well.  And so, you must ‘sever yourself completely from them’ – in your heart.  Just as Lot and his wife, had to leave Sodom and Gomorrah behind – that is how, you are called, to look, at your former family; because THEY are so HEAVILY involved, in ‘WICKEDNESS’; and they ARE, “Sodomites and Gomorrahites” – BECAUSE they belong to ‘the spirit of the world’; and it is explained further, in the Testimony, that only ‘SOME’ – from different families – only a few, would be called, would be taken away, FROM those families, in order to find salvation. Jesus has explained, that most people, will NOT respond kindly to His Call...  And remember: What He is asking of... YOU, is no different, than what He expected, over 2000 years ago.  “If anyone loves mother or father more than ME, he is not worthy of Me”.  Meditate upon those words – in order to be made worthy OF Him, you HAVE to leave your former life, behind(-PPTL December 09, 2015) 

Dealing with former family is kind of like dealing with a wild komodo dragon.

Once again, the spiritual and physical realities are intertwined.  And so dealing with former family members, is kind of like dealing with a wild komodo dragon.  Did you know that the saliva of a komodo dragon, is SO toxic, that it just needs to pierce ONE of its teeth, through the flesh of its prey, in order to afflict it with “TERMINAL gangrene”?  The komodo dragon then simply follows ‘the blood trail’ of its wounded victim, until it finally stumbles upon, “the black festering lollypop”.  No wonder black soft drinks are one of the most popular beverages in the world - in these End Times!  (-PPTL December 12, 2015) 

Pray for ‘the Grace of PERFECT detachment

Jesus reminded us that we need to pray for ‘the Grace of PERFECT detachment’.  Of course, that Grace applies to many things.  For those in the Remnant, they need to be perfectly detached from the demonic cluster of their OLD self, and from the demonic clusters of all their former family members and friends, and from the demonic clusters of everyone they meet and think about - as they strive to live, in a world of mostly human shells filled to the brim, with demons – the people in the beast state...  Jesus also reminded us, of how “Blessed beyond BELIEF” the Members of the Faithful Remnant Truly are: they got the mark of the beast removed; they got their Soul back; they got their Holy Guardian Angel back; they have the Blessed Holy Water filled with the TRUE Holy Spirit; their aging process has stopped; they have been given the Gift of rapid Purification; and they are Protected from the bottom-feeders by the Heavenly Witness protection program.  They have all these things, ONLY IF, they don’t see themselves as “a victim, of what their Creator is asking of them"; if they don’t embrace “the victim spirit”(-PPTL December 13, 2015) 

Note: The reason the Members of the Faithful Remnant are called to be "EMOTIONALLY detached", from their formers - is because all their "formers" have is DEMONS, to be attached to, and demonic inspirations. As the Most High TRUE God, does NOT recognize them, in any WAY - because, they have become "ABOMINATIONS" - as they REFUSE! - to become Members of the Faithful Remnant, in order to have LIFE in them.  (December 16, 2017 update) 

People in the beast state, will ONLY want to make your burdens, ‘HEAVIER’

Know that the people in the beast state, will ONLY want to make your burdens, ‘HEAVIER’ – as they seek, to project ‘THEIR desires’ and ‘THEIR will for you’, onto YOUR, LIFE.  Because, your LIFESTYLE, IS, ‘a TESTIMONY’, IN, and of ITSELF – to ‘the FRUITS’, OF, Jesus Christ the Lord, the Most High TRUE God’s WRITTEN Testimony.  Because, you are not ‘LIVING’, as “the so-called CHRISTIANS”, are living; but YOU are actually PRACTICING, your FAITH – and FAITH DOES require “BELIEVING, WITHOUT seeing”... ‘TRUE CHRISTIANITY’, is NOT about “KNOWLEDGE, of the SCRIPTURES”; or even “KNOWLEDGE, of THE Testimony”.  It is PUTTING the Words of your Creator into PRACTICE, in EACH and EVERY MOMENT of the DAY.  NOT, ‘what they teach the PEOPLE’ – in the Sunday HOMILIES! – and it is NOT what they HEAR, in their CATECHISM classes!  THOSE, in the false SATANIC catholic INSTITUTION – simply “KNOW, the Law” – but THEY REFUSE to PRACTICE it!  They CLING to each OTHER – falsely AFFIRMING themselves – as they STILL, worship ‘the ABOMINATION of DESOLATION’, and keep a TELEVISION! – IN their homes.  What the Most High TRUE God is REQUIRING, of His TRUE CHURCH, is MUCH MORE than “LIP service”; but an ACTUAL CHANGE of LIFESTYLE, and a CHANGE of HEART!  This, is to simply HELP you, ‘PUT everything, INTO, perspective’ – so that YOU can, more EASILY see, how very TRULY Blessed, you ARE; and, how VERY DESOLATE, your FORMER FAMILY members, ARE.  (-PPTL December 15, 2015) 

Former family... They are not ‘PART, of your NEW life’ – in Jesus

AS for your former family, KNOW that they are in ‘the BEAST state’, so, they have “limitations”, on what they are allowed to DO.  And because you are under ‘the Heavenly Witness Protection program’, they can CAUSE you NO harm.  DO not ‘seek them out’, in your interior life; DO your best not to THINK of them – because THEY are, ‘your FORMER life’; not ‘the NEW life’ that you have NOW; they are not ‘PART, of your NEW life’ – in Jesus.  It is ‘very SIMPLE’… you have ‘NO obligations’ to your former lives – to the people in ‘the beast state’.  (-PPTL December 16, 2015) 

SHOW them “NO false compassion”

WE... are SHOWING the people, that NO excuses work! – before their Creator.  HE, KNOWS, EACH, ONE, of the Faithful Remnant, THROUGH and THROUGH; and knows EXACTLY how much EACH of them can handle.  And EVEN when they CHOOSE to be overwhelmed by what He is ASKING of them, is NO excuse – because they have ‘EVERY Grace’, and ‘EVERY Blessing’ and ‘EVERY tool’, they could possibly need – to overcome ALL, of the TRIALS, and TRIBULATIONS in their LIVES!.. You just need to keep persevering.  And remember that HE, is who you are called to please; NEVER “former family”; NEVER “former friends”; and NEVER ANYONE in ‘the beast state’ – because THEY FORFEITED, ‘ALL their rights, and freedoms’; they FORFEITED, even ‘their BIRTHRIGHT’ – and TOOK the WAY, of ESAU, and took the way, of CAIN – so SHOW them “NO false compassion”!  (-PPTL December 16, 2015) 


Taking Those Necessary Steps
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

NOW you belong, to “the FAMILY, of the Most High TRUE God”

YOU, are called, to strive to BE... who the Most High TRUE God, wants you to be: Humble, obedient, and DOCILE – to the MOVEMENTS of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in EACH and EVERY moment... And the MORE, that you ‘EMPTY yourself’ – of EVERY enticing THING, THIS world OFFERS you; the MORE you CONSISTENTLY reject, “THE GLAMOR of evil”, and “the SNARES of SIN!” – the MORE, the Most High TRUE God can FILL you, with HIS Love, and SHOW you ‘the Path to walk’... PRAY, to be CLOTHED in the MIND of the Most High TRUE God – EVERY day, when you wake up!  And ASK for the Grace to SEE – EVERY Member of the Faithful Remnant, through HIS Eyes; AND the Grace to see YOURSELF, through His Eyes as WELL!.. ‘taking the necessary steps’, to DETACH yourself, from your FORMER life... IS, “in your favor”.  And REMEMBER, whatever, you GIVE up, in THIS life – the Most High TRUE God, will NEVER be ‘outdone in GENEROSITY’!  So, you left ‘former family BEHIND’; but now you have, “a NEW family” – NOW you belong, to “the FAMILY, of the Most High TRUE God”; and that is ‘SOMETHING to be THANKFUL for’ – EVERY day!  (-PPTL December 16, 2015) 

“The FORMER things, are passing away”

You know NOW, HOW the demons, have been OPERATING, IN your former family.  And SO, you are even more FORTIFIED, against their ATTACKS – by relying not on your OWN strength, but on the Most High TRUE God... Remember – “the FORMER things, are passing away” – and that means they are DYING, or “ALREADY dead” – so there IS ‘nothing to go BACK to!’; you will ONLY find fulfillment IN your Creator! – in these Times of DESOLATION...  So, STAY close, to your TRUE Shepherd! – and HE will CONTINUE, to PROTECT you, and watch OVER you! – and GUARD you, from ‘the WOLVES!’  (-PPTL December 18, 2015) 

Reject ‘all SOUL ties’, with... FORMER, FAMILY, members

DON’T, embrace your former IDENTITY, and ‘the way your former FAMILY, wants YOU, to see yourself’. REMEMBER, you extended the Testimony TO them; they REJECTED it; they ALL, NOW HAVE, ‘the mark of CAIN’.  And WITH that means, they have their Souls – with ‘all the TORMENTS’!  So YOU need to reject ‘all SOUL ties’, with THEM!  For TRULY, WHERE the blasphemous thoughts are COMING FROM? – FORMER, FAMILY, members – SIMPLY ‘willing their TORMENTS’, on the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant.  SO, you MUSTN’T TOLERATE it, ANY longer!  Reject all SOUL ties WITH them.  AND! – ASK the Most High TRUE God to ‘BLOT THEM OUT’, of your memory.  It’s that SIMPLE!  They will EVEN PRAY ‘false GUILT’ INTO you!… SEE how much they are ‘WORKING ON YOU’.  You STILL need, to persevere – in the Truth!  And you STILL, NEED, your DAILY prayers – AND the DELIVERANCE prayers.  (-PPTL January 01, 2016) 

"The CURSE"... from... thinking about 'former family members'

Many Members of the Faithful Remnant have already begun to experience, “the CURSE”, that comes from even THINKING, about those with ‘the mark of Cain’.  And this is because, thinking about ‘former family members’ with that mark, can renew “SOUL TIES” – with that person – whose SOUL, is experiencing ALL THE TORMENTS of Hell(-PPTL January 01, 2016) 


To turn the other CHEEK – does NOT mean, that you ALLOW yourself, to be ABUSED – by those in the BEAST state;

YOU are going to need to reject ‘ALL SOUL TIES’ with THOSE, who have RECEIVED ‘the MARK of CAIN’.  And YOU are going to NEED to SEVER, your INTERIOR life, from ‘all THOSE, who have RECEIVED ‘the MARK, of the BEAST’.  Because THEY are the ones, who have ‘inner TURMOIL’, at this time in History; THEY are the ONES, who are ‘COMPLETELY SEVERED’, FROM their Creator.  And so all they can DO, is ‘BLASPHEME’, His Holy NAME, AND His Testimony.  They want YOU to SHARE, in their TORMENTS!  And MANY of them, are REFUSING to let you ‘REST, in TRUE Peace’.  SO! – COMMEND them ‘ALL THE more’, to the IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine Justice of the MOST High TRUE God!  And YES, “Vengeance belongs TO, the Most High TRUE God” - Whereas, each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, is called to ‘FORGIVE, their enemies’, and ‘turn the other CHEEK’ – and THIS will ‘HEAP, coals, UPON THE heads, of their ENEMIES!’ – UNTIL, there are ‘SO many coals’, that the Most High TRUE God, ‘ACTS, PHYSICALLY! – against them’.  That IS, ‘according to the spiritual REALITIES’!  To turn the other CHEEK – does NOT mean, that you ALLOW yourself, to be ABUSED – by those in the BEAST state; it MEANS, that you have, ‘the ATTITUDE’, of being DETACHED, from their ASSAULTS – so their attacks have ‘no EFFECT’ – ON you.  It is like saying, “You MISSED this side!” – THAT is ‘the attitude” YOU are called to have – as you STRIVE! – EVERY day, to please ‘the ONE God’ – the Most High TRUE God – in THREE, Divine Persons!  (-PPTL January 01, 2016) 

Former family members... now living in “the worst spiritual state in recorded human history”,

Instead of being docile to Divine Counsel, some Members of the Remnant, have chosen to be docile, to ‘the inspirations of demons’, coming out of their former family members.  And the choice to turn to the counsel of those former family members - who are now living in “the worst spiritual state in recorded human history”, has only left them waiting, for their former family members to NEVER, “come around”.  (-PPTL January 09, 2016)

Desiring to LOOK BACK, at your former way of LIFE, is ONLY going to bring afflictions

Desiring to LOOK BACK, at your former way of LIFE, is ONLY going to bring afflictions TO you.  When the Most High TRUE God, is ASKING you to LIVE, in the PRESENT moment, and you CHOOSE to FOCUS on ‘former family’, former friends, and former LIFE – when that REALITY, ‘NO LONGER exists’ – FOR you! – then that will ONLY bring, ‘AFFLICTIONS, to you’.  (-PPTL January 12, 2016) 

The ENEMY, desires, to ACCUSE... through... "FORMER family"

DO not be afraid – BECAUSE, the Most High TRUE God, will ALWAYS come to your aid; as LONG as you are CHOOSING, to do HIS Will... and HE WILL, continue, to DELIVER you, from ‘the HAND, of the enemy’; and ALL of his false, accusations. The ENEMY, desires, to ACCUSE, the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT – through their FORMER family members... but THOSE accusers WILL BE silenced; as the Most High TRUE God, CONTINUALLY Hands Victory OVER to, His FAITHFUL REMNANT Followers.  (-PPTL January 12, 2016)
The ENEMY, of your SOUL, is in fact 'becoming DESPERATE'

There will be 'TIMES', when it will SEEM, that all your FORMER family members, want to be 'in CONTACT WITH you', all at ONCE - and THAT is because, the ENEMY, of your SOUL, is in fact 'becoming DESPERATE' - as he simply CHOOSES, to use THEM, as "puppets of MISCHIEF", in your LIFE - ANYTHING, to distract you, from what your CREATOR is calling you to.  And THEY, are not even 'AWARE', that THEY, are being USED, BY the devil, to try to INFLUENCE you, to make THEM, 'the focal point', of your LIFE - INSTEAD of the Most High True GOD.  YOU are called to treat them with 'True COMPASSION' - and, that MEANS, you must REALIZE, that THEY, are not CAPABLE, of MUCH, at ALL - in the STATE that they are IN. They CANNOT 'FULFILL you' OR 'nourish your Soul' - BECAUSE, their FOCUS is 'on the WORLD', and 'the WAVES of mass DISTRACTION'. YOU are called to 'DO what you can', to SHORTEN the conversation; AND to SIMPLY make it clear, 'where you STAND'; AND, to do EVERYTHING that you CAN - to STAY on the ARK of Safety - ANCHORED, to Jesus Christ the Lord, the BLESSED Virgin Mary, and to MYSELF - your TRUE Shepherd.  Because the WORLD, is going to SPIN out, into OBLIVION!  Each PERSON, is SIMPLY 'a BLACK HOLE' - and SUCKING every EVIL THING under the SUN, INTO it!  YOU are CALLED, to be 'a MESSENGER of the Most High TRUE God - by LISTENING to HIS Voice, in your CONSCIENCE; by LIVING HIS Law of LOVE; AND by BEING, 'a BEACON of LIGHT' - to THOSE WHO walk in DARKNESS.  BUT do not SHARE, 'your LIGHT', with THOSE who SIMPLY want to SNUFF it OUT!  (-Jesus February 09, 2016) 

DOGS, will SIMPLY 'TRAMPLE on the bread'

DO NOT take the bread that is being given TO you and 'FEED it to the dogs'!  Because, the DOGS, will SIMPLY 'TRAMPLE on the bread'.  What this MEANS, is 'DO not share, the TESTIMONY with those who have CHOSEN, to be actively against it' - you will ONLY cause yourselves HARM, in doing so.  (-BVM, February 14, 2016) 

Do NOT expect to be 'SUPPORTED' by your "FORMER FAMILY" members
The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  So I AM reminding, my TRUE Faithful Remnant: NOT TO expect, to be 'SUPPORTED', by their FAMILY members. THAT is why: "ONE MUST BE BORN, again! - in ORDER, to ENTER the KINGDOM OF Heaven!"  THAT which is BORN of the FLESH is FLESH!  And THAT which is BORN of the SPIRIT - the TRUE Holy Spirit! - IS "Spirit.  It is 'NOT enough', to be 'BORN OF THE flesh!'  If my PEOPLE, want to be 'BORN of the Most High TRUE GOD'S FAMILY' - then they must 'DIE TO THEIR flesh'!  And THAT IS: "their FORMER FAMILY members" - who REFUSE to repent! - in ORDER TO BE 'born again'.  (-BVM, February 22, 2016)   
THOSE with 'the MARK of Cain' ONLY HAVE "ILL will" towards 'those in the Faithful Remnant'
We DO know, that THOSE with 'the MARK of Cain', ONLY HAVE "ILL will", towards 'those, in the Faithful Remnant'; and that it is ONLY, the Most High TRUE God's Hand, on the former RELATIVES, of the Faithful Remnant - NOT, to pursue in CRUSHING them.  Were the Most High TRUE God to 'lift His HAND', then, they WOULD try, 'EVERYTHING', to stop, the Members of the Faithful Remnant, from persevering, ON the Narrow Path.  THANKFULLY, HIS Hand is "HEAVY upon them". (April 06, 2016 update)
They WILL be 'dealt with' - ACCORDING to their WICKEDNESS
KNOW that, WE, have brought 'your FORMER FAMILY members', 'before the Throne', OF the Most High TRUE God - for "IMMEDIATE, CHASTISEMENT, and FACULTY, REMOVAL" - and they WILL be 'dealt with' - ACCORDING to their "WICKEDNESS".  But YOU! - will be SPARED! - and 'a WAY', WILL be 'paved' - FOR you... SIMPLY persevere!  And be PATIENT!  BECAUSE you chose, to HOLD FAST - FIRMLY! - to the TRUE Faith - that was BESTOWED, UPON you - as you CHOSE, to BECOME "a Member - OF, His True REMNANT" - the Most High TRUE God, has BESTOWED, and will CONTINUE to bestow "countless BLESSINGS" - UPON you - EVEN! - in the TIMES, OF "afflictions".  KNOW that, you HAVE, 'MANY spiritual Gifts' - to SHARE; and that, 'JOY'! - is 'ONE, of the BIG Gifts!' - you HAVE been given.  For it IS, "the JOY, of the LORD! - Jesus Christ" - that is "your STRENGTH"!  PRAISE His Name!  BLESS His Name! (August 17, 2016 update) 
The ASSAILANTS of your PAST - are holding ON to "a false IMAGE of you"
The MORE, you RENOUNCE, your FORMER self, and your FORMER ways - and your FORMER LIFE! - the MORE you choose NOT to remember, 'your old ways' - and 'who you once WERE' - the more you choose, to FOCUS, on 'who you are NOW' - and 'who, your CREATOR, has CHOSEN you to be' - it WILL, get 'a LITTLE easier'; but what the ENEMY, tries to DO, with EACH member, of the FAITHFUL Remnant, is 'GET them back, into their OLD IDENTITY - as QUICKLY as possible!'  BECAUSE, THEN, their PRAYERS, are "INEFFECTIVE"!  And THEN, they wonder WHY, their prayers aren't being heard; but THAT is because, they are CHOOSING, to live in 'a false REALITY' - or 'in a HELL, APART from the Most High True God'.  The MOST High TRUE God, hears 'the PRAYERS, of His True CHILDREN'; but what you were BEFORE, HE does not RECOGNIZE - that is WHY, it is "CRUCIAL", that you REMAIN, in your TRUE, identity - striving ALWAYS, to break FREE - from EVERYTHING that CHAINS you - to the PAST, and to 'an OLD identity', that SIMPLY, 'ONLY exists, in the MINDS! - of your former FAMILY, AND friends'.  You must REALIZE, that what 'the ASSAILANTS, of your PAST', are holding ON to - is 'a false IMAGE of you' - based, on, "DECEPTION!" - because you are 'no LONGER, that INDIVIDUAL' - BUT! - when you SLIP back into your old WAYS - that's WHEN, the attacks, are "more EFFECTIVE" - and that BEGINS "the SPIRAL - DOWNWARDS"!  You SEE, the ASSAILANTS, 'NEED', the Faithful REMNANT, to IDENTIFY, with "their former SELVES!" - in ORDER, to PULL them away, from the TESTIMONY, and from 'the ARK' - INTO, 'COMPLETE, death! - AND destruction'.  REMEMBER, what it says in the SCRIPTURES, "Remember NOT! - the former THINGS; BEHOLD, I am doing a NEW thing! - NOW it springs FORTH; can you PERCEIVE it?"  Your "FORMER FAMILY", CANNOT, PERCEIVE - what YOU have BECOME!  Understand?  But YOU can(October 8, 2016 update) 

Some "food for thought"

What you really need to focus on, is NOT, “what OTHER people choose to DO with their time” – OUTSIDE, the REMNANT.  EVEN if, you were ‘CONTACTED by, your former FAMILY’ – it REALLY doesn’t MATTER, ‘WHAT they choose to do’ – because YOU, are LIVING, ‘your own LIFE’ – APART from them!  And YOU! – can “SOCIALIZE”, with WHOMEVER you CHOOSE to socialize with!  They ONLY ‘PROVED themselves’ – your former FAMILY – to be “SPIRITUALLY toxic individuals” – and THEREFORE, you KNOW, that it is BETTER, to ‘keep your DISTANCE’!  THEY have renounced, ‘YOUR God’!  THAT’S what you need to FOCUS on.  You have “NOTHING in common” with them – WHATSOEVER; they SERVE “darkness”, and ‘the father of LIES’; and THEY belong to ‘the NINTH circle of saturn’; but YOU! – ESCAPED! – and YOU have “ACCEPTED the CALL” – to be a CHILD, of the LIGHT, of Jesus Christ the LORD – through His TESTIMONY!  It is REALLY “very simple”!  It is “HISTORY REPEATING itself”.  WHEN Jesus TOLD His DISCIPLES, to “COME, FOLLOW Him”, WHAT do you think He MEANT by that?  Did that mean, that they were called, to “SOCIALIZE, with their FAMILIES, when they WEREN’T TRAVELLING with JESUS”?  OR, did they NEED to renounce EVERYTHING, and follow Him – WHEREVER He went?  Just, some “food, for thought”. (November 11, 2016 update) 

The DEVIL! - wants you to THINK about them - as THOUGH they were "FAMILY"
When you THINK ABOUT, "your former FAMILY" - it is SIMPLY 'the ENEMY', TEMPTING YOU, with "a false REALITY" - BECAUSE! - THEY! - are - 'OUTSIDE, the Ark of SAFETY'; and they are "ENEMIES! - OF the Most High True God".  And, the DEVIL! - wants you to THINK about them - as THOUGH they were "FAMILY" - so that, 'their DEMONS', can gain 'a STRONGHOLD, IN you' - in order to 'ATTEMPT, to pull you off the ARK'!  You see, ANYONE, who "LOVES", family - more than the Most High True GOD - is "not WORTHY of Him".  Now THAT is 'the SCRIPTURE passage' [Matthew 10:37], SUMMARIZED.  And ALL those, who have CHOSEN, to LEAVE, 'their former FAMILY, BEHIND - and EMBARK, on this spiritual JOURNEY, of BIBLICAL, proportions' - who are CURRENTLY "Members of the Faithful REMNANT" - have been given "a NEW family" - as, they are 'part OF, the FAMILY, of the Most High True GOD'!  (February 28, 2017 update) 
Leaving former family behind, is what the Most High TRUE God is asking, of His FAITHFUL Remnant.
You CANNOT keep, "the back DOOR", OPEN, to your former FAMILY - and expect to THRIVE, as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT - because THAT is "looking BACK", as a way of LIFE...  Leaving former family behind, is what the Most High TRUE God is asking, of His FAITHFUL Remnant.  THEY have chosen, to be 'an enemy, of YOUR Vocation' - so WHY, would you want ANYTHING to do with them?  Your Holy Ancestors in Heaven are no longer praying for them to come to the Testimony(April 3, 2017 update) 
You need to be 'COMMENDING them
You need to be 'COMMENDING them' - because they HAVE 'the mark'; COMMEND them to the DISCIPLINE, of the Most High True God.  THAT is "the BEST thing for them".  (May 08, 2017 update)   
You CANNOT "save them".  ONLY the Most High TRUE God - CAN, "CONVERT", someone. 
You NEED to know, that 'your FORMERS', want you to FOCUS, on "the contradictions in the TESTIMONY" - as 'an END in itself'.   And so, YOU are called, to 'COMMEND THEM' - to, the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD' - every time you THINK of them; THAT is "their ONLY! - hope" - if EVER, the Most High TRUE God, CHOOSES, to INTERVENE, in their lives.  But you CANNOT "save them".  ONLY the Most High TRUE God - CAN, "CONVERT", someone.  And in THESE 'TIMES' - the ONLY Path to CONVERSION - is, "EXTREME! - affliction, AND suffering".  THAT is 'why, you NEED, to COMMEND them!'  Because, they will NOT 'COME to the TESTIMONY' - or "to their SENSES" - of their OWN free WILL; ONLY by the Most High TRUE God - bringing people "to their KNEES" - WILL they 'turn to HIM' - in order to be Healed. (June 29, 2017 update)

YOU need, to RESOLVE, to SHUN! - your FORMER life - and "your FORMER ways" - and "your former IDENTITY"! - EVERY DAY!

