The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

Messages from the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY
 Revealing herself as
Our Lady Queen of all hearts
“In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary… And the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.  And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus.  He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there will be no end.”… And Mary said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”  And the angel departed from her.”
“I told you, “I am doing ‘a new thing’” My children, and that “you would be able, to perceive it, more clearly than ever before!”  My Mother, is comingto directall hearts’ to Me, that they may ‘have Life’ – not only ‘temporary physical life’, but ‘Eternal Life’... My Mother is coming, to ‘tenderly care, for those sheep who will cooperate, with the graces’. But she is ‘the Queen of Justice – to all those, who ‘stubbornly refuse to repent’.” 

You need to read the Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary, your TRUE Spiritual Mother, in order to HELP you, to 'REALIZE', what IS in front of you; and to lift 'the FOG', that IS covering your intellect.  ALLOW YOURSELF to be FILLED, with GRACES - and your FAITH will be ENKINDLED, with 'the FIRE of the TRUE Holy Spirit'. (October 05, 2017 update) 

Do you desire to have 'a softened HEART' towards your CREATOR?  And SO! - it is BEST, to READ, the Testimony - FOCUS! - on READING, and NOURISHING, your SOUL - with 'WORDS, from HEAVEN'!  Because, YOU can't "overcome, WICKEDNESS" - on your OWN! - You NEED! - your Creator, to have, 'His GOODNESS! - flowing THROUGH you'.  It is 'the ONLY way', to spiritually survive these TIMES.  So FOCUS! - on Jesus Christ the LORD - and doing 'what He's ASKING OF YOU' - and RESOLVING to ALWAYS be filled - with 'the TRUE Holy Spirit' - as 'a way of LIFE'.  It will most DEFINITELY help you - to have 'a softened HEART', towards your CREATOR - by READING, MESSAGES, from "your True Spiritual MOTHER - the Blessed Virgin MARY".  SEEK, 'PROTECTION, under HER Mantle of PURITY' - and LET those! - who WANT to be "defiled" - be DEFILED!  ButYOU! - need, to RESOLVE, to 'EMBRACE, the WORDS, of Jesus Christ the LORD' - as they ARE "your lifeline" - the WORDS of the TESTIMONY, are "the inspired WORD, OF the Most High True God".  And SO - in ORDER, to PARTAKE, in the Divine NATURE, OF your Creator - you MUST have 'His Word WITHIN you' - at all TIMES! (October 07, 2017 update) 

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Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary
"My heart overflows with a goodly theme; I address my verses to the king; my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe.  You are the fairest of the sons of men; grace is poured upon your lips; therefore God has blessed you forever. Gird your sword [- the Sword of Truth] upon your thigh, O mighty one, in your glory and majesty! In your majesty ride forth victoriously for the cause of truth and to defend the right; let your right hand teach you dread deeds! Your arrows are sharp in the heart of the king’s enemies; the peoples fall under you. Your divine throne endures forever and ever. Your royal scepter is a scepter of equity; you love righteousness and hate wickedness. Therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows; your robes are all fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia. From ivory palaces stringed instruments make you glad; daughters of kings are among your ladies of honor; at your right hand stands the queen in gold of Ophir." 
(Psalm 45:1-9)

DEVOTION, to Mother Mary, "QUEEN of HEAVEN" - as the Most High TRUE God, has 'so GENEROUSLY, bestowed UPON her' - that 'HONOR' - is NOT! - "WORSHIP", or "IDOLATRY".  For SHE IS! - "an INTERCESSOR" - IN Heaven; and, you can LIFT UP, your PRAYERS - to HER - and SHE! - will "RE-PRESENT them" - to her Son JESUS, 'PURIFIED'. She is "the MOTHER, OF God" - but, does NOT, 'CLAIM', ANY "EQUALITY", TO God.  She 'PARTAKES', in His Divine Nature. 

"In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary. And he came to her and said, “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you!”
(Luke 1:26-28)

And, she, is "the most BLESSED woman, to have ever, LIVED, on the Face of the Earth".

"And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and she exclaimed with a loud cry, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!" 
(Luke 1:41-42)

She ENDURED, "GREAT suffering", as she watched, 'her SON', be HATED, mocked, accused, and RIDICULED - by MANY!  She IS! - "the MOTHER, of ALL mankind" - because JESUS Christ the LORD, GAVE her, TO the world, AS "a Gift".

"When Jesus saw his mother, and the disciple whom he loved standing near, he said to his mother, “Woman, behold, your son!” Then he said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother!” And from that hour the disciple took her to his own home." 
(John 19:26-27)

BUT! - the PROTESTANTS, WILL not! - 'acknowledge', the Blessed Virgin MARY, and 'her PIVOTAL role', in Salvation HISTORY.  They would RATHER 'IGNORE her' altogether. WHY?  Because, she IS! - in fact, "a HOLY Weapon" - AGAINST the devil - BECAUSE of 'her purity'.  So WHEN you are 'praying the Holy Rosary' - and you are TEMPTED with "UNCLEAN thoughts" - KNOW, that, it is 'the ENEMY' - who is TEMPTING you to DEFILE! - 'the IMAGE of the Blessed Virgin MARY, in your HEART' - because THAT'S, what HE does!  He 'HATES', the MOTHER, of the Most High TRUE God - with, "a PASSION" - and THAT is why 'he FEEDS people, IMPURE thoughts, and lustful desires'.  LOOK, around you - at 'the SCANTILY clad, men and WOMEN' - and 'their FORMS', leave no ROOM, for the IMAGINATION.  They have BECOME, "objects of DESIRE" - and that is NOT! - how, 'the CREATOR', made, men, and WOMEN.  Blessed ARE "the pure, of HEART", for THEY shall see! - the Most High True God.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."
(Matthew 5:8)

And so THOSE, who are "PERVERSE, in their hearts" - filled with "lustful THOUGHTS" - cannot SEE - the Most High True GOD, for 'who He Truly IS'.  They can ONLY! - "condemn", His Testimony - and bring CONDEMNATION on THEMSELVES, in DOING so.  They can ONLY, "condemn" - the Most High TRUE God - moving THROUGH, His Testimony, AND, His Two Witnesses - bringing 'CONDEMNATION' on THEMSELVES.  The MOST High TRUE God, 'condemns' NO one - but 'the WORD', has JUDGED them.  And 'the WORDS of the TESTIMONY' - have Judged them.

“I will put enmity between you [the serpent] and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; she shall crush your head, and you [the serpent] shall lie in wait for her heel." [- referring to "the Heel of the Blessed Virgin Mary"]
(Genesis 3:15a RSV2CE; Genesis 3:15b Douay-Rheims 1899 - Revised by PPTL.) 
Note: Genesis 3:15b was deliberately and systematically distorted by the freemasons.  You can find out more at THIS LINK.
The BLESSED Virgin MARY, WILL 'crush', that ancient SERPENT "the devil" - and WILL have Victory, OVER him, and his followers.  And the SEEDS, of her SON'S Kingdom - will be PLANTED, in the HEARTS of the Faithful REMNANT - and 'the OFFSHOOTS', of those SEEDS, will SPREAD - INTO, the FULLNESS, of the PHYSICAL Era, of TRUE Peace! - on Earth.
"I will heal their faithlessness; I will love them freely, for my anger has turned from them. I will be as the dew to Israel; he shall blossom as the lily, he shall strike root as the poplar; his shoots shall spread out; his beauty shall be like the olive, and his fragrance like Lebanon. They shall return and dwell beneath my shadow, they shall flourish as a garden; they shall blossom as the vine, their fragrance shall be like the wine of Lebanon." 
(Hosea 14:4-7)

"Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS" - for THEY shall be called, 'the CHILDREN, of the Most High True GOD'. 

