The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

JUDGEMENT has been passed against the Nations 5

"And the kings [- the One World Government leaders of the Nations] of the earth, who committed fornication and were wanton with her, will weep and wail over her when they see the smoke of her burning; they will stand far off, in fear of her torment, and say, “Alas! alas! you great city, you mighty city, Babylon!  In one hour has your judgment come.”
(Revelations 18:9-10)
The list of Judgments is at the top of the page at this LINK
The Prophecy of Saint Malachy: During the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church  there will sit upon the throne, Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep amid great tribulations; and when these are passed, the city of Seven Hills will be utterly destroyed, and the awful judge will then judge the people. The end.  (Source: Daniel Réju, Les Prophéties de Saint Malachie, Édition du Rocher 1979 Paris, France)

Kingston Ontario:  NOT ONE PERSON, from our HOME town - WILL actually turn to the Testimony, in order to be HEALED!  And so why WOULD, 'GOD', show ANY favor! - to Kingston, Ontario?  And SO? - WE, TURN, TO the Most High True God - and we ASK Him, to "cut THAT MILLSTONE! - ETERNALLY! - from our hearts"  Amen.  (February 23, 2019 update) 
Satellite view of the Great Lakes.  Lake Superior is the top left lake. 
Kingston, is located at the top right corner of Lake Ontario - the bottom right body of water. 
And so WHAT is the connection between Lake Superior and Kingston?  It will soon be revealed

The enemies of the Two Witnesses:  We now turn to our CREATOR, the Most High TRUE God - and we ASK HIM, to 'UNLEASH the TORMENTS, of HELL!' - upon ALL! - of our enemies.  That, they may 'lay DOWN in TORMENT' - and that 'their SPIRITUAL torments', would NEVER end! - but that 'they would be KEPT alive!' - and that they would find 'NO relief!' - in the afterlife, nor in THIS life.  And we are ASKING 'the Most High TRUE GOD' - to make them "a walking HORROR!" - for all to see.  And THESE? - are for 'the ones, who have ABSOLUTELY! - fixed their wills, on EVIL, and falsehood'.  The Most High TRUE GOD? - still has 'His MERCY, OPEN' - to those who are WILLING, to turn back to Him - with 'a HUMBLE and CONTRITE heart'.  Those who have 'RESOLVED, to embrace EVIL' - as the Most High TRUE God, has DEFINED, "what is EVIL in His Sight" - will NEVER desire 'repentance'.  Amen. (March 04, 2019 update) 

They WANTED to make our lives 'a living HELL'
And so can you GUESS "the measure" that they will ALL receive?
Forget something?

You PEOPLE need to be 'REMINDED', that the CREATOR - the God of the Two Witnesses - the Most High TRUE God - has 'a RIGHT!' - to take ANY life! - at ANY moment! - in time - in any PLACE!  Because - HE is "the AUTHOR of Life" - ALL life BELONGS to Him - ALREADY.  Because He MADE! - 'Life' - and He 'BREATHED', PHYSICAL life - into every ONE of you!  And you "OWE Him", YOUR life - for 'ALLOWING you', to EXIST.  If HE were to SIMPLY, 'stop THINKING about you!' - and 'stop being MINDFUL of you - for a SECOND!' - YOU would be 'DEAD!'  THAT! - IS, 'the TRUE Spiritual REALITY' - that NO one can escape.  And JUST so 'you PEOPLE' know "how THIN! - of a THREAD! - YOU are holding ON by" - if you CHOOSE! - to DESIRE, to HARM US - OR the Remnant - in ANY way! - then? - the Most High TRUE God, has 'no REASON', to THINK of you!  So HE can stop.  And YOU? - can stop EXISTING!  Know THIS! - there WILL BE "a CONNECTION", between THOSE who KNOWINGLY, 'SEEK our HARM, and the harm of the REMNANT' - and who 'SIMPLY stop BREATHING' - as 'a DIRECT result', of their "FREE will choice", to GO against, the Most High True GOD, our TESTIMONY, and the REMNANT.

“And if any one would harm them [- the Two Witnesses], fire pours from their mouth and consumes their foes; if any one would harm them [- by DESIRE], thus he is doomed to be killed [- by the Most High True God, and the Sword of Saint Michael].” 
Jesus Christ the Lord said:  For TRULY, "NOT what they were EXPECTING", is about to HAPPEN!  (-from the "mercenary soldiers" February 13, 2019 update) 
Choose Life NOT Death
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Are you READY for the biggest COMEBACK TOUR in 2000 years?

"And whenever the ark set out, Moses said, “Arise, O Lord, and let your enemies be scattered; and let them that hate you flee before you.” (Numbers 10:35) 

This morning, before breakfast - we asked all of HEAVEN, to JOIN us in praying: Let the Most High True God ARISE!  Let His ENEMIES be scattered, and let ALL those who HATE Him - FLEE from before Him!

WHY?  Because TODAY - at the 3:00 hour - will be 3 and a half days, AFTER the 2300 days of spiritual Chastisement, ended - the 3 and a half days - of 'MOCKERY' - that ultimately "FUELLED" - the Official Entrance of the God of the OLD Testament - BACK onto the Global Stage - manifesting through Physical Divine Interventions, and Disasters of EVERY kind.  (July 28, 2019 update)

The ENTIRE judicial system:  The ENTIRE judicial system is "a COMPLETE sham!"  And TRULY this IS 'being WITNESSED, by all of HEAVEN'.  WHAT! - the United States JUSTICE SYSTEM has BECOME? - is "the UNITED states of INJUSTICE".  For, when a COUNTRY'S justice system is USED, "in order to ABUSE, those who are TARGETED, for POLITICAL reasons, and for reasons of a desire to, REMOVE! - someone from their POSITION"? - THEN? - the justice system, FAILS!  When THOSE, who are 'at the TOP!' - of the justice system, use 'THEIR, authority', to PERSECUTE, and to SEARCH and DESTROY! - a person's REPUTATION - PUBLICLY! - and BEFORE the entire NATION - and 'call that OVERSIGHT!' - then the ENTIRE, justice system, has failed. 

For what the DEMOCRATS have EFFECTIVELY done - is 'THEY have set a precedent!'  For WHO! - is EVER, going to desire to 'run for PRESIDENT' - who ISN'T! - "for the deep state" - ever AGAIN?  With what, the democrats, have DONE? - as they are 'BLINDED! - by their ABSOLUTE, HUNGER for POWER' - is - before 'the WHOLE WORLD!' - THEY have brought shame and disgrace! - TO their nation.  WHO in the WORLD! - is going to 'trust', the JUSTICE system, of the UNITED states? - as 'the BIASED, investigations', and 'the search and DESTROY methods', of various DEPARTMENTS - CONTINUE?  NO one! - is PUTTING a stop - to "the INSANITY"

And NO one, is really, "standing UP, for U.S. President Donald TRUMP" - in order to END, "the BLIGHT", on his Presidency.  Our CREATOR? - is most CERTAINLY! - 'UPHOLDING him' - and that is the only REASON, he HASN'T, been 'removed'. 

But the DEMOCRATS? - by their "MERCILESS! - investigations" - HUNTING for 'ANY crime!' - with which, 'to CONDEMN people'! - IS "a new precedent".  And WHY would they stop THERE?  THIS is about, 'using the CONGRESS', to STEAL an election.  The democrats are 'USING!' - the congress, to STEAL! - the election, from President Donald TRUMP - by CONTINUING, these "BIASED, and POLITICALLY MOTIVATED investigations".  And it is GOING on in front of EVERYONE!  And WE will NOT be 'silent' about it.  EVEN if the American PEOPLE, choose to be 'BLIND'.  WE can 'SEE what is going on'.