PEOPLE, who live by 'the SPIRIT of the world' - and "FULLY immersed in the spirit of the world", in their INTERIOR lives - SIMPLY, 'say whatever comes to MIND' - and, they do not DISCERN, their INSPIRATIONS - because they CAN'T!  And YOU have been given 'every TOOL', that you NEED - in order to DISCERN your inspirations, before SHARING.  But it DOES take "an act of the WILL".  Because YOU need to choose, to "ONLY share the Truth" - and "your CREATOR", can WORK with that, 'desire'.  AND, WHEN you get to 'the point in your SPIRITUAL life' - when "NOTHING ELSE matters", but 'the TRUTH!' - then, you WILL have 'a continuous FLOW', of, "INSPIRATIONS from the True Holy SPIRIT" - like "a WATER fountain", of Eternal YOUTH - FLOWING, from 'the Throne of the Most High True GOD'.  That is 'one REASON, why people, outside the Faithful REMNANT, cannot stand the TESTIMONY' - because, the TESTIMONY is FILLED, with, "INSPIRATIONS from the TRUE Holy Spirit, that are 'COMPLETELY! - opposed, to the CARNAL mind'.  And SO, it is 'SO important', to use the Blessed HOLY Water, OFTEN - THROUGHOUT the day - and as you DO - ASK!- your Creator, to FILL you! - with 'His INSPIRATIONS', with His TRUTH! - with His Divine LOVE.  ASK Him, "to RECREATE you!"  Because 'the PERSON, SOCIETY, BUILT, up, IN YOU' - is SIMPLY "an abomination!" - and "NOT compatible, WITH, the LIFESTYLE, of a Faithful REMNANT Member".  And SO, YOU need, to RESOLVE, to SHUN! - your FORMER life - and "your FORMER ways" - and "your former IDENTITY"! - EVERY DAY!  And MOVE FORWARD, in 'your walk, with the Most High TRUE God' - and ACTUALLY, 'SEEK Him OUT!' - SEEK to be "RENEWED" - every MORNING! - with 'the GIFTS of the True Holy SPIRIT'RENOUNCE 'the devil and his kingdom - OF illusion'.  And TURN! - to the True Holy SPIRIT!  This ALSO takes "an act of the WILL"!  People in the WORLD, have LEARNED, to simply, 'GO where their DEMONS, TAKE them'; but THOSE in the Faithful REMNANT - are CALLED to be 'CARRIED, BY Grace'ASK the Most High True God - to GIVE you 'the necessary GRACES' - to get THROUGH the DAY!  Because THAT'S all you NEED.  DON'T worry about "TOMORROW"; the day's 'TROUBLES', are ENOUGH, of 'a test', to GET through!  RESOLVE to LIVE in His PEACE - CARRIED by Grace; and be RE-Created.  That is "the FAST track", way. (- from the July 5, 2017 update)
"Your formers"... they want YOU! - to be, "under that SAME, delusion"
Know with absolute CERTAINTY that "your formers" are ALL living in "the DELUSION of these End Times".  Are you 'COMMENDING your FORMERS? - to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD - EVERY TIME you THINK of them?'  Because THEY are 'the ones, who are UNDER, the strong DELUSION, that is afflicting EVERYONE, outside the Faithful REMNANT'.  And they want YOU! - to be, "under that SAME, delusion" - SPOKEN of, in the Bible.  (November 04, 2017 update)  
"Therefore God sends upon them [- EVERYONE upon the face of the earth] a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false."
(2 Thessalonians 2:11)
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: "...if YOU HAVE NOT, USED, 'the Blessed HOLY Water', and REPENTED, FROM your hearts! - prayed the Burning BUSH Prayer - and GOTTEN your SOUL back - then you are ALL, LIVING, IN, "the DELUSION", of THESE END Times; and in SELF-DECEPTION." 
What you were BEFORE, HE (- The Most High True GOD) does not RECOGNIZE
The MOST High TRUE God, hears 'the PRAYERS, of His True CHILDREN'; but what you were BEFORE, HE does not RECOGNIZE - that is WHY, it is "CRUCIAL", that you REMAIN, in your TRUE, identity - striving ALWAYS, to break FREE - from EVERYTHING that CHAINS you - to the PAST, and to 'an OLD identity', that SIMPLY, 'ONLY exists, in the MINDS! - of your former FAMILY, AND friends'.  You must REALIZE, that what 'the ASSAILANTS, of your PAST', are holding ON to - is 'a false IMAGE of you' - based, on, "DECEPTION!" - because you are 'no LONGER, that INDIVIDUAL'.  (October 8, 2016 update)
How did the enemy get to 'the FORMER Members' of the Faithful Remnant? 
"The back DOOR", that the enemy USES, to sneak IN to 'the hearts of the REMNANT' - is "false COMPASSION, for FORMERS".  "REMEMBER not, the FORMER things, nor CONSIDER the things of OLD" - for EVEN the Souls, in HEAVEN! - HAD to leave, 'their FORMERS' behind.  One thing, the DEVIL tries to do - is, to 'FEED', the Remnant, FALSEHOOD, in their INTERIOR life - to try to "SNUFF out", the TRUTH, that THEY had received, in the Most High TRUE God's TESTIMONY; for the devil HATES! - the Testimony of JESUS Christ the Lord - "with a PASSION!" - and HE knows, 'how people WORK'; and, 'MANIPULATES', peoples' PERCEPTIONS, to go 'AGAINST, the Most High TRUE God' - and THAT'S how he got, to 'the FORMER Members' of the Faithful Remnant.  And so, IT would be good, to ask, the MOST High TRUE God, to HEAL 'your PERCEPTIONS of - YOURSELF - of the REMNANT - of the TESTIMONY - and of the WORLD'.  There is ALWAYS! - going, to be "OPPOSITION, to the TESTIMONY" - until 'the WICKED', perish, from the FACE of the earth.  But you're NOT 'a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant', to be "LOVED", by the world. In fact HERE is 'a REMINDER, of, WHAT you're ENTITLED to, by the world', as "a FOLLOWER of Jesus Christ the LORD":  ...(November 11, 2017 update)
"This will be a time for you to bear testimony. [- make VIDEO Testimonies, to nourish your brothers and SISTERS]  Settle it therefore in your minds, not to meditate beforehand how to answer; for I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which none of your adversaries [- people who are 'of the DEVIL'] will be able to withstand or contradict [- they are ALL being 'PIERCED' by the TRUTHS in the Testimony].  You will be delivered up even by parents and brothers [- family members] and kinsmen and friends, and some of you they will put to death; you will be hated by all for my name’s sake.  But not a hair of your head will perish. [- you won't physically die, in THESE Times] By your endurance you will gain your lives." [- by ENDURING 'the hatred of OTHERS', by carrying the LOVE, of Jesus in your HEART]  (Luke 21: 13-19)  
HOW often are you REJECTING 'the DEMONIC cluster of your former IDENTITY'?
HOW often are you REJECTING 'the DEMONIC cluster of your former IDENTITY', and PRAYING for 'the Grace, to DESIRE, to embrace your TRUE identity, as the New YOU'?   Because, "the OLD you", is yoked, to "your FORMER ways", and "your FORMER life", and "your FORMERS".  BUT, there is no PLACE, set ASIDE, in the Era of PEACE, for "the old YOU". And, so, YOU need, to 'break AWAY', from that OLD identity - because THAT'S "the back DOOR", that your FORMERS, HAVE - into, 'YOUR HEART'.  And THEY are 'WRENCHING as HARD as they POSSIBLY can'! - to PULL you, to "CERTAIN spiritual death" - if you DON'T! - BREAK the CHAIN.   You CAN'T 'do it by YOURSELF' - so we ADVISE YOU, to PRAY 'a DECADE of the Rosary to the BLESSED Virgin Mary', UNDER her title, "TRUE Spiritual Mother", and ASK HER, to BREAK, 'the DEMONIC CHAINS', that your FORMERS, have 'WRAPPED', around your HEART.  AND, CHOOSE to be, "HER child", a TRUE SON or DAUGHTER of the Blessed Virgin MARY, instead - "an ADOPTED child".  SEEK 'REFUGE, in HER Maternal Mantle, of PROTECTION' - and you WILL 'Spiritually SURVIVE'! (November 17, 2017 update)

What to do, with formers who CONTINUE to harass you?

And those who CONTINUE, to harass you? - in your PRAYER life, you, can SIMPLY commend, to "the DIVINE Justice, OF the Most High True God".  YES you "FORGIVE them"; but that doesn't MEAN, that they, ARE going, to STOP!  AND so, GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, will 'step-IN'; and HE will give them "EXACTLY, what they NEED" - ESPECIALLY, as they are "ASKING for it!"  But what YOU need to do! - is, pray a DECADE of the Rosary - to the BLESSED Virgin Mary - under her title, "MOTHER, of Divine Justice" - and you NEED to ASK her, to "wrap THAT individual, who is HARASSING you, in the MANTLE of Her Divine Justice"; and ASK HER, to KEEP them, 'AWAY, from you'.  Because, your TRUE Spiritual Mother, is 'the ONE, who IS, PROTECTING you'.  So CLING TIGHTLY to HER; AND "LET the bottom feeders, GET what's COMING to them" - because, "a DIRECT Divine INTERVENTION, from HEAVEN!" - will be 'SO much more effective' - than TRYING to get ANYWHERE, with "the court system" - the WAY it is. (November 18, 2017 update) 

What are YOU swimming upstream and AWAY from?

The Former Salmon and the Birds...
A nature scene filmed by the Two Witnesses
What you SAW, in fact, with the SALMON? - in their "SORRY state" - is what HAPPENS, to the ONES, that 'do not PERSEVERE, in SWIMMING upstream'.  They DON'T make it. AND they get eaten, BY the birds.  And it's "a REMINDER, to you", by the Most High True GOD - as, He SHOWED you! - all, those ROTTEN fish! - that THAT is 'what your FORMERS have become' - to HIM.  That's ALL He sees!  And, 'the ONLY way', for YOU, to continue, 'PERSEVERING - SWIMMING UPSTREAM'? - is by CONTINUALLY, RENOUNCING your pride, and 'your old LIFE' - and, TURNING to the Most High TRUE God, to be 'FILLED! - with TRUE Humility' - as "a way of LIFE".  And, the WAY, you embrace 'TRUE HUMILITY', is by CONTINUALLY! - ASKING, seeking, AND knocking - for the True Holy SPIRIT - who is "HELP, from Heaven". (December 05, 2017 update) 

The Eagle and the Former Salmon ...
Another nature scene filmed by the Two Witnesses
Just in case it isn't obvious... "Eagle versus rotting salmon carcass"

I'm Swimming Away from THAT!
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Your "FORMERS" are no longer the FOCAL point of your LIFE

And what YOU are realizing, is that, ALL you need to DO - is turn to the Most High TRUE God, for help, in time of NEED - and ASK Him, to INTERVENE, "AS is necessary" - in the lives of your FORMERS - by COMMENDING them! - to HIS Divine Justice; and then THEY, no longer, become 'the FOCAL point', of your LIFE.  Because 'the DEMON antics', in your FORMERS - as IS stated, in the Testimony - want to EAT up, your TIME!  They are "JUST a big distraction".  But it is IMPORTANT that you, do NOTHING, DELIBERATELY, to IRRITATE, or AGGRAVATE, or INSTIGATE them in ANY way; it is BETTER to keep silent - IF they begin to VENT - OR, simply 'excuse yourself'.  Because ANYTHING you say, in your DEFENSE, will SIMPLY, 'FUEL them, all the MORE', in their ANGER towards you; because you CAN'T reason, with DEMONIC inspirations; and you CAN'T reason, with people who are FUELED by demons.  And that is WHY you NEED! - your CREATOR, to 'PUT them in their place' - AS you focus, on serving HIM - whom THEY! - have turned their backs on. (December 25, 2017 update)
Are you struggling to freely practice the TRUE Faith as you live with "your formers"?
The TROUBLE you are having, is actually, "INDIVIDUATING", FROM, your "former family" - because, PRIMARILY - of 'how much you still rely ON them', for your NEEDS to be met.  But what you NEED to recognize, is that they are "part, of a PACK!"  And that YOU are called, to be 'part of the FAMILY', of the Most High True God.  You NEED to RECOGNIZE that 'you don't BELONG' - to "the PACK", that your former FAMILY, belongs to - and THAT is to say, "a pack of WOLVES!" For are they not, "LOOKING for OPPORTUNITIES to POUNCE! - on your FAITH - and on your BELIEF, in the TESTIMONY"?  Are they not 'TRYING to GET you! - to become MORE like THEM?' - and to go 'BACK to your RITUALS'? - and 'your ROUTINES'? - and 'your old HABITS'?  it is REALLY going to HELP you - if you VIEW your former FAMILY, like "a pack of WOLVES!" - who are 'READY to DEVOUR! - your FAITH in the Testimony' - if you 'SIMPLY give them an INCH!' Does that NOT make them "HOSTILE, TOWARDS YOU"?  For CLEARLY! - YOU, WORSHIP, "a different, GOD!" - the Most High TRUE God.  And BECAUSE! - you, are CALLED, to LIVE, with your formers, as "a MEANS of purification" - you NEED to take your VOCATION, "VERY seriously" - and EVEN put MORE time! - into 'being FRUITFUL' - for the Kingdom of HEAVEN, for the sake of your SURVIVAL.  Because, the Truth is, the ENEMY, can "MORPH", into ANY ONE of them! - at ANY time - and simply "SPEW FILTH" at you.  And THEY? - don't even REALIZE 'what they're doing' - because they're ONLY "puppets"; but they WANT to REMAIN "puppets"; and you NEED to 'RESPECT that'.  And THEY? - need, to respect 'the fact that YOU, have chosen a different LIFESTYLE, then THEY have' - and that 'YOU are fulfilled practicing YOUR Faith', and THEY? - CAN be fulfilled, in 'embracing, FALSE realities'! - JUST, "LAY the LAW down" - because, TRULY? - you HAVE, "GOD-GIVEN authority, as a CHILD of the Most High True God"; and you CAN 'practice, your religion', WITHOUT, 'THREAT', or 'INFLUENCE from THEM' - because it's "your CONSTITUTIONAL right".  Simple!   Every DAY, when you wake UP, it is IMPORTANT - BECAUSE of 'the hostile environment you are IN' - that YOU, ask the Most High TRUE God, to "put HIS Heavy Hand, on every ONE of your formers! - for HIS Will to be done; NOT theirs!"  They FORFEITED, 'their spiritual FREEDOMS' when they received "the mark". (January 01, 2018 update) 

Have you been allowing your FORMERS to become a DISTRACTION to 'YOUR RELATIONSHIP with your CREATOR'?

As a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant - you NEED to focus, on "your TRUE, Vocation", and your TRUE ROLE! - AS, "an AMBASSADOR, of the Most High TRUE God's Divine JUSTICE, in the lives of OTHERS".  For, the Justice of the Most High TRUE God WILL most CERTAINLY, 'FOLLOW you, wherever you GO' - IF, you are 'COMMENDING!'  And so "LOOK FORWARD", to Commending your formers! - to the Divine Justice of the Most High True GOD.  And REJOICE! - with the unborn SOULS, at the AFFLICTIONS, that come UPON them.  But do NOT 'allow THEM, to become, a DISTRACTION, to YOUR RELATIONSHIP with your CREATOR' - because THEY can't do ANYTHING to you - without your CREATOR, giving them, "permission".  THEREFORE, if HE is 'giving your formers, PERMISSION, to AFFLICT you'? - then He is ALSO, "COMMISSIONING you, to COMMEND them!"  You NEED to RECOGNIZE, that as 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - you ARE "an EXTENDED, FAMILY, of the Most High True God"; AND, you are ALSO, CALLED, to PROPHESY! - against the WICKED; and to call down the Most High True God's Divine JUSTICE UPON them, as you see it MANIFEST.  But there is 'no ROOM, for TIMIDNESS', in the Faithful Remnant - because 'THAT' is not GOD'S Spirit - the Spirit of the LIVING God, is more POWERFUL, than ANY two-edged sword; because it is 'the SPIRIT' - the TRUE Holy Spirit, who gives 'LIFE' - TO, the Most High True God's WORD.  So when you choose to SPEAK, with the ANOINTED AUTHORITY of your CREATOR - THEN, you WILL SEE, 'big CHANGES happen' in FRONT of you!  But KEEP in MIND - that you are called 'to SERVE your Creator'; BE "a good EXAMPLE" - of 'how a CHILD of the Most High TRUE God, IS to behave'.  THAT'S really 'all you CAN do' - while you COMMEND them! - in your INTERIOR life.  And so you NEED to reject 'your DESIRE to embrace' ANGER, hatred, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, wrath - and FRUSTRATION!  For THESE, are 'a Sign to YOU' - that, you're beginning to live according to "CARNAL desires".  And ASK for the GRACE - to DESIRE, to embrace, 'the Divine LOVE of your Creator', INSTEAD.  And LOOK at "your formers", through His Eyes. (January 03, 2018 update) 

HOW the enemy has 'GOTTEN to EVERYONE' outside the Faithful REMNANT?

The WAY that the enemy has 'GOTTEN to EVERYONE, outside the Faithful REMNANT'? - is by FLOODING them, with false REALITIES - with TV, movies and VIDEO games - and "AUGMENTED realities", through their PHONES.  And he has 'PLANTED, the DESIRE, for these things' IN them!  And because "discernment has FLED them!" - they see nothing WRONG, with those things - with 'INDULGING in the spirit of the WORLD'.  And he has them "CAPTIVE" - their MINDS, have been made CAPTIVE.  And because THEY are "in captivity" - the DEMONS seeing that YOU have been "set FREE" - only see YOU, as "a THREAT!" - a SPIRITUAL threat to their KINGDOM.  Because, YOU are not "ENSLAVED", like your FORMERS are; but YOU HAVE "an awakened CONSCIENCE"; and you HAVE! - found, Jesus Christ the Lord; you have found "the WAY, the Truth, and the LIFE" - but "your FORMERS"? - have found, 'any OTHER way! - LIES, and DEATH'.  And SO? - you NEED to UNITE your sufferings, to 'the SUFFERINGS of Jesus on the Cross' - and to 'the SUFFERINGS of the Blessed Virgin MARY, at the FOOT of the Cross' - as "a way of LIFE"!   As your FORMERS CONTINUE to 'seek, to KILL! - the LIFE! - that is WITHIN you'.  They THINK they are DOING it, "for your GOOD"; BUT because they are embracing "BLASPHEMY" - they can only SEE, 'those WICKED intentions TOWARDS you' - as "a GOOD"! (January 05, 2018 update) 
The ASSAILANTS really WANT you to harden your heart... and SO...?

And SO? - YOU need to 'HARDEN your HEART!' - towards your FORMERS.  And that is 'how you keep your heart SOFTENED, towards your CREATOR'.  For EVEN, the LORD the Most High TRUE God's HEART, IS 'HARDENED!' - towards ALL, "UNREPENTANT sinners" - the ones who REFUSE, to SOFTEN their hearts, TOWARDS Him - He HARDENS HIS Heart against!  Did He have "a HARDENED HEART" towards the PHARISEES? - who only sought, 'to PLOT a WAY, to PREVENT HIM from following the WILL, of His HEAVENLY FATHER?' - Yes!  He DID!  Did He have "a hardened HEART"? - towards the BUYERS and SELLERS, inside His Father's HOUSE? - when He FLIPPED over the TABLES, and spilt their MONEY, on the FLOOR of the TEMPLE?  Yes He DID!  So there IS "a place, for a HARDENED Heart".  And THIS is 'how, you choose, TEAMS'! - by CHOOSING, to ALWAYS have "a softened heart", towards your Creator - by, ALWAYS! - having "a HARDENED heart", towards your formers - and "HARDENED", in the SENSE, that 'their WICKEDNESS, can NOT! - penetrate THROUGH; their WITCHCRAFT can NOT penetrate THROUGH, to YOUR heart'.  So TURN! - to your "TRUE Spiritual MOTHER", and ASK her, for 'the GRACE, to have a HARDENED heart, towards ALL THOSE, who have CHOSEN to harden THEIRS, towards her SON!'  Amen. (January 29, 2018 update) 

Did you know that you're NOT called to SNUB the people you live with? 
AS you are living, "with your formers" - you ARE permitted to COMMUNICATE, WITH them.  But keep the conversation "in the TRUTH".  As long as YOU respond with the Truth, and you don't 'SEEK, to STIR them UP, AGAINST you' - then you can SPEAK to them.  You're not CALLED to "clam UP" - and stop COMMUNICATING, with the people that you LIVE with - and have them "question your mental SANITY, because of your desire to SNUB them"; you're still called to 'live in the WORLD', just NOT be 'part of, worldly CONVERSATION'.  Set your TREASURE and your HEART - for the things of HEAVEN.  And SEEK "the Highest GOOD", that you are ABLE to.  Because THAT is the CALL, of a TRUE CHILD, of the Most High True GOD.  You can LIVE, "PEACEABLY", with your FORMERS - even as you COMMEND them - to "the Divine Justice of the Most High TRUE God" in your INTERIOR life.  Because THAT'S what you're CALLED to do.  And THAT actually keeps your HEART, 'softened towards your CREATOR'. (January 31, 2018 update) 

Have you been desiring to RELATE in a WORLDLY social MANNER with people?