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God."
(Matthew 5:9)
When Jesus spoke those WORDS - He WAS actually SPEAKING, to 'His FUTURE Faithful REMNANT' - who would be CALLED, to begin "LIVING!" - the Era of True Peace in their HEARTS - PREPARING, for Him to return.  (June 13, 2017 update)


The Blessed Virgin Marysaid:  Saint Michael, IS, "your defense", My children; and it IS he - ALONG with your OWN, Guardian Angels - who will CONTINUE, to DEFEND you - against the EVIL one.  REMAIN strong! - IN the True Holy Spirit.  And KNOW, that YOU! - ARE, 'PART', OF the Lord Most High TRUE God's, Holy ARMY.  As you PRAY, the LITANY, of Saint MICHAEL - FOCUS, on, 'your CREATOR', and His LOVE, for your SOULS! - to GIVE you, 'such, a BLESSED, Gift', and DEFENSE, from HEAVEN!  KNOW that, the enemy, has "VERY little power" - when YOU, CHOOSE, to submit yourselves, to the DIVINE Will, and Plan, of your CREATOR.  You MUST be "spiritually minded" - at ALL times; you MUST be 'Discerning' - at all TIMES. STAY, in the Truth!  And INVOKE, Saint Michael's INTERCESSION, oftenHE is about, to do, "a MAGNIFICENT, thing" - FOR the Lord; and YOU! - through 'TRUE Humility', WILL help.  SIMPLY, because, the LORD Jesus Christ, desires, to work 'WITH you' - as you ARE "His Family".  Stay the COURSE!  And let NOTHING! - COME, between YOU, and 'the LOVE, of Christ.' (August 21, 2016) 

On December 13, 2014 on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, the ‘Patroness of the Americas’, the Blessed Virgin Mary, spoke to the Two Witnesses.  She gave them this Message, for them to give to the world – while also speaking in her role, as ‘The Queen of Justice“.  And this is what she said. 
The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  For ‘the woman‘, clothed, with the Sun; and the moon – under her feet, is ‘the same woman’, who is to give birth.  And the dragon, is waiting, to devour, her child.  That woman, is me, My Children.  Ponder that, for a moment.  Who is ‘the child’, that I am to give birth to? – The baby boy?  What season, is it?  It is ‘the Christmas season‘.  And “the baby”, I am referring to, is, no other, than ‘baby Jesus’.  Now how, am I to ‘give birth‘?  Ponder that, for a moment…  If peoples’ hearts are ‘so cold‘ – with no, ‘Truth, in them’, nor ‘desire for the Truth’ – How can, ‘baby Jesus‘, come to them, this ‘Christmas’?  Baby Jesus, will come, to ‘the Faithful Remnant‘, as, He is embraced there – in their hearts – because their hearts are ‘warm, towards Him’.  But ‘the King of Justice!’, will, visit those, who are ‘corrupted, in their hearts’, and who have ‘turned against the Lord Jesus Christ’.  The dragon, who wants to devour, ‘the woman’s offspring‘, is none other than, ‘the devil‘ – himself.  Not only, do I give birth, to ‘baby Jesus’ My children – birthing him, into ‘the hearts, of the Faithful Remnant’; but, then in turn, I receive, ‘the hearts of children‘ – true, children! – of, the Most High True God.  It is like ‘a Divine, Exchange’; like ‘a Divine Sharing‘.  I share My Son – not with the world – not with this evil, and perverse, and wicked generation – noI share, My son, with ‘the hearts, of His Faithful Remnant’ – with ‘pure hearts’.  And they share, in turn, in ‘the Joy, of His Birth’.  As the world celebrates, ‘insanity’, depravity, debauchery, licentiousness, greed, envy – and all, of the materialism, and commercialism, that has become, associated, and engrained, into society – My True Children, will celebrate, ‘the True Meaning‘, of, Christmas – the birth of the Savior – their Savior.  The people, of the world, are ‘alone’, and ‘in the dark’; but, ‘my Remnant, are full‘, of Truth, and Life.  Because they read, the Testimony – the written words, of their Savior, and allow themselves to be, ‘transformed‘ – through Heavenly Graces.  Justice is coming to the rest fo the world.  But my Faithful Remnant are ‘completely protected’ – and why?  Because, they, have ‘made room‘, for ‘the True Christ’, this Christmas.  Love you all, in the Father’s Love – your, Blessed Mother.
The Seeds of the Kingdom of Heaven are BETTER
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Jesus: Here is My motherOur Lady, Queen of all Hearts.
The Blessed Virgin Mary:  And ‘the Warnings, were given; but so many of you, did not listen – to My son, Jesus.  And now, ‘a heavy Scourge’, has fallen, upon ‘the whole human race’; because, you refused, to model your ‘ways, after, My Son; and refused, to be ‘made’ – in His Image and Likeness.  You have all, received, ‘a Great Punishment.  Yet, there are ‘a few’, that have been ‘released’, from, ‘the prison’, of, ‘the beast state’.  I told you all that it was coming!  But you didn’t listen to me then.  So why would you listen to me now?  You know – in the depths of your hearts, who is speaking’.  You know ‘the voice’, of your True mother.  I love you, My people. But you have been ‘very naughty children’.  And as I said before, “you have ‘no respect’ for My Son, nor, for ‘the Lord of Heaven’!” – nor, for ‘the higher spiritual Truths’ – that are edifying for you.  You people need to learn, that just as God the Eternal Father in Heaven, can send, ‘seeds, to be sown’, in the world; He can also, send demons, to afflict, and torment.  And where will your ‘help’ come from? – you stubborn souls!  Where! – are you going to find ‘relief’ – from ‘the spiritual torments’ – you are now all experiencing?  You hate, My son, and daughter – but without cause!  For they, do so much, to help you; and ‘lay their lives down’ – so that, you may live! – and be free, from ‘the torments’.

[The message continues, but now, she turns to speak to the Faithful Remnant]

The Blessed Virgin MaryOh ‘my little children’, I am your mother! – and care for you, so deeply.  You, are ‘in need’, of ‘a blessed assurance’ – of your place here with me.  Persevere, in all righteousness.  And shun those who would ‘shun the Lord’.  Cling to Him, for He loves you! – and will help you ‘get through’, these very dark times.  His invitation – to the Wedding Banquet, is always open at this time.  For there is plenty of food and drink for everyone!  But in order for souls to ‘attend this banquet’ My children, they must be clothed in ‘a white garment’!  They must seek to clothe themselves in the True Holy Spirit – through using ‘the Blessed Water’, that my Son has provided.  This ‘Miracle from Heaven’, can only help those, who ‘seek the cure’ – from their affliction of ‘the beast state’.  But know this My dear children, ‘the Remnant’, is very small! – it has to be.  And then, it will grow – and ‘bear much fruit’.  And some people, will be cured; while others will be ‘afflicted’ – in this life and in ‘the next’.  But you My Blessed Children, must seek to preserve, ‘the way of Christ’, as He truly is ‘your only hope’ – for Salvation.  Let people criticize, and mock, My son and daughter – because, their ‘wickedness’, is going to be ‘repaid upon their heads’!  Only give to those who are ‘seeking – the remedy’ – the ‘recipe’, ‘the cure’; for salvation.  But do not ‘push yourselves’ – upon ‘stubborn souls’.  Because those who are meant to be ‘part of the Remnant – will ‘open their hearts’ – even if just to receive, the instructions, to use the ‘Blessed Holy Water’. But do not cast ‘the pearls that you have’, before swine.  I love you, My dear children – with ‘an everlasting love’; and desire that one day, we, may all be united: with ‘the Living One’; with ‘the Word made Flesh; with my Son, Jesus Christ - the Lord.  May His Name, be praised, for ever and ever!  Amen.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:  What would you would like to know?

Pope Peter the Last:  Does this Mary [my wife], represent the moon you were standing on, in all those images

The Blessed Virgin MaryYes.  She does.  She also, represents ‘the New Eve’ – who strove to break free, from her sins – especially through My intercession.  Which is why ‘the serpent’ is under my feet!  And that is ‘the devil’.  Because ‘the moon’ allegorically speaking, represents ‘the church’.  And as Saint John, ‘the beloved’, revealed, the twelve stars, upon my head – in the shape of a crown, represents ‘the new Israel’ – those whose hearts, are for God and not, ‘against Him’.

Pope Peter the Last:  Do you have a special message, for all the so-called ‘visionaries’, in the world, who are still stubbornly claiming, to be speaking, on your behalf? – when they know, ‘full well’ that, they are not, any longer.

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Yes.  My messages, always, bring peace – accompanied by the Truth.  And never do I give, ‘false, affirmation’.  And I always, point, ‘my children’, to my Son – Jesus Christ, the True King of Heaven.  The visionaries out there, are receiving, ‘false apparitions’, and, ‘false messages’ – that focus them more on ‘their routines’ and ‘rituals’ - and as my Son has said, before, “habits of self-holiness”.  The messages that those “visionaries” are receiving, fill people with ‘a false yearning to be ‘united’ with others – in ‘the beast state’ – without acknowledging that spiritual reality.  They focus and distract people, on ‘false realities’, lies and false externals.  Those ‘visionaries’ do not know my voiceJust as they do not know ‘the Voice’ of their True Shepherd – whom you both are serving.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:  What else do you want to know?

Pope Peter the Last:  Do you have any special words for those who have chosen, to begin praying the rosary, as ‘a daily devotion’? 