And so - BECAUSE! - the JUSTICE system of the UNITED states, has REACHED 'this PIVOTAL point, in human HISTORY', where it is being 'UNCOVERED', and made NAKED, before the NATIONS? - so that they, can SEE that "it is ALL a sham!" - that is when 'OUR Creator', the Most High TRUE God - MUST intervene! - and DO away, with 'the OLD justice system' - in order to bring IN, "HIS Justice System!"  Because He is "VERY Just", and very fair - and He 'REPAYS', people - according to 'what THEY, have earned'.  And, HE is "on the SIDE, of THOSE who have been FALSELY accused".  And HE is 'against all THOSE who are CHOOSING, to bear FALSE witness' - against, their neighbor.  And SO? - "PERSONAL consequences" are coming! - to the DEMOCRATS, and to their families.  NOT 'by OUR hand'! - but by 'a DIVINE intervention', FROM, the Creator.  And He will "STRIKE them down!"  Because THEY are 'RESOLVED, to do EVIL', in the SIGHT of the Most High TRUE God - as they 'lay SNARES', after SNARES! - after SNARES - in ORDER to, 'CATCH!' - the RIGHTEOUS man, "OFF-guard".  Amen.  (March 04, 2019 update) 
It's now time for "PERSONAL CONSEQUENCES" directly from the Creator
Ocasio-Cortez accused of campaign finance...
It really is a case of "BAD TIMING! - for a JUST investigation" into Cortez, who at the same time, is pushing for UNJUST investigations, into Trump's financial history.  As "an outspoken WOMAN" - her cries for an investigation WERE heard! - by her Creator.  Know that her vocation as an "in personae SCOURGE"... on the DEMOCRATS! - is just getting started.
The ILLUSION of hero-VETERANS:  And so? - we TURN to our Creator - the Most High TRUE GOD - and we ask HIM! - to pierce, the CONSCIENCE, of EVERY! - "veteran mercenary", on the PLANET - that 'THEY would be 'convicted, of the ROLE, that they played, in the WAR' - "WHATEVER war", they were involved in.  To the ONES, who are in 'the TANKS', overseas; to the ONES, flying 'the LARGE military AIRCRAFTS' - carrying 'WEAPONS of WAR and DESTRUCTION', to faraway LANDS; to the ones at HOME! - in "the shipping CONTAINERS", who are 'TRAINED murders!' - "TRAINED, cowards!" - who, are TAUGHT, to shoot, 'INNOCENT civilians', as "COLLATERAL DAMAGE" - with their DRONES, with their "HELLFIRE missiles" - sent into "COMMUNITIES, where 'SUSPECTED'! - so-called TERRORISTS are gathered".  WE! - as the Two Witnesses of the Most High True God - bring 'before HIS THRONE'! - ALL! - of the people, who 'WERE involved with the war EFFORTS' - whatever "COUNTRY" they belonged to - and who are STILL! - involved, in ANY way, with 'facilitating war, and MURDER', throughout, the entire WORLD!  NO medication! - will work - to 'ease the CONSCIENCE'!  But THEY? - will be 'DRIVEN, to despair', by their OWN personal demons.  Because THEY! - BROUGHT! - 'DEATH, and destruction', WITH them - and they 'HELPED! - bring it', to foreign nations.  And in THIS time - OUR Creator, is 'REIGNING' - and "Just CONSEQUENCES", are 'COMING, to the Earth'For not ONLY did these PEOPLE - 'SIN, DEEPLY!' - against their NEIGHBOR - they also SINNED, against 'the One TRUE God' - and it is HE who decides! - "who LIVES, and who dies".  This is 'HIS Just Response' - to teach the WORLD, that "VETERANS are NOT to be PRAISED, as 'HEROES'!"  As He teaches the world "a NEW Way", of living - WITHOUT 'the ATROCITIES of war'.  "The WAR machine" HAS to come to 'an End' - it is "NOT sustainable"!  And all THOSE who FACILITATE 'WAR'? - are "not SUSTAINABLE".  And all the PEOPLE, who 'DIE, for their COUNTRY', for their FLAG, for their "FAMILY"? - for their "NATION'S PROTECTION"? - TRULY "died in vain".  OUT of the Most High True God's MERCY - He is in fact, "INFORMING the world", of 'the TRUE Spiritual Reality', of "where those PEOPLE ended UP".  As 'SURREAL!' - as this all may SOUND - it IS the TRUTH, that can never CHANGE. The only HOPE? - for the VETERANS, is to become "MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT" - as that is "the only HOPE for those who KNOWINGLY cheered them on and SUPPORTED them".  "The ILLUSION of hero-VETERANS", is coming to an End!  It HAS been Decreed!  Amen.
And of course, with 'the ARMIES crumbling, and falling apart'? - there can BE "NO military coup!", to take down U.S. President Donald Trump - and there can BE, no WARS.  Take THAT! - in response to your ongoing alien tech attacks, against the two of us.  You're welcome!  (March 05, 2019 update) 
Do "war heroes" sit in a shipping container somewhere in the Nevada Desert
as they remotely pilot REAL planes in the middle east, in order to systematically murder thousands upon thousands of innocent people?

The THINKING faculties, of our ENEMIES':  PEOPLE do not 'REALIZE' - that 'the MERE ability to think', is ACTUALLY "a Gift, from the Creator".  But UNFORTUNATELY, the MAJORITY of, 'our enemies', are USING 'that gift', in order to 'ABUSE US, AND the Members of the Faithful Remnant', through "electronic warfare".  And so NOW, we TURN to our Creator, the Most High TRUE God - and we ASK Him 'to REMOVE the THINKING faculties, of our ENEMIES' - so that THEY are "UNABLE to carry out their operations".  We ASK Him, 'to FRUSTRATE their DESIGNS and their plans' - and we ASK Him, 'to REMOVE the FACULTIES of the PEOPLE, who WORK for the deep state' - so that "their WORDS!" - will become "an OPEN sepulcher", that can ONLY 'fall back upon them'.  And so LET them be 'DESTROYED!' - by "what comes out of their MOUTHS!" Amen. (March 05, 2019 update) 

STILL brainstorming to TRY to find a way to take down the Faithful Remnant Church?
Good LUCK with that... "storm of FRUSTRATION" that is!

The AVIATION world:  Well it HAS been prophesied, IN the past - that there WOULD come 'a TIME, when AIRPLANES would simply begin FALLING from the sky!'  And so 'like RAINDROPS' - the PLANES will fall!  As we TURN to our Creator - and ask HIM! - to SCOURGE! - the AVIATION industry, GLOBALLY!  And that HE would 'bring an END', to "the Gift of FLIGHT" - because it HAS been 'ABUSED'!  EVEN in 'the military AIR shows' - that people "CHEER!"  They did not 'CARE!' - that for MANY, who DIED - overseas - who were 'TARGETED! - by military AIRCRAFT' - that that was "the last THING, that those people SAW".  And yet? - those SAME, "MILITARY AIRCRAFTS", are 'PRAISED! - as a FORM of ENTERTAINMENT', to the audience.  ENOUGH!  The PEOPLE, have been 'RAISED-up on a pedestal' - LITERALLY, 'SOARING! - in the skies'.  But WHAT did they do with 'the GIFT'?  They TURNED it into "an instrument of death".  The PEOPLE of today are 'DISTRACTED by air travel' - and it is NEVER 'how the Creator INTENDED, mankind to live'.  And so He IS going 'to END it!' - once and for all.  As "AIR TRAVEL", will BECOME "the MOST, DANGEROUS! - FORM, of travel" - in MODERN day history.  And "OUT of the Most High True God's MERCY" - it NEEDS to be 'made KNOWN' - that it was ACTUALLY, 'HIS! - CONTINUAL! - DIVINE INTERVENTION' - of His HOLY ANGELS! - who in FACT! - have been "INTERVENING, to KEEP! - the planes, TOGETHER" - to 'HOLD the pieces TOGETHER'!  Because with ALL 'the constant VIBRATION', and 'the hard-LANDINGS'? - TRULY! - it would be "impossible".  But it was 'WITH! - the Most High TRUE God', that it was "MADE possible".  And NOW we are ASKING Him 'to pull BACK' - His HOLY Angelic Divine INTERVENTION - in "the aviation world".  So that "NORMAL, WEAR, and TEAR, and MISTAKES, and NEGLIGENCE" - will be 'the END - of the aviation industry'.  Amen.  (March 05, 2019 update) 