As LONG as YOU! - CONTINUE, to DESIRE, to YOKE yourself to 'the demonic CLUSTERS, of EVERYONE! - in your immediate social CIRCLE'? - you WILL BE! - "afflicted by their DEMONS"; but you have "NO false compassion! - from us" - for the TORMENTS, and AFFLICTIONS you're experiencing - because 'you're CHOOSING them!'  There are THOSE, in the Faithful Remnant, who are "ACTIVELY seeking, to be yoked to all of HEAVEN, and the TRUE Holy Spirit - and to their TRUE Spiritual Mother" - and there are THOSE, who are CHOOSING to be yoked, to the demonic clusters of their FORMERS, AND the PEOPLE they come in CONTACT with - daily.  If YOU want "to RELATE, in a WORLDLY social MANNER with people"? - then you WILL 'INHERIT, their AFFLICTIONS'!  If YOU, desire, to be "a CHILD of the Most High True GOD" - then you, will seek, 'a RELATIONSHIP with your CREATOR first and foremost' - and allow HIM to TEACH you 'how to relate to others' - the RIGHT way!  (February 02, 2018 update)     


Be subject to the King of the Universe
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Know that, when YOU stop SEEKING ANYONE'S approval - EXCEPT for, the APPROVAL, of your CREATOR' - only THEN! - will the nostalgia attacks CEASE. 

The REASON that you are 'getting sucked-in to NOSTALGIA' - is because, YOU, are THINKING about "what OTHER people think of you" - and, all they HAVE, is "their MEMORY of you". But you ARE, "a different person" now - and you are CHOOSING, "SPIRITUAL sanity".  THEY! - want YOU, to chain yourself to THEM! - as THEY seek to 'be CHAINED, to the MEMORY of you'.  But, ASK the Most High True God, to blot-OUT, your former SELF.  ASK Him to blot-OUT, ALL, the MEMORIES, of the PAST; and REPLACE them, with 'the Graces to LIVE by in the MOMENT'.  Focus on 'your TRUE Spiritual Mother' who is "FILLED! - with Grace".  And know that SHE does not 'SEEK, ANYONE'S approval! - EXCEPT for, the APPROVAL, of her CREATOR'.  THEREFORE you MUST, "do LIKEWISE!"  If YOU? - are SIMPLY "resolved, in your heart" - that, YOU choose the approval, of your CREATOR! - THEN! - He will UPHOLD you ONCE you realize, that HE is "the only ONE, that you are called to ANSWER to in this LIFE, and in the NEXT - then 'the MOTIVATION to do what He's ASKING - out of LOVE for Him' will BE there. (February 07, 2018 update) 
Your "formers" have chosen to be "friends with the devil" - and so ask the Most High TRUE God to MUZZLE them!
What does LIGHT, have in COMMON, with DARKNESS?  Is JESUS, "FRIENDS", with the DEVIL?  And this is WHY, 'your formers', HAVE chosen, "THEIR kingdom, of ILLUSION", and 'what FEELS good' - even THOUGH, they are EXPERIENCING, 'intense Heat'.  But YOU! - have chosen, 'the Kingdom, of HEAVEN!' - and 'being filled with Heavenly GRACES' - that have 'a SWEET, COOLING! - effect, on the Soul'.  And SO? - the BEST thing for you to do - is to ask the Most High TRUE GOD, to "put a MUZZLE on them!"  And to put "HIS Heavy Hand" on them! - not 'to INTERFERE', with your BUSINESS - and ESPECIALLY, with your Faith.  And YOU? - need to, make more nourishing VIDEOS!  We think that the Most High TRUE God, can 'WORK, with that'. (February 09, 2018 update)

Yes "your formers" HAVE made 'a lot of SACRIFICES' FOR you!

"Your formers" have been going to church, and sacrificing you to the devil, through their prayers, that YOUR CREATOR isn't hearing; but 'the devil' IS! And so, in response - YOU need to be more VIGILANT in CONSECRATING your heart - to, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary - who are revealed IN the Testimony [- as we are not referring to the statues in the institutions]You need to CONSECRATE yourself DAILY, to the Divine Will of the Most High True GOD - as REVEALED, through His TESTIMONY - AND, through the infused INSPIRATIONS, from the TRUE Holy Spirit in your INTERIOR life.  And so it WILL help - to OFFER a decade of the ROSARY to the Blessed Virgin MARY, under her title, "QUEEN of TRUE Divine Inspiration" - asking her to intercede for YOU! - to RECEIVE, "the necessary INSPIRATIONS", that you NEED, in order to LIVE by.  Because Jesus Christ the LORD lived, "NOT on, the bread of MAN" - but, on the Divine WILL, of His Father in HEAVEN.  And YOU are called to live the same WAY. (February 20, 2018 update)  

"Man does not live by bread alone, but that man lives by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord."
(Deuteronomy 8:3b) 
Have local preachers been gathering outside YOUR window at 5:00 a.m. to wake you from your sleep with their 'sermons from demons'?
This may sound extreme at first, but it is actually what happened to one Member of the Faithful Remnant.  Here is the Counsel we sent that individual.
When you hear, 'those PREACHERS' - PREACHING - THEN, YOU need! - to turn, to "Saint ELIJAH" - and ask HIM! - to send "FIRE down from Heaven!" - and CONSUME them!  YOU need to 'COMMEND' - ALL 'those PEOPLE who are TAKING you on' - to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High TRUE God. (March 09, 2018 update) 
Have you been VISITED in your dreams by your "former ANCESTORS" recently?

You need to let "your ANCESTORS, who MADE IT TO HEAVEN" - rest in PEACE. YOU can be "MINDFUL, OF them" - and ASK, them to INTERCEDE FOR you; but OTHER than THAT? - that is 'ALL, the INVOLVEMENT, they should HAVE, in your LIFE'.  Because 'THEY', have "moved ON" - and so do YOU need to. Those were "IN fact DEMONS!" - DISGUISED, as "your FORMER ancestors".  And they were 'SENT, by your FORMERS'.  And SO! - you need to 'FOCUS, on your HEAVENLY parents' - MAINLY, Jesus Christ the LORD, AND the Blessed Virgin MARY. YOU need to 'stay rooted to THEM!' - and make SURE that you reject 'the demonic clusters, of your former FAMILY' - both "DEAD and LIVING".  You need to recognize, the FACT, that "the OCCULT world", and "the alien TECH department" - ARE! - in fact, 'SUMMONING! - demonic clusters, TO the Faithful Remnant's INTERIOR lives' - IN the forms of 'VISIONS and dreams'.  REMEMBER, what Padre PIO said concerning "the 3 days of darkness": "Do not look out  Lock all the doors and  windows... Talk to no one outside the house... No one shall leave the house or look from out of the window."   THIS means, do NOT, allow ANY, 'WICKEDNESS', to ENTER, your HOUSE - and that IS, "the house, where your SOUL dwells"; as you are called to be 'a TEMPLE, of the Most High TRUE God'.  So DON'T let "the demonic clusters", IN; but keep, 'the door', LOCKED - and the WINDOWS, of your SOUL - SHUT!  So that, ONLY, your Creator, can DWELL there! (March 16, 2018 update) 



And we DO have 'the OFFICIAL RESPONSE' to the question that ALL "the Formers" are asking...

And so, as an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant, what makes YOU think that you're "so SPECIAL"?

Each Member of the Faithful REMNANT, has been BROUGHT, INTO "the Flock", OF the Most High True God - and INDEED! - they HAVE been FAVORED, BY Him. BUT! - they will ONLY 'RECEIVE', the amount of GRACES for their SOUL! - that they choose to be FILLED with.  And in DOING so, they MUST! - EMPTY themselves - of EVERYTHING, that 'THIS world', OFFERS them.  They, must 'SEPARATE themselves', from "their FORMERS" - in their INTERIOR lives - and 'ATTACH themselves' ONLY! - to "the APPROVAL, of their Creator".

The ENEMY? - wants, to bring 'EACH Member, of the Faithful Remnant' - BACK down, to "a HUMAN level" - where they rely on 'their HUMAN perceptions', their HUMAN reasoning, their HUMAN understanding - and their HUMAN reactions - to EVERYTHING! But 'THAT', is "to operate on INSTINCT"; and THAT, actually, MAKES, them have MORE in COMMON with 'the PEOPLE who have the MARK of the BEAST, and the mark of CAIN' - THAN with 'the Souls, in Heaven'.

"This calls for wisdom: let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty-six." (Revelations 13:18) 

REMEMBER! - the mark of the BEAST, is "a HUMAN number!" - and its number IS, 666.  And SO - as STATED, in the Book of REVELATIONS - "THIS calls, for WISDOM!"  So, 666, represents "the WISDOM of the world"; but, the Most High TRUE God is calling, each Member of the Faithful REMNANT, to seek "TRUE Wisdom" - which is "SUPERNATURAL"! - and "ABOVE human nature".  The CALL for each Member of the Faithful REMNANT is 'to rise ABOVE their fallen HUMANITY, and fallen NATURE' - and to CHOOSE, to 'be PARTAKERS, in the DIVINE nature, of Jesus Christ the LORD' - who had NOTHING! - to do, with 'sin'; and Who SOUGHT, to 'DELIVER those, who were in BONDAGE TO it' - and 'DELIVER them from their DEMONS'!

In "their FALLEN HUMANITY" - each Member of the Faithful REMNANT, wants 'to CLING, to their old SELVES - to their old WAYS' - the ways that 'the DEMONS' taught them; the DEMONS, who KNOW! - "humanity" - through and through; and KNOW! - how 'to manipulate, them' - TO their own, destruction.  THEREFORE! - each Member of the Faithful REMNANT must 'DECIDE, if THEY want to CONTINUE, in "the ways of OLD"? - or? - to 'LEARN, the ways, of their CREATOR - where they WILL be filled, with TRUE Peace, TRUE Love, and True JOY'.  Because, the DEMONS are "passing away" - their KINGDOM is passing away; the WORLD, is passing away.  And so, ALL those who want to 'CLING, to wickedness' WILL! - "pass away" - WITH them!  ALL those who DESIRE, "to live FOREVER with their CREATOR" - WILL desire, to preserve 'HIS Will', and 'HIS Way', for their lives; and they will 'SHUN the former things'.

And so 'the CALL' - is, to LIVE "a SUPERNATURAL lifestyle" - "a supernatural VOCATION" - "a supernatural CALLING"! - from the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE! - to Eternal LIFE.  The ONLY way each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, can "PERSEVERE"? - through each DAY - IS, by SEEKING! - "the SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH of Jesus Christ the LORD", "the supernatural WISDOM, that comes from HUMBLY choosing to SERVE Him", and "the SUPERNATURAL, 'STANDARDS' - that HEAVEN has set".

THIS is "NOT a human VOCATION".  THIS is "a DIVINE! - Vocation"  The PEOPLE, in the CHURCHES? - believe that 'they are SAVED, good, and HOLY' - and that 'they ARE gods!'   So there is NOTHING for them to LEARN!  But, EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, is CALLED, to HUMBLE themselves - BEFORE! - the GOD, above all OTHER gods - Jesus Christ the LORD - who "sits ENTHRONED"!  He is NOT, "on the CROSS"!  For "the FALSE christians" He is! - as they seek 'to ABUSE Him', with their daily SINS. BUT! - HE is REIGNING, SUPREME!  The SUPERNATURAL GODHEAD - OVER, ALL the inhabitants of the earth.  And, there IS no "expiation", for 'the people OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety' - but they HAVE "an expiration date!" - BECAUSE? - the PEOPLE outside the Ark - the MAJORITY of them, have RECEIVED 'their reward', in this life - AS they sought to live for THEMSELVES. It is "perfectly JUST".  It is "PERFECTLY fair".  THEY, in fact SHUNNED! - The TRUE Divinity of Jesus Christ the LORD, and 'exchanged, the TRUE Image of Him, for a FALSE one!' - for "a PURELY, HUMAN, fallible jesus" - who 'JUSTIFIES them', IN their sins.  Unfortunately? - for THEM? - for those 'OUTSIDE the Ark of SAFETY'? - they SUPPRESSED the Truth; and so God, 'GAVE them up', to "the DELUSION of these TIMES".  And they LISTENED! - to the DEVIL; and worshipped HIM - AND! - received "a MARK", for their efforts.  So let EACH one in the FAITHFUL Remnant Church - CHOOSE, "better"!  Let EACH ONE in the FAITHFUL Remnant Church - choose to be "a REFLECTION, of the TRUE! - Image - of Jesus Christ the Lord"; and 'shun' EVERY "false image" and "false IDOL" out there!  And let 'HEAVEN', REJOICE! - at 'the DOCILITY', of EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT - towards "their Divine CALLING" - The Divine CALLING that, those OUTSIDE the Ark, 'SHUN! - daily!'  (March 23, 2018 update)
And now, watch what happens, when that above Message, is read WITH one of our FIRST posted Messages from Heaven - AFTER it has been annotated with color:
Jesus said: My children [- in the Faithful Remnant], in time, you will begin to see all of what I have predicted, come true, in your lives.  From the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, until now, I have been guiding you and leading you in the Truth, trying to break through your hard ‘human shell’.  To love freely without hindrance or force, is Divine and comes from aboveMankind in general, does not seek this love - the love that comes from being God’s True children.  No, quite the opposite: mankind seeks approval and acceptance from one-another while disregarding what one truly should seek: the Divine approval and acceptance of God.  Because of what mankind is truly seeking in its sordid way, there is much suffering in this life and there will be much more further on.  For mankind is truly lost without being led by the Divine Power that comes from without, not within - I speak of ‘the power to love selflessly’.  Wars, Famines, Pandemics, Disasters of every kind are all because mankind has turned away from its Creator and has sought out companionship with fellow creatures, instead.  They cling to one another and to each others’ egos, and neglect clinging to their Creator - who only wants to Love them and bring them to the Kingdom of Heaven.  So many protests, so many No’sWhen will mankind’s rejection of God cease?  Never, I tell you both - that is why I must come, that is why I must ‘pull My Faithful Remnant out’ - before all of this unfolds.    Yes I know there are many who doubt the Truth, but that does not change what is True.  Just because others choose to live ‘in their own World without Me, having no consequences for their actions’ - does not mean that they will not have to pay ‘the price’ for their rejection of Me I only have Love to give to My children, and Discipline is Love.  Just because they ask Me for what they want, does not mean that I will give them that; but only 'what they need' is truly good, for them.  Soon the World will be remade.  Soon the World will be reborn - anew, refreshed, so to speak.  I will Create all things New, and for those who want to come to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Door is always open - it’s there for them.  And for those who prefer the hot fires of Hell because of rebellion - against the Truth that is in them, well then that is where they will go - because they choose to.  It’s very simple: people must choose teams, and they must know who their allegiance is to.  The introduction of ‘the Verichip’ is simply ‘a concrete manifestation’ of what they have already chosen; of the spiritual realities at work in them.  People can deny Me and go on believing that Heaven and Hell do not exist, and that their life is over after death; but I tell you, they cannot deny the Spiritual Realities, when they are Faced with them. The Great Warning will bring many people’s choices to light and then they will know that I Exist, and then they will know My NameMy name is Holy of Holies, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and My name is Jesus Christ.  I am coming back as Ruler over all the nations of this Earth.  Those who are with Me, are with Me.  Those who are against Me - against My plans, against My Kingdom, and against Peace, Truth, Justice and Love: Woe to them, they will be cast into the Ever-Burning Lake of Fire, because they have denied Me, and to deny Me, in fact, is to hate Me; to hate Me is to hate Life and Truth.  There is no Life in Hell, neither is there any Truth there.  I desire all to come to the Kingdom of Heaven; but not all will come, because they would rather have their ‘own kingdom’, where they are their ‘own rulers’ insteadFor ‘One Universal Kingdom’, there can only be one King - all others, are traitors, “Judases”, and are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Listen to My words again, My children, and reflect upon them - deeply, for what I am showing you, is ‘the human condition’: the condition is called “humanism” and you have already heard it proclaimed [-by the priests in the roman catholic hierarchical institution].(Friday, September 4, 2009) 


YOU choose! - WHO is going to FORM you?... and into WHAT!

Your FORMERS, are 'trying to PRAY you back into your old IDENTITY'.  And so, you need to be even MORE vigilant - in COMMENDING them - to the Divine Justice of their CREATOR.  Because they SIMPLY "want to wear OUT! - the Faithful Remnant, with THEIR, satanic PRAYERS".  And so NOW, in THIS, the GREATEST spiritual BATTLE - EVER! - recorded - the Faithful REMNANT, need to be VIGILANT, in 'PRAYING! - to all of HEAVEN - ALL, the time!' - desiring to REACH OUT for GRACES - ALL the time.  RENOUNCING! - their old identities FREQUENTLY! - THROUGHOUT the day - and RESOLVING to BE, "the new CREATION", that their CREATOR, has 'FORESEEN', from, since before the BEGINNING, of time(March 19, 2018 update) 

And know that the A.I. at the same TIME, is using "psychotronics" [- the electronic manipulation of your psychology], to form you into anything OTHER than, what your Creator has planned.  So you must CHOOSE ALSO, if you want to simply SIT back, and be passive - as you are transformed electronically - as SO many of the "former members" did.  OR do you want to fight? - to BE! - who your Creator CALLED you to be?
ARE YOU YOKING yourself to your FORMERS - in the hopes that they will come AROUND at some point in the future?
And so the question we need to ASK you - based on the emails you have SENT us - is "ARE YOU YOKING yourself to your FORMERS, in the hopes that they will come AROUND - at some point in the future?" As a Member of the Faithful REMNANT - you are called to embrace 'TRUE JOY', at "the Blessed VOCATION you have been GIFTED with!"  Let 'those OUTSIDE, the Remnant' - "WEEP and mourn!" But you HAVE! - "the Bridegroom" WITH you!  As you HAVE "a personal RELATIONSHIP", with Jesus Christ the LORD.  But you can't 'HAVE', a relationship with HIM - AND a relationship with "your formers" - because THEY! - are 'His ENEMIES!' YOU! - have been "pulled OUT of Sodom and EGYPT" - but there WILL be "a TEMPTATION", to submit to "the yoke of SLAVERY, to your old LIFE, and your old IDENTITY". But YOU must resist! - "the DEVIL'S temptations".  And you must, 'COMMIT yourself DAILY!' - to "LIVING, as a new CREATION! - IN! - the Lord Jesus Christ". If you 'YOKE yourself' to THOSE, who are "OPPOSED, to your vocation" - then, they can ONLY 'drag you down, WITH them'. And so? - we ADVISE you to 'UNYOKE yourself' - IMMEDIATELY!  And, resolve to "ONLY seek Heavenly Approval".  Because 'THAT' - is "Spiritual Sanity". (March 23, 2018 update)   

Have you ever experienced a sudden feeling of hatred towards the Two Witnesses?

You need to RECOGNIZE, that "your FORMERS" - ARE - "ACTIVELY, SACRIFICING you, to 'THEIR jesus', who is the DEVIL" - as they DESPERATELY want YOU! - to conform - to "THEIR ways" - and ESPECIALLY 'the way THEY see, the both of us'.  And SO? - you're GOING to be 'TEMPTED', to even 'feel HATE! - towards us' - for NO apparent reason.  But THAT is actually, 'the DEMONIC entity of the ASSAILANTS', that, your FORMERS, want you 'to become PART of' - to conform, to 'THEIR family' - instead of "the family of the Most High True God".  And so you need to RECOGNIZE when that happens! - and DECIDE, in the MOMENT - WHO you're going to side with!  The Most High TRUE GOD? - and 'HIS VOCATION and CALLING for your LIFE?  OR your formers? - who are 'working with the DEVIL!' - to pull you 'AWAY from your Vocation' - back into 'the spirit of the WORLD'. This is 'a BATTLE'!  BUT! - the Most High TRUE God - the LORD Jesus Christ, IS 'your Strength' - so SEEK to be "WITH Him!" - in ALL moments of your DAY!  And HE will 'help you overcome' - the WORLD, the FLESH, and the DEVIL. (March 25, 2018 update)  


Endure the Badger and Hounds
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

When faced with "a nagging FORMER" - what are you called to DO? - WHAT, do you DO!

The STRATEGY", that the formers are USING, AGAINST the Faithful REMNANT, is that they NAG, and NAG, AND nag! - until the Remnant 'BOW! - to the PRESSURE!' - UNJUSTLY.  You SIMPLY need, to REJECT 'your DESIRE to seek VINDICATION'.  Because the MOST High TRUE God will "vindicate His FAITHFUL Remnant" when the time comes.  You DON'T, 'SUMMON! - the devil - to BATTLE!' - in order, to take a STAND against him.  Understand?  Because it was 'the DEVIL moving through your former' - wanting to "RELAY, the tormenting WORDS of the ENEMY" to your SOUL!  And so you NEED to resolve to LEARN from this lesson!  And, MAKE "better choices"! - when faced, with "a nagging FORMER".  Temptations COME! - but you're NOT "called to give-IN to them"; you're called 'to OVERCOME them!'  And you NEED to RECOGNIZE, that, 'the EMAILS they send', the TEXT messages they send - are ALWAYS! - "ACCOMPANIED by waves of WITCHCRAFT!"  AND! - alien tech!  The BEST way to make 'the attacks' STOP - is by 'COMMENDING your formers' - to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD - and THEN, 'FOCUS! - on what your Creator is ASKING of you'.  Because JUST like the DEVIL - if you DON'T GIVE him ANY of your TIME - and you are "CONSISTENT" - in RESISTING him - he DOES 'leave you ALONE' - when he KNOWS that 'he CANNOT break through'(March 26, 2018 update) 

A Warning to Prepare for Incoming...
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
This video goes with the ABOVE Message

Have you been experiencing "BLOWBACK" from your FORMERS?

As for "the BLOWBACK"? - SEE it more as "an INVITATION" - to COMMEND your formers, to 'the DIVINE Justice of the Most High True God' - until it STOPS!  THEN "they got the MESSAGE"!  USE 'your free will'! - to SEEK CLOSENESS with your CREATOR.  EVEN when you don't have 'the DESIRE to' - you can STILL! - CHOOSE to!  ASK the Most High TRUE God to "Strengthen your free will for HIS Kingdom - for all ETERNITY!" - and to "FIX! - your free WILL on SERVING Him - for all Eternity".  And when the ENEMY sees, 'your RESOLVE', and that 'NOTHING MOVES you! - to go against, your CREATOR'? - then he leaves you ALONE.  And MOVES on to someone, who is 'ENTERTAINING temptation'. (March 27, 2018 update) 

It is NOT EASY to let go

And so be VIGILANT in rejecting the demonic CLUSTERS of your FORMERS - ESPECIALLY when they come to MINDAnd ASK FOR 'the Grace to desire, to ONLY LIVE, YOUR! - TRUE identity, as a CHILD of the Most High True GOD!'  Because 'the TRUTH!' - IS! - that THEY are living, "THEIR lives", the way THEY want to LIVE them!  And YOU? - are "living YOUR life, the way YOU! - want to live YOURS!"  And SO? - you need to RECOGNIZE that you're not 'PART of THEIR, family UNIT' - though they WANT you 'to IDENTIFY, as being'. YOU! - have "been set ASIDE", and YOU are 'PART of the family of the Most HIGH True GOD'.  And THEY? - are "simply not letting you GO".  And, History REPEATS itself! - as 'the jewish LEADERS' - wouldn't let JESUS go EITHER. (March 29, 2018 update) 
WHAT happens to your INTERIOR life when you turn off the camera
The QUESTION that you need to ASK yourself, IS, "are YOU WILLING, to stand UP for your Creator's TESTIMONY?"  Because, WHAT happens? - when you turn off the camera.  We can TELL that your heart is divided.  You KNOW the Testimony to be True.  But, you ALSO! - have heard MANY peoples' "SECULAR opinions" - and you have spent, "MUCH time" - LISTENING to "CONFLICTING inspirations".  And so you have ALLOWED 'much poison' into your Soul We can SEE, that, the spirit of JEZEBEL, has "a VERY big stronghold", and is ALSO moving through, your formers - as THEY simply 'want you to be CRUSHED!- by your NEW-found Faith' - EVEN SIMPLY 'by DESIRE' - they can DO this! It DOESN'T HAVE to be, "a PHYSICAL, manifestation".  The MORE you 'STAND! - for the Testimony' - the MORE your CREATOR, GIVES you, 'the necessary STRENGTH' - to LIVE it! WE are not asking you to 'CONFRONT, your formers'; BUT - when you HEAR them accuse YOU! - you NEED to DEFEND, "your FAITH" - and speak "the corresponding TRUTH".  NOT 'to accuse THEM' - but, to EXPLAIN - that you are actually, "a practicing CHRISTIAN".  DON'T "let the DEVIL! - get the last WORD in". HERE, Jesus Gives you, the Corresponding TRUTH - to "the LIE!" - of the ENEMY - that you're "of the DEVIL". (March 29, 2018 update)    

DON'T let your formers turn you into a goat!