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Yes, keep my Son, ‘the focus’ – of your hearts, minds, and souls, as you pray.  Seek to pray, with Him, through Him, and in Him – to God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  Because Jesus, ‘seeks unity’, with all, of His Remnant Followers.  And if you want to be ‘closely united to Him’ – you must ‘seek that unity’ as well.  Let Him, ‘increase’, and you must all ‘decrease’ – so that your ‘joy’, may be fulfilled.  The rosary, is very important, in these End Times – especially with such a small Remnant praying it – the right way!  Yes there is ‘a wrong way’, to pray the rosary.  But you do not need to learn that way.  Pray the way that my son, and daughter, have taught you – so that your prayers can be answered – most effectively! 

The Blessed Virgin Mary:  What else do you want to know?

Pope Peter the Last:  Is there anything else you want to add?

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Know this, my dear children, that ‘Faith’,True Faith’, in the Lord Jesus Christ – my Son, is not ‘a feeling’.  It isn’t even ‘a gut sense’.  It is ‘a choice’ to believe what you know to be true in your hearts; and the choice to act on that belief – fully realizing, that ‘God’s promises will be fulfilled’!  But that patience and endurance – are necessary! – for those promises, to be ‘fully realized’, in actuality.  So suffering – the right kind of suffering, must happen – in order, to produce patience.  But never is your cross ‘too big’ – for He who gave it to you, carries it with you. 

Closing Statement from the Blessed Virgin Mary: There is nothing more to say... - Your Blessed Mother.
Note: This surprising dialogue with the Queen of Heaven, took place exactly on the one year anniversary, of the END of the escalation of revelations, from the visiting Saints in Heaven.  These revelations took place just before the full culmination of the Second Coming, on Christmas Day.  We know that there is a very important significance to her visit on this historic anniversary...  Just make sure, you are in 'a state of grace', celebrating a birthday - and not celebrating 'the annual feast of consumerism' this Christmas!  Let that be your warning.
Guide the Church - between the Two Pillars My son
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: I am here to aid you My children, as I am your Mother – of Perpetual Help (- also known as, Our Lady of Perpetual Help), many people,have indeed, watched some, of the Mass videos; but, they do not have, the common sense, and the reason, to discern what is in front of them.  How, can the Lord Jesus Christ, draw any souls to Himself?  You may be asking yourselves, My children.  Remember, with man, it, is ‘impossible’.  But with the Most High True God, all things, are possible. Because it is He who strengthens you, to do, what He asks of you.  I am here, with this maternal message, to alleviate your fears, doubts, worries, and anxieties.  And to assure you both, that your ‘efforts’, will not, be, ‘in vain’.  For you my son [- Pope Peter the Last], are feeding, Christ’s Flock, amidst Great Tribulation. Remember, I am your Mother; no other cares for you – with the maternal love, that I have, to bestow upon you.  Guide the Church - between the Two Pillars My son.  Fasten the anchors – tightly.  And do not tolerate Jezebel – moving through, anyoneMay you be blessed with the sincerity, and truth, to feed your flock, life-giving truth. For you are the one, listening, to Heaven.  You are the Prophet, who has come, in the Spirit of Elijah, in these End Times.  Be confident, that your Creator, is working ‘behind the scenes’ – in a way that you cannot see with your physical senses.  But also in a way, you will be able to perceive, with your spiritual senses.  Physical proofs, will come, as well as physical signs; but all in their proper time.  As history unfolds, it will be, all the more apparent to you, what your Creator has been doing, and is about to do. - Your Blessed Mother.

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  Attacks, will come, my children.  And you must turn, to the Lord Jesus Christ, for protection – from your enemies.  Because there are many of them – out there!  Since the videos, on ‘the unborn, have been released, your wife, has been undergoing, ‘extreme torments’, from ‘the enemy’ himself.  For one thing he hates the most: is when ‘the poor’, are given, “a voice”. 

‘The institution’ has managed, to ‘snuff out’, divine revelation, for years!

The institution has managed, to ‘snuff out’, divine revelation, for years!  Because, they are against, those, who want to represent, ‘the True Image of the Most High True God’. They would rather he be kept ‘locked-up’ – in their churches, and in their bibles.  But the Lord Jesus Christ, is ‘bound’ nowhere.  For remember “the Spirit goes, where it wills”.  He is ‘free’, to move, and act, and speak outside ‘the institution’.  For He is not ‘bound in chains’ – at ‘the foot of their altars’.  And they do not control ‘the voice’, of their Creator.  Now His voice is scarce in the World; but He is ‘speaking on a regular basis’ through the both of you.  And souls, who desire, the Lord Jesus Christ – to speak to them, will be drawn, to His websiteto His Testimony

I have warned, and warned… and warned!...  But who is listening?

But many souls are ‘sleeping’in the World.  All, of the “christians” have ‘fallen asleep’!  They did not listen, to the Lord Jesus Christ’s admonition: ‘to keep watch’; to ‘stay sober, and alert’.  They are all, ‘embracing worldliness’and ‘ungodliness’.  So unless they change, the Kingdom of Heaven is closed – to them!  I have warned, and warned… and warned!  But no one is listening: the Saints have been sent from above; ‘the unborn souls have spoken – for the first time!  But who is listening? – my children.  Is anyone ‘applying these Truths – to their lives’Very, very few.  But they are still ‘the spiritual realities’.

‘The mark of the beast’ is not ‘going to be cancelled’!

The mark of the beast’ is not ‘going to be cancelled’!  It is not ‘like a horrific movie that people can just, turn off’!  But it is ‘a mark that will be given to souls’, because of their worldliness, and ungodliness! – and ‘refusal to repent’.  Because they seek ‘worldliness’ even in their institutions.  They seek to be told that ‘they are saved’! – Apart from the One, that ‘can Save them’. 

‘The mark of the beast’… is coming upon everyone, this Christmas

The mark of the beast’ is real - and is coming upon everyone, this Christmas – if they do not ‘get their lives in order’ beforehand.  As, I said before, “their souls have been condemned”.  The “christians”, who call themselves “saved”, are living ‘a self-condemned lifestyle’.  Therefore they embracethe sin of blasphemy! – calling ‘all their actions’holy and good”; when they really are “depraved and wicked”.  Saying to themselves, “God won’t mind if I watch a few hours of television – He’s got better things to do with His time”; or, “I can look, at this unclean picture, in this magazine and it will not affect me, because, I am saved!” – by the Precious Blood of Jesus”; or “I can entertain all sorts, of evil thoughts towards my neighbor, and God will understand, because of the way, they treated me”; or (how about this one my children), “I will spend my money, on ‘lottery tickets’, and casinos, so that I can win ‘a large fortune’. God will understand”. 

God… understands, that people have chosen to deceive themselves!!

Does God, ‘understand’, all of those choices, my children?  Yes He does!  He understands, that people have chosen to deceive themselves!!  And He is not “buying” what they are trying to sell to Him!  Most of the thoughts that he hears, are people ‘justifying themselves’, as they embrace ‘sins against Him’! – as they ‘take offense at Him’; Because He is the Truth, and they do not desire to live, with a clear conscience – in ‘the Truth’

You must repair, ‘what you have broken’

For when people embrace sin, they know it is wrong - yet, they do it anyway!  They have ‘rocks in their hands’, ready to throw, at the church, ‘windows’.  And after they throw the rock, and break the window, they come to ‘the pastor of the church’ (who is to represent Jesus), and say “I am sorry I broke your window”.  Yet they have other rocks behind them.  And they break another one!  And then they come to the pastor, and say, “I’m sorry I broke your window again”.  And then they go away – and throw another one.  A third one is broken.  Then they go to the pastor once more, and say, “I’m very - very sorry, that I broke, your window”.  But the pastorthis time’, ‘got wise’ – to ‘what the soul was up to’, and he said to the soul, “If you are sorry, for breaking, all my windows!! Then why, do you ‘keep coming back’, with ‘rocks, behind you’?  Don’t you know, that I can see them?  And that I have seen them, these ‘last three times’Therefore, I sue you.  And you must repair, ‘what you have broken’.  But the soul, did not have, anything, but some rocks.  So the pastor, called the jailers, and told them to “take the soul, to ‘a certain place’, until, they can pay, for the damage”.

Yes, He is merciful… But that does not mean, that there won’t be… “recompense paid

Now this is just ‘a symbolic story’ my children.  And this, is to show you, what the Lord Jesus Christ, ‘goes through’, when souls repent ‘with their lips’, but hold on, to the sins, in their heartsYes, He is merciful, slow to anger even and forgivingBut, there is, ‘a limit’, to how much the soul, can offend, and just give ‘lip service’ in return. Yes, the call, is to forgive, if your brother sins against you, seven times – then you are called to forgive him, seventy seven times - seven.  But that does not mean, that there won’t be some sort of “recompense paid” – for the broken windows. 