ITV NEWS Thomson Airways Boeing 757...
It only takes 2 herons - who are VERY large BIRDS - getting sucked into a jet engine during takeoff,
to BREAK and IGNITE the engine - thereby FORCING it down
Remembering Aloha Airlines flight 243
For those who STILL decide to fly, know that it would be best to...
NEVER complain that the cabin AIR in your aircraft is "too stuffy!"
A 10 Warthog Firing Gatling Gun
The "A10 Warthog" fires 70 depleted uranium tipped bullets per second, in 2 second bursts
As the U.S. Military FLAUNT in MID-AIR, what THEY really think, about the Command to "love thy neighbor"
We really don't think that, 'that BOAST', is going to fly for much longer!

Canadian and U.S. black ops caught ABUSING the Gift of flight AGAIN!

There was an immediate military low fly-by today, following our TYPING of today's Judgement against Florida.  And the helicopter that flew DIRECTLY overhead, low enough to shake the house, unleashed psychotronic interference, military grade, as it did so.  And THAT! - is in fact "an act of War" - against 'all of HEAVEN' - and therefore merits, "a JUST RESPONSE, from the Creator". 

We NOW turn to our CREATOR, and ask that "HE would begin GROUNDING, PERMANENTLY! - ALL helicopters" - ESPECIALLY the ones being used, in "MILITARY operations".  Because, "the Gift of FLIGHT", is just THAT! - it's "a GIFT"!  And THEY have ABUSED it!  And so Our CREATOR is going to "take that TOY away" from those NAUGHTY children!  Amen. (March 29, 2019 update) 

Perhaps the Judgements are "all just talk"?  Not according to...  "Two US Marines killed in helicopter crash during training exercise" (the next day, on Saturday March 30)  (April 01 2019 story) 

"AIR travel", is SIMPLY not safe, in these TIMES.

Many were "Blessed with Divine JUSTICE" today, as a Russian passenger jet "landed HOT", AND as two CRUISE ships collided in the Vancouver port.

A Russian passenger jet catches on fire as it lands on May 05, 2019
When we SAY that flying is "DANGEROUS"? - it means that there really IS...
something worse, than standing in those LONG and slow lines at the airport.
 And that's standing - in a long slow line, with all the pushing and shoving, to get off that plane.
More than HALF of the 78 people on board had... "one HELL of a flight!"... as in?... that plane FLEW them directly to HELL

The MOST High TRUE God! - in "His GREAT LOVE and MERCY" - is SHOWING, the NATIONS - in 'a very GRADUAL, ESCALATING way' - that HE is "NOT Blessing" AIR travel; that HE has in fact 'WITHDRAWN His Blessings', from AIR flight.  And that "AIR travel", is SIMPLY not safe, in these TIMES.  Mankind, 'took ADVANTAGE' of the Gift - and SO it's being 'taken BACK'.  And He will BRING, the airplanes DOWN!  Perhaps NEXT TIME? - it will be more than ONE.  For if the Most High TRUE God, simply 'WILLED it' - airplanes, would be "GROUNDED", permanently. 

"The second angel blew his trumpet, and something like a great mountain, burning with fire, was thrown into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed." (Revelations 8:8-9)

And NOT only THAT - but He has BEGUN, to target, 'the SHIPPING industry', and the CRUISE ships as WELL! - with 'HIS Divine Justice'.  SO many 'THINGS' can go WRONG.  And He's JUST 'GIVING people, LITTLE samples', of the COMING DEVASTATION - to the BOATING industry.  Because - He IS going to 'withdraw His BLESSINGS' - from THERE as WELL.  And ALL, seafaring SHIPS? - will be DESTROYED. 

Notice how the above Scripture passage, mentions how a THIRD of the ships are destroyed, from just ONE Apocalyptic disaster. There are MANY more to come!

The NEXT on the Most High TRUE God's "TARGET list"? - are "the MILITARY, airplanes"!  We WARNED! - that our CREATOR'S MILITARY, are "FAR, BIGGER - and BEYOND! - ANYTHING! - that the one world GOVERNMENT, HAS".  And He DOESN'T 'NEED' technology, to ATTACK.  He doesn't 'NEED', ANY human INFLUENCE, or INSTRUMENT.  He SIMPLY 'WILLS it' and it is SO.  BECAUSE? - WE are "ON, the Most High TRUE God's SIDE" - this is "VERY refreshing to HEAR, for US!"  But for 'THOSE, who are AGAINST, our CREATOR'? - WE KNOW, that it must be "ABSOLUTELY terrifying".  And, 'the SIMPLE TRUTH'? - is that Jesus Christ the LORD? - IS! - "the COMMANDER Enthroned!" - and He is "the COMMANDER, above ALL OTHER commanders".  And HE! - is going 'to COMMANDEER' ALL the military forces, on the FACE of the Earth! - and DESTROY them all!  Here, let us SHOW you...

"Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare war, stir up the mighty men. Let all the men of war draw near, let them come up. Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weak say, “I am a warrior.” Hasten and come, all you nations round about, gather yourselves there. Bring down your warriors [- the Holy Angels], O Lord. Let the nations bestir themselves, and come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat [- "the valley of DECISION or DESTRUCTION"]; for there I will sit to judge all the nations round about. Put in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe. Go in, tread, for the wine press is full. The vats overflow, for their wickedness is great. Multitudes, multitudes, in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. The sun and the moon are darkened, and the stars withdraw their shining. And the Lord roars from Zion [- the Lion of Judah - represented by Pope Peter the Last], and utters his voice from Jerusalem [- the NEW Jerusalem, the Faithful Remnant], and the heavens and the earth shake. But the Lord is a refuge to his people, a stronghold to the people of Israel [- referring to "the NEW Israel", the True Faithful Remnant]." (Joel 3:9-16)  
(May 05, 2019 update)
From the above May 05 update"He will BRING, the airplanes DOWN!  Perhaps NEXT TIME? - it will be more than ONE... And NOT only THAT - but He has BEGUN, to target, 'the SHIPPING industry', and the CRUISE ships as WELL! - with 'HIS Divine Justice'."
Only 8 days later - passengers from a cruise ship, aboard 2 float planes, crash into each other, in an aviation MID-AIR COLLISION, and fall into the ocean, off the coast of Alaska.     And so the prophecies are NOW being fulfilled even FASTER!  What about YOU? - do you have any "plans" for the WEEKEND, that WON'T be DIRECTLY impacted by the Testimony?  Why not simply see for yourself? (- if you live that long).  (May 14, 2019 update)

Bet they didn't see THIS one coming!