But "your FORMERS" want to 'cast OUT!' - the TRUE Holy Spirit, from your SOUL - by SENDING you 'DEMONS to be clothed in' - like THEY are!  And THEY desire that YOU! - would become like THEM - "of one MIND" - with 'the MIND of a BEAST' - UNABLE to think!   This is "very REAL".  This is "a REAL BATTLE". And the DEVIL, is "FIGHTING, for your SOUL".  THAT is why it is CRUCIAL! - that you REMAIN, "on the GOOD side!" - of the Most High True God.  For TRULY! - it is HE! - who Created, "Hell", and "the Lake of Fire" - for the devil and his ANGELS - and for 'all REBELLIOUS souls'.  And 'the TORMENT'! - that they EXPERIENCE, is ACTUALLY "the WRATH! - of the Most High True God - of the GOD of the Two Witnesses".  So GET ON! - the Most High TRUE God's "GOOD side!"  Don't, let your formers turn you INTO a goat! (March 31, 2018 update) 

ZERO false compassion for "formers"

It's TIME to take a STAND - because the Most High True God MUST come first, IN your life.  NO false compassion! - for "FORMERS"!   Your "FORMERS" - are sending you "FEELINGS" - and the MORE that you "give-IN" - the more you're CLOTHED, in 'THEIR satanic ARMOR'.  They are TRYING to 'CAST, the True Holy Spirit OUT of your SOUL' - through WITCHCRAFT!  And YOU need to DECIDE! - if the True Holy SPIRIT - if "the SPIRIT of the Living GOD" - is "worth FIGHTING for"? (March 31, 2018 update) 

Yes, the devil DOES bow to the prayers of "the formers".

Your "FORMERS" - want you to BECOME - "CARNAL MINDED" again - like THEY are!  And SO - you NEED to use 'the Blessed HOLY Water' - OFTEN!  And you need to ask the Most High TRUE God - to sever, 'THEM', from your INTERIOR life - and from your MIND! - so you can focus on SERVING Him!  Because "your FORMERS" are NOT 'SERVING' OR 'WORSHIPPING' the Most High True God - because THEY believe, that "god bows to THEM!" - that "god does what, they TELL him to do!" - but THEY'RE praying to the DEVIL! (March 31, 2018 update) 

Have you been seeking ALL the REWARDS of your FORMER life AND the BENEFITS of being a REMNANT Member?

YOU need to RECOGNIZE, that what you have been LIVING - for the MOST part - IS "a satanic desire" - to HAVE! - the REWARDS, of being YOKED, to your FORMERS, and to the roman catholic hierarchical institution - AND, "the BENEFITS", of being a REMNANT Member.  And THAT cannot CONTINUE.   You CAN'T have 'the DEVIL!' - RESIDING, IN your SOUL - POSSESSING you COMPLETELY - with HIS HATRED, for the CREATOR - flowing THROUGH you!  AND! - be at ALL, "pleasing", in the Eyes of the Most High True GOD.  If YOU don't "work with your CREATOR" - in casting, 'the DEVIL' - OUT of your Soul - then WE! - will "put an end to it" - by making you "a PRIVATE Member" - with NO ACCESS to COUNSEL - the COUNSEL that you HAVE BEEN 'DISCARDING'! - ANYWAYS.  Because the DEVIL, HATES "the COUNSEL of the True Holy SPIRIT"!  And YOU, have been 'IDENTIFYING with the devil's HATRED' - and feeling "POWERFUL!" - as you DO so - as you SEEK to EXERCISE power over GOD- because THAT'S what they're doing, in the roman catholic hierarchical institution - as, the PASTORS, claim to be, "REPRESENTATIVES, OF god" - to the PEOPLE - when they KNOW for a FACT!- that they are WITHHOLDING 'TRUE bread' - from THEMSELVES AND from, their congregation.  The PEOPLE, in the roman catholic hierarchical institution - are CONSUMMATING, WITH the DEVIL! - during COMMUNION.  And YOU need to DECIDE! - if, YOU! - want to JOIN them!  Your "FORMERS"? - are trying to, get YOU, to DISCARD, 'the True Holy Spirit' from your Soul - and, YOU have been cooperating - and the more you DO so? - the LESS He COMES to you.  And THEN He stops! - and GOES to someone else.  SO - do YOU want to be "a TEMPLE, of the True Holy SPIRIT"? - or "a TEMPLE filled with BLASPHEMIES! - against your Creator"? Do YOU, DESIRE, to be "a PLEASING HOME, for Jesus Christ the LORD, to RESIDE IN?" -  or, do YOU, want to 'ENTERTAIN DEMONS, and throw a PARTY for THEM! - and invite their FRIENDS'? - AND, insult, and BLASPHEME, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary? It doesn't MATTER 'what LIES the demons TELL YOU' - if you CHOOSE to cooperate with your CREATOR? - you CAN 'overcome' - your own WICKEDNESSOR? - you can allow 'the wickedness', to overcome YOU.  CHOOSE! (April 03, 2018 update) 

Have you been receiving unrelenting emails from one of your "formers"?

With regards to the emails that your "FORMER" is sending you - it's best to look at them as "spiritual BOMBS" and not to OPEN them!  And simply 'COMMEND them!' - to the Divine Justice of their CREATOR"PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCES", are in STORE for those who CHOOSE to go 'against the Faithful Remnant CHURCH' - and "death" is ONE of those "physical CONSEQUENCES".  This IS, 'the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT' - this is the same CREATOR - who, in FACT - sparked - the FLAME, that SPREAD - across B.C. [- in the 2017 fire season] - causing MUCH damage, to the FOREST industry.  And He is ABOUT to "make some WAVES"!  (April 05, 2018 update) 
Have your "formers" been TEMPTING you to be even MORE DEPENDENT on them?
It is CLEAR TO US - that your FORMERS want 'to ENSNARE you!' - to "becoming dependent on THEM!"  And to make SURE - that your LIVES are "INTERTWINED".  BECAUSE? - you - are actively - CHOOSING - to work with the True Holy SPIRIT, in DISTANCING yourself, from 'their SPIRITUAL toxicities' - AND, THEIR demons KNOW this!  And so - it makes SENSE - to FOREGO "the comforts" - for the sake of your SPIRITUAL life.  You see - the Most High TRUE God wants you focused - on "BUILDING" - up the Kingdom of HEAVEN, in the hearts of OTHERS - but, the DEVIL - through your FORMERS - wants you to "rebuild the RUINS! - of HIS kingdom".  And so - you will have to CHOOSE! (April 10, 2018 update) 

Are you STILL choosing to have false COMPASSION on your formers?

We can TELL that 'you're STILL choosing to have false COMPASSION on your formers'.  AND - THEY! - and their DEMONS, are "beginning to SUCK the SPIRITUAL life OUT of you!" - WITH your consent. You have been given "the Blessed GIFT of being a Member of the Faithful REMNANT" - but the HARD TRUTH is - that your FORMERS will ALWAYS 'HATE that FACT!' - ABOUT you - and hate YOU in the process - BECAUSE? - YOU have, 'the LIFE of the True Holy SPIRIT' within you - but THEY do NOT. But, YOU are called to focus on 'the Love of your CREATOR' - NOT "the HATRED of your enemies" - for TRULY 'your enemies' ARE being CONSUMED! - by that HATRED - and, they want YOU! - to EXPERIENCE it, as WELL.  And so -YOU need to decide - HOW much you're going to fight, for your SPIRITUAL life - and "YOUR spiritual wellbeing" - because NO ONE is going to do it FOR you. (April 20, 2018 update) 
What happens when you show FALSE compassion towards people who ONLY want to suck the life out of you?
To show "ANY kind of false compassion TOWARDS them", in your INTERIOR LIFE? - THEY will pick UP on! - and BEGIN, 'SUCKING the SPIRITUAL life OUT of you'.  Because your FORMERS, DO! - what their DEMONS tell them! - to do.  And they are "GOVERNED, by evil SPIRITS" - so they CAN'T desire! - your good.  And so what you NEED to do, is "the JEZZIE fix" - and get their TENTACLES, OUT of your heart!  You LOOK as though, 'you have demonic PARASITES that are FEEDING off of you' - through SPIRITUAL vision of course.  Don't let your FORMERS, "FEED off of your HEART"TURN! - to your Blessed Mother, in HEAVEN, and ASK her - to cut your FORMERS, AND their witchcraft OFF, from your INTERIOR life!  And ask her for "a STRONGER connection with HER! - INSTEAD!" (April 24, 2018 update) 

Do you still have "a desire to VINDICATE yourself" in front of your FORMERS?

There is NO sense, in trying to VINDICATE yourself - in front of your FORMERS - because you can't REASON, with "evil SPIRITS" - and THEY! - are VERY much, 'attached to theirs'And you CAN'T be "their savior" - the only hope for THEM? - is for THEM to be BROUGHT, to their KNEES, and to 'their BREAKING point' - through "Divine Justice" - but ONLY, if it is 'the WILL, of the Most High True GOD'THEIR only HOPE? - is ACTUALLY for YOU! - to 'COMMEND them! - to the Divine Justice of the Most High True God and to the HEEL! - of the Blessed Virgin Mary - whenever you THINK of them'"  REMEMBER - the SPIRIT of the world ONLY takes - so don't GIVE, your formers an INCH! - in your interior life. (April 25, 2018 update) 

YOU will ultimately be the one who decides WHO you are going to CONFORM to.

You NEED to RECOGNIZE, that the DEMONS - are "SMARTER than YOU".  They JUST! - want, the Faithful REMNANT, to 'FALL, from GRACE, and become DEFORMED, like THEY are!'  and THAT is why, the FORMERS, want the REMNANT, to do 'what THEY do' - in order to LOSE, 'their BLESSINGS', and to be "out of FAVOR", with the CREATOR - so that, THEY can become like "their FORMERS" [- as in, 'the ONES who are FORMING the WEAK members, through their WITCHCRAFT' - WITH their cooperation]. And THIS is EXACTLY 'history REPEATING itself' - all OVER again - AS - the ALIEN GOVERNMENTS, over GENERATIONS - SIMPLY, 'CHIPPED away, at CHRISTIANITY' - so that the CHRISTIANS BELIEVE, that they are SAVED NOW! - SIMPLY, because they BELIEVE in Jesus - when even the alien GOVERNMENTS know! - "THAT'S not ENOUGH!" - to be Saved.  EVEN the ILLUMINATI know, that all the "christians" outside the Faithful REMNANT, are "DOOMED!"  (April 29, 2018 update) 

STILL have that door OPEN? - for your FORMERS?

SHUT the door! - to the FORMERS, in your INTERIOR life - and FAST!  Because the LONGER you keep it OPEN? - the MORE, 'DEMONS' come through.  And YOU don't know, if YOU! - will be able to RESIST - that's the TRUTH!  YOU are not "INVINCIBLE". And your FORMERS, would be trying to pray, INTO you - that YOU deserve, 'MORE!' - than what the Remnant, has given you.  And THEY are getting "a PING!" - off of YOUR interior life! - because you're FEEDING them!  And they get STRONGER! - the more you FEED them! - and they have MORE power over you, the more you GIVE them!  And just as WE are called, NOT to enable, "wickedness" - lest the Remnant's blood be "on OUR hands" - if the REMNANT, decide to enable the wickedness of 'their FORMERS'? - that "blood" is on THEIR hands.  And so, all of this TIME, your formers COULD have been getting "severe DISCIPLINE" - but INSTEAD? - they're getting "PINGS! - that they're breaking THROUGH"!  And "their seeds" - are being PLANTEDThe FASTEST way, to LOSE favor with your Creator - is to TOLERATE wickedness, in YOURSELF and in others. So WHAT have you been choosing? (May 01, 2018 update)
To yoke yourself to formers IS to yoke yourself to ALL of Hell
What you NEED recognize, is that 'your FORMERS', are LIVING, the SPIRITUAL reality of HELL! - in their INTERIOR lives.  And in HELL? - SINS are NEVER forgiven!  And GUILT is NEVER removed!  And PAIN and SUFFERING? - is ALL that is left.  And so, if you 'YOKE yourself, to your FORMERS'? - THEN? - you WILL share in 'THEIR experience, of DESOLATION, HELL, and being SEPARATED from their CREATOR'.  Because THEY, are AGAINST, the TESTIMONY - they are AGAINST, the WORD, of the Most High True God.  They 'HATE the TRUTH!' - EVEN though they KNOW, the Testimony is from HEAVEN - MUCH like, when a CHILD, is conceived - it is "a CHILD at CONCEPTION" - but PEOPLE 'HATE!' - that Truth so much! - that they 'PRETEND', that it's "just a lump of TISSUE", that they can DISCARD.  Because, 'that's what they SAY it is!' - as they seek to SUPPRESS the Truth in their Conscience.  And so you need to RECOGNIZE that 'your FORMERS' have DISCARDED the Testimony - and so your CREATOR? - JUSTLY, has CHOSEN, to discard THEM!  Because if they DON'T want, 'the LIFE that your Creator is OFFERING them'? - THEN? - they want 'the Lake of FIRE'!  It's THAT SIMPLE! Now 'your FORMERS' - may be 'BLAMING, you', for their suffering; but the TRUTH is, that 'THEY CHOSE it!'  THEY, chose, to DESPISE, 'the GIFT, of, Divine LIFE' - living for one's CREATOR - and putting, 'HIS Will and Plan first'Your FORMERS have CHOSEN - 'COLLECTIVELY' - to put 'THEIR will' first! - because THEY! - are "god" - in THEIR own eyes!  And, 'THEY', want the Faithful REMNANT, to SEE them! - as 'god' - and to WORSHIP, 'THEM!'  The FORMERS, DESIRE, to 'PULL', the Faithful REMNANT'S HEARTS, AWAY! - from their Creator - to INSTEAD, SHARE, in 'the MISERY, of SEPARATION from GOD'!  And so "how do you FIGHT it?"  You RECOGNIZE, that they have CHOSEN, to 'serve alien GODS' - and that they are "ON a different TEAM", and 'a different PATH' - because they WANT to go to 'a DIFFERENT destination', than what YOU have chosen!  It's 'THAT SIMPLE'!  EVERY individual, on the PLANET, EVENTUALLY, must CHOOSE! - the KINGDOM, of the DIVINE Will, of Jesus CHRIST the Lord? - OR? - the KINGDOM, of the DEVIL! - and his FALLEN angels. Now HERE is "an interesting thought":  EVEN the fallen ANGELS, KNEW, who Jesus Christ the LORD, WAS.  And they RECOGNIZED His AUTHORITY.  And they RECOGNIZED, the Creator. BUT! - THEY, did NOT want to SERVE Him!  And so, He GAVE them 'a Kingdom', where THEY could be, 'their own RULERS'! - INSTEAD.  Because THAT'S 'how the Most High True God solves PROBLEMS'. If PEOPLE do not 'DESIRE, to BE with Him'? - then they can BE, "on their OWN, in the dark". And SO, IT is "better", to CHOOSE to be led, by the LIGHT of the Testimony - and by the LIGHT of the True Holy Spirit - than to continue to STUMBLE in the dark - like 'your FORMERS' are doing.  BECAUSE? - they chose 'to CURSE the Light'.  (May 06, 2018 update) 

 "Salvation is a one-way street"
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
"Has anyone offered you a new CAR recently?"

Have you been choosing to take ORDERS from "formers" in order to APPEASE them?

You NEED some 'SERIOUS spiritual VISION' - because it is CLEAR, that your "formers" are SIMPLY, trying to pull you BACK, into your old LIFE - and into 'a false REALITY'.  Because you're taking THEIR orders!  And you're TRADING your True VOCATION - to console your formers! Your FORMERS are 'FLOODING OUT, your HOME' - and YOU, are simply getting, 'ABSORBED, into THEIR world view'. WHERE is your conscience?  You THINK you can "COMPROMISE" and WIN?  You'll LOSE both.  You CAN'T, appease your former family - and PLEASE your Creator.   And for YOU to think that you CAN! - is "self-deception" - and we WANT no part in it.  And you'll have NO false compassion from us. (May 07, 2018 update)
You need to RECOGNIZE that the SADNESS, YOU are being tempted to EMBRACE, is 'out of a desire for YOU, to show false compassion to your FORMERS'!  But "your FORMERS"? - only want to destroy you SPIRITUALLY!  And THEY want you to embrace "nostalgia" - so as to suck you into a false REALITY - to suck you BACK into their TENTACLES!  THEY are 'the ones who rejected the Testimony'!  And you are CALLED to Love your CREATOR - ABOVE!!! - your formers. And REMEMBER, the WAY! - you show 'your LOVE'? - is by COMMENDING them!  Because, it is ONLY if they receive 'enough Divine JUSTICE!' - from their CREATOR - that they will even, have, "an iota of HOPE" - to come to their senses.  Understand? (May 08, 2018 update) 

Is the Most High TRUE God simply allowing the HEAT to be TURNED UP, with "formers"?

And so, YOU need to decide - if you are "REALLY SERIOUS?" OR, if you simply want to COMPLAIN about your circumstances? Because the MOST High TRUE God is 'providing a WAY, FOR you, OUT of that SPIRITUALLY toxic and HOSTILE situation'.  But WHAT do you want MORE?  To COMPLAIN? - about 'how your FORMERS, are MISTREATING YOU'?  Or, do you WANT to follow our COUNSEL? BECAUSE you have not followed our Counsel - the Most High TRUE God is 'allowing the HEAT to be TURNED UP' - because WE - have been 'trying to get THROUGH, TO you' - to NO avail!  BUT! - the Most High TRUE God "has WAYS", of getting THROUGH, TO people.  And so HE is SHOWING you, "the TRUE STATE, of your FORMER family" - and how much they DESPISE, you! - as "an INCENTIVE", for YOU.  And SO? - TRUST in the Most High TRUE God, AND in His Plan.  Because He will NOT 'STEER you, WRONG'. (May 10, 2018 update)

WHO is responsible? - for 'the SPIRITUAL state of your Soul'

YOU need to recognize, that YOU are responsible, for 'the SPIRITUAL state, of your Soul', and for WORKING out your Salvation with your CREATOR.  For your "FORMERS" - have NO say! - in your Salvation, WHATSOEVER!  BUT, they DO want to pull you AWAY, from "the narrow PATH". But YOU don't need to bow to THEIR will.   TURN to your Heavenly FATHER - and ASK Him to DRAW you into HIS Heart - and to make your HEART, "like HIS".  And WATCH how, 'your world VIEW' changes.  Because, GOD, the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - is 'FILLED, with Love, for His creatures' - and it is only, 'His Faithful REMNANT', who are choosing to be RECEPTIVE - whereas the REST of the world, is receiving 'His Divine WRATH'RECEIVE! - the Divine LOVE of your CREATOR - into your SOUL - and be NOURISHED!  Be FILLED, and share, that Nourishment with OTHERS.  Because, the LOVE, of the Most High TRUE God 'overcomes ALL evil'.  And the LOVE of the Most High True God will MOST CERTAINLY conquer, 'the WICKEDNESS, that is being SENT, from your FORMERS'.  As THEY want YOU! - to see yourself, as being, "of the devil" - but DON'T cooperate, with THEM!  INSTEAD RECOGNIZE, that, THEY are embracing 'BLASPHEMY' - and, THEY, cannot SEE, 'OUR God', as 'the SAME God, that THEY worship' - because THEY worship, 'the DEVIL, in a JESUS costume'!  But WE, and the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, worship 'the TRUE Jesus'. (May 18, 2018 update)

WHAT would it take? - for ANY goodness to move through your "formers"?

You NEED to RECOGNIZE, that you're IN, "ENEMY territory" - and it's ONLY when 'your Creator's HEAVY HAND!' - is on your formers, that ANY goodness, can move THROUGH them.  But it IS in fact "your CREATOR'S Goodness" - REMEMBER that! (May 22, 2018 update) 

Do you have "trouble UNDERSTANDING"?

Your "former family", are 'spiritually blind' when it comes to the TESTIMONY.  And, THEY want YOU, to be "spiritually blind like THEM".  They want YOU, to 'REFUSE! - to change' - because they've BRANDED, the REMNANT, in their HEARTS, as "a CULT"!  And YOU have to DECIDE, if you AGREE with them or not - BASED on your choices - NOT on your words. If you have "trouble UNDERSTANDING"? - then, that is an INVITATION to turn, your HEART, to the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - and ASK Him! - to SHOW you, what He SEES.  And ask Him to SHOW you, 'how you can FIX it'. (May 25, 2018 update)    

Just how easy IS it to overcome your old IDENTITY?

You CAN'T have two MASTERS in your INTERIOR life.  OVERCOME - your OLD, identity! - by TURNING to the Blessed Virgin Mary - and ASKING her [- just ask...], to "CAST it! - into the ETERNAL Lake of Fire".  And SIMPLY, RESOLVE, that YOU! - a child of the Most High TRUE God - will REMAIN.  THAT is 'the attitude, you MUST HAVE' - with regards to your FORMER identity; your FORMER identity, BELONGS, "in the Lake of Fire".  But if YOU, DESIRE, to 'SERVE, Jesus Christ the Lord for all ETERNITY'? - then "HEAVEN", is for YOU.  But your FORMER identity, CAN'T go to Heaven.  And the DEMONS of your old LIFE - can NOT! - enter, the Era of True PEACE.  So YOU need to 'slough them off' NOW! YOU can DO this but ONLY by the Grace of the Most High TRUE God - through cooperating with HIS, 'Holy and Divine Will', in EACH and every moment. (June 01, 2018 update)   
Many Members of the Faithful Remnant have been tempted by "formers" to work AGAINST the Remnant.
Following "the True Jesus" is NOT without, the spiritual BATTLE.  And OFTENTIMES, the devil, will SIMPLY put 'BAD inspirations' into "FORMERS", in order 'to ensnare' the, REMNANT'.  And so, YOU must decide 'who you belong to', in EACH and every momentAnd YOU must weigh, the DECISIONS, that you MAKE - bearing in MIND, 'what you HAVE LEARNED from your Creator, already'.  Asking yourself the question, "Would it be EASIER to let go of my former IDENTITY, by working for my FORMERS?" - or - "WOULD I in fact, be on the PATH, to going back to my old SELF?" "Would WORKING for my formers, HELP my spiritual growth?" - or - "Would the ENEMY, USE them, to CONTINUALLY, REMIND me of EVERYTHING, that I want to OVERCOME - through the Grace of GOD?"  You must DECIDE. But, don't make any "HASTY, decisions". (June 02, 2018 update) 

Have you been choosing to FOCUS on the ATTACKS being sent by 'the FORMERS' and by 'the occult WORLD'?  