Make ‘a firm resolve’, never to do those things…

People think, when they ask for forgiveness: that’s it! – that’s ‘all they need to do’!  But what the Lord Jesus Christ is asking soulsbefore this Christmas, is to make ‘a firm resolve’, never to do those things, that they are truly sorry for’ - for if they keep doing them: it is just ‘lip service’.

Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mark of the Beast is coming
Video by: Mary Romanus
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: All of Heaven, is rejoicing, at the Justice, that is to befall – the Face of the Earth!  For the ‘wickedness’ of mankind, has been ‘demanding’ – ‘a Just response’.  ‘The mark of the beast is coming.  And the only ones, who will escape, are the ones who refuse to attend, the institutions; and desire ‘true repentance’ from their hearts.  The Most High True God does not wish that anyone receive the mark of the beast this Christmas My children.  But they are ‘asking for it’ – because, of ‘the coldness of their hearts’

‘A spiritual mark’… because they choose to embrace ‘poison’, for their souls

When Fukushima happened this was ‘an outward sign’, - or ‘physical representation’, of ‘the spiritual realities’ at work in this World.  For the whole Face of the Earth, has been ‘dusted with poisons’!  And there are ‘lethal, doses’, of certain chemicals! – hovering, in the atmosphere.  And the wind, is blowing them ‘where it wills’.  The World itself, is filled, with ‘poison’ as well.   For every facet of life, on this Earth, has managed to embracesome sort of poison’.  The ‘mark of the beast’, is ‘a spiritual mark’ that people will receive, because they choose to embrace ‘poison’, for their souls; and ‘incorporate it into their reality’. 

They will be ‘beasts’ – like ‘irrational animals’, with no common sense, and no reason

Television, is ‘one, of those poisons’Movies, are another one.  Violent video games – another.  Immorality and licentiousnessall of these things, are part of ‘the enemy’s kingdom’!  So if people want to embrace those things, that are of ‘his kingdom’, then he will ‘rule over them’ – to a point.  And they will be ‘beasts – like ‘irrational animals’, with no common sense, and no reasoncompletely devoid of the True Holy Spirit.  And the ‘desire’ for the True God, that is in the depths of everyone’s being, will ‘simply be removed’!  Because they cannot have Him, and the false gods, and false comforts of this World!  For He will ‘not be shared’, with their idols

So what is ‘the Just response’ of the Just Judge?

The Lord Jesus Christ wants souls, to be ‘docile to Him’ in everythingHe wants ‘subjects’, who are ‘willing to cooperate’ with the graces.  But alas souls, have rejected Him – rejected his graces, and they prefer their own counsel instead.  So what is ‘the Just response’ of the Just Judge?  That they each receive: a measure, of what they have, ‘given’ – back to their Creator

The only way out of ‘that state’, is to pray

The mark of the beast will not be the same for every soulSome will experience it worse than others.  The only way out of ‘that state’, is to pray – and ‘pray to the Most High True God’ – every day!  That is ‘the only way’, to show him, that they want ‘out, of the state they are in’.  Just as Jonah was inside the whale, when he turned away from his Creator, and he prayed for ‘deliverance’ continuallyso must the people!  Though they will not have ‘a thirst’, feeling, or desire – for the Most High True God, they must choose, to pray; and they will not ‘feel’ a response.  But they must have ‘faith’, that ‘if they are sincere’, the Lord Jesus Christ, will ‘in His time’, Release them, from, that, ‘state’

Until the Lord Jesus Christ… ‘Releases them’

People who receive ‘the mark of the beast’ are ‘sealed’until the Lord Jesus Christ in His Great Love and Mercy – ‘Releases them’.  Not all will be ‘Released’, as some would ‘rather remain’ – in that state, than ‘serve their Creator’.  But ‘all of mankind’, is going to be ‘brought downto their knees’.

The Warnings have been given… that ‘all would know the Truth’

The Warnings have been given – from Heaven, for souls to repent – before Christmas. Most of them won’t.  And they will be sealed, as of Christmas DayOnly the Lord Jesus Christ – through his ‘True Vicar’ here on Earth, can ‘Release them’.  For God the Eternal Father in Heaven, will once again, put everything, in subjectionto His Son.  And His Son, receiving everything – that is His, from God the Eternal Father in Heaven, will subject everything, to His Vicar, here, on Earth – that ‘all would know the Truth’ – that Heaven, is a Monarchy; not ‘a democracy’! 
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: Prepare, to receive ‘many gifts’, this Christmas, my children; as those, who refuse, my requests, lose theirs!  For ‘what little that they had’, will be taken from them, and given, to you both – as you have moreGod, the Eternal Father in Heaven, has had ‘Enough – of this wicked generation’.  So He is ‘reaping’, what is left, of His Gifts, on the Face of the Earth.  Whether it be – the gift of intelligence, the gift of rationality, the gift of sanityall gifts, that people are not ‘using’, He is ‘taking from them’, and is giving it to those who will use them.  For He knows you will ‘use them’ my children, to benefit the Faithful Remnant Church.  Those souls, who respond to ‘my requests’, can ‘keep their gifts’, from above, and expect more to be added to them as well!  As ‘the wealth’ and ‘the riches’ of God the Eternal Father in Heaven’s Love, are ‘spread around’, to the Faithful Remnant Church.

Souls ‘still have time’, so that they do not lose everything

But souls ‘still have time’, so that they do not lose everything – that He has given them!  They do not need, to lose their joy, peace, patience – as long, as they repent – from their heart; and return to the Lord Jesus Christ – they do not need to lose, the gifts, of long suffering, goodness, self-control; they can keep these, if they repent – from their hearts.  Of course, these gifts are ‘fruits’, of the True Holy Spirit; and are ‘stored up for souls’ – to enjoy, in the Afterlife - in Heaven

There is ‘not much time left’

But ‘the mark of the beast’ is coming upon ‘all souls on the Face of the Earth!’  And there is ‘not much time left’ – for souls, to make ‘good use, of the gifts they’ve been given’.  They need to want what the Lord Jesus Christ has.  And those souls who are ‘without’, will know what they have ‘lost’.  For though ‘you people’ will be giving, ‘material presents’ to one another, know this: that, the Lord Jesus Christ will be taking back, that, which is His – this Christmas.  And you, will be, ‘without your free-wills’

Turn back to Him with all of your heart, soul, and mind… You have 18 days left

He is quite seriousRepent, in sackcloth, and in ashes! – for ‘abusing the gifts’ He has given you; for sinning against Him.  Turn back to Him with all of your heart, soul, and mind, and you will be given: the necessary strength, and gifts, to ‘get through’, these End Times.   And you will be ‘able to benefit’, from the wealth, and ‘riches’, that are here in this Testimony – which is ‘the Spirit of Prophecy’.  You have 18 days left! – to reconcile, with your Creator; so that you do not receive, ‘the mark of the beast

You know, ‘Who is Speaking’!

Sodom and Gomorrah were given ‘no warning’.  But the Lord Jesus Christ, is giving His Great Warning at this time.  Spread these Messages my people, for you know, ‘Who is Speaking’! – though you do not ‘fully understand’, you ‘do not need to’ in order to ‘fully, believe’.

I know what is going to ‘happen to you’, this Christmas…

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: My people, I come to you, with sorrow, and ‘in tears’.  Because I know what is going to ‘happen to you’, this Christmas – if you refuse to ‘repent of your sinful ways’.  I have already told you to “throw out your televisions”!   But, my request has ‘fallen on deaf ears’You do not ‘take Heaven seriously’ my people; but you ‘see the Earth that you are on, as your Heaven’

Your pastors, ministers, and rabbis… are not ‘interested’, in your salvation

Your pastors, ministers, and rabbis, are not going to tell you ‘the difficult truths’ in order for you ‘to be saved’.  They will not ‘require you’ to live ‘Holy and saintly lives’ – so that you can ‘enter-in, to Eternal Rest’!  I repeat my Son’s words: “They want your money”!  And they are not ‘interested’, in your salvation.  Yes, they will tell you: “you are saved” - because they are willing, for you to sell, your ‘birthright’.  For everyone deserves a chance, to come to ‘the Kingdom of Heaven.  But they will not tell you what you need, in order to come Here. 

The Truth is not ‘convenient’ at times

For they have ‘barred the Kingdom of Heaven’ from, themselves!   By refusing to nourish you with ‘the Truth’ my people.  The Truth is not ‘convenient’ at times, but that does not mean that you should ‘abort it’ – when you feel ‘uncomfortable’Know that when you are ‘uncomfortable’ that then you are growing!  But as soon as you are satisfied with yourself, and your ‘relationship with your Creator’, it is then that you are ‘slipping and falling’!  Because there is no ‘complacency’ in ‘the spiritual life’ – you either desire to grow ‘closer’ to the Lord Jesus Christ, or ‘further away’. 