"What IF?..." - for EVERY time, a military helicopter flew OVER the home of the Two Witnesses, or that of a Member of the Faithful Remnant - "a VOLCANO!" - flew over… 'a cloud of ASH!...' - OVER, 'the surrounding AREA' - a cloud of ash that would DISSIPATE, and become "INVISIBLE!" - as it got SUCKED-into 'passing jet engines', in the days and weeks that FOLLOWED?  Of course, after hearing of such 'a cause and effect relationship', SURELY! - the illuminati - who 'LOVE flying above the clouds' - would IMMEDIATELY order an end to ALL 'fly-over intimidation, surveillance, and psychotronic targeting missions'.  The "illuminati", would put an IMMEDIATE end… to 'THAT!' - in order to protect their "LIFESTYLE, of grotesque luxury".  But?... WHAT if, they were… "so STUPID!!!" - that even WITH, their "supercomputers and databases" - they could not 'FORESEE', the "cause and EFFECT" consequences, that are NOW happening, on 'a RETROACTIVE basis'?  They LOSE! - in the End… because… "NOT what they were EXPECTING" (- is actually the title of one of the pages in the Testimony - and it was actually a "spoiler ALERT" for announcements like THIS one…).  Given all the Judgements - that allow for the one world government to foresee and draw up "contingency plans" - for each event - how could the Judgements POSSIBLY be! - "NOT what they were expecting?"  "HOW?" - you ask?...  Because they will manifest "at a time THEY were least expecting!" - as WE… 'see them coming, from a MILE away'!

In other words, "THANKS for reminding us to COMMEND the aviation industry to the Divine Just Wrath of the Creator… with EVERY 'fly-over', and with EVERY 'black ops intercept'… THANKS for "doing YOUR part" - to help END the illuminati kingdom… TOGETHER!  How "inclusive"!  NOW it's the CREATOR'S turn, to get "personally involved", as well!  And YES! - "you're WELCOME" for the fact that we "SAT on", this INTEL - as LONG as we possibly could! - so that NO 'contingency plan' - would STOP the Divine Just Consequences… from FULLY manifesting.  It wasn't 'EASY' - but HEY! - if black ops is willing to sit around the corner, waiting for us to go for a WALK, as the airport black ops, sit around all day, waiting for the CUE for the FLYOVER? - then WE can and WILL! - follow THAT lead - and "do OUR part".  Thanks for setting the PERFECT example (- speaking to all the "idiot INTEL agencies", of course). (July 30, 2019 update - hidden and later posted as part of the November 26, 2019 update)   

Thomas Cook Airline
Better to have your confidence in the Most High TRUE God, than on "an artificial-winged BIRD".
Here is 'just a SAMPLE!' - of how the Most High TRUE God, is "SCOURGING the aviation industry".  As ONE aviation company, is 'TAKEN down!' - half a MILLION! - peoples' LIVES, are affected.  And the end RESULT? - people will lose CONFIDENCE, in the aviation industry.  And that is 'EXACTLY! - what the Most High TRUE God desires to bring ABOUT'.  For THEY should have 'confidence in HIM' - NOT on "an artificial-winged BIRD".  And SO there will be 'MORE Scourges to COME' - until the AVIATION industry is 'no MORE'. (September 23, 2019 update) 

It sure looks like the Canadian Prime Minister's personal jet just got "PUNCHED in the face!"

Prime minister's aircraft grounded after hangar accident(December 02, 2019 story) make a LONG story short?... the nose cone of Trudeau's personal jet did a FACE plant into the airport hangar wall, and is expected to be "OUT of commission" - as in, "a KNOCK-out!" - for many, MANY months! (- apparently "reconstructive facial surgery" - even by the plane's MANUFACTURER? - is a delicate operation...
And THIS happened 'merely DAYS! - AFTER we Consecrated, ALL of the world leaders' PERSONAL transportation - by way of "PERSONAL jets" - to "the DIVINE Just WRATH! - of GOD the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN".  And "our CREATOR" is going to SHOW! - the world LEADERS - that He is "IMPARTIAL"!  But 'WHO!...' is going to be NEXT?  And WILL they be "in FLIGHT"? - WHEN it happens.
And so when you SEE 'those TURBINES' warming UP?... you MAY as well be sitting at the CASINO... watching the ROULETTE wheel...  BECAUSE?... "our CREATOR" has 'a PERSONAL vested INTEREST - in the DESTRUCTION of the world LEADERS'... because THEY! - are "UNRELENTING!" - in THEIR! - "PERSONAL vested INTEREST" - in the DESTRUCTION! - of the UNBORN.  And 'HOW! - VULNERABLE!!! - the world LEADERS ARE!... IN "their JETS!"... FLYING around the WORLD... feeling "very SAFE", and "SECURE!"... like 'being in a WOMB!...'  But all of a SUDDEN?... "disaster STRIKES!"... JUST like, it 'STRIKES the UNBORN! - EVERY day!' - and they're "RIPPED-out!" - of 'THEIR safe zone'... and 'DASHED!... to PIECES'...  (December 02, 2019 update) 

Have you HEARD about "the New AVIATION CENSUS"?

WE are asking 'the Most High TRUE God, the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE' - to start, "BRINGING the planes DOWN!" - to start "aborting AIRPLANES, AND their passengers!"  And to BEGIN - by 'TAKING, a CENSUS', of ALL the people onboard.  And IF? - ALL of them? - are "in AGREEMENT", and are "PRO-ABORTION"? - then their "airplane", should be 'ABORTED!'  If there are NO "pro-Life" PEOPLE? - on board - THEN, the Most High TRUE God, has 'EVERY right!' - to 'plunge! - that AIRPLANE - INTO 'the depths, OF the sea' [-the Eternal Lake of Fire].  And if the one world GOVERNMENT? - THINKS! - that they can 'play the SYSTEM'? - by SIMPLY, "making SURE, that at LEAST, ONE INDIVIDUAL, who is pro-LIFE, is aboard EVER flight" - thus AVOIDING, 'the Creator's Divine Just RESPONSE'?... the Most High TRUE God 'foresaw' that as WELL.  BECAUSE:  We are 'ASKING Him'! - to ABORT, the same RATIO, of 'AIRPLANES' - IN a COUNTRY - that 'MATCHES!' - the SAME ratio, of CHILDREN - who are ABORTED, in that country!  We RECOGNIZE, "how ABSOLUTELY precious!" - AIR travel is, to the ONE world government; but UNFORTUNATELY for THEM? - they 'SHOULD have' recognized "the VALUE, of human LIFE" - and 'how PRECIOUS' an unborn CHILD is.  And because they did NOT!... the Most High TRUE God, IS going to 'COST them' - "BILLIONS! - and BILLIONS! - of DOLLARS worth", of Damage! - as WELL as, "mass CASUALTIES".  And? - PEOPLE will SIMPLY, 'RECOGNIZE', that "AIR travel? - is SIMPLY not safe!" 

Here is 'a very CLEARLY-defined DESCRIPTION'… of "AIR travel"! - in THESE Times:

"Men of low estate [-the passengers] are but a breath [-'a BREATH away' from DEATH], men of high estate[-the one world government world leaders] are a delusion [-they are "DELUSIONAL"]; in the balances [-HEAVENLY Balances] they go up [- in the AIR - TOGETHER…]; they are together lighter than a breath[-"INSIGNIFICANT", in the Creator's Eyes]. (Psalm 62:9) 

And THIS is an admonition from King DAVID'S point of view - BEFORE he became "king" - to "the WEALTHY", and to THOSE who have been placed, "in High HONOR" - in the sight of MEN:

"Put no confidence in extortion, set no vain hopes on robbery; if riches increase, set not your heart on them. Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God; and that to you, O Lord, belongs steadfast love. For you do requite a man according to his work."(Psalm 62:10-12) 

And so WHAT do 'all the world LEADERS', have in COMMON?  But that they EXTORT money FROM the people - they 'ROB' the POOR! - they have SET their HEART, ON! - their wealth - and they did NOT! - acknowledge, 'the CREATOR'; they did NOT 'LOVE Him'.  And now 'OUR Creator' - WILL! - 'repay EACH ONE of them'! - upon their HEADS! - ACCORDING to 'their DEEDS'.  And they did 'ALL of this!' - at "the EXPENSE"! - of 'the UNBORN children'.  And so 'EACH of them!' - have "a VERY, HEFTY! - Price" to pay!(December 03, 2019 update) 

Judgement against the Airbuses?