What you are STRUGGLING with, is that there IS 'a desire IN you', to SUCCUMB to the WITCHCRAFT attacks, being sent, by 'the FORMERS', and by 'the occult WORLD'.  And there is a DESIRE, to CONSENT, to the TEMPTATION, to EMBRACE, 'your former IDENTITY', and 'former WAYS'.  But, the TRUTH is that, when YOU! - have resolved in your heart, to ONLY! - worship the Most High TRUE God, and do, 'what He is asking OF you' - and DESIRE to KNOW 'what it is, He EXPECTS from you' - then, the ATTACKS, will FADE! - because you WON'T be 'FOCUSED on them' - instead, YOU will be FOCUSED, on 'clinging EVEN MORE tightly, to Jesus Christ the LORD'.  Because what your "FORMER PARENTS", have NOT, come to TERMS with? - is the simple FACT, that they DON'T, OWN you! - and they did NOT 'CREATE you' - and they did NOT 'BLESS you, with a SOUL'!  But Jesus Christ the LORD, did.  And you DON'T have to ANSWER, to 'your former PARENTS, and your former FAMILY' - in the NEXT LIFE - or in the Era of PEACE - you HAVE to answer, to Jesus Christ the LORD!  And so ALL that MATTERS? - is that you are 'SEEKING, to do HIS Will'.  And LET your formers, "BROOD OVER you" - and 'FOCUS on their feelings'.  But know THIS - it is 'DEMONIC! - what they are SENDING you'.  THEY, want YOU! - to 'go back to THEM' - so that THEY! - don't have, to 'feel GUILTY', for YOUR life DECISION - to AVOID them!  That's "ALL it's about", for them. It is ALL about "saving face".  They are 'ENRAGED!' - AT YOU - for 'your DECISION', to be a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT.   And they are only 'PRETENDING, that EVERYTHING can go back, to the way it WAS, if you RETURN'.  No!  It can NEVER go back to 'the way it was'! - no MATTER, 'what LIES, the DEMONS, try to FEED you'.  You are 'CALLED, to PERSEVERE', on this "SPIRITUAL JOURNEY" - but you don't HAVE to!  You are "COMPLETELY free". (June 08, 2018 update) 

Have you been experiencing a DELUGE of spiritual attacks from your FORMERS lately?

Best to spend some time today, and read some Messages from 'your TRUE Spiritual MOTHER' - all the WHILE - DESIRING! - that your HEART, would become 'SOFTENED, towards her SON' - Jesus Christ the LORD.  And you would be 'AMAZED!' - at the OUTPOURING of HEAVENLY Graces - just 'WAITING, to be received'! (June 14, 2018 update) 

Have you FINALLY chosen to purify from the desire to save your formers?

You can ONLY save your "formers" FROM the Testimony, by returning to them.  And so if you want to be "their SAVIOR"?  That's the ONLY path that will lead to the FULFILLMENT of that desire.  IF you Love them, then you WILL Commend your "formers", EVERY time you think of them [- so that your CREATOR can Save them, but ONLY 'WITH their cooperation'...].  And so here is the really "UNCOMFORTABLE" question:  HAVE you been Commending your "formers" every time you thought of them?  And if NOT? - then WHY do you 'PRETEND'? - to love them?  The hard Truth - is that you're NOT 'being drawn BACK', out of LOVE for them.  Instead, it's THEIR demons, calling out to YOURS - wanting to be 'UNITED' again - as "ONE satanic family" - the SAME "SATANIC family", that would celebrate UNITING in "the body of the ANTICHRIST", in that satanic institution - and call that 'GOOD'!  And if that is where your HEART is, then GO.  If NOT? - give the satanic strongholds to your CREATOR, and trade them for 'something from HEAVEN' instead.  But you can't have a divided heart, for much longer, and expect to be sane.  The tough question you WILL ULTIMATELY answer - is "WHOSE love, approval, and acceptance do you SEEK, above all OTHERS?"  (June 16, 2018 update) 
You REALLY need to read the following Message in its entirety - but HERE is a critical sample: 
"Mankind in general, does not seek this love - the love that comes from being God’s True children.  No, quite the opposite: mankind seeks approval and acceptance from one-another while disregarding what one truly should seek: the Divine approval and acceptance of God." (-Jesus, September 09, 2009) 

Have you been ALLOWING your FORMERS to pray INTO you "the WAY that THEY see the Testimony"?

Actual email: Lately, when I go to read the Testimony, I experience agitation and there's like an unusual rebellion towards the Words I'm reading

What is HAPPENING, is you are starting to IDENTIFY, with 'the DEMONS of your old LIFE'.  And the more, that you CONSENT, to THEM - the more your REALITY, will become, "a REFECTION, of what your FORMERS are living".  And THEY! - are 'agitated', irritated and even ANGERED! - at the Testimony.  Because their LIVES, have never been 'the SAME' - since YOU FOUND, the Testimony - and decided to follow, your CREATOR.  And so while YOU have access, to 'the BLESSINGS' - THEY have access, ONLY to 'the CURSES' - because, they see the TESTIMONY, "AS a curse!" - because THEY are 'cursed'.  And if YOU want to share in 'their CURSES, at their CREATOR'? - you are 'FREE to DO so'.  BUT - it is MUCH better, to 'CHOOSE to be Blessed' - and THAT is, to CHOOSE! - to LIVE, by 'how your CREATOR, is COMMANDING you to'. (June 22, 2018 update) 

Some More Summer Heat
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
The former THINGS, are going to be put 'LAST' in the next life - so take no PART in them.
This following Message is for the summer season - and - for those who are continuously "burning UP inside"? - that means, ALL the time!
Well now that it is OFFICIALLY summer - there will be LOTS of OPPORTUNITIES, to CONTINUE, to practice, 'COMMENDING, the SCANTILY clad WOMEN' - OUT there - to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High TRUE God, AND to the Heel of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And YES! - there WILL be 'a temptation, to simply desire, to SIT back, and enjoy LIFE' - like you once DID! - with all the OTHER people - enjoying the SUMMER, and the WARMTH - and even going for SWIMS - and BOATING - and BARBEQUING.  BUT! - the Most High TRUE God - is DEFINITELY, NOT! - blessing, ANY of those occasions.  The WATER, [- referring to the water OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety...] has become 'TOO toxic', to SWIM in.  And LIFE, on the Ark, is SIMPLY "SO much BETTER"! - than DOING, 'what the BEASTIES do'.  Because "the BEASTIES" - are NOT interested, in 'working out, their SALVATION' - because they're ALREADY "SAVED".  But the Faithful REMNANT, are the ones, WHO are 'working out their SALVATION' - as, THEY were ADMONISHED to - by their CREATOR.  The PEOPLE of the WORLD, have, 'the ATTITUDE, of to EAT, drink, AND be merry' - for "TOMORROW they may DIE!"  And so they MAY as well 'enjoy LIFE, while it LASTS'.  BUT! - the PROBLEM with 'THAT MENTALITY'? - is they 'PUT their Creator last! - in THIS life' - THEREFORE? - THEY, are going to be put 'LAST' in the next - which means, "NO Heaven for them!" - BECAUSE! - they ALREADY HAD 'their heaven, on EARTH'. (June 24, 2018 update) 

Your "FORMERS" are determined to separate YOU from 'the LOVE of your Creator'.

With regards to your FORMERS? - separating YOU, from 'the LOVE of your Creator' - is 'what THEY are determined to DO'.  And so YOU! - must ALSO decide, 'how DETERMINED YOU are', to STAY, "FAITHFUL to Him, in the INNERMOST depths of your BEING".  Why not CONSECRATE "the innermost depths of your BEING" - to the Divine Will and PLAN, of Jesus Christ the LORD.  THEY, as in "your FORMERS" - are offering 'SACRIFICES' to "THEIR, false god" - to PULL your HEART AWAY, from your CREATOR - so that YOU! - can become, "MISERABLE!" - like THEM.  Because "misery LOVES company" - and the SOULS in HELL are "ABSOLUTELY miserable!"  BUT - IF you desire 'HEAVEN'? - then that is where your HEART will be(June 25, 2018 update) 

Now that the Testimony is VISIBLE to the PUBLIC once again, what has CHANGED?

NOW that the Testimony is "PUBLICLY visible" - people will be making, it VERY CLEAR! - where, their ALLEGIANCE is - both the REMNANT WILL - and, their FORMERS.  Because NOTHING is "HIDDEN" - EVERYTHING, is being UNCOVERED.  There are two TEAMS!  It's that SIMPLE. (July 06, 2018 update) 

HOW to OVERCOME 'the EVILS, that are being prayed INTO', the Members of the Faithful Remnant?

You SIMPLY need to be 'COMMENDING the ONES who are taking you ON' - to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD.  And don't STOP! - UNTIL, their ATTACK stops!  And YOU need to be 'reaching OUT to your CREATOR' - and SPEAKING to Him from the HEART - and, ASKING Him, for 'what you NEED', in order to get THROUGH each DAY - that much CLOSER, and that much more CONNECTED - WITH, your Heavenly FatherThe ASSAILANTS? - think THEY can "finish-OFF the REMNANT", through their satanic SACRIFICES - to their false GODS. BUT! - Jesus Christ the LORD, is 'STRONGER'! - than ALL the occult attacks And when YOU SEEK, refuge, in HIM - and in the Immaculate HEART, of His Blessed MOTHER - then you're 'SAFE'!  That is 'the SAFEST place to be'.  BUT if you ALLOW yourself to 'fall BACK into your OLD ways' - and to SLIP, further and FURTHER, AWAY, from Jesus Christ the Lord? - then, you ARE going to experience, 'even MORE, spiritual attacks'.  THEREFORE, YOU need to SEEK, your Creator, with your ENTIRE being! - in order to 'OVERCOME, the EVILS, in today's WORLD' - ESPECIALLY 'the EVILS, that are being prayed INTO, the Members of the Faithful Remnant'. (July 06, 2018 update) 

Are you in need of a Spiritual Heart Transplant?

There are MANY times, on our JOURNEY, when WE needed, to turn to Jesus Christ the LORD - and simply ask HIM, to give us Spiritual HEART Transplants - and that is due to the fact, that SO many PEOPLE! - were desiring our HARM; and desiring to PUT "daggers", in our HEARTS; and desiring, that WE would 'fall off the face of the EARTH'.  BUT, when we 'REACHED our heart out to our Creator' - THAT is when He RENEWED them, as in, 'gave us a NEW one'.  And THAT, is 'what YOU need to do', as WELL.  You see, because "your FORMERS!" - are beating up your heart - by actively choosing, 'to HATE, the lifestyle that you have chosen, in the Remnant' - THAT'S why we EMPHASIZE that you 'COMMEND them - TO the Divine JUSTICE of their CREATOR'. Because, your FORMERS want you to harden your HEART, towards EVERYTHING of the True Holy Spirit.  And they WANT you to listen to 'THEIR accusations, AGAINST you' - AND their accusations against US!  AND they want to 'turn your HEART' - AGAINST the Most High True GOD, against US, and against the Faithful REMNANT.  But they can only DO so 'with your cooperation'.  So don't COOPERATE! STOP, trying to HIDE, behind "the LETTER of the Law".  But SIMPLY resolve, to live, by the TRUE Holy Spirit - make 'THAT' your Goal.  Again, EVERY time "MEMORIES, of your PAST", come to MIND - and the UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCES, that you HAD - you NEED to GIVE them, to JESUS - OR? - you can use them as "a VICTIM card", in your INTERIOR life.  The CHOICE is yours. (July 08, 2018 update) 
Did you know that it is "NOT a sin" to contact your formers?
And you NEED to KNOW that... if you WANT to contact your FORMERS? - it ISN'T 'a SIN', it's "a LIFESTYLE decision" - BASED on 'what, you want to do in the MOMENT'.  You are COMPLETELY free, to CONTACT, your former FAMILY.  We HIGHLY advise, 'AGAINST it' - BECAUSE of their 'HOSTILITY'.  But, NEVERTHELESS, the OPTION is always THERE.  You need to KNOW that!  If YOU want to CALL, "a former FAMILY MEMBER"? - and check UP ON THEM? - you are 'free to DO so'NO one, is 'FORCING you', to STOP contacting your former FAMILY.  BUT! - BECAUSE, they are 'against the TESTIMONY', and you have shown that you are 'FOR the Testimony'? - we can see 'a conflict of INTEREST' - but go AHEAD!  The only question for you to ANSWER, is "Can you hold ON, to your FAITH? - when FACED, with people who don't, AGREE with you."  BECAUSE, EVERYONE MUST 'STAND on their own', BEFORE the Lord, Jesus Christ.  EACH person, is 'RESPONSIBLE', for what they DO, and how they choose to LIVE.  You MADE a commitment as an OFFICIAL Member of the Faithful REMNANT.  But if YOU WANT to, 'CONTACT your FORMERS' - you NEED to know, that 'THAT does not CHANGE, the fact that you're still a MEMBER' - UNLESS you renounce it. (July 12, 2018 update) 
Now that the Testimony is visible many formers are becoming even MORE upset
BECAUSE! - your FORMERS, have ACCESS, to your VIDEOS - they can SEE! - that YOU are NOT "GRIEVING", ANY! - LOSS, in your LIFE.  And that YOU are not 'sad' that they are 'no longer PART of your life' - and that, they, are NOT able to CRUSH you.  They can SEE that you are FULFILLED!  And that SIMPLY makes them upset.  And so they are 'directing their ANGER and their RAGE AT you'.  And SO? - you need to be 'EXTRA VIGILANT', in your INTERIOR life - in 'COMMENDING THEM', to the Divine JUSTICE, of the Most High True GOD - and, to 'not TOLERATE', ANY of the demons, that they are SENDING you.  INSTEAD, resolve, to FOCUS, on LIVING, 'FOR Jesus Christ the Lord'. And LET your "former family members" BE as they WANT to be: DESOLATE and OUTSIDE the Grace of the Most High True God.  The FORMERS? - want the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant, to believe in 'the LIES, that they are sending their INTERIOR lives'. Now MANY Members fell in the PAST because they CHOSE, to ENTERTAIN, and to LISTEN to, 'the demonic ACCUSATIONS of their FORMERS.  And they BOWED to 'peer pressure'.  They 'gave IN', and they FORFEITED, 'a GREAT Reward' - that they COULD have! - gotten, if they had CHOSEN to PERSEVERE. For TRULY the DISCOMFORT, that comes, from 'being a TRUE FOLLOWER, of JESUS' - is VERY LITTLE, in COMPARISON, to, 'an ETERNITY, of Pure BLISS' with one's Creator.  And SO? - you need to 'SHUN!' - the LIES, of the DEVIL, being prayed INTO you.  And ask Saint MICHAEL to 'silence the ACCUSER, of the BRETHREN'.  Because, the DEVIL only HAS, as much power OVER you, as you choose to GIVE him.  And so don't GIVE him any!  But INSTEAD 'submit to your CREATOR' in ALL things.  (August 03, 2018 update) 

Have you been thinking about RETURNING to "a life of COMFORT, and PLEASURE"?

You NEED to know, that the "ALIEN tech attacks", AND! - the demonic attacks that are SENT, BY 'your FORMERS' - are for the PURPOSE of GETTING you, to FOCUS, 'ON the flesh' - SPECIFICALLY, on RETURNING to "a life of COMFORT, and PLEASURE" - and trying to get YOU! - to FORFEIT, 'the PATH of Eternal LIFE', for "a bowl of PORRIDGE".  For you HAVE "an INHERITANCE, in the Kingdom of the Most High True GOD"! - but ONLY! - if you PERSEVERE, and follow THROUGH, with 'CLAIMING it!'  OTHERWISE? - someone else WILL!  You need to be 'COMMENDING your formers', to the DIVINE Just Wrath, of their CREATOR.  And FOCUS on 'what the True Holy SPIRIT is asking of you'Stop 'LOOKING at YOURSELF', through the eyes of OTHERS! - because their PERCEPTIONS, are "FLAWED".  Because WHY would you 'CARE'? - what 'the PEOPLE who are on the ROAD, to PERDITION and HELLFIRE', THINK of you?  YOU have to 'SEARCH your Soul' - and ASK - WHY? - you still VALUE, how they SEE you? - and why 'PART of you', DESIRES, 'what they HAVE'?  (August 17, 2018 update) 

"Only a humble contrite heart and a firm resolution to do what I ask of you, through docility to the Father's Will - carried through with action, has the ability to save you. I came to Save; not to condemn - but I ask you all to ask yourselves this question, "Am I going to Heaven; Or have I traded my Heavenly Reward with the enemy, for a bowl of porridge - for hunger, prestige, position, power"? - this is what you must ask yourselves. What is more important to you? - than following the True Authentic Voice of your Shepherd - who is asking you this day to deny yourself, and follow Me - your True and ever Living ShepherdWill ONE of you follow Me, and lay aside all the obstacles in your life - including 'self'; or will you 'coast through' and 'hope to make it' to Heaven on "a wing and a prayer"? - I pray this is not so." (-Jesus, July 18, 2007) 

"Do not trade your Heavenly reward for 'a bowl of porridge' - that can be eaten right away; it will leave you with 'a feeling of emptiness'; but go, sell all you have, and come follow Me. I will lead you to Eternal Paradise and to the Caves for safety." (-Jesus, August 01, 2007) 

What to do when your INTERIOR life "FEELS a PULL downwards"?

HOW often are you 'COMMENDING your FORMERS' - when they come to mind? - to "the DIVINE Justice of the Most High TRUE God".  If YOU are 'CHOOSING to show false compassion ON them'? - then of COURSE! - your INTERIOR life, will "FEEL, a PULL, downwards".  Because, 'THEIR interior life'! - is "IN the pit"! - and THEY want YOU! - to JOIN them.  But YOU must choose: either "the JOY, of the Lord, Most High TRUE God" - OR? - the INDIGNATION, and the WRATH! - that your FORMERS are experiencing, towards 'YOUR! - decision, to be a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'.  If you DON'T 'break AWAY from them' - in your INTERIOR life? - then, THAT 'indignation and WRATH' - IF directed towards YOU long enough - then, that would be "your END". DON'T let them SNUFF-out, your LIGHT!  Don't 'let THEM - END! - your FRIENDSHIP with your CREATOR'.  Because your 'FORMER FAMILY', are NOT! - "the Will of GOD".  THEY, want to do "their OWN thing" with their LIVES - which is WHY - YOU! - desire, to do 'your own thing', with your life.  But you can ONLY be "UNHAPPY and UNFULFILLED" - FULFILLING, EVERY carnal DESIRE, that you HAVE!  And THAT'S what the DEMONS, want to KEEP from you - 'THAT TRUTH'.  You can ONLY be "fulfilled" - TRULY fulfilled! - if you CHOOSE, to WHOLEHEARTEDLY, serve, JESUS Christ the Lord AS He has REVEALED Himself, in His TESTIMONY - WHICH 'your formers' DESPISE!  So? - CHOOSE, 'a PATH'! - EVERY day! - and WALK it! (August 23, 2018 update) 

Did you remember to ASK, your Creator to turn your formers inside OUT?

Remember, that we said, we would ask the Most High TRUE God, "to TURN your formers inside OUT"? - so that you could SEE them, with 'True Spiritual VISION'.  And now you HAVE!  And now you KNOW, that they do not 'SUPPORT you', in your DECISION to "INDIVIDUATE", from their family UNIT.  But, you ARE in fact 'BREAKING away', from, their SATANIC control - and this will be GOOD for your SPIRITUAL life.  And the Most High TRUE GOD, IS DEFINITELY 'SHOWING you, that, if He ASKS something of you - it is ALWAYS possible - because He MAKES it possible!'  He IS 'the SAME GOD, who parted the Red SEA, for the ISRAELITES, to cross OVER'  And SO, when it COMES to these 'small HURDLES' - it is VERY! - easy, for the Creator, to step IN, and INTERVENE, for the SAFETY and WELLBEING, of His FAITHFUL Remnant CHILDREN. BUT! - HE is WAITING, for THEM, to 'ask'. (August 28, 2018 update)   


AS for DEALING with your FORMERS?  You SIMPLY need to take it, "ONE day, at a time".  And DON'T, get SUCKED-IN, to 'THEIR desire, to push your BUTTONS, and to ACCUSE you, FALSELY'.  SIMPLY 'EXPECT'! - that THAT, is how, they are going to TREAT you.  Because THAT, is 'how, they ARE'. And, YOU are being GIVEN, PLENTY of evidence, and PROOF, from your Creator - of THEIR, hostility TOWARDS you - based on your religious beliefs.  But don't "FEED", their demons - or 'HATE them', in return.  You SIMPLY need to COMMEND them - to the Divine JUSTICE, of their CREATOR - and SEEK to be FILLED, with 'the LOVE of the Most High True God' INSTEAD - because 'HIS LOVE', will CONQUER the HATE.  As they WORK on behalf of the DEVIL, to pull you AWAY, from the True FAITH - you are called to 'RESIST', and SUBMIT, to the True Holy Spirit. And AS they ACCUSE you! - you DON'T HAVE to, 'ACKNOWLEDGE, their accusation'.  And you DON'T have to AGREE WITH THEM.  And, you are not called, to LISTEN to their RANTS.  You can ALWAYS respond "with a QUESTION"You NEVER! - have to give them "the answer, that they're LOOKING for" - "the answer, that they want to USE, to DISCREDIT you".  And THAT! - is how, you 'DISARM' them. (August 30, 2018 update)    


You SHOWED, your former, 'TRUE Compassion' - by sharing, the Blessed Holy Water, AND the Gift of True REPENTANCE.  But, if they don't WANT, 'what you have to OFFER'? - then, they actually NEED 'discomfort' as a motivation, to turn BACK to the Creator. (September 24, 2018 update)    

Have you been CHOOSING to pull YOURSELF back to your formers?