‘The abomination, of desolation’… is ‘set up’, within all of the ‘institutions’

I tell you my people, once again, ‘the abomination, of desolation’ is here now – on the Earth.  It is ‘set up’, within all of the ‘institutions’.  It is ‘set-up’, within most peoples’ homes.  ‘To revere sin’, above ‘striving for holiness’, means that it is ‘set-up’ within your own hearts!  The shepherds, ministers, pastors and rabbis, and ‘all religious leaders’, have sold ‘their birthright’ for ‘comfort in this life’; for ‘consolations upon consolations’; for ‘fancy cars’, and for homes; for wealth – they have ‘sold your souls’, to satan! 

They have all, sold, your souls, to satan!!!... Their concern, is ‘to keep the money coming in’

I repeat, myself, once more, regardless of the discomfort you have: they have all, sold, your souls, to satan!!!  You must understand that ‘he disguises himself as an angel of light’.   And I am warning you my people ‘he has your souls’!  Because the ‘jesus’ you are worshiping is ‘the devil in disguise’.  The pastors, ministers, rabbis, and shepherds, have made a deal with the devil – for your souls!!  And in exchange, they will receive “tax-exempt status”, weekly offerings, lots and lots of money.  They do not care, whether you end up in Hell or not!  That is not their concern!  Their concern, is ‘to keep the money coming in’, and ‘to tell you what you want to hear’ – in order for them to ‘become rich’, by you perishing!! 

I am, Our Lady, Queen of all hearts!... You have 21 days left

What I am telling you is True.  Whether, you will ‘listen’, is between, you and, your Maker.   Because in these times, I am simply, ‘a messenger’I am, Our Lady, Queen of all hearts!  And I am praying that you will make ‘good decisions’.  Repent in your heart, and stop going to the institutions!  And throw out your televisions.  And read my Son’s Testimony.  And you, will be ‘off to a good start’.  Because ‘as it stands now’, your souls, have been condemned!  I repeat my self once more: my people, your souls, have been, condemnedNot by the Most High, True God; because He does not ‘condemn’; but ‘by your own choices’. The Word, has ‘judged you’.  Now repent! – so that you may be ‘alive’Listen, to my Two Witnesses, whenever, they speak.  For they speak the words, from the Most High True God – just, as I do!  You have 21 days left, my people.  I suggest you get ‘your houses in order’, and quickly. 

Warning… you will not ‘be spared’… if you do not turn back to Him, with True repentance

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: I give you, this warning, my people – for I care about your souls.  I do not want, any of you, to be ‘eternally separated’, from the Most High True God.  What a terrifying thought!  But it is real!  If you refuse, to turn back to Him, and repent of your sinful ways, then you leave Him with ‘no other course, of action’Just as Nineveh, was ‘saved’ – from ‘sudden destruction’, so too, does He wish to ‘extend His Mercy’ – to the whole WorldNineveh was spared – because they responded ‘appropriately’ – to the request of the Most High True God.  But my people, you will not ‘be spared’ – from His Divine Wrath! – if you do not turn back to Him, with True repentance

This Earth, was a gift, to mankind… to reap the fruits

Know, that He made the Planets, and the Stars.  He Created the Whole Universe!  And the World, is a “dot” – is ‘just one of the Planets’.   But He has put Life here upon this Planet. No where else, is there Life – like here, on Planet Earth!  This Earth, was a gift, to mankind – to maintain order upon it, to till the ground and to reap the fruits

What good is ‘a tree’, that bears no fruit for the Kingdom – of God?

After my Son Jesus came upon the Earth, it was then ‘a time to repent’ – to ‘turn to’ the Most High True God, so thatsouls could go to Heaven’.  My people, you are ‘so far away’, from Jesus Christ the Lord.  And you are ‘drifting off’ into ‘nothingness’ before Him – as you no longer seek ‘to bear fruit’ for the Kingdom – of Heaven; but the ‘Kingdom of this World’, and ‘the fruits of it’, are ‘far more appealing to you’.  How sad this is!  Do you not know that He cursed ‘the fig tree that bore no fruit’?  Why did He do this?  To show His response to souls – who refuse to bear ‘good fruit for ‘the Kingdom of God: “May no one eat of your fruit again”!  In essence, He was ‘blotting out that tree’ – from Life.  For what good is ‘a tree’, that bears no fruit for the Kingdom – of God? 

‘The Coming of the Lord’ is upon you

And Saint John the Baptist, said “the axe is laid to the rootBear fruit that befits repentance”!  And I am repeating his message now.  For ‘the Coming of the Lord’ is upon you.  And ‘like a whirlwind’ he will strike!  And you will not know when he comes to visit you!  And so I have urged you to Stay AwakeKeep watch.  Repent.  And turn back to Him with sobbing and with tears; tear your hearts, and not your garments!  Be clothed in the True Holy Spirit, once again – so that you can come to ‘the Wedding Feast’ that is prepared for some of you.  But just like in the parable, not all will attend. 

Hellfire and Brimstone, and the Hail, and the Whirlwind

I warn you out of love: You have 23 days left, before the ‘Hellfire’ and ‘Brimstone’, and the ‘Hail’, and the ‘Whirlwind’ manifests.  I am asking you, to ‘spread this message of repentance’ – to your ‘loved ones’, and to your family members – if you truly care for their souls and for your own.  Remember my warning!
[Note: the “23 days” include this day as this message was given earlier in the day.]
December 2, 2012 message from Our Lady Queen of all Hearts
Video by: Mary Romanus
The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  ‘Hellfire’, and ‘Brimstone’, is what, ‘is awaiting souls’, if they refuse to repent, and ‘turn away’ from all forms, of ‘wickedness’Throw out your televisionsRemove them from your homesThis, is an order! – from the Queen of Heaven.  Repent!  Turn back, to the Lord Jesus Christ, with all of your heart, soul, and mind.  Throw it out I say!!! - if you ever hope to enter, the Kingdom, of God! There is ‘nothing good’ upon it!  It is in fact ‘a gateway, into Hell’!  No good can come from it!  But evil, pours forth, to blacken your souls!! 

You ‘entertain yourselves’, with ‘the abomination, of desolation’!

Why have I said that ‘many of you are in the state of mortal sin’? – but because you ‘entertain yourselves’, with ‘the abomination, of desolation!  You have all ‘turned away’ from your Creator; and have turned, towards: these ‘sick satanic pleasures’as My Son has said before, “There is no room, for television, in the kingdom of God”!  And you risk, being cast out of His Kingdom – for Ever! – if you continue to ‘entertain yourselves’ with those things, that offend Him the most

When you make sin ‘a way of life’, then you are ‘desolate’

You cannot have it both ways my people: you are either ‘for’ God the creator of the Universe, or you are ‘against Him’!  To ‘slip’, and ‘to fall into sin’ is ‘one thing’; but when you make sin ‘a way of life’, then you are ‘desolate’.   Even now you are all ‘desolate’ – because He haswithdrawn His Presence’.  And what are you left with but ‘the spirit of the antichrist’

How can I help you... if you say to yourselves “that is not my ‘Blessed Mother’!”

How can I help you get out of ‘the snares’ you are all in? – if you refuse to listen to me; if you say to yourselves “that is not my ‘Blessed Mother’!”  You ‘children of the World’ have been ‘very naughty’!  And there is ‘a major scourge’ coming – on account of your ‘stubbornness’. You do not fear Him!  Nor do you seek to love Him.  But you have ‘turned away’; and you are now ‘naked’ before God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  And you all, have been ‘exposed’.  And He sees: all – of your sinfulness!  And His Cup is ‘Reeling’against you. 

I have not ‘withdrawn my protection’ from my ‘True children’

Now I have taken my ‘Mantle of Protection’, off the World.  But I have not ‘withdrawn my Protection’ from my ‘True children’.  You ‘naughty ones’ are ‘so defenseless’; and you have ‘no protection from me’nor Heaven.  You have ‘succumbed to the pressures around you’ and conformed – to this World!  But then you are on ‘the wrong side of the gate’ - Yes, Heaven is ‘barred against you’ – unless, you repent! 

What you will all experience! – this Christmas! – if you, refuse ‘to get your lives in order’!

Repent ‘in sackcloth and in ashes’!  And perhaps the Justice, of the Most High True God – can, be, mitigated.  But unless you repent I tell you: the Justice, that is coming, will be far worse, than what Fukushimabrought to the Earth’.  What is worse than ‘physical deformities’ my people?... – but ‘spiritual ones’.  I tell you now: the Hell of Fire is what you will all experience! – this Christmas! – if you, refuse ‘to get your lives in order’! - and you have been ordered by the Queen of Heaven to do so! (- on behalf of God the Eternal Father in Heaven).  I speak to you this day: for these are not ‘my words’ but His.  And I am ‘so glad to deliver them’!
[Note: it would be very wise to ‘cut the power cord from the television’, when discarding it, so that you don’t lead your neighbor, into ‘the near occasion of sin’.]