BASICALLY known as "flying APARTMENT BUILDINGS"? - these TOO will 'FALL, from the sky!' - as our CREATOR, GRADUALLY, 'ESCALATES', the PLANE crashes - to hit the EARTH!  WHY does He need, "METEORITES, ASTEROIDS, or even COMETS"? - when He can SIMPLY 'USE, the AIRPLANES' - the FLYING 'OBJECTS' - and "DASH them to the ground!" - and cause 'major EXPLOSIONS!' - and 'TERRORIZE the NATIONS in the process'!  As ALL 'the global GOVERNMENTS'? - agree! - that "TERRORIZING, the CITIZENS of different NATIONS, in the WOMBS!" - was SIMPLY? - "OPERATIONAL PROCEDURE".  And they see it as "a GOOD!" - which WE think: is "VERY sick!"  But our CREATOR will give TO, 'the global NATIONS': a LIKE MEASURE! - RIPPING! - the passengers, FROM their seats - at 30,000 feet!- FALLING to their death!- and LANDING, in "the most UNEXPECTED… places" (-like in a STADIUM, during a major SPORTING event for example…) as "Our CREATOR!" - will 'make SPORT of'… "the WICKED"!  Because? - it's 'HIS Time now!'  (December 28, 2019 update) 

The elderly:  "The ELDERLY"? - had 'a MORAL obligation', to TEACH, the NEXT generation, 'WHAT was important' - 'what VALUES, THEY were called to HOLD'.  They WERE! - in fact, called, to teach, the next GENERATION, of YOUNG people - who would become 'ADULTS' - about "GOD" - and "God's WAYS", and "God's LAWS".  But they FAILED!  GENERATION after GENERATION - the MORALITY declined - TO the point, where NOW? - INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE decide, "what is RIGHT" and "what is WRONG" - for THEMSELVES!  And NOW you have, 'a WORLD filled with PSYCHOPATHS! - without a conscience' - MANY! - holding positions of POWER and AUTHORITY in GOVERNMENT!  BECAUSE of 'the neglects, of the ELDERLY' - BECAUSE they REFUSED, to 'ADMONISH! - their children - their GRAND children'.  Because they chose to TOLERATE, 'the TRENDS, of the TIMES' - the CHILDREN? - grew into "ADULTS, with HARDLY, ANY, MORAL stability" - often TURNING, to addictions and drugs - in order 'to COPE! - with life's difficulties' - INSTEAD of, being taught, 'how to RELY, on the Most High True GOD' - on their FAITH.  And so EVEN - as MANY generations, of 'ELDERLY', MADE it! - into Heaven? - Future GENERATIONS, were 'BARRED'! - and HAVE been.  And it has gotten 'MORE and more DIFFICULT', for people - to 'MAKE it', through the Gates of HEAVEN. NOT because, 'GOD'S Ways have changed' - or 'His EXPECTATIONS'; but BECAUSE, 'the moral BAR' - DECLINED - with each GENERATION.  In SHORT: the YOUTH of TODAY, were "NEGLECTED, by the ELDERLY" - AND as 'a JUST Response'? - MANY! - elderly people, are 'NEGLECTED', in these TIMES.  And 'the CARE' that IS provided FOR them? - PEOPLE would NOT, even TOLERATE, "their PETS!" - being kept in such conditions. THAT'S! - "reality".  And it's ONLY going to get worse - because OVERALL? - "respect for LIFE" - at ALL stages? - is BEING 'eroded'
The elderly have truly been ABORTED, and CAST aside, by society,
no matter how COMFORTABLE the nursing homes may appear to be.
And THIS is not 'how the CREATOR intended, the FAMILY UNIT, to WORK'.  The ELDERLY in fact, were CALLED 'to be CARED for, by their CHILDREN' - as, the CHILDREN were cared for, by their PARENTS.  But because 'PARENTS', are NEGLECTING their children - neglecting 'to TEACH them, REAL VALUES'? - the CHILDREN, LEARNED, 'to neglect their PARENTS' - and 'HAND them over', to "an ABUSIVE! - and NEGLIGENT system, of care".  The PARENTS, were "COMFORTABLE" handing over their CHILDREN, to death - and ALLOWING THEM, to be FORMED, in "the CULTURE OF DEATH" - and NOW the PARENTS are being, 'handed OVER!' - to 'an ABUSIVE, SYSTEM' - to be EUTHANIZED! - in their old age.  Because THAT'S "what the CHILDREN, learned"! And so in the EYES of the CREATOR? - "the family UNIT"? - gets an "F!"

And SO? - WHY is there "a DRUG epidemic", in the WORLD!  WHY is DISEASE spreading?  WHY are so MANY people, "on medication"?  WHY is there 'an INCREASE, in ALCOHOLISM, and PORNOGRAPHY'?  Because "the family UNIT", turned to THESE things, INSTEAD - of turning, to their CREATOR. Because 'the family UNIT' has become "CURSED! - by the Most High True God" - because 'they CHOSE to be!'  He has SAID it before, "He PUTS choices, in FRONT of people" - CHOOSE a Blessing! - or CHOOSE a curse!   CHOOSE life! - or choose DEATH!  And, "the MAJORITY"? - have chosen, "death".  And so 'DEATH', will SPREAD - and be MULTIPLIED - impacting, 'ALL families!'

BECAUSE "respect for life at all STAGES", has been 'SYSTEMATICALLY destroyed!' - over time - and SINCE 'the family UNIT', has become, ALMOST, "UNIDENTIFIABLE", and "UNRECOGNIZABLE", BY the Creator - "OUR Creator" - the Most High TRUE God - has 'a VERY, HEARTFELT, PRESENT!' - for mankind.  And, it is CALLED? - "NUCLEAR, radiation".  Because "the NUCLEAR FAMILY"? - has BEEN, 'dismantled' - our CREATOR? - is GOING to 'permit', NUCLEAR meltdowns! - causing WORLD-wide RADIATION, to spread.  And it will BE? - the CHILDREN! - and the ELDERLY, who will be "the FIRST, to go".  Because one THING, 'MANKIND', has TAUGHT! - the Most High TRUE God? - is that "they HATE! - their children!"  And? - HE is going to 'STEP in', and REMOVE, "HIS PRESERVED, innocent children" - from the FACE of the Earth.  Because they're "BETTER off with HIM!" - than they ARE, being on the EARTH - EXPOSED, to "the cruelty, of MAN, and woman".  And because of 'the UNLAWFUL persecution, of the Members of the Faithful Remnant' - the only CHILDREN who will be 'SPARED'? - will be within "the FAMILIES, of the MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT".  And so PARENTS who CHOOSE, to become "Members of the Faithful REMNANT"? - the Most High True GOD will 'spare their CHILDREN'! - as the PARENTS, resolve to teach, their children, 'the Ways, of the MOST High True God'.  Amen.  (March 07, 2019 update)

Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

 “...I am going to speed-up, the effects of radiation sickness, in small children, and the elderlyso that people can see: ‘there is a big problem – with the World they are living in’.” (-Jesus, Monday, September 17, 2012) 