Do you THINK, that your CREATOR, is going to 'BLESS YOU', in the PRESENT moment, to help you - if by your ACTIONS, you are TELLING him, that you would RATHER be "somewhere ELSE"? The CHOICE "to live in your PAST" - is the choice to LIVE, "OUTSIDE of His GRACES".  And HE will make it known to you - when you are DOING that - when you are 'SLIPPING BACK' into 'your old WAYS'. Then you must DECIDE:  "Are you simply going to ADJUST"? - and become COMFORTABLE THERE? Or, are YOU going to FIGHT! - to BE! - 'who your Creator MADE you to be'? Are you going to "SURRENDER? - to your PAST?" - and use 'the PAIN of your old LIFE as an EXCUSE, to LIVE THERE?' Or? - are you going to WORK with your CREATOR - for HIM, to wipe AWAY 'ALL the tears', of your OLD life - so that you can enjoy 'your NEW life', in HIM - where "YOU are no LONGER #1" - but HE is! YOU! - are used to being "the FOCAL point and the CENTER, of attention".  You can't BE that way, in the Remnant.  You NEED to be "SELFLESS".  And you need to be 'CARING' - about your SOUL! - and where your SOUL is going to end UP. Do you DESIRE, to LIVE in "a State of GRACE". Or are you "COMFORTABLE dwelling on your PAST"? - to the POINT, where it 'absolutely PARALYZES you' in the PRESENT? You CHOOSE! - every day - what PATH.  But, your CREATOR can only Bless one.  All OTHERS are 'cursed'. (October 14, 2018 update) 
Are people DESPERATELY trying 'to have power OVER you'?
You NEEDED to be 'COMMENDING them, to the Divine JUSTICE, of their CREATOR, the whole TIME' - and SIMPLY "stick with the FACTS" - as you SIMPLY, 'RELAY them', back to the INDIVIDUAL - and, "let them STEW", over your WORDS.  But DON'T 'allow THEM, to have POWER over you'.  Because THAT'S "all, they WANTED".  The deep STATE, are "furious"!  And THEY, are 'bumping up THEIR, bloody SACRIFICES' - to TRY to get PEOPLE, to 'TURN', on the Faithful REMNANT.  Because PEOPLE aren't "in CONTROL" - as they're FILLED with DEMONS.  And so, 'the deep state' are "conjuring UP those demons in people", to act OUT - AGAINST the Truth! - AGAINST Life - and AGAINST the Most High True God.  And SO? - you need to 'be on guard' - and RECOGNIZE that PEOPLE will be 'LOOKING, for OPPORTUNITIES, to POUNCE!' - EVEN with 'bad INSPIRATIONS' - or SIMPLY 'trying to TELL you, what to DO'.  So SIMPLY, resolve to remain SPIRITUALLY focused, on 'what your CREATOR is asking of you'.  And RECOGNIZE that you're HERE, to serve 'HIM' - NOT 'the PEOPLE'. (October 19, 2018 update) 

Why do your "FORMERS" want you to 'see the Testimony, as EVIL'?

Your "FORMERS", want you to 'see the Testimony, as EVIL' - because THAT'S 'how THEY see it'.  But HOW? - can MESSAGES, from the Most High TRUE God, be "an EVIL"?  When your CREATOR, is sharing WITH you, 'the PATH, that YOU are CALLED, to WALK - so that, you CAN 'be WITH Him' for all ETERNITY - then 'THAT' makes, 'the DEMONS in your FORMERS', "ABSOLUTELY enraged!"  Because 'PEOPLE who are ON their way to HELL', have VERY few emotions to CHOOSE from.  And most CERTAINLY, those 'PEOPLE', HATE 'those who have FOUND, the Path to Eternal LIFE, with the CREATOR' - because THEY, CAN'T 'cross OVER' - and they can't 'DESIRE', the Narrow Path.  And SO you are CALLED 'to simply PITY, their poor STATE, and their poor CHOICES' - AND, continue to COMMEND them, TO 'the Divine Justice', of the Most High True GOD. (November 02, 2018 update)   


You NEED to RECOGNIZE that 'your CREATOR', will Vindicate 'HIS Name', and 'His TESTIMONY', and 'the UNBORN', and 'the Faithful REMNANT' - in "HIS Time", and in "HIS Way".  But HE is NOT going to, "VINDICATE YOU", in front of your FORMERS.  No!  Because 'your FORMERS' despise 'the TRUTH, that has been REVEALED'.  And they 'DESPISE', the TESTIMONY AND! - your Creator.  So if YOU? - 'DESIRE'? - to have "THEIR APPROVAL"? - or 'SPIRITUAL ENDORSEMENT'? - in ANY WAY? - that is "NEVER going to happen!"  EVEN if 'the EARTH', were to OPEN up - and swallow 'WHOLE CITIES'! - they STILL! - would not repent.  They STILL! - would not 'TURN back, to the Creator'.  And they STILL! - will not 'turn from their wicked WAYS'! - towards the TESTIMONY.  The REASON BEING: because THEY! - have chosen to have 'their wills' FIXED - on SIN!  The FACT that you 'no longer live WITH THEM' - or that you are 'SHUNNING their WAYS, and their APPROVAL'? - ONLY "testifies AGAINST them".  And of COURSE they are going to be 'UPSET'.  And the DEVIL - who is "living INSIDE them" - WILL TRY, to 'pull EVERYTHING he POSSIBLY CAN'! And of COURSE, 'THEY believe' - falsely - that THEY, are doing "god's work" - by TRYING to 'break YOU'! - away, from the TESTIMONY.  JUST as SAUL, believed, that he was doing "god's WORK" - as he PERSECUTED, tortured and KILLED, 'the CHRISTIANS' - because THEY went against 'the TEACHINGS of the jewish HIERARCHY', at the time.  But SAUL - who later became "SAINT Paul" - was 'an EXCEPTION'.  Not EVERYONE - is going to have "a CONVERSION experience".  SOME will simply, 'DIE'! - in 'the state of DENIAL', AND self-deception. Your "FORMERS"? - are going to 'pass AWAY'; and they will be 'FORGOTTEN'. BECAUSE? - they SHUNNED! - the ONLY ONE, who COULD, "GIVE them Life" - AND, because they are 'trying to take YOURS! - FROM you'! - as they SUMMON 'the DEVIL' against you.  But DON'T be "afraid" - because Jesus Christ the LORD, is 'STRONGER', than the devil, and the demons. But, you can ONLY overcome 'the OCCULT attacks' - by CONSISTENTLY! - TURNING, to Jesus Christ the Lord for STRENGTH - and THAT means: to TURN away, from 'the TEMPTATION, to ENTERTAIN, the demonic inspirations your FORMERS send you, in your INTERIOR life'.  Because "it's JUST the DEVIL! - crying THROUGH them" - for 'what HE! - has lost'.

Why was this annotated in GOLD? - Your "FORMERS"? - are going to 'pass AWAY'; and they will be 'FORGOTTEN'.  Because that is now "an OFFICIAL Decree, from the Creator of the Universe, that has now been Passed"... their ULTIMATE conversion, WILL ultimately be, "to ashes, dust, and Eternal Flames".  He NEVER 'fails', by the way.  And so, if you LOVE Him? - NEVER fail! - to cling to HIM for dear life, instead!  "Dear LIFE"?  Yes, Dear Life: I love you, and I want to cling to you forever... (- you can finish the rest of that letter yourself, when you have time of course... referring to "the Eternal SPIRITUAL AND physical Life, in the FULLNESS of the Era of Peace, with your Creator", that is!)  But the "FORMERS", chose to embrace the vocation from their father below - a vocation to be "LIVING anti-testimonies" - 'a living AFFRONT, to their Creator', all the days of their lives.  And so, they DESERVE their reward! - because they really worked HARD for it - and their Creator RESPECTS that choice. (December 05, 2018 update)   

Have you been deciding to feel "false COMPASSION" and "false GUILT" for CHOOSING to LIVE a life DEDICATED to your CREATOR? 

You MADE your way back to your Creator - through finding His TESTIMONY.  And, your RELATIONSHIP, with the Most High TRUE God, IS "growing stronger, each day" - as you, continue to REPAIR, the MISTAKES, of your past LIFE - by making "GOOD decisions", in your NEW one - as 'a TRUE child', of your Creator - putting to DEATH, "the OLD life", and 'the DESIRES, that CAME from it' - and instead, choosing to LIVE, for 'what Truly MATTERS' - and that is 'pleasing your CREATOR'. Your "FORMERS", WANT YOU TO BELIEVE, that, your RELATIONSHIP, with GOD, is BROKEN! - because YOU are not 'bowing to THEM, and THEIR god, and his will for YOUR life'.  Because YOU have chosen to distance yourself, from "THEIR poor choices", you will ALWAYS, be "under THEIR condemnation".  In OTHER words, THEY have JUDGED you - and they have judged you FALSELY.  But the CREATOR, has Judged, 'your FORMERS' - in "the most JUST way". The PROBLEM you are HAVING, is 'the TEMPTATION', keeps coming BACK - to feel "false COMPASSION"? - on them - as well as "false GUILT" - for, 'CHOOSING! - to LIVE, a life DEDICATED to your CREATOR'.  But THAT doesn't make 'ANY sense!' - to entertain. Your FORMERS want you, to "feel GUILTY" - for CHOOSING "the Narrow Path".  But the FACT REMAINS - is that THEY are "the ones, who SHUNNED it!"  And if they TRULY, "LOVED you"? - THEY would return, to their CREATOR - and they would REPENT - and they would CONVERT - and they would enjoy watching your VIDEOS.  But instead they 'CURSE' your videos!  Because they love "EVERYTHING the devil OFFERS them".  And YOU! - have chosen to live, 'OPPOSED, to the devil, and his KINGDOM' - that THEY! - are "VERY comfortable, in!"  The PROBLEM you are HAVING, is that, you 'miss' their APPROVAL, and affirmation.  And so what you NEED to do, is REJECT "your desire, to receive SATANIC affirmation from others" - and ASK for the Grace, to ONLY! - desire, to receive 'the APPROVAL! - of your Creator' - instead.  Because, 'following HIS Ways' - will, get YOU AND your Soul, to SAFETY.  FOLLOWING 'the WORLD'S ways'? - will most ASSUREDLY, be 'the END of you, AND your Soul'. (December 11, 2018 update) 

Have you been using the SPIRITUAL attacks as an excuse to draw even CLOSER to your Creator? 

Make sure that you 'keep commending your FORMERS' - whenever you THINK of them!  And YES! - THEIR DEMONS, are "TRYING to take a CHUNK out of you"; but the WAY you fight BACK? - is by "NOURISHING yourself!" - even MORE so - with the TESTIMONY - and with 'the TRUE Holy SPIRIT'.  ONCE you 'RESOLVE, that YOU are going to turn ALL of their attacks AGAINST you - into YOUR, FIRM! - DESIRE, to draw even CLOSER, to the Most High True God - and worship Him MORE - and be nourished MORE, by His GRACES' - the ATTACKS? - are 'deflated'.  But ONCE you allow "the assailants", to SPIRITUALLY DRAIN YOU? - THAT'S when "trouble", happens - because? - you NEED! - 'SPIRITUAL Strength', to get THROUGH each day. And if YOU, 'ALLOW yourself', to get 'COMPLETELY, DEPLETED, and worn DOWN', with DISSIPATION, and DISAPPOINTMENT? - THEN - it is MUCH harder! - to DESIRE, to climb back UP.  THEREFORE, you NEED! - to keep yourself, "TOPPED up with Heavenly GRACES" - CONTINUALLY! - SEEKING your Creator - and seeking 'to be FULFILLED', BY Him. (December 14, 2018 update)

For all the Members of the Remnant who have chosen 'to be SLOW in Commending your Formers'

The hard QUESTION - that you need to ANSWER, for your OWN, "spiritual HEALTH" - is WHY! - would you STILL, desire to have 'a SPIRITUAL and EMOTIONAL connection', with the PEOPLE - from your PAST - who ONLY! - desire, 'your SPIRITUAL destruction!'  THAT! - is what you need, to THINK about.  This is 'what you have been TOLERATING, in your INTERIOR life'.  And, UNFORTUNATELY, 'those PEOPLE' - have built, "a NEST", or "a HIVE!" - in your SOUL!  And "the WRATH, of the Most High TRUE God" is UPON them.  And if YOU 'DESIRE, to experience HIS WRATH? - on YOU?' - then you will CONTINUE to 'harbor, those demonic clusters'- in your SOUL!  It's THAT simple!  THIS is "a VERY serious PROBLEM".  And it's NOT going to go AWAY, with "a one-time FIX".  You may have RECEIVED, 'an outpouring of GRACE', to RECOGNIZE, what we say, as being "the TRUTH" - and the Grace to desire to turn AWAY, from those wicked things, that have been EXPOSED.  But that DOESN'T mean, that "you're all FIXED!" - that "you can SIMPLY coast".  As long as you desire "self-DECEPTION" - that's like desiring, to be 'the WOOD, used, for KINDLING'! - "DEAD wood"The spirit of the ANTICHRIST, IS - ACTIVELY! - seeking to DESTROY you - with your COOPERATION.  To 'tolerate, that HIVE'? - IS, to be "a trojan horse", in the REMNANT.  And it WILL not be tolerated! - on OUR end.  So EITHER you start 'FIGHTING, for your Spiritual SURVIVAL' - and FIGHTING for 'what is GOOD, Holy and TRUE'! - OR? - you fade away - like EVERYONE else - who is "COMFORTABLE, in self-deception".  (January 12, 2019 update)      

Have YOU been choosing to FIGHT the formers' demonic PROGRAMMING of your INTERIOR life?
'The BIGGEST problem', that YOU are HAVING? - at THIS time - is that, you REALLY, need, to 'CUT the ties'. Because they ARE! - "your millstone"They ARE, currently "IN the process, of dragging you down".  And YOU need to FIGHT'Your FORMERS' - HATE! - the Testimony; and they DON'T believe.  They believe "everything is FINE".  And they want YOU, to believe the same.  But YOU need to FIGHT, "their, demonic PROGRAMMING, of your INTERIOR life".  Because everything is "NOT fine"!   And so? - what it COMES down to, is the question: Are YOU 'GOD'?  Are YOU "the lord of your own life?"  And are YOU "your own JUDGE"?  OR? - is your CREATOR - "the LORD, of YOUR life"?  Because your FORMERS! - ARE "the gods, of their OWN lives".  And they ARE "their own judges".  But YOU need, to DESIRE to see, 'your FORMERS' through "your CREATOR'S Eyes"JUST like, 'the UNBORN' - look, at the doctors, and nurses, and "PRO-abortionists". TRULY! - if YOU were "fighting for your SOUL" - you would have "their ATTITUDE", towards, 'THEIR, persecutors'.  YOU would 'desire to compassionate THEM' - and 'stand with THEM' - and 'STAND with the TRUTH' - and NOT, show 'your formers', ANY! - iota of false compassion.  Because THEY! - FULLY intend, TO, TRY, to abort the Testimony, from your life! (January 15, 2019 update)   

Who is the #1 Just Judge in YOUR life?

Have you RESOLVED, to make 'your CREATOR', #1, in your LIFE?  After ALL - it IS "the First Commandment". Is He ASKING, 'something, that's too DIFFICULT? - that is BEYOND YOU?'  OR? - is He SIMPLY, REMINDING you, of WHERE, your ALLEGIANCE, is called to BE - every DAY.  If you are 'FOCUSED, on your FORMERS'? - then, 'THEY!' - are 'taking, His place'. You need to be 'COMMENDING them' - when you THINK of them - and move ON with your DAY - with 'what HE is calling you to do'.  Your FORMERS are "masters of their own LIVES" - and they SEE themselves, as "their OWN, gods and JUDGES".  But SOON - it WILL BE, 'clear' - TO them - to ALL the formers, that Jesus Christ the LORD, IS "the Just Judge".  It's BETTER that you, 'recognize that NOW', as a Member of the Remnant.  Understand? (January 15, 2019 update)   

Have you been "keeping TRACK of all your good WORKS"?

You NEED to reject 'your DESIRE! - to SEE, yourself - and to SEE your LIFE! - through the eyes of the ASSAILANTS' - because THEY have "the POOREST! - of vision".  They do not HAVE, "True Spiritual Vision" - and they CANNOT see!  But your CREATOR can!  HE can see "VERY well!"  And HE looks BEYOND! - 'appearances'.  THEREFORE? - ASK for the Grace, to desire, to see YOURSELF, and to see your LIFE - through 'HIS Eyes only!'  And He will GIVE you "an honest report card" - in your CONSCIENCE!  You WON'T be FOCUSED, on "tallying-UP, your good WORKS"; you'll SIMPLY be focused, on 'DOING! - what you're called to do' - WITH "Holy DETACHMENT'.  YES! - you are CALLED to be 'WHOLLY DETACHED, to even the GOOD things, that you accomplished' - because? - it could NOT be DONE, without 'the HELP, and GUIDANCE, of your CREATOR!'  THIS means to GIVE of YOURSELF - SELFLESSLY - to DO things "out of LOVE for your CREATOR" - without 'EXPECTING a reward'.  If you are 'ONLY motivated, to serve your CREATOR - because of the REWARD! - that you will get?' - then you're SERVING Him for the wrong REASONS - that is 'SERVING Him for SELFISH motives' - NOT "because of Who He IS" - but BECAUSE of 'what He can do for YOU'[- And if YOU think HE put you on this Earth, to serve YOU? - that would make YOU, "god".  Know that your CREATOR always acts SWIFTLY, against all those who want HIM, to serve THEM.  It's "the OTHER way around" folks!  Get used to it.] (January 31, 2019 update)

ALWAYS turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary WHENEVER you are mindful of your FORMERS' unholy desires for your life?

AS for 'your FORMERS', praying AGAINST YOU? - KNOWINGLY, and 'trying to PULL you AWAY, from your CREATOR? - through 'WITCHCRAFT, and SPELLS'? - through 'their UNHOLY, DESIRES, for your LIFE'? - what you need to DO, when you are 'made AWARE, of their satanic DEVOTIONS' - is TURN to the Blessed Virgin MARY - and ASK for her, to 'INTERCEDE, that ALL! - of the ATTACKS being sent YOUR WAY, would SIMPLY fall back! - on the ones PRAYING, against you'.  Be VIGILANT!  She will HEAR your PRAYER.  BECAUSE? - you are 'her CHILD'.  As long as YOU SINCERELY, 'DESIRE, to remain FAITHFUL, to her Son JESUS' - she WILL! - use 'HER most powerful INTERCESSION', to CRUSH! - "the WICKED", in your life.  So TURN to her often.  And when, you EXPERIENCE "perception SHIFTS"? - THAT is an OPPORTUNITY, for you to MANIFEST your free WILL, for your CREATOR - and to 'have FAITH, in what HE has already REVEALED to you'.  Remember 'those TIMES of intense Faith' - go AHEAD of - 'those TRIALS' - when it SEEMS! - as though your CREATOR is very distant - EVEN as you do 'your PART'!  And SO? - when it BECOMES 'difficult', to BELIEVE, in the TRUTH? -TURN to your Creator.  ASK Him to 'BLESS, your perceptions' - and to MULTIPLY your Faith!  Because 'the ENEMY'? - will seek 'to WEAKEN it' - LITTLE, by little - with EACH 'consent', that you 'GIVE-IN', to the world - to the SPIRIT of the world. (March 02, 2019 update) 

Every DAY! - you have a CHOICE in FRONT of you - to either 'ALLOW your FORMERS', and the ALIEN tech, psyops - in your INTERIOR life - to 'shut you DOWN'!  Or? - you HAVE the choice, to 'choose LIFE!' - and 'take a STAND!' - for the One who MADE you.  Your FORMERS did not 'MAKE you' - only, your CREATOR, 'put you TOGETHER'.  And so? - you OWE Him! - your LIFE.  Therefore, to 'FOLD' in your INTERIOR life? - should NEVER be "an option"  - because you are given 'EVERY Grace and Strength', to PERSEVERE - yet you can 'only DO so'! - by TURNING, TO! - your Creator, with your HEART - especially, "when you don't FEEL like it" - ESPECIALLY, when the DEMONS, are 'PULLING you, in the opposite direction'.  You have "free WILL".  And so, YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE for 'how you CHOOSE to USE it', in THIS life.  But we can TELL you THIS: your FORMERS! - are going to, 'turn to ASHES!  And all that TIME you WASTED? - allowing THEM, 'to break-in to your INTERIOR life' - and 'pull you into the PIT with them'? - will be "time you can NEVER get BACK"!  Be "FRUITFUL" for your Creator - because He PUT you on this earth to be "fruitful for HIM".  He did NOT put you on this earth 'to PLEASE, any MAN, woman or CHILD' - but ONLY to please HIM.  Love HIM!  Devote, your life, and your time, to HIM!  NOT to 'the world' - NOT to 'the worldly DESIRES, of your formers'.  He BRINGS 'Joy', to your HEART!  So DON'T suppress that, "SUPERNATURAL Gift, of JOY".  DON'T allow your FORMERS, to 'SNUFF out the LIGHT, that you have been GIVEN'   As they do 'EVERYTHING!' - to snuff out YOURS - THEIR light is going out. (March 05, 2019 update)  
The Word is the Beginning and the End
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Have you been WASTING your time, being 'UPSET', and 'INDIGNANT'! - at 'what your FORMERS are doing'?

It sounds like you had a bad day.  You would be more PRODUCTIVE with your TIME - if you simply 'COMMEND them ALL!... and then, move ON with, 'a much BETTER day'NEVER 'rely on people' - outside the Ark of Safety - NOR be DEPENDENT on them.  Be 'dependent on your CREATOR'! - working through 'those HE puts HIS Heavy Hand on'.  See the DIFFERENCE?  And, you're GETTING "sucked in, to your formers' ANTICS" - and that's EXACTLY what the demons want!  So you SPEND your time, 'UPSET', and 'INDIGNANT'! - at 'what THEY are doing' - as you DO, EMBRACE, 'EXACTLY! - what THEY'RE embracing! - TOWARDS them!'  DON'T let them 'FILL you, with THEIR, demonic GARBAGE' - and then THROW that demonic garbage BACK at them - VERBALLY.  INSTEAD - YOU be, "the STRONG one" - by NOT entertaining, their PETTINESS.  YOU be "a good example" - by REFUSING to stoop to their LEVEL, of games.  SIMPLIFY, your life! - by LISTENING, to the TRUE Holy Spirit.  And 'be EQUIPPED' with the TRUTH! - because, THAT'S "your DEFENSE" - SIMPLE, Truth!  Your FORMERS are 'setting you UP!' - to, get YOU! - to confront THEM.  Don't "play".  Because that's ALL they know how to DO.  They ONLY know 'how to be AGAINST you' - BECAUSE of 'the team that they have CHOSEN'The ENEMY? - wants 'to USE them, to fill you with self-RIGHTEOUSNESS'.  But INSTEAD - you need to be 'even MORE humble'! - in, your COMMUNICATIONS WITH them.  SEEK to DIFFUSE, the situation - by TURNING them to 'the TRUTH in the moment' - but DON'T try 'to FORCE them to see you point of VIEW' - because they CAN'T!  Because they've "SEEN the Testimony" - and they have REJECTED! - 'the WORD, of their CREATOR'. And that is "the WORD, that actually FORMED them" - that "actually BROUGHT them into EXISTENCE".  And 'the WORD', of the TESTIMONY - is 'the Word of LIFE' - and TRUTH! - and it SHOWS people, 'the WAY' - to HEAVEN!  But PEOPLE, in 'their STUBBORNNESS', are REJECTING the Testimony, and the TRUTH, and the LIFE, and the WAY - and they ARE? - 'REJECTING their very EXISTENCE' - which is WHY, they BEGIN, 'to DETERIORATE and DEVOLVE', once they've RESOLVED, "to HATE, the very WORD, that FORMED them".  And THAT is 'what your FORMERS are experiencing'.