In exactly 24 days, you will celebrate… Many of you, will not be celebrating, with us

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: In exactly twenty-four days, you will celebrate, the coming of My Son – the Lord Jesus Christ, in the flesh.  And as this is ‘a time for rejoicing’, in the Heavens; and as this is ‘a time of great feasting’for us, I know that many of you, will not be celebrating, with us; because you prefer the celebration of: the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and material presents and gifts.  None of these things can ‘bring you closer’ – to the Most High True God; but fasting – from the ‘worldliness of this life’, will. 

Consumerism… ‘a time of lamentation’, because the World, is, ‘without God’.

Consumerism, is very prevalent, during this month – all the way, and leading – up to His birth. You buy, buy, and buy, hoping to be filled with ‘some consolations’ - but neglect this time: of ‘self-sacrifice’; of selflessness; of ‘remembering your God coming into the World’.  It is ‘a time of lamentation’, because the World, is, ‘without God’. 

This Christmas Season… ‘treat this month’, as a time, for ‘reconciliation’,

Now this Christmas Season, I am asking ‘all of My children’, to put on ‘sackcloth and ashes’ – to ‘treat this month’, as a time, for ‘reconciliation’, - with your Maker.  Because so many of you are ‘steeped in sin’, and He desires to come to you, especially this Christmas.  But how many of you will ‘open your hearts’ – to “baby Jesus”.  How many of you will allow your hearts to become ‘soft’, and ‘malleable’in His Hands?  Will you turn, to the ‘True Christ Child’, and allow Him, to live inside: ‘a clean soul’?  But I tell you now, He will not come to souls, who are filled with ‘gangrene’; who are filled with ‘the World’. Because, He seeks, ‘a clean and pure heart’ to dwell in. 

My Son is not in any of the “eucharists” out there… His Presence, has ‘been withdrawn’!

If you fill, yourselves with this life, and everything in it, then you leave no room for ‘the Christ Child’ to come to you.  The best you can do for your souls, is: to come, and be nourished – with words of Truth, Life, and Sincerity; and prepare your hearts to receive “Baby Jesus”.  Because I tell you My Son is not in any of the “eucharists” out there!  He is not in any of ‘the communion celebrations’His Presence, has ‘been withdrawn’!  And so if you want to come to Him, and ‘be reconciled with Him, and receive Him ‘worthily’ – then come and ‘prepare your hearts’, so that, you may partake, of ‘the Tree, of Life’.

You cannot receive ‘the gift that is here’, if you choose ‘to stubbornly embrace your sins’!

For My people, this is, ‘His website’. And these, are His words, and Mine.  And they are ‘meant to nourish you’. But you cannot receive ‘the gift that is here’, if you choose ‘to stubbornly embrace your sins’!  And so, you must go to the ‘sackcloth and ashes page, and ‘find out what it means to repent’ – so that , you may partake of His Eucharistic Presence here – through His words. I am ‘just a messenger’, My people, and He has sent Me to you – to ‘draw you closer to Him’; and to help you: recognize your ‘need for repentance’

Come to me, and I will lead you, to the Lord Jesus Christ!

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: Again, My Motherly Heart, yearns for more children. Come to me, and I will lead you, to the Lord Jesus Christ!  My people: know that it is ‘only He’, who can save you, from your sins.  He wants to be your ‘Savior’.  But in order for this to happen you must ‘do your part’: acknowledge your sins; pray – to the Most High True God; and fast from all forms of wickedness and idolatry – and He will be ‘with you’!  If you seek His forgiveness, My People, then He will ‘lift you up’, to Himself, and ‘carry you’, on His shoulders; and the burdens that you are all experiencing now, will be lifted.  Because His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  He only will give you what you can carry in this life. 

How can you live in His Will? - when you ‘stubbornly embrace sins against him’? 

But how can you live in His Will, when you are all ‘so focused on the World’?  How can you live in His Will? – when you ‘stubbornly embrace sins against him’?  How can you live in His Will? – when you frequent the abomination that makes desolate; when you continue to go to those places, that you know, that ‘He is not there’!  Then you are ‘outside His Will’ - and being ‘outside His Will’, how can you live in True Peace? 

How many of you would rather remain, ‘orphaned’

I desire, so much to be, your True Mother My people.  But how many of you would rather remain, ‘orphaned’ – living ‘independently from the Lord Jesus Christ’, and against His Commands.  There is Hellfire set aside, for souls who choose to walk ‘opposed to His Ways’!  And if you desire, ‘Heaven’, My People, then you will accept, His invitation, through me, to Come, to ‘the Wedding Feast’; to be nourished for, a time, times, and half a time.   But do not say in your heart, “that you have made ‘all sorts of excuses’, as to why you cannot come”.  Because before the World was made, He saw those “excuses”, you would make.  And He knows your hearts – ‘through and through’; and He will not accept ‘any excuses from you’. 

Learn the difference between love and hate my people and quickly!

Better to be ‘nourished, with His Divine Love for your souls’, than to be ‘punished with Fire and Brimstone’.  Better to ‘allow His Love inside you’, than to walk around ‘filled with hate’.  For is that not what the souls – in Hell experience?  Do not call ‘His Love for your souls’, “Hatred”. And do not call ‘hatred for souls’, “love”.  Learn the difference between love and hate my people and quickly!  Because the Lord is coming ‘to separate the chaff from the wheat.  And right now he is ‘inviting “wheat” into His Barns’.  He is inviting ‘the wedding guests’ to His ‘Banquet’.  Outside are ‘the demon worshipers’, the sorcerers, the idolaters, and all those who are ‘polluted’.  The revelers, and ‘the drunken men and women’.  I tell you none of these will ‘enter’, into the Kingdom of Heavenunless they repent

You will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven – unless you repent…

My people, you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven – unless you repent of your ‘wickedness’.  For there is no wickedness in HeavenOnly Love, True Peace, and Joy.  Let those who would ‘enter’ - enter.  Let those who would prefer to stay ‘outside’ - stay outside.
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: Precious, in the sight, of the Lord Jesus Christ, are those who fear Him – who obey His Commands, and walk, in the Way.  For He is the Way, the Truth, and, the Life.  He is, ‘the narrow gate’.   But ‘the wicked’ – they do not know this.  They stumble – over, the words that are spoken.  They do not ’give heed’ – to the Way of the Lord Jesus Christ; but instead: they ‘revel in the drunkenness of this World’.  As He has Commanded souls to ‘stay awake’, and ‘keep watch’; so too have they fallen asleep

For the Son of Man comes: at an hour they do not expect

The whole World, is ‘asleep’, My children.  And what will wake them from their slumber?  The Lord Jesus Christ – coming with his ‘Myriads of Angels’ (– with Saint Michaelat the helm’), will ‘strike fear, into the hearts, of sinners everywhere’!  And they will look on Him, whom they have pierced; and all will weep and mourn on His account.  For the Son of Man comes: at an hour they do not expect.  Indeed he has ‘already come’ for certain souls.   ‘The Harvest’, is plenty; but ‘the laborers are few’.  Therefore, the Lord Jesus Christ, will send: His Angels! – to reap the Harvest of the Earth; to chastise the wicked, and to nourish, and nurture, his very Own – hoping ‘all the while’, that the wicked will ‘come to their senses’, and embrace ‘the truth’ that will be ‘pierced through their hearts’. 

I am your Blessed Mother… and I am telling souls to Come!...  To the Wedding Feast! – of the Lamb, of God

My children, I am your Blessed Mother.  And why am I “Blessed”?  But because I obey the Commands of Our Lord Jesus Christ; and I am ‘docile to Him’ in everything.  For I too represent His True Church – His Bride; and I am telling souls to Come!  The True Holy Spirit of the Most High True God says “Come” as well!  To the Wedding Feast! – of the Lamb, of God.  To be nourished: for a time, times and half a time.

My people: come, to My Son, the Lord Jesus Christ

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  My people: come, to My Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, that days – of ‘refreshing’, may be upon, your souls.  Dwell in the shelter, of the Most High True God, and take refuge in Him.  For the scourge against ‘the ungodly’, is great!  And will only increase with time.

Repent, and return to Him, with ‘all of your hearts’

For behold: He desires to extend prosperity to you – as ‘a flowing river’, that your days may be filled: with True Peace, True Love, and True Joy.  But you must repent, and return to Him, with ‘all of your hearts’, and ‘make your souls ready’ – for He can come at any time, and take you from this Earth.  Not that you will be “raptured”, My People; but that Death is coming, and is ‘already here’ in many ways. 