Role reversal: In the Faithful Remnant, today is officially, "International state of women page day". [- it never ends, apparently...] It is the day when ALL employers, are encouraged to READ "the state of women" page on our website, and then, being fully informed, FIRE the women who have been unjustly raised up to positions of POWER within their organization (- or, give them the option to quietly resign).  And they can FIRE them! - as a means to ENCOURAGE ALL women, NOT to murder their unborn child, that can be either male or female... for the SAKE of, "a future for ALL women" (- not just "a future for the women who desire to have satanic POWER over others").  Those fired women can THEN, turn to their parents or friends for help, to get them through this "DIFFICULT time" - of FINALLY! - being honest with themselves.  Because? - LET'S be honest here folks! - WOMEN got 'the right to VOTE' - THEN they wanted 'the right to WORK', at "the NEGLECT! - of their children".  And THEN they wanted 'the right to MURDER their children' - so that they CAN work! - and not be 'BURDENED', by "an unwanted PREGNANCY".  And now they have "ALL of that!" - at the EXPENSE of, ANY FUTURE! - in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Work COULD have been "out of NECESSITY to provide for their CHILDREN".  But NOW? - women want 'CAREERS', and? - they want to 'step on the MEN', on the way UP "the corporate LADDER".  Let's not 'PRETEND'! - that women, are not 'SECRETLY GLOATING! - that they were 'able to STEAL!' - a GOOD paying JOB, from a MAN'.  Because the FACT IS, that WOMEN "DON'T like WORK" - BUT? - they ENJOY, 'the satanic POWER rush' - from 'ALLURING men', at work - from 'being MISCHIEF makers' - from 'making FALSE ACCUSATIONS and ALLEGATIONS' - from 'doing a good JOB', at WORK, in order 'to PROVE! - that they're better, than a man'.  But THAT'S "the wrong motivation, for being in the work force".  And the FACT IS - that 'MEN', are "under a LOT! - of PRESSURE, and TENSION", when there are 'WOMEN', working BESIDE them.  Women have in FACT, 'COMPLICATED the work force' - and, their CHILDREN! - are "suffering!" - AS a result.  Because 'the CHILDREN', are not getting "the necessary LOVE and CARE and GUIDANCE" - that, the WOMEN, were called, to GIVE them.
"For nothing is hid that shall not be made manifest, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come to light." (Luke 8:17)  
THESE are in fact "the secret motives of the HEART"! - that Heaven is revealing - that WOMEN, have tried 'DESPERATELY!' - to HIDE! - under "false EXTERNALS", and 'PAINTED faces'.  And so 'to CELEBRATE this day' [- here is the Judgement...] - we TURN to God the Almighty and Eternal FATHER in Heaven, and we ask HIM! - to 'put His HEAVY hand', on ALL, MALE employers - to 'from NOW on' - "HEAVILY! - SCRUTINIZE, the FEMALE workers" - in 'THEIR work place'! - and HOLD them, to ACCOUNT! - and to "the high STANDARDS!" - that their company has set - JUST as much as 'the WOMEN!' - of the workforce, are 'SCRUTINIZING, the BEHAVIOR, and holding MEN, to account' - with "no fear of REPERCUSSIONS".  Because, "God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN"? - IS! - the Lord, over ALL! - employers.  And He has simply "had ENOUGH! - of JEZEBEL! - in the workplace".  She has 'NO place' there! - EXCEPT, 'to TERRORIZE', and harass MEN.  But, for the WOMEN, who are WORKING, QUIETLY, at a HUMBLE job, out of NECESSITY, because they need the INCOME, or have it IN them to contribute to society in that way? - have no FEAR, of losing the job that your Creator LED you to.
In other words, the women who are "doing the job the DEVIL led them to", are going to have 'one HELL of a time', at work - because THAT is what DREW them there, in the FIRST place.  WE know 'for a FACT!' - that "a WORK place, that has FEWER women in it, THAN men" - is actually 'a MORE enjoyable place', to WORK!  And WE know, that society, need 'a SERIOUS overhaul' - because, OUR CREATOR, has 'had ENOUGH!' - of ROLE reversal.  He CREATED 'MAN', for a SPECIFIC purpose.  He Created 'WOMAN', for a SPECIFIC purpose.  And HE, is "free", to PUNISH people, with 'JUST! - Consequences' - for 'FLIPPING! - His CREATION, UPSIDE down, and BACKWARDS!'.  MEN? - are 'wearing dresses' - and THAT has become "acceptable" to society.  And WOMEN? - are in fact REPLACING men, in society - and THAT has become "ACCEPTABLE".  But, NOT to 'our CREATOR', and not to US! - NOR to ANYONE who has been GIVEN, "the Gift of Spiritual SANITY".  And SO? - there is 'a NECESSITY', for "RE-CREATION" - as OUR, "God", the Most High TRUE God - NEEDS to RE-TEACH, MANKIND, 'the DIFFERENCE! - BETWEEN, "the genders" - as there are ONLY two!  And the DNA, TESTIFIES to this fact.  And He WILL DO so, THROUGH, "IMMEDIATE, SEVERE, PERSONAL, and DIRECT, JUST Consequences!" - for both MAN AND woman - on "a CASE by case basis".  Amen.  (March 08, 2019 update) 
And of course, as SO many women looked over the above Judgement, they SCOFFED - as they GLOATED in their interior lives, over their personal mantra, "Congratulations! - FINALLY! - as NOW your long-awaited for, 'wrongful dismissal lawsuit' lottery win! - the reward for your personal devotion to wickedness - can be CONVERTED to cold hard CASH!"  But the CREATOR, saw that response, BILLIONS of years ago!  And HE has 'HIS response', READY...
Image: 2018 women's rebellion day, in London
Equality is "a great slogan"! - as what they are DOING, equals an IMMEDIATE DIVINE JUST RESPONSE from their Creator
And He WILL take action!  And the ROLE that WOMEN get in society? - WILL be 'reset' to EQUAL the role that HE made them for.  Simple!

In a TIME when, 'WOMEN', are being PRAISED, and "BELIEVED!" - when they make "allegations", against a MAN, in 'a workplace ENVIRONMENT' - for HARASSMENT! - WHAT? - would be 'the end RESULT', of the WORKPLACE, environment?   WOULDN'T, the workplace MORALE, DECLINE?  Wouldn't MEN be "more on EDGE"? - and 'lack FOCUS'? - because, any WOMAN, can make "an ALLEGATION", and his CAREER is over!  And THAT! - is 'what WOMEN have brought, TO the workplace'!  And so BECAUSE of this? - MEN are losing their JOBS - UNJUSTLY.  They are being 'FIRED', unjustly - because a WOMAN might 'THINK!' - that she was "LOOKED at the wrong WAY", and that "his LOOK was INAPPROPRIATE" - or PERHAPS they just 'bumped SHOULDERS'? - and THERE is "her LOTTERY ticket, to VICTIMHOOD!"  Will women GO THAT FAR?  SURE they will.  It is called, being "a CORPORATE psychopath". And THAT is why, WOMEN should NOT be allowed, in the WORKFORCE. Because OFTEN times - they USE, 'their ADVANCEMENTS, and their ALLUREMENT', in ORDER to make it up, 'the corporate LADDER' - NOT because of 'any SKILL', or 'WORK effort', on THEIR part. And so THAT is "a major INJUSTICE", that is GOING on.  But HARDLY ANYONE, will SPEAK about it - but they ALL know! - that it is HAPPENING on a regular basis.  And yet women are ENCOURAGED, to GET! - "WELL-paying CORPORATE and executive JOBS".  And WHO ENCOURAGES them?  "The DEEP-state ILLUMINATI-run EDUCATION system" - who are HELL-bent, on 'disordering EVERYTHING!' - that the Creator ORDERED!  And so they WANT "role reversal" - because? - they LISTENED to the devil - who TOLD them to want it!  And ALL employers, WORLD WIDE! - need to know: that the BEST WAY, to protect WOMEN, from SEXUAL harassment? - is to FIRE them! - and get them 'OUT of the work place', and AWAY from the male employees, as QUICKLY as possible!  And THIS! - will ENSURE, that 'the MEN' - who are doing 'a GOOD job' - get to KEEP their job - as they will be 'PROTECTED', from ANY "VICIOUSNESS" - from 'a female EMPLOYEE'.

It IS because of the #MeToo MOVEMENT - that 'the NEED for societal change', is IMPERATIVE!  Because 'WOMEN across the WORLD'? - are in FACT, "ABUSING! - that MOVEMENT" - and, becoming "PREDATORS of men".  But you won't HEAR about that, in 'the local news'.