And to simply state "the obvious", know that 'their EXPERIENCE of personally devolving'? - is rather HUMILIATING and UPSETTING, to say the very least.  And so? - it would be best to allow them "time to GRIEVE", their loss - as they 'lose even MORE of themselves', each and every day.  (March 14, 2019 update)
For those who have been PASSIVELY NEGLECTING to filter out, "TIME travel and nostalgia" inspirations 
YOU REFUSED to FILTER your inspirations - by FILTERING OUT "TIME travel", and "nostalgia" inspirations.  Why?  Because that requires effort.  You need to WANT, to make an effort.  Can you simply RESOLVE, to DESIRE, to make an effort, in filtering out, "living in the past"?  Because there are no GRACES in the past.  Do you want to forever live in a place, where there are no Graces?  From 'your FORMERS, WORLD VIEW' - GOD, is hearing their PRAYERS, and HEAVEN is hearing their prayers - which is why they haven't stopped PRAYING, against the REMNANT.  Your FORMERS, are 'working HARD' - to 'TRY' to CAST the True Holy Spirit OUT of your Soul!  But it ONLY works, 'with YOUR cooperation'!  So WHY not - REJECT 'the spirit of satan' - INSTEAD? - and ASK for the Grace, of the INDWELLING, of the True Holy Spirit - to dwell WITH you, ETERNALLY.  Because WITHOUT 'the Creator's Spirit' - you can ONLY die.  You NEED to stop! - doing 'those SPIRITUALLY toxic things' - and DESIRING 'those SPIRITUALLY toxic things'.  OTHERWISE? - you can only BECOME? - "spiritually TOXIC". (March 21, 2019 update) 

NO one can escape "the DESIRE to conform"

The TEMPTATION that you're FACING from your FORMERS - is 'the DESIRE, to live in the PAST' - when "LIFE" was more 'PREDICTABLE', and you had 'more SECURITY' - AND you had, 'FALSE peace'.  And THIS is 'what your FORMERS have'!  But they DON'T have "a RELATIONSHIP, with the One who MADE them"; INSTEAD? - "the WRATH!" - of your Creator, 'rests UPON them'.  And so if YOU, want "to escape the WRATH, of your CREATOR"? - then you will 'COMMEND THEM', and move on with your DAY.   Because as SOON as you 'BEGIN to entertain', the way THEY see you! - the way THEY see 'what you're doing with your LIFE'? - then you're "in VERY dangerous waters"! - as your PERCEPTIONS begin to CHANGE.  Because THEY would 'NEVER do!' - what YOU have chosen to do with your life - to be "DEDICATED to your Creator" - by 'living for HIM', no LONGER, for THEM, and 'what THEY want, out of life'.   But? - you HAVE to decide, 'what you're going to CONFORM to'.  Because you're 'CONSTANTLY! - conforming to SOMETHING'.  No 'MAN', is "an ISLAND".  NO man, is meant to SIMPLY, 'go it ALONE', and be self-SUFFICIENT - and be "in CONTROL", without any outside INFLUENCES!  The Way, the Creator made "human NATURE"? - is WITH 'the desire to CONFORM' - and WITH 'the desire to SOCIALIZE'.  But you see, if you CHOOSE, "to SOCIALIZE", with 'the DEMONS! - working through your FORMERS'? - THEN you'll become 'more LIKE them'.  Whereas, if you choose to 'WORK on', and 'MAINTAIN', a HEALTHY, relationship with your CREATOR? - you will CONFORM, to 'HIS Ways' - and become 'MORE of a reflection of HIM', and be SATISFIED. And SO, you REALLY need to 'REJECT your desire, to CONFORM to the collective CONSCIOUSNESS, of your FORMERS'! - and while you're AT IT? - reject 'your DESIRE to conform, to the collective CONSCIOUSNESS of the world' - and ASK for 'the Grace to DESIRE to conform, to the WILL and the WAYS, of the Most High True God - ONLY!'  (March 28, 2019 update) 

Why are SOME "formers" REJOICING that they have "a FORMER family member" who found the Testimony of their Creator?

We can SEE that you have 'chosen to be GRATEFUL', for having FOUND the Testimony - for having FOUND the Blessed HOLY Water - and for having found 'the SPIRITUAL Strength', that COMES from "a personal RELATIONSHIP", WITH Jesus Christ the Lord - in order to 'turn your LIFE around', to turn your HEART back to Him, and to turn AWAY from 'ALL addictions, and sins'. AND it is BECAUSE you are choosing to HAVE 'a Grateful heart' - that 'your CROSS', will ONLY get 'lighter' - as you TURN, to the Most High TRUE God, for 'HIS Strength', to CARRY it.  LOOK, at ALL that He has BLESSED you with! - and be MINDFUL, that He IS! - expecting - that YOU will be "a good STEWARD", of the Gifts. The REASON 'your formers' will not 'TURN to the Testimony' - the way YOU have? (- as they can SEE, that YOU, have 'CHANGED, for the BETTER') - is because, for THEM? - YOU have simply found, "a JESUS" and "a path to HEAVEN" - and they have 'THEIRS'.  THIS is so, you have 'CLOSURE', on why they REJOICE, that your life is BETTER now, since finding the TESTIMONY - yet will not FOLLOW, the Testimony.

And yes, we ARE "rather shocked" - that the Members of the Faithful Remnant would NOW have "this NEW struggle" to cope with - however the above Counsel SHOULD help them, "get OVER it!" (March 30, 2019 update)

For those who have been TRYING to 'appease the GOATS'?

You NEED to RECOGNIZE - that in your OLD life - you were "quite COMFORTABLE", SITTING back, and ALLOWING things 'to simply HAPPEN around you, and TO you' - as you chose to BE, "one of the CROWD, going with the FLOW".  But the PROBLEM with 'that APPROACH'? - is that "the CROWD"? - is ONLY FLOWING, 'downstream' - with 'their FEELINGS' - WITH 'their desires' - with 'their THOUGHTS'.  But YOU! - as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT", are CALLED to 'take a STAND'! - as in, 'stand OUT!' - in the Crowd - NOT 'to draw attention to YOURSELF' - but, to CHOOSE! - to draw CLOSER to your CREATOR.  But in 'your OLD life' you became "COMFORTABLE, living APART from Him".  And it's 'your FORMERS' that are "tapping INTO that OLD, desire" - because THEY are "comfortable living apart from Him".  But YOU! - have to CHOOSE! - to draw close.  YOU have to choose! - to 'reach YOUR heart out' - to the Most High True GOD.  Because, He's NOT "bending down from HEAVEN" - to 'reach OUT', any MORE.  He is 'HIDDEN'.  And so YOU! - must 'seek HIM'.  You must ASK, for 'the GIFTS and the Fruits of the True Holy SPIRIT'.  You must 'knock' - on HEAVEN'S Door - ASKING for 'their Intercession, for YOU' - because THIS is 'a different TIME'.  If you don't 'SEEK, the Most High TRUE God'? - then He SIMPLY, 'respects YOUR choice', to DISTANCE yourself.  He's not "RUNNING after PEOPLE, who want to be GOATS" - and 'FORCING them', to become "SHEEP".  No - YOU have to, 'STOP the rebellion, in your Soul' - and CHOOSE, to be DOCILE to the GRACES, from Heaven INSTEAD.  YOU need to 'desire to be a sheep' - and STOP trying to 'appease the GOATS'.  Because THEY will 'trample all OVER you'.  Your "FORMERS" are 'goats'! - SPIRITUALLY speaking. (April 07, 2019 update) 

Your "formers" HAVE ALREADY BEEN 'Destroyed by their own CHOICES'

Your "FORMERS", are blind! - SPIRITUALLY.  And they 'HATE' the Testimony!  Because it is NOT 'for THEM', to LOVE the Testimony.  It is NOT "the Creator's Will", that they should COME, to Repentance, and come BACK to Him.  For "many ARE called" - but FEW are CHOSEN.  Your "FORMERS" were 'CALLED!' - to the TESTIMONY - but they WERE not 'CHOSEN'.  Because 'THEY chose!' - something ELSE.  THEY chose! - to 'go AGAINST God'.  THEY chose! - "their old LIVES".  THEY chose! - BLINDNESS.  THEY chose to be 'deaf'.  THAT is "on THEM".  And they REGRET! - "EVER having HEARD, of the Testimony".  THEREFORE? - THEY shall RECEIVE, 'the same MEASURE', from their CREATOR!  And HE will Regret "ever having CREATED them!"  Because THAT is, "His RIGHT" and "His PRIVILEGE".  And it is "COMPLETELY Just, AND Fair".  For as THEY chose, to treat HIM? - SO will THEY be treated
The Daily Homily - Jan 29
A video by Pope Peter the Last, and final TRUE Pope of this Era
So after watching the VIDEO - it should be 'CLEAR' to you - that to STILL desire, to "convert your FORMERS, to the TESTIMONY"? - IS to show them, "false compassion" - and, your CREATOR, will 'RECEIVE THAT!' - DESIRE? - as YOU! - desiring, to 'go WITH them' - to "THEIR Eternal Destination" - and THAT is "Eternal Flames".

You need to RECOGNIZE that "your formers" HAVE, ALREADY! - BEEN 'Destroyed, by their own CHOICES' - to TURN away from the TRUTH, and to REFUSE to flee! - "the great CITY, of Sodom and GOMORRAH".  They "WANT!" - to 'burn, WITH the city'.  And you HAVE to, 'let them GO' - just as LOT and his FAMILY, had to FLEE - and leave 'their OTHER relatives', BEHIND them, to be CONSUMED by 'the flames of the CITY', and the Eternal FLAMES that come WITH it in the AFTERLIFE.  There IS no "COMPROMISE" here.  In THESE TIMES - out of a GREAT PUNISHMENT - the Most High TRUE God, is 'FORCING, family members to SEPARATE' - to "CHOOSE! - teams".  Because, HE! - is called, to be "FIRST" - in EVERYONE'S life.  The "FIRST" Commandment - UNFORTUNATELY, became "the FIRST, to go" - the FIRST, to be compromised - the FIRST, to be disdained!  ONLY the Most High True God matters!  ONLY "ones RELATIONSHIP with JESUS", MATTERS.  "SOCIETAL relationships" are NOT, IMPORTANT, to the CREATOR - BECAUSE! - SOCIETY, 'HATES!' - GOD - and they are "PROUD of their hatred of God!" - and their 'HATRED of EVERYTHING, that God COMMANDED them - to DO, and NOT to do'.  Because SOCIETY - has 'CHOSEN'! - GLOBAL SOCIETY has "CHOSEN, to WELCOME, and EMBRACE, EVERY sin, and OFFENSE, towards the CREATOR" - as "PART of their DAILY ROUTINE".  And WE are WITNESSES of these things

"Let people criticize, and mock, My son and daughter – because, their ‘wickedness’, is going to be ‘repaid upon their heads’!"
For all those who have been worshipping 'the gods of their formers', as they join in their incantations of "unconscionable FORMULAS".
You CAN'T fix yourself by turning to FORMULAS - but ONLY! - by ACTIVELY CHOOSING, to cooperate, on the PROMPTINGS of your CONSCIENCE, and the MOVEMENTS of the True Holy Spirit in the MOMENT.  It takes 'self DISCIPLINE' to DO this.  You need to ask your CREATOR, for the Grace of "self-DISCIPLINE" - so that HE! - doesn't have to INTERVENE, and discipline you.  TURN you heart, to the Most High True God.  DON'T let "your FORMERS", SUBSTITUTE, "the CREATOR", for 'a FALSE image of jesus', in your INTERIOR life - because 'that false IMAGE'? - will NOT hear your prayers - and can NOT lead you, to the fullness of the Era of True PEACE. BUT? - he can give you 'lots of FEELINGS', to DISTRACT you.  START! - SACRIFICING, your DEMONS - for your CREATOR.  OR? - continue sacrificing, the True Holy SPIRIT, to your OWN personal demons.  TWO choices! (May 02, 2019 update) 

Something to consider, when you are invited to attend a PAGAN CELEBRATION

YOU are "completely RESPONSIBLE", for the DECISIONS, that you make. And this is "just a REMINDER, of that IRREFUTABLE, TRUTH".   Why would you 'eat at the same TABLE', that your "ENEMIES", are eating from?  That makes no SENSE to us.  Your "formers" have made it CLEAR that they hate 'YOU, AND, the Faith that you practice' - and YET you would STILL "attend, a PAGAN CELEBRATION"?  What do you hope to GAIN from attending?  It would be 'BETTER for your SPIRITUAL health' to COMMEND them from HOME - rather than 'SEND them, a mixed MESSAGE' - by 'AFFIRMING! - their GET-together'.  And BECAUSE they are 'AWARE of the Testimony' - ATTENDING? - "THEIR get-together" - SENDS them, the MESSAGE - that "THEY have weakened your FAITH"! - and that you're "JUST like the OTHER christians - who are willing to COMPROMISE, if PRESSURED, enough"
Jesus Christ the LORD is not 'CALLING', the COMPROMISING, REMNANT.  He is CALLING "the FAITHFUL Remnant", to Himself.  And "the FAITHFUL", are the ONES, who CHOOSE, to be "Faithful to HIM" - and what HE'S asking of them - no matter WHAT "social pressures", or tactics, are used.  For TRULY - they used 'all MANNER', of social PRESSURE tactics, on JESUS - but HE did not 'BEND'.  Because, HE is "the ROCK"Jesus did NOT! - follow 'the WILL, of the PEOPLE'.  He did NOT, 'follow the CROWDS, of people'.  But you WOULD not KNOW that in THESE Times - BECAUSE of 'how DISTORTED', the story of JESUS, has BECOME.  Jesus Christ the LORD, ONLY, did 'the WILL, of His FATHER in HEAVEN' - and He 'TURNED the crowds away!'  He DID 'things', to DELIBERATELY! - TURN, people AWAY from Him. He SAID things! - to DELIBERATELY, 'TURN people AWAY from Him'...
"You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?" (Matthew 22:33)

...because, they were "WICKED! - people" - and HE did not COME for them.  And the PEOPLE who remained, and REFUSED! - to leave Jesus? - were "His FAITHFUL".  In TRUE Christianity - you CARRY, 'the TRUE Faith' WITHIN you, in your HEART - and you NEVER! - PUT it down, or PUT it aside, or "let it GO".  You let 'EVERYTHING ELSE' go!  You put 'EVERYTHING ELSE' down. You put 'EVERYTHING ELSE' aside! - that 'HINDERS, the TRUE Holy Spirit, at WORK, WITHIN you'!  BECAUSE - "YOUR FORMERS"? - HINDER, the WORK of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - they are "an OBSTACLE", to 'the MOVEMENTS of the True Holy Spirit'.  They are "CLOSED!" - to the True Holy Spirit.  THEY are "on the side, of satan"!  And WHAT was 'Jesus' ATTITUDE'? - to the INSPIRATIONS, that COME from MAN and NOT! - from, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN?  "Be GONE satan! - for, YOU are on the side, of MAN - and NOT, of God!" 

"But turning and seeing his disciples, he rebuked Peter, and said, “Get behind me, Satan! For you are not on the side of God, but of men." (Mark 8:33)

And so as "a TRUE Follower, of Jesus Christ, the LORD"? - you MUST embrace 'the same ATTITUDE', towards 'those who HATE, Jesus Christ the Lord'The DEVIL? - will ALWAYS 'turn you AWAY, from the CROSS, and from the Divine WILL, of the Most High True God'.  But, the TRUE Holy Spirit, will ALWAYS! - turn your HEART, 'BACK'! - to, the Most High True GOD - and AWAY, from 'the COMFORTS, and the CONSOLATIONS, of this LIFE!' - for "the SAKE, of the Kingdom of Heaven"!

Scriptural noteJesus' REBUKE of 'the FIRST Peter' - who in a moment of weakness, echoed an inspiration from 'the father of lies' - set in motion one of the most famous 'TWISTS', in Christian history: On one hand, Jesus 'set the BAR' - by paying NO respects, to 'human feelings', as He fraternally CORRECTED "a favored Disciple".  On the OTHER hand, Jesus gave ALL the future PROTESTANTS, the scriptural REFERENCE point, they would USE, to 'SNUB', the Saint who held the KEYS, to the Kingdom of Heaven - creating 'a most INTERESTING paradox' in doing so - one that they would each, ultimately CONFRONT, at the very End of their lives.  In fact, MANY "formers", ALSO enjoy, using the Scriptures, AGAINST their own salvation - as the Scriptures were in fact WRITTEN, to be used, 'EITHER way'.  Who are YOU turning to - to LEAD you, through the PASSAGE, from THIS life to the NEXT?  Who are YOU turning to - to LEAD you, through the SCRIPTURE passages, every time, you open the Bible? - every time, you read the TESTIMONY?  Jesus Christ the Lord of course IS "the GOOD Shepherd" - IMPLYING! - that... there is "a BAD shepherd" out there as well.  And so, know that you WILL ultimately choose, "the shepherd that is "best for you".  And for those who claim to be "FOLLOWING Jesus' example by attending pagan celebrations"?...
"And as he [- Jesus] sat at table in the house, behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and sat down with Jesus and his disciples. And when the Pharisees saw this, they said to his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” But when he heard it, he said, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick." (Matthew 9:10-12)  
Know this:  YOU aren't "the physician"! - Jesus Christ the Lord is.  Don't let 'the DEVIL', tell you otherwise!  DON'T follow, "the BAD shepherd", who WILL lead you, to pagan celebrations, and 'the near occasions of sin', that will most ASSUREDLY be a part of them.  The ENEMY of your Soul, wants to SELL YOU the lie, that you are "invincible", like God.  And MANY former Members of the Faithful Remnant, BOUGHT that lie.  Don't make the same mistake, unless you want to go with them.  (May 09, 2019 update)

For THOSE who are choosing to focus, on "what the DEMONS are DOING, through OTHERS"?

And so YOU! - are in fact "RESPONSIBLE" - for 'how MUCH', you CHOOSE to turn to the True Holy SPIRIT - for 'HOW to get THROUGH', this DIFFICULT point in your LIFE.  The TRUE Holy Spirit, will NEVER 'LEAVE you' - as LONG as YOU! - do "YOUR part" - to be, 'WORTHY, of receiving His Holy PRESENCE'.  But 'LOOKING DOWN! - at OTHERS'? - does NOT! - "make you worthy" - as you continue 'to look DOWN', at "your FORMERS" - CONTINUALLY!  When you DO this? - it ACTUALLY "makes you NO BETTER than THEY are".  For DO they NOT? - look down upon YOU?  THEREFORE, you need to 'change your FOCUS', and look 'UPWARDS and OUTWARDS', to your CREATOR instead.  Get your FOCUS off 'yourself', and off of LOOKING, 'DOWN!' - on everyone ELSE.  And keep your 'FOCUS', on WHATEVER "your Eternal GOAL" is.  As YOU choose to focus, on "what the DEMONS are DOING, through OTHERS"? - YOU are in fact, 'DISTRACTED, from your OWN, SPIRITUAL life, and SPIRITUAL nourishment'.  And THAT'S why! - 'the DEMONS', become 'active', in OTHERS - for the SOLE PURPOSE, of 'PULLING you!' - AWAY from your Creator.  PART of "the protestant IDENTITY"? - is that, the QUESTION, that the PROTESTANTS, in different CHURCHES ASK themselves: is "WHAT can they look DOWN upon", in the OTHER churches? - that will make them 'SATISFIED', with the church that THEY'RE attending.  And so you 'BELIEVE'? - that "looking down on OTHERS!" - somehow? - "GUARANTEES your SALVATION"?  And THAT is 'the self-DECEPTION', that YOU have been choosing to embrace.  Jesus Christ the Lord NEVER! - taught - HIS Disciples, "to look DOWN on others".  And NEITHER do WE!  Being 'HONEST with YOURSELF' about "the TRUE spiritual STATE", of those AROUND you - and 'your OWN spiritual state'? - is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL! - to, HAVING, 'a GOOD, relationship, with your CREATOR'.  If you CAN'T? - be HONEST, about 'the TRUE, Spiritual REALITIES'? - then you have 'a VERY poor, RELATIONSHIP', with your Creator. HAVING 'a HOLY HATRED', for the 'WICKEDNESS', that "your FORMERS", are EMBRACING? - is 'VERY DIFFERENT'! - than 'being self-RIGHTEOUS', and "CLAIMING yourself, to be GOOD!" - because "THEY'RE doing much WORSE".  For 'the Most High TRUE God', HATES 'what is WICKED' - and DESPISES! - "WORLDLY-minded, INSPIRATIONS".  But He 'LOVES!' - an UPRIGHT heart - that is "a HEART, that SEEKS to ALWAYS, be 'on GOOD TERMS', with 'the One who MADE them' - a HEART, that seeks, 'after His OWN' - a HEART, that CHOOSES! - to DO 'what is RIGHT and GOOD' - in order to be, 'a REFLECTION, of, 'the Most High TRUE God's Goodness' - in ALL circumstances!  And EVEN! - with regards, to 'COMMENDING', people - to HIS Divine JUSTICE. (May 10, 2019 update)

WHEN will "your formers" FORGIVE YOU?

Your formers WILL not forgive you! - of 'the SINS that you have committed against... THEM!'  But WHY would you be "interested in their FORGIVENESS"? - unless - you DESIRE! - 'the hot fiery PLACE' - that THEY are all HEADED.  YOU have COMMITTED, some very grievous "social sins".  And THEY? - are 'UPSET!' - with you - because of 'YOUR choice', to LIVE, the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith - where you are 'ONLY CONCERNED, with how your CREATOR sees you!'  "How dare you NOT! - CONFORM - to THEIR, social CONSTRUCT, or RELIGION".  "How dare YOU! - SEPARATE yourself, and individuate".  But your FORMERS? - are not RESPONSIBLE, for 'the SALVATION of your SOUL' - YOU are!  And you can, either 'work DAILY', with your Creator? - in 'GIVING, your SOUL, what it NEEDS - in order to be spiritually NOURISHED' - in order to, 'be FULFILLED!' - with 'the LOVE', of your Creator. Or you can 'DEPRIVE your Soul' - of the NECESSARY nourishment, from Heaven - and be FILLED, with 'demonic FEELINGS', instead.  But we tell you THIS: FEELINGS, are 'on THIN ice'! - BUILT, on illusion - and they ARE unfortunately, 'what PEOPLE in these End TIMES, hold as SACRED' - as they 'SPURN!' - the WAYS, of the Most High True GOD.  Because "they DON'T care!" - about what He THINKS - or 'what He WANTS' - or 'what He DESIRES, of them. SO? - for PEOPLE like THAT? - the CREATOR! - will TREAT them - with 'the SAME indifference'.  Because 'the MEASURE', that one GIVES - TO, the Creator? - is 'the MEASURE, that they will RECEIVE', in the END.  And so - YOU need to decide, EVERY day - if? - you NEED? - "your CREATOR'S FORGIVENESS, for 'having WRONGED HIM'?  Or, if you need, 'FORGIVENESS', from your formers? - for seeking, to live, the TRUE Roman Catholic FAITH.  Know that, the Most High TRUE God, 'blots OUT!' - all, of the SINS, that you are "TRULY, repentant of".  And He DOESN'T "remember them" - they BECOME! - "the former THINGS" - as in, 'the former THINGS, that you used to DO' - or 'that you used to DESIRE' - or 'that you used to LIVE, for'.  And He COMMANDS! - that YOU, would 'not REMEMBER them!' - EITHER - nor call them to MIND.  But "your FORMERS"! - are COMMANDING you! - to "FEEL false GUILT" - over 'THINGS, that you're not GUILTY of!  See the DIFFERENCE?  So, "what MASTER? - are you going to SERVE?"  We BELIEVE? - that 'the ONE, who will, 'ULTIMATELY, blot out, your FAULTS and your failings - and your SINS!' - as you 'seek to live for HIM!' - DAILY! - is "the better CHOICE!"  But EVERYONE! - must choose.  Just a reminder: That you're called, to "live for HIM! - EVERY day".  NOT "tomorrow"!  Not "the NEXT day"! - or 'the day AFTER'.  Because you ONLY have... TODAY! - in FRONT of you! - in the MOMENT.  It is 'when YOU, start to think about the FUTURE' - that "PROBLEMS!" - begin to EMERGE, in your LIFE!  Because 'then you are TRYING to be in control' - when He SIMPLY desires, that you would, 'DO His WILL!' - and FOLLOW His PLAN, for your life.  For 'the DAY!' - for "the TROUBLES of the DAY" - are 'SUFFICIENT!  So DON'T FOCUS, on the troubles of TOMORROW' .  But 'that' takes self-DISCIPLINE, TRUST, and OBEDIENCE - to the TRUE Holy Spirit in the Moment.  YOU, 'HAVE it WITHIN you', to DO it!  NO excuses! (May 16, 2019 update) 
Memorialize the Creator Instead
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
When people begin to 'act out PHYSICALLY' against you - or 'THREATEN to DO so'?
We have BROUGHT, 'your ENTIRE former FAMILY' - before the THRONE of the Most High TRUE GOD - for 'even MORE Immediate Divine Just CONSEQUENCES' - to be POURED out UPON them - SIMPLY! - because, they are beginning 'to act out PHYSICALLY', against you - or 'THREATENING to DO so'.  Thereby? - our CREATOR! - can 'act PHYSICALLY, against them'.  You DO need to keep Commending, 'your FORMERS and the people you WORK with', to the DIVINE Justice of the Most High TRUE God - ESPECIALLY, "the women" - who would 'TRY to turn OTHERS, AGAINST you'. "Not ACCEPTABLE!"  COMMEND the WOMEN! - that YOU WORK with! - to "the HEEL of the Blessed VIRGIN Mary" - and watch 'how their ATTITUDE, CHANGES, around you'.  And KNOW that:  There are around 20 "PRIVATE Members", of the Faithful Remnant - STILL! - who are READING the Testimony - and watching the Remnant Videos. (June 02, 2019 update)

When the FORMERS try to distract and entice you?