Then He will ‘draw near’ to you; and then you can dwell in His Presence

Blessed is he, who escapes ‘the second death’.  I tell you the Anger of the Lord, lasts ‘but a moment’; but His steadfast Love, and faithfulness – ‘to all generations’.  If you will return to him, then He will ‘draw near’ to you; and then you can dwell in His Presence – as befits true disciples.  For will he not cover you with ‘the pinions – of His wings’?  For will He not heal you – so that the desires – of your heart, are ‘ordered’Will you not desire Him? – above all of the riches, this World has to offer? 

He is no longer in any of the churches nor any of ‘the institutions’

Because I tell you My People: He is no longer in any of the churches nor any of ‘the institutions’.  And He has indeed left: the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution.  He ‘founded His Church’ – His True Church, on ‘the Rock’, of Saint Peter - and that is: those souls who will listen to Him, and do ‘what He tells them to’ so that ‘their joy may be full’. 

I am here, your True Mother, from Heaven

He has desired that I come to nourish you, with ‘My Maternal Presence’.  And so I am here, your True Mother, from Heaven.  And I desire more children, as many as ‘the stars of Heaven’Become ‘a star of Heaven’ My People! – by ‘delighting in the precepts and commands of the Lord Jesus Christ – that your joy may be full; that His True Peace may be ‘with you’ – for Eternity!  Amen.”

I spoke to you, many years ago, as “Our Lady, of Medugorje

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  My people, when I spoke to you, many years ago, as “Our Lady, of Medugorje”, I spoke to you: of prayer, and of fasting; and also of ‘good works’.  I came to you as “Our Lady of Peace”, or “Queen of Peace” – many times. And that time, was to prepare you, for what has come, and is coming – to the World. The pain, and the suffering, that My Son spoke to you of, is very real!  And, it comes – as a result, of your poor, sinful choices

But what did you do with ‘the gift’ afterwards?

How it saddens My Heart, that it has come to this.  For even when I came to you then, many of you, were ‘so asleep’ – ‘in the World’, you did not see: the True meaning, of My words at the time.  Although some of you ‘experienced miracles’ – of healing; but what did you do with ‘the gift’ afterwards?  Did you seek, to help others heal as you had?  Did you seek, to ‘fraternally correct’ your neighbor?  Did you seek ‘fasting’that is, ‘abstaining from all immorality’?  Did you seek your God – with your whole mind, and with your whole heart, and with your whole soul?  Did you give: selflessly to your neighbor? Did you ‘cover your neighbor’s nakedness’ – when you saw that they were ‘in the wrong’? Did you live in accordance with your conscience?  Or did you ‘hide your sins’ from God the Eternal Father in Heaven? 

He does ‘seek Love’ in return

These are important questions to ask yourselves – as you read My Son’s Testimony; and you begin to learn that His Love is very real!  But He does ‘seek Love’ in return. And how would you express this love? - but by ‘turning away from your sins; and begin, to clothe yourselves in sackcloth, and in ashes – as He has requested

There are manymany ‘false visionaries’ in the World… I am not at Medugorje

I am here, to tell you all: that there are manymany ‘false visionaries’ in the World – ‘pretending’, to receive ‘authentic messages’ – from My Son, or from Myself.  But I tell you: I am not at Medugorje; but ‘an imposter’, has taken my place.  You did not see the ‘subtle changes’ – because you were looking for ‘signs and miracles’. You were not looking for me, your True Mother. But your focus, if you are all ‘honest with yourselves’, was “what sign can Heaven perform for Me today?”  Many of you sought ‘healing without repentance. Therefore worse ‘infirmities’ were ‘added to you’.  Yes you got ‘the healing that you wanted’ – but was it worth ‘the evils that were added’?  It is better to have ‘a clear conscience’ before your Maker, than to seek: for ‘physical healings’, or ‘spiritual highs’

I tell you I am notwith them’

I am here to tell you, My People, that there are no ‘plateaus, in the spiritual life’; but what God requires, you will giveOr, you will, ‘receive His Discipline’.   You all have been ‘very naughty children’.  And I have seen how you ‘swoon’ – over ‘the false visionaries’, of Medugorje. But I tell you I am notwith them’.  Because power, prestige and position are ‘more important to those souls’.  There is always a temptation to become: ‘a Judas’, when following after the True Messiah: the Lord, Jesus Christ. And they have all ‘sold themselves’ for ‘false visions’.  Because I tell you: the stars of Heaven have ‘withdrawn their shining’ – and this is ‘an allegory’: for the Elect, losing their ‘Crowns’.

I am ‘the Queen of Peace’

But I am calling all, people to repent - to embrace, the Cross of ‘purification’; to embrace, ‘the Luminous Cross’: byforgiving’, and by seeking forgiveness; by ‘desiring unity’ in the True Holy Spirit; and by forgetting ‘all selfish intentions’. The only way that you will find ‘True Peace’ – as ‘children of the Most High True God’ (– for I am ‘the Queen of Peace’, the only way), is by ‘getting your hearts aright’ – with the Creator of the Universe; because True Peace comes from Him; and He gives it to whomever He Wills; and He Wills to give it to those who desire: True repentance. 

I repeat the message, from many years ago: of prayer, fasting, and good works

And So I repeat the message, from many years ago: of prayer, fasting, and good works – of loving your neighbor, above yourself.  First pray for the Gift of repentance in your own ‘interior lives’, and make ‘a firm resolution’ to abstain, from ‘the sins of the flesh and the World’.  Fast, from ‘all idolatry’. Fast from ‘your own wickedness’.  Give-up your own evil: thoughts, and intentions, towards your neighbor.  And live in the True Peace: and live, in your ‘True Refuge’ – that is, My Immaculate Heart.  And seek refuge, in ‘the Rock’, of Saint Peter, and seek refuge, in ‘the Rock’, of My son – Pope Peter the Last, who was built upon the Rock! – of Jesus Christ the Lord.  All Glory, Honor, and Praise, belongs to You Almighty and Eternal Father – for Ever, and Ever!  Amen.
Do you think, that you can ‘get away with’:
murdering the child within your womb?
Message from the Blessed Virgin Mary for women - from the Two Witnesses
 Video by: Mary Romanus
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: My ‘Motherly Heart’, yearns, for more childrenMothers, do not kill your babies.  Do you not know, that ‘the Wrath of God’, rests upon you. Do you think that you will be able, to escape: His Just Punishment – for your souls?  Do you think, that you can ‘get away with’: murdering the child within your womb?  Because ‘he doesn’t forget’. And surely, ‘they are carved on the palm of His Hand’.  And His Hand, holds: ‘a Gavel’; and punishment is coming upon all of you ‘wicked women’, if you do notrepent in your hearts’before Him.  

Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed! – for ‘much less’, than ‘what is going-on now’

Man and man; woman and woman – this can never be; nor will souls, who practice such ‘wicked abominations’, enter ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’.  These people, only ‘deceive themselves’ – but they are ‘so far’, from the Truth.  Man and woman – they were Created.  That, is how, it has been, from ‘since the beginning.  It is how: the Most High True God, ‘has Ordained it’!  Shall you ‘presume to be ‘gods’ in His Presence?!   Do you not know, that with ‘one Breath – from His Nostrils’: He can ‘sweep you away’, as though ‘you never existed’?!  Do you not fear: My Son?  Do you not have ‘a Holy Reverence’ – for ‘His Authority’?  Because I tell you Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed! – for ‘much less’, than ‘what is going-on now’. 
‘the Wrath of God rests upon you’ unless you repent
First, man was Created.  And then, woman.  And woman came, from man – that she, would seek, to be ‘perfected’ – through ‘honoring her husband, and Christ’s Headship’ moving through Him.  You ‘wicked souls’ have ‘disordered yourselves’.  And ‘the Wrath of God rests upon you’ unless you repent. 
Indeed you have both been ‘aborted’

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: I am the model of every virtue, and I was born with the gift of purity in my soul, since the moment of my Conception.  I was conceived without original sin, and I was given the greatest gift of all, to give birth to the only begotten son of God the Eternal Father.  I am the Mother of Peace and I bring this peaceful message to you both:  I am your Mother and I have been watching over the both of you, from the moment you both were conceived in your mother’s wombs.  Now indeed you have both been ‘aborted’ and I am and will be your only True Mother.  Come to me more often my little children and I will lead you to the ever-flowing ‘Fountain of Life and Youthfulness’, who is Jesus Christ, the Lord.