And so by 'HEAVILY SCRUTINIZING', the WOMEN - BEFORE they are 'DISMISSED, from the WORKPLACE' - and DOCUMENTING 'the REASONS, for dismissal' - the EMPLOYERS, can then 'PROTECT themselves, LEGALLY' - as LONG as they SHOW that they have "GROUNDS".  For NO 'female employee' - should be able to make ANY employer! - 'AFRAID', of her, being fired.  And if she WON'T leave, in a peaceful WAY, without making 'a SCENE'? - then the EMPLOYER can simply 'CALL, on the Most High TRUE God' - to INTERVENE in a DIVINE WAY - to ENSURE her removal [- and that "INDULGENCE", is a special gift - EVEN for employers who are NOT Members of the faithful Remnant.  Why?  Because the Creator is free to have compassion on ALL His Creatures - on HIS Terms - NOT, on theirs!].

And WATCH! - how, "the MORALE, of the WORKFORCE", improves - and "MORE gets DONE!" - as there are LESS distractions.  Because the TRUTH is, that 'WOMEN in the WORK force' - has only ENCOURAGED infidelity - and TRULY has only brought 'SHAME and disgrace', to MANY households!  And the CHILDREN suffer as WELL.  And the REASON, that 'SOCIETY', is EMBRACING, a TWO parent income SYSTEM? - is because, EVERYONE has been TAUGHT - that they're called to embrace 'a LIFESTYLE, that is BEYOND their MEANS' [- like the BARBIE lifestyle...] - that THEY, must 'go into DEBT', in order to HAVE.  And THIS? - keeps the BANKS, 'happy' - as the PARENTS are ENSLAVED, to the BANKS - which in TURN, ARE run, ALL the way up, the ECONOMIC chain - by 'the DEEP state'.  Amen.  (March 09, 2019 update) 
You wouldn't know this was the scene of an airline crash, by looking at it
but MANY 'deep state officials', made MILLIONS! - by selling this staged event to the world
Official photo of the staged Ethiopian air crash - with no tail section visible, with scattered parts thrown and spread about - all for the purpose of sacrificing the countries involved, to "the god of deception", who is 'the father of lies', the devil - "illuminati style".  For it is through DECEPTION, that the GOVERNMENTS, 'maintain control over their PEOPLE'.  And just in case it isn't OBVIOUS, planes don't sink in the solid, dry, desert, ground of Ethiopia, and disappear - in the same way that they sink in the ocean.  But for people who WANT to be deceived? -, they do!  The hole in the ground in the above photo, could ONLY have been made, by a large explosive device, or an earth mover, or a bit of both.  Why?  Because if you drop an empty aluminum can, filled with a few loose marbles, on the ground? - it doesn't shatter like glass, and then sink into the hard ground - but it CRUMPLES instead.  And the plane parts in the photos, weren't burnt - as they most assuredly WOULD be, if the plane crashed violently, only a few minutes after takeoff, and with FULL FUEL tanks.

"...was carrying passengers from at least four continents. The dead included 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, 9 Ethiopians, 8 each from the United States, China and Italy, and 7 each from France and Britain, the airline said. (March 10, 2019 story)  

And so this "VERY, OBVIOUS DECEPTION" - PROPAGATED, by 'the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, occult LUCIFERIANS' - is being 'PUSHED!' - on, to the citizens, of the WORLD! - as they want, 'the PEOPLE', to BELIEVE! - in a LIE!' - JUST like they did, when 9/11 happened, in AMERICA.  The GOVERNMENT was "responsible", for THAT incident, as well.  And HOW does it make SENSE? - that a POOR COUNTRY, like "ETHIOPIA" - would have 'TOP of the LINE!' - AIRPLANES? - UNLESS they were "sponsored, by the ONE world government".  And so, WE are 'calling the one world GOVERNMENT, to ACCOUNT!' - and WE are asking the Most High TRUE God, to PLEASE, make SURE! - that "a PROPER investigation" is DONE, into 'what OCCURRED', in Ethiopia - with regards, to this "ALLEGED! - plane crash" - and that 'the PEOPLE', would LEARN, that their GOVERNMENTS, are 'DECEIVING them', and 'LYING to them' - and that EVERYONE INVOLVED! - with this "FALSE FLAG event", would be HELD accountable - IF NOT by "the local AUTHORITIES"? - then 'by HIM! - PERSONALLY, intervening'.  Amen.  Planes when they CRASH, do not 'BURY themselves', into the GROUND. If THIS was 'a REAL INCIDENT', then there would be 'large PARTS', of the PLANE - still INTACT.  Instead, all you SEE, in the photos, is 'PLANE debris', that was OBVIOUSLY "staged".  And so if the PLANE, crashed that VIOLENTLY, with 'FULL! - TANKS' - then it WOULD have hit like a FIREBALL - and EVERYTHING! - would have been charred. But the DEBRIS, is NOT 'BURNT!'  There's "fresh STRAW", on TOP of it!
2019 Ethiopian Airways plane incident scene, showing parts with lots of dry, flammable, straw.  And for those who look further into this topic,
"HOW is it possible for the BODY bags to be FILLED with large objects? - when the AIRPLANE fragments are CONSISTENTLY so SMALL?"
That is the BIG question, that ISN'T going to go away - no matter HOW many "COVER-UP" stories, the mainstream media cranks out.

And so for their COOPERATION in this deep state operation, Ethiopia gets "bumped UP", before the THRONE of that country's CREATOR - for its "Apocalyptic SURPRISE"!

The Judgement: And so - we TURN to the Most High TRUE God - and we ASK HIM, to make 'an EXAMPLE' - ESPECIALLY! - out of 'the ETHIOPIAN country, AND government!' - as WELL as, ALL of the alleged countries, INVOLVED - with 'this ELABORATE scheme' - and we ASK HIM! - to 'unleash the FULLNESS! - of the Apocalypse', on ALL those nations! - for 'taking PART' in the GLOBAL DECEPTION, of the PEOPLE - and for PREYING on 'their NAÏVETÉ', and WILLFUL ignorance, of the Truth.  Amen.  (March 10, 2019 update) 
For more on this story - for "the INSIDER trading SCOOP!" - go to this link.

You can't balance the world and Heaven
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Image: from the following linked article, that documents in GRAPHIC LANGUAGE
personal testimony from abortion assistants, describing how they WITNESSED! - the baby's
experience of PAIN, and TORTURE, and INJURY, resulting in DEATH - that takes place during the abortion procedure.
And since the Global LEGAL system, has FAILED to "CRIMINALIZE", abortion - AND, in fact FACILITATES, and SPREADS! - this act of GENOCIDE - our CREATOR, the Most High TRUE GOD, MUST intervene! - with 'a Divine INTERVENTION', in order to take "PERSONAL, action", AGAINST those, who are "GUILTY BEFORE Him" - OF, 'MURDERING the unborn'.  And WE are asking, GOD the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, to END! - abortion - worldwide.  To STOP! - the atrocities.  To INTERVENE, and BRING about 'a CHANGE' - worldwide - in 'an UNPRECEDENTED way'.  To TURN! - mankind's HEARTS, BACK to Him, "by ANY means necessary".  We are ASKING HIM, to 'put an END to planned parenthood' - and to JUSTLY punish ALL those, who are "INVOLVED, in ANY way, with the SPREADING OF, or the ACT, of abortion".  As the SCIENTISTS and the DOCTORS, knew ALL ALONG! - that the CHILD, 'FELT, and FEELS' - EVERY! - bit of DISCOMFORT, and pain - so TOO! - will OUR Creator, "take PLEASURE" - in 'exacting VENGEANCE' - and making SURE! - that PEOPLE, 'feel DISCOMFORT', and 'LOTS of pain!' - as they TOO: die slowly, and WITHOUT consolation, and without WARNING - and in 'a WAY that they will NOT be able to DEFEND themselves' - OR escape!  Amen.
And so now begins the Global call to begin CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS against all abortionists, for conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, murder in the first degree, falsification of public records - just for starters!  The Global call to begin CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS against all governing officials, who are COMPLICIT - willfully, or through deliberate neglect, in the genocide of abortion.
Actual email:  I'm really hoping POTUS eliminates [- calling for them to be fired or dismissed] every congressperson who voted in favor of infanticide.  [- and so TOO is all of Heaven! - calling for their dismissal].
(March 09, 2019 update)

The Members of the Faithful REMNANT, need to JUST 'endure', a LITTLE while longer.