But 'the ENEMY', wants to DISTRACT you, through "the DEMONIC games", that 'your FORMERS' are displaying.  NOTHING will 'enrage them' more - than if YOU refuse, to engage, in their DEMONIC games - where they TRY to 'ENTICE you', to embrace "self-RIGHTEOUSNESS"!  But ALSO - NOTHING will bring 'more Heavy CONSEQUENCES down', ON them - than if YOU choose - to embrace YOUR Vocation, as "a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant", with your entire BEING!  For WHY should 'the Most High True God' cut you off from your ENEMIES? - if you, are not 'SERIOUS!' - about "your VOCATION"(June 20, 2019 update)
For all those who PREFER "The Fruits of Heaven", instead.

"The Fruits of HEAVEN" aren't something that you 'PICK' and savor the SWEETNESS of, AS you daydream about 'life with your formers'... FOR the record!  As IN? - the Saints in Heaven, are NOT in the habit of meditating on the FORMER family members, who AREN'T there, because those FORMER family members preferred to SHUN the things of 'the TRUE Heaven, where the Most High TRUE God Dwells', as a lifestyle choice. And IF, after reflecting on those simple Truths and TAKING them to heart, you have resolved to FINISH the Race, to 'the TRUE Heaven'?...

And SO? - since you have RESOLVED to "FINISH the Race" - you chose "WISELY"!  But... as you know... you MUST! - persevere, in every MINUTE, of every day.  WHY? - because HELL isn't "a break from HEAVEN" - it's permanent!  Let your FORMERS "go to Hell". YOU enjoy "the Fruits of Heaven" instead.  NO more 'breaks, to be in unity with them'.  Understand? (July 02, 2019 update)

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who still FIND themselves 'DESIRING the things of the past'?

You CAN'T continually 'look BACK at your old LIFE' - and 'DESIRE! - the things of the PAST' - AND - be GIVEN, 'the GRACES and the Gifts that you NEED, in order to LIVE, your VOCATION, as an Official MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'.  You can't HAVE! - both 'the PAST', AND the present.   You can CONTINUE! - to "INDULGE", in 'the FANTASIES', that your formers are SENDING you - and that 'the OCCULT world', is ENTICING you with.  But IN 'the END'? - your CREATOR, is going to 'SEND you'! - where YOU want to GO!  Many 'PEOPLE', have TRIED! - to keep "one FOOT, in the DOOR, to the Faithful REMNANT" - with 'their HEART'! - YOKED to the MILLSTONES, of their former LIVES.  And, 'QUICKLY!' - and 'all of a SUDDEN'! - the Door SHUT - ON them. But THEY, were "OUTSIDE", the Remnant - when it HAPPENED - because they KEPT, 'DESIRING', their old LIVES.  And the Most High TRUE God, ONLY 'ALLOWS that', for SO LONG - as He PERMITS people, to BELIEVE! - that 'they're getting AWAY with', a double life; when in FACT! - He simply, "KNOWS their CHOICES", and is ALLOWING them to CHOOSE.  Because He DOESN'T 'FORCE'! - people, to LOVE Him.  But if they DON'T? - there are "CONSEQUENCES" - and 'that', NO one can escape from!   As LONG as you're "YOKED, to your formers" - then you will ONLY SEE, 'the Most High TRUE God's Ways', as "UNJUST", and "UNFAIR", and "HARSH!"  But WHO are the people, 'MURDERING their CHILDREN'? - every DAY? - on a daily BASIS? - outside the Faithful REMNANT?  WHERE can you find, 'those who are COMFORTABLE', practicing SODOMY? - and who LOVE 'to INDULGE, in pornographic IMAGES'.  WHERE do you find 'the REBELLIOUS'? - WILLFULLY IGNORANT CHILDREN - and "the SONS and DAUGHTERS of DARKNESS" - who like to keep 'their WICKED DEEDS, in the DARK'?  OUT-SIDE! - the FAITHFUL REMNANT, Church! - OUTSIDE the Kingdom of Heaven - and APART, from the ONE who Created them!   So.  EITHER you are 'SEEKING to be FILLED!' - with "the Divine LOVE", of the Most High True GOD - with 'your entire BEING'?  OR? - you're being FILLED! - with 'His ALL-CONSUMING, Divine WRATH! - which IS - 'a level of HELL' - as it is His WRATH, that keeps 'the coals' BURNING.  But EITHER WAY? - you will BURN! And so EITHER you can 'READ these WORDS' - and have your SOUL, 'LIT! - on FIRE! - with LOVE! - for your CREATOR'.  OR? - you can read these WORDS, and 'HATE them!' - and 'choose a DIFFERENT Fire', INSTEAD - the Fire of being "CHAFF".  Because, 'OUR WORDS', will CONSUME, the WICKED, from the FACE of the Earth.  But they WILL, be "a COMFORT", and "a CONSOLATION", and "a JOY!" - to the UPRIGHT, of HEART.  And to know 'what spiritual STATE' you are IN? - you must DISCERN, 'what EFFECT', our WORDS - our COUNSEL - is HAVING - on your INTERIOR life.  The clock is ticking and you don't have much TIME left.  (July 14, 2019 update)

Beware of "the FALSE shepherds".

"Therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord: Thus says the Lord God, Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my sheep at their hand, and put a stop to their feeding the sheep; no longer shall the shepherds feed themselves. I will rescue my sheep from their mouths [- that are REALLY, "the mouths of WOLVES"], that they may not be food for them."  (Ezekiel 34:9-10) 

Today we learned that "former members" of the Faithful Remnant are 'RALLYING the PEOPLE' against us.  They in fact represent "the FALSE shepherds", that the CREATOR will in fact DESTROY in His time.  And they are acting on behalf of those who 'HATE' the Testimony of their Creator, and who hate US, AND the Remnant - as THEY - like in the OLD Testament - are sharing 'the WICKED sentiments of Sodom and Gomorrah' - which is "the WHOLE world'.  And as such they desire 'to DEFILE! - the Two Witnesses and the Testimony, and the Faithful Remnant.  But they will NOT succeed - for the Most High TRUE God will destroy THEM! - by their OWN efforts - and THEY will be "ash under the Soles of His Feet"

"My Testimony, will be ‘a light, to the Nations’.  And I will bring back, the thin sheep, and the fat sheep.  I will nourish them, with My word.  And I will call to them, and they will come.  They will flee their churches - and ‘the brood of vipers’ inside.  And I will nourish them: from their homes – through My word, that you have kept back from them; so that they may ‘become alive’.  I will notallow you’ to ‘kill’, My sheep, and eat them.  I will rescue them from your mouths – you ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’!  And I will care for them.  And I will ‘see them through’, this ‘coming Tribulation, and present darkness’.  I will lead them, ‘in a way’, that they have not known – in a way they do not know.  For I too cry out ‘in labor pains’.  I cry out for ‘the rebirth of nations’ – for the rebirth of peoples, tribes, and tongues – to be born, in the True Holy Spirit, in My Eraof Peace." (-Jesus, Monday, November 19, 2012) 

What is to be "their FATE"?

"I will make them a horror to all the kingdoms of the earth, to be a reproach, a byword, a taunt, and a curse in all the places where I shall drive them. And I will send sword, famine, and pestilence upon them, until they shall be utterly destroyed from the land which I gave to them and their fathers.”  (Jeremiah 24:9-10) 

How will the Lord, the Most High True GOD dispatch 'the WICKED people of these End Times'? - with rock-hardened HEARTS? - who HATE the Words of the Testimony?

"Is not my word like fire, says the Lord, and like a hammer which breaks the rock […hardened-HEART…] in pieces?" (Jeremiah 23:29) 

(August 15, 2019 update)

What are the formers REALLY OPPOSED to?
YOU need to be 'COMMENDING' your formers - VERY often - to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High TRUE God.  As THEY are 'so ADAMANTLY opposed', to the Faithful Remnant - which MEANS? - that "they are OPPOSED, to your FUTURE, and to your Salvation"You CAN! - DO! - what your Creator is ASKING of you.  But only if you WANT to.  It's THAT simple!  (August 26, 2019 update) 

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who are struggling with painful MEMORIES of your PAST?

And so we ask the Most High TRUE God, to "have Mercy on YOU" - and to "blot OUT, those painful MEMORIES, of your PAST" - and REPLACE them - with 'the TRUE JOY', that COMES, from having "an AUTHENTIC relationship, with the One who MADE you!" - and to send ALL of "your FORMERS" - PARTING packages! - EACH "specific, to the Divine JUSTICE that they earned". (September 07, 2019 update)

When "formers" pretend that they are INTERESTED in becoming a Member of the Faithful Remnant? 

Know that, it is not "YOUR job", to CONVERT - the other MEMBERS, of your "FORMER! - family".  For ONLY, the Most High TRUE God, can 'BRING, someone to the TESTIMONY', and "Convict their HEARTS! - in the TRUTH".  In these TIMES? - people need 'LOTS! - of INCENTIVES, from HEAVEN', to become Members.  And the best thing YOU can do? - is 'COMMEND them!' - as YOU seek to 'live, the Faith' YOURSELF.  If your "FORMERS", are showing INTEREST? - UNLESS they become "Members of the Faithful Remnant"? - it is 'the demons IN them', trying to DECEIVE you.  And, it would be GOOD - to offer up a DECADE of the Holy ROSARY - to the Blessed Virgin MARY, under her TITLE, "Conqueror DECEIVERS" - and ASK her, to REVEAL to you, "your formers TRUE sentiments, towards YOU, and your new-found FAITH"(September 21, 2019 update) 

Aspire to be your True Indentity
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

How long exactly does it take for a Member of the Faithful Remnant to be FORMED into 'their NEW Authentic self'?
'The TRUTH' is? - that as LONG as you are 'persevering, as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant'? - you WON'T 'DESIRE', your old ways, or 'your old ATTITUDES' - or 'your old THOUGHTS'.   Because you're "choosing to be a new CREATION!"  And REALLY? - 'your FORMER SELF'? - is 'DEAD!!!' - to your Creator.  Therefore, if you want, to be 'ALIVE!' - and if you desire, to be 'RECOGNIZED, as among the Living'? - then the only 'CHOICE!' - is to embrace, 'your TRUE! - identity' - as "a new CREATION".  But? - IT never STOPS! - you NEVER stop 'being RE-CREATED' - UNTIL, the Most High TRUE God - says, 'that is ENOUGH'.  Because 'HE' Decides, the SHAPE, that the vessel will be made INTO.  And SO? - as long as YOU! - have FIRMLY RESOLVED, to be 'DOCILE!' - to the MOLDING, of the True Holy SPIRIT, in the MOMENT? - THEN! - you will CONTINUALLY, be FORMED - INTO, 'your NEW, Authentic self'.  Your "OLD IDENTITY"? - ONLY exists, in 'the MEMORY, of your FORMERS!'  And THAT'S 'what THEY want to IMPOSE! - on YOU'.  But the fact IS? - that you have CHANGED - and your HEART has changed - and your DESIRES have changed - and you're 'NOT!' - ANYTHING LIKE, 'that UGLY CREATURE', that you were, before.  And what you're STRUGGLING with? - is 'what WE struggled with' on OUR journey - and THAT is? - "the FORMERS!" - will not 'ALLOW', your old IDENTITY, to be 'PUT! - to DEATH!' - to be 'PLACED in a TOMB'; they WON'T "LET GO".  And BECAUSE of 'their UNHOLY PERSISTENCE'? - the Most High TRUE God - is going to place 'all of THEM', IN a tomb! - and 'FORCE them' to let go - by REMOVING 'the Spirit of Life', FROM them!  (October 13, 2019 update) 
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Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
This video goes with the ABOVE message.

Have you been COMMENDING those "ranting FORMERS"?

Actual email:   "The house has never been this quiet."

Well you can "thank Saint MICHAEL! - the Holy ARCHANGEL - for 'striking your FORMERS'! - so that they would retire EARLY - so that? - you can get 'some MUCH-NEEDED quiet time'.  HERE is a reminder from your CREATOR.

"…too much noise is in the World, and this does not allow the True Holy Spirit to communicate.  Therefore I ask My children, to set themselves: apart from the World; apart from the institutions; apart from their churches – to find quiet time to be alone with their Maker, as the priests no longer: want to instruct the faithful; want to instruct souls on ‘the path to holiness’.  As the priests refuse, and the ministers relinquish their duties, I have taken it upon Myself to nourish them, in quiet places.  I will give them the food they have been waiting for through My words." (-Jesus, February 29, 2012)

What to DO with 'the WRATHFUL CRITICISM of the FORMERS'?

As FAR as 'the WRATHFUL, CRITICISM, of "the FORMERS"? - towards the Members of the Faithful REMNANT'? - take it 'with a grain of SALT!'  BECAUSE? - the Most High TRUE GOD? - doesn't even 'RECOGNIZE', their humanity!  Because they've ALL? - become "bags of DEMONS", in HIS Eyes!  And what HAPPENS? - to "bags of DEMONS"? - after they have had 'their FILL, of the world'?  They 'POP!' - and "PASS on".  And THAT is 'the Creator's Divine JUSTICE' - on ALL those, outside "the Faithful Remnant Church".  KEEP PERSEVERING! - and CHOOSING, to CLIMB! - EVERY day! - SPIRITUALLY.  And you will INDEED be 'Protected, THROUGHOUT the Apocalypse'.  The FORMERS? - ALL of them are "ON the clock!"  And the MOST High TRUE God? - is 'SENDING OUT, that REALITY check', as we TYPE this!  They DON'T have 'much TIME left' - BECAUSE He's going… to SEND them 'on their WAY'! - at 'a TIME when they LEAST, expect it'.  (November 15, 2019 update) 

When you suddenly find yourself "AMBUSHED by FORMERS" who want to ask you ALL sorts of questions?

Know that formers LOVE to ambush, with prepared QUESTIONS - and audio recordings ROLLING - and video recordings ROLLING - and photo ops PLANNED - ALL in order to cause "MAXIMUM pain".  And if 'THEIR demonic pressure', is MORE appealing to say "YES" to a meeting - than the Inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit telling you to, "make BETTER plans for your day" - then? -you deserve EVERYTHING you get! - from that meeting, and whatever follows.

And NOW you get 'an UNEXPECTED VISIT from your FORMERS' - who are ALSO 'filled with rebellion' - who are ALSO "spectators of the Testimony".  But did THEY come, and "wish you WELL"? - or were THEY coming, as "WOLVES!" - to GATHER intel - to gather INFORMATION - that they could USE, to build a CASE against you?

We WARNED you! - about "having false COMPASSION, on the DEVIL".  And NOW? - the Most High TRUE God, is 'ALLOWING, the FORMERS - to cross OVER' - ONCE again - to HARASS! - the Members of the Faithful REMNANT - whose HEARTS, are 'NOT! - ROOTED, in the Testimony'.

This WHOLE time? - He has been 'KEEPING Pharaoh's army, AWAY'.  And NOW? - they're going to be 'UNLEASHED' - on the PRIVATE members of the Faithful Remnant, who are 'CHOOSING to be weak'.  And the private MEMBERS will be 'DEVOURED! - by the DEMONS in their FORMERS'… UNLESS?... they turn to their CREATOR - and "BEG for MERCY" - and 'BEG Him! - to sustain them, and PROTECT them - from the VERY diabolic plans, their "FORMERS" have - FOR them'.

The FORMERS want 'to be VINDICATED'; and "SEEKING to lock their RELATIVE UP! - in a PSYC ward"? - would DO JUST that!  And [- if you are reading this "AFTER the fact"…] YOU just granted them "their ASSESSMENT interview"!  This is ALL "very REAL!" - and there ARE "consequences for REFUSING, to adhere, to the TRUE Holy Spirit" - MOVING through our Counsel.

Know that we HAVE! - "INTERVENED and RESCUED people - from being LOCKED-UP, and PERSECUTED, and DRUGGED! - for their BELIEF in the Testimony".  But we "CAN'T help people who WON'T help themselves!"

In OTHER words - we DON'T have time to fish EVERYONE out of the psyc ward - as we are "REALLY quite BUSY…" - and THAT! - is why we are posting this Message.  And so if you want to allow "your INDIFFERENCE to our COUNSEL" to LEAD YOU to the local psyc ward?  Remember to "HAVE a nice visit, and ENJOY your stay!" (November 21, 2019 update)

If you have been "WORSHIPPING your CIRCUMSTANCES"?... please stop!

Funny thing: One of the Most High TRUE God's Titles? - is in fact… "the Author of LIFE".  And so? - if 'the CHAPTER' of your life, that you FIND yourself in, could use "a little EDITING"?... best to…'make FRIENDS with the Author'… have a few LAUGHS together!... and then ever so kindly, and ever so HUMBLY, simply 'suggest'… that He flip the pages FORWARD to the NEXT chapter… YOU know the one! - the one where things get a lot BETTER!

And no - we're "NOT kidding you"… "He 'CAN' do that!"… but ONLY if you ASK.  How do WE KNOW THAT?... because HE flipped OUR pages... SO far forward, that we're ACTUALLY living in 'the NEXT book' - the book of LIFE - living Heaven on EARTH.  Perhaps… YOU would like, to skip... "the boring chapters"... too?...

You're  "NOT a victim of your formers" - unless you WANT to be.  You are "NOT a victim of your CIRCUMSTANCES" - unless you WANT to be.  Either you can allow 'your CIRCUMSTANCES', to RULE over YOU? - OR - you can TURN to your Creator, to RULE, over your CIRCUMSTANCES.  The CHOICE is yours!   If YOU want 'to surrender your PEACE to the DEVIL'? - and give your "FORMERS", VICTORY? - that will ONLY, STRENGTHEN, them!  (November 23, 2019 update) 

It would be BEST to STOP 'EMPOWERING your formers' to continue to PERSECUTE you FOR your Faith.

You NEED to 'take the OFFENSIVE', in your SPIRITUAL life!  Because YOU have been 'choosing, to take the DEFENSIVE approach' - and THAT? - is only 'EMPOWERING!!! - your formers', to continue, to PERSECUTE you - FOR your Faith.   And SO? - YOU need! - to, 'COMMEND them! - to the DIVINE Just Wrath, of GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN' - EVERY time! - they speak to you - whether it is "a SIMPLE, HELLO?" - or? - SOMETHING, 'more SINISTER'.  Because 'THEY have BAD intentions!'  THEY are "just BAGS full of demons!"  So 'let HIM!... take out the garbage' - and YOU focus, on "PLEASING your Creator"(December 11, 2019 update) 

Do NOT try to force the TESTIMONY on your FORMER.

Actual email: I ask on behalf of my former… for the mercy of the Most High True God to be upon their soul that they may be forgiven of their sins, through you, the True Vicar of Jesus Christ the Lord.

It is WRITTEN in the Testimony:

"We are HERE to SHOW people, the Path to Salvation - and THAT is 'REVEALED, in the Testimony'.  But - we CANNOT, and we WILL not! - 'force people' - to "WALK", a PATH - that they don't WANT to walk."  (-from the July 29, 2019 update)

But you MUST understand, that YOU! - are 'trying to force the TESTIMONY', and 'trying to force YOUR RELIGION', on your FORMER!  And they CAN'T 'receive it'.  And so it's "not FAIR!" - for you, to CONTINUE, to 'try to BARGAIN', or 'PLEAD, on their BEHALF'.  Let Jesus Christ the LORD, be 'Judge'.  YOU don't take! - your FORMER'S JUDGEMENT, into 'your OWN hands'!  What you DO KNOW? - is that they have been 'poisoned AGAINST you'…  And the Most High TRUE God? - will ONLY 'show MERCY', to future MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT!   And your FORMER, is "not ONE of them".  And they are 'soon to be TAKEN'!  And REALLY? - your former FAMILY?... YOU have BROUGHT "much SHAME and DISGRACE TO them!" - for your CHOICES to LIVE the Testimony, and to RENOUNCE, 'their INSTITUTIONAL RELIGION'.  Did that EVER cross your mind(December 15, 2019 update)

Struggling with being "YOKED to those who are OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety"? 

You NEED to reject 'your desire to BE! - "a victim", of EVERYTHING'.  And start COMMENDING! - the people - to 'the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD'!  Because you CAN'T be "YOKED to them", if you are COMMENDING them.  So 'the BIGGER problem'? - is that 'PART of you' - WANTS to be "yoked!"… because? - you want "an EXCUSE to see yourself as a victim".   You can do 'MUCH better, than that!' - with ALL the Counsel! - that is in the TESTIMONY.  YOU have "the OPPORTUNITY to make MUCH better choices", FOR your Soul… and SO? - you have 'NO, false COMPASSION, and NO sympathy, from us!' (December 24, 2019 update) 


Making the Right Sacrifice
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And in this above video, he shares how and WHERE he learned to sacrifice 'SIN', as a way of life
Hint: it WASN'T in the local churches, or through the counsel of his formers

HOW is being a Member of the Faithful REMNANT, "an EVIL"?

And so, "the FORMERS", are invited, to SHARE, THIS VIDEO [- the above video - with YouTube URL: ] - with their LOCAL pastor.  And ASKING their local pastor, to EXPLAIN to them:  HOW, 'SEEKING to OVERCOME sin, in ONE'S life - WITH the help, of the CREATOR', is in fact "an EVIL"?  And if that is "the FRUIT, of being a Member of the Faithful REMNANT", then how is THAT "evil"?  And HAVE! - the local PASTOR explain, TO you - how 'seeking to be PLEASING in the Eyes of your CREATOR', is "an evil"? -  and how 'the CALL of a Christian, to OVERCOME sin and temptation', is "an EVIL"?  Please CONTACT US with 'what your local pastor SAID' - so that we can POST it in the Testimony. (July 24, 2018 update) 

Nothing in the inbox on this topic for the remainder of 2018.  And the Contact Us email address was removed at the end of that year.  No response.  Case closed.
Special note: There is also more content on the topic of FORMERS, on the Short Lessons page on this website.

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