Clothe yourself in ‘the mind of Jesus Christ the Lord’

Block out all, that is not from God.  Put on your ‘spiritual vision’, every morning, and every evening.  Look through the World as you see it, and learn to see it through God’s Eyes.  It is good to put on ‘the Helmet of Salvation’, but you must not forget to clothe yourself in ‘the Mind of Jesus Christ the Lord’, for that is where the enemy of your souls attacks you the most – through your perceptions of the reality around you.  Pay no attention to the demons’ protests, they cannot harm you as long as you stay in the state of grace, and under my Maternal Protection.

It is good to be ready for your departure.

Jesus said: This ‘phase’ is almost over.  Things are going to be happening very quickly now, as God the Father’s ‘Hammer of Justice’ has now come down. It may seem, like a long time to you both, but I assure you, things will happen ‘in a flash’, in just a moment; so it is good to be ready for your departure, as it will come upon you both, quickly.  This is My New Year’s message to you both, and a special gift for you to hear from your True Mother, and how tenderly she cares for you.


The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The WHOLE point of the Blessed Virgin Mary - ASKING - for RUSSIA, to be CONSECRATED, TO her IMMACULATE heart - would ACTUALLY - FORCE! - 'the Pope at the TIME' - if he was 'being DOCILE' - to do 'a MAJOR! - HOUSE CLEANING, of the INSTITUTION' - because there were "SPECIFIC instructions" given to 'GATHER, the BISHOPS - WITH, the Pope! - John Paul II'!  And they were CALLED, to Consecrate, "Russia", TO the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary - because, at that TIME - there was 'SO much corruption', in the institution - ESPECIALLY among the bishops - that once AGAIN - the Blessed Virgin MARY, was INTERCEDING, "on BEHALF, OF! - mankind AND! - the ROMAN catholic INSTITUTION", for MERCY!  And SO - God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, GAVE her, 'the PLAN, to EXTEND - to mankind - AND, to the Roman Catholic Hierarchical INSTITUTION' - to PREVENT, "it's ABSOLUTE downfall!"  "The ANTIDOTE" was GIVEN!  It was NOT "embraced".  And SO? - NOW, "the ANTIPOPE" - "the BEAST that rises from the SEA", IS, 'SITTING, at the HELM', of the VATICAN - in the person, of antipope Francis - who is "the devil INCARNATE" - who IS "the UNHOLY see"(February 23, 2018 update) 

Cling to the Blessed Virgin Mary in these Times
You NEED to cling to "your TRUE Spiritual Mother" in these Times: The Blessed Virgin MARY.  And THAT is HOW you WILL combat, "the MOTHER of darkness" - a.k.a. 'the SPIRIT of jezebel' - moving THROUGH, the DEMONIC ENTITY, of the assailants - with 'the ONLY purpose', to CRUSH! - "the Lord's, Anointed".  So we ENCOURAGE you to take REFUGE, in 'the IMMACULATE Heart of your TRUE Mother', the Blessed Virgin MARY - as SHE will HELP you, DAILY - in your SPIRITUAL struggles, AND! - HELP you overcome, 'the MOUNTAINS!' and HURDLES, in FRONT of you.  HOW?  Because HER Strength, COMES from, 'HER Son', JESUS Christ the Lord.  LEARN, FROM her.  READ, her MESSAGES, in the TESTIMONY - for she has 'MUCH to share!' - with 'her True Spiritual CHILDREN'.  Whatever your practical PROBLEMS are, TURN to her Intercession - as WELL! - as 'seeking Counsel', through EMAIL.  And, she will HELP you.  And SO will we.  RIGHT now, you NEED to turn, to the BLESSED Virgin Mary, and ASK her to intercede for YOU - to FIND 'what you NEED'! - NOT "what you want".  Do 'YOUR part' in SEEKING - and you WILL BE 'REWARDED for doing so'. (May 14, 2017 update)
And REMEMBER to be PATIENT with yourself
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: 'SPIRITUAL growth', takes time.  So you MUST remember, to be PATIENT, with yourself.  The ACORN, did NOT grow, into an OAK tree - overnight; now DID it?  But, with PERSEVERANCE, AND determination, YOU, will, GROW, in TO, 'a MAN [-or woman, depending on your BIRTH gender], OF, the LORD, JESUS Christ'.  Now with 'the ROSARY', it CAN be 'VERY difficult', to stay 'SPIRITUALLY focused' - because there are 'SO many distractions'.  And even things that 'trouble your MIND' - that can take your FOCUS off MEANING, every WORD, that you pray.  So, THAT is what "GRACES" are for, my child.  PRAY for 'the GRACE', to STAY spiritually focused - throughout the whole ROSARY. And ASK me, to GIVE you, 'the PRAYER intentions', in your INTERIOR life, with each BEAD - and I WILL!  And PRAY, for 'the GRACE', to PRAY, the MYSTERIES, of the ROSARY, from your HEART! - WITH love, IN love, and through, "Love".  Because the ROSARY, CHAINS, 'that BIG serpent' - the DEVIL - so that YOU are 'MORE free', to DO, what, 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', is ASKING of you, in EACH, and EVERY, Moment.  But the BEST time to PRAY My ROSARY, My child, is AFTER, your deliverance prayers.  YOU will feel 'less AFFLICTED', DURING that time...  The SPIRITUAL life, is ‘FAR more SIMPLER’, than ‘all of THAT’, My child.  It is ‘ALL about your RELATIONSHIP, with JESUS Christ the LORD’, and your ‘DEVELOPING a RELATIONSHIP’, with ‘the Saints, in HEAVEN’.  Because THEY, have already ‘made it HERE’, with ME. SEEK, to be ‘in COMMUNION’, with THEM, as you are doing your PRAYERS; AND, ‘in COMMUNION’ with ‘the SOULS, of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH’, AND, in COMMUNION, with ‘the UNBORN Souls’ – with the VICTIMS of ABORTION - who are ‘in LIMBO’.  You need to BE, ‘as a little CHILD’ – ASKING ‘the TRUE Holy Spirit’, WHAT, the next step IS, in your INTERIOR life.  It IS so EASY; but ONLY for small CHILDREN.  For WHAT does the LORD Jesus Christ HIMSELF say?  “Suffer NOT, the little Children, to COME to Me.” – and that MEANS, the Lord Jesus Christ, will ONLY receive, ‘the heart, of a child’. SEEK, to unite YOUR will, WITH, the Sacred Heart, of My Son, AND, My Immaculate Heart.  But the KEY to living ‘the SPIRITUAL life’, is to FOCUS, and PRACTICE LISTENING, AND ‘ACTING on the INSPIRATIONS', of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT – My WELL-beloved Spouse!  (From the August 6, 2015 archived Messages)

TURN to your True Spiritual Mother - the Blessed Virgin MARY - and 'ASK her!'

ONE thing that will 'help YOU'? - as, a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT? - is 'to TURN to, your True Spiritual Mother' - the Blessed Virgin MARY - and 'ASK her!' - to DRAW you, IN, to the REFUGE, of 'the SACRED Heart', of her SON - Jesus Christ the LORD; ASK her! - 'to DRAW you', CLOSER! - TO, her Son - and to give you, "good DESIRES", that would be "PLEASING, to Him".  ASK her! - to INTERCEDE, for 'your SPIRITUAL WELLBEING'.  Entrust your Soul to 'HER, Immaculate Heart'.  Desire, "UNITY", with HER! - because? - she is "PERFECTLY! - united, to her Son's WILL - and to the WILL, of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HeavenAnd SHE will 'FILL you, with ABUNDANT Graces! - and Supernatural JOY'.  And? - above ALL? - "True PEACE!" - that comes FROM, a LOVING! - and FRUITFUL, SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH, her son JESUS - who is 'ALL Pure', 'ALL Holy', 'ALL Divine'; BUT? - who KNOWS! - 'WHAT, it is LIKE, to BE! - fully human' - with "human WEAKNESSES", and "FRAILTIES".  But NEVER! - did He 'give IN' - to ANY! - "WORLDLY, temptations" - OR desires, of the FLESH.  Because 'His ABSOLUTE Focus'! - WAS, and IS! - on 'DOING, His Heavenly Father's WILL' - PERFECTLY! (October 12, 2019 update) 
For all those who are STRUGGLING to keep your HEART in the right PLACE as you go about your DAY?

CONSECRATE 'the disposition of your heart' - to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary - and she WILL! - 'keep your HEART', in the right PLACE - as you go about your DAY.  And she will 'Bless you', with 'the BEATITUDE' - of choosing to BE, "a REFLECTION, of your Creator's GOODNESS".  SHE will, keep your HEART - in, 'DOCILITY', to the True Holy Spirit IN the Moment.  For, indeed - she IS "a perfect EXAMPLE, of PERFECT docility" - to the Divine WILL, of the Most High TRUE God. (November 03, 2019 update) 

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