Today, we heard through emails - how MANY people, who have 'taken a stand' against the Testimony, are being SEVERELY stricken, with terminal illness and "sudden death syndrome" - INCLUDING 'the SURPRISE and sudden ONSET of cancer'.   And NOT because: they were being 'WHISKED off to Heaven in a WHIRLWIND' - "the GUSTY version of the rapture" - as 'a SURPRISE reward', for persecuting us - as they rejected the life-saving TRUTHS in the Testimony.

Jesus Christ the Lord said to the Two Witnesses and the Faithful RemnantWhat is coming to the NATIONS? - will be, "FULL RECOMPENSE! - PAID! - for your YEARS of torture" - and for the TORTURE, of the Unborn, My children.  And so? - JUST 'endure', a LITTLE while longer - keeping 'your GARMENTS', clean, and WHITE.  For when you SEE, 'the FULLNESS, of My Divine JUSTICE' - manifest? - then your HEARTS! - will be 'ENCOURAGED', and 'LIGHTENED!' - as you WILL! - SEE! - that I DID! - 'repay, the wicked, for their ACTS, of wickedness'.  I am 'WITH YOU', My children - and I am 'AGAINST, your enemies'.  And I will STAND, BETWEEN you, and your enemies.  And you WILL SEE! - 'your ENEMIES fall'.  Amen. (March 10, 2019 update)

The prison system:

About 1 in 3 of all adults in the United States, have been arrested, and have a criminal record. "How many U.S. adults have a criminal record? Depends on how you define it(August 18th, 2017 story)  The American criminal justice system currently holds around 2.3 million people.  3 percent - or 1 in 33 people out of the total U.S. population have served time in prison.  How effective is the incarceration system, in rehabilitating people?  According to the National Institute of Justice - within five years of release, about three out of every four released prisoners, were rearrested.  And IF they were on probation when they were arrested, it's automatically, "back in the cell for them"!  But why is THIS?  Why are the stats so BAD?  The whole idea, of taking a group of individuals, who are found guilty of criminal activity - and then putting them all in a box, and shaking it up, with the traumatic experiences, that naturally occur in prisons - really doesn't make sense - at all!  Unless you are making "shake and bake HARDENED criminals", that is - to support a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR privately owned and operated prison system - like the one that is CURRENTLY up and running in the U.S.A.  The private prisons charge around $150 per day per prisoner - and together, they are earning about 7 Billion dollars each year.  And HOW motivated, do you think the private prison companies are, to make the stay of their prisoners "SO enjoyable, that they would NEVER want to come back"? (- that's a brain teaser... take your time)  And they are set up in a country that is "NOT a nice place to visit", just in case you haven't been mugged, stabbed or shot there yet" - or pulled over by a screaming police officer threatening you with one of his many 'methods of torture', strapped to his belt.  And just so that you know we're not exaggerating:  Hell IS worse!  

And so - the PRISON system, itself - is "MOST corrupt!" [- and "unfair"] - to the very CORE, of its purpose.  From the GUARDS, to the PRISONERS, to the POLICE officers - to the SERGEANTS, to the DEPARTMENT of JUSTICE, to the LAWYERS, to the JUDGES!

And so HOW can people, who VERY often choose, 'to take BRIBES', and 'BREAK the law!' - BE "entrusted, to ENFORCE the law"?  They CAN'T!  Therefore, 'the SYSTEM has failed!'  The PRISON SYSTEM, is going to be 'phased-OUT', by the Creator - because, it IS "an INHUMAN, system" - that was CREATED, to actually 'FACILITATE, MORE crime', 'create, MORE criminals' - to do, 'WORSE things', than what they were ORIGINALLY, locked-up for. [- and what will become of their children? - with role models like that...] And MANY! - MANY! - "innocent people", are in PRISON; and the JUSTICE SYSTEM? - doesn't CARE!  They have 'NO regard', for WHO is innocent, and who is GUILTY.  ALL they CARE for? - is "what can be PROVEN".  And 'a JURY', decides, 'the fate, of an INDIVIDUAL' - be they "UNINFORMED", or "INFORMED".  JURIES 'take bribes' TOO!  The ONES, who even have 'a CHANCE', in the legal system? - are 'the ONES who have the most MONEY', to PAY for their defense. If they have little MONEY? - then 'the UNDERSTANDING' is, that 'the LAWYER they can AFFORD'? - can ONLY, give them, "a MINOR! - defense".  And so HOW can that be "Just"?  It can NEVER be!  But, "MILLIONAIRES", can in fact, PAY for 'BETTER lawyers!' - to FIND "LOOPHOLES, in the system" - to GET them off, with 'a LIGHTER SENTENCE' - or with, NO sentence at ALL! The JUSTICE system is all based on "what can be PROVEN, with evidence".  BUT, "EVIDENCE" is 'TAMPERED with'! - ESPECIALLY in "high-profile cases". 

And SO with 'SUCH a FLAWED! - SYSTEM' - we TURN to our CREATOR, the Most High TRUE God - and we ASK Him, to 'close the PRISONS'!  And to simply REMOVE, the CRIMINALS.  And to, "DISCIPLINE each one of them INDIVIDUALLY" - the SAME way He DISCIPLINES, 'PERSONALLY!' - "the GUILTY, who are NOT caught".  And so we are asking, for 'the Holy ANGELS', to "PERSONALLY! - MINISTER, to every PRISONER, on the PLANET" - EITHER? - the Most High True God's CONTINUED and ongoing JUSTICE - Or His MERCY.  AND, we are ASKING the Most High True God - to 'CALL the INNOCENT'! - who have been "UNJUSTLY imprisoned, on false CHARGES" - to SIMPLY 'call them HOME' - because they SERVED 'their time'.  The Most High TRUE God never 'GAVE', mankind - the POWER, over life and death.  It was NEVER! - given - for them to choose 'who should LIVE and who should die'.  THAT? - is a right, that 'ONLY the Most High TRUE God has'! - as HE decides! - 'who LIVES, and who dies'. And there are many PEOPLE, who were given 'the death PENALTY', unjustly - by 'a SYSTEM! - that is UNJUST! - by its very EXISTENCE'.  And OUR CREATOR, is going 'to FIX that!'  Amen.
Home sweet HOME?... ANYONE?
Of course, the news that the Most High True God is personally going to CLOSE the prisons, and SET the captives free - should come as no surprise - after all, Jesus said,
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives..." (Luke 4:18) 
But if you RE-READ the above Judgement, while pondering the simple fact, that EVERYONE who has found the Testimony, and is NOT "a Member of the Faithful Remnant" is now most ASSUREDLY, "INCARCERATED in their OWN personal prison of bad CHOICES" - and from THERE, can ONLY be released into the Eternal Flames, of "RELIEF from the Testimony, of their Creator"... then the Judgement REALLY comes alive!  Try it.  "Not what you were expecting", we know!  Perhaps ALL the Judgements, are 'a little DEEPER', than they first appear?  Because they ARE!  Just watch how history unfolds.

(March 13, 2019 update)

Life Out of Prison
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


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